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THE LT 1 A AN N A 1 1,1 mm 5 l' Uifvll g Q I ,W M., 12 w e. f as ofgaga. fgf'Ef:'7Li5,Q- : sq ,iw ,Q-s4z.4fii,ssQSa :: 1 -' 531' : -ff! 7 f'1.sew72Qf- : Sw Mr. John L. Bucher For the wise council and guidance you have unselfish- ly given to us, as our friend, teacher, adviser, anddra- matic coach, we, the class of 1954,proudly dedicate our yearbook to you. May this serve as a small token of our high esteem and respect for all those ideals you repre- sent. aft mga, if mg xiii Xx 114' John W. Day Superintendant of Schools Faculty John L. Bucher English U. S. History Latin Eleanor I. Hayes Home Economics Social Studies Richard S. Lovejoy Roscoe E. Twombly Headmaster Mathematics Mathematics Industrial Arts Science Matilda McDonough Ellen M. Grau Commerce Gene H. Lovejoy Music Social Studies French 4 ,,1. l. gm Q .. mtg, . NW-uk., . - , K I S sm. 9-A. 2-. x gg, A-2- ' 3. fn. 3 --- ,fy - , ,.- E ,:.-?'.5f- -,..-Q.. 'LIU M is KENT DREW LOCKE, JR. Clem I have often regretted my speech, never my silence. Ambition: Dentistry Pet Expression: Shut up! Activities: Class President 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4:Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Ski Team 2, 3, 4: Carnival King 2: Hi-Y Club President 4: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Boys' State 3: Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Senior Play 4: High School Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4. vw ROGER WALTER LEIGHTON. JR. Babe When you call me that, smile! Ambiton: Engineer ' Pet Expression: That's what I say! Activities: Vice-President 4: Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Ski Team 3, 4: High School Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Basketball Manager,1, 2: Hi-Y Club Vice-President 4: A. A. A. Secretary 2: Hi-Y Club 2, 2, 4: Senior Play 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Boys' GleeClub DOUGLAS AHMUTY DODGE Doug A dark, quiet lad with a come-hither lookl Ambition: Service Pet Expression: That's what she said! Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: High School Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: Operetta 2, 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3: Student Council President 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4. LEWIS RAYMOND DOW Louie Music and women I cannot but give way to, whatever my business is. Ambition: Navy Pet Expression: Dig it now! Activities: Class Secretary 1: Vice-President 3: Bas- ketball 1, 2, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Op- eretta 2, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 4: High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4. LORETTA ELLEN EMERSON Sam It is not enough to do good, one must do it the right way. Ambition: To be successful Pet Expression: Oh, Yeah! Activities: Girls' Glee Club 4: High School Chorus 2, 4: Dramatics Club 1: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Operetta 4. ROBERT MERL HILLSGROVE B0b' Good things come in small packages. Ambition: Navy Pet Expression: Wait a minute, will you? Activities: Baseball 3, 4: High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Senior Play 4: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Yearbook staff 4. ANN LORRAINE LEONARD Annie A merry heart that laughs at care. Ambition: Undecided Pet Expression: Oh, Baby! Activities: Basketball 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Track 2: Ski Team 2: High School Chorus 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Carnival Queen 2: Hi -Y Club Treasurer 2, 3: l-li -Y Club Secretary 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Student Council 4. HELEN ETHEL LACROIX A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Ambition: Undecided Pet Expression: Oh, Sure! Activities: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: High School Chorus 2, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: Hi-Y Club 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Operetta 4. 6 PATRICIA ANN SHIELDS Pat I hate nobody: I am in charity with the world! Ambition: Stenographer Pet Expression: Oh, No! Activities: Class Secretary 3, 4: High School Chorus 2, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: I-li-Y Club 2, 3: Girls' State Representative 3: Senior Play 4: Operetta 4: Yearbook Staff 3, 4. GWENDOLYN MINOR Penny God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses. Ambition: To have a stable full of horses Pet Expression: You want me to? Activities: Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 3: High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Assistant Basketball Manager 1: Dramatic Club Secretary 1: Carnival Queen Contest 1:Band 1, 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Yearbook Staff 3, 4. ELIZABETH MAE MANLEY Libby Remember this -that verylittle is needed to make life happy. Ambition: Teacher Pet Expression: Are you kidding? Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, 4: Soft- ball Manager 3: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: l-li-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Band 3: Operetta 4. NANCY ANN NICKERSON Nicki l agree with no man's opinions, I have some of my own. Ambition: Lawyer Pet Expression: Oh, Gee! Activities: Basketball 4: High School Chorus 2, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: Hi-Y Club 2, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4. CLAIRE DENISE O'BRIEN O'B I 1augh'd till I cried. Ambition: Dental Technician Pet Expression: Now there's a drip for you! Activities: High School Chorus 2, 4:Glee Club 4: Hi-Y Club 4: Senior Play 4: Yearbook staff 4. JOSEPH O'BRlEN Joe Only his modesty is greater than his ambition. Ambition: Electronics Technician Pet Expression: You don't say! Activities: High School Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 4: Operetta 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Hi -Y Club 3, 4: Senior Play 4. WALTER HAROLD SKANTZE Ph0nzie There'l1 be a hot time in the old town tonight. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Pet Expression: I'll be dipped! Activities: High School Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 4: Student Council 4: Senior Play 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Operetta 4: Class Vice -President 2. ROBERT LEWIS YOUNG Bobby Yes, an' no, an' mebbe, an' mebbe not. Ambition: To graduate Pet Expression: Forget it.! Activities: Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: High School Chorus 3, 4: Operetta 2,4: Senior Play 4: Year- book 4. 7 Class Presidenf's Message As our yearbook, the Altonian, goes to press, we are mindful that the formal high school education of the members of the class of 1954 will soon come to a close. At this time we pause to look back upon the many happy hours we have spent in school. We have had our unhappy moments, but in compensation we have enjoyed many hours of classes and activities, which have helped us to achieve our goal. We are grateful to our parents, teachers, and to all others whose patience and sacrifice have made our school life happy and profitable. As we say farewell, we would urge the underclass- men to make the most of their opportunities, and to have the courage and the responsibility to see them through to graduation. 8 X 'igft , s Cmss Ode, 'ibklfle - X-9.0-6 on O Efeuhaxll We me W QQ. , Hmm vxxxwx Bmw, Guy XAQQ1-T5 'Guy K'u.vvxNo'YNxeej Us N'xofxX mu- VNNwm Wufev kklifk o.XX fovxi vnexvxov-Q95 , we Nmuwxwmwdtw You qvgq wkqgell w Q SMCLXX Yxgvev Fevcsei' Oux aaa. om vxxwwxxlfxvx S..wb.,x- wt Xeqve. gsom u.fd-Nxvecsvei. wexbvg ixneef P!X'Ybvx Wlwgn SQMDQX , OVW' Yieov-TS SMCAXX LXQMX 50 'X'Meej we maid aww VXX14-no, VNOA ey- td-'kk OAN an xnqwwxq-4-1, Hs we X066 xqgusou-die mu' CSOCLXJ Oux Meuv-'Ya sNxo.XX eumv Xmvn M A-my QM HxsWxa4.5m3Qm.x- Kxouw Xfcxhv xAxNNxQvx ms buxvrx. 40 clgcw CAA QXNQM XCNVNCQA Sxkogx Gnu- ww.wwov1e,s Qui-Y 1'-Nivxfy, 'fo ...SML 7 our YDNX-mg, Mk ev, U-31 Xxx Qwc Heads crnQ sing. ble. Xeuue V0e.M'mAOuv fvlevclsh-'ps 4-911' as ovuucnd exe we 1-w..4.sfT3 CTOOQSNQS , gxeca QNX cm VY NSY Slxfwox ' Iv' God we, puff cum 'M-wsf. Ldov-ds X015 CTKNQWADXSNX minor 'SAI 9 A f'. 1 M R JL ,x 1 Yearbook Staff Editor-in-chief . . . ........... Patricia Shields Assistant Editors . . . . .Ann Leonard, Virginia Bayer Business Manager . . . ........... Kent Locke, Jr. Assistant Manager . . ........ Florence Roberts? Boys' Sports ..................... Douglas Dodge Girls' Sports ................... Elizabeth Manley Personals . . .Roger Leighton, Lewis Dow, Walter Skantze Activities ........... Robert Hillsgrove, Robert Young Class History . . . ............ Gwendolyn Minor Class Will .... ............. N ancy Nickerson Class Prophecy . . ............... Claire O'Brien Quotations ..... . . .Helen LaCroix, Gwendolyn Minor, Loretta Emerson Art Editor .................... Isabel Chamberlain Advisors ......... Matilda McDonough, John L. Bucher 4'Replacing Martin Sullivan, who left school to enter the ser- vice. 10 The Senior Ploy Director: John L Bucher Assistant Director: Kent Locke, Jr. Stage Manager: Walter Skantze The Senior Play, Seventeen Is Awfully Young, was pre- sented to a sold-out house on November 24, 1953. Credit for the success of this production was due not only to the fine group of assistants behind the scenes, but also to the eleven members of the cast, who played their parts with the great, good spirit of true Thespians. The Cost Mrs. Eliot . . . ........ . . .Nancy Nickerson Jan Eliot .... ...... A nn Leonard Albert Eliot . . . . . .Robert Hillsgrove Thaddeus . . . ...... Lewis Dow Nicki Eliot . . . . .Elizabeth Manley Miss Tilby . . . . . .Gwendolyn Minor Ruby Rainey .......... .... C laire O'Brien Jack Westmore .......... . . .Douglas Dodge Goofer Godfrey Peterson . . . . . .Roger Leighton Caroline Pratt .......... . . .Patricia Shields Whitcomb Pewberry ..... . .Joseph O'Brien ll P O What A Lovely Bunch! Ann Leonard Gwendolyn Minor Elizabeth Manley Gwendolyn Minor Ann Leonard Nancy Nickerson Patricia Shields Ann Leonard Loretta Emerson Claire O'Brien Patricia Shields Patricia Shields Ann Leonard Claire O'Brien Nancy Nickerson Ann Leonard Gwendolyn Minor Ann Leonard Patricia Shields Nancy Nickerson Helen LaCroix Patricia Shields Ann Leonard Gwendolyn Minor Elizabeth Manley Gwendolyn Minor Loretta Emerson Ann Leonard Nancy Nickerson Helen LaCroix Loretta Emerson Gwendolyn Minor Loretta Emerson Elizabeth Manley Patricia Shields Ann Leonard Gwendolyn Minor Loretta Emerson Ann Leonard Helen LaCroix Patricia Shields Helen LaCroix Nancy Nickerson Best Looking Best Natured Class Baby School Skippers Most Athletic Best Sport Most Pleasing Per sonality Most Romantic Clas s Dreamer Most Likely to Succeed Most Ambitious Best Dressed Class Clown Most Sophisticated Best Dancer Most Talkative Most Artistic Most Popular Most Cooperative Happy-Go-Lucky Most Quiet Most Reliable Biggest Flirt Most Courteous Bane of Faculty Tallest Shortest Biggest Tease Biggest Bluffer Oldest Youngest Biggest Feet Cutest Smallest Feet Prettiest Eyes Prettie st Hair Prettie st Smile Baby Face Best Physique Most Bashful Best Pals Strongest 12 Kent Locke Joe O'Brien Kent Locke Robert Young Douglas Dodge Kent Locke Roger Leighton Walter Skantze Robert Young Kent Locke Roger Leighton Douglas Dodge Kent Locke Walter Skantze Lewis Dow Kent Locke Lewis Dow Roger Leighton Joe O'Brien Lewis Dow Joe O'Brien Robert Hillsgrove Robert Young Robert Hillsgrove Walter Skantze Roger Leighton Robert Hillsgrove Roger Leighton Walter Skantze Robert Young Joe O'Brien Walter Skantze Lewis Dow Robert Hillsgrove Joe O'Brien Douglas Dodge Douglas Dodge Joe O'Brien Lewis Dow Roger Leighton Robert Young Lewis Dow Joe O'Brien 19 Class History 54 As we the class of 1954 look back over the preceding four years, a cara- van of memories unfolds before us. We started our high school days on September 8, 1950. At that time there were twenty-three of us--Patricia Shields, Helen LaCroix, Claire O'Brien, Nancy Nickerson, Kent Locke, Loretta Emerson, Gwen Minor, Douglas Dodge, Joe O'Brien, Roger Leighton, Robert Young, Lewis Dow, Robert Hillsgrove, Elizabeth Manley, Norma Glidden, Trenna Bartlett, Dorothea Eaton, Edmund Miles, Donald Joy, George Thoroughood, Walter Rollins, William Messier, and Ernestine Nockles. Later that fall George Thoroughood and William Messier left us. Soon came the dreaded initiation, a magazine sale of which we were champions, a dance, and then we were sophomores. In our second year, counting noses, we discovered that we had losttwo classmates and gained one. Claire O'Brien and Justine DeYoung were the missing members and Ann Leonard our newmember. During the fall two more joined us--Walter Skantze from New Jersey, and David McGrath. Ernestine Nockles moved to Wolfeboro that fall. Our home room teacher was Miss Do- bens. We started the year by winning the magazine sale once again. This year we were denied the privilege of initiating the freshmen and instead were asked to give a party in their honor - imagine! Ann Leonard and Kent Locke were our Carnival Queen and King contestants that year. Who won? Oh, why we did of course! We proceeded merrily with a St. Patrick's Day party and the Junior Prom and before we knew it we were juniors. As juniors we soon forgot inferiority complexes harbored from previous years. We were extremely proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. To our surprise and delight we regained a member, Claire O'Brien. Our home room teacher was Miss McDonough. In the fall Walter Rollins and David Mc- Grath left us, Trenna Bartlett and Dorothea Eaton left the following spring. By this time our class had dwindled to sixteen. We were once more the mag- azine campaign champions. That fall saw us busily preparing a food sale, a sample fair and selling autograph books. In the spring we held another suc- cessful food sale and then came the Senior Reception. We were seniors, at last. Since the first day of school on September 8, 1953, we have stopped hardly long enough to catch our breath. First came the magazine campaign and this year, as champs, we rated a party with all the ice cream we could eat. Oh, what a lot of tummy-aches that night! The annual Senior Play proved an over- whelming success and our Turkey Raffle was profitable, too. As sixteen busy seniors, we have spent our happiest and most carefree days at Alton High. Now we look forward to greater happiness and greater accomplishments in the world beyond high school. Gwen Minor 13 Class Will We, the class of 54, of Alton High School, beingpretty sure of soundminds and bodies do, while leaving confinement to enter the world, proclaim our last will and testament and hereby leave all our scholarly possessions to our suc- cessors in the following manner: To Mr. Lovejoy we leave all our contemporary problems, hoping he will do better with them than we did. To Mr. Bucher we leave a somewhat worked over book of Shakespeare's plays. To Mrs. Hayes we leave our thanks for the good advice we received in class. To Miss.McDonough we leave our old typewriter ribbons and a thank you for the hints she has passed on to us. To Mr. Floros we leave all our broken test tubes and worn out Chemistry books. To Mr. Twombly the girls leave a beaten-up basketball and big hopes of a winning team next year. Doug Dodge leaves his dark, wavy hair to Edgar Hoyt. Lewis Dow leaves his ability to dance to Nancy Leonard. Loretta Emerson leaves her love of farmwork to Flossie Roberts so she can help her father out. Robert Hillsgrove leaves his ability to get along with everyone to Jimmy Locke. Helen LaCroix leaves her shyness to Jean Powers. Roger Leighton leaves his baby ways to Freda Davis. Ann Leonard leaves her ability for sports to Connie Varney. Kent Locke leaves his polite way of speaking without being spoken to, to Martin Sullivan. Libby Manley leaves her ladylike manner to Myra Buchanan. Nancy Nickerson leaves her ability to lose an argument to Bill Kneeland. Claire O'Brien leaves her calm, almost pleasing manner to Lula Varney. Joe O'Brien leaves his Mr. America. appearance to Edgar Hoyt. Pat Shields leaves her charming personality and her typing ability to Glo- ria Lamper. Walter Skantze leaves his savoir-faire to George Rines. Robert Young leaves his quiet, pleasing ways to Jimmy Locke. We bid farewell, with little emotion, to our faithful teachers and friends of the past years at A. H. S. and wish them the best of future happiness and success. In witness thereof, I have subscribed my signature, signed, sealed and de- clared this eighteenth day of June, One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty-four. NANC Y NIC KERSON 14 Class Prophecy As the mist clears, the sound of harps is heard. Clouds are floating languidly by and a large stern-faced man in long white robe opens the gate as a young man rushes up to it. Hi, St. Peter, glad to make your acquaintance. Sorry Ican't stay long, gotta get the old hot-rod grinding its gears pretty soon for the take -off. Young man, snaps St. Peter, l strongly suggest that you park that contaminated contraption and adjust yourself to what is fondly referred to as the Wild Blue Yonder. Miss Shields, please bring out the records on Roger's life. Excuse me for a minute, Pete old boy, I think l'll take a strol1. I wouldn't do that if Iwere you, boy. lt's a long drop--a mighty long drop. Now let's see what the Good Book has to say about little Baby Face Leighton. Hm, it says here that you tortured the professors at U.N. H. for four unmerciful years while you studied to become a mech- anicalengineer. You unselfishly dedicated your life to protect man from such evils as gambling, murder, and Chevrolets. Stop blowing cigar smoke in my face and wait your turn in the next room. St. Peter's eyes fell upon the next customer. Welcome, welcome, young lady, I sincerely hope you have a pleasant stay. Hel-lo, Ann replies in a warm, vibrant voice. Miss Leonard, I see by my record book that you are guilty of disrupting many chemistry classes while in high-school. And can you explain why, Miss Leonard, you deliberately threw your roommate at U. N. H. into the swimming pool when you knew that it had been frozen over for ice skating? No sir, I haven't an answer right now, but if you will give me a few minutes, l'll think of a good one. Don't worry, you'l1 have plenty of time. Now follow those other people to the next c1oud. Gladly. No, don't bother, I'l1 answer the gate, Miss Shields. A warm welcome from one's host makes one's stay just that much more pleasant. Suh, Iwas just passin' by and thought ah'd drop in for a minute. Wall, bless ma soul, isn't yo'all named Lewis Dow?, Thas right, and ah'm a real good singer too. Ah'd be glad to sing something fo' you now. Any special song yo'd like to request? No, thank you, I've already served my time. Now, I find you guilty of unofficial dribbling while playing on the Alton basketball team. And what prompted you to open the porthole in that submarine when you were stationed in the Pacific? Ah, think l'll continue my walk now, suh, if you don't mind. Just follow the girl who was ahead of you, if you please. We1l, well, look whom we have here. What brings you here, Nancy? A high basketball pass, m'boy. Now, how much red tape do Ihave to go through beforel can establish myself in my new surroundings? Just answer my questions please,Miss Nickerson. Why did you defend Slippery Sam and get him his freedom when you knew he was guilty of embezzlement? I-le very generously gave me a nice fat slice of the cabbage. Hm, l'll see to it that you have a nice,warm suite for the winter. Please excuse me while I answer the gate. My word, this chap sounds impatient. I-lello, the name's Kent to you. Attended U. N. H. and then became a dentist. Fillings, 55.005 extractions fnovocain not includedj, 37.00. Mister Locke, ifImay,would you please explain the mysterious deaths of five ofyour clients who died in the chair? Well, it's like this--my hand slipped when Iwas drilling and l somehow caught the drill in their throats. Heh, heh, heh! Ah, yes, well float away for just a minute, will you? My,this is a busy morning,I'll never finish placing all these nice people. Answer the gate, will you Miss Shields? My word, it's Helen. Oh, but this is a fetching case. The Good Book says that before you married Gooky Glenwall,Miss LaCroix, you ran a fur salon in cahoots with Miss Shields, who has long since become one of our big,happy family. Now, my question,Miss LaCroix: Why did you sell dyed rats for genuine mink? By the way, how much did you two make on the deal? Enough to buy good furs in a nice legal salon, hm'm? Dismissed. Ah, here comes a pair of knotty looking lads. By golly, it's St. Peter. I'm Robert. I'm Joe. 15 .Xxx Robert l-lillsgrove! Why, aren't you the fellow whom the Reds planted in our Navy as chef? I believe they called the operation, lnside Slaughter. My word, that's bully, old chap, says Joe. And what explanation have you to offer for your own behavior,Joe, old bean? It seems that all through school you harbored a dislike for teachers and after you graduated from Plymouth you led a group of students and lynched the principal of the school where you were employed. Oh, that was a jolly onel Come Robert, let us flap our new wings a bit. I fear that the fuel bill will be rather high this month, Miss Shie1ds. 'Welcome my dears, so nice you could make it. Now, your names are Gwen and Libby, aren't they? Yes sir, says Gwen, uh-huh, says Libby. 'Now Libby, whatever prompted you to strangle little Fauntleroy just because he chipped a piece out of your leg with an axe? ln fact, he very politely asked your permission first. Gwen, I find you guilty of doping race horses. Please, both of you, float out of my sight. Who are these weird looking characters, the three musketeers? Hi ya, Pete. Say, can you tell us where they're hiding all the gals? You're Walt, lpresume, and you're Robert and Doug? Man, you're real bright. Walt,I see you studied at U. N. H, and then became a mechanical engineer,like Roger. By the way, do you remember the time you unfastened the pistons in your old man's car and the whole engine fell out? Don't run away, Robert,l have something for you, too. Remember the night you went A. W. O. L. and when you came back you put a whole cage of monkeys in the captain's shower. I-le noticed them just as he turned on the hot water and became so frightened he froze into a state of rigor mortis and boiled to death. You remember my little woman, don't you Walt, says Doug. Well, she was still so mad at me this morning over last night's quarrel that she wou1dn't get up to make my breakfast. Now, me beinga peace -loving guy, Imade a whole pot of coffee and insisted that she drink the whole thing so she'd feel better. Oh, a cookl says St. Peter. How do you make coffee? Well, in this particular pot, I used three parts of coffee, three parts of water and one part tetramethyl ammonium chloride . Well, l'll see all of you later, keep warm for now. Ah, the saints preserve us! Look what's ascending upon us now, Miss Shields. I'm Claire and I'm new around here, and I'm also darned cold. I can arrange for warmer quarters. Never mind, I guess it's just a matter of fry or freeze. I became a teacher. My side kick here is Loretta. I milk cows, says Loretta. What's cooking? says Claire. Just a few of your friends--fire burn and caldron bubble! I also clean the barn, mow hay and feed the chickens, says Loretta. My, but you are kind to you relatives, aren't you, dear? says Claire. ' Enough, snaps St. Peter. Miss Emerson and Miss O'Brien, Ido not feel inclined to go through the formality of looking in the Good Book to learn of your offenses. lust follow the rest. We fade out as we hear sixteen somewhat disillusioned, but none to penitent voices joining in for three rousing choruses of Hail, hail the Gang's All Here, and Keeping the Home Fires Burning. n u CLAIRE O'BRIEN 16 WN SES S LA 0 Sophomore Class Sitting, left to right: Duncan Nichols, N ancy Downing, Tenney Rines, Nancy Manley, Nancy Shields, Isabel Cha mberla in . Second row: Ir v in g Thompson, Wendell B e c k , Jo h n Wheeler, Robert Skantze, Leon True, Thomas Bergier, Nelson Berwick, Lin- wood Wells. Junior Class Sitting, left to right: Gloria Lamper, Joyce McKeen, Bill Kneeland , George Rines , Florence Roberts, Myra Buchanan. Second row: Nancy L e o n a r d , Patricia McGrath, Jean Powers, Virginia Bayer, Connie Varney, Madolyn Vernal, Doris Messier. Third row: Lula Varney, Edgar Hoyt, James Locke, Martin Sullivan, Esther Edgerly. Freshman Class Sitting, left to right: Barbara Hillsgrove, William McKeon, Deborah March, Sandra Capone , Shirley Edwards, George Roberts, Gloria Gray. Second row: Frederic March, Richard Hennessey, Connie Mc - K e e n , Nancy Pearson, Carol Howard , Lorelei Micklon, Gladys Hartford, Donald L a C r o i x , Leroy Nickerson. T hir d r o w: Bruce Bartlett, Francis Sullivan, Robert Portigue, Donald Minor, Paul Kneeland, Malcolm Simonds, William Guy. Boys' Basketball Sitting, left to right: Lewis Dow, Roger Leighton, Robert Young, Kent Locke, Leon True. Second row: James Locke, George Roberts, Roger Trembly, Coach, Duncan Nichols, George Rines. The boys' basketball team won four games and lost six this year. They went to Raymond to the Southeastern League Basket- ball Tournament, where they placed fourth. The team enjoyed going to the tournament and is looking forward to going next year. Girls' Basketball Sitting, left to right: Myra Buch- anan, Gwendolyn Minor, Eliza- beth Manley, Florence Roberts, Ann Leonard, Nancy Nickerson, Caro1Howard. Second row: San- dra Capone, Nancy Leonard, Lula Varney, Shirley Edwards, Roscoe Twombly, Coach, Jean Powers, Connie Varney, Virginia Bayer, Deborah March. The girls all tried hard and showed much spirit this year. We e s pe ci ally want to thank Mr. Twombly, our c oach, for the help he gave us. Baseball Sitting, left to right: Robert Skantze, Kent Locke, Lewis Dow, Roger Leighton, Robert Young, LeonTrue. Second row: William McKeon, Robert Hillsgrove, Rob- ert Portigue, Roscoe Twombly, Coach, James Locke, Leroy Nick- erson, Frederic March. Volleyball Sitting, left to right: Nancy Leon- ard,ConnieVarney, Ann Leonard, Jean Powers, Elizabeth Manley. Second row: Esther Edgerly, My- ra Buchanan, Florence Roberts, Theodore Floros,Coach, Virginia Bayer,Helen LaCroix, Lula Var- ney. The girls all work- edhard this year under the direction of their coach, Mr. Floros. Good luck nextyear. Softball Sitting, left to right: Nancy Leon- ard,ConnieVarney, Ann Leonard, Florence Roberts, Elizabeth Man- ley. Second row: Myra Buchan- an, Virginia Bayer, Theodore Floros, Coach, Lula Varney, Nancy Downing. The girls will soon be Starting softball practice with Mr. Floros as their coach. We hope they will have a Season as good as last year. Track Team Sitting, left to right: Louis Dow, Esther Edgerly,Virginia Bayer, Jean Powers, Kent Locke. Second row: Mr. Roscoe Twombly, Coach, Duncan Nichols, George Roberts, Roger Leighton, Robert Skantze, Mr. Richard Lovejoy, Coach. Cheerleaders K ne el in g , left to right: Isabel Chamberlain, Nancy Downing, Myra B u c h a n a n. Second row: Shirley Edwards, Connie Varney, Virginia Bayer, Jean Powers. Evelyn Sanders missing when picture was taken. Ski Team Kneeling, left to right: Roger Leighton, Kent Locke. Second row: Nancy Leonard, Richard I-lennessey, Ann Leonard, Robert Portigue, Jean Powers. is ii E Opereha Sitting, left to right: Nancy Leonard , Esther Edgerly, B a r b a r a Hillsgrove, Nancy D ow n i ng , Connie McKeen, I s a b el Chamberlain, Loretta Emerson, Doris Messier, Joyce M c K e e n , Nancy Nickerson, El iz a b et h Manley, Claire O'Brien. Second row: Patricia Shields, Connie Varney, P a tr i c i a McGrath, Florence R o b e r t s , Gwendolyn Minor, James Locke, Thomas Bergier, Bill Kneeland, George Rines, Robert Hillsgrove , Ann Leonard, Jean Powers, Virginia Bayer, Helen LaCroix, Mrs. Ellen Grau, Music Supvr. Third row: Duncan Nichols, John Wheeler, Kent Locke, Roger Leighton, W a l te r Skantze, Louis Dow, Robert Young, George Roberts. Joseph O'Brien. Members of the Choral Music Group have done splendidwork this year un- der the direction of Mrs. Ellen Grau, Early in the year Mrs. Grau organized a boys' and girls' Glee Club. In February the Girls' Glee Club presented a program at the Alton Woman's Club. Students of choralmusic are now looking forward to their spring presentation of the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta, H. M, S, Pinafore . Evelyn Sanders is accompanist for the music groups. Hi-Y Club Sitting, left to right: Frederic March, Joseph O'Brien, Robert Hillsgrove, Leon True, Robert Skantze, John Wheeler, James Locke, Duncan Nichols, Richard Hennessey. Second row: Doris Messier, Esther Edgerly, Barbara Hillsgrove, Nancy Downing, Ann Leonard, Kent Locke, Roger Leighton, Nancy Leonard, Joyce M c K e e n , Nancy Nickerson, El iz a be t h Manley, Claire O ' B r ie n . Third row: Carol H ow a r d , Connie McKeen, P a t r ic ia McGrath, 'Florence Roberts, Gwendolyn Minor, Bill Kne e I and , Paul Kneeland, D o n a l d Minor, George Rines, Jean Powers, Virginia Bayer, I s a b el Chamberlain, Nancy M a n l e y , Deborah March. Fourth row: Myra Buchanan, Sandra Capone, Nancy Pearson, Shirley Edwards, George Roberts, Walter Skantze, Louis Dow , Ro bert Young, Lula Varney, Madolyn Vernal, Lorelei Micklon, Gloria Lamper. 23 Carnival Ball Elizabeth Manley, Nancy Nicker- son, King, William Kneeland, Queen, Gwendolyn Minor, Queen of 1953, Sylvia Roberts,, Isabel Chamberlain and Nancy Leonard. The annual Carnival Ball was held Saturday evening February Z0 in Alton Town Hall. Gwendolyn Minor, a senior, was crowned Carnival Queen of 1954 and William Kneeland, a Junior, was crowned Carnival King Student Council Sitting, left to right: Walter Skantze,Richard S. Lovejoy, Ad- viser, Ann Leonard. Second row: Myra Buchanan, Martin Sullivan, Paul Kneeland, Leon True, John Whee1er,and Connie McKeen. 9 .wo X 'f ff T XA 0 4 J -ii- Mx 4' x. ,,.f ' 1. ,n' i nngruiululiuns to the Ql1 class of '54 3 I I If KX p lg Nil iii -e Y f 1-1h ' Q Q 1 M en fa lM I! aomso unix: Aumonrv OF 'nes cocA-coui comrmv av COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF LACONIA Compliments Compliments ofa of . Ralph Brewster Friend F. W. Osgood Newton John Sexton 8. Co. The class of l954 sincerely thanks the M f 'cfu'l 9 wholesale merchants and other individuals whose gen- G e s erosity has made possible the publication of this year book. P. O. Box JS Massachusetts THE WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO, INC. SERVING WITH PLEASURE THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF T954 132 BOYLSTON sr BOSTON MASS FARMINGTON NATIONAL BANK Complete Banking Service Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Safe Deposit Boxes Mortgage Loans Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System Compliments of PEOPLE'S NATICNAL BANK Laconia, New Hampshire Th a kWiih The Ch CI k GLENN EDWARDS LUMBER CO Paints Hardware Roofing Mason Supplies Lumber and Building Materials Alton, New Hampshire MlNOR'S COUNTRY STCRE Esso Gas Groceries Hardware Triangle 5-4840 Loon Cove Alton Bay, New Hampshire Whenever you are visiting Laconia we invite you to come to WEEKS DAIRY BAR 331 st Street To Enioy Our Delicious lce Cream We also make deliveries of milk and other dairy products to Alton and vicinity Compliments of HORNE'S STORE Alton, N. H. Compliments Of Lougee-Robinson Co. Laconia, N. ll. Compliments of James H. McDonough Hair Cutting Spec! ul I st 326 Central Avenue Dover, N. ll. The Community Church Alton, N. ll. Rev. W. Douglas Swaffield, D. D. PASTOR Morning Worship at 10:45 Sunday School at 11:15 Best Wishes Brewster Dairy Incorporated Wolfeboro, N. ll. Telephone 477W Concord Commercial College All Approved Courses Stenographic Secretarial Executive Secretarial .lunlor Accounting Higher Accounting Business Administration 15 North Main St. Tel. 81 Write for free catalogue Wolfeboro National Bank Wolfeboro, N. H. Commercial and Savings Departments A Country Bank in the Lakes Region with City Banking Service Member of the Federal Deposit lnsurance Corporation Compliments of Osgood's Rexall Drug Store Farmington, N. H. Serving Your Needs in Community Activities The Rochester Courier New England's Largest Weekly Newspaper Read it for Local News Activities Wyman's Garage Chevrolet Frigidaire Tel. TRiangle 5-4321 Alton, N. H. First National Bank Rochesle' Trust Company of Rochester, N. H. Rochester, N. H' Business and Personal Loans l l c PW 'l 'l semi-annually at M95 Checking Accounts May 8. Nonmbu Memlzer of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Mortgages to meet all requirements Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Alton - I.G.A. Groceries - Meat High Quality at Low Prices Alton N. H. White Lodge Open all the Year Home Cooked Food Enioy a Banquet or a Snack Alton, N. II Compliments of Robbins Auto Supply Co. Dover, N. H. Compliments of L. A. Clarkson, D. D. S. Farmington, N. H. Compliments of Farmington Flower Shop Farmington, N. H. Tel. 3491 For Finer Foods at Down to Earth Prices Shop at Gelinns Market Farmington Compliments of Compliments of lrwin Marine Corporation Lakeport Nqtional Bank Lakeport, N. Il. Lalceport, N. ll. With best wishes to everyone in the Class of1954 C. M. Mixer 8. Son, Inc. Realtors lnsurance 8 North Main Street Wolfeboro, N. ll. Tel . 535 Ossipee Oil Company Wolfeboro, N. ll. Tel. 408-9 Gulf Products Timken Silent Automatic Oil Burners Compliments of Compliments of Hooper and Carlgnan Rayls 'lelnlry Central Street 15 Hanson Street Farmington N. H. Rochester N. H. Diamonds Watches Compliments of Silverware Jewelry Palmer Lumber Company C. L. Woodman Jeweler General Store Telephone 348-M New Durham N' H' 15 South Main St. Rochester N. H. Compliments of Andrea J. l.oRocllelle Herh G1oafe's Garage Jeweler and Watchmaking, Engraving 8. Martha Choate's Grocery Jewelry Repairing New Durham Tel. Alton 5-3332 N' H' Rochester N. H. Ayers 81 Jenkins Co. Compliments of Hardware Palnf Cmdylnd Sporting Goods Television Central St. Farmington Phone 287 56 No. Main Street Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Boucher Rochester N. H. Compliments of Mrs. Lemire's Launder Right Washing Ironing Shirts Palmer and Dry Cleaning Hardware Store , 400 Main Street Farmlngton Laconxa N. H. N. H. Compliments of Moody Motor's Sales and Service Dodge and Plymouth Wein's Specialty Shop 508-510 Main Street Laconia Dodge Job Rated Trucks N. H. 370 Union Ave. Laconia N. H. Aldrich Photo-Center and Record Shop Laconia, N. H. Alton, Compliments of Morrel l 'S Store N. II Smalley, Daverio, Lyons, Inc. Marble and Granite Dealers 5 Signal Street Edward L. Lydiard Printers 55 Canal Street Rochester N. H. Laconia N. ll. Harold E. Rollins Realtor New Durham, N. H. Telephone TRiangle 5-2211 Call Bickford's Dairy New Durham, N. H. us for Farm Fresh Dairy Products R. E. Bi ckford Compliments of Alden' s Garage Compliments Of Diclc's Amoco Service Alton Telephone TRiangle 5-44-00 Alton N H Cline and Chou' Most Modern Super Market Beverages-Groceries-Gas Turgeon's Farmington Telephone 4941 290 North Main Street Rochester Route 11 ' S. D. Sundeen Mitchell., Garage PI h Frigidaire Sales Si Service md Desoto ymom Television Headquarters Sales 8' Service Selected Used Cars Rochester Rochester Telephone 1020 M Compliments of Compliments of H 'Y'5 DVY Clefmlng Downing's Auto and and Boat Service Fur Storage Alton Bay, New Hampshire 36 Pleasant St. Laconia, N. H. Myrtle Ann Dining Room l. P. Berry 8. Son Insurance Agency Alton Bay N. H. Tel. Alton 5-4571 New Durham N H Hartley J. Shields General Contractor Best Wishes from 0'Sheas' s Shopping Center ofthe Lakes Region Alton, N. H. Tel. 5-8151 Laconia, N. H. The House ofa Million Auto Parts L acon ia Auto Wrecking Co. Province Road New and Used Parts Lacuna, N. H. Tel. 514 Lawnia Melnick's Sundial Shoes For All The Family Laconia Youth Center We Maior in Minors' 522 Main Street Arlen ' s 548 Main St. Laconia Laconxa N. H. LaFlamme's Home-Lyke Bakery weuem Auto Bread' Pies' Cakes Associate Store Pastries of All Kinds Perry P. Graver 463 Main St. Laconia Laconia N. H. Cardigan Sport Store Compliments of Athletic Equipment walkin and Gas 8. Electric Shop Sporting Goods Farmington N. H. Bl'iSt01 Telephone 4-2401 Reliable Clothing Company Laconia's Leading Pants Store 471 Main St. Laconia, N. H. Tel. 9711 Griffin 8. Dustin Women's and Children's Tel. 45 52 Main Street Pittsfield Wear Mi Lady Shoppe Katherine T. 0'Brien Featuring the Gossard Line of Beauty Accessories and Nylon Underwear Modern Appliance Center Crosley Appliances Domestic Sewmachines 33 Pleasant Street Laconia, N. H. Hosiery As-You-Like lt phone 1741 16 Central Square Rochester, N. H. Tip 0' The Bay Y0W'9'5 Beauty Salon Mrs. Mabel Young Tel. 5-2100 Alton Bay N. H Tip 0' The Bay Lake Winnipesaulcee Guests Alton Bay N. H Compliments of Woodland Cottages E 8- B Marlzet George H. Wallace, Prop. The finest in groceries Alton Bay Meats and Frozen Foods New Hampshire Tel. 5-4100 l'lerbert's J. Jones 8- Sons Serving Alton Since 1842 Sports Center Fishing - Hunting - Equipment Bait - Tackle - Guns - Sports Goods Wolfeboro, N. H. Compliments of AI Anderson Texaco Service Station The Farmington Alton News Tel. TRiang1e 58600 T Do I wning S Garage Compliments of Mobil Gas and Mobil Oil ires 8. Tubes 8. Batteries Aflenels Dfess 5l'0P Accessories Ladies' and Cl1ildren's Apparel Compliments of Compliments of Kiki'5 Errol S. Hall Dress Shop Attorney-at-Low Farmington N. H. Farmington N H Compliments Compliments of Of H. 0. Roncleau Shoe Co. Roger H. Morrison, D. M. D. F ' N. H. armmgton Farmington N H Alton Bay N. II. Faxjnington N AIbert's Studio Weddings Portraits Commercial Work Henry F. Carney Registered Pharmacist Photographic Supplies Cameras 30 No. Main Street 71 N- Main St- Rochester N. H Rochester N. H Western J P H d . . ur Auto Associate Store Men's Furnishings 38 South Main Street Men's, Ladies' and Rochester, New Hampshire Chlldrenls wear Edward R. Fabian, Proprietor Farmington N. H Farmington Gas 8- Pages Jeweler Appliance Co' Expert Watch Repairing Utility Bottled ca. Wafches Diamonds Farmington N. H Silverware Laconia N H Gifts Gerald Briggeman George Clemons Jack Sawyer The Chas. C. Rogers Co. Inc. Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Complete Office Outfitters Laconia New Hampshire 50 Canal Si-'Tel 1050 Trophy Headquarters L N H acon1a . in the Lakes Region l'l. P. Maxtield Inc. Hardware 8. Plumbing Supplies Paint 8. Wallpaper Pittsfield N. H. Pittsfield Morrill' s Service Station Shell Products Compliments Of Borney's Clothing Store Pittsfield Golden Rule Service Socony Products Tires - Tubes - Accessories Batteries - Repairs Center Barnstead Compliments Of Bortlett's 54 8m 104 Store Pittsfield Frozen Service Wholesale 8. Retail Meats Custom Sl aughtering Pittsfield Pittsfield C0mPlimeMs of Compliments Of Bosco Bell Service Station Pdiuiu Garage Barnstead N H 1 Pittsfield Compliments James F. McGrath of Wiring for Light, Heat and Power Registered Electrical Meader's Contractors South Hanson St. Rochester N, H. Alt0Il, N. H. Pittsfield, N. Compliments of Smith's Pittsfield National Bank Pittsfield, N. H. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Curtain - Fabric Shop 69 No. Main St. Directly Opposite Post Office Rochester N. I Eugene F. Nute Farmington N. H Compliments of Taylor's General Store Gilmanton Iron Works N. H Compliments of Nelson's Auto Service Cilmanton Iron Works, N. H. Complete Home Furnishers Parker Furniture Company Pittsfield N. II Compliments of The Village Store Cilmanton Iron Works Compliments of Mary .lane's Cabins Alton Bay N. H. Compliments Alion Drive In Theatre and Alton Diner Where the Coffee is always Fresh and Made by Silex Compliments of Paul C. Nute Real Estate Alton N. H. Compliments of l'lerrick's General Siore Compliments of Anderson's Dairy Bar Gilmanfon Corner Alton N. H. Compliments of l'laskell's Powers' 51 81 IOQ 51.00 81 up Neighborhood Store 22 Main Street Farmington N. H Alton Tfliangle 5-2721 .W 7 3 K ,. 1 + . ', ' ' 1 - W -4 F r , 5,1 . KAN- M, ' M 3, 4 X w ws v k 1 M x X. , wx, K. K 'wkff f K ,, in 8 W., , V v w K, f-' ,We 4 ,fra 1 y ww

Suggestions in the Alton High School - Altonian Yearbook (Alton, NH) collection:

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