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Lyg i A f f W" ' '?' ' Q' ' Tdx l cwgj V '4 ' 7il ' ' ND lv M54 -0 J- W 1 ffwdfwdiyy ok yMU,,Md K 60 aww J0 aWfWf vw W' if Ldeoigjf W ! 11 Mfg M,QWffdj,,4fff J, 2,39 X95W'j3g iwfjfgg 57 W jwf 2K fgw EX NV' Ni 2 7RW,xfyM f Kg ff who WJQJMWD' M jx 1' mv. V'-fix dgv Kg ' X' QfWw f-W M04 zWc4F JJ? 3 Me? ,mf 4QW.f' if A ff Q A A Q 22 , 1 w 2' 52+ Qc X Q9 Foreword We, the staff, hope this 1960 STINGER will bring back all the memories of the school year 1959-1960. This book is a diary of our schoolmates,teach- ers, favorites, and activities. May it always remind you of this year. To Mr. James Grammer for his photography, Ronnie Hendrick and Neta May for their art work, Mrs. Hull for sponsoring the annual, and everyone who took time to have their pictures made, the staff extends their sincere apprecia- tion. 1960 STINGER STAFF Dedication The staff is proud to dedicate the 1960 STINGER to a man who has been not only a teacher and sponsor but a friend to all. 'Though he has always been busy in his many activities - coach, science teacher, Sunday school teacher, parent - he is always ready to listen and give his advice to anyone. By his honesty, wit, friendliness, and intelligence, he has gained the love and respect of teachers and students alike. Mr. Terry Ted Moore - we dedicate the 1960 STINGER to you. STINGER Staff, Sponsor, and Student Body: May I take this space in the STINGER to congratulate you for your feats and atti- tude of the 1959-60 school year. First, to the STINGER staff and sponsor may I say that I am proud of you for the 1960 STINGER. I know you have had many setbacks through no fault of your own, but you have faced the problems with new determination and desire to be able to say "a deed well done. " Second, to the student body of Alto Public Schools may Iexpress our deepest appre- ciation to you for your cooperation in every endeavor that the school has undertaken. Your work, ambition, character, and attitude have been unquestionable. May I ex- press the thanks of the entire faculty and say we are proud of you and THE STINGER OF 1960. Lawrence Smith Superintendent 7' 'MH Q- 3' On such an occasion as this, it is befitting that congratulations be given to you who have recorded here the outstanding events of another year in your life. To our Seniors, congratulations to you in the final days of your high school career. Our prayers and hopes go with you as you step onto the pathway of further achievement. To our undergraduates, congratulations to you on achieving a higher rung on the ladder of learning. Our prayers and hopes are that you willmake your mark in the years to come. May joy and success be yours in every undertaking. George Williams, Principal - High School Within the short span of a few years, the first through the twelfth grades occurs without delay. The ambition, dreams, and all other plans that rise and fall in this per- iod of time, all a definite part of the lives of each, are in a sense recorded here with- in these pages. It is a sincere wish and desire that to each, success may be had. James Grammer Principal, Elementary School TERRY MOORE LORRAINE HULL HUNTER CUNNINGHAM T- E- CUMMINGS Senior Sponsor Senior Sponsor Junior Sponsor Junior Sponsor B. S. Degree B. S. Degree B. A. Degree B.S. and M. A. Degrees Smith -Hughes High School Faculty IOSIE ALMA WATTERS DAVY JOE HOBSON Junior Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor B.S. and M.A. Degrees B.S. Degree IO FRANCES WEIMAR DON NATION ANOLA MARTIN HELEN TREADWELL Sophomore Sponsor Freshman Sponsor Freshman Sponsor 3UPeTViS0f B.S. and M.Ed. Degrees B.S. Degree B.S. and M. A. Degrees B.S. and M.Ed. Degrees Smith -Hughes ?T?FL2:ff.f:.i 11,1344 311 'I-ik: --'. 2 562333 Es'v57iiWa5ffss nl""""' X . Qfsil Q ja 1, Sr 8 f K r -x , up f .9 Q ,W 1:3155 W K 3 2+ Q -5 1. QW E J 5 A 5 t 5 if Q P ,A sf Q 4' 55 bf Q Q ,K 1 ' , ,I -J: A S ' Mia 21212 A ,H .,:. . gi g L. QR my fa ,J -sf-1. - yn w .. .- ., '31-2 . s, ,--112 15 ,:, '- me K L- 12" iseif En v 352' K -N jf - M ' .fr i M P fi, ,Q gi 425531 . -4 1 W, -93' I A ' se J W :sap f A , B 1 if .4 + 51 Q P1 ,Q ,ji L f , Qw- sfn- K "' X 533 ' ,WWW , 1 , A if I 211, in Raw 6 , 2 1, W ff, 1 Y X k , L , X , , ,,, mlkl, , V 'll' MUN.- y M 4' is-Q1 4 :,,' :J f.,-,, ' - . E A -was . ,: X 1' Hifi ' f, 'fjif Come with me down the path of the future and take a look at the prophecy of the 1959-60 AHS Senior. We are in the capitol of our state, Alto, the city of the great. As we approach a stand we see Eddie Boyd cam- paigning for presidency. His partner for vice president you will never guess. It's Jerry Felder, the famous A 85 M dentist. Ethelda Black, Joyce McGaughey, and Dorothy Dover have formed a trio I hear And help the campaign by humming songs of cheer. Gale Baugh is on the sports page and being pre- sented A Mr. America award by Barbara French, star model for TALENTED. A very striking couple suddenly appears, Foster McLain and Peggy Selman voted Mr. and Miss Universe of the year. Jalna Whiteman, the most famous actress in the U. S. A. Has married Ronnie Hendrick, the most famous explorer of our day. Renna Todd is now the English teacher of dear old AHS school. She has plenty of trouble trying to teach Nancy's , triplets one rule. Professor Carolyn Jeter is trying to quiet her I chemistry class, x Prophecy 1.. While husband Coach Mike Felder explains a forward pass. Jimmie Brunt, band director and manufacter of smokes, Listens while stunt man Tommy Cummings tells jokes. Merry Cosper just yelled and ran down the hall. She hollered something about her husband, Car- roll Hollis, climbing the wall. I met Dr. Ida Haney upon leaving tne school ground. Working with Dr. Pansy King they discovered the cause of sound. Carlton Jones, star of a new Broadway play, Tells writers Birda Dixon and Linda Collins how to be a success in this day. Barbara Harris has settled down to a nice mar- ried life, And Billy Doyle Lindsey, famous trombonist, says she made a good wife. Tony Tullis, the daredevil, just got back a while ago, Married no less to famous artist, Mary Jo. There goes Robbie Robison still wondering what to do. We always knew he would be a fool. Who are these people so bright and happy? Why it's sponsors, Mrs. Hull and Coach Moore still bright and snappy. A fine mist moves over the things yet to pass, This is the prophecy of our 1959-60 Senior Class. Q l .V ski? f' ' S . N T , K zz . ' " 13 - ' iQ- h 6 Y 'OK Uv V 0 -ff' K ' :.V f ti W A p L ,,,,,,.,.-J M 9 V. -": Wu S 2 a 1 FHW- . 7 A-2.1-v' , If wa 9 '45 X J V N.,,,.ff' """ 'CV' if fmE5H1 I??? fr J...-1' Q .V Q H- rf J i fx -9 WN fi aw -awa- 3- f J-'X -f 1 Last Will and Testament We the Senior Class of 1960 being of sound mind and good judgment and fixing to leave these hallowed halls of A. H. S. for the last time, do declare that the following is the last will and testament of our class. These remainders of our "states" go undeniably to the Junior Class of 1960. The President, Gale Baugh, leaves his athletic ability to two deserving iuniors, Billy Burt and Dickey McGaughey in hopes that it will bring them as much success as it has him . . . Mr. Wit and Fun, Jerry Felder, leaves his serious mindness in class to Steve McCarty with the wish that Steve can get as much enjoyment out of his classes as Jerry has. . . Nancy leaves her sisterly love and ner ability to lead the yells with a mighty roar to Cynthia and next year's cheering section . . . Ethelda leaves her weird laugh to quiet and shy Myra Jones and asks that it will forever ring through the halls of Alto High . . To Sara Lee Lindsey, Jalna bequeaths her twirling ability and leadership of the band with the command of having another good band next year . . . Carlton Jones and Tony Tullis will their talent of confusing and pestering the teachers to Jackie Burrows and Johnny Findley . . . The art of charming all of the girls is left to Gerald West from the one and only romeo of the Senior Class, Robbie don Juan Robison . . . Renna's efficiency in class to always come up with "A's" and the right answers is given with much good will to Genell Bennett . . . His nervousness and flustrations is left by Eddie Boyd for John David in hopes it will help him next year in speechg also his alka -seltzer to calm jittery nerves . . . Mike Felder surrenders his smoothness with the younger girls to Billy Brooks and his scholastic ability to Travis Smith in hopes that these two boys will use these talents to their fullest extent. . . The head- aches and heartaches of editing the annual is left with mixed feelings by Carolyn to Neta May and adds her hopes for another great Stinger . . . Mary Jo Cherry and Joyce McGaughey join forces in bequeathing Mary Maddux with their shyness and quiet way with boys . . . The pleasing personality of Barbara Harris is left with all good will to James Allen with the wish that it will acquire him much pleasure . . . Pansy Ruth King surrenders her secret formula to stay slim and trim to Jim Bice to prepare him for next year's football season . . . Merry Cosper gives up the editorship of the Jackets Buzz to Glaydene with hopes that she, too, can get from it loads of pleasure . . . Dorothy bequeaths her "big sister" position and her road-map to Wells to Joy along with many sisterly suggestions. Billy Lindsey leaves to Ronnie Smith his sticky fingers in hopes that it will help him to catch many passes in next year's football season . . . Harrison Black falls heir to Foster McLain's skill to keep the line pepped up and always ready to win . . . Ronnie Hendrick's reserved manner is left to Ron- nie Arnold so that it will help to keep him out of trouble. The knack of miss- ing tests is given by Carroll Hollis to J. C. Dover accompanied by wishes that he can do it without having to make them up . . . Gerald Bennett and James Rice fall in possession of the sports ability of Tommy Cummings . . . Jimmie Brunt leaves his good taste in dress to Larry Womack and Jerry Byrd . . . Peggy Sue Selman's sense of humor and Barbara French's giggle is left to Billy Black . . . Birda Dixon gives to Sharon her calm wisdom to controlled temper in hopes it will help her in her marriage . . . Ida Pearl Haney leaves her cooking talent to Elreta and to Rose Mary her skill to secure boy friends from out of the state . . . Linda Collins abandons her habit of last minute cramming with the wish that Ladell takes her place . . . As we, The Seniors, return to A. H. S. in future years, we hope that in the memories of the Juniors we can find these "states" have been used to the fulles extent. 'Y 3f"9'r . , E 5 5. 'rw CLASS OFFICERS President ---- ---- T ravis Smith Vice President - - - - Dickey McGaughey Secretary - - - Steve McCarty Treasurer - Glaydene Hahn COLORS - - - - Blue and White FLOWER - - - - - White Mum MOTTO He who wills can. JAMES ALLEN RONNIE ARNOLD GENELL BENNETT GERALD BENNETT I IM BICE HARRISON BLACK BILLY BLACK CYNTHIA BOYD BILLY BROOKS JACKIE BURROWS BILLY BURT JERRY BYRD I. C. DOVER JOY DOVER IOHNNY FINDLEY GLAYDENE HAHN MYRA I ONES JOHN DAVID KESINGER SARA LEE LINDSEY MARY MADDUX ELRETA MAY NETA MAY STEVE MCCARTY DICKIE MCGAUGHEY ROSE MARY PITTMAN JAMES RICE LADELL ROGERS RONNIE SMITH TRAVIS SMITH DOROTHY ROAKE GERALD WEST SHARON WILLIAMS LARRY WOMACK A 'pf' - Clyde Weaver Robert Cummings - - - Joe Derrett Frank McCuistion - Blue and White Chrysanthemums The possxble can be done. The 1mposs1b1e must be done. Suzanne Bartlett Ruth -Marie Baugh Arthur Black Sara Black Mary Ann Boyd Jerry Brooks Linda Brooks Io Choate Joan Clevenger Martha Clifton Robert Earl Cummings svn -an-gy Sue Carol Cummings Charles Dean Davis Joe Derrett 'ZISF R t Donald Dial Herman Dunsmore Sammie Kate Harrison Jerry Hollis Robert J. Kolb Lois Lawson Dianne Lyons Charlotte Montgomery Leroy Selman Tommy Selman Wayne Selman Jackie Todd Ray Todd Clyde Arden Weaver Sherry Williams Donnie Wood Ronald B. Rogers Ronald F. Rogers Donald Sarnain Robert Reeves Gloria Sue Reynolds Don Roark Kathleen Moses James McCaa Frank McCuistion Gayla McGaughey Wanda McGaughey Donald Parsons Dean Perkins Grant Powell WW' 1 Y lik' R 'nf L 1. IN . Q L ., 9 . ,J 'Iliff 'Lf' -,. Q :Qu :ff .. 5, -'P' Q . .Q W1 1 5 CLASS OFFICERS President - - - ---------- Mike Trevathan Vice President ------ - - Charlotte Nicar Secretary ---- ---- - - - Ray Johnson Treasurer - - - - Joe Bob Smith COLORS - - - - - - Red and White FLOWER - - - - - - - Red and White Roses 'T MOTTO is the mind that makes the body rich. , 1 W .J XX W sk 4 X 51 L AX 1 'Vi an wg A 'fa f 1 A 1 f-hw sw 5 4 A , K-W. i-,SL YN W W xx Q, ,.-an AQ' 'MQ' 'S' df? sw? VHF' 118 9'7- 'N .ff-dl Judy Merriwether Class Favorite James Jeter Class Favorite Mrs. Helen Quarles Teacher Sue Sartain Danny Schochler Ray Wallace Kelly Wood Eighth Gradt Irene Bennett Johnnie Bennett Mary Bice Linda Boatman Franklin Bradley Glenda Collins Francis Collins Doris Creel Dean Crosby E. C. Daniels Sandra Dial Kenneth Dunsmore Verline Duplichair Kenneth Findley Jerry Goodman Dwain Grogan Judy Harris Dianne Holcomb Joan Knott Joe Lange Donna Looney Lynda McCuistion Judy Moake Ray Rogers Don Rose Seventh Grade Robert Barron Noel Bradford Jimmie Channel David Cherry Randy Dowling Roy French Roy Goodman Neta Gorbett Billy Haney Bobby I-lanvy Jo Evelyn Hester Donnie Hobson Roy L. Hugghins Danny Landrum Pat McCaa Gary May Rodger Moake Caterine Moseley Marcia Page Don Pittman Marvin Powers Billy Reeves Lindall Roark Inez Roberts Ronnie Rogers Vivian Rogers Mary K. Rushing Thilda Schuler Cheryl Thomas Mike Tullis Marilyn Rose Class Favorite Donald Carter Class Favorite Mrs. Rose Teacher James Vann JUS vim get-0 IW?- li 1nI'4'!ll" lt? MQ! .yagk was F559 115 ..4lll"l'f err Vis 99" Glenda Wallace Carolyn Sue Wiggins -gg Martha Smith Class Favorite Danny Weaver Class Favorite Mrs. Jean Pearman Teacher Sixth and Seventh Grade Judy Bauman Vicki Black Marshall R. Corley Carl Foster Bill Grammer Donna Jeter Joe David Lee Judy Ann Pegues Gary Sparkman Barbara West Sue Corley Jeanne Dover Burlon Ferguson Jimmy Looney Jimmy McGaughey Larry Thomas Sixth Grade Edward Black Linda Black Glenda Bradley Patsy Bradley Judy Channel Coy Collins Paul Dean John Paul Dixon Gregory Duplichain Janie Felder Robert Gibbens Ruth Goodman Linda Grimes Donna Hanvy James Harris Naomi Holcomb Tommie J. Hugghins Ronnie Jackson Johnny Jones Susan Landrum James Lindsey Marion Lindsey James Earl May Lavonne Palmer Nelda Fay Powell Jimmy Rice Roy Rogers Glenda Williams Betty Womack Otis Yates IBN .un-H' ,vein .anna 7139? 'NN ..,, ...qw ,fr 'N .ann 'Tw 'T' nr- sw IQ!- 'UR ,ua-. .afg- l""'!hs Diane Bivens Class Favorite Billy Hobson Class Favorite Mrs. Brice Jeter Teacher fir it 'V gs 9 .W Mike Williams Virginia Williams -gy' 'I Gayla Trevathan Class Favorite Rayford Smith Class Favorite Mrs. Alene Moore Teacher Fmfh Grade Sue Black Phil Black Diane Brooks Laura Mae Conn Diane Crosby Kay Dover Linda Earl Judy Felder Fred Grimes Sandra Hanvy Myra Johnson Henry Kesinger Carolyn King Judy Knott Charles Lange Katrena Lee Buddy Lenard Larry Liles Doris Lusk Judy May Bruce McClure James Phifer Linda Rogers Janie Shuptrine Kathy West Fourth Grade Jimmy Adams James Barron Lillie Bennett Raymond Bennett Troy Boatman Jerry Burrows Annelle Cook George Ferguson Joyce Ferguson Larry Findley Kenneth Foster Alfred Harris John M. Hugghins Nealda Jones Shirley Landrum Paul Lenard Georgann Mason Billy Ed May Sandra McClure William McClure Gary McGaughey Sherrill Montgomery Roy Perkins James Perryman Dennis Rice if KU' Shirley Rice Carolyn Rogers Charlie Wallace Nita Jane Black Class Favorite Mike Carter Class Favorite Miss Edith Hendrick Teacher Donnie Wolfe Mary Cook Class Favorite Mike Rossman Class Favorite Mrs. Thelma Shattuck Teacher Third Grade Charlotte Armstrol Monroe Bass Travis Barron Brenda Baugh Jeanie Cherry Mike Collins Richard Collins Jeannette Conn Carolyn Gibbins Betty Gilcrease Carol Grammer Elsie Fay Hugghin: Betty King Elizabeth Knott Janet Lusk Montie Morgan Thomas Perdue Kenneth Phillips Joanne Powers Terry Rice Bobby Jean Roberts Terry E. Rogers Roger Smith Marsha Thomas Dianne Vinson Second Grade Clark Baugh Fannie Bennett Judy Brooks Lynn Coussons Nona Duree Becky Earl Patricia Goodman Elmer L. I-Iammons Mathie Hammons Robert Hester Bertha Hugghins Susanne Jeter ,Terry Knott Judy Lenard Delana Lindsey !Bil1y Mason Douglas McDaniel Sherry Moore Robert Pearman Wayne Pegues Gloria Perkins Kerry Phillips Richard Phillips Johnny Reeves Beverly Roberts -1 ' mummy: AVAKABLE Jackie Rogers Jacqua L. Rogers Rennee Rogers Marilyn Simmons Pamelia Martin Class Favorite Jerry Todd Class Favorite Miss Ruthie May Williams Teacher lf?" ry ,Jaffa wig, J, 8,3 -4 iv LuRay Cook Class Favorite Pat Rossman Class Favorite Mrs. Johnnie Hargrove Teacher Fzrst Grade Charles Barron Steve Bass Kenneth Black Chip Boyd Donnita Carter Betty Click David Conn Steven Dover Samuel Duree Jimmie Ferguson Lorri Findley Betty Hamrnons Joe Tim Hugghinns Pamela Jackson Freddy Johnson Sharon Jones Donna Liles Ralph Lindsey Marilyn Logan Tommy Lusk Louetta Mason R G A T Sammie Trayler Sherry Tyer Gary Wallace Charlotte Williams Linda Goodman ay May Billy Mayhar Cathy Moake Michael McGaughey James Reid ary Rice udie Rogers Earline Rogers ony Sartain W .Q if , ' Stinger Staff Travis Smith - Assistant Business Manager Mike Felder - Business Manager Neta May - Assistant Editor Carolyn Jeter - Editor X. 5 'lr-X5 W . sara? n , , :gf STAFF Xi? P .- S. 2 13 fy 2 mi5,',fbg-' 1-sxfsws fy ykgfqzg, L Jw: SETS? A. , , W Wm vfsgf: ,, 4 . I 4 fsgilwfw- f I' f,,3v.1wv,,,f, 3 f -nmaefiwf " ga1zX?'amg221P?SQ? V E gh: agp: 3,21 7 ff 5 fi . u,gg,y 2s fy . .' .9 Q 5,451-uk ,, . . 551. ZZ ..A. , , f ' 52, 'ff .- Q11 -Q " 51 V 1 ? .,gu 9 -FU- W .W ,W .1 ,Q 5 N 1 5' a 5, fd 1 Q f b , 5 as 2 'Uff3?f3fi4ff 25 Eff, l 17 25? . 7'3" Me- H, , w 4 1 ' ZW 4 Wh M si 555 5' 'V' , 5, 1 4 r AE Wg QQ.. , Wm QQ ' A M Q o . WE.. 55 .. ,Q 5 K ax' ,tiff K, iff ' 31 'Iii' ,ST-f ' iw 5,55 Q 1 ,L M.. . I with I gp N 4, ,W L,,. Fav W """"'E Editor: WLM M ' 'Nr-N., 'L k 7 xy Merry Cosper Jacketps Buzz Y,-..-.,..,.,.f Q' ., f '52 ! ai' yi 2 :Q-E E N4 fn- A Xt 'M40,,,,.....,.-or . -A'-""" -K be Assistant Editor: Glaydene Hahn OFFI C ERS President ---- ------- - - Don Parsons Vice President - - -------- Ray Todd Secretary ---- - - Robert Earl Cummings Treasurer - - - ------ Charles Davis Reporter - - - ' ' 'Joe Derrett Advisor - - ---- Jim Bice Sentinel - - - - - - Clyde Weaver Tux Q fi .U K. ms NArloNAL sruovmo vocAnoNAL oRcsANlzArloN Fon aovs AGRICULTURE 4 S ' WMP-Kfles 3 5 61. 'f T- I H 1? X NEW Hog OFFICERS President Merry Cosper Vice President . . . Gayla McGaughey Secretary . . . Mary Ann Boyd Reporter. . . Linda May Historian. . . Kathleen Moses Parliamentarian. . . Suzanne Bartlett Sergeant-at-arms . . Jo Choate Song Leader . . . Ruthie Baugh ,,,....,.-f-fe W ,r.. I MAA, A If Qin U 'K is-, :Q vw, ' M sw I aug? A f, Q? ' ,mv ,L 'Q - IA Dru , 2 EM in 1 W A wiki' N ,flw A Ven-H' SARA LINDSEY Junior Ma jorette LI ND A CO LLI NS Senior Head Majorette ww' BAND OFFICERS I J J' 1, i ,Ab '39 W' ww M'-M.. K , "T""'Q--R A f agififw F. 'Q ff' ' W' . .W ff FF f ' A M F Qu, A me 4 A' 4 'U' if ww U :"' 95 1 'Y A .V "1-. -5? if XA I . ' . if ,. R - - LIBRARY STAFF Z I av . f hx-n .V- ,gm 9, I. r A T? ,ri 1 if , -0-',. y , it A f . sq' r"' f x ' X IFJ' gl K, .-L1 . ' 'r Y I I J, X , . 14 'Q U az ' P , f-1 J-A qv , .Mg u ,- ,.. . .., 'I 10 :gin u 5' O li' FQ' my Tr 'I ' w. nv u, " 4 ' 'W' Q . ' I , -1 . , 1 TQ gif 'Q 'jfs 1? Jpf . , nf? - . uilmlwv Most Beautiful LINDA MAY Q if . .mm - 2 ,,. ,1- YE-ff.. ., 5 ff ,,..,.x3-if Q..i.., . fQw5.iQ..f,. rw . . if glfff .xr Q Wg, K I ,. g - A- 21-51..-1'L1:.f.,.f.545-155,-.,x,.21gfc . 3, Lf, 2-.1 f f. Qmfi... Sf ,, 4., A- eff: 553 , seizggy K I Les. - 1 X? SSW . Elisa, . ., ,, ,. i' 9 4, . 1:fgQfw..,S,,. 'Sm f .S-1 ,fzyfmw ,A . . ff A .ff-1.,M,,,.,11.,,1f,,, . ' '-+7 1 1"',.s.::g.g5fw-sQfS2- Y U' ' L f . .Q nz, .mf-2 mf ,..-. I U,,Qws-.fs,Egg.qgig--.Q .fi ' xiii -' :fm 5? zi., fr.. 5 x Q 4 5 f . Q , if , .5 , ,., 'mv C , 51 ' 1' - -fa ,, . , 7 K W ,i .f 1 f M 1 rf' L 1 a Y' S 1 Q QS Q r fi 7 'ix i x K fifspfgggg X r W YW gf? Q 5 X "' 'K s , .6 ws -A ff " Q 7. .Q ., .. Q QL S sk I 'Q' . ,,,. if Most Handsome BILLY BURT 3, . :3. 'at . . Vg., -1,5 . . 4 NANCY BOYD Runners-Up For Most Beautiful CYNTHIA BOYD WANDA MCGAUGHEY ROBBIE ROBISON MIKE TREVATHAN 4-.K CHARLES DAVIS Runners-Up For Most Handsome Football Sweetheart SARA LEE LI ND SEY .2 CF CH 9 6 if Q . . Sw Homecoming Queen PANSY RUTH KING M.-A--2 FHA Pin-Up Boy: EDDIE BOYD FFA Sweetheart: GAYLA MCGAUGHEY .'-L . f . .- Band Sweetheart GAIL BLACK H RY . ,M 9. , ,,,,,M,,.W,+f - a r-Y" ...Mk is Most Popular NETA MAY JERRY FELDER if K L 5 1 1, 5 I Gy' ' A wg-WW' ' 1134 1, s 5 I i A 2 ' mal, , mfmfirww 2 Y 1, If .vixfw " 5132 4 1 ' 'FF A if-'5-fi : ' ' - sag ' A 1 , MN I' S 11 " X e gf' S S Z iw ' i .Qm,2".f: f2S1fb5QkA, Q M gm A N al K 1, " R by aw la NS- ':1!.i:'I'i.. T. . .' fb ' gggyggggmx fl wx:-, 25, K. K1 1 ., his -A W1 Ei SE. x SQ., H W W .4 ..., Q we-,f Most Athletic GALE BAUGH IALNA WHITEMAN MIKE FELDER Senior Favorites EEWSSSBSI T L LS'Q55A?wl Junior Favorites MARY MADDUX STEVE MCCARTY A Misa ,, A-ln ww Alto Sbhioiolzulkootball Team FRONT ROW: Johnny Findley, Ronnie Hendrick, Deannie Perkins Sug Rice James Allen, Ronnie Arnold, Joe Derrett, Tony Tullis Jerry Byrd SECOND ROW: Robbie Robison, Clyde Weaver, Harrison Black Billy Brooks hm Bice, Donald Parsons, Charles Davis, Travis Smith Billy Burt Gale Baugh BACK ROW: Coach Nation, Billy Lindsey, Dickie McGaughey Steve McCarty Ron nie Smith, Ray Todd, Foster McLain, Carlton Jones Jerry Felder Mike Felder Tommy Cummings, Coach Moore. Garrison Troup Rusk Corrigan Elkhart Trinity Gra peland Diboll Groveton Madisonville 1959 SCHEDULE 1 4 Alto 0 Alto 1 8 Alto 1 2 Alto 8 Alto 0 Alto 12 Alto 8 Alto 6 Alto 8 Alto COACHES: Don Nation Terry Moore CAPTAINS: Gale Baugh Mike Felder Robbie Robison , V..3,:N- ' ' ' ' fine? l g. ' Ml! SENIORS: FRONT ROW: Billy Lindsey Gale Baugh Ronnie Hendrick Robbie Robison Tony Tullis BACK ROW: Tommy Cummings Carlton Jones Foster McLain Mike Felder Jerry Felder Carroll Hollis fnot showny GALI: BAUGH TOMMY CUMMINGS DICKEY MCGAUGHEY Fullback Halfback Quarterback A11 Drsrrrcr Honorable Mention A11-District Captaln A11-District Second Team Lettermen BILLY BURT Halfback A11-District Second Team FOSTER MCLAIN TRAVIS SMITH CARROLL HOLLIS Center Guard Halfback Honorable Mention A11-District TONY TULLIS Guard JIM BICE Tackle gf ,hr CLYDE WEAVER RONNIE HENDRICK JERRY FELDER Fullback Guard End Letterman MIKE FELDER Guard A11-District Captain CARLTON JONES STEVE MCCARTY BILLY LINDSEY Tackle Tackle End Honorable Mention All-District Honorable Mention A11-District and Second Team A11-District A11-State Honorable Mention A11-State CHARLES DAVIS JAMES RICE HARRISON BLACK ROBBIE ROBISON End Center End Halfback Captain A11-District ...a I NANCY BOYD Head Cheerleade MERRY COSPER - Senior CYNTHIA BOYD - Junior MARTHA CLIFTON - Sophomore JOY RICE - Freshman My ' i3"" f -Q ,B .I ,, SRI u, .- 1- iv. S fs , ?V, X-w,muwamm,vLXwmf1uW ,mwmmwm'11-m ufmcwN'- -fammvxm uammwmwwmw zwmuuqwrvrnwvaw wu.umnln,. .:z4v f-Q M Q 5' JUNIOR HIGH - NINTH GRADE TEAM SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE TEAM F +1?fl55':y"" -0 T. 2 M 2,2315 fl v- 1 JUNIOR HGH-I BASKETBALL TEAM JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS 3 F 5 1 FIRST STATE BANK --, X Alto BRUNT'S BUILDING MATERIAL MW- f .4 I Alto CONTINENTAL STATE BANK Alt MAY'S WRECKING YARD 0 Texas Phone 82 ROZELLE BROS: GULFTANE CO. Alto Day or Night ' Texa Alto, Texas ROGER'S GROCERY Phone 200 CABELL'S FINER DAIRY FOODS WESTERN AUTO BILL VINING IOE'S BARBER SHOP TOM'S BARBER SHOP CITY BARBER SHOP ALLEN'S DRUGS Compliments of BERNICE NORTON CLAYTON FEED SL SUPPLY WADEL CONNALLY AUTO SUPPLY CHAPMAN'S PHARMACY COSPER'S MEN SL BOYS W. M. THOMAS HARDWARE L. L. CHERRY Attention, Students! "Service in a Jiffy" at Your Committees are wel- come to meet in my shop at CLICK'S SINCLAIR any time. 1 will be giad to advise or assist you on ban- quets, socials, or other ac- SWNCLAUP tivities in any way I can. QOWERX um: "0 ""' INEZ TURNER ALTO FLOWER SHOP Alto, Texas Phone 146 Alto Compliments of HARMON WEST GENERAL CONTRACTOR Commercial and Residential Building Phone '79 Alto, Texas Compliments of B. L. SATTERWHITE WHOLESALE GROCERY Crockett Compliments ALTQ CLINIC DR. R. E. ROSSMAN, M. D. Alto, Texas 'Md QW Compliments of M. G. WILLIAMS STORE Grocery and Texaco Gasoline Highway 69 - 2 Miles South of Alto Phone: 1002-4 Rings Compliments of Compliments of ROBERT McCLURE JOYCE'S INSURANCE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 97 Alto Texas Alto Texas your key . . . To GREATER VALUES ALTO FEED COMPANY Swifts Feed and Minerals Custom Grinding and Mixing Phone 306 Alto, Texas C ompliments of L. O. CAMPBELL'S HUMBLE SERVICE STATION Esso Extra Gasoline and Motor Oils and Atlas Tires and Batteries Phone 99 Alto, Texas PEARMAN'S CHEVROLET COMPANY Alto Texas You Are Sure to Save f at Bovns PHARMACY ,,.,f"fF"4fw.:,?- I Q "Serving Alto" DEPENDABLE 44- -, 1, DRUGGIST Phone 261 'Wi Alto, Texas Drug Supplies, Cosmetics Sick Room Supplies and Sundries COPELAND MOTOR COMPANY 'R ' ' HUBERT WOMACK M J L , anager SALES SERVICE N-S, Alto, Texas 419' G Rocfb 9' 2 '4- - ,, 0 x , J V, .mwfmu --xxx , ' 1' , :lb U 7. ,L 1 . , . .nu 1-' ,p. ' Mx ' " -zumflh. f 1 BROOKSHIRE BROTHERS Phone Mu-4212 Rusk, Texas Compliments of RICHARD M. JOHNSON INSURANCE Alto, Texas For Quality Products See JOHNNY WILLIAMS RAMBLER DEALER For Cherokee County West Side of Square Rusk Compliments of WHITEHEAD ENTERPRISES :ff The Rusk Cherokeean 'If Radio Station KTLU-1580 'If Cherokeean QStarI Journal Rusk, Texas Serving a Greater Cherokee County Z and East Texas fx, -- 1 - ' as Compliments of ERMA'S BEAUTY SHOP Notions and Dry Goods Late st Hair Style s Phone 266 Alto, Texas Compliments of CITIZENS STATE BANK Rusk, Texas X Qs 'ff S Maximum 2 -A SIVJJJUH 1 Q 4 In ang! O 5 F Each f 2, D p a rr Q., v 3 IA' . EMQEQ Compliments of STRIBLING AND SMITH Alto, Texas MARSHALL BYNUM ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR House Wiring Light Fixtures Estimates Furnished on Any Size Job Phone 184 Alto, Texa FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. lgglll 'Eg LOAN ASSOCIATION OF RUSK "A Good Place to Save" ' Rusk, Texas gm - ' 6! "1 Phone Mutual 3-2208 THE ALTO HERALD "Covers South Cherokee County Like the Dew Covers Dixie." F, E, WEIMAR Alto, Texas' WOLF'S SKELLY SERVICE Hi-Way 69 and Z1 TRA ' RIIINGS FOR V Keotane Gas YOU! Supreme Oil Accessories A 7 at LIQA J. B. ARNOLDS'S Alto, Texas 4 DICKEY'S CLEANERS Cleaning - Pressing Alterations Fine Tailoring We Call for and Deliver ,D ggi! , QW? Q Q it , 4 if f f AH - gf? Phone 146 Alto, Texas JACK'S DAIRY TREET Sandwiches Hot Dogs Hamburger s Soft Drinks 59 4 '-7 ,57 Alto, Texas PHILLIPS FEED STORE Home Owned and Operated by OSCAR PI-IILLIP Complete Line VC Fertilizers and Texo Feeds Phone 287 Alto, Texas GLADYS BEAUTY SHOP Your Friendly Beauty Shop Located on Highway 69 South of Alto Phone: 279 CHEROKEE COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY Compliments of PEARMAN MOTOR COMPANY fx III IHANNA AND GUENZELJ 'Ii Dodge 'ln Alto Plymouth Isl Texas Rusk, Texas 'E' Illlg 7 Telephone: MU3-4044 :jug KNlGHT'S 5 AND 'IO Alto, Texas ARRANT'S GROCERY AND MARKET Youre money QUALITY GROCERIES h dl gsgisvkrfgg Cl SCI . Phone 162 Alto, Texas Phone 34 9 Famous the World Over Compliments e H' S QUALITY MERCHANDISE , 6 for WHITEMAN S 2- All Your Clothing Needs F0095 Munn Fun of Q T -?'WHEN IN THE 5 FINE FUUD Phone: 152 Alto, Texas Rusk, Texas For the Latest in Smart Clothing See WEBB'S DRESS SHOP Rusk, Texas For the Finest in Quality See Vuflfzii HENRY'S JEWELERS .'x44W' Rusk, Texas For the Best in Dry Goods Clothing, and Shoes Cro to Your Friendly MATHEWS-MILLER STORES Rusk and Lufkin For the Latest in Hair Styling Go To PAT DANlEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Alto, Texas STEWART'S BOOT 8. SADDLE SHOP 509 Main St. Rusk, Texas Compliments of ALTO THEATER Where the best in pictures are shown M, B, KONSTANTINE JR. HAND MADE BOOTS Owner WESTERN HATS A. M. PERKINS Manager WEST SIDE BARBER C0mP1imenfS of AND BEAUTY SHOP THE J. C. HOLCOMB'S Phone 3-2820 Rusk, Texas Television Dealer and Repair CARLTON CURRY 1 1 Phone: 208 Alt YOUR SEARCH ENDS 704 GOOD FOOD 3? 1 W7 'fx ,My 55 9' agfgff R ' TREADWELL Mi DRY GOODS COMPANY Alto Phone 109 TowNLEY,S CAFE Alto, Texas For Better to X Clothing fi if Do Your A 5 i f A V Sho in N A gg g sm Q ,X HELEN'S A X FASHION x-X! S SPARKaiiAAN'S GRocERY AND sm. 1'I'1 ,ls R FZ' Remember 'Ge A 'th ff-"Q 99 f sel 419 to cu! Do Your Shopping X ' at BRUNT'S KELLY AND DUNSMORE READY-TO-WEAR GROCERY AND MARKET Alto Phone: 134 Alto Phone! 201 For Best of Service Compliments of See SOUTHWESTERN .NSUil'RE?i'EENT ELECTRIC ,S W Fire, Auto, Life and Hospital nfovydww is ro 1 scones! A 'fm-mm Phone 132 Alto Phone 122 Alto, Texas TEXACO SERVICE STATION IF IT'S GOOD FOOD YOU WANT . . . 1 L, M, LUSK, Proprietor Wash and Grease , , T Tires and Tubes We Give S 8: H Green Stamps f N TE o THE GREEN LANTERN CAFE Phone: 130 Alto Phone: 58 Alto HARRISON FLOWER SHOP Compliments of MRS. FISHER HARRISON Plants, Pottery, and Flowers Dealer for All Occasions INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER We Wire Flowers Fast Delivery Servic Phone: 220 Alto Alto T P f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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