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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1958 volume:

'Cf 4 A L A , . 4: ,,, , . I ff?-Q""""' .1 I- , I-Zigi W s ... 0-8wqJ v - 4, ' www f DDSLZW ,jaQ,JLwljv,fjli0jU I, 4, 'J f 'Z f' 're 9 fr Z A! 7 4 V 'Y t - 53:3 J K J , , BQ Q W fa , Of.-if Qf E, 5 WJ ci' E 'Qi lj O UW Wig n w'i,,:5.N 9 I JV pf abuwfko mwwfffy' JWQWW 3931 ff sfjsf Q, .1 :iw Q F UUA 'Ni Pi , ii -up-Q-5 av' ,pam v grant? DEDICATION She has been with us just two short years, but within that short period of tirne Mrs. Hull has won a place in the heart of each student that will never be forgotten. Her kind and gentle attitude toward everyone, the time and understanding she gave each of us, and the example she lived before us will not soon be replaced. It is with sincere devo- tion that we, the annual staff of 1958, dedicate our annual to Mrs. Lorraine Hull. It is only a humble gesture to show our appreciation and love to her, and we wish that this love could be expressed in a greater way to such a deserving person. We are proud to dedicate our 1958 STINGER to a kind, loving, and understanding woman---Mrs. Lorraine Hull. TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION FoREwoRn ADMINISTRATION SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMCRES FRESI-IMEN ELEMENTARY ORGANIZATIONS FAVORITES ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS FOREWORD We, the Stinger staff of '57-'58 sincerely hope that you will enjoy this annual, hold- ing withm its cover a year of memories. We have tried to capture only a few of the many high points that you will want to remember. Keep it, cherish it, and in years to come look back over it with fond memories. It is a record of your friends, your school, and you, and we hope that because of this 1958 STINGER you will not forget your happy moments at Alto High School. THE STAFF ADMINISTRATION The quality of mercy is not strdinedg It drojspetb, as the genfle min from beavers Upon the place benealbg it is twice bless'd -- It blessetla him that gives, and liim that takes. SHAKESPEARE if 'ERE fs5S'Qfwg' LiMS3wfwm:QfwwV... , V, QW S 1 Q be V. iv k 'V M " VV' : ww Lf -wwsrqf . , if 5 ' 2 3 ' 1 3 31 - gf I . iw W VJ.-,g,,.,.,w,,, .4 f ' ql.. K wffff 4' 5 5? 3235, QIKQERFN ',', M, i I f 'wagw 1 i -. za 'ft' E fi 156 .Sv is .. .xv + H , Ai K' .ff tee' I I dare do all that may become cl many Who dare! do more, is none. SHAKESPEARE 1.25 W , . l , ? + W 4 7 Q . 112452 3 1 A 1: I v 55,1-11'WZIJS-5f55':f,fML,-Sfgi I 1 2 Hy- 1-Qwf?-zggefi 21-me f 121 Ls g 'iw vm mm X H X iffx'f,zm21Sgg4w:.-sf' E s E.: :E-?2QQQlQ,i5f' if my 25-1514 . f jiwsizwr 71Ik,,V':'. ,, I 5 -111- .. S - L, L, '--- :.,zz,g5q11mQifff:wgnfimxi-W, :f',ffi,A.5kQgm1fg1 1' - jQi1j.gEQ:M2i"1:9'5'Qq3f,f1',ggvff5'i'4 '-Vilfgf W.,ASa1?ihE'fy .J . 1 . - . A :xvftsazw A-7-,wfifh -fz ffvxsgfezfxgsaswf-1 Wise f. ff:-ffwisr -9' W sw ag' wc Q wf , ',5gfwEgEgQ.1sgW-fr-f Q-:QI . ' --I1 lgigsgssisfiiffsum ,. -zQwf1i,gs,- ,. .. rw X ' , Q- . . QI " ' , 34 - 3 A MRS. NANCY JO ANDREWS Girls' Physical Education, English, History Freslunan Sponsor MR. T. E. CUMMINGS Agriculture Freshman Sponsor MRS. LORRAINE HULL Commercial Senior Sponsor MRS. ANOLA MARTIN English, Reading Sophomore Sponsor MR. BEN MAYES Math, Physical Education Junior Sponsor MR. TERRY MOORE Science, Junior High Coach Sophomore Sponsor MR. MAX NEEL Band MR. BUCK TERRELL High School Coach, Math Senior Sponsor MISS IOSIE ALMA WATTERS English, Speech Freshman Sponsor MRS. IO FRANCIS WEIMAR Homemaking Junior Sponsor SENIORS A 6 E575 , ,,,, fx Q sv 2 we 2 MS Awgzggg. Q5 g my was Vlifilxzs. -Wi H k W wzsQL',g:f:wg2ziSsii ' Swirl-'iQfe1S1 My i1 S A, xzsg-H111-, QQ A5231 -A W ww fi? fi ,xi QSM A S -3227 ages? 15 1225: 113 gum!! w :fm le-:N 1917 3 Q ff, 1 ss--W, y S 5 S S - N 4 vi 5 1 5 f ,Al , f .rw N. -yn' ? 'Y wiv' Wigs, A, 1 ' as 5' fad 3 7 'gg X4 -fe, 'xi 2. ' IW? 441. fl ' 6 48 Aww-MQNK i 4-'Q 'Sk it f, J- 1, sf-W, 2 x. ' , Lt ' 'LQ .Y4Q'3f ,V Z.. Al- 532 . W , m.,,,,n" 4 1,45 .0 Ai Q9 KX MY e .K Q Q MM M .W it PROPHECY OF SENICR CLASS OF 1957-58 The future looks bright for the '58 graduates of Alto High. Upon one glance into tomorrow, we see that each member of this class has done well for himself. If you would like to have a quick view of these prosperous looking citizens, come with me, and I will give you a glimpse of tomorrow--- Upon walking down the streets of Alto, which has grown in size to 30, 000 people, the first thing that meets our eye is a great scientific laboratory. Upon coming closer, we see C. H. and Louie, both wear- ing long white aprons and glasses, trying to invent something which will bring back that Part of the world Charles Cummings so willingly destroyed. Sue Tullis is their secretary. Walking on, we see one of a great number of Lyon's Chain Stores. Dwight has taken over his father's business, and he and Glenda are trying to decide which of their sons should get it after their death. Gloria, the class beauty, now owns a beauty shop, famous the world over. However, this shop is run by Mildred Mason because Gloria feels that she is needed at home with the children. As we go on, we see a Radio and TV Shop, and we soon discover that Carroll Todd's life-long dream came true as he now owns his own shop. The next thing to catch our eye is a huge, modern office building. Inside, with his feet on the desk, we find Jerry McCarty, Mayor of Alto. ln the adjoining office is his private secretary, Jo Marie Ash. Io has become one of Alto's most prominent career women, but it looks as if she may give this up to become the wife of the famous baseball player, Kenny Williams. Kenny is now playing with the Big League Alto Jackets, a team which has won the World Series for the past five years. Pam and Hazel, the class wits, now live side by side in little vine covered cottages. Pam is still trying to learn Plane Geometry in her spare time, and Hazel is busy taking care of their children. As we go on, we see a large dress shop owned by the famous dress designers, Patsy Todd and Alva Black. At the colmter, buying a Todd-Black original is Mary Ann. She rnust be well-dressed if she is to keep up with her employer, Bobby Wallace. Bobby always liked to hunt, and now he guides many tourists over East Texas hills. Mary Ann takes care of the business end of the deal. A theatre now catches our eye. Printed on the front is NOW SHOWING---MARY CARPENTER. Mary is the idol of teen-age boys the world over with her singing. Now we reach the outskirts of Alto and see many beautiful homes. Glenda lives in the first one and has settled down to a happy married life. Upon asking who built these homes, we find that it is Doug Smith. He has been offered large sums to work in London, but he feels that he is needed at home. Now we see a crowd of teen-age girls. A closer look tells us that they are after Wallace Gayle, the world's most handsome man. Driving on we see a race track owned by David Scott who always loved racing. Upon a hillside there is a huge ranch house owned by Gary Dominy, the richest man in the world. Jo Ann, his wife, is Alto's most important society woman. We leave Alto now, but as we leave the radio announces that Jerry Gilcrease has just been named All- American, and he will soon honor his home town with a visit. So you can easily see that never before has there been a more successful group than these 1958 Seniors. They have really put Alto on the map and made it one of America's leading cities. Now we come back to the present, but with happy thoughts because we need not worry about the future of this class. JO MARIE ASH "Josie" Class Favorite 4 Class Officer 3 Student Council 2,3 Annual Staff 1, 2,3, 4 Assistant Drum Major 2 Majorette 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 2 Homemaking Officer 2 Hornemaking 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Officer CON NIE BLACK "Con" Homernaking 1, 2 Homernaking Officer 1 Choir 2 Library Staff 3 FREDDY GENE CHOATE "Fruit" FFA FFA Officer Band 4 Choir 2, 3 CHARLES CUMMINGS "Charlie" FFA 1, 2,3 FFA Officer 2 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Football All-District 4 Track 1, 2 Basketball l ALVA JOY BLACK "Alfalfa" Annual Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Editor 4 Basketball 1 Band 1, 2, 3 Band Officer 1 Flag Bearer 2, 3 Hornemaking 1, 2 Homemaking Officer Class Favorite 2 Most Popular 3 Choir 2 Miss A. H. S. 4 MARY CARPENTER "Carp" Class President 1 Cheerleader 1 Head Cheerleader 4 Basketball 1 Choir 1 Sextet 2 Band 3, 4 Paper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 WALLACE GAYLE "Wally" Class President 2, 4 Class Vice President 3 Student Council 1-4 Football All-District 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1,2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2,3,4 Most Handsome FFA 1 FFA Officer 1 GARY DOMINY "Cubic" FFA 1, 2, 3 FFA Officer 1, 2, 3 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 JO ANN GERMANY "Mutt" Band l,2,3, 4 FHA 1, 2 FHA Officer 2 Library 3 Choir 1 PAMELA HUGGHINS "Pam" Fl-IA 1, 2 FHA Convention 2 Choir 2 Iacket's Buzz 3 Flag Bearer 4 Football Sweetheart 4 SUE JONES 'Susie' Homecoming 1, 2 Homecoming Officer Band 1, 2,3 Flag Bearer 2 Junior Favorite Jacket's Buzz 3 Band Sweetheart MILDRED MASON "Tiny" Homemaking 1, 2 Iacket's Buzz 3,4 Choir 3 JERRY GILCREASE "Brother" Class Favorite 1, 2 ' Class President 3 Vice President 2, 4 FFA 1,2 FFA Officer 1, 2 Football 1,2,3,4 Football Co-Captain 4 Football All-District 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2,3,4 Most Athletic 4 HAZEL JONES "Hay" Basketball 1 Band 1, 2,3,4 Fl-lA Officer 1,2 FHA 1,2 Wittiest 3, 4 Library 3 Choir 1 Office Staff 4 DWIGHT LYONS "Maggot" FFA 1,2,3 FFA Convention 2 Football Manager 4 Track Manager 4 JERRY McCARTY "Carty" Student Council President 4 Business Manager Annual 4 Mr. A. H. A. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Football Co-Captain 4 Football All-District 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Captain 4 Baseball 1, 4 Track 1, 2, 3,4 FFA Officer 1, 2 Basketball All-District 4 -Ir- f--' --V C. H. PITTMAN "Sonnie" FFA 1, 2, 3 FFA Officer 1, 2 Choir 2 " Football 1, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2 Football Honorable Mention 4 Class Officer 1 Stinger Staff 4 Jacket's Buzz 3, 4 Most Likely to Succeed 4 GLORIA SARTAIN "Glo" Paper Staff 1 Class Favorite 1 FHA 1, 2 Flag Bearer 3 Band 3, 4 Student Council 4 Ma jorette 4 DOUGLAS SMITH "Dougie" FFA 1,2,3 FFA Officer 1, 2,3 Football 1, 2, 3 Track 2, 3 CARROLL TODD 'Curly Locks" FFA 1, 2 GLENDA ROBISON "Speedo" Fl-IA 1,2 Choir 2 Cheerleader 3 Band 3, 4 Class Officer 4 Annual Staff 4 DA VID SCOTT "Scottie" Class Favorite 4 Football 4 Choir 2 FFA 1,2,3 CHARLES L. THOMAS "Louie" FFA 1 FFA Officer 1 Band 1,2,3,4 Jacket's Buzz 3 Jacket's Buzz Editor 4 Stinger Staff 3, 4 PATSY TODD "Patty" Homernaking 1, 2 Library Staff 3 Paper Staff 3 Assistant Flag Bearer 4 MARY ANN TULLIS "Tulle" Hornemaking 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 BOBBY WALLACE "Smokey" Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 FFA 1, 2, 3 SUE TULLIS "Dimp1es" Class Officer 1, 3 Majorette 2 Drum Major 1,3,4 Most Popular 2 Football Sweetheart 3 FHA Officer 1 FHA 1,2 Jacket's Buzz Staff 1, 2,3 4 Choir 1, 2 Basketball 1 Most Likely to Succeed 4 KENNY WILLIAMS " Booger -Red " Football 1, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2 Class Favorite 3 FFA 1, 2,3 Class Officer 2,3 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CFTHE SENIOR CLASS 1958 We are gathered together on this great day for the reading of the last will and testament of the Senior Class of 1958. We are very sad to leave A. H. S. , but as we go, we leave to you, Juniors of 1958, our most prized possessions. It is with a burning heart that I read this last will. Gloria Sartain leaves her outstanding ability to stick her foot in her mouth to Gerald Corbin. Head cheerleader, Mary Carpenter, leaves courage, patience, and strength to Sonja Bauman for future use. Io Marie leaves her modern art Qweird drawingsj and the ability to never talk at the right time to Martha Moses. To Ray Covington, Jo Ann Germany leaves her silly giggle in hopes that it will not interrupt classes as hers has done. Gary Dominy leaves to Jessy Wallace his ability to always get caught after he has done something wrong. Hazel I ones leaves her humor and ability to have a good time to Hallene Allen in hopes that she will put it to good use. Kenny Williams leaves to Danny Felder his cute blush and nice ways. Wallace Gayle willingly leaves his ability to be tardy every morning to Marshall Ray in hopes that he will not get caught. Because he thinks it might be helpful, Dwight Lyons leaves June Jones his knowledge about marriage. Alva Black wills her job as editor of the annual and her ability to always be in a rush to Jo Ann Findley. She adds, "lt's a headache." Jerry McCarty endows his popularity and intelligence to Tommy Williams. To Melvin Hahn, Charles Cummings leaves his unpossessed and unwanted intelligence and the ability to always get into trouble. Carroll Todd leaves his soft voice, manly height, and fast walk to Jackie Boggs. Glenda Robison wills her ability to become engaged and her witty sayings to Janie Grogan in hopes that she will have no trouble in getting a man. To Judy Thomas, Sue Tullis endows her honor roll grades so that Judy may rank first in the Junior class. Sorry to give it up, Bobby Wallace and Doug Smith leave E. I. their outstanding ability to get dates with out-of-town girls. ' David Scott leaves to Billy Maddux his ability to get his car in a dozen places at one time so that Bill can have as much fun as David has. ' Jerry Gilcrease leaves his athletic ability to David Rice so that he can help to bring the Jackets to victory. Pam Hugghins leaves her ability to ask stupid questions and her inability to understand things to James Collins with the hopes that he will get more out of school than Pam did. Mildred bequeaths her quiet ways to Granville Adams in hope that he will not disturb classes. To all the Junior girls, Mildred leaves her ability to look as if she just stepped out of a band box. To Shirley D. , Patsy Todd wills her ability to always have a crush on some boy and Mary Ann leaves Shirley her Rusk boyfriends. Marshall Ray Bynum will be lucky enough to inherit Charles Thomas and C. H. Pittman's ability to pass cartoons to each other in English IV, and their latest ideas about space and airplanes in hope that he can further develop the world. To Bennie Lloyd and Roger C. ,Freddy leaves his loud colored cowboy shirts and boots. Coach Terrell and Mrs. Hull leave Mr. Mayes and Mrs. Weimar the responsibility of sponsoring the Seniors. They add, "lt takes an awful lot of patience! " Since this is the last will and testament of the Seniors of 1958, we hope that you will take the pos- sessions with pleasure. We feel that they will be a great help to you during your next year at Alto High School. signed, Senior Class of 1958 -HW! " 11, ,A A W 1- , g,,1 W gn x V. f , , JQW WX' , , .MBL MW! SN " ' L J, n m 'xfw ',1',11,R,'Qgx 1 ,J ' ' 1fJf",f,lE"',1' ,J ""u,g"" Qi' " "W "ff ww ' Ha ' - 1 w H ' 2 1 4 pkg , ' M,,qgw1' "'A""'Pe.,lLW1x'-' ' 'Nw , ,iif'mL33TQzQ,! 'wax JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President -------------- JERRY CORBIN Vice President --------- TOMMY WILLIAMS Secretary ----- - ' ' JO ANN FINDLEY Reporter -------------- BILLY MADDUX GRANVILLE ADAMS HALLENE ALLEN JUNE ARNOLD SONJA BAUMAN JACKIE BOGGS MARSHALL BYNUM I A MES COLLINS GERALD CORBIN RA Y COVIN GTON DON CROSBY SHIRLEY DERRETT DANNIE FELDER Io Ann Findley Mary Jane Grogan Melvin Hahn E. I. Holcomb Bennie Ross Lloyd Billy Don Maddux Vlctor Moake Martha Moses Mouie Parkei: David Rice Judith Thomas Tommy Williams Jessy Wallace SOPHCMCRES SOPHOMORE OFFICERS GALE BAUGH ---""-"-'--- President CAROLYN JETER ---- - - - Vice President JOYCE MCGAUGHEY - - - '--- Secretary NANCY BOYD ----- ---- R eporter James Adams Gale Baugh Arlie Bice Ethelda Black Nancy Boyd Jimmie Brunt Mary Cherry Herbert Coleman Linda Collins Merry Cosper Tommy Cummings Birda Dixon Dorothy Dover Joel Dover Jerry Felder Michael Felder Barbara French Carroll Gardiner Bruce Germany Ida Pearl Haney James Hanvy Barbara Harris Ronnie Hendrick William Hollis Jackie Jeter Carlton Jones Glenda Jones Pansy King Billy Lindsey Joe Moake James McCaa Joyce McGaughey Foster McLain Joe Perry I. R. Price William Rushing Peggy Selman James Tullis Renna Todd Marie Wallace Jalna Whiteman His life was gentle, and the elementf S0 mixed in And my to him, that Nature might stand up, world, Tim was ez man! e d de QI-IAKESPEARE 53, 5 K ,Age-1 -gy . kiffff fa- FRESHMAN OFFICERS TRAVIS SMITH Presldent DICKIE MCGAUGHEY V1ce Pres1dent MYRA JONES Secretary SARA LINDSEY ----- --------- R eporter Kenneth Hayes Roy Hicks Jerry Hollis Myra Jones Raymond Jones John Kesinger Sara Knott Robert Kolb Sara Lindsey Mary Maddux Elreta May Neta May Steve McCarty Dickie McGaughey Eugene Oden James Allen Ronnie Arnold Lois Bennett James Bice Billy Black Harrison Black Cynthia Boyd Billy Brooks Jackie Burrows Billy Burt Jerry Byrd Floyce Creel Rena Dover John Findley Glaydene Hahn MJF Nw mn AVNKAIII fe' F' A as Georgia Terrell John 'I'homas Jackie Todd Dorothy Vann Martha Vann Jerry' Wallace Gerald West Sharon West James Womack David Woodard Odis Owens Harold Palmer Rose Mary Pittman Bobby Powell Hugh Powell James Rice Sandra Rice Don Roark Robbie Robison Mary Rogers Ronnie Smith Travis Smith 4 Lggaggpf . f mi' ' 1:2 - 1 f 1 ' 7' ' ' fpzfkfihsiessiigv-" ' , . 1 , WSF, f : , 3-5591u 9 S QI , .1-iii.. . I -'ggifff95Q.W525,i g3,i M 3 S We, the 1958 STINGER staff, would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Grammar for the kind and considerate manner in which he took most of the pictures for this annual. He gave us his time and effort to help us when we needed him so badly, and we are deeply grateful. lt is people like Mr. Grammar that make it possible for Alto High to have an annual, and we thank him very much. MRS. IOHNNIE MAE HARGROVE Fifth Grade MRS. TED MOORE Fifth Grade MRS. BRICE IETER Sixth Grade MRS. DELIA BOWEN Seventh Grade MRS. HELEN QUARLES Eighth Grade MRS. HUGHLAMAE MANNING Eighth Grade MRS. VERLENE DANHEIM First Grade MISS RUTHIE MAE WILLIAMS Second Grade MRS. THELMA SHATTUCK Third Grade MISS EDITH HENDRICK Fourth Grade Suzanne Bartlett, Sarah Black, Joan Clevenger, Martha Clif- ton, Robert Earl Cummings. Larry Dover, Herman Duns- more, Clifford Harris, Frank Hayes, Joyce Hugghins, Diane Lyons, Frank H. Mc- Cristion, Charlotte Montgo- mery, Bobby Oden, Deane Perkins. Gloria Reynolds, Doris Rogers Ronald Rogers, Donnie Sar- tain, Tommy Selman. EIGHTH GRADE Ruthie Baugh, Louetta Bice, Arthur Black, Michael Bruno, Jo Choate. Sue Cummings, Charles Davis, Joe Derrett, Sammie Kate Harrison, Lois Lawson, Gayla McGaughey, Wanda McGaughey, Kathleen Moses, Billy Oden, Don Parsons. Leroy Selman, Mack Selrnan, Frank Shruptrine, Robert Tullis, Clyde Weaver. Joan Wiggins, Dorothy White. Donald Wood. Mas, QUARLES MRS MANNING Ray Todd, Sherry Williams, Johnny Woodard. SEVENTH GRADE Ann Arrant, James Barron Irene Bennett, Gail Black, Billy Bradley, Max Corley, Martha Cosper. Lucy Frost, Charles Hamilton, Barbara Jackson, Ray Johnson, Merle Jones, Norma Jones, Joyce Kelley, Juanita Kesinger, Jimmy Land- rum, Linda May, Olita May, Linda McCuistion, Charlotte Nicar, Joy Rice. Fay Nell Rogers, Joe Bob Smith, David Thomas, is Carolyn Tobias, Ray Wallace, Kelly Wood, Mike Trevathen. SIXTH GRADE Johnnie Bennett, Mary Bice, Linda Boatman, John Bradley, Jimmy Channel, Doris Creel, Dean Crosby, Verlene Duplichain, Kenneth Dunnsmore, Kenneth Findley, Dwain Grogan, Judy Harris, Dianne Holcomb, James Jeter. Curtis Jones, Jo Ann Knott, Donna Looney, Gary May, Judy Merriwether, Judy Moake Marie Owens. Mary Parrish, Donald Pittman, Marvin Powers, Lindall Roark, Ray Rogers, Sue Sartain, Dan Schoshler. Marsha Thomas, James Vann, Judy Wallace, Billy White, Nelda Childress, E. C. Daniels rf """""' ' E Robert Barron, James Black, Noel Bradford, Patsy Bradley, Judy Channel. David Cherry, Burlon Fergu- son, Edna Foreman, Roy French, Billy Haney, Mike Houston, Danny Landrum, Marion Lindsey, Patricia Mc- Caa, Clara McFadden. Catherine Moseley, Marcia Page, Orbin Ross, Vivian Rogers, Thilda Schuler. Mike Tullis, Glenda Wallace, Bobbie Haney, FIFTH GRADE MOORE Mike Arnond, Kathleen Bruns Donald Carter, Sue Corley, Paul Dean. Jean Dover, Randy Dowling, Robert Gibbins, Neta Gorbett, Roy Hugghins. Linda Jones, Robert Kirk, Jimmy Looney, Jimmy Mc- Gaughey, James May. Rodger Moake, Lavonne Pal- mer, Mary Rushing, Martha Smith, Cheryl Thomas. Larry Thomas, Danny Weaver, Carolyn Wiggins. FIFTH GRADE HARGROVE ...WN -..,,,-.v.Y ,,,, --,. Wu.-iq' FOURTH GRADE MISS HENDRICK Judy Bauman, Mildred Bivins, Linda Black, Vicki Black, Glenda Bradley, Coy Collins, Marshall Corley, John Dixon, James Duplichain, Janie Fel- der, Norrie Felder, William Grammer. Linda Grimes, Donna Haney, James Harris, Naoma Holcomb Tommie Hugghins, Ronald Jackson. Donna Jeter, Johnny Jones, Judy Knott, Susan Landrum, Joe Lee, James Lindsey. Marjorie Oden, Judy Oliver, Judith Peques, James Phifer, Nelda Powell, Jimmy Rice. Linda Rogers, Gary Sparkman, Roger Terrell, Barbara West, Glenda Williams,'Betty Wo- mack. Jenny Morris, Billie Goff, Harold Parker, Rosie Foreman, THIRD GRADE Lille Ray Bennett, Phil Black, Sue E. Black, Ray Childress, Laura Mae Conn. Kay Dover, Linda Earl, Judy Ann Felder, Fred Grimes, Roger Goff. Dianne Crosby, Sandra Jo Hanvy, Myra Johnson, Henry Kesinger, Carolyn King. Frank Kirk, Katrena Lee, James David Lenard, Doris M. Lusk, Judy May. Billy Ed May, John W. Mc- Fadden, James S. Perryman, Dennis Rice, Rayford Smith. Janis Shuptrine, Dan Thomas, Gayla Trevathan, Marilyn Tullis, Mike Williams. Kathy West, Virginia Williams FIRST GRADE Charlotte Armstrong, Travis Barron, Brenda Baugh, Marie Bennett, Jeanie Cherry, Mike Collins. Jeannette Conn, June Creel, Effie Foreman, Betty C. Gil- crease, Carol Grammer,f Mattie Hammons, Elmer Lee Hammons, Bertha Hugghins, Gordon K. Ivey,'f Johnny Jones, Betty King, Elizabeth Knott. Michael Liles, Hazel Lusk, Luther Oden, Thomas Perdue, Kenneth Phillips, Joanne Powers. if Robert Robinson, Terry Rogersgf 1,-Mike Rossman, Roger Smith ,' ,,Marsha Thomas, Diane Vinson!" Jimmy Adams, James Barron, Raymond Bennett, Nita Black Troy Boatman, James Bowma Jerry Burrows, Mike Carter, Carol Creel, Larry Findley, Carolyn Gib- bins, Raymond Harris, John Hugghins, Elsie Hugghins. Nealda Jones, Shirley Land- rum, Paul Lenard, Robert Mayhar, Georgann Mason, r no Bill McClure, Gary McGaughey S. Montgomery, David Oden, Stephen Parrish, Roy Perkins, Shirley Rice, Terry Rice, Carolyn Rogers. Kitty Ross David Thorn, Charlie W'al1ace, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FAVORITES Tommy Perdue Carol Grammer Mike Carter Nita Black Rayford Smith Kathy West B111 Grarnmer Betty Womack Roy D. French Marcia Page Jimmy McGaughey Martha Smith Danny Schochler Sue Sartain Jimmy Landrum Charlotte Nicar Ray Todd Martha Clifton Charles Dean Davis Sammie Harrison : SZ 515 Q M" 2, ' .. , :. ,,,, ,. A e e ess! QS? we ,, . , , , Ei " I 21e2ia12,'ps12agj View w .2 1- wi 221 f. , - I - .Q .Q - www , . lg, ,fy -Sei if We - A szwizkixeweep. , K ,V W z wg Q -, All the worlifs a Jtnge Ana' all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their 1 entmncesy find one man in his time plays 772627231 Pdfff, . . . lvyv ' Qjizrififi' - M f f. A . . ,W-ge, , 1, , 1, f , -Qsffif?1G:,fifwh 'iz If K ,, .7 ,,.. Q V' " ' Z ab. 5 9-4 - ' I M1 1-3 Hwvgggg' N . - H' ez "km: ,saw W1 '11-w, f i Q il' - ,qw w in If , ff, ff,-wwwxiuww LW A:Siuw-- i . V .47 K 13 1 gas 1, ,yi if 4.wf1::,gq5 'gk fs, - -if wg f 'f me gi- . .L,fgx, r',gf55ei.:Z 'V f, - ' i 1 - H 1 X 11252 ' mgqzzfx mi, 7 ii W K M i AL,,, ,h,i . WW' if L ,L , ,,,,.,.J, fm 6 5 :1f,14sHEgeWeef, mi 2 . -ff " 1 ig . f-fieiiigffis f:,:-wi?e2'fYff"2 Qimwlv '.5'1iv'!?l'lilQ.s'E?5'it i'5i2'i:1iw!LfL hm, f wr ,, ,. , ., ff H, 2 H ,, 3 ' P Aff' W2 ' 2 J A ' ,, , , u - .V V wwf.: k.vkg,ui:,3zfW:JZxiLf'm 'P"5:s,Q'kH.igJ,wsiQL 'f-:"'- FH- ' H A .A Www ,W 25333'f!fQs'iv7ITf 1 f :fn-ri. knife? k in: - mf, 1 J A ,ffwf11,1H1 ' 1 ,f AS ., , f . -5 1 -em' rw' if ' .-Q: w.--,S-IM. JE-5 .. , 1 ig? 1' 1 gi? 1 fi' Qpewgw can we, 2 ik 2 my L 39 Q , ' 1 , W' STINGER STAFF ALVA JOY BLACK, Editor JO ANN FINDLEY, Assistant Editor JERRY MCCARTY, Business Manager JERRY CORBIN, Assistant Business Manager STINGER STAFF C. H. PITTMAN Senior CHARLES THOMAS Senior KENNY WILLIAMS Senior J O MARIE ASH Senior GLENDA ROBISON Senior SA MMIE HARRISON Eighth Grade CHARLOTTE NICAR Seventh Grade LIN DA COLLIN S Sophomore JERRY FELDER Sophomore SARA LEE LINDSEY Freshman CYNTHIA BOYD fPicture Not Availablej Sponsor, MRS. HULL FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Officers Sponsor, MRS. F. E. WEIMAR President CAROLYN JETER Vice President RENNA TODD Secretary-Treasurer IDA HANEY Reporter MERRY COSPER Sergeant-at-Arms PEGGY SELMAN Parliamentarian NANCY BOYD Historian GLENDA I ONES Song Leader JALNA WHITEMAN F. H. A. Sweetheart JERRY FELDER District F. H. A, Secretary NITA MAY W Y js fm :fs- - ga fp-J If YQ 1 -W Q sf' -,. Ez Y K wg J ms: fa k e? , ' .va 1 ix , . 5, Q 2' - . ::w' rf? .T ., :.. .' V4 '.x II. .'5iE. M .515 -QQ! 54 ,. ,'.:f' w ' Q WW' V V ' Aw, E E S S 3 Q Editor, CHARLES L. THOMAS Assistant Editor, BENNIE R. LLOYD JACKET'S BUZZ Social - - Fashions - Band - - - Reporters - Assemblers zxs:ha5mf.ss4sss .2fan -wsu." Q.. STAFF Editor -------- CHARLES L. THOMAS Assistant Editor ------ BENNIE R. LLOYD Sports ----------- C. H. PITTMAN Junior High Sports - - DICKIE MCGAUGHEY ROBBIE ROBISON - - - - - - - SONJA BAUMAN MARY CARPENTER - - - - SUE TULLIS ' ' ' JUDY THOMAS NANCY BOYD SANDRA RICE MARTHA MOSES - - - - - PATSY TODD MILDRED MASON Sponsor - - ---- MRS. HULL "H M A3 a rf 5' ff 3 . qw: .,,k. H K V .V 'E L an H ffgfl' -ni' ,YQ R' 'WA em' 9 A f Rv A ' Aka If . W ,JY I' .f 1' -r -Af' if JY O' We ' fx. Y, M i Head Cheerleader MARY CARPENTER X I M , 'figs A Z' if 1' 5 " A 'Q R ALVA JOY BLACK NANCY BOYD may MARY CARPENTER f SONJA BAUMAN Y SANDRA RJCE JUDY THOMAS h a wa 17 I 2' -.A 1' 'Q ' Ji f " ,.'n,r"' im' A TJ' QW R' ' A fl' - C , ' .. ,. , 1 qui' ,, 2 4. LK . ,W 3 . . Vw Q '5 X? M435 kk'-nw 1 4 M , ,N X -Q4 vw .M y Q 4 ,hw K you .H fm, .qw . f 1 1 My J' , Lf 4 . S ,X fx, .,g.4V-r,.fa., A W Again. A. ., ,X as M ,gf , f !,.f..h any P as H , if 5. .Lt f A Ly' , -1- if V mu A ,i Qi 2 mc i g ka.. 'Nw 4 X. M. ,make fav 5? fn, .Q-fl . ' wg . I gk M H 544ggMsg 7. A dam. A Q'.l3P"5Yi""' ,. , ' ' - ' ' , +. f- f '9z5f'A'.,2f -, .392 wi . . ' M -Y . V kv ,, F ' A ,. . .. A ff-sz .hug 1 W N 3 Q, A f. wg ,gy .f M :H 2 VA A I ,AgL.. Wmlx KL H ,x, M, 1 W ,sa 1 ' , ,jg . A f K X -fm ,1 .,, ,Qu-wi -i4Ff:fxa.. ' -Q ' . "' q ,I YE vf ff LAY' vQ,11Q5:f:, 552 Q X A qaajzi gf.. 1 ,. - 1. M W' .gn V 5 ., 7 V A g,557'5.,,,: VV . an 8 X .. ,,,, , at - wwe wi, . 'f-'ixzgff FEQQ W , KJ ,. k A, ,, 1. ,K In 1, 1 ' . f .. t , .ii - ws ymggfix SUE TULLIS Q' - Q, ff" 0 g .ljggq . L Drum Ma Jor , .K ,fn , TX f . f ik W SA.. It - Vw .f .my ,. V Ax sf 6259? K ,. x 11- 4 A w A ...VW J . A 15. ff ,Wu if 5 ,Q fK"f.l'. . LtM.,,.w ff., .f Y ' .-f"'w M,..,-ww' , . ,.,f-" ,f""""d E f' ,f-""' 4 .f""""r .ff-"M GLORIA SARTAIN JALNA WHITEMEN SUE TULLIS JOE MARIE ASH LINDA COLLINS IO MARIE ASH LINDA COLLINS GLORIA SARTAIN Flag Bearers IALNA WHITEMEN , 1mg 3A,,,,,.iml1g, was nlnov rf As 14 any .1 .,. 5 Z ge I pw -al 3 av ,Q 1"?" 1: ff? A X ' 'L X455 f, I Q X , m , :X if Q . A F , 4. 42 ff. iff? 2553 'N 'tg Vis' Av L 4, 2 14 4- 54 -f sq -"hT""'TWn' , . f . Q -Y f if AE ,V , 4,- hiwi ,- , ' 1 I if " -x 7 4 W ' wvx-,, 1 ' . M", ' ry' ugz ,V . 5' I A if :W . ,' , U 'Q .Q fr A L. I ' if 1 , HL , W K M V 4- -' ,, A 1, .., N s, 4 . 4 y Q 4 X 2- K . t ...I LUNCHROOM STAFF Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs he-'M' CUSTODIANS Mr. and Harmon Feld BUS DRIVERS Roy Brooks Sam Earle Homer Townley Charlie Bostick A. E. Oden Age: Turner H oly, fair, and wise is xloeg The heaven Jucla grace did lend ber Tim! fha admzred be J ffl 2 5 ,A,' ff "2Q'V. 255.5 LM,,,.,.f ,M VVV. K wwe' faf'11L, Mx Mr. and M1ss A. H. S ALVA BLACK JERRY MCCARTY I Football Sweetheart PA MELA HUGGHINS Most Beautiful JALNA WHITEMAN Q A55 ,,.. ,::,:. ,....u , , . Is yggigg 'fx jf "ZH . swim., ,, Ya gy JUDY THOMAS Runner up GLORIA SARTAIN Runner -up DOUG SMITH Runner-up TOMMY WILLIA MS Runner -up RONNIE HENDRICK Runner-up if Queen SARA LINDSEY Homecoming f 'hx Af Friend liest JERRY FELDER CAROLYN IETER :st 'HOMAS JNES I ev ., 5 3 ,M We ,V 2 If f, Q- Ig, : W, , M. R M, 1 . , :Q I. ., ' a1,,.f , 4921 Q af' ,I-" " L 'I W A ' Q f ' ' ii, ' A ' ,af 'P' I may f 5' s f 'CHQ - 'L I, W A. H523 I, .w'ISfWf 'f 1 I f ' K - it W K2 7 ,QI ,M fl M I H 4 f? KI-fm-15 fi 'WE J V A+, . ' ' If f1UP??'9'5w,, 'R Q 3 " F' , k .. Lwzgw., -, an yeh "MA ,V im. S, 'Y , I 5,5 x , - ,I 13' wi I ,,I1n.:'f X114 f" mia as . I Q I ,. ,I S, 3. qqgigp. .. M ,ff - 4 ,ff 1 gi 5 xi f - 4 -wi' WMQW K :Wi '3z.5- ' a,w ,,I W I 3 I V II.: ,I I IQHQEM I M i fiygfgm 2 - 5 11 I. 1:4 ' "1 , S R V A 1 wk F'5'M'?f"' I' 8554! 3 ,,,,,gLI... V K ,iw-'-fge. K I K Q7 ,I I Q ,, I Ea -A I. M. . f ' ,gb as gf 'flfggf' ' ,gfiii kgwdiigb ,W img, 11 -x E 9,2 5, I :vi f ,-,MN -Q..,-Q def it QA af 9 f 'RM if 'S as X W-s is 2 f 4 if 5 ,F if - ff ,gf v I Xia mm - . I-he ,Pk x G' R if 'J' if 7 i' I 1, 'Jim I iv as ,V 3. 2 'fm ' ff' WW' ' Ei iw 2 I 3 1 f ,ww E A fa 5' ' D' f'H"' fi 'W' w ' ia ff ,g as 1 M M si my V 5 K flflwm 1? . ?E1 Qgif"Hm gy- 1 5 W X w '34 X .1 If O ATHLETICS . W A ' 'fi f-15546, ff U Back row: B. LLOYD W. GAYLE K. WILLIAMS C. CUMMINGS C. JONES I. MCCARTY T. WILLIAMS D. RICE J. GILCREASE COACH TERRELL Middle row: C. PITTMAN M. FELDER J. FELDER I. CORBIN F. MCCLAIN I. PRICE G. BAUGH T. CUMMINGS D. FELDER Front row: M. BYNUM L. RUSHING C. HOLLIS T. TULIS K. HAYES D. SCOTT B. LINDSEY R. HENDRICKS l M e H er' Il U N ':- ffki EW- A Q fl 4 WW, 1 .......,,,,, E fer k if KL ' 'K -5 I4 5 jj IL' 1:5 1 3 A . . x K 1 5: AW, 1 it mail www , HK, .Q 3 Egg, his , . Q1 12 Q Ji. .1 . . ,, f 3 4' ll A Y, kgwwvkwfam, ga aff A jf X -Lliff-sigiin AW A 1 V 9' ,- ., - Rf mi Y wa if-F7S6P7"'fQ'3: "wi 5,92 sf? si ' ' 5 , .. wi yyl. ,-,, SQ,, W, sew sg f ffwvifl Ai f sf if 'Kg if hi M , SHP zfggggs W Qigygfwgt .frm fm ggi gf, S, """J'1.w. W M- wrvvks-yi'f'if ww, ,f .M 40 MW rw e"'W9v5"'1'!1".4 Q- 9 w -2- 53359 f 1- 44-aww fu M ,, ,A-1g,k,.5 ,g L: I , W- s f f x 3 f 1 -' ,I Wk l ' ,T ,A ' -X Q xx V' x f 'K Wm S ? Riff! if fi gl, 1 'H f X :E, ff K 3 f S X 6 is 1 w gm 5 A 1 M S M 5 V , S Sf 5 W 5 S S Q fn 2 W, Q 1 S D w S M k E K 5M 5 , ., 3-fgfiw: n.., 1.- 2 .L ,nw f wax- , , 1 QW.. HW. iw . jsigihwwgflgafrfgsiwizxgqqfwiizi ' as igswegggliygfwf . mgg.. wnsvaggg fwg w A -"' g 5 M T , ,.,.,A - If X 'B in an ,rr-W msg Qi 'l 5 5 QW -L,2 W J' HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM Foster McClain Travis Smith Ronnie Smith Grandville Adams Jerry McCarty, A11-District Wally Gayle Ray Covington Gale Baugh Jerry Gilcrease Billy Maddux, All-District Dickie McGaughey BUCK TERRELL - Coach JERRY MCCARTY ' Captain JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM Heigh-h0.' Jing laeigla-loo! unto the green holly, Most gning, most L Me,rx'5 DOY M c4+0r vomci I was 329' X y' s.-"AN-.. si N xx wb -,Ml-.A -M ws. 1 Q W , "'---.....,,- X Q -nm. n f- "ff if T Vsfxfx? Nei,E7's ,Aw AMANDA V. ,,.1-,MAY ,An .fn Miryf. f, Q5 ml' xf ,q,.,..f ,L -.qu '62, ssl ,ga E Na if K U me ,A iii W X For the Best in Furniture and Gas LYONS BUTANE GAS CO, Alto, Texas PEARMAN CHEVROLET CO, Your Chevrolet Dealer Alto, Texas f- W ' ' ROGERS GROCERY COMPANY Alto, Texas Ph. 200 VINSON'S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Alto, Texas Ph. 81 CONTINENTAL STATE BANK Member of Federal Reserve System and F, D, I. C. Alto, Texas BRUNT'S BUILDING MATERIAL For Quality Merchandise Alto, Texas Phone 196 ROZELLE BROS. GULF SERVICE STATION Alto, Texas Phone 82 Compliments of ALTO FEED COMPANY Alto, Texas Compliments of HOLCOMB FEED 8: SUPPLY Alto, Texas Compliments of MEN'S MART Alto, Texas ,AIP 5, I ' ' A FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN llllll pp 1 F5 ' A SI S p ASSOCIATION OF RUSK A Good Place to Save" 1' ,pf iii 59, X A Rusk, Texas , lbbvlb i X f 451 Phone: Mutual 3-2208 ,ff-GZ7ZhSTC'PQy?5 M I C E " S O W4 fy O Ogpi' 'Q 6' 1 . GAS COMPANY U IS oulz FIRST f THOUGHT PAUL MARTIN Phone 19 Alto Compliments of DOUGLAS BRADFORD ALLE N 'S DRUG STORE Dealer A Complete Prescription INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Drug Store - l QQ 1 Al T 5 Q f to Q N.., ,,,, , 6 XB- 5 Alto Te Xa 5 R G 66 "fe 9 91 . p -M xig,l5m,.,,,,mW Complirnents of ,mu!T ' X ' X "mn I 1 wx A12Tux1 fl MoToR. COMPANY BROOKSHIRENS FOOD STORE Rusk, Texas , , , Rusk, Texas WDW!! ' 1 fr S .L'7'jX T ' -X i S f 0 -xfge s COPE LAND MOTOR COMPANY Quality Ford Service for Alto "Let Us Keep Your Ford ALL FORD! ! ! SALES - SER VICE Phone 87 Alto, Texas ,,,' ' our gp ,fm-'fYf""W" fb' ,f,fq4"?"f"?g3 If lr 'FDEPENDABLE oszucacslsr You Are Sure to Save at WW PHARMACY Se rving Alto Phone 261 Alto, Texas CHEROKEE COUNTY ABSTRAC T COMPANY QHANNA AND GUENZEL1 Rusk, Texas Telephone: MU 3-4344 Remember Every Occasion With Flowers From A LTO FLOWER SHOP -X -.- '74 X ' fri., ,FT A X 47" f Phone 256 Alto, Texas Fo r Quality Compliments of fl WI-IITEHEAD ENTERPRISES ffff C0 H 'f:The Rusk Cherokeean f 4'Radio Station KTLU- 1580 g- j Serving a Greater ro ' Cherokee County r4i and East Texas I Products Rusk, Texas See ff' i JOHNNY WILLIAMS West Side of Square Rusk Ke Wwafa emi YOUR CAR 0 050249672 Lge Expert Auto Repairs Alto, Texas Shop and Save at ALLEN Sr FRANCIS WILLIAMS' GROCERY 8: MARKET "Serving Linwood" Phone 1023-ZR Alto, Texas Your Search Ends .TACK'S at 'OAI 'QV TQEET Sandwiches ' - Hamburgers HARDWARE Soft Drinks "The Store of Savings" ' Phone 150 V Y AVxY l Aim, Texas Alto, Texas For Best of Service Shop and Save at See if 1 1 Q SOUTHWESTERN di , ELECTRIC Q 5, READY- TO-WEAR COMPANY ' " 93,6 Alto, Texas 51324 Alto, Texas 9 ,, 1 Phone 134 up 6 : P -- H Phone 122 KNIGHT 'S 3 .7 5 and 10 eden alaea , Alto, Texas N , Phone 34 I7 5 nf: 4 af' 7 Y DRY GOODS ff I flgmay Alto, Texas C Phone 109 'gr .- A152132 ANTS GROCERY AND MARKET Zmlddq Q Phone 162 Alto, Texas For Best of Service See GLENN'S GROCERY 8: MARKET GLENN'S COURTS GLENN'S CAFE Alto, Texas Phone 173 Service at Its Best at VVADEL COIXINALLY AUTO SERVICE Rusk, Texas Shop and Save at 1, NORTON E , FURNITURE COMPANY 1 E Rusk, Texas For the Latest in Smart Clothing See 'WMM DRESS SHOP Rusk, Texa s For the Finest in Quality See Qffilyg R QQQKLG usk, Texas -my yt Remember to Cro by Tl-IFQEE BEALLS BROTHERS Give Your Service to for All Your Clothing Needs Rusk, Texas Rusk, Texas Famous the World-Over 'Y wrEI"NTHE 3 7 GO to I Complinuents of Munn FORD ' 4 g f F-5500 4 Www "" "" FOODS Alto Texas Phone 152 Alto, Texas ydydk Featuring Latest Hair Styles and Latest Hair Compliments of 'XQWWQ Cuts CARL A. DICKEY, Mgr. Phone 146 Alto' TeXas A Alto, Texas JEWELERS r Compliments of DEAQMAN :Er mmmhy MOTOR COMPANY Nlllllif if if Dodge Alto T: A I Plymouth x Texas 'I' I-FE ALTO L-IEZALJD "Covers South Cherokee County Like the Dew Covers Dixie" F, E, WEIMAR Alto, Texas For the Best in Dry Goods Clothing, and Shoes Go to Your Friendly Mew - Wa 727559 GRAPETTE BOTTLING COMPANY "The Best in Soft Drinks" STQRE Rusk, Texas in Ir Rusk, Texas Enjoy Good Food Bought From Compliments of IC,-:El-L-NK CA-il2L:r'CJN AND , c:u1212.Y Television Dealer and Repairman GROCERY Phone 201 Texas Phone: 208 Alto C ompliments of See 12ncu-AAA12D M446 gig? .Jon-1 NSON FEED COMPANY for Your Insurance Alto, Texas Alto, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. Paul Martin Mrs, Lorraine Hull Mr. George Williams Mr. Joe Cruseturner Black's Barber Shop . .X ? , . it il 5 vi ,M 2 V5 2 K, r F ,AA, LITHOGRAPHED BY Lon PUBLISHING co. DALLAS 0 TEXAS 'i' t The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE K l 5 .fp fv".fN'SB vi fgyfjxavvk fffBf4f4', ' f N' .53 X fix 1? 5 5 A wfw 5 N cj! O' X N QX any KN P3 , fx 0 fwfkfww -,M-Jn 6715? , W.. 1. ."'f'r-1, cn. , K I-1 .j, . f ,"15f+' v 71? '

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