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 - Class of 1957

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Alto High School - Stinger Yearbook (Alto, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1957 volume:

' 25 7 4 Omscioal-Om aww RUTH QMORGANJ KOLLATT RICHARD TOWNLEY Editor Business Manager ALTO HIGH SCHOOL Alto, Texas . ' ',:.I.l"x,f A r-. f ,. I. .. - A, f :Wg-' I' A .r . - 1 ' , ..... . , l.,. ., mf J rw- V . .W -f'y?4 A-., 5 . I "Cf'm'L1lP 'Mfg' uw, I -1 be fy fire "t'! ,. twrsfmag QMQ?Ct 'wgsfff' f ,J V I I 4, 1 u- 1,3 I 'Q- ' 'nf' J' -fr. 'Q' 7- J'-Q-1-2 "'- ,.w1.1? JA' "X", i"'.:"ff' I-' -'-'-.-' '-' - -, -.- vwvfvwfw-WQIQAIWI ue.. , ,'.,,i.,,-.I-J-.-,' b A , Ur FOREWORD DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN ELEMENTARY FAVORITES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS 4,14 a N' K '..-'w.'. - - f. ,,-r..1,r. 5 1' 1 ,,,A,..,., ' 1 :.7n- f ' - .g.-- , 1, 1 ,' ',:-Ax1p- ,gf f. ." .luv-I f. , -. vi. 'YY ff' v,'. L" , -I T. 0, 'QE -4-.. -nl. Z-xv . . I. . 1,15-5. -fQs'f,g1.g' .?. If n msgs I Ljfi vif43,4b': , VL,-J I., .157 1:!'f:".' 7 . xaf ' r 1 . . ' , -. 14-fa.-ff 6. 4 r J-"2K:Q-'init' I . -5' , ,., . A ,KT ,, - I TI? -iff' I . ,I , I, 5 . -:YJ-,--Jggf. or! A J, 1 ci,, ,M 5 I4 by 1,3 1 4 rx If f 4"-7-riJv XV' irc.: 4 .A " 1 J ' A . ."'-'v 44 v' .-.,.-hi' rx I ,Q T full rfi'S.3 15. f dz l x ,J 1 5- U .,1Af-.f5'y.,'i.,x' 4-, .-7-a " bfi' 1' ,J .,- ,-..455,.'l- i , .I P iv, Afj-i1 Z Iva' If I, , ' . I - K' I . "'?" '- ' 14, ,- Q?- QT5' -F' ,Q 5 , -, lib' If "' 'Aff' yn if k, fl . .. .: :xvff V-4'.'. ,A -. . 1.-at v ,. , 'g 533' 'l-"IIE, v "gf, .I n":'j't' ' ',.. Q Ry, I iq,-f - 1-yn.. -. :-1 xi .yr Y fx - 3 -A . .il 'f " 11" I .f ' if QV: .4 :L .- has 1:3 --xgjqq.. Q, .fillig 35' a uf -' " - ,.1.r 4 T1 .4-1' ., K .iff " N XJ: -,-:ep . '-mug 'F ' ' If-1 ,iff --4:9 .fi 2 Af" 'I' . '5' -,f y :nv -. ll 1,3714 .J j' ,f:.:,:.Rf ' '- -' 9' 12' fs ' ',"'4i-- ...Q Trp zu., ,ii f tap. .H ' Hg' , 44- - r Q, . ',', lit, '-., 0 q'.".'J' ' -.4 .Q . . "'.'- Q 7'3" :'- .1 ,. . . , , . ' - X: fl.-'. -, -A as 11 'Jiffy gl "fi-13.2, FQ , .3 ve -i, 3 '.- 3 , I-'glffii-'I , ..,,,,.,:.eq, v-zu. "1-g1",121." - -. .yin . - .. . ., V AA, , . ., - Eff fn ,nn 5, 1. .4 I 1, .E A Q. 'f.f"- :Q -7 , .. ', -L".-1 3 vifgl, :V Q- I .H , ,, -.J-1i2::.V?..,r:-F. -mf .-J-.-. '-I L'-. . , .-:.'-. .Q --ff .-3,4.4.f' 1.4,-T ,,- .., , 1, . ,, ,. ,- .V 'V-'lf-1 91 EJ QF A'-'. - -'.-.V - -',' 4. ' . -ff' -1-5.--1:1 .43 -lf' ' 4.e-34 ,-,.','.y. 55-34 -1- 4-Q tg 21" 1 +.f,.y-:,.,-:- -fe V"-' . ,SAA 4 A . 7: Q... . 'svn fi ,ft ,-ijxlztq'-3 f karl: 1. . -.,-I ff: .Nj-.. U4 . ,,,-1-.z I-' '.' " .bk riff QQ 2709 5 . I 9 Z1 4. "of:- 'J ".a.' o Q 5. 0 gl: ' ,?E:2'i. 352' 'R . A ' at , 4 55 i I ffm .M ,. 4? J.: ,Kl- We have endeavored to preserve in the 1957 Stinger, the life and acnvity of our campus. As you turn through its pages, we sincerely hope that thxs edxtion will capture for you the never to be forgotten mem cries of your days in A. H. S. Ruth Morgan, Edxtor ...X-ig 5 w-r:.:.'+. - -- g Gu.. I O 4 ox ug P .o f 4" 'Q 4 f'3'Xf,. 'Q JCI Yo' 1'I 'I' 4 ,F Q' -.44 5 'fr a fu r J -uf Y so 4' lc xx-4 nv 'Sf-'sq L 'rv 'N ff xrsi 'J fl! -0 J ffm, 'Aw -,+V A ,VL -, ,,L' ' ' ,f . -"Q-. .,'f ,.v1r' 4 ' .ng -L f 1 "'1,f"'. ' 1, 1' , 'J 1 AW. --,315-.V pqg.',.','V',.' 5,-,f-J, V mf, 2 ..v",':.,',.'-. gf 'w4.."."'f1jf1 f ,: "W, f 'V .' . p,,...:-.-3-5-,,t'a:. ...' If f,,',4- ,. fy 'nv' ,.,-..-. ... .Nr v,,u. . .4 . , ll-:if.:i-1-"PETEif-:.'fe1.f5Z'-."-J'5.-'7'-'ii' pi. . 1. ik-:1":'f'"'ff5114'g,'-'41-lgifg.I'f?":??,Q?LA -.if .,- ,A -'. ","'-'.'g..' 'f,'2j.i-f : "'f V233 fl: it-4' 6-'g -I . '-3 N ,i,,r,.-fi, .' J.,,,',',f . .Uyyj 'V 1' -'cl-f' .Tf'ff'1T: y.'.'7J- "fin . .Q .,-'Q-f -1 " --..1'fg- .aj ' .,1.j,,.-1, 1 , .x1.-f'-L":I,,Q,'1'-P 4,---353 'F-pf ., ,,.-t-gg,-.,.,'A,3yg. ., , , . 4. . .- , . .-7 ' - -'."' F., ,. ,. --1-' :4'.r,,.-5.13.11 rf. , .. ' " 151. 4'7:,.j,'?3 124' ,cgi- .Q fr1.i.,"q 7'iffZ2 145 r' l. 5:9 'v 5.1!-',.-fi-,' ,-fflq. ,JA , vixzigf 'eff f' fm' '--"'-,:' . .eifgg " 3 2-1.-' fx f:3-'::j:'L- 'TT' I '- sn,,f.Q.' 'fi .'5' ., ,L I, ff. '1 ig- Q aes.: A ,3 '- "'.'.' si -, -..L"' V . -1- ...5'-..-g:'ff- - rl". : .7':'frf7 ,' -14 'L ilgfff- if 1 .,- -7 s"-.A fp' 'tif--f' "3 ,, ,J . nv.:--'- gl N A A f ..j' 2 ' A :K ' . . - 5' .-'- 5" Q . -:4 . . .. I., Q Q . Y. , v 'qw I , . z .Lf 4" 02" ' J J "' .1 l O 'U' 1. 1 .n , 1 05. 0 40 ws' or . . 1 li To Mrs A E Danheim we the staff ded1cate the 1957 STINGER The ttme and effort we have given to th1s project are dlmmutrve when compared to the hours days and years of SCIVICC of a truly wonderful person It rs with much thought and devotlon that we dedlcate th1s book of rnemones to Mrs Danheim ftrst grade teacher woman of panence and affection of high ldeals and of responsxbxhty who has labo nously endeavored to grve of her best to students community and fellowman p o 0 0 g o l v 0 0 " , n 1 - 9 9 Q 1 l' in A ,Q ' 2 ...uf f ',ww..g 4?-fF5'9'f"" 'Q X in' ffwl. y W M M w qw y I Q I S ,N facul ,rx EARL CUMMINGS Vocational Agriculture Senior Sponsor MISS JOSIE A. WATTERS English and Speech Senior Sponsor JOHNNY ROBIN SON Coach Sophomore Sponsor MRS. LORAINE HULL Commercial Junior Sponsor MAX NEAL Band and Choir Junior Sponsor MRS. ANOLA MARTIN English Freshman Sponsor 1', 1 iors I I 1 enema Offccefw President - - - - - BOB WILLIAMS Vice President - - - - -DOUG MADDUX Secretary ---- - - -MARGIE DAY Reporter - - - - SHIRLEY FRENCH MOTTO The best is yet to be. CLASS COLORS Green and White ROSIE BELL ALLEN "Rosie" Cheerleader 1 Basketball 2 FHA 1,2,4 Band Choir CLARINE ARRANT "Clar" FHA Choir Senior Play GERALD BOATMAN "Boatman" Wittiest 4 Baseball FFA Choir Senior Play MICKEY GERALD CHOATE 'Mickey' FFA MARGIE ANN DAY "Marg" Salutatorian Head Cheerleader 4 Cheerleader 2, 3 Junior High Cheerleader Class Officer 4 FHA Officer Office Staff Jackets Buzz Senior Play SHIRLEY IEAN FRENCH "Frenchie" Class Favorite 2 FHA Officer Wittiest 3 Student Council Jackets Buzz Library Staff Most Likely to Succeed 4 JAMES ROBERT GI LCREASE ..Gig.. Library Staff Stinger Staff FFA Football Basketball Choir -Quartet Band JAMES EDWARD HOPKINS ..Hop.. Class Favorite 1 Most Popular 4 Football Baseball Basketball Track Choir FFA EDGAR IUNIOR HUGGHINS n J-uni-Orr: Basketball FFA RUTH MORGAN KOLLATT nRedvv Class Officer 1 Editor of Stinger Choir-Sextet FHA Band Majorette 2, 3,4 Senior Play Jackets Buzz DOUGLAS HOLCOMB MADDUX "Doug" Class Ofticer 3,4 Class Favorite 3 Library Staff Basketball Baseball Football Captain All -District Football Most Athletic Track Senior Play BETTY IDU MOAKE "Bert" Valedictorian DAR Award Library Staff Jackets Buzz WILLIAM DONALD IA MES "Pete" FHA Pin-up Class Favorite 4 Football Basketball Baseball Track FFA AVA JO LAVENDER "Casper" Class Officer 3 Student Council 2 FHA Officer Library Staff Jackets Buzz Band Choir "Susie" Class Favorite 4 Library Staff FHA Officer Jackets Buzz Basketball 2 'Lilly Pons" FHA Basketball 2 Choir Band MARTHA SUE MADDUX LILLIE FAYE MOFFETT BILLY RUBE MONTGOMERY "Rube" Football Manager 3 Basketball Manager 4 FFA Football 4 JERRY JEAN MOORE FHA Pin-Up Class Favorite 2 Class President 2, 3 FFA Jackets Buzz President of Student Council Frlendliest 4 Mr. AHS Junior Lion of year Stinger staff Football: Baseball Basketball: Track LOIS MARIE MCGAUGHEY "Loisie" Library Staff FHA MARY ALEN E QUARLES 'Tim Kelly' Class Officer 1 FHA Officer Editor of Jackets Buzz Senior Play Band Drum Major 3 Majorette 2,4 ROSA LEE RICE "Rosa" Class Officer 2 Class Favorite 1 FHA Officer Basketball 2 Football Sweetheart Miss AHS CARLEEN SHIREL SHUPTRINE "Shirel" Farm Family Duchess Class Officer 2, 3 Most Beautiful 3 FHA Officer Choir Runner-Up for Football Sweetheart Jackets Buzz Annual staff ,faces 'vary' JOHN MONROE STEED nPapa' President 2, 3 Vice President 1 Best All Around 4 FFA President Jackets Buzz Football Basketball - Captain Track Baseball RICHARD LEONARD TOWNLEY "Little Richard" Friendliest 4 Most Popular 3 FHA Pin-Up Student Council 2, 3 Class Favorite 2 Football Basketball Track Business Manager of Stinger GEORGE ROBERT WILLIAMS "Bob" Class President 2,4 Best All Around 3 All-District Football 3,4 Student Council Annual Staff T ' jackets Buzz Baseball Basketball Track Football High Ranking Boy X I ,Q ,C r if .'Xi"VxY I .I First row: Rosa Rice, Richard Townley, John Reece, Lillie Moffett, George Williams, Principal. Second row: Clarine Arrant, Kay Asher, Rosie Allen, Car- leen Shuptrine, George R. Williams. Third row: James Hopkins, George Burrows, Mary Quarles, Gerald Germany, Claud McGaughey, William D. James. w-v ' MIQIA-I' First row: Lawrence Smith, Superintendent, Ava Jo Lavender, Shirley French, Lynell Parrish, Martha Maddux, Margie Day. Second row: Edgar Hugghins, Cecil Hahn, Harold Clifton, Lois McGaughey, Ruth Kollatt, Scharla Arnold. Third row: Vaughn Floyd, Johnny Steed, Gerald Boatman, Betty Moake, Gerald Choate, James Robert Gilcrease. enchfz 57 3 mm! fi 0 'A iors Offckaa MOTTO 'That is yet to be CLASS FLOWER White Rose President ---- - - IERRY GILCREASE CLASS COLOR Vice President - - - - -WALLY GAYLE Blue and Silver Secretary ---- - - -SUE TULLIS Reporter ---- - - -GARY DOMINY 45. 'QT Q? NM If rg? V i 0: LX . X 5' JI REA Qc 'V + -f ,,-.K A JE qu'- 4.3, 'qrvs X , -as Ms. nf' firm.. Y-lfyndb 'USS JUN Q..--f' in 'War JO MARIE ASH ALVA JOY BLACK CONNIE BLACK O MARY CARPENTER FREDDY CHOATE CHARLES CUMMINGS GARY DOMINY WALLACE GAYLE JO ANN GERMANY JERRY LEE GILCREASE JANE HOPKINS PAMELA HUGGHINS HAZEL JONES SUE JONES DWIGHT LYONS Ax 3 A '1ww,.....,, 5 .X I ' I q ,f K Fi fx .Ar gf 4395? ff--5, 419. Kc Q' "Q1!"9" MILDRED MASON JERRY MCCARTY GLENDA ROBINSON l GLORIA SARTAIN DAVID SCOTT RUSSELL SHUPTRINE DOUG SMITH CHARLES L. THOMAS CARROLL TODD PATSY TODD MARY ANN TULLIS SUE TULLIS BOBBY WALLACE KENNY WILLIAMS C. H. PITTMAN LINDA STEED Picture not available sop l"eS ' le KN . .. TAL . 5. "' Q v k ,.V, , Q I ! . K 1 1. I H v A jf. 4 - sggw ,jf '9 Q Ji i A , :Aft l ,y L, ' 0 4' , J!" 53:60 . ' 5 f ff L- ' 7 it X- 'ig' W ggg.-Z. 1. 'dlizzii L F .- ,..., .A J W . I , V 4 ' - v fwysgfh " A -Y. 2 fd, 4, " atomic L41 ' V :" g.6.1l'Avl, 01,0 K .vl- ' ' ,p.'w df' 4"1,"'Q'. 1 . Q -' '- af " ' 1 ' .'4,' 411 K 'lug ,f . Q'- 0 1' NX :df f'-auf , iz? " X ,I 1.7 X'-X fi.- af , f If - .f-If ,, , ,-1 AQ-uw I .41 , 'I O S sm if G- Q 1--' A an S., arf- ! , QQ, X V af ' , agua... V ,.'? , Q, ff' ' qv. ' ' , 'nv ,- ,4uf'3ffi-iv" in , a . - gg 75,9- - ' if . YH . .16 !QQ!q""iii':5r Q . H46 6 .,u1r"f4'2 ' r ' H' :I v x I v we f' A an F2 S: A 4..- ,A -A A K 4 V 'gh V AA A..-,je f C , lf ,s s ' ptg N, . ' 5 4 N ,gfgx ' ,lfwg V an Q. I 1 E52 5 V '. 'bk , iq! 5 -.5-,hs 4 Y. ,A ly '. .L I , D.. . V! N 4 - , -. ' f ' ' A ' - 'ii'-17231: . Q I A ' f ' , 4412 ' A H Q f I , , Qi!! Granville Adams Hallene Allen June Arnold Sonja Bauman Evelyn Black Jack Boggs Marshall Bynum James Collins Gerald Corbin Ray Covington Don Crosby Shirley Derrett Danny Felder Io Ann Flndley Mary Jane Grogan Melvin Hahn 59' N his. on ., ca X 1 TX ,X in L. W! 5, 'sei fx Qi HQ" I N 2 ,po ! e . 7 ' " y E. I. Holcomb Geneva Hugghins Bennie Lloyd Billy Maddux Victor Moa ke Martha Moses Carol McCaa Joe Sam Perry Sylvia Reed David Rice Janice Rice Jerry Simmons Judy Thomas Jessie Wallace Yvonne Wallace Tommy Williams 'Why ifs' 'lma- 1..- 'Q'- L25 3' VQ, x 6 7 j fcl ' s " Q h 'QL F ' i f ' QL x'i'2" ' 'A i I k , f R f I Y , :. ' SJEILX I A 5 S V f si W life o , .Q s , r gi 5+ , fI:9Shm9h .-ap 'F is s Q ? Q Q ' Q ? r A. L,,V x 'E A 1 fl..-W--W ' ' ff F5 Ygj ' ig' grey, F Q Lf yl R I A gk 1, af? 5' jr fi 'V B 2,55 P 1 V n yc , R Q! 1 .. ,.,K ,-, V, v,.. B, L M l X19 6 2 V A is fbi v B 'W 'Q P We Y 'M Xu X 1 1' Gale Baugh Arlie Bice Ethelda Black Nancy Boyd Jimmy Brunt Mary Cherry Herbert Coleman Linda Collins Merry Cosper Tommy Cummings Ann Daigrepont Birda Dixon Dorothy Dover J. C. Dover Jerry Felder Mike Felder Barbara French Caroll Gardiner Bruce Germany Ida Haney James Hanvy Barbara Harris Kenneth Hayes Ronnie Hendrick 'x -1 1:2 NL l ig? gp. 2 ff- 'QQ' jf, . i in 5 A U xx R'- s 1' sf W' 1 Q ,V !Kss':"v A 1 4 kv 'C' as 19' Q ' 'ffff ff ui kgQg" Mklii, U ' VAX 1 ,ex , HHELfXAk in :fi s-3: PL 1 JJ 1 K RFQ' 1 digging lv' J T 'Q' 6 B .Q A ME lx.. 40,12 ah? xgzfi asus. fra ha Roy Hicks Carroll Hollis Carolyn Jeter Carlton Jones Glenda Jones Pansy King Billy Lindsey Joe Dan Moake James McCaa Foster McClain Joyce McGaughey Hermes Payne Peggy Perryman Bobby Powell J. R. Price Robbie Robinson William Rushing Peggy Selman Jackie Todd Renna Todd Tony Tullis James Adams Jalna Whiteman Pictures not available Linda Dowling Don Roark Nellie Vincent R 1' R' j Hilfe' 9" w"' Q. P, X sf QF?1P 'ni' ifcb -' Hie- RJQP -: ll ' 'ii' aj ' t i f w 5' s w,s fffif 1 sxk if gil g Tysg 'A 5 T Q' i T .r', K ,fieff PEPP ,i,EW ifxfi J ..J ,lgag z J- QQ Jef' 1:5 153 of wi. 4 Q, , .. 1 Jirli it 3 gi 1. in Y'- , 4 nz, I 2 2 1 E Q Elanantafuf pfzdzczpal JAMES GRAMMAR - 11+ - gs Q, ff .fig '.zl J . 449' fi -' .1 e.: r W- Slemaztaaq Stadaztdaacd 131 Wi' 'ii lf irq -1 N aff' ,gi fsffrw wud, ,"'s, :'Ke4"f 11. 1 Q, 'pl' ,TQ ' up wa,-, " ., ",Qm"'. as - 4... , X 'lik nt My 'W' 3 x Mmx s W.-,X '-: v 5 0 k'5 1 1 Q ,gf 'K ,S MJ: N 33: f V 1 ,Q ' Xiily QQIIL . 3 A q 1 -ifllf ,W Q f V "V f " ' lg' L Says! I lrgri iq ', .ii Q ' D 4 A Q A m ' V x 'T-fm' 6, paw . ' " f? 'aivfi' ", .5 sag Q 1 1 h- L 'af' 5' ' nap , , Av. Q 1 H' E A M' 4 , I . ' gin. Q3 5 QT fin i' -is , .Q 1' , 3 kv 1:71 bl.-'-L . -n I4 Q ,'.. .. 1 1' -' 41592 f' 'J v .ji S 59 'if fa rites .I ,ESX X I W2 775424 ,475 ROSA LEE RICE IERRY MOORE AM, fm M'k 5 f 'Vi J fm if 1 S 1 Pqf- I ab 11-J, .Jag F 1 S ff , r- -., , -X S' X f':' A 'ffg ny-...H ,--5 S151 fx -X .. -1f'fVv-2 , . Ig! QW' gfjf' fig, .. h' f 19, f Q 4' 2 ,gr H . r , 'X 1--, . 'I K . A ' wr 2 ,gg My ' " -- Iii 1? '38 V Pg-f.'4, f X f' ' .. -f vw, 'w V . V , A - A In 4 ii I I. I L JV?-,,! . fy 4. . ,'H " f MZPF: f' NA " 3 fn U-7, X '+r ' vvawf, K 1 MS HQQQ L fffg ,- '- A-u -. K 11122 ?q, f . l A 'mga . Q . Silfffs . rz. . I J -8 lg J ' "za "WW H ' A.. .1 "A .,::,-wg. N --ll 31 j ,.ug ' A l, ' 1 I I J ' f" . ' i fi Fi P 1 vi .. he mail? 771441753 Yggo I , Q ' ,Z 5 - 7344444 of Dcknec faeen CAROLYN IETER .Z W- 'Rx 11:25, X FR .,. 'Qu , ?evun ?anuZq Dag Dmzdefw CARLEEN SHUPTRINE 71644: leafy ta Succeed 77504: ,-4:40:66 au, DOUG MADDUX 7794! Fpapalaw SHIRLEY FRENCH VA UGHN FLOYD ...dn ALVA BLACK JAMES HOPKINS 4 'Q M ? , 541 44 gym 'I ly in 4 4-' 1 4 4 4 lv 4, u is ,W 4 53: aan kv 'ur li A V' Ns f W 1 it ' Alle 'I "' I L i Patricia Wallace as iiii it 8,3 -C BillMcClure .15 is His? '11 fx it kr. wi I 5, gill . -- M 5 . A If ef C, kit, S in if Q f, 5 . E , Mr .pf .. at - . , M . MW' 3 Q ip . .mv R my V I VXV: i S ..KK ' , ,A W S C "" .Q 4.2 A t 4 N1 N 5 E 'WE il ! R ' fm 3 C?,f fl 56 6 iq 53 s W if' 'Nl ' as f L T ::, 3 3 X 9 ,X X A ii fire'-if WJ it i W Q if fi if 'R' 's U s iw ' M 3 , Z "' l KA W EQQ' s , W . 1 If i . 'Q G. t - 4 ,hgjsg-,. Y ..,V S' X tx viii: u'f27'g3'???:i isfiifg.. Qx, X A X 1 X i 4'A'g4.1g'.ii4 I .,, , 'A 1 4 'R slln wiv' C A s ,fa Q- 1 ss --1' 5 A ig' g' 'B' 4233. A fws-'x,i ffl? 't fy, W 1 bv Lal 9k-' if K I hgh E X xy ' s-CSQIQL4 any L Q C A I A A 5 C 1 'Sill ,' u ' 'H K 'Q " 2 ,fist V QR yi l Q I .asa if-dvd' 356- 445 Ah" , , W Nealda Jones Mike Carter Virginia Williams Billy May Vicki Black Larry Hamilton Catherine Mosely Bill Grammer Linda Payne Jimmy McGaughey Dianne Holcomb James Jeter Linda May Joe Bob Smith Wanda McGaughey Robert Cummings Martha Clifton Gerald West Sara Lindsey Billy Burt Q I I 600 Sponsored by the Lions Club to pro- mote the traits in young people for which James and Jo Ann were selected - honesty, trustworthiness, courtesy, obedience, punctuality, good judge- ment, good personality, respect for school property, ability to follow direc- tions, neat appearance, ability to get along with others, and self control under trying circumstances sgx ,lflflu W Mrs ,fs his ss is? wc gigs EX Risk QQ: XE wwf saws? eeeye E gut? if 1 OA QUWOHWH as mei- H096 Sophomore Favorites DAVID RICE YVONNE WALLACE Senior Favorites W. D. JAMES M. MADDUX Freshman Favorites BIRDA DIXON JERRY FELDER Junior Favorites KENNY WILLIAMS SUE JONES MARGIE DAY Salutatorian BETTY LOU MOAKE Valedictorian GEORGE R. WILLIAMS Highest Ranking Boy ? Q l W. ,ff A 'VK1 -vy- 43' organ: ,l- . 12265, ggfwwxx .. 90 1 9 os, :annum I, Qllllf ll saints. ll n 3 ll I A ll n il J x, ,I if ,Q :R ,.,. PEI QA 1 'Y' n , - S l WALLY GAYLE JERRY MOORE Vice President President TOMMY WILLIAMS GALE BAUGH Sophomore Freshman GARY DOMINY SHIRLEY FRENCH Junior Senior JO ASH BOB WILLIAMS Junior Senior JANIE GROGAN MERRY COSPER Sophomore Freshman fb FARM ERS OF - I 3 'Tx ..' .Y 5 0 f FIRST YEAR CLASS SECOND YEAR CLASS GAYLE BAUGH ---------- - - - President BILLY D. MADDUX - - ---- President CARROLL HOLLIS - - - - Vice President RAY COVINGTON - - - - Vice President BILLY LINDSEY - - ---- Sentinel JAMES COLLINS - - - ---- Sentinel JERRY FELDER - - - - - Reporter TOMMY WILLIAMS - - - - - Reporter TONY TULLIS ----- ---- T reasurer DAVID RICE ----- ---- T reasurer TOMMY CUMMINGS ----- Secretary DANNIE FELDER - - - ---- Secretary MIKE FELDER ---- Advisor - - - - -Student Advisor - T. E. CUMMINGS GERALD CORBIN - - - - Student Advisor FFA Sweetheart - - - - ANN DAIGREPONT AU 43 A ll!! ,if TEL 541 HOMEMA KING OFFICERS MAH -z-CW Rs of Presidem ---- - - CARLEEN SHUPTRINE ,A gg ' 2,6 vice President ---- - - -BETTY LOU MOAKE in 2 Secretary-Treasurer - - ----- MARGIE DAY E W ij Q Reporter ------- - -SHIRLEY FRENCH 6 ... 5' Pariiamemariaii - - - MARTHA MADDUX 451,90 we social Chairman - - - - - -MARY QUARLES Nfw HO sergeant at Arms - - - - ROSIE BELL ALLEN Historian ------ - - JOYCE MCGAUGHEY Advisor MRS. JO FRANCIS WEIMAR Presentation to Pin-Up Boy PETE JAMES '?94 gn.. i S S - H ' if . RICHARD TOWNLEY Business Manager RUTH MORGAN Editor ALVA JOY BLACK Assistant Editor JERRY MCCARTY Assistant Business Manager MRS. LORAINE HULL TERRY MOORE IO ANN FINDLEY JO MARIE ASH LYNELL PARRISH Sponsor HERMES PAYNE ' ffl " A X "" it Y ff' . , . it X PETE JAMES MRS. HULL CARLEEN SHUPTRINE JAMES R. GILCREASE V ALTO SKINS TROUP The mlghty Alto Y ets flnally started th wlnnlng streak by dow 18 to O Early 1D th perlod of play Alto Troup 15, only to fu scorlng opportunlty right back, pushln 10 before the mlght stopped them on dow Then the Yell not be denled Th Troup 12, from whl Gayle passed to R Wllllams for the f1rst late 1n the first quarter Then, w1th only 32 seconds left to play ln the flrst half, Maddux took the ball ln a belly play, scooted over rlght and kept gO1Hg touch STAFF EDITOR Mary Quarles ASS'T EDITOR Charles Thomas SPORTS EDITORS Bob Wllllams Bennle Lloyd ART EDITOR Shlrley French FEATURES Llnda Steed Songa Bauman Mary Carpenter REPORTERS Rosa Rlce Pamela Huggins Shlrley Derrett Jalna Whlteman CORRESPONDENCE Margie Day TYPISTS Kay Asher Martha Maddux Betty Moake fucked gy Staff 'Ill i 5 Q ' . . ' wal N ' - - ' - -Q I A M SEC.-TRES. - scharla Arnold 1 . . M W Taka' 0 ' g L . 5' . u 5 33 Q O .,3.? Q ryflns Q ., hr 1 74a .4'cZ-may Staff dgfcu Staff LYNELL PARRISH MARGIE DAY PETE JAMES MARY QUARLES RUTH MORGAN .W Wwmmg ' V +A , q""99!'ain 5 W fx' ' ,400 7164 Qeddaw facie! Zend U LLI S tqzir, Wie' SUE T as xmnmg' M , Mwggw b- Jain' Sk . hwfwg, , . , Smart. , .mx 'FE . , Si , f nl?" 4 X Q62 an 1635155 M V 6 da, My 1. I 314 5 , Hg, W, Z' Miss Q 1 Jin YY Il BERNICE NORTON LULA BYRD MATTIE DOMINY HATTIE USHER RARNVW XX vxyk 3644 Duhon SAM EARLE HOMER TOWNLEY CHARLIE BOSTICK I. R. MERRIWETHER A. E. ODEN ROY BROOKS athktics L P! y2nf'Q 4:fT Alto Yellow Jacket Football Team ffdto e!laeaQ4a6et4 Front row G. Williams C. McGaughey J. Hopkins W. James H. Clifton I. Steed I. McCarty Second row R. Montgomery T . Williams R. Townley I. Gilcrease W. Gayle D. Maddux C. Cummings G . Germany Third row V. Floyd, Manager G. Dominy V. Moake D. Rice K. Williams H. Payne M. Bynum C. Pittman I. Gilcrease J. Robinson, Coach qv-mx S End Tackle Guard Williams McGaughey Hopkins Halfback Townley 6056 Center I am es Quarterback Gayle Fullback Gilcrease Guard Tackle End Clifton Steed McCarty Halfback Maddux Coach: JOHNNY ROBINSON Captains: DOUG MADDUX HAROLD CLIFTON Alto They Garrison 6 13 Woodville 12 12 Rusk 7 20 Carlisle 12 12 Troup 18 0 Madisonville' 13 25 Grapeland' 53 13 Elkhart' 6 O Groveton' 0 20 Trinity' 26 6 ' Denotes District Games IERRY MCCARTY End GEORGE R. WILLIAMS End WILLIAM D. JAMES CCIIICI JAMES HOPKINS Guard HAROLD CLIFTON Guard JOHNNY STEED Tackle JERRY GILCREASE Fullback WALLACE GAYLE Quarterback DAVID RICE End KENNY WILLIAMS Guard GERALD GERMANY Tackle BILLY MONTGOMERY Tackle JAMES GILCREASE End VICTOR MOA KE Tackle MARSHALL BYNUM End GARY DOMINY Guard TOMMY WILLIAMS Halfback CHARLES CUMMINGS Guard HERMES PAYNE JR. Center C . H. PITTMAN Guard Picture No? Available DOUG MADDUX Halfback RICHARD TOWNLEY Halfback CLAUD MCGA UGHEY Tackle LYNELL PARRISH Semor SONJA BAUMAN Sophomore MARGIE DAY Cheerleader c 46 e Z 4 GLENDA ROBINSON I lmxor NANCY BOYD Freshman e 3 X .g ki V h MW. a Am adam p 7mm Front Cecil Hahn Doug Maddux Bobby Wallace Billy Maddux Tommy Williams Vaughn Floyd, Manager Back Frank Meador, Coach Ray Covington Claud McGaughey Johnny Steed, Captain William D. James David Rice Billy Montgomery, Manager Front Wally Gayle Bobby Wallace James Gilcrease Harold Clifton Granville Adams 6401! Back Frank Meador, Coach Jerry Gilcrease William D. James Jerry McCarty Gerald Corbin med DOUG MADDUX RICHARD TOWNLEY JOHNNY STEED State Finals 100 Yard Dash High Hurdles 880 Dash Low Hurdles Field Events - .ls C. McGAUGHEY BOB WILLIAMS GRANVILLE ADAMS 5110! PU! Discus Mile Qigffwiike W - Wsfwsrwlzi :ii Q 5H E' 136- 4 I C 4 3 R 'fa km ...AQ X 2 lint! Y Ugg , 2405 sash? aol' 3 E Zg fr as ., yi, aary we , 'NLR' 37' 'if Y T t 5 A 36 T gy.. 426 Z4 :Ag -1. ' 1,3 M ,hz lf S ru-r'ls'3 tg as ,ft ' Lv 5 CX-231 cauafz 71 '7oodf4K! Front Ronn1e Arnold Sonny Todd I C Dover B1lly Burt James McCaa Gerald West Robxe Robxson Shug Rice Terry Ted Moore Coach CCIIIBI' Bally Brooks Jerry Felder Dlckle McGaughey Steve McCarty Mxke Felder Charles Davxs Hamson Black Lee Hopkins Back Ga1l Baugh B1lly Lmdsey Foster McCla1n Carlton Jones Ronn1e Smxth J R Pr ce Tony T ullls Tommy Cummings Carroll Hollis Front Robbie Robison Jerry Felder Gayle Baugh Carroll Hollis Tommy Cummings Georgia Ida Terrell Haney 'W 1' 1: E? Back Carlton Jones, Manager Ronnie Smith Foster McLain Hermes Payne Jr J. R. Price Dick McGaughey Terry Ted Moore, Coach Wanda McGaughey Renna Todd 1 - .rw r Y-Sl GCI' ies Custodians Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Felder "The last mile" Terry Moore 'rss wa-'N "our Flag" 4.5. - 1' v ft-Lu" ' 'hygugfivn r .A I r lr w ytxxsd ' 4 0- ' b"'5 'U .r .ffm ' ' . ra 5.4 fv , ,- V I All . w.. ' Av- l JN 4-v "A get-together" It rs the year 1967 A meetrng of the senrors of 57 has been called at the Dodge Plymouth showroom It looks as rf Mrss Watters rs frnally gorng to get the new Plymouth they promrsed herl Maybe 1fI move rn a lrttle closer I can hear what s going on The old senror class presrdent Bob Wrllrams now an atomrc screntrst at the Nevada Testrng Grounds rs rn charge of the meetrng He rs assrsted by hrs charmrng wrfe Shrrley French better known to the world as Shrrlee the Hollywood dress designer Glancrng around I see many famrlrar faces There are those two successful fur trappers Vaughn Floyd and Charles Montgomery They had to take time out from therr business rn Nome Alaska to be present at thrs meetrng And there rs the current rage of the natron Harold Clrftonl I hear that hrs recordrng of I Love You Tender So Don t Be Cruel has sold 8 mrllron copres already Hrs press agent Scharla Arnold has booked hrm for two weeks out at the newly opened House of Blue Light nrghtclub It rs owned and operated by Pete James and hrs wrfe Lynell Parrish who used to be the featured dancer at the Hr way Coffee Shop What s all that racket? Oh rt rs Just Claud McGaughey makrng a noisy entrance as usual He has become qurte famous as a wrestler srnce defeatrng Rube the Iron Man better known to you as Brlly Montgomery Here comes a prosperous lookrng gentleman Why I belreve rt s Jerry Moore a brg stockholder rn the Jax Brewrng Co He rs followed by hrs secretaries Martha Maddux and Lors McGaughey He s so rrch that he has a chauffeur whom most of you wrll remember as that fast talking James Grlcrease There rs James HOPk1l'lS U1 8 polrceman s unrform and close besrde him rs hrs wrfe Mary Quarles who rs now managrng edrtor of the Alto Herald He had to arrest hrs old pal Gerald Boatman for drsturbmg the peace Gerald was runnrng down marn street yellrng at the top of hrs lungs somethrng about equal rights There s Betty Moake Texas Over rn the corner I see Gerald Germany who owns the Santa Anrta Racetrack ur Calrfornra and wrth hrm are Gerald Choate hrs head horse trarner and George Burrows hrs chref promoter Coming through the door rs that drstrngurshed speaker Johnny Steed He has been tourrng the country makmg speeches rn behalf of Doug Maddux who rs runnrng for county dog catcher Doug feels that all polrtrcrans should have bodyguards so he hrred Rosre Bell Allen to keep a look out for danger Carleen Shuptrme Just walked rn and look at all the boys eyes pop! Carleen Just won the Mrss Texas contest and she goes to Atlantrc Crty next month to complete rn the Mrss Amerrca contest Lrllre Faye Moffett rs gorng along as her chaperone There rs Edna Ruth Morgan a fashion model for SEVENTEEN magazine talkrng to Kay Asher who Just completed her tlurd novel COTTON ROAD There s that noted mathematrcran Cecrl Hahan wrth hrs lovely wrfe Rosa Rrce Cecrl has Just revealed hrs theory on factronalrtrvrty Ava Jo Lavender couldn t be here because she rs strll overseas with her husband Jrrnmre Near the back I see the successful brorler rarser John Mrlton Reese wrth hrs wrfe Clarme Arrant who plays the prano at the Green Lantem Cafe John Mrlton and hrs partner Edgar Hugghrns are workrng on a new breed of chrcken but rt s name rs strll secret They have recreved some help from Mr Cummings who rs strll teachrng agrrculture at Alto hrgh Everythrng has quretened down so let s see what progress rs berng made toward the purchase of a car for Mrss Watters She rs srttrng quretly by watchmg the proceedrngs wrth rnterest Rrchard Townley a teacher of hula dancing at the Alto Dancrng Academy rs taking up money to pay for a brand new 1967 Plymouth Now the money rs berng counted But wart somethrng s happened! I knew rt was to good to be true They lrke 2545 havrng enough What s thrs? Mrss Watters rs conmbutrng the needed 2595 and at last she has the car that was promrsed her way back rn 1953 In closrngl would lrke to say on behalf of the Iunror Class of '57 that Just m case our predrctrons do come true we would lrke to present thrs token of 2543 to you so that Mrss Watters won t have to pay for her car. English Teacher at Wells and sitting beside her is Margie Day, who is a cheerleader at the University of .Kr In ww , i'i'?f2"i fe 418 'if fe. "'l1'.I".:l1i hir if an-nu.. f wg, Sascha Sdelcdee l muh 0 c 0 , X wf'-' ok Lei, we W 1' N 1 Taniaqbf YS ro 9"""f SV' fo ur-W ' Le-fs Skip Classes Boys . f -I Buf Moss Wg-liars, wwf! In so Sleepy I f VH le S5sgS5:! Q 'L X Q u 9'x,,,vA X .6 ck . . A5536 RN, - 740135466 Zbmagaet M ofnelns to re Inelnbe Gathenng fs 1, ,Q Talent 1' 5 N. I' XA kgkk :V fl' ' f l fi f I .4 . , in 5 :LV MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. gddfldqg RICHARD JOHNSON r .gnu-5, i 1 I President WARREN WHITEMAN HARMON WEST Secretary DR. R. E. ROSSMAN RAYMOND WALLACE HM WILSON H. D. ROGERS P, 7. ,4, Ogden.: ROBERT MQCLURE --------- President CLERMONT WILLIAMS ---- Vice President TOM BLACK ------- Secretary-Treasurer J. M. THOMAS ------- Prog. Chairman MISS RUTHIE WILLIAMS ----- - - - Historian MRS. ANOLA MARTIN ---- Asst. Prog. Chairman MRS. A.E. DANHEIM - Summer Roundup Chairman MRS. MARSHALL BYNUM-Budg. and Fin. Chairman gdverhsers ifdi .4-'iff For the Best 1n Serv1ce V1s1t ALTO GULF STATION Alto, Texas Phone 82 For Quahty Merchand1se Go to BRUNT'S BUILDING MATERIAL Alto, Texas Phone 196 CONTINENTAL STATE BANK Member of Federal Reserve System and F D I C Alto For the Best 1n Furmture and Gas LYONS BUTANE GAS CO Alto Texas ' ' ' ' Texas ""i-rv',g 1 gig? J Compllments of HOLLIE DERRETT Alto Bumldmg Contractor Texas Compliments of BOYD 'S PHA RMA CY Alto Texas ROGER'S GROCERY Alto, Texas Phone 200 ,nl CHILDS FOOD STORE Jacksonwlle Rusk .Al Comphments of DEAQMAN MOTOR CO Dodge Alto Plymouth Texas BLU FLAME GAS CO PAUL MARTIN Phone 19 Alto, Texas STRIBLING SMITH FUNERAL HOME Alto, Texas Phones 73 2.53 I M u W. sh.. - n - env' Comphments of PEARMAN CHEVROLET CO Alto Texas . , ,. J I . Z ily I , , 1 , M ,,. N, V ,V .,, - , . "w1g?g1f . ,I , ,. ' ' H - f I Compliments of HOLCOMB GRAIN AND FEED Alto Texas JOHNSON SHATTUCK INSURANCE RICHARDM JOHNSON W N SHATTUCK Where Our Knowledge is Combined to Give You Complete and Competent Insurance of All Types ife, Auto, Home, Business, Boat, Furniture, Hospitalization, Polio, Office Located in Ford Mtr Co Telephones 139, 132, 1008 LS Alto Texas For Expert Service Go CITIZENS STATE BANK Member of F D I C Rusk, Texas L. . and Miscellaneous Coverage --- to Comphments of HADMON WEST GENERAL CON TRACTOR Alto Texas Go to A LTO FEED CO TOBY SARTAIN Alto Texas Cornphments of COSPERS BLACK'S BARBER FISHERS PREMIER SERVICE STATION For Quality Merchandise WOW! Trade at She's Been to Jovi: ES 72 mais BEAUTY SHOP DRY GOODS for Better Values Alto, Texas Phone 109 Alto, Tex. Shop at Comp11ments of KN IGI-4TS DOUGLASS STORE BDAD4: CDD IN TE RNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER Alto Texas Phone 129 Alto For Good Food Comp11ments of , was-r Towmusvs su DE Eat at CAFE BARBER 8: BEAUTY Alto Texas Rusk Texas THE ALTO I-IETIALD L1ke the Dew Covers D1.x1e F L WEIMAR F E WEIMAR I 9 "Covers South Cherokee County Comp11ments of B I I.. L. DADDOTT Rusk Texas Comphments of AQNO LDS STORE Fme Bargams Alto Phone 162 I-IENLYS SKELLY SERVICE STATION Alto Phone 65 SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT SIN CLAIR SERVICE STATION Alto Texas MAQSHALL BNKNUIVI ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Alto Texas Phone 184 QUSK .TEWELERS Best Place to Shop Rusk Texas Shop at K N OX DAY MEN S WEAR for Good Bargams Rusk Texas ygexafzwf QUALITY MERCHANDISE SGH Green Stamps Rusk Phone 91 l I I Good Service C .1 3 I 9 I 1 ' ll ll I Shop and Save at GDOOIXAS TV AND APPLIANCE Jacksonvllle Texas Comphments EAST TEXAS OFFICE SUPPLY Iacksonvllle Texas Go to VVA LT EDS FEED AND SEED Jacksonv111e Texas Comp11ments of GD AV ELECTRIC CO E1ectr1caI Contractors and Apphance Sales Jacks onv111e T exa s MOSE LEY We Spec1a11ze 111 PI6SCI1Pt1OnS G1fts for All Occaslons MU 3 2344 Rusk For the Best 111. Dry Goods C1oth1ng Go to Your Fr1end1y WMM WZ Only P6I1I116S a Day Insures A11 E11g1b1e Comp11rnents of Members of Your Fam11y m One Po11cy See Your DRUG We F111 All Doctors 1' Qzwa P rescr 1Pt1011S INSURANCE COMPANY Rusk Ph MU 3 2.252 Rusk Texas ' of s I D RUG STORE and Shoes Ph. - Z - I Se rvic e W hen YouNeedIt MOTOR CO Your Fr1endly Ford Dealer Alto Texas one I-ILJIVIELE SERVICE STATION O CAMBELL Proprletor Alto Texas LO N E STAT-2 FEED CO Alto Texas mms, 4 W My for Your Lumber Needs Alto Texas Phone 1022 ZR Comp11ments of VVO MAC KS GARAGE Expert Auto Repa1rs Alto Texas Comphrnents of WELDEM HENDDI C KS Alto Texas L. . , ' , Ph 87 , Compliments of See Comphments of WHITEHEAD ENTERPRISES The Rusk Cherokeean Rad1o Stat1on KTLU 1580 Servlng a Greater Cherokee County and East Texas Rusk, Texas Your Dependable Drugglst MAY DRUG J3.CkSOl'1V1lle Texas Comphments of THE ECIQJWZQZ ZZ y wgfzfff Jacks onv111e , Texas Comphments of VVH I TEMAN GUS WEIDA WARREN T Alto Texas Phone 152 .J C VVI LLIAIXAS Author1zed FORD Sales C WILLIAMS Texaco Agent Alto and Rusk See Wada!! LUMBER CO or Your Lumber Needs Jacks onv111e , Texas I X I Ik ' ' - I l FOODS K . . , f Comphments f KELLV AND DUNSNIOQES Phone 201 Alto """"'1 BQUNTS Lad1es' and Ch1ldren's Ready to Wear Phone 1 34 Alto, Texas Comphments of ADDANT5 GROCERY We Dehver Phone 162 Alto Comphments of ALTO FLOWER SHOP Phone 25 Alto VV lvl THOMAS HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Alto Phone 150 Comphments of VV L SNIVTI-I Alto Texas I-LAN! I LTONS JEWELRY STORE Phone 185 Alto gwzzaw W, ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. Alto, Texas CLYDE POORE, Local Mgr. ' o I GRO. 6 . J Comphments of THE ALTO TELEPHONE COMPANY Alto Texas Compllments of 076 ZZJJZQS WZW ABSTRACT COMPANY ROBERT A VON DOENHOFF Manager P O Box 153 Rusk Texas We Hope You Enjoy Our ANNUAL' ' ' MQW W o ' 826 lam Hail to thee, dear Alto High School We have loved you so And we'll fight to keep our honor As through life we go. Yes, we'll always be together Heart, if not in soul Hail to thee, dear Alto High School Till we've reached our goal. A TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO Y

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