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gauzjwmj FR M ifwX1N XXXNXNL JMU Tksgxt A X3 Rig, B::'Q'4'X ,Ax v Q SEX g-if VER 223. N33 af xigiikfx X - Ki-ak Ni m 1 LQ "wh: - -, ffM.4s1,?, .gg - "Ui 5 5 Q lj' 1 f xi f Of Wk W mr of X , ,, a fs 1? nfe POAQWOQ0 060104 T10 40fl4l?VJS2' .9 P '99 UH S ,VOU H1171 ICILIIS ze Ofewo 49" 'l- -4" r ong t e pa e your 956 STI ER we hope that th s W1 1 recal to yo r nund lnany laughable an pleasant nqenyorres of dayss nt: A to rgh Sc oo It has been our srncere desrre to preserve through these pict e s rt as been lzved l1r1n 955-1956. are appy to present to you, Q -7, llres th stude e campus 4:1232 nr body and 12-cnlry, .Vollr 1956 Year' THE EDITOR CYNTHIA HENDERS ON jj-2-If " " --Y.-1'I5:3I'3 3:33-5: '51-i13Zf35Z'?3-I-3fI'3i3I33:'I32-l'3'i'f1'333i'3:3Z'i23I31.--:-l'5:3Zf35i'31 fI'3'-"'A'A' .-'.'-I'I':f':':I':::f':f:f':f:f'Zigi' i-7533 " ' I-qi'-1'I2j-I'-I'I'-Ifj-if'-1-Qi nj-I' .'-I-Ij-I-j-I--1522?-ji'-'-"A 4? '-. -..F:. . 12:91 If-:Es 5:2213 -235-P2 .-1'!r:2 -21:-22 1:51:- :-Z-: --75' -253' 12125: 'irfizi "-175. -- -. '-:-'-nz ..:.-.. 1313. ggi.-: 19:12-' .g., Iv- :'!-I ' 1 :-' zz' --.-A G.-3: .QV -. 'Q gg. ::::-.1 5,1454 eggs: : -.12-.ig .:.-.21 272. ' iff-17 I-2-'.':? ,.:g::g 3.41. l..-,-,I -gm: :gun-2 '7-264. "FJ -2-W9 ng'u 252332: -. Ig.. Q 'SEQ "'!.... 2252? ':::Z1., 1-'.z g:-93 n.--0 214'-. .1 ...- -ua-' - .'-:'. 'IIA' :: .'.' .',-1- 1 '----1 .Mgt -:-g.'f'.' 3:21, -2:-, 0- 'ggggg .ggs 1-pu .-.Q-. 2--ZW, :'-:M "Att: :gg-. . . .... -. .-:va 'viii Ig! .11 53:-Zz mrs -I-:-:es ss? ,':Q::. A J' -: typ. if 3: 7:32- , .4-' M '. - 'E'i:: 'N-fa' ' 3-5. isfiaai 1-22: 33:-E. '11-it '33 35? 41232. 1.1:-' ':- -S25 "':: 9-fi. "aug .::rg. .L- f::-:::- -.--:-: "1'2:F . -'in 32- '.'. -iguv 5-.gui ir.-: - 742. '?"' . "- .,,.. . -4.3, H 5:5111 '-!:g:::' 1:35. - .. -..- -.,-., -'.-,.. ..v:-:- 4- .1-. gh-- !""'J 1"s'."a "':F:' .'.g- -. .p .'. g-3 g.: 152551 5:21:19 e:5::: 221'-11' -.-:121 :Fi-5' zggz- -' mia- .f-,.- 41:35 :1::g1:. 1'1:g. 22-33 Qrrglg -gr.: ' -21 .Z .111-3. if-4' ' :!:g::: ?::-2-: -2122: ::g:::: 55.5.-.-.' :3:::,x 3:1-:.'. -3-'E-' 'Z-:Z-P -1131:-: 1:26 75592 61-23: :wif V -:'Z-Iv gim: :miie :sms- 'Q-A1: -52:9 '-:. sf ij:-Z,-. Aff'-: Ei:-..' -iv- :-:-F5: .mtg 2:2:2' 5-'J-f' -:-7- .' '.-.:. M: -21 '-:iz ?52Srf: 5552 152: fbeofcczfzbn 0. s f 1355 2: 2 I-266-P5E:1: in .' ' .'- f To one who has long deserved the honor, we humbly dedicate THE STINGER. This dedication is but a small token of our heart- felt thanks, especially from the seniors, who have profited so much through his many efforts, He has devoted so much of his time and energy to us by helping with our play, cooling system, and trip. The time he has devoted to Alto High School has brought many developments and great achievements. We acknowledge his many years of hard work by dedicating this edition to Earl Cummings, our beloved agriculture teacher. ge QE I. li E: :I Ll if ge i ! S, gr f! is In if Q1 if 1 if 1 H U H E 9 I l ! 1 I F I S ! X1 wi Q H ,I .H gr il ,. '! I1 I I: r I I . li fi gl H I H U Q3 H I, . . I! I '- , fi I WL Q ui 1! z1,0er1j1fen0QI2f7 5 dye ALTO XNDEPENDENT EC-HDDL DXETRXC-T J. D. BOONE. SUPERXNTENDENT ALJ13,TEDkAE Dear Student Body: Ten years - it has been said - is a decade. That long have l ohserved many oi you in your school life. As each of you goes his or her way, l trust that you will go having not only gained the "tools of learning" for your level of achievement hut having trained your mind, as well as your heart, E or W out of the heart are the of life." owl have a happy, useiul liie dedicated to the ' those with whom you associate, may yours ' ' noted for their reas onaOole Ke God as your part- co- issues each of y lifting up tivities y you ta ' ' properly 'May ose of d with ac t- and ma d will oe our liie. ' ched ndole purp he a lousy life iille d g of success and attainmen , hands and heart and min d nded into his plan for y ' ' ns widen and hecome enri if' ' ed your course of tored in e ree that your d an hle sociatio e inish ' 'oe so S later ner, so ordinated, directe , As your activities and as from year to year, until finally you hav study in the alto Schools, may these recollections your Hall of Memories that in retrospect and tranquility of years you will 'find them lingering on - fresh and vivid and pleasant - creating within you a warm spirit of loyalty and respect for your Mater." nd genuine hest wishes are extended to each of you. Sincerely , . ,fy ,dfrffmlj NPJLIHB, hy sincere a U JID. Boone -z1?U'?s7 ,, as-igEiSYf??V ,,.,Y,-w?'MUwM'J V t f'5'?'5'.' ' .7 'Q' Amen,-J . .wffvslzfwv W ' h f ' ' 'sf?f5"'?"' frlncwa S YYZQQSSGYQ Here is your annual "The Stinger" which held for you th pleasantmemories of the year. It will always be as it holds within its pages the ma which you have mad The e many somethin ny hiends ' e dulin faculty ' vel ' g to treasure hips and accomplishments g the most important years of your life. sincerely hopes that we have had a small part in de- oprngin yourlife those things which will help you to recognize the things which are good, true, and beautiful. We envy the position you hold, knowing that the heights you can attain are unlimited. To those who are leaving Us this year, may I say that the eyes of Alto and the world are on you: expecting you to lead us in this troubled time. To those who Will remain, may this book only remind you that you have just started on the road to more and greater accomplishments. Your High School Principal SN Bennie F. 74 Myers 'CI ....J1w T, E. CUMMINGS Vocational Agriculture ' .1 -'fw-as.s.,.,..gQ MRS. BETTY THORN Band and Choir Aff if if .. , MISS IOSIE A, WATTERS English and Speech MRS, IO FRANCES WEIMAR Home Economics 'F N WIN' JOHNNY MCCLENDON Coach Social Studies WWNWWMMM TERRY MOORE Assistant Coach MRS. ANN BRITTAIN SCiCl1CC Commercial ii EE i? H 'w v I. I li :Ir i Y. M H ,I 1 I. -I HN Ii U 1! ri g. -s fa i I 'a -i ,. FE Ili 'I 1 ui 9 if 'I . Il 1 W tl fi 42 El '1 U , I, H H 1, JN ,x lx 5, ! f N I1 ll I yu I 1 xl, ul T ia? in '! IE .ly IL In ill 1 I 'f L: ll I Is fl 51 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ------ Hugh Kenneth May Vice President ----- Joy Beth Rogers Secretary-Treasurer-Bonnie Nell Wilson Reporter ---- Dan Vyron McGaughey CLASS MOTTO: "He who wills, can! " CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Rose CLASS COLORS: Green and Gold Senior Class Favorites BILLY FRED HOPSON SARA MASON HUGH KENNETH MAY "Herman" President 53-56 FFA Officer Basketball Captain Senior Play Qgenzbnr DON JONES FFA Officer Class Favorite 55 Football Captain 55 Choir DOROTHY DICKEY "Dot" Secretary of Student Council 56 FHA Officer Office Girl LUCILLE KNOTT ll ll Outstanding Commercial Studies Award Senior Play FHA Choir Iacket's Buzz Staff Office Girl ROBERT DALE SMITH "Senator" Most Likely to Succeed 55 Agriculture 1,2, 3 Basketball Senior Play DAN VYRON MCGAUGHEY "Blue Eyes" Class Officer Most Likely to Succeed 56 Honor Boy Outstanding Math Award FFA Officer Student Council Business Manager of STINGER Senior Play BONNIE WILSON "Nellie" Secretary 54, 55, 56 Class Favorite 55 FHA Officer Choir - Sextet President of Student Council 56 DAR Award Senior Play CARY WAYNE COLLINS "Papa" FFA Football Captain 55 Most Handsome 55-56 JAMES EARL WALLACE "Mac" FFA National FFA Convention Choir SARA NELL MASON "Sassy Nell" Class Favorite 53-56 Most Beautiful 55 Miss AHS 56 Farm Family Day Duchess Runner-up for Football Sweetheart Iacket's Buzz staff FHA Basketball 55 BILLY LEE BLACK "Bill" Class Officer 54-55 FFA Officer Band Officer Best All-Round 55 Football Captain 55 Baseball Basketball Track Choir - Quartet Senior Play MARTHA CORBIN "Ann" Friendliest 56 Most Popular 55 Iacket's Buzz Staff Library Staff FHA Valedictorian 'Timer JOY BETH ROGERS "Bethie" Class Officer 56 FHA Officer Outstanding English Award Senior Play Choir Library Staff STINGER staff RAYMOND WALLACE FFA Officer Choir Baseball National FFA Convention BILLY FRED I-IOPSON HHOP.. Class Officer 54 Class Favorite 56 Mr. AHS 56 FFA Officer Senior Play Choir Student Council Football Captain 55 Baseball Track Basketball Most Athletic Award Senior Play JAMES SELMAN "Nub" Junior Lion of the Month Baseball l,2,3 Basketball 2,4 ROSIE ANN JONES "Rusie" Class Officer 53 Most Likely to Succeed 56 Band Officer FHA Officer Salutatorian Jacket's Buzz staff Senior Play NANCY LOU BROOKS ..LuLu.. Class Favorite 54 FHA VIRGINIA GROGAN "Ginger" Cheerleader 56 FHA Officer Social Studies Award Band Jacket's Buzz Staff Senior Play CYNTHIA ANN HENDERSON "Sissy" Editor of 56 STINGER FHA Library Staff Office Girl Senior Play RAYFORD RICE "Oatmeal" FFA Officer Senior Play Student Council STINGER Staff Choir Baseball Basketball JEAN ANN PAYNE "Jeanie" Class Officer 53-55 Cheerleader 53-54-55 Head Cheerleader 56 FHA Officer Editor of Jacket's Buzz Band Choir - Sextet Senior Play BILLIE ANN ADAMS "Bi11" FHA Officer Choir Iacket's Buzz Staff Senior Play 289121014 5714171 7pr1f26-25 Comfort on Main Street in Austin Supper at San Marcos Park adya Woof 796,205 Canoeing in Ranch Stream it 'Wi , 1- A.1 5 n fe Y A w if 4 J f Kilt fl I ! ' Q , E if r 'fax' 1, 1 E- ' ,, IF E ' X if X Y figpjlkxgn x , X MYYNYANNE- Ly YN Q A SENIORS OF 1956 - THE CUSTERS' LAST STAND By wullsm D. Friday, May 4, 1956 7:45 P. M THE CHARACTERS James Custer - the father of the Custer household - - - Hugh Kenneth May Harriet Custer - his wife -------- Virginia Grogan Emogene Custer - his unmarried sister - Rosie Ann Jones Jimmy Custer - his son ----------- Dale Smith Johnny Newsom - his nephew ------ Billy Lee Black Esther Custer - Jimmy's attractive sister -------- Billie Ann Adams Terence Van Ayrsdale - her fiance from Boston ---- Dan McGaughey Lavinia Platt - a spinster from somewhere east of the Mississippi ----- - - - 4 ---- Joy Beth Rogers Lavernia Platt - her spinster sister- - Cynthia Henderson Betty Van Ayrsdale - Terence's youthful aunt ----- Bonnie Wilson Claire Van Ayrsdale - Betty's sister - - Jean Ann Payne Georgy Little Bear - a homeless Indian waif ------ Billy Fred Hopson TECHNICAL STAFF DiI6CIOr ------------ Miss Josie Alma Watters Stage Manager ------ ---- M r. Earl Cummings Assistant Stage Manager - - ------ Rayford Rice PFOTHPICI """--- ------ L ucille Knott Class Sponsors ---------- Mrs. Frank Ed Weimar Mr. Bennie Mevers "Oh! Lavinia- 1 Wan Tj . . Jfopfecy gf 195 6 Qsezzzor Gfass ft PLENTY PILIDIA fPlenty uoubiey 'W f rw. fl-Y, f ,W p Crazy Anericns stay on Molokai. Plenty beeg thing happen, you bat, LENARD get beeg X I9 plantation. Get feelthy rich, He hire DAN to figure income tax out to pay Uncle Sam. I CARY WAYNE hees lawyer--keep heem out of trouble with four wives. f I LUCILLE and BILLIE ANN and MARTHA plenty pretty hula girls. Dance at Roya1Hawaiian hotel. Many men fight over them--zit---knives, fists, much blood. 1 RAYMOND beeg pearl diver. Sell pearls for plenty moola. NUB very smart scholar. Write a doctor's thesis on emotional life of octopus. HUGH KEENETH great scientist, Harness volcanic power to send space ships to Saturn. JEAN ANN make best one -finger poi on Islands. Many men want to marry her, but she stay single. She afraid they not marry for love--only for her good poi. BILLY LEE selling pencils in Honolulu. He go broke in shoe factory. Nobody wear shoes in Hawaii. BILLY FRED beeg "itch doctor. " Specizlize in love potions and heses. RAYFORD and JAMES EARL build the best out-rigger canoes in the Islands. Also fix bets on canoe races. DON Hawaii's greatest story teller, Attends all Luaus, Now weights 350 pounds. Q DALE owns fleet of fishing boats and cannery, Whole world eats SMITH'S canned Shark. .L NANCY and DOROTHY very famous designers of Sarongs. They say proper length is 4 fifteen inches from this year, 1 JOY BETH paints mural in temple walls, and BONNIE weaves grass mats for import to 4 America. CYNTHIA, ROSIE ANN, and SARA NELL are specialists in making grass huts and thatched roofs. They founded carpenter's union of Molokai which demanded and got free three day feast with each hut-raising. VIRGINIA writing Polynesian slang dictionary. Climate so soothing on Molokai she plans it will take 50 years to write. MAHALO AHALO ' 5.- +"' W- i ,, I ' r . --g , 'ff t 3 4 i it --J X X 1 Q , 1 I at A n . xc - - H-Q - I.. Ns- ' I Lv,-V--' IM- 5 . A' ' ' . X N, . -Q ,, si, X 4 'Vis ' Q Q1 r ' H K Bas! anof gesfamenf csenzbr GQJS 1956 We are gathered here this evening for a sad purpose and that is the reading of the last will and testament of the 1956 Senior class who are passing from the halls of Dear Old A.l-LS. into a new future. They on the evening of April ll, 1956, being of sound mind declared this their last will and testament. On this evening the Senior class of 1956 named the 1956 Junior class their sole heirs and benefactors. And for the reading of this document you have been called together this evening. We ask you to take these earthy gifts and use them to the best of your ability. Now grant me your undivided attention for the reading of the will. We, the Senior Class of 1956, being broad minded and strong in spirit, in the presence of these few gathered bequeath with only a few misgivings the following: The president of the Senior class, Hugh Kenneth May, leaves his invariable and imcomparable ability to mis- understand in class to William Donald James and James Gilcrease. To Carleen Shuptrine and Richard Townley, Virginia Grogan leaves all the facts, formulas, and figures of Algebra which she never knew or has since forgotten. Lucille Knott leaves her quiet and tactful ways to George Robert Williams, We hope you use them, George. Cary Wayne Collins leaves his ability to get excused absences to George Burrows and Gerald Choate. Billie Ann Adams wills her "never-get-im my -way-or-I'l1-knock-you-down" ways to Edna Ruth Morgan. Nancy Brooks gladly leaves her mischievous nature to Clarine Arrant and her ability to put things past the teachers to Johnny Steed. Dale Smith endows Claude McGaughey his ability to get along with the teachers and the upper half of his brain. Billy Lee Black, the "Rusk Romeo' wills and bequeaths his power over the "Rusk Beauties" to Doug Maddux and Gerald Germany. Rosie Ann Jones leaves to Cecil Hahn her ability to take a test twice in hopes that it will help him next Year. She leaves her ability to attain her goals to Lynell Parrish in the hopes that this helps her trap that guy from Rusk. Dorothy Dickey relinquishes her dimple and quiet nature to Scharla Arnold in hopes that she will use them to please those around her, Sara Mason leaves her successful tactics of getting a proposal to Rosie Bell Allen and Lillie Faye Moffett in hopes that they will be able to get their man. To the big guy of the Junior Class fBil1y Rube Montgomeryj Leonard Fults bequeaths his slender waistline. James Wallace leaves his quiet ways to Rosa bee Rice in hopes that she will profit from them. Cynthia Henderson leaves her dainty ways to Gerald Boatman and her office duties to Betty Lou Moake who can use the experience for future employment. Rayford Rice bequeaths his habit of sleeping in class to James Hopkins. To the poor secretary of the Senior class of '57, Bonnie Wilson wills her combined patience, sympathy, and under standing, you will need them! She leaves her crazy giggle to Shirley French and Myrtle Pearl Fults, Dan McGaughey leaves his ability to get out of classes to Jerry Moore and John Milton Reece, Billy Fred I-Iopson leaves his ability to wiggle, twist, and bendg to make funny faces and noises too: to Harold Clifton and Margie Day. Nub Selman leaves his blond hair to Martha Sue Maddux in hopes that she will never have to use peroxide. Jean Ann Payne hereby bequeaths to Mary Quarles the Editorship to the Jacket's Buzz. This includes theeprinter's ink, the large economy size bottle of aspirin, one paper crammed locker, and the advice "You'll be sorry, " Don Jones leaves his ability to slip into classes after the tardy bell has rung to Edgar Huggins and Charles Mont- gomery. Raymond Wallace leaves his fantastic ways with the women to Vaughn Floyd to keep and preserve always, Martha Corbin leaves her motherly ways and housekeeping knowledge to Mrs. Jimmy Lavender, the former Miss Ava Jo Cosper. As she won't be using them, Joy Beth Rogers leaves her college plans and plans to be an English and Speech teacher to Kay Asher and Lois McGaughey. Girls, use these plans and come back to dear Old A, H.S, , Miss Watters can always use some help, Mrs. Weimar and Mr. Myers leaves their patience to Mrs. Brittain and Coach McClendon for the coming year. In conclusion, the Senior Class of 1956 wants to leave to every member of the student body and faculty of the Alto High School our sincerest good will, best wishes, and thanks for making our years in high school one of the happiest periods of our lives. In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hand and seal on this document this eleventh day of April, nineteen hundred and fifty-six. Signed: SENIOR CI..ASS 5 1' Qgafzfaforzdn ROSIE ANN JONES UGQ 090110141012 MA RT HA CORBIN , UIZIOZ' gzbn Wffge year C0012 yzcgauyfey Sponsored by the Lions Club to promote the traits in young men for which Dan was selected--honesty, trustworthiness, courtesy, obedience, punctuality, good judgement, good personality, respect for school property, ability to follow directions, neat appearance, ability to get along with others, and self-control under trying circumstances, Dan was also the highest ranking senior boy, WHO Qgcfoof Gommen oem en! my 22, 1956 MARTHA CORBIN - Valedictorian ROSIE ANN JONES - Salutatorian V, l- 1' , Y 1- .4 'I J!'12yiLi 5 4. F R, ' Receiving Diplomas President HUGH KENNETH MAY QI I II ,I EI E I I I I 1I Il Ii e ' I i Ti li Il 'I ll Il 4 EI 1 I5 ii II E5 . In . Ii if II 5: :I :I -I I. II II Ii Is If IE Ia I 'I I I ,I . 'I Ia II I. I I I I II EI EI EI I, LI II 3, ,. , , JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOHNNY STEED ------ Presldent DOUG MADDUX - - - - Vice Presldent CARLEEN SHUPTRINE Secretary ANA IO COSPER ----- - - Reporter 1+ -2 Q 5 , A ww V, , 'sf' N 1- mf 4 -Q if H ., ,,v5?: A A . 5-:X if wil 1' 4-.v-sq., fa' as ,N .ff Rl. 'aa' L ' Picfure L Y .,, Lf , W' 5 Noi aw- kr 1-nn-f , -'ef mf . ' ...- f AV8I'dbl6 H ' I VRR' X L ,, ,L V i ., :V 5 G ax rx. , H m y 1 M 4.--r ""s-qu? A. .m .., ROSIE BELL ALLEN SCHARLA ARNOLD CLARINE ARRANT KAY ASHER GERALD BOATMAN GEORGE BURROWS GERALD CHOATE HAROLD CLIFTON MARGIE DAY VAUGHN FLOYD SHIRLEY FRENCH MYRTLE FULTS GERALD GERMANY JAMES R. GILCREASE CECIL HAHN JA MES HOPKINS EDGAR HUGGINS WILLIAM D.. JAMES AVA IO LAVENDER DOUG MADIDUX MARTHA SUE MADDUX BETTY LOU MOAKE LILLIE FAYE MOFFETT BILLY MONTGOMERY CHA RLES MONTGOMERY JERRY MOORE EDNA RUTH MORGAN CLA UDE E . MCGA UG HEY LOIS MCGAUGHEY LYNELL PARRJSH MARY QUARLES JOHN M. REEICE Picture not available ROSA LEE RICE CARLEEN SHUPTRINE JOHNNY STEED RICHARD TOWNLEY GEORGE WILLIAMS 'H-un, .- L . ,, ..,,Am,.1 ,J if .. . 15452242451 :xg Z,ifQs2gg4g gy 3 7 J I ,gzw ,S '51 if 4 -1- S ,Q-in war if ' 2 as X I 1' if I 6 W 'gZ?,k,x I I , A , , S L is MEG? 2 GQ I ,X K 4-lion. .J JN ., X A ,QQ ,N . . , H. 5- U , 5 :Q ,1 J f A y 5 ,..v""X Y , K -N' -4'-'us AE E Y - I f EYLR A X 45 i CJhS.5' Hema 77229 10, 1956 Tyler State Park Guess Who? Let's Eat 1-me unzof' auorzfes ROSA RICE DOUG MADDUX Junzbr , M if 5 ' J ax Tyler State Park Lake, 1 w 1 5 5 1 E F A i 3 l 1: F F- f 'X I ' 53 mam 1 E5 1 'PNB- Niff ' vmmfmi we V,'LNA. 7 s ll I me few! """" 1-:--ew' dx X v - 2 'Nu' ' . 'Q' , I Q 'fix he 2 he y ' -532251521 f f , - .:, ...... M , .E-fs, .:v-' Q4 L 'az' is gli, i 'Q 1 , gif: I K 1- Q Y ,5,,Q V: lly F ' a as 6' J' soPHoMoRs .' " CLASS OFFICERS President- - - ----- Wallace Gayle Vice President ---- Jerry Gilcrease if 'Q Q ,'-rv '--- Secretary ------ Linda G. Findley I , ' D- ' 8 e hV hhx, A Reporter ------ - - - - Io M. Ash -,,:-,. s i 5 Q 1 I 5 '7'- rf' 5 K ::'-,: 1- 1 41 1 0.53 -ff - A .V ,. . W-"Xu A 4 X H A r y. . KL A k i S y vw-mean 1 , , iyf' i, 2 1 5? E S M Jo Marie Ash Alva Joy Black Connie Black Sue Boyd Manuel R. Boykin Mary Doris Carpenter Freddy Choate Charles Cummings Gary Dominy Linda Findley Wallace Gayle Jo Arm Germany 1. Jerry Lee Gilcrease Jane Hopkins Pamela Hugghins Hazel Jones Dwight Lyons Mildred Mason Jerry McCarty Donna Jean Pace Louis Perkins Matilda Perryman C. H. Pittman Glenda Robison David Scott Russell Shuptrine Doug Smith Charles L. Thomas Carroll Todd Patsy Todd Mary Ann Tullis Sue Tullis Bobby Wallace Kenny Williams Gloria Sartain Juanita Patrick iffy ' i',. ', A f. i -' P Piciure Noi' Avaulable Uv -4f""" Picture Noi' Available 'wmv Piclure Noi' Available A PAC -I J! vim I ' I T Xflxjw 0105 0122 0re gaoorzfes ALVA JOY BLACK .TERRY LEE GILCREACE QE ia il E as ii 21 I Q1 e 55 2 li ? E !. E! H EV 'I 'N I. 1: 2 I ! I i l i: il il 'I . ,, li: gn 'I A I in 'I I I I I I gw 1' H H! Iwi iii 5 I I ,I ,I 'I I ,, ,,,,,, ,, , ,,,,,, ,, , , ,IQ FRESH MEN Jerry Corbin ------- President Ray Covington ----- Vice President I0 Ann Findley - - - - - Granvel Adams Hallene Allen June Arnold Sonja Bauman Evelyn Black Jackie Boggs Marshall R. Bynum James Collins Gerald Corbin Ray Covington Don Crosby Charles Crosby Shirley Derrett Danny Felder Jo Ann Findley Mary Jane Grogan Melvin Hahn Mary Harris Minnie Harrison E. J. Holcomb Ann Knox I-Iildegar-:le Lindsey Bennie R.. Lloyd Billy Don Maddux Marie May Victor Moake Carol McCaa Virginia McGaughey Joe Sam Perry Sylvia Reed David Rice Janice Rice -aff, and . JI' ,pd-Q, nga .l"" We W 2: 'ef 'ES' X .f '-'A rv X fs. f 2 xx ESX 'Z 'Ns-A , 1 fl' -ee 1' Mix, ---v-f' Ap I -r'-v X8-I 'Q e E Q. my qi' isa' 'ls-..,... 'fin' 95. 3 savanna if ,..-v1 A Q "-'--.. I-if 44' '-1--,nv Lela Shoemaker Jerry Simmons Roy Smith Judy Thomas Jessie Wallace Yvonne Wallace Tommy Williams Jennie Sue Wooddell hh Geneva I-lugghins Martha Moses Favorltes TOMMY WILLIA MS JUDY THOMAS ,LW Q, S k"?L, i tif IE IE I , I l I f EI A I I, II I EI I1 HI II II II I1 EI II If I II II I H I I I I I Ii I1 II l I EI II 51 'I I II 'I I Q! If Il EI I I 'I I 12 Ig 'I I III II I I E 2 I! Il IIIIIII IIII I IIII IIII IIIIIII I I I IIII IIII I IIIIIII I I IIII IIIIIIIII IIII I I IIIIIIII IIII I IIII IIIIIII IIIIIIII IIII IIIIII I IIIIII I I I I I III K Q Q k W' A 5 Q .L M. X ,au x455'TH'Y7'f ' :h,fQ.idfE??,s 54 , , - f f-sv.:wwN4fz .. ,n--vm, . AW,LL,AL,LL Q www Mmm Mug? 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Q l ul Q l O 9 n Q x 5 ., ' I 1 W 1 Q ,y r 517155. fuknf Gounczf BONNIE WILSON President DOROTHY DICKEY Senior MARY JANE GROGAN Freshman DANNY FELDER Freshman RICHARD TOWNLEY Junior BENNIE F. MEYERS Sponsor JERRY MOORE Vice President IO MARIE ASH Sophomore SHIRLEY FRENCH Junior WA LLY GAYLE Sophomore BILLY FRED HOPSON Senior M, cilafjy ini' Ianni I-li lnlllll X I, 14 if-Qu - 'uni Y Y 'Y ww e1f0Y5TmC r TS ACKE ded S man ave hunger 509.5 d on lo? woted eAs0 Sammy, X vi V Cheexe K us an iootbau 6 W 5 H 3 ' HN dw M10 Soc? :fiom suvvodtgg and Cavalli men Shaw ixom San Auiusxxow se-SWG K his de' 513515 4 XAQOX e Aho Yfxggiics. hoods Xie Zi X9 '5- sm 91' a 'uve 2 Sc t qn ieaung, W 1 ' a, f eww A? T w , .MM W fi- ni? Editor - - - - Assistent Edip Sports Editors Art Editor - - Features - - - JACKETS' ZUZZ STAFF OI' - Jean Ann Payne - - -Mary Quarles - - Jerry Moore Johnny Steed - Shirley French - - Linde Findley Sue Boyd Rose Rice Social Editor ------ Sue Tullis Reporters ---- - -Shirley Derrett Mary Serpenter jonnie Wilson Scharle Arnold Correspondence ----- Margie Day Secretary - ----- Martha Corbin Typists -------- Lucille Knot Sponsors - - - Billie Adams Rosie Jones - - - . Mrs. Brittain' N-.42 .FN RAYFORD RICE MARTHA CORBIN GEORGE WILLIAMS IOY BETH ROGERS 511122 yer csfqff DAN MCGAUGHEY Business Manager CYNTHIA HENDERSON Editor EDNA RUTH MORGAN Assistant Editor RICHARD TOWNLEY Assistant Business Manager . r,,r ,,..,. Szzx fi 2 QE .TERRY CORBIN ALVA BLACK IO MARIE ASH KAY ASHER IOAN FINDLEY jlgmemakhy Zeparfmenf :Q mms ,..A..v.,.........A - 4..- b M iw-MW w, ,.,..,...i..... iwfx OFFICERS IEAN ANN PAYNE - - ------- ------ P resident ALVA BLACK ------ ----- ---- V i ce President CONNIE JEAN BLACK - - - - Secretary-Treasurer JO MARIE ASH ----- -------- R eporter SUE BOYD ---- - - - Parliamentarian HAZEL JONES - - - ----- Historian LELA SHOEMAKER - - - - Social Chairman Qsweefgearf fganfuef 5 ' 11 I if W- ,p x NEWHQN Q O 'Z' f '07 4? K 2 3 -rv P- W 4 2 9 ak O: 4 'L 0 O 57610 Q A-AR Eg OP A - i bd-wx ' H Mm, rw 4263 Dwi OFFICERS MARSHALL RAY BYNUM --------- ---- P resident GERALD CORBIN -----' - - -Vice President DANNIE FELDER ----- - - - Secretary DAVID RICE ---- - Treasurer TOMMY WILLIAMS - - - - Reporter JAMES COLLINS ------------ - - - - Sentinel E. CUMMINGS - Advisor f"S 77610 CS Cf 0 of 650121 BETTY THORN Director QAM? nie! aw Carpe' M lean Arm Payne Ruth MOI gan 7 7 QSQXMHQ Bonnie Wilson Sue Tunis LY neil Parrish joys Quarfef Harold Clifton Bill Black James Gilcrease Johnny Steed Mrs, Betty Thom Drum f qbr MARY X S 5 ,S ,MLW W WM,,,f.wwy- Q 2 2 5 it i ff fi -il 5 55 fx HE, f .gg Z1 -43545 TEA AQ in iii 15352. iiisw 16 he fiegfeasamef vga, 'sf-WSWS? Q X X .m 'Y 2? E qbreffes RUTH JO SUE MORGAN ASH TULLIS --.lg if , L V M, T4992? 5 W? ' - ' Qfffmf i'.e Q. ,S 1' Jai". JVQ T36 V4 .K Lf- Jff. 5 ff . . ' 4 7' V "- R W1 W '5' 5 V I LX Q-Af al 3 . ,J je, Q ' :my f ." Mi -, fy pf ,Q K W ' g,gg,'j' 5 jay,:"MH EJ 'sa ' ., W M - i,f315,3 Q if , 3? Ti' QE: 2 7:eW"5' 5 Q -.,- 3 'bit .f,.,w's iygl ff 322- Nl fig Sffffufffif yi' W? ' iff: "EF xiii 12, ,, ,V s K gg. my ,M .fa 4 ff- -53e5q,a5,g ar? ,QQ eff Ng. fi ,wig - H351 Q iz? 19,-iff 'K it 7 ' if AVL? ab? Y Sv yi 'K , 4 wa H W. " Q rg sigh ly, sVw,f1wfTgT.,L A gif? EE Aigf, f-54,5 xi ig iffy Q , 'U' " U wif: 'Sffrf I A lf qjiw Wi' L E qu: Wf"fffff"!55'2afv'f w'fL:?7 mufix?1':.fws'2f'iZfLii .4f1iff Y fri' , 'vs -111 5750 cgcfoofyganof Startling with top row, left to right: I, Thomas C. Boyd D. Dover Terrell Cosper Collins Rogers Germany A. Black R. Jones M. Tullis Steed B. Black C. Thomas S. Boyd Moses Whitman I. Payne Corbin Lavender S. Arnold Jeter Bice H. Lindsey H. Jones H. Payne Grogan Felder Smith Black Todd Knox Boggs Simmons Jones Harrison Holcomb Roark Cobb McCarty Womack Thomas Wallace Arnold Lindsey Dover West Gibson Crosby Mrs. Betty Thorn, Director Mary Quarles, Drum Major - Majorettes, Ruth Morgan, Jo Ash, Sue Tullis 0' EMF? Stay if we Ei P.T.A. OFFICERS MRS. LOIS WOODS President I If ,. :I II I EI II I EI ': I a I In II II II I: !: if I. II II II Zi I I . 5: ii ii gn sl 'I II II I IE III I, QI I 'I 'I I. 'I I I I I I gI II II II II ll ,I I II II II ez I! I I 'I II II II ,I II I I Coach: Johnny McClendon. Co-Captains: Lavender, Jones, Hopson, Black, Collins cgfarfzhg 531229-CMO 'District Games SEASON 'S RESULTS A LT O T HEY Garrison 15 19 San Augustine 39 '7 Rusk 0 13 Crockett 0 26 Groveton 13 0 'Cushing 26 12 'G ra pel and 20 14 'Madisonville 20 13 'El kart 26 '7 'Trinity 46 0 Bi -District, Joaquin 19 6 Regional , Crosby 12 32 I 4 Qqmglflsfrzbf 7600? 97110 yemw jacfef goofgafgeam 5 I I I l I I 3 I " Vg R431 in mv. N Q s rf' 5 . is gm i M . .. , Jah :- of wiv 1 sw Aw, X 5 1 if if R. - , flk L1 . 4525 " ff'"1kif55i7fFf'?LEf?i:i2iE ,igzwgggh 1 gy, yy .- 7- R A . 1, ,,,X H .QWl,.,b 1 A A 1 - - ,. V 4' M. - MII. - 717' wif 355'-5' ' wr -, 'SAW' - ,siwz-S375 LH. g""'D I ' ig ' , ,A , , A 1 1' - . ,ww , W - ' -W' H S Af?" DON JONES Left Tackle - 1851bs, Alto 13, San Augustin CARY COLLINS Fullback - 150 lbs. Alto 0, Rusk 13 e'7 5 Football Boys BILLY FRED HOPSON Halfback - 135 lbs, Most Athletic Boy Alto 15, Garrison 19 BILLY BLACK Halfback - 165 lbs. Alto 13, Groveton 0 1' . JIMMY LAVENDER Right Guard - 165 lbs Alto 46, Trinity 0 GEORGE WILLIAMS Right End - 130 lbs. Alto 0, Crockett 25 Football Sweetheart . . . MISS ROSA LEE RICE 'iii' 1 i Nominees . . . MISS CARLEEN SHUPTRINE and MISS SARA MASON 6 A I Football Captains, Sweetheart, and Nominees ni, . J VL L X - L, 'I ,V , hw .s., 2 .,5,.fJ'iq,-QI, I' M '. I Presenting flowers BILLY BLACK and ROSA RICE 3 ..:. ofgaff CE wee! 2earf ROSA LEE RICE w 'v -9 r. if .1 CARLEEN SHUPTRINE SARA MA SON ff AW 9200! cz A J 1112129119 10 41 Q7-S910 ff Y 1 W 5 f Z IV Z Qsweeffearf fy F? M IV A, fl! Q1 qj 2 fM , 1,?g mx . 9 X1 fv- wifi- f,w13,.5eQ'1'iffw-zr,rw,.w ...ful , J ' . xx ' was , if ' ii ga' af ,Qg' sr 1, A ,, --L,.A I 5 Q K '2 A , A 2 f A -M 5 - 12 ai 4, 5 ff - :gg ' f if , I .- P .wg . 5 Q' PETE JAMES Center - 165 lbs. Alto 20, Madisonville 13 CLAUDE MCGAUGHEY Right Tackle - 201 lbs, Alto 26, Elkhart '7 . - " - 7 , , , ra .- 5 f .L-fi ' V ' 4 2 ' 5. -1E'f'.5hsY:3 P119 ' . if am-1? . W:-2-.155-v.1.5, owlZ-5-mining,-5-wr W: gag -: A 1, -, K 15. , 1,-aww fg:f.a,a.f ' ,H--ff ' 'fi L :mfs-:xi 5 1 ' i'.:?-wifi fS?'!'EkA15t fg'fg.L-Q28 1. 1 , . , .5-if :VE 3521 . :QS ff! ifi1g:?ei' -'fC'ff9-F1 .Q1fE7.z-- ' 'Q' f 5 3 wg-fry , r. EwgQ,fYg-wi ,T iw- f.. f.,-f,-gfgwlsi, wif-f-:af-1 M -V , , W - ,. -1 V -, ,f'. W, rwai.. 5'3gsf:w '. , .,- ,11.:i3'lgqg9"1wffwfr,f-5. f. . - I . , ..,. Hd., .,,,k. W, L,k. .12, 55 1 --i-fw2v.,,g:g:312:1,1:i. ug . 2 Wa if , .Sa 5 ' 5 fi s 3 H w K if as jf, J " Uk is s R L 5 Wk A . S ,,,5, M 5. 4? A ,gas 5 5 mi fr 5 2 1 'Lle , i -' .514-3L"fN.QJ1L1 .. k?973i?kSf5'19Q, -'FWZ R k'h"fW5-H1231 'aww 1531, ,V 1 eee sum .:,iJ: ixl. :', ': ::,-: QV. Q --,--',.I -2',-5 gr ,L .- -5 ,rw-,,.,,- ao 5. fy- N., f 5 , ,,- .. - , U. 'L 7 ev, .J Aga! 4 .vw K V .. ':d,+.Q::'55"55 F5453 :v - :5': 5. i 4 ? '.35 -,., --:-45..-- . - -n. ' 4551? " ' 3? - Y 5.52251 .- 21 5555514 1. ' R '-33? If , , , ',:wf ' , .. - f are ,.k,,L , V , fmryaisw , f ,Y ,glra-ffas.ip, ,1 -lf. ,mi - g 7 fm S -455. E 1 is ff Q 5 C ,ff-f,.1-18155-rf,-lf f 5, as mi, Q N, Wm Mg S fe ,.,y:w.w.-,, s ,. ff: air' f. , f - f , 1 ,a ,Q ,aa f 1, r Km J wg . R fu , K if vs, . ,rr sf 1 R M 5 will miie SWQHEY fi aww w? A ww -5 -fa AE w Q wg, M V fi 5 was ff 5 M, .Jew 53251513 23,1 2:25, fwfew 2 gi 5 W 5 -es' 1, :Mafia Q-155 aww fa S -5, ,Wig an QW' an ww ,U S923 Ei 4, fvlqvgg' Q R552 if gf? M Jfa 2551 rfiiff J 73 1' VX if as 1 11. ff? as 1,4 -Q 41 Ab ,X f ,- . A wig' ,Q ngggai GERALD GERMANY Left End - 204 lbs. Alto 20, Grapeland 14 DOUG MADDUX Quarterback - 1451bs. Alto 25, Cushing 12 HAROLD CLIFTON Left Guard - 160 lbs, Alto 19, Joaquin 6 Bi-District RICHARD TOWNLEY Halfback - 135 lbs, Alto 12, Crosby 34 Regional n 1 r UF' fa wi Wm 'W ., Vx , gag 'frm 'lf ' ' . V A L.Q O a C Y A .Z i f-, JOHNNY STEED WAI-I-Y GAYLE TERRY GU-CREASE End - 160 lbs. Quarterback - 135 lbs. Fullback - 155 lbs. JAMES GILCREASE TERRY MCCARTY Guard - 130 lbs, End - 142 lbs. Other boys valuable to the Yellowjacket team but whose pictures were not available are: JAMES HOPKINS CECIL HAHN Center - 154 lbs, Halfback - 120 lbs. CHARLES CUMMINGS GARY DOMINY Guard - 175 lbs. Quarterback - 135 lbs. RUBE MONTGOMERY Manager JOHNNY MCCLENDON TERRY TED MOORE Coach Assistant Coach MANUEL BOYKIN Tackle - 229 lbs. LOUIS PERKINS Tackle - 170 lbs. 1' VIRGINIA GROGAN Senior ,X-,-, P24-'1.N - ' Lu. mv- A -' I MARGIE DAY Junior A c "I' A A A ,... IEAN ANN A f ee' ea er PAYNE so .,:V e ' .:., A, X S 7 LINDA FINDLEY Sophomore SONJA BA UMAN Freshman D QQ' WY! I un for f 7 OOZZQU U d x 31121614 Ggegfk Eyg akfs yemw jacfef Z9a.slef6aHA , eams A" TEAM "A" TEAM B" TEAM 5 B x A SKET TEAM WITH 'Y 5?-X I if X f .Sy 656 BA SKI:-T Q.. 0 Q 'Y x Q TEAM 331: fbzlrfrzcf Qgasegaf Gfamps BILLY F, HOPSON - - BOBBY WALLACE ------ RAYMOND WALLACE "NUB" SELMAN ------- LENARD FULTS - - BILLY BLACK -------- CLAUDE MCGA UGHEY DOUG MADDUX - - - RAYFORD RICE - - - First Base Second Base Third Base Short Stop Left Field Center Field Right Field Catcher Pitcher KENNY WILLIAMS - - - - Pitcher GEORGE WILLIAMS - - - -Third Base WALLY GAYLE - - - - - Left Field JOHNNY STEED - - - - -First Base IERRY GILCREASE - - - - -Right Field IAMES GILCREASE - - - - Manager TERRY TED MOORE ----- Coach S X I YSTT SL A GGSQ vi X I4 L5 Q mir' S Q Football District Bi -Di strict KENNETH MAY All -Tournament Trophy Trophies Basketball lm M5 : ii i 0 T is Baseball District Bi -District Junior High Three Trophies X ,M , 1 1 5, 5 li Z , Ss -is Qzoofgafxyjanyuef QD . . . ecemger 9 1955 MCCLEND ON 42" - rf 1 C OACH and MRS . HOST ESS 4 W ff f ' -..m.,z,v eb Wi.. 4, - ,sf-W , -"- QM. ,..,. ,A fy. W 'T '1 a . I H fi Q K' K MU SKC Q, it W "?'?lL..,.f M N an S1 E xl E !E E V :I if '! il iE 15 r! I! il 21 Ei i? H ,E E ,S E2 'I I 3 1 r I ,S gi 1 . A' . M: M li gl nl nz 111 w L S 1 i i :I Q! I is 'I il: If I I :I . il si! wav' df ff ,.,,-vunvlt' ' if ' r 5:'f ' " ' 1 JAMES GRAMMER Principal MRS, A NOLA MARTIN MRS, HELEN QUA RLES MRS, DELIA BOWEN iv .r""'9' Foffwii dn..-A, fm I wp-fs MRS. Lols WALLER 3 I it MRS. I. D, BOONE MRS. THELMA SHATTUCK MISS RUTH WILLIAMS H., gg RX 5 MRS. IEAN PEARMAN ENN- MRS. HM HA RGROVE MISS EDITH HENDRICK MRS. A.E. DANHEIM yq,..S,.,, Au. CZQZZZGIZ fary Qslauorzfes Nancy Boyd Robert I. Kolb Fay Crosby Gale Baugh Sharon West Gerald West Wanda McGaughey Clyde A. Weaver Sue Cummings Donny Sartain Gail Black Ray Johnson Anita Shuptrine Kenneth Findley Linda Lee Payne Danny Weaver Cheryl Thomas Noel Bradford Barbara West Norrie Felder Virginia Williams Rayford Smith Picture Pidure Na+ Na+ Available Available X .M ' :i1i,.,v , ifrfftsqif z ,. xfsszwsffg-1E"'i Yin "J, ' i . '. ,.liEVi-1535 1 2259 "ii H ' ' 1. ': 'la :mf 5 r I ' , If f.'E41fkf"f' -f , ar. , f,,. C , -as ..,f..: fs-, fg - -rm-gg 'K ' 15 W.:-L':-M 35 'lf' K Mig .- 1: ,flij gy,-j' K f -3, -wang , -- 'ij . , I C N y yr l 5-1,5 " Ljm: - - vi Q. if gf za 5 Ji ,, 9 12- H F gf. Q' 1. MRS. DELIA BOWEN aw Mm l iran' 'E 1 N ' nv Qigfg 'a 5, V .ff A at wm ' MRS. LOIS WALLER ,..x ku is J ff L 1 :S MRS. I. D. BOONE -nik JF' as in 3.13 . L... Sk T' Xe ma ...w Q-v"""' x 3 ...M dull' MRS. JEAN PEARMAN if 5 Xf5 EiE h A 'WE Q E v 'EL-,.---' Zhyf f?faf? Mrs. Danheim 56-A00fy30afJ President - Jim Bauman Durwood Rogers Fisher Harrison N .- , ? . if 4.', ' 'K '- i fl 1 lik. K A VV ,,:.' '-E,, a n , gs - A e o n n xxx J A S 2 x.. Lewis Thomas Richard Johnson Harmon West S K im?-, 4, . , K W M,- W f wfkiiisfa 3 L9 ,ff-' lfffl s nuff? I Jim Wilson 576x039 C5QI'UQ I THE CUSTODIANS Mr, and Mrs. Harmon Felder RXA wi CAFETE . gghet . tue, UW , wus. Ha attic Dom . 6 COUWS H -- NMI M is Agni ,Ce Norte K Ni - germ Head goo I -i - X,-' 'E -I J ir 1- , ICI, Xyq I 15 A As" M ,, ,.. V XX 7 ,Q . IA-W , 1 1 If ,- I ' JL iq X Q W 5 .fb , 'S'-Q W Z 11111 A ' iff K- . f ,b--Q M ,W 1 , , U , my jr 2 j f A W ww ' M ,Nm lf f I' . Q A NA my 5 A xg iq! THE BUS DRIVERS 'M-... I. R. Merriwether Roy Brooks C. W. Bostick S.J, Earle Ivanson Mynard Gabe Adams VQZFT ' an ' 'N "W MMF ff I-v'1'lln.A3 L 'S ,mx W :P ""' M.. if ,m' ,r Wa, ww ,m ,HM , u, , w EM- +,.murr nu' SEV! .' Human Q, 2 wif, q 4 5 f fm ? 1 Q, nr F A L inf 555 5 g 4 9 A A , '41 V M . 1. 3' V M 4 ,M f-LJ 5 1 , fe ,H,,,u,J ,,,W! ,W L+ Yu, JV If Yr , aww 4 -3 OX 17 unzbr- CSQI2I'OZ' ZGIY 711 74p,1,f Senior Win fx junio' Pf0PheCY . . Ka Down Among the Sheltering Palms Isle of Fredonia fifx' -,,.i 72 3 W paka h1 S P3505 Ojfkyyanyzzef cna Q7 WH P: 'M J 15- Y- Q H 1-" W W n WJQ ,W"":,M M M51 A MH 1 1 . M L . N 'V W 1 L 01' NNMWW 5'-?H CJOUIUQJ gf 55- U6 Married Married Engaged Joy lim Courtin' Go1n Steady Gom' Steady f fc? S Engaged SQQQ Ifl was I' Sara Ear COUIUH1 M sb 'Q ' QQ' Kilgore College Rangerettes GUBSIE NELL DAVIS .j640,.,, ZXM TELEPHONE an Jbuiw Denman HAUEN cAoraograpAcr March 28' 1956 L. N. Cam JPONJOI' Miss Cynthia Henderson, Editor Alto High School Stinger Alto, Texas Dear Miss Henderson: My, but you have beautiful women and handsome men in your schooli For over a day now, I have looked decided, changed my mind, decided again and finally figured I would have to draw straws to be able to select the most beautiful girl and the most handsome boy. It was a hard decision. May I congratulate the winnersl Miss Carlsen Shuptrine. . . . . . . . .Most Beautiful Girl Mr. Cary Col1ins...............Most Handsome Boy Thank you for giving me the honor of selecting these winners. Sincerely, Gussie Nell DaViS Director r V 1 V . ' 4 E f PAV N E LLJ MBE12 CO Wm AW. . . TO GREATER VALUES LLH-:K I N FOUNDRY 8: MACHINE COMPANY Lufkin, Texas With Compliments of SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT BILL VINING R usk 1 See .HWHENINTHE I H ICKS FINE FUUD CAFE ljl 6 Z 0 Munn FDR I Alto, Texas AIZIZAN I 'S 'fs' 'U'-'CV 415 AT ALL GRO. - MKT, X , 5 RZQTIMES Q5 See Special Price ip cf 2 ROBERT OH C MCCLURE Meats -' 4'... 1 ,,,, , ...1. 1 a, Q . . M Alto, Texas We De11ver ' Alto, Texas Phone 162 Compliments of FLOWER SHOP Alto, Tex. Compliments of IDCDWLINEI 5s.IG Alto, Tex. ZMZZWZQZZZM ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. Alto, Texas CLYDE POORE Local Mgr. IVIADDUX CUSTOM FEED GRINDING Alto, Texas 41 UU X O O Q O IIG M1 OH O usuuwm O O I o - BOTTLING CO. "Nothing Does It Like Seven Up" Jacksonville, Texas I A 7up I ii T-W MARTIN MOTORS Chrysler - Plymouth Dodge Trucks 900 N. Main St. Rusk, Texas Phone 55 Night: 355-W GEORGE W. MARTIN Home Telephone 355-W jimi Zim! SAVING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION R usk, Texas C ompliments of A STOVALU5 ' CLEANERS W y T175 Z TZITEI Processes Rusk, Texas ZW? JEWELERS Diamonds - Watches Engraving - Watch Repair Phone 507 Rusk, Texas Rexall Nyal MOSELY DRUG STORE We Specialize in Prescriptions - Gifts for All Occasions Phone 44 Rusk, Texas Compliments of J. E. Mc CART Y COUNTY SURVEYOR Phone 426-W Rusk, Tex. Compliments of Sl-Ill-.TTLJCIQ GRO. 8: MKT. Rusk, Texas our Q3 E .ff 0 Qlii ' 'E I WATTYS 'MDEPENDABLE W MQ M SPORT sHoP DRUG for V 1 G 1 Jacksonville, Texas we getty: Walaec Co so I . . ZZ 5625 5 fx at co. N gdh T Wm! lfffgmzg -944,4 QW 4 I El E ? Exim I 5 C,omPumentS fa. M ww TY sane gi- Piacksong-:Sie , T exa 3 at 9 ...WWA f,,,,,,.. JACKSONVILLE MOTORS Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY Jacksonville Rusk JAMES E. MCGAUGHEY, Mgr. JACKIE HANNE, Mgr. Congratulations, Seniors if Compliments of LON MORRIS COLLEGE Officially accredited as a first-class Junior College by the Texas State Department of Educa- tion, the Association of Texas Colleges, Texas Junior College Association and the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schoolsg approved by the American Medical Association for pre-medical workg member of the American Association of Junior Colleges. ,- . "Covers South Cherokee County Like the Dew Covers Dixie" F. L. WEIMAR F. E. WEIMAR Compliments of GTZAY ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contractors and Appliance Sales Jacksonville , T exas J. B. 'S BARBER SHOP Wells , Texas Compliments of MERCANTILE ' Wells , Texas WOODS DRUG, INC. Rexall Drug Store Jacksonville, Texas BLJDDNWS DRIVE INN Rusk, Texas Box 132 Ph. 352W C ompliment s of SINGLETARY Complete Line Infants' and Children's Wear 'We Cater to the Young in Heart" 22.0 So. Main Jacksonville, Texas Compliments of WHITEIVMXN FOODS GUS WEIDA WARREN T. Alto, Texas Complirnents of COLEMAN LUMBER AND SUPPLY Quality Building Materials Rusk, Texas C omplime nt s of S!-I E12 I FF Wm hmm CHEROKEE COUNTY Phone 12 Compliments Q C 1. t fx J OTIIP 1I1'16I'1 S " J. C. VV I I.L. I A M S MWQJWL Texas' Oldest Weekly Newspaper Rusk, Texas TEXACO AGENT Alto and Rusk Congratulations Senior Class 1- PE A12 MAN Q' ,, K' 5 X Z . CHEVROLET co. "fig, Telephone 236 Alto, Texas f c.AJ tLJL.a.J..z...!. I: " " ' il' "I CITIZENS gm? lfmg Member F. D. I. C. Rusk, Texas fmffmewmlfwfz- 5 IIATI: BAN I4 Member F, D, I. C. F IISEQJEZTEQQQEL . :. lA,",'. l Thirsty or Not ' D rink G rapette INSUEQSKNCE - WM, QQAPETTE - BOTTLING CO. ,O - pus I ' ii Rusk, Texas Rusk, Texas p ..,. Phone 2.08 we we ELQKEBIEEGS HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Sporting Goods Philco Appliances E12 LJ NTS Ladies' and Chi1dren's Phone i ' Ready-to-Wear V' 4- -- O Phone 134 xii - -1 pi y- 'T Alto, Texas X g7fZacQ15c6" Tl2EADVVEI.L.'S S4416 DRY GOODS 4,1 A 1 A ' ' 9 For p S l4NlG.l-WSE S gain W 5 4 w STORE 7-in A 'Z' A o, exas Phone 109 Alto, Texas It T 5 'BEALL 1312055 Quality Merchandise Wwflwzvfmffw Stop West Side of Square Shop Compare Dry Goods - Clothing Rusk, Texas Shoes Phone 275 Rusk, Texas C ompliments of wi , i-1 Exb I-l.C.JCl-INSON . J 'Eg' Q g AUT Q2 REPAIRS 22,515 S!! V Wells, Texas Phone 29 Compliments of jmi 250 751412 Wells, Texas Hardware and Furniture Established 1893 CASON, WION I4 AND COMPANY Nacogdoches, Texas Compliments of CI-4 A P MA N W if affzkfzl DRUG Quality Merchandise When in Rusk Come See Me "S 8: H" Green Stamps Rusk, Texas Phone 184 Rusk, Texas Phone 91 Compliments of ig GARAGE Jacksonville, Texas Compliments of " TUBBY" ANDREWS LUMBER CO. Yellow Pine Lumber Building Material Wholesale Retail Phone 5294 - 5295 Jacksonville, Tex, Compliments J, C. PENNEY CO. , INC. Jacksonville, Tex. QPENNEY' j A1WAYS FKRST QUALITY Compliments of COSPER'S STORE Compliments of E. B. MUSICK, JR. Zwf JEWELERS Gifts for All Occasions Nacogdoches, Texas J. I-I. SCI-JCC I-I LEE Paint, Leather Goods and Sporting Equipment Phone 342 Rusk, Tex. Compliments of WWW? Lufkin, T exa s For Old Line Legal Reserve Insurance Hospitalization, Sickness, and Accident Insurance Call I. H. TAYLOR A ME12 I CAN GENERAL LIFE INS. CO. Office Lufkin, Texas "Your Success Begins 6 Compliments T, Q f Where NBC Training Ends" 1 an O v 4 HC 'tt f lt, THE .M s , JACKSONVILLE W 044' .. -, Dm uv BUSINESS COLLEGE Nacogdoche s , T exas 'PIZOGIZES5 Jacksonville , Texas 1 EAI l.3C2Y'5 CHEVROLET STATION Authorized Sales and Service Telephone 7 Wells, Texas M122 DEPARTMENT STORE The Friendly Store for the Entire Family Nacogdoches , Texas Compliments of BIZOOKSHIIZE BROS. GROCERY Rusk, Texas ZERO FOOD LOCKERS Complete Processing Service for Lockers and Home Freezers Phone l 51 Rusk, Texas See El.. WDOY LE WMM for Your Lumber Needs Alto, Texas Phone 1022. -ZR Pause.. Jacks onville , T exas C ompliment s of Ximian! FURNITURE CO. Jacksonville, Texas -I-I ,AT-I-I CD12 N BUTANE GAS CO. Gas Appliances and Plumbing SILVIN HATHORN, Owner Phone 50 Wells, Texas Compliments of ISSACTS MOTOR CO. Rusk, Texas Compliments of zwfff COURTS Galveston, Texas Make Your Home Complete With Gas From BLU -F LAME GAS CO. Alto, Texas COMMUNITY BUILDERS I-IAIZNIO N WEST Alto, Texas 1, Phone 79 ,ff'43f'ifT9Z'Q 6 I ALTO fo Y' V ' J C5 ' IS OUR ZX 4 6 km 77 WW Vwfmfg fm OT Compliments of -U l W2 """"ff" PE ARM A IXI HI' If MOTOR CO. Kzml: Dodge Sales and and Plymouth Service Alto Compliments of R-I-2 rw. 5PA12KIVlAN'S GRO. J. Q, 4-1 I 1.1. Phone 119 A1110 Phone 129 Alto Compliments of 1'3L.,f.xc:n4S IDEAL CLEANERS Alto, Tex. C ompliment s of KELLY ww, DUNSMOIZES GRO. Phone 201 Alto For Your Gro. Needs See ME.. WI LLI AMS Compliments of 1- HE WW ifmfew Alto, Tex. For Farm Products M0 65' 3- h l - ' g see FURNITURE CO. "' 5. .' JI" -W. We Specialize in Cedar LONE STAR ARC, Texas Alto, Texas Compliments of Rusk, Texas Compliments of C I-I E120 KEE ABSTRACT CO. Rusk, Texas Compliments of YOU NEED IT I JACK5 'Abt gg SERVICE ' I STATION M ' L. O. CAMPBELL Proprietor !': Alto, Texas RICHARD JOHNSON INSURANCE KENNEDY V 1 AGENCY CLEANERS Ti was YA ii-7 Q i CARL A, DICKEY, Operator Alto, Texas Phone 146 -rv- vt -vw., Q.- AND Alto, Texas SA VE ,AAIIII I A.. A r QW , tt For Comfort For Durability For Style Shop at BEARDENS ' ' FURNITURE co. t 1 'tot 'T tif4: --.::-- MYE12 Tyler , Texas ' I + 4 MP1 'll T Q AE 6 Compliments QNX ' ' 5 of It U QUE? QU url M p g Ji! ! SERVICE She's Been to STATION ROZELLE BROS. J Phone 98W Rusk, Texas S fowl! Quad 7444! f BEAUTY SHOP fs Q 1 C is at ZQZW! Alto, Texas 5- SCH MIDT BOY D 'S N1 AC Y I-IOLLI E DEER!-:TT BUILDING CONTRACTOR I-H-VVAY C011-LL ESHCDF9 Phone22 For the Best in Furniture LYO N 5 BUTANE GAS CO. PM-iq lhnnuuinqgg FORD MOTCR CO. BELJNT :S VVI-HTEMAN B12UNT'5 BUILDING MATERIALS Phone 196 INA E N' 5 NAART AMO Phone 16 ALLEN'5 FUNERAL HOME Phone 246 - 254 STE! BLI NG-SM ITH FUNERAL HOME QWHWKWZZX fha? If M 53 Years of Efficient Service Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 64 Alto, Texas COSPER'S STORE General Merchandise Phone 69 Alto JOE'S BARBER SHOP LOUISE BEAUTY SHOP Alto, Texas Rusk, Texas S' EOE-3El2'5 GROCERY Phone 200 Alto, Texas We wish to thank our loyal supporters--the merchants and our many friends--for their part in making possible our 1956 Yearbook, THE STINGER, and it is the sincere desire of the staff that you--our readers--give them your loyal sup- port and in some way express your appreciation for their loyalty in helping to make "A BETTER YEARBOOK FOR A BETTER ALTO HIGH SCHOOL." Compliments of LEE MOTOR CO. DAVIS AUTO SUPPLY STOVER'S CAFE HOLCOMB MOTORS WEBB'S DRESS SHOP GLASGOW MOTORS KNOX RAY BANTY CAB WESTERN AUTO JACKSONVILLE FLOWER SHOP PERRY BROS. E. B. MUSICK, JR. BABCOCK BROS. NICHOLUS STUDIO FLOWERS GROCERY RUSK HOTEL ALTO HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS 1955-1956 Alto, Texas l ay s n With this year's annual we have introduced a new idea toward selecting the most beautiful and most handsome nominees--that of submitting the pictures to a celebrity. We agree with the choices of our judge. Mrs. Gussie Davis, director of the Kilgore Rangerettes. The decisions were indeed hard ones to make. It is our hope that you, the student body, will accept this method of selecting the future favorites, as these candi- dates have been chosen for their beauty and handsomeness, not for their popularity. THE STAFF gina Wafer Hail to thee, dear ALTO HIGH SCHOOL We have loved you so And we'11 iight to keep our honor As through Life we go. Yes, we'11 always be together Heart, if not in Soul Hail to thee, dear ALTO HIGH SCHOOL Till we've reached our GOAL. sl Yilrbwks Are TAVLOR-MADE DR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS. YEXA5 l 9 V E, Q 5: . 'I 3 My ,Dx w , L?"ffTl A ' - ff 'j W , A, Ar' d'2' x 'x 1' 6 ' - k a v . SW 5 Q9 1 mlm-a5+ nfl. Ka-1 :4 A fj ' . "ji, oi-Fengg, Z ' M We, -3 v 6 5YX-nXe.txe,i"f'? .A-"7'yv6w WMM 05451 U' ' was Ni? Q ,QM Jawa' J I xfvfsvff 'L 'f"??jewWi yP?!?l-'cm J' B44f4f,aaA,:2 xx xg - We 9945 ww 36 tx ff' W S P 9 vez-, ,Bx,w ' -wi x '7' -, 'T -4 J A .., ...-.4,.. ,N x 4 -1.3 my 1 45 35 ' -if A 2, AY fs,.,,, . . ff '-iixik .3 1 ' ii, -2 1 -iw x ' 7 R E? .N .ek N h W -yn ,- - A y -N, R f Sw. I-2 A .kg 'QM 4-I4 I ' Q J R 'XB ' 1 il' 'i Q x ' V I ' ' T 'ix V1 I- g I. .V J X . -th . N Igu- 3 Q 'X E if A dz 7 Y QR. Q V 'N I A ag, Q .X , A , is Q, x -5. - A PN. ' 5 3 s - 'X - f . Ai. 1, - V 1 ' . l ,iv . . A A x V 41' H .,.,- .. I ,, fl . 4Q:',g-,,1M'5 ff.-BIA - .,,..,v.f,U X - ... , xxgx ,X ,- T., -xxxg.nx1'HFl?S:n-.xxxkxxxxxxxxxxxxx 'A I My NTS 1 !WMl7WWiWZ7WWf w 3 ,S E M YM fri .LZ T Li P L 'X "4 WZMWZFZMNQSKWW

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