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'Mr , , ,, .. . , f , ., , - , . - ' . . 1- fc ' . . , - - 134, V 'ff ,A ,fag- I Q ' 'WL Q ' ' A . , . . . 4. , 1 . I I ,. . ,, ., Zvi: ,f,,,, U 1 h f ' .ri 2 I V - azz- ' w -, f, rf'f.,1 '. it .,,.. W. W. My ... 5. , -M xg.,-.V-,..1..' , ,. 1 -gduvn ' 1xx4.,i-,fm-sq-um.-.Mg,,,fa.1 Jr, I I , K-ff of eu! , . - Mypnaaq-3 -, l 5. I: E Z 2 2 2 T !A 1 Q -371,3 Wynn: se 5 THJUHQQQM 7 5-S--em 41 1 y 4 3 4 Q 4 1 . ,.l 4 7' i I 5 1 Z x is 7 SHIP-f.E'I LENARD 1 Editor i 1 : Salou!-0:11 ALTO HIGH SCHOOL Alto, Texas 74556 af Bureau 7wzewoul Dedcmzm fidwawamzzw 7444614 Semfofw Www Sapdomofzea ?fze44mea Slemealawzy ?4aofa6z'e4 0-zgandgatchm Azdkzm Awww ffdaamm 'J QKXX gov! Xefai oogoo do 'Goff -C035 'oodl- s ixogo oovl, qoo vim 1ec,aXX fl atkoos ei-Qeiv vwvoe, 'otooqgm Ko ive, oasis so go wwe, rbaoq gem Qmootgo Qoxs S5555 aooom zoo H eooeskoq oox sooook. whom ok Qoogo xo Xxiefoq -Coe smgox oi ao oxo Kixooifs Race . Wie, We Psooom Svaii, ixooesexq 'ooQ0 iowa 'Coe x ' Y X955 5'iXx4C:fg-Rx QIXXX 'oexo sqooxeuwl o fqoox sc,'oo0X G ' Amp. Wai Kxbixogqoo X01 oo fa sefgiixixsoeox gixggox YS Y 4 ko -me Rome. No oxso Nooo0 was xx vwvoxoo 'goo XR ' okosex xo qooxososeoxixxovoi. eww vooq goaq oovoo N N X Kovgoxxoo io imc xo cove, . R A, XT4em1ooXoYQLoxo ioaov- QXX fC0e,?o.ooXv3 , sxooooxs, zookoeooswooxxoxoboosxogow-ogoys'ooov-Qossioxe, Xe! W Sow do oxesoox so qoo, swoooxs ooo? ooowq ofa f woo, goo! Xfbinbf qooivoovf. Soxxxefq xffooxo Y-,oxxos x X Q ' I o u . D ' q s 8 ' u 7 ' 1 ' - Q . ' 1 5 , Q. 1 C I 1 b- Q - 1' - Q , - v-'--.' b'h...A? :,3.' . ..'u:f...' :Hr 'I , It ll: .,'.. .,1 -AL,-J .3 I: L 1' P,-L.: 1' !f,'4 v3'.y-2--, -, as li-v-:Q L.s'j,vg3 Z..-Q 35,15 4 . I4 5,11 552,-?3.t' -V513 i'.42fi:I ' ' 1'-fwffzza .uk O f - h: ' u a,.-tl ff, '. 1 ,. '-gm.. .L ,K agar.: fax' .5 :Li alma' aw Because we are grateful to you for ----- eaching us to observe the rules of life, ncouragement when we were deeply depressed, emonstration of good character, aking us stop and think before we act, ffering your leadership and guidance, 0 pen faith of the classes of '54, eminding us of memories we have enjoyed in our school days together, ndeavoring to guide us, without dominating us. It is but an humble effort to show our appreciation for your many years of hard work and leadership. Never before has there been any- one who is any more worthy than MR, TED MOORE, and we only wish that there were something even greater that we could do to express ourheartfelt thanks to him for helping to make Alto High a better and more outstanding school. We, the Stinger Staff, do dedicate to you--- our annual of 1954. Snapshots- - - - -Floyce Lindsey Glenda Gayle Layouts- - - - -Cynthia Henderson Larry Holcomb 74eS' SW! Shirley Lenard- - - - Editor Betty Moses- - - - Assistant Editor Ouida James - - ----- Business Manager Ford Johnson- - - - - Assistant Business Manager Layouts- - - Secretary- - Art Editor- - - - Sports Editor- - - - - Sunny Terrell - - Kenneth May Bobby Chapman - - - Glenda Smith - Leroy Corbin 913061 'oe sxeodxmes 06 vacxckxass su emmexxdeox as ul x xe,A xo Coe Qxowsa 0 ooo vivo odewcaxxds swdeox Quo X610 66 'ws xmdqmq., :Keene ak g0axe,uaXvL ive, cgeat xivgxod oA bemq, gum was 2 XS ossx'0Xe, ems what me xo Qxoq, te, iowie oi ine Emo 'sovixx e x10g0 edxa 'Y K' ' sa ' oi a ' e ....b'.: .zlizl I Q . . QQ . K 3.0.9 e, xx 'of sa ao ' ' wow eu Q ' 'Lo ' ' e, ' e,- go ' ' ed ' ' Sc, ooX 5 GY, an secoses xo e 9 sxos a ea QXXXXQSX X XXX XX Xs 210016 oi owe w1eX doo oi qvwq ui em X9 'awe 'me AQQBQ K scxfmq, -Aviv ox exs 'sos esxsexa op s 50 ox ees anis ag Xexve ma axes ease soo o -66 Kao vu o a Xle wi Qoioe mio -.1169 gow. Xfle and fm ooogboebw xx-360 vi we q,oaXso Xxie -AXXX Xee 1oq'9e oem em g0XXXaQQ esi A me-sw, gcc c, 1 o 'oo e oo v1XXXee+1ex Koa e wax wi x p,Xxo Xp f50XXooX ooxmux ov eaxesx w11Xeq, we no 1 an wipe mage QA xx XQXNQ, oi agobxuoo ca -a'oXe o Genoa do sqoowwe Qcofle gewes xob ions 40X QNXO Ovzwfoo YXXQG XXQOXYKSXQXQ X fc19'2L.w,. wsiww www 'I XX00 'e. ex vi X e, 'oo s sg ' a ' ' xx ' , o ' ' ' XX 'oextevoof 10 6 649, M sis XX Q' 'K . 'Xoi6e6 do M14 Q A X e xv quxwxe Qs X 'X' ' e s, XX e ' Q quo- ,sa K' 'em A ws Q so xo so ge XX gesfx e. vie Q 1 cbs ea XX Q Q' ' e gs' 'Q e' is ee 5 ' s, Q 1905 5 ' vw e A106 e. 1. . 10 . gc . .9 gauze! of Education We wish to thank our Board of Education for their ever-present interest and leadership during the past year. What they have done in our behalf will serve as an inspiration for us to strive toward even greater achievements in the fu- IUIC. President - - - - - H. D. ROGERS Vice President - - - - HOYT LYONS Secretary - - - - S.F. HARRISON IIM BAUMAN FLOYD LINDSEY RICHARD JOHNSON L.H. THOMAS P. T. A. OFFICERS ,, ,, . , , , , h uk KW MR, TED MOORE Science and Mathematics Driver's Education MRS, INEZ W, EGGERS Commercial and History Annual Sponsor MR, JACK NICAR Principal History and Civics MR, EARL CUMMINGS Vocational Agriculture MISS JOSIE ALMA WATTERS English and Speech MRS, GWEN RIDLEHUBER Band Director MR. JOHNNY WALDIE Physical Education Mathematics MISS IO FRANCES ROBERSON Home Economics SENIORS x...,, E S fun.. 41 f'au0' I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President- - - --------- - - BOBBY CHAPMAN Vice President ---- ---- S HIRLEY LENARD Secretary-Treasurer - - - MARY EVELYN PAYNE Reporter ------- - - - FLOYCE LINDSEY CO1-OPG Green-White FLQWEPQ vvhire Carnation MOTTO: Here endeth here beginneth. LW?-W3-'s .Ma lf! L' .. ir- 1' X A . Q . ,Q IZ QR? nf -! x . ,.. BOBBY CHAP X + iw , 1 9, , , we 12 A , 5' 'Ps . 52: 'P Xxx. S . :INK I. W., ' I K .. A x 1 XXX- 'dw ' sv Q1 OVE TRUETT MADDUX BOBBIE MARTIN M JIMMY MORGAN ELMINA MYNARD MARY E, PAYNE ZELMA PRICE MILDRED RICE PATRICIA SCHOCHLER GLENDA SMITH SUNNY TERRELL mm' .W , ,M-.W I H , i A fl, , I if 'S . ,, ,W Mg, gi, . ' W i Ulf in i' sn i. . 'lgwf '- ,M - 40? ,, 1 ' l I' ww.. f , ffl 'M Ie at YN' L ' s Cen orfy 'W ' af ol, 969 e 8 5: Q66 born eye - e a 'J' 1 '90 'fires 3-9: 0 sled S' ne Of qnaqev 3 yOu .Q ' A .QQBYXC1 xdta- ' SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 adyou Metlet Presents ' C RTAIN G01 G UP! By Gregory Johnston A Comedy In Three Acts THURSDAY, MAY 6, 1954 7:45 P. M. ALTO HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM CHARACTERS Miss Irene Burgess ,,,,,.........,..,... -- ---Patricia Schochler Lorry fborettay Fuller -------..---.----- ------ G lenda Smith Nancy Leveridge --.--- ---- S unny Terrell Miss Carolyn .Moran ----- ------- O uida James Miss Henrietta Rivers .--- ....... M aggie Hardy Elsie Hunter --.-.-.---- --.. J ay Nita Holcomb Sylvia Moore ..------ ---- Elm ina Mynard Janet Young --.. --.- - Shirley Lenard .Ioan White -------- ---LaVonne Collins Kyle Roberts - ---- ------- ---.- Fl o yce Lindsey Mr. Norman Carter -.....--- -.-.. Le roy Corbin Andy 1Andrewy Fullbright --- ---'lbrry Koraska Jocko Guthrie --------. .-.. -.--- .T i rnmy Morgan Milt Sanders ..--.--..-- ..----- Do n Mart Love Buck 0'Hara .-.-.-.-.. - .......... Bruce Cumby Mr. Tony Peterson - ...-.........-.-.-...--..--.- Harlan Harrison Mr. Richard Leveridge --........-.---------- James Ernest Holcomb Extras: Sybil Fitts, Mildred Rice, Zelma Price, Glenda Gay-le, and Bobbie Martin TIXFHNJCAL STAFF Director ---------,----,A- -------- ,,-,,,, M i gs Josie Alma W3ll9fS Stage Manager -------g A--- -V---, A,,- ,,,, ---- i M r . Ea rl CummingS Assistant Stage Manager --- ....a---- f---- - - ---- Bobbi' Chapman Technicians --w---,------. y--,Y,,,, - -Kenneth Dover, Earl Dover Prompiers -------------- -... M ary Evelyn Payne, LHYTY Holcamb I! Ar 1 ist 11. ' e l ne Om N iv one Show Orman 1. 'ogg on 8 V6 con? Munn NSY ig-i ,, L Supper time at Greenville, Park Delayed home because of a loose wheel Texoma Lodge I I 60601 Lake Texoma Lake Texoma Lodge A beauty contest on the Id1e Time Bopping was supper time attraction PROPHECY OF THE JUNIOR CLA SS OF 1953-54 I am very sorry but due to the fact that my husband is in Alcatraz, he could not be present tonight to read his version of the prophecy for the Senior Class of 1953-54. Due to all the questioning that he received during his trial, I was beginning to fear for his little bit of mental balance. This is the reason that we were in the office of the famous psychiatrist, Dr. U. R. Nutty, for one of his famous treatments. Dr. Nutty decided to put my husband's tired mind into the past and see what was troubling him, but for some strange reason his mind went into the future ------ He said: I see a neat little cottage with the name LOVE CITY LAUNDRY on the mailbox. After a successful year in the Metropolitan Opera, Patricia kindly consented to return only to the prosperous city of her high school days. I see Donald Mart lazily rocking the triplets while Patricia weighs the incoming laundry. In the uptown section of Alto I see a large grocery concern with the sign ALLEN AND SONS fall thirteen of themj. On closer inspection I see that Glenda Smith is in charge of the cash register. While I am talking with Buster, he tells me that Earl Dover won top honors in Madison Square Garden as a BRONCO BUSTERI ! I He is ably assisted in his career by his wife, Maggie, who won top honors as the world's best trick rider on her new horse, Old Sad Sack. I find that after ten years of constant work the Alto swimming pool has been completed under engineering ability of Sir Bobby Chapman who served as Chief Engineer in Africa under the Queen of England. On my tour of this munic- ipal project, I heard the applause of the crowd as the mighty lifesaver, Kenneth Dover, had just rescued LaVonne Collins who has been swimming for exercise and has now reduced to 165 pounds, I noticed that Terry Koraska, the king of the roller rinks, is making a public appearance at the U Will Fall Rink here in dear old Alto. Now I seem to be drifting over familiar territory, Dear Old A.H, S. The football field looks natural with Coach yelling at the football squad, but wait! That coach is Bruce Cumby, former player with the Chicago Bears. Then - who is that old bald-headed man sitting over there on the end of the bench? Why, it's Coach Waldie. When I asked him what happened to all of his pretty curly hair, he murmured, Why don'tLyou remember Mrs. Waldie. I entered the building and was graciously greeted by Mr. Boone who was there still teaching Plane Geometry, I-Ie told me that Miss Watters had retired and he had employed Zelma Price to teach English and Speech. After being graduated from Texas University, Zelma got her Masters Degree from Columbia University in New York. I heard much laughter and talking in the halls and upon my inquiry, Mr. Boone told me it was the Morgan twins, Susie and Franklin, who acted much as their father did when he was in school. As I left the building, which is now a six story affair, I stumbled over the broom which the janitoress, Mary Evelyn, had left there. Since the coaching job didn't pay much, Bruce had consented to let her help bring in money this way. While walking down Silk Stocking Avenue, I looked up and saw a huge neon sign, HOT SPOTS FOR BOBBIE SOCKS Holcomb and Holcomb proprietors. As I looked in, there was James Ernest greedily feeding the juke box and Jay Nita was dancing with that good-looking Leo Hicks. I entered the establishment and was greeted by our old schoolmates, Syble and Mildred. I inquired about my different high school friends, and they told me they were visited each Christmas Day by David Allen, who gave up the social life of Alto to become a banker in his beloved city of Rusk. Glenda Gayle, now his wife, uses the knowledge she acquired in bookkeeping and shorthand to help David Allen in the Bank. Looking over at a corner table, I see a man counting his pennies and mumbling to himself. I realize that is is Truett Maddux, a staunch bachelor and once the dream boy ot' A. H. S. Ouida lo is the cause of all of this by eloping with Seaman, Harlen Harrison, of the U. S. Navy. Ouida is now teaching in Greedy Gulch while her husband is at sea on the USS Lousey Flousey. Upon leaving this high class night spot, I find a taxi awaiting me. Who is driving it? Why it's Shirley Lenard. She tells me that she and Larry H. , now her husband, take turns driving the taxi and attending to Larry Jr. who is about the cutest thing you ever sawl On Sunday morning upon entering the church, I was amazed at the great number of young girls who were present until I looked up and saw who was the pastor. It was Rev. Roy Cumby. That explained everything! I And guess who was choir director - it was Mr. Cummings who had finally decided that the Agriculture job didn't pay enough so he had to take on choir directing too. On Monday I was wondering where I could spend my evening, and Shirley had recommended the ONE AND ONE- HALF RING CIRCUS, which.had just come into town. She tells me that Leroy is the master-mind, the wide awake, prosperous genius of the whole show. As I go in, I see a large crowd around a tent. Who is this fellow yelling? Why, it's Charlie Bridges! On seeing me, he invited me to see his world famous show which is now considered much better than Koraske's Vanities. At last Charlie is surrounded by beautiful women, his life long desire. As I enter the tent, I see that Sunny Terrell and Elmina Maynard are his leading ladies. After their great act, I hear a great commotion, why it's the Lion Tamer trying to make the King of the Jungle take his place with the other animals--and much to my surprise--I find that is is none other than Floyce Lindsey, who acquired the art by practicing on Terry Ted Moore in the gay old '50's. Then I heard the great three piece band, J ay Nita, Sunny, and Bobbie Sue, who were surrounded around by swooning ex-Jackets playing Alma Mater of dear old Alto High. I was just about to join in the song when I was shaken by the psychiatrist, Dr, Nutty, and he told me that he hated to awaken me because I was having such a wonderful time. If you are ever in need of a psychiatrist, I heartily recommend that you get someone other than Dr. U. R. Nutty, for I believe he really is NUTTY. Signed: JUNIOR CLASS - 1953-54 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We present with due respect and reverence on this floor The last will and testament of the Senior Class of '54. May our will be carried out to the last written word, lf you are ready, then it should be heard. First we do offer our sincere desire That, with all the splendor which the occasion doth require, Our most solemn funeral rite Be conducted in proper manner on this April night. James Holcomb and Charlie Bridges, the Romeos of this man's town Leave Summers Hassell the knack of getting around. Truett and David Allen give Joe Allen Brooks a whole lot of stuff. And especially the ability to look rough and tough. Jay Nita and Glenda Gayle who are really hot shots Leave 'Phoebe Quarles the worst thing they've got. Theirfllrty ways and so help me baby They're a pain in the neck and we don't mean maybe. Glenda Smith the moocher, leaves Betty Moses the angle The knack of getting boys all in a tangle. So maybe she can hook Larry Holcomb in the dim by and by-- Well, come on, Betty, at least you can try. Harlen and Larry Holcomb leave to Carrol McGaughey their friend Their ability to wiggle and twist and bend. To make funny faces and noises, too, lust think, Carrol, it's all for you. Bobbie Martin and Earl Dover, leave Earl Haney their delightful grin, And knowledge of the hearts they can win. Be careful Earl or before you know it You'll be in love and afraid to show it. Terry, Bruce, and Roy--the boys with shady'pasts Swell their chests and say, We're finished at last. To Billie Jean Selman they give their knack Of getting into trouble--fa virtue which she surely lackslj Patricia willingly leaves Ford to Miss Watters with the plea, 'Keep him away from those flirty trotters. Maggie and Zelma leave their old maidish traits To Alvaleane White! Lord what a fate. Sunny Terrell gives to Bobbie Jean by some weird chance Her ability to cook up some sort of romance. To smile at the boys and be so nice To say what she thinks and never thinks twice. To Kent McCullough is left by Donald Mart and the Senior boys All the by-gone days of laughs and joys, With this one word, Stick to one lady And stop gazing at every pretty baby, Ouida James wills many sobs and moans The story of her life to Mildred Jones. with this article goes our blesings so dear They'll be hearing it this time next year. La Vonne and Elmina leave to Verna Mae their gift of gab To be able to blab and blab and blab. Buster Allen leaves to next year's football team His strong passing arm and running steam In hopes they can be used in some way or means. Shirley leaves to that Burrows boy, Bobby That Senior play giggle, now known as her hobby. lt may be used, Bobby in any old way Except in a future Senior play. Floyce and Syble leave to George, James Amos, and Larry Their ability to get a proposal to marry. To keep ,looking 'fresh as everyone should, And above everything else to be good. To R, L. Cherry and Olan Black Leroy Corbin leaves his famous knack Of always managing to get a wife, And hopes they flike hej will have a happy life. To James Boatman and Vaughn Arnold Kenneth Dover and Leo Hicks leave a few cuds of gum, With the hope that they will scrape them up some. Mary Evelyn and Mildred gladly give their beloved ways To Bobby Carl, Norma-Lou, and Joseph--heavenly days! Perhaps they can look back over the years And remember Mary Evelyn and Mildred with maybe some tears. Since Jimmy Morgan is a Senior this year We are honored by his presence here, To Edna Myrl and Jerry Bell He leaves his ability to cheer and yell. Bobby Chapman speaks for the whole Senior class in saying, 'We leave our brains And hope to goodness it leaves no pains, But we wish you well, we really do And honest to goodness, Juniors, WE DO MEAN YOU! With sorrows, lonliness, aches, and pains We leave our two dearest claims-- Mr. Cummings and Miss Watters--With us they really rate, And we hope that Mr. Moore and Miss Roberson inherit their traits We, The Senior Class of 1954, do hereby swear That this is the last will and testament we leave anywhere. These statements herein stated are true And we, and quite gladly so, leave them to you. Signed: SENIORS OF 1954 JUNIORS wx V . .f il I I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ---------- - R. L, CHERRY Vice President ---- - - - FORD JOHNSON Secretary-Treasureb - ---- BU-LIE F. WELLS Reporter ------- - - EDNA MYRL HANVY COLOR: Green-White FLOWER: White Carnation MOTTO: Find a way or make one. N , I 31 x inun-auf' VAUGHN ARNOLD DOROTHEA BAUGH OLAN BLACK JAMES BOATMAN BOBBY CARL BOYD JOE ALLEN BROOKS BOBBY BURROWS VERNA MAE CARNLINE BOBBIE J. CARPENTER R. L. CHERRY NORMA COLEMAN GEORGE COVINGTON AMOS DANIELS LARRY DAVIS EARL HANEY EDNA MYRL HANVY SUMMERS HA SSELL FORD JOHNSON MILDRED JONES DOYLE LUSK .T,phn,. I 49 fi-95 J nv , s Z - ,vm , .:' nw? as U My Z' ., ., 0 - j i 2 39 - 'Q . ,W , . . -r 'fl .f . X 7 . . ,M . AV Kg 7 i f K rd, I 'Z L' -. I 3 '55 ,l as Q , ,, . ,,.,,,,.,, ::. Sf A 1 A ' g 3 5. X A 5 3? ? 5 K H ,L . 4' ' . x 2 Ji .f f 'KIIJ U Y ... 'CT' 7 . I- . L ai ' LV V an g 'JJ I 3 - ' K .-.'Ez E' X J qV,. In BV j im In Q I A X R Q3 Ak Q im iw f 'V ' '--' , I. ' -' :j If AlLLf xp ,J ' f.L A M W B L ffl, Y A -2 L- ',EE : LWMLL ILT 'L gh A A A 22 A - - I Ifvfi 53 fl ,,,:f fi ' ' : FVRESJES .. ., -, - 3 5:' nfs? A E' REQ? 11, 188 av Q' K. W A ff , BETTY MOSES CARROLL MCGAUGHEY PHOEBE QUARLES JERRY REECE BILLIE JEAN SELMAN JOSEPH TULLIS BILLIE PAYE WELLS ALVALEANE WHITE .I R .ii gva k ' 'X fK5fEif?:552j'..'f?:,iffggfgg' - ' X' ' IAJEEEQE PHOMORES 'QE , WfomgM5THl5f 3 gggmsn eun S Arnlnooui I Fa 5, .. x X f 14:55 X 'Pm -- - Q 2 X D Q s 'N i .1.-: gg- Q 1 gg? Q Lf 1 ixk - M F W. me Q. Qggi if Q. xa . Q .f , ,G if :ff . 5., , 1 U , , ,QL Q . aa Lf ,, A , if I 2 W 41' ::5':,FF!g: VW W, E1 Q in vw 1srf','-w-:www fwfk 1 A F222 9 g higi v .wk fwfr: wmagr- g awk Q f iw X :Mrk f I ,V Maxima Q f Wx 'R Mme?-1 14. 3,1 ' I 9 : A., A . .y:9:,-E3 L ip Q 'f ' ,jfj 5 Q 'dv --Q, 1 D ,, , fm A..,. M11 L 4 5 s 6, 3 ggi 52 5 Q vi '5 45: is es J ' 4, 76 ' A get js 2 M 1. i , kan . -V nw S S .aj at V! . s aggy , kl 'V ' ' if A I .ff ' Don Jones Rosie Ann Jones Lucille Knott Jimmy Lavender Tommy Looney Sara Mason Kenneth May Ozell Moake Jerry Moore Kent McCullough Dan McGaughey Jean Ann Payne Martha Payne Betty Jo Pyle Rayford Rice Joy Beth Rogers Vernell Smith James Wallace Raymond Wallace Bonnie Wilson ac QQ Egg, if ,Q 1 an ,,,,. ' ., s , ff- ' J xf.tffmiwyE5sff5? 5 Q fg,7.z,,1z , x ,Ni ie' ' 377, ,,t, jeg 53 X 1 4? NBS- wk tt N Bwue Arm A dams 1 n W maid 33113 BMW N anCY L Lee BXKCK Brooks Cary COHHXS Lodean C otothY D ummings ick0Y enard F HHS V irginia Grogan Cynthia HenderS0U Fred HOPSOU Houston Billy Jimffvl , -A K Q .. . L,L.L . V X ' - - L ev I . fp .. ,sf . wi -2' J - ' f s Y 4- ns 1 f ..,2f.,. K , ' '-' ff 'B , : , 'i fift'-1 ' ' - . .tp .1?'fk5 w. 2 1 , 5 .f V .... , -Y A is ff1ciifi1j- I 1 . 3 W ,gk t,.. H ' -K . - y 14 5 syziirwyf :- V K , ,X ,Q X , I K my x 2 V V i 2 Lsqwgt , K .- f 9 'S fix c. . . fm' Y 'siizzfiizsizii' . SETS ni X ff A ' 5515? f? ' -Vlz??liyEf3Kf7i .- -- P .. ' V ' i L, . . , - L J J .. L '- L 35 V, EM? , Qggy -- 1 fy? . 'Y' s A-ft ,,L ,.., - . , WXBMQQ af. .. .. .,., ,ff t V , .. , . , . ,, . . , n ' 'www K 'J ' 1 I RESHMEN Us K tr k.,, K .Q egg!! f FRESHMA N CLA SS OFFICERS President ---- - - Kenneth Gayle Vice President ---- ---- J ohnny Steed Secretary-Treasurer - - - Mary Alene Quarles Reporter ------ - - Edna Ruth Morgan COLOR: Green-Gold FLOWER: Yellow Mum MOTTO: Don't itch for success, scratch for it. fvz, ,, ,,?,. ,V v 1 df .f V. Q x . 1 ' , wr' . , ' 47 ' , V A , , .Lick k , 1 K V 5 ',.. ' . -gg-an ' Q i 'L l 4 ' , Y' V V , . K . 2 Af 5 Q ,,,, KJ-f,?L Mfvv ' . f ,fax I rl, f .. 1 0 'hi' 3 A .fi 1 is 4 U ty ,.V, ,, Qi I 'wig 'Y 'H 4. -if I ,BY ,Bl U X HP' 5' X Mm X , V nfs Ja Q any I' WZ Q ' 3 2 ' if W Q ? 1 r .YG ,UA 1.ww,hk ' yum, , 1 I1 K, ' u SZ-2 15113, K-- J J' 5, r ,::.. l i- V QP ROSIC B211 Allen schana Arnold N M LbffW , .J J L H are -1-fi-B ' r Ai .,A.,.. 'Mat Clarine Arrant 4. y ,i Billy Jack Benge 2 E an Gerald Boatrnan Q P V, - f ' My George Burrows 1 may K we . I ,.-- V A I IAA- I J '- A . - , at fl J jig r 1 , 42, 'ESE 1 K .-4 J lf? rm. al, '.. Z if if E rf .- 1 SH, 5 K in I ,,, Q Q J Q Q fl . g U I -A LA' Paul Byers Gerald Choate Harold Clifton Ava Jo Cosper .gr all re K I X ts? N + :al J 'fr 3 5 'li 52252 is , J MESS sl F bg? it B i' ' uw-. - 1 'S Margie Day Emma Edwards Ll Vaughn Floyd B oole Shirley French Lt if ag' 1 V-LL ' LQ gs JBL J Myrtle Fults ' J gy 3 Kenneth Gayle y , +5fgyi?l Gerald Germany J' . W 'Z Q ' James Grlcrease i' ltt A 'fl F' S Barbara Holcomb James Hopkins Edgar Huggins v William James ii? -5 2 '5 -1 : in ffm., ,ov- Douglas Maddux Ip, V 3' . Z YQ, at Wfasififlii l , 21 ,,-1 'f ir N ' R L- - QW f P Y ' ' EW :f ffifii 12 J l 5 l l si it . 4 r J ' ai - ,.' .:,- 'Wg w,H.a,,.y 26,0039 ,. 'S 1 .cms . , . tm ll l il W 'ij Martha Maddux Betty Lou Moake Lillie Fay Moffett Billy R. Montgomery Charles Montgomery Edna Ruth Morgan Iuvernia Morgan Claude McGaughey Lois McGaughey Lynell Parrish Annie Mae Peacock Betty Sue Phillips Mary Alene Quarles John Milton Reece Rosa Rice Carleen Shuptrine Phyllis Smith Johnny Steed Richard Townley George R. Williams 'W' ., '- ,, pm Ioan Maddux 'ZW . 'l ' . 1 -. -K W , M ,QQPM ,hi - ,krr I ...nw vnfgf. i 2 ' Q M, Y , E I 27 ,g g we lf-f W Z' ja Q A tim , 1,71 D ff? if W ,-. ,, ,.,, ,K R f yyr w4l! l W: 'R 5: M Q' A , A we , :zz l .5 R wg ' K ' K 2 Hi rig. g Mr :K X if Q-1 : Q i Q tuna. A .g f u 1 2:52 y 5' , l ,l..M...--wr ' ,k fm fra qw X F! ,i f Q fig 53 NF, W 1 A-mqgwg 6 1 1 an VOQW 'YY' ff Nl EMENTARY Elementary Principal MR, PAUL DRAWHORN 7awlZg MISS MRS, MRS. MISS MRS, MRS, 4 MRS, ED MARTIN MR. JAMES GRAMMER MRS. HELEN QUARLES MRS. DELIA BOWEN EDITH HENDRICK LOIS WALLER THELMA Sl-IATTUCK RUTHIE WILLIAMS JIM HARGROVE A. E. DANHEIM F5 Q ' Q f if p M ' 1 ,,,,.,. - - - MRS, ED MARTIN 56066664 - - - - - -MR. JAMES GRAMMER VY M5 gb WESQ JM - - - MRS, DELIA BOWEN fx Nw 1 4 ,mf , - ha ' fd- .sa 1 Y as :Wg 74ml Md 7454 s'MISS EDITH HEAQJ RICK- - -MRS, LOIS WALLER R., W1 SH NY TU -,Q X14 . A ' Vis L,-:Q . , M -A J ' fry f-Ji ' mm . Q 14 MW ' 1 'X , Www .X . 1 A 1 V lim xfmk -2 sk' J 5 ' wr N . wg-Wwxa , ,gff,vQfiCU di ,L MRS. JIM HAR GROVE 59 ,R fgjv h IM v, A gh v 123 A ax M wax. 9 'MM M, ,mw- Nw -.. . If ,H may 1 'Q , , Mas. DANHHM 4 Z o ci lf 4 It T I fb 6 of 6 fa 4 6 6 6 Z e fa 6 4 vonrrns SE. MAY' k Q: YCE- LINDSEY N1 l QFY B USTERQALLEN Q X 3 Most Popular GLENDA SMITH LEROY CORBIN Most Beautiful Most Handsome LaVONNE COLLINS BRUCE CUMBY fi Best A11 Around SHIRLEY LENARD TERRY KORA SKA Most Likely To Succeed MARY EVELYN PAYNE BOBBY CHAPMAN Wittiest PATRICIA SCHOCHLER EARL DOVER Friendliest BOBBIE CARPENTER A MOS DA NIELS ff,E,f 'Q F1 ei? ,, FFA Sweetheart GLENDA GAYLE FHA Pmup JERRY MOORE Valedictorian MAGGIE HARDY ,Nm f Ea Salutatorian MARY E. PAYNE f' 'Y M ff' ,swf 43 , . . Zz ' 1 G dw, fe 'if 7 Q f , ,ff 1--A ,,.. 4- 4 QE Third in Class Rank FLOYCE LINDSEY Junl DA or Lion of the Year 19 VID FELDER 53 V 1. :N-,min--:,g,.,: V 1 ,W A .. t. -: - :Q -- nz : Q f u- : ,E :Q-,,. X S ,NU , MH mfML5W g.,,T,K H A V X .g, ,,, ' ' f w i., ,W W 142453 5 X , wx m 1 - rw ,, ., , ,ivs27f'Nm, IZAT10NS wi .4 51 1 wi Ei X 5 5 1 E QE y W? Q, 'kc ,, -Wk -rf w '1 2 , 4? P li vi 5 2? - fy' I V+ - R. L, Cherry r Vice President Sponggr Mr. Jack Nica ' it nip. 73 , V EIL, Bobby Chapman Floyce Lindsey Bobbie Carpenter Bobby C. Boyd . f - 'J f,'w s,1w-fy?-3' , -.L' I k,L- 1 ,eb. YQ? 4+ kgs i, 2 m, W , 1 ' . K .K . qi y , , ' , 4 W , -A ,J QL fffj fig gfij' 1 ,. 5 C, B ' ' Q' mm.. 123532362 . - Wpaf 1jf,g 1f,,n,,g . Sq 911555, f 5.155- 159 -jf, fx Si: X 555 ' fi I 1 J -I 7 fi 'fi 1 -'ff A V My - j4f ' Liff,T K , .-1-,ei ' ff K Jlqik 'bw I... fy , n - - -,jfs Bonnie Wilson Dan McGaughey Ioan Maddux George Williams 4 or - 4'1 1-QW V rf? , H st g h Nf., H 'fs El'7o 'Qu '71 e ,P 'N f . .L LQ' L f K . i L , , A Rf 0- rrWl , ' 5- Aw -S T ' i g B b qv' O . f HA'L x A gf LQ 1 '67 ' 5 Rf, - I ? V Q B qt S if as f B twat, B NF W W' 2 t President ----- Vice President- - - Secretary-Treasurer - - Reporter ------ Song Leader - - Historian ----- - - Barbara Holcomb Bonnie Wilson - - Ava Io Cosper Parliarnentarian- - - - - - - A dvisor ------ Miss I - Dorothy Dickey - Joy Beth Rogers Virginia Grogan - Rosie Ann Jones o Frances Roberson , vv 'rv ? x Q sgqgi fa? wud! M316 Q W Q 15 gf 3 if ' 'UQ idx xv: Uv ff' , 3 'B When it's harmony that's desired- - - Doyle Lusk Joseph Tullis Jimmy Houston Kent McCullough are required. Q, . Bfiaix , f' 'X 7' N For music that's really sweet- - - - Glenda Smith Patricia Schochler Sunny Terrell Bobbie Martin Shirley Lenard Glenda Gayle can't be beat. Terry Koraska Harlen Harrison Phoebe Quarles Syble Fitts Mildred Rice Sports Editor Sports Editor Assistant Editor Typist Typist 0 0 0' ei ' ' Q94 2' 'L hz 1' 1. 1 1. ag -L 'WW as I - ' . I ' f 7 N ha ' 'fat-. is H ' ig rp --- t ffiiffvi ,t., . aff 2 i - Zelma Price Bobbie Martin Mary E. Payne Patricia Schochler Jimmy Morgan Secretary-Treasurer Art Editor Editor Features Features QW? Jie!! Jay Nita Holcomb Edna M. Hanvy Virginia Grogan Carleen Shupu-ine Inez Eggers Reporter Reporter Reporter Reporter Sponsor GLE X N DA SMITH K , - ,ff ,:re,v Iwfi1 f' 4 ng as wi W 7 ig: Q1 Q Q., - ' - - 11,5 'f f . 9: H if 395- ' ' K A--if 52 Ffa:-fx! A ii 7 jl:?ff53jQ, . 14 ff i iiffii -u QR 1 ' Zee MARTHA CORBIN - SUNNY TERRELL - JAY NITA HOLCOMB 1450 71' 5 Zami if Director---MRS. GARLAND RIDLEHUBER BAND OFFICERS Bobbie Sue Martin - - ---- President Mary E. Payne - - - - Vice President Maggie Hardy - - ---- Secretary Phoebe Quarles - - ------ Reporter Donald Love - - - - - Student Conductor CLARINETS: CORNETS: Eileen Fox Bobbie Sue Martin Martha Corbin Vaughn Arnold Jay Nita Holcomb Charles Thomas S XOPHONE: Ph b 1 Glenda Smith A oe e Quar es Edna Ruth Morgan Ioan Maddux Scharla Arnold Sue Tullis Nancy Brooks Jo Marie Ash FLUTES' Rosie Ann Jones Sue Boyd Io Ann Germany Ava Io Cosper ?'1ZLYjX1g'l'yi gym Mary Ann Tunis b e Barbara Holcom Patricia Schochler Alva Joy Black TROMBONES: DRUMS: James Earnest Holcomb Sunny Terrell Maggie Hardy Donald Love John Ellis Allen Betty Jo Pyle BELL LYRE: Mary Alene Quarles FRENCH HORN: Summers Hassell THLETICS KENNETH DOVER Manager COACH JOHNNY WALDIE TOMMY LOONEY Manager Z DATE OPPONENT ALTO Sept. 11 Carlisle ------ 0 18 Diboll - - - - - 0 40 28 Rusk ----- - -15 6 Oct. 2 Grapeland ---- - 7 9 Woodville ---- - 13 16 Centerville - - - - 28 23 Lovelady - - - - 47 30 Elkhart - - - - 0 Nov. 6 Trinity - - - - - 0 13 Groveton ----- 0 0 4 df I 6 M it 4 THOMAS ALLEN BRUCE CU MBY aotfafl afeetieczzt SUNNY TERRELL COACH WALDIE KENNETH DOVER SUNNY TERRELL JC! JIMMY MORGAN Senior i - ',-p .f- ' OUIDA JAME S Head Cheerleader fi JEAN ANN PAYNE Sophomore ...L 1 L , I il .5 'T' -B. 'M-. All BILLIE JEAN SELMAN Junior ROSIE BELL ALLEN Freshman .f-Rf-:gurus y sy. ,Q A gig! ,. ff- ww frw LARRY HOLCOMB Ll! .yd HARLEN HARRISON CARY COLLINS 43' . , . glhgkv .,vej:Q,Q'Q Q 13i -'11, A 4 f3e.:fm4'w U mei 4 K -, ,kzi 4 . J 945 f ' ffs,i2gez4xe,ws f uw Lgsgs - s?5w??2Qi5 mi' Mi,-,av 4945 fe 4 '- .' flzigfwnwigffi 2 :fs . A A N i Lf ii,-'4fgfH5!'E?iKE . 1 ' A 4, 4 gmnifez . 7 ' FE i?21'fz4fv34, 1' Iwfsi ' SW - 4 4 + H 5 Qggfgk sap . M 4fs .1z,.f - , Shaw A ,. f 551 Q2 fn gk fa ha W 5 x K N X lik 3 R L, gg xr ,ng ,, hui? Z 1,5 4 , 3 wx R , A Tf L? S K' - yfiilkffmffl , an xf ihiii SX 3,5 K Q, 251 LR X Q 5 K 4 5 E. A. xi. BILLY F. HOPSON uns' M as Xi ?.'fr.u . - is' R -Off--f 7 Q. ' V' 33,5 .ua . nw: , Rv , 1 tis? ,lr .- 3.x I . 5 I A - 1 . V O24 :E Y , ji, ww , . ,,, Y-'j1., ' E72 : . ..,,. 1 V ,Q W' ' sg ' -4- VN- JERRY MOORE 'S N f ..,4- ,- , , -, 11'-If.iwsgfgzzgjg A - , ' . . A Eff' X 5 4, , A - , f.,, ,sz-1.12 ' ' 1, r Mi' pw rzirygide W GMM' We . , ,, f4.4,,, A a- v ,f N mm .: -:., 1 :fQ.5s',,fQ..-W f .Q - f H -., wg-:pal , - A. . 4 , g,934,5. 4 4 -. :i ' f22fZ.2fzQ-W, Wk I' M LZQIQ-3ng:,fj'f -1 , - 2 , . 1, 1,3 .-gf' 4 , .ig - '- .- 3: - D, -X ' ' L fam A135 aw. ., ,V 1 7 4.4 -. ' -.f-z--1.151 Q,-.3.,L .1 i.,gz,, . .g,gS,g,,-cpgg' ,, , , -- - Aff,AAwQ.4g..K- LQ-www -A - -s .,LzM+w22afe2:-fsfsL-, 2 - V '- ,,. ,mg,g1.-44..w-W1 5 i-4-' - - Lisa-fi?:swW'f' -Nw , ' ' .Z ' . ,.,, , ., ,1- 4 4 444 ,.W, X. 4 r 'flfff 'Jw w 'L 1 S '21, V 'M' A JOSEPH TULLIS .pw 5 J E Q ' , .. 1' . ' ., . .' i,,...p.,.' -A j. . LARRY DAVIS FORD JOHNSON BOBBY BOYD BILLY L. BLACK JIMMY LAVENDER DON M. LOVE . sm we ,xslgfh R549 4 wwf . V .W -K ww - A 1 ,fmgggf w it mmwwgw . fa . 4+ '?' Q 93 Q, l i' , 1 f ix ,s MEL MK K if JK M ,WW ,guna-vw . 553322 41 ,fp NN vw sl ' ,gli L Y Lf DON JONES O XI 2 ,L , W 'illififiiik A 5 ' 'Q , - Q1 .1- iv: 1f fl , Q gixf.fQw -.,,.Q,, 1.v,A 4 '35 k97H2?r29q3Z!Yhi3 fi V 3-12351 ' EARL DOVER JAIVIES A. DANIELS TERRY KORASKA LEROY CORBIN . RAYFORD RICE ai cmchfz Sedan! MARGIE DAY ALVA IOY BECK EDNA RUTH MORGAN AVA IO COSPER ,sa M 'Q fx w 4, . , W W Lf. Q , - ., A Q, , sf ' 5' My Q3 ' is ffm Q A af W . f M 's' ... , -if nf W M A ,,. ws' g A, W 3 'Tvs 5 .,, Y. ' 'E an 'Rf-5 f 1 G ,, , E 3 'M ' f HA? .w ik We -V 4 N . ,, '01 f 45 x, V :hw 'S i WW 'N 4, f gwf' 3 ?f ? P1 .I 'K Lui , -, , - is J- fi5?fv Aa ,JF V ,,, , Q. mi 45 D I1 K. Mfi. 'E S U fx N gi JHWE QMi A .W 57' J 3f',- jazz, igg fp Q, : vLTo ' 1 A 4 A A :rf f rg U-4 U-1 if ww f wmvi' Rf! ,.wwmf ,,,..-w' 7 Q 'FZWWSQSV A wif' 11 5 s v im W gy, gfw,f1l-mQQw,,ifE353?QQk,??m5?5i1k ,. A W H .-,i LQ zu., g, K, MJ IV' ff'i,t?4f:f:z4z- M2332 iifil3ffT K ' 27? l',Ei,uf'ejw:ff ,- 2-pq A 1, an iwylfs '1- fz1:x,gw'f,Hsuq:U1L1qfQf..-2,, 11 . 7. mi Wgwgj-ljij eg':sg?e,3-sg 5 .x,. ,gigs ' la, V, X,-ff' QW Q.. 453355 EAM AT M ,, Q ,tg,, ' 0 0 .- We ! -1 YL ff my 45, . , X -an 'Q 'OATMEAL RICE 3rd Base BOBBY CARL BOYD I I I NUB SELMAN Short Stop 2nd Base LEONARD FULTS Pltcher FORD JOHNSON Catcher JERRY MOORE BILLY LEE BLACK lst B886 Pitcher - Fielder 55 'Y'-fQ,,,X JOHNNY STEED DOUG MADDUX 1st Base Catcher LEROY CORBIN Fielder if R ,W Sw :. :MU .,,- KENNETH GAYLE 2nd Base RW-. JOHNNY WALDIE Coach BILLY FRED H01-'SON HARLEN HARRISON - HUGH K. MAY Fielder Fielder Fielder 71466 FORD JOHNSON BILLY BLACK DOUG MADDUX Shot and Discus Low Hurdles and 880 Run Sprints JERRY MOORE BILLY F. HOPSON KENNY GAYLE 440 Dash and Mile 220 Yd. Dash 220 Yd. Dash Relay 100 Yd. Dash Sprint Relay HARLEN HARRISON IOHNNY STEED BUSTER ALLEN 880 Run 440 Dash 440 Dash Mile Relay Mile Relay GQ? an-X W, fr- P . 'fmffn W5 Em ',f7h?5gL W. Seniors , 'f3QQg OTS Af: GEEQW Q O ' V0 ,. Nkgn xii BWCQ QEOV9' WWF awww EQQQWCW' Boba CGW nag Gxjifxl UTY bv 9 ' V YC' CMG A Y L90 XO WY M WW Wacom 1 C'ff,C1-' Y. Q53 f ZYNQ' S513 arf! X ,SAYWSG Eliaff'4 HXCLSQSYG MQQQX ,xafrvw NO Kem! DQASGY :ww ' Xfwfm AQ we dew YN' ,wa ' Q 'GGY' V15 iw Yx V Ao 55064 TWQYXX, Mcrqan X136 I qi lx ' GX X 6 cgxikev Le' MOV? 5W'g.Je'XX'n vaggge vg.. 22 Wm WN M-xxafedgm HJ . U 55 BOW? NAYQWA GW PYEGMQCWQY Y 'ieyrexx . ' C J VX Vakrwa Sun IHEIHUMES JUNKDR SENIOR BANQUET ALTO I-HGH SCHCDOL Apu! 3, W54 N F W, Hal programme S-YORK CLUB Floor Show 8:30 Masfer of Ceremonies-Bing Crosby S-'f'Sioe'ic Club is Honored , Ar? . Unkfeiier T-- Thank You. Our Hosisx' AF+hUF' Godfrey O RM Ryfhmic Harmony' -NUOD Wffb The Shcvf Marge aw' Gower Champiofw and Chovus 'K LA The Arfirew Sisfers K-'Keyhole SnoopEnq Wa'+Qf' ' Winclweli C'-l'Ce5ebrE+y Sues? , .. Ciark Gable L-Q-'layfng ea CorrQer5+one'Z ,. Randolph 1 Scoif U-X'UH'er Nonsensex' . . Dr. I. Q. and A Assisianie B- BHS O' This and Thafu .M Red Skeiekzn WLM To 6 ,, 'Nw' , 0,200 BWSNTZXQS-g6AZdJZ!ce , A SGW? GU? Rv. W, Hof Rajfs wedppifs S I grab PSC' Grad dppjfis f an - Coffee Q9 fr 45 M j BNHS ' OQQ r Sfillfgl-,I ml fe K 3 V Ufllbry J mfgim Ammld 'Smeg B0 J riff?-,G Ge A069 Brno: Bobb Glam Black Verna Mae 5 7 Carl BG, 1, Bgbbie J Cdrnlfne N 805551. HUM 'lx' Geo can Carpe Orme LOU C Owe L rge Cgvfngf Ufef R ofemjn Ejrry Davis on A - L. Cherry me Mm H mos Ddfvfeff F an Er J Oil? Johnson yy ' Summerlrifmnez' , W G Moage M-I f3SSeU Kenf MCC 'dl-ed Jon .Phoebe ullgugh C Bam, MOP es Billie Jeagngarles ajroll Mqgaughjs efman erry Bef! Reef: y Alvaleane Wh. Joseph Tull-e , lfe '5 A ! VERTISERS G P SCOGGINS, President I. A. COSTON Residence Phone 3 7939 and Director of Personnel Supervisor Office Phone 3-5503 P1 Eiwunn BUSINESS IIULLSSE Lufkin, Teicas Fully Approved by the American Association Salesmanship Social Security Spelling Shorthand Stenography Typewriting Tax Laws A of Junior Colleges A dvertising A ccounting Auditing Bookkeeping Business Administration Business Law Court Reporting Civil Service CPA Coaching The Business School Serves America Correspondence Filing Gregg Shorthand Office Machines Comptometer Monroe and Burroughs Calculators A. B. Dick Mimeograph Machine Bookkeeping Posting Machines Ediphone Office Training 1 f aeaa aeaaa 'V ,-f. 03:4 1, ,.,. No.0 u 1 v p -EL Y '5, 3:QZQIQ:Q:QQZQ:fif:f:f:f:f:Q:Q:Q:Q:i:3 wi. 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Manufacturers of Wholesale Retail Kiln Dried Yellow Pine and Air Dried d L b H dwoo m er Compliments of A.C.Tanaf WESTERN WDOD PRCJDUCTS COMPANY A th J. C. WILLIAMS d Sl dS .T C. WILLIAMS, Texac Ag t Alt o and Ru k - -- W-N ,f,.,....v..........'.. .YV.Y -...-,-,..1,,,,,.,..,.,v.,w.-,,...w ,.....Yv..., , A ?' , 6002 meefn 1 ff J: 55? O. I.. PAYNE vp A T 4 ,,,f55, ! 2 Eg A!'1! !'! ffl LLJIVIZCYK k.fkJo WELLS T S Umhbmenfs af CONTINENTAL STATE. BANK ALTO. 'buf TEXAS WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT AND C WM N APPLIANCES LYUNS BUTANE co. IIIIV eww I I plqmourh 'l I HQ Compliments of PEARMAN M o 'r o R co Dodge Sales and and Plymouth Service Alto For Health's Sake Eat More Delicious ICE CREAM A Nutritious Food Always Refreshing 0-'gfffah PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC The Lufkin Daily News Lufkin, Texas Compliments of . Exo 2 A T .ow 439 s-LC. JOHNSON 4 ' AU1-2 l REPAI RS fjngfa af Zi I X S1 Wells, Texas Phone Z9 I Wefzazkgfsfzomf Gfffe eff 532252266 GUS 'IQOUNSAVILLE General Line Insurance and Real Estate Fire, Theft, Automobile, Hospitalization Life and Polio Office Continental State Bank Building Phone 27 and 72. Alto , Texas For All Beauty W Compliments of Service Call Q9 Q ag E N N Env b WL n C on zawa 26722 C L1 Alto, Texas Kira, TEAIHS r 4 17,7 WELCOME To C ompliments BRUNT'5 , BulLDlNG ' A'I3l?J?2R5zC?2IXN? 5 MATERIALS Azaleas - Camellias 9: L dscape Shrubs A Ph 118 ' V -eg g' Eiga-3,33-'-' , xas M T . A - A- WA,ALTO,TEXA8 Compliments COMPLQMENTS 2 E120 MQ Troon 5 Locmsrzs M EA TS BRAND Phone 151 LONE STAR FEED CO. Rusk, Te Alto, Texas Compliments V :I V Q R, P, HARDIN Wholesale .fwcifilll lint 'L-+ AT School Sgppl I D g LU MBE 12, C 0. C k T Alto, Texas Compliments of N O 12 TO N WWMZES? 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Telephone 344 Rusk, Texas E Rvacej C ompliments Q K 501 , aff, IS ouk 'Q FIRST 'I'EI..EI3I-ICDNE A THouGHT COMPANY 1 I 'K 'T W, E, BYNUM, 0.B. s Body Shop BODY AND FENDER SERVICE Alto, Texas Ufla 70544 , i ,, CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS PEARMAN CHEVROLET CO Ano, rexAs 'IWESTERN 544.6 ELECTRIC. 45 nf-5 Ijmvg SERVICE. . t L' a'0L-yewpeiayzf IQLIEIQIIW L f f- Exim YZZSUA 51210, Cf6'?04f4N - ' .7 1 qaawv INTERNATIONAL ' xv 4 A X, mo --fm HAIQVESTLR DEALER Q1 F4-If J. I:. I-III.L Q , I SERVICE 4, I 31 I I tfgff Jcvcfrnafl Jie-C310 A. H. JET ER 8z SON, Agents jnfmnafwnce JILUCIQH Amginclair Gasoline and Oiknms 0-H0 game '7f 65,4 I J' I Q X. C51 soon FOOD DCE-EES Of v I s I I I SALON f'Q If f Rusk and Jacksonville 'L 5 If ' 2 . 4 'xiii 'If 0 . 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WILLIAMS Qioaezg 'e Xa.CO '1'O 11C Highway 69 SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT r X THE 04? k Alto , Texas Alt i .Q I Hardware and Furniture Established 1893 CASON, IVIONK ance COMPANY C m liments of sERvac:E! P Val ,f O Q Q g 1,7 ISFHQHJTR X Z II b2dUtY shop Tl-louGHT ' T Q N c gd ches, T Nacogdoches, Texas Gal. k,se I J. ALEX BLACK TAX ASSESSOR - COLLECTOR Ch k C ty, T Compliments of FQAN K BRUNT COUNTY SHERIFF R k T We wish to thank our loyal supporters--the merchants and our many friends--for their part in making possible our 1954 Yearbook, THE STINGER, and it is the sincere desire of the staff that you--our readers--give them your loyal support and in some way express your appreciation for their loyalty in helping to make A BETTER YEAR- BOOK FOR A BETTER ALTO HIGH SCHOOL. Compliments of PAUL B. COX, County Attorney, Cherokee County ROBERT L. BANKS, County School Superintendent, Cherokee County I. W. SUMMERS, County Judge, Cherokee County E,qB. MUSIC, IR., County Clerk, Cherokee County IAUD'S STORE AUNT IENNIE HALBERT ALLEN'S DRUG CHAPMAN'S DRUG BILL PYLE CLYDE CAUTHEN DR, NASH HOGUE TOM W. WILLIAMS E. M. BURROUGHS GROCERY AND MARKET MR, AND MRS. W. C, LENARD Compliments of Compliments BORDEN'S MILK COMPANY SUPERIOR SENIOR SOCIETY SPEECH CLASS OF 1954 Q 9 A . , f ,,,, . Floyd E. Frederick, Distributor ALTO HIGH SCHOOL Alto, Texas ...H .l. ---.-...,,,,,, A - 4.,-an-.n, , . L., 1:45, L! D I. . L - xi, Ill? ,gn- .EIR 'V F' s .ww- .K 'a gg. Q-n.. ns- , s. Mei ff 2 . . iiiiiiif 'R .N Q N 5,16 .1 2 Q K 'ae Q' 3 ,iff 52, ' ,gy ' in N . . Wfs 5 N5 YK' is gs' ' f sie wig? ,xg . 1 i' 4 Q 4 4 if v 12 ,f 1 5: 7- 4: .J 2.. ' .. ., if: ' ' 35 ,hi 'H iifi ., ,sv h-1 , . my , 1.22 2 -ak.. 1 'I' Y: 1 1' gg B .Ps Lf 1 :li r. Q5 : fiuw' 'A L if-, F515 ,i Y 1. '19 . , 4,5543 A . P5- , .N ., M , X if. 3 Y' ,jr an .. ur.- -7. . 4 114 M. . T mf- ' ' :iw Sr nf' ,. ,Mak . 5 .4 :- , . v',. ,':'f5:fAl. . 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