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Alto High School - Stinger Yearbook (Alto, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1952 volume:

' W ' mznnnsle fzfuyvmwnsianmzwxmfnc,raaam:axw3.manmnm.mae:fvsvsssfnsw:1r2L-s sAfQ1:M.4 .mmmres-w Jr. on 1- ' .f as-1f,.',n.w,A mm rd.. -igx af" Z,f'9,1"n N N Y 'nz-44' ,I N 4' V JI 1:'4ff'q- yt: N n N 11 N 44' 4- m Vp R+ N M N N 4, 'V N A Nz 4,9 Ab 'V fvyxrzzuzz A 9 'r-r.-v N 050.41 B N A + N u B Vg gg it' N vga vm 5 'A I-z +1 qv n " 43' N 'ff'-I ,gg Qpvue I' N 4,7 M H V' vp z..1f,,,4'g 1,0 N ,, ' r' J' Yu 1' rx A If "5 I N 'Q 4' v '- eflkpwr il .7':'ff " MIL v' z N z Z Z 1'-ty 11,10 I Ma-x-:JLQI xi Mot' its :V A, I ,gg 44" + H nv.s,f' l'4"h'7 . ,, M NJ :aw M Af v V5 U 14 'I A yf I gp 48,41 A kt: 'lf I O ,J uv' "ttf: lg, ' ff' 4,2904 Q,-YZ! g 'dna 4. fy ' H an af zcfvz -N 1' I-' qt vw 'lu fl'-1. ev 19,,+' as el: : :Rt ,J I o nj V Nvfg ,1 upl vn:,c',v4r y,: 0 ,j:1,v,,1du' 5 :H- M rl v y""1.a. ll A H ge U N Hd 5 55-Y pf' ul-zz Q,-, flf. Q-0 'Xfbbfb X9 enswle. eobefvloxets xo Qxesexfle, ko we SQXSGZQ -we Sie, wb aoixiwg ok os ofboqos qos ww 5600.29 K6 'Q'b-Q05 , wrlenooqe. Qmx ' oxxyte,-afx56Xxe,o,93Xwq2,0f30N,e wb qjvex ixzs, 2,5 50 Q3 60100 -Q90 kgveb Q . . We, the STINGER Staff, of 1952 feel most fortunate for the patient understanding and council of a man whose chief inter- est is the welfare of boys and girls, We acknowledge his kindness and fairness, and we appreciate his services and devotion to his profession, As evidence of our gratitude we sincerely dedicate this edition to Jack Nicar, our beloved principal. Wa W!! CU1 I 1 1 W w l N 4 w 1 wmv!! ,qvm"', ENDENT' S AGE a PACT SUVERXNT O NNESS PASO XNOEPENOENT SCHOOL OXST J. O. BOONE, Sueeemrevxoevxr P-LTO. 'YE79P-9 Dear Str-Fierrts: 1 b Eh behaii oi the iacvitv, T, av glad to , Nfl-:n eyatehd to -gov cohgratciatiohs ior Qivihq., '11 to the Ixito school this siulth pxroiicatioh 0 I- oi voor school iiie. f - ' Noted to each oi 'goo who had .5 most 'iihrrteff'-,h the ai. as you have rt to this ited. We are ihoe ahv partffeveh the preparation oi this ahrm giveh oi your eherqfg and eiio schooi activity, so have you hehei 'Loo have appiieo the sotihci priocipie oi musing, what -gov. have 'ieafneofx You have exercised voor fight to participate in a democratic sitoatioh. 'tt is wr desire, as goo progress irom grace to grade. that voir deveiop and ' rourseives ?X.6'fX't3'LL'j-, , phvsicaiiv, arid efrxotiohaiijl , ior such Sri to as oeiifrochoeo, ip a oefrxocracv. 8" IO Uv a C6 55 ie ' iaiiv , ht tr epiritha e growth is he happy, ahci useful ii Most coro p 5. xv. ieoofie, Saperipteede QW? 1 uumr.: .':.u:.f ' ' ' 23: ww. " ' I, W. NICAR JOSIE A, WATTERS EARL CUMMINGS VIRGINIA L, ENER TED MOORE ANOLA MARTIN JOHN BROTHERS JO ROBERSON JAMES MCCAULEY PAUL DRAWHORN IAMES GRAMMAR HELEN QUARLES DELIA BOWEN EDITH I-IENDRICK RUTH WILLIAMS IOHNNIE HARGROVES IRENE RAMSEY ERNA MERRIWETHER VERLINE DANHEIM LOIS WALLER Co-ordinator Xa mcbm CLEO CRENSHAW GINGER STEVENS KENNETH COLLINS President Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President senior class officers We the Seniors of 1952 wish to express our appreciation to all who'have made our graduation possible, We hope that our presence in Alto High School has made this a better place in which to study and learn, In the years ahead may we live up to the expectations of our home, our school, and our community. With eager anticipation we face the futureg yet with fond regret we bid farewell to dear old A, H. S, C01-CRS FLOWER Yellow-Lavender Buttercup MOTTO "We have crossed the bay, the sea lies before us. " 452711315 MARIE ADAMS MARY LEE ALLEN BILLY BALL JAMES BLAND CAROL BLANTON HAROLD BLANTON KENNETH COLLINS KENNETH CORLEY SARAH COVINGTON CLEO CRENSHAW TEDDY CROSBY IEANNEAN CUMMINGS ANOLA S, FRENCH ELBERT FULTS agefzms BENNIE GARDINER RUBY HA NVY MARVIN HESTER TOMMIE HESTER FRANKIE JAMES CHARLES IETER LARRY MARSHMAN JOE R. MILLER ROBERT M. MCCLURE EDNA PHILLIPS HAROLD MAX RICE LEONARDEAN SELMAN GINGER STEVENS CHARLES R. WOOD 2 24,1 1 1 N 4 , JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SUE l.LOYD JUNE STEVENS BETH WILSON Vice President President Secretary-Treasurer To the Juniors of Alto High School, the school years past have been "stepping stones" toward the achievement of bigger and better goals. These have been joyous and gra- cious years--they have moulded our personalitiesg they have given us knowledge and understandingg they have added strength of characterg and they have inspired hope. Success will be ours! MOTTO "We'll raise our flag on the pole of knowledge. " FLOWER: Sweet Pea COLOR: Purple and White l wx! ? my - P wnwr in f 0300 Marion Doris Garwin Robert Harold Shirley ' Adams Allen Baugh Bell Bostick Brooks Billy Burrows Dan Cates Perry Chapman Juanita Choate Robert "Bob" Cosper Evelyn Crippen Ioan Davis Glen Richard Dominey Dovie Dover David Felder Johnnie Felder Doyle Hanvy Jerry Jones Sue Lloyd Harlean Maddux Pauline Muckleroy Charles L, Page Tracie D. Pearman Edwina Powell Billy Joe Power I. L. Pyle Patsy Rogers Virginia Schochler James Selman June Stevens Henry M. Tullis Beth Wilson James Worley 'Mlm 'fm -s... ff' 'Y , , . V, ' veg - M" v v ' .X Y Q t vm 4 Q I 5 s .f ,f 1' 4 Wm SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Reporter Secretary-Treasurer Leroy Corbin Floyce Lindsey Mary Evelyn Paine VICE PRESIDENT: JIMMY MORGAN MOTTO: "Try anything once and do everything twice. " FLOWER? Yellow Rose COLOR: Blue and Gold The sophomore class of 1951-52 have the largest class in the history of Alto High School, Our C1aSS has recieved many honors and have the highest attendance of any class in high school, We hope to keep these honors and are looking forward to two more successful years. mms ' Iohn E. Allen Thomas Allen Dorothea Charley Bobby Baugh Bridges Chapman Patsy James Earl Cummings Daniels Dover Glenda Majorie Maggie Gayle Hahn Hardy LaVonne Collins Kenneth Dover Harlen Harrison Leroy Bruce' Corbin Cumby David Sybil Engledow F itts Leo I ames E. Hicks Holcomb 1 SOPHCDMCJRES Joy Nita Holcomb Larry Holcomb Jack Holder Ouida Jo James Don Koraska Terry Koraska Shirley Lenard Floyce Lee Lindsey Donald Mart Love Truitt Maddux Bobby Sue Martin Jimmie Morgan Elmina Maynard Kent McCullough Mary Evelyn Payne Dorothy Perkins Zelma Price Alberrine Quarles Ruth Mary Ramsey Mildred Rice Patricia Schochler Glenda Smith Sunny Terrell Sue Hibbard he 135' 'iz-M , . f " T51 I 4 A jf . ,, A , - 5 ,5N-., 1 K ' y 1 ., ' '.., Q, L . , g Q, if ff? ,-fxfjvw' T ' X' M S! 1 init, i X W ,N A 1 7' I 4. X, 3, f X - Ai X 1 -1 1, A K f W 1 Z x V, k , . 4 1 A - U 4, H 'K M I A if 1. W X 'Kiwi xg Yi N i..,1A a x,,,Km ki, 1 ' . yi A V Qnk I x... f 3 Q n f yi a w Q ff. W ' Swv . i 5 . ii ,ge , . 1 5 I k , 1 ' SL. 5 A, 1 , X v X FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Joseph Tullis Edna Merle Hanvy President Secretary Ford Johnson Willard Lawson Reporter Vice President FLOWER: White Carnation MOTTOg "Find a way or make one' COLORS: Green and White We, the Freshmen of 1951-1952, are proud to claim the title of "Fish, " We have been looking forward to being a member of high school for many years, We know that with our determination, we will succeed and be one of the finest groups Alto High School ever had. Vaughn Olan Bobby Joe A. Bobby R, L. Cherry John Compton George Covington Louise Cruseturner Larry Davis Francis Foreman Betty Gentry Earl Hanev Edna M. Hanvy Summers Hassell Jimmy Houston Ford johnson Mildred Jones Arnold Black Boyd Brooks Burrows i A went: fn nina 'Wil t 'QHW' Milton Landrum Willard Lawson Doyle Lusk Ozell Moak Betty Moses Carol McGaughey Phoebe Quarles Jerry Reese Billie Selman - Ruth H. Tobias Joseph Tullis Aliene Vann Alvalean White 4 . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5? 4 4 4 4 4 ALTO ELEMENTARY STUDENT COUNCIL: This council was organized to give the stu- dents a voice in school planning. It strives for the improvement of the school and high character and goocl social traits that are important in progressive schools. T455 EIGHTH GRADE MR.IAMESGRAMMAR SEVENTH GRADE MRS. HELEN QUARLES SIXTH GRADE MRS. DELIA BOWEN '---'fi FI H 6 R A D E MISS EDITH HENDRICK F O U T H 6 R A D E MISS RUTH WILLIAMS THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES MRS-HMHARGROVES SECOND AND THIRD GRADE MRS-EDWINRAMSEY FIRST QRADE MRS.A.E.DANHEIM SECOND GRA D E q MRS. ERNA MERRIWETH ? a 1 i 1 0 I 1 ! v V ufnvz, me 6 y Q7 fgdfvlf' an Qfcrkz. 3 ll 1,- s o P H F O A M v O o R R E 1 T E s MARY E, PAYNE THOMAS ALLEN LEONARDEAN SELMAN JAMES BLAND S E N I O R JB A V O R I T E S F R E 5 F 1-1 A M V A O N R I T E S JOE A. BROOKS ALINE VANN f ' A F A V o R 1 T E s PA ULINE MUCKLEROY I. L. PYLE Most L ik ely to S ucceed 'N OUIDA IO JAMES ROBERT M. MCCLURE Q2 NS C 0 lb- EJ N H' um 53 C1 M O S T P O P U L A R BUDDY WOOD GINGER STEVENS R K . 'L jfs B E s T A L L FLOYCE A LINDSEY R 0 KENNETH U COLLINS N D BETH WILSON A-'- av is 23 QE! 'fs W I T T I E S T LARRY MARSHMAN I UNE STEVENS F.F.A. PIN UP BOY LEROY CORBIN 4, A ,T F.F.A. SWEETHEART GLENDA SMITH Lwzddfl 469011 df ifze Q73 Zcdd Qfbbczi Selected for the traits of honesty, trustworthiness, courtesy, obedience, punctuality, good judgement, good personality, respect for school property, ability to follow direc tions, neat appearance, ability to get along with others, and self-control under trying circ umstanc es. - ELEMENTARY CLASS FAVORITES CHARI-F5 MARTHA RONALD RITA CATHERINE HAMILTON cosPER ROGERS MCGAUGHEY PA YNE A ., SISZSE ..,A p ARA W :V.,, -- ,',.. . S' RONNIE SHARON GERALD IIMMIE GLENDA ARNOLD WEST WEST Q BRUNT JONES s aa, SHIRLE Y MELVIN IO MARIE DOUGLASS DERRETT HAHN ASH SMITH EDNA RUTH GERALD MARTHA BILLY FRED MORGAN GERMANY PAYNE HOPSON 5 Q A I Hester, Managerg Grammar, Coach: Moore, Coachg Stevens, Sponsorg Ball, Manager "Doug" Smith, Mascot airfra- THE YELLOW JACKETS THE STARTING LINE-UP RESERVES 'W .... xx. MII SCHEDULE 1 12 195i QPPONENT Q, gg Q Sam Augustine - - - - 132 - - f - H 6 Fairfield ---- - - 7 - - - - O Groveton - - ' - -15 - - - - 0 Lovelady - - - - -12 - - - ' 7 WQodvil1e:-- ---i2O-- ---K3 Grape1and-- --19-F ---O B1khart-- --13-- ---O Rusk--- -'34--- ---O TriniIy-- - 6-- --13 Dibo11--- ---- --12 ------ -- 51 1 5, 'W 6? Y CHEERLEADERS, SICVCUS, Brooks, Crenshaw, Vann, Ramsey 20 JUNE STEVENS FO0tb311 Sponsor Yfysi 5692 '2vx5X'x,000-5 5564 9659 Q13 QQQYQ QQ SQ? Q52-9 W Q YSV5 we ww QQ2 SQO S Q9 WWA I I I STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS 'S O 3 I I I I I I I I I I I I 4-3 I: In -o 'I-I 3 I1 o.. ?'s 'U 'U I3 CD Secretary-Treasurer ------ Frankie James Sunny Terrell Reporter Jack Nicar Sponsor -------------- DEMOCRACY ACTION UD velopin de is nt Council de Stu Our citi- ponsible n and res peratio 'O C0 zens by active participation in ullis, hT P SC ilson, Jo thW in, Be rb C0 eroy ens, L V IC S DC Jean Selman, Iu Y gg B111 ndin Sta ool democracy, h SC Marion Adams, Cleo Crenshaw, Shirley Brooks George Covington, Mr. Nicar, .. Tracie Wood, Buddy Carol Blanton, Sunny Terrell, kleroy, UC line M Pau 85 Sittin and Don Koraska, Pearman, Frankie James David Felder, X MRS, ENER BILLY BALL BUDDY WGOD OUIDA JAMES Sponsor Editor A. Editor Features 1, CLEO CRENSHAW FRANKIE JAMES NITA HOLCOMB Business Manager Assistant Advertisements ,fa 3-sb A u ix xx , P , 5' 3 Q N , wx 2, A. N x 'L Xx iix TH E F F TOMMIE HESTER ROBERT MCCLURE Advertisements Secretary BUDDY WOOD PERRY CHAPMAN Editor Assistant Editor OUIDA IA MES Chief Rep. FRANKIE JAMES Proof Reader JOE MILLER PATSY ROGERS it -P'-A 95 a a THE STAFF FFA - - - ------ Jimmie Morgan - - Pat Schochler - - Beth Wilson Mary Lee Allen Shirley Brooks Jay Nita Holcomb Pauline Muckleroy Virginia Schochler Sunny Terrell - - Dean Selman Sara Covington Joan Davis - Marvin Hester Sales ---- - - Jeannean Cummings FHA ---- Reporters - - Typists - - - Mechanic - - - - - - THE STAFF TOMMIE HESTER Treasurer DORIS ALLEN C. Editor MARIE ADAMS Features Features Art MARCHING BAND .,,, ............. X ,1 Q fs" . pi' "R 6-If 'L JOHN BROTHERS, Director CONCERT BAND DRUM MAJCJR SUE LLOYD ' Mis fi 1 - JA MAJORETTES MARION ADAMS R .A 'm vu null' , I '. Nhuvun: C?gv6FN 1 v I ' l M J 'r x w,,,pq na nn 4'9'f'u3I,V :MQ nu,,,,,w Q: T. E. CUMMINGS F5 1 .2 x " Lv ' -X - 4 R am , ,SYM X A J:',,wJ'.G1 H.4Q,,,h'Y:g L. ,L ,,.-Q .w-'-.g,,,-- R' DOYLE HANVY HENRY TULLIS 5 ELBERT FULTS 'Q ALTO EEA. CHAPTER .AXIWIIII -1 . XJ,-'Q SEWING W, 11451 ,A lm il... CLUB OFFICERS Sponsor, MISS ROBERSON COOKING H O M E M A K E R S K' ALTO PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION MRS. 1. D. BOONE, President ALTO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL TRUSTEES 5 -,,lg if LIBRARY STAFF MISS IOSIE ALMA WATTERS THE PRESS CLUB MRS, B, N, ENER - W.. -.Itv..,,.,-Y-.L..V.W.Y,.V ... .-.5 ,, -, BUS DRIVERS AND JANITOR 11: Q E Q AQ 15 CAFETERIA , :H , MR. ROY BROOKS Mr. Brooks, in the hospital at the time the pictures were taken, was not forgotten, "Roy" is always re- membered for his patience, kind- ness, and friendly interest in stu- dent affairs, fwlu, 1 f """ 5 ff' A ' AF ig' I li fb N fl A E fu ,YQQ 5 ' ,, f 1 .:-af. t Z :K T W. SWK my -of Wie 41 E . ,WM " v Y, X 4-fs ,Aft H , PWS. 1 Y'-i ww A ,w xg-, ff, ' 'MNQQJQ5 42 i jf . .,,' , :Ay '14 'H 1f.". ,f .. K, . fs. 3 ,M -N i2 1 Eff.-ii -uf D f' 9 if my Q ,M - . W Sx mlisfwsf Llsuz' ' ' "' '' n.lmL:uf.,,. fs lf,- c. 'A - e ulvfgaigy Q I X , J I 9 R U G E. R5 GE OC FRY A f 'Diana aoo I. J , emfzmmfa wi W SARTAINJ BLACK ' E-'T-gi om "fir " alfa Www Q' 752 X yezefamg 87 l FOR sooo Poco gd, fx .... Wzg. THE- f K7 vf - we Mooraes Al-T 2 gi I-IE R ALD 'QA C2164 imma, E'LZl,72fb READY-T0-WEAR. Q 6am,Q42mMz2. AND PIECE oooos Q SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. 0' Juan. Qmfmfiimwrfa- Gmmflgmmg, y Me, B "Hz B anon. RY Arm-lulz Blzooxs PUOTORS CME, youu- Qfdiwb f5fzwJPA, .77fzav,o. Q Whbfhfwwla W. C. HENDRICK fifwzmiw am! feed and ima 'need gov-rg 2 HIGHWAY E94 'ALTO ALTO USED CAR CO. BLANTON BRUNTQ PROP! h ' .1 il-1 13' W4"X fum Hmm' M -- Tl! 64477110 Pmmffdmmk PE AEMAN ,M MOT ora COMPANY GREEN LANTERN ooacfe' or JQQMQZLMJ CAFE .zsafe of Qriwbucba alma M Avro, Zaonflbmozata- LYONS BUTANE. Slap I I ----I M, 1 If R oAs COMPANY mc K N IC' HTS in -. E4 Ho?1?uwz7Z?di!S0buc20 5 -TL-0 R fn ma M Gfzfa, Jewaox Gcvfrnfffhnarzfn. ANDERSON' 5 W M HOIVIAS N'-3255-RY I-lAl2DwAl2e Haw? , Mjjfjgffw nga 4gu6j',,,yf Pam H8 aff, 701404. Cammffdznonzi GULF SERVICE. .STATION PERKINS HOLCOMB, Mgr. Highways 21 and 69 TEXAS PHONE Fon -f X 76440414 S6911 ALTO H455 FLOWER snow Gifa, UWM ous 77,60 Affww I5 OUR BUSINESS I W' BARBER sv-:UP Civnnf Zbnmb- W HUMBLE SERVICE STATI ON Xa, Gcwvgpfefi, J-9fw,a. coNTlNEr5FrE.L'sTAT E-B'ArTK " S Q, k Q ALTO. 'ua' 'rExAs figzzggffig, BROOKSH .QE 2' BEDS. QZM iwaow J. C. WILLIAMS jamie auffmged' 234924. 2 .i'2'Z21ZCO Fon DURABILITY Fon STYLE WALLACE . '7ufzm7uns C0 r,,, CW- Md' ww LOMJSENIORS OF I952 M coLE DRY Goons comm dvmhkmenfs af bifgfu: gfczfme me nm. gmffmeaz if A E 'L 0. n.. PAYN E 1 -Ll e Q sg A!E!"!"'! fl LLIIVIZETK L.fkJo WELLS T 5 QUMPLIMLNTS -30 SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS INC. HELP PREVENT FIJREST TIRES LUFKIN WELCOME ,TO Q BRENT 5 Bulubme Herr! 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Rusk, Texas I ,... i 1'1., 5 Izlq . ,..1I. .5 f7fW5Z M . rPh llip's1oc46 and TREADWELL 5 DRYFOEOOD j-fwanq 5, t LONE. :STAR I A gm Wm FBITIIIZBFS D CHU bl SWOPPC WW SE gygg-E,l -iz? ,Remember I FIRST 4 THOUGHT MARSHAI-1-L BYNUM 0'B',S Elem-l:rlCa'suPPLles BODY AND FENDER SERVICE Home Wiring of Au Kinds COMPLIMENTS OF . I7 42414 14014 ,S I SEX Sfvfff Sq? S Eiefii f , "A PLEASURE if 7 TO 'A. H. JETER 8z soNs, Agents SERVE YQU Amginclair Gasoline and Oihnms WXALL NYAL gdmfbwmw' CD.'IV.AH,lLIIiN1 8 MOSELEY 534951 DRUG STORE? FUNERAL. Dnzecroas UDWMQOZQJW 051W-fffjdff n0wL amwice am-wed vfzwi' Edna jbkand 44 je E I GAS HND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES gmnleihne Laundry N WN S F A d D Cl 5 ' ' ' . I' CHIICYS il N Zi gf . " Q M WW-6 THEATRE 514 PERRY DIAL Sass y2fe,g,p,2e, jaxagx f "Finest in Motion Picture Entertainment" Browning 8: Lovelacly Qdgwu ATIUNAL Lumber HARVESTER DEALER Co' J. C. HILL Jcvcfmczl! 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ALLEN Q Tors g f W EA R H K' 9' F Jf- 'w N X 4 5 LIFE S . V CQ7lAZlfZQ7ZCZ ILYOUR FUTURE I5 !IZ.5w'zecZ Fmmffhnlngk ROUNTREE PRODUCE WHOLEIALI: ' I 4 I A 0 -., 1 .1 :.':'o,.,'-:te I "' 55-4 -nr' ll f-U Qammmwe gww 6cvf1nff1Pm,0n,2Q1 JAC. KSONVILLE Cl QOCE RY yadefvawzaile C O M PA NV -74ml "Refresh ff! yoursel Zdmfl , wx NICHOLIS STUDIO CROWN BOTTLING Zaye j COMPANY fum 'md' 9ocl4sonviIIe,Texas 7a l4,0ffZ666Hffid0t zifclaeetdaerze Hamm! Staff Qywwgigig SMW WW Qlgjgw 'N TAY? - U -f , + ' 'J , ' My 3' E0 'A PG S 1? iv M35 fp V' Q, 2 533 RX M5224 fgxqgkixg xxx QQ-it ajjgqe Qogkvi-Xgtk, fiazzfc . l ' E54 4,5 gg? AX ix 3, QZQQQ-L1 H22-5,2-5 'Riff QW? Qmigmfx tix. PM PE xii'-f0'T2-Jia Q ff' ,fx Q ,aff Ri'bQ?i+5l'?eb - W I M 2 . ,iq 4 he j' b'f5g5" J1,f'f.V5f' 2 ff W' qv 5 Q

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Alto High School - Stinger Yearbook (Alto, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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