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.. 0 T TI R ALTO HIGH SCHOOL ALTO, TEXAS I943 'A' FOREWORD It 1S wxth pr1de that the members of the staff present The Stmger of 1948 w1th slncere hope that th1S our second annual w111 be a source of Joy to 1tS owners throughout the commg years 45,-n S.- f Ed1tor Dav1d Danhexm Ass1st Ed Beverly Maddux Bus Mgr Loretta Heath Sec Treas Maur1ce Selman Sports Ed Harry Madd1n Feature Ed Bobby Ramey Sponsor Elementary Barbara Grogan Sen1or Ed Mur1e1 Corley .Tunlor Ed Dor1s Blanton Soph Ed .T1mmy Crosby Art Ed Tommy O Ban1on Ass1stant Berry K1dwe11 1V'rs B N Ener 7 x tw iw 5' 3 .J 4' , 4. t . ii v , al t Q. 1 on . . a uceo l ' D on. L 0 o u DEDICATION This volume is dedicated to the Yellow .Tackets of 1947-48, who have given us to a season of thrilling games and enurnerable victories--dedicated to a squad who have enriched the life of our school by their dis- play of clean sportsmanship and warm fellowship 'vb-.P Q ash 2 HUIHIHISTHHTIUH I bf" N? , . wx: L., ff l ' Q ' IIII,,,,,,,,. ..., -.,.,K- ' Z V V904 Xa TO THE STUDENT BODY: In thls your second school annual, whlch deplcts a gllmpse at your school llfe, may each of you be revealed to your fellow 8SSOClBt9S as a worthy school cltlzen, par- tlclpating ln a wholesome, actlve school atmosphere In all phases of school activltles, lt 15 particlpate than to observe, better to do than for we learn by dolng, better to be marred and the struggle of the game, and suffer the pangs than to remain aloof and lnactlve Therefore, actlve partlclpants ln the game of llfe better to to be shown, torn through of defeat, strlve to be We appreclate the splendld attltude, the wholesome re actlons and the sp1r1t of service and frlendllness demon strated by you the Student Body Memorles and assoclat- lons formed ln such an atmosphere could only be pleasant to llnger on and on when many other things have sunken lnto 0bl1V1OH Slncerely, f,0'5w1zzf J D Bo ne ,Q 51 if T1 Ze O C r- -I -4 L X .hiflf-A I' fa 1 g .Tack Mrs. B. N. Ted Nicar Ener Moore Mrs Anola M1ss JIOSIC M1ss Ada Mrs Don Earl Martm Alrna Watters Banks Murch1son Cummmgs 4:3-. Robert Sneed Mr s .Tlm Hargr oves 1 Mrs Helen M1ss Ruth M1ssNe111e Mrs De11a Quarles W1111ams Smgletary Bowen UK M1ss Ed1th Mrs Irene Mrs Ver11ne Mrs E1-na Hendr1ck Ramsey Danhelm Mermwether .. I V . ' A , N -9, u . 1 - I I A . Sr 4 , ' -X n . ' . . r g ' 1 . r M u r . - . A ' -,-fi' J ' :A-549' ' , +- - X Z! X7 Z ,. V V If ffl , , M ' f fi , f x X, ? SENIORS 947 AND 4 Pres1dent Jerry R1x VICE Pres1dent Nelleva Morgan Secretary Treasurer Mur1el Corley Sponsor Mrs Anola Martm Sponsor Mr Ted Moore Class Motto He conquers who conquers hmmself Class Colors Old Rose and S1lver Class Flower Pmk Rose 'qw S-f' llnlll'w All the hopes the asp1rat1ons the fa1th and prest1ge that we the Semor Class of 1948 uphold are flrmly embedded 1n our motto He conquers who conquers hlmself It has been our fervent and almost reverent deslre to be to the school what other sen1or classes have been After all are we not gett1ng our start 1n l1fe rlght here 1n Alto H1gh" What we are what we do today W111 stamp on our souls the testmg of our l1ves tomorrow Our l1ves are largely what we make them and we can God helpmg set a pattern that all semors 1n the future of th1s school w1ll follow and feel proud that they are walklng 1n our footsteps OF I ' I9 8 3 tf Jerry Rxx Nelleva Morgan Murlel Corley i James Blanton M1lburn Boggs D1mp1e J Burrows MaryR Butler Dw1ght Campbell Davxd Danhe1m Mar1e Dunsore Elv1s Felder Fred FCYTIS Kenneth Fox A11ne George Zelda Hamb Loretta Heath Raeburn Jones B111y Joe Jones Berry K1dwell Harry Madd1n Dewey Mc Lam Edwlna Palmer Betty Jo Pegues Alyne Pyle Bobby Jean Ramey Thelma Reed MHUTICB Selman Eugene Spears John T Sowell Guy Dean Pu1l1s B111y Wxlson Norma Wooddell B111y Young CICERO an r r tt-,Lx W aft-W ng Pi rf 5433- Z' F 'if Us A W1-,K x Gif if X Nu gli' I I CP 044: A C 1 if K "K 1654945 K Dxfr C Q JLIIIIUHS JUNIORS 947 AND 94 Pres1dent Bobby Wood V1ce Presxdent Van Campbell Secretary Treasurer Dorxs Blanton Sponsor M155 Ada Banks The .Tumor Class of th1s year 1S a small but actlve group of students It1s str1v1ng hard to achleve 1tS goal to become SBHIOTS As semors we shall have another goal graduat1on But f1rst we must accornphsh the task of completmg our Jhmor year We hope to f1n1sh our eleventh year w1th a record of be1ng the best Junlor class of Alto H1gh School As we Journey along th1SJU.I'l1OI' year we feelagrahtude deeper than we can express for our teachers who have str1ved to help us and teach us to the best of the1r ab111ty. OF I I 8 Sponsor -. l. l. .. .. I l. .. l. '. .. I. Mr. .Tack Nicar If X Warner Ba1ley James E Black Mary Nell Black Dor1s Blanton BCTDICE BOSt1Ck Van Campbell Jack Cr1ppen James Ray Dunsmore Barbara Grogan Earl H1CkS Clarence Hugg1ns Syble Lloyd Leta Mae Lowery Beverly Maddux Zula Mae McCla1n Joseph Moake Tommy O Bamon Max Owens Matt1e D Persons Harry Robbms G1or1a Ross John B111 Sm1th Sara Str1bl1ng Dorothy Wilson Bobby Wood Chester Young I i' ,Q be 1 C. Q, l x S V 1 'A 1? DHUIHUH SQPHOMORES 947 AND 94 Pres1dent .llmmy Crosby VICE Presldent Terry Ted Moore Secretary Treasurer Peggy Kelly Sponsor Mr Earl Curnrnmgs Lookmg toward a future crowded Wlth aCt1V1ty and learnlng we the Sophomore Class of 1947 1948 are strugglmg forward toward h1gh 1deals Places of honor have already been gamed by var 1ous students of our class and lt IS our s1ncere hope to further serve fa1thfully and well our school and commumty 'll R W1 A .es 50. M . 0 , CD F I I 8 Sponsor . - ..,... I Tosie A. Watters 7 ' - Q 'eh V xxx Wh Annie V Arrant Otho Black R L Brooks Zylvia N Byrd Billy Cates Bobby Cheatham Curtiss Choate B1l11e Cohagen J M Crawford Jimmy Crosby Joe Cruseturner James Dover Genene Felder Sylvia Felder Bernie M Fults Denvil Harrison J D Henderson Avon Hendrlcks Walter Reynolds Milton Jackson Billy Johnson Peggy Kelly IKM Geraldine Maddux M L, Robert Miller Teddy Moore Thomas Powers Anita Ramsey 7k X - WK N 2,3353- Jack Richardson ' - X n J .T . David Roark Margia Singletary Bobby Skeeter s Gerald Steed Herland Steed Marlene Strickland Bonnie Swope Ann Terrell Joyce Van Bi11yF wiuiams ' 1 . W ',A, ui FHESHIHIEH FRESHMEN 947 ANC 4 Pres1dent Kathryn Powell VICG PI6S1dCDt James Mclntrye Secretary Charles Cooper Treasurer Faye Dover We the Freshmen of 1947 1948 are proud that We are Freshmen We have at long length reached th1S m11estone ln our school Career havxng only sweet rem1n1sc nce of the past Yes we are proud of bemg the Freshmen of 1948 mt QF I I9 8 Sponsor., . '1Vlrs.lD.on 1VIurch1son I Q , M Marg1e Allen Robert Andrews Bllly C Ball Donald Burt Betty Brooks Earl Clark Charles Cooper Ralph Cumby Roy Cumby Betty Dean Reba Dean Faye Dover Charles Felder Edwm Garner Carroll Glenn Harold Heath Joan Helton Bobby Holcomb Jewel R Jones Patsy Landrum Betty Lou Lusk James H Mason Edna Mynard James Mclntrye Grace M1l1er J1mmy Moses Harold Parker Max1ne Parr1sh Helen Poe Kathryn Powell W11l1s Pr1ce Ray Pyle 'Claude Rxce Janet Rogers Thomas Rogers Ed1th Sanders J C Selman Laverne Thrash Sonme Wallace Lester Young -1-qxbv WL., Imac. XX K "" u X. . J . gi . . is C 1 L. . w hx.. -1 g J ' S " ' ,,, G al, IW hw of 41 ' 5 as or gy gl . L, . I L ' 5 v A CXJ, . LJ Ol. 9 . . V . K y A . I V 'XX "Q, X el - Ne . A ' A , z ay 1 ' Wanda Mcham .-3 x 1 ' n"'Lfr2.....a. ' 2 S 5' . . " 5- .4 4x ', Alslff I -- WSJ 1 N, .l 55 Jafar . sy G' i 51 . X A Q fx f A, ' ' - 0 . . 4, Q f, C. . X , 1 wx' 3 f- fix M gl lf' 9 six 1' X 9 . J 2 EIGI-ITI-I GRADE 947 AND 948 QIMFXJ Pres1dent Frank1e James V1ce Pres1dent Larry Marshman Secretary Treasurer Buddy Wood Sponsor Mrs B N Ener xx Th1s 1S the f1r st tune m a number of years that the e1ghth grade has been 1n Hlgh School It all seems to be hard work all those lessons but there IS also a lot of fun 1n lt too We carefully and w1sely selected .Toellen Baugh as our e1ghth grade g1rlFavor1te and Kenneth Collms as boy favor1te l - G F I I L I if' , 1 f 1. ' 1 x EIGHTH GRADE Lott1e Allen Mary Lee Allen Garw1n Baugh Joellen Baugh .Tames Bland Carol Blanton Harold Blanton Darlene Bev1ns Harold Bost1ck Ann Brooks Elgene Boykln B1lly Burrows Kenneth Colllns Cleo Crenshaw Ray Foreman Elbert Fults Benny Gardner Mona Germany Wheeler Germany Marv1n Hester Alton H1CkS V1rg1l Jackson Frank1e James Bobby I Kelly Ruth H Knot Gene Lowery Larry Marshman Nancy Lowery Mary McCullough Joe Mlller Donald Parr1sh Edna Ph1ll1ps Nellwyn Robb1ns Sh1rley Sess1ons sn? srl! A VTR 'XAAF' WK Anola Smxth LQ tw Ruby Stanley Buddy Wood if K . Y W Q s K ' u - ts ,x . ' 9 A , , 'N cl 5 I . 5- '34 . 1 L. If 7 x ' 1 . 4' S Q . , a. -- 1 , X I lr 9 L Q - 5 A L . r' -4 . X s Q Tommie Hester v I I , s- Q - G' 1 . xl L g ' 1 1 y g ',ki.1,:,-11.1 I ,il g Q G in .1-t . ,K v lux 1 1: 5' 0 ' ' B 1 . . -9 4 . , s 5 :- , ' n I Q. ZX UHHH ff? ALL SCHOOL FAVORITE TH 11 C Q2 LO GIRL .J X RN Mui 'R' 7 R- FAvoRrf P4 P RQVVA HA Boy ALL SCHOOL DIN SENIOR FAWOIQWE5 X1 FMUWJQ dbx. 4... f,R 'Q N tl' sow FAVGFUTE5 1yM dd Bbbyw d KORG P OQYX yT C M' M dd pw 3 N966 FAMCNNTE5 M11 GRAD NU C,Eg?i5igI:D B C: th C 11' Qu f' 47 Ip! 7 5345! HIITIVITIES STUDENT CGUNCIL Standmg Baxley N1car Dunsomore Cruseturner Seated Mlller Holcomb Ross Danhe1m Morgan Young Maddux The Student Councll of Alto Hlgh 1S no d1fferent from any other leglslatlve department except that lt 1S more lement than most Th1s organlzatlon hasa const1tut1on by laws and amendments may be made to both of these 1f necessary The pr1nc1pa1purpose of the Student Councxl 1S to un1fy all student organlzatlon under one general control The counc11 hasapres1dent vxce presd1ent secretary treasurer reporter andtwo representat1ves from each of the h1gh school grades tat1ves The offlcers for th1s year are as follows Dav1d Danhelm Pres1dent James Ray Dunsmore . V1ce Presldent Nelleva Morgan .t... . Secretary Treasurer G1or1a Ross . . . . . . Reporter un Aff T Y I I o SHED W'LV7Y The Alto Yellow up thelr flfth cons of the l9l+7 season the Trlnlty 'f'1ge last Frlday nlght ac hufdfv' Lozzvrn HEATH gh 101- Ou as ff V U 1 L O mea-Us 11951 O fwli rx sf-ude nef 5 OV the 6095 V18 att 3150 TI"11'1 L, bottl Sa, AITO Mo crowd ln tho hlstory nchool foo+b'1ll w1ll eld tonlght, lf tho xermlt, to see Alfofs d the Furtsvllle h DN Tflea pherg boyst if Sowell OU as than Je n the Falforn O ,Vi 9 C n Speecisg Senjgr, f Played 2811126 rush for rly 1 E erv so 1' man? 10 V nfiher go ' un ogt If Bfy a 'f S each O the b fal 4' was f 15 Wa WCCK 3' 8 6' Qc QJWJ Choo' +C 5 0 J do X JQLKEYS Buzz 5 YF 5 666 be real, name however, v. oefo '70 J' 1 oug out 'cr the dr1ft, Berry ,fa Q .aves snting by you 1n 1, Q0 mall 6 Q N X xx X ii' lFsK ,s r t 5 H o o ', l o o +-wr ed Q . A - -5 V ' . ' 1 .A I .1 Q Y L 7 A L - " 1 Mfr D' . A 'D S A A 1 J pr, b -.n K' 'I I P t . Si: WO . -1 ' U -4 " : el "N f' y . k 1' 1 'J i Wa Wh . I ' W l H - ' - H'0 i ' Y' T nl ' y v .I an as J S-Q- :Se 9am . . " V OF 'Yay- C h h Q Lat 1 I UC. 1 . N , -' ff f in ,n bottled pu- mg a hold a - mf:-,Q 47-le 11 Tll1E3.g,2111PN J, J--L A h ' -Lg 4135, , - G11 lk 2 fl wfkxu hlgjfb. TE 1- h 2 K A .-Langer' In Lite - . Q were 'J Ill N hw'-3 'T' . fx 5, Q . AU' - Op . ' 9 w fb J, 'tl ,v J, fl vi - i l .4 J Q gaii n o 1 J 6 oi L ' X' I C' COS . i4 In ' i ,T 3 O50 GQ' ,gsei-If ....":2Y, Q1 'Y' EU ' ' . o 60 OG x J PEP SQUAD 1947 Q X STINGER STAFF f 0 ' 1947-1948 if JU' 'w N "v -07 l ,north 3 El ij 9 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CLUB Mrs Don Murcluson , ! Ja Sponsor 4' Q5 NEW H T 'flow 'sgmlbf FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Mr Earl Cummxngs Sponsor 060,19 LIBRARY STAFF Ramey Heath Dunsmore Morgan Blanton Hamb Blanton Watters Grogan Selman Str1bl1ng Butler Danhe1m 4 CLUB Blvens Baugh Sess1ons Brooks Robbms Ph1ll1ps Sm1th M11ler Swope Felder Yan Burrows Pegues Dunsmore Germany Poe Landrum Knot McCullough Morgan Lusk McLa1n Allen Tom Dean Ian1tor i arffli in? iq! LUNCH ROOM 1- T fx 'Y' .1 rngrpff f ' 'Q 0 sy I l 6'aZfi1 l.5? P fp' F 111 'xx Q' .1 1' ' ww: " 1 -4 1' ' 4 v Q 1 ?,,:.,,JVA . z. 4 mmm A' Kenneth Fox Ted Moore Manager Coach Ann Terrell Sponsor emma Qww The Yellow Jackets of 1947 had a wonderful and successful football year The Season s record speaks for 1tse1.f Alto Elkhart Alto Mad1SOHV1116 6 Alto -San Augustme Alto Groveton Alto Grape land Alto Rusk Alto Crockett Alto Corr1gan Alto Tr1n1ty Alto Huntsvxlle Co-Captains: Dewey Ray McLain and Jerry Rix its 've' 'mia ,ribs gr. sl. 49-0- ..4 QOWJZQZZ, QAM? QQ? M f7f balm 5 If CHEER LEADERS Grace M111er Herlan Steed Bobby Jean Ramey Mary Nell Black Norma Lee Wooddell QUEEN S COURT Dav1d Danhezm Grace M111er Nelleva Morgan Jerry RIX Sara Strxbllng Dewey Ray MCLa1n Aruta Ramsey Sh1r1ey Sess1ons Tram Bearers Charlotte Ann N1car, Joan Boone Crown Bearer C1eorg1a Terrell 5 Y S -- 7 3 ""'3-fu fd 1 2- 41. 1' .gf .., V-tub "a,,vx...fL , -'-1 A 1 , .4 QI" . L . 59 e' IL .. E X n ELEHIEHTHHV Wig 365250 Efemmkdgf 504008 Semors, the Alto Elementary School cons1ders lt an honor to be represented 1n such a f1ne yearbook as The Stmger and when m the future you v1s1t your Alma Mater we hope to be carrymg on 1n the same eff1c1ent manner as you have 1n the past Through hard work and study on the part of the students and the unt1r1ng efforts of the teachers we are bu1ld1ng a foundat1on for our h1gh school work of tomorrow However all1s notwork and study 1n the elementary grades Great enthuslasm IS mamfested 1n var1ous aCt1V1t16S such as the annual East West Football Game enterta1nment for the Parent Teachers Assoc1at1on Amateur N1ght and May Day programs To all the grammar school students the faculty hopes you w1ll contlnue to take v1ctoryw1tha smlle and defeat w1th a gr1n wh1ch we th1nk 1S the Splflt of the Alto School iwmfft Jima WM Quaid Holcomb Felder Schochler Turner Lowry Cates Powers Cr1ppen Reese .Tones Felder Brooks Maddux Lloyd Pyle Tullls McClure Collms Dom1ny Moore Womack Allen Ogden McGaughey Cosper Pearman Chatman Moffett Younger Seal Poe Germany Oswald Hlcks QWNQ SIXTH GRADE MRS SINGLETARY Robb1ns Wall1s Cumby Tyra McE1fresh Beathard Holcomb Dawson Dover James Terrell L1ndsay Holcomb Ramsey Hahn Black Mlller Oswald Payne Smlth Skockler Morgan Mangum Montgomery K1mbrell Mangum Hardy Carr Brad ford Coll1ns McCullough Baugh Har-r1son Dover Foreman Quarrels Black Danlels Allen Chapman Stmckland Pr1ce Leonard P1-1ce H1cks Allen FIFTH GRADE MRS BOWEN Tul11s, Smelly, Wallace, Gardener, TVIcGaughy, W11l1s, Holcomb, Boyd, Powers, Lusk, Quarrels, Helm, Compton, Cherry, Hassell, Kimbrell, Brooks, Landrum, Burrows, Houston, Kelly, Palmer, Moses, Vann, White, Black, Johnson, Reece, Jones, Stmckland, Moake, Goodman, Bennett, Moake, ...FL .X- --.. A t , ij., -H ' 5 - HMA-'V A , 1 4 Q K fl,-:Z 1, f gl f "C f A 1 A' . 3 ' 1, ,, s I' W Y . Q. - r si Y ' , E Q I 5, ' TY 1 1 'I an - ' 1 ' . l . 1' ,Q f .-41 ,Q f . I ?"'JA-f' I "C gs' 3 ' Z . Y . , . -. "Asa ., .r - I 7 , ',j . 3 A E? 5, , ' - 'J I I 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 D ' 1 B 1 1 1 1 D 1 1 1 ' 1 1 4 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 " 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 O 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 , T. ,.,,.. , ' 1 . A -,- , x , ,, , : y XV . : 1 A ' Tl 1 xi 1 . 1, Y . 1 ' 1 . - s i 1: ' T- 4- w FOURTH GRADE MRS HARGRCVES Baugh Black C11Ck Colllns Davls Frankhn Fults Goodman Harr1s Holcomb Jones May Mayhar McGaughey Moore Muck W1111ams Younger Payne Payne Smlth leroy Palmer Parr1sh Shuptrme Wallace Brooks Grogan Henderson Johnson Knot W1111ams THIRD GRADE MRS HENDRICKS Smlth Montgomery Beam Moffet McE1fresh Kelly Peacock W1111ams Barnhart Barnhart Hahn Floyd Roark Reece Shup tr1ne Cosper Townley Germany Ph1111ps Morgan McGoughey McGoughey Meadows T. THIRD GRADE Mlss WILLIAMS Kimbrell Powers Clifton Arrant Fults Parrish Beathard Robbins Allen Burrows Johnson Maddux Franklin Vann Gilcrease Decker Steed .Tames Boykin Goodman Edwards Moake Quarrels Maddux ...L -+- SECOND GRADE MRS. RAMSEY Edwards, Meadows, Perryman, Doyer, Smith, Strickland, Knox, Boggs, Lyons, Germany, Boyd, Willis, Williams, Decker, Fox, Thomas, Rudd, Shuptrine, Dominy, Black, Gilcrease, Tullis, Tullis, Gardener, Brunt, Ash, Jones, Bowden, McKay, Ogden, Black. U'l ,...L. FIRST GRADE MRS DANHEIM Derret Hamilton Black Findley Colllns Brooks Daniels Dawson Bynum Dover Gardener Baker Bowman Allen Harris Helm Butler Montgomery Baker Felder Hicks Goodman Hahn Grogan Grady ,-... X., ,mmm FIRST GRADE MRS. MERRIWETHER Parrish, Edwards, Wallace, Palmer, Peacock, Wallace, Holcomb Wallace, Moses, Jones, Parrot, Moake, Seal, May, Seal, Smith, Maddux, Treadwell, Sanders, Winn, Lloyd, Marshman, Vann, Stan ley, Moake. N YQ L 'S"N v h- I' HUVEIITISIIIB ..-v-1' 5'-32' v I .SQ A XX fe - - PTH ' L ' 7 - 'LM V3 -' . ,-Y' Q- Jag, Z .. .. 1 A 25:31 2 as , Q ,:-- . .1 ' ff ' '13 H x -. ' - ,. 3:3 ' "ff X, ,. ",A Hglgf, 11, A' . V21 . gif- ! ,. , if' v- J: . A , JC HILI. INTER NATIONAL TRUCKS FAR MALL TRACTORS CY D ERIN Y I? S lic PC I LGI 'I' ILP W LDING RODS I RV C V WI' I. INTERNATIGNAL HARVESTER DEALER AIIO Texas phone Ii9 I 0 o ECCURDIZ1 f- E ' Q RI.. T QI.-I'3Tvff.I:T -. Rb UIQP1 4 D -f RI' 4 IOI' ' OOD -' R ' IB" EU ' 'I ' "YE ESE I E THAT Q. SE T." I WWW R R ETRIEJLINE HLTU TEXU5 6M4? i IPIUUETUNE E PIPE RED HULISTUN PIQUP MTU 5 0 U C95 QXYL C K Fon A 1-'ffwr O2 A 5,vAcf4 ., L. ,y IlflNlQRfITLlllJTllJN'En BUY D 'fl PHFIRIVIUEY GW FILTU THEFITRE 19 Ct, U L 'SMITH PFQUP Fll. EJ TEXFI5 QW mLTm,T5xrL15 49 . if ICE CREAM NA COGDOCHES ICE CREAM COMPANY NACOGDOCHE5 TEXAS CON TINEN TAI. STATE-L BANK A 0 Tx 5 f D lf: NATIONAL EDUCATOR5 LIFE. INS O Did!-.VI ealfeseve Th E1 5+ ,SNC H N- l ass IT , Q as xxWe apprec,iaTe and SOJTCTT your bamkimg lou52ne55." MQYYlbQf.' Fecleraf Reserve yefevw - F. .l. C. R ic ard M'JOl'IVl50YL S G G F xx Q. e BQ GPU C TOMS TOASTE D PEANUT5 BEARDENT? FURNITURE CO. RUSK TEXAS ee 9 ff A Rf-:Gr us. PAF OFF. C owzpfimenfs J LWILLIAMH MW QDJW AH F? T ,wg . - C61 E E KJ-.E..x,JifIkAM5,-I-IQXACQAGENT Q uno u5K, EXAS ATKINSON CANDY hen Y wave IA T k Jfkwmovl C e Veslfa D LJ !!0 4' SPARKMAN DAIRY ed K ar-KTM 5: ST eras LL llcadlyl k XAXE B UM IK PA 181 X? k 7 ou C .S fee, 5,145 F2 WA ' may " Mad r' aflj PP pure' hol95OWI one Luf 1.17, E! fomplmenff Of B Mil M Q ' L-fl T Pasfe r-ized Mi vz il prod44c+5 XX . ll Ll I 0y7Q 05 I 9X0 ,uvnu 6 64 TRUIDWIZLL DRY l3lJllD5 DEYGOODS NO KMKBSHOES Q DUYTOXMEQQ. ,M Ok 5 UUTHWE ETEIQN 9 uuinaun SLIQVILE. 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ADVEFTIoERS By advert1s1ng and maklng posslble that our school days be plctured and bound ln such a book as the lnger, you have made an IHVSSCMGDU ln the youth of our school The btaff's experlences ln selllng, pre parlng copy, meetlng deadllnes the1r assoc1at1on 1n the group, working to complete such a project, has been an enr1ch1ng, learn1ng process that only a appreclatlon for your splendld COOP9P8tlOD May your advertlslng dollar return to you threefold lncreased buslness, happlness and lnterest, unmeasured, on your lnvestment TO OUR STUDENT BODY If you are proud of your Stlnggr, tell our advertlsers Thelr lnterest ln you has made posslble 1ts publlcatlon Prove the soundness of thelr lnvest ment and your appreclatlon by purchaslng the1r products Slncerely yours, 0 - 6.9 1. fo I St. . . program such as this could give. Accept our sincere . ' . . . . A

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