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THE 1963 NUNTIUS presented by The Senior Class and published by The Nuntius Staff Altavista High School Altavista, Virginia Foreword " Here today, gone tomorrow” or " Time marches on " are expressions which appropriately pertain to our school days. Each hour that we spend at school is a fleeting mo- ment. Nevertheless, these hours cae be aE are precious ones- hours spent with - friends, hours spent in reaping the rewards of earnest study and in facing the casa RCL TCHS of failure. In order that our moments at Altavista High School might not be completely lost, we, the Senior Class of 1963, would like to take you, the teachers and students, on a journey through the year we spent as the fiftieth graduating class of Altavista High School. Your excellent participation in all phases of our school life has made this a wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten year for the " golden " graduating class.. With the hope that you will never forget the 1962-63 session at Altavista High School, we proudly pre- sent to you the events of Our Golden Year Table of Contents FACULTY Page 5 CLASSES Page 15 ORGANIZATIONS Page 47 « SPORTS Page 69 FEAT URES . Page 83 = ADVERTISEMENTS Page 93 We Begin Our Journey Through Altavista High School We Dedicate the Golden Edition of The Nuntius ils WOW 2. . . . Our friend, helpmate, and princi- pal, MR, FRANK P, CLINE. Through our last five years we have recognized your sincere devotion to us and your earnest effort to make our school a place which we are p roud to attend. We thank you now as seniors but most important we will thank youas adults for your guidance and help. Thus we dedi- 4 cate The 1963 Nuntius to you. Faculty The time that we spend in being instructed by our teachers has made this a golden year in our education, for we have been given a golden Opportunity to learn. We shall always remember the invaluable les - sons that we have learned from these experienced leaders, and the knowledge that we have gathered during this session at Altavista High School will be our guide in the years to come. stig: —“ WKRHWD BOUHHO Principal - MR, CLINE Secretary - MISS WALLER MR, CLINE MISS WALLER L. Wilson, C. Rowles, M. Booker, J. Doss, seated - Miss Waller. Uta = UA, ; ie NAAT A, [i to Ae ay) MISS AKERS - MRS, ANDREW - Spanish; English; English American History MISS BURNETTE - Guidance; Physical Education Mathematics; Alge bra; Plane Geometry MRS, CARPER - Mathematics; Social Studies MR, BURNETTE General Science Biology Teachers enjoy refreshments at a faculty meeting. . a MRS, COCKE MR, DODSON MR, DRUMHELLER Home Economics Social Studies; World History; Government Speech; Physical Education MRS, HICKS English; Physical Education; Drivers Education MAY LEARN TO DRivE MRS, KEY = 38 - General Science; Chemistry; Physics; Ceramics te ee 3 " Si mmega eeien MR, MARTIN - English MR, McDEARMON - Distributive Education; Economics MR, McNEIL - Music; Band MRS, MOORMAN - Algebra; Solid Geometry; Trigonometry MRS. RAMSEY - Librarian MRS, ROUNTREY - Latin; English MR, SHIRLEN Industrial -Ars MRS, SPRADLIN English; Remedial Reading MRS, STOTT General Science; Home Economics Faculty members relax after a hard day's work. 12 MR, THOMPSON - World Geography; Physical Education MISS WALLACE - Typing; General Business; Business Law; Bookkeeping MRS. WRIGHT - Typing; Shorthand 14 CUSTODIANS David Melvin Frances Brown Ann Gilbert BUS DRIVERS Mrs. Yeatts Charles Boley Mrs, Layne Mrs. Dalton Phillip Dodson Walter Feather Dwight Bennett CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Drinkard Mrs. Dodson Mrs. Wildman Mrs. Greenway Each day these ladies prepare a delicious meal for hungry stu- dents. Classes The fellowship with the members of the student body has caused this year to be unforgettable. Each individual with whom we have as- sociated has added to the joy of our school life. Time marches on, but the friendships we have made at Altavista High School remain. Senior Class PRESIDENT: Bill Owens SECRETARY; Margaret Ferguson TREASURER: Gail Robertson VICE PRESIDENT: Richard Shumate The Senior Class has had many worthwhile projects this year. The achievement for which the Class of ‘63 is most proud is the initiation of a fund to purchase a new basketball scoreboard. The class started this fund with a donation of one hundred dollars to which the other student body organizations contributed. The class members received their class rings at the Ring Dance in September. Other events enjoyed by the Seniors were the Senior Banquet and Class Night. WALLACE MACK ARTHUR " Wallace " Industrial Arts Club 1; Airplane Club 2. BARBARA JEAN BOLEY " Barbara " F.H.A. 1, 3, 4; Library Club 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Vista Staff 4. MARY FRANCES BOOKER GRACE ANN BRUMFIELD ELLEN MARIE BURGESS " Mary " " Grace Ann " Sellen Pte eo Pallisn GluD-3. Youth Council 2, 3,4, President 3: FatisA. co, 4; Nuntius Staff S74: Football Cheerleader 1, 2,3, 4, Co- Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Chorus Captain 2, 3,4; Homecoming At- 1,2, 3; Softball 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. tendant 1, 4; Varsity Basketball 2, 3,4, Co-Captain 4; Monogram Glubely2y ere Presidents4s— he lena. Dec op eel ci hii= yt JUNObPlay 3; Forensics Club 1; Nuntius Staff 1,2, 3, 4; Girls’ Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 1. 18 CLARA EUGENIA BURTON " Gina " Fu Ae 1, 2)o54 Student Council 2, 3,4; Beta Club 3, 4; Mixed Cho- rus 8, 4; Girls’ Chorus 3, 4; Nuntius Staff 3,4; Colonel Staff 2; Forensics Club 2; Class President 3; Class Treasurer 2; Academic Letter 3; Student of Week 38. JUDITH MAY CAMPBELL " Judie " Spanish Club 3, 4; Cafeteria Cash- 1er4, MICHAEL LINWOOD CAMPBELL " Mike " Band 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1, 2; 3, 4; Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigal 1, 2; 3, 4; Football, 2,3) 4,, Go-Gap- tain 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Track 2, 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Spanish Club 3, 4, President 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Forensics 2, 3, 4; His Yu, 4. W ALTER LAWRENCE CHAPMAN, JR. " Chappy " Basketball 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4, Co- Captain 4; Industrial Arts Club 2, 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Class Secretary 1; Youth Council 1; Homecoming King 4. RONALD JAMES COMPTON " Ronnie " Transfer from Gretna 3; Varsity Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3; Nuntius Staff 4; Hi-Y 4; Football 4; Base- ball 3, 4. AUBREY ASHWORTH CRAWFORD " Aubrey " Student Council 1,2, 3,4, Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3; Class President 1; Varsity Club 2, 3,4, Secretary 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Baseball 8, 4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Golf 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1, 3; Boys' Chorus 1, 3; Band 1,2; Spanish Club 3, 4; Junior Play 3. RAY ALLEN DOOLEY " Ray " Model Airplane Club 1,2, Presi- dent 1,2; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. MARTHA JEAN DOSS leanne Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ELMA JEAN DEEL plean Cafeteria Worker 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH ANN DILLARD " Betsy " Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Fee Ane, os FOLeNsics) Gilioeam as Be ta Club 3,4, Secretary 4; Mono- gram Club 2, 3,4, Treasurer 3; Basketball Manager 2, 3; Nuntius Staff 2,3,4, Business Manager 8, Editor 4; Vista Staff 3; Mixed Cho- rise, 2yor4 Girls :Chorusel, 2c. Girls’ State 3; Student of Week 4; Academic Letter 3; Class Secretary Pe op Fa 4 4 4 id 4 19 20 KIRBY PHILLIP DOTSON " Phillip " Industrial Arts Club 3,4, Secretary and Treasurer 8, Vice-President 4; Honorable Mention Fisher Body Guild 2; Bus Driver 4. JAMES EDWIN ELLIOTT " James " Forensics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3; F.T. A. 3; Beta Club 3,4; Nuntius Staff 3,4, Business Manager 4; Vista Staff 3, 4; Student Council 3,4, President 4; Boys' State 8; Debate Team 8, 4; District Prose Runner-Up 2; Class Vice= President 3; Student of Week 3. WALTER JR. FEATHER " Walter " Track 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; In- dustrial Arts Club 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. MARGARET BRYAN FERGUSON “Margaret” Student Council 2, 3; F.T. A. 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President Arle blyaelee se ROLE ISL CSele 2,3,4, President 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3, 4; Girls’ Chorus and Madrigal 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Sec- retary 4; Nuntius 2, 4; Jr. Play 3. COURTNEY RAY FRAZIER " Courtney " Mixed and Boys’ Choruses 1, 2,3, 4; Band 1,2; Spanish Club 3, 4; Science Club 8, 4; Hi=Y 4. SANDRA ARLENE FRAZIER " Sandra " Foal 2. 3. 4, Secretary 2; Tri- His Yolj2i3;)Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 3, 4; Football Cheerleader 2, 3,4; Student Council 1, 2; Nuntius States 4 Band 1,2, 3, 4, BARRY KEITH HALL " Barry " Class Vice-President 1; Basketball re We ea a Ne Ze DONALD RAY HALL " Donny " ROOtDallmimrosml rackwierss Him Yel, 2, 3,4; Varsity Club 3, 4. DIANE KAREN GARNER " Dinkie " Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Cho- ruse), 2,.0,-4:elti-Hin vel, O27 354- Basketball, 23) Erie A. 3,4: Spanish Club 3, 4; Monogram Club 2,3, 4; Nuntius Staff 3, 4. MICHAEL JAMES GARNER " Mike " Model Airplane Club 1,2; Science Club 3; Boys' Chorus 1,2; Mixed Ginvoyaws 1h, We Wweeyael J, Bs ID), IFC. AN, Bh. 2| LINDA LEE HALL KATIE FRANCES HOLLAND JAMES EDWARD LAYNE " Linda " Katies " James " Be dak, Js dbs By ab FeticAvel, on4) oOltDal l= 'Gitls Airplane Club 1, 2; Basketball Chorussl; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Tri= Manager 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club Hi-Y 1,2; Nuntius Staff 3,4; F. Hv A; 35, Ab Girl of the Month 3. ARVIL RAYMOND McELROY ALVite Model Airplane Club 1, 2, 3; In- dustrial Arts Club 2,3; D.E.C.A. Club 3, 4. PATRICIA MAE MILES Pate Fale. 12 3) 4, Vice-President 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Colonel Staff 1,2; Nuntius Staff 3, 4; Beta Club, 3,4, Vice-President 4; Spanish Club 3,4, Vice-President 4; Class Vice-President 2; Vista Staff 4. 22 LINDA MARIE MAYHEW eiindar Padelg ZN Bye BERNICE VIRGINIA NEWMAN " Bernice " Basketball 1,2, 3,4, Co-Cap- tain 4+ Forensics Club 1 2, 3; Treasurer 2, Secretary 3; r= Vel no co, 4 Gitis. State 3; Monogram Club 1, Pheptbbe 4; Spanish Club 38, 4; F.T. A. 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres- ident 4; Beta Club 8,4, Pres- ident 4; Nuntius Staff 3, 4; Colonel Staff 2, 3; Academic Letter 3; Class President 2; Class Treasurer 3; Junior Play Student Director 3. MARVIN WAYNE OAKES " Wayne " Forensics Club 2; Mixed Cho- tus 1,2, 3, 4; Boys’ Chorus 1, 2,3, 4; Madrigal 3,4; All- State West Chorus 3; Hi-Y 2, 3,4, President 4; Nuntius Staff 2,3, 4; Colonel Staff 4; Band 1, 2, 3,4, Drum Major 4; F.T. A. 3,4; Student of the Week 4. WILLIAM WARD OWENS, JR. " Bill " Class President 4; Vista Staff 3, 4, Editors sGolonemstath 2 on, Business Manager 2, 3; Boys " State 3; Student of the Week 3; Debate Team 3; Forensics Glub 1,2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1,2, Secretary 2; Spanish Glube2 roa. OSCAR MILLARD PALMER wOscara 23 24 WILLIAM HARRISON PEERMAN, JR. “billy Science Club f2: PATRICIA VIVIAN PRIBBLE " Pat " dak Je Iho Ds By ae ROGER PUCKETTE " Roger " JOYCE CAROLYN PUGH " JOYCE! Bll Acomen JOHNNY RUSSELL RICE " Johnny " DIE. Aw Cline. GLORIA GAIL ROBERTSON Calli Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Junior Play 3; Homecoming Attendant 3; Football Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Youth Council 3,4; Class Treasurer 4; Student Council 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 1. JOHNNY CLIFTON ROBEY " Johnny " Mixed Chorus 1, 2; Boys’ Chorus 1; Model Airplane Club 1; Science Club 2; F.T.A. 4; Spanish Club 3. KENNETH WADE ROWLAND " Kenneth " Band 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1, 2; Boys' Chorus 1,2; D.E.C.A. Club 4; Model Airplane Club 1; Nuntius Staff 3, 4. CAROLYN BRENDA ROWLES " Carolyn " a laly 2M, Bo By ah JUDITH LEE SAVAGE " Judy " Basketball 3, 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1; Fo1T.:A. 1,2, 3; Junior Play 3; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Attendant l, 4; Nuntius Staff 3,4; Youth Council 1,2,3,4, President 4; Class Treasurer. 25 RICHARD WAYNE SHUMATE " Richard " Transfer from Maryland 3; Industri- al Arts Club 3; Junior Play 3; Foran. 4 Class: Vice-President 4; Vista Staff 3, 4. DIXIE LEE TUNKEL a Dixre: TrimHi=Vil, 2; 3, 4; Fe Lee de ens 4; Monogram (Ouleley 1h, Sly HR EIS ketball 1; Forensics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2; Debate Team 2, 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; Nuntius Staitals 2,3, 4; Vista Staff 3, 4; Football Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Homecoming Attendant 2, 3; Queen 4; Student of the Week 3. DOLLY GERALDINE VAUGHAN JAMES WALKER CLEOLAN LEE WEST " Geraldine " " James " SE o h F.H.A. 2, 3,4; Student Council 1, 2. Girls’ Chorus 1,2; Mixed Cho- gps 1k, We Washoe AL, Bh. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 1, 2,3, 4. 26 JANET FAYE WEST " Janet " Fig lal Ne li aya RANDY THOMAS YEATTS LINDA CAROL WILSON " Randy " " Linda " Model Airplane Club 1, 2. Wea seoe Is ID), BAC. AN, lle 4; Fo H1.A. 1; 4; Library Club De Bs MARGARET LOTA YEATTS " Margaret Lota " Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Monogram Club 1, 2,3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Basketball Cheerleader 1, 2,3, 4; Forensics Club 1; eee Atm owe Mi OMmMecom = ing Attendant 2. 28 Senior Honors Betsy Dillard VALEDICTORIAN Mike Campbell PLAYER OF THE YEAR Bernice Newman SALUTATORIAN DAR GOOD CITIZEN Senior Superlatives FRIEN DLIEST MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Judy Savage Ronnie Compton Betsy Dillard James Elliott MOST TALKATIVE Richard Shumate Grace Ann Brumfield the) 30 MOST TALENTED Margaret Ferguson Wayne Oakes WITTIEST Patricia Miles Mike Garner BEST ALL AROUND Grace Ann Brumfield Aubrey Crawford BEST CLASS WORKERS Bill Owens Eugenia Burton MOST ATHLETIC Mike Campbell Judy Savage BEST LOOKING Dixie Tunkel Kenneth Rowland BEST IN SPORTSMANSHIP Chappy Chapman Bernice Newman 3| 32 Betty Anthony Terry Akers C. W. Arthur Iva Arthur Larry Arthur Dwight Bennett Reginia Bennett Becky Bohannon Dean Brown Junior Class This year the Junior Class has had as its main goal the Junior- Senior Prom in May. It entered a float in the Homecoming Parade, gave a very successful Sadie Haw- kins Dance, and presented the Jun- ior Play. These money-making projects made possible a beautiful prom enjoyed by all. VICE PRESIDENT: Susan Oakes SECRETARY: Kay McCormick PRESIDENT: Becky Bohannon TREASURER: Marie Ewing Robert Davis Jimmy Dowdy Suzanne English Marie Ewing Anne Hall Audrey Hall Donald Hanson Marvin Harmon Bruce Harris Mahlon Burnette Brenda Campbell Snaron Campbell Billy Carper Jane Clark Courtney Coffer Betty Cooper Nancy Creasy Pedro Dalton 33 34 Jane Hedrick Billy Hill Gayle Hogan Tommy Johnson Dan Justice Linda Kidd Phil Lanier Eva Love Phyllis Meador Freddie Miller Susan Minter Phil Moran Kay McCormick Wayne McVey Judy Neal Bill Nelson Susan Oakes Penny Patterson Carolyn Puckette Christine Puckette Allen Ramsey Brenda Reynolds Etta Rorer Edward Rowland Beverly Searcy Danny Shirlen Robbie Shreve Connie Simmoms Avon Sizemore Larry Temples Anderson Walker Gwen Watts James West Joyce Woodall Anne Yeatts Connie Yeatts 35 Sophomore Class neem oe me The Sophomore Class was full of zest, We always tried to do our best. Our first-place float was a start, Thanksgiving basket was second part, We sold candy for the prom, March 8th, our dance helped us along. Future plans we will not tell But for our class it's going well. SECRETARY: Chip Smith TREASURER: Deborah Mason PRESIDENT: Connie Lane VICE PRESIDENT: Richard Carter Lynn Andrew Gail Arthur Jason Arthur Lin Arthur Sheryl Bailey Donald Barnard Luella Barrett Alvah Bohannon Charles Boley Travis Bragg Louis Bryant Richard Burnette Richard Carter C, H. Catron Shelby Clay 36 Rita Cox Robert Cox Ross Cox Barbara Craddock Pam Creasy Sarah Creasy Carolyn Dalton Pat deBernard Brent Dillard James Dowdy Edward Dudley Dale Eades Martha Farmer Norma Franklin Hank Frazier Pat Frazier Ronnie Gill Bill Gillespie Danny Hale Connie Hancock Dianne Hargis Brenda Hughes Carolyn Jenks Richard Johnson Barbara Jones Kenneth Keesee Jerry Kelly 37 Terry Kelly Graham Ker Dale Kirby Sue Knott Dianne Lambert Laura Lancaster Connie Lane Glen Logwood Roger Macy Stanley Maschal Brenda Mason Deborah Mason Sallie Mason Lucille Mattox Linda Mays Michael Mays Danny Moore Vincent Moorefield Robert Moss Judy Noel Mike Owens Ned Perrow Lida Pribble Laverne Richardson Betty Scruggs John Searcy Harriet Shields Chip Smith Heidi Smith Lynda Smith Jimmy Stanfield Eddie Thacker Becky Thornhill Danny Tucker Robert Tunkel Frankie Tweedy Giles Vaden Betty Vaughan Julia Via Sandra Walters Sheila Watlington Carl West George Wilson Bennie Wilson James Wilson Johnny Woodson Shirley Wright Mary Yeatts Cecelia Young 39 Freshman Class The Freshman Class began a suc- cessful school year by winning sec- ond prize in the Homecoming Parade with its float entitled " If Dreams Came True. " In February, the class gave a dance which was enjoyed by the student body. TREASURER: Carol Wills PRESIDENT: Regina Stevens VICE PRESIDENT: Cyndy Hart SECRETARY: Jimmy Kinlaw 40 Patrick Adams Swanson Adkins Fred Alley Larry Anthony Helen Arthur Wakely Austin Cynthia Barbee Romayne Beard Darlene Bennett Amy Blanchard Alan Bolling Katherine Bragg Ailiene Brumfield Dirk Bus Aubrey Cantley Shirley Clay Lynne Cothran Hugh Cothran Carolyn Cox Richard Cox Donnie Creasy Gail Creasy Vicky Crowson Micky Crouch Reggie Dalton Paul Davis Paulette Davis Gary Dooley Deanne Doss Danny Dowdy Steve Dowdy Karen Downing James Elliott Dearing Fauntleroy James Frazier Deborah Gowen Carol Jean Grau Larry Hall Marian Hall Mary Ann Hall Cyndy Hart Suzanne Hartigan Larry Haynes Jenny Hiner Linda Hiner Raymond Holden Barbara Hudson Carolyn Hudson 4| 42 Linda Keesee Lana Maness Joan Moore Jane Newman Dennis Nichols Tommy Nichols Patrica Paggans Ivin Philpott Shirley Preas Billy Prebble Louise Queener Lindsay Reavis Barry Reynolds Janice Reynolds Kenneth Reynolds Patrica Reynolds Jeannie Robbins Max Rolfe Linda Kegley Roy Maschal Jerry Moran Sandra Kershaw Grace Mattox Russell Morris Jimmy Kinlaw Elsie Mason Billy Morris James Layne James Mayhew Carol Mortimer Jerry Layne Janet Mays Carolyn Moss Julie Rountrey Steve Searcy Wayne Shelton Phillip Short Betty Singleton Bobby Singleton Richard Singleton Ray Sink Shelia Sink Lyndell Skeen — Brenda Slusser Donnie Smith George Smith Regina Stevens Billy Trogdon Deborah Tuck Janet Tucker Kay Tucker Johnny Vaughan Lynne Watts Dale West Jo Anne West Sandra West H. C. Wheeler Richard Wilbom Charles Wilkerson Gary Williams Carol Wills Chester Witt Richard Witt Michael Wolfe Betty Yeatts Glendia Yeatts 43 Pre-Freshman Class 4 Judy Amick Frank Andrew Lewis Anthony Patricia Austin Jerry Barbee Mike Bell Danny Bennette Steve Bennette Barbara Boggs PRESIDENT: Tony Oakes TREASURER: Sarah Beth Frazier SECRETARY: Janice Hughey VICE PRESIDENT: Charlie Johnson Margie Boley Rudy Boley Wanda Boley Judy Bragg Bobby Brooks Louis Brown Mary Brown Faith Burgess Jimmy Burnette Yvonne Burnette Jerry Carr Lorraine Catron Renee Collet Jesse Copes Gil Cothran Dorothy Cox Wanda Cox Gwen Crouch Sara Crouch Dennis Dalton Jackie Dalton Tommy Dalton James Deel Mary Lou Dillard Hugh Dodson Charlie Doss Eunice Dotson Kenneth Dowdy Patricia Drumwright Carolyn Dudley Beverley English Janie Epperson Russell Farthing Sonny Fortner Sue Fortner Jerry Fortuna Dorothy Fox Linda Fox Sara Beth Frazier John Garner Harold Gillespie Ella Mae Hackworth Hazél Hall Jackson Hall Joe Hall Phyllis Hall Betty Jean Hamlett Wanda Hargis Larry Henderson Cynthia Hedrick Brenda Holland Hardy Hubbard Alice Hudson Janice Hughey Bobby Hunley Sandra Jacobs Fred Jarman Charlie Johnson Herman Keesee Charles Ker Barbara Layne Pauline Logwood Myron Mann Linda Marr Larry Mattox 45 46 Steve Mayhew Winston McCormick Cynthia Moss Larry Neal Jack Newman Leonard Newman Benny Nicks Doris Noel Tony Oakes Donna J. Overstreet Donna S, Overstreet Jesse Owens Melinda Patterson Henry Pittard Phebe Price Hampton Puckett Sandra Pugh Janice Queener Kathy Reedy Charlene Roach Toni Roach George Robbins Yvonne Robbins Irvin Robertson Sammy Rorer Lewis Ruff Alicia Shelton Calvin Shelton Harry Sherwood Gwen Simpson Russell Slusser Lyonie Sturtevant Howard Swayne Dolly Tanner Sandra Triplett Jimmy Tucker Patricia Tucker Ronnie Tucker Bobby Walker Vicki Walters Mike Weeks Doris West Maggie West Tommy Wolfe Geraleanne Woodall Organizations Each of us has found ways of expressing special interests and talents by joining organizations composed of others who have the same inter- ests. Through these clubs, we have had the opportunity of developing our talents and of forming lasting friendships. As time marches on, these experiences will grow as we grow in maturity. 47 FIRST - Mr. Martin - sponsor, J. Campbell, S. Frazier, M. Ferguson, G. Brumfield, L. Watts, J. Sav- age, L. Arthur, V. Crowson, S. Oakes, G. Watts; TOP - R. Compton, K. McCormick, C. Lane, B. Newman, D. Garner, E. Burton, J. Elliott, B. Dillard, P. Miles, M. Dillard. Assistant editor - Connie Lane, editor - Betsy Dillard, and sponsor - Mr. Martin look over layout pages for the annual. The Nuntius Staff works year round raising money and collecting pictures for our yearbook. The staff members are responsible for much hard work and perseverance which go into the makeup of an excellent annual, BUSINESS STAFF Pat Miles, Susan Oakes, Bernice Newman, James Elliot, Gwen Watts. SECTION EDIT ORS Diane Garner, Sports; Sandra Fraz- ier, Club; Judy Savage, Faculty; Grace Ann Brumfield, Feature. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Bottom - Lin Arthur, Kay McCor- mick, Margaret Ferguson; top - Lynn Watts, Mary Lou Dillard, Vickie Crowson. TYPIST Eugenia Burton, one of the typists. 49 FINCH, INC. D FLORETS i FRSRAL DIRECT! Our sch ool newspaper “The Colo- nel " is published monthly. The staff works diligently in securing ads, in, writing articles, and in publishing a voice of the student body. Sr B. Owens - student advisor, D. Mason business manager, M. Ewing - editor, B. Carper - asst. editor, S. English circulation editor. gne a Poa for geo. S28. eR wey. reported to held for 1962 the class just how the case was | FIRST - B, Yeatts, G, Yeatts, B. English, M. Dillard; SECOND - B. Owens, THIRD - P, Price, F. Tweedy. at RAS Day ATi | 50 Records: ‘Wanda Boley: © paid” the low price for it. Vista Staff “The Vista " is a monthly magazine written and published by the student body, Students contribute written material and art. The Vista encourages re- sponse from students who possess creative writing ability. The members of the staff receive invalu- able experience producing a regular publication. B. Owens - editor-in-chief, Mrs. Rountrey - sponsor, P. Frazier - ass't. editor. STANDING - B. Owens; FIRST - R, Shumate, B. Slusser, Mrs, Rountrey; SECOND - A. Blanchard, D. Tun- Kelse HIkRD) =| J. Frazier, P. Frazier, P. Miles. Student Co-operative Association The A. H. S. Student Council promotes the type of school atmosphere that makes for a training ground in citizenship and offers students an active voice in school policies and activities. The S.C. A. goals this year were: to maintain a school scrapbook; to establish a school blessing for lunch in the cafeteria; to assist in the orientation of the eighth grade; to improve student-teacher relation- ships; and to inform parents and citizens of school functions and purposes. Our president presiding. FIRST - Mrs, Cocke, J. Frazier, J, Elliott, S. English, L. Andrew, M. Mann; SECOND - R, Carter, D. Mason, C, Hart, A. Blanchard, L. Watts, S. Pugh, S. Mason, J. Reynolds, D. Smith, F. Andrew; THIRD - A, Crawford, H, Smith, D. Eades, B. Boggs, G. Robertson, E. Burton, C. Jenks, R. Shreve, S. Minter, P, Patterson, L. Mays; FOURTH - B. Carper, R. Davis, S. Smith.’ 52 The S.C. A. held an open house for the parents during American Education Week. A tour of the class rooms followed by a recep- - tion were two of the main features. S.C.A. OFFICERS S. English - Vice President J. Elliott - President L. Andrew - Secretary Mrs. Cocke - Advisor M. Mann - Jr. Executive J. Brazier = Treasurer SCRAPBOOK COMMITTEE H, Smith, P. Patterson, S. Minter, and J. Reynolds are members of the Scrapbook Committee. 53 Beta Club B. Newman, P. Miles, B. Dillard, E. Burton; SECOND - J. Elliott, B. Bohannon, B. Carper, M. Ewing, P. Lanier, J. West, Mrs. Moorman - sponsor. P, Miles - vice-president, J. Elliott - ass " t. secretary, B. Newman - president, E. Bur- ton - treasurer, B, Dillard - secretary view Mental enlargement and character development Feceimr cet Aen tmeatcreoae) pti (RCI are high aims of the Beta Club. The club encourages and awards creditable achievement among the stu- dents. The Beta Club supports a Korean orphan, makes money from bottle drives, and sponsors a New Year's Eve Ball. Bae, Chum Ee and her gifts sent her by Beta Club. 54 Future Teachers of America V. Crowson, J. Robbins, R. Shumate, E. Burton, G. Watts, D. Mason, W. Oakes, K. Tucker present a skit at an assembly. The aim of the F.T.A. is to prepare members for the teaching profession. A great emphasis is put on bettering stu- dent-teacher relationships by promoting student teaching and student-teacher socials. Members of the F,T.A. lend helpful assistance to the teachers. Jean- nie Robbins, Cyndy Hart, and Miss Wal- lace attended the State F.T.A. Conven- tion in Roanoke in December. The club also gave a sock-hop to raise money. G. Watts, M. Ferguson, L. Mays, E. Burton, V. Crowson, S. Creasy, P. Miles practice student teaching. M. Ferguson - president, D. Mason - secretary, G. W@tts, N. Perrow - treasurer, W. Oakes - chaplain, M. Yeatts, G. Brumfield, G. Robertson, C. Hart, D. Tunkel, D. Garner, D. Lambert, E. Burton, S: Creasy, L. Mays, K. Tucker, V. Crowson, S. Frazier, Miss Wallace - sponsor, R, Shumate, J. Robey, P, Miles, B. Bohannon, D. Hargis, J. Robbins, C. Jenks. 55 Future Homemakers of America Members enjoy working on projects. FIRST - S, Pugh, G. Woodall, V. Walters, C. Moss, L. Andrew, M. Farmer, A. Blanchard, L. Watts, C. Hed- tick, D. Overstreet, L. Kegley, D. Tuck; SECOND - M. West, D. Tanner, J. Hiner, G. Hogan, R. Stevens, J. Reynolds, C. Wills, L. Cothran, J. Tucker, K. Downing, J. Grau; THIRD - S. Hartigan, A. Brumfield, B. Eng- lish, J. Moore, D. West, P. Price, D. Gowen, M. Hall, P. Reynolds, D. Overstreet, L. Hall; FOURTH - B. Hamlett, L, Lancaster, G. Arthur, E, Dotson, W. Hargis, Y. Bumette, D. West, D. Doss, W. Cox, C. Reedy,, J. Dalton; FIFTH - D, Cox, D. Noel, B. Layne, G. Crouch, L. Catron, P. Drumwright, J. Amick, P. Paggans, C. Roach, M. Dillard. The F,H.A. is designed to promote a wholesome and enjoyable school, home, and community mem- bership for its members. This organization ties together the many aspects of home life and moulds them into a pattern of good citizenship. The members of the F.H.A. have enjoyed activities such as the volley- ball tournaments, a Christmas tea, a Mother-Daughter Banquet, and the Fall and Spring rallies. Te GUIDE POST FIRST - C. Puckett - reporter, L. Kidd - pianist, H. Smith - treasurer, S. Minter - president, S, Oakes - vice president, L. Watts - S.C. A. representative, L. An- drew - historian; SECOND - M. Farmer, S. Campbell - song leaders, A. Blan- chard - parliamentarian, J. Newman - chaplain, K. McCormick - secretary, FIRST - B. Vaughan, M. Boley, T. Roach, L, Kidd, S. Oakes, S, Minter, K. McCormick, S. Campbell, C. Puckett, L. Maness, Mrs. Cocke - sponsor; SECOND - K. Holland, E. Burgess, B. Boley, B. Boggs, J. Rountrey, L. Marr, S. Jacobs, L. Skeen, F. Burgess; THIRD - L. Wilson, J. West, I. Arthur, J. Woodall, L. Arthur, S. Mason, R. Cox, J. Bragg, G. Vaughan, B. Holland; FOURTH - P. Logwood, H. Hall, M. Brown, S. Wright, L. Mayhew, C. Rowles, P. Lindsay, S. Tripplett. a ies nONEMAKEg - AN) © S OF AMERICA Whaelikia VV The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and . community high standards of Christian character, This purpose was well carried out this year as the Tri-Hi-Y co-sponsored devotions over the P.A. sys- tem; sponsored Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter devotions; helped present the Christmas Assembly; gave a Christmas Toy Dance to collect toys for under-privileged children; collected food for a needy family; and presented a Sportsmanship Award to an outstanding member of each varsity team. B, Jones treasurer, P. Frazier - vice presidernt, C. Jenks - chaplain, B. Dillard - president, C. Lane - secretary, D. Gamer - reporter, Mrs. Stott - sponsor. FIRST - S. Creasy, J. Mays, P. Frazier, C. Lane, B. Dillard, B. Jones, C. Jenks, D. Gamer, K. Tucker, J. Newman, R, Beard; SECOND - L. Keesee, H. Arthur, J. Grau,,P.) Creasy, 3G. Watts, (S- JacobsyG: Dudley, B. English, D. Overstreet, P. Price, S. Sink; THIRD - M. Dillard, J. Dalton, J. Amick, R. Collet, M. Patterson, S. Pugh, S. Frazier, A. Shelton, T. Roach, P. Drumwright, Mrs. Stott - sponsor; FOURTH J. Hiner, P. Tucker, D. West, C. Mortimer, B. New- man, L, Arthur, B. Hughes, S. Kershaw, J. Robbins; FIFTH - D. Tuck, L. Kegley, C. Wills, V. Crowson, L. Cothran, S. Frazier, J. Via. 58 FIRST - D. Bus, J. Carr, S. Mayhew, L. Sturtevant; SECOND - L. Reavis, S. Smith, M. Wolfe, G. Wilson; THIRD - H. Cotharn, J. Kinlaw, J. Dowdy, B. Moss, I, Philpott; FOURTH - M. Campbell, D. Cox, C. Vaden, P. Moran, L. Henderson, F. Jarman; FIFTH - W. Oakes, R. Compton, G. Williams, C. Frazier, D. Hall, J. Kelly, Mr. Thompson - sponsor. FIRST - H. Cothran, I. Philpott, J. Kelly, W. Oakes - president; SECOND - J. Dowdy, L, Reavis, Mr. Thomp- son - sponsor. The purpose, to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christain character likewise serves as a guide for the Hi-Y. The Hi-Y's numerous activities have included the co-sponsorship of devotions over the P. A. system, taking charge of flag raising and care for the year, preparing bulletin boards, cleaning blackboards twice a week, fixing Thanksgiving baskets for needy families, helping present Christmas assembly program, and initiating a toys-for-tots drive. Hi- Y 59 El Club Espanol FIRST - L. Arthur, C. Coffer, M. Owens, B. Hill, L. Temples; SECOND - A. Yeatts, G. Watts, C. Puckett, M. Ferguson, J. Savage, B. Carger, R. Tunkel; THIRD - E. Rorer, A. Hall, B. Searcy, J. Dowdy, C. Simmons, N. Perrow, A. Ramsey, S. Minter, B. Campbell, K. McCormick, M. Bumette, S. English; STANDING - Miss Akers - sponsor, A. Walker, M. Campbell, B. Owens, D. Gamer, B. New- man, P. Miles, A. Crawford, J. Campbell. A. Hall - 1st vice president P, Miles - vice president M. Campbell - president A. Yeatts - secretary, treasurer B. Carper - SCA representative Our Spanish Club offers students the Opportunity to learn much more of the Spanish language by bringing in speakers and having informative meetings to add to their knowledge and interest of the Spanish-speaking countries. 60 Forensics Club ae To help students speak and read with more self-confidence and ease is the main aim of the Forensics Club. Members learn the fundamen- tals of prose, poetry, and public speaking. The Forensics Club has won many awards for its outstanding competition in debate and forensics. M. Ferguson, president, uses a tape recorder at a club meeting. This is one way in which members gain ease in speaking. J. Elliott, B. Owens, D. Tunkel, R. ' Carter - members of the debate team. FIRST - M. Ferguson - president, R, Carter - vice president, B. Thornhill - secretary; SECOND - B, Dillard, C. Lane, A. Blanchard, B. Jones, K. Tucker, A. Hall, D. Bus, J. Frazier; THIRD - D. Tunkel, B. Owens, J. Elliott, P. Frazier, M. Campbell, Mrs. Andrew - sponsor. The Library Club is a great service to our school. Not only does it encourage interest in the library profession, but it also creates enthusiasm for books and reading. The book fair at A,H.S., sponsored by the Library Club, did much to accomplish this goal. Members of the club mend books and give reviews affording the students help- ful information concerning the latest books, Library Club Library Assistants - J. Hedrick (seated), D. Eades, A. Hall, E. Love, Mrs. Ramsey, C. Puckett, R. Macy, S. Searcy, D. Nickels. FIRST - D. Nickols - secretary, D, Eades - vice president, J. Hedrick - president, A, Hall - reporter; SECOND - S. Searcy, R. Tucker, T. Bragg, R. Macy, C. Puckett, Mrs. Ramsey - sponsor, E. Love, G. Creasy. i LL Ly oe ee Mr. Shirlen - sponsor, P. Dodson - vice president, C. Yeatts, J. Wilson, D. Barnard, s. Adkins - president, C. Catron, B. Gillespie, D. Shirlen - secretary, C. West, S. Dowdy. The Industrial Arts classes are extended by the work done in the Industrial Arts Club. The boys take field trips and probe further into their particular interests with the purpose of a better education in their chosen field. Industrial Arts Club Deca FIRST - C. Boley; SECOND - R. Puckett - president, B. Hall, R. Davis, A. Mc- Elroy; THIRD - C. Arthur - vice president, M. Garner, V. Moorefield, J. Walker; FOURTH -L. Wilson, J. Hedrick - secretary, K. Rowland, J. Rice, Mr. McDear- mon - sponsor. The Distributive Educa- tion Club of America de- velops leaders in tomorrow's field of distribution. Mem- bers work and learn now for responsibilities in the future. Activities for the year in- cluded an annual Employee- Employer Banquet and mem- ber-participation in the DECA District Contest. Science Club The Science Club strives to in- srease the interest of science in the school. It has presented programs on various fields of science to the elementary school students. J. Frazier, secretary and treasurer, and R. Carter, president, examine a rock collection. FIRST - Mrs. Key - sponsor, E. Thacker, J. Woodson, D. Bus, R. Cox, C. Frazier, G. Williams; SECOND - R. Carter, G. Vaden, R. Moss, J. Frazier. 64 FIRST - L. Andrew, .H. Shields, S. Frazier, C. Smith, L. Barrett, W. Boley, C. Dudley, J. Mays, J. Grau, L. Mays; SECOND - J. Robbins, C. Barbee, M. Farmer, H. Dodson, L. Newman, G. Dooley, M. Bell, M. Mann, J. Barbee, S. Smith, L. Reavis, D. Hale, A. Shelton, C. Johnson, H. Cothran, L. Temples; 1’'HIRD - Mr. McNeil - director, J. Rountrey, V. Walters, P, Tucker, D, Cox, J. Woodson, A. Sizemore, W. Feather, H. Hubbard, G. Williams, W. Oakes - drum major, G. Robbins, J. Carr, F. Andrew, F. Alley, B. Reynolds, R. Carter, H. Frazier, J. Frazier, B. Harris, B. Thornhill. Nothing adds to school spirit more than a peppy band at the ball games and our band performed for all the home football games. More important than this is the excellent work done in presenting our Christmas and Spring concerts. Also, the band never fails to repre- sent our school well at the band festivals, Majorettes - J. Grau, R. Shreve, M. Farmer, L. Watts, R. Beard. 65 Mixed Chorus The Girls', Boys', and Mixed choruses consist of the boys and girls in high school who are interested in vocal music. Students are afforded the opportunity to learn more about music and " to sing to their hearts content. " The choruses present Christmas and Spring con- certs and participate in the choral festivals. FIRST - M. Patterson, S, Frazier, H. Shields, $. Clay, Y. Robbins, J. Via, L. Cothran, P. Drumwright,;) Ag Shelton; SECOND - L. Andrew, L. Mays, B. Boggs, S. Knott, M. Farmer, C. Wills, E. Love, K. Tucker, N. Price, J. Grau; THIRD - B. Dillard, D. Garner, M. Dillard, J. Dalton, J. Hughey, M. Ferguson, L. Watts, C. Simmons, J. Robbins, C. Hart, V. Crowson; FOURTH - L. Lancaster, S$. Campbell, L. Kidd, A. Sizemore, E. Rorer, J. Mays, A. Blanchard, D. Mason, P. Frazier; FIFTH - G. Vaden, 1. Philpott, G. Wilson, L. Reavis, F, Andrew, M. Mann, J. Carr, D. Cox; SIXTH - B. Reynolds, J. Kinlaw, H. Cothran, D. Hale, J. Woodson, W. Oakes, 66 Madrigal Singers The Madrigal Singers consist of the select voices chosen from our mixed chorus, They perform at school and various community functions as well as festivals. Members of the Madrigal practice for a concert. FIRST - A. Sizemore, J. Via, M. Ferguson, L. Mays, H. Shields; SECOND - L. Smith, L. Reavis, G. Wilson, H. Cothran, B. Campbell; THIRD - W. Oakes, D. Hale, B. Reynolds, M. Campbell, Mr. Mc- Neil - director. 67 Girls Choir FIRST - B. Boggs, P. Drumwright, R. Beard, V. Crowson, J. Via, J. Dalton, L. Cothran, S. Frazier, R. Shreve, J. Grau, H. Shields, L. Watts, J. Robbins; SECOND - A. Sizemore, B. Jones, Carol Wills, S. Sink, A. Blanchard, D. Overstreet, M. Farmer, K. Tucker, J. Mays, A. Shelton, M. Patterson, B. Campbell, J. Rountrey, L. Mays, P. Frazier, S. Mason, P. Creasy, L. Lancaster; THIRD - J. Hughey, . P, Price, A. Hall, Y. Robbins, S. Clay, L. Kidd, S$. Campbell, B. Thornhill, M. Ferguson, S. Frazier, M. D illard, B. English, C. Simmons, S. English, D. Mason, C. Hart, C. Young, L. Arthur, S. Knott, Mr. McNeil - director, L. Smith - pianist. 68 FIRST - G, Williams, J. Frazier, F. Andrew, H. Dodson, J. Carr, M. Mann, L. Sturtevant; SECOND - D. Cox, L. Reavis, G. Wilson, R. Tunkel, C. Frazier, S. Dowdy, I. Philpot; THIRD - J. Woodson, D. Hale, J. Kinlaw, H. Cothran, W. Oakes, B. Reynolds, M. Campbell, Mr. McNeil - director, L. Mays - pianist. Boys Choir Sports We shall not forget the lesson we learned in good sportsmanship during this golden year. Although it was not possible for each of us to be a member of the several Colonel teams, we did seek to be good sports and cheer our school on to victory, even though the trophy was not always ours. Time carries with it the memory of good sportsmanship. 69 70 FIRST - L. Bryant, K. Reynolds, OND - D. Justice, A. Crawford, non - manager, I. Philpott, Mr. Varsity Football Compton, 1962 SCOREBOARD Altavista DLT fi ele eae Ai ie A Brosville VASO Ee A Natural Bridge 10a ae at a Bedford oS, Rigs ee Pe hy Buena Vista Wotocseesek se Gretna 1 Oimte eet ete Sheet Roanoke Catholic 19 Baie ee Nelson County ee eer = eh cee Turner Ashby es RRR eye Brookville gee AT Se en ey Be Appomattox P, Harris, B. Carper, M. Campbell, P. Moran, R; Tunkel, P. Lanier; sEC- L, Temples, D. Brown, M. Owens, B. Hill; THIRD - R. Dooley, A. Bohan- Drumheller - coach, C. West, J. Stanfield, H. Frazier,.C: Chapman ian. C. L. West - Senior PP haps ame RONNIE COMPTON AUBREY CRAWFORD MIKE CAMPBELL Senior Senior Senior RAY DOOLEY CHAPPY CHAPMAN Senior Senior 71 72 M. Campbell (41) is being tackled by two Roanoke Catholic players. C. L. West (80), in the background, is resting on one knee. R, Dooley (66) is in process of block- ing a Roanoke Catholic player. A. Crawford is intercepting a Gretna pass and is on his way to a touchdown. Gretna players are Doug Mckinney (15) and Nor- man Toney (71). D. Brown (48) is about to clip off a short gain in the Roanoke Catholic game. R. Compton (76) is watching his man (66) who is chasing after Brown. C. L. West (80) is in the process of tackling a Roanoke Catholic player (20). R. Dooley (66), who is trying to catch up, says, " Don't worry, coach, I'll catch him. " M. Owen (63) and K. Reynolds (23) are looking on. Varsity Track, 1961-62 District Track Meet - May 4 CG. Boley, J: Fitzgerald, P. Lanier, P Moran, M. Campbell, D. Blanchard, Mr. Drumheller. M. Campbell wins the " heat " in low hurdles, M. Head wins the semifinal " heat " to put him in the 100 yard dash finals, Meet with Nelson County - April 6, 1962. M. Campbell does the pole vault and M. Head throws the shot. M. Campbell vaults 10'9 " at the Dis- trict Meet. Campbell (pole vault), Head (100 yard dash and broad jump), and Blanchard (discus) go to the state track meet. SENIOR PLA YERS: . Aubrey Crawford Mike Campbell Ray Dooley Chappy Chapman D. Justice (32) attempts a shot. Other team members are M. Campbell (40) and C. W. Arthur (12). D. Brown has just made a toss for the basket. Craddock (21) of Gretna tries to stop him. R. Dooley (44) and P. Lanier rush to Brown's aid. Other Gretna players are Shields (22) and Mann. C,. W. Arthur manages to shoot with an opponent in front of him and one be- hind. James West (22), Dan Justice (32), and Mike Campbell (40) rush to Ar- thur's aid, 74 KNEELING - P. Dalton, S. Maschal - managers; STANDING - C. Boley, J. West, D. Brown, A. Craw- ford, D. Justice, R. Davis, C. W. Arthur, D. Hale, P. Lanier, T. Akers, R. Dooley, F. Tweedy, M. Campbell, C. Chapman, L. Bryant, Mr. Thompson - coach. Boys’ Varsity Basketball James West - co-captain, Mr. Thompson, Chappy Chapman - co-captain. 35 46 66 50 45 57 338 35 47 52 42 28 50 49 Altavista 1962-63 SCOREBOARD Rustburg Dan River Whitmell Brookville William Campbell Brosville Dan River Whitmell Brosville Brookville Gretna William Campbell Gretna Nelson County 4] 39 45 66 43 44 38 46 39 56 47 37 63 o7 75 Girls’ Varsity Basketball 1962-63 SCOREBOARD . Altavista 32 Rustburg 21 41 Dan River 36 Bo Whitmell aa 41 Brookville 42 29 William Campbell 45 40 Brosville 4l 39 Dan River : 34 45 Whitmell 47 Be Brosville 47 on Brookville 19 45 Gretna 44 28 William Campbell 44 49 Gretna 74 FIRST - G. Brumfield, B. Newman; SECOND - L. Andrew, J. Savage, K. Tucker, B. Jones, J. Grau, P. Creasy, A. Blanchard, L. Lancaster, D. Garner; THIRD - M. Farmer - manager, G. Watts - manager, S. Frazier, H. Smith, S. Campbell, P. Frazier, D. Hargis, D. Mason, Miss Burnette - coach, B. Mason, J. Mays, A. Yeatts, B. Bohannon, S. Minter, H. Arthur, L, Smith, B. Thornhill - manager, D. Lambert - manager. 76 SENIOR PLAYERS - J. Savage, S. Frazier, G. Brumfield, D. Garner, and B. Newman - are excited after defeating the Gretna girls by one point. Spectators are silent as B. Newman attempts a foul shot. Other team members are P, Creasy (55) and B. Bohannon. Co-Captains: GRACE ANN BRUMFIELD BERNICE NEWMAN fai 78 Varsity Football Cheerleaders H. Arthur, L. Smith, D. Tunkel, L. Barrett, G. Brumfield, G. Robertson, S. Frazier, L. Andrew. Co-Captains: DIXIE TUNKEL GRACE BRUMFIELD Junior Varsity Where does the school's spirit lie if not behind its cheerleaders. These eight young ladies led the football team through another successful year. In ad- dition to cheering the boys on to victory, the cheerleaders planned and decorated for the big Football Homecoming. At the end of the season, the cheerleaders helped give a dinner for the football players, FIRST - T. Roach, A. Sheltoh; SEC- OND - M. Boley, M. Patterson; THIRD - S. Frazier, M. Dillard, J. Hughey. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Co-Captains: SUSAN OAKES .PENNY PATTERSON or » Cheerleaders The school should be proud of the Basketball Cheerleaders. Dur- ing the basketball season, they lent to the players their enthusiastic spirit and devotion. They planned the Basketball Homecoming Dance which was held on January 19, 1963. Always smiling and displaying good sportsmanship, these girls cheered the basketball teams to victory. FIRST - V. Crowson, C. Jenks; SECOND - J. Newman, L. Watts, S. Mason. 79 Girls’ Monogram Club FIRST - B. Bohannon - secretary, G. Brumfield, president, P. Patterson - vice president; SECOND - A. Yeatts, J. Grau, H. Arthur, S, Clay, S. Minter, R. Shreve - treasurer, Miss Burnette - sponsor, G, Watts, B. Dillard, L. Arthur, S. Oakes, P. Creasy; THIRD - B, Jones, P. Frazier, L. Lancaster, B. Mason, H. Smith, D, Lam- bert, B. Thornhill, S$. Campbell, A. Blanchard, J. Mays, K. Tucker; FOURTH - M. Farmer, D. Hargis, J. Noel, D. Mason, L. Smith, B. Campbell, B. Young, M. Yeatts, L. Barrett; FIFTH - B. Newman, J. Savage, L. Andrew, S, Frazier, G. Robertson, D. Tunkel, D. Garner, B. Hughes. This year the Girls’ Monogram Club has sponsored a vigorous sports- manship campaign to encourage more student participation and to bring honor to the school, It sponsored the Basketball Homecoming, a Monogram Banquet, and furnished refreshments for the Football Home- coming Dance, The club also sponsored a Play Day inviting many schools from the surrounding area to participate, Peppers Club The Peppers Club is a junior branch of the Girls' Monogram Club. The members are always present at the athletic events to support the school teams and to arouse school spirit. The club is a great help to the cheer- leaders and is an extra boost for the team, Carolyn Jenks - - - S.C,A. Representative Sally Mason- ---------- Reporter Linda Mays- ---------- Secretary Vickie Crowson - - - - - - Vice President Jeannie Robbins - - - - - - - - - President FIRST - A, Shelton, J. Hughey, M. Dillard, M. Boley; SECOND - K. Downing, J. Reynolds, C. Wills, P. Drumwright, L. Cothran, J. Dalton, J. Newman, S. Pugh, B. English, C. Lane, S. Knott, S, Mason, L. Mays, C. Jenks, J. West, V. Crowson, Miss Burnette - sponsor, J. Robbins, L. Watts. 8] Varsity Club FIRST - C. Chapman, R. Tunkel, M. Owen, C. Arthur; SECOND - C. Smith, H. Frazier, P. Moran, C. Hill, R. Compton; THIRD - D. Hall, D. Hale, J. West, P. Lanier; FOURTH - F. Tweedy, A. Crawford, L. Temples, A. Walker, A. Bohannon; STANDING - Mr. Drumheller, P. Harris, J. Stanfield, L. Byrant, A. Ramsey, D. Brown, M. Burnette, S. Maschal, P. Dalton, B. Carper, M. Campbell. The Boys’ Varsity Club adds much to the school activities. The club has taken trips to various sports events and has promoted good sportsmanship among the spectators wherever it went as well as through- out the school. The club sold refreshments at the ball games with the purpose of making the athletic events more enjoyable and of making money for its own use, President: M. Campbell Sponsor: Mr. Drumheller Vice President: J. West Secretary-Treasurer: A. Crawford Features Fun is always worth remembering. Dances, parades, pretty girls, handsome boys, and hard work for worthwhile goals are the things we will also remember as a part of our golden year at Altavista High School. These activities have provided that needed boost when the " going got rough. " They have given us the renewed strength neces- sary to apply ourselves to our studies. We shall cherish the memory of the fun included in these activities in the years to come, 83 1962 Homecoming KING QUEEN Chappy Chapman Dixie Tunkel 1S9191UT Jo sjuTod poiussoe siystqiods moqjak pue ‘pai ‘antg “Suny sem usoqueyT e aI9YM J91U99 sYI UT BuTOOUI sIoUIveNs Joded-odaio pai pue ‘a8ueio ‘mMoTIok pue ‘soo ‘sautd ‘soavay paso[oo Jo sauaos [[e} YIM paiesiooap sem uIKZ oy JO 1891 92 S[TYM puNoIByOeq oY UT 19s seM UOOU MOTIAA BBIeT V ‘vale BUTOURpP aY1 YOROI O1 IapIO UT passoId aq O1 pry YOTYM JaATI e pue a8ptiq e ZuTIeNUITS satqIedoid ray10 pue ArdUdds paquted jo asn oUt YUM INO petieo sem GUY] BY. “USUIYsely ‘sueAcig euTsoy pue 1zey Apudd pue topeis myBIg ‘ietzeig eieg fo10uloydos ‘Kseain weg ‘s1oTUN[ ‘YOTUTIOWoW Aey pue sayxeo uesns ‘alouloydos ‘imyliy ury ‘siotuag ‘a8ears Apne pue pleluinig uUY s9PID ‘opels yIYsIy ‘yst[suq ATIOASG +21Y8T1 02 Yat ore sjuepuone PUL ,, JOATY UOOYP[,, ‘poTiUe soup ayi 1e sIoUOY ay peiezdutoo 10D BUIUIODSUIOH ZIGT IL Basketball Homecoming The 1963 Basketball Homecoming Dance was held in the school cafeteria, after the game with Brookville High School on January 19, 1963. Chappy Chapman and Bernice Newman, two of the senior basketball players, reigned over the dance as Mr. and Miss Basket- ball. The theme “Lollipops” was writ- ten on the cafeteria curtains with lolli- pops, and crepe-paper streamers and a centerpiece of balloons and a lollipop tree provided colorful decorations for the room, The dance was sponsored by the Basketball Cheerleaders and the Girls' Monogram Club. Miss Burnette, Mr. and Miss Basketball, and Mr. Thompson pose after the crowning, Chappy Chapman and Bernice Newman enjoy dancing That's a lollipop tree! That's why everyone’s staring. after being crowned Mr. and Miss Basketball. 86 Sadie Hawkins Dance The Junior Class gave the Sadie Hawkins Dance on October 27, 1962. Romayne Beard and Bruce Harris were chosen as the best dressed girl and boy. Jane Newman received the most votes for Daisy Mae and Steve Mayhew was elected Lil’ Abner. Romayne Beard and Lindsay Reavis enjoy doing the twist. Etta Rorer and Bobby Simpson are in the background. The Senior Class is represented at the dance by Aubrey Crawford, Bernice Newman, Richard Shumate, and Diane Garner. 87 88 Quite often in a school year, the people who make the minor contributions to the school never receive recognition or commendation. Even though their services are important to the smooth running of the school, they go unnoticed by the student body. The school monogram was conceived to recognize those people who excel academically, musically, athletically or who perform a welcomed service to the school, Ours is a letter, unique in design and exceptional in purpose, to be worn with pride and dignity. Those who received the Altavista High School Monogram in 1962 were: Lynn Andrew Mary Barbour Amy Blanchard Drew Blanchard Becky Bohannon Grace Ann Brumfield Carolyn Burnette Eugenia Burton Neva Bus Richard Carter Dale Cox Stuart Cox Vicky Crowson Betsy Dillard James Elliott John Fitzgerald James Frazier Patricia Frazier Danny Hale Charlotte Hansley Mike Head Steve Hubbard Anne Hall Connie Lane Deborah Mason Linda Mays Bernice Newman Wayne Oakes Bill Owens Lindsay Reavis Heidi Smith Lynda Smith Claudia Sturtevant Kay Tucker Dixie Tunkel Barbara Tweedy Judy Walker Winifred Yeatis Brenda Young Highest Academic Ratings First Semester, 1962-63 FRANK ANDREW 8th Grade AMY BLANCHARD 9th Grade NANCY PRICE 9th Grade KAY TUCKER 9th Grade JIMMY KINLAW 9th Grade DEBORAH TUCK 9th Grade LYNDA SMITH 10th Grade DEBORAH MASON 10th Grade LINDA MAYS 10th Grade SHERB Ya GL AN 10th Grade CAROLYN DALTON 10th Grade JIMMY STANFIELD 10th Grade LINDA KIDD 11th Grade 89 1962 Junior-Senior Prom Don't look so surprised! M. Ferguson, M. Garner, S. Frazier, G. Brumfield, and J. Roby are hard at work on a weeping willow trees Mrs. Key, B. Owens, D. Gamer, o-sbtaZier,. eb. Dillard, and J. Campbell take time out for a little - snack, " Gone With the Wind, " decorated in two shades of green, became a reality after months of planning. W. Oakes, DivGarher, R: Dooley, B. Dillard, and J. Elliott enjoy doing the twist to the music provided by the " Stardusters, " iis 1962 Junior Play In the Junior Play, A Ready-made Family, M. Campbell and A. Crawford became maniacs. Cast members: M, Ferguson, J. Savage, G. Robertson, M. Campbell, J. Gaino, R. Shu- mate, D. Tunkel, A. Crawford, G. Brumfield, and J. Roby. 90 | Career Day Career Day took place at Altavista High School on November 8, 1962, Representatives from twenty-four colleges, four business schools, three technical schools, three nursing schools, and the U. S. Armed Forces counseled with interested students from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes. Following the conferences with the representatives, refreshments were served. 4 8 S.C.A, President - J, Elliott and Guidance Students - C. Hart and L. Mays help get Counselor - Miss Burnette discuss plans. the tables ready for representatives. Information is available for all interested Many are interested in refreshments as people. well as careers, 91 Other Activities The New Year's Eve Dance given by the Beta Club is enjoyed by all. Mrs. Moorman talks with former Beta Club Tel DETSaa One @ OXemN em DUS ema nC es Perrow. Senior Class President B. Owens receives his class ring from J. Hubbard at the Ring Dance in September. B, Trodgen and J, Savage dance at the FTA Dance at Thanksgiving. Chaperones, Miss Wallace and Mrs. Andrew, chat with C. W. Arthur, P. Dalton, and J. West. The Sophomore Class won first place in the Homecoming Parade with its float " Our Dream, " Advertisements We shall remember you, our sponsors, who have so generously sup ported our school and who have made possible this review of " Our Golden Year. " 93 THE LANE COMPANY, INC. Makers of Nationally Advertised Cedar Chest, Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture Lane Tables S ALTAVISTA CONCRETE PRODUCTS One Mile North on Route 29 Altavista, Virginia Phones! Or eésta7= oho STAUNTON RIVER FINISHING PLANT Division of Klopman Mills Altavista, Virginia LITTLE TEXACO ie Main and Bedford ROUNTREY’S, INC. Pitaviieta avi Phone FOrest 9-4481 Hardware - Paint Household - Supplies Sporting Goods Have Your Car Serviced COMPETENTLY Altavista, Virginia PAUL FARMER Distributor Gulf Oil Products Main Street Altavista, Va. GULF FOrest 9-5311 SCHEWEL FURNITURE CO., INC. " Let Schewel feather your nest'! Altavista, Virginia W. S. FRAZIER LUMBER COMPANY Altavista, Virginia NICK’S ELECTRONIC SALES SERVICE Norge Appliances Motorola and Emerson Radios and Televisions 817 Main Altavvstayeva. Phone FOrest 9-5171 PATTERSON DRUG CO. Phone FOrest 9-4731 Broad Street Altavista, Virginia ALTAVISTA UPHOLSTERY CO. Custom Tailored Upholstery Box 253 S22 eMainrour Altavista, Virginia ALTAVISTA PRINTING COMPANY Publisher of the ALTAVISTA JOURNAL, member Your Area Newspaper Commercial Printers Seventh Street Phone FOrest 9-5287 VIRGINIA PRESS Altavista, Va. ASSOCIATION FITZGERALD FUEL CO. For High Efficiency BURN COAL For Low Cost Altavista, Virginia IFIT’S COOD FOOD ) : You oe a= Susan Oakes makes deposit. Wisig FIRST NATIONAL BANK member FDIC JIMMY'S | ; ) Phone FOrest 9-4734 RESTAURANT cpoviter) | Altavista, Virginia O. H. BRUMFIELD KENNETH’S JEWELERS SOUTHERN STATES FEEDS Specialist in Fine Jewelry Feeds - Seeds - Fertilizer Main Street Main St. Altavista, Va. Altavista, Virginia Phone FOrest 9-4672 E. A. SMITH COMPANY DAIRY FREEZE " Altavista's Department Store' " ' For a Deliciously Healthy Treat Phone FOrest 9-5584 Main Street Seventh and Broad Altavista, Virginia Altavista, Virginia YOUR LEADER WKDE RADIO 1280 Central Virginia's Radio Voice Altavista, Virginia TYREE NICHOLS, INC. Complete Home Furnishers Phone FOrest 9-4685 Altavista, Virginia FARMER’S CLOTHING First in Quality -Fairest in Prices Gliebroad ote Altavista Phone FOrest 9-5316 VADEN’S FARM SERVICE, INC. Altavysta.. Va. FOrest 9-5004 Catawba Branch 389-2828 SEMINOLE PURE SERVICENTER " Be Sure With Pure " ! 801 Main St. Tires - Accessories Washing - Polishing Pure Products Altavista, Virginia ALTAVISTA MOTORS, INC. FORD MERCURY «gX FALCON p Seventh and Franklin B= G. Uy, dour Compan “y, JEWELRY'S FINEST CRAFTSMEN Attleboro, Massachusetts FRED HECHT Representative P,O. Box 986 Staunton, Va. THE CAMPBELL COUNTY BANK The Bank of Personal Service Altavista Rustburg - Brookneal Timberlake - Lynchburg BOOKER’S GARAGE CLANTON’S DRUG STORE Wheeling - Balancing Te tena ne Over Fifty Years General Auto Repairs Dependable Service Altavista, Virginia B dor Altavi Phone FOrest 9-5427 Age avista ALTAVISTA CLEANERS LEGGETT’S Quality Work Guaranteed Fast Service Quality Merchandise Free Sizing for All Clothing Popular Prices e S H Green Stamps In Over Counter Sales Altavista, Virginia DIXIE MOTOR CO. ROWLAND’S JEWELERS " One Stop Service’! We Sell KEEPSAKE Diamond Rings Phone FOrest 9-5100 re 613 Broad St. Altavista Altavista, Virginia Phone FOrest 9-5324 | VAUGHAN MOTOR, TIRE AND APPLIANCE CO., INC. Hotpoint - Maytag General Electric Motorola AnouMaineots Altavista Phone FOrest 9-5664 RICHARD S. SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY Auto = bite -s hire Business - Commercial Tyree Nichols Building Phone FOrest 9-4686 MAIN STREET RESTAURANT Good Food and Private Dining for Your Convenience Phone FOrest 9-4024 ALTAVISTA HARDWARE CO. Hardware - Paints Housewares - Seigler Heaters Appliances - Finest Sporting Equipment FOrest 9-4021 Altavista, Va. We Deliver SMITHER’S JEWELRY Your Friendly Jewelers Since 1910 Altavista, Virginia DRIVE-IN GROCERY N. we REYNOLDS aero Phone FOrest 9-5325 City Limits - North Altavista, Virginia Burlington, largest and most diversified manufacturer of quality fabrics, hosiery, carpets and other textile products, offers career opportunities to qualified graduates in one of America’s most essential industries. Write to BURLINGTON INDUSTRIES, Personnel Department, Greensboro, North Carolina. ALTAVISTA WEAVING CO. A Unit of Burlington movernime. mo ALTAVISTA NEWS STAND Jel. (JOR)EMASON Proprietor SUNSHINE CENTER Coin Operated Dry Cleaning and Laundry 916 Main St. Altavista, Va. TREADWAY-PATTERSON, INC. — — — | Frigidaire Sales and Service T.V. - Stereo - Radio Oloebroadsote INitavista anv ae FOrest 9-4011 STANDARD FUEL CO. @ aa Gs, AMERICAN wae | Prompt Delivery Phone FOrest 9-4025 High Quality High Efficiency SHIVELY CHEVROLET CORPORATION yoM0g, Sy a Altavista, Virginia MELVIN’S GULF Phone Give Your Car FO 9-8008 Longer Life With 904 Main Altavista PIEDMONT MARKET Main Street Altavista For Free Delivery Call FOrest 9-5192 Westover LYNCHBURG-WESTOVER DAIRIES, INC. LOOK FOR THE SURE SIGN OF FLAVOR @ QUALITY GH CHEKD 2801 Fort Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia DANVILLE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 127 North Union Street Danville Virginia PRES BROWN’S 14 West Washington Street Lexington, Virginia Telephone HObart 3-3521 BOLEY’S MARKET Where Your Money Buys Quality Groceries - Pure Oil Products Lynch Station, Virginia Phone FOrest 9-3151 S. O. FISHER, INC. Sporting Goods - Toys Games - Cameras 1024 Main Street and Pittman Plaza Lynchburg, Virginia VISTA THEATER " Always a good show''! Altavista, Virginia FOrest 9-5289 FINCH FINCH, INC. Funeral Directors and Florists Phone FO 9-5621 Altavista Virginia Build Your Home in SEMINOLE RIDGE Large Lots Available From $1, 000 With City Water and Sewer ENGLISH’S, INCORPORATED ALLEY’S HEATING AND ELECTRONICAL SERVICE date Family Store on Hilectrical Gontractor 1006 8th Street Broadmotree: Phone FOrest 9-4484 Altavista, Virginia Altavista's x seul J. H. COTHRAN INSTALL Most Complete | Ae AM GUARANTEE COMPANY, INC. Variety Store Contractors Plumbing - Heating 5-10 25¢ STORE Sheet Metal - Air Conditioning and Institutional and Industrial (Af) SHERMACK FASHION SHOP Altavista, Virginia w, Always Shop Your Home-Owned MICK-OR-MACK STORE The Grocery Store That Supports Altavista More RIVERSIDE ESSO Complete Car Service €sso) DEALER LITTLE FUEL CORPORATION Altavista, Virginia Congratulations to the Class of '63 WMNA " We hope we will remain a part of your AHS memory' " ' Other Altavista Merchants also support us VISTA MOTOR SALES ALTA SHOE SHOP JIMMY HALE ARTHUR AGENCY, INC. Insurance - Real Estate English Building Main Street Altavista, Virginia Phone FOrest 9-5661 ALTAVISTA INSURANCE CORPORATION Property - Casualty - Automobile 706 Broad Street Altavista, Virginia EMBASSY RESTAURANT AND MOTEL Courteous Service Comfortable Accommodations TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY e World's Best Yearbooks Are Taviar.made +. tae ee wy in PN mee a f ao ht 4 ‘an Ps M : pati taleaean zara Athi he phase: pp pater’ eeeeren es ear eles aktf parrecaes REIT RF asi Pn ee aaa lil i ; gerPCHAM NE aesigy rsbaaliic We 2a 9 re mY, Ue Sa we Se

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