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3 s fczfc $ k Dear J , j, f J = School of ours. So be - lev - ed, Our hearts, to thee we now ‘ V-——t tv. .r.. : ; ' cr sb I pledge-; By thee we A1 - ways will T h :r.d. And heed each one of thy I JU com - niands: we have manv wonci - rous tru - ths that thou has giv - en to eg m £ - 3 . Greay hopes so —J - yr. ■ txz nr——: . —isf - m - ■ -rc—i r 1 J Hr ?v - 1 ii Hr r ±± V- -- 4. ' -S3 •--ILL- 4=1 —4.- 4 L bri - ght that fill k mm re i with de As we go a - long our way; He ght. to our dear, A. O. ' School, F trfcmb L. ' al we ' ll tv - er be Our col - ors of white and blue will . tv i=H ——fv-4-fr—H— ft u -J—L—-1-M-?L- • u 2 t fe Al - ways show that we f are true; thougJI years may come and go - o. jEEES zr ih - - i v Still will our mem - ories cling w Loy - al friend-, and tea-chers too, and will al - ways sing dear A. 0. thy praise C. ' ANNUAL STAFF j h 0 P fl A S K . 4 ? Jyr c e Tickle ditor-in-chief A vr % Nellie Mae Madren Assistant Editor y T- Farrell Austin Business Manager ; w Jeanne Crouch Advertising Manager A spy CONTENTS Activities — Athletics — Features v T Page Five cN. Princapal V. Mayo Bundy CD e )[cation For an unselfish life dedicated to the moulding of stronger minds, for an understanding of fairness, for an unending willingness to help all ambitious young people, for enviable accomplishments of mind and of spirit, for integrity, and for general excellence—we students of the Altamahaw-Ossipee High School dedicate this, the second edition of The Tomahawk, to our esteemed Principal, V. Mayo Bundy. - ' Page Six — BOOK ONE ADMINISTRATION Mrs. C. E. Kernodle Chairman Mr. M. E. Yount Superintendent of Alamance County Schools Mr. C. B. Lewis Secretary Mr. R. Walker Mr. J. O. Austin Mr. W. L. Gwynn. Treasurer (Without picture) Page Seven jt 7 ! ' M FACULTY... V. Mayo Bundy A.B.. ’35 U.N.C. M.A.. ' 41 U.N.C. Marian Corum A.B.. W.C.U.N.C. Marie Bondurant A.B., W.C.U.N.C. Coleen Browning, Elon College Mildred Coble A.B., Mars Hill; Elon College Alycce R. Fletcher B.S , Radford College Math, Social Science Administration, Supervision Spanish, English History Science English, Music Woman’s Division of V.P.E Home Economics Norma Bundy A.B., E.C.T.C. Mrs. Donald Iseley A.B., Elon College Virginia Riddle A.B.. W.C.U.N.C. Mrs. M. C. Faucette B.S., W.C.U.N.C. Mrs. J. Mark McAdams A.B., Elon College Mrs. Henry Garrison, Duke University Maggie E. Poole, E.C.T.C., Duke University Emma V. Somers, Elon College; U.N C.: U. of Va. Mrs. Lois M. Bost A.B.. Elon College Bronna P. Walker, Elon College Gene Brown, W.C.U.N.C. Mrs. Elizabeth F. Pickard. W.C.U.N.C. Mrs. Luella M. Bradshaw B.S., T.C. Columbia, N. Y. Mrs. Mary Lou Smith Perry. U.N.C.; Elon College Mrs. Lecy M. Kernodle, Elon College Jean Sadler, W.C.U.N.C. Mrs. Frank A. Hayes, Virginia Episcopal College (Without picture) Math, English English Elementary Science—7 grade 6 8 7 grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Fourth Grade 7 bird Grade Third Grade Second Grade Second Grade First Grade First Grade Cafeteria Piano Page Nine Principal’s Message As you turn these pages, the year 1946-47 will unroll in your remmiscent eyes. In your 4 omahawk you have recorded class mates, friends, teachers, events, buildings, trees, flowers, and scenes. You have for ALMA MATER been a source of strength and hope. Your faith, integrity, courage, training, social and spiritual insight will be a fortress aiding you in building a fairer civiliza¬ tion. This is your great responsibility and should be a joyous adventure. You have seen the students responsibility widened by: A stu¬ dent council, an active student paper and yearbook, a stronger athletic program with an active monogram club, an expanded music and physical education program, a student assembly, a trip to the nation ' s capitol, a functioning home makers cottage, a teen Age Club, a new lighted athletic field, etc. The class of ' 47 has stood solidly behind these improvements. The A. O. School bids you an affectionate farewell. Your de¬ parture will mean our loss, but a challenge forcing us to prepare others to take their place in this never ending search for knowledge and the abundant life. -—Page Ten Larry Linwood Anderson " Square " Basketball 2.3.4: Literary Society 1: Glee Club 1.2.4; Hub 4: May King 3: Mono¬ gram Club 4. Currie Dean Barker " Bean " Glee Club 4-H Club 2: Basketball 3: Dus Driver 3. David Worth Bell " Tack” Baseball 1,2.3.4: Basketball 3.4. Geneva Gray Foster " Gee " Basketball 1,2.3: Captain 4; 4-H 1,2: Hub 3; Secretary of Student Council 4 ; Mon¬ ogram Club 4. Charles Fred Barber " T ivirp " Basketball 1.2.3,4: Glee Club 1.2.4: Hub 3: Annual 4; Baseball 2.3,4: Literary Society 1 ; Monogram Club 4; Chief Marshall 3. Frances Jean Beckom “Shug " Literary Society 1 : Glee Club 1; May Court 2; Class Sec¬ retary 2. Hazel Mae Dunevant " Hazy” Home Ec. Club 4. Theron Idol Gilliam " Tink " Basketball 1.2.3: Captain 4: Glee Club 1.2: Literary So¬ ciety 1 : President of Class 2.4; Vice Pres, of Class 3; Associate Editor of Hub 3; Bus Driver 3.4; Editor in Chief of Hub 4; Monogram 4; Marshall 2. Page Twelve Howard Martin Gwynn " Dink " Baseball 1,2,3,4: Glee Club 2,4; Literary Society 1; Treasurer of Class 3; Bus Driver 1,3: Hub Staff 2; Monogram Club 4; Marshall 2 . Edith Louise Kernodle " Eddie " Basketball; Softball 3.4; Literary Society 1; Glee Club 3; May Court Attend- ent 4. Margie Jean Madren " Marge " Literary Society 1 : Glee Club 1,2,3; Home Ec. Club 4; May Court Attendent 4. Thelma Louise Mansfield " Pete " 4-H Club 1 : Glee Club 1 ; Literary Society 1 ; Marshall 3. W - Lydia Wade Isf.ley Glre C ' ub 1,2.3; Vice Pres. 4; Hub 3: Annual Staff 3.4; President of Home Ec. Club 4; Che Leader 2,3; Pianist of Literary Society 1 : 4-H Club 2,3; Assistant Manager of Basketball 3 : Pres, of Monogram Club 4, James Wayne Kernodle " Dooney " Basketball 2,3.4: Baseball 2. 3.4; Literary Society 1: Vice President cf Student Council 4; Monogram Club 4; May King 4, Nellie Mae Madren " Genius’ Literary Society 1 : Hub 1 , 2,3; Vice President of Class 1 : 4-H Club 1; Glee Club 1.2.3; Sec. 4: Annual 3.4. Paul Winfred Michael % ' " Mike " 8 ’ Baseball Manager 1.2; Bask¬ etball 3: Manager 2.4: Lit¬ erary Society ' ! : Hub 3: An¬ nual 3: Student Council 4; President; of CJIass 3 ; Mono¬ gram Club 4. • T — Pag 2 Thirteen Peggy Lucille Morton “Peg " Basketball 4: Literary Soci ety 1 ; Glee Club 1 ; Hub 3, 4: Secretary of Class 3,4: May Court Attendent 2: Monogram Club 4; Maid of Honor 4. Dixie Evelyn McIntyre " Dee” Glee Club 1: Hub 1.2,3,4: 4-H Club 1: Basketball 1,2: Marshall 2.3: Annual 3: Class Histor an 3.4: Cheer¬ leader 4; Literary Soziety 1: Monogram Club 4. Ned Moses Ross " Worse " Basketball 1.2,3.4: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Literary Society 1; Glee Club Vice President of Class 4: Mono¬ gram Club 4: Hub 2,4: Sec¬ retary and Treasurer of Mon¬ ogram Club 4. Mary Louise Satterfield “Kitty " Literary Society 1 : Home Ec. Club 4. atC k r‘ 4? 1 Ajy , J Jack McCray " lilac hie” Glee Club 4. Ruth wade Neighbors “ Broady " Basketball 1,2. Nancy Carol Rudd " Blondie’’ Literary Society 1 : Home Ec. Club 4. Betty Vann Simpson “Betsy” Manager of Basketball 3.4: Glee Club 1,2: Literary So¬ ciety 1 ; Home Economics 4 ; Hub 3,4: Treasurer of Class 2: Vice Pres, of Monogram Club 4. Page Fourteen Sara Catherine Simpson “Cat " Literary So:iety 1 : Glee Club 1.2.4; Officer of Class 1: Hub Staff 2.H Annual 4. Officer of Home Ec. Club 4. Boyd Wagoner Somers “ Boydie " Basketball 3.4; Baseball 2,3. 4: 4-H Club 1 ; Hub 3; An¬ nual 3 ; Literary Society 1 ; President of Student Council 4; Treasurer of Class 4; Vice Pres, of Class 2: Mono¬ gram Club 4. Martha Rebecca Southard “Becky " Basketball 2,3,4; Softball 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Literary So ciety 1 ; Hub 4 ; President ol Class 1 ; May Court Attend- ent 3. Betty Jean Troxler “Bet ' ’ Glee Club Officer of Literary Society 1 ; Officer of Home Ec. Club 4 : Basketball 1,2,3,4; May Court Attend- ent 2; Marshall 2: Hub 3; Student Council 4; May Queen 4. Joseph Edward Simpson “Joe " Secretary of Class 1; 4-H Club 1,2,3; Literary Society 1 . Virginia Catherine Somers " Ginger” Basketball 1,2.3,4: Softball 3.4; 4-H Club 1.2: Glee Club 1.3.4; Literary Society 1; May Court Attcndent 3. Frances Ara Etta Strader " Etta Kett” Literary Society 1 ; Home Ec. Club 4- Page Fifteen CLASS HISTORY Yes! We are Seniors after twelve years of hard work and happy times. We have reached our goal. In the fall of 1 943. 73 scared boys and girls entered Altamahaw-Ossipee High School for the first time. Our first three years were spent getting used to the idea of school. Then we entered the fourth grade where our teachers put us on a steamer bound for the Senior Class. During the past twelve years some of our crew have fallen off and we left them behind, while others joined our merry crew. The years until ’41 were an exciting voyage, we visited many interesting countries, and took part in many interesting activities. In the spring our school held its first May Day. As we were the highest grammar grade class, Theron Gilliam and Betty Vann Simpson were chos:n King and Queen of the festival. The twelve year school plan was started so that meant we had to wait another year to receive our grammar grad: certificates. On graduation night in the spring of 43 forty proud students were presented their grammar grade certificates. We were a modern class, so instead of continuing our journey by steamer, we chose an airplane. We figured this would be more exciting, flying around over the class that still stuck to the idea of traveling by water on a slow steamer. Our first year in High School was very exciting to all. The girls and boys were in separate groups. This wasn ' t very exciting, but what girl or boy was interested in each other at that early age? Miss Frances DuRant, the mus e teacher, interested many of us that Freshman year with her Glee Club. Everyone remembers " Listen To The Lambs,’’ and this and many other songs took us on trips to other schools. The group gave a musical program over W.B.B.B. Burlington, North Carolina in honor of our school. The boys and girls seemed to be interested in sports. The girls gave basketball a try and the boys tried basketball and baseball. Our Freshman year was our first and last year to belong to the Literary Society Program. We admit we were scared stiff, but it did do us some good. Many of the passengers aboard our plane took a liking to newspaper work, and have played an important part in putting out our paper. The school team of ' 44-45 found us with a new principal. Mr. V. Mayo Bundy, and a new group of teachers. Mrs. Marian Corum joined our group as home room teacher, so this meant she was to have the top ranking seat on the plane. Theron Gilliam was elected President for our class of 3 6 Silly Sophomores. The other leaders chosen were: Vice President. Boyd Somers: Secretary, Frances Beckom: Treasurer. Betty Vann Simpson. This was a very busy year for all and much hard and successful work came out of it. The basketball boys and girls, the baseball players, coaches, and those connected completed a full year w th a party at Gant’s Cabin. Three of the boys, who were to enter the service of Uncle Sam, were honored during the party. The class helped raise money for improvements on the ball field and received a half-holiday for raising the same amount as our rivals, the Seniors, did. Among other activities was a Christmas Party in the school cafeteria, given by the class for the departing Seniors. We enjoyrd a weincr roast on Easter Monday at Lydia Iseley’s. Then came May and our festival. The May Court Attendants were chosen, with Betty Jean Troxler, a very attractive member of our class, receiving the Maid of Honor position. Peggy Morton and Frances Beckom represented our class as Sopho¬ more Attendants. Yes, the next year we started our trip to other new horizons as Jolly Juniors, 3 6 strong and Mrs. Corum again took over the leader ' s position. Paul Michael received top honors, as the President of our class. Other officers were: Vice President. Theron Gilliam: Secretary, Peggy Morton; Treasurer, Dink Gwynn. Theron Gil¬ liam was elected associate editor of the school paper, " The Hub. " Eleven other members of the class took part in the work of publishing the paper. Five members of the class were elected to the " Tomahawk " staff. Dixie McIntyre was chosen Junior Editor to help publish the first annual for our school. Larry Anderson was elected King for the annual May Day Program. The class had charge of modern dances during the program with Vir¬ ginia Somers and Rebecca Southard as Junior attendants. Page Sixteen The Junior class received the honor of being the first group to take a Spanish course in the history of the school. In November we presented a comedy " Dotty and Daffy " in the school auditorium The Curtis Maga zine campaign was started about this time and we took over. We exceeded the amount that a school usually sells as a whole, reaching the $600.00 mark. A playground for the smaller children was needed, so a campaign to raise money was started. The Juniors finished with the most money collected and received a half-holiday for their work. The Home Economics Girls fixed a supper for the overseers of Ossipee Mill and their wives or girl friends. The money made was used to help furnish the new Home Economics cottage. For a Christmas treat, Mrs. Corum entertained the class with a party at her home in Greensboro. Every one enjoyed it wholeheartedly including her Mother, Father, and Sister, who were also guests. The Class at Easter was entertained with a hayride and weiner roast by our grade parents, Mrs. Boyd Simpson and Mr. Wilbur Gwynn. As was evidenced we had a wonderful time. A very happy part of the year was after the Christmas Holidays. We returned to school and received our long and anxiously awaited for class rings. As a gift, the class presented Mrs. Corum a matching bracelet. The boys and girls took part in basketball, baseball, and softball which proved to be a very successful year. The boys ' class team won the basketball tournament. The Glee Club which made such spendid progress that year received interest from many of our class members. As this active year drew to an end we the class held our Junior Party in the Home Economics Cottage. Now. we are Seniors, the war has ended and we can get us a new and faster plane. That old one has just about done its part in completing our journey. Let ' s take a B-29 while making our last flight in Altamahaw- Ossipee High School. Mrs. Corum is once again our leader, and one who the class can thank for sticking with us through our ups and downs of the last three years. Theron Gilliam is the pilot of our plane and Ned Ross Co-pilot. Their helpers are Peggy Morton and Boyd Somers. All the other members of the class have taken their places in the plane ready at all times to help those four out in any way possible. Theron Gilliam received the honor of editing our school paper. Many others of our group are working on the paper and annual. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill played host to the Seniors of High Schools in North Caro¬ lina. Our group attended this Senior day program and saw the Carolina-VPI football game. Boyd Somers, a very reliable member of our class was elected by the student body as President of the Student Council. The class had charge of the Curtis Magazine Campaign reaching the $500.00 mark this year. Again this Christmas the class held its party in Greensboro at Mrs. Corum ' s home. Everyone really enjoyed the party. As our trip draws to an end, we have traveled many miles even though our school is very small and there ' s not much land to cover. A Senior Play " His Name Was Aunt Nellie " will be presented in March, Washington. D. C. in early spring and a Jr.-Senior Banquet will end our days of hard work and happy times. Get this straight—we really have enjoyed our days spent at our dear old Alta -Ossipee High School. To all our friends and teachers we owe much, for the time they have spent getting us ready to start a new and faster trip, which will probably be made on foot since time changes so quickly. We are leaving, no not really leaving, because our hearts will always be here no matter where we might roam. Page Seventeen CLASS WILL AND TESTAMENT North Carolina Altamahaw Alamance County We the Senior Class of 47 of A. O. H. S. in above state and county, knowing that, as we leave it. should be only fitting and pioper that we should leave our properties and responsibilities to our successors, know- ing that they will be glad to accept same from us. who being as sane as could be expected after 4 years of High School labor, do ordain this to be our Class Will and Testament. Article I To Mr. Yount, our honored superintendent, we leave our county school in capable hands. To Mr. Bundy, our overworked principal, up with the class of ' 47. Article II we leave more troubles and worries Article III To the H.S. faculty, because of us. we leave our best and most devoted thanks for the many Article IV behind than were brought grey hairs on their heads To the entire student body, we leave the classrooms and auditorium in which we once frolicked. To the Juniors, our knack of knowing out of troubles and work is left. To the Sophomores, we leave the agony Article V where and why to be at the right place at the right time, to keep Article VI of remaining quiet and of attempting to appear intelligent. To the Freshmen, ment of yourself. Article VII we leave our books in hope that all of you may some year be using them for the better Article VIII Our individual bequests are as follows: Larry Anderson leaves his May King Crown to barrel Austin. I Peggy Morton, leave my neatness to Maurline Dodson. I, Nellie Mae Madren, leave my intelligence to Gilmer Barker. Paul Michael wishes to leave to John Kemp his position as manager and all the headaches which go with it. Also a pack of Stanback. Lou se Mansfield would like to leave Jimmy Mayton but finds it impossible. Dink Gwynn leaves his English and Chemistry books to anyone wanting them. Mary Louise Satterfield, Nancy Rudd and Etta Strader bequeath their quietness to Billie Tickle. Lucy Mills and Hazel Lea Kernodle. Fred Barber and Wayne Kernodle would like to just leave. Virginia Somers would like to leave her title of " Baby of the Class " to the baby of the Junior Class. Margie Madren leaves her giggles to Carolyn Crutchfield. Joseph Simpson leaves his ability of salesmanship to Bill Diffee. Catherine Simpson leaves her secretarial position with Mr. Bundy open for competition among next year seniors. Ned Ross leaves his disgust for Spanish to certain members of the Junior Class, also his warning to you Sophomores. Dean Barker leaves his inability to grow to J. W. Liles. Boyd Somers and Geneva Foster leave their honored positions on the Student Council to two students as capable of the positions as they were. Jack McCray and David Bell wish for Nick Huskey and Lester Foster to have their representation of Alta¬ mahaw. Rebecca Southard would like for her sister to have her laziness. Edith Kernodle wants to leave her fondness for rabbit hunting to Grace Lane Jones. Theron Gilliam leaves his basketball ability to his brother Charles. - Page Eighteen Betty Jean Troxler and Ruth Neighbors leave their ability to always get to school on time to Norma Lane Blanchard and Betsy Jones. Frances Beckom wishes for someone to take her habit of getting into so much mischief. Lydia Iseley leaves to Louise Simpson her ability to talk herself out of trouble. Dixie McIntyre leaves her way of knowing how to hold on to so many boys at one time to Jeanne Crouch. From Betty Vann Simpson comes a wish for her friendliness to be left to Margaret Smith. Hazel Mae Dunevant wishes to leave her happiness to sister " Minnie. " Signed: Don Gilliam Rita Frances Snipes Paul Michael Peggy Morton Nellie Mae Madren. Testors TIME CHANGES THINGS This twenty-sixth day of May. nineteen hundred andforty-seven in Alamance County. Editor Boyd Somers, of the Ossipee Dispatch recently brought from his scrapbook of unusual clippings this article about the reunion of the class of ' 47. Though yellow with age. and a few words missing here and there, we read the following account with interest. In the ballroom of the Ellis Laundry, Suffolk, Va.. a class reunion took place on D cember 20. 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Woody Ellis, joint host and hostess, we;e in charge of the program. Honored guests were the members of the class of ' 47, and though scattered far and wide, all put forth special effort to attend this meeting. The Honorable Theron Gilliam. Senator from N. C., delivered the welcome toast. Admiral Paul Michaei hastily prepared the response, as he knew nothing of his part of the program until his arrival. Habitually everyone began talking about old times, and Rev. Wayne Kernodle could hardly get silence long enough to have a short devotional period. He and his wife, the former Betty Van Simpson, journeyed from Ohio for the occasion. Comedian Fred Barber took the floor, and presented his impersonation of the late Bob Hope. Hollywoou was represented by the newest ‘ Betty Grable” find, Ruth Neighbors, and the new crooner for the Bobby-Soxers —Mr. Larry Anderson. Special gifts for the hostess, former teacher of the class in Altamahaw-Ossipee School were presented by Dean Barker, who has assumed duties as principal of a Burlington City School. Some gifts were a gown from Macey’s in New York designed by Miss Geneva Foster, a year ' s beauty course at the Way ' s Beauty Salon in Suffolk, owned and operated by Mrs. Clyde Way. Jr. the former Peggy Morton; a life size portrait in oil by artist Jack McCray: a record player, radio combination donated by Joseph Simpson, manager of Simpson’s music shop accompanied by two albums of Columbia records by popular Singer Lydia Iseley, who has received wide acclaim like the late Kate Smith. During the program, the hostess visited the nursery to see that Etta Strader, professional baby sitter, had the twins—Windy Dale and Linda Gale, well under control. Between the course of events, Mary Satterfield, professional health specialist, fainted and Dr. Ned Ross ad ministered first aid, assisted by his private nurse. Margie Madren. Sudden commotion was aroused when Aviator David Bell zoomed over the building in his privately owned passenger plane and made a tardy appearance with the hostess of the plane, Edith Kernodle. Featured on the program was the swing music of Dink Gwynn s orchestra, successors to the late Guy Lom¬ bardo. with vocals by Larry Anderson and Lydia Iseley. Secretary Catherine Simpson kept a record of the evening ' s events, but it was written in shorthand and had to be translated. Guests who traveled long distances spent the night with Misses Nancy Rudd and Hazel Dunevant. joint owners of local boarding house. Miss Frances Beckom. saleslady from California. Miss Rebecca Southard Basket ball coach for Woman ' s College. N. C., Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Jones, (the former Virginia Somers of Ossipee) and Miss Louise Mansfield—house-wife-to-be (?) were among the overnight guests. Only member of th? class not present was Miss Dixie McIntyre, who has been in solitary confinement in a spinister ' s home for twelve years and refuses to see anyone except male visitors—of which she has none. Party decorations were by Miss Betty Jean Troxicr—interior decorator from New York. News reporter for the occasion was Nellie Mae Madren of the Ossipee Dispatch. Page Nineteen JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President James Mayton Vice President Gilmer Barker Secretary Jeanne Crouch T reasurer CLASS ROLL Vernon Barber Vernon Barber Gilmer Barker Jo Ann Bouldin Cleave Brooks Emily Cantrell Jeanne Crouch Carolyn Crutchfield Louise Dunevant Virginia Hall Judith Hensley Carnell Jones Grace Lane Jones Ann Kernodle Annie Kate Kernodle Hazel Kernodle J. W. Liles James Mayton Lucy Mills Carlton Murray Margaret Smith Mary Jane Smith B.tty Jean Somers Billie Sue Sutton Boyd Sutto 1 Billie Tickle Grace Troxlcr Clyde Way Talmadge Williamson Ellen Winn Ruth Younts Page Twenty SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary T reasurer Joe Matkins Allen Simpson Doris Barker Laura Jane Kernodlc CLASS ROLL Lewis Barber Nettie Lou Barber Doris Barker Hazel Barker Billie Jean Blan:hard Cot Bouldin J. Ryan Crutchfield Billy Diffee Henry Dodson. Jr. Annie Durham Lester Faster Nick Huekey Sue Ireland John Kemp Laura Jane Kernodle Lowell Kcrnod ' e Betty Love (Without picture) Paul Jr. Madren Joe Matkins Pauline Penley Elward Rainey Jean Setzer Mozell Setzer Allen Simpson Maggie D. S’mpscn Marie Somers Edna Southard Ruby Sutton Annie Laura Tickle Arlene Tickle (Without picture) Harold Troxler Keith Troxler R. F. Woody Vernon Zimmerman Page Twenty-Two President Vice President Secretary T reasurer Louise Simpson Charles Gilliam Maurline Dodson Mary Ross CLASS ROLL Farrell Austin Dale Barber Helen Barber Norma Lane Blanchard Jerrell Bcone Sara Boswell Bill Brooks James Chatham Betty Ann Chatham Sue Conklin (Without pictute) Junior Dehart Maurline Dodson Junior Edmonds Alma Foster Nannie Mae Saul Sara Jo Garrison Louise Simpson Hulon Garrison Daniel Somers Charles Gilliam Frank Stubblefield Doris Hall Bobby Sutton Bobby Huskey Hilda Talley Betsy Jones Jean Talley Woodrow Jones Rita Jane Tate Rebecca Mills Aubrie Underwood Sylvia Patterton Joan Winn C. W. Phillips Vernon Winn Mary Ross Therwell Wrenn Lela Satterfield — Page Twenty-Four GRADES 8 Page Twenty-Eight — ■ l ■ft . 1 , • ' Page Thirty-Two BOOK TWO ACTIVITIES Page Thirl y- Three - BUS DRIVERS Anderson, Barber, D. Barber, G. Barber, Brooks, Gilliam, Gwynn, Kernodle, Michael, Woody, Zimmerman (Not in picture). ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Managing Editor Art Editor Photographers Editorial Staff Tomahawk Adviser Billie A. Tickle Nellie Mae Madren Farrcl Austin Jeanne Crouch Lydia Iseley Carlton Murray Fred Barber. C. W. Phillips Betty Jean Somers, Jo Ann Bouldin, Margaret Smith, Sara Catherine Simpson Miss Mildred Coble Page Thirty-Four HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Page Thirty-Nine -1 BOOK THREE ATHLETICS Coach—Mr. C. A. Kearns ■ i - “i - § : 0? W8Sk SB M0BHB i rnmamm % Mil Eft .... . M 1H( v i ' •Jpi’ rjf| jwnfcy ' ?SI lUk . r " m ■ - ' ' r -vy ■ -A.- : . r ' «• . . ,■ Vj ••••■» W: • r - ■■ ■ . ' ■ " 4 5 3 Farrell Austin Dixie McIntyre CHEER LEADERS BUI Diffee Chief Carolyn Crutchfield J. W. Liles — Page Forty-Two GIRLS ' SOFTBALL SCORES A.0. 29—Graham 12 A.O. . I I -Lion 8 A.O. 14—Graham 22 A.O. . . 5—Elon . . . 4 A.O. 6 —E.M. Holt 4 A.O. 16—E.M. Holt. 15 BOYS ' BASKETBALL SCORES Anderson . 12 -A.O. . . 2 4 Anderson 15—A.O. . 29 Eli Whitney.24—A.O. . 25 Sylvan.31— A.O. 20 Graham 28—A.O. 19 Mebane. 17—A.O. 21 Alexander Wilson . . 25■—A.O. . 2 3 Monticello 21—A.O. . 22 Elon . 20— A.O. . 18 E. M. Holt . 14—A.O.47 Haw River.22—A.O.40 Eh Whitney . 2 1—A.O.20 Alexander Wilson 2 3—A.O.. 17 E. M. Holt . 1 5—A.O.48 Mebane. 40—A.O. . 17 Graham 21—A.O. 24 Monticello . 35—A.O. .22 Elon . 23—A.O. 17 Burlington .47—A.O. . 33 Haw River.21—A.O. 24 Sylvan . 33—A.O..3 1 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL SCORES Anderson . 23—A.O. 14 Anderson . . 21—A.O..25 Eli Whitney . 28—A.O.25 Sylvan . 36—A.O. 24 Graham 9—A.O.. 10 A.W. 17—A.O. 22 Monticello 2 1—A.O. 27 Elon . 16—A.O. ......... 17 E. M. Holt. 7—A.O. 25 Haw River . 24—A.O. . 25 Eli Whitney .22—A.O. 12 E. M. Holt ........ 1 1—A.O. .. 34 Sylvan .3 5—A.O. .24 Mebane .31 —A.O. 21 Graham .15—A.O. 29 Monticello 27—A.O. . . . .. . 37 Elon . 25—A.O.19 Haw River . 16—A.O.24 -Page Forty-Three GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Crouch. Troxlcr. Foster. R. Southard. Morton. E. Southard. Somers. D. Barker, Kcr nodie, L. Kernodle. Tickle, H. Kernodle, Iseley, Assistant Manager, Simpson; Manager, H Barker; Ireland, Mr. C. A. Kearns, Coach. BOYS ' BASKETBALL Murray. Anderson. V. Barber, Gilliam, Barber, Somers, Ross, Kernodle, Simpson, Way Michael, Manager. JR. VARSITY Austin Troxler. Barker. Boone, Foster. Gilliam. Husky. Jones, Kemp. Troxler. Simpson. Page Forty-Four — ®p wS© »“ .xm ° - m BASEBALL SQUAD " Dink” Gwynn. David Bell, Paul Michael, Manager; Wayne Kernodle. Allen Simpson, Bottom row: " Pecpy” Foster, Fred Barber, Ned Ross, Carlton Murray. Boyd Somers. BASEBALL SCORES A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. 1 —Monticello 8— E. M. Holt 1 5—P. Grove 1 0—Monticello 10—E. M. Holt . 1 4—Gibsonville 0—Elon 9— Elon 6—A.W. 5—P. Grove 4—Gibsonville 28—Alta. Silk Mill 2—A.W. . 2 0 1 9 6 4 4 3 7 8 0 8 11 Page Forty-Five Barber, V. Barber. Barker, Crouch. G. Foster. Foster, Gilliam, Gwynn, Iseley Kernodle, Murray, Ross. A. Simpson. B. Simpson. Somers. V. Mayo Bundy, Advisor. MONOGRAM CLUB Realizing the increasing need for a better spirit among students and athletes of the Alta.- Ossipee School, fifteen interested athletes, led by V. M. Bundy, set about to organize a Mono¬ gram Club. We think that the members of this organization represent the best in the A.-O. School. The first requirement is to win a varsity letter, but this doesn ' t necessarily mean membership in the club. An athlete must believe in the school, clean sportsmanship, the team, the victory and elgibility regulations. A Constitution was drawn up, code for A.-O. athletes, adopted and Lydia Iseley was elected president. Four new members have been admitted and initiated since the club was chartered. Page Forty-Six MASCOTS Don Gilliam Rita Snipes Page Forty-Seven ANNUAL KING AND QUEEN P=r UDs.V - ' Ijs, ' J5 ' = S- C X " vA ' — v V C i o C XV V« 3 0-o«-»C£j vJb AV -C Sa x aASV- - - S CO zA — v Va.v 5A ! -£ er-Si ' - MAY DAY. 1946 Margaret Smith Queen Mascots Minnie Gastor Dan Ross (Not in picture) MAY COURT ATTENDANTS Helen Barber Hazel Kernodle MAY DAY PICTURES, 1946 Page Fifty SUPERLATIVES Best All-Round: Betty Vann Simpson Boyd Somers Most Likely To Succeed: Nellie Mae Madren Theron Gilliam Most Dependable: Lydia Iseley Dean Barker Most Attractive: Betty Jean Troxler Larry Anderson Most Original: Nancy Rudd Fred Barber Biggest Flirt: Dixie McIntyre Fred Barber Most Athletic Rebecca Southard Fred Barber Best Dressed: Peggy Morton " Dink” Gwynn Quietest: Mary Louise Satterfield Loudest: Fred Barber —-Page Fifty-One — Students of Altamahaw-Ossipee School Your Community Newspaper is happy to greet you, and would urge you to seize your opportunity to learn to think, act and build edu¬ cationally the foundation for future leadership, success, and happiness. THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS Burlington North Carolina Page Fifty-Three Comph meats of The OSS1PEE DIVISION BURLINGTON MILLS CORPORATION OSSIPEE NORTH CAROLINA Coni pi i merits of GLEN RAVEN KNITTING MILLS Inc. ALTAMAHAW NORTH CAROLINA Page Fifty-Five Compliments of Glen Raven Silk Mills, Inc. ALTAMAHAW NORTH CAROLINA Page Fifty-Six BAILEY PRODUCE CO, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Tomatoes a Specialty Phone 1811-1508-J Burlington 1 13 Market Street North Carolina V Elsi W Of n ! ] DRINK In Bottles DELICIOUS AND REFRESHING Burlington Coca-Cola Bottling Company Page Fifty-Seven A O Grocery • GROCERIES • HARDWARE • NOTIONS SHERMAN ROSS, Owner Ossipee North Carolina Standard Grocery Company Wholesale Groceries Front Street Burlington, N. C Page Fifty-Eight C. R. Christopher GENERAL CONTRACTOR Spec Kill Z l IKj Hu i hi l ll r Phone 2949 Burlington, N. C. N. C. License No. 156! Coble Hardware Company Dealer • v III • HARDWARE ® VEHICLES • FARM MACHINERY • PAINTS 421 South Main Street Burlington, N. C. Telephone 1872 Page Fifty-Nine v y d Co inph mcuts I f ' 1 of HUEY 8C LOY GROCERY GAS MEATS OIL FEEDS Elon and Ossipee Intersection Highways 87 and 103 Route No. 2, Elon College Compliments of The Mickel- Hopkins Company HOTEL, RESTAURANT AND INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Greensboro, N. C. Page Sixty Alamance Laundry 8C Dry Cleaners 560-PHONES—561 “IDE DO IT BETTER” Burlington, N. C. Com pi i merits of HOLSUM BAKERS DON’T SAY BREAD, SAY " HOLSUM " Jones Brothers Bakeries, Inc. 104 East Lee Street Greensboro, N. C. Page Sixty-One FOR PARTS AND BATTERY WORK Try joe McIntyre s GARAGE Burlington, N. C. CAMMACK OFFICE SUPPLY I’lione 2634 • All Office Necessities • Personal Stationery • Greeting Cards ★ “A Friendly Place to Shop " ★ Burlington, N. C. ..«••• ■» •«•••••« •• e -9 -e •« e 4 4 Compli meats • a a ■ a a ft ANDREW BROS. j • « r • a a GROCERY 1 o 1 • a • ft • I 1 • t McLELLAN’S a • • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables j « ft . Branded Meats j • ¥ t » ft t • : • ft ft ft ft SELF SERVICE j • • i f • • | 500 Rauhut Street ; Burlington, N. C. • • • • • ft • • ft • a f Burlington, N. C. 1 • • • : o • • • Page Sixty-7 ico Co 111 pi i meats of ART-KRAFT STUDIO PORTRAITS of EXPRESSION 110 2 E. Fiont Street Telephone 610 Burlington, N. C. Co mp 1 meats of The GLAMOR SHOP Burlington, N. C. When in Burlington Attend the Best Movies • PARAMOUNT • CAROLINA and • ALAMANCE THEATERS Always the Best Entertain meat Burlington, N. C. HOOD SPORT SHOP 205 West F ront Street Phone 86 !• QUALITY SWEATERS, JACKETS BICYCLES Burlington, N. C. Page Sixty- T hree • •• i ■ ■ Sears, Roebuck Co. j • 1 ; • ? • • Compliments i • i i • Shop at Sears and f • • f • • : i • • j • • • • Save 1 i • • • • • WEST END j • • • Use Sears Easy I i • • • • • FURNITURE CO. • • i Payment IMan f J i i t i • • • • • • • • • • • Phone 1467-J 200 East Front Street Telephone 26 8 j « • • • • ■ • • « i Burlington, N. C. j ' ( • • i e i i i i • f Burlington, N. C. • • f • f Shop At | t Compliments ! °f MODERN GROCERY j AND MARKET [ j SELLARS You Will Find at All Times a t | DEPARTMENT Complete Line of | j STORE GROCERIES j MEATS PRODUCE { Burlington, N. C. 1 17 Trollinger Street ? i Burlington, N. C. f Page Sixty-Four BURLINGTON BUSINESS COLLEGE $ Burlington, N. C. IMPERIAL BARBER SHOP Fine limbers to Serve You Opposite Alamance Theater Phone 1580 Burlington, N. C. C. B. ELLIS MUSIC CO. BUY ' k Pianos Radios Sewing Machines All Knuls of Musical Instru meats Burlington, N. C. - -f...®.., ••©• •-•o-c • j- » a.®.®..®..®..®. COBB MOTOR CO. Complete One Stop Service Station • Wrecking Service • General Repair ® Auto Painting ESSO SERVICE Phone 729 West Davie Street ! Burlington, N. C. Page Sixty-Five • • • ? • i • : • 1 HUB ! i ? • i • IF IT ' S j RRAUTY SHOP ! ! • • I I f i $ • i JEWELR ; • 1 “Visit Us In Our I i T i i ■ • • we have it or will (jet it ? • New Location i ? i • • • t f i ? . t i • “Come in and see us " • f Mrs. Bertie Gaston • t i • • • • ; Owner ? : • ? i • • • i SINGERS JEWELERS j • t i ? i i Member■ l i • • Phone 3432 207 East Front Street ? i ? I lelene Curtis Guild, Professional j ? » ? ? i ? . Burlington, N. C. ; = Beauticians ? “ • f i • ? t ? ■ ! i C. A. WAGNER ? ? ? | RHODES-COLLINS f ★ Store ? • 1 • i ? i ? i • ★ Service Station ► ; ? • ? • • ] ★ Garage • » » ► • • ? i ? i ? i ? • | TEXACO GASOLINE AND OIL • • » » » » » i ? • • t YOUR FURNITURE • i • • SOFF DRINKS • » • » • i ? j HOME j 1 GROCERIES • • • • • i ? i ? i ? i r • I Location, Stony Creek Road • • • • • • ? i ? i ? • l 2 x 2 Miles Above Altamahaw • • • i ? i ? • ? » T C. A. Wagner, Owner 6 • • • • • • • • t Burlington, N. C. | • • • • ! Page Sixty-Six •■e «» o • ( ••• •• O. .- Co III pit III I’ll Is of SUNBEAM BREAD ‘‘BREAD AT ITS BEST ' Com pi i meats of PEE WEE’S Texaco Service Station Pec Wee Jones, Owner Bamby Bakeries SOFT Your I DRINKS Service” ¥ Ossipee, N. C. COOL ALE I c,. e- » .g..c .« •« e »t JONES BEAUTY and BARBER SHOP Haircuts, 65c Shaves, 35c F, L. Jones Hill Odell Managers ® Helene Curtis Cold Wave $10 up ® Rayettc Cold Wave $7.50 up All Patronage Appreciated a n d Work Guaranteed Our Motto: “We Aim To Please” Manager, Willie Gay Jones Gertrude Michael OSSIPEE CAFE “ GOOD PLACE TO EAT Featuring All Kinds of Sandwiches and Ice Cold Beverages Howard Steelman, Owner Ossipee, N. C. Page Sixty-Seven Com pit ments of t } ; I Compliments of NEWLIN HARDWARE j i i • • The • • • • | COMPANY, Inc. • • • • f Complete Line Builders • • • i i NATIONAL BANK j f Hardware • • • • • • Paints and Roofing • • • • • • • • • i Phones: 871-872 • • • 0 • • • ★ • 0 0 • ? “We Appreciate Your Patronage • fl i j « • • • • Burlington, N. C. Burlington, N. C. • • ( • • : • • • • • i i i • • • Compliments l • COBLE SPORTING • i i i GOODS CO., Inc. • • • ' • : ? ? ? • • • • • ‘ Make Our Store Your • • • i E. C. PEELE ! » Headquarters • • i ? • • • 0 • • • ! ★ • • • 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Electrical Installations f T 344 South Elm Street Telephone 2-0912 • 0 : o 0 I and 0 9 i • Greensboro, N. C. • i • 0 0 ? Electrical Appliances j 0 0 0 0 9 Page Sixty-Eight • ■©..9. ©..»..©. 0 «• ». o ©••©••©••©••©••©••©••©•o -© 3i-o«-o ©.»©••©•• .• ®.9.■«••©••«■■ ®..© ..©•• ©••%•• • © Com pi mcuts of Compliments of BOSTON CLEANERS “In the Heart of Town ” Trollinger Florist « Burlington, N. C. ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 « — Alterations — 1 « i Telephone 608 f i Burlington, N. C. ] « « 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 0 © • Compliments of ? Compliments of 1 i « TILLMANS ( 1 1 1 c Chris-Scott Cleaners ! « i . V Cash and Carry Service South Main Street © © — Alterations — ? Burlington, N. C. 6 ' 6 • 1 • Elon College, N. C. ; c 0 i Compliments of Alamance Home Furniture Company Successors to M. B SMITH Burhnc ton ' s Oldest and JSIost Reliable Furniture Store J 37 South Main Street Phone 230 t Burlington, N. C. ©..©..©..£ ..£..£..0..•C «0 •©••©••©••©••©••0“ 0 ' C ' " 0»» ©..©..©..©• ' ©••©••©••©••©••©••©••©••’Q» 9 © ©•-©•«©•=©• ®-«© ' 9..e-•«••©••©••«••© Co pi 1 men Is of Sea I test Ice Cream “We Serve Southern Dairies Sealtest Ice Cream” ■.e»e-e-e»e-e- Page Sixty-Nin The Wood-Shed j A-mk pao Chi n a and " C lass als MaHtrniislic ' Giftjp • Mrs. Norman C. Wood l 409 W. Main St. Burlington, N. C. Com pli merits of Moorefield Florist Day Phone 850 Night Phone 2739-W Burlington, N. C. • • : : • • : : l ? | Compliments o r j • • • : • • J. V. SIMPSON ! S • • • • • • • • ! i i = Representative of f f • i • • • • : : • • • : • • • ! Jefferson Standard t f 1 i Life Insurance Co. I ! • • • • • • Compliments t of } f • City Barber Shop ? Oldest Shop in County • Seven Chairs j “Drop In and See Us” 9 9 Main Street Burlington, N. C. j . . ..—.•.••-•••• ' ••••••••• ' •••• ' •••••••••••“ 9 " 9,,9 ” 9,,9 ” 9 " 9t ' 9 “ 9 ” 9 ‘ ' 9 ' ‘ 9 ‘ ' 9 ” 9 ” 9 ' • • • • • ■ ? ALTERATIONS 1 Alamance Electric l • : • Duttons Covered I • Supply Company I ■ • Button Holes Made ? • • • • At I 106 North Main Street ? : • • • • Security Bank Building Basement | I Burlington, N. C. f • • Phone 444 ? • • WES T IN GHO USE j Kate Huskey and t SALES AND SERI ' ICE 1 • • • Ethel Bullard J . ■ Page Seventy • j Cities Service Station • • ' f • U CARS WASHED AND GREASED • i i f “Courteous Service " 1 • i l Mr. “Mose” McAdams, Owner • i • f • • Compliments of ! • • • • • Ladies Smart Shop J • • • • • Burlington, N. C. f • • • • e • • : t • T t Compliments of • i THE HUB STORE t • S STATE THEATER • • • ® Meats I o • • Groceries 1 “Your Friendly Independent • • Notions I | Theater’’ • • f • i FRESH COUNTRY PRODUCE • ? Burlington, N. C. • • • • E. F. Lowe, Owner • • • • o • j Rayless • • • • • Co mpliments I Department Stores • • of | a • t Everything to IF ear • T. N. BOONE for the • ! Entire Family • • • Tailor t • • Davis and Main Streets • • • Burlington, N. C. I Burlington N. C. • • 1 • • • • ALAMANCE PR ' NTING COMPANY. BURLINGTON. N. C Page Seventy One ....

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