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Alta Loma Junior High School - Warrior Legend Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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J d : ,s?P% ' ? . H W ' V P . ' . xO- 9 ) ■VvS r ) VJ.$X K i yooK beloruis o ' . . u rvjv-N tY rvv i J i A - ' V V K .r ,6 v .,£ , ■•rcr 1 ' .. :o „d . i -ao?d JJLLG 2 4.m:t] ±Kjl CuiD? r : cvr.r , 9- y- a TYtv The Warrior Legend 1983 Alta Loma Junior High School 9000 Lemon Avenue Alta Lomuy California Volume 18 SPIRIT WEEK Mrs. Judy Suter and Miss Julie Scheuer- man sponsored Spirit Week. Spirit balloons were sold during lunch for 500. The Wednesday of Spirit Week, everyone dressed in blue and white. The balloons were let go at the end of the Spirit rally. Each balloon had a postcard attached to it. Anyone finding the balloons mailed them back to A.L.J.H.S. r Carol Umland and fore lift off! hold their Spiril balloons be- Pam Roberts. Traci Marley. and Jennifer Lynch dressed in blue and white for Spirit Week I r Page SPIRIT WEEK Adonnia Bresh help- V L y ed the 7th grade Pass YJL kIj X , f the Orange team win ) ' SJ ' during the rally. C C$ - ' J- ' L. Denny Clark and Paula blowing up balloons to see whose balloon would break first. Paula won! Traci Wilson. Miranda Taylor and Julie Barreda pass out Spirit balloons. SPIRIT WEEK Page 3 SPIRIT WEEK in COLOR! Mrs. Duncan and Mr. Flaharly ' s homeroom was one of the classes to win the Blue and White contest held durin Spirit Week. Members of the class are starting at the bottom left: Casey Gross, Angel Juarez. Scott Tyler. Jod Scares. Rueben Beltran. Daria Osborn. Anna Ortiz, Staci Clark. Tami Fandre. Heather Clark. .Angela Roth. Laur. Young. Row 2: David Erbacher. Paula Sydenstricker. Peggy Sweelwood, Yvonne Minyard. Jana Geiger. Brand Etter. Kristin Fritz, Maria Mallozzi, Paulette Southern and Missy Laramie. The Seventh Grade Cheerleader The Seventh graders bought spirit balloons and are standing ready for life off! Page 4 SPIRIT WEEK ,1 -ordU) c O ' f S, ' OJU ' ' ' : .l f The rest of ihe » inntng homeroom are: Row 3: G eg Clinc. Bruce Smith, John Elliker. Jim Goodrich, Eric Dick. Steve Shaup. Kim Salas, Chrissy HoUiday. Brian Clark. Roj Campbell. Kris Tom. Ron Boonkue. Katie Koenig. Wendy Giles. Shawn Conger. Row 4: Shelley Agnoletto. Laree . nderson. Miki Emery, .Anthony Guerra, Chris Bezi. Sean Gaston, Kevin Brennan, Jay Estrada, Kirk McConnell. Frank Webb, DaWd Conley. Mark .MacDonald. Wayne Neimann, Lisa Campbell, Jeray Youngblood. Crystal Duchay, Evi .Avriam, Lori Peterson. Jason Rogers, , « Bine Kongmebhol. Steve Gallarinl. Jason Banon, Brent Griffith and Davey Hebert. Jy T 1 s e7-3oac The Eighth grade cheerleaders helped distribute the spirit balloons, lead cheers and let the we ' re 1 sign go! Frank Sleeves and Wendy Green were among the students watching the bubble gum contest. SPIRIT WEEK Page 5 Halloween Dance Kevin Cisineroz wearing a moustache, topper and cigar in his mouth! Paulette Southern in her mime costume Chuck Sanders in his melting face and Julie Rowles eating her candy bar. Page 6 HALLOWEEN DANCE Paula S denstricker from outer space? This group helped set up for the dance and served the refreshments! Chris Bezi in costume . . . Meow! HALLOWEEN DANCE Page 7 Halloween Dress Up Day The Halloween Dress Up Day was a great success! This page proves it! Mrs. Vickee Duncan is surrounded by Gina Archuleta, Misty Beidelman, Sandee Poretta and French maids all in a row! Ginger Arceneaux and Tanya Harden wear their Indian cos- tumes. HALLOWEEN DRESS UP DAY A costume contest was held during lunch. The categories were Original, scariest, western, funniest, and most appropriate. The audience clapped for their choices. Prizes were awarded to the winners. Victor Perry made a wonderful looking girl! Shannon Speiser. Wendy Martin, and Jeannine Cota were semi- finalists in the Western category. HALLOWEEN DRESS LP DAY Page 9 Odds and Ends! Western clothing was popular on Hallow- een as seen on Kim Weir, Tara Cunning- ham, Dan Duran, Billy Strand, and Mick- elle Merill. Miss B dancing at the Hal- loween Dance. Mr. Mike Shaw with Tammy James. Tammy Spease, Marnie La- Fleur, Stacy Schneiderweni and Tracy Yniguez enjoy lunch on Dress-up Day. Page 10 ODDS AND ENDS fMi ' Jody L ' ribe and Steve Peil joined in the balloon con- test! Teresa Crawford dressed in pajamas for Dress-up Day. What is wrong Leitha Harold? ODDS AND ENDS Page II Talent Galore! Our first Talent Show Assembly was enjoyed by the entire student body. The Pillow People entertained the audience, dancing to the Hokey Pokey. Eric Medrano and Sheri Seifkes display their talent. ,J Page 12 TALENT SHOW Deya Fleming singing. Chrissy Holliday, Kim Salas and Tammy James dancing. Cindy Cardin sang for the audience. The Jazz Band performed. Greg Cline, Victor Borja, Scoll Condon, Joey Soaresand Richard Goff giving it their all. TALENT SHOW Page 13 Page 14 Odds and Ends Page 15 Science made funl f Page 16 SCIENCE IS FUN SCIENCE IS FUN! Page 17 CLt fiS Skiing and fishing popular activities! SKI CLUB Gina Ervin, Kim Feckley. Karen Napoli. Eric Horn. Terrell Hickman. Rick Rogers. Brett Smith. Chris Beaton. Lisa Hayek. Mariela Pincheira. Cands Tour ille. Donna Call. Karin Bergeron. Misty Beidelman. Katie James. Kelly Lutrull. Mike Collins. Cari Romero. Shawn Floyd. Kevin Gray. Eddie Pulido. John Bo nton. Kris Tom, Tobv Junkunc. Doug Schick. Brian Grimes. Regi Johnson. Paul Smith. Fred Donson. Gay Bemis. Todd MacCallum. Mark Alaniz. Chuck Hewitt. Tony Bozart. Shannon Winsor. Stephanie Ryder. Melissa Binion. Angela Steiner, Chris Bergerson. Amy DeRose. Angie Beely. Chris Couwenberg. Eileen Dyer. Mindy Gillespie. Denise Hiaains. Joel Logan. Greg Rowney. Eric Noreen. Jason Sharp. Jason Bruce, Dean Silliman. Andrea Coker. MiKelle Merrill. Jody Uribe. Roxanne Jones. Angela Laughlln. Leslie Ranson. Mr. James Dyer. Advisor. Marc Crosby. Amy Geltilngs. Treena Tokin. Lannete Ceballos. Slacie Friis. Shelley Green. Kelle Inisen. Kelly Lujan. Kathy Reece. Stefanie Caudilla. Shawn O ' Heam. Wendy Green. Tami Melzer. Jenny Gray, Stephanie Hendrickson. Bill Brokeltt. JetT Boatright. Mike Middlelon, David Herbrandson, David Wilson. Lori LaFrance. Leigha Meyer. Chris Johnson. Brian Crezel. Brian Fleishanan. Tom Honkoski. Chuck Bracamonles. Jeff Englebrecht. Lucas Mitchell. Neil Feduniw . Jeff Rubi. Scott Condon. Shwna Gallipeau. Steve Barber. Furll Dummar. Kris Gutierrez. Sandra Padilla. Wendv Harvard. Michelle Lind. FISHING CLUB Buddy Mason. Jay Fitzgerald. Bert Choomngern. Gil- ber Nabor. Steve Fiddler. Tony Musquez. Scott Mas- ters. Mike Valenti. Eric Horn. Tony Castillo. Gary Wilson. Danny Perreira. Mr. Jacob Battieste — .Advisor. SKI;F1SH1NG clubs Page 19 Student Government Vice-President Michelle Lind Secretary Julie Rowles Tresurer Michelle Tucker President Ji ni C r illy Historian Marc Crosby 7th Grade Representative Tammy Lakkees 8th Grade Representative John Martin Homeroom Representative Advisor; Mrs. Grace Longson Shirlene Conrad. Stephanie Schmitt. Mist B cidclman. Reiii Johnson. Bohh Brown. Erie Holladay. Mike Baker. Suzanne Thomas. Tracs Holtson. Denise Hawk, Kelly Lultrall. Tami MeUer. Juli Tubbs. Amy DeRose, Stacy Simmon.s. Tami Fandre. Roxanne Jones. Tammi Salas. Shawn Patrick. Traci Lockwood. Carter Beets. Dave McPherson. Marc Crosby. Bernie Vasquez. Mike Collins, Kristy Eubanks, Garry Sincock. Ron Hall, Dave Koenig. Terrell Hickman. Kris Tom. Mike Valenti. James Yarbrough. Kevin Bosworth. Kenny Cooke. Yolanda Rodnquez. not pictured. Stephanie Balderamma. Page 20 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMPUTER CLUB Advisors: Mrs. Candy Thomas and Mrs. Marylyn Ford Club members are: Karen Abernalhv. Brian Karr, Danny Peirera, Sean Patrick, Regi JohnMin. Sean Gallipeau. Eric Lisk. Mike Kuch. Mike Stone. Bob Combe. Dave Bush. Paul Juede. Ronnie Fakhoary. Chuck Dugan. Bill Brokett. Deann Morresse. Robin Campbell, Brian Lee, David Sodman. Scott Robinson, Max Cohen, Dean •Alenan, Alex Pangborn, Greg Gibson. Mike Hill. Joey Soares, Jim Previti, Jamie Torres, Richie Green, Billy Strnad, EvI Aviram, Anthony Guerra, Laura Muna, Shannon Cushman, Steve Gallareni, Marc Crosby, Stephen Macala, David Frankenburger, Jeff Morrison, Kenny Cooke. Daniel Kim, Greg Nelson, Matt Heinibruch, Henry Ford, Mike Dannenberg, Scott Ungles, Barry NIsly . HIKING CLUB Advisor: Dan Stroman Members are: David Taylor. Danny Perira. Steve Fiddler. Rick Rogers. Dan Stroman. Brent LaRue. Chris Gilmore. Scott Wade, Todd Matyi. Tina Dahl. Eric McKeovvn. Chad Duncan. John Scha- fer. Kevin Bosv orth. Kevin Kincaid. Ryan Taylor. Mark Sacknian. Tonv Carlo. Matt Ruuh. and Rae Ann Lafrenz COMPUTER HIKING CLLBS Page 21 Magic Mountain Trip Highlights Varsity Band Starting with the front row left to right: One — Heather Tropez. Bill Bercik. Bob Magey. Kris Bergeron. Tammy James. Laurine Wright. Yvonne Stevens, Amy Schneider Two — Miranda Archuleta, Stephanie Holt. Dcn- Hawk, Alfred Sanchez. Julie Minney. Alexis Spinrad Three — Jenny Gray, Carrie Racey. Kelly Ed- monds. Sandy Lilly, John Grubert, Zach More. Kim Myers. Amy DeRose Four — Liz Meneses. Kristin Herchenroeder. Iris Davis, Steve Peil. Darci Nygaard. Miss B Five — Maureen Gates, Marquette Ransfer, Carlo Fusco, Greg Gibson, Brian McCartney. Ste- phen Gill, Rick Rogers Six — Joel Logan, Chris Hill- man. David Cichella Seven — John Palo. Craig Moore, Cheryl Cronkrite. Rich- ard Goff. Brian Moore. Norman Hano. Chris .Ades. Erich List Eight — Sandra Padilla. Lydia Lopez. Michelle Sheppard Nine — Mike Bage. Brian 01i o. Bobby Muster. Tony Cas- tillo. Barbara Luevano. Connie Short. Troy Johnson. Mike Ger- ken. Eric Horn. Scott Shaletl. Paul Rogers. Tony Lueken, Bob Johnson Ten — Kevin Cisneroz. Heather Dunlap. Don Mitchell. Ron Kopperud. Tim Schneider, Da- vid Bush. Tony Musquez, David Mugg. Gary Richards Concert Band One — Mary Ireland. Gary Richards. RaeAnn Lafrenz, Debbie Hawk, John Heikes, Henry Ford, Roj Campbell, Brian Knezzel, Jim Barber, Brian Wasserman Two — Paula Syndenstricker. Tammy Lakkees. Iris Davis. Laurie Baughman, Dionne Lynch, Jana Geiger, Jackie Wallace, Deirde Duff, Sonya Doirun, Rhonda Hopkins, Lisa Klockow, Robert Thayer, Mike Cometli, Matt Heimbruch, Todd 1at i. Kirk McConnell, Paul Smith Three — Liz Woolf, Gail Adams, Debbie Azarinilz. Greg . eilsen. Jenny King. Rohm Nischer. Laura lllsley. .Shawna Higgs. Denice Higgins. Lorie Wanamaker. Cindy Cardin. Shelle lounger. Tracy Dunning. Mike Henry. .•Mired Sanchez. Brian Karr. Cathy Moors, Laurie Williams, Heather Meyette, Erin Emilim, Chantele Sparks, Four — Fernado Robinson, Mark Sepulveda, Richard Goff, Shawn Gallipeau. Steve Shaup, Greg Cline, Monica Marciniak, Steve Lealamanua, Brian Caldwell. Jim Previdi. Jim Miller. Greg Nelson. Chuck Dugan. David O ' Brien. V ' alney Willwti Five — Tony Lueken. Tad Skelton. Jason Rogers. Ken Peterson. Jeff Morrison, Dean Silliman. Sandy Lilly, Rich Jepsen, Hateni Elkebir, Daniel . ' nihonijsz. Shari Siefkes, Maureen Gates, David Gepharl, Bruce Smith. Don Williams. Chris Kopperud. tric Mcdrano. Chuck Bracamontes 22 A Year of Hard Work!!! Symphonic Band One — Rands Lesperance, Karsline Gutier- rez, Greg Slrack. Shane Conle . Shane Hous- ton. Eric Buege, Mark Hamilton Two — Susie Fort. Yvonne Stevens. Karen Scoleri. Josephine Conley. Gina Archuleta, Alana Barker. Brian Lee. Alison Thormeyer, Mary Ireland. Heather Enns. Chelle Younger. Chandra Kopperud, Mike Barrera. Eric Me- drano. Kerri Snook. Michelle Campos, and Miss B . Three — Brian Wasserman. Victor Borja. Michelle Lind. Brian Hames. Todd MacCallum. Mike Hawk, Sean Mizuno. Mike McRay. Tammy .lames, Shawn Gallipeau. Dan Kim. Shari Siefkes, Mark Alaniz, David Hill, Scott McArdle. Bob Comb. Dwayne Ross, Chuck Bracamontes, Scoll Sen- ise. .Andrew Delgado. Tracy Dunnig. Shannan Cole. Laura Roberson, Pam McCormick, Erik Wrem. Bekkie Douglass. .April Chambers. Carol L ' m- land. Traces V ilson Four — Steve Lealamanua. Dean Taylor. Mark Scpulveda. Devin Paris, Jeff Morrison. Pam Fairchild, Greg Nielson, Beth Hubbard. David Ge- pharl. Lance Albritton. Erik Fredriksen. Dean Silliman. Denise Smith, Jennifer King, Robbin Vischer, Debbie Terry. Debbie Barron, Valerie Hou- seman. Carol Book. Beginning Band Period 4 One — Michelle Bodses . Gina Watson. Christina Beaton. Laura Young, Miss B . Bobbie Hopkms. .Angela Roth. Yvonne Minsard. Rhonda Hop- kms Two — Shannon Albera, Made Griffen. Matt Kriska, Thomas Jacobson, Van Neely, David Cichella. Mike Baker, William Crossley, Jeff Ludinglon, Jim Goodrich Three — Monica Marciniak. Louie Borja. Dann Moncavo. John Heikes. Scott Pulido. Mary Marigliano. Gilbert Nabor. Barr Howard. John Mar- tin, Eric Jedlick. Cindy Colon. Ruth Collis Beginning Band Period 6 One — Brian McKee. Nick Da . Kim Weir. Miss B . Lisa Tippett. Lori Walker. Brent Griffin, Shawn Miller. Eddie Pulido. Brian Gillum Two — Tim Lombardo. Scott Masters. Adrian Banales. Jerri Soon. Robert Thayer. Traci Lockwood. Eric Brady, David Erbacker. Denny Romero, Melinda Sanchez, Cheryl Cronkrite, Barbara Luevano Three — Gilbert Correa. Kevin Flores. Ken Stoeppleman, Greg Nelson, Matt Rugh, Mike Hill. Barry Karakas, .Andrew Delgado, Monte Davis, Rich Morgan. Don WiKon. Erik Fredriksen. Sonns Peirocelli. Dona an Shic Director: Miss Linda Bangasser — Miss B 23 We put the yearbook together . . . Staff members starting at the back left to right: Dave McPherson. Henr Sanford. Jeff Boatright. Shannon Cushman (on top of juke box). Jeff Rubi, David Masucci, Mrs. V ' ickee Duncan (advisor), John Martin. Laura N ' elsen. Cathy Moors. Tracy Vniguez. Julie Barreda. Mendy Gillespie. Grace Hearn. Chuck Champbell In front: Mark Fitzpa- trick and Carter Beets David McPherson working on a layout. layout getting its finishing touches. Page 24 YEARBOOK STAFF Grace Hearn and David McPherson kicking back after mailing in the final dead- line. The yearbook Staff had two fund raisers this year. The first one was the Valentines Sale. The, worked very hard on this project that the student body enjoyed. The second fund raiser was the Family Portrait project which took place in April. ie and Cartel rning how tduse the Kroy machine. IS h ttjb l type for the yearbook. EAKBUOK . si H Page J. ' . New to Alta Loma Junior High Newcomers Club Advisor: Mrs. Grace Longson Iike Tellez. Stanley Aldrow, Missy Brighan, Ju- lia Minney, Shannon Speiser. Wendy Martin, Chrissy Huckaby, Robin Cambell. Andrea-Norris Riding Club Advisor: Mrs. Mary Miles Susan Massagli, Jeray Youngblood, Jody Berto- lina. Denise Hawk, Jason Whittaker. Darci Ny- gaard, Jennifer King. Kelly Christensen, Lori Pe- terson. Leslie Mussler. Stacy Barron. Susan Thomas. Lisa Hayek. Shana .Adams. Kim Myers. Charise Smith. Tina Dahl. Patty Blackwcll. Gena Bradley. Heather Dunlap. Merralee Perkms. Pam McCormick. Lisa Metzger. Sharia Jones. Shan- non Ventor, Shelley Case. Debbie Terry. Dianne Stephen. Tami Fandre. NLWCOMl RS kIDINC; (I L H.S Enjoy A Club of their Own!! t? ( .i c (3x a ,(5 . ' n ,( v ■; .4 3 (y o , r ,o- ■ c V - ct ' , PT Care C i ; Jpt [ , Advisor: Mr. Mike Shaw Mikelle Merrill, Misty Beidelman. Julie McCormick, Susan Fino, Laura laeger, Susie Fort. Sandie Por- rctta. Garry Sincock, Jeannine Cola, Stacy Oimos, Shannon Haworth, Jan Queveda, Melissa Casanta, Stacy Simpson. Karen Abernathy. Renee Thomas. Stephanie Ryder. Chris Couwenberg. and Shelle Youneer. fpOf ' Honor Society Advisor: Mrs. Barbara Brown One — Darci Nygaard. I im Hendersson. Bin Kongmcbhol. Gail .■ danis. . m UeKose. Mm .Myers Two — Kristin Hcrchenroeder. Sonja Enfield. Brian Campbell. Scott Shaleti Three — .Misty Beidelman. Suzanne Thomas. Lori Smith Four — .Angle Beeley. Stephanie Hendrickson. Five — Tammi Salas. Jennifer Brannon. .Andria Coker. RaeAnn Lalrenz. Melissa Casanta. Angela Roth. Rachael Golden. Tami Melzer. Paula Lambert. Mikelle Merrill Si, — Dadhra Keane. Tammy Lakkees. Knstine Gutierrez. Karen Napoli. Lisa Shillern. Enka Wren. Pani Ciurczak. Jamie Puiman. Chelle Younger W t CARL HONOR SOCIETY CLUBS Page 2 Advanced aha Treble Chorus ADVANCED CHORUS directed by Mrs. Joyce Maninez Members are: Chandra Anderson, Josette Anderson. Gina Archuleta. Richard Barnes. Norma Bateman. Carol Book. Sandra Bronder. Janie Campbell. Cindy Cardln. Melissa Casanta. Pam Ciurczak. Tina Clever. Ruth Collis. Shirlene Conrad. Jeannine Cota, Chris Couwenberg. Katrina Daniels. Shannon Egan. Neil Feduniw. Stet ' anie France. Keri Frantzich. Donna Fueston. Brian Haines. Ericka Heina. Heather Higgins. Dawn Holcomb. Sharla Jones. Paul Jueses. Dadhri Keane. Michelle Ketch. Lisa Lamm. Byron Lee. Tracy Lopez. Brian Lynch. Jennifer Lynch. Mary Marigliano. Julie McCormack. Mikelle Merrill. Lisa Metzger. Donna Norris. Andrea Ocampo. Katherine Ortiz. Toni Palmer. Jennifer Pfaender. Kim Poole. Eric Powell. Jamie Putman. Valerie Ramos. Pam Roberts. Theresa Sansone. Scott Saylor. Laura Shinn. Mike Simpson. Stacey Simpson. Garry Sincock. Pat Smith. Naomi Stuart. Michele Tarin. Michael Tellezgiron. Suzanne Thomas. Malita Tyler. Carol Umland, Taunita Davila. and Julie Young. TREBLE CHORUS directed by Mrs. Joyce Maninez Members are: Chris Aamon. Gina Anderson. Becky Ayres. Debra Azarovitz. Stacy Barron. Jason Barton. Jeff Brinkley. Allyson. Dan Clavi. Cindy Castillo. Staci Clark, Cindy Colon. David Conley. Nicole Demaura. Eric Dick, Charles Duncan, John Elliker, Christy Enscoe. Tami Fandre. Daren Ford. Chris Gil- more. Angela Graham. Rhonda Gray. David Hebert. Terrel Hickman. Jessica Hopkins. Eric Horn, Beth Hubaard. Jackie Hughes. Randy Hunsucker. Robert Johnson, Steve Kertes, Missy Laramie, Brent Larue, Lydia Lopez, Danny Lynch. Melissa Mann, Dawna Marchand. Susan Massagli, Michelle McKay. Aaron More, Darcy Nygaard. Kara Paulsen. Lisa Pearl. Scott Prescherm. Lance Rees. Daniel Relph. Lisa Skillern. Brett Smith. Charice Smith. Cindy Spengler. Dianne Stephen. Candy Tourville. April Tracy. Jackie Wal- lace. Lorie Wanamaker. Laurie Williams. David Wil- son, Steve Jones. Page 28 CHORUS Autographs 3£) (: M Lu d) 7h:f ' )J -J ' a TO o NT- 0 vCV ' C5 .- CV .• V : v (5 V , VA 1 ' 6 ' Cr- - j S) o Qy j)lM£ 0U6LtL J Jic SPORTS Page 30 SPORTS r 0 O ' o „ - 0 SPORTS Page 31 Second in their Division!!!!! Eighth Grade Volleyball Coaches: Vickee Duncan. Head Coach Mike Sha v, Assistant Coach Team members starting in the back row left to right: Aimee Suter, Misty Beidelman, Karin Bergeron, Kanei Toki. Jeannine Cota. Stacy Simpson. Terri Clark, Darlene Alboney. Sandra Porretta. Michelle Campos. Pam Roberts, Lisa Metzger. Sharia Jones, Chandra Anderson. Kerri Snook, Chris Mendez. Jennifer Lynch, Lisa Lamm, Karen Scoleri, Gia Rocca- tani. Tracy Marley, Kelly Tetrcau, Denise Hawk. Debbie Hawk, Shannon Egan, Denise .Azarovitz, Karen Dimond and m front of Laura Nelsen. Not pictured but an important member of the team Ginger . rceneaux. A special Sports Awards Night was licld to honor the athletes from Volleyball and Football. The Eighth Grade Volleyball awards went to Sharia Jones for Most lmpor ed and to Kanei Toki and .Mmee Suter for Co-Most Valuable, 1 i 1 M i w ■ 1 [■B .• ' • ' . ' V ..: ' :•:•• • v-V- ( . •• • ■ l ij fl ■•.;. .• ' : ' i - u - 1 1 II Ml •,.7» .» ,- »:.j hs : ' . ' -.; ' ? ' A Page 32 VOLLE ' i BALL Most Valuable Award for the Seventh Grade Volleyball Team went to Adonnia Bresch. Below Mrs. Patti Brant gives Kristine Her- chenroeder the Tomahawk Award. r 1 . % itt fl Sfi f Ji « M ill if 1 ' 1 o ' «mi1 Aw . It r» u|%r !m Seventh Grade Volleyball Team Coaches: Alice Evans, Head Coach Palti Brant. .Assistant Coach Team .Members starting in the bacl row left to right: Susan Massagh. RanAnn LaFrenz, Kelli Imsen, Susan Christensen, Adonnia Bresh. Peggy Sweetwood, Kim Rhodes, Alexis Spinard, Peggy Alien, Kristin Herchenroeder, .Mrs. Alice E ans. Candy Tourville. Kiran Khoka, Shelly Agnoletlo. Sandy Berhart. Cheri Hatfield, and Paula Sydenstricker. Not Pictured hut an important part of the learn Chantcle Sparks. VOLLEYBALL Page 33 EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM Coaches; Phil Robinson Assistant Bill Watkins Team Members are: Chat ' fey Shepherd. Steve Barber. Miske Barrera. David Gundrum. Steve Macala. Kevin Gray, Dion Tolbert, Matt Bartlett, Cecil Hall, David Conrad. Brian Haines, Marc Crosby, Jim Barber, John Palo, David Salas, Brian Orley, Scott Senise, David McPherson. Neil Fedniuw. Tony Carlo, Jeff Ruby, Sandy Lilly, Norm Alter, Ike Galloway. Jaun Reyer. David Larkin. Sean Mizuno. Scott McArdle, Chris Tucker. Andrew Delgado. Scott Condon. Mark Fitz- patrick. • ¥ ' Page 34 EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL Alta Loma Warriors are Champs 1 f SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM Coaches: Gary Oddi Assistant Brian Jacobs Team Members are: Eric Douglas, Eric Holladay, Doug Schick, Jamie Bates, Jimmy Hunsucker, Keith Smith, Van Neely, Regi Johnson, Robert Short, Marquette Ransfer, Tony Bozarth, John Steinman, Nick Day, Scott Sellers, Dan Cote, Jeff Bnnkley, Alex Munoz, Robby Munster. Mike Jaime. Bnan Knight, Steve Weatherby, Tim Cohlson, Mark Patro- nite, Jerrod Wagner, Scott Wade, Sean Cooper, Steve Boroskv, Brian Grimes. SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL Page . 5 Spirit and Dedication! | The Eighth and Seventh Grade cheerleaders worked very hard this ear leading our teams to victory. Their spirit and dedication to the Warriors was an important element in our sports program. Without them our program would not be complete. S O ZTH GRAdE CHEERLEADERS pictured below JULIE BARREDA » MIKELLE MERRILL , WENDY STRICKLIN , MIRANDA TAYLOR , TRACEY WILSON , AND CHELLE YOUNGER Page 36 CHEERLE. DERS SEVENTH GRAVE CHEERLEADERS pictured below : AMY DE ROSE , GENAERVIN MONICA FLORES , CHRISY HOLIDAY , PAULA LAMBERT .AND TAMMI SALAS Advisor : CHARMA HILL CHEERLEADERS Page 37 Girls Sports forms fine athletes 1 f Eighth Grade Girls Basketball Team Coaches: Mr. Moi Hill Assistant: Mr. Tom Keiltv Team Members are: Ginger Arceneaux. Tanya Har- din. Jeanine Cota, Gina Archuleta. Iris Davis. Adrienne Adams, Catrice White. Mary Ireland. Stacy Schneideruent. Laura Muna. Jamie Torres. Anajette Kuykendall. Kell Tetreau. Sheri Kirk Page .W GIRLS BASKLTBALL - Slh GRADE Seventh Grade Girls Basketball Team Coaches: Mr. Mike Shaw Assistant: Mr. Kevin Flaharty Team .Members are: Paula .Sscjenslrleker. Susie Chnsiensen. Amie Murph . MikI Emerv. Kristine Gutierrez. Tracy Houston, Miclielle Legleiter. Wendy Giles. Peggy Sweetwood. Lisa King. Susan Massagli. Candy Tourville. Kristin Herchenroeder. Adonnia Bresti. Jennifer Miscti. Paulette Souttiern. Niki Lund- quist. Shell) .Agnoletto. Michelle Laramie, GIRLS BASKETBALL — 7lh GRADE Page 39 Successful Season for Hoopers I f Eighth Grade Boys Basketball Team Coaches: Brian Jacobs Assistant: Gary Oddi Team Members are: Jeff Ruhi, Dion Tolbert, Isaac Callaway. Gregory Fackler. Daniel Salas, Cecil Hall. Anthony Bailey, Stephen Macala. Andrew Delgado. Michael Miller John Portz. Danny Daniels. Scott Con- don. Richard Green. David Larkin. Christopher Tucker. Barr Howard. Seventh Grade Boys Basketball Team Coaches: Mr. Bob Bowser Assistant: Mr. David Graham Team Members are: David Erbacher, Mike Larsen. Robby Muster, Martell Willis. Travis England. Steve Biroczky, Rob Mogey. Regi Johnson. Derek Bryan. Lorenzo Taylor. Jamie Bates. Tom Bozarth. Brian Olivo. Erik Douglas. Mike Gerkin. Casey Gross. David Couwenber. Matt Olson, Marquette Ransfer. James Yarbrough, Jeff Jansen, Doug Schick, Scott Laurence. Brian Grimes. Glen Brown. William Crosslev. Eric Holladav. Dan Cote. BCiS BASKETB. LL — 7th GR.ADE Page 41 - 235uJw AROUND CAMPUS I ' ugc 42 AROLND C.WIPLS D ■ W ' f H HB 9 Shannon Winsor enjoying herself ai the Freedom Jam Con- cert ' Science projects were due in March for all 7th grade students. Kris Bergeron and Juli Tubbs holding their bal- loons before the Spirit Assembly. Brent Griffith sitting by his Science project. Lisa Devlin working on her crafts project. Tina Clever studying for a lest. AROLAD C.AMPLS Paee 43 FREEDOM JAM CONCERT The Freedom Jam Concert was held in March. The heartthrob ob all the girls at Alta Loma Junior High was Brian pictured above. The con- cert was held in the Multi-purpose room with approximately 450 students in attendance. Page 44 FREEDOM JAM CONCERT Mike, the lead singer «ith Brian in the background. Darin kalm made his own t-shirt lor ihc concer Lucky Julie Barreda and Jeri Nealy kissing Brian. I REEDO.Vl JA.Vl CONCERT Page 45 The Teachers are a big part Page 46 TliACHBRS CARE of the success . . . t The teachers at Aha Loma Junior High School are in- volved with life of their students. A positive and happy atmo- sphere exists at the Junior High. TEACHERS CARE Page 47 On rainy days at Alta Loma Junior High studcnis had a hard lime staying dr ' . The cafeteria filled up vsith twice as many students who tried to stay dry. Man just ran around in the rain. Usually the campus had approximately between 230 to 350 students absent due to impassable road conditions. This year we had a good share of rainy days with about 20 plus inches of rainfall in Southern California. Page 4K R AIN ' i DANS RAINY DAYS Page 49 MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC! The Band and Chorus programs are extremely popular at Alta Loma Junior High school. We have five bands and two chorus classes. Miss Linda Bangasser (Miss B ) directs the bands and Mrs. Joyce Martinez is in charge of the Choral groups. Daren Ford, Jeff Brinkley and Danny Ralph practice in Chorus. Melinda Sanchez concentraling on her music. Jim Crillv playing his saxaphone. Os Lydia Lopez, Kara Paulsen. Darcy Nygaard and Lorie Wanamaker enjoying their Chorus class time. Denny Romero on the French Horn. MUSIC Page CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES There are a variety of activities offered in the classrooms, especiails in the elective program. Crafts is a popular class along with Foods and Computers. Myriam Santos putting yarn on her string pic- lure in Crafts. Stephanie Vischer painting glaze on her pot- tery. Page 52 CLASSROOM . CTI ITIES cSbjL 1 Neil Fedinew al the computer. Miss Sandlin urtering ChenI Bryne suggestions on her projeel. CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES Page 53 ' .S Lum (xt l aorV ' b ffy frtl -m, ow IX Students Faculty 5 oVT) v« - | ' . Karen Abernalhy David Aceves Marcos Acosla Adrienne Adams Darlene Alboney Lance Albritton Mark Alaniz Narm Alter Louis Alverado Chandra Anderson Joselle Anderson Mike Baker Stephanie Baldcrrama Adrian Banales Jim Barber Alana Barker Darlene Barkman John Barkman Ric Barnes Stephanie Barnhart Julie Barreda Mike Barrera Debbie Barron Matt Bartlelt Morma Baleman Page 55 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Tim Baughman Laurie Baughman Christina Beaton Brian Beaumont Carter Beets Mistv Beidleman David Beresford Karin Bergeron Christine Bertram David Betancourt Jeff Boatright Greg Bogaezvk Lupe Bojorquez Michael Bong Bruce Bonwillian Carol Book Ryan Booras Victor Borja Rebecca Borovsky Kevin Bosworth Chuck Bracamontes Gena Bradley Darlcne Branconier Jennifer Brannon Tom Brewer Billy Brocketl Sandy Bronder Robert Brown Eric Buege Matt Bullock Jason Burns Nichelle Burr Cheryl Byrne Brian Caldwell Chuck Campbell Jamie Campbell Robin Campbell Michelle Campos Steve Cano Maria Cantu Cinds Cardin Tony Carlo Kevin Carte Melissa Casanla Shelly Case Antoinette Casillas Donna Catt 1 hm v Page 56 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Stefanie Caudillo Lanette Ceballos April Chambers Amy Chapman Jeff ' Chez Dave Chichella Pam Ciurczak Denny Clark Greg Clark Greg Clark Terri Clark Jason Clarkson Tma Clever Sandra Cobian Max Cohen Shannon Cole Mike Collins Rulh Collis Scott Condon Josephine Conley David Conrad Shirlene Conrad Louie Contreras Bob Combe Kenny Cooke Jeannine Cota Christina Couwenberg Teresa Crawford Cheryl Cronkrite Marc Crosby Steve Crowell Tara Cunningham Shannon Cushman Wes Dacko Bruce Dahm Trina Daniels Danny Daniels Darren Dannelley Mike Dannenberg Monte Davis Richard Day Eric Dean Berny DeLaCerro Andrew Delgado Jill Delk Xylene Devine Lisa Devlin Karen Dimond EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Page 57 Julie Dodd Fred Donson Bckkie Douglass BUI Duer Deirdre Duff Chuck Dugan Furrel Dunimar Randy Dunn Art Duran Donna Eaton Shannon Egan Hatem El Keber Sonja Enfield Jeff Englebrecht Heather Enns Justine Essex Kristy Eubanks Greg Fackler Joe Fajardo Mary Farmer Eric Favreau Neil Feduniw Steve Fidler Lori Finkelman Susan Fine Jill Fite Mark Fitzpatrick Brian Fleischman Shawn Floyd Geoff Fobes Rafael Foley Henry Ford Suzie Fort Stefanie France David Frankenberger Keri Franlzich Jeff Fraser Eric Fredriksen Stacie Friis Donna Fueston Kyle Fukuda Bill Fulavter Cindy Fulkerson Shawn Gallipeau Issac Galloway James Garcia Joe Garcia David Gard Page 58 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Maureen Gates David Gepharl Loren Giles Mendy Gillespie Brian Gillum Scott Glasgow John Glendenning Raiko Godfrey Richard Goff Robbie Goodrich John Gray Johnn Grav Kevin Gray Richie Green Wendy Green Nancy Griffin Valerie Gritchin Waleed Grunden Shelley Guenther Romie Guerra Scott Gundrum Dhana Gunter Mike Gurrola Brian Haines Cecil Hall Ronnie Hall Matt Hamel Crystal Hamilton Mark Hamilton Norman Hano Tanya Harden Kendall Harre Robert Harrell Eric Harris Deborah Hawk Denise Hawk Mike Hawk Shannon Haworth Kelly Hawthorne Lisa Hayek Grace Hearn John Heikes Matt Heimbruch Ericka Heinz Garry Henderson Mike Henry Eric Herber Chuck Hewitt EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Page 59 Craig Hickman Denice Higgins Heather Higgins Christa Highley Mike Hill Dawn Holcomb Tom Honkoski Bobbie Hopkins Ronda Hopkins Dennis Hoth Valerie Housemai Shane Houston Barry Howard Brenda Howard Brad Huber John Huerta Jody Hunt Shannon Huskie Laura laeger Laura Illsiey Mary Ireland Michelle Jackson Ron Jaime Katie James Tammy James Rich Jepsen Karen Jencks Tim Jensen Robbv Jiminez Chris Johnson Deanna Johnson Sharla Jones Paul Juedes Darrin Kalm Staci Kalmes Chris Kane Koe Katrenich Barry Karakas Dadhri Keane Karen Keigwik Chris Keith Theresa Keith Lisa Kennedy Randy Kennett Michelle Ketch Christie Keyes Daniel Kim Page 60 I IGHTH (iRADE CLASS 45 - Kevin Kincaid Sheri Kirk Chris Klinefleler Mark Klingensmith 1ar Koch Shane Koehn Dave Koenig Chris Kopperud Rose Koslowski Sunny Kregel Brian Kriezel Steve Kuch Angle Kuykendall Debbie Kyles Jason Lacasella Marnie Lafleur Lori LaFrance Lisa Lamm Stacy Landis Tommy Lanham LaRue LaPorte David Larkin Steve Lealamanua Brian Lee Byron Lee Rodney Lehr Randy LesPerance Sandy Lilly Renay Lim Michelle Lind Arlene LonibardI Jeff Ludington Tony Lueken Barbara Luevano Michelle Luke Joey Lvddon Brian Lynch Jennifer Lynch Kim Lyons Stephen Macala Casey Mahoney Mike Mangum Todd Manning Monica Marciniak MaryAnn Marlgliano Tracy Marley Diana Marshall John Martin EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Page 61 Cobi Martinez Lori Martinez Buddi Mason David Masucci Mike Matteson Todd Matvi Todd MacCallum Scott McArdle Robert McBride Julie McCormack Eric McKeown Dave McPherson Lucas Mitchell Sean Mizuno Bill Mooney Brian Moore Cathy Moors Julie Monfore David Moreno Virginia Moreno Richy Morgan Jeff Morrison Matt Moses Alison Moss 62 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS ij V i fl s N , ' i A Lisa Olguin Mike Olivieri Stacy Olmos Gino Ortiz Kathy Ortiz Toni Palmer John Palo Alex Pangburn David O ' Brien Andrea Ocampo Jeff Oden Brian Oerly Shaun O ' Hearn Devin Paris Madison Parker Dennis Parr Bobby Parsons Shawn Patrick 5 David Mugg Laura Muna Steve Murphy Niki Myerchin Jeri Nealy Laura Nelsen Greg Nelson Jacky Nendez Greg Nielsen Barry Nisly Tammy Norman Dana Norris Lori Peddle Linda Pedroza Danny Pereira Jesse Perez Marralee Perkins Pat Perrv Victor Perry Liz Petrus Rusty Pfutzenreuter Chris Phillips Ronnie Pierce Mariela Pincheira EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Page 63 John PI at I Ben Poling Kim Poole Sandra Porretta John Porte Seott Porter Eric Powell Brent Powell Jim Previti Kelly Pride Kim Purtting Eddie Pulido Scott Pulido James Purse! Jamie Putman Jan Quevido Danny Quinto Gary Raivo Valerie Ramos Leslie Ransom Rohitash Rao Kalhren Reece Mark Reed Kim Rivord Laura Roberson Pam Roberts Gia Roccatani Jadira Rodriquc ' Cari Romeo Dwayne Ross Julie Rowles Jel ' f Rubi Malt Rugh Robert Ragon Cindy Runyan Stacy Russell Stephanie Ryder Dannv Salas LIGIiTIl GRADh CLASS Page 64 Mike Simpson Stacy Simpson Garry Sincock Todd Skelton Daria Skowronoki Denise Smith Lora Smith Pat Smith Paul Smith Renee Smith Stephanie Smith Kerri Snook Tammy Spease Frank Steeves Jeremv Steinwand Mark Sackman Alfred Sanchez Mehnda Sanchez Chuck Sanders Henry San ford Terri Sansone Myriam Santos Greg Saul Scott Saylor Scott Scalera Sandra Scally Charlanda Schmidt Steph Schmitt Stacey Schneiderwent Ron Schutte Karen Scoleri Randy Seibel Maura Sell Scott Senise Mark Sepulveda John Shaw David Shimmin Chaffey Shepherd Laura Shinn Page 65 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Yvonne Stevens Chris Slirrat Carol Stone Greg Struck Wendy Stricklin Naomi Stuart Thad Summcrhajs Aimee Suter Curtis Swayze Matt Swift Rodney Swift Tonya Tarango Shawn larango Michele Tarin David A. Taylor David Taylor Dean Taylor Miranda Taylor John Upton Andrew Van Rooy Bernie Vasquez Robyn Vaughn Jamie Vietch Robert Vischer ' H K f w Ryan Taylor Debbie Terry Kelly Tetreau Robert Thaver Jamie Torres Michelle Tucker Chris Tucker Malita Tyler Page 66 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Stefanee Vischer Rachel Villarin Carol Uniland Dennis Wagoner Natalie Walk Lori Walker Brian Wassemian Rhonda Watts Lisa Wentworth Catrice White Jill Wilkinson Christine Williams Volney Willelt Rick Williams Donnie Wilson Tracey Wilson Jenni Williams Donald Williams Dena Wilson Shannon Wilson Shannon Winsor Jamie Wirih Liz Wooll Jennifer Worthing Erika Wren James Vancy Jay ' i crman Tracy ' niciucz Julic Young Chelle Vounger Michelle Zepeda EIGHTH GRADE CLASS Page 67 When they care, we can ' t forget them Principal Jants E. Dyer Aest. Principal Grace Longson Aest. Principal Dean Enfield Student Advisors Judy Suter Mike Shaw SOCIAL STUDIES Robert Bowser Charma Hill Brian Jacobs Raymond Sarrio Elvira Orneltt Page 68 FACL ' LTY Peter Oesterlin Irene Soupcof f Cherie Stewart Candy Thomas MATH Wayne Carlson Marylynn Ford Sharon Garrett Greg KIdd Verne Mistretta Mike Vic ino ELECTIVES Linda Bangasser Thomas Keilt y CORE TEAM GROUP PICTURE Kathy Gibson Bill Wat kins Vickee Duncan Kevin Flaharty Jan Creasey ELECTIVES Janet Tate Joyce Martinez LANGUAGE ARTS Jan Barboza JoAnn Broecker Jimmy England David Graham Alfreda Hamilton Janet Holmes Louise O ' Neill Shirley Summers Sylvia Urwin P.E. Robert Ponto Sheryl Rogers Tom Bravo Alice Evans Not pictured: Bob Beam. Mary Miles. Richard Shetle . Allen Wilson, Gary Oddi and Carol Krause FACULTY Page 69 Seventh Grade Class Page 70 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Peggy Allen Greg Alvarez Christy Amaon Renee Amason Lisa Abell Sonia Adame Gail Adams Shana Adams Chris Ades Shelly Agnoletto Shannon Albera Dean Aleman Brock Alexander Harold Allen Joe Allen Tim Ancell Rob Anderson Julie Anderson Laree Anderson Kenny Anderson Gina Anderson Robby Andrews Ray Anton Gene Archer Aris Arencibia Miranda Archuleta Nanette Armstrong Evi Aviram Beck) Ayres Debbie Azarovitz vS Vlichael Bage Efren Banuelos Abratta Barnes Lori Barnes Stacy Barron Jason Barton SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Page I Angle Beeley Cheryl Beckman Dana Beauchemin Jamie Bates Kim Basen Vlichele Barton Dennis Beene Chrissy Beets Sandi Behrendt Ruben Beltran Gary Bemis Jod Bengtson Kenny Bentson Billy Bercik Kris Bergeron Jodeen Bertolina Christine Bezi Steve Biroczky Lisa Biggs Melissa Binion Julie Biedebach Patti Blackwell Melissa Boal Lisa Bodley Tonia Bodley Ron Boonkue Louie Borja Chris Boor Ryan Botiller John Bovnton Tony Bozarth Lance Bradford Eric Brady Kevin Brennen Adonnia Bresh Bow en Brindley Jeff Brinkley Dcanna Brock Bobby Brown Glen Brown Jason Bruce Derek Brvan Gigi Buckley Mike Buckwalter Rusty Burch Dannon Burg Kevin Burr Dave Bush KiK - i ' A i » . € . Y- i Page 72 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Monica Bustamante Allyson Callaway Kim Callaway Danny Calvi Brian Campbell Lisa Campbell Roj Campbell Richard Cannon Cindy Castillo Tony Castillo Shane Cauley Aurora Chacon Marisa Chaidez Jason Chapman Stephen Chatwin Shaun Charrette Bert Choomngern Susie Christiansen Michelle Cicconi Kevin Cisneroz Audra Clark Brian Clark Geoff Clark Heather Clark Staci Clark Greg Cline Cary Clinton Andria Coker Cindy Colon Tim Colson Mike Cometti Susan Cone David Conley Wayne Conrad Misty Connelly John Cook Sean Cooper Daniel Cote David Couwenberg Tami Cristler Jeff Crosley William Crossley Travis Crowell Mark Cummings Tina Dahl Dennis Daniels Jeff Darney lustin Davis SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Page 73 Chris Dawson i B Nicky Day Eddie Deon ■ 1 George Degier ■ -1 Becky DeLaCerra 1 ..« J Henry DelaPaz J Kristin Delk Nicole DeMauro Sonya Dioron Jeff Don Glenn Dorzok Heather Dunlap Danny Duran Bryan Easley Kelly Edmonds John Eich Christy Enscoe Gena Ervin David Erbacher Don Essary Jay Estrada Joey Estrada Erik Douglas Diana Dubois Crystal Duchay Kirk Duggan Chad Duncan j . John Elliker Miki Emery Erin Emilio Travis England Wendy Engle rt ' fl i f ff 1 1 y v. Page 74 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS fif • ' f 6 ' :4 Brandi Eller Pam Fairchild Ronnie Fakhoury Tami Fandre Randall Farris Kim Feckley Brelt Fehlman Jason Fitzparlrick Deya Fleming Rayna Fleming Kevin Flores Monica Flores Mike Fogt Daren Ford Felipe Foronda Mike Foster Kenneth Frank Todd Freeman Anthony French Kristin Fritz Carlo Fusco Daniel Futscher Andy Gagnier Steve Gallarini Antoinette Garcia Dustin Garcia Chuck Garrison Sean Gaston Adrianna Gaucih KelK Gaunt Jana Geiger Mike Gerken Amy Getlings Greg Gibson Wendy Giles Steve Gill Chris Gilmore Michelle Godsey Rachael Golden Geri Gonzales Jim Goodrich Denny Goodson Ron Gordon Julie Goss Chad Goulding Angela Graham Jennifer Grandmaison Cindy Grant Jenny Gray SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Page 75 Jenny Gray Rhonda Gray Richard Gray Shelly Green Sean Gregoire Karren Grieco Mack Griffin Shawn Griffin Brent Griffith Brian Grimes Shawna Grinstead Brian Grosenbaeh Kurt Gross John Grubert Anthony Guerra Cliff Gitel Kristine Gutierrez Marcos Guzman Norris Hanna Tracie Harding Matt Harnev Jessica Harper Letha Harold John Hart Wendy Harvard Stephanie Hendricksen Dean Henman Bryan Henry David Herbrandson Kristin Herchenroeder Ivelte Hernandez Marcella Hernandez Wayne Herron Anna Herzog Chris Hickam Terrell Hickman Matt Higgins Chen Hatfield Brian Haworth Steve Hays Davey Hebert Tim Henderson Page 76 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS w Shannon Higgins Shawna Higgs James Hill Jennifer Hill Chris Hillman Irma Holcomb Eric Holladay Chrisy Holliday Tracy Holston Stephanie Holt Shawn Holt Rich Hoover Jimmy Jessup Bob Johnson David Johnson Eric Johnson Steven Johnson Regi Johnson Troy Johnson Roxanne Jones Steve Jones Angel Juarez Toby Junkunc Brian Karr SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Page 77 Kelly Keigwin Kim Kelgman Laura Kenney Jeff Kettle John Kimball Lisa King Lisa Klockow Brian Knight Staci Knox Katie Koenig Bing Kongmebhol Aaron Koontz Ron Kopperud Matt Kriska Mike Kuch RaeAnn Lafrenz Omar Lago Tammy Lakkees Paula Lambert Michelle Laramie Michael Larsen Brent LaRue Jay Latu Angela Laughlin Scott Lawrence James Lawson Steve Lebel David Lee Michelle Legleiter Richard Levendoski Mike Lind Erich List Mike Lloyd Traci Lockwood Joel Logan Tim Lomardo Lydia Lopez Chanin Lorett Chris Lovett Kelly Lujan Page 78 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Tony Luman Bret Lund Niki Lundquist Danny Lynch Dlonne Lynch Mark MacDonald Arnold Magno Jeff Majerus Rick Maldonado Maria Mallazzi Jeron Malone Amy Maloof Leslie Mangram Melissa Mann Dawna Marchard Jill Marsh Chris Martin Dennv Martin Missy Martin Wendy Martin Eric Marzean Anthony Masciola Sussan Massagli .- Scott Masters Christi Matthews Robby Matthews Brian McCarthney Kirk McConnell Pam McCormick Jennifer McDonald Casey McGhee Rick McGuire Jami McHam Shari Mclntyre Michelle McKay Brian McKee Monique McKerdall Billy McKown Valerie McNeil Dajvid Medina Cliff Meyer SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Page 19 Heather Meyette Tami Melzer Mike Middleton Michelle Miller Shawn Miller Yvonne Minyard Julia Minney Jennifer Misch Danny Moncayo Craig Moore Kim Moore Zach More Lisa Moreno Deana Morisse Jenifer Mowery Alex Munoz Marc Murata Amy Murphy Tony Musquez Leslie Mussler Robby Muster Kim Myers Gilbert Nabor Karen N ' apoli Mike Navarro Van Neely Michelle Nichols Wayne Niemann Eric Noreen Cindy Norris Chris Nunnaly Darcy Nygaard Leticia Ochoa Peggy Ogden Brian Olivo Matt Olson Joe Orr Anna Ortiz Margie Ortiz Darla Osborn Sandra Padilla Mark Patronile Kara Paulsen Dan Payes Lisa Pearl Steve Peil Tracy Pendleton a flftfiflft A Page 80 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Phillip Perea Ken Petersen Lori Petersen Matt Peterson Sonny Petrocelli Rachel Phillips Scott Preschern Dana Preston Kim Pritchard Staci Quinn Shirley Quinto Carrie Racey Craig Radcliff David Ragusa Marquette Ransfer Kristy Reardon Lance Rees Debbie Reese Danny Relph Shannon Reser Kim Rhodes Charlie Roberts Candie Robinson Fernando Robinson Scott Robinson Sheila Rodriquez Yolanda Rodriquez Brian Rogers Jason Rogers Rick Rogers Denny Romero Marlene Romero Angela Roth Greg Rowney Julie Rush Shannon Russell Chris Russo Robert Sabala Kim Salas Michelle Salas Tammi Salas Karen Salazar Sambauriddh Sambaur Jose Sanders Brian Sanderson Gus Sansone Johnny Santana John Schafer SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Page 81 Donaovan Schenck Doug Schick Ani Schneider Tim Schneider Karen Sciurba Scoll Sellers Teri Settle Jennifer Schwartzbauer Regis Scoubart Scott Shalett Jason Sharp Jeff Sharp Steve Shaup Stacey Shefer Craig Shelby Michele Sheppard Lisa Shorer Connie Short Robert Short Stacey Siegrist Stacey Simmons Judy Simms Kim Simons Lisa Skillern Brett Smith Bruce Smith Charice Smith David Smith Dawn Smith Keith Smith Todd Smith Todd Smith Joe Soares David Sodman Jiravadee Soonthornwacharin Paulette Southern Angel Spaicia Chantele Sparks Laura Sparks Shannon Speiser Cindy Spengler Alexis Spinrad Sonita Srivastava Kathy Stanton Angela Steiner John Steinman Dianne Stephen Joe Stewart ■2 . fi n Page 82 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Matt Stillnian Aaron Stitt Ken Stoeppclman Mike Stone Todd Stout Christine Slratton Dwayne Stringer Sandi Stripling Sam Stripling Billy Strnad Johnathon Sturm Jenny Sullivan Peggy Sweelwood Paula Sydenstricker Joey Taylor Ken Taylor Lorenzo Taylor Wendy Terry Fred Telzlaff Harvey Thompson Renee Thomas Jim Thorpe Chris Tisserat Kris Tom David Tomkins Jennifer Toth Treena Totin Candy Tourville April Tracey Mike Trail Heather Tropez Julie Tubbs Scott Tyler Gail Uniberson Scott Ungles Bryant Vales Mike Valenti Ray Vasquez Tiffany Venegas Craig Vitro Todd Vaoins Scott Wade Jerrod Wagner Jacque Wallace Lorie Wanamaker Bobby Wantz Chico Washington Gina Watson SEVENTH GRADE CLASS Page 83 Steve Weatherby Frank Webb Grant Webb Rick Weaver Kim Weir Brvon Wells Bryan Wendelin Jeff Wenger Sue Whaley Leighann Whiford Jason Whittaker Tom Wight Chris Williams David Williams Laurie Williams Suzanne Williams Martell Willis Bill Wilson David Wilson Gene Wilson Wendy Wilson David Wright taurine Wright Wendy Wright Jim Yarbrough Eddie Yniguez David Young Laura Young Jeray Youngblood David Yough f9fl! THANK YOU to the following: The ' oaibonk Staff for all their hard wurk and to Dennis Proud from Sehool Pictures. Inc. for his help with the photography. Also to Mr. James Dyer for his photographs used m the book. And a special thank you to Mr. Frank Chavez for his support as our Herff Jones representative. Sincerely, Mrs. Vickee Duncan Yearbook Advisor 84 n ■ Cr JT.--U- -O Cii - . .V M- 4. f Aa ; 1 .i - ■ ' ' ' ■™ -- oMiw twimq cJ iAxrrrLO ' - C l... k3. Gccx j .c Tn v jOV - Oj ( rt Hd come G ' eLO yoo CjSTue -coyi u3:yA-b C )n a T cecj rwjrf ' j O , X hope. Xi MQ i , : Sb3 -tl ' U: - ' UJ?:: • Si J ' p . . i- .0 CiuSi. jS-LL ' JL yn iju c|Hvi4, ■-Y-txH JLu,(X ' hi dMt ' Ttt k MAT K - Ctefc -tiuD er A±. . I ; ) 0x ' ' WiYida lad the sa.Ha5ko)bKyaM.u3e(| - ' f ' ' ' - 1 -T SP Wo Ma e o I ri iii rttlti i h r ' ' ■ fr — ' ' '

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