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Alta Loma Junior High School - Warrior Legend Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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A . L " ly vjT) ,a ' « " rJLuuzk ±Jtv v ' ' y Cc N ' AV .. y j. O- , v O- V .X 0 D 0 o- ,, z ' . CX " . LOOKING INSIDE ALTA LOMA O U d ' i- y 7g 4; xf- ) -( A crvs •i yUv . J bU i xO to U i Xo x ( . yS X ' 3 c Ci xMJxji cv u I k- O " ' - ' I " I . ' - 3 b |lk THE WARRIOR LEGEND Alta Loma Junior High School 9000 Lemon Avenue Alta Loma, California Volume 17 ' 82 a 110 MIT or rai£ Y-au Lou Look What is Inside Alta Loma SPORTS pages 19-30 Cheerleaders, volleyball, football and basketball COLOR SECTION pages 2-18 What is going on in the classrooms? Junior High ' s ' 82 Warrior Legend! ACTIVITIES pages 43-50 CLUBS pages 31-42 STUDENT FACULTY SECTION pages 51-83 " To be or not to be. That is Angela Vallier puts the finishing touches on her project in Crafts. the question! " Alta Loma Junior High offers a wide range of courses to their students. The elective program is quite extensive and includes classes such as Year- book, Photography, Crafts, Art, Keyboard, Chorus and Drama. The seventh grade student is given a sampling of three electives in their first year at the Junior High and the eighth grade student is al- lowed two electives in their course of study during their second year at the Junior High. Robert Lilly is concentrating on the keyboard under Mrs. Joyce Martinez ' s direction. The drama class pre- pares for a play. Alta Loma Ju- nior High ' s elec- tive program of- fers students a va- riety of new ex- periences. French and Spanish. Band and Fashion Design are year long electives. Cooking, photog- raphy and wood- shop are one tr mester exper- iences with ad- vanced courses offered to the student who ex- cels in those areas. Parlez-vous francais? fak dill Peanut butter cookies are a real treat! Mrs. Blum ' s Spanish class. Si C L i i I before E In Language Arts the students learn many exceptions to the rule! They also are exposed to reading, writing, grammar. vocabulary and oral communication. There is a set program for the 7th grade student as well as for the 8th grade student. The Junior High program prepares the students for high school. A class using their reading skills to help them prepare for their book reports. except after C " In Language Arts, reading is an important funda- mental. The stu- dents enjoy read- ing and acting out plays. Glen Wilson and Sheila Djafroodi read a play to the class. These students received an ice cream as a reward for get- ting an " A " on a test as did the rest of the class! Dance and Team Sports The P.E. program at Alta Loma Junior High offers the student the op- portunity to participate in team sports and dance. The dance class is a year long course where the students learn to exercise to music, cre- ate dance routines, folk and square dance rou- tines and the student ex- periences the world of modern jazz and modern dance. Thesports taught are volleytennis, soccer, football, volleyball, bas- ketball. Softball and paddletennis. The weight room facility is worked into each unit and all students are re- quired to go through the physical fitness testing in the spring. 10 Ginger Arcenaux serves the ball in Volleytennis. Lisa Pertzborn and Cori Dun- can enjoy their exercises in Dance. Volleytennis players really get into the game! 11 44+3=47 1 3 + 2 3 + 7 12 ? The Math classes are grouped according to ability to give the stu- dent the best exposure to math as possible. The classes are Basic Math, General Math and Pre-Algebra. rfk D 1 m ' jk. K X. A Vfl l - ¥m ' i i ? M j 12 64 x2+3x=18 a+b=b+a The Math classes are very fortunate to have a Math lab where stu- dents may work with computers or play math games to improve their math skills. 13 Know About Your World The Social Studies Department has a required set of courses for the 7th grader; World Geography, U.S. History and American Government. As 8th graders, the students are given a choice in social studies. They may choose Human Relations, Current Events, California, Colonial America or Youth and the Law. Damn Kalm and Philip Martinez keep in touch with the current news. Rick Jepsen and Can Romeo work on their Geography as- signments. 14 Jennifer and Kim read the news of the day. Mr. Flaherty works with stu- dents. 15 Knee bone connected to the shinn bone! Mrs. Judy Suter talking to stu- dents about their class work before the eight minute bell rings. Students in Miss Julie Scheuerman ' s class have no time to play around. They are all busy working on their as- signments. 16 The Science Department covers Life Science, Physical Science and Health Science in the three trimesters of a seventh graders year. They are required to take all three as one of the Junior High ' s graduation requirements. Miss Julie Scheuerman is talking to two of her stu- dents. Two girls are working on a ab assignment using the microscopes. SPORTS Page 18 l SHBi These Girls Make Spirit 8TH GRADE CHEERLEADERS The 8th grade cheerlead- ers have had the honor of cheering for some winning teams this year. Their sup- port certainly was an added feature to every athletic e- vent held at Alta Loma Jun- ior High School. Top row: Brenda Brown, Tracy Anderson, and Christy Babbcock Bottom row: Cindy Catt, Cane Ervin and Christy Sanderson Soar at Alta Loma Junior High! 7TH GRADE CHEERLEADERS The 7th grade cheer- eaders did an outstanding job of cheering the 7th grade teams to victory. Their sup- port was appreciated by the team members and the coaches. Top row: Shawn O ' Hearn. Julie Rip- ple, and Chelle Younger Bottom row: Cane Romeo, Stephanie Bal- deramma, and Maura Sell Advisor: Miss Julie Scheuerman TEAM EFFORT AND GOOD 8th Grade Volleyball Team Kathy Oliver, Jennifer Funtas, Angela Schriener, Nicole Bliss, Kris Meiike, Can Plummer, Doreen Daniels, Anna Guttler- rez. Shantell Hiatt, Tracy Bailey, Gina Me tallo, Daurence Hu- bert, Genny McClure, Angela Vallier, Kathy Prichard, Tina Hoff- man, Tracey Nisbet, Dawn Nygaard, Kanae Toki, Beckey Dick, Stacy Wagers. Not pic tured: Valerie Valen- zuela. SPORTSMANSHIP EMPHASIZED! 7th Grade Volleyball Team Ginger Arceneaux. Elena Memeses. Jennifer Lynch. Pam Roberts. Melis- sa Casanta. Karen Dimond, Lisa Lamm Stacy Momburg, Rebekka Douglas. Chris Kane. Stacy Simpson, Sandra Bronder. Karin Bergeron Teresa Koontz, Stacy Olmoa. Aimee Suter, Misty Beidelman and Sherl Kirk, not pictured Jennifer King and Jeanlne Cota. Coaches: Alice Evans Ann Palickl Sports Page 23 Good Coaching! Good 8th Grade Football Team Coaches: Phil Robinson and Bill Watkins Robbie Fino, Phillip Conger, Mike Bernier, Mike Vogel. Marcus Pacheco, Richard Chung, Steve Williams, Martin Montoya, Mark Hayes, Greg Gibson. Marty Lafrenz, Jeff Kutschka, Carl Hartig, Ron Graham, Bill O ' Neill. Keith Los Santos, Alex Hernandez, David Kolde. Mike Sanderson. Lee Stotts. Mike Shaw, Mark Jakubiak, Brian Spiker, Kevin Williams, Heath Williams, Rick Cota, Paul Bradfield, Gary Whightsil, Chaffey Shepherd, Jeff Garrett. Richie Schick. Kevin Walker. Page 24 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Teams! Good Season! 7th Grade Football Team Coaches: Gary Oddi and Brian Jacobs Gary Richards, Terry Bowyer, David Taylor. Bob Tayer, Scott McCardle, Gil Correa, Matt Ballock, Brian Orely, Mark Crosby. Jeft Rubi. Dione Tolbert, Jim Barber. Kevin Gray, Todd Matyi. Chris Tucker. Rick Tillery, Brian Haines. David McPherson. Ronnie Pierce. Chuck Brac- montes, Randell LesPerance, Robert Harrell. Furrell Dumar, Chris Johnson Cecil Hall Sports Page 25 Tournaments! An Exciting 8th Grade Basketball Team Coaches; Brian Jacobs and Gary Oddi T. Wayne Allen, Gene Banyon, Rick Cota. Chad Dunn. Steve Frank, Marty LaFrenz, Andy Olander, John Phillips, Bret Reiffell, Virgil Rush, Richie Schick. Rim Schneider, David Sibley. Leonard Tyko, Wrennle Wrentmore 8th Grade Basket- ball Team Coaches; Mol Hill and Da- vid Johnson Tracy Bailey. Corrle Dun- can. Dons Denny. Mona Harkey, Monica Harkey. Janel Holmes. Janet Knauer, Anita Lopez, Genny McClure, Kathy Oliver. Michelle Rees. Elizabeth Robles. Tina Slatlnsky. Angela Valller. Page 26 Looklng Inside Alta Loma Junior High Close To A Season! 7th Grade Basketball Team Coaches: Mike Shaw and Kevin Flaharfy Adrienne Adams, Ginger Arcen- eaux, Gina Archuleta, Karen Ber- geron, Jenine Cota, Irish Davis, Karen Dimond, Suzie Fort, Lori Finkleman, Tanya Harden, Mary Ireland. Michelle Ketch, Sheri Kirk, Lisa Lamm, MirandaTaylor. Michelle Tucker, P. White, Tracy Wilson, and J. Wilkerson, 7th Grade Basket- ball Team Coaches: Bob Bowser and David Graham Terry Bowyer, T Bittner, Brian Caldwell. Charles Campbell, J Chodes. Tony Cichella, Scott Condon, Marc Crosby, Greg Fackler, R. Flores, I. Galloway, Cecil Hall, Barry Howard, Greg Kirchoff. Steve Macala. David Masucci, Lucas Mitchell, John Portz, Gary Richards, Jeff Rubi. M. Stephenson, G Street. Dion Tolbert. R Torres. Sports Page 27 CLUBS U if h 28 .Oc Page 29 students learn how to assemble a yearbook, The Warrior Legend Staff Dawn Nygaard, Jennifer Racey. Cindy Goodson, Marianna Lakkess. Rhonda Carey, Tina Slatinsky, Sheila D)afroodi. Ju- lie Mahoney, Lisa Mayer. Stacey Davidson Jennifer Lambert, Nadine (Viorbete. Valerie Decker. Daurence Hubert. Kerry Kirk. Co lette Oisen, Kellie Long, Tom Crandell Gary Whighsil, Mike Vogel, Scott Thomas Ted Barker and not pictured Christine Ros siter and Julie Webb Advisor: Vickee Duncan Colette and Kerry working on the student section. Mike finishing a division page layout, Julie Webb putting the final touches on the cheerleader page. Page 30 " ' 4 how to read, and how to ski! The Unicorns Advisors: Barbara Kistinger and Bar- bara Brown Lavonne HInes, Kim Miller, Misty Bei- delman. Linda Hickman, Karen Di- mond, Vickie Eich, Stephanie Viocher, Chrystal Baldwon, Liz Woolf, Jill Fite, Josephine Conley. Heather Higgins, Stacy Olmos, Kim Foster, Tylene De- vine. Susan Fine. Michelle Merrill, Lori Finkelman, Andrea Ocampo, Jamie Conley, Newcomers Club Advisor: Grace Longson Jackie Nendza, Christine Keyes. Tammy Wingate, Luke Morgan. Lori Walker, Chuck Carroll, Christine Wells. Shannon Cripps, Debbie Southard. Alonso McFadden, Richard Day, Daniel Tittle. Don Hale. Shawn Karr, Curtis Swayne, Diana Minatti. Maribe Tellez- Giron, Juan Reyes, Greg Wall. David Dietrich. Tammi Hernandez. Tuyet Ho, Mike Tellez-Giron, Frank Reyes. Rich- ard Yancy. David Koenig. James Yancy, Eric Harris. Troy Cothy. Alvin Boling, Angelo Hoffa. Shad Cabe. Ski Club Mf 2fi Advisor: James Dyer Genny McClure, Shawn O ' Hearn, An- gela Vallier, Julie Webb, Kelly Simmons, Paula Fleishman, Kris Meiike, Mike Vo- gel. Chris Deyo. Gary Whightsil. Carl Hartig. Mike Schreiner. Christy Juedes. Philip Martinez. Danny Rupp, Kethern Reece, Scott Thomas, Doug Bray. Mi- chelle Spangler. Julie Sandgren. Mike Regan. Ray Dominguez. Wendy Green, Cindy Goodson. Marshall Ott. Angela Hubbert. Deanna Gorsline. Brenda Brown, David Kolde. Cindy Catt. Jody Hunt. Volney Willett. Renae Thomas. Sydney Wingate, Stacy Wagers. Missy Wilcox, Kathy Pritchard. Henry Ford. Dennis Breshaers Being in a club offers VIP Club Advisor: Cherie Stewart Doreen Daniels. Caria Wallace, Mona Harkey, Monica Harkey. Alice Ortiz. Ce- lia Gaucin. Marcela Foronda. Ruby Cay- lao. Anna Gutierrez. Louis Garcia. Jesse Perez, Jerry Decarlo, Virgil Rush. Troy Cox, Iris Davis, Tanya Harden, Tony Me- drano, Daurence Hubert, Traci Bailey, Mark Hall. Larua Hernandez, Connie Perez. Dorris Denny. Mavis Davis, Bill Salazar, Maurice Cunningham. Shon Neal, Neil Reedy. Kevin Harden. Ginger Arceneaux. Lulu Rivera. Soma Piloniela. Kristine Parerez, Anthony Newsome. Dwayne Ross. Eric Dean Science Club Advisor: Patti Brant David Yun. Sydnay Wingate. Eric Herchen- roeder. Sylvia Hastings. Angela Lombardi, Frank Reed. Greg Bogaczyh. Paul Smith, Tim Baughman, Lisa Pertzborn, Tammy James, Darin Bernart Computer Club Advisors: Candy Thomas, Marilyn Ford, and Sharon Garrett Mike Vogel, Alice Ortiz, Kim Foster, Kamna Dhoka, Alan Kerchain, Frank Steeves, Dean Silliman, Paul Bradford, Eric Herchenroeder, Kim Weatherbee, Gary Sterner, Kim Daniels, Greg Bogoc- zyk, Tony Cario, Kevin Fairfax, Gene Vil- larin, David Yun, Craig Taylor, Mike Dannenberg, Henry Ford, Eric Buege, Jansen Elliott, Jeff Morrison, Jerry Ma- cala, Greg Nelson, Don Chambers, Mike Schreiner, Andy Olander, Mark McRay, Damn Kalm, Mike Miller, Steve Kuch, David Hearn, Alana Barker, Joel Miller, Phil Spencer, Crystal Baldvi in, Shawn Enfield earning experiences Riding Club Advisor; Mary Miles Vance Martin, Kim Weatherbee. Teresa Felty, Sydney Wingate. Nicole Roche. Tara Cunning- ham, Dhana Gunter. Tina Morgan, Jennifer King Ecology Club Advisor: Mike Shaw Cindy Goodson, Kerry Kirk. Colette Olson, Tricia Elliker. Shawna Woods. Becky Dick, Valerie Valenzuela, Can Ervin. Stacy Wagers, Chnsteen Rossiter, Christy Snadserson, Rhondy Carey, Tara Greer, Angela Vallier, Traci Bauley. Tina Hoffman, Wendy Wilson, Doreen Daniels, Daurence Hubert, Dons Denny, Brenda Brown, TomCrandell, Mario Fusco. Gary Wfiightsi I, David Dick, Kelly Simmons, Julie Webb. Paula Fleish- man. Kris Meilke. Gina Metallo, Can Plummer. Anna Gutierrez. Allison Pritchard. Stacy Davison. Dena Porte. Julie Mahoney. Michelle Spangler. Pam Anderson, Kim Weatherbee, Dina Ares.ta, Vickie Eich, Jill Ecoff, Kapnce Gettemy, Shannon Guith. Robin Heck. Coleen Carter. Jeanette Jedlick. Andrea Newton, Troy Powell. Karen West. Julie Sandgren, Michelle Vandeikoff Clubs Page 33 Leadership, Acting, and BMX Club Brian Buffington. Dennis Breshears, Ray Dominguez. Andy Kesig, Mark Hall. Gary Cook, Mark Nagel, Butch Nielson. Ben Poling, Chaffey Shep- herd. Ernest Walters, Heath Williams Drama Club Advisor: Sylvia Urwin Pam Anderson, Vivian Ayala, Lynne Ba- ker, Kimi Bennett, Tom Bronson, An- gela Carbone, Shelly Choate, Stacy Cox, Debbie Dickey, Corle Duncan, Vickie Eich, Tricia Elllker, Janna Frank- lin, Shannon Fromblom, Kaprice Get- temy, Cindy Goodson, Lavonne Hines, Cheryl Johnson, Greg Lastrapes, Nagi Mahmud, Kathy Ogden, Lisa Pertsborn, Frank Reed, Jack Reed, Christeen Ros- siter, Julie Sandgren, Kevin Skelton, Rachelle Skov ronski, Michelle Spangler, Lee Stotts, Frank Steeves, Yvonne Wilder Honor Society Advisor: Verne Mistretta Alison Thormeyer, Christeen Ros- siter, Vickie Eich, Janet Knauer, Mary Ireland, Nadine Morbete, Val- erie Decker, Jennifer Lambert, Kim Foster Page 34 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Getting Good Grades! President Jennifer Funtas Brenda Brown Kathy Pritchard Student Government Representatives Mark Hayes, Kris Meilke. Richie Schick. Shirlene Conrad. David Kolde. Wendy Webb. Melinda Sanchez. Jeff Garrett, Scott Thomas. Wendy Green. Michelle Lind, Ginger Arceneaux, Shannon Guith, Tommy Lanham, Shannon Fromblom, Garry Sincock, Kim Miller, Maura Sell, Iris Davis, Kim Moerke, Dina Aresta, Jason Haight Paula Fleishman Stacy Epstein — Historian Shannon Guith — Advisor; Grace Longson Clubs Page 35 Playing in a Band is a popular Miss Linda Bangasser is the Director of all the bands Intermediate Band D. Barron. M. Casanta. S. Cote. J. Crilly C. CrooWe. C. Dugan. H Elkerson. M Fahr ella. M. Hamit. M. Hawk. M. Hill. T James. T. Lanham. B. Luevano. M. Mar- dniak. B. Mason. T. Miller. B. Moore. J. Morrison. G. Nelson. P. Nichols. C. Phil- lips. J. Prerti. J. Pursel. J- Quevedo. G Richards. L. Roberson. D Rogers. K Russell. A. Sanchez. S. Semse. T. Ske - ton. A. Suter. D. Taylor. R Thayer. J Upton Varsity Band M. Alaniz. L Aibritton. C. Baldwin. A. Barker. N. Bateman. L. Baughman. E. = -ege M Campos. R. Clark. D. Cohen. = C; — De. S. Condon. T. Dunning. M. Efvik: H Ford. A. Fulkerson. M. Gates. D. Gephart. B. Gillum. M. Hamit. D Hawk. M. Henry. R. Herron. D. Higgins V. Houseman. B. Howard. C. Jackson R. Jepson. C. Johnson. L. Koch. B. Lee R. LesPerance. S. Lilly. T. Lueken. D Marshall. S. McArdte. S. Mizuno. G. Nel- son. A. Oiander. M. Pacheo. D. Pans. D Rogers. D. Ross. M. Rugh. M. Sanchez. K. Scoleri. D. SiHmna. K. Snook. D. Sor- enson. M. Vioia. K. W ker. R Welch. S Wingate. E. Wren. D. OBrien Intermediate Band S. Barbee. J. Bart er. C. Book. V. Baya. C. BrancamofKtes. B. Caktwell. T. Cano. I. Davis. R Goft. M Hamilton. N. Hano J. Heikes. M. Hembruch. C. Herz;?- R. Hopkins. B Karakas. B. Kneze " LaFreru. B. Lyr ch. T. Mayti. M McRs E. Memeses. G. Metailo. M. Mmyard. C Morris. D. Mugg. T. Musquez. M. Olrven. J. Palo. G. Saul. M. Seputveda. P. Smith S. Souza. G. Strack. D. Terry. T. Wilson. L WooH. S. Lealamanva. Page 36 Looking InskJe Alta Loms Junior Hi activity of over 300 students Symphonic Band Concert Band ' . ' -;2 is. D. Anthonijsz. G. Archuleta. E. Baiowin. C. Cardin. A. Chambers. J. Conley. J. Conley. B. Dahm. A. Delgado. J Delk. T. Devine. R. Douglass. B Ed- wards. S. Egan. J. Elliott. S. Fort. E. Fre- drikson. S. Gallipeau. R. Grinstead. B. Haines. M. Hayes. C. Herzberg. S. Hiatt. D. Hill. S. Houston. M. Jakubiak. R. Johnson. D. Kalm. C. Kopperud. C. Lo- gan. M. Love. V. Martin. T. Matyi. M. Merrill. D. Mitchell. M. Nagel. T. Nisbet C. Orr. V. Osso. B. Palmer. M. Perkins. T. Petton. J. Phillips. V. Rush. B. Shaub. H. Sviritzer. C. Umland. W. VanPeft. R. Vischer. B. Wasserman. B. Williams. D. Wilson. S. Woolsey. C. Anderson. M. Barrerra. E. Barron. R. Best. P. Brad- field. P. Heath. K. Heuerman. L Hick- man. J. King. T. McCallum. J. Phillips. A. Ramirez. F. Reed. J. Robinson. R. Frame. P. Southard S Baker. E Barron. R Best. B. Boop. L Bowen. F Brandsey. 8 Brown. R Clark. G Cook. K. Deloach. K. DelosSantos. D Dickey. R Dominguez. L Edson. S Epstein. R Frame. S. Franks. M.Fusco. M. Futscher. D. Gibson. D. Gorsline. W. Grunden. S. Guith. C. Hartig. P. Heath. E. HerchenroeJer. K. Heuerman. L. Hickman. A. Higgs. J Holmes. M. Ireland. C. Jackson. M. Jakubiak. C Johnson. M. Jueschke. D. Kim. M. LaFrenz. G. Lastrape. A Leos. M Lano. K. Manns. G. McClur. G McKenna. M. McRay. E. Medrano. R. Nunn. A. Olander. K. Parker. L. Petrocelli. J. Phillips. T. Powell. A. Ramirez. J. Robinson. M. Rogers. J. Scheidewend. M Schremer, S. Siefkes. R. Skworonski. D. Sorenson. R Spect. A. Thormeyer. K. Tyler. A. Valiier. M Viola. L Vogler. L Weatherbee. R Weir. K. West. V. Willett. S. Williams. R. Younger. D. Yun. S. Cripps. T Sansone. ChJbs Page37 Si-r-r 3ll ve3- lo- -fcj tsal. ' . ESE--=. zaCST: -tSSH • ; ' r - ::L a JtWHJne r :L5J ' -Uiu=r Ss ' . ' cr. C fims-- nie: ' 3 . (■■l iQHE - ' ASr ijyiixc ititMr ii All 1 f j3FiZ -dc ..nzT ic (t .kfOi =, .Jin- ' f - ' " r -aidawr-! - f . ua=B IE •X. JBS: iH-4 ' FOm M ETS : • ' " ' ' ' snz € t) ' ACTIVITIES -) : 40 r ' % y a p ' ' H 41 Alta Loma Junior High ' s activity program was one where all students could participate. On an average of twice a month assemblies were held in the multi-purpose room. Dances were held once a month, usually with a live band or a D.J. Spirit Day was held on the day of the football game against Pioneer. Balloons were sold and all the students were asked to wear blue and white clothing. That day proved ALTA LOMA IS NO. 1 ! Skating parties were held at Roller City with an average of 200 students attending each party. Trips to see the Angels and the Dodgers play were popular with the students. The final trip of the year for the 8th graders was to Knotts Berry Farm! SPIRIT DAY! Page 42 Looklng Inside Alta Loma Junior High ' The balloons were let go in mass. The students watched them soar and travel away with the wind. The balloons imprinted with " We ' re No. 1 " Alta Loma Junior High students are definitely No. 1!!!!! Activities Page 43 The Students Show Off! Fads are in! Alta Loma Junior High students follow the fashion trends, wearing moccasins, leg warmers and knickers. Knickers were popu- lar with the girls BUT they became popular with the boys for picture day! Decorated shoe laces were used to lace shoes, to tie around the neck and as a headband. Certainly a versatile Item! Page 44 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Activities Page 45 Spirit Day A Huge Success! The students at Alta Loma Junior High wore blue and white clothing to school to mark Spirit Day. 500 balloons were sold and at the end of the Spirit assembly, the balloons were let go to travel where they may. A contest was held for the balloon that travelled the farthest and for the one that didn ' t get too far. At the end of the day the football (eams played a victorious game against Pioneer, making Spirit Day a Huge Success! Dana Skronowski wears a shoe lace like a neck- lace. Shawna Woods and Lisa Popkoff wear their shoe laces as headbands. On the opposite page Ann Jones and Stacy Wa- gers wear IZOD shirts and their shoe laces in their choice of style. 46 Alta Loma students are always involved! Philip Martinez and Scott Senise relax outside the " Get to Know Each Other Dance " Rhonda Carey and Mike Vogel enjoy their free time play- ing with the newest modern toys! A Page 48 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Activities Page 49 • " -i- ' O ex S " Scyo ' Ck --. O • iZ V M Vo e o vc ' ' .o ' Qo O ' c STUDENTS AND . .ux: ur) -% 3X A c:a UV Uy aK. U ju :? I J: »■ ,v ' iV [r a J » 1 1 J ' ' ■ r,. , c FACULTY 51 Those who make it work Linda Bangasser Jan Barboza Jacob Battieste Chris Blum Bob Bowser Patti Brant Tom Bravo Irene Briones JoAnn Broecker Barbara Brown Barbara Ceballos Vickee Duncan Alice Evans Kevin Flaharty Sharon Garrett David Graham Sharon Hockmeyer Harry Irwin Brian Jacobs David Johnson Tom Keilty Greg Kidd Barbara Kistingi Helen Knuttel Carol Krayse Principal James E. Dyer Vice-Principal Grace Longson Vice-Principal Dean Enfield Page 52 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High at Alta Loma Junior High! LaVona Kwinn Pat Lutz Joyce Martinez Gary Oddi Pete Oesterlin Vera Ornelas Bob Ponto Phil Robinson Sheryl Rogers Barbara Romeo Mary Ann Sandlln Ray Sarrio Julie Scheuerman Mike Shaw Barbara Smith Cherie Stewart Gerry Strickland Judy Suter Janet Tate Donna Rose Tyko Sylvia Urwin Angle Velez Judy Walters Coco Wills Nancy Woolf Staff memoers not photographed Bob Beam Wayne Carlson Jan Creasey Suzanne Fite Marilyn Ford Kathy Gibson Charma Hill Kathy McColl Mary Miles Verne Mistretta Louise O ' Neill Candy Thomas Allen Wilson l w— ' • C I sO , e A v " b Ww-i wv .tt r- ' £a;o YVV.CW -»-- 4 [y SSlT. Z. j JU " " Eighth Grade Class Ends Mike Adams Soma Aguilar Jarrod Alexander Aimee Alfonso Jami Alkire T.Wayne Allen Page 54 Looklng Inside Alta Loma Junior High Year at Knotts Berry Farm! Stacy Bastien Darrell Baxter Gene Baynon Christy Beighley Armando Beltran Kimi Bennett Faye Brandsey Doug Bray Dennis Breshears Tommy Brewer Jackie Brock Darlene Bronikwoski 8th Grade Class Page 55 Jill Bronner Joni Brosnan Brenda Brown Gene Brown Lisa Bucci Brian Buftington Eileen Burr Mike Burke John Butler Kieth Byler Guy Callnsky Lisa Campognone Scott Caya Julie Chew Shelly Chote Richard Chung Dave Clark Richard Clark Danny Cohen Phillip Conger Jamie Conley Michelle Corral Rich Cota Kristin Cox Troy Cox Stacy Cox Gary Cook Tom Crandell Maurice Cunningham Denise Daniels Angela Carbone Rhonda Carey Sean Carrigon Charles Carrol Kim Carslen Colleen Carter Bryan Case Randy Castellano Natalie Castillo Cindy Catt KS VP ' L n0r ij wR 1 1 1 Page 56 LQoking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Doreen Daniels Skipper David Mavis Davis Stacy David Thomas Dawson Valerie Decker Gail Delehant Kelly Deloach Keith Delossantos Dons Denny Kim Devlin Chris Deyo Erin Dornisch Michelle Dubois Cherie Duchay Chad Dunn Cone Duncan Ted Dunigan Victor Eason Jill Ecoff Andy Eddy Lauren Edson Brian Edwards Vickie Eich Tricia Elliker Janson Elliott Missy Elvik Shawn Enfield Kara Engel Dale England 8th Grade Class Page 57 Gina Espisita Walter Essary Jerry Pagan Kevin Fairfax Morris Farinella Teresa Felty Robbie Fino Mike Fitzpatrick Art Floras Marcela Foronda Kim Foster Janna Franklin Steve Franks Stacy Epstein Cari Ervin Lisa Escandon Lori Esler Robert Frame David French Stiannon Froblem Jennifer Funtas Page 58 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Mariano Fusco Matthew Futscher Shannon Gallegos Jeff Garrett Celia Gaucin Kaprice Gettemy Michele Giandomenico Scott Gibbs Daphne Gibson Nancy Glennon Cindy Goodson Eric Guth Ron Graham Stephanie Gram Lennie Graves Michael Gray Anna Griffin Ricky Grinstead Valerie Gritchin 8th Grade Class Page 59 Shannon Guith Dhana Gunter Anna Gutierrez Todd Hailey Mark Hall Stewart Hallett John Hamilton Mark Hamilton Norman Hano Kevin Harder Tina Hardy Mona Harkey Monica Harkey Mike Harney Melannie Harnit Lisa Harris Joseph Hart David Hearn Phil Heath Robin Heck Mellissa Helzer Eric Herchenroeder Kim Herman Linda Hickman Amber Higgs Mike Hill Lavonne Hines Xavier Hinojos Angelo Hoffa Carl Hartig Sylvia Hastings Jeannette Hastings Raymond Hawk Mark Hayes Alexis Hernandes Laura Hernandes Kevin Heuerman Christy Hertzberg Shantell Hiatt Page 60 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Daurence Hubbert Jennifer Hughes Craig Hunt Larry Hurst Chuck Jackson Christina Hoffman Janeal Holmes Michael Holt Kim Hough Jimmy Houston Angela Hubbert Mark Jakubiak Jeanette Jedlick Timothy Jenson Sherie Jobe Cheryl Johnson Brett Jones Rayna Johnson Yvette Johonsnson Christine Juedes Mila Jueske Paula Karcher Sco tt Karsten Stephanie Katrenich Krista Keith Andy Kesig Kevin Kincaid Alan Kirchain Kerry Kirk Robby Klinghagen James Kluck Janet Knauer David Kolde Michelle Krajacic 8th Grade Class Page 61 Kenny Krahenbuhl Stefanie Kubik Jeff Kutscfika Marjanna Lakkees Jennifer Lambert Vince Larossa Steve Larsen Greg Lastrapes Denise Lawson Andrew Laos Mike Leyesque Marie Love Sandy Lundergan Greg Johnson Gerald Macala IJa-c ' f Nagi Mahmud Misty Manning Julie Mafiony Kaibrick Manns Stacy Maples Vance Martin Mindy Matthews Benjamin Martinez Tina Matyi Lisa Mayer Ruthie Mayo Page 62 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior Higfi Genny McClure Greta McGraw Caria McPhee Gabrielle McKenna Mark McRay Tony Medrano Richard Motter Mark Nagle Shon Neal Gregory Nelson Bob Newbold Anthony Newsome 8th Grade Class Page 63 Andrea Newton Debbie Niemann Butch Nielson Tracy Nisbet Bob Nunn Dawn Nygaard Kathy Ogden Andy Olander Kathy Ohver Colette Olsen Bill O ' Neil Alice Ortiz Chris Phillips Jeff Philips John Phillips Mike Piceno Laurie Pierce Soma Pilonieta Page 64 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High p!, Tom Pitts Can Plummer Ben Poling Dena Portz Marlisa Popkoff Brent Powell Troy Powell Tammy Price Allison Pritchard Kathy Pritchard Kim Quinton Jennifer Racey Paul Radcliff Andy Ramerez Kristina Ramerez Richard Ramerez Frank Reed Jack Reed Neil Reedy Michelle Rees Mike Regan Robin Richards Bret Rieffel Mike Riley Michelle Risser Lulu Rivera Elizabeth Robles Guy Robinson John Robinson Nicole Roche Robert Rodriguez Dennis Rogers Mark Rogers Dawn Rojeski Danny Ropp Christeen Rositer Virgil Rush Kimi Russell Wendy Ryan 8th Grade Class Page 65 Chuck Sanders Christy Sanderson Mike Sanderson Julie Sandgren TamiTiy Sansone Bill Salazar Mike Sarratt Richie Schick Jim Schneider Tim Schneidner Angela Schreiner Neil Seidal Karen Sellers Mike Senise Mike Shaw Norm Sharkey Brian Shaus Michael Schreiner Julie Schneiderwind Stacy Schneiderwent Clinton Schuster Joe Sepe Jim Sheehan Chaffey Shepherd Kevin Skelton Rachelle Skowronsk Kelly Simmons David Sibley Tina Slatinsky Karen Smith Mike Smith Monica Smith Scott Smith Steve Smith Paul Shinn David Sorenson Michelle Spangler Robert Spect Page 66 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Phillip Spencer Brian Spiker Frank Sleeves Gary Sterner Sandy Stigile Jim Stiles Lee Stotts Laura Stoeppelman Heather Switzer Carol Taylor Craig Taylor Rick Tobiolo Leonard Tyko Kristina Tyler Eugene Vallarin Valerie Vallenzuela Erik VanPelt Wendy VanPelt Michelle Vandemkoff Angela Vallier Joann Valles Larry Vasquez Jamie Vietch Sengphat Vienqxax Mario Viola Mike Vogel Liz Vogler 8th Grade Class Page 67 Knstine Vonkaenel Debbie Wadell Stacy Wagers Theresa Wagner John Wagoner Kim Wahl Kevin Walker John Wall Caria Wallace David Walters Frank West Karen West Gary Whightsi Missy Wilcox Yvonne Wilder Brian Williams Heath Williams Kevin Williams Steve Williams Don Wilson Shawna Woods Wrennie Wrentmore Melanie Yates David Yun Vincent Zagorin Page 68 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High 8th Grade Students In Action! The Human Relations class helped students to open up and talk to one another. Reading is another class of great value to students. Anthony Newsome is working with the head- phones while working on vocabulary. Pat Pederson took time out to give us a smile while he was sitting in his Language Arts class. Kris Meiike is being led around by a friend showing she has faith in her friend as part of the Human Relations Class. t Marty LaFrenz and Cari Plummer are enjoying string licorice! Page 69 8th Grade Class This years seventh graders David Abernathy Karen Abernathy. Adrifioae-Adama Leeann Adams Lance Albntton G inajjrc huleta- James Armstrong Sean Arroyo Denise Azarovitz Anthony Bailey Stephaniee Balderrama Steve Barbae Jim Barber Alana Barker Ric Barnes Stephanie Barnhart Juhe Barreda Mike Barreda Deborah Barron Richard Bartleson Page 70 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Next years eighth graders! Carter Beets Misty Beidelman Lance Bell Darin Benart Raymond Bender Matt Bartlett Norma Bateman Laurie Baughman Timothy Baughman Christina Beaton Brian Beaumont Joe Bonneville Carol Book Ryan Booras Vicor Borja Rebecca Borovsky Terry Bowyer Jason Bradford Gena Bradley Darlene Branconier Jennifer Brannon Billy Brockett Sandra Bronder Eric Buege Matt Bullock Jason Burns 7th Grade Class Page 71 Nichelle Burr Gayle Butler Dina Byram Cheryl Byrne Brian Caldwell Charles Campbell Jamie Campbell Michelle Campos Keith Cannon Steve Cano Maria Cantu Cindy Cardin Anthony Cano Joe Carr Kevin Carter Louis Caruso Melissa Casanta Shelly Case Antoinett Caslllas Donna Catt Stephanie Cavdillo Ruby Caylao Lanette Ceballos April Chambers Jeff Chez David Chichella Tony Chichella Pam Civrcza) Denny Clark Greg Clark Terri Clark Jason Clarkson Christine Clever Sandra Cobian Max Cohen Shannon Cole Bob Combe Scott Condon Josephine Conley David Conrad Page 72 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High i ' Shirlene Conrad Louie Contreras Tracie Cook Gilbert Corren Jeannine Cota Troy Cothey Christina Couwenberg Mike Cox Oeresa Crawford Jim Crilly Cheryl Cronkrite Mike Crosby Steve Crowell Tara Cunningham Shannon Cushman Ken Dacey Wes Dacko Bruce Dahm Danny Daniels Katrina Daniels Darren Dannelly Michael Dannenberg Ins Davis Eric Dean Dehnita Gracia Berny De La Gerra Andrew Delgado Xylene Devine Lisa Devlin Jim Deyo Nicole De Lamora Jill Delk Candice Dickson Karen Diamond Julie Dodd Greg Doughty Rebekka Douglass Bill Duer Chuck Dugan Furrell Dummar Randy Dunn 7th Grade Class Page 73 Tracy Dunning Art Duran Eileen Dyer Lisa Eberhart Shannon Egan Sonia Enfield Hatem Enkebir Heather Enns Justine Essex Kristy Eubanks Greg Fackler Joe Fajardo Mary Farmer Eric Faurean Neil Feduniw Rafael Foley Henry Ford Suzie Fort Stephanie France David Frankenberger Mark Fitzpatrick Brian Fleischman Shawn Floyd Geoff Fobes TTf f Ken Frantzich Jeff Fraser Erik Fredicksen Bill Fulayter Cindy Fulkerson Kyle Fukuda f iV ;T| Page 74 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior Higfi David Gephart Loren Giles Melinda Gillespie Brian Gillom Scott Glasgow Shawn Gallipear Joey Garcia David Gard Leslie Gates Maureen Gates Jerry Gazley Kevin Gray Richard Green Wendy Green Nancy Griffen Steve Gritfen Rachelle Grimshaw Raquelle Grimshaw Waleed Grunden Shelly Guenther Romanita Guerra Scott Grundrum Michael Gurrola AilLi Jason Haight Brian Haines Cecil Hall Ronald Hall Matt Hamel Crystal Hamilton 7th Grade Class Page 75 Tanya Harden Kendall Harre Robert Harrell Eric Harris Debbie Hawk Denise Hawk Michael Hawk Shannon Haworth Kelly Hawthorne Lisa Hayek Christine Haymes Grace Hearn John Heikes Matt Heimbruch Erica Heinz Mike Henry Eric Herber Robin Herron Denise Higgins Chuck Hewitt Heather Higgins Christa Highley David Hill Dawn Holcomb Bobbie Hopkins Ronda Hopkins Dennis Hoth Valerie Houseman Shane Houston Barry Howard Lamont Hoxey Brad Huber Johnny Huerta Jody Hunt Laura laeger Mary Ireland Michelle Jackson Ronnie Jaime Katie James Tammy James Karen Jenks Richard Jepsen Page 76 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High r -). h Brian Johnson Chris Johnson Jayson Johnson Sharia Jones Paul Juedes Damn Kalm Chris Kane Barry Karakas Dadhri Kean Chris Keith Theresa Keith Randy Kennett Michelle Ketch Daniel Kim Frank Kim Jennifer King Sheri Kirk Chris Klinefelter Mark Klingensmith Leiand Koch Mary Koch Shane Koehn Dave Koenig Teresa Koontz Chris Kopperud Rose Koslowski Sunny Kregel Brian Kriezel Steve Kuch Debbie Kyles Jason Lacasella Marnie LaFieur Lori LaFrance Lisa Lamm Stacy Landis Tommy Lanham LaRue LaPort Anjanette Larini David Larkin Brian Lee Brian Lee Byron Lee 7th Grade Class Page 77 Rodney Lehr Mark Leon Randell LesPerance Tony Lombardi Tammy Lucket Jeff Ludington Tony Lueken Michelle Luke Sandy Lilly Renay Lim Michelle Lind Angela Lombardi Barbara Luevano Kelly Luttrull Brian Lynch Jennifer Lynch Stephen Macala 4 - 1 Mike Mangum Todd Manning Monica Marciniak Maryanne Marighiano Tracy Marley =t i j=i jr-i ' . m h Diana Marshall John Martin Loni Martinez Nacoba Martinez Philip Martinez Buddy Mason Davis Masucci l Tk , W Page 78 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High Todd Matyi Scott McArdle Doug McClure Julie McCormack Dave McPhereson Michael McRay Eric Medrano Jeremy Mendoza Elena Menesse Mikelle Merrill Regina Merryman Lisa Metzger i? . Leigha Meyer Jim Michael Rusty Middleton Deeanne Miller Kim Miller Tim Miller Stacie Momburg Julie Montore Bill Mooney Brian Moore Smokey Millwood Gene Minet Mike Miranda Lucas Mitchell Sean Mizuno Kathy Moors David Moreno Virginia Moreno 7th Grade Class Page 79 Jeff Morrison Matt Moses Alison Moss Jeff Motter David Mugg Laura Muna Steve Murphy Tony Musquez Niki Myercfiin Jen Nealy Laura Nelson Pfiillip Nichols Greg Nielson Barry Nisly Tammy Norman Donna Norris David O ' Brien Andrea Ocampo Jeff Oden Brian Oerly Shawn O ' Hearn Lisa Olquin Mike Olivieri Stacy Olmos John Upton Craig Orr Gmo Ortiz Katherine Ortiz Heather Pagano John Palo Alexander Pangburn Devin Pans Madison Parker Bobby Parsons John Patchin Shawn Patrick Amy Peeples Danny Pereira Merralee Perkins Pat Perry Victor Perry Elizabeth Petrus Rusty Pfutzenreuter Ronnie Pierce Richard Pike Mariela Pinchiera John Piatt Kimberly Poole Page 80 Looking inside Alta Loma Junior High 1 o r ' 1 Sandra Porretta Scott Porter John Portz Eric Powell Robert Powell Kelly Pride Kim Prutting James Pursel Jamie Putman Janice Quevedo Daniel Quinto Robert Ragon Gary Raivo Valerie Ramos Leslie Ransom Kathren Reece Mark Reed Kelly Rendall David Reynold Brian Rhoades Gary Rictiards Julie Ripple Bill Rivas. Pamela Roberts Laura Robertson Gia Roccatani Jadira Rodriguez Can Romeo Alvin Ross Julie Rowles. Jeff Rubi Matt Rugti Cynthia Runyan Daniel Rupp Stacy Russel Stephanie Ryder Mark Sackman Christy Salster Alfred Sanchez Melinda Sanchez Thad Saraf Myriam Santos Greg Saul Scott Saylor Scott Scalera Kent Schayler 7th Grade Class Page 81 Karen Scoleri Tammy Scott Randy Seibel Maura Sell Scott Senlse Mark Sepulveda John Shaw David Shimmin Michael Simpson Stacy Simpson Laura Shmn Leslie Shmnick Nancy Short Shan Siefkes Dean Silliman Rene Silva Gary Sincock Dana Skowronski Lon Smith Patrick Smith Paul Smith Renee Smith Kern Snook Babbette Soma Tammy Spease Sean Souza Matt Stillman Chris Stirrat Rick Stotz Greg Strack Wendy Stncklin Naomi Stuart Pam Stultz Thad Summerhays Aimee Suter Matthew Swift Rodney Swift Sawn Tarango Tonya Tarango Michelle Tarin David Taylor David Taylor Miranda Taylor Ryan Taylor Todd Taylor Robert Thayer Renee Thomas Suzanne Thomas n ( Page 82 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High IDI Alison Thormeyer Rick Tillery Heather Timmings Richard Togge Dion Tolbers Jamie Torres Chris Tucker Michelle Tucker Malla Tyler Carol Umland Andrew VanRooy Bernardo Vasquez Robyn Vaughn Letitia Vega Rachelle Villarin Robert Vischer Stephanie Vischer Dennise Wagoner Dale Wahl Natalie Walk Tamara Waltman Brian Wasserman Rhonda Watts Lisa Wenworth Catrice White Jill Wilkinson Christine Williams Jennifer Williams Michelle Williams Volney Willett Dena Wilson Shannon Wilson Tracey Wilson Sydney Wingate Tammy Wingate Shannon Winson Jam! Wirth Joseph Won Liz Woolf Erica Wren Jaymie Yerman Tracy Yniguez 7th Grade Class Page 83 We worked hard to give you an outstanding book. This is your record of the year of 1981-82. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come. The 1982 Warrior Legend Staff COLOR SECTION: The entire Staff SPORTS SECTION: Tina Slatinsky, Julie Webb, Marianne Lakkees CLUB SECTION: Rhonda Carey, Tom Crandell, Jennifer Racey, Gary Whightsil, Kellie Long ACTIVITIES: Lisa Mayer, Julie Mahoney, Stacy Davidson, Sheila Daja- froodi. Dawn Nygaard, Christeen Rossiter STUDENT SECTIONS; Lisa 7th grade: Valerie Decker, Jennifer Lambert, Nadine Morbete 8th grade: Cindy Goodson, Kerry Kirk, Colette Olsen FACULTY PAGE: Scott Thomas and Daurence Hubert DIVISION PAGES AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGES: Mike Vogel and Ted Barker PHOTOGRAPHERS: Tom Crandell, Valerie Decker, Vickee Duncan, James Dyer, Na- dine Morbete and Mike Vogel RUSMAR Color Lab developed and printed all pho- tos Advisor: Vickee Duncan Herff Jones Representatives: Tenny Garner and Frank Chavez ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Page 84 Looking Inside Alta Loma Junior High H . O o J 9- - ' ' 3 3 o J 5 c vxs o. V34 W v ' ■■o VK s o fy e o v ,s. VxCvV eo. s mvvxe - t (QjVOl 1 ylL upu ( Vo P.S.TeAl oor j LiUL yy tOrJ y " Z y6 ' ' e ' - " ' O C i . c cc rt cy v v 2 :; A- v 2 ..,:SeS ?i r ' K a .j ' 0 .C ■ " V ' " • ' ' :J r. 0-3?i , . a P - " c - r V A, ' . 0 r O- - , ' LUXOUT}, To SxuiCVvx 5 ' Oo ' jQn " fL Mm tL U Z " • f Cr C-- y c, . - " y.cO ■ .to- ' ' V ' tP ■ ' l ga C, cec J ., - " " -- • " -s , •

Suggestions in the Alta Loma Junior High School - Warrior Legend Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) collection:

Alta Loma Junior High School - Warrior Legend Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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Alta Loma Junior High School - Warrior Legend Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 95

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1982, pg 20

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