Alta Loma High School - Sisunga Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA)

 - Class of 1987

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Alta Loma High School - Sisunga Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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»iAA J:,i V V 1 .l . ' V ... x f f y J 1 d° ., M h t •v V A " ' " 4 p 0 6 l v p ov5 V ? - (3,1 J J a j V ' 4- it, ° ' S j J° J 3 2H 7J o Si O - 7 Q. - sot. v nc . JUL. c c J y t T f 4 4 r iSucJ 87 22 yr really cfla £ efol l Kn rx J yepu. The, n icjlnt iThcanA TcWP Q0+ Cough t coas K5 « " JJT ™ e U rkJ. u Mp°cW t ' mc -hi £ H ye " , y " , i v rr -fot dlo ir life, y ' W . Wudy J7( See V u t ' S Summer. M ' « h Hf C W- £ : . ' Z a d u cJ£ u k 5 ; - -i ' 4T 5 u s« n x UtfjQ C . ' U ' C . ssnfy s 4 - ' aus 7 Ma !y cer cM y " 4 4 H»J A+f M j y J, c u J2 ? K S " r m ..• Jo, ° Jm ' ■ " » ■ " y . Yc fuua yS «« 42 lihvJ Alra Lomo High School, 8880 Baseline Rd Alra Lomo, CA. 91701 Volume 24 THEME The year of change for Alra Loma High School A new look SENIORS The Class of ' 87 shows us oil how irs " really done " i PEOPLE The new found enrhusiosm, brought by different faces of srudenrs and faculty, help unire rhe people of Alra Lomo High School ACTIVITIES More school involvemenr expressed by school ac nviries provides for a welcome blend of curnculor and co-curncular growrh ACADEMICS Scholastic achievement reached a level of excel- lence as Drove Spinr flowed inro rhe classroom CLUBS Clubs or Alra Loma High School provided expanded horizons for rhe exploronon of srudenr involvemenr SPORTS The orhleres hove gone beyond rhe coll of dury ro prove rhar ' The Pride Is Dock " 1 Right: Roberr Horrell makes rhe winning catch with only 57 seconds remaining in rhe Homecoming Game. Delow: New Drove Pride! The rowdies " show you where irs or! " m H r a mj l different sryle has hir Alro jT loma. Alro Loma ' s new " look began wirh a new principal, a new campus, a new brand of spirir and nor ro mention win- ning our firsr Homecoming in ren years Thar ' s a Toral Difference. Along wirh rhe new principal, Mr Ward, came a new ser of rules for Alra Loma. The main resrricnon was rhe enforcement of " closed campus " Most of the students were real upset, but everyone seemed ro manage without that quick run ro Catl ' s Jr at lunch. Concerning our new campus, we owe our grarirude to faculty and stu- dents for a great job. Students re- ceived a worm welcome back ro the 1986-87 school year wirh new sidewalks, landscapes, and a new paint job. Of course, there were more rrash cans so that students wouldn ' t have to prepare for a mile hike ro ger rid of rheir rrash A new form of spirir hit the stands and there was a new definirion added ro rhe word " rowdies " roral 2 Above Dove Koemg yells, " Gimme on ALT O M A! " Left: Aimee Surer shedding reors of joy after hearing her name announced os rhe Homecoming Queen of 1986 Above Deano Muehlich wairing ro see if her friends will moke ir on rime ro firsr period b ? ' Above: David Couwenberg, Shown O ' heorn And Par Perry . " Jusr can ' r be serious! " difference 7 (j -tfe irf- Striving for rhe finish in his super sleek, red rncycie, Seon Domion peddles rhrough one of our mony wild lunchnme oci 8 J V . . . More and more srudenrs rum- bled rhe sronds and cheered our reams ro vicrory. Our 1986-87 Homecoming Game was a vicrory for rhe firsr rime in ren years. Due ro a grear carch wirh only 57 seconds remaining, a new rradirion may have been creared ar Alra Loma. Our rhante ro all rhe players for an excellenr vicrory. A grear difference ar Alra Loma was rhe new lunch-rime acriviries for rhose srudenrs who wish ro be in- volved. More rallies were scheduled ro promore spirir. Insread of o rally every monrh, rhey were scheduled each week. For rhe srudenrs who wanred ro be in clubs, bur weren ' r sure which club was rhe besr for rhem, new dubs were formed. New leadership, coaches, and di- rectors, ser on armosphere for sru- denrs ro enjoy rhe 86-87 school year. Thar ' s a TOTAL DIFFERENCE. Above left: Tiffony Mirchell Shows her pride wirh enrhusiasm Above: Alro Loma Crowd Conrrol ar work again. Righr Jeri Nealy awairs a crirical call from rhe foorball game official t Lefr : Glorio Garcia reocrs ro o Droves ' rouchdown. Righr: Liz Drewsrer leads o Droves ' chonr or rhe Foorboll gome. Delow: Eddie Huerra prepares ro rhrow o firsr down poss. W 0 ' - WW»: ( " - . ' s Wj 1 7) Adrienne Adams LeeAnn Adams Debbie Aguayo Norma Aguirre Tonya Ahquin tfiM If ■■ «, ' Mark Alaniz Jamie Ames Anders Anderson Joserre Anderson Srormie Andrews Daniel Anrhonysz Ginger Arceneaux Laurie Armendanz Sal Arredondo - trilbt? MZUiO m Karne Daier Srephanie Dolderroma Adrian Danales Alana Darker Srephame Barnharr Julie Darreda Gory Barrell Marr Barrlerr Laurie Baughman Timorhy Baughman Holly Baxrer Brenda Beasley Carrer Beers Misry Beidelman Lora Benefiel David Beresford Michael Bong Scorr Borngrebe Reoecca Dorovsky Elizaberh Brewsrer Naralie Briano Sandra Bronder Jerry Brosr Dobby Drown Roberr Drown Devi Duchmiller Eric Duege Joson Durns Chrisrie Dyrem Dnon Coldwell Michelle Compos Anrhony Corio Shelly Cose Kimberly Clause Joson Cloy Angela Cobbler Elizoberh Collins Michael Collins ▲ » Roberr Combe Josephine Conley Julie Corey Jackie Correa Michelle Correz se tors 14 Bruce Dahm Andrew Delgado Travis Damian Candice Dickson Michael Dannenberg Jennifer Dierl Iris Davis Angela Dillon Richard Day Edie Dimmirr Karen Dimond Julie Dodd Jeff Donofrio Rebekka Douglas Monique Dunn seniors 15 Andrea Forresr Angela Frazier Cynrhio Fulkerson Carmela Gallardo Gloria Garcia seniors Darren Guerra Scorr Gundrum Melinda Gutierrez Brian Haines Cecil Hall ■ I Cheryl Henoerso George Henderson Norhon Henderson Michael Henry Gail Hernandez seniors 18 Perer Hoeksrra Jimmy He - ri Lauro laeger Michelle Jackson 4 «, i V J J f MiuV S Kerurc aren Jencks seniors 19 Richard Jepsen Deanna Johnson Srocy Johnson Tina Johnson Debro Jones Shorlo Jones Tirhzo Joseph Paul Juedes Roberr June Dorrin Kolm Chrisrino Kane Barry Karakas Theresa Keirh Michelle Kerch Dosik Kim Kim King Sheri Kirk Tonia Kirkland Jody Knighr David Koenig s ' 20 Kurr Koerrh Teresa Koonrz Chrisrian Kopperud Rose Koslowski Sreven Kuch Susan Kuruyilla Jason LaCasella Marnie Lafleur Leighanne Lafrenz Brian Lee Dyron Lee Tiffany Lewis Brian Lichrenberg Renay Lim Karhy Loomis Marc Lopresri Ruben Lorira Michelle Luke Todd MacCallum Lisa MacDonald ' John Marcell Trocy Morley Dovid Morosre Denise Morsholl Diona Marshall 4At5 Marrha Marrin Jacoba Marrines Lance Marrz David Masucci Chris Marrhews Gabnela Maul Julie McCormack Eric McKeown Hearher McMilon Missy Meldrum Chrisrine Mendez Mark Mensen Roberr Merrell Jennifer Merryman Lisa Merzger Kelly Meurh Rusry Mlddleron Karen Miller Kim Miller Wendy Milsap Michael Miranda Tiffany Mirchell Sean Mizuno Parri Moffarr Tami Mollneux Gary Morefield ' f ji i K k I I Carherine Moors Virgina Moreno Derek Morgensrern Marr Morrall seniors 23 mm Morrhew Moses David Mugg James Mullm Wendy Munson Lisa Murphy Raul Musquez Jeri Nealey Gregory Nelson Maria Niday Greg Neilsen Derek Noe Andrea Ocampo Jeffrey Oden Brian Oerly Naomi O ' Hearn Shawn O ' Hearn Shawn Ojeda Lisa Olguin Sracy Olmos Gino Orriz Lourdes Orriz Tom Ouchi Jennifer Owens John Palo Alexander Pongburn Fred Panroja Devin Pons Omar Pedraza Linda Pedroza Tony Pelaro WL ■- m A T W 1 . £ David Perro Elizoberh Perrus Henry Pfurzenrueier Shelley Pirrman 0£ John Plarr Scorr Porrer John Porrz Kolo ftiggio Julie Ripple seniors 26 James Scales Sracey Schneiderwenr Kenr Schuyler Karen Scoleri lammy bcorr Sandra Smirh Michelle Snyder Susan Sroiger Yvonne Srevens Joe Srringfellow Naomi Sruarr Wmee Sure Lucy Tanbunan Renee Thomos David Taylor Angelique Terranova )ebra Terry aron Thomas Suzanne Thomos Michael Thomson Rickey Tillery Sandra Tischer seniors 29 i ' ) y I I Shown Torrence Jamie Torres Michelle Tucker Rogelio Vargas Dernardo Vasquez Robyn Vaughn Roberr Vischer Srephanie Vischer Naralie Walk Tamara Walrman Jack Warshaw Drian Wasserman Tina Wayrynen Sreve Wearherbie Tim Welch Alerhia Wesley David Wesr Sreven Wilhoir Jill Wilkerson Volney Willerr c Chrisrine Williams Sondra Williams Sreve Williams Sylvia Williams Lora Wilson Shannon Winsor Denny Wong Michelle Woodward Elizaberh Woolf Deena Wrighr William Wu Jay Yerman Tracy Yniguez .- . ---- Above: Scorr Sen- ise is sparing rhe Hawaiian look Left; Liz Woolf is looking sry I ish. Julie Young Rachelle Younger Kimberley Zakrzeski seniors 31 W3t piCfmed. Sewo iS Gino Archuletra James Armsrrong Brian Daloun Sreven Darbee Richard Dames Mike Darooshian Karin Dergeron David Derancourr Ryan Dooras Marr Dullock Trevor Carlson Donna Carr April Chambers Donald Chambers Kimberly Collins John Crowley Jeffery Dock Pejman Dadras Robert Demski Erin Dornisch Sreveland Edwards Lisa Ferguson Kalani Firisemonu David Frankenberger Isaac Galloway Paul Galvan Michelle George Raymond Gigliorri Louis Graham Andrew Greer Michael Gurrola Gerald Hampton Chrisrme Haymes Krisrian Heilmann Marrhew Heimbruch Jack Helm Marrha Ibarra Shawn Jenkins Mark Klingensmirh Roberr Korfanra Raymond Larosquin John London Tracy Lopez Michael March Yolanda McFalls Jeff Mead Eric Medrono Regma Merryman Alec Miller Michael Miller Lucas Michell Marrin Monroya Ralph Morales Nicloe Myerchin Dennis Neeld Llem Nguyen Michael Olivieri Donna O ' Neal Jesus Orra Luis Prado Roberr Ragon Gary Raivo Jason Reilly Pamela Reynold Francisco Rodnquez Raul Serrano Stephanie Show Roberr Shephard Cindy Shorr Kennerh Shuler Manuel Soro Marrhew Snllman Glenn Srreer Jeff Teenor Sreve Tevis Koloneira Toki Siale Toki Frank Torrez Rodney Walker Drenr Walraven Traci Walsh Lori Weckerly Melanie Yores Lawrence Youhana Left Tammy Greene welcomes oil to our own rropicol paradise Above left Louis Alvorodo shows Scott Scolera how its done in Eco nomics Above right T MocDonold and Noomi Stuort ore interrupted by two un identical rwms. Drion Oerly and Mike Hawk during Spirit Week Right Fronk Tor rez does his impersonation of Don Ho on " Howonon Doy " of Spirit Week Spirit Week was 1 1 week of the Homecoming Gome to increase Drove Pride above Orion Oerly and Drion Cold well, obsorfc roily octiviries Right: Kurr Koerrh thinks before h oage ob Trocy Lopez searching for o Above right MkeHende- jnny do . left Adrian Donates Jon ' t be lieve yc r . £961 JOSSV10 100HDS HOIH VMOT VJ.1V ) e 4 4 a n City ' s. t t $ ' g j? cMu x +f " ( ,y , Hi ».N tfc) ! " « " Qr Kj luJjJV. vi5Ji)A. Wv - SAiX Cj vru. 0UA5L . 37 p Ik £ L - i The new found enrhusiosm broughr on by differ- ent foces of srudenrs ond foculry, help unite the people of Alro Lomo High School- The new od- ministrotion of Paul Word hos promored o more positive outlook of our school- Srudenrs ond sroff alike have witnessed rhis chonge. Students have been receiving more recognition rhon ever New positive reinforcements promore good at- tendance, overall performance, and also academic achievement The faculty hos adopted a new orrirude roward reaching This ottitude is colled " The power of posirive students " The odministrarion has pur rhis program inro motion The new found spinr rhar has been aroused by rhis program has mode Alro Lomo High the very besr 1 JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN FACULTY 40-57 56-73 74-65 86 99 1 ifuniors - « JHL 1 1 D » :i « v » 1 r F J( % jWr B M El 1 . [ ' a Jf 40 r 23 .. , ., i, ■V 1 Wi B i C p» i ri B ■ ■ m k ■ J 1 Hi WffllS %■» ar f:»i r vQI . 5 JB B W ' 41 Pere Pacheco showing his rable manners during a closs competition • ' ■dome ' ■ des ) ' 0Z Freddy Shonnon Albero Drock Alexonder Peggy .orodo Greg Alvarez ■ oon Yver ' e Amoro nes » Gina Anderson lerson Loree Anderson Danny Andrews •nese v Antonuca Mirond i ' ob a Samuel Armido e Armstrong " Renei Claude Elizabeth Doer Laurent Oa g Toma Daires Krysne Dakies Drod Mine D. Donne Dorber ■ ' ' OS - irly Dasen 3otes Humors 42 A fovorire of Stephanie Hendricloons and Amy Lonsway is a peanur burrer Twix Angle Deeley Jodi Dengsron Jodeen Derrolina Deon Dollorn Yvonne Dravo Dobby Drown William Burk David Dush Dennis Deene Ken Dengsron Josh Derr Chrissy Doors Dowen Drindley Tracey Drown Julie Durnes Monica Dusramonre Sandi Behrendr Jeff Dennerr Srephan Dirozky Ryan Doriller Carl Brionez Dannon Durg Rurh Durns Phillip Durler Monique Behunin Dill Derki Sreve Dlanchard John Doynron Missie Drocaro Greg Dell Mike Derg Missy Doal Tony Dozarr Deanna Drock Jennifer Dell Eydie Dernal Gndy Docanegro Eric Drady Shanon Drorby Gary Demis Julie Derry Jennifer Dolinger Randy Dranon Glen Drown iluiitors 43 .broJ Lisa Co Roberi Campbell i Condelos Grec John Co. JOiO ' dmole Todd De . Colon arson omern Por Coruso Jessie David Oerr Choomngren Cooper Dovn- sley iluniors 44 1 ! 1, Windy Cuevas David Decker Danny Derrick Dennis Drohan Mark Easrwood John Eich Erin Emilio Karla Escoro Lori Culbrerh Drenda Deffenderfer Sarbpreer Dhaliwal Piichord Drummond Doug Ecklund John Elliker Erik Engebrerson Dawn Espmoza Clark Cunningham Kelli Dehaan Elosio Diaz Diona Dubois Suzanne Edwards Carson Ellsworrh Trovis England Don Essary Kim Dame Jerry Delosso Vicki Dickhous Crysral Duchay John Eggleron Michele Emery Geno Ervm Jesse Esrrado Shannon Daniel Nicole Demauro Korhleen Dillon Craig Durron Tom Danna Edward Deon Lonnie Dimmick Michael Dye Nick Day Amy DeRose Denise Drohan Vicki Easron wm i indre Noe Figueroo Deya 1 i .Her Anih; ■ David F Jose. Reyno F ■ rbes Sarah Jano Kym Fi Seoi Monico ' ;ondo Carlo Fusco ii ' orge Liz G Trocy 1 • ogr Moniqiji Andy G Pou! G Sho.-. RocFx ei Golden Greg Gero i ez Gregory Gibson Poco Gomez iluniors 4G Lourdes Gonzolez Shelley Green Tom Guenrher Norris Hanna Koshell Hayes Jim Goodrich Tommy Green Anrhony Guerra Darnell Honrighr Lochelle Hoyes Chod Goulding Ano Gregord Gary Gushue Todd Hanson Michelle Hayes Ano Graff Laurel Gresham Krisrine Gurierrez Morr Harney Rochelle Hoyes Jennifer Gray Karren Gneco Ruben Gurierrez Marion Horris Sreve Hoyes Louro Green Orion Grimes Marcos Guzman William Harr Tom Hefry Mike Green Drion Grosenboch Mike Holderson Liz Hoyden Srephanie Henderson Stephanie Hendrickson David Herbrondson Courrney Hiarr Chris Henish Krisnn Herchenroeder Morr Higgins Dryan Henry Tracee Herling Shawna Higgs Humors 47 Here ' s Jono Geiger smiling for rhe o • ■ lorn tough Duniors 48 Sean Howell Ping Hsu Derh Hubbard Cheryl Huber Chnssy Huckoby Eddie Huerro Jock Hlk. ' rAond. Joe H Mary Hurcl •yorr ick son Jeff Jao Joggers iup celyn Renee ines Sefron Juarez Toby J een Julie Ki ■ iboll Poulo King Heorher Knox Kane Koenig Paula Lamberr Lance Leach Elena Leon Den Lopez Naronica Louisville Karhy Lund Michoel Mohoney Vodi Kole Joimi Lange Grace Leal Felipe Leon Lydia Lopez Krisro Loumon Nicail Lundquisr Monica M Aaron Kopnrz P,oy La Parry Sreven Lebel James Lesrer Sracy Lopez Chris Loverr Dionne Lynch Marrin Mais Ron Kopperude Michelle Laramie Sown Leddy Richard Levendoshi Chonin Lorerr Drer Lund Shawn Macleod Mcr.c Molozzi Dan Kramer Mike Larsen Dovid Lee Joel Logan Mike Kuch Jenelle Larson Mai Lee Tim Lombardo Mike Kuhn Jim Lowson Jason Leever Amy Lonsway Humors 49 V , March Chris Martin Wendy Mi Charleen Martinez iluntors 50 Kimbei Jomi McHan . ' . ' Michell McKay Michelle Medley 1 Monique McKendall Week Tommy McKendoll Daniel Melron ' . ' ' .■ ' .• Ed W • if McNobb V ' . vcKoe Junior, Louro Green, smiles briefly before going ro doss. Yvonne Minyord Luz Monres Melonie Moreou More Muraro Von Neeh) Lencio Ochoo Michele Olivo Kerry O ' Mullen Jenni Misch Yvonne Monroyo Trocey Morell Leslie Mussler Michele Nichols Parrick Oehmke Tommy Oliver Reyno Orro Robert Mogey Detsy Moore Lisa Moreno [ obby Musrer Greg Nelson Peggy Ogden Morr Olson Anno Orriz Adrienne Mondragon Corhryn Moore Roberr Moreno Kim Myers Derek Noe Chris Money Kim Moore Angi Morenrin Shannon Myles Eric Noreen Krikir Monreleone Saro Moore Mork Mosby Koren Nopoli Chris Nunnoliy Liz Monres Perer Morowerz Eric Mulhollond Mike Novorro Sorbpocer Oboliwol Kuniors 51 EWo ' e Pocheco Korc I ' odillo Poyne . Peorl Noemi Pedrozo Trocey Pendleron Trocie Peoples Kimberly Perez Cynrhio Perry Dono Pererson Kenny Pererson Sonny I ■ Rochat Al Po • Anne Pregenr Dono Presron Moyumi Qsodc acey Dovid Rogusa Ray Pv Tom P Aoron Reyo e Rea eese Shannon Reeser John Reyes Sondro Reyno Jomes Reynolds Kim Rhodes Charles Roberrs Tern Roberrson iluniors 52 Zochanoh Roberrson Brian Rogers Carmen Ross Shelio Souer Tina Scorr Joson Sharp Sracie Sherer Lynnerre Shull Fernondo Robinson Joson Rogers Greg Rowney Troy Soviolo Regis Scoubarr Sreve Shaup Terri Shiver Sracey Simmons Scorr Robinson Rid-; Rogers Julie Rush John Schaffer Scorr Sellers Troy Sheers Marino Shoni Dobbie Sloyron Todd Robinson Norolie Romono Tammi Solos Lisa Scheffher Ten Serrle Michele Sheppard Roberr Shorr Violer Robinson Denny Romero Jenara Sonchez Douglos Schick Karlos Rocha Gobnelo Romero Drian Sanderson Solly Schindel Yolondo Rodriguez Morlene Romero John Sonrana Kenr Schuyler duniors 53 Joe S Soro ■ Sporks Speser Gndy S. Holly Sr • anron i ' ephen evenson j ' eworr Todd V :troo Dwo-, Peggy Sweerwood Poulo Syder ,gort Joey T Lorenzo To . rote ' p et Tom ' • jposso eber ■ Oerson iluuiors 54 3»- MA E Jm|M Ah 1 J " % . " ll ' I it . " Gosh, rhis is sooooo much fun! " says Karren Gneco. Jonn Unquiz Michael Yalenri Jason Vanhuele Mike Velasquez Angela Viersen Cindi Vigil Scorr Wade Jerrad Wagner Michelle Wagner Kimberly Weir Karhy Welniak Jeff Wenger Roy Wieksma David Willioms Laurie Willioms Dill Wilson Caprice Wilson Mort Winger Joel Woodworrh Roberr Wrorholl Laurine Wrighr Joseph Wu Tsujinaka Yosuhiro Gilberr Ybanez Hecror Vargas Melissa Virale Lorie Wanamaker Christine Whisenond Richard Willioms Dnan Vea Susana Volpe Dobby Wonrz Kimarie Whirrle Rick Willioms Celia Velasquez Todd Vonins Chris Ward John Wickum Suzanne Willioms Jennifer Wabnig Chad Warson Carrie Wiedeman Debbie Wells iluniors 55 Erie Yerkey Ed Yniguez David Young Jeroy Youngblood Anrhony Zomoro Anno Zepedo NOT PICTURED Andy Anderson Chnsropher Durkhouse James Esrrado Susan Johnson Jimmy Moyze Joseph So Michele Anderson Joson Codri " lie Godsey i Julian ' Micheol Androde Gma Hall Joseph Karr. 7 Leah Smirh Roy A Tina n Tonya Harden .el Spado Rebecco Ayri Srephame Danes Malonie Hardy n Kenyon Corey Moore David Spe Thomas D . David Herberr Shelly Kirkley ' ■ ' xxe ers Henderson Liso Klockow Elizoberh Moreno John Dell • ' haon Maryjo Hernandez ■ oonrz Sreve Mueller iny Tomossi egio 1 ' so Raymond Hernandez Michelle Louder Chana Nguyen Yashiro Ts ■ Bergeron . Demouro Richard Herrera Michael Lmd . jmi Osodo Elaine Ursuo Drerr Doggs . Don Parncia Hinnchsen Almo Lomeli Tim Pence Ron Williams John Oronch Carme Douge Lisa Horndoy Taush. i Lyli Chnsri Poore Joymie Yermon Drook Drownell Vicki Easton Tereso Hyles Andy Manning Tino Ri ■lermon Duniors 57 H i opljomores - ' . 9 W 4 l rr ii0 . ' S Ik- " ' ■ ' ■ ;, Y 8 |3 «J ' i SOP f Pw K $ ■W,h| WlBPl " Moik Ado mi Thereio Adomi Chuck Adwell Deon Agnoleuo Clayton AhQuin Shown Ahlm Ann Mart Alontl Brian Airman Chad A Steven Allen Charlev Aliworer Jimmy Alvotodo Mono Alvaiado Sondio Alvarodo Moyio Alvarez Louie Ame Shonon Amej Anjo Anderson Roger And (ion Johnny Andrews Julie Angold Alex Apodaco Anlio Amgui Melivso Arongo Sol AtOUjO Tonllynne Aresro NIc Aiipe Jean. Claude Jessica Arredondo Alex Avolos Oonny Avetendo Sophio Ayolo Down Ayers Joelle OoKet Jennifer Dalini Sieve Doll Randy Dolling Chris Oolsono Dennis Oorker Motr Durhom Linda Dorlow Chrinopher Dome Docla Domes Cindy Oerredo Michael Dortholomoe Jason Dorlon Derech DasMn Heorher Dojs Danielle Doughmon Rebecca Doughmon Drlon Dover §opliomores GO wSSaSL Kaysone Boymonh Shonda Beord Vicki Beene Cosey Beets Julie Bernobei Scorr Bier Joted Dishop Cynthia Blanchord Normany Blonsrn Shod Doal Raychel Dolduc Matt Bonham Teresa Bonneville Chris Bonomo Sieve Boone Raylene Botovsky Trocey Boyer Erron Orody Jeff Broley Jonelle Breeding Eric Dronikowski Dion Brown Jason Drown John Brown Shown Brown Joelyn Brown Adam Bruboker Tiffonie Brunner Wendy Bryant Ingrid Duege Krisien Dullock Carl Durham Krysli Burns Patricio Burke Randall Durbank Chris Burroughs Diane Bush Julie Butler Chris Calafo Chris Calero Michey Cammork Marc Campos Renee Confwell Ion Carmichoel Kevin Comes Ryon Co-reo Donno Carroll Adorn Caruso Yolanda Castano Danny Centurioni Jennifer Cerronte Andrea Chapman Richard O Ann Choi Sean Clork Sondia Coffmon Darin Cox Robert Connmghom Steven Daroncette Victoria Deeter Yvonne ' 1 Poulo Choppi Shananne Clark Dommick Colenzo Jerry Crolr - im Currier Dnon Dovid Karhy Dial Clou Cheesebrough letlcio Cisneros Tod Clark George Comstock Robbin Crawford Do node Mo Cu si ma no Amber Davis William Dickey Mike Chum Orondon Clark Kirstina Cochian Scon Congrove Oan Crosby Nancy Dacumos Orenion Davis Cynrhio Dlmond Jennifer Conner Richord Crow Tfoy Dohm Jenny Davis Orion Dlnkleman Sherry Coopee Shannon Crowell i Daley Stephen Davis Klmberly Donovan Angela Costello Ronnie Cruz Angela Daniel Chmtino Day Rime! Dorff Ronny Coulret Richard Cummlngs Scoir Donnebetg Cindy Dearmond Jodi Domes §opl|omorcs 62 Doryl Dragoman Kevm Dragoman Alex Dufel Renee Duhaime Lainie Eldelbuie Matthew Edson Rachelle Eich Lynetle Eisele Dernedette Elvvin Jesse Engleman Drett Esler Pamela Espmoza Chris Fennonstruther Connie Figueroa Share Fleming Stacy Fletcher Michelle Fochesaio Jason Ford Keith Foidon April Forrest Steven Franklin Melody French Julie Frost Dermce Fulton David Gobel Jetf Gaines Shannon Galonti Esperonzo Galloido Jonet Gomboa Andrew Garcia Dovid Gartner Steven Goskell Angela Gawn Lisa George Debbie Gerken Jenmtet Gettel Laurie Gilbert Anjona Gill Natolie Giurlando Julio Gonzales Melame Gill Parncia Glaser Duane Gonzalez Greg Gillum Luis Godmez Steve Gonzalez Jeff Gillum Dean Godsil Michelle Gooding Kimberly Gilmore Chorles GoH Shelley Gotsuch ioptiomores 63 Shown Gtoy Tiffany Gtow Gunn Tomi Hogy Suzanne Hamilton Kevin Horm DeWovne Hendenon Joton Hill Shown do Greet Sonjo Grunden I ' io Guntei iudl Homoi Lisa Homplon Heather Haug Jon Henry Jenny Hogon Scott Gum Dennu Gueno Jamei Gum Krm.e Hall Jeffrey Hond Amanda Howley Steve Hei Belinda Holdndge Oowid Groii Gmo Guidubaldi Roquel Guzman Clolte Holllmon Derek Hatken Chninne Hoyet Jetf Heimon Michelle Hollodoy Sam Giow Jennifer Guidubotdt Scott Hagui Olno Homboleh Amy Hollow Moitho Hoye Duke Hetnondez Scon Hoopingornet Maimer Heidi Heimbtuch Michele Hernandez Choilei Hotlochei Krllttt Hoinngron Chin Helm Kelli Heiheiingron Loiiy Hotchkiji Joion Harm Dnan Hendenon Heathei Hill Angela Houghton §op il omores 8-1 Debbie Houk Tammy Hunter Candice Jenkins Katrine Jones Claire Keeney Sydney Kick Shelly Knox Alison Kfome ' Jason Houston Stacy Ingle Mike Jenkins Elizabeth Jordan Dawn Kelley Raquel King Kiisten Korkko Catilyne Kuhrmann Heather Howlond Kevin Ironside Tim Jessup Jackie Kaiser Gina Kelly Man Klingei Fiank Kourris William Lamb Kym Huckaby Drian Jackson Michelle Jobe Denay Karakas John Kelly Drian Klock Frank Kowcl Shotma Lancaster Aida Huerta Jami Jackson Jennifer Johnson Mike Karsten Morsho Kelso Kevin Hulnagel Richaid Jackson Kenny Johnson Richard Kater Eddie Keser David Hunsucker Michelle Jalynskl Jason Jones Nia Kaye Mellsso Keser Paul Hunt Tammy James Sarah Keene Tobindo Kahn optjomores 65 Mpl.iiQ Lang Tony Louoi Rod Lover OolO lowli ' dCP Eotl Lowion Kwong Lee Deottice Looper Deonna Lomom Allien Loon Mellna Levano Sean Levin Dtlon Lewli Came 1 " ' i Ryan Litley Stanley Lim Jeny Logon Pete Loiko Alma lomeli Dreit Long OuHy longmock Chmty Lope David Lope; Grade Lozano David Lt kell Anthony Luna. Otion Lund Dotboto lyne l llzobtlh Mocioj Christine Maeoka Angle Moo; Sandra Mogrudet Otondon Major Violette Molondo p. ,. ■■ . Mul ' .l . i. J. ' . Panlck Monftedi Tina Mangold icon Manning Yvonne Moitz Doug Matiean Julie Maisagli Holly Molten Dtyan m || Drent Matthews Michelle McAidle s ' Otide Kyle McCotthy Trocy McClone Jenni McDowell Mellliio McGetliick Nicole McKendol Erin mi lame 66 Annette McLane Alvino Michel Michelle Mladeooff Stephen Moore Dyron Myles Julie Nye Jenifer Ogle Kelley Olmos Kelly McNally Sieve Mickelsen Vivion Milendez Tomato Moore Jodi Nelson Silvio Ochoo Kafhryn Olander Shone Olsen Cindi McNulty Donella Miller Robert Molina Joe Moroles Jon Nuefeld Koten Odor Deanno Oltvo Dtlon O Malley Stacy Mechem Sonyo Millet David Monaghan Rubi Morales Michele Nevanez Chris Oerly Michelle Cliverio JeH Onstotr Scon Mehle Tom Millet Ed Mondragon Slefoni Moyers Ted Neward Dob Melvin Chod Milsap Greg Moote Deono Muehlich Vuong Nguyen Stephanie Menkel Jenni Mimiaga Greg Moore Mondi Murphy Jerry Nocciolo Datleen Miata Brian Mitchell Jaime Moote Chris Mutray Jason Noriega §opljomores 67 Oolsono sronds wondering who colled her nome TO ft 1 7WP Joicd Omiteod Define Onega Juon 011 90 Matthew OUT Showno Oibotne Down Osmundien Jenny Onoion Omot Palomotei Cmdy Paiket Scott Potkei Oovld Pofi Jated Povlich Jpanno Peail Kilillno Peotion Adriona Peter Tommy Peier Ttsho Peiez Oil! Peikm Anthony Petty David Petty Nicole Petpr on Koine Peyton ■ Mike Phillies Mik» Pinalto Mike Pieice Koten Pietianti Klmbeily Pike Sieve Plttmon Angela Pollock Tom Pollock Tim Ponei Ltnell Potiet Moriy Pilce Dtondon Pioctoi Eugene Piovencio Wendy Quinron Richoid Rodne lennifei Ragu%o Joke Rom Frank Romoi Shown Rondoll Kevin Ronkei Allenne Roy Fionk Re Jennllei Reddig Diendo Roe Doug Reed Glnny Ree Rebecca Reeie Etlc Rennet Andy Reyer Sophomores 63 Sherie Reynold Momco Rodriguez Dorry Rudesil Alez Sanchez Cheryl Souer Gayfon Schusrer Eric Sevier Heather Shomber Chris Reynolds Andrew Rogers Gory Rudesil Corolino Sanchez Ralph Sovmoch Scon Drodley Dryan Sharkey Michelle Showers Trisha Richofds Jeremy Rogers Down Ruiz Lionel Sanchez Tiacey Schneidewind Melmda Scott Andrew Shehon Corol Silbeiberg Kerry Richardson Scon Rohner Irene Rutenburg roberr Sanchez Laune Schteinei Scott Seiling Mandy Shepard Rochel Sims Kenny Rivas Greg Rosoii Ross Ryon Sondy Sanchez Kimberly Schumann Loura Senecol Thomas Shinick Jeff Smith Mitchell Roberts Troci Rounseville Armondo Saovedra Leticio Sandoval Sandra Robles JeH Rowe Eliseo Solos Siacey Sassomon Dfod Rockhold Deeno Rou Lee Sotterfield §oplioniorps 69 T ' T 1 snsaaw ■ Aebecco Smith Stocie Smith Laurie Snoot Denjomln Spek Paul Sprodltng Joion Stanley Kenny Sionley Jennlfei Stotf Koten Steele Michael Stomwotd Jon Siewoti Kim Sutton Edwatd Swortr Sally Swift Tuna Swttze Heoiher Tolleui Olivet Tombunon Chtti Taimah Dobby Taylor Jetemy Teague Matque Thole Gieaoty Thomai Ryan Thomai Siacey Thomai Nick Thompion Sonyo Thompion Dome! Tillett Otod Toki Kaio ToKi luo Tonei Shown Towniend Angle Trejn»r Elk T»out Diana Tucker Joy Tuncoy Cmdy Tutner Jennilet Ulloo Jimmy Urqulzu Gtegoty Vondetbllt Miguel Vorgoi Monica Votgoj Cotmo Vaiquez Mark Vaughf Arthur Vega Debbie Velez Isabel Venegai Tom Vetcoce Tino Vetdltym Tncia Vierjon Pouletre Villofon Jim Vallotd §opliamorcs 70 1 ' M l MM mt A m Art Villoreol Rick Weedmon Eric Widney Jennifer Williams Chuck Vogllordo Kevin Wemch Jeonene Wiersma Jeremy Williams Sonio Volpe Marci Weniz Wilcox Noelle Williams Sandra Walker Teddu Wesley Mark Wilkinson Rebecca Williams Denise Walraven Michael West Adam Willey Matt Wilson Nichoel Wolston Mario Westbrook Drady Williams Shone Wilson Veronica Wontz Kimberly Wester Joson Wilhoms Sherry Wolf Scon Wossermon Charles Wheeler JeHery Williams §opt?omorfs NOT PICTURED Vincenr Alcalo Daniel Ashby Ouinten Chieso Kathleen Jordan Susan Meyer Tony Thomsen Gutlleimo Daez Krishna Collins Duffy Langmaack Robert Onega Steven Ursua Sonya Deargeon Hector Cornejo Earl Lawson Nicholos Papos Richard Veirooo Angela Dennert Sean Damian Scot Leonard Korl Poms Jason Wode Oieni Dessert Theresa Delaguera Joy Lerouge Shawn Rizzo John Wagner Kimberly Oosworrh Greg Dickinson Patricia Matodobra Ray Rojas Michael Washington Kathleen Duchanan Jody Donovan Shanen Matthews Rolph Sovrnoch Jason Weaver Michael Quckwalter Michele Favieau Dawn McDuffie Ted Scott Amber Webb Randall Durbonk Paul Feneira Thomas Medina Jeffrey Smuh Christina Werner Tiaci Dutd Colby Gergovich Vivian Melendtez Kenyon Stanley Priscrlla Zabala Michael Cetnile Alez Ghibaudo Robert Mendoza Stephanie Swafford Jennifer Cervantes Albeti Gonzoles Anjo Hendrickson Jennifer Tefank Eddie Thompson kfc Ih iJVl Y i . -A ' §optiontores 12 §oybomorcs 73 freshmen fvk. 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Illuia Fielding Jennifer Filkmi Paige Fiorenlino Deno Firestone Chuck Fosketl Slone Folu Down Freeman Jason Freeman Nancy Frey Titfony Fuhimann Dill Fulbrighr Nlkki Funics Jamie Golvon Roland Goiclo Knstine goed Apiil Gardnei Sheila Gardnei Lisa Gomm Trim Gonzales Chnsnna Gonzales Gabe Gonzales 5racy Goodrich Robert Gorson Shanno Graves Debby Green ' . -r GilMin Tim Guenther Charles Hajny Micheol Hall Ellle Hamilton Troy Hampton Jim Hanna JFrpsljnicn 78 Poul Hoproff Oovid Hordel Oryon Hoigreaves Deanno Harmon James Hone Erin Haug Tioy Hawkins Susan Haymes Malt Hozen Kara Henry Erin Herman Chrisrina Hernandez Danny Hernandez Jesse Herreno Erin Hickman Mike Higgins Yvene Higgins Kennerh Hill Jennifer Hillman Shawn Hodges Jay Hague Susan Holt Mike Homburger Dwayne Horlachei Honencia Hoilay Devi Hughes John Hughes Sue Hunsicker Aoion Huilbel Chad Jackson Geoff Jocobson Eric Jepsen Adam Johnson Jenny Johnson Mark Johnson Jason JoJolo Joshua Jones Josh Kopchmsky Jennrfei Kolrenich Shannon Kan Kim Kaufman Krisiin Kellos Orel Ketly Gma Kelly Sidia Keys Erik Kimberly Kelli King Lizzie King Jeremy Koepke Kelly Klingensmith Heoiher Kolde Tracy Knight John Kord Krisfmo Knitrle Leo Ann Koster Chris Kresch Tom Kyllion Claudia Logos Shannon Longhorne 73 a»s Poilt Lone Mickie Lotomle Ofog Latven ftellna Loinopei Connie Leoch Abel Leal Chtiirine Leddy Many Ledeimo Kommie Lee Danielle Leller Drlon LeMoiiei JoAnn Leonard rrlnl i eillf Jon Leu Tfevoi Lim Toney Lindiey DHley Lockhori Heoihei Logon Loil Lomboido Dean Long Debbie Loomii Tomoro Lopez Vlckl Loiett Kim Loumon Denjl Lulon Magdolena Lumowoh Adam MacGulre Moit Maku John Molool KfiMol Mondevllle Siocey Moneys Tina Manello Eileen Morlln Demodette Mortlnez Delia Martinez Erin Moiilnez Nancy Maiiogli Chiiv Matthewi Mark Matihii Chdi Moyei Molly Moynord MiKe Mazouch Ed Mozzucco Mart McCobe Kflitl McCoilhy Vicloilo McConnell William McConnell Drlan McCormock Trlno McCuidy Steve McHugh Tenl McKendoll Kenl McKnlght Eddie McNobb RayAnne Meek Dominic Mejia Sam Melton Alejondio Mendez Leilie Mendozo Nell Mercurlu Robin Menell 3Fresi?mrn 80 » Lorl Meso Valerie Miles Derlck Miller Jeremy Millet Lisa Miller Perer Miller Andrew Mlnney Travis Minyord Sherri Misch Drenda Mitchell Enc Montalto Mono Monies Laura Monroya Daniel Moore Jason Moore Robert Moro Erico Morales Darry Morally December Morelield Jeff Morell Jodi Morris ShariLynn Mortenson Kim Moyers Dovid Munoz Renee Myerchm Rick Myers Tonyo Nascimemo Jim Nelson Jennifer Nawara Shannon Newhouse Chrisrine Nguyen Hanh Nguyen Cindy Nguyen Lisa Nielsen Loura Norcuir Carhy Nordsick Kevin Noyes Cindy Nunnally Arlene Ochoa Sreve Orro Jason Olden Mike O ' Mullen 5uzanne O ' Neill Jeff Oris Dione Podilla Juoniro Podillo Lee Painter Yver Palano Elotne Pollores Shelley Pong Damian Porodo Mike Parham Trocy Poremba Robert Parson Heather Peorce Drondi Percival Norma Perez Charlie Perrera Sreven Perry 31 " I ' m lore to closs again ' " exctoimes Chnsne PHP 1 I v; ■£, . ft ' Pflf 9 •■•■• e Peterson NicKi Porn Eu 9 ne Probst Noncy Ragon Michelle Reo Darren Richardson Chris Rlveto Condlce Rogets Leslie Russell Lisa Pfolzgrap Ttoct Posey Michelle Pulone Dernodette ft ■■ Sieve Redmon Heolh Richordson Valerie Rttio Jason Rogerson Stephanie Ryberg Do. • n Phores Cindy Powell Peter Putver Gobby Ramirez Stephanie Reich Aaron Richey April Roberts Robin Roll Nicole Sanchez I.-. lifer Phelps Chorine Preston Jenni fer Ouiniano Sherry Ranck Danny Reisner Stephanie Rideout Croig Roberts Rosa Rometo Neno Sandoval Yvvlf Potonco Tim Price Amy Rodcllffe Anthony Ronds Sid Reiiner Lisa Riehn Deiek Roberts Mike Ross Jim Schotet Luigi Rende Krisry Riggle Chris Robinson Wes Rowson Tod V ' ■ Jonene Rhoods Jason Riley Stephonte Robinson Damen Rotich Aoton Schlee Otian Rich Steve Rivov Amy Rochney Domonic Rush Cathy Schrenbauen if resljmen 82 flk A :m : , Melissa Schroeder Dusrin Scott Jetfy Scon Ryan Scoft Julie Senise Lynda Sexton Susie Shaup Keri Sheppaid Zack Sheretz Waller Shimel Amy Short Shene Siegrisi Ryanne Simmons Poulo Smelser Donus Smilh Molt Smith Christy Smoot Morio Soto Terry Sowers Melissa Spoor Liz Stoiger Drooke Steele Brian St Germain Mitch Snllmon Mark Stratton Rob Street Angela Srringfellow Shawn Strontus Tammy Srroud Molly Suter Melissa Tapia Devon Tote Jim Taylor Mark Taylor Robbin Taylor Stacy Taylor Toylmg Taylor Adriane Teague Tina Teran Elizabeth Terrell Drenda Themen Traci Thomos Kim Thompson Pom Thomson Tim Thotnhill Pat Tierney Mele Toki Veronica Torales Kristin Tories Tracy Torrez Lance Townse Oihn Tron Donny Trimmer Sondy Turnoge Mark Ungles Tamoro Upchurch Jerry Uribe Jennifer Voiles Stacy Von Dron Jeremy Wade ifteslftnen S3 Mike Wognet Vikkl Wagner Crysiol Wohl Roymo Walker Rick Walker Ttocie Wolli Andrea Walion Shouna Warren Wei Wos.koski Chrlsry Webb Joclyn Webb Ken Webb Christina Werner Man Wesley Sieve Wilcox Cindy Wilhoit Jill W.lley Chrlsll Williams Demse Williams Michelle Williams Scon Willioms Toml Williams Deonno Wilson Jarrell Wilson Kevin Winn Yvonne Winston Derrick Yomach Judean Yamaguchi Rebecca Ybana Diane Ymgllng Merednh Young Ty Young Kerl Yount Livto Zaccarla Kris Zocharlos Mike Zokneski Dtanno Zandbergen Jennifer Zen Rebecca Zepedo Norma Zunlga Dee Ann Zwerner .» ' 84 NOT PICTURED Michael Allen Jon Downing Jean Ishihara Richard Marquez Galen Schliem Tommy Anguiano Oernadette Elwm Thomas Kilhon Sherry Mortin Semisi Sekona Roberta Arzola Shon Estel Crysral King Joannie Matzkiw Da ve Simpson Sean Derg Edworl Flegenheimer Mary King Lynetfe Milligan Toby Smith Came Dircham Dennis Ghilbaudo Robert Kills Jon Moon Paul Valentin Stacy Cannon Kri5ti Grosenboch Jerold Kuhn Chris Morrow Carlos Vargas Rosemary Cano Julie Hieber Daniel Lara John Ortega Robert Womsley Amanda Conklin Caren Holmes Robert Larson Tracy Poremba Kevin Word Motion Cordova Elviro Huerto Leaon Lemons Kim Richords Stephanie Whirtord Elizabeth Crespo Eric Hunt Chris Lewis Cesar Rodriguez Marcus Delavol Mike Hutchinson Rebecca Linn Joseph Sconlin ■ Above Alro Lomo Students show rheir spirir on " Twin Day " Right Jodi Nelson and Nikki Funros orrend One of rhe rallies Delow lefr Conversation between classes is o fovorlre pastime Delow right Julie Cole, Ktistine Gard, and Knsrie Riggle have fun ot the Football gome ikw ■ ifreslfmen 85 M ■ tmrm s t7 - mxss y° u ' S uT A t a r y OX)RL faculty S ' t trr tAm c Pa to ' %! - V SB A . t jfr ' w-:; , 1 I i 1 | . w i ' i " fc R T 4 faculty Kobert Abilez Grounds Cornnen Albo Library Shirley Aloclo Secrerory Jill Anderson English Par Arnold Performing Arts Carolyn Domes Career Center Joonne August , Norma Austin County c V f 1 £jt f N Monte Darnes English Weslene Axrell Cofetetio i Doles County Decky Donneville Physical Education Special Education 88 Kathleen Crowrher Morh Steve Csokai Business Candy Curley English Tom Curley Science Wolrer Donaldson County Classes Robetf Duno Foreign Language Judith Duross Social Studies Denice Eales Health Assistant 80 ' Faculty A 1 " " w 1 -x ' -J - k. 1 fct Kon t; V ■ ■ Assisront Principol Tromer UOD hKes Indusrriol Arts John Freyr - Moth Cheryl Fish Procror Lou Garcia Operations Foreman a " n k V ' -l | k Suson Elston Student Store Monoger • w ■ ■ - - a fl Coren F I . English Karen Gerdes English Koberr FlocKer Math Drivers Ec Corlos Gonzalez Grounds Cindy Gut Moth Art Dep Cofen ?L - 111 ffe w - ' ' - " . aH m Sruorr Heaid Drivers Educorion P,honao Hem Physicol Educorion Clark Heiple Arr Department Jo Ann Henkel Work Experience, ROP Sherry Hogue English Ceiesre Jimmez Procror Donold Hollodoy Physical Educorion John Holladay Science Manbe English Mark Kabisch Operanons Alex Kaydo Science Angeleno Keeney English 91 faculty Mory A Ke . Sponsh Dob Ke ■ Administrative Assistant Physicol Educonon Larry Merchant Vice Prinopol Charlene Moyer Coreer Center Deboroh McLeod Marh Special Ed Aid Margaret Mesa Librarion Oris Mitchell Grounds Mary Moffarr Counselor Judy Molnor Cafererio Nancy mons Ousiness Tom Nolly Counselor Jeon Neault Secretary Gerald Nursemer Industrial Arts 92 Louise Pavey English Drerr Proctor Learning Cenrer M- n i t 1 1 m 1 i Rurh Parker Business Don Perers English Joserre Perrocelli Recepnonisr Joner Pulcholski Morh Al Rhodes Governmenr Mono Rodriguez Spanish Neen Parrerson Counselor C Mono Phillipson Cafereno Jozerre Richardson Special Educarion Joyce Romo Coferena 33 4 faculty roui xige Counselor Jen Showoirer Records Clerk Audrev English fc Cindy Smirh Science . Smirh Srudenr Srore Vero Smirh Secrerory Speciol Education Koren Smelser Learning Cenier Aid ry Jicrvt Arr Spanish 94 Rhonda Wenger Secrerary Deornz Zira Spanish Merle Wesrlake Equipmenr Manager Howard York Science Jeanne Young Secrerary Not Pictured Jerry Acosra Cynrhio Mohaffey Janer Apsega Grace Maloy Joe Deckley Doug Marnn Par Coiro Darlo McKee Wanda Courey Jan Olson Nancy Jacobson Mary Plerhe Kris Karlsren Vi Ramsey Melanie Lavering Dan Sweeney Ed Lopez Gary Thornhill Slate Pictures David Darwazeh Science Lyle hrancisco Sociol Studies Goyle Chnsrensen English. T P. Times Dione Donaldson Counry Classes Vincenre Garao Sociol Studies Tom Cook Physical Education Diane Dunbar Speool Education Aide Karen Gerdes Morhemancs 1 V f Gary Cronan Physical Education Donnie Engel Speool Education Druce Gove Computer Soence • 96 Mike Harrison Sociol Studies Ike Iddmgs Psychologist Mike Kelly Social Srudies Sreve Levering Physical Educanon Sylvester Meyer Grounds Joe Policki English Arr Keougn Physical Educarion Porncia Lowne Language Specialist P,uby Murphy l OP Gabe Perrocelli Performing Arts Saralee Kroli Homemakmg Diane Lewis English Jarvis Pohl Science Sandra Phillips Insrrucrional Aide Anne Krouril Subsnrute Jeff McCall Social Srudies Ann Palicki English John Pickering Social Srudies 97 Wait Pictures Aioerro Wormdani Droma, English Bill Vermilyo Counselor The yeorbook sroff would like ro rhonk the foculry of ALHS for rheir coopero rion on helping us ro improve rhe quoliry of rhe foculry secnon The rime ond ey rook hos helped rhe srudenrs of ALHS We oppreoore eoch ond every individuol efforr Thonk you oil very very much 98 39 • • 4 t . ■ " . » • • • k ' . .•«• » , •••••■ ::: ••♦•: • » - . . " • :::::; n I r . i Iff ' V v i £ v ■ kJI 1 w l Ifrw ■A " fv j| 1M 3 " L jy „ ore school involvement expressed by I H school ocrivines provides for o welcome ™ blend of curriculor ond co-curricular growrh 1986-87 hos rurned our ro become o defmire yeor ro remember due ro oil of rhe ocrivines people hove been involved in From rhe Pep Squod ro A. 5 D. Alro Lomo hos come a long way in spirir and parriciparion. Alra Lomo acriviries mode rhe school yeor seem more enjoyable, rhanks ro all rhe sru- denrs Rollies b Donees 102-100 Vorsiry Cheer 104-105 Songleoders 106-107 Pep Comm b Mascors 108-109 Homecoming 110-111 Marching Dand 112-115 Arrached Unirs 116-117 Chambers 118-119 A Cappello 120-121 Concerr Jazz Dond 122-123 Kings Dall 124-127 Mr Alra Lomo 128-129 ASD .. 130-133 Tepee Times ... 134-135 Yearbook ,... 136-137 School Play 138-139 Senior Wills 140-141 LLlllU EE LtillLrl: tUliLLL 00EE CiLLU H . scheduted mony ours ' ■ ' oughour the year Rollies ond re among rhe rop on rt !g everyone ro hove o chance ro participate Our formol dances hove brought out mony cure couples while our srog dances hove creored o few also ' 3 bring rhe lower classes ■ upper dosses .Alro Loma High supporred •o bring rhe Drove spirit olive Cringing the Drove spirit to a high d ' 87 year was loroely due ro rhe be o port of ond Above eft: her doing v. - besr Above nghr " I know, I forgor ro shove my leg; V-ii o Ki-nsrv - rial n iLt Rallies 6 Donees iLt QJ3SBU LL tULlLV TO MLrO MS O rfc . ■ the peers who helped us (accomplish our highesr goal bringing rhe pride bock ro ALHS The pride we roke in our school is rhe pride we rook ro camp which lead us in receiving rhree Superior Ribbons ond o firsr ploce rrophyi On behalf of myself ond my squod we would like ro say rhor ir hos been on honor ro be a parr of rhe yeor rhor is known ro many osTHE PNDE 15 DAW Gloria Garcia Vr Cheer Cop ' om iLs. L,so Murphy Paulo Lornbef Above left Krisnne show rhe roily crowd she ' s proud ro be o Drove Above nghr The girls perform rhe most exciring srunr of " ie yeor Lefr The Pep Squad or rhe Diamond Jubilee show rheir pyramid w ,che»e Keich MX Geno Ervm Vr Cheer iLfc LuL LLLV EC Li:LLr BGtiJGE n n behalf of rhe 1986-87 Varsiry Songleading Squad, I would like ro rhank rhe enrire srudenr body and staff of ALHS for your conrinued sup- porr and encouragement in bringing rhe PRIDE BACK inro ALHS ' One rhe mosr exciring evenrs of our year was arrending USA Camp in Son Diego There we compered and we were awarded one excellent and eleven superior ribbons. The besr parr of camp wos bringing home a firsr place rrophy Honesrly I musr soy we did have a few difficult obsrocles ro overcome, bur we have pulled rhrough, and are having even a grearer rime promor ing rhe spirir of Alra Loma. Tammy Greene Vr Song Capr V .50U 1 Above left Yvetre bote on hoping our basketball teom mokes rhe point. Above right Monico and Tami leading the crowd in the Alma Mater Above Cheryl, Karrie. Tami M , ond Tommy G display how times have changed Tommy Greene V.senQ i v.soug 1o m. Melzer ILL Vr Song Top Tammy wishes peace rhroughour rhe world Above " How did rhose mosquiros ger in rhe gym? " mew Korne ttaer ctie ryl Hober V Yverre Amaro Vr Song lli . i y IrLLUUttLliLLLLi; b LtdtlrLtt t r his year would be any Pep Commissioner ' s dream come rrue Warching rhe fans or rhe games, rhe srudenrs ar rhe rallies, and rhe general enrhusiasm around campus is rhe grearesr feel- ing I could ask for. Thanlss ro all of rhe srudenrs and sraff who have kepr up such a posinve arrirude. I especially wanr my lirrle family of cheerleaders ro know I love you all so much Demg rhe 1986-87 Pep Comis- sioner was borh difficulr and chal- lenging, bur by far, ir was rhe mosr fun I could ever experience Aimee Surer 1986-87 Pep Comissioner L| ow, rhis was a grear way ro v oegm and end my senior year! Being a mascor for AL has been a grear experience for me Afrer all, being moscor gave me an excuse ro acr crazy around campus for all rhe righr reasons I appreciare all of rhe supporr rhor I have received from rhe reachers, odminisrrarors, rhe cheerleaders, and mosr of oil rhe srudenr body Ir ' s been greor re- presenring AL as an Indian Drove Thanks for a successful year! Sondra Rene ' Williams ILL Lemg a mascor for Alro Loma High School has nor only been a fun experience, bur also a learn- ing experience. I ' ve finally had a chance of be mg involved in our school. Ir has opened my eyes ro rhe realizarion of rhe hard work which our ream players, pep squad, srudenrs, and sraff pur mro acrivines raken place. I rruly enjoy represenring our school On rhe rrocks, on rhe fields and on our courrs-ir ' s a proven facr our PRIDE IS DACKi Liz Drewsrer M c LrLLLLiLi , Ira Loma ' s school spirir is really on LL rhe rise rhis year. All of rhe sru- denrs and reachers ore feeling a sense of pride wirhin rhe school Alra Loma used ro be rhe underdog in rhe disrncr bur rhose orher schools berrer warch our because rhe pride ar Alra Loma is back and ir ' s here ro sray 1 " Our J V cheer worked very hard, and had so much fun! Our achiev- menrs ar camp included rhe Spirir Srick, and rhe Superior Trophy. Bur mosr im- porranr of all, our goal was accom- plished The Alro Lomo Pride Is Dock Tiffanie Drunner J V Caprain Above lefr Michelle McArdle and Tami Hogy cheering or rhe Chrisrmos roily Above nghr Mono Alvorodo ond Debbie Gerken porncipore in rhe half-rime, Grape Dowl fesriviries Lefr Michelle McArdle, Krisren Dulluck, Cindy Dorredo, Debbie Gerken Tami Hogy, Sonya Thompson, Maria Alvorodo, and Tiffanie Drunner Above: Coproin Tiffanie Drunner and Debbie Gerken, caughr berween classes, cheesin ' for rhe camera JV Cheer lilt LLliLiLlrLiLiLli all EC LLlLLlL: I ' ll ■ -i w i ■ L L L t r his sure has been on exciring year for our foorball ream. Alro Lomo proudly won our firsr Homecoming game in years Dur- ing holf-rime rhere was exciring fireworks show. Spirir Week began wirh long srrings of blue and whire balloons, srrung from one side of rhe campus ro rhe orher. Differenr spirir days were ser inclu- ding: Hawaiian, Toga, Nerd, Twin, and blue and whire day. Many of rhe srudenrs parricipared in show- ing our school spirir. " As rhe scroll unrolled on rhe nighr of Ocrober 24rh, I knew rhar would be rhe mosr exciring nighr of my life. I feel so honored ro repre senr our high school . rhe high school in which srudenrs can now say, wirh pride, rhar rhey are ALTA LOMA CRAVES 1 " " I hope rhar nexr year when I come back ro crown rhe 1987 88 Queen, she will feel as excired and happy as I did. " Thank you, Aimee Surer llli Above Aimee Surer ond her court Shonnon Cush mon, Tommy Greene, Srephonie Dolderromo, Su son Fmo, Grerchen Puschmonn, ond Liz Drewsrer Oetow nghr Grerchen, Tommy, ond Aimee enjoy will 1? -F ■ € 1 ? fo|| le+ ' 5 3 d, T ' m aU J w £ w t , yd " - $ " 0 f , r r j r - y wtr ecoming tu Q,iAJQ, ' t - ; II i LiCLlilrLLLLLL: I ' ll t ' LLLi LL-ClV nderson, Gno Archuleto, Ralph Ayolo, Debro Azorovitz. Drandon Clark, Gregory Clme. ftandie Clourier D H nv Dooge, She» Dennis Guerra, Steve Ho HorchlMSS, Angela Houghron, Jei n, Dorr om Lockarr. Timothy Lombarc 1 ary fV Odor. Christine 0 Osodo. Lee -. asserrrx ■can Darker, Chris Dames. Thirkield Barnes. Rebecca Dov . Qrady rfer Conner, Troy Dohm. Scott Dannenberg, Karhy Dial. Dean Diomedes. Scott DoeWer. Angela G. ■■ ennlfer -xis Green. Sonja Grunden. Erin Hermon, Eric Horn, Lawrence er.Tabindo 1 ' erud John Kord. Frank Koums. Tony Lassos , Maeoko, Sandro Magruder, John Moloof, Ed Mozzucco. Pam McCormick. Melissa egory rtelson. Michele Nevorez. Theodore Neword. Karen hony Perry D Jumrono. St ■ Stacey Sossman, Dean Sillman, Edward Sv. Pomona Vc • . Dnon Wilson. Lourme Wright, Rochelle Younger v lit g Dond Chelle keeps rhe band marching m srep Drummers make rhe roral difference in rhyrhm he Marching Dand year has been full of | ' surprises The band had parnapared in rhe Diamond Jubilee of rhe Chaffey Jomr Union High School Disrncr Ir included a parade down Euclid Srreer and a field show The bond wos asked ro perform for rhe Grand Opening of Edword Cmemos on Hoven Srreer The bond also hosred rhe Founders Day Parade This year, rhe marching blue pride was ininored mro rhe world of parade compennon The band marched in rhree parades in which rhey re- ceived o rhird place, a firsr place, and a Music Sweepsrakes Award The band also wenr ro rwo field show comperinons All m all, rhe 1986-87 Marching Dand Unir pulled rhrough a successful year wirh rhe help of a new band direcror Playing rhe drums odds ro rhe sound of rhe band lit Above righrDrum Mojors Chelle Younger 6 Desry Moore Delow Comperirior Below righr A greor performonce during half rime keeps rhe A L pride olive IW Above left The A L bond proves irs perfect sequence when ploying as one Above rop; The rrumper players odd ro rhe effect of rhe bond Delow left Chelle owoirs giving rhe cue ro rhe bond during warm-ups Marching Dand ufc l ULrt: mill! tuLL 3 oil new, rhe Toll Flogs a ™ -ending rhe ■ x four doy . aorruniry to feel peri ft of on audi ence routines The girls oiso become more united os o team ond the friendships grew Under rhe new ditection of Mr Arnold, ■am practiced their routines sixth ond seventh period Night practices were olso held ro get in thot extra effort for o compen As o first yeor team, rhe girls did well or it extremely i ■ Glendoro Porode r st Place rrophy of hard worl ond accomplishments was broughr home ery sequence and donglmg tossel lit e stoge ro show the ALTA LOMA BRA . in action 1 Above left Shelly Eoles gets ready ro procrice rheir flog rourme Above nghr Charleen Marl e; rhe problem? " Delow lefr India Oroo ' 3 rhe performance Delow righr: Here Sracey Toylor rosses her flag in rhe oir at prac ill: Dock row Kim Kaufmon, Srocey Taylor, Shown Srokfus, Shelly Eoles, Sracey Von Dran, Anno Alvorez, Chorleen Morrinez Fronr row Chrisrmo Nguyen, Joy Toylor, Julie Colon, Meredith Young, Kim Green, nor pictured Indto Drookes Ar ' ached Unirs 111 Dock row Randy Dolling, Dovid Heberr, Troy Saviola, Miguel Vorgos, Chris Kopperud, Clork Cunningham. Eric Medronoj Zack Roberrson. Enc Horn Fronr row Gmo Archuleta, Trocey Morley. Hearher McMilon, Kim Miller. Dionne Lynch, Chris Nunnally, Yverre Amaro. Drendo Reed Not Pictured Holly Spillmon LLIiLrLliLr VL. BIZEBGE6 eginning me yeor wirh o new direc- I ' • -or, Chamber Singers hove performed or Scriprs College, various churches. Disneyland ' s Candlelighr Parade, and orher organizarions rhroughour rhe volley They also performed ar rhe Chrisrmas and 50 " s rallies When asked obour how Mr Perro- celli felr obour sronding ovorions he said " I felr really good abour ir, ond rhor rhe group worked very hord ro ger rhis for " Mr Perro- celli wanrs Chamber Singers ro have rhe grearesr amounr of qualiry so rhor rhey ore as proud of rheir performances as he was rhis year Above left: Mr Perrocelli warming up rhe Chamber Singers before rhe Chrisrmas Concerr Chambers lit I ' ll fcLLiArLLtfc , . Coppellas ' direcror rhis year is L , Mr Gabe Perrocelli. Mr. Perro- celli had some commenrs on rhe change of direcring A Cappella from a band class The change was a new challenge for him, although, choir had been a parr of his back- ground before. When asked abour how rhe srudenrs in A Cappella ad- justed ro rhe change, he said rhar rhey ' ve done very well. Mr. Dow- ers and Mr. Perrocelli have rhe same reaching sryle, so ir was an easy rransirion. Mr. Perrocelli feels rhar A Cappella has as much ralenr as any orher choir; rheir porenrial is limirless. Mr Perrocelli was excired ro find our rhar A Cappella was able ro perform in rhe presrigous Candlelighr Parade or Disneyland He was very pleased wirh rhe sue cess of rhe choir Mr. P would like ro rhank A Cappella for being so co- operorive wirh rhe change in direc rors. He is very pleased wirh rhe progress and lool s forward ro a srrong nexr year pella. or the Christmas concert ItL Jack row Zack Robertson, Morr Higgins, Dnon Dinkelmon, Mychoel Dong, Mark Sepulveda, Dnon Daloun, Gory Dorrell, Yverre Amaro, Michelle Commack Fourrh row Krisrol Mondeville, Cm jy Nunnolly, Shen Chism, Sol Aroujo, Chris Kopperud. Miguel Vorgas, Chonrele Sparks Third row Deeno Wright, Holly Daxrer, Decco Yborro, Michele McForlond, Jim Taylor, Scorr Williams, Ihod Allen, Randy Dalling, Heather McMilon, David Heberr, Troy Saviola Holly Spillmon, Sam Mellon, George Comsrock, Debbie Azarovirz, Irmo Holcomb, Parrece Knowles Second row )enise Howk. Stacy Simpson, Gina Anderson, Michelle Oeaupre, Shannon Feeback, Karrie Peyton, Tonilynne Aresra, Chris Candeles, Shananne Clark, Kim Dyrne. Michelle Laramie, Jennifer Jell, Srocy Mechem, Sherry Martin. Knstin Kellos, Stacy Ingle Front row Sondra Williams, Michele Snyder, Lora Denefiei, Down Crane, Heather Pearce, Amy Radcliffe. Ramono Vargas, Lou- ie Schreiner, Korhy McDride, Joserre Anderson Nor pictured Dnon Chism, Sherry Coopee, Sara Gilbert, Shannon Langhotn, Kim Miller, Laura Shinn, Sharon Stewart, Sheolynn Morrenson, .aura Mesa, Srephanie Whirford aLLLIlL lib VLLL LallL I ozz Band is one of rhe more L diffia bonds ro be involved ■ person is personally asked by Mr Perrocelli, rhe direcror. Jazz Dand is a way of being involved in a band wirhour being in jusr doss parnciparion. They meer rwo ro rhree rimes o week ar 6:45 in rhe morning and during second peri- od. The bond has performed ar many colleges and fesrivals. Their year will wrap up wirh a rrip ro San Francisco in lore May Soxophi innon Egon, Deer e Ti ■■ ido Robinson. Shown Ojedo, Derry Karakos, Orondon Clark ■• Otonder. Derh Hubbord. Eric Medrono. DiH McC Above lefr Shannon Egon performs her solo or rhe Chrisrmos performance Above right Deon Silliman wairs ponenrly before rhe performance Lefr Trumper players keep in rhyrhm wirh Mr Perrocelli ' s direcnon Jozz Qand its. liLliLLCLHailL: tillL LtLlLILlV L4 g ' s court for 1986-87 was Anders . Anderson, J D Armstrong, Carter Deers, Andrew Delgodo, Joe ■ ?,nd Tim Sowers The boys were kidnapped ar 230 am by rhe Senior Class Officers ond rhen raken ro Denjis for breakfast. Afrer breokfasr rheir kid napping activities included being dressed up as women, token blind -fold- ed to o freeway entrance carrying signs - " erenr messages, playing leap- frog ocross crosswolks. ond walking to school oil tied up King Carter Deets said •xsred and happy being named - : 7 Kings Doll King and he hopes he will be able to represent our school Anders Andersc King Correr Beers LtLLUrfc: LaLL litiLLlrl: t.eors Annual Kings Doi . ticket sell oui 01 lunch The roily wos a success olso The guys were escorted by their dotes through the roll flog d us O lirrle bir about rhem- selves, everyone of rhem enjoy seofood except for Tim , he preferred liver The donee wos held or U C Riverside on February 28rh The colors rhar decorored rhe room were fushio, green, and block The colors were expressed in balloons, wirh rhe courrs names on rhem The first dance begen wirh the courr and rheir dores The rheme for rhe dance wos " Never let you go- Above righr Can you believe we missed our dmne; reservations ' Your kidding me ' Delow This musi mokes me wanr ro donee Ml ,mgs Doll ' Above: Kickin ' back at rhe dance Delow left Faces in rhe crowd De ow right The photog- rapher catches two couples taking a rest Kings Dall SJJL LrLiM E VaLM: VLll: EUfiGG 4 embers of S-Club nominored ren L l f Alro Lomo ' s besr looking guys ro be conresronrs in rhe 1986 Mr, Alro Loma Conresr. The judges based rheir decision on rhe besr legs, individual appearance, personaliry, and mosr phorogenic. Bobby Drown was vored- besr legs. Brian Caldwell won mosr phorogenic Besr personaliry wenr ro Eric Holladay. Second runner up was Jeff Kerrle, firsr runner up was Jeff Rubi, and MP,. ALTA LOMA was Bran- don Procror. Orher parricipanrs were Jamie Scales, Eddie Huerra, Greg Gil- lum, and Zock Shererz Members of S-Club, afrer rhree monrhs of prepararion, were happy wirh rhe ourcome of rhe conresr Brandon Procror alrered rradirion of o senior Mr. Alra Lomo conresr winner A sophomore shows Alro Lomo spirir. ■ rowd Abo ' ipping m the morning Mr Alto Lomo Jeff Rubi Dobby Drown 7 Greg Gillum Erie Holloday Jeff Kerrle Jamie Scales Brian Caldwell Eddie Huerra Orandon Proctor Mr Alro Loma itb w i £ [ L L Lii l l ooking bock on rhe 1986 87 year, I hove to honesrly soy that o very exciring and producnvi Mong wirh o new principal one i - re hos bee I A LHS concerning ■ • ne ber-er •■ oil of our doss off! -es. and A S D officers for ■ ng rhis on enjoyable - ro oil of you, rhe Ji possible derson ond Lisa Combell i£ii i i i Senior Officers Top Grerchen Pushmonn, Julie Young, Srephonie Dolderromo, Misry Deidelmon Dorrom Kolo Riggio ond Normo Aquirre Junior Office ' s Top Tracy Peoples, Rachel Golden, Kimber McNobb, Dess Doer Dorrom Rob Musrer ond Jeff Kerrle Sophomore Officers Top Down Ruiz, Chris Moeoko Middle Mondy Shepord, Jodi Hursr, Dorrom: Jodi Nelson Nor Picrured Chris Dolsono Freshmen Officers Top Janice Dengsron, Liz Sraiger, Yverre Polonco Dorrom Livio Zoccana and llissa Fielding ASD l£l UULlLlLLlL tui: SlL aU: « at rhe gomes For rhe first rime, hot j j food w os oble to be sold They hove hosr ed me District Leoaershp. been o port of •ie Diamond Jubilee For rhe 7rh yeor, AS D hos held us blood drive here or Alto Lomo in the smoll gym The Grope Bowl half rime festivities were sponsored by rhe Alro Lomo ond H a A.S.D. ' s Wirh rhe help of A S D the KROQ donee hosred by Richard Diode pur Al ' o Lomo on rhe Hollywood charts m it « Above righr A S Q srudenrs prepare for rhe Diamond Jubilee parode Above Mr Grosso ond Chelle Younger looking on horrified by rhe sighr of blood Right Sreve Show rellmg Tommy Greene and Misry Beidelman rhor donating blood isn ' t os bod os it seems lit ASD t? r Above A 5 D srudenrs rrying ro make sure rheir floor doesn ' r sink in rhe porode Delow lefr Shan- non Cushmon showing rhe phorogropher Tony Doiley ' s donor cord Delow righr Liz Drewsrer rells Lisa Compbell ro beware of rhe procror A5D USE Above: Mrs Chrisrenson ex| ' he nexr newspaper deadline Above Nighr The computer has " elped tne staff m the articles they hove •■. ■ ■ v ig on o story for rhe poper l£ U LlLULlL U LIU MO VLLiLib: the 1986-87 Tepee Times stoff hos done on excellent job in covering sto- nes ond activities rhroughour rhe com- pus Under rhe odvisemenr of Mrs Chrisren- sen rhe staff hos asked srudenrs obour com- ments in some orricles rhey hove published The school newspaper is delivered every third friday Our gronrude to the Tepee Times fot the coverage ar Alro Loma High School Top row- Seon Mizuno, Sherie Reynold, Melmda Gutiettez, Robby Merrell, Cindy Parker, Kevin Gray, Jennifer Cruz Dorrom row Scott Porret, Steve Macolo, Kelly Meuth, Sondta Williams, Deonno Drock, Mono Correz, Aleinne Roy, Molly Surer, Steve Wilhoit Sean Howell. Sean Tuell Not Pictuted Mike Getry Rachel Phillips Chrisro Highley Angie Deely Monica Flores Aimee Surer Above middle " You losr my srory ' " shours Sondro Right Mrs Christensen shows an example of how o spotrs featute should be done Tepee Times l£E LtaLtLLLlr t ' HtuL L1I I L:LlL:LlL:L: t r he 1986-87 Sisungo sroff wos probably one of rhe largesr sroff s ever. The yeor was very challenging for rhe sroff. Deadlines came so fosr rhere was nor any rime ro relax. Ir wos rhe firsr yeor a comparer wos used, which was a rremendous help. Togerher a rhe supporring advisor, Mr. Grasso, and judgemenr of Ediror David Gard and sroff, rhis years Yearbook wos o symbol for Torol Difference or Alro Loma 8 Pi- Doves speoal Middle left Mr G i in, bur Do ■ i • t to smile ( i -oh afrer o deadline ■R.DOOKI Top Oefr ro righr) Mr Grasso, Norolie Romano, Jamie Ames, Rachael Golden. Kim Phelps, Robert Wrorholl, Kim Rhodes, Julie Bernobei, Jenny Gray, Tracy Fickett. Michele Medley, Kim Perez, Drion Porrer, John Cobrol, Srephonie Hendncteon Middle Tonilynne Aresro, Chorleen Morrmez, Carrie Racey. Tomi Fondre, Dovid Gard, Jackie Hughes, Crystal Duchoy Dottom Anno Zepeda, Jenny McDonald, Jim Cnlly, Joe Fajardo, Julie Corey Middle left Kim gives some copy information ro Chorleen Middle Jim asking quesrions AGAIN 1 Middle right The sports section having a group discussion Delow lefr Carrie works hard to make o deodlme Yearbook Itt Ploying tie Past Of rhe Post was a musical pre- served by rhe Drama Deparr- menr The play had many scenes from pasr Alra Loma producrions. Ir included scenes from: Cabarer, My Foir Lady, Damn Yankees, Sourh Pacific, Anyrhing Goes, Pirares of Penzance, Vaniries, Fiddler on rhe Roof, and Oklahoma. The casr of characrers included Chad Allen, Tania Daires, Eron Del- iegia, Chris Burkhouse, Candice Dickson, Diana Dubois, Christine Dykhous, lllissa Fielding, Laural Gresham, Erin McLaine, Jennifer Neward, Kim Pike, Sherin Sabouhi, Michele Snyder, Sandra Tischer, Romona Vargas. This was rhe firsr play of rhe year liLt doI Play W-7- I m School Play l££ fciniiULi; U LLL L- -To: m ' o (Y ar(Cm, Tam s [4 Lor, f? W i3 Y ' Li .6 SlV AAAC, TriMfwy t Otvid | Uvr K., iZ-AAdyS, C«f(a ft. -onnyc, SH pV vJ S V W5. 3ol. -b ( 02. U lou . cut, (Z ' V To Tirri Rfibf+ oU Hou ' ll COujO too. t our - V l r-te ( a Lovt M ou ' • foofct - v rWte R£MEMBER,1 fHofC srr.jiH S-t -tv i- .(..-3v,, r ,FF5, Mio u, Mi-.v ' -ooKri , 0.i l«-»or OL- ipM, 814(1 , 0.T A, Cam jJtuj 15x1 ditti- es oj Juiadbche •tt . uWf XijL haul- r e rxuoAbu J JtK ati-aai-fokrrcu) -fro " JG U both vtruj much. — Otxlto ckht- -STV- ctiter Saiioci — ' rJL JOt want -tt lei- irCfluiiS kmEui-tfioi- it 4 art. ail vary apcaaJ to t u- -tfti xi 1000-rsrnoud-tDbL.q pont- oL-thio- -cxwJa . QAir JU3H uumf JinKrycme a Rj .tf .3 . Jn kmoujthiM+)Cre-u)iU nevo- id CLS tti more dfcKfrhmaJ our aolm+tnn-the ft -n v.Oxer Sprtl Lfve ToeL, X ' m rc+ tiy.Ve Sure. nM xn.JV5 slcorc •Hit. ujo,vi VViSuj Wi«e u»r 9 WW ' r- vjff . Xri Q4 V «tir« YtorbuV. w both jrot«. thA w{ VoTe. «art ti arxi o.rOwur op Hve. { •», • « J " . j)0vt feWirtxl So iroJn TOae tie,- . Pltuse dor i - foraf r rt vjoe VWl. J KnCui ' m CM £i)T+ tWXT you uwf Woe.- - e Q6l Vrojj X 1 - . r eve - troV QQain Qr inrvvjW " therv uje Oa " i Y bt nervfe, jou are. 4-be jnlvj qun 1 y-cva •evtr Wt i . 1 r e.i£r jjar Uii to ha-tt to SAM AOOc -b )Q . tax tU i»»«; jr» i . " -90 rrwuJn. 5o cav vj . ( ULf. nJ Th j is to ay aocvfbye local fhoy (yopfc i ' w acn,« |x dU, 4- miiSnet-t vdeV ; «sp. c w. - l«a.m wm- to J k. e aW jcj Tat Rich 0. T rjspf u nnaJe it, f4o fti4 .- T ' ll rti cr T -«. ' zlv2w uouy AiWrS.- nt« «»aYAK,o. » ri4i -Mur e WiV ' t aery lu M- tlt«,rri;4- y--( r ioT , •fcrtvrr.A t-jutirt fo pany- fi f,Ci rrul H.-ilMfiflfebttJ WrWj( M.,rtt« t, L S r,-y ,„-,„ sTJuTw W i Cr«w, " " ftftS A,CMfe Rs Mio V Hit f V x • rftJ-fff- " ■ ■■» V a Vie. WjS .is ,t m, js. wf l MtC - Joa, m r Sen or iSS r ,, ..; ft r-all++ie J -iirt XH-n p r 5 V oiv«. o4« Jt W ««i+ tT e l1 ' ll mvtr « ■♦fitTrTcrU. U« 1 Q$aJ 51 ' r us. bvt4+£ " Es k?§U eftl ' x ' il.n v r TOrge-i- m.L V cxibs cxr ci -Cao . " Vv ei dpdfvV ALTA LOMA HIGH PRESENTS , GREASE Thank all of you for making my last year of high school so special ! L u v Y a , Miss Lynch (Candice) I k ouj oar rVi ?ndsK, p tKiS year ha-sn ' t b rsn +Ua qrea+etl-, tu.t Z iu-s-t - uJoultL be. tor uou. Last f.T.iir ' stmmu ' ' i. ' " " v ' ) ' ,1 ' ' ' ' (,, : ' , :!w l ' " i| ' : " : " : l " J to Ait- out reieuas ueNaat-CjCAiw.tA, iuat, CriC 15. iHAVMii ,CHN0ll£ t Tlfr + SflL.WifNiH JUAtU, SHfw- iSTt. + £ipeciAU-s ' to sois vi.Jano reAtHEiZS (w«. fuiBE-fJey, m s. 0- " ue£V,£rcjTHAMfcs fed. . MAICiWu- CU(J je JiC MEAtf. SOSPeoAL ! • •«• UJ.LL T H£ CLOSED (.AMPOS M«. (.cur ' STtflM OADFt ro AU we jwaeeaAsSrweM that OiOiu ' T HAWAII e«E " } »g«l25 , m ' T-i J? 1 • +WU1X. tot aU. -Hit »«■ +h ' t)5 -rWa+ Cq- 1 1 ££u f cue. did t +- U x» WWj V J 9an-K Mcnfca.fciieq fe2 vj fars 4-hetf ULUft fame, e revd " ' . I ' ' O ar ' . lAje ' trt. gftwo - ir ' t- ' netrv lw( . (MH inc-tuAtrv. • -• 60 CCil 1 M.CX- pfOuii ' - v 1 ? -J, Co.1 T -V+ilWone tW-M J . . flout p -v r 19 -too Ta ($ Hi Q Ma, » WW llffll o £ o 8 5-53 3 i £ ' ' H rc. i-it- ' i. tefck Sen tjk.A ,- rt Vfi ., ■fvA C 01 ? Y ' -7 ZZzr-z% - ■ -P-cr- be 1 -)■%. - (3 ft z J T r-t ' er ' 5 A? p. 5- T5 Vocy i, y iV rro.t-y ftraheon ri ' u coff-S ' . •»- G)ilb :rt ' . p«c;a|l to ?a )f»te»rc a.M i3o)in a-niifoCcacJi | e.+Tle-t- Coa h fb rave I Kan Ke For ahi ' n Td reat5€a5on; Tc " ' C, in be t e Ulit team xoA- t»oav mx JV • - ' SJ ifia . .... 5 2 . -»-(l OUtfaULPJ ' -°A ■ 5 ' ' , J " ts.1 Acad emics ,} i Above Jenny Miller pre- pares for o resr. Righr " Mr 1 Fikes berrer give me o good grode for rhis! " 142 i ' 1 MDOve: The closs of 76 reminds Mr. Rhodes rhar They ' re one bur nor forgorren. Right: Noemi Pedrozo and Paula .omberr share rhe exciremenr of rheir weekend. VboveJenelle Dreeding sers a good example for o hard vorking srudenr. Above Righr : Valeed Grunden concen- rares while doing his marh assignmenr. Righh Having ?arned rhe fundomenrols of driving, Sracy Ingle prepares or rhe big resr. Wa- m i O choiasric achievemenr reached a level of excellence as Brave Spirit flowed inro rhe classroom Nor only was rhere pride and strength shown in arhleric evenrs, bur in rhe classroom as well For example, rwenry schools compered in rhe Academic Decarhalon Alra Loma High School placed fifrh in marh, fourrh in fine arts, and fourrh in essay wnrmg Among rhe com- perirors in essay wriring, Mike Gerry placed frisr and Waleed Grunden rook fourrh place. This is jusr one example of whar made 1986-87 a year for much scholasric achievemenr PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE... 144 CUM LAUDE 145 HONORS TEACHERS 146 HONORS STUDENTS 147 ACADEMIC DECATHLON 148-149 BAND BOOSTERS 150-151 FOREIGN EXCHANGE 152-153 SENIOR AWARDS 154-155 CSF 156 DAR 157 H0 nw • A new Chief ALH.S. has improved grearly dur- • -g rhe 1986-87 year wirh rhe help of o new principol. Mr. Word. His pasr makes him more rhan qualified for rhe job. He roughr several subjecrs ar Sierra High for rhirreen years. During rhis rime, he coached foorball and Vorsiry baseball for eleven years For nine years, he was an adminisrraror in rhe Walnur Valley Unified School Dis- rricr. Ar Wolnur High he was boys ' Vice Principal and Assisranr Principal for eighr years. Then he became Assis- ranr Principal ar Diamond Bar. Follow ing, he was principal or Onrario High School for rhree years. On July 1, 1986 ne became principol or Alro Loma High School. » - roughour rhe school year, rhe V message has been cleor - " The Pride is Back. " This rheme was firsr srored by rhe foorball ream, bur quickly caughr rhe imaginarion of rhe srudenrs and sraff There hos been commendable parrici- porion and enrhusiasm in all aspecrs of Alra Loma School affairs which has demonsrrored rhar " rhe pride is back. " The yearbook rheme, Toral Differ- ence, is well chosen because ir ref leers borh rhor rhings con be differenr, and rhar rhe people, sraff, srudenrs, and parenrs, of Alro Lomo High School have rhe power ro make a differ- ence Our rask always will be ro be sure rhe difference we make is posi nve ond leads ro grearer srudenr suc- cess Mr Paul Ward, Principal c£D 144 Above Mr Word soys that rhe jdenrs. ond porenrs con moke o difference ■•■ ord ond Mr Mar- ■ m Guwi Lauck L ro P. Jock Worshow, Sreven Williams, Dnon Wasserman, Waleed Grunden, Druce Dohm, Dense Smirh, Marc Lopvesn, Jeffrey Oden, Scorr Porrer, Rochelle Younger, Renoy Lim, Heorher Eigenbrode, Misry Deidelmon, Morrho Morrin, Michoel Gerry, Richard Jepsen, and Trevor Carlson Cum Laude Society recognizes sen- iors who hove malnroined unusu- ally high grades in a rigorous college prepararory program Through seven semesrers of high school Members of rhe sociery will have rheir names not- ed on rhe commencemenr program, have " Cum Laude " prinred on rheir diploma and rhe rranscnpr, and re- ceive a special cerrificare ar rhe annual Honors Award Program The qualificarion requiremenrs are very srncr A " foundarion " lisr of courses, which represenrs a rypical minimum college prepararory pro- gram, Is made. An " advanced " lisr of courses, which should be raken along wirh rhe " foundarion " courses, is also made In rhe senior year, a minimum of rhree courses musr be raken rhe firsr semesrer ro qualify and rhree rhe sec- ond semesrer ro mainrain member- ship. In regular classes A = 4, D = 0, C = 2, D = 1 and in honors and AP classes, A=5, = 4, C = 3, D = 1 A roral of 95 poinrs is necessary ro qualify for rhe Cum Laude Sooery Cum Loude 145 cSD teachers ' Pride Tj jnors reochers hove on exrro chol lenge and privilege ro work wirh a !or of high-energy srudenrs. Some honors reoch- ers hove hod rheir besr and worsr momenrs spenr in and during rhese honors classes Differenr reochers rhink up exciring programs for rheir classes ro see whor has been learned. As all orher reochers, rhey have rhe chance ro see srudenrs grow from " inrellec- rual odolescenrs inro adulrs " . Some honors reochers rhink reaching rhese classes is excir- ing bur scary or rhe some rime. As orher reochers olso do, rhey pur a lor of prepara- rion inro rhe srudies for rhe day. Over oil, rhe reochers enjoy being wirh rhe srudenrs os well as working wirh rhem. Above Mrs Policki getting her assignments ready Above righr Mrs Povey d friends Dortom right Mr Castle helping o student with on assignment INI 146 ■(ononrtcj Honors UNITED STATES HISTORY urn 11 9H i •an rip- 7 onor srudenrs work very hard in whar rhey do ro achieve rheir besr. These sru- denrs show how ambirious rhey ore by show- ing rhey con keep up wirh oil rhe differenr rypes of work rhey ore given, which is very challeng- ing These srudenrs ore rogerher in rhe honors dosses from freshmen year ro senior year Some of rhe honors classes given are English, Morh, and Hisrory Honors science was offered rhis year ro rhe srudenrs by Mrs Pahl Honors english reochers ore Mr Palicki, Mrs Palicki, Mrs Schuler, and Mrs Pavey Marh.Mrs August, Mr. Cochran. Hisrory Mr Casrle, Mr Rhodes, and Mr Duross Honor srudenrs should be proud as rhey rhink of rhe rhmgs rhar have achieved in rheir classrooms Throughout rhe year Above lefr Shelly Gorsuch hard or work. Middle lefr Ken Frank surrounded by rhe pasr. Dorrom lefrSondro Williams concen- rrores on her book. Above. Drian Henry smiles for rhe camera Honors Srudenrs 147 Acad caaemtc k Prid e. [L e Son Dernordino Academic Decarhalon rook place ar Cal Srare Sarurday, November 15, 1986 from 7:30 o.m. - 5 00 p.m. 20 high schools parricipared in rhe decarhalon. Alra Loma ' s parria panrs in rhe scholosric caregory were Mike Gerry and Scorr Porrer. In rhe Varsiry caregory we had Chrisra Highley and Susan Sraiger. In rhe Honors caregory we had Waleed Grunden and Renay Lim. The alrernares were Sondro Williams, Cheryl Henderson, Paula Lamberr, and Brian Wasserman The Junior and Senior porriciponrs were serious in rheir academic comperirion and recognirion The srudenrs began preparing for rhe decarhalon dur ing rhe firsr weete of school in Seprember The prepararion even involved exra work on Sarurday and Sunday righr up ro rhe day of rhe comperirion. Mrs. Hall-Chnsrensen gave rhem a srudy break on rhe final day and rreared rhem ro dinner ar Flakey Joke ' s On November 25, rhe porriciponrs amend- ed rhe San Dernardino Counry Decarhalon Dan- quer ar rhe Orange Show Resrouranr. They were rreared ro o sreak dinner prior ro rhe awards cere- mony. In rhe ren areas of comperirion, Alra Loma placed fourrh in Fine Arrs, fourrh in essay wriring, and fifrh in Marh. Individual awards were: Mike Gerry, firsr in essay wriring, and Wal eed Grunden, fourrh in essay wriring. Many advonrages exisr in porriciparing in rhe Academic Decarhalon. They have learned how ro work as a ream as well as performing as an individ ual. Also, colleges regard rhe comperirion very highly on applicarions. The parricpanrs have done a grear job and we are proud ro call rhem Droves. fXenoy Lim prepores for the big contest ond her smile ossures us rhor she hos it m the " bog " Above Orion Wossermon, Waleed Grunden, Mike Gerry, Scotr Porrer, Susan Sraiger, Sondrc. Chnsta Highley, Cheryl Henderson, Renay Lim Qelow The group gathers to combine theit knowled ond srnve for success Decathlon 14S Sondro conremplares every rhoughr she will make in rhe upcoming event Top: Scorr may feel worried bur his confidence ond porience enables him ro give ir his oil Middle Mike budgets his rime ro ready himself for rhe big day Dorrom: Chrisra and Cheryl join rheir wisdom and srrengrh so rhar rheir pride for Alra Loma will be shown in rheir vicrory Academic Decarhlon 149 (m ' Band ' Boosters or their oursrondmg work ond many contributions, we ore extremely greorful to the Band T- osrers Their efforts include such fund raisers os hot dog stands ond newspaper drives The money earned from these events is used for the endless expenses involved in maintaining a marching bond They directly work with the bond at field shows and tournaments During these events " Band Moms " rake core of areas such os getting water for bond members and getting each member reody ro go just before performances " Bond Dods " work on getting instruments on ond off trucks, and driving the instrumental trucks themselves Such parental groups as these ore essential to many of the es of our school, ond we are olwoys assured that they ore sronding behind us above Band Booster president Dove Horn presides over the discussions or all evening group meetings Left: Bill Anderson works at a Band Booster snock bar on weekends helping to provide financial assistants ro cut bond Right A patron of the events sponsored by the Bond Boost ers smells rhe coffee brewing Below The sign which captures the spirit, will forever be o port of the Alto Lome Broves ' ■ ' ing Bond U.TAUW II l mil IK l am Bond Boosters I Lefr Lmdo Houghlon shows her spirir as she devores many hours ro rhese evenrs Above Undo Anderson makes sure she has rhe cusromers order. Delow One of rhe many signs displayed or various Bond Doosrers evenrs Righr A young girl enjoys rhe services which ore consronrly performed by rhis group ■ 10 Band Boosrers f-- lDl OhiO A Difference Prom All lOalks of £ife ' mporronr porrof our education is learning abour orher countries. Foreign exchange srudenrs come from oil over rhe world ro visir rhe Umred Srares. These foreign exchange srudenrs have rhe chance ro visir borh rhe U.S. and California bur even ber- rer, rhey have rhe chance ro arrend Alro Loma High School. Mosr of rhe srudenrs like Alra Loma High and feel ir ' s much easier rhon school in rheir counrry Sandra Tischer said, " My favorire class is drawing. In Germany, classes like rhis, driver edu carion, and dance are offered in your free rime " Yasuhiro Tsujinoko says, " Americans rrear me lik e an Ameri- can. " Krisren Heilmann says, " I would like ro rerurn ro rhe U.S. ro live " Foreign Exchange -J Left to Righr Perer Joy Hoeksrro Nerherlonds, Emmonuelle Vocossm France, Tom Ouchi Jopon, Sandra rischer ■ Germany, Yasuhiro Tsujinoko Jopon, ond Adnono Cuellor Paraguay Nor pictured Marianne Ford New Zeolond, and Krisrm Heilmann Denmark Above Monono Shonoi Japan ond Moyumi Osodo Japan Delow Perer willingly loans someone o peice of paper in 152 Sondro shows us her nice smile Above Mrs FirzSimmons enjoys working wirh foreign exchange srudenrs Pjghr Emmonuelle woirs ro speak wirh Mrs FirzSimmons Foreign Exchange b .7? 153 uS Academic Success ,eor there ore 14 Dank of America W ws 7 To be oble ro win on aword, rhere ore some " sreps rhor each srudent has ro rake Firsr of oil, each deporrmenr in rhe school nominares condidores ro receive rhe cerrificare for rhar deporrmenr These sru- denrs rhen go ro o debore where rhey hove ro wnre on essoy and hove a discussion Dy doing this, ir determines who will win rhe plaques in rhree fields Liberal Arts, nd Science, ond Fine Arrs The srudenrs who win plaques are eligible ro go further and compere To do so. they hove to hove a 3 00 grode overage in their ' ieid Tne fmol winners receive $2,000 for first place, $1,000 for second ploce, and $750 00 for third place ' ' die Right ■ LeeAnn Adams-Cate- gory of Business Lower Right Jock Warshaw Caregory of Drama Lower left Aimee Surer -Caregory of English ■ Ar ' Qrdb W 154 Language For Righr Laura laeger Caregory of Homemoking Middle left Loren Giles-Category of Indusm al Arrs Middle righr Waleed Grunden-Care- gory of Marh Left Enc Medrono-Caregory of Music Right Michael Gerry Category of Science Senior Awards r 155 Cinkj Academic Success Top fo • jbero) A jregory Corego Arre t . Ana u ' AvV, r N v UJlVt- (dcc z ass rv 7 , l y c r Senior Awordi i senior Aw. (nS) 156 DA R , ne Daughrers of American Revolunon award is given ro one ( srudenr who displays leadership abilities ond good citizenship qualities It is intended for the student who displays the ser- vice dependability ond parnotism that will help them achieve rheir gools in life Aimee has shown the type of leadership needed ro win the Daughters of American Revolution Her academics ond parriciparmg in honors dosses was only one major factor ro her success Her involvement as o pep commissioner has shown her enrhusiasm in rhe school ond hos shown her obiliry ro leod rhe school Nor only has Aimee shown spirit and knowledge bur her orhleric skills ond beoury moke her a greor success To be nominated for Daughrers of American Revolution, one does not have ro be os involved os Aimee Being a well rounded person and showing leadership quali- fies are some ways ro ger rhe award Deing kind ond o good example for orhers show rhe leadership and supporr Alra Lomo wonrs in a Drove. Aimee Surer DAR CST ne California Scholastic Federorion is o federonon rhor ac f» knowledges oursranding srudenrs The federorion does nor necessarily just look for honors srudenrs bur for srudenrs who qualify In order ro qualify for CSF, one must have o cerroin amount of points These poinrs ore roken from rhe grades rhar rhe individual has earned Many people ask why o srudenr should bother being in C5F If srudenrs qualify for CSF, and hos pomcipared in ir 4 our of 6 semesrers, rhon rhey will receive special awards The srudenr may also use rhe oword on rheir rranscriprs People finally parnopared in CSF because rhey core obour whar happens ro rhem in rhe furure The big rurn-our of CSF parncipanrs showed rhe caring and inreresr srudenrs hove hod in rheir school A L is proud ro coll rhem Droves Nor picrured for CSF Misry Deidelmon. Dione Dush, David Dush, Mario Correz, Drion Fordon, Waleed Grunden. Kristin Herchenroeder, Dosil Kim, and Eric Yerkey Top Heorher Kolde, Todd Macallum, Srep hen Macalo, Ty Young, Lee Pointer, Denise Smirh, Deona Muehltch, Chrisra Highley, Rochoel Golden, Renoy Lim, Dorrom: Gregory Vanderbilr, Melissa Spoor, Keri Webb, Aimee Surer, Mark Ungles, Joson Clay, Michelle Medley, Kim Perez, Jack Worshow, Mike Gerry, Rachelle Younger, ond Scorr Porrer DAR ond CSF P 157 dm f Clubs or Alro Lomo High School pro- vided expanded horizons for rhe explororion of srudenr involvement. Many new and inreresring clubs were added ro suir many different aspecrs of fun The creative wrirings of rhe Young Authors, rhe aspiting athletic Letrermans, and rhe whiz tutors of Math and Science are just a few of rhe many clubs. Thus, giving students the opportunity ro share experiences with others of equal interests. Along with the success of these exciting clubs, new and lasting friendships were formed Students became involved with rhe growth of our school as well as rhe growrh of school spirit. They have acquired many enjoyable mo- ments that will be forever cherished among rheir memories as rhey walk through life 300 BOWLING CLUB 160-161 ► . » V. 1 ■r v m DRAMA CLUB 162-163 YOUNG AUTHORS CLUB 164-165 I.F.L.C CLUB 166-167 JAZZ DANCE CLUB 168-16 SAD.D CLUB 170-171 S-CLUB 172-173 LETTERMANS CLUB 174-175 KEY CLUB 176—177 MATH SCIENCE 178-179 Rolling Down the Alley I ess amor eod dual smves ro tx elp of SAr Vermilyo some help ' ■ ... . •■ . . . ed personol n os rhey . ed rheif goo! of knocking down oil rhe . on accurate throw, the bowlers were able oble to see the differences A variety of emo ;nock c bowlers Left Aiming for the perfect strike Above Mr . - Delow Oh man U£ HfWc ' Sr U2 €VN K l bl ' • Top: Pjghr down rhe middle should do ir. Above Darn ' I olmosr hod ir Righr I ' ll pur o curve on ir rhis rime 300 ' Dowlmg Above Condice Dicteon looks up 01 what ' s conning next Left Jeremy Wade waits bock stoge before his see Delow Come Weidemon sits comfortably III M 4 ■ C X- . Dramatize It As wirh many different clubs rhis year, rhe Drama Club welcomed a new advisor, Mrs Wormdohl She gor rhings going right away wirh " Of rhe Pasr " , a variety show per- formed in November The show was presenred for two days After rhe second nighr, rhere was a porry for rhe cast and crew " Grease " , a ploy as well as musical, was nexr This involved o much larger group of students because singers, doncers, and musicians were required T-shirrs and swearshirrs bearing rh e name " Grease " were available to those involved In May, Dra ma pur on a delightful comedy All ploys ore performed for rhe junior highs in the orea This gives rhe actors a chance ro practice befote an audience One major prqjecr rook place throughout rhe school year Srudenrs worked on refurnishing rhe rheoter orea It badly needed organization ond cleaning up Mrs Wormdohl wanted to make rhe theater more professional and was successful in doing so The Drama Club kepr busy with its producrions and had o fonrasric year m All rogerhet now " J J . CJ op: Jack Warsaw observes rhe preporarions for rhe set bove Pssr What ' s my nexr line Shakespeares in the Making m nany orher clubs did rhis year, ™ rhe Young Aurhors Club mode rheir debur. Whor a smash ir was! Keeping busy all year, rhe srudenrs in rhis club learned how ro improve rheir wriring skills. The advisor, Mrs. Curley, expressed how much she enjoys cre- orive wriring and working wirh sru- denrs who feel rhe same way The Young Aurhors Club displayed Their ralenrs in a lirerary journal rhey produced. This was among rheir many projecrs of rhe year. The sru denrs had rhe pleasure and excire menr of ralking wirh a variery of speakers and wnrers such as ftay Bradbury. The club ' s rnp ro a publish- ing company, possibly could be rhe place for one of rhe member ' s wrirren works in rhe furure L to P. President Rob Moreno, Mart Peterson, Dan Kromer, Joy Estrada, David Young, James Drady, Frank Kowal, Vice President Tracey Morrell, Trevor Lim, Randy Durbonk, Chuck Altraver, Ted Neword, Kim Dome, Sheryl Reese, Melissa Spoor, Jeremy Wode, advisor Mrs Curley Above: Rob Moreno octs our one of his essays Delow Signing owoy autographs is Roy Drodbury, a guest speaker • !iP!i, I!P1 M!j lfc.W-1 Iffertl " JSft r- .4L1E3 A E0 fl WHHIHIIV Young Authors Left See, reoding con be fun os this group of srudenrs show us inreresring woys ro widen our horizons Below These rwo share a lough from Mrs Curley ' s lecture Lefr The members lisren inrensively ro Ford Cloy, o guesr speaker for rhe day Above: Traveling ro her classroom, Mrs Curley smiles from eor to ear Young Aurhors Devi getting ready for o snock in the mountains, givi ■ hungry Tokmg a breother from i f a picture » l Above: Showing his zomness. Mr Durio poses in his laresr fashion Delow The helpful workers busily garhering misrle- roe for rheir misrleroe sole Around the World S F L C was founded in 1980 by Roberr Durio. Ir was originally colled rhe French Club bur expanded inro rhe Inrernorional Foreign Lan- guage Club which consisred of borh French and Spanish srudenrs. These srudenrs signed up for rhe opporruniry ro enhance rheir educarion by learn- ing abour orher culrures There, rhey developed an awareness and appre- ciarion of rheir own The group leaders organized excir- ing rrips ro ger rhese srudenrs inreracr- ing wirh rhe various lifesryles of each counrry Sunny beaches, rhe moun- rains and Lirrle Tokyo were some of rheir many Knowledgeable rrips which enabled rhe srudenrs ro devel- op a closer relarionship wirh many dif- ferenr counrries. This group of ourgo- ing srudenrs loves ro learn new and differenr aspecrs of orher narionaliries. The club officers are. Presidenr, Denise Smirh, Vice-Presidenrs, Marrha Marrin and Lance Marrz; Secrerary, Deannna Brock, Treasury; Renay Lim ; ond Social Chair, Cheryl Henderson. Dock row Trevor Lim, Mr. Durio, Yoshuhiro Tsujinoro, Dan Pereiro, Denny Wong, Frank Kowal, Scorr Porrer Middle row H Keirh Fordon, Adnanno Cuellar, Ariko Senecol Fronr row Shown Townshend, Devi Duchmiller, Tony Zamoro, Marrho Momn, Renay Lim. Denise Smirh, Kane Olander n 7 Ar Lirrle Tokyo, rhe group stops for a view before lunch A I.F.LC All That Jazz | ro ft ebbie Temp. Natalie Walk, Liz Petrus. Rene Thomas. Ronny Coulter. Heother ■ ,ber, Stacy Johnson. Debra Jones, Suzonnc ■ ' . ' k enya. Angelo Fraizer. Jodi Dengsron, Dense Marshall. Knsnn KorKKo Jennifer Genie Dec I ■ ' Shaw • tephanii Por Hinrichse ' ■ ' i • ■ Denice Higgi Michele Sov. ' ' cnron. Demro Grace, Suzy Th jpmW L ro f Yolondo McFolls, Jennifer Bolienr, Rene Thomos, Showno Higgs, Suzanne Williams, Kim Dame. Amy Harlow, Pam Fairchild, Liz King ftachelle King, Jennifer Dolinger, Dianne Valdez, Ftosa Romero, Julie Cory, Wendy Morrin, Trocy Herlmg, Jeroy Youngblood, Allyson Callaway, Tracy Doyer. Launie Daughmon. Kelly Malloy Donna Carr, Maria Alvorodo, Dndger Monfredi, Karen Jencks, Kris Collins, Rene Conrwell, Michelle Crowder, Kim Myers Jozz Dance Think Life The c : ADD .... . people rhe opportunity to stop c ■• e -selves o sense of pride C s ore getting through to society os low enforcement officiols and judges ore enforcing longer joil terms ond higher fines They ' re being heord Th message ond purpose of S ADD ond it effects oil of us 5o stop drinking ond driving Think about :nd be aware of the effects ■ , dI ond mental ability to operate a motot vehicle Realize if you drink ond drive it moy be the lost thing you do Show concern for your life, os well os the life of others, for often driving under rhe influence could cause permanent disability Of death, to on inno- cent victim Students Agoinst Drunk Driving is growing rapidly by spreading the word or foorball gomes, school functions, ond their organized activirles Lisren ro whor they have to soy L to (Y Top Michelle Pulone. Advisor Mrs Oxord. Deano Wright, Louro Denefiel, Chris Hoyes, Scott Monning Middle Karen Ordor, Angela Daniel, Sondy Sanchez, Down Aires, Trocey Slorer, Sreve Dlancherd, Jon Smirh Dortom Dina Hombalek, Presidenr Tami Molineaux, Drirrany, Jeff Peters, Secrerory Tammy Huber, Treasurer Melmda Scorr, Jennifer Gettle, Mork Wilkinson Above Tami Molmeaux, presidenr, exploins what their next goal is going ro be Delow Deona, Mrs Oxard, and Angelo all raise their hands high during o unanimous vote During lunch, o srudenr rurns in his Volennne gram ro Mark Wilkinson, Sandi Berendr, and Vice Presidenr Julie Berry Lefr: As rhe meermg slowly comes ro rhe end, rhe group subsides. 5.A.D.D lending A Hand 1 vice ciub, did mony :hool They ore berii- ' 5 Club ch os upporn ■ - needy ond fur • ■ ro decorate and erveri oarenrsc frhe -iletes Such banquets ■ ond others oson, 5 ' Club entered Tree ( ond won third place which wos o hundred dollars It wos determined needy families .ggest fund toiser was Mr AltoLomo It hos been in existence for six years now and is the most successful The girls choose ont guys from each class level, who ore school activities These guys are then judged for abilities, to become Mr A L erves the school to the best of theit I !«VI U V L to R. Top Eldo Ortiz. Lourdes Ortiz, Rachel Phillips, Kim Perez, Jennifer Dalient, Pom Foirchild. Stacey Sassaman Middle Elamie Acevedo, Monsol Ruiz, Cheryl Henderson, Tammy McKendall. Devi Buchmiller, Melisa Arnholt. Came P ocey, Shelley Gorsuch, Sonia Adame, Dernadette Elwin, Mrs Crowrher Front Drooke Steele, Shannon Feeback Angie Vosquez, Trocey Knight, Jackie Hughes, Amy Lonsway. Shannon Albero Top President Kim Perez ond Jeff fAubi Icxil- • - Hughes, one of the Mr A L up and ot ' em fot on early i Hollodoy on. ' two contestonts, ore • Shannon Albera gives Dobby Drown his " Besr Legs " plague Brandon Procror, crowned king of Mr AL, holds up his huge check of $100.00 SClub tensive- UOl OS usuol The Letter Says It All I Alra Lomo The club has offered rhe op- porruniry for oil enrhusiosnc vorsiry boys ro promore athletics, odvised by Drett Proctor Encouraging recognition, demonstrating teamwork, ond friendship, rhey hove mode themselves known to everyone by being or the varsity games, giving their suppott and dedor mg their schoc rir. Thi , hovi doing this At one o f ' he gome opp ome • •■ ■ood u p reod ; ■ guys also makes rt ■ speool dub patch 1 1 design has been oround for ■ e yeors ond now ■ ope jarch is on rhe scene c„ te ' fsl J ,: v.- i5 L to R. Top Anders Anderson Holbdoy. Drandon Pk ' .teen. F-ank Torrez, Scott Dornegretx Carter Deets, Greg Gero, Mr Proctor Dotrom Dnon Clork. John Reyes, Dryon Horlacher. Rob Muster, Tim Ancei Groy, V • • • The Key To Success he Key Club | help rhe cor r consronr pro ecrs On Valenrines Day, rhe members wenr ro o nursing home ond gave our Valen For rheir own funds. Ih ey hod a cor wosh Lorer in rhe yeo r there convenrion for Key Cub mernbei rt rhe ere . iisrened ro speakers, learning obour ■nor will help rhe club Kiwoms sponsor rhe Key Club ond are pre senr or rheir meetings. One evening, rh. dinner ond enrerrainmenr for srudents provided by Kiwanis The advisor is Mrs Gerders Lrof • Reyna. Tony Loss i non, Ser " ony Lassos Formulas and Figures T- v.ath and Science Club under r ' . non of W i Mi i and Mr Jepsi • beg • ■ ■ . ■ . • members established their ruroring services ond ■ officers Once o - rh rhe W Science club rook o specialized math resr I nme points were added to their score .-. • the testing was over, schools pomts won well deserved recogn tion Sfude " ' s m this league eogerly worked to ochie . ■ scores The Math and Science Club also plans a vanery of rnps and activities One trip involved seeing how lozers work Seniors, rhrough the club, could attend on engineering seminar Go mg sailing was a fun-filled trip for the students also d Science club holds appeol ond ed Why dc I :nd because I enjoy math and science " , states Moth ond Science Presi dent, Scorr Porrer Vice President of Science, Deonna L Brock, v eve for one ro " as ro go bey one rt room and explore i Science e, supportive, and bi r reads the objectives to be accomplished at the meeting . Jc jW Wl ffi- J D A TiUlt f F+- S d7lXf)( ' • " ,he meeting to L to fA Mr Curley, Waleed Grunden, Jamie Drad Mike Gerry, Rich Jepsen, Scotr Porter, Grec Keith Fordon Dorrom Mrs Gerdes. Deana Drock. Suson Kuryvilla. Drendo Deofeey Marh Science k. -rf) 180. ' . j IrU. VHJ L— J--4: s - ■ 4 " " The arhleres hove gone beyond rhe coll of dury ro prove rhar ' The Pride Is Dock ' 1 Dy porriciparmg in sporrs, rhe srudenrs here or Alro Lomo hove rhe opporruniry ro show rhis ro rhe whole Baseline League One con ' r help bur be filled wirh school spinr in worching a Drove ream, no marrer whar rhe sporr may be, oil pulling and work- ing rogerher ro prove rhar we ' re rhe besr 1 How did we prove rhis? Dy winning our firsr Homecoming gome for rhe firsr rime in ren years, ond by having many of our reams go ro CIF or coming close A " rorol difference " was shown in rhe efforrs and eagerness ro be rhe besr The Pride Is Dock ond do we hove news, ir ' s here ro sroy 1 182-183 Doosrer Club I84-I87 Vorsiry Foorboll I88-I89 JV and Freshman Foorboll I90-I9I Doys ' Vorsiry X-Counrry I92-I93 Girls ' Vorsiry X-Counrry I94-I95 Doys ' JV ond Frosh-soph X-Counrry I96-I97 Vorsiry Worer polo I98-I99 JV Vorer polo Vorsiry Girls ' Tennis 200-201 Girls ' JV Tennis ond JV Volleyball 202-203 Vorsiry Volleyball 204-205 Doys ' Vorsiry Soccer 206-207 Girls ' Vorsiry Soccer 208-209 Doys ' JV Soccer 210 211 Girls ' JV Frosh-soph Soccer 212-213 JV Wresrling Reserves 214-215 Vorsiry Wresrling 216-217 Doys ' Vorsiry Doskerboll 218-219 Girls ' Vorsiry Doskerboll 220 221 Doys ' JV Doskerboll 222-223 Girls ' JV Doys Frosh-soph Doskerboll 224-225 Girls ' Vorsiry Swim 226-227 Doys ' Vorsiry Swim 228-229 Boys ' Girls ' JV Swim 230 231 Diving 232-233 Doys ' Vorsiry Track 234-235 Girls ' Vorsiry Track 236 237 Doys ' Vorsiry Doseboll 238 239 Doys ' JV Baseball 240 241 Doys ' Frosh-soph BoseboU Golf 242 243 Girls ' Vorsiry Sofrball 244-245 Girls ' JV Sofrboll 246-247 Vorsiry Dadmmron 248-249 Doys ' Vorsiry Tennis 250-25! JV Bodminron Boys ' JV Tennis I he Arhleric Doosrers hove been sranding behind us and our arhle- ric reams, helping us ro regain rhe spirit rhar makes Alra Loma high school number one. They have given counrless hours in rhe form of fund raisers which finance our enrire arhle- ric deparrmenr. These fund raisers, such as early bird bingo and sales of fireworks on rhe Fourrh of July, orejusr o few of rhe acriviries which lead ro rhe $30,000 o year rhar rhey provide for our school. The money rhar rhis group mokes goes direcrly rowards areas such as arhleric equipmenr, and bus rransporrarion ro and from arhleric evenrs. Their service is clearly invalu- able ro our arhleric deparrmenr, and will conrinually be appreciated. JMs t 1?oosteAS Presidenr Dob Combe explains his new ideos on organization, while fellow mem- bers listen attentively A few of the Athletic Boosters pose together os a group The enrire membership in no specific order includes Noncy Honna, Goil Deers. Pete Gunby, Tom Cook Judy Mossogli, Dob Combe, Suzonne Oool. Mike Kettle. Sondle Oerly. Dave and Kathy Rands, ond Karen De Mouro ' 182, Athleric Boosters Arhleric Doosrers lit Rude Is ' Book This years Varsiry foor- ball ream showed rhe communiry and rhe enrire Daseline League rhar " rhe Pride is back! " Our players ' rime, efforr, and dererminarion were caprured by our coaches hard work. The coaches were: Mr. Keough, Mr Kerrle, Mr. Cronan, Mr Cook, Mr. Holladay, and Mr. Procror Many peo- ple are nor aware of rhe hard work and rime rak- en by rhe players and coaches. The players ' workour srarrs our prior ro rhe opening of school years workour, un- like previous years, con- sisred of a rigorous weighr-lifring program. Much more was involved ;n, menrol prepora- rion is o musr in rhis sporr. The Droves hod a 4-3 record, placing rhird in ecgue, srepping over Chaffey wirh a big win of 32 7. Upserring Don Lugo wirh o score of 21-10, rhe Braves wenr on ro play Glendora for our Home coming Afrer rrailing lore n rhe game, Brandon Procror connecred ro wide receiver ftoberr Harrell in rhe end-zone wirh 57 seconds lefr in rhe gome Brave spirir filled rhe air as we won our firsr Homecoming game n ren years! The Braves kepr on fighring, finishing off rhe season wirh a 13-7 vicrory over Pomona. Quenching his rhirsr. fXoberr Harrell glances i to afrer a rerrific ploy AlL ±!LlS. l S2 vZ 0=lV = 1 . M »«,«» f f 52|-0 33 ; =S4.,tt ff 30J Son Harden, Robert Combe. Robby Musrer, Seon Ojeda, John Reyes, Mike Gerken, Gilberr Ybanez, Scotr Sellers, Eric Hollodoy, Dnon Caldwell, Sol Arredondo. Herbie Horlacher, Sreve Wilhoir, Aaron Thomas, Doug Schick, Brian Oerly, Scorrj Dorngrebe, Mike Miller, Drian Sanderson, Greg Rowney, Jeff Kerrle, Tony Peloro, Don Mendez, Frank Torrez, Van Neely, : Marquerre Ransfer, Roberr Horrell, Brian Clark, Edy Huerra, Brandon Proctor, Don Essery, Lorenzo Taylor, Eric Fovreau ' Brandon Procror ourruns rhe grasp of an opposing pi Running-back Aaron Thomas gains yardage roward rhe end- Eric Hollodoy gives o second efforr for a firsr down zone V Foorboll 185, J CW s y v Orondon Procror dodges the grip of Upland 186, f9!f tjouRQ ' Biayes The freshman football ream was a quire young ream and had a rough season. Their re- cord was 1-7-2. Through much rrial and error, rhe ream was rewarded wirh rhe highlighr of rheir season being on awe- some victory over Pomo- na. The Braves looked excepnonally well in rhar game ending up wirh a score of 28-0 Our Junior Varsiry foor- ball ream had a much more successful season, ending rhe year wirh a record of 6-4. This was a refreshing finish for rhe J V. ream. The Braves played well rhroughour rhe season coming our on rhe winning side mosr of rhe rime They won some very difficult reams which made rhe season very excinng. me ream rakes o nmi row Bnan Grimes, Sco ' r Congrove, Paul Ferreira. Joson Neu ' eic v Mike Gerken, Dnon Sanderson, Lorenzo Toylor.Don Essary, Charles Horlacher. Ray Hernandez : rron, Second Row Rob Reese, John Condelos, Ken Sronley, Chad Worse ' . ' • eez. Joson Ford. Par Vego, jum, Firsr Row Den Gusimono. Chris Morrin, Sreve Alien Greg Gillum, John Qoyoron Par Manfrer The ream «, r V fi 188, The Droves rensely woir for rhe orher reom ro snop the ball JL LA D s W Wild Drove on rhe run Dryon races roward rhe end-zone! Top Row Dryon Dendik, Mark Marhis, Chad Jackson, Mike Parhon, Sione Foru, Aoron Schlee, Kris Zochanos, Kevin Fornhom, Paul Haproff, John Ellior, John Edson, Third Cow Coach Drovo. Dominic Rush, Sreve Wilkox, Jim Honna, Jeremy Koepke, Eddie Fleghiemer, Jerry Scorr, Tony Rands, Eric Davis, Perer Pulver, Danny Trimmer, Aaron Hurlber, Roland Garcia, Cooch Vasquez, Second Row Romon Vosquez, Rommy Fokhoury, Louis Rendi, Shannon Karr, Mike Mazouch, Jomes Horre, Wes Wesokoski, Mike Higgins, Sreve McHugh, Joshua Kopchinsky, Scorr Williams, Trim Gonzoles, Javier Chamnes, Dorrom Row Dnan McCormick, Joseph Cicchino, Scorr Carey, John Dolderramo, Duoine Horlacher, Poul Davidson, Troe Shimel, Roberr Gorson, Sreve Kirrs, Chris Kersch, John Villreol, Sranley Dane Met " Re Qioimq he Doys Varsiry ream enjoyed anorher suc- cessful season wirh a five win rwo loss record. They ploced fourrh in rhe Baseline League and were paced by rhe following runners; Sreve Kuch elevenrh place, Jason Chapman sevenreenrh place, R,oy Wiersma rwenn erh place, Marr Higgins rwenry-firsr place, and in rwenr- eighrh place was Chris Hillman. Alrhough rhe ream did nor qualify for CIF, rhey ran ro rheir eighrh con- securive winning season. £ From rhe coaches poinr of view, rhe ream pur our rheir full effort, borh in pracrice and or rhe meers. Coach Rhodes was happy or rhe resulrs of rhe boys efforrs and hopes rhar rhe hard work will improve rheir re cord in 1987. The ream co- caprains were Sreve Kuch and Brian Lee. The special awards were given ro rhe following, Mosr valuable was Sreve Kuch, for mosr im- proved was Shawn Hodges, and mosr inspirarional was awarded ro Marr Higgins. Jeff Wenger p rio Joson Chamon lead Alto Lomo to victory over Donnien Shown Hodges, Steve Kuch, Chris Hillmon, Cooch Rhodes. Mike Derg, Robert June, Roy Wiersmo, Jason Chapmon, Jeff Wenger, Marr Higgins, Jamison Joggers, and Drian Thornhill Coach Rhodes wairing panenrly ro find rhe outcome of the race | ?S 1 i 1 I Team members rake o break ofrer their winning meet Varsity teom gets psyched up for rhe Ooselme League Championship V X Country Keeping lit Pace A frer o slow srarr, rne w 1 Girl ' s Varsiry ream ral- lied ro finish rhird place in rhe Baseline League. This finish enabled rhe girls ro advance ro CIF finals for rhe sixrh con- securive year. Srrong perfor mances were pur our by rhe following: Jody Uribe-ninrh place, Peggy Sweerwood- rwelfrh place, Karhy I 192, fifreenrh place, Kim Rhodes- sixreenrh place, and Karie Olander- rwenry-sevenrh place. Mosr Valuable Player wenr ro Jody Uribe. Mosr im- proved wenr ro Kim Rhodes, while Dess Daer was awarded mosr inspira- rional. Caprain of rhe girls )kes rhe lead Top: Kim Rhodes, Kane Olonder, Jody Uribe, Karhy Loomis, Cooch Rhodes, Yeverre Higgins, Kim Phelps, Mary Ledezma, Lydio Lopez Middle; Condis Rogers, Jennifer Hillmon, Shannon Winsor Dorrom Hanh Nguyon, Srocy Flercher, Kimber McNobb, Dess Doer, Peggy Sweerwood, Angie Frozier, ond Norma Aguirre Peggy Sweerwood gives ir her oil or CIF, ri ii f " Ijjjjfoi ' • " 1 ■ Shonnon Winsor climbs up a hill on rhe course or Enwondo V. X-Counrry 1Q3 A Quicie Pace T rhe rop J V reams in e League Their re cord was six wins and one loss. econd place eague The rop finishers m league finals were , Mike Berg - fourrh place, Brian Thorn xe, Shawn Gerkey r ice,Grea Nie i ■ Regis Scotr . , ' This years J V ream wos one of rhe besr I have ever had Losing only ro o srrong Upland rhe Braves desrroyed the orher league comperinon Coach Rhodes said This ream Ul a lor of efforr and hord heir resulrs Nielsen Grec ' v y; 194 J V Cross Country PeASiSt£HC£ — • — ne Frosh-soph ream hod pur our rhis yeor Even though | a good yeor with o four rhey were inexperienced, rhey .-. ' rhree loss record, os ended up wirh a winning re- rhey ploced fourrh in the Dose- cord Hopefully mony of rhese -ogue The rop finishers in runners will end up on rhe Varsi- league finals were, Shawn ry ream nexr yeor " Hodges - eighth place, Dan The ream spinr was high rhis Crosby - fifteenth place, Neil year which helped ro produce Mercunus - rwennerh place, Jeff a winning season The special Morell - rhirry-second place, and awards given ro rhe ream Ed McNabb - fonierh ploce were, mosr voluable - Dan Cros- These places were our of sixry- by, mosr inspirorionol - Dill Lamb, six places in all Coach Rhodes and mosr improved - Neil Mer said, " 1 om pleosed wirh rhe ef- curius forr rhor rhe Frosh-soph ream Top; Jeff Morell, Don Crosby. Sreve Doll. Coach Rhodes. Sreve Pirrman. Chris Crabrree, Tyson Young, Dill Lamb. Eddie McNabb. Neil Mercunus, ond Ken Dorngrebe Nor picrured Jered Povlich Success isn ' r easy, ond our own Var- . Vorerpolo reom can readily agree wirh rhar In preparanon for rhe games, a srrenuous prac- • .vas held each day Many srudenrs aren ' r aware of whar rheir re- gime was Ir consisred of running perimeters ond up-and-down rhe bleach- ers overlooking rhe pool several rimes rhen, counrless push-ups. Afrer rheir rrekking obour rhe school, rhe ream would swim five hundred yards in rhe racing pool. Five- hundred yards is abour rwenry laps. All rhis is nec- essary in building srrengrh and sromina, rwo very imporranr focrors in rhe game Equally imporranr is skill Shooring drills as well as srraregy " experi- ments " were worked hard on, olso. Whar was rhe reward for all rhis? A grear season ond o very srrong ream rhanks ro o good coach, Mr Thornhill, who has been rhe worerpolo coach here for quire somerime Our Drove reom placed rhird in league Grear season l r ft vl i. Nervously. Cooch Thornhill wotches the lost few of o righr oome | j Carlo Fusco, Mike Dondich, Tim Ancell, Nick Doy, Eric Noreen, Toby Junkunc, Roberr Mogey. Andrew Delgodo, Chaffey Shepherd ifTUU, l fyj rk lovK . fold: -tte s - OK V- ' 1Q6. ■ ■ i.i— i mum — nn i i — w— wrn ,i» " " »i " i » , Srrong dererminonon is displayed across Erie Noreen ' s face as he pre- pares ro shoors for o goal Eagerly looking for an opening, Mike Dandich scans rhe pool for a player ro pass ro 2, ■ - - i V H20 Polo ,197 y Sdoot SJoji It!! Junior Vorsiry Worer- polo has been a strenuous yer rewording experience for each member who become o parr of rhe ream. Wor- kouts for condirioning were difficulr yer rhey broughr more srrengrh ro each individual. Coach Thornhill was always looked ro for encourage menr and guidance dur- ing frusrraring rimes. He was on invaluable parr of making rhis reom so grear. As rhe skills of each player sharpened ,rhe players began ro exper- ience rhe reward of ac- complishmenr. They knew rhar whar rhey did well, and rhey enjoyed ir. Specrarors were always a boosr os rhey cheered ar every game All of rhe hours of grueling work paid off when rhe pride of Alro Loma was shown off in o remarkable way. keGrei DtoTe Top L to R Todd Severer, Zaek Sherrerz, Sieve Orro, Drew Burk Diasuki Yomodc, David Bush, Borrom L ro P- 5 rocv -. erry Unbe Mike Green. Mark Ungles — Christina Couwenberg and Tiffo- ny Mirchell show off rheir daz zlmg smiles after on awesome victory i Ad U Top L to IX Chris Couwenburg, Tiffany Mirchell. Kendall Horre, Coach IXhondo Hein, Candy Tourville, Angela Dillon, Kelly Meurh, Michelle Laramie Dorrom L ro (X lllisa Fielding, Stephanie Balderrama, Chonin Lorerr, Stocy Lopez The girls ' Varsiry Ten- nis ream, coached by Mrs Rhonda Hem, en- joyed yer another suc- cessful year ' The ream mer many of rheir pre-ser goals wirh rhe reams from Glendora and Claremonr being rheir roughesr oppo- nent Whar makes our ream super-hor? Coach Hein expresses her rheory as being rhe air of comperi- nveness among rhe ream These women are rough and being rhor way helps rhem sray on rheir roes. This is especial- ly imporranr in rhose close, nerve-wrecking games rhey are quire fa- miliar wirh Mosr of rhe players were Juniors and Seniors and Mrs. Hein expects rhar rhe abiliry possessed by rhe ream, Alra Loma should have, once again, a specracular season! Kendal Harre ' s forehand follows through smoorhly. Varsity Tennis 1QQ n s , QJs y Ik Ml er another group of oursranding girls, rhe Junior Varsiry Tennis reom proved ro be rhe besr. Coach Becky Bonneville had a " new " ream rhis year wirh only four rerurning players. They were: Kim Basen, Jennifer Balinr, Hearher Howland, and Irene P u renburg. In rhis case, for runarely, new faces meanr new ralenr All rhese young women worked hard on l earning all rhe basics and willingly rook consrrucrive criri cism. The ream consisred of rhree doubles reams and rhree singles reams To ger rhese " playing " posirions, rhe girls had ro challenge each orher The rop winners of rhe week gor ro play in rhe up-coming march You had. a grear season, girls 1 Kim Basen volleys at rhe ner Spifee, It! This years J V volleyball ream has had a great year They were ried for first place wirh an excellent 13 1 record The ream was made up of mosrly sophomores, so most of the girls had played together rhe year before All the girls are looking forward to a very suc- cessful yeat next year The freshman volleyball ream also enjoyed a very good season The ream ried for first place, and finished wirh a 5 1 record Even though the fresh- man team didn ' t have as many gomes as the Varsity or J V teams the girls all pur in a lor of practice time L to R Kathren P,eece, Karrie Peyton, Coach Shelia Qolka, Joelle Daker, Natalie Giurlando, Ronnie Coulrer, Mandy Shepherd. Nancy Massagli. Jodi Nelson, Stacy Malsberger L to IX La Marsha Kelso, Sugarbear Hoyes, Jennifer Funras, Karnna Jones, Shara Fleming. Nicki Funras, Lisa Hampron, Knsry Smoor, Kim Burns, Lanira Jones, Lisa Diehn, Nancy P»egan J V Frosh Volleyball ,201 K u £ CI3 1 Qrftu Te£M e Alro Lomo Vorsiry volleyball squad had a mosr impressive season for irs 86-87 year Over- all, rhe girls placed sec- ond in Baseline League, wirh only one loss ro Up- land High School. Due ro rheir grear league re cord, rhey made ir ro C.I F. Wirh well-learned vicrories againsr Indigo High and Sr Mary ' s High, Alra Loma pushed on! They unforrunarely losr ro Arascdero in rhe C I F quarrer finals The mosr improved player was Krisren Her- chenroeder. Mosr inspira- rional was awarded ro Yolanda McFalls. Our Mosr Valuable Players were Ginger Arceneaux and Sracy Simpson Sracy was also awarded Base- line League MVP. and she made All C.I.F. Firsr Team. Congrarulorions ro everyone for rheir achievemenr ond rhe en- rire ream for rheir our- sranding efforr and ream- work. Dererminonon is wnrren oil over Julie Massag I - — ' lLf ILTAI Krisrin Herchenroeder bumping the boll ro prepare if for o slam r « v, •202 Alro Loma shows rheir abiliry by working os o ream, receiving rhe serve L ro P, Srocy Simpson, Robyn Vaughn, Coach Cindy Gurney, Ginger Arceneaux, Yolanda McFalls, Knsnn Herchenroeder, Julie Mossogli, D om Roberts, Susan Massogh, Amy Harlow, Michelle Medley, Jodi Hursr Yolanda McFalls serving for a point V Volleyball 20a , Against It A rr was a year of ye : ries and bewildering ties, ared in the v. - • rrogedy of oil, not maki The Baseline League hod one :iosest face: the top four teomi . five points of each other ond oly one of these being oble to go to CIF UnforV it was Alto Lomo who came in fourth Just one point behind ■ d teom ond yet the point difference seemed os vast as the universe itself to the teom who hod great potential ond talent Ji ' . ' i Collins : mokes the ploy 204 Carter Be Grimes, and reammares listening orrennvely ro Coach Gunby ' s nexr decision Aoron Thomas flying high 1 The ream caprains, Mike and Aaron ralking over rheir srraregic moves Varsiry Soccer 205 iu, ■Ss T To Succeed - " " - ! t d ef °vi s of Cooch Gory V l . • . Varsity soca . success CIF .-. placing t leoc ■ mo . come : both times they come out victo ■ one x nt and Pomona ■ plishments, stre . rocrices were o def» re - a proc nces were five days wo to threi depending upon how the pre :;ame was played Ar the ' rhey practiced as long ■ ok to correct rheir ' aulrs ■ skills many hours of running and jumping the seo son Parr of this sporr is working rogether, rhe team captains. Lisa Campbell and Suzy Thomas . ed that Wirh oil these odded up a great season was shown Junior Cindy Spongier slides to stop the goal IBf 1 . ods down to score •v- ft) y 1 Y i m Jodi Hursr runs down rhe field ro o winning goal ®t® Jk Top George Franor, Korrie Peyron. Jodi Hursr, Ronny Courier, Nikki Funros, Heidi Heimbruch, Vicki Deebe, Cooch Funros Middle Chrisry McCorrhy, Angie Frozier, Suzy Thomos. Aimee Depose, Liso Campbell, Melissa Doal, Sracy Simmons, Dee Dee Zwauner, Heorher Talleur Borrom Dana Presron. Julie Anderson, Jodi Nelson, Nancy Ragon, Robbm Crawford, Corol Silberberg Goalies Chris Smoor and Cindy Spengler Varsiry Soccer ) f. 207, U Going (jOJi ikt Go Under rhe direcrion of coach Sylvesrer Mar- rinez, Alra Loma ' s very own Junior Varsiry Soccer ream rose ro rhe rop. Many people ore owore of rhe conditions during pracrice. One of rhe unpleosanr focrs dur ing rhe season is rhe cold weorher. This sporr is rr u ly one of " survival of rhe firresr " . Nor unlike rhe r es ' of Alro Lomo ' s sporrs. rhe Junior Vorsiry ream had a srrenuous preseason condirioning program Thanks ro rheir endur- ance and rolerance, we had a grear ream. An inreresring " n before rhe second I of a game v. rwo lines facing eoc er Afrer linking arms, goalie Edy Huerra would nimself on rop and be bounced all rhe way ro rhe end of rhe lines. This was funny ro worch one a greor way ro ger rhe ream psyched up for a win! Above: The ri . ses o look up or o headed soccer boll Below The Droves Isren close y ro c pep rolk or hoH Jeff Onsrotr, Casey Beers. Deon Agnellero. Dennis Beene. Coach ! Tremor. Jeff Smirh, Jomes Harre, Jeff kowe, kobbie Korfonra. Denny komero. Edy Huerra r V f) h [(M Hat Ski ro Pi Top Coach Luigi Troverso, Amber Davis, Amy Shorr, Julie Senise, Tomi Fandre. Mikki mery, Ann R,onds, Karhy Vea, Karrina Drmson Middle Joy Tuncoy, Michell Showers, Lisa Torres, Suzzanne Carrol, P,oni V anrz, Crysral Wohl, Michelle Laramie, Ingrid Duige Dorrom Kim 3yme, Sracy Malsburger, Michele Favreau, Michelle Jolynski, Nancy Frey Fronr Goolie-Jamie Moore The girls J V Soccer ream has proven rhor rhey can compere wirh rhe besr Even rhough some members moved on ro rhe Varsiry ream, rhe J V ream was nor discouraged Wirh rhe skills of Joy Tuncay, Michelle Showers, Jamie Moore, Sracey Mals- berger, Michelle Lara- mie, who are among rhe rop players, and rhe resr of rhe ream, rhey man- aged ro place second in league Their coach, Luigi Troverso also helped our Wirhour his supporr and knowledge of soccer, rhe J V ream would nor have been able ro be where rhey ore now This year, rhe J V ream has somerhing ro be proud abour The girls also are looking forward ro play nexr year, eirher as a Varsiry or J V play- er Which ever ream rhey play on, rhey are srill number one The Year- book Sraff also wish rhem well. Girls J V Soccer y - Spot Hat T3M Our young Droves have done ir again! The Freshman Soccer ream, rhough young, were rough. They showed grear Drove Pride os rhey sromped and kicked rheir way ro vicrory. Mosr of rhe ploy ers ore experienced, having played for many years before. The whole r eam appreciared rheir coaches ' hard work along wirh rhe supporr from parenrs and orher specrorors. Many of rhe players on rhe Freshman ream plan on evenruolly mak- ing Vorsiry and ir ' s rhe op- rimisric Thinking like rhis rhar make oil our reams number one. Way ro go, guys " The Freshman reom. os usual, in aaion Going for The ball 1 The Freshman f " ? 2lQ fl. occer The determinonon of our Alro Lomo players is seen in rheir foces With deep concentration, rhe goalie practices alone Freshman Soccer 211 fitting Ik Jl b Tveor the J V Wres ider heod cooch Mike Kerrle and assistant cooch Tom Orovo, hove done o supetbjob. As o ream, they re momed undefeated in league (60) ond now have that title to odd to rheir list of accomplish ments They won 13 out of their season ' s 15 dual matches, and olocec ' ' ■ o 4 rourno- menrs they ottended, (second at the Charier Oak 5 way and Etiwanda Invitational, ond third ■ ■ Colton Invitational) Indi illy, it had been filled with . able wrestlers The top ■hree records being Alex San Chez (21-1), John Wickum (17-3), ond Morio Correz (16 3) In deed, all the hard work had ooyed off ' Boone raking over on oppon L ro R, Top Sronley Howard, John Wickum, Eric Jedlick. Poul Ferreiro, Jason Neufeld, Chuck Vogliordo, Marcos Guzman Dorrom Alex Sanchez, Tim Guenrher, Joson Sharp, Shawn Federoff, Tony Luna, Mario Correz, Tony Thompson Mario pushing for some pomrs y o $ q w r , « « fj p n n J, " " Tony Thompson wainng for rhe resulrs from rhe referee The Reserve Wresrlers JV Vresrlmg ,213 u Jka Lcmq, SiicJe! This yeors varsity ream proved to be ' number one ' Finishing wirh o • -ecord of 6 m league rhey ploced first in Baseline league for rhe fifth year in a row The team took first in fou ' tournaments, o second place and a third place at two more rournamenrs Wirh one of the best programs in rhe league, anyone could see the special •not rhe team hod this year The ream hod a differ ence in coaching. Tom Drovo. a was made Assisranr Coach along with Coach Mike Kettle Eight Draves went to CIF finals ear. Ray Lorosqum 101 pounds, Tom Guenther 108 pounds, Darry IXudesil 115, Tony Cono122 pounds. Steve Dor bee 141 pounds, Jeff Kettle 148 pounds, Tracey Morell 157 Brandon Proctor 167 pounds Eric Holladay 178 pounds All ir all Alra Lome Wrestling gave o nundred percent, showed rhe Alto Lomo Pride and came out on top! WES Top Scott Greer. Steve Dorbee. Jeff Kerrle. Drandon Proctor, Eric Hollodoy, Scorr Sellers, Gilberr Ybonez. n fAoy Larosquin Tom Goenrher. Dorry Rudesil, Tony Cono, Don Mendez, and John Porrz Coach Kerrle and Assistant Cooch Drovo worch os A L hes Gilberr Ybanez ties up wirh a wrestler from Don Lugo Vorsiry Wrestling ) J .215. h-k " BiOteS Ok lit QeJoomi The Varsity Doys bosket boll team had a very good year The enrhusi- osm wos high rhroughour rhe season Preseason, rhey won the Consolation Championship in the San Dimas Tournament of Champions- In the fitst gome of the season, the Droves defeat ed the Alumni. The highlight of the regular thirty-two game season were two victones over rival Upland and two victories over rivol Chaffey The Droves were on the hunt for a playoff spot up till rhe last week of rhe season. Competition was tough, with the Droves finishing rhe seoson with 6 wins, 8 losses one I the Doselme League Eleven wins and 13 losses overall for the season wos their record Lead- ing scorers for the team were Anders Anderson averaging 20 7 points per game. Rich Al len averaging 15 7 points per gome, and Pete Everert aver aging 14 points per game L to (V Top Coach Carlson, Jim Homburger. Dob Drown, Anders Anderson, Jeron Malone. Glen Drown, Mike Tomson Dottom Rich Allen, Pere Everert, Mike Gerken, Jeff Rubi, Tony Doiley t ' s a pass ro Tony he shoots he scores 1 Jeff Rubi mokes the shot undet pressure -] fo Rich reaches ro ger ihe boll away from Pomona Tony Ooiley wans for rhe on coming ball V DasKerball ,217. tiA- lie. Aha Lcmq Hoop SflooteAS very young reon season Because of rheir good siasm. rhey had many close scoring gomes They oil put tremendous phys- ical efforr ond spinr inro rhe gome «OS hord, or first, for rhe reom ro adjust to the coaching, but they oil gove it i fforr ond come through rhe new girls got opportu ■ gove them experience of playing or the Varsity level This taught to hustle, especiolly ogamst the toller teams they all worked ro- ' with a gran- ' yirtg season of o free thtow si -V T J 21a This looks like o hold up 1 Jl M f v ! ft ' • A mV ' ffc ft f l s JrJJ ill i !© . llftgj i 11 A. ' J v ll ,-■■[■ 3 (IF . ' Vi ■ Dion Dusn, Joelle Doker, Anjo Anderson, Cooch Drown, Gobnelle Piomero, Jennifer Misch, Suson Massogli, Krisrin Herchenroeder, Cindy Perry, Virginia Moreno, Parrice Knowles, Michelle Medley Nor Picrured Tonya Kirklond, Korrino Jones, Marrho Hayes Michelle Medley passes ro her reommore Vorsiry Doskerball 219 s PeacRing Uqi John goes f — 1 — Ooys Daskerbol! | and down season finishing 3 Lugo The JV ream hod only 3 ployed rhar have played high school basketball before They mode greor progress rhrough were Jami gome and D:. er game The •:• Jason I Chi 22Q JV Basketball ijfc John looks for on open reommare ro poss ro Donny posses ro Joson Sronley for o score JV Boskerboll 221 TRey Gate 100% T loss record This ream knows ■ meons ro work to erhei eaC . practiced about 2 eoch day and games were usually on Tuesdays and " ays The most valuable player was Donno Learn given ro Alienne Roy was mo rorional and most improved was Nicole McKe erromrhi began the season with a com ,oal they wanted to play basketball. Dur the girls JV Das setbai reom learned a lot more ■ -w to dribble, shoot, and play defense They learned aving a successful teom teamwork The coma radene and memories will re mom long after the boskerbo hos stopped echoing in the gym or chants of " Be o PIG " ; are gone nondo Dear ; earn. Lis Dock Cooch Smith, Sheilo Glenn. Elaine Panares, Leo . Moore Not Pictured Marsha Kelso V T ' 122. Dasketbali TeOw. Spi iit This yeors Frosh-Soph Dos- kerboll ream hod a re cord of wins and 18 losses Even rhough rhey didn ' r posr a winning record, the play- ers experienced a lor during rhis rime They learned abour reamwork ond sporrsmonship while developing rheir skill Par- enral supporr played a big role in keeping rhe ream moral high Wirh rhe help of Cooch Will ir go in ' Vasquez rhe ream procriced abour 2 hou rs each day Cooch Vasquez ' s goal for rhis year were ro reach rhe basics of bos- kerball and improve rhe players individual skills Also imporronr was rhe enjoymenr of compen- rion Consisrenr performances were rurned our by Chris Robin- son, Bryan Deadile, Jim Hanna, Niel Mercunus, Andrew Vas- quez and Tony Dernol Our guy caunously looking over his shoulder for opposing players The Freshmon Daskerboll Team Frosh-soph Doskerball 22S l-O G SlAM Ion Wonomoker Adnonna Cuellar Sfocey Thomos, Cooch Tom Maples, Melissa Arnholr, Shannon Drorby. and Ingnd Duege Front Lisa Torres, Trocy Fickerr, Kim Rhodes, Corrie Rocey NW(i Demauro, Melissa Virole. Amy Radcliffe i -Mauro oming meet T arsiry s ■ ming rec a promising season an increase in members since lasr year. The ream consisred of rhirreen members and rwo new coaches, Head Cooch Tom Maples and Assis ranr Coach Bonnie Kirker Wirh high ream spirir and cooperarion rhe girls showed much improve- ment through rhe year Wirh abour seven meers during rhe season and some meers on Sarur- doys rhe girls exper- enced rough and excir- ing compenrion. " This was a good season for rhe girls swim reom We " cd a lor of fun ar rhe meers and some good swims, " says swimmer Carrie Racey. Pracrices were each day berween 1:30 and 3 00, Workour srarrs our wirh o 500 yd warm up and consisrs of o lor of yardage and working on pulls and kicks. This years workours being longer and rougher rhon pasr seasons, rhe girls benefir- ed from rheir hard work. 4 • Adnonna Cuellar worlds on rhe technique of her stroke ' 224 L iry Swimming SM$ it Out! (J nder rhe direction of Cooch Tom Moples, rhe boys Vorsiry • - reom practiced every doy for rheir 8 meers of rhe season. Consisring of a variery of relays and in dividual races, each swimmer compered 3 rimes in a meer. They prepared by swimming laps, using bouys for arm muscles, and kick boards ro srrengrhen rheir legs Even on rhe days when everyone else was wearing jackers and Thing, rhe ■ .■ ream was in rhe warer The Varsiry ream was a mixrure of Sopho- and Sen- iors Togerher, rhey made a srrong and pow- erful ream All rhe swim- mers were packed wirh speed and endurance. Swimming rhar exrra lap and practicing jusr a lirrle longer made rhe Braves swimmers berrer rhan rhe rest No. he ' s not lying down on the job, he ' s p- . ' . , ; 226, Top L ro R Andrew Delgado, J C Arrler , Scorr Dorngrebe, Cooch Maples. Dobby Drown, Eric Noreen. Dob Drown, Ted Neward Dorrom L ro R Jim Sheehan, Corlo Fusco, P.oberr Combe, Jerry Uribe, Tim Ancel, and Toby Junkunc WfffH t» W 5 " % Jim Sheehon " growls " for rhe camera 1 A lone swimmer practices rhe breasr srroke ,v.v.-.v v ? i«v X»»%W« »«m .v.«. WW f wwww " ttWWV The guys look ro rhe coach for insrrucrions Varsiry Swimming ,227, SiammiwQ The J V Swimming ream hod on excir ing seoson in ' 87. Though rhe ream was small, con sisrmg of only six mem bers, rhey sworn ro victo- ry In previous seasons rhe J V ream did not have o separate year Having rheir own coach made a big difference. The ream liked this berrer Having Cooch Bonnie Kirker has helped rhe boys improve rhroughour the seoson. Coach Kirker practices each day from rhe begin- ning of 6rh period unril 3 30 Practiced range from 25 yard sprinrs ro 500 yard disronce swims Butterfly, Backstroke, Breast stroke, and Free sryle make up rhe basic strokes in competitive swimming The teams goal is ro improve their skill so rhey con move up ro rhe Vor siry ream ' • ' . ■ V ■ areen. David . Bret Long . Mark Ungles working hard ro perf i ■ rmup dimming SpRas ing Success! The J V swimming ream had rwelve members and was direcr ed by Coach Bonnie Kirker. They practiced every day and had meers on mosr Wednesdays of rhe season The ream was srrong rhis season be- cause of irs size and rhe coaching and Training, rhe girls wenr Through Team spirir and sup- port was seen Through- out rhe season from rhe ream. They cheered on rheir reammares which helped rhe girls swim fas- rer in meers m Vol Miles finishing her lasr lop fe, 1 " PV V % %... J a 4fc f» ,. Cooch Bonnie Kirker, Angel Spaaa. Vol Miles, Sherry Misch, Julie Hieber, Amber Dovis, Jody Morris, Liz Sraiger, Joner Gamboo. Deno Firestone, Derry Macios, Eliza berh Terrell Kim Dosen has a good laugh during workouri Derry Mocias worlds on her pull ond kick J V Girls Swimming .229 u-t- tiai% ' The Diving Team has gradually grown over rhe years ar Alra Loma High School. From a slow srarr in 1984 wirh no diving ream ro a ream of eighr divers. From rhe beginning, rhe year ' s ourlooK was good. Ir rakes a lor of concen- rrarion for divers ro pre- pare rhemselves for a dive. Alrhough ir is an in- dividual comperirion, rhe divers ore srill unired as o fcppin ' Outl ream. To earn a good score, rhey musr have a good form, good heighr, and a good enrry wirh " no splash " . The Diving ream ' s accomplishmenrs have proved ro be very rewarding. " The year was promising for rhe Alro Loma Divers. Hope- fully, nexr year rhere will be more parriciparion so we can have rhe besr ream ever, " srared Diver Jackie Hughes - M ' f™ Jackie Hughes dome 4 ,230 Ik Qiak TiLQcJe T years Doys Track ream had a very successful year. From rhe beginning of March ro rhe middle of May, Alro Lomo ' s fields were filled wirh mem- bers pracricing everyday Jumping hurdles, or pole vaulring rhe ream showed promise from srarr ro finish. Coach Pa licki, head coach or Alra Loma for seven years, is very pleased wirh rhis years rumour Wirh one of rhe largesr reams Alra Loma Track has seen, ir is easy ro see why rhey are one of rhe besr reams in Baseline League. Ar every meer • purrers were shor ring for rhe besr, long jumpers leaped over ord- er schools, and runners srnved for rhar exrra yard rl ii pur Alra Loma on rop The 1987 Doys Track ream showed rhar rhe Pride is Back 1 1 7 232 is for o quic - VT (S rtf o „ ; - v 1 Gorvji, to TV lr i, Ken Dorgrebe rolies a break afrer o race ' K This year ' s girls rrack reom gor off ro grear srarr An average war-up consists of 20 min ures of srrerching, o shorr jog, and mosr imporranr- ly, relaxing menrolly for rhe fierce compe ' i abour ro come. Afrer rhe race is called, rhegir up or rhe srpfrtfigline The sound or rhe gun marks beginning of rhe long srruggle rhar rhe girls musr endure ro achieve vicrory. And rhey were off, pacing rhemselves as one girl pulls ahead. Step ping over rhe finish line, and hearing rhe crowd cheer,, gtvenD-giriJt-. .e ro go on This is jusr a rypicol evenr rhar is experienced rhroughour • ' ock and field sea } e lead ■otaod ux ] Cuu Y i M (Mj ctuh i 1 Al MJ 7 WW 234 (irsity Track MJ ' £H Ofi i! I ' W luCi Any i l ' Tw m I f n ' I 1 n J ■4 it Varsir -Trock Uqi expectations V orsiry baseball had ser grear goals for rhe season rhey had rhis year. When having lis rened ro some of rhe players, ir seemed rhar meering college scours and " nailing " rhe ball againsr some of rhe har- desr pirchers in rhe league, were ar rhe rop of rhe lisr. Undersranding rhar afrer all rhe " runing up " and pracricing rhar was done by rhe ream, ir was no wonder rheir goals were ser so high. Their reason for doing so well was rhe ream ' s grear arrirude and ream work, which Coach Cronan and Assisranr Coach Robinson had a lor ro do wirh. Ir seems rhor rhis school ' s pride has cor- ■ ed our rhrough every sporr, and Alra Loma ' s Varsiry Daseball was no exceprion! Top P,ow L ro IV Cecil Hall. Mike Dye, , C David Mosucci Bottom Row L I Crowell, Jamie Don i I ■ , IkeG.. Koerrh Torrez Lance Leac ' ■ ' 1 Jeron Molone Coach Crc -r 236 kWin ' Howit. s f e all con rake y i pride in our Junior Varsiry Doseboll ream be- cause rhey ore compen- rive, enrhusiosric, ond en- ergeric They reolly hove rheir ocr rogerher, as o ream Pracncing every- day ofrer school helped rhem gain self-confi- dence while each individ- ual developed rheir own ralenrs. They had plenry of school spirir ond srrived consronrly ro pur rheir besr efforr forward. The respecr we have for rhis J V ream has grown wirh rhe rheir show of de- rerminarion We look for- ward ro nexr year as ' ney become our furure Varsiry players Their ag gressiveness and derer- minarion should raise rhem ro rhe rop. Top (L ro fO Cooch Hill, Jim Hunsucker. Harvey TN Jomes Guss Middle: Jesse Englemon, Greg ( Dishop, Fronr Denny Romero, Eric Brady, David ( i yf) ' 238 Harvey Thompson corches o grounder ot first base Jored Bishop winds up for rhe pirch JV Doseboll 23Q, • — " 3k " g • jfcjg f - " A J Hb I ij Swinging P Loud! i Ti aorsor E cort W " ooch Flohorry Doi •■ Scanlon, Jay iromie Mike Mazouch, Johnny Dolderromo, T reshman Dose Pall ream hod 18 ployers ro srorr off rhe seoson. This year, Cooch BecWey said he was look- ing forward ro o very comperirive yeor The reom hod a good pirch- i g sraff, good overall speed running rhe bases and in playing rhe field BecWey soid rhe players hod berrer rhan average abiliry. The oursranding players of rhe ream were Johnny Balderrama, Bri- an Bendik, Jon Edson, Ken Ellior, Darius Smirh, and Danny Trimmer The F ' eshman reom procrice was broken down inro • areas The of- fense and defense were seporare. Then rhe de- fense was separored inro field and ourfield, for abour 30 minures. Then rhe players combined for 30 minures more. The lasr hour of pracrice was spenr in rhe barring cages. Mr. Beckley soid oirirs were high and so was rhe desire ro have a successful seoson. Sxpe ifees Kyle Humphrey following Through o G olf rhis has been ex- cirmg The Varsiry Golf ream had srarred off rhe season wirh a 7-0 pre- season record The ream had a lor of porenrial and wirh a lor of discipline and hard work, rhe ream did very well in rhis rough league Wirh five rerurn- ing players and many more new players, rhe golf ream had a grear srarr. Some of rhe rerurn- ing players were Juniors Dob Drown, Mike Fogr, Mike Gerken, Kyle Hum- phrey, and Rob Musrer- Head coach for Golf was Tony Grasso and assisranr coach Roberr Durio Wirh high ream spirirs and par- nciparion rhe ream did very well rhis year WM Top Rob Musrer, Kyle humphrey, Mike Gerken, Mike Fogr, Tony Mosaolo, Drion Porrer, Dob Drown Dorrom Eric Jepsen, Jim Anderson, Rob Korfonro, Mark Srrorron, Joson Olden, Mirch Ptoberrs A3 Dob Drown killing his drive off rhe firsr ree Golf 241 Battel Up! T schedule i rhe experience of rhe re rurning ployers arc blend of new ployers, Mr. Vosquez ' s group were rough comperirion rhis year. Seniors Mornie Lo Fleur, Suzy Thomas, and Tracy Yniguez provided rhe necessary leadership and experience as rhey paved rhe way for rhe resr of rhe ream Juniors e ream we r e Missy Larc ■ ■ : " dre, Laura Greene, Cindy Spengler, Sracy Lopez, and Dana Presron.The only Sophomore on rhe ream was Monico Var- gas. As Freshman Nancy Ragon ond DeeDee Zwerner grow in exper- ience so will rheir perfor- mance as rhey move up m rhe srandings. The girls will prevail wirh rheir en ,iasm and " new " pride as number one! rhe ourfield 242 " Roy ' BolSIl The efforrs pur inro rhis season paid off very successfully The young Junior Varsity ream was willing ro learn and defear. Wirh rwo hour proences every day of rhe week rheir hirrers and defense improved. Coach Mangels gave consrrucrive criricism ro ger rhe besr our of our Droves . The ream cap rains: Missy Arango and Chrisry Smoor helped or- ganize and supporr rhe orher girls rhrough ream problems and rheir feel mgs With rheir skills rhey wenr ro Monrclair ro play and came back wirh a glorious vicrory Midway rhrough rhe season, rhe ream is undef eared- Thar shows a lor for rhe school We ' re lucky ro have rhis prode on our side. . gome ft£ Wm " Nil , .i£0fc «« 2 Top. Left to right Missy Arango, Knsren Herchenroeder, Nicole McKendoll, Mislo Emery, Knsry McCorthy, Kelly Tote Middle: Tommy Stroid, Lynette Eidle, Laura Montoyo, Elaine Pollores, Kelly Jones Going home after r r y) 244. The team raking a break during pracnce J V Sofrboll .245 sVMs w! 0 orsiry Dodminron hod o very young ream rhis year Cooch Cook said, " The season was very enjoyable, we had a young and ralenr- ed ream. We had only rhree Seniors, rhey were, Brian Oerly, David Tay- lor, and Misry Diedelman, who did a very good job wirh leadership and ag- gressive ploy. There were seven players on singles and rhey were Juniors Dennis Deene, Kyoung Kim, Karen Gneco; Sophomores Anira Aroguz, Jennifer Dalmr The doubles play ers were David Taylor, Jeff Smirh, Tom Guenrher, Jeff Onsrorr, Misry Diedelman, Irene Rurenburg, Hearher Howland, Julie Angold. This years ' ream was a lor younger rhon lasr years ' and proved ro be hearry comperirion for years ro come Jeff O k 246 irsiiy Do- Vorsiry Dodminron 247, Causing J Qoqjei A I a Loma is coming w l back, srronger rhon ever, and ir definite- ly shows in rhe rhis years Doys Varsiry Tennis Team. This yeors ream is one of rhe besr boys ren- nis ream AL has ever hod. Cooch Drerr Procror soid rhor he was rhor oughly excired abour rhe capobiliry of rhis year ' s varsiry group. Ar rhe srarr of rhe season, Procror was plonning ro have a definire CIF bound ream Wirh preseason wins over Onrorio, Walnur, and Eriwondo, rhey dis played rheir ralenrs and capobiliry and showed rhar rhey meanr serious business. The ream consisrs of ol- mosr all seniors, wirh many rerurning players, who were all anxious ro go bock inro borrle on rhe courrs. So Look Our 1 Alra Loma is back! Trevor Carlson. Tony Tomassi, Mike Lornson. M i op l ro ivxorr rorrer, Lnris Mejmon. Irevor Carlson, Ipny lomossi, Mike Lornson. Coach Procr K nr huyler il Gerry, Dnan Lee f Mayer IvtoiJipicruredCarra- i jT n cr $ ,- fi J? . - sJ V- xc »C " VX ?W .■ C ny shor wos in! " exclaimed Cooch Procror A 1 A Varsiry Tennis i 24Q a-t- SuccesswAe, yeai! The reom rhis Wear hod many firsr year players who worked very hard ro impr )ve rheir skills. Their hard work helped rhem in rhe season and helped rr em prepare for nexr y?ar Their hard work heped rhem srrive for success ro be rhe besr rhey could be This years ream is es pecially looking forward ro nexr season when rhey become a parr of our Vorsiry ream. Top L ro IV Johnson. Jeff Don, John Condelas. George Comsrock. Giiberr Ybcrez. Joe Bern, West Jeff Gomes, D i tez Dorrom L ro R Violer Maldonoldo, Joelle Ooki Anderson, Dione LV ■• ■ , Brooks, Lorraine ' ■••. Vane Widdle, Nikki Funras, Julie Dernabei, Monica Flores, Chris Geriy, Korrino Brennson, Moi Lee, Srocey Ingolls Coach C ( " One of our finesr players ' ' dkmvq " TfciougW The Tennis ream rhis year was made up of o bunch of determined guys who were willing ro fighr for victory. Their hard work and good orri- rudes have shown A L rhar rhey hove pride in whar rhey do and wanr ro be rhe besr rhey con The guys ' hard work or procnce showed how well rhey played in rhe games The guys nor only learned how ro work as a ream bur rhey also learned how ro build friendships and work indi- vidually To be on rhe Tennis ream rhere exisrs many requiremenrs, rwo of rhem are dedicarion and spirir We are rruly proud ro call rhem Braves 1 Top L ro [YPaul Spedling, Andy Sheehon, Ralph Savrnoch. Ken Dingsron, Cosey Beers, Scorr Porker. Dorm Cox. Cooch Sreve Thomos Dorrom L ro R Trevor Lim, Drondon Major, Von Nguyen, Dryon Henry, Tim Porrer, Shown Akins, Mike Korsren, Jeff Smirh J V Tennis 251 Ui+s Srno L Sv i h H 0 , vj 3 ■ • ' »; err ' -yens i vw« fU,„. Ar . « , -. " ■ « l c er •» i " » y».i A - rt.-r. » c %-Jh 4 f .v ' rf C cyA .j . ?% «« ,»» ■ • £ ' • " " ■ , v erf! 7 - f l£ r y A l ' r +t-r. -. ,- - • -(. L e r €- j grzzjfr To S z.a-nr e Not He ThomaS ; V D) PooKic ear, x fc«we Sf«« The. bes-t- ar-o d ' + r o fh s u na 5 made, fn « rc A a SU) Carina aoi beaoViKjl person aoo ar . . X a o proor»d aoo Luc y To Kaut " ai m 3 5,lrJprt«U ni cf? . L cue y ou V-V.W 0cV.9 i , iS ' 5 -forevtR Vor . CK , , r „ n I J . T ' " 3 «Pf «■« -• Druc«- Chod -S Or. ¥. V . — r = «r • ¥• DlUXA WJ -IUOL CfoziAoJ fl.j I Loue yovwery iAO - 5 To wj-endy Thb is i+. ' x nope you a 1 1 go for }n life. ' Tnanks for mokiiooi H.5. fi nT ahf. ir(v tc cy. -rich i v cn (LCa iJ ' l f ■s. ■QjLAJLCl, Ultivt. bWl tMounh botfaQODGLcuidtttid UMWLOJ CUJO AXJUUCtL Qctn LOto iraon jujJ?. tfbcuw cuict ' teJJ ' uou NUericlJ. vent jbootiL V yv ].CRoD±hajw EoHjarrr xat c c re you (2 4%! HUL belt ' fiZitf buJT ' Jhjxrtu : j r-, . « ■ - ires tfW Wi rc bedrjLble.!jrru.!! 5 cf iru Mst fpertclSku ui ¥ t-ieo-ri of- tn.l Kisz f-r £c7ci±r .iAp ever ' -fo " T . D. Rr YtsirtriQ - (£ ir " your tfu fas -friend J Ccufot ctrr JiSL- Ur.j -c Jin -l-hu t] n la t Loir (2 ld fa btt 3. PVify +4 64 OtCUL. %HAnn cnCusllmw 3r rmj .Im LjiX.- , - . . if ; . - , nxi MfrL Zui-J Un s - Byprt ' lri ' s %y f . fan Ac- m »- J- m - h A hurt- l. j- t r. - ,j.., , „, A: f )$) 5y ha H(uou -fin ojlLycij d(hs£ cvrtdL To aJLt - (UJLcd (wnc j re • CMT , iun, AiMcz Hh, rfa , hem, thmiW, (jiaip , wry H a cl ,ku offer fniiuls . i M r fK.Aii.u- THffsva. MA ' ' .W7HV AE. J- ' n tjrfl fiAqu- tfvur , (s£K.£ ' lhtl»zt. linger Itrt. Q L " Jl- Ucc d (u4JC. ' ' n ?» • y-uk«. xv i !. „ W ft X 4Dm»wt aj ) ? M)fitMAF 2£ ' 0 ' $» s? tw - Ui +ht qccd. tliMS Wt liiaitiC-f o. (ri ' n iiUWua rlw : aUSL, j Li vc V0U.I, ' J £J cm. knew JTLCVc V BEiltfilSte, IS87 «» -beio vnerc ji««.. t ,V u J gasl.iELONJff you T.neC ' -j iKnou vau ' Ll do ti rea.+ ' Pjh.GhicbocC I liw+J prW, . LYiV.. j fo - rs „Xre«.My t.p ciatt 1-nenAs Fo .,fc. L0v eC-|iO i ei " 3 t, xvs ,T,e «vi x m so U-a ' i-l, unf.L our class Cu-K senour -aopS vfer °vjt yv v to.nd ,s-(icK.YEftto ttcbli V ' Tho.n)C4 ftr maK ' ing y Pi sri cnooi. yfurs aufoF Puf)- hox) v-cae-v ner. vew r« iHy a o«w. P. e ,f on.-i.«m alia X haa-lfe + " " e Snitf.,SniFt. Oc-fhinBirtlu yS-n.VA To r V -fV ' encLs- O-i ' i Ka, Dan, Laura, Parh , i natt , ma tna, KarCn, Ca dice, Hearner, Ctmna, , I ndia. , ic ivt% cuid uiz.. X iov« you Q " -V s ! , vict - " t° " r)oe best -reachcrs -e veK- hos.C, rnr. Ouj-io, and ms . Corfu, Uas +tL) , tYianK.S rviom-f-cro-d for ail your love and Sa.p[»it Oicrv haS k rcu jKt lo e to tyiis qradua-hen- . ° T vSLtoa. . rtrva IVmse, I ' ll Sfi? vou m Haiwin H . Far 1 ■ -- hods --thesis 16 no onc 2rv,, „- j - , ., faj artfC p ' S . - KjxPPcS r hva C ■ r )Hc fiwSr e uK2 r» )C 4iU£. ? SPaiJdJ £ LO 4 nO -n fZnJ HUU- J [ U ,o Hjli O OczJm nuJS suit fkc doy -djas -A %mct csMC- « x ffiCTcfy . A mc 1 waits n e o % K% «, " ' Hi5, ? » « 1 v ' ; t3i | tS gft rj? $ 3 2 ? r J yfl Ouch 35 . ! 5 S , " 7 ? -9UW0HS SdQJ OUtndO K ? 6x tifrs sw -Tr-Of ism-Wcn Only the BfSf The BEST femlly. Mother Pop- 1 MADE IT! Thanx 4 the support erxxxiragement thru the years ! Yaml it ' s been tun. huh ' Next vear you n be a BIG SENIOR ' let rr.e tell ' U it ' s the BESTt Enjoy ' U R a RAO bfothe:! Ganny-U R the BEST s=sier in the world! We ' ve had a! tot of fun (! iWe E». Carol. Rotten Ch-cken) Enjoy the next 2 years, it goes taster than U think! Luck ' n ' B- U R a RAD Itttle or o ! O Thanx (or aH the laughs £j I ' m sure thee s more to cane 1 (Vou can call me Paul. Supersonic Ears, Operation 4 PH) Have fun m school ' The BEST trenz: " Tina- We MADE IP Thanx lor being my best fnend. No one could ask 4 anyone belter. Don i forget " cow " rnkki maker. 7th grade-Ms Brown, sewing. jeilo.85.ihe Walnut Boys, nail lungus, lardies. hairy belly buttons ' I know well keep m touch I carUwart until ' 97. our 10 year reumon ' We ' ll have a BLAST! Smitfy- U R a soeoal fnend ' Thanx tor everything! Remember 1 the night ol thg comet, pizza bowling) t j I H m- s ya! The BEST teachers: Mr. Grasso, Ms Smth. Mr Harnson, Mr Pafcki. Mr Ke«ey Mr. Vasouei U R the BESTI at Alfa Loma! Thanx! U 0 l Z$0 Tfl t ftff ) rtt v «44s 3.J.ST E-SPECXAV.UY i3 Tw ArJp -r 5x c " X.-r v A6 fir f£a«Tir Y«r - ev e " H« " itwa-s Felt- Trie sU tWtT -A P WX " TH(Zou.toMo AT TH " t -A 5S, J ! r Soe Y ASo T THS ' Cr«.€Y CcASS Cf U LUVU AL i- -J vt =r [jari. flrtffZ fet 5 - Carter A df-e. M tM , ±£; f f " „ I n £M.OMj . V -tr 4 - j y y 5 rC X J3 r. ' C ' ' S. r 1 v riviries were and. playin v JXob ' deqth i ed on Fefc 1987 He i were trcj Daldy Re car plunged pver rhe edge of rhV-pood sending them to their deaths Rob will be missed greatly by those who Knew him K-JSone like our sun, You are the memories Saddened one by one Today when I thought of you I remembered our past We shared somerhing special Ir just couldn ' t last. I can ' t stay any longer I have to move on, And think of the future Because yesterdays are gone Indicated Jp ' ' . ,,; Xj ■.-■- ■ «h , ' V. -M ' Avil ) oberr Durio has roughr fx ar Onrario High School for ren years and Alra Loma High School for ren years. He was a Business reacher and, mosr recenrly a French reacher Mr Durio was an I F L C advisor and rhe assis- ranr golf coach Mosr of all Mr Durio ' s compassion and humor will be missed Of his reriremenr, he srared, " I ' ve reached rhe rop. I can go no higher. I guess ir ' s rime for me ro re- rire . " He will be missed dear- ly by rhe srudenrs ar Alra Loma when he leaves ro re- rire our on his ranch in Urah Clark Heiple has raughr here ar Alra Loma High School for rwenry-four years, since rhe school was opened He has raughr crafrs and ceramics He en- joyed reaching here more rhan ar orher schools be- cause of rhe srudenrs and rheir creariviry Mr Heiple and his wife are rerirmg rogerher rhis year He will be missed by all who knew him. Signe Odegard has been here ar Alra Loma High School for nine- teen years She has raughr clorhing, foods, and child de- velopment Her favorite sub- ject ro reach is child develop- menr because she feels rhar ir is imporranr ro know abour. Signe Odegard has en- joyed being here. She likes rhe people, parenrs and sru- denrs, for rheir kindness and cooperarion. Mrs Odegard was well liked by many srudenrs The absence of her presence will be felr A udrey Shuler has [ been ar Alra Loma High School for nmereen years She has raughr Col- lege Preparory and Honor ' s English She has enjoyed reaching very much Mrs Shuler likes rhe variety of people in rhis school, rhe sru- denrs and faculry She en- joys reaching lirerarure be- cause of rhe imporranr ideas rhar are represenred in rhe srories Mrs Shuler will be missed nexr year when she is relax- ing b vw-e. A ,yr £i Ls r « stUcoi. yoo U e See rJ w o - you. r t pe e. -z r«y f y os rcr •■P TftlxC -y -y 0vJ yVnfT ,-yiuajci S-eCf e you : p " in It Itj+lo pcohn Such [jOtl ijOt) GlG TWW U Wto Ediror-ih-Chief s Dovid Gar tdiror-i lAC 1 c Sports . » Acriwies ' Secrioa Ediror- Joe Fojordo Hi I ty£ ' U J ' no §0 q lad 4 ,aj SO 1 Could t£l k. r sc n . UouCi) c tiKvZ fJ to v t. I People fi %y JjuiYl ; . ffhcT nyy t n hoc . Secnpn Ediror: Jpckie Hughes ' Clubs Section Edirors: Chorleen Matrmez OMUMiijh LA) C) I, T hope lui i l L ou) X s J) ) j-ltS 1 fi r noui Academics Secrion Edirdrs: ' Jamie Ames tjtuspeii-l - tkc ondM,che Si H C-C Advisor: Tony .Grasso J , . ifa- SISUNGA STAFF ' 87 a rww p y m . row ikood iu.Ua. IT f Poner " C - 1j y chol To — ccfgp y . b( lM " |) ¥ och ei Gray ti)M ' Jo ) Vc OArVv A o CtJJl |WJc lW4 JUn JTMA. Ml T s ro everyc V ■ Yeorbook Re- COLOPHON prinred in Senl , ■ epr for ■ ies x u ' I ) J JUr )jj-c cMaa n $ -p v fSS% % »% w KA y . ? C7 rC cr cr.y- y ». -o - « J a- V ' I ' ' fllf 4— w o UJu ou Ate V. 5UCW cool ge-Her cqW " d Lou? | . 3 w-wv 1 ( - v ; P.S. Tf you {Tew {juCf? au ' iA j aAccfti L i 4-fv 3o ? c?»t«i JSaa.W s difokelMt 2 X niik you t cits ' i em ije aU7 yoo z J 9 f s-i £ y«yy™ $AdL J. V ■ 3q 7 Sd A " ; 4 " 2? " 51- - ,irmi- wmni

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Alta Loma High School - Sisunga Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Alta Loma High School - Sisunga Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Alta Loma High School - Sisunga Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Alta Loma High School - Sisunga Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Alta Loma High School - Sisunga Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Alta Loma High School - Sisunga Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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