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Alta Loma High School - Sisunga Yearbook (Alta Loma, CA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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WpyiMK : h v ? f : ; ;, ■ ■ ' J ' • ' ■; v ■ ■■■■ ■ ' : ' ■ I ' II pV ' Jyi Z cft like A A A V ..Xi ' v y.. .i v „ n!- ' . , r..)r ■ " ' A ' . (5 ' .:X : ' 3 ' 4j " M. 0 .-.« U ' i . i ' r cv i f i ' y fc ] ' ' f f .. ; i means a place for the war- Z u ' rior spirit. Ttie students prove , ttiat Alta Loma is " Sisunga " Qr J Witt) ttieir enttiusiasm in all ttiat , J Xjv f V V» r r V i " ' ttiey do. Because of every stu )r M M ' V 0 ® " ' « friendship towards 0 7- aWt V ers. traditions kept with prided % land spirit shown every day. - ( ' Alta Loma can truly say that ' o is a place for the warrior spirit. cS ' jf ' %cx uj-xv V x ou a - , wuj c O.WA novAJ v " " " OV " - " - O- ' s.eV -x; osA-V cyY 6 Vo aS - " -y J I 4 ALTA LOMA HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME 23 8880 Baseline Road, Alta Loma, CA 91701 a1 POG r vr 0 Theme . . . ...2 Seniors . . . ...8 Memories . . . ...30 Activities . . . ...56 Clubs . . . ...92 Sports . . . ... 108 Underclassmen . . . ... 176 Academics . . . ...218 riendship is knowing someone will be there through thick and thin. Friendship can be found all over Alta Loma High School from the west lawn to the senior table. Everyone has someone who they can laugh with, cry with, and shore with. The good times will never end as long as these special friends are by your side. Stu- dents show their spirit at games, cheering on our Braves, They carry on such traditions as donut runs and declare their friendship to others. Mariano Fusco helps Larry Mitchell finish his homework before the bell rings. Joey Buccheri, hurrying to class, tugs Kimber McNabb along. Kim Bethel and Susan Fino share some gossip about the " men " in their lives. This is Anna Gregard ' s way of thank- ing a friend for always being there. Jeff Ruby having lunch with Amy Har- low. " Are we having fun yet? " jm sharing and caring, laughing and crying. 2 . . . something to be shared, 3 . . , never having to ex- plain yourself. 4 . . . getting to know everyone around you. . , inevitable at Alta Loma. etc. radition is the hand- ing down of cus- toms, beliefs, stories, from generation to generation. Tradition here at Alta Loma High is very unique. We have our honorary events such as Homecoming, Kings Ball, Mr. Alta Loma, and Prom that make our traditions spar- kle. We also have weekly tra- ditbns such as cheering our Braves on at sport events. Aside from these traditions is one that is almost forgotten — our Alma Mater: " All hail to Alta Loma High your colors blue and white. Our loyalty to you and our school, shines forth a silvery light. And near or far, where e ' er we are, our stalwart banners wave, traditions true, we shall remain, the ALTA LOMA BRAVES. " Traditional returning of the pre- vious year ' s homecoming queen, Ruthie Rush. Alta Loma ' s tradition- al Indian mascots; Shannon Cush- man and Misty Beidleman. Stu- dent at Lunch. Spectacular tire- works from Homecoming 85-86. Traditional Pep Squad; Cindy Ful- kerson, Tammi Solas, and Shan- non Cushman. :3?? r fHes i Fresi He ' 1 «(iM i r V ■ ' ' ' " intl y . ... timeless reminders of years past. 2 . . . things you should never forget, . . never broken. 4 . . . something cherished for future generations. . . forever a part of Alta Loma. - . pirit is enthusiastic loy- aity. At Alta Loma High School, the students express their spirit by attending pep rallies, going to athletic events, and participating in the many activities which promote school spirit. Our cheerleaders build spirit by working up a chant involving the audience to get the team go- ing. Rain or shine the spirit goes on. Accompanying this, the march- ing band and attached units in their dazzling array of colored uniforms put emphasis on our feelings of enthusiasm by per- forming at football games and pep rallies. N-Jr- Cari and Angle, showing spirit for our team. Chaffey, defending the goal with the traditional A.L. sign behind him. The boys hanging out at the senior spirit rock. The football team, striving ahead for victory. Julie, striking up the band. The crowd, cheering our Homecoming Gome of ' 85. Marching band, bringing us a musical performance at half-time. Our water polo team, fight- ing for the win. 1 . ,. having pride in your school, 2 , . . being in- volved in activities. 3 . . . showing you care. 4 . . . never giving up hope. . . contagious at Alta Loma. " h. Jeff Garrett smiles slyly in the quad be- tween classes. Steve Armendariz watches the Game as he sits in agony, Some of ALMS ' S good students fool- ing around, r Yolanda Aguirre Michelle Akins Jam! Alkire Theresa Allen Pam Anderson y m Tonya Areharf Dina Aresfa Lorena Arista Steve Armendariz Ed Asebedo Duane Barker Alfonso Barrientos Alyssa Baskin Tom Bayer Paul Beck Traditions True We Stiail Remain, The Aita Lama Braved ' %: Brian Belknap Ravi Best Tina Boeclceier Cody Boggs Linda Bowen Ingrid Brandts Douglas Bray Jacqueline Brock Darlene Bronikowski Brenda Brown Keitti Byler David Capocci Rtionda Carey Charles Carroll Kimberly Carslin Randy Castellanos Cynthia Catt Richard Chung David Clark Richard Clark 1 Craig Cruz Raymond David Stacy Davidson Debbie Day Mike Deffenderfer JodI Delaney Doris Denny Skye Desevrenjacque %. -%• fS Lori Eisert Kimberly Devlin Deborah Dickey Brenda Dickhous Sheila Djafroodi Raymond Domlnguez Tricia Elliker Dale England Stacy Epstein Carl Ervin Senioritis . . . Hits an all Time High .0 ■ h ' s Shannon Froblom Pauline Fulbright Jennifer Funtas Mariano Fusco Beverly Gaines ■%: " 4 Jeffrey Garrett Deionna Gaston Lisa Geer Sean Gerson Sonja Gettel Kaprice Gettemy Scott Gibbs Manjula Gill Kelley Gillum Gregory Gilson I Michael Gray Bobby Green Diane Green Kendra Greer Fireworks Light Up Homecoming ' 85 .V . fS Tara Greer Shannon Guith Cheri Haggard Mark Hall Stacy Hall Babak Hamidi Kevin Harden Mona Harkey Monica Harkey Shawna Harlow Tonya Harmon Michael Harney Lisa Harris Rene Hastings Lisa Hazelrigg David Hearn Craig Heath Robin Heck Beth Hendricks . fh % IT f6 ASB Attempts to Beautify Campus 5ric Herchenroeder Kimberly Herman Tammi Hernandez Christy Herzberg Linda Hickman Jennifer Hughes Vicki Hurley Charles Jackson Veronica James Jeanetfe Jedlick David Johnson Lisa Johnson Rayna Johnson Sean Johnson Shanteel Jones rr 7 " --A Stephanie Katrenich Sherri Keltner Andrew Kesig Kerry Kirk Terry Kirldand Melanie Kieinschmidt Kristin Klevaas Eric Kioclc Janet Knauer Elizabetti Knittle Keane Kotiler David Kolde ' i ?«.flVA ' y»WKfl«j ' j» iK i ' j ' vv. ' ' r.-fjin Jacqueline Kotowsici Mictiael LaCtiase l arianna Laldcees Jennifer Lambert Steven Larsei . n.; : " - S ' Gregory Lastrapes Agustin Latosquir) Demise Lawson Kwarig Lee Deane Logan Susan Loken Kellie Long Anita Lopez Lisa .eeper Kami Lopez Geraid Macaia Laura Manning Micheiie Manns Dina Marinelii Senior Class Shows Spirit Throughiout the Year ' C0 . 9 Shayne Marston Lisa Mayer Ruth Mayo Genelle McClure Donald McElroy Yvonne Meisser Mark Melick ni Christine Mende. Michele Mendoza Gina Metallo Kaubi Mikeisen Dawn Miller Jerry Miller s ufXiK iosi : -. A i£i(C« 3AA.vtvcw: :M.vj Joel Miller Patrick Miller Geoffrey Milligan Michelle Minyard Michael Misch . ' 1.. O ?o so Faces of the Future Memories of ttie Past iarry Mitchell Jeanette Mitten Steptienie Montalto Matrtin Montoya Dianne Moore Keitti Mundt Mark Nagel Stiawn Nailon Andrea Newton 1 IMt ll Deanna Niblett Butcti Nielson Jodi Nieman Doug Niwa Lisa Nunez Anthony Ocampo Kathleen Ogden Andrew Olander Jude Olivas u James Oswald Marcus Pacheco Tania Palk Brigid Palmer Kimberly Parker Tim Patterson Kristen Paul Patrick Pederson Henrlette Pehrson Raellyne Peick Joe Perez Saul Perez Anita Peter Lara Petrocelll Tricia Peyton Marney Pfutzenreuter John Phillips Sonia Pilonieta Dena Porfz Troy Powell Jennifer Racey Bobby Ramirez Richard Ramirez Annemari Ranta Monica Rawlins Darren Rebello Seph Redman Frank Reed Jack Reed Michelle Rees Pow Wows Rally Alfa Loma Seniors . ' 1 . ■ Michael Regan Lori Renchard Robin Richards Michael Riley Andy Rivera John Roberts Rhonda Robertson Gui Robinson Melissa Rodgers Dawn Rojeski Wendy Ryan Rikard Saisgard Christine Sanderson Christina Sargent Sandi Sassaman ' Back to the Future ' Scores Highi at Alta Loma 84 Ulricke Sattelberg Richard Schick James Schneider Julie Schneidewind Clinton Schuster Karen Sellers Steffany Sensenbac hris Seviei Norman Sharkey Christina Sharp .1 Rachelle Skowronski Tina Slatinsky Karen Smith Steven Smith Larry Snapp James Sorenson Robert Specht Brian Spiker Troy Spillman Heather Switzer Joani Tate Stielby Taylor Carol Taylor Craig Taylor John Taylor f.- . ' . ' if- ' :V ' ' reiS7vef.- Lori Taylor Patricia Tatzlaff William Thomas Maria Torrence Frank Torres Tino Torrez Kara Tsiaperas Ronda Tucker Joann Valles Angela Vallier 1? 26 Wendy Vanpelt Paul Vonins Gary Whightsll Larry Vasquez Wayne Villenueve Michael Vogel Elizabeth Vogler John Wall Caria Wallace Kimberly Weatherbee Tracy Webb Thomas White Melissa Wilcox Kevin Williams Stephen Williams Alta Loma Aids in Mexican Reiief Fund Heath Williamson Randy Winder Wendy Wood Shawna Woods Robert Wright Vincent Zagorin Barry Berg Vivian Ayala Gary Cook Craig Johnson 2S Ingrid Brandt looks cool in her shades. Mike Misch concen- trates on the scenery. Joel Mill- er loves catsup on his twinkle. The Career Center is certainly a place for thinking for Christine Mendez. Frank West uses his lunch tinne to prepare for a test. ' 7l( PCctci%ect Marty Anguiano Julie Mahoney B Tammy Bachman Viet Mai H Crystal Baldwin Tina Muniz H Steve Ball Everett Narvaiz H Sean Behunin Christopher Paquin H Jill Bronner Kristine Park H Robyne Christie Derek Pallegrin H Gary Gook Daniel Perez H Carl Corvin Hope Powers H Maureen Darquea Mario Rivera H Mavis Davis Virgil Rush H Thomas Dawson Brian Ryneal H Craig Easterling Kenneth Stanley H Victoria Eich Christina Santoyo H Scott Evans Tina Thale H Michele Coins Heath Thompson H Mike Gomes David Tiekomp H Thomas Heath Stephanie Turner H Kevin Heierman Mark Wagner H Wendy Hunton Heath Williams m Jennifer Keller Mark Wilimon Wm Lori Killion Glenn Wilson y Allena Lish Charles Winder Patty Lonsway Melanie Yates Leroy Lucero Kristine Zelonsky V89 A V As Seniors the last four years hold very special memories for us both good and bad. These memories will remain forever, as they rightly should, to be remembered as part of our past. Our first love, lunch- time activities, and football games will all be reminisced upon in the future. We ' ll remember the " A " or the " F " on that English report. All of these memories will be kept forever so that ALMS will be known as a place for memories. V I) i Ik % 30 Kami Lopez remembers the spe- cial friends she made at A.L.H.S. Brenda Brown and Angie Vallier will always remember the fun they had at the Mr, Alta Loma contest. Tim Patterson, like a bunch of oth- er fans will always remember how loud they cheered at the Sport events. Bev Gaines remembers Alta Lo- ma ' s team spirit on the Girls Varsi- ty Soccer Team. Troy Cox ' s favorite memory at A.L.H.S. was thinking of gradu- ation. 1 ' . come, ° eors ' ese ore x. , creofec ; " " emoryes ri. ' s ;. i ab; I Andy Kesig ' s favorite memory is sitting in his car at lunch time with the music blaring, Monica Mahoney remembers the day her friend Sunshine walked into her class and yelled " sorry I ' m late. " David Capocci will always re- member the friendship of the li- brary staff. One of Scott Karsten ' s memories is dancing with his girlfriend. This 86 clan will remember the 85 Homecoming football game. SENIOR Teacher: 1 Mr, Rhodes 2. Mr. Pickering 3, Ms. Courey Car: 1 Lamborghini 2. Porsche 3. Corvette Movie: 1 Bock to The Future 2. Rambo First Blood II 3. Breakfast Club Food: 1. Pizza 2. Shrimp 3. Hamburgers Soap Opera: 1. General Hospital 2. Days of Our Lives 3. Dynasty Sex Symbols Male: 1 . Rob Lowe 2. Don Johnson 3. Richard Gere Sex Symbols Female: 1 . Heather Thomas 2. Christie Brinkley 3. Heather Locklear Song: 1. Take On Me AHA 2. Be Near Me ABC 3. Cherish Kool And The Gang One Night Love Affair " ' ' Ww n fM !« • fff Cask ' n Cleaver — the place to go to dinner. Alta Loma likes Bryan Adams voice. We especially like Pizza Royals pizza. The cuddly dog is our most loved animal. 1 . Eddie IVIurphy 2. Bill Cosby 3. Richard Pryor Album: 1 . Tears For Fears Songs From The Big Chair. 2. Ready For The World Ready For The World. 3. O.M.D. Crush Vocalist: 1 . Bryan Adams 2. Phil Collins 3. Sting Radio Station: 1. KROQ 2. KIIS 3. KLOS Animal: 1. Dog 2. Cat 3. Horse Restaurant: 1 Cask-N-Clecver 2. In-n-Out 3. Bobby McGees Magazine: 1. Seventeen 2. Playboy 3. G.Q. Hangout: 1 . Pizza Royal 2. Parties 3. Friends ' Houses TOA 70 ct M , , . hen I was young, % boys hod flat tops, girls wore girdles, and Elvis was ' King. " Malts, Cherry Cokes, and going steady were in, and there were vir- tually no drugs. Many students took their school name more seriously than they do today. Stu- dents today are more " worldly, " but I don ' t feel young people have changed much since I was a senior. Mr. Rhodes — Govt. - SRlli ' ' IS? k hen I was young, we (J had just entered the modern stone age. Our scientists were develop- ing uses for the wheel and schools were teaching the art of fire-making. Our leader had a new idea in " Strategic Defense, " which would elimi- nate the need for spears and arrows. As I think about it now, all that has changed is my age. Mr. Pickering — Government When t was young, I never thought I ' d get " old. " Life seemed to go much slower than it does now. I was much more naiv6 about life and looked at it through rose col- ored glasses. I enjoyed school because I was Very Involved. Ms. Courey — Econ Cont. hen I was young, I worked at Knotts Berry Farm selling hamburgers and berry juice. We did the surfer stomp at school dances and I went to see Jan and Dean at the Buena Park shopping center. There is a lot less school spirit now, but girls can play sports! There is a better acceptance of differences and handicaps. Mrs. Henkel — Wk. Exp. hen I was young, O O there were two important goals I set for myself. I decided never to grow up and nev- er stop loving life. High school was pretty much the same for me as it is now. Academically ev- eryone worked hard and thought of ways to have better parties. Mr. Kayda — Physical Science p.,... TCHS Class of ' 65 Jill Johnson Anderson hen I was young, the teenagers I grew up with didn ' t differ much from teens of today. Today teens are baraged by a media of blitz of immediate satisfaction but the " good guys " handle that and the " bad guys " have trouble with it. I used to go to school from 8:00 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. and participates in many activities. Mr. Palicki — Senior English hen I was young, I 0 considered my high school days the best of my life. Getting good grades were impor- tant to me. So was singing. I was in two singing groups and starred in " Lil Abner " in high school. In high school girls dresses had to touch the ground or we got sent home. If we kept the cam- pus clean, we got to go home early on Fridays. Mrs. Anderson — English ' .vi -- D 36 W ' ' M t l S uU Tfteet soap • SANDWICHES • SOFT SERVE FROZEN YOGURT PHONE ORDERS 1 . Chris Sanderson packs in more sweets. 2. Anton and his friend read on. 3. Shari Moreland punches out a new receipt for her customer. 4. Wendy Ryan tidies up a bit. 5. Missy Wiicox . hese seniors have the right idea. Finding and keep- ing a job is most important to these working students. It ' s all part of growing up. Car payments are due, in- surance must be paid. Where are the funds going to come from? Frantically submitting applications at all available places, finally that long awaited call comes. An interview date has been made. This will be the real test. As the inter- view nears, nervousness settles in. Palms sweat, dry throats begin. After an- swering a few short ques- tions, with a nervous smile, the job is yours. The first day is confusing but somehow you manage to get through it. A couple days pass, everything is just routine. Days . . . months go by . . . This once long await- ed job becomes an every- day bore. The employees are rude, the customers are aggravating, wages aren ' t high enough and the boss expects too much . Hey, welcome to the reah world. You really have something to look forward to. M - -.-r i ' kio ugh 8 Ok (LWA ' S WVH . S r® :jv rc ' . Q He thinks he ' s suave, he thinks he ' s cool, but when a girl walks by, he tends to drool. He dresses in 501 ' s and K-Swiss. He enjoys going out and loves to kiss. He loves to party, which leaves him in a daze. In his spare time he catches some rays. He joins all the clubs as if they were fads (even Calculus Club, but he can ' t add.) He loves to eat all the time, in order to start on the defensive line. The senior guys at A.L. have passed the test. They can now be labeled as the best. Most of our Alto Lomo High School guys have: brown hair, brown eyes, weighs about 140 lbs, and is at least 5 ' 8 " . Some guys like a girl ' s personality, while others rate a girl ' s looks. They ore especially interested in their fast cars, beach activities and parties. 5 ' 8 " Mike Misch, Kevin Williams and Chris Epinet are only the average. ? 3 70 CU PnlcU Look around A.L. and you will see, many variations of what a senior girl can be. She wears Guess, Paisley, and an everlasting smile. Her taste is impeccable and always follows the style. She flirts with the guys, gossips with the girls, plays with make-up and fluffs her curls. She shops in the morning and dates at night. She studies for exams and does alright! Most of our Alta Loma High School girls have: brown hair, brown eyes, weighs about 100 lbs, and is at least 5 ' 3 " . Girls like guys. They also like to meet new people and socialize. Girls love to go out, have fun, and party. 5 ' 3 " C » After a quick turn, pause and smile, Lorena Arista moves on. 39 Yolanda Aguirre " Yo Yo " LIKES Teddy Bears, all my friends I plan to be hoppy and successful. fvlichelle Akins LIKES roses, Teddy Bears, guys, my pals, the beach, my Mustang. I plan to be rich and famous. Jarrod Alexander jami Alklre Theresa Allen LIKES A Cappella, Biology, Algebra, Spanish Robert Altamirano John Anderson Pamela Anderson Activities Tall Flags, Winterguard LIKES Waterskiing, Dancing, Friends, shopping I plan to be a police officer. Ray Andrade Tony Arehart Activities soccer LIKES horses, skiing, friends I plan to be a veterinarian. Dina Aresta " Shorty, Midget, Dink " Activities V. Cheerleading LIKES Teddy Bears, all my friends I plan to be happy and successful. Lorena Arista LIKES my friends I plan to be a bank manager. Steven G. Armendariz Activities football, baseball, w eightlifting LIKES girls I plan to be a chiropractor or a coach. " Trac " Chamber Singers, " Crysty " Ed Asebedo Pam Ashby Vivian Ayala Johan Bachman Andrev Baier Traci Bailey Activities Badminton, ASB, Dance LIKES music, eating I plan to be a business person Sarah Baker Crystal Baldv in Activities Vi ork LIKES photography I plan to be a U.S. Air Force Medical Specialist Steve Ball Mary Bandich Ted Barker " Commando Kelly " Activities Wargamesll LIKES a lot I plan to be a Mercenary. Genam Barela LIKES dancing, athletics, reading I plan to be a business vi oman. Al Barrientos Activities soccer LIKES friends, beach. Human League, clothes, malls I plan to be an accountant Alyssa Baskin " Lili, Scooby " Activities BSU LIKES dancing, singing, meeting people I plan to be a computer programmer. Tom Bayer " Innie " John Bethel Sean Boal Tina Boecheler " Talking Tina " I plan to be rich. Cody Boggs Activities football LIKES girls Linda Bowen Douglas Bray Jackie Brock Activities Key Club LIKES modeling, biology I plan to be a doctor. Ingrid Brandts LIKES everything I plan to be a cruise ship manager. Darlene Bronikovj ski I plan to be rich, rich, rich!!! Jill Bronner Brenda Marie Brown " Bren, BB, Beebs " Activities ASB, Senior class president LIKES skiing, friends, dancing, RIF I plan to be a pilot or a judge. David Brown Gary Brown " Gene " I plan to be a race car driver. Michael Brown Michael Bruce Joseph Buccheri Activities Cross country, track LIKES sleeping I don ' t know what I plan to be. ' So " Look at me I ' m a light- ning rod! " boasts Karrie Baler. % Paul Beck Sean Behunin " Stoney " Activities basketball, football LIKES girls, parties I plan to be an engineer. Brian Belknap Barry Berg LIKES racing, red I plan to be a business manager Michelle Bernier LIKES football I plan to be an airline pilot. Ravi Best " Wynton " Activities band LIKES music, playing jazz, parties 1 plan to be a professional trumpet player. Christina Beth " Wild Child " Activities Softball LIKES food, poetry I plan to be a computer programmer. " I am like, sooo happy!! " 40 Lisa Bucci Michael Burke Chad Burnett Keith Byler LIKES reading, movies, woman plan to live comfortably. David Copocci " DPTC " Activities Yearbook Editor, Acodemic Decathlon LIKES computers, reading, friends, having fun!!!! ; plan to be older!!! Rhonda Carey Charles Carroll Kimberly Carslin " Kim, Kimber " LIKES cars, horses, beach, guys, music I plan to be a horse trainer. Bryan Case LIKES baseball, football I plan to be a fireman. Randy Castellanos Cynthia Catt 3byne Christie " Babbette " plan to be a court stenographer. Richard Simon Chung " Rich, Simon " !KES music, sports, vi omen olan to be rich and famous. :3avid Clark Richard Clark Ed Clees Activities hunting ES food, money, sleep, friends ; ian to be successful. imie Conley " Jame " ctivities Key Club KES T.V., guys, musicals :.)lan to be o naturalist. ,,a Conner Activities ASB, Tennis LIKES music, clothes, black, lipstick i plan to be a lavi yer. Catherine Conway Gary Cook " Scary Gary " olan to be rich. or! Corvin chard Cota " Richie Rich " ES love olan to be an architect. acy Cox " SUE " ctivities S Club, Tepee Times ES guys, skiing, friends, sports :jlan to be a banker. . loy Cox Craig Cruz ■ ctivities Cross Country, track, tepee times . KES girls, rainy days, November, grey and brown I plan to be a novelist. Scott Dahlin I plan to be a cop. Victor Paige Danzo Jr. Activities soccer, waterskiing Raymond David Stacy Davidson Mavis Annette Davis " Mayvay " I plan to be a nurse. Thomas Dawson " T.J. " Activities wrestling LIKES everything I plan to be a Marine Biologist. Debbie Day Christopher Dayton " Chris " I plan to be a police officer. Mike Deffenderfer Jodi Delaney Doris Denny " Doree, Dor, Dorayme " Activities Songleader, track, yearbook coeditor LIKES dancing, pink. Ready For the World, New Edition, my best friend, clothes, cheering, mails I plan to be a psychologits, model. Kim Devlin Activities sailing LIKES beaches, school, boys, traveling I plan to be an airline stewardess. Skye Desevrenjoquet Brenda Dickhous Deborah Dickey " Debbie, Dibs, Deb " Activities Tepee Times, Band, CSF LIKES a whole lot Sheila Marie Djafroodi " Bugsy, Apple Cheeks " LIKES my doggies, rain, eating out I plan to be organized, married, and happy. Ray Dominguez " Ramon " Activities wrestling, track. Cross country. LIKES skiing, running, surfing, women I plan to be a doctor. Erin Dornisch Janet Dube LIKES fast food, being weird I plan to be a child psychologist. Michelle Dubois Cherie Duchay " Baby Doll " Activities Tennis, skating LIKES animals, guys I plan to be happy and rich. Theodore Dunigan Melinda Durbin Criag Easterling Kristi Easterling Nick Eddy LIKES skiing I plan to be a computer electrician. Jill Ecoff Lauren Edson " Red " Activities V. Softball LIKES Teddy Bears, guys, friends, my car I plan to be rich and successful. Victoria Eich Lori Eisert LIKES Softball I plan to be a flight attendant. Tricio Elliker Dale England Stacy Epstein Activities Band, Wind Ensemble LIKES music, helping people I plan to be a psychologist. Cory Ervin Lori Esler Christian Espinet Michael Espinoza Walter Essary Scott Evans I plan to be on underwater welder. Melissa Ewing LIKES horseback riding, drawing, bicycling I plan to be an Animal Health Technician. Jerome Pagan Kevin Fairfax CSF, Key Club I plan to be an orthodontist. " Missy " Soppiness is ■ ■ ■ t e ' hg with fr end. • • • ' ng loved ■ ■ • • 9 ' ' acfuat,hg ' ■ ■ ■ ' 9 o senior • ■ ■ oil over A.L. " Come on Christine (Men- dez) show the photogra- pher what we do in year- book class, " says Leesa Geer. ) ace " pa " f ci lt UKed O ' ,-?° 4J- 4 Jeff Farinich LiKES bodybuilding, cars I plan fo 90 info fhe field of business marketing. Teresa Felty " Eraser Head " LIKES all my friends, I plan fo be happy (all the time) Christopher Fikes Rob Fino " Rambo " Activities wrestling, baseball LIKES wrestling, women I plan to be successful. Tami Flom Marcela Foronda " Mars " Activities Key Club I plan to be an actress. Kimberly Foster " Kim " Activities Tepee Times, CSF, Academic Decath- lon LIKES Teddy Bears, football players, beach, fun I plan to be an accountant. Robert Frame • • rewarding. . • • exp onng rotetaVces. , expected otAl- ifi Here is Mr. Campbell, wandering about the campus, trying to tind his way back to his office. Steven Franks Activities Basketball LIKES money. Late Night With David Letterman I plan to be rich. David French I plan to be a civil engineer. Shannon Froblom Activities soccer LIKES a lot I plan to be a nurse. Pauline Fulbright " Polly " Activities S Club LIKES guys I plan to study computer sciences. Jennifer Funtas Mariano Fusco Activities Track LIKES girls, beach, parties I plan to be a computer science engineer. Beverly Gaines " Bev " Activities soccer LIKES my boyfriend I plan to work with abused children. Jeffrey Garrett " Jeff, Mr. Magoo " I plan to be a fireman. Deionna Gaston Activities Track LIKES un I plan to be a computer programmer. Lisa M. Geer " Leesa " Activities Yearbook staff LIKES socializing, spazing, my friends I plan to major in fashion design. Daniel Gerger Sean Gerson Sonja Gettel Activities V. basketball, Jv. Softball, golf, S Club, Hiking Club LIKES ocean, rain Kaprice Gettemy Gail Giamattel Scott Gibbs LIKES fourwheeling, having fun I plan to graduate. Debbie Gieling Raymond Gigliotti Manjula Gill Kelley Gillum Gregory Gilson Michele Goins " Mouse " Mike Gomes Activities skiing LIKES work, rockets I plan to be rich. Gina Gomez Lisa Gomez Cynthia Goodson Deanna Gorsline Activities Softball I plan to be studying in the field of Business Ed. Samuel Gracia " Sammy " Activities weightlifting LIKES girls I plan to be a soldier. Tresa Grant Activities dancing I plan to be an Elementary School Teacher. Michael Gray Teshana Gray Bobby Green Diane Green " Di " LIKES beach, dancing, shopping, clothes, guys, friends I plan to go into the field of real estate. Kendra Greer Tara Greer " Cleigh " I plan to be a theatrical artist. Shannon Guith Eric Guth " Ear ache " I plan to be rich. Cheri Haggard Kevin Hainsel Mark Hall Activities football I plan to be about an inch taller. Stacy Hall I plan to be a nurse. Babak Hamidi LIKES ocean I plan to be a doctor. Randy Honey Kevin Harden LIKES girls, parties I plan to be rich. Mono Harkey Monica Harkey Shawna Harlow Activities Band, LIKES animals, jazz, drums I plan to be in a fashion related career. Tonya Harmon Michael Honey Lisa Harris ■ Activities soccer, softboll LIKES otc ' s, dancing 1 plan to be an accountant. S. Rene Hastings " Raul, Sylvia, Rene " Activities Toll flags, dance LIKES dancing, singing, parties I plan to be a marine biologist. Lisa Hozelrigg David Hearn LIKES ATC ' s, riding, swimming, racing Criog Heath Robin Heck Beth Hendricks Eric Herchenroeder Activities bond, working on cars. Kimberly Herman ° •% 4S 4 " PCcice 5 MP .de svMl Tammi Hernandez " Tammers " LIKES friends, guys I plan to be a computer programmer. Christy Herzberg " Hertzy " Activities band, softball I plan to join ttie Air Force Kevin Heierman Linda Hickman Activities Tepee Times editor LIKES poetry, novels, writing I plan to be a journalist. Amber Higgs LIKES music, parties, friends I plan to be an actress. Lavonne Hines Christina Hoffman Janeal Holmes Activities Chambers, A Capello, softball, volleyball, gymnastics. LIKES guys, sports, beach, friends. Navy Christine Howland Activities V. Tennis LIKES a lot I plan to be rich and famous Jennifer Hughes " Jen " LIKES shopping, skiing, parties I plan to be a court reporter or a travel agent. Craig Hunt Wendy Hunton Vicki Huriey Activities Tennis, S Club LIKES music, guys I plan to be a journalist or a detective. Larry Hurst Charles Jackson Veronica James " Nici " Activities band, singing LIKES food, friends I plan to be a teacher for handicapped children. Jeanette Jedlick " Jay " Activities band majorette LIKES skiing, beach, guys I plan to be a preschool teacher. Craig Johnson David Johnson " Dave " Activities soccer LIKES parties, money, food I plan to be a doctor. Derrick Johnson Gary Johnson Rayna Johnson " Ray, R.J. " LIKES The River, guys, parties, beach I plan to be a dancer. Sean Johnson Shanteel Jones " Teel " Activities Cheerleading LIKES guys, frozen yogurt, cats, vacation, shrimp I plan to be a nev scaster. Daniel Jordan Christine Juedes " Christy " LIKES skiing, cars, friends I plan to be rich. Lisa Johnson Mila Jeuschke Kristin Karkker Melanie Kleinschmidt " Mel " LIKES fun, friends, concerts I plan to be rich and successful. Eric Klock I plan to be fulfilled financially. Kristin Klevaas " Kris " LIKES surfing, skating, soccer, volleyball, basket- ball Janet Knauber Activities Tepee Times, A.S.B., Swimming LIKES swimming, dancing I plan to be a judge. Elizabeth Knittle " Liz " I plan to be successful. Keane Kohler David Kolde Activities CSF, Key Club LIKES relaxing, sports, girls I plan to be a physician. Jaqueline Kotowski Activities S Club president I plan to be an Interior decorator. Kelly Karesh " Mike " beach, giris, music Michael LaChase LIKES work, sports Christine LaCroix Marianna Lakkess Activities Colorguard LIKES to be with people I plan to be a psychologist. Jennifer Lambert Activities ASB, Badminton LIKES fun, friends I plan to be a medical examiner. " Mimi " Scott Karsten Activities Soccer, Tennis LIKES skiing, parties I plan to be a lottery winner (one million) Stephanie Katrenich " Steph " Activities bowling LIKES my Volkswagen I plan to be working with people. Sherri Keltner Robert Kenyon Andrew Kesig " Andy " LIKES cars I plan to be a cop. Lori Killion Kerry Kirk " Keor Bear, KK " LIKES pink, fun, shopping, guys I plan to be a teacher. Terry Kirkland " Simon says do this! " Soys Doris Denny. " Now this is what I was going to tattoo on my chest. " , O " Shrimps " " Long Duck Dong " Steven Larsen Gregory Lastrapes Agustin Latosquin Denise Lawson Activities soccer LiKES to go out end hove a good time i pion to be successfui. Kv ong Lee Activities wrestling I plan to be successful. Lisa Leeper LiKES men, music i plan to be married and ricti. Robert Leon Andrew Laos " Andy " Activities swimming. Cross country LIKES eating, MTV I plan to be older. [Robert Lilley Ross Lockwood LIKES guitar, tiair, friends, girls I plan to be a rock star. Alleno Lish LIKES horseback riding, skating I plan to be a cosmetologist. Diane Logon Susan Loken Kellie Long LIKES oerobicizing, skiing, jogging Patty Lonsway Activities debating, photography, art LIKES storms, music, mountains, concerts I plan to be a chemist or a college professor Todd Looper " Kel " " Pat " Anita Lopez Kami Lopez Leroy Lucero Ann Linderroth Julio Luoces " Tiburon " LIKES swimming, beach, dance, friends, movies Gerald Mocoia " JerrY " Activities Tepee Times, ATC ' s, motorcycles LIKES desert, computers I plan to be an aeronautical engineer. Julie Mohoney Viet Mai Laura Manning Michelle Manns Dina Marinelli Shoyne Morston " Herman " LIKES girls, cars I plan to be a dispatch Benjamin Martinez David Matuguina Lisa Mayer Ruth Mayo Genelle McClure " Tigger " Activities Track, Cross country I plan to be successful. Donald Mcelroy " Don " Activities waterpolo, swimming LIKES sports, skiing, surfing, music I plan to be an insurance broker or an accoun- tant. Greta McGroo Heather Means John Medley Michael Misch " Mike " LIKES sports Larry Mitchell Activities wrestling I plan to be alive and w ell. Jeanette Mitten Stephanie Montalto " Steph " Activities ASB LIKES sports I plan to go into the field of business. Martin Montoyo Laura Moon Dionne Moore " Di " Activities dance, drill team, moth tutor LIKES guys, dancing, beach, money I plan to be a moth teacher or a business person. Nadine Morbete Activities ASB, Fall ploy. Badminton I plan to be an actress. Sharon Morelond " Sharney " Activities S Club, Badminton LIKES beach, shopping, guys I plan to be going into the field of transportation Karia Morgan LIKES guys, music I plan to be rich. Tina Morgan Matt Mueller Keith Mundt Tina Muniz Kaubi Mickelsen " I wonder if he is going to take my picture? " Pon- ders Tylene Devine. ' ' A n? % Yvonne Meisser Mark Melick Christine Mendez Activities yearbook staff LIKES meeting people, having fun I plan to be a police officer. Michele Mendoza Gino Metallo Dawn Miller Jerry Miller Joel Miller Patrick Miller Geoffrey Miiligon " Jeff " LIKES guitar, parties, music I plan to be a police officer Michelle Minyord " mich " Activities Senior class Ad manager LIKES family, friends, mountains, football 1 plan to be a psychologist. " Hey listen buddy, I ' m taller than you with or without my hair up this way! " Boasts Jaimi Lange. 44 Larry Nabor I plan to be a mechanical engineer. Mark Nagel Shawn Nailon Andrea Newton " Andi " LIKES skiing, dancing, shopping, cats, guys, friends, summer, jeeps I plan to be happy. Deanna Niblett " Denis " LIKES sports Clyde Nielson " Butch " Activities baseball I plan to be a firefighter. Jodi Nieman LIKES skiing, swimming, baseball, horses, pink I plan to be a computer programmer. Doug Niwo I plan to be happy. Lisa Nunez Anthony Ocampo Kathleen Ogden Andrew Olonder ' Andy " Activities basketball, track, jazz I plan to be an engineer. Jude Matthew Olivas LIKES football, basketball, baseball, surfing I plan to be a paramedic or a fireman Kothryn Oliver Danny Oneal I plan to be an automotive parts salesman Alice Ortiz James Oswald Marcus Pacheco Activities waterpolo, swimming LIKES running, movies, parties I plan to be a firefighter. Daniel Podilla Tania Folk Brigid Palmer " T.B. " LIKES dance I plan to be a veterinarian. Christopher Paquin Kristine Park Kimberly Parker Tim Patterson Kristen Paul Patrick Pederson " Pat " UKES offroading I plan to be a car racer. Henriette Pehrson " Henri " Activities yearbook I plan to be a model. Raellyne Peick " Rae " LIKES friends, happiness, my dogs. I plan to be a freelancer. Derek Pellegrin Daniel Perez Joe Perez Saul Perez Anita Peter " Shorty " LIKES dancing, parties I plan to be a registered nurse. Rosalie Petrillo Lara Petrocelli " Winkie " Activities ASB president, band, swimming LIKES beach, skiing, ice cream, guys I plan to be a dentist. Timothy Petroze Tricia Peyton LIKES skiing, horseback riding I plan to be an interior decorator. Marney Pfutzenreuter John Phillips LIKES trucks, dancing I plan to be a business owner. Sonio Pilonieta Activities Track, Hiking, Volleyball LIKES Marines I plan to be a cosmetologist Dena Portz Troy Powell " Troyboy " Activities band, A Cappella, Chamber Singers LIKES a whole bunch I plan to be a photojournalist. Hope Powers " Hopee " LIKES guys I plan to be rich, Kimberly A. Priest " Kimbo " LIKES friends Allison Pritchord " Allie " Activities ASB, Badminton, soccer I plan to be a child development specialist. Lisa Propet William Pulver " Bill " Kimberly Lara Quinton " Pokey " LIKES going out, beach, movies, summer, shop- ping I plan to be a psychologist. Jennifer Racey " Jen, fish, shorty, J.R. " LIKES weekends I plan to be a marine biologist. Bobby Ramirez " Bob " LIKES music, parties, life I plan to be an electrician. Richard Ramirez Annemari Ranta LIKES music, dancing, singing, drama, sports, lan- guages, traveling I plan to be a doctor. Monica Rawlins Darren Rebello Steph Redman Frank Lee Reed LIKES baseball, music I plan to be an engineer or an architect. Jack Reed Michelle Rees Activities swimming, soccer LIKES sports, parties, animals. Michael Regan LIKES red, racing I plan to be an engineer. Lori Renchard Activities sports LIKES to be around people I plan to be a counselor. Kellie Reynolds LIKES friends, fun, beach, guys, shopping I plan to be a nurse. Robin Richards Activities Cheerleading I plan to be working. Michael Riley Andy Rivera Art Rivera Maria Rivera LIKES writing poems I plan to be a psychologist. John Roberts ■ • ■ or everyone pfe.- ' f new peo. ■ ■ • " ' tinuajs at a.l. ' You are such a social animal! ' " Am I really? " ,vO P ace ? S cC i£lfC ■ -- 45 Rhonda Robertson LIKES summer, beach, tennis, going out, soccer I plan to be a computer programmer. Gui Robinson Melissa Rodgers " Missy " LIKES watching T.V. I plan to be a cosmetologist. Dawn Rojeski LIKES dancing I plan to be a physical therapist Danny Ropp LIKES soccer, Motorcross, music I plan to be a paramedic Rusty Rowe LIKES basketball I plan to be a real estate agent. Ray Royster Virgil Rush LIKES girls I plan to be a paramedic Se« E l n to ' s bV « showing vo " ' ■ ' : smftng at someone ' toa.d va oustorms 1 at A.L. ' Hfe, " What are you doing in my Kitchen?! " shouts Wes Axtel. % Kristine Russell Linda Rutledge " Lu " Activities Church youth group, volleyball, IFLC LIKES sewing, piano, warm settings, going out, fun, sleeping, eating Wendy Ryan Brian Ryneal Brendo Sable Rikord Soisgard Activities Tennis, Cross Country, soccer, track LIKES sports, skiing I plan to be an international businessman. Christina Sanderson " Chris, Christy " LIKES beach, best friends I plan to be rich and famous. Juliana Sandgren Hermelida Santago Christina Sargent " Chris " I plan to be a nurse. Sandi Sossmon Miricke Sattelberg Richard Schick " Shooter " Activities soccer, baseball LIKES cars, sports, girls I plan to be a very powerful person James Schneider " Jim " LIKES skiing, fishing, rugby, soccer, backpacking I plan to be a wildlife conservationist. Julie Schneiderwind Activities Student govt., band, tennis, LIKES shopping, eating, beach, boating, friends I plan to be a corporate executive earning as much as our national debt. Clinton Schuster " Clint " Activities V. Baseball LIKES sports, cars, video games I plan to be a professional baseball player. Karen Sellers Activities soccer, track. Key Club LIKES beach, guys, friends I plan to be on accountant Steffany Sensenboch Chris Sevier Norman Shark LIKES baseball, building engines I plan to be a police officer or electrician. Christina Sharp Mike Shaw James Shehan ' " Jim " Activities football, swimming, skiing, racing I plan to be successful. Michelle Sheldon Paul Shinn Lotte Shear Activities V. swimming LIKES Swimming, traveling, woterskiing, beach I plan to be a doctor. Eric Shutt Nancy Silberberg Activities ASB, Junior and Senior class officer I plan to be rich. Kelly Simmons Susan Skewes Activities A Coppelia LIKES parties, guys, singing, vacation I plan to be a pharmacist. Rochelle Skowronski LIKES going out, I plan to be an accountant Tina Slatinsky Gerald Smith Karen Smith Steven Smith Vincent Smith Larry Snapp James Sorenson Robert M. Specht LIKES soccer, rafting, motorcycle riding, hiking, camping I plan to be a machinist. Brian Spiker Troy Spillman LIKES girls, skiing, surfing, hunting, fishing I plan to be a veterinarian. Kenneth Stanley Shannon Suiter Heather Switzer " Heathie " I plan to be a cosmetologist. Simon Syed Joani Tate " Joans " Acitivities J.V. Cheer, volleyball LIKES spending money I plan to be wealthy Carol Taylor " Rex " LIKES sleeping, dancing, skiing, shopping I plan to be happy. Craig Taylor John Taylor LIKES parties, concerts Lori Taylor Activities Cross Country, soccer, track. Hiking LIKES, trucks, horses, dogs, guys I plan to own my own company. Patricia Anne Tetzlaff " Pattie " Activities A Cappeilo LIKES drawing, music I plan to go into the field of medicine. Tina Thane William Scott Thomas Acitivities Softball LIKES girls, cars I plan to be a firefighter. Heath Thompson David Tiekamp Maria Torrence Acitivities soccer, key club LIKES beach, friends o Xt-itmmi?- K mmi,7:L - vi if ' ms sir:: ' % ' ' a ' . Sy f €t»?£?s|SgJS! ' ' (Sff «« 5 Ct. ' ' " ? 46 4 " PC tce ' pon, SeC ; ' te44 » Frank Torres Tino Torrez Joe Troncoso Kara Tsiaperas LIKES traveling, going out I plan to be a diplomat. Rondo Tuctcer Stephanie Turner Shelby Tayln UKES parties, guys I plan to be rich Joonn Voiles Angela Vollier Activities band, V. track, JV Cheerleading, SR. class vice pres., V. Songleading I plan to be a law yer Christel Vondestouvs e Wendy Van Pelt " Wen " LIKES friends I plan to be successful and rich. Larry Vasquez " Lorenzo " LIKES girls, my bug Richard Velasquez Wayne Villanueve Michael Vogel " Animal " Activities soccer, football, tennis, Sr. class rep. LIKES sports I plan to be an architect. Elizabeth Vogler Paul Vonins Mark Wagner John Wall LIKES motorcross I plan to be a machinist. Lisa Walk Carta Wallace LIKES flirting, dancing, singing I plan to be very successful. Wayne Waltman LIKES camping, hiking, fishing, love I plan to be a carpenter Kimberly Weatherbee Tracy Webb LIKES beach, summer, walking I plan to be a physical therapist. Richard Weir LIKES girls Ronald Welch LIKES girls, parties, trucks I plan to be a businessman. David Wenger Stacie Werner Franklin West Activities V. wrestling LIKES skiing, wrestling I plan to be a lawyer. Karen West Keith West Gary Whightsil Activities wrestling LIKES sports I plan to be an engineer. Thomas White Melissa Wilcox Heath Williamson Kevin Williams " Rick " " Frank " Stephen Williams Mark Willman Glenn Wilson LIKES acting, cashing my paycheck, money I plan to be rich. Charles Randy Winder Wendy Wood LIKES parties I plan to be rich. Shawna Wood Robert Wright Melanie Yates Vincent Zagorin Activities Cross country, basketball, track LIKES girls, cars, sports I plan to be a police officer. Kristine Zelonsky Steffanie Zubia I plan to be a police officer. " Whatcha got? Let me see? Please?? " IL tumble for youH " , ° 47 Everyone has their pet peeves, whether it be the way one sharpens a pencil or the way one drives a car. All those little things can add up to a lot, making a person ' s day very frus- trating. For example, when youn- ger brothers or sisters bring dumb jokes or sayings home from school ( " Mon- keys always look!! I " " Jinx!! " " You ' ve got cooties!! I " ). On the following page some seniors give exam- ples of what really gets to them. 4 % " I hate it when no one asks me to dance. So I ' ll just sit here and sulk, " thinks Maurice Miller. " How conne we can never get into these classes? " states Cody Boggs to his friend Frank Torres. ■»4.» ' - 1 jaSBi " If When oron Morelond Gie Q Vomer " I hate it when I can never get the ball into that dumb goal, " thinks Randy. " ... and right when I was about to pounce on him, the mouse saw me and ran away. " ' M hate it when I ' m awal ened at 3 am for a dumb kidnapping, " voices Lori Taylor. « ■ - v debate cooch r Y anWes. sroeHed rt. AlyssaBoslon So this is how the Homecoming Court looks at 3am. " ... and the monster was this tall! " states Raggedy Ann (Chuck Jack- son). " No he wasn ' t! He was this tall! " interrupts Raggedy Andy (Rob Fino). " That ' s right. The hat is Gucci and the shirt is from Contempo, " states Tracy P. % 50 Here is Shannon Cush- mann taking a doze while practicing her cheers. " ... Alright who ' s holding Donna now? " Falling down in the middle of the quod, dropping your books, or passing gas In the middle of a test ore just a few exam- ples of the embarrassing moments that people experience. Life is full of embarrassing moments. Some can be really dis- comforting while others can be laughed at by everyone including one- self. Anyone can have an embarrassing mo- ment, all you have to do is act natural!!! 5f " Am I clapping my hands right? " asks Shan- tee! Jones during practice. " Boy I can really get into this! " comments Karen Sellers. That ' s the spirit!!! 9etherinon u ' ' ' ® °- Braves w onoa Pogerwecan ° ' e student? h eryone. ® o " ©v- " Wait for me! " Alice Ortiz says to tner boyfriend. " Try not to stare too iiard Staph. (Baiderrama) tne ' ii no- tice you one day, " jol es Misty Beidelman. " We can dance if we want to ,?fnSneats.aever. what e » ' " rnbet too pai M °:f " ,o for- « „ S those get, but to ovCT Sw t ' ?? ' ' !, feitself. t ntt o P- -- rnernber " Excuse me? Have you seen Raggedy Andy? " " I hope no one notices that need another perm, " thinks Jackie Hughes in her costume. % Hf % 54 " All hail to Alta Loma High sings Cari Ervin. " We ' re ready for tai e- off!! ' shouts Gloria Gar- cia. Will we or will we not mal e that goal? Karrie Baier is enjoying liomecoming of 1986. Here is tine tiomecoming court during their kid- napping, Inelping out a iocol cleaning man at Ontario Airport. Ravi Best plays his solo in a band performance. Everyone gets involved at Homecoming as these clieerleaders demonstrate wl en they greet the homecoming court. The editor of the yearbool , Da- vid Capocci got too in- volved! ctivities boost the school spirit in everyone. Whether it is a contest to judge the best mole body around or voting for themost popular girl for Homecoming, every student can take part in some group ac- tivity. Activities allow everyone to come together and join resources and talents to create something joyful and spirited such as a yearbook or newspaper. All the hard work and devotion that each person puts in pays off in the end and gives each student a sense of accomplish- ment. Every person who walks on campus can truly soy Alta Loma is a place where students get in- volved. f 57 5g i uM iacct Sc hether it ' s dressing up like a nerd, par- ticipating in raliies, or dancing the night away, school spirit is only what you make it. At rallies, our pep commis- sioner and others worked at uniting cheerleaders, flags, the band, and the students, to bring out the best of our school. Dances also made school fun. They created a social environment that every- one enjoyed. Dressing up, going to dinner, and show- ing off new dance steps were all part of it. Cindy Spongier enjoying every . moment with Dean Agnoleto. Fun at Homecoming! Misty Beidelman and Shannon Cushmon looking on at a rally. Making the best of their lunch break. Alto Loma wants you! Elana Nidoy shows her spirit at the shipwrecked dance. He whispered, " I love you, " anr she laughed in his face. 59 Gloria Garcia Lisa and Steffany arriving early to cheer for the Water Polo team. K |h P - " «r ' " «r r4ii ' " " " " " " ' i gj . B 1 " sagif» - " -c- - m US ■H| Dina Aresto Steffany Sensenbach Lisa Murphy Ithough our Varsi- A ty Football hod a ' I tough year our Varsity Cheerleaders kept the crowds in good spirit. Among cheering at games the girls performed at ral- lies, such as getting the classes involved in seeing v hich class can cheer the loudest. They are also involved in selling candy for the Pep Squad fund. During the summer the girls v on a Spirit Stick at USA Cheerleading Camp. The girls use teamwork and most of all team spirit at their practices and games. All in all the Varsity cheer- leaders deserve the best for a year well done. I think I was supposed to clap 6r Songleaders performing their traditional " fight song. " Gretchen shows her enthusiasm at Homecoming game. Songleoder Korrie and Steff flirting with the camera. f i ikJ " D w rfv tiviti aders olved in ny different ac- fong witji cheering , eN ams,; T at sporting eventsJ+ eyalso performed v-- routh at rallies and half- at basketball gamesy Loogleaders wori a spirif summer CaprainAlethia Wesley real- lp -- - kept her squad organized hi ' v and working hard on their routines. They really worl hard to keep the cro spirit high. f Cindy Fulkerson Gretchen Puschnrtann y y. 63 he Pep Commis- sioner and Mas- cots have done a fantastic job in leading spir- it. They get advisors, par- ents, faculty, and the stu- dents themselves cheering for our Braves. Spirit at A.L. has increased greatly throughout the years but, everyone can agree that this year is definitely one to remember for spirit. Cari Er- vin says, " The Pep Squad tries their best at every- thing v e do and no matter v hat, people complain or criticize, the one v ho com- pliments us, makes it all v orth our v hiie. " Cari, viewing team. Tine Pep Commissioner, thinking of tine next cheer. :o ' o 64 Pep Commissioner (Cari Ervin). Mascots (Shannon Cushman, Misty Bei- delman) Shannon, smiling with high spirits . Shannon Cushman and Lisa Murphy (V. cheer) watching with high hopes for our football team. J.V. Cheer, Yvette Arrfmi: Amy DeRose, Gena Evirn, Tammi Solas, Paula Lambert, Tami Melzer, Holy Spillmon, Shoron Stewart. Shoron shout- ing her spirit. The girls at a water polo gome. r V. Cheer has Y done much in the support of our J.V. Brave teams. Much appre- ciation is owed to these girls who put out such an ef- fort for our lower classmen. They have participated in cheering at J.V. games, ral- lies, and fundraisers. The girls attended the U.S.A. (United Spirit Associ- ation) camp in Santa Bar- bara. Here they received superior trophies. They also won the spirit stick but, most of all they learned new ways to promote school spirit. The girls torming their pyramid at a pep rally. Tami Melzer (Captain). m i c! ri4 f of R- O vV «t tc SitcuiUo he fall production was very successful this year. The Drama Club spon- sored the comedy. The Seven Year Itch. The play was about a married man, whose wife goes away for the summer, the girl who moves in upstairs, and their esca- pades. The play revolved around the fantasies of the married man, Richard, played by Troy Saviola. The play was directed by Richard Shetley. The cast included: Angle Beeley as The Girl, Nadine Mor- bete as Helen, Chris Kopperud as Tom MacKenzie, Jen Lambert as Miss Morris, Kara Tsiaperas as Ma- rie, Paula Lambert as Elaine, Dean- na Brock as Pat, Erin McCloine as Ricky, Brenda Reed as the Girl ' s Voice and Craig Cruz as Richard ' s Voice. Here are a few scenes from the play. Troy Saviola, Angle Beeley, Paula Lambert, Kara Tsiaperas, and more of the actors and ac- tresses can be seen working hard to say their lines without a foul up. The play ran on November 2 1 8c 22 In the school auditorium. A oV V-. oP 67 e4e Lori Taylor, Lara Petrocelli, Sarah Baker, Rhonda Carey, Cindy Catt, Brenda Brown 6g v = ' t The traditional l idnapping of the homecoming court occurs at 2 am when the unsuspecting girls are awakened and taken to breakfast. After this the girls are taken on wild escapades such as selling M M ' s at the airport in their pajamas. Here are a few snapshots from this royal oc- casion. A [ •: , k 1 i •fe. Sarah Baker Lara Petrocelli . 9 (L to R) Cindy Catt, Rhonda Corey, Lara Petrocelli, Brendo Brown, Lori Taylor, Sarah Baker The Honnecom ing Dance was a big snnash. Here are a few highlights of the evening including the Queen, Lara Petrocelli. 1Ri £ ' 4fitd S4lfte a ' fj t ' s 3 am and someone is ' in your room, no wait it ' s a bunch of people! You ' re almost afraid to move out from under your covers. Then, poof, the light goes on, a camera flashes and someone shouts " Wake up! You ' re on the King ' s Court! " Surprise! Now they take you on an early morning adven- ture. First to eat breakfast at a lo- cal restaurant, then it ' s off on the planned frolics such as going to the cemetery or selling M M ' s at the airport. Well that ' s what it is like being part of a traditional kidnap- ping. Here is what happens first, ev- erybody sneaks in and wakes you up. (Bill Pulver) Then it is off to breakfast as Jeff G. and the rest of the court show us. Are they ciwaka t9 - %y When they were awakened they were made to wear ties and were given flowers. At first the shock of ' being awakened hits them, as Rob Fino shows us (bottom), then you are dragged around town. Even to a cemetery! King ' s Ball is another tradition that the school cherishes. Here are a few highlights from that special occasion. Tina Smith and Susan Elston help serve cake and refreshments to the students. The court cher- ishes their dance. Decked out in their best, students display some of the latest dance moves. . .. v J ' ' t IS " ■ z ' H H H 1 Bs The King ' s Court . . . Bill Pulver, Keane Kohler, Mike Vogel, Jeff Garrett, Ray Dominguez. Tl e fi- nal moment arrived when the King was revealed to be Mike Vogel. 1- b ' 75 Jill Pulver — 1 . Runner up, Jeff Garret — Mr. Alta Loma, Kevin Grow — 2, Runner up, Keane Kohler — Best Personality, Kenny Anderson, Shad Bool, Ray Do- mingues. 76 ? 4 04Oid f n Jan. 10, at 8, the annual Mr. Alta Loma contest took place to tind the male con- testant with the qualities most sought by AL females. There were three cate- gories: legs, best personality and most photogenic. Following those came the most covet- ed title — Mr. Alta Loma. The contes- tants were Bill Pulver, Rob Fine, Ray Do- mingues, Keane Kohler, Carter Beets, Kevin Grow, Jeff Garrett, Kenny Ander- son, Shad Boal, Topy Junkunc, Andrew Deigado, and Richard Jepsen. All were chosen by S club members. S club was also the sponsor of this festive occasion. A few judges said, " ... it was truly a night to remember. " Mr. Alta Loma went to Jeff Garrett, 1. runner-up went to Bill Pulver. 2. runner- up went to Kevin Grow. Best Legs went to Rob Fino. Best Personality went to Keane Kohler. Most photogenic went to Topy Junkunc. " Being Mr. AL means a lot to me. it ' s a great honor to represent this school, " said Jeff Garrett. Toby Juncunk — Most photogenic, Rob Fino — Best legs. Carter Beets, An- drew Deigado, Rick Jepsen. | Jeff declares his victory. | The judges. | o 77 N A Michelle Medley David Gard Christine Mendez Leesa Geer ye- Clockwise: Malisea R. and David G. size Cliristine M, prepares her typesheet for the articies and captions. Joe F. instructs Robert W, to put special instructions on his layout. Michelle R. and Robert and Jackie H. finish their typesheets up. Mr. Grasso discusses page deadlines with David C. Joe F, is definitely not camera shy. The editor of 1986 Sisunga; David Capocci. G f A Jackie Hughes, Charlene Martinez, Robert Wratholi Michelle Rees Henrietta Pehrson he Sisunga Staff has come a long way. Under the direction of David Capocci, editor-in-chief, and Doris Denny, co-editor, the yearbool staff has produced a product that wili be treasured, David has l ept on top of things throughout the year. In this edition there is more emphasis on articles and captions than in past years. " I feel that the reader needs more information than post (year)books have pro- vided. The articles that we wrote will grow in value in the years to come, " stated David. The yearbook staff put in long hard hours to sum up the year ' s events. Mr. Tony Grasso, advisor, and Gilbert Ortiz, co-advisor, have helped the staff with their produc- tion job, Mr. Grasso has helped co- ordinate yearbook activities, bud- get costs, and provide the staff with extra assistance. All-in-all the yearbook is the best that AL has seen " and they ' ll keep getting better, " claims Doris. Clockwise: Doris D. helps Joe F, to make photo blocks while Mr, Grasso looks on. The editors caught by a photogra- pher on their off hours, Ju- lie Corey selects photos for her layouts, A group effort is made to get a bunch of pages out on time, David C. answers Leesa ' s question regard- ing the placement of the article on her page, Gil Ortiz looks on to one of the staff ' s work. The co- editor of 1986 Sisunga: Doris Denny. ditors, reporters, and photographers alike, all work together to make Tepee Times what it is. Many people don ' t realize all the work it takes to produce a school paper. The Adviser, Gayle Hall-Christen- sen, known as Miz C, is a perfec- tionist. Miz C, as most teachers do of their students, expects the Tepee Times staff to contribute 100% of their effort and energy to the pa- per. Tepee Times is distributed every third Friday, but the weeks in be- tween those, the pressure is on. The reporters have to comb the school for news that would be most interesting to the students and faculty. Story ideas are brought up and ei- ther discarded or used. After the paper does come out, there ' s a short feeling of relief be- cause the staff has just made an- other Issue possible. ' M M mmiw.- ' mm- ' " ' - ' Debbie Dickie tries to keep ev erything in order. Mike Gerry thinks of a new story idea. Son- dro Williams and Tracy Peoples wait for their assignments. An- gle Beeley listens intently as reporter reads her his artj Sondra Williams interviews ' person for her article. t k Jk Ragnar Miller, Lisa Johnson, and Sheri Moreiand work hard on their assignments. ■■jJH W fSi JS - - ii3 3 I H v W. gf Sc«t f €utce 7 7 eat Cappella and the Cham- ber Singers have worked hard this year developing the basis for fine singing and per- formance. A Cappella, in a build- ing year, has had an active sea- son in festivals and concerts. They were the base for the all out vari- ety show " Celebration ' 86 " at the school. Also they hosted a festival and made a Christmas appear- ance at Disneyland. Both A Cap- pella and Chambers appeared in the Christmas concert and the Spring concert. " This has been an interesting year, developing young voices and talent. It looks like a fine future for the vocal de- partment, " stated Don Bowers, musical director. ' M i iHi ii m " 1 Shown here is the grand finale where all ' the performers give it their all to make " the routine a big success. Don Bowers, director, puts in many long hours to de- velop the students ' talents. G r. .V o -y . S3 reble Chorus is directed by IVir. Don Bowers and 1 Sondra Williams is the ac- companist. The students seem to enjoy the class because It gives them a break from the regular academic routine. His direction is done with expertise along with firmness and humor. A student has to undergo a singing test in order to be entered into the class. It basically consists of going up and down the scales for a cou- ple of " DO RE MI ' S " . At the time the students are very nervous, but it turns out for the best and they end up being rid of their fright of singing in public. Here is the Treble Chorus in action. Sondra Williams plays the piano and Mr. Bowers offers advice and tips to singers. - ■P . ?4 Here Treble Chorus takes a break for their photograph. (Names not avail- able) JJ M fS On trumpet — Ravie Best, Robert Frame, Volney Willet, and Fernando Roleinson. On trombone — Eric Herchen- roeder, Andy Olander, Mark Lopresti, and Bruce Dahim. On Sax — Chris Kopperud, Shiannon Egan, Stiauna Har- lore. Dean Silliman, and Van Neely. On Piano — Eric Me- drano. On Bass — Todd MacCallum. On drums — Sunny Petrocelli. : l- A ro ' g6 4ee icit J%: ( m L. Jazz Band is one of the top jazz bands in tlie country. Tine spring sea- son at Saddlebacl College and other competitions were held at Hemit High School, Cal Poly, Chaf- fey, and Fullerton. Some songs played by the band were " Blue Danie " , " Stardust " , " South 21st Street " , " Dindi " , and " The Shoehorn Shuffle " . The Jazz Band includes the Saxo- phone, the trombone, the trum- pet, the piano, the bass, the drums, and the ouxilliary percus- sions. Sunny Petrocelli keeps the rhythm going. Gabe Petro celli (Advisor) playing bass for the band. Eric Ma- drono odds the polishing touch with his piano playing. m-. , ' g? he band has had an eventful year. Coached by Gabe Petrocelli, they have placed in the top tv o in all but one of the tourna- ments. The tournaments they attended are, the Preview of the Champions, the Colton High School Field tournament and placed 2 ' d. They also placed 2 ' d in Chaffey Claremont, the Chino Board Review, Col Poly, and the R.C. Doraie Field Tournament. They proceeded to take 2 ' d in Los Altos, Riverside City College, and the Tourna- ment of the Champions. T. Adams, R. Anderson, G. Archuleta, D. Azarovitz, C. Balsano, A. Barker, R. Baughman, C, Blanchard, E. Brady, I. Buege, D. Centurioni, B. Clark, G. Cline, J. Conner, G. Cook, B. Dahm, T. Dahm, S. Donnonberg, K. Dial, H. Eigenbrode, E. Emilio, S. Epstein, C. Figueroa, F. Foronda, A. Forrest, J. Frost, J. Geiger, J. Gettel, G, Gibson, C. Goff, S. Gorsuch, T. Green, S. Grunden, D. Guerra, D. Guerra, S. Hamilton, S. Hamilton, S, Harlow, D. Hawk, A. Hawley, J. Henry, E. Herchenroeder, K. Heuerman, W. Hitchcock, B. Holdridge, C. Holdridge, E, Horn, L. Hotchkiss, A. Houghton, S. Howard, V. James, B. Karakas, N. Kaye, E. Keser, T. Khan, L. Klockow, J. Knight, R. Kopperud, F, Kourtis, J. Larson, T, Lassos, J, Leever, T. Lombardo, B. Long, A. Lonsway, M. Lopresti, D. Lynch, C. Maeoka, S. Magruder, K. McConnell, P. McCormick, M. McGettrick, J. Minney, C. Mohney, E, Moore, G. Moorefield, K. Myers, G. Nelson, T. Neward, K. Odor, C. Oerly, K. Olander, D. Paris, W. Percivol, D. Peterson, G Petrocelli, L. Petrocelli, T. Powell, J. Reynolds, S. Ricker, F. Robinson, S. Sossaman, J. Schneidewind, T. Schneidewind, S. Siefkes, D. Silliman, R. Skowronski, A. Spinrad, E. Swartz, S. Swift, J, Wallace, J. Warshaw, B. Wasserman, S. Wasserman, R. Weir, R. Welch, J. Williams, N. Williams, S. Williams, M. Wilson, L. Wright, R. Younger, J. Longley, R. Best, C. Barnes Julie gets ready to perform at half time for the crowd at the football stadium, Shawna dazzles the people with her brass. S. Adame, G. Adame, P. Anderson, D. Azarovitz, H. Bass, S. Behrendt, L. Bowen, S. Bronder, D. Buchmiller, B. Deffenderfer, N. Demauro, K. Donovan, M. Flores, A. Gazzola, L. Gilbert, J. Gray, K. Gutierrez, R. Hastings, D. Hawk, T. Haywood, B, Kara- kas, L. Mangram, G. McGraa, D. Mendez, M. Moreau, B. Owens, A. Pregent, K. Rhodes, C. Sabouhi, T. Switzer, D, Tucker, L Tucker m V- r O .6, 90 In 5 t his years Marching Enter- tainment Unit, otherwise known as Tall Flags or at- tached Units, has had a terrific but hard-working season. They partici- pated in over a dozen field com- petitions and band reviews. Usual- ly placing at performances, the Tall Flags Team has received nu- merous trophies and plaques. Rene Hastings is this years captain of the Tall Flags Team. The Co- captain is Pom Anderson and the lieutenants are Sonia Adame, and Jenny Gray. Together they are re- sponsible for coordinating and helping out the attached Units. Jenny Gray, dancing to the beat. Trista Switzer, performing with pride, Kris Gutierrez, waiting for the signal. Sonia Adame, at attention. i —J£- 9f J, Key Club, Foreign Exchange, and the School Play are all important parts of student activities. Each allow the stu- dent to become involved. f ii it f t PUee ' Ptn. a«tt%c6 itCn here are great re- wards in join- ing on orgartization and actively partici- pating in it. First of all, one will have a good time. It is a time spent away from work, and to relax. There is often worl to be done, a re- sponsibility of some sort, but it is interesting, Membership in an or- ganization is an oppor- tu iity to make frsends easily and naturally because tbere Is a shared interest. Joining a club brings out spirit from the mem :)ers be- cause they want to, not because they have to. Organizations also open doors to educa- tional opportunities. Education is the devel- opment of new inter- ests and ideas for the future. Top L to R: Suzanne Edwards, Kim Clousi, Shannon Speiser, Jackie Brook, Karen Sellers, Mario Torrence, Jamie Conley, Sean Howell, Mitzi Trever, Tony Lassos, Bottom L to R; Michelle Wagner, Scott Sellers, Angela Daniel, Kim Moore, Dawn Espinoza, Sandra Reyna. UK LOMA H GH SCHOOL CKUFORNIA Mitzi and Dawn reply, " You can ' t be serious? " " I wish she wouldn ' t ignore me, " Michelle and Shannon listen carefully to Karen ' s ideas. ■ he Key Club is a school and community service organization sponsored by the Rancho Cucamonga Kiwanis. Key Club helped the li- brary staff at the beginning of the school year and worked at a local wine festival in conjunction with the Kiwanis. They also sponsored a car wash, the proceeds of which went to the annual Key Club con- vention, an event that takes place over a three day period and allows Key Club members from districts around California to meet. Key Club members further donated their time and energy by participating in the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon and by working with participants of the Special Olym- pics. Key Club Cabinet writes down future events. Tony tries to remain calm while Su- zanne laughs. Kim and Scott give their attention to hear an important announcement. Key Club stands alone, m o ■V . 95 k l J jPiH I S! ' •? . Jacqueline Kotowski must make the final decision. 2. Christine Mendez and Leah Smith have fun with decora- tions. 3. Rondo Tucker and Andera Newton decide what to write for Halloween. 4. Does Lori Wonamake have on idea? 96 Sf c ( accfi. ( (M tt Back row: (L to R) Lech Smith, Jacqueline Kotowski. Front row: (L to R) Shah Moreiond, Kim Perez, Lori Wanamake, Shannon Albera, Christine IVIendez. Not pictured: Charleen Martinez, Michelle Cicconi, Michelle Wagner, and advisor Miss Gerdes, 1 ¥ 1 pt 4 H ii hI H ' 1 s H ' H 6. Shannon Albera is in with the stars. 7. The excitement of Christ- mas makes Kim Perez merry. club is a service club sponsored by the Soroptimists. They helped out with school sports banquets and decorated a retirement home during the holidays. The officers were: Jacqueline Kotowski — President Rondo Tucker — Vice President Lori Wanamake — Secretary Kim Perez — Treasurer Meliso — Hospitality Other things they did this year were: Organize the Mr. Alto Loma Contest, attend an So- roptimist ' s Fashion Show and take a field trip to Arizona. Top L to R: Heather Eigenbrode, Pom McCormick, Mr. Durio, Jill Wilkinson, Chuck Corroll Bottom L to R: Lauro Senecol, Ariko Senecol, Martha Martin, Cheryl Henderson, Renay Lim, Lance Martz, Annemari Ranto, Denise Smith, DeAnna Brock Mr. Durio observes Denise as she takes charge. Lance things of on activity that the group can do as a whole. Martha lis- tens intently to a new idea. vO 9? o 7 M Sfre S t 7 ■ 1 Ita Loma foreign lan- guage faculty does a lot more than just teach a different language. They are like our key to a new and different cul- ture. Some of the teachers, such as Robert Durio, the only French teacher here talks about the cus- toms in the country where the lan- guage is spoken. Mr. Durio feels that a second lan- guage is, " extremely necessary in view of our position among the world of nations. The International Foreign Lan- guage Club ' s purpose is to help improve understanding among different people. The I.F.L.C. is one way a student can get involved. The students plan picnics and group activities that help promote school spirit. 99 he 85-86 bowling club was a big tur- nout. The advisor for the club is Mr. Vermilya. The officers are Sean Ger- son President, Ray Royster Vice President, and Brent Matthews Treasurer. The money the club gets is used for Bowlation-Funds which include year end activities and trophies. (Ray Royster scored a 200 scratch in a tournament against Up- land, a notable award). The Bowling Club is a fun activity. They meet every Monday at the Upland Bowl and practice sl ills at bowl- ing. Let ' s see how good I con do with my eyes closed. John Kelly laughs while Roy sobers. roo Brent Matthews, Gary Johnson, Jeremy league, John Kelly, Sean Ger- son, Ray Royster, Glendo Day, Donna Oneal, Mike Rathke, Rick Weed- man, Barry Rudesil, Rene Arrasmith, Chad Allen. . ■ toi ; ict t Oca he Drama Club has been active this year. In the fall the club sponsored the play THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH. In the spring the club went to Los An- geles to see a play and worked on the spring project. The Drama Club held a drama workshop for grade school-aged kids. The Drama Club cabinet included Mrs. Crowther — as advisor, Na- dlne Morbete — president. Angle Beeley — vice-president, Troy So- vlola — secretary, Deanna Brock — treasurer, and member repre- sentatives Paula Lambert and Ra- chael Golden. ' Calgon, take me away! " " Where ' s Pokey? " " Go ahead make my day! " " Which way to Saudi, Arabia? " ' cS- J03 Top L to R: Wendy Percival, Rose Koslowski, Cindy Turner, Pam Anderson, Natiel Walk, Karen Scalgro, Candice Dickson, Chris Conenberg. Bottom L to R: Cherie Duchoy, Lisa MocDonald, Denice Hiffins, Stephanie Visher, Kelly Rendell, Mavis Davis, Racheiie King, Mrs. Hein. i I A 5 Here the club practices a routine that gives them their daily v orkout. | Because ot their newness, the club has not been assigned to o class- 1 room. One day it coul d be the gym, another day the auditorium, whatever they can get. :if: et ttto- 7 ( ta uei 1 I here is a new club at the school this year. The ' I Dance Club was formed to make the chance for the stu- dents to perform with the fine arts available. The advisor, IVIrs. Hein, is excited about the club and is proud to be a part of it. Each stu- dent gets a relief from sitting at a desk and at the same time learns new dance steps and gets exer- cise. Tbe Dance Club is a proud edition to. the school and based on this year ' s turnout, the club should go on to be successful. Warming up is just as important. Before the girls get to the heart of the dance, a few exercises help them to limber up. :) ' . ro5 ith the help of friends, parents, and teachers, junior Tami Molineux started the first local SADD (Stu- dents Against Drunk Driving) chap- ter here at Alta Loma. Due to the loss of Taml ' s brother, who was killed by a drunk driver, a sad event has become a positive organization. For publicity SADD passed out and sold pins and bumper stickers bearing the SADD logo. Next year SADD hopes to recruit more members. It ' s a great cause and with more people aware of drunk driving maybe they can lick this problem. The SADD Club is a new club on campus which offers stu- dents o chance to become involved. The group, after all their publicity efforts, will soon grow in size to fight against the crime of drunk driving. W6 f- m m. .J Jm Team Members: B, Brown, R, Day, M, Fogt, M. Gerrer, S. Gettel, J. Hand, D. Herbrandson, K. Humphrey, T, Junkunc, R. Muster, M. Olson, K. Smith, T. Vonlns. tee r 986 marks the return of Y competitive golf at ALHS. ' We return to the Baseline League with a very young team. We have one senior, 2 juniors, 9 sophomores and one freshman. Because we are so young we will not win many matches. We will be patient, though, because we know our time is yet to come. Our Varsity is led by Kyle Humphrey who currently maintains our low average. We play our home matches at Upland High Golf Course and hove the opportunity to ploy some of the nicer courses in Southern Co. Look for these players to be outstanding in years to come! Coach T. Grasso Golf is also another new edition to ALHS. It is a renewed effort to try to get more students in- volved and active in the school system. The team will soon achieve, with a little practice, the status of a competitive op- ponent. Good luck! ro7 7 ' Mc he 1985- ' 86 sports teams ' 7 v® played their best! They have had their ups and downs, but they stood play- ing together. Each individual works hard and puts out his or her best, in the long- run, all of our ALTA LOMA PLAYERS have come out as winners!! Let ' s wish each and every return- ing member " Good Luck " for next year. f k . ■ %% ' -- ' " A ■ o 0 " The play looks like a good one. " " I ' m giving it my best. " .0( dS 1 MWSHHBiBBffliSBi An inspection of the team is being made by Coach Holla- day. Should they be penalized? Going in for another round is James Armstrong. How for can Mil e Collins kick? Scott touches up on his long . . . passes. Fighting off players for another touchdown. o Ife. ' ■» rmj$ ' i in n ' m 2 J V ' ' • ■ Mm •w " uar WL. J tw - " A " I Gu y. ' iD trt r ' A t ' SO C XVS C KaJ€ si) fi k i C .C Z-jp J J , . p .A " espite the difficult season, our team persevered. The ' 85 ' varsity football co- captains were: Mike Vogel; Senior and Cody Boggs; Senior. Some awards went for: Most Valuable Player: Mike Vogel. Most Improved: Jeff Rubi Bock of Year: Eric Hol- laday. Lineman of Year: Steve Armenderiz, Brave of Year: Dove Edsil, Jesse Lo- vebach, Mick Misch. The returning membe rs and new-comers for next year will have another chance for victory. Let ' s wish them luck. L , ' O rte » 5«o Back row: (L to R) Coach Holladay, Joel Miller, Stormie Andrews, Jude Olivas, Shawn Ojeda, John Polo, Byron Lee, Steve Armendariz, Brian Cerly, Danny Hardel, Jeff Rubi, Mr. Kettle, Scott Borngrebe. Center: (L to R) Robert Harrell, Bill Pulver, Cecil Hall, Bryan Case, Omar Pedraza, Bob Combe, Jim Shehan, Matt Moses, Sal Arredondo, Steve Wilhoit, Center: (L to R) Mike Vogel, Kevin Gray, Mike Collins, Bryan Horlacher, Eric Holladay, Eddie Huerta, Jeff Kettle, Brian Caldwell, James Armstrong. Front (L to R) Steve Barbee, Mike Miller, Jack Reed, Matt Bartlett, Tony Pelato, Andre Warren, Cody Boggs, " Make this play a good one, " " It just takes a few adjustments. " " Here Eddie, pass! " " 24 , . . 35 . . . Hike . . . ! " " Let ' s see the ball. " A sore knee has Cody Boggs sitting this play out. Harreil goes for it again!.! Coach ' s Message: " This year ' s team had a good attitude, worked hard and had the desire to win " . Coach Cronan also added, " The Baseline League is one of the strongest leagues in Southern Cali- fornia and our J.V. team was two plays away from being League Champions. Their team captains were: Greg Rowney and IVIarquette Ransfer. Most Valuable Player: Doug Schick. Most Valuable Lineman: Scott Sell- ers. • % o ft4 X % . row L to R: John Candelas, Jamie Bates, Mike Foster, Stiannon Myles, Jeff Don, Marl Saldana, Keitti Smithi. 2nd. row L to R: Walter Houghi, Carter Beets, Van Neely, Sam Cunning- tiam, Rob Muster, Mil e Navarro, Dan Mendez, Travis Crowell. 3rd. row L to R: Mat Moses, Don Essary, Greg Rowney, Mike Gerken, Doug Sctiick, Jofin Reyes, Rob Short, Marquette Ransfer, Brian Sanderson. Back row L to R: Jeff Dock, Greg Gero, Carmen Ross, Rob Reese, Tom Meyer, Eric Winblad, Tony Bozarth, Scott Sellers, Gilbert Ybanez. " Can I go back in the next quarter? " " ... We have to get this next play! " " Let ' s try that again. " r%% V% ,l ' ? " , ' if ' mmm 1st. row L to R: Jcred Bishop, Jason Ford, Joe Morales, George Comstock, Paul Spradling, Shad Boal, Ted Wesley, Brian Alennan, Rod Lover. 2nd, row L to R; Brady Williams, Charles Horlacher, Jeff Smith, Matt Edson, John Brown, Steve Gonzales, Greg Gillom, Brandon Proc- tor, Clayton Ahquin, David Lopez. 3rd. row L to R: Charles Wheeler, Arron Zepedo, Ralph Savrnogh, Brian Lewis, Andy Shehan, Ian Carmichael, James Guss, Sante Grossi, Rob Mendo- zo, Casey Beets, Shaun Brown, Dean Agnoletto, Andrew Garcia, , Ken Johnson, Steve Boone, Jason Neufeld, Doug McGraa, Kevin Ranl er, Rich Koter, Scott Congrove. [ ' Try and catch me!!! " . . Ready, 24, 32, Hil e!! ' ' Here goes nothing. " w-i " . ( oach ' s Message: " Our freshmen learned to play tough football. We suffered some losses, but nev- er lost our pride of being the ' Best We Can. ' They will continue to im- prove. " Team captains were Brandon Proctor and Charles Horlacher. Most Valuable Players: Offense: Brandon Proctor. Defense: Brian Aleman. ' oga es ontciior 6-27 1 Pomono 12-6 Dam en 13-26 ChaffQy 7-20 1 Upland 24-20 1 lendora 20-22 Don Clare, f-ugc ly onf 6-38 7-19 14-6 • X -. . " . frs yf very successful season for The JV Girls volleyball team. The squad, dominated by freshmen and with no return- ing players was led to a 9-5 re- cord by Team Captain Kathy Reese and M.V.P. Judi Nelson. Voted most improved was Amy Harlow and most inspirational was Natalie Giurlanda. Beth Tos- tione: " For a very young squad they deserve a round of ap- plause for coming in 4th place in the league. I ' m extremely proud of them. " .Qa. u: " ; %,■ Michelle goes up to grab an extra point for the team. An electrifying re- turn. Easy do it. Warm-up before the winning team goes to court. :-t Top row (left-right) Cindy Dimond, Karrie Peuton, Ronnie Coulten, coach Beth Tastione, Jessice Kesen, Michelle Jachesoto, Amy Harlow. Bottom row (left-right) Natalie Giurlanda, Kristy Karrington, captain — Kathy Reese, Mandy Shepherd, Staci Malsberger, Jodi Nelson. ,lV -g. Ch4Pr Y 5(Xi c( 1 b ' .. . mI I Hj TB ■ H H n 1 1 KN)J Top (L to R): Kristin Herchenroeder, Trisho Elliker, Jennifer Funtus, coach Bonser, Robyn Vaughn, Stacy Simpson, Jodi Hurst. Bottom (L to R): Julie Massagli, Michelle Medley, Pam Roberts, Susan Massagli. Not pictured: Julie Barreda. Jennifer Funtus plays tough against the opposing team. Trisha Elliker contemplates her next move. Stacy Simpson smiles at her advantage. ■■■■■K Determination is written all over Michelle Medley ' s tace. The team just pepped up by Bonser is ready to take the title. Trisha wins again! . ven though the girls have a very young team, their success in some of their games showed their skill and po- tential to move on through the years as a team. The team ' s big- gest thrill was overcoming a forfeit to St. Lucy ' s and beating them. The girls ended up taking 5th after a close game with Claremont but future work will be evident in their success. Coach Bonser worked hard to make the team a success. 7 he most grueling sport has been the one that these stu- dents undertaken. This rugged sport, proved that the mighty Braves could hold their own against all opposition. This great team, under the leadership of Coach Rhodes, proved that these runners could hold the high tradi- tions of the Alta Lomo Braves! . ?. o, K L- ■?a t20 . The team. Alpha.; David Beresford, Joey Buccheri, Mark Buccheri, Jason Chapman, Ray Dominguez, Matt Higgins, Steve Kuch, Rikard Salsgard, Jeff Winger, Bobby Wright, Vince Zagori n. Joe Buccheri getting psyched up for a victory. " I ' m gonna win! " says David Beresford. Survival of the fastest! c=ist £ir 3 ' S.« C S ' - fZf Angle is bringing forth her inner strength to run the lost length of the race. Gene is keeping up a good pace and is now thinking, " win " . Norma is craving that delicious soft drink and is about to snatch it away. The team (L to R): top to bottom Coach Rhodes, Bess Bare, Peggy Sweetwood, Stacy Fletcher, Genelie McClure, Kathy Loomis, Jody Uribe, Kimber McNabb, Angle Vallier, Norma Aguirre, Angle Frazier, Lydia Lopez, EIrike Sattleberg, Shannon Winsor, Hene Acosta, Jennifer Racey Travy Lopez There goes Kimber obviously winning; while the other girl Is " giving up " . SSi! 7 7 he girls have had a great year. With Geneiie IVlcClure as captain, Jody Uribe as IVIVP, Kathy Loomis as Most inspirational, and Peggy Sweetwood as IVIost improved, the team became league champions. These girls have what it takes to go as far as they have gone. Mr. Rhodes has done a great job of training them to reach their limits. J " V X ' X r f. rzs Top Row L-R: Ann Linderoth Tiffany Mitchelle Chris Couwenberg Rhonda Hein Cooch Karen Smith Micheiie Laramie Lori Clifford Bottom Row L-R: Kendall Horre Candy Tourville Stacy Lopez Chanin Lorrett Lisa Mayer Chris Howland Vickey Hurley A swing Babe Ruth would be proud of. Coach Hein planning strategy. Baseline magic! Aerobics with a tennis racket. Michelle laying into a shot. A ed by M.V.P. Lisa Mayer and team captains, CInris Howland and Karen Smith, The Alta Loma Braves " Lady Rac- queteers " completed another successful season on the courts. Said Braves Coach, Mrs. Hein, " This years team showed great spirit and showed much im- provement over last years squad. They were good winners and greatfui losers. These gals are true sportsmen in every sense of the word. " When asked about next year. Coach Hein stated, " Our program is fortunate to have 8 of 12 play- ers returning for the ' 86 season. " ' . ' - • dy. he 1985 Girls J.V. Tennis Team had a very suc- ' cessful season. Re- marked Coach Bonneville, " Skill development attributed to the team over all. They were a very improved team by the end of the season. " When asked how this team was different than any other team she has coached, Bonneville replied, " They were friendly, easy to get along with and got along well together. They had good sportsmanship and a willingness to practice basic skills. " Ky U " % . w J26 Back row " L to R " ; Ginnie, Jocelyn, Jenny Miller, Maureen Gates, Jenni- fer Balint, Candice Dickson, Shannon Brorby, Karen Scolere, Natalie Walk, Coach Bonneville. Front row " L to R " ; Irene Rutenburg, Teresa Bonneville, Tracey Brown, Charice Smith, Anna Zepeda, Kim Bosen, Carrie Wiedeman. " I got It this time. " Shannon Brorby Anna Zepeda r Can 9 k - 7 he most grueling sport has been the one that these students here have undertaken. This rugged sport, which de- mands overpowering drive to succeed, proved that the mighty Braves couid hoid their own against all opposition. This great team, under the leader- ship of Coach Rhodes, proved that these runners could hold the high traditions of the Alta Loma Braves. (alphabetically) David Hill, Robert June, Brian Lee, Greg Nielsen. -•■ • ' - • ' (alphabetically) Gary Bemis, Dan Crosby, Mike Kuch, Ryan Lilley, Rick Rogers, Greg Camnnack, Chris man. Bill Lannb, Steve Pittman, Dave Williams. n€UAe o other sport requires more per- • sev erance and determination than the enduring sport of running. Under the leadership of Coach Rhodes, the team experienced a fine season. This team has given Coach Rhodes a lot of encourage- ment for the success of coming years. The runners have proven that in order to do vy ell, you must run . . . and run . . . and run . . . x . 0: .+ .o. c -; 129 1 A struggle to get the ball. A goal made by Alta Loma. Team (L to R) Nick Day, Tim Anceil, Eric No- reen, Mark Melick, Don McElroy, Chaffey She- phard, Randy Siebel, An- drew Delgado, Bobby Brown, Ingrid Brandt, and Neal Feduniw. An at- tempt to make the pass. 3o Aaj ) H P T ioi Vjir Tom yoU H " src a 0. vc ecc rrr fiope ly. The team during a pep talk. Mark posing for ' SURVIVAL WEAR " ingrid determined to make a good pass. he greatest effort has ' been put into this sea- son. The team ' s high hopes of capturing the title. The enduring efforts should be rec- ognized. Mr. Thornhill, the coach, and his team have had a great season. Their team captain was Chaf- fey Shephard, and their score- l eeper was Vanessa Craig. Awards went for: Most Valuable — Andrew Del- gado Most Inspirational — Ingrid Brandt Most Improve — Bobby Brown. ' - " y 3f Ot€e ( teat ' eofif Dive . . . Splash . . . Swim . . . Where ' s the ball? It ' s over here! Quick, shoot! It ' s a god! We win! These are some of the emotions a participant experiences during a water polo game — a fast-moving, intense exhibition of timing, speed, and endurance. Wa- ter polo isn ' t as easy as it looks — players must be able to tread water while preventing their opponents from taking the ball from them throughout the game. The competition is fierce and sometimes dis- couraging, but talent and good comprehension carried the team through a great year! s •y I : ■: . ' o (I to r): Jason Sharp, Steve Shaup, Carlo Fusco, Steve Gaskell, David Bush, Jeff Jacob- stien, Tony Carlo, Brett Lund, Toby Junkunc, David Herbrandson, Mike Middleton, Mike Bandlch, David Cow enberg. ' Jfc:: Goal Shot! Coaches surveying a close game. Block that shot! Brett in action! Opposing team member starts a vi ater ■ H » .o o. ' 9 xf group of students partake in a sport that employs most of the muscles of the body. This grueling activity as shown in the accompanyin g photos, calls for an athlete to have skill strength, aggressiveness and strategy. These students make the most of their talents on the Varsity Wres- tling Team. . % $ . f34 % I IIMMIHMt ' ! l ! W ' V ! r.y3?ar r;mimMir: % % % %% Top L to R: J.D. Armstrong, Steve Borbee, Jeft Kettle, Chuck Jackson, Shoun Ojeda, Scott Sellers, Eric Hollodoy, Rob Fine, T.J. Dawson. Bottom L to R: Jon Latosquin, Tom Suenther, Mickey Gray, Tracey Morrell, Frank West, Tony Carlo, Gary Wtiightsil. T.J. Dawson is ready to pin his opponents shoulder to the mat. One of the wrestlers being the defensive man on the bottom. 1 Rob Fino taking the offensive side of the starting position, while Tracey is placed on the defensive side. Will they try a quarter nelson or a half nelson? . ? e rss 1 e- Uf -i t v f 7) I.V-. vV ' C , Top L to R: Richard Day, William Hart, Brandon Proctor, ' Gilbert Ybanee, Eric Jeldlick, Marquette Ransfer, Bob Broun. Bottom L to R: Travis Croweii, Kay Latosquin, Barry Rudesii, John Portz, Dan iVIendez. Tango for the tal edown. Top L to R; Derren Guerra, Shad Bool, Nick Arispe, Stanley Howard, Marcos Guzman, Andrew Garcia, Brian Bayer, Mario Cortez, Robby Muster, John Wickum, Jeff Smith. Bottom L to R: Anthony Luna, Reorge Comstoct, Brett Long, Alex Sanchez, Greg Moore, Paul Lee, Mike Hen- ry, rOul opraong. ■: m fBSimmMM J:!.f ' r m s -r M. Mi?w,t ' .M?MWX is i t :zf . . , . -4 A ' iC-:$ 7hese boys have what it takes to wrestle. They all used their talents to defeat their opponents but not without learning from the mistakes they made in practices. In the years to come these young men will learn the techniques to win strive to fulfill the goals of a wrestler. G e, oc ora ' arernoof 61- 4 Offey 52-6 Upland ?5- 45-18 - • ? f? ■ - . 57 .j j fe r ; ( - y :2 vv C 7 he boys soccer team hod on extraordinary year. Coached by Pete Gunby, they had a terrific win-los s record. They entered the Damien Varsity tournament and lost their second game yet, they redeemed themselves in league and C.I.F. competition. No other team in the history of A.L. has ever gone beyond the sec- ond round in C.I.F. Yet, this team, an inspiration to all future teams, has surpassed the second round, and whose achievement will go down in the archives of A.L. $, .o: t3 :q ■ TEAM L to R (Top to Bottom): Al Borrientos, Jamie Bates, Carter Beets, Jason Chapman, Mike Collins, Dave Corley, Vic Danzo, Travis England, Eddie Huerta, Dave Johnson, Scott Karsten, David Holde, Deane Cal Lo- gan, Tom Meyer, Mark Saldana, Rikand Salsgard, Kent Schuyler, Doug Schick, Richie Schick, Tim Sov ers, Brian Spiker, Dave Summers, Aaron Thomas, Mike Vogel, Steve Williams. The team gets a pep talk before the game. A playe r decides that he ' s had enough running for today. He stares down at his beloved feet and thinks of his next kick. " Hey Victor, get this pass. " .° " t39 . PI [ 1 J— lit . P . ' V y IIIHI Z . ' ■■iwwj, ■ ji. ' ti ' iy L, H 4 1 K? H 1, - M H ' -.. li l Moving up for a goal. A swift kick brings the bali closer to the goal box. Suzie Thomas trying to make it in. r ; " Q O 4(P Racing after the ball with seconds ticking away. 7 he will to win certainly de- scribes the Alta Loma Braves Varsity Soccer Team. Picked to finish third or fourth, the young Braves were led by team captains Jennifer Funtas and Beth Hendricl s. IVIore deter- mined than ever the Braves stayed close in the standings until the final match against Claremont to determine the League Champions. With the will to win that only an Alta Loma Brave can possess, they beat Claremont 2-0 to win the league. Coach Gary Funtas o b . 7 he Boys J.V. Soccer team is coached by Coach Martinez. The team learns a lot from each game. Each player learns what it means to be part of a group of student athletes that must func- tion as one whole unit. Each player must cooperate with one another to make that goal and win the gome. Coach Martinez has taught the boys in the physical as well as the cooperative aspects of the game so that the team can work together in making that goal that wins the game. u ly i5 , .O Cis f4g yiM iJAXl Top: Dennis Beene, John Gray, Mark Saldana, Brian Grimes, David Sum- mers, Rich Jepson, Jeff Strotton, Doug Schick. Bottom: David Ramirez, Mark Vaught, Jamie Bates, Dave Coniey, Joel Logan, Brian Lewis, Coach Martinez, Edy Huerta. The team demonstrates what it takes to make a group that works together and scores those goals. jf uigi Traverse is the coach of a promising girls J.V. soccer team. Since the team got togeth- er last winter they have lost only two (2) games and tied one (1). Overall the team placed 2nd in the Baseline League. AL ' s biggest rival was Upland with whom AL fought for Ist place. AL was in first place for most of the season. The last gome decided the final out- come. .0 I f44 • 4 AA Robbin Crawford, Amber Davis, Michele Favreau, Angela Frazier, Kendall Harre, Michele Hoibday, Michelle Jalynski, Michelle Laramie, Stacy Lopez, Michelle McArdle, Staci Molsberger, Jaime Moore, Jodi Nelson, Rosalie Petrillo, Mandy Shepherd, Carol Silberberg, Stacy Simpson, Lisa Torres, Joy Tuncoy, Michelle Shower, coach Luigi Traverse ■ ««? r Stacy Simpson coming around tor a pass. " Someone block her! " Making a pass across the field. f " ' v ; " ! , -, ° ' o: ' a ,5 r2 N Steve racing down the court, Terry going for a basl et. David being blocked out to make a basket. Tony taking it easy. Andes going for he free extra points. Andy making a good block. . $- - ; i 46 Top L to R: Coach Wayne Carlson, Ander Anderson, Andy dander, Steve Franks, Shaun Behurin, Steve Macalo. Bottom L to R: David Sorenson, Tony Bailey, Terry Kirl iand, Jeff Rubi, Skye Desevernjacquet. 7 VnMie, he 1985- ' 86 team supplied us ' with many exciting moments over this season. Coach Carlson prepared his team v ell for one of the Baseline League seasons, and all had a chance to do well. The squad was led by senior point guard, and co-captain Terry Kirk- land; junior co-captain Anders An- derson; senior Andy dander; sen- ior Steve Franks; and senior David Sorenson. The Varsity squad will lose a lot of starters this year but have some young fresh talent that will hope- fully make the transition next year. A 4 y ' v 7 jf Ita Loma had a great year in the Girls Varsity Basketball. Tina, who carried the team with 444 rebounds, and scoring 440 points, has had a great senior year. The team made C.I.F. but after playing Gahr and losing 41-60, they were out of it. The girls, made up of mostly fresh- men and sophomores, will prove to be a success in in the future years to come. L to R: Wendy Millsapp, Tina Shatinsky, Shara Fleming, Michelle Medley, Coach Sims, Joelle Bader, Jamie Torres, Anja Anderson, Julie Massaglie, Susan Massaglie, Kristin Merchenroeder, Tania Kirkland. Tania throws the ball for o basket, Practice makes perfect before every game. Michelle dribbles the ball down the court and passes it to Tina who will make a perfect shot. Anja and Joelle practice their lay-ups before the game. A b ' bV i ; 9 7 his year ' s J.V. team had a rough season. We were able to learn many positive things dur- ing the season. We learned more about competitive basketball. More important, we learned how to have pride in ourselves when you give all you can to a certain cause. If you judge our team on wins and losses, we had a losing season. If you judge our team on developing people and building character, we were league champions. Coach Troy Holmes ■u Ola. » rso Top L to R: Jeff Donofrio, Glen Brown, Ray Rameriz, Jim Homburger, Steve Cordon, Tony Guerre. Bottom L to R: David Taylor, Lance Leach, Mike Larson, Brad Bollag, Mike Volenti, Andrev Delgado Jim Homburger v olking to the next set-up. Ray Rameriz fighting off a block. James Guss asking for the ball to moke a rebound. L to R: Diane Bush, Shonda Beard, Rayna Fleming, Virginia Moreno, Yo- landa Rodriquiz, Donna Learn, Patrece Knowles, Tammy McKeindall, Cyndi Perry, Chris Maeol a. A chance for a basl et. Lay-ups are for a good practice. A dribble to the net will be good. asketball is a fast and exciting team game which is played before many spectators. Move- ment is almost continuous under the modern rules of the game. Speed of foot, good vision, and great agility are necessary. A player who tries to perform as an individual rather than as a member of a team all working together will not add to her team ' s chances of winning. Basketball is a splendid training for leadership, because it emphasizes co-operation. .V. tiy- :a- rsf 7 he Freshmen Basketball team has shown great ability and effort in their playing skills. They owe their skills to their many hours of practice. All of the players are known for being a great addition to the team, and when it was time for some tough defense, they were ready to go. We all must admire their strengths, because they are our schools fu- ture, as far as being the next gen- eration of Varsity B.B. players. Jason Stanley, David Gabel, Pete Lolico, Jason Jones, Dan Crosby, Teddy Wesley, Dan Tiilett, Mitch Roberts, Andy Shehan, Mike Stone, Shawn Brown. Not Pictured: James Guss. " Will it be a basket? " Using the correct block. Going for the extra poinj? T ,y V ir (T .k. . y . c. ' V . T - " a ,.c N f ■- " - " . A . . v ' ocp ' yt Freshmen baseball program ' s main purpose is to teach fun- damentals and prepare them for their next three years in baseball. The 1986 Freshmen team showed that they really learned the funda- mentals of baseball. As they go on in learning the fun- damentals, they will in the future prove to be varsity material. r- - %: f54 Top Row: (L to R) Coach Beckley, D. Gabel, M. Stone, J. Guss, D. Agno- letto, B. Proctor, Coach Andrews, G. Gillum, R. Racine, J. Gillum, J. Braley, D. Cox, J. Smith, J. Bishop, G. Moore, B. Mitchell, J. Andrews. " My contacts have got to be here somewhere. " " That guy in the yel- low shirt has been acting kind of fun- ny. " " Coach, when can move? " " I knew my left arm has been acting fun- ny. " Alphabetical order: Dean Agndetto, Alex Apodaca, Casey Beets, Mike Berg, Jared Bishop, John Flagg, Greg Gillum, Jeff Gillum, Mike Karsten, Earl Lawson, Tim Lombardo, Issac Lopez, Brian Lund, Vuong Ngyyen, Scott Parker, Denny Romero, Jeff Rave, Chad Watson. S d€l£e 7 he team had a very strong season in challenging for the league title an experience that will mold the players into varsity pros- pects. Under Coach Hill ' s watchful eye a team was mode without a great pitching staff. A lot of rotating of players went on to get the maximum potential out of each player. It was well a disciplined team that should have a great influence on ALMS ' S baseball program. 0 - ?j p . fSS K ' I , %o- :j ' fJ M .fj " ' Z S t. of J-: t, V V - t ' W V ' .v-V-W ' . r ' " 1 Stno eOA f T en upt i 7 he 1986 boys varsity baseball team was a young team that had key seniors and juniors to keep the team rolling. Coach Gary Cronan led the Braves to another good year; with the help of Coach Robertson. The team showed maturity throughout the season and their tournaments. They hod a strong pitching staff, and an excellent outfield. Once again the A.L. baseball team did not let down the school, they showed us a very exciting season. c . , :Sr. ■ fS7 7 he Softball season starts off around early February. Pre- season games ore played, fol- lowed by season games, and if possible, championship gomes. The team must hove an excellent record compared to the other teams in their league in order to compete in these championships. The girls have to practice hard and ploy good, in order to remain on the Varsity team. .Q. ly " Q ■ ' tsg -St, April Champers, Michelle Emery, Lauren Edson, Tami Fandre, Laura Green, Mamie Laflour, Tracy Lopez, Chanin Lorett, Lynette Shull, Kathy Welniak, Tracy Yniguez, Varsity practices are heid every weekday to bring tine team to its highest level. : ' - :«? S9 StnlAe — 7 he girls compete with other high schools in their league. They ploy each high school twice. After the regular season is over, if the teams ' record is good enough, they play in the league championsbips. The girls that play ore given moral support by parents, friends, coaches, teachers, etc. ... It helps them to learn the game of Softball better. Lynette Eisle, Natalie Giurlanda, Sharia Jones, Diana Marshall, Kelly McNal- ly. Tiffany Mitchell, Stacy Schneiderwent, Roberta Slayton, Paula Syden- stricker, Diane Tucker, Lysa Tucker, Robbin Crawford, Kathy Reece, Mi- chelle Medley. .Q.. " o; f60 Softball is an interesting game. Besides being fun, it helps the girls to prepare themselves for the Varsity team. 7he J.V. Tennis players has had a strong, victorious season. The key to their victories were strong and solid players who were not only good with the basics, but also were imaginative in their play. The coaching was another key factor. It allowed the players to be closer to their coach, who could discern their problems. The high quality of play that was not only prevalent this year, but will also be seen in upcoming years, is due to the large turnout of possible future competitive players. ' - ter Afternoon practice gives tine team a chance to do better. " O, K U f68 Kenny and teammates get in more proctice before Coach Proctor comes out to ttie courts. 71 fi. t oach Proctor was pleased w ' with how much improved the team was last year, and with all of the players improving their game, the team will be a challenge to defeat this year. !k■ f b P f63 7 his year ' s diving team consists of seven divers, but only tlie best three boys and the best three girls can dive in the meets. Each diver must learn five required dives before he can participate in the meets. The scores in diving are deter- mined by the level of difficulty of each dive. Each judge will score the diver 1-10 which is averaged with the level of difficulty, and that gives you a final score. t64 Team L to R: Teresa Bonnerville, Jackie Hughes, Tim Ancell, Nick Day, Stacy Smith, Adrain Mondragon. Not Pictured: Rose Koslowski. The techniques of this sport has become so varied and elaborated that it is better known as Fancy Diving. % In alphabetical order . . . S. Albera, J. Baker, A. Barker, K, Basen, T. Bonne- ville, S. Brorby, T. Brown, I. Buege, K. Bullock, L, Clifford, R. Cruz, R. Fleming, A. Forest, M. Hernandez, R. Koslowski, A. Linderoth, E. Macias, S. Mals- berger, J. Miller, C. Nunnally, T. Pendleton, R. Petrillo, L. Potter, B. Reed, K. Schumann, S. Smith, S. Thomas, Kala Riggio, M. Shepherd, G. Clements, Tft mA ... Practice can be very boring, but as said always; " Practice makes per- fect! " i troke, stroke! The girls J.V. team was gliding across the pool to start this years victories off. Some are beginners and some have been doing this for years. Ei- ther way, they all had great fun supporting our school. These girls are the future Varsity team striving fo r perfection. Learning the but- terfly or the backstroke for the competition of meets. :a- 65 wimming is a sport that is as old as the most ancient re- cords of history. The girls must go through condi- tioning. They must work hard since some of the swimmers participate in more than one event. The coach, Peggy Watson, said, " I usually let them swim in the event they want and are best in. " .0-. u .J . f66 zv In alphabetical order . . . Melisa Arnholt, Ingrid Brandts, Shelly Case, Nicole DeMauro, Tracy Fickett, Jackie Hughes, Lisa Klockow, Carrie Racey, Jen- nifer Racey, Michelle Rees, Kimberly Rhodes, Lotte Shoar, Elizabeth Vogler. Two things must be learned before one should try to swim. They ore learning how to breathe and how to stand up in water. Both steps should be mastered in shallow water. Basic events consist of: Individual Medley, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, and the Free Relay. ; . •A- . o 0. t67 9ffi e WniTV J » » I Irtii « i iriYtrt ,, % The start is first. The relays have much competition and though tough, it ' s fun. in In alphabetical order . . . T. Ancell, J, Arlet, R. Brown, R.C. Brown, D. Bush, M. Cortez, D. Couwenberg, N. Day, A. Delgado, C. Fusco, J, Hazen, D. Her- branson, C. Hillman, K. Hutnageil, S. Humphrey, T. Junkunc, A. Leos, B. Lund, T. MacCallum, D. McElroy, M, Melick, M. Middleton, J. Miller, T, Neward, J. Nocciolo, E. Noreen, M. Pucheco, S. Shaup, J. Shehan, C. Shepherd. The rush is on. y ompetition is tough but our C boys team is tougl-ier, coming in at 5:30 every morning to prac- tice. The different styles of strokes are the backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and free style. The events are Individual Medley, Free Style, Free Style Relay, and the Free Relay. - . r69 7 he Boys Varsity Track team worked hard to make good impressions on everyone. The pole vaulters, long jumpers, and hur- dlers all showed terrific leaps and bounds every time they compet- ed. The shotputters and disc throwers were swinging for that extra yard for their victory every time. The team did great work for our school to stay on the right track. . $ o L- no ■? Under the guidance of Coach Palicki, the team gave the track meets their all. P I 5l. . XCL- ' J - Hn€.m u) ' y aF) ' 2 n d d v ou arid rvj mciLt ei i C T ii nail-i Tii i 4na a (Cnca) our ■ ): ' n6l c ' W ' ' ' A t H rcx - " • -ft er (joo f am 1 ' LUM a io ;UO M 6 6Limrner, ujc are Gpf n(X. Oi -- do ! 0)t Qur M it:s( U U u3na:teoer l. - -I rpr -:e ' i hc oc a GODd 4tm6 dcm 11. ijjcu nm j seme G ci r -H moo O) ' U ninn o|f- Ll«ib ' luci -V ' y vubir L uL r T 1 ! ICii-i r ' i (X - 10 ' " 1 it , (JU (,(J L. : C} )At6 1 uxs - O " V ope LOU. , , 13 + ' » ' 0 )au ' helped me ' cxian V o? hard V-im I a a( uu. for AOu ' CU " 7 4 - XsCX—M 4aa£p ' ' . ' : 1 SV ■- l ■fCUch ..V Ci i- r- . 9 Jl ' 1 i , xvv In alphabetical order . . . G. Acosta, S. Balderrama, J. Bengtson, A. Coker, S. Clark, R. Fleming, S. Fletcher, J. Knight, K. Loomis, A. Lopez, L. Lopez, S. Magruder, G. McClure, K. Olander, U. Sattelberg, P. Sweetwood, L. Tay- lor, A. Vallier, A. Wesley. Coach Procter and Coach Kettle, Boys P.E. PnccU 7 he Girls Varsity Track team has enjoyed a successful sea- son under the leadership of Coach Holladay. The team consisted of about 20 girls, due to the low tur- nout and the loss of some players who graduated last year. There are three classes of runners; dis- tance, middle distance, and sprinters. These girls are strong willed and know exactly what they want . . . victory! With enthu- siasm like that they should always succeed. lct: dv " . r73 yf fter several close and hard fought matches, the bad- minton team was able to attain the status of one of the top teams in the league. In CIF, the players performed with agility, dexterity, and stamina, shown only in the best players. The team surpassed all expectations and went as far as anyone has ever gone in AL ' s history. The future success of the team looks promising due to a large turnout of good players with the desire to win. The Varsity Badminton team, instructed by Coach Cool , was able to send several of their players off to CIF this year. A player gives a few pointers to a spectator while her teammates are busy trying to score a point. The J.V, Badminton team had an excellent turnout this year and their future looks very promising. -. . ns I 811 r ' iytyikt. • l H " " ■01 i r ?1 Mmm , All underclassmen play an im- portant part; that is to grow up and fix the future problems that we created for them. arrying those heavy books, studying for to- morrow ' s exam, cram- ming everything into a tiny !ocl er . . . Yes this is high school, the big time, As a freshman the journey ahead to your senior year seems so far away. You struggle through the year barely learning your way around campus. Then, poof, it ' s your sof X)more year! Ah, but this time you coast right through. It ' s just another boring year of school. Junior year rolls around, you get involved in clubs, sports, ASB. You have six classes, you just don ' t l now if you can take it. Then sum- mertime comes and frees you. Now the waiting period comes un- til school starts again, surprise, you ' re a senior now! r. ■V . ? :5 O v-: s eJb , II WI II I I l il ' l " l I ' III Hllr I ijgsgigi,,,, , — - — s a junior you feel as if your life is going faster. Just yesterday you were a freshman and now you ' re a ju- nior. You ' ve struck something big You become a strong mem- school club, maybe even an r. Popularity hits the screen, ferybody knows you and your bcompiishments. You are sitting etty. Ah, but you still have that tory class to get through, and at about that English test? bn ' t worry, you ' ll survive. You have tai5ecause next year you graduate) • " ) Jessica Arcreneoux Adrienne Adams Leeann Adams Debbie Aguayo Norma Agulrre Tonya Ahquin Mark Aloniz Rebecca Aloniz Dariene Alboney Loiis Alvorodo Jamte Ames Anders Anderson Josette Anderson MS e Anc adg Stormie Artdrews Steven Ar guiano Daniel Anthonijsz Laurie Armendariz James Armstrong Sat Arredofxio Der ise Azarovitz Kanie Baier Tony Bailey Stephanie Balderrama Brian Baloui Adrian Banales Steve Barbee Alono Border Jonathan Bariow Ric Barnes Stephanie Bornhart Julie Barredo Mike Barrero Gory Bartell MattBarttett Lourie Baughman Holly Baxter Brenda Beosley Misty Beidelmon Darin Benart Lora Benefiel David Beresfore Kym Bethel Jetf Boatright Cindy Boconegro fgo Michael Bong Ryan Booras Scott Borngrebe Rebecca Borovsky Victof Borja Charles Brocomontes Gena Bradley Uz Brewster Sandy BrorKJer Jerry Bfost Bobby Brown Kenny Bruce Marc Buccheri Devi BuchmMer Eric Buege Matt Butlock Jason Burns Nichelle Burr John Bustos Christie Byrem Brian Caldwell Michelle Campos Keith Cordinali Steve Cordon Tony Corio Trevor Carlson Shelly Case Antoinette Casillos Donna Cott Vicky Covrioni April Chambers Dave Christen Denny Clark Kim Clousi Jason Clay Christina Clever Angek3 Cobbtef Beth Collins Mike Collins Robert Combe Josephine Conley Julie Corey Jack Correa Christina Couwenberg Lisa Cox • ' ' ' - tgf Vanessa Craig JmCriHy Monica Crisel Jennifer Oowder Cindy Crum Shannon Cushman Scott Dock Bruce Dahm Mike Dannenberg tris Davis Richard Day Andrew Delgado Tylene Devine Condice Dkrkson Gentry Dtetl Edie Dimmitt Karen Dimond Julie Dodd Jeff Donofrk Bekkie Douglass Furel Dummar Monique Dunn l5arKly Dunn Eileen Dyer Steve Edwards Shanrx n Egan Heather Eigenbrode Edwin Engieton Walter Essary Rok»do Estrada Justine Essex Joe Fojardo Eric Favreaw Neil Feduniw Laura Fentun Steve Fidler Lori Ann Finkelman Susan Fino Brkjn Fleisctiman Nickie Fleming Marcelo Foronda David Frank enberger Angela Frazier Tim Frazier Erick Fredriksen ' 02 ' ' tr " f Z ' wmm Stacie Friis Cynthia Fukerson Carmeta Golordo Maria Galvez Gloria Garcia Robert Garcia David Gard Maureen Gates Doug Gebhordt David Gephart Michoel Gerry Loren Giles Mendy Gillespie Arcemeoux Gumber Richard Goff Jose Gomes Monica Gonzalez Robert Goodrich Dehnita Grocia Louis Grotxam John Gray Kevin Gray Richard Green Tammy Greene Wendy Green Waleed Grurxlen Darren Guerra Lory Guevara Scott Gundrum Michael Gurrola Metirvda Gutierrez Cecil HaW Ron Ha Steve Hamitton Jim Hamm James Hanson Dan Horde! Kendall Harrl Robert Harrelt Eric Harris Leslie Harris Lisa Harrison Deborah Hawk Kelly Hawthorne Todd Hayward cfb ' S " 3 Chefyl Henderson Nathan Henderson Mi e Henry Usa Hernandez Croio Hckmon Denice Higgins Christa Highley David HHI Wendy Hitchcock James Hoffman Carolea Holdridge Jim Homburger Kent Hoover Bobbie Hopkins Rondo Hopkins Bryan Horiocher John Huerto Sara Hunt Teresa Hyles Laura loeger Laura lllsley Katie James Karen Jencks Rich Jepsen Deonna Johnson Stacy Johnson Tina Johnson ShorkD Jones Paul Juedes Robert June Christina Kane Barry Korokos Joe Katrenich Mfchelle Ketch Dosik Kim Kim King SheriKirk Shelly Kirkley Mark Klingensmith Jody Knight Kurt Koerth Teresa Koontz Chris Kopperud Rose Koslowski Steve Kuch .ti " f?o Susan Kuruviba Angie KuykendaB Joson Lacasellaa Marnie LoFleur Leighanne Lotrenz Raymond Latosquin Steve Logon John London Kothy Loomis Danny Lopez Trasee Lopez More Lopfesti Julie Lowry Jeff Lucek Brian Lee Byron Lee Rodney Lehr Rondy Lesperance Tiffany Lewis Brion Lichtenberg Renay Lim Michelte Luke Stephen Mocola Todd MacCaPum Lisa MocDonold Ed Macias Leilani Marc roe Bridget Manfred! Matt Manns Tracy Marley David Maroste David Maroua Denise Marshall Diana Marshall MorttKi Martin Jacotxi Martines Lance Martz David Masucci Chris Matthews Gabriete Maul Julie McCormack Misti McCoy James McGuyer Mike McKee Mike McKellor tS5 . . Eric McKeown Rhonda McLeon Eric Medrono Missy Meddrum Christine Mendez Mark Mensen Rob Merretl Jennifer Merrymon Gtna Merrymon Lisa Metzger Alec Miller Keron Miller Kim Miller Kelly Meuth Micheal Miller Smokey Miwood Tiffany Mitchell Sean Mizuyo Potti Moffatt Gory Moorefield Cothy Moors Virginia Moreno Matt Moses David Mugg James Mullin Wendy Munson Lisa Murphy Tony Musquez Nicole Myerchin Tracy Naygood Terry Neal Dennis Neeld Laura Nelsen Maria Niday Greg Nielsen Derei Noe Andrea Ocompo Jeff Oden Brian Oerly Lorrie Ogle Naomi O ' Hem Shawn Ojeda Lisa Olguin Stacy Otmos DonrKi Ordeal tS6 Jesus Ota LcHjrdes Ortiz Robert Oswald Michelle Otte Jennifer Owens RoelPodWa Alex Pongbum Nicandro Panuco Omar Pedraza Linda Pedroza Tony Pelato Wendy Percivol Danny Peretro Andrew Perez Pat Perry Liz Petrus Rusty Pfutzenreuter Shelley PittrrKin John PiGtt Scott Porter John Portz Brent Powell John Prokopij Judy Puebia Anne Pulver Gretchen Puschmann Robert Ragon Gory Raivo Sarxjy Rokestraw Sherry Ray Kothy Reece Jason Reilly Kelly Rendall Lydia Rendon Motilde Reyes Pamela Reyridd David Reynolds Shonna Ricker Melissa Rodgers Pam Roberts Glenn Roberts Steve Rivas Kim Rivord Julie Ripple Kak3 Plogio .. ° - p Maitnda Rodriguez Staci Rogors Jason Rojo Cori Romeo Dwayne Ross Mtchell© Rounds Jeft Rubi Doniel Rupp Sherin Sobouhi Mark Sock man Mark Saldana Melinda Sanchez Maria Sandoval Myriom Santos Mike Sarratt Michelte Sawteil Scott Saylor Scott Scalera James Scales Leoti Scales Stacy Schneiderwent Kent Schuyler Karen Scoleri Tammy Scott Randy Seibel Maura Sell Mark Sepulveda Raul Serrano Joe Show Steve Shaw Chotfey Shepherd Laura Shinn Leslie Shinnick Kenny Shuiek Shari Siefkes Rene Silvo Stacy Simpson Jaime Smelcer Denise Smith Kerri Snook Michele Snyder Manuel Soto Tim Sowers Tammy Spease Allen Speir ■ j fg? Susan Stoiger Yvonne Stevens Glenn Street Wendy StrickBn Joe Stringfellow Naomi Stuart Thad Summertrays David Summers Aimee Suter lykatttiew Sv in Lucy Tambunon Danielte Taytor David Taytor Miranda Taylor Jeff Teevor Ar»gelique Terrartova Debbie Terry Steve Tevis Aaron Thomas Renee Thomas Suzanr e Thomas Rick Tillery Siole Toki Shawn Torrence Jamie Torres BferxJa Torrez Jerviiter Truver Joe Tucker Michelle Tucker Rogelio Vargas Robyn Vaughn Simone Velloso Robert Vischer Kris Walker Tami Waltman Jock Warshaw Brian Wossermon Lori Weckerly Martin Weteh Tim Welch Alethia Wesley David West Frank West Angela White Sandra Wilder . f9 Steve Wihoit Jl Wilkinson Volney WiHett Christine Williams Sondra Williams Steve Wlam! Lofa Witeor Shannon Winsoi Elizabeth Woolf Denny Wong Akxi Wood Michelle Woodward Deena Wright Jay Yernon Julie Young Rachelle Younger Kimberly Zkrzeski 7t C Pcetccted , .%; Jarrod Alexander Gina Archuleta John Bauchman Tim Bauchman Somphone Baymanh Carter Beets Karin Bergeron Christian Bidet Natalie Briano Robert Brown Cheryl Byrne Fermin Carrillo Jericl Carroll Bryan Case Carlo Castro Donald Castro Edward Clees Rich Cota Teresa Coyle Terri Daniel Chris Dayton Jodi Delaney David Dietrich Angela Dillon Michael Espinozo Allen Ferguson Tim Ford Isaac Galloway Glenda Gaynor Kim Gibson Ray Gigliotti Sam Gracia Bobby Green Brian Green Kevin Grow Marl Hamilton Kevin Harden Tanya Harden Steve Harken Denise Hawk Michael Hawk Tracy Haygood George Henderson Gail Hernandez Richard Herrera Martha Ibarra Michelle Jackson Tamatha Jensen Charia Johnson Rayno Johnson Debra Jones Tirhza Joseph Beth Koggie Darrin Kalm Theresa Keith Brendo King Tenia Kirkland Mary Koch David Koeing Angela Layman Michelle Legleiter Donna Lindley John London Kathy Loomis Dawn Looper Danny Lopez Trasee Lopez Ruben Lorita t90 Jeff Ludington John Marcell Darin Marx Dave Mathers Kara McConnell Scott McLane David Medina John Medley Amy Mellert Patricia Mercado Rusty Middleton Wendy Millsap Mil e Miranda Lucas Mitchell Matt Morrall Jeri Nealey Greg Nelson Shawn Ohearn Michael Olivieri John Palo Fred Pantoja Devin Paris David Petro Ronald Pierce Kim Prulting James Pursel David Ramirez Leslie Ransom Mark Reed Kellie Reynolds Tim Robbins Francisco Rodriguez Ariko Senecal Stephanie Shaw Dean Silliman Daria Skowronski Paul Smith Mat Stillman Robert Surface Sumon Syed John Taylor David Tiekamp Frank Torrez Stephanie Visher Natalie Walk John Wall Traci Walsh Andre Warren Steve Weatherbie Tom White Charlene Williams Kevin Williams . . . Students finding the right an- swer . , , Now where did you say my last class was? i f 7 f. » s sophomores it seems like you ' ve really hit tiie big time. You try out for a few sports and maybe join a club. Tt e workload gets a little heavier now, All this is preparing you, how- ever, for the fast, fun, and frantic times of your junior year, But for now you tread along surviving the year long enough to come back again next year as a junior. Your classes seem o,k. and you might even have kindled a romance! Ah, now your sophomore year has ended and the next adventure lies just ahead. P " o- ' A. ' O. Bene Acosta Sonia Ackame Gail Adams Chris Ades Shelly Agnoietto Annette Agraz Frederick Alaniz Shonnon Albera Brock Alexander Joe Allen Peggy Allen Rich Allen Jimmy Altamirano Grig Alverez Chris Amaon Yuette Amato Jeff Ames Tim ArK;ell Julie Anderson Kenny Andersen Laree Anderson Michele Anderson Denny Andrews Ray Anton Jimmy Antonucci Miranda Archuleta Samuel Armido Nanette Armstrong Melisa Arnholt Renee Arrasmith Claude Avilez Debbie Azorovitz Elizabeth Baer Jennifer Bahasen Tank3 Baires Brad Ballay Mike Bandich Jason Bong Dennis Lee Barber Dyhanne Barber Lori Barnes Jim Barrera DiarKi Barrientos Kimberiy Basen Jamie Botes Angie Beeley Dennis Beene Sandi Behrendt BHPli .Q - o vyHipiH fw mi nni Jennif er Bell John Bell Erin Bellegia Gary Bemis Jodi Bengtson Ken Bengtson Billy Bereki Mike Berg Julie Berry Jodeen Bertolina Josh Bett Lisa Biggs Steve Biroczky Missy BosI Cindy Bocanegro Brett Boggs Jennifer Bolinger Dean Bollatti Ryan BotHler John Bounton Eric Brady Yvonne Bravo Bowen Brindley Jeff Brink ley Deonno Brock Shanon Brorby Bobby Brown Glen Brown Tracey Brown Dannon Burg Julie Burnes f?uthann Bunis Dovid Bush Monica Bustomante Philip Butler John Cabral Jason Cadreou Allyson Calloway Greg Cammack Lisa Campbell Robert Campbell Christina Candelas John Candelas Jay Carr Felisa Carrillo Todd Carroll Pat Caroso Marisa Chaidez Jason Chapman Shoun Charrette Mike Chase Brian Chism Bert Choomngern Susie Christensen Michelle Cicconi Brian Clark GobrieHe Ciements Shelley Clever Lori Clifford Greg Cline Andrea Coker Cindy Cok n Michael Cometti Jason Conklin David Conley Curt Conner Merlyn Conwell Mario Cortez Daniel Cote David Couwenberg Jeff Crosley Travis Crowell Jennifer Cruz Sam Cunningham Shannon Daniel Tom Danna Kim Dame Nick Day Stacy Decker Brenda Deffenderfer Erik De La Rosa Jerry Del Sasso Krista Demauro Nicole Demauro Brian Dennis Ed Deon Aimee Derose Danny Derrick Sart preet Dhaliwal Elena Dtaz VfcOtekhous Jeff Don Denise Drohan Dennis Drohan Richard Drummond Diana DuBois PPS PP 3 " o Crystal Duchay Grotg Dutton Mike Dye Vicki Eoston Mark Eastwood Douglas Ecklund Suzanne Edwards John Eggteton Carson EHswortti Mrchele Emery Erin Emilio Erik Engebretson Travis En0and Gena Ervin Karia Escoto Dawn Espinoza Don Essory Jesse Estrada Jay Estrada Matttiew Evans Stefanie Evans Ronnie Fakhoury Tami Farxjre David Forzley Kym Feckley Alkan Ferguson Tracy Fickett toe Figueroa Sean Fitzpatrick John Fiogg Deya Flemtr g Reyna Flemirtg MoTHca Flores Mike Fogt Felipe Foronda Cheryl Fransik Anttxxiy French Kyle Fuller Carlo Fusco Paul Garcia Denyce Gardner Michelle Gaston Jana Geiger Chris George Mike Gerken Gregory Gero Greg Gibson Werxiee Giles ; ' p € tx Stephen GHI Bzobetn Gitfiam Jav GftTKirlin Tim Giltum Ractxiel Golden Laura M. Gomez Lourdes Gonzalez Jim Goodrich Chad Gouldtng Angela Groham Cindy Grant Jennifer Gray Rick Gray Brian Green Mike A. Green Laura Green Shelley P. Green ThoTTKis Green Anna Gregoro Laurel Gresham Karren Grieco Brian Grimes Brian Grosenbock Tom Guenther Anthony Guerro Sary Gushue Vance Gutel Kristine Gutierrez Ruben Gutierrez Marcos Guzman Mike Halderson Gino Hall Norris Honna Todd l-tanson Matt Harney William Hart Cheri Hatfiefcl Denise Hawk Liz Hoyden Jason Hayley David Hebert Stephanie Hendrickson Bryan Henry David Herbrandson Kristin Herchenroeder Mary Jo Hemar dez Tracie A. Herling Courtney Hiott " i % O ' ' Pa % Matt Higgings Shannon Htggins Stiawna Higgs Jennifer Hill Chris Hillman Robert Hobbs Irrrxi I, Holcomb Eric HoHaday Becky Hoover Rich Hoover Eric Horn Lisa Hornaday Wally Hough Louie Howard Stan Howard Sean Howell Beth A. Hubbard Cheryl Huber Tammy Huber Chrissy Huckaby Eddie Huerta Jackie Hughes Kyle Humphrey Jimmy Hunsucker Randy Hunsucker Mary Hutchinson Dan Hynes Kelle Imsen Jeff Jocobstein Jamison Joggers Eric Jedftck Jim Jessup Robert Jimir ez Virginia Jocelyn Renee Johnson Chris Jones Debra Jones Angel Juarez Sefton Juarez Toby Junkur c Beth Koggie Lorry Keen Laura Kenney jeff Kettle Do Hyon Kim John Kimball Lisa Klockow Patrice Knov rles .o . 1 ; Kate Koenig Vodj Kde Aaron Koontz Ron Kopperud Don Kramer MIceKuch Omar Logo Paula Lambert Roy LoParry Michelle Laramie Keri Larkey Mike Larsen JeneUe Larson Jim Lawson Lance Leach Grace Leal Steven Lebel Dawn Leddy DavkJ Lee Jason Leever Felipe Leon James Lester Mike Lirtd Joel Logan Lydia Lopez Stacy Lopez Chanin Lorett Chris Lovett Bret Lund Kathy Lund Dionne Lynch Mike Mahoney Monica Magoney Martin Malespin Maria Mallozzi Jerun Malor e LesSe Mongrom Missy Mann Andy Manning John Morcell Danielle Marshall Misty Marich Chris Martin Wendy Martin Rachel Martines Charleen Martinez Jess Martinez Eric Marzean .tk ??Bn Anttxxiy Masciota Susan Mossogli Kimberly Masters Scott Masters Ctwisti Matttiews Cindi Moyfleld Jmmy Mayze Kattierine McBride Scott McCorttiy Kirk McComell Pom McCormick Jennifer McDorrakJ Casey McGt ee Jamte Mchans Mictielle McKay Monique McKendall Kimber McNabb Catherine Medley Tami Melzer Dan Mendez Donna Mendez iMendoza Shawn Miller Julia Minney Yvonne Minyard Heather Mitchell Robert Mogey Adrienne Mondrogon Mike Monteleone Liz Montez Luz Montez Yvorvw Montoya Cothryn Moore Daniel Moore Kmnberiy Moore Sara Moore Milanie Moreau Tracey Morell Lisa Morer o Mark Mosby Jenifer Mowery Marc Muata Leslie Mussler Robby Muster Kim Myers Stxxinon Myles . ' V Mike hJavorro Carrie NeBson ItHion Nguyen MictieHe Nichols Eric Nocoen Christine Nunndy John Nursement Leticia Ochoa P Qy Ogden Michelle Oliva Yvonne Oliva Tammie OHver Matt Olson Reyna Orto Arvia Ortiz Elda Ortiz Girxj Ortiz Margaret Ortiz Beverly Owens Sandi Padilio Allan Pagliano Tom Polombo Dennis Pan- Kara Paul sen William Paxton Lisa Pearl Noemj Pedrazo Tracy Pendleton Tracy Peoples Aidee Perez Kim Perez Cynthia Perry Dana Peterson Kenny Peterson Matt Peterson Rachel Phillips Chrysti Poore Al Powers Anne Pregent Dana Preston John Puiver Carrie Racey Dove Ragusa Corinna Ramirez Ray Ramirez Ann Rands Mike Rathke Tom Rawski i r Q ' - c 15 Aaron Raya Christine Rea Richard Redmortd Lance Rees Robbie Reese Delia Renjco StxanrKXt Reser Mark Reyes Sandra Rexna James Reynolds Khn Rhodes Charles Roberts Terri Robertson Zochartah Robertson Fernando Robinson Scott Robinson Todd Robinson Viotet Robinson Yoldnda Rodriguez Jdson Rogers Richard Rogers hkitalie Ronxino Denny Romero N4c»1ene Romero Carmen Ross Greg Rowney Julie Rush Sheryl Rutledge Tammt Solas Dena Saiaz Jenoro Sanct ez Joseph Sanders Brian Sanderson John Santono Sheila Sauer Troy Saveolo John Schofer Lisa Sc heftier Douglas Schick Karen Sciurtxs Regis Scoubort Scott Sellers ••v ■ Ten Settle M m Jason Sharp M H Steve Shaup ' M Stephanie Shaw iP ■ Troy Sheets w S Stacey Shefer =3 cf ■o . Jeff Sheldon ti fiele Sheppard Amanda ShSlinglon Terri Shivef Robert Short Lynnette Shull H9 S B P Stacey Simmons Bobbie Sloyton Brett Smith Chorice Smith Kefly Smith Lech Smith Joe Soores David Sotis Federico Soto Angel Spaicia Chontele Sporks Shannon Spelser Cindy Spongier Holly Spiilman Alexis Spinrod Kothy Stanton Dianne Stephen Mark Stevenson Sharon Stewart Mike Stone Todd Stout Jeff Stratton Melissa Stults Jeff Sweer y P OOy Sweetwood pQuka Sydenstricker Catherine Tollant Kelly Tate Ken Taylor Shawn Terranova Wendy Terry Charles Tetzlaft Harvey Thompson Sheika Thompson Bryan Thornhill Richard Todd Kristopher Tom DavKl Tomkins Carxjy Tourville Mike Troil Mbs) Treber Lisa Tucker ( Englang Tung Gail Umberson Scott Ungles Shawno Vatentovis Jason Van Heuie Ray Vosquez Brian Veo Mike Velasquez Tiffany Venegas Angela Vieraen CindJ Vigil Craig Vitro Susana Voipe Todd Vonins Scott Wade Jerrod Wagner Michelle Wagner Jacqueline Wallace Lorie Wanam er Bobby Wantz Chris Ward Jeff Wer ger Ginger Wentz Christine Whiserrand Leighann Whitfofd John Wickum Royt Wiersma David Williams Laurie Williams Rick WiUiams Rick Williams Suzanne Williams Debbie Williams Caprice Wilson Bill Wilson Erik Winblad Lydio Wooldridge Don Worley Robert WrathoB Laurine Wright Joseph Wu Gilbert Ybanez Chunsang Yl Ed Yniguez David Young Jeray Youngblook Anthony Zamora ArvKi Zepeda ■J w %.. s freshmen you started a whole new part of your life: high school. This is It, no more raising your hand to ask to go to the bathroom or answer- ing " nothing " to mommie ' s ques- Jfons about what you did in school [today. Now it ' s time to start ma- nuring, there is no more playing around. But soon the year comes , to a close and you pat yourself on ack just for surviving as a Ian. Oh but now you must ' move on, for your journey is not yet over, now you become a sophomore, Mark Adoms Theresa Actams Dean Aganoletto Clayton Ahquin Shawn Akons Vincent Alcol Brian Alenan Chad Allen Steven Allen Ernest Alivater Maria Atavarado Sandy Alvarrado Mayra Alvarez Louis Ames Paul Ames Shar»on Ames Anja Anderson Johnny Andrews Julie Angole Alexander Apodaca Anita Aroguz Salvador Aroujo Tonilynne Aresta Nic Arispe J.C, Arlet Teena Ariow Jessica Arredorxjo Alex Avdios Sophia Ayala Dawn Ayers Dominic Badalamenti Joeile Bal er Jennifer Balint Randy Bailing Christine Balsando Chris Barnes Dacia Barnes Cindy Barredo Mike Bartholomae Jason Barton Dereck Bask in Heather Bass Danielle Baughman Rebecca Baughman Brian Bayer Kaysone Baymanh Shonda Beard Vicki Beene Casey Beets Julie Bernabei Brent Bessert Scott Bier Jared Bishop Cynthia Blanchard Shad Boal Rachel Bolduc Matt Bonham Teresa Bonneville Steve Boone Raylene Borovsky ' ' What is the answer to number il three? " - c . z . £0f " Learning with a smile. Tracy Booer Jeff Brolev Eric Bronikowskt Dion Brown John Brown Joelyn Browne Shawn Brown Adam Brubaker Tiffarte Brunner Wendy Bryant Kristen Bullock Randall Burbartk Traci Burd Cari Burnhom Krysten Burns Christian Burroughs Dione Bush Julie Butler Chris Catato Chris Calero Michelle Commock Marc Campos Ian Carmkrhael Donna Carroll Adam Caruso Daniel Centurioni Andrea Chapman Richard Chavez Yvonne Chavez Claire Cheesbrough . Mike Chism Pauk3 Choppi Leticia Cisneros Brandon Ckxk Sean Clari ShanrKin Ckark Todd Clart Alan Coffey Sandra Coffman Domintck Colenzo, Jr Kristina Collins George Comstock Scott Congrove Jenr ifer Conner ■ Sherry Coopee Argelia Cota Rorviy Coulter Darin Cox Jerry Craft Rachel! Crespo Daniel Crosby Richard Crow j Shanon Crowell Robbie Cruz Robert Cunningham William Currier Nancy Dacumos Troy Dahm Angela Daniel Scott Dannenberg , ' , € 209 Steven Dcxoncette Bfion C. Davis Amber C. Davis Brent S. Davis Jenny L. Davis Stephen L, Davis Christina A. Day Cindy K. Dearmond Victoria A. Deeter Kathy S. Dial WHIiam M. Dickey Choriene DiHioro Anthony J, Dimeo Cynthia L. Dimond Brian T. Dinkeiman Paul A. Dok jan Jody A. Donovan Ktmberiy C. Donovan Jodi L. Dorries Daryl S. Dragoman Kevin M. Dragoman Renee D, Duhaime Lainie M. Edelblute Matthew P. Edson Rocheiie L. Eich Jesse L, Engleman Brett E. Esler Pamela S. Espinoza Michelle D. Favreau Chris Fennanstruther Connie M. Figueroo Shara P. Fleming Stacy E, Fletcher Michelle R. Fochesoto Jason M. Ford Keith B. Fordon April E. Forrest Steven R. Franklin Julie A. Frost Benice R. Fulton DavW L. Gabel Jeff A. Gaines Shannon D, Galanti Esperonzo Gollordo Janet Gamboa Andrevkf Garcia Deanne L. Goriond David Gartner Steven A. Gaskell Heather M. Howland Angela M. Gazzola Lisa M. George Cdby P. Gergovteh Deborah A. Geri en Jennifer L. Gettel Brandee M. GevKock Laurie G. Gilbert Anjana Gill Melante J. Gill Greg N. Gillum I give up! You girls drive me crazy! WMW ZW, .-% ?ro. Natalie M. Gturlonda Patricia A. eiaser Luis M. GocSnez Dean P. Godsil Ctiaries A Goff Jiiio C. Gonzales Steve A Gonzalez Michelle D. Gooding Stielly J. Gofsucti Jackie J. Green Shownda L. Gfeer David J, Gfoss Sante P. Grossi Titfany Grow Donny A. Grubb SonjG L. Gfunden Dennis J, Guerra Gino M. Guidut aldi Jennifer Guidubaldi David B. Gullino Stierri A. Gunn Lisa M. Guntef James Guss I Raauel A. Guzman Scott R. Hague Tamoro L. Hogy Stacy A. Ha ll Dina O. Hambaiek Suzanne M. Hamilton Jeffrey A. Hand Derek G. Hari en Amy J. Horiow Kerry L. Hormer Kristy A. Hofrtngton Jason W. Harris Heather J. Houg Amanda E. Howley Christine M. Hayes Martha R. Hayes William A. Hayes James J. Hayes Heidi H. Heimbruch Brian H, Henderson Dewayne Henderson Jonathan L. Henry Steve E. Her Jeffrey R. Herman Duke C Hernandez Michele R. Hernandez Kelli J. Hetherington Heather L. Hill Jason C. Hi Marty D. Hitchcock Belinda J. Holdridge Dawn M. HolkxJay Charles R. Horiachef Lawrence W. Hotchkiss Angela C. Houghton Debbie K. Houk Steve H, Houtz Dovld Hunsicker Paul Hunt Tammy Huntet Karri Hunton Mark Huriey Jodi Hurst Kevin Hytes Stocy hgte Kevin Ironside Brian Jackson Michelle Jalynski Tammy James Mike Jenkins Tim Jessup Michelle Jobe Kenneth Johnson Jason Jortes John Jones Katrina Jones Benay Korokos Mike Karsten Richard Kater Nio Kaye Claire Keeney Johnny Kelly La Marsha Kelso John Kennedy Eddie Keser Melissa Keser Tabindo Khan Sydney Kick Rachelle King Matthew KItnger Brian Klock Frank Kowai Corlyrxj Kuhlmann WIHamLomb ■■■ Melissa Long Buffy Langmaock ffl ' L Tony Lassos p Rodney Laver Newitt Lawson S Tereso Leach tea i Donna Learn g Kwar g Lee Deanna Lemons Aileen Leon Sean Levin Brian Lewis Carrie Lewis Ryan LiNey Stanley Lim Donakd Lockhart Jerry Logan Peter Loiko Brett Long Christina Lopez David Lopez David Luckett Anthony Luna XV ' %2. pied4 fte4t ' 45j6e e ee ' t a id Ac Bricxi Lund Barbara Lynes Elizabeth Mocias Christine Maeoka Sandra Magruder Cheri Makin Staci Mcisberger Patrick Manfredi Tina MangoW Scott Manning Yvonne Martz Julie Massogli Holly Masters Brian Matheis Brent Matthews Michelle McArdte Kely McBride Kyle McCarthy Jennifer McDowell Melissa McGettrick Doug McGroa Michelle McDellar Nicole McKendall Erin McLaine Annette McLane JuHe McLaughlin Kelly McNally Cynthia McNulty Thomas Medina Vivian Melendrez Robert Melvin Michael Mendoza Robert Mendoza Susan Meyer Alvina Michel Steve Mickelsen Robert Milhorn Donello Miller Chad Millsop L. Potter Brian Mitchell Raina Mladenoff Robert Molina David Monaghan Ed Mondragon Greg Moore Gregory Moore Jaime Moore Stephen Moore Tamara Moore Chris Morales Joseph Morales ' ephanie Moyers , eana Muehlich Michelle Mule Byron Myles Jodi Neon Jon Neufeld ' heodore Neword Gerald Nocciolo . 2 3 - i Itmi . Mil ■ BW Rictxird Noriega Julie Nye Silvia Ochoa JaneUe Ockunzzi Karen Odor Christine Oerly Jennifer Ogle Kothryn Olander Michelle Oliverb Kelly Olmos Shone Olsen Brian Omolley Jeff Onstott Denise Ortego Juon Ortega Matthew Ortiz Shawna Osborne Michael Oswald Jennifer Ottoson Angela Pollack Scott Parker Dovid Porr Jored Pavljch Jeonno Pearl Kristina Pearson Lisa Pease Tammy Perez Bill Perkins Anthony Perry Craig Perry Karrie Peyton Kimberly Phelps Michael Phillips Nicole Phillips Mike Pionolto Mike Pierce Kimberly Pike Steve Pittmon Tom Pollock Timothy Porter Morton Price Brandon Proctor Eugene Provencio Wendy Quinton Rkihard Racine Christine Radecki Jennifer Roguso Brent Rom Frank Ramos Steve Randolph Kevin Ronker Frank Re Brendo Reed Rebecca Reese Andres Reyes Stierie Reynold Christophe Reynolds Richard Jackson Trisha Richards Kerry Richardson %0W yh. yu SPff! 1 . I ' , ( h lil boys Girl P.E. students checking out Kenny Rivas MrtcheB Roberts Sandra Robtes Brad Rockhold Andrew Rogers Scott Rohner Roy Rojas Gregory Rosati Traci Rounseville Jeffry Rowe Deena Roy Barry Rudesi Gory RudesH Dawn Ruiz Marisol Ruiz Armando Soavedro Alex Sanchez Cotalino Sanchez Sandy Sanctiez Leticio Sandoval Sheri Sargent Stacy Sassaman Lee Sattertiekj Cheryl Souer Rophoel Savrrtoch Tracy SchnekJewind Laurie Schreiner Kimberly Schumann Clayton Schuster Bradley Scott MeHrxjo Scott Laura Senecal Bryan Sharkey Andrew Shehan Mondy Shepherd Thomas Shmck Michelle Shomber Carol Silvert erg Jeff Smith Michelle Smith Rebecca Smith Stocle Smith Laurie Snook Benjomin Spek Paul Spradling Jason Stanley Jennifer Starr Karen Steele Mike Stein wand Cathleen Stern Mk:hael Stone Edward Swartz Solly Swift Tristo Switzer Dianna Tagtavore Heattier Talleur Chris Tatmon Robert Taylor Virginia Rees Michelle Showers cmce Jeremy league Martha Thole Gregory Thomas Ryan Thomas Shannon Thomas Sherry Thomas Stocey Thomas EcJdie Thompson Sonya Thompson Daniel Tiltett Kasalaini Toki Lisa Torres Shawn Townsend Eric Trout William Tucker Diana Tucker Mk;helle Tumbas Joy Tuncoy Cindy Turner Jeff Uhlack Jennifer Ulloa Jimmy Urquizu Gregory Vonderbilt Antonio Vargas Monica Vargas Corina Vasquez Mark Vaught Arthur Vega Debbie Velez Isabel Venegas Paulette Villafan James Villord Sonia Voipe Nichoel Walston Veronica Wantz Scott Wasserman Rick Weedman Kevin Weirich Marci Wentz Teddy Wesley Michael Vest Mario Westbrool Kimberly Western Charles Wheeler Adam Whisenand Darlene White Eric Widney Jeanette Wiersmo John Wilcox Adam Willey Brady Williams Jeffery Williams Jennifer Williams Noelle Williams Matt Wilson Michael Wilson May Wong Scott Yost William Young Erika YoungWood I don ' t really feel like doing this! %. 2f6 Lisa Zamora Nicole ZasadH Aaron Zepeda Taggart Zimmerman Ann Marie Alaniz Jenny Amos Roger Anderson Danny Avetenda Stephen Ball Linda Barlow Cynthia Blanchard Chris Bonomo Kimberly Bosworth Erron Brady Jason Brown Ingrid Buege Patricia Burke Dolores Burrola Kevin Carnes Ryan Carreon Jennifer Cervantes Quinten Chiesa Angela Costello Kristine Daley Jay Demasi Steven Dilley Lynette Eisele Michael Feddrslc Kelley Flournoy Robert F lusher Jorge Gdrcia David Gartner Jeff Gillum Scott Grinr es Jude Hair es Claire Halliman Scott Hoopingarner Jason Houston Kimberly Huckaby Richard Jackson Jay Johnson Sarah Keen Frank Kourtis Alison Kramer Beatrice Leeper fvtelisso Levario Jeanne Marcelo Patricia Martinez Douglas Marzean Dawn McDuffie Stacy Mechem Darleen Miata Sonya Milter Desiree Morentin Gilbert Nabor Vuor g Nguven Jored Omstead Robert Ortegon Paul Pacino Angela Pollock Linell Potter Kori Potts Melanie Robinson Monica Rodriguez Jeremy Rogers Irene Rutenburg Robert Sanchez Shane Saulino Scott Seling Rachel Sims Jeffrey Smith Jon Stewart Kim Sutton Oliver Tambunan David Thomas Nick Thiompson Brad Toki Angle Tresner Alfonso Vasquez Thomas Versace Tricia Viersen John Wagner Lorrairte Wagoner Michael Washington Rebecca Williams Matthew Winger . . . zn r. NO ome students hiave not ' realized the full purpose -i— J of school . It Is not to chain us to a desk for seven hours but to teach us to become more pro- ductive people in society. More- over vu ' ithout education, society would slowly deteriorate over time. Academics is very important to a student ' s life. Without the skills that teachers give to students they would have a hard life ahead of them. Fortunately for us, Alto Lomo offers a wide variety of courses and activities to help us plan for the future. On the following pages is a repre- sentation of the academically ori- ented subjects that deserve the recognition given. . ; AO " VC0 ' . • o " b ' i ? .6® ' aO K O v O .0 O . . A " " a w (S Q . z Here ' s what the student records ' secretary Jan Showalter and Career Center ' s Carolyn Barnes do on their breaks. Cheer up Mr. Palicki, it ' s almost the end of the day! Betty Butts sorts out the many requests from teachers for A. V. equipment. " Are we having fun yet? " asks Ms, Courey. Mr, Castro contemplating on how few truants his students have. " Can ' t you wait till I smile David (Capocci)? " Mrs. McCausland waits patiently. counselor ' s job is to assist students in making the nnaximunn use of learning opportunities, and help students deal with educational, social, and personal problems. Counselors advise students regarding course selections and school registration in order to meet graduation re- quirements and counsel them re- garding post-high school pursuits, including college requirements, fi- nancial aid and vocational oppor- tunities. The counseling staff are the most popular of all the faculty. The stu- dents are really lucky to have adults who ore so dedicated to their work. So here ' s to the coun- selors, who moke Alto Loma A Place For the heart. Counselors: Joan Eisenhort, Art Castro, Neen Patterson, Paul Sage, Bill Vernni- lya, Carol Johnson. I 1 w m m t frt ' -K " BFv«.; ' s j Industrial Arts: Dean Hoskins — Graph Photo, Saralee Kroll — Home- making Signe Odegaard — Homemaking, Bob Fikes, Gary Carney, Jerry Nursement, Gory Thornhill. . J %:. .•«»•■ Ui Performing Arts: Don Bow- ers, Gabe Petreclli. " That ' s why I like this job, " Mr. Heiple thinl s, " it ' s so clean. " Mr. Campbell starts his day with a list of " Things To Do. " A coun- selor ' s work is never done. Administration: Dave Campbell, Ray Rayburn, Ron Eckert. Cafeteria: Judy Molnar, Delia Roberts, Weslene Axtell, Carol Strat ton, Grace Maloy, Grace Harris, Ramona Phillipson, Renee Jakob. Proctors: Scott Baker, Ce- leste Jiminez. " Math is so intersting. " Thinks one of Mr. Jepson ' s math students. v m si he Business and Career staff are a very impor- tant addition to tl-ie school curriculum. It is here that students are taught basic sl ills for surviving in the working world. In accounting class, for example, students learn to write and en- dorse checks and are also taught how to balance a household bud- get by writing bank statements and keeping a record of transac- tions over a one-month period for a phoney budget which they are given. In typing and shorthand classes, students learn other very impor- tant skills. They ore taught how to type business letters and do other such secretarial work. Without this team of teachers, stu- dents would not be prepared for the challenges of the real world. " Here ' s your budget for this month Michelle (Rees), " Mr. Bonser soys to one of his stu- dents. ; A Business Career: Chcrlene Mayer, Joonn Henkel, Augusta Lindsey, Peggy Watson, Nancy Monson, Ray Bonser, Linda Cadd, Ruth Parkerl « etter from the editor: jS, I would personally like to take time out to thank a part of the faculty which goes without the valuable recognition they deserve each year. The team I ' m referring to is, of course, the library staff. Each year, they start in early August, before all the other teachers, to check in, re- cord, and mark all the new text- books that the school receives. Afterwards, they issue these books to the teachers. On top of all this work, they handle newspa- pers, magazines, shelving all re- turned books, give students aid in finding information, and many more time-consuming tasks. It is also their job to care for and issue all audio-visual equipment. They deserve a lot more thanks than these words can give. David Capocci Editor 1986 Sisunga Library: Harriet Rayburn, Betty Butts, Carmen Alba, Margaret Mesi ■ H , " " ,(«. JCF ■ . . ' l m r. ■ MIKI . ' 1 L} ■ D English: Joe Palicl i, Kathi Maine, Sherry Hogue, Bruce Smith, Ann Palicl i, Joann Bridges, Angle Keeney, Chris Ferry " ' l- " Caappoochii, donta takea my peecture! ' Voices Mrs Rodriguez to David Copocci OS he snaps her picture. Tonya can ' t wait until the bell rings. Mrs. A, Shuler (English) gives one of her common vocabulary tests. Mrs. Rayburn and Mrs. Alba enjoy their worl as librarians. Foreign Language: Maria Rodriguez, Juan Vasquez, Mary Ann Kelly, Ed Lopez, Bea Zita, Bob Durio JX Special Ed,: Jim Brodie, Bonnie Welch, Michael Clothier " ' ' o .% -fe S,S.: Jim Castle, Wanda Courey, John Pickering, Judy DuRoss. Mike Kel- ley planning when stu- dents are coming in after class to make up quizzes. " Alright, who took my lunch? " asks Mike Harrison. y n important part of a stu- T dent ' s education are the I math skills which are taught by the math department. In the beginning, students take Pre-Algebra, to prepare them for the various kinds of problems they will encounter in future classes. In the next class. Algebra shows stu- dents many ways in solving equa- tions and word problems. Geome- try offers the student a change of pace by teaching important logic skills through proofs and by analyz- ing different shapes and forms. Students then jump to an ad- vanced algebra class which take their skills a little further. The real challenges come when the stu- dent takes Trigonometry followed by Calculus which offer real life ap- plications for the skills they learn. All this Is made possible by Alta Lo- ma ' s moth department! Math; John Freymueller, Cindy Gurney, Julie Oxarart, Janet Puchaiski, Ron Jepsen, Joanne August, Karen Gerdes, John Cochran, Kathy Crowther, Bob Floclcer. Above: Mr, Jepsen waits for the rest of his class to come in. he secretaries of this school ore very impor- ZJ tent. Just by looking at a list of their duties, it is difficult to imagine the running of the school without them. The most well-known of the school ' s secretaries are those of the counselors. Not only are they responsible for keeping atten- dance of all the students, they also enroll new students and drop those that are transferring to other schools. They moke appointments for the counselors, contact par- ents about truant and problem students, and handle schedule changes. All the secretaries of the school have very important responsibil- ities to perform. Without these im- portant people, the school simply would not function. Thanks secretaries! Tina Smith, Student Store, smiles at the gift she received for Christmas. Susan Elston poses for the cameraman during the secretaries — Christmas party. This is what happens to Mr, Grosso after he teaches ail his students how to drive in Driver ' s Ed. f- r . A Secretaries: Rita Tirade, Jan Showaiter, Marge Lambeth, Vera Smith, Shirley Aicoia, Jeanne Young, Charlene Mayer, Julie Scalera, Rondo Wenger, Carolyn Barnes. M i Wl Sj S ' k ' ' £9 ammmm ■B Tonn Cook J, Pahl Dale Hansen M P Gary Cronan J. Acosta Ed Naegele ' H B Don Holladay T. Curley Grounds: H Art Keough D. Darwezeh Mel Barmann , ; B Mike Kettle J. Holladay Vincente Garcia H Steve Levering A. Kayda Counselors: H Mike Ellert M. Pletke Carol Younger H Merle Westlake J. Rikard English: B t S.S.: C. Smith Monte Barnes H Al Rhodes H, York Jill Anderson , H Joe Beckley Secretaries: Donna Bedell H : Lyie Francisco Vi Griffin Gayle Christensen M - Jeft McCail Marian Michaels Maribel Horn M Don Sweeney Spec. Ed.: Dianne Lewis |H Math: Caren FitzSimmons Louise Povey :„5 H i Bruce Gove Liz Sallenbach Dan Peters : fl B Doug Martin Other: V. Ramsey H H • Deborah McLeod Stuart Heold P.E.: aH Science: Gilbert Ortiz . : A. " I The Class of ' 86 has had its time in the spotlight as the " Mighty Brave Seniors " during the year. Close behind them follow the Classes of ' 87 and ' 88. Some- where down the road, the Class of ' 89 struggles to establish itself as a viable group in the high school scene. Thus it has always been. How long a road it seems to be from a position of the freshman looking ahead. In May or June of the Senior year the road back looks very short by comparison. From my experience of three score years, I can tell you that the road bock to July, 1979, when I came to Alto Loma, looks very short. Life is like that. Time and tasks accomplished shrink in their power to intimidate, and the time ahead becomes the focus of thought and energy. We cannot change the past. The future is always full of hope and prospects. To the Class of ' 86, my word of congratulations for a road run to completion. To all of you a word of advice: Plan your future so that it generates lasting satisfaction as you experience the road. May the view back over your shoulder show a road of which you can say, " I ' m glad I traveled that way. " Mr. Ray Rayburn, Principal A y nA r. Rayburn is A.L. ' s princi- pal and coordinator of tl ie total scfiool program including academic, social, main- tenance, faculty, and public rela- tions. He must also maintain con- tact with ttie district office and otiier schools. Principal Rayburn says that he enjoys his job for the most part. " The staff and student body are very cooperative and are a friendly group of people, " he stated. This year however, Mr. Rayburn decided to retire from his job. In the school year of ' 86- ' 87 there will be another person to take his place. His decision affected ev- eryone. On behalf of the year- book staff along with the student body I would like to thank him for all the hard work and dedication he has put in. Without his efforts the school would not be what it is. David Capocci, Editor The Cum Laude Society David Kolde, Ger- ald McCala, Eric Herchenroeder, Andrew Oiander, Janet Knauer, Jennifer Lannbert, Lotte Shear, Sheila Djafroodi, Lisa Conner, Denise Lawson, Kimberly Foster, Deborah Dickey, Brenda Brown, Nancy Silberberg, Liz Vogler, Craig Cruz. N P Nadine IVlorbete and Kara Tsia- peras. These students have proven that they are wor- thy of this honor through each one ' s special achievements. .O ' n June of 1982, the Cum Laude Society replaced the traditional Valedictorian and Salutatorian honors. The Cum Laude Society recognizes the seniors who have maintained high grades in the college preparatory or honors classes, throughout seven semesters of high school. Cum Laude is based on a point system. A total of 95 points is necessary to qualify for Cum Laude. To earn the 95 points, the students must take the minimum college preparatory or honors programs: 3 years of English, U.S. History, Government or Contemporary Issues, mathemat- ics, 1 year laboratory, 2 years of college preparatory, and 2 years of foreign language. A grade less than a " c " in any course may disqualify a student from membership. The members of Cum Laude will have their names noted on the commencement program, and will have " Cum Laude " on their diploma and on their transcripts. The members also re- ceive a special certificate at the Annual Honors Award Program. The members selects a member to speak at Graduation. .:. ' S . A Mrs. Pavey ' s Pyramid •u ivhtoapuxi-. iii ' I ' txt ' jSf he entire 1985 86 ASB group participated in a number of activities this year. Each individual ciass sold various items such as candy bars, spirit ribbons, and football gome programs to raise money for their graduating class. The Senior Class prepared and organized the homecoming dance and half time presentation at the gome along with King ' s Ball. There were also many stag dances held on the campus sponsored by individual classes. Many committees and or- ganizations were designed in ASB. The group mainly focused on events and activities that the en- tire student body could work on as a whole. Angle and Brenda pay close attention at the meetings. Mike Vogel tries to get organized in the crowd. Aimee Suter turns just in time to be captured on film. «u Mrs ' Hogue seems a little surprised by our photog- rapher. ASB members, such as Ju- lie Young, helped out at the blood drives as part of student activities. School spirit has risen greatly this year partly because of the efforts made by ASB. The ' 86- ' 87 ASB members are . . . Presi- dent, Lara Petrocelli; Vice President, Julie Schneidewind; Secretary, Allison Prit- chard; Treasurer, Jennifer Lambert; Social Chairperson, Nadine Morbete; Ad Man- ager, Janet Knauer; Pep Commissioner, Carl Ervin; Honors 8c Recognition, Pom Ashby; Boy ' s Athletic Commissioner, Chuck Jackson; Girl ' s Athletic Commis- sioner, Stephanie Montalto; Elections Chair, Chelle Younger; Performing Arts Rep., Trad Bailey. Senior Class . . . Brenda Brown, President; Angle Vallier, Vice Presi- dent; Lisa Conner, Secretary; Nancy Sil- berberg; Michelle Minyard, Social Chair.; Dena Portz, Ad Manager. Junior Class . . . Aimee Suter, Julie Young, Norma Aguirre, Steve Macala, Monica Gonzalez, Christa Highley. Sophomore Class . . . Lisa Camp- bell, Robbie Muster, Rachel Golden, Mar- quette Ransfer, Toby Junkunc, Jeff Kettle. Freshmen Class . . , Tracey Schneidewind, Chris Balsano, Noelle Williams, Kris Daley, Danny Centurioni, Kim Phelps. Lara P. dresses up for Halloween keeping up the school spirit. A successful event was the blood drive held twice this year. Behind the scenes are the meetings, once o day, to plan activities. These activities are what allows the students to become involved with the school. embers of the Band Boosters Club hove the enormous task of monetarily supporting the band in all its forms, from Jazz Band to IVlarching Band, with the help of ASB funding and their own efforts at fund raising. Its elected officers are Yvonne Frame, president; Dave Horn, vice president; Mary Dahn, treasurer; Pat Hotchkiss, recording secretary; Barbara Kar- akas, corresponding secretary. The fund raisers that the Band Boosters have had include hot dog stands at soccer and foot- ball games, car washes on the weekends, rummage sales, pa- per drives, and a candy bar sale. % Q The Band Booster Club, another Parent Sup- port Group, is seen in action. They help load and unload instruments into the ALMS Band ' s van for performances. Mr. Al Rhodes is the ad- visor for the California Scholastic Federation, IBM he California Scholastic Federation is compara- ble to an honor society. Its purpose is to recognize stu- dents with outstanding grade point averages. Being a member of CSF is a positive addition to transcripts. In order to qualify for CSF, one must have a certain number of grade points. Special awards are given to students who have participated in CSF four out of six semesters in high school. CSF advisor Ai Rhodes said, " I would like to make more people aware of CSF so that tbose who qualify may participate. President Brenda Brown Vice Pres. David Kolde Secretary Kevin Fairfax Treasurer Carol Taylor CSF (Top, L to R); Lisa Conner, Kevin Fairfax, Andy Olander, Kim Foster, Janet Knauer, Brenda Brown, Liz Vogler, Jennifer Lam- bert, David Kolde, Debbi Dickey, he PTSA (Parent, Stu- ' dent. Teacher Assoc.) I meets once a month. Some of the main functions put on by the PTSA are a teachers ban- quet and an honors banquet for exceptional students. The PTSA aiso gives out scholarships to award the hard worl of students. The president of the association is Beverly Agnoietto. Other func- tions also include paying for the engraving on trophies. Do you ever wonder who pays for the sports here? The school and State funds pay for a very small amount. The Athletic Booster Club deserves the credit for keeping the sports program alive. The main part of the money comes from the Bingo games held weekly which they sponsor. Fund raisers such as car washes and carnivals also help make more money. 0„ Here are some highlights of the Parent Support Groups ' (PSG) year. The Athletic Boosters Club from top to bottom, Alice Baker, Publicity; Mary Beene, Newsletter; Rita Leos, Program; Sandy Oerly, Treasurer; Judy Massagli, V.P. Girls; Bob Combe, Presi- dent; Linda Combe, Liason; Gail Beets, membership, and many more committee and chairpersons not present for pictures, n important part of our md education is learning about I other cultures. There is no better way to do so than through experience. That is what these stu- dents are doing. They have come from abroad to experience first hand how life in another country is. At first they feel what is called a cul- ture shock. They just entered into a whole other world. Here they are born again because each must learn everything over again. They must graps our language, adjust to our customs, and understand our tradi- tions. These students deserve a medal for courage just for attempt- ing to learn about another culture first hand. Susi Mueller remembers English phrases on way to class. Good- bye and good luck! Henriette Pehrson and Ingrid Brandts — a shared experience, a lasting friendship. t+ i S4 Top row: (I to r) Annemarie Ronta, Susonne MQIier, Ingrid Brandts, Henriette Pehrson, Ann Linderoth, Melina XC Coronel, Kristin Kievaos, Cassiono Rosing, Rilcard Salsgard, Ulrike Sattelberg. X ' r n the final results for the 1985 San Bernardino Academic Decathlon, AL placed fourth out of 21 high schools. The students who participated in the decathlon were placed in categories. Jr. Waleed Grunden and Sr. Kim Foster were in the Hon- ors category. Sr. David Capocci and Sr. Debbie Dickey in the Scho- lastic category, Sr. Jim Schneider and Jr. Sondra Williams in the Varsi- ty category and Jr. Tony Bailey and Jr. Mike Gerry as alternates. These dedicated students were coached by English teacher Gayle Hall Christensen and Sci- ence teacher David Darwazeh. They were also coached by Don Bowers in music, Mike Harrison and Wanda Correy in Economics, Jim Castle, Judy DuRoss and Joe Beckley in Social Science. Grunden placed second in lan- guage and literature, second in Economics and third in fine arts. Capocci placed third in math. Dickey placed first in fine arts. Schneider placed first in essay writing. Gerry placed third in math. Waleed Grunden busy completing his art to show his mommie what he did in school to- day. Kim Foster is trying to be funny and lick a stamp at the same time. :o; ' e - 2 ' Q n - . ' The Decathletes (top to bottom) Tony Bailey, Jim Schneider, Woleed Grunden, Mike Gerry, David Ca- pocci, Kim Foster, Debbie Dicl ey, Sondra Williams, The lady decath- letes can also sing and dance as Kim, Debbi, and Sondra show us. Sondra says, " Pick a pen and 1 ' !! guess what it is because I ' m so smart! " • palling oh Mo 5 ' % « ' «5 ' ' ran relie r agency ' ink to ' .Z " t We -AID ak .Ji» " iiifoS ' s ' B g » C; lot v C ' SS «S and she hlf I j ' i cfitnlie stiU ' " ' " i ( j i vv (% •W« A all Wv: wiijt . ful f " » JVKO A ,x TVianx mr Si . •-.el ' V-. . v .f- ' - " Mr:. ' CLi 5 OF 2 ij: Ui p V- GOOD OP Hou. V A e fir (J c O0 f v. T )9C ( oc? fJwe TO ALL o? HoU.CpC. Rflg OP -me cLAt ' 5 0?= Sib " c " » i: 2v ' -h ■ . ' J- i J of ouv- bo-odor b t)l {jj at ' C t ' r L- 3 ,0 V 0 0 1 1 ; J U. - — - 2, - q: i g gin -(- 1 ixT1 ktV ' Hbtv i- A fla R K a ■X Hf Le XT ' . To X icOv 6u i TrttV a QxJk k) -A ' To tn U- Qcvx ro ' - pal aiacC CKviS H- 0. . cr,-ci 4o C a y e c K. end 1 d d f i-c 01 + ; -cl {c- U. THE I r+esf Vk " 1 ' j (3W 0f 7 a,T Maf e vie hoy rfi ' iAct ' cuC-- 7 u ) X (j ZuaJ) THRo )gH T e FRi ' eKbS; flMb To KVoW 77 JT 3 Andre ,A. l o M Sr. Class OfT ' .ttrs Oncj , all of r Y p«- t a. ' id pr« -Ot l-tachcrs, w i veryo c ' . I ' ny Hof ur ' s CiavttJ. , ThjkoAc 7014 ffrr all af our sup 7or+,l v .,ww io bt Qf a4 fo )of n ' m ' y KC-M fuse Ivtrt w c»liW W " J ; " irrpM All • ;: » ' t In -jit Mi ' ncv)e.r hfljie- oorve- n(afi rnc+ ; lOt- ' ll r ■ ■ ■ ' - " ■ DMH hor-c r you . dU-i To r.P r. G A]5. A al) cF buci JS c ?o Cc ' irilly r y S o-r tTyy f p«ff oF y F€. ThcinkTs. or l .}p rtc. yy c ke. » ! r3 X XjUu •S ' mi ' Irnq ' 0 9 X -O C YcM All Idee, X on Kerr u r e io qr-«:)ua(e I Attends who t- ptxi ' 4 rrys £inoi panned : ir ' Uh me HV-ivoucjh ' »Te t «rl -qutr . of " H ro» o •tt ' ooO) a " 0. Ccvl " " S qV4-, i rtriJc Ajn e, ' ' ,SUvt, Vxiek. Car r, nntC,V Ar : Halo M |4cre k Come il 7T ea-iinqTrtrpical fruilj • •fVieTir 7? • ue.c ' " ' -. you. ci e. " L LBfkL rs. ocf SUSfRl I cuh J cr 7, hdej faciei hc.f yjj Ar c-vr- ., ) j J 7- ' 7o ' Sco H, ( ' ' " j re ' " Cc.c, i,i.J ' , fi yf- ' ' o . W f O To Andy " . 6-o°fi- ' f n nex tca Parents not hory J ' r Kc;t 77 , To +K ' iJuk ' V ■for | eingSo ■four year . Wanteci; hair -Lon ond i, o»jQ (ci ' yOrf rci; , -) r vst be athi fic a [i et joy The ctjcc M ff J}ot « a ooc a i ani Ue e hwk l it aifc he good Lcok ' ih lo my lov ' inq d kY tii. 4o Say ' I do ;i -tor cis. Aa S6 mUoK. T 4- J0fe in 0({A k m ojidX " THB2 A)H£ " you -forall " HA Uelp Wi W School. VoukaX mcLde v vJLsc cA ' «2a,rs i-TWc Besrty X Lov e. 1 rthl-ey UJtLi ! t,y Q ' T c o VKaaK you A - (j Ooc)i LOC AT Uvje Alw vyi , : f P l si Si: OF ' ■ ' iCA: tf)Ai ycuWl i ■ 3 r " A y jj . , 7 " . ' ' 7 --- ' ' X -- , A T .. i - - rf r - «? jT re7a , - 4 P i» r ' ■t i. =dii Editor: Co-Editor: Doris Denny " 1 i ' M t 6 ' s .■ y his year has been a tre- mendous challenge, both for making a year- book and graduating. Without much of the help we ' ve received throughout the year from faculty and students, we could not have made it. Thank you to the teach- ers for giving us the skills to tackle the real world. Thank you to Mr. Rayburn, the administrative staff, and the counseling staff for help- ing us to grow up with a good education. Thank you to the li- brary staff for having the patience and the kindness to work with us. A final thanks to our parents who kept us going when we wanted to quit, were there to console us in times of sadness, and were there to praise us in times of achieve- ment. Now we can truly say that Alto Loma High School is a place for . . . love. David Capocci, Editor Doris Denny, Co-Editor Advisors Tony Grosso Gilbert Ortiz A special thanks to the peo- ple who helped make this yearbook special. Mrs. Vera Smith, Activities secretary, who was always there, Susan Elston and Tina Smith, Student Store, and Frank Chavez, our representative, and Tepee Times for their help with copy writing. H u ilU " , 5» I A n (Wtc To- IIm - w. ;( tosi yj jtc4M:J t i Zy ' M u rj U f oo 6 cy c -- - . iCu n 4 Ay M ( ei i . iZio cJW .. • Tl er - y t ,: i ; ( A md t y£u e l {ny yUi ...J ! j; V d - ' 4 c u7 ' y M riQ A £ i ISt V ' - i jS 7 H i . . a; y2M ,y : O y .. i - - ' e ' ! . 4a7 y I ' ■j- j. to - C C ■■ " V v5usan m PHie3« . M2- ' .. i O i«V « •4 lM ' « ' Vtj t. J p O- t " f4i nv ,;V s s M ' A. c 4rp.c c 6w v, o- r :. JU ' tva ' J e k. £ £ c vw Tk pea X C, ■ O X) C i - ' v w -t 1 + f £XSr O I •-1 O U + w O-pg ,1 € a 7 DO. y e ' ai k c e :e w = ■( " ' i-V A - ' ' wv £ r cK-V e « bi - ■ ' MjMgrr f vV - ' Z ' S ' S ' • i .-. . V,

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