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'k -X' -IK- 1 1 H J N A J I v 4' 4 4 1 s w 4 L Alta Community School Alta, Iowa 1962 Cyclone Published by the Yearbook Staff V Table of Contents Elementary Section ..... 5 High School Section .... 19 Administration Section . . 27 Music Section . Athletic Section 'ii' ..31 .....43 a+ O O Organizations and Events . 53 Senior Section . .....7l Alta Students Earn Recognition WE WISH TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE HONORS RE- CEIVED BY THESE STUDENTS FOR THEIR OUT- STANDING ABILITIES. THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS BRING LASTING RECOGNITION TO THE SCHOOL AND THE COMMUNITY. THESE HONORS ARE BE- STOWED UPON THEM AS A RESULT OF DEVELOP- ING SPECIAL QUALITIES. THE EFFORTS PUT FORTH BY THESE INDIVIDUALS WILL HELP THEM GAIN THEIR GOALS. . . . . . . 2 9, 3 Northwest Iowa Northwest Iowa Band Members Sally Carpenter, Roger Anderson, Beverly Sassman. Crisco Award Outstanding Homemaking Student Jean Mangold , 3 5 5.51 H XE nlffiiiilfm :H I Hieiisilll Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Lizabeth Peters " 452 4 7 iga 7 A 3 in xr. -EYQ4' ,.,..,y Q 4 M' Q .- i I 155 'if " r rw 's H ,, I 3 gy ., me I 5 1 4 C7 9 r l 1 ' ' 1 V it 1 P , fi N f f A ' ' Q 1 N L- yi . I ,. 1: 2: 5:3 2 Am ' 'V -"J Q W ' 5 feitffi V T If E1 Ai if rrrr fill r - p- 2 if fa: xr ::::: ? V ff. ' , - i" P -sg-iii . if ii lui , PF: 211:22 Ii :ijt f w E -.2-1.4-t .X l - rift"-'H .. .. ...JL ' ...r.. Q u X 'g' S2 fry if 1 ' X 133321: :: -55 'T A g!fsy,"u:' XL W f??fT":::g1: '- -5: I " p gif ' 1, I F k A- 3 1 1 Ja.. 4 Aga I is :- Mi i A 5 it trial? lil JXfi'!'i'f'i Iii Vi V f 45 59 Acting Awards Girls' State Boys' State junior Senior Representatives Candace Anderson David Wolfe Judy Coombs Douglas Patten Marilyn Murphy Marva Dierenfeld af Q Summer Science Institute Reserve Grand Champion Nathan Peterson, UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS Bugng Vista Cgunty Fair Ronald J. Peterson, FFA SWINE DIVISION County Co-Ed Magazine Alta Student Cuts Record 4-H President Correspondent Robby Rhines and the Rogues Dianne Radke Jean Mangold David Johnson W N S S A S, k N H1 Qv' i-lR'7"i? -- ll - .. ,Wi -V f-'- SS Mrs. Mortenson's Kindergarten FRONT ROW: Danny Anderson, Jane Hansen, Pat O'Donnell, Mary Ann Peters, Donna Frederickson, Sandra Hill. SECOND ROW: Steven Faust, Renee Kruse, Ralene Bruns, Norman Chind- lund. THIRD ROW: Laurie Mattson, Scott Bruns, Leigh Ann Anderson, Karilyn Braunschweig, Joan Edwards, Tammy Frederick. . ' , JY 4 if 5' r. if 5 , a Q 5 f . , rf as I --' 5- - Q ali,-'IL' ' A Es! 'f 3,1 Av i. , p s i., ' 'K ' ', K 4 A, T f . f fee af n xv gt- Y s- -Lage,-J., . NM V If . A ' 5 ' ig, ,,r.,, K-1 .5 , 'Es ul", 4'3wx' -"0 ' fwfr l I A 'K B- - x ,H .. '- I " w -,QD 435' ' ' ' k'if, r Six ' 1 sy :E 'Q' f'y ' .1 " I M f inf? M A - 3.2 -Q , . r ,- N., 'Ha FRONT ROW: Kris Parker, Cindy Peterson, Terry Meyer, Paul Hill, Coleen Miller, Lynn Christensen, Beverly Koch Keith Benna. SECOND ROW: Mikie Young, Darrell Millard, Jean Binder, Diane Fuller, Michael Schuelke, Mrs. Davenport, Brenda Schwanz, Joni Kahl, Michael Karhoff, Debbie Goodman, Connie Jones. THIRD ROW: Sheri Small, Richard Hartmann, Layne Chase, Michael Madsen, Matthew Chase, Sandra Schuelke, Bill Post, Salli Duncan, Maridell McGowan, Don Hollesen. .i . Q fxv 1'n7'Mr ni. ur, i1-- gl: - How I Love Recess! E L E bHZmZ 4F fkw NGKXQ Xa. E A 1 , N Pi f QW, . ,X ' K ' . A .4 I , 1. i f Xi! .2 Q 1 U .S A , IA xl 1 f A ,f Q 4 K 3 f-i-15 K Y mtv' P E 1 Kindergarten Activities Easel painting and finger painting are favorite activities of the kindergarten class at Fairview. During the Christmas season we had great fun making a rein- deer with papier mache, a sled, and a stuffed Santa Claus. Mak- ing Christmas angels from detergent bottles was our project for our mother's Christmas gift. Numbers from one to ten are written and the concepts of each are learned. Rhyming words and beginning sounds are a part of our read- ing readiness work. We have a rhythm band and everyone gets very excited on the days we have band. Creative expressions to rhythm records are great fun. Some- times we are fairies, giants, elephants, or any one of a number of other animals. The kindergarten room at Alta is always filled with numerous activities. The children may be modeling snowmen from clay, UW painting at the easel, singing, expressing themselves in finger plays or rhymes, or working in their reading readiness workbooks. In the Autumn our units include: Living inthe School, Nur- sery Rhymes, Transportation, Pets, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and various Autumn activities. Winter finds everyone busy on such units as: Christmas, The Playhouse, Workers We Know, Winter Activities, The Circus, St. Valentine's Day, and the Patriotic Holidays. During the Spring our discussions include: The Farm, The Garden, Easter, Mother's Day, and May Day. Mrs. Davenport's Kindergarten FRONT ROW: Diane Bell, David Menke, Danny Cameron, Lynn Ford, Mrs. Davenport, John Minard, Steven Sie- vert, Clayton Diischer, David Suhr. SECOND ROW: Kayla Rydstrom, Tony Weiland, Debra Anderson, Jimmy Stough, Gregory Lessmeier, Randy Lich tenberg, Janet Schmidt, Sandra Peterson, Jerri Lynn Paulson, Jeanine Harms. THIRD ROW: Brent Gerry, Susan Bergquist, Kathy Anderson, Jeff Lucas, Carey Hinkeldey, Jimmy Buckendahl, Steven Rohlk, Steven Adolphson, Carol Glienke, Diane Johnson, Judy Anderson. unav.,.- i- - . 1 4 .i Mrs. Ha1verson's First Grade FRONT ROW: Debbie Rehnstrom, Linda Dailey, Mitchell Quirin, Dennis Binder, Tim Mattson, Joy Meyer. SECOND ROW: Mary Kjolhede, Linda Rydstrom, Mike Larson, Susan Sor- enson, Jorja Johnson. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Halverson, Merril Friedrich, Julie Mattson, Retha Kruse, Shanda Christi ans on. First Grade Activities - ..,.ll.r. gm. f We - V X X M This is the first year for first and second grades to be separated V at Fairview. It has given more time for special help and activity. ri- f is Besides a full schedule of curricular work we were a art of ' 5 ' X V N H the November Community program. i , - - ., ' - Uw,f'3 .C V We We dramatized three stories using stick puppets, recited three E es' N T- . W p , poems in chorus, and sang songs. I ' J By the end of the year we will have read the basic pre- ,',, primers, primer, two grade--one readers plus supplementary fi ' if fi fli J as X .4 readers. ,V ,f lj ...,, , X V, L Phonics will have given us the ability to recognize initial f ' 5251 v sL't . . J 'L' . . . . 1 ' , and final consonants, rhyming words, and sounding simple new E f y L s Q words J - ' .i.' 5' Combinations in numbers have been learned by recognition I Q of groups with a single eye movement. 1 wrfieff' 7' 1... -,ii-?f,g2f- r -,ff fgciiiiifs -' A K ,f" E - . K Animals, plants, earth, weather, energy and other things a Q. 1--if' ihlrit 'rt ' , ' aii, as sg , around us have made interesting science talk. ,, Fnxrf f- ,Q . ' 5 n - - - - - ,. New e e' . Circles and straight lines please" was the familiar chant ' ":" ..,, " , V . - Mrs. Paulson's First Grade heard by our teacher during writing class. It wasn't always easy. FRONT ROW: Jimmy Nelson, Laurie Anderson, Tommy Laffin, Debbie Brutlag, Dona Sievert, Keith Boettcher, Richard Greene, Merrill Otto. SECOND ROW: Christine Samuelson, Scotty Peterson, John Eaton, Mrs. Paulson, Lynn Chase, Don Marsh, Julie Jahde. THIRD ROW: Orie Hetrick, Barbara Johanneson, Ann Pedersen, Jeffery Petersen, Bradley Walsh, Richard Weiland, Carol Van Hooser, Barbara Fuller. - f 1-.4- 7 a Mrs. Keuster's First Grade FRONT ROW: Dale McColley, Charlene Johnson, Sue Parker, Debbie Ahart, Dave Huse- man, Mark Peterson, Pam Hanson, Mike Sherwood. SECOND ROW: Ricky Florke, Jeff Cameron, Jeff Polzien, Mrs. Kuester, Marlene Oatrnan, Nancy Bruns, Kathy Young. THIRD ROW: Paul Jesse, Joan Gates, Rex Miller, Randy Peters, Mike Diischer, Jane Buckendahl, Dave Marsh, Bob Magnuson. First and Second Grade Activities An exciting day was had when the Alta first graders began their pre- primers. The boys and girls learned many words throughout the year. - - They enjoyed reading about the experiences of Dick, Jane, and Sally. .5 The first grade developed readiness for the general use of numbers and the number system in their number work. They also learned the basic number facts, measuring, and the use of money. The first step in writing was learning the correct formation of each letter. The second step was forming words and sentences. The last step was writing stories. Look and Learn was the title of our science book. The units we discussed were plants, animals, machines, seasons, and months. Our social studies work was centered around the family and the school. Arithmetic, reading, spelling, language, social studies and science plus art, music, and physical education keeps the Fairview second graders very busy this year. Now that we have added cursive writing the second semes- ter we feel that we are growing up fast. Science is fun this year. We especially enjoyed the imit on "Earth and Universe." Experimenting wit.h magnets has also proven very interesting. In arithmetic the basic number ideas are learned by a sequence of pic- tures so that we can imagine the action and eventually learn the symbols. In November we enjoyed presenting the playlet, "The Fairy Bookshelf," at Community Night in observance of National Book Week. We also took part in the Christmas program in December. Z n Q i Mrs. Moffitt's Second Grade FRONT ROW: Duane Clausen, Janelle Petterson, David Halverson, Craig Rehnstrom, Vonda O'Don- nell, Raymond Olsen. SECOND ROW: Duane Binder, Lael Nielsen, Mrs. Moffitt, Paul Peters, Susan Chindlund. THIRD ROW: Darwin Johnson, David Rehnstrom, Cary Christensen, Gregory Quirin. Mrs. J21'ViS,S Second Grade FRONT ROW: David Nelson, Douglas Greene, Steven Voit, Roxanne Remillard, Mrs. Jarvis, Steven Christensen, Bruce Fredrick, Kathy Sundberg, Julie Sandine. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Brueggart, Mickey Lynde, Duane Camerer, Janeen Martin, Patti Schuler, Thomas Bell, Jeff Kjolhede, Marvin Mortensen, James Eaton, Michael Mahn. THIRD ROW: Charles Specketer, Thomas Huseman, Donald Post, Marlene Morrow, Michael Lessmeier, Bernard Abels, Stephen Adams, Ruth Beard, Nancy Stokes, Pamela Hetrick, Kathy Cox. FRONT ROW: Randy Sassman, Robert Launderville, Beth Farestad, Eldon Lichtenberg, Renae Bergquist, Jeffrey Holstein, Vicky Alkire, Barbara Martinsen. SECOND ROW: Nicholas Stille, Patricia Saathoff, William Siglin, Dave Mortensen, Miss Carlson, Linda Goodman, Bryon Johnson, Julie Christensen, Alan Bruns. THIRD ROW: Barbara Marshall, Howard Diischer, Robert Marsh, Mary Norlin, William DeMan, Marvin Nehring, Vanessa Hammond, Susan Poulson, Becky Stough, Elaine Becker. Miss Carlson's Second Grade Miss Preignitz's lVIrs. Benna's Third Grade FRONT ROW: Brenda Diischer, Douglas Pedersen, Renee Martinsen, Gregg Peterson, Jimmy Steffes, Vicky Peterson, Paul Huseman, Tommy l-lallengren, Ronnie Anderson, Sharon Voit. SECOND ROW: Shelley Krenzien, Mike Miller, Jeff Lessmeier, Dale Rohlk, Jackie Adams, Jean Gould, Janelle Harth, Beverly Christenson, Roger Bruns. Second Grade Activities Fifty-seven Alta second graders have enjoyed a most interesting and enjoyable year. Reading and phonics have helped them develop their structural and phonetic analysis, and improve their ability in in- dependent reading. In arithmetic we learn to add, subtract, and mul- tiply numbers to twenty. We also study measures, money, telling time, shapes, how to build to tens, and rational and ordinal counting. An eventful experience is changing from manu- script to cursive writing. Social studies, health, science, spelling, language, music, physical education and art help "round out" the second grade curriculum. The highlight of the year was our train ride to Cherokee, and a trip through the Planetarium. Third Grade Activities The Alta third grade has an enrollment of twenty- two girls and eighteen boys. The highlights of our year have been trips to the dairy farm, grocery store, creamery, and newspaper office. These trips have helped to enrich our learning experiences in social studies. Arithmetic has been very challenging. We have learned to multiply and divide and have enjoyed practicing these processes through the use of flash card contests. Various plays and stories were drama- tized throughout the year the part of our reading ac- tivities. Several times during the year the entire class has received treats because they all got a perfect score in spelling tests. Language was enlightened through the use of the telezonia kit which was provided by the Bell Telephone Company. We enjoyed our Halloween, Christmas, and Valen- tine parties. Each of us took our turn serving and plan- ning for one of the parties held during the year. The room mothers who assisted us this year for various ac- tivities were: Mrs. Jack Disscher, Mrs. Dick Adams, Mrs. Robert Magnuson, and Mrs. Eugene Quirk. 1 5 FRONT ROW: Kathleen Parker, Cheryl Hartmann, Julie Grienke, Randall Ericksen, Bar- bara Peterson, Miss Prieg-nitz, Donna Lee, Joan Becker, Karen Goosmann, Stevan Quirk, Gary Sassman. SECOND ROW: Lee Chase, Lorna Bruns, David Brinkman, James I-luseman, Sharon Magnu- son, Thomas Peterson, Jonathan Hansen, Barbara Anderson, Susan Melander, Patricia Stieneke . Third Grade - Q 'il li!?'.'Z'Hi fl 2 I Hi - - Ililfi Klhil - McManiga1's FRONT ROW: Cynthia Peterson, Sherri O'Donnell, Tommy Meyer, Cindy Anderson, Marsha Bruns, Billy Mattson, Jolene Hansen, Janet Edwards, Greg Mattson, Larry Movall. SECOND ROW: Suzanna Braunschweig, Darwin Clausen, Gary Johnson, Kenneth Fried- rich, Mrs. Gould, Grant Mangold, Douglas Bruns, Eugene Friedrich, Allen Fredericksen THIRD ROW: Wayne Frederickson, Cherie Dyslin, Eldon Peterson, Jimmy Nelson, Ann Chindlund, Jean Groth, Rhonda Christiansen, Jimmy O'Dor1nell. Third and Fourth Grade Activities In the Fairview third grade arithmetic class the pupils learned the addition and subtraction facts, and learned how to carry and borrow with numbers. The fourth grade pupils learned their multiplication and division facts and worked with larger numbers in multiplying and dividing. Racing with flash cards and working at the blackboard seemed to be en- joyable and helpful to both grades. In third grade social studies class, we made a model tomm of Westport. Each student read a book and gave a report about Indians in preparation to making an Indian village. We also drew many pic- tures of the things that we studied in class. One of the projects made in the fourth grade was a Pueblo Indian village. After each unit was finished, the fourth graders drew a picture of the part they enjoyed most and wrote a short story about it. They also spent much time be- coming better acquainted with maps and rnap studies. In language art classes, both grades worked hard to be better readers, learned new words, their pronun- ciation and meaning, learned to divide words into syllables and to accent words, improved their ability to capitalize, punctuate, and spell. Making "A Good Food Train" using the seven basic foods was one of the third grade projects in science and health class. Other subjects that we had were music, art, and physical education. FRONT ROW: Barbara Schuler, Kim Barr, Steven Steffes, Timmy Alkire, Patty Christophersen, Miss McManigal, Karen Halverson, Sandy Sundberg, Marcia Meyer Danny Goosmann Alan Buckingham. SECOND ROW: Brian Frederick, Collene Huseman, Jimmy Oatman, Kurt Ables, Brenda Walsh, Greg Johannesen, Melinda Peterson, Paul Lietz, Henry DeMan, Peggy Anderson Miss Fourth Grade Mrs. Cai-penter's Fourth Grade , J ., f .- Y I , . f v l' i i -C, ir., .Axel ' 'o""l FRONT ROW: Timothy Sherwood, Lori Jimmerson, Sharon Holtz, Steven Marshall, William Anderson, Mrs. Carpenter, Loren Schuelke, Brenda Samuelson, Linda Cacek, Carol Lynde, Jacelyn Watt. SECOND ROW: Richard Adolphson, Kevin Anderson, Delores Syndergaard, Marlene Peter- son, Betsy DeMan, Jeffery Poulson, John Diischer, Nancy Peterson, Larry Grieme, Ramona Stille. 1, I' W Fourth Grade Activities L i In the Alta fourth grade class this year, we have . J experienced many new learning adventures. In . social studies we took a trip back to the time of Columbus to study the explorers who blazed trails for future pioneers. To make our journey more interest- - ' ing, we wrote and produced plays about some of -Y ' these men. To understand how electricity is generated, we visited the Iowa Public Service plant near Alta. Miss Anderson's Fifth Grade During our study of stars and planets, we took a trip to the planetarium in Cherokee. Our most challenging accomplishment in arith- metic was learning the multiplication tables and be- coming familiar with fractions. FRONT ROW: Shirley Hallengren, Bruce Nelson, Liza Sandine, Tommy Parker, Diane Bauer, Milo I-Iustedt, Diane Sievert, Nadine Bruns. SECOND ROW: Vicky Brueggert, Douglas Gates, Lawrence Ahart, Miss Anderson, Michael Peterson, Rebecca Stille, Teddy Mahn. THIRD ROW: Russel Post, Kathy Peterson, Gayle Barr, Steven Strom, Roger Christen- sen, Ronald Mortenson, Ardell Erickson, Jan Kjolhede. .. li ,vi-,WAX Mrs. Halverson' s Fifth Grade FRONT ROW: Linda Bruns, Ricky Meyer, Dennis Langner, Kathleen Fast, Kenneth Ryherd, Linda Peters, Charles Conard, Steven Schuler, Richard Carlson, Patty Peterson. SECOND ROW: Donna Hoops, Louis Anderson, Myron Murphy, Vicki Wolfe, Terry Binder, Mrs. Halverson, Dicky DeMan, Richard Bensen, Candace Norlin, John Hallengren, Janet Sinns. Fifth Grade Activities The Alta fifth grade groups have had several projects in correlation with the topics covered in the science and social studies subject areas. Reports were made on the planets, weather charts were completed, and biographical resumes were written about famous historical people who were so important in the forma- tion of our United States. Supplementary map study was provided in the usage of the Weekly Reader Map Skills booklets. In health, the study stressed both physical and men- tal health along with all of the aspects of safety. Boardwork was the most enjoyable feature of arithmetic classes. We had the addition, subtraction, and multiplication of three-place numbers and long division by two-place numbers. Measurement, time ' zone, and graph problems were also given. V The language arts program featured story reviews and dramatizations, book talks, group discussions, ',,'i L parliamentary procedure, dictionary usage, learning ,QEfg5Tf.g ,.,f N' the various parts of speech, and the development and L extension of the reading and spelling vocabulary. '4 . .-fa. fr - r- , Q 'f ,fgftg X, .W Mir. 1. . , x s ,f""' FRONT ROW: Dan Dailey, Diane Rehnstrom, Darrylin Holmes, Steven Movall, Randall Hill, Dianna Peterson, Lynn Peterson, Edward Anderson, Leon Peterson. SECOND ROW: Dianna Braunschweig, Norma Johnson, David Hanson, Maren West, Gary Bruns, Alvern Friedrich, Greg Mangold, Steven Mallison, Alan Chindlund, Frank Halverson. Tl-HRD ROW: Mary Christensen, Stanley Movall, Lee Meyer, James Mallison, Kathleen Ander- son, Sherleen Clausen, Rodney Bruns, Gary Christiansen, Virgil Peterson, Bruce Edwards, Mr. Thieman. Mr. Thieman's Fifth and Sixth Grade lVIrs. Wa1do's Sixth Grade FRONT ROW: Ellen Grienke, Daniel Hollengren, Paul Peterson, Marsha Cox, Robert Anderson, Mrs. Waldo, Diane Florke, Kathleen Cacek, Robert Hogancamp, Michael Goosman, Darla VanPelt. SECOND ROW: Eugene Lichtenberg, Betty Oatman, Darlys Brechwald, Michael Binder, Linda Samuelson, Dennis Iosty, Daniel Stieneke, Diane Jesse, Kandace McDanel, Maren Johnson. Sixth Grade Activities Occupying every sixth grader's school days are the language arts treading, written and oral English, spelling, writingl, social studies fearly civilizations and the eastern hemispherej, arithmetic, science- health-safety, physical education, art, vocal music, and that cherished but soon taken away tradition-- recess. For many there are also instrumental lessons and Junior Band. .4 Miss Schue1ke's Sixth Grade ,- Spicing the curriculum are such activities as sci- ence experiments and demonstrations, talls by visi- tors to other countries, films, club meetings, musical programs, writing original verse, and creative art projects. Especially interesting has been the intro- duction of perspective in our drawings. There are also three annual parties with enter- tainment and refreshments planned and provided by the sixth graders. These are held on or near Hallo- - ween and Valentine's Day, and the day Christmas vacation begins. Two boys joined the sixth grade ranks during the school year--Richard Otto and Dennis Iosty. Roger Lundberg moved away. if FRONT ROW: David Boettcher, Danny Peterson, Claudina Grienke, Roger Lundberg, Miss Schuelke, Janice Molgaard, David Delbridge, Anthony Stille, Janet Sievert. SECOND ROW: Dennis Bruns, Karen Farestad, Anne Hansen, Marlin Weiland, James Cam- erer, Gregg Howard, Tom Gustafson, Mickey Rohlk, Robert Becker, Mark Johnston, Steve Johannesen. Seventh l Grade l l l FRONT ROW: Kathryn Magnuson QPresidentj, William Dahl fVice-Presidentj, Ricky Parker i fSecretary-Treasurerj. ' SECOND ROW: Bobby Kristensen, Jayne Buckingham, Charles Movall, Trudy Greene,Gary Molgaard, David Kjolhede, Douglas Hansen, Keith Pierson, Louise Friedrichsen, Nelda Herz- 1 berg, Dee Ann Pedersen, Carol Edwards, Ida Sievert. THIRD ROW: Jean Sievert, Dana Johnson, Robert Baugh, Robert Peterson, Cindy Schuler, Bernita Bruns, Sandra Banta, Brian Walsh, Becky Christensen, Janice Dorr, Ranae Poller, Larry Steffes. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Sassman, Gail Huseman, Janis Peterson, James Hansen, Douglas Sher- man, Robert Jensen, Douglas Mortensen, Steven Jimmerson, Jayne Launderville, Dennis Fast, Candis Kjolhede, John Rydstrom, Marsha Friedrich. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Grieme, Christine Conard, William Eriksen, Margaret Nordstrom, Mi- chael Ingram, Ordell Weiland, John DeMan, Judy Huseman, Debra Hansen, Donna Erickson, Pamela Christophersen, Peter Nielsen, Phyllis Swanson. junior Band This year's Junior Band numbered sixty-six mem- bers, the largest it has ever been. A marching band was formed and rehearsed for the first nine weeks of school. Linda McGowan was the drum majorette and her assistant was Shari Christensen. The highlight of their fall season was the halftime appearance at our last home football game. Seventy-eight fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders competed in the annual Junior High and Grade School Solo Contest held in Storm Lake on March 9. A spring concert was given by the Junior Concert Band. Seventh Grade Cheerleaders Ida Sievert Becky Christensen Margaret Nordstrom Candis Kjolhede Trudy Greene Besides Mr. Schive, their regular director, the band had two other conductors. Mr. James Inman and Mr. Melvin Dewey worked with the band for eight weeks. They are student teachers from Buena Vista College in Storm Lake. We enjoyed having them with us. 5 Eighth Grade FRONT ROW: David Meyer fSecretary-Treasurerj, Ronald Steffes fPresidentj, Delane Bauer QVice-Presidentj. SECOND ROW: Kathy Bell, Burdette Watts, Ann Otto, Barbara Kraemer, Jill Anderson, Mickey Laffin, Marla Herzberg, Linda Delbridge, Lanny Anderson, Timothy Stille, Donna Maddox, Jacalyn Castle, Patricia Bell. THIRD ROW: Diane Gould, Dennis Carlson, Thomas Waldo, Mary Sievert, Dwain Hol- mes, Jean Grienke, Brian Peterson, Linda Falck, Linda McGowan, Steven Sassman, Ricky Wolfe, Michael McDanel, Tyanne Fogelman, Karen Melander. FOURTH ROW: Nancy I-leinsohn, Shirley Heschke, Joelle Sinns, Linda Lee, Diane Sundberg, Sondra Galvin, Michael Oatman, Nancy Larsen, Shari Christensen, Raymond Friedrich, Barbara Bengston, Donald Ryherd, Ann Halverson. FIFTH ROW: Larry Jensen, Linda Meyer, Dennis Brisbois, Cathy Turpin, Eddie Bucken- dahl, Robert Nordman, Susan Schuelke, Curtis Hammond, Muns Farestad, James Nor- lin, Karen Peterson, Douglas Svendsen. junior High Activities This year in Junior High we have been very busy and have had lots of fun. The eighth grade class spent much time and work preparing their musical comedy, "Tom Sawyer." In music class we have made notebooks containing newspaper articles related to music, and articles we have written about things we have studied in music. Several of us are in special singing groups which we en- joy very much. Many of the boys participated in football, basketball, and track. The girls have studied cooking, grooming, home deco- rating, and sewing in home economics. We had two roller-skating parties, a Thanksgiving party, 3 and a Christmas party. At the end of the year we had our tradi- tional picnic. In seventh grade we study math, science, literature, spelling, English, geography, and Iowa History. Eighth grade subjects are: math, science, literature, spelling, English, U.S. History, and civics. We have enjoyed Junior High. Thanks to our teachers we are well prepared for and looking forward to our freshman year. Eighth Grade Cheerleaders Shari Christensen Jean Grienke . V Jill Anderson Mary Sievert Diane Gould Junior High Football Squad FRONT ROW: Ricky Parker, William Dahl, Doug Hansen, Robert Peterson, David Kjol- hede, Keith Pierson, Dennis Carlson, Dana Johnson, Timothy Stille, Robert Baugh, Brian Walsh, Charles Movall, Bob Kristensen. SECOND ROW: David Meyer, Peter Nielson, Thomas Waldo, Doug Sherman, Brian Peter- son, Raymond Friedrich, Michael Oatman, William Erickson, Dwain Holmes, Ricky Wolfe, Steve Jimmersen, Delane Bauer, Doug Mortensen, Steve Sassman. THIRD ROW: Jon Sherman QManagerj, Mike Ingram, Ordell Weiland, Dennis Brisbois, Eddie Buckendahl, Robert Nordman, John DeMan, Curtis Hammond, Muns Farestad, James Norlin, Douglas Svendsen, Mr. Morrow fCoachj. F ll Safety Patrol ootba Scores Alta O . . . Aurelia 33 Alta 12 . . . Holstein 13 Alta 0 . . . Albert City 12 Alta 20 . . . Newell 13 Seventh Grade Basketball Alta 12 . . . Storm Lake 20 Alta 15 . . . Storm Lake 21 Alta 19 . . . Holstein 27 Alta 22 . . . Aurelia 8 Alta 13 . . . Aurelia 16 Alta 22 . . . Hanover 17 Eighth Grade Basketball g ' D 1 FRONT ROW Larry Steffes QL1eutenantj, oug as Alta 11 l I , Storm Lake 22 Mortensen fCapta1nj Alta 15 St L k 43 SECOND ROW: Ricky Parker, Keith Pierson, orm, a e Bobby Kxistensen Alta 18 . . . Holstein 23 THIRD ROW: Steven Jimmerson, William Q12 213133 Eriksen, Douglas Sherman FRONT ROW: Ricky Parker, William Dahl, Keith Pierson, David Kjolhede, Brian Walsh, Lanny Anderson, Robert Peterson, Douglas Hansen, Gary Molgaard, Bobby Kristensen SECOND ROW: Robert Baugh, Delane Bauer, Dennis Fast, Mickey Laffin, Dennis Carlson, Doug las Mortensen, David Meyer, Dana Johnson, Timothy Stille THIRD ROW: Peter Nielsen, Steven Jimmerson, William Eriksen, Donald Ryherd, Michael In- gram, Michael Oatman, Brian Peterson, Steven Sassman, Douglas Sherman, Ricky Wolfe FOURTH ROW: Jon Sherman fManagerQ, Dennis Brisbois, Eddie Buckendahl, Curtis Hammond, Larry Jensen, Robert Nordman, John DeMan, Muns Farestad, Ronald Steffes, Douglas Svendsen, Mr. Morrow fCoachj junior High Basketball Squad I In 1:1 H11 fl ll!-. 7 I 5195 Freshman Class FRONT ROW: Janet Hutton fStudent Councilj, David Strom fSecreta.ry-Treasurerj, Adeline Alderson fPresidentj, Luther Kjolhede fVice-Presidentj,Dennis Gustafson fStudent Councilj. SECOND ROW: Daniel Hansen, John Woodall, Shirley Hoops, Donna Pedersen, Susan Holtz, Janis Mieras, Donna Castle, Scott Schuler, Myra Huseman, Norma Buckingham. THIRD ROW: Lorraine Swanson, Robert Langner, Laurine Peterson, Richard Baugh, Charles Rydstrom, David Coombs, Orin I-Iuseman, Cynthia Bumann, Louise Eriksen. FOURTH ROW: Daniel Dorr, David Hollenbeck, Elaine Parris, DeeAnn Gates, Robert Wilt, James Sassman, Douglas Krenzien, Linda Siebels, Gary Sauter, Ronald Hankel. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. McCoombs fAdvisorj, Mr. Elliott fAdvisorj, Dennis Wrede, Jon Sherman, Richard Anderson, Douglas Goosmann, Douglas Lee, Ronald Anderson, Mr. Morrow QAd- visorj, Miss Johnson fAdvisorj. "What's there to be afraid of?" they thought, "we're only leaping into a strange and unknown world of dating, dancing, parties, and new activities causing excitement and joy to the freshman class. The class float, "We'll Whip 'Em" stirred the freshmen on far- ther into the high school circle. Much to their dis- pleasure, a forth place rating was given to the en- ergetic class. Homecoming attendants were Cynthia Bumann and Vocational Agriculture Orin Huseman. To the freshman, skating parties are the "most," hitting it off with two in a row. A Christ- mas party was also planned for the class. Basic subjects were math, science, and English. All the girls were required to take home economics, the boys had a choice of industrial arts or agriculture. Sectioned classes were something new for the fresh- men. General Science Orin Huseman, Scott Schuler, Robert Luther Kjolhede, Daniel Hansen, David I-Iollenbeck, Langner, Robert Wilt. Janis Mieras. I A G? -uiiS5 "e'1 W3' IGH! GOEOM l-' P' f ' Students" Work Is Never Done. ' 5 1. General Math N urse's Office SEATED: Cynthia Bumann, Louise Eriksen. Ronald Anderson, Mrs. Schrieber fSchool Nursej, Donna STANDING: Daniel Dorr, James Sassman. Castle, Ronald Hankel. Home Economics R Linda Siebels Myra Huseman -. Donna Pedersen Lorraine Swanson ,4 English I Richard Anderson Richard Baugh Addie Alderson Norma Buckingham 14,445 iff, .5152 Industrial Arts I Douglas Goosman David Strom Douglas Krenzien 21 J on Sherman Milfs 1 Class FRONT ROW: Jane Anderson QStudent Councilj, Judy Fast fSecretary-Treasurerj, David Anderson QPresidentj, James Turnquist QVice-Presidentj, Tom Huseman fStudent Coun- cilj. SECOND ROW: Lynn Osborne, Beverly Sassman, Wanda Dierenfeld, Judy Lundberg, Colene Harms, Lynn Fett, Rita Saathoff, Sharon Bell, Versa Gentis, Cynthia Benna, Ronald Christinsen. THIRD ROW: Phil Jahde, Bill Matzdorff, Stanley Kraemer, Ruth Schmidt, Colleen Samuel- son, Judy Anderson, Bob Williams, Marlowe Poller, Larry Hansen, Dianne Nielson. FOURTH ROW: Roger Radke, Richard Groth, Janelle Goettsch, Clayton Conard, David Koth, Richard Rydstrom, Diane Hogrefe, Ronald Falck, Wayne Halverson, Dwayne Frie drich, Tom Cone. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Schive fAdvisorj, Mr. lbach QAdvisorj, Dennis Coombs, Allen Halverson, Susan Grieme, Donald Holmes, Miriam Peterson, Loren Bengston, Linda Schuelke, Mr. Carstens fAdvisorj, Mr. McCoy QAdvisorj. Going from the second floor to the third has ele- vated the morale of the sophomores. Numerous subjects are available this year. Many have a choice of biology, algebra, home economics, typing, industrial arts, agriculture, and driver edu- cation. Approximately half of the sophomores took driver education during the summer in order to take more college preparatory courses during the school year. The first semester classes were divided evenly into English and literature. The second semester, the two classes were reversed. Home Economics II Colene Harms Sharon Bell The sophomores were enthusiastically given a skating party by the freshmen. We are now attempt- ing to repay both the freshmen and the juniors for a enjoyable time. Members of the sophomore class will soon assist the juniors in the entertainment of the seniors at the Junior-Senior Prom. A number of the sophomores will be serving as waiters and waitresses at the Prom. "They're Crusin' for a Brusin"' was the slogan of the third place sophomore float. Homecoming at- tendants were Jane Anderson and Roger Radke. Driver Education David Smith Wanda Dierenfeld David Anderson 1. 'H f M Sophomore :Q Algebra Judy Fast Jane Anderson Tom Cone Dennis Coombs World History Allen Halverson Lynn Osborne Linda Schuelke Judy Anderson Biology Clayton Conard David Koth Ronald Falck Versa Gentis Colleen Samuelson English II Beverly Sassman Diane I-Iogrefe Roger Radke Jim Turnquist ,,.,4.o-,- V , W, unior Class FRONT ROW: Linda Larsen fStudent Councilj, Jerry Meyer QSecretary-Treasurerj, Mary Carter QPresidentj, Nathan Peterson fVice-Presidentj, Keith Endreson fStudent Councilj. SECOND ROW: Dianne Radke, Janet Porter, Vicky Hansen, Lani Siglin, Karna Bergmann, Helene Dahl, Judy Coombs, Beverly Lietz, Candace Anderson, Loreen Friedrichsen. THIRD ROW: Connie Jensen, Jene Anderson, Judy Sauter, Marilyn Murphy, Patricia Stokes, Ronald G. Peterson, Larry Heinsohn, Ruth Ann Peterson, Louise Murray, Karen Hinkel- dey, Julie Grigg. FOURTH ROW: Bonita Johnson, Loren Huseman, John Nordstrom, Paul Ruehmann, Roger Winterhof, Charles Kraemer, Torn Johnston, Norma Litchtenberg, Willard West, Peggy Kindwall. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Van Deest fAdvisorj, Mr. Skay fAdvisorj, Mr. Fuller QAdvisorj, John Nordman, Dean Brechwald, Eldon Poller, Ronald J. Peterson, Mr. Nielson fAdvisorj, Mr. Ehlers QAdvisorj, Miss Knodel fAdvisorj. We're juniors now! And are now classified as "upperclassmen," so we think. We have finally attained that title, but have found that it is not all fun. Our studies take up much of our time. Too much, the juniors agree! There are many courses offered to us: homemaking, agri- culture, industrial arts, shorthand, typing, geometry, chemistry, German, and the required English and United States History courses. Everyone is required to take four of diese sub- jects and some of our more daring souls take five. Then, if we still have a little time on our hands, there are extracurricular activities to rid us of our energy. The girls can participate in drill team, F.H.A., and G.R.A. For the boys, there is F.F.A., football, basketball, track, and baseball. The Cyclone Staff, Scarlet and Black Staff, German Club, Science Club, and Pep Club are offered to all of us. For those who are musically inclined, the Glee Clubs, Mixed Cho- rus, marching band, and concert band prove to be very rewarding and satisfying. At the beginning of the school year, our class put together a float which received second place. Jene Anderson and Keith Endreson were homecoming attendants from our class. Everyone then worked hard for the success of our Junior Class Play, "Headin' for a Weddin'." Much time and money were spent on the last big event for the juniors, the Junior-Senior Prom. After a last week of panic, we settled down to a very en- joyable evening. With a final rush, we found ourselves enjoying a much-looked-forward-to summer vacation. Library Loreen Friedrichsen Larry Heinsohn Nathan Peterson 1 li 14-I '. Vocational Agriculture Ronald G. Peterson Willard West Ronald J. Peterson T yping He le ne D ahl De an Brechwald C andac e Anderson Marilyn Murphy Chemistry Charles Kraemer Judy Coombs Tom Johnston Loren Huseman Geometry John Nor dm an Beverly Lietz Jerry Meyer WI if 3 Keith Endreson X4 Q, German I Paul Ruehmann Patricia Stokes Mary Carter Counseling Office Ruth Ann Peterson Lani Siglin Shorthand Connie Jensen Vicky Hansen Peggy Kindwall Jene Anderson English III Jerry Meyer Linda Sandine Judy Sauter Louise Murray fi 'QF' A 0 Afzijx ,Aff - .1 .425 '7' j'alwf :- if , 1, A H 'ls 2 21. ,J ' 3,455 bi, Q. fig ,:g,'Q,,.2. -5.47 1.-'f L fs' ,. 1 4l,i,,M, ,Q :n.?"rz 67' Q wh gg xx Q5 HZUw HZ 575+-Im f-H-I ,- as '-R l ' MAX R. FULLER AUDREY GEHRMANN ALFRED GREENE SHARON HUSEMAN Guidance Mathematics Mathematics School Business Education Science Secretary School Board FRONT ROW: Clarence F. Sangston, Arling Peterson, Carl T. Del- bridge. SECOND ROW: Melvin Samuelson, Kenneth Meyer, Burton Poulson, James Eaton. AMY SCI-IREIBER EDWIN SKAY REG INALD S Cl-IIVE School English PAT RIC IA VAN DEEST Instrumental Music Nurse German Homernaking Fairview Bus Drivers Alta Bus Drivers Russell Jensen Elmer Svendsen Hubert Frederickson Ronald Peterson Melvin Fredrick Rev. Alvin Ruehmann Wesley Peterson Hubert Frederickson Harold Gould Duane Nelson Harold Brueggert School Treasurer Margaret Sandine Falrvlew Cook Cora Schuelke School Cooks Josephine Clark Cusfodians Effie Hayes Faye Gates Elmer Strom Alice Jimmerson Warren Jirnmerson Mabel Zubradt August Jensen ff y ,rg rxf - 5- 3 First Altos FRONT ROW: Connie Jensen, Lizabeth Peters, Norma Buckingham. SECOND ROW: Judy Anderson, Judy Coombs, Beverly Lietz, Beverly Hanson. THIRD ROW: Marcia Hutton, Mary Carter, Marva Dierenfield. Mixed FRONT ROW: Versa Gentis, Candace Anderson, Rita Saathoff, Lynn Fett, Sally Carpenter, Judy Jones, Connie Langlet, Lizabeth Peters, Judy Coombs, Beverly Hanson. SECOND ROW: Ruth Peterson, Sheila Krenzien, JoAnn Warren, Janelle Goettsch, Linda Larsen, Margaret Turnquist, Janet Porte r. THIRD ROW: Miriam Peterson, Susan Grieme, Norma Lichtenberg, Bonita Johnson, David Anderson, Danny Dorr, Patricia Stokes, Dee- Anne Gates, Dennis Coombs, David Smith. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Wrede, David Hollenbeck, Clayton Conrad, Ronald Falck, Douglas Patten, David Johnson, Daniel Smith, Robert Radke. Baritones Torn Wall, John Soderquist, Dennis Coombs, David Smith. 32 cncjz Gr-1 1 if 4. Second Altos FRONT ROW: Julie Grigg, Shirley Hoops, Dianne Radke. SECOND ROW: Diane Nielson, Colleen Samuelson. THIRD ROW: Janet Hutton, Peggy Kindwall, Karen Hinkeldey. 5 i Chorus l E l T l l P 4 , . N FRONT ROW: Janet Hutton, Connie Jensen, Beverly Lieu, Julie Gregg, Shirley Hoops, Dianne Radke, Norma Buckingham. SECOND ROW: Marva Dierenfeld, Marcia Hutton, Peggy Kindwall, Karen Hinkeldey, Diane Nielson, Colleen Samuelson, Janet Smith, Daniel Hansen, Mr. Elliott fDirectorj. THIRD ROW: Tom Wall, Paul Ruehmann, Judy Anderson, Mary Carter, David Coombs, Luke Kjolhede, James Turnquist, John Sherman, Ruth Schmidt. FOURTH ROW: John Nordman, Mike Johnston, Maynard Mohn, Donald Holmes, Roger Anderson, Philip Jahde, David Koth, John Nordstrom. Basses FRONT ROW: Danny Dorr, David Hollenbeck, David And erson. SECOND ROW: Dennis Wrede, Clayton Conard, Ronny Ealck. THIRD ROW: Douglas Patten, David Johnson, Robert Radke, Danny Smith. .1 33 -11 I - I I - - First Tenors FRONT ROW: Luke Kjolhede, Daniel Han sen. SECOND ROW: Philip Jahde, Ruth Schmidt. THIRD ROW: David Koth, Roger Anderson. Second Tenors FRONT ROW: James Turnquist, John Nord- strom, David Coombs. SECOND ROW: Maynard Mohn, Jon Sherman, Paul Ruehmann. THIRD ROW: Mike Johnston, Don Holmes, First Tenofg John Nordman. Second Tenors FRONT ROW: Marva Dierenfeld, David Anderson, David Hollenbeck, David Smith, James Turnquist, Paul Ruehmann, Luke Kjolhede, Daniel Hansen. SECOND ROW: Daniel Dorr, Dennis Wrede, Douglas Patten, John Soderquist, Dennis Coombs Jon Sherman, David Warren, Maynard Mohn, Roger Anderson, David Coombs. Tl-HRD ROW: Clayton Conard, Ronald Falck, Robert Radke, Dave Johnson, Daniel Smith, Tom Wall, Mike Johnston, Don Holmes, John Nordstrom, David Koth, Phil Jahde. Boys ' Glee Club Second Sopranos First Sopranos Girls' Glee Club First Sopranos FRONT ROW: Connie Lang let, Sally Carpenter, Lynn Fett, Rita Saathoff. SECOND ROW: Janet Por- ter, Margaret Turnquist, Linda Larson. THIRD ROW: Judy Jones, Patricia Stokes, Janelle Goettsch, DeeAnn Cates. Second Sopranos FRONT ROW: Candace An derson, Versa Gentis, Sheila Krenzien. SECOND ROW: Ruth Peter- son, JoAnn Warren, Bonita Johnson. THIRD ROW: Norma Lich- tenberg, Susan Grierne, Miriam Peterson. FRONT ROW: Loreen Friedrichsen, Connie Langlet, Versa Gentis, Judy Jones, Sally Carpenter, Rita Saathoff, Lynn Fett, Connie Jensen, Judy Coombs, Lizabeth Peters, Shirley Hoops, Dianne Radke, Norma Buckingham. SECOND ROW: Janet Porter, Margaret Turnquist, Sharon Bell, Judy Lundberg, Janis Mieras, Ruth Schmidt, Louise Erilsen, Elaine Parris, Janet Hutton, Vicky Hansen, Myra Huseman, Wanda Dierenfeld, Margaret Sandine. THIRD ROW: Ruth Peterson, Candace Anderson, Loris Parris, Lani Siglin, Lorraine Swanson, Linda Siebels, Karen Hinkeldey, Cynthia Baumann, Colleen Samuelson, Diane Nielson, Judy Sauter, Laurine Peterson. FOURTH ROW: Linda Sandine, Beverly Hanson, Marcia Hutton, Judy Anderson, Susan Grieme, Marva Dierenfeld, Peggy Kindwall, Bonita Johnson, Miriam Peterson, Patricia Stokes, Janet Peterson, Jolene Huseman, Janelle Goettsch, DeeAnn Gates, Addie Alderson. 35 FRONT ROW: Jean Mangold, Lizabeth Peters, Nathan Peterson, Brian Peterson, Shari Christensen, Peggy Kindwall, Janis Mieras, Colleen Samuelson, Ruth Peterson, Sally Carpenter. SECOND ROW: Beverly Sassman, Janelle Goettsch, Diane Nielson, Linda Meyer, Linda Lee, Karen Hinkeldey, Janet Hutton, Janet Smith, Burdette Watts, Sharon Bell, Ricky Wolfe, Mickey Laffin, Elaine Parris, Norma Buck- ingham, Versa Gentis, Dean Brechwald. Tl-HRD ROW: Judy Jones, Adeline Alderson, Shirley Hoops, Dee Ann Gates, Dennis Carlson, David Strom, Richard Anderson Allan Peders M' ' P ' ' ' , on, iriam eterson, Gleva Sadler, Lynn Osborne, Keith Pierson, Dana Johnson, Davrd Meyer, Douglas Svendson, Ruth Schmidt, Ronald Hankel, Richard Groth, Beverly Lietz, Dennis Gustafson, Richard Baugh, Beverly Hanson, Marcia Hutton. FOUR I D JoAnn Warren, Bonita Johnson, Candace Anderson, David Anderson, Linda Larson, Linda Delbridge, Tom Wall L H T . . I oren useman, Muns Fa.estad, James Sassman, Steven Jimrnerson, James Norlin, Daniel Dorr, Douglas Lee, Loris Parris, Judy Anderson, Mary Carter, Paul Ruehmann, Roger Anderson. TH ROW: Janet Porter, Karna Bergmann, Cynthia Benna, Tyanne Fogleman, Linda McGowan Linda Falck Majorette Beverly Hanson First Place Trophy Invitational Marching Band Contest Luverne, Minnesota Xi N il lg I sb-,g, ,, J! X I f.-..,, " - 4, ,gg . V W , ,N-..m..,,.. , ,. A--.-...,,,, . r-7-Q, ' - ,S-. .Q ' -iwkn Y ' ' ' . 'vi-... si WH-.W -,S . V 5.1 li i In . -Q 'X Y ' Z 2Q'Af, Q, ,Tj-A' 'li vfs? , mf 72" FRONT ROW: Cynthia Benna, Linda Falck, Tyanne Fogleman, Dennis Carlson, Shirley Hoops. SECOND ROW: Lizabeth Peters, Linda McGowan, Beverly Sassman, Janet Porter, Judy Jones. THIRD ROW: Jean Mangold, Linda Meyer, Karna Bergmann, Linda Lee, Louise Ericksen. FOURTH ROW: Nathan Peterson, DeeAnne Gates, Linda Siebels, Ade- line Alderson, Janelle Goettsch, David Hollenbeck, Diane Nielsen. Trumpets Richard Anderson Allan Pederson Douglas Svendsen Lynn Osborne David Meyer Keith Pierson Dana Johnson Gleva Sadler David Strom Douglas Patten Miriam Peterson Percussion Tom Wall David Anderson Candace Anderson Linda Larson Linda Delbridge Bonita Johnson JoAnn Warren ' I wlir J' 8-i , Clarinets Trombones Roger Anderson Judy Anderson Mary Carter Loris Parris Paul Ruehmann James Norlin Daniel Dorr Douglas Lee Steven Jimmerson Saxophones FRONT ROW: Elaine Parris Norma Buckingham Versa Gentis Dean Brechwald SECOND ROW: Dennis Gustafson, Beverly Lretz Richard Groth, Ronald Hankel, Marilyn Murphy, Ruth Schmidt Lower Brass FRONT ROW: Karen I-linkeldey, Tom Johnston, Janet Hutton, Janet Smith. SECOND ROW: Muns Farestad, Robert Baugh, Richard Baugh, Jim Sassrnan, Beverly Hanson, Marcia Hutton, Loren Huseman. First Chair Members FRONT ROW: BeverlyLiet1, Janet Smith, Sally Carpenter, JeanMangold Brian Peterson. , SECOND ROW: Janet Hutton, Jim Sassman, Dean Brechwald, Tom Wall, Douglas Patten, Roger Anderson. FRONT ROW: Linda Meyer Burdette Watts Sharon Bell, Brian Peterson, Ricky Wolfe SECOND ROW: Linda Lee Sally Carpenter, Shari Christensen Janis Mreras, Colleen Samuelson, Peggy Kindwall, Ruth Peterson, Adeline Alderson Flutes and Oboes Dance Band W FRONT ROW: Marilyn Murphy, Brian Peterson, Versa Gentis, Richard Groth, Dennis Gustafson SECOND ROW: Douglas Lee, Roger Anderson, Judy Anderson, Tom Wall, Mr. Schive THIRD ROW: Richard Anderson, Douglas Patten, David Strom, Jim Sassman, 'QBQH Hai" Janet Smith Two On the Aisle 0 A musical program in the lighter vein, was pre- sented on October 24. Music was selected from eight Broadway musicals. The numbers were staged with scenery and costumes. Students worked out many dances and routines for the show which was accompanied throughout by the mixed chorus in harmony with dance band accompaniment. The shows represented were: Pajama Game, Most Happy Fella, Kismet, Oklahomal, Damn Yankees, The Music Man, and South Pacific. Shoeless joe from "Pick 3 Little Hannibal, Mo." Talk 3 Little" . ' V I ' f 'f'fi:5,?,1iS5 'S' "'1f'f'1??fiVff?"Zf'if'T"'1if.l'wihtfzi:HSiS7v3N Wf1E37 ? H: fr "-'mi 1 if Chorus Officers FRONT ROW: Linda Larsen, Lizabeth Peters fPresidentj, Candace Ander- son SECOND ROW: Diane Nielsen, Robert Radke, Versa Gentis TRIAL BY JURY, a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, was presented by our high school mixed chorus. It was set in a nineteenth century English court. The Havor of early English musical and comedy was well captured by our high school musicians. Hide A Way Trial by jury 5 Vocal Music Activities The Christmas program this year was entitled THE STORY OF Tl-IE FIRST CHRISTMAS. The story from the Bible was read by Judy Anderson. Music was inter- polated throughout by the Alta High School mixed chorus, the glee clubs and various small groups. The evening's program was highlighted by a series of luminous chalk drawings. These drawings were done by Mrs. Harry Melander while the audience watched. Small group contest for vocal music at Odebolt, Iowa on April 6 and 7. DIVISION I: Addie Alderson, piano, Luther Kjolhede, piano, Sally Carpenter, soprano, Roger Anderson, tenor, Jon Sherman, tenor, Douglas Patten, baritone, Dennis Wrede, baritone, Double Mixed Quartet A, Mixed Quartet, Girls' Quartet, Boys' Quartet B, Madrigal A. DIVISION II: Linda Sandine, piano, Lynn Fett, soprano, Versa Gentis, soprano, Marva Dierenfeld, alto, Dianne Radke, alto, David Smith, bass, Danny Dorr, bass, Girls' Sextet A, Girls' Sextet B, Boys' Quartet A, Madrigal B, Double Mixed Quartet B, Girls' Trio. DIVISION III: Judy Jones, soprano medium, Patricia Stokes, soprano medium, Karen Hinkeldey, alto. Large group contest for vocal music at Aurelia, Iowa on May 5. DIVISION I: Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, DIVISION II: Girls' Chorus. Instrumental Music Calendar Flag Raising Ceremony, the second day of school. Halftime, four home football games. Alta Homecoming Parade, Rain, Rain Go Away! October 7, Tri-State Band Festival, Luverne, Minnesota. We son an A Rating Trophy. October 14, State Marching Band Contest, Bode, Iowa. Our fifth consecutive I rating. October 21, Buena Vista College Homecoming Parade. October 24, Two on the Aisle, small band accompanied mixed chorus. November 4, Appearance at Buena Vista football game snowed out. Another successful Smorgasbord served by band mothers. November 6, Beginning of concert band rehearsals. December 5, Christmas Band Concert. February 5, Tri-School Band Festival fto be alternated each year with a chorus festivalj. Guest director was Karl Rogosch, East Sioux City High School. March 10, Grade School and Junior High School Solo Contest at Storm Lake. The students received forty- five I ratings, twenty-eight II ratings, and one Ill rating. March 24, LeMars Stage Band Festival. Our swingin' group played on the evening concert. Roger Ander- son was picked as one of the trombones for the All- Star Band. April 2 and 3, Pre-contest recitals were held in the band room. April 6 and 7, State Contest for Solos and Ensembles. DIVISION I: Roger Anderson, trombone, Paul Rueh- mann, trombone, Woodwind Trio A, Woodwind Trio B, Miscellaneous Group of Woodwinds B, Woodwind Quintet, Woodwind Choir, Sax Quartet, Trombone Quartet, and Brass Choir. DIVISION II: Sally Car- penter, flute, Janis Mieras, flute, Versa Gentis, alto saxophone, Beverly Lietz, tenor saxophone, David Strom, trumpet, Miriam Peterson, trumpet, Douglas Lee, trombone, Clarinet Trio, Clarinet Quartet, Mixed Clarinet Quartet, and Trumpet Quartet. DIVISION III: Richard Groth, tenor saxophone, Addie Alderson, bassoon, and Miscellaneous Group of Wood- winds A. April 13, Spring Concert by twenty-nine piece begin- ners ba.nd and sixty-seven piece Junior High Band. April 24, Swing Into Spring presented by the Dance Band. This concert was very popular with the audi- ence. April 26, Beginners' Band at Fairview played concert for community meeting. Eight soloists also played their grade school contest numbers. May 5, State Contest for Large Groups. We played Gustav Holst Moorside March and Aylesford Variations by Theron Kirk. We received a Division II rating on a split decision by the judges. May 15, Music Banquet. Awards ceremonies, announce- ment of winners of John Philip Sousa Band Award, and Scholarships to summer Music Camp were pre- sented. May 18, Spring Band Concert. The guest soloist was Jame James Wheeler, trombonist from Primghar, Iowa. May 30, Memorial Day Parade. December 13, Band played for student convocation at I 5 Buena Vista College. A ' X f February 3, Northwest Iowa High School Band Festival. , G Qi' Our bandvs representatives were: Sally Carpenter, X ia 65 flute, Beverly Sassman, clarinet, and Roger Anderson, ff ,, N J j 1 9 " trombone. The guest conductor was Leo Kucinski, C 1 4 5 eminent conductor of Sioux City Symphony and 1? is member of the music conservatory faculty at Morn- iv' I ingside College. 42 at 'Z . 3. s B2 ag! 70 'J First l R Team Football Squad 1151? FRONT ROW Tom Cone, Douglas Patten, Dennis Coombs, David Wolfe, Paul Ruehmann, SECOND ROW Douglas Goosmann, Robert Radke, Gary Peterson, John Nordman, Mike THIRD ROW Mr McCoy fCoachj, Dean Brechwald, Daniel Smith, David Johnson, Mr. Ibach QCoachj Alta f W-M5615-'W A . ,g?3i,'i3fi sg 2-534:55 tw , .gag CP., -tl All Conference F1rst Team Most Valuable Player Doug Goosmann Makes ' BBE? First Down All-Conference Honorable Mention Michael Johnston Guard Gary Peterson Guard Daniel Smith Tackle nf-+-il-nrfiv-IDP cn X, . A 1 f- Go! Cyclone! Go! W ,J A kk X5 BI 31 Of.-arg, YJ Nil Q93 Second , PX arte h A1 t sf og Team Football I I 4 20' 4 37,2 Squad xc 1 ' in is V Y l A A 214 ll. FRONT ROW: Orin Husernan, David Strom, Marlowe Poller, Roger Radke, Keith Endreson, David Anderson, Dennis Gustafson SECOND ROW: Tom Cone, Jim Sassman, Richard Anderson, Ronald Anderson, Douglas Lee, Robert Wilt. THIRD ROW: Jon Sherman fManagerj, Dennis Coombs, Tom Husernan, Mr. lbach fCoachj, Eldon Poller, David Smith, Gary Faust Qlvlanagerj Defeats Aurelia , l will Y Students Cheer Victory john Nordman Doug Patten Goes Around End Scores TD Alta Scores Against Paullina Offensive Team FRONT ROW: David Wolfe, Daniel Smith, Michael Johnston, John Soderquist, Gary Peterson, Dean Brechwald, Robert Radke SECOND ROW: Douglas Patten, Paul Ruehmann, John Nordman, Douglas Goosmann 1961-62 Football Season The cyclones turned out to be a team full of sur- prises this year. After losing their first game to non- conference Holstein, the Alta squad jelled to earn a 6 and 1 record in the conference. One of the biggest surprises was the spirit of the squad. Although they were slated to finish in the bottom half of the conference, the team took heart and dug in. The stubborn defense and fast, hard-hitting offense, together with their new found confidence proved to be the difference in this year's season. The'leaders in various departments were as follows: Defensive linebackers Dave Wolfe and Robert Radke led with 70 and 55 tackles respectively. Dave Wolfe was also the leading pass receiver, catching 19 passes for 214 yards. Robert Radke was the team's kicker averaging 41.5 yards per kick. Paul Ruehmann was the leading passer, completing 33 of 69 attempts for 378 yards. He was also the team's punter, averaging 31.9 yards per punt. Douglas Patten was Alta's leading rusher, gaining a total of 421 yards in 96 attempts for a 4.4 yards per carry average. Douglas was also Alta's leading scorer. I-Ie rushed for 7 touchdowns, passed for 2, and rushed for 5 extra points. Game Summaries ALTA 135 HOLSTEIN 26 In the season's opener, Alta came up on the short end of the score after a hard fought game. The first touchdown for Alta came when Robert Radke streaked 53 yards on a pass from Ruehmann. ALTA 335 SANBORN 0 Alta rolled to its first victory of the season. The alert defense and driving offense held Sanborn so tightly that they got in cyclone territory once once. ALTA 75 SUTHERLAND O In one of this season's most exciting games Doug Patten returned the opening kick-off 70 yards to score the only touchdown of the game. In the last seconds with the Sutherland team threatening, Mike Johnston broke through the offense to recover a gurnble. ALTA 14, AURELIA 12 After trailing 12 to O at halftime, Alta stormed back to defeat our traditional rival in the last minute. ALTA 7, I-IARTLEY O In one of the closest games of the season, Alta's defense stopped the opponents cold. The winning touchdown came in the third quarter when Doug Patten drove over from the two yard line. ALTA 205 MILFORD 6 The tough defense and deceptive offense of Alta took Milford by surprise. The high point came when Dave Wolfe took a Milford fumble on the first bounce and ran 33 yards for a touchdown. ALTA 275 PAULLINA 34 With Alta leading 20 to 13 at halftime on a touch- dovm by John Nordman, Alta held its own until the last play of the game when Paullina scored. This last play score not only Cost the cyclones the game but a tie for the conference championship with Paullina. FRONT ROW: Maynard Mohn, Michael Johnston, Daniel Smith, Dean Brechwald, Gary Peterson SECOND ROW: Douglas Goosmann, Douglas Patten, Dennis Coombs, Robert Radke, David John son, David Wolfe Defensive Team Th 3. First Team Basketball Squad 3 David Anderson, Kieth Endreson, Douglas Goosmann, Paul Ruehmann, Dave Wolfe, Laurel Lich- tenberg, John Soderquist David Warren, Stanley Fredericks, John Nordman, Dean Brechwald, Gary Peterson, Mr Ibach QCoachj All Conference First Team Scores First Team Second Team Paul Ruehmann Laurel Lichtenberg All-Conference Honorable Mention David Wolfe Te am Captain Gary Peterson Stanley Fredericks Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta 1lfAlta Alta 'lfAlta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta 'F'FAlta 'lOFAlta 'l0FAlta Holstein Sanborn Sutherland Aurelia Hartley Milford Paullina Albert City Prirnghar Sanborn Sutherland Sioux Rapids Aurelia Albert City Primghar Hartley Sioux Rapids Milford Paullina Willow Community Correctionville Aurelia FAH? Gif! 1961-62 Basketball Season The cyclones proved to be quite a surprise team during the past season. Not only did they finish third in the tough Sioux Valley Conference with a record of nine wins and five losses, but they also produced an overall winning record of fourteen wins and eight losses while advancing to the finals of the sectional tournament. The cyclones were forced to settle for second place in the county tournament as they lost to Albert City-Truesdale in an overtime. The season produced no "super-stars" but was the result of the combined efforts of the entire squad. Paul Ruehmann was the individual scoring lead with 387 points, and also gained a berth on the First All-Conference Team. Lichtenberg gained a berth on the Second Team All- Conference while pulling down 271 rebounds to lead that department and set a new school record. The old record was 241. Three other players--David Wolfe, Stanley Fredericks, and Gary Peterson--were named to the A11- Conference Honorable Mention list while adding their efforts to the cause. Another record which fell was the rebound record. The "little" men had to scrap but were able to bring down 937 rebounds to surpass the previous high of 772. Although the loss of six seniors via graduation will not go unnoticed, the "B" team, which compiled a winning season, eleven wins and six losses, may be able to supply individuals to fill the gaps left by departing seniors. Dave Wolfe I 'i Hifi' .Srl .WJSIQ Second Team Basketball Squad FRONT ROW: Lynn Osborne, Richard Baugh, Charles Rydstrom, David Strom, David Anderson, David Coombs, Daniel Hansen SECOND ROW: James Turnquist, Douglas Lee, Douglas Goosmann, Dennis Wrede, Jim Sassman, Dennis Gustafson THIRD ROW: Mr. Nielsen QCoachj, Don Meyer flvlanagerj, Richard Anderson, Tom Paul Ruehmann A1ta43... . Alta45... Alta22... A1ta4l... A1ta35... Alta32... Alta34... I Alta46... Alta45... Alta39... Alta36... Alta37... Alta38... Alta52... Alta33... Alta38... Alta45... Alta Defeated in Finals of County Tournament tx I, '53 YZ -RZ Huseman, Dennis Coombs, Cary Faust QManagerj, Jon Sherman Uvlanagerj Second Team Scores ll winsg 6 losses Holstein Sanborn Sutherland Aurelia Hartley Milford Paullina Prim ghar Albert City Sanborn Sutherland Aurelia Pri mghar Hartley Sioux Rapids Milford Paullina Dean Brechwald 1961-62 Track Season X ' 1 ' P7 -'I -r.. K fi? ,-lv- Z-lfzi Milers Orin I-Iuse man Duane Friearich Keith Endreson We1ghtmen Track Season With the arrival of warm weather, the shouts of "stretch out," "relax," and "kick it," coupled with the crack of the starting pistol indicated that the track season is here once more. This year, as last year, the distance teams are the mainstay of the track team. The sprint relays are show- ing improvement and should continue to cut their times as the season progresses. Track Schedule April 6--State Indoor Meet Qlowa City, April 13--Holstein Relays April 19--Pocahontas Relays April 25--Sac Relays April 27--Alta Relays April 30--Pioneer Relays May 4--Aurelia Relays May 9--Conference Meet fAureliaj May 11--District Meet fl-lolsteinj May 19--State Outdoor Meet Mile Relay Paul Ruehmann Douglas Patten Maynard Mohn . John Nordman Welghtmen Ronald G. Peterson Robert Wilt John Soderquist Dean Brechwald Eldon Poller Medley Relay David Anderson, Paul Ruehmann, Douglas Goosmann, Douglas Patten, Laural Lichtenberg, Robert Radke Sprint Relays David Anderson, Ronald Hankel, James Turnquist, Douglas Lee, Douglas Goosmann, Torn Huseman "A" Club FRONT ROW: Mr. McCoy fAdvisorQ, Mr. Ibach fAdvisorj, Mr. Nielsen fAdvisorj, Robert Radke, David Wolfe, Douglas Patten SECOND ROW: Kieth Endreson, Tom Cone, Dennis Coombs, Maynard Mohn, Douglas Goosmann, Paul Ruehmann Gary Faust, James Turnquist, Roger Radke, David Anderson THIRD ROW: Laurel Lichtenberg, John Soderquist, Stanley Fredericks, Dean Brechwald, David Johnson, Gary Peterson, John Nordman, Michael Johnston, David Warren, Don Meyer Cheerleaders Margaret Turnquist Bonita Johnson Sally Carpenter Diane Nielsen Karna Bergmann Coaches Jerry Ibach fl-lead Basketball Coachj Delbert McCoy fl-Iead Football Coachj Mohn, Roger Radke Music Section FRONT ROW: Karen Hinkeldey, Douglas Patten, Versa Gentis. SECOND ROW: Donna Castle, James Turnquist, Peggy Kind- wall, Jerry Christiansen, Cyn- thia Benna. Elementary Section FRONT ROW: Jerry Meyer, Beverly Hanson, Diane Ho- grefe. SECOND ROW: Addie Alder- son, Louise Eriksen, Rita Saathoff, Wanda Dierenfeld. THIRD ROW: Tom Johnston, Susan Grieme, Don Meyer. Organization and Events FRONT ROW: Judy Anderson, Connie Langlet, Linda Lar- sen. SECOND ROW: Ruth Schmidt, Janelle Goettsch, Miriam Peterson, Colene Harms. THIRD ROW: Ray Hinkeldey, David Johnson, Gary Faust. Publicity Section FRONT ROW: Marcia Hutton, Sally Car- penter. SECOND ROW: Loris Parris, Judy Lund- berg, Candy Ander- son, Clayton Conard. 54 Queen and King Candidates FRONT ROW: Jane Anderson Louise Murray, Bonlta John son, Jene Anderson, Connie Langlet SECOND ROW: John Nordstrom, Gary Peterson, Maynard Enjoy Yourself, ItV's Later Than You Think 0 E R V G E A N N T I A S Z N A D T I O N S Q f f ,cs 's wif NN ij W! 5 a Adniinistration Section FRONT ROW: Helene Dahl, Bonita Johnson, Jane An derson. SECOND ROW: Stanley Kraemer Sharon Bell, Lynn Fett. THIRD ROW: Daniel Smith, John Soderquist Yearbook King and Queen Gary Peterson, Connie Langlet Gary Peterson, Beverly L1 ffyff ' Business Managers FRONT ROW: Marva Dierenfeld Maynard Moh. SECOND ROW: Lynn Osborne, Diane Nielsen, Janet Porter, John Norstrom. 'Lili ' I Yearbook King and Queen with the Royal Court Cyclone Activities Distribution of the 1962 Yearbooks ends another year of hard work on the part of the Yearbook Staff. With the help of our efficient editors, Janet Smith and Lizabeth Peters, it was a very successful year. The annual Yearbook Dance was a success again this year. The highlight of the evening came with the crowning of Connie Langlet and Gary Peterson as Queen and King. We wish to thank all those who had a part in A Kiss for the Queen Scarlet and Black Activities At the beginning of the second semester, a com- plete tLu'nover was made in the staff with Dave John- son remaining as editor. Under the supervision of Mr. Skay, the staff tries to give a complete and accurate report of activities at school. There is a lot of work in organizing a paper and everyone is expected to carry his or her share of the work load. Our thanks is extended to the Alta Advertiser for making the 1962 Yearbook a success. giving us a large amount of room in the weekly paper. FRONT ROW: Gary Faust fAssistant Editorj, David Johnson Uiditorj. SECOND ROW: Judy Jones, Sherry Ericksen, Linda Sandine, Beverly Hanson, Sheila Kren- zien, Louise Eriksen, Margaret Sandine, Connie Langlet. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Murphy, Sharon Williams, Karen Banta, Janet Peterson, JoAnn War ren, Addie Alderson, Marva Dierenfeld. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Skay QAdvisorj, Maynard Mohn, David Wolfe, Eldon Poller, John Soderquist, Don Meyer, Duane Friedrich, Marcia Hutton. Scarlet and Black lr Q . ' German Club FRONT ROW: Mr. Skay Q1-Xdvisorj, Jean Mangold fSecretaryj, Marcia Hutton QPresidentj, John Soderquist fVice-Presidentl. SECOND ROW: Judy Coombs, Janet Smith, Judy Sauter, Beverly Hanson, Lizabeth Peters. THIRD ROW: Marva Dierenfeld, Mary Carter, Ruth Ann Peterson, Louise Murray. FOURTH ROW: Laurel Lichtenberg, Nathan Peterson, Paul Rueh- mann, Gary Faust. German Club Activities In October the organizational meeting of the Ger- man Club was held. With the election of officers, the supervision of Mr. Skay, and the framing of the con- stitution, the activities of the German Club began. At each meeting one of the members presented a reading in German to the Club and thus the real pur- pose, to promote German and the German language, was accomplished. Also, at several meetings films of Germany were shown. During the Christmas holidays, the German Club members visited several homes in the community and sang German carols. Everyone was busy during De- cember leaming the carols and practicing in the in- strumental group which accompanied the carolers. The month of February was filled with excitement and preparations for the school carnival which was held in March. The German Club conceived the idea and various other organizations within the school joined in to make the carnival a success. With the numerous activities and events, the first year of the Alta German Club ended in success. Science Club Activities The Science Club was formed by the high school students and their advisor, Mr. McCoy. The students meet to expand and broaden their knowledge and in- terest in science. Club meetings are held once each month. At each meeting there is a business meeting and a report by one of the members. The report consists of a lecture and demonstration. Members attended the Science Fair at Des Moines. FRONT ROW: Mr. McCoy QAdvisorl, Beverly Lietz fSecretary-Treasurerj, Tom Wall fVice-Presidentj, John Nordman QPresidentl. SECOND ROW: David Anderson, Marva Dierenfeld, Colleen Samuel- son, Linda Schuelke, Judy Anderson, Louise Murray, Lizabeth Peters. THIRD ROW: Don Meyer, Laurel Lichtenberg, John Soderquist, Gary Peterson, Ray Hinkeldey, David Wolfe, Roger Anderson. Science Club FRONT ROW: Tom Johnston. SECOND ROW: Louise Murray, Candace Anderson, Di- anne Radke, Julie Grigg, Helen Dahl, Mr. Ehlers. THIRD ROW: Mary Carter, Jerry Meyer, Karen Hinkel- dey, Marilyn Murphy, Bonita Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Norma Lichtenberg, Dean Brechwald, John Nordman, Nathan Peterson. John Nordman, Nathan Peterson, Dianne Radke, Marilyn Murphy. Tom Johnston, Julie Grigg, Bonita Johnson, Jerry Louise Murray, Karen Hin- Meyer. keldey, Dean Brechwald. unior Class Play Headin' for a Wfeddin' The Junior Class Play, "I-leadin' For a Wedclin'," was presented November 10, 1961 in the form of a farce. Problems arose in the hillbilly Hollowbone family when Homer fNathan Petersonj started corresponding with an Eastern debutante, Melissa Dugan fKaren I-linkeldeyl, whose picture he saw in a newspaper. Things began moving when Melissa, in search of her fia.nce's mansion, stumbled into the I-Iollowbone cabin with her two old maid companions, Hortense and Isabel Todd played by Candace Anderson and Norma Litchtenberg. The three-room cabin was shared with the Blair- house family which presented more complications as a family feud develops. Just when things looked worst, Melissa and Homer iron out their differences and all problems find themselves solved. Candace Anderson and Marilyn Murphy received awards for their portrayals of l-Iortense and Mrs. Hol- lowbone. SEATED: Candace Ander son. SECOND ROW: Helene Dahl, Mary Carter, Norma Lichtenberg. 1H1lI2Il ' f - rs' Ulf- Wfiliiwaii if-,sSlS5il2lH5if?!lXlETE5 1 :i'5fQ5!Fi1Eri .51WifiJlsisilifyi'23?77?3R?i3P5iisi'Q55iiSi6!l2L5i?6ii.fQiaif?3f5 i ' LEM F H A FRONT ROW: Mrs. Van Deest fAdvisorj, Sharon Williams QSecretary-Treasurerj, Judy Sauter QVice-Presidentj, Sally Carpenter fPresidentj, Linda Sandine fDistrict Officerj, Lorraine Swanson QHistorianQ. SECOND ROW: Norma Buckingham, Connie Langlet, Shirley Hoops, Judy Jones, Eleanor Remillard, Donna Castle, Susan Holtz, Donna Pedersen, Myra Huseman. THIRD ROW: Lizabeth Peters, Sherry Ericksen, Cynthia Bumann, Beverly Hanson, Janet Smith, Louise Eriksen, Judy Fast, Janis Mieras. FOURTH ROW: Jean Mangold, Sheila Krenzien, Loris Parris, Addie Alderson, Janet Hutton Marva Dierenfeld, Linda Siebels, Judy Lundberg, Laurine Peterson. ' FIFTH ROW: JoAnn Warren, Tyann Pierson, DeeAnn Gates, Diane Hogrefe, Susan Grieme, Janet Peterson, Karen Banta, Elaine Parris. FHA Activities The theme for this year was "Teenage Consump- and State Conventions. tion." The activities for this year included: the an- Congratulations to Lizabeth Peters who won the nual sponsoring of the Christmas Dance, a bake sale, a Betty Crocker "Search for the Homemaker of Tomor- kindergarten party, cleaning the trophy case, taking row" award. part in the carnival, and sending a delegate to District Kindergarten Party i lifll lim' 1'Z'l -M I I ' judging Team at Sioux City FFA Activities FRONT ROW: Tom Huseman, Mr. Carstens QAdvisorj. SECOND ROW: John Nordstrom, Lynn Osborne, Jim Watts N29"Q' X! ' irq, ESQ? 242' iii 23-GQ Y M FRONT ROW: Mr. Carstens fAdv1sorl, Allen Halverson QTreasurerQ Richard Groth QSec retaryj, John Nordstrom fPres1dentj, Tom I-Iuseman QVICB Presidentj, Jim Watts fRe porterj, Loren Bengtson fSentme1j SECOND ROW: Lynn Osborne, Scott Schuler, Charles Rydstxom, Orin I-luseman Robert Langner, Ronald Christiansen THIRD ROW: Philip Jahde, Larry Heinsohn, Willard West, Ronald Falck Robert Wilt Ronald G. Peterson, Stanley Kraemer FOURTH ROW: David Koth, Ronald J Peterson, Stanley Fredericks, M1lton Hustedt, Donald Holmes, Richard Rydstrom FFA Activities The F.F.A. is a national organization of young men interested in farming. The members are required to have a supervised fanning project of either crops or livestock. The teams such as the judging team help the club members to evaluate animals, crops, and soils. On the parliamentary procedure team, the boys leam and practice-how to conduct meetings. They put on a demonstration on how to conduct a meeting at the Parent-Son Banquet. Parent- Son Banquet . .. 7 ,.m.W ii , G R A FRONT ROW: Addie Alderson QTreasurerj, Peggy Kindwall QVice- Presidentj, Miss Knodel fAdvisorj, Gleva Sadler QPresidentj, Versa C-entis QSecretaryQ. SECOND ROW: Norma Buckingham, Connie Langlet, Shirley Hoops, Judy Jones Lorraine Swanson Donna Castle Susan Holtz Donna Pedersen J 7 I 3 3 Myra Huseman. THIRD ROW: Lizabeth Peters, Sally Carpenter, Cynthia Bumann, Beverly Hanson, Janet Smith, Louise Eriksen, Judy Fast, Janis Mieras. FOURTH ROW: Jean Mangold, Sheila Krenzien, Loris Parris, Colleen Samuelson, Janet Hutton, Marva Dierenfeld, Linda Siebels, Judy Lund- berg, Laurine Peterson. FIFTH ROW: JoAnn Warren, Tyann Pierson, DeeAnn Gates, Diane Ho- grefe, Judy Sauter, Janet Peterson, Linda Sandine, Elaine Parris. Cyclonettes Activities This is the fifth year for the Cyclonettes to perform at the halftime of basketball games. The group performed at three games this year. Their advisors this year were Mrs. Van Deest and Mr. Skay. The officers for this year were: president and leader, Beverly Hanson, vice-president, Connie Langlet, secretary, Judy Gleva Sadler Coombs, reporter, Marva Dierenfeldg and council members, Linda Sandine, Norma Lichtenberg, and Helene Dahl. ' ., , a -, Y' T Jil! W 'T ,.- iff l ' -1 ,zri I S I A 'f-- , 1. , 2.1, We -V,'- 1 . . - t ,- f i r ,..' rg' . . ji V Ma, . . .. V V ESM. , -V, .... . . ,W , ': i- A A E Xt' 'J 4 'AEP if i 1-mg. E' :SQ if was L1 ii? if XGA' 3 "'ii if fi'r I '1- , we -i" . V1ffE li::': 1 f f! ,. , X - ' 5- 'viii' 1? I 4351. in . . .., W " -P ' 5, , av fgg HSE asm-, ,,qy , V- ii i Q-fraaf 1 , J . 1 fs ' " i :yi A 5-E ' ..- vw' . ::'.'?,:".. 1: 5: 'WH "-X 'sw f -, E- X Q - . 12 u ., an :wr isiaxgu. : r - - . - .f,fgv,.2i 'Ev'-ii: :Zi fri fu.. - 3.-2 -'P ,, .5 1111.17 "Cv E' . -1,1 w5f.rfsf!fz,:1alf1z: my ..,,-..,-. -- V - , - A ' - Qieiii"5.p,f'5"fQ,'g9, - - fVf5QggQ iz ?.",. ' , ' ':f'IIJ k':,. Q- QE!" fi? f , ,::j" -J L ' " ' 5:1 ' V: 5 , ' fr . ft r ' ' i iiiii, S2114 ' I ff i f 5 3 if ' If ' 5-15, V Q57 EQ Q i ' ' 'Q fi Ir' 1' , J gi S 2: as it -, "T - . ,av , ' 2 is 3 ., L: .. J if , waits. .. .Q 1 :W Z N3 :sees - as - -,.jg,. - . fqjsg w-iff: s ' - 'w igs' X mi: 1 -- 1 :.gjgf5 ggiZ1,g,,a, , Z iw 2 K' i S, I 9 wk, X :r.i:f:,: f,g5f4g? 3? 5? :Q :rs if asf : w " ff 3 91 4 " is is 1 Si' Q KW N V . hemp: 2425.5 an z':: -' X rf it - "' V ff - V - r as W .. 41: ,, ..., J K i ts it Cyclonettes FRONT ROW: Sharon Voit. SECOND ROW: Connie Langlet, Shirley Hoops, Shari Christensen, Judy Fast, Helene Dahl, Mary Sievert, Norma Buckingham. THIRD ROW: Beverly Hanson, Judy Coombs, Janet Hutton, Linda Meyer, Marva Dierenfeld, Norma Lichtenberg, DeeAnn Gates, Addie Alderson, Marilyn Murphy. FOURTH ROW: Linda McGowan, Janis Mieras, Jane Anderson, Linda Sandine, Lynn Fett, Cynthia Bu- mann, Louise Eriksen, Linda Lee. GRA Activities The purpose of G.R.A. is to of- fer all types of recreation and en- courage better relationships be- tween fellow members. Activities in G.R.A. have been broken down into three fields: basketball, trampoline, and bowl- ing. This breakdown was due to the large group of 72 members this year. The senior girls attended t.he Girls' State Basketball Tourna- ment in Waterloo, Iowa. FRONT ROW: Dianne Radke, Candace Anderson, Margaret Sandine, Janet Porter, Beverly Lietz, Margaret Turnquist, Wanda Dierenfeld, Beverly Sassman, Cynthia Benna, Loreen Friedrichsen. SECOND ROW: Judy Coombs, Rita Saathoff, Jane Anderson, Karna Berg- mann, Helene Dahl, Lani Siglin, Lynn Fett, Sharon Bell, Vicky Hansen Tl-HRD ROW: Connie Jensen, Jean Anderson, Louise Murray, Ruth Ann Peterson, Diane Nielsen, Ruth Schmidt, Marilyn Murphy, Karen Hin- keldey, Julie Grigg, Colene Harms. Loris Parris Pep Club The pep club is to promote good sportsm anship and better school spirit. This was carried out by a generous amount of en- thusiasm during the school year. Officers for the 1961-62 year were: Danny Smith, president, Julie Grigg, secretary, and Roger Radke, vice-president. FOURTH ROW: Linda Larsen, Mary Carter, Bonita Johnson, Norma Lich- tenberg, Linda Schuelke, Miriam Peterson, Jolene Huseman, Marcia Hutton, Patricia Stokes, Judy Anderson. Basketball Champs ' film FRONT ROW: Lorraine Swanson, Lynn Fett, Beverly Lietz, Helene Dahl. SECOND ROW: Bonita Johnson, Miriam Peterson, Linda Liebels, Janet Smith. ' 'Vx-E-':"f'1'ra4 1 - 11 i A. M H l ll Aloha Hawaii 6:30 7:30 8:30 10:15 11:00 12:00 Kaukau Program Dancing Luau Dancing Pau l w- 1 ,- !:!!!!r.f!M:Mummlmnssw-mannmsmgnnnnnun--.......J 1961-62 1 Senior As a tribute to the Senior Class of 1962, the Juniors honored them with a banquet and prom on April 14, 1962. The theme, Aloha Hawaii, was carried out in the dining hall using rose and morning glory vines on the front wall, French doors, travel posters and a huge framed map showing the islands. A beautiful floral arrangement decked the head table. The palm trees plus the huls girl nutcups also brought out the theme at each individual table. An exotic meal was served by Juniors' mothers. Everyone was served most graciously by twelve members of the sophomore class. Kaukau Waitresses Hawaiian Punch .... Palolo Colleen Samuelson I-lam ....... . . Game of the Jungle gigs? 533533: Potatoes . . . Golden Dream Jajgnirngiion C091 Peas . . . . Dicid Bamboo Ruth Schmidt Judy Fast Salad . . . . Lilikoi and Papa Rolls . . . Taro Cake Relish. . . . Kimpira Gobo Dessert ..... . Leche Plan Nuts and Mints .... Coffee . . . Beach Pebbles in Clam Shell . Coconut Milk H' lil! "" I--" lun-----a :Irfan ll-llllllllll!!!.:-effwsfff'"'9Tf'Qs unior- Banquet The hall portrayed to the fullest, Hawaii in all its enchantment and beauty. The flowing waterfall, the volcano, the flower gardens, the pineapple plantation, and the grass huts all added to the grandeur of the evening. The traditional luau was presented in song and dance by the Freshman and Sophomore classes. Music throughout the evening was presented by the Knightbeats. Students and faculty members alike enjoyed their trip to the islands immensely, even if it was for only one night. Waiters Dennis Coombs Tom Cone Dave Anderson Jim Turnquist Check Roger Radke Richard Groth Marlowe Poller 1-alll -I ' g. 5 lf, K l r, ,V fqfsififaafa Program Koma Mai .......... Mary Carter Junior Class President Punahow . . . . Karen Hinkeldey Mahalo ............ Linda Sandine Senior Class President In the Middle of an Island ....... Kopaa . . . Nui . Junior Sextet Karen Hinkeldey Paul Rue hmann John Nordstrom gfiw Luau Luna ..... Hoomalimali . . Honey Bun . . . Hawaiian Sandman Tom Cone Sophomore Double Mixed Colleen Samuelson Brenda and Christ Christine Samuelson Kamaaina Hoole ...... Ruth Schmidt, Dennis Gustafson, Dave Anderson, Janet Hutton Wahinis. . Hoolaulea . . Kanes . .... Quiet Village . . . Pau Hula Line Versa Centis Dennis Coombs Freshman Quartet Janelle Goettsch Dennis Coombs 196 1 -62 Homecoming L,,W f , SECOND ROW Janet Smith, Sally Carpenter fHomecom1ng Queenj, Jene Ander- Homecoming Parade Roses for Our Queen Robert Radke, Sally Carpenter Homecoming Activities Homecoming highlighted our 1961-62 football season and was held September 29. All classes began the week working and striving for a first place float. During the week a king, queen, and attendants were chosen. Queen Sally and King Robert reigned over the Homecoming activities which took place all week. Thursday evening the traditional pep rally and bonfire were held. Pep talks were given by the king, queen, and coaches. Rain! Reign! Rain! was the order for the Fri- day afternoon Homecoming Parade through Main Street. The business houses added their floats to make a bigger and better parade. Friday, although the fog had set in for a damp l evening, the Cyclones' spirits were high and we won l our game against Sutherland. i During the half-time show, the king and queen were crowned. Topping off the Homecoming activities was the annual Homecoming Dance. Senior Attendant janet Smith Senior Escort Douglas Patten The Queen and the Crown Bearers E junior Attendant jene Anderson junior Escort Keith Endreson Diane Fuller, Sally Carpenter, Richard Greene ,, ,A---Ja' The Royal Couple Robert Radke, Sally Carpenter Sophomore Attendant jane Anderson Freshman Attendant Sophomore Escort Roger Radke 67 Cinthia Bumann Freshman Escort Orin Huseman Queen Sally Carpenter Homecoming Parade Sophomore Float 'They're Crusin' for a Brusin' " Third Place Senior Float 'Picken' Off Those Tiger Lillies' First Place junior Float Serve Em Defeet Second Place Freshman Float "We'11 Wip 'Em" Fourth Place 'Vs if 319' ROGER ANDERSON KAREN BANTA SALLY CARPENTER JERRY CHRISTIANSEN BEVERLY I-IAN SON MARCIA HUTTON ww X 4"'5""?' P11619 HZ UJPUO ms if ll JL 'v fl G MICHAEL JOHNSTON JUDY JONES ,,..-Q A ei if SHEILA KRENZIEN fa LAUREL LICHTENBERG MAYNARD MOHN . '-rs'.:'QX JEAN MANGOLD LORIS PARRIS 9 Q., 1 KAREN MCGOWAN DOUGLAS PATTEN "5v f 'Q Hmmm ALLAN PEDERSEN JANET PETERS LIZABETI-I PETERS CARY PETERSON 5' N JANET PETERSON TYANN PIERSON ROBERT RADKE ELEANOR REMILLARD 3 GLEVA SADLER LINDA SANDINE MARGARET SANDINE DANIEL SMITH 3 F? 33 - YZ A K' 2 JIU' if V-at JANET SMITH JOHN SODERQUIST GARY SUNDBERG MARGARET TURNQUIST 11 dk Ugg? 'H' ...r-"PA """'f' KRISTIE VICH-ANTH TOM WALL DAVID WARREN JO ANN WARREN JAMES WATTS SHARON WILLIAMS DAVID WOLFE Farewell ii T' 'i' N-iii? JL -633, Two- I I I Senior Class Officers FRONT ROW: Linda Sandine, president Loris Parris, vice-president Douglas Patten, student council Don Meyer, student council Roger Anderson, secretary- tI'CZ1S'LU.'eI Class Motto Class Flower Class Colors Now we White Rose Navy Blue and White launch, where shall We anchor . Graduation i FRONT ROW: Judy Jones, Kristie Vigilante, Lizabeth Peters, Sherry Ericksen, Linda Sandine, Beverly Hanson, Margaret Sandine, Margaret Turnquist, Eleanor Remillard, Sally Carpenter, Connie Langlet. SECOND ROW: Janet Smith, Gleva Sadler, Marva Dierenfeld, Loris Parris, Tyann Pierson, Karen Banta, Janet Peterson, James Watts, Joanna Warren, Sharon Williams, Jean Mangold, Sheila Krenzien. THIRD ROW: Roger Anderson, Jolene Huseman, Allan Pederson, Don Meyer, Laurel Lichtenberg, John Soder- quist, David Wolfe, Maynard Mohn, Douglas Patten, Jerald Christiansen, Marcia Hutton. FOURTH ROW: Gary Faust, Robert Radke, David Warren, Michael Johnston, Milton Hustedt, Gary Peterson, Daniel Smith, David Johnson, Tom Wall, Ray I-linkeldey, Gary Sundberg, Stanley Fredericks. 76 7 f 1 Processional Receiving that Treasured Diploma W-H W Flowers for the Graduates 'W'-4 L f 11 Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award Marcia Hutton Baccalaureate Speaker Rev. Lester Smith Commencement Speaker Iowa State Bar Association American Citizenship Award Margaret Sandine 78 Dar Roa Four Years of Perfect Attendance JoAnn Warren C7 Scholarships Valedictorian Lizabeth Peters Q3.97j Salutatorian John Soderquist Q3.94j Conner Award David Wolfe Lizabeth Peters FRONT ROW: Lizabeth Peters QState University of Iowaj, Margaret Sandine fBuena Vista Collegej, Janet Smith QState College of Iowaj SECOND ROW: Beverly Hanson fStte College of Iowaj, David Wolfe flow:-1 State Universityj, Jean Mangold QState College of Iowaj. Senior Class Play FRONT ROW: Sally Carpenter, Janet Smith, Judy Jones, Lizabeth Peters, Linda Sandine, Jean Mangold SECOND ROW: Marva Dierenfeld, Robert Radke, Roger Anderson, Mr. Ehlers fDirectorj, Daniel Smith, David Wolfe, Marcia Hutton "Mr, Coed" "Mr, Coed" was presented by the Senior Class on March 30, 1962. The hilarious plot of the play consists of an extreme situation--that of a man in woman's clothing. A con- flict arises when a western character by the name of Lotus Smith played by David Wolfe tries to adjust himself to the sedate environment of an Eastem Col- lege. Linda Sandine, Lizabeth Peters, and Judy Jones were cast as Bernice, Carol, and Ruby, who were typical students at Cedar Hill College. Various employees at the college were Miss Eustacia Hayworth FRONT ROW: Lizabeth Peters, fMarcia Huttonj, who was president of the college, Miss Pooley fSally Carpenterj, a physical education teacher, Miss Carr fJanet Smithj, who taught poetry, and Homer Quakenbush fRobert Radkej, an elderly custodian. Marva Dierenfeld, cast as Cobina Colgate Brewster, and Daniel Smith, as Gilbert Glyer, were two in- fluential arrivals from England. A freshman, Emily Manning, who was attending school on a scholarship was played by Jean Mangold, and a prospective buyer of the college, Mr. Oliver, was played by Roger Anderson. Daniel Smith, Judy Jones Janet Smith, Marcia Hutton, 1 SECOND ROW: Roger Ander- Linda Sandine, Marva Dieren- R0bert Radke, Sally Carpenter, son feld Jean Mangold, David Wolfe l. 3f1fflr.- 1- "-' 1 'f--- Ni :WM 'Nts wif,-I Q.---. W. FLW QW Lili! '- --.--,.......... UL,

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Alta Community High School - Cyclone Yearbook (Alta, IA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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