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V VV VV ----- -V--in - - V-VV-W V V V VV-- V V if-VVVi-:JVV ,V Vi- -- W VV' V--5 V V W, ffi 1 V- -. V. - .-. -. -.,. . ....., . . ... 1VQ,3iF4'2!'.:: Q'i 'f' Q3 'ali'-'-2?l ' 9?:f5' '.. '-Qiiiai 'Hif i za? K ,SEV ZS j :Vg-' A E gy - .:'!':-z. 14:-,.:' - H:-'rn gp' .liggf V E, :zz ', if L . 2 -S my 1 X31 1: fir E' E' F a Vs 3 -2? J IJ 'C 21 -K 'w 5 Qi VS 'e Iii N' I 2 ,IJ . : ff E. wa L. ,Q Y- . 5 Q. A' v--+VT7Vf1---if-Vp-V-vw '-V-v7--fi-ffffr---j-jf----ff-7i-f-'-g-v--1-'-'-f-f+ - '- ?i-f'f'T3 'E f f1 4f ? T' Hi' Cyclone 959 Published by the Yeorbook Staff Alto Community High School Alto, lowo fx f ' 5 ,JL ,mojw 5 Q' 9- M' flaw,- ,4 1. ..fI'x,'- ,gn-4-1 wp.. ,, I Jj fm' iakx .Xi Ui-' ,-- -,W 'x,. J- ? 0 Q IQ, , ', Q 2 2' X, Q Q Q gig f QfifE'g Q Gg f ' -' 5 B' f E9 33 T..-3,w...- J nv. 1 . Ill! in ' uh V313 , i , ' - ,:.?.'.. H Y FOREWORD High school days are happy days, filled with memorable experiences, laughter and good times. High school days are full of hard work as we strive to develop ourselves, and try to achieve what we want to be. As we grow older, we'll forget some of the good times and savor only the best. This, our yearbook, will then be our only tangible record of the happy days of our youth, days that we can never live again. The only way that we will then be able to retrace these times, will be through this book. We've tried to recapture some of the fun, the laughter, and the hard work that went into our years at Alta High. This, then is our record. -1,- :bl 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS Events and Organizations Administration Seniors High School Athletics Music Elementary 5 21 27 37 45 53 63 'F' S' Q W..-U, During the year . . . Cy- clone loyalty . .. striving toward leadership . . . household skill . . . develop- ment skill and co-ordination . . . our journalist . . . Christ- mas Formal . . . rouge, pow- der, and paint . . . profes- sional advice . . . facing the future . . . school treasurers . . . hard work and concen- tration . . . GRA , . . FHA . . . FFA . . . Scarlet and Black , . . Annual Staff . . . Cyclonettes . . . Lettcrmen's Club . . . It's all in the mak- ing' Cyclone Staff t Front row: Keith Smit :Business Managerf, Martha Becker 4Co-Editorr, Sherrill Peterson tCo-Editorl, Susan Norton tBustness Managert Second row: Connie Langlet, Nancy Pederson. Eleanor Remtllard, Frances Dahl, Doris R, Johnson. Bon- nee Lauridsen. Judith Johnston, Karen Kraemer, Virginia Fredericks, Sharon Patterson, Doris M. Johnson Third rttzv Flarv Huseynati, Suzann Syndergaard. Darlvs Anderson. Barbara Gustafson, Susan Mangold, Sandra Svetidsen, Linda Cone, Diane Holtz, Emma Jean Rasmussen. Janet Smith Fourth row: Kenneth Pruden, Dennis Otto. Norman Peterson. Paul Turnquist. Darrell Banta, Alan Harms, Larry Frantz. David Anderson. Clem Ledoux, Mike Langlet, Kenneth Qutrk Fifth row: Martin Gltenke, Larry Lichtenberg, Lowell Harms, Donald Peterson. Ronald Hoops. Merle Lar- son, Gordon Radke, Marlin Cone, Clayton Porter, David Fiiedrich Editors Sherrill Peterson and Martha Becker and the staff advisor, Mr. Fuller, directed the 1959 Cy- clone publication. Financial affairs were handled by the business managers, Susan Norton and Keith Smit with Dick Wilt and Jane Endreson as their assistants. The staff members worked diligently throughout the year capturing and recording memorable events. This year the students canvassed the community for annual sales. The community responded whole- heartedly and the goal for the annual sales was reach- ed. Dianne Schuler and Dennis Radke were crowned King and Queen for selling the most annuals. This year there are more pages and pictures than in previous years. Another added attraction in this year's annual is the tinted pictures. The annual pre- sents a record of the year's activities and pictorial re- view of the students and their school life. VVe hope that each one of you will enjoy the 1959 Cyclone. Pictures were taken by Buntrock and Salie Studio of Storm Lake. VVe wish to thank everyone who had a part in making the annual a success. YEARBQQK ROYALTY King Dennis Radke Queen Dianne Schuler Front row: Carole Walton: Ruth Lietz. Janet Peterson, Ida Mae Hinkeldey. Janet Swanson. Connie Lich- tenlierg. Karen Ltetz. Annette Schmidt, Marcia Hutton, Laverne Lichtenberg, Jane Endreson, Sally Carpenter Second row' Carolyn Sttlle. Mary Louise Otto. Kathy Rndke. Dianne Schttler. Dale Vvdene. Donna Becker. Charles Pfalzgraf, Karen Ankerson, Alice Noble. Nancy Kitidwall. Carol Johnson Third row' Dick Wilt. Joe Syndergaard. Garv Walton. u:'E'l'idP!l Carlson, Dennis Radke. Robert Htnkeldev, Kent Huseman, Jon Stille. Ronald Preston. Eugene Peterson, Jerry Otto, Michael Morrow Scarlet ond Block Staff Judy Johnston fScarlet and Black Co-editori and Martha Becker tCyclone Co-editorl at the Publications Workshop at the University of Iowa. .a E xx --N. Al' ., yr ,, I Front row: Judith Johnston tCo-editorr, Susan Norton 4Co-editorr Second row: Connie Langlet, Sally Carpenter, Sherrill Peterson, Carole Walton, Emma Jean Rasmussen, Linda Sandine, Margaret Sandine, Judy Jones, Doris M, John- son Third row: Bonnee Lauridsen, Suzann Syndergaard, LaVerne Lichtenberg, Carol John- son. Karen Lietz, Sandra Svendsen, Diane Holtz, Jean Mangold Fourth row: Janet Swanson, Karen Ankerson, Dianne Schuler, Charles Pfalzgraf, Paul Turnquist, Dennis Radke, Martha Becker, Mary Louise Otto, Connie Lichtenberg Working under the supervision of the editors, Jud- ith Johnston and Susan Norton, a fine group of versa- tile reporters composed the H58-59 Scarlet and Black staff. Many improvements were made in this Ears weekly publication. The staff advisor was Mrs. orton. Susie Norton and Judy Johnston Scarlet and Black Editors .S- Martha Becker, Sherrill Peterson Cyclone Editors f Fw' I Je- ' i2T?fVL,, i FIRESTONE SHOW BUTLER STEEL ff' f'N. f'fa, 'M 2'2f '? A TRUMAN'S LIBRARY 3IST NATIONAL FFA CONVENTION AT KANSAS CITY HARRY S. TRUMAN CONVENTION SPEAKER FFA ACTIVITIES g 'nl r, FFA PROJECTS R Front row: Miss Kundel fAdvisert, Nancy Kindwall rSecretaryt, Martha Becker fPresidentl, Doris R. Johnson :Vice-Presidentm, Alice Noble nTreasurerr Second row: Suzann Syndergaard, Darlys Anderson. Karen Banta, Barbara Gustafson, Susan Mangold, Karen Lietz, Daphne Holmes, LaVerne Lichtenberg, Sandra Svendsen, Tyanne Pierson, JoAnn Warren Third row: Connie Lichfenberg, Janet Swanson. Marcia Hutton, Mary Louise Otto, Karen Anker- son, Donna Becker, Dianne Schuler, Annette Schmidt, Carolyn Stille, Carol Johnson There are 51 members in FHA. The officers are: President, Martha Becker: Vice-President, D0I'iS R. Johnson: Secretary, Alice Noble: Treas- urer, Nancy Kindwall. The present District FHA Music Chairman is Karen Ankerson and the past District FHA Recreation Chairman was Connie Lichtenberg. The activities we had this year were installa- tion of officers, served lunch at adult-night school, Watermelon hula hoop picnic for the new members in the fall. regular meetings, sponsoring FHA Christmas Dance, bake sale, and attended District and State FHA Conventions. CHRISTMAS FORMAL Front row: Sharon Patterson, Nancy Pedersen, Eleanor Remillard. Lizabeth Peters. Judy Jones, Margaret Turnquist. Sally Carpenter. Carolyn Larson, Doris M, Johnson. Connie Langlet ,, .X i. Via ,' if 5 an ef. 5 M , - S .i 3211 so mi' S, 7' ,VW 'Z at .4 af s. Second row: Judy Ericksen, Margaret Sandine. Carole Walton, Sherrill Peterson, Karen McGowan, Miss Kundel iAdxiseru, Karen Hartman, Linda Sandine. Jane Endreson, Beverly Hanson. Karen Kraemer Third row: Janet Smith. Janet Peterson, Jean Maneold, Diane Holtz, Jolene Huseman, Janet Peterson, Sharen Huseman, Janet Peters. Marva Dierenield, Sheila Kreizien it wx 1 HOUSEHOLD SKILLS FHA CONVENTION A al IT'S ALL IN THE MAKING ! W., , L FHA ACTIVITIES The Junior-Senior haiitiuvt and prom was held April 23 in the Alta Legion hall, with the iuniors staging an elaborate party, The theme of the event was Away Ilown South with differ- ent scenes around the rooin pre- senting life in the south, These seenes were done in the manner of murals. hut with the fisiures standing out from the hack- ground, giving depth to the scenes. The Mardi Gras scene was decorated w'ith balloons, serpen- tine, confetti and colored figures of clowns and the merry makers of the original Mardi Gras in col- orful costumes. The Southern Plantation scene depicted a mansion on a large plantation, with southern bt-lles and gentlemen socializing on the veranda. 'Phe Hillhillv seene depir-ted the hillbillies and all their livestock dancing, singing, working, and Junior- Senior Banquet A Way Down South lust lv-ing lazy. The VX'aterfront or XK'hart pie- sented colored neople fishing, and working around the water. Showhoat, the final sc:-ne, was huilt on the stage. with one deck using the floor of the stage. It was carried out very inurh as the river showhoats of lon! ago. showing all the gait-ty of those' dav. Dinner was served at 6:30 nm., with l6 sonhomores serving as waiters and waitresses, all of whom were dressed in southern style. The dinner was prenared hx' the mothers of the Junior class. The tables were tastefully deco- rated with streamers down thc center of the white tablecloths, Candles in pastel colors were used as well as cut flowers, and red and white nutcups decorated with clown figures. ivqht Under Southern Skies it t , -i , 5- ,T 'S , A ' Ji ' 6 .r 2.5 f Q i it 5 T at 59 ' , ' rr gl .l!-. it sltwfi A is :ff gi f - H -' A' v S . L Y u sq tl I mg Q N : ml.. g v rw, 8 ' K ifvfgf v i , f' , ' ,' 1, . r,-I-. f,,:ggL Qf-'L-,lf 0 G t 'f ' 1 - 2.-f 'j ik: all l ihllrl Li I , l i l l ll il l Q 'U Q. Southern Jubilee Southern Colonel - - Kenneth Quirk Mnsler of Ceremonies All Aliowrd for Fotton Town - - Norman Prverson VVeleome by Junior Class President Olfl Nl7l!'l River - - - Larry Frnnfz NI Dreams of Dixieland - - Fhfiries Phalzzrnf Response lw Senior Class Pffiilfllwiil C :irolin'i in The Rlornin' - Uzzrly' Anrlerson Karen .lil'I! 'YV?l' Minstrel Breezes - Rev. FI. R. Peterson C::n'1 Help Lovin' That Man - - - - - - Karen Ankerson Swziriee River Blues - - Gziry XV:illon Senior Frnexvell lboin' Vfhof Cenfes Nzifehnrly - - - - - - - Corrlrm Pizifike Sfvitliere Folonel - - Kennefli Qnirk C'lo':e of 21 Soutli'-rn Jubilee Waiters and Waitresses M:irflI Crns: F:n'nees Dfilil and Dezm Rari- l-ze. Karen lilly :ind Myron lwfflfllil' Ilixielnnrlz L,inrl:1 Fone :infl Steve Peterson. Nancy Kinflwzill find Tom Grigg I'lnnf:ition: Daphne Holmes and Don Gus- fI1ivF'lVl, Iririne Holtz finfi Jerry lin- fireson w ...Q-an Q-.+ .Nh Y'-1 ir- 5 ls 1 I Plonfofion Party Down Ry The Flirielc - - Dnnny gniivli as 71 smnrl in for '11-gi Jorgensen Tirre Cornf- The Slimvlwom Al'fli,iniy fllllllifl Vfriirin' for llie Rolv-H F1 Levi' - - - - Dixie liifllfl finfl flioriis Siirnrnerfime - - Snllv Ffzriw 'wer Fwfirief' - - Jim K'l'n'lqri5' C'onnTry Flyle - C'Viei'v:s Teri for 'l .'Jrl - - - lY77ll'l Li Ho Zfirt .Twin Klzingolrl, .lurljv Jones. 5 illy L.'li'iw::!v: fiizlwlilifl Moon - - .lzinel IH-ferson, Filgfliii- Pc-I1-rson The Bye l3l:rc'kliiI'd lixiliy Fzzee - - - Dixielfinrl Thnfl XY:1y Dowii Yoniler in New f'lz'lv-:iris XYIien Qlie Sziinls Ho 3l'irc'liirQ In - - - - lllwm Hxenfl flfifl llinrizs A Sjiy Story ily llie lliin' sriefiks - ifiinzii IQ fi:l:'Y, llzxx ir! .lnlws in, N125 'xii' n- ili-:-, tlw j.'oilviLjel', and lloli F-le'll'lI3fll'l f'l1fn'i1s: .lnfly .liinr's, .li-rin Xlfll1QVllfl. S illy t':irpen?er. .liinet T'i'lei'sfni. Nl.n'y llnse- ntwn, llziplinv Ilfflnies, .lfinel Sniilii. lim'- fzi Ilzirinizin, Ronnie Preston, Tom XX':1ll. .xlflll Ilrirnis, Roger Anderson, In-'in Rufike. Myron Hficlke. Iiiigene P1-lerson. Robert Rzirlke Dixie Rand: Phil Sfokes. .lim Nlzielcviju. RUQPF Anderson, Carole XY:il1on. Torn XV:1Il i' '1 Front row: Miss Edmondson 1AdviserI, Nancv Kindwall fsecretaryi, Ruth Lietz 1Presidentv, Connie Lich- tenberg IVice'PresidentI, Connie Langlet 4Treasurerm Second ww' Suzann Syndergaard, Uarlvs Anderson. Karen Banta, Barbara Gustafson, Susan Mangold, Daphne Holmes. Karen Lietz, LaVerne Lichtenberg, Sandra Svendsen, Susan Norton. Tyanne Pierson, JoAnn Warren, Carmen Nikoley' Third row' Janet Swanscn, Marcia Hutton, Mary Louise Otto, Karen Ankerson. Donna Becker, Martha Becker, Dianne Schuler, Kathy Radke, Alice Noble, Carolyn Stille, Carol Johnson GRA ACTIVITIES GRA this year consisted of fifty-six members. Of- fcers elected were: Ruth Lietz, Presidentg Connie Lichtenberg, Vice-President, Nancy Kindwall, Secre- tary, and Connie Langlet, Treasurer. Our sponsor, Miss Edmondson has worked hard to make GRA much more active than it was last year. Activities for the year started with a round robin volleyball tournament. The Juniors won the series. They won all four of the games they played. The bas- ketball tournmaent was also won by the Juniors. League bowling was one of two new activities started this year. Teams were set up and competed against each other for the title. The trampoline team was the second addition. The girls worked toward performing at basketball games during next year's season. The senior girls again at- tended the Girls' Basketball Tournament in Des Moines. Extra outside activities included a dance and playday. Aurelia, Storm Lake, and Cherokee were in- vited to spend a day with us in fun. i X 1 4 Front row: Sharon Patterson, Nancy Pedersen, Eleanor Remillarcl, Judy Jones, Margaret, Turnquist Llza beth Peters, Virginia Fredericks, Sally Carpenter, Doris M. Johnson Second row: Linda Sandine. Janet Smith, Janet Peters, Diane Holtz. Linda Cone, Mary Huseman Jean gold. Janet Peterson, Clara Rydstrom, Karen Hartman Third row Karen Kraierner. Frances Dahl, Sheila Krenzien, Doris R. Johnson, Sherrill Peterson Judith Johnston, Jane Endreson, Beverly Hanson, Carole Walton Pep Club Front row: Doris R. Johnson. Mary Huse- man. Connie Lichtenberg, Linda Cone, Margaret Turnquist Second row: Daphne Holmes, Alice Noble 1PresidentI. Ruth Lietz 4Vice-Pres- identv, Karen Kraemer 4Secretary- Treasurern, Miss Edmondson 1Advis ers Third row: Suzann Syndergaard, Sherrill Peterson. Sally Carpenter, Janet Pe- terson, Frances Dahl Fourth row: Eleanor Remillard. Carole Walton, Karen Lietz, Sharen Huse- man, Judy Ericksen Fifth row: Linda Sandine, Barbara Gus- tafson, Nancy Pedersen. Virginia Fredericks, Diane Holtz Sixth row: Karen Hartman, Sandra Svendsen, Karen Ankerson, Janet Swanson, Darlys Anderson Seventh row: Marcia Hutton, Nancy Kind- v.'all. Carolvn Stille 1- ., I , I I J Q 4 l PEP CLUB ACTIVITIES A,Pep Club was organized' at the beginning of the basketball season this year. Our purpose is to promote better sportsmanship and school spirit. In order to be in the pep club the girls must at- tend every home game at which they must wear white blouses, dark skirts, and beanies. The officers are: Alice Noble, Presidentg Ruth Lietz, Vice-President: Karen Kraemer, Secretary- Treasurer. Some of our activities this year have included such things as making pom poms, pep signs and post- ers, and also keeping up to date the schedule sign in the gym. Doris M. Johnson, Sally Carpenter, Sheila Krenzien, Beverly Hanson, Janet Peters. Linda Sandiney Sharen Huseman, Dianne Schuler, Donna Becker, Martha Becker, Mary Louise Otto, Janet Swanson. An nette Schmidt. Marilyn Murphy, Janet Smith, Judy Jones. Lizabeth Peters, Eleanor Remillard Sharon Patterson, and Susan Mangold Qkneeling on the floorb CYCLONETTES Q Q Dan Tennyson lboy genius? - - Norman Peterson Junior Closs Play I Doris R. Johnson, Janet Swanson. Clayton Porter, Gordon Radke l-'mont :ou Kent Huseman, Claxton Porter, Dave Friedrich. Gordon Radke .xlr Hlfxllllllh lDll'ECl0li' Second row Janet Swanson, Karen Ankerson, Darlys Anderson. Karen Kraelner. Donna Becker 'l'hn'd xou Doris R. Johnson, Connie LlClllPlll?l'l'l,i Fourth tow' Dennis Otto. Kenneth Qlnrk, Norman Peterson, Malvern Huseman The action of the play centered around the trials and tribulations in the life of Dan Tennyson played by Norman Peterson. Dan, a young genius, was the son of a psychology professor iG0rdy Radke? who helped Dan to develop into a mental giant. Even JUNIOR PLAY CAST Linda Barnard tthe principals daughter and Dan's girl? ' ' - - - Karen Kraemer Jackie Tennyson lDan's pesky brother? - ------- Malvern Huseman Jeannie Wilson fJackie's girl? - Karen Ankerson Margaret Tennyson lmother of the two boys? - -------- Janet Swanson Roger Tennyson lprofessor and father of the two boysl ----- Gordon Radke Walter P. Latherby fsoap manufacturer! - - - - - - - - - Kenny Quirk Puff lhrawny, but brainless athlete? - David Friedrich Arthur Barnard lschool principal? - Clayton Porter Miss Baker ffussy school teacher? - Doris R. Johnson Carla Carlson fPuffs' girl? - Connie Lichtenberg Rhodera la colorful, colored maid? - Darlys Anderson Dr. Van Barf la psychiatrist! - - - Dennis Otto Miss Booth 48 newspaper reporter? - Donna Becker Policeman ------- Kent Huseman though Dan had a fantastically capable mind, he was troubled by many social problems. Exactly opposite were the difficulties of Puff lDave Friedrichl, the schools star athlete. Unless he was able to raise his grades sufficiently, he would be declared ineligible for the conference track meet. Eventually the two boys found a way to help each other out. Dan volunteered to tutor Puff if Puff's friends would agree to assist him socially. The girls, played by Karen Kraemer, Karen Ankerson, and Con- nie Lichtenberg, decided to go along with the plan. Although this arrangement included hypnosis, dancing lessons, I.Q. tests, a class pin and parsnips, everything culminated successfully. Donna Becker, Dave Friedrich, Kent Huseman Karen Kraemer, Norman Peterson Y 3 . K f ' ,Eff A V O ' XX ' Mx ,' , 1,4 Q' I 'W .V s i I' , fi. 4 xx E X ' I I X O u A PEP MEETING DOWNTOWN Finally thi- day nl llurilc-c-miiiriu aiiixi-s, a day that 1-xf'I'5 stiirli-nv nails lm: .lXl'Im' 'l'liuisda5 niiihfs OUR QUEEN 1'Xl'llL'Ill0IlY, Ilif-ic .vi-Iv' many slc-1-p5 lmll-is un Ilw stu- KATHY RADKE df-nts' farm-5 during I-':ida5 rnwrning vlassm-5, As swim 'ix school nah disnwisan-d 1'--1 tlii' Elf-YCITIINIII, a glmx swni- cdtur A sua 2,12 ' Q Q in eve-i'yune, Phil Nlarclnng z . ' the Hornefcoinimj Paradl- dmxn Main S1111-I fulloxu-d lay our lx-dutiful Quuvn. Kathy Hadkl- and uni' hand . sunw King, Lfiiiy I-ic'l1I4-:ilu-i',g and Kalliyis attendants. Hlitli L14-iz, Doris R. .lfrl1nswn. Mary Ilus-'man and .lzinvt Smith. Full-ming: Iliv rflyal parly ramu thi- Iluats in mrdei' of grades and wcix- iiidgf-d ac:coi'ding to nwatm-ss and miginality, Thi- paradv was lialtvd on Main Siiwct and thi- clwm-i'l4-adn-rs lvd Ilia' pup rnowt- ing. Pc-p talks xwu- gin n and ilu- liand played many swims. Afloi' lliv paradv. f'X'ill'XHlll' wvin lioinv lui' fl li-xx lwurs iw-51 lui-llriw lhif nigh! aclixitim-5 lwgan. Ss-plvinlwi 26. 1938 at 'UNI was llw slail ll ilu lmllliall garnm' 5lgfiIlllSl Sanlunn 'I'lic-iv was lll'XUI' a dull inomcnl diiriri: Ilns gain:-. 'I'lil- lmltlwall Qquad llaitlm-d To 5.314 anullwi' llfmicvrviiiimj xivtui'5. 'Flin' hall Iimv K'l'I'f'lllflIllL'N au- aluaw an vxvitiiigg par! ul' Ilii- Wil. Irmtlmall gzvnin 'Ill ln-:in lli.- rm-I1-iiiuriie-s, Ilw lmand ia Y fminl-d many l-Hl'l1l2lIlflIlS and playvd many snnus. Dui'inLI thi- limnniatimi ull a C'i'1m'n Ilic Qlllvfl 'Um he-i attvndants wi-rv 1-sc'r1i'l1-fl Io llic c'llI'1lIlElllOll hy Ilii- King and ins 4-sr-1-Vis. S14-xi-n and liarluara Svhlilvi' caiiiud the crmxns. Allvl' lln' Cm'41iiaIi4lri L'0i'1-nmnl was moi, tho limrlmall ggainl-sIai't1-d again in full swing FRESHMAN FLOAT uitl Xlli oinii gg Olll on lap INN Lmmh Q Hmm H.. 'l:2i' l 4. SOPHOMORE FLOAT lJim'ii to IJ.-F01-I Tliird Plavv , D UU3l'lwDEl:.Ew2fM ' I-fnirtli Plaw JUNIOR FLOAT Kham- n N'llllllll ii l ll'sT Plau 1' 1' Wx New I- ll! THE ROYALTY C L A Front row: Janet Smith, Mary Huseman Kathi Radke Ruth 'xg ,V Lietz. Doris R. Johnson - V , Back row: David Wolfe. Myron Radke Larry Lichtenberg . Keith Smit. David Friedrich -. , I .ji 'TQ ' i , 1 . f -M C S 6 I Q 4' 5 - wf'ffzf V ' K gin I , 4 sa Q 1 i l . .,,A' 1 I A 'E ' 5 I 6 R A ' gi 1 . . ' ' I ' I k ' f Q N J V Qu iq J ' g l .- .i 'swf . 7 i i gag Q X' i .ff- LV . V1 5 3,Qk.g1' , . ' ' Q 151.3 Qt! Kathy Radke and Larry for an exciting evening at the dance. Lichtenberg arrive To end another Homecoming, zi dance was held in tht- old gym sponsored hy the seniors. The Rhythm Knights furnished the music and refreshments were sein-cl :it the Close of the dance. Yes, another Horne- eoiniiig was drziwing to El 1-lost-. l-Sven though it was the seniors lust Homveoniing, the whole we-ek was zi iuyous :incl thrilling experieiic-rx Thi- Homecoming Dance is under way with the swirling-of formzils and the pounding of hearts. sq L. f SSW Royal Party arrives to dance to the rhythm of the Rhythm Knights' A-...Q Administration Sechon at . f ,tg 'ate - 1 1,1 if , 47 During the year . . . start of new year . . . lessons to plan . . . papers to correct . . . attend faculty meeting . . . turn in grades for report cards . . . tests to give . . . keep study halls in order . .. hall duty . . . attend teachers conferences . . . contracts . . . tutoring . . . selling tickets . . . taking tickets . . . class prepara- tions . . . spanking naughty children . . . night school certification . . . sponsor groups . . . chaperone . . . state convention . . . t 21 CQAQQZAV ' lm1,,zMz ,aQ.,M,z2,-00.0 . M6 wad. pcdakfecawalhaabbg l 'gwJZ,,7QQAa,,zz44 akma!7Jd. 4aAL4fQZ22afcan.a!z'4aw42aZ.,z5u:v-H0 .M,z2nt.ZQQ'4a:A1,.A9wjfzZ4 CAROL EDMONDSON Girls' Physical Education B. S. Iowa Shaw Toachf-ri HAROLD CARSTENS Va-icrans Farm Training B. S. Iowa Stats' KATHERINE NORTON English, Library B. A. University of Iowa CAROL RADKE School Sccri-tary Alta High School ROGER BEALS Frf-shman Principal Indusrrial AHS. Science M. A Univ-rsiiy of Klinnwsova CAROLYN KUNDEL Vocational llomvmaking B. S. Iowa Starr'- CHARLES CLAWSON Football - Track Foach Driver I-Iducation Physical Education B. A. Iowa Stato Tvachors MAX FULLER Businr-ss I-Tducaiioi B. A. Iowa S1810 Tr-achors 1 'Scu- 'T 11? Y' DEI-BERT MCCOY FLORENCE REYNOLDS ROBERT McKINNIS AMY SCHREIBER MARVIN POLZIEN SONDRA SHIELDS Y .4 'ff :fi n ORLAN ROTHLIESBERGER REGINALD SCHIVE -ml Sludws 5 'Km 1 all MLS' Vinny my nf Sf'-l1Yh I'r:4kM:x Imuu ' :Av R'f'1f'h-ri A NOTE OF THANKS TO OUR BUS DRIVERS '-' an l rx TY gf' 'xl l v'-1-.rl --lr llx umm 'rv '.-ff: V1 f.:yfi :Qi Rlrfis l K'f1'Tl1I ':1'xvr1v,r,. '. 'nu-,:',. ,xl,1,.4 SW' 4. fl hwvvj. 'rwrrg v .yr xl' ,1r.5p-l:'x:1g .N '. ,mm Aux' 1 , 1l?llM,f,n,y Cf ,Q E. . H . ff-1 P ,rv H I F F r THANK YOU TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION XX' ull. Nvurlvnn ,fl -Xiu H141 Svhlnll, xxmmi lik' rl, v,,H,- vlux -1plmlvlm1Y5 lu llmrm 'lu ,Xlvw li-mul HI llrlluwlllmm llvx' llnf haul mlm H1--x haul- rlffm- tw prurwwl 'lr ul-N' 5--fwllll' -rllufm-1:3 Ill um lm- wlllml XY- Nllwcn-nly Appl-- lmlv Inv lim- fum! 1-llwlv yn: :mx xywm 11. :n.:k' Hur Nr-lm-ll Hu E.--N1 gl-.wllrll plum-. my gum +1111 fi-f 'rl-up mtl, wx. lul vlvllf-mx JI N J -X l':'-:'- L I I Xl 1 V - -X' 'N 1 lI1.', SCHOOL COOKS THANK YOU TO THE CUSTODIANS The sfudf-nfs of Alta Com- munity School wish to thunk the cmtodians for all the work Yhvy' hum- duno for us. Tlwy help make fhf- gghool plnnsunt, not only for us hut for all others who vntffr our building. VV0 sinc'0r0ly appro- rizilo vhr inb Yhvy do so vw-ll for nur' lwnf-fit. SCHOOL CUSTODIANS Nelx Bernd' Earl Smith. Elms-r Svmm N Xf- 52+ . in MAI as . K1 Ts, vi ,'4g ,v ' 4 Vimffg: xg, 4 4 ' l f'!kJ f1, ,ff , xg i - , . .. .. ,., ix ' ,i 5 12' lg, new K XSS.. -1-...,,kS. -w-4-.......,,,, ...,..s..----- --s af' -fr r Q! 7 '11 is v' '37 '3 ITL' Y Y ' -m - 1 n .g gs M his , ws 5 ra i, Senior Section -.-vs! LQ 441- li' 'I ,,,4? ' -. M .S H f til During the year .... cramming for tests . . . study-study-study . . . skip day , . . graduation exer- cises . . . career day . . . state tournaments . . . senior pictures . . . perfect attend- ance . . . the last day . . . looking over colleges . . . What shall I do? . . . college entrance exams . . . gradua- tion parties . , . Baccalaure- ate Scrvice . . . a signed diploma . . . announcements . . . We finally made it! I J I , 'Y' S- vt Ox: 1 sf 1+ 1.7 MARTIN GLIENKE FFA 1, 2: Cyclone Staff 4: Class Play 3 BARBARA GUSTAFSON Barb: FHA 4: GRA 4: Pep Club 4: Cyclone Staff 4: Basket- ball 1, 2: Softball 1, 2. 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Vocal Solo 3: Class Play 3, l : 1 . fl , e MARTHA BECKER Marth, FHA 1. 3. 3 iC mxvnt1f1nt. 4 'Presidentu GRA 1. 2. 3. -4 Scarlet and l-Ilan-k 3, 4 Cyclone Staff 3 'Publication XN'orkshop SUII 4 'Co-Fditfwi. t'om't 1 Hzmrl 1: Cycloncttcs 3 'Vice-President' 4 Mixed Chorus l. Z, 'L 4. Girls' Glel- Club 1. J. 3. 4: Girls' it-xtet '2 3. 4: Triple Trio 1: Double Mixed Quartet 4, Gay Nm-Aties 2: De' clam 2. 3. 4. Class Play 3. J. WENDELL CARLSON Cyclone Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2. 3: Gay Nineties 2 MARLIN CONE Marly: Lcttermt-n's Club 4: Scarlet and Black 1. 2. 3: Cyclone Staff 3: Football 1, 2, 3. 4: Track 1. 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1. 12, 3: Mixed Cho- rus 1, 2, 3. 4: Boys' Gln-e Club 1. 2 3: Vocal Soloist 3: Mixed Quartet 2, 3: Boys' Quartet 'ig Madrigal 3. 4: Double Mixed Quartet 2, 3: Boys' Double Quartet 1. 2: Gay Nineties 2: Minstrel 1: Class Offi- cer 1 tSecretary-Treasurerlg Declam 3: Class Play 4 JANE ENDRESON FHA 4: GRA 4: Cyclone Staff 3. 4 rBusiness Managerl: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Softball 1. 2. 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. 3: Class Officer 1 4Presidentl, 3 tPresidentt: Declam 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4 ln Ag, the fellows leorn to instoll switch boxes ond do other electrical wir- ing, Front row: Mike Langlet. Kenneth Prudm-n Second row- Merle Larson. Clem Ledoux. Or-dell Kindwall Third ron: Joe Syndergaard. Dale Nydene LOWELL HARMS Lettermens Club 4: Cyclone Staff 4: Football 1. 2. 3, 4: Track 1. 2. 3: Mix'-d Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Boys' Glee Club 1. 2. 3: Minstrel 1: Gay Nineties 11: Boys' Double Quartet 2, 3. Mixed Double Quartet 2. Class Play 3 ILA MAE HINKELDEY FHA 1. 2: GRA 1. 2: Pep Club 1: Cyclone Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1. 2. 3 ROBERT HINKELDEY I-link, I.mttermen's Club 3, 4 fVice-Presidenti: Cyclone Staff 4, Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4: Mixed Cho- rus 1, 2: Boys' Glee Club 1, 2: Class Gfficer 1 4Vice-President! RONALD HOOPS Ronnie: FFA 1, 2: Cyclone Staff 4: Track 3 5' 'av YT'-.. 'rg TT har HE., 'krlfsauy l Experiments with block ond tackle and pulleys ore conducted by the Physics class. Front row: Bonnee Lauriusen, Susan Norton Second row: Lowell Harms, Donald Peterson, Jerry Otto, Robert Hinkeldey .X x X 1 1 1140 . xg Q DORIS MARIE JOHNSON FHA 1, 2, 3. 4: GRA 1. 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Scarlet and Black 1, 2. 3, 43 Cyclone Staff 3, 43 Concert Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Marching Band 1: Pep Band 1, 2, 3: Twirler 2, 3, 4: Cyclon- ettes 3 lCounciln, 4 tCouncilr3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Girls' Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Vocal Solo 3, 4: Triple Trio 1: Girls' Trio 3, 43 Girls' Sextet 3. -1: Girls' Quartet 3: Betty Crockeer Home- maker Award 4: Class Play 3 JUDITH JOHNSTON FHA 1: GRA 1, 2 3 lVice-Presidentt, 4: Pep Club 1: Scarlet and Black 2, 3 IPublication Workshop. SUD. 4 iCn-Editortg Cyclone Staff 3. 4: Concert Band 1, 2: Marching Band 1, 2: Pep Band 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4: Girls' Glee Club 1. 2. 3: Vocal Solo 2: Girls' Sextet 1: Triple Trio 1: Girls' Quartet 3: Girls' Trio 2: Mixed Quartet 4: Madrigal 4: Class Officer 1 tCouncill, 3 tCouncili: Class Play 3 f ORDELL KINDWALL FFA 2, 3 IConventioni. 4 'Conv-ntion, Reporteri: Basketball 1. 2 JF? cr:-.' X MICHAEL LANGLET Mike: FFA 3 4Converitioni, 4: Cyclone Staff -1: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 33 Class Play 3 ,J-, rg ff a .1 'T Y cn g 3,, 11,,1..'7. MERLE LARSON FFA 1, 2 1Roporteru, 3 1Secretar5i, -1 IPresidentr3 Cyclone Staff 43 Lettermens Club 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1 2 3 4 BONNEE LAURIDSEN FHA 1, 2: GRA 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 23 Scarlet and Black 3. 45 Cyclone Staff 3, 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Instrumental Solo 3, -43 Northwest Iowa Band 2, 4L Clarinet Quartet l, 2, 3, 4: Clarinet Trio 2, 3, 43 XVriodwind Trio 2, N., if 3, 4: Chamber Group of Woodwinds 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Girls' Sextet 1: Girls' Quartet 2, 3, 4' Madrigal 3, 43 Minstrel 13 Gay Nineties 2: Class Play 3 m.5X:iff.V A 'ffl' 'I C+ F' ga - Q 15-V, K T CLEM Lsooux it Clemy: FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 rConventionlg Cyclone Staff 4: Football - A 5 1, 2: Track 1, 2. 3, 4, Basketball 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1: Class 'l , M1 ut:-,,y Play 4 ii' - ,, ' f A LARRY LICHTENBERG Litchg Letterme-n's Club 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1. 2, 3, ' , 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Cyclone Staff 43 Mixed Chorus 1: Boys - Glee Club 13 King 43 Class Officer 4 tCouncill3 Class Play 3 .. Front row: Mrs. Norton rlnstructm-1 . Second row: Gary VValton, Emma Jean Rasmussen, Clara Rydstrom, Ila Mae Hmkcl- dey Third row: Judith Johnston, Marlin Cone Norton swers the French class. R tg' L: Q aa Par!ez-vases francais? asked Mrs Oui, nous parlons francais, an procedure through octuol experience. LA VERNE LICHTENBERG FHA 1. 2. 3. 4: GRA 1. 2. 3. 4: Pep Club 1. 2: Scarlet and Black 3. 4: Cyclone Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 1. 2: Girls' Glee Club 1. 2: School Treasurer 4: Declam 3: Class Play 3 RUTH LIETZ Ruthie: GRA 1, 2 ISecretaryl, 3, 4 lPresidentI: FHA 1: Pep Club l, 4 4Vice-Presidenttz Cyclone Staff 3, 4: Concert Band 2. 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 fVice- Presidentig Girls' Gleo Club 1. 2, 3: Attendant 2. 4: Class Officer 2 fPresidcnti SUSAN MANGOLD FHA 1, 2, 4: GRA 1, 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 1: Scarlet and Black 1, 2, 3: Cyclone Staff 3, 4: Twirler 3, 4: Cyclonettes 3 4Presidentl. 4 4Pres- ident: Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Vocal Solo 4: Girls' Sextet 4: Double Mixed Quartet 4: Triple Trio 1: Minstrel 1: Class Play 3, 4 MICHAEL MORROW Mitch: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Cyclone Staff 4: Football 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3. 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Trumpet Trio 2, 3: Trum- pet Quartet 2, 3: Brass Quartet 2, 3: Brass Sextet 2. 3: Dance Band 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Boys' Glee Club 1: Vocal Solo 3, 4: Boys' Dou- hle Quartet 1: Boys' Quartet 3: Madrigal 3, 4: Mixed Quartet 3: Double Niixed uartit 3 Gax 'Ninelies 2 Class Officer 2 tSecretar grit. QA inf vu WP' -f 7' ,W f -vu! 'G 1 Q ' - : ,' .' 2 . y- Trcasurert: Class Play 3, 4 .,,-f' 1 F--Q, Y -f- . vi w SUSAN NORTON Susie: FHA 1, 2, 3: GRA 1, 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 1: Scarlet and Black 3, 4 lCo-Editorl: Cyclone Staff 3, 4 tBusiness Man- agerr: Concert Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Instrumental Solo 1, 2, 3, 4: Northwest Iowa Band 1, 4: Clarinet Trio 1, 2, 3, 4: Clarinet Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4: Woodwind Trio 1. 2. 3, 4: Chamber Group of Woodwinds 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 1Councili, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Triple Trio 1: Minstrel 1: Gay Nincties 2: Class Officer 2 rCouncill: Class Play 3. 4 DALE NYDENE FFA 4: Cyclone 'Staff 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Class Play 3 Front row: Susan Mangold, Sandra Svendsen, Sherrill Peterson Second row: Sharon Patterson, Ruth Lietz, Martha Becker lf. W t t 1 The senior girls learn correct office 1 Y f ll CHARLES PFALZGRAF Chuck: FFA 2 fConventionl: Lette ' C1 b 3 4- S lt and Black 4: Cyclone Staff 4: Footbanlllivs, 3, lil: Track 1??3r Basketball 1, 2: Class Officer 2 lCouncill, 4 tPresidentl: be: clam 3: Class Play 3 KENNETH PRUDEN Tex: FFA 4 fConventionl: Cyclone Staff 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4 JERRY OTTO FFA 1, 2. 3 'Treasurer-r, 4 IVicr--Presidenttp Scarlet and Black 1. 2: Cyclone Staff 4: Football 3: Track 1. 2: Basketball 1. 2. 3: Concert Band 1, 2: Marching Band 1. 2: Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Boys' Glee Club 35 Vocal Solo 3: Double Mixed Quartet 3. 4: Mixed Quartet 4: Boys' Double Quartet 3, 4: Class Play 3 SHARON PATTERSON FHA 1. 2. 4: GRA 1. 2. 3. 4: Pep Club 1: Scarlet and Black 1. 2.3: Annual Staff 3. 4: 'hvirler 2. 3. 41 Cyclonettes 3 1Councill. 4 Nice- President: Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Triple Trio 1 DONALD PETERSON Don: FFA 1: I.ettermen's Club 3. 4: Cyclone Staff 4: Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3: Concert Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 1. 2. Z:f:4Boys' Double Quartet 3: Minstrel 1: Gay Nineties 2: Class Play SHERRILL PETERSON Sheri: FHA 1 tSecretary, Conventionl, 2, 3, 4: GRA 1 tTreasurer5, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 4: Scarlet and Black 3, 4: Cyclone Staff 3, 4 fC0- Editorl: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Trombone Trio 3, 4: Trombone Quartet 3: Dance Band 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1. 2, 3: Vocal Solo 2, 4: Accompanist 1. 2, 3. 4: Triple Trio 1: Girls' Sextet 1: Double Mixed Quartet 2, 3: Mixed Quartet 2, 3: Girls' Quartet 2, 3, 4: Madrigal 3, 4: Minstrel 1: Gay Nineties 2: Attendant 1: Class Officer 1 tCoun- cill: Class Play 3, 4 Barbara Gustafson, LaVerne Lichtenberg, Dianne Schuler, Doris M. Johnson, Wen- dell Carlson, Jane Endreson By taking notes during lectures, the social studies closs leorns 0 great deol about people ond government. DENNIS RADKE Din FFA 1: Lett-rmf.n's Club 3. 4, Scarlet and Black 4. Cyclone Staff 4: Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 1, 2, 3. 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3: Con- cert Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Marching Band 1, J, 3. 4: Pep Band 1. 2. 3. 43 Instrumental Solo 2: Northwest Iowa Band 3: Brass Quartet 2. 3. 4: Trumpet Trio 2. 3. 4: Trumpet Quartet 2. 3. -it Brass Sffxtet 31 Dance Band 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4 1Councilt: Boys' Glee Club l. 2. 3: Vocal Solo l, 2. 4: Boys' Quartet l. 2. 3: Boys' Double Quar- tet 1. 2. 3: Mixed Quartet 1. 3: Double Mixed Quartet 1: Madrigal 4: Minstrel 1: Gay Nmffties 2: Class Play 3 KATHLEEN RADKE Kathy: FHA1: GRA 1. 2. 3. 4: Cyclone Staff 4: Band Officer 4 'Coun- cilt: Drum Majorette 3. 4: Twirler 2: Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3 Secre- tary-Treasurert. 4: Queen 4: Attendant 3: School Treasurer 4: Class Officer 3 iSecretar5-Tieasureri. 4 Student-Councili EMMA JEAN RASMUSSEN FHA 1, 2: GRA 1. 2: Pep Club 1: Scarlet and Black 3. 4: Annual Staff 3, 43 Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Pep Band 1. 2. 3, 43 Saxophone Quartet 2. 3. 4: Dance Band 3. 4: Instru- r-ntal Solo 2: Mix:-rl Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4: Girls' Gif-e Club 1. 2. 33 m Girls' Quartet 1, 2, 3, -4: Girls' Sextet l: Madrigal 3, 4: Minstrel fi: Gay Nineties 3: Class Officer 3 :Vice-Presidentl: Class Play 3, -1 '-.lf i givin CLARA LOU RYDSTROM GRA 4: Basketball 1: Softball 2. 3: Mixed Chorus 2. 3: Girls' Glee Club 2. 33 Vocal Solo Il: Girls' Sextet 3: Class Play 3 I Y'-'i' l will never be able to remember those English authors and all the parts of speech! I-'rant row: Paul Turnquist. Dennis Radke, Martin Glienke Second row: Jon Stille, Michael Morrow, Ronald Hoops DIANNE SCHULER Di: FHA 1. 2. 3,41 GRA 1. 2. 3, 41 Pep Club 1: Scarlet and Black 3, 4: Cyclone Staff 3. 4: Concert Band 1: Marching Band 1: Twirler 2, 3, 4: Cyclonettes 3 tTrf-asurert, 4 ISecretaryt1 Mixed Chorus 1. 2. 3. 43 Girls' Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Vocal Solo 4: Triple Trio 1: Girls' Sextet 1. 12, 3, 4: Minstrel Show 1: Gag Nineties 2: Dc-clam 3 KEITH SMIT Smitty: Lettermcn's Club 3. 4 4PrcsidPntI: Football 1. 2, 3. 4: Track 1. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4: Scarlet :intl Black 1. 2: Annual Staff 3, 4 tBusinr-ss Nl2iI1HLIPl'l1 Class Officer 4 4Vice- Presidenti GARY WALTON Lettermen's Club 3. 4 fSecretary-Treasurerl: Scarlet and Black 1. 2, 3: Cyclone Staff 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 1. 2. 3 lVice-Presidentr. 4 lPresidentl: Marching Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Instrumental Solo 1, 2, 3, 4: Northwest Iowa Band 3: Trombone Quartet 1, 2. 3. -1: Trombone Trio 3, 4: Brass Quartet 1. 2. 3, 4: Brass Sex- tet 3: Dance Band 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 4Presidentl: Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Vocal Solo 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Quartet 3: Double Mixed Quartet 1, 2: Madrigal 3, 4: Minstrel 1: Gay Nineties 2: Class Officer 3 lPresidentl: Declam 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3 GEORGE RICHARD WILT Dick: Lettermen's Club 4: Cyclone Staff 3, 4 fBusiness Man- ager: Football 45 Basketball 1, 2. 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Concert Band 4: Class Officer 2 lSecretary-Treasurerl, 3 fVice-Pres- identl, 4 lSecretary-Treasurerl: Class Play 3, 4 JON STILLE Lettermen's Club 3. 4: Scarlet and Black 1: Cyclone Staff 4: Foot- ball 1, 2. 3. 4: Track 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2.3: Boys' Glee Club 1. 2. 3: Double Mixed Quartet 1: Double Quartet 1, 2: Boys' Quartet 2: Minstrel 1 SANDRA SVENDSEN Sandy: FHA 1, 2 4Music Chairman, Conventiont, 3 fVice-President, Conventionl, 4: GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1. 4: Scarlet and Black 3. 4: Cyclone Staff 3. 4: Concert Band 1, 2. 3 4Councilr, 4: Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Pep Band 1, 2. 3. -1: Brass Sextet 3: Woodwind Quin- tet 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4 'Secretary-Treasurerx: Girls' Glee Club 1. 2. 3: Vocal Solo 1, 2. 3. 4: Triple Trio 1: Girls' Sextet 1: Girls' Quartet 2. 3, 4: Mixed Quartet 2, 3: Double Mixed Quartet 2. 3: Madrigal 3, 4: Minstrel 1: Gay Nineties 2: Class Officer 2 tVice-Presidentvz Good Citizen 4: Class Play 3, 4 JOE SYNDERGAARD FFA 3, 4 tConventionb: Annual Staff 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Base- ball 1, 2, 3: Class Play 3 PAUL TURNQUIST Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Scarlet and Black 4: Cyclone Staff 4: Foot- ball 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3 tCouncilt, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3: Madrigal 3, 4: Boys' Quartet 3: Minstrel 1: Gay Nineties 2: Class Officer 3 tCouncilJ: Class Play 3, 4 Larry Lichtenberg 4Student Councill, Keith Smit lViee-Presidentl, Dick Wilt tSecre- tary-Treasurerr. Kathy Radko 1Studl-nt Councill, Charles Pfalzgraf lPres- ident I The class officers ore making irn- portont decisions concerning senior skip doy. Charles Pfalzgraf, Doris Marie Johnson, Donald Peterson. Dick Wilt, Sandra Svendsen, Emma Jean Rasmussen, Jane Endreson, Paul Susie Norton. Sherrill Peterson Turnquist, Michael Morrow, Susan Mangold, Marlin Cone GUING PLACES TOUCH OF GRAY IN HAIR SENIOR CLASS PLAY On Friday evening, April 3, the senior class under the direction of Mr. McKinnis, presented a three act comedy, Going Places - all about the Maxwell family spending their vacation 173 f?J at home! Mrs. Maxwell, after seeing Aunt Mary come home from her vacation completely exhaust- ed, and remembering how beat the Maxwell fam- ily was after last year's vacation, decides it would be better if the whole family stays home this year. Everything goes wrong, haywire and berserk. Mrs. Maxwell's parents come, Mr. Maxwell's parents come: his boss sends Mr. Hinckley over to sign a contract. The Grandfathers quarrel. Wilbur and Hercules ruin the business deal, and Mr. Maxwell practically breaks his neck. Wilbur, Betty Lou, Connie, the whole Maxwell family is nearly uncon- scious by vacation's end. Members of the cast included Marlin Cone and Sandra Svendsen as Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell. The Maxwell children, Wilbur, Betty Lou, and Connie were Mike Morrow, Susan Mangold, and Emma Jean Rasmussen respectively. Paul Turnquist and Sherrill Peterson, Clara Rydstrom, Larry Lichtenberg Jane Endreson, as Hercules Nelson and Bernadine Smith, were friends of the Maxwell children. Aunt Mary was portrayed by Susan Norton. Others in the cast were Donald Peterson as Mr. Hinckley, Sherrill Peterson, Charles Pfalzgraf, Doris M. Johnson, and Dick Wilt as the grandparents. Charles Pfalzgraf, Doris M. Johnson, Dick Wilt, Sherrill Peterson LIGHT BASE AND ROSY LIPS GRANDPARENTS HINCKLEY'S THE NAME Doris M. Johnson, Kathy Radke, Charles Pfalzgraf Susan Mangold, Dick Wilt Front row: Sharon Patterson. Emma Jean Rasmussen, Judith Johnston. Ruth Lietz. Michael Langlet. Clem Ledoux. Kenneth Pruden. Sherrill Peterson. Clara Rydstrovn. Jane Endreson. Doris Johnson Second row: Bonnee Lauridsen, Barbara Gustafson. Susan Mangold. Diane Schuler. Kathy Radke. Martha Becker. Susan Norton. La Verne Lichtenberg, Ila Mae Hinkeldey, Sandra Svendsen Third row: Michael Morrowi Martin Glienke. Lowell Harms. Merle Larson, Marlin Cone. Keith Smit. Or- dell Kindwall, Ronald Hoops, Donald Peterson, Larry Lichtenberg. Paul Turnquist Fourth row: George R. Wilt, Dale Nydene. Jfe Syndergaard. Wendell Carlson. Robert Hinkeldey. Dennis Radke. Jon Slille. Gary Walton. Jerry Otto, Charles Pfalzgraf SUSAN NORTON BONNEE LAURIDSEN DORIS M. JOHNSON A T7 VALEDICTORMN SALUTATORIAN FOUR YEARS OF PERFECT ATTENDANCE CONNER AWARD cLAss rtowsa . CLASS SONG . . Were the greatest class that ever will Pink Rose graduate. Fifty-niners. In athletics and academics we highly rate. Fifty-ninersf' Our colors are silver and blue: CLASS MOTTO And to them we'll ever he true. Grantluslthe knowledge to know what is right and courage enough to do it. CLASS YELL Wt-'re the class of fifty-nine. Throughout hist'ry we will shine, To our colors, silver and blue WI- fort-ver will be true. In all great things we have a hand Music, drama. sports, and hand. So come on out and yell, Ho0ray For the greatest class today. Rah! Rah! Rah! Hooray! Rah! liah! Rah! Hooray! Rah! Rah! Rah! Hooray! Seniors! Seniors! Seniors! For we'll outshine the seniors and the underclassmen, too. Rah! So-0-o the years may pass hut remember the greatest class. Fifty-ninersf' For ev'rything we do makes history. Hooray and halleluiah! XVe're the greatest challenge to ya. Fifty-niners are we. Blue and silver for me. Now make way as fifty-nine goes march- CLASS OF '59 l GARY WALTON CONNER AWARD LARRY LICHTENBERG .?.iBi nd Q? ing on! CLASS COLORS IOWA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Smef and Blue AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP AWARD High School Section .LL 41 E- vi-, ff, No , '- .M During the year . . . new teachers and old . . . home- work . . . semester tests . . . algebra . . . English speeches . . . bell rings . . . end of class . . . student council . . A quizzes . . . dissecting ani- mals . . . clicking of type- writers . . . chemical smells . . . cramming till midnight . . . Shakespeare . . . no re- cess . . . forgetting assign- ments . . . brand new books . . . counting days left of school . . . Christmas xca- tions . . . class officers . . . grades A to F . . . talking in class V , I HISTORY A. ., V A., X X ,f Front row: Janet Swanson, Mary Louise Otto, Donna Becker Second row: Vernon Hoops, Clayton Porter. Dave Anderson Ruth W Roger Rydstrom, Larry Frantz. Darrell Banta, Darlys Anderson. Sally VVQiland. Connie Lichtc-nberg TYPING est, Nancy Pedersen, Virginia Fredericks, Dennis Otto. Kent Huseman. Jerry Buckendahl BOOKKEEPING , fin AGRICULTURE V Sophomore Class CLASS OFFICERS Front row: Alan Ilarnis lPreSidPntI Second row: Linda Conf- 1Stude1nt Councils, Myron Radko iX'ice-Presidenti, Tom Grigg 1Student Councili. Alice Noble iSecrritary-Treasurer' N, K.. Don Gustafson, Nlelvin filiilgmird. Nl0rllri Richard Holrefw Ciiriile Xvlllltlll, .Wlilx lfricl-Qsiii. Fzirr 4? .J ai' IM ilyn I Q. 1 A . 4 Ryherd. Phillip Stokes. I.:irsan, Nancy Kindwall ,Qs 1 4 fs ,Q ,ff J 1' 2 SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES Being a sophomore requires a lot of studying plus a great amount of energy and enthusiasm. Sophomores are required to take world his- tory which involves the study of the history of man from the beginning to the present time. Also re- quired ore one semester each of English and Lit- erature, which when properly understood, can be- come very interesting. One of the most interesting courses sophomores take is driver education where they are taught to drive correctly by both actual driving and class work. Sophomores can also take algebra, there they learn to think in terms of literol as well as numeri- cal values. ln biology, sophomores study plant and animal life ln home economics and agriculture they learn to be better homemakers and farmers. Since the classes have become so large the biology, world history, English, and driver educa- tion courses are divided into two classes Besides studying, sophomores are active in many extra-curricular activities Some of these ore athletics ffootball, basketball, and trackl, G R A, vocal 'ond instrumental music, F FA,, F l-l A, drill team, pep club, newspaper staff, and annual staff Once a year the sophomores sponsor a party for the freshmen This year it was a roller skating party, which everyone enjoyed ln return, the freshmen sponsored a party for the sophomores The sophomores had a lot cf fun working on their hcmeccming float, which had the theme Down Tc Defeat lt received a third place rat- ing Eight bcvs and girls are chosen each year to serve at thc Junior-Senior Banquet in the spring Home Economics SEWING ALGEBRA Harry Melelndffr Karen Lis-In Diane Holtz Daphne Holmes Bell Huseman Rlchzlrd Krenmen 7 1 r,? DRIVER EDUCATION Jerry Endroson Steve Peterson Frances Dahl Eugene Peterson Mary Huseman .QQ BIOLOGY Us-an liudke Janet P4'l I'SOll Phlllp Lietz Sharm-n Ilusernan -., WORLD HISTORY Carmen 'Nlkolex Loren Xhntexhof Carolyn Stille Ronald Preston Ronald Peterson ll 4' ' . Q Q7 AL rslgif CLASS OFFICERS Robert Radko lStud0nI C'minc'ilu, llsixifl Johnson 1Sturlvnt Fniuncilv Hutton 4PI'llSIdCllYl. Ilwnglfis Pulte-n 4X'1c1- Prvsirlmill, L:iurf'l Lic ISPPFCIEIIT-TFO?lSl1I'OI'l Front row: Frederi Hanson Second row: -N HOME ECONOMICS COOKING Karon N1f'f:0XX'IlTl. JoAnn NK':irr'r-n. .lunvl Pwr-rsfm, Kzirvn Bzimfir Shvrry Erick- Freshman Class , Marcia lm-nhorg ENGLISH CLASS Pllearwr Rernillzird, Randall ckson, Eugene Smith, Beverly Ray Hinkflldvp. Linda Sandino AGRICULTURE Front row: Thomas Vkkill. Gary Faust. Mirhm-l Stillv, lidwzird Millard sm-n. Jzinvl Pvlvrs Somnrl rim .lziniz-s VVMIS. Ilonzilfl M05--r Q FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES The freshmen started their high school edu- cation with four subjects. One of their subjects was General Mathematics, this is the ground work for algebra or other mathematical courses, Mr. Arnold Hammond, the mathematical instructor, taught them how to do basic equations, find areas, and other helpful mathematics. English is another of their required courses. Mr. McKinnis teaches one half of the class and Mrs. Norton the other half. They are instructed on how to diagram sentences, write short stories, and grammar. The second semester is occupied with literature stories which proves very enjoyable, General Science proves interesting for all the scientific minds of the class. Mr. McCoy and Mr. Beals share the teaching with each having one half of the class to teach. This year they are learning of electrical devices, the atom and its many parts, also chemical formulas These are very interesting because of the experiments that go with them ex- plaining science further. The freshmen girls all are taking a course in Home Economics which is lots of fun. The year is divided into parts by Miss Kundel, their teacher. Some of the parts were sewing, cooking, baking and other helpful things, ln the middle of the year they had a party for the kindergarten with the theme StoryIand. The freshmen boys have their choice of agri- culture or industrial arts. ln agriculture they learn of the kinds of feeds, cattle, and other animals. Mr. Polzien, the teacher, is a great help to their understanding this. Mr. Beals teaches the indus- trial arts class. ln this class the boys learn how to make tables, follow plans, and make changes in plans. These all are courses taken by the freshmen class. The freshmen do not lack activity. Every year the sophomores give the freshmen a party. This year it was a roller skating party, and in return the freshmen gave the sophomores one. Also, this year they had the fun of putting together their first float. They found that they need planning and working together to make a good float, As individuals they could enter in mixed chorus, band, school paper, annual, and many other activities, The high spot in their social life was when they were asked to help with the intermission pro- gram for the Junior-Senior Banquet. HOME ECONOMICS SEWING Sally Carpenter, Karen Hartman. Judy Jones. Margaret Turnquist, Margaret Sandine. Janet Smith -..... 'Y - GENERAL SCIENCE Allan Pedersen, Stanley Fredericks, Milton Hustedt. Suzann Ssndergaard Jobene Huseman, Jean Mangold, Janet Peters GENERAL MATHEMATICS John Soderquistx David Wolfe, Maynard Mohn Sheila Krenzlen Tyann Pierson, Marva Dierenfeld, Connie Langlet 72 'sf 'OS INDUSTRIAL ARTS 41, Roger Anderson, James Mackax Nlichael Johnston , ' Daniel Oberg, Gary Peterson Daud Warren Yjiwf 35 geayvli Q LF , 4 X ,Q 91 my .f NJ Athletic Section ,Uv Pip! 1c'1E-3A L During the year . . . in- juries . . . Sioux Valley Champs . . . exercises . . . put those baskets away . . . dirty socks . . . All Confer- ence . . . weigh-ins . . . layups . . . blocking drills . . . tackling drills . . . man- agers . . . shin splints . . . hustle . . . over-times . . . fouls . . . winning that letter . . . game captain . . . out- standing player . . . starting gun . . . hurdles 45 SIOUX VALLEY CHAMPS ront rovi Xhinarci Mohn Rrbcrt Nitiedith Stun Peterson f Pt-tersoiz. Ijlil'l'Q'1l Baiita. RtJllillU tstoii Allin Harms uid Johi son n ti tr ui t s Niarkar, l.aurt-l Lielztt-i.bc-rg Second ovt enieth Quirk J rri Endiesct lb 1tDoi ' t tiven 132,355 Am-igrtnn Iaimi Tum. uis irun i ke B 1 usenai 1 orrou 1 id Wclte. Norinan Peteiwozi. Ralph Third mu Coach Charles Clausen Doi ald Peterson Eduard XI llird Dick Wzlt. Keith Smit, Gary Wal- ton Jon Slille Kent Husenmn De-nris Radke Robert Xkultc Gordon Radke, Charles Pfalzgraf. Fourth rovi Daiid Warren John Griene Daiid Friedrith Nlarlin Cone, Merle Larson. Robert Radke. Larri Lirhtenherg Larri Fl dIli7 Tom Cfrigg Dennis Otto Dean Radke 1958-59 FOOTBALL SEASON The Fyelones. under the coaching of Mr. Flawson, exhihited one of the finest seasons in many years. Winning tne Sioux Valley Confert-nee Crown, was no douht the biggest thrill for the entire foothall squad. They put their heart into the game and realli enjoy:-d playing. Although with a number of Casualties, the boys retained their high spirits. The only loss of the season was to Holstein which was a non-conference game. The Cyclones ended the season ranking fifth in Class II division of the state, Alta 6 Holstein 20 Alta 26 Primghar T Alta 46 Sanborn QU Alta 27 Sutherland tl Alta -12 Aurelia 6 Alta 51 Hartley 0 Alta 33 Milford O Alta 41 Paullina 6 N01'ntuti Pvtvrftm Paul Turnqutrtt, Larry Lichtetibc-rg, Clayton Porter, Merle Lur- soti, Gordon Radke, Keith Smit, Robert Hinkuldvy. Kent Huseman xl- T4 CYCLONES 1958-1959 BASKETBALL SCORES Alta 62 Alta SU Leklaiis 51 Alta 48 Albert Fity T1 Alizt 53 Sat- City 49 Nvwvll 323 L' Y Alta 63 4 Sirltlx C'0t1tCt' 38 3 0 Alta 39 Stitliwlsitid 43 Alla 354 5 Alboit Pity 147 Alisa 62 CAPTAIN MERLE i.ARsoN flflxlflllgzgl -ti LARRY LICHTENBERG Y All Cotifcreticol ld Aim 33 All QiOTlfUI'llflCf' Svmnrl T1-aim Gum Aim -32 pil-St Team Ctitiiity Toumzimc-nf BASKETBALL SQUAD -LR 'WSQ-ctional Sioux Rapids Autw-lift Altzi Haiti lc-5' Altzt Nttwvll Alta Alta Ptimglizit' Alles Szmlmrti Altzt Sioux Rapids Altar INlill'tii'd rxllfl Odolmlt Pnnivtvv' Stn i'-' Front row: Laurel Lichtenberg, Jerry Enclresott, Huriy' Melanidot. Dtwtiuitu Patten, Myron Radke, Lstrt Lichtetiberg, Tum Grigg. Hill Htifettittii, Umm IJ-,i, ttilxtdtwii Ptiul Turiiquift, Normiti Pvtersoti. Jtitnvs Mawkuy Second row Coach Chntlt-5 Clnwftttx Mvrlv l,.it'ut., 2-Icttutici Xl,1i,it.: Kvrii Stttit, Rtitiuld Ptwttiti. Ht t Hllxfdlllhll, Rribt-rt llitikvldt-N, Mitltuvl Stila- tnizriiiti Ritzkt' Hiitivi' Riicikv, Cliiytrit. Purwi, Cui Dvltwzt Nlt'Cm Third :tm Rtilpli Htiu.iiit'.lttip Rotitiif' Pettzftiii Dwi Mt-yvti Uiitzc W.ti.t-t Btm F-It-tt-tiitli Jtilti xttiti. Guts Pt-terwti. Juhii Sod:-rquimt. Snlitlt-v Frederic-ks, Dau- Atnrrffiti, Ruger Aitcln-tftiii K nvth Quirk, Dtftitiix Otto 95 G T h i Still Merle Larson Gordon Radke, Edward Millard. Front row: Don Gustafson, Jerry Endreson, Mic'aeA W e. . .lb M Cm Paul Turnquist, Robert Hinkeldey, Larry Lich.-nberg, Coach De err c j I Second rom-1 Myron Radke. Norman Peterson. Clayton Porter, David Wolfe, Kent Huseman, Keith Smli 1958-1959 BASKETBALL SEASON Our boys proved to have less potential in basket- ball this year than they had in football and finished with a 10-9 record, but don't let this record fool you. They lost many close games and were Constantly under a terrific height disadvantage. The boys aver- aged under 5' 10 while many of their oponents averaged over 6' O . To make up for their lack of height they had to hustle and work hard. It was a rare occasion when the Alta team was out-hustled. Alta had a knack for getting fired-up for the big games. The big one of the year was the Aurelia game, Aurelia, averaging nearly 6'2 per man, was a heavy favorite to trounce Alta, but the Cyclone hustle and fire kept us going until we fought to a 50-49 vic- tory. This was the situation throughout the year, the boys were up and down all year. XVe didn't have a really prolific scorer this season, but we had more even scoring than we have had for many years. Larry Litchtenberg. second team All- Conference last year, was the scoring leader with 207 points and a 10.9 point per game average. Merle Lar- son was close behind him with a total of 180 points and a 9.4 point per game average. Norman Peterson, Kent I-Iuseman, Gordon Radke, Keith Smit, and Paul Turnquist were all close behind in the scoring column. Despite our lack of height and low shooting percent- L -5 1. HEAD MANAGER Dennis Otto JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL age, we had five hustlers on the court all of the time. Alta Alta Alta Alta Dean Brechwald. John Nordstrom, Garry Belcher, Don Holmes. Tom Huseman, Tom Cone. Alta Dennis Coombs, Marlowe Poller, Jim Turnquist. Phil Jahde, Bill Matzdorff, Larry Han- Alta sen, John Schmidt 37 Holstein 31 10 Holstein 14 17 Storm Lake 45 24 Aurelia 14 16 Fairview Zz 15 Aurelia 2:9 ' .57 5 'Br' A Y O il April 4 April 10 April 17 April 22 April 24 6 A -1 is 2 MILE RELAY John Grieme, Larry Lichtenberg. Gordon Radke, Marlin Cone, Robert Hlnkeldey April 30 May 5 May 8-9 May 16 1 R x 'Ss-4' 4 1 W .7554 ff Q . 6-..f A in Y Q :ef MILERS f , Y , f 1 KV M 2' Je Bill 1959 TRACK SCHEDULE Iowa High School Indoor Meet Holstein Relays Milford Relays Sac Relays Alta Relays Estherville Relays Conference Track Meet District Track Meet State Track Meet MEDLEY RELAY rry Endreson, Dennis Radke, Marlin Cone, Michael Morrow, Gordon Radke TWO-MILE RELAY Huseman. Robert Hinkeldey. Larry Lichtenberg, Dennis Radko, Jerry EDGICSOH BROAD .IUMPERS Donald Peterson flumvingv. Myron Radke .K- s..,, Charles Pfalzgraf. Donald Gustafson. Jon Stille, Richard Hozrefe W Surf H lx TRACK SQUAD Front row. Jamei Mackay. Kenneth Quirk, Laurel Lichtenlnersz. Richard Hogrefe, Harrv Melander. Myron Radke. Steve Peterson, Robert McDonald. Clem Ledoux, Maynard Mohn, Ronald Peterson Second row: Dean Radke +managerf, Dennis Otto imanageri, Donald Gustafson. Loren Winterhof, Robert Radke, Charles Pfalzgraf, Gary Peterson. John Soderquist, Alan Harms, David Wolfe, Delbert McCoy lcoachr, Charles Ciawson -coach' Third row: Norman Peterson, Paul Turnquist, John Grie-me, Larry Lichtenberg. Gordon Radke, Robert Wolfe. Jon Stille, Robert Hinkeldey, Dennie Radke, Donald Peter- son, Marlin Cone, Bill Huseman, Michael Morrow, Robert Merediih. Jerry Endre- son Pon vAuLTsRs , David Wolfe, Myron Radke, James Mackay tholding poiei - A .13 , HIGH JUMPERS HURDLERS Larry Lichtenberg ljumpingu, David Wolfe, Norman Michael Morrow ,hurdhngh James Mackay, Gary PCIGFSOH. Robert Radke Peterson. Robert. Radke WEIGHT MEN Robert McDonald, Gordon Radke, Ralph Hogancamp, Robert Wolfe tputting the shotl A TT? 554 1Ti5 0 f l HONORS WON Team Trophies lMili'ord Invitational Meet, Sioux Valley Conference Meetv Mile Relay 1Milford Invitational Meet, Estherville Relays, Sioux Valley Conference Meetb Two-Mile Relay 1Milford Invitational Meet, Sioux Valley Conference Meetl Medley Relay 1Milfcrd Invitational Meetr ALTA'S PEPPY FIVE Connie Lichtenberg. Linda Cone, Mary Huseman. Doris R, Johnson. Margaret Turnquist A CLU Front row: Dean Radke lManagerP. James Mackay. Jerry Endreson, Robert McDonald. Myron Radke. David Anderson, Michael Morrow, Robert Meredith, Don Gustafson, David Wolfe, Norman Peter- son, Kenneth Quirk, Ralph Hogancamp, Dennis Otto 4Managerv Second row: Coach Charles Clawson, Lowell Harms, Richard Wilt, Robert Wolfe, Edward Millard, Rob- ert Hinkeldey, Jon Stille, Kent Huseman, Dennis Radke, Gary Walton, Donald Peterson, Robert Radke, Marlin Cone, Coach Delbert McCoy Third row: Bill Huseman, Gary Peterson, John Grieme. Michael Stllle. Cla 'ton Porter, Keith Smit S . Charles Pfalzgraf, Larry Frantz, Gordon Radke, Merle Larson. Larry Lichtenberg. Tom Grigg. Paul Turnquist Music Section w' li 1-Y During the year . . . tun- ing up . . . solo . . . music contest . . . vocal lessons . . . Triple A Festival . . . practice scales . . . do re me . . . Mixed Chorus tryouts . . . guide right . . . keep in step . . . don't hum the pitch . . . sing your part . . . you're flat . . . ope.. your mouths . . . breath control . . . more second . . . less bass . . . line it up . . . keep those diagonals straight . . . lift your feet . . . more from the trombones . . . 53 1 v Q 3 - . xi .... - c K '-N I 1 n Mun - ML - if me lm ! r '13 -Il ,, nd' Q L Front row: Bonnee Lauridsen, Busan Norton. Peggy Kindwall, Patricia Stokes, Colleen Samuelson, Ruth Ann Peterson, Sally Carpenter, Alice Noble Second row: Lizabeth Peters, Jean Mangold, Karen Lietz, Karen Ankerson, Karen Hartman. Tom John- ston, Janet, Smith, Sandra Svendsen, Ruth Lietz, Douglas Patten, Donald Peterson, Carol John- son, Dennis Radke, Michael Morrow Third row: Nathan Peterson, Janet Porter, Carolyn Stille, Diane Nielsen. James Mackay, Dean Brech- wald. Dean Radke. Emma Jean Rasmussen. Marilyn Murphy. Carole Walton. Marcia Hutton. Bev- erly Hanson. David Warren, Daniel Oberg, Wayne Halverson. Linda Sandine, Phillip Stokes, Ralph Hogancamp Fourth rowt Janelle Goetlsch, Beverly Sassmar., Beverly Lietz, Judy Jones. Candace Anderson, Bonita Johnson, Nancy Kindwall. Mary Huseman, Linda Larsen, Frances Dahl, Karen Kraemer, JoAnn Warren. Thomas Wall, Ronald Preston, Mr, Schive nDirectorl, Judy Anderson, Mary Carter, Janet Peterson, Eugene Peterson, Roger Anderson, Sherrill Peterson. Gary Walton s YJ BAND OFFICERS Front row: Gary Walton IPresiden1I, Karen Ankerson 1Vir'e- President' Second row: Nancy' Ymndwall rCouncill, Janet Peterson lSecre- tary-Treasurerl, Kathy Radke 1Councill R,- iq'- ? BAND SOLOISTS Front row: Marcia Hutton. Alice Noble, Susan Norton, Bonnee Lauridsen Second row: James Mackay. Gary Walton, Michael Morrow 5 fs ? G in A ,j7Lr I i ' f VX biyx 1 AN: 1 ' ' kf xf 'fx X- ' V 'fgif 9 , ' ' X ' fig! K . x Lf -. ' 'A ,Xa- ' ' ' fa - I 1' :Viv X '-, M 44 YQ. X301 J' D-1 lg ia' .. flzli' wi! ' f , 5 XX 37x 5 I E 93 X , 1' O' 441 , lf? f 'fgg fx 5 ..,kxa,y,g ,Mft 1 f. N- ,, - --f 4, z' Y ' - , L ,1 '. . , , . -, X I . S ' - l f ,. ., ,, sh. 5 W .1 Fw . Q , N , ' b Mr' A , X - . . 'Q fwffw XX-by F Q if -. 1, -' E 'I :A U f . if , . fs -' 1 X N 11 J. 'if I ., 1 Y X f XWZQX ' ' 9 If Q ky I ! fs nw x, 4 ,X I I 1 , 1 f .- A 5 - 1 . P- i - jg h J. Q J! I 'fn :Pi 5 ef- . . - - - , 1 ' . . A Q . . X i 5 J. u ' 1 , if ,i v Q 1 Q 5 ,W Vg is bv , ' ,- I X X7-X I JJ X MN- 2. K..1 1 Ef- L4 M . .. . , I Y a' 5? if-I 5. ' . xi' K xv 1, . QI fwil ,ep- .A .K P A 4g , 0, s 7' ' 5 ' .l' I P X --. , 7 , X Eg Q X ' D' .Iv We . ,vow K t K . V fa if , 1 .9 Q ix Xxg if ,7 , -X Q . XA X W ' A' Qwf. ' X. A T v WX i :A -f X K rsvp' 'J M15 ia ff - O 1, 1' , N . QV. X' ' 1 . N I I , f -f gs 'Zi EQQLQ' 93, Cf wifzjs 1 I ff? Crfw f' fy ,Z gnu, 0 'W' r ' fl 3 exif 5 - f? fa' W5 51 x WSi'iu,Wi' ?? W?5 nLs.N'5 'lk -'On -4 49 ,4 FIRST TENORS Front row' Maxnard Kiohn Phlllp Lzetz Eugene Snzzth Daniel Onerg Sec-ond row' Ronald Prfxion Jerry Ottu Alan Harms Don Gustafson SECOND TENORS Front rowi Thomas Wall Ralph Hugancamp Rtcharcl Hogrefe Soc'-'and l'OWf Meltm Molgaard Mlvhael Johnston Datld Warren Roger Anderson FIRST SOPRANOS Front row: Sally Carpenter Margaret Turnquist Jean Mangold Janet Peterson Judy Jones Second row: Dlane Holtz Sandra Svendsen Darlys Anderson Sharen Huseman Thlrd row: Karen Ankereon D1BIlllE' Srhuler Annette Schmlclz SECOND SOPRANOS Front row: Dorm M Johnson X'l!'QlYll8 Frederlrks Beverly Hansmt Shartln Putt:-rmn Cunnlc- Lmxglel Svcnlttl rlfw' Janet Peters Emma .lean Rmmussen Bltllllfif' Lntxrxdsf-n Tyann P11-rwn Shezlu Krennen Karen McGowan Thlrd roxx Susan Mangold Jane: Sugllzwrt Caroixn Sttlle Jnlene Husrm.m Marva Dlerenield FIRST ALTOS Front rowt Nancy Pedersen Dons R Johnwn Mary Hukernan Suzazln Syndergaard Carole Walton Karen Kraerner Second row: Barbara Gustafson Carol Johnson Janet Peterson Daphne Holmes Susan Norton Third row: Connxe Lxchtenberg Nancy Kindwall Donna Becker Kathy Radke Allce Noble Mary Loulse Otto SECOND ALTOS Front row: Lizabeth Peters Judlth Johnston Linda Sandlne Margaret Sandlne Eleanor Remlllard Second row: Janet Smlth Karen Hartman Sherrxll Peteraon Francla Dahl Thxrd row: JoAnn Warren Karen Banta Martha Becker INIHTCIZ Hutton Karen Lietz BARITONES Front row: Dean Radke Myron Radke Loren Wmterho! Gary Peterson Second row: Clayton Porter Eugene Peterson Gary Walton Wendell Carlson BASSES Front row: James Mackay Douglas Patten John Soderqulst Larry Frantz Second row: Michael Stllle Robert Radke Dennis Radke Gordon Radke Marlin Cone Tx INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC ACTIVITIES The instrumental music department of Alta High had a very successful year. In the fall, the Marching Band was organized. It performed at all of the local football games. The band was honored by being awarded a prize of S75 at the Legion Parade in Storm Lake. On October 11, we re- ceived a Division I rating at the State Marching Band Contest at Pocahontas. With the beginning of the basketball season came the organization of Pep Band. This band played at all home games and also at pep meetings throughout the year. The first appearance of the Concert Band was at the Christmas Concert. Then came preparations for the Tri-School Music Festival held at our own school on January 28. The massed bands of Albert City, Aurelia, and Alta were conducted at the festival by Robin Snyder, the director of instrumental music at Jefferson. Iowa. On February 7, two of our band members played in the Northwest Iowa Band which gave its concert at Cherokee. Representing our band were Susan Nor- ton and Bonnee Lauridsen. On April 7 and 8, the contest entries were pre- sented at the Pre-Contest Concerts. Then on April 11 and 12, these students participated in the Solo and Small Group Contest at Rockwell City. Those receiv- ing Division I ratings were: Alice Noble fflutel, Bonnee Lauridsen, Susan Norton fclarinetl, Carole Walton tbaritone saxl, Jim Mackay falto saxl, Gary Walton ftrombonel. Sax Quartet, Flute Trio, Trombone Quartet. Clarinet Quartets KAN and IBN, Clarinet Trio, Woodwind Trio, WW Quartet, WW Quintet, and miscellaneous group of Woodwinds. Receiving Division II ratings were: Jean Mangold fclarinetl, Karen Lietz fbass clar- inetl. Sally Carpenter tflutel, Karen Hartman 4French hornb, Marcia Hutton fbaritonew, Eugene Pe- terson ttrombonel, Roger Anderson ftrombonel, Brass Choir. TWIRLERS AND FLAG SWINGERS -we Sharen Huseman Annette Schmidt Dianne Schuler Kathy Radko Susan Mangold Sharon Patterson Doris M. Johnson Concert Band Concerts were presented this year on March 3 and May 12. Our band was also a contest- ant in the Large Group Contest at Paullina on May 2. VOCAL MUSIC ACTIVITIES Beginning the busy year for our vocal music de- partment was the annual Christmas Concert. On January 28, we were host to students from Albert City and Aurelia at this year's festival. The huge cho- rus was directed by George Iseminger, vocal director at Sioux City's East High. April 7 and 8 were the dates of the Solo and Small Group Pre-Contest Concerts. All of the contest entries took part. The next week-end at contest, these Division I ratings were received: Karen Ankerson ttreble voice highl, Daphne Holmes ttreble voice lowl, Dennis Radke fbaritonel, Gary Walton tbaritoneb. Girls' Quartet CAI. Those who received II's were: Sandy Svendsen ttreble voice highl. Sally Carpen- ter ftreble voice highl, Susan Mangold Ctreble voice mediuml, Doris M. Johnson ttreble voice mediuml, Dianne Schuler ftreble voice mediuml, Sherrill Peter- son ttreble voice lowl, Carole Walton ftreble voice lowl, Michael Morrow ftenorl, Clayton Porter ften- orl, Ronnie Preston ttenorl, Eugene Peterson lbari- tonel, Larry Frantz fbassl, Girls' Quartet IBJ, Girls' Sextette tAl, and the Double Mixed Quartet. The vocal large groups participated in the Pre- Contest Concert on April 28 and in the Sring Concert on May 12. Chorus and Girls' Glee Club took part in the Large Group Contest at Paullina on May 2. The last appearance of the Chorus was on May 19 at Com- mencement. JUNIOR BAND Elementary Section E Qi, X., ' Huu.,,..,,-. - -- --n-Z' ii- if ?7 During the year . . . learn- ing our ABC's . . . coloring pictures . . . paint scenes . . . rug naps . . . milk and crackers . . . first love . . . new games . . . new exper- iences . . . gettings answers to these questions . . . mak- ing new friends . . . marbles and jacks . . . birthday par- ties . . . conferences with parents and teachers .... music and new songs . . . recess . . . hula hoops . . . playing in new gym . . . lost my mittens . . . bundle up . . . skinned elbows 63 Front, row: Helene Dahl, Janet Porter, Ann Ledoux. Candace Anderson fVice-Presidentb, Loreen Friedrichsen rPres1denlr, Dean Brechwald 4SecreLary-Treasurerv, Barbara Veeder, Vicky Han- sen, Louise Murray Second row: John Nordstrom, Nathan Peterson, Linda Larsen. Peggy Kindwall, Mary Carter, Bonita John- son, Patricia Stokes, Marilyn Murphy, Eldon Poller, Gary Belcher Grigg Ronald Peterson Gary Gall Absent' Vkillard West S Q-. , Qfgxy Q i X G ,. th .JI N L, 191 Ll! 'LQ T ,pit 9,1562 ,za -:Erie ff, , ull- 1 fm lf -S-3 4 ff, . L .L -'s-125-a. , - 75 . -5 .A 'Hai Thzrd ruwzb Tom Johnsion, Reber! Sullivan, Beverly Lietz, Judy Coombs, Ruth Peterson, Lani Siglin, Julie 1 55: A 5 505 ln,-Fl vu 'ri'-, 5- AV' ant! EIGHTH GRADE Mr. Greene 5 5 , 'Eur' 'X- L L ' ml? AI Mrs. Waldo ,H Iv v SEVENTH GRADE JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES Junior High is the period of growing up and the preparation for high school. It means longer hours of study, more homework, and longer assign- ments. Mr. Greene and Mrs. Waldo teach seven or eight subjects each day. The students have several enjoyable exper- iences. The boys, coached by Mr. Hammond, par- ticipate in competitive football and basketball games with other schools. Four cheerleaders are elected from the seventh and eighth grades. These cheerleaders conduct pep meetings each afternoon before a game. The girls enjoy sewing, cooking, good grooming, baby-sitting, and family relations from the home economics teacher, Miss Kundel. Many of these activities may seem hard and tiring to the students, but they will always remem- ber them. Front row: Sharon Bell, Judy Fast, Janelle Goettsch, Tom Cone lVice-Presldentl, Jim Tumquist 1191-est dew- Susan Gfieme 'Secretary-Treasurerv. Judy Anderson, Rita saamorf, Cynthia Benna Second row: Dennis Coombs, Don Holmes, Diane Nielsen, Diane Hogrefe, Linda Schuelke, Beverly Sass man. Colleen Samuelson, Tom Huseman Third row: Larry Hansen. Phil Jahde, Wayne Halverson, Clayton Conard, Marlowe Poller, Bobby Wil liams, Bill Matzdorff 66 Julle Grigg, Diane Nielsen, Colleen Samuelson, Beverly Lietz SAFETY PATROL The safety patrol is composed of several jun- ior high boys. They elect from among themselves a captain and lieutenant to guide them and assign them to the busses. The uppermost thought in their mind when on duty is to prevent accidents. They do this by preventing small children from running and crossing the street between busses. Two more boys are assigned to put up and take down the stop sign and street blockades. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR BAND The main goal of the Junior Band is to further young students in their ability to play together as a unit, and to explore and play compositions writ- ten for the band. Here students are first taught to listen to the other instruments and learn to blend their sound with the others. The Junior Band consists of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. Before a student can enter Junior Band, he must satisfactorily complete an elementary method book and have played his in- strument for at least one year. Some exceptions are made to this rule, as in the case of older Junior High students who have progressed more rapidly than young beginners. Each year usually in February, the Junior Band presents their annual concert. Front row: Bobby Williams. Larry Hansen, Gary Gall 1Captainb, Ronald Peterson fLieutenant,J, Billie Matzdorff Wayne Halverson Second row: Clayton Cunard, Tom Huseman, Garry Belcher, Eldon Poller, Don Holmes, Tom Johnston SAFETY PATROL Mrs. Rasmussen SIXTH GRADE Front row: Norma Buckingham, Donna Castle, Susan Holtz, Janet Hutton, Laurlne Peterson, Lorraine Swanson, Louise Eriksen, Shirley Hoops, Janis Mieras Second row: Douglas Krenzien, Jimmy Sassman, Richard Anderson, Sandra Sullivan, Addie Alderson Linda Siebels, Ronnie Anderson, Douglas Lee, Tommy Mnunu, David Strom. Mrs. Rasmussen Third row: Daniel Hanson, John Woodall, Scotty Schuler. Dennis Sassman, Robert Francis, Orin Huse man, Dennis Gustafson, Phil Belcher, Luke Kjolhede SIXTH GRADE ACTIVITIES Subjects studied in the sixth grade consisted of reading, arithmetic, spelling, English, geography, history, health, and science. Extra curricular activ- ities included vocal music, physical education, and Junior band. Extensive use of the dictionary was made in Reading and Diagnostic Tests following the com- pletion of each text. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals and fractions, along with story problems were included in units in arithmetic. In English, the language arts-listening, speak- ing, reading, and writing were correlated. .mf .M ' 4 '14-M-IDR V -QQ, .. , Geography, the first semester, was a study of The Eastern Hemisphere. One of the highlights of the year was viewing colored transparencies of the countries we had studied, shown by Mrs. Gus- tav Fossell of Holstein. Our mothers were invited and refreshments were served, History, the second semester, was an interest- ing study of ancient civilizations, each contributing much to the world. Murals were made to depict various phases. Sound, plants and animals, weather, and elec- tricity were favorite subjects in science. Various experiments were proven. Card weaving, water color painting, block printing, and designing were done in art class. . 'J a 'Y -nan . 1 'ffggpff FIFTH GRADE 68 Front row: Vernon Sullivan, Timothy Stille, Delane Bauer, Dennis Fast Donald Ryherd Mike McDanel Thomas Waldo, Mickey Laffin Second row: Diane Gould, Karen Peterson, Eddie Buckendahl James Norlin Curtis Hammond Susan Schuelke, Joelle Sinns, Miss Hornor Third row: Patricia Bell, Karen Melander, Linda Lee, Chris Olsen Douglas Svendsen Ricky Wolfe Linda Delbridge, Jacalyn Castle FIFTH GRADE ACTIVITIES We take a look at the U. S., is a favorite motto of the fifth graders this year. Our study included the time from the formation of the thirteen colonies to the present when our country is a world power. In reading we read stories of the present day and of days in history. These days are past but the boys and girls of today can live in them through their reading. We also live funny impossible days in storyland - days that can be lived only in our imagination. The students learn many interesting things about the world in which they live through reading various science books, doing actual experiments, and studying more carefully their surroundings. Front row: Linda Falck. Linda McGowan Shari Christensen Jean Grienke Diane Sundberg Linda Meyer Leslie Gall, Darlyn Leonard Second row: Brian Peterson, Ronald Steffes Nancy Larsen Catherine Turpin Marx Siexert Muns Fare stad, Dwain Holmes, Miss Range Third row: Burdette Watts, Stes en Sassman Denn s Carlson Hike Oatman James Sullixan Steven Pet QTSOYI Absent: Dennis Brlsbois, Lanny Anderson Miss Range 4-v .4 FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Benna Front row: Ida Sievert, Ranae Poller. Nancy Sassman, Pamela Christopherson, Barbara Grieme. Kathryn Magnuson, Sandra Banta, Louise Frieciricksen Second row: Douglas Mortensen, Bill Eriksen, Christine Conard, Judy Huseman, Ordell Weiland, David Sins, Peter Nielson, Mrs. Benna Third row: Tony Stille, Ricky Parker, Bobby Kristensen, Brian Walsh, Dana Johnson, Gary Roberts, Tommy Oberg, Douglas Hanson FOURTH GRADE ACTIVITIES September started a busy year for the new fourth graders. We spent several weeks reviewing, then We started in on our fourth rade work r 4 g . In arithmetic, we learned to multiply by the numbers four through nlne. We also learned to divide by them, We had a lot of fun multiplying by two numbers. Our annual trip to tne Planetarium ln Cherokee, was taken after we studied the heavens, in science. We also studied 5, 'I about plants, animals, air and wind, and magnets, We learned magnets are fun as well as useful, In social studies, this year, we found out how the New World was discovered and how it was settled. We also en- joyed studying about famous great Americang and some of the larger cities in the United States. While reading the unit 'Young Citizens Here and 'I'here, ' We made a travel bureau. We traveled all over the world. We gave several plays, throughout the year. for the other , grades and our parents. This Spring we gave 9, program for our Mothers. . We ended the school year with a track meet and a plcnlc. Front row: Jayne Buckingham, Jean Sievert, Trudy Greene, Cindy Schuler, Glenda Walsh, Mary Ann Ol- sen, Becky Christensen Second row: Lonnie Sassman, Charles Movall, Gary Molgaard, Steven Jimmerson, Randy Richman, Larry Steffes, Keith Pierson. Bill Dahl. Miss Weiss Third row: Gail Huseman, Candy Kjolhede, Phyllis Swanson, Debra Hansen, Margaret Nordstrom, Donna Erickson, Jayne Launderville FOURTH GRADE Miss Weiss 1 I 1 THIRD GRADE Miss Knock Front row: Janet Sievert, Linda Clough, Mary Ella Johnson. Maren West, Rebecka Stille, Claudina G' k Second rox? Mark Johnston, Tommy Gustafson, Ann Hanson, Diane Jesse, Kandy McDanel, Robert Becker, Mickey Rohlk, Miss Knack ' I A Third row: Richard Garrett, David Boettcher, David Delbridge, Dennis Bruns, Danny Peterson, Stanley Movall THIRD GRADE ACTIVITIES To become a third grader is a big jump for any boy or girl, In third grade each child begins to think and work by himself. Hc becomes able to do his class work with very little help from his teacher. He re-learns his addition and subtraction facts. Other phases are counting money, making measures, telling time, carrying in addition and borrowing in subtraction. But the hi-lite of his arithmetic this year ls to learn how to multi- ply and divide through the three's. Yes, they also are becoming good little readers. They go through three basic books. THE STREETS AND ROADS SERIES. Stories are dramatized for other grades. Letter writing becomes a reality when they learn the five parts of a friendly letter and how to address an envelope. A visit to the Post Office makes this live ln their minds. Cor- rect usage of words is also stressed. During the year visits were made to the grocery store, the library, and the creamery. A real grocery store was made in the room. Each one enjoyed being the storekeeper. 9' Seeds were everywhere in the room when the third graders made 5 seed collection. You could find almost any kind of a seed by visiting the room, Music, physical education and art were other classes en- joyed during the year. Front row: Ellen Grienke, Kathleen Cacek. Marsha Cox, Margaret Johnson, Marcene Peterson, Dorlys Brechwald, Diane Florke, Janice Molgaard Second row: Steven Johannesen, Daniel Steineke, Karen Farestad, Martha Hanson, Linda Samuelson, Michael Binder, Marlin Weiland, Miss Sewalson Third row: Steven Movall, Bobby Hogancamp, James Camerer, Eugene Lichtenberg, Robert Anderson, Danny Hallengren THIRD Miss Sewalson gf? , at , SECOND GRADE Mrs. Huseman 1 I ax -3 1 , 4 -, 7 ,4 1 X Front row: Leon Peterson, Tommy Parker, Steven Schuler, Kenneth Ryherd Milo Hustedt Ricky Meyer Darrell Johnson Second row: Mrs. Jarvis, Janet Sinns, Darrylin Holmes. Candace Norlin Ardell Ericksen Vicki Sue Wolfe Jan Kjolhede Third row: Ellen Clough, Steven Walsh, John Hallengren, Mike Petersen Terry Binder Myron Murph , Linda Bruns SECOND GRADE ACTIVITIES The second graders have enjoyed an interest- ing and profitable year. Reading and phonics have helped them to develop their structural and pho- netic analysis skills: improve their ability in in- dependent reading. Our new science books deal with the basic pat- terns of the universe: namely, patterns as princi- ples of space, time, change, interrelationships vari- ety, adaptations and balance. -Correlated with this subject we had excursions, studied various items, such as cocoons, ants, wasps, bees, crickets, rocks, leaves, etc. Numbers, social studies, health, spelling, lan- guage, penmanship, music and physical education help to round out the second grade curriculum. The highlight of the year was our train ride to Cherokee, and a trip through the Planetarium. Front row: Diane Sievert, Karn Johnsen Srirley Hallengren Alice Witzke Diane Bauer Elizabeth San dine, Claudia Olsen Second row: Kathleen Fast, Gayle Barr Kathy Sue Peterson Richard Benson Lawrence Ahart Vickie Brueggert, Linda Peters, Donna Hoops Third row: Russel Post, Ronald Mortensen Steven Strom Theodore Mahn Charles Conard Bruce Nel son, Richard Carlson, Mrs, Huseman .. ... ...s..4 - ...4 K 1 FIRST GRADE Miss Jons Front row: Marcia Meyer. Lynette Hansen, Peggy Anderson, Patty Christopherson, Donna Johnson, Brenda Samuelson, Jackie Watt Second row: Kim Bnrr. Burton Hill, John Diischer, Marlene Peterson, Richard Adams, Collene Huseman, Nancy Peterson, Ramona Stille Third row: Alan Buckingham, Tim Alklre, Greg Johannesen, Jimmy Oatman, Larry Grieme, Paul Lietz, Wayne Fredrickson, Miss Jons FIRST GRADE ACTIVITIES A thrilling day was had when the first graders began their pre-primers. During the year the boys and girls learned many words. They enjoyed read- ing about the experiences of Dick, Jane, and Sally. In number work the first grade developed readiness for the general use of numbers and the number system, basic number facts, measuring and ,,-A use of monev. 5, The first step in writing was learning the cor- rect way to make each letter. The second step was , forming words and sentences and the last step was -9 i Dick writing stories. We enjoyed our science book Look and Learn. The units we had were animals, machines, seasons, months and plants. Our social studies work was centered around ij' ii ' the family and the school. .. ,Q ' 1 Jane .H SHIIY Front row: Barbara Schuler, Cynthia Peterson. Eyla Jean Johnson, Sandra Sundberg, Randy Maule, Steven Launderville, Gerry Clough, Steven Steffes Second row: David Johnson, Raymond Nading, Kevin Anderson, Rollie Richman, Garand Gaffey, Billy Anderson, Steven Marshall Third row: Sharon Holtz, Linda Cacek, Karen Halverson, Melinda Peterson, Brenda Walsh, Doris Han- son, Lori Jimmerson, Norma Beckfield, Miss Andersen FIRST GRADE Miss Andersen 72 , I-'ront row: Lynn Osborne. Donald Rogers. Stanley Kraemer. David Anderson Second row: Mrs. Briison, Bonnie Fredrickson, Charles Kracmer, David Smith, Paul Ruehmann. Judy Lundberg. Mr. Thieman Third row: Richard Rydstrom, Leonard Raygor. Keith Enderson, Jerry Meyer FAIRVIEW FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Mrs. Gould 74 ..,. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE ACTIVITIES In both fifth and sixth grade reading classes, they are trying to increase their vocabulary by look- up new words for each story, writing the meaning of each word and using them in a sen- tence. In fifth grade arithmetic, we are going to be doing long divi- sion problems, multiplying three- place numbers, adding and sub- tracting decimals and also frac- tions, finding perimeters and areas of squares, In sixth grade arithmetic, we are going to learn to add, sub- tract, multiply and divide frac- tions and also decimals, study the units of measure, and find the un- known number by adding, sub- tracting, multiplying and divid- ing. For extra work in language, each student is to read four li- brary books and make a written report and an oral report on each. Other subjects that we have are: spelling, science, health, so- cial studies, and also we have music, physical education and art. Front row: Barbara Kraemer. Kurt Frederickson, Kathy Frederickson, David Meyer, Keith Rogers Second row: Mrs, Gould. Donna Pedersen. Bob Wilt, Shirley Heschke, David Coombs Third row: Raymond Friedrich. Patty Schuldt, Charles Rydstrom Absent: Larry Jensen. David Hollenbeck FAIRVIEW SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Mrs. Britson Mr. Thieman FOURTH GRADES FAIRVIEW THIRD AND Mrs. Hoover THIRD AND FOURTH ACTIVITIES Front row: Marsha Friedrich, David Kjolhede, Bobby Peterson, Janis Peterson, Carol Edwards Second row: Mrs. Hoover, John Rydstrom, Alvern Friedrich, Sue Quirin, Mike Ingram, Gary Bruns, Rod ney Frederickson Third row: Steven Johnson, Roger Lundberg, Norma Jean Rogers, Rodney Bruns, Lee Meyer, DeAnn Ped ersen, David Kraemer Absent: Bobby Jensen The third and fourth shall endeavor to build a good foundation for all mathematics by learning all the combinations of the four fundamental process- es, so that they may be done within a limited number of min- utes. This will be done by indi- vidual study and time tests on each process at intervals through- out the year. Charts will be kept to show each child's progress in speed and accuracy. These pupils will be encour- aged to read several library books during 'tspare time and each shall report upon at least two to the class. Much stress will be placed up- on the improvement of both oral and silent reading in these grades. It is very important that they grades have become good readers before attacking the more difficult work-type reading, such as is found in social studies. It is hoped that these pupils shall all learn to budget their time and plan ahead in the preparation of their lessons. This also will be much help to them as they advance to higher grades. FIRST AND SECOND GRADE ACTIVITIES 1958-1959 should be a success- ul year with our eight first grad- ers and seven second graders. Interesting reading experiences will be offered through the use of basic readers, charts, signs, and supplementary readers. We hope each child will enjoy reading, and have the desire to read independ- ently after knowledge of the ba- sic vocabulary for his grade. With a foundation of phonics and language, this should all be possible. Number work in first grade will consist of counting, repro- ducing, and identifying objects to 10, recognition of groups to sixg relation between add and subtract plus number vocabulary. In second grade we will go into the teens with stories for addition and subtraction, measures, coins, time, and counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and l0's. With second grade spelling, plus health, science, creative ac- tivities, music and games we should have a full year. Front row: Cynthia Anderson, Cherie Dyslin, Diane Rehnstrorn, Darwin Clausen, Jimmie O'Donnell, Tom- M my eyer Second row: Kenneth Friedrich, Kathy Anderson, Sherleen Clausen, Scott Quirin, Delores Syndegard Third row: Mrs. Halverson, Douglas Bruns, John Schuldt, Bruce Edwards, Lynn Peterson fa' FAIRVIEW FIRST AND ' SECOND GRADES Mrs. Halvorson FAIRVIEW MUSIC ACTIVITIES Offering music every day to all grades enables us to receive most of the basic experiences of music in one .week's time. We do this by devoting one period a week to theory, one to listening lessons of Record Day, another to singing, one to rhythm and one to musical games. Because one phase of music cannot rightfully be separated from another, the five periods can be correlated by studying a song in four or five steps when- ever possible: Theory: the key signature of the song plus the syllables. Rhythm: how each measure can be divided differently be- tween the number of beats. Singing: first on syllables, then on hum, and finally on words. Listening: hearing other sing- ers do the song, either by quar- tets from the class or be record- ing of the song when the record is available. Musical Games: to give theory an immediate purpose for learn- ing all the key signatures, lines and spaces, and so on. Each stu- dent has the responsibility to his own team to study and learn, or his team will lose in the tourna- ment. Eventually students realize that the ultimate purpose is to facilitate music reading for their own enjoyment as well as for performing. By having music every day we can vary the program to include piano classes, for which we will use cardboard keyboards plus ac- tual piano keyboardsg program day in each class to encourage performingg Play Teacher Day so that individual pupils may teach a song to the rest of the classg and perhaps Flutophone classes to determine interest and ability toward instrumental mu- sic. READING ..-f ., .. 1 1 3 , xx V I 111' .' 1. '--4 ' L..,..,-. .-....nax.f' ' ' ' '-'- - 1511112-54-g.',' -,,,.--if -an 1- ,ha : 4,q,,11-,gg,1.- . .,q, ,,,.,.,,, - - ,.L,.- . .,,..,. ,-..s -, N U 4 , .. - J..- .... .,,. 1 ,A in - , .f., - ..::nf'z .- , Up nfu Jag: gf., , I, il 1 'li i - 1 ' -I E-J --1 1 A. 1 ff F-L V, .2 F: . 2 --1 ff? 2:- uf 'Q C 'a . 1 -. 3: 1 J. if N. ' . ' ,z f . 'f - - ...v .- -V - - , .:' . ...... 9'.,..1.:.,:... -1 ,l :' M ' . - 'rr

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