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D x , 5. 1 'J 'S 51 ,. L. :v in fr he This is our Big Record Alto High School Alto, Iowo 1958 Cyclone FOREWORD This is our Big Record, Through the use of song titles in our write-ups we have captured many of the experiences that have taken their place in our treasury of school memories. Though we can not Turn Back the Hands of Time we will always be able to hear memory's stream of tunes flow over our minds as we look across each page and hear the message that each groove brings to us in this, The Big Record. l CONTENTS Administration 2 Elementary Section 7 Senior Section 17 High School Section 27 Activity Section 37 Music Section 49 Athletic Section 59 Homecoming 62 .f , Q Q? .X . jf, SUPERWTENDENT OF SCHOOLS MELVIN v. SAMUELSON The High ond The Mighty ' Sigel' 3 Administration Section The administration section of our school has helped all the students very much. Yes, they are The High and The Mighty and every individual student looks upon them with great respect. They have given us welcomed advice when we needed help in solving our everyday problems. They have taught us many things that will help us when we graduate and get out on our own. The High and The Mighty we call them and they really deserve it. ARNOLD HAMMOND Principal Math B. A. Westmar Here's to the administration to help re- mind them ot the Good Old Days. lt you believe in Whistle While You Work, That's Your Mistake - the next time it happens You'll Get Yours. lt's said we have Hearts ot Stone, but You'll Never Know! It You Only Knew how The Old Professor Al- most Lost his Mind. Hopelessly we Wait and See Til Summer Vacation - They're Gone With the Wind. Graduation - Oh What a Day! So Long! ROGER BEALS CAROLYN KUNDEL Basketball Coach Vocational Homemaking Industrial Arts, U. S. History B,S, M, A. Iowa State University of Minnesota HAROLD CARSTENS KATHERINE NORTON Veterans Farm Training English-Dramatics B. S, B. A. Iowa State University of Iowa CAROL RADKE School Secretary Alta High School CHARLES CLAWSON Football - Track Coach Driver Education Social Studies Physical Education B A Iowa State Teachers FLORENCE REYNOLDS Remedial Reading B E Buena Vista University of Iowa LORRAINE SAWIN English MAX FULLER Business Education B. A. Iowa State Teachers DELBERT McCOY Assistant Coach , I . Biolaqy - General Science Girls Physical Education Chemistry - World History B A B A University of Iowa AMY SCHREIBER St. Olaf Colleqe MARVIN POLZIEN School Nurse Vocational Aqriculture Immanuel Lutheran Hospital B. S. R N Iowa State JANET SCHIVE Vocal Music B A Buena Vista REGINALD SCHIVE Instrumental Music B. A. Iowa State Teachers Front row: Melvin V. Samuelson tsuperintendentr, Burton L. Poulson, Don- ald C. Anderson, Leroy D. Peterson 1Presidentb, C. F. Sangston tSecretaryy Second row: Morris C. Peterson 1Tre-asurerb, Arling Peterson, Harry E. Melander BOARD OF EDUCATION The High and Mighty are Walking the floor Because the Young and Foolish are Growin' Up. ' The Teenagers Mother says I'm Be- ginning To Wonder - Wish I Knew. But, It's Not For Me To Say: I'm Sorry. Mama, Look a Booboo - I'm NOT a Juvenile Delinquent! My Nerves Cause Me Heartaches when we go Round and Round in a Race With The Devil. Remember, I'm only "17," and in Time to Come, Whatever Will Be Will Be. Front rowt Elmer Svendsen, Duane Nelson, Ronald Peterson Second row: Sylvester Banta, Harold Gould, Harold Siglin BUS DRIVERS Through Rain or Shine, I'm Waitin' Just For You. Get Up You Slowpoke, You'll Never Walk Alone. Catch a Slowboat to China, You Sleepyhead or You'll take the Longest Walk - Ain't that a Shame. SCHOOL COOKS Myrtle Whiting tlsaundressi, Mrs. Swanson, Mrs. Benna, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Hayes .li . wi B.. Can You Find It In Your Heart to Pass the Jam Sam? Just In Time -Hot Dog. I Feel Good, Gimme More, Perhaps 16 Tons. Am I Asking Too Much for 3 Little Fish- es? - Poor Me. Bring on the Butterscotch Mop - That's What I Like .... Satisfied! i:'sii'WTl'E nu Vilsv Young ond Foolish X .Qi ! ! ,fi ,V C P' Elementary Section Students in the elementary grades are Young and Foolish, but they are just learning to make decisions for themselves and they are meeting the world face to face for the first time. While in school they find themselves and realize their abilities for the first time. Hobbies become an important part of their leisure activ- ities. The children work together to de- velop cooperation, good sportsmanship, and respect for their superiors. With the guidance of their teachers this generation is growing up to become the adults of to- morrow. EIGHTH GRADE Mr. Greene Front row: Tom Wall, Stan Fredericks, Gary Sundberg, John Soderquist, Roger Anderson, David Warren, Jim Mackay Second row: Daniel Oberg, Eleanor Remillard, Sherry Ericksen, Sally Carpenter, Beverly Hanson, David Johnson 4Vice-Presidentr, Laurel Lichtenberg tPresidentb, Jean Man- gold 1Secretary-Treasurerr, Judy Jones, Lizabeth Peters, Margaret Turnquist, Jim Watts Third row: Janet Smith, Janet Peters, JoAnn Warren, Sharon Williams, Marcia Hutton, Janet Peterson, Jolene Huseman, Karen Banta, Karen McGowan, Tyann Pierson Fo rt row: Linda Sandine Sheila Krenzien Mike Johnston, Gar Peterson, Mike Stille, Ed ll h , , Y Millard, Milton Hustedt, Doug Patten, Karen Hartman, Margaret Sandine Absent: Jarroll Otto SPONSORED BY SWANSON'S DAIRY JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta AND SCORES 26 Storm Lake 0 40 Holstein 7 33 Aurelia 13 32 Storm Lake 13 28 Holstein 7 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Bonita Johnson, Sally Carpenter, Lizabeth Peters, Peggy Kindwall Front row: John Nordstrom, Gary Gall, John Soderquist, David Warren, Daniel Oberg, Eldon Poller Second row: Dean Brechwald, Gary Peterson, David Johnson, Roger Anderson, Gary Sundberg, Tom Wall Third row: Jim Mackay, Ed Millard, Mike Stille, Doug Patten Absent: Laurel Lichtenberg u SEVENTH GRADE in Mrs. Waldo L Gary Gall Junior lligh is truly "The Birth of tho Blues" be- rausr- it is a pt-riod of "growing up" and preparation for high si-hool, It means longvr school hours, extra homo work, and bigger assignmonts. Sevvn or eight zwzicli-'niiz' subjects are taught hy Mr. Grec-nv and Mrs. Waldo, who 4-xp:-ct that upon completion of two years' work in Jr. lligh that all students attain the desired lf-vi-l to qualify for high school entrance. To offsr-t the additional work and "growing Bains," the studvnts have several enjoyable new ex- pi-i'i4-nc-vs. Tha- boys, coachod hy Mr. Hammond. par- tiripato in Compvtitive foothalland basketball games with other srhool, Pop meetings are held prior to games and art- lr-d hy four cheerleaders. The pep hand is roniposvd of .Iunior High students. Thr- girls enjoy It-arning things about sewing, cooking, good grooming, hahy-sitting, and family living from Miss Kundel, the llomo lic-onomics ti-arher. As tht- song "Birth of tho Blur-s" portains to the birth of a song, so do tho Jr. High activities. Some of it may ho hard and sevm tiring to the students hilt thvy will always romemhf-r them and memories will hr- a song in their hearts. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM AND SCORES Alta 20 Chorokoe 43 Alta 32 Holstein 30 Alta 36 Aurelia 23 Alta 28 Sioux Rapids 18 Alta 52 Holstein 27 Alta 35 Storm Lake 33 Alta 26 Cherokee 41 Alta 30 Aurolia 13 Alta 40 Storm Lake 18 i Carter, Marilyn Murphy Front row: Willard West, Robrrt Sulli Second row: Louise Murray, Candace ISOCFTPLEIYY-TTPllSUl'l'l'l, Helene ILN van, John Nordstrom, Ronnie Peterson, Philip Andersen, Anderson, Tom Johnston 4Vice-Presidc-ntl, Linda Larsen Dahl, Janrt Porter Third row: Ann Ledoux, Julic' Grigg, Judy Coombs, Ruth Peterson, Patricia Stokes, Lani Siglin Beverly Lietz, Vicky Hansen Fourth row: Peggy Kindwall, Bonita Johnson. Dean Brechwald, Eldon Poller. Garry Belcher. Mary wrt , E' 5 X i ' A tt ' ' at-.-a, N . i K ,, Front row: Laurel Lichtenberg. Dean Brechwald, David Warren, Roger Anderson, Stanley Fredericks. Jun Mackay, Philip Andersen Second row: Miko Johnston, David Johnson, Mike Stille, Ed Millard, Gary Peterson, Doug Patten, John Soderquist SAFETY PATROL "You Are My Special Angel," the little girl told one of the safety patrol boys. This probably tells how most of the small children feel about the safety patrol. The safety patrol boys are on the job every afternoon in all kinds of Weather are special angels. They see that the younger children get on the correct bus, are not running between buses, and try to prevent accidents. The boys are volunteers interested in promot- ing safety. They elect from among themselves a lieutenant and captain who work together in as- signing boys to the buses and getting substitutes if someone is absent. There are two boys who take care of putting up the school stop sign and blockades each morn- ing and evening. i SAFETY PATROL Philip Anderson Garry Belcher Nathan Peterson Eldon Poller John Nordstrom Willard West Ronnie Peterson JUNIOR BAND "Let's Make Music" is the thought ii every- one's mind when they belong to the Junior Band. The main goal of the Junior Band is to fur- ther young students in their ability to play togeth- er as a unit, and to explore and play compositions written for the band. Here students are first taught to listen to the other instruments and learn to blend their sound with the others. The Junior Band consists of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. Before a student can enter Junior Band, he must satisfactorily complete an elementary method book and have played his in- strument for at least one year. Some exceptions are made to this rule, as in the case of older Jun- ior High students who have progressed more rap- idly than younger beginners. Each year usually in February, the Junior Band presents their annual concert. This year the concert was February 18. JUNIOR BAND Front row: Lizabeth Peters. Jean Mangold, Nathan Peterson, Janet Porter, Peggy Kindwall, Pat Stokes, Colleen Samuelson, Ruth Peterson, Sally Carpenter Second row: Diane Nielsen, Sharon Bell, Beverly Lietz, Kathy Hunt, Karen Hartman, Janet Smith, David Warren, Daniel Oberg, Wayne Halverson, Linda Sandine, Ronnie Peterson, Doug Patten Third row: Beverly Sussman, Janelle Goettsch, Cynthia Benna, Janet Peterson, James Mackay, Dean Brechwald, Marilyn Murphy, Clayton Conard Standing: Candace Anderson, Margaret Turnquist, Jo Ann Warren. Tom Wall, David Anderson, Mr. Schive SPONSORED BY RUNGE AND SCHREIBER - . RYDEN CLOTHING AND DRY CLEANING SIXTH GRADE Miss Vermeer s P' ., ,Egg xi. X P ' , -'H 31595 ,fit f , S i icfxsb p -. tb v FIFTH GRADE Mrs. Wall SPONSORED BY QUAKER OATS CO. Front row: David Andersen, Billy Matzdorff, Jimmy Turnquist, Bobby Williams, Larry Hansen Second row: Cynthia Benna, Kathy Hunt, Colleen Samuelson, Janelle Goettsch, Rita Saathoff, Sharon Bell Third row: Marlowe Poller, Tom Cone, Clayton Connrd, Don Holmes, Dennis Coombs, Tom Huseinan, Wayne Halverson. Miss Vermeer Fourth row: Diane Nielsen, Diane Hogrefe, Linda Schuelke, Susan Grieme. Beverly Sassman, Judy Anderson "Whistle While You Work" is the motive of all fifth and sixth graders. In fifth grade the students read stories of other children, famous people, and fairy tales. They read many interesting things about our country - how it grew from a wilderness into a strong nation, After studying communications they en- joyed a trip to the newspaper office to observe how our papers are printed. While the fifth graders studied "VN the United States, the sixth grade learned about other countries and the middle ages. The students construct- ed a medieval monastary, church, and village. Their studies proved to be a trip "Around the World in Eighty Days" Front row: Daniel Hansen, Luke Kjolhede, Phil Belcher, Donald Ryherd, Dennis Sass- man, John Woodall. Larry Pollard Second row: Norma Buckingham, Shirley Hoops, Susan Holtz, Louise Eriksen, Janet Hutton, Janis Mieras Donna Castle, Karen Andersen Third rrw: Mrs. Wall, Richard Anderson, Lorraine Swanson, Addie Alderson. Linda Siebels, Sandra Sullivan. Laurine Peterson, Ronnie Anderson Fourth row: Scott Schuler, Orin l-luseman, Douglas Krenzien, Douglas Lee, Jimmy Sassman, David Strom, Dennis Gustafson FOURTH GRADE Miss Weiss Front row: Vernon Sullivan, Mike McDane1, Larry Jensen, Steven Peterson Second row: Patty Bell, Karen Melander, Diane Gould, Linda Falck, Jackie Castle Third row: Darlyn Leonard, Mary Sievert, Susan Schuelke, Cathy Turpin, Nancy Larsen, Diane Sundberg, Miss Weiss Fourth row: Mike Oatman, Brian Peterson, Ed- die Buckendahl, Ordell Weiland, Dwain Holmes Absent: Ronny Steffes FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Benna Front row: Mickey Laffin, Timothy Stille, Tom- my Waldo, Steven Sassman, Burdette Watts Second row: Linda Meyer, Linda Delbridge, Jean Grienke, Linda McGowan, Leslie Gall Third row: Linda Lee, Joelle Sinns. Curtis Ham- mond, Jimmy Norlin, Karen Peterson, Shari Christenson Fourth row: James Sullivan, Chris Olsen, Dennis Brisbois, Douglas Svendsen, Lanny Ander- son, Mrs. Benna Absent: Dennis Carlson SPONSORED BY ALTA COOPERATIVE CREAMERY "How Little We Know" is an expression used by many fourth graders. They find that they are learning more every day. The students had units on Young Citizens of Early Days, Young Citizens of Today, Wonders of Our Times, Storyland Here and Now, and Famous Americans of Other Times. Science created a lot of interest among the boys and girls, especially the units on the heav- ens and magnets. After the unit on the heavens we took a trip to Cherokee to the Planetarium. Plays were given periodically throughout the year. At Christmas the play "Christ's Birth" was given and "The Life of Lincoln" was given in February. THIRD GRADE Miss Sewolson Front row: Thomas Oherg, Charles Mo vall, Keith Pierson, Gary Molgaarc' Lonnie Sassman Second row: Jayne Buckingham. Cyn- thia Schuler, Kathryn Magnuson, Trudy Greene, Glenda Walsh Third row: Larry Steffes, Randy Rich- man, David Sins. Billy Erikseu, Bobby Jensen, Peter Nielsen, Miss Sewalson Fourth row: Gail Huseman, Candis Kjolht-de, Dr-lira Hansen, Phyllis Swanson, Christine Cunard luu...,.......s A. ...M SPONSORED BY NORTHWEST IOWA LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE L. J. PETERSON, Jeweler "School days, school days, wonderful golden rule days. Readin', ritin' and 'rithmetic . . ." This song typifies the work in third grade. The third graders became more independent readers and stories read came to life as they were dramatized. Parents were invited to share a trip to storyland. Along with reading the students learned to divide words into syllables, tell which syllable is accented in a word, and how to use prefix and suffixes. Writing good sentences and friendly letters and learning good telephone manners were topics of interest in English. Arithmetic found them progressing rapidly as they learned to "carry" in addition, "borrow" in subtraction, and multiply and divide by three. Tell- ing time, counting money, and working with measurements were also accomplished. Activities correlated with social studies in- cluded a Toy Centerville, Model Grocery Store, Post Office, Indian Village, Book Clubs, Bird Feed- ing Station, Tape recording sessions, and visits to Peterson's Store, Alta Co-op Creamery, Post Of- fice, and library. THIRD GRADE Mrs. Rasmussen Front row: Douglas Hansen, Billy Dahl, Dana Johnson, Bobby Kristensen, Tony Stllle Second row: Ida Sievert, Mary Ann Olsen, Ranae Poller, Jean Sievert, Becky Christensen Third row: Jane Launderville, Barbara Grieme, Margaret Nordstrom, Judy Huseman, Donna Erickson. Pamela Christensen, Mrs, Rasmussen Fourth row: Brian Walsh, Sandra Banta, Douglas Mortensen, Nancy Sassman, Gary Roberts 13 14 Front row: David Boettcher, Danny Peterson, Michael Rohlk, Mark Johnston, Stanley Movall Second row: Janet Sievert, Diane Florke, Kathleen Cacek, Marsha Cox, Ellen Grienke Third row: Maren Johnsen, Rebecca Stille, Linda Samuelson, Diane Jesse, Kandace Mc- Danel, Anne Hansen Fourth row: Alberta Andersen, Marlin Weiland, Robert Becker, James Core, Betty Oat- man The second grader's mind is full of "Young Ideas" and the student has a genuine interest and desire to read. The children complete three text-books that are accompanied by work-books and in addition read four supplementary readers, We aim to achieve in arithmetic further understanding of the meanings and relationships of numbers. Here they learn combinations up to eighteen. They learn number names and their meanings, value of money up to fifty cents, and measures. First Steps in English are the language readiness books. Its pur- pose is to initiate the pupils into an awareness of language concepts and the correct usage in written and oral English. Social studies help the children to develop independence and in solving problems involved in group living. Hello David and Someday Soon are the two text-books used in this course. SECOND GRADE Mrs. Jarvis Front row: Steve Moval, Danny Hallengren, Bobby Hogan- camp, David Delbridge, Rioki Otto Seoond row: Claudina Grienker- Janice Molgaard, Marcene Peterson, Margaret John- son, Darlys Brechwald Third row: Maren West, Linda Clough, Martha Hanson, Mike Binder, Danny Sti- eneke, Gregory Howard Fourth row: Robert Anderson, Torrmy Gustafson, James Camerer, Steven Johan- nesen, Eugene Lichten- berg, Mrs. Jarvis SECOND GRADE Mrs. Huseman SPONSORED BY THE PETERSON COMPANY -1, D-v D Front row: Russel Post., Jimmy Oatmnn, Ronnie Mortensen, Bruce Nelson Second row: Nornni Heckfleld, Llzii Sandlne, Janet Sinns, Alyce Witzke, Linda Bruns Third rowg Steven Walsh, Rnyynond Chase, Lawrence Ahart, Terry Binder, Steven Strom, Johnnie Hullengren Fourth row: Linda Peters, Dari Holmes, Charles Conard, Jan Kjolhede, Kathy Peter- son Absent.. Milo Hustedt, Teddy Mann As in the song "Little Child" the first graders are full of questions and eagerness. They enjoyed their first experiences in learning to read. In the fall, leaves were gathered and properly classified. Using food models they soon discovered the im- portanee of a good breakfast. They learned many things about the train, cars and the important part they play in our lives. In the spring beans, car- rots, radishes, onions, and flowers were planted in a garden. FIRST GRADE Miss Andersen Front row: Leon Peterson, Steven Schuler, Kenneth Ryherd, Richard Carlson, Ricky Meyer Second row' Diane Sievert, Ellen Clough, Donna Hoops, Shirley Hallengren, Kam Johnson Thlrtt row: Claudia Olsen, Gayle Barr. Vickie Brueggert, Ardell Erickson, Candy Norlln, Ramona Stllle Fourth row: Roland Richman, Louis Anderson, Mike Petersen, Richard Benson, Myron Murphy, Miss Ander- sen SPONSORED BY THE PETERSON COMPANY FIRST GRADE TIN' X Mrs. Jarvis Miss .Ions :elf QL 'iw KINDERGARTEN Miss Bengfson SPONSORED BY SNYDER'S CAFE Front row: Timmy Sherwood, Tim Pollard, Burton Hill, Dick Adolphson, David John Johnson Second row: Carla Caboth, Sandra Sundberg, Karen Halverson, Peggy Anderson, Linda Cacek, Joan Radke, Marcia Meyer Third row: David Mills, Jeff Poulson, Richard Adams, Roger Kuhrts, Garand Gaffey, Larry Grieme Fourth row: Kim Barr, Doris Hanson, Steven Marshall, Raymond Nading, Paul Lietz, Brenda Walsh, Collene Huseman. Miss Bengtson A - Learning the alphabet and making an ABC and have to model objects out of clay. Book was one of the projects of the year. D - Dramatization is like a great sport with them. B - Before the end of the year each child can print They act out many stories, their favorites being their first and last name to perfection. Every child The Three Bears, and The Three Billy Goats learns to repeat his telephone number and address. Gruff. C Y Creative work is stressed about twice a week E - Entertainment was provided for the mothers and it seems to be the most exciting since it con- by the students. The 'main feature was presenting sists of so many different things. The students finger-plays and songs they had learned during paint, cut and paste different holiday ensembles, the year. Front row: Alan Buckingham, Steven Steffes, Steve L3UI'ldeI'Vlll9, wayne Fredrick- son, Gerry Clough Second row: Jackie Watt, Sharon Holtz, Cynthia Peterson, Lynette Hansen, Bar- bara Schuler Third row: Brian Frederick, Tim Alkire, John Diischer, Kevin Anderson, Greg Jo- hannesen, Billy Anderson Fourth row: Brenda Samuelson, Melinda Peterson, Marlene Peterson, Nancy Peter- son. Patty Christopherson, Miss Bengtson The Stroll 5 ! 1 ' . QQ. 1' f I ff A J Senior Section The Stroll through high school has given the seniors ceaseless knowledge and many memorable experiences. Now they must leave the school and friendship they have grown up in and face the challenging and difficult world. ARNE AxELsoN Sel'llOI' FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 4 JUDY BROWN GRA 2, 3, 43 FHA 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 3, 4, Scarlet and Black Staff 43 CIHSS Play 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 33 Basketball 1 tFairviewJg Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: High School Treasurer 4 CHARLES DAHL Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 2, 43 An- nual Staff 43 Class Play 3, 43 Mix- Sd Chorus 2, 33 Boys' Glee Club . 3 JANE DREIER GRA 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 23 Class Officer 1 fVice-Presidentl: Vocal Officer 4 fSecretaryJ: GRA Offi- cer 4 tPresidentlg Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Sextet 3, Double Mixed Quartet 3, 43 An- nual Staff 3, 4 fCo-Editorlg At- tendant 3g Class Play 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 DOROTHY FRIEDRICH GRA 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1. 2, 3: Class Officer 4 fStudent Councillg An- nual Staff 43 Scarlet and Black Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 lliditori: Class Play 35 Pep Club 1, 23 Mixed 'Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 1 MARLIN FRIEDRICH Basketball 1, 23 Track 25 FFA 1, 25 Annual Staff 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Cho- rus 1g Trumpet Trio 2, 3, 43 Trumpet Quartet 2, 3, 4 DAVID HADDEN Basketball 1: Mixed Chorus 45 Annual Staff 4 Activities GLENN HARTMAN Lettermc-n's Club 4: Football 1: Track 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 3, 4 MARY ANN HINKELDEY GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2: Annual Staff 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Vocal Solo 2, 4: Girls' Sextet 4 HARLAN HOGREFE FFA Officer 4 tVlce-Presldentl: FFA 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Na- tional FFA Convention 4: State FFA Convention 4: Boys' Glee Club 1 DEANNA JOHNSON GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 4 ROBERT KINDWALL Lettermen's Club 4 fVice-Pres- identb: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4 tManagerl: Track 1. 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 3 tPres- identl: Band Officer 4 tPresi- dentl: Mixed Chorus Officer 4 iPresidentl: FFA 1: Annual Staff 3, 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 2: Class Play 3, 4: Declam 4: March- ing Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Brass Sextet 4: Brass Quartet 4: Boys' Octet 3: Double Mixed Quartet 4: Vocal Solo 4 SHARON LICHTENBERG GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 3 fSecretary-Treas- urerl: FHA Officer 4 fTreasur- erl: Annual Staff 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 4: Class Play 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Clar- inet Trio 1, 2, 3, 4: Clarinet Quar- tet 1, 4: School Treasurer 4 BURTON JOHNSON Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2 lManagerl: Track 1. 2 tMana- gerlg FFA Officer 3 tVice-Pres- ide-ntl, 4 1Presidentl: FFA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Play 4: National FFA Convention at Kansas City 1, 3: Dairy Cattle Congress at Waterloo 2: State FFA Convention at Waterloo 2: Correctionville Judging Contestfl, 2, 3: Sioux City Livestock Judging Contest 3, 4: State FFA Conven- tion at Cedar Rapids 3: Clay County Fair Judging Contest 2, 3: Public Speaker at District 3: Parliamentary Procedure Team at District 4 ALVERN MILLER Track 45 FFA Officer 2 tSentin- ell, 3 fSentinelDg FFA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 43 Class Play 3, 4: Band Officer 4 fStudent Councillg Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Vocal Solo 3, 45 Double Boys' Quartet 33 Dou- ble Mixed Quartet 4 1958 JEAN ANN MORRISON GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 45 Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3 FAITH OBERG GRA 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA lRecreation Chairmanb 4: Annual Staff 43 Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 43 Class Play 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Debate 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Clarinet Trio 1, 2, 3, 43 Clarinet Quartet 1, 4, Triple Trio 23 Girls' Sextet 33 Double Mixed Quartet 45 Vocal Solo 4 JACQUE OTTO GRA 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Officer 4 fPresident3 State Convention 2, 33 Annual FHA Staff 43 Scarlet and Black Staff 1, 2, 3 fAssistant Editorl, 4 1Co- Editorlg Class Play 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Declam 3, 43 Clarinet Trio B 1, 2, 3, 4, Clarinet Quartet B 1, 4 LORENE PETERSON GRA 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2: Class Officer 3 tVice-Presidentlg Band Officer 3 fVice-Presidentlg An- nual Staff 4, Scarlet and Black Staff 43 Attendant 4, Cheerleader 3, 45 Class Play 43 Pep Club 1, 2. 33 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 25 Mixed 'Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Vocal Solo 3, 4: Trio 3, Double Mixed Quar- tet A 33 Girls' Quartet 4 ROGER PETERSON Lettermen's Club fSecretary- Treasurerl 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 4 fCo-captainl: Track 1, 2, 33 Class Officer 2 fPresidentJ, 4 KPresidentD: FFA lg Annual Staff 3, 43 King 4 SARA RYHERD GRA 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 41 Annual Staff 43 Scarlet and Black Staff 4: Class Play 4: Mixed Cho- rus 1, 2: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2 JERRV BANDINE Lettermen's Club 4 lPresidentl: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4 fCo-captalnl: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 2 tVlce-Pres- identl 4 fVlce-Presldentl: FFA 1: Annual Staff 4: Escort 1, 4: Class Play 4 DICK SCHMIDT Track 3, 4: FFA 1, 2: Annual Staff 4 KATHRYN SIEVERT GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2: Band Officer 4 lSecretary-Treasurerl: Annual Staff 3, 4 fCo-Editorl: Class. Play 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Double Mixed Quartet 2, 3, 4: Girls' Quartet 2, 3: Mixed Quartet 2, 3, 4: Girls' Triple Trio 2: Vocal Solo 4: Girls' Trio 4 JENNIE SMITH GRA 2, 3, 4: FHA 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 1 fFalrvlew7: Class Officer 1 fSecretary-Treasurerl, 2 fStudent Counclll, 4 tSecretary-Treasur- erb: FHA Officer 4 fMusic Chair- manl: Annual Staff 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 2, 3, 4: Queen 4: Class Play 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Vocal Solo 2, 3, 4: Girls' Trio 4: Girls' Sextet 4: Double Mixed Quartet 4: Girls' Quartet 4 DARLENE SPECKETER GRA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, 4 GORDON STROM Lettermen's Club 4: Basketball 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4 tCo-captainl: Track 1, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Concert Band 3, 4: Marching Band 3, 4 RALPH WATTS FFA Officer 2 tTreasurerl, 4 fSentinell: FFA 1 fJudge Water- loo Dairy Cattle Congress! tNa- tional FFA Convention at Kansas Cityl, 2, 3 fNational FFA Con- vention at Kansas Cityl tSub- dlstrict parliamentary procedure teaml, Judging team at Sioux City 4 PAUL WOODALL Basketball 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2: An- nual Staff 4 Senior Life AT womc Jennie Smith at work at the Alta AT PLAY Sara Ryherd, Kathryn Sievert, Jane Dreier, Jean Ann Morrison, Mary Ann Hinkeldey During our high school years, our lives arc ccnti-red around four different environ- mm-nts: home. church, work, and recrea- tion. ln each of these we me-ct people with dii'te-i-cnt attitudes and pm-rsonalities, We lczirn to get along with them and adapt mirsvlxncs to their ways. Each of those Con- Irihutvs an great di-al to our future lives. AT CHURCH Roger Peterson, Glenn Hartman, Lorene Peterson. Sherrill Peterson 22 SPONSORED BY ALTA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR AT HOME Mr Dahl Mrs Dahl. Fraxiii-11: Imhl. Clnirlm-X Dnlil . , Skip Day In the future, when members of the Senior Class start strolling "Down Memory Lane," one of their most remembered days will be Skip Day. As they look back they will laugh at the complaints they made when their parents roused them out of bed so they would be able to make the bus. which left at 5:00 A.M. The long ride to Omaha will be Iorgotten and only thc fun on the bus will be re- membered. Everyone will remember the displays at the Union Pacific Museum and Joselyn Art Memorial. The tour through Brandies proved to be interest- ing and the dinner they served was delicious. Many had the experience of taking a plane ride, while the others watched airliners land and take off. All the girls were disappointed when their visit to Boys' Town didn't allow them to see many of the inhabitants. but the tour was interesting. While not sightseeing, the class went shopping and the purchased merchandise made everyone un- comfortable on the way home. But even though they were crowded, everyone was happy because they had added another scenic spot along the path "Down Memory Lane." Class of 1958 Second row: Ralph Walls, Sharon Liehtenberg, Judy Brown, Paul Woodall. Arne Axelson, Marlin Fried rich, Lorene Peterson, Mary Ann Hinkelrley, Glenn Hartman Third row: Burton Johnson, Dirk Schmidt, Clrirles Dahl, Harlan Hogrefe, Robert Kindwall, Jerry San dine, Gordon Strom. Roger Peterson, David Hadden. Alvern Miller GRADUATES CONNER AWARD WINNERS iv L P r CLASS YELL S-E-N-I-O-R-S With the class of "58" Alta High will always rate YES! We'1l knock 'em down And lay 'em straight Cause we're the 'Class of "58" - - -R S S E-N I-O - t Seniors, Seniors, Seniors. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER Dr. Louis J. Person Mary Ann Hinkeldey SALUTATORIAN Roger Peterson VALEDICTORIAN FOUR YEARS OF PERFECT ATTENDANCE SENIOR PRESIDENT RECEIVING HIS DIPLOMA FROM PRESIDENT or sono or EDUCATION Roger Peterson and Harry Melander "Freight train, freight train goin' so fast." The next stop is our stop. It is the station where we get off this train and get on a different one -A one that will take us to our place in this great country ot' ours. The last few weeks of school are hectic weeks for the seniors. Many things have to be done now or they won't get done at all. Invitations for grad- uation have to be sent out. Those who haven't had their pictures taken or haven't got them back are wondering whether we will get them by gradua- tion. There are also a few dogs running around the senior class and high school, trying to get as many autographs as possible. These dogs are not real dogs but autograph hunters called Personality pets. The boys don't say much about getting a new suit or a new pair of shoes but among the girls, getting a new dress or a pair of shoes is the main topic of discussion. Every outfit has something different about it. Maybe it is the way it is made, its color or maybe the thing that makes it different is the way the senior describes it. There is a happy look on their faces as they think of their outfit and of the big day not too far off in the future that will in some way change each of their lives. Even semester tests aren't dreaded as much because they are the last ones the seniors will have to take in high school. A question that has gone around the senior class these last couple of weeks is who is in the top third of the class. Many wish they had tried harder so that they, too, could have been near the top. Finally, with the last minute papers being handed in and last minute parties and get-togeth- ers, the last year of high school for the class of 1958 creeps to a close. The pleasant 'memories of the high school years are folded up and packed care- fully in a drawer in the back of the minds. and dreams and plans for the future are coming closer to reality. CLASS SONG We're the hottest class of Alta Our year is "58" The Juniors we will challenge To show them that we rate Our colors we are proud of Baby blue and white Through the air they're flying And for them we will fight. So come on all you seniors And shout our yell with glee And show the other classes What victors we will be Our loyalty and spirit We're proud of for you see We strive to be the greatest Class in history. CLASS MOTTO Knowledge Comes But Wisdom Lmgers CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS White Rose Baby Blue and White SENIOR PROCESSIONAL Front row: Sara Ryherd, Lorene Peterson SENIOR CLASS PLAY Second row: Deanna Johnson, Jane Dreier, Kathryn Sievert, Charles Dahl, Jennie Smith, Jacque Otto, Faith Oberg Third row: Burton Johnson, Alvern Miller, Sharon Lichtenberg, Jerry Sandine, Glenn Hartman, Judy Brown, Robert Kindwall A Teenager's Romance was the theme of the Senior Class Play, Strictly Formal, which was given on Friday, March 28, in the high school audi- torium. The play begins when the Senior Prom is only two weeks away. Jane Cutler and her best friend Sally, tborene Peterson and Kathryn Sievertl still have no dates for the prom. George Ahern and his buddy Jim tCharles Dahl and Burton Johnsonl haven't said a word about taking them. But their worries are only beginning, for Sally's cousin, Mar- cia from New York lDeanna Johnsonl snares one man after another with the old "go-get-em" tactics. Elroy tBob Kindwalll, who is constantly practic- ing the shot put, is allergic to her tactics. The girls get reinforcements, as Cindy Collins tFaith Obergl arrives. Cindy is a movie fan and ready to solve any problem on the basis of a movie. The movie plots only complicate the real life problems. Cindy "gets in Dutch" with everyone and finally gives up trying to fix things. Then Elroy puts the shot into the prize peony bed, and what started with a mild worry about prom dates becomes a war of dads and peonies, shot puts, mumps. and movies. Other characters who aided in making the play entertaining were: Andrew and Nettie Cut- ler, Jane's parents CAI Miller and Sharon Lichten- bergl, Agnes. the maid iJacque Ottol, Mr. Ahern, George's father tGlenn Hartmani, the neighbors, Mrs. Tilton, Rose. and Jasie tJudy Brown, Jennie Smith. Sara Ryherdb, Marilyn, another senior minus a date fJane Dreierl, and Lt. Bob Cunning- ham, a flier fJerry Sandinel. As usual everything turns out all right, but first there must be Changing Partners. SPONSORED BY ALTA BEAUTY SALONS Cox's Beauty Shop and Strom's Beauty Shop ,IOS IE MUST WAVE IT'S LIKE T'lIS WUY, I SIMPLY TTAD T01 HER LITTLE JOKES School Doys High School Section School days, school days, good old golden rule days. High school is the last of these golden rule days. During these four years we have many new experiences and gain new values and knowledge. No two years of high school are the same. Along with our classes, basketball games, football games, track meets, dances. the prom. class plays, music, skip day, and graduation all add up in making our high school experience an enjoyable one. CLASS OFFICERS dine 1VIC9-PI'6SICI8hI.j 7 1Secretary-Treasurery Senior Class Front row: Roger Peterson 4PresidentI, Jerry San- Second row: Jacque Otto fStudent Councill, Dorothy Friedrich 1Student Councill, Jennie Smith CHEMISTRY Sharon Lichtenberg, Judy Brown, Sara Ryherd, Gordon Strom, Charles Dahl, Robert Kindwall Glenn Hartman, Faith Oberg, Wendell Edson rStorm Lake lawyerl, Mary Ann Hinkeldev. Harlan Hogrefe. David Hadden SOCIAL STUDIES Visiting the Court 'loom SPONSORED BY THE PETERSON COMPANY BOOKKEEPING Front row: Ralph Watts, Arnie Axelson, Alvern Miller Second rowl Kathryn Sievcrt, Lorene Peterson, Jane Dreicr With :i Little Bit of Luck the seniors shared some wonderful times together, As the seniors were choosing their careers, they received a lot of information when they at- tended Career Day at Storm Lake. Many repre- sentatives from different colleges came to give them advice. Attending Skip Day was a lot of fun and also was very educational. Each senior receiv- ed a lot of information concerning the plans for their future, hut the decision rests on their shoul- ders. The social studies class took a trip to visit the Mental Institute in Cherokee, which made them realize the importance of the hospital to the men- tally ill. Office experience was an important part to the office practice students in helping them realize the duties of office work. The seniors. with the help of Mr. Fuller and some of the iuniors, worked very hard to complete the yearbook. The basketball boys attended the Bovs' State Tournament and all the girls attended the Girls' State Tournament in Des Moines. All these experiences help to play a part in the memories of the seniors' School Days. OFFICE PRACTICE Front row: Marlin Friedrich. Dick Schmidt Second row: Deanna Johnson, Jean Ann Morrison Third row: Paul Woodall, Darlene Speekeler GEOMETRY Junior Class Keith Smit, Michael Morrow, Marlin Cone. Robert Hinkeldey, Donald Peterson, Larry Lichtenberg "What is this Younger Generation Corning to ?" could very well be the theme song of the Juniors, for it is the one thing most said about them. Their many activities keep the Juniors on the run. At basketball games their expert management has kept the concession stand out of the red. Among their successes the Juniors count their three one- act plays, which were fun for all concerned, and the Junior-Senior Banquet. The banquet was really the high spot of the year and "social season." If it was lots of work, it was twice as much fun. In school the Juniors are most often seen as they hurry be- tween their numerous classes. Although a few brave Juniors are taking five subjects, most are taking only four. Included in their list of subjects are: geometry, where they have been learning how to figure out which is up mathematically: chemistry, here they learn the sanae chenncahyg shorthand, in this class, future secre- taries learn an essential part of their tradeg business law, an edu- cation for the students in their rights and obligations, bookkeep- ing, of course, teaches future bookkeepers how to keep their books, U. S. History, they have learned the history of the United States, and have seen how our democracy is kept running: typing is impor- tant for the secretary-to-be, but also any student finds it quite use- ful: and speech and American literature, they have learned their language, how to use it and how it is used. "Great Balls of Fire" it's lots of work and fun! SPONSORED BY LAKESHORE SUPER VALUE CLASS OFFICERS Front row: Gary Walton 4President1, Emma Jean Rasmussen 4Vice-President! Second row: Kathy Radke lSecretr.ry-Treasurerl, Judy Johnston qStudent Councilb, Paul Turnquist tStudent Councilj SHORTHAND Sandra Svendsen Sherrill Peterson Ruth Lletz Diane Schuler Martha Becker Clem L TYPING Bonnee Lauridsen Dennis Radke LaVerne Llchtenberg Susan Norton Charles Pfalzgraf edoux qcleaning typewerltery SPEECH Sharon Patterson Jon Stille Jerry Otto Wendell Carlson Merle Larson Susan Mangold SPONSORED BY KING-AN'S - Storm Lake NELSON'S ICE CREAM - Storm Lake CONCESSIONS STAND Martin Gllenke Ila Mae Hinkeldey Doris M. Johnson Ordell Kindwall Ronald Hoops Lowell Harms Sophomore Closs DRIVERS' TRAINING Clayton Porter, Janet Swanson, Karen Ankerson, Larry Frantz, David Anderson, Johnny Grieme I CLASS OFFICERS BIOLOGY Ruth West Sally Weiland Carol Johnson Larry Radke Bob Meredith Norman Peterson Front- row: Kent I-luseman iPresident3, Kenneth Qulrk Nice- Presidenm Second row: David Friedrich 1Student Councilj, Gordon Radke iSecretary-Treasurery SPONSORED BY FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK knew'-" . QV' HOME ECONOMICS SPONSORED BY HOLTZ FURNITURE Annette Schmidt, Connie Llchtenberg, Mary Louise Otto, Virginia Frederlcks, Gloria Relvlllllard, Donna Becker, Doris Johnson Kwnwwvzwf WORLD HISTORY "Could This Be Magic?" Are these last year's Freshmen who now swing into high school activ- ities and classes like veterans? Some of their steps will be taken in the following subjects. Let's lis- ten and hear how they are coming along with them. In World History we studied about the world from pre-historic times to the World Wars. His- tory furnishes us with a better understanding of the world in which we live. We most enjoyed learning about living things and the dissecting of worms, fish, and grasshoppers in Biology. The first semester of English we studied gram- mar. We found that diagraming sentences was very interesting and helpful. During the second semester we studied literature. The main object in Algebra was to learn how to figure with literal values instead of numerical values. All of the Algebra students enjoyed this very much. Ralph Hogancamp, Melvern Husemnn, Jerry Buckendahl Darrel Bama, Tom Kristensen, Dennis Otto, Vernon Hoops The Home Economics girls were occupied with their cooking and sewing in class. For cooking they learned to prepare foods for different types of meals. They were very happy to help prepare and serve the faculty banquet. In sewing the girls first made skirts and jumpers. Next they made clothing of their own choice. In Agriculture the bovs learned about different tools and used this knowledge to carry out various building projects. There were also turn-about days when the Ag boys took Home Ec. and the Home Ee. girls took Ag. Since this was quite different from the sched- ule every one enjoyed it a great deal. One of the most anticipated courses offered in the Sophomore year is Drivers Training. Before actual driving takes place the pupils study the mechanism of the car and traffic laws. This should insure better driving habits. Fresh man Class GENERAL SCIENCE Garlan McGowan, Loren Winterhof, Philip Lietz, Ronnie Preston, Judy Erickson, Carmen Nikoley A GENERAL MATHEMATICS Ronald Patterson, Steve Peterson, Tom Grigg, Harry Melander, Carole Walton, Alice Noble CLASS OFFICERS Front row: Karen Lietz rPresidenU, Linda C0119 4Vice-Presidentb Second row: Myron Radke rStudent Councill, Fran- , ces Dahl 1Student Councili, Bob McDonald lSecreta.ry-Treasurerj SPONSORED av ALBERT HUSEMAN, STANDARD TANK SERVICE E. J. EDWARDS, HARDWARE These are the "Young At Heart" who must now learn to adapt themselves to the high school schedule. They will also begin to consider what they wish to do in the following years. This is the way they feel about their first year in high school: English, which includes spelling, has often proved to us how much we misuse our language and how we can improve our speech and writing. However, we eventu- ally get our fill of subjects and predicates, objects and participles, so we have liter- ature for the second semester. A book re- port every six weeks and an occasional theme or story are also part of this course. Because of the conflicts in time schedules the boys and girls are divided for this class. The study of General Science covers wild life, energy and space, and tends to show us the complex things in our world and universe. Frequent experiments help demonstrate the facts which we learn here. We really give our brains a workout in General Mathematics class where we learn almost everything that has to do with numbers. Our teacher also adds many new terms dealing with mathematics and its use. Girls who enjoy sewing and cooking find Home Economics a useful and inter- esting class filled with worthwhile infor- mation and many new experiences. While the girls are taking Home Eco- nomies, the boys choose either Vocational Agriculture or Industrial Arts. Agriculture is mainly the study of things useful to a good farmer. The boys learn about building and using farm equip- ment, They study livestock and get valu- able information for use in future years. The rest of the boys attend shop class- es where they learn woodworking and use the many new tools available. Here they may become interested in carpentry or other phases of this type of work. SPONSORED BY HADDEN'S PHARMACY sw lv HOME ECONOMICS ENGLISH Janet Peterson Pat Pollard Daphne Holmes Alan Harms Dean Radke Dick Krenzien Front row: Carolyn Stllle, Kim Barr, Timmy Sherwood, Mary Huseman Second row: Nancy Klndwall, Sharen Huseman, Diane Holtz, Carolyn Lar- S011 ML upxv AGRICULTURE Robert Huseman, Eugene Peterson, Richard Hogrefe. Phillip Stokes. Melsin Molgaa rd, Merlin Ryherd ELMER STROM NELS BERNDT They work Night and Day. This is a phrase which describes the custodians at Alta School. The Seniors wish to express their appreciation of the untiring efforts of these men in keeping the build- ing and grounds in good condition. STORM LAKE BOOSTERS A Friend Avenue Cafe Bever's Young Fashions Bodaken Implement Dr. F. C. Bridge The Camera Shop Buntrock-Salie Studio Cullen Hardware Farm Bureau Forbes Shoes Hay's Hardware Hoffman's Flower Shop lvers Lockers Ireland Drug Company Lakeshore Cafe Lucia's Shoes The Luggage 6. Gift Shop Mammen Motor Midwest Tire Supply Peterson Motor Company Ray's Processing Rollarena S 8. M Store Sportsmans Storm Lake Bakery Toohey Clothing Vilas Q. Company The Woman's Shop 36 SCHOOL CUSTODIANS HUBERT FREDERICKSEN ALTA BOOSTERS Alta Oil Company Alta Shoe Shop Bumann Bakery Burger G, Burger Carlson Radio G. TV Service Hanover Store lvar Johnson D-X Tank Service Johnson ,Electric Leonard's Style Shop Nelson G. Son Sody's Mobil Gas Station Siglin Texaco Station TrimbIe's Bowling Alley Activity Section Full of Life is the spirit that should reflect from the lives of all high school students. This pep and enthusiasm that is present in the Alta High School is devel- oped mainly through our activities. These activities tend to build students into good citizens with strong characters and well- developed personalities. Although schools were founded for the purpose of studying and learning, the social aspects should not be overlooked. It is through the membership in the follow- ing organizations that students learn to work together and learn to appreciate and respect other people and their opinions. Front row: Miss Kundel lSponsorh, Sharon Lichtenberg lTreasurer3, Jacque Otto tPresidentD, Sandra Svendsen 4Vice-presidentl, Connie Lichtenberg tSecretaryI Second row: Sherrill Peterson, Janet Peterson Faith Oberg, Carole Walton Third row: Sharon Huseman, Sara Ryherd, Carol Johnson, Janet Swanson, Jennie Smith Fourth row: Annette Schmidt, Karen Ankerson, Donna. Becker, Martha Becker,xMary Louise Otto The Alta FHA Chapter is affiliated with the state and national FHA organization made up of high school girls studying home economics. The Alta advisors for the year were Miss Kundel tHome Economics teacherl, and Mrs. Carl A. Otto tclub motherl. The flower, a red rose, and the colors are red and white which symbolize the innocence and the de- termination of youth. The Alta Chapter began their year's activities in Septem- ber by welcoming their new members at a watermelon party and picnic. Then came the district convention where Mary Louise Otto of Alta served as district president and Connie Lichten- berg was installed as the district recreation chairman for 1957-1958. Along with the regular meetings, other activities for the year included the formal Christmas dance, the installation of officers held at a PTA meeting, and a sock hop after a basket- ball game. Attending state convention, observing national FHA week, serving adult night school lunches, and sponsor- ing the annual Spring Style Show. Four new officers were added to the executive council. Assistant officers were appointed to enable younger members to develop leadership abilities. Through their activities and program of work the girls look Toward New Horizons and face the future confidently as Future Homemakers of America. FHA SEWING CHILD CARE NUTRITION SPONSORED BY MELANDER'S GAMBLE STORE MEMBERSHIP DRIVE BANQUET PREPARATIONS REFRESHMENTS AFTER THE DANCE AMATEUR MANICURE N I 48-4' I-'rom row: Durlr-no Speckctc-r, Jean Ann Morrison, Dx-anna Johnson, Judy Brown S1-cond row: Shnron Pattvrson, Judy Erickson, Frances Dahl, Diane Holtz, Dorxs Johnson, Carolyn Lax'- ss n, Doris Johnson Third row: Put Pollard. Susan Mangold, Daphne Holmes, Carmen Nikoley, Mary Huseman, Linda Cone Fourth row: Carolyn Stills-, Karen Llehz. Nancy Kinclwall, Allce Noble, Dxane Schuler, Laverne Lichten- bvrg, Susan Norton 1 W7 2 -S, f - '21 I T' X If KEN. xg, ,,!73f an 'fffn L, Q O CHRISTMAS SPIRIT SPONSORED BY HORNER AND OLSON Storm Lake 39 FFA Front row: Dennis Otto 1Reporterb, Ralph Watts 4Sentine1l, Merle Larson 1Secreta.ryb, Burton Johnson tPresidentr, Harlan Hogrefe 1Vice-Presidenb, Jerry Otto qTreasurerb, Marvin Polzien 1Advisory Second row: Melvin Molgaard, Vernon Hoops, Phillip Stokes, Mike Langlet, Merlin Ryherd, Richard Hogrefe Third row: Bill Huseman, Loren Winterhof, Paul Koth, Arne Axelson, Clem LeDoux Fouxth row: Eugene Peterson, Alvern Miller, Terry Ingram, Kent Huseman, Joe Syndergaard, Ordell Kindwall The Alta Chapter is composed of 27 members. This year we initiated 11 greenhands and 4 chap- ter members. We have one Iowa Farmer, James Otto, and we have another boy trying for the de- gree this year. He is Burton Johnson. The 1957-58 officers were President Burton Johnson: Vice-President Harlan Hogrefeg Secretary Merle Larson, Treasurer Jerry Ottog Reporter Dennis Otto, and Sentinel Ralph Watts. Our advisor, Mr. Polzien, is a 1956 graduate of Iowa State College. He has helped a great deal in making a success from a slowly dieing FFA. Harlan Hogrefe had our chapter chain sow this year. We received 6 hogs which sold for a average of 20 cents a pound. In December we harvested our corn. We sold the corn to Barney Kindwall. Later the chapter picked up the corn which the picker missed, we then sold this corn to Burton Johnson. Burton Johnson represented the Alta Chapter at Sioux City. He toured through the stock yards and appeared on the nightly T.V. market show. EFA-FHA Picnic The Chapter held a Parent-Son Banquet Feb- ruary 28. About 70 attended the banquet with Burton Johnson as master of ceremonies. The chapter took their own movie which they showed that night. Our Parliamentary Procedure team and ex- temporaneous speaker survived the Sub-District contest. In the Northwest District contest both groups ranked very near the top. In- judging work this year the chapter also rated very high. At the Sioux City four-state judging contest, Alta's team composed of Burton Johnson, Merle Larson, Jerry Otto, and Clem Le- doux received a total of 27,964 points out of a total of 32,000 Jerry Otto placed third in the swine Judging. D In general our chapter has improved very much in the past year due to the help of our advisor and by the cooperation of our member. Hot Dog! Sioux City Livestock judging Team ,pm 1' 1' C? A itil!!! P1 ,l 'ss I 52 Front row: Mr. Polzein, Clem Ledoux Seooggriswgttghrle Larson, Burtml Johnson, 1958-50 FFA Officers Front row: Bill Huseman, Dennis Otto, Melvin Mblgaard Second row: Ordell Kindwall, Jerry Otto, Nbrle Larson FFA Truck ov, Woward Lietz at National FFA Convention at Kansas City SPONSORED BY ALTA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR gli? Front row: Robert Kindwall 4Business Managerb, Kathryn Sievert 1Assistant Editorl, Jane Dreier tAs- sistant Editorl, Lorene Peterson :Business Manager! Second row: Sherrill Peterson, Dorothy Friedrich, Jennie Smith, Sharon Lichtenberg, Judy Brown, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Darlene Specketer, Faith Oberg, Jacque Otto Third row: Ralph Watts, Marlin Friedrich, Arne Axelson, Roger Peterson, Jerry Sandine, Gary Walton, Alvern Miller, Paul Woodall, Glen Hartman As We Go Along we find the Cyclone Staff setting a record in getting the '58 Cyclone On the Street Where You Live. Just Because we found Ninety-Nine Ways we realize How Little We Know. We were rushed - We Had too Little Time to reach our Destiny. The Little Red School House In Old Shanty Town on Fifth and Main Street, known as Happiness Street was our headquarters. How Little We Know, we pleaded In Self Defense, when the One and Only Mr. Fuller, our advisor, told us Just One Step at a Time!! No Other One, but Mr Fuller 4 Without You Some- body Somewhere would have been Taken to the Blues. Thanks For the Memories and With a Little Bit of Luck, and The Magic Touch we reached the Great Day. Front row: Keith Smit, Bonnee Lauridsen, Emma Jean Rasmussen. Dick Schmidt Second row: Doris Johnson, Judy Johnston, Jean Ann Morrison, Sara Ryherd, Susan Mangold, Sandra Svendsen, Ruth Lietz, Deanna Johnson, Sharon Patterson Third row: Harlan Hogrefe, Charles Dahl, David Hadden, Dianne Schuler, Martha Becker, Susan Nor- ton, Burton Johnson, Marlin Cone, Gordon Strom Ill' ..- -ees Qu. . , . , Annual Staff F . Scor et ond Block Stott A l Front row: Judy Johnston 1Assistant Editorr. Jacque Otto 4Editorl, Dorothy Friedrich 1Editorb, Susnn Norton 4Assisunt Editor! Second row: Doris M, Johnson, Emma Jean Rasmussen, Bonnee Lnuridsen, Dennis Otto, Janet, Smith, Deanna. Johnson, Sharon Patterson Third row: Jean Ann Morrison, Sherrill Peterson, Darlene Specketer, Faith Oberg. Doris R. Johnson, Carole Walton. Mrs. Norton 1Advisorh Fourth row: Jennie Smith, Sandra Svendsen, Lavorne Liclitenberg, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Karen Lletz. Susan Mangold, Sara Ryherd Fifth row: Lorene Peterson, I' one Schuler, Martha Becker, Gary Walton, Marlin Cone, Judy Brown, Sharon Lichtenberg Pubhshed weekly through the towwi neuspapen the Scarkd and Black has VVrHten on the XVind the news of the xveek. Tins is a volunteer organization llnder the direction of hdrs. PJorton. Steps taken to improve the publication include join- ing the International Honorary Newspaper Society, The CQUHI and ScroH, and sending the edinns to the annual Journahsni VVorkshop at the State Lhuverwty of Iowa. SPONSORED BY JONES FUNERAL HOME SCHOOL TREASURERS Sharon Lichtenberg Judy Brown Front row: Jane Dreier lPresidentl, Lorene Peterson, Faith Oberg, Jen- nie Smith Second row: Carole Walton, Judith Johnston Nice-Presidentb, Janet Pet- erson, Dorothy Friedrich, Gloria Remilliard, Sherrill Peterson, Ruth Lietz Third row: Jacque Otto, Sharon Huseman rTreasurerl, Carol Johnson, Janet Swanson, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Sandra Svendsen Fourth row: Karen Ankerson, Mary Louise Otto, Martha Becker, Mrs. Sawin 1Sponsorr, Donna Becker, Kathy Radke, Connie Lichten- bera' ISECTSCBTYQ GRA "Who wears short shorts, we Wear short shorts," in GRA which is held once a week after school. We play soft ball, volleyball, and basket- ball during the school year. Each grade has a team, which partici- pates in volleyball and basketball tourna- ments. Each member on the winning team re- ceives a chevron. The sophomore class won the volleyball tournament. All the Senior girls attended girls state tournaments in Des Moines March 14 and 15. To raise money for its activities the or- ganization has several bake sales during the year. SPONSORED BY ALTA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR Front row: Sara Ryherd, Sharon Lichtenberg, Kathryn Sievert Second row: Sharon Patterson, Frances Dahl, Diane Holtz, Doris R. Johnson, Deanna Johnson, Doris Johnson Third row: Darlene Specketer, Jean Ann Morrison, Pat Pollard, Susan Mangold, Judith Brown, Mary Huseman, Linda Cone Fourth row: Carolyn Stille, Karen Lietz, Nancy Kindwall. Alice Noble, Dianne Schuler, LaVerne Lich- tenberg. Susan Norton Junior Closs Ploys Instr-ad of the usual one three-act play the Junior Class presented three one-act plays. This change of scene allowed for a larger cast and an greater display of talent. I've Told Every Little Star that the plays, under the direction of Mrs. Norton, were success- ful. bel Annihllates Andy" Dianne Schuler, Susan Mangold, Dennis Radko, and Sandra Svendsen putting on make-up before the play LaVerne Lichtenberg and Martha Becker in "Anna- Emmn Jean Rasmussen. Gary Walton 'Wd Sherrill Peterson ln "The Flower Shop Michael Morrow and Martin Gllenke in "The Flow- er Shop" on-.X Susan Mangold and Mrs. Norton. Who is fecelViUZ R present from the Junior Class Jerry Otto, Doris M. Johnson, and Lowell Harms ln "Battle of the Budget" Motsedel - Swedish fMenuJ anzmas - Dutch ....... kip - Dutch ....... ....... die fuellung - German maiz - Spanish ....,.. papas - Spanish ...... sa-LA-Too - Russian ........ du pain - French ..,..... boter - Dutch ....... juice turkey dressing corn potatoes jell-o salad bread butter fresas - Spanish ...... ....... s trawberries KA-shee - Japanese ...... ............... c ake KO-hee - Japanese .....................,.. coffee -X, ' f wlffse-.4 s 1958 Junior-Senior Banquet Around the World in Eighty Days 6:30 7:30 8:15 Mangez, buvez et soyez - French Eat, drink and be happy wijs het mij a.u.b. - Dutch Please show me Dancing to Arnold Richardson and his Orchestra 10:35 11:30 11:45 iifvg Around the World in Eighty days - Intermission Dancing Buenas Noches - Spanish Goodnight gs? : Anouuo THE wonu: IN Elsa-nv DAYS 'Sf'fff'ffff S S lllllllllllxmxkwv "Around the World in Eighty Days." To many a dream would come true if they could take a trip around the world. It would be an experience that would be remembered through the years. The 1958 Junior-Senior Banquet was held Sat- urday evening, April 19. The gym was beautifully decorated to carry out the theme "Around the World in Eighty Days." The entrance was decked with many colorful travel posters and scenic photos of national land- marks. As the guests entered through a make- believe balloon basket, their first glimpse was of a globe depicting the Western Hemisphere. Blue and white streamers bordered the entry-way and graced the ceiling. The center of attraction was a huge 13 foot balloon surrounded by blue angel hair represent- ing clouds. It represented the balloon used in the Michael Todd Production of "Around the World in Eighty Days." An Oriental motif predominated the east wall and the stage. A three-dimensional scene consist- ing of Oriental figures adorned the stage. The polar, Pacific Island and desert regions were depicted on the south wall. The Aurora Borealis made a pleasing background for the var- ious figures that symbolized the Far Northern area of the world. The Pacific Islands were represented by a scene from Hawaii. A volcano and a starry sky provided the background for Hawaiian dancers and musicians. Fruit and red leis were strewn in island fashion in the foreground. A camel train bordered the desert display. Camels and Arab boys were placed near the tent in front of the distant oasis. The north wall was covered by a mural which showed various customs of children around the world. The west wall was a detailed array of Euro- pean scenes. Windmills, Dutch children, and tulips gave a vivid portrayal of the Netherlands. A gal- lant toreador and a vicious bull composed the Spanish setting. The southwest corner of the gym was devoted to France. The Eiffel Tower was silhouetted against a Parisian landscape and reflected by a simulated water pool dotted with gay carnations. The Ar De Triomphe de 1" Etoile was accented by a picturesque arrangement of flowers. The high-- light of the scene was a sidewalk cafe, the Cafe des Quartre Magots. Cafe tables and wicker chairs were placed on a cobblestone walk. A brick wall and a flower cart provided the contemporary back- ground. A red and white striped awning added an authentic touch. The banquet dinner was served at 6:30 P.M. by the Sophomore waiters and waitresses. The six- teen waiters and waitresses were very attractively dressed in costumes of either Spanish, Irish. Dutch, or Chinese. The delicious meal was prepared by the Juniors' mothers. The latter part of the evening was spent danc- ing to the music of Arnold Richardson and his or- chestra. Several musical selections by the very talented Gerald Christensen were an extra special feature. At 10:45 P.M. the intermission program was presented by a group of freshmen and sophomores under the direction of Mrs. Reginald Schive. The setting was a travel agency where acts were given to illustrate entertainment that can be found in vacation spots around the world. The program was very amusing. All of the guests enjoyed it im- mensely. 48 Front row: Dianne Schuler, Sharen Huseman, Janet Smith, Martha Becker, Susan Mangold, Doris John- son, Sharon Patterson, Janet Swanson Second row: Judy Jones, Lizabeth Peters, Beverly Hanson, Janet Peters, Gloria ReMilliard, Mary Louise Otto, Donna Becker, Pat Pollard, Marilyn Murphy, Sheila Krenzien, Sally Carpenter, Eleanor ReMilliard, Margaret Turnquist "Marching Along" "Just in Time," the Cyclonettes' drill team was or- ganized by the baton and flag twirlers of the marching band. The purpose of the organization was to perform during the half time of some of the bas- ketball games. There are twenty-one girls in the drill team including both high school and junior high girls. Their uniforms were ballet length black skirts, long sleeved white blouses accented at the neck with red string bow ties, and white tennis shoes topped with red tassels. Each girl carried a red and white pompon. The routines were planned by the officers. on Cyclonettes .i-1-Q - . I "Wake the Town and Tell the People" is the theme of the speech stu dents. Mrs. Norton, our advisor, helped us to organize Debate, in which seven students participated. The topic for debate was: "Resolved: The For eign Aid Program of the United States should be substantially increased The High School became a member of the Iowa Forensic League and the Iowa Speech Association. The students enjoyed several meets during th year. These included the Buena Vista College Invitational and League meets In interpretive reading division at Buena Vista, Jacque Otto' received a su perior rating and Gary Walton and Martha Becker won excellent ratings The students are making plans for an expanded speech program next year and are planning to extend debate. Front row: Gary Walton, Michael Morrow, Faith Oberg, Judy Johnston, Marlin Cone Charles Pfalzgraf Robert Kindwall ' Second row: Judy Erickson, Daphne Holmes, Martha Becker, Dianne Schuler, LaVerne Lichtenberg, Jacque Otto, Mrs. Norton 1Advis0rJ DECLAM With A Song in My Heart Music Section With A Song In My Heart would be an appropriate song for the musical ac- tivities. Through the vocal and instrumen- tal sections of our music department each student is able to express his talents musi- cally. A lot of thanks and appreciation should be given to our directors, Mr. and Mrs. Schive for the kind and patient help they give to everyone. -.,,..w A "" Ti iw .L sg ig Q Q! Z1 ,Q E, Qi k f fW""fa wigs , N f i 5 im. fwff- fi 5g fi Q ,f 3 Qawfwy A ,Q 5 X Q is F ' by f if -N A . ,,, E3 . VLZQM mmm, 94 L QS X gwijgg - . 'N X V , I , . KWJ N! K! 4- ,mtv . . ,f I 0 9 Q5 'lm ' Y X , n - fr al 'asc x " W .5 ,Q , K, g s if Lx, is i x 'xSf f5f+ Q W -- f X ' 3 f M ' 'Ei YA X W ' ' ,f 'I A " 5 xl, f f? 1 Q , .. g div ,. L . ., V fi 'X--NW , ,X ,, I AV .:"L Wm WS- H R - ,ig IK ffm V fQ' 7k f-'Sv' V , Hi iw... ' , -, A Q5 1,6 ,6 ' f1-4 . ,Q Q, Jn. M- A 19, gn. .4 fi W! Kg , 'f , ' " 4' .- ' '65 f' 1 slr f N, ti., Q. , 5 AQ., w, . gr ' . YY, 'gg ff Vs X. ff , 3 f T. QQ' 531 xgy 5 9 N Qs ,x X A ffsifv f '-:.,,X -sh .51 jg J- -S JN' if YQ- Q' .Q f Ag ' f , . 3 QQ . ff 1,1 X vs K ,, de .r - - 0 N, 'gy rib.. . . . A4 1 . 3 1. ,X RX xx w .-1. . 3. f- !4J ,.3 I. ' If 5" 3 Q C 8. pv- xk ff,"4r X-is 'fa if ff :W-ev' E' , as Q if ' fx 5 ? a Rjffw xx .mf W ww'-rife eff A 'f-'-0""g,l 'elf ., ., ,. ,x , A-er , 3 -aa , . i 2 1 Q, Fr Se SPONSORED BY CUTTS GREENHOUSE - Storm Lake MID-BELL MUSIC - Storm Lake BATON TWIRLERS AND FLAG SWINGERS Doris M. Johnson Shoron Patterson Susan Mangold Knthlvvn ltndkn lMujorett0i Dlnnnc Schnlc-r Shnron Husvmnn Dc-mum Johnson BAND OFFICERS ont row: Robert Kindwnll 4Preiidentl Gary Walton qVlce-President! cond row: Kathryn Sievert fSec'y-Treasj . Alvern Miller 4Council Memberb Front row' V qid U Sandra Svendsen 1C0unci1Memberh Robert Klndwnll WPTGS. en f 4? 4 it ,P .5- Ruth Lxetz lV1ce-Presxdentl Second row: Susan Norton lCouncil Member! Jane Dreier 1Secretaryl Kathleen Radke Vfreasurerl Paul Turnquist qCouncil MCmb9l'l ff MIXED CHORUS FIRST SOPRANOS Front row: Karen Ankerson, Sandra Svendsen, Deanna Johnson Second row: Annette Schmidt, Carolyn Stille. Sharon Huseman, Jennie Smith, Janet Peterson Front row: Annette Schmidt, Sharon Patterson, Gloria Remillard, Deanna Johnson, Carole Walton, Karen Lietz, Philip Lietz, Donald Peterson, Paul Turnquist Second row: Sharon Huseman, Judy Brown, Janet Peterson, Sandra Svendsen. Ruth Lietz, Diane Holtz, Mary Huseman, Ralph Hogancamp, Alan Harms, Ronald Preston Third row: Karen Ankerson, Janet Swanson, Dianne Schuler, Emma Jean Rasmussen, Bonnee Lauridsen, Susan Mangold, Dorothy Friedrich, Martha Becker, Sherrill Peterson Fourth row: Carolyn Stille, Jennie Smith, David Friedrich, Alvern Miller, Keith Smit, Gordon Radke, Marlin Cone, Larry Frantz, Gary Walton, Robert Kindwall FIRST TENORS Ronald Preston Alan Harms Ralph Hogancamp Philip Lietz SPONSORED BY GALL'S STANDARD SERVICE WISCONSIN LUNIBER COMPANY SECOND SOPRANOS Front row: Ennnu Jenn Rxtsmusst-n Sharon Pattvrson Cnrolt- Walton Ruth Ln-tz Svcond row: Susan Mangold Mnry Httsvxnan Ilonm-0 Lattrxrlst-n Glorta Rt-lntllard lllilllff Holtz Thlrtl rowt Dinnnt- Schnlvr Karan Jnnvt, Swanson Judy Brown Front row Mic-hat-l Morrow, St:-vr-n Pt-tvtson. Melvin Molgznnrd, Doris Johnson. Virginia Fredertck. llorts It Johnf-on, Mary Lotnst- Otto, Carol Johnson, Daphnt- Holmes, Alict' Nohlt' St-4-onrl row, .It-rry' Otto, Clayton Portt-r, Paul Koth, Ilarlvnt- Spvvkc-tt-t', Pat Pollard, Carlnvn Ntkolvy, Carolyn Larson, Javottt- Otto ,Conntv'l1tt'nln'rp, Nanry Ktndwztll, Donna Hvckt-1' Tlnrtl row I.4lI'4'llt' Pt-tvrhon. Mary Ann Illnkt-lrlt-y, Kathryn Slvvt-rt, France-s Dahl, Linda Conv, Jani' Drs-n-r, Susan Norton, Jtttly Johnston. Faith Olwrg, Mrs Schtvc lIJll'l'ClU!'l Fourth row Wtfntlt-ll Carlson, IN-nnxs Radko. Dt-an Radko, NlX'l'UIl Radko, Engzvno Pvtt-rson. Lowcll Harms. l.ort-n Wtntt-rhof, Torn Krtstensvn, lla Matt Hlllkl'ldQ'X Jtttly Ertckson, Kalhlvcn Radko MIXED CHORUS SECOND TENORS M1-lvin Molgaartl Mlrnatt-l Morrow Str-vt-n Pvtt-rson Clayton Portt-r Paul Tttrnqnist Donald Pt-tvrson Paul Koth Jvrry Otto SPONSORED BY BRADFORD HOTEL - Storm Lake ELLERBROEK'S - Storm Lake 56 SECOND ALTOS Front row: Martha Becker Mary Ann Hinkeldey Linda Cone Sherrill Peterson Second row: Lorene Peterson Kathryn Sievert Dorothy Friedrich Frances Dahl SPONSORED BY RYSTAD BROTHERS HARDWARE GIRLS' ,W ,a,.,.--.., .,......,.. ...-...Win .Jeanna Juiumuu, parole Walton, Judith Johnston, FTEHCES Dahl, Bonnee Lauridsen, Ruth Lietz, Emma Jean Rasmussen, Judy Erickson, Virginia Frederick, Doris M. Johnson Second row: Doris R. Johnson, Sherrill Peterson, Jacque Otto, Janet Peterson, Darlene Specketer, Jennie Smith, Sharon Huseman, Linda Cone, Dorothy Friedrich, Diane Holtz, Mary Huseman, Glcria Remillard, Faith Oberg Third row: Mrs. Schive 1Directorr, Sandra Svendsen, Carmen Nikoley, Pat Pollard, Carolyn Stille, Janet Swanson, Karen Lietz, Kathryn Sievert, Carol Ann Johnson, Ila Mae Hinkeldey, Susan Norton, Susan Mangold, Daphne Holmes, Martha Becker Fourth row: Jane Dreier, Lorene Peterson, Annette Schmidt, Mary Louise Otto, Alice Noble, Kath- leen Radke, Donna Becker, Judy Brown, Nancy Kindwall, Karen Ankerson, Dianne Schuler, Con- nie Lichtenberg, Mary Ann Hinkeldey Front row: Jacque Otto, Judy Johnston, Carolyn Larson, Doris M. Johnson, Virginia Frederick, Judy Erickson, Doris R. Johnson Second row: Ila Mae Hinkeldey, Pat Pollard, Daphne Holmes, Faith Oberg. Darlene SlJ6Ck9t9l', Carmen Nikcley, Susan Norton, Jane Dreier I ' Third row: Donna. Becker. Nancy Kindwall, Mary Louise Otto, Carol Johnson, Connie Lichtenberg, Alice Noble, Kathleen Radke FIRST ALTOS BASSES Frullt TUWZ Keith Smit Gordon Radke Alvern Miller SQ-rond row: Robert Kindwall Marlin Cone David Friedrich Larry Frantz SPONSORED BY C. H. DAHL 6. SONS, BLACKSMITHS Front row, Mrs. Schlve lllirectorr, Melvin Molgaard, Philip Lietz, Ralph Hogancamp, Michael Morrow Tom Kristensen, Dean Radke Sz-feond row: Myron Radko. Paul Turnquist, Loren Winterhof, Alan Harms, Paul Koth, Larry Frantz, Slvvv Pr-I vrsnn Third row: Clayton Porter, Lowell Harms, Gordon Radko, Marlin Cone, Donald Peterson, Alvern Miller, Eng:-nv Peterson, David Friedrich Fourth rowt K1-ith Smit, Jerry Otto, Gary Walton, Robert Kindwall, Dennis Radke, Wendell Carlson, Ronald Preston BAMTONES Front row: Dean Rndke Tom Kristenscn Second row: Myron Rndke Loren Winterhof Dennis Rndke Third row: Lowell Harms Eugene Peterson Fourth row: Wendell Carlson Gary Walton BOY9 GLEE CLUB 58 Music Activities In the fall, the marching band was organized. It played at all the local football games. The State Marching Band Contest was held at Pocahontas on October 12. We received a I rating. The first appearance of the Concert Band was at the annual Christmas Pro- gram. The Triple A Music Festival was held at Aurelia on February 5, and was directed by Jay Wicker of Sheldon. On February 8, Karen Lietz, Dennis Radke, and Gary Walton played in the Northwest Iowa Band in a concert at Cherokee. January 17 was the date of our Con- cert of Modern Compositions. On April 11 and 12, the students participated in the Solo and Small Group Contest at Aurelia. Division I ratings were: Clarinet Trio, Clarinet Quartet, Chamber Group of Woodwinds and Woodwind Trio. Division II rat- ings were: Clarinet Trio CBD, Clari- net Quartet CBD, Sax Quartet, Brass Sextet, Bass Clarinet CKaren Lietzi, Clarinets CBonnee Lauridsen and Susan NortonD, Flute CAlice Noblei, Baritone Sax CCarole Waltonl, and Trombone CGmy Wa1tonD. On April 29, the Concert Band re- ceived a I rating at the Large Group Contest at Spirit Lake. The Vocal Music Departmentbegan is year with the Christmas Program. The theme was Christmas Around the World. Christmas carols from many lands were sung. On February 5, our chorus took part in the Triple A Festival at Aurelia. The combined choruses from Alta,Albert City, and Aurelia were directed by Don McCarthy of Cherokee. At the Solo and Small Groups Con- test, Division I ratings were: Treble Low CMary Ann Winke1deyJ, Bari- Voice tone CGary Waltonl, Bass CA1vern Mil- lerl, and Girls' Quartet. The Division II ratings were: Treble Voice High CSandra Svendsen and Karen Ankersoni, Treble Voice Low CKathryn Sievert and Lorene Petersoni, Tenors CC1ayton Por- ter and Michael Morrowb, Baritone CRO- bert Kindwallb, Bass CMar1in Cone and Larry Frantzb, Girls' Sextet, Girls' Quartet CBD, Mixed Quartet, and Girls' Trio. At the Large Group Contest atSpirit Lake on May 3, the mixed chorus re- ceived a II rating and the Girls' Glee Club received a III rating. On May 13, our chorus presented a concert of lighter numbers they had worked on througout the year. The final appearance of the chorus was at commencement where they sang HYou'11 Never Walk A1one.H Front rowz Faith Oberg, Sandra Svendsen, Lurene Peterson, Jennie. Ann Smith, Doris Johnson Second row: Larry Frantz, Alvern Miller, Gary Walton, Robert Kindwall, Jerry Otto, Marlin Cone . Third row: Michael Morrow, Karen Ankerson, Clayton Porter. Mary Ann Hmkeldey, Kathryn Sievert VOCAL SOLOISTS Take Me Out to the Boll Game x X Athletic Section Take Me Out To The Ball Game is an old refrain heard around Alta a great portion of the year. Competing and train- ing for athletic events is a vital part of every high school student's life. Athletics promote friendly competition along with individual cooperative ability and good sportsmanship. This helps to prepare the student for the competitive world which he will meet after high school graduation. Lorene Peterson, Linda Cone, Doris Johnson, Mary Huseman, Connie Lichtenberg TEAM CAPTAINS WE'RE BACKING OUR TEAM! CHEERLEADERS Roger Peterson Jerry Sandine Gordon Strom SPONSORED BY POST AND LEE SERVICE - SECURITY TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK, Storm Lake FOOTBALL SQUAD Front row: Robert McDonald, Ralph Hogancamp, Bill Huseman, Steve Peterson, Larry Frantz, Larry Lichtenberg, David Friedrich, Paul Turnquist, Myron Radke, Michael Morrow, Norman Peterson Second row: Dennis Otto tManagerl, Donald Peterson, Merle Larson, Keith Smit, Ronald Preston, Roger Peterson, Marlin Cone, Gordon Radke, Charles Pfalzgraf, Robert Kindwall 4Manager7 Third row: Mr. Clawson 1Coachr, Mr, Beals 1Assistant Coachb, Jon Stille, Gary Walton, Jerry Sandine, Robert Hinkeldey, Kent Huseman, Gordon Strom, Mr. McCoy lAssistant Coach! 60 COACH POINTS OUT MISTAKE TO RESERVES Front row: Michael Morrow, Kent Huseman, David Friedrich, Mr. Clawson lCoachl, Mr. McCoy tAsslst- ant Coach? Second row: Jon Stille, Charles Pfalzgraf, Robert McDonald, Ralph Hogancamp, Norman Peterson, Steve Peterson, Myron Radke, Donald Peterson, Ronald Preston Third row: Dennis Otto 1Managerl, Robert Klndwall 1Managerj "All Shook Up!" was the wail of team after team as they fell prey to our mighty Cyclones. Our 1957 grid season was a very successful one for the Cyclones, as far as the games that were play- ed went. The last three games on the schedule were canceled. Alta won four of the five games played and finished in second place in the conference. We opened the season against Holstein, who was ranked eighth in the state. Paul Turnquist scored on the third play of the game for the only score. Alta won a well-earned 7-0 victory. Keith Smit and Roger Peterson played good defensive ball to hold Holstein scoreless. The following week the Cyclones met Paullina and came out of the battle with a 20-6 win. Jerry Sandine played fine defensive ball as he threw the carriers for repeated losses. In the third game, Alta lost to Primghar 7-0. The statistics were about the same for both teams, but Primghar scored on a long pass in the second Quar- ter for the game's only touchdown. THE VITAL EXTRA POINT SPONSORED BY ROXY THEATRE Alta won the fourth game, defeating Sanborn 25- 2. Gordy Radke led the Cyclones on offense. Keith Smit played good defensive ball. The Cyclones 'net Sutherland in the annual home- coming game. They scored a 46-13 victory. Larry Lichtenberg scored three touchdowns as the Cyclones walked over Sutherland with apparent ease. The last three games against Aurelia, Hartlev, and Milford were canceled because of flu. This left the Cvclones with a good 4-1 season. ' Jerrv Sandine and Keith Smit were placed on the Sioux Valley All-Conference team. Roger Peterson and Gordon Radke were on the second team, with Larry Frantz, Marlin Cone. Larry Lichtenberg, and Paul Turnouist receiving honorable mention. San- dme was also placed on the all-state fourth team, with Kelth Smit receiving honorable mention. 61 f a 'X we w 'W-'X 1 ' x X . K W- 3 5 4, Qi xg ,.. ' gk 1: if A mum 9' rvfwsi , 'L K.- 'rl' 1-Y-ylr Memories . . vw.,-f On Thursday night, October 10, 1957. we had si parade led by the football boys who rode on the back of a truck. The queen. Jennie Ann, and king, Roger, occupied seats of honor in this parade on the front fenders of the truck the football boys rode on. After the truck the band came. They were a little bit behind because they lacked the horsepower that the truck had to give it get up and go. Following the band was the student body, ready and willing to lend the band some of its steam. Following the parade a pep meeting was held by the light of a big bonfire which the Junior High football players built. At this pep meeting was a dummy represent- It was "One In a Million." Like stars on a summer night, there is one that out-shines all oth- ers. One of our brightest stars is the one that shone on October 11, our Homecoming. To the Seniors, especially and to all the student body. its bright- ness surpassed all others. The preparation for this night began around two weeks ahead of the actual game. At this time the classes are choosing the themes for their floats. Although it is a lot of fun to put a float together, the kids know also how much work it is and how much of a hole it puts in their class treasury. ing Sutherland, and, since there was such a beau- tiful bonfire the three coaches, Mr. Clawson, Mr. Beals and Mr. McCoy could not resist the chance to give him a hot seat. so in he went. This symbol- ized what we were going to do to Sutherland Fri- day night at the game. There were pep talks given by .Mr. Hammond and the queen, Jennie Ann Smith. During her pep talk Jennie introduced her attendants: Lorene Peterson, Senior: Kathy Radke, SPONSORED BY BuENA vlsTA MUTUAL iNsuRANcs Assoclniow 11.4. FRESHMAN FLOAT, "We're Small But SENIOR FLOAT, "We'II Hatch A Victory" Junior: Doris Johnson, Sophomore, Sharon Huse- man, Freshman. Then the football boys bowed low, worshiped their king, Roger Peterson, and yelled, "We want Rog." Due to this persuasion Rog came out of the crowd and gave a good pep talk which satisfied his worshipers. This put an end to the pep meeting but it was not the end of work on the floats. Some classes still had a lot to do on theirs so off they went to finish the job. Friday morning there were many sleepy heads in school. At midnight the students finished work on the floats and then, since it was the end of the six weeks, they had to go home and study for tests till the wee hours of morning. When it was about time for the parade. everyone appeared a little brighter because of the excitement. The members of each class strained their eyes to see if their float was coming, and if it wasn't they began to wonder if maybe it had fallen apart before they could get it there. Finally, however, everything was assembled and ready to go. Leading the par- ade was the band followed by the king and queen and her attendants, next came the floats, in order of the classes with the Seniors first. On Main street the parade stopped for the pep meeting. The king, Roger Peterson, gave another pep talk as did Mr. Samuelson and Mr. Melander. After the pep meet- ing the band led the parade to the school house. They decided they would lead the floats past the hospital and show them to Mrs. Clawson, the coach's wife and to the coach's new son, Charles Junior who, so his father says, is going to be a spin-back as soon as he can. After this the kids headed home for a brief rest before the game. SOPHOMORE FLOAT, "Let's Drag 'Em" -E 5 H- , IU All 3 5 ....,, t ' F . . LL. HA ICH A Vllfflj ' JK. elif, A-if JUNIOR FLOAT, "It's A Knockout" SPONSORED BY OLSEN'S MACHINE SHOP REEN PETERSON, Contractor 64 "lf YEA TEAM FIGHT 'EM ,Q '4 YEA TEAM FIGHT 'EM FIGHT 'EM FAIR FIGIIT 'EM SQUARE. That night at the game you could tell this was something special. The Seniors were ready to make it a night to remember since they would never again play at Homecoming. At the half time the band entertained with a few songs and formations. Then came the big event, the arrival of the King and Queen, her attendants and their escorts. They were: Seniors, Lorene Peterson and Jerry Sandine. Juniors, Kathy Radke and Robert llinkeldey. Sophomores, Doris R. Johnson and Gordon Radke. Freshmen, Sharon Huseman and Myron Radke. Next came the crowning of the queen and king. The hand played a fanfare to an- nounce the queen's coming. There was silence as the king crowned the queen and when the queen crowned the king. After the ceremony the king escorted the queen back to her car, followed by her attendants and their escorts. After the half- time the game continued and ended with Alta on top making our homecoming a bigger success. For the homecoming dance the Seniors got "The Rhythm Knights", a band which everyone enjoyed. When the dance ended there were many tired feet but happy people who were glad to see the week come to an end. Many were sad because this was their last homecoming, but they knew they could not have asked for a better one. Home- coming really ended when the last float was rob- bed of its last decoration. Just like Cinderella when the clock struck twelve. QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Kathleen Radke tJun1or Attendantl, Jennie Smith 4Queen1, Lorene P9tCl'S0h ISENOI' Attendantr, Sharon Huseman tlfreshman Attendanth, Doris Johnson, 1Soph- omore Attendant! 4 431 'f 6' r I '41 Nh. SPONSORED BY BRIARDALE STORE SILVER GRILL MQ If Y. BASKETBALL SQUAD we-"""' C hl M1 Beals 4Coachl Dennis Otto Front row: Ralph Hogancamp, Mr, McCoy :Assistant one , -. . ' , , , Second row: Norman Peterson, Paul Turnquist, Merle Larson, Larry Lichtenbcrg, Keith Smit, Robcri Kindwalll Jerry Sandine, Roger Peterson, Marlin Cone, Gordon Radke, Clayton Porter, Michal-l Morrow Third row: Phillip Lietz, Harry Melander, Tom Grigg, David Anderson, Loren Winterhof. Darrel Bantn, ' ' - A ia Bill Huseman, Myron Radke, Robert Meredith. Tom Christen:-ion, Robert McDon.x Fourth row: Larry Frantz, David Friedrich, Donald Peterson. Dennis Radke, Robert Hinkeldey, Kent Huseman, Jerry Otto, Ronald Prestonl Ronald Patterson, Allan Harms Alta 40 Alta 49 Alta 52 Alta 38 Alta 67 Alta 57 Alta 59 Alta 36 Alta 59 Alta 69 2lA1ta 53 fiAlta 62 Alta 62 Alta 58 Alta 76 Alta 67 Alta 70 Alta 51 Alta 50 MAlta 49 5County Tournament liiiSeCtiona1 Tournament ALTA DEFEATS MARATHON T0 WIN COUNTY TQURNAMENT SPONSORED BY CULLIGAN'S SOFT WATER - Storm Lake coco-coLA BOTTLING COMPANY - sioux city, iowa BASKETBALL SCORES Sioux Rapids Newell Paullina Sioux Center Primghar Sanborn Albert City Sutherland LelVlars Aurelia Albert City Marathon Hartley Marathon Milford Odebolt Pomeroy Sac City Holstein Albert City 39 32 55 45 55 43 49 78 61 59 49 40 35 30 47 28 .53 44 52 59 sl-F4 xlfl 48 sl-F 'KLTI I0 Mr. Beals 1Coarht, Mr. MrCoy iAssistant Coarht, Michael Morrow, Clayton Porter, Larry Llchtenbefrg, Gordon Radko, Kvith Smit, Je-rry Sanrhnf-, Robert Kindwall, Roger Peterson, Marlin Cone, Merle Larson, Paul Turnquist, Norman Peterson FIRST TWELVE GORDON RADKE i241 AND CLAYTON PORTER C201 REBOUND FOR ALTA BASKETBALL SEASON Tho Fyrlonr-s finishod anothor good season in 1957-1958 with a 14 win, 6 loss rovord. llowvvor, tht- Vyvlonvs lost thrvv gamvs hy a total of sovcn points. 'I'hf- t'yc'lonc-s ht-at Sioux Rapids and Nowoll in the-ir first two gamos and thon mc-t Paullina in tht- r-onff-rw-nw opt-nc-r, Tho Cyclont-s camo homo with thc-ir first loss, 52-55. Larry Lichtonhvrg lod tht' loval attack with 17 points. ln tht- nt-xt important gamv tht- Cyclonos suf- fvrt-fl wh:-t was prohahly tht- worst drift-at in School history, Tho Snthc-rland quintot walkod away with a TH-36 vivtoryi Thr' Fyclonvs noxt gamo was at l.1-lVlars, with L4-Mars 1-arning a 61-59 victory. Thr- hig game- of tho svason was against arch rival, Anrt-lia, and tht- Fyvlonos playod good ball to win, 69-59. Thr' Fyvlonvs won thvir nvxt night ganws, with victoria-s ow-r Marathon and Albf-ri Pity in tht- county tournamr-nt. .lorry SZlI1dil1f' lvd tho way in tht- winning strvak scoring 73 points in 3 of thi- gamvs. Alta's last two gamos rvsultod in lossvs as Sanrlinf- was out with tht- mumps, The Cya-lonvs lost to llolstoin in a thrillor and thon lost to Alhvrt Pity in tho sc-ctional tournamvnt opt-na-r, '19-59. Rogvr Pt-te-rson mado 18 points to lt-arl tho locals against tho Alhort City five, 68 ,.. 2 Hi' SEE A I Track TRACK SQUAD Front row: Larry Lichtenberg. John Grieme. Paul Turnquist, Michael Morrow, Larry Frantz, Mr. Charles Clawson 1Coachu Second row: Keith Smit, Gordon Radke, Charles Pfalzgraf, Jon Stille, Marlin Cone, Charles Dahl Third row: Dennis Radke. Robert Klndwall. Jerry Sandine, Robert Hinkeldey, Dick Schmidt Front row: Philip Lletz, Norman Peterson Steven Peterson. Ralph Hogancamp, Bob McDonald Second row: Bill Huseman, Myron Radke, David Friedrich. Allen Harms. Ronald Patterson Third row: Mr. Clawson Lowell Harms, Donald Peterson, Merle Larson, Ronald Preston, Rob- ert Wolfe, Clem Ledoux TWO MILE RELAY Larry Lichtenberg, Robert Hinkeldey, Dennis Radke, Glenn Hartman SHOT PUT Jerry Sandine SPONSORED av ALTA COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR MILE RELAY Joint Grit-me. Keith Smit, Gordon Radke, Robert Killdwilll "Going Down the Road" carrying a load not a load of feet, bitt memories of another track meet. lt isn't always the honors and ribbons won. but the fun and experience we get from working to- gether. The i958 track season was not the best for Alta, yet it was still a successful season for the thinelads. A large group of boys turned out for the sport, including many freshmen and so homores p . The Cyclones opened the season at Iowa City at the state indoor, The boys did not place in any events, but they gained valuable experience. The mile relay, composed of Keith Smit, John Grieme, Gordon liadke, and liob Kindwall, placed third in the llolstein Relay for the only points gained by Alta. The Cyclones turned in their best perform- anet at Poealtontas, where they finished second. The same mile relay team won that event. The two mile relay placed second. The 880 yard relay and the medley relay also placed and Jerry San- dine pieked up points in the shot nut. 5 A tj' MEDLEY RELAY Gordon Rudke, Marlin Cone, Robert Ktndwall. Glenn Hartman A dreary Friday in latter April found the Cy- clones host to their own relays. The mile and two mile relay finished second in their events, and Jerry Sandine and Chuck Dahl placed in the shot put and the high hurdles respectively. Aurelia won the relays and Alta placed ninth. The Cyclones took part in the Aurelia Relays on May 2. where they finished eighth. The mile relay finished second, running their fastest race of the season in 32444. Jerry Sandine placed in both weight events and the two mile relay finished third. Alta journeyed to Aurelia for the Sioux Valley Conference track meet. The Cyclones finished fourth with Jerry Sandine taking the only first for Alta. Big .ler broke the discus record. heaving the plate l3l'. Four events qualified for the state meet in the district meet at Aurelia. The mile and two mile ro- lays qualified, along with Jerry Sandine in the shot put and discus, and Glenn Hartman in the open half. The Cyclones will also take part in the Sac Relays. Lettermctn's Club The members consist of all letter winners of Alta lligh School. Managers who serve athletes for two seasons sports are also members. New letter winners before becoming a mem- ber have to take a pledge. If the pledge is broken he will be dismissed from the club. The club sponsors are the two coaches. The purpose of this club shall be to serve for the betterment of Alta High School through its athletic program, to develop sportsmanship, proper attitudes and ideals toward athletics and life on the part of its members, the school body, the faculty, and the people of the community. Front. row: Keith Smit. Clayton Porter, Paul Tttrnqtnst. Dennis Otto tManagert. Norman Peterson, Mich- ael Morrow, Glenn Hartman, John Grieine, David Friedrich. Marlin Cone Second row. Roger lit-als tAdvisort, Dick Srhnxidt. Jon Sttlle, Robert Ktnrlwall. Jerry Sandine tPt'esidentt, Robert Hinkeldey, Kent Husetnan. Gary Walton, Charles Clawson tAdx'tsort Third row' Larry Ltchtenberg. Merle Larson, Charles Pfalzgraf, Gordon Stroxn. Larrv Frantz, Dennis Radke. Charles Dahl, Roger Peterson. Donald Peterson, Gordon Raelke MARLIN CONE . Height 5'10" . . . Weight 170 Tackle! Second year letter win- Switched to a lineman because of .n- Filled his hole very well and is also a good blocker: Will be one of the big next year, Basketball: Forward: Second letter winner: Good shooter: Very good jumper. Track: Second year letter winner: Sprinter, 440, 880, Medley relay team mem- beri Broad jump. Junior . . lbs. Football: ner: jury: very guns year DAVID FRIEDRICH CHARLES DAHL Senior . . . Height 6' . . . Weight 135 lbs. Track: First year letter winner: Sprinter: Hurdler: Medley relay team member: Pole vaulter. JOHN GRIEME Sophomore . , . Height 5'l0" . . . Weight 160 S0Dh0m0Te - - - Height 5'7" - - . Weight 131 lbs. Fgotbgrllj Guard: Firgt year letter win- lbs. Track: First year letter winner: Middle ner: saw considerable amount of action: distance Sprinter: Mile and 880 relay team Keep your eye on him in years to come. member. J 4 ROBERT HINKELDEY uruor . . . eight 6' . . , Weight 160 lbs Football: End: Second year in - .f Caught three passes for 44 yaidir Hvasnntisie KENT HUSEMAN Potential of being one of the top pass re. Sophomore . . . Height 6' . . . weight 160 lbs- ceivers next year, Track: First year winner- Football: Tackle, First year letter winner: Distance runnera Two mile relav member: Saw considerable amount of action this sea- Quarter miler. ' ' son: Watch for him in the years to come. LARRY FRANTZ Sophomore . . , Height 5'9" , . . Weight 130 lbs. Football: Blocking back: Second year letter wmner: Was the leading scorer, with fi touchdowns and 1 P. A, T.Z He avefagvfi 5.3 yards per carry: Could be called on for needed yardage on plunges through the line. Track: First year letter winner: Shot put and discus man. GLENN HARTMAN Senior . . . Height 5.5" . . . Weight 142 lbs. Track: Third year letter winner: Distance runner: Two mile relay: Open mile. ROBERT KINDWALL Senior . . , Height 6'2" . . . Weight 158 lbs. Basketball: Forward: Second year letter win- ner: Leader in assists: Strong reboundery Good shooter: Honorable mention on the con- ference team. Track: Second year letter win- ner: Middle distance, 880, 440: and mile re- lay team member, -, --. 1 U4 ..,.,.... ,.'...L -..,....A.,, . , 4. .,...., , ,.., My 5 my U ...,..-f..-... .,.....v .4 F 4 -- MERLE LARSON Junior . . . lit-ight 5'l0" . , , Weight 155 tlis leootimll liuartl, First year letter wut- 11'I': Iniprotetl wry inueli'as the season pro- .git-ssi-mlg Will be a nian to keep an eye on tt'xL vear. DENNIS OTTO Reel-lverl a letter for the first year as mana- ger, 111- took 1-are of all three sports. He did si very good job. ROGER PETERSON Senior , . . Height. 5'10" . , . Weight 165 li--,, I-'oothall 'l'aekleg S'-eoiirl year letter win- ner: Held :left-nsive position as linehaeker vt-rv wt-il: Will be missed greatly next sea- son: All-eonferr-iiee seeoncl ti-ani as a guard, llasketball' Guard: S4-eoiitl year letter win- ner: Une of the best free throw percentage shooters: Giititl ri-hoiimier: Honorable men' tion on the eonferenee tt-am s S MICHAEL MORROW Junior . , , Height 5'6" . , . Weight 115 lbs. Football: Haltbaekg First year letter win- ner. Carried 9 times for 89 yards, for an average of 9,9 yards. Basketball: Guard: First vear letter winner: Very good speed and fast moving. Track: First year letter winner: Sprinterg Hnrdlerg 440 and 880 relay team member. LARRY LICHTENBERG Junior . , . Height 5'9" . . , Weight 140 lbs. Football: Halfbaek: Seeonri year letter win- ner: Leading rnsher. carried 43 tiines for 290 yards. averaged 6.7 yards per carry. Basket- ball: Forwarelg First year letter winner: One of the seoring leaders: Top in assists: Second team all eonferenee. Tmek: Second year let- ter winner: Distance runner: Medley and two mile relay team member. DONALD PETERSON Junior . . . Heitlhl 5'9" - - - Wt-wht 135 lbf' Football: Bloeking bark: First year letter winner: Saw a lot of action on defense and is a verv alert player: Will see much action NORMAN PETERSON Sophomore . . . Height 5'5" , . . Weight 132 lbs, Basketball: Guard: First year letter win- nerg Has good eye. next season, CHARLES PFALZGRAF Junior , . . Height 5'l0" . . . Weight 140 lbs Football: End: First year letter winner: Santiin'e's uncierstudy but still saw plentv CLAYTON PORTER of .ietiong Keep your eye on his next year, Sophomow ' ' ' Hpigm 5'9" : ' ' Weight 150 Traek: First year letter winnerg Distanee 19? Bmkvtbzm' Forward' FHM your leucr runner: Ran open mile. wumm' lvl i 71 GORDON RADKE Sophomore . . . Height 5'10" . . . Weight 170 lbs, Football: Halrback: First year letter win- ner: Did most of the kicking: Averaged 42 yards on kick-offs and 37 yards in punting. All-conference second team. Basketballt Cen- ter: First year letter winner: Is a good shooter and rebounder. Track: First year letter winner: Middle distance: Hurdler: Medley and mile relay team member: Runs low hurdles. . DICK sci-nvuor SCUIQI' - .' . Height 6' . . . Weight 150 lbg, Track: First year letter Winner: Distance TUHIIBFC Open halfs. GORDON STROM Senior . . . Height 5'10" . . . Weight 170 lbs. Football: Tackle-guard: First year letter winner: Was a very good defensive player: Gave much aid to the team: Will be missed next season. DENNIS RADKE Junior . . . Height 6' . . . Weight 143 lbs. Track: Second year letter winner: Distance runner: Two mile relay team member. KEITH SMIT Junior . . . Height 5'10" . . . Weight 155 lbs. Football: Guard: Second year letter winner: Outstanding defensive player at his line- backer slot: Will be one of the main players next year: All-conference frst team and honorable mention all-state. Basketball: For- ward: Second year letter winner: Good de- fensive: Leader in fouls: Has good shooting eye, Track: Second year letter winner: Mid- dle distance: Hurdler: Mile relay team mem- ber: High and low hurdles. PAUL TURNQUIST Junior . . . Height 5'8" . . . Weight 145 lbs. Football: Halfback: Second year letter win- ner: Leader of offense, averaging 6 yards per carry: Completed 5 of 19 passes for a total of 78 yards, Did a very fine job of call- ing the plays, Basketball: Guard: First year letter winner: Good shooter: Had good per- centage in shooting: Honorable mention on the conference team. Track: Second year letter winner: Sprinter, 880 relay team member: Open 220 dash. JERRY SANDINE Senior , . . Height 6'5" . . , Weight 220 lbs Football: End: Third year letter winner Caught 9 passes for 110 yards: Switched fron to end: Very outstanding player tackle Made all-conference first team and all-stat: fourth team as end: Will be missed greatly next year. Basketball: Center: Third yea letter winner: Leading scorer: Good rebound er: Hit a good percentage of shots: Firs team all-conference and honorable mentior all-state. Track: Second year letter winner Shot put and discus man. JON STILLE Height 6' . . . Weight 143 lbs. Track: First year letter winner: Distance runner: Junior . . Open half-miler and miler. GARY WALTON - - - Height 6' 1!2" . . . Weight 227 lbs. Center: First year letter winner: Junior Football: Played defensive and offensive positions very We , ' a 1 R ., . 53: f ig ' ,M 3 yt ' , rf LZ" 3 ' T-R v z., S 'Wi' F. 4 'fx , f.- !,. fy . ,Agn ,N y. ,,.' , . ,,.-'. f,,mL-,P ,, .,,,.f, L4 W. "Ski , fn:-.L ,pk 1. L.. ,,,-, .df-.. 5: J' fT"f's.f: - Q.-5.4 . 113 1,74 ' 1, ..,:,f-1 X air? inf, . . S72 Vin! fl " I ,. -5 Y 'Z .M - - . 24, +1 f, 1- 5 - in 4' is : P 2 K

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