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f.:-gc 'Q -' 4: 9 ' . , 11"- K IHI IHEB IIYIHHNI Edited By The Senior Class ool QJED l Beverly Bergquist, Margaret Anderson, Deanna Brechwald, JoAnn Kent, Karen Stille DEDICATION The cheerleaders' duties include much more than just leading cheers at games and at pep meet- ings: many hours are spent in practicing cheers and in planning pep meetings. Also, as a part of their job, they must do all they can to promote good sportsmanship within the student body. Even when the scores look discouraging, they must offer encouragement to the players. "Whether you Win or whether you lose, we're with you, boys, We're with you." In appreciation of a job well done, We, the class of 1955, dedicate our 1955 "Cyclone" to our cheerleaders. 4,116 71 c'sZ'1-Q SCHOOL BOARD C, F. Sangston, Secretary: Nels Johnson, Leroy Peterson, Homer Peters, President: Lloyd Anderson, Harry Melander, Supt. C. W, Hamand. THANK YOU KSCHOOL BOARDJ We, the students of Alta High School, would like to take this opportunity to ex- press our sincere appreciation to the Alta Board of Education for all the time and effort which they have given to help make our school as excellent as it is. To these men Who have so generously and willingly given of their time and talents, We give our wholehearted thanks. Supt. C. W. Hamand and Sec. Mrs. Mortensen Arnold Hammond Principal - Mathematics Art Sutton Coach - History Janet Anderson Vocal Music Max Fuller Business Education Driver Education Lorraine Sawin Girls' Physical Education Social Studies John Stevenson Veterans' Farm Training Reginald Schive Instrumental Music Arlin Obst Vocational Agriculture Stan Strudthott Assistant Coach Science Marilyn Alexander Mary Glee Watson Vocal Music Home Economics Alice Reynolds Albin Alexander Remedial Reading English - Dramatics lllllllllllll Bonita Jean Woodall Bonita joined our class in eighth grade and was a member until her passing May 27, 1952. "Benny," as she was known to her classmates and friends, was very active in extra-curricular activities. She was elected cheerleader by the student body and was friendly to all she met. GERALDINE FRIEDRICH "Fred" "Sophistication with a Capital S.." Marching Band 2, 3. 43 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 3, 43 Mix- ed Chorus 1, 2. 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Girls' Sextet II 3: Girls' Sex- tea I 43 Sax Quartet 3, 43 Class Secretary 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 4: fEd- itor 4b3 GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 43 Class Play 3, 4. JULIUS HANSON "Caesar" "I just take my time and enjoy myself." Annual Staff 4. ARDISS FAHR "Art" 'KShe's ready to work when needed and works With a hearty good will." Student Council 1, 23 High School Treasurer 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus Treasurer 23 Glee Club 13 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 4, FHA -L3 GAA '1, 7, 43 Pep Club 43 Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Class Play 4. DENNIS FORD ffnenf' "If he's a sample, we'l1 take a dozen." Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1. MARGARET ANDERSON "Mag" 'tNo, she'l1 never be an old maid." Marching Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band Secretary 43 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA Secretary 23 FHA 2, 3, 4: FHA Vice-President 33 FHA President 43 FHA State Convention Delegate 23 Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 43 Annual Staff Editor 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Mixed Clarinet Quartet 3, 43 Attendant 43 Class President 2, 43 Class Play 3, 4. BEVERLY BERGQUIST "Bev" "If silence is golden, she'd be rich." Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 13 Pep Club 13 FHA 2, 43 GAA 3, 43 GAA Vice President 33 GAA Secretary 43 Clarinet Quartet 2, 3, 43 Mixed Clarinet Quartet 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Home- coming Queen 43 Attendant 33 An- nual Staff 43 Scarlet and Black Staff 3. 42 FFA Sweetheart 33 Stu- dent Council 33 Class Play 4. ROY HANSON "Hans" "Blushes may come, and blushes may go, but freckles go on for- ever." Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 41, 4, FEA 1. 2: Scaiwet and l51LtCk Staff 4: Annual Staff Business Manager 4: Class Play 4, ARDIS HINKELDEY --ninlc' t'My h68.1't'S not my own, but I don't care, it's in good hands." Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 3, 4: Sax Quartet 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Sextet II 2, 3: Girls' Sextet I 4: Vocal Soloist 3, 4: Class Secretary 1: Annual Staff 4: Attendant 1: Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 4: 4Ed- itor 41: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 4. DONNA HOFERMAN "I-Iofermanu "Men are like streetcars, if you miss one, another will come along." Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: rOfficer 213 Mix- Ed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: lOfficer 21: Glee Club 1, 4: Mixed Quartet 1, 3, 4: Girls' Trio 3, 4: Girls' Sextet 2, 3, 4: Vocal Soloist 3, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Trumpet Trio 1, 2, 3, 4: Trumpet Quartet 1, 2, 3. 42 Brass Sextet 2, 3, 4: Brass Quintet 3, 4: Brass Quartet 3, 4: Trumpet Soloist 1, 2, 3, 41 Pep Club 1, 4: Class Vice-President 2, 4: Student Council 3: Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: GAA 1, 2, 4: GAA President 4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: tMusic Chairman 2, 3l: FHA State Convention Dele- gate 3g Class Play 3, 4. LARRY HUNTLEY "Huntley" "The more I see of Women, the more I like my dog." Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4: Boys' Quartet 3: Basketball 1: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: FFA 2, 3, 4: FFA President 4: Annual Staff 4. LAVONNE HUSEMAN "Vonnie" "No matter what the subject may be, I can always find room to disagree." GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: FHA 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 4. ARLENE MORRISON ullenan "She has a smile that is worth a million, but it doesn't cost a cent." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 25 GAA 1, 2, 3. 4g FHA 1, 2, 3, 41 Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Class Play 3, 4. TOM ROBBINS rcT0myy "I never trouble trouble till trouble troubles me." Basketball 1, 23 tManager 415 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4. ALLAN SCHUELKE ..Tip,, "There have been many great little men like me." Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Trumpet Trio 45 Trumpet Quar- tet 3, 4, Brass Sextet 4, Brass Quintet 45 Brass Quartet 43 Mix- ed Chorus 43 Boys' Quartet 43 Mixed Quartet 4: Annual Staff 43 Scarlet and Black 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1: iManager 2,rg Class Play 3, 4. CATHERINE PETERSON upeteu "I like men, but dogs are more reliable." Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Clarinet Trio 2, 3, 45 Clarinet Ouartet l, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Clarinet Quartet 3, 43 Clarinet Soloist 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1: Girls' Trio 43 Girls' Sex- tet 41 GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 11 FHA l, 2, 4: Anual Staff 43 Scar- let and Black Staff 41 Class Pres- ident 3g Class Play 3, 4. RONALD PETERSON r-Pedon "Knowledge is power, but it never takes the place of gasoline." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 45 Scarlet and Black Staff 45 Class Vice-President 1. FRED NICKOLEY "Napoleon" 'Alf I were mayor of the town, I'd wreck the school and burn it uph., Track 3, 43 Football 45 Annual Staff 4. ALICE PETERSON UAF, "She's a good student, aims high, and we are sure she'll get mere." Mixed Chorus 3, 4g GAA 1, Pep Club 1: Scarlet and Black Sraff 35 4: Annual Staff 4, School Treas- urer 4: FHA 4. RAYMON D SI EVERT ..Ray,, "A Way with the girls, away with the books3 he knows his musrc and has good looks." Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Trumpet Trio 2, 3, 43 Trumpet Quartet 1, 23 Vocal and Istruinen- tal Soloist 2, 3, 43 Brass Quartet 3, 43 Brass Sextet 2, 3, 43 Brass Quintet 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3, 43 Boys' Quartet 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Octet 13 Mixed Quartet 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Band President 43 Class President 13 Scarlet and Black Staff 3, 43 An- nual Staff Co-editor 43 King 43 Class Play 3, 4. DUANE SMIT "Smitty" "Who does not love wine, wom- en, and song remains a fool his whole life long." Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Trumpet Quartet 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Student Council 2, 43 Band Vice-President 43 Class Play 3. 1 RAMONA WEST "Mona" "If absent marks were credits, I'd be way past graduation." Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Annual Staff 4. RONALD WILLIAMS "Willie" "An innocent face, but you never can tell." Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 13 lManager 413 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Class Play 3, 4. RICHARD ZUBRADT "Ted" "There may be greater men than I, but I doubt it." Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Brass Sextet 3, 43 Brass Quin- tet 3, 43 Tuba Soloist 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Boys' Quartet 4: Annual Staff 4: Scarlet and Black Staff 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3, 4, Class Officers President: Margaret Anderson Vice President: Donna Hoferman Secretary-Treasurer: Geraldine Friedrich Student Council: Duane Smit, Raymond Sievert Class Song Tune: There is a Tavern in the Town We the class of '55, '55 To make the Juniors take a dive, take a dive, It is our goal for we will ever be the greatest class you'1l ever see. Lct's go now to the football field, football field, To make the Juniors to us yield, to us yield, For maroon and silver they are now our choice, So come on Seniors let's rejoice. Class Yell Tough as nails, sharp as knives, Remembered by the teachers all their lives, Maroon and silver, they will thrive, We're the class of '55. Class Motto Don't try dying, but die trying. Class Colors Maroon and Silver Class Flower White Carnation SENIOR CHARACTERISTICS HAS Margaret troubles Beverly a steady Dennis bumed-up Ford Ardiss F. blond hair Geraldine clothes Roy freckles Ardis l-l. Den's ring Julius good watermelons Donna good time Larry side burns LaVonne camera Arlene clothes Fred three coke trucks Alice intelligence Catherine clarinet Ronald P. debts Tom good Ford Allan square butch Ramona short haircut Raymond red Chevie Duane hopped-up Ford Ronald W. Storm Lake girls Richard big Pontiac IS DISLIKES cheerleader polishing shoes queen conceited people handsome malicious gossip nice stuck-up people co-editor of stuck-up Scarlet 84 Black people flirt being called Jr. tall two-faced people blond being called Caesar called "little house- monster" work called Social "horse" Studies angel without liver wings called dirty dishes "barnnaid" called nothing Napoleon school nobody treasurer head of unfriendly Bl-ISCG people bright study hall well Y Block V-8's groomed small stupid charge people short getting up musician no one happy-go- teachers lucky short sophisticated people BB player boy cuts on girls PLANS TO NOTED FOR work coming late for school work quietness work hair cut work sewing teach neatness work red hair work brown eyes join army innocence college music ability work National Guard photographer gum chewing go to beauty friendly school smile be President National of Coke Co. Guard college straight A's be a nurse sarcastic remarks college getting slapped college college work college college telegraph school college by teachers ownership in Post 8. Lee's bright remarks being absent a way with women moods goofing- off long shots CALENDAR August 30 S Registration and half day of school 31 S First whole day of school 31 - Flag raising ceremony September 10 - Alta played first football game at Holstein 17 - Football game here with Milford 22 S Seniors toured State Hospital in Cherokee 215 - Most of the seniors made it back 24 S Football game at Paullina 24 S Senior girls had slumber party at Donna Hofer- inan's S- That extra house comes in handy! 27-30 - Everyone seemed to be busy working on their floats 30 S Homecoming Snake Dance - Everyone had muddy shoes after it! October 1 S Homecoming parade - Junior's float won first 1 S- Plaved Primghar and won our homecoming game: Ray and Bev were our royal party 6 S Eight seniors exchanged their class rings 8 S Football game here with Sanborn 10 - Don Swanson's birthday party 14 S Home Ec. girls Went to Miss Watson's place S Donna sat on the State Senator's lap 15 - Football game at Sutherland 16 - Marching Band Contest at Sac City - Received a 1 rating 18 S Juniors sprang their colors taqua and black! 22 S Assembly program 22 - Football game here with Aurelia 23 S Band marched for B.V. Homecoming 25 - Had to get accustomed to new school hours - A few were late to afternoon sessions 26 - Al Bell assembly program 26 - Junior Class Play 27 S Voc, Ag. Meeting in Paullina 29 S Bev Bergquist had appendix out 29 S Last football game at Hartley 30 - F.H.A. Meeting at LeMars 31 S Susan's slumber party 31 S- Mr, Fuller got serenaded at 2:00 A.M. November 5 S No school 5 S F'.F.A. Convention in Kansas City 9 - F.H.A. held Wiener roast in south park 15 S Sioux Valley Basketball Jamboree 18 - Mrs. Sawin had appendix out - Happy holiday for the seniors! 19 - Basketball game at Sioux Rapids 20 S- Basketball game at B.V. Clinic with Lake City 23 - Basketball game here with Albert City 26 S Basketball game here with Hartley 29 S Willie had his appendix out 29 S G.A.A. Play night 30 - Annual pictures were taken - Seniors were tired after all the running! 30 S Basketball game at Laurens December 1 S Assembly program 3 S F.H.A. Family night 5 - Seniors had social studies class in the lunch room - What fun! 7 - Maggie got kicked out of Home Ec. '7 S Basketball game here with Newell 10 S Basketball game here with Sioux Center 14 Basketball ame here with Arnolds Park - ' S - Basketball game here with Primghar 17 20 - Annual Music Program 22 S F.H.A. Formal Christmas Dance - Everyone seemed to enjoy the mistletoe!! 23 S Seniors have the Christmas program 23 S Bus drivers sponsored movie for country students 23 S Schocl closed for Christmas vacation - O Happy Day! 28 S Miss Watson sponsored a party in Sanborn January 3 - Mrs. Sawin finally made it up the steps - We re- sumed class in the class room - Shucks! 4 S Basketball game at Odebolt 7 - Basketball game at Milford 10 S Basketball game here with LeMars 12 S Semester tests - what a drag!!! 14 - False Fire alarm - Who's the wise guy who goofed? 14 - Semester ended 14 - Mrs. Alexander quit teaching 14 S Basketball game here with Aurelia 14 S Donna's birthday party 17 S Juniors got their class rings: not all of them kept them long 18 S County tournament began: Alta played Sioux Rapids 18 - All the seniors seemed to have birthday parties behind the coat check 19 - Rest of the annual pictures were taken 20 - Alta played Marathon in the tournament 22 - Alta played Albert City in the county finals and won the tournament 24 S Music festival at Aureliag those that attended got a half day of school off 24 - Epidemic of flu started 25 2 Basketball game here with Holstein 28 2 Basketball game at Sutherland February 1 2 Basketball game at Marathon 3 2 Karen Stille hit 140 Words a minute in typing 4 2 Basketball game here with Sanborn 6 2 Bill McDonald had a birthday party 7 2 Smitty got kicked out of English for checking his watch 7 2 The Sectional tournament began 8 2 Alta beats Aurelia in Sectional 10 2 Sweetheart Assembly Program 10 2 Alta beat Storm Lake in Sectionalg Bill made March 1 April 1 May 2 extra point after the game in his street clothesg Smitty got the Cad after the game 10 2 Mr. Alexander wore green to school on Thursday 13 2 Mary Helen had a birthday party in Storm Lake 14 2 Valentine's Day: did anyone receive valentines? 15 2 Basketball game at Paullina 16 2 Home Ec. senior girls had a duck supper at Ar- diss Fahr's 17 2 Home Ec. senior girls prepared a supper for the first twelve basketball boys 18 2 Basketball boys went to practice in the Spencer gym 18 2 FHA sponsored a box social With square dancing 21 2 Band concert 22 -- Alta played Swea City in the District Tournament at Spencer 22 - Maggie and Donna stayed at Hink's 25 2 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander became proud parents of a little boy, Christopher Keith 26 2 Basketball game with Spencer at Spencer in the District: that was also ouz' last game 27 2 Ray Cut his eye playing basketball 28 2 The Junior boys beat the Senior boys in a double overtime basketball game 2 The Sophomore boys beat the Freshmen boys in a basketball game 2 2 Juniors beat the Sophomores and won the class tournament 2 2 Betty Moser fell down in the assembly 4 2 F.F.A. Sweetheart Dance where Deanna Brechwald was crowned the Sweetheart 7 2 Had a couple more annual pictures taken 15 2 Lynette sprained her ankle 16 2 Basketball boys had a big supper at the Steak House 17 2 Basketball boys left for the State Tournament in Des Moines 18 2 School seemed a little quieter than usual without the boys 21 2 No school on account of the snow storm 25 2 Indoor track meet at Iowa City 29 2 Pre-contest Music Concert - The girls and Miss Watson left for the FHA Con- vention in Des Moines 1 2 Music Contest for solos and ensembles at Odebolt began 2 2 Rest of the contest numbers were presented at Odebolt 3 2 Mr. and Mrs. Fuller became proud parents of a baby girl, Barbara Lynne 42 Relays at Aurelia 6 2 All senior boys came to school with a butch 7 T Holstein Relaysg Alta brought home a first in C ass B 8 2 Good Friday, so we get another day of school off 15 2 Pocahontas Relays 20 2 Senior Class Play 21 2 Career Day in Storm Lake 22 2 Sac City Relays 23 2 Seven Senior girls in A.I.B. typing contest at Des Moines 29 2 Alta Relays 30 - Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom 2Pre-contest Music Concert 3 - Sioux Valley Conference Track Meet 4 2 FHA Picnic' 5 2 Estherville Relays 6 2 Aurelia Relays 7 2 Music Contest at Rolfe for the large groups 9 2 Faculty Picnic 10 2 FHA Tea and Style Show 10 2 Skip Day 2 District Track Meet 2 Seniors have their last day of school and should complete all of their work 13 14 15 2 Baccalaureate Service at the Presbyterian Church 18 2 Eighth grade graduation in the afternoon 18 2 High School Commencement 18 2 Final Examinations 20 2 The school year ends with many happy kidsg also some of the seniors hate to leave it Alice Peterson, Catherine Peterson, Geraldine Friedrich, Beverly Bergquist, Ardis Hinkeldey, Tom Rob- bins, Fred Nikoley, Larry Huntley, Roy Hanson, Duane Smit, Margaret Anderson, Mr. Hammond, Dennis Ford, Ronald Peterson, Richard Zubradt, Raymond Sievert, Julius Hanson, Allan Schuelke, LaVonne Huseman, Arlene Morrison, Ardiss Fahr, Donna Hoferman. BACCALAUREATE SERVICE SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 First Presbyterian Church Alta, Iowa, May 15, 1955 8:00 P.M. Processional Invocation Opening Hymn ..,.,.......................... ...... O ' Thou Whose Feet Have Climbed Life's Hill Scripture Reading and Prayer .. ....,..,.................,.,............,...,........,.....,.,.........,...,.............. Class of 1955 Mixed Quartet Prayer Perfect - E. J. Stetson Music .....................,......................,............,.... Sermon .... ..............,.................................................., R ev. John H. Middents "Treasures and Trash" Music ,,.,..,,., ............,.,..,......,.,.,.,..,................,.,.,.,,,.....,.............,., ..,.. T r umpet Trio Where'er You Walk - G. F. Handel Benediction Recessional COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM May 18, 1955 Processional ..., ...........,...,.,.......... .................. C l ass of 1955 Invocation ...,. .................,............,......... ............. ..., R e v . John W. Oberg Music .,...................,..........................................,,..........,........................ ...,...... C larinet Quartet Andante and Rondo - Pleyel Introduction of Speaker .,........................,................... ...................... S upt. C. W. Hamand Commencement Address ..........................,................. Alfred Schwartz, Drake University "Let's Face the Future" Music ,,,.,,,........,.,,.,..,...,,,,,,,.,......,.,.........,,..,,..........,.,..,.....,,..............,.................. Mixed Chorus American Panorama - Ralph E. Williams Announcement of Awards and Presentation of Class ........................ Prin. A. Hammond Presentation of Diplomas ,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.......,......................... ,........... L eRoy D. Peterson President of the Board of Education Benediction ,,,i,, ,,,,,,...,...,......,............,.......,..,...............,........,.... R ev. John W. Oberg Front Row: Charles Ford, Student Council: Don Swanson, Vice-President, Bill McDonald. President, Barbara Hanson, Secretary-Treasurer, Gene Shreve, Student Council. Second Row: Karen Stille, Joan Jarvis, Illene Johannsen, Melva Hustedt, Jo Ann Kent, Deloris Lisle, Lor- na Hitchcock, Maesel Lietz, Joan Anderson, Susan Hetrick, Faye Huseman. Third Row: Ronald Kjolhede, Miss Watson, Lyle Sandine, Vincent Moser, Howard Mordick, Dennis Pet- erson, Rudy Grienke, Gary Johnson, Nyla King, Darrel Hinkeldey. Fourth Row: Mr. Fuller, Richard Peterson, Ray Grienke, Ronald Carpenter, Ronald Murphy, Roy Axel- son, Bill Hitchcock, Duane Schllnz, Jerry Van Hooser, Larry Zwemke. JUNIOR CLASS -f I-rout Row: Laurel Mordicl-1, Student Councilg Norma Wagner, Student Council, Betty Moser, Presidentg Kenneth Watts, Vice-President, Carol Radke, Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: Mr. Alexander, Jacqueline Gustafson, Myrna Murphy, Judy Peterson, Deanna Brechwald, Mary Lou Hallengren, Linda Enderson, Sandra Braley, Connie Hadden, Janice Huseman, Mary Helen McDonald, Marlene Murphy, Janet Meredith, Mrs. Alexander, Third Row: Leon Joliannsen, Kenneth Carter, Dean Peters, Duane Jensen, David Van Buskirk, Rodney Patterson, Darryl Frantz, Dennis Brechwald, Roland Carlson, Gaylen Hinkeldey, James Otto. Fourth Row: Terry Minard, Gary Huntley, Herbert Johnson, Leland Molgaard, Bill Swanson, Larry Wil- liams, Milo Kindwall, Larry Peterson, Norman Larson, Howard Lietz, Jerald Van Hooser, Ken- neth Pagel. SOPHOMORE CLASS Front Row: Lynette Mordick, Secretziry-'1'rcz1su1'erg Rayinond Moser, President: Jane Dreier. Vice-Pres.: Lucinda Robbins, Student Council, Second-Row: Mary Ann Hinlzeldev, Sharon Lichtenberg, Darlene Specketer, Faith Oberg, Dorothy Fried- rich, Jean Morristn, Pat Wittgcw, Jacqueline Otto, Kathryn Sievert. Lorene Peterson. Third Row: Mr. Strudthoff. Dennis McGowan, Dick Schmidt, Burton Johnson, Janet Carpenter, Ralph Watts, Deanna Johnson, David Hudrlen, Charles Dahl, Marlin Friedrich, Mrsl Sawin, Fourth Row: Eddie Peterson, Roger Peterson, Richard Lund, Arne Axelson, Roger Williams. Alvern Mil- ler, Paul Woodall, Gcrdon Strom, Jerry Mills, Jerry Sandine. FRESHMAN CLASS Front Row: Emma Jean Rasmussen, Dorinda Lisle. Sharon Patterson, Dianne Schuler, Keith Smit. President: Doris Johnson, Secretary-Treasurerg Clement Ledoux, Vice-President, Judy Johnston, Bonnee Lauridsen, Susan Mangold. Second RCW: Mrs. Waldo, Priscilla Huntley, Sherrill Peterson, Jerrold Meredith, Merle Larson, Marlin Cone, Gary Walton, David Ford. Sheila Hartley, Sandra Svendsen, Mr, Greene. Third Row: Jerry Otto, Jon Stille, Larry Lichtenberg, Donald Peterson, Ronald Hoops, Paul Turnquisi, Wendell Carlson, Joe Davis, Ordell Kindwall, Dick Wilt. SEVENTH GRADE Larry Radke. nie Lichtenberg, Sally Weiland, Carol Johnson, Mrs. Waldo, ericks, Darrel Banta, Jerry Buckendahl, Garlan McGowan. HGHTH GRADE f4r"",X 'iwfg sais i ini? ff 2 9 A iagjaie Sai ,earner a n v fm fe 1 F si- '1 yr! :KK A If me I H-I.-3?,.5a,:3:,.-v Ji V A, ..... I -I Lf ig? . 5 i, . ..,... . lbbb ..... 1 page agagw 6 a Iwbkxt bi 11,5551 " .t . .... p r" H ff :':I: V ' A fl ' f aifawvsa 3 N . pa QE lv 2253 Front Row: Bob Meredith, Ralph Hogancamp, Vernon Hoops, Norman Peterson, Vice-President: Gloria Remillard, Secretary-Treasurerg Clayton Porter, Presidentg Dennis Otto, Dennis Gulliclcson, Second Row: Mr. Greene, Ann Ford, Janet Swanson, Leanna Koth, Karen Ankerson, Doris Johnson, Con- Tliird Row: Larry Frantz, Gary Hansen, Tom Krlstensen. Ruth West, David Anderson, Virginia Fred- HXTH GRADE Front Row: Adreian Overton, David Warren, Harry Melander, Bill Huseman, Pete Molgaard, Dick Kren- zien, Bob McDonald, Steve Peterson, David Peterson, Tom Grigg. Second Row: Carmen Nikoley, Diane Holtz, Carolyn Stille, Janet Peterson, Eugene Peterson, Ronnie Pat- terson, Ronnie Preston, Mary Matsen, Karen Lietz, Sharen Husenian, Nancy Kinclwall, Miss Heuermann. Third Row: Alice Noble, Patty Pollard, Frances Dahl, Carol Mills, Judy Erickson, Carolyn Larson, Carole Walton, Mary Husemfin, Linda Cone, Daphne Holmes. Absent: Merlin Ryherd. HFTH GRADE First Row: Judy Meredith, Judy Jones, Sherry Erickson, Margaret Turnquist, Beverly Hanson, Sheila Krenzien, Tyann Pierson, Karen Banta. Second Row: Dick Huntley, Sharon Williams, Karen McGowan, Miss Vial, Linda Sandine, Janet Peters. Janet Peterson. Third Row: Edward Millard, John Soderquist, Stanley Fredericks, Jim Barlow. Jim Watts, Daniel Oberg, Arnold Swanson, Douglas Patten. ' ...W .ML HFTH GRADE First Row: Jo Ann Warren, Eleanor Remillard, Sharlene Endcrson, Sally Carpenter, Lizabeth Peters, Margaret Sandine. Second Row: Michael Stille, Marcia Hutton, Jean Mangold, Miss Rush, Jolene Huseman, Sandra Han- sen, Michael Johnston. Third Row: David Johnson, Gary Peterson. Jerrold Otto. Laurel Lichtenberg, Toni Wall, Gary Sund- berg. FOURTH GRADE First Row: Louise Murray, Georgette Wadsworth, Ann Ledoux. Beverly Lietz, Janet Porter, Tonda Over- ton, Candace Anderson, Helene Dahl, Vicky Hansen, Julie Grigg, Ruth Peterson. Second Row: Katherine Hallengren, Marilyn Murphy, Peggy Kindwall, Lani Siglin, Judy Coombs, Donna Hallengren, Bonnie Ford, Bonita Johnson, Mary Carter, Linda Larsen, Miss Yager, Third Row: Nathan Peterson, Garry Belcher, John Nordstrom, Tom Johnston, Willard West, Gary Gall, Dennis Lisle, Marion Anderson, Ronald Peterson, Eldon Poller, Dean Breehwald. THIRD GRADE First Row: Sally Peterson, Dlane Nielsen, Sandra Otten, Marilyn Ford, Sharon Bell, Cynthia Benna, Mary Raclke, Sandra McCabe, Judy Lundberg, Judy Anderson. Second Row: Susan Gricme, Linda Schuelke, Betty Wadsworth, Clayton Conard, Dennis Molgaard, Don Holmes, Carolyn Minard, Janelle Gcettsch, Beverly Sassman, Mrs. Rasmussen. Third Row: Dennis Coombs, Tom Cone, Marlowe Puller, Danny Carpenter, Marvin Peterson, Billy Matz- clorff, Larry Hansen, Bobby Williams, Jlmmy Turnquist, Tom Huseinan. SECOND GRADE First Row: Janis Mieras, Linda Barlow, Norma Buckingham, Peggy McDermott, Donna M. Castle. Laura Holstein. Second Row: Bobby Wilt, Laurine Peterson, Mrs. Huseman, Addy Aldcrson, Sandra Strudthoff. Third Row: Richard Anderson, Douglas Lee. Luke Kjolhecle, Dennis Sassman, Douglas Krcnzien, Jimmie Sassman. Absent: Donald Ryherd. Ronnie Anderson, Kenneth Miller. 1 1 SECOND GRADE Front Row: Janet Hutton, Lois Sutton, Karen Anderson, Shirley Hoops, Susan Holtz, Louise Eriksen. Second Row: Lorraine Swanson, John Middents, Richard Langner, Dennis Gustafson, Orin Huseman, David Strom, Kay Luft. Third Row: Phil Belcher, John Woodall, Danny Hansen, Larry Pollard, Michael DeF'ord, Scott Schuler, Mrs. Jarvis. HRST GRADE First ROW: Karen Peterson, Joelle Sinus, Vicky Luft, Linda Falck, Mary McDermott, Darlyn Leonard, Linda Delbridge, Jean Grienke, Candy Davis. Second Rowi Dennis Brisbois, Raymond Huff, Jimmy Norlin, Curtis Hammond, Ordell Weiland, Vicki McCabe, Diane Sundberg, Terry Walsh. Nancy Larsen, Susan Schuelke. Third Row: Randy Brickson, Chris Olsen, Larry Gustafson, Mickey Laffin. Larry McCullough, Ricky Parker, Burdette Watts, Chris Holstein, Douglas Svendsen, Mrs. Bappe. FIRST GRADE First Row: Barbara Grieme, Diane Moigaard, Karen Melander, Jackie Castle, Patty Bell, Diane Gould. Linda Hartman, Linda Meyers. Second Row: Frankie Popp, Ronnie Steffes, Cathy Turpin, Ranae Overton, Leslie Gall, Linde Lee, Susan Moser, Dvvain Holmes, Eddie Buchendahl, Mrs. McCurdy. Third Row: Brian Peterson, Mike Oatman, Steven McCu1lough,Tommy Waldo, Timothy Stille. Ricky Radke, Steven Jimmerson, Steven Sassman, Dennis Carlson, Larry Jensen. KINDERGARTEN Front Row: Ranae Poller, Gail Huseman. Mary Ann Olsen, Jayne Buckingham, Mary Ella Johnson, Jane Minard, Linda Holstein, Cindy Schuler. Second Row: Bobby Jensen, Pain DeFord, Trudy Greene, Sandra Banta, Gicria Knnben, Nancy Sassinan. Sharon Shreve, Donna Erickson, David Sins. Third Row: Douglas Mortensen, Keith Pierson, Brian Walsh, Tommy Oberg, Douglas Hansen, Billy Dahl, Mark Johnston, Bobby Kristensen, Dana Johnson, Lennie Lulhnann, Miss Harrison. Absent: Sarah Hobbs, Sharon Blaske. KINDERGARTEN First Row: Dennis Hansen, Tony Stille. Glenda Walsh, Kathy Johannsen, Ida Sievert, Susan Strudthoff, Danny Hallengren, Lonnie Sassman. Second Row: Larry Steffes, Melvin Langner, Christine Conard, Cindy Carpenter, Elaine Wnitinger, Linda Clough, Kathy Magnuson, Gary Molgaard, Randy Richman. Third Row: Peter Nielsen, Debra Hansen, Candis Kjoihede, Phyllis Swanson, Margaret Nordstrom, Judy Huseman, Billy Eriksen. Bobby Wittgow, Miss Moore. Absent: Jeanne Fett, Jayne Launderville, Coleen Miller. ELEMENTARY ACTIVITIES This is a preview of some of the activities of the elementary classes? It is only possible to have a few examples of the activities they participate in other than reading, writing, and arithmetic. KINDERGARTEN The members of the kindergarten class have visited the fire station, dairy, and post office. In one class after visiting the post office they made their own post office and used their mail boxes for valentines on Valentines Day. FIRST GRADE The first grade has had a unit on electricity in which they studied the uses and beginning of elec- tricity. Close to the end of the year they plan to have a puppet show on "What Sally Saw." To end the year with a big climax they enjoy a train ride to Cherokee. SECOND GRADE The second grade has taken walks to help them in nature study. On these walks the children notice leaves and other articles in our great world of nature. One of the second grades plan to visit the hospital and learn the use and nature of hospitals. THIRD GRADE The third grade class established a store through which to help the students in learning the value of money and how to make change quickly and correctly. Each student took turns being book- keeper. FOURTH GRADE In commemoration of Abraham Lincolrfs birthday the fourth grade prepared a play about Lin- coln and gave it for the third grade. Those in the play wore costumes which they found for them- selves. Upon finishing a unit on Egypt, the class prepared a display concerning Egyut. FIFTH GRADE The one fifth grade gave a play on Daniel Boone to the other class. Those participating made or found their own costumes for the play. The fifth and sixth grades enjoyed a joint Christmas party. The activities included: a play, carol singing and special numbers such as dancing, vocal and instrumental solos. SIXTH GRADE The sixth grade visited the creamery and saw the process by which butter is made. After com- pleting this visit the sixth graders under the task of making butter themselves. They enjoyed eating their butter spread on crackers. JUNIOR HIGH The Junior High students enjoyed a skating party in Cherokee. To make the students more con- scious of their grammatical errors, a project was started in which the students noticing errors made by classmates, put the errors on slips of paper and then in a box. About once a Week the box Was opened and each student had an opportunity to see the types of grammatical errors he was making. The first few weeks the box was always full, but now only a few errors are found in it each week. It seems we are really making an improvement. 21 VOCATIOIXI Front Row: Vincent Moser. Vice-President: Howard Lietz, Secretary: Larry Huntley President: James Otto, Reporter: Kenneth Watts, Treasure1'. Second Row: Duane Jensen. Dick Schmidt, Ralph Watts, Raymond Moser, Burtoi Johnson, Marlin Friedrich. l Third Row: Darrel Hinkeldey, Dean Peters, Alvern Miller, Mr. Obst, Arne Axelson, Gaylen Hinkcldey. Leland Molgaard. Fourth Row: Gary Huntley. Ronald Murphy, Norman Larson, Herbert Johnson. Charles Ford, Jerry Sandine. AL We have entered several teams in the judging competi- tion and have left with high honors: soil judging, the "sil- ver emblem," Howard Lietz, Leland Molgaard, and James Otto shared this honor. VVe got first in corn judging by Milton Caboth, James Kirk- holm, James Otto, and Bill Ry- herd. Again, we entered the livestock judging team, made up of Vincent Moser, Lyle Sandine, Ray Grienke, and Ronald Murphy in the "Spen- cer Livestoek Show" where We placed fourth. In the Sioux City Livestock judging we re- ceived sixteenth place, which was not bad due to the fact that there were groups there from three states. Vernon Hin- keldey, Jim Kirkholm, Milton Caboth, and Larry Huntley were members of the team. Our experimental plot proved successful this year. The cost of the two acre plot was 3540.00 with a gross profit of 314000. The F.F.A. paid James Otto 50 per cent for its care, leaving a net profit for our organization of 3370.00 clear profit. Again this year we sent several members to the National Convention at Kansas City. Those attending were Dean Peters, James Otto, Leland Molgaard, Howard Lietz and Larry Huntley. F.F.A. 'cf' . . 3 t. w ! gm .,nm f13'f ., .,.,.- ,iewuamwr .,..,..,.,....., . .... . , we Q A New ,MQW 13 xg .-2- fi-f . -." ttt . . "i. r :" 3 . "."" Q l..' f V AGRICULTURE VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE We have a four year agriculture training course. The first year consisting of training in animal science, this being the study of swine, dairy and beef cattle, sheep, poultry, feeds and feed rations. The second year We concentrate on the study of crops and soils. This consists of soils and their identification, crop rotations, fertiliz- ing, small grain, forages, Weeds, and landscap- ing. The third year of agriculture we learn of the mechanical devices, such as farm machinery, motors, electricity and plumbing. Our conclusive year is devoted to farm man- agement. This consists of farm planning, farm accounts, income tax, and the stu-dy of the mar- kets. Each year we get twelve weeks shop train- ing which consists of Wood Working. This con- sists of building equipment for the farm such as hog houses, feeders, etc. We also learn to Weld and how to use certain tools and machines. After four years study of this course We are well prepared for farming. Dennis Ford, Larry Huntley, Julius Hanson, Ronald Williams we wwmwmwmo ,Z n WS SEK I-ICDME Front Row: Betty Moser, Treasurer, Margaret Anderson, Presidentg Joan Anderson, Vice-President: LaVonne Huseman, Secretary, Second Row: Janice Huseman, Jean Morrison, Norma Wagner, Laurel Mordick, Connie Hadden, Deanna Johnson, Lucinda Robbins, Linda Enderson. De- loris Lisle, Sandra Braley, Lorna Hitchcock, Maesel Lietz, Jo Ann Kent. Janet Carpenter, Dorothy Friedrich, Mary Lou Hallengren. Third Row: Miss Mary Glee Watson, Mrs, Earl Anderson, Mary Helen McDonald, Catherine Petersen, Illene Johannsen, Susan Hetriek, Jacqueline Otto, Faith Oberg, Pat Wittgow, Donna Hoferman, Arlene Morrison, Darlene Specketer, Lynette Mordick, Ardiss Fahr, Deanna Brechwald, Beverly Bergquist, Bar- bara Hanson. Fourth Row: Karen Stille, Nyla King, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Lorene Petersen, Kath- ryn Sievert, Jacqueline Gustafson, Myrna Murphy, Judy Peterson, Marlene Murphy, Janet Meredith, Jane Dreier, Sharon Lichtenhcrg, Joan Jarvis, Carol Radko, Faye Huseman, Alice Peterson. Stilleg recreation chairman, Lynette Mordickg reporter, Karen Stille. F.H.A. The Future Homemakers of America had a very profitable year with Miss Watson as our advisor. The F.H.A. motto is "T o W a r d New Horizons," which means that we must work to attain new goals, to better our lives, and the lives of our families. The F.H.A. flower is the red rose. Activities of the year were: the formal installation of new officers, family fun night, Wiener roast, formal Christ- mas dance, box social for high s c h o o l, brotherhood week, sending three delegates to the State F.H.A. Convention in Des Moines, party for the eighth grade girls, and a Moth- er's Day Tea with a style show, We held a regular meet- ing each month with an inter- esting program planned for several meetings. This year our organization elected a chapter mother for the first time. She was Mrs. Earl Anderson. Other officers were: president, Margaret Andersong vice-president, Joan Andersong secretary, LaVonne Husemang treasurer, Betty Moser, music ehairman,lKaren We wish to thank everyone for contributing their time and efforts to make our organization a success this year. -x ? ECCDIXICDIVICS HOME ECONOMICS In Home Economics we learned how to be a better homemaker in the future. We learned to sew various articles such as: coats. suits, jumpers, dresses, skirts, and dusters. We learned how to prepare meals and fix fine desserts. Since the senior girls are graduating, they studied dif- ferent vocations, This helped some of the girls to choose their vocation for the future. The freshmen were new in high school, so they learned the Way to make friends and acquaintances. Th e y als o studied child care and home furnishings as did the sopho- mores. This year turned out to be a very profitable one for the teacher, Miss VVatson, as Well as the students. GIRLS' PHYSICAL G.A.A. Front Row: Beverly Bergquist, Point Secretary: Deanna Brechwald, Secretary: Donna Hofernian, President: Barbara Hanson, Vice-President, Lucinda Rob- bins. Treasurer. Second Row: Janice Huseman, Jean Morrison, Norma Wagner, Laurel Mordick, Connie Hadden, Deanna Johnson, Betty Moser, Linda Enderson, Deloris Lisle, Sadra Braley, Lorna Hitchcock, Maesel Lietz, Jo Ann Kent, Janet Carpenter, Dorothy Friedrich, Mary Lou Hallengren, Mrs. Sawin. Third Row: Mary Helen McDonald, Catherine Peterson, Illene Johannsen, Susan Hetrick, Joan Anderson, Jacqueline Otto, Faith Oberg, Pat Wittgow, Mar- garet Anderson, Arlene Morrison, Darlene Specketer, Lynette Mordick, Ar- diss Fahr, Geraldine Friedrich, La Vonne Huseman. Fourth Row: Karen Stille, Nyla King, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Lorene Peterson, Kath- ryn Sievert. Jacqueline Gustafson, Myrna Murphy. Judy Peterson, Marlene Murphy, Janet Meredtih, Jane Dreier, Sharon Lichtenberg, Joan Jarvis. Carol Radke, Faye Huseman, Ardis Hinkeldey. G.A.A. Under the helpful guidance of our supervisor, Mrs. Keith Sawin, our G.A.A. ha.s taken great strides. We have tried to cooperate to promote better school spirit and enthusiasm. The G.A.A. sponsored a number of parties during the year. These included dances, sleigh ride, and play nights. The officers for the year were: Donna Hoferman, presidentg Barbara Hanson, vice-president, Deanna Brechwald and Beverly Bergquist, point secretariesg and Cindy Robbins, treasurer. We also had intramural tournaments in volleyball, softball, and basketball. The Winners were awarded with chevrons. PHYSICAL EDUCATION The girls' physical education department, under the direction of Mrs. Keith Sawin, has had a very profitable year. Each class was taken at a different time and had a variety of activities. This year we played basketball, volleyball, badminton, softball, went bowling, and a number of other interesting re- creations. PEP CLUB Under the guidance of Mrs. Keith Sawin, we have organized a Pep Club to help the school spirit. We have tried to be present at all games and help with the cheering section. VVe purchased scarlet and black beanies and tried to dress uniformly in black slacks and white blouses for all games. Our goal has been to have more enthusiasm and school support at all of our athletic events. EDUCATIQN PEP CLUB Front Row: Beverly Bergquist, Margaret Anderson, Deanna Brechwald, Jo Ann Kent, Karen Stille. Second Row: Janice Huseman, Jean Morrison, Norma Jean Wagner, Janet Carpen- ter, Deanna Johnson, Lorna Hitchcock, Deloris Lisle, Linda Enderson, Betty Moser, Lucinda Robbins, Sandra Braley, Connie Hadden, Maesel Lietz, Donna Hoierman, Dorothy Friedrich, Mary Lou Hallengren, Third Row: Jacqueline Gustafson, Myrna Murphy, LaVonne Huseman, Arlene Mor- rison, Lynette Mordick, Jacqueline Otto, Pat Wittgow, Faith Oberg, Ardiss Fahr, Barbara Hanson, Joan Anderson, Marlene Murphy, Geraldine Fried- rich, Judy Peterson, Jane Dreier. Fourth Row: Joan Jarvis, Mary Helen McDonald, Darlene Specketer, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Ardis Hinkeldey, Nyla King, Sharon Lichtenberg, Kathryn Siev- ert, Lorene Peterson, Carol Radke, Faye Huseman, Laurel Mordick, Janet Meredith, Susan Hetrick. Illene Johannsen. GIRLS' PHYS. ED. CLASS Ardis Hinkeldey, Arlene Morrison, Margaret Anderson, Donna Hoferman DRAMATIC Front Row: JoAnn Kent, Joan Jarvis, Mr. Alexander, Barbara Hanson, Nyla King. Second Row: Gary Johnson, Karen Stille, Susan Hetrick, Lorna Hitchcock, Joan Anderson, Faye Husa- man, Dennis Peterson. Third Row: Charles Ford, Don Swanson, Gene Shreve, Bill McDonald, Vincent Moser. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY JUNIOR CLASS PLAY - 'SMEET ME IN ST. LOUIS" Mr. Smith ..... Mrs. Smith ..,.. Lon ......... Rose ...,. Esther ..... Agnes ...... Tootie .......,,,....,... John Sheppard .,... Fred Gregory .,.. Katie .,.,.,.......... Ida ...,...,....,,.,.... Lucille ..........,...,. M rs. Waughop ...,. Mr. Duflfy ......,.,. Don Swanson Barbara Hanson , Gary Johnson .. Joan Jarvis Nyla King . ,....... JoAnn Kent Lorna Hitchcock .. Bill McDonald Chuck Ford Faye Huseman Joan Anderson Susan Hetrick Karen Stille Dennis Peterson Mr. Dodge .,..,,,,.,...,,... ..... V incent Moser Grandpa Prophator Gene Shreve When four attractive sisters decide to run the family, it results in an uproarious comedy. The four sisters, from the oldest, Ro-sc, to the youngest and mischievous Tootie, are so concerned about their brother, Lon, and his romance with Lucille, a snobbish Eastern girl, that they don't have time to listen to their father who wants to tell them they're moving to New York, and will miss the Worl-d's Fair. The girls take the situation into their own hands. Rose makes herself up as thc queenly type and Esther tries to appear vibrant. Tootie is completely satisfied as long as she is allowed to "jump out and bite people's legs." When everything seems to be going the wrong way, Mr. Smith makes his an- nouncement: f That he has been offered a better job in New York and the family is moving at once! At the thought of leaving their home and friends, the girls in- stantly unite for action! They resort to hilarious strategies that finally result in their staying in St. Louis. PRQDUCTICDNS SENIOR CLASS PLAY Front Row: Catherine Peterson, Margaret Anderson, Donna Hoferman, Ardiss Fahr, Ailene Moxzison Second Row: Allan Schuelke, Beverly Bergquist, Richard Zubradt, Roy Hanson, Raymond Sie-vert Geral dine Friedrich, Ronald Williams, Mr. Alexander. LIFE WITH MAMA What a life it is! Every second there is something doing as laugh piles on laugh. When the Old Reliable Drug Store ceases to be reliable because of chain store com- petition Mama pitches in to help Papa. She nearly pitches the Smith family into the poor house. But Mama has a philosophy. If you have faith everything will turn out the way you Want it to. In the meantime keep busy. Mama won the cake baking blue ribbon at the county fair and everybody Wants one of Mama's cakes. The laundry business Mama starts gets her in a lot of trouble. When she does not have a laundry license Mama goes to jail, Easy Street is just around the corner but Abigail, Mamas colored helper, ruins the banker's favorite shirt and Papa does not get his loan to remodel the drug store. Before it is over Papa and the banker spend the night in jail. Mama's patent medicine soothes the bankcr's nerves and Mama's daughter, Linda, elopes with the banker's son, Bruce. This is a pleasant and homey fast moving play of American home life that entertains the audience from curtain to curtain. Papa ...... Mama Nancy ...,.. Ramona ...... Linda ..,.,,..,,,..,... Bruce ...,...,......... Thelma Thomas Donahue .,,.....,....,... Kane Jerome Abigail ......,.,,.... Harry Harrison Vera Harrison . Raymond Sievert Catherine Peterson Donna Hoferman Beverly Bergquist Margaret Anderson Allan Schuelke Arlene Morrison Roy Hanson Ronald Williams Ardiss Fahr Richard Zubradt Geraldine Friedrich BUSIIXIES BUSINESS TRAINING The Business Education Department by combining the students own initiative with as many as possible of the experiences and problems of the modern business office endeavors to build competent office employees. Through the development of the skills, attitudes, and characteristics required of an office employee for not only finding a job, but for continuous growth and development in this job, we hope to give our students an opportunity to take their place in the business world, ln the Business Education Department it is possible for the students to develop in the following areas: Typ- ing of Business Lettersg Multiple Reproduction of Ma- terial by Use of Carbons, Liquid Process Duplicator and Mimeo- graph Machine Clleproductions can be Made in Color for More Appeallg Handling of Incoming and Outgoing Mailg Alphabetiz- ing, Indexing, and Filingg Tele- phone and Telegraphic Com- municationg Tabulation Workg Office and Shipping Forms lln- teroffice Memorandums, Pur- TRAINING chase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Freight Bills, Statements, Checks, and Credit Memorandumsl, Typing Legal Documents, Handling Money CChecking Accounts, Drafts, Letters of Credit, Cashier's Checks, Bank Drafts, Money Orders, and Traveller's Checkslg Use of the Full-keyboard and Ten-key Adding Ma- chines, Understanding ot the Basic Principles ot the Double-entry Bookkeeping System, Understanding the Legal Rights and Duties of an Individual in Making Contracts, Buying Personal Goods, Buying Real Prop- erty, Renting Property, Using Negotiable Instruments, Buying Insurance, Finding Lost or Stolen Articles, and Preparing Federal and State Income Tax Reports. p STUDENT ANNUAL STAFF Front Row: Roy Hanson, Business Manager: Margaret Anderson, Editorg Raymond Sievert, Assistant Editor. Second Row: LaVonne Huseman, Arlene Morrison, Ardiss Fahr, Donna Hoferman, Alice Peterson, Cath- erine Peterson, Geraldine Friedrich. Third Row: Julius Hanson, Tom Robbins, Beverly Bergquist, Ardis Hinkeldey, Allan Schuelke, Fred Nikoley. Fourth Row: Dennis Ford, Larry Huntley, Richard Zubradt, Ronald Peterson, Duane Smit. The Cyclone, the Alta yearbook, is published annually by the Senior Class, under the sponsorship of Max R. Fuller. It presents a record of the year's activities and a pictorial review of the students and their school life. Pictures were taken exclusively by Buntrock and Salie Studio of Storm Lake. We Wish to thank everyone who contributed to our annual to help make it a success. I. .-.-. , V X 15f.:"'sf2-n ff ' N -455: ..I::'- , .-:-E-: X . .. "" bg J 'wwf ' -sg,-sri' ' KY ' K 'Q 4 X -.. sw , ' .1 Q Geraldine Friedrich, Circulation Managerg Roy Hansen, Busi- ness Manager: Margaret Anderson, Editor: Raymond Mr. FULLER Sievert, Assistant Editorg Beverly Bergquist, Sales Manager, Sponsor PU B L I CATICD N S SCARLET AND BLACK STAFF Front Row: Ardis Hinkeldey, Geraldine Friedrich, Editors. Second Row: Catherine Peterson, Alice Peterson, Margaret Anderson, Donna Hoferman, Deloris Lisle, Betty Moser, Jacqueline Otto, Jo Ann Kent, Ardiss Fahr, Third Row: Richard Zubradt, Joan Jarvis, LaVoune Huseman, Arlene Morrison, Joan Anderson, Beverly Bergquist, Barbara Hanson. Karen Stille. Fourth Row: Bill McDonald, Ronald Peterson, James Otto, Dennis Brechwald, Allan Schuelke, Raymond Sievert, Roy Hanson, Mr. Alexander. SCARLET AND BLACK During the past year many things have taken place in our school. We try to keep the public informed about the most important activities through the Scarlet and Black, which appears every two weeks in the Alta Advertiser. We publish such things as editorials, class news, grade news, jokes, gossip, and news from the various organizations. There has been a lot of hard work done and we really appreciate it. We, the edi- tors, would like to thank Mr. Alexander, our advisor, and the staff for all the help which they have contributed to help make the Scarlet and Black a success. MR. ALEXANDER A ' Beverly Bergquist, Alice Peterson, Ardis Hinkeldey, Co-editor, SPOFISOI' Geraldine Friedrich, Co-editor. DRIVER Realizing that with a sufficient amount of practice anyone can mech- anically drive an automobile down the road, but still not be a good driver, we try to develop the know-how and attitudes which when combined with this mechanical skill produces those safe, courteous drivers which make our highways a safe and enjoyable place to drive. During the course in driver training besides learning the mechanical skills of driving an automobile, the students are introduced to the follow- ing essential areas: When is the Car Ready to Use and ls It Operating Nor- mollyg Physical and Mental Condition of the Driver in Relation to Safe Driv- ingg The Drinking Driverg Pedestrian Safetyg Financial Responsibility of a Parallel Parking Car Control Adverse Conditions TRAINING Car Ownerg Buying o New or Used Carg Care of Your Carg Operating Your Car Economicallyg Driving in the City and on the Highwayj Driving in Bad Vtfeatherj Changing a Tireg and Your Responsibility as a Driver. We realize that the limited amount of training which the students receive in this one-semester course is not enough to make them competent drivers. But it this basic training is continued through the help and encour- agement ot their parents and friends, they can develop into sate drivers and not become another heart breaking accident report: "JOHN AND MARY WERE KILLED LAST NIGHT IN AN AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT ON HIGHWAY . . ." Care of Your Car Changing A Tire What Makes It Run JUNICDR-SEIXIICDR 1954 JUNIOR-SENIGR BANQUET The Junior-Senior Banquet was held Saturday, May 8, in the old gym at Alta. The theme for the banquet was "Moonlight Bay." Entering the gym the guests stepped into a rowboat for a ride to the main floor, The guests stepped out onto an island and entered into a harbor where a large steamer had just docked. The steamer stood proud and stately with its double deck and manly state-rooms. Toward the east was another ship coming into harbor. This ship was carrying the orchestra which was to furnish the music tor the evening. To the north a volcano could be seen in the silhouette and also an island on each end with rowboats and sailboats hurrying toward the islands. Above the ocean, of course, was the clear, blue sky with stars shining and the moon brightly beaming in the west. Sea gulls hovered overhead enjoying the cool evening. The guests were led to their tables and served a delicious meal by the sophomores. The waiters were dressed as sailors and the waitresses were in navy skirts and white sport blouses. On the table were stearners made of construction paper with colored pennants and portholes. Each guest had a nutcup that also served as a name card. These were small colored boats with sailors in them and suckers tor oars. On each nutcup was an anchor which was given as a favor. The meal was eaten by candlelightg the candles being decorated as lily pads. THE SHIP'S LOG SHIP AHOY ....,.,.,.,.........,.., King Neptune Catherine Peterson TREASURE CHEST BURIED AT SEA A Deep Sea Diver Bruce Peters EBB TIDE .................,,.........,..... Vocal Duet Donna Hoferman and Ray Sievert PORPOISE AT PLAY An Old King Fish Lowell Lichtenberg THE MAN I LOVE NIGHT AND DAY ....,.....,... Trumpet Solo Donna Hoferman UNDER CURRENT .... An Old Sea Crab Ronald Williams BON VOYAGE .,..,,,,.... The Beachcomber Ray Sievert CHOWDOWN SERPENT'S DELIGHT ROAST OF SHARK VJHITE CAPS WITH BREAKERS MIXED OCEAN SEAWEEDS SEA FOAM CORAL REEF OCEAN ROLLS ANCHORS AWAY VVATERS OF THE MURKY DEEP BANOUET li 8:30 9:10 9:20 10:00 10:20 10:55 11:05 11:30 Jimmy Smith and his Orchestra" Dancing Perfect Forty-four - Gerald Hoffman Dancing Intermission Cigareets, Whuskey, and Wild, Wild, Women Men Get Married, Too Little Blue Riding Hood Post Office Dancing Senior Personalities - Richard Zubradt Dancing Anchors Away SCHCDQL SCHOOL BOY PATROL Dennis Otto, Norman Peterson, Jerry Buckendahl, Garlan McGowan, Vernon Hoops, Larry Radke. SCHOOL PATROL Every day when school is being dismissed, these junior high boys take over their duties by helping the small children get to their busses safely. These boys should be congratulated for their help in protecting our school children. BUS DRIVERS Elmer Sveudsen, Elmer Strom, Harold Siglin, Duane Nelson, Warren Jimmerson Harold Gould. HE LPERS Mrs. Schreiber Nels Berndl' Hubert Frederickson School Nurse School Custodians THANK YOU SCHOOL NURSE We wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks to our school nurse for her untiring efforts in giving the students aid in time of sick- ness or injury. COOKS Our school custodians have Worked very hard the past year making the school a clean and pleasant place to learn and develop. Our thanks go to them for their hard Work and patience with us. W B MM,,,,.,. f""'M Mrs. Benna, Mrs, Swanson, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Clark 14utvgraplaA , V11 V ,rg 'L E 'Z-. eff' I C50 I 'N CONCERT BAND Front Row: Catherine Peterson, Karen Stille, Beverly Bergquist, Deanna Brechwald, Margaret Anderson, Joan Jarvis. Second Row: Herbert Johnson, Leland Molgaard, Dennis Peterson, David Van Buskirk, Allan Schuelke, Donna I-Ioferman, Kenneth Pagel, Marlene Mur- phy, Ardis Hinkeldey, Larry Frantz, Geraldine Friedrich, Dennis Brechwald. Third Row: Sandra Braley, Jacqueline Otto, Sharon Lichtenberg, Faith Oberg, Bonnee Lauridsen, Judy Johnston, Gene Shreve, Duane Smit, Don Swan- son, Ardiss Fahr, Carol Johnson, Doris Johnson, Donald Peterson, Marlin Friedrich, Ralph I-Iogancamp, Raymond Sievert, Alvern Miller, Darryl Fantz, Bill McDonald, Roland Carlson, Dean Peters. Fourth Row: James Otto, Barbara Hanson, Lorene Peterson, Kathryn Sievert, Jane Dreier, Mr, Schive, Richard Wilt, Richard Zubradt. MUSIC ACTIVITIES The snappy Alta Marching Band under the baton of Majorette Carol Radke gave spectators very enjoyable half-time entertainment at all home football games. The Marching Band also put in public appearances at the Annual Football Preview on September T at Storm Lake, at our own homecoming parade on October 1, and at the Buena Vista College Homecoming Par- ade at Storm Lake on October 23. On October 16, the Marching Band journeyed to Sac City for the annual Marching Band Contest. The long hours of practice and work were well worth-while and quickly forgotten when we saw our I rating. VVhen the weather turns cold, thoughts turn from Marching Band to Concert Band, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, and Musical Ensembles. Pep Band played at all home basketball games and preparation for the Christmas Program was begun. The Christmas Program was given on December 20. A repeat performance of last years successful "Night Be-- fore Christmas" was given by the Band and Mixed Chorus along with many other fine numbers presented by various musical ensembles. On December 23 there was "music in the air" as the Mixed Chorus went Christmas Caroling through the halls. The first day of the second semester found Miss Janet Anderson in the vocal music room. Although we were sorry to say "good-by" to Mrs. Alexander, we were very happy to have Miss Anderson with us. Concert Bands and Mixed Choruses from Alta, Albert City, and Aurelia met at Aurelia on January 24 for the first Tri-school Music Festival. The afternoon was spent in practice and the result of the practice gave the audience two hours of fine music in the evening. On February 21 the Concert Band presented an evening of light entertainment in their "Pops Concert." March 29 found the soloists and ensembles on stage for the presentation of the pre-contest concert. Contest for the small groups and soloists was held at Odebolt on April 1 and 2. Ratings were given on state contest basis as there is only one contest this year. DIVISION I RATINGS Instrumental Trumpet Quartet - Donna, Hoferman, Allan Schuelke, Duane Smit, Don Swanson. Trumpet Trio - Donna Hoferman, Raymond Sievert, Allan Schuelke Trumpet Solo - Donna Hoferman Baritone Solo - Raymond Sievert Mixed Clarinet Quartet - Catherine Peterson, Karen Stille, Beverly Bergquist, Margaret Anderson B-Flat Clarinet Quartet - Catherine Peterson, Karen Stille, Beverly Bergquist, Deanna Brechwald Clarinet Trio - Catherine Peterson, Karen Stille, Deanna Brechwald Vocal Tenor Solo - Raymond Sievert Treble Voice Low - Donna Hoferman Girls' Sextet - Karen Stille, Deanna Brechwald, Geraldine Friedrich, Catherine Peterson, Donna Hoferman, Ardis Hinkeldey DIVISION II RATINGS Instrumental Piano - Karen Stille Clarinet - Karen Stille Trumpet - Raymond Sievert Brass Sextet - Richard Zubradt, Darryl Frantz, Dennis Peterson, Raymond Sievert, Allan Schuelke, Don Swanson Vocal Treble Voice Low - Deloris Lisle Treble Voice High - Karen Stille Treble Voice Medium - Marlene Murphy Girls' Trio - Karen Stille, Catherine Peterson, Donna Hoferman Mixed Quartet - Karen Stille, Donna Hoferman, Ray Sievert, Allan Schuelke DIVISION III RATINGS Instrumental Clarinet - Catherine Peterson Tuba - Richard Zubradt Baritone - Darryl Frantz Clarinet Quartet - Bonnee Lauridsen, Faith Oberg, Sharon Lichtenberg, Jacque Otto Vocal Treble Voice Low - Ardis I-linkeldey Treble Voice Medium - Myrna Murphy Bass Solo - Ronald Murphy Boys' Quartet - Allan Schuelke, Don Swanson, Richard Zubradt, Ray Sievert Many of these groups appeared at local club meetings, P.T.A. meetings, Band Mothers, and at class plays. The spring concert was held on May 2 and con- test for large groups at Rolfe on May 7. MARCHING BAND Front Row: Margaret Anderson, Faith Oberg, Pat Wittgow, Janet Carpenter, Deanna Johnson, Lucinda Second Robbins, Linda Enderson, Betty Moser, Sandra Braley, Janice Huseman, Deloris Lisle, Donna Hof- erman, Lorna Hitchcock, Mary Lou Hallengren, Ardiss Fahr, Maesel Lietz, Joan Anderson, Mrs. Alexander. Row: Connie Hadden, Marlene Murphy, Joan Jarvis, Barbara Hanson, Lynette Mordick, Laurel Mcrdick, Arlene Morrison, Jane Dreier, Geraldine Friedrich, Jean Morrison, Jo Ann Kent, Illene Johannsen, Dorothy Friedrich, Jacqueline Otto, Kathryn Sievert, Judy Peterson. Third Row: Karen Stille, Nyla King, Carol Radke, Lorene Peterson, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Norma Wagner, Fourth Alice Peterson, Deanna Brechwald, Sharon Lichtenberg, Darlene Specketer, Catherine Peterson, Beverly Bergquist, Jacqueline Gustafson, Myrna Murphy, Susan Hetrick, Mary Helen McDonald. Ardis Hinkeldey. Row: Ronald Carpenter, Don Swanson, Raymond Sievert, Larry Peterson, Leon Johannsen, Darryl Frantz, Gaylen Hinkelcley, Alvern Miller, Marlin Friedrich, Allan Schuelke, Dennis Brechwald. Gary Johnson, Howard Lietz, Richard Zubradt, Gene Shreve, Kenneth Pagel, Larry Huntley, Bill McDonald. MIXED CHORUS BRASS SEXTET Donna Hoferman, Allan Schuelke, Dennis Peterson, Richard Zubradt, Ray Sievert, Darryl Fxantz MIXED CLARINET QUARTET TRUMPET QUARTET CLARINET QUARTET Catherine Peterson Beverly Bergquist Margaret Anderson Karen Stille Don Swanson Donna Hoferman Allan Schuelke Duane Smit Catherine Peterson Deanna Brechwald Beverly Bergquist Karen Stille PEP BAND Front RCW: Catherine Peterson, Bonnee Lauridsen, Larry Frantz, Geraldine Friedrich, Dennis Brechwald, Joan Jarvis. Second Row: Herbert Johnson, Sandra Braley, David Van Buskirk, Allan Schuelke, Donna Hoferman, Don Swanson, Duane Smit, Kenneth Pagel, Ardis Hinkeldey. Third Row: Sharon Lichtenberg, Judy Johnston, Faith Oberg, Jacqueline Otto, Gene Shreve, Ardiss Fahr, Carol Johnson, Dfris Johnson, Don Peterson, Marlin Friedrich, Ralph Hogancamp, Raymond Sievert, Alvern Miller, Darryl Frantz, Roland Carlson, Dean Peters. Fourth Row: Barbara Hanson, James Otto, Lorene Peterson, Kathryn Sievert, Mr. Schive. Richard Wilt, Richard Zubradt. sRAss Qumrer Donna Hoferman, Allan Schuelke, Richard Zubradt, Dennis Peterson, Raymond Sievert. Ardis GIRLS' SEXTET Hinkeldey, Donna Hoferman, Catherine Peterson, Geraldine Friedrich, Deanna Brechwald, Karen Stille. MIXED QUARTET Allan Schuelke, Donna Hoferman, Karen Stille, Raymond Sievert BOYS' QUARTET Raymond Sievert, Don Swanson, Allan Schuelke, Richard Zubradt GLEE CLUB Front Row: Connie Hadden, Faith Oberg, Pat Wittgow, Janet Carpenter, Betty Moser, Sandra Braley. Janice Huseman, Donna Hoferman, Deloris Lisle, Jacqueline Otto, Mary Lou Hallengren, Dorothy Friedrich. Second Row: Marlene Murphy, Joan Jarvis, Barbara Hanson, Mary Ann Hinkeldey, Sharon Lichtenberg, Darlene Specketer, Jo Ann Kent, Maesel Lietz, Joan Anderson, Susan Hetrick, Judy Peterson, Mrs. Alexander. Third Row: Karen Stille, Nyla King, Carol Radke, Lorene Peterson, Geraldine Friedrich, Jane Dreier, Deanna Brechwald, Mary Helen McDonald, lllene Johannsen, Myrna Murphy, Jacqueline Gustaf- son, A1'dis Hinkeldey. TWIRLERS AND FLAG SWINGERS Lorna Hitchcock. Lucinda Robbins, Maesel Lietz, Carol Radke, Susan Hetrick, Joan Anderson, Faye Huseman. BRASS QUARTET Donna Hoferman, Allan Schuelke, Dennis Peterson, Raymond Sie-vert INSTRUMENTAL SOLOISTS Front Row: Catherine Peterson, Deanna Brechwzild, Karen Stills, Donna Hoferman Second Row: Allan Schuelke, Raymond Sievert, Richard Zubradt, Darryl Frantz Dennis Brechwald.. Donna Hoferman, Allan Schuelke, Raymond Sievert VOCAL TRIO Catherine Peterson, Karen Stille, Deanna Brechwald TRUMPET TRIO Donna Hoferman, Karen Stille, Catherine Peterson CLARINET TRIO SAX QUARTET Ardis Hinkeldey, Dennis Brechwald, Geraldine Friedrich, K6HU6th Pagel VOCAL SOLOISTS Janet Anderson, vocal teacher: Marlene Murphy, Myrna Murphy, Dcnna Hoferman, Ronald Murphy, De- loris Lisle. Raymond Sievert, Karen Stills, Ardls Hinkeldey 14utvg1-aplw ? X . 11:9 r F0 P A V 5' E 1 W Q ww "TW f" " ll? i .-.V ,E 3,5.,Q,w - fuss . Y -v'v1 'H' sf' si "2:':" sf 'Ir' M X 2 :2- ' A .W ,,A Q :-. f ., -. :':" .Q :'1' -' iw' - i s f 1, " ....,., rl . "" 1 .. 1'A Q f . -A :A1 7 zzz 1 VAA.: ' -. :,.. r . :.,, , :I-2 1-: zz- Tom Robbins Dennis Ford Richard Zubradf Center End Tackle FOOTBALL SCORES Alto 13 vs. Holstein O Alto 7 vs. Milford O Alto 6 vs. Poullino 28 Alto 13 vs. Primghor 20 Alto 32 vs. Sanborn i2 Alto 7 vs. Sutherlond 19 ' A Alto 28 vs. Aurelio 7 Ra Sieverl' 2 d Alto 35 vs. Hartley 6 uar Co-Captain Larry Zwemke Charles Ford Duane Smit End Guard End Ronald Peterson Gary Johnson Tackle Back FOOTBALL SEASON The Cyclones started off on a tough schedule with Holstein bowing to the home squad. They went on to Win four more. Losing only three hard-fought clashes to superior foes on the conference battlefield. The season was deemed a success by everybody con- cerned. All-conference team members were high this year placing two on the first and three on the second team. First team members were Gary Johnson and Ray Sievert. Second team were Duane Smit, Richard Zubradt, and Ronald Williams. Honorable mentions were Dennis Ford, Charles Ford, and Bill McDonald. Don Swanson Larry Huntley Back Back was We 1252222 zk 3 fl wok? 'ffl 393' 1 .QI . ff f f wa fi ' X Y ij.- HHN gs r- f .-.. : -, -1 .ei . .arms ' ..--.-.M -2-:a-:'. .. I . 5 1 A . -, . . ff. '-" Qi E,3 .,Sga,. ...., a:ag:'-Is, ...aint ,W gf' Roy Hanson Center Ronald Williams Back Co-Captain Bill McDonald Back f V- W V --ff P- ,qs-wsmwmw ww Front Row: Bob Kinclwall, Gaylen Hinkeldey, Jerry Mills, Larry Peterson. Dennis Brechwald, Burton Johnson, Eddie Peterson, Gordon Strcm, Darryl Frantz, Leon Johannsen. Second Row: Ronald Carpenter, Manager, Gary Johnson, Don Swanson, Ronald Williams, Duane Jensen, Kenneth Watts, Dean Peters, Tom Robbins, Fred Nikoley, Dennis Peterson, Milo Kindwall, How- ard Mordick, Kenneth Carter, Manager. Third Row: Assistant Coach Strudthoff, Raymond Sievert, Richard Zubradt, Ronald Peterson, Bill Mc- Donald, Larry Zwemken Dennis Ford, Duane Smit, Roy Hansen, Larry Huntley, Jerry Sandine. Charles Ford, Coach Sutton. FOOTBALL SQUAD HOMECOMING The annual, colorful Homecoming festivities of this year began with a spirited high school group forming the customary Snake Dance on the Thursday evening before the Homecoming game. After a rousing of the townspeople in the business section, the "Snake" noisily moved to the south end of the football field, where the traditional pep rally was held. The cheerleaders ably led the assembled group in cheers and songs, and pep talks were given by Coach Sutton, Queen Beverly Bergquist, and King Ray Sievert, The dummy representing rival Primghar was then thrown in the large bonfire by Ray. The next afternoon the Alta Marching Band headed the Homecoming parade through the business dis- trict. The multi-colored parade, consisting of the band, the floats, and the Queen and attendants riding in a convertible, halted in the up-town center for a community pep meeting. Despite the fog which continued throughout the day, all the floats appeared in order for judging, and the announcement at half-time during the game publicly rated the floats as follows: Juniors, First, Seniors, Second, Sophomores, Third, and Freshmen, Fourth. Also during the half-time ceremonies, the Queen, with her attendants, appeared on the field to be crowned by the King. The girls attending Queen Beverly were Margaret Anderson, Joan Anderson, Deanna Breehwald and Lynette Mordick. Although Alta lost the game to a good Primghar eleven, the dance after the game was well-attended, and the serving of refreshments brought the close to another success- ful celebration of Homecoming. Queen and King Attendants Deanna Breehwald, Sophomore, Joan Anderson, Junior, Beverly Bergquist, Queen, Raymond Sievert, King, Mar- garet Anderson, Senior, Lynette Mor- dick, Freshman. First Place Junior Float "Formula for Victory" Third Place Sophomore Float "It's A Cinch" Second Place Senior Float Fourth Place Freshman Float "Pop Up and Smear 'Em" We Can sAsKE'rsAu. sQuA Front Row: Dennis Ford, B511 McDonald, Ray Grienlze, Richard Zubradt, Gary Johnson, Allan Scliuelke, Dennis Peterson, Don Swanson, Ronald Kjolhede, Ronald Peterson, Larry Zwemke, Duane Smit. Second Row: Assistant Coach Strudthoff, Gary Huntley, Howard Lietz, Lyle Sandine, Bill Swanson. Den- nis Brechwald, Roger Williams, Coach Sutton, Kenneth Watts, Milo Kindwall, Larry Peterson, Ronald Carpenter, Jerald Van Hooser, Jerry Sandine, Tom Robbins, Manager. Third Rcw: Larry Williams, Gaylen Hinlceldey, Richard Lund, Paul Woodall, Dennis McGowan, Charles Dahl, Raymond Moser, Burton Johnscn, David Hadden, Marlin Friedrich, Gordon Strom, Dean Peters, Eddie Peterson, Norman Larson. FIRST TWELVE Allan Schnclke, Dennis Peterson, Gary Johnson, Don Swanson, Ronald Kjolhede, Richard Zubradt, Ray Grienke, Ronald Peterson, Bill McDonald, Larry Zwemke, Duane Smit, Dennis Ford, Ronald Kjolhede Gary Johnson Allan Schuelke . Alfa ...,.,..w.... Newell Hlgh School Basketball Scores AHC, q---,, Sioux Center , , Alfa ,...,. Arnolds Park Alta Sioux Rapids Aim primghor AHC' ---'-- "'--' L Gke Gly Alta ,.,,,,,. Odebolt Alfa .,o,,, ...... A Ibert City Aim -,---,-,-- Milford AHC' -'-- HGVTIGY Alfa ..o.,,,. Le Mars Alta ..,... ....... L aurens Alfa ..... Aurelia Sioux Valley All-Conference Teams First Team ...... ,,-,,,, D uane Smit, Center Don Swanson Richard Zubradt Gary Johnson, Guard Bill McDonald Larry Zwemke Ronald Peterson Dennis Ford Alta 76 ..,,. Alta 90 .,..r Alta 87 ..... Alta 73 7r7,. Alta 68 ..... Alta 58 ...., Alta 73 ..V.. Alta 46 ..... Sioux Rapids 394 Marathon 2l' . Albert City 54" Holstein 54 Sutherland 6l Marathon 43 Sanborn 48 Aurelia 38k 'T Second Team ....,. Richard Zubradt, Guard Dennis Peterson Alta 66 ....... ..,.... S torm Lake 63M Alta 52 ,,...,. .......,,..A... P aullina 57 Alta 73 ........ ,.s.... S wea City 38"H Alta 65 ....... .......... ....,.,. S p encer 69M "County Tournament iMSectional Tournament "MDistrict Tournament Honorable Mention ..... Allan Schuelke, Forward Ray Grienke Duane Smit Captain ...wi I' 4 4 :,, Q JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row: Clayton Porter, Ncrman Peterson, Darrell Banta, Tom Kristensen, Ralph Hogancamp, David Anderson, Bob Meredith, Gary Hansen. Second Row: Jon Stille, Joe Davis, Paul Turnquist, Keith Smit, Donald Peterson, Larry Lichtenberg. Garlan McGowan, Third Row: Richard Wilt, Larry Frantz. Gary Walton, Merle Larson, Jerrold Meredith, Marlin Cone, David Ford, Clem Ledoux. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SQUAD Front Row: Darrell Barita, Bob Meredith. Ralph Hogancainp, Dennis Otto, Larry Radko, Norman Peter- son, David Anderson, Tom Kristensen. Second Row: Jerrold Meredith, Merle Larson, Marlin Ccne, Richard Wilt, Ordell Kindwall, Jerry Otto, Larry Frantz, Gary Walton, David Ford, Third Row: Keith Smit, Clem Ledoux, Gary Hansen, Clayton Porter, Paul Turnquist. Donald Peterson, Garlan McGowan, Larry Lichtenberg. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Won 5, Lost 0, Tied 'I Aurelio l4-O Aurelio l8-O Storm Lcike l5-O Storm Loke 7-O Holstein O-O Holstein 20-O JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Alto 26 Holstein l5 Alto 2l Cherokee 34 Alto 39 Storm Loke l9 Alto 33 Aurelici l3 Alto 25 Cherokee 40 Alto 26 Aurelio 24 Alto 28 Holstein 22 Alto 29 Sioux Ropids 24 Alto 29 Storm Loke 36 Won County Tournament Alto 33 Sioux Ropids 9 Alto 44 Morotnon 27 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS mma Jean Rasmussen, Connie Lizhtenberg, Doris Johnson, Bcnnee Laurids 19 March l9 .... March 26 April April April April April April April May May May May May l 7.. l 5 l6 22 29 29 3 .. 5 -30 .... 6 ....... 13-l4 2l TRACKSCHEDULE 55 A.A.U. Meet Des Moines State Indoor Triangular Holstein Relays Pocahontas Relays Tomahawk Relays Sac Relays ALTA RELAYS Drake Relays Sioux Valley Conference Estlwerville Relays Aurelia Relays District Meet State Meet TRACK SQUAD Front row: Gary Johnson, Milo Kindwall, Raymond Sievert, Richard Zubradt, Larry Huntley, Bill McDon- ald, Duane Smit, Dennis Ford, Larry Zwernke, Charles Ford, Ray Grlenke, Ronald Kjolhede, Tom Robbins, Don Swanscn. row: Ronald Murphy, Kenneth Carter, Manager, Jerry Mills, Bah Kindwall, Bill Hitchcock, Gay- len Hinkeldey, Roger Peterson, Dean Peters, Duane Jansen, Dennis Brechwald, Dennis Peterson, Allan Schuelke, Ronald Williams, Kenneth Watts, Paul Woodall, Burton Johnson, Gordon Strom, Vincent Moser, Fred Nikoley, Larry Peterson, Howard Lietz, Coach Sutton. Third row: Raymond Moser, Charles Dahl, Darryl Frantz, Larry Williams, Eddie Peterson. Richard Pet- erson, Jerry Sandine, Ronald Peterson, Jerrold Van Hooser, Leon Johannsen, Richard Lund, HOW- Second ard Mordick. Post and Lee Jimmerson D-X Briardale Store Wisconsin Lumber Co. Quaker Oats Company Rystad Bros. Hardware Barney Kindwall Dr. Swanson, Dentist Moose's Place Russell Peterson 8z Son First Trust gl Savings Bank Alta Lumber Company Alta, Shoe Shop E. J. Edwards Hardware C. H. Dahl and Sons Ruppel's Barber Shop Holtz Furniture Carlson's Radio Peterson Company Barlow's Cafe Hanover Store Oqfzfa Eooifew Becker Builder's Supply Company Olsen Welding and Machine Shop Drs. Burger and Burger, Veterinarian Lester Kolpin, DeKalb Dealer 'lThank You" The Senior Class of '55 would like to express their sincere thanks to all the business people in this commun- ity tor their financial help and coop- eration in publishing this annual. Texaco Station, Harold Siglin Alta Cooperative Elevator Alta Cooperative Creamery Commercial Club of Alta Silver Grill, Russ Matsen Alta Apartments Ryden's 'Clothing Johnson Electric Lowell Lichtenberg Swanson's Dairy Runge and Schreiber Alta Oil Co., Carl Madsen Gambles Leonard Style Shop Pride 'N Joy Shop Peterson Jewelers Albertson Food Market Roxy Theater Hadden's Drug Store Lowell Jones Alta Advertiser Ted Olson, Insurance Alta Body Shop George Peterson, Trucking Brass Rail A201272 links oozfau Phillip 66 Shaw Studio Storm Lake Lumber Company Council Oak Lucia's Shoe Store Security Trust and Savings Bank Clough Auto Parts Toohey's Clothing C016 MOTOFS Douglass Clothing Buena. Vista Motors Hussey and Cox Hay's Hardware Witt Sales Lakeshore Cafe "Thonlc You" The oppreciotion of the Senior Closs goes to oll the people of Storm Loke who hove helped to moke this onnuol o success. We sincerely op- preciote their cooperation. Peterson Motor Company Camera Shop Mid-Bell Music Company Ellerbrock's Womans Shop Lakeshore Grocery TUFHG1' Beauty STIOD Sportsmans Dlugosch Motors Buntrock and Salie Studio Dy. A, J. Hanson Culligan's Soft Water Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune and Register Forbes' Shoo Shop Paxton The Jeweler -Q' I' ,Ir n I ., I LUIS' Ir .- I- If .r. L,-' i, E-Hg - . , r . Ik fe.. , x r . .. . - "II, ' 4 i. 4---. i.. . ,..l, 'f .: .v-. ' ' I- S! H ,PII-v I I ' I I ll ' H 1 I , ,J I I I 0 .-Lg 1 I I f I '. . 'i...-.- .II " .f " ' I I f I I . ., lub 4 I l 1 i I I P J' 1 ,f I I r x I ,I--' I ' Q I I If r 5. 1. 5 A Q 'Z I. -rv' A . u 4 ,f -1 . I I- . , . I ' v. x 3 n . 1 V JI .4 , J' .' L. x ,E ,

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