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790 Pubhshed by jf ,SUIUOI AAI 100 ta Busmeis Monogers Posse! Wofts Herbert Rubgrr Sports Editors Dorrer Hosemow J me Goffex Copy Edltors Alvmo Gherwke worucx Jo oem ep Sponsor Mewm Sorrwoefb rw 1 1 , 7 ll? 'J of f S7 f K l x l 'I S lk I C0-edif0r5 Shirley' Scmdivc Jock Scrreibcr ' , J. 1 r H Q ' , ' ' r cj 5 I ' . , , ' A ,' ' ,rd 3 Pzqv me lL6Lfl0I1 We the graduafung class of T950 would luke 'ro snow our apprecnaflon for all of the and and assistance guven 'ro nelo us graduate and so we here cation and made our graduatlon possible EL by dedicate this annual to everyone who in any way has furthered our edu- Pa Y" 2 School Board . ,- ,.,,w,.M Supl. R. H, Jorgensen. Kenneth Bell, Alvln Hansen. Edgar Schuelke. Homer Peters. Lloyd Anderson. and C. F, Sangslon clerk of the board Alla Consolidated School 1 ll W r"'!"'l"'77"W IHS' lflfwgylf wfswf Page 3 iq 'al l Q! lm, ' V N 'Ei I' I' I 5 l. 4, Wm... . N 5 Arnold H Hammond R H Jorgensen Prmcnpal Supermtendent Hugh School Faculty Arthur Sutton Stonley Strudthoff Joon Wlllnoms . O-nclx .1 Iuri, Art: ASM. Coach 6: Science Girly Physxcal Education Socmologw A Econ Geog Page 4 Donna Jean Emmons Robert C Gamm Dons Jean Champs Vocal Music Goxt Hxstors da Drxvers Trammg Englxsh ldella Green Melvln Samuelson Arlene Scholten Instrumental Music Commercxal Home Economxcs Page 'J 1 A f 'W :UMW U rw ,Y I.: .A av "' l 1 X 1 . - f gf? Q M . ' if iii? ' in " v W, 'V ,,, Qs' 4, rl I fb X 7 A Q ' L' ' ' XL f - Q Jw? r xw a ' H ,uw A-N I i Mi 2 Q MM ,X I f Q.: , J -NM " Mufw- , ,Awww-is' ga Q . 41' " .:., 'f" ' , if A ' , fi P' , s 1 I" . . v ' x , Q, , . I 1 x ! fx X-viii ,Wff i VE, gifwffg fy IA? Z! :M wfjw. J 1 N 'Hr 1 f Umkx H. Z m X f K X Kuxq 1 ul' My I "f Sxxx p-I '2' XV, fx fx- - 1 1 .. L. A Z , 9 ll .2 AX , at Ji J '7 "'Z "' - N f- YA.: I , IXX x ,- , XXT, X V 1 I , ' 3 .x 5 f' :BQ X 1- 1.- f-1 - 'X-X' f:- , f' X , I " '- f ' K K+ LCN-Xbtxxax-?x45Q.'Af I, N gl - 4-,.- Egg X:,,31MvE xXr-J X , XX , - 5 5 v Z. L xx l 4 yy :.+?iX,- A rx X Wu 3 ' . X 1 fx X f ti I N ,N i s f 0 Ns - fs Nga , I gf X' N "-s. ' X, " ' .L NW' 9 -ci? X, 1 fl 1 .. f f, V NN, ,- , X y N - 9 I " Qyfx-3, ! S ' W X f 1' 1' F- - W , x N ' X f X ? NX 'i' N . dv- X - -X ' , ai X IN X 'f'-.9 Q xX x YN gr' X Q, "al X 'K x---. 1 ' -r .39 , ', U 1 . EI , K X' 1 N 'lx 1 3 X N :N AP ' r,- Q ,' N 2 947 yi' X if ' X '- '-X If 1 vii: 5'---za NX I A A - 7 n X ' 'fl X x X 'X T - " f t A X X - ITA' -fa x. X, ,h ' :xv D 'w.X.' ' w via QBWQ' ' Q .1 .Q'-Q 1- 2 , X f' ,Q L? 12:5 vs' 9 -"rl ' A V 4 V4 ,042 ' ' 5 Q.-R Xgxm '14 x,' ""' , xWx ,- 1 -1-' , ' 5- ,QQ X Sv ix ' ' 3 - N QQNQQQN Mw- . N X Q 1 'S N D X -N - ,QQ I 3- XX xx X l2f 1 ' 497, 5 X C, , A A- -XX Q 3 3 X : X 4-,lx rf, MXN g- XMX ,vs -- Y ' " 3 vu S' P- X- 4- X .XX 5-N K ,S " XY. N x Rf 1, NA :ig XN:"'k Ng X.-X - .NM XX A5 X XXX, X -X W il, MGQDGXWQAA 7011 V X X ' M Semonvll X X Q NA X NQMQE' fy A fl X! J Xxwi Its! ,? fx f I I gy Class of 50 flrsl grade Fxrst Row Margaret Rynerd Patty Jo Clark Clinton Hofernsan Darrel Raw Shmker Laverne Grxes Norma OBannon Jeralyn Brecher Bxllx Holmes Dons Combes Second Rcw Kay Bell Clayton Crlpe Jtmes Galfev Vlfglllla Crlpe Harrlet Randall Jack Schrelbel Billy Schrelber Junior Zvtemke Bexerly GIOPE Third Row Ruth OBannon Henrietta Grlenlw Kenneth Breyfegle Bills Poulson Darrel Huseman Rog er Barr Gordon Johannesen Herbert Roberts M155 Nordstrom I . E - 4 6. - ' Q , L 4 i , , ' l .av - A,v ' ,iv J ' "' X , ' 1 . . 4 . ' 3 . ll " " "I i , lik ' . H 'Br s 'ell as A A ' U .' . . 3. 41 F0 ..,:Bas- G1 ,'.43.. : 1. 2, 3, 4: A, 1. 2, 3, 41 F. H. . of- C fic , 3 . A. A. 1. 2, 3. PV ,ig 1.f-' sf 3 . - . I I af 'z . 1 Am- : ri : l.: Roger Barr Pancho I go here to get the gen eral xdea of thmgs otball 1 2 3 4 ketball 1 Track Scarlet dz Black 4 Annual Staff 4 Seniors Page l Kay Be lke fun I e jokes ut a xx most folks Mlxed Chorus 1 2 ee Club 1 2 3 F H A er 3 4 G 4 Class Pres 3 Class V res Cass Pax Bndl234PepBa1d 3 4 Scarlet A Black Staff 4 Annual Stiff 4 tendant 4 T o 4 Cass Play 4 Donald Caboth "Don More brawn than brain Football 2 3 4 TFBCK 1 2 3 4 Basketball 2 An nual Staff 4 Charles Chrlstlansen Chuck So I m for drinking hon stly and dymg 1n my ooots Football 1 2 3 4 Basket bal 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 Track 1 2 3 4 C S Play 3 4 Student Coun Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Doris Combes I cannot think of two things and so I thmk of hlm and let the lesson Glee Club 3 4 ed Chorus 4 G A G A A officer 3 F H 4 F A officer 3 4 Scarlet A, Black Staff 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Page 8 Arlene Carlson The fairest garden in her looks And in her mind the wisest books Gee Clubl 2 C! 4 Mlx ed Chorus 3 4 F H A Class Sec 2 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 Patty Jo Clark Pat' If a woman will she will and you can depend on it b nf she wont she wcnt and thats the end of xt Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Mlx Chorus 4 Band 1 2 H A 2 3 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 1 2 3 Class Pres 2 Attendant 2 Scarlet .gg Black Sta!! 3 Annual Sta!! 4 Delorls Florke Blondie Noted for her giggle Glee Club 1 3 4 ed Chorus 1 4 F F H A offl c r 4 G A l , l l ll H V , ' ' 7 . j l . , . : - ' - 2, ag G. Af Af 11 2,' af ll ll .K , 3 .H ' ' ut ' ', ' 1 . 1' ' , ' V ' i . - , 1 .f ' ' ' ms, ed z . .s. ,- ' 4g P. . . 2, 3, 41 F. H. cil 4, .Scarlet 85 Black A. officer 2' 4: G. A. A. - ' 1, . Q , 4: ' . . 42 ' - , 2, , g Mix- go." . 2. 3. 3 . H. ':Mi- A.1,2,3,41... - iff: H .X e 1..A.l,2,3,4. 1, 2, 3, 41 . . . g . .A.l,2,3,i .1-I. James Gaffey lm Men of few words are the best men otball l 2 3 4 ketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball Track 1 2 3 4 S let dz Black Staff 4 An nual nSports Edltorr 4 Student Councxl 1 4 Class Play 4 Donald Galvm Don He speaketh not and yet there 11es a conversa tion ln hls eyes otball 1 2 3 4 ketball l Trackl 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Arlene Grleme Thlngs are not always what they seem Gee Clubl 2 3 4 xx edChorus2 3 4 F' H A xtet 2 3 4 Band 2 4 Pep Band 4 Scarlet 8. Black Staff 3 4 Editor Scarlet 6: Black 4 School Treasurer 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 ff ,pl Page 9 Bonme Galun Bon Sober steadfast and de mure Glee Club l 3 4 Mix d orus 2 3 F H A 1 A A 4 Annual Stal! Alvma Gllenke Vma Shes 9. fare C0mblI1B tlon Mxxed Chorus 2 3 ee Club 1 2 3 4 A A offl Band 2 3 4 Pep Band lass V Pres 3 Annual S t a If tproofreaderr 4 Scarlet az Black Staff 3 Honrletta Grlenke Reita. Hence with vam denial and coy excuse Gee Club 1 2 3 4 X edChorus2 3 4 G A A F H Cheerleader 3 4 Class Sec Treas 2 3 Sextet 4 Annual Staff 4 B1 Holmts B11 Smetxmes I st and thmk sometlmes 1 just 5 otball l 2 4 balll 2 3 4 Trac P p Band l 2 Studen ouncll 1 8 Black Start 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 Gordon Iohannesen Curly Exerx man has hls prlce and I vxxll brlbe rlght and e t Football 4 Basketball 1 Class Sec 3 Scarlet 6. Black Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Plat 4 Pavmond Lilja .Ray UI know whats what." Student Council 3: Annual 4: Photography Class 4: Class Sec.-Treas 4. Page Darrel Huseman Dob Greater men may hate lned but I doubt lt Football 1 3 4 Footb ll Manager 2 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 3 Class P es 1 StudentCounc1l2 Scarlet 6. Black Staff 4 Annual :Sports Edltorr 4 Nancy Jorgensen She IS pretty to walk mth and vutty to talk with and pleasant too to think Gee Club 1 2 3 4 Mxx ed Chorus 4 Trlo 4 Vocal o 3 4 F H H A of cer 2 3 A 3 Ba Queen 4 School Treasur er 4 Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Class V Pres 2 Scar let 8. Black Staff 3 4 Annual 11-'roofreaderr 4 Class Plat 3 4 Harriet Randall "Play and I'll play with you, study and you study alone." ee Club 1. 2, 3, 42 - Ed Chorus 2. 3. 42 F. H. A. Cl. A. offlcer Annual Thomaa Rasmussen Tom A good Lmgar 18 at great a comfort to a man as good crx to a vtoman Track 1 Football Xian ager 4 Annual Busrnesk Manager' 4 Shlrley Sandlnt I spec! I growed Dont thmk noboclx nexer nmde 'ne ee Club 2 3 4 Mlx orus 2 3 4 A A offlcr 4 Annuft lCo Edltorl 4 Class Pl'u '31 Schrelber Bl Well tlmed srlence lrrth :re eloquence t -pc-ech ass Pres 4 rd crrtt A B IC Aff 4 P p Zand 2 Mxed Choruk 1 2 3 1 tl Pagm ll Herbert Roberts Hub Perserseness rs one f the prlmrtne rmpulses oi the human heart Basketball Manager 4 Football Manager 4 An nual Busmesk Manager Jack Schrerber Jack Force ns. no remedx Football 2 3 Basketball nd 4 Band 4 Class V Pres 4 Mlxed Chorus 2 Annual 4Coed1toru 4 Scarlet A Black Staff .4 4 Delaln NValsh Shorty I dont waste my enrl gles l vsaete time rack 2 Nana ex Track 3 Scarlet A Black aff 3 Amual 4 Lak ax 3 , a .. ' : E 1 .T .- A ' . 3 ' ' ' 4, x 44 IP 61, t n . - ed 11 Ba I 2. 3. 5 3 Peo Ch ' , . 1 F. H. . 2, , ' Q' ' ' 43 G. A. A. 1. 2, 3, 43 G. . 'I ' , A. . ' e 1 tl ' . ' 3. 4. ' H K' l 'll , , M 'Hn .r . K. . . .- mr .1 A han T I K3 4. 'T ,g,. Cl .. 3 Bax 1, 2. S -i ' f '1'- fl, 43 S 1 lf - la k Pi. - A 4 I Sli 3 L- ' , 3, 4: ' 1 . , . 1 Al - Illli 4. l l Russell Watts Never found BIOHC USU ally ln groups of two Football 2 3 4 Bask t 1 2 3 4 Track B nd 1 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Qlmfffeli 3 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Scarlet dz Black Stat! 3 Annual lBuslness Mana Ray Yaw Who does not love wine women an song Re mams a fool hls whole llfe long otball 1 2 3 4 ke ball l 2 3 Manager Basketball 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Quartet 1 2 Mxed Chorus 1 2 Scarlet and Black Staff 3 4 Annual gerj 4 Class Play 3 4 Tumor Zwemke zeke Im saddest when I sing Football l 2 3 4 as all l 2 3 4 Tra 2 3 4 Ba 1 tet 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Class Pla Scarlet and Black Staff 4 Annual 4 The Seniors of l95O will be long remembered for their part in school activities. Some of the abilities include good ball players, vocal and instrumental ability and cheerleading. The Scarlet and Black staff and other organiza- tions have also depended on many of them for their leaders. Their scarlet and grey pennant was raised over the top of the flag pole for the final year by winning over the Seniors of '5l on Color Day. The graduation day was brought nearer by many events. Including the Junior and Senior Banquet, Skip Day, and Career Day. Page 12 Hustory Statuon AHS us presentung on the our the Revuew of the Class of 50 As our warmup for the programs we have as our durector Muss Carrue Olson There are 2l actors un thus warm up and they are Jeralyn Brecher Kenneth Brey fogle Kay Bell Patty Jo Clark Dorus Combes Vurgunua Crupe Clayton Crupe James Gaffey Luverne Grues Clunton Hof erman Herbert Messeck Darlene Murphy Ruth OBannon Shurley Reese Shurley Sandune Jack Schreuber Bully Schreuber Arlo Steunucke Ray Yaw Wm Junuor Zwemke Herbert Roberts Muss Vera Nordstrom our durector for the furst hour of the program has gust been guven the sugnal to begun Sux actors left and we gauned Roger Barr Henruetta Gruenke Beverly Grohe Bully Holmes Dar rel Huseman Gordon Johannesen Norma OBannon Bully Poulson Harruet Randall Margaret Ryherd Tumothy Hoffman Dar rel Ray Shunker Lyle Heath Charles Do lund Jr After a very delughtful hour we have Muss Joyce Albertson to durect our second hour program We fund that four of our actors have left and we have hured sux new actors to take theur place These actors are Arlene Carlson Keuth Taylor Charles Chrustuansen Darlene M u r p h y Delorus Murphy Russell Watts The thurd hour was durected by Muss Muldred Yenter She funds that four actors have left Fuve new actors just came un the studuo door These fuve actors are Jummy Chase Delorus Darrow Norma McConkey Jean Colluns and Donald McGowan We now see Muss Ora Luchtenberg wuth her fourth hour cast and two new member who are Everett Lydell and Earl Tugger mann The cast funds that they have lost four actors durung the precedung hour Muss Hazel Danuelson our durector for the fufth hour funds that one of her actors Shurley Sandune us back un the studuo agaun Shurley brungs wuth her Delorus Florke who us goung to goun our cast Muss Vernal Olson our suxth hour durec tor has been guven the sugnal to begun her part of the program wuth four new actors partucupatung These actors are Jack Jones Corune Jenson Robert Nelson and Mar vun Holsteun Mrs Aluce Waldo our durector for the seventh hour funds that she has lost fuve actors but has gauned Nancy Jorgensen Delaun Walsh Lloyd Walsh and Raymond Lu ua Mrs Ellen Cornell funds that she has quute a part un determunung whether we wull contfnue on wuth the program The cast funds they have acquured a new member Earl Eruckson The nunth hour funds us engaged un a dufferent settung We now have two durec tors Mr Halder and Muss Wulluams who wull lead us un thus part of the program They fund that we have gauned fuve new actors from dufferent networks who are Donald Caboth Alvuna Gluenke Arlene Grueme Thomas Rasmussen and Arlene Carlson We fund our durectors for the tenth hour are Muss Champ and Mr Sutton Two new actors have uouned the cast Bonnue and Donald Galvun The eleventh hour we fund us very en tertaunung as we have more and more new experuences We fund as our durectors Muss Scholten and Mr Strudthoff We are very sad that Marvun Holsteun has left our cast As we come to our funal hour we fund Mr Hammond as our durector The actors that have been wuth through the whole Revuew of the Class of 50 are Kay Bell Patty Jo Clark Dorus Combes James Gaf fey Jack Schreuber Bully Schreuber Ray Yaw and Junuor Zwemke After twelve hours we fund that we have just twenty nune members of the cast who wull leave the statuon AHS to fund better and bugger networks these consustung of Bonnue Galvun Harruet Randall Kay Bell Delorus Florke Shurley Sandune Nancy Jor gensen Patty Jo Clark Arlene Carlson Arlene Grueme Alvuna Gluenke Dorus Combes Henruetto Gruenke Raymond Lul ua Ray Yaw Junuor Zwemke Donald Ca both Donald Galvun Darrel Huseman Roger Barr James Gaffey Russell Watts Herbert Roberts Jack Schreuber Bully Schreuber Delaun Walsh Gordon Johan nesen Charles Chrustuansen Bully Holmes Thomas Rasmussen Statuon AHS now concludes the twelve hour presentatuon of Revuew of the Class of 50 Page 3 . ' 1 11 - 1 11 - - ' 1 11 11 ' - , , I ' .I. I I 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - l ' ' . . . 1 1 I I I . ' 1 1 ' , . I 1 ' . 1 1 ' E I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 , . . I I I I . . . 1 1 P I I 1 J' , 1 I ' 1 1 ' , . - 1 I 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' - ' I l . . . I 5 . . . I I I . I 1 ' ' . . I 1 1 . I I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I 1 1 ' I I I 1 ' 1 1 I - I . 1 I u I 1 1 1 ' 1 . . ,, . 1 1 - ' 1 ll Class Prophecy We all wonder what the future has un store for us especually the Senuors who wull soon be on theur own un the world Let us take a peek unto the future and see what we wull fund un ten years or l960 We fund Roger Barr after many hard strugglung years us Assustant Professor at Yale Unuversuty teachung hus most excelled subuects un hus hugh school days Speech and Englush Kay Bell us now a foremost peduatrucuon un Rochester Munnesota She us marrued to one of the heurs of the Rockefeller for tune Donald Caboth us a very prosperous farmer luvung near Schaller and us stull playung the fueld as far as women are con cerned Arlene Carlson has just returned from New York where she quut her gob of secre tary after Iearnung that her boss loves hus wufe Charles Chrustuansen has a dentust s of fuce un Alta After beung uulted twuce at the altar he wull remaun a bachelor Patty Jo Clark after beung engaged sux tumes lthree tumes to one man and three tumes to anotherl and not beung able to make a chouce between the two of them Dorus Combes us a mathematucuan t Oxford College un England She us marrued to a promunent Alta resudent and wrutes frequently to old fruends of her hugh school days Delorus Florke havung decuded that one man us not enough marrued another She us beung trued for bugamy now However after the trual us over she wull come back to dear old Alta and teach the furst grad ers theur ABC s Just outsude of town a large factory has been erected the sugn reads Gaffeys Boxcar Company The furm s motto us thus Gaffey s boxcars are the thung any of them are fut for a Kung James Gaffey us owner and manager of thus factory Bonnue Galvun us happuly marrued to a farmer from near Larrabee She us stull a professuonal model although she us the proud mother of four chuldren Donald Galvun us a perennual bachelor No women for hum He us savung hus money so as to take a trup to Europe thus comung summer Maybe he wull fund the gurl of hus dreams over there Alvuna Gluenke us Dean of Women at Amerucan lnstutute of Busuness un Des Mounes She flys from Des Mounes to Alta each nught un her helucopter a guft from her wealthy husband Arlene Grueme has bought the chaun of Matsens Cafes that are now poppung up all over the country Arlene and her husband are managers of these places and ut keeps them both busy Bull Holmes after hus long courtshup wuth that certaun blond from Storm Lake has decuded to get marrued They wull Iuve on a farm near Storm Lake Henruetta Gruenke has settled down un a lutle house marrued and accompanued by the two luttle Anderson twuns waut eacn nught for Mr Andersons fleet of county trucks to come home Darrell Huseman us coach at Prumghar He has taken over hus brother Dutchs posutuon and us hopung to beat Alta agaun thus year We fund Gordon Johannesen luvung on a farm close to Cherokee He decuded to move there so he wouldn t have to druve so much at nught Nancy Jorgensen has moved to Holly wood and us marrued to a movue executuve has now taken the place of Margaret O Bruen as Chuld Star of the Year Ray Lulua fundung the farm dull has moved to the cuty of New York where he us runnung for Mayor of New York Cuty He us hopung to fund a wealthy debutante to marry also as dud the last Mayor of that cuty Harruet Randall has worked un the tele phone offuce for fuve years and us plannung to quut and get marrued soon She wull Iuve on a farm close to Newell Tom Rasmussen us a celebrated explorer who has explored from the depths of Afruca to the unteruor of Chuna and ancuent Tubet Herbert Roberts us workung for the R E A He has gust been elected head boss He too us marrued and has two fune chuldren Shurley Sandune owns and operates Mad emouselle Sandune s Dress Shoppe un Parus She tells us that the Frenchmen are very excutung and dufferent Bull Schreuber us an Insurance agent He attended four dufferent colleges and then found that he knew as much or more than Page 14 I I . . I ' ' . I , , ' ' ' ll I Il u . . I Q n , . I I ' 1 Q I ' I . . , ,I I . . . , ' , . . . . l ' Q f ' 1 ' - I . - - , . decided to remain an old maid. She has two daughters, and one of them . I 1 u I G 1 4 ' . ' . I I . . . I .. . I u . I . h . G , . ' 1 . I ' I - A . , . . . . ' II I - I I I II ' I ' v . ,, , ' . . . . . . I I ' - ' Il - . I ' 1 . - 1 - - they were tryung to teach hum so he came back to sell unsurance Jack Schreuber has a gold mune un deep est South Ameruca When he has any spare tume he flys back to Alta and sells unsur ance wuth hus brother Bull Delaun Walsh us a free lance reporter for the Alta Advertuser Of course he stull has hus uob at Sutton s gas statuon But he thought he could puck up enough news around the statuon and hold two jobs at the same tume Ray Yow has bought the Texaco Statuon un Alta and besudes that he has two un Storm Lake and one un Aurelua Russell Watts us a travelung salesman He us marrued to an Alta gurl however He us due for a promotuon soon and after that he wull travel no more He us goung to take a trup around the Unuted States when he has hus vacatuon Junuor Zeke Zwemke us now un profes suonal basketball He us plannung to quut soon however as he has been offered a posutuon as head basketball coach at Iowa Unuversuty Thus we fund the Senuors of l95O doung rother well for themselves Theur hopes and dreams are now a realuty so we wull take leave of them and hope they wull fund as much success un the future as they have un the past Class Wull We the class of l95O leovung oll of our muschuevousness meonness our stu duousness and everythung that wull go wuth us are tokung leave of dear old Alto Hugh However before we take leave we have a few artucles of whuch we must duspose Therefore beung of sound mund and ottu tude we wush to wull and bequeath all of the thungs whuch made us happy durung our four short years at Alta Hugh School Roger Barr wulls hus obuluty as an Englush student to Darlune Carlson Kay Bell wulls her pleasung personaluty to anyone who needs ut Don Caboth wulls hus boastfulness to Duaune Hunkeldey Arlune Carlson wulls her obuluty to wear make up to Madelune Gruenke Charles Chrustuansen wulls hus obuluty to trade cars to Harry Rabuner Patty Jo Clark wulls her body to General Motors Dorus Combes wulls her heught ? 9 ? to Gladys Movall Delorus Florke wulls her blonde haur to Duck Mllls James Gaffey wulls hus way wuth women to Eldon Huseman Bonnue Galvun wulls her quuetness and studuousness to Barbara Barr Don Galvun wulls hus quuetness to Gordon Carlson Alvuna Gluenke wulls her farmung obuluty to Frances Castle Arlene Grueme wulls her uob as Edutor for Scarlet and Black to Darlune Carlson pro vudung she ll do a good uob Henruetta Gruenke wulls her late hours to Margaret Ryherd Bull Holmes wulls hus l95O Mercury to Franklun Koth Gordon Johannesen wulls hus curly haur to Eldon Bergquust Darrel Huseman wulls hus athletuc abul uty to Ray Johnson a fune seam to Darlene Fuck Raymond Lulua wulls hus abuluty to study hard to Tommy Combes Harruet Randall wulls her love of onumals to Beverly Mereduth Tom Rasmussen wulls hus posutuon Mr Hammonds offuce to Lloyd Weulond Herbert Roberts wulls all hus susters and brothers to Gerald Chrustensen Shurley Sandune wulls her posutuon as co edutor of the Annual Staff to LeRoy Lar son Bull Schreuber wulls hus clarunet to Dar rel Carlson Jack Schreuber wulls hus tumudness t Lowell Luchtenberg Delaun Walsh wulls hus uob at Suttons Servuce Statuon to Ruby Johnson Russell Watts wulls hus posutuon un the Senuor Class Play to Eldon Surudberg Ray Yaw wulls hus car to Bob Jesse Junuor Zwemke wulls hus bass vouce to Byford Jarvus Page 15 , . . . , - I . . I - . . . - . . I ' ' ll ll I - 4 . . , ' . ' 1 I. 1 I . . I . I. ' I . . . . I I ' . I . . ' ' u I I I ' . ' I . . . . - . - - - -l Nancy Jorgensen wills her ability to sew ' .l ' ' A . . . . - A , . . I - . . , . . The class os 0 whole wnlls to the lower Theur copoble leodershup an musrc Clossmen provtdmg they wall do just os Gnd Spgrfg Qood O lob OS the Se""O"5 llove done And lost but not leost theur ploces wnth the toculty members them 2 Thelr obsluty to study hord ond olwoys Szghed Seoled ond Delnvered on thus be on the honor roll doy of Morch 31 l95O 14utog1-aplw ' I 4, , , ' l,Their ability to stay "out of Dutch", in the ossembly to ony one who tits Baccalaureate SGIVICG Seruor Class of 1950 C3111 llletltuhrsi lLlnunl1 Alta lowa Mav 14 1900 Processlonal Invocation So o Gerald Christensen Rude On Kung Jesus Negro Spnrrtual Scrlpture Readlng and Prayer Sermon Rev N M Coughenour The Vusnon of Greatness Musrc Octet Beautlful Savior Chrnstnansen The Lord Bless You and Keep You Lutkrn Berledl tion Recesslonal Commencement Program Processlonol Class ot l95O Music Mixed Chorus Peace on the Deep Pratherae God So Loved the VVorld Starner Commencement Address Dr Robert F Ray The Greatest Challenge Musuc Trumpet Quartet Flirtations Clark Presentatuon of Class Prrn A Hammond Preservatlon of Drplomas Lloyd Anderson Presudent of the Board of Education Benedrc IOV1 Rev Carl W Larson Ia5,c 17 . g " n r l I ., 9 ' it I . L. , , sssas,,a. as H . L A .C . lnvocation or o,,,, . Rev. C, W. Larson . V I .....,,fY,,,YY,,,,Y ,,YY..,, Y H A,,, . ,, H H . . , L., H 14-'way If A Ziff! f 1777 iigyfhw H' nr ixfm nl ,wjqglp f X 7jUfx J sN 4 fliflllam vf -f' 'X-v omg X A n HM'5MwW3'UJ WT,..AHEAD Af PM I x fl ' N Xxl XX I Rllf l I X my ' ' . f X I ,XX tl ,N A VIII 0 W gf' . J' II I-Q41-4 8191? I ,fu Jil if fffiflv Q 'K vi, l',.,4 llffg' 'iq' sl' N ,, ff fgifyjlm A! ff -Al!! HLII! X "X..,s j f f , ' L5 Lk ARL!!! N l f ' 1 3 .x ' K W S-5 qu 'I I ,f 1? nw fm ,fm If f , ' ' ,Jf f Si elk I xx R 7 il ' X I 7 '- 'ff ff! 'fo 1: hljlnxl W -, ifflfvikfx'-5, Z f J "-I' ,A I' ' XX N fxffflfd b Y ' 'I , 'Ziff x lf ! X f 4 fy X fl 3 I 3: mu 4 'UMM Un 'I V J f fl I fn! xx f"Qqar'W lL ' p f XX 'W 'X xr . A V YV 1 if il 6 l ik X V 'Y VN ll H VA 1 I JNX I f .... 1 U Q ' X ,XM uf fl X I ' llf,'!f 1 ll X Q f 'xlib NX Q A N . MR X W Jdlxlwvf Au MU , ffff -A Ka KU! I W'x"v Junior Class First Row Darlme Carlson Anna Ost, Phylhs Plog Barbaua Pe ers Norma Kath Carol Rlplev Darlene Wnlsh Carol Boyd Ruby Johnson Second Row Mr Gamm Jerry Huseman Eldon Sundbeug Claruce VanHooser Elano Kjolhede Francis Castle Gladys Movall Barbara Barr Margaret Ryherd Bob Jesse Jerrold Hux Muss Scholten Third Row Arlln Johnson Nell Patten Gordon Carlson Darrel Carlson Darrel Radke Harold Hunkeldeu Ray Johnson Phlllp Elrod Howard Smut Leroy Larson Clmton Hoferman Thomas Chase Darlune De De Carlson us our very skulled class presudent and us the luttle gurl of the class Darlene us a baton twurl er along wuth Phyllus Phul Plog who us vuce presudent Elano Lonnue Kuolhede us the flashy mauorette of the marchung band and us also secretary and treasurer Carol Rupley and Carol Boyd hold flag swungung posutuons un the band Darlene Walsh us also a baton twurler and we thunk ut would be convenuent for her to use a compass to fund her way to school Barbara Babs Barr wull long be remembered as Mrs Colluns of the Jr class play Fran ces Fran Castle us our contrubutuon as a cheer leader Ruby Johnson us the gal wuth long eye lashes and bug blue eyes Barbara Babs Peters us the wut of the class and Norma Kutty Koth us a sungung soprano un sextet Gladys Luly Movall us the gal wuth a beautuful blush whuch us often very unconvenuent Margaret Mugs Ryherd us known for her famous words Pass the feather Claruce Van Hooser us the gal wuth the fruendly hu at all tumes Anna Ost us the gurl who hauls from the Bronx Gerald Jerry Huseman us the hard to trace man wuth the car Gordon 'Gordue Carlson us the mod scuentust and the other Carlson Red or Darrel us the basket ball player who us always laughung and jokung Arlun Punkue Johnson lwho us our star basketball playerl must share honors wuth Thomas Tom Chase Phulup Phul Elrod and Ray Johnson are the off the women stag type Harold Hap Hun keldey us the least nousy boy un the class and spends more tume playung up town along wuth Darrel Radke durung noon hours Jerrold Jerry Hux us the lone wolf un that Pontuac Another quuet boy Eldon Punkue Huseman let humself go and was sound effects man for our Junuor class play whule Bob Jesse and Eldon Sundberg our muscle men served as stage managers LeRoy Larson us probably the only one who has had 2 cars un the course of the school year Neul glamour boy Patten us looked down by most of the hugh school 5 but very hughly regarded by one man gurl Howard Srnutty Smut us one of the four geometry students and uournalusts whule Clunton Heufer Hofer man handles a bug barutone horn un band and a tenor vouce un quartet Our very helpful sponsors are Muss Scholten and Mr Gamm Fresh future Page 19 , , v . - - ' - 1 ' K . v - , . . . A , . - I ' , ' , , . . ' - 11 11 - 11 11 - 1 1 . . . ,, . . . . H . . . . . . ,, . . ,, . . . ,, . ,, . 1 - - 11 - 11 - - - 11 11 - V 11 11 - - 11 - 11 11 - 11 11 11 - ' ' ll ll ' ' ' ' 1 11 11 - 11 - - 11 - 1 11 . 11 ' 11 11 - - - - I ' . , . 11 11 - - - 11 - 11 - . . - 11 11 - - 11 - Il - - 1 611 ' I I , . - - 11 11 - - 11 - 11 - - . . u 11 ll ' ' l .... ,, . ,, - - 11 -11 - 1 ' 11 11 - . - 1 - 11 ' Sophomore Class Ftrst Row Madelelne Gtlenke Marxlxn Otto Sally Hetrlck Darlene Swanson Loretta Fahr JoAnn Hm ke dey JoAnn Hansen Amta Benna Marte Gltenke Frances Porter Second Rovl Mr Strudthoff Rtchard Wrlltams Morris Johnson Verlyn Porter Bexerly Meredith Janet Noble Jnnmle Erxckson Joan Ewoldt Shlrley Huscman Eldon Bergqulst Floyd Bell Lawrence Tulnqulst Mlss Champ Thlrd Rovs Gerald Chrtstensen Ketth Wall Lowell Llchtenberg DWHIKIE Hmkeldey Dxck Peterson Larry Matvdorff Arltn Hmkeldew Norbert Huseman Franklln Koth Richard Mllls Freshmen Class Flrst Rom JllllC1 ffrm llc Ardls Anderson Ka hrxn Butler Niarlys 'xiohn Jane Ktrkholm Ruth Patten Jeanette Klum Donna Lxsle Lxlamae Floxke Knrolxn Butler Second Row X11 Sunuclw n Lloxd Vletland Rubs Sxnlth Darlene Flck Lots Carlson Pat Endersbe Jotce Be'l Llurl xX6'llilld Darlene Peterson Shmrles ZVGITIRE Lots Koth Ronald Peterson Coach Sutton Thlrd Rom RUlllllt Ku ou lll Bt ford Jarus Robert Evsoldt Eodle Nlatzdorff Bob Galun V125 Wtllmms Ruhard Rewer Dale Carter Garold Galxm Gerald Stxlle Ronald Sundberg Page 20 , ,A ',!.j'A l A A im 1 W - el 3 5 ft- BQ as Grade School Faculty and Admlnlstrahon F1rstRow Miss Kenny MISS Johnson lvlmss Rlle 'lllss Str ught Mlss Hull M195 Lohr Mrs Holmes 'vilss Hansen 4. Eighth Grade First Row Patsy Wl11l8lllS Barbara Nlangold Lols McDonald Jokce Van Hooser Marlene Brechwald Betty Mangold Second Row Bob McGowan Jlm Carpenter Nlxra Gnffex Xlarleen Ankerson Chloe Walker Eugene Carlson Rlchard Frantz Nlr Slrxckbem Thlrd Rom Jlmml Klrkholm Bob Endersbc- Karen Johnson Xhlbur Carlson Dualne Specketer Douglas Chase Bruce Peters Nlllton Cabolh Page 21 . . . 4 . V, 3 , I 4 " v ' . 2 I , A Second Row: Miss Lashler, Mrs, Grapenlhln. Mrs, J2ll'X'lS, Mr. Strackbein. Mrs. Slrackbein. Mrs. Sheldon. , K ' , Gr 9 Seventh Grade First Row Janlce Otto Catherxne Koth Janice Grxeme Catherine Peterson Margaret Anderson Beverly Bergqulst Donna Hoferman Second Row Terry Hartley Dennis Ford Arlene Morrison Marguerxte Miller Eustena Roberts Alice Peterson Roy Hansen Raymond Slevert Mxss Hansen Thnrd Row Allan Schuelke Tom Robbms Leland Galvm Duane Smut Ronald Peterson Jerry Boyd Floyd Ryherd Richard Zubradt Ronald WllllBmS 1 4- R 1 an Sixth Grade Fxrst Row Lorna Hitchcock Sandra Otto Janette Mxller Delorxs Lxsle Faye Huseman Layonne Morrison Second Row Rlchard Peterson Charles Ford John Bell Larry Znemke Dons Mlllard Jerry Van Hooser Bubara Hanson Ray Grlenke Duane Schlxnz Bxllx 'McDonald Don Swanson Mrs Strnckbeln Thxrd Roxy Denms Peterson Lyle Sandlne Gary Johnson Jerald Van Hooser Bully Hitchcock Kenny 'Vhller Bllly Ryherd Ronald Kjolhede Roy Axelson Ronald Carpenter Rudy Grlenke Bob Stern Absent Susan Hetrlck Page 22 Jean Galvin, Joan Anderson, Myrna Murphy, Carol Chrxstenson, Karen Stillei Joan Jarvis. ' Fifth Grade First Row Darryl Frantz Donald Jensen Dean Peters Rol nd Carlson Howard Lletz Maxxm Smlth Blllv Mangold Larry Wllll8mS Leland Molgaard Bllx Swanson Dennis Brechwald Kenneth Watts Second Row Lmda Enderson Carolyn Mangold Judlth Pete son Deanna Brechwald Mary Helen Mc Donald Elmerna Koth Carmen Walton Marlene Murphy Janet Meredith Sandra Sue Braley Connie Hadden Mrs Grapenthln Third Row James Otto Kenneth Carter Jerry Mllls Davld Van Busklrk Larry Peterson Kenneth Pagel Terry Mlnard Norman Larson Herbert Johnson M110 Kmdaall Donald Morgeson Rodnox Pat terson Absent Jackie Gustafson Ramona Bradshaw 34 I3 Fourth Grade Flrst Row Ralph Watts Ahern Miller Gordon Strom Dennxs McGowan Arne Avelson Burtcn Johnson Raymond Smlth Second Row Eddie Peterson Jerrold Meredith Richard Mllle Bob Klndvuall Paul Gaffey Roger Peter son David Hadden Charles Dahl Mlss Straxght Third Row Deanna Johnson Patty Galvin Sharon Llchtenberg Dlanne Otto Kathryn Sxexert Lorena Peterson Jacqueline Otto Jane Carpenter Jean MOTYISOD Not Pxctl red Sara Rvherd Clndw Robbins Roger Wllllams Ratmond Moser Page 23 ,W rv V V I . I ' - V ' T . ' , ,' l - v v 1 Q .vw I 1 '- I , . '. . A c I, . 1, ' f- I .y A -, L 5, Jr- . K Q T., -.- 4 , FW- 4 X 2 . ,, , J , W , 4' - V D - rf: ' - ' 1' ' az' 1 , ' " , . , ii f Q .fm """' 3 ' r . ., I M. -n ' 'Ib 4 - - f I 3 f . . I ,' A., 'V .. ,' . . . F .,4 . Third Grade Fxrst Rosy Dorxs Johnson Judy Johnston Susan Mangold Dorlnda Lxsle Shella Hartley Leanna Koth Karen Van Oort Sharon Patterson Second Roxy Ordell Kmdwall Dlck Wllt Llnda Gummow Sherrlll Peterson Marlon Tolch Sandra Swend sen Linda Elrod Marlln Cone Merle Larson MISS Lashler P 1Turn UISI Jerry Otto Larry Galvin Joe Devls Wendell Carlson Kelth Smit Garlan Thlrd Royy au q McGowan Don Peterson John Stxlle Clem Ledoux 1? Combmohon Second and Thlrd Fnst Rust Bonne: Llurldsen Dranne Schuler Josephlne Gafiey Gretchen Grxeme Judy Kay Chrxstlan tn Bcurlx Otto Stcond Ro Ch xrles Swearmgen Daud Ford Kathryn Bell Leonard Roberts Wayne Otto 'Vlxss Kenney Tlnrd Ron Robert Xiexedlth Larry Radke Paul Koth Larry Llchtenberg Warren Wmterhof Dennis Gl'll1!.kNUD -Xb tnrcfs Patty Htndrxtks Danny Joe Chrxstlansen Page 24 J 2 ' .a . 'Z . V ' . .', ,V . h . l V n '1 I. I 'f ry - ' -, ., ' at 's.x, Q " X ,4 x 4, z 2, ' . 4 ' t, lf ,, ' ' Z ,I " it - l" 4 ' if 7 1 , , 1 . - V f-f . . n ,..Jf Second Grade Fxrst Row Marlvs Otto Vxckle Larson Carol Galun Carol Ann Johnson Dlane Enderson Salls Welland Elalne Smith Sherry Hllsabeck Second Row Raymond Bradshaw Roger 'VI1l1er CORDIS Llchtenlnerg Dons Johnson Janet Swanson Karen Ankerson Ann Ford Garv Peterson Edward Nhllard Thlrd Row Thomas Krlstensen Dlck Krenzxen Ralph Hogancamp Mxchael Stllle Gary SWCHTXDZGH Clas ton Porter Darrell Banta Daud Anderson Norman PCICTSOI Denms Otto 'vlrs Jarus Fxrst Rovs Norma Otto Carolwn Larson Peggx Van Ooxt Sraron Huseman Llnda Chrlstlansen Marx Matsen Janet Peterson Lols Mxller Second Row Ronald Patterson Carol 'vlurphx Norma Bell Joanne Gaffew 'Janes Kmdvsall Pattx Pol lard Alice Noble Llnda Cone Ronnald Prestcn 'mss Lohr Thxrd Rov. Melwm Molgaard Stemen Peterson Roger Xiorgeson Bxllx Huseman Eugene Peterson Daurl Peverson Harrs 'vielander Garx Hanson Bohm McDonald Xlerlwn Rxherd Page 20 -'fr Combination First ond Kindergarten FIFSI Row Lizabeth Peters Judith Meredith Tyann Pierson Jolene Huseman Karen McGowan Bally Carpenter Second Row Leonard Lindquist Arnold Swanson Marlm Otto Joey Gregor Tommy Wall Mrs Holmes Third Ron Frances Dahl Carol Mills Mary Huseman Karen Lietz Sandra Ashwtll Carolyn Stllle Absent Lam Siglxn Mtchael Johnston DBXld Warren Q Kindergarten son Duane Madsen James Watts Lxle Tolch Nhss Hull cond Row Garx Sundberg Douglas Patten Donna Rae Meter Carolsn Anderson Kas Anderson Janet Peterson XIBTCIB Hutton Sharon Wllllems Karen Bantx Kenneth Vhnterhof John Larson First Row Sharlene Enderson Margaret Turnqulst Llnda Sandlne Shella Krenzxen Bonnte Lou Stern Jean Mangold Bexerls Hanson Bmerls Hendrlcks JoAnne VS zrren D1x1e Endreson Absent Mnnard Mohn Se Page 26 . . 3 . . , . 3 0 Is' -Q , Top Row: Jimmie Barlow, Jarroll Otto, Dwight Strandberg. Dennts Nelson. David Johnson, Gary Peter- School Treasurers Nancx Jorgensen Arlme Grleme Radlo Speakers Lms Koth Bsfoxd Jann Nhrlu Horn Nils Champ Page 21 M94 , ' , , ' . l 'W . W w . . f" . - ' ' 'nfl ' A at . .U . 'W . 1 Drivers Training Classes From Row Pxltx JoCl1rk D.11l1nc Culson Ninu Joxgcnsrn Rulyx Johnson Xlxdalunc Grienke Janet Noble Anrm Ost Norma Korn M ru Clfnke Shirlex Sindinz DEIOIIS Floxkm Second Ruvi Darlene Wulsh Carol Boxd Frances Cistlc Nlixgnu rixliexd Phxlns Plug JoAnn Hinkel rs Carice Van Hooser Barbui P1111 nnn C Hx n Bubui Barr Cuol R1 LS Thnd Rovi Tommy Combes Eldon Husexnxn Rirhnd Vlills Kuth Will Buerlx 'xlercdxtli Instructor Mr Gamm Arlene Grleme Jnn Erickson Franklin Koth Eldon Bergquist ,A ll!! PUBLK bm swf lrst Rom iS incl Rnbx John'-on Ci i sf libll l Pun Jo Clark Frinklin Koth cond Rows Plixllis Plog Nhrgnu Rxhsm C x s um ll mil Ji-an Riplox Dxrlene Walsh Jnninx Erick li Rfbc-rt Gsnnn Pago '78 - . - Y .S V 0 . . 1 .. ' xi.', I'-1 if, I i dj- l ' ' i l' . 2-'ai 1 ",-.AB0i"- is 1. 1"a'z l' lplf. 'ii 2 x g-L A 4bw.L' :la vs, V , TOR CO. kj ' -, -H r f . -4 RK E A f- V F' . 4-1 1 I -- 5 -, grill Bmcl, Nnncy Jnrvi-iiwix, Illfilllt' Curl. in. B1 ' . ul B1 rr. 1 . Se 'Z V' .' . . 1 1 '- j f". 'l lift' Vnn Hin- r-1, Nr ' .1 K--111. Fr. Vcvs Cnvlz-. Cz 1 Scarlet and Blaclc Stall Flrst Raw Ruby Johnson Doris Combes Gladys Moyall Elano Kjolhede Frances Castle Clarlce Nan Hooser Arlene Grxeme Darllne Carlson Barbara Bari Phlllp Elrod Lovell Llchtenberg Nancy Jorgensen Delorls Florke Second Ruv. Mr Samuelson Marllyn Otto Anna Ost Carol Boyd Sally HCLYICK Alvlna Glxenke Phyllxs Plog Margaret Ryherd Janet Ncble Kay Bell Norma Kath Barbara Peters Beverly Meredlth Sh rley Huseman Loretta Fahr Joan Ewoldr JoAnn Hmkeldey Amta Benna 'VIar1e Gllenke Third Row Clmton Hoferman Gerald Christensen Keith Wall Jlmmy Erlckson Roger Barr Darrell Huseman Blll Schreiber Jxm Gaffey Junlor Zwemke Ray Yam Jack Schreiber Gordon Johan nesen Jerry Hxx B111 Holmes Chuck Christiansen Eldon Bergqulst ta Edntor an chnef Arlene Graeme Assocuate Edntor Darlme Carlson Edltoruols Gladys Movall Phrlup Elrod Features Claruce Van Hooser, Barbara Barr Humor Frances Castle Elano Kjolhede Grade News Shnrley Huseman Alvnna Gllenke Dorus Combes Norma Koth Marne Gluenke Loretta Fahr Beverly Mereduth Amta Benna Ruby Johnson Home Economacs Marulyn Otto F H A Phyllus Plog Typast Delorus Florke 'Note The rest of the names lasted above are reporters under the var nous departments Page 29 5 4 4 5 vi Sports .,e. Jorgensen, Lowell Lichtenberg Annual Stall Flrst Rows Dorls Combes Delorxs Florke Alvma Glxenke Shxrley Sandme Arlene Carlson Arlene Grleme B0'lI'l1E Galxm Nancy Jorgensen Henrietta Grlenke rlet Randall Ray Yaw Bxll Schrexber Jack Schrexbel Jlm Gafiey Back Row Don Galvin Blll Holmes Charles Chrlstlansen Herbert, Roberts Gordon Johannesen Delam Walsh Don Caboth Rasmond Lllja Russell Watts The Scarlet and Black Alta s yearbook ns publnshed annually by the Sensor Class Its asm ns to present a plctorlal record of the school year nts students theur actnvntues and the hnghlnghts of school lnfe The Class of 50 has contunued the use of the bound cover as It proved to be more attractave and an altogether better Iooknng annual The plctures were taken by Buntrock Salle Studuos except for a few taken by Maurnce Muller The sensor portrait puctures were taken exclusnvely by Buntrock Salle 'A' 'A' 'Ir Page 30 U f c K 1 1.53 ,. l Middle Row: Tom Rasmussen, Roger Barr,-Dob Huseman. .junior Azwemke, Kay Bell, Mr. Samuelson, Har- , . . ' I I I I ' , . . Student Councll -r -0 'Q 1 Back Ron Eldon Huseman Carol Rxplex Nloxns Johnson P.1l!1Cli Endersbe Laurence Turnqm 1 Front Rox Charle Chnstxansen Jame Gaffex Ardxs Andelson Safety Patrol Left to Rlght Denms Peter on Ronald Kjolhede Flosd Rxherd Terrx Hartles Blllx Hnchcock Blllx McDonald The school hos storted o sofety potrol thus yeor, In whuch dxfferent boys ore ossugned to ossust the grode children The boys see thot they get nn Iune for the buses ond olso see to It thot they don't step off the curb before theur bus comes to puck them up The moan udeos of the potrol ore to prevent oc cldents whsle boordang the buses ond crossnng the streets Page 31 - Q' " -f. ' 2 L' ff ,J K' X L t , tt - ' ' ., Q JV. D , ly,yfgV yr T y 3 -f, 'r ' 4 I Nt -. ' 11" f Q- sf-t 3 . , , ': , Q, , ' '. Q , ' ' 'z . . ' S . vi 5 ' ' .- , s I GAA The Gurls Athletuc Assocuatuon us a hugh school organuzatuon whereby gurls are encouraged to portucupate un out of school actuvutues Thus uncludes such sports as bowlung roller skatung volley ball sludung skuung uce skatung dancung dartboll soft ball hukung bukung golf and archery Partues uncludung unutuotuon of the new members, and bowlung tourna ments between the teams of the G A A gurls were durected under the cap able leadershup of Horruet Randall presudent Shurley Sandune vuce pres udent Phyllus Plog secretary and Alvuna Gluenke treasurer FHA Muss Scholten us the advusor of the Future Homemakers of Ameruca orgonuvatuon The motto ofthe F H A us Toward New Horuozns whuch tells that we work to attaun new goals and to better our Iuves and the Iuves of our fomulues The offucers for thus year were Kay Bell presudent Norma Koth vuce presudent Gladys Movall treasurer Shurley Huseman, secretary Delorus Florke, musuc durector Dorus Combes recreotuon Patty .lo Clark parluamentaruan JoAnn Hunkeldey hustoruan Phyllus Plog reporter FHA First Rom Ardls Anderson Kathryn Butler Jeanette Munz Darts Cambes Phyllts Plog Gladys Movall Kav Bfzllkblorma Koth Delorus Florke Pattx Jo Clark JoAnn Hunkeldey Shirley Huseman Lila mae F or e Second Row Marllyn Otto Darlene Pick Anna Ost Lots Carlson Pat Endersbe Barbara Peters Margaret Rwlerd Clarxce Van Hooser Joyce Bell Beterly Mexedlth Janet Noble Joan Evuoldt Shurley Zvtcmke JoAnn Hansen Jane Klrkholm Madelaxne Gruenlte Third Row Marlys Mohn Donna L1 le Sally Hetrlck Ruth Patten Rubx Smith Shlrlet Sandme Harriet Randall MISS Schclten Barbara Barr Darllne Svuax on Nancx Jorgensen Anita Henna Darlme Carlson Jantce Grlenlte Karoltn Butler Page 32 . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I - . . . I ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' . . . . . - 11 - 11 - - . . . . , - ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' u s Q u r ' , , ' "tr, , .' ' , , ' GAA F11StRow Janlce Grlenkt Ardms Andersvn Xiurlxs Mohr Frances Porter 'vixrllvn Otto Xitdtlaxnt Cvr'enke Salls Hetrxck Kathtyn Butler Ltlamae Florke Donna Ltsle Ktrulyn Butler Second Rove Jane Klrkholm Rubx Smtth Lou Cutlwon Pat Endtr be Shxrleg. Zwemke Jonn Ewxoldt Jftnet Noble Joanne Hmkeldey Ruth Pxrlen Lorettx Fxhr Joxn Hansen Marte Gltenke Bell Laura Wellqnd Shtrlev Husemfm Lots Koth Dwrlene Ftck Nilss Wll1lllIlS 2 F'1rst Row Dorm Combes Arlene Grteme Haxrlet Randall Delortx Florke Dirlme Cmrlson Shtrlex San dmt Carol Boxd Second Row Rubx Johnson Phsllts Plog Gladw Ximall Ku Bell Margaret Rxherd Clxrlce Vdn Hggxpr Bonnte Gdlstn Catol Rlplex Thxrd Row Norma Koth Barbara Barr Francek Cutie Elano Kjolhtde -Hunt Gltenke Xitv Xhllxnnk Darlene Wdlxh Page '33 . - . " ' ", Q ,' . . ' . ., ' I . l 2 V . . 2 ' I A 'I ' I , A' . I ' ' . , 1 3 5 . ' ' . 2 ' , . . ' ' ', 2 . 2 2 , 2 .' , f ' ' . Third Row: Jeanette Munz, Anita Benm., Darlme Swanson, Darltne Peterson, Beverly Mort-dtth. Joyce , ' . , V 3 ' , . , . ' ,. 'z -v 5' -ff. ' 15 is 1' 0, A 3 ' Sv . i fl 4 , ' .1 I 4 .1 Q f f 1 Q i I t ' Y ' x ' s Q V . , 1 ' ': " ,. . " . . .' '. . 2 .' , j - I 1 Junior Pla l Y s s Back Row Clinton Hoferman Carol Ripley Elano Kjolhede Miss Champ Frances Castle Barbara Barr Philip Elrod Front Row Darrel Radke Darlxne Carlson Carol Boyd Glady Movall Phyllis Plog Jerrold Hlx Baud for Z? On the evenlng of November 8 I949 ten students from the Junlor class entertamed a large audnence wnth a three act comedy entutled Battle For Bull The rest of the Jumors anded In every way posssble to make thus hnlarnous comedy a great success The characters were as follows Play Cast Mrs Colluns Barbara Barr Mr Colllns Phrlup Elrod Kathy Dorlme Carlson Elgre Elano Klolhede Jerrold Hlx Bull Connor Darrell Radke Hank Stevens Clinton Hoferman Kay Masters Phyllvs Plog Duane Carol Boyd Murnel Atlee Gladys Movall Page 34 IK 77 C L . I I . . . . - . ,, . ,, . . . . . George Waller ,,,csss.,s. ..... , , C...Y..Yss..,,,...Y....,, ....,ee.......,. . . ' Senior Play Fxrsr Row Russell Watts Nancs Jorgensen Patty Jo Clark Delorxs Florke Shlrley Sandme eccnd Rom Gcr cn Jana me en Kay Bell Charles Chnstlarsen James Gaffey Dclam Walsh Arlene Gr eme gmszy The Sensor Class play Gurl Shy was en,oyed by an appreclatlve audlence on May 5 l95O nn tne hugh school a ldntoruum The characters were well chosen and each played has part well Play Cast Tom Arsdale .llm Gaffey Oke Sturnson Russell Watts Carolme Kay Bell Anthony Arsdale Gordon Johonnesen Dean Marlow Delaln Walsh Peaches Carter Patty Clark Asma Arlene Grueme Blrdle LaVerne Delorls Florke Barbara Sanford Nancy Jorgensen Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd Bull Holmes Chuck Mayo Chuck Chrnstvansen Page 35 T A l V . H Zig S Y- 'Z ll .l I 1' . l, ' l' . , l , ' I , ll 77 I I I I L' ' Sylvia Webster .....,,.........v...,,.....,.....,w.................,.. ., Shirley Sandine yan-nd if Ze ,411 ff WWW 5-12' 'V ,Ru 1t,p,f" ,fi Vi Q K milf X g. XTN M fff If X XX Rl ATH Opasg I ,X 0N 66 fly A N C. SWMNVSXX ELT Mriiiafl Mm If K f f ql Y, CRN' fm I N J 't , f H 15,7 f iw K1 A N Q f- , 'fff Jw , Y , V n , X x , L, 5' 4 W V! ml! KK -R M' iq Kjx isy K 1 sw 2 K J! N 1 my Q2 K- 'af X f ' ,QI , " x fl' M gif 'V M X ff Y WX 9' df f W1 Rl ffm L gl afx u ,K yO',,4f!iZff'i'xb My drift' Nlgu u x i xg -- 'V 4 1' TQ Sjilaf, X X: Q ' x f mics ' .ff x N diff 9 f I 2,1 f X ' M I ' ff -I XXX X ,L If X N ,f Z 4 1 u ff f X x,,gf- 2 rv dtfx ffl Xp f "ii l N 'LT ffYl I X X X sg Hx, 1 iff f 1 ' It 1 - l g kk lc Football Squad Flrst Row Gerald G l n Robert Ewoldt Herbert Robe! Thom Ra mussen Ed M tzdorff R rnld Peterson Second Row Darrel C rl on Rch d Wlllams F kl K th K th Wall N bert H e'11 Il D lc Ca ter Donald Galvm Thlrd Row Gerald Chr1sten en Darrel Hu ema J mes G flew R y Y Ju 1 Z e k G rd hannesen Ch les ChI'lSll3n e Blll Holmes A thur Sutt I1 Fourth Row Nel P tten Mo Johns n Luxell L1 htenb rg Jer w HIX Howa d S'111t R bet C'1lw ll Ru sell Watts Football ALTA VS HOLSTEIN The Alto Cyclones opened their foot ball seoson ot Holsteln ond corne out wnth o l2 to l2 tue At tlrnes the lunesmen showed greot power ond showed the crowd they could come through wlth o successful seoson Don Golvun stood out on defense ALTA VS PAULLINA Poulllno s powerful Panthers proved too much for the tlrnng Cyclones os Alto come out on the short end of o 27 to 7 score The Altons bottled oll the woy but the runnlng ond blockung of the Ponthers took the whlm out of the Cyclones who dropped theur flrst gome In two tllts ALTA VS SANBORN After trolling by l2 ponnts ot holf tlrne the Alto Cyclones put together eleven rug ged men ond drove hord ond fost to two quuck touchdowns ond o second tue of the yet young seoson Alto ployed o morvelous gome and looked sornewhot Improved ALTA VS ODEBOLT The Odebolt Troyons dumped Alto for nts second loss nn four storts wuth o stort Img lost holf drlve by o score of 26 to 7 An open fleld poss from Johnson to Huse Page mon gove Alto o 7 to 6 holf tame leod but the defense bulked ln the second holf onft couldnt seem to mountcun the leod ALTA VS SUTHERLAND Alto drove for o touchdown un the fnrst holf ond monoged to keep the leod os twey took thelr lnutlol w1n of the seoson from Sutherlond 7 to O The Cyclones ployed four quorters of good footboll produclng o stone woll on defense led by Don Gol van ond Chorles Chrlstlonsen ALTA VS SIOUX RAPIDS Alto journeyed to Sloux Roplds ond spate of o lost holf drlve wos honded nts thlrd loss of the seoson 20 to l4 Alto trouled ot holf tlme l4 to O but come bock strong ln the lost two stonzos for 2 toucn downs Alto wos on theur 20 yord llne vmen tnme ron out ALTA VS AURELIA Alto ended nts football seoson by trounc :ng the Aurello Bulldogs ot Aurello by o score of 26 to 6 The whole teorn ployed flowless boll ond showed thot they dad hove power ot tumes lt wos the lost gome for 9 sensors The seoson s record wos 2 wms 4 losses and 2 tres 37 l I , 1 ' 'Z a vi , ' , r 5. as f s , 21 , 0 1 1 a s . i ar i ' ran in o , ei ' . or us , il . il " 1'- ' ': '. s , s 11, a .' a a' aw, nio' w n1 'e. u on Jo- , ar . '. ' s 11, ' ', r 0 , 1 i a . . rrxs :J , ' 'c O . rj ' , ' r . . 0 r Q. '1 . s .. - I 5 . . , . , I . , . . , . I - lI'l . I A . .... , I - . . , Q - ' I - I - ALTA VS. MILFORD A large crowd witnessed the Alta Cy- clones football homecoming game and watched the always powerful Milford Pio- neers go through four quarters of hard fought football before tripping the host team 27 to l2, Don Galvin, senior guard, was voted as honorary captain for the sea' son and Nancy Jorgensen was homecom- ing queen. This was the Cyclones fourth lcss in 7 games Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta Alta A ta Holstein l2 Paullina 27 Sanborn l2 Odebolt 26 , , Sutherland O . Sioux Rapids 20 Milford 27 Aurelia 6 n and Attendant lr ige 8 Basketball Squad iw Front Rnvt Mana er Herbert Roberts Gerald Gal tn Dale Carter Edward Matzdorff Robert Ewoldt Llo d Wetland Robert Gal tn Gerry Sttlle Ronald Peterson Bwfotd Jarvis Raw Yau Xiatngex Second Rov Asst Coach Stanley Strudthcff 'Well Patten Lovell Ltchtenberg Leroy Larson Jerrold Hu Larry Matzdorff Darrel Radke Dlck Peterson Duane Hmkeldey Arltn Htnkeldew Frankltn Kath Rtchard Wtlltams Coach Art Su ton Thtrd Row Arltn Johnson Btll Holmes Charles Chrtsuan en Gordon Carlson Jerry Huseman Jame Gaffey Jumor Zvtemke Darrel Huseman Darrel C rlson Tom Chase Vlcrrts Johnson Russell W tts Basketball Alta opened tts basketball season wtth a bang as they trounced Fatrvtew Typhoon 56 to 24 Thus was the 39th consecutuve scheduled game wtthout a defeat for the Altans Zwemke and Holmes led the scor mg wtth l2 and lO respecttvely A large crowd wttnessed the ftrst game away for the Cyclones and looked on as Alta downed Hayes Consoltdated 54 to 40 Alta led all the way wrth Huseman getttng 22 potnts for Alta An tnspured Harlan basketball team played three quarters of grand basketball before dropptng a 28 to 2l dectston to Alta The Cyclone qutntet showed four stanzas of good teamwork Playtng wtthout the servlces of Dob Hcseman the Alta Cyclones trapped Galva by a score of 40 to 24 tn a well played game Sanborn s htgh school cagers proved to be a Ieadtng northwest team as they press ed Alta all the way before grabbtng the Page short end of a 35 to 28 score Zwemke led the scortng Alta took tts slxth stratght game by ttp pang the Paulltna Panthers 29 to 27 tn a hard fought contest Zwemke took scortng honors wlth I8 After tralltng 23 to l2 at halfttme the Alta hugh cagers put on a stunning come back rn the second half and edged tne hot Newell team 38 to 35 It was the seventh stratght wtn Wtth the scortng evenly dtvtded the Alta Cyclones put clamps on a Hartley fave and took the etghth stratght wtn by a dectstve score of 35 to 26 In thetr best ball game of the young season Altas Basketeers romped over Sutherlands Bulldogs 63 to 35 Zwemke dumped In 24 for Alta Alta journeyed to Spencer for thetr tentft wan In as many games In Ct thrtlllng duel comtng out on top 47 to 44 Huseman scored 2l for Alta 39 - 4 , 'J f f. ff 1 , af 'ir at ' H lk if it b . . 1' ff ff . ' if ff fn ' . B af' if if - - t t 11 11 1 . I ir as ' if A l , if 'ff ff . . . . . ' The Suoux Rapuds Bulldogs became the eleventh Cyclone vuctum fallung under the Alta fast break 59 to 36 un a wuld and wooly contest Altos mughty Cyclones made a great second half comeback but couldn t survuve the Suoux Center blows absorbung theur furst defeat 47 to 42 Alta trailed 3l to 16 at half tume but made a thrullung surge traulung 39 to 38 at one tume Zwemke led the Alta scoring 1949 dustruct runnerup Rockwell Cuty showed a fast break even wuth that of the Cyclones but couldn t master the Alta scor ung machune as the Cyclones took their l2th wun un l3 games by a score of 44 to An expected strong Prumghar team bow ed before the masterful Cyclones un one B club showed plenty of fure before bowing out at 44 to 24 Alta entered the annual Buena Vusta County Tournament at Storm Lake and brought down a fuery Marathon bunch 59 to 39 before a large crowd lt was Alta s l4th vuctory un l5 games The Alta Cyclones once again showed theur comeback power as Dob Huseman sank two last second free throws to let Alta capture the Buena Vusta County Class A champuonshup tuppung Albert Cutys Hurrucanes 49 to 48 Zwemke and Huse man huttung 25 and l9 respectively Alta Hugh School s basketball team got back to uts regular schedule tuppung Hol steun un a very close contest 37 to 35 The small Alta floor was a handicap even to the home team 'A' 'A' if A red hot Odebolt basketball team your neyed to Alta and dropped a very close contest by a score of 5l to 50 Huseman hut 2l for Alta s l7th un l8 starts For the second tume thus season Alta en tertauned Marathon and they gave them a good reception powerung their way to a 62 to 39 decusuon wuth the reserves gettung much actuon An always tough Milford Puoneers team dropped a 21 pount 5l to 30 decusuon to Alta after a rugged three quarter guest lt us vuctory number I9 for the Altans Alta closed uts home season wuth vuctory number 20 at the expense of Lake Vuew hugh school 7l to 40 It was the furst 7l pount game for Alta thus season A stallung Aurelua Bulldog club kept close play un the furst 2 minutes before Alta pulled away to a 43 to 28 funal It was the funal scheduled game for Alta whuch funushed wuth a fune record Huse Alta has a record to be proud of losung 5 tumes un 3 years matched wuth a grand total of 56 wuns wuthout a defeat Thus year Alta S record prevuous to tournament time has been 21 wuns and l loss that be ung to Suoux Center The team scored a total of l037 pounts wuth an offensive aver age of 47 pounts The opposutuon scored a total of 760 pounts Tourna ment Sectional Alta took vuctory number 22 and step number l for a trup to Iowa Cuty un March by downung the Storm Lake Tornadoes 36 to 3l before a large crowd Zwemke hut l7 for Alta District Tournament The Cyclones lost a hard fought game to the Albert Cuty Hurrucanes 32 to 30 un the closung seconds of the tournament Thus brought to a close three successful years of basketball whuch the Alta fans wull long remember and be proud of Page 40 t ' at if at ' . ' , , -k it at H ' ' , ' ' ak ir at I A - . i i t 1 Q . . ' .' . -nf if if ' 38. ' ' ' . at at , at . ' of their finer games this season. The class mon Scored 20 Points fo' Alta' I ' ' is if 1 +5 f if T ' ' . . ' ' . at if As , ' . ' ' ' ' at if -if y at If at ' . ' . G ' ' ' - ' if if if First Team L -Q Ata Ata Ata Ata Ata Ata Ata Ata LfttRghtR Wtt, B H1 kCh Gd DIJH fly Basketball 5 Fairview 2 5 Hayes x 2 Harlan 4 Galva 3 Sanborn 2 Paulllna 3 Newell 3 Hartley Ata A ta A ta A ta A ta Alta A ta Ata Ata Ata Ata Ata Ata Ata Ata 3 5 6 5 7 4 3 3 Pwge Sutherland Sioux Rapids Sloux Center Rockwell Cnty Prrmghor Marathon Albert Cnty 3 3 4 3 2 3 4 Holstein Odebolt Marathon Milford Lake View Aurelna Storm Lake Albert Cnty e 0 i : usse-11 a s, Arlin Johnson, Morris Johnson, Tc.m Chase, 111 0 mes, Chuc ristlan or on Carlson, Darrell Carlson, Jerry Huseman. 0 useman, Jim Ga e . Junior Zwe k I 6 ,o..,,oo,oor....V,,....i.i.,i.o,.oo,la,ao,,r,oli ' ' 4 I 4 ...t....,.,..loa.r.a.r..loC,..ol....,aw..,oo,oa,...,r. 43 I 8 o,......, ooo,,.......oo,Yo,. .vo..,,,...,....... . 2I I O ..o....oo ,I,,a...,.,o,, 26 I 5 We oo..,o,oo, oo,,o.oooo., . . 28 I 9 6 o,oo,oooooo,..,... ,.,,o..o..oo,oo,,,o,w ' 27 I 8 2 oooooo I CCaa,C.......,o,..o........,..o... 35 I 5 I. Cooooo,, 26 I 63 .lo.o,oo oo,o.,ro,.. .loo.,. , . 5 Alta 47 ava.weev....e2...., .aYa.w..Ve...Yo..Vw.o,oo...Y,,o. S pencer 44 I 59 ,oo..,lo..o,.ooooo,,.......o..,o,.ol.. I ' ' 6 I 42 I,,,ooIovoo..IY......,,ol,oo..,l....voor,oo, ' 7 I 44 o,o,rov..,,ooo ,..,oooov,,loo,ooi,oro I 8, ' 8 I 44 oo,,oo,,r o.o,..r...oooo,oo.v..,,,,,,o,ro,,o,,,,o, ' 4 59 ooo,oooo. ,oooo.o,,ooo,.,oooooo..,.o,o .l,,,.oo 9 I 498 . , ,, o,,o,,o,,,, H ' 8 I 7 . . I. ,. or o,oo,,. ,Y I ' I I o,oo.l....o o,o,o.....,..,v,,..o,..,....., .,,o, I 2 ,oooo ,,oo,oo , o,...o.oo..,,oooo , I I , .,ooooo,,,.o,oo,o YSo,,,,.,oo,,.,o,ror,Vr,,,.,,oo, ' I I , ...o,o.o,o...o,o.,,..o ooooo,ooov.olo,,,,,o,, ' I 3 , o,,oooo,o.o.o.oovo,rro,..,,.,o,o,o. ,ooo.o,r....,, ' I 6 .,,r, o,ooo,oo,oo,,o,r.....o oa,oa..o,,.,.oo,o I O ,.v.vo..o,, . o, ,.I... . 2 ' . ' -1 Cheerleaders Fmnces Caitle Paltx Jo Clark Henrxetta Gr1enke Nancs Jorgensen Joan Evnoldt .lunlor Hugh Squad Fxrsr Run Rlflllfd Zulnxdr Jerrx Bold Bob XicGovnan Vlllllur Cdrlbon Ronald Peterson Duane Sum Bob Enderxbe Klrf-n Johnson Second R xx Allrn Sclzuflke Eusrm Cdrlwn Jun Carpenter Dtllllls Ford Terrx HHTIIQX Douglas Lhxu Lvlxnd Cnlx n Thlrd Ron Dilllls Percrson Blllx X1cDon.1ld Ronald Kjclhede Lurx Zuemke Gfrrx Juhnkon Tom Rllbblllk Page 42 Jef J -f ' v .' - I . .v r ' . Q a f W ' l. ' .' . ' . ' . ' ll. . 1 ' ,' ' ' , ' ' . . Q '55 :V nl X n' as H291 1 f 3 1 . , 'ff wx , in 'ws - X ff Track Squacl Fxrst Row Dale Carter Rxchard Wxlllams Robert Evxoldt Ed Matzdorff Byford Jarvxs Second Rovm Ronme Peterson Garold Galx 1n Robert Galvm Arlen Johnson Rlchard Ressen Neil Pat ten Ar11n Hmkeldey Lowell Llchtenberg Thlrd Rav. Stan Strudthoff Clmton Hoferrnan Donald Galvm Eldon Bergqulst Lloyd Wexland Larry Matzdorff Dwalne Hmkeldey Ke1th Wall MOTTIS Johnson Gerald Chrlstensen Tom Chase Fourth Rovs Franklin Kath Darrel Carlson Donald Caboth Jimmy Erlckson Ray Yavl Junior Zwemke Darrel Huseman Darrel Radke Rxchard Peterson Gordon Carlson Jerrw I-hx Arthur Sutton Ill IllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllwlllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllllllllll I Track Schedule April l Duel Meet Wuth Aurella April l Holstem Relays Aprll 2 Tomahawk Relays April 2 Ata Relays MOV ac Relays 2 MOV 9 Suoux Valley Track Meet MOY Dnstruct May 27 State Track Meet i Page 4-1 , L I z- 2 2 . 1 . . 3 ' 4 as .. . aaaaaaaa.a D. ,aaa ...aa, , ,, ' 5 ' 2 .,,a...s .aaaa aaaa, , as ,,a, a a E ' 8. ,aa. . aaaaa aaaaaaaaa.a , . I E 6a D , as D aaaa s...,, . S 2 lfl Q gjg allaals T - Intramural Wmners From Row Ruby Johnscn Margaret Rxherd Gladxs Xlmall Phxllls Do 'Vhddle Row Norma Korh Clarxce Van Home F r ra was Castle Elfmo Kjolhede Ddrlme Carlson Back Row Darlene Walsn Curol Rlplex B :bu x B 1 Cuol Bold wif.. wx First Row: Russell Watts, D n Caboth. Charles Chrlslizmsen. Seccnd Row: Gordon Johannesen, James Galley. Jumvlr ZWPILKP, Du Pagm -15 rrvl Husemz , Q? 1411 tvgraplw 4 r fl!! Y lj c W dw we N, n AEI ,4vT'X""NAl01-lp" ff bw X 'I 'GL 4 X X ,9.,..f V' XX ' XX 9 ff! U S ff, g J dnl W VX! J I jf X , X ,ff ff QXX Wkjf f Hu, gn 010 5 f W4 ' L., fffgrrlg CJ 7 ' 1, f m .' ff' L xffg by ', f DQ 255, FINQ f'!f4 " 'sf X' ff: NU 4 '-L , XX K ki1x'1 Uk-NA L. NAU My 4.xx wif N N L wil?" K' ,I I 'W A A" ff., Af 'ffl f l I f 1 'X " 1" T fl .f ll .., x X X fy Un- U b 4 M 1 X fm 2, W J Z, 'Aiqfy ATO Ai'W+",.T 'VQX fp x X :' 5 f Y W" Wu X I' XS 2 A ' xx ' 7? U X 5' M n .rx ' wr!! f N 3 ff' 'i 'HX XXX gm! I ' f! , 'Hp-lgifn X V' nr' , '11f'f Q G P ,J I, NX 5' M' N X I lvl' 1 QFQJ P1 X Q Era If Jul. I' 1 1 A I' X , w i' ,W f ff X Q-Q -'Lm1'1? 'JJ' Kr U f f fx, ' 11 I X ll, 4 'ixxlw I 'dlp Ni VX I, 7 I Mt. 7 X 95' ',ff,f:, ' ',,f! ' f 4 ? ' iff 41 156' d Cir ste i Ger S A ders E a io Kjo hede Ard H18 W CFI A i i . 'L l. x n, ill i , l i , 1 ' 1, Y ., atri i. illiv l 1 l , i. n poi, ul l is 'I : n, econd Row: Patty Jo Clark, Janet Noble, Avlna Gllenke, Janice Otto. Margaret Anderson, Beverly Meredith. James Kirkholm. Morris Johnson, Bill Holmes, Bruce Peters, nlly Hvtrick, Richard Frantz, Lawrence Turnquist, Keith Wall, Jack Schreiber, Marilyn Otto, Kathryn Butler, Karolyn Butler, Third Row: Beverly Bergquist, Catherine Peterson. Jerry Stille, Jo Ann Hinkeldey, Chloe Walker, Karen Stille, Ruby Johnson, Kenny Pagel. Herbie Johnson, Dennis Peter on, Joan Ewoldl., Donna Lisle, Kay Bell, Lois McDonald, Raymond Sievert, Barbara Johnson. Allan Schuelke. Donna Hofernian, Ronald Kindwall, Myra Griffey. Neil Pat- x, us: ll at P ter' Pa Ruth Ha ise 1 Jo Ann l' Bme G C En Ar ber Schre B S0 Anker I Fe IU' M Front Row U1 U2 tex Rs'-re W ts Pep Band F1rst Row Marleen Ankerson B111 Schrelber Arlene G11e111e Joan Hansen Aluna Gl1enke Kay Bell D01 na Hoferman Bruce Peters Sally Hetrlck RlCh8Td Franw LIXXICIICC Tur11qu1SL Ke1th Wall Jack Schreiber Gerald Chr1stensen Clmlon Hoie1rn'1n M311 G1ff6l Russell Watts Second Row Darlene Flck Shxrley Zvlemke Janet Noble Barbara B1rr Flag Swmgers lb' u K5 QV Left to R1 ht Clhdl Robbme Darlme CTFIQOD Darlene Walsh Phxllu P102 Elmo Kjolhede Carol R1plex Pa1r1c1a Enderebe Carol Bowd Page 48 . E V. J r 5 , N Q 3 e qw 1 3 H1 45 wa 'lx' V 5 4' 'S . 'ii' A 11 Q ' 5 , I A K ' f 4 fe , ff ei 3 5 5. 1 q , V 1 A I LM . 1 5 K-In A 4 , 95.11 A I . " ' 1' . Q , 3 T ' r - K f 5' ,x fi, I X- . J if , A is Q V 5 J erk- 1 -,ga I - .-Pfzxii Q if , 1 - - . .x 'N' A sy e 2' ' f 1 a Cornet Quartet Donna Hoferman Sallx Helrxck Rxchxrd Fxww Lwxxlenu Turnquxit Band SOIOISTS Donna Llsle JoAnn Hansen D410 Carter Clmrun Hnfermsn Laurence Turnquxst Page 49 Girls Sextet 'Q Arlen Gr1eme Norma Kath Loretta Fahr Henrxetta Gneuke Shxrley Huseman Elano Kjolhede Boys Quartet Lavxxeuce Tumquw Llmlmx Hofcrn m Junmr Zvxemka Gerald Chrxsteniin Page 50 Alto Rhythm Boys Girls' Triq 9 Freshman Girls Glee Club Q 1,4914 First Row Lllamfxe Florke Karolrn Butler Jeanette Nlunz Jane Klrkholm 'Vlarlws Nlohn Ardls Ander son Kathrxn Buvler Janice Grxenke Second Rmx Donna Llsle Lols Koth Loms Carlson Pat Euclersbe Joxce Bell Shlrlex Zvcemke Darlme Peterson Dxrlone Fuck Rubs Slflllh Ruth Patton Page 51 o I iq I , 1' ' , I Q2 ' , Q , K i . , " V i 4 E . k 'f 1 J 5 X 1 Glee Club Goo Flrsl Rom WI8d913lI16 Gnenke Dorls Combes Nancy Jorgensen Arlene Carlson Joan Ewoldt DEIOTIS Florke Darllne Carlson Mane Gllenke Manlwn Otto Anna Benna Barbara Barr Henrietta Grmenke Ruth Patten Second Row Harrlet Randall Arlene Grleme Norma Koth JoAnn Hmkeldey Kay Bell Gladys Movall Shlrley Sandme BODDIE Galxm Clarlce Van Hooser JoAnn Hansen Alx ma Gllenke Mlss Emmons Th1rd Rows Rubs Johnson Anna Ost Darlene Swanson Phyllxs Plog Margaret Ryherd Beverly Meredith Janet Noble Elano KJolhede Shrrley Huseman Loretta Fahr Sally HSLFICK Patty Clark Mixed Chorus 11 Rmx D 1 C0111 LN Nxnu Jorrenwn Arlene Carlson Joan Euoldr ford Jarui Ronald Klnd we nu C Ill Hufcrnxln Lrvtrence TUI'IlQLllNl SIUICX Sxndlne Delorls Florke Smcnnd vu Nhw Emmux rr t Rlndxll Arlene Gneme Wormr Korh Joann HIUKEIGEX Lloxd Vkell d Ke h XX all Jun I ln Rxcl rrd Ressen Kat Bell Gladv Mor xll Loretta Fahr Bonnie Gal 1 H 1 c 11 Grlenhe arlme Carlson 1 rd Roms 1. Xhrgaxet xherc Phxll Q Plog Eldon Bergqulsr Gerlld Chl"lSI6llQ6Il Jxm Erxckson .lux r Zu nfs Durnl Radkf E u Kgolhede Barbara Barr Sh1rlex Huge-man Sallx Hetrxck Pa'tX Jo C a r Page 52 O N 4 0 Y an ri JN, F 'sl 2 ur 5 bv, fl 1" .1 . , J , 2 ' , By' '.. - wall. Ru.. I1 W1 .. 'l1nln A . 1 ' . . 'l j A , , Aluna C3llE'lll'iC. Ruth Paltz-11 A Rf ': . .. lf. llauie 1 1. l ' ' , 1 4 , . ' h' ' - an . li '. . S xl 1. '11 , . . j . 'z . . - 'n1. ezrz 1: 1 ' . Dr' . Tlx' 1 . :ina OSX. . 4' . 'f RQ E, ,'.1.. ' . .,. 1 '. ., 1 ' ' , '11-1 1- 1':-. 1 ' A ' lan , ' ' . Q J . ,' ' , Vocal Sololsls M new Clmton Hofermm Anna Ost Gerald Chrlstensen Sallx Herrick Nancx Jorgensen The Instrumental department under the dlrectuon of Mrs Plerce Green had a very successful season Durlng the course of the year a number of concerts and solo work were glven A flne shownng was also made thus year at the contest The results are as follows Band Da e Carter Bass Clanton Hoferman Baritone l Donna Lusle French Horn Lawrence -l-lJl'I'1qLJISl Cornet l Jcqn Hgnsen Clgrmef The vocal groups, both large and small, were under the dlrectuon of Mass Donna Emmons A number of concerts and solo work were given The group and solo ratungs from the contest are as follows Muxed Chorus ll Anna Ost Treble Vance Hugh cms' Glee club ll " Sally Hetrnck Treble Vance Me High II Nancy Jorgensen Treble Voice d'Um ll Gerald Chrustensen Bass ll Girls' Sextet ll Boys' Quo,-fer ll Clinton Hoferman Barntone ll Gnrls' Truo ll Page 53 0 , l. , 1 I 3 l JJ V T 1, ' f ' gy I - L1 -Il T y I I 1 ' 1 - l l - -- ll ' - ' - ' - - ll . - - - , H- I ROUGH ROAD s WM, TO Success ERSY R080 F, cf ff l ff Lonrens wAv 'x fx Q "NM W MP X Iv' ,Y Dr!! .N J ,, L., f X PM PTT, 2,5 I . ll l I QU ff 9 mr mdk' dw ue.,,ftfi4? My Q. AX Q My frq M Y 1 .m' rw "U ,J lx , , " fdw f 1 fx x XX ffm ---1- Vhlhzdg X "I ff . V4 X UW f 'r H ' ff' A Nil' rf' K 'if X Q N A V. 1 ix k'X'k"m 'fiyfff f ff' W X X Y X ,K if Lkfimff' ' .ffl--'J K ,Gigi 'l14f.lLL,L X fffx x X X YI rnfif, Q Qffdvwf' f"'f l xx! 'X ff' 'I XXNX V X ff 31" 4 N As a gl aduate you ale takmg on a new ass1gnment 1n llfe that of ca1v1ng a ca1ee1 fol yourself Gradua t1on 1 a step mto the futule one that takes years of study and flnanclal S2':LCl1flC8S No Wondel the graduates and thelr f3.l'Tl1l16S made lt a day of speclal festlvlty VVe would llke to be able to shake the hand of every dlploma next week but We have to be content Wlth thlq eXp1ess1on of ou1 hope fo1 thelr futule We ve had the pleasure of g1v1n many of you a good deal of the treas u1 ed memorles of you1 bu ht school yeals and now as We Wlsh that you Wlll contlnue to 1oll me1r1ly on th1 ough llfe We hope we may keep on se1 vlng you The Alta Chamber of Commerce Pag 55 Q , A . . young man and woman who will march up to collect his , . .X 'I 'Y . 'I 1 0 ,1 , ' ' 0' - L C 'I l O 'l.O' 1 C 5 9 SYSYXSXYSXSSSSSSXSSSXXXSSSSSXXSS SOME ONE ONCE SAID I te e ed ke th t p y d de ds WE WOULD LIKE TO ADD b th Fnrst Last and Always THERE IS No Substitute for an Education NEITHER t t byv HOMF OWNED BUSINESS INSTITUTIONS IN ALTA It s Up to You to Keep Your Home Town Alu e Alta Co operative Elevator F I' Feds Hy dC a Congratulatzons Class of 50 Congratulahons to the Class of 1950 uv -s I Buena Vista C0unty's Largest Department Store Page 36 5 1 'ata , n llig nce oppli with wisdom con help o lot to mo o education of yours o ivi rm . You certainly have o "intelligence" ond "wisdom" when you potronize home town institutions .... O i F 6 N I I I is here o substi ute for the kind of service os rendered our 1 I 9 O I I E. .Schuelke, Mgr. Grain - e - Seeds - bri orn -- Coal - Twine - S - 5 I I I There ls No Substitute Golden Spread B TTER Alta Coop Creamery R A SWANSON D D S P 2361 Off Ph 5201 Ruooel's Barber Shop 'fn 3 Chair Service Wy The Frrst Trust Savrngs Bank ot Alta Invltes Your Business The Bank of Frzendlv Servzce I I Q ' 0 Harry - Jlm - a, ne I . I Owned By Its Patrons O I , I I I N Dentist X R y S SSXXSSSSSSSSSSSS Member of the R d h Federal De Josit I Corpor t' Comphments of Ellen Waldron Coney Island Alta Cafe Madsen 85 Son Tank Wagon SCFVICC Ivar Johnson D X Motor Fuel an D X Motor 011 Can t Beat Theatre Elme S endsen Mg Matlnee Every Sundav except Tuesday E J Edwards EP SP tl B ttl d G ou try Su es rose eva or er era or FUNK'S SEED CORN Pasteu razed 8: Homogenzzed Mzlk Ice Cream Fountaln SCFVICC A Good Ploce To Stop ond Meet Your Fr end Swanson's Dany Dual 4666 Page 58 I I C'hz-rokve, Iowa i I I I I Alta, Iowa I W I I I I I I ' r V , r. A Cgmbjngtign Ygu Regular shows every night in the week 7 o 0 0 Farm qui ment I Electrical up lies Hardware - PI mbing C mbinati R g EI t l d B t d G R Q o Q P I ppli C I y Sh I d R f ig t i S Century Bar Dr A F Burger V t Clgarettes e ermarlan Candy - - - Tobacco Phone 3341 A Nlce Place To Meet W J Hlggms Alta Iowa Shop at 'R Sportsman s Inc Q P Spo1t1ng Goods Featu1 mg MacGregor Goldsmith Sporting Equzpment Located on Mam Stxeet m the healt of Storm Lake inf P 59 O O O 0 0 0 0 . I C , f QQ . 9 ,.I'!j4'JV . 5 ,of 'X I X for the best in N . N K Nl 1 H XX O ,Q lvfq 7 i ' J x X, , . i -qf 1' f 4 a 'A'a f " .ve , L Lloyd Anderson Lrvestock Buyer Located at Nor thwest Iowa Llvestock Sales Bam Call For BldS Phones 5621 Office 5821 Res E W Schebe Runge 8: Schrerber Phone 3431 Alta Iowa Complete Insurance Servzce Plumbrng Headquarters See Us For Your Plumblng and Appllance Needs O s Wa he Errckson Matsen RYSTAD BROS HARDWARE X 3 Frlgldalre Appllances Heatlng Equrpment Janney Best Pb gag Palnts D I 21 Glft Dept T hermogas Service "Barney Klndwall hr kPe Phone 5321 F t'K Tix R Radke s Super Servrce Washlng Greasmg Texaco Products Goodyear Tlres 4921 Pg60 B. H. Runge . . r i r , I ? 9 at ' 0 , . K ' o in 1 . so S 'Fi' ELI '-JY . Stokers, il Burner, s rs, 5 i 2:3421 X ful- ' Vacuum Sweepers, Sinks ' f 35 N -'JR , I .- If - , I io 27 . - C U ' I ' Harold Rodke, Prop. Livestock Buyer nd Trucking Service Hig es Livestock Prices - Lowest Truc ric s 1 1 Alto, Iowo "VV " Hogs or Business - B X rea ' 'g,h" Phone a 9 L J Peterson Jeweler p e d t s thCI Peterson s Body Shop W Peterson Motor Co 4231 0 C d II M C Wisconsin Lumber Co Bullders Hardware Pratt 8: Lambert Pamt LUMBER P 3331 A ta Body Shop yRb d R shg 1' Phone 4901 Ryden Clothing Store Men s Sz Boy's Clothing Dry Cleaning We repair and replace zippers. KISIIIIQIDUIY s The Food Center of Alta XSYXXXYXXYSXYXYXXY The Best for the Beet We Have It 'YYXYXYiYYS Phone 2411 Q I I , . You reck 'Em . . . We'II Fix 'Em In the fact thot you ore receiving your di Iomo, you con find ompl reci- son for pri e. The entire cornmuni y i proud of you, Too. ' Alta, Iowa Phone ' Wo c , ock and Jewelry . . Repairing Pontiac- lds- o I ac-G. . I I ' 1 - Bod e uil ing efini in Glass Ins alled hone P I I , cc as P g 61 Larson Implement Co. International and McCormick Farm Machlnery Trucks and Refrlgeratlon Repalrs and SSFVICC Stolm Lake Iowa Phone 'I2'l No th Lake A e 5093 a-S' HEY SW" corona, No Fmer Gait h mmpogble O1 Gracluahon cn d ofhe s ec ol QNX p Q ccoso s tho 0 new 'PR X X bvSmlth Corona cox fobl Type The Alta AdYiSdft1SCF Pg6 . . . I I 1 s I' V . 0, 0 . ' I I P0 ' . e f 1- ff- , 'EX ,.,: 1f:f: ' F1 V l -.-:-g:,:::2:::.g.-' A' ' 0 I n n ff.2s:f::. l. Wiifqa 'SGEQEZQA . . . - M , .A.:.,. , ., .,,. ,,-3,4 . A 43565 ,QvC,g',, - A-Qfepiee ec?" -- av- '- Por e writer C Smiih - Corona T5'IJt'XX'I'llt'I'S Remington an Ad ing.INIaCl1inf-S P2lI'lit'l' Pens and Pencils Sim-1 Agn- Office Fl1I'HlllII'l' And . Full Lino of Ufficv .u bios .fewaaacli Slffle Shop Lalge A so1tment of Smalt Styles Sults D1 esses and Aeoessol IGS Ex cel cts Cosmetics H R Browne General Insurance Income Tax SGIVICE Nota1y Publlc Falm Loans Best Optlons d Andy s Place Billiards Bowlm Cigarettes Tobaccos Phone 3931 ATTENTION FARMERS AND FUTURE FARMERS M I1 FUL 0 PEP F d Always Get Our Gram Prlces Before You Sell QUAKER OATS C0 M9 Buntrock Salle Studlo Dzstmctwe Photography Storm Lake, Ia Sutton's Super Service Mbvr Mblg an I P 461 Pg 63 I I O l A S 'I P 'I . W, . L 4 . . - ' .' . ' Office in Masonic B I ing - Alta, lo I l I - g ake our elevator your feed eadquar- I ters. We distribute and sell the fam - - ee s. R. E. Carter, r., Alta O D O Kermit Buntrock - Duane S I . C I . o i ires - Goodrich Tires 0 i as ies Mobi oil Guar t d Lubrication h 6 For good hstemng pleasur e f KAYl FM Always Welcome atsen s Cafe A Good Place To Eat Where Good F1 lends Meet Russell Matsen Congratulatlons, Graduates ri-"Q ffa BH xx MANY GRADUATES from the Alta school have settled on our farms near Alta and hare become some of our best customers WE TAKE PRIDE 1h the many flue customers we have and Welcome the new ones that come her e evely year We Wlll do all m our power to glve you the best posslble SQIVICG Russell W Peterson Your John Deere Dealer Olsen s Welding and Machine Shop ALTA, IOWA U OR ZED DEALER oo ooovqo Phnlgos Bottled Gas Tnres Botterues Auto Supplnes Coronado 8- Toppon Appluonces Harry Melander Owner Alt I wa Ph 4771 Page 64 Q I I V 1 . -RM if A it l "'f1 1 D ' , q A 2 ' rg as ...-La, Q 13 -"'..-. PM - A A , H lrel.::. - -. .'-'A N 'N ll fs. .. 'EJ 1 N f , l " X l, .A - t V H 1515 louvounvmnus, , A A y I 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 1 lvl ' ' ! 1 1 V. . . 'N ,' . 1 1 1 . Q . I s,o.0,.'.--- A - ,- L... . nv., 1 I "Z, C 5 '.x A TH 'on' Tl1eF dlY S . Y!CI1.a' 1' .'.'-'wif Building for the Future Education is building for the future for a better life - But when you think of Building Materials see The Alta Lumber Co Quaker Stote, Iso-Vis Motor Oils Atlos Tires ond Accessories Albert Huseman Agent - Phone 4731 Sody 5 Standard Servzce Pho e S381 Larson 8: Holtz Furniture Gifts Floor Coverm D W Iarson Harold Holtz Moser Livestock Buyers Don 1 Phone 5231 Bnardale Food tore Lou and Bug Altpt s Headquaitei s o ME ATS CROCERIES Y D g Stoe hos ser ed you co ce tu We hope thot e moy co t o o oe yeos to come To eed D ugs G ft Items Greet Q Co ds V to s Stock Po It y ond l-log Pepo oto s Woll Pope Sbewri NI loms Po t Kemto e M ocle Woll F Fou tcm Service HADDEN S PHARMACY S ce Is O Motto Wo Pope o d Po t Pho e 244' Phone 5331 Pg6 3 . . . . , I 0 ' fl I I 1' ' ' 9 'lPh'1" c 0 J n our ru r v r mmunity well over holf o n ry. w n inue ur ser- S vice m my m r r . r de with your Drug Store ot Alto, lowo, wberi you ri r 5 i g in r Q i ming , u r r r ing rg r i l i- ' 1, . .N i ing ri ir iri- ' C 'i " isb. f 1' n ' ' . 1 I , W ervi ur h . ll r ri In n a e 5 Buena Vista College wishes to congratulate each member of the Alta High School class of 1949. To you, we wish the best of success. Now that you've finished your high school days, why not look to col- lege? And in looking for a good college, you don't have to look very far. Buena Vista is just o "stone's throw" from your home territory. We of- fer the best in college training - a training that will give you the right job at the right time. Drop in and see us. We re looking forward to seeing you and hoping you ll be with us next year For further information write or call Buena Vzsta College, Storm Lake, la llver Gull Johnson Electrlc Alta Electrlc Selvmg the Best in Headquarters Meals, Lunches, and Electrlcal 82 Radio Servlce Sho1t 011191 s Phone 3746 The S Laurence Johnson Ggngral C H DAHL SL SONS Insurance Modern Blacksmlthlng Electrlc and Acetylene Welding Ale you lnqul ed agalnbt fue Farm Implement Hardware Rubber to1 nado, O1 aee1dent'? Be me and cm n Belting Dtsfftbufofs of 1331 gd Ingul Q noyvl Northland Motor Onls 81 Greases Portable Electrlc Welder See Me For Rates T C Hot Point Electrical Applnances Phone 4391 Shop Phone 3231 Res Phone 2401 Page 66 I ,. . . . 0 O . A . . . . ... . ll .. . . N. . ,. . v - l D . . . -' OO ' . K Alfa Bakery Post 8: Lee Servlce Home Mode Bread Cakes Pastries JOX PO t Allan Lee Q, 5 May each day brnng you the best thmgs Fl e VS recker Seruce 9,514 vOr,derW.ei pmp -Xuto 8. Tractor Repalr Phone 5591 Phone 2471 f-aff WWWWMW The Alta Memorlal Hospltal cl tubute to the people of thu eommumtx who heme made tlu fme modem hoe pltal blllldllflg powlble hx then 111761111 COHt11bll'C1OHx Thle -Kd Sponsored Bw f70!Waazu4an,!1fffb Rpflfail 11425 Iiefx - I I I ' Q A . Y . . , f v I Ilf . . . v I I A . Q We , , , , e ,,' Z- I WV ' fi -1 . 2 f I ,A .. ,J A , P " Wx, v, .' WN, ,, ,, 3, rn .,,. I, ' H V- b A ,3,,,g ,. if IV f or t , W rim Y , W , ,. ' 'fl y I 5 5 1 n, v- , 51- . Q' 1 . ' . 1 W- , M .:-, , 9 f w .Yi ' Q ,I - .dd K 2- ' 1 -: ..,. A . ' ' 13 + .gif A, f f .W f 0 .N v 3 ,V .4 fag. . ' 'Lxazisazsz:21:11.-.fl-3:12:31-4 - V '- -e , ' ' . Mr? MLM-V. , f MM ,.,oo , my , . igzip. NYMTSMPW-V M. .- , H v. ,-.,,,,,,,.,M:::1:11Mf T", WM,,, V ,L I, e , V c 0 f 1 1 W I I D. . V . v . . . - , v l Y C .Q . ' A 1- . , , . g ' I Q 1 1. J v ' . . 1 u A ' x I. . 1 . . . v . L - K u O a a o a 0 c e, 1 o 2 gx s' Culligan Soft Water No Work To Do... No Equipment To Buy lt Saves More Than lt Costs Elmel and Halold Phone 3246 Phillips 66 Products A Walton's 66 Service Phone 3211 - Highway 5 Alta Ioxxi Tankwagon Calluson Oil Sales Storm Ldkt M 81 M Tractor Repcur Tractor Repair Headquarters Tractor 8. Implement Service Phone 3741 Art Matzdorff Piop Wllllams Stlam Lmked Baby Chlx Ale Stlongel, G1 ow Fastel and Lay Bettel Williams Hatchery Vlfhat the Alta High Schoo 0ffG1Q You A complete college preparatory course Business Training Industrial Arts Vocational Homemaking General Agriculture Journalism Music Vocal and Instrumental Speech and Dramatics Physical Education for both boys and girls Intramural sports tor both boys and girls Athletics lFootball Basketball Baseball and Trackl Vocation Guidance PLAN NOW TO ATTEND SCHOOL AT ALTA NEXT YEAR 41m Hzgh School Welcomes You Pige 68 I . . . . , 1. u . , . . 1 'D fl I I 1, . 2. ' " . 3. ' . 4. ' ' . 5. ' . 6. ' . 7. ', , at ' . Qt ' ' ' . io ' . ii, ' , , , t I2 .",

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