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nf,u73 'tiff HEY eall it the Amphibious Navy . . . and the way they say it. you'd think that it was apart from the rest of the Fleet. Admittedly. we laek a lot in the way of glamour . . . no wood deeks or faney gun mounts. but d0n't ever let 'em sell the Gators short. Why just ask any salt who's got the right word and he'll tell you who puts the men and equipment ashore when there's a beach to be taken and a war to be won. Yep, when things get the hottest you ean bet right down to the bottom of your sea bag that the ole amphibs will he there doin' a job any sailor worth his hash marks ean be proud of. This is no flag wavin' speeeh about the amphibs. but just a word about one of its ships . . . the USS. Alshain QAKA-551. The Al has seen her share of the hot stuff. even caught one of those suicide planes baek by number four hateh when she was out in the Paeifie last war . . . but all that's been painted over a hundred times by now and I doubt if her ole hull even re- members when it happened. Sinee the war she's been doin' the job of keeping men trained to do the job she did durin' the war. Kinda sounds peeuliar, but that is just the way it is. llaek in january of '55. the .-Xl got orders to join the Sixth lfleet in the Nlediterratnean. Yvell she did. and this book is sorta a remembrnnee of the ole "SS" and the plaees she took us. The Xl got another set ol' orders while she was doin' her job in the Nled. and it looks like they are goin' to retire the ole gal alter eleven years of fllllllflll set-wire. Sim-e this is her last eruise. its only right that the following pages lu- tl'-'limit-tl to the l 5.5. Xl,5ll HN and the IWSS Wletl eruise. ALCH fl 'N X X ir if if U. S. s. ALSHAIN CA -55p if f ,, 1- .--J 6 'H 4 A' 11 ,Q 0 'V 5 1 'ff' 7 ' I ' ' . - f fl 'w f S , ' f U in I A k ' ' xx' lr,-' A ' ' 5 . W. - i I ,' v . ai -L ' ff f ,,'5.""'g""'lH!f-.- 'L , , K I , 1 g ..l... . li.-v-L1 -. -" - -- 1 gn., 275.15 vlan, 4-qu A nf N u X 5 X 113 I lxALx rxlX EXECUTIVE OFFICER CDR J. P. DOHERTY COMMANDING OFFICER CAPT B. L. GURNETTE 1-I ...fd DE P RT NH nr, LCDR- F. S. DOLLEY LT W. P. Sill-1l'l'ARD Uperuliona Deck l.'l' N. M. l'.k'I'll'l' lfllgillo-rrilng LCDR J. J. MARTIN Supply LTJG N. W. BAILEY Medical 3 Bridge sailors. . .1 in 3. . .anal sea detail. . Storm Warnings. . .and CIC plotting clouds. NBII 1-lj! First Row: LTJG E. H. GREENE LTJG E. ll. IIANNA . LTJC ls. A. wn.1.mMs' ff LTJG W. M. :mucus .. ENS ll. ll. liAX'l'l'1ll . . Ss-vonrl llow: ENS C. l". RlVl'lll'flll"0 ENS T. .l. Wlll"l'l'I .. . ENS W. ll. l'AllKl'1lI . J. K, tLAMMAtLIi .... L. J. DAVlb ...,.. . RD, JR, .. -Q 44' ,r L, 'N 1 '07 !Q .NN . LIN!-Y rg" FIR . H . SECOND ROW: J. 'l'. Dowling K. R. lfllioll ll l"'lrra-ll l" ST ROW: R. M. Angvuvy, T. nrukv Il. T. Cu.: 4-ll lf. fglnrlu-. U. ll.1Ilm-IM-. J. J. 1.llllh'. D. T. nuuri . ' . . . . .f.. l'1lllull'fI'l', l". XY . Blu-Irv. ll. I.. U:I1l1lork..I- r Harris. THIRD ROW: I. Ilzlrl, I.. E. H4-flge-s. A. ll. llnlvhinx. ll, ll. john-lun, l,. I .uir1l. N. lu-rhlxv.. ll. Q1 Lynch. FOURTH IKOW: R. W. Mvlluin. I". Mikuvil:-. N. l,. Hill:-r. 11. l'. Nillrx. H. I". l'nluvrN-kl- J-,lf trosky, C. C. Pinlo. l"IF'I'lI ROXV: M. A. I,l1lllll'l'.1L. lf. l'orlc'r, N .ILRLIQIQ-l,1i. N , Vringlr. H. W . N1'i'f': W ' N' Ringland, S. Il. Sham-I. SIXTH ROW: W. ll. SIIUPIILIII, W, ll. Snialvr. R. if. Tlmmp-fm. Jr.. W. I.. lnrnrr. jr. R. A. ZilllllIl'l'Ill1lIl. ., a"9 ' k ,J N-1 , , I1 A frf Z f A HST DIVI ON 1. LTJC C. R. Pi-:nnv -I -G", IST LT J. E. TALLON CHBOSN J. E. Bnowx "UnHagging devotion to duty . . ." said the Admiral: "Unswerving deter- mination . . ." said the Commodore. which means, "Sorry about that One- Ahle holiday routine, fellows." FIRST ROW: Baugh, B. R., SA, Borsnvugo. J, j., SNQ Bm-worth, R. S., SN, Buda, F. F., SN: Collins, F., BM2g DiMarin, L., SN: Duckctt, R. WI, SA: SECUND ROW: Dunlu-rly. R. E., BM2: Grzeslsiewicz, W., ' ' ' - P.V.BW12 BM2g Croc-nowald, F. H., SA, llunsla-y, J., llNl2. lu-rum. ll. Nl.. SN, javull, E. E., BN. ltr, , A . THIRD ROW: Marshallirlc, ll., llM2g Me-ndiuln, li. C., IDI3: Pun. R., SA: Parsons, 1. ll., BM2: Piuileo, J. A., SN, Reid, R. L., RM3g Rufus, J. A., SA. l-'0l'RTll ROW: Slullz, ll. G., BMI: Surrall, C. P., SN, Tommer, A., SA: Urbanski, R. B., BMI: Wcssclsclunidt, E. ll., SA: Witlenauer, E. R., SA, Young, A. H., BM2. Qu- l Z" rr f? F A 4, ' .r Rfk 'Q . C, , H n- W .A A I I O ENS J. 1'.IlArrA LTJG J. I.. Pmpsrfm A. VIITT. HMC Spent nlost of time playing fly Yo Yo with nhip'n vc'llivlc's in porl. 12, Havoc with ship's boats at one-uhlv. and thc' ra-st of the- lime' rc--slowing wirvs and lines used at Naples to Mod Moor. FIRST ROW: Aposlolis, D., SAQ Aslwrry, lf. l.., SNL llxnn-r, I... Sig llrnun, li. ll., HWIZQ Hu'-llorn,1.. l' SN- Charland T. SN. SECOND ROW: Cusick. P. J., lliilg llusnll. I". W., H3133 Fannin. T, ll., SN Holvze M. E.' SN- fohmon. F. ls.. um. M.-uma:-, J. F.. mn. 'mum mm. snuff. I-2. W.. M1 Milrhg- E C hM2- 6,D0:'ln0ll, C. L., SN: l'ickvl'ull. H.. SA: Vlulko, lf.. SK: l!it'llUl'C"40ll, U. Nl., FN. l"Ul ll lvll Rbif: Ritcixic, D. C., BM3q Shannon. R. li., SN: Smith, W., UM2: Smyrzyn-Li, l.. N., SN: Sumlcrlun J. l... SAQ 'l'ullunl, I". IJ., SA: W'ixum, lf. ll., SA. Wh' if 4, XNIN fs! Q n- ,f ty x,. 071 W Ag' 'I , tl x Q 2: Y 7' A -'L' ,Q ' I 'Q . P X' X . ," mf WY. Q' r 'S n 1 BOAT GRO LTJC D. O. SIIULTZ 4,5 df! LTJG E. ENGLAND CHATELAIN, C. H., BMC In eight landings they ferried 127 tons of "C" rations, many drums of oil, 3934 hoatloads of air, and a few trucks . . . in addition to traveling 2043 miles in a tight circle. FIRST ROW: Barber, V. C., BMSN, Beaudin, F. J., BMSN, Besancenez, R., SA, Bess, B. A., SA, Cousins, H. J., SN, Crosswhite, B. D., BMSN, English, R. J., SN. SECOND ROW: Fenlress, C., BMSN, Fincher, J. A., SN, Crlly, J- H., BM3, Hansley, H., SA, Harvey, W., SN, Lowery, J. R., SN, Mccurdy, R. J., BM3,, THIRD ROW: McMullen, J. E., SN, Murphy, D. J., BM2, Orzichowski, A. G., SA, Pancerella, N. M., SA, Price, J. G., SA, Richardson, J. C., BMI, Riter, L. L., SA. FOURTH ROW: Snow, W. D., BM3, Sotherden, R. C., SA, Suggs, H., SA, Williams, H. J., SA, Wright, L. M., SA, Zimmerman, H. E., BM3. 4' r ,Arm t 5 4: Q R 5 fi of 7 Xi., f L S 43? Q' i ' DIVISI LTJG A. M. Hum Duns, R. J-. GMC Usually rninml on gunnr . . . shot down u self-1-vc' onu- vloac lo the plane. 0 ry dans Q1 1 FIRST ROW: Bnrraco, S., SNg Bart, J. D., FT3g Butler, WI 0.. CH2: Conti. F. j., UNH: Url.:-uric. F f FT2g Derway, C. A., CM3. SECOND ROW: johnson, D.. C5133 Snmue-I-, J., C3133 Snmnn-rsillr, T 'PN Surbcr, R. II., CMSN3 Taylor., K. WI, UNISNQ W'illinln-4, V1 I-I.. Gill. MAA 0 The eye that nvvvr B358 T- L-1 MMC, CMAA: Su- nhvn RCE elm-ps . U. A., BNI3: Mark. hum, E., BM2g Dowfly, Iii F.. BM2, RC? V. K5 , fs .l' XDIVII 1? ' P. ENS R. J. KsluncAN , C LTJG M. R. Nom: Nurse maids to sick engines . . . delicate operations with a big wrench . . . ramp belts at Mers-ihle-Kabir. FIRST ROW: C. W. Linker, ENC, P. C. Sherwood, ENC: Anderson, 1. L., ENFN: Arndt, G. A., FA: Baker, C. E., ENlg Burke, S. E., FA. SECOND ROW: Cox, D. G., l-'Ag Davis, B. A., FA: D, A. Silva, M., MM3g Folva R. E. ENIQ Fry, C. R., FN, Gauthier, C. E., FA. THIRD ROW: Giamario, C. J., ENFNg Kunst, R. gi 9 E. FAg Langille, J. A., jr., EN2g Messmcr, G. J., FAg Moss, B. J., EN3E Qs-n, R. E., ENlfN. FODRTH ROW Pcitter, J. E., ENlg Rosencranz, R. E., EN2g Rudigemr, P. C., E Smith, I. A., ENFA. N33 bmlth, A. ll., EINZQ Smith, C., EN3 6: ' qv" Q Q R ii ' " " ' fs . , , Q- 4 Aj, ' K . ik-, 4 X' A A B Dlvlslo l.'I'JC J. I-1. Banu:-:nw LTJG A. M. Rosa Blew lulrcs, pumped lrilgvs. kept u cool huml on hu! ln-arings, pumped llilges, answered all be-lla and pumped lrilgvn , . . all ovvr the- place. FIRST ROW: Ivory, W. R., MMCQ Bake-r, A. F., H5123 llw-hh-Il, J., FNQ llrm-L, J. ll.. Ylllflg Ifunnur-1, WA. 11 FN- Fleming, C. T., BTIQ Gooch, R. A., BTI. SIECUNII RUVA: limnlmun, VJ. ll., IVA: hrs-rn, YQ C., BT3 IRD acvs, L., FA, Holfnlun, D. E., MMFAQ Daley.. l... Nlylfl: Nlnrusku, N. l''l'3g Fifllllliill, K., FL 'fll ROW: Melts, L. P., MMI, Mundy, l.. ll., Nlflllfxg 5lurllm,1L. ll., Hlillfkg Na-I-sun, l.. ll., ll'l'23 Nrv-comb W. MM3' Pallcrson, C. T., ll'l'2.3 l'0zur, J. J., NINIFN. HDI lK'l'll llllvfz Sharp, J. J., Mil lg Sllflff, T. J FNg gmlllulc. J., BTS, Starr, C. Y., BTI: Slruin. ll. li.. M5133 Vfnlrlu-Q, 11. J. HNIIVNQ William-un, l'. l'. M 513. 71 .5 T ' 41' 'lm sr' , nu 12 Y'-v T! , qs r x pr. f' 'ff IE DIVISION CHELEC T. A. PARHAM, USN EMC .I. H. ROSE The movie division C'Lone Gun"J . . . testing the PA system . . . eonsoling O0D'S when the gyro buzzers buzz. FIRST ROW: R. E. Bennett, EMFNg L. C. Bethge, EM2: R. F. Bernard, ICS: J. M. Byrd, EMI, A. W. Draguni, ICFN. SECOND ROW: R. W. Eldridge, EMFN: E. J. Fields, EM3, J. M. Gillespie.-9 T. F. Quelhorst, lC2g E. WI Skaggs, EM3. IR ,DI I A 'E '57 L. C. Rlcln-xv, CHCARP R. N. Lewis. FPC Patched boats in 439 places . . . sheet I4-ml and plywood . . . rv-made 'Milli gangways 14 times. FIRST ROW: Blais, P. A., DC3g Brozio, J. E.. MFFN: l.uIlnrrv. li. K., lytii-SQ 0'lIunnrr, J. A., FP, Price, L., DCI. SECOND ROYY: Slum-nun, W. L., D133 Turin-Ilu. ll. N., FP3: Vecellio, F. J., MEFN: Zeikowilz. l.. NI.. l"l'l"'N. 15 -v- V' . I I LTJG A. E. Woonurr Division Oljlcer ' J. J. Pm-:vos'r, SKC C. J. Caoss, CSC Baked the bread, lrumed the heans . . . issued stores, inventoried parts . . . cut hair, laundered dungarees . . . 400 day clocks, gedunk . . . and payday twice a month. FIRST ROW: L. A. Cameron, N. F. Snyder, ,I. Stahl, J. F. Fadden, C. F. Bennett, M. Goldstein. SECOND ROW: W. F. Hughes, D. A. Penta, C. R. Verburg, M. C. Cuccia, R. E. Ogurcak, H. Trout. THIRD ROW: J. H. Sheppard, A. F. Sartirnnn, ll. l". Clarke, C. E. Coin, I". R. Miller, D. W. Hausell. FOURTH ROW: W. Thomas, R. Capsalors, C. Babb, D. Pinkerton. Q' 'b"! " YQ, ,, x. fi -cr , 7+ r,r 4: 5 Z4 K P- x . . tk' "" DIVISIO ' PCLK W. MAn'rlsn,u.r: Division omcf' F. Bowr:nS. SDC Green peas and stateroom cleanup . . . green peg soup nntl pantry preservation . . . green pea salad and asparagus too! 1 Q., FIRST ROW: M. U. Barclnv, R ' N .Z' , . Brooks, T. F. lllnir, Z. Culzo, 1' V Crnv W llud-son ,I B. johnson- SECOND ROW: L. Mal ilay, W1 Pipes, J. Reid, J. L, 5llllllI,uI'.. i.l'llIlflll'II, ll.. Wlllkrr: ul. 1 Sick call and A.P.C.'s . . . Consultations and A.P.C.'s . tion and A.P.C.'s . . . A.P.C.'s too. M. L. Bernard, J. J. Cunnici, E. l,. Grnhum, C. Y. Nl ' X unmng, Y, ll, mm 'oung. O - - LTJC 0103 N, W. Bunn Illllllllllll-ll Damon Opin, Wright. ' -. 4' ' at -' .fr .H J . HE old adage that a sailor sees the world through a porthole certainly did not hold true for the five months the Alshain spent in the Mediterranean. Life with the Sixth Fleet may have been regulation but the liberty was far from dull. M Whatever a man's choice in pitching abliberty,-he could find it in the Med. The fun began in Oran, Algeria with a visit to the French Foreign keglon at Sidi-Bel-Abbes and nightly sojourns to the ever present American ar. Then on to Genoa and Northern Italy. For the first time. a "Med Moor" and pasta at meal time. Side trips to the ltalian Riviera . . . Porto Fino . . . Rapallo, and picture taking at the birthplace of Columbus. Then to Napoli and liberty in the shadow of Nlt. Yesuvio. Three day tours to Rome and an afternoon at the cameo factory. Evenings at the Snake Pit and the Red Lantern and then back aboard for the long haul to lstanbul and anchorage in six knot current of the llosporous . . . Europe on the port and Asia on the starboard. The Blue Mosque and the Bazaar in a blizzard were unforgettable. Back through the Dardenelles and to Athens . . . the country with more ancient history per statue than any other. The ancient majesty of the Parthe- non on the Acropolis where you could look down upon the Bay of Salamis . . . site of history's first naval battle. A quick change from the ancient to the modern and Cannes, France. llikini's along the beach at Rue de flroixette. This time a trip along the French Riviera, floor shows at the Three llells. and sad realization that we were a month too early for the lnternational Film Festival aml Marilyn Monroe. Marseilles was next and at last a pier. Softball and soccer right along side and soft light and sweet music at the Paradou soothed the Alshain athletes at night. Somewhere the signals got crossed and the trip to Taranto. llaly was changed to Naples. Old friends and old places and a chance to buy back your watch from a street iendor. K few chose llle busman's holiday on llte steamer to ffapri. l.ast and most colorful. lreautilul liill'l'l'lUlll senorilas . . . and a filling climax lo lin- Illll-0l'Q.1l'llillDll'llltllllllilll Nler Nledi- : . . . the bull fights and dancing ll'l"I'llllt'1IIl . Mosque a nd minarets and fleet landing . . . Istanbul, Turkey Z Az. ., , I JN.. afl? Y Above . . . A highlight of our stop at Oran, Algeria, was a trip to the head- quarters of the French Foreign Legion at Sidi-Bel-Abhes. The jaunt clarified many misconceptions about the world's most legendary military organization. Below . . . Naples at night. A city surrounded by mountains, facing a sweeping hay and guarded by the Isle of Capri was our port for two visits. i 'I i The two men, and others like them, were noticed immedi- ately on going ashore in Genoa, Italy. Members of the Cara- binieri, they are outfitted very colorfully and act as guards at public buildings, among other functions. Below . . . A soft- ball field adjacent to the ship at Marseilles, France provided the spark for extensive softball operations, including an intra- ship contest. Cannes, France on the Riviera was a perfect backdrop for the fashion show held abroad the Alshain. Rapallo, in the heart of the Italian Riviera was the destination of a tour from Genoa. Its beautiful waterfront, old buildings and indescribable, care- free atmosphere were very relaxing. Above . . . Istanbul, Turkey and the USO. Many found the USO superior to the local clubs. Notice the good attendance here. Below . . . St. Pete-r's in the Vatican, at Rome. Many took the tours to Rome from Naples and discovered the wealth of historical value that Rome represents. Also. they marveled at its beauty. 4 'r lk ,www J I, if f if R , Sf 5 if ii BW- 4' 0. W x Q Q f 1 ,Q 5 ,f E 3 Y M A.,. ,X 4- ii ' ' y um 5 H6 Nc, gf Qv 'KQ"w'g.1' SW f - A , in QM ' 3 ' tg? , . f Q an W ' . . K Y ' ist. ""fm1.V -WE - - ' - We ,sy e --'us 3,3 K ff- K W S Q, K 'e . 'WMM NM- 'A " -mm ' A. Left . . . A native Spanish dance found in Barce- , fA-f lona . . . our last port hefore leaving the Mediter- ranean area. And what a way to leave. A very beauti- ful city with excellent shopping facilities and a favorahle rate of exchange. Ahove . . . Barcelona also of- fered another sight not soon forgotten. The hull fight. lt's truly a must for a trip to Barcelona. Below . . . the Par- thenon is prohahly one of the most well known buildings in the world, in addition to being one of the most archi- tecturally perfect, for its style. .- N, ,QM xg Mw. 'vf ' fi t 1" e el -X-:fl A , X - ,, .rig - . 1 e- - Y 1 .a like X W , . e e Q sr ':15", WV gif . ' ':-LQF we-as W1 Q-1 I v wv-v- l 252 s"'W J' Q1 f-Xfsfv' A 9,5 5 ""' A' 5. , ef, f.r1Q"'AJz, ' J f Q 9 95 catalog vw C399 953' Xq wma 0 'M V012 R, Y 0 Q 9 0' 1' I JL aw E9 E' if 6 Q65 n QP Q ' 1 LD , "" . Q fs' F S 6 Q89 gil' TYR A ' H4 rcalasujhaf 501754 E AD A -'W E f3'?'417'fohf5um,f:i470f -1 S Q , , ffizvgifnef af - mx A i' A 0' M 1 xx XX if Ill!! CRP-N 97- X153 Df?7iz4,'ffR ,wx 'pfegg H Q?z:,c2zz THE LL56- Yxgoegppqtgpf 2299 M" GQHQQHHEL " , Q f- fVoff0fff, MSA. 5Jam. ew," D3 9 , Ui, 4 Jan. M.fehea.1c,-f7mf.,5,q, um. L90 VV 2OJah. Umm , A yeria 2,5 Jah. 2 Genoa, q l5Feb Napfei, Ifdgf 2,5Fg6, 3 M45 Iffambyb Tyffef gffax 322702 A Mews, Cfttte 191mm Z AW' Camff, France Z6Man ff! Mflrselflggl france I4 AP,- QAFV' Naffef, Nay 3011, n May. Barcelona, 52,A,',, 14 Mar Z7M0y- f40wmJc',zy A451194 ,Z,7MaZ. Z 8Ma7c No ffnfk, ya, U5fl. .N We ra " 5 0 s Q7 G B 9 'U oc N1 6' L AC K SEA .r -' MN 647 X 1, we 4 I W5 Tun 0 vs E Y V I 0990998 I . rv:i 1 ' X' imnav Q 9 5 403, Mom A v oi' ' Grxralsc 0 TRO B 'YQDANELLES O 9,1 Y xx O lv q dan N 554 Y V ' - 0 A cllfg .SUDQGAY F fmvf N 'Z37'l'6i2'725.5 ,fvsf foorfo Scudo 5 2 Old' ' 5uc!a ECI!! g,.de""" W. , , ,J in fvljj fig FV V! .WM q . Q .. T. 4,5 fr R -1-1 Above . . . Downtown Athens in contrast to the classic Parthenon. In the city, the women are classic as these sailors seem to have noticed. Below . . . the waterfront at Barcelona with a replica of one of Columbus' ships at the right and Fleet Landing at the left. A EB M I u .sLtilm, ...- t umm: Iii li lI!nl13 - i , r .7 il wi fav 4 t K. a Ss' Q: ' Ei IE Q nv y N K Ax 1 WJ QE, 3 f , II ' ,VL4 1. -iq, ! .-911.2 ' l ' .I is .. ,N ' L, , as-, . I M., 2' .' .' '- ., L4 5 LV Y EVEILLE . . . taps . . . and in between the Navy working day. Whether Stateside or with the Sixth Fleet, the working day's endless variety is the same. Paint Mike boat 24 today . . . scrape it tomorrow . . . battle stations at 0300 . . . tow plane at 1030 . . . One Able . . . and long hours of waiting jAll of this is but a part of the ship's working day, and in addition to all of the jobs that make a ship and independent community. -W nun, 'Q 1 9 . I , 1 An Alshain Rembrandt . , . but first, the wire brush. if i W T .x ' 1 O ,ZS .lv It 3? 1 'i Y! 9 5 Q if A I ff X Xa 1' X 5 Y Waiting . . . "for better, for worse . . . for a while . . Shipping over . . . "for richer, for poorer . . . for six . . ." 74 Ma ww, f m H Sidewalk superintendents Communieators The boys in the front office Snipe session . ". . . I don't car Sunday supper Chilled silence e who made the joe, it's my cup P' and cold cuts M- . ,V ...asugzgg gg-Lx J , 9 1 U I 9' 'havnt Forecastle "know-how" on towing operation pays off during drill, - rn. , ,- ,. ,.4 W-vnu.. Y ,.,..-,,..,. , ft--I ,335 fix, efftfrsp 1 uv, .A . ' : '-'?':?.2!" V -P' , ."!.. X 1.1 .V .. --- w " -.Jun High line transfer . . . H. . . and keep it dry." , 1 . t , xxlii f 1 J, 1. we Sk, Sm ra gf WH? Z W if. JF!" 2 Q 'rf P 'wa lf , v. ,- A. In ,K 'e 'A 1 ,- 0:1 ix 'A '. S, Commumcauon Watches - ' ' Parallel rulers and cliviclers American jazz and baseball scores too a compass and the course Captain's inspection . . . clean whites and spit shines K :il 1 512 . 5 ,f fe, A' ,I X . 0 Commanding Officer on station during amphibious assault The men who man the boats . . . long hours and tired expressions A plan for everything A ,...,,,,N ,. MW' - -Q ,N -. -. ' kat, , 4,70 N Q., Zfrayfzwi ,ffl ff ,fu f , 7, U gulf. 'I , , 'ff ,na I rx. . ss.-ss R1m . ' V f .,,, w . 1 -.5 . .Mn .li '.' , 'T 1,58 ':."- V ,ngna..'1 -""'+v- ...-.N ,, -w .- 'g...L..., . 11 ' -1 at Porto Scudo, Sardinia Stop watches and faulty ramps .h 'r qw. " t Q X 4, ,Q --..-Q, -7 Trout' shaves the meat Chef Mike at home in the The ho S are euin ll galiey preparing his favorite Y g g we read before being well fed . . . maybe delicacy of chlpped beef on toast Calzo's clip joint has a vustomer no buttons, no nothin'. Somone's gotta keep score on the beans and bullets. Below . . . The clothes go in one end and come out the other end . . . clean. N0 din S gJu4 L- ,......-'SP Q, N Y' 1' R N ..., -Q we .gp-...- ao- , tl . A If -e-9 m , R I EA 3 5 I w Q X X e M K f 5 ' T ' x ev , 1 xi A-., -A V Q Q 49 M ,,, Xfii, wp ' , f , 'Z f 1 4. Z We 1 Z , , fin f K , 5 ww w .- , Z ff 45, W f Mx , fa 'UK . 1 -M-MX X,,., W Awww W micmw, Y. W' KQV . A R , fb I 3 K ,y -:- 3S'Wf'JN. r: 52.1. ' ki x x AQXRASEQS wwXi1.iN A: 1 At the right . A worm's-eye vlew of General Motors The Sparktrician A.C. and D.C. THIMK ! X, Wf- A very important member of the bridge watch is on the job. gi' 'sms 9 52.1. Q again 5521 1 r H gt N? tl. I X I f irm ,N i 4 , gf if V , nr' ,qs Q, my s A Q' 'S W 19 f-vw '-Q.. sr -.Q . 3 X Nr. cs: K :sl 8 Saturday morning . . . 0930. ff Lly, JMWV5 ,,n,,, , Wmwgmw WW W 5 5047 M, ,ff V. , WW f' 4: vw , M no f , a ,,e13 f z of --....,., Sheriff Dowdy lays it on the line. Law, order and hot air in the MAA shack Making little ones from big ones. ll3l't0l'B sig 5 , , I J -T1 7 W QQ Ati! K? Fixx 'J 5-Q 'Z 3 . . peas ooters ln action at General , , . Q . if - 'iii ' wry aa, Coffee break. Getting ready for some action. X 1 H V Snipes at work. W., . o.,.,. M ,MMM L if o A Mike boat . . . how did that get in here. . 4 W, f o d i ,,ff': M o .... ww , Www, W, ,Wm f 'W' .4 ,, -W. .ww . W 'fm , ff mm , W 7 TW: z V' ,N , .-ye ., W " X lg , 5---' gk Vi! , as 2 I . I Q Eg!! 'T 'wi N3 , Look wh0's not talking! Doc tries out one of those new square needles on Mitch. CIC looks very busy with skunks and hogies all over the place An innocent bystander watches the artist at work. , 4 S S' RN x k 5 K .J D K-N. 5 eo nl 4- 'ff "1 'P' 15 ' 1 "'.li', 'L . .-. , , 1 A1-' 7 .9 . ' 1 n -" , . A 'wffffzi Aff: 1 X.. , ix- .num . ,M .0 I X r , . A! Sify' E, 43.1 .- if otoq F1 al in 'M In 'f ' . .fx . 'V' W s ,PL Q' 1 -I M 1 A I ' Ev gy . 1 Q , 3-gl, J' 'Q 'iff J ' lhvAif'..hR'K .4 1. ,1 A Q a 1 W, W-v HMV 'Q 5 0 piwotvffaphb WM W Published by TIFFANY PUBLISHING COMPANY Norfolk, V Individual Photographs by Norfolk, Virginia

Suggestions in the Alshain (AKA 55) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Alshain (AKA 55) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 29

1955, pg 29

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1955, pg 50

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1955, pg 21

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1955, pg 47

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1955, pg 33

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