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fyzfi j W M is , K, 7k '-flag' ' - Q 4 FTF u .' ' 1 ' A .f 6, z .f'2xff' , . 13, 4 v ' br 37:35 2 vw 5 'wh ., dh- ,M KJ r 'I ywv MM mf n2xi. 4'-W , , V, - H www f?f f J g'X 3 'hr '54 fy, !3'r.131:?Sg35,, Q jiz. W 1 V ... 1 J 1977 BRONCO 1978 Alsen Public School Alsen, North Dakota TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication . Classes . . Organizations Advisor: Editor: Co-Editor: Staff: Photographer: Mrs. Fei-agen Linda Wiens Tom Klein Marwood Klein Stan Iverson Debbie Nelson Mr . Fera gen Music . . . Sports . . . Happenings. Ads .... HOME OF THE BRONCOS WE, THE ANNUAL STAFF OF 1978, PROUDLY DEDICA TE OUR BRONCO TO YOIL MRS. I VERSON As a teacher and friend you have made our high school years full of excitement and enrichment. You have been beside us listening, guiding, and supporting all the wa y. We deeply appreciate 5 each helpful moment which you have contributed to our academic development. In our memories, ,we will cherish the Wisdom which you have shared. CA U TI ON' STUDENTS A T WORK? I I CLASSES ' Class Motto Fmrshed, Begrnmng ,f e e President: Randy Unruh Vic e -Pre sident: Kent Klein S ecretary: Ian Schmiess Treasurer: Janet Scott 'Student Council: Sheldon Schmiess David Klein . f 'lf'k' THE GRADUATES Leland Bartel ,. 1,. A L L pf-f T , 5 1, ' f A - -f. 5 x N ,, Ni ' 8 z, ' Jerry Klein Q Bruce Nelson Terry Roppel Jan Schmiess OF 1977 Nell Fezl af A Kent Klein l Sheldon Schmiess 1 ,4- Wesley Lampson Janet Scott l Thorval Iverson Valedietorian: Thorval Iverson Salutatorian: Sheldon Schmiess Randy Unruhl SENI ORS OF 1978 Alan Albrecht m'L-hl ,mL,, Cleo Lundquist Marwood Klem Tom K161I1 Class Motto ,yo QN- Begmnmg A New Chapter Vale dic torian: Linda Wiens Salutatorian: Tom Klein Linda Wiens Pre sident: Tom Klein Vice-President: Alan Albrecht Marwood Klein Sec. lTreasurer: Linda Wiens S tudent C ounc il: i JU IORS A. pf, Q y 2 I yyfyy- .rx I X Q I I J - , W X q . x . 1, X X lik K is ,ik .1 my d is 3 4 x X -. f ,Q S ., ,, . ' 2-sf' 'V' , 1 1 . ...' I , 'A , lik I Stanley Iverson Tara Kreklau Marcy Moore Debbie Nelson Kelly Peters ,V ,.,f , gf, an Marcy - Half of my life is spent behind this dumb typewriter! ffititil' Qi 4. ,f lb? ix Q59 11 gf. WX 'Sw' 1 gm , Q Mardy - And among many of my other talents. . . all I Stan The Man 'Wu- ABOVE PHOTO: CLASS OFFICERS: President- Stan Iverson, Sec.lTreas. -Deb Nelson, and Student Council Rep. -Kel Peters. LEFT PHOTO: Life has its ups and downs for Kel. RIGHT PI-IOTO: Deb-Camera Shy. Al- Here I am. . . at your Servicew Torn- Oh no! Not 9 SENIOR SNAP Lmdm I My 2 ' af H O or M O R E S N jim Albrecht 'S T im Bartel Michelle Fohr Clayton A QS S Hamann v- f-N R-I O Connie Klein . Y . Steve Klein F ' P sf N X g X if ,K Lori Nelson Bryan Skj erva Philip Toews Kirby Unruh Steve acting normal. S tum . ,. lf . ., sf ,. Q- 'F AHS UNDEI Q,H5,5b y rx , - ' -v' Q S --, if? ' 4- F' l -QU D by y 1, - ., K K-eff .su I H'-ammmw X ,. X YL 'Xf- ii .PX Michelle- Are you sure it's only Monday? LEFT PHOTO: Scientific sopho- Q in- .iii in mores suffering -,,.-5 silently ABOVE PHOTO: Clayton The Fonz Hamann. LEFT PHOTO: Lori and Connie- Only 39 pages to go! SOPHO MO RE C LAS S OFFICERS President-Tim Bartel Vice-Pr esident -Kirby Unruy Sec. fTreas. -Phil Toews Student Council R ep. -Kirby Unruh 3 . x f -'N '- 'fww ,. ,ggi i -. N ,www irir ilil L iiri 1 ' -v ,gl . X L I' is -L F 1 V X I H . of F 1 l . M L '- Qs A ......,,..., if , y 'S . 041 FRESHMEN OFFICERS: L to R: Derrall Myers- Student Council Rep., Sue Klein-Vice- Susan Klein Rennie Kreklau Lori Lundquist Derrall Myers P1'eSident, and Lori Lundquist-Sec.fTreas. is LASSM N , 45, - 'v , A .fl The reenactment of the Grand Teton Dam Disaster! ! ! CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary Marcia Nelson, President , . 4 ,1- S, Sl, Q ,sf y ,I ,Y . ,Ai 4 I y 5 rv- fu. 1, Tj!-' ,W , Brian Klein, and Treasurer Sandy Albrecht These three members also serve on the Student Council 9? z A 'J 8TH GRADE my ,,z, ax I ,rf 4V 3 Q f AL. I rdd 'ni my FY ' A 3 X JW Af, bs., ll we., 4 34. A: Tim Schmiess- Aren't I cute? B: The 7th and 8th graders took time out from their busy schedule to help reorganize the library. LEFT PHOTO: Cheri Roppel - Why RIGHT PHOTO: Lisa and Sam- Two can sit cheaper than one! ! Sandy Albrecht Brian Klein Lisa Kreklau Bruce Lundquist Cheri Roppel Tim Schmiess Kevin Scott Scott Spenst 7TH GRADE Sam Klein Todd Klein Gary Lundquist Marcia Nelson ,? . BEGINNING STEP 1 v ve e Y , .t,, l, xii 4' I , an kj 4 vvvvvvvs, i ' We 9 vvvv3:: ,,, 'fvvrvvvi - .-+ ' Q NSN y 'Z WW vvv A if W ' 'V' v V Happiness is winning lst place in the Bronco Booster Contest . M f-'ef A K, ,v- 3 I' we W f 1. ,, is ,Bs GRADE M e I A -4. s... 2 f L I .,1' 5 ' Robin Klein Clyde Myers 1 I Q af L 5 Greg Klein 'Ni D Jodi Schmiess Queen Jodi, King Greg, and their I H Royal Valentine Court. v Q y A Q i m, 1 fl 5, X ,lli 1' , N V ,A ,,,.,,,,,,k, Y is Q Y X Q S 1 W ' 4' W t A , W S :,,. i i t Ali' . . ' ' ' f A: Unique bulletin boards created Dean Hoiland Lana Klein julie Nelson bv the Students added an aff Period and much color to the classroom. B: Holidays. . . A time for fun, FO I I I I K games, shouting, and too many goodies to eat! S Q it y W Q , 'S' , , r 'Vi n -as , , ft 1 f 1 3, . 4. fi, my t , Y ' ,V ., V, X s l, 4' S ' ' Q f l V, , v ' A 1 ',1,, F52 V -5- K ' y 3, , 1 H sl, t Z, i X n. ,Nm-A n A' iiiii K i i ie' , y, jason Fohr Stacy janzen ' S My A yQ. ' Tammy Loewen Tracy Lundquist 10 Sherman Klein Stacy Klein l W INTO THE FUTURE SECOND N I ag, , 2 2? I P 94? ,p , Cami I-Ioiland Kristi Albr echt V , p h' ff- mf - gi 'af'12?'fzmi,., 1' , li fe, P f F , fa f ff fi 2' Z 'H 'O ffl? .4 ' ' R andy Klein Ea IST GRADE -'ffl-7 , M , f 4 fi, , - J 5 Z ' Shawna Huber Carla Moore 3 Q I Asa ffifisk K , x my E 1' T W L X A T x is ,,i L 'if' Kevin Loewen Todd Lundquist RIGHT PHOTO: Their poster may only have rated 2nd in the Bronco Booster Contest, but surely these kids rank lst in spirit! LOWER RIGHT PHOTO: Introduction to school begins with an eight week kinder- garten session. The half days are filled with lively activities--fingerpainting, nursery rhymes, the alphabet, colors, numbers, letter sounds, printing one's name, and best of all, the milk and cookie breaks. KINDERGARTEN CLASS OF 1978--Back Row: L to R: Tracy Klein, Peter janzen, and Teacher-Mrs. jean Klein. Front Row: L to R: Susan Lundquist, Lori Skjerva, and Toni Albrecht. GRADE af., tm, wax-1+ , A X 5 . 5 'V A 5 . V 1 E T Scherry Myers .- Kapra Hub er Bobby Lundquist FA CUL TY GAYLE FERAGEN- LYDIA SEVERSON -Grades HELEN SAXLUND -Grades DAVE PORTER-7 S 8 Elementary and Basic 1, 2, and 3 4, 5, and 6 English 8 Math, 8 Skills Elementary Music KATHY PORTER-I-ligh NORA SCHAAF- School English and Music '78 Busincs SCHOOL BO RD 1 Back Row: L to R: 'I'om Mann, Elmer Wiens, and Lawrence i Klein. Front Row: L to R: Bob Albrecht, Robert Iverson, and Arvelda Wicns. Q 6 '77 SCI-IOOI BOARD President Robert Iverson, Clerk Arv Tom Mann Elmer Wiens Lawrence Klein md Alvm Bartel Elmer Wiens, Alvin Bartel, Bob Albrecht, and Bruce Severson VERN I-IUBER -' 78 Social Studies BOB TOLLEFSON-'77 Business and '77 Principal BONNIE IVERSON-'77 Social Studies ALAN FERAGEN -SCi0nCeS and '78 Principal elda Wicns I7 , 4 , . ' , , . - -, , '77-'78 sciaoor BOARD? President -Roberg Iverson, Cler'k-Arvelda wiens, RICK SCI-IAAF-Math and Superintendent AHS PERSONNEL V,- The tantalizing aromas floating down the AHS hallways can be traced to the kitchen where our cook, Irene Feil, prepares many of our favorite foods. Buttered noodles, pizza, chili, peas on toast, and Big Meal Day are among our favorites. The girls' bathroom in its usual state! In the Search for bus drivers, the Alsen School had a rather unusual applicant-- unfortunately his legs couldn't reach the pedals. - 1.1 A. Qu X -s, K , , fr- W ,LA .6 ., 3 X If , V' k .7 . 4 .2 ir I - J Q - L' 'N 'W 6 if-..,..?27 ,L T Irene Fgil Fred Klein 23 !' ' if ABOVE PHOTO: Fred Klein-Custodian LEFT PHOTO: Rose Klein-Second-in- Command in the custodian department. Fred and Rose are kept busy polishing away the dusty footsteps of AHS students, besides their regular routine of long hours spent keeping the school more comfortable and attractive. Qi. H nw .i ' -r A T Si i rk 1 . Skirt Na il ' What To Do With 8 Pairs Of Shoes by Linda Wiens and Connie Klein. LEFT PHOTO: The girls' bathroom AFTER Rose Klein cleans it! The Alsen School received the services of two Cavalier County specialists in the 1976-1977 school year. They were: David Anderson, S.L.D. Consultant, and Ray Crea, Speech Therapist. Martha Krav- winkle from Ramsey County was the Speech Therapist during the 1977-1978 school term. RIGHT PHOTO: I. to R: BUS DRIVERS: Fred Klein, Rick Schaaf, and Ken Heppner. Substitute jack Toews is not pictured. 13 1977 CLASS OFFICERS RIGHT Pl-IOTO: Back Row: L to R: Randy Unruh, Kent Klein, jan Schmiess, and janet Scott. Middle Row: L to R: jay Klein, Linda Wiens, Al Albrecht, Tom Klein, Wayne Rosland, Mary jane Mann, and Kelly Peters. Front Row: L to R: Bruce Lundquist, Sandy Albrecht, Connie Klein, Michelle Fohr, and Derrall Myers. LIBRAR Y STAFF OF 1977 PHOTO BELOW: Standing L to R: Lori Lundquist, Marcy Moore, janet Scott, Tara Krelclau, jerry Klein, Randy Unruh, and Librarian-Mrs. Porter. Sitting: Lee Bartel. STUDENT DRIVERS Driver's Ed. or Whiplash Class ?? To become qualified drivers, AHS students are required to take thirty-six hours of driver's education. Thirty of these hours are spent in the classroom. The other six hours of instruction are behind the wheel . AHS STUDENT W fe NEWSPAPER STAFF - 1977 1977 Standing L to R Bryan Slqerva, Tim Bartel Kirby Unruh, and Bruce Lundquist Sitting L to R Michelle Fohr, Connie Klein, Lori Nelson, a Instructor-Mr. Schaaf. 1978: Standing L to R: Instructor-Mr. Schaaf, Tim Schmiess, Lisa Kreklau, Kevin Scott, Lori Lundquist, Rennie Kreklau, Sandy Albrecht, Sue Klein, Cheri Roppel, and Scott Spenst. ' 153.1551 Back Row: L to R: Al Albrecht, jerry Klein, and Sheldon Schmiess, Middle Row: L to R: Wes Lampson, Terry Roppel, jan Schmiess, and janet Scott. Front Row: L to R: Linda Wiens, Thorval Iverson, and Advisor -Mrs. Iverson. ,gg IN VO VEMEN T vm,gg1:m:.: rs. , :-I fr Klei , + Chi ef Editor Linda Wiens and cohort, ,wwf H 5, is Jr. . My ,.- F ,,,., . V I my 'V'i LG, ' 1 f'-' ' ' 1 Issstr is M L-,L ' , ' ,, T cllll ' I fvv ',,A 1 ' yyii I E 1977 STUDENT COUNCIL: Back Row: L to R: Michelle Fohr, Sandy Albrecht, Derrall Myers, Bruce Lundquist, and Tom Klein. Front Row: L to R: Sheldon Schmiess, Marwood Klein, Randy Unruh, Kelly Peters, and jay Klein. , aan up , Stan Iverson, struggling to lay-out a dummy sheet. -: I ' ' Q Tom Klein LEFT PHOTO: Standing L to R: Advisor-Mrs. Feragen, Kelly Peters, Debbie Nelson, and Stan Iverson. Sitting L to R: Tom Klein, Linda Wiens, and Marwood Klein. 1978 ANNUAL STAFF What an annual! . . . a new advisor and staff! 3 ! . . . a successful ad collection. . . hours and hours of trying to figure out picas, copy, and layouts--but most frustrating was the completion of a copy sheet, in triplicate yet, and finding an error! I ! . . . missing 2 dead- lines, pictures, sleep, and favorite T.V. programs. . . fun, friendship, and knowledge grew, as did the pride of accomplishing an annual that is a job well done! A special THANK-YOU to Mr. Feragen for the long and painstaking hours that he spent as our photographer and darkroom expert. 1978 STUDENT COUNCIL: Standing L to R: Brian Klein, Kirby Unruh, Rennie Kreklau, Sandy Albrecht, Kelly Peters, Marcia Nelson, Tim Bartel, and Derrall Myers. Sitting L to R: Advisor-Mr. Feragen, Stan Iverson, Tom Klein, and GERMAN CLASS Wir essen. Wir singen. Arbeiten Wi.r??? Marwood Klein. , me-3 A: The German Serenaders entertaining many people with their traditional . M - German songs and Christmas carols. I if W- V I , B: L to R: Herr Tom Klein Herr Kelly .x -42, F N Germvgnilasslwmtto: GH? Us Any Day! Peters, Fraulein Connie Klein, Lehrer- ' A v 3 ' 4' And e Ce ebrate It. . . Herr Feragen, and Fraulein Linda Wiens. ti NEW STUDIES BEGI . . . CAREERS AND COMPUTERS. . . These 2 new programs began at AHS during the '77-'78 school year with money available from government grants. Mr. Feragen, the director of each program, wrote and submitted the 2 program proposals for government approval. When approved, Mr. Feragen incorporated the programs into Al-IS's curriculum. '71 A: The 5th and 6th graders study from the career kits. B. Careers are a part of the 4th grade studies. I f' W x erageii' ' F' :' ' Q 1 J F ' P1 ! z! S I mstratlon us The Computer Education Grant of ....---- A , 51397.00 from Title IV-C funding kv AW permitted AHS to rent a computer and T purchase computer programs and books. Z r rtttr.. Q - s- W T L The students, under Mr. Feragen's instruc- Q3 ., at tion, learned how to run the computer and Q Q 9' A to write their own programs. This knowl- we edge of computers was applied to their 5 academic studies. Further appreciation of the Computer Age will occur at AHS since the school has purchased their very R ABOVE PHOTO: Kirby Unruh ran the computer's Tic Tac Toe game and entertained many people at the science fair. RIGHT PHOTO: The 4th-6th grade learn that the com- puter does more than fun and games as they plan their programs with Mr. Fera gen. iirwli own computer. p A m W L it cf Wien ' t X SCIENCE STUDENTS EXCEL In 1977 five Al-IS students participated in the Nekoma Invitational Science Fair. The 5 were: Tim Bartel, Tara Kreklau, Marcy Moore, Phil Toews, and jay Klein. Tim Ba1'tel's and Jay ,K1ein's projects were chosen to represent AHS at the 1977 Northeast District Science Fair. In 1978, under the direction of Mr. Feragen, AHS hosted a Tri-School Science Fair on March 14th. Fifteen projects by AHS students were selected to represent Alsen at the Northeast District Science Fair in Grand Forks on April lst. The 15 winners were: Lane Klein, Robin Klein, Jodi Schmiess, Brian Klein, 'Todd Klein, Tim Schmiess, Cheri Roppel, Sue Klein, Derrall Myers, jim Albrecht, Phil Toews, Tim Bartel, Stan Iverson, Kelly Peters, and Torn Klein. Four AHS students continued on from the District Fair to represent Alsen and the Northeast District at the N.D. State Science Fair on April 7th at Devi1's Lake. Jodz Lana Kleinfs How Does Skin Protect You, Jodi Schmiess's Oxygen Production by Plants, and Robin Klein's 7 ' Recycling Paper were the 3 elementary projects selected to attend the District Fair. ABOVE PHOTO: Jason Metric Man explaine new metric materials a Fair's Metric Booth. Rl The 4th grade entry of at the AHS Fair. oj in Klein , xr.. Stan Iverson went on to the State Science Fair with his project, Effects of Impurities on Dendritic Crystal Formations. At the District Fair, Stan was the recipient of the Best Chemistry-Physics Award and the Kodak Photography Award. Fohr as the d the schoo1's t the AHS GI-TT PHOTO: Geological Eras of the Earth won a blue ribbon 5 A: For his project, Black Holes, Tom Klein received the Best Physics Proj ect and the U.S. Air Force Award at the District Fair. Torn also attended the State Science Fair. Cheri Roppel's project, A Caloric Comparison of Possible Fuels, was selected to represent Al-IS and the North- east District at the State Science Fair. ' I ,,,, ,, y' I A fy my f Q E llllatsmwaro. . Themes LPATQQ- is an mite Qfganilie-fe S ,tim bf parventsganqly teachers.1Month1y meets z. mgs are held 91-like first tlwondavlvf seek, , -i fmfinflildwfiiisviihefsfshfwli xfef11:4v5The ??4l'PQQ53fPf f11egs?SsTigQipsctiQeiSs iQ4??i91iY,iS1139PQ2fPi '??i2Y'1?'+iSC11gl i 5C31Q91fL'11?i13F5 2 a9?d'?P'5? ?9F1?3V9f3li313?de1 ?5f?i9 'Tfif L 7 1extrQavse'1tf1s111arl,eeC1?f1Hee Q-Tlhls le'fte2dv,tv2r+4v f ieigtee,Peterfhiitizelteilillf' Q P eeiltteftseiafrtebefP114-at Q if fl ze L A The line gets longer every year! SUCCESS IS . , , ' -st, .P xzia if' ,155 xl s 'Tx :,:V K L f eeeee 'i '1 ,-- , ' ,.:f' A,.' tti 1 .ef Leonard Klein, Hall L to R: Viola Rosland, Al Feragen, Verna Supervisor, San-,P1eS th Kreklau, and Sam Kreklau carve the 12 Savory meats. is hS i 5 hams and the 12 turkeys for the smorgasbord. Arvelda Wiens brings in another load of supplies. En.:- Coffee's On! Roland and Bernice Spenst check on the supply and the many high school boys who will serve it. LEFT PHOTO: L to R: Ioan Scott and Ann Roppel wash hundreds of lmives, forks, and spoons in the shower room! PHOTO BELOW: Verna Kreklau, Vange Bartel, Betty Skjerva, and Ruth Klein tackle the pots and pans in the kitchen. LOWER LEFT PHOTO: Marlys Loewen, only one of the many Workers who make each P,T ,O. activity a success. 1 if Who could pass up all this delectable food? The P.T .O.'s menu for the smorgasbord is: I-Iam, Turkey and dressing, Potatoes and gravy, Meat- balls, Kumla , Vereneka , Pigs in a Blanket , Corn, Salads, Relishes, Rolls, and Sweets. This variety was certainly enough to satisfy a hungry crowd of nearly 600 people! ! ! 'IB ci! ORKING TOGETHER it ABOVE PHOTO: AHS students stuff themselves with their smorgasbord favorites. RIGHT PHOTO: Joyce Klein is one of the many reliable P,T.O. workers. Unfortunately, there is not enough space to list all the hard workers who make the P.T ,O, a very successful organi zation. PHOTO BELOW: Diane Hoiland, Evelyn Toews, Carolyn Klein, and Walter Scott pack away all the borrowed items that helped serve the hungry crowd. 1 ff if . A 1977 P.T.O. Officers President. . . . .Melvin Klein Vice-President . . Richard Hoiland Secretary. . . . .Evelyn Klein Treasurer . . . . Ann Roppel 1978 P.T .O. Officers President. . . . ,Richard Hoiland Vice-President . . Ronnie Loewen Secretary. . . . .Barb Klein Treasurer. . . . .Joyce Klein ABOVE PHOTO: Richard Hoiland and crew stack the hundreds of folding chairs. RIGHT PHOTO: Clara Mae Nelson-- Only 4 more chairs to go! ser.. Xi-is A lighter moment amidst the work--Gayle Feragen and Nora Schaaf caught by the camera's flash. Heave Ho! Tommy Mann helps take down the tables. PHOTO BELOW: L to R: Fred Klein, Derrall Myers, Cal Myers, and Al Feragen form the Mop Brigade to remove the last signs of the smorgasbord. Lori, keep your eyes on the copy! 20 Mary jane Mann Rick Lundquist Dennis Klein Greg DeSaute1 Lori Klein CLASS SNAPS Poor Al. . . but which one??? Is the coast clear? I-Iey! Wait a minute! You nee your class! ! ! Y N, ! Steve working? ? ? Ile i Happiness is the last day of F ' Q, 'fi school! H if ' 3' k FoRMER STUDENTS These students participated in numerous EV pp 5 activities during their school years at Alsen. Even though the 1977-1978 school term found V them enrolled in other schools and activities, ' Vyi We wish to give them recognition as an integral part of our school years. Wayne Rosland 11th Grade 1 ' H i 'd g , ,KKV W fin l it 7 7 ' Q, in ' ,f wk 111, .5-1, , , g i , ' Z I ,L 7? K V , f, mmm.r 7 iffy - A 7 7 Robyn DeSautel 10th Grade 9th Grade 8th Grade 6th Grade 6th Grade Sth Grade mwgp- M, :, 'f fiifiyfi d a girl in This is a science class? jay Klein 10th Grade af- 2 i f iilwggig Hfdfwgu, - 991.5 753 ,' ef f ia Q , my ff 11 UZ f i fi I , ff:,, at YQ Danny Klein Sth Grade MUSIC K n We, as a school, would like to thank Linda Wiens for her dedicated work in the AHS music department. As a pianist, she has practiced for innumberable hours on various accompaniments. She has spent a great deal of time, both during and after school, coordinating these accompaniments with their adjoining solos and ensembles. So to Linda, a sincere expression of appreciation for the tireless dedication to our music program. THANKS, Linda! ! Written by: Tim Bartel 'I' 4 P RFOR ERS Madrigal 'Sing We And Chant lt' Boys' Chorus What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor Tom Klein 'When I Think Upon The Maidens jan Schmress Art Thou The Christ? Thorval Iverson . . Passing By' As a result of long hours of practice, five numbers were given star ratings at the District Music Contest The above numbers ceeded . pro on to represent Alsen in the State Music Com- peution . Mixed Chorus Of 1977 RIGHT PHOTO: Back Row: L to R: Jim Albrecht, Al Albrecht, Mai-wood Klein, Thorval Iverson, Lee Bartel, Tom Klein, jay Klein, Tim Bartel, and Stan Iverson. Middle Row: L to R: Director- Mr. Porter, Marcy Moore, Connie Klein, Lori Nelson, Jan Schmiess, Debbie Nelson, Cleo Lund- quist, Linda Wiens, janet Scott, and Director- Mrs. Porter. Front Row: L to R: Cheri Roppel, Michelle Fohr, Lisa Kreklau, Sue Klein, Lori Lund- quist, and Sandy Albrecht. MELODIO UE Boys' Chorus Of 1977 ABOVE PHOTO: Back Row: L to R: Marwood Klein, Thorvl Iverson, Lee Bartel, and Tom Klein. Front Row: L to R: Director- Mr. Porter, jim Al- brecht, A1 Albrecht, Tim Bartel, and Stan Iverson. Girls' Chorus Of 1977 LEFT PHOTO: Back Row: L to R: Marcy Moore, Connie Klein, Lori Nelson, jan Schmiess, Debbie Nelson, Cleo Lundquist, Linda Wiens, janet Scott, and Director- Mr. Porter. Front Row: L to R: Cheri Roppel, Michelle Fohr, Lisa Kreklau, Mary jane Mann, Rennie Kreklau, Sue Klein, Lori Lundquist, and Sandy Albrecht. Madrigal Photo was not available. This goup 9 1 consisted of: Lee Bartel, Jan Schmiess, janet Scott , Tom Klein, Linda Wiem, Mai-wood 1 Klein, Debbie Nelson, Stan Iverson, Connie ' Klein, jim Albrecht , Tim Barrel, and Rennie. 1, Kreklau. S t ' A' HARMONIZERS The 1978 Madrigal RIGHT PHOTO: L to R: Sam Klein, Sue Klein, Marwood Klein, Rennie Kreklau, Stan Iverson, Lori Nelson, Connie Klein, Linda Wiens, and jim Albrecht. The 1978 Boys' Chorus PHOTO BELOW: L to R: Stan Iverson, Al Albrecht, . Tom Klein, Marwood Klein, Todd Klein, jim Al- brecht, Tim Bartel, and Sam Klein. Pianist- Linda Wiens. :A , The 1978 I Mixed Chorus RIGHT PHOTO: Back Row: L to R: , Director-Mrs. Porter, Sam Klein, Stan Iverson, Al Albrecht, Tom Klein, Marwood Klein, Todd Klein, Tim Bartel, and Jim Albrecht. Front Row: L to R: Lori Lundquist, Marcia Nelson, Lori Nelson, Debbie Nelson, Sue Klein, Connie Klein, Rennie Kreklau, Lisa Kreklau, Sandy Al- brecht. Pianist- Linda Wiens. V -vm I, s O. :ia The Musical Stooges: Mardy, Al, Tom, and Linda. The 1978 Girls' Chorus LEFT PHOTO: Back Row: L to R: Lori Lundquist, Lisa Kreklau, Sue Klein, Debbie Nelson, and Lori Nelson. Front Row: L to R: Marcia Nelson, Sandy Albrecht, Rennie Kreklau, and Connie Klein. Pianist- Linda Wiens. They really know the score! of NO TE WOR THY XA , ,Steyn 3-wa Brass Of I L to R: Debbie Nelson, Sue Klein, and Rennie Kreklau. L to R- Jim Albrecht, Tom Klein, Sandy Albrecht, and Al Cl3I'iI1CtS Albrecht. Standing L to R: Tim Bartel, Lori Nelson, Linda Wiens, and Lisa s K - -fi Kreklau. Sitting L to R: Dean Holland, Cheri Roppel, and Marcia Y W L VY U Nelson. L to R: Julie Nelson and Greg Klein. MUSICIANS Y -3 'Q' LEFT PHOTO: A L to R: Robin Klein Connie Klein Michelle Fohr The 1977 Band Mrs. Porter-Director She really knows how to conduct herself! Back Row: L to R: Jim Albrecht, Stan Iverson, Tom Klein, Tara Kreklau, Jay Klein, Marwood Klein, Al Albrecht, and Lee Bartel. Middle Row: L to R: Rennie Kreklau, Lori Nelson, Lisa Kreklau, Sandy Albrecht, Marcia Nelson, Cheri Roppel, Tim Bartel, Jan Schmiess, and Linda Wiens. Front Row: L to R: Director- Mrs. Porter, Mary Jane Mann, Debbie Nelson, Thorval Iverson, Sue Klein, Robin Klein, Michelle Fohr, and Connie Klein. ABOVE PHOTO: Kelly Peters- Our AHS Musical Announcer. LEFT PHOTO: Stan Iver-. son presents an oral in- terpretation at our Christ mas concert. Jim- But. . .It sounds better this Way! L to R: Lisa Kreklau, Lori Nelson, Tim Bartel, and Linda Wiens. 25 FRO TONE TTES TO TR UPHIES r U! X ELEMENTARY MUSIC-GRADES 1 G 2: Back Row: L to R: Direc tor- Mr. Porter, Randy Klein, Todd Lundquist, Kristi Albrecht, Cami Hoiland, and Shawna Huber. Front Row: L to R: Bobby Lundquist, Kapra Huber, Carla Moore, Kevin Loewen, and Scherry Myers. Michelle Fohr achieved the AHS trophy for the Best Soloist of 1977-1978. Back Row: L to R: Michelle Fohr, Jim Albrecht, and Deb Nelson. Front Row: Lto R: Linda Wiens, Lisa Kreklau, Tim ,one 3, 43, K , .. Bartel and Sue Klein. These students received a medal , - - - - - from the Alsen School for their instrumental abilities. Q531551fi2fji1'K?,ffj:goiinftigffigigefjfjlinfflijn' Unfortunately, they didn't show an outstanding performance edged for their leadership abilities in the Alsen for the Plcture' School Chorus. v 1 We U V V-'E' 19 wr. ,gi 1 - A x Linda Wiens received the AHS trophy for the ELEMENTARY MUSIC-GRADES 4, 5, G 6: Back Row: L to R: Di- Best Musician of 1977-1978. In 1976-1977, rector- Mr. Porter, Jodi Schmiess, Clyde Myers, and Lana Klein. the Alsen School also awarded Linda the Out- Front Row: L to R: Sherman Klein, Tracy Lundquist, Stacy janzen, standing Musician trophy. Tammy Loewen, and Stacy Klein. MUSIC MOTHERS This organization consists mainly ot' mothers whose children are enrolled in music. Through various activities, such as bake sales and a band carnival, they have expanded the AHS music collection and have inancially aided students involved in competitions. The Music Mothers who are not pictured are: Ann Roppel, Danelda Klein, Mary Mann, Arvelda Wiens, Kathy Porter, Gayle Feragen, and Marion Klein. RIGHT PHOTO: L to R: Clara Mae Nelson, Marlys Loewen, Dorothy Kreklau, Violet Fohr, and Joyce Klein. H Sitting: Sec. !Treas. - Wanda Iverson, Standing: L to R: Vange Bartel, Evelyn Klein, President- Carolyn Klein, Diane Hoiland, and Marion Albrecht. Carnival Snaps I' f J Q ,-, , A EG-T' XQ 1 held on November 13, 1976. It was filled with such fun ac- and a beauty salon. However, the biggest money-making project that night was the jailhouse. The evening was so suc- cessful 'chat the Music Mothers were ab le to purchase a stroboscope for the school. 27 Alsen's carnival, sponsored by the Music Mothers, was held tivities as a cake walk, a spook house, a Bingo booth, a cafe, Q U The Boys' Chorus performing Soon-Ah- Will Be Done . ABOVE PHOTO: Tim Bartel played 1978 STA TE MUSIC COMPE TITORS ,. arax S I L :'F is , sl S x, Rennie Kreklau achieved an excellent rating on her solo, E1egie, at the received a star ,ating at bod, District and State Music Festivals. District and State for their per- formance of I'l1 Walk With God . Tom and Connie Klein , ABOVE PHOTO: Connie Klein performed II Il ' ' fiilillit 3221 EiZfZYe15HZ5F3IEEtfng Tom mein, singing The Deaf Manner and SPM Dan9e ' .FHOTO BE' Low: connie Klein, Linda wiens, Old Womans Obtained H Sm LOW: Linda Wlens' Plwmg Prelufie and and Rennie Kreklau achieved an ex- rating at both Disffict and Rondo' recewed an .excfeuent Hung for Cement rating at District and State State. her performance at District and State. for their performance of Fire, Fire My Heart W ff ff' Michelle Fohr performed Menuett . SPURTS We, the Alsen Boys' Basketball Team, would like to express our gratitude to the AHS cheerleaders for their dedication to our team. We appreciate the large amount of time and effort they spent strengthening our support throughout the community. MANY THANKS! Written by: Tom Klein ,,,,,s:tnv, 'm'3 N Ha CGLTS BURST WITH E ERGY : 1977 :N-5. Z Back Row: Lto R: Dan Klein, Sam Klein, Clyde Myers, Todd Klein, Greg Klein, Gary Lundquist, andDean I-Ioiland. Front: L to R: Coach Schaaf, Greg Desautel, Sherman Klein, Stacy Klein, jason Fohr, and Stacy janzen. Kneeling: L to R: Cheerleaders Marcia Nelson and Lori Klein. 1 6 1 PM X ugh L W iw! I . : 2 J. 1978 J Back Row: L to R: Coach Schaaf, Dean Hoiland, Tammy Loewen, Clyde Myers, Greg Klein, and Cami Hoiland. Middle: L to R: Tracy Lundquist, Scherry Myers, Lana Klein, Julie Nelson, Kristi Albrecht, and Kevin Loewen. Front: L to R: Todd Lundquist, Sherman Klein, Stacy janzen, jason Fohr, and Randy Klein. The cheerleaders are L to R: Jodi Schmiess and Robin Klein. is are WHO' GOT SPIRIT? 2 y ' A s 2 Bronco Bn Squads . . 8, T , i .L 4 he S f f I ' , Thats Who!!! Q 1 , I i t , A A 4 U, 1 sl I Q aff Leaf ' fy, I , -I , I 'I f i The Bronco B Squads for the '76-'77 and ,Q QX!: - is A - '77-'78 seasons had many newcomers and young y V y 1 T P S members. Everyone worked diligently and, al- ! L P QTT 2 ' ty, ' . though they didn't win a great majority of their 0 M 0 P' - games, they received much experience. lm- 1- 'f' g ' Y asa, fp provement showed in each season with every A 'el 'K fi W' . game they participated in, and many members P advanced to play in several A Squad quarters. ,y, !,,!1 dl ,76-'77 Boys' BH Squad Standing L to R: Phil Toews, jim Albrecht, Steve Klein, Al Albrecht, jay Klein, Stan Iverson, and Brian Klein. Kneeling is Coach Porter. Cheerleaders: L to R: Mary Jane Mann, Connie Klein, Jan Schmiess, Lori Nelson, Debbie Nelson, and Michelle Fohr. ABOVE PHOTO: A Bronco block by Phil Toews. RIGHT PHOTO: Clayton Hamann ready to Sink It! '77-,78 Boys' B Squad Back Row: L to R: Coach Porter, Todd Klein, and Brian Klein. Middle Row: L to R: Sam Klein, Clayton Hamann, Phil Toews, and Derrall Myers. Front Row: L to R: Lori Lundquist, Rennie Kreklau, and Sue Klein are the cheer- GIRLS' HBH SQUAD le ade rs . Back Row: L to R: Assistant Coach ing L to R: Lori Lundquist, Rennie Kreklau, Sue Klein, Lisa Kreklau, Sandy Albrecht, and Cheri Roppel. Kneeling L to R: Michelle Fohr, Marcia Nelson, Robin Klein, and Jodi Schmiess. The '76-'77 B Squad was also coached by Mr. Porter. No photo was taken, but many of the faces are the same in the '77-'78 B Squad and some became regulars on the '77 -'78 -'Aff Squad. Porter and Head Coach Huber. Stand- '76-'77' A VERY GOOD YEAR! A SQUAD '76-'77: Standing L to R: Mary jane Mann, Cleo Lundquist, Debbie Nelson, jan Schniess, Lori Nelson, Tara Kreklau, and Michelle Fohr. Kneeling is Coach Tollefson. A1-dent Player Coach's Sweetheart jan Schmiess Amy Tollegon AHS BO YS RECORD St John Starkweather Mimich Bisbee Walhalla Nekoma Border Central Warwick Munich Hannah Rock Lake Border Central Hampden Hannah COUNTY TOURNAMENT Hannah Munich DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Nel-coma Border Cenual Munich REGION III TOURNAMENT Egeland 84 59 166141171116 67 48 Osnabwck 79 55 Valley 1-hgh 46 49 N-D-5-11 73 51 Rolla 61 53 St. Thomas 43 42 32 7 AHS GIRLS RECORD AHS THEY AHS THEY Hampden 47 22 ROLETTE INVITATIONAL Maddock 41 39 Rolla 54 17 St. john 40 29 Hannah 47 30 Border Central 49 17 Rock Lake 49 50 Hannah 66 38 DISTRICT 'roURNAMr.N'r Starkweather 49 18 Nekoma 65 6 Nekoma 79 16 Hannah 54 41 Egeland 44 40 Munich 27 25 Munich 46 37 REGION III TOURNAMENT Lakota 20 47 St. Thomas 54 39 Rock Lake 39 44 Rock Lake 33 47 Walhalla 30 26 Minto 34 35 ABOVE PHOTO: L to R: The Bronco Bookkeepers: Linda Wiens and janet Scott. PHOTO BELOW: A SQUAD '76- '77: L to R: jay Klein, Wayne Rosland, Al Albrecht, Marwood Klein, Lee Bartel, Thorval Iverson, Tom Klein, Wes Lampson, Jim Albrecht, and Stan Iverson. Kneeling L to R: Kent Klein, Coach Tollefson, and jerry Klein. Cheerleaders: L to R: Mary jane Mann, Connie Klein, Jan Schmiess, Lori Nelson, Debbie Nelson, and Michelle Fohr. lm KWH, A . 4,543 i . , . I g it.: Q ga 6 7 eee Qi 3 , eeer 1 f I A 4 . 75 38 61 sz A 9 , Q I 68 ss 77 38 'I ix ' Q 61 sz 69 63 I it t 6 70 26 g 6 .att I 70 so 47 38 , I 4 .9 5 '66 6 . 1 a 65 32 sz so i ' f 4 7 , . if f f ,L 63 47 3 I A 6 49 39 59 48 f fe ,gps A 9 1, gg ig 37 34 A f 1 45 47 I S' fr, 57 48 ,A P 5 X 9' Q ' ' BRONCOS KEEP FIGH TI G IN '77-,78 Standing L to R: Michelle Fohr, Lori Lundquist, Sue Klein, Cleo Lundquist, Connie IGei.n, Lori Nelson, Debbie Nelson, Tara Kreklau, Rennie Kreklau, Lisa Kreklau, Sandy Albrecht, and Cheri Roppel. Kneeling L to R: Assistant Coach Porter, Student Manager- Julie Nelson, and Head Coach Huber. SCORE 77- '78 WHS THEY AHS THEY Starkwe ather 35 29 Munich 36 50 Walhalla 45 30 Rolette 25 43 Hannah 41 33 Lakota 39 50 Border Central 47 26 ROLETTE INVITATIONAL St. John 25 36 Rolette 24 45 Hampden 77 32 Rock Lake 31 33 Nekoma 61 16 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Granville 35 60 Hampden 57 23 Lakota 39 50 Munich 28 54 Egeland 18 40 Starkweather 48 49 The Unspillab1e Student Manager??? PHOTO BELOW: The Main 5 Follies? L to R: Celo Lundquist, Tara Kreklau, Lori Nelson, Debbie Nelson, and Connie Klein. ,,- 1 . 41 S Si . 34, , , 4 97 Tara Kreklau For 2!!! We Could Have Played A11 Night!!! 33 X I , m N ng Klein T0M,K1ein Capt. A1 A1 Jim A1 x 1. i X 1 Xin. SPOR T SNAP l! gf , ' 'H , Z 9 A .LS .ffl 75 9 if A X u ' 2 ik -'V Ha, W K by n ' ' Tim Bartel was one of the many stu- WHY to FU-111 2 PICUJTS, hm! dents that spent a Saturday skiing with X! AHS faculty and parents at Walhalla. We ARE proud to be Broncos! Wap :fi Fw 4 What a stance, Al! Happiness: The 1978 St. Valentine's Massacre! Slteve will take a break anY t1me. . . any place! Ron Loewen qpictured abovej A and Leonard Klein greatly '- aided our basketball games . b - th b dt A few ofthe A Squad girls were able to Y mnmng e Score Oar attend the 1978 Class B Basketball Tourna- A brief break for the 1977 Girls' A ment at Minot and spent 4 days snowed in at Squad, the R amada Inn. 1976-1977 Basketball A Wa rds BOYS ' Rebounding . . Best Defense. . Most Improved Free Throw 'Xu . All-Conference All-County . . Captains Lee Bartel jerry Klein Tom Klein Thorval Iverson Lee Bartel Marwood Klein Lee Bartel Marwood Klein jerry Klein Thorval Iverson GIRLS Rebounding Best Defense Most Improved Free Throw X All Conference All State Captains jan Schmiess Tara Kreklau Cleo Lundquist Tara Kreklau Tara Kreklau Tara Kreklau The Seven A Squad Girls LE TTERMEN IS Back Row: L to R: Advisor- Mr. Tollefson, Kent Klein, Jim Albrecht, Al Al- brecht, Steve Klein, Jay Klein, Sandy Albrecht, Cheri Roppel,and Lori Lund- quist. Middle Row: Lto R: Vice-President- Wes Lampson, Sec. fTreas. - Thorval Iverson, Tom Klein, Stan Iverson, Marwood Klein, Debbie Nelson, Tara Kreklau, Michelle Fohr, and Lisa Kreklau. Front Row: L to R: President- jerry Klein, Wayne Rosland, Lori Klein, Marcia Nelson, Mary Jane Mann, jan Schmiess, Cleo Lundquist, Lori Nelson, and Lee Bartel. A Night of Acknowledging Parents Each letterman's mother receives a corsage in recognition of Parents' Night. IN APPRECIATION OF OUR PARENTS Back Row: L to R: Mr. S Mrs. Charles Hamann, Mr. S Mrs. Calvin Myers, Mr. S Mrs. Willard Lundquist, Mrs. Velva Schmiess, Mr. 8 Mrs. Clifford Roppel, and Nlr. S Mrs. Arnold Kreklau. Middle Row: L to R: Mr. S Mrs. Harry Peters, Mr. 8 Mrs. Clayton Klein, Mr. S Mrs. Leonard Klein, Mr. G Mrs. jack Toews, and Mr. G Mrs. Clinton Klein. Front Row: L to R: Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert Albrecht, Mr. 8 Mrs. Alvin Klein, Mrs. Violet Fohr, and Mr. S Mrs. Clifford Nelson. CTI VI TIE I ,f rw f' .,, A :- Mm...m. .m.. .good! ! ! L, if A to 7 31 The AHS Lettermen, being an active organization, host a Letter- men's Banquet annually. Its sole purpose is to acknowledge those individuals who have accomplished certain feats throughout the ath- letic season. Another yearly event is Parents' Night, in which the Lettermen honor their parents. The AHS Girls' Basketball Team 1977-1978 BASKETBALL A WARDS Boys' Girls' Rebounding. . .Marwood Klein Rebounding , , , Deb Nelson Most Valuable . n Marwood Klelh Most Valuable. . Deb Nelson Best Defense . . .Tom Klein Best Defense, , , Lori Nelson Most Improved . .Al Albrecht M0515 Improved , Michelle F01-yr Free Throw 'Xu . .Stan Iverson Free Throw M, . , Tara Kreklau All-Conference .Marwood Klein All-Conference . Tara Kreklau Tom Klein Lori Nelson Steve Klein Captains. . . . . Cleo Lundquist Tara Kreklau Deb Nelson Is that all we get? W iiigsfr-N-isafiwgifrgia Wmnnisiffaaiii ,Q Xsggigmgsb 35Z1w gg fg ?g5'L?iEE2YJ!3liQdB?B:eQg:6'i: ff ama adeganea agafiasiwermsga ,E 1 K- aELM F5a,gll2s2reH fgEHEEr:m'g1ffi'jw?i iTf:,, ,,,V,,,,...,V. aaaaawagmfa i it :II ,.., i e if it :auf s,,e e 1978 LETTERMEN: Rear Row: L to R: Clayton Hamann, Sec.! Treas. -Stan Iverson, Steve Klein, President- Tom Klein, Al Al- brecht, Vice-President- Marwood Klein, Kel Peters, and Ad- visor- Mr. Huber. Back Row: L to R: julie Nelson, Jodi Schmiess, Lisa Kreklau, Robin Klein, Connie Klein, Sue Klein, Debbie Nelson, and Linda Wiens. Middle Row: L to R: Cheri Roppel, Marcia Nelson, Michelle Fohr, Lori Lundquist, Rennie Kreklau, Sandy Albrecht, and Lori Nelson. Front Row: L to R: jim A1- brecht, Derrall Myers, Sam Klein, Brian Klein, and Todd Klein. At the 1977 Lettermen's Banquet, Nlr. Tollefson reminisced of his experi- ences as an AHS coach. s. , Rob Leer, the WDAZ sports announcer, was the guest speaker at the 1978 Lettermen's Banquet. ,gy D 1 4 1978 TRACK P RTICIPANTS li ' ,, , M2 1 ,f f . 1 ' f ' V ,www ,l- i v , r , L-1 i 3 4r'ir-..,f,g We can't run all the time! GIRLS Marcy Moore Debbie Nelson Michelle Yoh.: Lori Nelson Rennie Kreklau Sandy Albrecht Lisa Kreklau Cheri Ruppel Marcia Nelson Robin Klein Jodi Schmiess julie Nelson BOYS Al Albrecht Marwood Klein Tom Klein Stan Iverson Kelly Peters jim Albrecht Clayton Hamann Steye Klein Demzll Myers Phil Toews Kirby Um-uh Sam Klein Ji' ' 'L 'fr rss. wus ' is The track program was Hark! Who goes there? set up for the first time in Alsen under the direction of Mr. Huber and with the as- X sistance of Mr. Porter. Al- most every student in high school was involved in either running or field events. For a first year, it was full of ac- complishments as AHS stu- dents brought many ribbons and medals home from each track meet. E E K If Three Stooges Marwood Klein succeeded in qualifymg for state competition 220, and 440 yard dashes While at state, Marwood placed 4th 1n the 440, and Sth in the 220 in the following events: the ,,100, LEFT PHOTO: The AHS girls' relay te am consists of: Sandy Albrecht, Rennie Kreklau, Marcy Moore, and Lisa Kreklau. 5 2 R K si S at sz 4' fd Z it if 3 it 5 ? ? HAPPENINGS VARIOUS AHS AWARD A Stan Iverson 1978 Bo s' State 1978 Knlgw Your State Winner Jodi Schmiess, Sandy Albrecht, Marcia Nelson, and Robin Klein were the AHS spelling contest winners for the past two school years. Both years they succeeded in advancing to the County Spelling Contest held in Langdon. is-1131133 Sggte Lori Lundquist received a certificate of merit 1 for helping with library work. Tom Klein Marcy Moore 1977 BOYS' State Outstanding Student of 1977 Wes Larnpson 1977 Know Your State Winner Thorval Iverson National Merit Finalist Family Leader of Tomorrow V - 1' Lori Nelson received a certificate in recognition of typing an aver- age of 70 words per minute in a 5 minute timing with only 4 erro: Director : Mrs . Porter Stage Crew Director : Mr . Fez-agen Stage Crew: Wes Lampson Ierry Klein Bruce Nelson Derrall Myers Mrs . Feragen Lighting g Mr . Feragen Mr . 'Porter Wayne- YUCK! Make-up! A PICN C THE P RK ,...,,,,s ..:-:fr X' l., X ...,.,1d' The 2 elementary rooms celebrated the end of the 1978 school year by each room having their own picnic in the park. Bruises and bumps from the merry-go-round and too much to eat were the highlights! WILD ABO T HARR Y 3 ACT COMEDY Squeaky Rigley .... . .... Sheldon Schmiess Plato Blair . ..... ...... . . .Tom Klein Harry Hart . . . . .... Marwood Klein Sarah Hart . . .... . .jan Schmiess Mickie Hart . , . ..... Mary J. Mann Su Roberts . . . ..,... janet Scott Miss Fay ..... ..... I. inda Wiens ABOVE PHOTO: Excellent elec- tricity, Sandy? Or was the momen- tary black-out planned? RIGHT PHOTO: Oh-O! Kissing Permelia is going to make Su angry, Harry! FRIDAY , MAY 13TI-I, 1977 Yoyo Bruno ......... Sandy Baxter . . Mr. Squaffers . . , Mrs. Gleason .... Permelia Gleason Dalton .,........, Sadie Harris . . . . ,,.., 1 5 C3 Wayne Rosland . . . . . .Kent Klein ........jayKlein . , . . . .Marcy Moore . . . . .Debbie Nelson .. . . .Alan Albrecht . . , . .Cleo Lundquist le. f els. .-. e gi' mm ' fswev-annum mmf? 41 safe? . ,f mt , L,,, A , ,- , I r ,T jig, i , , Xa . gefgg f M M zzff , X 4 V '19 '-f 4? X 4' '5 3 W. Vi i X6 P Af' ,mm fu, ABOVE PHOTO: Dave and Thorval. PHOTO: Pomp and Circu.mstance, played by Linda Wiens, escorted the seniors on and off the stage. PHOTO BELOW: janet, Shel- don, and Ian. RIGHT as Mme 6 'Do You Know Where Youlre Going To?v 1977 Junior-Senior Banquet Saturday, April 231-d 6:30 P. M. Art Clare Motel Devils Lake, N.D. LEFT PHOTO: jan, Lee, Thorval, and janet singing The New x ' I' 'Q Lee v Af: :git Mixed Chorus y Tom and Linda singing Turn Around. Tom also sang the banquet's theme song, Do You Know Where You're Going To ? 23rd. RIGHT PHOTO: Rev. Charles Plaster from Faith Lutheran Church was the guest speaker. PHOTO BELOW: Debbie and Dave. if if 5 QJHM Lee- The Bottomless Pit 'ia' DIWUIV ' gf 4 A2 TIME I A BOTTLE junior-S enior Banquet Saturday, April 29th, 1978 6:30 P. M. Embers Steak House Langdon, N.D. Clayton Hamann and Marcy Moore Tracy Eitzen and Alan Albrecht POEM TO THE SENIORS Another year goes passing by Another banquet is here Mrs. Diane Huso was the guest To some this brings a joyous smile speaker at Alsen's 1978 Junior- To others, brings a tear Senior Banquet. She taught in Al- For four years you have tread a path sen for three years. From dawn to setting sun But now the path gets steeper And the climb is just begun. -T he Juniors Banquet guests anxiously await the meal which consisted of: roast beef, chicken, corn, peas, baked potatoes, salad, and beverages. Kelly Peters and Deanne Swin gdo ff Jim Albrecht and linda Wiens ABOVE PHOTO: Stan lverson reading the 1978 Class Prophecy. FAR LEFT PHOTO: Karen Aafedt and Tom Klein. LEFT PHOTO: Tom and Linda sang Photographs and Memories. Tom also sang the Md Q theme song, Time in aBottle. . Vx, 1978 Commencement Exercises Tuesday, May 23rd 8:00 P M Class Colors Royal Blue and Light Blue C lass Flowe r Whit e C a.rn ati on Songs The New 23rd Mixed Ensemble Try to Remember Tom IQei.n Halls of Ivy Honorary Ushers Debbie Nelson Stan Iverson Toni Albrecht Tracy Klein Mixed Chorus BEGINNING A NEW CHAPTER 5? ,. is x, , ,T S li if W2 .gamma 7 Lake Region Junior College AREA VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Hwy 20 N Devils Lake, North Dakota Ron Loewen A2 Son 'Your Little Ol' Wheat Cuttexs ED QUIRING S SON ELECTRIC CO. Munich, N .D . he S20 oo Lounge Langdon AL- Z Frie ndly 7 FARMER 'S OIL CO. ALSEN ND. K IC. . ' 7 3 ik if A' ' .13 -112521: LL-e.,- . I Eg ii ' fi2f'i2?f:f122'i2s? 5 ff:--if 3 . . ,::. ,..L 1 E ,I .:,: S55 w,ngf,, 1 : u-H! QFFQFF A -.4 , A - V V L il .,,.. ff-:Q i - A X 5 - Y JACK S HARTZ STORE Alsen N D A JACK'S 155973 sroms W 1968-1978 10 Years Custom Combining MUNICH STANDARD Alsen N D Dial 682-5534 or Mobile 256-7919 Munich N D 1vERSoN S INC Hampden, N D Phone 868-3231 Mobile Phone 256-7935 Franchise Lune Rock Picker Cul ti va tors 'W . 1 I MIWWER LAWN G GARDEN EQUIPMENT w1L- RICH ww HAYBUSTER VERSA TILE ASSORTED SHORT LINES 5 flfGrain Dryers DFCT Bins ?,,g-13.5. ef, fe 'Tk AQ bkCultivator Shovels PFPIOW Shares ii THE FIRST STATE BANK s'rA'l'10NA'1' , . , T Q , :s'm'rxnx AT STAl1KwE,x'i'HP:R, Nn. Muni HQ AGR FH 533535 A if?SXABROC'K, 54.0. nga,-auf a.v-..-.wee an ,uv ....-.Q ...-..--v HA Gflilii HANK 13,5 5285353 EVSEQQFKX 1' ' BANK WITH IH BY MAH, 53553 2353? SY fC?fEfiCK 'fhif-1 Hunk is fhsfm-fi ami i4i?Z'2iTiBf2i?!Ti 2332 553535 ?fe-55316 H - - M M ROBERTSON LUMBER Mumch, N D RUPP ELEVA TOR 8 IMPLEMENT Mumch N D f Farmers Elevator C0 gg K' neil' F si emo am --+...4..,,,...,, Alsen N C3110 Bar Calio, ND. D Te FIRST HAMPDEN FARMER'S ELEVATOR Hampden N D Ron Sager-Mgr. PlfCustom Feed Grinding Of flfSeed Cleaning S Treating Langdon PlfFarm Chemicals 47 fkFerti1izers The Merchants Association Of Devils Lake Thanks You For Your Patronage And Asks That You Continue To Make Devils Lake Your Shopping Center In The Lake Region Kellys Women's Apparel Ramsey Drug, Inc. Mann's Deparunent Store Sears Roebuck S Co. KDLR Radio Ramsey National Bank Bil1's OK Hardware D .L. Rexall Drug Credit Bureau of D .L. , Inc. First Federal Savings 8 Loan D .L. Equipment Ziegler's Fabrics Bell Drug Store Barkers Smart Apparel Wayne's Standard Service Home of Economy, Inc. Haverlock's Furniture City Lloyd's Auto Shine G1ickson's Mens Store First National Bank Bible, Book, S Gift Shop Leevers Super Value Devils Lake World Our Own Hardware Paint 8 Glass Supply White Mart The Branding Iron . 25: i f ,ii ., .qu -51, -15, gf, ,' h fr. 1 - f A-Tea --1' v, 'fi as ,jf f X-L: ' 4. A F -- . . ' , is , l I E I , fi an 3551 G G vu Qgggvg 1- ' L - -1' ' 1 'I 'I - 'L -. I :: un Dil ' ' V 1 JS J V-J' 'J I I .wg f-.faksii .1-, al il-I an I. -e nie Q ' 'i,I': f' 1 l ff'f'T. , Ill HA USA UER IMPLEMEN T CO. Langdon, ND. PFCASE FARM MACHINERY elflvl-F Garden Equipment H'fMelroe Grain Drills 8 Spra-Coupes elfWil- Rich Cultivators fkMatson Harrows Plfwestfield Augers PkAusherman Cylinder Bars SALES SERVICE PARTS RENTALS Call 256-2502 AQ, 510.00 CONTRIBUTIONS PlfRobertson Lumber Co. 951 ST FEDERAL Langdon, N .D . :kUniversal Parts fkDAI RY QUEEN Langdon, N .D . PIfStone's Fairway Munich, N.D. flfAafedt's Locker Munich, N.D . Langdon, N .D . Cando, N.D. PFDSH Implement, Inc. vkLunde Implement Co. akFgrmer'5 Union Gil Langdon, N .D . eifCargill Inc. Langdon, N .D . PFRobertson Flying Langdon, N .D . 411 ST STATE BANK Cando, N.D . Calvin, N .D . PlfGerrells S Co., Inc Devils Lake, N.D Pifjim Erickson Photography Hampden, N.D. 96Sar1es Grain Co. Sarles, N .D . flfFarmer's Union Elev. Calvin, N .D . Devils Lake, N .D . 535.00 CONTRIBUTIONS: LC . Penney's, Langdon, N.D.- COUNTRY KITCHEN, Langdon, N.D .-Luhmann Lumber Co., Langdon, N.D.-Schroeder's Furniture, Langdon, N.D.-Langdon Implement, Langdon, N.D.-Hampden CAFE, Hampden, N.D.- CANDO SALES S SERVICE, Cando, N.D.-I-Ioutcooper Impl. Co. , Cando, N.D .-Neumann Rexall Drug, Cando, N.D .-FARMER'S UNION ELEV. ASSN., Sarles, N.D .-North Central Elev. Inc. , Clyde, N.D .-Schuler Hardware, Munich, N.D .-VILLA LANES 8 CAFE, Munich, N.D.-COVE, Calvin, N.D .-Sarles Cafe, Sarles, N.D .-MSI TASTEE-FREEZ, Langdon, N.D . CONTRIBUTIONS UNDER S5.00: Herrud jewelry, Langdon, N.D.- Christie Motor Sales, Inc., Langdon, N.D.-Mil1er's Fairway, Wales, N.D.-Clyde Bar, Clyde, N.D .-Glenda's Beauty Salon, Munich, N.D. FARMER 'S dc MER CHAN TS STA TE , BJ X ifgidggzi! 817 3rd Street g , Xa the Prrsaw' Hampden O11 Co. 4 QQ . Langdon, ND. , Hampden, ND. gg

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Alsen High School - Broncho Yearbook (Alsen, ND) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Alsen High School - Broncho Yearbook (Alsen, ND) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Alsen High School - Broncho Yearbook (Alsen, ND) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Alsen High School - Broncho Yearbook (Alsen, ND) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Alsen High School - Broncho Yearbook (Alsen, ND) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 27

1978, pg 27

Alsen High School - Broncho Yearbook (Alsen, ND) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 14

1978, pg 14

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