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,ra--ff ' , x,',5,.., 5? 1 'pq I , 4 '--Q .Q 4..- -e-.. , ,,, - , Q' U- .r ' .P U - A ,- ,.,s-7 .Qi- '.f'5'vA'f' 1 ' wb, -'tag' 3. 'Av A . -., J JU. 50.5 I. Q i.'q.v 1uf'f'1-sL.Xf'f.. . -' .w - in . an J -H1 54' '4?.. ' -H 1 , f-. o.....,. ,- Q s -' ' - 1 ,- - .- .1 ' , . ,, -,. F, T,,.,--QL5-Q'- 'A--4 .- - -er Y,A' ' '53 ' 'isa'-..-.. ig f -: . ...- f. .vw ,- v '1lf v .N ' 1.5 , gf---f- ,, 3,.,,uI'3' 3-P' , - V, -Q4-1' 5g,'g,,.Q ..--W , ..- .4,,, 9'-' fx ' .. -- 4, . ,WM an f , .- - '- .:0 . ' ' ' , ,., 43 . X 1 . r'5 11 u . .- r Q. .1- .- - 1 l'q-wr. 410. -. - v -v Q Vliv' F' 474 -If ' an jwg' HQ? if gi Q . W ' A it t we SL 1 ,Q Y Q , 5 Q 'ei Bri i , . :H+ Ag 5 ul ! 5'jgb Q ii an , bf if i 4 it I 3 BF fur fffi L I 'Q' Q1 rg' Q Sv mf A -- L C .- -- ' W A Y X M KZ.'g's85,,:J f ' or 6 4, F, , JI X, 2 '- A .QI 'X' Mt, I 5 4 Q W 'J I A 9 .V L - W a r eil' H A fi HQ -9 i 4, Y ' ' +A ' 5 a wiki ' Q X -end' 1 i'ffIf, ' W- ' ' A 2' iff ' . . V f i , 'f 1' ,r ' j P V,-'K ' , K n 'v ' ,- fi' 3, , ,Q 4 13, A if ' , we M? 'f wi I A ' df! ff Y ,, 'i '5'iw f fda' 'Vi' - fig 1 , ' I 9. g f ' 5 3 .we gf , 35, I: ,. ... ,, 3 u 5 A ,,, .1 f , 1 W . 551 H f, I igfbf, . . 1 J fe , 'ir 4 ' ' I Q, I V ' , N, Y ' . . fi' . 1-w 'gl M. 'vs V f K w sifw-1f,Hg-,gsjfQ',V'f' .1 ,E ,I ' . ,L , . fr . 4- a I 5. 0 Hath 'H X'-' Q, - N saf.,..w. . ' wa' . fy iv, QE' Jeckcafion For her many years of ser vlce to Alsea Grade School the Annual Staff of l969 70 would llke to dedlcate thls annual to Mrs Smlth Mrs Smlth was born ln COIV3ll1S Oregon She attended grade school at Corvallls, Ore Snake Rlver Canyon, Ore and Acequla, Idaho Hlgh school was also attended at AC6QU1a, Idaho Her college years were spent at Alblon State Normal Idaho and Oregon College of Educatlon Monmouth Oregon Mrs Smlth has been our grade school prlnclpal f flve years ThlS year s gradu atlng class lS the flrst class she taught at for your many and may Alsea ledge of many Alsea Thank you years of servlce have the pr1v1 more I3 , Aff ', G Q F . I , -' n . . . , U I ' .g . ' .Q , . - , x . . or 5 . . I - A . ifi li .WYE Q x fl? E 5 5 s E x K5 4 E TUDE T BODY 7' '93 'NG ACULT Top row: Mr. Green: speech, industrial arts, Mr. Mullenixz history, social studies, Mr. Thompson: Coach, science, :hemistryg Mr. Beal: Superintendent. Bottom row: Mrs. Seabough: teachers aideg Mrs. Palensky: home ec., P.E.g drs. Walters: Administration, Mrs. Olsen: music, math, Mrs. Carper: Spanish, typing, librarian, Mrs. Mousel: English, Miss Hise: math. Not present: Mr. Elmore: Coach, science, P.E. T DE TBUDY OFFICER J tt Partl Vice President' Tim Cathcart -R: Gail Smith-Treasurerg Becky Bray-Secretary, Jeff Bray-President, eane e - , gt.-at-Arms. 3 from NS Mr. Dawson, Sandy Goodman, Mrs. Ritchey, Mr. Ritchey. BUS DRI ER YOUR TIOIIILES Mr. Green, Mr. Wimmer, Mr. Ritchey, Mr. Dawson, Mr. Mullenix VAIISII EHEVHUN ALSEA CHEVRON XX QIFFEB u ' Main St. fs Q J 'Q 9 Alsea, Oregon 4 A' Aiuuna u - yy Your Cars Best Fnend E21::--: . ' 5 , X ad-scientist 1 M.- ,:.,., rfmif z mfiil? 53:5 .'51: gbiffkfif :sg Aw- gif -1 1. -1 f. -,W . . , J ' X Y Studying? . :. :hs Cool-it you two igsflfif Y OX Q.. LL Hustle! A 2 V .- 1 t ion- ' : I 'I:.-.. -Wk ' ' 'f:s - fr ffiffiife .. . , .af W 3 w ea n -'24:i:zivisf?a, ..-..i.fQ1iff13Q? -img . xv Big f .- 5, 'E ' 1.4. :fx .. ,, ff . . 1 :Ugg ' S. .M aw A 1 -wr if .L 2.52262 iw-,1-Q. V' Q 4 'g-LN :Su .. , S1 - I -' X .1 '-if , if ' Q 5 W3 K- 1 N LQNM J. K .,,..16. WM2 37, L, .ffm Q. M-, - s gf-.', .. 1 .gy . ,... f-H: fo ws' Meg- 5:-.2z.U-fQ??m.x..q. z.-fm .5 QV... . .Mr 9 .xx 1 T Q . . . . 353252 ge - ...P W' Biafiegggweg f fi ,. ra.5f.1y21fmg-..sf? 2 - . WW' QL M 322 ,A , V f P K Q. , ,nf ' .Was Q, Rf gf . K W- .N 15-,,,.., x .X ff, .. NM . .. . ..J M E .. D ,V rx- ' ' f, YF' In if - 7 z, 'E sI: fiQ:..'E' ' ' W ,V ug 19 ,na .: , QM 'I if -1 3 '-53,wQ .na-ffm -- A K 35 -. 3 nf 1 QLMW4, wf.,Qg.,- X l : . .2 K fs. . f' 3' .MM : .ii ,.., . T -:t 2iL'.i31.fs' J' Ff5LT ' Q . ggfigigggj'-l.gLQ 5.,. ,331 51: :Ei f- Q Q 3 any ' ' A Kg W, Wg' wig Don' t crowd boys' N W K H, 1? -RS? 2 L- .ing WB, ' f2 L,E A p W ww. M XE N 'A A . W ,... Q W i N .t ...., Z i . ,l :,. . X AN . V K ' fi 2- - 1 -it p- SEEN ' ' - . ' f f--1 11 i 1 a ' 5 'tw . W QQ ' ww K. N - minxgggffx S 9 N' QAM P .. ., ' x fn WM Q W A W f . -..Qi..g.l:zf'5 W ff S' Q 9' :' 1 w, f,.I..f'T 5'i: - f ,Q TI' -17 nf. :-fE :z?V Stats-man .I -QNSQYTW inf? 5... :Wm .six S 5 is Q I 'LM' NJ g .2 -N fi' -- :sszgx 5,11 .1 6552337 ' 2. N X N X x FRE SHMAN CLASS Top row, L-R: Dave Savage, Dave Reddington, Robin Zandofsky, Mike Bourne, Patty Schutte, Rose Olsen, Colleen Hanson, Carol Ludlow, Mr. Elmore-Advisor, Pat Shannon. Middle row: Gary Feyerherm, Ken Dunlap, Connie Stone, Sherri Kerr, Debra Hubbard, Sandy Duvall, Audrey Taylor, Rocky Sapp. Bottom row: John gaiger, Dennis Barclay, Gary Rhinehart, Steve Robinson, Robert Fischer, Alan France, Ernest Partl, Dennis u ey. L-R: Jim Campbell-Sgt.-at-Arms, Sandra Duvall-V. Pres., Robin Zandofsky-Pres., Steve Robinson-Sec.-Treas. MID WILLAMETTE LUMBER R S N X 2 Main st. w. 1 'w i , 6 Phil uh, o U n' RQ A19-9 ,i oma regon Q as SF L Q R S Z an 3 R wr S F S 1? s. .K 9 ei sf FROSHI ITI TIO 3129915 L5 M, awe ff - .S 2 25 E :E 5 MNA . , Q 5 gwasesg-1.-faiwfg 3 5 X Jie: 3 - .jf mfs gifsaii a ff . : ' xi . is- N sg A 3 it gas 25553 gg, U iegi3sgs52ggH,..1m1 emszsg.. 7 E the.-eff-wiwpexfgisiiisfskgiknf ?QfEiVw71?3QffYiff fsW'?Y?Yw si K 2E?2Qf2Sfipf?1Qf?fi11Qfg2ffk1H11121,4r3i5ffSxeafzg:-listziiiggs Qgilsiieifsiffff Xsfiiigigfiksg 5 s if S EW' ' .3 Egwwiff ngffzfffisghgiigxg geiinffmgkvgifiigfilzq 3Qfwinge2Sw:153215ggifagieggftawggsgzeggsgsl- 1, is E35 Q- S . if .,3.,,t,, ml .,,. 1 m,xgg15,w,qx,f,4.s .fsww .4 X3 Xfwzfm wgwmiigfgfgigfagfe '- QSM Pv ks-sNss2sP1 k1 -552ffXf2Z?f'w S1SQ42asefswszgxfgssfgakgiswiff' S ggi R ,,.X -fgmffgfi 551, Lggissiim, B1 'X .5.swsflvflvffezigaf-saflkalfsii' ,L Q tx E g. W qmfa mmwgsfsfisgssxfmemw - xg 91-:g W g,1Qsg,gg,5gg5f.S fs sgw amifzx Eu we .wg,mzwsgs2fae2fXf?Qa-isfwwfxkfiaf tg, ii., A..,A serie, ,,.. W. .. . R, E., Aww gg t W.fQW,wLgv1ssssfmfPfxggzQsg59f+9!Qiisfs V we 'Q 'H55nY:7fm S 5f?S553iik151iYf4fY kk5WWHQfW555wx13vs?Eauasm mmm K Z,m,.Mtwi Xi WW.W:m,Q,X1,sG-mm,My 5, :Z .. m.,L,, is ,X,,1..,,,..m2s.q,.,,.i,,e 1, A..,A. , fsggggg Q fgwigkfgwkfqsfyfsfwfgfbliwlMe.--131 -f--- if is Qggigigiiiiii, - K fyiiiiiiffsk 'H leiaf-.43 QP? ' f in ,. lv :fe-:ext -r . EN n: we -' Q -i 'ws 1: L - -gf ' .lc 3 .K gsmgiisffieiiiiib . as ' X M Xgesiisstiff' X S S N ,swans X S fax 2 NX X2 N S Have a little drinky'?'?'? . '12 51- ag 55? - f 2 -, is-ggg 'SESSQSEQQQ , I RQ, g:g5ZggZk,g5 ,g 5 Q, QMS - : ' g f N N fm 2 -sie, f fifaff Best Dressed?!! SW .eip i 1, R. Z, S. 42 11 8 Xe: SEL m, X is Sgj Q 'ix Kissing Contest? ?'? at f ' , sf gs fx fliqlg 2229 A 535 X ?X2' fs EE S6af5E3,,ggw V,.., fissg X L5 K E si! 23355355 ' 1 f , 5.2: 33 . 5 , is g E X X 3 W gags : it ' i i' Y U it it SMX: K ' Sfhamssk I -2133535555 -Q 2 W SG . L ,g Q X363 2 :JZ E 1: X x Tx mg Ry K is!! Qu is X 5 . .. We-...Qt .... f Et? S ME Ai X N N 5 L K s Ea:.-iw: A Q1 SE hfwsssfgfs Ev 1,,W.i 5233251 2 X ,iw S Mini Speaks me ep? G0 T E I-V FOOTB LL TE Top row, L-R: Mr. Thompson-Coach, Dave Gammon, Jim Barclay, Monte Schreiber, Jeff Bray, Sam Zandofsky, Don Neuman, Tim Shannon, Rick Zandofsky, Rodger Hendrix, Mike Cathcart, Elvin King, Robin Zandofsky, Mr. Elmore-Asst. Coach. Bottom row: Doug Culley, Gary Feyerherm, Rick Sapp, Jim Campbell, Dennis Culley, Dave Reddington-Manager, Huggins Sapp-Manager, Ike Thompson Jr.-Manager, Robin Russell-Manager John Carper, Russ Gammon, Floyd King, Pat Shannon, Bruce Hendrix. Alsea 24 Eddyville l2 46 Falls City 14 36 T-Lake 34 Butte Falls 12 67 Valsetz 40 O.S.S.D. 24 14 Detroit 22 34 Mohawk 20 WE'RE W, H T H Wo E is f ,Lr 310 S. 3rd Corvallis, Oregon it xx f'.z- :Ea , A '51 'S K, . N xx . 5 x . .. Q 5 mx1'1lilUi5 Gazziie- intra ERIN S A brilliant season turned into disaster October 24, l969 as the goal for state was thwarted by a fired up Detroit team in their home town. The Cougars drew first blood and held it throughout the duel. The only loss of the '69 season, but a fatal one. All in all, it was a good year. Senior Rick Zandofsky was selected to play in the Shriners All Star game, August 22, in Pendleton. Besides Rick, three others, Jeff Bray, and Tim Shannon, also seniors, along with junior quarterback Elvin King, were elected to the Casco League All Star team. High hopes for a championship team next year are expressed from every corner of the school. The cry Hwait till next yearn echoed through the A.H.S. halls for many weeks after Detroit got the vote for state. The '69 season produced many new talents and made use of a lot of old ones. Spots are already filled for the coming year with only five lettermen leaving. Three of these five dominated the awards department presented by Coach Thompson. The only one they didn't re- ceive was the most improved player award which went to Jim Barclay, a sophomore. Next year is another year and greatness is expected I hope it is achieved. SNAPS Ugh!! Geronimo ooopss! Coach Thompson QQLEZZQQKW ,N Crunch!!! ,W O T A WILSON MOTORS 'QINIJERBMD 200 N W 2nd X Touchgals It's a Fooooorrrd! ggi Corvallis, Oregon Q VICTORY IS SWEET Good Going We're No. l gk! A Great Dave! W Yahooo! ! ! ! l We did it! ' Oh, it was nothing! eu...--- ' BAMM HARDWARE i' THE MAN OF THE 1830 Main St Philomath, Oregon Homecoming Ro alt Princess Cindi Princess Sandra Princess Connie Queen Gwen ugg g. N LIPMAN WOLFE AND CO . Quality ..... Excellent IIIIWH 'ew J 215 S. 4th Style ....... Excellent , ,,.i,f1 51 WMnm,a.f,4L:gl1 1 'i i . .. ,,l lH,,,nW,,ULi5. Corvallis , Oregon Price. . . . . . . Excellent -, Eg,-gl Illll I l,l,.,-L: .H ,Z ing. . LIPMAN' S .... Excellent HOME COMI Senior heroes Farewell, Clyde QUEEN Gwen Q25 xi GO Main su. 3 Who!!! ALSEA SHELL Alsea , Oregon 3 X QQ Sl , 5 .53555 H K ,iifmiff H SN P Winners T-Rah 1 2 3 f ff 1 , wa WQZMMHQMJQWW f -,HE ,V , f f E ff Q 1 Q5 ,sf ,f,f' ff r 1 ff jf .gwhw , Fight ' Wm 7th Jr. HHHQQWWWQEEW MWHEEY fww Wagga ,wi a f I wh-QMMEM f X 5 Saw 2 f 7 1 aff gfagjwf Y I S l by ew 5 if fa , f S M ,ZA gf Q ,Q , , Q Wln 224. mmm-mmm 8th Coach M it he X Go! Frosh Ugh! Soph. nl' LEW 8 GEORGA HOLTER Main St. East Alsea , Oregon CROSS COUNTRY TE K. 3 L-R: Tim Cathcart, Don Philips, Joe Scott, Gail Smith, Howard Ezell, Cory Wren, Terry Kerr, Mr. Beal-Coach OLLE YB LL TE s s Kerr, Connie Stone, Gail Smith, Rose Olsen, Sandy Goodman, Jeanette Partl, Miss Hise-Coach. .3 if 5 E 551 S nf gs is is ,Qt S 5 2 L-R: Colleen Hanson, Sandra Duvall, Suzanne Youtsey, Connie Yocom, Karen Campbell, Kathy Banton, Sherri F' L all Q , 4 . R ' ' 3 P 17 ?Y ff'-fvff ffl-vs. .ar ':-If 51.991 ' -X -223' x f gf . O , , . i 2 Q iw xi 5 QS miss? 3,9 fag Q3 X -V-5 7 is: fs-ia -- YN Q3 X R x QS 'Rf Q x 4 A px is iw.. V' Y as iss if K X - :g g KK ...,, M 'S n 1 wp X! , giix :. is -Qggfizffssw 4522 - -' E3 353 : i 3 ',' ,-':f' . '. Z ffi 5 :-' iii' '2:,. '.,, 'lb Q 512' ws ,, fiz '- : : ..Ql X .-.. akb- Q i' - 57 x 'ii' T jf gs ' g ,,,, fr K, D H Q : ui Q ,531 .S 't ,K . .:, ... ,fr Aw . 4. .. 2 ,. . sn- .g... . as -g ,- T f Y' mfwegw ,. , -, - - ,. ' .,.. A'-- , 1 A , - is A.., 1. WW - N-ff p f - , : O L W is ji, 4 N Q, Q 5, 'Y is '-' j sv,-fy ,fag f aw- Q - A' ' Y f4':':f:'-ual' , . ' li :R I 'fb 1'- K xx 1 Kissing SUIBBS E H on E11 PU 3. 1 be in?? That's a no, no girls! fe K gf .A iv' lager .af , . 1 . in . N sz Rib? L. 'Zi bf 'S xl 'hE:f. NL'. ' K F ,N S is How many what? S, 196355 7 ,gums ?!? ww A fn S w . S S v V38 i f 3,11 :' i, 73,7 1,5 5 53353 ,ggi I am- ' ' fma '. .zgifieii , 1 H' 'agg::::E::22 I'i,IfI l .,-. ai 'N 1 SM, - tai H H fm ' ' Y s i 5 EE, W ..Es,,E,g , I Karen! : W . s 1 H , ,W iii . ...E You What? ,333- lg ' Q ,,. . CORVALLlS FROZEN FOODS 925 N.W. 9th O Corvallis, Oregon .. X hw aw Q? aw fa M 5 gg YES Egg BL K CHRISTMAS PROGR .K Q, Grade School f ,L S7 ws, W 6 A 5 I x iff? :MM .,. , ,. ' I ?o gg' ff ff 1 , , M ,xy , ri ' 'fr:sa:iwh?fQ,a,.,, V ,.m:fgw21fwfws, VZ W, Wicwffgffl 1' Q55 L ww ,Jw l,,m,,,fQxf,, 'M , w eww ,mf f 5isSfgaafffaaiiviweexviiffiiez . ,,,, Mxeffgf zcsqgiezcrewnqww Law -w w Wwfigi A ,,,, Mw.f ff A V, :awry ,wzffww -v kmQMYHAMSMV'swf K M 5 fm,,,c,,.,,ym,,fw,w,mw 5, mf Vikz'7ZQ7g,L?357'Ui-iz zLE5iez4gf'f2,,j9z?i,:1Q2f1gj-Lfe1i.g zvamwp'Zfff:w12a1wwM?5s fsiwiiimmfaz' A-g,W,fww?,wfv1ez wvwzwflafe ,S ,,,.,, ,,,,,,, ax QW 335: dk Q n,,, gm in 1 f ,az K mf V V. --W, M mmlwr-mriw ff . . ww f wwwf'1:-Z'wwwv3 N W I , -, M mf11mes1?wz5Q2faS af w B V-fx 1 I f 1 ,, f , iw? Q mm Mrs. Olson -fr -1 5 '-11 Y X ix fi -'ffl ' '- FXR? X I , - ff X Ns N TOMS SHOPPING CENTER Main St. , ,, Alsea, Oregon fXf W gm Jr. High School choir High School choir , X , , ff'i'3,Q.- V - If-f'v.r:1 c r mi WL W V.: K ma 1,4 -3' ,,., M- ,ma Q H2 , 1 ' 1 ' W, v 53 V an gwei , -Q hwmwrrrmma 'S' Q ' f -f Ewfmqf fiaw' ,L Y SFQEE , f av . 1 Q 2 x 2 A si ,S ,X 3 51 f 2 ' ii? Vkffifig U5 9 A 5 mmg z f my ff Y my A W f f fywwwfrew fieeww ww',vizwigdlhioffwm1Qsiz1iS2wz ,,wW,,,f,, ,S A,,,a,,4,,,,,w,.,,W H, ,,,, A ,G W,b,.w N52 , 1, z v2Zie'M?wW4z27Qf wg , +z, ,,w'f:'1' , : ' 1133W1SjLf,fQWST:6?M451,fQ?Vi,+51ffJl5l,Zggg!IE!IiM' 'f5'jgf7L5?f:fL2Q?::4S3jg,g1k,WMS:ii6E,f.3fz1g'?V4i,f?5i34 f ff qw -Wrfswfwmfwwfg ,1fa-2:www.wwzwvwwff wwfeww 7 V ' M,fefggwmifesiwwgwzzgz',vizzesaviw , , , ww ,MSWwirwwwmcmwv'vtmv -mwwm f-wa!-wwwmfmwwm,it-wmfsw f 5 W' WWff,L f52 aaaezwz,4Mwigiiarme1Wwwwwzeewwfmisailweif-2,fzgsfgazwf,g4faf,SWs,f,gxeeiAfifr,qkgg45f,gQfaamfwszewggw xssgfwifwziilfizlIft2u1inzi?gsfazS4,gfwg4i55M9f21z:a:mifMi,?113z S 2 1f Tc, Miigggegrwffiy,Wweseezzewg5fazixagmfsigwwyfifwf?2if,495:1,,Q,,g:m1 ff f y :Q f , f ,,f ,,4,,Q , Af ,zswv ww s2fAmffff,Ym wL1wz1+ A ,px wg M wwf ,3wf,wgIw4W,W,w,tg, mM9g,.g,vL5s mfzvf?,,w4s23,gV,w3sm,g,WSW,,,.,m,N f , 'M hh 1 wmsimxy, wma Mary and Jo seph CHRISTMAS B LL Go Goodman! A Dance?'? i 'C or .geifffgl-2.1 When it's time for a formal dance or date KESSEY has the flower for your matei KESSEY'S FLOWERS 308 S.W. Monroe i Corvallis, Oregon Poor Don qi' 'P 1 A 45 'I six, 1' B. ' i '3' f ' Sf W mx Mag A , . 1,4 i ii ,en K .L ' ' 195 X E N l ' xxfmtrfs . X 'Uh gQr--?'.af 1 A Ywl . Jug Q , OPHOMORE CLASS Top row, L-R: Mrs. Palensky-Advisor, Denise Johnston, Cindi Hendrix, Kathy Banton, Debra Dunbar, Kathy Jelen, Roxanna Montgomery, Sherry Pellett. Bottom row: Tom Cantrell, Gerold Hawkins, Rick Sapp, Rodger Hendrix, Robin Russell, Jim Barclay. Don Philips. OFFICER L-R: Debra Dunbar-Sec.-Treas., Cindi Hendrix-Pres., Jim Barclay-Sgt.-at-Arms, Robin Russell-V Pres. UN IOR CLASS Back row, L-R: Mr. Mullenix-Advisor, Floyd King, Bruce Hendrix, Mark Hanson, Howard Ezell, Don Nueman, Audra Robinson, Terry Kerr. Front row: Mike Cathcart, Sam Zandofsky, Elvin King, Tim Cathcart, Tom Gordon, Karen Campbell, Polly Hendrix, Connie Yocom, Suzanne Youtsey, Debra Proctor, Becky Bray, Terri Hawkins, Joe Scott. OFFICERS L-R: Sam Zandofsky-Sgt.-at-Arms, Karen Campbell-V. Pres., Don Neuman-Pres., Audra Robinson-Sec Terry Kerr-Treas. N A PATTEN NEWS AGENCY Paperbackxga 1435 N.w. 9th Books Corvallis, Oregon . .BASKETB LL TE M L- R: Gary Rhinehart, Floyd King, Mike Bourne, Rodger Hendrix, Garth Kuhagen-Manager, Dave Reddington Rick Sapp, Robin Russell, Rocky Sapp. 20 J.V. Basketball is the prelude to the letter for Varsity. Only a certificate can be cherished by the season finishers with the right amount of playing time. Alsea's J.V. Team is reported to have endured the season. Many setbacks such as players being kicked off or ineligibilities made up for a good portion of their inconsistency. The team did win l3 of its 22 outings but lost several close ones. Alsea for the first time had a Freshman Team which played several A-2 Freshman Teams. Such teams as Waldport's Freshmen and Newport's Freshmen were handed devasting losses. The teams performed to the best of their ability and came through surprisingly well. 4 DRUGS ALBRIGHT AND RAW REXALL 259 Madison Corvallis, Oregon Alsea 39 32 37 53 53 32 36 45 50 44 62 69 54 86 43 53 35 45 44 53 44 30 Qt5CRlp,, gvghffb JVMu 1' 6, tif? Q6 Waldport Eddyville Waldport Portland Christian Eddyville Portland Christian Monroe Cotb Crow Mckenzie T-Lake CotD Mohawk Mapleton Harrisburg Lowell Monroe T-Lake Crow Mckenzie Mohawk Mapleton Harrisburg Lowell 6 Cotb over time Don' t panic ! Good Robin! SNA Block Bruce block! That's the way! MAIN if-w MFEED f-W Q gag? fs M 3144 -H ' 'NH' ,,L, H Alsea, Oregon Qr' wif E 'xA'.1WLA'l 'A -1 ' of VARSITY BASKETB LL TE - L-R: Tim Cathcart, Jeff Bray, Terry Kerr, Cory Wren, Don Neuman, Mike Cathcart, Jim Campbell, Elvin King Garth Kuhagen-Manager. Alsea High's basketball team endured the season in higher style as compared with three previous years. Our 10 and 12 record was headed by Jeff Bray, the only starting Senior. Even though we did lose more games then we won we tallied 20 points greater than our opponents, with an average of 52.5 points to the opponents 51.2 points per game. ln the rebounding department we outdid our opponents by 4.5 per game. We were plagued with injuries most of the year, thwarting several efforts in winning a tight game. Most of our games were either won or lost in the last minutes showing we were not as bad as appearances permit one to think. Elvin King and Don Neuman were the only two to play in all 22 games. Jeff Bray, Jim Campbell, and Tim Cathcart rounded out the first string. Most of our strength is back for next year and 1 hopefully predict a better season. Y . ' ' f '- G fs. R BODY SHOP 4 2408 Main St. lik - 5. 'N Philomath, Oregon N, N ,. 41 QW mxlr 1wt5E?rH .'?: , , ,... I W 1 fi is 3 f 22 Alsea HJ ,A 1'i4' . ony, 0 ...- 1 1 wmwwwwmw' Waldport 36 Eddyville 32 Waldport 51 Portland Christian 37 Eddyville 33 Portland Christian CotD33 Monroe Qotj 44 T-Lake 51 Crow 61 Mckenzie 68 Mohawk 62 Mapleton 49 Harrisburg 72 Lowell 60 Monroe 58 T-Lake Cotl 52 Crow 37 Mckenzie 51 Mohawk 63 Mapleton 56 Harrisburg 71 Lowell 56 f CotD over time EP-9' PEPSI co. 2555 N.W. US Hwy. 99W. Corvallis, Oregon VARSITY PL YERS Terry Kerr Mlke Cathcart ElV1U Klng Jim Campbell Q 'nulcs fx i .,i1'1',V,X,. V, fl 'Y -mx..fgi1:',z-4,-.V-W 3 Tim Cathcart mm il! 'MMJ F' , ALSEA RICHFIELD Main St. n Alsea, Oregon x. Don Neuman V MSW' , 4 ' 1 J ff B A e ray YAP Cory Wren S ' SN APS Two points! Steady Good Don Ballet?? WRE STLI G TE- Top row, L-R: Pat Shannon, Gerold Hawkins. Bottom row: Gammon, Alan France. r --we., John Carper lO6 lbs Rodger Hendrix, Gary Feyerherm, Steve Robinson, John Carper, Russ Alsea had a good season in wrestling this year even though injuries hampered team performance. Alsea, which has never won a dual match, came very close to breaking the Htraditionn against Central Linn and McClaren. Coach Elmore's superb coaching helped the team do well. Alsea placed eighth out of nine schools at district, which was better than Coach Elmore expected. The inability to make weight plus a sore knee forced Russ Gammon and Gerald Hawkins out of competition. On the first day of district Steve Robinson and John Carper entered the semi-finals with two wins apiece. Steve beat the fourth seed and John beat the second seed. The rest of the wrestlers lost their first match and only Pat Shannon entered consolation on Saturday. On Saturday morning, John Carper and Steve Robinson lost thus placing them into the consolation semi- finals. Unfortunately John and Pat were eliminated and Steve went into the con- solation finals Saturday night. That night Steve beat Keith Howell of Monroe for third place and challenged Mike Rodgers of Oakland for the right to go to state. Steve beat Rogers, 7-4, in overtime to win the right to go to state. At state Steve placed fourth. Alsea Mckensie Crow Monroe Philomath Central Linn McClaren Harrisburg Waldport Monroe if as, wmeeaei QS hr 5-W MJ? Steve Robinson lO6 lbs WRE STLER Pat Shannon 148 lbs Gary Feyerherm 141 lbs Alan France 98 lbs Russ Gammon Gerold Hawkins 115 lbs 115 lbs 'gi I Jf4i, Fii:l:i Z B 2?s2E5ai3P2i? Philomath, Oregon Rodger Hendrix 168 lbs ' XX 33 is x W M X li ' V 1 , This Can't Be Real?!? ,.. f i -iigiiiff , .' 4 ' ,:...'. . Ap,,,,,,,. DJ? V P ' 'V' : : h.s?F XM Xxx x N X x N X N N bx 2 NQ N lg Q i X x + x N 1 Q: Q is ' :ww i . 3, 'QQ I -r.-as .,--+.+, :- , Qi 'Sw Auf,'rs-q:,.f:ss:::fS:::s2 ee n.. ,. . M , -. 8559. , f ,S Q ,gg ' F wx H 1 .. , 1 3 kky. I , , - , --', Se? .K ., A , Q N,-,- .t . if 'L X Q-L..w,.1,.b f A , A , as A if-SPQZ3 K'kL 5i1i1f yFf v Sam HMV' x 'Y ,, 1, . .o,':V..1:W.w-mwz FE ' H I V W. 1 - 'E R g , wik i s gs? B - hw SP RI- ,.W,N,f,,:m,: -Mi- S Q Q ww E 'fb S F551 i Qg.g:,.f5g1w- .sg za- 5 working Senior .,. L5-wrsfm, A .,,f..rf.-5 1 - ...Q WW 7 WF 'M ran: :- 2 2 g s fu X Q52 .Q H R 1 H Zhl 5,S - . -:, , N- I fi Ex sg .f Q , f V . .QE ms. xfr. .Q - g ag :ai ,Q N Qi.. fa . Q ,.:::s:Psr.. '42 . ' 3 . Wx K gi 5 X X :QL -s..' w .sw . 513 h . . gx - q:s:.:- .Sr-, Q, g am x Q 8 X X wg 2 S Qi f ,S Wxx qs W N E525 SE 1+ X , .SEQ Sa W W L g qggi , :fs H- MMM-M' rx X 14, xx All Y Sw 3 -Q. xx xr z . LQ! In - A : S3 'I'1Q,js. g it E'II51QffzT UNIORS AT WQRK Up goes the ceiling! An island in the making! Loading materials??? UP and Over!! JR. R. BANQUET Sr. Pres. Yeah it's good! !! Jr. Pres A server Make a wish! Guests of Honor! x -L4 we SSQMEEQHQH3 HFQEEEFHQKQ ..,, QEYEXNSMWWH 5 Peace! 5 29 JR. R. PRGM King 8 Queen! Go go go go!! Pressed Rat! Prom Royalty n Darlene K TRACK TE Back row, L-R: Ernest Partl, Jeff Bray, Tim Cathcart, Elvin King, John Carper, Dennis Barclay. Middle row: Jim Barclay, Sam Zandofsky, Don Neuman, Polly Hendrix, Mike Cathcart, Rodger Hendrix. Front row Sandra Duvall, Gail Smith, Colleen Hanson, Sherri Kerr, Terry Kerr, Cory Wren, Mr. Elmore-Coach. Strong desire and determination are the win- ning combination in achieving a goal. Anyone who is great in Track and Field has obtained this combination. Alsea's Program has not progressed to this point as yet. Enough for the philosophy of the subject. Alsea's Track Team did surpris- ingly well this year, winning 5 of the 8 slatings in our district with only 7 en- 7 made it to the state meet and finished 4th trants. 4 of the where the bottom fell through. I don't wish to further. go into this any Several records fell during the season, two of which went at the district meet. Rodger Hendrix, a sophomore, soared to a winning height of ll'6 in the pole vault, and junior Tim Cathcart, placed 2nd with a 9:58.2 two mile clocking each of which went to state. Jeff Bray and Elvin King rounded out the foursome who were statebound. Yes, Track and Field is a most interesting sport, individualistic in every aspect. Football and Basketball are team sports, one individual does not make himself even greater with the winning combination, desire and determination. EUMBFR N mum... 'fvfgi ALSEA LUMBER co. cum Hifi? Lobster 'Mm6wpER 'fg Alsea, Oregon leaf TRACK ' 'M 55 2, I ,511 SEWZ Lg - 455553 K L, ., ,...,:,: ,...,.. Y' ,. ..? ,..., 5, S .Q,,.,,, ,, H ,L i Q 'W i sv X X 5 Y N X N S A S 5: sg + S wx x N Q., E 5 5 X 6 sf if 3 XR y xg up y A mg N Q Qi K X x WS . V , . 15.-w g, ,Q Q. , - -M: Piiji., f JM - 15325255-kg ., X : ..,. : M. ,L:.:v H ,W - , - -af N - W .:,:,5y :.-:.:.'- ..,, . U ,, fu. 9 kk qw -: waz, 'fa :SSW f' .Q . Q:-: -. Q 'f:.: W i 1 ':Q '5 Lg ig avi.. ,.- .W My : x 0 fp , ,R X k Nw X 'f X EEK A Y X .wry .X x YK A gi N f S N, Y my A 2 Q X .Q SQ ig ' 552 12 ' Hg . xx N vol' 'V S A . XM x A F aw N, K 1 4 me Qt K W 95 X L if ,mg X N x gk ff Q so :Fatal A S x + W e , , im A mem y fi gg f , ,sw YM Q M 5 H w N gr Q Em 5 1 Q. 5' Ye A mf' K1 I X31 RX Tim jumps! Tim runs! - , fr. Up and over! Keep go ing ! ! Good Jeff! R E ..WZ5??Qg.,,,.M.v, . , -'ig i 3, - x H .... at .,?-is, - Y, 1 f -, ' Qxv wx. 59,2 mf ww W Qessmg ' A 55.55, .W ww 5 in it W? 35 QQ' sm X 1. , N 5 , ' Z ' mf -:ik 1, K L , . S 'X Vt ww ns..,,.L X ,I X 4 A X ' 4' xnxx lf 2 X -in 4, XM 49 3 in 5 S . S ,J Q Q S gk? as S X f v arqx 55 awww A 8 'wp S Q 2 X K' N as K f 5355? va SK T . i 1 N, X 3 :Q N, .f g wg -,iv Q .1 9 X ,K S ,f , 1.. ' ,. ,Q :tin .MV ss 355 . Li' E ' SN PS :.1,!:- . 5 W . .Qi A ff, 4- , E f XX sux! 5 ! lE my 3 5 ,Sirk .. it ,. 1 a A ,. gy? X 1 x we r W ,QV 1 f y... ij33QfggE S Www Wwgiw y l Q Q 5' fn ww 'Q m Y ?EwHffM Rwfiigk fag? - . fr :Tis Q Q XY , N , K Q E X Q K Mk Ra, ws: 1 S Ng 42556 552 H L x Q f 3 i Q on f 2,3 . , HX we , .H , my , B Q. .. me 3 S 15 X Kia A , Qi, A fn.. Fe-2' x5kwF ? smr QW One two three heave!! FA-JEENS Lobster Rd. Alsea, Oregon Go girls! fefgtnfx v ::' x , 5 Y' sg -1 . 4 Q my . K .W Qi 1 Everything comes in baggies! Wait a minute!!!! .iwglmmwwi .... ' 2Q WN' yi: 5532-qs. Q fee Prophecy The l97O Class of Alsea High School, Being exceptionally bright and nobody s fool Decided in view of the world s unsettled state Their lives to a Tahitian Holiday should dedicate Glamorous Gwen most charming of all While charming Cheri, whom you all remember, Fishes all day from May to December Cory really looks great in his glasses, While supervising the universities classes Graduating from college with its strain and its classes, Jeff now has his major in chasing the lasses , , . , . . . , . . . . . , l Q Now picks up shells, and is having a ball. Rick and Dave, those mechanical wizards, Now export special surfboards, for surfing in Now owning her own restaurant and bar, Doralea draws customers from near and far. Terri pursuing her mother's ambition, Has now become Tahiti's leading beautician. Alone in the jungle in his own little nook, Curtis now has time to read all his books. With her mask and her snorkel, each day in th blue, Jeanette dives for pearls, and gathers a few The local fix-it shop is run wise and well, By Darlene, who also has huts to sell. Look at that dune-buggy streaking by, With Doug in control, it really can fly. Starring in his own nighclub act, a real audience stimulator, ls our own dear Tim, a famous chicken imitator m talk of the days that are no more. , iaz 5 i ln training for the olympics to be held this year, Gail circles the island with the speed of a deer has found a way to fulfill all her passions, modeling all of the islands latest fashions es in the evening they gather on the shore, the Tahitian sun sinks slowly in the west, is none more happy and none more blessed St. B. Sgt.-at-arms - 3, Good Scholarship - l,2,3,4, Honor Society V-Pres. - 4, Student Body Pres. - 4, Student Body Pres. - 4, Lettermen's Club - l,2,3,4, Casco League All- Star - 4, Most Valuable F.B. Player - 4, OSU Dad's Award - 4. Treas. - l Pres. - 3 Class Class Tiger Award - 4 Track Hardrock Award - 4 Football - l,2,3,4 Basketball - l,2,3,4 Valedictorian - 4 Honor Society - 3,4 Newspaper Staff - 3 Student Council - l,3,4 St. C. Sgt.-at-arms - 3 Four year Scholarship Award - 4, Cheerleading Queen - 3,4, Cheerleader - 2,3,4, Wrestling SU l,4, Honor Society - 2,3,4, Newspaper Staff -. Good Scholarship - l,2,3,4, Student Council - Choir - 4 G.A.A. - 3 Trackette - 3 Class Pres. - l 0. St. C. V-Pres. - 4 Xbfq ,Qhn pep Club - l,2,3,Q Acvkejgb a62nng2ZQd2i Volleyball - 3 Salutatorian - 4 Homecoming Princess - EHLTLTQL L L L L I fiL'ElElL'iL'lLiLilS1L'l! Volleyball - 1,2 Wrestling Stat. - ,sa i Q. 7' 4,29 Pep Club - l,2,3 52072042 c.A.A. - l,2,3,4 Class Treas. - 3 Class Sec. - 1,4 G.A.A. Sec. - 4 Prom Queen - 4 Trackette - 3 Sr. Play - 3 Track - 3 Choir - 4 Football Stat. - 2,3, Basketball Stat. - 4, Newspaper Staff - 3, Newspaper Asst. Ed. - 3, Four year Scholarship Award - 4, Good Scholarship - 2,3,4, National Honor Society - 3,4, Linn-Benton Scholarship - 4. 36 2594? Class Sgt.-at-arms - Class Pres. - 2 rf E mmgix ,. , Rxcxxaiill. 3 M - Librarian - 4 R Track - l,2,3 Q is at ull' gf Q ft LN. Football - l,2,3,4, Basketball - l,2,3, Lettermen's Club - l,2,3,4, Lettermen's Pres. - 3, Student Council - 3,4, Newspaper Staff - 3, Treas. Vlly Scholarship - 4. 1 eanelue hristmas Ball Kin 2 Annual 2,3, Annual Asst. Ed. - 3, Annual Editor - 4, Music Award - 4, OSU Dad' Roll - 3,4 ship Award - s Award - 4, Honor , Good Scholarship - 2,3,4, Citizen 2,3,4, Volleyball - l,2,3,4. Choir - 4 G.A.A. - 3,4 Q Trackette - 3 F.H.A. - 3,4 St. C. Treas. - St. C. Pres. - 4 Librarian - 3,4 Sr. Play - 3 Pep Club - 2,3,4 Pep Club Pres. - 3 Cheerleader - 4 G.A.A. V-Pres. - 4 Newspaper Staff - 3 Newspaper Editor - 3 M Okf tg Class V-Pres. - 2,3 ll moi 5' 'SS a Student Body Treas. - 3 3 n7a'ue!JQf4f st. B. v-Pres. - 4 lass Sgt at arms 1 3 Student Council - 3,4 ettermen S Club 1 2 3 4 D.A.R. Good Citizenship - 4 National Honor Society - 3,4 QELWLWEEEEEL gmmmmbglmbg ig -:U V. Basketball - 2,3 Glfls League My iw Football - 1,2,3,4 C '3LagAO 5 AQZZZQW Sale Student Council - J.V. Basketball - Class Pres. - 4 Auto Club - l,2 Librarian - 4 Office - 4 Track - 1,2 Class Sgt.-at-arms - 2, Newspaper Staff - 3 9 Lettermen's Club - l,2,3,4, Lettermen's Sec. 8 T .. reas. 2,3, Casco Football League, All-Star - 3,4, Good Scholarship - 3, Honorary Team Capt. Cftbb - 4, East West Shrine Game - 4, Homecoming Queen Escort - 3. 37 Staff - l,2,3,4, Annual Photographer - Girls' League - l Lettermen's Club - l,2,3,4 Homecoming Queen - 4 Newspaper Staff - 3 Choir ' 4 Cross Country - 4 Transfer - 4 Prom King - 4 Football - 3 Track - l,2,3,4 Basketball - l,2,3,4 R 'Nvx QQ XL, kgfwep, KW C6ZW?VfEZiZZZMW Qmmgigy E5E5Q5Q5QE 65QE EEQEQEKQECBECDECDEQEQZ Good Scholarship - 2,3 Cheerleading Queen - 2 Lettermen's Club - l,2,3 4 Honor Society - 2,3 gill, C? Iss I all ' J.,2,3 Girls' League - l Pep Club - 2,3 F.H.A. - 3 G.A.A. - 3 Choir - 4 Volleyball - 2,3, Student Council Sec. - 3, Cheerleader - l,2,3, Sparkey Bradfield Mem. Scholarship - 4, Newspaper Staff - 3, Stu- dent Body Sec. - 3, Student Council - 3,4. 9 L' 'ZWZ6 QAOCA-,S Dougx-35 R M Q u 61305 radii? ! X ! l l 1 Football - paper Staff - 3, Class V-Pres. - 4. l,2,4, Student Council - 3, News . E Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award - 4, Christmas Ball Princess - 2, Pep Club Sec. Sf Treas. - 3, Youth Council - 3,4, Librarian - 2,3,4. York U. Scholarship - 4, Good Scholarship - 2,3 in 4, Homecoming Princess - 3, Student Council Treas. - 4, Student Body Treas. - 4. Track - 3 G.A.A. - 3 F.H.A. - 3,4 Trackette - 3 Class Rep. - 3 Girls' League - l Pep Club - 2,3 Volleyball - 2,3 Student Council - 3 Annual Staff - 3 4 X W A Y 4 ' S r Ny 1 I 'MX V MX is . Qfywf mg, Trackette - 3 G.A.A. - 3,4 Track - 3,4 Librarian - 4 Class Sec. - 3 Pep Club r- 3,4 Honor Roll - 3,4 Honor Society - 4 Volleyball - 3,4 Cross Country - 4 Newspaper Staff 1 3 U X Curtis Banton CUP!! N YIHDANT Hd Learn anything on your trlp to Akin this Summer? Basketball - 2,3 Newspaper Staff - 3 :X I- Q Christmas Ball Prince Q Q0 Basketball Award - 3 G O Track - 3 ,M Lettermen's Club - 2,3,4 ' E17 ll? I? I5 I5 IE ,, MMMMMQ WW CONSUMERS POWER 1940 N.W. 9th Corvallis, Oregon Pep Club V. :Pres. Newspaper Staff - Q SD?: fi f al E? ' gm Tha.t'l the teacher. Our clsurooxns are l little 0l'0Wd8d. U Student Council - 4 IOR I, Sandra Kae Goodman, being of much body and little mind do here by will to Sherri Kerr, my place on the B team in volleyball and my sewing ability. My body goes to Debbie Proctor, in hopes she will put it to better use than I. My ability to be mushy in the hall goes to Rocky Sapp. My luck to have lots of boyfriends and manage to find the right one, to Sandi Duvall. To Carol Ann I will all my good times at A.H.S., as soon as she gets up here. Last of all I will good old locker ll to Rick Sapp. I, Cory Wren, will my ability to stay in bounds in basketball to Don Neuman, my driving ability to Mike Cathcart, also to Mike I will my ability to stop worrying about what the police are doing as soon as I get into town. I, Tim Shannon, being of sound body and weak mind do hereby will my 44 inch chest to Judy Smith, I will my neck brace, which was willed to me, to my younger brother Pat. My locker Number l goes to any of the Juniors who want to follow in the footsteps of some- one great. To Tim Cathcart I will my ability to get along with teachers at all times, in hopes that he will bring his grade point average up. Last but not least to Mr. Mullenix, I will my interest in beautiful women in hopes that he will take up a new sport. I, Darlene Rhinehart, being of sound mind and able body will my position on the volley- ball team to Connie Yocom and my ability to Connie Stone. To my brother, Gary, I be- queath my grades because I know he will need them. To HAuntieH goes the fun I had in the office while she was gone. I, Dave Gammon, being easy going and quite the nice talker do will my language to Tim Cathcart, admiration for the school board to Mike Cathcart, temper to Mr. Mullenix and my football ability to my little sister, as she will no doubt be bigger and stronger than I. Last but not least my Super Deluxe to Russ, just to carry on the fear in peoples eyes. I, Jeff Bray, being of sound mind and body, will my ability to struggle through football season to Garth, my weak ankles to any football or basketball player, my ability for the football to stick to my fingers when catching a pass, to Don Neuman and finally my abili ty to grow sideburns to Bruce Hendrix. I, Doralea Gordon, do hereby will to Sherri Pellet and Terri Hawkins, my ability to stay out of trouble. I will to Judy Smith, some of my longer skirts. All my good times at old A.H.S. to Susan Kuhagen in hopes she can have them work out for her. Last but not least, my locker number 6 to my brother. I, Doug Culley, being of sound mind and body hereby will my regular attendance to Becky Bray, and my car to Cindy Hendrix. Finally I will my ability to talk the teachers out of anything to Julie Cantrell and my track ability to Tim Cathcart. I, Gwen Marshall, skip the sound mind and body part, will my quick wit and ready humor to Mike Cathcart, since he is always ribbing me about not getting the jokes. He may also have my locker number lO. I will my great build to Polly Hendrix and my horse- hyenna laugh to Rick Sapp. I, Curtis Banton, being of sound mind and able body, do will my ability to get along with teachers to Mark Hanson, next I will my ability to attract girls to Garth Kuhagen, last I will my great track records to Terry Kerr. WILL I, Terri Hendrix, being of confused mind and feeble body do hereby will my great in- telligence and fabulous speaking ability to Polly Hendrix in hopes that she may someday be as outgoing as I. Next I will my little sister, Holly, all the fun years I have had in cheerleading in hopes that she will go out for it. Last I do hereby will my out- standing ability to always get along and never fight with my boyfriend to Karen Campbell in hopes that she too may acquire this trait. I, Gail Smith, having neither sound mind or strong body will do hereby will my great attraction for boys to my sister Judy. I also will my great behavior and B grades to Judy in hopes she will not be in the eighth grade again next year. My basketball ability goes to Jim Campbell wishing he will be an all star. I will my ability to change a tire to Mrs. Mousel, so that next time she can change it herself. Last but not least, seriously I will the enjoyable opportunities, privileges, memories and teachers to everyone in hopes they enjoy them as much as I. I, Rick Zandofsky, being of good mind and big body, first off will my teachers pet title to Mike Cathcart. My ability to get along with teachers and skip school and not get into trouble goes to Roxie and Denise. To Cindy Hendrix goes my 46 inch chest and to Goose goes a brand new pair of cowboy boots. Finally to Mrs. Mousel, one of my favorite teach- ers, I will anything that will help her forget the senior class. I, Cheri Rhodes, being of petrified mind and weird body will to Tim Cathcart my ability to barely scrape by in math. Cindy, you can have my shortness for some of your height. Julie Cantrell gets all of the fun and excitement of my cheerleading years in hopes she will use them well. Helen Gammon can have my ability to get excited about fights, but stay out of them! Last but certainly not least, my Sis gets my ability to make it through high school by some miracle and a lot of thanks for everything she's done for me. I, Jeanette Partl, being of empty mind and fat body, do hereby will, number l pain in the neck: annual editor to Polly Hendrix in hopes her neck is stronger than mine. My fabulous hair color goes to Julie Hendrix since she admired it so much. To my younger brother I will my locker number 12 and my athletic ability. Last but surely not least, to the Junior class I will all of my Senior homework assignments knowing full well that they will enjoy them as much as I. WQTMFWME Class flower: Bull Thistle C HSS Flower ?WMaW?W 1' rfvi',Q ,gpf QQ Class motto: If at first .QQQQMQQ you don't succeed why try EMHQQWW CLASS OFFICERS: President- Rick Zandofsky V-President- Doug Culley Sec. G Treas.- Darlene Rhinehart Sgt.-at-Arms- Curtis Banton X Ly DEUELL JEWELERS 1327 Main St. Philomath, Oregon gS?2SZZ?ZV E IOR C545 fp pf fr 9, 2 Q MOST Dependable, Jeff Bray 6 Terri Contributed MOST, Darlene Rhinehart Hendrix throwing away school books!NL-A, 8 Rick Zandofsky giving the last of iqqzix 0 -I6 their belongings. Qgflws R 9'wNnNwN' 51-W it 'QW,Qz,ftEl5Qb ,. wx -,JJ L Wlinllu ' QA li . E 40 X 3 'T sag f, gram -. .. f. Q Saw? y 1 5 Lg 41 .io Q MOST School Spirit, Jeff Bray 8 Gail MOST Talented, Jeanette Partl 8 Tim Smith lead the seniors in a yell for Shannon playing with blocks?!? A.H.S. ff' x Li' v -xxgggr Vigxjgik rrr' 'ff' 1 !il O .,v. 43 ' 'W - p I S tgr, ,,, ' .I , . , .fir PE RSON ALITY We mp-- I V'sfN' AA' fr 'J f N i . . . 'U MOST Humorous, Gail Smith 6 Tim ,Kiev MOST Likely to Succeed, Jeff Bray 6 Sha1'1T1O11 fbatmz-1n's out to get super Q' .. Jeanette Partl, well at least they'll girl agaiflf- succeed at nap time! w A J nf: Vi Q 41 MOST Agreeable, Cory Wren 8 Gwen MOST Scholastic, Jeff Bray 8 Terri speech topic' more like these' Q Q 155510 1452 -he S Marshall agreeing on the latest Hendrix studying outside...oh for ...f- 1 .. E s V , Meir- ,,,, EJ, !- I I of Z I 1 Fi l1?.?I3 X TR VEL TIME Totem Pole Cthey surej Cmake emD Cuglyw . - the Who's the Senior in Seniors do. 'te flannel- lng thei whx r thin r g. It's not everyday one can have a what are you grinning picture taken with a turtle! about, you don't have a turtle!! They d 1 all: on E look fame at English themes, compositions, reports and book reviews. MRS. PLUM ER 2422 Green St. AT-'SEA SAW SHOP Philomath, Oregon Main St. Alsea, Oregon NAP TIME 51.5 ,I E Mmmw A late snack!! Home to bed! Q Zemin -:xv 1255 .. Q' 1 i v y , - 1 ' .-v,s?1::f1ssP'x E ee ' G e Q i e . . milf ' fhif1i71ffL'x,f:-1 :wifi 1' J: P' i1-w 'cz me Ls la.-qp::s,.-V,- A ss ' E: ,' 1, . . .: .:f...:::. ..:: -:F-: : :.f:,.fv 'xii -7 Lrrk A 2539 vmggax. -?sVpfwg, wwwfwm 1 1 Q 4,5 .P+ , 1, - :,?H,,1f'w5z3 f1:1gs42w.f,61gfW , - 7 9 9 ,I 9 .W-1.1 me My .Swv -Leg wgrfp ' gm ?iQME?w Z?4aM Movle stars..... 1 i f wx- tax' yan Go away! Sweet Dreams!! o fx G0 Bad Dreams to you l N v - Terri! 1 g mght Q Gad E-f FM AN TIME W' Bathing Beauties! 4 N-mv -j,::gg,5::ea X 54 E ggS F'::-- :E'if:E fffF:3E' Qf- . - -:.,..-:.,.--..'H.fu E 3 : ---. .. --.. 4 x S Qgggwgwgf ,I-+'Ilw ?I I- I-. ::.':E':. ::I HP' ' ' Qs -J 5' '.. :'. ::: : sf' . neewg w gmgmggif hllkia. :5 QQf5'aJ 5'5Q3FQ L1a:'Lf? ffm, ll: ,I N gsiergmwwwvfiieimemmm Ew5 E?mw,y : . 5 ' ji: ?lfggggxw?fs: L -I ' M-.EiifSiii: ' 7 '. 52' 52. U .. : L :Q, ', f:::,ff a:'Q:fj' Wlgfeg' -ry --'QQ 2 -'W A WE ? :Eff V i ff - 5 iilliillfglilf- ' reform 'Q fr egwQaqWwqwaga3Ha A 1 li W In::fniaa:.iE5'aE::f?35uE'5-S'-:fi : ff f -E - f .' I ' ': ':' ' E':5'QQ':5:ff: :5Ef. Ti 4 Well Hello! Darlings, Having a wonderful time. So glad you aren't here, but don't worry you I wouldn t have liked it. All there is, is sand and water. I Alsea High School uses Plymouth as a driver I education car. Shouldn t orgy your car be a Plymouth? HARTSOCK Sf THARP mg 207 N.W. 2nd PUMO Corvallis, Oregon s4m Mwl1 QAWQL Q Outh ., -'16, EQ Oy' f V55 47 Mrs. Ritchey TENSE MOMENTS Well guys this is it!! Last minute readings! Is my tassle straight? Excited graduates 8 choir members. I Pretty arches and Pretty girls!! MATT MATHES FLOWERS l33 S.W. 3rd on ALL 0 Corvallis, Oregon Well this is it 7 I ' c nsuorvs !! T LAS THE CLASS OF SEVENTY Tim Salutatorian Cory Valedictorian The High School choir T Giggle! We did it you guys! It's really signed!!! GR UATIO Y o r k OI b u s ii 46 O h i ii 1 S c o llege for me Come on Jeff shake! 5552355 - ' WV I gibmgr ' ww W' - 0 ' E h P W M'3aV,fp K '1.-F' vi p LAQgf xf Y I t v S f o r real! APS Q Ari? 9 , ,5:,::,: , S K EN- I1 Q Q V N K Q X K fem ., Sim rf N SQ f m X N Q 5513 X X Nm ,K ,I .X ,ma mv SL 1. , .mv w X S' if mm -M Q Q f J fe Nm .':5ssQ: :3 ag? i F52 X X s X X M in X Q. N X .. N t. NN if -mm- ..h., i C 3 K A r ,..f ' 'VA V .iw 1 'Q A iii? if ,Q V f A A V , X , ,, I 4 A ,QQ vw 1 it 2 s ' ' M 'Ldv ,, h . 4 6 Q ga? i1 vt S K 7' JW ma 3 4 , 4, W L , 5 V ff I ,A ff '12 .. , , 'ik s ..5iW'S?'i' 523- M 2:6122 Mi. - ' 5523 ' We issiw J fzzif-:I ails? ,www at .. We fx? wav. . 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N . A W , . k , K WW, ig '35 Qs,iss,i7Z. i 1 . '. .. A Si' ' K ' N' 5 i Wm.-sy.-ix. , X . NN-wi-vw . I J ul: W A Z 2 1 R X .., .... -Q.-: 'H Q4 ,as , - ' X .W -E ,, 1 -,- -- 'Q ANNUAL STAFF A A I W 1 13, AN , 5H,, ,I a, '1 1f,5:, f ff Egg' gfiggfj I Top row, L-R: Suzanne Youtsey, Sandra Duvall, Tim Cathcart, Mrs. Mousel-Advisor, Debra Hubbard, Debra Dunbar. Bottom row: Polly Hendrix-Asst. Editor, Jeanette Partl-Editor, Ernest Partl-Photographer, Doralea Gordon. ' LIBR RI S 4....,.,..,.,......., X Top row, L-R: Pat Shannon, Mark Hanson, Don Philips, Rick Sapp, Brent Jenkins, Don Neuman, John Carper, Dennis Barclay, Ken Dunlap, Garth Kuhagen, Howard Ezell, Tom Cantrell, Joe Scott, Alan France. Bottom row: Doug Culley, Becky Bray, Debra Proctor, Doralea Gordon, Karen Zandofsky, Karen Campbell, Polly Hendrix, Jeanf ,e Partl, Mrs. Carper, Sam Zandofsky. 53 PEP CLUB Top row, L-R: Miss Hise-Advisor, Audra Robinson, Debra Dunbar, Sherri Kerr, Suzanne Youtsey-Sec.-Treas., Rose Olsen, Colleen Hanson, Kathy Banton, Julie Hendrix, Terri Wren, Gail Smith, Polly Hendrix-Pres. Hiddle row: Debra Hubbard, Kathy Jelen, Connie Stone, Carol Pitzer, Kathy Bedell, Debbie France, Joanne A3nd0fSkY, Sandra Duvall, Sandy Goodman-Sgt.-at-Arms, Gwen Marshall. Bottom row: Karen Zandofsky, Debra Proctor-V. Pres., Carol Ludlow, Patti Sehutte, Cindi Hendrix, Terri Hendrix, Becky Bray, Jeanette Partl. BeCkY Bray Cindi Hendrix Jeanette Partl Terri Hendrix Queen VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Jeanette Partl Cindi Hendrix Becky Bray Terri Hendrix Queen . . CHEERLE DER Carol Ludlow Patti Schutti Debra Proctor Queen Karen Campbell CHOIR Q is A Top row, L-R: Mrs. Olsen-Instructor, Steve Robinson, Ernest Partl, Howard Ezell, Robin Zandofsky, Bruce Hendrix, Suzanne Youtsey, Terri Hendrix, Darlene Rhinehart, Kathy Jelen, Sandy Goodman. Bottom row: Gary Rhinehart, Gwen Marshall, Sandra Duvall, Jeanette Partl, Terri Hawkins, Patti Schutti, Sherri Kerr, Audra Robinson, Debbie Proctor, Cheri Rhodes. LETTERMEN'S CL n 1. 1 Sea-mg Top row, L R Jim Campbell, Robin Zandofsky, Dennis Culley, Robin Russell, Steve Robinson Upper middle row. Floyd King, Gary Feyerherm, Curtis Banton, Jim Barclay, Cory Wren, Rodger Hendrix, Pat Shannon, Don Philips, Howard Ezell. Lower middle row: Dave Reddington, Terry Kerr, Tim Cathcart, John Carper, Rick Sapp, Mike Cathcart, Mark Hanson, Jeff Bray. Bottom row: Elvin King, Don Neuman, Doug Culley, Sam Zandofsky. Es S F.H.A. ,f ,fb 44, lx '33 Top row, L-R: Mrs. Palensky-Advisor, Kathy Bourne, Sandra Duvall, Sherri Kerr, Julie Hendrix, Kathy Jelen, Connie Stone, Debra Dunbar, Debra Hubbard, Terri Wren, Patti Schutti, Jeanette Partl. Bottom row: Merri Zetzman, Doralea Gordon-Sec.-Treas., Carol Ludlow-Pres., Sandy Goodman-Sgt.-at-Arms. Top row, L-R: Debbie Hubbard, Connie Stone, Gail Smith, Sandra Duvall, Rose Olsen, Karen Campbell-Pres. Middle row: Colleen Hanson, Karen Zandofsky, Connie Yocom, Darlene Rhinehart, Suzanne Youtsey, Kathy Jelen. Bottom row: Miss Hise-Advisor, Polly Hendrix, Jeanette Partl-V. Pres., Sandy Goodman-Sgt.-at-Arms, Doralea Gordon, Sherri Kerr, Kathy Banton. HO 'OR SOCIETY L-R: Darlene Rhinehart, Terri Hendrix, Suzanne Youtsey, Gail Smith, Kathy Banton, Rodger Hendrix, Terry Kerr, Jeff Bray, Tim Cathcart, Cindi Hendrix, Jeanette Partl, Polly Hendrix, Becky Bray, Connie Yocom, Karen Zandofsky. - fx FH S DE TCOUNCIL Top row, L-R: Don Neuman, Rocky Sapp, Robin Zandofsky, Kathy Banton, Rodger Hendrix, Polly Hendrix, Cheri Rhodes, Doug Culley. Bottom row: Becky Bray-Sec., Gail Smith-Treas., Jeanette Partl-Pres., Jeff Bray-V. Pres., Tim Cathcart-Sgt.-at-Arms. - .s: -1::sQ1.fEES?3, i ' 'ww4SfS'2?f5f f'f W'3i'?2f .. : ' .. wr' .gary M ' ggfglgjig ' ,lei 1t1 2f''f5g-'24s:s1sig,'ggf1iE7-31351 ' gig A my ' - H43 NWN, 5- K gqzggfggfge H- ?25ifa?3QQi.EEf.i?FI.W 51.4 QQ Wgsww as Q P SW be Sf N Rf N Q Q H, fx as m..Wfw.gM?g,gsN B 2, . Q gywwmwhm N gm. SW ,gk 1 Q N N N N WH, WX Blish X X N A xx fimw iv f N V+ fm 95951 Q5 'X S1 max sw Wa Qsw 59,2 N . is N fs, mmxfsw 53,5 K Y' E Q 532 mm in ER? x s X 3 H 2 Q msgs KE: A' wr, A 1.y:, g QQ ix N- fi. MX .. fsffS:ff.f2w1fSr-fr.f,6-XJ .1-: I H .. 1- Q.-A A -,.7-mefmfgiM1557--5.5,izffeeww:mm if-W , sf-gm A Lq,,Lb,L w.. ..,. W gy mm ,XXQ,vL,,,,1,8, S KRW W - -QW '- - 1 NA W- Vw X 1. 91.k'1.k,fP9.i5i..5fI55A-fi s9'1fvfPZ,.W .. . NN' N 1 A5 xai,Ek7f,Xggefiag,sfESifsff5zf15s Q swvfwzf' wi m.w.,!m....,.. ,, f A, We w.M:2fw-W V W . , W. N Sf? 4, b X is wk Ax 2 5235452535 235251552 i fn, .. 15 - ?5Q'li'?3E?V3 i ' Qilirffglff lisfg i--wzfilfffalflwf-7'f75'ff - . Q X N X 531 xx X X .X Q N fe , 2 x X wx 22 iw 'Q.':-22:12. Y gm A -ff 3 awk? QE 'vssiil ,. -' . N . ,.5. 'Qs ,Weis 2, 'XNP XX Rh DES H w: :5. -:mf P: I ,em 2 : -2: 1 ?,5g5'Q5gQ, , mek 255 f f, .j12zT::7LS5: 4 LQXBISKF :ss 3737- 'tf4'f.-P '3ilf?3'Lf?5S?5'75? Ifi2f5:Y'A'Q-izkffigl L' ?iQ3i5g5P.,g?izi 'E 'f':z ' Ze :fins emwizwm K miwa- , L ,Qs THE CLASS OF SEVENTY N www wg is I 'L ' ' W :-- :-iw.--:.1 ..,:.'-:,g fl- A 'IIQ ' ': i Qhgg r. mio k x N' 'Q ik , . ,...,. ..,. 5. .,. ... :.+ gg. z z , -::,.:-. --::,.-::,: 1 SB' X N H1-L X R5 .f f mmm ,S x E . E gm, H4135 qw 1 My '53 .la W R WSE :Qs M31 2 35 af, fgise, xx rx Q E is N Q. X R 3 2 SE , X 9, Bi .. X iLV,AgZ, L1W,-, ' QS-sffvyf 2 2 Rifgifmxiiyfgm 525 Mgrw-' L . .. I,si,53I ' :'j ': as i 2 K Q Q N J X gk ,t ks mn- X Sm Q X X iw 2, QQ N E ,. A My ,sf Q K Q wiq S Y A-fly 3 'TGA-9 Rem S9593 Q sf 4 , X x TH GR DE Top row, L-R: Mr. Thompson-Advisor, Christie Schmid, Julie Hendrix, Dette Sweeney, Terri Wren, Denise Darneal, Jackie Griffin, Danny Zandofsky, Brent Jenkins, Mark Schreiber. Middle row: Holly Hendrix, Judy Smith, Susan Haines, Connie Montgomery, Tara Bray, Susan Kuhagen, Merrie Zetzman, Julie Cantrell, Kathy Bourne, Kathy Miller. Bottom row: Walter Hendrix, Larry Zetzman, Leslie Hockema, Ronnie Koetz, Clarke Campbell, Kevin Culley, Raymond McDaniel, John Ritchey, Tod Olsen. Not present: Pam Clayton. TH GR DE Top row, L-R: Mrs. Mousel-Advisor, Danny Hawkins, Karl Dawson, Ken Stone, James Reddington, Rhonda McNeal, Jo Ann Zandofsky, Pam Strom. Middle row: Jim Bradley, Joe Haley, Mitch Cramer, Debra France, Connie Zetzman, Jackie Philips, Kathy Bedell, Carol Pitzer, Jim Hendrix. Bottom row: Bryon Schreiber, Marty Hanson, Bert Banton, John Scott, Doug Schmid, Danny Seabough, Steven Montgomery, Dewayne Johnston. Not present: Helen Gammon, Dennis Pellett. 6TH GR DE Top row, L-R: Mrs. Kabler-Teacher, Patty Bradley, Cindy Purirs, Debbie Main, Mary Chilcote, Verla Schreiber, Patty Ezell, Becky Pellett, Carmen Lovett. Bottom row: Philip Riesser, Geary Zandofsky, Clifford Miller, David Hanson, Randy Olson, Bill Ritchey, Keith Bedell. Not present: Karen Main, Diane Robinson. 5TH GR DE Top row, L-R: DeVonne Johnston, Teresa Grimm, Mrs. Woods-Teacher, Kathleen Kuhagen, Shelley Haley, Lindy Yocom, Wendy Cramer, Linda Montgomery, Tanya Duvall, Sally Russell, Denise Cutright, Laurie Wilson, Jackie Bowen, JoAnna Zetzman, Eva Miller. Bottom row: Dan Bowen, Gary Grimm, Willie Robinson, Rick Bedell, Tim Dunbar, Shawn Wren, Brian Jenkins, Barry Hendrix, Ernest Sapp, Brad Haley, Kirk Schmid, Rodger Herron, Jerry Purvis. Not present: Roberta Bradley. 61 TH GR DE Top row, L-R: Saralu Miller, Kelly Culley, Ladena Lovett, Delea Ritchey, Karen Seabough, Robin Zetzman, Kim Kelly, Mrs. Bray-Teacher, Evette Clayton, Orin Cutright, Richard France, Ginger Hendrix. Bottom row: Dennis Panichello, Kenny Dawson, Kevin Stone, Bruce Jenkins, Scott Hendrix, Mike McNeal, Ron Wilson, Don x Bowen. Not present: Russell Andrews, Lynn Kuhagen. T 3RD GR DE ' 1, as 1 1 P Top row, L-R: June Oland, Cindy Bourne, LaVonne Jenkins, Marcee-Johanson, Summer Lindner, Candy Olsen, Mrs. Wimmer-Teacher, Diana Tate, Linda Wilson, Bonnie Barclay, Julie Walters, Julie Bowen, Nancy Russell. Bottom row: Olin Cutright, Ron McNeal, Ron Bedell, Kurt Schrieber, Roy France, Mike Kroenlein, Doug Bowen, Brett Pellett, Joe Hawkins, Mike Cowan, Hubert Duvall, Willie Bradley. Not present: Polly Andrews, Kelly Peterson, Patty Chilcote, Paula Riesser. DGR DE Top row, L-R: John Barclay, Curtis Chilcote, Chris Johanson, Tim Whitlock, Duan Miller, Keith Cowan, Mrs. Smith-Teacher. Middle row: Michelle Webber, Patricia Spears, Susan Tate, Gayle Kuhagen, Brenda Lovett, Pam Zetzman. Bottom row: Robert Webb, David McNeal, Kenny Culley, Jim France, Sammy Free, Allen Clayton, Rocky Grimm. Not present: Claudia Hendrix, Peggy Bradley. L TGR DE Top row, L-R: Dustin Johnston, James Walter, Robert Duvall, Tina Webb, Tina Johanson, Jimmy Tate, Darlene Johnson, Kathy Wilson, Carol Sapp, Joyce Main, Nancy Morrissette, Stacey Wigham, Mrs. Spees-Teacher. Bottom row: Billy Matthews, Bert Robinson, Rex Hendrix, Craig Bowen, Za Lindner, David Free, Robert Webber, Steve Campbell. 63 THANK YOU SPONSORS OUR FIVE DOLLAR SPONSORS FROM ALSEA ALSEA CAFE ALSEA RIDGE RIDERS FROM PHILOMATH DAIRY OUEEN MARKS SHOPPING CENTER PHILOMATH DRUG STORE I.G.A. STORE PHILOMATH CLEANERS ELK HORN SERVICE FROM CORVALLIS OREGON FELT CO. MEIER 84 SCHMIDT JEWELERS McGARRY'S FOODLINER THE GAY PARFAIT VUNK'S CYCLE SHOP LES 84 BOB'S SPORTING GOODS SCOVI LLE-SHEPPARD MOTORS CITIZENS BANK COLEMENS JEWELRY ELEASON'S HENDERSONS BUSINESS MACH. ROBNETT'S HARDWARE 9th ST. T.V. APPLIANCE INKWELL CASCADE APPLIANCE GERDINGS BATES 81 BATES INC. THE DELICATE FARMERS INSURANCE OUR TEN DOLLAR SPONSORS FROM ALSEA ALSEA SHELL LEW 84 GEORGA HOLTER FA-JEENS FROM PHILOMATH G 84 R BODY SHOP DEUELL JEWELERS MID WILLAMATE LUMBER BAMM HARDWARE MRS. PLUMMER FROM CORVALLIS CONSUMERS POWER PATTEN NEWS AGENCY MATT MATHES FLOWERS PEPSI CO. CORVALLIS FROZEN FOODS OUR FIFTEEN DOLLAR SPONSORS FROM ALSEA TONVS SHOPPING CENTER ALSEA LUMBER OO. ALSEA RICHFIELD WYMAN'S STORE ALSEA CHEVRON ALSEA SAW SHOP Piss:-feL YEAHBUUKS we FROM PHILOMATH TIMBER SUPPLY FROM CORVALLIS WILSON MOTORS HARTSOCK 8LTHARP LIPMAN WOLFE AND CO. ALBRIGHT 81 RAW REXALL OUR THIRTY DOLLAR SPONSORS FROM CORVALLIS KESSEY'S FLOWERS GAZETTE TIMES THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP! WITHOUT IT WE COULD NOT HAVE AN ANNUAL FOR OUR LITTLE HIGH SCHOOL. JEANETTE PARTL EDITOR POLLY HENDRIX ASST. ED. TIM CATHCART SPORTS ED. ERNEST PARTL BUS. MANG. THE ALSEA HIGH ANNUAL STAFF Mi, .,.,. wa xi-igfff ' ser W Hwewswzg-msw'f gWi1,,.w . 'E' ' m -ff-TE? -:fl . , li? 1 -.4 I F e . , .W hd t Wg, 3 .- 'PY f 5 . 3 i S 'I ,.,..f v ,v - 4- I-M45 - A if w ,, ,A-ffff ...i , wk , C if .....- on V ' -' , . A ' - , , -. V - .V 'f'1 --mnwm Ib' .. ' ' TP I .-4513? H 'E 6 'Lf ., 'I' X Q 'ml If-',f 1' WF ' 1 ,, .- , I f in ' fa s 4 -1- a. ll I 232' .e , Ng. A 1: ' s-. ' 'UQ' ' fl: -I ,g .iff gif : ilix, t' , s v , 3 Jn i . Y .3 , t ' 4 , . :,.- rf' ' . g 0 ' . i '-W' I iv-1 -U 4 S mf: ' ' g 'A 'H 0 H ' . U --. , - .1-av ,un mg. -V-1. ' 'N' 'T .- .0 9' u. . . PQ . . Q-. . .0 A rn '4' 447' . v 1 'F 'r 2 fi , - -- t , I :F if -- 'E E1 ' I! 52 5 x ww 1 T' K 1 ,-.,: 4 'rr' f -3.4 1 W

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