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1 'fri-15 . ',.-L.. ,.f x :-Q eq Y v - ic' . 1 il- L.: , -fx-1 'cf y . ' . Nqlgiyfxl ,v 'P '.,U:fwF, V 'l'.',4J V 4, gnu- , va -fs, -v f -1. J, .X V 1. .0 L, ,Q-4 u fe .. Q- i ! s I S 5 Q i I a 1 1 1 ff E E 5 i s 2 A1 ,.,..1' fri?-ST , Lg ww, M.fn'Cfif. Igligvy, L. ,rg .1fv'.P'- Y . k ' fx :4 itwf'3, ' 1' ,Q 15'-if', W, 7 tV,,!,,u , , ff, jg 'A--1, f V , W - Qawzi UEEEQQQ 2426 wi, WMV Q 9 S14 fl ?Z?Q3Z9 cP C'f 'LffZ':'!'Wf' Q Q2 ,LQQL ww? M WMM 5 0235! if S' 3-S02 3 L N-Q sew Ng .- X LLP Jj?jif'5SQJ H . C90 X Q' X ko M Wg w Sw E well ' . I N Qvwfwmwgj XX S aww, J-Hizfix HX ' A X 66 90 by Q91 RX QRSQQW ' V4,biLp?S?,v'JePe'D pf.: G og 'YV euro 44xK e Goffv GP 'NJ ,XXI AQ uf Lvq4 'P-fy L6 YV ,QS b P V Fx QQ CP, VS' X fffv .9 pg gf QF' M55 cf! Cf 4069 NOC' XP. , X P Cfvifxfaff, fs foxvxupxz if VJ' 65 Qkgegof s I VU A' I, LUQX, Z VO xo A055 Q7 biwlfi exwxmoo P45 Q 4 I-96 x9 ff THE BIG CHANGE I 967 ANAMAKEE ALPENA HIGH SCHOGL ALPENA MICHIGAN so wh THE BIG CHANGE Humans share mixed feelings about such things as tradition, order, procedure, and the like, Alpena High students this year were no exceptions to this as we approached the move to the new high school. It certainly was a year of change, of modification, of adjustment to new ways of doing things. Items of controversy regarding the move were a most common part of any open discussion. Such things as the closed campus , the short lunch period, the parking lot, the shortened day limiting class elections, the necessary adjustments in areas of Music, Art, Homemaking, and Shop instruction, were aired in hallways, restaurants, bowling alleys, living rooms, and even the ALPENA NEWS. As this yearbook goes to press, we have made the move, we have all made many adjustments, in order to cause this venture to be a successful one. There are still many unsolved problems, and some feel that procedures which have been established will need changing in order to facilitate each per- son's wishes. This is probably a correct observa- tion, and with the test of time, and the completion of all facilities, ways of modifying the order of things may well be found whichwill be more to each one's choosing. Over all, however, is the awareness that our new High School home is a beauty, and will one day be looked upon with the same inspiration and loyalty that has been true of our old one. There is so much to be proud of in our new location, and we all look with expectation and anticipation to the quality of learning opportunity which will be possible for Alpena area young people. With cooperative minds and hearts we patiently await the fulfillment of inspired dreams. 2 A DREAM COME TRUE THE BIG CHANGE TABLE OF INTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION STUDENT LIFE SENIORQ JUNIORS ZONTENTS WUCAFE ,lg ff - V.: .J .ww 1 SOPHOMORES FRESHME N ACADEMICS SPORTS ADVERTISING ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHIP V gm- KN? Yi wk ,, Vi THE SCHOOL BOARD: Dr. Gene Geisert, superintendent of schools, Rev. Gil Runkel, Mrs. M.E. Cogswell fsecretaryj, Mr Al Nickels, Mr. Don Gillard, Mr. Isador Isackson, Mr. Vic Werth. MISSING are Mr. Maynard Cohen and Mr. William Bigham This yea r the Alpena Public Schools added a Buildings and Grounds administra- tor, Mr. Mel Pettit, and an assistant super- intendent, Mr. Larry McConnell. A garage was set up for busses and students moved into the new Ox-Bow Elementary School. The big change in administration and the Alpena Public Schools, howe ve r , was the move to the Third Avenue Alpena High School. This prompted a change in adminis- tration to the h ou s e ni a s te r system. The three housemasters are installed one each in the houses provided for each of the three grades. These men are responsible for ad- ministration of school policy and work with the top high school administrators in forma- tion of procedures. There was a great deal of controversy over whe the r the move to the new school should have been undertaken before all the buildings were completed. With careful ar- rangements by the administration, this move was accomplished with success. Better facilities will now be enjoye d by students from the high school level down through the elementary level. FOR THE BIG CHANGE A MOMENTOUS DR. GENE GEISERT LINDERTAKING fx, 4 School Board members discuss plans. Superintendent of Alpena Public Schools 1965 Ground-breaking ceremony for the new senior high school. 7 gl., 1 J ii is S n 7 N . 1. lla CONSTRUCTIVE PLANNING Principal Mr. M. E. Finch Assistant Principal Mr. Stan Bjornstad House- MW V9 masters confer withlvlr. Finch. Housemasters Mr. Taylor, Mr. Mase and Mr. Beck plan for the Big Change. A KEY TO EFFECTIVE LEARNING Q SQ is 4 - 1- V315 Mrs. Gerry Ludwig Office C Mrs. Louise Hathaway Mrs. Rita Nelson Senior House junior House 9 Mrs. Dixie Cooper Office C Mrs. Dorothy Bouton Sophomore House xg, l Q31 Nf z STUDENT LIFE VT ,- M J ,MW my 'P www., ww 9' xx .-,L mb .W- WM f u f HM, f' Q' A :L ' V i SE , Y '- .1 Zag.. 'mu.... 'YM W.. wmv-f Q ma' W H ,Era 'E my:-, ,M ,wk , .,. 'ji 25:35. mu up . 4 N , , W, , V, ix QUEEN BRENDA-A THRILL OF A LIFETIME .... 1 -: -- , mwfg mwimn' : , .L :zzz-Qisfiii' ' ' s-m:f'5fH:4:5'3E5izfY5 L W ' Q!- +4 Q? fm 'H Eiffikfh Mia 3 'f'-Q 5 ef M fa 4 V M M 51, f iffy,-rag, I , ,f,+g,z,s W-':g,,,ff:Q: I ., , N 1 A-,:f.,1,, ,fl ' Y fx:.,5'z:2w7 ' ' , , 1 .. .. Mm.. .m,.:.-Mm. . - x- ..:4 MSE- wif , Lf , Q-V.-+ , , ,, ,, , , ASSEMBLAGE OF CHOQEN ROYALTY The climax to a glorious week of excite- ment-producing activity came in the corona- tion C e re m onie s shown here. Those who witnessed the event agreed that this was the C r o Wn i n g touch to ardent preparation and effort. jun i o r Ro y a 1 ty Mary Beth Henkel and jimmy Vivian. 1 I 1 Coach Sumpter and Alumnus Bill Kindt ga. 'X we .4 2 , My M 5 , , I M as P 1 , 5 xi if A 'g 'L f,,qM ?r.. The air tingled W i t h excitement and anticipation at the an- nual homecoming as- sernblyas the students poured forth their spirit in rafter-ring- ing Cheers and the Pep Club presente d its traditional skit. Happiness is ,HUUYYIU lluiil H18 flqdugg, 3' BIG BKUISERWM, il 53 THE BAU- as i gf N T FN Town sown' HQRQQVQU mme cuswfl fi Noise UT Q eucmwwsd E A1 xx Q K4 if 'fi S ,R SUM QQ ,W 6 QENIORS PRESENT WARM WEDNESDAY fl H... Under the direction of Miss Blanche Hoc- kett the Senior Play, Warm Wednesday, was presented in the Little Theater on No- vember l7,l8, and 19. The cast included: Sherry Rancier . Faye Lawrence . jeff Kingman . . Andre'Rancier . . . . . Victoria Rancier Flora Norton . . john Norton . . Matty Norton . . Narrators . . 16 . . .Mary Riker . Wendy Dunbar . . .jim Howlett , . Mike Bennett . . . .Georgine LaFleche . . Kathy Daily . . . .Bill Henderson . .Terry MacArthur . . .Ranae Scott Dana Panknin JUST THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN The annual junior Prom held December 27 took prom - goers into a land just This Side of Heaven. Prom com- mittee chairmen were as fol - lows: Tom Allen, refresh- mentsg Tom Atkinson, enter- tainmentg Tom Lappan, clean-upg Nikki Burkenbine, invitations and flowersg and Ellen Rogers and Lew Beh- ning, decorations. Those who attended got their first glimpse of a misty heaven surrounded by angels. The band played upon a fluffy clou d as the dancers danced beneath a night sky. HI-Y TRI-HI-Y SEEK FELLOWSHIP The officers of the Hi-Y are presi dent, Dick Sandersong vice-president, Geof Kogling secretary, Bill Carry treasurer, Karl Deweyg chaplain, Doug Funkg student council, Greg Voss. Mr. Buchner is club sponsor. WW Officers of this year's Tri-Hi-Y are Carol Schaffer, presidentg Sue Wallace, vice-pres- identg Barb Busch, secretaryg Pat Bray, treasurerg jan Boboltz, chaplaing Liza Madden student council. The club sponsor is Mrs. Vivian. 18 9.L.A.A.M. CLUB Officers of S. I.. A. A. M. are president, Sherry Millerg vice-president, Terry Stevens, treasurer, Mary Lou Roznowskig secretary, JoAnn Reinl-ceg publicity, Sue Schmitz, his- torian, Julie Knechtelg student council, Les Tobias. Terry Stevens is also treasurer for the entire Grand Traverse-Mackinac Straits Region of S.L.A.A.M. SKI CLUB The officers of this year's Ski Club are Bill Henderson, president, jim Howlett, vice- presidentg Sue Hayes, secretaryg Vicki Hoppe, treasLu'erg and Mary Sue Thomas, student council representative. Mr. Gillespie and Mr. Luhta are club sponsors. 19 ...L df' ula- -Qui President- -Tom Smith Vice-president--Mary Riley Secretary-Treasurer-Grace Riley Student Council--Dan Timm BIBLE CLUB in -ff 1 ' ..,. 1',i?. FUTURE TEACHERS President- -Pat Werda Sec. -Treas. --Lillian Manning Student council--Marsha Simmons Sponsor--Mr. Brosz LATIN CLUBS STUDY ROMAN LIFE V, M, ixy Y S f Latm II offic WL! Latin IH and IV fficers Latin I offic L MAQQUERQ PRESENT I 984 The Masquers presented 1984, Orwell's prophecy of the future, February 9, lO, and ll. The play featured three scenerychanges and special costumes. Mr. Daniel Stenberg, director, states, This is a difficult play for high school people to tackle. David Paad as Winston Smith protrayed a man who did.n't believe in Big Brother, an unseen force controlling the country. Rose- mary Hoppe as julia also hates Big Brother. Other characters included Rob Kane, Kay Waldera, jean Heimnick, Terry MacArthur, Dana Panknin, Gail Bunch, Bob Greer, Sue McLarty, and Norine Reynolds. L A PLEDGE TO PREQERVE 3 9? A S flnfm l ago 35535252 5Q?52Sw?fil0fiE2.Q 95 H ff A lf ' Q ,bt ol ,li ' M SQLIHZ7 CONSERVATION CLUB President ..... jackie McDonnell Vice-president . . .Randy Zielinski Secretary ...... Cindy Gagne Treasurer ...... Susan Powell Student council .... Donna Greer Sponsor ....... Mr. Cardwell SPIRIT PROMOTERS PEP CLUB President--Starla Bedford Vice pres. --Liza Madden Secretary- -Shari Kraft Treasurer- -Carrie Prieur Student Council--janet Snyder Sponsor--Mrs. Bedfcjrd 24 SPIRIT IN ACTION I 966-67 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Connie Clark I Bfenda Cwfffighf JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Candy Ch p I9-Het Snyd Carrie Prieur D Y d k ue ie er Peggy Srnolinski Linda Hoppe Onna e Connie Kelnn S S g t Aw 25 ART CLUB Pre sident - -Bob Greer Vice Pres. --jenny Couture P' Sec retary - - Diane MCC onne 11 Treasurer- -james Evans Student Council - -janet Thorne RT CO-OP CLUB Btafsnfss Sched Indus? S h 1 Pre sident - -jean Whitney Vice Pres. --Nancy Fortier Secretary- -janet Niedbela Treasurer--Margaret Klernens Student Council- -Sue Hayes BOY'9 Sr GIRL'Q BOWLING Boys' Bowling held on Tues- day and Girls' Bowling held on Thursdays served as interesting re c re a tion for all involved. Teams competed in various con- tests, and individuals also sought trophies for high aver- ages, high games, and other achievements. if o o HOMECOMING-A GREAT SUCCESS SWA? GK ? 9 ,S ,fffM, Q 37' ',?5,1,,q.'1m .N JF' S ge 1 f-2 S S S fi SSSS S ww-...W SQ1 SSSS 5 SSSSA 1 SSSS 31' S S SS lril I . 'if' 4 ' .Yi-, -3. ' T 'X E X' Wx, .514 Ei, P3 7f:5 i1wEfe1l.',- , ,E ,sffgni .L if :mmf If .Y :.lQ:afg. '34-1-1.'QQ:fiY7i at 9915125 -,-3.-1--,wisgfw W -.-we A ... z if K, f f, ,K fp? if ' ' .6 i k Ss xx 5' 5 ,JM , K QQ' ,LW N ffm W 1, 3?5 e's X33 Wa ar -kfxyi - K : :S . -fry - Q XV . ff --kg tk, Q .L -m if X is gr . I .4 ORIENTATION FOR THE FUTURE GREGGITE9 Pre sident - -Nancy Fortier Vice president- -Marlene Dziesinski Sec retary - -Marilyn Siegert Treasurer- -Audrey Udell E Student Council - -Barbara Allen ,, , i is g 30 FUTURE NURSES President--Karen McCredy Vice pres. --jean Heimnick Secretary--Kitty Zielaskowski Treasurer--Karen Lancaster Historian--Cathy Nevins Student Council--Debbie Sharp ORAL COMPETITIDN FORENSICS DEBATE SX H4 711 X 4 ? f KRXYQS' f - N' . N X Elf- AHS PUBLICATIONS Edito Page Page Pa ge Page WILDCAT r-in-Chief: 1 Editor: 2 Editor: 3 Editor: 4 Editors: Advisor: lVlrS. Titus 1 r Qnljff X Ruth Gamage Dee Ann Smith Janice Senchuk Barb Liske Aurora Dunstan Gay Halleck 2 ., , it A, W ke mx V, V1 r.,,....W W..- J ANAMAKEE Editor-in-Chief: Sue Green Academics: Norm Malmstrom Advertising: Ian Howell Art: Kathy Aube Business Mgr: Nelson Herron Photography: Randy Zielinski Seniors: Bill Henderson Sports: Steve Kuchnicki Student Life: Kaye Connell Underclass: Sue Wallace Advisor: Nir. Gunn X. v STUDENT COUNCIL ! Pres id e nt D ot Minton conducts Council meeting. I' l 'I This year's Student Cotuicil, led by President Dorothy Minton, has continued to be a functioning agent in student participation in school government. The Council Core, organized in the summer for planning future Student Council projects, endeavored to make the Fresh- man class of 1971 a part of A. H.S. by sponsoring Freshman Day Activities. As the year progressed, the Student Council hosted the new teachers at A. l-I. S. With an after-school We lc om e , continued Focus on A. I-I. S. the student radio program on WATZ, spon- sored professional and pep assemblies, s upp o rte d a Korean orphan, provided camp tuition for an Ethiopian boy, held class elections, along With several other activities. Iay Bingham and Tom Allen prepare for a night on Focus on A. H. S. , Coun- cil-sponsored radio program. 33 GUNNAR BERGLUN Student Council occupied Gunnar every There is always studying to be done. Friday. Gunnar Berglund, from Lulea, Sweden, was A. H. S. 's 1966-67 exchange student. Residing with the Henderson family of 154 State Ave. , he has enjoyed his stay in America. Gunnar listed deer hunting, Golden Glove Boxing in Saginaw and making new friends as important events out of the countless activities he has experienced this year. Upon arrival back in Sweden, Gunnar plans to pursue a career in medicine, but he hopes to return to the U. S. A. some day. During his stay in Alpena, Gunnar took an active interest in local and national affairs. He has formed quite emphatic opinions on topics ranging from the Viet Nam war to the move to the new school. Gunnar has taken American History, Civics, Senior Math, Biology, and English during his residence here. He has also participated in Student Council, Cross Country, Boxing, and track. Gunnar chats with fellow member of the Cross Country team. 'A+-vi X 1 6 ,J . A... Vx 34 NJOYS AMERICAN LIFE Gunnar relaxes with an American magazine. Q 'S 'Btwn wi EN New friends include the Henderson family dog. Raiding the refrigerator in any country is fun! 35 HONOR SOCIETY UPHOLD9 EXCELLENCE 1' .Uv if gy 'Hsu NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X I, QM? 2-9-5 Vs if Membership in the National Honor Soci- ety is made up of students who have attained a high standard of excellence in academic achievement. Students who maintained an average of 94.5 took part in many events in v o 1 ving scholarships. Invitations were extended to p r o s pe c tive members by a teacher committee. Good citizenship, serv- ice to school, and character were also cri- teria used in selecting new members. In the spring, the society held a banquet for its members and their parents. FUTURE FARMERS CLUB ,I + is A 6 'igao 'hi 2?'5w'.i 1' I ,455 .4. '+il'7J,0 6 , 4Xoo ,,?1v1 , X C' -S ,6? , : Vg N . D' . 7 Z. f. L. R' uxifo 5 'K lj 6 President- -Brad Wheelock Vice-pres. --Art Couture Secretary--Duane Himes Treasurer--Gerald Lucas Reporter- -Dan Casler Sentinel- -Carl Sauls Vocational agriculture display. VARSITY CLUB President-- Andy Eggan Vice pres. -- Randy Van Wagner Secretary-- Russ Courtney Treasurer-- Greg Granum Student Council-- Bruce Vander- Wall I I AHS MOVES FRON Fond Farewell Sorry, no food--it's moving day. THE OLD E s m 1 On moving day your job is. . . , Yippee! We'11 be out of here soon. ND AVENUE TO 3RD THE NEW Nl ' It'S IO below :md we're locked out! But the food was the same. in Lockers for the very thin STONEHENGE -QM . fn.--.. . fi 57 ? , I 5 2 275 L 1 E544 Xu. ? Li 'Q K9- ..l... -...SEA 2 E 1 Q ig as' 'L , 1,-i gif-S'T'Lf5 A ' ' 35 A? i,,,E,ka f, , 3 i ,vu ' '.,, Yi, Q JA! K PW 5' .ll v Fu A 8 M at ,H 1, mx Q1 , 41,5 was F 3 W PM 52 5 U , il MES ,Q ff mg, E- ei, 'Q in , 3 v si W, ima I ,,,- gag WEHQ , ew 'T mf: '3 Qv I SENIORS 1.1 L5 fx 1, Ig x Qw- ww' 'F MARY ADAMSKJ STEVE AIKENS BARBARAALLEN DAVID AMLOTTE 'W' .- -,., 1 k,,: A... XXXX T A A RQ, 1m-L Ni.. . K K p Syusk Q 5 1 N7 :V W Q' 1 W A ..., K IN 4. -- E' A 15? .- M . WILLIAM AMLOTTE GERALD ANDERSON GLORIA ANDERSON KATHY AUBE WX . - uYfi x?fT?N QNFS A A A K xx 1 ww S N E 3 w X X A x A . I . S T - Xixiif ,iii ifkvf :- ki R ai - - 5. iv K X S YN X PATRICTA AUBE A PAUL AUBE GAYLE AYRES DAVID BAKER - :im KAREN BAKER LOIS BAKER PAUL BARRGW L JAMES BARTLETT DARYL BARTON V GILBERT BARTZ GRACE BARTZ KATHLEEN BARTZ WWW SUSAN BASTQW l PAT12.1CK BMS ERNEST BEAUREGARD RICHARD BEDFORD ' J yr Wim, STARRLA BEDFQRD CAROL BELLMORE WILLIAM BENNETT W! 9' V,--Q-f GUNNAR BERGLUND GARY BEY LYLE BISANZ BARBARA BOUCHER 'G .- M-MQ' K sn-q,,,,. :kk K I I JAMES BOWES THOMAS BOWES SHERYL BRADY ELIZABETH BRAINERD f , 511 V ., , , ., , ,..,.,. .. ,M .rrkkr k,,,- -f-f -f,..,,..,,..,. , . .,., ,..,, ,, ,k,k A ,,.. Q.: Q:-,,,k:,u, ., f--f ,X ,,.., ., ,A A f-Wu, Q ., , . S fl' GA1LHUNCH DONALD BURNS ,.,,.1 ,. .- 5. , - . I., K, K, ,, .V ,E , . l 1, Mas? 2if2'ff21i'f111 Q, 1121. wx 1- 521221211 f iffffw, ,. , ,1m,m,., . , ., ,m,., m,,,A, . mm,, - , I - . 1 fy .... NWS X xx www X N ggi xx Wlpxx -f-'Y A. 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Q , X R Qf, A A O f A A PHILIP ZIELINSKI RANDY ZIELINSKI KENNETH ZITLAU CAROL BOYNTON ,,V, ,, ,V , ,W,, ,, ,, X X ' V ,,,, , ,,,, 1'4 f W f ff' f, I, ig , V 3y , , ' , IW, ,X 4, ,f , 5 'iwmv f L SENIORS '67 13 75 OFFICERS BRUCE VANDERWALL President SUE GREEN Vice -president NORM MALMSTROM Treasurer CONNIE WEGMEY ER Secretary BRENDA COURTRIGHT Student Council I ANDY . E GGAN u en ounci 55 e? fi 315 3 Fx? .FEE S T . . ' ,- e:?iiP.' '1 fi., ,ue-.iff 5 .... -. ,, . 5 5 . 5.3, :'. v.,: , SENIOR DIRECTORY CAROL AA SLAND Teen Canteen 25 Pep Club 25 Gymnas- tics 2,3,45 junior-Senior Prom Commit- tee 35 Jr. Play Cast 35 Student Council 3,4, Treasurer 45 PowderpuffFootball 4. MARY M. ADAMSKI Co-op Club 45 French Club 1 , 2. STEVE H. AIKINS Wrestling 1 , 2, 3. DAVID AMLOTTE WILLIAM K. AMLOTTE Football 25 Proj e Ctionist 2, GERALD F. ANDERSON H if Latin 1,25 Cons erva C lu v ANAMAKEE 3 5 Footba ' omecomiflg Committee 45, amur l Pocket Bil- Bards 4' .5 5 4'iy 5 I GLORI? ANDERSON 5 Eiible Club 3. 5 . STANLEY ANTKOWIAK 5 TOM ATKINSON Track 155Baseball 35 Wrestling 1,2,3. KATHY L. AUBE Latin Club 1,25 Mixed Chorus Club 45 ANAMAKEE 3, 4vi.euie Nui-ses! C 3. , . lub WMM. 5 W, PATRIQTA AUBE ef A 5 -gbviixed Chorus 25.Girls'Glee Club 35 off: 'fice Ceeep Club 45, ,ui if I VPAUL AUBE 5 F o o t b 21 l l 15 Basketball T5 Intramurals? Wrestling 1 , 2, 35 Intramural Track 2, 35 . Intramural Swimming 25, Baseball 15 Hall Monitor 4. GAYLE AYERS Varsity Band 2,3,45 Future FRED BAIQWILI M' 1 .Conser tio KAREN Latin Club 1,2 ,Hi-Y 3 ,545 LOIS B 5, .R E... Eaukeibeiifi 5 i JIM BARTLETT Football 1. DARYL BARTON F.F.A. 45 Baseball 1,2,3. GRACE BARTZ Varsity Band 2, 3,45 45 :': ffice Methods 4. KATHLEEN TZ :L.: I SUSAN L. BASTOW gt anteengf5 Pep Clu 13,45 5 LD- 35 French Club 1,52-5555535 F 11: all Ho , Eecoming gommittee Na onal Ho ,,,, SoCietyQ?'725 Iunior idtniorg rom Co , . 35 Se1giorClassPlg145 ANAMA- KE T4. Q, f Ei 3 ? ntnns 5 PA A ICK A. BAYS Foo all 15 Baseball 1,g3,45 Bowling 3,45 Vanity Club 354. I I ERNEST BEAURECARD f e? Basketball 15 Football 1 3,45 Senior Prom Comm. , , Int. tling 25 Cl Party ',,' . raz A RICHARD BE RD f 3 Gy - I stics 52, 5 Int. Wrgs ing 1 In .5 45 P 5,1 Asst. 4. Z 5 ' LA K. ' FORD 5 l.ati Club 15 P Club 2,3243 Treasmer 3, P 45 Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Home- co 5 g Co . 35 jr. Play Cast 3. CA V? BELLMORE Fut 5Nurses 15 Conservation Club 2,35 45 F knch Club 2,3,45 Off' Methods 2,4. , MICHAEL BENNETT Transfer Student P 1 a y 4 5 A N A BENNETT BERGLUND Student 45 Track 4 15 Intramural J. E. T.S . Club RAINER BO Que! Intramural 2. RBARA B0 5 5 ER Club 3,45 52 ep Club 45 Powderpuff ' Football 4. BO 5. 5QBaseball15 Sp, nigh Club 1,25 Intramural Qf.Wrestling 1,2,B5 Football 1,2, 3, 45 Hall Qbnitor 2, 35 I R ming 2, 3, 45 Varsity rlub 3,45 rom Committee 3. ' E . 5 5OMAS BOWES, ntramural Wrestling 1 , 25 Latin Club 1, ?5,Swimming 1,2, 3,45 Forensics 25 Ski - b 1,2,3,45 Pool Assistant 1,2,3,45 5 AMAKEE Sreff 3,45 versity Club 3,4. S BRUCE BRADFORD gBasketbal1 1. 1 1 Sf. Q ZABETI-I ERD A 5 ed Chorus 5 Girls' Glee Club 15 K appella Ch V , 5 3, 45 Ski Club 1 ,2, Debate 2, 3 . f NAMAKEE Staff 3, 45 ii 'onal Honor ociety2,3,45 Latin Club FAX RO CNA Sieff 25 French Club -E 3 43 Assi 531' 4. . 5 ef? ER BRA -3 ball15 Hal itor 35 Ski Club 3,45 'V ' in Club 'ii Proj ectionist 4. RICHARD BRA A Basketball 15 Baseball 1,2,45 Hall Mon- itor 3. GARY BUCK Basketball 1,25 Spanish Club 15 ce-ep Club 4. STEVE BUCK H DAMIEN BUDNI Basketball 1,25 -Y 3,45 Teeuceu- teen 3,45 Latin ' 1 ,25 Homecoming Comm. 45 Int. A--5 ing15Int. Football 3, 45 Hall Monit 4. GAIL BUNCH Powderpluff Foot - 5 Masquers 45 Life S aving 1. . . . DON BURNS F. F.A. 152. I ROGER BURRlT? ' I Transfer S tudent 4. Band 3g53YarsitryBand 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4 424 P ..l,v - 3 H in .. 1 . 5 A A Q , 3 A - Xe 3 I XE. 1' ..,, ' ' Q , .-,::- ' Q ' , WILLIAM CARR 3 ',. Q 3 Q 43'StA , gounci1 4, iP ectiignisa1Ui,2, 3,4s Audio V. Asst. spanish Club 1i Cronsewarion A 3 ' A 6511 Board 4s 5lCPPP211P 3, 9 Bibi? lP:1llbT2'3,452 Baseball 2' 39 . , PP- Q , , ,f - in pf , ,.. . - gieoais 3 ', , V l ' MON T 43 5 is TclfICii1DO:l'VLIl5Cm1S . 3 L,' AN A IQC NE Cf b 4 SL ets Club 3 ,43 Pre - Tech Union 3, 43 R0 3 3 1'-':: ' '--'f': l - N 'Op u ' 3? Gymnastics 23 Wrestling 33 Golf 23 Int. .P ' d ' W 1? Wrestling 23 Int. Football 23 Life Sav- 1I,?:gjbSSi1:iP:3, F.F.A- 1,2,3,4, Bibkff 3 lgngllj Projectionist 1, 2, 3, 43 Monitor Club 43 Track 2, 3. 3,43 Class Treai kqlg Jr. S - ' ' Prom Comm. 33 Sr. Pro Qrnm. 4 JAMES CASLER Footballl-lomecoming Co 32 43 1232211 ,If,U,Bg on Club 3. Glee Club 2 Hi-Y 3,43 Pre-Tech Union 3,43 Football 3 fketball Homecoming , 3 -.1 1 ' S 1 2 Football Mgr. 3- Basketball Mgr. 23 5 Mgnitor 3- Powde k - A ootbal Q P, 1235 Club 3, Int. wreiuing 2, Im. Traclk C1 431 , i nliee -f,f M3xed XEEQYCQESEAE 3, French Parliament. issnw , . .3 PP ' . B - - . 1 1 iss'- s, Powderpuff 1Po0rba11C0aCh5 ffCh ,q , iaeii 3 e Ciub 3. 2, Sk, Club 1,2343 Pep CM, 23,453 AMES CHANDLER I Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,43 Bas- ketball 13 Int. Wrestling 13 Wrestling 2, FR is CRIPPS KATHLEEN DAILEY P National Honor Society 23 Teen Canteeni 23 Ir. Sr. Prom Comm. 33 Jr. Class Play 33 Sr. Class Play 43 Swimming 2, 33 Masquexs Club 13 Pool Asst. 23 Modern 1 33 Weight Lifting 2, 33 Pre Tech Union Ski Club 2,3, '. ec. 35 P6 2, 3, Dance 2 N,,.,3g::gg22i2 3,4, Pres. 33 Bowling 33 Varsity Club 3, 43 Jr. Sr., 19 mm ,D EE . MW:1Ii:,,E,,,,:,3:,22?,jfPSf 43 IPB Club Ps Boxing 4SPPP1TPPm 4- 3,2 3- - 3- AURORAPDUNSTi2Ni?l3ltPl??Tl P' 3 ' ' ' ' ' ::-. ', 1 2521: FEV? i ' ' 4 . PHILIP CHAPMAN PP A PPPPP P P.-PP.vw3Ei1i?t?a1f25.4e 2221? Rini. izigisiia Swimming 21 31 45 Tennis 2' 3 ' 'M' 4 M114 H Club 1 3 dent 'Q' 11' 414- National,Hon5r So 2 3, 4' lr. Sr 1' AL C., ' 4,Se ' Magaqersls r' Prom o m' P1iom Comm 3- WI D PAT, 4P St l is 3 ' 3 33 anMixedChorus 13 S - .1 g 4 - 1 3 ig 3, P 222 CANDY CHIPMA 3' A , fyy 1 A: sst Libr' Cadet 3. . E ' ' ' C? 5 smdenrcouncg .23 Cl I, Tredsf ,-,, P 3 - RCONNIE Dz1Es1NsK1 fu., . FrenchClub 13 ki Clu 1,2 .lilatioii - 'P , .... X gall M0I1it0I' 2, 3, 43 C0-Op Clubkin. if Honor Society 2 ,3,,f4j ,ff l S, 7 A 3 A 5 M Gymnastics 1, 2 , 3s AQiCapp ,gf PPP- 33 t ,rg 3 . . MARLENE ZI I 1, ig 4 Cheerleading 43 Exchinge Student to P Q. Co-op Cr I sk Traverse City 33 Junior Class Play 33 .,,- E Q' - Q ' - YW P3 W , Teen Canteen Board ig Q. Q X . 3 , ST Y IPSINSKI 3, A 3,3 A , sy 3 3 P 3 A F 1 3, 2,43 BQ , H ,Qgs,f3. CONNIE CLARK 3 was A m 1 1 ,41 Mnced. 3 ws 3 N'- j f J. V. Cheerleader 13 ,fr n Q ,:, ee P ,,, P H -GE 3 FJ-XGI. p . Bo d 13 3 Club ig, 3f 'i Ofb-2 Nff-N 1 CoiiServationC P ,,43 BowlingTeam Hoxagaom' f ep. gl Va -13 5'Y Qjheer'1- ,Mix 3 0 55 1 ff 71-lb ,33Sw1m- 2,33 3 all gr. 42 Science Club,13 A l ader 3, , Wls' lub 33 i'i - ,Ca i 3 ming 3 A . P Int. ,ing 1,2. 3 , 3 43 jr.Sr, Pro C 33'Sr.,3 A S Y NEAL , , . ,P M '25 'I P- 3 3. A P3PP1fP2Qssu 3, L fi aiiN.CLc ,P ,Y L e A .ngig Int. tba-11 1l a n ,,gQ,m3+ sl M, S msh 'W .'-, ,2?,or 393 s 1 ' 5,3-Q 1, o-Cagtairrgg Bali' P1- - . , ' - ' . , ' Us LLP O ii. EY KAR DEW-Wit P R P 1' . 4 APPP 52533 iii ? 'WSQZK' F - P11 2' Izli' i n PP . 1 BaSke'ff'aiiiM15 QITFS' Pre' UPPPPL ' n ec' if':ilf'- 1,53 Student do Class , 25 Trick 1 2' 35 WPPQPP Mft . .3'495P - A ' GW ' 35 JP 'R' 9 -- 2- Natiombg-Ionor Scie 3 4- ,2, Wrench Club ls fl. sqm- Tm 3-fi 3 u imitor 3' ' ' Varsffcy Cl. ,3,4, Sec. 433Qowling Biyf 521. 3 3 A 3 1 ' ' M iaaseball iii, Club 3,4, Pg . 4s Pre' PEG6X3Dw'AKMONWf,g 'PHE P ELLIO ,Q Tech Un i n 35 3 Editor 3,43?jixing 43 Zki4C1f1l3 1sPep Club I-511 Nlggitor Ba 1 2, P 4, Cmsg Cp P Pool ' , - 3 it . 4,5 ,JEP5351 ',' ' C 4 ' . 3 ..A.. , P- 1 BRENDA COURTRICHT PQPGPP-S PPPPPPSPPP if JAQMPS sims Gymnastics 1,25 ChPeP1s eP1s , i 2002128225 lable C1ubf?,3,4, Stude Afiiclub 45 , P Club Pep Clu ourici 3 3, . w Ir. Plsi-. Pibrom Coilreium. 4 3 'W DAR ,.: Y ' ' mecoming Rep. 23 FootbaflHOX1t?d- g horus 2. P 3 Qi . 3,-z: 34 3? - 1 11 G S? 'L 'E+ 3, A I Q , r ARLEY GLA , , ? 74 f 31 I 1 s R 1 , , , r H1 3,4, ll 7 N JO FORTI 2 ,..l ',. - HOHOP 'P 4s 3' ' , FAX '5 ' A 25Gregg' '- Pres . 4, V. Pr . 4. 1 f, 5 SANDRA- o FORTIER ' Mixed oruilg Girls'Chgir 2,3,4, ' t- ure Te Chers 1, Frenhh Club 1 2, 'Hs MICKEY ,FRALIC 1 A Swimming lg Co-o Club 14, Class Asst. V. Pres. 5 Int. Wrestling 2. .L A DOUGLAS FUNK 5 Latin Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 451510. Prom Comm. 3, Hall Monitor,,45 ANAMAKEE Staff4, Footbalgl 1, Co51se'!'vati'on,C,lub 2. KATHY FURBGSH I A 1 Varsny Band 2, 3, 4, Bowling 14, G. A. A. 1, Office Methods 4. STEVE cAoyoN iijiii jets Club 3, 4, Hall Monitor 3, 4, RUTH GAMA Latin Club 1, , Pres. 1, Treas. 23 WILDCAT 3,4 3 ge 3, Edu...35.,IQ,i,3gor-f' in-Chief 45 P - 1 b 45 Footbal Home- c 34 ing, a rn Speech Club. , Sen- 10 , Ylay 4, F . GEHI- g'-if l i , ' , Choru. E' ' Office if 4. GIBBON, 1 otball 4- I asketball 4. Basketball 1 2 . GERI GOES A , WILDCAT 4' Page Ed. A AKEE 2 3 4- Ti- ' - Pep Club 3,4, Conservati Club 2- Inf Sr., Prom Comm. 35 Sr. om Comm. 3, Powder- puffFootball 4,ilnt. Basketball 4, Mixed Chorus23 French Club 1,2,35 Homecom- ing Comm. ,3,4. ionis Pool Tran T45 1, 2, 1 Club 1, Narioiaim Pres. 33 AN KEE 2,3, WILDCAT 45 De ate 1, Pep Club 2g FAX ROMANA 3 Football 4, Editor Homecoming Comm. 3, 4, C1555 V-Pres. 2, Class V-Pres. 43 Tebn Canteen,,2, 3g Conservation Club 2, udent Codncil R p.31r., Si-.'Pro Comni. 3. , a o ONNA GREER4. ep Club 2, 3, 45 G.A. . 1, 2 reas. ' Conservation 2, 3, 43 Stu Cp ' e 43 Mixed Chorus 1- Club 1, Poo 1.45 Powde uffvF' otball 45 J. Sr. Prom Comm. 3, tqlgasketball 45 Sr. Prom Comm. 3. STAN GRESI-IAM Golf 1,2,3,4, Frenc I .5 Latin 3, 4, udent lcil 4, Coin lub 3, Hall onitor 3. , . ATHIE G A atin Club Mixed rust hoirs 33 ' ppella 4. HUCK - iff. A .1-.Wig CHA ' I . ' MPSHER o-op 3, I Football 2. L I-IA - 1' CN Basketb ,1,-Basebal1 1, . RUTH - UPTf' Spanish lub 13 Varsity nd 2,3,4g Asst. 2, A Office Metho 2,3,4g ur tra 35 jr. Class Play 3. , .. 2, ,4iP.,Student ,,,. ,Council 15 .Varsity Band 3, Tri- 1 JAMES 4, Pres. 3, 4, 4, Jr. SI' 3, Pres. -23 A Latin JAMES HENNEssE'f,? A f .... Basketball 1, .3g4geBaseba11 1, raeii 2, 3. iLi'i A NELSON HERRON National Honor Society 3,45 ANAMAK E 43 Business Manager 4, Int. Wrestling ' f HERRON 2 - . Varsity Band Football we g Co 4 L, ,Trackf 3, 4, Lati . BILL DUANE F. F.A. 3 Wrestling 35 Base- ball 3 2, 3, 45 35 Jr. ods 4' i'l rac,l5 1, 2, .tling'3g Int. 3, Ski,Club 1 2,3,4, V. 4, Class 3 4 3Treas,.34fg 'O:jches- 5 tra 3, ' ' 5 EKEE 4, 5 again' rffldl Co op Office 4 3, Girls C rvation Transfer r Life Pro- Hon 2Ed Spa K ih Mixed 3 4- BY-Iavll XAEIIQL 15 Tennis 1 RRY Rep. 3 Tennis Class Pres. 35 Jr. Lati Club 1 1521, Pres. Studipt LaGRAFF 4, T Club Wrestling 3, Greggits fAlter- CA ROLE Band 2, DAVID KAISER F. F. A. 4. GAIL KAISER Hall Monitor 3, 45 Ros KANE 4 Football 1,2,3,4g swimming 132243, captain 3, Latin Club 1g skiciubi 4? Yirsity ciub 3, 4. MIKE KAVANAUGH French Club 1, 2, 3, 4. STEVE KEARLY if Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,45 Base- ball 1, 3, 4, Bowling 35 Future Teaqlaers Club 13 Sr. Play 45 Varsity Club 58, 5 Student- Council Vice-Pres. 45 Hom -5' co 'nggComm. 3g Chairman. 1 33 Cf'f'EFflPKEMNITZ,, . Cafeteriaiid 1,2,3,45 Wrestlijagkgkl, 3, 43 Varsity Club 2, 3,431 Hall 4 4. - S F.F.A:, 1, 2, s,4. 1 , 4, .yyy Hr 4, fPep Club 2, ANAMAKEE 3,4 ,gmt PATTY KIRBY Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 3 Latin op 4, Glee 1,2 KEN KOGLEN 27 3! Student Club 2g jr Prom Comm. 3, 33 I-Ii-Y 2,3,4, Sec. 3, V. Club 1, 2, PAUL LAHMAN La,LoNDE 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, Band 2 25 Tennis 1, 2, Band 2, 4. DON Int. Track 3, 4. 3gAN I A Football 1, 1,2 - Sfige l in 4 Student Council Rep. 3gTraverse, , , LYNN IAVIGNE change Student 3. ,V , : ed Chorus 2. ,,. 1 , V hw A Hx, , KONECKI A - i .44 5 1 ,T . - 14 2 , 32 4' Jr fQ53Pw KOWALSKI dei? Chorus 1, 2. , ,ll 4. KOWALSKI STEYENAIQFLER 15 Woodshop Foreman 3. ti KowALsK1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 2. - BILL KRAMER Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1,'2, 33 Baseball 1. ' vaisify Band 2,s3, 44 Spanishfhub 2. z, , -- si . .A ISSTANCI LESCHINGER, L 2 ,, fed ,,., 2. K, A . K-ijf , ONALDKLEWIS I restling 1. ENNIS LISKE , , . Q A fe- , it -All , 4 tts. gf A 'I R tstiit , tsls 4 Q ff, 8, . it fl C. 5, 21 ' lfgz if f A x Y f s W ,.,., ,. .,., , zr., ,5 34 , 1, rl LO i7 i ISKE A C TER LOSINSKI Co C o 3 4- Track JO , ' Hia Ba ,X 3115511 1 2, Football 1, cki25 Pro Gym Asst GERALD LUCAS Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. 3, 4, Sec. 3, Treas. 4. R JERRY LUDLQW F. EA. 3, 5 KATHLEEN LUDL ,1 ,,, 5 3 Latin Club 2, 35 E Nurses 45 National Honor Society 2,3,Q?g Bio. Lab. Asst. l 7 3 Clu, Mc RT Club 1, 2, 14, Club 25 Masquers 1 2, 15 Latin Club 25 Pres. Honor 25 J. V jrl-I Hi-Y Q,2,3, 45 Wres- 2 Q Ullng Tama 'io . 2, , D M az., Conser 1, 4, a. Sta 2,3,4 3, Sr.P1ayg3 Teen Club 1, 2, 3. UER 15 Girls' PAULETTE MARK MULVENA J 37 49 Club ' 53? f V 45 juniorPlay 35 JAMES LUDWIG 3 , 2, Girls' Bowling 2. Basketball 1, Golf 1,,,2,,3, Spa n, clu ls Ski Club 2, 3, 41 P511 14 MARY MCMAHON N as -'ij' gl, 7' Teen Canteen 1' Pep Club 2' BONNIE LUMSDEN ,,,..e Footb al 'Ja sr. Prorn Comm. EZ ,KK Off1CE Methods 4. A 4, Glee Club 25 1 Chorus HAROLD LUMSDE I 4 Jets 3, Pres. 35 I-Ia Monitor 4. A MARIE TERRY MacART Club Varsity Band 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 35 Nation f l-Ionor Society 2, N ORM 3, 45 Latin Club, 1 5 Senior Play 4. ' A 5 ' L 1,2,3,4, soo. 53, Treas. cYN'T1-IIA MCCALL A A Staff 3,45 Student Bible Club 2, 3, 4. ' ..,. teen 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, 1 45 Senior Class Treas. DIANE MCCONNELL - f l , Sr. 'Prom Comm. An Club 1 , 2,45 ANAMAKE , tiff 4, Art' - Roqm Asst. 2 3. A , F llll. A , ' A all 1, Co-op 4, f 5 ocoNNELL Bo 3, co-op Club 4. MARQUARDT T Band 4, DE s MoDoNALD ' if Foo all 1. GWENDOLYN MoDoNALD av 2, Powdarpaff Football 4. , JACQUELINE MoDoNNELL A Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Spanish 1,2,i3, Pep Club 2,45 Hall e 11 - Pool Asst. 2, 3,45 Gle servation Club 2, 3, 45 Alfl ball 4, clara Basketball 4, Jr. Cl b 3,45 fa, , . . -- loo, al. Comm 3 . . A fm-L' , , fy 31, KATHLEEN Mc DONNELL if I 5 1 , 7 'ws 5 ,- A Y 1 A A 5 A A - 1, .1533f.L.V1f'Miffif, , , aaga by af f- 5 '5,. if aa ' . ,aa . ,,..'i'1 if .5 an Latin Club 1,25 Girls Bowling 3,45 G.A.A. Club' Co-o Club 3, 4. ,ap MUIQO -Cho 2, Girls Glee Club 3, Pep Club 25 Jr. Play NEUMANN ' ll' ,Ya 1,25 National Honor 4. 2 A A DAVE NEWHOU SE Comm. 3, 45 ., .y 2, 3, 4s Cmss Basketball 1, Co-op 3,-45 Hall Monitor 3, 4. JANET NIEDBALA G.A.A. 15 Spanish Club 15 Pep Club 25 Co-op Club 45 Gym Asst. 2. WANDA NOBLE Mixed Chorus 2. MARY NOKIAND Latin Club 15 Orchestra 1,2535 Pep ,.,,Books Club 15 'K 2737 GREG OLIVER Baseball 3. VrV A ,V JOHN OLIVER 5 V , XQXXWVALL Y Axyzi Greggites 4. M JERRY Hall lSfIonitor5 Swimming Mgr. 1, 2. PQHIAQOLSEN Swimming 1,2,3,45 Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 353 Varsity Band 35 Ski Club 45 Student 45 Pool Asst. 35 National Honor Sciziety, 3, 45 Powderpuff Football 45 Int. Basketball ' 9 fice Methods 2,35 French Club 1, 25, sst. 45 Lifesaving 2, 35 sr. Prom 5 sr. Play 4.55, DENNIE 3 Football 1, , 3, Wrestling 1, 2. eg le Club 3 4 ff ew Q ll PAA rvatio lub 4, Masquers 4. KOTTER 5 DNEY CK '3 5, 5. , ,B --Ax .. ' . ' N 927. ' ' if 'f iih T -l..2'S :f' -.-.I -t J sr T ' 1 i f :Ji O . .3 3. ifiia' . , :Q ' - VIN IN , 3 --Q . ' 3 J . in vi Mixed Chorus 15 Great 2,45 A 3, 45 Society Class Football Pre -Te ch 3 DIANE G.A.A. 15 derpuff fice Methods Baslgetball 1 2, 3, 45 V Int. SUE Varsity 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Basker- ball 2,45 Int. Swimming 15 Latin Club 1,2. wifi 2 .1- -' .weft . 5, L y , .ms W E 1,,.. sis SEAM , A A Ys s' are 5 ,,,,.,,,,,, me . krnr MJ 5 5 ,,,, ' in ,,,,:, ,..,,,L 5 SUSAN POWELL 2 lill ' Aw.. fs ROUSSEAU GQA-IL 315253, QqY,Qu.Pres. 35 Conserv?ion Clubppxg, ,,. ji Sled? 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, X'Pi e3is. 45 Poo1Asst. 2, 4. TERRY PUGH Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2,45'Int. Wrestling 2, 3. CAROLYN RADKE Mix ed Chorus 4. REYNOLDS sh Cleb 2, Treas. 25 Masquers 5 Treas. 53, Student Council 4, cms G1 ch0ir,.2,.5s A Cappella 4, Powderp . ,Footba1l,45 jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Foot- ball Homecoming Comm. 45 Conserva- tion Club 3,4, V. Pres. 35 Future Nurses 45 Pep Club 45 ANAMAKEE 3. ROBERT REYNOLDS Hall Monitor 3. MARY RIKER Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Class Play 45 National Honor Society 2, 3,45 French Club 1,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Chorus 35 Powderpuff Football 45 jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Sr. Prom Comm. 3. FRANK RILEY Gymnastics 1,2,3,45 Int. Football 45 Int. Wrestling 1, 2, 3,45 Projectionist 3, 4. GERALDINE RISTOU Mixed Chorus 25 Girls' Glee Club 3,45 Office Methods 3, 45 Future Nurses. DENNIS RITTHALER Mixed Chorus 25 Cafeteria Asst. 3, 45 Cappella 3, 4. SHARON ROBB G.A.A. 13 Ski Club 1, 2, 35 Hall Moni- tor 4. BARBARA ROBBINS Varsity Band 3, 45 Greggites 45 Office Methods 4. BEVERLY RONDEAU G.A.A. 15 Art Club 2,3, Vice-President 35 Conservation Club 2, 3, 45 junior Play 35 Masquers 1,35 Ir. Sr. Prom Comm. 35.ff Pep Club 25 ANAIMAIKEE Staff 3, Art Editor 35 Latin ub 25 French Club 1. FRANK RO U Football 1 ,2 G nastics 15 Varsity vm Club 3, 5 I lub, ufe. Football 1, 2, 35 Track 3, 45 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 3, 45 Va jets Club 35 Treasurer. rsity Club 3, 45 BARBARA ROZNOWSKI Monitor 3. DIXIE ROZNOWSKI G.A.A. 1, 25 Girls Bowling 1, 25 Co-op 4. MARY LOU ROZNOWSKI Latin Club 1,2, Treasurer 25 S.L.A .A .M. 5,5 Club 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Junior Class V. 5,Pres. 35 jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Sr. Prom iComm. 35 Co-op Club 45 WILDCAT ?Staff ,, onservation Club 35 Junior Play 3' -1 - MARY Lou R. Mixed pe uf .'.. I4-op 4. JACK SA F. F. A. 4. ' RICHARD Latin reasurer 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, V. 45 Teen Canteen 4, Pres. 45 1,25 Monitor 3,45 Student National Honor Soci- ety 2,3 45 jr. S Sr. Prom Comm. Comm. CARL SCI-IULTZ SCI-IULTZ BONNIE SCHULTZ 3, 45 Monitor 3. 1 ,25 Mixed Chorus 25 A Cap- SHARON SCHULTZ Conservation Club 2,35 French Club 253. DANIEL SCHWENKE Freshman Football 15 Bible Club 1 ,2, 3, 45 Student Council 3. 5 ., EDWARD SCOTT Football 1,45 Track 1. RANAE SCOTT , Future Teachers Club 1,-45 Senior Class Play 45 Monitor 4. ROBERT SCOTT 5 5 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Varsity Band 45 Bowl- ing 2. V 5, 3 -' WILLIAM SCOTT Co-op Club 3, 45 Gym Asst. 3. ANN SEGORSKI lL,A 5 l1: iO, Conservation Club 2,3, 45 French Club 2,3,45 Bowling 1,2,35 Pep Club 4. ELAINE SENCHUK Projectionist 45 Girls'Glee Club 45 Mix- ed Chorus 35 Office Methods 4. IANICE SENCHUK Latin Club 1,25 Student Council Rep. 25 jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Football Homecoming Comm. 3,45 Basketball Homecoming Comm. 35 Pep Club 45 Speech Club 45 WILDCAT 3,45 Business Manager 35 Page 2 Ed. 45 Sr. Class Play 45 Office Methods 45 Hall Monitor 3. JUDITH SENCHUK G.A.A. 1,25 Girls Bowling 1. THOMAS SHIEMKE ARNOLD SIEGERT DAVID SIEGERT Pre Tech Union V. Pres. 3,45 jets Club 3, 4, Pres. 3, 45 Football 1,2,35 Hall Monitor 4. MARILYN SIEGERT Girls' Glee Club 25 National Honor Soci- ety 35 Greggites Club 4, Sec. 4. ROBERT SILVER Swimming 1,2, 35 ski Club 1,2,3,45 sr. Play 45 Camera Club 15 Tennis 15 Life- saving 25 Hall Monitor 4. DARRELL SIMS Swimming 1,25 Hall Monitor 35 Int. Wrestling 2. BRAD SKIBA Jets Club 35 Pre Tech Union 354, Pres. 4. MIKE. SLAGIE' Golf 15 Co-op 4. DEE SMITH Frtinchif Club 1,25 Swimming 1,25 'Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, 45 WILDCAT 3,45 Page 1 Ed. 45 Football Homecom- ing Comm. 3, 45 Speech Club 45 Office Methods 3,4. RICHARD SMITH Basketball Mgr. '15 Wrestling Mgr. 25 Varsity Club 2553, 4. .... SNGW JANET SNYDER Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Ski C lub 1,2, 3,45 Teen Canteen 2, 3, 45 French Club 1,25 Jr. Play 3.5 Sr. Play 45 Class Sec. 35 Cheerleading 2,-3,45 jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Int. Swimming 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 15 A Cappella 3,4. DOUG SOIK Future Teachers Club 4, V. Pres. 5 Hall Monitor 4. KAREN SOIK jr. Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Co-op 45lnt. Basketball 4. GLORIA SOMMERFELD Latin Club 15 Girls Bowling 1, 35 Mixed Chorus 25 A Cappella 35 Co-op 45 Pro- jectionist 1 , 2, 3, 4. SANDRA SOMMERFELD Gymnastics 2,3,45 Gym Asst. 3,45 Modern Dancing 2, 3. KATHY SPITZER Mixed Chorus 25 Spanish Club 25 Glee Club 35 Office Methods 4. LINDA SPRAGG Latin Club 1,25 Girls' GleeClub 3. PATRICIA SPRACC Bible Club 15 Co-op 3,45 Int. Basket- ball 4. PHILIP SRODES . Footb all 15 Baseball 15 Track 25 Hall Monitor 4. MIKE .STARK JAMES 'STATON' 5r.5 s ,lets 35l?re-Tech Union 3, 45 Projection- ist 15353545 Ha1lMonitor 3,45 Life Saving 1 . , 5 . . IFSTEPANSKI Miitecifiehorus 15 Glee Club 3, 45 Co-op 4. . GEORGE STEVENS 'Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,35Va1-sity Club 3, 4, JOHN srosrcx Swimiriing 1,2,3,45 Co-Captain 45-Var- sity Club 3,45 Int. Football 25 Pool Asst. 1,2,,3,4. STOVER WILDCAT 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 45112 Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Football Homecoming Comm. 3. HOWARD STROM Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,45 Golf 1,2, 3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,2, MIKE SUTKAY F. F. A. 4. BERNICE SWARTZINSKI National Honor Society 25 Co-op 3,4, Sec. 45 Greggites 3, V. Pres. MARY SUE THOMAS Swimming 1,2,3,45 Ski Club 1,2, 3,45 Tri -Hi -Y 35 Student Council 45 Pep Club 2, 35 French Club 2. MARTIN THOMPSON Baseball 2, 3, 4. JANET THORNE Art Club 2,45 Conservation Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Lab Asst. 3,45 Student Council 45 Art Room Asst. 2. CAROL TIMM Mixed Chorus 25 Girls' GleeClub 3. DAN TIMM J , , K X 1 2, EET!-I Transfer LESLIE Swimming ing Cor ,Pep Club 3 S t 'll d C Dance 23 F00fb2ll 43 KEN DALL Basketball 13 ROBERT TORSH TOM Moni- Ol' 1,2, Lab Asst Sec Prom 23 Latin Club 1 ,2, 3,4, Pres. 4s Jr. Play ALTER 'WEINKAUF Transfer Student 33 Track 3,43 Football an 4, Greggites 4 UDELL d - ' 4 Mixed c GORDON UDELL Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Club 3,4. BRUCE VAN DERWALL Basketball 1,2, 3,43 Varsity Club 3, 43 Student 43 Football Homecoming Comm General Chairman 43 Class President GREG VOSS Football 2,33 .Basketball 1 ,2, 3, 4s Base- ball 1,2, 43 TeenCanteen Board 33 Stu- dent Council 43 Hi-Y 2,3,43 Student Council Rep. 3 Cross Country 4. ROGER WADE Spanish Club 1,23 Wrestling 1,23 Ski Club 1, 2, 33 National Honor Society 2, 3, 43 Conservation Club 2. JOHN WAGNER Chess Club 13 Swimming 13 Wrestling 23 Hall Monitor 33 Int. Wrestling 23 Life Prom Pr 3 r. 3, 4, Varsity Asst. 2, 3. Thespian 3, 4. 3,43 Jr. Sr. Prom 4. BONNIE WEIR il- 5 French Club 1,2 3, 3 c1ee ciub 33 Club Q ,Q 3 , A.A. 1,25 N Society 1 Conservation Club 2, Int. ,33,,. s.L.A.A.M. 2, 3, in 4, idriii ciub 1,2, YUCHE5 4, Band 3, 4.2 1 LINDA ZIELASKOWSKI G.A.A. 1,23 Twirling 2. 3 .. PHILIE ZIEIASKOWSKI F.F.A,F ,4, Pres. - Bowling 1,2,3,4. 4 FRANCQS WHITE RA z1ELAsKoWsK1 i ce-ep 4. X ,,- . b 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 2,33 1 I V op 4, Masquers 1,23 Art Club 1. it Masq? Club 13 Pe? Club,,iQ3,43 es. z A EYZIELASKOWSKI 1 op Clu 3 4g Jr. Sr Prom Comm. 31 f f g' 3,45 OfficeMethods 43 Co-op 43 ' I it ,,,, Q.A,3,3ii,4,i,,,z. KENNETH WILDS 3 C0-0p 4, HSIIIIP ZIELINSKI Transfer Student. VERNA WILDS Latin Club 1,23 Mixed Chorus 23 ciiis' RANDY ZIELINSKI Glee Club 3, pep Club 4, A Cappella 2,3,43 Conservation Club 2, 3,43 V. Pres. 4, ANAMAKEE 4, Bowl- 1 BARBARA WILLINGS Pep Club 2,3,43 Teen Canteen 43 Jr. Sr. ball 4 Prom Comm. 33 WIL V, T 43 Int. Foot- ing 1 ,2, 33 Int. Wrestling 13 Audio Vis- iidi Aid 2, 3, 4. KENNETH ZITLAU xW: JUNIORS 1. ' ' M. ,1i52'i?QgQSs'A?3I3SYl1Q3 7' QWS GHRSSZXRS SZORH , f , 1 ' , 4 , .,:-., . K , -1 - W ,f Lf, X is ,a an-ww, I 4 ' U 1, er 6 A. U . We ,V if-. 2 any --wish. f Q K 2 get fx Aasland, Glenda Adams, Sue Adamski, Henry Allen, Dennis Allen, joseph Allen, Thomas Anderson, Cindy Atkinson, Thomas Bahrke, Linda Baker, Dennis Banas, james Bartreau, Michael Barton, Nancy Bartz, David Basel, Mary Lee SCHOOL IS SO MENTALLY EXHAUSTING. . . wi 1? 29 I + if am. W M . 4? ,B ,,,, , , ,Ei ,E , A .: 2, 5 Qs 2 li 1 1' B, B l:'i'1 86 ' f f 2' if 3 ,gli I V W as 5 , 1 'K s I 'Y 1 'H-Y k 'K K X Beattie, Linda Behning, Lew Bellmore, Linda Bertrand, Sharon Bingham, jay Bittner, Janice Black, Georgene Blemke, Donald Blevins, Teddy Boboltz, Janice Boboltz, Randall Boyle, Mike Bramlett, Linda Brandenburg, Paul Branigan, Angela x Bray, Patricia Brousseau, David Brousseau, James Brown, William Bunting, Robert Burkenbine, Nikki Burnham, Roy Busch, Barbara Buse, Tim Bye, Steve Calcut, jean Cantile, Doretta Carriveau, Sherry Christensen, Thomas Christopherson, Mary Chrzan, Gail Cole, Bill Collins, Tom Connell, Kaye Cordes, Nelson OFFICERS President Tom Allen Vice-President Lew Behning Secretary Ellen Rogers JUNIOR CLASS ,f Treasurer N ikki Burkenbine Student Council I Tom Atkinson Stgflent Council II Tom Lappan aff 6 in 5- C' E -J' 1. M Q. W - ex gf' Q lghl '92 in E gs ,k Y K Q : xr '- -: Qriifisl-mggp If ,:., , if' r .,v.....- - .- QW: -- 2-my .L ' ' 4' S L be W A lax , ffisfiffsfi 'Z g Wife: mh k ' . E I .3 'Wg . use A sei ., ., My C L ,.. f Z in W . lg wif wh ' .r ,f .. I 'v' Rf., L A .H ,k:i , , s . - af fm' , R. ff V ix , :iff 'if fx'wf Corey, Nancy Corthals, Kathie Cosbitt, Paula Coulston, Diane Cousineau, Trudy Crame, Linda Cramer, Nancy Cramer, Patrick Cramer, Paul Dailey, Wayne Davison, William Dege, Donna DeRosia, Clyde Des Rocher, Mike Didyk, Myron EVERY MAN HAS AN EQUAL CHANCE TO BECOME GREATER THAN HE I9 ' ,..:-1- Q? 21 X FF ... s qw i A . .. , . is 'Wi -ad: ,Y . 'U x A 2 'L' J Wi Y W l v' k k C' ,lt V 88 Dietz, Melvin DiMarzo, Tom Doan, Charles Domke, Arnold Domke, Rhea Domrase, Eldon Donnan, Mary Douglas, Earl Douglas, Vicky Dove, Valerie Dubie, Onalee Duranceau, Denise Dziesinski, Ted Eagle, Shirley Emery, Susan Erkfitz, Martha Ferris, Janie Fleck, Linda Foster, Robert Frank, Ruth Ann Franklin, Michael Frantz, Linda Fraser, Judy Frederick, james Freel, Marcia Gady, Roger Gapczynski, Robe Garant, Dennis Gauthier, Beverly Fullm er, Le anne IT Gedeon, john Gerke, Gary Gerszewski, Linda Gokel, Ronda Goodrich, David Graichen, Margie Grambau, Fred Gray, john Green, Hugh Green, Robin Haight, Rose Ann Hall, Diane Hall, joelyn Hall, Sharon Halleck, Gay Hamill, Linda Hanner, Linda Hansen, Linda Hartnell, Tamara Hatch, Susan Heath, Thomas Helms, Theo Hibner, Jack Hibner, Timothy Higgins, Howard Holsworth, Renee Houston, Cheryl Howay, Dennis Howlett, Charles if ww ,gf R R - in I me af gl V fa F81 i Q, ,,... . x is .',- 5 - Q-,Q , I ff J J, ,,. 5 T Swv M' -fn ' . Am- H , if. v, '- -, , A .,,,.f ., f ,.'4.. 1 . Fiwqqf - . ff' I 2 r W Q ,, ' P ' .H W j, ::v I x xx f T , . S 2 f inal , if 5 '25 ,,,A E' K Q c ss ixiiivrgr-A I N. . w , .' , 'U if ,f T ,SA A -an 3 ,, 'Eff f .--- f X :,. T3 I I DETERMINATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS if , M C 5 Y an , K .1 -Vu '55, J i . ,, H . -gp-1-.-F Huber, Dennis Huggler, Joann Huggler, Linda Humiston, Dennis I-Iuyck, Jeanne Jakubiak, Mary Jaskolski, Patricia Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Geraldine Jones, Marcia Jones, Marilyn Jorgenson, Kerry Kabacinski, Allen Kaczorowski, Debbie ii W. gan? J l a we ,X J f 4132? -,,.,, i3'l T, Qi f aa T - - 'if f y Y . , f s J i. X ,, gh N ,L :iv K a K , V . E1 '4 L f ' 'il A 4 5 .YI 9 K Q' ' 1 1 90 Kaiser, James Kaiser, Jeanette Kaiser, Kenneth Kasubowski, David Kauffman, Merrill Kemp, Evelyn Kieliszewski, Linda Kihn, Karen Kihn, Linda Kimball, Bill King, Karen Kinsinger, Judy Kirchoff, Alfred Kitter, Terry Klein, Susan Kline, Marilyn Knechtel, julie Koss, Nancy Kowalski, William Kraft, Shari Kubbe, Karen Kurtz, Richard Kwiatkowski, Mary LaCross, Ronald Lahman, Vicki Lake, Nancy Lampel, David Lancewicz, Dorothy Lappan, Thomas Lazarowicz, Patricia Leathead, Kay LeTourneau, Linda Liske, Barbara Liske, Karen Liske, Linda Liske, Michael Lister, Josephine Longcore, Calvin Ludlow, jane Ludwig, Connie MacArthur, Randall MacConnell, Kendall MacMillan, Erma McCallister, Jeanie McCallum, Kathleen McConnell, john McConnell, Sally jo McCready, Karen McDonald, Sandra Mcliachern, Loretta McGinty, Ioyce McKay, Gay McKay, Richard A. McKay, Robert McKay, William B. McQuarrie, David Madden, Elizabeth Mallette, Darlene Manning, Debra as so ke ! 1 ' ,, N lf? f 1 'QQ sa X bw 4 ?lZ as A 'I Q 6422 f 5 , 'WN X x 4 if - 1 d.. fi. if if wr-:av Q' , 3-f lm X V ---:+ 2:-- -- XB K I if ix S 2 . R use u W 15' ,, 4. x an ky' N Q i t M 5. . 4, . ' ' .. M Q-14 ,NW L ' X if ' wa v h K 4, 5 , I 1 lk 1 Xl I xx Xw L - R r 7' . x f If 1, af by vw All 'Q 4, X, I eeka M- f Y Q L 4, 1 -.,,,, Md , - ral 0 'F iw- L, TTT 4 W 1 ff ' Q A 2 , fi A rf' 'L g 1 Q:- :L 3 -. 2 I ,A . ,i g f , Aa. KLA Z D X My . A -.Lf--,+V T as X W, gl: Q THEY'LL FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE H T gg? my 92 Li 1 I i 4 ,L,,ig r , -. Eff 'A Martell, Carol Martell, Sherry Marzean, Judy Mase, John Mason, Leonard Massey, David Matzke, Danny Meggert, Donna Meske, Joe Dan Metzke, Kathy Meyer, Robert Miner, Ed Miller, Judy Mills, Arlyn Mills, Kelvin Mirmick, Barbara Mischley, Gregory Montie, Gloria Mosseau, Gary Mousseau, Pamela Munro, Linda Murphy, Carolyn Nave, Linda Nehring, James Nehring, Richard Nensewitz, Lynne Newman, David Newton, Diane Nicholson, Jac quel1ne Nickels, Thomas Nolan, John D Nowak, Robert T. M , V , O'Brien, Coryane L ' '7 Oke, Martha 'C' - Orchard, Laura ' .2111 'aaf R h, 1 Rensberry, Randy Rensberry, Robert Rhoads, Kenneth Riley, Mary Ritthaler, Carol Robarge, Kathleen Robarge, Rita Robb, Thomas Rochefort, Terrence Rogers, Ellen Rouleau, Peggy Rouleau, Theresa Rouleau, Thomas Roy, Susan Roznowski, Dan St. Clair, Susan Samp, John Saretsky, Susan f sas :.1Q+sa,f fi - X an 1-:gm we iw- Osbeck, Lester ' if ,U Petterson, Terry ,GA Q, 5, Q Q 5, Plath, Joanne fa K, T., . Plush, Larry Q V , i Poll, Dorothy ' sa if ij P Pongones, James ' A M x Precord, Kenneth A .ATAAS xr ',-,v:' it , L, Precord, Sue ii 'T Q' 4, P Price, Richard i 'A -, A N W A Prittie, Richard 'aff' f ,v 1 A ii. E' Q W 2 Q I Pugh, Noel K Rasmussen, Peter f A Q Reinke, Io Ann 1 Q , - T, if Q A Reiser, Glenda K . 'Q Rensberry, Duane 'Af A K A ref fr.,-T ,, f K f yi , if x U V T, ,L,, Wy' f , r, A - ,, V x no ,., l R . rs in 'fi Q , tili i ,,' 15+ S fi 5 .:. z. Ai - ,V ' i i- i K, ,T 3 it L s Shad, Terry Shaffer, Carol Scheenks, Adam Scheidler, Ernest Scheske, Linda Schnaitz, Susan H K' dh .4- T W ff at A ' mi' . , .L o , 1, F if mfr' irg a s RN 3 Q V, , or,.f, .. -- . vw - f. ggilgfiagaflazaalixinggwfggaxgiegs 'f CHEERING BULLFIGHT? ' j Tk' 'Iwi NO! FOOTBALL FIGHT!! -if 12 ,-'f??:,-:g,,., L i 'f , - 21 A , . '- -. ' is Z! yu .fa 915 , 5 , ' ,, A 3 :'T'rlF'Qff' Hi' ,f V V , Q ' 1 t'a:? P ,fu '21I3,+'i .i? M5 , Q f,,1, Wm yi! Q S Q - r . V Z , A Z. ,V -,.1 V 1 , 3 , , gf . !!!! is ' !!!! I 9 94 Schnell, Gary Schooks, Diane Schrader, Gary Schultz, jean Schultz, Kathryn Schultz, Larry Schwartz, Carol Seabert, Pamela Seeger, Donna Sharp, M.i-ke Shaver, Neil Sieger, Daniel Simmons, Marcia Skiba, Bonnie Skowronek, Sandra Smalley, Patricia Smart, Sandra Smith, James Smith, Joanne Smith, Richard Smith, Sharon Smith, Thomas Snyder, Thomas Soik, Eunice Sommerfeld, Douglas Sommerfeld, Gerald Sommerfeld, Shari Souva, David Spencer, Bob Srodes, Peter Standen, julie Standen Linda Stark, Clary Stump, Walter Sumerix, Diane Szatkowslci, Karen Szczerowski, Eddie Szymanski, Richard Taber, john Tessmer, Robert Thiem, Cynthia Thom, Pamela Thompson, Cathy Thompson, jane Thompson, Mark Thompson, Shellie Thomson, Susan Timm, Jeanette Timm, Ross Timmreck, jim Titus, Ann Tolan, Linda Torsch, Ann Trapp, Donald Tylenda, Mary VanDusen, Anna May VanWagoner, Randy VanWagoner, Robert Wagner, Cheryl Wagner, James Wallace, Jeanne Wallace, Sue Warn, Bonnie Wedge, Bill Wegner, Mary Weise, Larry Wells, George Wenzel, Bruce Werda, Gabriel Whaley, David Wilds, Celia Wilson, Daniel Winterstein, Stanley Wirgau, Richard Wx xr if ' '.,, 5 , , .R 41 F 1 J , Q all H d rx Q3 'Ye EN: Q ff Sw ' kg Sl I3 Z 1 gh 5 -.ia 1 if 2 I 'zi' fi , ,,,,,,,. . 1 'a sg-as i I Q Fm ff C 'QQ , . II Q A .5 A, X efiigi W ,f - .13 I F il 1 ' ITV' X. 95? I 'au Q 95 A , V g g S, Q H Y uw, qugub r . A ' A lf. . , M . 3, f Y K K Q a g lI V . y ,. R I kb, . .:-: v . f Wojtkowiak, Alice Wolford, Denise Wooll, Richard Yedinak, Donna Young, Ronald Zander, Carolyn Zanter, Kathy Zawacki, Sue Zbytowski, Carolyn Zbytowski, Thomas Zbytowski, William Zelazney, Kathleen Zerbst, Marguerite Ziesman, Sandra Zink, Roger Zolnierek, Gail rt I ' Beaudoin, Sandra Bedford, Richard Berg, Karen Beauschlein, joseph Bittner, Brad Brady, Sheryl Brothers, joe Buse, Wesley C. Canavan, Barbara Carriveau, Lorraine Cornell, Karen Creguer, Christine Deedler, Ronald Donaj kowski, Loretta Donald, Jac Donald, Tim Dorr, Gary Dubie, Mark Dubie, Ronald Edblad, Clark Elowsky, Larry Ewing, Marilyn Frey, Donald Gagnon, Mike Gorski, james Gregory, William Gries, Ronald Grubb, Donald JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Guthrie, Kenneth Hahn, Bruce Haken, Dale Herbert, William Higgs, james Holzworth, Sharon Kadrich, Gary Kelsey, Alan Kierst, Karla Kihn, Keith Kitter, Robert Koontz, Nita Kowalski, Richard Lankheet, William Leschinger, Larry Lewis, Gayle Liske, Gerald Liske, Larry Lozen, Leon MacArthur, Kenneth McGinty, Alan Marchlewski, Joseph Martin, Phillip Mather, Rita Montroy, Marc Mordus, John Murphy, Robert Murphy, Thomas 96 I Neumann, Maxine Pinkel, William Precord, Leonard Przeslawski, Gerald Rodriguez, Dewey Rosenthaler, Margaret Rouleau, Mark Seguin, Paul Silver, Carl Skaluba, Dennis Smith, jerry Smith, Monte Spigelmyre, Howard Stevens, Terry Szczerowski, Ben Tessmer, jerry Timm, Irvin Tucker, Michael Valley, Carol Vargo, janet Werth, Randy Werth, Yvonne White, Terry Wirgau, Sue Woodruff, Joyce York, Alice Zarske, Ronald Zasl-ce, Raymond JUNIORS. . . IN THE CLASS ROOM. . . I QE COLLECTIVELY. . r - -M: E 3 .x t T. S , L Tavcafgsin ffl fi' A g I LH? 'ND'V'DuALLY' ' ' IN THE OPERATING Room ASSU ME ROLES OF RESPONSIBILITY BOYS XSWQSI V0 z K K SOPHOMORES L. 3? 1 3 X:,.,.,W.,,,. R 1 1 I , 'X ,Q i 'wif ' Q V , tai? 563, 3 vgf 2:2 2125325 ,Y 1 ,Q-NA q .1 f h ,. bw 4: 'f 'K A 159 :f 2 -w '14 Li if A f .pg Lv' A SFEY534 I ill. .X 2 .M if k F . H ie I X V 1 .. 'gf' i. AA I 1.:, gg- l - '- . A , A ' ' ' A 1 t .r H . E ,Q F K Q S + ,f l g K A 3' ' A , , ,, 4 .sr Et if M it ,gf are K 'ef iwiiifi lr BRAWN AND MLISCLES VIE FOR CLASS SUPERIORITY ' fini:-'Il 'f ,pearl . . his 1 MM: Q., H - , ,,,E ' X as :,.. ,,.1 - - ' ,gt , Q Y, ..,::.-f Q . . JA f.- 'Aa A V ff x Ager, Mary Allen, Donna Anderson, Donald Anderson, james Arthur, Gene Arthur, Gregory Atkinson, Charles Atkinson, Mary Atkinson, Robert Atkinson, Shirley Attwell, Steven Aube, Doris Austin, Fred Bahling, David Baker, Lenora w i Barden, Elaine Barrow, Christopher Bartz, James Baryo, Linda Bates, james Bays, Lynn Beaubien, Earl Beaubien, Evelyn Bedford, Brenda Bedford, Sherry Bedford, Susan Beemer, Keith Bennett, james Bigharn, jan Black, Tyrone Bloom, Sandra Bobolts, Elroy Bock, Raymond Boucher, William Boynton, Robert Bradford, Katherine Bramlett, Delores Broderson, Judy Brooker, Lynda Brooks, Nancy Brousseau, Phillip Browski, Anthony Brun, Michael Buchler, Lawrence Buck, Kenneth Budnick, Robert Budnick, Susan Burnham, Gerald Burns, Michael Bums, Norman WW at 1: , 5' 1 X fi ,p W' . . f of s 2 4 ,L N4 . . lm x . g. VT, 'eili l Biee S if-wifi S .. B S Qi, A Gs' 'if f 1 - . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Robert Boynton Vice -President Melvin Straley Secretary Karen Hagen Treasurer Carrie Prieur Student Council I jean I-leimnick Student Council I Margaret Saretsky I it 1 ' 1 in 1? .,, if .Q . K 'L I :ns ,Biff x Q x Q 1 sh e Q gm y T' ,gif 8 v - I ,find f 4 1 is' gf Y Y IT'9 NOT WHAT YOU DO: IT'S WHAT YOU GET AWAY WITH zg. , ., T Y T H g 1 . X.g:,l,13. . .- V, . L: 1, 5 SK eg ff , I I V. T, W , , R r r , are ' f 102 l. ---V fs L 11 T? W' 4,,. I Burr, Robert Buszka, Gregory Cadarette, Patrick Carpenter, Ronald Carr, Joanne Chabot, Gary Chapman, Stephen Chojnacki, Ronald Christie, George Clark, Thomas Clayton, Robert Climie, Kurt Cloft, Barbara Clute, Perry Clute, Terry Cohoon, Gary Cohoon, james Cole, Arthur Cole, Karen Connon, Michael Cook, Beverly Corey, joan Couture, Raymond Crow, Alan Daleski, Kathleen Damoth, Joan Davis, Linda DeCaire, Nancy Derry, Deborah Deyarmond, Carrie Q al gr fp Diamond, Blair Dodd, Michael Dohn, Nancy Donajkowski, Lesley Donakowski, Michelle Donaldson, Connie Dorr, Marlin Doyle, Susan Dubey, Deborah Dubey, Lee Duby, Diane Dulebohn, Dee Duncan, Earl Eaton, john Eckhart, Roberta Edmonds, Donna Egenriether, Allen Eland, Deborah Eller, Gary Eller, jack Elowsky, Gay Emke, Diane Erickson, Douglas Ewing, Marie Ewing, Roy Fay, Larry Filarski, Rosemary P Fitzpatrick, Thomas 5 Fitzpatrick, Timothy , X ' Fortier Anette -,f-uri, Fournier, Candace V , ' Fradette, Beverly - 5 -- y Fralick, Deborah ' Freel, Rodney . ' Fulkerson, Karen . Furbush, james Gabara, Beverly Gagnon, David ,gy m ,f .wr f.,v Gagnon, Lily Galbraith, Katherine Gapske, Katherine Garant, David Garant, Robert Gates, Pamela ,,:..:!: ,,.,,., ,A . -f ,sfilmfizi - 4 :ff r a s ,X .. 561+ M -rx J. K V g T-if JR vt' ,. , if -H f 9 iii X x ii 'E' AQ' A a n W 52 at M E sg- fl 94 H' 6 I T I .Q Q W f it ,at offs 53 1 W? Q, 103 . eel' eeleet efli A e-,,, ,, '-:: . , 'Q x,.i, ' S5 f t W 1 1 A ,k,.': Q ,'., , ., h an ,A 4 illi kr . , Ji . H 9 TL , , Q ' I a bag' la? , 1. , 2 ,Si -A - ,f ,Q iff' :X ' Q K ' x ' L Jw if ,iff r ,W f if , K f KM T Wt, in mfg 3, 'li' ,.,, , g Y i .I I' .. .. '-k Kllm f F es: - dm- ' fi' if KF I I .f - W , 1, w- - W - Y ' Sr , l W if ffl ik K L- - f 1 N. 'S DOES SPIRIT MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN VICTORY? . .YEAH. MAN! i A- tx if K A V. - ,f,:,,-Q ' fa E A1AA ,fi I 7 iii' fl Q fi. ffzfemffimiilsigm-: - ' gg,,,e5,p,1f,fQ,,x, vf,:.f,- f Us Q1 We I-. 5 ' .J 1: 3 Q A WW ,fd J' 1 Gauthier, Bonnie Gentry, Joseph Gerke, Earl Gilbert, James Glennie, Sue Gohl, Diane Gohlke, David Golder, David Goodrich, Thom as Grac e , Elaine Green, Paula Gregory, jane Gresham, Mary Gruschke, Gerry Gunn, Winifred Guthrie, Donna Guy, Susan Habermehl, Karen Hadd, Charles Hagen, Karen Hall, Donna Hall, Sandra Halleck, Ian Hampton, Annie Hanner, Mona I I' I I QIIII, ' ,, -. e Age, , , 3 A Hanson, wiuiam ,- V , Hayes, Orville at I sf ' 2, :,' 1 .. 'f 1, , , ' . . '1 5 ,V 4 I ' r,,r 5 .trol Heimmck, jean . Helms, Larry ir! , , A ,,.,, A A Hefner, Catherine 'ff' A ,ff 0 -,gfw?'N 9 A N ' 'rl' ' i 104 Herron, Kathryn Herron, Margie Hibner, Karen Holsworth, Dawn Hoppe, Kathryn Hoppe, Linda Hornak, Paul Hose, Cheryl Hoy, Kathy lller, Catherine Irwin, Susan Isaacs, Patrick Jahnke, Christel jaskolski, Sally jenkins, Wade Johnston, jere jore, Glenn josey, jamie Jozwiak, Linda jury, Sharon Kaczorowsl-ci, Valerie , , A Kamyszek, Patricia Kane, Douglas - - Kannowski, Alfred Kaszubowski, Ronald Kavanaugh, Edward f will iv K aw -12 R x Keller, Telecia , Kelley Sally Kelley, Sherry Kelrn, Connie Kieliszewski, Judy I if King, Richard is A - f ,,, x ., -L -...- .,,,.., V Kinsel, Elaine Kirby, Kitty Kitter, Susan Klann, David Klein, Gerald Klein, Suzanne Klemens, james Kline, jerry Kosloski, Richard Kotwicki, Lois Kowalski, Dale Kowalski, Diane .,,,, ,:, 9 :M !!5f'!'?S Q. 3?X gall. x , Q ' 'Z s an HP S :,. All r 3 ..:, r, ' .,.., + .Miz ,bb if if 3 l S W FULL OF PEP PUSH AND GO ,Q H .2 I ' ' 2 'V ' RH? 106 Kraft, Roseann Krebs, Randy Krentz, Kenneth Krentz, Stanley Krueger, Larry Kubbe, Valerie Kwiatkowski, Bernard LaBe11, Alfred LaBonte, Judy LaFave, Linda LaFe1dt, Edmund LaF1eche, Bruce LaGraff, john Lahman, Kristi LaMay, Donna Lamy, David Lancaster, Karen Lancewicz, Linda Lane, Gene Lasecki, Kenneth LaVio1ette, Sherrie Leopard, Connie Leopard, Robert Lipski, Linda Liske, Sharon Losinski, Sandra Loughery, David Lozen, David Ludlow, Judy Ludwig, Paul Q: Ludwig, Sandra ,::. uvuuuzq Luebke, Theodore . 1-11 e Lyons, julie L ons, Patricia ar- Qu Y MacArthur, David ,V Sf 3 ,L 5, MacConnell, james i M56 MacLennan, Terry a., McCrandall, Connie McDonald, Karen KAif-LL, , McEachern, Lily lik McEwen, Nancy 1 K McEwen, William .A s McNeil, Mary '-L, A, - QQ' Manning, janet I H Manning, Linda 3 . -M-W' Manning, Richard gg EE, Marchlewski, Bruce Marion, Alan Martin, Frank W- . . Martinsen, Katherine 'l Martinson, Christopher Massey, Mark Mathison, Audrey Matzke, Terry 2 j V May, Barbara ,' . Meddaughv James ,- ',.f' all is Q 'jr : a I ., iii, Meden, William Meldrum Suzanne if Meske, darol M, 4 . Miller, Fred ra Miner, Martha 'K 'fi , Milostan, Gary .I ,: if ,f Minton, Linda Minton, Mitchell A 3 Minton, Roger 5 ' 3 A ' Minton, Rose I F ,,. Mischley, Leonard - 4' - Mischley, Linda V . I .. .Afvff , Montie, Kathryn Morrison, Lee Q-nur Motley, Robert Moulds, David Moulds, Michael Mulholland, Colleen UF .. W ,LW f ,V ak f K ef ,,f' - -:r .Q L ,. :rf , ' N U 5,.J., .ff,p.1 ,'L' ...TJ ' 3' l?s'f f iW ' n- M 107 if 'Sf L Q ,r p4 . lk as 'I WM .,,, B, , , ' . , . Q .,,,,, ,rw r ww r , i li, V- . ty, 1 , S- 1 4 4' ,5- ,S V' 'wp 'Q I6 Y-4 if 1 ' V Q yi : .. :, egg 44. K QA X? i Qi! e sr'r srrl x r ,,.:. g ii sr K ,I i r lt . X Z j J , , - 2 ? :-' . Q , K4 i I M if :Eff 5 ,ix gi in r ,,, gl H I :- A .. -,Emi 'K VA.. 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' 1 P A-' f 45 1 . f 4a K s lc , ., :. - gvs, IQA, . ,,,,, ,V Q it 1 Q 5 , . 108 Orlowski, Allen Orlowski, William Page, Sharon Palmer, Patti Panchenko, Phyllis Panknin, Ronald Parolari, Craig Patzer, Kenneth Peacock, Glen Pernie, Gerald Perreault, Cecilia Peters, Gary Peterson, jerry Peterson, Karen Piantkowski, Rosemary Pilarski, Marcella Piontkowski, Charles Piontkowski, jerry Piper, Diane Plush, Robert Pokorzynski, Thomas Popp, Catherine Powell, Sandra Precord, Ann Prevost, Mary Prevost, Randy Prieur, Carrie Prieur, Pamela Raniszewski, Alvin Rasmussen, Mary Ratz, Allen Reagle, Bonnie Regan, jane Reinholz, Randy Repke, Eugene Reynolds, Karen Rhoads, Sandra Riker, Katherine Riley, Grace Rings, john Robb, Dale Robbins, jack Roberts, Paul Rondeau, Thomas Ross, William Rouleau, Lorraine Roy, Alan Romowski, Anthony Roznowski, Donna Roznowski, Nancy Sabourin, Barbara Santamour, Robert Santamour, Sandra Saretsky, Margaret Schepke, Robert Schmoldt, Arlene Schultz, Inez Schultz, jerry Schultz, Kenneth wi W sf if 3-fl: 'Y' L X E-,T 'rf 55+ if 74 ies ff-E Q 'Q x if 'Q 1 f Pixy 'rw is ,,,, H I 5 we-' ' fam- f g ' - ' - 'S-F git ,' f i in 'IF' wg an if -FH as 3, M. may 'M aww X, 'lk . 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J 9 ,Q V Ik a It if by I , 'lsr , I ' f f. g f Us x 110 Schultz, Mary Schwenke, Ann Scifres, Mary Diane Scudder, Ronald Scull, Mary Ann Seavers, Janice Segorski, Betty Segorski, Judy Seguin, Debra Seguin, Jean Senchuk, Robert Serre, Judy Sharp, Deborah Sheldon, Bernadette Sheldon, Sheila Sheppler, Kathryn Shields, Sharon Shiemke, Sharon Shultz, James Shupert, Karen Siegert, Dale Siegert, Stanley Siegert, Susan Skiba, Kirk Skiver, Cherri Smith, Dinah Smith, Rebecca Smith, Robert Smolinski, Kay Smolinski, Margaret Snow, Gayle Snyder, John Snyder, S-heila Sobczak, Edward Sommerfeld, Warren Sornrnerville, Gary Sorenson, Patricia Souva, Gerald Spragg, Michael Stack, jeffrey Stark, Randy Steinke, Laurie Stemkowski, Roger Stevens, Adele Stevens, Gary Stevens, james Stevens, Kim Stevenson, john Straley, Melvin Stump, Sylvester, Delilha Szczukowski, Karanina Szymanski, Mary Szymanski, Sally Tessmer, Sandra Thackston, Randy Thiem, Gary Thompson, Linda Thomson, William Tiffany, Debra Timm, David Tobias, Dean Tolzdorf, Lee Tolzdorf, Roger Trapp, Shirley Troy, Theodore Tupper, Cheryl Turnbull, Douglas Valley, Dianna Wagoner, Margaret Wallace, Billie Wallace, Robert Warren, Gregory Wegrneyer, joan Cathy 5' - 1 af V, .,,. Q ' m g . 1 , W, . ' ' ' 1 16 K Aw s , .., 'fin 31 ' S 'fxflffzifi l 1. Q . .a!'l.f'a. J-PA ed- .WAN 1' nz H A xv elyeeg S fu' ii W , 5 MJ- f h i. .A .SWL LR - 1 V i! at r 5 rg if' ' ' Q 4 12 fa ra , r M . 1. ' ' 141 5, ' Gif S S ay W ' I X 1' :,,fj.?v !I at 4.1 'I :--I:,,1K 5 ' 1 0. V ' , ,,, . V , , 1 . 'VT' A . M , f.. Q.,-V, N, -, ,AL V 1. K 5 Wg, '7 'YE' f fvlil - .-.' v iv' it I l Y N f KL i' P . Q . ,. 33.1 ,fat A. 1-, 3.- ' iif -1:26 n fc ,' 4 km ..,.Z W ,rj -if .A -4 WH - gk. , Z 'Tae 1 if 441, 1, X-'wg A-L rf- S '- 4 .QU 4 THINGS WE DID TODAY. . A I 7 X 1 :E.: . -n A- .. 6, .KX ,N K nw Q get '30 sr . 112 Weinkauf, Robert Weir, Kathy Weise, Barbara Welbaurn, Charles Welch, Cody Wells, Brenda Welsh, Howard Werda, Gary Werda, Leonard Werda, Patricia Werth, David Werth, Elmer Werth, jerry Werth, Susan White, Patricia White, Victoria Wieschowski, Betty Wieschowski, Christine Wilds, Bertha Wintland, Ronald Wirgau, Linda Wodkowski, Dennis Woizeschke, Thomas Woloszyk, Carolyn Worm, Linda Worthley, james Woytaszek, Loyd Wozniak, Patricia Wright, Carole Wright, Dianna Black, Keith Brady, Rick Brooker, Rebecca Burnham, Gertrude Cardinale, Patricia Couture, Genevieve Derry, Rockford Dubie, Kenneth Duke, Howard Flood, Thomas Glazier, john Colbeck, Larry Hayka, Douglas Heussner, Terry Hiske, Allen Hovind, David jack, Dianne Kalisch, William Kensa, Lorraine Kilby, Bertha Klein, Marian Knapp, William Yarch, Thomas Zann, Bruce Zaska, Arthur Zdan, David Zielaskowski, Danny Zielaskowski, Jay Zielaskowski, Kitty Zielaskowski, Susan Zielinski, Xavier Zolnierek, Pam - wmifss 'S 11539511 --QE .Sill ' a s Y, L 1 2, -. 'T r 1- 3 -, k-'k ' , ':-.- .- 3,13 Emi' - 3 1 ' 0 ',.,,5 '. iff :Zu . L 5 3 it iff' 11,4 24 if SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED QOPHOMORE Kowalski, Dave Kowalsky, Ken Kramer, joy Kuzenski, William Larsen, julie Leski, jeffrey Ludlow, Ronald Ludwiczak, Darlene MacLeod, Steve McConnell, Ken MCI-Iarg, Rory McKay, Richard Mack, Timothy Mainville, Paul Markowski, Robert Maxwell, Paula Moore, Randy Morrison, Albert Ohliger, Melissa Pilarski, Stanley Pinkel, Danny Rogers, Gary , 113 ROYALTY Ruell, Rodney Sabourin, Mary Samp, Don Sauve, Ernest Scherry, Daniel Schmid, james Smith, Karen Smolinski, Lloyd Soltysiak, Dave Stratton, Barbara Talbot, Timothy Ulch, Darrel VanSipe, jerry VanSipe, William Vargo, Allen Wade, Mary Williams, Bill Withun, joel Worth, Larry Zann, Susan Zann, Thomas xg, ' 61 FRESHMEN 5 wr ,A ,gszr A .,,, W. 5: fl ' Lk .uv 1... U'-G, ! X...'f... ll: . ' H, 7 av . . . I '.f.. 4: .gf G 'Nr I-1: if ?f:. , ,1 'KF' YOU START YOUNG TO LEARN ABOUT DEMOCRACY Y, W5 ' was .Y Q' I A , lf ai 4 s. M ,Nts QL 4 ,xi J . ,IN A '11, . 35 , f .A r ' B E 5 l in fi fs' qw R L . X 1 ' 1 af' 1 1 if ,A 1 ai Q S T? fc , W,T.,.YQ-,l,.,T.W is L W X f xp ,, 'iw Adams, Edward Adamski, Diane Alexander, Linda Allen, Lillian Allen, William Amlotte, David Anderson, Michael Anderson, Nada Arlt, Ricky Armstrong, Terry Atkinson, Dale Aube, Mary Lou Bahrke, Connie Baker, Dee Ann Baker, Michael Baker, Pamela Bartreau, Robert Bates, Gary Bates, Terry Bauer, Douglas Beauchamp, Raymond Beaudoin, Jim Beck, David Belanger, Dan Berndt, Paul Beyer, Daryl Bigham, Bruce Blemke, Kenneth Bock, Connie Sue Bolonz, julie Boudreau, Nancy Brainerd, Arthur Brehm, Dennis Brennan, Christine Brilinski, Dennis Brosz, Diane Brousseau, Susan Brower, Patrick Buchler, Albert Bullen, Mark Bunch, Julie Burkenbine, Linda Burns, Randy Burt, Keith Bushey, Patrick Bussey, Trudy Butch, Gerald Butch, Greg Bye, Randy Canavan, Bruce FRESH MAN CLASS OFFICERS President Bill Hampton Vice-President Pam Reed Secretary Connie Conners Treasurer Carol Frederick Student Council I Pat Bushey Student Council II Mary Aube '--gf. 4, F' 9' F H' lv a rl - Ln? MZ, ,f , we.-,Q .5 ti YA -' ' ij, Q, 1 ,f +4 'ii'?iff5l'??55' S itll 'rse W , P it xr l tm 4 4. . I 32 .. Q 1 K. K is . ' - JQSV3 I Ax f-,W 117 2 2,5 ' Q S I id, XXL y , 0 , Cardwell, Gary Carmichael, David Carpenter, Gerald Carr, Richard Chase, Ronald Chojnacki, Kathleen Christensen, Marcia Christopherson, Frances Christou, Shirley Clewley, Thomas Clute, james Cohn, Laura Cohoon, Edwin Cole, 'Bruce Cole, Vickie Conner, Diana Connors, Connie Cook, Barry Cook, joseph Cook, Michael Cooke, Dale Copping, James Corey, Beth Corthals, Peggy Corthals, Terry Cosbitt, Mary Cosbitt, Susan Costello, Kirk Courtney, Bruce Couture, William Cram, William Cronk, Robert Cruise, Andrew Dault, Albert Dault, Dennis Dault, Douglas Davison, Pamela DeCelle, Sherry Deedler, Richard DeFranza, Kim Dennis, Lawrence DeRosia, Susan Derr, Pamela Derry, jennifer DesRocher, Mary Dickinson, Phillip Didyk, Jeannette Diem, Sandy Dietz, Darlene Dietz, Peggy Di Marzo, Nadine Donajkowski, Lawrence Donakowski, Ieffery .. Donald, Rose Mary eff' Dowling, Michael s Dubie, Alan , F P' F i ' F tii, .t z i l,- S f , J 1 1 . . f 5 t g ef i P '1'A fl? ' I .if , S 1 f . . 3 x ew It J aaa nlil ' z 5- :V T' N fi ll ' a f' 1 I -I, K. ,I -':' M C 57 -42? XZ: f, ,,,,, 5 A I at ,t fb- if ' i,,, P , ti' ri V' f an f Dubie, Michael .,., Duby, Craig I A 3 P, Duby, Gerald 1' 7 Yi Dunk, Susan x A -7 M sf Duranceau, James fa, - 1' Dziesinski, Barbara ,X Dziesinski, David I -- Ellery, Danny N I M Ellsworth, Denise ' W ii T' Ferguson, Michelle Ferris, Patricia . , Filpus, David Y- X 'S fri' kwa V s Fradette, Bonnie Qi. , rr -- , ' , 4. Frantz, William j a., -, 0 ,Q Q it e Q. if q Ffafv, Arlene Vr tt V F ,,,, I ' 1 '- Ffafv, Donald - if i 1,,l s V -' f Q Frary, Iames , A 1 Fraser, Nancy V ' ' A Q ., . V , Y A 4- ,I S 7. .f :ak ' z sf' if . F -... ' 119 we r , , .11 11 1: ,egg if- 1: ff. . .f 1 -1 H. B ,J-' Q 1 Ke me sf , :'5m': r,1 ff, A DAY WOULD BE PERFECT IF IT DIDN'T START IN THE MORNING -4 .1-gi' UQ 1, u - kk ' I x- hu S 1 '. ,ff QD' .iff ' K? W 'Y ii I 53 X I - ilhi a. w - . . .I X Q x i X ,1 D' Mivssifagsgavrfgi 120 Frederick, Carol Freel, Joyce Freeman, Mary Fuller, Patricia Gagne, Debbie Gates, Corinne Gauthier, Deborah Gauthier, Wayne Gaylord, joseph Gehl, Duane Gentry, Steven Gerszewski, Carol Girard, Sharon Glazier, Rose Marie Goeke, Joyce Goes, Richard Gohlke, Eric Gohlke, Kathryn Gohlke, William Golder, Wayne Goodall, Thomas Goodrich, Iudy Goodrich, Michael Goodrich, Ronald Gougeon, Deborah Gougeon, Randall Gould, Karen Grabow, Albert Green, jean Greene, Barbara Grefe, Eugene Cries, Lawrence Grob, Roger Grosser, Michael Gruenewald, Bruce Gruschke, Gary Grezeskowiak, Don Guthrie, Carol Guy, Audrey GUY, Jew Guy, William I-Iabermehl, Diane I-labermehl, Duane ald .1 Habermehl, Nancy Hall, Timothy Hallock, Lynn Hamill, Robert Hamilton, Celeste Hampton, William Hand, Arlene Hanner, Lawrence Hanson, Richard Hartman, Lane Hartnell, Patricia Hartwick, Robert Hatch, Kenneth Hawley, Dale Hawley, Deborah Hawley, Marilyn Heath, Philip Hein, Carlene Henderson, Cheryl I-Ieussner, Michael Hibner, Sue Higgins, Kathleen Higgs, Judith Himes, Arnold Hodgins, Lucinda Holsworth, Karl Hovind, Virginia Hoy, LaVern Hunault, jane Htmault, janet Hundley, jack if S e, if f -f f 3 a ,L We ft XX Q- ft, 5 A . g', .41 . . F ,X ,Ia 1513 5 -.J 4 , Q :I I' - ' A ril ,Z v 2 A .K rt f it , a M t mf fe, s if L g gf N VVVA ,tx .V A, an A . ' PAA: A V ,,. N 'vw lr . QF, -., 4 ' , it ,h ,X U N . ,. , .Q L . gi X V .f9 'U i 3 i 9 ' - W D' 121 qi 1 it Nl , I 2 A I : ,, i , y V? ,Q S all fl? Media' :fi , 46 M . 1, it . . S in 3 8' , Y I ,J , Qi., I I .fa E 1 4 5 fin, Q ffii f I JL-2 Hurley, Andy Huyck, Patricia ldalski, Steven Isaacson, Albert james, Randy januchowski, Bonnie Jaskolsl-ci, Bonnie jaskolski, Norm Johnson, David johnson, Gailynn Johnston, Dean Juenker, Bruce julian, William Kaiser, Michael Kaiser, Nancy IF SCHOOL I9 LIBERTY. GIVE ME DEATH! SB- M. 'il if ' 'J I I 'Q'I: Q. , vfgmga . I ':'. ',-, 35' so ,I :' . ' ' f I 1 ?f I 9? fx, 122 Kannowski, Bonnie Kaschner, Eddie Kasubowski, Sandra Kauer, Karen Kearly, Nancy Kesterke, Karen Kesterke, Ken Kieliszewski, Kathy Kindt, Carole King, Terry King, William Kinsinger, Eugene Kinsel, Steven Kirby, Michele Kiichoff, Edward Kirschner, Daniel Klein, Gloria Klemens, Richard Klimek, Paul Knight, Cynthia Kollien, Edna Kollien, Shirley Kolnowski, Mark Konczak, Lou Ann Koperwas, Jeanine Kowalski, Diane Krebs, Eric Kreft, Thomas Krentz, Dale Krentz, Raymond Kruczynski, Kathy Krueger, Dennis Krueger, James Kruse, Nathalie Kubbe, Ken Kuchnicki, Mike Kurtz, Scott LaBell, Joyce LaFave, Barbara Lal-Iaie, Greg LaMay, Stephen Lance, Ronald Lappan, Cathy Lappan, James LaVigne, Thomas Lawrence, Patricia LeMieux, Joy Ann Leske, Larry Levitt, Paul Lewis, Cindy Lindquist, Patricia Liske, James Liske, Wayne Lough, Mei-Lan Lozen, Judy Lucas, Theodore Ludlow, Randy Luetzow, James Lumsden, Howard -fir bk, and X - pa ge Y 1 Q lx 1 M' . 'W ,.- arf? M 8 At, r , t K rr- QT f 'Q 'L N f 'X wi 4 i U X, 4' il f. ,R t ,I-: aa? A K if Q .,J, - , I F 3 'F - A 1 123 4- ' f A 5 ., K 'ii I get fl J .4 if' g::'Q ' 'i ll' ,gsxsh 5 I 4 'QQ 'Y 'S J tier 2 - V. ' V' 1 K' JF J 4 J ii if 1 'U 553 ' rx X T wi-4 Q -, I . in fi I , lz, 57 I 7' fi' 4 f , ,v ff L J ' I V f F ' Q, f .QQ ' 'Liz vaqlili 9 EV kick 3 r5.,, , M ,JZ :E '4? .'?d '6 ' fl 7. i, K N Q93 MN -. ..-L I is .F J ,Q -' -' , . fr' I . -Q if-ax .f M- .. -5, f , , Ai., .rf v ,. - WHY TAKE LIFE SO SERIOUSLY? . YOU'LL NEVER GET OUT OF IT ALIVE! -- vm, ,- in ff ,fm-1,-.aff-wg. , ,k,., , , .,., , r ,,ff,. f V we, is I 4:1-1: f ,N IM if S if Sr 5:1 sw- M. , i , ,I iia w fylf 1413, r I 1: -ri 'f W4 ry H . rin I ,,-fx- .L kwj. 7 ,..,-t f f fmfn- ? ' i 'f -em K ,- f'-.,' 2?-QL 3 A I f ' F I Q if -E Q Eu W 4, Lund, Lisa Lund, R. Quentin Lusk, Paul Lutes, Muriel Lytle, Louise Mac!-Xulay, Randy McCready, Evelyn McDonnell, Margaret MCFalda, Iere McFalda, Penny MCGinty, Linda MCKenny, Linda McKenzie, Linda McLennan, Kim McRoberts, Valerie fi 3 5345: JY .' an Q We K If-:Hum isnt ff- - ,f:?3i+'Igf7 E' if T, ,V 5?A5'i.:f,,i W, gr 1 ,Q mf. . Q. Q' 124 J, V7 Male, Mike Malinowski, Barbara Mallette, Debbie Manning, Elaine Manning, Mike Manning, Pearl Marchlewski, Ronald Marciniak, Steven Martindale, john Mase, David Mason, Cynthia Matuzak, John Meddaugh, Gerald Meggert, Darrell Mercer, jacquelyn Meske, Catherine Meyer, William Miller, Debra Miller, Denise Miller, Linda Miller, William Minnick, Marlene Minton, Daniel Minton, Sandra Mischley, Deborah Mischley, Philip Morgan, Marion Moulds, Linda Ann Moulds, Peter Mousseau, Randy Mousseau, Terry Mulvena, Charles Muncio, Patrice Muszynski, Rickey Nehring, Douglas Nehring, Kenneth Nelson, Marcia Neiswander, Lisa Neumann, Alvin Neumann, Randy Nickels, Margaret Niles, Michael Nolan, Allan Nowak, Christine Nowak, john Oles, David Oliver, Kathryn Olson, lack Olson, Rodney Orban, Myron Paad, Claudia Page, Dale Pahlkotter, Susan Panknin, Sandra Parfitt, Robert Parkham, Donald Parks, Gayle Penson, Lynne Pernie, Beverly 665' ,,J.', I kr I.. K P is Gi my ,Q ,f'1! WW? s '?l ,Q , 'R 7 SFF 5 f 'W n - -V . ' -f. is Q 5 - Q f I - . A 1 1 5 in t I l Ii X1 .y l K3 +9 , A - ' K ' 'X ' fmf ff f- ,, .5 f , is 13 8 4 M ES? . f:!'fl4 3 flu ifffilrxu- 7 -f If L? ,W at ,W -'-I ,,,, .wx r rrsi at ,.. s y A' . headi :lv in A if ff - 'ss . 125 Si?-4 in X vis . lg: jill sg, 2545. em. ,. . -' ,M ks r -. s ,Q . . ,. Q? ,,, gre I ,gh :wr fw 4 J Jiffm ff if 6? f Kirks ' -7 5 f I if W eil' is if 1 W, it A . li 4 X 3 f X N A F 1 FULL OF VIM, VIGOR, AND VITALITY .:,,2 an A . .,,,,, X ,Q ' if' ii i ? P+ I x 1 15 Ska 126 Peterson, Linda Piper, Bob Pochmara, Robert Precord, Dennis Prena, Gale Prevo, Janice Preyo, Linda Prieur, Cynthia Prittie, Kathy Rathjen, Valerie Ratz, james Rea, Edward Reed, Pamela Reicks, Debra Rensberry, Ricky Reynolds, james Richard, Sandra Richards, Larry Riffle, Kathy Robb, Raymond Roeschke, Gary Rosenthaler, Edith Ross, Gary Ross, Larry Rouleau, Bonnie Rouleau, Mark Roznowski, jane Roznowski, Lynne Ruell, john Runkel, Suzanne Samp, Ronald Sample, john Sanborn, Bethany Santamour, Sandy Sauer, joseph Scheenks, Albert Schiler, Irene Schliska, Robert Schrader, Diane Schultz, Dina Schultz, Gustaf Schultz, Judy Schultz, Richard Schultz, Robert Schwenke, john Scott, Susan Seguin, Gary Senchuk, Albert Senchuk, Ron Sharp, Galen Lee Shaver, Michael Sheldon, Barbara Sherwood, Vicki Shiernke, Carol Siegert, Debra Silver, Beth Skatzka, james Skiba, Grace Skiba, Yvonne Skiver, Harold Skowronek, Greg -J Q Q 'Z '-Biz 5,15 Smart, Robert Q X i 2 'S , x S 'rv -fa A M 'i ii ' C ' f i Q-. 1 ff ' ,,. ' 'vb KA Smigelski, Barbara Smigelski, Thomas Smith, Gerald Smith, joseph Smith, Kevin Smith, Linda Smith, Mary Smith, Susan Smith, Virgil Smith, William Smolinski, Nancy Snider, Terry - J if jf f , 127 !,f f! .259 W 'Q -5Z'1T'i5'j, ,4 ,T er 'Azz 5 gi Er if f 1 ff M . 7 1. ' -zfm.. . . :: f . ,v aw 1, , f ' fl i 14 -. J .T in L 7 is x QL , 3 Z'-:fi . S if-. in -fi ' I 1,1 ,- ig ' ff W1 ii' ,i BW i 9 x zif35 ?s?, B 1 1 1 Q f' 1 ik - t r' ,va L p 1 'E ,gf . fliifilfgf 'iv 3-75 1' 3' I l 5, ,. , Qfifj. Q 'W Q my Ai E 2 A V raaggageg- 15 W S? L 3 W Q K ,Z ag, , 52, if '57, 1 5 ' ' wah: THE FIRST TASTE OF ROYALTY -iii ! if if Axe. 2? rg? QTVQ ! 51 Snyder, Thomas Soik, Lucille Sommerfield, Rodney Sorenson, Keith Spens, Richard Spigelmyre, Charmaine Stack, Debbie Standen, Mary Kay Stepaniak, Gary Stepanski, Gary Stevens, Barbara Stickney, Howard Stoinski, Anna Marie Stoinski, Mark Stolzenfeld, Janis 11 Stosick, Doug Stover, jeff Sumerix, Donna Suszek, Robert Suszek, Sondra Szatkowski, Joan Szczukowski, Kathy czukowski Lind . - 5,-7M.oIc5 Taliman, Barbara Taratuta, Kathleen Thibault, Terry Thiem,N Robert Thiem, Roberta Thomas, Spencer Thompson, Barbara Thompson, James Thompson, Rose Ann Throop, jill Timm, Ginger Timm, Roy Timrick, Nancy Tolan, Leonard Tolzdorf, C inthia Torsch, Patricia Tracey, jay Tree, Kenneth Troy, Ty Twite, Tim Udell , Beverly Udell, Sandra VanAcl-cer, Dave VanSchoick, John VanS ipe, Dusty VanWagner, Betty VanWorrner, jerry Vaughn, john Wagner, Elaine Wagner, Linda Wahoski, Stanley Walker, Chris Warn, Linda Welch, jeffrey Wells, Kathy Werda, Ken Werda, Nancy Werner, Martin Werner, Thomas Werth, Donald Werth,. Gailynn Werth, Joyce White, Daniel White, Theresa Whitney, Edward Wickline, Randy Wieczorkowski, Ko xx li ,,,,.?,5 1 J is . , Map v ' ' .. ' QI: M - ii' .af , , 'FE ,Q Y, 'EW 2 A5'.v'.A: ,, nnie f V Wieschowski Diana A Wilds, Robert rg,'f..., Spf . Q 3 , . gs'w:gsasi:ss:wfa . - W sin: -a.. , 1 113345Z-Wg-Lit iil V sp v-as A' 2 Hiya., D 5 H , - P gy: Q I: .1-, 1- ' . ' F H T rr, X ,fp i 2 L 1 : afa A r I .- my , - f 23 V .aaa g V.: , . 3. , S ff , Q sw: '15 T gy, ii tay,l, if .,E: L, on 1 129 V13- f r- . , 'im'-'i',-'35 iliihr I A .mimi a ' we ff, , ,. If . - ,',' 1 , l r if lf v?gf'f.j L' 1- ' a5':X5'e: fm, f- ' ' ffl' ii: M J , -M sm. w,s. Wa'1'.'i -' szawwfffigi - 121 'Lew-V.. ' r if is an Qi W f , . MQ' li ,l5,, 5 ,I , , ,,, EQ .eh 'l I -1? ,,..,. 'Q ,Lis 'G We. Yfae Q: , ,- al L ' Jig' ,A r . 5, gif , . :imc .. 9'- '1 ,M adxrxa Wh Ma gi 4 gif A pf, -P if A Allen, Rex Anderson, Thomas Arlt, Donald Beattie, Randy Boyle, Patrick Bradford, Gordon Brady, Robert Brown, Jeffrey Burnham, Carol Burns, Russell Cadarette, Ricky Chabot, John Chellis, Harry Cousineau, Charles Crawford, James , S g rrss J K xlt if? ,. I ,. f so iss' .. miss: ' 1 :anim 'FL 1. Wilson, Harry Winik, Patsy Wirgau, Lynette Witulski, Mary Witulski, Monica Wolford, Michael Woloszyk, Joanne Wong, Diane Worm, Kenneth Yedinak, Dorothy Yockey, Sallie Yuker, Benny Joe Zagorski, William Zann, Bonnie Zanter, George Zarske, Duane Zaska, Audrey Zbytowski, Dennis Zbytowski, Edmund Zbytowski, Valerie Zeller, David Zgorski, Yvonne Zielaskowsl-ci, Janice Zielaskowski, Robert Zielaskowski, Sandra Zielaskowski, Thomas Zielinski, Joy Zielinski, Roy Zolnierek, David FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Datema, Jack DeCaire, Robert DeCare, Lonnie Emery, Charles Ewing, George Gagnon, Michael Gauthier, Cindy Grzenkowicz, Gary Harvey, Heidi Helzer, Lawrence Hildreth, William Howay, Patricia Kelly, Jack Kendiorski, Darrell Kindt, David Kraft, Ray LaFleur, Beverly Lee, David Lijewski, Allen McEwen, Joseph Mclntyre, David Marcott, Joel Marcotta, Michael Mausolf, David Meredith, Quinc ey Miller, Larry Mousseau, James Neumann, Mich O'Neil, Dennis Reinke, Paul 130 ael Reitz, Martha Rock, Deborah Rondeau, Deborah Ruell, James Schmid, Mark Sims, Duane Smith, Karen Smith, Lawrence Thompson, Jeanne Waite, Richard Walchuck, John Wallace, Lynn Watters, Mary Zaske, Betty Zink, John FRESHMEN. . . ELECTIONS. . . CLASSES. . . 4 x INTRODUCTIONS. . . Will AND ASSEMBLIES. W Ae?m,, EXPLORE THE WORLD OF HIGH SCHOOL X f 67'f47-S I MAI' 3 W Y I f w.f' H X?Q1M5ir ACADEMICS we I -L x, N4. K rig, 4 f f y 1 ! -i....,...... VIVIAN MR. KELLY MRS. BARRY MR. ROGERS MISS LYCI-IE flw N? hd MRS. TITUS MR. LUTPIA MIS S WESTERBERG MR. BUCHNER MRS. COOMBS .1 fe i zw' E I .,:, . . up gk lui l V MISS I-IOCKETT MR. STENBERG Il 134 The English department at Alpena High has been makinga continual effort to update its required, traditional three -year pro- gram. This department is the largest in our school. Among its m any new features are 2 new teachers, variations in the outside reading program , andtwo full years of speech. In the present program, ninth grade students take a concentrated study of gram- marg tenth grade s tu de nt s , writing tech- niqu e s and literary typesg eleventh grade students, American literature and writing skills. The e l e c t ive course provided for twelfth grade students is an intensive study of g r a m m a r and English literature. The broader goal of our English department is to present ALL students with a course that will aid them in their varied walks of life. MRS. MQDONA LD ENGLISH NEVER CHANGES- REGARDLESS OF NEW SLIRROUNDINGS So this is our new English room. Um, I thought I saw it right there. THE CHALLENGE OF FORMULAS Mr. Dennis Ivhx Bunce Mr. Hall Mr, Henkel Mr. Iuola L ' .M H - a Mr . Steinke M A T H L.. 'L'wr - 'L Mr. Taylor 136 JIGITS. AND IMAGINARY NUMBERS This year the Math Department innovated a new geometry c ou r s e which in- cludes an intensive study of space geometry, as a contin- uance of the new math pro- gram introduced two years ago in junior high. This new series includeda new algebra course, and will be followed by a new advanced algebra course. Planned to better prepare the high school gr a du ate for college math courses , this program develops more advanced concepts. Also new this year is an a l ge b r a course for upper- c l a s s m e n only. This class was instituted in response to student demand when an announcement was made that first year algebra would not be offered in the senior high school. 3 Wlwvia The test is tomorrow! ,J i 2 ' NEW LABORATORY FACILITIES The Science department at A. H. S . has recently grown to be a vast, ex- pansive and dynamic teaching instru - ment, advocating s c ie n t ific studies ranging from general science to physics through group and individual study and research. Various new national pro- grams have aided in this development, such as the Biological Science Curric- ulum Study Program , CHEM Study, Earth Science Curriculum Project, and P. S. S. C. Physics. New text books have been developed along with improved teaching methods. The move to the new high school expanded the science pro- gram immensely as biology boasts a new lab o rat o ry with a special plant room and special animal room for in- dividual projects and research, while physics b o a s t s an expensive labora - tory with the latest experimental ap- paratus. It is certain that today's mod- ern A. H. S. sc ie nc e department will offer a challenge to any student. EXPAND A.H.9. SCIENCE FIELD 139 SOCIAL STUDIES STRIVIN Social studies, a rathertraditional class, which accordingly remains the same year after year, is nevertheless looking for more modern and varied techniques, World geog- raphy and current world affairs are two of the classes under consideration. Also, were adding new methods of instruction, ranging from workshop and seminar approaches to the use of pamphlets and magazines as well as new and various textbooks. At present, the social studies depart- ment offers such electives as basic social Studie s for freshmen, to psychology and world history for Seniors. Required courses are U. S. history for juniors and civics, which is frequently taken with economics to equal one full credit for Seniors. The move to the new high school allowed class loads to be eased and will offer more opportunities for expanded research in the future. BREAK TRADITION ,LN wink K f' 3 MR. DERTHICK MR. BECK .7 N , . s x an A MR. HORNYAK MR. MAXWELL P fi SQ 1 422- M-5 Xp 20' N, , MR. TITUS MR. YEDINAK g. QL N gi' fn 5? Q 5' 5 .SD k L--if an . - 951 ' if . qu. ,L . i MR. BASTOW MR. DOUBEK MR. I-IAUGERUD P L -x ff' is:-W . 'K EE .ms f 'S IIIIK Ill Ml M ' iw--. LANGUAGES. . . AcHANGlNG FIELD The language department at A.H.S. has u n de rg one several changes in recent years. Last year the audio-lingual method was introduced in the F renc h and Spanish c l a s s e s , wit h concentration on language speaking ability. The department, headed by Mr. Story, offers four years of French, three years of Spanish, anda class includingboth third and fourth year students was added t o the Latin curriculum. There were seventeen foreign language classes this year-two less than last year. All language classes compile about one-fourth of the student body. lt appears that many stu de nt s don't study languages because they feel they will have no use for them. Yet each year more and more people and students are traveling to Foreign coun- tries. , . .Bi . ....-. ' T' 'lzl MR. STORY NHSS LEES MR. DANHOF F PREPARATION FOR THE FUTURE Mrs . Brown Miss Henry With the move to the new high school it became possible for the Homemaking De- partment to adopt a more advanced voca- tional training program. The students re- ceive training as waitresses, alterationists, housekeepers, and baby sitters. This year Miss Henry's students were devoted to the study of nutrition, meal plan- ning and preparation, social and table eti- quette and financial security. Her more ad- vanced students often invited a teacher to be their guest at a luncheon they had prepared themselves. Mrs. Brown's students studied the basic fundamentals of sewing, child care, family health, and c lo thing construction. 45:2--algae ul 3' 1 '51 A.H.Q. ART PROGRAIW KJ MQW' gf f ..WA. K X X 1 in if S' 4 WM , Q H . MVKI ,W I .,5 1.,,ix X Lkyxy 1' - , !'mt,.A Look, I've hypnotized myself ,fu f . 144 NLARGE9 WITH NEW FACILITIES W' X? Q 1 H er , 57 , 25... I N Mrs. Feindt Mr. Reimann Mr. Alger ..5::'i X , ' ff -A .W fi' Q 1 The dynamic Art program at A. H. S. can equal any of the best programs for its size in the United Statesg as it stim- ulates and encourages individualism and creative thought in A. H. S. students. Paralleling the rapid increase of in- terested art students in Alpena, the Art department is now offering a wide range of top rate art courses, from jr. high to college and museum level. With the com- ming of the new high school, the art pro- gram Was enhanced by new and modern equipment and larger working areas. To compensate for the steadily increasing popularity of the art program. A. H. S. is ready to offer top quality and expanding opportunity for students to study art. Mr. Best Mr. I-Ieiberg THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT. Learning music arts becomes a major factor in the preparation for professional careers and personal e nj oyme nt later in life. The Alpena High School Mu sic Department offers the basic training necessary in the de ve lo pm en t of the background for a career in music, and the use of music as entertainment. As a result of the move to the new high school, the music department acquired many new facil- ities, including private offices and libraries for the instructors, larger rooms, a stereophonic recording system, a special auditorium for con- certs, and a private practice field for the Varsity Band. FACTDR IN CULTURE AND LIFE The instrumental phase of the music depart- ment offered e X p c r i e n c e in sight reading, in preparing for public performances, exposing the students to many type s of music, in addition to instrumentation, better tone qu al it y, and pre- cision marching. The band department Was able to pu r c h a s e five new instruments, an d the orchestra purchased twenty-five ne W orchestra jackets. .+gaqM:7f,fif:wwnf,Q.:1wws mwah Q-' ' , fm,.,.ifm,m,hr-Aw 11... PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. . 1 W E? .wfwm - V vi ,- ff, ,vi Proper singing t e c hn i qu e , a n d sight reading are the main objectives in the Vocal area of the music department. Although the experiences of preparing for public perfor- mances and sharing in the creation of cultural enjoyment are major goals, there is much fun and the establishment of an esprit de corps among music students. ....-41-...A 2 5 CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION l i The purpose of the co-operative train- ing program, which is in its third year of existence, is to help the high school senior find his place in the business World. There are two phases of the program: distributive co-op, which involve s the distribution of merchandise in such locations as grocery and department stores and service stations, and office co-op, involving typing, short- hand, and the operation of various types of business machines. The 51 students, work- ing under the supervision of Mr. james Coultes and Mr. john Ehresman, co-ordin- ators, attend a special co-op c l a s s every day. The purpose of this class is to discuss and work on any problems that the students encounter on the job . And let me check it over before you send it in Should I cut here, Boss? RANSITION FROM SCHOOL TO JOB H ,-Q-0 ' Sir, your trouble is right here. Is this more of what you had in mind? Most students Work 15 hours per Week and attend classes three hours each day. In addition to receiving a salary, the students are given a grade according to the amount of skill they acquire while working. After graduation, many students remain with their employers on a full-time basis, While others go on to college. ML Wilson. Mr. Ehresman and Mr. Coultes. t---N EXPANDED TRAINING THROLIGI The main improvement in the move to the new high school for the vocational arts depart- ment was the increase in floor space and stor- age area. There is now room to actually build a small cottage or a garage in the construc- tion area itselfg also the door opening to the street is large enough to allow the whole build- ing to be moved through it intact. The program itself consists of divisions of welding, small machines, and electronics and a separate program for drafting. Drafting also has a special room for blueprinting. Be- sides the additional training now possible in construction, a vocational homemaking pro- gram is being considered. The above program s are all two year courses except drafting which can be taken for three years. In the junior year, students have a two hour block of instruction and actual practice, in the senior year, they have a three hour block with more actual practice. When the students finish the course, they receive a certificate which they can show to a future employer to let him know they need no further training and are already capable of doing certain jobs. 'SMX b 9 XPANDED FACILITIES. . .vocAnoNAL EDucAnoN THREE TRACKS DEVELOPEI IVIIS. Bedford Mrs. Derthick ft Mr. Knowlton Mrs. Fell mx 5 I Mr. Frieder Mrs. Smith Mr. Nadeau A gc . BUSINESS EDUCATION Because of the move to the new high school, the business education department underwent a siz able change. The depart- ment now consists of three separate tracks: secretarial, clerical, and marketing and distributing, The secretarial track includes two years of shorthand, one ye ar of office practice, and two years of typing, Training in general office practices, record keeping, typing, and business machines make up a large part of the re quire d courses in the clerical track. The third division, market- ing and distributing is for students who are interested in the retailing field. Business management and Typing I and II and retail- NN U ing are the required courses. Students in this division usually enter the distributive education co-op program. 5'1 ,M ,, 155 TODAY'S PREPARATION FDR Mr. Bye Mr. Timm eq' Mr. Beland Mr. Jokinen Mr. Mann The lndustrial A rt s Program at Alpena High School was given better facilities when it m o ve d to the new high school. Mechanical drawing, the ba sic course for all industrial arts studies, is offered to freshmen who elect to take an industrial arts pro- im. TOMORROW'S INDUSTRY INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Littrell Mr. Krull gram. Students may elect power ma- chines in their sophomore year, which includes such divisions as engines, welding, machine shop, electronics and construction. The training gained in the program allows the students to go into the vocational or co-op pro- gram. PHYSICALLY FIT FOR TOMORROW'Q WORLD Mr. cinespie Miss Leonall . , ..., v , ,,x , Kuala, -.QM if YW, g, Mrs Van Natter Mr. Roberts This past year the physical education department has stressed physical fitness, muscle developement, sportsmanship, and endurance. Physical education was required for freshmen, but it was an e l e c t i V e for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students participated in tennis, bowling, badminton and gymnastics. The change to the new high school presented a few problems as the gym was unfinished when we moved. Mr. Sumpter P i 157 WHERE WE TURN FOR GUIDANCE ' ' T Iii' fl! J K' , ' , gf , t ,Q VM, 'I ' fy.. ,. -1' Mr. Bj ornstad Mrs. Talbot . L I: ' my gi.. .. Q Mr. Darnoth Mr. Gunn By adding Mr. Bellas to the counseling staff, each class, with the freshmen, had two counselors, The freshmen were instructed by each counselor for a two to three week interval concerning aspects of their future life. Afte r the move to the new school, Mr. Malette and Mr. Lund became their counselors. With a load of approximately three hundred students, a counselor was ke pt busy programming and helping to solve personal problems or s tu d e n t - t e a c h e r conflicts. The counselors also attempted to increase the students interest in school. Miss Sherm an A in w fa' f ' I W 4 t kv Mr. Mase Mr. Bellas . tale K x, 5 N X 'K 158 'FM 61 RESEARCH AND STUDY Miss Johnston and Mrs. Gray l An industrious cadet at work. Mrs. Finch Mr. Spragg With the loss of Mrs. Alexander the two remaining librarians e X p e r i e n c e d many problems in preparation for the move to the new high school. Their main job was dividing the public lib r a r y. Aiding the librarians were 27 cadets. Fifty - t wo percent of the libr a r y' s books were used for the public library while the remaining forty-eight per- cent went to the new high s c ho ol . The old library was restocked and used for the junior high students. Besides keeping order, study hall supervisors aid students with homework p r oble m s and may take Student surveys. There were three large study h alls at the old high school along with small overflow study halls in classrooms. After the move study halls were conducted in Bl92, Bllo and Bl52. Eventually they will be held in the auditorium . l 3v i Hey, what's he readin'? X f SVQS 4 NAI' 3 SPORTS If QQ J N5 W ..... W 5.7554 ug- sf A E E f . XJ, m L yy, 2' 'iff xx'-4 5 A if ls' 5 1, ' Wifi? 'N ., fxkggrvw M x ,lf QW 've iw, 'Hi-hsaagmw 447' 'B K W 51 1 f. 1 i Q ..., R Q In 'Q gl 3.3 7.s.4,gw1k K- ,V r xv X x - 'ini X . 1 m - . I - gh ,wx , :sf '1 uf ,z 7 t gp M A A m,, , CATS BOA9 ,gf s FIRST ROW: fleft to rightj Dickjenkins, Mike Howay, Floyd Montie, Duane Rensberry, lim Smith, Bob Foster, Kelvin Mills, Jim Chandler, Jim Bowes, Ed Scott, Lew Behning, Dennis Garant. MIDDLE ROW: Rob Kane, Andy Eggan, Steve Kearly, Steve Bye, Bill Cole, Dennis Johnson, Randy Vanwagoner, Bill Cramer, Tom Snyder, Tom Kowalski, David Lampel, Russ Courtney, Coach Jim Danhoff. TOP ROW: Coach Mike Yedinak, Tom Allen, George Stevens, Fred Gram- beau, Roger Cady, Tom Lappan, Walter Weinkauff, Ron Merritt, Ernie Scheidler, Stan Dzienski, Randy Rousseau, Howard Strom, John Mills, Coach Lee Hall. Coach Mike Yedinak with the a i d of Lee Hall, interior line coach, and james Danhoff, end coach, led the Alpena High Wildcats to a 4-4 season record. Also partly responsible were co-captains Andy Eggan Qquarterback on offense and safety on defensej and Russ Courtney Qfullback on offense and monster linebacker on de fe n s e J. Both boys receive credit for their sportsmanship and desire to Win. The line ave raged 6 foot, l96 pounds, While the back 5 foot 8 inches and 170 pounds on this year's team. When asked to comment on team support, Coach Yedinak stated, This is probably the best supported team by the student body since I have been hereg however, Yedinak expre s se d a desire for more th an game attendance support for his team. 4-4 RECDRD!! i 4 fi- Sometimes things get pretty tiring before the big game! And sometimes the ball gets slippery! BEST STUDENT-SUPPORTED TEAM EVER E 1 Led by lucky 13 fAndy Eggan, QBJ, the '66 Cats were tough! ' X Sometimes we get a little snow-- And sometimes Coach Hall gets an import- ant phone call during the game--but it's all fun! ! Co-captains Andy Eggan and Russ Courtney I 966 FOOTBALL RESULTS ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA C3H3dHH1SOO 6 'Traverse City 7 Bay City Cent. 28 Cheyboygan 0 Oscoda 6 Escanaba 6 Sag. Buena Vista 32 .Annerican Soo 21 THIS SEASON WA' ,f--M Coaches Hall, Yedinak, and Danhoff plan the1r strategy. V J we ht Ku This one won't get away! We hit hard! And when it's us with the bal1-- They can't touch us! REALLY DIFFERENT!! if + T, wi? , .:.?, M f . H ' t In . , 1: A W f Q. f wi ei , f - A A +- . QW- , H . -f I ggi, ' fasts wi . J -I fl if L - i TT' T, ' 3 - ' wma., W' 1. Q A ' M' M' :A wwf,-1p,,!j - -N11 ,.,g,'S--gg--f, ,gm - ' A' ,W A 'U-.. M I fd- QW , A 7 1- 1 K NEM- 'M ...M 11ri.4.gZ.i., ifh i n fa f3 4Sa!-3 , , V T f. A MM.. .1 iw! V, gc, .M ary I 'X ' ..A' 3'ii'x54-vwassail.. A 'l.gxflf',w.w-Q 5' lm.. This time we had a little snow! And then, night fell! FOOTBALL UNDER ANY CONDITIONS!! ,if vga' L, L J, . I J V , I , ,L 0 4 Q , ,y , x 5 V H , , V Z 'f gl 1 f' 'Q H v ,V , k H ,L -may in - M 7 , 4 ' , A G' , S 2' W iwfw . D 2 -LA , V' kg!! A ' 1 ' f W 'Y fxki, 'ZW J.V. CATS UNDEFEATED. . Underthe watc hful supervision of coaches Vic Knowlton and Warren Spragg, the 1966 J. V. foot- ball team grew from twenty -three players at the beginning of the s e a s on to forty-five by the season's end. They must be tough, said Coach Spragg about the team. I-Ie added, This group is high-spirited, hard -working, with a tremendous desire to dothe job right to the best of their ability. Some of this year's highlights were the following: the thrashing of Traverse City to reve nge last year's defeat , the victory over undefeated Oscoda, and the scrimmage with the Posen Va r sit y , in which four T. D. 's were scored in the first fif- teen minutes of play! The 1966 team was the last undefeated team t o play from the old field house at the fairgrounds since Bob DeVaney's coaching days at Alpena , and what's more, they were blessed with NO inj u rie s except a sprained ankle, as Mr. Spragg put it. 166 alpmfw ll -Y PARBTSSJ 3 ,grim . . Ya K il FRONT: R. Hornak, B. Zann, R. Chojnacki, ll Ste mkowski, T. Woizeschke, M. Straley, H Tolzdorf, R. King, I.. Fay, J. Johnson, S. Att- well, R. Freel. 2ND ROW: T. Nickles. P Roberts, G. Rogers, X. Zielinski, J. Worthley J. Snyder, G. Repke, D. Kane, R. McKay, I Bays, F. Miller. 3RD ROW: L. Hiske THEY MUST ff. 4-W www,-. , ff' .fi iw' . .. v 1 g ' X gf. ' ? ..s. .' 7'W4. ,zltfffz ,f K. , ' F3 :72', ?3T'7T'i 25'g-ff, Eff.: L 3 ,iw N .I ' f. Qv'3..'Q,,ft'4 TL:-Ty , . A - ' 4.45. , k M,..J ,V . M , .1 -. .:. fff . ya fr, v fu, -7 afafflf' -f' ' '3 ff.i ilfzfpf? ff Q I 'ip::Q,,:'. :, f5j'z4,1:m. , . f 1 c fir--.-:aff f Q ww -. r'-gi f -' .4 5,1 as , 4? riff f , F! if -,, ,.A A , rsgfl' ., snip- f .Q-.15 USC. 5 ,- .5 5 x .1-. R .f f1:1fffw.afs 1' ,fi I-fig' jf. ' ltgfwgfv Afyi' U. f.-.1 5 Afr, ' ', A L- ,I 'ft if I -1f',,A7.- I-ffggff ?1'C.-'fjj I 'Q ef 1 4253? i' .iv S wk,-fa 5' V. -,V ,- ,',. ', ' jg 'ar 8 gg .fi :.,'fff:x'- . 517'-.r 'ig T'i'6-'SMF-7' f' A '23?f , . . 5 -.,,- L ,f . , . N Li. ...H ' mai' . X . . It 5 1 ,L , .,.. -M il: .5k.5,'g. I f J Lg Q J .525 ' - wr ... ,,.ggf.v-9, V' -15 rf . ,. ihieawaxia .-a.a,fL,g, 7:15515 A ,,,'n,,,,'- ., g1v f 'W'Nf 1l2f ffiJ'2'.wrf ' ,-2. .H-T .5 66152, . ffl . 4 it A f' af.1.s.Wz1r1'J 4 Some of the best action goes on at the sidelines! THEIR RECORD: 7 AND O!! . Spragg, B. Weinkauf, T. Macl.ennon, . Werda, D. Lamy, S. Chapman, M. Dodd, . Tolzdorf, G. Warren, R. Pernie. BACK: :nach Knowlton, D. Sommerfield, C. Christie, Ross, A. Crow, B. Boucher, G. Klein, G. ievens, M. Moulds, I.. Werda, Coach Spragg. BE TOUGH Y QV , . , .1 . ,, 3 ? ,gf . 74 ut- 1- ' . 5 W gf gs- ,.1- f, '. L , f ,W ff- , M . - 6 4 4 Q, A F, V sf ,.. ,yi X- I xii ,ru 'ff A ff, 'I ' 4' V wwf? J Q M ,W. , X ww' it ' 1? B. .., 1 g Y' -x , R 49. ,..,-A'J, Q5 , -. An., if ,. 4 ldwvk 'W 9 ffl ff --ff 1 N -'riff 25' - M 417, ,J A 1.f'?Q,-,rnk3g,.3 gif ag.-r fy ,.- in ,t - af' ' lf' 'H Jf.4g','f.,. - , ,Q . L .f:,zM., . s- ,',,,g' 1' K w Q ' ,C 'R' A I , .1 5 at V V V W 'j' if 5.4, f .V x .,f A 4 ,5, . A x , U' A f, rf af 5, U-'ity' I ff3! . 'tv 'Q In the clear! ! C '- ' 1 In Football is a spectator game. I 966 J.V. SCOREBOARD ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA 26 Cadillac 6 3 9 Inland Lake s 6 26 Tawas 6 13 Traverse City 9 3 l Hillman 13 4 3 C heb oy gan 6 ALPENA 20 Oscoda 6 A fine tackle!! i F ROQH SQUAD HA gi L. 'Km GN .5 X W 4 V i 43. 2 'A A gifs. 546 Restfu1 action . . . and they ripped into him! I 966 FROSH SCOREBOARD Rogers City 48 Cheboygan C. C. J. V. 27 ALPENA 20 ALPENA 27 Traverse City 21 Rogers City J. V. 20 ALPENA ALPENA Onaway J. V. Oscoda ALPENA ALPENA FRONT: G. Carpenter, G. Ross, L. Dennis, Il Male, R. Piper, I. Duranceau, M. Grosser, Zielaskowski R K st k MIDDLE C , . e er e. : oal Doubek, D. Van Acker, fMgr.j, T. Lucas, Schultz, G. Zanter, W. Couture, J. Van Schoic R. Bye, T. Werner, P. Dickeson, J. Lappan, nm! .. NH hm .1 . ' V . il f' I' ...-L m V' 4 :mil ' .I nv x ' uc .5 in ' .', f h iimiwv 14.4 U.-1. I I W f A 1 . . , , I Nl, A., 2 ..., .L A gg Hyip. vi f qtaesis tl ,I :fx . -af, Hg x., fi xiii! 4 i ii'-Bi. 2 A lv.. 6 REAT POTENTIAL R . ' . ,fi I , gl, fu 2 few' eh' Q- us- nt. Q Q v 1 3 J.. X 'V'elsh, Coach Haugerud, J. Olsen. BACK: . Tracey, C. Dubey, G. Stepaniak, W. -lampton, G. Seguin, S. Kurtz, E. Krebs, A. ienchuk, S. Thomas, R. Gougeon, M. Sullen, Uvlgr. J. liizi 25ZQ5e.if.iSL. Tumble 1 weed! C oac he s Dennis D oub ek Qlinej and Arlan Haugerud fbackfieldj recognize decided poten - tial in our F re s hm an squad, although the year's record might indic ate the opposite. Coach Doubek stated, The team startedweak, but p rogre s s e d. Our freshman boys were matched with several tough J. V. squads, who had the e Xpe rie n c e our boys lacked on the field. The team's season record doesn't indicate the well-spirited team we had, added Coach Doubek. Alpe na fans can look forward to a more prolific year as our somewhat green W il dkitte n s accept the jersies of the 1. V. squad in the fall of l967! iamndvshgi Wsh.sfQa f 3 WA! , .Ax by . Sith. I f . M X A ily., xi + -M, 'A 5. .M W, l '1?5'9 ':! ' www- wi, l Defensive Action 169 LEFT TO RIGHT QBACK ROWQ: Wade jenkins, Ron Merritt, Larry Weise, jim Howlett, Sam Fay, Gunnar Berglund, jim Reynolds, Bob Plush, Dave Dziesinski, Bob Gapczynski. FRONT ROW: Howard Welsh, Ron Samp, Jeff Stover, Tim Hibner, Mike Twite, Dennis Howay, Earl Duncan, Ken Rhodes. The 1966 Cross Country team led by Seniors Ron Merritt and Sam Fay was suc- cessful as a first-year sport at AHS. Coach Tom Bennett cited eight letter Winners at the close of the season. The team had a total of six meets of which only two were at home. Near the end of the season the AHS harriers placed 18th out of the 25 Class A schools in the regional tournament at Lansing. Coach Bennett is optimistic about next year's team because he will lose only two seniors, and many underclassmen from the JV squad will be competing next season. 170 CROSS COUNTRY EMERGES AT AHS NW?,,4,.f..1rM: W lv 'View-v 2, Hi ? vi - ' 5 3-1 . is E? 3 fam Fay, team cap 09 ' -' .f 4 .z.ff.s ' Gun' g li . ' . 5? gh P s A A WEST . 9 96 5:-iw ? Ron Merritt, best runner, receives letter from Coach Bennett. VARSITY MEET RESULTS r.yM . ...., Bay City Handy 23 ALPENA 44 Douglas MacArthur 59 Traverse City 16 ALPENA 45 Tawas 28 ALPENA 29 ALPENA 19 Alcona 44 Oscoda 35 ALPENA 36 Tawas 52 Traverse City 17 ALPENA 39 SWIMMERQ PRESENT LUCKY CHARM -V L , ,, we 3 X - ,r,,? H'f-msn... ' wi. a. 'A Au- , rar, Li The girls synchronized swimming team in their fifth season competed in 3 exhibi- tion meets and one A.A.U. The results of the meets were highly rated and the Alpena's synchronized swimming team has shown both improvement and poise with each ap- proaching s e a s on. The girls presented a show, Lucky Charm, on March 16, 17, and l8th. The performance showed original tal- ent, style, grace and a well planned routine. W , .. 4- 'tif-Z'nJ 3f, MH Coach Peter Roberts times and checks records. AHS TANKER' Leading the AHS tankers to a 7-l mark, Captains Tom Bowes and john Stosick broke both pool and school records. Bowes swam the lO0-YD. Butterfly in l:O5.2 Qschool recordj in addition to breaking the pool record with 1:06. Stosick found his place in the record books by coming through with a 1:03 time in the lOO-YD. Backstroke Cschool recordj and 2:34. l in the 200-YD. Individ- ual Medley Relay. Competing in the team medley were Stosick, Ron Scudder, Bowes, and Greg Granum, who set a school record with l:52. 3 and a pool record of l:56. Practicing from 3 to 5 each day, the swimmers were coached by Peter Roberts who was new in Alpena this year. They pro- vided other schools with much competition, losing only one meet to Essexville whom they had previously defeated. The senior members accrued the ma- jority of points in each meetg however, swimming enthusiasts believe next year's team will come through with another out- standing season. Meets bring the glory of victory .... the agony of defeat. bus . W Cf I k Um: .. ,fr Ki J Y tW.!' , 1 If K ,Q . if N RWAMP OPPONENTS , - - -, , .wx 1 . , , ,.,,k , ., ,fig a5rf:gw,:,, my , I Vkkr K , -K ,,-, ,ff - ' - Q:-:Q -F11 ,. 'Q gs 18-x ,.f ,fl , ! ai 5 f ,af .wsisj ,X - ng W -f LW, a 7 s 1 f- gsy' Qfjgfsfg pf i - . . Aj L,,VL . , . M ,Q ,E Kgr, :'. 'I , 'lr . :fig ihi ' '17, ,-: -k i, ', 'I ,las I wf x 1 2 W I w i 1 iq , 1 ' , a. F - av -W T W Q , E 5, X it 3 it Q W , I X, W Q nr O z 'W--... FRONT ROW: Bob VanWagner, john Mase, Phil Chapman, Greg Granum, Geof Koglin, Co-Captain john Stosick, Co- Captain Tom Bowes, Bill Henderson, Larry Ewing, Gary Mousseau. SECOND ROW: Mike Dodd, Charles Welbaum, Randy Thaxton, Marlin Dorr, john Snyder, Ron Scudder, Roger Stemkowski, Doug Kane, Dean Tobias, Cody Welsh, Iere Ions- ton. THIRD ROW: Coach Peter Roberts, George Hines, William Gerst, Al Scheenks, Duane Gail, james Krueger, Peter Moulds, Mike Kuchnicki, Bruce LaFleche, jeff Brown, Keith Beemer, Doug Stosick, Mgr. Jim Banas. TOP ROW: 1. Van- Warmer, Dave Mase, Peter Klimek. ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA Essexvule SCOREBOARD 63 Oscoda 42 75 Bay Ciq1Bangor 30 61 Bay City Handy 44 61 lFHntBeecher 44 63 Oscoda 42 60 Chvosso 45 54 Essexvule 51 62 ALPENA 39 Seniorteam members: Bowes, Granum, Henderson, Chap- man, Ewing, Stosick, Koglin. I 'Sli Tj' x T' X I' -fb . x s 1 I 6 il P ,xv ALPENA IN TOURNAMENT9 AGAIN! ,WM UU ff- by , jk! I R wg,-j F 'gfffrib awk? nf 4 M H. 534 L.-.A FRONT: Steve Kearly, Al Kannowski, Steve Bye, jay Bingham, Bob Capczynski. MIDDLE: Ken MacArthur flvlgr. Q, Greg Voss, Jim Hennessey, B'uce Vanderwall, Andyliggan, Howard St1'omfMg'r. Q. BACK: Rick Kurtz, Tom Allen, Harley Clawe, Bill Davison, Tom Lappan, George Stevens, Randy MacArT.hLu' fMg1'. J. VARSITY BASKETBALL- I 967 The 1966-1967 basketball season at Al- SCOREBOARD pena High School could certainly be called a very successful one, with a final record of ALPENA Traverse City sixteen wins and three losses, and the cap- ALPENA Soo Collegiate ture of the district ClassAChampion's title ALPENA Rogers City for the second straight year. This was the ALPENA Sault Ste. Marie final year of Alpena Varsity Basketball in the ALPENA Escanaba fam i l ia r surroundings of the old gym, in ALPENA BC Handy which 32 out of 34 home games have been Traverse City ALPENA won in the last four memorable years. ALPENA Petoskey Perhaps the most exciting game of the Saginaw season was the final home game played Buena Vista ALPENA against Saginaw Buena Vista, in which we ALPENA Soo Collegiate won by a single point. Other highlights of ALPENA Rogers City the season occurred during the tournament ALPENA Cheboygan games played at Midland, in which we man- ALPENA Sault Ste. Marie aged to defeat Motuit Pleasant and Bay City ALPENA BC Handy Central before losing to Flint Central's ALPENA Highland Park powerful squad. All in all, everyone surely ALPENA Saginaw BV enjoyed supporting the A.H. S. Cagers in a ALPENA Mt. Pleasant tremendous season!! ALPENA BC Central Flint Central ALPENA ,, ! W -' D x 3 1 , 1. Q' ijrv M , Aiffis 'F W '2'A 2351 Q 'me W 'Y 3 if A .. x .W f ,R I ,m f-Q. ,ch . Aw, me qgifwafffimf gg r-max? A W , 3 f nsw 1 fr gk ' V 'W -sag it Af 'gg -6? f A .. if .?f?i,' gage' :1 .4 I, 'N s 5 JV'S WIN ALL HOME GAMES!! BACK ROW:Al Marionfmgr. J, Bill Hampton, Terry Matzke, Greg Warren, Paul Hornak, David Gohlke, Gary Milostan. MIDDLE ROW: jim Furbush fmgr. j, Joe Gentry, Bill Meden, Mel Straley, Al Crow, Doug Erickson. FRONT ROW: Kim O'Brien fmgr. Q, Chris Barrow, Xavier Zielinski, jim Worthley, Randy Krebs, Coach Bill Frieder. JV basketball coach, Bill Frieder, pleased with the JV performances this sea- son, stated, This was a team that went the extra mile. With a 14-3 record, the jV's won all home games, however, they fell to defeat at the hands of Atlanta 's varsity, Buena Vista, and Roger City squads in three away games. The team held the spectators, as well as its coach, in awe as the jV's pulled from as many as twenty points behind to capture a win. Coach F riede r expects the boys to be fighting for Alpena High on the varsity squad next year. Leading scorers for the Cats were Paul Hornak C260 pts.j, Bill Hampton Q206 pts. J, Mel Straley C187 pts. J, joe Gentry C173 pts. Q and Al Crow 1102 pts. J. Hornak successfully captured 225 rebounds and shot 672 on the free throw line, Hampton, the only freshman on the team, scored 86 field goals, joe Gentry sunk 4995 of his attempted field goals and achieved the most steals, and Mel Straley contributed the most assists. l 176 l ALPENA Atlanta ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA Buena Vis ALPENA ta Rogers City ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA SCOREBOARD Traverse City ALPENA Rogers City American Soo Bay City Handy Traverse City Petoskey ALPENA Atlanta ALPENA Cheboygan Hillman American Soo Bay City Handy Highland Park Hillman Buena Vista AN OUTSTANDING FROQH TEAM!! FRONT: Randy MacAulay, Al Senchuk, Eric Krebs, john Van Schoik, Randy Bye, Eric Gohlke, Larry Dennis. ZND ROW: Norm jaskolski, Roy Zielinski, Gary Stepanski, Marty Werner, Scott Kurtz, Dan Vlfhite, Bruce Bigham. 3RD ROW: Ass't. Coach Ned Bastow, Terry Snyder, Spencer Thomas, Bruce juenker, Ken Kesterke, Coach Don Darnoth. BACK: Mgr's Ron Lance, Ken Nehring, jim Lappan. FROSH BASKETBALL- '66- '67 Asked about his 1966 Frosh Basketball team, Coach Damoth proudly replied: They were an outstanding Freshman team! Aver- aging 61 points per game, which is quite amazing for a young team, the Wildkittens finished the season with a 15-2 record, losing only to the Cheboygan Catholic Central SCOREBOARD ALPENA 69 Alc ona ALPENA 52 Atlanta ALPENA 79 Rogers City Cheboygan CC UVB 88 ALPENA ALPENA 83 Cheboygan High ALPENA 74 Posen ALPENA 46 Fairview ALPENA 49 Onaway ALPENA 62 Alcona ALPENA 62 Atlanta ALPENA 57 Cheboygan High ALPENA 65 Hillman ALPENA 61 Rogers City ALPENA 71 Onaway ALPENA 72 Posen Cheboygan CC UVB 67 ALPENA ALPENA 75 Hillman THEY IMPROVED WITH EVERY BALL GAME!! 1 jV's. With such outstanding players as Van Schoik, Senchuk , Bye, M acAulay , and Gohlke, the team improved with every gameg the season reached its climax with the game with the Hillman j'V's, in Which Alpena triumphed 75 to 38. 177 Ours or t.l'1eirs?? GIRL GYMNAQTS ACHIEVE 5-3 RECORD!! The girls' gymnastics team, coached by Mrs. Van- Natter, finished this season at 5-3. The team 's captain, Sandy Sommerfeld, a senio r, cap- tured points for the team by turning in outstanding perfor- mances in vaulting. The other senior gymnast was Carol Aas - land. Vicki Douglas, compet- ing in all events, and Mary Tylinda copping top places in tumbling, free exercise and Vaulting, added their efforts to this year's record. New for the girl s this year were two assemblies at Rogers City and Cheyboygan, where the AHS gymnasts performed for the two cities' high schools. SCOREBOARD ALPENA 35 Harbor Springs 6 ALPENA 35 Boyne City 5 ALPENA 46 M2 Reed City 2 Hillsdale 49 ALPENA 35 lonia 57 172 ALPENA 54 lf2 ALPENA 46 lf2 Harbor Springs 9 l!2 Hillsdale 54 1X3 ALPENA 47 273 ALPENA 46 lf2 Boyne City 37 178 BOY GYMNASTS QND IN STATE! ig , ,C x 'Q,? A A F Av . 53: 3 s T ria , hg h N, I M K V4 A 5 1 2 - iy ,N htggypi .T ,. , T KN 5 T , H 2 Q Ja ' if S- V A 'T ,, -'7 N r T' A , Wa E p P5114 y XPEII4 tg lm fvjp is V 1 -gl , mmap ,VX K M Gm, l , L :Y F my A . A A A my l it T A to i,,f1gN,f ,'Y,,E,4. XLPENA YEN4' Nghyg it wit, ff .tvgm A K ' A if I ' T f T, f . ' Li t ... , ft uf iii, R Wi kk N i ....... i 2 4 5 1 xi if L BACK ROW: Roy Ewing, Frank Riley, Terry Pugh, fcoachj Mr. Sumpter, Dan Timm, fco-captainj, Roger Toledorf, fco-captainj, Tim Mack, and Earl Dun- can. FRONT ROW: jim Clemens, jim Duranceau, Howard Welch, Bob Westen- barger, Tim Hibner, Keith Black, and Tim Twite. Coach Sumpter's statement, I think this team is an unusually powerful one, probably the strongest High School team that I have ever seen, has expressed the gymnastics team's place in high schoolcompetition this year. This season was culminated hy Al- pena's placing second in the state. Dan Timm, co-captain with Frank Riley, took first place in all events at the State Gym- nastics Meet. TIMM STATE CHAMP ALL EVENTS H235 K 5 an-Q-F WIN FIRST INVITATIONAL MEET!! L... if mg. ALM FRONT:A. Cruise, R. Rensberry, R. Schepke, K. Costel- lo, K. Mills I. Timm D I-Iowa B Dicke . m 7 7 ' Y Y? ' yi I S B. Canavan. ZND ROW:A. Pernie, D. Brousseau, R. jen- kins, F. Montie, G. Bey, R. Rousseau, T. King, R. Van- Wagoner, D. Golder, R. Rensberry, D. Roznowski, T. Black. 3RD ROW: T. Snyder fMgr.j, M. Grossner, G. Carpenter, M. Burns, R. Timm, R. Reinholz, R. Brady, H. Schiller, T. Goodall. BACK: Coach'Art Gillespie, R. GougeonfMg'r. Q, D. Bahling, R. Chojnacki, B. Couture, F. Grambau, B. Kensa, Studentteacher Roger Springsteen, Asst. Coach Arlan Haugerud. WRESTLING- - '67 STYLE The 1966-l967Alpena High SchoolWres- tling Squad, under the strict supervision of Coach Art G i lle s p i e and Assistant Coach Arlan Haugerud, won its first invitational Wrestling meet in the history of A. H. S. this year, eventually finishing the season with a record of seven Wins, three losses and one UG. Practicing regularly in the gym of the old Alpena High, the team gained skill, stamina and expe rience needed to excel in their sport, as they, as individuals gained valu- able knowledge of fair play and, at the same time, became seasoned athletes. Hey, not so hard--I can't breathe. A double exposure ? ? ? 5 1 l HOPPING CENTER a ff 4 ,. .. ,.. ... .,, .,, -. , . , -v-f ' g f ,fffgla q v A NTRANC i : ,M I 'K'7 7 r -.M W... M., M THUNDER BOWL LANES .4i IF I COULD ONLY SINK THE 8 BALL --As Theo Helms shoots, Doug Douglas S Ken Wegmeyer look on. THUNDER BOWL LANES- yours for recreation 8 enjoyment. 12th Frame Grill gl Cue Club America 'S Favorite Family Sport Open bowling every weekend Enjoy a sandwich in the 12th Frame Grill after your game or after a show. f 1'1 ' X 3,6 X ALPENA SPORTING GOODS D' i Yours in sports SKI? Bill Lankheet gets the pitch on HEAD skis in Alpena Spo rtin g Good's ski department. Skiing. . .whether it be snow or Water skiing. . .begins at ALPENA SPORTING GOODS. The GRACE HOWE SHOP for nationally advertised sportswear, including john Meyer of Norwich, Garland, Petti, jack Winter and Hadley. And for that special occasion, girls, a fine selection of date dresses. l GRACE HOWE SHOP ,xx 'M Best Wishes From ,ff ' -tj? FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS I v 5 fx' In J ss., ,,,, , : 'i :V.- in 123 W. Chisholm La-f 1251 it H , i' l H XXX ,. The Friendly Store ,-.Z H X Q Alpena, Michigan 4 f N4 A ,, r ,Fx Y -9' 4, 'E X 4? 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MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY 6 For ihe uoN's SHARE ' SHERWIN-WILLIAMS If K f' ,.,, is First in Quality Paint Distributors f Q 9 X V KKIIKXX l F11-St in Style 9' ' 'llll-I-'VWBQ-Ax Alpena, Michigan 'MA 'A GEORGE MASTER'S Ph 354-4980 M ,, I y 'lu ' at SONS SHOE STo Makers of-- ' XX is-in JZ w'fc,LJ -','. Downtown Alpena S K ' ' -'Lili uper Sem tone X il -EVM? :...g,. Super Kem-Glo li,M:l,:,4QI- ALPENA SAVINGS BANK Serving all the people of northeastern Michigan, with special emphasis on financial service and advice, and a special welcome to the young people of our community. Branches in Lincoln and Harrisville Main branch - downtown HOW MUCH INTEREST WILL MY SAVINGS EARN? inquires Alpena Georgene LaF1eche as she opens a savings account for her college Ripley branch-Ripley gl education at ALPENA SAVINGS BANK. Campbell Member of the FDIC NOITII bI'3.1'1Ch'US 23 S. Low Prices Everyday- -Open Sunday Table Rite Meats 81 Fresh Vegetables Groceries--Drugs--Magazines Free Parking Self-Service Complete Shopping Center AE I? Ill' I W X M .-S Ugg. 5-P COUTURE'S IGA FOODLINER 2236 US 23 South Dial 354-3389 STATE AVENUE PARTY STORE Fast, Fair, 81 Friendly Service 1010 State Alpena, Mich. Your friendly proprietor - - Ed Kendziorski V w 4... TX T THE sf Pl-loro VL. . g.7g,g?lEzm1-Mi,Wj,, 5- mv w QQMNJ Mafflfifal. , :mwiq..,3' rf::m+ ,-1- .,'r'as:,4:-E+Q'-mt,'i'.2z2-.4l-,y vm-M-,fff42rm-.gssggpwaeg .. , 0M.m..5,fa.,. V , , a.,-W,,,,m,w, V A .,l-.w .W Y K , ,1.' f - , ,. ,w,tx,5 - im- f'U?I?i k',- Milo G. Bursto Wayne D. Thomas 229 Chisholm St. 354-4525 Cameras - -Projectors - - Film Photo Supplies - -Portraits - -Weddings We Are Privileged and Honored To Be Your Official Photographer 5 . - '1.?..jf -Q CONGRATULATICNS Q Q I AND G U mgpm p BEST WISHES ,525 lllllllllllbllllllbllllbwbtllllmblllllbiillillll 2 6 ' FOR YOUR the T graduating CONTINUED SUCCESS c I a s S lMbWWDlwMWWl PRESQUE ISLE CORPORATION SPENS PHARMACY WHO CAME FIRST--THE CHICKEN OR THE COLONEL? ' F.. we it ti' Your Walgreen Agency 201 N. 2nd Ave. Alpena, Mich. C. FRED STEELE AGENCY General Insurance--Security Bonds llO W. Chisholm St. Alp61'13,, lVIlCl'1lg3H IT'S FINGER LICKIN' GOOD! --Ken Wegmeyer, Theo Helms, and Mike Bennett chat with Col. Sanders as they wait for their bucket of chicken at KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, 1120 State Ave. , Alpena. SPENCE BROTHERS .ZW 14193 HOW DO YOU LIKE THESE CORDU- ROYS? --Beth Silver and Martha Reitz look over the fine selection of girls sportswear at VAUGHN' S. With Quality footwear and clothing for the Whole family Alpena 'S Largest Department Store VAUGHN'S DEPARTMENT STORE MCCOY PONTIAC-CADILLAC SHQM ha iw s ff-fifriggl if for A ,ff , f ,J,.v,., ,,.f.,, 4 51 Q, 141275: 'ffifz-if - W differ? TRUCKS P0!VTlAC.. MISCHLEY'S SHOES Footwear for Every Walk of Life ss U onderful SHOES fo. MEN Alpena Gaylord -Q Q PlCKETT'S PHARMACY Your Student Drug Store 100 S. Znd Ave. Phone 356- 1635 O W Q9 fifewfi E Q9 i R i N, FX fjignglfffiiyfifi fini? if xiii? ii gif Egg? Qijffdyw 9 U-R-Q1-idcoeif fl- 5' Y- M540 My 1 DW OVKPTHE STEVE KRUCI-:Ko cog. W QQ! y Q4iJ Plumbing, Heatin Szlndustrial Piping M ,V O gi g UW n, W i iw W wi QMQKWQ wkfwgy Banking for Everyone PEOPLES STATE BANK W l5gt Hamburgers Congratulations V g from the Q3-5-in , isa Happy Little Hamburger Makers gg? Northeastern LUD.S Michigan's in Music Center :J'7'A Going to Be A Bride? ggg Going to College? Shop at ADAM'S BOOKSTORE for your complete needs. Books - -Bibles - -Gifts - -Wall decor. ADAM'S BOOK STORE Qnext to 2nd Ave. bridgej l0l4 State Ave. 309 W. 2nd AVG. 354-5888 Phone-- X 2 ...E?.2??.f?i... 11 guirigqiiig g Lumber Sz Hardware - DD Oggoo Spread Satin Paint S gi-1g E'5 W g A f G UD X gas.-I B 5 EW II - SOUTH SHORE BUILDERS SUPPLY . OJ G u :o 9 -,DU 2633 U. s. 23 South Alpena, Mich. 5' ,-- We're not satisfied unless you are. ' H Expert Hair Stylists Just a little bit more on the right side should do it .... Patsy Bray looks on as Linda Hanson has her hair expertly trimmed at Marge's Beauty Salon. MARGE'S BEAUTY SALON 354 -4707 GENERAL ELECTRIC CABLEVISION CORP. 3ll N. Second TV Phone 354 -492 l Phone: 354 -542 7 WEINKAUF HEATING 227 Bedford ALPENA, MICHIGAN Walter G, Weinkauf Furnaces 0 Conversion Bur 0 St k Bo'l ners o ers o 1 ers o Air Conditioning 0 Wall Furnaces RENE'S JEWELRY Vi m- ' V I Art Carved Diamonds 201 N. Second Ave. Alpena, Michigan LlNKE'S FLOWERS I xm.',,,m? fi LUTES LUMBER COMPANY PITYSSIQ mural' . it ...l sei' J 'renna- Klvii' 51' 9 fir? A y Quality for less K S 9 ' e-I Paint .....,.. Hardware X .4 if- Our business is Building Supplies Y? blooming 501 River Street Alpena, Mich. Will there be anything else today . . . Barb Busch and Su Saretsky pick up their spring dresses at Alpena Dry Clean ing. ALPENA DRY CLEANING Your Cleaners 535 W. Campbell at Ripley Blvd. 354 -4829 Alpena, Mich FLETCHIH? , ' ' gf ......................... .'::1 ', ,,- -.LAT f- ,..- - . x C mpm cofwpmw ALPENA, MICHIGAN SCHULTZ Chevrolet C C IC IIC'C Chevy Service Center of the THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS N01-th C ongratulations From CHARLES MAC MAHON AND PETER TARAPATA 'fxp ALPENA MUSIC CENTER PIEPKORN OIL sk I COMPANY Northeastern Michigan's Ig Largest Band Instrument J, XX like and Repair Shop QQ ,D I I o Phone NN L of 354 -4214 f I ALPENA CANDY 81 CIGAR INC. 400 W' Second Ave' Fuel Oil Ready Mix Concrete 354-8222 Alpena' Michigan Dependable Quality 8: Service Telephone 354 -4433 Congratulations To The Class Of 1967 l , ' ,L UNIVERSAL FLUID DYNAMICS Mal' the light youhave shownthrough the years shine as brightly in the new Alpena High School in the years to come PATRON LIST We salute the friendship shown by the people and businesses listed below--and pledge that we will carry on the fine civic spirit they have demonstrated. Alpena Cement Products Alpena Floral Alpena Furniture Company Ball Tire gl Gas Bedford Motor Sales DeBats Appliance Downtown Shoe Mart Guarantee Beauty Salon Dr. gl Mrs. Edward Hier Mrs. Ann Henderson Kotwicki's Department Store Martinsons Dr. William E. Nesbitt NoWak's Formal Wear J. C. Penney Co. Sanderson's Service Station Dr. Gerald E. Skiba Dr. james E. Spens Spring Photo Dr. 81M-rs. George D. Stump Thunderbird Inn Wylie Loan Co. PERCH S IGA FOODLINEP 'x I xunln :zu Inn: 1 - :TS ' i iff- 1 Iv X Q I wig X 0 0 SL' ' MARIO 'S PIZZERIA open 7 Days A Week ' 6 Q Carry-out , , 81 I Delivery Only Serving Fine Italian Food , Phone 354-2610 1008 State Ave JL iwlwwi' P gl BESSER COMPANY ALPENA TRAVEL SERVICE Tours World-Wide , 1 gi P - ,..L--- ..,.,..-fN,-.- ,-s .-,.,..,, . ' , Air 81 Steamship Reservations 212 N. Second Ave. 3560159 1, fl v Iii ij YOUNG APPLIANCE COMPANY ' F ri gidaire Appliance s I m 107 We-sr Chisholm ! nn, 1 Phone 354-8895 1 Sinn Alpena, Michigan S55-Q Q i CROWN BEAUTY SHOP I hope that my hair is almost dry .... Pat Bray relaxingly reads a magazine as she awaits her comb-out at the CROWN BEAUTY SALON, 417 N. 2nd Ave. THUNDER BAY DRIVE-IN 'C ef . ' Won't it be nice when all this snow is finally gone? . . . . . Sue Green, Winnie Gunn, Patti Palmer, Norm Malmstrom, Cathy Popp, Joan Corey, and Sue Guy anxiously await the spring thaw so they can enjoy their favorite movies at THUNDER BAY DRIVE-IN, M-32, tops in outdoor entertainment. MOVIES ARE BETTER THAN EVER! soRENsoN's s A f 5 5,-4 - Alpena's headquarters for the finest in ice creams fine, 81 chocolate candies. . . a really nice place to meet your friends for a treat!! 4 FQ Jana do Service with a smile . ..Karen 8 Ken Kesterke smile as they watch their c usto m e rs e njo y a delicious hot fudge sundae. SORENSON'S .... with that great home -made flavor. 430 N. Second Ave. GOHLKE OFFICE SUPPLY Alpena , Michigan Office Machines. . . Supplies. . . Furniture GEBHARDT-MORROW LUMBER SUPPL Y CO. Gold Bond 8: Abitibi Board Carpenter Tools .... Power Tools Corner of 3rd 81 Sable Phone 354-3164 --g O + -- G y 4 ajeinf J Xer eef' WESTERNBARGER PHARMACY 51+-ire :-'lt 3: ? vii- E MULVENA TRUCK LINE 'Ei VA A A -A Serving all of Northeastern Michigan ?-- f' giAiLgi v i i if Vg' lOl N. Second Ave. 354-8606 Our Most Sincere Congratulations To THE CLASS OF 1967 Q Q wx of M59 oflyfy' -Lj5 FE?xSS OF 16 ,fy v,.m.'f gf,-wwf' , .,,...V,,,,.L-' i uureors H HURON CEMENT DIVISICN OF NATIONAL GYPSUM CO THECLAQSOF 1967. . . . . . A STEP FORWARD IN TRADITION This was the beginning of a new era at Alpena High. This was our senior year. But how we lived it, and not what we may have called it, made this year, our last at Alpena High, one we shall never forget. Racing excitedly across the football field after winning that all-important game, dancing with a special date at Homecoming, staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish a term paper, just talking with a friend between classes---all these made this year a memo- rable one. But now, when the games have all been played, when the exams have been graded, when our caps Si gowns have been put away for the last time, we look back and realize that our senior year was more than a series of events, it was a period of awakening. For we began to recognize that although one phase of our lives was coming to a close, another greater phase was just beginning. We shall remember our last year at Alpena High. Our senior year, like each of the 85 years preceeding it at Alpena High, was unique. Now we leave it all behind. We shall be con- tent with a memory, for the future beckons us forward. To find out the favorites of the Class of 1967, the ANAMAKEE conducted a survey among the senior class and gathered the following information: Of those seniors surveyed, SZCXJ planned on some type of further education-college, trade school, nursing school, etc. Over 35M of our graduating boys will enter the ser- vice after graduation. Future occupations include teachers, scientists, State Troopers, Pe ace Corps Volunteers, and even a traveling PhD. Part-time jobs during high school varied from waitresses to grading potatoes. Congestion in the parking lot was proof of the numerous Wildcats who drove to school. Favorite snacks ranged from steak to gar- lic S pickled bologna, but the universal favorite was pop 8-potato chips. The most popular TV show among seniors was The Smothers Brothers , with I Spy coming second. Ed Ames was preferred over newer stars for favorite singer, even the Monkees took 2nd place. Alfie appeared most often as the favorite movie. Most seniors preferred basket- ball Sfootball to other sports. Even though 7-9 hours were spent per we ek on homework, 'most students felt that exams were Unnecessary for students carrying a B average. All seniors agreed that moving into the new school was the most outstanding event ofthe year, many opposed the idea of a closed campus, but were proud to be the first grad- uating class of the new Alpena High School. 'M 'QSi,EQff M www 'DWZZA RM 5? is ix Qsidli-wqhmvufvvvfz Biazlg ei V if bifwfffjfffffkf fs 7 KQEQEQWWQEJVQ 52 K2 QE QQ SQ :Pg A P3 Eiffbwwo Q? 5 JMLJSQSW Qmmbfygxwwy I IN APPRECIATION EDITORIAL STAFF: Editor-in-Chief: Sue Green Academics: Norm Malmstrom Advertising: jan Howell Art: Kathy Aube Business Mgr.: Nelson Herron Photography: Randy Zielinski Seniors: Bill Henderson Sports: Steve Kuchnicki Student Life: Kaye Connell Underclass: Sue Wallace Advisor: Mr. R. D. Gunn STAFF MEMBERS: Sue Adams Sue Bastow Mike Bennett jan Bigham Randy Bobolts Tom Bowes Barb Busch joan Cory Nancy Cory Nancy Cramer Pat Cramer Aurora Dunstan Debbie Eland Linda Frantz Doug Funk Winnie Gunn Sue Guy Linda Hamill Patty Hartnell Tammy Hartnell Cathy Herner Kathie Herron Georgene LaFleche Kay Leathead Diane McConnell Dot Minton Cory O'Brien Paula Olsen Patty Palmer Cathy Popp Kathy Riker Kathy Robarge Ellen Rogers Dick Sanderson Sue Saretsky Carol Schaffer Sue Schmitz Linda Scheske jean Schultz ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Marsha Simmons Sandy Smart Cathy Thompson jane Thompson Ann Titus Connie Wegmeyer Mary Wegner Pat Werda Gail Zolnierik We, the staff, would like to give thanks to the following people for their help in producing this book: Teachers gl Department heads---allowing pictures 81 interviews to be taken ALPENA NEWS---lending us negatives Mr. Ned Bastow---for being interested Sz giving time Photo Center---providing materials, often at the last minute Office secretaries---giving us helpful information Administration---letting us into the building to work Mrs. Ida Lee Brown---for the use of Room 308 Advertisers 81 Patrons---providing financial support Alpena High WILDCAT---advertising 81 publicity Mr. Bernard Wilson---for numerous suggestions 81 advice 203 AUTOGRAPHS ,gf Q! ,NK U Cggsjpv Ljvk' , pf jf' 51 J Qff4w52?fffi fZi U M JKLJVW gf,L'k W M Q? M M f Wgg 54 , KJV 2 W, I Q W Qtffwjjipfn JMD ' UW of l'5l!dU9'K WW 'UlWJMJ?wL Mjibfyy Q? l 1 3 WM,ffffUi W m 2e5fgi c, X f . , j J Q!! ,ggi gm! ffxgpw Milli W p AQ A722 H q 9, 0 MWDM 'QI 'Kc Q? C646 Q 'fx K , A M 'ydsj 06559 LL K M MO , 32 M522 ft 5553? Wg 34 LL, A M0432 , YQ . 'gQabQ',QvQa ' A A iggirqff E Zi A KQQVQQQ 'SR iff Qigaffggv 'mag if KQSQQDQQQQ 'QQ QQQQQ EKANSKRQ EQ Q, QQ , QQOQDQ? 22:5 ??i6EhjQj2c5zgiQQ?'4QiQgJ Q Q ei QQ XqggX72i5w,Q1kfgh LSQQQZCQQEQQL- A 'V - Q2 i .S5,fEALQgg?9Qg5QgE527iQ24qQgE gif ggi, E is if 5 QQ? 1 ZQECQEQZ Sjiffffqf Q2xjz Kia 1 E523 -fix 'QV GQQCSQYQF GC-QQ, , 2 UEQERQ ff? 'Cf 2 Pobfiegff 2 X2 XJQH fe AY? xffiiwyf gf Q ff S F ,. Q2 if Qi U'My Qi, ily?AQfW,fW?N 2 H Sffkfwmi -f LJ Ms' wwf My Q ,,, M 4 b 1 1 V . wif C4055 . N k wa wif x,55'fO?J E x M 1 I N If blwkf ZA Z ,Qfi L' ,,,., f5uL,1C 'm ' WMS vjp W W . AW fi' I CRN. ,QB 7 VW! M A X Q-.5 A .,,., 3 Okfuff 1 5156 + Q W : -X A5556 Kee f gxQ5QSWXXx Skip ' x I 5 XJTQUX ' ? SVN v,fSs SWS SSSMM NBEXQNQW .QLQgf,R f Nw i ' ' NW My www MWQJMWW w MW QW A QW? JWWQWQM PKMWJM WWW ' L MW '4 W. 'S v . 0 bf 0-5 o fab Q' Swww Q QQ qjuxr-J5 xg W3 34 M5495-f X4 Sxxf .Sf r WCG? I 'Y .Xcb xX-KMA C: QC-S Q2-WO GN 2 22 20 , if ,Od 502 2? V U b 9 x. 9 5 . r ,- Z. N1 Ui ' 3 F 2 fig ifiNfg3 is F 1 mf 3335 I . 4' 'N wwf? AEWL gg Q55 52526 ii WN LU Qofvb ' P0 N UMW WDVW My WWW WMM QV W ,WMM UW wfkmwx 'D ffslff J OX sfggfjf QQ' Gjjjwg X MQ My if M Q x kt 1 WW50 iv AUD Nw Q N' W QMG65' N MW W W A W MM MW QQ, f X14 Q13 , ,eww MKPj pj cw A90-1 dl X by x?cOQQj R xocyf wp GQQ05? wk UA '5WW k,L 3Uf1LX Lf W3 A Hip UVUWX X'LQyC1Q1-2 J If-E ,Xl CL Q V' r - S r ,gk M - Y Y- -4IlnvY,w., V ,A ...W Hum- W . 1 , I I J vQXQ,, 'Q Gy Cami Qi xfg QQKQV gm Q Q4 ML Q3f1S C5XXMQXQ i QWQWXQQV give UXQFCUL5 yyeg CXSEQMQQXA ,

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