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,fd O 'S ,fp ff . Uni SL af W 1 Qi, as-wipyjif A gi 4 gif Sf0Q9f f7'J v1CWJ A Rf may Ea f 1 59- gf Q54 Sf 6 E -ssibdx 0? Ga g wXb Q5f'jN!'Q MDA R E . ff' if N se 9- 0' XJ' ' f' 1 C515 m L HQXQQ M ,mmf ' M466 xox ASKDXDAYQQTQ www d QW K W 0995 X55 sl x .A Xxx DY l j R '1 'A ,J -, ' , A, Ag 2 , D' N. .. -.9 , 1 A 3 i X , J! X XX 'X x .,.. ' AM, Y .. Q XM X 5 J. Q . 5 E fx 5 fb 5' m JP ' UQ' . , ' f f5w Q 5 L .. . f. ' 2 - . A , , . 1 - -fQ-' - - - ' '- . , Q A A- - '-,- Q3 ,Q S Qwxf 0' Q E gb QP . 594 , Q . af xxx f A 9 ' K Q' 4' ' ' TI. ,Q'-- r V I x U 5 A LC. 'K ' , '41 ' O 7 J , in ww -is M KAL 5 ovcizmlwy JAQAQQWM 5 fZm W, ww Wfiwff swf? M jr fy gf- f i Q , s- N, 3533? W 'CSD X QQGFKAWWOSQKQNQG 'XE X , KT jd Xxgagffkwgbwi xNn 53665 RW Jig, Jf , QXRQA is '35, Oi x A kQNqJjQj:Z2CkiPci il 3 ' V BX 3 7 GJ cyyfdjkhby L,9f'bQVy09M ,U ,ff sw My A 33,03 Wy Q50 my 99 ' U Klang. Ox My ff C95 fri -64 Cv . 6? ' .QOV mb .d 'V V. fi My My? K .X o L wf Q AW w X ff xi XO, R 11?2l5'i493XW2Q WQRNKQSQYQ 3355 ND 55fWE1Q REF HW x gf K BR? YM Q ANAMAKEE ALPENA HIGH- I 966 BUSINESS MANAGER Roberta Kannowski DEPARTMENT EDITORS Advertising Art Academics Seniors Sports Underclassmen Activities Photography Carol Honsinger Beverly Ronde au .Sue Green Sandi Hartnell Steve Kuchnioki Dorothy Minton Lynn Kesterke Vickie Bullen STAFF MEMBERS Jerry Anderson Karen Anderson Kathy Aube Kristine Boboltz Beth Brainerd Tom Bowes Judy Cantile Kaye Connell Jenny Couture Pat Cramer Kathy Dailey Donna Dege Diane Donnan Sylvia Dowling Mary Kay Edgely Linda Frantz Geri Goes ' Tammy Hartnell Bill Henderson Mary Idalski Sue Hayes Ellen Irwin Pat Kirby Judy Lazarowicz Bob Leopard Norm Malmstrom Jean McCa11ister Rhea McKay Laurel Moore Chuck Polson Debbie Powell John Oliver Norine Reynolds JoAnn Reinke Cathy Thompson Karen Torsch Sue Wallace Linda Winter SPONSOR Roger D. Gunn Shown, at left, presenting the first 1966 ANAMAKEE to Principal, Mr. M. E. Finch, is Art Editor, Beverly Rondeau, who holds the distinction of designing our cover this year. l N w Mi TABLE OF ADMINISTRATION Pg. 6 -9 FRESHMEN Pg. 33-53 JUNIOR Pg. 68 -81 SPORTS Pg. 1311- L53 ADVERTISING Pg. 179-192 NQION GRDWTH E NISTRATION HEART OF GROWTH Looking back over the course of a year's accomplish- ments involving expenditures of over three million, eight hundred thousand dollars would seem to be a pretty large task, However, as one thinks about the progressive meas- ures taken by our Alpena Board of Education and its ad- ministrative staff, many noteworthy items come to mind. Some have brought Alpena State and National acclaim. At the 1965 National Conference of School Administrators, Alpena's new high school, now under construction, won the award as the most contemporary school plant in the making, The Michigan Education Association applauded the Alpena Schools for being the first full county school district in the state, as well as, praising it for its far- reaching curriculum developments. Further evidence of growth was seen in the completion of additions to three existing elementary buildings, the construction of an eight hundred thousand dollar Arts Mu- seum the completion of an addition of the Besser jr. High School, the construction of a new elementary building known now as the Oxbow School, plans completed for another new elementary school, yet un-named. The plans, also, have been approved for the construction of dormitory facilities for Alpena's Community College . Growthwas not only physical, however. Assuming the position of Superintendent, Dr. Gene Geisert, together with the board, set about to carry out well laid plans made by his predecessor, Dr. john Brubacher. Dr . Gei- sert, in addition, brought to the attention of his co-workers the need to keep in step with government proposals to build a better school system for Alpena students. Mr. Myron Blixt was appointed to serve as an administrative assistant to supervise the development of such frequently mentioned programs as Headstart , Norcap , and Thundercap . Mr . Robert Bennett was appointed as Su- pervisor of Service Personnel, and to fill his previous post, Mr. Norman Foster was appointed as Business Manager, Added to the administrative staff was the po- sition of Buildings and Grounds Supervisor filled now by Mr. Mel Pettit. Dr. Gene Geisert, Superintendent of Schools pictured at right, points out plans for a new elementary building to Mrs. Marjorie Cogswell and Mrs. Doro- thy Domke, secretaries to the admini- strative staff. Members of the board from left in- clude: Reverend Gilbert A. Runkelg Maynard CohengDr. Gene Geisertg Sed- retary, Marjorie Cogswellg President, Donald K. Gillardg Isadore lsacksongAl- bert I-l. Nickels, William Bighamg and Victor C. Werth. Members, at left, listen attentively to plans and proposals set forth by the architect of new dormitory facilities for Alpena Community College, one of the many new projects underway. Mr. M. E. Finch, Principal, and Secretary, Geraldine Ludwig. The stems of experience, aid, maturity, and consola- tion for students and teachers alike are pictured on these pages. It is through these administrative personnel of our high school that urgent matters, such as, requisitions, receipts, and deposits are fulfilled. Typing, correspondence, and dictation are part of their daily frustrations, but these few, armed with Warm smiles and determination,challenge such feats and duties . They are, indeed, stems to be admired andcongratulated. 8 Mr. Stanley H. Bjornstad, Assistant Principal, and Secretary, Dixie Cooper. GROWTH AND ACCOMPLISHMENT- THE FRLIITS OF ADMINISTRATIVE EFFORT Mary Sue Kingsbury, Clerk--Typist Mrs. Rita Nelson, Registrar 9 , W, ,,,,,, i :aff 53.3 9g9'Q R90 WQGQI v1!04 WW Qyv 0000'0 Q 99 VAQ aww ow 50000 90000 P5 Q 900 ' s O O QQ 5'Q5 W 0090 90 3, sw? WV, 04' VW Q59 0600 vw? Gy? AQQQM v. Q 5 MQ s ,Q 50 5 51 P9 'Q 990 Q 00000 VQW 4 , 6 4 SQQ.! Wg in f A fl' Qi H N ww?XQ iiigk 09 'Q iz' A Annu ll' 1 Q' if X Qwf?q5'ihix Sw 4 2,5 it 0 2,50 ' N , Ulf? f , 5 5 www Wk , 'vhi , fr K nr I QL . .gy y , L 'lb' '. ,-, 4 V 'V ' n E . S as? Miss Smith Mrs. Bedford Mr. Coultes Mrs. Derthick Mr. Ehresman Mrs. Fell Mr. Foster Mr. Frieder Mr. Knowlton The Business Education Department has nine teachers, an addition of one over last year. There is a fine cooperative education program in force. This means that 12th grade students may go to school part of each day and Work the other part. Senior students who have had training in typing, shorthand, and business machines such as Dictaphone, 10 -key adding ma- chines, calculators, and duplicating machines may enroll in the Office Co-op plan under the direction of Mr. John Ehresman, coordinator. Other students who are interested in distri- bution areas may enroll in the Distributive Education program in the tenth grade and begin in the eleventh grade to study Retailing under Mr. james Coultes, coordinator. Distribution in- volves jobs of selling and marketing. The business program starts at 10th grade level with General Business and Typing One with advanced classes in Steno, General Clerical, Bookkeeping, Record keeping, Commercial Law and Office Machines for 11th and 12th grade students . This department could possibly be the second largest program at A .H .S . , serving approximately 1100 students . Another new business class is Office Practice. This is for students who are enrolled in the second year of shorthand. Business English Qconsisting of a review of basic grammar , business letter writing and oral workj is a part of this class. Office Practice also includes a study of the structure and operation of general offices, proper office ettiquette, telephone technique, filing, and secretarial practices of many kinds. l2 THE FOUNDATION OF TOMORROW'S BUSINESS WORLD She'11 never know if I erase it! L.. Set the margin there. I3 Now is the time for all good men . . . I f i . 7. 5 had X K Dear Santa, please send me some more A students. Mr Miesen Mrs Holcomb -- .i as we '32 Lf is '51 559' A r ss M , li R M W Mrs. Barry Mr. Buchner Mr. Kelly Mr. Luhta Mr. Rogers Mr. Stenberg Teaching, a fulfilling vocation. l4 Mrs. Walchuk Mrs. C00mbS Miss Hockett 95, Miss Lyche Mr. Olsen Miss West etb erg The English department at Alpena High has been making a continual effort to up- date its required, traditional three-year program. This department is the largest in our school, with 59 classes. Among its many new features are one new teacher , variations in the outside reading program , two full years of speech, two technical English courses, and one business English course. In the present program, ninth grade students take a concentrated study of grammar: tenth grade students, writing techniques and literary typesg eleventh grade students, American literature and writing skills. The electivecourse pro- vided for twelfth grade students is an in- tensive study of grammar and English literature. The broader goal of our Eng- lishdepartment is to present ALL students with a course that will aid them in their varied walks of life . ENGLISH BECDMEQ A USEFUL EXPERIENCE It's a lot of work Only two of you, now. If you study it, you'11 pa givin ' 'ps 'I-Iaven't I Seen that bef0I'6? H Once upgn 3, time , , , 15 . Mrs. Feindt Mr. Alger What have we here? ARTS AND CRAFTS The objectives of the Art Department are mainly creative, to promote the expressing of the individual's thoughts and ideas. This de- partment chiefly wants to encourage students to think, rather than to draw 'beautiful pictures. All interested students are welcomed to join the art courses offered--ceramics, metals, paint- ing, and crafts. A required year of Basic Art is necessary to proceed with the advanced art courses . The new school will enhance the art program, because a suite exclusively for art is being planned. This will enable a greater number of students to elect cour- ses from a more varied field of art . There is more to this art than meets the eye. lb FOR CREATIVE STUDENTS F i Does it need a little more orange? Another masterpiece 'Q' av' 1 I7 -Umm.. The Finished Product PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE . . . Once more, with FEELING. Band trip--a welcomed reward for work well done. Anyone for Chopsticks? Oh say, can you see? n.- . m 1 F1 u Q A Wi Forty-seven thrushes Qcount themj i ,W ,,,,X,,,.-1. rw E Wx a wr umm mn , 1, W. mum 11 m 1 C 'Here's how it SHOULD sound l Hit it! I9 And they can twirl, too - .WW --- V Mr. Best Mr. Heiberg The Music Department espe- cially has grown this year. The number of band students rose from 150 to 200, and the department was able to buy six new instruments. Various courses were offered in both vocal and instrumental music , the most advanced beingA Cappella Choir and Varsity Band . This year A .H .S. acquired a new vocal music teacher, Mr . Heiberg. Music Department objectives are chiefly in the area of teaching stu- dents basic concepts of skill building, note reading, instrumentation , marching, and preparing for public performances. The department also provides necessary training and background for students intending to make a career of music . X-..r ' All together, now. 0 'iw X Y Only his band teacher knows for sure. 20 STUDENTS EXPLORE THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF MUSIC Evidence of a cian. We're ready--how about the rest of the band? And beautiful music then comes forth. 21 PREPARATION FOR THE REAL THING w U, Q 5 , 1 R , .I A.-. fx , . 2 fm-if P ' AETE f , ' ' ff 4 ' kj fi Miss Henry Mrs. Brown The plans for the I-lomemaking Depart- ment started to change this year to better accomodate students for future life. Although the girls still made their tasty pastries and fashionable dresses , third year students had some training in vocational work. Miss Henry's students took some train- ing as short order cooks while Mrs . Brown instructed her students in alteration work. Also her advanced class had some training in wall and floor covering, furniture buy- ing, table decorating, and flower arranging . This was accomplished through cooperative effort of several resource people from the community who were called in to demon- strate or lecture . This is another example of the growth of our school system to better suit the needs of students after high school. 22 X 5 2' f xi Mr. Krull H l uyty TO LAY y if lp q v A . FOUNDATION Mr. Beland Mr. Bye Mr. Chandler A ffm gp g ..lNDuQTRlALAR1s L Mr. Mann Mr. Wilson Industrial Arts Education at Alpena High ft. n, KLXA Mr. Littrell 9 Y Mechanical Drawing School is intended as an exploratory experience to lead to future selection and pursuit of train- ing in a skilled trade area. Freshmen wishing to explore this field choose MechanicalDraw- ing, which is considered basic to all industrial arts study. Duringtheir Sophomore year, these students elect a course called Power Mechan- ics, which includes study in several divisions of the program, such as, welding, engines, machine shop, electronics, and construction. Many choose to go on during their Junior and Senior years in one of the vocational programs, which provide intensive training in aparticular skilled trade. Conce ntr at ion --Candi' . Q NEW DIMENSIONS IN LANGUAGE .,I. ya? W up 4 . t - I 7 IX' . I f xv ' i s Q' , it 6 VK , ,. Mr. Story Mr. Danhoff Miss Lees Growth has played an important part in the foreign language department this year. Headed by Mr. Story, the de- partment offers three years of Span- ish, four years of French, and an ex- pansion to three years of Latin. There were nineteen foreign lang- uage classes taught this year -- two more than that of previous years. In the last seven years there has been an addition of two classes per year. ln- crease in curriculum of this depart- ment fills the needs of students with And sometimes we have a test. Silence is not a virtue in language class. 24 expanding views and a new desire to speak foreign languages--a growing field. hu.,., 'I-ug., sa, I xi R XE, - ff' Come on now, the name of the town was in your lesson last week. The teacher works hardest, he says! PHYSICAL FITNESS IS MORE THAN JUST AN IDEA Mr. Gillespie Mr. Kline In Alpena much emphasis is placed on physical fitness curriculum. A well-rounded program is offered in- cluding modern dancing, weight lift- ing, swimming, gymnastics, golf, bowling, archery, and wrestling. Physical education activities as- sist students in the area of total body education--to help them understand and respect the body as an instrument for self-expression. It also tries to maintain fitness in students for daily living, as well as, special skills. Physical education is required for allfreshmen, and is being offered to upper- classmen who, for the first time, will receive one-half credit for the course this year. Miss Leonall Mr. Keeley Mrs. VanNatter Tarzan, anyone? 5 ggi i Dribble, dribble . . . It's really quite easy. Please, don't shake the floor! Careful, now. 25 F Un it ' 5,2 5 M. M 5, E L. , 4 was H X ' .W W' .FW Qi' w1i, .ff - . 2255 if 95 Zip: 'Lf 1 1 . . , ty , , N34 . 1 , . 29 w gg Mr. Dennis Mr. Bunce Mr. Foster Mr. Hall Mr. Henkel i . 1 i Q l Mr. Juola Mr. Steinke Mr. Taylor The Mathematics department revised its Geometry course this year, and in addition developed a standardized testing program for all mathematics courses. A new approach to ninth grade Algebra was started, which used a new text book, and emphasized the structure of mathematics . The new approach is designed to improve students' understanding of our mathematics system. For the second year, Technical Mathe- matics was offered, which stresses mathe- matics of a technical nature which would be faced in actual situations in industry. Prob- lems studied in this course center around ex- periencesa technician would encounter in the task of testing materials or newly constructed products in manufacturing. STUDENTS INTRIGED BY MATH'S CHALLENGE here. vb t - . 9 lff, n t i Y bl... l Q Mr. Bjornstad Miss Sherman Mr. Mase Mrs. Talbot Mr. Damoth Mr. Gunn Mr. Converse Mrs. Finch Mr. Heimnick if . 4252 J r s 12 iv, Mrs. Johnston Mrs. Alexander Mrs. Gray The counselors have not grown in number, but have found an additional challenge in working with a larger student enrollment. Each counselor has an approximate student load of 365 students. Responsibilities largely involve working out programs and help- ing with personal problems. Students with problems still manage to find their way to a counselor's office, where a willing ear listens and helpful advice is given. A counsel- or's day is also packed with other duties: parent conferences, referals for special serv - ices for students with special problems, and working out personality clashes between students and teachers . This year new scheduling equipment is being used to take the tedious clerical work out of programing, and automatic equipment will be used to aid this process . Librarians, too, perform very important services to the student body. They lend a helping hand in many ways: helping students find books, training cadets to help in the library, or showing students how to use the library. Although it may sometimes seem that you never can find what you want, all that is needed is a courteous request. 28 COUNSELORS, LIBRARIANS STUDY HALL TEACHERS . . . PROVIDE READY ASSISTANCE It's been a hard day's night. But you've got a dangling participle. I'11 bring it back as soon as I can find it. 1 1 But you can't possibly take eight solids! 29 P Qin . . . and we won't have that aptitude test until a week from next Tuesday. As Mr. Shuler Mr. Bartow Mr. Bennett .. p L2 Mr. Cardwell Mr. Fairchild Mr. Roeske You could put arequisition in for that film, and we might have it in by next week. 30 141 N' K f ff.. Mr. Brosz Mr. Campbell The Science Department does not es- cape the necessity of growth. Several new classes have been added to the cur- riculum. This year for the first time, a pre- tech physical science course was offered. There were two physics classes, two phy- sical science classes, and one P.S .S.C. physics class. This course gave more talented students a challenge because it was math-oriented. Another new course offered this year was Chem Study. These three classes studied chemistry in more detail than regular Chemistry classes . Plant and animal life was studied by the ten sophomore biology classes, and fourteen general science classes intro- duced Freshmen to our science depart- ment. Also offered this year was a vo- cational agriculture course divided into two sections- -basic and advanced . These classes introduced rural students to more efficient and modern farming methods. The Science Department now teaches a great part of the student body. Through these classes the doors are opened to better knowledge of plants, animals , gases, astronomy, soil, and many of the natural aspects around us. SCIENCE WDRLD PROBED AT AHS ws 99.99070 pure! Well, it was SUPPOSED to work. Which is lighter, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? Now, where did it go? 31 f f' e I S 3, ., H at A Mr. Derthick Mr. Beck Mr. Breckenridge Mr Doubek Mr Haugerud SOCIAL Qrumss EMPLDYQ MODERN AIDS The Social Studies Departmentis striving to make its program non-repetitious and more comprehensible. New plans include a required social studies course of Occupational-Vocational Social Studies or World Geography and twentieth century World Affairs for tenth grade students. U .S. History for eleventh grade students is gradually being remodeled to review the consti- tutional debates, modern day problems which are a result of the reconstruction period after the civil war, the economic era of the late nineteenth century, and the place of America in modern affairs. History of our country before 1874 would be studied in junior high rather than eleventh grade. All new courses will enhance student oppor- tunities by using workshop and seminar ap- proaches as well as varying text books . 32 1' .sh sin fa-1 Eeny meeny miny mo . . . It's a map . . . Really. Ya 1 If I were a Stock broker I s A -.knew wily We11! You're half an hour late. ygw YWW in 'N- .K sul 5 il 'wif Concentration I didn't think it cost so much. tk A The 1965-66 school year saw a continu- ance of the Office and Distributive Co-op programs, Having been well established in their initial year, last year, and receiving sound support from the community, the second year's experience with these pro- grams showed new interests on the part of local business and industry people and in- creased opportunity for students in these departments to secure on -the -job training. A larger number of students were placed on jobs than previously, and new work stations were opened. Mr. Ehresman, co-ordinator of Office Co-op, and Mr. Coultes, co-or- dinator of Distributive Co-op, were able to extend the programs to assure future continuance . Added to on -the -job training, opened this year wasanew program, under the direction of Mr. Wilson, called Diversified Co-op. Inthisprogram, students training for main- tenance and repair jobs were placed on work stations in the school system. Their ex- perience this year will lead to similar oc- cupational placements next year in business and industry in the community. The increased enrollment in these pro- grams is evidence of growth of the Alpena School System. Shown on these pages are pictures of stu- dents on the job, in some cases with their employers. You're a quart and a half 1ow. ' f WHILE THEY LEARN Sorry about that, Chief. Good morning, I'11 be with you as soon as I finish this sentence. 'Q- r i ' i Wiwnlb . ,..,. W k 73 inf' E 5 E EER 5 1 Put that in file 13. N. , 4: Af ' W A ., elln 107: off of 51.29 ? INTENSIVE TRAINING Growth was evident in the curriculum of Alpena High School when for the first time in the 1965-66 year four Vocational Education programs were in- augurated. Fields of Welding, Engines, Machine Shop, and Electronics were opened to approximately 80 juniors, who received instruction and practical experience ina three-hour block of time. Experience showed that this type of intensive training provided students with greater skills and a greater body of information in trade areas. With a second year in similar training forthcoming, it is the expectation that young men will leave their positions in these programs much better prepared to take their place in entry jobs in industry and business. A further addition to education at Alpena High School this year was the creation of a special Pre- Technical program. Twenty-one boys were enrolled in classes of Pre -Tech English, Pre -Tech Science, Pre -Tech Math, and Pre -Tech Laboratory. The in- structors of these classes had been selected to re- ceive special training in these areas during the summer of 1965, and were charged with the re- sponsibility of synchronizing their units of study so as to provide lcarnings which related among the four segments of the program. Instructors chosen were Mr. Beland, Mr. Stenberg, Mr. Roeske, and Mr. Taylor. This also is a two -year program, and is expected to continue during the 1966-67 year. S-N4 XX You did that all yourself? A Tuesday Weld 36 Take that, 0071 GREATER SKILLS . . . QUALITY JOBS Oops! Better watch that. Next time I might lose a finger. Look at the blackboard, boys! I think I'm getting Mars! r I nf 'X a 4 I . 1 A , L K ki? A V sf , I, ,U , , 1 ,f A' 4' v . fy HU My IM: A M! ju ,fl 4,,V , Q XMI, I MQW L H VHK 6411 XJ WMA W 2 M 1' If A rf' ,trf ,fly LA svgiixx L QL fig: LW L X J., 4 -mxgx E T-'L 'E 'I' ? 2 .ul AJ 'if xi X lllxll Q56 X' in FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Student Council -is K 4, LEARNING OBTAINED FROM BOOKS AIDS gg oun MENTAL cnowm Ager, Mary Allen, Donna Anderson, Donald Anderson, James Arthur, Gene Arthur, Greg Atkinson, Charles Atkinson, Mary Atkinson, Robert Atkinson, Shirley Attwell, Steve Aube, Doris Austin, Fred Bahling, David Baker, Lenora ,E :. Barrow, Chris Bartz, James Baryo, Linda Bates, Jim Bays, Lynn Beaubien, Earl Beaubien, Patricia Bedford, Brenda Bedford, Sherry Bedford, Susan Beemer, Keith X Bennett, James. Benson, Gary Bigham, Jan Black, Keith Black, Tyrone Bloom, Sandra Bobolts, Elroy Bock, Ray Bodnar, Deanna Boucher, Wi lli am Boynton, Patricia Boynton, Rob Bradford, Kathy Brooker, Rebecca Brooks, Nancy Brousseau, Phillip Browski, Anthony Brun, Mike Buchler, Lawrence Buck, Kenneth Budnick, Robert Budnick, Susan Burnham, Gertrude Burns, Michael Burns, Norman Burns, Russell Burr, Robert Burrell, Diane Buszka, Greg Byers, William Cadarette , Pat Carpenter, Ronald Carr, Joanne Chabot, Gary Chapman, Steve Chojnacki, Ronald Christie, George Clark, Tom Clayton, Robert Clirnie, Kurt Cloft, Barbara Clute, Perry Clute, Terry Cobb, Tom Cohoon, Gary Cohoon, Jim Cole, Art Cole, Karen it i me., vu.: l x.. 5 I as fs-I .. fi 1 l 41 44.1. ' -1 qggi, i 3 , ...J r Y fi?-H.. T.. i A : Q? me u ., ' H , RQ' -a v 4 f M , if -1 2:35-'f t ' 1 Q 'Tw . K in in , - , M any -,, . r, i ., F A Y ,K :, 5 I zz' 1 M T .k w K , A. , Q VV,v if 7 . A C, f ' 7-I :H ' if . 3. 'S LL 6 DEVELOP A NEW TALENT AND N EXPAND YOUR RANGE OF INTERESTS. A A '--' , FEW jfs.. M ff iw 4 ,X . is 2213 nv ,L Q2 if W ml 5 I a is DEAT Q f mf A - .arf rrr aim Coleman, John Connon, Mike Cook, Beverly Corey, Joan Cousineau, Charles Couture, Ray Crow, Alan Damoth, Joan Datema, Jack Davis, Linda DeCaire, Nancy DeCaire, Lonnie DeKett, Guy Derry, Deborah Deyarmond, Carrie Diamond, Blair Dodd, Michael Dohn, Nancy Donajkowski, Lesley Donajkowski, Michelle Donaldson, Connie Dorr, Marlin Downie, Linda Doyle, Susan Dubey, Debbie Dubey, Lee Dubey, Richard Dubie, Kenneth Duby, Diane Duke, Howard Dulebohn, Dee Duncan, Earl Eaton, John Eckhart, Roberta Edmonds, Donna Egenriether, Allen Eland, Deborah Eller, Gary Elowsky, Gay Emke, Diane Erickson, Doug Ewing, Marie Ewing, Roy Fairchild, Carmen Filarski, Rosemary Fitzpatrick, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Tim Flood, Thomas Fortier, Annette Foster, Kim f-vi ff4Tf'H' , 'fs J J ' i'x3o'3hh.10 T ' g 7 ' f Ili' Q? , ., l x ,. . ni , I 1 A K-'ig -2:1 . . xt R Fournier, Candace Fox, Charles Fradette, Beverly Fralick, Deborah Freel, Rodney Freese, Judy Fulkerson, Karen Furbush, James Gabara, Beverly Gagnon, David Gagnon, Lily Gagnon, Michael Galbraith, Katheryn Gapske, Kathy Garant, David Garant, Robert Gates, Pamela Gauthier, Bonnie Gauthier, Cindy Gentry, Joseph Gerke, Earl Glazier, John Glennie, Sue Gohl, Diana .I 456 eva' 've 4- 11 g ., 2, X A , -... 1 ,:,,,.,..,., , ,..f, v -M, WK 'wk Gohlke, David Golder, David Goodrich, Thomas Grace, Elaine Gregory, Jane fxrzw 3 v I Gresham, Mary Grob, Roger Gruschke, Gerry Gunn, Winnie Guthrie, Donna :H-v fy Guy, Susan Habermehl, Karen Hagen, Karen Hall, Donna Hall, Sandra ,s xi x , -02 ,f ' ,ss These freshmen re- , O ' 9 aL x l 1 semble trees inthe spring ,f O , N , ' A L entering a new phase of Q 3 9 'IV 1 existence. Soon these 'f N O -, 'ff trees will yield their fruit ,I - , I V 5 of ideas toan ever-moving 1 'N I ,J I dynamic world. ls Q' I - 'Q' , :hx Halleck, Jan Hanner, Mona Hanson, William Hatch, Carol Hayes, Orville Hayka, Douglas Heimnick, Jean Helms, Larry Herron, Kathryn Herron, Margie Heussner, Terry Hibner, Karen Hilla, Karen Hiske, Allen Holsworth, Dawn 44 Hoppe, Kathryn Hoppe, Linda Hoppe, Paul Homak, Paul Hose, Cheryl Hovind, David Hoy, Kathy Irwin, Sue Isaacs, Patrick Jack, Diane Jahnke, Christel Jaskolski, Sally Johnston, Jerre Jones, Robert Jore, Glenn Josey, Jamie Jozwiak, Linda Jury, Sharon Kaczorowski, Valerie Kalisch, William Kamyszek, Patricia Kane, Douglas Kannowski, Alfred Kaszubowski, Ronald Kavanaugh, Edward be uw., My W N, A' jp wks w- 'nf 4? Keller, Felecia Kelley, Sally Kelley, Sherry Kelly, Judy Kelm, Connie Kensa, Lorraine King, Richard ? 9- .H-5 gr. .,- j sf A N5 Q lgoxx swrtifal Kinsel, Elaine Kirby, Kitty Kitter, Susan Klann, David Klein, Marian Klein, Sue Q i s Klemens, James Kline, Jerry Koch, Kevin , Kosloski, Richard ' 1 ,,, 7 . , J, Kotwicki, Lois Kowalski, Dale Kp :QI ' ' A, + ia- j f'?' . gi iw ff 45 Q eff 1' W X .L r -JL, , ,M gh M.. in . .. at V r T A K af it , . H. 3? M F5 Kowalski, David Kowalski, Diane Kowalsky, Kenneth Kraft, Ray Kraft, Roseann Krebs, Randy Krentz, Kenneth Krentz, Stanley Krueger, Larry Kubbe , Valerie Kwiatkowski, Bernard LaBell, Alfred LaBonte, Judy LaFave, Linda LaFeldt, Edmund WE CHALLENGE YOU GROW E . ., an yi 'M n or I 391' 4 wi ' I my A ef , or i '. ,Q xy f of ' A JL. - X we - it . 1. A 1 5 - .111 21 rwefxfsii M of ' ' ' ...W 1 i N, 9' ' X i- an ,Q A I I isffiawl ' Q 5: -,. glow- L- E145 . , ,.., ' 4-413 'i 4 'S -' z , . M Q fw.i,.., ., X, A ,251 I ., V . -'JL ' M I 3 2 A, ' qi if v x ,Q , ww E 1 R 0 -' .Q I -we + fy, I ' - I E' ' L 1 V M. 5' .1502 J , Q, ' Q' J, ' M:-ja 2 ' A Q3-. Q31 QX A 46 A LaFleche Bruce I.aFleur, Beverly LaGraff John Lahman, Kristi LaMay, Donna Lamy, David Lancaster, Karen Lancewicz, Linda Lane, Gene Larson, Julie Lasecki, Kenal Leavesley, Penny Leopard, Connie Leopard, Robert Leski, Jeffrey Lipski, Linda Liske, Sharon Losinski, Sandy Loughery, David Lozen, David Ludlow, Judy Ludlow, Ronald Ludwiczak, Darlene Ludwig, Sandra Luebke, Ted Lyons, Julie MacArthur, David MacLennan, Terry McDonald , Karen W in Q V in rv1aco0m1e11,James . 'in-'X fm' i McEachern, Lily McEwen, Nancy McEwen, William McGirr, George Mclntire, David -' McNeil, Mary Mack, Timothy Mainville, Paul Major, Claudia Manning, Janet Manning, Linda Manning, Richard Marchlewski, Bruce Marion, Alan Markowski, Robert Martin, Frank Martinsen, Katherine Martinson, Christopher Massey, Mark Mathison, Audrey Matzke, Terry Meddaugh, James Meden, William Meldrum, Sue Meske, Carol Millard, Patty Miller, Frederick Miller, Martha Milostan, Gary , M1 ,J I WW Z! . 2, L ,ff -. ----- :Jar-:ff l 1-2 F if a L1 f .Q Minton, Linda Minton, Roger Minton, Rose Mischley, Leonard Mischley, Linda Montie, Kathy Moore, Randy Morrison, Albert Morrison, Lee Morton, Grace Motley, Robert Moulds, David Moulds, Michael Mulholland, Colle ell ALI TIPS ON GROWING y FROM THE SENIOR W' Muszynski, Ted 1 7 SCHOOL JOURNAL 4 at ' Nave, Mike Nelson, Nick Nevins, Cathy Newhouse, Connie Newhouse, Daniel Niles, Nancy Noble, Nancy Norkowski, Sandra Northrup, Charles Nowak, Gerald 48 O'Brien, Kim Oles, Diana Oliver, Patricia Olsen, Debra Olson, Rick Orlowski, Allen Orlowski, William Page, Sharon Palmer, Patti Panknin, Ronald Parolari, Craig Peacock, Glen Pernie, Gerald Peters, Gary Peterson, Jerry Piantkowski, Rosemary Pilarski, Marcella Pilarski, Stanley Pinkel, Danny Piontkowski, Charles Piontkowski, Jerry Piper, Diane Plush, Robert Pokorzynski, Thomas Popp, Catherine Powell, Sandra Precord, Ann Prevost, Mary Prevost, Randy Prieur, Carrie Prieur, Pamela Raniszewski, Alvin Rasmussen, Mary Ratz, Allen Reagle, Bonnie Regan, Jane Reinholz, Randy Repke, Eugene Reynolds, David Reynolds, Karen Rhoads, Sandra Riker, Kathryn Riley, Grace Rings, John Robb, Dale Robbins, Jack Roberts, Paul Roeschke, Sandra Rogers, Gary 'Q' xv ,. - 0 'V s., 3 Q, ,W .X 1 a-swam . -5 ,KF f? I 1 in al, '5 .L,, ,i Rondeau, Thomas Ross, William Rouleau, Lorraine Roznowski, Nancy Roznowski, Tony Sabourin, Barbara Sabourin, Mary Santamour, Robert Santamour, Sandra Saretsky, Margaret Sauve, Ernest Schepke, Robert Scherry, Daniel Schmoldt, Arlene Schultz, Inez A teacher S rnost 1m portant victory IS getting a student to grow mentally independent . Schultz, Jerry Schultz, Kenneth Schultz, Mary Schwenke , Ann Scifres, Diane Scott, Patsy Scudder, Ronald Scull, Mary Seavers, Janice Segorski, Betty Seguin, Debra Serre, Judy Sharp, Deborah Sheldon, Bernadette Sheldon, Sheila Sheppler, Kathy Shields, Sharon Shiemke, Sharon Shultz, James Shupert, Karen Siegert, Dale Siegert, Stanley Siegert, Sue Skiba, Kirk Skiver, Cherri Smalley, Joseph Smith, Dinah Smith, Karen Smith, Lawrence Smith, Rebecca Smith, Robert Srnolinski, Kay Smolinski, Margaret Snyder, John Snyder, Sheila 14' Sobczak, Edward Soltysiak, David Sommerfeld, Warren Sommerfield, Barbara Sommerville, Gary Sorenson, Patricia Souva, Gerald Spencer, Richard Spragg, Michael Stack, Jeffrey Stark, Randy Steinke, Laurie Stemkowski, Roger Stevens, Adele Stevens, Gary Stevens, Kim Stevenson, John Straley, Melvin Stratton, Barbara Stump, Cathy Sylvester, Delilha Szala, Evelyn Szatkowski, Ann Szczukowski, Karanina l W M K 1 S ':-- 'D I sp-1' ' GV' Q 5 49' if ,v , ff 2. fl Szymanski, Mary Szymanski, Sally Talbot, Tim Tessmer, Sandra Thackston, Randy Thiern, Gary Thomson, William Throop, Joy Tiffany, Debra Timm, David Tobias, Dean Tolzdorf, Lee Tolzdorf, Roger Trapp, Shirley Q Troy, Theodore W L -.. ll fp 'N - ie fix 'L- A rn S A :XX V . . ,V . clasxsvlsnegbhlc? '- ,, Q , semester-- '5'f -' some fun! 4 X 3 ' , X A 5 2 J 1 1 , ,:.., , ,A 'VV vufgfx. I Q .H ,Q 3' ? I X Min CQ 52 . K Y L Tupper, Cheryl Turnbull, Douglas Valley, Diane VanSipe, Jerry VanSipe, William Wagoner, Margaret Wallace, Billie Ann Wallace, Robert Warren, Greg Watters, Mary Wegmeyer, Joan Weinkauf, Robert Weir, Kathy Weise, Barbara Welbaum, Charles Welch, Cody Wells, Brenda Welsh, Howard Werda, Gary Werda, Leonard Werda, Patricia Werth, David Werth, Elmer Werth, Jerry Werth, Susan White, Patty White, Victoria Wieschowski, Betty Wieschowski, Christine Wieschowski, Mary Wilds, Elaine Wilke, Elaine Williams, Bill Wintland, Ronald Wirgau, Linda Withun, Joel Woizeschke, Thomas Woloszyk, Carolyn Worm, Linda Worth, Larry Worthley, James Woytaszek, Loyd Wosniak, Patricia Wright, Carole Wright, Dianna Yarch, Thomas Zann, Zann, Zann, Zaska Bruce Susan Thomas , Arthur Zaske , Patricia Zielaskowski, Danny Zielaskowski, Jay Zielaskowski , Kitty Zielaskowski, Susan Zie linski, Xavier Zolnierek, Pam l 'lf 1 K fzs' i 'i X Q' 2 a in 4 if , ns. it fx fi, 9' ,f 4 w 11 W y S S if . 2' ,w e f 3 2 lg2E5,,igf 1 it x we gl e ,a f Q- - , if I 2 'iimxnptm We , 'B' M 44, S sit yl l li aim FRESHMEN NOT PICTU RED Cardinate, Patricia Derry, Rockford Eller, Jack Fay, Lawrence Freese, Jack I-Iadd, Charles Iller, Katherine Kowalsky, Roger Ludwig, Paul McHarg, Rory Montie, Connie Peterson, Karen Ratkowski, Marie Segorski, Judy Senchuk, Robert Smith, Don . X '-'KJ X X gi V09 X 'QSM X- CEM Q1 ' T DV XX? 1 X x C! A wk' Y I X I QL' I W pxj x ' w jX9' .PK35 X QM X IVY? , A TQ, .. J, In AX' V Avi Q A , M M X 'Nix wx NQXB5. KN A ,X C' X X W r W , X X -K, , Ny X 'Sf A UN h X 5395 my' QU .-xf SQ A - . . wifi KXEQQ ZX I Qifbf' X 'YXWHV 'Q ,p . XIX 5 f 15 tb liwf-'QI' I :VXI f ,S 5 N M X , I x 5 -:fx ' I:- -1:1 a::E' S21 '::: iz' ':: E I . wg n L , .Q FQ g un Hn Vx' vi.'.-1 !n.Jm1ln,7.., iaxln-15515 ,h1r,.' xg X X 62X 6 ' 'X f AX IOQQQ Q ,Q f ,. o ' s SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Student Council Tom Lappan Chuck Howlett Patricia Bray Linda Hansen Tom Allen Nikki Burkenbine ls... . D ,,-up Aasland, Glenda Adams, Susan Adamski, Henry Allen, Dennis Allen, Joseph Allen, Thomas Allen, William Anderson, Cynthia Atkinson, Thomas Bahrke , Linda Baker, Dennis Barton, Nancy Bartreau, Michael Bartz, David Basel, Mary l.llDY'o V 47 ' M S I Qi EE Whetre doqyve make fm I . Q M V 5 ' Q' reserva lons . smil e X- 35 3 af- X AX WX A 'Z Win iz'--L! 'A WIN 2 Q W L in I1 A xxlio 56 Beattie, Linda Beaubien, Paul Beaudoin, Sandra Behning, Lew Bellmore, Linda Berg, Karen Bertrand, Sharon Bingham, Jay Bittner, Brad Bittner, Janice Black, Kay Blemke, Donald Blevins, Ted Boboltz, Janice Boboltz, Randall Cantile, Doretta Carriveau, Lorraine Carriveau, Sherry Christensen, Tom Christopherson, Mary Ann Cole , Bill Coleman, Carol Collins, Thomas Connell, Kaye Cordes, Nelson Corey, Nancy Cornell, Karen Cosbitt, Paula Coulston, Diane Cousineau, Trudy Couture, Genevieve Crabtree, Phil Crame, Linda Cramer, Nancy Cramer, Paul Creguer, Christine Dahn, Gary Dailey, Wayne Davison, William Bodnar, Valarie Boyle, Mike Brandenburg, Paul Branigan, Angela Bray, Pat Brooker, Lynda Brousseau, Jim Brown, William Buczkowski, Linda Buczkowski, Marlene Bunting, Robert Burgett, Geraldine Burkenbine, Nikki Burnham, Roy Burns, Genevieve Busch, Barbara Buse, Craig Buse, Tim Bye, Steve Calcut, Jean ,L Y .av '5 Quia , lk fe, -ef ' 4 4- 2 A . N.. uf .f X ,L 1 it -x ' mulling f. L gl in X .iimxi i s I 1 :ins , . Q 'K i if f'l li 1 I a 'H i -' ,- - - ,x ii' .n ' J? - , ffm . y W, x--- - Q a .,.- C X sk' .. - 5 ff VV., 7 r -eg L 57 Y fair th Haj 5-f , fp.: 'YW-2' my ,,,,r 4, ,, A fl i e? f A fi 15: ,fr J In ,ni r . ,l,. S A 41 rf mr 5 . .. I Deedler, Ronald Dege, Donna Denmark, Joanne DeRosia, Clyde DeRosia, Judy DesRocher, Mike Didyk, Myron Dietz, Melvin DiMarzo, Tom Doan, Charles Domke, Rhea Domrase, Eldon Donald, Jac Donald, Tim Douglas, Earl . 1,13 Tl-ns IS THE YEAR OF C, 'fs 1 HQ' .... , 5 ,.,.w,..e:,., f rs Us as Q, - K, Q3 ., N., .uf QQ,-1. as at A BIOLOGICAL Fnusmmlous X , .7 -Q, 3 Q N ' li- , x J F fi 58 Douglas, Vicky Dove, Valerie Dubie, Mark Dubie, Onalee Duranceau, Denise Dziesinski, Ted Eagle, Shirley Howsky, Larry Emery, Susan Erkfitz, Martha Ewing, Marilyn Ferris, Janie Fleck, Linda Foster, Bob Franklin, Michael Qnl mug' 17 5 I Y 16-f Frantz, Linda Fraser, Judy Frederick, Jim Freel, Marcia Frey, Donald Fullmer, Leanne Cady, Roger Galbraith, Martina Gapczynski, Robert Garant, Dennis Gauthier, Beverly Gedeon, John Gerke, Gary Gerszewski, Linda Gokel, Ronda Goodrich, David Gouine, Louise Graichen, Margie Grambau, Fred Gray, John Green, Hugh Gries, Ronald Guthrie, Kenneth Hahn, Bruce Haken, Dale Hall, Diane Hall, Joelyn Hall, Sharon Halleck, Gay Hamill, Linda Hanner, Linda Hansen, Linda Hartnell, Tamara Hatch, Sue Heath, Tom Helms, Theo Hentkowski, Arlette Herbert, William Hibner, Jack Hibner, Tim Higgins, Howard Higgs, Jim Holsworth, Renee Houston, Cheryl fi W 'Q 1 Lf, i gh M X Y 1' w:,'v1ff' 134- -'fx 'C W . , 4- mf' 4 X F -nf' ' -K f 1 L.. A t fi' Q 1 31 . -1 si, fx -'X Q -- A n...f J - ' ' e A us 7 2 ! . ,,,, . 'fx' Q Zzllz R : Q Iwi, Li x 60 Howay, Dennis Howlett, Charles Huber, Dennis I-Iuggler, JoAnn Huggler, Linda Humiston, Dennis Jakubiak, Mary Jaskolski, Patricia Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Jeri Jones, Marcia Jones, Marilyn Jorgenson, Kerry Kabacinski, Allen SOCIAL GROWTH PRE PARES ONE TO ENTER A WORLD OF DIVERSE PEOPLES Kaczorowski, Debbie Kaiser, Jim Kaiser, Jeanette Kaiser, Ken Kasubowski, David Kelsey, Alan Kemp, Evelyn Kieliszewski, Linda Kierst, Karla. Kihn, Karen Kihn, Keith Kihn, Linda Kimball, Bill King, Karen Kinsel, Cheryl Kinsinger, Judy Kirchoff, Alfred Kitter, Terry Klein, Susan Kline, Marilyn Knechtel, Julie Kosloski, Robert Koss, Nancy Kowalski, William Kraft, Shari Kubbe , Karen Kurtz, Richard Kwiatkowski, Mary LaCross, Ronald Lahrnan, Vicki Lake, Nancy Lampel, David Lancewicz, Dorothy Lappan, Thomas Lazarowicz, Patricia neg.- Leathead, Kay Leavesley, Mike Leschinger, Larry LeTourneau, Linda Lewis, Gayle Liske , Barbara Liske, Karen Liske, Larry Liske, Linda Liske, Michael Lister, Josephine Longcore, Calvin Loomis, Phillip Ludlow, Jane Ludwig, Connie MacArthur, Kenneth MacArthur, Randall MacConne11, Kendall MacLeod, Steve MacMillan, Erma McCallister, Jean McCallum, Kathie McClure, Patricia McConnell, John .5 eg., PWR ' 61 mf . A. LG ' 1 r 9 .mu X . . , 'K 1 x l'm not old enough for drivers' training. How about a course in back-seat driving? ,wzwggp-gg fx fr Q ,ig 8 5 'fi i T f ,V McConnell, Kenneth McConnell, Sally McCranda1l, Connie McCready, Karen McEachern, Loretta McGinty, Alan McGinty, Joyce McKay, Gay McKay, Richard McKay, Richard E. McKay, Robert McKay, William B. McQuarrie, David Madden, Elizabeth Malette, Darlene N far? S - .y' 2 Manning, Debby Martell, Carol Martell, Sherry Martin, Phillip Marzean, Judy Mase, John Mason, Leonard Massey, David Mather, Rita Matzke, Danny Meggert, Donna Meske, Joe Metzke, Kathy Meyer, Robert Miller, Edward Miller, Judy Mills, Kelvin Minnick, Barbara Minton, Mitch Mischley, Gregory Montie , Gloria Mordus, John Mousse au, Gary Mousse au , Pam Munro, Linda Murphy , Carolyn Nave, Linda Nehring, James Newman, Dave Newton, Diane 41-i 'l1rf'eqj fu ik ,, Nicholson, Jacqueline Nickels, Tom Nolan, John O'Brien, Cory Oke, Martha O'Neal, Rosemary Osbeck, Lester Paad, Richard Patzer, Kenneth Petterson, Terry Plath, Joanne Plush, Larry Poll, Dorothea Pongones, Jim Precord, Kenneth Precord, Leonard Price, Richard Prittie, Richard Przeslawski, Gerald Pugh, Noel Rasmussen, Peter Reece , Dixie Reed, Bonnie Reinke, JoAnn Reiser, Glenda Rensberry, Duane Rensberry, Randy Rensberry, Robert Rhoads, Kenneth s.-M LK L 3 . . t of -c . A ,V n 5 A R rzgal .y y Nav. f , ,,.,., , cc ,ss ,L .1 H., - Sv.- f f 12 V .Sy 1 r V + 9' j K E 4, J , was y 1 rr Q Qsgk Q ri :QW sf Q P 4 ,rw N f a kj S 1 P 'lf Q f fp 9 , r 5 63 ' - im.-55 A gk. ,,., J a f W ,Q A X W? f r si vig f 1 'i ' L kwa' ' X 'fi 8 er V- M M lineart f' - N 'L 6 .N .- fr' J ' , , k 1 f , 'U' ! 'L , '. . ,' K ' .. . 1 T - I JN., i vm - - , . e 0. 'Mgr ' 5 -as ' it I - if A .AEh, ,,.,A A N a . A. ,.E , , 'cg-2 2 ff ,,,,i Q V' Vi, V Lu I s ,v::g?ii 'Y-I-., Q- 'W' f' ' 5 1.. A as f fits - tv k , gggglk 5,4 'lik s,, gg, .M W- wsfsesr 1 Take time from the long day's strife to absorb nature's growth--to appreciate the abundant beauty with which we are blessed, T rrrbb, rf f- E14 r .rw ,, Q- 9 4 y f to z T I J N, Q 'x .Fu-swf' :f,.., is 'as 'gi g ., . .f- 'r '35 4 MW, J if Riley, Mary Ritthaler, Carol Robarge, Kathy Robarge, Rita Robb, Tom Rochefort, Terrence Roeske, Pauline Rogers, Ellen Rocker, David Rosenthaler, Margaret Rouleau, Mark Rouleau, Peggy Rouleau, Theresa Rouleau, Tom Roznowski, Dan K . as -iw 1 5Qi Qu! Q15 ,QQ 64 Roznowski, Donna St. Clair, Susan Samp, Don Saretsky, Karen Saretsky, Susan Schad, Terry Schaffer, Carol Scheenks, Adam Scheidler, Ernie Scheller, Lewis Scheske, Linda Schiler, Joan Schiller, Herman Schmitz, Susan Schnell, Gary Schooks, Diane Schrader, Gary Schultz, Esther Schultz, Jean Schultz, Kathryn Schultz, Larry Schwartz, Carol Seabert, Pam Seeger, Donna Skaluba, Dennis Skiba, Bonnie Skowronek, Sandra Smalley, Patricia Smart, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Thomas Smolinski, Lloyd Snyder, Tom Soik, Eunice Sommerfeld, Doug Sommerfeld, Gerald Sommerfeld, Shari Souva, David Spencer, Robert Spens, Tom Spigelmyre, Howard Standen, Julie Standen, Linda Stark, Gary Stevens, Terry Stump, Walter Sumerix, Diane Szatkowski, Karen Szczerowski, Eddie Szymanski, Richard Taber, John Tessmer, Robert Thiem, Cynthia Thom, Pamela Sandra James Jerry Joanne Monte Richard Sharon 8 H .lx:,5 ,rf l , p 2 My ie , r ,. -f', '!,f , 111, -' iii? 5 it is an f ' 24 Fil- 51-v s i A , 5 I - If 4 -if in N .eg 3 1 Q N4 Z? A ' GQ 3 t 'i j Zg- 3 i l 1 ' J 2, , A: , .'f 66 Thompson, Cathy Thompson, Jane Thompson, Linda Thompson, Mark Thompson, Shellie Thomson, Susan Timm, Irvin Timm, Jeanette Timm, ROSS Timmreck, Gary Timmreck, James Titus, Ann Tolan, Linda Tolin, John Tosch, Ann llll'- So this is high school Trapp, Donald Tucker, Michael Tylenda, Mary Ulch, Darrell Valley, Carol VanDusen, Anna VanWagoner, Randy Vanwagoner, Robert Wagner, Cheryl Wagner, James Wallace, Jeanne Wallace, Sue Warn, Bonnie Wedge, Bill Wegner, Mary 'Y' Weise, Larry Wells, George Wenzel, Bruce Werda, Gabriel Werth, Randy Werth, Yvonne Wexel, Lee Whaley, David Wilds, Celia Wilke, Robert Wilson, Dan Winterstein, Stanley Wirgau, Sue Wodkowski, Dennis Wojtkowiak, Alice Wolford, Denise Woodruff, Joyce Wooll, Richard Yedinak, Donna Young, Ronald Zander, Carolyn Zanter, Kathy Zarske, Ronald Zawecki, Sue Zbytowski, Carolyn Zbytowski, Thomas Zbytowski, Bill Zdan, David Zelazney, Kathleen Zerbst, Marguerite Ziesman, Sandra Zolnierek, Gail Banas, James Brady, Rick Brilinski, George Brousseau, David Burnham, Gerald Canavan, Barbara Cardinate, Robert Cramer, Patrick Domke , Arnold Donaldson, Rick Dorr, Gary Downie, Richard Garfield, Terry 4 . qw if , SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURE D Gilbert, Jim Grubb, Donald Kauffman, Merrill Kelly, Jack Kowalsky, Richard Liske, Gerald Loomis, Eloise McDonald, Sandra Marchlewski, Jim Montroy, Marc Nehring, Richard Pinkel, William 67 Precord, Sue Rodriguez, Dewe Seguin, Paul Sharp, Mike Siegert, Daniel Silver, Carl Smith, Brian Srodes, Pete White, Terry Wilcox, Robbie Wirgau, Richard Zink, Roger Y i .- W Q W Q in JN 31 ,Q S? 4.3 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Vice -President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Student Council Tim Kent Mary Lou Roznowski janet Snyder Candy Chipman Geoff Koglin Dorothy Minton Q3 i a i ,Q - v There'snorush, Mom. joe had to set his hair after school. Aasland, Carol Adamski, Mary Allen, Barbara Amlotte, Dave Amlotte, William Anderson, Gerald Anderson, Gloria Atkinson, Tom Aube, Kathy Aube, Patricia Aube, Paul Ayers, Gayle Bahling, Fred Baker, David Baker, Karen CHANGE IS INHERENT IN EACH UNIQUE STAGE OF GROWTH 70 Baker, lois Barton, Daryl Bartz, Gilbert Bartz, Grace Bartz, Kathleen Bastow, Susan Baughman, Linda Bays, Patrick Beaulieu, Janine Beauregard, Ernest Bedford, Richard Bedford, Starla Bellmore, Carol Bendig, Mary Bennett, William Bey, Gary Bisanz, Lyle Borchert, Rainer Boucher, Barbara Bowes, James Bowes, Thomas Boynton, Carol Bradford, Bruce Brady, Sheryl Brainerd, Elizabeth Braman, Lester Bray, Richard Brothers, Joe Brousseau, Barbara Brousseau, Gladys Buck, Gary Buck, Steve Budnick, Damien Bunch, Gail Burns, Don Bushey, Harold Cadarette, Linda Canavan, Robert Carpenter, Phyllis Carr, William Casler, Dan Casler, James Chandler, James Chapman, Philip Chipman, Candy Christou, Robert Clark, Connie Cloft, Jean Cole, Vicki Courtney, Russ Courtright, Brenda Couture, Arthur Couture, Camillia Couture, Suzanne Cramer, Patricia Cripps, Francis Crowell, Loretta Dahn, Janet Dailey, Kathleen g k .I ,gif 3. AY GH' an 'WR' , 73-55, 4.5, -fr , g L gf? Q V. .gf I 'v 'la e I A uf! .. r if A fx -- an fi ? X m -n 1 A ,A - Darnton, Mike Datema, Mary Jo Dault, Steve Davison, John DeCaire, Donna DeCaire, Helen DeCaire, Kathryn Derry, Nancy DesRocher, David Dewey, Karl Deyarmond, Peggy Dietz, Douglas Donajkowski, Laurie Dove, Arlen Dowling, Patrick 1', -:.,.- P Zfxxfvx 9 mn v r Z ei , if. . an so ,M el - lf Icould onlyfind someone it'd fit! 72 Dubie, Karen Dubie, Ronald Duby, Karen Dunbar, Wendy Dunstan, Aurora Dziesinski, Connie Dzlesinski, Marlene Dziesinski, Stanley Eagle, Gerard Eagling, David Eckhart, Neal Edmonds, James Eggan, Andrew Elliott, Phillip Evans, James Green, Susan Greer, Donna Greer, Robert Gregory, William Gresham, Stan Grzeskowiak, Albert Guy, Cathie Guy, Gloria Hadd, Donald I-Iampsher, Richard Hanner, Phyllis Harbson, Alan Hart, Sarah Haupt, Ruth Hayes, Sue Heath, Ned Heath, Sue Helms, Janis Henderson, Bill Hennessey, Jim Herron, Nelson Herron, Paul Hill, Thomas Himes, Duane Ewing, Larry Flewelling, Susan Fortier, Nancy Fortier, Sandy Fournier, Kathie Fralick, Mickey Funk, Douglas Fussey, Gene Gagne, Cindy Gee, Charles Gehl, Mary Gibbons, Ann Gilbert, Carolyn Glawe, Harly Goeke, Ken Goes, Geri Golder, Diane Goodrich, Rhoda Gougeon, Darryl Granum, Greg 410 X Hoppe, Rosemary Hoppe, Vicki Howay, Michael Howell, Janess Howlett, James Huber, Lawrence Huggler, Mike Huggler, Susan Hutchison, Dennis Irwin, William Isaacs, Cathy Isaacs, Stanley Jakubiak, Larry Johnson, Lynne Jones, Carole Q 4 yn K I should take this to chem- 9, istry. It looks like a new type g . r of msric. Y S ',., P If Q Z 5, 0 'W Jones, Wayne Jury, Linda Kaiser, David Kaiser, Gail Kane, Robert Kavanaugh, Mike Kearly, Stephen Kemp, Ronald Kendziorski, Jane Kendziorski, Leonard Kent, Timothy Kindt, Tom Kirby, Patricia Klemens, Margaret Koglin, Geoffrey Konecki, Frank Konecki, Marsha Kotwicki, Phil Kowalski, Karen Kowalski, Ron Kowalski, Tom Kramer, Bill Krueger, Sandra Kuchnicki, Steve Kunath, John LaCross, Judy LaFleche, Georgene LaGraff, Merrie Lahman, Paul LaLonde, George LaMay, David Lambert, JoE1len Lancaster, Patricia Lankheet, William Lancour, Gerald Lasecki, Don LaVigne, DeLynn Lawrence, Jean Leschinger, Connie Lewis, Don Linebaugh, Ralph Liske, Dennis Liske, Torn Losinski, Chester Lough, John Lucas, Gerald Ludlow, Jerry Ludlow, Kathleen Ludwig, James Lurnsden, Bonnie Lumsden, Harold MacArthur, Terry McCallum , Cynthia McConnell, Diane McConnell, Dixie McCready, Carl McDonald, Dennis McDonald , Gwendolyn McDonnell, Jackie W J . x n Km, , if Jia v W if J X Y H M via 5 l Q L ily 2 McDonnell, Kathy McEachern, Janice McEwen, Ernie McEwen, Fred McEwen, Lyle McLarty, Sue Mainville, Marie Malinowski, Dorothy Malmstrom, Norm Manning, Mike Marchlewski, Joe Markowski, David Marquardt, Gaye Merritt, Ron Miller, Carolyn TALENT DEVELOP9 FROM A SEED OF AMBITION Miller, Sherry Mills, John Minton, Betty Minton, Dorothy Montie, Floyd Moras, Kathleen Morasky, Bernard Morrison, Katherine Mousseau, Dale Mousseau, Paulette Mulvena., Mark Munro, Carol Murphy, Robert Naylor, William Nelson, Peggy Powell, Susan Pugh, 'fem' Radke, Carolyn Rasmussen, Marsha Reynolds, Norine Riker, Mary Riley, Frank Ristau, Geraldine Risteau, David Ritthaler, Dennis Robb, Sharon Robinette, Audrey Rondeau, Beverly Rondeau, Gerald Rouleau, Frank Rousseau, Randy Roznowski, Barbara Roznowski, Dixie Roznowski, Mary Lou Roznowski, Mary Lou R. Samp, Dolores Sanderson, Richard Sauls, Carl Sauve, Darlene Neumann, Larry Neumann, Maxine Neumann, Richard Newhouse, David Niedbala, Janet Noble, Wanda Nokland, Mary Oliver, Greg Oliver, John Olsen, Jerry Olsen, Paula O'Nea1, Dennis Osbeck, Rodney Paad, David Pahlkotter, Wendell Panknin, Dana Panknin, David Parkham, Diane Pernie, Albert Peterson, David ,k,,,..,., , . , A ,af K fa, -:E , ' I Q.. ia fi' r - Q - riv V ,rf Hz, QQ, l. if 6 ,AQ A A wx im ll fx A ii Yup an , 2 H x Us i , dir it Fi lx my r- 1 4 , Q X We' A MIND'9 GROWTH CAN BE HASTENED BY THE WILL TO APPLY ONE'S SELF Scheenks, Carl Schepke, Barbara Schultz, Allyn Schultz, Arlyn Schultz, Bonnie Schultz, Sally Schultz, Sandra Schultz, Sha.ron Schwenke , Daniel Scott, Edward Scott, Ranae Scott, Robert Scott, William Seabrook, Dave Segorski, Ann an-,,,.l-v' L Szcr ' ri' W A D1 . g. -,,f W ,,,. .-y,.- . I LV. 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Un Qs! KNOWLEDGE ACCUMULATION I9 A PERPETUAL FORM OF GROWTH L 80 Waldera, Kay Wegmeyer, Connie Wegmeyer, Kenneth Weinkauf, Walter Weir, Bonnie Weise, Connie Weiss, Bonnie Werth, Jean Westenbarger, Bob White, Larry Whitney, Jean Wilds, Kenneth Wilds, Verna Williams, Carol Willings, Barbara Winter, Linda Wiser, Phillip Wong, Sandi Worth, Joan Woytaszek, Linda Wright, Pagl Wysocki, Patti York, Alice Young, Robert Yuchasz, Rhonda Zann, Mike Zielaskowski, Linda Zielaskowski, Philip Zielaskowski, Sara Jane Zielaskowski, Sharon Zi e li nski , Randy Zolnierek, Linda Aikens, Stephen Antkowiak, Stanley Barrow, Paul Bartlett, James Bennett, Mike Benson, Robert Deadman, Sylvia Deyarmond, William Diemond, Glenn Edblad, Clark Ewing, Darlene Fay, Sam Frank, Barbara Furbush, Kathy Gagnon, Steve Gamage, Ruth Grzenkowicz, Don Hall, Chuck iz f vii? I L JUN IORS NOT PICTURED I-Ieussner, William I-lollenback, Carl Jenkins, Richard Johnson, Rose Kemnitz, Glenn Kendziorski, Dale Kensa, Bob Kitter, Robert Koontz, Nita Kowalski, Joe Draft, Dave LeFleur, Steven Lijewski, Lind Liske, Lorraine Lozen, Leon McMahon, Mary Matzke , Marcia Meden, Linda Mousseau, Alan Oliver, Susan Pahlkotter, Robert Peterson, Sue Przeslawski, Karen Reynolds, Robert Robbins, Barbara Samp, John Scheski, Ronald Smith, James Smith, Richard Stoinski, Maryann Suszek, Mike Szczerowski, Ben White, Francis Wikarzasz, Mike Zaske, Raymond Zielinski, Philip Hall, Patti Meredith, Mike Zier, William Hanson, Lynda Morris, Sydney Zitlau, Kenneth Q is 2 Til X 1 2 Rxq 126 lv F R X 4 7-UNK + O. fi U3 N , 1 S ' A Xl x b , -11 , X Q .illll - E gwa ,A Q If M gg, Ili. 0 , I - 6 Ai' ag NT! ll fl! 2 wi 5' xx Z 'af 7 e , T i f 1' 2 2,5-Qyifsfirvlx? 2 ff ' lr Algebra would be a lot more popular if So here's that hook I lost three months they d find a quick formula for homework. ago. V x I , 2. G 1 1 X l My w ygwgx wif wgw YW M 5 QVM . M9 3 Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President joe Smith Vice President David Bannan Secretary Vicki Bullen Treasurer Edith Zielaskowski Student Council Joan Damoth Student Council Diane Yedinak , 4J Georgia Alever Transfer student 4g Hall monitor 4, Phil Allen Football 1,25 Int. wrestling 1 2 3 45 ' ' ' Karen Alstrom Track 1,23 ski Club 1,2,3,4g swimming 2, Swimming 1,2: Ffe?Ch,C1E1b 1,22 Mixed chorus 2,3,4g Pfolectlomst 1,2- Office Methods 2,45 Bowling 2g Jam es Anderson Int. Wrestling lg Wrestling 2. J Jerry Anderson Gym Ass. 3,4g Foot- ball lg Baseball 1. Karen Anderson Glee Club 2,33 A Cappella 4, Masquers 45 G.A.A. 1,2, French Club 1,25 Bible Club 2g ANAMAKEE 4, Forensics 3, Sec. 84 Robert Amlotte Football mgr. 1, Basketball mgr., J.V. 2, Varsity 3,45 Track 3,4g Baseball mgr., 24 Int. football 4, lnt. track l,2g Projectionist 1,2,3g Jr. Prom comm. 3, Hi-Y 4, Latin Club I,II, 1,2, Conservation Club 4, Varsity Club 2,3,4. Cherryl Anderson Mixed Chorus 15 Glee Club 2,33 A Cappella 45 N.H.s. 2,3,4, G.A.A 1,2, Treas.g Latin Club I,Il, 1,2g Ski Club 3,45 Great Books Club 4, Pep Club 3. Alfred Armstrong Wrestling 25 French Club 2,3, Hall Monitor 3. Edward Arthur Future Farmers 1,2 Billie Atkinson Pep Club 2,43 Spanish Club 23 Ski Club 1,23 Library Cadet 23 Office Methods 33 Hall Monitor 2,33 ANAMAKEE 3,43 Future Nurses 33 S.L.A.A.M. 23 CO-OP 43 Bowling club 2, Vice President3 Football Home- coming Queen 4. Carol Avery Bri an Baker Wrestling 13 Cafeteria Aid 1,23 National Honor Society 1,23 French Club 1,23 Joel Barlow Tennis 2,3,4s Basket- ball 1,23 Varsity Band 2,3,43 Projectionist 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 233,43 A.P,P, in English 43 Varsity Club 43 French Club 1,2,3,43 Thom as Barron Flying Club 2,43 Debate 33 Golf 3. Janis Bartlett 85 David Bannan Basketball li Jr. Class Play 33 Ski Club 3,43 Sr. Class Play 43 Tennis 3,43 Hall Monitor 43 Sr. Class Vice Pres.3 CO-OP Club 4. Susan Barber Bible Club 43 Mixed Chorus 23 Office Methods 4. Mary Bastow Library Cadet 2,33 Hall Monitor 43 National Honor Society 3,43 A.P.P, in English 43 Jr-Sr. Prom 33 Basketball Homecoming Com- mittee 33 Pep club 2,3,43 S.L.A.A.M. 2,3,43 Spanish club 23 Speech club 23 Football Homecoming Committee 43 Susan Bates Mixed Chorus 23 Glee Club 3. ,. N 1 1 Y . .E Sandra Bamngart W i , No need to rush, 1 1 Mom--my date had 1 to set his hair after school. fffllllf I ,Q ,ggf 1 If i i i 1 Terry Beatty Football 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 1,2,3,4g R d B h Track 1,23 Varsity an Y eauc amp Club 314- Baseball 2, Football Homecoming Comm. 2. Swimming 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus lg A Cappella 2,3,4g Latin Club 1, II 1 Int. Swimming 33 Hall Monitor 4. Ann Benjey Hall Monitor lg Co-op Club 43 Jr.-Sr Prom Comm. 3g Larry Beitler V. Band 3,45 Int. Mike Belanger Co-op Club 4g Office Methods 4. Sandra Blohm Pep Club 2,3,4, V. Pres. 33 French Club 1,25 Office Methods 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 2,33 Mixed Chorus 1. Diana Bittner Wrestling 1,2,3,4. Charles Black Jane A . Bloom Cheerleading 25 Mixed Chorus 15 A Cappella 2,3,45 Office Methods 2,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Masquers 35 Pep Club 2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Speech Club 2, ski Club 2,45 Forensics 2,35 Sr. Class Play 4. Mixed Chorus 25 Twirler 4. Linda Bourdage Margaret Bloom French Club 1,25 Greggites 45 Co-op Club 4. Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Co-Capt. 45 Golf Charles Bloomfield Kristine Boboltz N.H.S. 2,3,45 Spanish Club l,2,3, Sec. 35 Future Teachers 35 Conservation Club 35 ANAMAKEE 45 Hall Monitor 3,45 Pep Club 4. 1,2,3,4. Future Farmers 1. Richard Boynton Marvin Brown Projectionist 15 Spanish Club 2. Edward Brilinski Michael Boboltz Hall Monitor 35 Cafeteria Aid 3,45 Int. Wrestling 15 Wrestling 25 Latin Club I 2. Sat A.M.--Boy, the dance last night was a blast! pus Mkt V14 .alllj W, l 1 fx 417 Latin 1 1, Latin 1 Vickie Bullen Library Cadet 4, Transfer student 2, Student Council 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 A.P.P. in English 4, Class Sec. 4, Jr. Prom Committee 3, Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee 35 Football Home- Gordon Burns Baseball 1 2 4- 77! Future Farmers Treas. 2,43 Roger Burr Future Farmers l,4g CO-OP 4. coming Assembly 4, Latin Il. 2, Pep Club 2,3,4g S.L.A.A.M. 4, Spanish Club 3,43 Ski Club 4, ANAMAKEE 3,43 Jr. Class Play 3, Intramural, Basket- ball 3,45 Eugene Cadarette Intramural Wrestling lg CO-OP Club 4, Henry Cad arette Karen Cadarette G.A.A. 25 Pep Club 4g Art Club 4. 88 , w i N Mike Bushey National Honor Society 2,3,4g Swimming 2,3,4g Phil Buvia Swimming Intra- murals lg Spanis Club 2. Judy Cantile 1, Co-OP 4. 125 Mixed Chorus 2, Pep Club 23 Library Cadet 2,45 S.L.A.A.M. Club 45 ANAMAKEF 4. Duane Cardwell Football 1,25 Hall Monitor 3,45 Jr. Janitor 1,2,3g National Honor Society 2,3,4, A.P.P. in English 4, Latin l 8:11 l,2g Conservation club 2,3, Senior Play 4. Steve Carpenter Football 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4. Douglas Clute Hall monitor 3g Projectionists 1 ,2g Int. Wrestling 1. Karen Carr Mixed Chorus 15 Glee Club 2g Bowling 3, Sec. 33 Pool Assistant 23 Office Methods 3,45 Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Class Play 35 Student Council 45 Latin Club I,ll 1,2, Pres. 13 Int. Swimming 35 Int. Basketball 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3gN.I-l.S. 25 Football Home- coming Rep. 1. Candy Christopherson Latin I, Il l,2. Wayne Christopherson Gymnastics 1,23 Track 1,2,3glnt. Wrestling 1,23 Co- op Club 4. Donald Clute Projectionists 1,2,3. Wayne Coleman French Club 1,2,3,4g Conservation Club 2,3,4g Lab. Ass. 45 Track 2,3,4g Projectionist l,2,3,4. John Collins B9 David Connon Basketball 1 . Les Connon A Latin l, ll 1,23 Bowling 35 Hall Monitor 4g Jr. Prom Comm. 3. Douglas Cosbitt Kenneth Cook Football l,2,3g Track 1,2,3. P Office Methods 3,4. Latin Club I, Il, III, Football 1,2,3g 1,2,4. Tennis l,2,3,4g Swimming 3,4g Int. Eleanor Croze Wrestling l ,2g Int . Football l,2, Base- Michael C0331-1315 ball lg Bowling 1,2. Bonnie Couture Latin Club I, Il 1,2, Sec. 15 V. Band 2,3,4, Student Council 3,4, Sec. 3, Treas. 4g Future Nurses 1,2g N.H.S. 2,3,4g Teen Canteen 3,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.- Sr. Prom Comm. 39 Football Home- Mary Jo Cronk V. Band 1,2,3,4g c.A.A. 3. Track 1,23 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3g Ski Club 1,2,3,4g Basket- Kathryne Crowell ball 1,2. Jon Crow 1 90 coming Rep. 4. Janice Damoth Mixed Chorus 23 Girls' Glee Club 3,4 Mary DeRosia Dennis Diemond Robert Dodd Football 15 Gym- nastics 25 Bowling 2,3,4, Sec. 45 Track ' V. Band 3,4, Pres. 45 35 Projectionist 15 Stage Band 2,3,4. Int. Wrestling 25 David Diamond Spanish Club 2. Golf 25 Latin Club l, ll 2,35 Baseball 3,4. Mixed Chorus 25 Clee Club 35 A Cappella 45 Latin Club I 15 Future Nurses 15 Pep Club 2,4. Hall Monitor 45 Future Nurses 25 Office Methods 3. Phyllis Donnan Diana Donnan Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 French Club 3,45 Spanish Club l,2,3, V. Pres. 35 Ski Club 2,3,45 Conservation Club 35 Office Methods 45 Biol. Lab. Ass. 3. Cheryl Doutt Gene Domrose V. Band 4. Office Methods 3,45 91 Greggites 4. Barbara Dove Arland Donald Swimming 15 Forensics 25 Flying Club 35 Projectionist 3,45 Hall Monitor 35 Teen Canteen 45 Ski Club 2,3,4, Pres. 45 French Club 3. ski Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Hall Monitor 45 Pep Club 45 ANAMAKEE 4. Sylvia Dowling Sue Doyle Class treas. lg Class sec. 2g Football Rep. 3g Ski Club 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,4, Treas. 3, Pres, 45 Teen Canteen 2,35 Teen Traffic court 3, Jr. Prom comm. 33 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3, Football Homecoming comm. 3,45 WILD- CAT 3,4, pg. 2 ed. 3, Ed. 4, Spanish Club 1,23 Office methods 3,45 N.H,S. 1,2,3,45 Jr. Play 3g Hall monitor 3,4. Sharon Eagling Twirler 4, Projectionist 1,25 Caf. Aid 35 G.A.A. 1,2. , Connie Dubie Jerry Dubie Cafeteria aid 2,3. Mary Kay Ed gley Mixed Chorus lg Glee Club 2,33 A Cappella 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 G.A.A. l,2,3g Ski Club 3,4g Pool Ass. 2g ANAMAKEE 4. Robert Eller Latin Club l,lI 1,2g Hall monitor 4. 92 Linda Duncan Hall monitor 43 Latin I lg Greggittes 43 Office methods 4. Earlene Evans Glee Club 3,45 Latin Club l 45 Mixed Chorus 2, Caf. Aid 3. Harold Dunn Track 3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 French Club 3,43 Projectionist 3,45 Transfer Student 3. Susan Faber Swimming 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4g Int. Swimming 3,45 Office Methods 2,3,4g Hall Monitor 4, Pep Club 4, Spanish Club 1,25 Ski Club 1,2,3,4, Int. Basketball 3,4. Ronald Ferris Hall monitor 3. Donna Froberg Transfer Student 15 French Club 2,35 Teen Canteen 3,4, Treas. 35 Gymnastics 2,3,45 Gym Ass. 2,35 Teen Trafic Court 35 N.H.S. 2,3,45 Foot- ball Homecoming Rep. 25 Football Homecoming Comm. 3,45 Pep Club 2,35 WILDCAT 3,45 Int. Basketball 35 Speech Club 25 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3. Michael Firsch Wendy Froh Ski Club I,2,3,45 Masquers 2,3,45 V. Band 2,3,45 Library Cadet 2,45 Thespians 45 S.L.A.A.M. 2. Gary Fleishans S.L.A.A.M. 2,3,4, Historian 3, Regional President 45 Library Cadet 2,3,45 Bible Club 1. James Frey Cheryl Gennrich Spanish Club 1,25 ski Club 1,2,4, cym- nastics 253,45 Gym Ass. 35 Office methods 35 Hall monitor 25 Modern Dance 2,3. 93 Marlene G ersze wski G.A.A. 1,2535 Bowling 35 Office methods 4. Arlene Friedberg Spanish Club 1,25 Masquers 1,2,35 Speech Club 2, Sec. 25 N.H.S. 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4, Sec. 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 WILDCAT 3,45 Jr. Class Play 35 Hall Monitor 45 Kathleen Glennie Masquers 1,25 Class Sec. 15 Mixed Chorus 25 A Cappella 3,45 V. Pres. 45 N.H.S. 2,3,45 A.P.P. in English 45 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Latin Club I 35 French Club 1,2,3,45 Ski Club 2,3,45 Great Books Club 2,3,45 Pep Club 4. , M, Debbie Lou Golder Int. Basketball 33 Mixed Chorus 23 Projectionist ls Latin Club I, Il 1,2. A Cappella 43 Girls Glee Club 3g Mixed Chorus l,2. Beverly Grice I Barbara Goodall G.A.A. ls Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 33 French Club 1,23 Jr. Class Play 33 Hall Monitor 4. N.H.S. 43 French Club 33 Forensics 33 Jr. Class Play 3g Great Books Club 3,43 Debate 3,43 S.L.A.A.M. 4, Vice Pres. 43 A.P.P. in English 43 Student Council 43 Transfer Student 33 Library Cadet 43 A Cappella 3,4. Marcia Grimes Ken Goudy Office Methods 43 Glee Club 3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,23 G.A.A. ls French Club 1. Joanne Haken Linda Gould Mixed Chorus 13 A Cappella 2,35 Office Methods 3,43 Latin Club I, Il 1,2. Latin Club I, 3. Pep Club 2,33 Mixed Chorus z,3. Virginia Hankins Linda Goodrich Bowling l,2,3,43 Hall Monitor 33 Office Methods 43 Future Homemakers 1, Sec. 13 G.A.A. 1,33 Joyce Hanner Kathryn Hartman V. Band 2,3,4, Sec. 43 Bowling 3, Treas. 3g Office Methods 3,45 Student Council 2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3g Latin Club I, II 1,2, Pres. 19 Co-op Club 45 Greggites 4, Sec. 45 ANAMAKEE 3. Bob Hayka S andra Hartne ll Int. Basketball 3,45 Int. Baseball 3g V. Band 2,3,4, Treas. 3, Library Cadet 2,33 Hall Monitor 33 Stu- dent Council 3,4g Pep Club 2,35 ANAMAKEE 3,4, Sr. Section Ed. 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3g Swimming lg Teen Canteen 45 Orchestra 4, S.L.A.A.M. Club 2,3,4, Pres. 45 Spanish Club 1,2,3,4g Ski Club 4. Mary Hasse N.H.S. 23 Hall Monitor 33 Office Methods 45 Latin Clubl, 11,111 1,z,4. Joy Hasselbring Transfer Student 33 Spanish Club 3. Football 1 . Virginia Hedges Ron Heussner Tom Hepburn WW' :wil fa, 9 Sally Hatch Co-op Club 4, Hall Monitor 3. Wow, I hope it's a snow day--my home work isn't done! ge S-'M 4 ff' Dale Hibner Gymnastics lg Bas- ketball 23 Track 1,23 Hall Monitor 33 Latin Club I, II 1,2, Vice Pres. 2g Swimming 1. Terry I-libner Football 2 ,33 Wrestling 1,23 Int. Wrestling 33 Gym Ass. 33 Latin Club I,ll 1,2. Carol I-luiting Mixed Chorus lj Office Methods 43 Student Council 43 Latin Club l, ll, lll 1,2,43 Future Nurses 1,2,3,4g ANAMAKEE 3,4. Pamela Huntley Bible Club 2,33 A Cappella 3. 309 Paula Hui Latin Club 1,11 1,23 Pep Club 2,43 Hall Monitor 3,4. Mary Idalski Mixed Chorus 23 Projectionist 1 2 3 7 ! 7 Masquers 33 Future l-lomernakers 13 ANAMAKEE 4. 96 41 Carol Honsinger Mixed Chorus lg Ski Club 1,25 Spanish Club 13 French Club 2,33 ANAMAKEE 4, Advertising Ed. 43. Pep Club 2. Doug How ard Barbara Irish A Cappella 3,4. Ellen Irwin Mixed Chorus 1 Glee Club 2,35 A Cappella 43 ANAMAKEE 4. Constance Jackson Mixed Chorus 2. Sharon Jones G.A.A. l,2,3g Mixed Chorus 13 Glee Club 2,39 A Cappella 4, Office Methods 39 Bowling 15 Hall Monitor 2,33 Projectionist 1. Robin James is Trudy Jore Swimming 13 Mixed Chorus 23 Glee Club 3, Co-op 4. Wayne J askolski Football 1,23 Bowling l,2,3,4g Track 1. Richard Kaiser Future Farmers 4. 97 Joyce Johnson Swimming 1,23 Pep Club 2,3, Latin Club I 13 Co-op 49 Greggites, 4, Pres. 4. Julie Johnston Ski Club 1,2,3,4g Football Homecoming Comm. 3,43 Pep Club 4. Roberta Kannowski Dramatics 1,2,3,4, Treas. 3, Pres. 43 Office Methods 3g Art Club 2, Sec. 2, Thespian 3,49 French Club 1,23 Speech Club 2,35 Conservation Club 2,3,4g ANAMAKEE 3,4, Art Ed. 3, Business Ed. 45 Forensics 2,3, Treas. 3, Jr. Class Play 3g Sr. Class Play 45 Swimming 2. if Wayne Kaschner Gail Kauer French Club 1, C arole Kearly Mixed Chorus 15 Glee Club 2,3,45 Hall Monitor 45 Masquers 2,3,45 Thespians 45 G.A.A. 1,2,35 French Club 1,25 Jr. Class Play 35 Jr. Prom Comm. Bowling 3. Hall Monitor 45 Sharon Keen Transfer Stud ent 4. Forensics 25 Projectionist 1,25 Football l,2,3,45 Bible Club 2. George Kennedy Mixed Chorus 2,4. Hall Monitor5 Foot- Jeanette Kenne ball5 Int. Wrestling. Thomas Kelley K 98 Michael Kelley Hall Monitor 3. Varsity Band 2,3545 Office Methods 45 Hall Monitor 35 Teen Canteen 354, Treas. 4, N.H.s. 2,3,4, Jr. Treas. 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Foot- ball Homecoming Comm. 3,45 Latin Club I,lI5 Pep Club 2,3,45 ANAMAKEE 4, Org. Bd. 45 Masquers Play 3, Sr. Class Play 45 Student Coun- cil 4. Lynn Kesterke V 1 Patricia Kelley Office Methods 45 Hall Monitor 35 Greggites 45 Conservation Club 25 French Club 1,2. Mixed Chorus 15 A Cappella 2,3,45 Bowling 35 N.H.S. 2,3,45 A,P.P. in English 45 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Masquers 2,3,4, Sec. 45 Thespians 45 G.A,A. l,2,35 Pep Club 3,45 W French Club 1,2,3,45 Ski Club 45 Jr. Class Play 35 ANAMAKEE 1 4, sr. Class Play 4, 1 Int. Softball 3,45 Int. Basketball 2,3,45 Speech Club 25 Foot- 1 ball Homecoming Comm. 4. Bonnie Kihn Robert Kindt Swimming 1,2,33 Int. Swimming 33 French Club 2,33 Bowling 2,33 Gym Ass. 33 Sr. Class Play 43 Projectionist 2s Hall monitor 4. A Cappella 33 Co-Op Club 4. Je an Kirchoff fmma,: .,-J,,. Floyd King Football 1 ,23 William Kindt Wrestling l,3,4, Capt. Fred King 43 Track 13 Varsity Basketball ls Gym, Club 4. Golf 2,3,4. nastics 2,3,4, Co- , , Capt. 4? Swimming ls Gloria Kirchoff Int. wrestling 1,2, 3,4 3 Int. Football 43 Int. Swimming 3,43 Int. Track 23 Projectionist 1,2 ,3,43 Hall monitor 43 Varsity Club 3,43 French Club 2,3. Tennis 33 Great Books Club 43 Swimming 33 Cheerleading 23 Glee Club 2,33 A Cappella 43 Hall Monitor 43 N.H.S. 2, 3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Football Homecoming Comm. 3, 43 Pep Club 2,3,43 Basketball Home- coming Comm. 33 M asquers 2,3,43 Latin Club I, ll 1,23 Thespians 2,3,43 V French Club 2,3,43 Sr. Class Play 43 Chess Club 4. Daryl Kline Gymnastics 43 Future Farmers 132,33 Careteria Aid 33 Int. Wrestling 1,2. Gerald Kniffin Forensics 2,33 Speech Club 33 Art Club 4. A Cappella 43 Mixed Chorus 23 Girls Glee Club 3. 99 Mary Lou Kosloski lnt. Wrestling 4s Int Swimming 4. Ken Kowalski - -was Leonard Kowalsky Edward LaBe1l Int. Wrestling 1,2,3g Projectionist 1,2,3,4g Bowling 45 Football 2,35 Basketball 1,23 Track 1,2. Calvin Kraft X Ken Krajnik Football 1,2,3. Jane LaBonte Spanish Club 13 Mixed Chorus 25 Girls Glee Club 3g Greggittes Marilyn Lahman 4. Transfer 3. l00 Malcolm Krostue Spanish Club 25 WILDCAT 4g Forensics 2,3. Ronald Krueger Int. swimming 2 French Club 1. Sherie Lancaster Gymnastics 2. Linda Laney Randy Larson Hall Monitor 45 Stu- dent Council 45 Masquers 1,2,3,45 Thespians 45 Forensics 2,35 Senior Play 4. Judy Lazarowicz French Club 1,25 Gym Ass. 25 Pool Ass. 35 Office Methods 45 Pep Club 2,3,4g ANAMAKEE Staff 45 Speech Club 45 Ski Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Hall Monitor 4. Sharon Lenz Mixed Chorus 15 Glee Club 25 A Cappella 4. Gerald Leschinger Co-op Club 4. Ann LeBlanc Co-op Club 45 Greggites 4. Richard Le e Camera Club 1,2. Phyllis Leeseberg Speech Club 4. Pat Lewandowski Glee Club 35 N.H.S. 2,35 Future Home- makers 15 G.A.A. l,2,35 Greggites 45 Bowling 35 Mixed Chorus 25 Conservation Club 2. IOI Iris Liske Varsity Band 3,4. Linda Liske Off. Methods 4, Hall Monitor 25 Greggites 4. Barbara Loughery Office Methods 43 GYm assistant 4 Thomas Ludwiczak Int. Swimming l,2,33 N.H.S. 23 Spanish Club 23 Vice Pres. 23 Class Vice Pres. 2,33 Student Council 4, Vice Pres. 4g Varsity Club 3,45 A Cappella 4s Varsity Band 23 Tennis 1,2,3,4j Base- ball 1,2,3,4j Football l,2,3,4. Tim Lutes Louise Luebke Mixed Chorus 13 A Cappella 2,3,43 V. Pres. 33 Treas. 43 Varsity Band 43 Latin Club I,II,1,23 N.H.S. 2,3343 Student Coun- cil 3,45 Debate 1,23 A.P.P. in English 4. Int. Football 4. A Cappella 2,3,43 Mixed Chorus li Pep Mark I-vom Club 3,43 N.H.S. 2, Forensics 2. Mary Lee MacLennan Marilyn Leaym Glee Club 3. G.A.A. 1,23 Bowling League ls Hall Monitor Swimming 2. Mixed Chorus 23 Office Methods 33 Greggites 4. Kathleen McCourt Thomas Lumsd en Baseball 2,3,43 Bible Club 23 Future Farmers 1,2. Basketball 1,2,3,43 Tennis 2,33 Int. Wrestling 13 Track 13 Ski Club 3,4. Chris McCoy Jack McCoy Varsity Club 3,43 Tennis l,2,3,43 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4. Bible Club 4. Jane McEwen Dan McEwen Football 13 Jr. Mack McDonald Barbara McEwen J aniror 4: C0-OP Club 4. Football 13 Baseball Bowling l,2,3,4j 23 Track 33 Int. G.A.A. l. Wrestling 1s Hall Monitor 3,4. Mixed Chorus 2g Girls' Glee Club 33 A Cappella 43 Gym Ass. 2g Student Council 43 N.H,S. 2,3,4Q A.P.P. English 43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 33 Football Home- coming Comm. 3g Basketball Home- coming Comm. 3g G.A.A. 2,33 Latin Club I,II 1,23 Pep Club 4g Ski Club 43 ANAMAKEE 43 Int. Basketball 3,43 Int. Sharon Mcliachern Varsity Band 2,3,4. Mixed Chorus 23 Projectionist 2,33 Hall Monitor 33 Greggites 4. Marlene McQuarrie Baseball 3,4. Wrestling 2 ,33 Bowling Hall Monitor 3. Rhea McKay 33 Hall Monitor 43 R0b91'f McNeil French Club 1,23 Conservation Club 2. James McMillan , X 'iq Za W K..aV rw'Vn .1 I 3 ,iw K 'Uhr X7 X? sign It if I l 1' V 3 3 4 After the hours I've spent, you'd think the . I Margaret Malinowski Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Hall Monitor 4. Pat Manning Mixed Chorus 23 Glee Club 3g A Cappella 4. Judy Mart ell Future Nurses 2g Mixed Chorus 33 Glee Club 43 Future Nurses 2. Linda Martell results would be Mixed Chorus 3g Glee more satisfactory! Clarence Mauch Transfer Student 23 Jr. Class Presidentg Teen canteen 2,3343 Class Play 33 Latin Club II 23 Spanish Club 3,43 Thespians 33 Football Home- coming Comm. 3,43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. Jim Merce Bowling 23 Basketball 13 Golf l,2,3,43 Latin Club I 1. Dale Mercure Swimming 13 Mixed Chorus 33 V. Band as Stage Band 33 Masquers 3g Bowling 2s 104 Club 43 Future Nurses 2. Bob Me ske Basketball l,2,3,4Q Football 1,2,43 Tennis l,2,43 Varsity Club 3,43 Hall Monitor 43 V. Pres. of Class 1. Jan Michel Teen Canteen D. J. 4. Rf '7 Dorothy Mills Laurel Moore Lain Club I 2, Treas. 23 Pep Club 2, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Jr.- Sr. Prom Comm. 3g Hall Monitor 3, ANAMAKEE 4. ' - is Dixie Minke N.H.S. 29 Greggites 4, Treas. 4. Ken Minnick Basketball 1 . Doug Morgan Football 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 2,35 Swimming lg Track 1,2,3g Hall Monitor 4g Latin Club I, ll 1,2g Ski Club 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,4. Roger Morgan 105 Marjorie Minton Bowling 1,23 Art Club 2,33 Future Homemakers 13 Greggites 45 Co-op Club 4, Office Methods 4. Patty Morton Glee Club 3, A Cap- pella 4g Gymnastics lg Mixed Chorus 2, Office Methods 3,49 Hall Monitor 43 Jr. Class Play 3. Chanda Montroy Mixed Chorus 33 Office Methods 3. 'J'..-T Patricia Mousseau Gymnastics 1,2,3,4g Gym Ass. 2,43 Office Methods 45 Caf. Aid 1,2,3,4g Latin Club I, ll l,2, Pres. 29 Pep Club 1,25 Swimming 1 ,-l-1-- - .Y Sharon Mulholland Mixed Chorus 25 Glee Club 3. Latin Club I, ll 1,25 Future Nurses 25 G.A.A. l,2. Joan Nensewitz s ..... l.,.. Cul, . ..,M,,.. ,V Jesse Mulvena Latin Club l, ll 1 J am es Munro Future Farmers 1,29 Baseball 2,3,4g Int. Wrestling 1. Hall Monitor 43 Mixed Chorus 4. ,Zg Joyce Nowak N.l-l.S. 2,3,4g Int. Basketball 4. Gary Neumann 106 Joan Neff A Cappella 2,3,4, Accompanist 2,3,4g Student Council 4, N.H.S. 2,35 Masquers 1,2,3,4, Sec. 3, Treas. 43 Thespians 3,49 French Club 3,45 Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4, Sr. Class Play 4. Football 15 Basketball 15 Int. Football 4g Swimming 1,2,3,4g Co- op Club 4g Swimming Club 1,2,3,4g Ski Club 4, Student Council 4. Michael O'Brien Willard Nelson Bowling lg Hall Monitor 3. Cheryl Oliver 7 Judy Oliver N.H.S. 1,2,3g Bible Club lg Spanish Club l,2,3g Orchestra 3. David Olsen Golf 4g Swimming 15 Projectionist 2,3,4g Hall Monitor 4, Stu- dent Council 2,43 Football Homecoming Comm. 45 Art Club 2,35 Spanish Club lg Chess Club lg Conservation Club 2,3,4g Jr. Class Play 3g Sr. Class Play 4g J.E.T.S. Club 23 Int. Football 4. Football 1,23 Baseball Edward Olsen Football l,2,3,4g Swimming 3,43 Track l,2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,4g Swimming Club 3,45 Ski Club 3,4. Janet Patzer Future Nurses 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Glee Club 4. Kathy Paad 1,25 Bowling 4. James Panknin 107 Russell Olson Hall Monitor 45 Bas- ketball Homecoming Comm. 3g J.E.T.S. Club 2,3g Spanish Club 23 Conservation Club 3. Swimming 1,2,3,4g Int. Swimming lg Spanish Club 1,23 Co-op Club 4. Kenneth Paul 1? Thomas O'Neil Dennis Pilarski Marcia Pinsky N.H.S. 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, V. Pres. 45 WILDCAT 2,3,45 Jr. Class Play 35 Teen Traffic Court 35 Ski Club 2,35 Masquers 25 Foot- ball Homecoming Comm. 3,45 lnt. Basketball 3,45 Debate 25 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Basketball Home- coming Comm. 35 Speech Club 25 Hall Monitor 2. Bruce Precord Ron Piper Charles Polson French Club 1,25 ANAMAKEE 45 Hall Monitor 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. Phyllis Potvin Mixed Chorus 35 Glee Club 4. r fig 1, Gail Precord Swimming 2,3,4, Co-Capt. 45 Spanish Club 1,2, Sec. 15 N.H.S. 2,45 Speech Club 25 A.P.P. in English 45 Int. Swimming 3,45 lnt. Basketball 3,45 Pool Ass. 25 Office Methods 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Football Home- coming Comm. 3,45 Pep Club 2,45 WILD- CAT a,4, Page 1 Ed., 4. Darwin Prevo Gymnastics 25 Foot- ball 3. l0B f . Rosemary Pre vo Debbie Powell Art Club 2,3,4, Sec V. Pres. 2, Treas.- Pres. 35 G.A.A. 152,35 Spanish Club 1,25 Conservation Club 2,3,45 ANAMAKEE 2,3,45 Hall Monitor 45 Stu dent Council 4. Cynthia Price Pep Club Z5 Mixed Chorus 2,3. Mary L, Przykucki G.A.A. l,2,3, Latin l,Il 1,25 Bowling lg Future Nurses 2,43 Mixed Chorus 25 Pep Club 2,3,4, Glee Club 3,4. Patricia Reiser Art Club 25 Co-op Club 4. Susan Pugh Marie Reiger G.A.A. lg Art Mixed Chorus 15 2,3- Thomas Ratz Glee Club 25 A Cap- Ann Reitz Mixed Chorus lg Glee Club 25 Student Council 2,35 N.H.S. 2,3,4, A.P,P. in English 4, Masquers 25 Latin Club I,II 2,3, Sec. 3, Pep Club 2,3,4g Spanish Club 1,2,3g ski Club 2,3. Int. Wrestling 15 Co-op Club 4. Sue Reynolds Pep Club 2, Ski Club l,2, Latin Club I, II 2,3, Pres. 1, Sec. 2, ANAMAKEE 3,4, Org. Ed. 3g Mixed Chorus 2, Glee Club 3,43 A Cappella 4, Office Methods 4, Speech Club 2g Forensics 25 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. 109 pella 3,4, Sec. 4. John Riede Football l,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4, Golf lg Gymnastics lg Jr. Class Play 3, Wrestling l,2,3,4g Int. Wrestling 1,2,35 Varsity Club 2,3,4, Treas. 43 Football Homecoming Comm. 4, Coin Club 2,39 Forensics l,2,3g Sr. Class Play 4, Hall Monitor 3, Int. Track 1,2. Rudy Reinholz Linda Riley Mixed Chorus 1, A Cappella l,2,3,4, Varsity Band 2,3,4, Office Methods 4g Bible Club 1,2,3,4, V. Pres. 49 Camera Club 13 Stage Band 2 Gary Ristau Baseball 2,3,45 Caf. Aid 45 Track 35 Bowling 25 Int. Track 1. Marvin Robere Betty Ritthaler Mixed Chorus 25 A Cappella 3. Swimming 1,2,35 Glee Club 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 French Club 1,25 Co-op Club 45 ANAMAKH2 3,45 Football Home- coming Comm. 3,45 Pep Club 2,35 A Cap- pella 4. Ann Roberts Beverly Robb V. Band 3,45 Bible Club 2,3. Football 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Treas. 3 . Doug Rond eau Terry Robb Football 1,2,35 Swimming 1,25 Future Farmers 25 Hall Monitor 35 Gym Ass. 4. Glee Club 3,45 Hall Monitor 3,45 Pep Club 2,35 Mixed Chorus 25 French Club 1. Peggy Rosbeck Nancy Robbins V. Band 4. Spanish Club 15 Bas- ketball 1,2,35 Swim ming 3,45 Gym- nastics 1,25 V. Band 25 Golf 1,25 Int. Football 45 Int. Swimming 15 Int. Track 35 Jr. Prom Comm. 3. Mark Ross Int. Wrestling 2,3,45 Marcia Roznowski N Michael Roznowski Track 1,2333 J.E.T.S. Club 23 Latin I, II 233, Program Ch. 2, V, Pres. 33 Forensics 23 Co-op 43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3. Co-op Club 4. Greg- gites 43 Jr. Class 3 Play 3g ANAMAKEE 33 Pep Club 2. Greggites 43 Ka,-en Scheer, A Cappella 4g French Club 1,23 Glee Club 3g Mixed Chorus 2. Linda Schepke N 1 1 Ronald Roznowski Baseball 13 Bowling 2. Int. Basketball 33 Latin Club I,II 1,23 G.A.A. 132,33 Office Methods 43 Gym Ass. 23 Bowling 33 Mixed Chorus 2. Dorothy Scheske Mary Runkel Mixed Chorus 23 N.H.S. 2,3343 Sec. 33 A.P,P. in English 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Football Home- coming Comm. 3,43 Basketball Home- coming Comm. 33 Int Basketball 33 Latin Club I,lI 1,25 Pep Club 3,43 Ski Club 233343 ANAMAKEE 23 Great Books Club 2,3343 French Club 2,3. Greggites 4g Co-op Club 43 Glee Club 3g Mixed Chorus 2g Latin I, 1. Diane Schiellerd in Neil S aretsky Football 33 Basket- ball l,Z,3,43 Tennis 13233343 A Cappella 23334, Pres. 43 Student Council 3343 Pres. 43 N.H.S. 23 Class Pres. 23 Football Home- coming Comm. 3343 Chairman 43 I-li-Y 3343 Varsity Club 3,4. Football 13233343 Basketball 1,233,43 Track 23 Gym Ass. 33 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Spanish Club 23 Co-op Club 43 Var- sity Club 3,43 lnt. Track 33 Student Council 4. Rob ert S chulke Tom Schultz Carol Sharp Latin Club I,lI 253. Steve Scudder Football 1,2535 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Base ball 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 2. Grace Sharp Sync. Swimming 2,3,45 Pool Ass. 2,35 Speech Club 25 Spanish Club 1,2, Treas.5 Ski Club 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 ' WILDCAT 3,45 Sr. Class Play 45 Int. Swimming 3,45 Int. Basketball 3,45 Stu- dent Council 4. Dorothy Seelye Latin Club l,Il, V. Pres. 1, Pres. 25 Future Teachers 1 54. Linda Se gorski Bowling 1,2,3. William Senchuk Int. Wrestling 1,25 Int. Track 15 Football 15 Gymnastics 1,25 Baseball 2,3,45 Bowling 1,2,3,4, Barbara Sheppler Student Council 15 N.H.S. 2,35 Mixed Chorus 15 Glee Club 2,35 Office Methods 45 Hall monitor 45 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Pep Club 2,35 Laurel Shotwell Transfer 45 A Cap- pella 45 Masquers 45 Thespians 45 Sr. Football Homecoming Class play 45 Spanish Larry Skiera Comm. 45 Future Teachers 25 Teen Canteen 2. .112 Club 4, Treas. 4. Kaye Sloan Swimming l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 15 Glee Club 25 A Cappella 3,45 Teen Canteen 3,45 Latin Club I, II 1,2, Sec.5 Pep Club 2,35 Co-op Club 45 ANAMAKEE 3,4. Bruce Smith Football 1,2,4. Michael Smith Patrick Smith Donald Smith Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Int. Football 45 Student Council 25 N.H.S. 2,3,45 A.P.P. in English 45 Class Pres. 1,45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.rSr. Prom Comm. 35 Hi- Y Club 3,45 Latin Club I, II 1,25 Spanis Club 3 ,45 Varsity Club 3,4. Marsha Snody G.A.A. 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus 15 Glee Club 25 Latin Club l, 15 French Club 2,3. ll3' Karen Smith French Club 1,25 Swimming l,2. Linda Smith Latin Club I, 15 Mixed Chorus 25 Glee Club 3. John Sold enski Football 1,2,3,45 Int. Wrestling 1,2,35 Hall Monitor 45 Latin Club I, II 1,25 Varsity Club 3,4. 'Qi Karen Souva Varsity Band 3,45 Conservation Club 45 Hall Monitor 2,3. K, J Sally Spigelmyre Dorle Speitling Exchange student 45 A Cappella 45 Student Council 45 Ski Club 45 Debate 45 Great Books Club 45 Football Home- coming Comm. 4. Dick Spencer Tom Stafford Swimming 2,3,4g Int. Bowling 1,2,3,4g Swimming lg Hall Track 3,4. monitor 3,45 Bowling Darlene Standen lg Varsity Club 45 French Club 2. Basketball 13 French Club 2,3g Co-Op Club 4. Football 1,2,3,4g Paul Stewart Track 2,35 Int. Track Clarence Stanton lg V. Band 3,4. Alan Stienke Student Council 45 Latin Club l,Il 2,35 Future Nurses' 4. Jackie Stosick Basketball 1,2,3g Baseball 1,23 Int Football 4. Phil Straley ,ff Linda Sttunp Ski Club 1,2,3,45 Latin Club I, 15 Off Methods 3,45 Daniel Sylvester Latin Club l,II, 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Foot- ball 15 Int. Wrestling 25 Baseball 2 3 4' I t. ! i l n Swimming 1,25 Int. Football 45 Int. Track 35 Pool Ass. 45 Anna Szymanski Mixed Chorus 25 Glee Club 3, A Cappella 45 Girl's Bowling 35 Student Council 45 French Club 1,25 Greggites 4. Swimming 35 Latin Club I, II 1,2. Michael Thompson Thomas Taber Football 1,25 Basket- ball l5 Teen Canteen 25 Co-op Club 4. French Club 1,25 Gymnastics 1 ,2,3,45 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. David Talbot Swimming 15 Int Wrestling 25 Int. Track 2. Forensics 2- Hall Monitor 3,45 Projectionist 1,2,3,45 Swimming 3,4. Greggites 45 C0-op Kenneth Tessmer Club 4. 3 . Donna Timm Greggites 45 Co-op Club 4. Julie Tessmer Judy Timmreck Larry Tolan Swimming 1,2g Projectionists l,2g Cafeteria Aid 3,4. Karen Tmsch Virginia Towns Off. Methods 45 V. Charles Tovey Band 39 Guys Bowling 3g Greggites Sr. Class Play 25 Int. 4' Wrestling 2g Projectionists 2,3,4. Steven Trelfa Track 1,2,3,4g Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4g Football lg Tennis 23 Int. Wrestling 15 Int. Track 1,2g A Cap- pella 4g Projectionists 1,2,3,4g Cafeteria Aid 3,43 Latin Club 1,2, Vice-President 2. Michael Turski Robert VanDusen Bowling 1,3,4g Gymnastics 1,2,3g Projectionists 45 Off. Gym Ass. 2. Methods 43 Int. Sherrie Valley Swimming 1. H6 Linda Trapp Mixed Chorus 15 Glee Club 2,35 A Cap- pella 4g Hall Monitor 3g Latin Club l, lg Bible Club 1,2,3,4. Jim VanNocker N Karen Van Schoick Swimming l,2,3,4, Cap. 35 Pep Club 2,3,45 WILDCAT 3,45 Int. Swimming 3,45 Pool Ass. 25 Teen Canteen 3,45 Teen Traffic Court 35 Student Council 25 N.H.S. 2,3,45 Latin Club I,II, 1,25 Ski Club 3,45 Int. Basketball 3,45 A.P.P. in English 45 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.-Sr. Comm. 35 Speech Club 25 Sr. Class Play 4. Jeanne Weise Varsity Band 2,3,45 Cafeteria Aid 2,35 G.A.A. 1,25 Beth VanSipe Steve Voss Greggites 45 French Basketball 15 Club 3. Mary Vansipe Swimming 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y Club 1,2,3,4, Greggites 45 French Sec' 2' Treasuler 35 Club 3. Student Councll 4. ' 1 Diane Welbaum Grant Werth Latin Club I,II, 1,25 Off. Methods 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Sec. 35 Projectionists 1,2,3,45 Bowling 3,4, Sec. 45 Diana We,-da Hall Monitor 35 Off. Methods 3,45 Masquers 25 Spanish Cafeteria Aid 2: French Club 1, Latin Club 14 Forensics 34 ANAMAKEE 2,3,4, Club I, 23 Off. Gymnastics 45 Sr. Editor 3,4- Methods 3,45 Mixed Class Play 4' Chorus 1. H7 Alvin Warren Transfer Student 25 Track 2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Latin Club I,Il, 2,3, Int. Foot- ball 4. Jud ith Werth Off. Methods 45 Hall Monitor 35 Co-op Club 4. Walter Wexel Football 13 Tennis l,2,3,4g Swimming l,2g A Cappella 1,2,3,4, Librarian 2,3g N.H.S. 2,3,4, Pres. 45 A.P.P. in English 4g Football Homecoming Comm. 3,4g French Club 1,2,3,4. Mixed Chorus 2g Hall Monitor 49 G.A.A. l,2,3. Valerie Witulski 'Q Sharon Whitney Sara Wilson Pep Club 25 Co-op X Transfer Student 33 Club 45 Mixed Chorus L d W, k k, Ski Club 3,4g N.H.S. 2,35 Hall Monitor 4. 'Sonar lem OWS 1 4, Football Home- Football lg Forensics 2,34 Latin Club I,II 1,25 Sr. Class Play 43 Hall Monitor 33 Jr. Class Play 3g Jr.-Sr. coming Comm. 4. G.A.A. 1,2,35 Mixed Chorus 25 Glee Club 35 Hall Monitor 3,43 Latin Club 1,II 1,2. Charles Wise Basketball 3g Baseball 3,43 Transfer Student 35 Co-op Club 4. Larry Yachick Prom Comm. 3,4. Dean Woerpel Mike Worth Janice Wozniak Diane Yedinak Cheerleading 2,3,4, Capt. 45 V. Band 1,2,3,45 Off. Methods 45 Teen Canteen l,2, 3,45 Student Council 45 N.H.S. 2,3,45 Sec. 45 Class Sec. 35 Class Treas. 25 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Pep Club 2,3,45 Ski Club 15 Spanish Club 1,25 Future Nurses Club 1,2. Marjorie Zbytowski Toni Zann Projectionists 3,45 Mixed Chorus 4, Swimming 1,25 Bowl- ing 2. Mixed Chorus 2,35 Pep Club 25 C0-op Club 4. Mary Jane Zbytowski Judy Zant er Mixed Chorus 15 A Cappella 2,3,45 Hall Monitor 4, Library Cadet 35 N.H.S. 2,3545 Latin Club l,II, 1,2, Treas. 25 Debate 1. French Club 15 Future Nurses club 1,2,3,45 Student Council 35 V. Band 253,45 Orchestra 2,35 Jr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Sr. Class Treas. 45 Pep Club 2,45 Latin Club I,II 1,2. Edith Zielaskowski .m.......a.d..i.4ii.M Linda 7aska Swimming 15 Mixed Chorus 35 Off. Methods 2,35 Hall Monitor 3,45 C0-op Club 4. Mixed Chorus 25 Glee Club 35 A Cappella 45 Office Methods 25 Hall Monitor 45 Masquers 45 Future Nurses 45 Lab. Ass. 4. Donna Ziesman 7 Jean Zbytowski Off. Methods 35 Latin Club I, 1. Linda Christi e Masquers 2,3,4g Jr. Prom Comm. 3g Jr.- Sr. Prom Comm. 35 Jr. Class Play 39 Pep Club 45 Spanish Club Connie Cook Masquers 29 Mixed Carl Pilarski Harvey Marlatt Football 1 ,2,3,4g ' i Chorus 2. Basketball l,2,3,4g 1,21 A'P'P' In Enghsh Karen Lucas Baseball 1,2,3,4g 4g Teen Canteen 2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,43 Debate 4: Office Student Council 4. Methods 35 Football Homecoming Comm. 4. David Rochefort Ron Soltysiak Jr. Class Play 3g Ski Club 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 25 Masquers 1,2, 3,43 Teen Traffic Court 3g Teen Canteen 1,3,4g Caf. Aid 15 Office Methods 3g Pool Ass. 2. Linda Spens The Senior Section Staff would like to apologize to the students on this page. Because of unforeseen difficulties, these pictures were not available when their respective pages were sent to the publisher. In order that these students would still be able to appear in the ANAMAKEE,this page was added. jim Arlt Bowling 45 Co-op Club 4. Margarite Bertrand Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, Library Cadet 3, Gym Ass. 3, Office Methods 3, Future Nurses 1, Pep Club 2, Latin Club I 1, S.L.A.A.M. Club 2, Co-op Club 4. Mary Ellen Bloom Mixed Chorus 2,4, Library Cadet 3. Phillip Broers Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 1, 3, Int. Wrestling 1, 2, Ski Club 4. Melvin Brown Cafeteria Aid 4, Future Farmers Club 1, Int. Wrestling 1, 2. Judy Cook Wade Corpus Stage Band 3, V. Band 3,4, Co-op 4. Larry Cramer Projectionist 4 . Arnold Dahn Projectionist 1 , 2, 3, Co-op 4. Michael Datema Swimming 1 . Robert DeCaire jr . Janitor 4 . Edward Deedler Chess Club l, Int. Wrestling 2, Int. Swimming 2, French Club 1. Hazel Domke N.H.S. 1,2, Latin Club I 1, Bible Club 3. Carol Ferguson Transfer Student 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2, Glee Club 35 A Cappella 4, ANAMAKEE 4. Walter Freel Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3,4, Varsity Club 3, 4 . Joyce Hanner V. Band 3, Bowling 3, Office Methods 4, Greggites 4 . Harry Hanson Gym Ass. 2, Int. Wrestling 1, Int. Swimming 2, Pro- jectionist 3,4, Caf. Aid 4. Gary Hein Track 1, 2, 3 . Allen I-lelzer Co-op 4, Projectionist 4, Transfer Student 4. james I-Iiske Projectionist 1, 2, Int. Wrestling 2. Linda jaskolski Mixed Chorus 2. Bruce Kane Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club I, II 1, 2, Ski Club l,2,3,4. Sandra Konecki Robert Lewandowski Gymnastics 1 . Lester Liske Projectionist 3, 4. Dennis McCrandall Swimming 2, Track 2 Gymnastics 3. Dan McEwen Football 1, Co-op 4, jr. janitor 4. Bill Mainville Teen Canteen 4 . Sue Martindale Latin Club I, II 1,25 Glee Club 2, Swimming 1, 2, Hall Monitor 4, Mixed Chorus 1, A.P.P. in English 4 . Mary jo Oke Art Club 2,3,4, Pres. 3,4, Latin Club I 1, Future Nurses 2, WILD- CAT 4, Projectionist 2, 3. Michael Prier Gymnastics 1,2, Foot ball 1, Bowling 3, Int. Wrestling 3 . Patrick Richards Gymnastics Manager 2 . Veronica Rucinski David Samp Michael Schmid Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4. Earl Senchuk Track 3, 4, Int . Swimming 3, Spanish Club 3, 4 . Douglas Sheldon Projectionist 1, 2, 3, 4. Kathleen Snyder Mixed Chorus 2, Glee Club 3, A Cappella 4, Masquers 4, Future Nurses 1, French Club 1, 2, 3, 4. joseph Szatkowski Football 1, Int. Swimming 2, Int . Wrestling 1, Cafeteria Aid 1 . jonathan Van Wagner Thomas Wallace Swimming 2, Int. Swimming 1 . Mary jo Whitney Art Club 2, Teen Canteen 1,2, Co-op 4, V. Pres. 4. Diane Zelazney Mixed Chorus 1, Latin Club I, II 1, 2, Future Nurses 1, 2, WILDCAT 4, Pep Club 4 . QENIORS IN ACTIDN 5 MWA-,,., bm.. E . L, 5 hw . z ,. , L A lv 5 i if 's 'lf fm rf l , V 5 .,.7,k 'kzk i kr ' 3 pf . - 1,,, Q :,z L 1. f f lu MWA CL K v :awww f, f f S342 fa- J? A Y if V wx may gf W ,K . - x A if x X S. X 2 fl - ' if lf ,mi I' W .4 ,- '- - WHO'9 WHO IN '66 'Ez W 62 E N Ego? gXmQW2 Wa, 3 if QM E QEVH f MW' 2? 9 it EL wg? Wm Miki E. E WWE QFQWUXMM WW Q da f Q3 K, Siyjflc Tama 355' Q QQ fx if -M , , EE Qfigf? my 3 iifyfl f, ffl? aww 221 QQ wmiitzjzfg C,-QWQS5 The class flag, designed by Chris McCoy, bore the colors of blue and orange with lettering in red. Which class is the best? Ask any senior and you'11 get the same answer. Every year the senior class boasts of its great reputation, accomplishments, and activities. This page is dedicated to the mighty, mighty seniors who make upthe class of '66, in hopes that they will long remember their past years at Alpena High. I' One never knows what to expect from the Sen- iors in the Cafeteria in the morning. 125 MEMORIES FOR THE CLASS OF '66 WE'RE ALL FOR FUN. WE'RE ALL FOR KICKS. WE'RE THE CLASS OF '66! is Q: 2 TH 5 X 43 fi m 5 L 8 1 dQNfP Y .-Q. gf' md' ' T U iw A :EM Q O, ' ' .',- Ja, ,L if-iAl'if F. , , . fi 5, if -, This poster, along with many others of the same style, advertised the senior class play THE RIVALS. Harv Marlatt--Basketbal1-- most points per game Harv Marlatt--Basketballu School scoring record John Reide--Football--School tackle record Joe Smith 8zMarcia Grimes-- Semi-finalists, National Merit Scholarship Test Sue Doyle--D.A.R. Good Citizen Award The class ring antic- ipated by most, was a disappointment to many. , 4 DORLE QPEHUNGZ STUDENT AT LARGE Our lone exchange student this year was Dorothea Speit- ling who came to Alpena from Braunschvieg, Germany . Dorle, a dark haired, hazeled eyed senior, lived with the Grimes family. During her year at Alpena High she has participated in many activities: Debate, A Cappella, Student Council, and Great Books Club. I-ler classes this year were Senior Math, Psychology, English ll, U .S. History, Latinlll, and Physics . As her favorite sports she enjoys water skiing, snow skiing, and swimming, Dorle made friends quickly, and soon became one of the better known seniors. She will be return- ing to Germany in july, where she will continue her studies . WE DEDICATE . . . this page to perpetuate the memory of Avery Trapp and Russell Merritt who attended Alpena High until unfortunate accidents tookthem from us. We are sure that they will remain inthe minds and hearts of those who knew and loved them: their family, friends, teachers and classmates. RUSSELL MERRITT--December 17, AVERY TRAPP--july 30, 1948 t 1946, to July 24, 1965 September 17, 1965 127 W? 5531, .,',,A ,JV LM Kal , W if A ' 1-if , ,zi Viv, ,V ' -LN Z ,ll l . 2: NYT-A E as 'A V P 'kr , if K V ww ,Q ww W-, 55 we fd. E f 'xsw ' Aff f. ' A QQ ,, ff P l f:- 1 ' 12 9- 'M . 'wa 55,,s K . V! 'ik ' E1 M? 9. My WA A 'Thin GREATEST NUMBER IN A.H.9. HISTORY Daryl Kline 95.848 Donna Froberg 95.741 Marcia Pinsky 95.647 Sara Wilson 95.160 Bonnie Kihn 95.150 Cheryl Doutt 95.000 Sue Doyle 94.985 Lynn Kesterke 94.795 Karen VanSchoick 94.794 Michael Bushey 94.754 Kristine Boboltz 94.697 Karen Carr 94.535 Arlene Friedberg 95.588 Art Shotwell 95 .000 fTransferj Vicki Bullen 94.788 Cheryl Anderson 94.514 3' ' I , A ' 1 A K HQ sm I 1' Xi 4 ,Q 5' '15 A 2 I HZYHI1 Wai 'Q ?' sg !'N 1 AN 5 5 1 L l P 5 VI vu WD VI 1 WD 7 ,7 35' 57 N V fL.' 1 N 1 U ll I I f ... l:1.:l-- ' 'fr' mill- W 'li' 4 N A ,WX 5 b ,f w ,Q 1 I5 A 5 :O 5 ,r 1 lg Q 1 xXx K 1 I if A RS ITY lI I illllllll qmlfil w s N X 'N ,AS 'I :N , I I Yu '6 '1-:F Yuri 'Ili funn! YIIIII1 ' 5759 Y ,j ' . l5f4:- N . sag' f 'ww VkgLg5s,'v I mx l jf J S PO RTS VARSITY CATS BACK ROW: CoachYedinakg 35, Ed Olson--T, 44, George Stevens--Eg 26, Doug Morgan--G, 48, Tom Allen--Eg 37, John Riede--T, 47, Bob Schulke--Eg 38, Roger Gady--C, 40, Bob Meske--Eg 42, Alan Steinke--C, 22, Fred Crambau--F3 10, Floyd King--F, Coach Hall, CENTER ROW: 12, Harvey Marlatt--QB, 49, John Soldenski--E, 34, John Mills--G5 51, Howard Strom--C, 11, Tim Lutes--HB, 39, Randy Rousseau--T, 31, Rob Kane--T, 30, George Kennedy--G5 16, Tom Atkinson--HB, 13, Andy Eggan--QB, 45, Steve Kearly--E. FRONT ROW: 20, Walter Freel--HB, 36, Doug Rondeau--G, 32,Steve Carpenter--G5 24, Randy VanWagoner--QB, 18, Floyd Montie--FB, 21, Russ Courtney--FB, 41, Mike Howay--Eg 28, Jim Bowes--G5 43, Bill Kramer--Eg 25, Jim Chandler--HB, 27, Dan Cassler--FB, 23, Bruce Smith--C, Not pictured: Dennis O'Neil--T, Frank Rouleau--T. BEST TEAM IN A DECADE Football at Alpena High has always been a great attraction and crowd-pleaser, and this year has certainly been no exception. In fact, interest shown by the spectators was so great that the school board agreed to allow busloads of students to attend two of the away games , with the seniors traveling to Traverse City, thejuniors to Bridgeport. During the 1965 season, which was a great year for all three of our teams , several records were broken in offense and defense , some of which had been set just last year. In daily workouts held at Bay View Park, varsity players were instructed by coaches Yedinak Qhead coach and backsj, Hall flinej , and Foster Qendsj . Although the team will miss its senior players of this year, next season will no doubt be an equally great one. The growth shownin both total player participation and a greater number of winning scores is an accomplishment of which AHS can be justifiably proud. EMERGE VICTORIOUQI I 965 FOOTBALL RESULTS Alpena High Canadian Soo 6 Alpena High l Traverse City 0 Alpena High Bay City Central 27 Alpena High Escanaba 0 Alpena High Buena Vista 0 Alpena High Sault Ste . Marie 7 Alpena High 4 Cheboygan 0 Alpena High 46 Bridgeport 7 Our team finished the season with a 5 Win and 3 loss record. Our boys always practiced hard--and played even harder! ! ! 133 Y A.H.9. Emovs A '65 OFFENSE: DEFENSE: 5 wr sf lk ' ,iq Mr. Foster throws out the first ball, and the action is on! FOOTBALL RECORDS RushingYardage--Courtney--535 Yds., 107 Attempts Passing--Marlatt--589 Yds., 99 Attempts, 45 Completed Receiving--Lutes--336 Yds., 34 Attempts, 23 Catches. Most Tackles fone seasonj--Riede--77 in 8 games. Recovered Fumbles--Olson--4. Pass Intercepts--Marlatt--9. Voted most valuable lineman--John Riede Voted most valuable back--Russ Courtney Co-Captains for 1966: Russ Courtney Andy Eggan What's more important- -football practice, or meeting your girlfriend? PEP RALLY-'65 STYLE Q--w.,,,1 , Rally 'round the flag, boys! ! ! ! REALLY GREAT SEASON K 'Y , Tension mounts--as the game progresses fVanWagoner Q24j carrying the ballj. All right you guys--This is the ONLY way to do it! ! so ' M ,A Q A VanWagoner's gain is cut short by B.V. 33, as Tim Lures Some guys have all the luck! rushes up. 135 J.V. FDOTBALL PRDVES i K u V ' 1 . -a..,. ffxwv 'W- , 1 ,X 1' fn mg. ,E'fY',.. M i i'P'V9 mu.-1 . in ,3.,sjf'T - M- 'img' fi ' i' -14, '-xg. 'xg ,, J' Q 1, W . A , W.. if gkfvv' Q' .Q -A. f The Wildkittens were really slippery. Thej .V . 's finished the 1965 season with a 3-2-1--record. Behind the coaching of Knowlton and Haugerud, the team excelled in defense. Only one boy, a center, was trans- ferred to the Varsity. The boys, stronger on the ground, thrived on their running attack. However, at the away game penalities nulified touchdowns which might have given Alpena a victory. With the 3 victories, the J .V. 's, along with the Frosh and Varsity, enjoyed a winning season. ew-P-A ,A bg: ry r hr V . K' 'I A 7' B... S,-ff' A smashing left to the jaw. 4 TOP: 162i Phil Kotwicki, 124i Dan Smith, Q82I Duane Rensberry,f44yToml-Ieath,f52j Dave Rocker, 174i Ron Deedler, Q85j Tom Lappan, Q22j Bill Cole, f38jGeorge Wells. MIDDLE: Coach Knowlton, Q25j Art Couture, Q80j Ron Merritt, Q15j Tom Kowalski, f70jDan Wilson, Q71j Terry Schad, f3Oj Rich Wooll, 131, Dennis Garant, 145, Dick Nehring, Q84j Dave What's the matter with that Ref? Is he blind? A GREAT TRAINING GROUND V i Siegert, 1341 Adam Scheenks, Q72j Louis Scheller You've got to have blocking to make yardage Carl Scheenks QMgr.j, Coach Haugerud. BOTTOM: I -Lv' f20j Dave Newman, Q51j Steve Bye, f35j Ernie Scheidler, Q40j Dave Lampel, Q60j Larry Elowski, 1 - 121, Tim I-Iibner, 132, Lew Behning, 124, Bob Foster, Aipena IX? Cadluac g63yRossTimm,q6eyDave Johns0n,q54yTom Snyder. A Pena J ,S Tawas Area Alpena JV S Cheboygan Alpena jV's Traverse City Alpena JV 's 21 Oscoda 5 13 'N i Let's play the clap game! Another touchdown! 137 FRESHMEN POSSEQQ PERFECT Did he make it? He leaps and he reaches. I 965 FROSH SCOREBOARD Alpena 27 Rogers City 6 Alpena 14 Cheboygan 6 Alpena 20 Oscoda O Alpena 12 Alcona JV 0 Alpena 49 Hillman JV 0 Alpena 35 Traverse City 0 Alpena 49 Alcona JV 6 Alpena 19 Rogers City 12 Alpena 49 Oscoda 0 WINS. 9-LOSSES. O!! Y G: ALPENA FROSH 9 0 1965 TOP: Gary Harrington, Bob Garant, Paul Hornak, Paul Roberts, Terry Matzke, Dave Reynolds, John Snyder, Gene Repke,Ken Buck, Ron Chojnacki. MIDDLE: Coach, J. Danhoff, Ron Carpenter, Lee Tolzdorf, Len Werda, Bill Ross, Bill Meden, Mike Dodd, John PRACTICE WAS HARD. BUT 1 1 1 RECORD . . . -O. obbins,DougKane, Jere Johnston, Jim Ben- ett, CoachR. Buchner. BOTTOM: Bruce Zann, om Woizeschke, Roger Stemkowski, Kim Foster, A1 Crow, Xavier Zielinski, Richard King, Rod Freel, Gary Rogers, Bill Boucher. IT MUST HAVE HELPED! Under the supervision of Coach Danhoff, this year's freshman team outscored their opponents by a point-total of 274 to 30. When CoachDanhoff was asked who the out- standing players ofthe year were, he stated: It would be hard to name the outstanding players- -it was always a team effort . The entire freshman team was always under the fine direction of Mr. Buchner, Coach Dan- hoff, and two student teachers, Mr. Gary Harrington and Mr. Vince Smith. 139 f ALL SCHOOL AND POOL RECORDS BROKEN ' SCHOOL RECORDS John Stosick Ed Olsen 1:59.8 200 Medlay Relay Tom Bowes Jon Crow W Vw Mike Bushey 2.11 6 200 Free Style It Mike Bushey :24.1 50 Free Style wk 'If B Phil Chapman 2:50 zoo Free Style B A - e. f A V Tom Bowes 1:O7.4 100 Butterfly M fl N ww xv Mike Bushey '55 100 Free Style John Stosick 1.10 100 Back Stroke Mike Bushey 4:66 400 Free Style pe.. Ed Olsen 1.15 1 100 Breast Stroke 1 9 Greg Granum V' 'iuu Q 't'A , 1 nl -V : L Ig Y Steve Voss A V 'D Q lll' I K Q A H ' W ' A is 4103-7 400 Free Relal' BOTTOM Row 41. may Bruce Lerieehe, Doug Kane, John Snyder, Jerry Jonston, Roger Stemkowski, , Beemer. SECOND ROW: Tom Bowes, Bob Banas, Gary Mousseau, Rob Silver. THIRD Ron Scudder, Keith Van Wagoner, Jim ROW: John Stosick, Bill Henderson, Phil Chapman, Larry Ewing. FOURTH ROW: Jon Crow, Dick Spencer, Dan Sylvester. FIFTH ROW: Bob Kane, Mike Bushey QCO-Captainsj. TOP: Coach, Harold Kline, Jr.. Not Pictured: Ed Olsen, Steve Voss, Greg Granum, Mike Dodd, Mike I 965-66 BOYS' SWIMMING Although the record of Wins and losses are the same as last year, the scores are not. Two of the meets were lost by only three points whereas last year the differences were much larger. This season the boys broke all the existing school and pool records . This was done only through growth, and development. At the completion of this season, we will lose some of the finest athletes that swimming has seen at Alpena. The records that these O'Brien, Ken Paul, Dean Tobias. SCOREBOARD boys have set will be broken only by themselves gigs? gg SIZQFDQW Zi essirlrigone who has more intestinal fortitude ALPENA 51 OSCODA ' ALPENA 64 B. C. I-IANDY From Coach Kline to all swimmers: To all, ALPENA 51 ESSEXVILLE and especially the Seniors, may you grow in ALPENA 65 ESSEXVILLE stature and maturity as you have grown in skill and desire while swimming. we an... AQUALITES HAVE FIRST HOME MEET D R BOTTOM ROW: Sue Faber, Gail Precordg 2nd ROW: Mary Sue Thomas, Grace Sharp, Ann Benjeyg 3rd ROW: Les Tobias, Vicki QYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING-'65 Miss Joan Leonall, coach of Girls' Synchronized Swimming, proudly esti- mates the 1966 team as the best in Alpena's four year girls ' swim team his - tory. Meets were held against Hudson- ville, Oscoda, and Flint Beecher. The meet between our tankers and Oscoda was Alpena High School's first home meet. Members of the AHS Synchronized Swim Team practice each Monday, Wed- nesday and alternate Fridays. Several team members sacrifice their lunch hour in order to attend Modern Dance classes during fifth hour. This course enables them to incorporate fine, graceful movements into their routines, and to supplement a skeletonal routine. Deservingwell-earnedcommendation for their long hours of practice and skill- ful showmanship, they have shown dedication and enthusiastic eagerness for their sport. Hoppe, Paula Olsen, Georgene LeF1eche3 4th ROW: Kathy Mc- Callum, Lois Kotwickig Ellen Rogers, Carol Schafer, 5th ROW: Karen Saretsky, Becky Brooker, Nancy Barton, Donna Yedinak. 141 EVERY YEAR THEY GET BETTER AND BETTER' Pictured BOTTOM ROW: K. Mulholland, D. Poll, K. Eller, J. Damoth, S. Emery, V. Douglas, MIDDLE ROW: C. Aasland, P. Zolnierek, K. Smith, P. Mousseau, S. McDonald, S. Sommer- field, J. Gruschke, M. Tylindag TOP ROW: J. Thompson, G. Zolnierek, C. Chiprnan, D. Froberg, C. Valley, N. Corey, D. Edmunds, and D. Timm. l 1965-66 GIRLS' GYMNASTICQ This year's girl's gymnastics team is the largest in four years, consisting of twenty -two girls . This includes three seniors, Pat Mousseau Qtearn captainj, Donna Timm, and Donna Froberg, com- pleting their four years at A.H.S. in a blaze of glory, with Alpena's girls look- ing impressive in their meets . To date, the girls have had three meets, winning two home meets and losing an away game at lonia. The team is hopeful of victory at Hillsdale, which compares to the boys' state meet, against Harbor Springs and Boyne City at Boyne, and at the Flint jun- ior open at Flint. In four years of Girls' Gymnastics at A.H.S., this is the third year of competition, with competition in four all-around events: balance beam, uneven parallel bars, free ex, and vault- ing. Each year they get better and bet- ter! said Mrs. Van Natter, girls' coach, about her team. .X , ,Q X I C T T' -.4 , - f ,, ' -Q .i 5 ,- f f, , F 1 ' fx T42 GYMNASTS GREAT IN THEIR GLORY! With this kind of a coach, how can we lose? THIS YEAR'S MEET RESULTS St. Clair ..... W Bawating Tech. . W Marlatt ..... W Soo Tech. .... W Bawating Tech. . L Sir James Dunn . W Soo Tech .... L lonia ...... L Sir james Dunn . W Lockery ..... W lonia ...... L N. Farmington . L Pictured BOTTOM ROW: E. Arthur, D. Dubey, B. Plush, T. Hill, C. Arthur, K. Black, D. Timm, D. Carant, T. Mack, TOP ROW: Coach Keeley, T. Hibner, H. Welsh, Terry Pugh with a giant swing of the high bar. BOYS' GYMNASTICS This is the first time in three years that Alpena has won a boys' gymnastic meet, stated Coach Keeley, boys gymnastic coach. In fact, this year, Alpena is one of the top four teams in the state, along with lonia, North Farmington and Ann Arbor. This year, the boys have competed in twelve meets, winning seven and losing five, there is also a state meet which will be held at St. Clair, with thirty teams competing. This year's team has only one senior, Bill Kindt, who is a returning letterman and also co- captain with Dan Timm. Leading scorers this year were Bill Kindt, Dan Timm, Terry Pugh and Frank Riley, consistent point- getters were Bob Westenbarger, Dave Tick- nor and Tim I-Iibner. This year's outstand- ing frosh gymnasts have been Kevin Cook, Howard Welsh and Bob Plush. l K. Cook, R. Kasubowski, B. Westenbarger, T. Pugh, D. Kevin Cook erforms handstand on parallel bars. Timm, B. Kindt, Frank Riley, and D. Ticknor. P VICTORY-VICTORY IS OUR CRY!! Our eight cheerleaders, sponsored by the Pep Club, cheer at each home and several away games. Mrs. Holcomb assists and coaches the girls in creat- ing new, original cheers and also guides them in learning poise, self confidence, and leadership so that they represent A.H.S. wherever they may go. Varsity cheerleaders stir up enthusiasm at a pep assembly. X , If , bi JV cheerleaders are: Sue Siegert, Carrie Prieur, Linda Hoppe, and Cory O'Brien. I Varsity Cheerleaders Janet Snyder Connie Clark Brenda Diane Yedinak Courtright The cheerleading squads practice every day Cminus Fridaysj for an hour in preparation for the games. '44 OUR TEAM IS REALLY GREAT! WRESTLERS HAVE 5-6 SEASON RECORD With only one senior returning this year the wrestling team was very green and in- experienced at the beginning of the season. With more experience and a few losses be- hind them, the Wrestling team progressed to victory near the end of the season. All of our opponents we met earlier and lost to, we beat when we met them again. This year's experience will show in an even finer season next year, said Coach Gilles- pie of his team. Every man for himself! WRESTLING SCORES Oscoda Alma Mount Pleasant Flint S.W. Flint Central ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA Clio ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA Midland Mt. Pleasant Mt, Morris Sault Ste. Marie ALPENA Oscoda This is the life ! ML Gillespie gives four 'bail ?ll ...E WILDCATS DISTRICT CHAMPS . . . w 1 FRONT ROW: Coach Frieder, Andy Eggan, Bob Meske, Phil Straley, Tim Lutes, Harvey Marlatt. SECOND ROW: Coach Dennis, Jack McCoy, Bruce VanderWall, Bob Schulke, Neil Saretsky, Steve Trelfa. BACK ROW: Bob Am- lotte, Mgr., Harley Glawe, Jim Hennessey, Tom Allen, Damien Budnick, George Stevens. The 1966 AHS cagers, led by all-stater Harvey Marlatt, was the most successful team in the school's Class A history. The record of 16-l represents the most games ever won during the regular season. In the tournaments, Alpena avenged last year's loss to Bay City Central, then beat Mt. Pleasant in overtime, 85-84 on a free throw by Tim Lutes, to win the District Championship. ln the first of two regional contests, Alpena overcame a 17 point deficit at halftime, and went on to defeat Flint Ainsworth on two free throws by Har- vey Marlatt, after time had run out. Mar- latt scored 38 points in the 77-75 victory. FBARLESS LEADER ! Against Flint Northwestern, Marlatt scored 36 points, leading AHS to their first Class A Regional Championship. However, in the quarter-finals against Grand Rapids Catholic Central, our lack of height on re- bounding was a major factor, and despite Marlatt's 36 points, Catholic Central won 80-73. Marlatt's 38 points set a new single game highg he scored 1066 points in his 3 year varsity career, which was a new rec- ordg he also broke Howard French's record season total of 437 by 20 points . He led his team to a 20-2 year's record, advancing it farther than any previous Alpena team in tournament play. N95 AND COMPETE IN QUARTER-FINALS A NEW SCORING RECORD! SCOREBOARD ALPENA 97 Grand Rapids S. ALPENA 83 Traverse City ALPENA 81 Canadian Soo ALPENA 73 American Soo ALPENA 97 Rogers City Grand Rapids Un. 48 ALPENA ALPENA 58 Cheboygan ALPENA 69 Traverse City ALPENA 79 Sag. A. H. Tech ALPENA 82 Rudyard ALPENA 67 Canadian Soo ALPENA 79 Rogers City ALPENA 72 ALPENA 77 ALPE NA 70 ALPE NA 73 ALPE NA 55 ALPE NA ALPENA 65 ALPE NA 77 ALPE NA 84 Grand Rapids C. Cen. 80 Sag. Buena Vista Oscoda American Soo Bay City Handy Highland Park TOURNAMENT SCORES 75 Bay City Central Mt . Pleasant Flint Ainsworth Flint Northwest. ALPE NA HE JUMPS! HE HOOKS' 1 li -R.. if si 1 '?' My ' 1' T jk X' is '- Q 1 i 5 ,f Q 'NN P x If 'Q K R' 1 i , ,' 4 w K I .W X we ., yt. A at 1 X A ... A y..t V . . ,Q -Q - V' A f +1 X . 5 147 JV TEAM LOOKS TOWARD A PROMISING FUTURE Although at one point in the sea- sonthey were 1-7, losing 5 ofthese games by 2 points or less, the team came back very well. They won 7 of their last 8 games, indicating the boys have really improved. Al Kannowski led in scoring with 188 pointsg Tom Lappan got the most rebounds with 135, Greg Voss had the best average with 18.4 points per game. Mr. Friederpicked Al Kannowski and Greg Voss as prime prospects for the Varsity. A hot tip . . . for which team? I say! It's better than practice. - f Up for grabs! Pictured THIRD ROW: Coach Frieder, R. Kurtz, T. Lappan, R. Deedler, R MacArthur Qmanagerj, SECOND ROW: T. Atkinson, B. Kramer, L. Behning, B Foster, T. Kowalski, FIRST ROW: S. Bye, B. Davison, A. Kannowski, and B Gapzynski. Grand Rapids South 50 Alpena 45 Rogers City 63 Alpena 75 Traverse City Alpena Saginaw Buena Vista Alpena American Soo Alpena Oscoda Alpena Rogers City Alpena American Soo Alpena Grand Rapids Union Alpena Bay City Handy Alpena Cheboygan Alpena Cheboygan Catholic Traverse City Alpena Central Alpena Saginaw Arthur Hill Alpena Highland Park Alpena Rudyard Alpena WILDKITTENQ HAVE I2-Q RECORD Althoughthey lacked the opportunities as players last year at Besser, Mr. Damoth feels this group has great potential as a team. Paul Hornak, Mel Straley, Al Crow, Bill Meden, Xavier Zielinski, Terry Matzke, Bill Boucher, and Joe Gentry were mentioned as being the most prominent players in guiding the team to a 12-2 record. Mel Straley, Al Crow, and Xavier Zielinski were the leading scorers. Mr. Bennett was this year's assistant coach. BACK ROW: Ass't coach Bennett, W. Jenkins, R. Krebs, C. Barrow, J. Meddough, J. Bennett, Coach Damothg MIDDLE ROW: R. Panknin, J. Gentry, T. Matzke, B. Boucher, K. Foster, J. Worthley, D. Erickson, FRONT ROW: Mgr. J. Furbush, B. Meden, M. Straley, X. Zielin- ski, A. Crow, P. Hornak. B1ock that shot? Look who's on the ball! ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA ALPENA as K w , ' x v s Wheeeeeee ! ! F ROSH SCOREBOARD 52 Atlanta 70 Rogers City 46 Posen IV 46 Posen Varsity 69 Oscoda 36 Cheboygan Central 56 Cheboygan Central 57 Cheboygan High 44 Cheboygan JV 45 Rogers City 67 Cheboygan C . C . 80 Cheboygan High 59 Oscoda 5 l Atlanta You've got to think of the ref. as a buddy. 6 Q K BASEBALL O E ,ggi mad? 'af 4 4 r. ff ,X Wh .fx Q FRONT ROW: Coach Buckner, A. Dove, fmgrq, P. Elliot, B. Canavan, I. Timm, R. Wooll, T. Schad, D. Kendziorski Coach Cardwell, BACK ROW: G. Bey, F. Grambeau, B. Christau, D. Rensberry, T. Kowalski, M. Howay, F. Montie, R OUR TENNIS TEAM FRONT ROW: Tim lates, Jon Crow, Jack McCoy, Walt Wexel, Neil Saretsky, Bob Meske, Joel Barlow, TOP ROW: Bill Staton, Jim Snody, Dennis Emerson, Rick Gapske, Coach Juola. 150 .-.ev-.. TENNIS PLAYERS A SMASHING SUCCESS 'eat KAWHOP ! TENNIS IS NO RACKET With the approach of spring every year, Mr . juola makes ready his tennis team. The Varsity practices every night at Bay View, and the JV at Mich-E -Kewis tennis courts . Pictures of tennis are of last year's team, as tennis starts after the printing of the ANAMAKEE. Oh, Oh! Now you got him mad! av Q K ..F'..,,.,,,y , SMASH ! GOLFERQ PLAY AROUND THE WEATHER Since golf season had not started at the time of publication, this picture includes last year's members. ROW 3: L-R T. Burkenbine, F. King, D. Wilson, N. Malmstrorn, P. Martin, S. Gresham. ROW 2: J. Oliver, P. Dowling, R. Rensberry, M Franklin, C. Silver, J. Banas. ROW 1: B. Bennet, C. Strom, J. Merce, H. Strom, J. Ludwig, B. Wedge. Golf, dependent to a large extent on weather conditions, is unpredictable to schedule. The earlier the team commences, the better it is. Early work-outs are held at Bingham School. Other practice is divided between the Alpena Country Club and the Alpena Golf Club. Usually four or five meets are on the agendag however, schedul- ing is difficult due to the few schools par- ticipating in golf. Some of the opponents include:Traverse City, Grayling, Petoskey, Bay City, and Midland. Midland will host this year's tournament. '11 bet I can put it in the lake. Q AN OLD STANDARD ATHLETICS IS SPIRIT' TRACK-- YOU HAVE TO RUN Track, an old standard at Alpena I-Iigh, is a spring sport, and up-to-date material cannot be used . Every year we have a large turnout of boys, says Coach Bennett about track, but we always lose a few when they find out they have to run, It is this way with any sport, however, and the determination shown by our track team shows that most of the boys DO have what it takes. On your marks . . . Em gk- ? 4. 1 fqx XQ f b , W 7 . 17 T Lk, A TE r Lyn Sfwwf 7 f Mm emma jgzz, 61116 f fg w S VC1fr5zgz9 ZZXlff QGCL. X X' VXVXW W XWJXX ff! X fw W f w wf 7 Q 9 Z W ff ff ff A 0 f ff , ck Wad 41065 Z 707544564 T , X fff f f Kg ,aw eww Q ali. 52 Nb iff W ,., WM R' , If 5? fl.. ml lp 1' Q. . V IA fu ,iw-. c , , , 5 'M V 5 Q r it ,.. f , , s 4 V gdgfmi K 9 f Y .K fiihkyi 6 ' , ' W . f A. 1 Q, 4 f VV1- z K x 'C gt. . ,kgwffll V- I K V ff. lm g . mb' :xx ' K Thi' 'V ' Q 0 1 Rf! E . . I s N, Rm' - 2' Y., J , A rm- y in . ', :-4 'xg' k VH' 1? Y e 'H' V . ..: .j r 5 . :v ,Ik ag I gym f ,. g,, ,. -. Q , X 5 U, E . , -' sings 1 - E A ' Qr'f'fq' Q ' ' X I X' Y V A K . 25 1 ' f A ,A A 4 'M' J Q ' 'Z' new vi.. ' 'K f Q I I 4' Q K 3 fl, ', 1' , 2 ,pg K ,-Q ' ,fa l vb J 'Q ' an I J if 'I , A K Ad 'fe ' ifffkf AHS STUDENT COUNCIL Meeting regularly every other Friday, our Student Council Qunder the leadership of Neil Saretsky, presidentg and Tim Lutes, vice presidentj has successfully undertaken manyworth- while causes this year, the most important ones being the sponsorship of a Korean War orphan and the Focus on A. H.S. radio program, both of which are new endeavors as of this year. Besides these things, they take over such duties as locker clean-ups, Freshman Day, and the homecomings, all of which contribute to its purposes, student leadership and the direction of student affairs. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY You are cordially invited to join the Alpena Chapter of the National Honor Society. These or similar words appeared on invitations sent at the beginning of the year to students in our high school who had attained a high standard of excellence in academic achievement. Then, throughout the year all students who maintained this average of 94.5 took part in many events involving scholarship. At the year's end, these students and their parents were entertained at the annual spring banquet. ' WE GROW IN WDRDQ E DEBATE The Debate team, sponsored and ad- vised by Mr. Max- well, ended a winning season with 13 wins and 9 losses. Pat ,rm Smalley and Glenda Reiser, the first negative team, went into regional com- petition with 3 wins and 5 losses and came out with 5 wins and 6 losses. The first affirmative team, Marcia Grimes and Dorle Speitling, picked up l win and 2 losses in regional competition to end the season with an overall record of 8 wins and 2 losses. Trips taken while picking up the sea- son's record included Harbor Springs, Cen- tral Michigan Univer- sity, and an over- nighter in Saginaw. Mr. Maxwell praised Dorle, our exchange student from Ger- many, for overcom- ing the initial lan- guage handicap to be one of the outstanding debaters . BACK: Glenda Reiser, Dorle Speitling, Gary Ellery, Terry Stephens, Jerry Orlowski, Mr. Max- well. FRONT: Pat Smalley, Marcia Grimes, Nancy Roznowski, Nita Szatkowski. The AHS Forensics team, under the direction of Mrs. Walchuck, consists of Gary Ellery in extemporaneous speaking, Paul Brandenburg in humorous reading, Vicki Lahamn and Roberta Kannowski in original oratory, Tim Fitzpatrick in declamation, Kathy Snyder and Art Shotwell in interpretive reading, and Bill Orlowski in radio newscasting. A local contest was held in Alpena on March 19. '57 HOMECOMING DOMINATED BY Court Pictured Qleft to right, Freshman Representative, Sue Irwin, Sophomore Representative, Sue Saretsky, Queen, Billie Atkinson, Junior Representative, Dorothy Minton, and Senior Representative, Janice Damoth. X. ef ' I Q Q fl r In accordance with tradition, the 4- 3 '. midday homecoming assembly was ' f,,,,Q-V' , enchanced by the Pep Club's por- ' M trayal of Goldfinger , a skit in A 'ig' which several members of the foot- 'A ' f ball team were kidnapped. The time came, however, for A the awaited announcement of the 51,13 tobe reigning royalty. Representa- 22 tives, escorted by their respective class officers, were presented with roses and Miss Billie Ann Atkinson was crowned by PastSuperintendent, - Mr. Russell Wilson. N.. . .... Prior to the 65 homecoming festivities, various clubs partici- f pated in a statue contest. The Pep Club entry, upper right, won first prize. Likewise, a bon-fire com- plete with a Buena Vista knight pictured, at left, aided the spirit of those students attending the orga- nized snake dance. 158 ,s - 9' .63 P Q I 2 ' , : 'i Q g,Qm 4 .o ,g .Q H wx . . gif, ,fg'3, -'32, I . ' g:.3.:,1g',, ,. 1. il ...hy ,f SM. 2 fd.. ,x ,4,n4m.. . : HHVQJ, . , nun . y .3 . J ,,'i 1-:ff f. :Q-7 1123.2 -1: ' v -wx A11 Q- ' .7 , ., A , ,. . A .,. , . , .,.g,r. f . ,....' '117 mf : 1 :it .V Y f f. 1 ' ' n .- 1:1 1- ' IJ 555 -' ,. . f 'f , 2 sl ' . gil, 21453 ' fix. ,: :Zz 1- 71 . 41-M-, Q A1 v-' I.-1j,.5!.'.'ZQwfl w1:4.iQ'a-v,.'. 1- ..qg,:,:... , . . .-...L::f g-- -MZ 'HL .1 kfino-. 'Q ' ,lil ' ' n 'J i r I,fg' 'ia-vas-uf 9 V2 ,,:.:3yawb 4- N Mukhi, i wx f fm. .L Tzixgg-Qef'2Z4Z.2'z f - ..gM4ff ms 45.L . ,, .. M zsyqgmwm QQ Qygg' yb,, i.,,S ,w,MWMn, f H - .1 mam-w.wMw.M M iss 'I fe., . . Q ,wgk , Q 59 .. ... ..,. . ., ,-: - ' ix: ew g ' ' -:mga 3, Y , - ' , Q' Q1w4155Ti5zQ2 ,Q 'if-11115. 1 ' 1 ff 5 11' 3 CARPET TREATMENT During the half-time festivities , viewers witnessed the rolling out of the red carpet for the presentation of the reigning royalty as the band pro- vided a background formation of a heart. The queen was presented roses by the Student Council Presi- dent, Neil Saretsky, andwas escorted to the sidelines to view the victory game. The excited crowd, at left, looks on, as the second half begins . Following the game, viewers crowded the high school gym to watch the coronation by superintendent, Mr . Gene Geisert. The queen was also presented roses by Harvey Marlatt , Football captain. ILJLJII M 5' ELC N A U LJLJI PRACTICE-ROOT OF PERFORMANCE Practice makes perfe Give us an 'A'! The greatest for prom music. 'Let's take it from letter 'H'. You know. 1 i 1. 'W' wing it, guys! ANN LANDERQHIGHLIGI-H9 YEAR'Q A99EMBLIEf Withthe Ann Landers assembly standing out most vividly in everyone's minds, the assemblies at Alpena High this year have been very successful. Our paid assemblies included topics from chemistry, to our American opportunities through the eyes of a Swede, to Vic Hyde and his instruments, to Fred Palmer and his advice on how to sell yourselfg while the free or pep assemblies and annual Freshman assembly remained as enjoyable and appreciated as ever to all. if f afffw-Jwwemhw-. - A ,F Q ls- ? W vi :ff 'Q f it. - in ff' SQ K ,sv wg is 3, M 1 has if ts B sd ., . 'Q ' ' fi ' ' 51 'A ,L rf U , L, ly . LVL, .V 1 3-Ja-. 4 ', f V 7 ,U K wx- P 'rr M X , , , Q TA On the night of December 30, 1965, the Alpena High School gymnasium once again donned the decor of an enchanting ballroom, the setting of the junior Prom. In the gymnasium which was decorated to the theme, Stairway to the Stars, the attractive couples danced to the music provided by the Three Knights. Thanks to the juniors who did a fine job, everyone enjoyed a mem- orable evening. 1 aff . .,:-: , ' , ,, fag N, 5., 4 'M ,fr . ,Q is- Y E 1 2 ,jf 4.1. W xii AN AM AKEE-WlLDC A1- TWO GREAT PuBuoAnoNQ A ,inf Editor-In-Chief Diane Welbaum, veteran editor, shown above with other staff members, directed ANAMAKEE activities with vigour and determination. As the 1966 ANAMAKEE goes to press, New features this year include more pressures diminish, sighs of relief and page space for sports and activities, comments of apprehension are exchanged. broader coverage of the academic aspects l hope they like it, and Don't you think of Alpena High, and a three -coloredcover, the book is better this year are common designed by our own staff. among staff members. Forty-five students have been involved in the preparation of this year's annual, with assistance from nu- merous other individuals. E 1 'L l , 'fl Under the competent leadership of Sue Doyle, editor-in-chief, the WILDCAT staff this year went to work to produce the biggest and best paper ever. These people, working on an in- dividual basis, took more responsibilities upon themselves and by the end of the year were turning out extremely good papers, needing very little assistance from Mr. Miesen. This, the ANAMAKEE staff feels, is a clear example of growth. The Hi -Y club has a very active schedule throughout the school year, They handle the foot- ball programs, are sponsors ofthe Student vs . Faculty basketball game, and donate to various fund raising projects, but their greatest deed is helping out the Pied Piper Center. All mem- bers say Our purpose is 'To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. ' HI-Y EXCITED ABOUT NEW SlSTERS This year a new club, the Tri Hi-Y Club, has sprung up to become one of our more active clubs . With much help and supervision from the Hi -Y Club, these girls have had a very good beginning toward reaching their goal--creating, maintaining and extending throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of living. Under the capable leadership of their president, Arlene Friedberg, the girls have worked together with the Hi -Y to contribute to the Pied Piper Center and deliver Christmas packages for the Salvation Army, on their own, they have sponsored candy sales, a fashion show, a Hootenany and gift -buying for people at Pierce's Nursing Home. The other officers are Sue Green, vice presidentg Sara Wilson, sec- retaryg Mary Runkel, treasurerg Dot Minton, Chaplain, Chris Bastow, student council: and Miss Westerberg and Mrs. Holcomb, sponsors. Latin ll N B Presidents: Affiliated with the National and State or ganizations of the junior Classical League the six Latin Clubs were created to pro mote an interest in Latin to gain a more thorough knowledge of the ancient Roman world and to gain a better understanding of the cultural and practical values of Latin Holding monthly meetings during class periods the Latin Clubs activities include the presentation of an educational program at each meeting, observance of National Latin Week in April, sale of the annual edition of the FAX ROMANO, and a Roman banquet. This year the Latin Club presented a State of Michigan flag to the school. Howard Higgens Sandra Zies man Latin I: Presidents: Tom Allen Kevin Koch Cathy Stump Lat in Ill: Pre s ident : Mike Darnton 9 fa ,- -1 i,-- . - AL, After being fairly inactive last year, the Future Nurses accomplished many things this year, these beingzcandy sales, several trips to the Alpena General Hospital for observations, a trip to Hurley Hospital and a visit by a professionally registered nurse who presented an informative lecture and movie on nursing. The girls feel that their activities this year have given them great opportunities for advancement in their chosen field. To promote Christian fellowship, to encourage Bible reading and discussion, and to serve others are the main objectives of the Bible Club, which is sponsored by Mr. joula, Mr. Mase, and Mr. Olsen. Carrying these objectives into action, the members of the Bible Club participate in group discussions, trips to the convalescent home, and social outings. Also, this year the sponsoring of a Korean orphan is an interesting project of the club. Meeting every second and fourth Wednesday, the Bible Club welcomes any interested person to participate . FUTURE NURSES President - -Edie Zielaskowski Vice president- -Sandy Rhoads Secretary - -Carol Meske Treasurer - -Kitty Zielaskowski Student council- -jackie Stosik Sponsor - -Mrs . Fell BIBLE CLUB President - -Pam Smith Vice president - -Linda Riley Secretary - -Sue Schmitz Treasurer - -Glenda Reiser Student council- -Dan Schwenke With this year being its second year in existence, the Co-op Club has a greatpur- pose in mind, that being To develop leadership, unity, and exchange of ideas. During the year they raise money for their annual dance and have charity food gather- ings for the needy people in this area. My Ae 5. og, W 4. GREGGITE9 'Q L 1 ,iq iw., The purpose of this organization is to help potential secretaries find their place in the business world. This year the Greggites sold basketball homecoming buttons the profits from which treated them to dinner. Mrs. Derthick is their sponsor. Officers include: Joyce johnson, pres.g Ber- nice Swartzinske, vice pres. 3 Kay Hartman, sec., Dixie Minke, treas. 3 Anna Szymanski, student councilg and Karen Scheen, alternate. APPRECIATION THROUGH BOOKS To further service to the community and the school, and set an example by helping others: with these thoughts in mind, the SLAAM Club has carried out its activities for the year by observing National Library Week, showing movies at Pierce's Nursing Horne, and sponsoring a children's story hour each Saturday morning. We can also attribute the work as library cadets in our public library to these SLAAM members. iamwamsmsmwumuwrwgiw '1amauJamwmiwiv11fi1mu Q L , i S.L.A.A.M. CLUB GREAT BOOKS CLUB One of the newer clubs at A.H.S., the Great Books Club, which is in its third year, was formed to give the accelerated student who enjoys reading an op- portunity to express himself. Meeting every second Friday, the Club holds an informal discussion in which the students present their ideas and express their opinions about the novel being studied. Through this discussion under the direction of Mr. Kelly, the stu- dents gain a better understanding of the mastery of well-known authors. ff O 'U',.9 HILARITY-ENQIONT . rl-uf Mmousns gg: The Masquers Club, sponsored by Mr. Stenberg, strives to gain a more thorough knowl- edge, appreciation, and enjoyment of dramaticsg also to entertain and serve others. THE BAD SEED, a smashing success, was the Masquers annual presentation. The suspense play poses the question of whethera seemingly sweet and innocent eight year old girl is responsible for the fatal accidents of those around her. This year's officers are Roberta Kannowski, president, Carole Kearly, vice president, Bonnie Kihn, secretary, Norine Reynolds, treas- urerg Randy Lee Larson, student council. its '5 .5 f A ... ,mv ,.f, -.1,,.A,,-wield., DRAMA PORTRAY9 ENGLISH SOCIETY A comedy of manners, The Rivals , by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, was presented by the senior class November 18-20. The production, directed by Miss Blanche Hoc- kett, proved that 1965 teenagers would study and skillfully interpret English life, manners, and humors of 1775. The cast members were Charlie Tovey, Fag, a servantgjoe Smith, Captain jack Absolute, in love with Lydia Languish, Kathy Glen- nie, Art Shotwell, Faulklandg Randy Lar- son, Bob Acres, a country bumpking Duane Cardwell, Sir Anthony Absoluteg joan Neff, Lucy, a maid, Bonnie Kihn, julia Melvilleg DarylKline, Mrs. Malapropg Grant Werth, Sir Lucius O'Triggerg jim Krostue, David a servantg Mark Shotwell, bootblackg jan- ice Damoth and Karen Cadarette, pages. The crew included stage manager, Dave Bannan prompter, Louise Luebkeg Karen Van Schoick Carol Kearly, Mary Kay Edgleyg Linda Christie Grace Sharpg Lynn Kesterkeg Walter Wexel and Miss Denyce Duncan, C.M.U. student teacher .lz Throughout our school year, these members learn many things about the conservation and natural resources of our country through guest speakers or on one of their many field trips . They learn safety devices fespecially gun safetyjgand who do you think gives us the won- derful food at our football games? CDNSERVATION CLUB FUTURE FARMERS Under Mr. Bartow, their new en- thusiastic sponsor, the Future Farmers have reached their highest goals ever this year by developing competent, ag- gressive rural, and agricultural leadership. They placed first in the parliamentary district discussion panel at Alcona and Standish and from there they proceeded to the state finals. v-v 5 5-uv - 4 w- 1 Na- The main purpose of the Ski Club is to give students of our high school the chance to have fun together doing the thing that all of them enjoy-- skiing. Their achievements this year have been an overnight trip to Trav- erse City fshown abovej and a party at Mt. Maria. The Ski Club hopes to leave the door open to a great world of outdoor entertainment for those who would like to join them. VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club, under the leadership of Rondeau, Treas .gjack McCoy, Sergeant-at-Armsg tions to offer qualified boys the status of varsity, pective members, and to encourage participation are the sale of huge, red apples at noontime, the 5 sua cms President - -Arland Donald Vice pres. - -John Davison Secretary - -Sue Hayes Treasurer - -Kathy Dailey Student Council- -Mike O 'Brien Sponsor - -Mr . Gillespie , gb , . ' m. Andy Eggan, Pres .3 john Reide, Sec .3 Doug and Harvey Marlatt, Student Council, func- to present a competitive stimulant to pros- in all sports . Among their various projects sponsorship of the noon hour movies, and a jaunt to Cobo I-Iall to view a sports event, Sponsors are Mr. Yedinak and Mr, Dennis. QE 9.5 The Pep Club this year has undertaken a change in its constitution stating that in the coming year, ten cheerleaders will be sponsored and outfitted in new uniforms. Besides this, the club has urged the teams to victory with posters in our halls, put on skits for our Homecoming assemblies, and sponsored the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. With these activities, Pep Club has main- tained its objective--to promote pep among the students at Alpena High. THE PEP . . . 1 WE'VE G01 IT- LET'9 KEEP IT- DON'T LOSE IT- WE NEED m President--Sue Doyle Vice President--Chris Bastow Secretary--Jean Lawrence Tre asurer--Starla Bedford Student Council--Rhea McKay Sponsor--Mrs. Bedford ENJOYMENT IN BOWLING Although G.A.A. is not functioning this Q, year, there are many girls who have been Qc A1 ena Hi h.S BO S Bowlin Club has - - wr NJ P g Y 3 mteresgid enough in bowlmgs Colgmue tgisvfgl, QP- combined this year with Catholic Central's Sport- GY Practice every urs ayhnii ' '. CHM The boys involved in bowling leagues during Working toward tournament time W ic isle fe ff - held at different times in the year. The top ,xZ tQZf5fkQ,li1Z 335525 Ziisgggtaiis Cggigilggyiezrggjg ' ' K5 . . ' . . , gZzlgfg'snth1S Year are Dot Mmton and Sue ffl! I 1,QTi-ighttlc heads the scoring columnwhile ' ,K X f 'qSte early heads the column for most ii!! fi gtttiersballs per game. At the end of the l ik sea on the boys will be put into their re- Jjqvspective school leagues to compete for a J Jvilt ,av L61 x , U Ya gotta beat this game somehow. Nothing like III told you guys I Could do it!-1 starting half-way down the alley. 179 Bes'r Wishes from Peter Tclrapclfcu cmd Charles Mc:cMc1hon Jr The first 12 years are the hardest You've spent most of these years in learning how to learn. ln your future education, whether it's college a skilled trade or business, we wish you the very best MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY ,Wifi fifiif Mu VJ H 0, ,ei ,P X J 50 0 0.3 'N LUN if ,Sli if Us i f ,QW Jw 'J 1, 5 1 . i 3' N X W2 W 'JUQQY cf L X H-U - . VJ V M' Y A Nw ci Banking Is Our Business Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SPENCE BROTHERS QZW M293 General Contractors ofthe New High School Q u H The Steve Kruchko Co. Drayton Plains, Michigan h Plumbing 8. Heating Contractors for the New Alpena High School With Qualify Clothing and Footwear for the Enflre Family THE PHOTO CENTER Milo G . Bursfon Wayne D. Thomas 229 Chisolm St. 354-4525 TQ nw K 'II' o,' R C Q -S. ' rj QF ALPENA SAVINGS BANK K Your Full Service Bank , HarrisvilIe--Alpena--Lincoln S? , S W x you QM Q Z E be Q, ily, Q Q KD cow? ,J --gm ' I Q KJ is 1' ,, R T f7 f-f I - C Q'-75 S Q 3' W x If Q! 3 UOr,1eXofthgNeQstCM3Ebers of Ip no Q1 Q FQ? , R 1592!-Com I Bron 5 X +75 559 S335 +5g+5'fP Q' U in F Q- tIg9+QJ-naw-C 5 Q 2 +A IJQQLL mfeif-Di Q Q5E:gUXThunderB QA o es bg , LNAUNZFQQ X fi mgW,3 if New ant MX-Q w!+ f ' Americo's Favorite Family Sport Open Bowling Every Weekend I2th FRAME GRILL Enioy o Sandwich After Your Game or After a Shaw Yours in Sports ALPENA SPORTING GOODS ALPENA OIL CO., INC Distributors of SI1eII 8K Firestone Products Phone 356-I098 Washington Avenue ot Second ALPENA PRINTING STUDIO, INC. Printing Department AUSTIN LUTES LUMBER COMPANY Pmsam mms 354-4109 Quality for Less II3 S. Second Street Point--Hardware Downtown Store Building Supplies 354-4I07 5OI River Street Alpeno, Mich I I3 Second Avenue - 1 2 . 1 . , N, . , ., L . H R ,, , X '-L . Compliments of l0l4 Store Ave . Compliments of Bob Howell Ford 20l N. Third Mustang - Falcon - Fairlane - Ford 'Thunderbird Compliments TONY 8. NORM'S Men's 8- Young Men's Clothing Compliments of SHERWIN WILLIAMS Paint Distributors Makers of Super Kem-Tone 8g Kem-Glo Phone 356-T077 Alpena, Mich. Phone 354-4980 Quality Footwear GEO. MASTERS 8. SONS Downtown Alpena Congratulations from LUD'S Happy Little Hamburger Makers BALL TIRE 8. GAS Distributors Marathon Gasoline 81 Dayton Tires Compliments of NORTHEASTERN MUSIC STORE T38 S. Second Ave. SAN DERSON SAVERS SERVICE STATION Quality Gasoline and Moto For Less With Free Premiums 1301 State Street Alpena, Michigan rOil Bus. Phone 354-2760 See BEDFORD MOTOR SALES At Their New Showroom Before You Buy Any New or Used Car lAcross from the State Police Postl 2159 State St. Alpena, Mich. 9 PIEPKORN COAL Fuel Oil Ready Mix Concrete Ladies' Clothing Furniture, Floor Covering ond Appliances 109 South Second Avenue Dependable Quality 8. Service Telephone 35-4433 iP0llTlAC USED A lllADlllAlI CARS Q McCoy Pontiac-Cadillac MC?-30Ytu .Wx 33, ,V MUFFL EF I Patron List We Gratefully Acknowledge the Support of the Following People and Business Organizations Which Solicit Your Patronage . DOWNTOWN SHOE MART DeBATS APPLIANCES BANNAN FUNERAL HOME ALPENA CANDY 8. CIGAR SMITH BUS LINE M. A. COHEN HARDWARE MARTINSON'S CLOTHING KLEMENS MEN S WEAR ALPENA POWER COMPANY ggi Qs ga- N gf wr at 2 50455 F-fi DR. FRED OLES STAN'S SHARP FREEZE CLARK GAS STATION ONE HOUR MARTINIZING KRAFT PARTY STORE F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. J. C. PENNEY CO. NOWAKS ZIMMERMAN'S R. A. TOWNSEND F12 Congratulations ALPENA MUSIC CENTER ALP ENA CABLE 8g T V Northeastern Michigan's Largest 3II North Second Phone 354-4921 Band Instrument and Repair Shop Phone 354-42 I4 g, 'WL' r- NS-'V X? Q J IIIIIS1 Low Prices Everyday--Open Sunday IGA MISC HI-EY'S SHQES Table Rite Meats--Table Fresh Vegetables Groceries--Beer and Wine--Packaged Liquor Drugs--Complete Shopping Center Footwear for Every Walk of Life MG9UZI 'e5 Self-Service Dial 354-3389 Free Customer Parking Alpena--Gaylord COUTURE'S IGA FOODLIN ER 2236 U.S. 23 South Alpena l l W P GMP PICKETT'S PH RMACY N wa ASH MUSIC ' PO ww SHOP '-Y Sid TD S+ S -. our U en Uigenwml UU, Northeastern S X E Michigan's 100 S. Second Avenuelblly-D ,E Music Center ' W ..-.1. ., f---, 'Q Phone 356-l6355Q,iNl!C9J ly' Q, l O wx will 'Iii' C. FRED STEELE AGENC M ' TQ GEBHART-Momzow LUMBEP S Y Ollm 6 SUPPLY co. General Insurance Q69 CE! G0ldV5ZrIdBi.GAc59itibi Security Bonds I I0 W. Chisholm Street Alpena, Michigan Carpenter Tools--Power Tools Corner 3rd 81 Sable Phone 354-3164 G 8. A MARKET Open 7 Days a Week Cold Beverages 8. Meats Groceries 444 Ripley Blvd . The Friendly Store KENNEDY'S JEWELERS Your Fostoria Headquarters Established in 1880 Alpena 354-4303 Frigidaire Appliances YOUNG APPLIANC E CO . 107 West Chisholm Street Phone 354-8895 Alpena, Michigan ALPENA TRAVEL SERVICE World-Wide Air and Steamship Reservations--Tours 127 W. Chisholm Alpena, Michigan Phone 356-0159 DAVE 8 .IIM'S PIZZERIA A . 'v V '-fi' . . Alpena, Michigan if Best Wishes from FIRST FEDERAL :ff -ff' 'Z .f 5-:Z 'zz 5.114 1 C ., 41.53 Fl Ntv W 1-1 7 14' X fl 7 1 SAVINGS STATE AVENUE PARTY STORE Ed Kendziorski 1010 .State Avenue Alpena, Michigan SOUTH SHORE BUILDERS SUPPLY Lumber and Hardware Spred Satin Paint Phone EL 4-3154 2633 U .S. 23 South ALPENA FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. We Bring Your Home Up-to-Date Alpena, Michigan 5222800 . I We're Not Satisfied Unless You Are 'T ' ' REN E'S JEWELRY Art Carved Diamonds 200 N . Second Alpena, Michigan GOHLKE OFFICE EQUIPMENT 430 N. Second Avenue Alpena, Michigan Office Machines--Furniture--Supplies ,wrgi W viivvw .W 'vw WWXWQQNW WMQM W MSHWWM JMX WM? QQ W W Mfi NJJUND Afwigwyy Mgjgw ,ijfasg Ln Lg, 40 Q56 f' X Q . ,W-1 ' M4 W Q Wd? y V J' V V ,A,,f 'A d?2vb A A ,L 2 61,7 I 'UM Nfl irffv ' ' xgif f A f 1 '!i A' '7 , WM' xiii f 3' gf' 53w?'4 w'f'H'kHvwffWfWM:jU ,ff ,J X dwg . Qfffm' Mg nw 'fuffl If 2' f - A L aff' warn QW? '-.L Q :bg if M, My n 400 Q UA K 0 of 3, ge 272 JY? A59 .Qivgff fffv fyjzfff Mfpm 7 W Q pf A ' X' fflff . W i .x ffgffflfv 'Sf

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