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L. 1' .ft 4 12 1 ,.1 0 1' 5 K ,Q , , , a 1 xx I . , U ' A ,IEE Z 1. . In , ,1 I, x - ' 3 Cx ., g Ag . ., feI'3v.i ,ffifw ' :ea . mg -111112, 2:12354 4 3 ' 1 AJ-I 5 I ry' -- .V 4 r E'2tf?' . iii, vf1 Q v 1 r :me 'izfaffi Of' Wf 4 , J , Q 6 XXQX Q n fl ? f' X li f' Z I ' 'A f ' 4 9Q0 XX Q Q x Rf: A ' 'f,yy Y ,Ax x 4' an ,.- f' : bgxx 'X X xMi A1- M I N X My 'fm X ff Wo X xx X K 7 F ' K 46,1 1 M N vffi ' A 1' b . f Ai 11 Thesanm?mcLQSSOf '954 . f L l M mllc-QHLIIG Q1 K I. II III. IV V VI VII VIII IX X. XI XII Contents Foreword Dedication Staff Administration Seniors ' Juniors Sophomores Freshmen , Grades Athletics Activities Advertising go 'ZECAIO 16! We, the Senior Class of 1953-1954, publish this Annual hoping that it will bring back memories that we shared to- gether at Almo High School. If this book brings back at least one memory and is an inspiration to the succeeding Seniors, We will feel that our Work was not in Vain. We express our gratitude to the teachers, parents and students that have assisted in our accomplishment. Q5Jl:CClfiOl2 The Senior Class proudly dedicates this Annual to Mrs. Beurdean Wrather, the first grade teacher. Her patience and -devotion, through all these years, have greatly in- fluenced us, because she Was never too busy to aid us in any possible Way. We take this opportunity to show our appreciation, even though the dedication of this book can- not fully express our admiration for her. J I W 1 FILIFIHY fb THE WARRIOR STAFF Editor-in-Chief ...........,........i...............................,................... Dwain Herndon Associate Editor ......,.. ..,,..,w...... Y ........... ..............,..... A n n Ross Business Manager ............ ........ 4 ...... ........,........,. . . . Dan Cain Assistant Manager ., ,A.n ........,,..............,. .............,..... J o el Jackson Sports Editor ..............t,K. ............. Y ...........t ....,....... M a rvin McDaniel Sports Editor .......,...n, ............. 4 t,.......... ....... M ...... G r aves Morris Snapshot Editor .,,....Nn, .........,... W ..........,. ............ W i Ida Moody Snapshot Editor Snapshot Editor Typist ..tpd. ..,,.,.,...,,,..... Typist .......r n,......,..,r, Typist ,,r......y. Historian ..y,,,... Historian ..r.. Historian .,.,,r. , Prophet ..,,. .t,..,, Prophet Prophet ...,.,y. Poets ..... . .. Adviser ......,f ,. , June Hale ..............,....... Faye Oldham Doris Graham Marjorie MCCu1StOh Dee Bogard Allie Vance i .........,.,.,... .. Nancy Lee .....,.... Walter Schroader Ray Henderson Gus Grogan Blondie McClure Frankie McClure and J. C. Barnett Mr. W. B. Miller W 1 N N Am iwibt fmt low Fclculfg WILLIAM B. MILLER - Principal and History. Graduate of Trigg County High School and Murray State College. Has B. S. Degree with area in Social Science. Eight years teaching experience. Basket- ball Coach, Adviser to Warrior Staff and Sponsor of Senior Class. Scoutmaster of Troop No. 85. D. J. MILLER - Mathematics. Graduate of Western Kentucky State College, with graduate work at the University of Kentucky, Uni- versity of Maryland and George Washington University. Teacher and school administrator for several years. MYRTLE JONES CMrs. T. PJ - English. Graduate of Almo High School. Holds a B. S. Degree from Murray State College, with Major in English and Minor in Social Science. Twenty years teaching ex- perience. Sponsor of Freshman Class. MILTON WALSTON - Vocational Agriculture. Graduate of Almo High School. B. S. Degree from Western Kentucky Teachers College, with Minors in Biology and Chemistry. Nineteen years teaching experi- Xicfe. in Calloway County. Sponsor of Junior Class and F.F.A. viser. BERTIE VAUGHN HOIWTOIN CMrs. E. BJ - Grades Seven and Eight. Graduate of Henderson High School, Henderson, Kentucky. Bethel Wo1nan's College, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, with graduate work from Unive-rsity of Kentucky. Fourteen years teaching experience. Spon- sor of Seventh and Eighth Grades. BEURDEAN WRATHER CMrs. Raymondj - Grade One. Graduate of Murray High School. Attended Murray State College and holds a Standard Life Certificate. Twenty years teaching experience. ESTELLE McDOUGAL fMrs. Tellusl - Grade Two. Graduate of Murray High School. Attended Murray State College and holds a Standard Life Certificate. Twenty years experience. CARDELLE WALDROP CMrs. Burr? - Grades Three and Four. At- tended Murray State College. Holds a Standard Life Certificate. Eighteen years teaching experience. CLEO REDDEN fMrs. Huronb - Grades Four and Five. Graduate of Wingo High School and atten-ded Murray State College. Holds a Standard Life Certificate. Eighteen years teaching experience. PAULIND MGRAE JOHNSTON CMrs. R. AJ - Grades Five and Six. Graduate of Mayfield High School, Kentucky. A. B. and M. A. Degree from Murray State College. Fourteen years teaching experience in elementary school, high school and college. LORENE FALWELL fMissJ - Office Secretary. Graduate of Almo High School in 1947. Attended Murray State College, where she studied Elementary Education. Taught school one year. Fifth year as Office Secretary. FQCULW IQE3-54 Whois Who In The Senior Class DAN WENDAL CAIN Son of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Cain. F.F.A. Vice President '52-'53, President '53-'54, District Vice President 352353. Plays - Bolts and Nuts '51-'52, Meek But Merry '52-'53. Played basketball '50-'53. Junior President '52-'53, Senior President '53-'54. DORIS ANN GRAHAM Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Graham. Class Re- porter for two years, Class Secretary Senior year. Member of F.H.A. '52-'54, Recreation Leader '52-'53, Vice President '53-'54. Glee Club '52-'53. Plays - Bolts and Nuts '51-'52 and Meek But Merry '52-,53. ALLIE MAE VANCE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Vance. F.H.A. '52-'54, Vice President '52-'53, Historian '53-'54. Vice Presi- dent of Class '50-'51, Treasurer of Class '53-'54. Glee Club '50-'51. Plays - Meek But Merry '52-'53 and Rumors Wanted '50-'51. DWAIN LEE HERNDON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Herndon. Member of F.F.A. '50-'54. Plays - Bolts and Nuts '51-'52, Meek But Merry '52-'53. Class President '51-'52, Vice Presi- dent '53-'54. F.F.A. Reporter '53-'54. ANNA J EANE ROSS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beal. Wife of James Ross. Attended Hardin High School '50-'53. Served as Student Council Member during Sophomore year, Vice President of Class during Junior year. Played leading part in Junior Play, One Delirious Night , Class Reporter during Senior year. I CGHQUERS wr: Fifi 'fayffggy rfaffuf' ffazg 5:41 'Hoa EYIDURES Whois Who In The Senior Class RALPH MARVIN MCDANIEL Son of Mr. and Mrsg Ralph McDaniel. Conservation Club '52-'53, F.F.A. '51-'54, played basketball '50-'54, Co-Captain. MAGDELENE DEE BOGARD Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bogard. Glee Club '51-'53, Play - Meek But Merryn '52-'53, F.H.A. '50-'54. WILDA JEAN MOODY Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moody. Glee Club for three years, Girls Trio for two years. Play -- Meek But Merry '52-'53, F.H.A. Reporter '52-'53, F.H.A. Treasurer '53-'54. WANDA JUNE HALE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hale. Class Secretary '49-'50, Plays -- Bolts and Nuts '51-'52, Meek But Merry '52-'53, Cheerleader '51-'54, Member of F.H.A. '53-'54. ' GRAVES WARD MORRIS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Morris. Secretary of Con- servation Club '52-'53, F.F.A. '50-'54, Treasurer of F.F.A. '52-'53. Plays - Bolts and Nuts and Meek Eut5Merry . Played basketball '50-'54, Co-Captain ' 3-' 4. WU! XN TAIZQ dqjfiyng ,,', , xt -YZF 29 f V77 1 f lid' fi of 0048 Who's Who In The Senior Class MARJORIE NELL MCCUISTON Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. B. McCuiston. 'Glee Club for three years, Trio in '51-'52, F.H.A. for two' years, Secretary in '52-'53. Play - Meek But Merry '52-'53. WALTER. SCHROADER Son of Mr. Stanfard Schroader. Member of F.F.A. '50-'54. Played basketball Freshman year. RAY JR. HENDERSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Henderson. Member of F.F.A. '50-'54, Reporter '52-'53, Treasurer of Sopho- more Class. Play - Meek But Merry '52-'53, JOEL DEAN JACKSON Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jackson. F.F.A. '50-'54. Plays - Bolts and Nuts and Meek But Merry '52-'53. NANCY ANN LEE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garvis Lee. Started with Class of '50-'51. A member of F.H.A. '52-'54. 5 1 xx-mffif ff ,Wz'mzzfZ'mzf 'kjagf A sgzimdfff sl,-mx!! ff Who's Who In The Senior Class BLONDIE MCCLURE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred McClure. Went to Murray High before he came to Almo. Started to Almo second semester of '53. Is in the F.F.A. FRANKIE JUNE MILLER MCCLURE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller and Wife of Blondie McClure. In the play Bolts and Nuts '51-'52. GUS GROGAN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Olkman Grogan. Started with the Class of '50. Has been in F.F.A. all four years. WILMA FAE OLDHAM LOCKHART Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Oldham. Glee Club for two years. Bolts and Nuts '51-'52, Meek But Merry '52-'53. F.H.A. for two years, Historian '52-'53, Secretary '53-'54, Reporter of class Junior year. JAMES CALVIN BARNETT Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Barnett. F.F.A. for four years. Bolts and Nuts '51-'52. t , J?0lf?!li M difillf fZ arz5' Frye WZQQUZF Senior Class Hisiorg On the 25th of August, 1950, a new life for us started. On that day we became' Freshmen, with our grade school hopes and dreams of entering high school coming true. There were thirty-three enrolled in our class. Our class officers were as follows: President, Dan Cain, Vice Presi- dent, Allie Mae Vance, Secretary and Treasurer, June Hale, Reporter, Doris Graham. Mrs. Margaret McRee was chosen as our sponsor. Our attendant to the Basketball Queen wa s Doris Graham. We were represent- ed on the ball team by Jackie Geurin, Graves Morris, J. C. Barnett, Junior Calson, Rudy Lovett, Dan Cain, Marvin McDaniel, Walter Schroader, Leroy Todd, Jimmy Haley and Garry Lee Wicker. At the beginning of our Silly Sophomore year we were honored to have Estherlee Harkleroad join our class. Jr. Garrison was the only one not to return. Sue Russell dropped out of school during the last six weeks of the first semester. We chose Mrs. Don Howell as our sponsor. We were honored to have June Hale, one of our classmates, elected cheer- leader. Graves Morris, Marvin McDaniel, Jackie Geurin, Leroy Todd and Dan Cain represented us in basketball. Our class- officers were: Presi- dent, Dwain Herndon, Vice President, Sue Russell, Secretary, June Hale, Treasurer, Ray Junior Henderson. l We started our Jolly Junior year by choosing lVlr. Milton Walston as our sponsor. We were sorry to lose the following students: Rudy Lovett, Esterlee Harkleroad, Norma Boswell, Norma Thorn, Anna Lou McKinney and Katie Compton. During our Christmas holidays one of our classmates, Frankie Miller, was married. We were very happy to have her husband, Blondie McClure, join our class. We were represented on the ball club by Marvin McDaniel, Jackie Geurin, Graves Morris and Dan Cain. We were honored to have June Hale elected cheerleader from our class. Our class officers were: President, Dan Cain, Vice President, Katie Compton, Secretary, June Hale, Treasurer, Doris Graham., Reporter, Faye Oldham, and Watch Dog, Joel Jackson. The day we have looked forward to is now at hand with twenty en- rolled. One of our classmates, Faye Oldham, married Bobby Lockhart, a former student, during the Christmas holidays. We were honored to have Ann Ross, from Hardin, to join our class at the beginning of the school year. We chose our class officers as follows: President, Dan Cain, Vice President, Dwain Henderson, Secretary, Doris Graham, Treasurer, Allie Mae Vance, and Reporter, Ann Ross. The boys who participated in basketball from the Senior Class were: Graves Morris and Marvin Mc- Daniel. We were glad to have June Hale elected cheerleader from our class. The sponsor for our Senior year is Mr. Bill Miller. Class Prophecy It is the year 1980. Ray Junior, Gus and I, Blondie, are traveling through the Sahara Desert searching for lost Pyramids. We have been without food or water for hours and the sun is beaming down on us. We can feel our bodies becoming weak and our minds weary. Finally we can go no further, we sit down to rest. Gus and Ray have blacked out. In my mind I see things out of the past. I remember meeting my former classmates as we were traveling over the U.S.A. on our way to the desert. Much to our surprise we found Walter Schroader, who is now manager of Calumet Farm, the largest in Kentucky, and is now training his famous race horse, Spit Fire , for the Kentucky Derby. As we travel to Nevada we go into a doughnut shop there and we meet two more classmates, Wilda Moody and Nancy Lee. They are perfecting a holeless doughnut for people who want to get their money's worth. We leave the doughnut shop and we see a sign reading, Fortunes Told By Madam Hale . We find that it is none other than our classmate, June Hale. June tells us that another classmate, Dee Bogard, has married and is living with her husband and four children in Dexter, Kentucky. We move over to Texas to take in the Texas State Rodeo and who did we see first, but Joel Tex Jackson, on Blue Flash . He is competing for the cowboy champion- ship of the world. As we travel through Colorado we meet our former classmate, Dan Cain, in Denver. We find that he is the owner of Cain's Cadillac Sales , which is the largest Cadillac Agency in the world. He told us he has just got the contract to deliver the new Cadillac for the President of the U.S. at the White House. Dan tells us our old classmate, Faye Oldham, has just received her R.N. from Belleview Hospital in New York. She is in New York while her husband is in the Army. Then we move over to California. There we stopped at a restaurant in Santa Monica to have lunch. Who should be the owner but Marjorie McCuiston, who is operating the restaurant until her husband returns from the Air Force, then they will go back to Kentucky and farm. fContinuedJ Class Prophecg We traveled to the coast where we met my old friend, J. C. Barnett and his lovely Wife, the former Doris Graham. J. C. is now owner of Salt City Fishing Fleet largest fish- ing fleet in the world. Doris is now President of the ex- clusive Salt City Ladies Club. We came to Los Angeles and as we looked through the Los Angeles Times we happened to notice that the editor is none other than Dwain Herndon. He has been the editor of that paper for the last five years. We find his star reporter, Ann Ross, is now enroute to Paris to meet With a famous Paris designer, Allie Mae Vance, who will furnish Ann with a report on women's fashions for the coming year. A loud noise fills my ears, everything grows dim, and suddenly I feel myself being pulled back to earth. I find myself sitting in my own living room with my old pals Gus and Ray Junior, sound asleep over a game of poker. I wake them up quickly and we hide the poker cards because my wife, Frankie, and our twin boys have returned from shopping. 67 Senior Class Will I We, the Senior Class of 1954, Knot of sound minds as you all knowb will to the Junior Class our loud and roudy Ways. Hoping that they can stay out of trouble as Well as we have. To the Sophomores we leave our kiddish ways, giggling jokes and other things we don't need to carry with us. n To the Qsmallj Freshmen Class we leave our sparkling personalities hoping they will have as much fun in their four years of school as we have. I, Dee Bogard, will my sparkling personality to Fannie Scott. I, Nancy Lee, will my ability to flirt with other girls' boyfriends to Rachel Thorn. I, Dan Cain, will my big ears to Jackie Thorn, knowing that it can't hurt his looks. I, Doris Graham, will my ability to get excited at ball games to Barbara Tucker, hoping she will have as much fun as I did. I, James Barnett, will my ability to keep library books overdue to Heavy Hopkins. I, Ray Henderson, will my ability to flirt with the girls to Willie Jackson. XI, Gus Grogan, will my ability to play hookie from school to Brooks Duncan. I, Joel Jackson, will my marvelous physique to Clifton Edwards. I Walter Schroader, will my quiet disposition to Joyce Bizzell. I, Graves Morris, will my position as co-captain on the basketball team to Derrall Lockhart. I, Blondie McClure will my ability to drive the school bus to Speedy Jones. I, Ann Ross, Will my ability to capture a husband to Helen Mason. QHere's hoping she succeeds.J I, Frankie McClure, will my ability to boss my husband to Daphene Herndon. I, June Hale, fof sound mind as you all knowj will my ability to be a professional skater to Mary Boyd. I, Faye Lockhart, will my ability to be a housewife to Jean Futrell. I, Dwain Herndon, leave my ability to say the Wrong thing at the Wrong time to Geraldine Wilson. I, Marvin McDaniel, will my ability to be co-captain of the basket- ball team to Jackie Thorn. I, Wilda Moody, will my ability to go with blonds to Gail Tucker. I, Marjorie McCuiston, will my ability to sing professionally to Jean Graham. I, Allie Vance, Ccomposed of everything imaginablej do hereby will my ab1l1ty to flirt with Junior boys to Shirley Duncan, hoping she succeeds. Class Paem of '53-'54 Soon the flowers will be in bloom, And the song birds sing a merry tune. To our minds comes a special date, For we, the Seniors, will graduate. As Freshmen we were full of fun, When Mr. Miller appeared we wanted to run. We tried to act big, as though we were grown, We probably acted like babies at home. But our Sophomore year found us bold, We thought we were very wise and very old. Although we were full of fun and told a few jokes After all we acted like dignified folks. Our Junior year we were very jolly, And we looked back at our past follies. There was that Algebra we almost flunked, And to us English was a lot of bunk. We have struggled for four long years, Through labor, happiness, sorrow and tears. And at last we have finished our deed, From dear old high school we are freed. We soon will enter upon the road of life alone. Some of us will travel far from home, But in our hearts are written these words, Getum Warriors, scalp them birds. Frankie McClure J. C. Barnett A 1 i , L Q Quan- - 2 fe Q 4 U I ,zngeew J 4.1414 rin ' - ,6ufd-'PW dfrwf W - . .. . ing lj ti-. - ' ' 'K F' 204410, ff ? ,,Z.4,w,v7? 7- 1 9,4 Km! 'WW- 6'fgpav81-l- 166144- wwiow J UNIORS First Row - Larry Dumas, Geraldine Wilso B can, M ' ' n, rooks Dun- arvln Scott Fannie Scott d , an James R. Overby Se cond Row --Gerald Smith, George Compton, Martha Sheppard Jackie Thorn D , , aphene Herndon and Asher Jones. Third Row - Sue Mathis, Harold Jones, David Reed, Allene Miller, Kelsie Hooks and Ruth Bagwell. Fourth Row - Eiulane Burkeen, Bobbie Clark, Gene Ernestberger, Betty Cope, Jerry Edwards and Durward Bennett. Fifth Row - Henry Towery D , errall Lockhart, Jean Futrell, Dwain McClard, Willie Jackson and Ronald Pace. -1 , '-f .- A ' ' V 8' hx I 1 V 1 f X . K , 'I 4- W . A S . A I I t. Z, Y I f a A I . a N4 t X ' ' V , W ' , .-fy x , I X ' 1 . I N , X Q if lx V' - ' 'I f+.l. W ,ff S , 1 5,1 v '1 Sl I A - 4 ' V 1 A X J L K 'mf' A , ' 1 ' PP ' ' x J ' I 1 'n -.ay g H O Junlor Class Hlstorg Pres1dent Dwam McClard V106 Presldent Derrall Lockhart Secretary W1ll1e Jackson Reporter Ronald Pace On August 24th 1951 we entered school as the Green Freshmen of Almo Hlgh There were forty enrolled 1n our class Our offlcers elected v cle as follows Presldent Ronald Pace V1ce Pres1dent Margaret Washer Secretary Dwaln McClard Treasurer Daphene Herndon Re porter Eulane Burkeen Our class chose Mr D J M1ller as thelr sponsor We were pleased to have one of our classmates Margaret Washer elected cheerleader We presented the play Blackfaee Mmstrel We were represented 1n basketball by Jerry Edwards Marvln Scott Bobby Schroader Derrall Lockhart Eulane Burkeen Dwa1n McClard george Clark Kels1e Hooks Vvlllle Jackson Martm Wells and Jack1e orn Our Sophomore year we entered school wlth thlrty s1X students en rolled Soon Ruth Bagwell Davld Reed James Overby and Romana C6011 Jomed our class Our off1cers for the year were Ronald Pace Pres1dent Derrall Lockhart V106 Presldent W1ll1e Jackson Secretary and Treasurer DWZIH McClard Reporter We elected Mrs E B Howton as our class sponsor Agam we were very glad to have Ruth Bagwell elected cheer leader from our class We presented the play Aron Sl1ck From Punk1n Cr1ck We were represented on the ball team by Kelsxe Hooks Derlall Lockhart DWa1n McClard Martln Wells James Overby Jack1e Thorn, W1ll1e Jackson Dav1d Reed and Ronald Pace We started our Junlor year choosmg Mr Mllton Walston as our sponsor We have thlrty one enrolled 1n our class The followlng' stu dents d1d not return Bobby Schroader Gerald1ne Hopk1ns Laurnell Hop k1ns Roy W1ll1ams Romana Cecxl and Pat Threatt We elected Bobby Clark and Ruth Bagwell as cheerleaders for the followmg year We were represented on the ball team by Kelsle Hooks Derrall Lock hart, Dwaln McC1ard, Martln Wells, James Overby Jackle Thorn Dav1d Reed and Ronald Pace Treasurer ........ , .......................... .... .......................... .................. J e a nnene Futrell U , , , , W n V' A N I I 1 1 Q A I 9 ' S 9 Q 9 . . ' , . . . . . W 2 9 66 ' 79 . , . ' . 2 U . ' 1 , 1 q q , n , A n , 3 7 9 . . Z , S . 7 S 7 g X ' , I 1 Q I Y . X it 1 n - . - v l , ' , I 1 n 0, . . ! . ! 7 X D , . n I . 0 1 : l , l ' , - s r ' l ' . . ' . - , '- ! ! f ph 0 More Sophomore Class History President .............,. . ..... ......... C harles McCuiston Vice President ........... ...................... B ob Parrish Secretary ...........,....... ............ M yrtle Mathis Treasurer ............. .......... ............... ................ L a r ry Woodall Reporter .......................................................................................... Pauline Burkeen At the beginning of a new school year We became Sophomores. Last year we had thirty-eight in our Freshman Class. We were glad to have Myrtle Mathis, from Hardin, join our class this year. Mr. D. J. Miller is our sponsor. We were honored to have Barbara Tucker, one of our classmates, elected cheerleader, also Joyce Bizzell and Mary Boyd as alternatecheer- leaders. Eugene Herndon, Charles McCuiston, Larry Woodall, Daniel Pritchett and Pat Johnston represented us in basketball. We are looking forward to our Junior year. SOPHOMORES First Row - Bob Parrish, Charles McCuiston, Myrtle Mathis and Mary Boyd. Second Row - Larry Woodall, Daniel Pritchett, Pauline Burkeen, Gene Herndon, Joyce Bizzell and William Cothran. Third Row - Marjorie Wilkinson, Barbara Edmonds, Don Burkeen, Oretha Witty, Jerry Jackson and Barbara Tucker. ' Fourth Row - Sainmie Puckett, Shirley Lovett, Pat Johnston, Shirley Turner, Jeanetta Herndon and Jeanne Garrison. Fifth Row -- J ula Thorn, Jerry Starks, Maudie Carr, Sue Parrish, Thressa Overby and Sue Morrison. QYQO 40 lu-K t: Y X 'xlib BX l x f fi 5.x X X I . - Q- sh -3 O E31 f ': i 5 QS' 1 . lx N' M 6.14 U 'J If A 4 ,X T A , r-'R jf .41 ' V. ... iw G. J ' r ef :L Ev xl-N '-. 'full V I 'X ' g ' 2 - ., 1,4 .... -if gre Awww l Freshman Class History President ............................. ............... E dd Walston Vice President ........ - ............... .................... K enneth Coy Secretary-Treasurer ............ ..... ..... ..,... ......... . J a n ice Arteberry Reporter ......,. ...................,...............................e............e.................. T thomas Reeves On August 24, 1953, we entered school as the Green Freshmen. There were forty-nine enrolled in our class. The class chose Mrs. Jones as our sponsor. We were pleased to have one of our classmates elected as cheerleader. Some of the boys of our class had the honor of making the basket- ball squad. They were: Charles Peeler, Earl Phillips, Thomas Reeves, Bobby Pritchett, Melvin Smith, Jerry Roberts, Clifton Edwards and Jerry Arteberry. The managers were out of the Freshman Class also. They are Edd Walston and Bobby Johnson. FRESHMEN First Row - Edd Walston, Kenneth Coy, Emma Lou Roberts, Janice Arte- berry, Thomas Reeves, Glenn Morris and Daytha Jackson. Second Row - Jimmy Garland, Earl Phillips, Ola Burkeen, Ronald Hop- kins, Deloris Parrish, -Glenn Harris and Betty Steele. Third Row - Laura Barnett, Charles Roberts, Dorothy Eldridge, Jerry Arteberry, June Copeland, Charles Peeler and La Vanda Collins. Fourth Row - Bobby Johnson, Janice Jones, Donnie Newberry, Glenda Elkins, Jimmy Schroader, Gertrude Bogard and Dan Hale. Fifth Row - Rachel Thorn, Clifton Edwards, Mary Eldridge, Jerry Roberts, Doris Stewart, Linda West and Rex Donelson. Sixth Row - Bobby Herndon, Shirley Duncan, Melvin Smith, Ila Hopkins, Ann Roberts, Jean Graham and Charles Bynum. Seventh Row - Sally Lovett, Owen Morrison, Mozell Miller, Shirley Ben- nett, Gloria Mitts, Wanda Morrison and Lochie Boyd. A S I Qgf' ' 'L 1 I lg -1, X ' . , X , 4-' 1 ' k y fy .2 .1- SC' E N ' V g' ' J--is 3' fx: 'SL S V . . S5 Q rs A 3' 7 g ge' qi ' .fb i 1 Qi-, - E X N T2 E 5,2 ,' L, 1' , N- +. V M x--3 . X, X N. if 4- .1 N . 1 U X I ' f ' X , Q v , N 2' , 'N 33, A? L A A I ,, , Ku . N H . . . 1 . 1 . X wx 4- 'Q fr , ' Au L N ' U' X' !!.--1::1-- 'i ' Hifi' f 15 L' 1 4- G. 4 5' A 5 ' Q. 5. Y ' ' V 'Ns y 1 V .K , ' X AL 5' 51 3 55 .Q X- F- V A 1 X I vu A i 5' -: V 44 Nav Y ' 0 XX If .I affix- H 1 'Cixi -4 ' - ' X , ' 11 1' fp 5 Q M 'VN , TT5 , ' -s 1. ' --L 'Tiki' H , ,j..'-,A -- ,. 1 X 'gp 1 gg, l k I x i i ph? IA T X , ' 7' ' 0 fhftf. gfaffffffzzlffiaazr QW f,mf54fZff,,f2f fefffvf Zi anicgfifi jfidfv ! ,751 WQMKKYZJM Z1.4frZrzf7aff71'7fQj'fanf45 .Wfi Wf'mzz,51.4fZ?,?'f'n,vf fl I .f.,f,,ff,,f,f,,,, f Ci. Lf Qfflrfjyf.-? ,Z270f7Z fZiQ21f2'z1z!i977z1f' 1ffl'.jJf1a0Z9: .Wine Waifffmam 71 lf: ffifab Ark leticb Sports The Warriors lost four boys from the first five. The only boys back with varsity experience were Derrall Lock- hart, Graves Morris, Martin Wells and Marvin McDaniel, who saw action as subs last year. This year some of the papooses have become Warriors and should play some good ball before the season ends. These are the remaining boys who went out for basketball: Dwain McClard, Jackie Thorn, Gene Herndon, Kelsie Hooks, Ronald Pace, Daniel Pritchett, Thomas Reeves, Robert Overbey, David Reed, Charles McCuiston, Jerry Roberts, Bobby Pritchett, Pat Johnson, Melvin Smith, Larry Wood- all, Larry Dumas, Earl Phillips, Clifton Edwards, Charles Roberts and Charles Peeler. October 23 Bardwell .............. ........ A lmo 30 Lynn Grove .......... ........ A lmo November 6 Concord ....,....... Almo 14 Kirksey ............ Almo 17 Brewers ........... Almo 24 Salem ,.......... ......... A lmo 30 Lynn Grove ............ Almo December 4 Murray Training ........ Almo 8 Benton .............................. Almo 11 Cayce .........,........ .......... A lmo 15 Fulgram .........,.. Almo 22 Bardwell ,..,...,. Almo January 8 Graham .... ,..... A lmo 12 Benton ...... ..,.,........... A lmo 16 Salem .......,...........................,....... Almo 21 Murray Training' .................. Almo 25-30 Calloway Tournament Lynn Grove ................................ Almo February 2 Hazel ......,.............. Almo 5 Lynn Grove ............ Almo 9 Brewers ................ Almo 13 Concord ............ Almo 19 Cayce ........ Almo 20 Kirksey ...... .. Almo 26 Fulgham ......... ..,...,............................ ,....... A 1 mo March 1-6 4th District Tournament 50'!API'HllY ' 7 iff. F6752 'ffl Wfary Zarianz llifff ff Fai? 4 50 iff Q L P 'NVQ Tx fa a flmflff azzn7f7fZ?zf!fz.7ei,h2Q4f,a1 ALMO HIGH 1 The Almo Warriors sounded al loud war hoop after they got the, ball rolling in Friday night's vic-l tory against the Lynn Grove Wildcats. Coach Bill Miller is building a Warrior squad of play- ers in which he has only six boys left from last year's team. Almo, playing on their own hardwood, got back on their feet? after taking a rough defeat last Friday night when Bardwell low- ered the boom. They defeated the Cats by a margin of 10 points,. 61-52. A 1 At the end of the first stanzal Almo snapped up the lead 10-19.! In the second quarter Almo con-I tinued to string out the margin 16 points to 8. At half time the score was 18 favor of Almo. Lynn Grove came back in the third period to cut Almo's lead, to ll markers. The Wildcats collapsed to the Warriors in the last quarter, 62 to 52. Morris, Senior, a Center posi-1 tion took the scoring crown of the, game and put up 19 markers for! the Warriors. Miller from Lynn- Grove took high honors of 111 ipoints. i Score by Quarters: Almo ..................,... 19 35 46 62 'Lynn Grove ............ 10 18 35 52 i Individal scoring: Q Almo sz 1 l Forwards: Wells 6, Lockhart' 110, overby 4. - i Centers: Morris 19, Hendon 5.1 Guards: Thoin ll,xPretchett 6.1 Lynn Grove 52 1 Forwards: Williams 7, Cook 9,1 Adams 10. Center: Ford 5. . Guards: Miller ll, Darnell 7,' Cochrum. ,Inv the' Almo-ruighsi-51 'same' played at Fulgham, Almo lead at me end of the first half 46-aa, but the margin was only one Point for Almo when the final horn sounded. Morris made 22 D0lUt5 for Alm03 but House' Fulgrfam guard, hit the net for 29 P01015 for leading scorer for the night. 1 The following is the quarter finals and individual scoring for. the two games: , ' Y V Almo 1841 . 1. .Li 1 Forwards: Wells 13. Lockhart' 17. Center: Morris 22. I Guards: Thorn 18. MCD3me1'9- Reeves 5. i Flllgham 1831 L Forwards: Hawks 18. Afaflt 5' Center: Wilmuth 17. Guards: House 29. Huflkins 3- Bone 2, Flatt 3. ALMO 59. CAYCE 51 ALMO, Ky.. Doc. ll-Almo ovcr- ramc a halftime deficit. to beat. Cayce 59-51 here tonight. Sparkcd by Darrel Lockhart with 24 points, the Warriors Olli.SCOI'f'd Cayce by 19 points to ll points in the final period to take the clccl- sion. Almo .....,. ...... 1 1 23 40 59 Cayce ............ 11 26 40 51 Almo 1591 Forwards: Wells 13, Lockhart 24. Center: Morris 18. Guards: McDaniel 2, Reeves 2. Cayce 1511 Forwards: Sccarce 10, Lawson 2, Brown 5. ' Center: Batts. Guards: McClanahan 17, Curlin 12, R. Scearce 5. Kirksey brops film!! :By 59-49 Score . ALMO, Ky., Feb. so-Kirkser der ' feated Almo here tonight. 59-49- Klrksey went into an early lead' and stayed ahead. Lockhart, Almo forward. E09 20 for the losers to take scorl-HE YIOH' gffieey 29 44 59 Almo .... . ....... .. 9 14 29 49 Kinsey C595 , Forwards: Beane 18, 12,901-'95 2- Center: Parker 10. Guards: Gibbs 8. Watson 10.: Bibbs 6, Reeder 3. Smile 2- I Almo C493 I Forwards: Lockhart 20, Thom? 5' Center: Herndon 8. Guards: Morris 5. McD0n9-lil 4. Reed 2, McClard 1. , A HAZEL 54, ALMO 51' . V , 1 HAZEL, Ky.-Walter Byers and Bruce Wilson connected in 'the' ' fourth quarter to pull Hazel out- of a third-quarter deficit and pace, . the Lions to a. 54-51 win over they Almo Warriors Tuesdayfnlght. 1 .It was the first win in three starts for Coach Garrett Beshea.r's lteam. , In pre-game ceremonies the Woodmen of the World, repre- sented by Tom Scuggs, presented Hazel with S200 to pay for school playground equipment. The four point deficit at the ' end of the third period was the only time Hazel trailed during the game. Hazel led 34-30 at halftime. I Darrell Lockhart led the Almo scoring with 21 points. Hazel .1 ............. 17 34 41 54 Almo .............. 15 30 45 51 . Hazel 4541 Forwards: Scarborough 6, Coch- ran 3. Center: iByers 19. Guards: Wilson 24,.Whlte, Hut- . son 2. ' Almo 1511 Forwards: Wells 6, Lockhart 21. Center: Morris 18. Guards: Thorn 2, McDaniels 2, Herndon 2. Almo edged Hazel last night in a hard fought contest 62-60. Alnfo went into a early lead and held a 17-10 margin at the end of the first period. Hazel narrowed the margin by half time. paced by a sharp shooting Wal- ter Byers, who swished the nets for 35 points, Hazel fought back and closed the gap to only one D0iY1f by the end of the third period. Almo put on the steam in the final canto, however and Hazel couldn't catch up. - 'Thorn hit 16 for Hazel with Mor- ris second with 14 points. - o Almo -----.. ....... 1 7 27 42 ez H8221 -------. ...... 1 0 22 41 so Almo C621 Forwards: Thorn 16, McLeod 13. Center: Herndon 8. Guards: Morris 14, McDaniel 11. Hazel 1601 Forwards: Jones 3, Cochran 2, Rickman 2. Center: Byers 35. Guards: Scarborough 2, Wilson '14, White 2. IMURRAY TRAINING WINS The Murray Training School Colts got off to a cold start in: the first half of a game against' 'Al1no Friday night, however, managed to win 58 to 46,l ' First quarter Almo led 15 to 10, second quarter Almo contin- ued leading 25 to 19. In the third quarter the Colts began to push the contest The Murrayans scored 21 points to the Warriors 10, to end the third frame 40 to 35, a 5 point margin for the Training School. In the last quarter, the Colts continued the lead, outscoring the Warriors 18 to 11 for a 58 to 46 victory for the Colts. Tht two Barnett tno relationj carried the Weight of scoring for the Colts. Dale scored 17 points, high for the game, and Earl 15 points.- Morris, center of the Warriors, tallied 15 markers. Murray Training 58 Forwards: D. Barnett 17, Wal- drop 9. . - i , Centers: Woods 1, E, Barnett 15. Guards: Todd 7, Gibbs 7, Gibbs 7, Cherry. ' Almo 46 ' Forwards: Wells 6, Lockhart 10, Overby 3. Centers: Morris l5,.Herndon 1. Guards: Thorn 6, McDaniel 3, Reed 2. I Score by quarters: Murray Training 10 19 40 58 Almo ........... 15 25 35 46 ctlv itie v S wr If mix L :mmf ,Z'2v:n J- JJ -- , , r f on 4. Z 7,7-7, ffaff . n .l. L1 if .M'!1-Afflf fffzorzrf ' ZZ .5 wi ' CL-QS S '1' 'h 1:1 'A www F -3 A 5 43, g ,Ll .,m, '- ?' 1 ' W. .ff H QQ . ' Y af' ST 1-:w ,r' . Q guy A ' X A- 1.1 'Q -Mk I ,a 1 ' f ff-f , . f I .- ' ,.g W-, 'gf In Xe ' 'i H 'V rr 'Y5 -. Iv, ' ' If 'H' ' 55- 4 4 k ' ' KJ uf . ,f ffgaffki O Ml yr! X f ifX'Q1i:7y'fjJuf5Z' 21:51 ,7,1:c44,3.'f'ly I X. , f . . 1 , fgJ4J XQ4 21, - 17 77' 1 . . , . W- L -. .LIL Lqlpnlif ,.a.'f'f 4,11-'!l7'Ifl WL? +716 zifdzgff azz . bf 4 r , I an '7 . I 1 Eifffffvannajaj 17137 j'17X gal I ith , -:x uh.: my 1 , SRX . 1 il x .XX 11N XV A 4 'Sf-if 4. Who's Who In Alino High School Girl Most Likely to Succeed ......... .............. A nn Ross Boy Most Likely to Succeed ............. ............... Dan Cain Most Dignified Senior .................,. ................. G raves Morris Jolliest Junior ............................ ......... T Geraldine Wilson Silliest Sophomore .... Greenest Freshman ..... Big Wheel ...................,... Little Spoke ............,. The Man Hater ........... Flirtiest Girl .........,. Quietest Girl ........... The Stooge ..... ...., The Wolf ............... Night Owls ..... .......... Joyce Bizzle Sonny Coy David Reed Martin Wells Sally Lovett Barbara Edmonds Linda West Derrall Lockhart J. C. Barnett June Hale and Red Overby The Comedian ........,......... .....,.......,.......................... .,..... ...... J o e l Jackson The Straw Boss .,.................,.................y........... The Mighty Midgets Mr. Milton Walston Dee Bogard and Ray Henderson Teacher's Pet . ..l...........................l..............,........... .............. . .. Barbara Tucker The Most Polite Girl Most Polite Boy ........,. The Women Hater Wilda Moody Walter Schroader Kelsie Hooks v 1 river thing ' ge. 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I I a a a n N'f no o o o o Q oo one so Q Q oo oonoo so o A uooouopo Ni 8o'n':s on so noon on Q o uno sou 0 o no o non ons3o'n'noQ o' 'o FINLEYS DRIVE IN Ice Cream Sandwiches Pit Bar-B-Q Banana Splits Murray, Kentucky LINDSEY'S JEWELERS Murray and Mayfield WILSON INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AGENCY Phone 842 303 East Main Street Murray, Kentucky For All Your Insurance Needs THE MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 601 Murray, Kentucky 4 :soo ooo to to 09 9 0 0 0 0 so 0 to 000000 so 0 000 0000000 A Q D 'PEG' v'os'o 000 000 A4 0 vos so 0 Q ooo 00000 6100 0 0050 ot 0 Q to A 34' gp: you Compliments of HUGHES PAINT AND WALL PAPER CO. 401 Maple Murray, Kentucky THURMAN FURNITURE COMPANY New and Used Furniture Phone 316 Murray, Kentucky Compliments of MURRAY THEATERS Murray, Kentucky Compliments of STOKES TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO. 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