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5. 'lu . 1 ,, 1 I X. Q 'GMA 'M ,fm Milk' ieffiwa x gi , my W 1 is - wx The Almira High School I966 TRCJAN Almira Washington EDITOR ........... Bob Blunk ASSISTANT EDITOR . . Becky Klein SUPERINTENDE NT MATT STRAUSS 1965-66 has been a memorable year. In time, this annual will come to mean more and more as you look back and recall some of those moments, Your school has tried its best to give each of you the best education possible within its means. The rest is up to you. Good luck, 1966 TROJAN My heartiest congratulations to Bob Blunk and the entire staff of this year's Trojan. I have observed the endless hours of time and effort you have devoted to bringing this fine issue into being, Few realize the sac- rifices in personal pleasures and interests you have made in your determination to put out a yearbook of which you and the entire student body can be justly proud, You have worked diligently in the true tradition of ex- cellence for which Almira High School con- tinually strives. May the quality of this 1966 Trojan pro- vide lasting satisfaction and pride to all those who have labored to bring it into existenceg pleasure and enjoyment to the students who will possess and cherish it and an inspiration to all future yearbook staffs who shall try to emulate it. fmet-cc',QilEZMJ1 PRINCIPAL HOWARD LONG STUDENT COUNCIL STANDING: Dave Portch, Darlene Rosenberg, Elaine Williams, Marcia Dunham, Mr. Long. SITTING: Pete Carstensen, A.S.B. Secretary, Marcia Hydeg A.S.B. President, Eric Longg A.S.B. Vice President, Susan Zimmermang Becky Klein. OFFICE GIRLS LEFT TO RIGHT: Vivian Johnson Marcia Dunham, Marcia Hyde. MRS, DUNHAM English 8-12, Social Studies, Librziry, Play Director eww TENUANT 1 L SUYERIN' 22.1 Learn anything on your trip to Africa this Summer? MR, STRONG German I 81 II, Chemistry, Geometry, Math, Soph. Adv 9:51-li? . Q 9 Q 6 L Q D if I My j,,ifi,1i' .W ,Q- is MR. MARCOLIN MR, OSTRY Typing I SQ II, Business Math Biology, 7th 81 Sth Science, P,E, , Coach, Jr, High Adv. MISS HARROLD Band, Chorus, 7th English, Girls P,E, , F1'osh.Adv, -'-'- 57- 1 1- :ia f : .'- Z - L i U P 7 71-42-lr' -3.335 r. -:-je: 1' M Students, I must congratulate you on sit- 'Tth Social Studies, Annual Ez Junior Adv, ting so quietly through the Elm today. CHIEF CUSTODIAN SCHOOL SECRETARY ASSISTANT CUSTODIAN Lanny Evans Mrs. Lindhag Rose Lainaster THIS PAGE :S SPONSORED BY DEL MAR FOUNTAIN ALMIRA, WASHINGTON BUS DRIVERS COOKS gl HELPERS 1.-,x 1-kg H. I JL Lanny Evans, Floyd Dixon, Leo Zimbehnan, Tracey Short, Ida Richardson, Nancy Zimmerman Minor Wctzci, Francis Surprise, Katherine Dixon. PROPHECY FLASH! This is Secret Agent 0066 reporting from F. B. 1. headquarters in Washington D. C. Operation G6 has proved succes- ful. The missing class of sixty-six last seen 10 years ago receiving their diplomas June 3, 1966 has been found. Case 4t1 Michael Shane Andersen Found: Wandering around in a cow pasture south of Govan on his multi-million-dollar ranch. lIe's looking for his 55310, 000 Charolois Bull. And that's a lot of bull. Case 42 Natalie Kay Campbell Found: Beautifying America. Miss Campbell now heads the American Social Worker Foundation. Her latest assignment is trying to convert one of America's most notorious slum districts in the nation. We wish her luck and success on this danger- ous assignment in Wilbur, Washington. Case W3 Linda Lou Clausen Found: On the remote Island of Hari Kari. Linda is with the Peace Corps. She teaches the native children songs, dances, and games. However, when it comes to dances it seems as though Linda is surprised to find the natives do the Watusi and Frug just like they do back home. Case 144 Marcia Kathleen Dunham Found: Horsing around. Marcia is now the proud owner of 25, 000 horses on her 100, 000 acre ranch in Southern California. She had won every trophy known to man. Still, when Marcia is not riding her favorite horse, Farfalla, she sits on her rock- ing horse all day reading back issues of Western Horseman. Case 4145 Marcia Ellen Hyde Found: Standing on a dock in San Diego. Here Marcia waits impatiently for her husband, Admiral J. T. Hurley to return. Actually when Marcia is not busy standing on the dock, she has become a notorious literary figure. Under her pen name, Snydly Whiplash, she has bestowed another best seller entitled Barnacles on the Brain. Case W6 Sandi Lee Johnson Found: Receiving an Academy Award for her great dramatic accomplishments and best performance in I Was A Teenage Angel. The famous Actress resides in seclusion in an exclusive beach shack at Big Cir where she is believed to be secretly married to a long-haired guitar player. Case 47 Vivian Marjorie Johnson Found: Hiding in the broom closet of Blair General Hospital after being pursued by the New Interns. Vivian has just return- ed from the war overseas after nursing the entire U. S. infantry back to health. After all, she has much experience in this field after caring for the wounded and trampled during A. H. S. lunch hour many years ago. Case 148 Larry Dormaier Found: Stuck in the elevator on his way up to his penthouse in New York. It so happens Larry is one of America's leading stockholders. Therefore we find Larry Dormaier to be a rich, eligible young bachelor who deliberately rigs thc elevators of his apartment building. No one knows why. Case 4149 Becky Klein Found: Cutting out paper dolls. Becky, one of the country's leading Interior decorators and designers: has been chosen to draw up plans for the remodeling of the White House. However, since the President and Becky disagreed on pink and red flowered wallpaper for his bedroom, the rat threw up her arms and now takes to cutting out paper dolls. Also we find Becky to be listening to the radio quite often. Case 410 Sylvia Kremer Found: Hiding in the same broom closet with Vivian. lt seems as though nurse Sylvia has been drag racing down the cor- ridors of the Hospital with her patients in wheel chairs, and ran smack into the Superintendent of the Hospital. She'll have to come out any minute now since she must tend to her patients and wheel chair racing. Case itll Eric Long Found: Wallcing along the beach of Waikiki. Ambitious Eric, long hair, long beard, barcfeet, guitar and all, combs the sands for shells. One would almost regard this chap to be a first class beach bum. But do not despair! This is not the fate of the Eric Long we once knew. Actually Eric is a Prof. of Political Science and only plays the Beach Bum role on weekends. Case 1412 Elaine Williams Found: Up in the air. Elaine hasn't set her feet on the ground for a long time since she's taken to the air. She flies over the seven-seas and every corner of the world as a stewardess on the world's largest airline. Only once did she have to parachute out over the Atlantic Ocean and swim home because she forgot her make up. Case 4t13 Dwight Rettkowski Found: In a state of shock. Dwight now is the President of General Electric and the most skilled electrician in the nation. However, as always on the road to success, one must expect a few difficulties. lt seems Dwight was responsible for the coast to coast blackout a few weeks back when he attempted to fix his 1nother's toaster. Case 41114 Susan Zimmerman Found: Walking her pet lion. Susan, fond of animals now heads the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Not only does she walk her lion, she rides her pet zebra and kangaroo. Her chief goal is to tame all the animals in the world. Case 41915 Robert McKay Found: Pacing the floor of the maternity ward. Outside is parked their surplus school bus with McKay's Inc. written on it. Bob and Char expect their fifth child. Soon they will return to the old homestead, as Bob calls, it, and live there happily everafter raising their five children. frequested by Bob McKay. J This is secret Agent 0066, the case of the missing 15 has been closed. H O L NI E T S C A S H SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Elaine Williams, CoLu1cilRep.g Vivian Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, Becky Klein, His- toriang Sylvia Kremer, Vice Presidentg Larry Dormaier, President. SUSAN LEE ZIMMERMAN Solo and Ensemble Contest 2, 3, 45 Declarnation 33 Triple Trio 1, 2, 3, 43 All State Chorus 45 Play 3, 45 Girls' State 35 Drill Team 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 45 A. S. B. Vice President 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Chorus 2g Twirler 1, 2, 3, 4. MARCIA ELLEN HYDE A. S. B. Secretary - Treasurer 3, 49 Class Vice President 23 Band President 3, Chorus President 4g Honor Baud 1, 2 Cheerleader 4g Solo and Ensemble Contest 3, 49 Triple TI10 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 49 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 49 Pep Club 1, 43 Drill Team 1, 2g Play 3, 49 Declamation 19 Office 3, 4. NATALIE CAMPBELL MICKEY ANDERSEN LINDA CLAUSEN Solo and Ensemble Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Decla- Play 3, 49 Boys' State 33 Lettermen's Club 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 45 Chorus 49 Paper Staff 3 4 mation 23 Triple Trio 1, 2, 3, 49 Play 4g Car- Class President 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basket- nival Princess 15 Drill Team 1, 2, 49 Paper ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Staff 35 Annual Staff 4g Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Chorus 2, Twirler 1, 2, 3, 4. LARRY DORMAIER Play 43 Lettermen's Club 1, 2, Class President 4, Band 1, 2g Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2. 8 'rl-ns PAGE SPONSORED BY ANDERSON'S MARKET MARCIA DUNHAM Declamation Contest 2, 4, Drill Team 2, 45 Play 3, 49 Pep Club 1, 4g Pep Club President 45 Ba.nd 1, 2, 3, 45 Freshman Representative lg Band Rep- resentative 43 Chorus 4, Paper Staff 3, 43 As- sistant Editor 45 Annual Staff 3, 43 Girls' Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Office 4g Drum Majorette 29 Music Sight Reading Clinic 3. DWIGHT RETTKOWSKI VIVIAN JOHNSON SANDI JOHNSON Annual Staff 4s Declamation Contest 1, 25 Play Declamation Contest 2, Play 3, 4, Football 1, Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Band 23 Solo 3, 45 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 45 Drill Team 1, Pep 2, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 23 Chorus and Ensemble Contest 3, 4, Triple Trio 3, 4, Club 2, 49 Class Representative 1g Chorus 1, 23 Lettermen's Club 1, 2. Declamation 2, Cheerleader 4g Drill Team 1, 23 Band 1, 25 Paper Editor 45 Paper Staff 4, Girls' Basketball 1, 33 Honor Band 14 Honor Chorus 13 Yell Queen 2, 4. 2g Pep Club 1, 4, Play 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Of fice 4. SYLVIA KREMER ERIC LONG Play 3, 49 Prom Queen 45 Drill Team 45 Pep Club 4g Vice President 45 Girls' Basketball 3, 4. Solo and Ensemble Contest lg Play 43 Junior Prom King 4g A. S. B. Pres. 4g Chorus 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 4g Basketball 1, 25 Base- ball 1, 23 Honor Band 2. 9 BE CKY KLEIN Solo and Ensemble Contest 1, 2, 3, 45 Declama- tion 25 Triple Trio 1, 2, 3, 45 Play 35 Drill Lead- er 4, Drill Team 1, 2, 45 Pep Club 1, 45 Chorus Librarian 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 35 Paper Staff 3, 45 Assistant ,Annual Editor 45 Annual Stm 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Cho- rus 25 Twirler 3, 45 Office 3. BOB McKAY Lettermen's Club 15 Class Pres. 15 Chorus 25 Paper Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 3, 45 Awards in Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Participation in play 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2. GENE SCAMMON Class Vice Pres. 35 Chorus 3, 45 Paper Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Football 45 Basketball 45 Awards in Sports 4. ELAINE WILLIAMS Solo and Ensemble Contest 1, 2, 3, 45 Triple Trio 1, 2, 3, 45 Lincoln County Fair Princess 45 Home- coming Princess 35 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Drill Team 1, 25 Pep Club 1, 45 Class Representative 2, 45 Yell Queen 35 Band Secretary 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Paper Staff 3, 45 Annual Staff 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Chorus 1, 25 Twirler 1, 2, 35 Sextet 3, 4. Q ,K iii iii 'f HISTCDRY September 1954 was the first day of school for Mickey Andersen, Bob Tolonen, Dwight Rettkowski, Eugene Scammon, Don Piccicci, Gary Larson, Susan Zimmerman, Elaine Williams, Sandra Johnson, Marcia Dunham, Marcia IIyde, Becky Klein, Vivian Johnson, Barbara Marcum, Gary Peterson, Chris Wilken, and Don E. Jones, We were seventeen frightened first graders taught by Mrs. Colbert and the last half by Mrs. Surprise. At the end of the year Don Piccicci and Gary Larson had left us. The next fall Mike MacCallister and Kristen Knapp joined us in the second grade. We were taught by Mrs. Barry. Mike MacCallister left us at the end of the year. We were in the third grade now with Mrs. Wetzel as our teacher. Janette Scammon, Gary Schell, Brian Sienknecht, and Eric Long were welcomed. Brian Sienknecht left us at the end of the year. In the fall of 1957 there were twenty-four fourth graders, with Mr. Vowell as our teacher. Eddie Wormuth joined us in the middle of the year. Chris Wilken and Gary Peterson left us at the end of the year. We were blessed with no comings or goings in our fifth yew. Mr. Cummings was our great teacher. With Mr. Cummings still our teacher in the sixth grade Don E. Jones and Gary Schell left us. Seventh grade we acquired finally a new teacher--Mr. Sanders and Linda Clausen. Our eighth year Larry Dormaier, Pat Bogar joined us and Pat left us in the middle of the year. Mr. Brown was our teacher then. We began our Freshman year by gaining Bill Jackson, and later on we welcomed Sam Pierce. Our advisor then was Mr. Zenker. After a whale of a year we were ready to be Sophomorcs. Barbara Marcum left us this year. Our Sophomore year blew seventeen sophomores through the doors of AHS. We began our car wash campaign of Anything on Wheels and the dozens of colds following proved it. Bill Jackson was the class president. Mr. Marcolin was our advisor. We then found our Junior year staring us in the face. Eric Long was elected president but he decided to bid us aloha and head for Hawaii. Thus Mickey Andersen gained probably the most nerve wracking position he has ever had. We welcomed Sylvia Kremer into our fold of confusion. Eugene Scammon, once before a member of our establishment, returned to add another head and personality to our fold. Mr. Marcolin, our tireless advisor, helped us through smother drenching car wash, our prom, Camelot, and with the aid of Mrs. D. we laughed through a play. Q year! ! l The class of 1966 has actually made it back through those good old doors. Bill Jackson has left us, Eric surfed up our way again, and Eugene left us again. Larry Dormaier is president of fifteen diploma students. These celebrating individuals are: Mickey Andersen, Natalie Campbell, Linda Clausen, Marcia Dunham, Larry Dormaier, Marcia Hyde, Becky Klein, Sandra Johnson, Vivian Johnson, Sylvia Kremer, Dwight Rettkowski, Bob McKay, Eric Long Elaine Williams, and Susan Zimmerman. lt's been great, but we have to go. CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1966, being of sound mind and body, do, hereby proclaim this document to be our last will and testament, and that we herein do declare our heirs--that, being the lower classes--to the property named herein. I, MICKEY ANDERSEN, being of somewhat sound mind and body, do hereby will my football ability tif anyj to Dave Portch so he can walk over people for a change. I will the ability to drive around, cause trouble, fespecially with Mrs. D. J to Chris N. and Bob B. because with practice they will be as good as I was. All my other great talents, assets, and faults, I will to any person crazy enough to latch on them. I, NAT CAMPBELL, hoping I am of sotmd mind, will my ability to get into trouble and never get out of it to my sister, Chris. To Jim D. I give my excellent study habits in Geometry class, knowing that he will use them to the best of his ability. Since my place at Buffalo will be missed, I give it to Connie Klee in hopes that she will help Mary Kay and Christine with the Seaweed. I'd give my job at the Drugstore to Debbie E. , but she'd probably rather have something else and I don't got nothing left. I also will that last sentence to the English Department. I, LINDA CLAUSEN, will Barbara Marcum my ability not to get in so much trouble when she is a senior. I, LARRY DORMAIER, will my never-failing ability to always be in trouble fand numerous other such traits and charactcristicsy to anyone who wants to get a notorious bang out of life. Also herein bequeathed to Mr. Robert Blunk is my senior class presidency in hopes that he will be a noble servant of his classg a class in desperate need of a leader of such attitude and achievement. Knowing she wants them, I do finally herein bequeath the remains, all my too few attributes and achievements, to Judy, Judy Bach of course. I, MARCIA DUNHAM, being of sound body and not much mind, will my art to aggravate Mrs. D. , falias my motherj to my brothers, Doug and Jim. I know they are capable of sheer frustration. My nose for trouble I will to Kay W. and Nancy W. Someone has to keep A. H. S. hoppin'. My lousy memory, I will to anyone who will take it, Qpleasejl To Susie Long I will my art for playing off key in band. She can put it to fabulous use. Everything else I'm taking with me. I, MARCIA HYDE, will the glorious times I have had in band and chorus to Susie Long, and my position as Student Body Secretary to anyone who likes to count money. I will to Kay White my ability to do everything I'm not suppos ed to do and go everywhere I' m supposed to go without anybody finding out. I, SANDI JOHNSON, after 12 years of utter frustration will my weekly visit to the office for the last 4 years to James Alfred Dunham, knowing he'll keep my old corner occupied. To Chris N. I will my ability to get caught since he never does. My emotional stability goes to none other than Dave M. --along with my great dramatic soliloquies to Mrs. D. To Bob B. and Chris Neilsen I will the fond memories of our happy threesome 7th period, if we could ever sit to- gether long enough without getting moved, And last but not least I will one large can of green spray paint to Hartline. I, VIVIAN JOHNSON, being of unstable mind, will my constant ability to talk too much fespecially in classy to Molly Kramer in the high hopes that she will put it to better use. My exacting talent for chemistry experiments to Bob B. And lastly my extremely cheerful personality to Mrs. D. because she'll need it with next year's seniors. I, BECKY KLEIN, being not of sound mind, but insane, will my ability to talk my way out of messy situations to my dear, adorable brother, Mark! I know that if he keeps up at this pace, he's going to need it. I will my ability to be forever late to History class, to my loyal friend Kay W. She will also be blessed with my ability to spill sulphuric acid on everyone and everything, if--she decides to make chemistry her ambition. I also will my ability and talent of grow- ing up during chorus to Dave Portch and Susie Long. To Gary Bishop I leave and bestow the name Gary B. --with a name like that everyone will know he's --! And last I leave my locker remains to Lanny--he's picked them up enough! I, SYLVIA KREMER, in a fit of unselfishness do hereby will one more year of fun to our beloved Juniors. To Kay W. and Nancy W. , I leave many memories, and to Kay my talent for always being caught in the middle of everyone's week- ly fights. To anyone who wants it--I give my peculiar sense of humor, and the ability to find something funny in any kind of situation. I, ROBERT McKAY, will my great driving habits, ability to be in trouble all the time, and skill of getting to Wilbur to my blood brother, James Alfred Dunham. And seeing as how I don't have any other friends, I'll take the rest of my talents with me. I, ERIC LONG, being of lousy body and corrupt mind, will my ability to frustrate band teachers to Curt Z. , my car f?J to Doug Kremer, my exceptional study habits to Bob B. , and last but not least, I will a free one -way ticket to Hawaii to myself. I, DWIGHT RETTKOWSKI, will my excellent study habits to Bob B. , my superior athletic ability to Mark K. , and the remains to Mrs. D. knowing she will love to have them. I, ELAINE WILLIAMS, hoping I am of sound mind, will my cheerleading position to anyone who gets it, in hopes that they have as much fun as I did. To Chris N. , I will my ability to get my Geometry assignment done on time, hoping he will do a better job. To Susie L. , I will my positions to Triple Trio and Sextet in hopes that she will keep the altos go- ing. Overpowering the lst a.nd 2nd sopranos doesn't count. With my many moods, during Typing II, I will my tremen- dous ability to smile to Doug Dunham who will always keep smiling. If there is anything else left, I give it to the rest of the students of A. H. S. I, SUSAN ZIMMERMAN, will my studious camouflage to my brother Pat with hopes that it will help in keeping him out of trouble. I will my ability to foul-out in basketball before the game is over to Debbie Evers, fas if she needed ity. And to Chris Campbell, I will my long hair, just for euriosity's sake. The foregoing document was witnessed together, signed and sealed on this 12Qi day of May, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and sixty-six. Nancy Wilken Doug Dunham fwffvf it f ffmsgsaem A , 4- H if , ' ':. ' ' ' ' iii: v QQ V X 2 Q Q, ?-ff W .M 5, 'SQ f xg XE xx r i 34 ,Q 363533 3 'Si S 3 -ff 1 9 K4 wi! X ,Y 1 L Maia E4 3 We Y 4 J afQiTgQfQ.f7fQlf,f , :sf w ifi- E if-2 1 , K Q32 411, 12522434 filsgwwni, -.5 iss , zgsggseliagiig W Barbara Mareum C LA S S O F 1 9 6 7 Gary Peterson Delores Rosenberg OFFICERS: Chris Neilsen, Vice-Presidentg Kay White, Presidentg Darlene Rosenberg, Class Representativeg Delores Rosenberg, Secretary. Chris Wilken Darlene Rosenberg W Bob Blunk , 11 :- Lg--,We e :,:::.5SVq25Qf9 ?:- lg V, 5522 -fi-g:2.,. 1 ., W., , .:,4,.i,.. , ,.,,.gV , ,,,:,:Q:,., .,:. R l Yi 4 1 ' V 39 xv ,Q QW fl I i 5? ' W, .. ff? f A Q l H2 Ji an 3? f 5 Prix? 43659 Q VEQQLQZW ya eh 1 i W, ik ' x Q f 1 1 wigs ' ii e fig if gf , . ' -,, X- 'fffff' 15 15? V Tk.,,1 I S X :wwf J.,-fs . ff- ffalzflses 31 Haag gl 5 4 Magi , ... ,MmM.,-W-ml. .. .. ...Nr '. Wvls 'saw f . . M .M.v,1,, ,.,,V,s+2 ,QL ,v .. f ir, K Q w..,, -3 ,F N .L s , Sa M. -u 1 'ff wig ev lf M9 Q we Q C l ,551 wif, 353555 1 34. 'Q-Q. 2- 1 W - L ff'fff7 wx Xt - fv K W .. Mm Riff' - Lf4Hb?w'JrzL' Q- . -0-f, ., ,A.1.r.J , ,n,,.Q., .I+ e ,Q A sg,-1 +4,,,f,V-1q-,'- 5,514-lg, 5, ' , ' ,1H'.g.u,q9 m,:,r3!1!z Ol- ..' M,..,l.l.-r- nm., 'z ., 3 ' 'f 'Z-C .o-sfl' B'1I4?? 3' W S i 'J fx 5,'.5.:.'-fill: .Q2i.?u' L Chris Neilsen W 1 Chris Campbell 1 Doug Kremer Kay White X. Y wr ea :I 2-U - Y w if ' j K -. 121.- 5 , fi:- - A an ':.I2ikz: ' I :wif fffiv f 5422.1 f v?Q1i,f11 i 1' 2 2 f mp g: 51g:.Ef,1w .J '254'Sfs21sak:si'vSm-4, ' fW.fw5.1L?35f.,w f.t,-.,.W,-mf - ,rArggPEgsgf,g.g - 1:1v,.ff-W if, f V, P fefsfi-vM.,i V-l,,,i, 4-eff Zisiiikiiiilffifgi I X L:-:7:i25sf754N :if 1 - 1 i . , 'ir we 5 E 2 J 'S 1 4 fa 5 X X I 'Yfv YH S is in Q? fi an K5 'ri V 4 'i W Dave Portch Vs- :f A yiiisgk i rg. W, f'vfi35w,if, K i . Q fm. .-i. . .. i,,H-U 'wt-Q, ,.-' .Y ' ww : '557:5'L ,, ,ff I in 1 ifiifg-Wil' . if - . 1511 ,U -K ., eszigeiweffivf 5 in A ,n n-'51 fggavgz Q? 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K js, .ff-W fgijwf , :QL wifi if 21,-A : F1 sws31:aKQffi2i'K,'1 551-2112755 2,::1,Esf'm' A '1 OFFICERSg Pat Zimmerman, Presidentg Jerry Litt, Vice-Presidentg Debbie Evers, Secretaryg Dave Portch, Class Representative, Gary Bishop 22 - X L,smmzv::,'.:zi.1- iff. , ' 2 fs, .-fi. wlifsgzz ,. , A.WxeQ,.M.,,,.. . . ., Neff ,wma fr.i?3:L,H,,?.Hk .,ss,.V,L.,,..,,.. .- V H U igmialii,?2:fQz'iv?fx- T . ..,r,.,,.W,. 5 H. Q QM at 535:30 fm if S4 X 5 Q 5 W 2 J, wwf w mwg, W vaam SR? 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FIFTH ROW: Eugene Scammon, Larry Dormaier, Eric Long, Bob McKay, Doug Kremer, Dwight Rettkowski, Mike Zimbelman, Mark Klein. SIXTH ROW: Gary Peterson, Toby Parry, Dave Maxwell, Sandi Johnson, Chris Neilsen, Bob Blunk, Pete Carstenson, Sandy Evers, Vaden Dormaier, Steve Johnson, Bruce Harris. .25 '11 K K : i 1' :.'H'V911 if?- -'riff ' ,1 l1,' . 'QQ-,E vfifii n PLZ . f- 1, L ' ,. If t K 1: gs Wim S , if X P32 , :ff ' ' ,- 'Wi Q? A. . 7 3 ' ' V ' 1 1 V G ' , I ' E ' t , -,,..,Wf'F5,Q,gs , . '12, 4 M V A f v 5 V MQW, rw Q ' gwfffl 5 -X.. , ai ' .- 1? 'Q 42333 ' , ' MY ,H f f yfi-f Q if' ' 5 ., : Via , M K ' f' 4, 19 I .LMK Z I E 5.54 Ly , i v? E 5 'e-i . Jii '? yglqs fy A 4 Q, V, W. fy. .r , A, , Y 2, V . A ' -fikikwi ' 't w.h...' 'fi?m1'i3f,'H-in A 5 THE CAVE IN VANCOUVER ,,,,,v,,.,....-y M. -N, r. , QM? -, :Sion ' V- - ez I ,. - 5 T as U s E 4. , V K' -f , - 3, fxyf V - -2 4 A -,MQQQA ,f he - fy-5-fxp..,,3,,,k-M., ,, pf , L L 1- 4, V .'V. , ' ' ,, W' fa' fi ,- .,y .fy , ,gg Mm . 4 fwaxil' Evil. ,, V -W A is , 2' 1 , W E sgifxligff - ' .,E1 I V S Eggs! V 45: EEEVE E 31f?ffgQsiiE iam QV 2251162 sm :Q :,,V'Q -' Q' if ff , A if i Vs.: 5 , M, ,y i ..'A 3 EV ' EEEE E - VVVE E V E V '- H .V L Vrklf, ,if mi, k,.. EE V EEVVE E E VEEE f.gQ,,. ,L in I ,, .K , K Vkky. A 2 - ,W V..' f xii-Tk 'swx'kri bw gg mg-gfy e Wig Q: -- I A A: f 2 SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAUGHT IN THE VILLAINS WEB' 1 .- ,5 ,,,.i ,,k. ,i 2 I ' Q f ' - i 3 gig A - - I QSM'-fi.-x if ' 7 ' '- 1 . m ..,. fa ' ba --5 , aku' . 5 ,f - ,fn 5 A . X HONOR ROLL FRONT ROW, l. to r. : Marcia Hyde, Judy Evans, Cheri Long, Tommy Masterson. SECOND ROW: Becky Klein, Susie Long, Vivian Johnson, Sandi Johnson, Susan Zimmerman. TI-HRD ROW: Debbie Evers, Molly Kramer, Carol Peterson, Vicki Axtell. FOURTH ROW: Marcia Dunham, Cindy Menke, Sherri Lindhag, Mary Lou O'Nei1, Kae Blunk. BACK ROW: Pat Zimmerman, Jim Dunham, Eric Long, Mickey Andersen, Bob Blunk, Jerry Litt. NOT PRESENT: Scott MacDonald. DE CLAMATION WINNER Marcia Dunham SWIMMING AWARD Carol Peterson w EF 3' K i 5 S 53 2 BOY AND GIRL STATE Mickey Anderson and Susan Zimmerman THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY CAlNE'S BEAUTY SHOP ALMIRA, WASHINGTON GIRLS' SEXTETTE Accompanist: Becky Klein, Left to right: Siisan Zimmerman, Natalie Campbell, Marcia Hyde, Kay White, Elaine Williams, and Vivian Johns on, CHORUS 2 L 1 5 3 2 1 FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Miss Harrold, Sandra Evers, Linda Clausen, Natalie Campbell, Nancy Wilken, Marcia Hyde, Susie Long. SECOND ROW: Barbara Marcum, Mary Lou O'Neil, Vivian Johnson, Susan Zimmerman, Elaine Williams, Kay White, Becky Klein, Mafcia Dullllilm. BACK ROW: Vaden Dormaier, Chris Wilken, Bruce Harris, Gary Bishop, Doug Dunham, Gene Seammon, Dave Portch, BAD FRONT ROW, l, to r.: Susan Long, Vivian Johnson, Marcia Hyde, Elaine Williams, Heidi Johnson, Pam Evers, Cheri Long, 24 BACK ROW: Sandra Evers, Marcia Dunham, Jerry Litt, Curt Zimbelman, Eric Long, Vaden Dormaier, TRIPLE TRIO l. to r. : Kae Blunk, Susan Zimmerman, Nancy Wilken, Natalie Campbell, Kay White, Marcia Hyde, Susie Long, Elaine Willizuns, Vivian Johnson, accompanist Becky Klein. BAND AND CHORUS OFFICERS CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: Natalie Campbell, Vice Pres. 5 Becky Klein, 1. to r. : Vivia.n Johnson, Sandi Johnson, Elaine Williams Librariang Marcia Dunham, Rep. BACK ROW: Elaine Marcia Hyde. Williams, Sec., Marcia Hyde, Pres. ANNUAL STAFF FRONT ROW: Asst. Editor Becky Klein, Nancy Wilken, Marcia Dunham, Natalie Campbell, Carol Peterson, Debbie Evers, Elaine Williams, Susan Long, Barbara Marcum. BACK ROW: Doug Dunham, Gary Peterson, Kay White, Bob Blunk, Gary Peterson. XKNW: Z FLA' Ea, 5 g f ' Wilsillif fi J. f- -:ff -a s 3' .i Y iii? F- uanzm -Jfr -I Ev EWSPAPER STAFF Left to Right: Barbara Marcum, Asst, Editor Marcia Dunham, Nancy Wilken, Becky Klein, Doug Dunham, Linda Clausen, Chris Wilken, Eugene Scammon, Elaine Williams, Bruce Harris, Editor Sandi Johnson, Bob McKay. , . Wa4f??,Y:-Muzi T,-xi.. --1'-Zi' -U' ifw.-f1? '.-,S - -- ill 3?2S?5S S41 41211 T lil DAVENPORT FAIR PRINCESS Elaine Williams V i K 3 CARNIVAL ROYALTY King Pete Carstensen Queen Vicki Axtell PROM ROYALTY King Eric Long Queen Sylvia Kremer THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY DAVIS' VARIETY BEST DANC ERS Beck Klein Gary Bishop MOST TALENTED Elaine Williams Eric Long BEST PERSONALITY Kay Blunk Dave Portch MOST STUDIOUS Susan Zimmermmi Pat Ziinmerman MOST ATHLETIC Sandi Johnson Dave Maxwell MOST SPUNKY Kay White Toby Parry PRETTIEST SMILE Natalie Campbell Larry Dormaier BIGGEST FLIRT Susie Long Mike Zimbelman BEST FIGURE K PHYSIQUE Marcia Hyde Gene Scammon FRIEND LIEST Sylvia Kremer Chris Neilson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Vivian Johnson Bob Blunk PRETTIEST EYES Marcia Dunham Doug Kremer E i Q f U w 4 i Dave Maxwell, Captain Bob Blumk, Captain R N Chris Neilsen, Captain Bob Bhmk, Captain . mVV.,VV.V VV .. fL,, . . V H. ' -V-12 J 1:3-fm.. 4. . M1211 V .Vwsiw V?wi.:l?1fsa:VV'QfVav 1 V D V y , A ' . we . V' -' -' -ffVV :f'f'j1i5q-.g.: we 1 H A - .,.. 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COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA Scott MacDonald, Manager NORMAN PETERSON, DISTRIBUTOR Rod Groh, Manager A BASKETBALL Toby Parry Mick Andersen Doug Dunham Jerry Litt Dave Maxwell Coach Ostry ChI'iS NGilS6I1 Bob McKay Gary Bishop Jim Dunham Bob B1u.nk : m:wfz rf,f B BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Steve Johnson, Pat Zimmerman, Gary Peterson, Dave Portch, Steve Short. BACK ROW: Manager Rod Grohg Mike Zimbleman, Vaden Dormaicr, Pete Carstensen, Mark Klein, Doug Kremer, Coach Ostry. GRADE SCHOOL TWIR LERS KNEELING: Tina Klein, Linda Harris. STANDING: Gail Clausen, Dawn Nelson, Linda Caple, Yvaughn Carstenscn. THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY STANDARD OIL. CO T NORMAN PETERSON DISTRIBUTOR Girls' Basketball A KNEELING: Sylvia Kremer, Susan Zimmerman, Natalie Campbell, Marcia Dunham, Elaine Williams, Vivian Johnson. STANDING: Clara Mareum, Sandy Evers, Kay White, Kitty Harden, Vicki Axtoll, Karen Neilsen, Tamie Evers, Manager, Coach Harrold. Girls' Basketball B KNEELING: Joanne Dunham, Kitty Harden, Mary Lou O'Neil, Sheri Lindhag, Carol Peterson, Molly Kramer. STANDING Susie Long, Chris Peterson, Cheri Long, Sandy Evers, Debbie Neilsen, Chris Campbell, Debbie Evers, Tamie Evers, Manager, Coach Harrold. ' , - - S 1, - T. ,A sf. asv, Z., . . . , ,.,,,,R, .,.. -f --L, ,wr ,. ,.f,,Q, wgf km 1 fy-M-H 1-Q , w wf M. , ,, M,Mmf5ggfg, L,, A f swf A W V , , . -wi V M I W r 'zz '- I 5 QM af.?fii+1-S4 ' 5. f -'vf'1-M '--'f 'V- Q . ., My ef- X 5- - ,, . X. . f ,gf .K,www-W-22,.f, A, f ,- '-3 .. I H35-,,H , W': 'f 3'f11?' - --- -'-- 'K zu:-:iff gjiiif'fkfiisfiffliyiiiyksfwi-f'-E ff1f:2:1?sg ?iJ1fii - 551, ----- mmm q,i-.Mr- f - Jfb mga :Z s W mwwww wmmk zz- V. ,... '-' , fi V -,Ugf:.Jy - 1 -.,..:, ,, -- g , 1-gg,,'.,.1f1g': W- L ' ,MILF .15 ... ::f'1v:?4..12s:',:: 191 iff! K 'fffif 'f swf' -- - . L L ff I af hz B94-, -5 V , M-L' by Q , . .. ,.' ,saga-,J W - if i ' f ' 5 ' 5 f L ?r f f 95 'was M Q: Q90 XQDXIIQ QQ Adm . X MWHM! Q4 J., W r fgwww ' we giyiffnssif' H A 32? A .,..,F. W. Q ag w ff FRESHMEN INITIATION 1 ,.,-f-,, - LtA.. ,,A,.,,f,wM,,..1f-mf .-W. ,,,v 1 f-,f .Wf 1Lw-fmNmwWmmmm,nfNQmWwfLhw - ,-L: . M JR. HIGH EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: Tom Masterson President, Karin Neilsen Vice-President, Sherri Lindhag Sec retury-'1' reasurer , CHEERLEADERS: Joanne Dunham, Heidi Johnson, Cherie Long, Karin Neilsen, SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS: Scott MacDonald President, Judy Evans Vice-President, Tami Evers Secretary Treasurer. TH GR DE Tamie Evers .fr we ,LL ' 1 a54Qg19:2G2??fQ-'Q --.Lf 2-ff ..,, z,2f1,fzaf52g,m .. - f :iii faggvh-.wsiiii 2. , ., 11- J VW 2,z,v:giQ!g5? 'Q 'eb ,Ml 54 56, M- W eff-ifgiigw - K f 2 ff: :fm K ,Q -1 1:5 Q 1 : E3ifS,l.v-Ffa gina 'v oz, 'dgyzgaa 43:35 :S gwey3,1:fQ1fwgfi5 Q .3 ,qw x Af gwgwaikigi 5 K K Q gg, ., J may 25 A igwxfzggg EP? s Zn .ss so ,A.L,,M Ji. Curt Zimbel 21 if H1911 we ,wxesaefz YN V .:5z,n.vf.w5,f7,,1f, - L' If . , ff'-info, xmsvm,fszlfxafiggvw-fs M, , , , ..f,Ss,,W,, -gi - Y , ,w4gg'.: n. 5. V ' , 4 ' ml :':f :E 1 5522252 I - .V . - I -, - 's of?-fn , ,, ,.f1f! fx , -- , ' 'af . ' ' : i, , 'J ,Jr ' , . AT- 5:-?'5ff5iZ'7LYV'f?75 f -,QV 4- . ,,, 4 ' ,2-r wfffvefgfw, Y' ' .5 , W imf5i1f7f:g:f M Q l ff Scott MacDonald Judy Evans Rodney Groh Heidi Johnson Greg Kremer Pam Evers Danny O'Nei1 ' - WHEN VKTURYS r a :iff -I W fi QLQ VT- A X 5 MZ 4-I 1 5 our .L .' E :i ? Y 3 X , FC 'S Pam Klee M-V ,iff .MM f f, K ,i 1' , 'V 'fvz ff4flf',3k's??9uf,fi7Rf2iTf?75TiL9 . , ,, .. , -,Q, , ,,.:,, , Els wg, - -:-,-ww. sm giggw: ii? 'SQ K , , . K s we n J Y we 'Q 3 , is f, Q, 1 - Sherri Lindhag Bob Harden Karen Neilsen Tom Masterson Chris Peterson nm dips Qi?-Q :QF Xfifugm' wwf 2521 WWAAQ' N when ,Eff ,K r .. Charles Sample Candy Peterson Duane White Joanne Dunham Cheri Long V 'JVA ' L , V ' I ,. , 'II' 9747955 .1125 . Q52 ' Jun? .ga K: -Y 32 , X vs' X' I Q J vi, VY i :J wr A XX A 9 K nnn of 2 ' Ex. FRONT ROW: Curt Zimbleman, Greg Kremer, Tom Masterson, Rodney Groh. BACK ROW: Coach Ostryg Chuck Sample, Da.t1O'Nei1, Bob Harden, Dewey White. ABSENT: Scott MacDonald. FRONT ROW: Rodney Groh, Curt Zimbleman, Greg Kremer, Tom Masterson. BACK ROW: Coach Ostryg Dewey White, Chuck Sample, Bob Harden, Scott MacDonald. FRONT ROW: Chris Ann Allen , SECOND ROW , L. to R.: Sally Stone, Colleen McKay, Lisa Kramer, Suzanne Sample, Michele Buddrius, Kim Neilsen, Carol Long, TIIIRD ROW: Bryan Peterson, Bob Coppersmith, Jeff Cochran, Howard Maxwell, Mrs. MacDonald, FRONT ROW: Tracey Short, Linda Harris. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: Shan Wetzel, Dawn Nelson, Gail Clausen, Linda Caple, Nancy Zimmerman, Yvaughn Carstensen, Tina Klein, Mr. Glick, THIRD ROW: Wade Harris, Chuck Evers, Craig Wilken, Ted Evers, Charles Pat Perkins, Dusty Eckhart. FRONT ROW, left to right: Audrey Harris, Cindy Coopersmith, Steven Ladwig, Donald Zimmerman, Celia McKay, Cami Allen. BACK ROW: Mrs. McGrath, Jimmy O'Neil, Jimmie Douglas, Joel Wetzel, Danny Stone, Scott Johnson. NOT PICTURED, Drew Eckhart. FRONT ROW, left to right: Joyce Harden, Gay-Ellen Cochran, Jana Evans, Sally White, Terri Cochran. SECOND ROW: Cindy Masterson, Cindy Klein, Rusanne Rosenberg, Susan MacDonald, Melody Peterson, Patty Douglas, Sherri Groh. BACK ROW: Gary Gumm, Neal Wetzel, David Lindhag, Dale Childers, Larry Short, Miss Johnson. FRONT ROW: Debbie Groh. SECOND ROW, L. to 'R.: Peggy Long, Shari Wetzel, Teri Harrison, Beverly Rice, Lorri Cochran, Linda Ladwig, Danette Childers. THIRD ROW: Boon Thompson, Rick Klein, Fred Menke, John Coppersmith, Todd Steele, Mrs, Surprise. FRONT ROW: Patty Gumrn, Kathy Caple, Joyce Harrison, Karen Carstensen, Deanna Childers, Bart Nelson SECOND ROW: Dana Klein, Mrs. Wilkinson, Jeffrey Harris, Kenny Evers, lVliehz1elMaeDonald, Mitchell Sorensen, SCHOOL CALENDAR September 7--School opens 24--Freshman initiation 30--Burning of the dummy October 1--Football--Almira at Sprague 2--Carnival 8--Football--Almira at Coulee City Sophomore Return Party 22--Football--Creston at Almira 29--Football--Hunters at Almira November 5--Junior Barn Dance 11--Veteran's Day--no school 24--Thanksgiving vacation 25--Thanksgiving Day December 4--Basketball--Hartline at Almira Sadie Hawkins Dance 10--Basketball--Grand Coulee at Almira 11--Basketball--Almira at Wilson Creek 17 --Basketball--Almira at Harrington 18--Basketball--Wilson Creek at Almira 20--Christmas Concert 21--Girls' Basketball--Almira at Wilbur 22--Basketball--Wilbur at Almira 23--Christmas Vacation January 3--School begins after Christmas vacation 7 --Basketball--Creston at Almira 8--Basketball--Almira at Davenport 15--Basketball--Odessa at Almira 17--Girls' Basketball--Almira at Hartline 21--Basketball--Almira at Grand Coulee 17-21--Book Fair 22--Basketball--Harrington at Almira 28--Basketball--Almira at Wilbur 29--Basketball--Almira at Creston 31--Gir1's Basketball-Hartline at Almira Februar y 4--Basketball--Davenport at Almira 8--Basketball--Almira at Hartline 11--Basketball--Almira at Odessa 14--Girls' Basketball--Wilbur at Almira 18-19--Bi-County Basketball Playoffs 22--Vac ation--Washington's birthday March 4--National Assembly--Musical Program 12--PTA dance 19--Bi-County Solo and Ensemble Contest 25--Declamation Contest Sophomore Tolo Dance April 4-8--Inland Empire Spring Vacation 12--Big Bend Career Day 27--Matinee 28--Senior Play May 7--Freshman Car Wash 9--Senior Girls Tea by the Wash. Water Power 12--Junior-Senior Banquet 13-15--Senior Sneak 17--National School Assembly--Space Conquest 25 --Student Body Elections 29 --Baccalaureate June 3 --Graduation 4--Junior Steak Fry Sophomore Car Wash 7 --School Picnic 8--Last Day of School JOHNSON INSURANCE AGENCY Il? It fi if- MENU S11 MINOR WETZEL, AGENT FIRE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE N ' lib ' ALIVIIRA , WASHINGTON. ALIVIIRA HOTEL AND CAFE PHONE 2721 PHONE 3535 BUFFET DINNERS SATURDAY NIGHTS AN 'GI D YOUR Wills SUNDAY AFTERNOONS RFS M vuusn '23, PRIVATE PARTIES it N f If 1' E mp xxx s 'f 44 ! KR ALNIIRA, WASHINGTON Tx YOUR FRIENDLY LOCAL COOPERATIVE-IOO K FAR I N M .jig ,.. gif' LOCALLY OWNED AND CONTROLLED X 1'X5!Il1ffL- X , III .. 9IIEEEf Y L 4 N., FARM SUPPLIES 3 . fE:g:,:-15 X NH ANI-IYDROUS AIVIIVIONIA 1 X FENCING SHELL II,i.wl I X AQUA PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ALMIRA ' f f f 4521? 9' WASHINGTON llNC0lN MUTUM SERVICE I Q W? PHONE 2601 y 50 SEE YOUR IIERIENDLYII CHEVROLET AND BUICK OEALERIISII ALMIRA 2713 SALES AND SERVICE TOOIH ALIvIIRA FRED KEN WASHINGTON LATEST FASHIONS 'fIf ' X:-7 IETW' G ,I Q J 10, I fl WJ! , qi' Rf F-T6 I WE! 4? X 'YI- y . 3,17 fer: ai iv- 'ip-, '- My 221. Q! Ut 10.5. ASK? .,,, Y al x I ' 1 A . - I ,5 K, .5 R I fu X Iff I V y ll 4'J fi 4 gf' fl:-5,3 W O fw 512. K ' I l A 5 I III: f : I IX RS W! MM M L 'V X 1 X X 0413 59.422 'R BILLY BURGER LADIES AND IVIISSES BABY GIFTS READY TO WEAR GIFT LINENS ACCESSORIES HAMBURGERS IVIILKSHAKES GRAYCE'S FMS ,GRAND COULEE WASHINGTON WILBUR WASHINGTON QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT ALMIRA rAnmER's wmnousi comnuv HARDWARE AND HVIPLEIVIENT SERVICE fx Q ff X X X WAREHCUSES AT I X 'V ALMIRA .Jvff,. gg Nj 5 iff? N W 'xx -Vi R51 GOVAN if : J HARTLINE Q HANSON HIGHLAND f HARDWARE OFFICE PHONE 3421 PHONE 3021 ALNIIRA, WASHINGTON IF HAROLD HAD BEEN THERE .... . . THE INDIANS WOULD HAVE BEEN OUT OF BUSINESSIII 4 1 Ya ' 7- A 5: ' f L F7 X 5 ir: f. 4, -3-oolwll :K FOR THE LQ :J 'N IT X FRESH LATEST NK -S SWXK f 3 gl! J PRODUCE PFSZDI-Egg XI A I 5'ifS , ff HIOILXIEE MARKET .... B I ic L if Ji K N GOODS I Q-J? E 3 X ALMIRA MARKET AL if -'li-E T T L M x CHRYSLER WHITE MOTOR COMPANY ' f I If Il, YOUR CHRYSLER MOTORS DEALER Q Kg 8 X SALES AND SERVICE 27 J PLYMOUTH A A PHONE 2511 DODGE ALMIRA, WASHINGTON , L .Q L L In if TQFNNUMNEQWE .Nutt F7 Q f X :Q H9 ALMIRA GRAIN GROWERS, INC. TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1966 OF ALMIRA HIGH SCHOOL FARMERS : LET US SERVE YOU PHONE 2031 Al-NHRA WASHINGTON HANSENS IGA TABLE RITE GROCERIES Tfff' G I XX vvvv--nv- -v' PRODUCE U 1 ' Q APPAREL , X PHONE IVII 7-5501 WILBUR WASHINGTON THONlPSON'S KES 0 'fo 3-' yT xff M lin f CLOTHES ARE IMPORTANT NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE! THOIVlPSON'S HAS ALL THE LATEST FASHIONS AND THE BEST QUALITY OF MERCHANDISE, WILBUR WASHINGTON 'I , ? II IIIQJJI FOR ALL OF YOUR FAIVIILYIS NEEDS ITS SKAARIS VARIETY WASHINGTON P X, sul- ' FOR YOUR PLUMBING NEEDS CALL COULEE PLUMBING GRAND COULEE WASHINGTON GET ALL THE GROCERIES FOR YOUR TABLE AT THE HARTLINE GROCERY HARTLINE EP' Q5 we 5 II WASHINGTON ARROW AND MANCHESTER SHIRTS LEVIIS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY GET THEM BOTH AT BROWNE'S DEPARTMENT STORE GRAND COULEE WASHINGTON LADWIG INSURANCE AGENCY ITIS NOT TOO EARLY TO START GETTING READY FOR THE FUTURE . . . . . 3 gm? . ID H M WRIGHT CHEVROLET IS AT THE TOP WHEN CARS ARE CONCERNED U k. I V451 I XIII E IM My 57 PQI' IIII X If I 154 ew 49 A-I I MI xl KNI I 'fx' Mr I' ... , 1 , W , ..f5 X I II Y ' OLDSMOBILE I ff E ' II I 1 A I, f'IIII II I 633-1030 JUST GET OUT OF BED AND CAI-L GRAND COULEE WASHINGTON RUSSEL REXALL VES'S TEXACO PHONE 533-I73O PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST HIXLLIVIARK GREETING CARDS 7 S 1- J , 5 'I,' ' !1 gl rg ' 3 ,, xY1PP.E-E,E - Y ,N ' Zi' Q - 5' FIDO HERE SIVIELLS A TRAIL X W I STRAIGHT TO VES' COSMETICS EASTIVIAN KODAK GRAND COULEE WASHINGTON VVILBUR WASHINGTON 56 . I N 'XQII XENX S ff ! IE f f- is 4 ! 4 b fff f i 51 ' ' Q , Wall . I M '-'Z' - ' ' fnf l 1 ' if E' H -2-. f , FARMERS--ITIS A GOOD IDEA TO DO BUSINESS WITH A RELIABLE COMPANY GET INTO THE IIDRIFTII OF THINGS WILBUR GRAINGROWER . PHONE IVII 7-5511 WI LBUR , WASHINGTON FOR FUNI FUNI FUNII Z? I I Ii I I I ffeIgI,I I If- 'I IT S C - THE , IX - ,JW -,cy a ,jh 2 W! B RECREATION TAVERN 5' 111.21 HW IQ -. X- L.. 524 , LV O ' Wd I o '- Md' I O ' j 'THE COMMON MARKET IS HAVING TROUBLE, THE , - IVIIDDLE EAST IS ACTING UP, AND CHET HUNTLEYIS E ,Ig I HAIR JUST TURNED GREEN,I ' Q! If You NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT 'Q GREEN HAIR ON A T.V, FROM 'l x ' 2 'ep RADIO ELECTRIC I IN W I LBUR , WASHINGTON HARTLINE WASHINGTON NH3 AQUA AMIVIONIA SOIL TESTING PHOSPHORUS SULPHUR WEED KILLERS McCAll FARM CHEMICALS FORREST NELSON MANAGER-PART OWNER PHONE 3585 OR 3581 ALIVIIRA MMMW OH THATIS JUST A SPOT ISSE WITH THE . , , lVlcCA LL. FERTI Ll ZERl 58 L. X CTS fl:-1 ... 9 2 ,W W W Q ml l0EPP'S f 9 FURNITURE I,m,.Z X 1 I AND APPLIANCE YA Qs WI 633-0430 ' fm? u ,, IF' YOU SEEIVI TO HAVE YOUR HEAD BURIED IN THE GROUND I.ATEL.Y , , , DIG YOURSELF OUT LADIES AND TROT ON OVER TO S CUT-N-CURI... BEAUTY SALON FROM THE FOR-GET-ME-NOT FLORISTS ' 4.-.-I, Z1-..---1 -. - ,--,,1 G 1 T 1 WILBUR --- WILBUR, WASHINGTON PHONE IVII 7-2231 WASHINGTON 59 f'N NnX Y T 'F L IIN ,S I 0 I 4 I fl I.ARRY'S QUARTERHORSES ONT IS' YOU CAN FIND EVERY TYPE OF' FURNITURE AT WARRINGTONIS WASHINGTON WILELIR WASHINGTON WILBUR IvIR. IvIcGRATI-I HAS A REMEDY FOR CECIL-'AIS BEAUTY SHOP EVERYONE! JOKELI COF COURSE THEREIS ALWAYS AN EXCEPTION, .IOKEII p H , XX I I . ,ry ' Y , If - - . EJ .3 4 3 5Wx .5 3 Q' I I I. I .. ' 1 I , A 'IQ I- 0' , If' If' f I - I I I. . X. I x A f QI 4 D!! WI . - I 'I 1, ' 7 IMI YI If I frm I I. I f , WLSIIJQIKQ, ' I '7 I F ' I ' A ' f . r t - ' 1 RTE g! 2' X WILBUR 60 IVIc GR A TH D R U G PHONE IVII 7-2202 C O , WASHINGTON WII.BuR I HAVE IVIY HAIR DONE AT CECII.IA'S WHY???? PHONE IVII 7-551II WASHINGTON T B0 1 . , 5 c N 'M ' 5 i A w i i l .V ,., V V: gp git ., QssfagQg5zgQ,g,aeg..3,, fj.ugj5.5fQ.5a5vw: 61351-- Jiywf- , .192 iw -x K A U:'aEjQ5q2Q,,?f., 'jZ:fE'g23g- Q , 3 , , ,. K, 'S .Q.Qf v ' , I .QQ ,Q ' ' ,VI A. 'J , 1 fi? V A, , g Q- 4' SF K my ga , sw 4 1 152.15 Y!

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