Alma High School - Panther Tales Yearbook (Alma, MI)

 - Class of 1955

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- 'Lu-.....p -4 Jae, - fwwf -,.Fk,f,-M' x. -f ,'-,g5,fE,.,f-i,,g,,L - ,MA m.....N..A,., V ,Jig .AN,Q,..g.x .:2'f21f1,.4.ff ,:,.1b..Q.,LQff?' -W? 4.1,-TL,l5fGPIg3?'f ,?'T?T'1':'?rf:.f xxljlag- .ww--w-f7ii.,11Hffww- Y H431 fs' ff ,,--. swan ,X - ' gl, , HQ ,A X. . 1fg.g1,f:,g5,ggi,ff2wQgm1e .A ve md ..,.if.1.,, A Y,rl1i,.u..,-f,,.,J,,,,,ML1 AW ,,,-.,:. ..,..,..,,W1u.....i.,....,.,,fy.,.,,.M-m.,'v41-mli'35"-Aff ""'k"""'-M1-Pegg,-5 1 X: f 5? , 1 .r I n , . ,Jx s , Dedication On behalf of the senior class of Alma High School, we, the Panther Tales staff, dedicate this book to you, the people of Alma and sur- rounding area who have so unselfishly helped us to build our ships strongly that we might withstand the stormy sea that awaits us. To our parents, who have built the foundation with their love and affection for us, to our teachers who have added to the already strong foundation with their many helpful suggestions and services, to the business and professional people, who have helped us in sup- porting our each and every activity, and last, but far from least, to the rest of the people, too numerous to mention, who have added the final sails to our ship by all of the little things which add up to the big things: by attending our school activities, by helping us in the drives we put on, by buying the things we had for sale, and all of the many, many other ways you have helped us. As we put them all together to form our strong, steady ship, and as we set sail on the sea of life, we want to thank you in our meag- er way for all you have done. To you, we dedicate this book as a means of showing our appreciation. To you we vote a heartfelt THANKS! '-"...":'..-"'f"- M ,a. 355951 ati 4, JAM Q Sponsored by THE 1955 ANNUAL STAFF A . Annette johnson, Business Manager ' I Qqll ' me vw ' x ?"5 S? 9 xx ffl Amin! A4 Gerry Detloff, Photograpl-ly ' 1 .,.-S 1 Hendershott, Advertising w I 4 ssh M X M "sf We-sg N s ' Vx" -...Q e s Elsie Van Alstine, Editor X tx e s D w bl Sp ts 3 I ' A 6 ee e , s s - Joyce Re1T1Sbe1'Sn Make UP s , , L .. : 1 , 1 Z p V nlqf, i Q Lavaun Sovap SPortS I R 1 Judy Marzolf, Makeup I S, ! L ' s-- 57 X , !i,. s J e s Q ' ',,: J' ., X Wg' . ' i , N. Y 4 ,gin-Y s t przgs f ' QQ ,a T S444 X Karen Woodar , jr. Edn a ? Richard Heuschele, usiness'Manag I, pr- z 'XX fl t... S-""'i .4 'I 'U F-rrliql Q1 N ' , s , 1 Q "JA, fm seess f ' x . Don DWYQT, Art P G Jr. Editor 'ssA 19' "X-of Annual Staff AY' , ws I 2' " I Denny Nelson, Photography Hardin, Feature Marion Baker, Sales Manager Kathleen Wiimnen, Sales Manager dna Parkes, Feature joy Mailand Typing Betty Besemer, Dolor Tvpmg Simmons, Typing Casner, Typist Gerald In Joan Wagner, Typ S Shirley Peterson, Advertising Harriet Advertising Lynne Bob Thompson, oreword As you board the "Panther Tales" with us on our journey through the school year, 1954-55, it is our hope that you will again experience the pleasure and enjoyment which accompanied us all on the original trip. As time goes on and gone forever are our ' school days, perhaps a trip 2b02rd the "Panther Tales" will turn the hands of the clock back to this important and most en- joyable phase of our lives. If the "Panther Tales" accomplishes these things for you, it will have reached the destination it has set out for. T' I 3 jr. High Editor J . 1 ff N f?'X r' 1 'II 5 i f I November 5 S 6, Homecoming Q 'H W ' ,W September 10, Kouncil Kickoff Q 1 af X- F X D x. October 8, Barn Dance V 'i 'EWS f I if I- r X M f I m ' U fY ff fl Q ,iff QQ fy f' X f November 19 8 20, Sr. Plax' cf' I ,ff if e X 1- February 19, Mardi Gras l 6 N March 25, Tri-I-Ii-Y Dance April 15 S 16, Tri-Hi-Y State Conferenc I f X 0 L - - f f x 3: f N i Afx X '7' 165 March 28, Hi-Y Follies X- "" X March 30, Co-op Banquet O, Q A April 21 s zz, opefem X 4-'Mr' x V' " 4,579 A N. J - A ,Q ,, 1 f' N KIWIMM f 'Q May 19, jr. Sr. Banquet is K Ye X 1 ' f May 13, Band Concert ' A -3 ,Z f" X ... ...s Q' ...I --f "" Q '4 April 26, Latin Banqueta X X O ALJ X .--- S- X -Q Q f' X 1 june 5, Baccalaureate I X.f"'f j f-"'b- ! 1' E f f June 8, Class Picnics Q9 'V 'lv S i iss June 9, Graduation ,Ei o l Dr. Dean, Treasurerg Mr. Phillips, Superintendent, Dr. Wilcox, President, 0 Mr, Fiske, Trusteeg Mr. Nichols, Trustee, Mrs. Moore, Secretary, F, R, PHILLIPS, Superintendent W, W, SHULTS, Principal Ethelyn Adams: A.B., Alma College. Biology, Future Teachers Club Advisor. Miriam Besemer: A.B., Michigan State Normal College, A.M., University of Michigan. Latin, Libr- ary, Library Club Advisor, Annual Staff Advisor, Sophomore Class Advisor. Maynard Christensen: Harley Dean: B. S., Ferris Delmar C. Brenner: B.S., Central Michigan College, M.A., Western Michigan College. American Government, American History, Effective Living, Boys' Intramural, Varsity Club Advisor, Track and Cross-Country Coach, Richard Fullerton: A.B., B-S-, M-A-, MiChig2I1 Institute, Central Michigan Sterling College, MA., State College' Farm College' University of University of Southern Crops and Soil, Animal Michigan, Michigan State California. Physics, Husbandlvs Advanced College- Shop- Chemistry, senior science. Agriculture, Farm Man- agement. F.F.A. Advisor. V. W. Hicks: A.B., M.A., University of Michigan. Physical Education. Var- sity Basketball Coach, A Athletic Director, Honor Society Advisor. Leonard Kaslander: A.B., Hope College, M,A,, Uni- versity of Michigan. Typ- ing, Bookkeeping, Econ- omics, Business Law. Acti- vities Treasurer. junior Class Advisor. l James Bronson: B.S., M. Michigan State College, Band Director. " tl ,e., kg ,X 5 ,f ,--24 .Y J4 - , V -af' iN. i zf : N ' - 5 ,Le "'k i W f aifbiiyf -4 ll- , il " 3. I , P 1 I '-"'1'5.Z? X . ., 8 gy ,5 5 Leslie Grafton: B.S., Western Michigan Collegu American History. Varsi Club Advisor, Boys' Intra mural. Assistant Footbal, and Track Coach. , Beatrice S. Kren: B.S., Melvin Larimer, BMA., Cent:-al Michigan Colle ge. Albion College, Vocal Musi Geography, Director Audio- Visual Education, Projection- ists Club Advisor. Martha Madison: A.B., 'A.M., University of Mich- igan. English Literattue, American Literature, jun- ior Class Advisor. :Verma 1. Parfitt: B.s., Central Michigan College, Shorthand, Typing, Senior Class Advisor. foe VanDyke: B.S., Manchester ollege, English, American Lit- rature, Dramatics, Dramatics lub Advisor, Chapel Com- 'ttee Advisor. Parm Mayer: A.B., Olivet College, A.M., University of Michigan. World History, Sociology. 'vifalier Rench: RS., West- ern Michigan College. Mech- anical Drawing, Driver Educ- ation, Pep Committee Advisor, Senior Class Advisor. Leo Van Meer: A.B., Michigan State Normal College, A.M., Wayne University, Secondary Vocational Certificate, Univer- sity of lviichigan and Western Michigan College, Retailing, Office Training, Commercial Training, Co-ordinator. D0I'0ChY M. Montigel: A.B., james Morrison: A.B., Alma Marygrove College, English College, M.A., University Tri-Hi-Y Advisor, Chapel of Michigan. Spanish, Speech Committee Advisor, Honor Public Relations, Assembly Society Advisor. committee Advisor, Adult Education, Sophomore Class Advisor. P9591-'h Tlibedeaui B-A-1 Alma Geralyn Towersey: 3.5-, College, Varsity Football Coach, Centra-1 Michigan College, Advanced Algebra: Ge0meU'Ys Homemaking, F.H.A. Advisor Assistant Basketball Coach. a C 2 -U Paula Wright: B.S,, , Western Michigan College, Physical Education, Pan- 7 therette Advisor, Girls' Intramural. ife Q U r ,iz LJ AHS 5 .aa-1 Sponsored by MARTIN'S STANDARD SERVICE ...iss Fai NJ-Q ik- Qx'NfL.., Q . CARL DUANE AUMAUGHER "Satch" "He's got what it takes to get ahead." Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 9,10,11,125 Football 9,10,125 Track Team 9,12,11,125 F.F.A. 9,10,11,125 Honor Society 10,11,125 Student Council Rep. 9,12,l1,125 Student Council Of- ficer 125 Senior Play Cast 125 Senior Play Crew 12. MARION E. BAKER "Bake" "What she took to do, she did." Tri-Hi-Y 10,11,125 Girls' Intramural 9,105 115 Pantherettes 11,125 Milers 9,1O,115 Cheerleader 10,11 ,125 General Homecoming Co-Chairman 125 Homecoming Com-t 125 Band 9,105 Annual Staff 125 Co-ops 125 Pep Committee 10,11,125 Dramatics Club 10,11,125 Student Council Rep. 11,125 Senior Play Cast 12. ALBERTA AVERY "Al" "Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter." Girls' Intramural 9,10,11,125 F.H,A. 10,11,125 Girls' Glee Club 9512, 115 Co-ops 125 Projectionists 9,10,11,125 Senior Play Crew 12. YVONNE SUE BEARD "Smiley" "One never knows what goes on inside a quiet head." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Pantherettes 115 Mardi Gras Comm, Chair- man 125 F.N.A. 11,125 library Club 105 Girls' Glee Club 95 Co-ops 125 Office 8 Retailing 125 Senior Play Crew 12, ELAINE AYRIS "Squeak" "Bubbling over with enthusiasm." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 F. I-LA. 105 Choir 105 Co-ops 11,125 Office S Retailing 11. VIVIAN JOAN EERE "Bing" "Attitude is the most profitable of things." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Library Club 12,125 Girls' Glee Club 9,10,11. KAYE BABCOCK "If your work interferes with your sleep--quit your work." Piano Movers 11,125 Hi-Y 10,11,125 Boys' Intramural 10,115 Varsity Club 11,125 Football 9,10,11,125 Baseball 9,105 Track Team 9,105 Male Chorus 10, Student Council Rep. 9, ADELFA PEREZ BENAVIDEZ "Sparkle" "Happiness is a perfume you can't pour on yourself without spilling a few drops on others." Girls' Intramural 9,115 Pan- therettes 125 F.N.A. 10,11,125 Band 9,10,115 Choir 9,125 Girls' Glee Club 10,115 Co-ops 125 Office S Retailing 12 Compliments of THE EAST SIDE DAIRY MARGARET JOAN BERGIN "Joan" "Short in stature, big in heart." F.N.A. 125 F.H.A. 105 Office S Re- tailing 115 Attended Grand Rapids Marywood Academy 9. ROBERT RAY BRANTLEY "Bob" "Smile and the whole world smiles with you." Boys' Intramural 9,11,125 Cross Country Team 105 Industrial Arts 9,10,11,12. KENNETH BIGELOW "Ken" "You know him by the noise he doesn't make," Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 125 Football 125 F.F.A. 9,10,11,125 As- sembly Committee 12. MARION DEAN BRECHT "Brock" "Man of deeds, not of words." Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Football 11,125 Baseball 125 F.F.A. 9,10,11,12, GERALD BLACK "Pigmee" "A man who is constantly learning." Piano Movers 105 Band 95 Industrial Arts 9,10, 1 1,1 2. NANCY RAE BRITTEN "Would that we had more like her," Girls' Intramural 9,1O,11,125 Pantherettes 11,125 F.H.A. 10,11,125 Choir 125 Chapel Committee 125 Co- ops 11,125 Honor Society 125 Senior Play Cast 125 Sen- ior Play Crew 12, PATRICIA ANN BOYER "Pat" "Laugh and be merry, better the worldwith a song." Girls' Intramural 95 F.N.A. 125 Choir 9,1O,115 Senior Play Cast 125 At- tended St, Louis High School 1O,11. VERNON W. BROWN "Vern" "He is the story of laughter and fun." Boys' Intramural 9, 10, 11, 125 Band 9, 10,115 Pep Band 115 Co-ops 12. Sponsored by G. C. MURPHY CO. CLARE C. BRUNDAGE "What delight a quiet life affords," F.F.A. 9,10,115 Industrial Arts 12, JANET KAY CATER "Not only good, but good for some- thing." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Pantherettes 115 F.N.A 1O,11,125 F.H.A. 105 Library Club 105 Choir 95 Office 8 Retailing 12. KATHLEEN S, BRUNDAGE "Never loud, always quiet, maybe some of us should try it," Girls' Intramural 10, 115 F.N.A. 105 F.H.A. 10,11,125 Library Club 1O,11,125 Girls' Glee Club 11. LYNN H, CHURCH "My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me." Boys' Intramural 125 Foot- ball 11,125 Athletic Manager 10. BETTY JANE BUCHELE "Harold" "Not the Kellogg- variety, but she's full of pep." Tri-Hi-Y 11,125 Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Pantherettes 115 F.T.A. 115 F.H.A. 10,11,125 Band 9,105 Chapel Committee 115 Annual Staff 125 Dramatics Club 105 Senior Play Crew 12. DEAN E. CLARK "Bashfulness is an ornament of youth." F.F.A. 9,1o,11,12. BARBARA B, CASNER "Barb" "Large oaks from little acorns grow." Girls' Intramural 9,105 Choir 10,115 An- nual Staff 125 Co-ops 10,11,125 Dramatics Club 125 Senior Play Crew 12. ALVIN M, COFFMAN "Some say he's quiet, others know." Boys' Intramural 115 F.F.A. 9,1O,11,125 Industrial Arts 9,1O,11,12. Sponsored by W.F.Y.C., Inc. -'RUTH M. CONN "Susie" "Quiet in appearance, motive GRACE SUE CONDELL "Cookie" "With a smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eye." Girls' Intramural 9,105 F.N.A. 125 Choir 10,125 Girls' Glee Club 9,115 Co-ops 11,12. MAURINE VERNA DEERING "Certainty is the mother of quietness and repose." Tri-I-li-Y 11,125 Homecoming Court 125 F.H.A. 11,125 Co-ops 125 Honor Society 11,125 Office G Retailing 125 Attended Allegan High School 9. unknown." Girls' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Pantherettes 11,125 F.H.A. 10,11,125 Girls' Glee Club 95 Dramatics Club 125 Senior Play Cast 125 Senior Play Crew 12. GERALDINE DETLOFF "Gerry" "Her hair is golden, and so are her thoughts." Tri-Hi-Y 10,11,125 Girls' Intram- ural 9,105 Homecoming Comm. Chairman 11,125 Home- coming Queen 125 Band 9,105 Girls' Glee Club 95 Annual Staff 125 Co-ops 11,125 Pep Committee 125 Dramatics' Club 10,11,125 Student Council Officer 115 Class Officer 9,1O,11,125 Senior Play Cast 12. SANDRA JANE COOK "Sandy" "A quiet sort to those who l-mow her not." F. N. A. 11, 125 F. H. A, 125 Choir 95 Girls' Glee Club 12, RAY L. DEWEY "Digger" "A good natured guy, always willing to try." Piano Movers 10,115 Hi-Y 10,11,125 Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 125 Track Team 11,125 Cross Country 125 Athletic Manager 105 Mardi Gras Court 125 Band 9,1O,115 Pep Band 115 Pep Commit- tee 11,125 Student Council Rep. 125 Senior Play Crew 12. CARROL JEAN COX "Always turn your face to the sun 5, and the shadows will fall behind you." Girls' Intramural 9,105 F.H.A. 115 Girls' Glee Club 9,10,115 Co-ops 125 Office S Retailing 12. JANICE AUDREY DRAKE "Dralcie" "Happiness consists of the enjoyment of little pleasures." Tri-Hi-Y 11,125 Girls' Intramural 9,105 Mardi Gras Committee Chairman 125 Girls' Glee Club 9,105 Chapel Committee 11,125 Pep Band 95 Co-ops 10,11,125 Pep Committee 125 Pro- jectionists 10,11,125 Science Club 105 Assembly Com- mittee 105 Student Council Rep. 9,l0,125 Office 8 Re- tailing 11,125 Senior Play Cast. 12. Sponsored by MCHUGH FORD MOTOR SALES DONALD HARRIS DWYER "Don" "A mind to Plan, 2 will to execute." Homecoming Comm. Chairman 125 Male Chorus 10,115 Annual Staff 125 Student Voice 115 Honor Society 10,11,125 Pep Committee 125 Dfamaflcs Club 10,11,125 science Club 1o,'s555lor Play Cas? 121 , 3. K Senior Pl y Crew!! 10,11,12- 11s.iM" L1 eilifl, 151126 117--2 1 . , 5 aw , 6. aan,-, 5-5 aa. 421 ,h,,1fr.ff5 539 'Q ,.a51,fd ,gf ,gage ..f5:3jlI.' f 555050. .f,..1-'A:,,,ZJf7' ' GERALD JAIVIES FITZGERAL15 "Fitz" -'A lima man with a willing heart and a ready hand." Piano Movers 115 Hi-Y 1O,ll,l25 Boys' Intramural 10,1 1,125 Varsity Club 125 Milers 105 Football 1O,11,125 Track Team 1O,11,125 Athletic Manager 11,125 General Mardi Gras Chairman 125 Mardi Gras Court 125 Band 9,1O,11,125 Male chorus 115 Pep Band 9,1O,115 Annual Staff 125 Honor Society 125 Pep Committee 11,125 Dramatics Club 10,1l,125 Science Club 105 Student Council Rep. 9,1O,11,125 Class Officer 125 Senior Play Cast 125 Sen- ior Play Crew 12. CAROL W. EBRIGHT "A contented heart is an even sea in the midst of all storms." Girls' Intramural 9,105 F.H- A. 9,10,115 Girls' Glee Club 9,115 Co-ops 125 Honor Society 11. MELVIN DUANE FORRESTER "Punk" "It's nice to be handsome, but a whole lot nicer to be nice, too." Boys Intramural 125 Varsity Club 125 Football 9,10, 11,125 Baseball 105 F.F.A. 95 Industrial Arts 9,1O,11,125 Attend- ed Fulton High School 9,105 Ithaca High School 11. ALVIN ELLSWORTH "Bunk" "I turn my back on women--that's why I walk backwards!" Piano Movers 12, Varsity Club 115 Football 115 Office s Retailing 125 Boys' Intramural 10,11 ,12. DEANE MERVIN GEARIG "Some of the greatest men have been sons of the soil." Boys' Intramural 125 Football 115 Barn Dance Court 125 F.F.A. 9,1O,11,125 Honor Society 10,11,125 Student Council Rep. 95 Class Officer 125 Senior Play Cast 125 Senior Play Crew 12. JAN RICHARD FERRIS "Napoleon was a small man, too." I-li-Y 1O,11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Basketball 1O,11,125 Baseball 1O,11,125 Track Team 10,11,125 Cross Country Team 11,125 Homecoming Comm. Chair- man 125 Honor Society 10,11,125 Student Council Presi- dent 95 Class Officer 1O,11. SHARRON ANN GILKEN "A girl so placid and serene, she's seldom heard but often seen." Girls' Intramural 9, 105 F.H.A. 105 Choir 95 Girls' Glee Club 10,115 Co-ops 125 Office G Retailing. Sponsored by SWIFT AND COMPANY LENORE IEAN GILLON "Water, water, everywhere and all for me to swim in." Tri-I-Ii-Y 10,11,125 Girls' In- tramural 9,1O,115 Pantherettes 115 Milers 9,1O,115 Homecoming Comm. Chairman 125 Co-ops 11,125 Honor Society 125 Projectionists 9,105 Center Board 105 Student Council Rep. 9,105 Office S Retailing 11,125 Senior Play Crew 12. WILLARD HARRY GURSKI "Willie" "MY CYES are not sore from pouring over books." Co-ops 12. LEO DURWOOD GRANDY "An auto is a helpful thing," Co-ops 12, KAY EILEEN HAMLIN "Katy" "Always gracious with a smile, her winning ways get friends worth while." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Girls' Glee Club 9,105 Co- ops 125 Pep Committee 125 Office 8 Retailing 12. ORPI-IA JANE GRUBAUGH "Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace." Girls' ln- 5 1 mi 9- r.rr.A. 2-Libra, Club 1 11 12. fan? 'ff frifn M ku ,qlilfgbl 13052.15 6671" ALLNM,-rf. Iv. f M' are Q! fe..1fa:4Q--- --,- SUE CAROLYN HARDIN "Susie" "If you knew Suzie like we know Suzie." Tri-Hi-Y 11,125 Girls' Intramural 115 Homecoming Committee Chairman 125 Chapel Com- mittee 125 Annual Staff 125 Pep Committee 11,125 Dramatics Club 11,125 Projectionists Club 115 Center Board 11,125 Senior Play Cast 125 Milers 115 Attended Arsenal Technical 9,10. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH GUNDERMAN "Zeke" "They are never alone who are accompanied by noble thoughts." Girls' Intramural 105 F.I-LA. 9,1O,11,125 Girls' Glee Club 9,1O,115 Co-ops 125 Office S Retailing 125 Senior Play Cast 12, JOYCE ELAINE I-IELMAN "Modesty is a becoming arm- ament fOr a young woman. " choir 95 Co-ops 125 Senior Play Crew 12. Best wishes from the ALMA DAIRY A jig, I g f, V gk If A . I . X ,., 1, 11, .M ,, I-..::,-at,-.. .251 X ff I fxf 55, A , ,5 , ,K ..,-5 .5 2 ng, 53:13, lit su ,L 5, gy! rw fa.: ,- by 2 51, .5 ,Ma ag may at 5 if 5 X 5 tg il f gafiagifa Fiwiataiiii W .5 2 . 5 ,tram , 5 .Wg gkfiw s aga, ,Q 5355515555545 . .. 1.. H ,JP 2' ,sa aggzmfwgjrffi L SH my is fx ,H La .... ,Y ,,, ML, ,L 55, 3 X 55 5 'lift Q 5 it Ek lg 1.1 ' " gg W 2 isa 5 1 , K 1 ll 4 1 it F T WM? My Y, as ta. , wggesgst l Y- 'X 3 44? 5, iq Y, Q ,ns P U ix if A sf n Y 'J mag 5 1, Ms is fr ii? F uw- ff .11 -, me--'lf .2 25555 - ,,.. in - iz 5, ,V Wa, ,Wg , una 50 ,1651 Pfgggisgg . fsfiixssiv isfsfffftl 2 5 PHILLIP I-IENDERSHOTT "Phil" "He majored in alibiology." Boys' Intramural 9, 10, 11, 125 Anual Staff 125 Student Council Officer 9, GENE RAYMOND HOOPER "It is not good for a man to be alone." Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 115 Football 10,11,125 Track Team 9,10,11,125 Barn Dance com 125 F.F.A. 9,10,11,125 student Council Rep, 10, 12. RICHARD PAUL I-IEUSCHELE "Wisdom comes to no one by chance." Mardi Gras Comm. Chairman 125 Annual Staff 125 Co-ops 125 Honor Society 10,11,125 Project- ionists Club 9,10,1l,125 Office and Retailing 125 Senior Play Crew 125 Co-Valdictorian 12, ROBERT LEE HOUCK "Shorty" "His friends are many, his foes .... are there any?" Boys' Intramural 11,125 Varsity Club 125 Football 11,125 Barn Dance Court 125 F.H.A. King 125 F.F.A. 9,10,l1,125 Industrial Arts 9,10,11,12. JAMES I-IICKS "Diz" "Beware! I may yet be famous." Basketball 10,125 Football 10,125 Baseball 10,11,125 Class Officer 125 Attended Culver Military Academy 9. JOHN E. HULL "Women will always be my hobby-.- U-ice h0bbY!" F. F. A. 9, 105 Choir 125 Male Chorus 105 Co-ops 125 Office S Retailing 125 Senior Play Crew 12. CAROL LEE HINMAN "Enjoy what you have, and work for what you lack." Tri-Hi-Y 125 Girls' I.n1r:amural 10, 115 Barn Dance Court 115 F.F.A. Sweetheart 125 F.T.A. 11,125 F.H.A. 10,11,125 Chapel Committee 125 Co-ops 125 Honor Society 125 Dramatics Club 125 Senior Play Cast 12. WILLIAM D, HUBBARD "Bill" "May his fortune be as tall as he." Hi-Y 125 Boys' Intramural 125 Basketball 9,10,115 Football 9,10,115 F.F.A. 9,10,115M21e Chorus 115 Attended Ithaca High School 9,10,11. Sponsored by BURKE'S GROCERY 'Wt' mm 2 , . -- ,L 1 ,QM 5 ts 'x fly .. H .1 mu 'xg PATRICIA M. HUMPHREY "Mrs, Pat" "She's a merry lass, the fun-maker in her class," Honor Society 125 Projectionists Club 11, 12. REX ALLEN JOHNSON "Al" "Walking is not a lost art5 one must somehow get to the garage." Piano Movers 115 Hi-Y 10,11,125 Boys' Intramural 95 Varsity 1O,11,125 Basketball l0,1l,125 Football l0,11,l25 Baseball 1O,11,125 Mardi Gras Comm. Chairman 11,125 Male Chorus 11,125 Projectionists 9,105 Center Board 9,105 Student Council Rep. 9,105 Class Officer 1O,11. I' ,-:, f t',', I 5 --'f- 1--'fi s,',r 5 ,rf . . 'si ' lllt"" i NANCY IESSUP HUNDY "Jess" "In friendliness I was ,,,: . . 5 - - 7 'T early taught to believe." Girls' Intramural 9,1O,115 if F.H.A.105 Band 9,105 Choir 125 Girls' Glee Club 115 Dramatics Club 105 Student Council Rep. 9. " it 5 - M 5 I 'f"::-'f' 1 , -sf 5 5 ' dtaslt . f ',-. l'l - nrno ' LESLIE JONES "Les" "Never do today what you can put e,,, . A r'1r off till tomorrow." Piano Movers 10,115 Band 9,1O,11, . H zf r,,,, 125 Industrial Arts 9,10,11,12. I alsaf 5 SANDRA NADINE INGRAHAM "Sandy" "Your eyes smile peace," Tri-I-Ii-Y 125 Girls' Intramural 10,115 Barn Dance Court 11,125 F.H.A. 1O,11.125 Choir 95 Honor Society 11,12, WILLIAM CURTIS KAUFMAN "Bill" "He never seems to shout. Is he quiet? I have my doubts." F.F.A. 9,10, 11. ANNETTE M. JOHNSON "A little woman is as capable as a big man when raising cain." Girls' Intramural 9, 10,115 F.N.A. 115 Band 9,10,11,125 Choir 115 Annual Staff 125 Senior Play Cast 12. BEVERLY LA BONVILLE "Bev" "Full of pep full of fun, never quiet 21WaYS 011 ihe run." Pantherettes 11- F.N.A. 11 12- F.H.A. 12-Library C1 1, 10. ' Senior Play Crew 12, , u ' Co ops 12' TROWER'S FURNITURE COMPANY QM DOROTHY LOUISE LOSEY "Dort" "Her smile goes all the way around and buttons in the back." Girls' Intra- mural 9,105 F.N.A. 105 F.H.A. 105 Dramatics Club 10, 11,12. CINDA DEE MCANALLEN "Cindy" "Her heart is like the weather5 it changes quite frequently," Piano Movers 95 Girls' Intramural 9,l0,ll5 Homecoming Comm. Chairman 125 Mardi Gras Comm. Chairman 125 F.N.A. 115 F.H.A. 9,10,11,125 Co-ops 125 Dramatics Club 10,11,125 Projectionists Club 9,10,11,125 Office S Retailing 125 Senior Play Crew. 9,10,11,12. BERNARD J. LOTT "Bernie" "An innocent face, but you never can ell." Piano Movers 125 Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Choir 9,105 Student Council Rep. 125 In- dustrial Arts 11. JOSEPH MCANALLEN "Joe" "Still waters run deep." Varsity Club 10,11,125 Basketball 10,11,125 Baseball 1O,11,125 Athletic Manager 95 Projectionists 9,10. ELAINE JOY MAILAND "Joy" "She has an eye for a good time." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Pantherettes 115 Mardi Gras Comm. Chairman5 F.N.A. 10,11, 125 F.H.A. 1O,11,125 Choir 95 Annual Staff 125 Co-ops 125 Student Council Alt, 95 Office S Retailing 12. LINDA LEE MCANALIEN "Mac" "Boys, Boys, I Like them all." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 F.N.A. 115 F.H.A. 105 Band 9,10,11,125 Choir 95 Girls' Glee Club 10,115 Pep Band 1O,11,125 Co-ops 125 Dramatics Club 1O,11,12 Projectionists 10,11,125 Office G Retailing 125 Senior Play Crew 1O,11,12. JULIA ANN MARZOLF "Judy " "Never too busy to pass out a smile." Tri-H-Y 11,125 Girls' Intramural 9,105 Homecoming Chairman 125 Mardi Gras Court 125 Barn Dance Court 125 F.H.A. 10,1l,125 Chapel Comm. 103 Annual Staff 125 Pep Comm. 123 Dr21T1aCiCS Club 123 Senior Play Cast 12. HARRIETT MARIE MCCONKEY "Her heart is not her own, but it is in good hands." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Pantherettes 11,125 F.N.A. 11,125 F.H.A. 11,125 Girls' Glee Club 95 Annual Staff 125 Dramatics Club 11,125 Senior Play Cast 125 Compliments of FRANKLIN FINANCE CO. any in fs, . in we' '- Ag Vt, .. ... lvl-1 1' 'Ili Simi, rs, X 1 153, VW, ,,,r,, , M. , Wx., ,M ,arm -- M gk .,,.. ,, ,M f af'-2' " 5 'v21,r25e,Q i :V ? -, Hyy -me z,g5b.i533555,iVL .1 rr - ' 7'.zta:ef5?K' -A 5 , :125 ,rr 5 ,W J L K 1: H? , , sa qi? 'Q 5 5 Q ,ts NV . . . ,ru syn. . - U I , A ' fit " WW W7 2 52,92 M W, 4,2 5 ' 1 A l .igrs - ,' 'f. ' I fm-fi,E'f ' if, ,f ln- 1, . , .xx ,5 - , V .,, . 55. - my , ,, ,saw 'iam , ,fa Aa BETTY LOU MCGILL "S1mny" "Rather quiet and always pleasant to meet." Girls' Intramural 95 Library Club 10, 115 Girls' Glee Club 9,105 Co-ops 125 Office 8 Retailing 125 Senior Play Crew 12. MARY L. MOFFETT "She has a unique affection for everyone." Girls' Intramural 105 Girls' Glee Club 9,10, 115 Chapel Committee 95 Senior Play Crew 12. GEORGE MIKULA "Mick" "Why should the devil have all the good times?" Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 F.F.A. 9,10,115 Industrial Arts 12. ROXANNA JOAN MOFFETT "Roxy" "Her heart is like a moon5 there's a man in it," Co-ops 125 Office G Retailing . 12' A A - - ,,,f,, ,, LW,-as-W ,L,f,' wi, ,ww-, 5 -5 -' r,,,,,k,,,,5,. , ,.,:,-as, , vs," as 55. f-5 . .,- V5 V A xi A .V,5 . 5, ,,.. WESLEY L NHLLER nspideru HA njcel- guy ygu seldom ,5..,. meaty BOYS: Int,-amm-al 10,125 Cross Country Team 105 5 5 v:j: 5 F.F.A. 95 Industrial Arts 9,10,11,12. 5 5 :"'1" ' 5' H 2 EDITH ANNE MOSIER "Peanuts" "What! No men in , P' 3,5 heaven? Then leave me here!" Tri-Hi-Y 11,125 , E f' Girls' Intramural 10,11,125 Pep Committee 125 Attended 5 Bellaire High School 9. yt M CAROL JEAN MOFFETT "Oh, those winlcable, blinkable, merrily twinkable, simply unthinkable eyes." Girls' In- tramural 9,10,115 Mardi Gras Qieen 125 F.I'LA. 10,11-,123 Choir 125 Girls' Glee Club 10,115 Co-ops 125 Pep Commit- tee 125 Office 8 Retailing 12. LARRY MOTT "Eat, drink S be merry for tomorrow brings a history test." Boys' Intramural 9,11,125 Foot- ball 10,115 Co-ops 125 Office 8- Retailing 12. 'Congratulations Seniorsi' THE ALMA STATE BANK WWW gm will 1 6 P RONALD JAMES MUHN "Ron" "Toil is the sire to f 'L , ' "1-L -'nf 7 In 1 1 Ni' .' zqvymuyf'-",'Z, 5-'S'4.,15W!1!,, .W::,::ZE:'f5"i's.:fE3 A T955 bi4w9'Vl'WTki 95- '. . 'sim 535.271 Wir .H 5.-5 maa,fmgr11 1, 1 x - f , " is is 4 '7 1.112 J 1 Mgl' fame." F.F.A. 10,11. , -I 3 V'm'.,k m'-' 1 EDNA PARIES "Be the labor great or small, do it well , if or not at a1l." Girls' Intramural 10,115 Pantherettes 11: F F.T.A. 125 F.N.A. 10 11 12: F.H.A. 10- Library Club 10,11 1 I 5 H fa ,, .-- ' 25151553 X ffaavffi . . , ' , f 5 5 125 choir 125 cms' Glee Club 115 Annual staff 12, Honor Society 1O,11,125 Dramatics Club 1O,11,125 Senior 1, - 3.1555 65 . 1,55 l v 11,33 55 ' gg? 'fr .f 'Q 3' is is Plav Cas' 12- I I JOHN C. MUSSER "Jack" "Why take life seriously? You'1l never get out of it alive." Boys' Intramural 9, 10,115 Football 10,115 Band 9,105 Co-ops 125 Office G Retailing 125 Attended Charlott High School, Punta Garda, Fla. 11. GERALD MANLEY PESKA "Pesky" "The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving," Hi-Y 1O,11,125 Boys Intramural 11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Basketball 9,105 Football 9,10, 11,125 Track Team 9,10,11,125 Band 9,10,115 Pep Band 10,115 Co-ops 125 Student Council Rep. 95 Class Officer 12. DENNIS K. NELSON "Menace" "Happy is he who has not spent his life in vain. " Piano Movers 105 Hi-Y 10, 1 1, 125 Boys' Intramural 95 Varsity Club 10, 11,125 Basketball 10, 11,125 Football 10, 11, 125 Gen. Homecoming Comm. Chairman 125 Mardi Gras Comm. Chairman 11, 125 Mardi Gras Court 125 Band 9, 10, 115 Male Chorus 11, 125 Pep Band 115 Annual Staff 11, 125 Student Voice 95 Honor Society 11, 125 Pep Committee 115 Dramatics Club 125 Center Board 9, 10, 11, 125 Science Club 105 Student Council Rep. 9, 10,11, 125 ClassOfficer 10, 11, 125 Senior Class Play Cast 12. SHIRLEY ANN PETERSON "Ruby" "Generally speaking, she's generally speaking." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Pantherettes 11,125 F.T.A. 11,125 F.N.A. 105 Annual Staff 125 Dramatics Club 1O,11,125 Senior Play Crew 12. JUDITH ANN OLSON "Judy" "Quiet and studious and always ready for fun." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Pan- therettes 11,125 F.N.A. 11,125 F.H.A. 11,125 Dramatics Club 10,115 Senior Play Cast 125 Senior Play Crew 12. KENDYLLE B. PRATT "Sid" "He that would live in peace S ease, must not speak all he knows nor judge all he sees,-1 Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 F.F.A. 9,10,11,12, Choir 10,115 Male Chorus 10,11,12. 1 Sponsored by SHROYER' S CHILDREN SHOP LEROY JUNIOR PRATT "just give me a listener--I'l.1 do the talking!" Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Football 9,10,11,125 Track Team 9,1O,115 Band 9,10,115 choir 9. JCYCE A. REMSBERG "When duty says, 'Thou must,' the youth replies, 'I wi1l."' Tri-Hi-Y 10,115125 Girls' Intramural 9,1O,115 Pantherettes 11,125 Milers 9,105 Homecoming Comm, Chairman 11,125 Mardi Gras Committee Chairman 125 Band 9,1O,115 Chapel Com- mittee 12- Pep Band 11' Annual Staff 12, Student Voic 1 ' e 95 Honor Society l0,11,,125 Dramatics Club 95 Senior Play Cast 125 D.A.R. Good Citizen 12, PATRICIA ANN PUNG "Herb" "She's as pretty as a pic- 1:u.u-e5 nice frame, too." Girls' Intramural 9,10, Choir 123 CQ-ops 125 Pep Committee 115 Dramaiics Club 125 Center Board 125 Student Council Rep. 9. ROBERT RHODES "Dusty" "The poor man is not he who is without a cent but he who is without a dream." Piano Movers 10,115 Boys' Intramural 9,10,115 Varsity 125 Basketball 125 Track Team 11,125 Cross Country Team 125 Choir 125 Male Chorus lO,11,125 Honor Society 11,12 ELIZABETH BOUTIN RANDALL "Her future has already begun." Honor Society 125 Projectionists 11,12. DORIS ELEANOR ROBERTS "Pinky" "Little I care if little I am, I can do just as much as the bigger girls can." F.H.A. 9,10,11,125 Band 9,10,11,125 Choir 95 Girls' Glee Club 105 Dramatics Club 10,11,125 Pro- jectionists 10,115 Senior Play Cast 12. ROBERT CLAYTON REDMAN "Dawson" "He H1WaYS lends a helping hand." Piano Movers 123 Hi'Y 10111: 125 Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Munn 105 Football 9,1O,11,125 Track Team 10,11.12s Homecoming Comm. Chairman 125 Mardi Gras Com- mittee Chairman 125 Band 9,105 Senior Play Crew 12. HELEN Rorr "1 fear nothing, but doing 'Nfonsd' C0- ops 125 Office G Retailing 12. Sponsored by MILLER'S MEN'S SHOP LOIS SALAZAR "S1lent women seldom tell lies." F.N.A. HARRIET IDA SCHULTZ "Ida" ,"Some think this world is made for hm and frolic, and so do I." Girls' Intra- mural 9,10,115 Pantherettes 11,125 F.N.A. 10,l1,125 F.H.A. 10,11,125 Girls' Glee Club 10,115 Co-ops 125 Senior Play Crew 12. JERROLD DEAN SANDERS "jerry" "Success is getting what you want."" Piano Movers 115 Boys' Intram1u'aI 9, 10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Football 11,125 Track Team 11,125 Male Chorus 10. WAYNE D, SCOTT, IR. "What's the use of worring when there are pleasanter things to do?" Boys' In- tramural 9,10,125 Cross Country Team 105 Band 95 Co- ops 125 Senior Play Cast 125 Senior Play Crew 125 In- dustrial Arts 11. HARRY ROBERT SCI-IAEDE Chick" "He could bluff his way past St. Peter." Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Var- sity Club 125 Football 10,11,125 Baseball 125 F.F.A. 9,10,11,125 Male Chorus 105 Science Club 10. ROGER L. SEAMAN 4"One may regret his speech--never his silence." Baseball 95 Industrial Arts 10. MELVIN SCHNEPP "Me1" "Good humor is a fountain that never runs dry." Piano Movers 9,10,11,125 Hi-Y 11,125 Boys' Intramural 9,l0,ll,l25 Varsity Club 11,125 Football 10,11,125 Track Team 105 Mardi Gras Com- mittee Chairman 125 Choir 115 Dramatics 115 Student Council Officer 11,125 Student Council President 125 Class Officer 115 Senior Play Crew 12. DAVID SECORD "Wimp" "A man with no enemies." I-li-Y 1O,11,125 Basketball 11,125 Baseball 125 Track Team 11,125 Cross Country Team 11,125 General Mardi Gras Chairman 11. Sponsored by MIRROR BARBER SHOP 1 qs. ,WV ,, 'f ' f -1' -ff.'f,. . -3zr:g,,,.,. ' If 51 ff? 14128 ia ja ir .. ,,,,f,1, , , , ,V 1. :.1 ,ff , ' "f:fmJ-, ' . " I if ' to as ' . I 4 fd ,a , .... , . f, . . , . :--V wg ff 5 ' 3. , 5, ' -- , - -,fig w, SZ., '- f - ,f4,.-:exe DOLORES GAY SI-IELDON "Del" "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." Choir 125 Girls' Glee Club 115 Attended Greenville High School 9,10,11. VELMA JEAN SMITH "jean" "Everyone can understand the language of a smile." Girls' Intramural 9,105 F.N.A. 105 Choir 105 Girls' Glee Club 9. SHIRLEY ANN SIMON "Anne" "Sweet and lovely but never lonely." Girls' Intramural 9,105 Majorettes 125 Home coming Court 125 F.F.A. Sweetheart 115 F.H.A. 10,115 Band 125 Choir 9,105 Co-ops 125 Student Council Rep. 9,1O,11. ' LA VAUN ANN SOVA "Fred" "She is gentle, she is shy5 but there is mischief in her eye." Tri-Hi-Y 11,125 Girls' Intramural 9,1O,11,125 Pantherettes 11,125 Milers 9,10,115 Majorettes 11,125 Homecoming Comm. Chairman 125 Mardi Gras Court 125 Band 9,l0,ll5 Annual Staff 125 Science Club 105 Student Council Rep. 125 Class Officer 105 Senior Play Crew 12. DOLORES SIMMONS "Rose Marie" "If smiles were dollar bills, she'd never have to work," Tri-Hi-Y 125 Girls' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Cheerleader 10,11,125 Mardi Gras Court 125 Choir 115 Chapel Committee 9,125 Annual Staff 125 Co-ops 125 Pep Committee 1O,11,125 Senior Play Cast 12. if ., W ' QQ? Wiz ""' Q. K-,5l1,LZ,. ,2,,fuL,z .5:p.-ff,,fffVQ:f,f,iZicj'. I-7 -I, zur 546.423, , gf .D A Y STACY "May she newpg change except in name." Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 F.N.A. 10,11,125 F.H.A. l0,ll,125 Girls Glee Club 9,105 Co-ops 125 Office G,Retailing 12. Y 5 2752 7710 fzfffzz .1 fe -'fora , ,2fff5f2,4,zw.ea-Lf ,ff -JI., ,514 77 y . ' S Jai 'AUDLEY F. SMITH "Barney" "A player iuugiualled, 2 sportsman complete," Piano Movers ll,125 Hi-Y 125 Varsity Club 11,125 Basketball 9,1O,11,125 Football 10,ll,l25 Baseball 9,125 Track Team 10,11,125 Mardi Gras Court 125 Mardi Gras King 125 Choir 115 Senior Play Cast 12. DENNIS C, STEPHENS "Denny" "If school is liberty give me death." Boys' Intramural 9,115 Track Team 10, Sponsored by SIMPS RESTAURANT KENNETH STIMPSON "Ken" Even s fish wotadnw get ' hooked if he kept his mouth shut." Co-ops 125 Industrial 5 .W - -5 I AITS 11. A ykyr A Q , rl V5 . 'K V Kv. , 7 . V FREDERICK TILDEN "Hot Rod" "Life is short5 why waste I it?" Choir 9, Male Chorus 105 Co-ops 125 Office 8 Retail ' "3-9' ing 12. Fk y: f ' U15 Lkf. .-k,-L JOYCE A. TAYLOR "Cheery smiles are never out of season." Girls' Intramural 10, 11, 125 F.N.A. 115 Choir 10, 115 Student Council Rep 9. ROBERT DALE TYNAN "Bob" "I-le's got an eye for a good thing." Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Football 115 Baseball 125 Track Team 115 F.F.A. 9,11,125 II1d11S1II'iF-11 A1135 9,1Z DIANA MAE TEED "Bridget" "With sweetness fresh as an rose." F.H.A. 11,125 Girls' Glee Club 9,1o,115 co-Q 12, ELSIE VAN ALSTINE "El " "Her accomplishments are many her vices mighty few and when she sets upon a task she always sees it through." Tn H1 Y 10,11,1 Girls' Intramural 9,115 Homecoming Comm Chairma ,12, Mardi Gras Committee Chairman 11,125 Homecoming Court 12, Girls' Glee Club 10, Annual Staff 11,125 Co-ops 125 Pep Committee 125 Dramatic Club 1O,11,125 Student Council Rep. 9,115 Senior Pla Crew 11,12. Qs x,,,.. 1 ,2 S., ROBERT E, THOMPSON "Bob" "God's gift to women5 oh, you lucky girls!" l-li-Y 105 Boys' Intramural 125 Varsity Club 10,115 Basketball 105 Football 9,10,11,125 Track Team 9,10,125 Annual Staff 125 Projectionists Club 9,10, Science Club 125 Assembly Committee 95 Student Council Rep. 12. JOAN ELSIE WAGNER "jo" "Tomorrow never comes5 make the most of the today." Tri-Hi-Y 125 Girls' Intramural 9,1O,115 Pantherettes 11,125 Homecoming Comm. Chairman 11,125 F.N.A. 10,11 125 F.H.A. 1O,11,125 Girls' Glee Club 10,115 Annual Staff 125 Projectionists 115 Student Council Rep. 5 1O,11,125 Senior Play Crew 12. 1 Sponsored by TOWNSEND'S,, CENTRAL MICHIGAN FLORISTS SANDRA SUE WALSH "Sandy" "Goodness creates lasting beauty." Tri-Hi-Y 1O,11,125 Girls' Intramural 9,10,115 Pantherettes 11,125 Mardi Gras Committee Chairman 10, 125 Mardi Gras Court 125 Barn Dance Court 125 Band 9, 105 Choir 11, Chapel Committee 115 Pep Band 105 Honor Society 1O,11,125 Student Council Rep. 10,125 Senior Play Crew 125 Co-Valdictorian. FRANCES MARIE WIGHT "Fran" "Always ready to do her part." F.T.A. 125 Girls' Glee Club 95 Co-ops 95 Student Council Rep. 9,105 Office S Retailing 12. JAMES A, HOWE "jim" "He's never quiet but when he's sleeping." Piano Movers 115 Boys' Intramural 115 Track Team 9,105 Choir 10,115 Band 95 Male Chorus 115 Co- ops 125 Projectionists 1O,11,125 Office and Retailing 12. KATHLEEN M. WIITANEN Hxacki' "she who makes room in her heart for others will herself find ac- comodation everywhere." Tri-Hi-Y 1O,11,125 Gi1'1S' Intramural 9,1O,115 Pantherettes 115 F.T.A. 115 Chap el Committee 11,125 Annual Staff 125 Honor Society 125 Dramatics Club 10,115 Center Board 95 Student Council Rep. 125 Homecoming Comm. Chair 12. VERNA ELLEN WELLS "Tootie" "It's the little things in life that count." Library Club 10, 11, 12, JOE WISNIEWSKI "Whiskey" "I'm busy, doing nothing." Boys' Intramural 125 F.F.A. 10, 11, 125 Choir 11. DONALD M, WERBELOW "Worm" "He'll tell you anything if you'll believe him." Piano Movers 125 Boys' Intramural 9,10,11,125 Varsity Club 11,125 Cross Country Team 115 Athletic Manager 95 Golf Team 9,10,11,125 Band 95 Annual Staff 125 Pep Committee 125 Dramatics Club 125 Center Board,9 5 Senior Play Cast 125 Senior Play Crew 12. DONAID L. WOODROW "Rolly" "A man's legs should be long enough to reach the ground." Piano Movers 125 Boys' Intramural 125 Choir 9,115 Male Chorus 10,11. Sponsored By ROY'S REFRIGERATION ALMA KATHLEEN WOODS "Woody" "A man is always better than a book.: Girls' Intramural 9,105 Band 9,10, 11,125 Choir 95 Girls' Glee Club 10,11,12, Pep Band 10, 11,12 Class Officers i 'sll gi V . ,. S s,se M. 4 ii... S y ,.ss M, ......, Seated: Denny Nelson, Vice President, Gerald Fitzgerald, President. Standing: Deane Gearig, Student Council Rep- resentativeg Gerry Detloff, Secretary, Jim Hicks, Treasurer. FLOWER: WHITE ROSE MOTTO: "OUT OF THE QUIET HARBOR INTO THE BILLOWY SEA." COLORS: BLUE-GRAY AND WHITE 26 Sponsored by DON ELSEA, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Sz Dairy Star. BA C CALAUR ATE Sponsored by ROWES JEWELRY AND A NO. 1 BARBER SHOP ,, K.. W.. A ww-ns-by Eff? G R A D U A T I 0 N Sponsored by ALMA HARDWARE N 1 6. """ - -Q .-f 4 3' ,mx 4 Aww ie-Q2--lf'-'rail my ty -nm xr...----5.-iii 'Q' ' A. 'SWR 'wif 4 4245"-P45 a I I AW V E5"'f3!:, ,np iii' he! FH A ' 4 'riinvaluneifa e52:......H b' P6 Ex 1 'wi !i1""""""E'5 'WT W - -'F x ia- :HIV :H mx N u :ei ag' :ii Nix . Qesf. aaa sw ss: .ff y .fer-les gwslsmim 1 if! A-as--fe: , E ig, ini-QQSEQ-ll 1 ir i I ll i I Qui! i-fl NX ' I l I ,sm , X-K "I x ' :aiu ' :W 5 ,56 I X Tl K Ad' -' ', -X .:' 1 . 'Ig .. -' Inv: 1' - ,lf , 'luv f fix I V K - , ,:f4L3Ll-.Sd-f Y Q- f 'If ' A ZX' x P1255 :J ff 'X -X Row 1: left to right Janice Abbey Mary Jane Adams Rex Alward Lanice Anderson Larry Andrew Virginia Andrew Row 2: left to right Sue Bachi Allen Baird Betty Ball Judy Ball Jesse Baxter Clayton Benner Row 3: left to right Pat Bethka Harlean Bongard Marie Louise Bott Yvonne Boyer John Brannan Norma Brenneman Row 4: left to right Jim Brenner Jim Brown Sondra Cawrse Marvin Church Gary Clevenger Ken Coe Row 5: left to right Barbara Conn Mary Lou Curtis Nancy Curtiss Carita Dalrymple Harriett Davidson Tom Dean Row 6: left to right Tom DeRushia Dave Dolloff Marilyn K. Dubay Gerald Eldar David Elliott Gretchen Elliott Row 7: left to right Larry Fillhard Lawrence Fillhard Shirley Fisher Jim Fitzpatrick Phil Frederickson Leland Freed 30 an k f l II. : E l s M .g-- 9 Sf, S - 'QE :- i 3 nl. , k S 3' in yyny if -'ft 4: nv' ,xll ! 2 S s A nrtbt Y nnes nra A A S h r . be x in ,:,:i .:: , . t I ' g kvyrk S - A ' l -: K ':'l." r rfvfz Q a t I Z: S W : - K ' if-X tlns J X v FW l i .f,1 I , I J I H K ' " on We nyyy st n : 2? F Q , tsnt '51 ' r ,. ff ii , fi' i ' in h ' ,. 'K ., , . ' 'f" Sponsored by SIMMONS SHOE REPAIR , ,V , J .. A M: ofwriji 13 y "3 1 V 'W if 2? - ' I 2 A ,.2 , J , q A ,V we My M 2 J K: A J J Qii: J J' C l Z .ta Q -- 1 l L, - M it - "'q:' 5 QZ Q F V K l , 'Q if 1 K , A,, it ,f 5' Y 1' ' L 2' J A it A, me L A ,, l W s a : f if ' Q i I, .L X nry Compliments of DON ELSEA Row 1: left to right Bruce Fry Quna Fry Marilyn Forrester Pamela Gee Robert Gee Edward Glazer Row 2: left to right Lee Grandy Martin Grandy Kathy Gross Gail Grosskop Marilee Grover Beverly Haas Row 3: left to right Gordon Hamp Anne Harker Frank Harris Pat Harris Kay Hawley Jean Helman Row 4: left to right Linda Hoard Kay Holcomb Pat Howe Jim Hull Ken Humphrey LaNae James Row 5: left to right Fred Johnson Carol J oynt Lenore Kelsey Pat Kelsey Alice Langlois Mary LaPaugh Row 6: left to right Virginia Larkin Roberta Leppien Donna Jean Loomis Robert Ludwick Karen Mapes Mike Martin Row 7: left to right Patricia Marston Sharon McAllister Mary McCall Gerald McClenathen Janice McClintic Joyce McClintic 31 Row 1: left to right Jean McClure Betty McConkey Scott McCullagh P if Betty McMi11en W ., tttt J it at Larry Miller Judy Mills Q? yt 4 3 tt P .,yt, ,Q P R Q J P y A+, if ,A W . .. -': . v ! H 1 0 J-sP if Q P 1 ttyJy ii on J J , P 41 fn M A gh P. Row 2: left to right Leroy Mix . Fred Moore y yL J ry J Q Mary Ann Moore . P P P Gary Morton Richard Munderloh A J ,,,i J - K 'ff ' " jk . K1 A A: Q ' X if 'fs' Q F5 Vw R J QQ Q 'W J J 'H+ J M 'J if we 'Q X Q K E B 5 C X xx Joyce Nelson M Q X Row 3: left to right P Judy Nelson Joe Nemechek J J J M J J J Y J Leon Noack Otto Noack 5 "' - at V P J P 1 K Norman O'Boy1e in 1 Donna Peak it in J Row 4: left to right P 3 iolt S Barbara Phillips . ' ' Ji Elinda Poorman P - PI Richard Pratt ,L J Elisao Ramon Betty Randall Shirley Rausch J P S 5 if W E dwin Rawn 'J P yk My J Pi 'J J It n J J yQ, N IGH M 3? , w X , , A we LP V N V ef? mmf u Aa " Q? J JS? xg xt Row 5: left to right z srd V5 PP L it Nancy Redman N 5 'F J J LeRoy Richards P Burl Robinson P , ' nttrn P PP 2 P r 5 Janet Robison 1 J J J P PPrl Rex Rock-afellow kk P P J J JJKJ- I J t -. n. 1 L, . ., i, Lv? I '55 A Q Row 6: left to right is - -JJJJJ - J J l J Bob Root Barbara Ropp Dyke Rottschafer Edward Rowley Barbara Sain Frances Salazar VP, K Tl, I L ' P l JJJJ , J Row 7: left to right Charles Scott Norman Shaw Marvin Shepler Kent Shirely Marie Shutt Marilyn SiS0h0 Compliments of LIST MACHINE SHOP 32 .H R Rs:- FPP, A we A , Q. N. e S S t st b E Rf' S r t S Q,-A ,, Q - N htr tl i M kL xi Tg S it 3 Class Gfficers Row 1: left to right Sandra Smith Larry Sopel Lorraine Strack Rosemary Theodorou Shirley Thrush Mary Ann Tynan Row 2: left to right Alice Wagner Russ Wieferich Jay Wierman Carl Wight Sylvia Wilber Sharon Wilk Row 3: left to right Lorna Willard Sandra Williams June Wing M. J . Wolfe Karen Woodard Doris Woodrow Row 4: left to right Keith Wyeth Myrna Zinn Victor Northrup Back Row: L to R: Gail Grosskopf, Treasurerg Tom Dean, Student Council Rep.5 Pat Harris, Secretary. Seated: L to R: Anne Harker, Vice Presidentg Linda Hoard, President. Sponsored by BRINK MACHINE SHOP 33 is o h 'W Surroun de d Fore .... . 5. ,,.,. VT. Ummmm boy ! fa A , Q M T ' V . M 234 W 1,9 sf. I ,. T Q , 22 .- A 2 .. Hic ! 34 Fancy pants Q 1:17. " EQA "Hs, - J hhsh ' 1 3 , ij A 'E . s hse ' 5. ' Which is what? K' Y Q' K, 1 2 If 'Lf if ,. The watchbird is watching you V 1' . A A v Taj. o S ,X ,,., , i,- 555, 4132, .Q - , Whatcha mad at? ? ? D0I1't dig us--We're already gone s ,yr -' V , P .dl as-. . . ea W we, A - X L - lv .fwf , . , 2 ,, 3 - 'i wi ' 23 . A .4 S2 ' , Q .... 1, , :El M . A . ' 5 ' '5z5.,-Y,- , 1' 5' X, vs ' : ' 1' ' 'Z . -' 'JM I K I - sig H is . jk, . Us 7 'gf' "H-K1 ' 31 22359234 15? I . gms -A 5 .iw . 3 5. 2 U .N .3 -2' ' ' ' 2, ' x P- E , o, ,I '5' K :,iI'?E':f 'W' X2 :Z 1" 17: , gy, - -Q. I ' Hep cats T L , uf' ' 4,4 BY George! 1 1 Really? Heart and Sole Make-up or make-cum' 5 h M Q h Tasty tidbits ' Sponsored by WOODARD ELECTRIC SUP IH M xi X fm - -g f f - - f 5 --1--"" ig - - X N, Y , ff"-gf Row 1: left to right Lula Belle Adams Gladys Faye Baird Carol Barol Banghart Gerald Barrett Bernard Beard Kay Frances Beebe Row 2: left to right Patricia Black Kathy Blanck Bill Bowen Roger Boyer Larry Breidinger Agnes Brown Row 3: left to right Ronald Brown Ronald Buchanan Gale Burt Clara Campeau Elwin Carrick Nancy Carter Row 4: left to right Shirley Christie Dane Church Joan Church Judy Clark George Conn Rex Cowles Row 5: left to right Gary Cox Eveline Czape Albert Daniel John Davey Ardis Davidson Jim Delavan Row 6: left to right Dave DeRushia Don Dewey Robert Dexter Susan Dobberstein Shirley Donley Velma Ruth Easlick Row 7: left to right Willard Eldridge Jim Ellsworth Marilyn Emery Merlene Emlinger Marjorie Erick Leilani Fillhard 36 .S 'Wm i ' f -S ," I.. 'Q' 1 2 K, jf tp ' Si , 5 E r , k on 7 -,- . V .. nv 4 S F ,,7k 1 K 'l g .. ., . L. l K , 'Z A l i E' etxlig. l i t J k t me in 'A t J' 9' - at K 1 '- Y' K6 x A 1 if If f h -UJS as -':' N Sgggtgfii L Q . gba, A ., , ,mf 'Pi ., R Q I f L .il f , A ll W. tx t A if ereer P ' -- tii i E :i::-rf-: " "'v' 1 ' .:' A f J sz 3 .,,. , Lk jkF.7 yt r ,.L if ,Z : , .lf krk I i e or ll i ' A t A, f :-r it if E E : E' T e ,,. ,f 3'-'ig if 'J 4 n ...,:' sf if . vi A :A 2 R i 'lx if rese s rt A i s e :':fty: 1 :F A M . fl i A . 'F-ff' 1 ff , as if li X K E' re., V 'A ' E H iie k , ' Z. K KN K . i m we ml' i,, ., Nh I K my was in L' el 9 S 99' " ' 1li hlll . e tettye sf S Ni M' E' if i t we 5 -:,--- a n -V . A , kk 5 X 4' sv by : :: e in , Sponsored by GELLER'S JEWELRY STORE wi, ig -1? . Q , ,A .JI xivrya-. MJ - L ., V W S2 17 ' A 19' :5 ll. but A R Q V p ..., 2 . It Q' 'S' L 3 l 7 -ar , 5 f 2 ZV: Q5 'Z W SV h Z 5 ,ung A.. F 1 yots - ' J' W YE nl!!-1 -asa f 11" t 5 ff' X t so . e 'fi A 'f a , we I 12 " ' Q lv hi , Llli' G, I A L. 4 K 5 xl x Sponsored by GRIFFETH SPEEDWAY 79 Row 1: left to right Marilyn Fink Pat Fitzgerald V Sharon Fitzgerald Sharon Forrester Tom Fox Alvin Freed Row 2: left to right Ehiora Freed Charlene Gale Jack Gifford Tom Gross Sue Grosskopf Tom Grover Row 3: left to right Clarence Gurski Bob Hagerman Art J. Hall Margaret Hall Norva Jean Hamlin Larry Hamp Row 4: left to right y Verna Harrow H Elaine Havens Ralph Heuschele l Dave Hicks Ed Higbee Row 5: left to right Ceville Hinman Bert Hitchcock Sue Hofstetter Grant Hole Leanette Holmes Melvin Houck Row 6: left to right Oralee Huckins Donald Humphrey John Hunter Jack Hurosky Joyce Jones Jerry Jordan Row 7: left to right Ruth Ann Kaufman Ronnie King Beverly Kirschbaum Jed Kirschbaum Phyllis Klumpp Gordon Kovach 37 Row 1: left to right Pat Kurey Jerry LaLonde Sharlene Langin Agnes Langlois Mary LaPaugh Patsy Leach Row 2: left to right as ' va L -.e ,L it , ,L Q L ' " 'Q - L 2 Q - K 1 f L, Joyce Loomis R Lg Don Lynch ' D L 7 Q, V ,I 1 1 Kay McAnallen .i . , L W V L L Dorothy McClenathan 51 L R t 5 c ji L Reaneta McCormick ' at L, W ,L 'W' Tom McCreery J E N :'i L - : ' S Row 3: left to right ' ccct L' on I Pat Marriott ' yysc J George Martin S R L L it ,"' ct r Richard Martin Nancy Mettert L ,L L . ' L M Row 4: left to right J J J , Q-. John Mmer- l l : L J f' L, -,,-, I vk Nkf alb 1 In . ,. ,-.l L A - Kay Mitchell " - .J if iccc D -, x . Q 7 Janet Molby Jim Mongeau 1 I n - 'Ml L Larry Moore L um 1 LN y J- J L fs ROW 5:1eft '10 fight r r f Edna May Morey LJJ J i H t l f f L y il 0 Darlene Mott ' , ,A L L Lx N L? N Becky Munderloh Larry Nelson f 3 JMR P Betty Nestle Jti st , J? Dick Nester . J: ' ,fx R tc 'V' c' : ,Z -Q ,: , A. 5 ' f r ll L v Row 6: left to right S, :-' R 5 l ,gy n Pat Neilsen J 4"' A " "'- J Dick Pattison S ' ' J Kay Perry 5 L Y , ..1' R J . L .L V Q A Ron Perry 1 f d ' ii' '53 'A ,L x l? L ' Sandra Peterson 97 A rlrh Ll - .,, ,Ti lats L 'i it:L ,--- L ,el L Peggy Powers ,.5, Lkr. , b n 1., I K up I l n- 2 , 4 I K A 'iyl 5 , ,--L:' 1 1 J' ' Row 7: left to right Lupe Ramirez Roger Rausch Roger Raycraft Donald Rhodes Valerie Riggle Charlene Ring 38 Compliments of VIC'S GROCERY AND DRY GOODS l J f ssl E J S L L A L 2 rl: -4 Q ' '11 4 , ""i -' K . 3 ,Q E ,m hM i 0.1 Q Q ,E gg ' wt f :,-Z h I -, I .. I .L T V I V, U 'WK il Aa - W.iA to ag I A ,. L r so: V T f f lv .. V ffslo, V l S no M A l gldfc. , i E it , f if 1 a ny 5 :ESZ 5. N i f lll D ' A L i V . ai' Q :FZ t 'iii oi , an - f .L L3 L'Spi y :Qi A ' AM' . f fm., L fl y S 1 f J, J J y L 7 'y i If 1 ii 'K it . J . -N it 3 snli J Q., X13 :VE J gn S 'S 'V E compuments of HEUSCHE LE SERVICE STATION Then woods Row 1: left to right. Eleanor Roberson Freda Rosevear Frances Saunders Bernice Schnepp Kathy Schnepp Marie Schug Row 2: left to right Harry Scott Roy Scott Jim Seaman Karl Sebastian Loren Shattuck Connie Shroyer Row 3: left to right Phil Siefker Carolyn Simon Garland Sischo Bob Slates Janet Smith Dorothy Sopel Row 4: left to right Marilyn Soucek Leo Steinburg Joie Ann Stuart Jerry Struble Leonard Studebaker Michael Sullivan Row 5: left to right Barbara Taylor James Taylor Katie Thompson Ron Thompson Howard Thrush Douglas Tickle Row 6: left to right Joan Treischmann Lee Trower Kathleen Vance Ruth Vander Veen Denny Veeder Gloria Vincent Row 'Is left to right Leon Vine Barbara Wager Janice Welch Larry Wells Trenton Wilhelm Dixie Wolfe 39 Mb Back Row: L to R: David DeRushia, Student Council Rep.5 Karl Sebastian, Treasurerg Kay McAna.1len, Secretary. Seated: L to R: joan Trishman, Vice-Presidentg Gary Cox, President, Sponsored by ROY'S REFRIGERATION fines! if Q . 2- 1 I "-...lg 55' 2' l l- 141' , RK 4 1 ii ii fi xKx..f--Xsiaig MUNI TVN H RI H VV! S Row 1: left to right Glenys Abbott Shirley Adams Fred Allen Jr. Darlene Anderson Gary Anderson Barbara Andrews Row 2: left to right Joan Apple John Aqujna Lucille Atwater Rose Avery Bill Bachi Micki Bachi Row 3: left to right Vicki Ball Peggy Barnard Fred Bayliss Max Beebe Norman Benner Sharon Berryo Row 4: left to right Elaine Betzer Edward Bigelow Dale Bowen Dick Boyer Marlene Boyer Ken Brecht Row 5: left to right Tom Brown V.K. Bryde Sharon Burke Dick Burlingame Mary Burlingame Ida Case Row 6: left to right Sandra Cater Maynard Christensen Barbara Church Barbara Clymer Dick Coin Richard Conn Row 7: left to right Stephen Cowdery Lee Cowles Gladys Crawfis Dan Croton Donald Davidson Mike Davis 42 , 3 K ' . 1 ' aae ' C7 55 new we I , ' l al l A l ' Q : : ln 5 l j : i 2 i if , g K xy 1 4 . i E EEV Etd 5552 i t Q ': , I n E. g y,: r ire : n: i i b ..V H1 - ,:.1,, is K, ,K I l Q1 5 "' -V-:f C A A i all l in f A n i enn f - l 3 all A A f A zit 2 S iel A :::.:e A L X at . t Compliments of LUETHS JEWELERS ef' A X 9 A A 3 W. X Q53 .r 3 l, -if QS, so " ft K l ff' X Y st.. W if . Of .aft qqrl i 'K ht , . i 5 lk B it .t .f.. 1 ' if 15 ttth B t J X w-5 ' 3 2 H it HQ . 0' , irrz K, s M. . ' . :,, on ,V ' L ...,, , J Q i . "', rf yyn , ' l a , J ' o . g Q K , L vt B ,AL , . N . L' -" J 'h., LL-' I B n ff B 'P' K t ff, In J hw .. H Q t N M, ' I L' VV V W ,-,-:' In fx hm, ar- fx K - it 41 t H .. n ew Y fs: , ' 1':-- yi! 55 :ff V' I I 'fr i Sponsored by THE FERRIS SHOP Row 1: left to right Gale Davison Sylvia De Rosia Jo Ann Detloff Sharon Dewey Fred De Witt Deloris Dexter Row 2: left to right Virg Edwards Jim Ewer Paul Findsen Lee Fisher Larry Freed James Gilkins Row 3: left to right Gail Glendenning John Grimes Lynda Gross Darlene Grover Nancy Grover Phyllis Grover Row 4: left to right Ted Grover Kaythrine Hall Betty Halliwell Rosemarie Harrow Tom Hext Mary Heying Row 5: left to right Mary Hiernenz Dan Hoffman Darrel Holmes Larry Horton Rosalyn Howard John Hoyt Row 6: left to right Diane Humphrey Barbara Hyde Brenda Ingraham Sharon Isenhath Alfred Jackson Wilbur J enison Row 7: left to right Carole Jensen Ross Jerome Jacqueline Johnson Bill Johnston June Jordan Ruth Jo t yn 43 Row 1: left to right Rena Kelly Ester Kenny Danny Kline Carol LaLonde Gary Leonard Nancy Liberty Row 2: left to right Eugene Lilly Myron Lobsinger Billy Loomis Janet Loomis Joe Loomis Glenadine Lott Row 3: left to right Norma Lott Dick Lowry Hazel Lynch Joyce Lytle Chuck McAllister E S, .wha E .gg r L . ,L 1 .n 1 - .3 - I 1: ,., -.K I ii V 1- 'R' . 6 ., 5 152571 - , f '-:: 5 ' 'W ms, ' 4 ' K X. Jack McClintic Row 4: left to right ii . Dianne McCreery A Mavis MCDaid "'f Lynne McHugh i O Bob McKee -A Dick McMullen , ' L Terry McMullen ':i, ltn y t -if y Row 5: Left to right Bob Martin 7 Margaret Martin Mildred Mayfield Larry Meyers Mailyn Michaels Mary Michalovic Row 6: left to right Jacqueline Mills Shirley Mizer Bruce Moeggenberg Larry Moomey Ron Moore Carolyn Nelson Row 7: left to right Jim Nester Victor Nevins Joyce Northrup Don Olson Judy Orvis Alva Oswald 44 M K sw K- W i .fiff-1,5 u Wi- - - M, iv' li , .Q ii Q ., ' A A? f l ' llg' 2 if - A , ygx JM , A Q on K 2 N 'i"' x ' ii il i 3 W X K lr. in Wk K wmv A " 'R lytli 77, ' .1 M N e ., rria X of 311-it T "H, fs-- X' 4 at A f 5 Hz' . my - S E iifsi F d F1 1 'E i ' J I' A S i iff Compliments of MEDLER ELECTRIC COMPANY ft s i,tn I as A 'sy 1, is , 4? QV' H-J f i it W1 K , . Xian I T -Ji. M 7' 13' 1 if if -if Q ' xi' f if A, , if ,EA , ha 0 A 1 En' ' Amg V if T A A .. ,, L 1- l 1 Q Md? , W ., .uw 1 XY K 5 Qs, M 'V , . . . at W ilt' 7' 1 51' i Q t ": ttiy gf g 5 f I n V if Q. is , Z i V .,f: i f Zag f J .... GY it f J J E at W K my 5 P Sponsored by LEE MOTOR SALES 445 ,. 32 if s 1? Row 1: left to right Sharon Patterson William Peck Darwin Peska Janice Peterson Wayne Piatt Charlotte Porter Row 2: left to right Sharon Porter Dianne Pressler Martin Ramon Mary Rawn Sharon Reyher Janet Riemersma Row 3: left to right Michalyn Roberts Dean Robinson Doug Rockefellow Abe Rodriguez Ray Rodriguez Judy Root Row 4: left to right Jerome Ross Judy Russell Paul Salazar Pat Sandel Carolyn Sanders Fred Schaeffer Row 5: left to right Doreen Schnepp Sondra Sheldon Bonnie Smith n Mary Short Deanna Smith Gayle Smith Row 6: left to right Roger Southward Judy Sparks Joan Stanley Kay Stimson Eddie Sura Judy Taylor Row 7: left to right James Teachworth Clark Thompson Betty Thrush Douglas Thrush Clayton Tickle Marie Tomlin 45 Row 1: left to right Valerie Tomlin Roger Trayer A Janet Treischmann W J L L ' if . sue Tripp y r.:-t fs l 3 y 'S' as 4? 55 Jim Van Atten ' J J ee 2 Ai Jerry Van Demark J e Q J - e. ee it Tl f fl T Row 2: left to right Carol Vliet ' L John Vorcak J J Nancy Watson , Larry Wells Charles White Larry White , 'X , A r , I 5 ,111 kkk: Vkk- 1 Uqgiqq , .,.. K lm? W -ww . X ' 5 as . r n Jtt ,J AKG 'ms t L nrenrr mi W4 J "' ff 7 X if my if . fm Row 3: left to right J s J Q Fred Wideman f f y 4 an- ,y n i ' "-' 4 W QW Rick Wilcox l nn 7 if f' ff J f Janet Wilson f ' G leet, n J J Barbara Woodard i hm L J Jerry Woodrow Rose Woodroe Row 4: left to right Ernest Wright fig tfn rnrn Lois Wurts J Susan Yale M-'Tn Sponsored by BYERLY' S SUPERMARKET Sl I954 Homecoming Queen Gerry On Thursday, November 4, 1954, the participants of the Snake Dance wound their way through the streets of Alma and ended with a pep rally at the old Washington School site. On Friday, November 5, the many beautiful and colorful floats, led by the Alma High School Band making their first appearance in their new uniforms, inched their way through the streets to form the 1954-1955 Homecoming Parade. Prizes were awarded to the most beautiful, the most original, and the funniest floats. Compliments of ALMA PISTON COMPANY 3 if... .l Back row: Elsie Van Alstine, Queen Gerry Detloff, Shirley Simon Front row: Marion Baker, Maurine Deering. .. ll . - lp That evening our mighty Alma Panthers faced the Ludington Orioles at Bahlke Field. During the half, Queen Gerry Detloff was crowned by Mayor Thompson. The band displayed their marching ability, and the winning floats made their way around the field with the queen's float. The game ended with a 13-41 defeat and was followed by a dance at the center. On Saturday, November 6, we ended the beautiful and memorable 1954-1955 Homecoming festivities under the many beautiful stars which decorated the gym f 49 for our Homecoming Ball. SP0I1S01'ed by FREDRICKSON MOTOR SALES MOST BEAUTIFUL -- f-A L '4- ,EY s f in Honorable Mention, Junior High First Place, Senior Class MOST ORIGINAL Honorable Mention, Pantherettes First Place, Honor Society MOST HUMOROUS ,gf Honorable Mention, Future N1u'ses First Place, Choir Sponsored by DOLLOFF'S PURE SERVICE x " lr r Prom 2 1 I' 1 1 P , X 2 x W W ' lt 1 Y Y , On April 23, 1955 at 8:00, little fairies, elves and animals sneaked into the gym and peeked through clouds of mist and stardust to see 97 couples dancing to the dreamy strains of Kenny Smith's orchestra. They enjoyed the intermis- sion as well as the delicious refreshments and joined in with the rest of the crowd for the Grand March. Watching through this f'En- chanted Woodland" they saw the 1955 jr. Sr. Prom, chairmaned by Sandra Walsh and Karen Woodard, become a. huge success, not only as the jr. Sr. Prom, but also as the first dance to be held in the new gym. As the clock struck 12, they saw stardust dancing on the moonbeams as they sifted through the misty clouds on the -W quiet woodland. The 1955 Jr. Sr. Prom drew to a close. Compliments of DR. KARAJOFF I955 Hi-Y Best wishes to the graduates,C. L. GREENING 8: SON FolIi6S Sponsored by RAY C. JOYNT AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Kz SUPPLIES GP 6 d by MARTIN' S MEN SHOP ow an An operetta was held by the A,I-LS, Choir on April 21 and 22. The lead- ing roles were played by Roberta Leppien and Leonard Studebaker. It was a superb performance both nights and drew huge crowds spelling success for the choir. Sponsored by SPORTMAN'S CENTER Senior , ,J On November 19 and 20, 1954, the class of 1955 added their name to the list of successful senior play productions, di- rected by Mr. Joe Van Dyke. As we settled down in our chairs and became engrossed in the quaint old story, we saw our classmates become characters of the Norwegian family in "I Remember Mama." Sponsored by STOVALL'S STUDIO Play ,M The cast included: Judy Marzolf, Edna Parkes, Denny Nel- son, Doris Roberts, Sue Hardin, Ed Rawn, Don Dwyer, Marion Baker, Pat Boyer, Yvonne Cummins, John Hull, Janice Drake, Don Werbelow, Audley Smith, Gerald Fitzgerald, Carol Hinman, Judy Olson, Wayne Scott, Gerry Detloff, Harriet McConkey, Joyce Remsberg, Ruth Conn, Deane Gearig, Nancy Britten, Annette Johnson, and Carl Aumaugher. 5 Sponsored by STOVALL'S STUDIO Drama tics Club Play s DYSVQPUV Ogre 58 Spons ore Seven S trang SYS d by WATER S SHOE STGR RICHARD HEUSHELE SANDRA WALSH ,, ., 31 MQ X . EE:-1112 ' NI-RE. ' J, ml! :.': A EVE' ' 55' iEWT" "':'1: .2"Gv's'4:i3a'.' - ., A ,Q a'sQMd.2gk 3 .E 1 I nazi' " 'f , ii'1'E. We X' W 5 , gY,,,Qgf',g5T5?vgUf W , fam Pr Q '?4?g65gEQii2Qigff '-1:?":?:1.:?'Z :RZ ' ': . ' lu mf 7 Aff: f Q4f,g 5Qfs?Wz?Wsc .2-45' fe 4Qr' ,. ' " ' 'IU YJ Z5 1f?E?',f5: -Xfig!5firiiQ,f53,'. ' , , , .. 1 7 - -- R, "P . HZ, - ' - '15 -.'f7.5'i. W W -, 'wi , - . ' j L 415 , . - 3 K I ' 334 tiff, kewl 5-21 2 Honor Students KIWANIS CLUB AWARD WINNER D-A-R- rW' I WINNER GERALD FITZGERALD JOYCE REMSBERG Mardi On Feb. 19, students of Alma High School stepped "through the look- ing glass" into Wonderland to en- joy the 1954-55 Mardi Gras, under the theme: "Alice in Wonderland." The student body chose Queen Carol Moffett and King Barney Smith, to reign over the festivities. The court consisted of Gerald Fitzgerald, Dol- ores Simmons, Ray Dewey, Judy Carl Aumaugher, and Sandra Walsh. fi: , Qfffglnz CU Sponsored by SUPER HAMBURG Marzolf, Denny Nelson, Lavaun Sova, Gras Prizes were awarded to Kathleen Wiitanen and Jerry Sanders, the most original in their worm cost- umes, to Mammy, Jim Brown, and Baby, Gretchen Elliott as the fun- niest and to Rex Johnson and Shirley Simon, the prettiest, as Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty. Sponsored by ABBEY FLOOR COVERINGS Bam e0 Ce On October 8, 1954, the annual Barn Dance was held in the A.H,S. gym. Bob Houck was chosen as F.I-LA. King and Carol Hinman as F.F.A. Sweetheart, , A 0 .4 I O x N Q V, 'Agn Q 'Ei 'QQ sw a x - Hn... 47, H. 4 heerleaders J ,FQ X 1 I J 1 f ' I 1 - ' 3 f A- 1 I , 6 1 I 5 f I Y V 1 1 Baker Kneeling Kay McAna.11en, Connie Shroyer Standing: Dolores Simmons, Head Cheerleaderg Jean McClure, KEY Hawley' Marion w""!' Football Row 1: Coach Thidebeau, E. Ramon, R, Cowles, M. Forrester, B. Houck, L. Andrew, R. johnson, B. Root, A. Smith, D. Rottschafer, T. Dean, F. Harris, J. Wierman, Coach Gratton, Row 2: Coach McKim, R, Thompson, G. Fitz- gerald, K. Babcock, B. Thompson, J. Sanders, B. Robinson, R. Rockafellow, L, Hamp, M. Schnepp, B. Redman, Coach Larimer. Row 3: Kneeling: D. Mun- derloh, H. Schaede, G. Hooper, D. Dewey, D. Nelson, D. Veeder, L. Church, C. Aumaugher, K. Wyeth, J. I-licks. E n 3 ,sg K if' - ig? 7 A. 1,5 , n av, 1 ? ,f Les Gratton, Joe Thibedeau, Mel Larimer, Doug McKim. Captain, Gene Hooper Sponsored by SHIRLEY Sz PETERS GROCERY E 65 Lynn church, T. D I Q in ,I V V1 y yt W ' A 1 e e , If '.. , 245 f M, I 5 5 Bob HOUCR, T. Gene Hooper, HB, 1 " , ' ' qinq f f 3 2 1 f ft .- uk X- ll' m "" . ' 'LL N I, 1 , A e ee' We A , L , ? Leroy Pratt, To Jim Flicks, I-IB Bob Redman, Sponsored by ALMA CITY CLEANERS Rex Johnson E I me .. NEI' 5:4 M ff, L ff L Q j . LJ Mel Forrester, T. Barney Smith, E. 4 r rrr Q , ' ' if f X 1 1 1' -4 :J ,,ki I if Gerald Peska, T, Gerald Fitzgerald, HB. Kaye Babcock, HB. Denny Nelson, HB. Mel Schnepp, G. rlrll 1 ll" is I A g,5 ,, ? 1 lie qw , . ,l Of nf Bob Thompson, G. Compliments of STAR DYERS Sz CLEANERS 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Football 9560 rd ' orare i A hh b ix Jigga l fi E Row 1, fl to rj: Bruce Moeggenberg, manager, Paul Salazar, Ron Thompson, Dave DeRushia, Trenton Wilheim, Gale Davison, Pat Fitzgerald, Bob Dexter, Rey Rodriguez, Dick Martin, Roy Scott, Tom Gross, Fred Moore, Manager. Row 2: Doug McKim, Coach, Fred Dewitt, Clark Thompson, Chuck McAllister, Bill johnson, David Marcy, joe Nemecheck, Art Hall, Darrell Holmes, Terry McMullen, Don Lynch, Leland Freed, Harry Scott, George Martin, Mel Larimer, Coach. Row 3: Ken Bigelow, john Cowdrey, jerry Kirschbaurn, Jerry LaLonde, M. J. Wolfe, Gary Cox, Leonard Studebaker, Don Humphrey, Ray Rodriguez, Marion Breck, Lee Trower, Tom Brown, Row 4: Phil Siefker, David Nester, Ken Breck, Darwin Peska, Tom Fox, Clarence Gurski, Don Rhoads, Eliso Ramons, Lee Cowls, Mel Houck. BasketbaH Row 1 Qleft to rightj: Dave DeRushia, Rick Wilcox, Larry Hamp, Leonard Stude- baker, jimDe1avan, Rex Rockafellow. Row 2: Bruce Moeggenberg, Mgr., Dick Munderloh, Maynard Christiansen, Gary Cox, Darwin Peska, Pat Fitzgerald, mgr., Coach Thibedeau. Row 3: Denny Veeder, Rex Cowles, Rex Alward, Don Dewey Tom Fox, Phil Siefker, Ralph Hueschele. Sponsored by L. D.DECKER TRAILER SALES "Dicker with Decker' Basketball Back row Qleft to rightj: Bruce Moeggenberg, mgr. , Dave Secord, Frank Harris, Bob Root, Vic Hicks, Coach, Gerald Fitzgerald, mgr, , Front row: Bob Rhodes, joe McAnallen, jim Hicks, Barney Smith, Rex johnson, Denny Nelson, jan Ferris, if '24 Captain, Barney Smith Class B District Champs Sponsored by UPTOWN SERVICE CO. Jim Hicks, Guard Denny Nelson Guard Basketball Seniors jan Ferris Guard Rex johnson Forward Compliments of HARRIS MILLING COMPANY S ith Center BarneY m ' Dave Secord, Guard SEASON RECORD Grand Rapids Alma Creston 53 Manistee 59 Mt. Pleasant S8 St, johns 45 Grand Rapids Godwin 57 Big Rapids 46 St. Louis 36 Ludington 54 Cadillac 47 Ionia 44 Manistee 42 Mt. Pleasant 66 Midland 72 Big Rapids 60 Ludington 61 Cadillac 62 TOURNAMENTS Ithaca 49 St. Louis 46 Cass City 37 Flushing 49 Bob Rhodes, Guard Joe McAna11en, Guard 5P0nsored by MILLER MENIS SHOP C3 E3 Row 1, left to right: Roger Boyer, Mgr. 5 Joe McAna.11en, Ken Humphrey, Frank Harris, Bob Tynan, Gary Cox, Russ Wieferich, Mike Davis, Lan-y Hamp, Rex johnson. Row 2: Darwin Peska, Karl Sebastian, Dick Munderloh, Capt., Lynn Church, Norm O'boy1e, Rick Wilcox, Gail Davison, jan Ferris, Dave Secord. Baseball Team 7 I I t ff t, i i ff + x if QM Baseball Seniors Rex Johnson, First Base . fl 'rg mg, d d B Qfgmgringzoe e r econ a e fgjffw, Dave S co , S s Bob Tynan , Outfield ffm' X xx joe McAna11en, Pitcher jan, Ferris, Second Base 73 . 9. ,,,..s:aaf:wM,,N.rswf'r'L M " ' ' . .rqffffg-wr-"'.,, -A H 1-xr' . 4 . yah., , . , A W V7w,,.,,,3y,3Wiq5Q,9w1 , Sswegwlt. rwfiimwwi mm il' ' ' 4 A V 't6ifQS4WI5' QT! 'I is 'VW 0 4 . , 6- i f .:.,-, -:p f , K 2 Q1 3 if . his Q Q R :rsrig Sw? if 6 5 lf U 55, W X, 2 -. Q W " Q V. s K '- NdCiSQ,a'gvgzfi? 3 ffSs??i?' Y, M' ' A , Lvi 5,6 ,. f ' ,,.f- fn A , .ww 5 s7..,g',' fe 1. k.: rn- 4 - QW :tsffsi22'1iffif2'L W 0 . f A.g' 1 A 1 2 .- . K A k X .Q K Q f ' . , .V 5. , xx: Q 4 .. ..,-wfagwfsgff"f"mW' 'K X ,,5,.migfm:M.gww1'fa,wm1myW , H w's:x2Q5?'Wf'?Q'5m' "" R - epzwsavuzfsewf'1W' T ,., rfwsmi.,-'sw-' f- 1 ' ,1,.mM,fwssEf H S W f- M A M.. A ,, ..t,,,t.m,m4 Any completed ship must have many portholes. Our completed high school-life ship would not have been completed without one of these portholes --- the truefifi meaning and feeling of sports. A good coach is essential in creating good attitudes, interests and good, clean, wholesome fun. We have been very 41' fortunate in having a coach such as you, Mr. Delmar Brenner, who truly have been a good M captain in helping to make your "crew" become "5 good sailors by leading us toward these goals You have been more than a coach to your bo You have been an understanding friend and have helped us to realize that in any game or meet, whether, it be a high hurdle in a track meet or a high hurdle in life, the winning score is not the most important thing. Good leadership is an outstanding factor in our Alma High School. Undoubtedly, good leaders will continue to be a part of our high school, but, Mr. Brenner, we will always remember with appreciation the guidance the billowy sea that lies ahead. W 0 ways , . rs O Ni, 531 4 0 6 awe YS: 'V at , , -S 'Q' in B H 5 0 A :rig , ,Wa W iw A? W WM S sm -xii? - ,wb N W- in x ' xx 4 eh X Y .s Riff, vw l Q, ,., .t.. X ,. , Lg you have given as track coach in preparing us for I gl , margi n rr" 9 I w 1' it -is as v'sx1,, f'.z. ,iw ., .. , M . owe-t.,x,., I M, L. .4 , ' . . A Av Q9 ,A I ,,.. . 1 i - I r-- 5 A Ei 2 2 as -"A ,'-' ss ? , ,Q .. b J W Q f F3 A 74 T, N if Cross Country Row 1, QI. to r. j: Karl Sebastian, Ed Rawn, mg1-.5 Coach Brenner, Gary Clevenger, jack Hurosky. Row 2: jan Ferris, john Davey, Bob Rhodes, jim Seaman, Larry Filhard, Tom DeRush.ia. Row 3: Phil Langin, Larry Sopel, jim Brown, Ray Dewey, Roger Pung, Mike Martin, Dave Secord. Track Team ROW 1: 1 to re Larry Sopel, Denny Veeder, Bob Root, Rex Cowles, Tom Dean, Ray Dewey, Gerald McC1enathan, Tom Brown. Row 2: Coach Gratten, Bob Rhodes, Gene Hooper, Gary Clevenger, Don Dewey, Bob Redman, Carl Aumaugher, Coach Brenner. Row 3: Ray Rodriguez, Gerald Fitzgerald, Roy Scott, Tom DeRushia, Dave DeRushia, Paul Salazar. Golf Team Standing: john Davies, Don Werbelow, Mike Martin. Kneeling: Jim Mongeau, Jack Hurosky. 76 Q79 ir- W gf Sponsored by STATE RESTAURANT Q-Mwmw Student Council First Row left to right: Paul Salazar, Treasurer, Judy Orvis, Vice President, Rick Wilcox, President, Janet Trieschman, Secretary, Sharon Reyher, Page. Second row: Torn Hamp, Bob Bigelow, Jackie johnson, Doug Eddy, Deane Vibber, Sandy Emery, Putsy McClure. Third Row: Donna McAllister, Mickey Bachi, Abe Rodriguez, Bill Dean, John Aquino, Shirley Mizer, Tom Brown, Mary Nemchek, Bill Keller, Dan Nester, Projectionist Club First Row left to right: Ray Rodriguez, jim Fox, Ted Slcinner, Dave Niles, Bill Dean, Larry Brenner, Bill Keller, Second Row: Joe Besse, Sandy Emery, Mary Barzoff, Pat Ellis, Sharon I-Iinderer, Sharon Nestle, Karen Cole, Dianne Vebber, Don Olson. Third Row: Miss Kren, Advisor, Martha Johnson, Lynne McHugh, Maggie Martin, Carol Church,, Barbara Woodard, Diane McCreery, Carol Vliet, Sondra Cater, Deanna Smith, jackie Fales. Science Club First Row left to right: Carol Church, Shirley Mizer, Joanne Wright, Bill Bachi, Carol Vliet, Susan Geiger, Carolyn Sanders, Lynne McHugh, Martha Johnson. Standing: Mr. Budge, Mary Jac Hiemenz, Diane McCreery, Deanna Smith, Jim Nester, Maynard Christensen, Wayne Rodenbo, Ted Skinner, Paul Heffelbower, Jim Fox, Chuck McAllister, Miss Nichols, Advsior. 78 Junior High Band Majorettes, left to right: Judy Orvis, Lynne McHugh, Michaelyn Roberts. First Row left to right: Elizabeth Yoder, Suzanne Davies, Barbara Church, Mary Short, Barbara Woodard, Mary Ellen Davey, Karen Cole, Rose Ann Zancewicz, Mary McCullagh, Sharon Reyher, Ruth Joynt. Second Row: Gary Anderson, Lou Ann Thomas, Gretchen VanMeer, June Jordan, Marie Tomlin, Joy Ann Ludwick, Dick Burlingame, Dale Bowen, Mike Clark, John Newberry, John Rosever, Gary Mills, Ted Skinner, Dave Stump, Mickey Bachi. Third Row: Maudie Shaefer, Gail Beard, Dennis Buchannon, Bill Porter, Mary Nemechek, Bill Bachi, Carolyn Smith, Abe Rodriguez, Gladys Crawfis, Mike Pung, Larry Brenner, Rick Wilcox, Gary Cline, Harold Soule. Fourth Row: Susan Toms, Jim Trentharn, Judy Reed, Linda Shoemaker, Mary Jac Hiemenz, Gerald Royer, Bill Porter, Judy Gurski, Jerry Jerard, Wayne Piatt, Jim Fox, Gary Peterson, Bill Casner. X1 Q15 f .s 1,, Talent Show H' Jin , , M M., ff 1 , V. "5-,mf P H 5 'G 7 X I f, - ,M T , W Christmas L is ,,.f,.-Sswf. aff 1- ' f X .. K ..- ci . 1. , wav w has Jw Q-spy i.: 'L if? . ffffiix -5za,'f.f5s?i:xEf.f, - , 5- .1 :'gLg:s,fW if 7. Ms A ,, 191 Eb? f . 1, ji 3 s as 58' 13 xg: K 5,35 if N 1 Q2 fi ,fi kgs , -I 4 if I-.2 as is Q 3 2 We xg 31, KL if in 3 vw .sr ,if 3' iw- ,s V H -'viii - K :Bri Z: ll ' V ', - .is . 1 :f.f. . H . , -4 A 5 ,mi 1 - e T ' -f :- gsm . ,Q '11 M xx? fs 2 ?s' , -mf .-P E , 2 Z QQ-W xx ,ew -mis xv Assembly we I X mD.OC3 n ., Q' ' 7- lff? I' Nineth Grade Banquet 5 ,,k,:,,,. . , , Q .z Yx fb may -an if Alma High Presents N ,z v.--I yah! M wif ,, TA . W 5, 1 ve M' I ,, M. K V 4 3 o al, tg, : XV , I A f Q Q Sponsored by PHILLIPS GAS 8a APPLIANCES Your Skelgas Dealer Jimi.. www uzagvw Q Q1 :fx , S L v 'Ii Y. . . hi, .L ,i . H ff - iijg vii . Q, by E.f45LfV:!Lg5 i- , fi-',L:Vfk Yi v ,g -egg:-'V-, s 'iw :iii fi? fy fi , it 'C U en o u n Ci Mel Schnepp, President Front row Qleft to rightj: Gene Hooper, Bob Thompson, Dick Munderloh, treasurer, Mel Schnepp, president, Carl Aumaugher, vice president, jean McClure, secretary, Kathleen Wiitenan, Lavaun Sova. Row 2: Bernard Lott, Denny Nelson, Dave Hicks, Edna Morey, Dorothy Sopel, Janice Drake, Marion Baker, Joan Wagner, Gerald Fitzgerald, joan Church, Dave DeRushia, Sandra Walsh, Roberta. Leppein. Row 3: Thell Woods, Mr. Shults, Sue Grosskopf, Ann Harker, Gary Cox, Tom Dean, Ray Dewey, Deane Gearig, Mike Martin, Russ Wieferich, Sponsored by HELMAN'S MARKET Row 1: fl. to r. J: Kathleen Wiitanen, Katie Thompson, Dorothy Sopel, Janice Abbey, Sharon Fitzgerald, Gretchen Elliott, Pat Harris, Kathleen Schnepp, Sandra Ingraham, Judy Marzolf. Row 2: Sharon McAllister, Dolores Simmons, Sandra Walsh, Vice Pres., La Vaun Sova, Connie Shroyer, Marion Baker, Elsie Van Alstine, Pres., Sue Hardin, Kay Hawley. Row 3: Mrs. Montigel, Advisor, Kathy Blanck, Linda Hoard, Karen Woodard, Lorna Willard, Jean McClure, Gerry Detloff, Mary Lou Curtis, Pam Gee. Row 4: Joan Church, Lanice Anderson, Sec., Carol Hinman, Edith Mosier, Maurine Deering, Joan Wagner, Anne Harker, Treas,g Joyce Remsberg, Janice D1-age, in-rvv' Row 1: left to right: Leonard Studebaker, Dave DeRushia, Pat Fitzgerald, Trenton Wil- helm, Jim Ellsworth, Jim Delavan, Kent Shirley, Gerald Fitzgerald, President, Ken Coe. Row 2: left to right: Denny Nelson, Lee Trower, Mel Schnepp, Tom DeRushia, Sec- retaryg Dave Hicks, Jan Ferris, Vice-Presidentgjerry Kirschbaum, John Davey, Mr. McKim, Advisor, Russ Weiferich, Row 3: left to right: Denny Veeder, Dyke Rottschafer, Roy Scott, Ed Rowley, Kaye Babcock, Bob Redman, Dave Secord, Treasurer, Barney Smith, Jerry Elder. Row 4: left to right: Jim Brenner, Don Dewey, Frank Harris, Phil Seifker, Jim Brown, Gary Cox, Rex Cowles, Ray Dewey, Bill Hubbard, 'H I Pep Band Row 1: left to right: Ken Coe, Linda McAnallen, Alma Woods, Cinda McAnallen, Mike Sullivan, Row 2: left to right: Joan Treischmann, Jack Hurosky, Sandra Peterson, jim Mongeau, Trenton Wilhelm. Row 3: left to right: Roy Scott, Larry Filhard, Jim Ander- son, Gary Morton, Thell Woods. Boys' Glee Club Left to right: Ken Pratt, Albert Daniels, Bemie Beard, Dyke Rottschafer, Rex Johnson, Mr. Larimer. IRAQ! 1:1left TI right: 'Larry Nelson, Bob Slates, Gerald Fitzgerald, Barbara Ropp, Kay c na en, ancy Britten, Sandra Ingraham, Sandra Walsh, Edna Parkes Row 2- Edwm Rawrfv M317 Mccaus Kafhl' Blanck, Pat Humphrey, Jan Ferris, Lorna Willard K thl w - - . Q S a een utanena-gondf-3 C3-WTSC9 P1111 FI-'?dI'1CkSOI1. Row 3: Denny Nelson, Leonard tudebaker, Carol I-hnman, janet Welch, R1chard I-Ieuschele, Don Dwyer Maul-ine Deering, Elinda Poorman, janet Robinson, Row 4. Bob Rhodes Carol J-gym Joyce ' a Remsberg, Carl Aumaugher, Anne Harker, Deane Gearig, Ed Rowley, Gary 11401-ton l MI. Shl11tS, Larry Breidinger. Row 1 Qleft to rightj: Mr. Larimer, director, Grace Condell, Sharon Fitzgerald, Valerie Riggle, Sue Bachi, Jean McClure, Virginia Larkin, Charlene Langin, Edna Parkes, Adelfa Benevicez. Row 2: Delores Sheldon, Peggy Powers, Katie Thompson, Tom DeRushia, Bob Rhodes, Leonard Studebaker, john Hunter, Leilane Filhard, Carol Moffett, Kay McAnallen, Row 3: Barbara Phillips, Roberta Leppein, Kent Shirely, Carl Sebastian, Rex Cowles, Keith Wyeth, Joyce Nelson, Patty Pung, Nancy Hundy. Row 4: Marie Shutt, Kay Holcomb Marilyn Sischo, Jerry Elder, Bob Root, john Hull, jim Brown, Scott MoCullaugh, Mary Ann Tynan, Charlene Gale. Sponsored by MILLER BODY Sz AUTO CO. Row 1 fleft to rightj: G. Condell, L Gillon, C. Moffett, K. Hamlin, M. Deering, R- Heuschele, President. Row 2: H. Ropp, B. Casner, G. Detloff, C. McAnal1en, D. Simmons, B. LaBonvil1e. Row 3: A. Benavidiz, Y. Beard, S. Williams, B. Ball, S. Gunderman, B. McGill, J. I-Ielman. Row 4: D. Teed, C. Ebright, A. Avery, J. Cater, N. Britten. Row 5: F. Wight, S. Simon, E, Ayris, H, Schultz, R. Moffett, I. Drake, J. Mailand, C. Hinman. Row 6: C. Cox, I.. McAna11en, S. Gilken, K. Stimson, W. Scott, G. Peska, L. Mott, F. Tilden, 1. Webster Row 7: Mr. Van Meer, V. Brown, B. Ellsworth, J. Hull Left to right: Edna Parkes, Kathleen Brundage, Virginia Andrew, Verna Wells, President, Miss Besemer, Advisor, Joie Stuart, Orpha Grubaugh, Clare Brundage. Sponsored by THE ALMA FURNITURE CO. . .,,, ,. f . , Q., s. K, 5 S V gfn ' -13? Q, My . . , , E ., -', ' Je L 1 A ! 4. V, I A M so ., N, Q , --,A its 1 si? , ,Q ,s y if-,wif H- '55, Qgniabigiiii ,G,., , , Z , ' 'A ESV, , , A' ' U f f-gif? - , 1 f V S 5.3333 i a , B ff 1 , Y, .. . V 4 V rr. r n. . 3 R E . fic ' 2 l M fi QLf E " 5 R ls S 1 S E ES r E f E ,iv ,,'.- L, 5 ,fyf in 4, N ' 1 A is 'f1- '-LL ' 4 , 'A"' A B P ' f ' g ,:A' ' Row 1 fleft to rightj: man, T, DeRushia, P. Neilson, R. Leppein, 1. Treischman, V. Easlick, R. Kauf- J. Hurosky, D. Hicks, I.. Willard, J. McClure, A. johnson. Row 2: F. Rosevear, D. Sopel, S. Peterson, G. Fitzgerald, J. Ellsworth, C. Mc- Anallen, T. Wilhelm, P. Fitzgerald, D. DeRushia, A, Davison, B. Kirchbaum, V. Harrow, L. McAna1len, D. Roberts. Row 3: Mr. Brosnon, director, F. Saunders, C. Shroyer, J. Clark, M. Socheck, K, Blanck, D. Wolfe, L. Breidinger, I. Delavan, A. Woods, J. Jordon, I.. Holmes, G. Clevenger. Row 4: M. Sischo, J. Church, R. Brown, M. Curtiss, I. Mongeau, M. Sullivan, K. McKay, R. Scott, B. Bowen, K. Coe, B. Frye, L. Vine, R. Martin, J. Anderson. Row 5: D, Elliott, L. Trower, D. Dewey G. Morton, T. Woods, J. Davey, V.K. Bridge, R. Boyer, P. Siefker, M. Martin, L. Filhard, 5, Filhard, N. Redman, J. smirk, E. Higby. jim Brenner, Pam jliiiley simon f 11 Lavamshiijr McAllister, X " f f l 1' a f 10 . ang if Q pw Kiel 9 'z I s WD" 91 Sponsored by TOMS' SHE LL SERVICE Clyde Toms Proprietor Row 1 Qleft to rightjz Roberta Leppein, Kay Hawley, Carol Moffett, Kay McAna1len, Connie Shroyer, Sue Hardin. Row 2: Mr. Rench, Jean McClure, Karen Woodard, Dolores Simmons, Judy Marzolf, Marion Baker. Row 3: Edith Mosier, Geraldine Detloff, Kay Hamlin, Janice Drake, Elsie Van.Alstine, Row 4: Ray Dewey, Don Dwyer, Don Werbelow, Gerald Fitzgerald, Tom DeRushia, Ken Coe. Row 1, fl to rj: Barbara Ropp, Kay Holcomb, Pam Gee, Sharon Wilk, Lanice Anderson Ruth Conn. Row 2: Linda Hoard, Donna Loomis, Virginia Larkin, Joyce Remsberg, Pa Harris, Nancy Britten. Row 3: Sandra Walsh, Karen Woodard, Harriet Schultz, Lavaun Sova. Row 4: Barbara Phillips, Janice Abbey, Mary McCall, Anne Harker, Joan Wag- ner, Harriett McConkey, Judy Olson, Adelfa Benevidez, Shirley Peterson, Judy Nelson, Row 5: Jean McClure, Roberta Leppein, Lorna Willard, Sue Bachi, Sharon McAllister, Marion Baker, Mary Lou Grover, Nancy Redman, Kay Hawley, Mary Lou Curtiss. Sponsored by SAWKINS MUSIC Kr FURNITURE D t TA Row 1, seated Qleft to rightj: Virginia Larkin, Orpha Jane Grubaugh, Connie Sh1'0Ye1'a KHY Vance: Sandra Pe'Ce1'S0D, Freda Rosevear Barbara Com-1, Row 2: xlxvegl' KNE'schbaum, Franlc Harris, Janice A'5l:ey, Carol Hinman, Francis Hg t' SS Adams, Advlsf-'To .le1'1'YE1d61', Pat Bethka, Frances Saunders, Mary Lou Curtis, Nancy Curtiss, Rosemary Theodorow, Ed Rawn, Betty McMi11en. Row 1 fleft to right, standing: Beverly LaBonvi11e, Joan Wagner, president, Marjorie Erick, Mary Kay LaPaugh, Joie Steuart, Marilyn Sischo, Ruth Vander Veen, Shirley Rausch, Ruth Kaufman, Nancy Redman, Marie Shutt, Alice Langlois, Rosemary Theodorow, Virginia Andrew, Pat Boyer, Grace Condell, Norma Brenneman, Harriett McConkey, vice president, Eva Stacy, Miss Grace Rowell, advisor, Harriet Schultz, Joy Mailand, secretary, Judy Olson. Seated: Pat Howe, Elinda Poorman, treasurer, Quna Fry, Adelfa Benevidze, Sylvia Wilber, Yvonne Beard, Joan Bergin, Sandra Cook. Sponsored by THE ALMA RECORD ROW 1: ll. to r.J: Carl Aumaugher, Pres., Gene Hooper, Vice Pres., Deane Geariga Sem? Carol I-linman, Sweetheart, Harry Schade, Treas., Bob Houck, Reporter, Marion Brecht, Sentile, Row 2: Mr. Christensen, Advisor, Lee Fisher, Doug Rockefellow,Dick Conn, Larry Mooiney, Ross Jerome, Larry Myers, Jim VanAtten, Larry Freed, Jol Loomis, Ed Bigelow, Don Davison. Row 3: Dave Marcy, Dick Patterson, Alvin Freed, Jesse Baxter, Howard Thrush, Kenny Brecht, Bob Tynan, Rex Roclfefellow, Jim Gilken, Fred Schaffer. Row 4: Mel Houck, Joe Wisneiwski, Ken Pratt, George Conn, Larry Wells, Ceville Hinman, Tom Fox, Wilbur Jamnison, Larry Horton, Jerry Struble. Row 5: Gordon Kovaclc, Mari Shepler, Ken Bigelow, Dean Clark, Larry Andrew, Marv Church, John Miller, Roger Raycraft, Ron Perry, Leland Freed, Eddie Surrah, Jim Hull, Jerry Jordan. Row 1: Edna Morey, Eveline Czape. Row 2: Marilee Grover, Sandra Ingraham, Linda Hoard, Doris Roberts, Judy Marzolf, President, Harriett McConkey, Gail Grosskoph, Carol Hinman, Sue Grosskoph, Nancy Britton, Cinda McAnallen, Freda Rosevear, Barbara Conn, Pat Marriott. Row 3: Mrs. Towerwey, Advisor, Joie Stewart, Bonnie Erick, Beverly Kirschbaum, Ardis Davidson, Nancy Curtis, Charlene Gale, Ruth Kaufman, Pat Harris, Ruth VanderVeen, Pat Bethka, Janet Smith, Sandra Cook, Judy Olson, Joan Wagner, Joy Mailand, Maurine Deering, Betty Buchele, Beverly La,Bonvi11e, Kay Holcomb, Barbara Phillips, Carita Dalrymple, Betty Ball, Mary LaPaugh, Intramural Jllow lqlft to Tlgliltli R. McCormick, P. Gee, G, Hawley, g, Grosskopf L' Wins-rd, F' Har T, S. Wllk, G. EHIOII, J, McClure, K. Gross' C. Shroyer, J. Clark S' itzgerald, D. Wolfe, F. Saunders, B. Nestle, L. Sova, J. Taylor Row 2- ll Lal-ki F. Salazar, K. Thompson, K. McAnallen. Row 3: B. Taylor, P..Black, P. Powers n, .bIcl:i11i3e?.IYeZgSnts K. Mapes, C. Joynt, R. Lippien, S. Bachi, P, Harris, 5, , l , erson, K. Woodard, D. Sopel, M, Soucek, E, Czape K, Blanch N. Curuss, F. Baird, B. Sain. Row 4: M. Tynan, J, Chu,-ch M. Ada,:,s D Loon:-i J. Nelson, S. Rausch, M. Forrester, J. McC1intic, C. Dalryniple M. Mc,Clihtic B,S, Munderloh, K. Simon, I.. Holmes, J. Abbey, B, Schnepp, M, Gfover P. Neilsoil D. Morey, K. Vance, S. Peterson, N, Britten, 5. Langin, K. schnepll, J. Treishrrlan J. smith, B. Haas, Row 5. P. Berhka, P. Howe, M, shun, K, Holcomb L Snack' B' R0PPn B- Phl-HIPS, J. RObiS0n, NI, Curdss, S, Conn, M. Mccall B. Nicconke A' Langloisa 5- G1'0SSk0pf, R. Vanderveen, , Y' Mascot: Tommy Brenner. Row 1 Qleft to rightj: Gary Morton, Ron Brown, Ed. Higbee, Elisao Ramon, Norman Shaw, jerry Sanders, Gene Hopoer, Marvin Church, Larry Andrews, Marvin Shepler. Row 2: jack Hurosky, Don Werbelow, Gerald Peska, Mike Martin, A1 Baird, 'Keith Wyeth, Fred Moore, jim Hull, Leland Freed, Leroy Pratt. Row 3: Ed Rawn, Bernard Beard, Harry Scott, Pat Fitzgerald, Richard Pratt, Burl Robin- son, Ken Bigelow, Gordon, Kovach,Norm O'Boyle, Row 4: Phil Hendershot, Trenton Wilhelm, john Davey, Bob Redman, Keith McKay, Clayton Benner, Scott McCullaugh, George Mikula, Ken Pratt, Bob Rhodes--referee. Row 5: Roger Boyer, jim Taylor, Bernard Lott, Doug Tickle, Carl Wight, Larry Mott, Ed Glazier, Phil Langin, Russ Wieferich, Leon Noack, Jim Brown, Tom DeRushia, Dick Munderloh--referee. Row 6: Alton Lulcriiz--referee, Ray Dewey, Delmar Brenner, Les Gratten, BunkE1lsworth, Doug McKim, Mel Larimer, Joe Thibedeau, Sponsored PACKABD'S FURNITURE -1- Row 1 Qleft to rightj: R. Heuschele, D. Dewey, J. Mongeau, R. Rockafellow, L Trower, J. Hurosky, B. Fry, E. Rowley. Row 2: E, Rawn, T. Woods, B. Siefker, 1. Webster, J. Delavan, R. Brown, R. Rodriguez. Row 3: Miss Kren, Advisor, M. Sischo, P. Humphrey, M. Curtis, P. Black, J. Church, K. Blanck, L. McAna11en. Row 4: C. McAna11en, A. Avery, J. Drake, T. Dean, R. Heuschele, G. Elder, F. Saunders, M. Soucek. .., .nL. 4'- F Row 1 fleft to rightj: Donna Loomis, Marilee Grover, Bernice Schnepp, Doris Woodrow, Lenore Kelsey, Edna Morey, Frances Salazar. Row 2: Mr. Larimer, directory Mary jane Adams, Nancy Britten, Shirley Thrush, Raenita McCormick, Mary Ann Moore, Shirley Fisher. Row 3: Yvonne Boyer, Charlene Ring, Pat Black, janet Molby, Barbara Taylor, Mary LaPaugh, Pat Curey. Sponsored by J EANNIN E'S BEAUTY SALON GUSTODIANS .- -,,H,,s .V ,wr:,i.sae.m. , . Lyle "Pat' Remboski, Irving "Slim" Monroe, and Mrs.-Eleanor Rhodes. As an added chapter in our high school life we have certainly been a fortunate crew for we have had a wonderful, kind, loving soul never too busy to help us over the high waves when the sea was rough or to give a word of congratulations when the sailing was smooth. It has truly been one of the best chapters and yet it has been a chapter which which no other school in the whole world has had the good fortune to possess. That chapter is, of course, our own Miss Rowell, who has been a strong mast in each and every life of the students of Alma High School. Who else but Miss Rowell has always been there when ever a kind word of sympathy or a cheerful word of encouragement or just the old familiar sweet smile was needed? No matter where we go or what we do, we will never forget the sweet, loving, white- haired lady who greeted us with a smile and a lclnd word all through our high school career, As we sail away into the future, we may forget some of the chapters of this high school career, but whether the sea be smooth or billowy, there is one chapter we will always remember - the extra, added chapter which every school has not been as fortunate in having as we. 97 It is our hope that each time you take this memory voyage through the good ship "Panther Ta1es" that you will each time feel the re- freshing splash of pleasure and ac- Q complishments upon your ship of I good fortune, steering its way to- ward a successful future. On your I voyage to success, should you come upon waves which seem too high to hurdle, may a voyage aboard the "Panther Ta1es" remind you "We did it once, we can do it again." , I 1 I I I ,Q E.- Il ' I Q I ,ia A K ,w"'I F 'X' ' X ...... IV , g A ,lt XI I . rg , 5 I .. I 4, IR NA I I IV' II NIII I I I - LGI I I I 'JIB I X ' "I -I I!QrI! D22:7r' A"5?1'1.. A qw- Emi... ug I' :E !gii:, W 'QI ' I: III Igii I' NX ll' IQI 2 I ks I I!! .P-'I I im: :f?Rv"s,, , IJ!! , I I III lx" " Yi XI I v :L IN Ig ki, f Q I I 5 hal, fxx XQ 'A Q I X I I - Q- . iris- fix, 1 IA X llnigilhtr l Zi-Sis,-ff , A i r M liigp! X ,N-fX'x - - A Y- Q I --A 4,7 1 I Y' 'iz , f-'QL , A -- ' 'KA 4!'5ivsv- - S: ix- I x -X ,xv is if I -r - rffrief' a -I A Q.,-J vii 2 i X1 X Z--Er -If v 'I-5 4,3 -"gg 2 -J My ' X-If-5-,i"x ff s .ffij N 5 MW X' W This Page Compliments Of NEW NIUIIN HIIMIS, INC. Mons 60 PER muon Nu L E 0 N GA SOUNE The ONLY 96 Octane gasoline Higher octane means better performance. Super X-tane is the highest octane gasoline you can buy. Octane isn't something you add to gasoline . . . it is a measurement of quality. Ask about Octane wherever you buy gasoline. Ask about Leonard Super X-tane . . . the only 96 octane gasoline. Super X-tane is the best buy for your car. H0 ARD RHI EHIIS, I II. l 1 ewwwazfw 7a '7fne Qwdwiinq Glau 05 1955 MID-WEST REFINERIES, INC. Refiners and Marketers of WHITE ROSE ALMA GRAND RAPIDS TILLIE THE TUGBOAT, becoming Mrs. Sammie Steamship next month, shops in ALMA She proudly showed off her diamond which she had earlier picked out at . . For her beautiful bridal lingerie, she stopped at . . . CHURCH'S MARIANNE ig, FASHION V i JEWELRY CENTER K L Q E5 Z5 gg The moment every girl waits for - to pick out her bridal bouquet -- and at... OAPLE FLOWER Qi f SHOP O J 9 xiii 8gf,4.,. .. ,. - l I Now, to rest and enjoy a cool refresh ing soda at . . . THE CITY DRUG A Jjpp li- O Every bride needs nice thank you notes, so she stops at . . . , J. J. NEWBERRY in mm Tillis knows every groom loves a sweet-smelling bride, so she picks her favorite cologne at . . . DOUD DRUGS M 9 f in .' - 1 Of course, no trousseau is complete without a pretty new hat from . . . I, f GITTLEMAN'S QQ1.l.g.f,f'f . P X Home again! Tillie settles down to her new exciting novel from . . . THE VARSITY SHOP A ,I 4 7 sing' W ..... - l l Compliments to The Class of I955 'A' First State Bank of Alma I800 OLD - SAFE - RELIABLE 1955 if Seventy-five Years of Dependable Banking Service for Everyone Member of F. A. I. C. Compliments of ALMA TRAILER CO. ALMA, MICHIGAN Compliments of -:V-1 I 5f'- aiu Est? Sri. W he .ata E , I IT' 1 1'- Compliments of THE PURE OIL COMPANY Be Sure WitI1 Pure 826 Michigan Phone 959 4? .f . I W L mfutoxzih S fi? WTB, iw M QWYSV 'ffm N, SV W ww gm fy N WV X L ,XM M Wm , if .W b M x Mk ff u Mx bf QW X W mf!! WKXXAXX 5 4 ' ,i .X Ax if ff W X t.w03f' pf Qaflrjfyfb J f 1 if if I 104 Ai fwfffigf W My my F f lx QXQXNQQD Y Q Ji ,ilt if, sk I , 4 ., , ' A ig firm awww? "7

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