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, L,,,' m . . 'fi wi 3 'V 1 . , , f'Ne -f 41 M? n six - A ' -zu, '- 'gg 4 , ,sa xii ,Q , ff. ,,, ' 1' 'f W ,, -on ,M .. --...f-M. I F ...QTT s V ,gh , x N, 1 A If fn , N , , Y 5 5 1 43, K 1 ,drsgk gh L. v uf I f U .. . 'F 1, 1 QW' VM Q ' X.. Yr' sz! 1 , . ! J iii' '90 ia' X . ,- Q V, - . Q ,,- Y, I 1 1 Q35 S 5 5' wx 1.v.L ,f -.-, M.. A g 4 . - , , I 4.4 ,.4.., . , 1 - x',.4v1+ pf 'A . 5 I E, 5 . '43-X - 4 X B -,Wa ug nn, 'K ff 'Q ,f,4QO0!A AV w , ge fx, g 4 U ,aka I Q ' K K x. 37 ' -Q ' . . it ' , . N A kr 'Mfr fl. . W u 1 W ' . - in ' Y v 'S +V- I , A ' - ,A ' 'xr iiiv- , L 'x ' , A if 'fe-+4 .. 6 xl 1-if I QT- 4 1 Q -'fi 4 ff- A 5 XJ' P V .rf Q - - . .I r x . W .. . n X in , , . . 4 ' 'i -- I Qin '1-V. ,413 Ha: KW. wvifqial Y' JS ,J ,,. ,M , .LLLJ ,,.,1,',, 1, Tl ' A, f I . X Ll 1 ,.'oa. '1., Qi- Pnl' N-l',.9x?4 '..' z , 'J 'f , Y 5 'K 5 .U5 ' .N . ,, 'MVA 4 s ,s V . I L. . k ., ,Q .5, u I sl A, .1 - f 4. , . .nhl ' s . 1 E - r vi 3 I x n 1 E E E 5 f s Y x 1 S i i 5 i I E Q i 1 E 5 E 2 ? 2 L I 3 1 , I E 3 4 2 5 E i K 5 5 5 . Q 2 E Z e s ! s 5 I A x xv Vx Ns' '4 B, L Y.. 5 :M WW7 ' ' 7 . I X 3- , 'kgsfl 3 'af , ny'-:gf If, ,' 7 Lia' J.. .- ov -fn P' ' - Q l 'l if ,-lisp in. 4 X H ,-I dr' it 1-' ',-V5-ff' ,,, vu, 5' A, I L fiqi . 'Lal 'a e 1 -fl' , ' 1' 1 in N. .,.,, i k, , V 1 M- QQ ss - +1 fi , ., wr. kvw . , 1 K' fIQi7Z',QP l I?-fl'1lYN!J.i' Qyljff' - I 'ls 2 '3 .f 'EQ' 533 if-19:-'qrgf ffmvgnaw , '-' W -va. f Alba. f fxwiz gg, uv-, as-1... 'O M. N vt . xx N 5 Q -A if TM 'ggi . ,,X: fi3'5 4f,.Z V ri 'vc' x' Q- 5' ,xgwf N? jfg- 5 A 'MMBX'-'lf ff .fm.s'1f'?-1'Qi v Qt -A 2 b xml.: -,, , f I RM. 1 513 .1 Q f.. - f , Q Q 'fn-if b. Ti -- - Lf' 4 Q NAA-4 -- i 25 x'7'..f'.V Y ' y,.f, f,f f ' D v 3l,,' A ff 5 1 ' ,N fj f,... 3 ? m I 52 ' T 'A .1 ' 1.32 f X ' 2, g' i 'uh 1 f Q.: 53? -f K' ' A, K .EA,X Q 4- . 1 ,L L f . , 4 ' . A 3400! ma, ynchgan N rf- 4 H. .fl i 1 -a feifef A fa- - 1 ,, mf 1'1 , 'XS Y iff. ol 'J-D , 1 - .7 P X, .'L 3 SV' gl xl Vl.- ,M at v 3 .gf M4 S I s Q 1 v 'H i 5 if xx O. an-we .ggrvff ,pm .,,,, s, 'T ' Q 'A 's .ni Y- xg tl I gg 1 9 ,. 4' 'S 5 -4, .1 1. If -fl , -cpu.. , 1 MQ ic I ,N . in Q u X . REQ' HIIIAY WI Hlllllw IIIMIIRRUW WE HAD Sponsored By SWIFT AND COMPANY Ka W Q-KZ 6 2 4 With the Passing of time, the melodious echoes of our school life will grow fainter and fainter, and like a song die away. Gone forever will be the harmony and discord of school life, the fun we had and the friends we made. It is the hope of the 1954 Pan- ther Tale Staff that, as you glance through this book in the years to come, you will recapture each blending note and the echoes will begin again. I J... I EMBER 9. SCHOOL STARTED 15. HOMECOMING SNAKE DANCE Il. COUNCIL KICKOFF 16. HOMECOMING GAME IMT. PLEASAND 2' I ln I7. HOMECOMING BALL 18. F. F. A. BARN DANCE NOVEMBER DECEMBER 18. B.I. E. DAY 5. ANNUAL STAFF SOCK SHUFFLE 19. 8:20. TEACHERS' PLAY 19. 8:31. CHRISTMAS VACATION I' - 1. JANUARY FEBRUARY I. ' 3. NEW YEAR'S VACATION 2. 8: 9. BAND CONCERTS 25. 8: 26. SEMESTER EXAMS 16. VARSITY- PANTHERETTE DINNER DANCE 20. DRAMATIC'S CLUB PLAY MARCH APRIL 4. 8a 5. DISTRICT TOURNAMENTS I. SPEECH T, V. SHOW 3. DISTRICT II, 12, Ka 13. REGIONAL TOURNAMENTS CHOIR FESTIVAL 13. CENTER 81 POOL 23, CITY GOVERNMENT DAY ELECTION 81 TRI HI Y CHAPEL I4. CO- 26. MARDI GRAS 31. HI-Y FOLLIES OP BANQUET 21. COUNTY GOVERNMENT DAY 28. MINSTREL SHOW 30. FORMAL MAY JUNE 12. SPRING CONCERT 13. STUDENT COUNCIL 6. BACCALAUREATE ELECTION XL F, F, A. BANQUET 14. 8:15. 9. IR. 8:SR. PICNIC SOPH, PICNIC SENIOR PLAY 18. BAND CONCERT 19. IO. GRADUATION 1 LATIN BANQUET 20. IR. 8nSR, BANQUET H 5 A H I.. - 5 ,jr A R. E. MOBLO 81 COMPANY Hardware Store 81 Funeral Home Ralph R. Schnepp, Funeral Director Rive rdale , Michigan .nv I Fi. ex. 1111: v.. l - is ., - ,J c U ? f ' I ' ,1 f X' V X QA 75,4 Iunior High 'pzf 1' ' , . 1' ,',:4 Student Council President 0 l Ioan Church r v ' . A 0 Senior High Student Council President Bob O'Boyle 5 FIRST ROW: Bert Coe, Bob O'Boy1e, Sports, Shirley Wiitanen, Editor, Joe Fisher, Business Manager, Jerry Veeder, Photographyg SECOND ROW: Iudy Pitts, Typist, Marilyn O'Boyle, Assistant Editor, Rosemary Van Meer, Assistant Advertising Manager, Janet Hyde, Advertis- ing Manager, Bonnie Mathers, Photography, Carol Blanck, Assistant Art, THIRD ROW: Miss Besemer, Advisor, Pat Schnepp, Assistant Business Manager, Dorothy Harker, Sales Manager, Joyce Young, Featureg Deana Munsell, Makeup. Camera Shy: Elsie McClure, Helen Hawes, Sharon Roslund. Compliments of DON ELSEA 2 :IQ , . sll-.s.x: l O., - we-'wav--3 1 I SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: JoAnna Nemechek, vice presidemg Bob O'Boyle, presidentg Gerry Detloff, secretary, Mel Schnepp, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Janet Hyde, Gerald Fitzgerald, Ronnie Wolfgang, Helen Hawes, Marion Baker, Joyce Young, Linda Hoard. SECOND ROW: Phyllis VanDcmark, Denny Nelson, Bill McDaid, Lawrence Holmes, Jim l,aPaugh, Dorothy Harker, Janis Mclntosh, Jean McClure. THIRD ROW: Joe Fisher, Carol Joynt, John Brannan, Mr. Shults, Carl Aumaugher, Janet Robinson, Joan Wagner. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Joynt, Treasurer, Joan Church, President, Katie Thompson, Vice -president. STANDING: Dave DeRushia, Secretary, Judy Orbis, Page. Compliments of STAR DYERS 8: CLEANERS 6 TO THE CLASS OF 1954 Three years of high school can seem very short when grad- uation time arrives, as you have discovered, but the events would fill many pages and be interest- ing to read. After graduation I wish that you will frequently think back with satisfaction on years that have pas sed, and that you will look forward with confidence based upon your experience in school. WARD W. SHULTS Principal Br Un an ll 'IA 'H 0 N AIIMINISIRAIIIIN In our country we teach that the individual personality is supreme, and that each person LEE NELSON should feel responsible for the Principal Jr. High consequences of his own con duct. ,X . Cf Qt . . 1 GRACE ROWELL Office Secretary Moral responsibility and self discipline are marks of maturity. F. R. PHILLIPS Superintendent .l'? Mr. F. R. Phillips, Dr. Harold Dean, Dr. Rex Wilcox, Mr. Charles Fiske, Mrs. Clarence Moore. Compliments of ALMA PISTON COMPANY ETHELYN ADAMS A, B.. Alma College. Biology, Future Teachers Club Advisor, Senior Class Advisor. MIRIAM BESEMER A. B. , Michigan State Normal College, A. M. University of Michigan. Latin, Library, Library Club Advisor, Annual Staff Advisor. PHILLIP DABB A.B., Alma College. Band HARLEY DEAN Ferris Institute, B. S, , Central Michigan College, University of Michigan. Shop, Alternate Student Council Advisor. V. W. HICKS A.B. , M. A. , University LEONARD KASLANDER A. B. , Hope College, DELMAR C. BRENNER B. S. , Central Michigan College. American Gov- ernment, Boys' Intramural, Varsity Club Advisor, Track and Cross-Country Coach. RICHARD FULLERTON A. B. , Sterling College, M, A. . University of Southern California. Physics, Chemistry, Sen- ior Science, Sophomore Class Advisor. BEATRICE S. KREN B, S. , Central Michigan i r Q MAYNARD CHRISTENSEN B. S. , M. A. , Michigan State College. Farm Crops and Soil Animal Husbandry, Advanced Agriculture, Farm Man- agement, F. F. A. Advisor. - -mc: ' - A 'X .fl , , I ,tg , gi N , 1 V ,fr LES GRATTON B. S. , Western Michigan College. American His- tory, Geography, Varsity Club Advisor, Boys' ln- tramural, Assistant Foot- ball and Track Coach. MELVIN LARIMER B,A, , Albion College. of Michigan. Physical M. A. . University of College. Director of Audio- Vocal Music. Education, Varsity Basket- Michigan, Basic Business, Visual Education, Projection- ball Coach, Athletic Typing, Bookkeeping, ist Advisor, Guidance. Director, Honor Society Advisor. Activities Treasurer. Sponsored by SHIRELY 8: PETERS GROCERY MARTHA MADISON A. B. . A. M. , University of Michigan. English Lit- eraturc, American Liter- ature, Sophomore Class Advisor. MARILLA I. PARFITT B.S. , Central Michigan College. Shorthand, Typing, Junior Class Advisor. I' JOE VAN DYKE B. S. , Manchester College. English, Journalism, Dra- matics Club Advisor, Stu- dent Voice Advisor, Chapel Committee Advisor. PARM MAYER A. B. , Olivet College, A. M. , University of Mich- igan. World History, So- ciology, Senior Class Advisor. WALTER RENCH B, S. , Westem Michigan. Mechanical Drawing, Driver Education, Pep Committee Advisor, Junior Class Advisor. DOROTHY M. MONTIGEL JAMES MORRISON A, B. , Marygrove College, English, Tri-Hi-Y Advisor, Chapel Committee Ad- visor, Honor Society Advisor. JOSEPH THIBEDEAU B.A. , Alma College. Varsity Football Coach, Advanced Algebra, Geom- etry, Trigonometry, Assistant Basketball Coach. A. B., Alma College, M. A. , University of Michigan. Spanish, Speech, Assembly Committee Ad - visor, Adult Education. is. V GERALYN TOWERSEY B.S. , Central Michigan College. Homemaking, Effective Living, F. H. A. Advisor. PAULA WRIGHT B. S. , Western Michigan College. Physical Edu- cation, Panrherette Ad- visor, Girls' Intramurals. Sponsored by LEE MOTOR SALES LEO VAN MEER A. B. , Michigan State Normal College, A. M. , Wayne University. Retail- ing, Office Training, Commerical Training, Co- ordinator. 'SD fr? 'lb Physi Shop SlASS RIIIIM SCENES 9? A f fa P9 American History Arne ricau Literature 0 I WS Typing Study Hall Sponsored by FREDERICKSON x fl 45212 MOTOR SALES swans SlASS IIVSA president, Larry Houghtong Treasurer, Joe Mosierg President, Dorothy Harker: Student entative, Janet Hydeg Secretary, Ed McDaid. SlASS lIlllllRS...AIAVY ANII WHIII l2lASS HllWHl...AMIRllIAN BEAUTY RUSE lIlASS MllH0...I0llAY WE Hlllllw. HIMUIARUW WE lEAII. Sponsored by CITY C LEANERS DONNA LOUISE ANDREW Donnie The Lass With the Delicate Air. Bowling 3, Office and Retailing Club 4, Library Club 4. IRIS JOYCE BAXTER lke Penny For Your Thoughts. Choir 2, 3. THEODORE MARION BEARD Ted l Like the Wide Open Spaces. F. F. A. 2,3,4, Boys' Intramural 2.3, Choir 3, Male Chorus 3. GORDON ELERY BEESON Makin' Whoopee. Piano Movers 2,4, Choir 2, Football team 2, 3.4, Track team r,2, 3. VIRGILINE BIESKIE Virgie Why Don't You Haul off and Love Me One More Time P Senior Play crew 4, Drum Major 4, Majorette 2.3, Pantherettes 3,4, F. H. A. 2, 3.4, Girls' Intramural 2,3,4, Bowling 2, Volleyball 2,3,4, Choir 2.4, Girls' Glee Club 3, Office and Retailing 3,4, Dramatics 2, 3,4. DONELDA BIGELOW Bae My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time. Pantherettes 3.4, F.I-I. A. 3,4, Bowling 2.3, Volley ball 2,3,4, Band I,2,3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Dra- matics 4. CAROL IEANETTE BLANCK Once Upon A Bey Board. Senior Play Cast 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Golf 2,3, Annual 4, Panther-ettes 3.4, F. T. A. 4: Basketball 2,3,4, Bowling 2,3, Volleyball 2, Choir 2, Milers 2,3,4, Dramatics 2, 3.4: Pep Committee 3,4, Honor So- ciety 2, 3,4. JAMES C. BRANNAN Ted Rock of Gibralter. Varsity Club 4, Boys' Intramural 2, 3,4, Choir 2, 3, Retailing club 4, Mgr, Football 3,4, Basketball 4, Track 2. 3.4: C. C. 3,4, Compliments of THE EAST SIDE DAIRY DONALD A. BRITTEN Don Baby Face, You've Got the Cutest Little Baby Face. Track Team 2, Cross Country 2, 3, Boys' Intramural 3.4. I ERRY L. BROWN Not a Care in the World. Football 2, 3, Track Ig Office 8s Retailing Club 4. JEAN DALE BUCHANAN A Little Bit Independent. Pantherettes 3,4g Basketball 3,4g Bowling 2, 3,43 Volleyball 2, 3,4g Student Voice Staff4: Choir 2.3, 4: Dramatics Club 2, 3,4g Pep Committee 4, Senior Play Cast 4. JOHN W. CAMPBELL Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Basketball Team 3,4g Baseball 2, 3,4, Boys' Intra- mural !,2. GEORGE A. CAMPEAU IR. Change Your Reckless Way of Living, Cross Over M' the Bridge. NANCY IEANCARIS Nan Good, Good, Good--That's You, That's Youl Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Pantherettes 3, F. T. A. 4, Basketball 2,3,4g Bowling 2, Volleyball 2,3,4g Band I,2g Dra- matics Club 2, Chapel Committee 24 Assembly Com mittee 4, Senior Play Crew 4. Ns:-f SHIRLEY ANN CASNER Hello Central, Give Me Heaven. Office 8a Retailing 3,43 F. N. A. 2.3, Girls' Glee Club 2. 3. FRANCIS CATER Pearl or Jim' Love Me, or Leave Me. Varsity Club 4, Football Mgr. 3,4g Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 Boys' Intramural 2,3,4g St. Council Rep. 2,3g Class Officer 2. Sponsored by MARTIN'S STANDARD SERVICE CAROL CAWRSE You're So Sweet To Remember. Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Office and Retailing 45 Chapel Committee 3. DUANE CHURCH Sunday Driving. F, F, A. 1,2,3,4. DARRELL E. COE Bert Doin' What Comes Naturally. Hi-Y 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Football 3,45 Boys' Intra- mural r,2, 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Band 1,25 Choir 45 Dramatics Club 45 Projectionist's Club 2, 35 Pep Committee 45 Assembly 35 Center Board 45 Mardi Gras Court4: Senior Play Cast 4. JACOB COOK Jake When You're Smiling, the Whole World Smiles With You. Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Football Team 35 Track 35 Office and Retailing 4. EVELYN CROTON Eve Blond on the Loose. F, H. A. 2, 3,45 Dramatics 2,-3,45 Pantherettes 3.4: Office and Retailing Club 45 Basketball 2, 3,45 Bowl- ing 2, 35 Volleyball 2, 35 Choir 2, 3,45 Senior Play Crew 4. LINDA PAMELA CUMMINS Pam Behave Yourself. F, N. A. 2, 3,45 Library Club 2g Basketball 25 Bowl- ing 2,35 Honor Society 2,3,4gDI3mal1iCS 3,45 Projectionists 3.4. STANFORD L. CURTISS, IR. Stan or Tony A Fellow Needs a Girl. Boys' Intramural 3,45 Track 2, 3,45 Cross Country 3.4. ROBERT E. DIVELBISS Bob That Ole Mountain Dew. F, F, A. 4: Baseball 45 Boys' Intramural 45 Male Chorus 45 High School last attended - Shepherd. Compliments of VIC'S GROCERY AND DRY GOODS JOE FISHER Crackers How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You, When You Kncw I've Been a Liar All My Life? Narsity Club 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Track 1,23 Boys' Intramural 2, 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Male Chorus 25 Homecoming Committee Chairman 3,45 Mardi Gras Chairman 3,45 Student Council 3,4. MONA JEAN FOOKES Stay As Sweet As You Are. F. H. A. 3,45 F. N. A. 2, 3,45 Basketball 25 Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Office 8a Retailing 4. BRUCE GILBERT There Is Nothing Like A Dame. F,F. A. I,2, 35 Footba115 Track I,2,3,45 Choir 35 High School last attended, Edmore. CHRIST GOUTIS Chris Spreadin' Knowledge Around. Hi -Y 45'Boys' Intramural 35 Student Voice Staff 45 Male Chorus 2,35 Dramatics Club 35 Honor Society 45 Homecoming Committee Chairman 45 Student Council 2. I ACK P. GREENWOOD Happy Go Lucky. JAMES D. HAGADORN lim You Gotta Be a Football Hero to Get Along With the Beautiful Girls. Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Football 2, 3,45 Basketball 2, 3,45 Track I,2,3,45 Choir 45 Male Chorus 35 Dramatics 45 Pep Committee 45 Senior Play Cast 4. R. GORDON HAHN Rev If I Were King land he wasj Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Football 45 Basket- ball 2, 3,45 Track I,2,3,45 Baseball 3,45 Choir 45 Dramatics Club 45 Chapel Committee 2, 35 Mardi Gras King 45 Senior Play Cast and Crew 45 Piano Movers 3. RICHARD HALL Dick I Wanna Wander. Sponsored by GRIFFETH SPEEDWAY 79 JOYCE L. HALLOCK Little Red fheadedj Monkey. lntramural, Basketball 2, Office 82 Retailing Club 4. GAYLE E. HAMLIN Keep the Home Fires Burning. Office 85 Retailing 3,4, PHYLLIS JOANE HAMP Always Late. Basketball 2, 3,4, Volleyball 2, Bowling 2, 3, Milers 2, 3, Pantherettes 3,4, F. H. A. 2,3, Dramatics 4, Assembly Comm. 4, Senior Play Crew 4. DOROTHY JEAN HARKER All the Things You Are. Student Council 2,4, Class Officer 3,4, D, A. R. Good Citizen 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,4, F. T. A, 4, Annual Staff 4, Science Club 2, Chapel Comm. 2, 3, Honor Society 2, 3,4, Basketball 2, Bowling 2, Volleyball 2, General Homecoming Comm. Chairman 4. JOHN E. HARRIS Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, How You Can Love. Varsity Club 3,4, F, T. A. 4: Football 3,4, Basketball 2, 3, Baseball I,2,3,4, Student Voice staff 4, Dra- matics Club 4, Senior Play Crew 4, Track 4. HELEN DONNA HAWES There 's a Little Bit of Bad in Every Good -Little Girl. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, F, T. A. 4, Chapel Comm. 2,3, Honor Society 3,4, Student Council Representative DAVID L. HEFFLEBOWER Dave You're Not So Easy To Forget. F. T. A. 4: Football 2,3, Basketball 2,3,4, Band 2,3, Mardi Gras Chairman 4, Charlotte High School I, 2. JANET L HELMAN Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes. Girls Glee Club 2, Office 82 Retailing Club 3.4. Compliments of LIST MACHINE SHOP LAWRENCE T. HOLMES Homer Ain't We Got Funl Hi-Y 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Football 3,45 Track I,2, 3,45 Cross Country 25 Boys' Intramural 2, 3,45 Choir 45 Dramatics Club 45 Center Board 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Student Council Representative 4. ROBERT I. HOLMES R.I. Slowpoke. Hi-Y 2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Football 2,3,45 Track I,2, 35 Boys' Intramural 3,4. FREDERICK C. HOOPER Fritz A Wonderful Guy. Hi-Y 45 Varsity Club 45 Football 45 Basketball 45 Track 35 fManager 4j5 Boys' Intramurafl 3,45 Band I5 Choir 45 Chaffey Union High School, Califomia 2, 3, SHEILA KAY HORMAN Little Coquette. Pantherettes 3,45 F, T. A. 4: Basketball 2, 3,45 Bowl- ing 3,45 Volleyball 2, 3,45 Band I,2,35 Choir 2,3,45 Milers 25 Dramatics 2, 3,45 Chapel Committee 2, 35 Senior Play Crew 4. LARRY HOUGHTON Hey, Good Lookinl Hi-Y 3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Football 3,45 Basket- ball 2, 3,45 Cross Country Team 25 Baseball I,2, 35 Male Chorus 35 Class Officer 4. DELORES JOAN HUMPHREY D0die It's What You Do With Watcha' Got. F.H, A. 3,45 F. N. A. 2, 3,45 Basketball 2,35 Bowl- ing 2,35 Dramatics 3,45 Projectionists 2, 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Chapel 3. WILMA JEAN HUSTED Wedding Bells will soon be Ringing. F. H. A. 25 Basketball 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 2. JANET CARROLL HYDE Sweet and Lovely. Mardi Gras Queen 45 Student Counci1'3,45 Tri -Hi-Y 2,3,45 Pantherettes 3,45 F, T. A. 45 Basketball 2, 35 Volleyball 2, 35 Annual staff 45 Choir 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Chapel Committee 35 Homecoming Com- mittee Chairman 4. Sponsored by MODERN CLEANERS ir: RICHARD JOHNSON Lefty Someone Won Your Heart. Varsity Club 4, Baseball team I, 2, 3,4, Boys' Intra- mural 1.4, Industrial Art Club 4. ROSEMARY JONES Rosie Lovely to Look At. Tri -Hi-Y' 3.4, Pantherettes 3,4, Basketball 2, 3.4, Volleyball 2, 3.4, Office 8, Retailing Club 3,4, Chapel Comm. 3, Assembly Comm. 3. FRED JAMES JOSLIN Josh There'1l be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight. F. F. A. I, Football 2, 3.4, Basketball 2, Boys' Intra- mural 4, Industrial Arts 4, Center Board 1,23 Student Council Representative I. SANDRA JANE KAPELLAS Kappy Gent1emen Prefer Blondes. F. H. A. 2, Student Voice staff 4: Choir 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2.3.4, Senior Play Crew 4. RICHARD KAUFMAN Dick Cruising around 'In My Merry Oldsmobile' Male Chorus 3, Piano Movers 3. JEANINE KING QHOLMESQ Jeanie Signed, Sealed and Delivered. Girls' Intramural 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Office and Retailing Club 4. SAM W. KING 'No Other Love Have I. Varsity Club 3,4, F, T. A. 4: Football r, 3, Basketball 2.3, Track Team I,2, 3, Cross Country Team 2, 3, Boys' Intramural 4. JAMES IRA LAPAUGH Jim He's a Jolly Good Fellow, Which Nobody Can Deny. F,F. A. I,2,3,4g Boys' Intramural I,2,3,4, Choir 3, Male Chorus 3, Student Council Rep. 3.4. Compliments of LUETHS JEWELER SHIRLEY LEIGHT You re Just In Love Chou 2 4 Office 8: Retailing Club 4. ROSEMARY LEPPIEN Rosie Ain't Misbehavin' Tri -Hi-Y 2, 3.4, Pantherettes 3, Basketball 2, 3, Annual staff 3, Band 1.2. 3, Choir 1.2.3, Dramatics Club 2.3.4, Office 85 Retailing 4, Chapel Com- mittee 2, 3,4, Assembly Committee 2.3, Honor Society 4, Pep Band 2, 3. CAROL IEAN LEWIS I Don t Want to Set The World on Fire. F T A 4 Library Club 2. BONNIE MATHERS My Buddy, Nobody's Buddy But Mine. Office 8, Retailing 4, Chapel Committee 2, Senior Play Crew 4, F. H. A. 3.4, Basketball 2, 3.4, Bowling 3, Volleyball 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Student Voice 3, Band Ig Choir 2.4, Dramatics 2.3. RUTH HELEN MCCLINTIC I ve Only Got Eyes For You. Basketball 2.3.4, Volleyball 2.3, Office and Retailing ELSIE MCCLURE Music Maestro, Please. Mardi Gras Court 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Student Council'Rep. 3, Class Officer 2, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Bas- ketball 2, 3.4, Volleyball 2, 3, Bowling 2.3, Annual staff 4, Band 1.2, Choir 3.4, Dramatics Club 2.3.4, Homecoming Committee Chairman 4, Pantherettes 3,4,Mi1ers 2.3.4. EDWIN RAY MCDAID Ed I Want A Girl I ust Like the Girl That Married Dear Hi Y 2 3 4, Football 2.3.4, Basketball 2.3.4, Track I 2 3 4 Class Officer 4. WILLIAM FLOYD MCDAID Bill I Got the World on a String. Varsity 4, Football 3.4, Track 1,z,3,4, Cross Country lg Boys' Intramural 3.4, Student Council Rep. I, 2. 3.4, Class Officer 4. Sponsored by MILLER BODY 8: AUTO CO. KENNETH McDONALD Pooch Doggie in the Window. Boys' Intramural 1,2,3,4g Piano Movers 2g Industrial Arts 4. BERNARD MCGUIRE Bernie That Old Gang of Mine. Piano Movers 2g Industrial Arts 4: Office 8s Retailing 4. JANIS McINTOSH You Came a Long Way From St. Louis. Student Council 44 F. H. A. I,4g St. Louis High School I, 2, 3. DUDLEY DEAN MILLER Dud I Whistle a Happy Tune. Boys' Industrial 2,4g Band r,2, 3g Choir I,2p Office at Retailing 4. MARILYN ANN MILLS l'm In Love Again. Basketball 3g Bowling 3g Volleyball 35 Band I,2, 3.4: Office 8: Retailing 4. BUD MITCHELL Buddy Feudin', Fightin', and a Fussingl Varsity Club 35 Football 4g Basketball 2, 3g Track Ig Baseball 25 Boys' Intramural 4: Student Voice Staff 44 Dramatics Club 4g Senior Play Crew 4. ARLENE MARIE MIX With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming. Student Voice staff 45 Dramatics 4: Senior Play Crew 4: Junction City High School, Kansas 2. RICHARD CLARENCE MOORE Dick My Heart is Out of Town. Male Chorus 3. Sponsored by L. D. DECKER TRAILER SALES Dicker with Decker JOE PAUL MOSIER Don t Fence Me In. Football 3,4, Track 3,4, Intramural 3,4, Class Of- ficer 3,4. LADEANA MUNSELL Deana Sophisticated Lady. Tri -Hi-Y 4, Homecoming Court 4, Pantherettes 3,4 Cheerleader 2, 3,4, Milers 2, 3,4, Basketball 2, 3, Bowling 2, 3, Volleyball 2,3,4, Annual staff 4, Assembly Committee 2, Band I,2, Choir 2, 3,4, Dramatics Club 3,4, Chapel Committee 3, Pep Committee 2, 3,4. JOANNA NEMECHEK Io Happy As the Day Is Long. Pantherettes 3,4, Bowling 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3,4, Volleyball 2, 3,4, Band 2, 3, Chapel Committee 4, Pep Committee 2, 3,4, Class Officer 2, Homecom- ing Court 4, Mardi Gras Chairman 4, Cheerleader 2, 3,4, Student Council Representative 2, 3,4, Student Council Officer 3,4. MERLYND KEITH NESTELL Wish You Were Here. Intramural 3, Band l, 2, 3, Pep Band 3, Science Club 2,V3, Milers 2, 3. MARILYN I. O'BOYLE I've Got A Man Who's Crazy About Me, fl-Ie's Funny That Wayj. Tri -Hi -Y 3,4, Pantherettes 3,4, Basketball 2, 3, Bowl- ing 2, Volleyball 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Student Voice staff 3, Choir 4, Senior Play Crew 4, Dramatics 2, 3,4, Chapel Committee 2, 3, Pep Committee 4, Mardi Gras Court 4. ROBERT O'BOYLE Bob Meet Me In St. Louis. Hi-Y 2,3,4, VarsityClub 2, 3,4, Football 2, 3.4: Stu- dent Council Pres. 4, Basketball 4, Track I,2, 3, Baseball 2, 3,4, Intramural, 2, 3,4, Class Officer 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Annual staff 4, Choir 4, Male Chorus 3, Dramatics 2, 3, Pep Committee 3,4. ONALEE O'BOYLE Ann Love Walked In. F.H. A, 2,3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Office 8, Retail- ing 4. JOYCE ANN PETERS I Love the Sunshine of Your Smile. Pantherettes 3,4, F. H. A. 2, 3,4, F. T, A. 4: Girls' Baseball 2, 3, Bowling 2, Volleyball 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, Dramatics Club 2, 3,4. Sponsored by ROPP BROS. SUPER SERVICE GARAGE 6'-fi 1 31.9,-. if IUDITH ANN PITTS Judy The Bad and the Beautiful. Basketball 2, 3,4, Bowling 2, 3, Volleyball 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pantherettes 3, F, H. A. 2, 3, 4, F. T. A, 4, Annual staff 4, Student Voice 4, Band 1,23 Dra- matics 2,3,4, Pep Comm. 3,4, Assembly 4, Stu- dent Council 3. FRANCIS POTTER Fran Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella. F. H. A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Office 8, Re- tailing 4, Library Club 4. MARY ELLEN PURTILL If I could only get a piece of her Home Cooking! Mardi Gras Court 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, F. H. A. 2, 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2, Dramatics 4, Office 82 Retailing 4, Chapel Committee 2, 3, Bas- ketball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3. CAROL ETHELYN RACE I'm Always Chasin' Rainbows. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Office and Retailing Club 4, Library Club 2. NADINE EVELYN RACE Deanie Just A Little Bit In Love. Girls Glee Club 3, Office 85 Retailing 4, Library Club 2. ELLEN RAMSEY WHITE Bell Bottom Blues. Pantherettes 3.4, Basketball 2, 3,4, Bowling 2, Volleyball 2,3, Office 85 Retailing 4, Pep Com- mittee 3.4. IANICE RAYCRAFT A Quiet Girl. F. H. A. 2,3, Basketball 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Office 85 Retailing Club 4. WILMA REED Who Do You Know in Heaven That Made You the Angel You Are? F. H. A. 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 3, Office 8: Retailing Club 4, Library Club 2, 3.4, Honor Society 2, 3.4. vw Spons or ecl by SUPER HAMBURG AUDREY JEAN RINCKEY l'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love Letters Pantherettes 3,4, F. H. A. 2, 3,4, Basketball 2, 3,4, Bowling 2, 3, Center Board 2, 3,4, Senior Play Crew 4, Volleyball 2,4, Choir 2, 3,4, Dramatics Club 2, Chapel Committee 2, Pep Committee 4. GARY ROBINSON Poke I m a I2 o clock Guy in a 9 o'clock Town. F. F. A. 2, 3, Boys' Intramural 2, 3.4, Industrial Arts 1- A f 4, Piano Movers 2. DOROTHY MAY ROCKAFELLOW Dot How Sweet You Arel F. H. A. 2, 3,4, Band I, 2, 3,4, Office 8, Retailing Club 4. REUEL ROCKAFELLOW Red My Hometown is a One -Horse Townl Boys' Intramural 2, 3,4, Industrial Arts 4. PHYLLIS ELAINE RODENBO Phy1 lt's a Big Wide Wonderful World. Tri-I-li-Y 4, Pantherettes 3.4, F. H, A. 3.4, Basket- ball 2,3,4, Bowling 2, Volleyball 2, 3.4, Miler's Club 2, Dramatics Club 2, 3,4, Chapel Committee 2, 3, Pep Committee 4, Homecoming Court 4, Senior Play Crew 4, Student Council 4. DONNALEE MARIE ROOT Do Right and Come Smiling Through. Pantherettes 3,4, Basketball 2, 3, Bowling 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3,4, Choir 2, 3, Dramatics Club 4, Pep Committee 4, Center Board 3. SHARON DARLENE ROSLUND l'm In Love With a Wonderful Guy. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3.4, Annual staff 3,4, Student Voice 3,4, Band I,2, Choir 4, Dramatics Club 3.4, Chapel Committee 3, Senior Play Crew 4: Homecoming Publicity 3.4. LARRY RYDER What It Was Was Football! Varsity Club 4, Football I,2,3,4: Basketball 4, Track 4, Boys' Intramural 2, 3, Industrial Arts 4. e Congratulations Seniors! THE ALMA STATE BANK fasts PHYLLIS SALAZAR Phy1 Not a Care in the World. Girls' Glee Club I,2,3. IANICE SANDERS Sandy I Wanta Go Places and Do Things. Pantherettes 3,4: F, H. A. 3,43 Basketball 2, 3,43 Bowling 3,42 Volleyball 2, 3,43 Student Voice Staff 43 Choir 2,3,4: Dramatics 2, 3,43 Assembly Oommittee 43 Student Council Rep. 2. JACK SCHNEPP Love Every Minute You Live. Hi-Y 43 Varsity Club 3.4: F. F. A. I, 2,3,4j Track Team I, 2, 3,43 Cross Country 2,3,4: Boys' Intra- mural 2, 3,42 General Homecoming Comm. Chair- man 43 Senior Play Crew 4. PATRICIA SCHNEPP Pat Johnny is the Boy for Me. Tri-Hi-Y 3,4Q Pantherettes 3,4Q F. T, A. 43 Basket- ball 2, 33 Volleyball 2, 33 Annual sraff'43 choir 43 Dramatics 43 Honor Society 2, 3,42 Homecoming Court 43 Senior Play Crew 4. RICHARD SHIRELEY You Can't Do Wrong Doin' Right. F.F. A. STUART SHOOK Stu I Won't Go Hunting With Ya, Jake, But l'11G0 Chasin' Women. Cross Country 33 Choir 2, 3.43 Male Chorus 2, 33 Office Sc Retailing 3,4Q Madrigal Singer 2, 3. BRUCE SEIFKER Let's Live a Little. Hi-Y 43 Varsity Club 3,43 Track Team 2, 3, '- Cross Country 2,3,4Q Boys' Intramural 3,43 Band 1,22 Choir 3,43 Male Chorus 2, 33 Dramatics 43 Science Club 2, 33 Pep Committee 43 Assembly Committee 2. PHILLIP SNYDER Perce Ain't Nature Grand. Choir 2, 3,4Q Office 83 Retailing 4: Science Club 2, 3 Sponsored by W.F, Y.C., INC. V' Jin CLEOPATRA STAMAS Cleo I Feel A Song Comin On. Tri -Hi-Y 4, Student Voice 4, Choir 4, Dramarics Club 4. ALICE ANN STEHLIK Wrap your Troubles in Dreams. F. H. A. 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 3, Library Club 2. 3.4. IERRY ROY TABER Love Ain't Worryin Me. F.F. A. I,2,3,4, Boys' Intramural 2, 3,4. SHIRLEY FAYE TANNER I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm. Pantherettes 3,4, Honorary Member of F. F. A. , Bowling 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3,4, Basketball 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2, 3,4, Homecoming Queen 4, Senior Play Crew 4, Band 4, Choir 4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, Majorette 3.4. WILMA L. THRUSH Can't Help Lovin That Man. Basketball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3, Choir 2, Dramatics Club 4, Office 81, Retailing 4, Honor Society 2, 3,4, Senior Play Crew 4. RICHARD L. TOWNSEND Toad Little Mr. Big. Boys' Intramural 2, 3,4, Dramatics Club 2.4, Senior Play Cast 4. BILL L. VAN ATTEN Whiskie Three O'Clock In the Moming. F.F. A. 1.2, 3,4, Boys' Intramural 2, 3,4, Office and Retailing 4. PHYLLIS EILEEN VAN DEMARK Short and Sweet. F. H. A. 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Science C1ub2, 3, Mardi Gras Court 4, Basketball 2, Bowling 2, Pep Band 3,4, Dramatics Club 2, 3,4, Student Council Rep. 3,4, Honor Society 4. Sponsored by BURKE'S GROCERY ROSEMARY VAN MEER Rosie Oh Those Dark Eyes. Basketball 2, 3g Bowling 2g Volleyball 2, 35 Annual Staff 4g Dramatics Club 2, 3, Retailing and Office Club 4g Band I,2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 3g Projectionists 2, 3,45 Honor Society 3,4g Milers 2g Pep Band 3. GERALD DEAN VEEDER Jerry I Only Want a Queen For a Sweetheart. Hi-Y 2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,4g Football 2.3, Cross Country 45 Basketball 3,43 Track 1.2, 3,4g Annual staff 4, Projectionists Club 2, 3.4: Student Council Rep. 3gMi1etS 2,3,4. JACK HOMOR VINING The Man With The Hom. Band 4, School last attended, Fulton High School 2, 3. JAMES LEE WAGNER Look For The Silver Lining. JACK A. WATHERBY Any Little Girl That's a Nice Little Girl Is the Right Little Girl For Me. Boys' Intramural 2,3,4, Band I,2,3p Choir I,2,3g Piano Movers 2, Office and Retailing 4. SHIRLEY ANN WIITANEN Her Bright Smile Haunts Us Still. Senior Play Crew 4, Dramatics Club 2, Chapel Comm. 2, 3g Honor Society 2, 3,45 Volleyball 2.3, Pantherettes 3.4: Annual staff 4, Student Voice Staff 45 Tri -Hi-Y 2, 3,4g Basketball 2, 3g Bowling 2. VLESTA WILHELM There 's Danger in Your Eyes, Cherie. Office and Retailing 4. ROGER E. WILLIAMS Just Relax and Take lt Easy. F. F. A. I, 2,3,4g Boys' Intramural 2, 3,4, Industrial Arts 4. Congratulations Seniors! THE ALMA STATE BANK AVIS LEE WOLFE Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think. Band lp Girls' Glee Club 2.4, Pep Committee 35 Majorette 2,4. PHYLLIS ANN WOLFE Drifting and Dreaming. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,4g Basketball 2g Office and Retailing 4, Science Club 2, 3. RONNIE WOLFGANG Magpie I'm Sitting On Top of the World. Varsity Club 43 Track I,2,3,4g Cross Country I,2, 3,45 Boys' Intramural 2, 3,49 Center Board 2g Mardi Gras Court 4, Student Council Representative 4. MARY JANE WOODWARD Young at Heart. Basketball 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 4, Dramatics 2,3,4, Senior Play Crew 4. OLIVER WROE Ol1ie The Farmer in the Dell. F, F. A. I,2,3,4, Boys Intramural 2, 3.4. JOYCE EILLEEN YOUNG The Hostess With the Mostess on the Ball. Pantherettes 3,4, F.H. A. 2,3,4, F, T.A. 4, Senior Play Crew 44 Dramatlcs Club 2, 3,4g Chapel Comm. 2, 3, Pep Comm. 4, Honor Society 4, Student Coun cil Rep. 4, Annual staff 4, Basketball 2, 3,4g Bowling 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3.4. YVONNE LUCILLE ZINN A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody. F, T, A. 4: Office 8.5 Retailing 43 Library Club 2, Honor Society 4. Congratulations and best wishes to the class of '54 A. B. CARIS INSURANCE AGENCY 1 NOW IS THE HOUR, WHEN WE MUST SAY GOODBY .... Graduation for the 125 students of the class of '54 took place on June 10. For the first time in the history of Alma High, the commencement services were held on the college lawn. Besides being the first outside commencement it was the first time that student participation was stressed. Student speakers were Jack Schnepp, Marilyn O'Boyle, Chris Croutis, and Sharon Roslund. Sharing valedictorian honors were Carol Blanck and Dorothy Harker. The next four in order of standing were Shirley Wiitanen, Pat Schnepp, Wilma Reed and Wilma Thrush. The latter two were tied for fifth place. -f1 '.-nv--T ,I -pl-so g, azz, I l 'kd Baccalaureate was held on June 6 at the E. Superior Christian Church. E11 If as X The Graduation Ball Compliments of HEUSCHELE SERVICE STATION . MOST ATHLETIC sy IoAnna Nemechek X TQRA 1 ,, Jim Hagadorn x ' L 4: E av E , ,Ts , 9 L E 4 J s 25 L tv .9 A - eo- -cr . ., I ff . 4, , -cc' 1' I if Ka' T . l N K T or 'Q r' lgl-WI' sp ' qi ni 4- -' CLASS AUTHOR 0 LM' Shirley Wiitanen, Jerry Veeder 0 2 3 FRIENDLIEST 0 QQ Janet Hyde ' I ' , , A1 it Ronnie Wolfgang fl Law . fn. ,.. ' N 'NJ r,r - QA - is 1, 2 8 I of g jj 1, 1' 2 rl A n f' fi n an 9 n fy P - ' T CLASS ORATOR an - nnoff Joyce Young . - .LJ . IN Dave Hefflebower I Xxxf I I A ,LV I 1,-dj' N T... 1. -4' . r . ,,,, LIKELY TO TRAVEL 2 T . 2, 7,4 Sf X P L I ,,,, THE FARTHEREST J if , Judy Pitts QNX , ' I I QR X Joe Fisher wi' ' , . ' 1 we T J I hey' fs , ' ,K its .211 W N fi ' W J Z fx j,1AAAv 43 ' I .' If Q Z' DONE THE Mos 0 FOR THE SCHO4 ,..f '1 Dorothy Harker Rosemary Jones Bob 0 -Boyle Larry Houghton Sponsored by MOST ARTISTIC V105 GROCERY Sharon Roslund AND Fred Joslm , 5 DRY GOODS r fi T T E , :ig-.Q 2 E sa QA I U ww-HITS I wr ,. T fgi- T EEJL T .Q ' ' ' I W XJ Y 5 ,5huIN- CLASS ACTORS WITTIEST 3 0 MOST MUSICAL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Elsie McClure Jean Buchanan Carol Blanck Pat Schnepp, Chris Goutis -. ... n n,A- fu-, n-n. 1-xr-.--n.1-- 5 ps, . -.7-.-. , x P .. F K a , 'Ni' r 17, - Xl, . ff QL. n .V Pig, N me 'wi . X g ,i,,L , ,LL, K L Gary Iames Carl Alberta Elaine Anderson Anderson Amaugher Avery Ayris Q M I 32 J.,-C and Ar ax : wg-7, 4.814 XRWA i . .Iwi ' Q- Q, ivy- - Y' h if , :NJA My 5 1 sr' , n vw J M ., Q, 2 Q 1'-W I in 1,., 3 1, 4 r , , 1, A w Marion Yvonne Vivian Adelfa Joan Baker Beard Bebee Benavidez Bergin 14, 'J' tx, WA ,'!Mi3? f- jg I ' - 'Nr ' Q Y Y 'A if K aw f I ie' ' wa: il hi, ':w, xy . ,x K K U . Qs, t 5:::.:'J' ' r, ,Ar ' fill Gerald Elizabeth Robert Marion Nancy Black Bourin Bramly Brecht Britten Q, N53 y fkyxt 5 Q5 ' A . dd a 7 in - '57 Ivy, -,K .ew l ,wif VJ: KM in C Clare Kathleen Betty Barbara Janet Bfllndage Brundage Buchele Casner Cater . -C -3- 19- r , ' ,sw ' I . Qld, MQW Ki: HE, Agfa, W Dean Alvin Grace Ruth Sandra Clark Coffman Condell Conn Cook Best wishes to the class of K y Ig '-I ng is XY, av N V QUALITY PRINTING COMPANY Alma, Michigan t, n y 32 f Yvonne Richard Maurine Cummins C urtiss Deefing E 9 35' r Kaye Babcoc -x X N, ini Ken Bigelov 6 , 9 rw 1 Ll? 3 fi , .KA A Ex, Vernor Brown 15.-f Xw . 4.4 L ynn Church 11: Carol Cox K . GN x ,.,, W .. Gerry Detloff Ray Dewe y v w'-if in fl. W, 5 U' ,., iq 0 1' NN Jw I an Ferris . of I -4 Orpha Jane Grubaugh '-.. Phiuip , Hendershot me Y ' T Bob Houck lsr? if Mg, ,Y J . ,L fl V J, Rex Johnson fi R 'L lv' or I anice Drake vs pq ,Q J NX Gerald Fitzgerald J Y Shirley Gunderman . K xi. . L. It 41? if rev A X rnrwl Richard Heuschele .gi-N gf! lk J John Hull Bob Johnson QW' 5 S, ' if -C -LA L X D ona ld Dwyer 'X U J. wb! 4 , , LN ws- , :Fl Deane Gearig x E .1 X Willard Gurski s eix N 'wg as xv!! .sif ia if if vin Q if . QQ. sa, X ei NX s 'N is Jim Hicks Pat Humphrey ..,. A1- 'Q' X G Q! :XR Carol Ebright .,,+. 'PVS 42.1 Sharon Gilkin Kay Hamlin P -Q 5 e wi o K Carol Hinman Sandra lngraham Spons or ed by PACKARD'S FURNITURE N 33 5' V WH r V r -k ge YV , ff . , ' 9 aug. ,V - , H.. No f ' QI O Q 'N B unk Ellsworth J 5 N Y ' Jr . Lenore Gillon K f. f f Q- Sue Hardin if E J.. Jag fll x, ,' Roderick Hoffstetter Nancy Jessup Leslie Jones 1 sm .f X' r wr Kirk Emling 9, wr Leo Grand Joyce Helme ME' ' r, RK 53. vgfzmg Gene Hoope Annett J ohnson Bill Kaufma Shirley Komperda Elaine Mailand ' w 71 s.- ' V, Q... ' M Bud McFadden Y x Z Mary Moffett 15? Shirley Neito - . 1 1 i 1 17 , eww. if f '51 , Ken Pratt X ,.f 'O ww., I so -Ea P'-:rights J ff Q Q57 Beverly Phil Janet LaBonvi11e Langin LaBaron ,N 'fm ,, ff ev- fx it 3 L, . Q P fi, 'W' R leel f QW ll1,', A vw! f, . R A ? -' f Judy Cinda Joe Marzolf McAnallen McAnal1en .V da Any EQ Y A , 153' j X 2 P' 1 R of Betty George Alma McGill Mikula Miller J' 4 +4 4 2? K fg:,,,, ' .55 , . I . , 1' . R, 1 , t Roxanna Edith Larry Moffett Mosier Mott ' -T' di Am to x R . M lt, W , if V .fy 'ffm -1, 4 h, Lt Denny Judy Edna Nelson Olson Parkes Sponsored ' . r: 'W r ig Q ,X y Z MIRROR -I Q ' ,, ti BARBER Y SHOP 34 Leroy Pratt 55551 ig i t fr c Dorothy Bernard Losey Lott Q if R, N . 3 Exp., All , X I-A , 1 lf Y I Q3 X Linda Harriet McAnal1en McConlu CIN 1? K Q , ' rigs' P P M y X-:viii X P' .Qi , ,g ff X5 Wesley Carol Miller Moffett ee- fx x ,,..., tj tiff Ron J ack Muhn Mussel Gerald Peska 5. , gill- D r Patty Fung Shirley Peterson 2 ,s i Re. I? plum Roger Punsz Q. an Si. 1. -Q ,. i Y: Lv. 'L 11:2 Qin ,xl L5 i , X va V ' sum KN-' xksklg.. K ,- . ' - 1 wie. f.ft211+f ., I Sl X . I1 X .'11'52f1- 3:11. 'f:F7'!.'1-: Juanita Bob Joyce Bob Doris Rausch Redman Remsburg Rhodes Roberts i NA ' eh ' - f . R 0 Q Us N S i ox 'Lf' V '-F, R ' ' T 'F 5' , eff Q-:ft se, , .se x . Wi - il .V S x 7 Xi Skis 17' L fo A y Evelyn Leah Helen Bonnie Lois Robinson Robinson Ropp Sain Salazar ' -at WM t 'x . Xt' .1 at F75 1 r - , sf' :K . YA S t 5- Q H , A . l ,J ip 4 A ., . 'Q' s is y K i s . it if ff? 'Fr r 1' s,..,1s. 4 -1. A -Q 'X .wt as f Harry Mel Harriet Wayne Dave Schaede Schnepp Shultz Scott Secord V K, - if ,S eeee sl. i Q .. Lx I V A gf Q ying xx X it V, Rows . S, W TGS T S T Q ' ' 'N Y, r I 1 Kgs - M5 C53 Delores Shirley Audley Velma Lavaun Simmons Simon Smith Smith Sova S ...M i, V .-s mu 4 A 'B xo: is ,R we I A Snr' Q. ii'-- ,Ky , N fl .S . .T Denny Kenneth Joyce Diana Bob Stevens Stimson Taylor Teed Thompson Sponsored bl' 6 33,1 4. Mr LADY's K 3, 14 , at SHOPPE . U J: it .,, K 1' h nf, .5 35 it Carolyn Bob Ioan Tuttle T vnan Wnnnnr si J ud y Robertson 1- s rw, 9 'I' is 1 ,am tl, Ierry Sanders f 'Nw or yy My N' K Roger Seaman Q . .fa We it e- 'I ' yi Eva Stacy r, , 4 ,, x ,A ,ub to an? 32: + s'1'9 5J Fred Tilden sit Ft Elsie Klum AI. hun l r V' :VN AB' ix.. 'EP' N. li ., 9115 Sandra Walsh Q IT ,O Kathleen Wiitanen 2 T nf W-'D' 2'f 'E L 54 rv .lf ,, , ,X S- R ' 5 - f Henry James Washburn Webster +1 8,4 ,,:. 1 1 M 1 sf K X vw. 1 9 ' . so N I, V A7A m sy til' ' I C T-'NX Joe Don Wisniewski Woodrow JS vf':.,, Vema Wells Es fl S T f sh Alma Woods CAMERA SHY Ron Bradley Bob Tynan Irene Wing 'CT 1 -r ' 4N.g ls Don Werbelow T . ex, Wx., ,K . .f ..i,.l rl. ' Marlene Wyeth FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gerry Detloff, Secretaryg Melvin Schnepp, Presidentg Rex Johnson, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Denny Nelson, S. C. Rep., Jan Ferris, Treas. Compliments of IONE'S BEAUTY SHOP Ione Hoard - Wright Hotel 36 All S? ' fs' , vi Frances Wight +1 X? 'N , A Gladys Davidsc SS x S sf' .5 7 . . K in ' , 2 K 'L H 5, K ,X 3 A -cr '7 Q Ir' ' 2f'.' 7? - f' J 5:-v ' - 5 ,QV ,G 4 K X 17 Y X' I In S -. f Janice Mary Andrew Rex Lanice Larry Abbey Adams Alexander Alward Anderson Andrew 4q,..Asl,Xtw zxvyyxh - Y A :N Fx, ' , Vg ' 7, B' A , .M , Nc.,- X 19:2 X' A A 'A fzrffffff 5 f 5 June Nona Suzanne Allen Betty Judy Ayling Babcock Bachi Baird Ball Ball . P3 4 I N X '. r 1 ' . -X ,- A B -.gtk f -'+I .A gr: 'N 9' V .mx 52- KF tr M Y 'AM t A K t , .QR f J K' ,i x Q . ' A XYZ , ? Q ' ' Y X4 1 B i l I esse Pat Patty Harlene Yvonne Jack Baxter Bearss Bethka Bongard Boyer Bfallnafl 2 4 ' bd'ad B Q Lab' , 1 l we - A 4 ,TP V .W ll: . K 1 x ' Ile , A N 'err g' X-CQ,f.' ' X V I, Vyyi V , 5 ,, B Q.. r,aa Q A m, Norma I im Jim S ophronia Sondra Marvin Brennaman Brenner Brown Carter Cawrse Church al I F B A 'a at ' P a-- 1 Y ts l 'vs ' 0 1 ' , 5,0 My I D K 4 by i P' I V? - . 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E J . 4 David Marilyn Dolloff DuBay Q , A X 1. xii Lmdrd. A r X 3 Jim Marily Fitzpatrick Forrest iff ' is if sg, 'J' 1 1 t 'E M 2 ii fe R , gr 1 r-4 i9M Leland Bruce Freed Fry X N. K, V v Q R:-fx Q-- err' , ' Edward Lee Glazer Gram 1 N1 Fizz, 5 Beverly GOICI4 Haas Ham' Pat Harrie Kay Hawl Jean Helman -4 fv- Y x-- f ill' ,, J ' N XM' Y J. Ken Humphrey 'LR iv- 4 L- W' its 'K Edward King 1 5 . 1 A 5 , 59 1 I - 5 J I Robert Ludwick M 132' X tx? RY7' rt' 'K ' X g, Gerald McClenathan G? Sf M, Q dr far T 3 Betty McMillen 3 .E J , rar .X A ' J ' J IG.. Linda Hoard Q I V- K Q I LeNae James M va I'-r f ., Alice Langlois .-- 'K . 4 tv ,W 1 Karen Mapes ' 'S L 5.41 Janice MCC lintic in-fb 1 Leroy Mix e . ,,'t 4Q:' -, Sl ' 31 Q - tm 3 Q ff ' Ava. ff QM X it 'Fir , ,, ,J 1' Kay Gale Pat Holcomb House Howe .t .ici - wk H H 'r ,gf K K ll' L. 5' J T' 4 M tk y K J. Fred Carol Lenore Johnson Ioynt Kelsey Qtr XF ,, 'C Q , N . 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Pat Nielsen I PBSSY Powers 3- 51.- Eleanor Roberson l 'f Kathleen Snhnenn Dave Mlinser I X A' V k y 'x 5 'J P. -. .., y lr fl , K m Becky Munderloh as .1 fu Xv, .l Ka Y Otto Noack '. it 2 N5 5 2 X ,w Roger Raycraft if l 4 Q ff iN -. .1 A Ray Rodriguez Sponsored bv THE FERBJS SHOP 'U 1-2 X S xg V? tl Aix 'Q ' ' 'LQ fx Ianet Molby in .f i L 0' 5 1 3 D? K, ., Ymyr D D D M .f I f ' r ix. 'Xl Lffu I k Larry Nelson fy. gl I K . x x o Joyce Otto 'N A Cecil Richards -IUNYUK it Freda Rosevear J 1 ,- Ds -.. ,,, . X fk l XXX Jim Mongeau R, VV SL Dick Nester se' . r .I f at is if 1 Dick Patterson n 4 ' N N, x -, X 0 1 r x .' Donald Rhodes .M Rolland Roush s ca Wfla -sf R W Roy Sr-ntr 4' Dsskv fs. -Q D4. i .vw Larry Moore ,W ow Q Betty Nestle X Y .f , I E x Kay Perry S 'V' .f,. 1'5- . :V Valerie Riggle ,NF R' eg kr'3 -so X:-1 5. 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Nj k 0l- I ,M .Q l K Bob Slates V vi in 2 .5 315 Jerry Struble jim Taylor 5 i .r, 1 xi x-ff H fall? Lee TIOWSI' Leon Vine :WJ 'fe Q 'Q if fl: 5 . 'NZ -. ' ef Xa . 'NA Trenton Wilhelm ar'-4 '15 Q I anet Smitl , S? La., 'Q-Iv' ' .1 Q ..k ,1 Jo Anl Stuart Qi 1. Katie Thomps 2. ' 2-S ,fx I Kathlee Vance . , 3 5 4 HJ W ' J Barbara Wagne. Larry Wilks .4 1 'z P I la 'f-' Q E. E, E , K E ,V ix' n v- 1 s. .4 .L E x ,X Q 5 xi , . .Q UL .tiff X ' . ': X. X Q - , l L jf X 1 - af-sg W, :fi ' 1 . , M ' - .. 1 , . Loren Beverly Dixie Thell Shattuck Wright Wolfe Woods CAMERA SHY Grant Hole Willard Eldridge Wilma Eldridge Tom Fox Fred Galehouse Ceville Hinman ri Earl Hungerford Don LaC ross ' 0 L Aa.. fs 4-qilfill' 'ww if if 'aff K X :,, .., H , 'Q 5 Lupe Rameriz Larry Wells 'vi jr .r , UQ Sponsored by PETERS PURE OIL Auld Lang Syne Going My Way? J ir... ' N. A' i 2 S Don't We Have Fun! Doin' What Comes Nachurlly Q l 1 Hurrah for Alma! ' f' is Q, sl 'S ' ' Ium Walking 1, 3 V +g,R Aaa il i V C I ' ,L .. Behind You 5 ri ff 'J 'X ,J A .F I uf i K ,, if. , '- , ,. +4 ,H , .A I wi. N- 5. SEA. L, .ey A .Ik I 4 Q7 f' X -'Z . 'V Y V . 'ues i 3 ff: A- 'i i l jg J, I l . 5- 1,34 H i at if, . , I I v . K V, E Y Ax.. K, K Stranger in Paradise Sponsored by A NO, 1 BARBERSHOP Happy Birthday to You Me and Shadow: ,.'i s 5 Pretty Ba I'11 W2 Alone fs ' 5.51 :Ax at I Smile ACHVHIIS als, an WZ-3'-7' 0f 5 'ft- USM i JoAnna Ncmechek, Pat Schnepp, Queen Shirley Tanner, Phyllis Rodenbo, LaDeana Munsell 1 V Queen f 1 Shirley Tanner Cnrnnlirnonfc nf KAQQUVVQ FTTNFPAT. I-Tfihffpf .W Mx- M rx' Q. :S I' X vMl '-ann- I 4-L Most Beauutul Float Most Humorous Float ..- fr ,,. Most Original Float ' 1 I I , 1 I I I I I I Dig that H0agy Shults compumenns of DR. KARAJOFF 53 Queen Shirley , f.- mrs F L I Illllill ' -, u Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Float hf'kAii ,,gt3f-Q 5 1 1 v afinh vs g2v4f5 7.5 ll yi fqgr ' Us ' ' TUHY TU VIC X 9wIN ' I Ilfwf vu.,-.Y F. H, A, Float Choir Float I Sponsored By GELLER'S Twwr-it .Rv STORE 'HH' w-1 A IW Senior High float TEHC 7 FUTU3 4fgEl Future Teachers Float Pep Committee Float I oo HBENIAIH IHI SEA o Oo D , xx '. ,' A P LA R 99 is ass K if . t A ax Compliments X XX? f MEDLER ELECTRIC COMPANY V-up-su-lu ,955 KUUNEH KIEKUIF -:'K',,,,,g:-Zi: H I fb -fp. 91 -gf if M' if gif ,.,g.,g I .A I 4 . , - ,fa V Q L X. BARN DANCE Sponsored By GAMBLILTS 3 x I 1- Strange Things are Happening It's a Woman's World ' 0 U 5. ! I Y r tx Tis Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It'S Off to Work We Go Nice Work If You A X Can Stand It x After Hours G 0 V I R N M I N g ,aiibr I if ll A Y Burn DQ Dum Dum Firemen, Save My Child Q-'S ,N .,.-,M Nhlxlll King Gordon Hahn and Queen Janet Hyde were chose1 by the student body to reign over the 1953-54 Mardi Gras. Their court consisted of Bill McDaid, Marilyn O'Boy1e, Elsie McClure, Ronnie Wolf- gang, Jack Schnepp, Mary Ellen Purtill, Phyllis Vande- mark, and Darrell Coe. The theme was The Big Top . I ' fn. 11.11. ,Q gg 'Nc- N X. Sponsored by THE ALMA FURNITURE CO. BMJ, Prizes were awarded for the most original, wonby Tom DeRushia and Jean McClure, Qthe Bunniesjg the funniest, Carol Joynt and Lorna Wil- lard, Qthe Barber 8: Cus- tomerjg and the prettiest, Doris Roberts 8: Shirley Fisher, fBride Ez Grooml. FS 9 I , r 1 . I- ? 1 s Fx Sponsored by RIT ZEE HAMBURGS 59 The Cast included Bert Coe Elsie McClure I im Hagadorn Wilma Thrush . Jean Buchanan . RUN A RIIHICKINIS comm M Mu - lllkflillll . Josie Woodhouse Mr. . . . Mrs. Woodhouse Rita Weed 'min grill' Sponsored by STOVALL'S STUDIO rx N-:'f - ' 'r HHTO 'nfsrwnn nv Inf Simons mu I5 'nl V A N DYKI Carol Blanck . . . Phoebe Mary Ellen Purtxll . . Maude Lawrence Holmes .... Emery Gordon Hahn ....... Ed Dick Townsend ...... A1 Sponsored by STOVALL'S STUDIO ! A fairy tale, The Golden Ball, was presented by the Dramatics Club on February 20. Featuredin the cast were: Sue Hardin, Gerald Fitzgerald, Jim Brenner, Anne Harker, Bruce Siefker, Deana Munsell, Elsie Mc- Clure, Gerry Detloff, Don Dwyer, Jerry Elder, Pam Cummins, Leo Grandy, Mary Lou Curtis and Tom DeRushia. p-uri' X. 1' If' L. is r 0 URS Alma high was honored this year by having two seniors who won state recognition. Dorothy Harker was elected Lieutenant Governor at the Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Legislature Conference at the Lansing state capitol. Jim Hagadorn was chosen all- state tackle and was presented this trophy by the senior mem- bers of the football team. Good Luck To Next Year's Seniors THE 1954 ANNUAL STAFF , G0lDlN Thoughts On Gr actuation We're glad we were exposed To what our teachers taught, Although we didn't always Study as we ought. Three years ago it seemed This day would never comel As sophomores from Junior high, We were both young and dumb, Glad, too, we are for fun At games and gay affairs, Where we could all let go And forget our textbook cares, But time has swiftly passed, And blessed by kindly fate. We're shocked to tind ourselves About to graduate. We're sorry now to leave The ones we know as friend: But as it has been said, Good things, too, must end. It' you ask us how it feels- It's neither good nor bad: It's sort of in between- We feel both glad and sad. were even half-way Sad To leave our teachers who Have tried in every way To make us think and do. We're glad that we have passed An important milestone: That now we are more free T0 try things out alone. T? W':.i:T,g r We'll miss Walt's ready jokes And Parm's wise words of lifeg The Warden's counciling, To help us when in strife. We'll find that we will want To come back now and then, We'll wish sometimes that we Could do it all again. Tonight we still are one- One class in work and play, But soon we will be parted, As each one goes his way. Before we part, one wish- As to new goals we soar: Good health and happy landing To the class of '54, Compliments Of HARRIS MILLING COMPANY 193 xkh fur' 4 , I L . .1 E ,V A NINIH GRAHI RA UUII L A , , A W law, . , W -, - , V, , j A' 1 1 ,Y L W, , v gr Numan.. are -1.-'L Wk . Y X T L ' 3 ' 'ri-Er.?115W 1gJ 4.- . ' j , ' 1 L 1 ,L Ulueiuuuuullu N - ,Q . L, 1 , , , YK,-,I W, rm, M Y ' t x E- '.,,t,,- ..,,,. I4 1' 'J W ' N ',.-...- 1 Y 'X, - 3, ' ., 1, 5 , V aaEf,g '0 ,l 1 J MIUHIGA WAllR W0 DERlA D IS x 'Kia 1, 9 ' .1 'Au E N yr . ., 4 v VJ I I ju- . '-,ti. l 1 Q-5 SPEAKERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry I-lamp, Pat Fitzgerald, Gloria Tabor, Rv Y Wg x ' Q Dixiu Wolfe, Peggy Powers, Janet Molby, Toastmistress-Ioan Church. F ' ,L I 4 WUQDM l , lIllUS HAY T 5 0 J 7. i I fn , 3. vs 3' ,X 'il A , 'Y 1 M 'M 1, , Ll 4 L K wr. , ,, Nr E l , V , 'Agn A k M z x ' ' 5' Z X J ' X f ' 1, M . , 9 L., W , ' ' , . , y .biz-f' I J ' J' A.. M' V 5' E ff' - I - J 254- , .1 l Q, K ,,,,4,, W. .. .A A A . f wr 'Q , lafr ,rJrr JF E la 'Q' r LMLE hd E h,r rrrrgr f-N ' '. x ll , , E 1 r.4- Hr , E. fkriwvfwa, . , ' 3 , F .-A I fy 5 V a,,,,'-. ' 5 W N- .fl W. v,r,.u ' W , H' K A . , Q t Z . b M AA A. , ' ' ' .Q A 3 Q 1 -. - rf-.S ,., , 11 : A-fi: i, -+L ' ,VM i I in hw X .Q .1 4..- L, , Q ' I M . Q. F, AK ul W . wi-'J JIINIIIR ANI! SENIUR PIIINIII I -nn.,-h., 'Ci' Q Compliments of GI'I'TLEMAN'S Q '- J ep A H S 1 'q' M I N I H I l S SPEECH DEPARIWENI Sponsored by RAY C, JOYNT 66 P1 'THIS IS YOUR LLFEH, Miss Grace Rowe S ' ' 4 X a ' x 1 Q! i A vy xg 1 it , X ...M A I 1 ,E+ Nm 'N-,, -...wr MILLER'S MEN'S SHOP D1St1HCt1Ve Men' S Apparel X is M Y 4 fi 4 . A 3 ... A - , f. I 'Wav W we I ,If ' 7 I A .an -Afj 1 ' I! x xq 5 L . 4 ga Wif.. 1. ff ,i ,. kumxdf , . . s- J f JEL? 5 1- SPHIHS ... Gordon ' W' Hahn ,Mf,, T I n. Larry Houghton Vigo I tl, P f .::.:3,.Q- f ffilf 1 'iff' f 'mg rw ' . 1 - ,U ' av - a, r ex Coe V. Bert 'T . 'AJ . t f ms- 95 H... F. Bunk Ellsworth Fritz Hooper o 439' n A A , H, . . 60 Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma i l:..'J:l'Cd A l fbshn aJ'1'M- MiICh611 I Fisher X V Q ,, Q, We ' in V . K X ,' , 1 f i' E .e Q ,e 353- ' . xi rw-e, t NX .93 'Y F - NY 'egg John ' Harris ,r -:A ... Q , 'm'3x'5:A- M 1 5 LCHEDULE ' JPPONENTS it. Louis 6 Aanistee I3 Lt. Johns o iastings 0 Ar. Pleasant 6 lig 'Rapi ds 25 I 1 Bob .ucgxrfton 22 f i O.B0y1e Za 1 ac 2 ygy 5 Qtr .J .J Lawrence 2 9 Lk 3 Holmes ' f I I X 0' 'A Q 3 i . ,Sf Larry - Lf, Rider Q' ' - Bill .3 McDaid Q 's P' ,,,,,,,, ruonzlu mms at oo Sb 'INUZQINDI fflfgbl fH'f'- - ' 'Aj f'9,4rS50 ,f , C ' i ' 4 Q 98 Q89 59 55 ,S97fF34, , tl lqbfl-bel: ' 58 Z . 7 S I v , - x T ' 6 A rf-- BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Harris, Fritz Hooper, Rex Johnson, Bob Root, Fred fi ,Wm Jim Joslin, Larry Ryder, Lawrence Holmes, Larry Houghton, Bob Redman, Brink Ellsworth, M1 Conference Tackle Ed McDaid. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Joe Thibedeau, Ted Brannan Uxlgr. jg Jerry Sanders, . 3 All Area Tackle Gerald Peska, Kaye Babcock, Jim Cruson, John Harris, R. J. Holmes, Larry Mott, Joe Ps 7 1- AH Slate Tackle Mosier, Coach Les Gratton. FRONT ROW: Gordon Beeson, Joe Fisher, Gene Hooper, I N Mel Schnepp, Gordon Hahn, Bud Mitchell, Bob O Boyle, Bert Coe, Bob Thompson, lk I' Bin McDaid. Ju lon vlnsnv LN, ll' L' xl 1, A 'D 'lx ' Q A ,J 'Q wx ' ' - Q r.. f Q ,oi ' q Jw' . r - . X I, x 6 - I M I, L , ' v1 H' 5 Q' 5 ' 'X 1 ' fl f JSM BACK ROW: Bernard DeRosia, Marion Brecht, Tom Fox, Rex Cowles, Tom Dean, Fred Tilden, Jay Wierman, Jim Brown, Scot Mefinllagh, Larry Sopel, Kenneth Humphrey, Elisao Ramon. MIDDLE ROW: Jerry Kirshbaum, Allen Baird, Joe Nemeclick, Denny Veeder, Dean Gearig, Robert Gee, Gerald Fitzgerald, Dick Townsend, Russ Wieferigh, Dicklvlundcrloh, FIRST ROW: Coach Ken Conway, Ron Thompson, Ed Glazer, Norman O'Boyle, Norman Shaw, Don Dewey, Bob Tynan, Larry llanip, Lynn Church, Harry Sclade, Keith Wyeth, Denny Nelson. Sponsored by THE ALMA RECORD Oilers iOut-played But PCI fl1el'S First Loss of Season for Alma l Squo' One for A' footb Plein the play fe .e .. l:ll1t 1olCon... -- ' Alma-Cadillac Ganiie j One ot Season's Best 4 'R L., 'l'lioi.igh 1111. l'lc-cisziiit was of- lll'l1lllX iiivsciitvcl ns vliainipions lilL!,illIl of thc North Cviitiiil B cun- lleiviiw sit lliv zinniinl nicviiiig 'lllloinleiv night in .L'ill'llll2lL'. the ilulk ol' tho inc-citing by 002101101 3who sziw thi- igziino was the 25-18 lwin Cfiulillxn' 2vl'Lll'4,'ll l i'iilai5' night ion-i' thi- llniitlivrs livrv on liuhlkf' l livlil. 'Tho opinion sloncl out that low high :ac-hool football games wore both-i'. Cznlillm' cziriiecl zi second place spot in tlu- linqil standings as 1'0- l :snlt ol' that win, txiking their four lviL'lm'i0s :incl ai Cllflrvlll to plz-we luinst bcliinil tho 4-lizniipioii Oilers with live stinigglil, wins. liuclinglon , -N H .V 1, ..-J --. Pr lnterceptecl Pass 'ming spoiled homecoming alumni present for the lilko licld for it let Mt. my for another year as win over Alma. Out-1 of the gzirnc and withl -......-..........,......... ...-.,........-1 night meeting but action ,-lorrccl until the nc-xt :nect- i' thc conference coziclics n .lr ,inal 1953 footlsnll standings o ,110 Q0lll.L'l'CllCQ lll'l'I Mt. Pleaisaiit ,...5 0 U 4 l U Lfadillzic ... Luclington 1 1 slrziixlil ' f ol il l Big Rzipif' l Alina i Muni l- ,. 4 wi A fr ns . 1 ip-4' , Q . lil 4 Q on ' Q . ill if .UW iSo I -r- V tori 1 John ' ' Mani: 1 'bucks . 1 ' 1 7 Hulfbzn K the scoring Q .iii ai 22 yard ian.. WJ' .. flin- througli tzivklc :mil llooiir-r :irlrlr-fl two more in thi- si-voinl pi-rimlg one on :i T0-vzircl igiunl mini l ii:-0 1 uiitocl ' zirtvi' - U from i zirkui' avkli- il llll lgiiofl ' John l Only . was 1 -'Q 1 lorily 3 1 olivi- i i 'iislx-1: ,AX Second Win of Season 1 ils Scored at Manistee lHope to Make It Conference Game iThree over St. Johns Won Easily 31-13 5 l.ez1flirnz the North Central Just to show the opening 1 li coiil'c-rem'e by virtue of thx-E win ut St. Louis two weeks i victory scored ovvr Manistee . ago WHS H0 lllllie. tht? Pillllllel' flzist Fiwclay night, the Pan-lfootball team came up with it tlwr football squad will take al 31-13 triumph at llilanistoe Fri- ltwo-woek lay-off againstiday in the opening game ol' tho: i l I l . I . 1 l l i l Johns wg n SL John Dow in Alina ing stu! season under l football day nigh the Pain Slflblilbfl I: ' lx' 1, Noi ol a aloe-isi' live cliff contest. Could hz 'ouvliclor Ss 13-0 Frida Night V 4 . ,ww J 'xdillac Wi ns Thriller 1-18 as Season Closes .Jne of Best Football Games in 1 Years Here Sees Panthers Lose Playing liko ii f-nnnlv oflpro tvai'iis. ilu- .Xlnui iizhl lliulilliii' Squads clo- with oi' l cl l' out 1' ' ,mpvll ' t f . za L' . f F lo , ' 3 nf in Sl it si 1 , 5 s rig . llli L- K Q wh fifty lan' 1 :incl ni. icon liz. Q . John llzirri A poi on the sprczm ...Q 171158-' nip.: with his l':ivoi'itv tzirgcl bc- ing Fullback Bob Roni, ai soph- . omore who snziggocl posses like zi veteran with years ol' vollegi experience. Two of the suvcessfiil lossc for touchdowns. one on ii plus nizide' by this combination wen from twenty yxircls 01.11 zmfl lt W-irin' on czinipanuii lzifrl I'i'iil:iji niglil school t'ootli:ill painiiw 5-i-vii on Tlllll lfaflillsu' svoiw-il llif' linzil F It , A unil Q-iiiiiimwl ilu' vii ini' hy 'aserves lake -ll lliclorv Shepherd Re A Are 1' -of Fir? ' ll ll-ll , . -.A nn . Vffi ill' Skllllikl I! llllll. .1 . wing: ox 1 '58 if second on the sznne plziy lroni ' yards nut. Root also did mi of the work on the first TD X . . If P the gamv. the first time Ali ij L ,4' gsiinvrl isowwcwirwi of tlw 1-fill i.. w J I il x if Q bi-0 ' gf n L .i iz ,oi . ai X ' no Compliments of U, on FRANKLIN inc- -Ui FINANCE CO. 73 seek 6 ill tl with g r si-li fleaguv foes and will me-et two I the 1953-I North Central B h non-lemrua r-omnvtifm-N in the l Conference schedule. As are- .neu rc , 'ic-ix' gamo if 1 groi 11708 l CTI IIRUSS llllll ll-ll TOP ROW: Capt. Ron Wolfgang, Carl Auniaughcr, Bruce Sietlcer, Jerry Veeder, Phil Langin, Jack Schncpp, Stan Curtiss. MIDDLE ROW: Ted Brannan QMgr.j, Rnel Rocka- fellow, Ken Coe, Tom De Rushia, Gary Clevengcr, Coach Del Brenner. FRONT ROW: Phil Fredrickson, Don Wer- below, Dave Secord, Jim Brenner, Ian Ferris. '53 CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE The Alma Harriers opened their 1953 season on October 3 with the Hastings Invitational. Alma was first with Z9 points. One week later at Grand Ledge the Harriers ran up a perfect score, 15-50, by finishing the first seven runners. The boys trounced Mt. Pleasant, 19-44. Next came the Alma Invitational. Here they tied with Livonia Bentley with 51 points. However, the Harriers made a great comeback at Albion, winning by 14 points, over some of the state's top teams. For the first time in the history of Cross country in Michigan regionals were held. Alma won the Lansing regionals. The season came to a close with the state meet at Ypsilanti on Nov. 7. For the first time in four years the Alma Harriers did not win the championship. However, they did make a great showing, finishing second behind a strong Trenton team. S-on-un! Spons ored by ALMA HARDWARE BASKHBAll I V 1, Q., il ln if - - , STANDING: Mgr. Joe Nernechek, Rex Johnson, Dave l-Iefflebower, Jerry Veeder, Bob Root, Larry Ryder, Coach Hicks. SEATED: Gorden Hahn, Jim Hagadorn, Larry Houghton, Audley Smith, John Harris, Ed McDaid. Q 13? R X W2 if STANDING: Jim Mongeau, Denny Veeder, Rex Alward, Frank Harris, Rex Cowles, Gary Cox, Coach Thibedeau. SEATEDg Gerald Fitzgerald, Mgr. 5 Larry Hamp, Russ Wieferich, Dick Munderloh, Denny Nelson, Dave Secord, Joe McAna1len, Larry Coon, Ian Ferris. Compliments of J, C, PENNEY CO. r Jerry Veeder CC? Ani. McDa.1d KG? Gordon Dave Hefflebowe r QC, W 91 'T -4 ,- - 1 gn , John Harris IGP Jlm Hahn Sponsored By Hagadorn qGj ED FAETI-I SHOE REPAIR IG Wf t ff 49 yr- , ' A QJTQN A , . . F.. za- -'I h 45.3 .vb v.',- .. -K , -:v ' 'D' K W '9 ...A .iam Q3 ' Q .Li ' , ggi rpg: .. X , ,V U ,, 5 L P L CO -CAPTAINE Bill and Ed McDaid 4 77 FREDERICKSON MOTOR SALES a.,,,'. lg, on .QA A iw , , Hg, 1 'Aflac . ,, l - :'.S- Q y, H N ,L O ' A, , b..1f - Bob Root Q'u.....a...:' Lip .a..a-.........l'n e if Shy .,.,. is iw f f11 I f V Middle Distanc e Team I X ' 14 ' iris. Zigi K W, 1' . LK,-0. , , n,f'flLe . . , 5 5 - gl ff ,, A Q':.,.1 ,gg , .. ,Q ,- m.: ,, ., 5, M' pm. . 4 f .,-:pit f , ' ri' lx . , P -A ' f Don Dewey Bob Root, Jerry Veeder Bob Redman Bill McDaid, Half-Miler Bob Root Jim Hagadorn Denny Veeder Ray Dewey Bruce Siefker Larry Holmes Bill McDaid Q Sponsored by FREDRICKSOD MOTOR SALES BASHRAH fb' IB 1' Senior Players John Campbell, Captai Baseball Team SIMI' S RESTAURANT F45 Dick Munderloh 1955 Capt. elect 2 .f D amy '. A ' my .. ,wghlg ' ' .- V Ayyy 351, ink 1 K 3 v . it D , x e 1-ii?'f3' . If Ithgfca - bgilon XXX 1 4 X' Mti ' L Qleasantxff lost 2 a n-A EL Q Big ,Rapids gfxwon PM gy i ' Cadfii ac Rl- won 5 .W e r W . fe' v-, e ' fe. rl- ' Cad, gag MXN won St. Ijoa-ns X won 5 . j St. Jliouis agbxwon f X i K Ionfim ' XWOH Dick Johnson X .M,tff'P1easant - st Kg' Most Valuabl iE,,,M ff! ,kwin ,f W1 ,Xu ,ff wx' ,f Bob O'Boyle 1 Into the bus they go M f . , W, N-f Golf Team Player John Harris QQ Dave Secorc d Ceas . Mike Martin, Don Werbelow, Dyke Rot tschafer, and Lee Trower. Soonsored bv GITTLEMAN' S S P ll R I S M M A R . Y The Alma Panthers in their first year as members of the North Central Class B Confer- ence demonstrated in all sports that they were not to be easily swayed from the path of victory. In football the Alma lads showed great improvement and excellent competitive spirit under the wing of their new coach, Joe Thibedeau. In cross-country the Harriers won all but two of their meets and finished in second place at the state finals. The Alma High cagers, too, made a great bid for conference honors, winning eleven games and losing only five, and were narrowly edged out of the Regionals by Mt. Pleasant. The spring sports were, as usual, outstanding in the sports news. Weakened by the loss of last year's veterans, the golf team lost most of their matches. However, they show promise of being an up and coming team next year. The track team had an average year. The number of contenders for this sport at the begin- ning of the year was greater than usual but they did not show as much team strength as was earlier anticipated. The baseball team lived up to earlier expectation and fielded a team that gained in learning along with enjoyment, finishing second in the conference. Alma High need not feel ashamed in any sport in which it participated during the preced- ing year. Q -LTU ,U . 1 . .. , l Sponsored by FRED 0'BOYLE TRUCKING S - 1 L 4. A Q - A A , A A I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cztsner, Fisher, Simmons, Larkin, Abbey, Johnson, Tanner, Mr. Larimer, Director, llgiehi, llowe, llyde, M. O'Boyle, Ilorman, Grover, Loomis. SECOND ROW: Taylor, Bigelow, Rinckey, Wilk, Sehnepp McCall, llolcomh, Roshind, Kapellas, Stamas, Leppien, Phillips, Buchanan, Bieske, Mathers, Sanders. TIIIRIJ ROW: Boyer, Shutl, Glnzer, Coe, Mcfiiillagh, B. O'Boyle, Wight, Wisniewski, Pratt, llahn, Schnepp, Robinson, Croton, Walsh. FOIIRTII ROW: McClure, Munscll, Ilolmes, Ilooiier, llarris, Smith, Root, Snyder, Elder, Brown, Siefker, llngtidorn, Wyeth, Beard, Sisco. BIIIIS' lilll ClllB BUYS' Glli IIIIIB :A 8 -. va J .Is 1 Q Q N 9 5 ef. . I5 'A 'Tv , . ' ' '.r.,,q q ' Q . N -,: , - ta, QQ IYIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberts, Condell, C. Moffett, Bena- videz, Indy Nelson. SECOND ROW: M. Moffett, Davidson, Jessup, L41 Baron, Gunderman, McAnallen. THIRD ROW: Mr. Larimer, Director, Schultz, Wyeth, Joyce Nelson, Tynan, Brundage, Avery. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley, Dwy Rhodes, Woodrow. SECOND ROW: Webster, Nelson, Pratt. THIRD ROW: Rottschztfer, Bath cock, Mr. Larimer, Director. TROWER'S FURNITURE COMPANY 82 og 1 .? ' .'QO1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jan Ferris, Chris Goutis, Bob Thompson, Darrel Coe, R. J. Holmes, Kenneth Coe, Gerald Fitzgerald, Tom DeRushia, Norman O'Boyle, Joe Nemechek. SECOND ROW: Phil Hendershot, David Secord, Denny Nelson, Jim Hagadom, Kaye Babcock, Bob O'Boy1e, Bob Redman, Phil Fredrickson, Gordon Hahn, Mel Sch- nepp, Mr. Nelson, advisor. THIRD ROW: Gerald Peska, Jack Schnepp, Lawerence Holmes, Jerry Elder, Ray Dewey, Jerry Veedcr, Larry Houghton, Dyke Rottschafer, Rex Johnson, Jake Cook, Fritz Hooper, Ed McDaid. ,as IRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Blanck, Geraldine Detloff, Dorothy Harker Janet Hyde SECOND ROW Bett . . : y Buchele, Marilyn O'Boyle, Phyllis Wolfe, Elsie Van Alstine, Rosemary Jones, Kathleen Wiitanen, Nancy Caris, Helen Hawes, Jean McClure, Karen Woodard, Lorna Willard, Shirley Wiitanen. THIRD ROW: Lenore Gillon, Mary Ellen Purtill, Sandra ,Walsh, Phyllis Rodenbo, Cleo Stamas, Maurine Deering, Lanice Anderson, Linda Hoard R b ' o erta Lepplen, Kay Hawley, Judy Marzolf. FOURTH ROW- Judy Pitts Elsie McClure Pat Schnep Deana M . . . P, UU' sell, Janice Drake, Joyce Remsberg, Ann Harker, Edith Mosier, Lavaun Sova, Sue Hardin, Marion Baker. Best wishes from the ALMA DAIRY 83 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Walsh, I-Iarriet McConkey, Nancy Britten, Ruth Conn. Judy Olson, Joyce Peters, Lavaun Sova, Kathleen Wiitanen, Beverly La Bonville, Janet Cater, Joy Mailand. SECOND ROW: Shirley Wiitanen, Lenore Gillon, Betty Buchele, Shirley Peterson, Elsie McClure, Jean Buchanan, Joyce Young, Marilyn O'Boyle, JoAnna Nemechek, Janice Sanders, Sheila Horman, Marion Baker, Harriet Schultz. THIRD ROW: Joyce Remsberg, Evelyn Croton, Ellen Ramsey, Evelyn Robinson, Yvonne Beard, Joan Wagner. FOURTH ROW: Audrey Rinkey, Donelda Bigelow, Shirley Tanner, Phyllis Hamp, Janet Hyde, Phyllis Rodenbo, Donna Root, Rosie Jones, Pat Schnepp, Carol Blanck. Q-r DSX KI 4, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coaches Brenner, Hicks, Gratton. SECOND ROW: Norman O'Boyle, Jan Ferris, Gene Hooper, Jack Schnepp, Torn DeRushia, Mel Schnepp. THIRD ROW: Bert Coe, Gordie Ilahn, Kay Babcock, Bob O'Boyle, Denny Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Wolfgang, Jim Hagadorn, John Harris, Dave Seeord, R. J. Holmes, Lawrence Holmes. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Sanders, Gordon Beeson, Ted Brannan Sam King, Bob Redman. SIXTH ROW: Rus Wieferick, Bruce Siefker, Bob Root, Audley Smith, Bunk IEllsworth. SEVENTH ROW: Dick Munderloh, Jini Cater, Jerry Veeder, Rex Johnson, Ed MeDaid. EIGHTH ROW: Gerald Peska, Fritz Hooper. Sponsored by HELMAN'S MARKET 84 5 MMA HIGH SIIHlllIl MARIIHI GBA ll FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda McAnal1en, Adelfa Benavidez, Phyllis Van Dernark, Doris Roberts, Cinda McAna1len. SECOND ROW: Mr. Daab, lnstructorg Virginia Larkin, Alma Woods, Marilyn Mills, Lorna Willard, Karen Woodard, Jean McClure, Roberta Leppicn, Annette Johnson, Bruce Fry, Tom DeRushia, Gerald Fitzgerald. THIRD ROWg Ken Coe, Robert Lodewick, Gary Morton, Mary Lee Curtis, Sandra Cawrse, Marie Shutt, Jack Vining, Henry Washburn, Carol Joynt, Ann Harker, Joyce Rcrnsbnrg, Nancy Redman, Gerald Peska, lack Brannan, Marilyn Sischo, Ray Dewey, Bud McFadden, Jim Brenner, Jim Anderson, Leslie Jones, Vernon Brown. H s , . DRUM MAJORETTE: Virgiline Bieske. MAJORETTES, FRONT: Avis Wolfe, Lavaun Sova. BACK: Sharon McAllister, Shirley Tanner. Sponsored by MCHUGH FORD MOTOR SALES FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Phillip Snyder, Ted Brannan, Stuart Shook, Jake Cook, Jack Weatlierby, Dudly Miller, SECOND ROW: Rosemary Van Meer, Virgie Bieske, Rosie Jones, Shirley Leight, Gail Hamlin, Wilma Reed. THIRD ROW: Donna Andrew, Ruth McClintic, Onalee O'Boyle, Nadine Race, Bonnie Mathers, Fvelyn Croton. FOURTH ROW: Janice Rayeraft, Jeanine Holmes, Joan Bergin, Yvonne Zinn, Phyllis Wolfe, Joyce Hallock. FIFTH ROW: Carol Race, Janet Helman, Grace Condell, Vlesta Wilhelm, Marilyn Mills, Shirley Casner. SIXTH ROW: Wilma Thrush, Noma Jean Fookes, Alma Miller, Carol Cawrse, Mr. Van Meer, Advisor, Bernard McGuire. O84 -.. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Montigel, Sandra lngraham, Rosemary Van Meer, Jan Ferris, Ro- berta Leppien, Phyllis Van Demark, Edna Parkes. SECOND ROW: Yvonne Zinn, Carol Ebright, Helen Hawes, Sandra Walsh, Sandra Wilk, Dorothy Harker, Don Dwyer, Chris Goutis, Karen Woodard. THIRD ROW: Maurine Deering, Mary McCall, Pam Cummins, Wilma Thrush, Richard Heuschele, Gary Morton, Bob Rhodes, Pat Schnepp, Rosemary Leppien, Shirley Wiitanen. FOURTH ROW: Wilma Reed, Janet Robison, Joyce Renisberg, Ann Harker, Carl Aumaugher, Dean Gearig, Yvonne Cummins, Ed Ravxm, Denny Nelson. Joyce Young, Carol Blanck. ROWE JEWELRY Sz GIFTS 86 h I We appreciate the service that is rendered to the school by this club. The girls in the club give up their study halls to check out, re-arrange and repair books. FIRST ROW, I.EFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Ingrahm, Miss Besemer, Advisor, Bonnie Sain, Francis Potter, Doris Woodrow. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Brundage, Orpha Grubaugh, Wilma Reed, Alice Stehlik, Donna Andrew, Patty Prescott, Yvonne Cummins, Carol llinman. This club shows class room and assembly movies. They also sponsor the noon movie program. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosemary Van Meer, Richard Heuschele, Doris Roberts, Evelyn Robinson, Janice Drake. SECOND ROW: Cinda McAnallen, Linda McAnallen, Elizabeth Boutin, Delores Humphrey, Miss Kren, Advisor, Alberta Avery, Pat Humph- rey, Pam Cummins, Mrs, Fulton, Assistant Advisor. THIRD ROW: Ioan Wagner, Mar ilyn Sisco, Tom Dean, Bud McFadden, Jerry Veeder, Jerry Elder, Nancy Redman, Ed Raun, Mary Lou Curtis. XS' Q QS X Q SF Sponsored by ABBEY FLOOR COVERINGS s:i 'iv llxrllnli lsr S., I - FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Potter, Wagner, Simon, Robinson, Mrs. Towersey, Rinckey, Rodenbo, Young, Munsell. SECOND ROW: Shultz, Ingraham, Grover, Tanner, Purtill, Loomis, Roberts, Britten, Marzolf. THIRD ROW: VanDemark, L. McAnallen, Hinman, Teed, Buchele, Moore, Moffett, Conn, Fisher, Harris, C. McAnallen, McConkey, Olson. FOURTH ROW: Wing, Rockafellow, Peters, Woodrow, Ball, Stacey, Ebright, H. McConkey. FIFTH ROW: Grosskoph, Hoard, Randall, Theodore, Robison, Gault Pitts, Hamp, Sanders. SIXTH ROW: Wyeth, Brundage, Bigelow, LaPaugh, Tynan, Raycraft. SEVENTH ROW: Malland, Deering, Dalrymple, Conn, Gunderman. ' lv 'E - I Q P nt - ,' ' 5 H l.. ri, , -' r v ,,- r 9 .9 1 1' 5' '. 1 . H.. 1 , ', f I-t x g .22 FIRST ROW: Schnepp, Aumaugher, LaPaugh, Simon, Hooper, Gearig, Brecht. SECOND ROW: Jordon, Johnson, Welch, Houck, Carrick, Patterson, Hall, Buchanan, Freed, Lynch, Struble, Marcy, Hinman, Rockafellow. THIRD ROW: Kovach, Wells, Wisneiwski, Raycraft, Coffman, Divelbiss, Church, Fox, Perry, Conn, Miller, Bigelow, Shirely Thrush. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Christensen, Halliwell, Clark, Brundage, Sischo, Houck, Taber, Church, Shlpler, Alexander, Miller. Sponsored by BYERLY'S SUPERMARKET 88 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Bethka, Nancy Curtiss, Joyce Peters, Phyllis VanDemark, Sheila Horman. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Wiitanen, Betty Buchele, Shirley Peterson, Judy Pitts, Sharon Wilk, Helen Hawes, Nancy Caris, Marlene Gault, Virginia Larkin, Karen Woodard. THIRD ROW: Sharon Mc- Allister, Janet Hyde, Mary Lou Curtis, Joyce Young, Dorothy Harker, Pat Humphrey, Mary McCall, Rosemary Theodorewg Barbara Conn, Janice Abbey, Kay Hawley. FOURTH ROW: Pat Schnepp, Pam Gee, Carol Joynt, Ann Harker, Sam King, Dave Hefflebower, Jerry Elder, John Harris, Ed Rawn, Carol Hin- man, June Wing, Carol Blanck, Miss Adams, advisor. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Phyllis Salazar, Joyce Taylor, Annette Johnson, Harriett McConkey, Edna Parkes, Delores Humphrey, Mona Jean Fookes. SECOND ROW: Cinda McAnallen, Linda McAna1len, Gladys Davidson, Yvonne Beard, Evelyn Robinson, Elinda Poorman, Judy Olson, Norma Brenneman. THIRD ROW: Janet Cater Harriet Shultz, Beverly LaBonville, Marilyn Sisco, Joy Mailand, Marlene Wyeth, Joan Wagner, Pamela Cummins. Congratulations from GAYS FIVE AND TEN I This is a select group of the regular band. They play at our pep assemblies, home basketball games, and a few out of town football games. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Woodard, Lorna Willard, Phyllis Van De- Mark, Marilyn Mills, Linda McAnallen. SECOND ROW: Joyce Remsberg, Gerald Fitzgerald, Tom DeRushia, Mike Martin. THIRD ROW: Henry Washburn, Ray Dewey, Vernon Brown, Bud McFadden, Jim Ander- son , Robert Ludwick. PEP CIIMMIHH FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marion Baker, Kay Hawley, Dolores Simmons, IoAnna Nemechek, Jean McClure, Deana Munsell. SECOND ROW: Gerald Fitz- gerald, Marilyn O'Boy1c, Phyllis Rodenbo, Judy Pitts, Audrey Rinkey. THIRD ROW: Donna Root, Joyce Young, Jean Buchanan, Carol Blanck. FOURTH ROW: Mr, Rcnch, advisor: Bob O'Boy1e, Bruce Siefker, Ray Dewey, Denny Nelson, Bert Coe. The job of this committee is to plan and put on our pep assemblies. They also help maintain good school spirit. 90 ASSIMIHY EIIMMIHH This committee plans our paid assemblies and co-ordi- nates our assembly. LEFT TO RIGHT: Phyllis Hamp, Nancy Caris, Mr. Morrison, advisor: Janice Sanders, Judy Pitts. Best wishes to the graduates C. L. GREENING 8: SON FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois Salazar, Lorraine Strack, Barbara Ropp, Marilee Grover, Kay Hawley, Sue Hardin, Janice Sanders, Carol Moffet, Joyce Taylor, Audrey Rinckey, Lanice Anderson, Bonnie Mathers. SECOND ROW: June Wing, Shirley Rausch, Kay Holcomb, Mary LaPaugh, Jean Watkins, Joyce McClinic, Janice Abbey, Kathleen Brundage, Yvonne Beard, Nancy Curtiss, Pat Bethka, Mary Lou Curtis, Judy Olsen. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Forrester, Barbara Phillips, Betty Randall, Alberta Avery, Barbara Conn, Linda Hoard, Janice McClinic, Carita Dalrymple, Evelyn Croton, Phyllis Rodenbo, Shirley Tanner, Donelda Bigelow, Harriet McConkey, Ginny Larkin, Carol Blanck, Joan Wagner. FOURTH ROW: LaNae James, Alice Wagner, Mary McCall, Janet Robison, Harriet Schultz, Pam Gee, Joy Mailand, JoAnna Nemechek, Nancy Caris, Joyce Young, Jean Buchanan, Virgie Bieske, Edith Mosler ,sf 9 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Rowley, Dick Townsend, Ed Glazer, Rex Rockafellow, Norman O'Boyle, Gordon Beeson, Stan Cuttiss, Ken Coe, Burl Robinson, Bob Rhodes, Bemie McGuire. SECOND ROW: Robert Ludwick, Norman Shaw, Bemie Lott, Carl Aumaugher, Bob Tynan, Ken Bigelow, George Mikula, Gene Hooper, Marion Brecht, Ken Pratt, Harry Shaede, Alvin Coffman. THIRD ROW: Ellsao Ramon, Jerry Sanders, Robert Gee, Bob Redman, Henry Washbum, Larry Holmes, Don Werbelow. Larry Mott, Gerald Fitzgerald, Jack Schnepp, Mr. Brenner, advisorg Ken Humphrey, Bob O'Boyle, Tom Dean, Bill McDaid, Bud Mitchell, Al Beard, R. J. Holmes, Vernon Brown, Fritz Hooper, FOURTH ROW: Joe Fisher, Jack Brarmen, Gary Anderson, Bruce Siefker, Larry Sopel, Roger Pung, Joe Mosier, Jim Cater, Bunk Ellsworth, Larry Ryder, Dick Johnson, Gerald Peska, Jim Brown. Sponsored by ART FARNSWORTH 91 . pq., 1-4 J , 1 lf 'H' ff' Xg: y , 'Xi vi v' f K ' ,: v - l i' It ., . , , ' I- I AM, .:,, .,., xv ' 8 Q ,L and , xg ' 'X K GY - I i. , Usa... FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Typist, Jane Kapellasg Club Ed. and Circulation Ed., Cleo Stamasg Assignment Ed. , Chris Goutis, Editor, Sharon Roslund, Assistant Editor, Shirley Wiitancng Business Manager, Jan Sanders. BACK ROW: Sports Ed. , John Harris, Advertising and Sports Ed. , Buddy Mitchell, Features, Don Dwyer, Advisor, Mr. Van Dyke, Photography and Typist, Arlene Mix, Girls Sports Ed., Jean Buchanan, NOT PICTURED: Judy Pitts, Exchange Ed. Yi' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Detloff, McClure, Roslund, Hardin, Mr. Van Dyke, Baker, Parkes, Sanders, Pitts, Losey, DeRushia. SECOND ROW: McAna1len, McAllister, Willard, Bachi, Anderson, Rodenbo, Marzolf, O'Boy1e, Larkin, Stamas, Van Demark, Peters. THIRD ROW: Woodard, Abbey, Woodward, Buchanan, Young, McClure, Munsell, Bieske, Tanner, Kapellas, McConkey. FOURTH ROW: Curtis, Wilk, McCall, Redman, Brannen, Elder, Siefker, Harker, Dwyer, Schnepp, Bigelow, Wittanen, Van Alstine. - Sponsors - THE STATE RESTAURANT and SIMMONS SHOE REPAIR 92 LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Ropp, Eva Stacy, Dorothy Rockafellow, Lee Grandy, Willard Gurski, Marilyn Sisco, Mr. Rench, Don Werbelow, Sophronia Carter, Larry Miller, Harriet McConkey, Shirley Simon, Sheila Herman. ,.,..,-b vw... .V - . 0 4' we, L J., L - 1 -s f ,M . L A F I im, . Irving Monroe, Mrs. Eleanor Rhodes, Gordon Sanders. Sponsored by TOMS' SHELL SERVICE Clyde Toms Proprietor 93 ,1 f , 3 fgh 1:55 Q nL'f, -a .0 aff' ,wx any I fa .s fb f J x N .. 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Superior Phone 26 COOKS VARSITY sl-lov Store for Youth Books - Sporting goods - School Supplies 120 W. Superior Phone 650 126 W. Superior Phone 66 Compliments to the Class of 1954 FIRST STATE BANK OF ALMA Old - Safe - Reliable Serving the Community since 1880 Member of F. A, I. C. C ompliments of ALMA TRAILER COMPANY Alma, Michigan Best Wishes LITTLE ROCK LUMBER 8- COAL CO. and Where Service is a Habit Happiness Phone 246 Alma, Michigan to the class of 54 J. J. NEWBERRY CO. S W Z 1750 1270 This Page Compliments Of NIUUN HIIMES, INC. about octane 5 x zo m O c -I O n -I zo z IN N U1 X' N U' O C r-P O 0 rf N Z! CD za cn x zo an O c -4 O o -1 zo z l'l'l N CD X' BJ U' O C r9- O 0 r+ SD noav xsv 3 TANE ask 99 U' C C FY' aNvJ.:JO 1. BOUT Oc Q 0 FP- 99 I5 CD inoqe kse ask S K A emo :x 4 ro an D C 07 ta M O O P -H 3 U TANE ask abo 3Nv.l.OO .LnO 8 a '5 aaaaaws Z O .. .,,., . . 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