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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1953 volume:

EWAK.: 1 A 1 ! 5 2 H 5 s a H Q 3 i r I 5 I il 5 5 5 izbechcafecl We, the members of the annual staff, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty-three, hereby dedicate this yearbook to world peace. It is our fondest hope that sometime in the near future the good Lord will bless us with the world-wide peace our people have been striving so hard and long to attain. QCQCQ 4 ALMA HIGH SCHOOL I -e yepp g Alma, Michigan fi SW ' if If JF: I 1,74 X if" You wiu s year'5 annual. SENXORS . . JUNXORS . . SOPHO MO RES FRESHMEN . SNAPS . . AC TXVYUE-S SPORTS . CLUBS . e e the imlowing Confmfb as you "p aw" throug h this , 'I .23 29 .35 4X N 43 Z nnuafsw in-an-.un SEATED: Ian Rottschafer, Art Editor, Sue Werbelow, Feature Editor, Ioan Losey, Make-Up Editorp Sharon Rosland, Junior Editor, Aleta Leppien, Typing Editor. STANDING: Miss Besemer, advisorg Rosemary Leppien, Junior Editor, Nancy Frederickson, Ass't. Editor, Bud Wilcox, Advertising Editor, Connie McCall, Editor-in-Chief, Jim McHugh, Sports Editor, Marilyn Hoard, Photography Editor, Bob Hetzman, Business Managerg Alan Cordill, Sales Manager. sgauclenf Counci as vu-umm SEATED: Phyllis Van Demark, Jo Curtiss, Joanna Nemechek, Secretary, Ramon Bovee, Presidentg Marilyn I-Ioard, Vice President, Bob O'Boyle, Treasurerg Nancy Johnson, Bill Hurley. FIRST ROW, STANDING: Janet Hyde, Helen Hawes, Sue Werbelow, Lenore Gillon, Sandra Walsh, SECOND ROW, STANDING: Frances Wright, Joan Wagner, Alan Cordill, Don Bearss, Mr. Ward Shults, Advisorg Jerry Veeder, Bob Hetzman, Rex Johnson, Bill McDaid, Dave Needham, Burt Coe. 3 Marc! of glclucafion Dr. Rex Wilcox, Presidentg Mrs. Hope Mooreg Dr. Harold Dean, Secretary: Dr. Emory R. Rems- bergg Roy Phillips, Superintendent .xdcfminidfrafion W. W. SCI-IULTZ, Principal F. R. PHILLIPS. Superintendent THELYN ADAMS MIRIAM BESEMER . B. , Alma College. Biology, Science A. B. , Michigan State Normal College, A. M. , lub, Junior Class Advisor. "You put the University of Michigan. Latin, Library, Library mfasis on the wrong silable. .AYNARD CHRISTENSEN S. , Michigan State Col- Lge. Farm Crops and Soil, nimal Husbandry, Advanced griculture, F.F.A. Advisor. 'lit the deck. " ESS GRATTON ,S. , Western Michigan ollege of Education. Ameri- tn History, Geography, arsity Club Advisor. "Here :mes Santa Claus. " ONARD KASLANDER " Club Advisor, Annual Staff Advisor, Senior Class Advisor. "For heavens sakes--" RICHARD F ULLERTON A. B. , Sterling College, M. A. , University of Southern California. Physics, Chemistry , Solid Geometry, Future Engineers, Honor Society Advisor. "You A ig:- trf. . , ,gi 1' 4. N, 1 , 1 ' Af DELMAR C. BRENNER B. S. , Central Michigan College of 1 cation. American History, Americal Government, Boys' Intramural, Vars Club Advisor. "I'm sorry boys. " HARLEY DEAN Ferris Institute, B. S. ,Cent Michigan College, Univer: of Michigan. Shop, Altern a Student Council Advisor. "Okay, front and center, you guysl" - v, w, 1-ncxs , name it, l've done itl " BEATRICE S. KREN B. . Hope College. Basic Business, B. S. , Central Michigan College of Education. ping, Bookkeeping, Activities Treas- Director of Audio-Visual Education, Projectionisr ar. "Now we'll do these exercises, " Advisor. "Did you check the daily schedule? " A. B. , M.A. , University o Michigan. Physical Educat "l-Iorrid - l've just got to fi 'another wordl " MARTHA MADISON M.A., University of Michigan. Eng Literature, American Literature, H1 Society. "Any comments? " .div 5 ' Er 1. J' .,, . ..-Q, ig. ia vu-rf? V vb' . 'ARM MAYER DOROTHY M. MONTIGEL A.B. , Olivet College, A.M. , University A. B. , Marygrove College. EHg1iSh. Tfi'Hi'Y af Michigan' world History' sociology. Advisor, Chapel Committee Advisor. "You car ., lead a horse to water, but you can't make him Senior Class Advisor. "Wowl AARILLA I. PARFITT LS. , Central Michigan Iollege of Education. ihorthand, Typing, Sopho- nore Class Advisor. 'Now ve will have a five ninute writing. " drink. " JAMES MORRISON A. B. . Alma College, Spanish, Sr Assembly Committee Advisor. "l along before I met you: I'll get al after you've gone. " WALTER RENCH B. S. , Western Michigan College of Education. Mechanical Drawing, Driver Education, Pep Committee Advisor, So homore Class Advisor I p . "Will the insurance cove it? " ROBERT PRATT B. S. , Oberlin Colleg Vocal Music, "There be food af terwafds, fl K! I ,L ' f 1, 1' ' GERALYNE TOWERSEY B. S. , Central Michigan of Education. Homemaking, Effective Living, F. H. A. Advisor. "Now girls you are getting too noisy. " . os VAN DYKE 4 A 1. s. Manchester College. - f ' . English, Journalism, Dra- ' F is . natics Club Advisor, Stu- 5' lent Voice Advisor, Chapel V Committee Advisor. "Well, ' 4 . ' row, my interpretation is W g! C A ""' LEO VAN MEER R. A. YODER LB- . MiChi88l1 Stale Normal College. B. S. , Central Michigan College of Education. LM- . WWW UMVBISHY' Retailing. Office Instrumental Music. "Must have been this big Training Commercial, Training Co- ordinator. "Now when l was working-- " I OHN Y OUNG PAULA WRIGHT 'A B. S. . Western Mich College of Educatior Physical Education, therette Advisor, Gi Intramural. "Three mice---" B. S. , Western Michigan College of Ed cation, M.A. , University of Michigan Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Ad' Algebra, Trigonometry, Junior Class Advisor. "Ten years from now F you won 't remember a thing. " . , ' 1 r !..Lf President . . . Alan Cord Vice-president. . David Needhz Secretary . . . Marilyn Hoa Treasurer .... Neil Nels Student Council Representative . g . Bob Hetznf is E 1 md' vviwrruu v, unranvv Boys' Intramural 125 Cheerleader 9, IO. Other schools attended: East High School, Madison, Wisconsing Bloom High School, Chicago, Illinois. "In silence also there is a worth that brirws no risk." DELORIS IEAN BIGLER Girls' Glee Club 115 Girls' Intramural IO5 Choir IO, 11, 125 Madrigal 125 Li brary Club IO, II, 125 Projectionists 11, I2. Other school attended: St. Louis Hi h School, St, Louis, Michi an. "Better the world with a song. " 8 8 WANDA MAE BIGELOW "Wandy" Girls' Intramural IO, II: Girls Bowling II: Pantherettes 11, 123 Band 9, 10, Ilg Choir 9, 11, 125 F.H. A. IO, 12. "Silent women seldom tell lies." ROBERT W. BOELIO "Bob" Piano Movers 10, IIg Boys' Intramural IO, II: Football Squad 10, I25 Track Team IO5 Pep Band 9, IO5 Choir 9, 10, 11, 125 Co-ops 115 Projectionists' 10, 1 Ig Science Club 105 Senior Play 12. "Study? Why, that's the least of my troubles." Q00 HELEN LOUISE BOLT Glee Club 5 Girls' Intramural IIQ Girls' Bowling 115 F.H.A. 12' 9 . Pantherettes 123 Student Voice 123 Co-ops 125 Future Nurses Club 12. "Her manner is as winning as her smile. " RAMON W. BOVEE "Ray" Hi-Y 123 Assembly Committee IO, 11, 125 Cross Country Team I2Q Golf Team 9, 10, 11,125 Basketball Team 9, 10, II, 125 Class Officer 9, IO, II: Student Council 10, Treasurer 11, President 12. "A favorite with all who know him. " JUDY KAY BRAGG "Jud" Co-ops 125 Future Nurses Club 10, 11, 12. "Her smile goes all the way around and buttons in the back. " JACK EDWARD BRECHT F.F. A. IO, 11, I2: Football Squad 12. "Tools were made and born were hands5 every farmer understands. " 3 'Nr T If 9: Boys Chorus 9 io, 11, 125 Boys' Intramural 9, 11, I2p Choir 9, II, Piano Movers IO I2g Pep Band II, I2: Tumbling IO, Band 9, IO, II I2 Quiet until you get to know him." FRED BURLINGAME "Sez who? " Piano Movers Il l-li-Y II, 12: Boys' Intramural 9, IO, 11, 123 Football Squad 12. "I never dare to be as funny as I am. " C. B. CARLSON "Goob" Piano Movers 9, 10, II, I2g Boys' Intramural 9, IO, 11, 12, Football Squad 11, I2: Track Team IO, Il, IZ, Science Club 9, IO: Boys' Chorus 9,1O, II, 12: Varsity Club 11,12, Choir 123 Band 9, Io, 11. "Oh, but I'm hungryl ALAN G. CORDILL Piano Movers IO: Pep Band IO, II, 12: Chapel Committee 11, 125 Band 9, IO, II, X25 Annual staff 123 Student Voice 123 Student Council I2Q Class President I23 Center Board II, I23 Proiectionist's Il: Dl'3lTl3IiCS Club 11, I2: Senior Play 12. "On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined. " ELEANOR JANE COX Girls' Intramural 9, IO, II: Girls' Bowling II, Choir 9, ro, 11, I-lonor Society ll, Future Nurses Club io, Projectionist's 11, 12. "Ouiet and wise ELMER CARL CRISPIN "Buck" Boys' Chorus lo, 11, I2: Piano Movers IO, 11, I23 Pep Band IO, 11, 123 Boys' Intramural 9, to, II: Track Team II, Band 9, IO, 11, I23 Choir 9, IO, Il: Madrigal IO, ll. "lt's not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, But the size of the fight in the dog. " JOAN CURTIS "Jo" Girls' Intramural IO, 11, I23 Girls' Bowling II, I2g Choir IO, II, 12, Dra- matics Club 12g Science Club II, 12, "Quiet and reserved, " JOAN LEE CURTISS "IO Lee" Girls' Glee Club Ili Homecoming Comm. Chairman I2Q F.H.A. 12: Student Council 123 Co-ops 121 Future Nurses Club 11, 123 Girls' Bowling Club II. "Quick, bright, and ready to go. " 9 0 BEVERLY ANN UAb'l' "DEV" Girls' Intramural 9, IO: Student Voice I2: Future Nurses Club Io. "Big things often come in small packages. " GUY RICHARD DAVIDSON Boys' Intramural IO, ll, I2: F,F.A, 9, IO, II: Student Council II, I2. "I like fun and I like jokes about as well as most folks, " MAX DENSMORE Piano Movers IO, II, IZQ Hi-Y 10, ll, I2Q Boys' Intramural 9, IO, 11, I21 Homecoming Com. Chairman 125 F.F.A. 9, IO: Football Squad 12: Track Team 9, lo, 11,123 Tumbling IO: Chapel Com- mittee tzg Pep Committee I2: Dramatics Club 125 Assembly Committee 12: Boys' Chorus 123 Varsity Club 12, "A little non- sense now and then is relished by the best of men. " JAMES ANTHONY ELENBAAS "Jim" Piano Movers IO: Boys' Intramural 9, 10, 122 Baseball Team lo, I2g Co-ops 11, I2Q Science Club II: Retailing and Office Club II 12. "Every man should measure himself by his own standard. " ia MAYNARD LEE FAUL Piano Movers gg Homecoming Co-chairman I2: Football Squad 9, IO: Track Team 9,101 Choir 9, IO, 11, IZ: Madrigal IO, II, 12. "Why should the devil have all the good tunes: " WALLACE JAMES FRANK Pep Band II, I2p Band 9, 10, II, IZ: Science Club IO, lr, 12. "He knows the precise psychological moment when to say nothing, " NANCY LEE FREDERICKSON "Fredie" Tri-Hi-Y II, I25 Girls' Intramural 9, 103 Girls' Bowling Club II: Tumbling IO: Band 9, IO, II: Chapel Committee 123 Annual Staff I2: Choir 9, ro, Honor Society IO, 11, I2Q Student Council IO: Cla Officer gg Tennis Intramural 10. "A winning way and efficiency plusl " MARJORIE E. FULLER Tfi'Hi'Y 10.11, IZ: Girls' Intramural 9, ro, F.H.A. ro, 11, I2: SS Chapel Committee II, 125 Co-ops I2: Girls' Glee Club 11. "There is music in her quiet soul. " 10 its MARY GRACE GILLON Girls' Intramural 9, io, II: Pantherettes 12: Girls' Bowling 11, I2: Chapel Committee l2Q Senior Play 12. "Short and sweet. " MARGARET ALICE GLAZER Girls' Intramural 9, Chapel Committee II5 Co-ops 12p Pep Committee 10, II: Cheerleader IO, 11. "Her twinkling eyes and Irish smile brighten up classrooms all the while, " 'D 1 if I fm ,if JOE GLENDENNING Piano movers IO, II, I23 Boys' Intramural 9, IO, 11, I25 Track Team IO, 1 1, 12: Choir 9, IO, 11, 125 Madrigal 11, I2: Science Club 9, IO, II, I2: Student Council 10: Boys' Chorus Io, 11. "What brutal mischief sets upon thy brow? " JOANNE GREENWAY "Jo" Girls' Bowling Ilg Chapel Committee Il: Student Voice I23 Choir I23 Dramatics Club 12. "Good will and cheery smiles are never out of season. " REX GRISWOLD "Ox" Piano Movers IO, II: Hi-Y Io, 11, 123 Boys' Intramural io, 11, I2g Foot ball Squad 9, 10, 11, I23 Track Team 9, 10, 11, 12. "His limbs are cast in manly mold for hearty sports and contests bold. " KAY GROSSKOPH Girls' Intramural 9, 10, II5 Pantherettes 11, I2Q Co-ops I23 Girls' Bowling llg Tennis Intramural Il: Office Club I23 Future Nurses Club 10, 11,125 Science Club 11, 12. "In friendship Iwas early taught to believe. " CARROLL GROVER "Carry" Piano Movers I2p Boys' Intramural IO, II, 12: F.F.A. 9, IO, 11, I2: Track Team 11. "The more a man loves the more he suffers." MARION DUANE GROVER "Jim" Piano Movers IO: Boys' Intramural II, 12g F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, "Our country gentleman so fine hails us from the rural line. " 'is- any ,I ig ll DORA MARIE GURSKI F. H. A. IO, II, I2: Co-ops I2. "Rather quiet and always pleasant to meet." SHARON GAIL HAMP Girls' Intramural 9, Io, Il: Pantherettes 11, I2: Girls' Bowling Club 11, I2p . Tumbling IO: Choir 11, 125 Honor Society ro, II, 123 Center Board 9, I21 Stu- '5- dent Council IO, Il: Class Officer IO, 11. "To know how to handle one's T ability is a great skill. " DALE L. HANSON "Turtle" Piano Movers IO, Pep Band Io, II, 12: Band 9, 10, Il, 12: Co-ops 12: Choi IO, II, I25 Madrigal Il, 12, Science Club 9, IO, 115 Boys' Chorus IO, ll, I: "1f work interrupts your sleep, quit your work. " ROBERT HETZMAN "Hetz" Piano Movers II, 123 Hi-Y 11, I2g Boys' Intramural 11, 123 Basketball Tea 9, 10, Football Squad 9, lo, 11, 12, Senior Play I23 Choir 10, Dramatics C IO, II, I2: Student Council 9, ro, 11, I2: Class Officer I2Q Ground Observe "When it is necessary to bluff, let us bluff." 1 1 1 . k . yp,, n ,X RICHARD L, HICK "Rich" Tennis Team 12, Baseball Team 125 Track Team I25 Band 9, ro, 11, Golf Team I2. Other School attended: Cooley High School, Detroit, Michigan. "His smile is pleasant and sincere, too bad we've known him for only one year, " ANN HICKS Tri-Hi-Y Io, II, I2: Girls' Intramural 9, Io, 11, I25 Tumbling IO: Choir 9, 11, I2: Pep Committee IO: Dramatics Club IO, 12: Cheerleader IO. "Blond and bright, " DORATHA HICKS "Dot" Tri-Hi-Y 12: Girls' Intramural 9, 1o,11, 12, Pantherettes I2g Girls' Bowling Il: Tumbling IOL Band 9, Chapel Committee II, Student Voice I2: Choir 9, ro, II: Pep Committee ro, Ilg Tennis Intra- mural IO, Dramatics Club Il, I2: Center Board IO: Cheerleader IO, II: Student Council 9, Senior Carnival Chairman I2g Senior Play 12. "It is nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." DONNA L, HINDERLEIDER Tri-Hi-Y 123 Girls' Intramural 9, lo, II, IZ: Pantheretres 11, I25 Tumbling ro, Chapel Committee 11, 12: Choir 9, 10, 11, I2: Pep Committee 12. "Laugh and be merry. " r iviarucriv 1-iuaicu -'ri-I-Ii-Y IO, II, I25 Girls' Intramural 9, 10, 11, 12: Pantherettes I25 Homecoming Queen I2: Girls' Bowling 115 F. H. A. IO, II, IZ: Chapel ommittee 11, 12g Annual Staff I2g Student Voice I25 Dramatics Club ,rI5 Center Board 9, II, I2: Student Council 9, 11, 123 Class Officer io, -125 Milers io, II, 12. "Her friends are many, her foes are few5 to every- one she is always true, " CHARLES WILLIAM HURLEY "Bill" Piano Movers IO, II, I23 I-li-Y lo, 11, I25 Boys' Intramural Ilg Basket- ball Team Io, 129 Football Squad IO, II, I25 Baseball Team 9, IO, II, I25 Choir 11, 125 Student Council 12. "Not very tall, in fact, small. His good nature is loved by all, " QW PEGGY COLLEEN JAMES Girls' Intramural 10,125 Library Club 125 Future Nurses Club IO, II, 12. "A handful of patience and a quiet smile. " ELAINE MARIE JOHNSON F.H.A. IO: Future Nurses Club 125 Projectionists Club I23 Student Council 11. "Kind hearted, sunny-natured people are far more needed in this world than those of exalted deeds. " LESTER KEITH JOHNSON Piano Movers I2: Choir 9, io, 11, 12. "He thinks too much, such men are dangerous. " NANCY LEE JOHNSON Tri-Hi-Y 125 Girls' Intramural 9, 10, Ilg Homecoming Court 125 Girls' Bowling II: Tumbling IOQ Chapel Committee llg Student Voice 125 Pep Committee II, 123 Dramatics Club 11, I25 Cheerleader Il, 12: Student Council 12, "A smile here, a kind word there, spreads happiness everywhere," ROBERT S. JOHNSON Piano Movers Il, Band 95 Co-ops 12: Dramatics Club IO, Il, I2: Projectionists 10, 11, 12, "Tell him of Jacob's ladder and he will ask the number of steps." MIKE KEENE Piano Movers I2: Co-ops I23 Projectionists 11. "I never let my studies interfere with my education. " EARL I. KELSEY Boys' Intramural 12: F,F.A. 9, lo, II, I23 Student Council I2, "Because the country is his home, the hills and forests he does roam, " MARILYN EASLICK LAMEY Girls' Intramural 9, IO: Co-ops 12. "Her heart is like the moong there is a man in it." ELLIS J. LEONARD "Pete" Tumbling IO: Projectionists I2. "My memory is the thing lforget with. " ALETA GERTRUDE LEPPIEN "Al" Piano'Movers I2Q Tri-I-Ii-Y II, I21 Girls' Intramural 9, IO, II, I23 9. Q BETTY LOOMIS Girls' Intramural IO, II: Co-ops I2g Choir 9. "Everything comes to those who wait. " JOAN MARIE LOSEY Tri-l-li-Y 11, IZ: Girls' Intramural 9, io, ll, I2Q Pantherettes II, I25 Girls' Bowling Ili Tumbling IO, Annual Staff 125 Co-ops I23 Student Voice I23 Pep Committee IO, II, I2: Office Club 12: Tennis Intramural io, II: Dramatics Club IO, II3 Student Council IO, ll, 12. "Pep is the power that puts you on the job." JOHN FREDERICK LUDY Honor Society II, I2g Science Club 9, IO, II, 12: Senior Play 12. "The presiding genius of the place. " LEONARD D. MAILAND "Junior" Piano Movers IO: Hi-Y 125 Basketball 9, IO, Il, I2Q Football Squad I2: Baseball Team IO: Track Team 9, IO, II, 125 Cross Country Team I0, II, I23 Varsity Club 11, 12. "A varsity player, a regular guy, a friend to all and sorta shy. " Pep Band 10, 11, I2: Girls' Bowling 10, IIQ Tumbling 11, I2: Band 9, 10, II, IZQ Chapel Committee Io, II: Annual Staff I2g Student Voice I2g Choir 9, I2g Madrigal I2g Tennis Intramural I01 Future Nurses Club 12: Drum Majorette II, I2gSIUdE,l1IC0l111CIl I0gDl'3m3IiCS Club IO Il "Her manner is as winning as her smile, " Q 14 ,t ss.,- A ROBERT MARTIN "Bob" Y Student Voice II, I2. "I can resist anything except if temptation, " 'Q ., DELBERT MATHERS, JR, .,. Piano Movers 9, II, I23 Boys' Intramural 9, 10, II, I23 Pep Band 9, Io, 11. Q39 ' 1 -.,:.",, . ,f 'a um 'J 417 . .lv ju BEVERLY MCALLISTER N ID A Girls' Intramural 9, Io, ll: Tumb ' g IO: Co-ops I2Q Future Nurses Club lo, Ir. "When you have anything to say, say itg and if you haven't any- thing to say, say it anyway. " CONNIE LOU MCCALL Tri-l-li-Y IO, II, 123 Girls' Intramural 9, Chapel Committee Io, 11, 12: Annual Staff 12: Student Voice 11, 12: Choir 9, Io, 11, I2: Madrigal 12: Dramatics Io, ll, 12: Assembly Committee II,I2. "My cup runneth over, " JAMES EDWARD McHUGH III l-li-Y I2: Boys' Intramural II, I2: Basketball Team 10: Football Squad 9, I2: Annual Staff 12: Golf Team Io, 11, I23 Student Council Il, I25 Class Officer II: Varsity Club II, I2. "Ford? Ford who?" MYRNA K. MESSECAR Piano Movers llg Girls' Intramural 9, 10, Il, I2: Girls' Bowling ug Chapel Committee II, 12: Student Voice I2Q Choir 9, I2: Dramatics Club ll, 12: Majorette 123 Tri-Hi-Y 12. "Sharp, trim, neat, slim. " EDNA MAE MILLER "Eddie" Co-ops l2: Choir 9, IO. Other school attended: Big Rapids High School, Big Rapids, Michigan. "Meek and mild." EDWARD MILLER "Nuts" Boys' Intramural 9, 1o, 11, 123 F.F.A. 9, IO, 11, I23 Football Squad II, I25 Baseball Team II. "A very careful student ---- careful not to over do. " 15 if f any ,lg gil, " ' I-11-,.., "till , ' fwfr-f f-to-'f,f:ff.-:z . 2:71. 'bs . BARBARA JEAN MOOMEY "BabS" Library Club IOQ Senior Play 12. "A man is always better than a book. " BEVERLY LEE MUSSER "Bev" Co-ops 125 Dramatics Club 12. "Always ready to do her part." DAVID B. NEEDHAM "Sogg" Piano Movers IO, II, 125 Hi-Y 123 Boys' Intramural 9, IO, 11, 125 Bas- ketball Team 95 Football Squad 123 Tennis Team 105 Baseball Team I25 Track Team 125 Co-ops 115 Choir 95 Band 95 Student Council 9, IO, 123 Class Officer 125 Varsity Club 12. "Everyone has his devilish moments. " NEIL NELSON -auf' Hi-Y 11, X23 Boys' Intramural 9, io, 11, I2: Football Squad 9, io, 11, 123 Track Team 10,115 Student Voice 125 Choir 9, to, llg Student Council 9, io, II3 Class Officer I25 Varsity Club I2Q Projectionists II 12. "Life is just one darn thing after another, " CLAUDETTE NESTER "Cleo" F.H.A. 9, IO, II5 Girls' Intramural 9, 10, II: Tennis Intramural 95 ?'Btudent Voice I25 Library Club 105 Future Nurses Club I23 Dramatics , 1 J,6fLClub 125 Girls' Bowling Club 11, Other school attended: Ithaca High ' 1 1 X J " ol, Ithaca, Michigan. "The nurse to be, that's me." X f ' f, 1, JQYCE Noiuus '-Joy-- ,Vx , ' J, .Qirls'j1itrm'1fural lo, II, I2: Pantherettes II, 125 Homecoming Comm. af! ,1 J, 9-f,",ClniTm21J125 Girls' Bowling Club 11, 125 Tumbling IOQ Band 10, II: dj ,iff 9' Q Chagelf mmittee IO, 11, 125 Tennis Intramural 11, I2g Dramatics .5 If 7 ' f 5 y ,CJ.ub'I1, 125 Projectionists io, Il, I2g Majorette io, II, Girls' Glee 9, of , ,f'f'fV Club II. "If music be the fruit of life I shall sing on. " ,f 1 O BERTHA NORTHRUP 9 f F.H.A. 1o,11,125 Choir IZ: Honor Society io, 11, I25 Student Council , II, 12. "Ripe in wisdom is she." MARILYN CLARE OLSEN "Mike" 4 Homecoming Court 125 Girls' Bowling Club IIQ Dramatics Club 125 Other school attended: St. Louis High School, St, Louis, Michigan. 1 6 '54, 'X K, -.. 0 Boys' Intramural 93 Football Squad 95 Band 9, Io, II, I23 Co-ops 12. "Why stay awake when you can sleep? " WILLIAM EDWIN PETERSON "Pete" WILLIAM PYLE "Bill" Boys' Intramural 9, F.F.A. 9, IO5 Baseball Team IO, Il: Track Team IO, 11, 12: Cross Country Team Il, 12: Varsity Club 12. "For he that runs it well, runs twice his race. " S LYLE D. RAUSCH Piano Movers IO, II: F.F. A. 9, Io. "Let the world go by I'll watch it." EMMET REMBOSKI "Whale" Piano Movers II: Hi-Y 11, 125 Boys' Intramural 9, 11,,12g Basketball IO5 Football Squad Io, ll, I25 Baseball Team IO: Track Team 9, 10, 11, 123 Varsity Club II, 12. "lf you wish to grow thinner, diminsh your dinner." JANET RENCI-I Girls' Intramural 10, 11, 12: Pantherettes 11, 129 Girls' Bowling Club II, I29 Chapel Committee I2: Co-ops I2: Honor Society lo, 11, I2: Pep Committee ll: Office Club I2: Dramatics Club 123 Projectionists Club IO, ll, I2: Science Club IO, 11, I2. "The most manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheerfulness. " ROBERT DUANE ROBINSON Piano Movers IOQ Boys' 9, IO, II: Basketball 12. "A blush is the color of virtue. " IAN DARCIA ROTTSCHAFER Tri-Hi-Y to, Il, 12g Homecoming Court I2g Band 9, Annual Staff 123 Choir 9, IO, 1 1, 125 Madrigal II: Honor Society Io,I1, 123 Senior Play 12. "Look out college here I comel " , K ROBERTA SALAZAR "Bert" Ng Co-ops I23 Choir 9. "Though she be but little she is fine. " OOO QF' 17 fu DONNA SHERMAN Tri-Hi-Y IO, II, 125 Girls' Intramural 10, II: Homecoming Comm, Chairman 12: Tumbling IOQ ,S Band 9, IO, 11, 12: Chapel Committee 11, I25 Choir 1o, I25 Madrigal II, I25 Dramatics Club ro, -3 11, I2g Senior Play I2. "Big brown eyes and charming smileg you are certainly Miss Worth While, " ' ' WILLIAM JAMES SINCLAIR Hi-Y 12g Boys' Intramural 9, 10, II, IZQ Pep Band II, 125 Baseball Team II, 12: Band 9, lo, 11, 12: Chapel Committee 123 Student Voice I2: Choir I2: Madrigal I2: Center Board II, 12. "A joke is a very serious thing. " KENNETH JACK SMITH Piano Movers IO, I2g Boys' Intramural 9, Io, II, 12: Pep Band 9, IO, 11, I2: Football Squad 95 Track Team 115 Band 9, IO, Il, I2: Choir II5 Dramarics Club II, 12: Projectionists Club 11, I2: Boys Chorus ro, 115 Senior Play I2. "Full lustily he blew and lo, a tune came forth, " IOANNE E. SOVA "Jo" Tri-Hi-Y I2: Girls' Intramural II, I2: Pantherettes I2Q Homecoming Co-Chairman 125 Girls' Bowling Club IIQ Chapel Committee II, 12: Student Voice 12: Tennis Intramural II: Future Nurses Club IO, 11, I2: Projectionists Club IO, 11, 12: Majorette II, I2. "Pleasant is she and full of good intent. " EDITH ANNA SPEAR "Squeaky" Girls' Intramural 9, IOQ F.H,A. 9, ro, II, 12: Band II: Co-ops 12: Future Nurses Club I25 Other schools attended: Ashley High School, Ithaca High School, "There are signs that show she has found her one and only, " SUZANNE ANTOINETTE STEPHENS Girls' Intramural 9, 105 Tumbling IOQ Choir 9, "She has a calm and quiet way. " FRANK STIMSON F.F. A. 9, lo, Il, 12. "I'll do it if I have to." VIOLET MARIE STOLZ F. H, A. 12: Other schools attended: Midland. 'Tomorrow never comesg make the most of today." lj sf 'Nad ......,, if 18 VW IEANETTE IOANN STRACK Girls' Intramural 9, IO: F. H.A. IO, llg Co-ops 123 Madrigal 9, "She never fails to speak a pleasant word. " COLLEEN JEAN THOMPSON "Co" Tri-Hi-Y 12: Girls' Intramural 9, IO: Band 9, IOQ Student 123 Co ops II: Choir 9, I2g Madrigal I2: Senior Play 12. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. 065 ROBERT TOMLIN "Bob" Hi-Y ll, I23 Boys' Intramural 11, 123 Basketball 9, IOQ Football Squad 9, IO, Il, 125 Band gg Golf Team IO, 11, 123 Varsity Club 11, 12. "No sinner and no saint perhaps, but well the very best of chaps. " GRETCHEN TOMS "Gretch" Girls' Intramural 9, IO, II: Girls' Bowling Ilg Chapel Committee 11, 123 Choir IO, I2L Madrigal II, 125 Tennis Intramural IO, ll: Future Nurses Club IO: Dramatics Club 125 Projectionists Club 9, lo, 11, I23 Student Council 9g Senior Play 12. "I look safe, but so does gun powder HECTOR J, TORONJO Piano Movers io, II: Boys' Intramural 9, ro, 1 1, 12: Football Squad 9, IO, 1 1, 125 Tumbling IO: Band 9, 10, II5 Choir 9, Io. "Though ruff he is kindly. " THOMAS JOE VANALSTINE "Tom" Piano Movers II: I-Ii-Y I23 Boys' lntramural9,11, Manager, Basketball IO, Football IO, Baseball IO: Cross Country Team II: Co-ops 123 Class Officer 9, "What will I do next? " ERWIN WEBSTER Piano Movers 9, IOQ Boys' Intramural 9, "Just ask me how do drive and I'll tell you." SUE WERBELOW Tri-1-li-Y 11, 123 Girls' Intramural 9, io, II: Pantherettes II, I25 Home- coming Court l2: Tumbling to, Annual Staff IZQ Choir 9, io, II, I29 Madrigal 11, 125 Tennis Intramural IOQ Dramatics Club IO, 11, 12: Pep Committee II, I2: Science Club 95 Assembly Committee IO, 11, 125 Student Council 123 Milers IO, 11, I2: Senior Play 12, "Personality and pep--all a girl could ask for. " 19 NATHAN E. WHITFORD Boys' Intramural IO, 11: IANICE WICKMAN Band IO, 11, "Man's best friend is an easy teacher, " ulanu Choir 10, 11, 12: Future Nurses Club IO, 11, 12. "She wears a diamond ring. Wish her luck and everything. " REX G, WILCOX "Bud" Piano Movers IO: Hi-Y Io,11, 12: Pep Band ro: Basketball 10, 11, 12: Football Squad 9, 10, 11, 12: Band 9, ro, 11: Annual Staff I2i Golf Team IO, 11, I2: Student Council 9: Class Vice President 10, II: Varsity Club I2. "BOTH fOl' SUCCESS he SCCIIIS. " ELOUISE RUTH WILLIAMS "Willy" Girls' Intramural 9, lo, II: Pantherettes 11: Girls' Bowling Club 11: Tumbling IO: Co-ops 12: Tennis Intramural 10, 12: Future Nurses Club 11, 12: Cheerleader 9: Girls' Glee Club ro. "lf I talk fast I, won't forget. X.. ELDON K. WILTSHIRE Boys' Intramural 9, 10, 11, 12: Baseball Team II, 12: Cross Country Team II, 12. BERNARD Piano Movers Team 10: Co-ops 12: Projectionists Club 11, 12. 'Napoleon was a small man so BOB WOO DS "Woody" Piano Movers IO: Senior Play 12. "Life is short, why waste it?" JOHN EUGENE WRIGHT "Lefty" Boys' Chorus IO, II: Boys' Intramural 9, 10, 11, 12: Pep Band 10, 11, 12: Band 9, IO, 11, 12: Choir 9, IO: Pep Committee II: Projectionists Club 10. "Now l'11 tell you one." "Be silent and safe -silence never betrays you." JAMES WINN "Bernie" IO: Boys' Intramural 9, 10, II, 12: Basketball II: Tennis I still have a chance. " 10: Hi-Y 12: Pep Band 10, II: Band 10, 11: Science Club 4 , I - ,,,s XF!! -ai' mf V Vz Z0 'Q Sl .QQ 'Q DOROTHY JEAN YOUNG Choir 11,123 Office Club I2: Future Nurses Club 12. "Always smiling and agreeable. " MARILYN KAY ZINN Co-ops 12, "Silence is one great art of conversation, " GAIL HOOPER Band 9, IO: Choir g, IOQ Tri-Hi-Y IO. Other schools attended: Cahffey Union High School. "Gay - young gal of the California Coast. " il 21 W 'Q kJ""LlIXllX F0128 CAST SING TH?- MOST MUSICAL 2 S U6 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST ATHLETIC Maynard Faul, Marjorie Fuller 7 YY Nancy Frederic kson, Iohn Ludy Leonard Mailand D nf ,self Q cggil- MOST ATlll. loan Losc THE FRIENDLIEST Marilyn Hoard, Bill Hurley I Beef JoK6S THE WITTEST vid Neudham, Doratha Hicks CHAIR DONE THE MOST FOR THE SCHOOL Connie McCall, Jim McHugh 2 Q! C LA SS ACTOR Bob Hetzman MOST ARTISTIC Kenny Smith, Jan Rottschafer ACTRESS Sue Werbelow MOST ATTRACTIVE - 11 MOST ATTRACTIVE President . Vice-president Secretary . Treasurer . Student Council tf, ,f xO"' Yivbe e C G9 O96 1 A .awp W' BN 0 . '00 . QKYYJN 'I' 09' , I 5055 of 606309 Q pbh uma. 7. Q ii Kaz, x ' R m-1-wh f ' i N5 w klvfi C' ' fi" ew Xa I f, Q A it .- PNN 'f x Vx K ,K 09595 'V C 3 if ,lxvr f Q , k -K 5 Q , , . W! ' V, 'N lg 1 ,i 1 M, , i ,f A 'Q .ax 5 'Q if i is xxoxwava , I 'N X ,' . 6 2" . ' . . 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Holme med Wllnxa H05 A X. ,s lluYH?N6Y' W 1 do DCWW f ri r --wr ,' gamer WJ ' Na M1090 X - 0. xx LBUY Hogg' K r A X 1 , gorilla ' l . lood. Sham, M l as 5 N x" www m, 4 " ' A, x H illvw :C C X L.. S X f -Q Aff x K V gm W' lg X A' kung Q , K sam 1 n ' ,X V 3 Kings c ' Q T xeamu X ,far . ygliaxximau If v X N was ow X . P Sane Kavw , 'too Nam' ... XOUCS' Y Q9 V XS K ,- XQZNA , 11' OQQOX ' J' wo' ' " l WW N 6091 . . LOSQ' gftmfl "K 1 X y , Q' . XG' aw V BXXQEX 1 X 'A wx PM ff ,w I f V ' l ' ,af I 'Q 6 l Cxxiv A , l we P V lr 9350 ' pr V my Yhoczxoie' P - f ' ' V50 r 6' ' 4 6' V 4 - fl A C079 1 I Q QQ 4, , Q95 , I ugh 5 l Wy ,, X'-5 L. N 3 S 6090 - xc? ' 5 if-dv Manluy lxlvllonnld, Alma Miller, Dudley Miller 'WS :A of M N"i ti l 'V ' I'-5,2 Marllyn Mills, Betty Milwrick, Bud Mitchell, Richard Moore u. 0 v, ff F -gr -M , 1 s x 4, ,:r,,,,.,i0 l .,-1 Xivt larr Mosher joe Mosler la Deana Munsell Joanna Nemechek, Merlynd Nestell Bob O'Boyle J 'W +4-l Aa-. fc- - ..,, N A K. M- W, ,, . v , , f, K 5 ze X' Q I f 2 l- x L! A ,V , q nh ,,.. 4" ,J 'f unior Fc X -1- . Q. "" ' K 5 : Marilyn O'Boylc, Onalcc U'l5oyle, Joyce Purcrs .X -'r S " .W im iwcw iw y fx 2 ieugvl s VW! Carol Race, Nadine Race, QQ i i v x K 'ti W pix 4 . X- va--- 'H' , Indy Pitts, Francis Pottur, Mary lillcn Pnrtill f f A if A , if I I X if ' , Hifi MT' Ellen Raniscy, Janice Rayerafl, Wilnia Ruud wg, by A in 1: - 9 r ,, , - ss, rr a K Audrey Rinckcy, Gary Robinson, Dorothy Rockafcllos .xv V01 M309 XX! x V05 3 0260 U 4 xwgwad. 3, 0 yy Qaaiou H' , Donna VSOOX' 'f 'S , 990 ' . us Rode if X i xg cs- A .I ,N ver . 5 , y Q XAQKSQ 8 Q S f G55 I 3"f8'v , Q 1 , U' ,G . g . xxx 1 ' a Sa .wwf -KS' Nou swab i Sanwb aww' Z7 . .MKS 'D if fv- ?."" R 1 51 f' ,N k ' Q' M X SXNCW. X -- vv WWA 9 I K , Scxxnb val' VV' Sclinc aik 3, 417' ,TK 2. ll x ,i 15' A if A ,gg if 5 ,fn ' A x x "' H- Q xi n ' l . .. f ,+R-Q S f N 3 I f 'R h S ,tai-F' Q, l W' ' 1 , :nib S '11, ' S- g K f. K ' K ' W ' ' ' rjfiif A 4 S f 1 Smart Shook, Bruce Siefker, Phill Snyder, Alice Stehlek, Barbara Stone, Jerry Taber, Shirley Tanner V451 GUI iv. R ' in 'dl' 'ix ,K I s X- I , a ' 'vxf I 51 X 'rw-139 ,oil n fs. if .Una Thrush, Dick Townsend, Bill Van Atten, Phyllis Van Demark, Rosemary Van Meer, Jerry Veeder azz: And' N ,f Q W ' W if fhftg S ,eu Wagner, Shirley Wiitanen, Jack Weatherby, Roger Williams, Vlegta Wilhelm L+ W Y ,ni . wh., .4-X "" unior Q55 CAMERA SHY Richard Johnson, Kenny McDonald, Bernard McGuire, Judy Pitts, Matthew Pung, Robert Spear, Ron Snearey, Phillip Taylor. tx 415- Avis Wolfe, Lester Wolfe, Phyllis Wolfe, Ronnie Wolfgan li Mary Jane Woodward, Oliver Wroe, Joyce Young, Yvonnt N X S 1 X ,. X 'i '35 wh ,J R , xmisk s . A Q 5M V KY? S' S-1 , df Q 1 -. ., gy.. r gk . In 17... 5 v 1. 77 3 ' VV L' :An . ,bw , 'W T" , . 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H- ' r -M ni V i W YW 45-'hr iz 0 ,, as . ' -1 i D' A Q.. .Am . rf b E .r ,. 4' W-"f ' ,,-- f -- j ul' Q gap, . at .5 'ff .69 js Bernard DeRosia, Gerry Detloff, Ray Dewey, Janice Drake, 'F' i t w .L 'WY' ,LA Barbara DuVall, V 1 A Q3 if N "iw -- XILJ' 32:5 i f N " ,' tr H If :f4.fx,l"Xlt' Don Dwyer, Carol Ebriglit ' 5- . I ,, Alvin Ellsworth, Kirk Emlinger, Jan Ferris, Gerald Fitzgerald, Richard Franks, Dean Gearig wg xg l S? ,4 ,, 51,2 A KN E9 it we ,Zyl ll- is 'N' D ' D 'ja 7 a Fixl, .,.. r 59,3 sux! V.. H' all J J . Rod llofstcttcr, John llull, Pat Humphrey, Sandra Ingraham, Nancy Jessup . f fv -::- M 'v ,-, 'C -. .f " YV u Sharon Gilkin, Lenore Gillon, Leo Grandy, Orpha Grubaugh, Shirley Gunderrnan, Willard Gnrski, Kay llainlin Q F ' x 'Q .i N' R if if R rg, og 'Z K5 ps eqx A 'X fx Marjorie Hamlin, Leroy Hamp, Joyce Helman, Phil Hendershott, Richard Hcuschelc, Jun Hicks Carol Hinnian, Gene Hooper, Richard Houck, Robert Houck Q' NN""1 t 31 i . . xx 'iii Q ,t .R " X ls' 1 - X Q ...R' qt? iv Lf 30:11 QQ: X' J i ,fall an 6- .:,,. y, Annette Johnson, Richard Johnson, Ron Johnson, Rex Johnson, Les ,fav l'. T, w- M!!! Villiam Kauffman, Shirley Komperda, Beverly La Bonneville, Janet m 1 ,- k- YN-- ' ."'1. Bernard Lou, Joy Mailand, Judy Marzolf,.Cinda McAnallen Nr' ,Q- uu Mmlnnllcn lllwluy Miller, William Miller, Carol M r... - -. s - . R. Ijdnli txlnsicr, Larry Mun, Ronald Muhn, Jack Musser fir' ,ww . W' Mum ,J .Sap omore Denny Nc FJ! Lf s ig , 3, , 3. ug S 'uf' -v- Judy Olson, Milton Palmer - ':. 4-af' ,K Y-vs 'B Q . , . , - L. ff U . , Edna Parkes, Shirley Peterson, Gerald Peska, Leroy Pratt, Ken Pratt ,' , l V JH L 'yur A "' k as L .limba ' f '- .,- 1 N , - - SQ, 3' X ,A s. ' . x ,f L S' or J jx' mo! if 'nib' 1 N 5 ' f I ' A 3 ., be f ,-4 Patty Pung, Roger Fung, Juanita Rausch, Bob Redman, Joyce Remsberg, Robert Rhodes -M!-0 3 A v , W1 F ,sive 2 My L w.. I Q H r - Q 4 ,p, s . N Q4 'Yr ' 'F , I c I , f- + wc' 7 5 Q , . , . K 1 .,, S 'T' , , . 54 .- V K 1 X Y K V ,ji K -r' X " ft a is L Doris Roberts, Judy Robertson, Evelyn Robinson, Leah Robinson, Helen Ropp, Bonnie Sain, Lois Salazar .xjifws ay!-W C5144 ' 1 ' V 411- Y . R si. . ., Jerry Sanders, Harry Schaede, Melvin Schnepp, Harriet Schultz, Wayne Scott, Roger Seaman m '. 1- f ' - Q u s pf I f', is Doloris Simmons, Shirley Simmon, Audley Smith, Velma Sm , 'aiu J' , Q 5, m A .. . . N ,. A A I X K' Lavaun Sova, Eva Stacey, Dennis Stephens, Kenneth Stimpson, Joyce Taylor . - r. D M 4 ' ' " vm 'e u x ' X H- g. 33 .1 i- A-f i1 , - . v- , ..-w at W N 11 iv k Q ' - ' 1 - gif ' l 'JK 1 7 q vs Z., , -.,- 6--1 1 New 4 N . . "" 'im' 1 - -fr Aff , 4 , X U1 Ylii 5 N' 'N 4 'lf l 1 X X. Diana Tcl-d, Hob 'I'l1o111psn11, Fred Tilden, Carol Tnttlc, Robert Tynan, Elsie Van Alstinc, ,loan Wagner 1 1 W i lim 1' s' bf , -V4 , , Y sf 1 1 -:,,f,1i " ' 1 lf ,r .,, , , E g, I .5210 omore Sandra Walsh, llunry Washhiirri, jaincs Webster, Evart Welch, llenry Wells Q. 'T ' Ely, rm ,N ,. J., , Alina Woods, Donald Wroc, Marlene Wyeth bv' Ver11a Wclls, Donald Werbelow, Frances Wight, Kathleen Wiitancn, Joe W add CAMERA SllY lrwi11 Alexander, James Bemis, Patricia Boyer, Bob Brantley, Janct Cater, Lynn Church, James Downs, Leah Fairchild, Dick Johnson, Lorraine Krick, Betty Donald Woodrow, I S. isni Sanders, Delbert Whitney, Robert Winnie. President .... Jean McClure Vice-president. . .Lorna Willard Secretary . . Sharon McAllister Treasurer .... Linda Hoard Student Council Representative . . . . . . . Dave Derushia Advisor . . Mr. Lee Nelson in . ri, J Z gy N L2 1- T' - V ' Ly' J X. Q. V, I ,rf P f ,Q r J -.Ah -IJ L ' X .X yr E r f L . ll ri 1 Janice Abbey, Mary Adams, Andrew Alexander, Rex Alward, Lanice Anderson, Larry Andrew ,fs 3. M W A 3, 4 H 58 ' A 3 f x. 3 L J as ,Y nf ' A M .- ' W ia June Ayling, Nona Babcock, Sue Bachi, Betty Ball, Judy Ball, Jess Baxter, Allen Baird 1" V 'viii iff'-m,xK g - V' ..-it , W W, " X ag A V . .o N' I f V M. hfh 4 ' Pat Bethka, llarlean Bongaard, Yvonne Boyer, John Brannon, Norma Brenneman, Jim Brenner, Jim Brown nphronia Carter, Sondra Cawrse, Marvin Church, Kenneth Coe Mary Lou Curtis, Nancy Curtiss, Carlota Dalrymple, V -45:5 4 , "3 4-.3 1' 1 Larry Condon, Barbara Conn Larry Loon Loretta Cowles A v' 4 A f Wim if 5 xx Q Q Q ' - 3 12 Sr uwff g m Q Ai Kip ffv 'Xrg My w get ig. ,M Shirley Denman, Tom Derushia, Marilyn Dubay, Jerry Ebrtght 1 A ,ABQ . io !wyQQ. if 7 in qs-,kk N N 36 -r Q A- t W, x X ri arr' A 45-rl' A ma. 'X CJ! , i ,W W., 1 4 , 11.5.6 ! 'X " fy 5 ' -- N 1 fs, i r "F Q hx' 3 V' i v I-'L V' , 51, 5 ' H ri . KX li ke .1 I -5 Jerry Elder, Virginia Eldridge, Deana Fleming, NJ 534 Z." Lawrence Filhard, Shirley Fishe i x James Fitzpatrick, Marilyn Forrester, Joyce Franks, Phil Frederlcks at and 37 . .ef 9- 4 " X , if 'VI 2 .MH X f li Tl' 2 ' .1 -N - y El, A ,. li-ix, Arvella Freed, Eugene Freed, Leland Freed, Bruce Fry, Quina Fry, Fred Galehouse , T N ' Q f 'F as ,,, -Q.. k 4 fl i' x v Q ss' is ' E Q' G r u L l F ,,, 1 i 1 qs, xv x Y Q, if .,l sap I 4 . XX I xx, is - Marlene Gault, Pam Gee, Robert Gee, Edward Glazer, Lee Grandy, Valerie Greenwood, Kathleen Gross 33 f A- g 'il Gordun llamp, Ann Harker, Frank Harris, Patricia Harris, Kay Hawley, Jean Helman Gail Grosskopf, Marilee Grover, Arthur Guild, Beverly Haas, Claude Hagen ff . K xi - .. ,wx ' . Y ff-1 Y- n 5 . ue if 0 "' J, 'e v. . ? jj ' V Y fo' 1, 1 tr' 0 x , fu -- f Y X v f ,i 3 7 X F 5' l 8 I Q A QA 'X uf X PQJ I nfl Cl I il, V L 'rf' ,,. V JL ,. ff Z ff. .J " r f 0 I ' fe? f s Linda lloard, Kay llolrornb, Alive Houck, Kenneth Humphry, James llull, Junior Inbody v"' 39, 'S' - ' x.k f i , ' ' "' "' . Q!gg,,1'?,l: " - .. f, ivy 'r , H . ' f ool as r y 'v ,, -V L '-,, , m -1 .' . f f figg U arg ' ,QE-Q' J ' 'J J 1 'QL l.aNac James, Leroy Jcnison, Fred Johnson, Carol Joym, Lenore Kelsey, Alice Langlois, lf W it J . J- 1 J ,isa W' 'N Vg 'V ,. Hy 5 I if. L. 2, - -Q -Q x . 9... .Jr .. -,,.v..1.,4., Pat Virginia Larkin, Robert! Leppifzh, Robert Ludwick, Larry Lusher, Karen iz? ian! 1, yaf. i 0 8 J Mike Martin A s vu..- N n'f v-2: "oO 5. . ity McAllister, Sharon MeA J M ' E, I. rf Mcglintie JY. . . ,Y 1A yy 0 ee MeClinric Bert Mefonke SL'OUlN1l'flllll3JJll, l.arry Mil T9 9 xl 'ff yi g ff A E M.. 5 , if Viv' L A X Mg r G 1 : L ' , 1 L , M ,qgrj ,g-im,-f nifty' I ' 'J EQ'--"--....f"""""""" ... Leland Miller, Leroy Mix, Fred Moore. Gary Morton, Richard Munderloh, Judy Nelson, Joyce Nelson, . yr- ' , " W irfl V 'V' +"' J W .Mr I . va KT' V , gg 'A 'Q-V 7 -, .M Q L 'Num Q L agfilgfi . gif ' - . . M 'j' ' L ' -- LA fg' few rlguiv ' . i.,,,, , J J add Joe Nemec X-A, Y Y-T a AE ' 3 qu- - .-,- --M R- . uf -- is M E f' ' gif! 7- ' If if ' S af mg hek, Otto Noack, Norman O'Boylc, Gary Painter, Barbara Phillips . " " .SMR 'S Q- Q is 'x " H 1 ' 1 Donna Peak, Richard Pratt, Elisao Ramon, Betty Randall 'F' hllsixix. 4.4. rain ws L fl 'W 1 1 4 Ed Rawley, Shirley Rausch, Robert Root, Barbara Ropp, Dyke e Strack, Rosemary Theodoru, Eleanor Thrush, Shirley Thrush, Donna Edwin Rawn, Nancy Redman, Janet Robinson, Rex Rockare Barbara Sain, Frances Salazar. Norman Shaw, Marvin Shepler Kent Shirley, Marie Shutt, Marilyn Sisco, Sandra Smith, Phyllis Stoughton Simon. 1 Tomis, Mary Ann Tyman 10" B mi ia v V :Nj , .gm - Q rs. . E if E .S sri- A S , S ,Q-R f 'ir' f ' R R i ' , . V' K i N ,XX X a .Nl ' 5 4' H+" lnnr- Wim' l4.iri'n Woodard llzivid Woodrow Doris Woodrow ,,. . . , ,. 'f r Y rv, Tw, , Ji 3 ,QA N ii I i gl v ,ty a - ,V .wif ' lanics Wager, Alivc Wagncr, Uiialcu Waldron, lingciiia Watkins, Clair Wclcli, Rnssull Wiufcriulc . y, ,, . V My 1 2 J y B tai Tl ' P ,. D 1 v "' 1 Y xg ,,-'+iM X li - f l,4irl Wiygln, Sylivia Wilbur, Sharon Wilk, Lorna Willard, Sandra Williams if ,f 5 "' CAMERA SllY Pai lk-nrss, llnnllradlcy, Gary Clevcngcr, lim Crnson, llarricr Davidson, Pal llowc, l.aNae James, Barbara Jenkins, Pat Kelsey, Ed King, Donna Loomis, Gerald McClenarlini, Jcan McClure, Judith Mills, Leon Noack, Victor Nortlirnp, Leroy Richards, Burl Robison, Barbara Ropp, l,arry Sapcl, Carl Wi ht ,fx lay Wiurnian, Mary Wing, Alice Winnie, john Wolfe, J' ,r 1' liivlli Wyutli, lx T rf Vie ,, 5, Q1 Q wk , M M V 5 'Xfl fjil N A Qi Q js Mx 4. X A W Q vi . Q31 Q gk 'J L FL 3 w v if ,flaw N Gs SA , Ag A 1 Xxx N HM. X bi., X il sming Bull ,, . .,+ 0 Farmer s daughters? YOU nama ul Cm LSU Get a horse! Sloppy Joe A5 1 - 4 f ":'?m,- ' , iff L 2: 5 v'Agu. 6 Liv. ' fx ' 3 xx . ,L " 3:3 - ' H-rmfghg if E9 ,ff 1 . b ff ge f'f3w3vgT' 1' VO' -Wa E C, . Aff? okxlg vo e-+6 H152 HIIMHIIIMI lillllll A IIIIIIIIRI Na TICY John S Queen Marilyn Hoard Iwewyb foexod so Q1 e, 44 , w' 'V' 'R mv? ,.. K n.4.' -9 . O H. .vi . l-Qx, 11. 4-4 ' - f 1. fff. , ' I L, 45 'Q , TT- ' - A A S, A. 1 -- I' , vi- 4- - X i - s W: Q xy, "A, . I Y- Ni I .l. W rapt' l tl .H ' T J,,,,..1un y., ,!'? .8 s 4: . .C if if up F vi VJ. al, ,- ' V '. '- ' " :A M 5? ' ,M ET '. .'-. 2 Xb I if . sa f' -N - 4 , '- . pr ft' '-df' Y I ,-If X -Fx 'T 2 "5 "' f-' 'A 3 .z!f, , 1 . 1 an-' '-1 Mmm QUUC I N LUX' i g. , - Q 44 ' 'Y' 'Q f G '3T?? ',C ll , gf' f b A I I Q CLARE HENRY AND ALMA HOMECOMINGS ARE SYNONOMUS. 'Y gy, X! if 'W' . ,I !.' U 4 ! I7 2' -N x fn k if 1 Z9,rLf Y 6 su! ffsf xQ 'v 4' 'i I' "QM 4 ' if X 5 9: , 9 fa, , 12 Qaggl 9 Wig .0 'U 4 ' " ww 1, ,fi i 47 P, n faread off? ,aff ,--fr' , Q1 f-K as ight ber gh!! .NK fs 9" OI-e Chr ist 'ha U1-e as E . , gi r 'Fam nigga , , , A , F5 fi 9,5 d Vt, .AFM M F t ...J t .V VF: may F g vqlfigr kr I Xl' f,'f , .f" - ff i 3 wg., . Ivo ,ff Q , , N If 3 ,V . b N Road Crea , Y 1 he i . Tx the Z' , 1 "M A Stone 1 QA, cz ' aw JW f A, 7 t, was stir Pin 8 J' Journey Olly 016 1-laPPY Sa inf 1. -M. f r-. b 'I - r K T .xx fr' EG U 'Nw Xt a if f'J.4" 'I iq. N These people came out of the auditorium with smiles of enjoyment mixed with amusement at the antics of the players in "Seven Sisters" . 66 ellen Near capacity crowds from Alma and vicinity occupied seats in the high school auditorium on the nights of March 26 and 27. The cast of this Hungarian play starred Bob Boelio as Ilorkoy and Gretchen Toms as Nlitzieg Doratha Hicks, Donna Sherman, and Jan Rottschafer played her three elder sisters while Colleen Thompson, Mary Gillon and Barbara Moomey were the "y0ung chicks" of the family, .Sf if iafem Jshf! Mother Gyurkivies was ably portrayed by Sue Werbelow with Bob Hetzman, Kenny Smith, and Alan Cordill as male leads. Bob Woods as Janko and John Ludy as Toni Teleki completed the roll call of the cast. Mitzi, the devilish daughter of Mrs. Gyurkivics, must marry off her older sisters before she, herself, can be married to the young officer she loves. With the help of the officer, Ferenz Horkoy, she successfully "marries off" the sisters and the story ends with a traditional "woman gets her man" climax. The plot of "Seven Sister" revolves about the old Hungarian custom of marrying off daughters in the order of their ages. 303 Q hw On January I5 and I6 the Alma High School ACappella Choir presented their version of the musical oper- etta "Down in the Valley" by Kurt Weil. Starring in the production were: Maynard ' Faul as Brack Weaver, :T a goof? E' pf ii T ny Joyce Norris as Q' Jennie Parsons, Clarence Carlson as the leader, Dale Hanson as Jennie's pa, and Joe Glendenning as the preacher. To a background of music by the twin pianos, Jan Rottschaffer and Carol Blanck accompanying, the theme wove itself about these central figures. I 5 73 'i iff' as. gl N I 4 Pe Y to and I 3 ,ii . ,ug 'il The chorus, under the able direc- tion of choir leader Robert Pratt, sang such songs as the title tune, "Down in the Valley", "Little Black Train", and the spirited square dance theme. Both perfor- mances were well attended and requests were made by a few of those attending to do another operetta in 1954. .- 4 . 4 .1 -Q 4 rv A 9. .X "H V 'Ti' HK .at fig, C1- BE. 2-fl.. '5 w' u P Q , 4 . , X ,, 1- 55 fe 1 X "' .ev ... 5 , xvv f ,xi wk. - i 1 a x A ' 1 'V ,.x.. 5, ,5 H?- ck mx , iv: z tv , ,. v .. R V. JL 'L is , 1 . fs f . Q , X mikey 1952 Co-Captain, Bill Hurley fvs K X ff." , .JL 4.4, 5 X-.f A l P ' f I K I' Head Coach, Vic Hi ' P :Ili joofdaf 52 sistant Coach, Les Gratton 1952 Captain, Bud Wilcox joofgaff .sgquacl "' FRONT FIRST ROW: Joe Fisher, Larry Mosher, Neil Nelson, RJ. Holmes, Ed Miller, lim McHugh, Gordon Hahn, Bob 0'Boyle. SECOND ROW: Clarence Carlson, Jerry Veeder, Jim I-lagadorn, Bud Wilcox, Bill Hurley Rex GIiSW01d. Bob Hetzman, Emmet Remboski, Bob Tomlin. THIRD ROW: Les Gratton QLine Coachl, Ed McDaid, Fred Ioslin, Hector Torongo, Leonard Mailand. Sam King, Dave Needham, Fred Burlingame, Joe Mosier, John Young lSecond Team Coachj, Vic Hicks QBackfield Coachj. FOURTH ROW: Tony Curtiss flvianagery, Bill McDaid, John Harris, Larry Holmes, Jack Brecht, Larry Ryder, Jerry Brown, Bob Root, Iim Cater Ovianagerj. Alma Alma Alma Alma 13-7 St. Louis 0-6 Hart 0-6 St. Johns 13-19 Hastings C area Alma Alma Alma Alma Jim Hagadorn Next year's Captain Elect 32 Mt. Pleasant 6 Belding 30 Grand Haven 6 Cadillac -I bf. 'un -'s fr "J, 56 "mf X :La Q, V sr v .ma -H1 . iw 3245 - 7 Y iv ,,.L ..x mp... ,lk -1 7 ' ' f ff? my - L " A Q K -Q 3. Q 1 Wu s-uf' 'Wx I? m 5 . MV, bv' 5 x , 321 'W . 4 r .M 3' . r fa 1 My 1 -,iw .3 I Q P ' ,cf ,Y Y 4' ls! 1 I , sf X'-33 A, Axyx s. if., - ,kg if six 1 : it M' 3 ' " 'vi X Q1 .if .' 'X Fri, -f Y yr H. v --A xpgfx- f 1 X. zgfw 'LJ Q-YJ ' Q, if? 'L vw 1 i z A ki l my N 'S . X X S.. S- , . . 'spf 'f MU-'J 44' L, 4, xfyi, V? iw. sv' , 1 W 5 .273-I. 4 1, 55 5. .. x ,gw va 442.9511 - W r. f' xw KN 0.-au"" 'vmgmnl 1 QM X x ah X4 ,X .0 4 NC 4 - Af' ci Wu , 2-,, za ,K . W- .hx Bill Pyle, who is without a doubt one of Alma High School's greatest athletes is rounding out his running career this year as far as high school is concerned. Bill has won state wide fame in both Cross-Country and Tmck. This year in Cross-Country, Bill set a new record on every course on which he competed, thus achieving the goal he set for himself at the beginning of the season. Last year, during track season, Bill attained the recognition of top class "B" miler in the State. This made him eligible to compete in the annual A. A. U. meet at Michigan Normal in Ypsilanti. It was at this time Bill reached the ultimate height in high school track. By winning the event, against all classes of the top high school milers, he proved himself to be without a doubt. the top high school miler in the State, Bill, we members of the Senior Class take our hats off to you. We wish you the best of luck not only in sports but in anything you strive for. You also are to be commended for the fine example of good sportsmanship which you have set during your high school career. We know that you will continue to do so in the future, for this always has been and always will be one of the outstanding traits of Alma High School athletics. 60 .xdfma arrierfi FIRST ROW: 'Ray Bovee, 'Sam King, 'Bill Pyle fCapt.j, 'Ir. Mailand, 'Carl Aumaugher. SECOND ROW: Ted Brannan QMgr,Q, 'Stan Curtiss, Ron Wolfgang, Bruce Siefker, 'Jack Schnepp, Phil Langin, Delmar Brenner fCoachj. The Alma Harrier's started tneir '52 season with a meet, Friday September I9, on our own course, Winning easily over Howell by a score of I6 to 47. Saturday, October 4, was the first big meet of the year, the Hastings Invitational, where competition is always at its best, However, the Alma runners came through in fine shape, winning by a margin of some 73 points. On October 8th, we met Midland in a dual meet on our course, which was won in easy fashion. On Friday, October loth, we challenged a fast Mt. Pleasant team and added spirit to our 1952 Homecoming festivities by out-pointing 24 to their 33, Saturday, October 18th was the date of Alma's first invitational meet in Cross-Country. Entered were many of the strongest class B teams in the state, but Alma once again out-distanced her competitors by some 30 points to win our own first invitational. Going next to the Albion Invitational with the competition keener, our margin became larger. A very high spirited Alma team brought home the first-place trophy, winning this time by 59 I!2 points. Moving next into the final round and the climax of the 1952 Cross-Country season at Ypsilanti, the State Meet held a challenge for every man on the team, but each was equal to it, winning the biggest meet of the year by the biggest margin of the year, 77 points, The Harriers "B" squad also deserve some well-earned recognition for their fine record. They also won all of their '52 Cross-Country meets. In the last three years we have finished first in 25 of our 26 meets, placing second in Niles at the Albion Invitational In these last three seasons we have taken home ten first-place trophies and one second-place trophy out of the eleven trophies presented at the Invitational Meets. 61 I QP 'if I ski 04. wi- Yl, xx 3 'JK xi SE flu, ,r ,, i n qigfwj OM I I K if A 4345, I . , A M, ,, Z 5 gazfefga ff FIRST ROW: Jim Hagadorn, Bill Hurley, Bud Wilcox, Jr. Mailand QCapt.J, Sam King, Ray Bovee, John Harris. SECOND ROW: Emmet Remboski QMgr.J, Gordon Hahn, Audley Smith, Larry Houghton, Rex John- son, Bud Mitchell. , 5 tw l xxn-Q4 - Sq 41, FIRST ROW: Russ Wieferich, Jim Hicks, Dyke Rottschafer, Jerry Veeder, Frank Harris, Joe MacAnallen, Ed McDaid. SECOND ROW: Emmet Remboski QMgr.7, Bob Thompson, Dick Munderloh, Denny Nelson. Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Creston Belding Greenville Ionia Mt. Pleasant Godwin Hts. Big Rapids St. Louis Ludington St. Johns Big Rapids Manistee Mt. Pleasant Midland Ludington Owosso Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Alma Ahna Alma Aln'1a Alma Alma Creston 24 Belding I 3 Greenville I9 Ionia 29 Mt. Pleasant 53 Godwin Hts. 48 Big Rapids 30 St. Louis 47 St. Johns 32 Big Rapids 3I Manistee 23 Mt. Pleasant 42 Midland 42 Ludington 54 Owosso 43 s Oycf .yn fl"CLl'l'lll,l'Cl FIRST ROW: Dick Townsend, Bill McDaid, Ron Wofgang, Bunk Ellsworth, Bob Redman, Jack Schnepp, Gene Hooper, Phillip Taylor, Gerald Fitzgerald, Robert Rhodes, Bernard Lott, Phil Hendershott. SEC- OND ROW: Emmet-Rcmboski, Wayne Scott, Merlynd Nestle, Don Werbelow, Bob O'Boy1e, Oliver Wroe, Max Densmore, Reuel Rockefellow, Jim Cater, Ken Bigelow, Vernon Brown, Leroy Pratt. THIRD ROW: Les Gratton, Carl Aumaugher, George Mikula, Ken Pratt, Eldon Wiltshire, Fritz Hooper, Delmar Brenner. FOURTH ROW: R.I. Holmes, Don Bearss, Bill Pyle, Jim McHugh, Bob Tynan, Bernard McQuire Bill Van Atten, Jerry Taber, Ed Miller, Marion Brecht, Mel Schnepp. FIFTH ROW: Bob Hetzman, Jake Cook, Jack Weatherby, Kaye Babcock, Gordon Beeson, Gerald Peska, Rich Hick, Dave Hefflebower, Ray Dewey. ir A cgnframura FIRST ROW: Kathleen Wiitanen, Lenore Gillon, Lavaun Sova, Nancy Britten, SECOND ROW: Yvonne Cummins, Wilma Husted, Marilyn Mills, Carol Ryan, Marion Baker, Beverly Decker, Harriet McConkcy De loris Simmons, Sandra Walsh, Joyce Remsberg, Ellen Ramsey. THIRD ROW: Mary Jane Woodward, Janet LeBaron, Judy Olsen, Eva Stacy, Carol Ebright, Phyllis Rodenbo, Virgiline Bieske, Jean Buchanan, Sheila Hormau, Doratha Hicks, Bonnie Mathers, Janice Sanders. FOURTH ROW: Mary Moffett, Rose- mary VanMeer, Wilma Thrush, Janice Raycraft, Ruth McClintic, Shirley Wiitanen, JoAnna Nemecheck, Janet Hyde, Rosemary Jones. FIFTH ROW: Carol Blanck, Carol Helman,Yvonne Beard, Evelyn Robinson, Harriet Schultz, Joy Mailand, Ruth Conn, Kathleen Brundage, Elberta Avery, Vivian Beebe, 65 F ,ynlfdlnufa 4 W Af b R R LEFT TO RIGHT: Vivian Beebeg Alberta Averyg Harriet McConkeyg Deloris Simmonsp Beverly Decker, captaing Lenore Gillong Marion Bakerg Yvonne Cumminsg Sandra Walsh. CAQ2I'LG,6!8l":5 LEFT TO RIGHT: BOTTOM ROW: Marion Baker: Ioan Losey, head cheerleaderg Deloris Simmonsg TOP ROW: Joanna Nemecheck, LaDeana Munsell, Nancy Johnson, 66 ,. -31" 5 wc' LA 1 , .Q , . . J, f 'J' r' Em: Q. ig, av. W 4. I ,iff 7, Q., r Q f Y vii , ,K ,.'s' 73 ig 1 is fx" is ' Q 24' fi, 1 I ?fiF'Qf M . f ff f,f I X SW ,fb ll'! If X , , 1 ' ' ix, .S H. 5? ., k ,S 67 I , ' , f . .4 s A ni f 62' A ,z gi s A Y 4 az f , . xt" 'W 'Y . . fy 'Y Y. . 1 '5 '- vi if . . 1 , ' 1 i . M v 3 W2 5 , f J 41' if Q-- 'f' 1 u .1 3 2 3+ v. a We 2 X n . 4 W ,, . f ' J' 'fd 5 6 H ' . . ,Q 2., 5 1 Q 4 if ! Q ' fv . x ' 4 " 1 gig ' 15 . .'.+ 4 33 gg: . ig., 15 Q ,uf .. fs f "' ff ' ' f ilaif ,335 'IA 1 n A :Y tw,-. 1 ? ff' .5445 9,1.',. 4 ..,,fm?3,i2 ,. A 35.1 fy--fzfiq -L " . .va Y Q " L H -F4 J rw' " I K "' . I C ef -52? 1 V. xl . . 5 1 gxk ff . 5, S ' e 12 3 .. . ,, 'S 'H ..r.+ 2 bi' X 3 n R 1 1 1 ll, x sf Ni x . Q 4 6 .1 is I f E ,,5f,. 'Vi , " x :fww 0.,:. 'ay' 2 1, 5 Q N' 3'-1 xkg gx Nm ..g L.g- K Q R h. if 2 .E , 5 X A Y v 3 5 . . ref xc uf A .!. ,x QQ 'ME 13? .fn ' :A ,v ei? .1 5 4 gf? .'1AQI' V-igif. ,X A 9.5. V' Elf :-?- .. 3. 3 Q 1 'QP ff Hx .vig v. Q K x. . .gg S3- gif 3 5 T 3 z ff if? Ylglfxi 'M ky.: SQ E 9. a+ Mg., " ' 'HSL fi- s. if iii ix. 336 56- .si ' A bw' wwe 'iw .E 4, 1 gg: F J . n - a - 3 5 , .,t X M9 . f Cf 'al , XXXS QILIXWQXXV SL, xfhv SXXUAN ' YYYAXN Y A , K,,, Y L XXC X994 , 'Wh Vxfl- 'Y 3 sixlx ,N ol X WA' aw' xg 0 ms. , 1, IC Gig v xxxvu SW C N FIRST ROW: Marion Baker, Phyllis Wolfe, Marilyn lloard, Connie McCall, X 8 '0 Q Vgkj LWB XO gee' Bom' SECOND ROW: Lenore Gillon, Rosemary Leppien, Elsie VanAlstine. 'l'lllRD we V gow? Ortiflw XA a C ROW: Marilyn O'Boyle, Ann Hicks, Kathleen Wiitanen, Beverly Decker, FOURTH ROW: Gerry Detloff, Sandra Walsh, Colleen Thonipson, Dorothy Harker, Sec. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Frederickson, Shirley Wiitanen, Marjorie Fnller. SIXTH ROW: Jan Rottsehafer, Pres.: Rosemary Jones, Joanne Sova. Cxubtsi 4 wx SKB H VMC- h vlcgl, i I Q X X V Y V4 ru wx A Vx ew wwe SEVENTH ROW. Doratha Hicks, Nancy Johnson, Hcltn llawts. ElLvllTll ROW AWG ,Nell kiwi? 403' Sharon Roslund, Nancy Caris, Sue Werbelow, Trea.g Ioan Losey, Janet Hyde we Fw WOW Svgxw Donna Hinderleider. NINETH ROW: Pat Schnepp, Myrna Messc-ear, Joyce X XXX sv . XXV Xl . xl Q Vw e Remsberg, Carol Blanck, Camera Shy: Aleta Leppien, V, Pres.: Doinia Sherman, IX A t A FIRST ROW: Bob Redman, Bob Woods, Ramon Bovee. SECOND ROW: lawrence Holmes, Kaye Babcock, Max Densmore. THIRD ROW: lake Cook, Bill Sinclair, Gordon Hahn, Trea.: FOURTH ROW: Ed McDaid, R.J. Holmes, Bob Thompson. FIFTH ROW: Bud McFadden, Jim Hagadorn, Gerold Fitzgerald. SIXTH ROW: Larry Houghton, Emmet Remboski, Denny Nelson. SEVENTH ROW: Gerald Peska, Bud Wilcox, Pres.: Bill Hurley, V. Pres.: Ian Ferris. EIGHTH ROW: Darrell Coe, Bob Tomlin, Bob Hetzman, Bob O'Boyle, Sec.: Rex Johnson, Jerry Veeder, Ray Dewey, Jim Mcllugh, Mr. Lee Nelson, Advisor, HI-Y This club, too, sent delegates to the district and state Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y conferences. Among many services this club has sponsored is the box they placed in the halls for old greeting CardS which were sent to help the less fortunate in India, 68 fill' Xi Kq'iY6A'Qiix'bY Oki Swgcgei logic Q P2606 looccegiiari alexa ix 5 ch YPA adyanxi 2596 - '.,"' -w FIRST ROW: Phyllis Rodenbo, Joanne Sova, Elsie McClure, Pat Schnepp, Joyce Young, Marilyn O'Boyle. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Jones, Shelia Horman, Janice Sanders, Judy Pitts, Phyllis Hamp, Ellen Ramsey, Janet Hyde, Joyce Peters, Shirley Tanner. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Leppien, Nancy Caris Shirley Wiitanen, Virgiline Bieske, Donna Root, Jean Buch- anan, Mary Gillon, Helen Bolt, Kay Grosskaph, Donelda Bigelow, Marilyn Hoard. FOURTH ROW: Wanda Bigelow, La Deana Munsell, JoAnna Nernechek, Joyce Norris, Sue Wer- below, Evelyn Croton, Janet Rench, Donna Hinderleider, Pres.: Carol Blanck, Sharon Hamp, Joan Losey, Doratha Hicks, Mrs. Wright, Advisor. GUS qel e Ra mail? Reel Qiowsixoo' EW! evil PS' X16 X-1, X151 ge Pu 'Y Ogg? we ,RCW ra- . ,ab ,RW Oni: SVG' X90 cc is PW e 9 630 Q00 il J 5 S l .lf-my-Na. V 1 'lil , -Q k ,- , 4, FIRST ROW: Bill Hurley, Ramon Bovee. SECOND ROW: Max Densmore, Bruce Siefker, Emmet Rem- boski, Jim Hagadom, THIRD ROW: Mr. Brenner, Advisor: Gordon Hahn, Bob O'Boy1e, Bob Tomlin, Jim McHugh, John Harris, Neil Nelson, Ed McDaid, Bud Wilcox. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Hicks, Advisor: Larry Houghton, Leonard Mailand, Pres.: Sam King, Bill Pyle, Mr. Gratton, Advisor. VARSITY CLUB Fellows that have earned Athletic A's are the members of this club. 69 YXOQ. s , 60 i Erances Porrer, Marv Eiien Pnrriii, xsdariiqn Eniier . SECOND ROW -. Doris vsoberrs, ilafnie Eonnie xsdamers, Pnvhis Eodenbo, Edna Nancv Erirren, Sniia Niarzoii, Advisory, Mice Sreniiik, crair, Vbviiis v EXSLST nov-1-. LaDeana xslknnsei , Yonng, Piiviiis X1 an Dematk, ndariorie Brnndage, Sanice Sanders, 001901 Ys0Cka'ieXXOv4, Parks, Sov ee Verers, Doneida Bigeiovl, Linda Mc Psnawiv. Xndv vsdoerrson, Sandra ingranarn. 'YEXXSLD Y-OXN: Mrs. 'YOWGISPDJ K narrier scxirnva, smneig simon, Sav Xshaiiand, virgnme Eiesise, Sanice Y-vi name, siiirieig Tanner, Marv Soe Eergen, Mona Sean Eooises, Wiirna Y-026. NWS xviiiicr, Ev eivn Robinson, Sniriev Pererson, Caroi ifiinrnen, Eeuv Encnieie, Eva Sracv , Xoan vvagier, Sniriev Gnnderrnan, Rum Conn, Onaiee O'Eovie, ideien Eoir, Barbara Dn- nriiss. .44 Avaii, 1 SoC N-I inf? MZ! me iirsr rirne, 'ine group senr giirs ro me nr services are rendered 'ov mis 5, 'ine E Ad. Ps. Y-egiona Convenrion vi as neXd in Priqna mis vear ior cniidren as Eaoeer. 'Ynev aiso sen: packages ro ikorea. Manv omer irnoorra or ganiz aiion , 'Die big ev enr oi me vear ior mis cinb is me barn dance vfnere 'mev dnoose a queen ro reign over me ie riv iries Besides mis mev periorrn nnrnerons omer acriv iries ior inn and serv ice, " n 9-ocisaieXio-N, Sack Scnneop, Shiriev Tanner QQneen5, On. Carroii Grover . SECOND ROW 1 Ciand Ciare Ernndege, Ken Eigiovl, yienrv Coon, Dean Ciaris, wiand vilisniewvw-i, Ciaii Xa BXXX W- Eeiand Ereed, Rev uwangn, Ered Sonns vveidn, Eerov Senison, Deane Geaiig, Larrv reed, V-on Munn, X06 Taber, George Miko , rignt. EOUWYYX Y-OXN 1 d Be aid, BXXX Y-O . Marion Grover, Sirn Hagen, Ouo rvoacis, Everr Weiis, idarrv Scnaede, Gene kioooer, Xfhiiier, Roger Wiiiiarns. 'YYXXY-D YLOVM Engene F NNeic'n, Sirn xdim, Psndv Me?-ander, Marion Erecnr, Serrv iianiirnan. yliem vvvem, Nieivin vi oiie, Richard Sniriev , Serrig Q0 W. Cniistensen. Undvisory. Bess Eamuer, Marvin Sfnenier, Eiiso narnon, 'Ye vanpruen, Oiiver vvroe, Sack Erecnr, Xonn ifinh, Edo Houck, Cari psnrnangner, Ed Xsdiiier, Ken Yrarr, Marvin Cnnrcki, Larrv wnsher, Dick Xonnson, 7 0 fr. 1 'few . -an . 4 . m LEFT TO RIGHT: John Ludy, Jan Ferris, Philli Lavaun Sova, Miss Adams, Advisor- Cllrtis, Phyllis Van Deln Nelson, Don D p Snyder, Merlynd , Bruce Sieflfer, K ark, Wally Frank, wyer. Bob Tho ? W SCIENCE CLUB This club work take a trip which is of ,Q EIS? Nestell, Janice Dr ay Grosslfoptf Janet Rench, Ioan mpson, Phyllis Wolfe, Denny s hard during the school year to earn enou scientific interest, during the summer. FUTURE NURSES The girls of this club l help ro further their education ' gh Inone p an to m and inte ' y so that ake nurs' rest in n ' ing their career. UIX1 llg, S54 TED: K-HY Gf0Ssk0ptQ Yvonne Cummins, Barbara Casner, Rosemary le Wickman, Adelfa Bena videz. Edna Parkes, Jo Curtiss, Bev De STANDING: Judy Bragg, Mona Jean Fookes, Elouise W' ' Harriet Schultz, Joy Mailand, Miss Rowell Kathleen Brundage, Elaine john ppien, Janice cker, Dorothy Young, illiams, Janet Cater . Advis01y Claudette N son, Helen Bolt, Alera ri-'fi . Joan W estor M Leppie agner, . arlene fl. Pam C . ' fs' vb Wye th Ulnfni ns They en they can joy many trips which I 71 "' of ake . s seiq We N rv 96 iio , me Cm msswels , OW -View gem 60509 FIRST ROW: Marilyn O'Boyle, Phyllis Rodenbo, Kathleen Wiitanen, Lenore Gillon, Janet Hyde, Sheila Horman, Helen Hawes. SECOND ROW: Connie McCall, Joyce Norris, Gretchen Toms, Jan Rottschafer S909 eng, Som I 3600- Mary Gillon, La Deana Munsell, Joyce Young, Donna Hinderleider, ,nec XS te wc Txlexl onqjvllm ss sown THIRD ROW: Alan Cordill, Joanne Sova, Nancy Frederickson, Rose- qrxmx 1009 ' al we mary Jones, Pat Schnepp, Joanne Brown, Doratha Hicks, Donelda This C36 once 3 woismvg :Nd 97 XX Q5 'QC vlgiiciens V3 oexw at ts 1 swden Bigelow, Gordon Hahn. FOURTH ROW: Bill Sinclair, Rosie Leppien, Shirley Wiitanen, Dorothy Harker, Mr. VanDyke, Advisor, Carol Cawrse, Iai1etRench, Marjorie Fuller, Myrna Messecar, Max Dens- more s e5 OK sS3 e M 3 WELL SKI T0 tiff! VICTORYM' 'f' MANISTEE FIRST ROW: Carol Blanck, Joan Losey, LaDeana Munsell, Jan Rottschafer, Marion Baker, Ellen Ramsey, Donna Hinderleider. SECOND ROW: Doratha Hicks, Mr. Rench, Advisor, Nancy Johnson, Max Densmore, Joanna Nemechek, Bob O'Boyle, Deloris Simmons, Jim Hagadorn, Sue Werbelow, Chairman. Muusrzc "Oh, good, we get a pep meeting this momingl I " students say when they see the announcement on the board. Little does anyone realize the work that this committee does to make these pep meetings possible. 72 em, PM I Pl "And now we will proceed with the exercises." Yes, there is a lot of practice on the part of the group that goes into making a beautiful operetta such as "Dow11 in the va1ley" and "A Ballad for American, " This group enters the state vocal music festival, sings for various organizations around the city and also provides us with beautiful hymns for our chapel services. ROW Ig Grace Condell, Janice Wickman, Shirley Neito, Mary Ellen Purtill, Donelda BigC'10W- Ioan Curtis, Director Robert Pratt, Aleta Leppien, Jo Anne Greenway, Velma Smith, Donna Sherman, Colleen Thompson, Sheila llorman, ROW 2: Joyce Norris, Grethen Toms, Dorothy Young, Evelyn Croton, Deloris Bigler, Bernard Lott, Jim La Paugh, Robert Woods, Elmer Crispin, Jan Rottschafer, Jean Buchanan, Connie McCall, Ann llielis, ROW 3: Donna Root, La Deana Munsell, Gail Hooper, Donna Hinderleider, Jo Glen- denning, Bill Sinclair, Maynard Faul, Kenneth Smith, Sharon l-lamp, Myrna Messecar, Carol Blanck, Rosemary Leppien, Janice Sanders. ROW 4: Jack Weatherby, George Campeau, Bob Boelio, Jim Anderson, Ron Johnson, Raymond Brown, Clarence Carlson, Phillip Snyder, Bruce Siefker, John Ludy, Keith John- son Jim Webster, Ted Brannon, .. , -'.W,, .gg . ? Q 4 , - A Q - ROW I: Deloris Bigler, Gretchen Toms, Donna Sherman, Connie McCall, Nancy Johnson, Aleta lfeppien, ROW 21 Maynard Faul, Joe Glendenning, Director Robert Pratt, Stuart Shook, Bill Sinclair. This group of selected voices is now in its second year of entertaining, 73 l 1 ir 5 , CAoru5 -r,l 5 . Many have benefited from the music produced by this pop- ular group of boys. ROW 1: Dick Johnson, Donald Dwycr, Robert Rhodes, Chris Goutis, Bill Hurley. ROW 2: Elmer Crispin, Bob Boclio, Max Dcnsmore, Stuart Shook, Jim L:iPaugh, Director Robert Pratt. ROW 3: Emmet Rem- boski, Bob O'Boyle, Earl Lucas, John Hull, Jerry San- ders, Jim Hagadorn. ROW 4: Neil Nelson, Richard Moore, Larry Houghton, Raymond Brown, Clarence Carlson, Bruce Scifker. These girls mect twicc a wccl during the second period, They sing various types of music and make a few public appearences. ROW I: Adelfa Benavidez, Marjorie Hamlin, Alice Sich- lik, Francis Potter, Deloris Humphrey, Phyllis Salazar, Director Robert Pratt. ROW 2: Rosemary Van Meer, Mar- jorie Fuller, Eva Stacy, Wilrn Recd, Nadine Race, Vivian Beebe, Shirley Gundcrman, Leah Robinson. ROW 31 Mary Moffett, Alberta Avery, Elaine Ayris, Janice Drake, Carol Race, Kay Hamlin, Juanita Rausch. S35 ' - .1 , I f K-. 01 4 ill U1 74 my Ogri 7 CAOPM6 1 .,4-Q . What is a pep meeting or a game without music? The pep band provides this music and does a fine job. FIRST ROW: Elmer Crispin, Phyllis VanDcmark, Altria Woods, SECOND ROW: Dale Hanson, Sandra Walsh, Alcta Lt-ppien, Beverly Decker, Alan Cordill, Manager, Gerald Fitzgerald, Rosemary VanMeer, Merlynd Nestle. THIRD ROW: Kenny Smith, Bud McFadden Ray Brown, Bill Sinclair, Wallace Frank, Rose- mary Leppien, Rive ew 1- 1- -,v- - H--, --- Y 'WA 4,32 , we-V, -vw- Band fa, amz This musical organization, be- sides giving several minor con- certs and assemblies a year, gives a major spring concert, Although this is the big event ofthe year, many assemblies are also supple- mented by it's music, FIRST ROW: Doris Roberts, Mari- lyn Mills, Leroy Pratt, Denny Nelson, Elmer Crispin, Phyllis VanDemark, Jack Weatherby, Bob Redman, Henry Washburn, Alma Woods, Gerald Fitzgerald, SECOND ROW: Mr, R.A. Yoder, Instructor, Wilma Thrush, Sandra Walsh, Joyce Remsberg, JoAima Nemeeheck, Ray Brown, Merlynd Nestle, Aleta Leppien, Donelda Bigelow, Rosemary VanMeer, Nancy Jessup, Beverly Decker, Linda McAnnelan. THIRD ROW: Adelpha Benevidiz, Rosemary Leppien, Vern Brown, Kenny Smith, Cinda McAnallen, Yvonne Citmmiiis, Gerry Detloff, Annette Johnson, Shirley Tanner, FOURTH ROW: Dale Hanson, Dorothy Rockefellow, Alan Cordill, Leslie Jones, Gerald Peska, Dave Heffle- bower, Jake Cook, Ray Dewey, Wallace Franks, Jim Anderson, 1,l3VT TU RIGHT: Shirley Tanncr, Joanne Sova, Alera Leppien, Virgiline Bieske Myrna Mtsstcar This formation of high stepping gals led the band through its paces at all performancts pn OO 9 I u ,QIQQQQQQX 5044 I in Many students enjoy the popular films shown during the noon hour each week and of course thost shown during assemblies and classes. These films are all run by the members of this club, FIRST ROW: Doris Roberts, Cinda McAnallen, Delores Humphrey, Rosemary Van Meer, Linda Mc- Anallen. SECOND ROW: Delores Bigler, Bev Decker, Gretchen Toms, Rosemary Leppien, Orpha Grubaugh, Evelyn Robinson, Elaine Johnson. THIRD ROW: Richard Heuschele, Bob Johnson, Kenny Smith, Bud McFadden, Janet Rench, lim Webster, Joyce Norris, Pam Cummins. 76 ourna iam This year the job of collecting a fee to support the paper was eliminated by the activity ticket. The journalism class puts out our mimeographed paper, the "Student Voice." ABOVE, SEATED: Bill Sin- clair, Joan Losey, Connie McCall, Sharon Roslund, Neil Nelson, Alan Cordill STANDING, FIRST ROW: Beverly Dast, Marilyn O'Boylc, Bonnie Mathers, Jeanne Sova, Alera beppicn, Doratha Hicks, Colleen Thotnpson. SEC- OND ROW: Mr, Joe Van- Dyke, Advisor, Marilyn Hoard, Bob Boelio, Claud- ette Nestor, Donna Hinder- leider, Myrna Messecar, Nancy Johnson, Joyce Norris, Pat Liberty. I 4X M"'?l,.,. .'.',,,, '. 'WG 1--M.. J 159,-ia-, -,W i F I 1 c, Y ., ! f s,'s - 5 , ,,.,,h M N' 4' tg- . Scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character mark the members of the highest scholastic club in our high school. In order to become a member these are the standards a student must reach. Wa fiona! ,Honor ociefy P AT LEFT, FIRST ROW: Edna Parks, Mary Gillon, Helen Hawes, Donald Dwyer, Jan Rottschafer, Nancy Frederick son, Dorothy Harker, Pat Schnepp, Wilma Reed, Pam Cummins, Bill Sinclair, CROSS BAR: Shirley Wiitanen Wilma Thrush, Miss Madison Advisor, Mr. Fullerton, Ad- visor. SECOND ROW: Jan Ferris, Carol Blanck, Rich- ard Heuschele, Yvonne Cummins, Carl Amaugher, Janet Rench, Joyce Rems- berg, Rosemary VanMeer, John Ludy, Deane Gearig. Camera Shy: Eleanor Cox, Sharon Hamp, Pres., Sandra Walsh. I RETAILING AND OFFICE CLUB "Whistle while you work, " say these students, They take com- mercial courses in school and work part time to practice what they learned in class. FIRST ROW: Bernard Winn, Ruperta Salazar, Beverly Dast, Rosemary Jones, Kay Grosskoph, Joyce Casner, Marjorie Fuller, Robert Johnson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Van Meer, Bill Peterson, Edna Miller, Elaine Johnson, Janet Hellman, Jeanette Strack, Elouise Williams, Gayla Hamlin, Marilyn Zinn Helen Bolt, Stuart Shook. THIRD ROW: Delbert Mathers, Dora Gurski, Joan Brown, Dorothy Young, Virgiline Bieske, Ellen Ramsey, Jo Lee Curtiss, Joan Losey, Janet Rench, Jim Ellenbaas. DRAMATICS CLUB A night of one act plays was a big 4 success. A number of mem- bers spent a day in Ithaca as guests for their Dramatics Day. Its members also were repre- sented in a fairy tale which was presented in the spring, FIRST ROW: Rosemary Van Meer, Ann Hicks, Mary Gillon, Doris Roberts, Marilyn O'Boyle, Phyllis Rodenbo, Shelia Horman, Sharon Roslund, Judy Pitts, Doratha Hicks, Shirley Tanner, Jane Kapellas, Marion Baker, OW D 1 ' Simmons, Elsie Van Alstine, Joyce Norris, Jeanne Kathleen Wiitanen, Dorothy Losey. SECOND R : e oris Sova, Bonnic Mathers, Elsie McClure, Joyce Young, Connie McCall, LaDeana Munsell, Janice Sanders, Chris Goutis, Joyce Peters, Phyllis VanDemark, Edna Parks, Shirley Peterson. THIRD ROW: Jan Ferris, Mari- lyn Hoard, Virgiline Bieske, Nancy Johnson, Sue Werbelow, Beverly Musser, Mary Jane Woodward, Jean Buchanan, Myrna Messecar, Claudette Nester, Carol Cawrse, Joan Curtis, Gerry Detloff, Betty Buchele, Beverly Decker, Lavaun Sova, Colleen Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Bob Boelio, Bob Hetzman, John Ludy, Bob Johnson, Max Densmore, Mr. Van Dyke, Bob Woods, Bob O'Boyle, Janet Rench, Donald Dwyer, Yvonne Cummins, Alan Cordill, Gerald Fitzgerald, LIBRARY CLUB This organiza- tion does an excellent job of taking care of our school library and seeing that our books are kept in a readable condition. They also staff the desk in the library during their study halls. FIRST ROW: Beverly Decker, Beverly La Bonville, Janet Cater, Deloris Bigler, Marjorie Hamlin, Vivian Beebe, Orpha Jane Grubaugh, Kathleen Brundage. Barbara,Duvall, Pam Cummins, Verna W SECOND ROW: Jaunita Rausch, Yvonne Cummins, Wilma Reed, Marlene Wyeth, Edna Parks, Miss Besener, Yvonne Beard, Alice Stehlik. 2 3 Imam, was . Splashl Another period of fun begins for these people who have formed a club of swimming enthu- siasts. Requirments? You must be able to swim a mile and have either a junior or senior life saving certificate, ROW 1: lean McClure, Virginia Larkin, Lorna Willard, Karen Woodard, Iudy Smith. ROW 2: Mrs. Paula Wright, Lavaun Sova, LaDeana Munsell, Carol Blanck, Marion Baker, Lenore Gillon, Mari- lyn Hoard, ROW 3: Joe Nemechek, Denny Veeder, Jerry Veeder, Ted Brannan, Merlynd Nestell. SEATED: Rosemary Leppien, Max Densmore, Joanne Sova, Sue Werbelow, Alera Leppien. STAND ING: Bill Sinclair, Mr. Jim Morrison, advisor. 3-I-2 and then begins another assembly planned by this group of students and their advisor. gg., , . 79 1' Sn T , , f CUSTODIANS What would we do without them? A clean school kept 6, that way by these people makes it a pleasanter place to live. Mrs. Eleanor Rhodes, Gordon Sanders, Lrving Monroe, Mr. Rench, Instructorg Shirley Neito, Ray Dewey, Joyce Young, Jan Ferris, Evart Welch, Marilyn O'Boyle, Jerry Taber, Henry Wells, Marilyn Mills, Kaye Babbcock, Jeanine King, Roger Pung, Leroy Pratt, Doris Roberts, Judy Olsen, Richard Hall, DRIVER TRAINING Under the direction of their advisor these students learn how to drive. Through classroom instruction and actual training behind the wheel they learn the fundamentals of correct driving and in time can apply for permits or even licenses. gd 80 . Phone 40 lone Hoard lONE'S BEAUTY SHOP "We Make Loveliness Love1ier" Compliments of LIST'S MACHINE SHOP General Production Work Wright Hotel Alma 114 Allen TOWNSEND'S Our Best to You Class Of 1953 Central Michigan's Florists SAWKINS Music and Furniture . ' . Greenhouse - St. Louis Your Dealer Flower Shop - Alma "Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere Compliments of GELLER'S JEWELRY Congratulations and Diamonds Best Wishes Watches Sllverwafe wATER's SHOE STORE 119 E. Superior Alma . Alma SPORTSMAN'S CENTER b Outdoor Man' s Headquarters Everything for the Home at O 306 E. Superior PACKARD FURNITURE Your Love Cedar Chest Dealer Alma The COOKS MAIN CAFE Store for Youth Excellent Meals W. Superior Alma E. Superior Alma il! 81 VARSITY SHOP DON ELSEA Books Sporting Goods Jeweler Compliments of Best Wishes to ALMA HATCHERY The Class of 1953 Baby Chicks MILLER'S MEN'S SHOP Ph 71 one Distinctive Mens Apparel Alma Flowers for all Occasions CAPLE FLOWER SHOP Don Walsh Prop. Phone 277 Alma Congratulations From C0f1'1P1im9f1tS of the MODERN STATE RESTAURANT CLEANERS TOMS MARTIN STORES SHELL. Quality Men's Wear SERVICE At Town Famous Prices Clyde Toms Proprietor 82 ,, sl ,- 3, - x Best of luck to "The Class of 53" At the present and in the future "Our friends you will always be." Mid-West Refineries , Inc. HOME OF THE FAMOUS PLATFORMED GASOLINE Grand Rapids, Michigan ETHVl NEW Alma, Michigan 83 Compliments of FERRIS SHOP There is Nothing Permanent In Fashion Except Good Taste 310 State Tel. 420 Class of 1953 MORRIS Almas Friendly Store Best Wishes JIM BROWN GREENING AND SON Town and Country Store Chevrglet Sales 311 E. Superior Alma Compliments of DOUD DRUG STORE Good Luck to the Class of 1953 Congratulations Best Wishes To the Class of 1953 QUALITY PRINTING Class of '53 BROWN COAL Company Company Paul R. Cordill - Prop CHURCH Compliments of J E WELE RS LAMERSONS The Store that Confidence Built Shoe Store 113 E. Superior Alma 232 E. Superior Alma 84 4-V .Arm-.., lf ,lt-, 1, A HIJ Q U 'f UWAIN' ,.., 0.,...-,, . ..-W D V e mg Q rm . un EU X e X g 1 - i d: 3 HH H '8. 's l g x Qll' LUMBER afcom. ful ' g if Rik sg-Zfgam may it .LHABIT K M ' Nl fwMe2veeg2aw.,,4M ., Compliments of HHST STHTE BHHH UF HLMH mu-sms-Human 73 Years of Successful Banking In Helping to Build a Better Community in Which to Live O R 55 ooo ooo I M b Fd lDp tl Cp Compliments of lUBDEll-EMEHU MHHUFHCTUHIHB GUMPHHU Alma, Michigan Y 85 T "If Your Floor is shabby "Q' ' fy .fir It's a Job For Abbey" Compliments of ' ABBEY Floor Coverings 130 West Superior Phone 437 BELL'S I. G. A. SUPER MARKET Alma "Good Luck Panthers" CITY DRUG Phone 1 ALMA FURNITURE E E I 124 W. Superior ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! Alma Phone 891 Compliments of GIANT SUPER MARKETS The Beautiful Food Stores Where the Things You Want Are the Things That Count Price - Quality - Service Best Wishes GAYS 5 and 10 Alma UNION TELEPHONE CO. The Value of the Telephone is Greater Than the Cost Nr. Km., Alma " st? 5. 86 3 ' . d r:gN vu W' MHP f few LEONARD X tune gasohn .- . av Compliments of MCHUGH Best Wishes Ford To the Class of '53 Sales WESTERN AUTO STORE "You can pay more but Phone 86 Alma You can't buy better" 119-121 West Superior St. Alma "Your Fashion Stores Thru-out Michigan" Educate your Children Be st Wishes BYERLY'S SUPER MARKET ALMA STATE BANK Complete Banking Service Member F. D. I. C. Best Wishes ALMA DAIRY 88 ,,,..i-S YIIRIOUKS MVXFSANDLO INC TOYIKA KANSAS '-vffww-f ww- fr-1'f.,Mw-J ff. f"j?:f7! AJ rg.. gi 49--, mv .13 i

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