Alma High School - Panther Tales Yearbook (Alma, MI)

 - Class of 1952

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.:" ,..,--1: Y -Q 2 5 1 -R 2 w E fp 'Q' pi 1.2 E.. li.. F , 4 E 4 Q.,--1 wr 17.,i.....LAa4.-...,...,.4,i.4,.. .., . , W, K , 'MM W,. ,pi 11 sfo .- C5349 I 2: if?54Sl:' 'M f ' ig ? .L TK' - ,g s -.zz --vet EE 'ff f A-dwg ' W H 5 i 6 - v nyng, 2555 HHN X 'X i D 0 My DEDICATION o you, who, verlooked our faults, ffered the farriily car, nderstood our troubles, endered a helping hand, aid our bills, nswered our questions, espected our "adulthood", ndured long, tiring hours waiting up for us, ever ceased to wonder about us, ucked us in bed, o we, the annual staff of Alma High School, dedicate the '52 PANTHER TALES to you Spons or ed by D ON E LSEA FOREWORD A little stream runs on and on, following its never ending course, just as the time flows forever with nothing to stop it. This past year is nothing more than a mere ripple in the stream of time. But it is these millions of ripples that made up the past, present, and future. And in each of these ripples are the individuals, the workings of time. It is in the pages of this book that the memories of one mere ripple are recorded, so that we may recall, someday, when we've traveled downstream, this one little ripple which plays so great a part in keeping the stream flowing along the right course. ANNUAL STAFF SEATED: Mary Sova, Art Editorg Peggy Shong, typistg Barbara Russell, Photography, Russell Moffett, Editor-in- chief, Marilyn Larkin and Kay House, Make-upg Pat Guinand, Features Editorg Dick Nelson, Business Manager. STANDING: Barbara Roth, Photography, Ron Vliet, Sales Manager: Priscilla Losey, Assistant Editorg Helen Joynt, Advertising, Bob Wagner, Sports Editor. Not pictured, Denny Nelson, Junior High staff Member. Sponsored by FIRST STATE BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Z SEPTEMBER . Alma High's doors open wide. 7 . Black Friday for Soph- K. ,I .S pp somores. H Q is 'U ' ' 7. Kouncil Kickoff . 'Q 14. First game-Traverse 1 ,237 City, there. MASQ. , ' 21. Annual Barn Dance. 28. St. Johns, here. 4- W OCTOBER N 5. Ithaca, there. 1 11. Pep Rally for Home- FLBRUARY Q, Coming. 1. Midland, there. 12. Homecoming game- 5. Mt. Pleasant, here Mt. pleasant, here, 8. Holland Christian, 7 X 13. Homecoming Ball. here- icaflceuedl 19. Flint Tech, here. Hearts' Dee-light 26. Fremont, there. gance attgenter' 1 wosso, ere. A 31' 132122368511 Flint Tech., here. 5 Center. NOVEMBER MARCH, n Z. Grand Haven, here. 5-8. District Basketball 8. Cadillac game, here. Plalhoffs' ccanceued, 12-15. Regional Basketball 9. Students shovel off Playfoffs' football field. 21- Mafdls Gras- 10. Cadillac, here. 27- Hi-Y Follies. 16. Senior Carnival. 22-23. Thanksgiving vacation. 29-30. Se1'1l.O1' Play, H.lVlOth8I' Is A Freshman". First basketball game- Cr. R. Creston, there. 30. DECEMBER 3-8. T. W. I. R. 7 Fremont, here. . T. W. I. R. P. Dance. P. Week. MAY 2. 11' Grfienvlue' here' 14. Junior and Senior Ban- 14. Ionia, here. 18. Mt. Pleasant, there. quet' 28. Godwin Heights, here. JUNE 29- New Yealgs Ball at 4. Junior-Senior Picnic. Center- 5. Commencement. Sponsored by FOWI..ER'S FOOD MARKET JANUARY 8. St. Louis, there. ll. Midland, here. 15. St. Johns, there. 1. Tri-Hi-Y Community Worship Service. 19. Spring Formal. "The Princess and The Sleeping Wood" 19. Traverse City, there. 25. Fremont, there. gp l Glam ,'Affer A our P1llS'y Long, H Q ard Day What S . The 30k Man s Best Friends" ll e'? 7 "Yon Cassius Hath A Lean And Hungry Look" Sponsored by MOODY FUNERAL HOME 4 Q 4 'Ak "Really, Myrna? ? " .A wx T sTT i i sggfgfiiggl 3 yi, We .W W. , ' ft: ' lA . . ' L' , ji m , "f' ' " l,f f M. ,,, N ........ ,..... W ' T T s ' , f1'.fIf1NQQ' ..."'..'Z' .."'.'I'. T 1 , .JL lA D c A I iii ,flgg'T,,.ff IZ Z ' X T 'fu' E u T M 5....... ..... F4 ! Dr. El. R. Remsberg Treasurer Dr. E. L. Kirschbaum N Trustee 4 .----Q Dr. Harold Dean T rustee Stan Vliet Secretary Dr . Rex Wilcox President Sponsored by SAWKINS 5 LEONARD KASLANDER MARILLA I. PARFITT LEO VAN MEER A,B, Hope College B,S.Central Michigan College of A.B, Michigan State Normal Col- Basic Business, Typing, Bookkeeping, Education lege, A.M.Wayne University Activities Treasurer, "Well, the ser- Shorthand, Typing. "Is everybody Retailing, Office Training, Commercial mon's over for today." ready?" Training Co-ordinator, "What was I FAC utw l HUGH M. FRANKS EDNA CARVER WALTER RENCH B. S, Central Michigan College of B,S, Western Michigan College of B.S, Western Michigan College of Education Education Education General Shop, Farm Shop. "Go to Art. "Where are my scissors?" Mechanical Drawing, Driver Education, w01'k," Pep Committee. "Put on the Brakesl " Spcxsoved by: MILLER BODY AND AUTO CO. 6 V, W, HICKS PAULA WRIGHT R.A. YODER A.B, , M, A, , University of Michi- B. S, , Western Michigan College of B. S. , Central Michigan College of gan Education Education Physical Education. "Today we'l1 Physical Education, Pantherette Instrumental Music. "That reminds do calisthenics. Advisor, Girls' Intramural. "In line, me of a joke I heard. " girls." FACULTY ROBERT PRATT B. M. , Oberlin College Vocal Music. "Don't breathe! " f ,'. 'C 1 1 if , GERALYNE TOWERSEY B, S, , Central Michigan College of Education Homemaking, Effective Living, F. H,A, Advisor. "It's got to be in by tomorrow." MAYNARD CHRISTENSEN B.S. , Michigan State College Farm Crops and Soils, Animal Hus- bandry, Advanced Agriculture, F. F.A. Advisor, Honor Society Ad- visor. "An F.F.A. boy is a good one Sponsored by QUALITY PRINTING CO. ETHELYN ADAMS A,B. , Alma College Biology, Science Club Advisor, Soph- ' omore Class Advisor. "No comments RICHARD FULLERTON A.B. , Sterling College, M, A. , University of Southern California Physics, Chemistry, Solid Geometry, Senior Class Advisor, "That reminds me, when I was out West. .. " PARM MAYER A,B, , Olivet College, A. M. , University of Michigan World History, Sociology, Iunior Class Advisor. . and what?" Sponsored by: LIST MACHINE SHOP from the two cent seats. " FAC ULTV MARIAN G, LIST A,B,, Alma College Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Adv, Algebra.Counselor, Tri-Hi-Y Advisor, Annual Staff Advisor, Chap- el Committee Advisor, Assembly Com mittee Advisor. "By gollyl " DELMAR C. BRENNER B, S. , Central Michigan College of Education American History, American Govern- ment, Boys' Intramural, CenterDi- rector. "I'd vote for Prohibition." LES GRATTON B,S. Western Michigan College of Education American History, Geography, Hon- or Society Advisor. "l wouldn't. " MIRIAM BESEMER DOROTHY M. MONTIGEL A,B, Michigan State NormalCollege A.B. MaIygIOV6 C0l'16ge A.M. University of Michigan English, Speech, Honor Society Latin, Library, Library Club Advisor, Advisor. "I just d0l'1't agree with that. " Junior Class Advisor. "Salute, discipules. " FACULTY JAMES MORRISON A. B. Alma College Spanish. "By the same token, .. " I BEATRICE S. KREN B.S. Central Michigan College of MARTHA MADISON M. A. University of Michigan English Literature, American Literature, Senior Class Advisor. "We'll have a little test now. " Education JOE VAN DYKE Director of Audio-Visual Education, B. S. Manchester College Projectionist Advisor. "Who's supposed English. Journalism. Dramatics Club to sh: ' A Advisor. "I just received a modelhome. " Sponsored by: ARGENT STYLE SHOP w Yesterday is a page turned. You can not add one line to it or erase one word from it. Today is yours, an unmeasurable treasure house of golden opportunities, a hugh sea of unfathomed possibilities. No man has yet discovered the limit of accomplishment that may be crowded into a day. Today is yours--use it! F. R. PHILLIPS Superintendent To the members of the Ninth Grade: y V May your memories of the years E Y Vpppp spent in Junior High be happy ones but 'S' may they challenge you to greater endeavor in your high school years to 4 Come' ,zv., T Principal Jr. High Graduation from high school is a significant milestone to those who are going somewhere, but don't stop here "The future belongs to those who prepare for it." W. W. SHULTS Principal Spons ored by GITTLEMAN' S CLASS OF '52 Class Colors.. Green and White Class Flower.. White Rose Clas s Motto.. With the well rang the bells of ropes of the past. the future . ' Va11anCC. ' -Presrdenltltfiauon , bwa ner. V106 Lrrss OFFICERS: Pnscrlla LoseY- SeC'e'a'Y' B0 g sENr0RC President Sponsored by AR T FARNSWORTH C RYS ER-PLYM OUTH SALES AND SERVICE 11 . tat uncrl RSI-lfesen o Ioyce van Norman- Smdem CO Dale Nauagon, Treasurer: an , iV6. if I X N N-qwwz-1 'E 'awxfp 5 .,f-M"-'-MM V' :wh-1 in Sponsor ALMA STATE BANK 12 ,,. . X 3 5' 'IZ' Q Ji V 1' -5. 5 5 3 . .5 - ,irgzfjf .1 on fu e .,..f. . Q' ,j . .4.,,,,. nf .K f.1Qi?i'J2l 5 .V ' gli 3+ 5',,ggLg,,3i :mfg r w tf- 'f1- - 5-5.2 , lg, "'i:P'7:m '4 xxx. z., . xv .--our 11 at 'f133f'3 K E I 'TE 2451 rf E Tvs: ' :T 9 5545 . , 5: i ilif. 53.4 -sz? Q-sin if if ' wi-5 ar BARBARA JOY BAIR "The average girls would rather have beauty than brains because the aver age man can see better than he can think. " Girls' Intramural,2,35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Chapel Com- mittee 3,45 Retailing 82 Office Club 45 Dramatics Club 2,3', 45 Student Council 4. SALLY IO BAIRD "Sal" "Not thatl love study less, I love fun more. " Girls' Intramural 25 Senior Play Crew 45 Retailing 8: Office Club 45 Choir 2, 45 Dramatics Club 45 Student Council 3. VIOLET M. BAKER "vt" "Not the Kellogg variety, but she's full of pep." Student Voice 45 Choir 25 Future Nurses Club 3-4- WALLACE S. BARR,Jr. "Sid" "Women are the least of my troubles." Tennis Team 3,4. SHIRLEY JO ALEXANDER "When we are collecting books, we are collecting happiness." Girls' Intramural 2, 3,45 Pantherettes 3,45 F. H.A. 2, 3, 45 Choir I5 Library Club 2, 3,45 Future Nurses Club 4. RALPH ANDERSON "Andy" "Great floods have flown from simple sources." Piano Movers 25 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3,45 Boys' Intra- mural 4. FAYE JOAN AYERS "Oh, the lovely fickleness of an April Day. " Girls' Intramural 2, 3,45 F.H.A. 2, 35 Retailing 85 Office Club 45 Choir CAROLE IANIS BABCOCK "Do you not know I am a woman? When I think I must speak. " Gi-rls' Intramural 2, 35 Senior Play Crew 45 Chapel Committee 3,4: Student Voice 45 Choir 1,2, 45 Dra- Sponsored by the REDMAN TRAILER CO. 2 matics Club 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 3. ROY HOWARD BAYLISS "skip" "What a wonderful piece of work is man5 I am one of them. " Piano Movers 35 Basketball 45 Football Squad 45 Track Team 2, 3, 45 Cross Country Team 2, 35 Projectionists Club 2, 35 Boys' Intramural 2, 3,4. BARBARA BEARD "Brevity is the soul of wit. " Senior Play Cast 45 Chapel Committee 45 Student Voice 45 Retailing 82 Office Club 45 Library Club 25 Tumbling 2. RUTH BENNETT "Mike" "Just because you can't see the sun, is no sign it isn't shining." Vestaburg High School I,2, 3. A BETTY BRECHT "Smooth runs the water when the brook is deep." Girls' Intramural 2, 35Retailing 81 Office Club 4. A Spons ored by the REDMAN TRAILER CO. r ' W1 'HMXXBER CHARLES BROWN "He looks safe, but so does gun- powder. " Football Squad 45 Baseball Team 3, 45 Class Vice President 2. PATRICIA LOUISE BROWN "Pat" "I wish there were some way to start the day other than getting up." Glrls' Intramural 2, 35 Senior Play 35 Choir 35 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Dramatics Club 45 Center Board 3. WAYNE BROWN "Beware, I may yet be great." Basketball 45 Football Squad 2, 3,45 Track Team 1,2 3, 45 Chapel Committee 3,45 Choir 3,45 Center Board 2, 35 Senior Carnival Chairman 45 Piano Movers 2. MARY KAY CARIS "There was a star danced, and under that Iwas born. " Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Panther- ettes 3, 45 Senior Play Cast 41 Band l,2,35 Chapel Committee 2, 3,45 Ski Club 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Tumbling 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 3,45 Pep Band 3. Cast 45 F. H.A. 25 Chapel Committee imtiiigq f-'fQi,.Yj.i ,L . ' S, I. QT' if E, - - iii! V i --:. F12 :fi Q11 i - I vi 19,512.15- V f is?,gzgizig1:5 :ggi 22? 5 w 2 gif, Tliffxii EH-ilgliisigggaig, f , .gfittfizfgf-.4 5 Yt'?fif1i'i7QTff? -- K- na W it ii, Saga-5 IW 'st if led 41 1, afzrem -1-ex 531 Qgrarsg ,,, -' er.- zz 5 5..E3l51' if ' "ff ,.gl55:,:5:1s,l:5r.frr,f5' 51533 FTE Q rl.-fr--of ,mr V A " mgbazgl. - '11'5si:" , ,, , fr., A kink. GLEE CONNER "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Retailing gl Office Club 45 choir 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 3. LUCILLE M. CORL "Lucy" "She loves a lively argument to pass the time away, but Lucy's never satis- fied until she's had her way. " Girls' Intramural 2, 3, 45 Pantherettes 45 F. H.A. 2, 3,45 Bowling 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Choir 2, 3,4. ISABEL CAROL DAILEY "Isy" "Her heart is like a moon, there's a man in it. " Girls' Intramural 2, 35 F.H.A. 2, 3, 45 Student Voice 35 Retailing 8a Office Club 3, 4. WILDA MARIE DAVIDSON "Smiles" "If smiles were dollar bills she's never have to work. " Girls' Intramural 25 F, H.A. 35 Retailing 8s Office Club 4: Choir I,2. IOAN MARY CATER "Io" "She's in Alma now, but is her heart?" Girls' Intramural 25 Senior Play Crew 45 Future Nurses Club 2, 3. DWIGHT LESLIE CHISHOLM "Chis" "His friends are many, his foes are there Track Team 2, 3, 45 Boys' Intramural 3,4. DEO EUGENE CLINE make. " F.F.A. I,2:II1tl'alTlul'aI 35 Piano Movers 3. PATRICIA ANN CONN "Patty" "It won't be long now." Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Senior Play Cast 45 F. H.A. 2, 35 Student Voic Retailing 8: Office Club 4. Sponsored by the REDMAN TRAILER CO. . . . any? Hi-Y 3, 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Football Squad 3, 45 "You know him by the noise he doesn 63' ROSALINE MARIE FOOKES "Action speaks louder than words, but not so often. " Girls' Intramural 2, 33 F.H.A. 2, 35 Retailing 8E Office Club 4. ZELMA FREED "Zel" "The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. " F. I-LA. 2, 3g Girls' Intramural 4. LORALYN IDRAINE GALLAGHER "Lynn" "To have a friend one must beg friend." Girls' Intramural 2,3,4g Pantherettes 3,4: F.H.A. 2 3g Chapel Committee 35 Retailing 85 Office Club 4: Tennis Intramural 3, 4: Student Council 3. BRUCE WILLIAM GARDNER "Egg" "What he hath scanted men in hair, he hath given them ln wit. " Hi-Y 45 Basketball 3, 4g Football Squad 3: Baseball Team 2,3, 45 Track Team 1,2, 3,4: Cross Country Team 2, 3,45 Chapel Committee 3. 4: ski club 4: Science Club 4: Boys' Intramural 2. L... -, . -5 ,qi t, New W 'I -A r' Q. Q 5. It fig 'Wifi V .f .re 1.-. .I Yzffe. vw it - if if ' . ii' f P 'isa 5 li .5 luv--"' PATRICIA GUINAND "Think all you speak5 but speak not all you think." Piano Movers 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Senior Play Crew 45 Homecoming Committee Chairman 45 Chapel Com- mittee 2, 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Choir 3, 45 Madrigal Choristers 45 Honor Soci- ety 3,45 Pep Committee 45 Dramatics Club 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 4. BETTY HAHN "Being good is an awful tiresome job." Piano Movers 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4: Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Chapel Committee 3, 45 Student Council 3: Choir 35 Pep Committee 35 Dramatics Club 2, 3. FRANK HINDERLEIDER "'Henry" "Walking is not a lost art5 one must somehow get to the garage. " Hi-Y 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Band I, 2, 35 Boys' Intramural 4. DORENE HOLCOMB "There are no quitters in the hall of fame." Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Panther- ettes 3, 45 Chapel Committee 2, 35 Student Council Treasurer 35 Retailing 8: Office Club 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3. ZELDA GEE "Zel" "Never do for yourself what you can get others to do for you. " Girls' Intramural 45 F.H.A. 2, 3. JOHN GOETZ. "Let the world slip5 we shall ne'er be younger." Piano Movers 35 Basketball 25 Football Squad 25 Track Team 2, 3, 45 Cross Country Team 2, 3,45 Band I,2, 35 Choir 2, 3,45 Projectionists Club 2, 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 35 Boys' Intramural 2, 3. LYLE GOSSETT jg H "Blessed be agriculture! If one does Q fl, f ,,., not have too much of it. " , V, L A '-'- 'ru hifi, . . , ... Mg F'F-A-112v3.4- Q ' .M 3 . V . WARREN GROSS ,L , "Why walk when my car runs? " Piano Movers 35 Senior Play Crew 4 . Boys' Intramural 2. Sponsored by REDMAN TRAILER COMPANY 18 KAY HOUSE "Large oaks from little acoms grow. " Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Homecoming Court 45 Band l,2Q Chapel Committee 45 Annual Staff 45 Student Voice 45 Honor Society 2, 3,45 Dramatics Club 3,45 Class Secretary 35 Tumbling 25 Tennis Intramural 2, 35 Student Council 3. ROGER E. HUDSON "A man more sinned against than sinningl " Baseball Team 2, 3, 4. BARBARA JOHNSON "The seniors' gift to the out of town boys." Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Senior Play Crew 45 Choir 2, 3,45 Library Club 25 Dramatics Club 3,45 Chapel Committee 4. HELEN JOYNT "The blush is beautiful, but some- times lnconvenient. " Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Band I, 2, 35 Chapel Committee 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Center Board 25 Homecoming co-chairman 45 Student Council 3. Sponsored by LAMERSON'S -Shoes- Roblee- -Airstep- -Buster Brown RAYMOND JUDGE "Time tells on a man -- especially a good time." Retailing 8a Office Club 4. DONALD RAYMOND KENNY "The day shall not be up so soon as I to try the fair adventure of tomorrow. Piano Movers 2, 3,45 Boys' Intramural 45 F.F.A. I,2, 3, 45 Baseball Team 45 HM KIRSCHBAUM "All the great men are dying5 I don't feel so well Piano Movers 2, 3, 4: Football Squad 2, 3, 45 Track Team 2,3, 45 Band 1,25 Student Voice 45 Ski Club 4 I Boys' Chorus 45 Dramatics Club 35 Projectionists Club 25 Boys' Intramural 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,4. "Some are wise . . . some otherwise." Redford High School 1,25 Band I,2, 3,4. I s ii 'iss me rf is .11,. . 555 .5 1251 5 'H 'i PRISCILLA LOSEY "A little woman is as capable as a big man, when raising cain. " Tri-Hi-Y 45 Girls' Intramural 2, 3,45 Pantherettes 3,45 Chapel Committee 35 Annual Staff 45 Student Voice 2, 45 Retailing 8a Office Club 4, Officer on State Board5 Honor Society 2, 3,45 Pep Committee 45 Tennis Intramural 2, 35 Office Club 25 Tumbling 25 Class Secretary 45 Student Council Representative 4. KEITH LYTLE "Let every man be master of his time till seven at night. " Intramural 2, 3,45 Retailing Sz Office Club 4. IESSE MANNAUSAU "They say greater men have lived but I doubt it." r.F.A.1,2,3,4. ROSS S. MARZOLF "Time waits for no one." Piano Movers 25 Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Basketball, Mgr. 25 Football Squad, Mgr. 25Track Team, Mgr. 2: BONNIE LANSHAW "Sunshine and rain at onceg her smiles and tears." F. H.A. 45 Retailing 8: Office Club 4. LEONA L. LANSHAW "Where words fail, music speaks." Senior Play Crew 45 Girls' Intramural 35 Band I,2,33 Choir 1, 2, 4. MARILYN LARKIN "The course of true love never did run smooth." Piano Movers 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Girls' Intramural 2, 3,45 Pantherettes 3.4: Senior Play Cast 45 Bowling 45 Band I 2, 3, 45 Chapel Committee 3, 45 An- drigal Choristers 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Pep Committee 35 Tennis Intramur al 2, 35 Future Nurses Club 2, 3, 45 Dra Tumbling 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 3,45 Pep Band I ,2, 3, 4. ARLENE LEITER "All words are pegs to hang ideas on. Girls' Intramural 25 Student Voice 45 Retailing 85 Office Club 45 Choir 2, 35 Club 3. Science Club 2, 3,45 Boys' Intramural 2, 3,4. SP0n50red PY SHROYER'S Infants and Children's Wear 20 Shoes Infant Furniture nual Staff 45 Ski Club 45 Choir 45 Ma- matics Club 2,3, 45 Golf Intramural 2- SHIRLEY MATZ. "Sits as one new-risen from a dream." F. H.A. 4: High School Last Attended, Grand Ledge. GERRY MAYER "Bait the hook wellg this fish will bite." Piano Movers 3g Boys Intramural 4: Homecoming Co-chairman 45 Basketball 2, 3,4g Baseball 2, 3, 4, Student Voice 33 Choir 2, 3,4g Science Club I, 2, 3. DALE MCCLINTIC "Mac" "Why should the devil have all the good times P " Piano Movers 2, 3g F.F.A. I,2, 3, Baseball Team 3g Student Voice 4g Choir 4. BETTEANN MCDAID "My future is well in hand." Student Voice 43 Office 8L Retailing Club 4. Sponsored by A. NO. 1 BARBER SHOP si ,nlisr " ..i55,?vwf+pt - apimgyi sr 5 t ,S lr . is vim' if 253651 gsr fl 45 ls 1 gf 'R .4 sq K ,um ' L, Rr, , 3 K . - 5. .,,-.. ,,,,,,.,.. 5 5, as x n ' x", If 5. E S 41 .123 1, e., i x , W 5,554 'fn f ' sw ng 4 Rf. isakmp 1 t. 'W i.. if . i 21. v .',,-. 'ii IEANNIE MERTENS "They that stand high have many blasts to shake them. " CHARLOTTIE MILLER "Many receive advice, only the wise profit by it. " Girls' Intramural 2, 3. JAMES THOMAS MITCHELL "Jim" "He used to be bashful and shy, but now . . . oh myl Basketball 3, 4g Football Squad 3,4g Baseball Team 2, 3, 4g Chapel Committee 3: Boys' Chorus 4. ICANN GERALDINE MOFFETT "Jo" "Poetry is thought in blossom. " F. H.A. 2g Library Club 3,4: Girls' Intramural 2. x. 'i xi 659' r fi All ., . was . sgrfsfzag i "Q F s 2 1 . A Q63 4. .5 .v W ,+L is isa ei' -il? - - 1,1-yy ,-.wg A 1? Qs ., .t,c.,i,.1 L- v,:1n'E3J, sud ,B ,. 435535 2543315 i me , -fri 4 --I f. n, 11 ' 'wi' 1' :W ,i I 955 7" , ' I Iliff? 'Sri- '7 "A 1 'i :J setlxwi . -.552 X. 'W arf' -fini, 'ttf Kjiifwfffw g :is fi 3 ffffi22fiifi'.1i- ,. li itig ? ' ,fs is 5 . V f1 rs fl, pr, -'15 -F J' ' i 5.1 ,. if -,.-:, 532 - f . vm. H . Zi.,.. 5. if:-sg -il . .i P 4 May -2 :-ssmss ,W .,.,,,. A -rr" 53rgris?. 952-5552 5 ifiiffiii-ifx4f5.f if QQ-1 'i A . ,sz , gizgifsggflzi .1515 -.L-rw 14,1 - 'il-5 'kffaalfww . .W .3 we 5,--1 is . as. ,. ..,. im rf., .5 - .I -. 55 f , ' ., f 5,-sf,1-.11t5.zSra-wal -- - .., '- ,y,45g5: f,--,. f.,,u.r5,.,,, ' 7 fb-R L " ' " ' ' ,Ash 5- - -- --- ., .,,.,.:...f- ,,-rsz,f-.f,:-f.,,, 5 f"'v:es.:-.fe .r 5, 5,,7,,,.zesz, awszfsu vf., f :,1,.,:,- f,-,,. r,5ezff,s::51s11f 5 li BEVERLY IOANN NORTHRUP "Make your tongue your servant, not your master." Senior Play Crew 45 Retailing Sc Office Club 45 Office Club 45 Library Club 35 Projectionists Club 3. WILLIAM O'BOYLE "We know what we are, but know not what we may be. " F.F.A, 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Retailing 8a Office Club 45 Choir 45 JANICE O'BOYLE "So proper and sedate a lass, we seldom know she's in the class. " Girls' Intramural 2, 3,45 Pantherettes 3,45 Chapel Committee 3, 45 Retailing 8a Office Club 45 F.H.A. 2. BETTY OWEN "A girl so placid and serene, she's seldom heard but often seen." Girls' Intramural r,2, 35 Pantherettes 3,45 Band I,2, 3, 45 Tumbling 2, 35 Retailing 8: Office Club 4: Choir I, 3, 45 Future Nurses Club 3, 4. RICHARD A. NELSON "Dick" "Many a live wire would be dead, except for his con- nections. " Piano Movers 25 Hi-Y 3,45 Senior Play Cast 45 Basket ball 2,45 Football Squad 2,45 Tennis Team 45 Track Team 25 Chapel Committee 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Stu- dent Voice 45 Ski Club 45 Student Council Vice-Presi dent 45 Retailing 8a Office Club 35 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Pep Committee 3,45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Projec- tionists Club 2, 35 Science Club 2, 3,45 Class Vice- President 35 Suttons Bay High School I. GORDON F. NELSON "Napoleon was a small man, too." Retailing Sc Office Club 45 Boys' Intramural 2, 3, 4. RUSSELL E. MOFFETT "I have found you an argument but I am not obliged to find you an under- standing. " Hi-Y 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Student Voice 3,45 Senior Play Crew 45 Hon- or Society 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Tumbling 35 Pep Committee 4. DALE NARRAGON "Baldy" "When duty says 'Thou must', the youth replies, 'I can. Piano Movers 35 Hi-Y 2, 35 Basket- ball 2, 3,41 Football Squad 3, 45 Baseball I,2, 3,45 Track Team 2, 3, 45 Class Treasurer 2, 4. Sponsored by CHIC 'S BAKERY DENNIS PATTERSON "I love to draw5 oh, for a model! " Basketball 3,45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3. VIRGINIA PRITCHARD "Ginny" "Silence is golden, but I'm off the gold standard." Girls' Intramural 2, 3,4. ROBERT PURTILL "Beware the anger of a patient man." F.F.A. 2,3,4: Student Council 3. BARBARA PYLE "Do your best, leave the rest: what's the use of worrying?" Senior Play Cast 4: F.H.A. 2,35 Student Voice 45 Retailing 8a Office Club 4. NANCY REARICK "I am a feather for each wind that blows." Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3,45 Band 1,2, 35 Choir 45 Tennis Intramural 2, 35 Dramatics Club 35 Golf Intramural 2: Tumbling BRUCE MCFADDEN REED "I hope I shall have leisure to make good." Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Senior Play Cast 45 Football Squad I, 35 Tennis Team I, 2, 3,4: Band 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 45 Student Voice 45 Choir 2, 35 Dramatics I, 2, 3, 45 Petoskey I5 Manistee 25 Boys' Chorus 45 Pep Band 2,4. DONNA JEAN REED "She never studied to be fairer than nature made her." Girls' Intramural 2, 35 F.H.A. 2, 3, 45 Retailing 8: Office Club 45 Honor Society'2, 3,45 Office Club 4: i i Library Club 2, 3, 4. SP0nS01'ed bv DAVID M. mam 'Rip'- CAPITAL BUSINESS SERVICE "Men of few words are the best men." Z1 Pollasky Block Piano Movers 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Senior Play Cast 4: phone 575 Track Team 25 Boys' Choir 3. Bookkeeping by I. B. M. 23 Tax Consultants - Q, ,,,. ,,, ,.+, . a 1535 f Q .-,fr f11ffE:.?ra5rij 'fi ' '1.f5'ff:r1i5,,:f.sW.-- whiff iikfe A f-,. ,qi rs: :'fi:371's:fwf- T -L 453, 3 I :raw-.i1.:ai-,R g!"s'Hn2C 5 ,.,. ,, ima.-4-i. ,K Aff? ::fr.f:g.f.fe -may -Q 'f.w5Qf..f,fST . was 2 if lriis h rf g a lr., , l as rffiizw. -,J fax :Ss -, ln 1. 'ist - ' s 'lui I G... ., ,ag as "X'1'11 s1Qfff wr. Q, ' :ata-Mr' f- . img: gas Els 11 1 , j,,..f 3-4,1 -' lass? ff -i -' ' ' flax- -"'- 'te 'zip rr.- ' J -I 'ri 1 S Q 5+ ssl is ,Q BARBARA RUSSELL "When fun is here, she'll never work5 when work is here she'11 never shirk." Tri-Hi-Y 45 Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pan- therettes 3, 45 Band I,2'5 Annual Staff 45 Student Voice 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 35 Center Board 4. JACK SANDEL "There is a difference between good sound reasons and reasons that sound good." F.F. A. l,2, 3,45 Boys' Intramural 2, 3. SALLY SOUDERS "Sal" "Frailty, thy name is woman. " Tri-Hi-Y 45 Chapel Committee 45 High School Attended, Arthur Hill - Saginaw. RAY SHAMBERGER "He thinks too much5 such men are dangerous." Muskegon Heights l,2, 35 Basketball 35 Baseball Team 35 Band 2, 3,45 Science Club 45 Boys' Intramural 4. XE fi,?,Ef,,, 0 'sexi T 413541. 4.3, Q ., A . ?,'.'Lqsf- bi! al MARY KATHERINE RHODES "The whole world may slide, but l'1l not budge an inch." Senior Play Crew 45 Band I,2Q Retailing 8s Office Club 45 Office Club 45 Library Club 35 Projection- ists Club 3. PEGGY JOYCE ROBISON "Living in a friendly sort of way. " Girls' Intramural 2,3,45 F. H.A. 2, 3,45 Student Voice 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Student Council 1. BETHEL ROSE "A quiet sort to those who know her not. " Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Homecoming Court 45 Retailing 85 Office Club 4: BARBARA ROTH "She that was ever fair and never proud, had tongue at will and yet was never loud. " Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Homecoming Court 45 Chapel Committee 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Golf Intramural 2, 35 Tennis Intramural 2, 35 Student Voice 45 Choir 3, 45 Pep Committee 4: Office Club 25 Future Nurses Club 35 Tumbling 2, 3. Sponsored by BRANNAN'S BAKERY ' 312 State Phone 365 PEGGY Sl-IONG "She makes a July's day short as December." Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Homecoming Court 45 Chapel Committee 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Student Voice 3,45 Honor Society 2, 3,45 Tennis Intramural 2, 35 Office Club 25 Golf Intramural 25 D.A.R. Pilgrim, 45 Student Council 3. GORDON CLYDE SMITH "Eat no onions nor garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath." Piano Movers 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 39 Foot- ball Squad 2, 3,45 Track Team I,2, 3, 45 Band I5 Student Voice 45 Ski Club 45 Student Council 2, 3, President 45 Choir 2, 35 Pep Committee 35 Dramatics Club 2, 35 Projectionists Club 25 Center Board 2, 35 Class President 2, 35 Boys' Intramural 2, 3, 4. MARY EMMA SOVA "Haste makes waste -- why hurry?" Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3,45 Band 1,2,35 Annual Staff 45 Student Voice 45 Pep Committee 3, 45 Tennis Intramural 2, 35 Future Nurses Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 4. VINCENT SPANO "Vince" "All the world 's a stage and I'm always acting upl " Football Squad 2, 3, 45 Student Council Sponsored by COOK'S YOUTH STORE 25 CARL W. STACEY "Not to advance is to recede. " Piano Movers 2, 35 Retailing 85 Office Club 45 Projectionists Club 3, 4. BERNIECE A. STEVENS "Good to forgive -- best to forget. " Girls' Intramural 2,45 F.H.A. 25 Choir 2, 3, 4. LEON K. STINCHCOMB "Bud" "If school is liberty, give me death." Piano Movers 35 Hi-Y 45 Tennis Team 25 Track Team 2, 3, 45 Chapel Committee 3, 45 Student Council 35 Choir 25 Pep Committee 4. JOYCE MARIE STUART "Moe" "There is laughter in her eye, her cheek, her lip." "Gir1s' Intramural 25 F. H.A. 2, 35 Retailing 8L Office Club 45 Choir 2, 35 Office Club 45 Future Nurses Club 3, 4. -'zfiri' vi. 'fiakie -Art. f. ., , , s ,lf .. A, ... ,. fx 44. .FF x ,f .1 ,rv fr - nihrif. rw ' 1 tw .55 if , 5 ' 215523212 5 fliffii- " if 5 ,. srl. , . ,W 7' .M , ,, , if A g Ei" sl? .M r if , .:'1.5'-15 5 I-:f1'Q?f'Q.Q,.- , 5--:'-5. .5 f M, I. 5 ,rf it ig 4,9 , kayak fe " ' zsrgqr r . ga 'L 5, r va 'iff' tv 11 rx ici J In w r iw , .3615 L A, .V v 4 fi 5 7 3- 535512, 1 p ,,.. ' 49 ' R4 ff: xr' . 19154413.- 41.-G 'Z We , 3 ff 5 ag, asa -ssi sk if si-. TIW t Q , 1. 5: 'W , I z WILLIAM M. STUCKEY "Bill" his hands in his pockets." Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Basketball 2, 3, Mgr5 Football Squad 2, Mgr5 Baseball Team 2, 35 Chapel Committee 45 JEAN STUDEBAKER "Whenl open my lips, let no dog bark." Girls' Intramural 25 Senior Play Crew 45 Band I, 25 Retailing 85 Office Club 3, 45 Tumbling 2. GLADYS l-IAZLE TAYLOR "Glad" "Her mind is always on the tip of her tongue. " Senior Play Crew 45 Retailing 8: Office Club 4. SHARON TAYLOR "It takes all sorts of people to make the world. " oir 35 Girls' Glee Club 3,4. VIRGINIA THRUSH KMCCORMICKJ "Wives may be merry, and yet honest too." Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 35 Senior Play Crew 45 F.H.A. 25 Band 1: Tumbling 25 Retailing 85 Office Club 45 Library Club 2, 3, 4. MARION VALLANCE "He roused and turned the page and dropped to sleep again. " Piano Movers 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 2, 35 Football Squad 3,45 Baseball Team 2, 3, 45 Chapel Committee 45 Student Council 2,45 Boys' Chorus 45 Boys' Intramural 45 Class President 45 Class Treasurer 35 Student Council 2. MARY RUTH VHIIALSTINE "Ruthie" "A shy face is better than a forward heart." Office Club 35 Girls' Intramural 2g Homecoming Committee Chairman 45 Library Club 45 Future Nurses Club 3, 4. PETE VANCE "Snake" "You should have seen me when I was a kid. " Piano Movers 2, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Crew 45 Basketball 3,45 Tennis Team 2,3,45 Track Team 2, 35 Band I,2, 35 Choir 45 Pep Committee 3,45 Dra- matics Club 2, 3, 45 Projectionists Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 45 Boys' Chorus 4. Sponsored by GOGGIN AND BAKER Attorneys at Law Pollasky Block "No man ever yet climbed the ladder of success with 3 JOYCE VarlNORMAN "What? No men in heaven? Then leave me here." Senior Play Crew 45 Homecoming Committee Chairman 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Annual staff 45 Student Voice 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Tennis Intramural 35 Future Nurses Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 4. 4 GORDON VEEDER "He stoops to nothing but the door." Retailing 82 Office Club 35 Projectionists Club 3, 45 Center Board 45 Boys' Intramural 2, 4. MARILYN ANN VLIET "Ee1'lie" "Write injuries in the dust but kindness in stone. " Retailing 8: Office Club 45 Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Choir 2, 3,45 F.H,A. 2,3,45 Future Nurses Club 3, 45 Tumbling 2, 3,4. RICHARD VLIET "Dick" "The man who hits the ball over the fence can take it easy going around the bases." F.F.A. 25 Track Team 2, 3,45 Band 2, 35 Boys' Intramural 2, 35 Retailing 8a Office Club 4. RONALD C. VLIET "I wa nt to be bashful, but the girls . won't let me." Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Senior Play Cast 45 Foot- ...ii ball Squad 4: Tennis Team 3, 4: , f Annual Staff 45 Student Voice 45 Pep - Committee 45 Assembly Committee 2, , 'ffilfiffj 3, 45 Boys' Intramural 2, 3, 45 Boys' 5, i Chorus 4. . ROBERT WAGNER "Scoop" if "Going steady is like a tourniquet, it 1 cuts off circulation." Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Piano Movers 2, 3, 45 Football Squad 2, 3,45 Track Team 25 Chapel Committee 3, 45 Annual Staff if.- 45 Student Voice 45 Dramatics Club 35 Boys' Intramural 2, 3,42 Class Vice lr President 45 Class Secretary 35 Student COUDCII 4. RICHARD ALLEN WALTON "Dick" "A man who watches the clock generally remains is 'z one of the hands. " Q M W A Retailing gl Office Club 4. ,gr ZACK WHETSTINE ' 2 Q it Spons cred PY 'Positively the best thing a man can do is nothing." W- D- BAL-T Z CO- Retailing at Office ciub 4. l 4, s s Q rs .., .-,. .fgm Q., , 551.5 3 W. f . -We w, we . :J ' X n -W . ef gif, Q if rrss -' jams, . . 5 ,Ei . It . .fvifx S fa ff' .S 'lf- ifgx' A155 SVS" ' . V' 2 1.51 55 I, eifsit-sf wa' 5+ , ji .5 -ff E' as 32-sf ai 5315. C, .' lg' .9 tl: .,.x 32: fn :xsa- MARGARET WHITCRAFT "Maggie" "Her contribution to the class is usually a giggle." Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Senior Play Crew 4: Band I, 2, 35 Chapel Committee 45 Choir 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3,4. MADELYN WOLFE "The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good." Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Pantherettes 3, 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Chapel Committee 2, 3, MARY JOAN YOUNG "Io" "Singl That your song may gladden. " Girls' Intramural 2, 35 Senior Play Crew 45 Chapel Committee 3,45 Student Voice 35 Retailing Rc Office Club 45 Choir 2, 35 Madrigal Choristers 4. ESTHER IOANNE ZINN "Minie" "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." Student Voice 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Future Nurses Club 45 Retailing 8: Office Club 3, 4. Sponsored by 45 Tennis Intramural 2, 3,45 Assembly Committee 2, 3,45 Student Council 2, 3,4. RONALD THERON WOLFE "Mgr." "All the world loves a lover." Piano Movers 2, 3,45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Crew 45 Basketball Manag er 45 Football Squad 25 Tennis Team 3, 45 Cross Country Team 35 Band l, 2, 35 Dramatics Club 3,45 Projectionists Club I,2, 3, 45 Science Club 25 Boys' Chorus 3. RAMON F. WOLFGANG "Rocky" "Absent in body, but present in spirit. Piano Movers 35 Football Squad 35 Track Team I,2, 3, 45 Cross Country Team I,2, 3,45 Boys' Intramural 4. MCHUGH FORD SALES INC. Z8 5 , it A ' ilf fun 'ff A+ e, - ' 1 ' 2 fa k HV im- .I , 'f-,ily-f2fi'1'., ' . A , : '54 A35 fi , K A R K . I ,V I 45,1-K KIV- , M, M -f H A. ,L ,,, f--4, I ,.-. H M14 .L .Y ' . ,A 1 f -lv . ' . , W -,yi V v -, ' ,, ., x ,,' 'NK ' JK. 1 . ,xx N J 4 Ji ,, 1, 'N William Atkinson 4 , 'QT f 5 Q, 8 H wr QL .2 Fa ky "K A Ramon Bovee ffzf ' ' p,.,. , . 5 M, vu- 'figs an M ' Clarence . C arlson iff' nrnnn ,f A 'Fr ' Jo Cnrtiss Jim Elenbaas 1' . N , -fa-1 1, L Wanda Bigelow I ,Y M sl v ,U Q, Zi .. 5, 3' ,. Judy Bragg Alan Cordill an-aw Delores Bigler Q, 5 WE' '-1:5 ' 'I' ' A .Q 4 13 , 1-mm f 31 . 4: gf? Jack Brecht its yy 'H 'XS Eleanor Cox Robert Boelio 5, Vkb, 1 oo o Raymond Brown li . , 2. 2 ,- , r x5 s . 1 rzefef-gf .L i' L 14 'F L 'Ei' fi i. J , Helen Bolt Fred Burlingame ia .,1Vk t. . , , I ,- f?eYe'1Y1 Guy Davidson -Elmer e Crispin ... A 1x,..,,..,,n ,-,j f Jim' L. 'I Max n A ,, ir- K ,jr rg 24:1 Ioan Curtis Q an ,M- 1 " 'W irooi 'dii W dLois wauace Freed Frank by BROWN COAL CO. 30 H finer fx, iw: M ,W,,?Sr. ,ny , f--Spf. Marjorie 1 - Mary ' Margaret Joe ' Mary Jean Fuller Girlon h Glazer Glendenning Goetz l i , Q. 7 Richard Joanne Rex Kay Carroll Gould Greenway Griswold Grosskopf Grover W ,A Q r l M yne as o o r Marion Dora Dale ' Sharon Jerry Grover Gurski Hanson Hamp Harris 1 r . 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Peggy James Dave Needham il Mike Keene Robert Robinson ii Norma Krauss Roberta Salazar Manley McDonald Marie Stolz Dorothy Marilyn Young Zinn THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ARE: Sharon Hamp, secretary-treasurer: Ramon Bovee. student council 'Jim Mcl-lugh, presidentg Bud Wilcox, vice-president. Sponsored by ALMA CITY DRY CLEANERS 34 O . N. r Y x W as . ,,,V 1 L Z' .1 4 IQL QQ X -- 9 I rs Hugh Allen 6 Ml' - I '57 X Virgiline Bieske bfi 4 J " ALI' Joanne Brown QTHCD or fs-'Y Janice Carpenter Darrell Coe ,AZ Donna Andrew K . A 711. 9-pf ' J. i' wal? 1 12' V ' za Donelda Bigelow , ,A K ' sy, qi., ix Jean Buchanan : B . B ,, .J Larry Carpenter Jacob Cook -by .,......., j, r X ,,-.. qv- lris Ted Baxter Beard iq u' 5 0. K , ka , A 1- 1 ' VJ- g . y y ff ,5,..a Carol Donald Blanck Britten y fl nn e B J I , , .,,,:1:,:51.:g I ,kkkr f . 1 W 1:3 l , f 4 if as S2 Q John George Campbell Campeau "" fr ll f A , K L 3 f J K xx, ,Qi " V M. .Sl Jim Carol Cater Cawrse , . V L W ,M v - r"' I 21 "' B if X , D zrgg ff. 1 L ,fire - fig' - - L Evelyn Pam Croton Cummins This page is sponsored by UNION TELEPHONE CO, Gordon Beeson K P X If H' Jerry Brown Nancy Caris Duane Church Stan Curtiss ws fi!" Dorothy Joe Daniel Fisher ..... H 1 we 2 H D af' jf I ul f- X Fifi .M he Jack Jim Greenwood Hagadorn .DY .K rl: J l 'Til 13. H wil l 1 .. Gayle Harold Hamlin I-lamp 1ii D 5 Charley Harms John Harris Jrune Fisher Gordon Hahn Phy llis Hamp my , , f , Helen Hawes Robert Sheila Larry Holmes Horman Houghton Q' sf' ,L ml -- l"s . ,'i' Q t 7 , XI is 1 Mona Jean Chris Fookes Goutis ,. iii V IVV kiiii' , ...nv f K Richard Joyce Hall Hallock W H in , j A fr 'FT Marilyn Dorothy' Hanford Harker Janet Lawrence Helman Holm es .rkr iii ,ilu nr F k:,., . ' Q, ..,: . AKLI :iff rg ir'f Lowell Delores Huckins Humphrey This page is sponsored by G. J. MAIER. 37 5 ! Nina Rosemary Jerome Jones at .G Jane Kapellas Margueritta Kelsey ' V,. K KX ,fx- i Jiffm 11 i iU3PlilBl'i n Jeanine Sam King King . Jim - , ' , Shirigy iiii i iiiin nni i Lfishr Patricia Ler Liberty sponsored by J C. PENNEY CO. Mary McDaid MCGi1li5 I -Qu Kenny Bernard I Moreen I Alma Bill McDonald McGuire i McLaughlin 7 Miller Miller f 'Q I., ll' E 3 l ll 'Q' 15 Dudley Beverly s Marilyn g I ,I Benny I Bud Miller Mllliman Mills 1 h Milvnieig Mitchell 4 m "l 'L'n ,'nL LaDeana J f' 1 5 1 - . , 'fezf-':1.l:E'4" -, ., .g?: fi 1' XYZ' I . 715355 +' 522-if'l V N '9 ' " .Q 'Q' f n KM! Frances Matthew Mary Ellen Carol Nadine Potter Fung Purtill Race Race This page is sponsored by TEFFT RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE 39 , Trad .5 'Y Ellen Ra msey 1' N " R . i ' ii - K fi -V My ,gag-- s ,- K , ax 1 S Gary Robinson . Q' fig x. M ., K -AI' Sharon Roslund uf ,ng 1' rr ,rf Nona Saunders Af Ann Shriver J , fra Joyce Rausch nu- I ,N if ' A -wr 'gk M. Dorothy Rockafellow Carol Ryan at ' . yr . Ti? ' ,I R v Jack Schrrepp QQ Nc! Bruce Siefker This page is sponsored Y. fc 5' R .,.. , fr Nts' , f 'i I Q ' 5 X fr -5 , 4? , ,fr E X i 1 ru , 1 za- a Janice Wilma Raycraft Reed Q, F "' ,f . W5 Reuel Phyllis Rockafellow Rodenbo j""' s . 'N' i n" P y r In m i r . , v - fe f R s P Larry Phyllis Ryder Salazar .uhm 'K R ,r-,' ' E Patricia Richard Schnepp Shirely V .J Robert Ronald Smith Snearey 40 by VARSITY SHOP Audrey ' Rinckey 1 ,.... -0 ',.,. -s ,Q M-vs .Q M XR- .- R fr., I Donna Root V Janice Sanders 9 's -r s 'fr Stuart Shook , ' P4 .g re Philip Snyder I ,,., Alice Stehl ik ' 'IW " -if "" aah' " 539255122 ' . if 1 S W 'Q' 'P' rl A , L 5 :gp y 'V EQ? A I' " if I ,711-'r'g N ' A eerrir 2 9 ff' ee ' ,J li ,f ,, S A - , I-Q . 'fi ii. f V V -.5 - 1 -W . 'vw Barbara Betty Jerry Shirley Stone Stoner Taber Tanner lr Phillip Taylor n in . ,f ., f. 4 . -'fy ' 'Y .1 if ' J' Rosemary Van Meer ff? Avis Wolfe " f - Oliver Wroe nexium " Wilma Richard Bill Thrush Tmvnsend Van Amen W W at A F r , "'2' Q erer l Jerry Lee Jack Veeder Wagner Weatherby 5 Lester Phyllis Ronnie Wolfe Wolfe Wolfgang Marshall Baird Iris Booth p Kenneth Davidson Richard Johnson 115 3 JV' Joyce Yvonne Young Zinn This page is sponsored by ALMA HATCHERY 41 Phyllis Van Demark Vlesta Wilhelm I K5 If ,-M W Q A or --Q- ,Yi is 1? ffl' Mary Jane Woodward Fred Joslin Shirley Wiitanen Roger Williams Robert Steinberg L f wi f MWA: Sophomore class officers: JoAnna Nemechek, secretaryg Bob O'Boyle presidentg Jim Cater vice-presidentg Elsie McClure, student council representativeg DOI pictured, Darrell Coe, treasurer. These are the people who keep our school bright and shining: Irving Monroe, Mrs. Bigelow, Charlie Richardson, not pictured, Robert Harrow. Sponsor GAMBLENS 42 V gg 2 ' X94 s Sponsored by DR. JOSEPH H. BERGIN M.D. Avy f .. 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Q, , ,,.,4 gnu, ,v - J' .Q 5 ' P ll rf A A., ,,4fM.?.,' ' Khfk ,.. 1,. d.,..?f, 'ff' -u.g,f?, 4 , "-'ff '.,- 4 " mf-f U , , ,. -' f :4.i,,, . 1 . , 41, -4 ,4-K-1-1-,.,., 4.4, H,' Qnw , 4 . J ,R , I .. V. ,F L M, ,um , .A 454 ,M 4 f, yi R , 4 x ' W . ,.,. , U ., 3 f in X Cross-country coach Delmar Brenner and head coach Vic Hicks . Head baseball coach Ed Penner and his assistant John Young hand out equipment to their star pitcher, Marion Vallance. Sponsored by HETZMAN'S WELDING SHOP 54 Wayne "Windy" Clark, varsity line coach, from Alma College where he re- ceived honors for all MIAA and Les Gratton, back- field coach. Gratton was leading punter in state and fourth in nation. This is their first year of coaching Vagner f67j scampers forty yards for touchdown after receiving ten yard pass from Mitchell. During the l951 football season, the Panthers were led by 12 seniors and a host of under- classmen, to a record of Z wins, 2 ties, and 4 losses. Tasting defeat in their first two games against two of the better class B teams, Tra- verse City and St. Johns by identical scores of 14-0, the Panthers came back with a 7-7 tie with the favored Ithaca Yellow Jackets. More than 2, O00 homecoming fans saw the Panthers defeated by a strong Mt. Pleasant team, 40-13, in a game filled with thrills from the opening minutes till the final gun. The Panthers then roared back to a 7-6 win over Flint Tech. and a 19-0 homecoming spoiler over Fremont. After being defeated by Grand Haven, 33-15, the Panthers ended their season with a 0-0 dead- lock with highly rated Cadillac. Mitchell 1841 scores from ten yard line against Flint Tech. Homecoming Game: Tom Piscos, Mt. Pleasant, is stopped by C. Brown 1853. D. Nelson U53 and Wilcox f72, bring down Flint's fullback. Sponsor FERRIS SHOP 55 VARSITY FO0TBAlI. Q FW ky C53 by B, 93 7 4 77 73 75 9 TOP ROW: Neil Nelson, Emmet Remboski, Jerry Harris, Hector Torongo, Bob O'Boyle, R.I. Holmes Bob Tomlin MIDDLE ROW: Bill Hurley, Bud Wilcox, Dwight Chisholm, Jim Kirschbaum, Jerry Veeder, Clarence Carlson Rex Griswold, Jim Hagadorn, Bob Hetzman. BOTTOM ROW: Charles Brown, Bob Wagner, Jim Mitchell Wayne Brown Captain Gordon Smith, Vince Spano, Dick Nelson, Ron Vliet, Marion Vallance. . ht Cxwiihoxm QWXQ 'Y agkgiunds 2,3 Vincent Spano Center 170 pounds Sponsored by FAETI-i'S SHOE 56 SHOP U1 Kfrsc T h asackle baum 5 Doa Dds Bob Wagner Dick Nelson Dale Narragon R. Half-back 1... Halfback Fuuback 155 pounds 150 Pounds 185 pounds Gordon Smxth A Captain, Guard Wayne Brown Roy Bayliss 185 Pounds Halfback End 160 pounds 150 pounds, A Ron Vliet Fullback V 150 pounds Jim Mitchell Fullback 155 pounds Sponsored by ALMA STATE BANK 57 Marion Vallance End 150 pounds Alma Repeats Aww Pyle Sets Record -.f 0011016 5 I U A H ., fig ,l'O,g3 3 Hi ' eee '31 fgfollnffh Sch m an er IC ory ,eagle sem 7511 u v' 1 - Wif11R001f5?fi"-gi.: Ihegfa Syn Team Best o 26 B Dnvsslon lfgeasafge ,ago een ,,ace:,,,mjgsf e ,n . Q , n e P a. e mnfgQ'21nn,e,ne SchoolefEn1ered nn Meet , """ C Successful defense cf l5Ehe state Class championship wgn ' 'ear ago was madega e ther squad last . ev morning over t r I B C 1 at Michigan N fnsilanti. Leading 1 this cunsecw' W Hill Pyle who e n e S le I ful mth with 206 Mme Da . ., . . 4 ih 'xoo'5 p0werM V A ' cmd 'L Q X , the anfffended its Class B stat? ii?ei2HF'gW1fl1 222- -' ' , e Q d ' t a ower u ie In . , ' ' 'S 'Q 0,39 who meet .,r.m'fss.:i: f at Yxpsnaml' - teammates te their second W Q . while Alma Qimlinagzgg ceessive ehampionship L xo n the Class B D186 M19 'eff f ' ' - - 4 nt Ma 1 Grow X6 625, 49 ' naw area 0 -fy: Y' 0 " barely missed ,capturing the Ray Wolfgegnf, last vidual winnerior the a . V V V'f'n'efl Kirkgf, Whoy n ' Ad e wfafi Al , ' n 'Wd fflefy MW'-f41 ln.. e",e1 ,V me : fe ' ik Q -, -- ve D Sponsored by: V. A. LARKIN, Insurance A 58 g61'1Cy 2 3 2 ,szf ' f 1 ,gf Q' K Lg 'K , vb ' 'kfffff . r - 2' mi , 3 ., ,,x ::'f.- - +2 i G Qi t .I yin, 5,114 U , s W I. 5 i l i Q1": y . W! A 2 I I 52 di .V W l y lN,,,, L' 5 i . QWWI I tw' ,z'1Q, , K , I Q , 'g l' L'f4i":f VI, I x ' 'E' , . ' '-,4.. .- F 5 f fl f . A Vx ,.l,' ,Q 1 , l, -fi gi ff - 2 l9'L?i if 1 f df, W: ' T ' Panther Varsitq FIRST ROW: Joe McAna1len, Mgr.: Jim Mitchell, Sam King, Dale Narragon, Captaing Dennis Patterson, Peter Vance, Junior Mailand, Larry Houghton, Bruce Gardner, Jim Hagadorn, Coach Victor Hicks. CROSS BAR: Wayne Brown, Dick Nelson. Sponsored by J. J. NEIWBERRY COMPANY Panther Reserves FIRST ROW: John Harris, Bud Wilcox, Ray Bovee, Bud Mitchell, Gordon Hahn, Gordon Smith, Bill McDaid, Bernard Winn SECOND ROW: Ron Wolfe, Mgr.g Jim Hagadorn, Ed McDaid, Bill Pyle, Jerry Veeder, Audrey Smith, Fred Joslin, Bruce Siefker, Coach Wayne Clark. LEONARD MAILAND SAM KING Forward Guard BRUCE GARDNER DENNIS PATTERSON Guard Forward DALE NARRAGON PETER VANCE Captain, Center Center LARRY HOUGHTON ,TIM MITCHELL Forward Guard DICK NELSON WAYNE BROWN Guard Guard Sponsored by PACKARD'S FURNITURE STORE 61 Action Shots Though having onbfa 3-15 record dns season,the Panthers can.boastthatthey played one of the hardest schedules in the stateg giving such teams as class "A" Midland, Grand Rapids Creston, Owosso and strong St. Johns and Flint Tech in class "B", and powerful St. Louis of Class "C" fame, close fights every time. Dale Narragon proved able to score against some of the tallest pivot men in the state and Den Patterson and Junior Mailand at forward position did most of Alma's rebounding. Bruce Gardner, Senior, and Sophomore Sarn King played good balL and proved able to score, also. Even with a losing season the students stuck by the team, knowing that some day Alma will be in a conference and be able to play teams of its own caliber. gunu-qw MODERN C LEANE RS SENIOR LETTERMEN Third Row-Bruce Gardner, Chuck Brown, Dennis Patterson, Ron Vliet, Peter Vance, Bob Wagner: Second Row-Jim Mitchell, Wayne Brown, Gordon Smith, Vince Spano, Gerry Mayer, Bill Stuckeyg First Row- Dick Nelson, Richard Vliet, Dale Narragon, Marion Vallance, Dwight Chisholm. Not pictured. Bruce Reed 2 1 1 Y A ' it is 1 'F . tn ' , rsi, 1' "m f" lim Kttsflhbau Ross Marzoh. John Goetz Sponsored by VARSITY SHOP Books--Athletic Goods--Office Supplies 63 INTRAMURAL First Row: Guy Davidson, Carroll Grover, Gordon Nelson, Bernard McGuire, Ray Shamberger, Roy Bayliss, Bud Stinch- comb, Gerry Mayer, Bob Wagner, Gordon Beeson, Bill Miller, Phil Taylor, Elmer Crispin, Ron Wolfgang, Bill Hurley, Ed Miller, Darrell Coe, John Campbellg Second Row: Marion Grover, Lyle Gossett, Don Kenny, Pat Kenny, - Ralph Anderson, Larry Ryder, Bill Sinclair, JakeCook, Joe Glendenning, NeilNelson, JoeFisher, Dave Needham, Bob Robinson, Reuel Rockafellow, BenWiltshire, Max Densmore, Ken Smith, Marion Vallanceg Third Row: Les Gratton, Gary Robinson, Jack Schnepp, Leroy Loomis, Oliver Wroe, Roger Williams, Jerry Taber, Jack Wright, Ron Wolfe, Ted Brannan, Ross Marzolf, Gordon Smith, Bob O'Boyle, Frank Hinderleider, Emmet Remboski, Bob l-letzman, Jim Cater, Walt Renchg Fourth Row: Roger Hudson, Jack Weatherby, Hector Torongo,Jim Kirschbaum, Gordon Veeder, Del Brenner, Bob Martin, Dwight Chisholm, Lawrence Holmes, Fred Burlingame, Rex Griswold. IHA-.. A i First Row: Beverly McAllister, Donna Root, Evelyn Croton, Kay Grosskopfg Second Row: Wilma Husted, Janice O'Boyle, Mary Gillon, Priscilla Losey, Marilyn Larkin, Ann Hicks, Helen Bolt, Audrey Rinckey, Judy Pitts, Phyllis Rodenbo, Phyllis Hamp, Shirley Tanner, Sheila Horman, Margueritta Kelsey, Phyllis Van Demark, Mona Fookesg Third Row: Joanne Sova, Marilyn l-loard, Zelma Freed, Faye Ayers, Lucille Corl, Gretchen Toms, Berniece Stevens, Beverly Dast Nancy Caris, Doratha Hicks, Rosemary Leppien, Donelda Bigelow, Janet Hyde, Joyce Peters, Phyllis Wolfe, Janice Wickman, Alice Stehlekg Fourth Row: Shirley Alexander, Pam Cummins, Carol Blanck, Ellen Ramsey, Bonnie Mathers, Mary Jean Goetz, Nancy Frederickson, Sue Werbelow, Nancy Johnson, Margaret Whitcraft, Mary Purtill, Joan Curtiss, Aleta Leppien, Wanda Bigelow: Fifth Row: Joyce Robison, Shirley Wiitanen, Rosemary Jones, Pat Schnepp, Virgilene Bieske, Jean Buchanan, Elsie McClure, Joyce Young, Joyce Norris, Joan Losey, Myrna Messecar, Virginia Pritchard, Janet Rench, LaDeana Munsell, Zelda Gee, Korma Krauss, Sharon Hamp, Donna Hinderleider, JoAnna Nemechek, ' S d . Janice an ers Sponsored by 64 lVlARTIN'S MEN SHOP fi? 3 Q wg Q X o CB 'nm Mrs. Towersey, Alice Stehlik, Isabel Dailey, Presidentg Virgiline Bieske, Joyce Peters, Audrey Rinckey, Evelyn Croton, Bertha Northrup, Mary Ellen Purtill, Joyce Young, Bonnie Lanshaw, Alma Miller, Frances Potter, Donna Reed, Wilma Reed, Onalee O'Boyle, Dorothy Rockefellow, Phyllis VanDemark, Janice Raycraft, Pat Liberty, Mona Jean Fookes, Wilma Husted, Judy Pitts, Marge Fuller, Joyce Robison, Marilyn Hoard, Shirley Alexander. NOT PICTURED: Dora Gurski, Margueritta Kelsey, Shirley Matz, Claudette Nester. F.H. A. The F.H.A. girls are preparing for a life of homemaking. They serve banquets for various organizations. Delegates are sent each year to the State Convention for Future Homemakers of America. The F.F.A. had a very successful year by taking part in many activities. Some of the main activities were the barn dance, co-sponsored with F.H.A., Banquet, and they placed in many contests. The chapter had three State farmers, which only an of the state membership can obtain. F.F.A. FIRST ROW Ralph Anderson, Don Kenny, Robert Purtill. SECOND ROW: Kenny Bigelow, Bill Kaufman, Donald Wroe, Wesley Miller, Dean Clark, George Mikula, Rex Mizer, Ronald Bradley, Clare Brundage, Bill Miller. THIRD ROW: Mr. Christensen, Marion Grover, Roger Williams, Larry Mosher, John Lanshaw, Ed Miller, Richard Shirley, Marion Brecht, Alvin Coffman, Ken Pratt, Harry Schaede. FOURTH ROW: Bill VanAtten, Carroll Grover, Ted Beard, Gene Hooper, Lloyd Wilson, Dean Gearig, Leroy Loomis, Garry Robinson, Frank Stimson, John Hall. FIFTH ROW: Ken Miller, Earl Kelsey, Oliver Wroe, Evert Welch, Jerry Taber, Irvin Alexander, Jack Schnepp, Pat Kenny, Carl Aumaugher, Bob Tynan, Duane Church, James LaPaugh, Bill O'Boyle, Henry Wells, Bob Houck, Jack Brecht, NOT PICTURED: Dick Johnson, Harold Hamp, Lester Wolfe, Guy Davidson, Lyle Gossett, Jesse Mannausau, Jack Sandel. Sponsored by GELLER'S JEWELRY STORE Diamonds--Watches 119 E. Superior Alma, Michigan A 41' FIRST ROW: Rosemary Leppien, Helen Hawes, Marilyn Hoard, Peggy Shong, Nancy Rearick, Betty Hahn, Phyllis Wolfe, Aleta Leppien. SECOND ROW: Carol Blanck, Shirley Wiitanen, Connie McCall, Donna Sherman, Ann Hicks, Priscilla Losey, Jan Rottschafer. THIRD ROW: Marjorie Fuller, Sharon Roslund, Janet Hyde, Dorothy Harker, Sue Werbelow, Barbara Roth, Pat Guinand, Barbara Russell, Dorene Holcomb, Sally Souders, Joan Losey, Adviser, Mrs. List. NOT PICTURED: Marilyn Larkin, Mary Kay Caris and Madelyn Wolfe. This service club has been very active this year sponsoring such events as a style show, a community worship service, a tea for parents, and a chapel service. They also provided for a needy family at Christmas time. Hi-Y is a club of boys who are interested in being of service to the school. With the Tri-Hi-Y, they had a banquet. Of noted fame was the Hi-Y Roll-ies, presented this year for the first time. FIRST ROW: Gordon Hahn, Bill Hurley, Bud Stinchcomb, Bob O'Boyle, Bruce Reed, Jacob Cook, Ross Marzolf, Bob Holmes, Jim Hagadorn, Dick Nelson, Bob Hetzman, Max Densmore. SECOND ROW: Mr. Nelson, Adviser: Marion Vallance, Russell Moffett, Emmet Remboski, Ron Wolfe, Neil Nelson, Frank Hinderleider, Bob Wagner, Bud Wilcox, Bob Tomlin, Ed McDaid. THIRD ROW: Bill Sruckey, Dwight Chisholm, Jim Kirschbaum, Rex Griswold, Peter Vance, Dave Reid, Gordon Smith, Bruce Gardner, Dale Narragon. NOT PICTURED: Fred Burlingame, Ierry Veeder, Ron Vliet. fax Sponsored by BICKE1RT'S LADIES APPAREL. Alma Mt. Pleasant 67 if Seal, 01- c lass "'5?,j ,P 7 ,rv his .Qzfl Ay ?lJ'w. if fm Wa? 00 'Q O0 wb' A Cootfawe C 9 e 0 8 C0 we tool if e-90 The annual Homecoming of Alma High School was a big suc- cess. All the festivities, begin- ing Thursday, October 12, with the Pep Rally, Friday night's battle with Mt. Pleasant, and finally coming to a climax at the Ball on Saturday evening, Octo- ber I4, drew big crowds of enthusiastic students and alumni Lovely Queen Madelyn Wolfe ' reigned over the festivities. fjo 4 Q twb fr- "' Iliff llc 11 ,pon I-. 11195 pr. Senior Madelyn Wo Ize 68 , was selected by the stu dent body to reign over the occasion. Serving Sponsored by BLYT ON'S DRY GOODS er court were: Barbara OMING Co-Chairmen for the big weekend were Helen Joynt and Gerry Mayer. Many committees carried out the plans of the co- chairmen and through the Co- operation given by students and faculty, another Homecoming was successful. ff: O S 661 Q66 QQ! ob? O 'Q' S of Qy COG? Q of 15, OQQ fs. i Mayor Thompson crowns Queen Madelyn. oth, Peggy Shong, Kay ouse, and Bethel Rose. Taken at the Homecoming Ball. Sponsored by CITY DRUG STORE .iff?i,fif1y xg 5 HOMECOMING FLOATS This year's parade featured many beautiful and original floats. Some of these are pictured below. THE STUDENT COUNCIL float had for its very appropriate theme the preamble to the charter of that organization. lm- 'Vfn TRI-1-ll-Y and HI-Y kept up its fine record of other years and took 2nd place honors with another beau tiful float displaying the emblems and flags of the two affiliated service groups. PANTHERETTES carried out the theme of their organization with a very striking float depicting the various activities of its members. Sponsored by 3 1 GAY S 5 and 1053 STORES F.F.A. had a float that was perhaps the most original in the parade. It had a live bovine riding on top of the green "pasture," This float placed rd. 'uf Q'f' P FIRST ROW: Merlynd Nestell, Wallace Frank, Jim Elenbaas, Bob Woods, John Ludy, Bill Miller, Dale Hanson. SECOND ROW: Philip Snyder, Miss Adams, adviser, Dick Nelson, Bruce Siefker, Joan Curtis, Peter Vance, Phyllis Wolfe, . Janet Rench, Joe Glendenning, Kay Grosskopf, Ray Shamberger, Dorothy Harker, Phyllis Van Demark. The Science Club is made up of students with scientific interests. They are very active through- Sponsored out the year, and in the summeer they spend a week b . . , Y foufmg Mlchlgan' lVlARTlN'S STANDARD SERVICE Future Nurses' U This vocational club consists of girls who plan to rriake nursing their career. They take trips to hospitals, hear lectures and reports on nursing, enjoy many social events, and do rtnuch to further the interest of nursing in Alma High School. FIRST ROW: Miss Rowell, Joanne Sova, President, Violet Baker, Marilyn Vliet, Joyce Stuart, Esther Zinn. SECOND ROW: Beverly McAllister, Mona Jean Fookes Shirley Casner, Janice Wickman, Joyce Casner, Bette Stacy, Pam Cummins, Delores Humphrey, Barbara Roth, Kay Grosskopf, Joyce VanNorman, Judy Bragg 'Madelyn Wolfe, Betty Owen, Mary Sova, 'Shirley Alexander, Mary VanAlstine Jo Lee Curtiss, 'Barbara Russell. NOT PICTUREDA: Marry Jean Goetz, Elouise Williams, Marilyn Larkin. 'Associate members. -sp..-f"" W -nav ffm., E , wxi YM Ea-aqui "IV uni-llknirlr A fl , , , an H' 5, ll OK XO boo xk, ,CO to xo? r ,rbi X90 'B' is K' KJ25 ' Q3 . GNL O deb X ,QXW 0 O3 6 er 'airway' ef Od P53 og ONO as ax :, qq at fr loot O50 NO 'Q -QQJ' X04 6 Qoogo 659' A 'Y DICK NELSON MARY KAY CARIS "Professor Michaels" "Abigail" 0605 46 xg-O ,N SENIO On the nights of November Z9 and 30 the Senior class of '52 presented their senior play. They chose "Mother is a Fresh man" for their production. The cast handled their parts Curtain call the last Q. WMM BARBARA BEARD HELEN IOYNT BRUCE REED BARBARA PYLE DAVID REID PAT CONN " Mrs. Miller" "Sylvia" "Dean Gillingham" "Marge" "Jack" "Helen" Sponsored by CAPLE FLOWER SHOP .AV lperbly and the people of lma took the opportunity to :e some fine drama and a re- zrd breaking crowd of over a ,ousand people attended the roduction. Lccessful run of two nights. of algrajre 51,6 It Cbeajck' If Ihollg- D711 1126 Sf te e Q , ,V Q11 bl. gke R ,J 911 Qt - es! ,I Joke to Pou- ,,:, K H L .ng MARILYN LARKIN DWIGHT CHISHOLM "Susan" "Bobo" FRANK HINDERLEIDER FAT BROWN RON VLIET KAY HOUSE BARBARA BAIR ART TURNER "Bil1" "Carrie" "Howie" "Bunny" "Clara" Director Sponsored by ALMA DAIRY 'xg , X A Q, al SEATED: Kay House, Nancy Rearick, Marilyn Larkin, Mary Kay Caris, Betty Owen, Marilyn Vliet, Lucille Corl, Priscilla Losey, Mary Sova, Joan Losey. SECOND ROW: Barbara Roth, Barbara Bair, Joyce Norris, Barbara Russell, Margaret Whitcraft, Barbara Iohnson, Elouise Williams, Shirley Alexander. THIRD ROW: Peggy Shong, Kay Gross- kopf, Dorene Holcomb, Sue Werbelow, Pat Guinand, Janet Rench, Lynn Gallagher, Donna Hinderleider, Sharon Hamp, Mrs. Wright, NOT PICTURED: Helen Joynt, Janice O'Boyle, Madelyn Wolfe. Pantherettes Pantherettes is a club made up of girls who have earned an athletic letter and have an interest in sports for high school girls. This group sponsored a play day, inviting three out of town schools. Basketball was the favored recreation after meetings. Pep Committee Ten to 12 students chosen from the student body make up the Pep Committee. These students plan pep meetings for team support and present skits at these meetings. They sell refreshments at football games, and clean up the field the morning after the night before! FIRST ROW: Doratha Hicks, JoAnna Nemechek, Margaret Glazer, Joan Losey, Nancy Johnson, Deana Munsell. SECOND ROW: Chairman, Mary Sovag Barbara Roth, Janet Rench, Pat Guinand, Sue Werbelow, Priscilla Losey. THIRD ROW: Bud Stinchcgmb, Jack Wright, Ron Vliet, Mr. Rench, Pete Vance, Russell Moffett, Dick Nelson. Sponsored by TOWNSENDS Central Michigan's Florists St. Louis Alma SEATED: Sally Souders, Dick Nelson, President Gordon Smithg Ray Bovee, Marilyn Hoard, Dorothy Harker. STANDING, FIRST ROW: Bertha Northrup, Joan Losey, Bob O'Boy1e, Marion Vallance, Vince Spano, Neil Nelson, Jim Mcl-lugh, Priscilla Losey, Barbara Bair, Mary Sova, Elaine Johnson, JoAnna Nemechek, Beverly Milliman, Mr. Shults. STANDING SECOND ROW: Bob Purtill, Jim Cater, Barbara Russell, Madelyn Wolfe, Bob Hetzman, Bob Wagner. NOT PICTURED: Joyce Van Norman, Sharon Hamp, Bethel Rose. Student Council The topic of "letters, KAP" will go down in history as the year long problem of this year's Council. They sponsored the Council Kick-Off and Mardi Gras. Assemblq Committee This group is responsible for making it possible for students to get out of school once a weekg thanks, kids. They scheduled many enjoyable programs for us. Ray Bovee, Madelyn Wolfe, Rosemary Leppein, Ron Vliet, Mrs. List, Darrell Coe, Sue Werbelow. its ' will ' ml ez el 4? Ln, 1 Fri, Sponsored by the ALMA TRAILER COMPANY 75 Band FIRST ROW: Joyce Van Norman, Raymond Brown, JoAnna Nemechek, Sheila Horman, Elsie McClure, Kenny Smith, Bruce Reed. SECOND ROW: Wanda Bigelow, Rosemary Van Meer, Judy Pitts, Nancy Caris, Donelda Bigelow, Nona Saunders, Joyce Norris, LaDea11a Munsell, Rosemary Leppien, Bill Sinclair. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Larkin, Alan Cordill, Nancy Frederickson, Donna Sherman, Ray Shamberger, Dorothy Rockafellow, Shirley Tanner , Mary Jean Goetz, Lucille Corl, Janice Carpenter, Carol Ryan, Jacob Cook, Nathan Whit- ford, Wallace Frank. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Mills, Phyllis Van Demark, Elmer Crispin, Bill Peterson, Jack Weatherby, Delbert Mathers, R.A. Yoder, Instructorg Merlynd Nestell, Dale Hanson, Clarence Carlson, Dudley Miller, Bud Wilcox, NOT PICTURED: Aleta Leppierl, Jack Wright. The Band does much to further an interest in instrumental music in Alma High. They put on many concerts and special programs. They also provide some of the pep and entertainment at football games. Pep Band Remember those sounds coming from the balcony during pep meetings and bas- ketball games ? ? ? ? Well, that was the Pep Band. These musicians helped to further school spirit through music. Sponsored by BURKE 'S GROCERY FIRST ROW: Alan Cordill, Nancy Caris, Marilyn Mills, Delbert Mathers, Elmer Crispin, Aleta Leppien, Marilyn Larkin, SECOND ROW: Jack Wright, Ray Brown, Dudley Miller, Joyce Van Norman, Wallace Frank. THIRD ROW: Kenny Smith, Bill Sinclair, Dale Hanson, Bruce Reed, Rosemary Leppien. ,M-. . an . 5.22 Choir FIRST ROW: Sheila Horman, Janice Wickman, Nancy Rearick, Joanne Brown, Lucille Corl, Audrey Rinckey, Donna Root, Joan Curtis, Beverly Milliman, Dorothy Young, Eleanor Cox, Marilyn Vliet, Betty Owen, Mr. Pratt. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Leppien, Deloris Bigler, Berniece Stevens, Barbara Johnson, Joy-:e Norris, Evelyn Croton, Iris Booth, Donna Hinderleider, Jean Buchanan, Wanda Bigelow, Janice Sanders, Jan Rottscnafer, Doratha Hicks, Marilyn Larkin THIRD ROW: Leona Lanshaw, Shirley Leight, Margaret Whitcraft, Sue Werbelow, LaDeana Munsell, Stuart Shook, Neil Nelson, Gerry Mayer, John Goetz, Barbara Roth, Pat Guinand, Joyce Robison, Carole Babcock, Sally Baird. FOURTH ROW: Elmer Crispin, Dale Hanson, Jack Weatherby, Maynard Faul, Pete Vance, Ray Brown, Joe Glen- denning, Wayne Brown, Keith Johnson, George Campeau, Ted Brannan, Chris Goutis. NOT PICTURED: Philip Snyder, Betty Webster. The leading vocal group in Alma High, the choir has formed an impressive re- cord under the leadership of Mr. Robert Pratt. They entered the state vocal music festival, sang for the various churches around the city, sponsored a spring concert, and provided the musical background for the chapel services. Girls' Glee Club The girls' glee club is made up of tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders. These girls meet twice a weekg after much hard work, they participated in the Christmas and spring concerts and also entered the vocal music festival. FIRST ROW: Wilma Husted, Mary McGil1is, Frances Potter, Marilyn Larkin, Donelda Bigelow, Jo Curtiss, Violet Baker, Janet Hyde, Jeanine King, Joyce Peters, Phyllis Salazar, Onalee O'Boyle, Mr. Pratt. SECOND ROW: Carol Ryan, Dorothy Daniel, Barbara Stone, Moreen McLaughlin, Meta Langin, Mary Ellen Purtill, Carol Race, Janice Raycraft, Jane Kapellas, Kay Keiser, Marilyn Hanford, Shirley Tanner, Joyce Hallock. THIRD ROW: Shirley Casner, Betty Milwrick, Carol Cawrse, Joyce Norris, Madelyn Wolfe, Pat Guinand, Iris Booth, Mary Jean Goetz, Mary Kay Caris, Barbara Russell, Alma Miller, Gayle Hamlin, Nona Saunders. NOT PICTURED: Wilda Davidson, Donna Sherman, Pat Brown, Claudette Nester, Korma Krauss, Sharon Taylor, Mary Jo Young, Nina Jerome. Sponsored by CHURCH IEWELERS rw ,? F. ,, . Tv f r MALE ""f CHORUS FIRST ROW: Leona Lanshaw, Elmer Crispin, Bill Hurley, Ron Vliet, Maynard Faul, Joe Glendenning, Keith Johnson, Mr. Pratt, Adviser. SECOND ROW: Neil Nelson, Marion Vallance, Clarence Carlson, Pete Vance, Ray Brown, Bruce Reed, Kenny Smith. NOT PICTURED: Bob Boelio, Dale Hanson, Joe Fisher, Jerry Harris, Jim Kirschbaum, Emmet Remboski, Stuart Shook , Bob Woods, Jim Mitchell, Jack Wright, This popular group was organized two years ago by Robert Pratt. The men's clubs of Alma certainly have enjoyed the many concerts these fellows have given for them, and the boys have had fun working toward these performances. PIANISTS These girls are accompanists for the various vocal groups LEFT T0 RIGHT: Pal Guifwnd. at school. Pat accompanies the Choir, Leona, the Male Chorus Maulyn Lafkm' Leona Lanshaw and Marilyn, the Crirls' Glee Club. MADRIGAL CHORISTERS This newly organized group consists of selected voices who meet twice a week at noon. They sing at many events such as college assemblies, Lions' Club, Spring concert and other social events around town. FIRST ROW:Gretchen Toms, Mary Jo Young, Sue Werbelow, Mary Jean Goetz, Particia Guinand, lan Rottschafer, Marilyn Larkin, Donna Sherman. SECOND ROW: Elmer Crispin, Dale Hanson, Joe Glen- denning, Maynard Faul, Neil Nelson, Stuart Shook, Mr. Pratt. Sponsored by CREDIT BUREAU Of Gratiot County m e nm : qmmH,rrm--m am .- CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW Margaret Glazer, Nancy Johnson, Doratha Hicks. SECOND ROW: JoAnna Nemechek, Ioan Losey, LaDeana Munsell. The cheerleaders always had lots of pep and led us while we cheered the team on. The doors of the school were left open so they could practice. They worked hard MAJORETTES The majorettes led the band through its paces at our football games. They gave us fine demonstrations of their twirling skills. Avis Wolfe, Joanne Sova, Aleta Leppien, Joyce Norris, Virgilene Bieske. Sponsored by ALMA FURNITURE Fine Furniture and Gifts Phone 891 Alma, Mich A ' A' - T W5 T.. X Y ri p C a ' A M 3 .. LL . ,. a ..,. 'ii fr ff A, . I ' Q 4 , ff W 'Q-f 's FIRST ROW: Nancy Caris, Mary Kay Caris, Marilyn Larkin, Jan Rottschafer. SECOND ROW: Jim Kirschbaum, Gordon Smith, Dick Nelson, Jim McHugh, Dale Hanson, Maynard Faul, Mr. Gratton. The Ski Club, in its first year at Alma High, is composed of students who are interested in skiing. They take trips to Caberfae every week-end, and come back windburned and lame. They chose their ski club emblem this year. Sponsored by: ALMA DAIRY library Club The members of the library club are very beneficial to the school. They work in the library, check books in and out, and mend and repair the books. FIRST TABLE: Carol Lewis, Peggy James, Pam Cummins, Deloris Bigler, Pat Liberty, Shirley Alexander. SECOND TABLE: Donna Reed, Carol Race, Alice Stehlik, Joanne Moffett, Mary Ruth Van Alstine, Margueritta Kelsey. DESK: Yvonne Zinn, Wilma Reed, Miss Besemer, adviser, Nadine Race, Virginia Thrush. NOT PICTURED: Wilma Thrush. FIRST ROW: Beverly Northrup, Barbara Pyle, Priscilla Losey, Barbara Bair, Pat Conn, Wilda Davidson, Emma Fitzgerald, Faye Ayers. SECOND ROW: Jean Studebaker, Gladys Taylor, Barbara Beard, Glee Conner, Betty Brecht, Colleen Thompson, Shirley Ellis, Virginia Thrush, Arlene Leiter, Bonnie Lanshaw. THIRD ROW: Raymond Judge, Mr. Van Meer, Dorene Holcomb, Betty Owen, Joyce Stuart, IsabelDailey, Donna Reed, Charlottie Miller, Rosaline Fookes, Lynn Gallagher. FOURTH ROW: Dick Walton, Russell Moffett, Keith Lytle, Dave Needham, Jim Elenbaas, Dick Vliet, Zack Whetstine, Bill O'Boyle, Gordon Nelson, Carl Stacey. FIFTH ROW: Bob Boelio, Sally Baird, Esther Zinn, Marilyn Vliet, Bethel Rose, Janice O'Boyle. NOT PICTURED: Mary Io Young, Mary Rhodes, Peggy Shong, Marie Stolz. This club is composed of students who take commercial courses in school and work in offices and Stores to practice what they learn. Retailing And Office Club Sponsored by PHILLIPS GAS AND APPLIANCES Alma-Ph 375 Breckenridge-Ph 164 Driver Training This is a small portion of the group who took our relatively new course and learned much about driving. Shown are several tools Mr. Renczh used to teach this class. LEF I' TO RIGHT: Matthew Pung, Aleta Leppien, Phillip Taylor, Carol Ryan, Jim Cater, Mr. Rench, Dick Townsend, Sally Souders, Betty Hahn. OUR BEST WISI-IES TO YOU CLASS OF '52, IN EVERYTHING YOU DO MAY YOU UOUTPERFORMH, TOO. Mid-West Refineries , Inc HOME OF THE FAMOUS PLATFORMED GASOLINE Alma, Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan ETHYl FIRST ROW: Miss Kren, Adviser: Rosemary Van Meer, Gretchen Toms, Janet Rench, Joyce Norris, Rosemary Leppien, Delores Humphrey, Pam Cummins, Eleanor Cox. SECOND ROW: Bernie Winn, Darrell Coe, Alan Cordill, Neil Nelson, Bob Johnson, Kenny Smith. THIRD ROW: Bob Boelio, John Goetz, Gordon Veeder, Peter Vance, Carl Stacey. NOT PICTURED: Deloris Bigler, Mary Jean Goetz, Mike Keene, Ron Wolfe. Running movies for classrooms and assemblies is the work of the Projectionists. They give up their study halls to Sponsored earn credits for their letters. by YELLOW CAB Projectionists Ofmma Milers The Milers is an organization of swimmers in Alma. The members of this club must be .Junior or Senior lifesavers and be able to swim one mile. They take trips to the Mt. Pleasant pool for instruction and do much to further the interest of swim ming in Alma. FIRST ROW, SEATED: Rosemary VanMeer, Judy Smith, Deanna Fleming, Jean McClure, Karen Woodard, Denny Veeder, Joe Nemechek, Virginia Larkin, Lanice Anderson, Janice Abbey, Lorna Willard. SECOND ROW: Marion Baker, Lenore Gillon, Betty Smith, Mrs. Wright, Elsie McClure, Phyllis Rodenbo, Phyllis Hamp, Sheila Horman, Marilyn Larkin, Marilyn Hoard. THIRD ROW: Beverly Decker, Joyce VanNorman, Ann Harker, Jerry Veeder, Deana Munsell, Kaye Babcock, Sue Werbelow. NOT PICTURED: Ted Brannan, Donna Sherman, Ron Wolfe, Carol Blanck, John Goetz, Sam King, Diane Phillips, Yvonne Cummins. National Honor Societq ,duff SEATED, FIRST ROW: Sharon Hamp, John Ludy, Gerry Mayer, Russell Moffett, Dick Nelson, Joyce Van Norman, Mary Sova, SEATED, SECOND ROW: Pam Cummins, Wilma Reed, Eleanor Cox, Donna Reed, Esther Zinn, Wilma Thrush, Dorene Holcomb, Marilyn Larkin, Jan Rottschafer, Kay House, Nancy Frederickson, Priscilla Losey, Barbara Roth, Peggy Shong, Pat Schnepp, Carol Blanck. STANDING: Shirley Alexander, President, Barbara RUSS611: Bertha Northrup, Pat Guinand, Janet Rench, Mary Kay Caris, Dorothy Harker, Shirley Wiitanen, Helen Ioynt, Mrs. Montigel. The National Honor Society'members are chosen by the teachers of the school. To become eligible for this club a person had to meet high standards. Then from the eligible ones, the few that the teachers rated the highest became members. Student Voice Staff The staff put out the Student Voice, a mimeographed paper, and had extra work as they had to produce it as well as write it. FIRST ROW: Gordon Smith, Bob Wagner, Russell Moffett, Editor, Dick Nelson: Priscilla Losey, Kay House, Peggy Shong. SECOND ROW: Dale McClintic, Bob Martin, Bruce Reed, Ron Vliet, Connie McCall, Violet Baker, Mary Sova, Esther Zinn, Arlene Leiter, Mr. Van Dyke, Carole Babcock. NOT PICTURED: William Atkinson, Jim Kirschbaum, Wanda Marcy, Betteann McDaid, Barbara Pyle, Joyce Robison, Barbara Roth, Barbara Russell, Joyce Van Norman. Sponsored by FR:-:DR1cKsoN's MOTOR SALES me nn, mv -,W-at ff-. f :ww Dramatics Club FIRST ROW: Sheila Horman, Marilyn O'Boyle, Connie McCall, Beverly Milliman, Donna Sherman, Doratha Hicks, Judy Pitts, Phyllis Rodenbo, Joyce Peters, Rosemary Van Meer, Phyllis VanDemark, Dick Townsend. SECOND ROW: Carol Cawrse, Mary Woodward, Nancy Caris, Jean Buchanan, Joyce Young, Shirley Wiitanen, Aleta Leppien, Janice Sanders, Virgiline Bieske, JoAnna Nemechek, Evelyn Croton, Barbara Bair, Audrey Rinckey, Jane Kapellas, Sally Baird, Kay House, Marilyn Hoard, Shirley Tanner. THIRD ROW: Mr. Van Dyke, Rosemary Leppien, Sue Werbelow, Joyce Norris, Carol Blanck, Bob O'Boyle, Bob Hetzman, Bruce Reed, Pete Vance, Kenny Smith, Jack Wright, Barbara Russell, Helen Joynt, Myrna Messecar, Margaret Whitcraft, Nancy Johnson, Alan Cordill. NOT PICTURED: Russell Moffett, Dick Nelson, Bob Johnson, Marilyn Larkin, Mary Kay Caris, Joan Curtis, Elsie McClure. The Dramatics club does much to develop the field of drama in Alma High. They produced a fairy-tale play in the spring. Chapel Committee This group of high school students plan the chapel services which are presented once a month. Ministers from various churches deliver short messages, and students take part in the program. FIRST ROW: Dick Nelson, Sheila Horman, Phyllis Rodenbo, Marilyn Hoard, Connie McCall, Betty Hahn, Sally Souders, Barbara Bair, Donna Sherman, Kay House, Janice O'Boyle, Barbara Beard, Bud Stinchcomb. SECOND ROW: Bill Stuckey, Aleta Leppien, Marjorie Fuller, Nancy Caris, Helen Hawes, Shirley Wiitanen, Gretchen Toms, Doratha Hicks, Peggy Shong, Margaret Glazer, Pat Brown, Jean Studebaker, Mrs. List, Dwight Chisholm. THIRD ROW: Audrey Rinckey, Rosemary Leppien, Donna Hinderleider, Joanne Sova, Joyce Norris, Bob Wagner, Wayne Brown, Pat Guinand, Myrna Messecar, Barbara Roth, Helen Joynt, Nancy Johnson, Margaret Whitcraft, Joanne Greenway. NOT PICTURED: Marilyn Larkin, Mary Kay Caris, Mary Jean Goetz, Mary Jo Young, Carol Ryan, Mary McGil1is, Janice O'Boyle, Moreen McLaughlin, Barbara Johnson. ' A A A A , , Sponsored by IONE'S BEAUTY SHOP ffEE::::.-.- :ds-:J I 1 Q 1 I0 -0 gr f E 6 I 3 V ' ' I 4 0 4 , Uv: A alfa, ., 5 aug "2':7f,.fZ.C,. LE 0 N A R D Weather X tune gasoline P u y. X , , 1: O b U LASALLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Mt. Pleasant Michigan Comp lime nts of GIANT SUPER MARKETS THE BEAUTIFUL FOOD STORES Where the things you want Are The Things That Count Compliments LOBDELT-EMERV MANUFACTURING COMPANY 1 Alma , Michigan THE END Sponsored by JIM BROWN INC 88 1 , -mijijiwn Q . Xc'wN,YX. . Q. 351 fix? ,, :.,. ::..g. MYERS Ay-I5 YEARBOO KS T. ,':.'.':-'.'i.. THE PACEMAKERS or QUALITY . I MYERS AND CO. INC. TOPEKA, KANSAS I to was .bg 4-Q20 Wav' Q' A 4' A , Y ' 1. gl a , , 1 ' A92-f' , .U ,if tx , gli' . W QQQ. nw 'WF' X gg . . 'll' BGG H -cg, , .,...,.Y,:,L,:.,,,, 'T 4 lif nl + 1 x ff 1 44 S. M " ,Q , an if Q'- may 'UCF

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