Alma High School - Panther Tales Yearbook (Alma, MI)

 - Class of 1944

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Alma High School - Panther Tales Yearbook (Alma, MI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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41 if 'ca 5 . Q , R , . if . ii A 2 fffi'5f:f:" N .. M 2 ' 5,,'1r,i'7 A' ' , .. A , ,. , f . wk 4- ,ll ' f"'.', ' S gi E. M , '. ' " hh gi Q4 'f X . M 1 ,5,, : if 5-ei.: V ,I I L Jia A ,L Q - V1 ur V L Wi? . , i I ,. wt 5 H4 W x 6 55 ., .' A 'hi F wi, , ' ' 2' ' . if ' vi iv' -E L - VS . I sis,-, ,. 13 i Agf. ., ff , S . 'ff Q .Q B 1 TID'-3 fn J' f F Q , A aa V :Gag J, ' ,W fxr- Ii 1 iw'-in f, nifi- ' 1' Q: 4' F , fr r f, W0 it fa ,Q N hmgip , 1 ' f'-K , ,T YM . zfu. -1 J'nA'r 1, G ..-V, 1 1 '. Q vi., ., I , ...V H F. 11 5. i -, 5.1. 'nn- +'.-. 1. , , M, .-3 gr I-ry , '55 ' F: .,' ,re , Q73 f . A. 55311 ' ,, ,... ,, 17. Q4 an ,n., "x A. 5. zv dv ,,f. JE. pn. "Y lr, QV " -uv' .' 4 V 2 x +I K., , , , ' 1 V ', x ,"' A f- 5' -wmv .. V x L f V Ig. -:lf 1"n' r , .' - I ' 4" ' U ly f-.JE'4f"1,' - f,'Hff,1.J--- -. - ,, f , - V- - , .A gf' n - 1 l , qw -,int L N4 +4,1j, isp. , X 1 ,ffm 1 .iii-,1.,i:19?1 r 1 ,W A' FA 'L ' ..-' , L .5 .1 .5 , x ' . I4 H., 9, ng 3 '- 'J-:, , f 3 mx ... - GM I 1 , , f V-,-avi - 'f':'L-Q. f . LJ sr ' f A ' "SF xg. 1 ' -'I xy. ,. ' 1' '- -1 ' T Y '4 1 ' Y. , , N,, X . . P Q., -if , TEE. . .w H- if K I b 2 x 1 .fl , 1. ,rx ' '- A - . . T3 ' - A ' YQ 1 - rv. 11- ' , : - 1 . , - A Ylhivlx x if " . ' ,--q -, K 5- wx., wwa. W . ,Q ' w. 5' v g.,.A,' 'LH ' g,,.1-1 ,I M ' 'H' F- -:+R'0?1w-Mun. f .dimiihm-ana" KT: 2'nf .f..a 'Thx , .qua , 'Qs . ,X 'T . X , , , nv N .1 f v i 5 5' 4 T 3 1 I 1 , --f R , i5ai??f'w!7 4 1' F1929 E A ' 1, !'4f.,:z?2,'.yi'j. if "W 1' ,gQ.'.-' ,- , j.A1.'fwg,5f a- EQ-51 '- ., if ' .. .. "T-Qs! v 5 H .' 'wfvfxi xv jqffi 2" ' Q."f1-131' 2 1545. nz .q V .4 5 fffiwgif' i5E5C1QF K'v' 'x "5 gi 4- 7351 ' ' T17 -- . wif QV-,M Jgykif' ,' ' M ff Hifi: 'N -,1,:5-- -fl .'.,1f'F Hua' 2'5" " ' ' as Q , Q , L LW ' ZQ, fu I wx Q V- Ffazimw a- if . , G , W. E-,. In N .V .mv To a Good Friend : Long in patience and understanding, He stands too high to stoop To 1ife's littlenesses. From his tall vantage-point he sees Clearly and with cordial eye, Visions of a better self. In each of us who err. Wise in council, From his expanse of life, He draws suggestions Which vaporize our difficulties, And guide us closer To our goals. Calm in time of strife, He helps us keep our heads and hearts, In a world Hitlerized with Warp Thus helping us to win victory, Now, and in the post-War World. Man of moral fibre, He stands for better things, And moves in such a way CWith kindly smile and outstretched handl That' each of us remember him As a friend. N., ln the greatest respect and sincere affection we dedicate this yearbook to our Principal, Ward W. Shults. Mr. Shults came to Alma High School as principal in early 1936. His training included an A. B. at Heidelberg College and an M. A. from the University of Michigan, with Work at Columbia University. He stands high in Alma High School as a great friend of the students in whom they have absolute trust. The slogan has long been true that-"lf you have troubles and need help, here is a friend." His Work as a religious, educational and civic leader is outstanding. Dr. Emery Remsberg Supt. F. R. Phillips Clyde Decker Earl Swett G. V. Wright Frank Parker Board of Education The Alma Board ot Education has shown a strong interest in the Alma Public Schools, in the young people of Alma, and in the Alma teachers and other school employees. Dr. Emery Remsberg is the only new member of the Board of Education. Mr. G. V. Wright has long been president. Mr. Clyde Decker is vice-president, Mr. Frank Parker is secretary, and Mr. Earl Swett is treasurer. Supt. F. R. Phxlhps MI- Skulls - b MMI' Barbour Prtn. Serliof W9 fn- fU1'1iOF High Administration Page two Faculty Ethlyn Adams A. B. Assembly Committee Biology Spanish 44-4-Ana.: Miriam Bessemer A. B.. M. A. Librarian Latin mfJ,f.f4f"'J 'Lil-I. 1 iffy-Aff Graydon Blank B. S.. M. A. Farm Crops F. F. A. Farm Management Edna Carver B. S. Art Phyllis Crawford B. S. Sophomore Class Advisor Bookkeeping Shorthand Typing lr x rls. Page fou Bertha Hurst B. S. American Literature English Literature Honor Society Committee Beatrice Kren B. S. Iunior Class Advisor I Tumbling Intramural Assembly Committee Choruses Girls' Physical Education Floyd L B. S. Football Basketball fx' Track Boys' Physical Ed. Martha Madison A. B.. M. A. Senior Class Advisor War Stamp Chairman manl- English American Literature P. W. Mayer A. B.. M. A. Iunior Class Advisor Boys' Intramural Tennis Sociology American History World History English T Facult M- 5 Dorothy Montigel A. B. American History A. E. Peets A. B . A. Se ass Advisor government 'Physics Aeronautics Asst. Football Coach Annual Staff Advisor Walter Ranch B. S. Sophomore Class Advisor Pre-Induction Shop Mechanical Drawing Machine Woodworking Pep Committee visor NAM S. O. Rorem A. B.. M. A.. Ph. D. Shorthand Typing Ward W. Shults A. B., M. A. Principal Economics Committees-Ex-Officio Student Council Advisor A . Pagc five U Charles Skinner A. B. Chemistry Commercial Arithmetic Commercial Geography Review Mathematics Baseball Coach Edith Swigart A. B.. M. A. Phi Beta Kappa Trigonometry Geometry Advanced Algebra Geralyne Towersey B. S. Home Economics Community Health Home Economics Cecil Wolfe A. B.. R. N. School Nurse Community Health R. A. Yoder B. S. Band Brass Ensemble I-35. f . ,,..., , , 'L tihllfzfqtti munity Center. it 9 , 5? '1', 4' HE ALMA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL has been engaged in war work since the beginning oi the war in '4l. The students have been all-out inthe scrap drives in the past years which have been under the efficient supervision of Mr. Peets. These drives have included the collection of paper, rubber, silk, rags, tin cans, and all kinds of metal. The money received from the drives was given to the Red Cross, the Nurses' Fund, the Blood Bank, and the Com- On Sept. 21, 1943, a Bond Rally was sponsored by the Student Council to help raise our quota 435450007 for the Third War Loan Drive. A parade, bon-tire, program, and a dance were put on during the evening. As on the first and second Bond Drives, we went well over the top. The War Council, which has been very active in the past years, was changed this year to a War Com- mittee under the Student Council. This committee is composed ot: Tillie Tobin, Pete Greenhoe, Bob Barkman, Marguerite Phillips, Calvin Swett, Helen Stuart, lean Messecar, Dorothy Silhavy, Betty Fortino, and Iohnny Geller. sl jf- ,., 4 9 lass iffei. C 9 1221 . 16 95,3 fy' x fi 7 ' ' f EQ: "" A Q 0 'ol ,S Q fe Q I F K 2 1 A f 4, , 1 ' 6 " 1 if " 1 ' 4 - 1 2 ' ' . X X' Bug' ' 1 U,s' ' LEX, X JQTQNQG . ,i 2' J X Sfaf-,PS f Fi ' 'Q ff x L el ' l -' r -. 1' 1 -. U f if L 9 ,,:ff,f- ffl "" 15- 70 -- -I Y-'L-H ' " 'MJ-.-n Page six ? . J Kffgimr O .4 I 'QQ' JS vo!" ' X 5-Tiff!!! W a" f 1 1 ,I f I, N41 f fi if iff' S if Ll'-'11 j ,,ff:'f' 'Kg' f-54 'fiiiff "ffZ',ff dh! xm J - YE X i -x ,v M - n. fs l llhlbgp 'ii - ii? Forglll.v-"l- hhmnpf i Page eight Catherine Aclrer "A blush is the color of virtue." tl y . will Beatrice Allen "Blond and bright" Home Ec. Club zf Elaine Andrews "Sweetness is in the flesh." Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Home Ec. Club David Anthony "l'm just as bright as you." Football-Student Mgr 4. Football-Student Mgr. 4 Tennis 2 , Intramural 2, 4 Robert Barlanan "I never let my studies inter- fere with my education." Student Council 2 War Council 2, 3, 4 Intramural 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2 Track l, Z, 3, 4 Honor Society 2 Band 2, 3, 4 Rita Beal "If I talk fast, I won't forget it." Girl Reserves 3 Lucy Bennett "Silence is one great art of conversation." Fred Bentley "l'll do better next six weeks." Intramural 3, 4 Donald Berg "This world was made for me." Band Intramural 2 3 K I M 497' Laura Berry "l've lived and I 'm in love." Home Ec. Club 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 4 9 Girls' Chorus 2, 4 William Bevier "Wait for me, Mary." Golf 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y Z, 3 Intramural 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Wanda Bigle! "Short! But, oh my!" Mixed Chorus 2 Girls' Chorus 2 Pagefinine Robert Blanclc VVhat brutal mischief sits upon his brow." Golf 2 Intramural l, 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3 Beverly Bonner Oh, but l'rn hungry!" Student Council 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff lntramural 2, 3, 4 Girl Reserves 2 Band 2 Class Officer 2, 3 Pantherette 3 Majorette 3, 4 Honor Society 4 Evelyn Bovee She gets it done. intramural 2, 3 Tumbling 2, 3 Girl Reserves 2 u Mary Chlebina "Meek and mild." Home Ec. Club 3, Girl Reserves 2 4 I Marguerite Cline "Silent women seldom tell lies." Home Ec. Club 3, 4 Girls Reserves 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Mercer Cook "lf you want me won't." Football 3, 4 to do it, I Honor Society 3 4 gijjfcgl Z Home EC' Club 3' 4 Intramural 2, 4 " H1-Y 2 Richar Bradt Lois Cummings Toughi ' "Strawberry blond." , lntra l 2, 3 Intramural 4 N Fo all 3 4 Home EC. Club 4 us 2 Gir s' Chorus 4 Bat e 3, 4 -DMi ed Chorlls 2, 3, 4 y and 2 Q BOYS' Chorus 2 j l Audra Brookens Robert Cummings She can't resist her wilesf' "Elwell's favorite gon," Girl Reserves 2, 3 Tumbling 2 riff' 6 Loren Case Glad he found his one and only." Football 3, 4 lntramural 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Z Neoma Dalrymple "Her speed doth lic within her fingertips." intramural 2 Tumbling 3 Girl Reserve Home Eg, ub 3 V .V vfx i -PN, t J Page ten Kenneth Densmore Intramural 3 Football 4 Track 3, 4 F.'F. A. 2, 3, 4 Bruce Devereaux erous thing." Football 4 Basketball 4 Baseball 4 Lois Duliarnel "This time I mean it." Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Girl Reserves , 3 Band 2 ' T mblinq 2 Paul DuHame1 "I dream of jeunnie with the dark brown hair." Annual Staff Track l, Z, 3, 4 Cross Cgimtry 2 Gfgg Erwin Edwards "My work is paid w' good intentions." AHHUU if Robert Fcmdell "I prefer bl ds." Intr 4 Hi-Y Z, 3 l 2' "A rollicking farmer is he." "A little learning is a dang- Iean Fenner "I've been in love before Intramural 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Pantherettes 3 Class Officer 2 ' Peggy Fisher "Blond" Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Betty Fortino "Look out, collegeg here come." Annual Stall VVar Council 2, 3, 4 Intramural 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Assembly Committee 3 Albert F revert "Man about school." Annual Staff Pep Committee 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Tennis I, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3 Band 2, 3 Class Officer 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Student Council 2 Drum Major 4 Iune Fuller l'The more women think the more they talk." Mixed Chorus 3 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Band 2 Leo Glaze: "The man who blushes is not quite a brute." Intramural 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Track 3. 4 F. F. A. Page eleven r Kenneth Greenhoe "All 'round fellow." Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3 Student Council 3, 4 War Council 4 Gwendoyn Grier "Quiet and sweet??? H ,fame Dorothy Grossett "She can always tell one better." -10-fo-14111 Willis Hall "A romantic guy, l." F. F. A. Track 3, 4 Annual Band 2 Annabelle Hanford "I wanna make with the happy time." .J loyce Hanson "Silence is golden, but 1'm off the gold standard." Home Ec. Club Iacqueline Hawley "1 believe in telling people what I think." Annual Z, 3 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Tumbling 2 , Intramural 2 Chorus 2 Mary Ellen Hindall "1'm waiting faithfully." Student ,Council Z l'lonor,Society 4 l Charles Hitchcock "Now 1'll tell you one." Intramural 2, 3 Robert Hornacek "Ignorance is bliss, so l'm hurry-" Intramural 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Q ' Baseball 2, 3 .., ., ,C ,WL I Hi-Y 2, 3 Ruth Hansler Richard Howe "My memvfy iS the thing I "Big things come in small forget with." packages." Tumbling 4 Student Council 4 Intramural 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track Z, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 A222 Page twelve Newton Hufiine "I don't get it." Vera Husted "Speech is great, but silence is greater." Home Ec. ub 3, 4 Ruby Iohnson "A superior woman is mod- est in her speech." Intramural 4 Tumbling 2 Home EC. Club 2, 3, 4 ' Cho 2. 3 Glenn Kanitz Pansy Losey "I 'd rather be a farmer than "She walks to inaudible president." music." F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 2, 3 ff 1 I - HOLY, . F- ""A'A"A' lack Kemp Anna Lou Macey "Wrong? 1 can't be wrong." "My head is in the clouds." Band 2, 3, 4 Intramural 2, 3 Tumbling 2, 3 X Q X Girl Reserves 2, 3 ' 1 Honor Society 4 fl , ' , ' MW . 'LCV Doris Koutz Lois Martin "Ah! I -Men." "Sharp, trim, neat, and Home Ec. Club 3, 4 Robert Lamerson 4 "I like work. It fascinates L meg I can sit and look at it for hours." Annual Staff Student Council 4 Intramural 2 Football 3, 4 Basketball 4 Robert Lauer "He's a 'big' part of our class." F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Intramural 2, 3 Edward Lawson "I'll do it if I have to.'Q slim." ' Mixed Chorus 4 Page thirteen Rita McDonald "She giggles her life away." Girls' Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 2 jf . Katherine Miller "Life is laut a dream." Tumbling 2 H I Carl Noack "lust call me Carl." MM Dorine North:-up i'Her manner is shy, her voice is weak, whenever she gets up to speak." Intramural 3 Girl Reserves 2 Tumblina 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Girls' Chorus 4 Sextette 4 Honor Society Band 2 Robert Oberlin "Quiet until you get to know him." Intramural 2, 3, 4 L. G. Ped! "Every man has his devilish moments." Intramural 2, 3, 4 B. I. Perry "Everything happens to me." Student Council 2, 3 Intramural 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Track 3, 4 Tennis 3 Hi-Y 2, 3 lx Band 2, 3 , ,Jtrlf s Marguerite Phillips "Always willing to do her part." Annual Staff Student Counci Intramural 3 Girl Reserves 3 Honor Society 3, 4 Student Council President 4 Naomi Place "You can depend on me." Girl Reserves 2, 3 I-Ioncr Society 4 01 Donald Redman "All or nothing at all." Band 2, 3, 4 Tennis 2, 3, 4 Intramural 4 Kenneth Rhynard "They're either too young or too old." Student Council 4 Intramural 2 Football 4 Baseball 3 Band 2, 4 Class Officer 4 Ioan Robertson "A farmers wife, l'll be." Home Ec. Club 3, 4 WW Page fourteen 3711 My Leatrice Romine "A nurse to beg that's for 'neu Intramural 2, 3 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Majorette 3, 4 Pantherette 3 Ernest Russell "You can't tell me." Boys' Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 2 amz' Harlan Sabin 'My job takes my time." Track 2, 3, 4 Intramural 2 1.5mm Charlene Seite "About my fingernails, dont make cracks. I like them so nothing lacks. " Mixed Chorus 4 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Home Ec, Club 4 Donald Shaffer "Quiet - shy - rural F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 Iean Slaski "Laugh and be merryg la ter the world with a song." Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Sextette 2, 3, 4 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 2, Intramural 4 Lorenzo Salazar A right good fellow." Track 2, 3 Bonnie Sandy Tell her of Iacolfs ladder and she would ask the number of steps." Intramural 2 Mixed Chorus 4 Girl Reserves 2 Honor Society 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 4 Theo Sergeant Love and you shall he loved." Girl Reserves 2 Home EC. Club 4 Girls' Chorus 3, 4 ylixed Chorus 4 Betty I une Smith "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Annual Staff Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Sextette Girl Reserves 2, 3 Band 2 Class Officer 4 Louise Stacy "She's a darling, wee hit 0 a lassie." Intramural 2, 3 Tumbling 3 Girl Reserves 2 U Mildred Slehlik "I can cook, too." Home Ec. Club 3, 4 Girl Reserves 2 Page fifteen Carl Stewart "All the great men are dy- ingg 1 alon't feel so well myself." Basketball 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 Golf 2 Hi-Y 2, 3 Lois Strack "She's a husy homemaker." Girls' Chorus Z, 4 Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 4 Girl Reserves 2 Home EC. Club 2 4 Honor Society Ellen Stuart i'She likes them short, she likes them tall, you and l know, she likes them all." Girl Reserves 2, 3 .f , 'f"QJv! ,L 5,,,-4,17 Helen Stuart "Smile, smile, smile." War Council 3 Girls' Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 2 Honor Society 3, 4 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Robert Studebaker "1 might not he right, hut I'm not wrong." F. F, A. 2, 3, 4 Richard Sullivan "Tall and ambitious." F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 Intramural 2, 3 Calvin Swett "1 give you my worolf Annual Staff Track 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 4 Class President l, Z, 3 Band 2, 4 War Council 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3 A David Swiqart "Drummer hay." Student Council 2, 3 Intramural 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Tennis 3 Honor Society 2 Band 2 Boys Chorus 2 Opal Sworthwood "A man is always better than a hook." Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 O f f . X, Bertille Tobin i'Happiness runs through her like-lightning." Annual Staff Student Council 4 War Council 3, 4 , lntrcmurol 2, 3, 4- Tumblinq 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2 Girl Reserves 2, 3 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Pantherettes 3 Cheer Leader 3, 4 Winiield Ueberroth "If your work interferes with your sleep, quit your work." Hi-Y 2, 3 Intramural 2, 3 David Vance "lust give me a listenerg do the talking." Honor Society 4 Page sixteen 1 Leora Wang "St. Louis, here Intramural 2, 3 Tumbling 2 Chorus 2 Girl Reserves 2 Home Ec. Club 2 Robert Watson 'Quick and hrightf' Berdella Welstord "What will I do next?" Intramural 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Pantherettes 3 Girl Reserves 2, 3 L!! Dean Will: "Conceit is God's gift to u little man." 1 1 come." Robert Williams "He that would look with contempt on the pursuits of the farmer is not worthy the name of a manf' F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 MLM! Donna Wood "The midnight oil, l've burned over-much." Girl Reserves 2 Chorus 2, 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Girls' Chorus Z, 3 4 Peggy Woodley "I live the life l love." Girl Reserves 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 2 70.442 lohn Young "Quiet and reserved, yet constant as the north star." Intramural 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Wwe gb ,.,J' 9 Q- Page seventeen ms' 'AV' X -df? LJ Ohh B yy 'Q N. I I dcfvlulli, Q ' 'z -,, .' J VZ W li . ssl web TQH4 Cf 9 - l as 5 l O Q Q I I I l . U! ii Q9 'Z' I A so xl 1 U - " i-1.- ,lil : -fi E pn n-6 ugni rr Page twenty Donald Allen Forest Anderson Theos Angelus Mildred Ayris Wanda Barnhill Robert Bigelow Dale Bovee Gordon Bragg Donald Brainard Patricia Brenneman Norman Burke Verneda Buchler Margery Busch Kenneth Catlin Ieanette Church Audra Church Zelrna Church Irene Cline Miriam Codde Alva Cook Loree Collin Norine Cook Evalyne Cooley Mary Courter I une Crowder Ioanne Cummings Rex Cummings lack Deardorl! Althea Dewey lean Downs lack Downing Hilda Erickson Margaret Ferris Olen Ferris Gordon Fisher Ioan Fleming Iune Fleming Josephine Freed Ioyce Frisbie Neil Fulton Allan Gee lack Gillis Rodney Grover Barbara Grubaugh Hazel Hall Peggy Hall Mariorie Hanford Wallace Hanley Margaret Hardgrove Bill Hewitt Loreen Hindall Bonnie Horman Wayne Husted Max Hutchins Erma Iellison Genevieve Iohnson George Kamperman Maeola Kennett Harold Koenigsaeclcer Merline Koutz loy Kovaclz Dorothy Kramer Esther Lauer Robert Leight Page twenty-one Page twenty-two Nestor Ligos lack Lippert Ronald Mantey Ted Medler Lester Mapes Helen Manzulla Iames Messecar lean Messecar Ruth Messecar Barbara Milham Donna Nelson Winifred Nelson Helen Nevills Louise Newman Martha Noack Richard Northrup Beatrice Oelike Ruth Olson Ila Parker Fay Parkes Mildred Peterson Phyllis Phillips Florence Plank Greta Plank Donna Richardson Dorothy Riley Ruth Roclraiellow Virginia Schneider Robert Sexton Betty Shirey Gwendolyn Sholty Dorothy Silhavy Dorothy Snyder George Stamas Marie Stehlik Celia St Gordon Struble Iune Tait Lucille Thompson Iune Towersey Alyce Townsend Arthur Ueberroth I ames Vand William Gloriamae Vine Rosemary Waber Iames Ward Eugene Wendell Wilk Inez Wieringa I ohn Wilkins ockwell erheek Vanderbeek Weaver i . Barbara Iean Wilson Neil Woodbury Velma Wyeth NOT PICTURED Ida Farrough lames Hamlin Barbara Patterson Robert Wedge A Q px f :sew 2 f ll 1 lx.. .4l14,.. 23: 3 ,. 2'O'3v? 4 . :' ' " S I ts? ff ', .s.s'4 ' lx I X G l fs l R 2 , ' I X 'W' a s f 'HE SESS? W :' I ...X 'H 1' I -Q- ?:':'N -Y sv psi, X N x-iQ5vn x 5 W ' Page twentyfthree JKXM I . V1 , Q 1 E, ,"""o' 5 , W Q V, u-.. 1 ,XY O I "ff 'wx Y ' s r x g X 17 AAS A M35 W' f Q wi Q? , Znvff , FA! Q x X ,pl QQ . to JI' Yr 'CF yr X ., wx' if 5 UN 11,-f A0 - 14' - 8 ,,. Page twenty-four s 5f'gI'fJ ' AF xaX'A gl X , Y U 0 W0 51 1 L, l o 4 o 2 I A Q 1 f - 0 1 2 1 X9 0 ' o ' 4 ' I ' O Q A ' I Q : I . A Ei "- 9 '1 I L 1 ' . Q 9 F U 2 ,' xp' - A v 1 ' P 'Vu 1' 1' 'Q 1 Fiiugeraf' Page twentyfsix Alvetta Acker Mary Beth Adams Deloris Azelbom Onalee Baker I uanita Beal Merle Beard Mary Beauvais Mari orie lack Bosch Bowman Yvonne Brown Onalee Buchler Ruth Burr Dale Eunice Burch Burt Lucille Button Earl Campbell Robert Campbell Edith Carter Mary Pat Castle Donald Clark Roxie Codde Shirl ey Crawford Roberta Dart Charles DeNaples Carl Dolloii Virginia Drake Phyllis Dubay Barbara Ruth Dunevant Emery Lawrence Epler Donald Faught Neil Fenner Lyndon Fillhard Iohn Fitzgerald Marietta Fleming Donald Freed Muriel Freeland Thomas Gaffney Edna Gallagher Martha Garrison Phyllis Gearig Iohn Gellar Iohn Glazer Betty Gould Betty Grandy Goldie Grandy Charles Graham Richard Grubaugh Lawrence Grunstead Marilyn Hale Glen Hanes Betty Hartig Robert Hines Phyllis Hines Louise Hitchcock lack Horton Terry House Clinton Humphrey Ierry Hungerford Edna Iellison Emmogene Iohnson Iames Iohnson Thelma Iohnson Ralph Kaufman Page twentyfseven Page twentyfcight Lovina Keilhotz Clarence Kelsey Iacqueline Kemp George LaPaugh Harold LaPaugh Robert LaPaugh Dolores Marcus Frank Martin Thomas Marx Mary McDonald Betty McNeil Mary McVay Carl Michael Robert Mobly Theodosia Montigel Robert Morey Shirley Morey Dale Naiiziger Darwin Nafiziger I ane Nagelkirk Hal Northrup Charles O'Meara leannine Orwig Floyd Parkes Mary Lou Perry Berdella Peska Betty lean Phillips Doyt Pyle Iames P Patricia Phillips lace Kathryn Raycrait Donal Redman Eugene Reed Martha Reed Donna Rippie S Esther lane Roberts Richard Roberts Iacquelyn Robertson Ioyce Robertson Wilma Rockaiellow Ronald Rockwell Doretta Root Eleanor Russell Lois Schultz William Sentes Noel Shatter Ronald Shaw Alfred Silhavy Charline Smith Dale Smith Doris Stacy Marguerite Stepelton Richard Stuckey Doris Studer Doris Tedhams Beverly Thompson Allred Thrush Michael Tobin Evelyn Towersey Earl Van N ortwick Winona Waber Christine Walker Harold Wells Matthew Welstord Page twcnryfninc NOT PlC'l'UllED Betty Baker Valda Bredinqer Beverly Coleman Bruce Hinkle Mary lane Patterson Malcolm Smith Hugh Sova. Verle Stellow loanne Westley Robert Winn Donald Wolf Goldie Wyeth Betty Yale Marilyn Ziesse 'M s 'K ri' Qfgjtq Page thirty N 9:44, 'ie 'l if .... ,Rl -- Xix 5 :' Y K? 1 if Q1 ,a - 4 l s' Q!!-gg as f1.,,,ws- ,X X ,432 J! N P .-'Mg ,Q .Jjgkx XX K., fi! 41, wi if Student Council Top Row: Iohn Fitzqerald, Kenneth Greenhoe, Mr. Shults, lack Bosch, lohn Geller, Richard Northrup. Second Row: Bertille Tobin, Betty McNeil, Lois Schultz, Phyllis l-lines, Virginia Drake, Barbara Milham. Bottom Row: Ted Medler, Robert Lamerson, Beverly Bonner, Marguerite Phillips, Richard Howe, Kenneth Rhynard. The Student Council for the years of '43 and '44 has been very progressive and efficient in its duties. A few of the outstanding accomplishments are: The War Cornmitteeg a successful Bond Rally and Drive: a prosperous Scrap Driver the Red Cross Drive: and, perhaps, the great- est and best accomplishment, a Community Center for the youth of Alma. We thank President Marguerite Phillipsp Vice-President Richard Howe: Secretary Beverly Bonner: Treasurer Robert Lamersong and the members of the Student Council for the good work they have done. Page thirtyftwo Honor Societ Top How: Loree Collin, Patricia Phillips, Iune Fleming, Patricia Brenneman, Lucille Thompson, Esther Lauer, Phyl- lis l-lines, Virginia Drake, lane Nagelkirk, Evalyne Cooley. Third Row: lean Fleming, lean Messecar, Barbara Milham, Maeola Kennett, Marjorie Bowman, Edna Gallagher, Iune Towersey, Theodosia Montigel, Loreen Hindall. Second Row: Bonnie Horman, Bonnie Sandy, Helen Stuart, Beverly Bonner, Mr. Skinner, Betty Fortino, Bertille Tobin, Evelyn Bovee, Ruth Messecar, Dorothy Snyder. First Row: Dorine Northrup, Naomi Place, Charlene Sette, Donna Wood, Al Frevert, David Vance, Mary Hindoll, Anna Lou Macey, Marguerite Phillips, Lcis Strack. Members of the National Honor Society are chosen on a basis oi character, scholarship, leadership, and service. According to the constitution only 15 per cent oi the Senior class, 10 per cent of the Iunior class, and 5 per cent of the Sophomore class are eligible for election. A student must have attended his school for at least one year before he is eligible for election. This is an honor that is well worth working for during a student's school years. The members from the school year of 1942-43 that are on the Honor Society for 1943-44 are: Marguerite Phillips, Charlene Sette, Betty Fortino, Bertille Tobin, Evelyn Bovee, Al F revert, Dorine Northrup, Helen Stuart, Donna Wood, Evalyne Cooley, Bonnie Harman, Ruth Messecar, and Patricia Brenneman. The new members from the Senior Class are: Anna Lou Macey, Naomi Place, Beverly Bonner, Lois Strack, Mary Ellen Hindall, Bonnie Sandy, and David Vance. Those new from the Iunior class are: Barbara Milham, Iean Messecar, Esther Lauer, lean Fleming, Lucille Thompson, Maeola Kennett, Iune Fleming, Iune Towersey, Loree Coffin Loreen Hindall, and Dorothy Snyder. The new members from the Sophomore class are: Phyl lis Hines, Edna Gallagher, Virginia Drake, Theodosia Montigel, lane Nagelkirk, Hal Northrup, Marjorie Bowman, and Pat Phillips. 1 Page thirtyfthree F.F.A. Top How: Eugene Weaver, Neil Woodbury, Dovt Pyle, Ronald Rockwell, Leo Glazer, William Vanderkeek, Rcbert Lauer, Richard Sullivan, Donald Wolfe, Allan l. Gee, Merle Beard, Norman Burke, Robert Bigelow, lack Deardorff. Third Row: Robert Thompson, Bill Hall, Gerald Van l-lorn, Rodney Grover, Matthew Welsfcrd, Fred Gee, Wendell Wilk, Samuel Phelps, Dale Naffziqer, Robert Leonard, Rex Cummings, Merle Gunderman, Noel Shaffer. Second Row: Paul Wolfe, Alfred Silhavy, Robert LaPauqh, Lawrence Epler, Dale Bovee, lohn Fitzgerald, lack Leonard, Robert McCoy, William Davis, Bernard Brecht, Edwin-Frisbie, Max Vibber. First How: lack Horton, Harold LaPauqh, Dale Burt, lohn Glazer, Ralph Kaufman, Dale Smith, Keith Thrush, Rclrert Williams, Donald Freed, Kenneth Densmore, Mr. Blank. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of iarrn boys who are studying vocational agriculture. In 1943 the Alma chapter won second place in the State Better Chapter Contest and honorable mention in the na- tional contest. Some of the activities during the year include the Barn Dance, district leadership conference sponsored at Alma, scrap drives, horse bot campaign, program over radio station WKAR, Father and Son Banquet, send- ing boxes to boys in service, and parties with Home Making Club. Page tl1irty'four SUMMER CAMP PM E Guflf DETRUITSTOCK Show Dnncs TESTIHQCOH1 W0rmsn7 Pug? Home Economics Club Top Row: Marie Stehlik, Dorothy Silhavy, lnez Wieranga, Edna Iellison, Zelma Church, Marietta Fleming, Loree Coi- tin, Laura Berry, Thelma Iohnson, loyce Frisbie. Third Row: Donna Nelson, Elaine Andrews, Ioyce Robertson, Charlene Sette, Ioanne Cummings, Ruby Iohnson, Mary Chlebina, Vera l-lusted, Genevieve lohnson, Lois Cummings. Second Row: Phyllis Gegriy, Mildred Ayris, Ioyce Hanson, Margaret Ferris, Helen Nevills, Bonnie Harman, Peggy Hall, Irene Cline, Shirley Morey, Donna Ripple. First Row: Dolores Marcus, Rosemary Waber, Marguerite ine, i re r e .1 geant, Evelyn Bovee, Beverly Thompson, Winona Wober. Cl M ld d it hl'k, Mrs. Towersey, Lois Strack, Theo Ser- A- FIOVBN B- 1- Smith C. Swett B. Bonner B. Lamerson B. Fortino Editor Ass't Editor Bus. Mgr. Make-up Editor Photography Girls' Sports E. Edwards B. Tobin P. Du Hamel M, Phillip: W, Hull Boys' Sports Features Art Editor Art Editor F. F. A. Editor We, the members ofthe Annual Staff of the class of 1944, wish to thank everyone who has contributed to the make up of this book, The Panther, in any way. To Miss Stovall for the photography, we especially give our thanks and appreciationg and to all the members ot the faculty for their co-operation during the making of this book. Page thirty-six PEP COMMITTEE Top Row: Donald lvloniey, Lester Mapes, Mr. Rench, Harold Koeniqsaecker, Al Freverl. First Row: Phyllis Phillips, Barbara I. Wilson, Bertille Tobin, Donna Richardson, l l CHEER LEADERS Lei! io Riqhi: Barbara l. Wilson, Phyllis Phillips, Bertille Tobin, Lester Mapes, Donna Richardson. DRUM MAIOR AND MAIORETTES Lei! io Hiqhl: Leairice Romine, Al Freveri, Beverly Bonner Page thirtyfcight O , S Gzrls extette Leif io Riqhl: Gwendolyn Sholty, Dorine Northrup, lean Slaski, Eleanor Russell, Esther Lauer, Belly I. Smith Boys' Quartette llll Lei! to Right: Ronald Manley, Charles DeNaples, Richard Northrup, Iames Vande-rbeek, Donald Brainard. Page thirtyfnine Mixed Chorus Top Row: lla Parker, Laura Berry, Lucille Thompson, Forest Anderson, Charles DeNaples, Harold Koenigsaecker, Ronald Montey, Fay Parks, Richard North- rup, Iames Messecar, Patricia Brenneman, Lois Schultz. Fourth Row: Theo Sergeant, Lois Strack, Mary Adams, Dorine Northrup, Esther Lauer, Shirley Crawford, James Vanderbeek, John Geller, Ieanette Church, Iune Fleming, Iune Crowder, Dorothy Silhavy, Eunice Burch, Roxie Codde. Third Row: Florence Plank, Mary Castle, Virginia Drake, Berdella Peska, Elaine Andrews, Margery Bowman, lean Slaski, Ruby Iohnson, Hazel Hall, Norine Cook, Velma Wyeth, Betty I. Smith, Opal Swarthwood. Second Row: Donna Wood, Yvonne Browne, Eleanor Russell, lean Fleming, Virginia Schneider Mildred Peterson, Edna Gallagher, Barbara Emery, Ioanne Cummings, Iean Messecar, Helen Manzulla, Edith Carter. First Row: Berdella Welstord, Louise Newman, Lois Cummings, Phyllis Hines, Christine Walker, Bonnie Sandy, Phyllis Phillips, Helen Nevills, Theodosta Montigel, Barbara Milham, Charlene Seite, Beverly Thompson. Page forty Alma High Band Deloris Azelborn . . . . . . Drums Robert Barkman . . . .. Cornet lack Bosch ......... .... C larinet Don Brainard ....... . . Cornet Patricia Brenneman . . . ..... Horn Margery Busch ..... . . . Clarinet Edith Carter ,..... . . . Drums Ieanette Church . .. .... Horn Iune Crowder . .. ...... Flute Charles DeNaples . . . . . . Trombone Iack Downing ..... . . . Drums lean Downs ........ ..... H orn Margaret Hardgrove . . . . . . Clarinet Bruce Hinkle ........ . .. Cornet Bonnie Horman . . . . . . Clarinet lack Kemp . . . .... Cornet Ned Lawson . . . . . . Baritone Robert Leight . . . ..... Cornet Robert Mantey . . . . . . Trombone Iames Messecar . . . . . . Cornet lean Messecar . . . . . . Baritone Barbara Milham . .. ..., Flute Darwin Naffsigger . . . . . . Bass Donald Redman . . . . . . Drums Virginia Drake . . Baritone Barbara Emery . .. .. Drums Marguerite Ferris . . . . . . Clarinet Gordon Fischer . . . . . Drums Iean Fleming .... Horn Donald Fought . . . . . . Cornet Neal Fulton ...... .. Drums Thomas Gaffney .... . . .Cornet Edna Gallagher . . . . . . Drums Iohn Geller ,..... .. Cornet Charles Graham . . . ..... Cornet Wallace Hanley .... . . . Trombone Kenneth Rhynard . . . .... Saxophone Richard Stuckey . . . ...... Drums Calvin Swett . . . . . Clarinet Gordon Struble . . . . . . Saxophone Lucille Thompson . . . .... Drums Robert Thompson . . . Drums Evelyn Towersey . . . . . . Clarinet Iames Vanderbeek . . . Cornet Iames Ward ...,.. . . . Drums Robert Wedge . .. .. Clarinet Ioan Wesley . . . . . Clarinet Iohn Young .. .... Bass Page fortyfone 1 1 4 ,F in -V fn: N Z2 .w W ,jg F x 'NL x Aw ji ef TQ? AM nf fN :-Z' :QQ A M3 Q ' X 1 Q Q? wk if -J 6 Jfgf 0 :Q U, if 5 H Football Top Row: Kenneth Greenhoe, Loren Case, Calvin Swett, Kenneth Rhynard, Bruce Devereaux, Leo Glazer, B. I. Perry, Robert Lauer. Second Row: Robert Hornacek, lack Decker, Kenneth Densmcre, Gene McQuad, Coach Lear, Robert Lamerson, lack McQuaid, Stanley Hornacek. First Row: Richard Bradt, Richard Grubauqh, Fay Parks, Carl Stewart, Mercer Cook, Richard Howe, Gordon Bragg, lohn Young, Robert Barkman. The Alma Panthers of '43, as in previous seasons, turned out to be a Well-molded team under the watchful eye of Coach Bill Lear. Upon completion of the season the Panthers' vic- tory string was found to be tour wins and one tie. One loss prevented the Panthers of this year keeping up with the undefeated champions of '42. The team was composed of a heavy line and a light and speedy backiield. Although the starting lineup consisted of nearly all Seniors there will be a lot of reserves to carry on for Alma High School next year. The wins came at the hands of Cadillac, St. Louis, East Lansing, and Midland. The tie came at the hands of a strong St. Iohns team. Our loss came in the game with the Oilers of Mt. Pleasant by a score ot 6 to O. There was a lot of controversy over what would have been an Alma touchdown late in the fourth period, but the referee ruled that the ball carrier stepped outside and who are we to argue with them??'?? Alma . . . Cadillac Alma . . . St. Iohns Alma . . . . . St. Louis Alma . . . Mt. Pleasant Alma . . . Midland Alrna . . East Lansing Page fortyffour l l Football Reserves Top How: Forrest Anderson, Charles O'Meara, Doyt Pyle, George Stamas, loe Simon, Neil Fenner, Lee Lanqworthy, Ron Mantey. Second Row: George LaPauqh, Red McCormick, Mike Tobin, Tom Marx, Dick Roberts, Thomas Gaffney, Hugo Salazar, Iohn Glazer. Third Row: Bob Rorey, Lee Hewitt, Darwin Naiiziqqer, Bob Greene, Coach Peets, lim Place, Red Kelsey, Speed Hewitt, Pete Martin. Basketball Reserves Top Row: Frank Martin, Kenneth Catlin, Ted Mecller, Neil Fenner, Eugene Reed, Neil Fulton. First How: Darwin Naffziqqer, lack Bosch, Terry House, Iohn Wilkins, Michael Tobin, Coach Lear. Page fortyffiue Basketball Alma High School's 1943-44 basketball season opened with a schedule of eleven games in spite of wartime conditions. Later in the season, two more contests were added to an already rounded schedule to bring the total of regular conference games to thirteen. Coach Lear molded a formidable team from the numerous boys that appeared on the first day of practice. Dick Howe, Al Frevert, Pete Greenhoe, and Carl Stewart, veterans of the previous season, along with newcomers to varsity competitionfCodge Swett, Bruce Devereaux, Fay Parks, Kenneth Rhynard, and Bob Lamerson made up the varsity squad. Carl Stewart was called to his country's colors early in the season. Gordy Bragg, a Iunior, and Dick Gru- baugh, a Sophomore, were then added to complete the squad. ln the first game of the season the Panthers de- feated the Crimson Tide of St. Louis 35-19. The Oilers of Mt. Pleasant, a team well supplied with veterans of previous seasons, were the next victims. Both teams were primed for their meeting and the rivalry was just as strong as it has always been. The final horn found the Panthers on the long end of a 27-25 score. The second game between these two schools was also won by Alma as the Panthers increased the victory margin to 57-37. Two more games are yet to be played with the Oilers as this annual goes to press. Last year Alma won three out of four games and this year all hope to make it four out of four. Page fo'fty'six 1943--1944 The 1943-44 season found a new foe on the sched- ule for the Panthers-the Trojans of East Lansing. The Alma Varsity won the first of' the two meetings by one point in a very close and exciting game played on Alma's home court, the final score being 31-30. The attendance for this game was very close to a new record. Later in the season the Trojans gained the upper hand in a hard fought overtime winning by a slim one-point margin, 35-34. The Panthers were out for revenge on the St. lohns court, this being the site last' season for an Alma defeat in the District Tournament after having been beaten by the Alma squad twice during regular season play. Alma gained that revenge 29-20. Another game is yet to be played with this team. Midland, though a fast, well-organized team, failed to master enough strength to defeat the ambitious lads of Alma in either of the their two contests. Alma was victorious 43-28 at Midland and gained a 37-25 triu'mph on the local court. The feeling is strong that Alma has a fine chance in Regional and State Tournament play. A few words should be said about the fine play of the Alma Reserves this season. Since the varsity squad is made up mostly of Seniors, these lads will be the ones to carry on for the Panthers in future years. They have lost only two games thus far, but have gained revenge through triumphs over these teams in later meetings. Much credit should go to Coach Lear who year after year turns out winning teams for Alma High School. l L l Page forty-seven Track Top Row: Mercer Cook, B. I. Perry, Richard Howe, Calvin Swett, Richard Grubauqh, Donald Fauqht, Gene McOuaid, First Row: Kenneth Densmore, Leo Glazer, Bill Hall, Harlan Sabin, Robert Barkman, Robert Lauer, Coach Lear. 'er ,rr,, C R .. it ' , ACTION sr-Iors Coach Lear again produces an undefeated track team which swept all opponents aside to gain the Conference and War Area meets. Mt. Pleasant and Midland provided the great- est opposition, but were defeated in dual meets by a considerable margin. Special mention should be given to lohn Grosskopf, Paul Du Hamel, Bob Barkman and Bob Lauer who sparked the team to many victories. Page foftyfcight Baseball Top Row: Coach Skinner, Neil Fulton, Robert Hornacek, Kenneth Rhynard, David Swigart. First Row: Kenneth Greenhoe, Richard Bradt, Fay Parks, Gordon Bragg, Iohn Young. Tennis Lott to Hiqhi: Kenneth Greenhoe, B. I. Perry, Al Frevert, David Swigart, Larry Ferris, Donald Redman, Coach Mayer Page fortyfning C "Av Girls Top Row: Bonnie Sandy, Leatrice Homine, Anna Lou Macey, Marguerite Phillips, Beverly Bonner, Betty Fortino. Second Row: Berdella Welsiord, lean Fenner, Annabelle Hanford, Neoma Dalrymple. First Row: Louise Stacy, Evelyn Bovee, Miss Kren, Bertille Tobin, Patricia Brenneman, Tumbling lub Top Row: Lois Schultz, lla Parker, Ruth l-lansler, Anna Lou Macey, Patricia Brennemcm, Iune Fleming, Ioy Kovack. Third Row: Iune Tait, Velma Wyeth, Marjorie Bowman, Patricia Phillips, Iune Crowder, Deloris Azelborn, Berdella Peska. Second Row: Celia Stockwell, Edna Gallagher, Betty Gould, Eleanor Russell, Iean Messecar, Barbara Emery. First Row: Phyllis Phillips, Mary Castle, Theodosia Montiqel, Miss Kren, Bertille Tobin, Phyllis Hines, Norine Cook. Page fjty-one Girls' Intramural Top Row: lla Parker, Shirley Crawford, Esther Lauer, Lois Sthultz, Ruth l-lansler, Phyllis Phillips, Iurxe Crowder, Patricia Brenneman, Ioanne Westley, Eunice Burch, lean Slaski. Third Row: Bettv McNeil, Lois Cummings, Patricia Phillips, Velrnf' Wyeth, June Tait, Mcrjcrie Bzwman, Betty Fortino, Berdella Peska, Bertille Tobin, Theodosia Montiqel, Phyllis Hines. Secovl Row: Celia Stcckwell, Dorothy Riley, Annabelle Hanford. Elecnc-r Russell, lean Messecar, Edna Gallagher, Barbara Emery, Betty Gould, Lavina Keilhotz, Doris S'acv, Maeola Kennett. First Row: Virf:ini'v Prcke. Phvllis Phillips, Mary Pat Cast'e, Eelcris Azvlbcrn, Miss Krcn, June Fleming, Ioy Kovack, Beverly Brnner, Norine Cook. The "A" girls are a group who have earned their athletic letters through the Intramural Program. ln order to receive this award every girl must have no grade below a "B" or a citi- zenship grade below a "3" at any time during the school year. Each girl must earn 300 points in three major sports and these sports must be taken irom iieldball, basketball, volleye ball, and baseball. Aside from this she must earn 100 points in outside minor sports such as track, tumbling club, hiking, ice and roller skating, bowling, tennis, golf, and many others. In the beginning oi the school year tieldball is the first sport taken up in the Intramural Program. This year the group was divided into two teams of which Iune Fleming and Deloris Azelborn were captains, the former being victor. The girls out for basketball were divided into five teams with Beverly Bonner, Phyllis Phillips, Ioy Kovack, Iune Fleming, and Mary Pat Castle as Captains. Other sports that are carried on are: volleyball, baseball, and track. Tumbling club is an organization which was organized in the year 1941. Any girls who are interested in tumbling may become members of this organization. This club, which meets once a week, participates in various demonstr :tional programs. Through participation in this club, girls may earn 100 points which are necessary for earning an athletic letter. The organ- ization is playing a big part in the physical fitness program. Page fftyftwo COMPLIMENTS OF Alma State Savings Bank ALMA. MICHIGAN r of Fede 1 Dep s't I surcmce "Stovall Studio and Camera Shop" We Appreciate the Opportunity of Serving THE ALMA HIGH SENIORS As Their OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS C p 11 BUY YOUR BOOKS WAR ATHLETIC GOODS BONDS AND OFFICE SUPPLIES STAMPS VARSITY SHOP at "IUST FOR SPORT" DOUD'S Page fifzyfrhf COMPLIMENTS OF ROWE'S JEWELRY "THE FRIENDLY STORE" 205 E. Superior St. Phone 647 TOWNSEND'S CENTRAL MICHIGAN FLORISTS GREENHOUSE - FLOWER SHOP St. Louis. Mich. Phone 30 Alma. Mich., Phone 58 COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO STORE IOE DAVEY. Proprietor BEST WISI-IES FROM MORRIS AR E E LARCHDALE FARM DAIRY ST DRY CL AN RS PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS ESTELL 6 SON, Pro rietors Alma-Phone R-31-F-21 Phone 92 P E. I. MUHN. Proprietor BILL MUHN. Driver 213 E. Superior SL Alma' Mich. Alma Reminder and St. Louis MAPES HARDWARE Morning Stal' Pl.lbliC3ti0l1S HARDWARE RENTAL SANDERS Alma' Michigan Phan' 17 Phone 12 Alma, Mich. Page ffty-four Alma. Mich.. Phone 178 Red DICKINSON 'S PIANos - APPLIANCES - RADIOS FURNITURE and cms Drug Store EXPERT RADIO SERVICE Opposite Strand Theatre Phone 1 SAWKINS MUSIC and FURNITURE LAMERSON'S SHOES ROBLEE - BUSTER BROWN - AIR STEPS Alma. Mich., Opposite City Hull COMPLIMENTS OF First State Bank of Alma rAI'rRrUI. 'ro OUR 'rRUs'r smcs 1880 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF VIC'S GRILL 224 E. SUPERIOR CHURCH'S JEWELRY WATCHES - DIAMONDS - SILVERWARE Superior St. Phone 237 NOVELTY GIFT SHOP GREETING CARDS - BOOKS AND MANY GIFTS FLOWERS FOR AI.I. OCCASIONS CAPLE FLOWER SHOP DON WALSH. Proprietor Phone 277 Alma. Michigan Page Jiffy-jvc We Salute the Employees In the Military Service 'MELVIN L. ADAMS, Ir.-'40 ROBERT S. MILLER 'DONALD I. CRAWFORD-'38 DALLAS D. MILLER 'VIRGIL DAVENPORT-'32 'GERALD F. PHILLIPS-'27 DELBERT L. DAVIS HAROLD B. RICHARDS L. DELOACH 'LOUIS R. SCHNEIDER-'34 HERMAN F. DELVENTHAL 'R. I. SHOEMAKER-'42 'DUD C. ERICKSEN-'39 'RUSSELL N. UDELL-'35 IOHN D. FLEMING 'W. R. WAGNER-'39 'C. I. FULTON-'39 'L. B. WALKER-'43 ARLINGTON C. IENSEN 'HAROLD WILLIAMSW-'39 KAYE O. KOESEL BURSON H. YOURY 'Indicates service man attended Alma High School. LEONARD REFINERIES, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF O J. C. PENNY Super Serfvice G Harris Milling Company ceGileS Satisfiesaa Page Jiftyfsix COMPLIMENTS OF GREEN 'S JEWELRY BABY CHICKS Iamesway and Royal Brooders ALMA HATCHERY Phone 71 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS 012' OF Alma City Dry Cleaners Triangle Coal Company COMPUMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF D E C K E R ' S Van's Wall Paper and FOOD MARKET Paint Store MARTIN STORES COMPSQWENTS QUALITY MEN'S WEAR B I C K E R T ' S At "Town Famous" Prices Ladies' Apparel COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF GITTLEMAN'S BrownCoalCompany COMPUMENTS BERT HICKS 86 SON or' "Biggest Little Store in Town" Patterson's Drug Store Phone 57 Family Loan Company ll9Vz E. Superior St. Loans up to 3300.00 made promptly OUR VERY BEST WISHES FOR THE CLASS OF 1944 Packard Furniture Store Complete Home Outfitting DON C. LEMON Automobile Body Fender and Radiator Work Women's Apparel Lingerie-Hosiery Compton Dress Shop 121 E. Superior St. Business Phone 316 Residence Phone 738 P11019 25 Page jifty-eight QUALITY PRINTING CO. HICKS BROS. Iudd 6. Arvid COMMERCIAL PRINTERS GROCERIES AND MEATS Best Wishes to the Class of "44 Phone 32 630 Superior SL COMPLIMENTS DONT FORGET OF N E W B E R R Y ' S C. J. SWARTHOUT Where You Read the Funny Books ALMA RECREATION THE ALMA RECORD V. B' CASE' Proprietor "Alma's Home Town Newspaper Since I877' Phone 646 P R I N T E R S GIBSON HARDWARE COMPLIMENTS Alex Gibson GF "EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE" State Street Phone 117 Blue Ribbon Hatchery Page fifty 'HITIC COMPLIMENTS OF The Crippen Manufacturing Co. GRAIN, BEAN and SEED CLEANING. SEPARATING, POLISHING. PICKING AND GRADING MACHINERY Alma, Michigan ALMA DAIRY Pasteurized Milk and Cream Soda Bar A. T. SHOLTY. Proprietor Michigan Bean Co. BEANS - GRAIN -- FEEDS -COAL- "Wl1ere you can buy with confidence." Alma, Michigan Phone 70 COMPLIMENTS Wfyllys Distributing Company Wholesale Distributors of Leonard Products Telephone 545 Alma. Michigan, P. O. Box 14 COMPLIMENTS The Clgl of'44 MARKET W. D. BALTZ CO. LADIES' APPAREL DRY GOODS CARLOADS OF FOOD FLOOR COVERINGS CURTAINS DRAPERIES LOWEST PRICES NOT JUST ONE DAY ' BUT EVERY DAY 7 East Side Dairy Pasteurized Cream and Milk Complete Line of Dairy Products WAYNE E. DEVEREAUX, Owner PHONE 242 ALMA. MICHIGAN ittle Rock Lumber 81 Coal Co. "Where Service is a Habit" P MICH! REATEST ASSET 215 '23 Compliments of Alma Trailer Co. Builders of 0 O Sllvermoon Traders Americafs Most Popular llouse Trailers SwiH's Ice Creom It Solves Your Dessert Problem Your Swift Ice Cream dealer may be temporarily out of ice cream as this delicious food product is helping in our Fight for Victory. When This War is Won, Swift will again feature all flavors of MICHIGAN 'S ACCEPTED ICE CREAM Compliments of Compliments of STRAND THEATER HOME LUMBER d and FUEL co. an U , H ALMA THEATER QQQQQE Compliments of Redman Trailer Co. REDMAN WHOLESALE COMPANY BUY BONDS BUY BONDS We Salute the Students of Alma High School, now Serving Their Country in the Armed Forces We are working day and night producing Vital War materials for Those Armed Forces Victory Will Be Ours Lobdell-Emery Manufacturing Go. ALMA, MICHIGAN BUY BONDS BUY BONDS P f 1-: ,V 3-.9 A 55231 -LQ 'kin I l fi., f Lblff ' : 434 52' , V mn xg f' X, U, , V, rl-af, V115 FPL 'V+ 3-, Sty. -' Min.. .-,S -.zfx A - ,, 7 -. 4 . L A? ,Y . Q1 ,sv 5-' -1313 'liz' a ITT-- , ...iw ,'!. .. g -v Zig' L 1 i-' A 4,1 -.,. ',-nz' 1 .W ,vm . .vl".. FW n F.. . 1 .fa ,Q ,Q -' an 1 gr .ED ,L iv I- r', . LM x 51 , J ., A ' 5915 ,Qc 'IJ -'fu 4 4 .- ..Z ' .,' ., if . 'V I- 1 .JF V3 -13.- .hi 1 L . .,,,, SRV- Ei 'ITS- ,4 , 1. M ,H -,,.. J, ,Ii'n5'Kl 55- -54 .L -mf . 'P 1 '+Y3'2"E1W':?lil ff. . '-J, v cf- , fi! ffl 1 ,., 114543. . Klw' 4? 12 1 4 . J' -A A . f' d w gq fm-V4 :yr -- 1: , um, ur ,, G. 1151 'Q I4 .-Tmffig im' 9f.,Ai,4w , -1 15' A . 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Suggestions in the Alma High School - Panther Tales Yearbook (Alma, MI) collection:

Alma High School - Panther Tales Yearbook (Alma, MI) online yearbook collection, 1911 Edition, Page 1


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Alma High School - Panther Tales Yearbook (Alma, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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