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I3 -A M, SCHOOLS ARE NOT MADE Schools are not made Of bricks alone, But of living things With flesh and bone. Beings who live Together as one, Working at lessons - Having fun. Schools are not made Of plaster and wood, But of helping friends Who've understood The pack of problems You've had to bear, And made your life . More free from care. Schools are not made Of steel and glass, But of memories From every class. A word in a hall, A basketball game, Streamers and music - Hearts aflame. Yes, schools are made 0f subtle stuff, Of ups and downs, Of smooth and rough And yet you'll say, In later strife: WThe happiest days In all my lifein ' P0 we Phyllis Rademacher Wallace Moore Robert Wagner Eloise Allen Editor-in-chief Business Manager Art Editor Feature Editor Jane Lobdell Silvio Fortino Paul Corgan Dorothy Bedford Feature Editor Sports Editor Sports Editor Girls' Sports Rayburn Wright Robert Young Silena Luchini Bette Redman Photographer Photographer Make-up editor Typist Alfred Almy Doratha DuBO1S Marjorie HQWQ11 Carl Wickmnn AsS't- A-T15 Ed- Miscellaneous Ed. Miscellaneous Ed., Miscellaneous Ed A DMINISIIQAIIU N MA? PHILLIPJ MR. .SHUL TJ I THESE BUSINESS MEN COMPOSE OUR BDARU OE EDUCATION X 5 MP. PARKER MR. BRONJOIV MR. DICKER MR. .SWETT MQ. WRIGHT LESTER ALLEN B. S. Michigan State Grad. work Mich. State Biology Farm Shop Farm Crops Soils F. F. A. Advisor MARGARET BARNES A. B. Central State American History General English Girls' Chorus Speech Senior play advisor IRENE BOYCE B. S. Western State Gradl work Western Reserve, Mich. State Girls' Physical Ed Girls' Guidance Girls' Intra-mural EDNA CARVER B. S. Western State Grad. work West. State Art JOHN DELAVAN B. S. Alma M. A. University of M. Biology Chemistry Sophomore Class Advisor W. SCOTT HAMLIN A. B. Western State M. A. University of M. Commercial Law Bookkeeping Commercial Geography Shorthand Treas. School Activities FLOYD LEAR B. S. Western State Grad. work Nayne U. Grad. work U. of M. Boys' Physical Ed World History Head Coach Boys' Intra-mural MARTHA MADISON A. B. University of M. Grad. work Ecole Fran- cais, Middlebury, Vt. French World History Mardi Gras Advisor Student Council Advisor PARM MAYER A. B. Olivet Grad. work U. of M. English World History Senior Class Advisor Coach of Tennis Team Intra-mural Advisor F. EARLE MAYVILLE A. B. Central State Grad. work U. of M. American Government Journalism Social Problems Publications Advisor Golf Coach WINIFRED MITCHELL Life Cert. Ypsilanti B. M. Detroit Institute of Arts Girls' and Boys' Chorus ROBERTA OGILVIE B. S. Western State Home Economics FERNE PALMER B. S. Ypsilanti Smith-Hughes Home Ec Home Economics Related Arts Senior Class Advisor Home Economics Club ALBERT PEETS A. B. Western State M. A. University of M. American History Physics Ass't. Coach Intra-mural Advisor Boys' Round-up WALTER RENCH B. S. Western State Grad. work U. of M. General Shop Mechanical Drawing Woodworking Junior Class Advisor R. G. SWIGART B. S. Alma A. M. University of M. Advanced Algebra Geometry Trigonometry Student Council Advisor Scholarship Committee MARION TGROLLER B. S. Western State Grad. work U. of M. Typing Shorthand Arithmetic Sophomore class Advisor R. A. YODER B. S. Central State Band Orchestra Music for Games and Assemblies. BERTHA HURST A. B. Alma College American Literature English Literature Junior Class Advisor Scholarship Committee MARY EDWARDS A. B. Ypsilanti M. A. University of M. Latin M. ESTELLA MDORE Western Reserve Librarian ,Mai-fif77Ef9. E ki QL' ,, k 1' WYE' HMYUH-' T0 50 an , Si Q 4 5 X 3 f 5' if .215 'L f, rf shui w,:,qafx ' N n ,, K' I 'v' 2' , J J ze ' ia My Q li il 4 Y A 1 . 'Vw .:. t , , 4 A Af " ui' fx ,U U, SUNFJOIIE ! I I 'X U ale 1 .g I TNEBQSS ff ffnyfrfcw l0'.f7iCI'.f L VVS. F 1... ' xv I F 4 gy ' ur s 110190575401 ffl L E .lffnjv A ' , A "ppc Amp FRf6'N03'v -. .. Va 'ff , X 1.07.7 0' 77ME I f I,-Su' 1 xl 7 ' Y' g- 5 ,,f "' G 'NJN NOT 105 , 0 'Q' f ' Ef-J'3'gH':i ASSES Q K M nff' rfgif N 5 'Asoar fwfr' gf asf? l 1 WHEN? AL P' lr wwf HQFEIF' MDR! HAROLD ABBOTT HTis better to be ful than famous.U faith Alma-Nao 5 Intra-mural 2,5 ELOISE ALLEN uwhy should the devil have all the good times?W Alma-Nao 5 Annual 5 Intra-mural 1,2 Girl Reserve 5 Honor Society 5 ALFRED ALAN' HAlH nHis limbs are east in manly mold, for hardy sports and contests bold.H Annual 2,5 Football 2,5 Baseball 5 alma-Nao 5 BLRNIECE ANDERSON HOne who works dili- gently and well.N GEORGE AYLING nwhat do you mean ay- ling, I'm in the pink.U Intra-mural l,2,5 Chorus 5 Baseball 5 MAURICL BACON Y until tomorrow. Football 2,5 CARL BEARD HMan of the soil.n F. F. A. l,2,5 Football 2,5 LUCILLE BEATTIE nLeed on, I'll follow H MARGARET BEBOW HShe giggles from'morn ing to night.H Chorus 2 DOROTHY BTDFCRD HDot HA winning way and a smile so gay.H Girl Reserve 5 Intra-mural l,2,5 Senior play 5 Alma-Nao 5 HNever worry today if +- ou can put it o J ll ELMER BENNETT NYou can tell him by the noise he doesn't make.H WILLIAM BENNETT nBilln UI'm not going to kill myself working if I never die.U DONALD BIGLER UDonN nHe's a trumpeteer.N Band l,2,5 Intra-mural 5 ELEANOR BLOCK NA disposition sweet and sound.W Intra-mural l,2 Home Ee Club 5 BYRON BOLT HBarneyH nHe waits for no man, but as for women ----- .H Intra-mural l,2,5 ROBERT BOSCH NBobu nMan about town.N Football 5 Student Council 1,2 Golf 5 Band l,2,5,4 Class vice-president 5 EDWIN BRADFORD HEdH HTall, dark, and hand- some.H Intra-mural 2,5 Basketball 5 Baseball 5 BETTY BRADT WFull of fun and fro- lic.u Alma-Nao 5 Intra-mural 1 DONALD BREIDINGER HA right good fellow.n Intra-mural 2,5 Football 5 Band l,2,5 Orchestra 1 LYNN BRIDENBAKER UHe's a demon on the court.H Operetta 5 Tennis 5 EUGENE BRONSON URedW UFast stepper.N Tennis 2 Football 2,5 STUART BROWN HStuU HHe'll just go roll- roll-rolling along.N Alma-Nao 2,5 ALICE BUCHLER HShe has a calm and quiet way.n Intra-mural 2 Office secretary 3 MARIBLL BUOR HShe's a steady goin' gal.N Senior play 3 DORIS BURKHOLDER nThose who know her best, like her best.U Intra-mural l JEANNE BUSCH HA laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market.n Alma-Nac 3 GILBERT CARTER nGibn USee him at the local cinema.n Band 1,2 Orchestra 1 Intra-mural 1,2 ETTA CARY HShe's ever a pleasant girl.N Home Ec Club FRANK CHAPMAN nReady and always wil- ling.n BARBARA COFFIN WBarbn NOne of those dependa- ble girls.N - Intra-mural l Honor Society 2,5 Eb DALE COONROD NHe hurries not, nei- ther does he worry.N Intra-mural l,2,5 JEANNE COPENHAFER WEfficiency plus brains.U Girl Reserve 5 Student Council 2,5 Senior class secretary Honor Society 2,5 Intra-mural 1,2 Queen of Mardi Gras 5 PAUL CORGAN nPaulyn UI can't hold my feet still.W Football 5 Basketball 5 Track 2,5 Alma-Nac 5 Annual 5 CHARLES COVELL UChuckN HCasanova Covell.H Hi-Y 2,5 Baseball 5 JEAN CRAWFORD nLife is but a dream.N Intra-mural l,2,5 Chorus 2,5 Operetta 5 H LEN CREEGER WShe has the comforta- ble capacity of making molehills out of moun- tains.H Intra-mural 1 2 5 Chorus 5 , , Senior play 5 GORDON DAST HGordyn N--and everyone loves a fat man.W VERN DAXMON NA man of few words.n PRESTON DELAVAN HButchn HHis wisdom matches his stature.n Hi-Y 2,5 Tennis 2,5 Intra-mural l,2,5 SARAH DESMOND NSaryW WAbsence makes the heart grow fonder.n Senior play 5 Girl Reserve 5 Honor Society 2,5 DOLORES DGTAR WA quiet lass in her class.H Girl Reserve 5 Intra-mural l,2,5 JANE DITTO uHer smile was some- thing to find your way in the dark with.N Home Ee Club 2,5 Honor Society 2,5 LBVERNE DOEPKER WVernH NTenacity is always a virtue.n Football 5 Hi-Y 2,5 Intra-mural 2,5 DORATHA DUBOIS nDubioN UShe's a merry lass, the funmaker in her class.H Girl Reserves 5 Senior play 5 Annual 5 MARJORIE EAGON UShe keeps the even tenor of her ways.N CHARLES EFAW uChuckn nOn the field he fought and played.N Football 2, 5 H1-Y 2,5 Basketball 2,5 Track 2 Alma-Nao 2,5 ROBERTA EPLER NA maiden never bold of spirit but always quiet at the right time.U Intra-mural l,2,5 Chorus 1,2 ROLINE FETZNER HThe secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes but in liking what one does.n Home Ec Club 2,5 Intra-mural l Chorus RUTH FISHBECK uModest and sweet, a girl you'd like to meet.H Home Ec Club 2 Intra-mural 5 ERMA FLANSBURG UPrecious things come in little packages.H Senior Play 5 Intra-Mural l,2,5 SILVIO FORTINO nSilU NLong live the kinktn Student Council l,2,5 Basketball l,2,5,4 Annual 5 Band 1,2 Football 5 Track 2,5 Baseball 5 IN MEMORIAM Arthur FOX May 17, 1937 CEYLON FULTON nCyn HSomeday he'll be noiln right.n Hi-Y 2,5 Intra-mural l,2,5 JAMES GAY UJimn HA real HSturdyH boy.N Hi-Y 2,5 Intra-mural l,2,5 Football 5 JEANNE GILLETTE nJil1n WLet me sing your trou- bles away.n Intra-mural l,2,5 Girl Reserve 5 Senior play 5 LUELLA GLEASON NLuH HStaid and steady, quiet and ready.n Girl Reserve 5 Intra-mural 1,2 AVERY GRANGER UA. L.H Hwhenever I feel like exercising, I just lie down until the feeling goes away.n Operetta l EUGEN GREENWOOD nGeneu "Theoren1s are his breath of life.U WILBUR GROSSKOPF nwilbu UMan, just watch those cinders fly.N Track l,2,5 MANLEY HAHN WTO create beauty is indeed infinite happi- ness.n Intra-mural 5 Cheer leader 5 HHe'd even sell Stalin HThe less people speak OPAL JEAN HAHN nRedn WTO know her is to love her.U Intra-mural 2,3 Cheer leader 3 Home Ee Club 2 Tennis lJacksonl NORMAN HAMMOND HNormH a swastika.n Hi-Y 2,5 Track 2,5 Orchestra l DUANE HAYES NA silent man was he.U Band l,2,5 Orchestra l,2,3 Operetta 5 HENRY H LMAN HJunieW NA dashing, daring, dandy, dude.W JAMES HERCIK NJim' nI'll be a Bunny Berri- gan yet.u Band l,2,3 Golf 3 Intra-mural l,2,3 RUSSEL HETZMAN WA master mechanic.N VIRGINIA HETZMAN of their greatness, the more we think of it.n Chorus 2 Junior Class secretary ROBERT HICKS WBob' UI can't get up with the sun, I'm out too late with the daughters Intra-mural l,2,3 Agricultural Contest 2 F. F. A. 2,3 DOUGLAS HINKLE nD0ugn WHe majored in alibiol- Ogy.n Hi-Y 2,5 Alma-Nac editor-in- chief 3 ELEANOR HIXSON WA shy face is better than a forward heart.N Chorus 1,2 Home Ec Club 2,5 Intra-mural 2 MARGUERETTE HOLE HSilence is better than empty chatter.N Home Ec Club 2,3 JULIANNA HOOPER HIt's nice to be natu- ral when you're natu- rally nice.n Alma-Nac 3 JACK HOWE UJakeH Uldol of the basketball fans.H Basketball 3 Tennis 3 Band lSt Joseph! Orchestra QSt Josephl Student Council fSt Jo! MARJORIE HOWELL nMargen nStately and tall she moves through the hall.n Intra-mural 1,2 Student Council 3 Alma-Nao and Annual 3 Senior play 3 Girl Reserves 3 MARABETH JOH SON nMacn USome think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do I.n Intra-mural 1,3 Home Ec Club 2,3 Chorus l Operetta 3 PAULINE KELLY NWhy should I frown when it's so much eas- ier to smile?N FLORENCE KIRKBY NShe wraps a rainbow 'round her troubles.n Home Ec Club 3 Chorus 1,2 Intra-mural 3 HENRY KLEIN nHankn WIn arguing he had great skill, for e'en though vanquished he could argue still.n Intra-mural l,2,3 Debate team 3 ARBUTUS KNAPP NT00tie NDark hair and eyes to match a disposition that's bound to catch.W Alma-Nao 3 Intra-mural Operetta 3 Chorus 1,2,3 JUNE KNAPP NSimple and sweet.N Home Ec Club 3 Chorus 1,3 JOE LAUER NOf spirit tall and quiet.n F. F. A. l,2,3 MAXINE LENTZ HA sweet disposition is a personal letter of introduction.U Home Ec Club 2 MORRIS LOGKWOOD NGeorgeU NI can't dance but I do make headway.N Senior play 3 JANE LOBDELL nLobbyH nNot that I love study less but I love fun more.U Intra-mural 1,2 Girl Reserve 3 Student Council 2 Annual 3 Alma-Nac 1,2 SILENA LUCHINI nSin HA light fantastic toe.N Intra-mural l,2 Alma-Nac l,2,3 Annual 3 Girl Reserves 3 FORREST MacINNES HSome people have a perfect genius for do- ing nothing.n Golf 3 GLEN MCCLINTOCK Ulf I could only cross a cabbage with a lilac. NORMA MCCLINTOCK HTomorrow never comes: Make the most of today. LeROY MCCREERY nNimrod had nothing on me.n LEON MCNEILL nMickeyN HSilence is golden but I'm off the gold stand- ard.H Football 2,3 Basketball 2,3 Track 2,3 Golf l,2,3 ROLAND MAYES HCutN UThere are only two great lovers, Romeo and I.ll Tennis 5 JOYCE M DLER NIt's the tranquil peo ple who do things.N Girl Reserves 5 Intra-mural 1 MELBOURNE MEDLER nMeln NHis middle name is Pa- derewski.u Hi-Y 2,5 Senior play 5 Boys' Chorus 5 Typing Contest 1 MARY MEYER HI have a heart with room for every chair.N Chorus 1,2 NORMAN MILLS UNormH HHere's one man who really stands NPatH.n Football 5 0 5 I WALLACE MOORE nwallyu WDynamite when there's work to be done.W Golf, Basketball l,2,5 Football 2 , 5 Band l,2,5 Student Council Pres. 5 Alma-Nao and Annual 5 Cheer leader 1,2 JACK NORTON nHe had a one-truck ll mind. Alma-Nao 2,5 JEAN NEWCOMER NQuiet and sweet, pleas- ant to meet.W Chorus 2,5 Intra-mural 1 FRANKLIN NEWMAN WJagu HDeep in a dream.n DOLORES NICHOLS NA thoughtful, darkeyed maiden.n NORMAN NORTHRUP UNOrmH Uhell, by gosh, I made itln DORIS PALLN HDoes absence make the heart grow fonder?U Girl Reserves 5 Intra-mural l,2,5 LDWIN PARMALEE nEdn HAlma's greatest racka- teer.H Boys' ping pong champ Hi-Y 5 Tennis 5 ROBERT PHILLIPS NBobn HHe could bluff his way past Saint Peter.H Hi-Y 2,5 Intra-mural l,5 Golf 2,5 Bookkeeping Contest 2 PHYLLIS RADLMACHER HTeaberry's best custo- mer.H Intra-mural l,2,5 Debate team, Annual 5 Girls' ping pong champ Girl Reserves 5 Honor Society 5 BETTY RAYCRAFT UHappy am I, from I am free.U Care Home Ee Club 2,5 Intra-mural l,2 ROBERT REARICK HBobba Juneu nI'm busy, doing noth- ing.u ELIZABETH REDMAN uBetten WBeauty plus brains.n Girl Reserves 5 Senior play 5 Alma-Nec 5 Intra-mural 1,2 Annual 5 Honor Society 5 nDickH RICHARD ROBINSON HA pun well done gitimate fun.U ni-Y 2,5 Track 5 Football 5 MAY ROCKAFELLOW HA barrel of fun.H Intra-mural 1 Home Ee Club 5 s D is le- THEODORE SCHNEIDER Illliedll WI am very fond of the company of ladies.H Intra-mural l,2,3 Tennis 1,2 Football l,2,3 Band 1,2 Orchestra 1,2 NEIGHLO SEBRING NJimU UYou can't get to heav- en on roller skates.n JOE SENTES nNothing's too serious for me.H MARY JANE SLYFIELD HThere's nothing like fun.N Girl Reserves 3 Intra-mural l,2,3 DOROTHY STILES HOn onexshe smiled and he was blest.n Chorus l Intra-mural 2 Typing Contest 1 MERIEM STURDAVANT UShe's a star in all athletics.W Intra-mural l,2,3 Girl Reserves 3 BETTY JOYCE TABER WMarks not men have been her aim.n Home Ee Club HELEN TREIBER WA textbook wired for sound.H Intra-mural l,2,3 Honor Society 2,3 Debate Team 3 ROBERT WAGNER NBobH ult pays to advertise.n Annual 3 Alma-Nac 3 Intra-mural 1,3 Hi-Y 2,3 Band l Cspringfiela, 111 .J NORMA WANG NShe has quite a fol- lowing.n Home Ec Club 2,3 Intra-mural l,2,3 Glee Club 1,3 ELAINE WATKINS nShe'll be a wow as a secretary.n Intra-mural 1 Typing Contest l,2 Shorthand Contest 2 CLAUDIA WHITFORD NHer beauty's the real McCoy.U Girl Reserve 5 Intra-mural l Alma-Nao 5 CARL WICKMAN NDudeu HA lion among ladies is a dangerous thing.H Intra-mural 1,2 Basketball 5 Band and Orchestra l President of Sr. Class Annual 5 Vice Pres. of Jr. Class DALE WILLIMQS HTake what you get and keep mum.n HAROLD WILLIAMS UHe was an eligible bachelor until he got the D. G.'s.H Intra-mural 2,5 JENNIE WOODARD uwhen it comes to pleasure, she's right there.U Chorus 2 RAYBURN WRIGHT NRayH HA look of wisdom in his eye.H Hi-Y 2,5 Annual 5 Band and Orchestra 1,2 Student Council 2,5 Intra-mural l,2,5 Honor Society 5 GEORGE YOUNG nPerseverance conquers everything.n Band, Orchestra l,2,5 Baseball l,2,5 Hi-Y 2,5 Intra-mural l,2,5 Basketball 5 ROBERT YOUNG WJosieN UI'm small but I can cover a lot of terri- tory in one day.H Student Council 5 Hi-Y 2,5 Senior play, Annual 5 Tennis l,2,5 Basketball 5 GWENDOLYN YOURY NGWBHH HThe more I see of men, the more I like the dog.N Alma -Nac 5 Intra-mural l,2,5 Operetta 5 Home Ec Club 2 9 OP '42, 'bs ,JL N! AF fffas Q. 'P E .sfsr aefssf-'o 4,119 .rn-foo: CVIJPLE 0 2' "P C 6 .. QP MIR. l3EllfVAN'S RDOM fli- v n Wg Top Row: Vandemark, Nelson, Bridenbaker, Wickman, Wiltshire, Button, Talker. Second Row: Ueberroth, Wenzel, Webb, Thompson, Best, Zimmerman. First Row: Wells, Wilson, Mr. Delavan, Perry, Johnson. MI2. l'lAMllN'S IZODM Top Row: Johnson, Leng, Langworthy, Lip- pert, Fought, Joiner, Hopkins, Lemon, Kirkby. Second Row: Jessup, Hawley, Stewart, Hicks Grant, LePaugh, LeBaron, Lentz, Jellison. First Row: Swanson, LaPaugh, Fea, Ferris, Mr. Hamlin, Knapp, Howard, Hall. MISS If IRC llEl2'S IZDDM Top Row: Murphey, Napieralski, Dean, Reed, Milham, Mutchler, Stockwell. Second Row: Stellow, Remboski, Smith, Richards, Stickney, Cowles, McCreery. First Row: Russell, Reycraft, Martin, Thomas, Miss TeRoller, McClintock, Munson, Martin. MISS MADlSON'S IRODM Top Row: Anderson, Croisant, Schultz, Adams, Lobdell, Davies, Smith, Adams, Stearns Cleveland, Stockwell. Second Row: Secord, Redemacher, Purdy, Vanderveen, Proctor, Knight, Schultz, Beney, Paterson, Burt, Collins, Shepherd. First Row: Polley, Murphy, Humphrey, Ro- berts, Moye, Miss Mhdison, Everdeen, Campbell Washburn, Mix, Swank, Venderbeek. MIR. AlllfN 'S IQDIDM Top Row: Helman, Grubeugh, Gellegher, Leu er, Burke, Mills, McClintic. Second Row: McConkie, Beerd, Muhn, Carter, Chapman, Ropp, Courter. First Row: Koutz, Mellory, Rodgers, Mr. Allen, Mellory, Courter, Wooderd. MII. PIEIS' IZDDM Top Row: Hell, Lobsinger, Harris, Hamlin, Hanford, Hoxie, Pearl, Nixon, Hetzman, Lauer Narragon, Miller, Palmer. Second Row: Polley, McClure, Parker, Peterson,McCreery, May,Howe, Lytle, Bennett, Hale, McGhee, Hyde, Moody. First Row: Mellory, Hudson, Minser, Haag, Perr, Mr. Peets, List, Kelley, Whittier,Hns- ket, LeCross. mss BARHES' moon Top Row: Converse, Breidinger, Elder, Bateman, Angelus, Plank, Dolloff. Second Row: Armen, Evey, Buchler, Dewey, Brown, Bainbridge, Bennett, Abbott, Bittel. First Row: Bigelow, Davison, Beerd, Breoht Miss Barnes, Andrews, Cutshaw, Sturgis, Cross MRS. I-IIJIQSVS IZDDM X 00 Top Row: Craig, Greenhoe, Courtney, Davis, Anthony, Burch, Lint, Beebe, Essex, Angelus, Chapman. Second Row: Bennett, Doepker, Beerd, Det- loff, Cook, Fleury, Ditto, Fulton, Deiley, Bartlett, Brown. First Row: Shaw, Conklin, Andrews, Beney, Mrs. Hurst, Bush, Walters, Dunn, Everdeen. Ml? . MAYVlllE'S IQDDM Top Row: Waber, Redman, Tedhams, Stein, Rowell, Thompson, Ward, Wesson, Young, White. Second Row: Crawford, 'Sanders, Siefka, Romine, Mr. Mayville, Smith, Rorem, Towersey, Van Brooklin, Thomas. First Row: Ramsey, Richards, Porter, Washburn, Ullman, Wade, Welch, Rademacher, Purdy, Smith. All of the photography in this 1959 edition of UPenther Telesn, with the exception of the senior pictures, was done by student photographers. Our two staff photographers are Rayburn Wright and Bob Young. They have been assisted- by Victor Abbott, S11 Fortino, and Preston Delevan. These students have been working for ,ggagg y about a year collecting candid shots and both teachers and stu- me dents are in good physical condi- tion as a result of dodging these demons of the candid camera. Rey and Bob have been in charge and have done 'fg- their own dark room work. auf f4lv QV., " ' ' Y gr X iw K SPRING AHRIVFS' aa., lj, , 4' Oo TIVITIES SIIJDE I DIJNCII Top Row: Charles Rodgers, Thomas Stein, Terry Lobdell, Bob Milham, Earl Wickman, Preston Nixon, Louis Thompson. Second Row: Miss Madison, Vera Baney, Marjorie Howell, Jeanne Copenhafer, Betty Greenho, Ruth Abbott, Donald Walker, Mr. Swigart. First Row: Silvio Fortino, Rayburn Wright, Shirley LaPaugh, Wallace Moore, Mayrose Rademacher, Isabel Purdy, Robert Young. This year, under the able leadership of Presi- dent Wallace Moore, the Student Council has made definite progress as the governing body of Alma High School. They have broken down the barrier of closed dances and sanctioned parties admitting outsidersg sponsored dances after basketball games, taken a social survey of all the students and numerous other services pertaining to the better welfare of Alma High School. The officers are: President, Wallace Moore, Vice-president, Silvio Fortinog Secretary, Marjorie Howellg Treasurer, Charles Efaw. HJIIJIQE I I2 H25 Top Row: Glen McClintic, Carl Beard, Floyd McConkie, Joe Lauer, Dean Grubaugh, Norman Mills, Russell Munn. Second Row: Glen Courter, Wayne Woodard, Orland Chapman, Mr. Allen, Gaylord Mallory, Charles Rodgers Orville Ropp. First Row: Horton Mallory, Orville Koutz, Billy Gallagher, Arthur Courter. In 1928, Mr. Marshal Lane organized an agri- cultural club which, after receiving its charter on December 31, 1939, became the Alrna Chapter of the National Future Farmers of America. Any rural boy who wishes to specialize in agriculture and is enrolled in one of the agricultural classes is eli- gible to join. During the past year the club, under the able supervision of Mr. Lester Allen, has made two trips to Lansingg one during the Junior Farmer Jeek and the other during Farmer's week. Other activities include a trip to the Ionia Free Fair to judge livestock and grains, the annual corn show, which is sponsored in January and the Father and Son Bannuet in October. PRESIDENT. ............ JOE LAUER VICE-PRESIDENT...HORTON MALLORY SECRETARY...... .... NORMAN MILLS TREASURER.......CHARLES RODGERS REPORTER .... ...GAYLORD MALLORY I-Y Top Row: William Lemon, Glen Mutchler, Francis Stearns, Morris Lockwood, Robert Reed, Eldon Adams, Charles Covell, Rayburn Wright, Robert Wagner. Second Row: Edwin Permalee, Norman Hammond, Melvin Adams, Ceylon Fulton, Mr. Rench, George Young, Philip Hanson, LaVerne Doepker, Melbourne Medler. First Row: Homer Fulton, Jack Rademacher, Richard Robinson, Robert Milham, Preston, Delavan, Robert Young, Robert Phillips, James Gay, Kean Ange- lus. r The Hi-Y was organized in Alma at the start of the 1957-38 school year. This Alma organization is composed of boys sponsored by Mr. Ranch and is affiliated with the Y. M. C. A. They are a very active group. They aim to improve the ethical standards of the girls and boys in school, to strive for sportsmanship and cooperation. They have spon- sored movies and lectures carrying out this aim as well as sheer entertainment programs. The problem of school clioues, racial attitudes, and many others are discussed at their meetings. They left a scoreboard to the school during their first year as a club. Dr. Miller consulted with the boys on the problems of sex and Mr. Babcock discussed many of today's problems with the group. These have been the outstanding lectures this year. They have done numerous little things to improve out Alma High. IBIIQI IEBEIQVES Top Row: Ann Bainbridge, Genevieve Doepker, Marietta Uberroth, Dorothy Bedford, Wanda Brown, Claudia Whitford, Luella Gleason, Marjorie Howell, Doratha DuBois, Naomi Wasson, Xanta Angelus, Dorothy Hamlin, Fern Harris, Alice McClure, Donna Hyde, Evelyn Moody, Meriem Sturdavant. Third Row: Helen Creeger, Mary Jane Slyfield, Rose Simon, Jeanne Gillette, June Parker, Margaret Thomas, Ethel Wilson, Teacel Schultz, Betty Thompson, Marilyn Dewey, Gertrude Fea, Ann Stickney, Elizabeth Ramsey, Ruth Abbott, Dolores DeTer. Second Row: Virginia Bittel, Silena Luchini, Betty Redman, Eloise Allen, Phyllis Rademecher, Jeanne Copenhafer, Isabel Purdy, Dorothy Davison, Jane Roberts, Carol Paterson. Bottom Row: Jeanne Hale, Jane Ditto, Meribel Buor, Norma McClintock, Mayrose Rademacher, Dorothy McClintock, Marvel Ullman, Helen McGhee. Under the leadership of Miss Barnes, the Alma High Girl Reserves were organized late last fall. This organization although yet in its infancy is being led to nbigger and bettern things by its capable president Jeanne Copenhafer. In years to come the Girl Reserves are expected to become a valuable addition to the High School life of many Alma girls. AN Top Row: Jean Secord, William Bennett, Janice Rorem, Elizabeth Ramsey, Donald Breidinger, George Young, Ralph Bennett, Roland Mayes, Rayburn Wright. Second Row: C. F. Vandemark, Jeanne Hale, Donald Walker, Evelyn Moody, Homer Fulton, Robert Milham, Victor Abbot, Duane Hayes, William Hopkins, Uldine Smith, Mr. Yoder, director. First Row: Isabel Purdy, Donald Converse, Donald Bigler, Kenneth Shepherd, Ruth White, James Hercik, Richard Fishbeek, Francis Hansen, Xanta Angelus. Kneeling: Jack Redman, Earl Wickman. The Alma High band is an active participant in our local football games. During the past school year they have played for many extra curricular ac- tivities such as the Michigan Beet Growers Conven- tion, the dedication of the new Post Office, a pro- gram sponsoring the United States Marine Band, and the Armistice Day parade. In May, the band held its annual festival, later in the month it took active part in the Central Michigan Band Festival. The di- rector is Mr. R. A. Yoder, and the drum major, C. F. Vandemark. PEP IB!-KN Top Row: Roland Mayes, Rayburn Wright, Earl Wicke man, Donald Briedinger, Jack Redman, Robert Bosch, C. F. Vandemark. First Row: Robert Milham, Richard Fishbeok, U1- dine Smith, Xanta Angelus, Ruth White, James Heroik, Frances Hansen. The Pep Band has added life and zest to many of our pep meetings, both during the football and bas- ketball season. nJimU Hercik supplies the necessary leadership for this group. The Band is a valuable part of our school life, as it provides added encour- agement for our teams. James Hercik ------ Director Lil..--we 56 no l5lE sfunni .YQ Top Row: Virginia Bittel, Betty Grant, Jeanne Vanderveen, Ramah List, Arbutus Knapp, Jean Crawford. First Row: Isabel Purdy, Dorothy Davi- son, Anna Mix, Donna Hyde, Helen McGhee, Mar- ietta Ueberroth, Mrs. Alex Hendershot. y xt :W -, x t n t fr 10 f n ,, .:n, 'ix AJTEMBLY Fff?-F -' FWF -' GR!-'AS Y 'ow my .war FDI? many? Qfafzaow' fvuofez y y F IXEID C DIQIJS Top Row: Chapman, UeBerroth, Paterson , Crawford, Ayling, Pearl, Dean, Benner, Hopkins Plank, Shaw, Crawford, Stewart. Second Row: Towersey, Grant, Dailey, Park- er, McGhee, Hyde, Harris, Essex, Beebe, Lauer, McClure, Newcomer, Busch, Siefka, Hicks. First Row: Vanderveen, Mix, Ullman, Van- derbeek, Swank, Mrs. Hendershot, Doepker, Davison, Purdy, Conklin, Andrews. + '69 SIL, GOING ovm A r sus CAR Al ALMY w bfronf A.ssaMa1.v Jouswnusm cuts: M A urn: HfLP " D005 " E ECDNO ICS Top Row: Etta Carey, Fae Beebe, Florence Proctor, Virginia Miller, Betty Greenhoe, Betty Raycraft, Virginia Ward, Norma Wang, Marguerette Haag, Uldine Smith, Beverly Richards, Roline Fetzner. Second Row: Dorothy Kelley, Emogene Hall, Evelyn Jellison, Mavis Humphrey, Mariam Murphey, Ann Stick- ney, Miss Palmer, advisor, Roslyn Essex, Martha Brecht, Jean Smith, June Parker, Opal Lippert. First Row: Jane Ditto, May Rockafellow, Dorothy Parr, Eileen Wade, Louise Thomas, Eleanor Block, Florence Kirkby, June Knapp, Eleanor Hixson, Dorothy McClintock. -1 -1 TIHEZI The Home Economics Club of Alma High School has been organized this year for the purpose of bringing girls together in experiences related to the school, home, and community. The girls have tried to earn money to send delegates to the spring ,high school conference at Lansing. They have joined the Ameri- can Home Economics Association, and as a member have received many interesting helps. The club meets regularly once a month on Thurs- day evening, with an added record of at least one special evening meeting each month so far. Their main social project for the year was the sponsoring of an old time barn dance. The year closed with the annual picnic and election of officers. IS' SEMESTER I ND SEMESTER AEMA-NAC SIAEE AEMA-NAC SIAEE Top Row: Bob Wagner, Douglas Hinkle, Charles Efaw. Second Row: Mr., Mayville, Claudia Whitford, Virginia Bit- tel, Loren Burt. First Row: Silena Luchini, Marjorie Howell, Eloise Allen. , at A 'V ' fi' 1 Y' li 1 Top Row: Wallace Moore, Kean Angelus, Douglas Hinkle, Paul Corgan. Second Row: Mr. Mayville, Betty Bradt, Arbutus Knapp, Gwendolyn Youry. First Row: Bette Redman, Dorothy Bedford, Virginia Bit- tel. The Alma-Nao is a mimeographed publication edited by a student staff under the direction of Mr. Mayville. The staff is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association and each journalist is also affiliated with the Quill and Scroll. The latter association is an international Honorary Society for High School journalists. The Alma-Nac is a progressive news-disseminating agency, active not only in reporting current news items and a modern editorial policy, but also in sponsoring such school activities as the Carnival and the New- sies' Night Club. The Alma-Nac has faithfully followed successful pre- cedents established by former staffs, as well as innovating an adver- tising agency for all school parties, unusual assemblies, and programs for football and basketball games. H NDI? S CIIEIY Top Row: Robert Howe Phillip Collins, Charles Rodgers, Rayburn Wright, Preston Delaven, Morris Lockwood, Robert Anthony, Edwin Ditto, Louis Thomp- son. Second Row: Vera Baney, Phyllis Redemacher, Jean Knapp, Alice Buchler, Doris Martin, Jeanne Copenhafer Helen Trieber, Margaret Davis, Teecel Shultz, Barbara Coffin, Bette Redman. First Row: Ruth Walters, Jane Ditto, Gertrude Fea, Bernice Zimmerman, Mr. R. G. Swigart, advisor, Har- riet Porter, Jane Roberts, Louise Swanson, Virginia Btttel, Eloise Allen. This spring the Alma High School Chapter of the Ne- tional High School Honor Society celebrated its first birthday. Bob Milham is acting chairmen for this as- piring young group, who are all under the able super- vision of Mr. Swigart. This group should be looked up to as it is a real accomplishment not only to get into the society, but to stay in it. Temporary chairman......Bob Milham Faculty advisor........Mr. Swigart Dfmif If 41 Top Row: Philip Henson, Kean Angelus, H Kl i Mr. All Advisor. enry e n, en, First Row: Catherine Bell, Phyllis Rade- macher, Helen Treiber. MOUTHY MEN AT WORK lsoc. Pkoaumsj CHARGE OF LIGHT BRl6ADE aua.sfAfe PPDJICTJ THF M06 AMERICAN .SCHOOIBOY NEWSIES 0772? CLUB oo We zz-'nf HND 25810619 6 PIYOOEV 00' .S'7'T JO Tiff EARN DANCE 'AFIIR me IYIVE aus' 04 5 fkkofmuo AND mmf? " FERDINHND B CALL THE FIRE DEPAH77HElfT RDI IBIQAS Standing: Jack Albright, Marilyn Dewey, Melbourne Medler, Jeanne Gillette, Bob Bosch, Dorothy Bedford, Preston Delavan, Eloise Allen, Mary Jane Slyfield, Rayburn Wright. King, Silvio Fortinog Queen, Jeanne Copenhafer. For over a dezade the traditional Mardi Gras has been thrilling Alma High students with its French atmosphere and scenes suggestive of the gala occasion in New Orleans. This year the French class sponsored the festive affair on February 25. The King and Queen dominated the scene and chose the winners for the outstanding costumes of the evening. Helen Creeger, picturesouely attired in dress of days gone by took the prize for the prettiest. In the unique garb of a deep sea diver Morris Lockwood secured the prize for the most ori- ginal. The combined forces of Eugene Greenwood and Orville Lippert under the guise of Ferdinand the Bull took the laurels for the funniest attire. Jerry Corbett's syncopating music filled the air while the costumed couples danced. SINIIDIQ Pl Standing: Robert Phillips, Marjorie Howell, Nor- man Hammond, Jeanne Gillette, Sarah Desmond, Mel- bourne Medler, Eleanor Hixson, Dorothy Bedford, Morris Lockwood, Bette Redman, Vincent Bridenbaker, Roline Fetzner. Sitting: Robert Young, Doratha DuBois, Helen Creeger, Meribel Buor, Miss Margaret Barnes, Erma Flansburg, Phyllis Rademacher, Rayburn Wright. On November 16, the curtain rose on an aspiring young group of actors and actresses. The occasion was the first showing of UChina Boyn, the annual Senior Play. The play was centered around Mark, the son of a missionary in China. He throws a wrench into the home life of the Parker family when he arrives une expectedly for an extended visit. Mark is a moral, upright boy who at onee wins the approval of the el- der members of the Parker family, but the younger set ban him as inhuman. Of course in the end, Mark, being the hero, makes friends with his cousins and their crowd. Director......Miss Barnes W 11, 11-L . ATHLETICS H f i1"u'L' " NX4 W n '15 ' . ' , . J , - ' 4 fi tix!! ' . J ' '- Q X?rl35'+- "'a, 1 L Q E 'hg' s. xw ey- .sz -g, fy ff . f - La wi ,..k , ki K l ggi ws' ' if - X fag . M I E is xi if - I A mf.: K - f . 'A - 1 ., K wi -Q.-A Wm - L K ' ' ' M vxnku. -' Y. iv ' 'f -' , QI'MY" A I - vw 3 x .4- K -V7 avi 12.-X, 5 X 4 - ,iv , S.. .mg , I N if N :J 14 ,ff x 5 .Q .. ,J 4 .X Q. 5 'A 5 I w , .- 1. 3,25 , af? L -il' Q Rfgffgagsf lg' if ' u slw .. fi ' ,,.. g Q iii' l3Il2lS' V0llIfY l3All ? Top Row: Miss Boyce, Annabel Wenzel, Wanda Hewley, Helen Trieber, Jenn Crawford, Gwendolyn Youry. First Row: Huberta Hicks, Helen Creeger, Meriem Sturdavant, Carol Paterson, Emogene H3110 I3llZlS' BASK lEIBAll Top Row: Miss Boyce, Jeen Crawford, Opel Jeen Hahn, Annabel Wenzel. First Row: Helen Creeger, Wanda Hawley, Meriem Sturdevant, Huberta Hicks. SHOP AND HOME IC 73605 PLACES 3 il Q. . "4 I 507774 F7Nl!H 7'h'l5' PROJECT I 7 'S X. X 4'1- nl-.S HOLD 17" C' 4' MV" -'dv K aff qc 2' , Oo,-J., ' , 2' 4442, A IDA H IEAIQ Coach Leer's Record 1929-58 Football: Won 50, Lost 23, Tied 5 : .6981 Q15-gee Conference Mt. Pleasant won 4 Alma won 5 Midland won 4 Alma won 5 Big Rapids won 5 Alma won 5 Q15-Egg Conference Mt. Pleasant won 4 Alma won 17 Midland won 2 Alma won 20 Big Rapids won 5 Alma won 12 Basketball: Won 81 out of 90 Conference games. Track: Won 9 conference and 8 Regional titles in nine years. Out of the three sports during a nine year period he has maintained an .8001 average. FO Il? ll If w,f' Back Row: Gayle Hoard, Glen Mutchler, William lemon, Coach Lear, Russel Munn, Preston Delavan, Bry- ant Betts, Donald Nelson, Philip Collins, Karold Al- len, Norman Mills. Second Row: Silvio Fortino, Robert Bosch, Donald Breidinger, Francis Stearns, Eugene Bronson, James Gay, Donald Fuller, Leon McNeill, William Burgess, Charles Efaw. First Row: Terry Lobdell, LaVerne Doepker, Loren Wiltshire, Carl Beard, Dick Robinson, Alfred Almy, Wallace Moore, Paul Corgan, Theodore Schneider. Alma High's football team looked to be the best in many years after playing Saginaw Arthur Hill. Losing in last seconds of play by a 15-7 score, the Panthers were in best of spirit and form. The team went on with high hopes and conquered Greenville 6 to O. The next week playing a night game with Mt. Pleasant gave Alma another win 7 to O. after some of the best goal line stands produced during the year by the Panthers. Fremont was their next victim, winning 26 to 7. Here however, their victories stopped and they lost their last three games to East Lansing, Big Rapids, and Midland. The first team consisted of Fortino, Efaw, endsg Fuller, Bronson, Bosch, Mills, tackles: Beard, Almy, Breidinger, Robinson, Doepker, guards, Stearns, Gay, Centers, Backs were McNeill, Corgan, Schneider, Moore Wiltshire, and Lobdell, ISASKEIIS ll If Standing: Paul Corgan, Jack Howe, Bob Young, George Young, Manley Hahn, Bud Stearns, Bob Phillips Donald Nelson, Ceylon Fulton, Jack Rademacher, Bud Wiltshire, Wallace Moore. Seated: Donald Fuller, Wilbur Groeskopf, Carl Wickman, Charles Efaw, Joe Lauer, Silvio Fortino, Leon McNeill, Carl Schultz. Alma's 1958-59 team, coached by NBilln Lear, had another very successful season. The team composed of Howe, Fortino, Moore, Wiltshire, Corgan, McNeill, and Schultz won 15 games while losing but 2. One, to a Class UAW Owosso team, the other to the old rival, Mt. Pleasant in the Regional Finals. The team won the Six-Bee Conference Title and District Championshi 17 Owosso-22 Alma- St. LOuiS-22 Alma-45 Mt. Pleasant-17 Alma-32 Fremont-18 Alma-28 Greenville-29 Alma-31 Big Rapids-22 Alma-30 Midland-22 Alma-37 Mt. Pleasant-25 Alma-36 Boys' Vocational-18 Alma-26 Big Rapids-27 Alma-38 Greenville-9 Alma-41 Midland-24 Alma-50 St. Louis-22 Alma-52 Fremont-8 Alma-26 DISTRICTS St. Louis-26 Alma-38 Midland-14 Alma-36 REGIONAL Sandusky-32 Alma-45 Mt. Pleasant-34 Alma-28 o . P 'PAULIEY ef. "sms 51" 2 51? ',4' w- ,gf ,A 1 ,. ,, U ' "vvn.uL" N. J 7' L 2 Q .es 'l 'G c Q' "lab" CH AM P5 C WALLY lea f ARL" t 'cHucK Q in. Tl? CK Top Row: mody, John Floyd Detl Lear. Lyle Remboski, Stanton Clark, Dick Dar- Cleveland, Vaughan Burch, Gale Stellow, off, Jack Redman, Harold Stockwell, Coach First Row: Manley Hahn, Leon McNeill, Francis Stearns, Lo Wilbur Gros Breidinger o Composed team is the Its members Midland so Lions back only one re been here. ren Wiltshire, Paul Corgan, Phil Hanson, koff, Bill Hopkins, Leland Dolloff, Donald mostly of sophomores, the Panther track smallest since Coach Lear has been here. are outstanding however. Having met only far this season, the Panthers set the by a 71 to 53 score. Coach Lear has lost gional track meet in the ten years he has IS!-lSlil3 ll Top Row: Coach Max Davis, Glen McClint1c, Donald Nelson, Bryant Betts, Joe Lauer, Donald Fuller, George Ayling, Glen Langworthy. First Row: Loren Wiltshire, Vincent Bridenbaker, Clare Cook, Leland Dolloff, Stanton Clark, Carl Schultz, George Young, Edwin Bradford. Mar Davis, the new Panther baseball coach, was the only new addition to the coaching staff. The Panthers looked forward to a good season. In order to secure experience the team practiced with the Alma College team and also had many practice games with teams near Alma. k I TINN S Top Row: Coach Perm Mayer, Jack Howe, Bob Young, Terry Lobdell, Clare Purdy, Lynn Bridenbaker, Ed Parmalee. Don Converse, Bob Howe, Jack Rademacher, Bob Anthony, Tom Stein, Jack Rowell. The Alma High tennis team as usual was coached by Perm Mayer. Rumors have it that this year's team should be a dangerous one for its rivals and that in the year's state tournament play Alma should place high. This is only the third year of tennis in Alma High School. Ulf Top Row: Forrest Maclnnes, Leon McNeill, Coach Mayville, Bob Phillips, Bob Bosch. First Row: Bob Young, Jack Howe, Jim Hercik, Wilbur Grosskopf. This year the Panther golf team will have to play outstanding golf in order to keep up the excel- lent record of the past two years. Only four matches have been lost and two championships have come into our school. The team of last year finished third in the state meet, only six strokes out of second place. Bob Phillips and Leon McNeill, number one and two men respectively, have played on a winning team during their golf career in high school. The team thus far has won from Big Rapids and lost to East Lansing in medal play. ig tw...-ex!--ff ' A PIZDFIESSIONAI Dlllli CIDIW uqsniu CARNEY-WILCOX HOSPITAL PHONE I4 STATE STREET PII YSICIANS ANI? SIIIIGIOHS QE ouaoug no EI LAMB no PHoNE4s RED POELASRY Hoa PHONE 54 RED Au-1A MICH JOHN ROTTscHAEER Mn GRAHAM and wOLEE, Mai PHONE H5-REs.u2 ALMA THEATRE awe PHONE 4I REO POLLASKY BLDG CSTEOPATII DR ER. REMSBERG PHONE 47 RED II6i'EAST SUPERIOR ST CIIIROPRACIDIQS wARn E LEONARD HE,sPEERsTRA PHONE Q41 ALMA STATE BANK BLDG. PHONE 73 RED mx NORTH STATE ST UPIOMEI RISI 1.E.cONvERsEOu PHONE I8 I9 POLLASKY ewq VETERINARY RE ERwnN PHONE 79 5l3wOoDwoRTH ST AIIOIINEYS AI' IAW PAUL R.cAsH CHARLES H. GOGGIN PHONE 84 POLLASKY awe PHONE H9 POLLASKY awe MARCUS A. LEBSTER HONTIGEE and KNORR PHONE 238 Il9'YEAST SUPERIOR SI PHONE 74 H35 WEST SUPERIOR sm J. DAVID SULLIVAN PHONE 74 H326 WEST SUPERIOR ST. PAII2 Nlllf IHIESE PANTHER BDDSIEIRS EST WISHE S 10 THE CIASS Of IOS! STATE SWEET S1109 BETTER VALUES in ommowos, WATCCTES, suvs RWARE ah GIFTS ! r PHONE i sure '237 STREET CHIJRCI-i'S JlEWElEl2Y STORE wg 5:41 ' XID A Xl NVI'1'A'fJf' N1 ' TO CSME IN Sui sm J CUMPllMfNTS AND SEE THE MANY noun sums vuutsg D I: Usf OUR PAYMENT EASY P L A N MONTGOMERY-WARD lJlClClNSON'S onus sion ww mm ggjgg'+ggg2 TO THE THIICFY NINEJQS FIRST STATE BANK FRDM Albll CITY DIN CIEIIEIIS COMPIIMENTS M I D -WEST REEINERIES, mc. FIONEEIAS IN MICHJSAN 'S OH. REFININC C F N TER MIC I+IOAN'S EIHE ST E'f'ff.R PE.TIAOLf. UM FRODUCT A IMA, M ICHIGAN C' .J VARSITY SHOP ATHI ETIC GOODS BOOKS TYPEWIQITEIIS OFFICE SUPPIIES 125 W SUPEISEIOR PHONE 56 ' f u SUCCESS ns MY WISH Fon Tu-us GRADIJAIING CIASS ran ,,, OM WRIGHT C.OMPL1MEN'iS EAST SIDE DAIRY PASTEIJRIIED CREAM AND Mlllil .A COM?LETE. LINE. OF DAIKY PRODUCTS WAYNE E. DEVEREAUX, OWNER AI.MA.,MlCI-I. mousm ccmblmmis BEST wlsmfs I LCPENNIY CID. DDIJUS Sflbnggnf scsmc views--sercnms ' we was:-I EVERYTHING woaruwuns OUTDOOR C-3ROUPSi FOR THE CLASS OF I939 .Q mm au- f ,,,, ,,.,,g.. 6 CIIJB CAMEIQNE AIMA SHUI "WYE MAKE IDVIIINESS'--'l IIAMBIJIZGS- SANUWICIIIEY1'-'- -+--'-" l0Vfl Ill?" 'Z-Q-.i'i,PlATlf UJNCIIIS' II! .Q ,JO Q .:. h O 3 ' I , Siiiif 1 O, moms 4o Gus zsomcx IONFS BEAIJIYQ, Wlilff l1OlJSf""'f" TTI L,55,L, CONIPLINIENTS OF IO- CENT M L , ,, YP .., ,v ,. f .. H , - A..-.-:.-,-Y U-w+4.:fN - I A FULL LINE OF FINE PASTPIE5 FOR PARTIES LUNCI-IEONS,OR DINNERS THAT E-OOD MILK-MADE BREAD MADE IN ALMA TRY THENI -- ms KEES NIGDIL Bm-env - "LIVE BETTER FOR LESS" 'MEATS AND GROCEFQIES CONIPLIME NTS OF QSAIQIELJ C OIYIPLINIENTS OF THE ALMA WKWESAWHES BANK I I6 E. SUPERIOR STREET. . ALMA . CONIPLIMENTS OF FURNITURE STORE :os -.sos EAST SUPERDR s'T.. ALMA, MICHIGAN PALACE BEAUTY SHOP comme-re eeeu-rv senvncg SCH LP TREATNIENTS PERMFINENTS FINGER WAVES SHHMPODS NIHNICLIRES FACIALS HAIR - TI NTING LAURA WILES 409 WOODWORTH PHONE IEO BERT HICKS :S SON JBIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWNQ l ii WE DELIVER DHCHE -'57 IEWIEI CIIJAIIIY WHITTIIFP Punts Ano eleocnelts AND wwxmxr SMIII4 sums, 'mam swims rootwmlwdnecfssomlts fu HINKIEQS FDDI? sump WHIIIIEIQ' S A!2a?f'lAbllfl3S 9 INC A unvtsi snot sion: fAMllYSll0E stole: CIIJAIITY FQOIWEAP ovwsmi an mu Alwx Umm WIBESI IQEGAIQDS som mm I0 mt cuss DF vm non nat MANAGEMENT f-mm PAPIIIZS A SPl?ClAlTY A. I. Sll0lTY- PROP. EMPLOYEES jj'-.fii IJNIUN TElEPl-NDN! conwwv S f 70 Auu.y 'PW 62555526 COMPLWE mn, BALTZ co. GAMBLEYS' ALme,mucu-neen. 1 STORES A BEST WISHES couaresv N OF 7 Lg EY? wufid GAQQNWP HUSIERY SHT E,-.. WE TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK THE SENIORS Fon Tn-:gsm PATRoNAeE. KT M KZTHDIDHQ BEST WIS-HES 'Tb-The cmss OF 39 MOODY FUNERAL SERVICE DRESS UP YOULL FIND HERE DRESSES GAY AN F E D LATTEHING HS W U. HS STAID AND CONSERVATIVE., JUST THE D YOLL. RE SS TO SUIT THE COMPTUN SHOP 42 ,www cpupuufntg COMPLIMENTS CENTRAL CENTRAL MICHIGAN COAL CO. AND L ros TER A PURE N FUEL SAFE FRIENDLY SERVICE PHONE 1.1! A COMTLIMENIS L CDMRL4 435:15 Ol' HOME "'Z'E.'i'6-,fl w. DDDGE-PLYMD TH DEALER Fl IZZEZQ' fr ,-ffff if ' x ja Hong LUIWUERBFUFLU1 'E ' 9 W 'WHERE QUALITYAND SERVICE ARE ASSUKED' moms 19 ALMA, ,wen IREDERICKSDNT so-J-T1 Z. SUPEIKIOIS ALMA YOUR NABORHOOD STORE STODDARD'S:.G'lj..'-'-!'! .CHEN .EVENINGS PHONE 539 ' Qi-.'CONEY ISLAND A " wwf WE SELL IIIE BISI FOOD ll' MOSI REASONABLE PRICES CDNGIRATIJIAIIDNS I0 IIIIE SIENIOIRS APPIQIIIIAIIE YDIJIQ PAIIQDNMSI 1' Ill SMI Tl-1 UAW: CDMDKNY ' BESI WISHIES "SAYING II mm WIII4 fl0WlEl2S"' Simons 1 I l'w ....,...'6Q CAME flown :nov 'THEREl::1?lT1STORE' DON WAISH FAI IlEl2SON'S W., , ,,, cams mgassas Jlr counmnns Of IBICICEIQYS 1 Amis Amman Lmsazuz '1 SJEKY A 1 HICKIEISSDN S USED CARS "BESI BY FIST" Cl-IEVRDLET SAIISI COMEIN ANDSEE OUR GKEN1' VALUES 1 :1 L X RADEMACHEIYS T All CAR SEIIVIII sans !:-i-!...-I3-D snzvnct PHONE 91-1 'S counmrnn FOR IIEDNAIQID 5"lf,,5'40'55 l2lfflNl5l2lfs,M' gqgH.ji'5i'R5mlgg cui:'i'+TiNa3s FIITID C Will! 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AND THE GLEAMING,WELL- CON STRUCTED METAL RIMS. BESIDES THESE TWO, OF COURSE, YOU HAVE THE WHOLE LINE OF LAMINATED WOODEN RIMS FOR RACERS. wmcw uT's YO I- DUTY TO STOCK,...ALL Of THEM NOW READY FOR You TO ORDER I IN TIME FOR THOSE UP AND COME- X. ING REPLACEMENTS. K II A I NMI I Lax? la :gf I WX wi I I I lO B I9 Ill-I Ml RY MANIJIACTIJIIING CD. OLDIJTAND LARGEJT BICYCLE RIM MANUFACTURERS ALMA MICH. 13,76 JKEJZQ fn I f,x:gI f ll' c ,I Lgfr Sill If Is' fl I pf' Rv by Mwards Bvotl: A A b 9 D -4 nn pf"21 l ,rf vi Ci? if -4: V T34 wfz'--few' ' . JR. Jn R fs .Q 'xv I-ha .. 1 451 Vi 1.,-' . f ' ,A U! ,... v I ' -r 1- ' . ?"',.'! 'Z' ug!-A'."'V ,:3" , . -.- . -F " -wif , 4':'g.,5 ,.. 1.15 -she-1 .- , , 'Isa' ,,,,V -AQLV-:"f-c+Sf'.. f' '1 ' -geese. , ,Q Q 4... V ws gg EJ? 1 .'-V,,. . Q. B V1 FY? 'if' . . V.A .VU .V Li'..' Vi V, .IQ .:, .ig V ,,.q gl n .1 1 - . . V 'fnvgiv' , if ,ggi 'ar,V' 3-L .V V, ?'?:.."VV:r'V'f11 . n.g. za f- .',m1.-"1 V - QV 74- - f ., 433, V-sa - fri. .335 . 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Suggestions in the Alma High School - Panther Tales Yearbook (Alma, MI) collection:

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