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Alma High School - Airedale Yearbook (Alma, AR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1948 volume:

I fl' ff-5- 6 fi" .5 43' ' 'fig in 7?f"7 gf gl K 1' f if f-1 1 , V J Wk 1 IREDA E Publlbhed lx ALMA HIC I-I QC HOOL ll ' Alma Arkaxusm BCH 1 Katherlne Bra xx cl Sponsor . f ss ldlmr 1' vgfL?y'r Q 2 f, ig 49 M :V 1 L I '?:,1l 89, 60 , ig f ', 1 fs ,f -" Y. , I' 1 n 772' . .7 Wfff "3 ' f y? ' ,f , , NV M, ff , ,dv , I I ff ",', ffl M 'rdf f i 7,1 1 K f 'ff X ,VV,x 7 ff x' f :iff I I Y V! 1 ' 'V d fffv! ?fg"f V wfl! tf H 'xy A' 4 if if bw? H - ' ' ,f y. M Lf af,! iw, f 1 45 af W.. GN . ' X' 1 K 'f w gf? mai .A V Bi y XY alkcr. Fditor e Cerlnrdt. Mfr f ' MYXED X'Ue, the Sufi oi the NJN-fx? dedicate this wohxme xo the Eacuky and OX I LKHMY Mah Qdxo . Y, Smii fesped A student body of Mum H Q . 'Uwe PQRLDPKL x QQ 3, - gif.. .Ji an , fa , 4.75,-. ,rid 4 f4.- . ,eq , ,H .3 57 n, ixyaat My Billy Walker Coreta Cowart johnnye Barton Virginia Wilson Katherine Brewer Editor , Photographer ,, Advertising Art Editor Sponsor Pollye Cole , David Wilson Clarence Brumley Bette Gerhardt Bette Moore Photographer , Circulation Advertising Mgr. Ass't. Editor , , Advertising l . I ' MAIN BUILDING XY'e've found a place, boys XY'here hearts are true. Best of them all. boys. One that will do. Our Alma High School. Sacred is she. Guard and protect her If-tem-al-ly. X 4 -sf' . SRT! ,x .X -'X -.- , , .4 'K - fx. ss- 'Nxt , KK 1 f 1 - -. i . . A X I , A4 i . -qui , ' J 44,1cvv.,- 4 Q H!! A X A '-. X HV ' Home Eionomics Cottage 0 Q - Ei I we- .-'VY P1 - K-e,, 5 """ , , 5'7" , ' 1 mfg. H: :'f-5-W ul .1 .1 --.. ..- -, , ,G '5.r,., Gym. 5 4-xx. ' l'L' -Q gr ' . i-,w'.u: -. ,W ,.ggfis"21s-.-.',,. - ?3"Bf.+ Agriculture Building rs.. fx -W., Adi 'fat ,F ' , T tax .gt . 1 - ' '-"":,'S-rx ..- .nm . ,.,, M-3 j-.,'::,- .gpg 1' "w-ss:'J1.'-.. . x A Q ,..l , - A,,- .Xg. 'V Q - . YQ . '34-9' . avg - ....,.. ,ar W Editor THE AIREDALE Staff Alma High School AMm,MMmss Dear Mr. Walker: I wish to congratulate the student body for its selection of THF AIREDALL staff. The Staff is to be commended for its consistent and enthusiastic efforts in publishing THE AlRFDALl.this year. This is an- other definite landmark in the school's progress. Cooperatively many imorovements have been made in our school this year. Both the faculty and the student body have worked diligently toward these ends It is my hone that this same progressive spirit will continue, and that enlarged op ortunities for the fuller development of every student will incre se every year in Alma High School. Very truly yours, Superintendent 0 ,N 9 '01 N 'rx 051 A ' !"'7 XX"illi.m1 li. Stokw Bcity jo Ingram l'rimiixil Sihool SL-irctary Mrs. M. L. Cowart Mr. M. L. Cowirt Bilwlc Building and Trades lNl.1tl1cm.1tirs f -, sg: rx' blames E. Holland Guidance Director Katherine Brewer journalism Commercial Courses lf" 2 P -I or S A ,A-Q -ali xl.. X Marie Thweatt Commercial Courses Mrs. Clyde Wlxtts English Senior Sponsor or I 7' 1' lfx Z "I 1155 ef' W. E. POC jeania Moore Burns Agrirulture Home Economics junior Sponsor junior Sponsor Byron NX'ilson Mrs. Kenneth Teague Bind Speech Social Seienpe Senior Sponsor fo Q fr rv - AJ -Q-fi L 511' 1 AW "Tx f? 04? '1 MN. Unk 'llupngrro Minn Vous M rs. Vernon H umphrcy Mathcrnrrtirs Ifrushmm Sponsor Il '? - -' N wf"' XXV O, johnson Physirxil Eduration Q Boys' 5 FACULTY Mathcxnarru fllunior Highj pasta . -y LX I . tlti r 'U' nf ff- X lm " P X Hn. :Xlcnr Crrrivrgr Physiorl Edmatron qG1r14'j Mrs, -Icwc Hurdl vlunror High Prrnrrprl Eighth Grade Sponsor ff! xp lf. STUDENT COUNCIL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Twelfth Grade Eleventh Grade Tenth Grade Ninth Grade Eighth Grade Seventh Grade OVITILERS Clarence Brumley Carmen Lindsey Barbara Byars Hellen Hall Billy Walker MEMBERS ll. M. Osborne Carmen Lindsey Billy Vifalker Coreta Cowart Hellen Hall jimmy Meelf Bobbye Gillenwater Dorothy Cole Barbara Byars Betty Poe George Peexy Elizaheth Belt Eugene Beller Mary Alice Satterfield Roy Layton Austin RS SEWO ,5 . L 0 .9 X Q1 .Mzrl .521 rc-Az ff? , .zlvlb rd' . r,. C-l.S'Ul'6I' f 3' i H ,1 X f Oxlwor. fJl'C'8l cfffil' DORIS DEAN Pep Squad Home Ec. Club Paper Staff ,QNVB PAUL MILLICANE lf. lf. A. Proimtors Club Basketball - J Class Treasurer Q J., -af -Q 4 N L THURMAN HLTRD pl Y w ,n-a. LUIS HISNSON F F A lf- ff- f 'U KW, li 11 A. A F x . JIMMY ARTHUR Football Band Junior Play Baseball F. F. A. POLLYE COLE Pep Club Home Er. Club Annual Photographer Assoc. Ed. of Paper EDWARD W'A'l'SON Band Projectors Club Glee Club Football ' Q Q! -fif- '1 5 ,,, -,x 1 . ...Q l Q NK 4-'ir if I . .45 rv- 'i 9. ,19- 3-', . ' X X Q VIRGINIA VVILSON Basketball Art Club Pep Club Home Eu. Club AIREDALE Art Edit JESSE WEESE Baseball Football Basketball A Club Trask PHYLLIS AUTRY Pep Club Journalism Club Junior Play Home EC. Club Editor of Paper JOHNNYE BARTON Pep Leader Band Paper Staff F. H. A. Annual Photographer JOE DOY LE Track Baseball Basketball Football Projectors Club LORETTA GREGORY Home Ec. Club Basketball HUBERT DILLARD Baseball Basketball Track Projectors Club A Club ROY WOFFORD Baseball Football Basketball A Club Track CLARENCE BRUMLEY Football Basketball Baseball A Club F. F. A. DORIS COLEMAN Music junior Play Home Ec. Club Etiquette Club Paper Staff BILLY BRUCE GENTRY Baseball Basketball Projectors Club Track XVANDA MITCHELL Home EC. Club School Store Librarian Paper Staff DON XVILLIAMS Football A Club F. F. A. Track 4-I-I Club AUSTIN GREGORY Football Basketball A Club Projettors Club F, F. A. FERN JONES Basketball Reading Club BILL BURGETT Projectors Club REBECCA HOYLE F. H. A. Etiquette Club Pep Club Journalism Club Paper Staff jACK ROSSEAN journalism Club Y ,A 3 ":!b'? T!! E' .Q-Vx 375 ,tu 1 ,VA v , iQ F. '.,f,.,v . ivy gvffi , JR? 4: 4' .D 4? r , 1- P 4-Q9 J' , Iwsll 1 Q S IP ff? 'Q OLA LEA ROSS Home EC. Club Glce Club journalism Club junior Play CLEO I.EF'l'XVlCQH Football Basketball Basclmll lf l7. A. A Club MARJORIE DEAN Home Er. Club Pep Club Glee Club WAYNE ENGLAND Basketball Football Baseball A Club BETTY jO ARNOLD Pep Club Home EC. Club Librarian BILLY WALKER Student Council F. F. A. Annual Editor journalism Paper Staff XVANIDA jOHNSON Home EQ. Club Pep Club Etiquette Club A. J. QUICK Band Projectors Club Glec Club WANDA FARRIS Basketball Student Council Home EQ. Club Pep Club Music IOE DELL SHARP F. F. A. Football Baseball ,. 'eb -4 I I .5 I A tb i -I rr fc- , X f.m '37 . A 4'-"f s -0 111 'S Q 'S PATRICIA MORSE Home EC. Club Pep Club Etiquette Club RONALD BLAYLOCK A Club Football F. F. A. Projectors Club BETTY LOU KOSIER Home EQ. Club Pep Club Etiquette Club JOE KINCY A Club F. F. A. Football EAR LENE MOORE Home Ec. Club Etiquette Club junior Play Dram.1tics CHARLES CHEELY blifdtli Vootlull lf. lf. A. Projettors Club CARMEN LINDSEY B.1sketb.lll Home Et. Club 'CU' V J . lx i Pep Club Student Countil ' 5 Librarian CHARLES XVILKINSON E. E. A. , bar il Pfojctfofj Club ' " " "A Track Cattle judging Team BETTE GERHARDT Basketbllll Pep Leader Home Eu. Club Annual Staff Librarian JARED PEEVY Veteran of World War II -Q-If 'J'- -nv fum Q 3 7 gi 11 PATRICIA PRESTO ll.xxltetl'v.lll Pep Club Club Home lft. Club BILL PETERS Football l3.1xketb.1ll ll1IllOI' I'l.n' A Clulr jOHN MOORE lf. If. A. Glue Club Football Basketball BOB HARRIS E. F. A. Football Baseball Veteran, World War LULA MAE SPILLM Pep Club Home EC Club Blslxetball Etrquette Club UNi0F J . X dX C ll Q iff 1 Jlir I' U7 ruff Dorothy Booker Jerry Crawford Betty Lou Moore john Paul Kelly Lee H. Gatcwood Polly McLain jimmy Meek Coreta Cowart Rowena Smith jim Dick Cole Betty Dunn David Wilson joe Dan Gray Lillian Porter Curtis Wilson Jeri Rossa-an Bonnie Moore jimmy Morris Marilyn Dean jimmy Wliitc 1.1, H .gf " II: 'tix-. ' fixgxqff: V' Q' V. o ' I '-1.gLS f'i'fpZ""'?n' II -f -4..' l': - 4453 U' ' 4. -., wr . 253 qs' 5 jgfgfb-.Q 3 Qi .. or , , c.. A . -..S ff ' , A-'V n 4 -L9 ? .4--I --9 ' iff 4 .gr ' A T235 ,V , ,..v q , .. -oy r rx -as C' 3 i ii 1 i -,Le - 1'14?jS,w rl ' O' I ,.a" . an x fi "l, WR v 4? Arles jones Rose Marie' Harris Curtis Holden Holcn Hall Constance Ward jimmy Davenport Wilma Morse Arthur Cook Dale Basham jean Chapen Calvin Kelly joan Douglas Clayciel Bowman Donald Morrison Kathryn Upshaw H. M. Denniston Dennis Brammer Edith jones Donald Brown Betty Lu Butler 'S f"Z X far x .X MS t it 1 f' .3-yr M M,-mfr: M .- u.,,,,. . , rr ,- xx. 1.5 nr J -A .j 4. ICS 1177 'lfigmrf A, all jill" i . ? H 'H I iQ X l'A:Q1?5' " , 49 .1 -A if ,Q .ga 3 ...a- ' K "? I B. af su' 9 , wil 2325-f 6:3 i E 'T .-1 tg Q 1 v Mildred Carter Charles Watson Lucille Atwood james Sanders john Hoyle Evelyn Hall Richard Gatewood Ida Mae Smith Mary Alice Butler Robert Coulter Mary Tipton Martin Crane joan Pittman Elvina Smith Corene Parker Robbie Furr Suzanne Taylor Virginia Bugg Edwina Singleton Maxine Crotts OPHCDMO 0 x OXO OY X N RES D J C O T 1115 EXACT U1-or Mary E. Cristee Frank Gregory, jr. Carolyn Cash Lee Thomas Houck bl. A. Hurtl Vifantla Thomas Ellen Leftwith Arlaween Gooch Margdret Mt'Alister Annette Clement Edna Coatney Loetta Kincy Edith jean Mane: Willameane Maze Betty Weese Violet Gregory Virginia R095 Betty jo Barker Lcota Arnold Pauline Rogers Bobby Wofford Helen Sue Dunn R. C. Manes Bobbye Gillenwater Lila Ingram Francis Klein Wanda Lea Harsh Harper Wfalclrip Giles Osborne Beverly McAlister joe Wayne Harris Velta Kaundart Betty Oliver Harold Gentry Pearl Moore Homer jones John Hobbs Barbara Byars jewel Morrison Joanne Arbuckle Anna Lea Stephens Joe McAlister Joanne Harris john Hunter Floyd Jim Pat Carr Doris jones Rex Barker Laura Belle Summers Barbara Wilson Billy Meadors Delpha jean Holt Jimmy Rhodes Dow Anglen Geraldine Powell Hobart Molder Mary Catherine Plum Wanda Lou Horner Troy Fay Stephens Barbara Newton David Peters 1 rf' A. x 2: ps' X y x 5 u 1 1 of I X X 6 ' 4? 7? 4-3 .5 'iff' - xx ix 'N fi' fix "3 NINTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE xlfwha . nl IV'-v SEVENTH GRADE Q 'Khin i 7' ff' 7 ,fc . Q V ,,.- .Ax -Q QWLTL ir. Y.. 0 ' .NJ N df, 1 K 1' fbi My xx V X1 l ll 'Q 'Q ff f. fv X , 1 1 LX' 1 ', 4 VX' f fv f' U yn fi L, wiffg 4 fx! A if gf 1 . f zz wg If 277 ' ff' ' " fy , K !Lfy,f L, S. Z0 1 L a U, Dorothy Cole XY'unda Farris wi'- Qff 67 Wand BYRON WILSON Director The Alma High School band is composed of thirty members. It is one of the fastest growing bands in Northwest Arkansas, and is under the capable direction of Byron Wilson. The band is pictured in concert and march- ing formations. -2 X f t TEAM First row: Clarence Brumley, john Hoyle, jimmy Davenport, -Iesse Wkesc Austin Gregory, and K. Wfayne England. Second row: Daylon Cawthon, jimmy Arthur, Carl Wlilker, H. M Osborne Dale Basham, and jimmy White. Third row: CQ.1lx'in Kelly, Roy XY'ot't'ord. Dgivitl Xlfilxon. R. CQ. Manu Dun Peters, and Bill Peters. Sept. 12 Sept. 19 Sept 26 Oct. 5 Oct. 15 1 Oct. 17 Oct. 2-i Oct. 31 Nov 7 Nov 21 NOV 26 SCHEDULE XX'.1ltlron Qherej lliyetteville Rogers ltl1L'l'L'l Bentonville Qthercj Huntwille Qhert-J H.irrison Qthercb Springtlile ftherej Siloam Springs gherej Ozark Qhercb Sallisaw fthereb Van Buren Qhcrcj FOOTBALL BOYS TEAM Front row: Don Dean, David Wilson, Roy Wofford, and Bill Peters Back row: David Peters, Daylon Cawthon, R. C, Manes, john Floyd Coach ohnson and Clarente Brumley. Tues., Dee. 16 Fri., Dee. 26-27 Tues., Dec. 50 Fri., jan. 2 Wed., jan. 7 Fri,, jan. 9 Tues., jan, 13 Fri., jan. 16-17 Tues., jan. 20 Wed., vlan. 21 Fri., jan. 25 Tues., jan. 27 Fri., jan 30 Tues., Feb. 5 , Thurs., Feb. 5 Tues., Feb. 10 Fri., Feb. 13 Fri., Feb. 20 Tues., Feb. 21 Wed., Feb. 25 Fri., Feb. 27 SCHEDULE West Fork Qherej Holiday Tournament, Fayetteville West Fork ftherej Clarksville Qtherej Mulberry Qhcrej Fayetteville ftherej Springdale Qherej Tournament at Tech., Russellville Clarksville fherej Mulberry ftherej Huntsville Qtherej , , Mountainburg ftherej Harrison fherej Mountainbur there S , H C J County Tournament, Van Buren , Siloam Springs Ctherej Bentonville Cherej Mountainburg Qherej Rogers Qherej Van Buren Qherej Springdale ftherej BASKETBALL BUYS SCI lIiUUI-l2 Tues., Den. I 6 Tue5., Dec. 50 Fri., jun. 2 Wfed., vliin. f' Tues., jan. Il XX'est Furla XX'est Fork C,l.irl4wille Mulberry Spriiilutlule Tues., jan. 20 Clgirksville Welil., lliin, ll Mulberry Fri., JAH. 23 Huntsville Tues., jan. Z7 Mountainburg Tues., Feb. 5 Mountainburg Thurs., Feb. S County Tourimmeiit. V.i Tues., Feb. 10 Silo.un Springs Fri., Feb. 20 Mouiimiiibiirg Tues., Feb. 2-1 Rogers XVeil.. Feb. 25 Buren Fri, Feb. 27 Springgtlule TEAM Clierej ftlierej ftberej llierey Cliere J flierej flieref ftlierej ftherei Ctlierej n Buren itberel there! llierel Clierej filiere il Front row: Bette Cerlurelt, -lean Cliapeii. Dorotliy Hooker. Xlblld. lxiunt ir W'aml.i Tliomns, Betty Dunn, and Muie C,r.iwl'0ril. Bank row: Lillian Porter, loan Arbutkle. Ciorehi Cioxxuirt. I..iur.i Summers Hel Sue Dunn, Mary Tipton, and Ciirmen Lintlwey. Coach: Mrs. Alene Crabtree BASKETBALL GIRLS muy xvalkef W I-I 0 ' S W I-I G BITST CITIZIQN BOY AND GIRL BEST ATHLIYTL-BOY AND GIRL Ca rmcn Lindsey Carmen Lindsey Roy XVoff0rd Bette Gerhardt Clarence Brumley WP-iO'S WHO ISISI ALLVROVIXD A we -db-'fu jean Chapcn Don Dean BOY AND GIRL MOST HAN DSOM L BOX Davld XXVIISOII "--10 PRliTTlI1S'I' CQIRI jean Um MOST POPULAR BOY AND GIRL ,., -ff ...-""'- t 4.19 Q. .- nf 1 as-.s ,,,,,., """ A unuwfi Bette Gerhardt WI-lO'S WI-IO Dem Dczu CP P BITST DRFSSITD BOY AND GIRL XVITTI IZST BOY Clarence Iirumley XY"ITTIIfST GIRL Dorothy Bookcr MOST LIKITLY TO SUCCITITD Pollye Ra Cole S Billy Wfallcer BOY AND GIRL XY"anda Farris 'OD All!! 5-H -sl .x'- .- V3 73 i , ? Q S CC ll -QQ 4: ...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,. -. .4-, I 'vo -f""'- , f -,wists-,. U15 'BM' MQ' U aj gall 6f' .vnu- .. sa. QOm?QiMQ Clk MEADOR5 LUMBER CO. Q0mWQMmmHK QS 60YCE WOFFORD fn? ey Z? 4QCna.6ZenQn e7 ALMA ANSAS Xw ARK 65, 1 V X!! aw K U ' s ' EgauN,nc 0 I - V yt 1 a f' f P 0 O Qijmm -ga -,g' 'g' QC 'lllwll fm , WWLUWCK4, 71X lf QL CONGRATULATIONS 7 JOHN FINI4. Fm ewegzg Q MGMT WJV Fort Sm1th x een Arkansas HUNT S l1ke to see students show school spn-11: hke lt takes to produce an annual hke th1S. Congratulauons and may all of you have the thmgs you expect from 11fe. I-IUNT DRY GOODS CO. , f? q w! 0 ' K 017111996 ML 5,4 Mi SAFETY SERVICE aw cmd! Qurzfof fppfaancegv Alma A k nsas Home of Kelvmator a d Ph11co Apphances We a e the only author1 ed Ber1d1x Dealer 1n the To n of Alma JD BYARS 8: SCN FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES HARDWARE FURNITURE STOVES Seed That G ow Alma Arkansas ua.. be fd X -CH-IC '-J W GQRQGG NGA f , r a . H , . T .Z . . W . ll r 'il Wi if . E, I lg N f P- X Ovv J 31' ui-, 7 S ' ' ' fre' P 57' 111 E I-IIBLEQ. Dealer for General Electrxc Apphances Aladdm Lamps Arvxn Rad105 Perfectxon Stoves Devoe Palnt AUTO wif! fe2 S Tlres Tubes Batterles Stewart Warner Rad1os Phone 7 get tv! 2 QZLa144s 4405 STAFF ALMA CASH Srocza Qowt wmamfg 0 B Wmumsou Zdfgnj Sales Agents Underwood Typewmters Addmg Nlachxnes 13 So 6th street Ft Srnlth Wi' L -tv Q XL ' - 0 U 'ff' A I , ,,, Q' fx 1 -... ., :i",g,..: o 0 X 'V' A Auto Parts Sr Accessories K 7 fgila . ww V as . FQ 5 x KKHLXI' 0 . M X , .s ' - Q , V j 3 mfffb' . . LWJQL I Qfffvo Z1 nd Best Wmshes from yew!!! 1201216 -Deco rd fiolo BLMODES 05 AUTOMOTIVE Qzzppq U9 3 9 805 g FTSMITI-I ARK 715 Garrlson Fort Smith hm Automotive Replacements 982-8 83 . , . olesale Bu11d1ng O O V1 UCIOU ,FOODI T Yvwd IG CUTZED MEAT!! llv f ff ff, Z BURDBR CITY 2g?acdffa71faf2?eX X PERRY GRIFFIN 1500 Grand Avenue 5 Fort 9m1th xrkansas Fort Srruth Ark ms 13 Ihone 8812 Phone 5188 22 North oth S 1-zu -g,,v. WMQLAXC C 1510 Grand Avenue Phone 9793 Fort Srruth Arkansas 3422 1V11dl1nd Boulevard Phone 22149 + 0 AQKANSAS 4-I New gl used bollers bought sold 81 repaxred J Au' Eqmprnent tor faster serv1ce Complete Vleldmg Seruce Smokestacks erected pamted gl renamed Seamless furn ace lmxng save fxe Bo11er settxng serwme for any type Fort Smxth Arkansas M ow C5 fl f E ' " :D is . nf ,X 'Cf K 'S X , l . '. x1""1"f ' 1 W "- " l xy, I if I 1 f , - if '4 e L6 ' I 9 'll 4 - 93: 355: H: r E - f ? L 4 f f.'.'-3252? , C6 Sufi-'!".1' ' semi? A ff ,,::.3.. Sjfxff f K Eff. 3 ff ': ..-sf oo 1 -- Ya K i 0351 Q eta 4,27 9' o? Q1 S K Q9 SS A oe - , i - 'se 7 ' , . . , ' f f- ,A T I BENNETV FUQNITUQE tTh COMPANY ALMA :NN tt 'Vlg 111.21 G 9126 Akns WHITLOCKS Straw CE STATIQN ALMA ARKANSAS 221 G S WORTHINGTON NEISLAQ REFRIGERATION ff Ana comorrnomumo COMPANY Pho 6660 W L N 2 2479 Qcawn www 6 A FRIEND . 1 I I Il For The Best Food in Town 1 Eat a e 1 Claude Benne , 1 r. and Prop. - 4 arrison Avenue . Alma, r a as Fort Srn1th, Arkansas Phone a , ,, 5 1 'T' R .Q ' P Q. I arrison Ave. Ft. rnith Distributors Kb C9 nes . . eislar - NNY 'ff I xx I , , V OFFf?ff,

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