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Text from Pages 1 - 113 of the 1938 volume:

.i i :I V x',4 +0 F . ,.'1 ..:,L" '. 5 L.-b R R U SS E L L F. STA U DAC H E R, Sa gin aw M 5 Nb Q X 'ix ' W R WS Y R X xg X .CX bw R X X X X 535 .. R. . I. .,, ,, XM + N , P A2 A A 15' X - : 9' . Q X .. K -- Rai? ' 5.2 ' " X Q F" ,.:,,, xi . RICHARD C. BENDALL, Bay Cilry X up -'s:,QS N Q s 3 . M 455 4 ,.-fV- i f Busmess Manager 1, - Qf RICHARD W. RADEMACHER, Alma A 'f' THE SCOTSMAN . 1938 'YYNE SXSETEES A0991 ipfw -mf F 4' W H w I If JW X Sm, Q RW X X Ni x xA W 1 9 ?uxoYxs'nz5 xoq 'Cm NHXCYX ex, PSS COLLEGE QE PA-MPN EO: EXCQYXN X4 sem awk U34-3 NDI lKX4K4N FCDREWGRD LMA COLLEGE is in The midsl ol celebralinq ilrs lillielli anniversary. Qbserving lbal Jrlmis year, above alloll'1ers,sl1ould be remembered bolli by prinlred word and piclure, several sludenls inilialed a move lo publish a book bul ran inlo diicii- cullies on all sides unlil, aller consisienl and per- sislenl allemprs lo gain backing, Jrlie Junior Class voled lo sponsor llwe book. Success Jrlien mel The edilors in every pbase ol Jrlie book's produclion and we are presenling you vvilli llwe resull ol many lwours away from our books and if we slwall please iusl one person wlwo doubled llwe possibilily ol suclw an edilion Jrliis year we slfmall feel amply repaid. We have Tried To do several Things in This eTTorT -TirsT, we decided ThaT a change oT name would beneTiT in many ways, hence The book has been re- chrisTened TI-IE SCQTSIVIAINI. Secondly, we wanTed To presenT someThing new and wiTh our beauTy secTion, I-Tall oT Fame and oTher TeaTures we Teel we have accomplished This end. Thirdly, we wanTed To ediT a book ThaT should Ta- vorably adverTise The college and iT we have Tailed in This endeavor we shall gladly recall The ediTion and agree wiTh Those cynics wha earlier mocked, "IT can'T be done." We know we have done our IoesT, IJUT The decision as To wheTher we have succeeded or noT lies wiTh you, The reader. IT we have Tailed give us The crediT oT'an honesT eTTorT. -TI-IE EDITORS. DEDICATICN FORMER PRESIDENT HARRY MEANS CROOKS, A.B., LL.D. 6 1 PRESIDENT JOHN WIRT DUNNIN6, DD. O The old and Jrlwe new - To former Presideni I-iarry Means Crooks, DD., for ine self-sacrificial eiliorlrs he displayed in guiding Alma Coilege inrougn ine iasr Jrweniy years of our ifirsi half nun- dred years. To Presideni Jonn Wiri Dunning, DD., for ine promise oi a greaier Alma io come as we siari oui upon The second ifiiiy years of our exislrence. GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY Q I A 9-"ME ' Q + '- '-N' M Rain as am BE ,:., -- all E ' -if if ' gptrfflfo - l N22 vig-'63, 00"-1'fNE oifg...-' ff .ppc - .......- hp RATED N JUNE FIRST, l887, There appeared a small pamphleT enTiTled "Alma College. FirsT GreeTing To iTs Friends." The opening senTence oT The bool4leT read "ln The name oT God, Amen." which since has been l.aTinized and appears upon our college seal as "ln Nomine Dei, Amenf! The small boolc served as The TirsT caTalogue oT The college and spolce oT Alma as "a beauTiTul and rapidly growing Town oT 2,000 inhabiTanTs." And on iT said "Alma College is simply a college like PrinceTon, AmhersT or OliveT" which was Tounded in I844. When The doors TirsT opened on SepTember I2, I887, ThirTy sTudenTs answered The TirsT roll calls while The ToTal aTTendance grew To nineTy- Tive aT The end oT The TirsT year. The acTual opening oT Alma College was The culminaTion oT aTTempTs by PresbyTerians ThroughouT The sTaTe To esTablish a synodical college. Their TirsT aTTempT aT Marshall, Michigan Tailed wiTh depression oT IS37 and iT wasn'T unTil I885 ThaT anyThing was seTTled wiTh regard To a Pres- byTerian college in The sTaTe oT Michigan. AbouT This Time The Reverend Ambrose J. WighT oT The FirsT Church in Bay CiTy, Michigan preached a Sunday evening sermon, on The necessiTy oT a denominaTional college, wiTh such an enThusiasm ThaT a Tew days laTer one oT his elders, Mr. Alexander Folsom came Torward wiTh a pledge oT 550,000 dollars Tor The esTablishing oT such a college. Only now did The Synod Talce acTual sTeps Toward The Tounding oT The school. Saginaw, lonia, lThica, ST. "lin oefgfigsff- fs, i i :N l , r :Jil lim H iifilllllllliiiiiii. ii l 3E il l i Q f,5'iIlEllll1lll'illlllllli ' fill H mil riii Zlllllllllllilllllilllll H sf ff wsgs, R Us 1, 5 l89O Louis and Alma were all considered as possible siles wiJrl'1 llwe final de- cision coming willw llwe announcemenl by lvlr. Ammi W. Wriglil, million- aire Alma lumberrnan, lliar lie was willing Jro donalre Jrwo buildings, already conslrucled lor a privale school Jrlwal failed lo malerialize, as llwe nu- cleus of Jrlwe proposed college. Qrlwer donors followed lvlr. Wriqlil willw AMMI W. WRIGHT . . . BENEFACTOR REV. GEORGE E. HUNTING, D.D. generous gills and The Presbylerian Synod of Michigan rneeling in I886 al Grand Rapids accepled Jrhe gills and wilh The following words "Resolved, Thal in view ol all Jrhe lacls before us we will wilh God s help eslablish and endow a college wilhin our bounds learning Ed liliifilll luflllr ii r ir iil f Iii M i i T 35 4 -lllllf fi-ai ' Alma College was born inlo Jrhe sociely ol inslilulions ol higher - ,A-1,12 13' ,:f- Tlfxffl min' 1Ym""""'hf-1 I 'Eg A :lawn ll-uilullim lun whlw ii 'll-l1f"L,i" Nr ' l -E i li 'I fl ", WNW lggi? Mil! 'EEE li Uiulli I I 1' 22-f?,, lf E ll' kz Tl-IE OLD GYMNASIUM Reverend George IZ. I-IunTing was called Tronn The pasToraTe oT The I:irsT PresbyTerian Church oT Kalamazoo, Michigan, To serve as The TirsT presidenT. Qld records sTaTe "Never was There a more lovable man aT The head oT any college, nor one who had more inTeresT in The well being OLD ADMINISTRATION oT The sTudenTs under his care." I-Ie served Tor b.uT Tour years being succeeded by The Reverend AugusT IZ. Bruslce oT The I:irsT PresbyTerian Church in Sagniaw, who served Tor TwenTy-one years and may well be called The TaTher oT our insTiTuTion. The Third presidenT oT The college CHEMISTRY BUILDING was Dr. Thomas C. I3IaisdeII, who served Ior Ihree years and was Ihen relieved by Dr. I-Iarry Ivieans Crooks in I9I5. WiIh Ihe coming of Dr. Crooks came a new era of expansion for AIrna CoIIege which was rudeIy inIerrupIed by Ihe evenIs of I929, Ihe eIlIecIs of which we are sIiII feeling. Aiurer having served Ior IwenIy-Ihree years, The IongesI span of any of Ihe presidenIs of Alma College, Dr. Crooks announced his resignaIion -in JuIy of I937, Ihe IasI year of Ihe Iirsi half cenIury in Ihe hislrory of our schooI. The resignahon became e1CIecIive January IirsI of onIy Ihis year. Unusual is The IacI Ihalr fXIrna CoIIege's Iiimrh presidenjr, iusI as Ihe Iirsjr head of our college, was called away Irorn Ihe pasIoraIe of Ihe I3irsI Presbylrerian Church in Kalamazoo. JusI as Reverend I-IunIing direcIed Ihe school during Ihe opening year of our Iirsr years so does Dr. John WirI Dunning, AIma graduaIe of IQO4, Iead Alma CoIIege Iorward in Ihe IirsI year of our second IiIIy years. ShouId Ihis new period prove as friendly and lruihful as lhe pasl live decades we can wilh Jrhe greal- esl of confidence revise The slalemenl in lhe lirsl college bullclin of IS87 lo read "Alma College IS a COLLEGE lilce Princelon or Amhersl or any olher college wilh a nalionally recognized repulalionf' Any hislory oi Alma College which does nol lake nolice of Jrhe won- derful benelaclions of Mr. Arnmi W. Wrighl is doing violence lo lhe lacls. Noi a Presbylerian, he virlually carried The college for a number of years and loecause he was lrue and gracious in his gills Jrhe college owes ils conlinuance lhrough lhe years. ' HOOD MUSEUM Friday and Safurday, Ocfoloer l4fh and I5fh, I937, was fhe occasion of fhe Golden Anniversary Celebrafion of our Alma College. l-lun- dreds of alumni, friends and sfudenfs gafhered during fhese fwo days fo honor fhe founders of fhe school which foday ranlcs among fhe loesf in fhe sfafe. WRIGHT l-TALL The fwo-day program opened wifh a dinner fo fhe Synod of lviichi- gan followed by fhe Thursday evening service af which fhe chief speaker was Dr. l-larold McAfee Robinson, Secrefary of fhe Chrisfian Board of Educafion and one of fhe nafions 'leading educafors. The celebrafion reached ifs peak on Safurday morning wifh fhe Com- sslliis, , PIONEER HALL memoralive Convocalion Service in Memorial Gymnasium al which lime seven honorary degrees were awarded and lhe principal address was given by Jrhe world famed physicisl, Dr. Arlhur Holly Complon of Jrho Universily of Chicago. Represenlalives of over lhirly-live colleges and universilies werc presenl al lhe service which saw degrees of Doclor ol Laws granled 'lo Jrhe Honorable Senalor Arlhur H. Vandenlaerg of Grand Rapids, ,fi . . "rf33if,Aq'iiMf5:'i7 f P . Q1 Q :' . 5 1 ' . - .. A , ' , i xi 8, 29.1 ,sw 5,1-,Vy,N,, -','k, nw W W gb!!!-dl, WTc ,, yyfmw V, 'r-' TNVLSM - f 'A' 5 ' ' JW:-:g:-' , .45 4 . .- -:-Ifv: xl ..,. V .... swv -: 5 , X "1 " ' 7,-Q'-ff: "" "'L':'f'1?:fii' L.-'1-"I51f"1 v'.,.:.:f'I's.7b-1' 4 I ' , ' A , ii,, A 'VN , . , . ...MW .i 2 -i'f-t:.,- ' I ' A 'qfgw 2 Nr i 'f Q 1 763525553 rw ' :jf QM: . - r '. oft , 2.133393 ' ,.,,, ., -fi 4249.4 1 , fs X gi. "3 , R i qzgg,-' 3.3, A X up ,' . K , ': -4431, '.,f'fp. W , , ' , 4,1vfsf,As-,.-.QNX . M . ' ' 1. S: yi: fs!!! . f K ,fy --'-' Z' . anim. ea. , -.ffl 3, 1, ', , -. ' ,, . ' if, . gpwf--,,1, i ,gifs r. , x r ,. :ggi n'.:: W lin: 'line farmer -'T Q ic, 470 " 4- ill inn an nr-. 2 Ellis. .-1,15 V 1 1-P, M ffs V if ' V : u In rl . in la . '37 ,.,gggsgj2:,f .' . ' ' :Eg igwyi- -Eg. ,,,,i , i - ' - i .. Q," ' 'r ' 1 ,f '4',,..,a:s:U,, .. -, , Q THE PRESI DENTS HOUSE Michigan, Presidenl E. C. Warriner ol Cenlral Slale Teachers College ar Ml. Pleasanl, Michigan, Judge Louis C. Cramlon, Lapeer, Michigan, and Superinlendenl Cheslrer F. Miller ol The Saginaw, Michigan, Pulalic Schools. Doclors of Divinily were conferred upon lhe Reverend Pro- MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM lessor C. D. Brolqenshire of Alma College and lhe Reverend George Irving of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Miss Cora Dunlap of lhe Alma Public Schools received The sevenlh award, an honorary Masler ol Arls degree. ACADEMIC PROCESSIQN Ocfober I5, I937 - l.. VIEWS DURING GOI DFN A I LGII' Io right Dr. A. Compfon, Dr. I-I. M. Robinson, Presidenf I-I. IVI. Crooks, Senafor ArJrI'1ur A. Vandenberg. Back row: H. Iv1.Crooks, Pres. E. C. Warriner, Prof. C. D. Brolcenslwire. Froni' row: Miss Cora Dunlap, Sup? C. F. Milier, Senaror Vanden- berg, Rev. George Irving. f-xNNlvEr2sA1Qv QELEBIU-xrlon Senafor Vandenberg receiving degree from Presiclenf Crooks. IN MEMCDRIAM DR. i-TANSFORD S. MacCURDY Dr. l-lansTord S. lVlacCurdy whose unTimely deaTh on lvlay FiTTh, The lasT, leTT The Biology DeparTmenT oT Alma College wiThouT The leadership and unTiring devoTion To duTy, oT The man who had given nearly halT oT his sixTy-nine years To The develop- menT oT a science division which Today sTands wiTh The besT in our naTion. The Tollowing guoTaTions serve besT To eulogize The man who conTribuTed so large a parT To The growTh oT our insTiTuTion during The pasT TiTTy years, The celebraTion OT which he musT have seen Through eyes noT Tar removed Trom our own. "All ThaT'is harmony Tor Thee, O Universe, is in harmony wiTh me as well. NoThing ThaT comes aT The'righT Time Tor Thee is Too early or Too laTe Tor me. EveryThing is TruiT To me ThaT Thy seasons bring, O NaTure. All Things come OT Thee, have Their being in Thee, and reTurn To Thee." -lvlarcus Aurelius. "A man Tinds in The producTion oT naTure an inexhaus'Tible sToclc'oT maTerial on which he can employ.himselT, wiThouT any TempTaTions To envy or malevolence, and has always a cerTain prospecT oT discovering new reasons Tor adoring The Sovereign auThor oT The Universe." -Johnson. "l-le ThaT Tollows naTure is never ouT oT his way. NaTure is someTimes subdued buT seldom exTinguished." I , Q -Bacon. "ln conTemplaTion oT creaTed'Things, by sTeps we .may ascend To God." -MilTon. "Doing good is The one happy acTion oT a man's liTe." -Sir Phillip Sidney. "Much wisdom oTTen goes wiTh TewesT words." -Sophocles. "l-lis words are bonds, his oaThs are oracles: his love sincere, his Th'oughTs immacu- laTe, his Tears, p'ure messengers senT Trom his hearT: his hearT as Tar Trom Traud as heaven Trom earTh." -Shakespeare. N E f f N -, u , , I x ' IV "x Z C2 '-' 2- . LTY STEERING COIVINIITTEE 7 . I PROFESSOR g PROFESSOR JAMES E. MITCHELL SILAS O- ROREM AM., LL.D. PIT- D-I A-5- I-IisTory and PoIiTicaI Science Dean of Mem Educaiion PROFESSOR ROY W. HAMILTON AM. EngIisI-I Language and'I.iTera- Tureq SecreTary OT The EacuITy CHESTER R. ROBINSON A.B. Sec:-eTary and AssisTanT Treas- urer: InsTrucTor OT AccounTing In The Chapel exercises OT Monday, January 3, I938, Dr. Samuei I-I. Eorrer an- nounced The seIecTion OT a "sTeering commiTTee" composed OT ProTessor Roy W. I-IamiITon, ProTessor James E. MiTcheII, Dean Silas O. Rorem and Mr. ChesTer R. Robinson To serve in The adminisTraTive capaciTy Tor Alma College during The inTerirn OT Time beTween The reSignaTion OT Torrner PresidenT I-Iarry M. Crooks whose woric was Tinished eTTecTive January I, I938 and The induoTion OT The newly appoinTed presidenT whose name was recenTIy announced., To This commiT'Tee belongs much OT The crediT Tor holding sTuoIenTs, TacuITy and Triends TogeTher during The monThs ThaT elapsed beTween The oId and new adminisTraTive heads OT This insTiTuTion. To This commiTTee goes The commendaTion OT The enTire sTudenT body Tor The work "weII done." CHARLES D. BROKENSHIRE AM., B.D., D.D. Professor of Biblical Liferalure and Religion - GRACE D. ROBERTS Professor of Piano and Pipe Organ GEORGE B. RANDELS PI1. D. Professor of Philosophy l ANNETTE P. WARD A.lv1. Librarian and Professor of Library Mefhods RAYMOND C. DITTO A.lv1. Professor of Physics ROBERT W. CLACK A.M. Professor of Malhemalics and Asrronomy 23 WILEORD E. KAUFMANN Ph. D. Professor of Chemisfry FLORENCE M. STEWARD A.M. Professor of Sociology and Dean of Women l-IERMAN W. SPENCER A.M. Professor of Rheforic and Journalism JESSE W. EWER AB. Professor of Vocal Music 24 THEODORE VE. SCHREIBER Ph. D. Professor of German MARGARET E. EOLEY A.M. Professor of French LYDER L. UNSTAD A.Iv1., PII. D. Ins+ruc+or of Economics PAUL E. RICE Ph. D. Assis+an+ Professor of Biology GORDON A. MACDONALD A.B. Diredor of Physical Training for Men WILLIAM M. SEAMAN A.IvI. Ins'rrucIor in Laiin I-IELEINI ORVIS A.M. Insjrrudor in Biology and Di- recfor of PI1ysicaI Training for Women: Assis'ren+ 'ro +I'1e Dean of Women 1 MRS. I-I. O. ABERNETI-IY Secrerary Io 'the Presiderii' MRS. D. W. ROBINSON MRS. EWING MALONYA E. WOOD Library Assisiani Secreiary To Hue Secreiary of Library Assisianf Alma College BOARD OF TRUSTEES REV. SAMUEL H. FORRER CHAIRMAN DD. Deiroii A. 6. STUDER. LLD' C. H. BENNETT QOL. FRANK M. KNOX DSTVOW Piymouih Chicago 26 M. A. COOK H. A. GILBERT Chicago Saginaw C. W. BONBRIGHT DEAN J. B. EDMONSON Fiinr Ann Arbor E. OWEN PROP. K. D. BROOKS Grand Rapids M+. Pleasanr W. M. HAZEN Three Rivers REV. L. S. BROOKE, DD Deiroii L. D. KEEGEN Saginaw Wirhouf picrures: J. W. S. Pierson, Sfanrony Mrs. J. H. Lancashire, New York Ciiyq Mrs. W. A. Balwlke, Alma: Mrs. N. J. Bersion, Sr., Flinrg Rev. B. T. Bush, Derroii' and C. R. Robinson, Alma. .. If f x ff' X N H . ,W fn, V. 7 f X f i, 2 Y M WW " W WF 4 'K tg?-X O wwdwwwwws -M' 'P' A fag , ax f x xfiyz x Lg wx 1 A-M, VERGINIA ANDERSON Philomalhean "Trespassers will be proseculedf' EDUCATION Y.W. Cabinel' 3: Almanian 2, 3, 4: Presi- denl' ol Philomalhean: Pre-Medic 3, Drama Club 2, 3, 4. RONALD BOWEN Phi Phi Alpha "Whenever I feel' like exercising I iusl lie down unlil lhe feeling goes away." BIOLOGY Pre-Medic 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH BROWN Phi Phi Alpha "Worry is unknown lo me." ECONOMICS Almaian Slafl 3, 4 Il3usiness Managerlg Pre-Medic 2, 3, 4 IPresiden'rIq Head Swipe 4. GRACE BYRON "She keeps lhe even lenor ol her way." EDUCATION, SOCIOLOGY l.R.C. 3, 43 German Club 4: Drama Club 3, 'li Senale 3, 4. RUSSELL BURTRAW Phi Phi Alpha "ll is lhe wise head lhal makes The slill langue." EDUCATION. HISTORY Phi Presidenl 4, Foolball 2, 3, 4: Track 43 Drama Club 3, 4. VIRGINIA CHURCH Philomalhean "Porl'rai'r ol a Lady." SOCIOLOGY Women's League 4, Sludenl Council 4. FLOYD BOAT Phi Phi Alpha "A silenl man was he." HISTORY, ECONOMICS Foolball 3. 4. ALICE BRONSON Kappa Iola "Life is buf a dream." FRENCH Choir 3, 4: Y.W. Cabinel 4. BEATRICE BROOKS "A calm unruflled brow." BIOLOGY, EDUCATION, SOCIOLOGY Pre-Medic 3, 47 German Club 4. ALICE BUNTING Philomalhean "To him who does everylhing in ils pro- per lirne one day is worlh lhree." LATIN Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Senale 2: Y. W. Cabi- nel 2, 4: Pre-Medic 3, 41 Drama Club 2, Phi sigma Pi 4. STANLEY CATER Phi Phi Alpha "Never worry loday if you can pul il oil unlil 'romorrowf' EDUCATION. MATHEMATICS Foalball 2, 3, 4: M.I.A.A. 4. ROBERT COOK Zela Sigma "I+ would improve him if he would have flashes of silence." HISTORY, ECONOMICS Debaling 47 Tennis 3, 4. SENIORS RALPH DANIELS Phi Phi Alpha "The secrel ol happiness is nol in doing whal one likes bul in liking whal one does." ENGLISH Debaling 2: Drama Club 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Oralory 2, 3, 4. HAROLD DEAN Phi Phi Alpha "ll I lake care ol my characler my repu- lalion will care ol ilsellf' HISTORY, BIOLOGY, EDUCATION Phi Presidenl 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Presidenl ol M.I.A.A. Direclors 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Band I. CHARLES DOVE f Zela Sigma "Success in college ellen consisls in knowing when lo disagree." HISTORY, ECONOMICS I.R.C. 3. 4. WAYNE FORRESTER Phi Phi Alpha "A pun well done is Iegilimale lun." CHEMISTRY, GERMAN Cheer Leader I, 2, 3, 4: Drama Club I, 2, 3. JOHN FRAKER Zela Sigma "I owe my success in lile lo having been always a quarler ol an hour beforehand." MATHEMATICS Zela Sigma Presidenl 4: Drama Club 3: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Class Presidenl 2: Bas- kelball 2, 4: Sludenl Council I. ALETHA HAPNER Alpha Thela "The more I see ol men lhe more I like dog." FRENCH, LATIN Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4: Drama Club 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Brownell Scholarship. SENIOR RICHARD DARBEE Zela Sigma "A close moulh calches no llies." ENGLISH Library slall 2, 3, 4: U. ol M. Fellowship allernale. PAULINE DIONESE Alpha Tllela "A good sorl and a good sporl." ENGLISH, HISTORY Y.W. Cabinel 3, 4: Senior Council: Dra- ma Club I, 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Oueen 4: I.R.C. 3. IRENE EOLKERTH Kappa Iola "Her popularily indicales her good qualiliesf' BIOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4: Senale 3: Y.W. Cabi- nel 3, 4: Drama Club I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Council: Sludenl Council 2, 4, Vice Presi- denl: Maroon and Cream 4: Almanian 4, Circulalion Mgr.: Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Presidenl Kappa lola. DOROTHY FOSTER Philomalhean "Those who know her besl like her beslf' BIOLOGY Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Y.W. Cabinel 3: Senale 4: Presidenl ol Philomalhean: Pre-Medic 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 2. ATLEE GILBERT Zela Sigma "ll you wanl lo succeed in Iile, make lhe mosl ol your opporlunilies as you go along." EDUCATION, HISTORY Eoolball 2, 3, 4: lVI.I.A.A. 4: Track 3, 4. CHESTER HARDT Zela Sigma "When you can, use discrelion: When you can'l, use a club." CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY Foolball I: Pre-Medic I, 2, 3, 4: Slu- clenl Council 3, 4. WENDLING HASTINGS "Life would be 'lolerably agreeable il il were nol lor ils amusernenlsf' PHILOSOPHY MARION HIXON "Ga'l'her ye rosebuds while ye may." BIBLE, HISTORY Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2: Debale I, 2. GRACE MATHEWS Alpha Thela "Do as lhe Iriar sayelh, nol as he doelhf' BIOLOGY Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 3: Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4: Pre-Medic 2, 3, 43 Presi- denl' Alpha Thela. HERBERT PETERS Phi Phi Alpha "Nolhing succeeds like Ioolcing success ful." ECONOMICS, HISTORY Drama Club 3: Almaian I, 2, 3, 4 lEoli4 lorlg Maroon and Cream 3: I.R.C. 3. WILLIAM PRESSER Phi Phi Alpha "And he will discourse lhe mosl eloquenl music." MUSIC, EDUCATION Choir 2, 3, 47 Band 2, 3, 41 Violin soloisl wilh Choir, Phi Sigma Pi 41 Allernale lor Silliman Scholarship 2. GEORGE SCHUMM Phi Phi Alpha "Argumenls spouled wifhin him and lwinlclecl in his eye." MATHEMATICS, CH EM ISTRY EDWARD HETH "Music is lhe universal language of man- kind." MUSIC Phi Sigma Pi 3, 47 Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 41 Orcheslra 3, 47 Silliman Prize 2: U. of M. Fellowship 4. CASSIUS LEA Phi Phi Alpha "When in cloubl, be nonchaIanl'." ECONOMICS, MATHEMATICS Eoolloall 2, 3, 4: M.l.A.A. 43 Class Presi- denl' 4, Sludenl' Council 3, 4. HARVEY NITZ Zela Sigma "The besl prophel ol The lulure is lhe past" CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS LAWRENCE PHILLIPS Phi Phi Alpha "A man of many moods." CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS Choir 3, 4. ' MARY LOUISE SCI-ILUNT "Qual bm- Melani." MATHEMATICS I.R.C. 4: German Clulo 4. KEN NETH SCOTT "The grealesl' ol all lacullies is common sense." MUSIC SENIORS BYRON STEPHENS Zela Sigma "UnaccusIomed as I am lo public speak- ing." CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS. ECONOMICS Oralory and Debale 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Business Manager: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2: Drama Club 3, 4. BETTY JANE SWARTHOUT Kappa lola "An ounce of realily is worI'h a pound of romance." BIOLOGY, EDUCATION Kappa lola Presidenl. TED TANGALAKIS ' "DosI Thou love life? Then do noi squan- der lime, for Ihal is The slurl Iile is made oi. ENGLISH Foolball 2, 4. JUNE TINDALL Alpha Thela "I care noi a pin 'lor whai lhey say, or may say." Eueusri y Y.W. Cabinel 3, 4: Women's League 2, 3, 4: Senale I, 2, 3, 4 IPresidenII: Senior Council: Drama Club 2, 3, 4: Alpha Thela Presidenl. GEORGE WALKER Zeia sigma "True wil is nalure lo advanlage dressed: whal oil was lhoughl bul ne'er so well expressed." FRENCH, ENGLISH Sludeni Council 3: I.R.C. I, 2, 3, 4: De- baling I, 2 IManagerI: Almanian I, 2 IAssociaI'e Edilorl: Golf 3, 4. RI'IEA WARK Alpha Thela "Wearing confidence like a halo." ENGLISH, HISTORY' SENIOR ARTHUR SMITH Phi Phi Alpha "A lion among ladies is a dangerous Ihing." EDUCATION, HISTORY Sludenl Council 3, 4 IPresidenlI: Drama Club 3: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Traclc 2, 3, 4. EMERSON SMITH Phi Phi Alpha "Tomorrow never comes: make Ihe mosl ol Iodayf' BIOLOGY, EDUCATION Drama Club 3, 4: Maroon and Cream 3: Pre-Medic I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT THORN Phi Phi Alpha "Few Ihings are impossible 'ro diligence and skill." CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS Phi Sigma Pi 3, 4: Traclc I, 2, 3: Band I, 2: Almanian 3. THOMAS TOLER Zela Sigma "Everyone was his friend: enemies had he none." BIBLE Sludenl Council 4: Orcheslra 3, 4. J. B. WARD Zela Sigma "One who never lurned his back buf marched breasl-forward." BIOLOGY Library slaii 2, 3. ROBERT WIENEKE Zela Sigma "Sublle as an avalanche." ECONOMICS S JANE WRIGHT "The grea'Ier +I'1e Trials, Ihe more qlorious The IriumpI'1s." BIOLOGY, BI BLE, SOCIOLOGY Senafe I, 2, 3: Phi Sigma Pi 3, 47 I.R.C. I, 2, 3, 47 SecreIary Io Dean of Men I, 2, 3, 4. I SCENES WE'RE GOING TO MISS.. OLD, BUT HALLOWED SENIORS WITHOU LOUIS CRAMTON JOHN CRESSWELL MARY ALICE DAMON THOMAS GEROW RAY I-IALLEN RUTH MALCOLM MARGARET SANDEL LOUIS SCHNEIDER HOWARD UPDEGRAFF T PICTURES THE "THINK" KITCHEN . . N NOTHING BUT BOOKS , . . NOT A TENEMENT . . . PREXY'S HANGOUT UNDER CLASSMEN JUIXIIGRS Top row-leTT To righT: G. NeTzorg, W. GelsTon, R. GarThwaiTe, M. HulTman, F. Gunn, W. Follis, H. Nunn, J. Sanders. D. Clack. Middle row: P. Cicinelli, G. Purdy, F. Plowman, D. Garrison, W. Bainbridge, F. SeaviTTe, J. Sieg, R. STaudacher, C. Curry, R. Rademacher, R. Bendall. BoTTom row: H. Moon, M. BaTTles, G. Turrel, K. Lake, M. WynTon, B. HamilTon, H. Dawson, J. SchaaTsma, M. Allen, l.. Allen, L. Black, G. Glass, J. Bird. --11 SixTy-seven pale green Trosh enTered The campus in SepTember OT l935. They did The TradiTional complaining againsT The wearing OT poTs, buT in The end did whaT The STudenT Marshal said. In spiTe oT losing Their TirsT Campus Day Tug-oT-war, They were noT morally de- TeaTed because They came back The Tollowing year and alrnosT annihilaTed The Trosh aT The scene oT The memorable evenT. Our Trosh Track Team was especially good-deTeaTing CenTral STaTe, 70-61. Jake Miller was The ouTsTanding aThleTe There. Since Then, ofhers have come To The lime- lighT in various oTher aThleTic sporTs. John MaThews, PeTe Cicinelli, Tom Plowman, Carl Elder, Bob Adams, and Ken OTis in baskeTballg Carl Elder, Gordon NeTzorg, Mel HulTman, George Purdy, Francis SeaviTTe, John MaThews, Bob Adams, Howard Nunn, Ken OTis in TooTball, wiTh Bob Devaney, M.l.A.A., as capTain oT The I938 Team. De- baTing, golT, baseball, women's sporTs, and Almanian, and year book sTaTTs also claim a greaT number, besides having all The clubs, socieTies, and organizaTions represenTed in Their group. The Frosh Frolic wiTh iTs black, green, and silver decoraTions and musical noTes was an ouTsTanding success as was also The Soph ShuTTle, held on The eve OT Spring vaca- Tion. The J-Hop, This year, was The biggesT and besT ever seen around here. Richard Rademacher, The chairman, was responsible Tor iTs success. Under The guidance oT The class presidenTs-George Purdy, Charles Skinner, and Doug Garrison, They have each year advanced so rapidly Thaf They are now on The road To leaving The mosT enviable record in The hisTory oT Alma College. SCDPHCDMQRES Top row, leTT To righT: C. CarTer, W. SmiTh, F. Rademacher, B. Roeplce, A. Lindley, A. Lindley, D. CarpenTer, F. Church, R. 6inTher, C. Meach, R. FulTon. FourTh row: S. Warnaar, R. Trull, R. Walker, W. CuTler, H. Coolc, K. HaThaway, H. Hill, R. Spencer, H. LinTs, G. Runlcle, F. JohnsTon, V. Wrigl-iT. Third row: E. BouTin, H. Teak, B. Wilson, A. SchmidT, D. SmiTh, M. Webb, J. CorbeTT, J. Mead C. Climie, J. McDonald, B. JohnsTon. Second row: F. Telgenhof, J. MiTchell, E. Sullivan, J. Fraker, I. Thompson, S. Hinckley, G. Lewis, H. Guillaume, E. CoTTon, M. Arnold, M. Gabel, M. Kennedy, E. SmiTh, W. Kuhlman. BoTTom row: R. Niles, C. HamilTon, F. Kauliman, E. Blakeley, J. Cobb, B. Pomeroy, V. Maze, E. Reavie, M. EllioTT, J. Williams, A. Arnold, B. RoberTs, J. Simmons. -L - SepTemloer, IQ36, marlced The birTh oT a lusTy bawling inTanT, The class oT l94O. EvenTs oT Freshmen year marched by in rapid order. RegisTraTion, poTs, The Tlag- rush, paiama parade, Frosh Frolic, and The annual Tug-oT-war came and wenT, marred only by our loss oT The Tug-oT-war. Since iTs birTh, The class has been well represenTed in college acTiviTies and has always shown a much needed school spiriT. In TooTball Tive men have earned a po- siTion on The varsiTy squad and Tour have made Their A's. ln baslceTball, one man has made The varsiTy squad. Girls as well as men have Taken acTive parT in social and socieTy aTTairs. The Drama Club, OraTory and DebaTe, A Capella Choir, Almanian, Band, OrchesTra, Pre-Medic Club and The lnTernaTional RelaTions Club have been inTused wiTh new liTe by The class oT I94O. A Suave, sophisTicaTed, exponenTs oT swing reTurned in I937. New Taces were seen around The campus and many old Triends had noT reTurned. Our new born coclciness disappeared wifh our deTeaT by The new Trosh in The annual Tlag-rush. LiTe seTTled inTo The old rouTine, broken only by Alma's celebraTion oT iTs FiTTieTh Anniversary. PresidenT H. M. Croolcs reTired. Mid-semesTer has come and gone. April 7Th marked The daTe oT The Soph ShuTTle-The biggesT and mosT successful parTy oT The year. The class oT 1940 has successTully Taced The challenge oT The class oT l94I. We Tace The TuTure unaTraid, conTidenT in our proven abiliTy To surmounT The aTTacl4s we may meeT in The nexT Two years. "Time Marches On." FRESHMEN Top row, leTT To righT: G. Olson, H. Spendlove, E. Ziem, J. Bell, E. Gilliard, M. Adams, R. Krall, J. STanek, L. Friederick, H. Garrison, D. Davis, A. Juhola, T. McClelland, G. Judd. FourTh row: S. Moran, W. LinTs, S. Kane, S. Cicinelli, E. Nixon, A. JohnsTon, W. Webb, B. RuberT, R. Hanzel, J. True, A. Kozman, W. Yoh, S. Ball, B. Simon. Third row: G. Jordan, D. SmiTh, F. Hill, C. WahlsTen, R. DeNoyelles, G. Lappin, C. McLean, P. Pawlyk, G. BarneTT, M. Todd, H. Barber, B. Munger, J. Emms, W. Wrege. Second row: S. MacFadden, M. Holmes, A. Bell, L. WheaTley, C. Sieg, A. Berman, M. Perkins, B. Tunis, N. Shields, J. Lee, R. Vrfinkler, G. Parliament M. Driesbach, E. Wellwood, C. Conger, H. Wheeler. BOTTOm row: F. Brown. W. Lindke, O. Harris, V. Mack, L. Robinson, B. Thomas, J. SpeersTra, T. Purdy, T. Hahn, H. Clark, M. Harrison, K. Weavers. E. Spencer, L. Goldie. l 1- When The TirsT Treshman class enTered Alma College TiTTy years ago, iT sTarTed man-lasTing TradiTions. The oldesT OT These, The annual class rush, has become our presenT-day Tlag-rush. The rules have changed some since The gay nineTies, when members OT boTh classes were abducTed or oTherwise kepT away Trom The baTTle- ground by violenT means, buT The spiriT has remained The same. Freshmen hazing Tlourished during ThaT period, while The oTher infer-class sTruggle, The Tug-OT-war, be- gan early in The TwenTieTh CenTury. UnTil a Tew years ago, Treshmen were allowed To cOmpeTe in varsiTy spOrTs, so Treshman aThleTics are a modern TeaTure. Hayrides, picnics, and banqueTs were highlighTs in The social liTe OT early Treshmen, and iT was noT unTil 1925 ThaT The Frosh sTepped ouT wiTh a Frosh Formal. The nexT year iT was known as The Frosh ShuTTle, and in T927 iT became Our presenT Frosh Frolic. The Golden Anniversary class OT l94l carried on These TradiTions. The TirsT im- porTanT evenT in iTs hisTory Took place in The gray dawn OT SepTember I8 when The Frosh meT The Sophs in The annual Tlag-rush aT Davis Field. DespiTe The handicap OT a well-greased pole, The Frosh Triumphed when Bill LinTs pulled down The Soph emblem in 2 minuTes and IO seconds. LaTer, under The direcTion OT STudenT Marshall, Charles Skinner, The class elecTed Howard Clark, Thelma Hahn, Jeanne SpeersTra, and Casper Merris as iTs oTTicersg vOTed To wear poTs, and To abide by TradiTiOnal Treshman rules. lTs social conTribuTion, The Frosh Frolic, Took place on November 20, and was a success Trom every sTandpoinT. The class has conTribuTed many mem- bers To The Choir, Drama Club, SororiTies, and l:raTerniTiesg had ouTsTanding TOoTball and baskeTball Teams, and raTed high scholasTically, placing nineTeen on The honor roll. ','P FEBRUARY ENTRANTS Top row: lelil T Collins, Gordon Tice. Bollom row. Richard l-lanson. Irene Brown, Jeanelle English, Belle Lockharl, Slen Larso o lo righi: Joseph Godleski, VVilliam Carr, James Weir, Roberl Garfhwaile, George JUNIOR CLASS Presidenl' - - - Vice Presideni - Secrelary - - Treasurer - - - Sludenf Council - UNDERCLASSMEN OFFICERS - Douglas Garrison - Jeanelle Davidson - - - - - Jean Bird - Richard Raolemacher - - Charles Skinner l-lesler Moon Wilson Dunnelle SOPHOMORE CLASS Presideni- .... - - - Roberl Trull Vice Presideni - - Conslance l-lamillon Secrefaw - - - - - Frances Kaufman Treasurer - - - ' MOFIGY Webb Sludeni Council - - Edvfafd Boullfl Gene Lewis FRESHMAN CLASS Presidenl - - - Vice Presideni - Secrelary - - - Treasurer ---- Sludenl Council - - l-loward Clark - Thelma l-lahn Jeanne Speerslra - Casper lvlerris - - Tom Purdy 4l gQ 1 gil li? Kuff Zim Rina X I XM lx ZATICDNS f 43 l A CAPELLA CHCDII2 Top row, leTT To righT: H. Orvis, W, CuTler, H. LinTs, R. Bowen, J. Sanders, B. STephens, V. WrighT, M. HulTman, C. CarTer, L. Phillips, D. SmiTh, H, Cook, A. Russell, J. Fraker. Third row: R. Bendail, H. Teak, W. Presser, H. Barber, A. Hapner, J. Williams, B. RoberTs, A, Bronson, S. Warnaar, R. Debloyelles, R. Trull, A. BunTing. Second row: B. Thomas, F. KauTman, V. Maze, D. Lindke, M. Holmes, P. Dionese, H. Moon, M. Allen, E. Reavie, E. RoberTs, D. Baker. E. WheaTley, R. Lyons, M. Damon, J. Simmons. BoTTom row: F. Brown, A. Arnold. M. Gabel, J. Bird, G. Glass, J. MiTchell, D. FosTer, G. MaThews, J. SchaaTsma, J. Davidson, C. HamilTon, T. Hahn, M. Harrison. - - Founded in The Tall oT 1930, The Alma College A Capella Choir ToughT a winning baTTle in an eTTorT To aTTain sTaTe, as well as campus presTige. WiTh The merger OT The boys and girls glee clubs, ProTessor J. W. Ewer Tormed The working nucleus oT The choir Tor ThaT year. No oTher organizaTion on The campus has enjoyed such a spon- Taneous growTh as The choir has experienced in The lasT eighT years. Because OT The ever-increasing popular demand on The parT oT The sTudenT body To gain admiTTance To The choir, ProT. Ewer limiTed The number OT members To TiTTy. CompeTiTion is in- creasing, wiTh The resulT ThaT only The besT singers are accepTed. Probably The A Capella Choir represenTs a Truer cross secTion Than any oTher group on The campus. Boys, girls, scholars, aThleTes, and musicians are properly represenTed. During The year several concerTs are given by This body. The big ChrisTmas pro- gram, and The commencemenT-week perTormance are The Two big concerTs given in Alma. This year The choir broadcasT Trom DeTroiT over WWJ. Trips ThroughouT The sTaTe are made each year. The soloisTs wiTh The choir are: Mr. STuarT Warnaar, bari- Tone, Miss Gladys Glass, soprano, and Mr. William Presser, violinisT. ProT. Grace D. RoberTs and Miss Julia SchaaTsma appear wiTh The choir as organisT and pianisT respecTiveIy. The oTTicers oT The choir are elecTed by The members. Por The pasT year The re- sponsibiliTies have been assumed by William Presser, PresidenT, Grace MaThews, vice- presidenT, Charles Skinner, SecreTary, Julia SchaaTsma, Librarian, and Byron STephens, Business Manager. ALMAIXIIAN STAFF Top row, leTT To righT: Charles McLean, l-lerberT Spendlove, Franlc Radernacher, MargareT Arnold, ArThur SrniTh, WebsTer CuTler, l-larold Teak. BoTTom row: Verginia Anderson, Richard Rademacher, Russell STaudacher, l-le-rberT PeTers, Joseph McDonald, Irene Folkerfh. I937-1938 STaTT l-lerberT PeTers - ------- - EdiTor-in-ChieT Louis CrampTOn - - - AssisTanT EdiTOr RL1SSell STauClaCl'1er - - AssisTanT EdiT0r Joe MacDonald - - - AssisTanT EdiTOr MargareT Arnold - ---- SOcieTy EdiTOr KenneTh Brown - - - - - Business Manager Richard Rademacher - - AssisTanT Business Manager Irene l:OllcerTh ---- ---- ---- C i rculaTiOn Manager PilOTed by l-lerb PeTers, ediTOr, and KenneTh Brown, business manager, The Almanian has again Tully cOmpleTed anOTher year OT service. IT was The privilege OT This year's sTaTT TO repOrT The cOmpleTe Golden Anniversary sTOry, and The arrival OT The new presidenTg The Two biggesT sTOries OT The year. WiTh The TradiTiOnal sTyle and accuracy The Almanian, The only oTFiciaI news organ On The campus, has puT The schOlasTic year I937-38 "TO bed". MainTaining a nOn-parTial ediTOrial policy, The paper has meriTed The approval OT all sOcieTies and organizaTiOns on The campus. The Almanian is a member OT The AssociaTed COllegiaTe Press, an agency OperaTed Tor The convenience OT colleges and universiTies. lT is Through This agency ThaT The sTudenT body has been l4epT inTormed regarding evenTs occurring On The campuses OT insTiTuTiOns ThrOughOuT The UniTecl STaTes. The Almanian has also sOliciTed The aid OT The NaTiOnal Adver- Tising Service, The TacTor ThaT has made The paper Tinancially possible. "DirT" columns have been subsTiTuTed Tor The crusading ediTOrials ThaT have graced The ediTOrial page OT The paper during all previous years. A Tailure On The parT OT The ediTOr To Openly asserT himselT On quesTiOns involving The sTudenT body, has made The Almanian a Tence siTTer when iT came To crysTalizing sTudenT opinion. Irene l:Oll4erTh, head OT The circularion deparTmenT, did a commendable iob during The year, The alumni subscripTiOn lisT almOsT doubling. ALPHA THETA SQRQRITV Top row: leTT To righT: Alice LisT, lv1argareT Kennedy. DeETTa Baker, Virginia Maze, Be,TTy RoberTs, AleTha Hapner, Virginia Mack, Rulh Niles, Sally Hinckley, DoroThy Lindlce. Middle row: Jean Williams, Onahlea Harris, ConsTance Sieg, Marian Perkins, Jane Lee, NaTalie Shields, BeTTy Tunis, Ann Berman, Helen Guillaume, Leora WheaTley. BoTTom row: Gene Lewis, Grace MaThews, JeaneTTe Davidson, Elinor CoTTon, June Tindall, Rhea Wark, Helen Dawson, Pauline Dionese, Jean lv1iTchell. Nol in picTure: KaThleen Peselc, Rachel Slevenson, Florence TelgenhoTT. PresidenT - - - - June Tindall - - Grace lVlaThews Vice PresidenT - - - Rhea Wark - - Pauline Dionese Recording SecreTary - - - Pauline Dionese - - Jean lVliTchell Corresponding SecreTary - - Kay Peselq - - - RuTh Niles Treasurer ----- - Helen Dawson - - Helen Guillaume -+ The Alpha TheTa l.iTerary SocieTy was Tounded on lvlarch 24, l89O, and was The TirsT socieTy Tor women upon The Alma campus. The charTer members numbered Twelve, all buT Tiye oT who held some oTTice. ThroughouT The years The socieTy has aTTiliaTed iTselT wilh ZeTa Sigma and To The close Triendship and loyally OT The Two belongs The lion's share oT The credT Tor malcing boTh groups The ouTsTanding organi- zaTions oT Alma College. The social season opened wiTh The annual Mixer held in The Gym lasT SepTember. Following This ice-breaker was The rushing parTy and l-lallowe'en hayride and lvlas- querade dance: The l3irThday parTy and ST. PaTriclc's parTy in March wiTh The annual Alpha TheTa summer Formal Dinner-Dance surpassing all oTher evenTs oT The year. 46 BAND Top row, leTT To righT: James Emms, Richard Bendall, RoberT Spencer, STuarT Warnaar, GerTrude ParliamenT, Jack Sanders, Florence Brown, Gladys Turrel, Carl WahlsTen, William Presser, RoberT Trull. BoTTom row: William l.inTs, Dane SmiTh, William Yoh, Wilson DunneTTe, l-luberT l-Till, Harold Tealc, Mark Todd, Byron STephens. - OT all The endowed colleges in Michigan, Alma boasTs The TirsT uniTormed band. Organized in l922, iT sTruggled along wiThouT a direcTor unfil The Tollowing year when ProT. Ewer oT The vocal deparTmenT was persuaded To Take iT over. The TirsT ap- pearance oT The band was made when abouT a dozen Tellows swung a iam session aT Two TooTball games. For The pasT Two years The alumni oT The college have been heading a drive Tor The purpose oT buying new uniTorms Tor The band. The ScoTch lcilTies were chosen. Due To lack OT Tunds The uniTorms were noT purchased lasT Tall as planned. buT iT is believed ThaT when The musicians reTurn nexT year They will be greeTed wiTh The garb oT The highlanders. The plaid ThaT has been chosen is copied aTTer ThaT worn by The Macpher- son clan. The Band is sTricTly exTra-curricular and pracTices one nighT a weelc. Prior To The depression iT Took a Tour ThroughouT The sTaTe each spring, buT because oT The ex- pense involved These Trips have been cancelled. lTs sole TuncTion now is playing Tor TooTball and basl4eTball games. Edward L. HeTh, sTudenT direcTor, has proved an invaluable asseT To The band. l-le has wriTTen some oT Their selecTions, and he is consTanTly re-arranging pieces. Through his eTTorTs The band has been revived and appears To be on The way back as one oT The raTed organizaTions on The campus. DRAMA CLUB Top row, leTT To righT: ArThur Smirh, Palph Daniels, Willis GelsTon, Floyd Gunn, William SmiTh, Byron STephens, William l.inTs, Frank Rademacher, Wendling l-lasTings, Dane SmiTh. Middle row: PeTer Cicinelli, John June, Thelma l-lahn, BeTTy RoberTs, MargareT Arnold, Amelia Arnold, Jeanne SpeersTra, June Tindall, Charles Skinner, Richard Raolcmacher. BoTTom row: KaTherine Weavers, ElizabeTh Spencer, Eileen Sullivan, Lois Goldie, Frances Friedericlf, l-lesTer Moon, Verginia Anderson, Grace Byron, Pauline Dionese, Irene Follcerfh. - li Founded in The Tall oT l925, The Alma College Drama Club was organized Tor The purpose oT sTimulaTing sTudenT inTeresT in dramaTics. UnTil lasT year The Club was an exclusive organizaTion, membership being deTermined by a voTe oT The acTive mem- bers. l.asT year, however, The Club became an all-college organizaTion. This year The play presenTed during The l-lomecoming was "Man or Mouse", a lighr comedy, direcTed by Mr. Ralph Daniels. OuTsTanding in Their perTormances in This, The TirsT play oT The year, were Miss Thelma l-lahn and Mr. Dane SmiTh, Two Treshmen. ln an eTTorT To cuT down The year's expenses The Club has decided To limiT The number OT plays Tor This school year. AT The presenT Time The Club is working on Their annual Three-acT, spring play. As an inducemenT To The members oT The organizaTion, membership To Alpha Psi Omega, naTional honor socieTy Tor college dramaTics, is awarded ouTsTanding acTors. The oTTicers Thar guided The desTiny oT The Club This year are: PresldenT --------------- Floyd Gunn Vice PresidenT - - - - - Ralph Daniels Se-creTary - - - Jeanne SpeersTra Treasurer - - - - - Dane SmiTh STage Manager - - - - Charles Skinner DirecTor oT PubliciTy - - Frances Friedericlc 48 INTEIQIXIATICDNAL RELATICDINIS 9 CLUB Top row, lell lo righl: Howard Clark, Margarel Arnold, Richard Aardsma, Gene Lewis, Charles Dove. Middle row: Grace Byron, Rulus Reiberg, Helen Dawson, Russell Slaudacher, Belly l-lamillon, Joseph McDonald. Bollom row: Douglas Clack. Richard Bendall, Anile Byron, Gordon Nelzorg, Marion Wynlon, Chesler l-larvie, Wendling l-laslings. i vl The Inlernalional Relalions Club is one ol lhe oldesl organizalions on lhe Alma College campus. The purpose ol lhe club is lo make a sludy ol loreign allairs along wilh lhe League ol Nalions and relaled problems. lvleelings lake place every lhird Thursday al Wrighl I-lall and a dillerenl member discusses polenl world evenls al each meeling. The club is connecled wilh lhe Carnegie Foundalion and wilh ils aid is making a colleclion ol books lor a permanenl library. Gordon Nelzorg is lhe presi- de-nl ol lhe organizalion, and lhe lacully advisor is Dean Florence Sleward. During lhe presenl year, lhe membership is al lhe highesl peak in ills hislory which is indica- live ol sludenl inleresl in lhe proiecl. The club is also allilialed wilh lhe Model League ol Nalions which convenes every spring. KAPPA IGTA Top row, lell lo righl: Mary Alice Damon, Hesler Moon, Conslance I-lamillon, Mavis l-larrison, Eclwardene Reavie. Jeanne Speerslra, Thelma l-lahn, Frances Friedericlc, Janel Cobb, Lois Goldie, Elizabelh Spencer, Julia Schaalsma. Middle row: Frances Kaulman, Belly Cralcer, Belly Jane Swarlhoul, Calherine Conger, Belly Roberls, Belly Hamillon, Eileen Sullivan, Mary Allen, Gladys Glass, Alma Mae Block, Irene Follcerlh. Bollom row: Gerlrude Parliamenl, Alice Bronson, Jane Fralner, Jean Bird, Anila Byron, l-lelene Wheeler, Marion Vifynlon, Margarel Ann Ellioll, Kalherine Weavers, Eleanor Blakely, Louise Black. Nol in piclure: Maxine Amspoker. Presidenl - - - Irene Folkerlh - -Mary Alice Damon Vice Presidenl - - Alice Bronson - - Belly Jane Swarlhoul Recording Secrelary - - Belly l-lannillon - - l-lesler Moon Corresponding Secrelary - - Louise Black - - , Jean Bird Treasurer ----- - Elizabelh Freverl - - Julia Schaalsma lJulia Schaalsmal Kappa lola Lilerary Sociely was lounded in I92I by Dean Elizabelh M. Roberls. This, lhe youngesl sociely on lhe campus, has a lhree-lold purposeg lo inspire higher ideals, lo promole an inleresl in all lorms ol lileralure, and lo lurlher lhe social ac- livilies ol Alma College. Members ol lhe sociely lake an aclive parl in lhe A Capella Choir, lhe Drama Club, lhe Phi Sigma Pi, lhe honor sociely, lhe Alhlelic program, lhe Pre-Medic club, and are on lhe Almanian slall, parlicipaling also in various olher organizalions. For lhe new women sludenls, an exciling Pirale Parly is given annually. They also sponsor an all-school parly - lhis year il being called lhe "Big Apple." ln lhe sum- mer, a privale lormal dinner-dance is held, and also during lhe year leas, dinners and inlormal privale parlies are given. 50 THE SCCDTSMAN Top row, leff fo righf: John Fraker, Charles McLean, Grace Mafhews, l-lesfer Moon, lrene Folkerfh, Marvin Kaufman, l-lerberf Spendlove. Boffom row: Helen Dawson, Willis Gelsfon, Richard Bendall, Russell Sfaudacher, Richard Rade- macher, Grace Byron. l T- The fighf for a Golden Anniversary yearbook began early in fhe fall and if was only a few weelcs before Chrisfmas vacafion fhaf fhe Junior Class had decided fo fake fhe publicafion under ifs wing. Russell Sfaudacher, Junior from Saginaw, and Richard Bendall, fransfer from Bay Cify Junior College, were selecfed fo edif fhe book while fhe business managing fell info fhe hands of Richard Rademacher, popu- lar Junior from Alma. ln fhe firsf weelc affer fhe holiday recess hundreds of mulfi- colored posfers facked fo every possible vanfage poinf fold of fhe sales campaign which closed a weelc lafer wifh more fhan enough subscripfions fo insure fhe boolc's publicafion. Lafer fhe sfaff was announced and preparafions husfled along wifh fhe resulf fhaf fhe edifion esfablished some sorf of a campus record by appearing when if had been promised. ' Tl-IE STAFF Edifors - - - - - - - Russell Sfaudacher Richard Bendall Sporfs - l-lerberf Spendlove l-lelen Dawson Feafures Jack Sieg Seniors - Grace Mafhews lrene Follcerfh Juniors - l-lesfer Moon Jeaneffe Davidson Sophomores - Charles Climie Jack Bryce Freshman Charles McLean Calendar ---- Business Manager - Adverfising Manager - Subscripfion Manager - - - - - Subscripfion Agenfs l-lugh Garrison Rhea Wark Richard Rademache Sfewarf Mclfadden Willis Gelsfon l-lesfer Moon Fred Johnsfon Grace Byron Marvin Kaufman John Fralrer Adverfising Solicifors - - - - - Richard l-lanson George Jordan I' CDRATCDRV AND DEBATE Top row, leTT To righT: Richard Aardsma, Charles LeClaire, RoberT Coolc. BoTTom row: Richard Neville, Professor Herman Spencer, Alice LisT, ProTessor R. W. l-lamilTon. Ralph Daniels. . -1 - During The I937-38 debaTing season, Alma College parTicipaTed in approximaTely TwenTv-Tive conTesTs. The quesTion Tor all The colleges in The UniTed STaTes This Year was Resolved: ThaT The NaTional Labor Relafions Board should be empowered To en- Torce arbiTraTion in all lndusTrial DispuTes. ProponenTs oT The aTFirrnaTive were Charles LeClaire and Marvin KauTman. The negaTive Team consisTed oT Richard Neville, Richard Aardsma, and RoberT Coolc. Michigan STaTe College and CenTral STaTe College were The chief Alma' rivals. During The earlv spring The squad wenT To l-lunTingTon, Indiana, Tor The NaTional lnTer- collegiare DebaTe TournamenT. ln Their series OT debaTes aT l-lunTingTon, The Alma squad lorolce even on The iudges' decisions. The highIigh+ OT The Year was when The Alma negaTive Team deTeaTecl The craclc aTTirmaTive Team Trom NorThwesTern Uni- versiTY. ProTessor l-lerman W. Spencer oT The English DeparTmenT was squad menTor Tor his TwelTTh consecuTive Year. The sTudenT manager was Richard Neville, ManisTique. ln The local oraTorical conTesT Rav l-lallin, senior, won The honors Tor The second Time in The men's division: while Alice l.isT, Treshman, Toolc TirsT place in The women's conTesT. Alma This year was hosT To The Tinals oT The Michigan inTer-collegiaTe Speech League oraTorical compeTiTion. Bollom row: Alllruda Bell, Alice Bunling, Dorolhy Fosler, Virginia Church, Belly Pomeroy, lsabel PI-IILQMATHEAN Top row, lell lo righl: Mildred Bradlish, Florence Brown, Margarel Arnold, Amelia Arnold, Belly Reed, Rulh Malcolm, Margarelle Gabel. Middle row: Kalhryne Lake, Rulh Winkler, Verginia Anderson, Gladys Turrel, Mariorie l-lolmes, Rulh Lyon, Margarel Sandel. Thompson. Those nol appearing in lhe piclure: Janel Simmons. Dorolhy Fosler Virginia Church Kalhryn Lake - Alice Bunling - Verginia Anderson Margarel Arnold Belly Pomeroy - Amelia Arnold - l - OFFICERS Presidenl - - Vice-Presidenl Secrelary - - Treasurer - - Senlinel - - - - Almanian Reporler Crilic ----- - Parliamenlarian - - - - Verginia Anderson Alice Bunling lvlargarel Sandel lsabel Thompson Rulh Winkler Florence Brown Belly Reed Mariorie l-lolmes Mildred Bradlish ---- Keeper ol lhe Archives - - - Alllruda Bell The year's aclivilies lor Philo slarled oul wilh lhe rushing parly. The lradilional Japanese Parly was revived and Wrighl l-lall was a veri-colored place wilh pom-poms, conlelli, and serpenline. Wilh lhe College 50-year celebralion, Philo celebraled ils 28lh year. We held a Home Coming banguel down lown lor lhe lirsl lime in lour years. There were lilly pasl and presenl members in allendance and lheir gradualing year number covered lhe enlire span ol Philo's exislence. . Six new girls were pledged early in November, and having lullilled lheir pledge dulies, lhey were inilialed on Nov. l8. The Winler Lodge parly, Philo's annual girl bid, was held in Wrighl l-lall on Friday, December 3rd, Wilh lhe help ol Arl Byers Orcheslra. The lollowing day lhe Wrighl l-lall recepliqn room was lhe scene ol lhe Chrislmas Fair. l-lere lhe girls showed lheir abililies in lhe arls: baked goods, handworlc, knilling, elc. A lorlune lelling boolh was added lhis year and dancing was ollered lor lhose so inclined. Second semesler aclivilies include a Tea lor lhe Palronesses, an Easler Dance, and lhe Annual Formal Dinner-Dance. PHI PHI ALPHA FPATEPIXIITY Top row, leTT To righT: S. CaTer, R. Bowen, L. Phillips, H. Dean, J. Sanders, C. Elder, H. Nunn, F. Church, B. WrighT, W. SmiTh, A. Macfiarvah, F. Rademacher. FiT'rh row: F. BoaT, R. Trull, W. GelsTon. K. HaThaway, W. HasTings, A. Smi+h, P. Cicinelli, W. CuTler, R. Devaney, R. Adams, W. BarsTow, R. BurTraw, R. Walker. . FourTh row: H. Teak, W. Presser, H. LinTs, W. ForresTer, R. Rademacher, C. Lea, C. Harvie, A. SchmidT, B. JohnsTon, M. Webb, R. Spencer, C. Skinner. Third row: B. Wilson, C. CarTer, E. BouTin, S. Warnaar, A. Lindley, A. Lindley, K. Brown, R. Thorn, D. SmiTh, D. Garrison, G. Purdy, H. PeTers, J. McDonald, C. HumisTon. Second row: S. Cicinelli, H. Barber, M. Adams, G. Olson, W. Wrege, R. Hanzel, H. Garrison, G. BarneTT, F. Graham, W. Frier, G. Lappin, L. Friederick. BoTTom row: W. LinTs, T. Purdy, F. Hill, D. SmiTh, H. Clarlf, C. WahlsTen, R. DeNoyelles, R. Munger, E. Nixon, R. Wilson, W. Webb, E. Ziem. 11 - "Lives oT greaT men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And deparTing leave behind us, FOOT prinTs in sands of Time." -Henry WadsworTh LongTellow. We, aT Phi Phi Alpha recognize The True value OT The greaT poeT's sTaTemenT, and as a resulT have seT Tor ourselves cerTain loTTy ideals, The recogniTion and accepTabiliTy OT which have been endorsed and are being carried ouT by eighT-Tour members OT The presenT sTudenT body. We aT The Phi House are primarily aTTecTionaTe broThers of learning, each sTudenT being urged To Tollow The Teachings oT The class room, wiTh The upper-classmen, who have been Trained in our ideals, acTing as examples. Phi Tellowship does noT end here, Tor While our TraTerniTy is one of The leaders on The campus wiTh her dances, sTag-banqueTs, open houses, she has as well, ThaT in- Tangible someThing ThaT sTamps a TraTerniTy. When Phi men go TorTh inTo The world To become leaders or Tollowers, Phi Phi Alpha can well be proud, Tor in reTurn Tor The aTTecTion They have given her, she has besTowed upon Them The abiliTy To geT along wiTh Their Tellow man. 54- Pl-ll SIGMA PI Top row, leTT To righT: William Presser, Douglas Claclc, AleTha l-lapner, Alice BunTing, Jack Sanders, RoberT Thorn. BoTTom row: Grace MaThews, KaThyrne Lake, Jane Wright Irene FolkerTh, Julia Schaafsma. Alma Colleges honorary scholasTic socieTY, Phi Sigma Pi, is one oT The smallesT and seleclr groups aT Alma. EnTrance requiremenTs are Tixed on a sliding scale, The lowesT being a grade OT under 2.35. The membership in This organizaTion can never be more Than one-eighTh oT The graduaTing Class. Phi Sigma Pi's man purpose is To promoTe and encourage scholarship, and iT has buf a comparahvely recenT Tounding, being sTarTed in l928. Ted l-leTh is The c:urrenT presidenT, and TaculTY members in- clude R. W. Clack, W. E. KauTmann, R. C. DiTTo, and C.bE. Brolcenshire. 55 STUDENT CQUNCII ci l Top row, leTT To righT: Cassius Lea, Thomas Toler, Howard Clarlc, ProTessor Roy W. l-lamilTon, RoberT Trull, Douglas Garrison, Edward BouTin. BoTTom row: Charles Slcinner, Gene Lewis, Virginia Church, ArThur SmiTh,,lrene FollcerTh, l-lesTer Moon, Tom Purdy. L11- So Tar as sTudenT acTiviTies are concerned, Alma College is governed by a repre- senTaTive board known as The STudenT Council. ln an eTTorT To promoTe a closer re- laTionship beTween The sTudenT body and The AdminisTraTion, The Council Was Tound- ed in The Tall oT l9l9. Since ThaT Time iT has assumed The responsibiliTies oT providing all-school enTerTainmenT Tor The sTudenT, supervising Treshman discipline, and regu- laTing The sTandards abouT which The social liTe oT The school revolves. ln all oT These poinTs The Council has adminisTered conservaTively buT prudenTly. WiThin The lasT Two years The Council uTTerly abandoned The duTy oT supervising The campus year- lings. Funds are provided Tor The Council by The STudenT AcTiviTy Fee. The STuclenT Council is composed oT TiTTeen members. Class presidenTs are auTo- maTically elecTed To The council, and These Tour execuTives are aided by Tour repre- senTaTives Trom The Senior Class, Three Trom The Junior Class, Two Trom The Sopho- more Class, and one Trom The Freshman Class, OEETCERS EOR Tl-TE YEAR T937-I938 PresidenT --------------- ArThur SmiTh Vice PresidenT - - Irene EollcerTh SecreTary - - - - Virginia Church Treasurer - - Wilson DunneTTe THE WCDMENS LEAGUE LeTT To righT: Gladys Turrel, Mary Allen, Mary Alice Damon, Virginia Church, June Tindall. NOT in picTure: JeaneTTe Davidson. -1 - PresiclenT - - - Mary Alice Damon Vice PresidenT - - Virginia Church SecreTary - - - JeaneTTe Davidson EaculTy Advisor ----------- Dean E. M. STeward The Women's League has been organized since l932. IT is The women's inTer- socieTy council, conTrolling The rushing rules Tor The socieTies and seTTling any dispuTes loeTween Them. The membership consisTs OT Two represenTaTives Trorn each socieTy, a junior and a senior. The presidenT is chosen Trorn one of The socieTies which has noT held The oTTice during The preceding year. A girl-bid Tormal is sponsored by The League, including also all non-socieTy women. 57 WRIGHT I-IALL SENATE Top row, leTT To righT: Jane Fralcer, Grace Byron, BeTTy RoberTs, Amelia Jean Arnold, l-lesTer Moon Gladys Turrel. BoTTom row: Rhea Wark, DoroThy EosTer, June Tindall. NOT in picTure: KaThleen Peselc, Mary Alice Damon. -ill OFFICERS PresidenT - - ---- - - June Tindall Vice PresidenT - - - DoroThy EosTer SecreTary-Treasurer - - Mary Alice Damon The WriqhT l-lall SenaTe was organized in l922 and is The governing body OT The women's dormiTory. The membership is composed OT a presidenT, elecTed by The hall, and represenTaTives Trom each socieTy and Tour non-socieTy delegaTes. lT Tormu- laTes and enTorces, wiTh The approval oT The Dean oT Women. The rules OT The l-lall. Me-eTings are held only When required, caused by The breaking oT rules by some girl. 58 V. W, C. A Top row, leTT To righT: JaneT Cobb, June Tinclall, lv1argareT Arnold. Alice BunTing, Gene Lewis. BoTTom row: Jean Mirchell, Pauline Dionese, Jean Bird, l-lelen Dawson. NoT in picTure: Irene FolkerTh, KaThleen Peselc. - PresidenT - - - lrene FollcerTh Vice PresidenT - Pauline Dionese SecreTary - - Alice BunTing Treasurer - June Tindall The Y.W.C.A. is an OrganizaTion which includes all The girls in WrighT Hall and Those wishing To join Trom down Town. The TirsT week OT school is "Y.W. Week." Each new girl is assigned a "big sisTer," who acguainTs her wiTh people and college acTiviTies. - All The oTTicers on The Y.NV.C.A. cabineT are chosen by Their predecessors excepT The PresidenT and Vice PresidenT who are elecTed by The girls in WrighT l-lall. A parTy is given Tor The children OT The Republic School aT ChrisTmas Time. WiTh The help oT Dean STeward, Miss lvl. Foley, Miss l.. l-louser, and The wives OT The TaculTy members, Twelve small girls are compleTely ouTTiTTed and TreaTed To dinner aT WrighT l-lall. ATTer dinner oTher children are broughT in and all given giTTs. WiTh The arrvival oT Spring and EasTer, The Y.W.C.A. gives a breal4TasT in WrighT l-lall Tor college and Town people. 59 ZETA SIGMA FRATERINIITY Top row, lei? 'ro riglwl: C. Failing, R. Olney, R. Ginllwer, B. Boull, G. Slanek, R. Krall, T. McClelland A. Juhola, l-l. Spendlove, J. Bell, A. Jolwnslon. Fourllw row: J. Spencer, P. Pawlck, A. l-lelberq, B. Simon, J. Emma, A. Kozman, E. Gilliard, C McLean, S. MacFadden, J. Mead, S. Moran. Third row: W. l-lamillon, W. Ginllwer, D. Carpenler, F. Clirnie, l-l. Nilz, rl-l. Cook, C. Moore F. Jolnnslon, W. Yoh, G. Judd. Second row: J. Sieq, P. Becker, T. Plowrnan, C, Curry, M. l-lullman, B. Follis, K, OHS, D. Clack, W. Bainbridge, R. Bendall. Bollom row: R. Slaudaclwer, B. Slepliens, L. Schneider, C. l-lardl, S. Seaville, J. Fraker, G. Walker, C. Dove, T. Toler, R. Wienke. l Meacli, W G. Nelzorq J. B. Ward Col. Knox 60 FAMOUS ALUMNI Pres. Dunning ZETA SIGMA FRATEIQNITY l:raTerniTy l-louse As Alma College This year celebraTes her Golden Anniversary, ZeTa Sigma cele- braTes her TorTy-eighTh year as The oldesT organizaTion upon The campus, being Tound- ed in l889 under The leadership oT Dr. J. E. lVliTchell, J. T. lNlorThon and AlTred PraTT. These men TelT The need oT an organizaTion Tor men ThaT would Touch Those spoTs noT Tilled by The regular college rouTine. The sTandard seT by The Tounders was noT merely To develop liTerary sTandards buT To mould men OT characTer who could TiT inTo all walks oT liTe. WiTh This view always uppermosT in Their mind The members oT ZeTa Sigma have always been sTriving Tor The sTandard, and Time has Told us ThaT This has been accomplished wiTh ZeTa Sigma sTill ranking uppermosT upon The campus as The insTiTuTion enTers iTs TiTTy-TirsT year. ZeTa Sigma has successTul men in all walks oT liTe among which The menTion oT MiTchell, Dunning, Col. Frank Knox and KeTgen bring To mind The level all ZeTa's are Trying To reach. This pasT year saw The socieTy aTTain naTional recogniTion by vir- Tue OT acce-pTing SenaTor ArThur l-l. Vandenberg as an honorary member and by The TraTerniTies unanimous voTe Tor The abolishmenT oT "l-lell Week" Thereby Taking rank as one OT The mosT progressive groups in The sTaTe. During The pasT year ZeTa Sigma has prospered in every underTaking and The an- nual STag l3angueT aT l-lomecoming was The besT in iTs hisTory. The TraTerniTy also sponsored a Tormal dinner-dance aT The l3ancroTT l-loTel in Saginaw as well as several parTies Tor Alpha TheTa sororiTy and many open houses Tor The enTire sTudenT body. As we near The close oT TiTy years oT ZeTa Sigma we cannoT help buT Te-el ThaT a greaT share oT our success has been due To our cherished aTTiliaTion wiTh Alpha TheTa. l-lerman 9 f 4 ,,, f C .'1 K ,. l -Wx ' AW . ZZ? 07 M! ff 4, J , ,l L X? 5 ? f ff I X j IQ f f W 1 . X gil ,Nb U Eb fff X .S 1 RES 63 ff ,ffl If if X, FFT' 11-og um w..,fCmdMu ,f February B,'1Q5B. fi , Hr- Russell Staudaaher, Editor Matson and Crszrzrn, Ama Gollege, ' Alma, hfficlxigan. 4 Bear My.. ' S-taudachen: ?I11,11e it mag a pleasure it was a dif'f'iuu1Q :ask to pick the most Beautiful of ull 5d.rna's peaches, Liiss Gene. Lewis. , Biifch the fervor prayer that 'Ellis is not the formula of "How to became unpopular overnightn, 1 em X!" 1 You1'SA' 31 nc erelgv .V 'Z Nhlh fl T f ' George B. -Pettyg For The TirsT Time since The beginning ol: Maroon and Cream publicaTions aT Alma College This Year's annual indicaTes The Trend Tor individuaiiTY and The knowledge oT The beauTiTul, when They held a "PeTTY PreTTY BeauTy ConTesT"' To deTermine The corneliesT co-ed upon The campus. Girls were asked To send in Their phoTographs and The Tamous appreciaTor oT Terninine loveliness and popular arTisT Tor Esquire Magazine, George PeTTY, was asked To selecT The preTTiesT girl Trom among The phoTo- graphs sulorniTTed. l-le also Tools The liberTy To rank The nexT nine girls in The order oT Their beauTy and The resulTs are prinTed here. We say iT Turned ouT PeTTY good. M7 l-lello . . . The Lindley boys? . . . l'd be pleased 'ro Jrallc aboul Wildlife Copyriglil Coronel-Esquire, Inc., January, I936 MISS GENE LEWIS Gaylord - ALPHA TI-IETA - Sophomore JEAN ETTE DAVIDSON Sandusky l-IELENE GUILLAUME S+. Louis .1 ,-. KATHLEEN PESEK De-+roi+ . fp vNiz'1s-1 .- ,, .xii 1 VN ft 6 I7 H V iw V Q A 5 2 I A Q7 M , 1 'SQ """ ,. .. , GQ ,MQ W: 'G ez- ff rrmgkx, , " 'i . . Q 4 M.,-mfQ.W :X.1x.:,:.a-M-1 N Q, ly -ww ., nv.. ., . mm BLQPAKQK.,5:-gsz,.m,:p:1u, ,. EM ul V "YY 'V 1 "Wig" f A if A 'Yipw Qgagff g - -,fs-JH V- . 64 . N' M x ffm, f Wm, if ,. gf 'r f-5. , A lj. " j 292 4. 1 'N-51,523 J I .- mf 435 .I : Q 5- :wx JUNIOR Alpha Thelra SOPHGMORE Alpha The-la JUNIOR Alpha Thela Tl-IELMA HAI-IN Alma CONSTANCE SIEG Alma MARY Ala ICE DAMON Fenfon FRESHMAN Kappa lolra FRESHMAN Alpha Thefa SENIOR Kappa Iofa LOIS ROBINSON S+. Louis DOROTHY LIN DKE Croswell EL! NOR COTTON De+r6i+ PRES!-IMAN FRESHMAN Alpha Thefa SOPHOMORE Alpha Thefa JOHN GILBERT . . . MosT popular aThleTe-sTudenT oT The pasT decade aT Alma Col- lege . . . pasT capTain oT FooTball Team . . .All M.l.A.A .... sTar on Track squad . . . PresidenT AThleTic Board OT ConTrol . . . ls member oT ZeTa Sigma and hails Trom Croswell, Michigan. RUSSELL STAUDACHER . . . All-around promoTer. . . ediTor oT ScoTsman . . . assisTanT ecliTor OT Almanian . . . DirecTor OT PubliciTv Tor college . . . ReporTer Tor AssociaTed Press and oTher agencies . . . lnTernaTional RelaTions Club . . . ZeTa Sigma TraTerniTy . . .lives in Saginaw. ROBERT DEVANEY . . . AnoTher Saginaw boy who makes good . . . Bob is new cap- Tain of FooTball squad . . . All M.l.A.A .... Leader oT lnTramural acTiviTies . . . STudenT . . . Track squad . . . well liked . . .is member oT Phi Phi Alpha TraTerniTy. EDWARD HETH . . . Winner oT UniversiTv oT Michigan Fellowship . . . besT sTudenT in musical Tield Tor some Years . . . TascinaTing drummer . . . Head oT Band, OrchesTra and Phi Sigma Phi . . .Tenor in A Capella Choir . . . Composer and aranger OT some noTe . . . Lives in Grand Rapids. CHARLES LeCLAlRE . . .JusT call him Homer or Red . . . The mosT ouTsTanding per- sonaliTy ever To enroll aT Alma College . . . You've goT To like him . . . Drv cleaner . . . rooTer . . . debaTer .. . Triend oT Sid Mead and everyone else . . .ThaT counTs . . member OT ZeTa Sigma and honored ciTizen oT Ferndale. HALL 'OF FAME ARTHUR SMITH PAULINE DIONESE JUNE TINDALL IRENE FOLKERTH CHARLES SKINNER 70 HALL CDE EAME JOHN A. GILBERT RUSSELL STAUDACHER ROBERT DEVANEY EDWARD HETH CHARLES LeCLAIRE ARTHUR SMITH . . . PresidenT OT STudenT Council . . . class oTficer . . . CapTain OT cage Team . . . TooTball quarTerbacl4 and pole vaulTer Tor Thinclads . . . sTudenT . . . Almanian and Drama club . . . JaniTor . . . ls a loyal OxTordian and belongs To Phi Phi Alpha. PAULINE DIONESE . . . Homecoming Queen . . . Vice presidenT OT Y'.W.C.A. . . . Desi' ScoT boosTer . . . Comely . . .A Capella Choir . . . Drama Club . . . I.R.C. . . . Almanian . . . Girls baskelrball and oTher sporTs . . . Senior Council . . . secreTarY oT Alpha TheTa sororiTY . . . Horne, IThica. JUNE TlNDALL . . .Slim buT acTive . . . PresidenT oT WrighT Hall SenaTe and Torrnerly OT Alpha TheTas . . . oTTicer in Y.W.C.A. and Drama Club . . . Women's League. . . Alrnanian . . .Girls baskelrball . . .honor roll . . . leader among women's acTiviTies . . . a resider oT EremonT and a DemocraT. IRENE FOLKERTH . . . Vice PresidenT OT STudenT Council . . . PresidenT OT Y.W.C.A. and Kappa loTa . . . member OT Drama club. . . also OT Phi Sigma Pi . . . CirculaTion Manager OT The Almanian . . . 0raTor . . . assisTan'r To The RegisTrar . . . Chairman OT Homecoming . . . lives aT Oxicord. CHARLES SKINNER . . . The Phelps, New York lad who is going places . . . Good sTudenT . . . romancer . . . sTudenT oT Wagner . . . Phi House Manager . . . STudenT Council . . .Treasurer OT The Drama Club . . . Warbler wiTh The A Capella Choir . . . Almanian and Band . . . Phi Phi Alpha TraTerniTY. 71 Q x 'EL im XX V4'wfgx ,, QW RW "am-1f P9550 " , Aw? al I X I 29 :ag f , :::- fel- ff 1, lgQW I , X f nm- aw! . 4 f llllg skull W5 mga!! Ak 'C ' I lv 1" -1f 1 S ATH LE TICS 73 HEAD COACH GORDON A. MACDONALD VARSITY FOOTBALL . I Coach Gordon Macdonald began his second year as coach oT The Alma TooTball Team wiTh The Task oT rebuilding a Team wiTh only seven veTerans Trom lasT year's squad and a handTul OT hopeTul sophomore aspiranTs. BeTore being deTeaTed by The champion Kalamazoo Team, The ScoTs loomed as sTrong conTerence conTenders when They deTeaTed Three Teams oT The M.l.A.A. conTerence. Wins were scored over Adrian, Albion, OliveT, and l-lope. One Tie game Was played wiTh YpsilanTi Normal, and losses were suTTered To Miami UniversiTy OT OxTord, Ohio, l-lillsdale, Kalamazoo, and The Michigan "B" Team. As The nucleus oT his Team, Coach Macdonald used ArT SmiTh aT guarTerback, CapTain John GilberT aT Tullback, STan CaTer aT leTT Tackle, Bob Devaney aT leTT end, and Cassius Lea aT righT guard. The oTher reTurning leTTermen were Floyd BoaT and Ken OTis, halTbacks. The season opened wiTh The ScoTs aT OxTord, Ohio, where They meT Miami Uni- versiTy. WiTh considerable weighT advanTage againsT Them, The Team was deTeaTed 27 To O. Miami's allfconTerence guarTerback, Jake Wagner, was held aT The ScoTs' goal line on numerous occasions by Alma's lighTer line who played inspired ball. The weT and muddy Tield made ball handling quiTe impossible, and Two oT Alma's Tumbles resulTed in Miami Touchdowns. CapTain "BuTch" GilberT, Bob Devaney, and STan CaTer marked Themselves as ouTsTanding players on The Tield, while Don SmiTh, sopho- more guarTerback Who replaced ArT SmiTh, did a Tine iob OT signal calling, alThough burdened wiTh The Task oT passing, punTing, and praying. l Top row, leTT To righT: Geyer, l-lulTman, Nunn, MaThews, Le Claire, CarTer, NeT2org. Middle row: Coach Macdonald, Bainbridge, SeaviTTe, Purdy, OHS, CuTler, Follis, Bendall, Adams, D. SmiTh, Walker, Devaney, AssisTanT Coach Ewer. BoTTom row: AThleTic Manager Mann, Dean, BoaT, Lea, A. SmiTh, Fraker, Tangalakis, Elder. Bendall, Adams, OTis, Le Claire, GinTher, D. SmiTh, Nunn, Dean, BoaT, Purdy. Floyd BoaT's 84-yard sprinT Through a broken Tield proved To be The necessary margin oT de-TeaT handed Adrian by The ScoTs in The Two Teams' TirsT game in many years, The Tinal score being 7 To O. Alma Tailed To cash in on many scoring oppor- TuniTies, and noT un+iI laTe in The Third quarTer did l3oaT Tind his way Through his own leTT Tackle Tor a clear Tield To a Touchdown. Devaney and lvlel l-lulTman held down The Tlanker posiTions, and Adrian Tound iT a diTTiculT iob To circle eiTher end. OTher players who played Tine ball were Cash Lea and Sam SeaviTTe aT The guards. l3uTch Gilbe-rT played The TinesT game OT his TooTball career as he Tore The Adrian line To biTs and sTopped The Adrian ball carriers Trom going Through his TerriTory. On The same play ThaT won The Adrian game, Floyd BoaT again broke Through The cenTer oT The line To run 44 yards Tor Alma's lone Touchdown To deTeaT Albion 7 To 6. CapTain GilberT kicked The exTra poinT which laTer proved To be The necessary mar- gin oT vicTory. ln The pasl' Two games, BoaT had carried The ball sevenTeen Times Tor an average oT IO yards per Try. The run came immediaTely aTTer The opening OT The second sTanza aTTer ArT SmiTh had broke inTo The open To ToTe The ball To Adrian's 44-yard sTripe aTTer carrying iT Trom his own 20. Albion's score came in The TourTh guarTer aTTer a 49-yard march down The Tield. QuTside oT The Two Touchclowns, mosT oT The game was played around midTield. ATTer an cxTensive gain, The Team on ohfense seemed To leT down, and The deTensive Team usually punTed ouT oT danger. As The resulT oT his long run, his Tine showing on blocking, Tackling, and pass deTense, BoaT sTamped himself as The individual sTar OT The game. The nexT opponenT on The schedule was a highly Tavored YpsilanTi Normal Team. The game was wiTnessed by a number oT Tans in aTTendance aT The FiTTieTh Anni- versary exercises oT The college. Coach MacDonald sTarTed his reserves, who im- mediaTely proved To be anyThing buT push-overs Tor Ypsi. ATTer The Teachers had scored a Touchdown in The TirsT quarTer, The reserves shoved Ypsi To The 25-yard line Trom Where an aTTempTed Tield goal by Don SmiTh wenT wide. The ScoTs be- wildered Ypsi wiTh numerous passes while The Teachers resorTed To baTTling spinners, Takes, and reverses. APT SmiTh kepl- The air Tilled wiTh his passes, and his many shorT Tlips To l3uTch GilberT accounTod Tor :much oT The ground gained by The ScoTs. The Tinal score was I2 To T2 and The Tic enabled Alma To conTinue her record oT noT being deTeaTed on The home Tield since TQ34. Playing againsT an inspired OlivoT Team, The ScoTs were barely able To eke ouT a I2 To 6 win over The CongregaTionafisTs on GcTober 23. Two alerT Alma linesrnen, l-larold Dean and Cash Lea, accounled Tor fTX.lma's Touchdowns. Dean Tell on The ball aTTer he had blocked an QliveT punT and downed iT on OliveT's goal line Trom where iT was carried across on The nexT play: Lea scored his Touchdown when he blocked an OliveT punT and Tell on The ball behind The goal line. The ScoTs reserves sTarTed The game and allowed OliveT a Touchdown beTore The varsiTy Took The Tie-ld and The game Trom OliveT. Taking The ball on The opening kickoTT, OliveT carried The ball 78 yards on a susTained drive Tor a Touchdown. The reserves Took The ball and marched Toward The OliveT goal, buT aT This poinT, The varsiTy, who had been senT in, Tailed To make The be-sT oT This scoring opporTuniTy presenTed To Them by Their undersTudies. OliveT used Tew subsTiTuTions during The game, and proved To be The scrappiesT Team ThaT The MacDonaldmen had encounTered so Tar This year. 1 CarTer, Tangalakis, Fraker, BurTraw, A, SmiTh, NeTzorg, Fcllis, SeaviTTe, l-lulTman, Elder. Alma dropped a closely conTesTed game To Kalamazoo, I5 To IZ, beTore a Home- coming crowd oT 5,000. This loss dimmed The Maroon and Cream TiTle hopes Tor This year. Alma ouTgained and ouTplayed Kazoo, buT were unable To make use oT The breaks. The ScoTs scored TirsT in The TirsT period when ArT SmiTh reTurned a Kazoo punT To The Kazoo 32-yard line. Then a pass To Devaney, and Two ThrusTs aT The Tackles by 6inTher and SmiTh neTTed ZI yards. CapTain GilberT drove Tor 9 yards on The nexT play and Then crashed The line again Tor The remaining disTance. Kazoo scored her TirsT Touchdown in The Third period as a resulT oT a number OT passes. Also in The same period, The visiTors scored Their second Touchdown. Dalla kicked a Tield goal To give Kazoo The necessary margin OT vicTory. ln The lasT minuTes oT play, Alma scored a Touchdown aTTer OTis had passed To Don SmiTh on Kazoo's 28- yard line and Then Tossed one To Devaney on The ll. OTis swepT around The end Tor a Touchdown aTTer a penalTy had moved Alma To The 6-yard line. Don SmiTh's educaTed Toe provided The winning margin Tor Alma on November 6, when he booTed a Tield goal Trom The I8-yard sTripe To deTeaT l-lope 3 To O. The Two Teams baTTled Tor second place in The conTerence sTandings. lvlosT oT The game was played beTween The 20-yard lines wiTh Alma having a sIighT edge over The DuTchmen. The Tield goal came laTe in The Tinal quarTer, and l-lope Took To The air To score, buT The alerT pass deTense oT The lvlacdonaldmen sTopped all ThreaTs. On The Third play OT The game, GilberT was Torced To The sidelines because oT a rib injury. The back- Tield combinaTion oT Don SmiTh, Floyd BoaT, ArT SmiTh and Bill 6inTher played ex- cepTionally Tine ball, while The line opened many holes in The l-lope line Tor The ball hawks. Now in second posiTion in The conTerence as The resulT oT Their deTeaT by Kazoo, The ScoTs meT Hillsdale aT The laTTer's home Tield To baTTle Tor he undispuTed posiTion oT runner-up in The conTerence. The ScoTs were unable To cope wiTh l-lillsdale's un- orThodox sTyle OT play and as a resulT, were rushed and passed OTT Their TeeT by a 20 To 6 score in Tavor oT The 'Dales. Alma knocked aT l-lillsdale's goal line a number oT Times, buT iT wasn'T unTil The remaining second oT The game ThaT a pass Trom Ken OTis To Bob Adams, neTTed The ScoTs Their only Touchdown. The Michigan Jayvees scored Their TirsT win oT The season when They deTeaTed The ScoTs I8 To O on hisToric old Ferry Field on The UniversiTy oT Michigan campus aT Ann Arbor. The game was played in very cold weaTher and snow, and ball handling was hard. Alma ThreaTened only once during The game, when They goT possession oT The ball on Their own 40-yardi lineg SnfiTh quick-kicked To lVlichigan's 4-yard line. The Jayvees punT came ouT To -Their own 28. Cn The second play aTTer This, ArT SmiTh carried The ball To The 16, buT The ScoTs bogged down and losT The ball on downs. WiTh only a Tew minuTes remaining To play, The ScoTs drove The ball Tor Three suc- cessive TirsT downs, buT were unable To geT inTo scoring disTance beTore The Tinal gun. AlThough The ScoTs ended up in second place in The M.l.A.A. conTerence sTandings, They made a Tar beTTer showing on The myThical all-conTerence Team by placing Tour men on iT. These Tour ouTsTanding players are CapTain John "l3uTch" GilberT, Tullback, Bob Devaney, leTT end, Cassius Lea, righT guard, and STan CaTer, leTT Tackle. GilberT was The unanimous selecTion aT his posiTion as was CaTer, who was recognized as The mosT ousTanding lineman in The comference. Devaney had liTTle Trouble in being se- lecTed as one oT The TWO wingmen, and Cash Lea was Torced To share his righT guafrd berTh wiTh an Albion player. lSToppeTTl. ArT SmiTh was The only ScoT To land on The Second Team. Devaney was chosen by his maTes To lead Them Through nexT year's grid campaign when They elecTed him capTain aT The TooTball banqueT. ALL Alma ..,., Alma .. Alma ..... Alma .,Y,,, Alma .,.,.. Alma .. Alma ...... Alma ,,... Alma ..,,A llfqf ' A I "" ' . x " gy' N' 'I I -'-' by J -siw:1.a,:: STAN CATER Lefl Tackle CASH LEA Riglil Guard "CHUM" DEVANEY Leil' End Full Back . . . . BUTCH GILBERT ' Im I: THE SEASON'S FOOTBALL SCORES Won 4 - Losl 4 - Tie I Miami Universily O 7 . ,Oxl7orcI, Ohio ...,,...,. 27 Adrian ,. 7 Albion I2 Ypsilanli Normal I2 Olive-I Kalamazoo ,,L., I2 3 Hope .. 6 Hillsdale O Michigan "B" O 6 I2 6 I5 O 20 I8 FRGSI-T FCDCDTBALL Back row: A. Russell, R. Richardson, G. Olsen, W. Wrege, F. Kain, J. Fookes. Middle row: Coach Ewer, G. Runkle, R. l-lanzel, J. True, A. Juhola, E. Ziem, S. Moran, W. Moran, J. Mead, Coach Macdonald. BoTTom row: F. Hill, B. Frier, T. Purdy, R, GinTher, S. Cicinelli, F. McMillan, D. Mole, G. Judd. AlThough They losT Three oT Their Tour games played, This year's Frosh FooTball squad, The largesT in many years, broughT To lighT some Tine Timber Tor nexT year's varsiTy eleven. Jesse W. Ewer acTed as coach Tor The TirsT year men. ln Their TirsT game, The "green gridders" Trimmed The l-lope Frosh, and Then bogged down To drop Two games To The sTrong CenTral STaTe Frosh and a nighT game To The Albion Frosh. Fred l-lill and Bob Richardson, producTs oT lasT year's Alma i-ligh's Six B. champions, gave The opposing Teams plenTy To worry abouT when They Tried circling Alma's ends. Arvo Juhola and Floyd McMillan held down The Tackle posTs, while Tom Purdy and Gerry BarneTT kepT The guard posTs inTacT. Ed Ziem was probably The ouTsTanding player on The Team aT his posT aT cenTer. ln The backifield, CapTain Dick GinTher, Gordy Olson, Wally Wrege, and Freddy Graham looked good. OTher numeral Win- ners Were John True, Bob Munger, Jimmy Fookes, George Judd, Francis Kain, Bill Frier, Bill Moran, STewarT Moran, ArT Russell, Sal Cicinelli, Don Mole, DeWiTT Davis, Bob l-lanzel, Jim Mead, and Gil Runkle. i l COACH JESSE EWER VARSITY BASKETBALL Back row: Coach Macdonald, H. Dean, J. MaThews, C. Elder, J. Fraker. FronT row: N. Geyer, P. Cicinelli, K. OTis, A. SmiTh, R. Adams, D. SmiTh, T. Plowman. -L The ScoTs opened Their l938 baskeTball campaign minus The services oT Tour regu- lar Trom lasT Year's squad: Johnson, guard and cenTer, KegloviTz, Torward, Ewer, Tor- ward, and Dawe, capTain and guard. The ScoTs Tinished TourTh in The TiTle race, louT wiTh one OT The sTrongesT Treshman Teams in The hisTorY OT The college, and only one member being losT Trom This year's varsiTY. prospeclrs Tor a championship Tor nexT Year are good. 82 Capfain Arf Smifh, forward, Mafhews, guard, Elder, cenfer, Don Smifh, forward, and Adams, guard, furned in fine games during fhe season. Arf Smifh is fhe only one graduafing from fhis sfarfing five. Adams led fhe Scofs in lVl.l.A.A. scoring wifh l02 poinfs. Ofher members of fhe squad were Eraker and Dean, senior guards, Geyer, and Ofis, guards, and Plowman, Cicinelli, and l-lumisfon, forwards. Alma opened fhe season af Ferris lnsfifufe. The Scofs were nosed ouf in fhe final minufes of fhe game 35 fo 29. Don Smifh led fhe Alma offense wifh 9 poinfs. The Scofs mef Lawrence Tech af Alma fo open fhe home season. Alfhough fhe Scofs peppered fhe hoop wifh innumerable shofs, fhey were unable fo connecf wifh any amounf of accuracy and dropped fhe game 39 fo 20. Arf Smifh's 7 poinfs led Alma's feeble affaclc. Alma defeafed l-lillsdale 29 fo 28 prior fo fhe holiday season. The game was close fhroughouf, and if was only in fhe final minufe of play fhaf Elder dropped a buckef fhaf puf Alma ouf in fronf. Elder and lvlafhews wifh 8 and 7 poinfs respecfively led fhe Scof scoring. The lvlacdonaldmen fhen wenf fo Defroif fo meef fhe Adams Y.M.C.A. feam and Lawrence Tech, bofh games ending disasfrously for fhe Maroon and Cream. The Y.lv1.C.A. feam overpowered fhe Scofs- 50 fo 20, and Tech fook fheir game 38 fo 26. Following fhe Chrisfmas vacafion, fhe Scofs defeafed Olivef 45 fo 3I. Affer a close firsf half, Alma pulled away fo win. Five of fhe Scofs gof af leasf 7 poinfs- Kalamazoo's fop-scoring Don Spalsbury was foo much for Alma, and as a resulf, Kazoo beaf Alma 36 fo 27. The game wenf fhree minufes before eifher feam scored a baslcef, and fhen Adams flashed fhrough wifh a hoolc shof fo break fhe ice. Score af half fime was 20 fo I4. Don Smifh led Alma's scoring wifh l2 poinfs. The Scofs defeafed Adrian in fhe year's mosf fhrilling game, 42 fo 33, wifh Bob Adams scoring 7 poinfsiwifh only a few minufes leff in fhe game fo snafch fhe game from fhe fire. lvlafhews, Arf Smifh, and Adams gafhered 32 poinfs befween fhem fo supply fhe scoring power. l-lope College, leading fhe conference af fhis fime, was fhe nexf foe for fhe Scofs, and playing on fheir own floor, decisively beaf fhe Scofs 6I +o 3I. Adams led fhe Maroon and Cream scoring wifh I0 poinfs. ...h.?l...a-. ck .. .... . , M ,, K., .. ,, . - 1, MATHEWS ADAMS GEYER CICINELLI D. SIVIITI-I Cenfral 5TaTes quinTeT was The nexT Team meT by The Scofs, and in a rough game, came ouT To win 4I To 25. CapTain ArT Smifh garnered I0 poinTs for Alma. In The Their IasT game before semesfer exams, The ScoTs beaf I-Iillsdale, 41 To 3I. Alma opened The game by iumping inTo an early lead which They held aT The half, 20 To I2. Adams boosTed his scoring by collecfing I4 poinTs To Talce individual scoring honors. On January 28, The Team IosT To I-Iope for The second Time This season, 38 To 26. AI- Though many sTudenTs were home for The semesfer holidays, a large number of 5coT followers came To The game To waTch I-lope, raTed Tops in The conference, Win The game. Elder wiTh 6 poinTs, led AIma's scoring. Alma lcnoclced Albion from any share in The conference crown when They de- feafed Them 30 To 27 aT Alma, Albion held a I7 To I6 edge aT inTermission, buT The 5coTs easily erased This and wenT on To Take The game. Confrolling The ball from boTh boards, Ivlafhews Turned in The besT game of his career: also he collecfed IO poinfs To lead his maTes in scoring. Wifh Their inabiIiTy To hiT The neTs, The ScoTs dropped Their nexT game To The CenTraI STaTe BearcaTs, 39 To 28. The 5coTs spoTTed The Teachers Ten poinTs and iT was seven minuTes from The opening whisTIe before Alma scored her firsT poinTs, a foul shoT by ArT 5miTh. From Then on, ArT hil The board for I5 poinTs To pace The scorers. The ScoTs ended Their non-conference schedule on February I8, by defeafing The Ferris Bulldogs 50 To 46 in a rough game which saw one Ferris player eiecfed from The game for sTriIcing The referee. AT The sTarT of The second half, The Bulldogs ran up Ten poinTs beTore The ScoTs sTarTed scor- ing To pull up even wiTh Ferris. WiTh The score Tied and 30 seconds leTT To play, MaThews scored a Tield goal and Don SmiTh Tollowed wiTh Two chariTy Tossers To Take The game Trom Ferris. Elder and Don SmiTh coIIecTed I3 poinTs apiece. Follow- ing The Ferris win, Alma Took To The road and in Their TirsT game, The ScoTs were swamped 54 To 30 by Kalamazoo. During The TirsT Ten minuTes oT The game, The ScoTs ThreaTened The I-IorneTs as They erased a Ten poinT lead and pulled up wiThin Three poinTs oT Tying Kazoo. I-lowever, The vic- Tors wenT inTo a baske-T barrage, and wenT inTo a 24 To I4 lead aT halTTime. ArT SmiTh wiTh 9, and Adams wiTh 7 Topped The Alma scoring. Alma ended Their home season by ouT- classing OIiveT 37 To 24 in an uninTeresTing game. Alma led I9 To 7 aT The halT. OliveT came back in The lasT halT in a vain eTIorT To Tie The score. Alma, however, maTched poinTs wiTh The ComeTs and never relin- quished The margin oT Their lead. CapTain ArT SmiTh played his lasT game on The home courT, and coIIecTed I3 poinTs To lead The scoring. The Maroon and Cream invaded The home courTs oT Albion and Adrian on successive nighTs, February 8 and March I, To end Their basIceTball campaign, and dropped boTh games. Albion beaT The ScoTs 40 To 25, and Adrian beaT Them 42 To 37. In This lasT game, Bob Adams ran up I5 poinTs, and ArT SmiTh ended his Three years oT acTive varsiTy play wiTh I2 poinTs, CapTain ArT SmiTh, Bob Adams, and John IvIaThews received special recogniTion Tor Their Tine playing in The conTerence as SmiTh was placed aT guard on The All- MIAA second Team, while Adams and Iv1aThews were accorded honorable men-- Tion. FRAKER DEAN A. SIVIITI-I ICI OTIS PLOWMAN ELDER FRCDSI-I BASKETBALL Top row, lefT To righfp Coach Macdonald, Salvadore Cicinelli, l-lerberT Spendlove, Louis Friederick, John True, George Judd, GilberT Runlcle. ' BoTTom row: Malcolm Adams, Gordon Olson, Fred l-lill, James Emms, Walford Wrege, Roberf FulTon, Richard Krall, Gerald Sfanelc, Richard Ginfher, Casper Merris. - - A squad of Thirfy candidafes, The largesT in recenf years, reporfed for The firsT pracfice sessions To Coach Macdonald To baffle for posifions on This year's freshman baskefball Team. Affer swinging The axe a few Times, Coach kepf sevenfeen players. The squad was divided inTo Two Teams: one averaging over six feef, played a slow, decepfive brand of ball, while The ofher Was a much smaller and speedier five. The Taller Team usually sfarfed every game, and was made up of Capf. Sfanelc and Merris, guards, Fulfon, cenfer, Krall, Ginfher, and Collins, forwards. The small five included Emms and l-lill, guards, Adams, cenfer, and Wrege and Olson forwards. Ofhers who saw acfion during The season were True, Runkle, Judd, Friederick, Cicinelli, and Spend- love. The Team won Tour games and dropped Two. The yearlings opened Their season by defeafing The Michigan STaTe Prison Team aT lonia 52-33. Alma led all The way wiTh Krall Topping The scorers wiTh IO poinTs. Bay Cify Junior College came To Alma for The nexf game which found The Frosh way off Their sfride and running info difficulfy before pulling away To win 28-20. Cen- Tral STaTe's frosh led Throughouf The game unTil Alma beaf Them ouf in The final minufe of play To win 25-23. Emms looped Two long shofs To puf Alma ouT in fronf, affer Adams coIlecTed six poinfs iusf prior To This scoring spurf. Fred l-lill was The besf defensive player on The floor. On January 27, The Frosh beaT Bay Cify Junior College for The second Time, 45-27. The half ended wiTh Alma leading I9-17. Ginfher on offense, and Sfanelc and I-Till on defense, played Their besT games of The season. Ginfher led The scoring wiTh I5 poinTs. As a preliminary game for The Albion-Alma varsify game, The Frosh were Trounced by The Saginaw Fire Chiefs 52-29. The Chiefs ran away To a 20-8 lead aT The half. George Collins wiTh IO poinfs and Sfanelc WiTh 8 led Alma's scoring. Smarfing from Their defeaT earlier in The season by The Scoffies, The Cenfral Sfafe Bearkiffens handed Alma a 42-36 defeaT aT MT. Pleasanf To end Alma's I938 season. VARSITY TRACK TOP POW. lSl:T To righT: John MaThews, Millard l-lulTman, ATlee GilberT, RoberT Devaney. Middle row: Coach Macdonald, Angus MacGarvah, Gordon NeTzorg, Richard Cresswell, Jack Cresswell, RoberT Adams. BoTTom row: l-larold Dean, PeTer Cicinelli, Donald SmiTh, ArThur SmiTh, Carl Elder. The varsiTy Track squad, under The waTchTul eye oT Coach Gordon Macdonald, has had several indoor meeTs and pracTice conTesTs so Tar This season, and show excellenT promise OT rounding inTo a sTrong conTender Tor The MlAA championship crown This year. Eour valuable poinT winners were losT Trom lasT year's Team. Doc Ling, capTain oT lasT year'fs squad, and Clyde Dawe graduaTed lasT June.'s absence in The 440- yard dash, and Dawe in The sprinTs and hurdles was keenly TelT and leT+ gaping holes in The Alma Team. Dud Taber, who excelled in The dashes Tailed To reTurn To school This year, and Angus MacGarvah, weighT man, Was unable To reporT. l-lowever, CapTain T-larold Dean, in his specialTy, The middle disTances, will aTTempT To lead his Team To a successTul season in spiTe OT These handicaps. ln The pole vaulT, Bob Adams and Mel l-lulTman, will hold sway. Don SmiTh, John MaThews, and Gor- don NeTzorg will run The hurdles. Carl Elder, Gordon NeTzorg, and "BuTch" GilberT will be vieing Tor honors in The broad and high jumps. ln The sprinTs, Alma is ex- cepTionally sTrong, WiTh PeTe Cicinelli and Don SmiTh pacing The Tield. Bob Devaney and Elder hurl The iavelin, and Elder, GilberT, and Cicinelli are Tops in The discus. The Cresswell's, Dick and Jack, have aided Alma considerably in poinTs, as boTh boys are Tine runners wiTh much experience. Dick picks The mile, and Jack The Two mile To help The ScoTs in piling up poinTs. For The TirsT Time in many year's indoor meeTs are coming inTo prominence aT Alma. On March l7, The MIAA lndoor meeT was held aT l-lillsdale. GTher meeTs have been wiTh DeTroiT Tech, Abion, OliveT, and Grand Rapids Junior College. ln The laTTer parT oT May, The annual MIAA ouTdoor meeT will be held aT Kalamazoo. VARSITY GULF l i LefT To righT: Richard GinTher, Gordon NeTzorg, Phillip Becker, William GinTher, Thomas Plowman, RoberT Adams. . For The TirsT Time in a number OT Years, The VarsiTv golT Team received Tinancial aid Trom The college To carry The Team Through a ThirTeen game schedule. ln previous years, Those who wished To play golT, had To Tinance The expenses Themselves, placing a handicap on golT enThusiasTs. WiTh This siTuaTion remedied, The golT Team enioved a mosT successTul season. The squad was composed oT Bill GinTher, Gordv NeTzorg, Bob Adams, George Walker, and Torn Plowman. Phil Becker and Dick GinTher acTed as co-managers. All OT These men have had previous experience, eiTher on previous Alma Teams, in high school, or aT various golT clubs. All home games were played aT The Alma Pine River GOIT Club, Tl-lE SCHEDULE Apr. Albion ------ l-lere ivlav OliveT l-lere May l-lillsdale l-lere May Kalamazoo There May l-lope - l-lere May l-lillsdale - There lvlav OliveT - There lvlav Adrian l-lere May l-lope - - - There May Kalamazoo - l-lere May Albion ------ There lvlav Adrian ------- l-lere May MIAA ivleeT aT Kalamazoo 88 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Top row, leTT To righT: KenneTh OTis, Coach Seaman, John Eraker. BoTTom row: Floyd Boat George Purdy, Douglas Garrison, Ralph Daniels. il- WiTh Tive leTTermen reTurning Trom lasT year's squad, The Alma College varsiTy Tennis Team is poinTing Towards a mosT successTul season. Due To incleme-nT weaTher The racqueTeers have been hampered by lack oT early season pracTice sessions due To The poor condiTions OT The clay courTs. AgiTaTion Tor new cemenT courTs was sTarTed WiTh The resulT ThaT work has already begun on cemenT courTs which shall be ready Tor use nexT Tall. ProTessor W. l-l. "Bill" Seaman, head coach, has Ken CTis, George Purdy, Ralph Daniels, Douglas Garrison and Floyd BoaT, all capable racqueT wielders Tor This year's Team. l-lome meeTs have been arranged wiTh Tive oTher conTerence Teams. Tl-lE SCHEDULE Apr. 2l Olive-T ------ There Apr. 26 Hillsdale - - - There Apr. 30 l-lope - - - - Here May 7 Kalamazoo There-9 a.m. May 7 Albion - - There 3 p.m. lvlay l2 l-lillsdale - - - I-le-re May I6 Albion - Here May I8 OliyeT - - l'lGI'G lvlay 24 Kalamazoo - - - l'lGfG May 25 l-lope -------- There lvlay 27-28 lvl.I.A.A. MeeT aT Kalamazoo. 1 A A COLLEGE "Eift Years Young" A hall cenlury ol unegualled service lo young people has eslablished us - lhe years lo come shall lind our services and benelils reaching far and our inslilulion prospering even larlher. Eor calalogue wrile REGISTRAR: ALMA COLLEGE Alma, Michigan CALENDAR FOR 1 937- 3 8 SEPTEMBER ohhh-do Jrhey Sian look green-all lO9. sm: Freshman daze. uppemisssmen back-+EanqS are looking Up. Erosh win Elag Rush . . . Sludenl Council Dance. Sunday-Chicken and lhe Freshmen lhinlc il"s all 'lor lhem. Ereshman eleclions. Eirsl Almanian-Chefs Biography. Janel' and Marion are engaged . .Congra+s. Miami won-loul il WAS a nice Trip anyways. Kenny wilhoul Rulh. Phi Open l-louse . . . and a good one loo. OCTOBER Alpha Thela Mixer. Pioneer Rifle Team-Erosh going gunning? Do all The Erosh come from forms? Lewis and Geyer. Cap seems +o be gerring around. Alpha Thela l-layride . . . of course il rained Anolher engagemenl-Millie. Chuck and Frances Jrogelher yer. Eillielh Anniversary celebralion begins. More celebraling-imporlanl people loo. Classes . . . Philo Jap Parly. lGirls only.l Gene is collecling ashlrays. Almanian Jrells us Who's Who. Tower of Pisa? Sfink Kifchen Tru da Tree! Mrs. Siaudacher Who has The maich? i-iOODed Museum Rorem says no smoking OHS on The slreps Our backyard Easi end headin' Wesf No curb service? Doi and Alice All Iilr up Chem S+oop "Home of Good Food" Yes-Turre+ down! ,.,..A , H - QW? ,,,f ' ,fe W' N' . I .U " . law J. - , 4 M- f -f yi WR zf, my Wd , aa.. f. .,,,,- K, F 1,5593 -2 . 'J' zfmwa fiffflffffri f- V mg , ?r, f -- I ' Pajama Parade-and mighT l add-lousy . . . Are you men sissies? Jeanne and Willie have been ThaT wav Tor The K. I. Rushing parTy. i NoThin' ever happins on Sunday. Almanian announces Homecoming and Par- enTs Day TogeTher. P U B S l-l E R S We like lvlargareT and Hugh. P R l Are you exciTed abouT Homecoming? . . me Too. L - Urelca . ..Thev have come. . . Pop came and June ThoughT he belonged in The KilTie Band. Pour Them back in The boTTle and send Them C0mpIeTe N5-W5 Cove-Page home. Good PrinTing Service NOVEMBER The Frosh are sTill Talking abouT Homecom- ing. ComplimenTs oT Meisel Hardware and upply CG. faithful to out trust since 1880 First State Bank ALMA, MICI-IIGAN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments ot TRA D THEATRE -l CENTRAL MICI-IIC5AN'S FINEST TI-IEATRE I5 I6 I7 I8 I9 20 22 24 29 Coach Macdonald elected prexy ot M.l.A.A. Romance personitied . . . Trudy and Joe. Fraternity pledging . . . enough said. Thanks tor the new victrola . . . We hardly needed it. Finally . . . "Man or Mouse" was good. Frosh Frolic . . . no big apple. The eternal triangle. . . I-lugh, Margaret and John . . . Who are you putting your money on? Thanksgiving and all the rest . . . Stag party at Walker's house. Boy, was it ever icy. DECEMBER Scots get tour AII M.l.A.A.'s . . . Captain Butch, Cater, Lea and Devaney. The Best Food in Town Simfs Cafe Compliments ot Midwest Refiners Inc. Pioneers in lVliehigan's Oil Retining Center" ALMA, MICHIGAN Snow capped peaks, iade green rivers, vast unspoiled torests, and tangy mountain air cannot compare with the quality and service ot the l - State Sweet Shop J. Starnas, Prop. Blue Sunoco Johnny Breezy Stories Joe? The Man with the hoe Ping Pong Cutler B. J.'s iob Nfifonder Why Phis' moved? No dratt Just a Student Hey Ripley! Easy Clit? l-low the othe halt lives Must be cold Phi float Guess Who? Complimenls ol A MA DAIRY Pasteurized Milk and Cream A. T. Sholly, Proprielor Phi Phi Alpha smolcer and serenade. 8 Everybody a-Iirher-sororiry pledging. Dean says we girls are Io be less boisrerous I0 Zela Siem Smoker-The money Wasnil real and more romanrie. I I Firsl rumors aboul Ihe Frosh Prolic . . . il bel- Sraudacher and Bendall Io publish Ihe year- ler be good' book ' ' ' We hope' I2 Pere alremprs an enrrance .... Who hol- Iered? Seors delear I-Iope 3-O . . . Kinda close. I3 We lose Io I-Iillsdale 20-7 . . . Tough luck Everyone like Dr. KauIman's Armisriee Day Address. I4 Pere makes an exif. Church Jewelry Co. We new have IIOPS Qur work is Iops - We'II'I4eep Ihe spors And save you Iorsl Be on lime all Ihe Jrime wilh a Waleh from Chureh's Perlecr Diamonds A gill ol beauly is a ioy Ioreverl Superior ar Slale Cleaners PI-IONE 237 HCASI-I" "CI-IUCKH Complimenls of The r Lobclell - Emery Co. . Manuiacrurers of Bicycle Rims -:- Bicycle Saddles When you Think of flowers will Ol' Super-Service 7 . Caple S Station We Call for and Deliver your Car "1-xiwvs rAvoRlrEr' P11096 886 GOQDRICF-I TIRES AND jug SERVICE vc? CAR LUBRICATION DON WALSH, Propriejror AND LAUNDRY FooTball banqueT . . . MerT Dean speaks. Dean elecTed presidenT oT M.l.A.A. DirecT- ors . . . The ScoTs are really running Things -Philo WinTer Lodge. Philo Fair . . . I goT my TorTune Told. Day OT resT . . . NoT so wiTh Currie. MiTche-ll and GinTher To The Museum . . and in This weaTher. MargareT says NO. MargareT says YES and NO. Have' you or haven'T you a daTe, Spencer? ZeTa Formal aT The BancroTT in Saginaw . . . very, very swell . . . why The bouncer aT The Bar? Can'T we be TrusTed? Spencer deTiniTely did noT go To The Formal. LeClaire ouT wiTh Benny's girl. Benny's girl says OUT wiTh LeClaire. Phi ChrisTmas ParTy . . . all nighT long. Home To The Tolks . . . Merry ChrisTmas. JANUARY And a l-lappy New Year. Pauline wenT NorThp Daws wenT SouTh: Rhea didn'T go and June missed geTTing To China. , BUY Tl-TE BEST- DUBBS CRACKED Leonard Refinery Alma, Michigan uri .,f.f f..VV f. , , , in -' I 213. Q52 ,H :wr r l 'l'i "" : .sw .L T u gh , g if Q .4 , 5 yjg will W' Q ,ff -V . .!.'. T flieli fiu c Y. f f l' jew-A "TV Ti ' 1, "ai U4 . .1 ,. Hi :il,5ilmjM J i n? V . ,, - . , 1 li 4 'juni y 4 4. Il . . .n I.. '. V qi? i i ii i T,,,rfT,.Il..Jif.Jl. ...W fl. ' fi k 'f . ,.l' f ' .QL-i--15'-' 'v .f .. Ml ir..-xy.. 4 4 - -. 1:,..w ff-if-f-A A Sexton Service offers you O The only naTionally adverTised brand OT Toods prepared exclusively Tor The insTiTuTional markeT. O The securiTy oT endorsemenT by all The leading Trade associaTions in The insTi- TuTional Tield in The UniTed STaTes. Q The TaciliTies oT The only wholesale grocery company operaTing planTs in The Two principal American markeTs - Chicago and New York. I As rendered by America's largesT dis- TribuTors OT number Ten canned Toods, a disTincTive service on a comple-Te assorT- menT oT qualiTy Toods packed in This insTi- TuTional size conTainer. 0 Home recipe pickles, relishes and con- serves Trom SexTon Sunshine KiTche-ns -delicious and appeTizing. O CareTully selecTed coTTees-blends re- sulTing Trom years oT careful sTudy - roasTed Tresh daily aT Chicago and Brook- lyn. I Special quoTaTions based on major pur- chases oT ,exclusively insTiTuTional mer- chandise-sharing wiTh you The advanTages oT a greaTer buying power. A Jw SEQYQQON Edrlwfiu Quality Fund: CHICAGO BROOKLYN CompIimenIs of CompIimenIs of Swanson Dapaf Q11 CO. Consolidated Oil ALMA, MIoHIeAN C0mP9mY ALMA, MICHIGAN I Congra'rs Io II16 Seaman IamiIY . . . free c . .. I'II bei IIIeY were. igars IO We miss Kay, Jroo, Russ. I I De+roiI Be+IY Roberrs face beams . . . JacIc's Maroon and Cream siaffs announced . . . in again, subscriplrions going Iasf. I2 Jus+ found ouf 'roday who Pefer Pawlyk is. PeIIy Io choose Campus Beaulry. I3 Now Spencer has Be+IY. Aren'+ You beginning Io miss Prexy? . . . I.ucIc Io Iwim wI1ereverI1e is. I4 I-Iave I menIionecI Cliff and Mavis? CompIimenIs of MCClzI,nahan Rcfineries, Inc. AN qjfalal 0 'fo I.x1"" ST. LOUIS, MICHIGAN 'Q l specialists in beauty we have dedicated ourselves to the gloriticatiori ot the Alma College girl ione's beauty shop Congratulations to the Class ot '38 Bickerts Ladies Apparel Hansen Motor Transit Co. TRANSPORTATION WITI-I SAFETY AND COMFORT 2,500,000 miles without a tatal accident We solicit your charter coach trips Phones 5l and 642 H. c. HANSEN, Manager 203 West Superior St. Alma, Mich. Stone Study Sky Scra per Can't keep 'em out Memorial Gym Where did ' Otis go? Noon TCDVALL TUDIO Serving Alma College As Qiclieial Pholographers Thelas give parly for Zelas. Remember lhe Saloloalh ancl keep il clean. Who painled lhe signs on Jrhe Acl Building door? Things guiel clown . . a sure sign of cram- ming. Senale has been quile lousy Jrhis Year Thank you. Dawson wonders when Jrhe Women's League Formal is due. More cramming. Exams are upon us. l-low can we lhinlq of anylhing clever al a Time like This? Snowloound a+ lvlarquel'le . . in case You didnur reacl lhe papers. Complimenls ol Consumers Power Co. 5.2 I X. . , 'fexxxai' AHN AND OLLIER AGAIN" H Q: ' 'K xi. KW , .V 4 , . -5'1 ch , HQ"- Uf :J N? iii , .1-Ll Repeated acceptance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the Jahn 81 Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significance with each succeeding year. 1 Complimenrs of Dickinsods Drug Store f "39" Vidory Queen Marjie 27 All over bu+ The shoufing. 28 Lo+s of Jrhings happen belrween semesfers . . . I. e., off Jrhe record. Processional C Oach 29 i.e+'s celebrare. 3l Regislrraifion again and some new faces of My man Gregory 1938. Where is Jrhe Caboose? h The Crooks' h Doc. Ranolels Compliments Kilhe Band of awkins Radio Store Come Jrwice IOZ '93 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY '93 CHARLES H. GOGGIN ROBERT H. BAKER Allorneys Pollaslcy Building E. J. GRAHAM, M.D. B. J. GRAHAM, M.D. K. P. WOLEE, M.D. Pollasky Block Alma, Mich. CHAS. E. DUBOIS, M.D. Pollasky Block Q Alma, Mich. DON M. HOWELL, M.D. Ear, Eye, Nose, Throal Pollaslcy Building Alma, Michigan DR. E. R. REMSBURC5 Osleopalhic Physician I l6lf2 E. Superior S+. Alma, Michigan E. T. LAMB, MD. Bahllce Block Alma, Michigan PAUL R. CASH Allorney-a+-Law Pollasky Bldg. , Alma, Mich. MONTIGEL 81 KNORR J. D. SULLIVAN Allorneys-al-Law The Junior Class Thanks all of you who by your generosity of time and money have made possible this Golden Anniversary Year Book FEBRUARY 8 Climie has the mumps . . . Seavitte sleepless tor 3 nights worrying. Gotta raise money betore we get new prexy. . 9 Zeta l-lell Week began with Call ot the North Zetas have private tlood .... l-lester was - - - Brown bothered. wrong. ll Spendlove and Stanelc collect teminine ap- 84 loo-ololo make the Honor Roll, parel . . . Jane Lee says she doesn't wear 'em. Open night.. , , out HII eleven. I2 Lois and Louie . . .something else. Whey a duly Week-end I4 Valentine's Day . . .Who was lvliss Steward's l parcel trom? The Laundry? Sprlg has Cub' lb Pot Walloper's banquet. Scots deteat Albion in thriller. . . Gladys and I7 K.l. Swing Party. Ralph are taking up the brolcen threads . . . PllleV'lO5lleV-Pit I8 Runl4le's birthday. lille lWOmG Z A I 'EL' Furnishings ot exclusive f ol I M ctomirie O' men an c o in , , , b q Saginaw :: Michigan CYS BEST WlSl-lES TO CLASS QF l938l The Union Telephone Co. ManagemenT and Employees oT Alma, Michigan Our college, sTricTly speaking, is a higher insTiTuTion, To all oT liTe's complexiTies we geT a grand soluTiong To school you come wiTh open mind, unbiased by ideals, IT noThing else, you're sure To geT Those niTTy WrighT l-lall meals. An apple eaTen daily will prevenT us all Trom ailing, By polishing ThaT apple we exempT ourselves from Tailingg Money has no value whaTsoever To us scholars- We make Them change The TexTs each year so We can spend our dollars. A dull and Tedious lecTure in The classroom is noT boring, We know our rousing chapel soon will loosen up The Tlooringg ATTendance oT The classes is noT sTricTly speciTied, Excuse is quickly granTed iT your Triends can prove you died: lvlen and women now are we. we're doers now -noT yearners, WiTh perTecT Treedom boys can smoke, and Till Themselves wiTh Vernor's1 PoliTical enlighTmenT reveals we'lI have perTec- Tion- A DemocraTic G.O.P. will win The nexT elecTion. -Jack Sieg. A. J. Fleming Oil and Gas RoyalTies BoughT and Sold Alma, Michigan Phone 542 Licensed Broker ComplimenTs oT A. H. "Dick" BENDALL BAY cny TRUE CONFESSION l over-drink, l'm iusT a soak- l wear old cloThes, l'm always broke- l'd raTher sleep Than eaT, loy Tar- l've never been inside a car- l cannoT dance ll've never Tried.l I iusT Tound ouT ThaT Lincoln died- l've never seen a picTure show- I don'T know where bad kiddies go- l haven'T worn a Tie in years- l raise poTaToes in my ears- l never waTch The Fords Go By- l CAN do work, buT never Try- l love To siT and biTe my nails- l Tie Tin cans To doggies Tails- l've spenT mosT all my liTe in iails- Gosh, l'm awTul. -.lack Sieg. THE VARSITY SHOP "Just for Sport" BOOKS I26 W. Sup ATHLETIC GOODS STUDENT SUPPLIES E R MOORE COMPANY Q p d ce R + I erio S+ Ph 66 The Bancroft House Saginaw SOLICITS THE PATRONAGE OE ALIv1A COLLEGE Cale Corlee Shop Privale Dining Rooms Compton hop I2I E. Superior READY-TO-WEAR I-IOSIERY MILLIIXIERY LINGERIE "The Qualily Slore of Smarl SIyIes" Holiday for WashingIon's birrhday. MARCI-I Was II Lion or Lamb? Choir leaves for Derroir. Someone says rhere was a parry. Eh Gracie? LiIIIe Choir sang ar Luncheon. I Choir back Io school for a good resr. Women's League Formal ar Booslers. Ask Seavirre abour his 2.5. Surprise second place in IvI.I.A.A. Indoor Track Meer. Russ and Kay's second anniversary. Alpha Thela S+. PaIrick's Dance Zera parry for A. T.'s . . . Their own followed. Spring is here-Love on Ihe way. Runkle in hospiral. Ivlarerniry ward? Who's Jrhe chubby lass you a-courTin', I-IuI+- man? Scors Io have baseball Ieam. Alpha The+a's "sweeI sixreen and never been kissed." I-Iow's spring foofball, boys? APRIL LindIey's birlrhday . . . AI, we mean. Anorher sleakless sreak-roast Where's my roller skales. CLOTH- STINE CW autner gl Krause wal NEVV SPRING CLOTHES 4OI E. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan Soph Shuffle , . . a grear parry. MAY School iS Oui. I Close ro Queen Time. lg Spring Vacallon ' ' ' Have 5 l-lalOpY Easler? 2 Too beauiiiul a morning ro gel up, eh Dean? Someone clear a parh in The Jungle before 4 Wh ' ' ' Jr k 7 Bendall loses an eye. ere S mY Swlmmmg run S Seavirre says "Can ir be rhe spring." Mireh 6 Tlme Cul for mY J-HOP ballrl' says "nerJrs." 7 Here we go-Besr J-HOP in 75 years. Walker buys Jrhe nexr one. IO Anorher rhoughr provoking Almanian. How abour a game of marbles, Duck Smirh? I3 Warch Pioneer Hall language . . .open Win- Baseball Jream dance . . . Was You dere? elows. Compliments of RADE T ACHER ALE "Authorized Ford Dealer" Jusl like a lalher Whaf-again! Prof. l-larcll Deslinies Tolr Where is Rhea? Homecoming Proudly she waves crowning momenl R. W. and P. D. Jusl Wailing Phi House See lhe birds Brown Room Conference Two bils-Ron. The Thinker Use Pepsodenlr Proli. Ling FOO Jus? Bill Pajama parly Ari Museum Soup's On qx Wi all INTING A n Appreciation A dislinclive privilege and exlreme pleasure have been ours in having had lhe produclion of This book. We gave more Than crallsman- ship of prinring, and Jrhe luhfillrnenl of a con- rracl. A deeper regard guided us . . .We became as a fellow parl of Jrhe school and Jrhe sludenr body, enlering inro The spirir of lhe boolc's purpose and ils conlenls and so lending our inspired loyally lo ils every derail of issuance. And in lhal degree of appreciarion, and lo your school, we wish conlinued success. The Defiance Prinling and Engraving Company, Defiance, Ohio.

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