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 - Class of 1925

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Text from Pages 1 - 156 of the 1925 volume:

THE 1925 , MAROON and CREAM Q Q ' RONALD E. I'IARRIS Editor-in-Chief ' CARLTON B. NEELAND A B'zu'i11e.f.f M mmgfr ALMA co1,LBc:,13 P- QD E E THE MAROON 'E AND A CREAM VOLUME XIV OF THE ALMA COLLEGE ANNU M P W F C 9 6 - - A-ia L MA 'COLLEGE ? I LA ' ff-YT U D: .f"1C""QQ y . . M. 1 w A A l f r , i I. ,EN V . I 1 , . i - . B f Aww QOLmc43' +f ij Because o lzls ejorts in lvelzalf o his Alma .Matefg Jeeaase o the name or lm' lze has made in inter- eolleglateueifeles, aml above all because of the close rlemlslzijns Alze has maele with the stmlevzis o Alma College, the ruvziov' Class aleafieates zflze Nineieevz llfznelreel avfzcla Twenty-,we lllaroon and Cream If Coaelz Royal R. Campbell. WD CQ Y TO COACH ROYAL R. CAMPBELL f f f f f f f J ji o f- - eeM7fxLMA C0LL'3c313 Q gj GW Zin Memoriam ' ' FRANK N. NOTESTEIN, P1-LD. P1'ofe.r.v0r of 1Wzzrhe11mI'icf and AIl1'O7Z07lL3' of Aflma College CHARLES I-il. BONBRIGHT Trzutee of Alma College HELEN ki. BARNES Mf11Z'bK7' of the Clem: of 1925 of Alvnax College "Home to the vzarrow home, zhe long, long sleep, Whe1'e pam if Milled, cmd Jorrozo doth not weep." VKX , K e e ALMA COLLEGI-keg --e S ix L I 7 f'f"'N FOREWORD fin annual shoizlcl be an attractive record of a school year, of all its achieoernenzfs anal glories, ancl of the smaller and more intimate incidents which have rnacle ihe year one to be pleasicrably reinernberecl. PV e are presenting the IQ25 ,Maroon and Cream, intending it to fnhfill such a function, and hoping you will be pleased to accept it as a faithful recorcl of your classmates anclvziheir greal or small accomp- lishments in the year IQ24-IQ25. A '-'rrl-IE EDITORS. Q5--2 ew'-ALMA, COLLEGE 1 Seve n il Q M Q . slffbd ' A. nil i Av-in r ZW If 3 A ra I 5 f 9 V ' 1 ' Q A P' ' x HARRY Mr: XNS CROOLS A B LL D Pfefzdevzt of fllma College fxi 15. 411 1 LD Nfxf 1 W I X . 5 J u 3 i J f F I F. I F - X ' 1 1 I I 4 if ' 5 ' . .7 . . I 3 . - I ' , i 11 1 --rv-6-L-u11i,,..,J.-.,.., -W . .. 5, ,EN NH, hw L Q, 1+ Q - H -QM if If I ight I fx!! ii-1 7-xx 12 EI Q D0 4 r M ' 'K I 5 f Z L AL., 'U JG ' ' u 143 QQ, JAMES E. IVIITCHELL, A.M. I Dean Qf-the Faculty i Professor of History and 2 Political Science Q Q QQ- --A f1fiAL MA COLLEGE Ni-n CONTENTS Page Campus . II Faculty , I9 Classes , 27 Activiisies . 57 Societies . 69 Athletics . . 77 Senior Class Will . . Q7 Calendar . . . Ioo Jokes and Advertisements . IOS fl xi l l ' - ALMA C0'l,LECz5o'oos l' Tgn ' fx. I , '- , "yn, ', 'H' .fs , i :'. I 'P Jh ADMINISTRATION BUILDING J This is the chapel: here, my son, 4 . Your father thought the thoughts of youth, And heard the Words that one by one ' 5 A The touch of Life has turned to truth. ' -Newboll. -- QB--+I +fALMA CULLEGD Q 33- S- V' 0 ll li 6 l l , I 1 I l CHEMISTRY BUILDING Blessings on Science! When the earth SCC1Tl,Cl old When Faith grew doting, and the reason cold, 'Twas she discovered that the world was young, And taught a language to its lisping tongue: 'Twas she disclosed a future to its View, And made old knowledge pale before the new. -Mackay. KVN Twelzz WT ALMA c1o1,Lec,L Q L, l l l MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM Ah! what avail the largest gifts of Heaven,- When drooping health and spirits go amiss? How tasteless then whatever can be given!! Health is the vital principle of bliss, And exercise of health. -Thomron. I AL MA COLLEGE ThiTfEE1l ii . - 2 LIBRARY Here you must bide, my friends, with me entombed In this dim crypt, Where shelved around us lie The mummied authors. f -Taylor. AL MA COLLEGE H F ourtefn C l 1 l HOOD MUSEUM He who hath loved not, here would learn that lore, And make his heart a spiritg he who knows That tender mystery will love the moreg For this is Love's- recess. - -Byron. A ALMA eoLLEo13 c il- ' Fifteen I MUSIC HOUSE The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoilsg The motions of his spirits are dull as night, And his affections dark as Erebus: Let no such man he trusted. -Shaleefpeaw. - ALMA CGLLEGE WX h 4 V if I , lf H 0 ii: , .L 6 r ,Q-. 1 r 1 r WRIGHT HA-LL O woman! Whose form and whose soul Are the spell and the light of each path we pursueg Whether suunid in the tropics, or chill'd at the pole, If woman be there, there is happiness too. ' 1M007'Z. N 5 ALMA' COLLEGE Sezfenife-n X PIONEER HALL For here, not one, but many, make their play. ,B3,,.0,L Q ALMA COLLEGE Eiglzmfn ' CD 1 . E, C if jf 1" "f" Z " BOL" is 1 K W fflnnaelf' , xi 'ii' n . ,, x Q- xr W my Q, J FZ? ff A 'A fps mv mf TL l- L XTX- LR Cr? 1 AQ ' --1 4 ,f 2 V b 1 M7 'X ' Qx 5 Wfm g " iii I .Ing 9 1, .gmail 'l"'1.Kff " . ' 64 X L 1 - 4' 'If , ' M R , 355191 Alf f I XQ "E I x 0 5 1 L. 7 Um mv , 4 ' If as Q J vw Vu .ff 1 , Q-2, .W , fQ,,-klp13-5 f KL J W .A , ' ,Q ..,.-. K K ' o '-"- ,M if -f ' '19 4' ff - ,.--'i.l 3 cj1jiM-- wlXLMA COIQLEGE Nc! ff.YfL-"H" Z l , f dh'-7-1,23 ft ' ' 1.-.,-,,P. " , , K . . , . , fy. A . , , l , N . ROY VV. HABIILTON, AlVI. JOHNYT. EWING, A.M., Litt.D Vice-President Registrar and Secretary ofthe Facultx Profexfor of English Speech T ALBERT P. CooK, A.M. Secretary and Acting Treasurer Asxiftavzt Profeffor of Latin Profeffor of Clarifies LAURA ELSIE IJAN1ER, A.B. Dean of Women !4J'.ViJ'llL7Zl Profeffor of EngH.fl1 rrr1ArLMA COLLEG Er Twenty in uf QQ. MARGAILE1' E. LANDWEHP., A,NI. AJ'J'i.YlIl'l1,l l"rofe'.r.ror of Germavz and Sjmvzzxh. IRENE H. WILSON, A.M. 11ut1'ucior' in Evzglifh I K W W HANs1fo1un M. MACCURDY, PH.D. IQAYMOND C. DITTO, A.M. V Profefsor of Biology and Geology Professor of Phyyicf P7-W -of ALTVIA CQLLEC-E f TW I L ,. z LVIARIE Loumss Boxssor, A.B. ROBERT W. CLACK, .f4fJi.vm1zt Profefxor of Frmzch P1'off.s'f01' of lVlzillzem.1mc5 and ' z4.S'l7'07ZO771:V x w M 1 ., , v 1+ Q I . 3 1 , , p z GEORGE B. RJXNDELS, PH.D. ANNETTE PERSIS XVARD, A.1VI. 4 Profffsor of Philoxophy and Education Librmizm and Profeffor of Library , Metlzodx 4 ALMA COLLEGE lv W? Yiumly-two X, ?ii U Q xxx-1 , 3, , Q - VH ' f'?'W Q Q fifff Y l ffm ? C1-m1u.1zs D. BROKENSI-IIRE FRANCIS E. WEST, M.Sc. 1 A.M., B.D. P1'0fe.r.r0r of Chemistry i P1'0fr.rJ0r of Biblical Lilemture and 1 , .kefigionf Ezlucalion ' 3 1 A . E I N f 1 FLORENCE LBURGY LEE NI. SHARRAR, A.B. Library A.f.fZ.YZ6l'lZf Imlructor in History and Economicf Twmly th FF AL MA QQLLEGQ 3 'ij ll! ts 1 Jfx-:NQ , I , if ' QK J 5 ,, X W 4 fi 1 F f ff 3 ' Wil I 1 LI F 53 :Hifi .-+-f + v x A 2 5 ' i " Y 4 Q H ' 2 1' film . I H. O. .ABERNATI-IY LOUISE E. PIOLLWEG, A.B. J 11 Special Reprefeniative of the Board of Direflor of Phyfical Tmining for I Q T1'u.vtee.r I Wvomen and'zcct0r in Biology I 1 ' I' I l 1 1 X I F Y I l ' s P l K X I 3 I In 5 K E f,f-,Q i N , ' 'H f , K 1,5 if X ROYAL R. CAMPBELL, A.B. JESS W. EWER, A.B. Direftor of Phyricczl Tmi11i11g for Men A,r.v1fJt1z1zt Profeffor of Vocal Ilflmic ,A-J.Tf-at-r-T4...-i V, -EW W? 1 Y , - F QM " j' 'L I T ' 'I x 1 vw Y N f 1 PM :K A Twenty-four W KA , ,A 1 'V I , ,fzff f -' GRACE D. Ronmrrs P LEILA NI. HOUSER I ro csfor o I ifmo and Pipe Organ Mdf7'071 of W1'ight Hall SX- Alglk T M. RUTI-I GRIERSON, A.B. GONNA Couzs qfcretary to the Pwfidevzt Affiytcmt to the Secretary ALMA COLLEGE J f jf' ll Twenty-five i v li' Q ,, 1 A CD Q . ff., - 5: af, Q li 2 w' wie' a 9-19 . , 4 W Q Q 3 E 6 l , aw 3 W W ' F Qs ALMA COLLEGE 521' Twenty-:ix I 5r:Nlnn5 ,M A QD ALMA COLLEGE 1' chi qiplg I Y ff, :,,, -.,,,Il'j .I 0 , I 0 I ll I l l ' ' Q I l I. . I I O I 'I I' I Oi Q I. .. l'l.' ' . I I. ' In -'il...,'f 1'-..1' . J 1 " vilili ' all-gl. ' Ill-il' I I 'zlifai - lxilf 'HW 0" .lj 0 'NI Y . 'lig I ,. zlill 1 Om! Q ' O I' ' A I I I o H. o 0 .W I 0 I V ill I . ply. or I X., ,o - - H. I rl I U 'I Iv , I . O I. .4 I, , I I I l"I 0 I I -'I Y.. I.. l li I I . T .W fi . I I, ' N :-.fl ' . . I .- ----. .4 ge ' 'I ' ' nf-4-1-.1-2 'VW ,l L.,..L--..1gs.5.-I MTT..-H.. -..LTTBPLH ly ,. I ,fl . I Vg I X I, I! -v' I. 'Ulu PW! I . . 1. . M oi oi 011 :ini 1-i -i ii in 611' JOHN WILLIAM APSEY . . Hjacltn Beta Tau Epsilon President Beta Tau Epsilon C3, 41 Y. NI. C. A. Cabinet Q4j, Vice-President fgj, Secretary Czj Treasurer Student Council C4j Assistant Business Manager Maroon and Cream C31 "Seldom at council, never in a war." I -fl 11 Effay oh Criticixm VICTORIA HAZEL BAIINA . . 'LVic" Kappa Iota P Student Volunteer Band,Secretar'y,Treas- Ufef C31 43 . Y. WV. C. A. Cabinet C45 " Ufhy a pygmy among gi!l11lJ.l,, -The Spauiflz Student ROBERT HENRY BAKER . . "Bob" Beta Tau Epsilon President Beta Tau Epsilon C21 Band Cz, 3, 42 "But af it ix, I live and die unheard, With a 'mort ooiceleff thought, :heath- ing it af a sword? -Childe Harold CATHERINE LOUISE BARsTow Kappa Iota Y. W. C. A. Cabinet CZ, jj Glee Club C3, 4D Maroon and Cream Staff fgj "Age cannot wither her, nov- czuzom :tale Her infinite variety." -Antony and Cleopatra FRANK M. BENTLEY Phi Phi Alpha Track CI, 2, 3, 45g Captain QQ President Phi Phi Alpha f4j UBKKLYVLIIEJ' in vain their pretty eyef may rollf' -The Rape of the Lock AL MA COLLEGE Twenty-eight Tw J' 4. ,. el if all 'l i f-as BERT BOUVVMAN Zeta Sigma Football C41 Baseball C3, 41 Track C41 V "Heir af tall a mem af a1zy'.r in Illymf' - Twelfth Night F. COLLINS BRADLEY Zeta Sigma " They are med to the lie: I tell." -The Stranger DWAYNE B. BURKE "Book: were hi: pcusion and delight." -The W ayslde 11111. Ross LEONARD CALKINS . . "Calla 5, 77 Phi Phi Alpha Football C2, 3, 41. Band C2, 3, 41, Business Maiiager C41. President Phi Phi Alpha C41, House lvlan ager C3,41, Vice-President C31. . Y.M.C.A. Cabinet C31,Vice-President C41 Marshall Student Council C41. "I will coizfeff the Jweetext of all erimef, fl 'maiden wooed and won." -The Sjszmifh. Student. ARTHUR THOMAS CARTY . . "Red' Zeta Sigma Football Ci, 2, 3, 415 M. I. A. A. End C31. Basketball CI, 2, 3, 41, Captain C3, 41 lVl. l. A. A. Forward C2, 3, 415 M. l A. A. Captain C3, 41. Baseball Cl, 2, 3, 415 M. I. A. A. Catch- er C21. Cvlee Club C41 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C41 ' Vice-President Zeta Sigma C41 " There are girlf he walked with ezufual. Theylll be sorry now heix gonef' ' -The .flbfeiit-Minded Beggar. 0 1 l , ' i mln, ". I . Y Vx: ,I U , ,, i I. -,i4,'. I li O. f . C I 1 0 i N J Ql..ll" . A l si'-i W-q I . I.. .4 'I 1 n 3' 1 A I iq lyli M all ' in if '. lf A P' in , ' . 'av " .l' ' ,i :.""""i'f'-'IV i ' ' '.5l.31.'Y-.Wfifzifiil . ' llglnw' ir"i " J.----1-A Z .1 WEA 1 6,111 W ' 1 ' M l i, f,ynw,.,'- in -,,4.... .ni li fini 0 oi Q i A -ALMA COLLEGE fl-1 Twmzty-uizze PX! l 4 is -will il 'v r,,,l:.'l' I, V 'll'il'ils,gQ ll R !i4,t'.- 3l:l4:lnml ,,3 USSELL D. CATIYIERMAN . . "Russ" 'gill I'J,l'g41l gil: Zeta Sigma I' I I 'lil 'l I l Football tr, 2, 3, 41 l Basketball CI, 2, 3, 41 I Baseball CI, 2, 3, 41 Glee Club CI, 2, 3, 41 ' Secretary Zeta Sigma C41 I "I quarrel with my wife at home, we . never fight abroad." I -Divided Deftiviief ,I BEATRICE A. COTTLIQ . . . "Bea" Alpha Theta . Glee Club CI, 2, 3, 41, President C41 Vice-President Class of 725 C21 Senate C3, 41 President Alpha Theta C41 "Beware of all, but mort beware of man." if 1 -The Rape of zhe Lock F' I ' PIELEN A. COURTADE ' ' - Kappa Iota President Kappa Iota C31g Treasurer C21 Senate C41 Nlaroon and Cream Stall C31 Y. VV. C. A. Treasurer C41 "I cavmot cheek my girlifh blufh, My color come: and g0e.f.', +My Ritfal l I I liiiiilgiii lit ul llll, " ill I all 'l 1.1439 I I , , Q 'I I im' CHRISTINE CAROLINE LDECKER . "Tiny" fr " inf, lf? ,I ,I in Y II Philomathean 0, 34 I , L .. 1 fi , xj ' ffl' 4:0 Secretary Philomathean C31 ' 'wig Q I. 'iff I President Wright Hall Senate C413 Sec- l N all - 4,4 .C .Ip I, w 1:1 . ?Fj'1fYl3l . ' '44 I, ' Ove him for hir .false f' I And ye! I know him a notoriozu liar." ,' 1 , '3'jr5g, I, -Alf: Well that End: lVell - lb .Jill . ll. 1 If:'Wl'll ,ll ,,:i,!I0'r,f.iQglIl 'I , ZADA DOERR i , l g',', I4-sa.'M4,4f' ' Phllomathean 'l,, 343,44 4, fi-733-I-+11 ,,,g,g1,fQll SQL, ,I Vice-President Philomathean C31 IU1,.e5:::.g.gj'-,,, .,, , , ml "'Wh0 mixt reason with pleayure, and ,CCN l4"f ff, Il ,li , .',Ila,,5Q44l,.f '45 wifdom with mirthf' fllil I-..llwI.wwI2 WL. lllllilfziallllllll Iillfl R 1' u L 5 in J, -1 -4-' 1 3 -I Iii -Q - eta iation 144 A L MA COLLEGE O X, fix if x,,.1 I X. 1' I II 1 l I Je A I I I X1 Ji 151.9 ,Z U i gtg, U 'gg qIIII'I:I:,1w.n sa. ..,X . I, IIIIIIVIIII uIIIg I vw IIIHI I, I' Q EDITH DOTY JIIIIII I I' I' 1, Philomathean 'IIII , I :III '- 668,16 only smiled and .rhe never' fpokefl 'IIIII ,j I III -Broolelavzd Road UQIIIII I ' I" IIII2 I I I I n'IIIII I AI I I Ill PIILDEGARDE M.'FINCIiA INIIIV ,HA , . !.A , I I I . I Alpha Them C II.fIISIII.f'+Il?I'II-I' I eg Glec Club C3, 41 'I II If -.75 I III' President Alpha Theta C4.1g Vice-President "II C419 Treasurer C31 JII ' III:-III3 ,I,I.Ja " Low at int ,right was 'er trouble, I fI'IIIIIII:gIg I'Ig ,I She didvft know what it were." IIII IIII . -The Ladief I III' I I :C I II DOIIOTI-IY FLANEGIN . . . "Dot" Kappa Iota We , President Kappa Iota C2, 413 Vice-Presb dent C31 1 Il Secretary Student Councll C21 ' RI I' President Wfright Hall Senate C31 II President Y. VV. C. A. C314 Cabinet C41 J III I I-II III. "I have :waved iroublouf cozmeilx, I am I I IIIIIIIIII I.: II I'I.Ii,IIl I ZUYIJL' in te1'1'1fbZe thingxf, III -The Young Queen g I' I I I I I .II I Ag I IIIIlIIIII.m':QIIIIIIIIIIIIliIlI.IIIII'. w",I,LIIIIIII,!I I' I ' II . I I II ff'- GL1XDYS IREN12 Frwxlsm. . . "Glad" N I QIIIIIIIII IIQII Alpha Theta - I III III! President Alpha Theta C41 'II I MIIIIII IIIII. Student Council C21 I, ,I II 'If-XIII I Maroon and Cream Play C315 Senior Play J I I IIIIIIQ ,III3 C41 I I. :WI 'I' g'I5IIf President Wfright Hall Senate C31 'III I.,IIIIIIIIf Vice-President Class of '24 C21 ,I IIIIIIII Lfffffiqm-.-I Ig,'Ij,I, 'III?I,IIi,7yNI,'.jI,I!NIQ",I'I'IIIIf Glee Club Q15 'III A Iewgi,f.'I::ffs,I,l "Fair vzymjnhf, :Mui well-d1'eJJed youth: IIIIII l,,, jI'f"l:I"-I. - arofzmd her ,qlzo1ze, 'IIIIII " I.. Bm every eye wax jixed on her alone." I'IgIIf I IUIIII . -The Rape ofthe Lock II. 'I IINIQ . vi .LII I wg: I C !II VI iff! I-IAROLD GAY .... "Pinky,I AIIIIII ,I I I, Ilhi Phi Alpha IIILI ,mIIIW M , 'IWW .I.- In "A 'wit as ffariozu,-gay, grave, rage, or i III: ql-.01 if aaa- I 3 gr , I no If I Hiftorian, bard, plziloxoplzer, comb-i1zed." !I, I IIIII'IIIIIIfII,'IfI,II IIWI ',If1F'I I I VQIIII. -Childg Ha,-01,5 , . IIIIQIIIIIIIII 32 Iiliiin : ra: 211- L ! L'... ..!' qi P PIALMA COLLEGE Thirty-o1ze W ld 11.13. 11.1 :. , nt11f3fi1511'-'1"'11 1' " ILM' 1 1 411 1 1 tsl l. ' 1 l EM 1 11 I 111 1 , ,111 4 9 1 V I A 11 I 111 z1111'1 B 1"1l 1 .11 I. 1-11.11' 'fluff 1 QMW1111 1 '. l'1' In 1 O 111 1 1 ,Il 11251 1 11 5 '1 O 1 1 1 Q 1 1111 11 11 1 :. .. 1 F W 111 11, VJ' -'1- ' '1111 11, 1 111 1. ll liilll 1' 1 1 '1 ll 1 11 11 l 1: 12' 'fir' lLll:1:11',j ' R11 - Lis." 11 1 ,111 11'1'11. 1 111. 1 '1111111, A 111 1 111l, 1 111-11 O 1 E111 l 1 1 ull l'1i ' ,1 1 Nl! 1 -.1 1 1 1 half 1' 1 1 '1 .L 1 .11 1152114 . , 1 '11111 1 1 1' liiigll 11111 1 111111 1111'111-': Pzialb ,1L1.il11f' -11'1'0 :1lE'1ll11'l' ll' 1 1 - 11:1',1gI111 111111 1 1 'lQl'1l1:2'13'11'f " "1 177 1 11111l11111"11f- 1 111 1.lllll11lIl T1i5l1'i1 V191 , l11111' 1111111 111 111l' 1111111113 11 l1' . 4.5 141 4 'RHI 1It1'1'1 1' 1 . 111, 111 ' " 2.11 ,.11 1 115 no 1 1 111 1111 ll 111 1 71.11115 21: ' ' 11. 101111 - 1 . 1111- 1 1 11 1 1 .1 112111 1 4 ' 9111" U 11 1 li111lI 1 I 1'1 ltxt 1 1 1. 01. 1 111g -111 - 1 ! I1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 , 1 .11 NIARY JOSEPI-IINE GEROW 1 Kappa Iota ' Vice-President Class of 725 Q11 ' President Kappa Iota C3, 41g Secretary - Cz, 335 Vice-President C22 Glee Club C3, 4j5 Women's Sextette C3, 4j Dramatic Club C35 1 "A town that bocutr inhabitant: lilee me Can have no lack of good moiety." -The Bird: of Killihgworth PAUL D. GESNER . . 4'Doc Pills" . Zeta Sigma Editor-in-Chief of Almanian C4jg Asso- ciate Editor C32 Band Cz, 3, 41 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C45 Athletic Trainer fzj Student lVl. I. A. A. Representative Q45 " What pity, calm! that Jo liberal ct miiitl Should .ro long be to new.vpajJe1"e.1'.rtzy.1' co1ifiu'd!" -Retaliation WINIFRED HARROD . . "Winnie,' Brownell Scholarship Q22 "Here let me .vit in Jarrow for 1gmnlei1ul." -The Tmveller JOHN MEREDITPI PIILDERLEY . "Bubbles" Beta Tau Epsilon President Beta Tau Epsilon 12,141 4'Oh, had I rtezyed, and mid my pmyevzr at home!'? -The Rape ofthe Locle X lil ' 1 1111. ,HMM X1 U1 A1 1 l' 1' WALTER IQEMLER A ll: 1. ,141,1 "I am at fellow ol the ftmngert mimi i' gli 5111- .fhf world", . 1 -Twmh -N111111 -aiessaeirsl' :-'Hs-- --- 1 1 - H AL MA CQLLBGE ts' ' Thirty-two RUTH l'1u:NE KING Philomathean ice-l resident Class of 725 C21 Y. W. C A. Cabinet C21 . P President Philomathean C415 Vice-Presi- dent C31' Secretary C31 .lui 1 we KWONG MUMUMIT .Shill 'ul alile with tongue and pen." i --The W'a.y.ride Inn 'C C fi l Philomatliean 1 QC: ut I have lived, ami haw nat lived in C l z1mf11,. A ,, ' -Childs' Harold il - :QL lx I 3 i 1 V J 3 1 N 1 7 H in f C 7' l CCB 73 l" J . LORENCE lizici-1ToN . . "Fliss" Alpha Theta "IJ :hir not more than pamtmg can ex- preu, Or youfhful jnoetxfavmy when they low?" , ANN EMILY LYONS Y Alpha Theta Lake Erie College, 1921-22 "Sc'cm.r to reject him, though .the grant: h if prayer. H -Fair Perzitfwzt -The Rape of Ihr Lock . E1,No IJUNCAN NICGLONE . "Mad, . 1 .Phi Phi Alpha ! President of the Senior Class l Business Manager of the Almanian C21g Assistant Business Manager C11 President Flint Club C21 Student Council Treasurer Phi Phi Alpha C31 Business Manager Marooii and Cream C31 President Republican Club C31 Debate C41 "B-nz in the way of bargain, marie ye me, FZ! cami! on the ninth part of cz hair." ml NC.. , ,.., C3, 41g treasurer C31 -H enry IV ' -iaizreggag I v-sw--ALMA COLLEGE 3 ? El 4. g -n pig - 3? y N v 13 ', , ' nl 341.111 1414. 1'1'Q er 4, , . , lril. Q rg' I-IAROLD CLARENCE NICNAUGHTON "Dick' ilgsgf , '- ilfi' 112 Zeta Sigma ' ?- 1 if M Football CI, 2, 3, 41, Captain C31 . rr.. , ,V no .r ,iw I H. 4 1 lf' l.Tfli'O lv , ,.,ii. . i ,M , . - M.. 4 , ,l, :5.w" ' il'i' 4' vli Hy- .,l1'QM.'i.':.1 4 ,',,w-,L -:i,',,r: I-riivw-diilllii JwJ.,lil1'?'Z-V1-f17?W.1lfii" ir-'Wi' sql.-Qssgrf .milf ' 1- ll'l,1l'p' isi', 1 I Iwi- ,gpg U A 1. z My A ' 1 gn, ,' .llli lm 1- :flips A 'WV :.:- 1 Goff," 24,4 2 10 iq- I l' i ii li' I l s' l ' G+ wlillim' 1 Q' QQ' !a'r,i3il:l.l f - :U U'lif.Fz "r :N '-'11 i 1 Ji. ,Wh f-. il , Mill, 'aw i .ifg W, -',-i,.r--. -. 1 , . ill ,. 1. . I film WV " 'lic i WM i ILM, U 1 1 I QW' .' 1. 0 lm! 1 ,sim A , 2 Ill!" ' if Inuit - ' i ,O . . . v 1 or ., ., . ni ll! .. l ii ii li I .. ra O 1 1. I' I ig ii I l. .' ' - lo .V I ,i ,w-N l3'f"i"' ,-'-' "6l' If S gl 5 Opinion: 'nl President Class of ,24 C31 President Zeta Sigma C415 House Manager C31 ' " In fhort Jo provoking zz devil way Dick, That we wiylfd himfull ten timer zz day at Old Niflef' -Retalirztiov-z JOHN ANDREW lXfIAU1uz11 . . "-laclcl' Phi Phi Alpha Football C3, 41 I Vice-President Phi Phi Alpha C41 "Cheerful, at morn, he wake: from Jlzort repofe, Breartx the keen, air, and carolr ar he gow." -The Trfwfller ERWIN D. NIERRIAM . Zeta Sigma 4 Glee Club CI, 2, 3, 41 Male Quartet C3, 41 President Zeta Sigma C41g,Vice-President C41Q Secretary f31g Treasurer CI, 21 Treasurer of Class Of ,25 C31 Maroon and Cream Staff C31 "I do not look for holy xmfmr to guide -me on my way." -.fl P'iZgl'i17Z,f Why M,x11cA1zET MORRISON . . "Marg" Kappa Iota Vice-President of the Senior Class Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41 A President Kappa Iota C2, 31g Vice-Presi- - dent C21g Secretary C41 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Q2, 415 Geneva Rep- resentative C31 Vice-President Student Council C41 President of Senior Girls Q41 Editor CO-ed Almanian Q41 Dramatic Club Director C31 N I hardly yet have lebczrnid To iizsimmte, flatter, bow and bend my knee." -Riclmrd I I MILDIKED NICHOLAS . . . "Mid,' ' Philomathean 'Uillaff we wx her with our mw'tlz.." -The Nurfmg Szszm' A ,l. MA COLLEGE Tlziriyf four llI1I'EA -lov STINSON -' 1fVILM.ER RAY lATTON . at , Beta 'I au Epsilon -. AlITl'll1l'll1 Staff C3 41 33 I'CS1QlLl1L Beta Tzu Epsilon C41' Vice- Pres1denLf31 Secretary 41 Secrctirv 1 M C A C 'T' Associate l dilor Maroon and Cream 3 .l ' Second Place in Omtoricil Contest 4 A , Silhman Scliolirship C21 Secret iry Republican Club 31 '14, You .ree 1111 grow 1n11.rtz1clzc.ff 3011. ear -Q The Eathmz in Dor. XID LY PUGSI EX 4 umor lliy Committee 31' Senior Play 1 Committee C41 Glce Club 41 Ylme war mystery in hi: looks. ., - Tha' Wayxidf Inn 24 l RIIDTRIC1 Wu 1 IAM SHAVIZR . Cucldy f Leta Sigma 1 lcotbill Q1 2 3 Bwskctblll I 2 3 41' M. I. A. A. Guard .. 3 4 A Baseball CI, 2, 3, 415 Captain f3l in President Class of '25 CBJ 5.31 . , rl 'lf' 4 'J . MP 77 'wil' . V ,C 4 4 K. ,Ii ' e lc c -, ' .ill P , - . ,, E , ' , '. 21 C- , . - . 3 2' . 4 4 1 . . 1 . 1 1 2 U we. . , ilu f . lil: 2 . ' 1il.i 4, an 4 4 2 ,V - I K y 5 .lnliiiillli '-im .flap 'ir boot." hills 1 7 1 ., 1 . 4 I 1 I1 i J . c . 141 .1 , - - w l I uc v Y' C 77 " ' Elllll l1 ' nl li ll A 1 Q ' I il 77 f . 4 i' . 'J i 'E a 1 14-D lllllz f' i E C 7 1 . 1 1 .NMS C: D M r .,i4 ,lli ,-ip. lllyf- I.v l U22 1 ii, ,Q '1Y', V112 1 i . -i. 41, . .4 A, ,1..,.. -'vi . Marshal Student Council C31' .i4' l llll' "Af L' 'il'-N 11l1l!l1'11-111111 ' House lvlanager Zeta Sigma Q3, 41 .pq ffl Athletic Editor Maroon and Cream C31 iilillll Ali? 4 - N "ll-if jnrayev' ha milk, thi: patient, holy lgllll fiifxi man." 441 filw.Qf1 5, -The Eve of St. .flgvief ,il ill?-'i '-.. - T JO!-'IN I-IENRY Sl-IROYER I l Phi Phi Alpha .HgMQ,1. .1 A ' i' :fi 1' 1 Treasurer of the Senior Class mf! M 1 1 - Treasurer Class of '25 12, 41 'Wi il Associate Editor Maroon and Cream C31 ,hgh . Vice-President Phi Phi Alpha C31 QM, "And yn of .fuclz fzutidiouf tariff, . lf' lla viewrfo-zmd zlze but 100 good." I+ -The Ufziyride lim df ni-. L. f., gf . Y-, ,H Philomathean wi -1-W Assocmiie Editor Maroon and Cream C31 vmvn . 1 'if-f74:1f4' - I l itil O ls 1,1- 'rw' 1' ' -." , . ii ,i . 1, I , 4. 4,44 1 'v,:"j 'Luiz-4, 1 I ' - 1l.1+ff-- ....- ,l'i CNortliwestern University last semester1 M. . . --f-T, it 4 4,144 "In ' fur om '1.m.r' main Hlij rlv XII .2 :Wi - u J "y i' M19-'f 1 1 1 1 'ii 1 1'-'Al' In actmvz no len. il f "ir is 1 . HQ -Gram Heart , 1 :EL 22:2 .21 A rr-1-W7fxLl'VIA COLLEGE A TlLi1'ty-jim' i,r 5" '- . timid' i' A"' iii 'MH "lil "A "" ii i' AUGUSTA M. STURTRIDGE . "Gussie 5' Q 'flijgw Alpha Theta ,j l 'llzfgllnglig 5 " Uncertain, Coy, :md hard to pleasef, C 145 'iii lil -lVIm"mion I 51 'ifli SINCLAIR TEBO . . . ' "Clair" IFS, C 'f 'l l lil Zeta Sigma E .CM 4 QM if Sli Basketball 1919, '20, C315 Captain5 M. I. Xalan' yljg 3,1 A. A. Guard '19 I, alll., 55 ,A,H,N, 4,5 gr ,C la Football 1919 !r"'ll"f'i'l'll 'l 1 ' All ! President Class of '22, 1919 Iqhffl' li l . President Y. M. C. A. C41Q Cabinet C31 Nall Cv' President Athletic Association eng Mac- '-Elq 'ji ' Hgef C31 hi jllwifff President Student Council C41 555 '.ii.-elim President Zeta Sigma C41 Qilfwg L f. Debate C41 A 1 IAC! lil "To lzzm all thingy were possible and aim I u seemed 'QW' ',,filfQ,i ,,N C. VV, , 5 4 , 'HI ' Not what he had dccomplixlied, but had gills' "' 'l" ' "Hi ' 4 All dreamed." -Emma and Eg'i11.hard 'ling 4 A wwf" Chi ,f Ii XCYIRGINI x ATIIEMAINE !ll lj' ' r 1 Alpha! Theta il, ' A Vice-President Class of ,25 C31 I lil 1 1' Vice-President Student Council C31 nf M Hip College Orator C21 C V P 1 ll , I President Alpha Theta 315 ice- resic ent . ' i C31 'C 4 , 2 I - f' Glee Club CI, 2, 3, 415 President C31 ly g ' - ' 'P vicc-Pccsacicnc Dramatic Club C31 -' A Senate C2 31 A ' 3 .5 ' Y. W. C.,A. Cabinet C35 lj, 4' Though grave, yet triflingg zealow, yet :fig ij! 1 1 -o 'ZL7'L1f7"LtL',' . ' If 4 CCI Avid even in pemmce 72?1la14,nz1zgHJz1z: jilgwivi , gngw, - .E TIHJL' E7 llwgill iiiwf ii CLARISSA S. VREELAXND . ' . "Clair', ,wlialiil 'M 4 Uv, ,G . C, gi. Philomathean "iff 'ill ':"W:l"" . Q- mi' Maroon and Cream Staff C31 ii '.5i "ffl Athletirc Board of Control C31 'Wal . V. 9 'O President Philomathean C41 . 6 'Fiat A "Her lively loolef a .rprightly mind dw- .iiiljf ' , Clare." -The Rape ofthe Lock ilifi 1" ELIZABETIY1 WVILLIAMS iz, , Alpha Theta . i C ff Secretary of the Senior Class , CW-,,, N M4 ,QI Glee Club C35 415 Nlanager C415 YVo1nan's 'ft iKiiii.iiiiiiiB jli-,li iir. it SCXYCULC C41 ill'ii'lii..l.l"il'Z-sl-'fr-----"em" l" fl Secretary Alpha Theta 'C21 ill? i. Assistant Business Manager Marooii and f ll ll lllznliliisll is iiirlenmlririi Cream C33 -ul.: A .I - , 5' ' i '- ' "And Betzylv pmzfed for labor! not her l-.i.iA-sig-1-3,-1--rl own." -The Rape ofthe Lock 5 l ALMA COLLEGE ' Thirly-fix XJ HARRY L. W1LL1AMs . . "Prince" Phi Phi Alpha f 1 ' o .Ng Baseball I 1 J- gl C J Track C25 0 I is Treasurer Phi Phi Alpha C259 Vice-Presi- N , 1 A I dent C45 l ' 1 "Ufith. age, with carer, with 77llll!ld1iKJ' ' ' oppvzxrxed, Ile Jfelex the 14' ugz of monaxtzc zest. , A d f -Thr' lfzz1zity of Huvnmz I'l"iJl1e: Q 1 lv c I-IOWARD G. WEST I C ' Band CI, 2, 3, 45g lVIanager C35g Treasurer A .jd Glec Club CI, 2, 3, 453 President C45 i A A 1' . l 11 Male Quartctlze C3, 45 I ' l 'X 1 Y . Zeta Sigma ' 1 0 C45 I I Lf C35 V5 Vice-President Zeta Sigma C455 Secretary i C 1 Kg, "RefoZw'd to win, he merl1ftatc.r the way, 1 - 1 1 , By force to rzwish., or by fraud bezmyfl ' ' ' i,'i f -The Rape of the Lock I 1 IL' I .1 ' I WINFRED PERCY WILSON 0 -1 ' 'LD1f,fcou1'.recZ in trv'111..v cu just, zuiih look: I ' 1 U zu mga, U U . C C ' AJ e'e1' could Devmzf of the Grfczan 1 Jtagef' I I -An Efmy on Criticism 9 J lCENNE'I'H Pi-111.L1P WOLFE . L'Ken" ', ' Zeta Sigma I , X I Band Cz, 3, 455 Director C254 President C45 . ee . Glce Club C35 ' H "W'014ld you axle for hi! vmfritr? Ala!! I I he had none." o 1 -Remlial-zfon I O 11' l , I gl CARI, A. WOOD .C U C J Phi Phi Alpha ' Q i " Secretary Phi Phi Alpha C35 ' 1 Nami, - 3-'L ' Q ..,.-f. M 1 . Debate C45 ' . A 1 1- 1 -e....,. ' , .',,,,.1.g,4 f1.Ligg "Old ax I ami for ladiex' love unit, A Q The power of beauty I remf1nbe?' yet." U Cl, 1' " 1. A Q. -Cymbdlim e ALMA COLLEGE IQ-Qllllil w' 1 ' ' ' nw-V ,,v, 4- , . 'WIIVH ,, 9' 1'i,,i lbw! ,, . wvlf , I' "' ir ww. ,X ,1 9 ,N . ' '7gI!'.q44'. I "W nl I. O -ll 'r', -4. , 2 V31 :Q 53,1 1 .v.. WU, 1 L' qw' HA'-I ,.. .i 04 0,54 Ij'llL vyl., I K. I LW ,M Q , ROGER R VVRIGIIT Roge Zeta Sxgmw 4 Iootball CI 2 3 4 Cxpm C31 NI A A Center and Cfzpmxn 32 Bmsketbwll CI 2 3 45 4 B seball I 2 3 4 .- PI'CS1C1C1lt Thumb Club f f ' He 1: ll'll evemvzg 1evele'r uho mafeef ' HH Zzfe an 111 amy and .f1'l'Lg5 hz: Ll! DEWEY DWMM: X 0191214 ' S urely some demon num parser: the lad Who .rlzowfd more 2011 than ever ,vchool ' boy had LLi4Qn1o1su-:ati X ALMA Co1,LEcEwv 'f -+4 "' a 4 - C5 J7 I . F - . l . . C c ? , , , jg 2 if in g . I. I . . - - I 'L' Q . Z ' 1 9 9 ' ' . C 7 7 7 D I .23 . H A . . I . . I 7 2 . . ,., 4 , . '- 7 , V 1 . f . 4- -Chllde Harold U . I 4 B I cc f , I I ' 4 ' 77' V ,VIN - , , , . U I -Emma and Egwzhzzrd l. L.:-4.-' 1 4 4 ' 4 W T JUNI IQQ Q , ,dk HZ? Mmoon Ann A CRE M 1925 I 26 5 'V I l X X 5 I 9 awk? 5 1 52 7 22 f Z' EZ f 2595! f Z rj? ff ?.- Z2i?f - I I ZZ? , ZZ? y I 2 X . A if! gf ', ?? I I 2 Z , Qi!! aff ' 2 , ? sclasaof' ' fff X X ? I L Fifi - -3. 4? E , , f , f I f fff I X ' y if 3 f C , 7 l H f, 1 lx X Z Z, ' ,fff m f f y V 7 , X if sfX ull" f ji' ,X ,.f I-Emmy. 55565 4' ' ALMA Co1,LEQEFv-Aff , . 211.1 ll Il U g"'y-Fekllzillmiw. - ., ,. ll-Ml T l,l .lg DOROTIIY LOESA ALLEN . ."DOt" Nm , A Alpha Theta ' 3, "I seek one man, om' man, and om' aloaef' nil H f:Q"- . --Sohrah and Rlaxtum. Ig 'n A lf , O! , I RUTH DEAN ALLEN H - 'I "She if as oirtuoaf ay fha lJ'f6H1'.H -Yhg Spamyh Student lg 4 ll , l l l 7 Il ul ' 4 Ill LEONARD ANDREWS . . . "Andy" ol I l Phi Phi Alpha " The pupil of imjmlie, it forced him along, l A Hi: conduct :till right, with his argzmievit 0 ' l wroizgf' I -Retaliation 1 7 lll V l o l l DOROTHY BRADLEY l Ai Alpha Theta ll Q Art Work A ill!! Secretary 'fill' " The fixing blufhey, which hw cheek 0'er- ll fpreacl, I' , E I , Are opening rofex iii the lily'J bed." .1 3 1 :haul -Diane .L 5!flf.l 3 ksl' llh , l' ul ' - I 1 -z w'w2f+N" l- l Myrlll' --l l. .": 'l l Ill, U Q ll'-ll' -z J l Ili l SOLANG12 Borssou' - Alpha Theta "Oh, may .vomz Jpark of your celeftial fire, , The laft, the meavzeit of your :ons iuypirefl' -An Essay on Criticixm ll , l ! ,W 1: ' alll l , lIl,f , lf QU!! 'llfjll' QQ .ll -ll H' Hli'1'l5ii '1'L'Wgh1 '7lIl' 'X la 1l.1i r:ll,l . f u' ww ll, . LM mv 2. u 'l' l lllllll2lll1'll'lti1 ll? hiv I 'N 'M I 1 'll Riu fs, ..-.L..----f--- - -lI-.1ll1l"'L- -'lfll IIQILY- W - AL MA COLLEGE l- TEV Forty U I I - I I Roclsu F. Coma .... "Reg" Phi Phi Alpha I. Associate Editor "Oh, cmsc, 1'lZ.I'l7, youth! dexift ere 'tix too late, 0 Fear the just gorlf, cmd think of Scyllrff I ffm!" I I DOROTI-1Y NIARIE DOUDNA "I I I EI I IK fi J Li. J' I AI QI Philomatheau "She mock: all her zoooerf out of cz mit." o' -.Much Ado flhofht Nothing I II .MIN LI.. II f ,. I. .. ,QI IIIIII I' 'III 'IWIIEI '1v1ilI,j','IIII, . I I IIII'IIIIIIIIIII, .JIIIIIIIIIIIIII III IIII I,IHIII.IiI.I1"I E'-'II'I.IIIllI.I2 III I III' IfII'IIJ'III I4 III'12IIII.III III5Ig IIQI n4I.IIMIIwIM-III IIIIIIII5IMI.IIu 1 Q QF O .II I IW 'I I I ' I I Is -The Rape of the Lock I I OH IC OSEPI-I Glsokcslzu COUTURE . . 'CSheik" I g "So be zvhrvzed by my lot Qwhich I know you ' " will 11.00, I And lmrh about women from me!" ' .N . E -The Ladies II . III V D I ' ox' I I 5 I II II. I 0 'lj I I I ' I I I I ' A I VVILIJAII-I B. CREASER . . . "BiI1I' II I I Beta Tau Epsilon ' I I I "Hare lie: homxrt Wi!lilL171, whore heart was I ll mint, ,I I ' While the ozomfr 'l'L6',L'7' knew hzIU the good II 'I lhat was i'Iz't." I -Retaliation ' I I o I, 0 V 'I II If GIIJBERTI H. DAVIS . . "GUI, Zeta Sigma 'I II' 'III'CE1SI.II'C1' I, , "1 was very wx!! plowed with what I knowed, .I y IIIII IIII ,I . I reckowwd 'l1ILV.S'6'UI no fool." I I I I 1 -Broolelmzd Road It 'IIN' IIIIII 'I F IQIIIIIIQ I ' IgI . I IIIIIIIIQ II ' I 'I 9 in ,I ---.-- -I 1ll1l'A :E-!LviL!' 9 A L MA CULLEGD F arty-one ,W iliiwum 1 , -' I T I H, ,VT I ,,!hl1'! I ON y lo h'Wh'h?ffl -WI D? HI me 5 W1 w I I ET! !M hlhfmw il,l 5: W Ill! w T I LD w w 4 , I ,',- - ' .. V .,.. -. , mi ,N 1. 1 ,uvyyxw ' X lflflf' , U, , .mg , ,- -14' X ,, 4 gl, ' NIARJORIE DEVERELL DUNTON . '6Marj" Alpha Theta "I give him cwxef, yet he give: me love." -A' Al'ldJ"Ll.1?Z77LZ7' N ightlv Dream 'w T' W 4 1 Z' .-I.: nw wJ N' Q' z HH-bl' . , 'W " WN h ., v 51 I' I 1 -w 1 1 . V - -, n . .' N , I 1 I fl V , 'YT 1 H. l. l . MARY RUTH EDGAR v O U . T V "Fam would I climb, but that Ifearvto fallf, h I --Written in a Window , 4 WN - , .I 2 E' pl H A If ' I 1 il NIILDRED B. FORBES . T My I "I do betray my:eU with 1Jl1TLJ'h'l77.g.,, l 'I nl 1 Q -Love'J LfLl701L7',,f Loft I f T N! HQ UI 3, 4:3 y lx w, 9 ll will Y II' 5. V 'I JENNIE NIARIIL GILBER1' 'N ,liz V Philomathean ' hi 9 'L 0 that my tongue were in the thznzderlv mouzh! ' , i: wel Then with a pa,fT1fo1z would I .vlzalee the f lli wh. wow . T I 5 I 4 -Kmg fohh s 1 u IV Tl I J 5 Mi ' h -5hf'fo ah v il 1 . RUTH LOUISE PIAMILTON N Alpha Theta ' " I had rather hear my clog bark at a crow than a man swear he love: me. " -Rlueh .fldo About Noihing l m ll I h' . UH.. P I MI T T ! -n -----.. 1v 1 Ill-.l - l. Lvigyy 2. Y , Forty-two ALMA QO1,LEO1k-Ae? fi t s , N - t A o RONALD 13.1-IARRIS . . 'lRou,' Z N ' lp, ,A l Q H Phi Phi Alpha 3' xi ' l lilclitor-in-Chief U' l 5 "l"t'1'y 7'd7'L'l3l will he Jqtzarely jbufh the logic 'WM i of afar! " l To iff 'ultimate conclzuiovz in 'uvzvnitifgaleci .Q3 f ' '. avr." ' -The Fmfzale of the Specify Ii , , 11 .lx Il' , x ! ii V i l I'lENRYl1l. I'IOLl.AND . I . . c'HHlTlC,, I, N Beta Tau Epsilon ' IL' 'UE dovft obry no ov'de1'.v mzleff lhey if 'if I l ' ownf' ' gm ' -The 'Eothen , . ' y lil . i glllggs, i . ll'llliliu -N ll ,rw l i le,al,il!f 1: lil ' i "il V i RAYMOND L. I'lUNTER . . "Shorty" N llii Phi Phi Alpha 'i l " I .fmrteci cu ci average kid, I jivzifhzd as zz thinkin' 11g,a1z.,' l' l -Thr Returvz X l H14 lil . lEL1zABE'rH JENKINS Alpha Theta 4 Vice-President . 5 " Thou. will 'fmvm' get time zz lztzubmzd, zf thou v - ,. ,, , 77 be ,vo .flzzfwd of thy tongue. 1M!LCll Ado About Nothing . li i IQATHERINE JENKINS Alpha Theta "0 q-zzrrtz of quemtf! how far daft thou exfelg No thought can think, nor tongue of mortal rellf, -Low? Laboufi Loft "" 'E: .1 : rl: ai Y ',L"5L!L'i!!'l 1 v N ff-fb V f W l f ' , , , ---e fe WYTA L MA COLLEGE . K ij X-2 wx. Forty-tlzrgc .lA ' 4 JC 71 i 3 0 G 0 li E A i i l i IQ ij 1 I ln! 1 fi 11:-'E'-'iii-im" ,V ' 'V ,I iq ,I 'xi Bi- 1' ' ' RUSSELLJOEINSON . . . "Buss" ,. V i 'X ,i .- i if Beta Tau Epsilon Ji 'E , ' ' - "He had a way of myiizg thingy - - That made one think of court: and king: ' ' -The Rhyme of Sir Cfiriytophev' A ,. l ' l 'IH Nijlaglvp V: xi QWj' i i 'iv : . . . V, ., 1 1 V w '. if 1 1 Zeta Sigma V ,1,,y. ' W, .i, n .rweet." , -Love J M1 5 WE, Wig 'ggfif lliiii MQ wifi iw DOROTLIY LEE Kappa Iota CHARLES EDYVARD LEMEN Zeta Sigma Associate Editor :nr -. I::1:7-.-- - l"l'!! !L'.! L? A JEAN CONSTANCE KINGAN . A "Connie " Tully war not 50 eloquent ru thou." Childs H arolci VVOODBURN K. LAMB . . ' "Woocly" H.7VIL'71d him who ming the Zcidief call him, 7 7 Labour J Lori " The more I hate, the more he followf me." -A7 .Mirl.fumme1' N ight'.v Dreziim lCEd,7 4' Thou weft not Jeiitfov' slumber!" ' Childe Harold ALMA COLLEGE F arty-f our CU 1 L J J fl " N! I . ., f :',1i:vMEG1fl iw, ' ,- Nu GORDON MACDONfXLD . . "Mac" l , y . 1. A Zeta Sigma 3 N 3' "A Scotelzmaizjrom pride aizzifrovn prejudice I i free, , p - 1 fl scholar, yet surely no pedant ZUILQ hef' ' I I -Retaliation 1 K3 NVILDA MAR'1'1N 'tl know not by what power 1 am mode bolcif, -A MidJ'll'l71"I7ZK7' N ightfr Dream DEVERE MITCHELL " Now liifgheree eyef with J'parleli1zgfil1'y glow, Now sigh: Jteal out, and tear: begin to jiowfl - -Alix Esmy on C7"1iiiC'1i.S'7'l7, lilENNIiTI4I BURNEL1, Moomz . . "Keanu ' Zctz1Sigma "Hi.r vows are lightly fpoleeii. " -14 Serwmt Whevz. He Reigizeth CARL'roN NEELAND . . '4Carl" Zeta Sigma President Business Manager alle wears hiy faith but ax the fashion of hi: ' hazy it ever change: with the next block." -Miiclz Ado About Nothing ji ill: I I :,, I Y n , ,L . ', -: 1 -s i i f J QD f ALMA COI,LI?C5l----up liw Forty-Jive 4 it n W I"'ll-5-Vi .Q 5 1 WW" Hi il ff' WUI 5 t LORETA BELLE NEELY .llf 553 Ih . 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"Duke" Zeta Sigma 1 Joke Editor 1 "Looked with the eye of love through the golden 1 vapour around him." -Evangeline 1 1 1 1 1 I-Imuu' W. SEGER, H Beta Tau Epsilon I 1 " W zth no reeuovz on earth to go out of his way, 1 1111 ,Q 1.11-111,. QQ.1IlW.g .l 111- 11 1 : 11111111511 , 1111 ' , ,ii 121,111 11' 551 211111111 1 111111113 111 1 1 1 111 1 11 11 .1 . 1,11 111 . 1, 1 1' 1 11 11111111111 ',1 11111',' 11111-' 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 111111111 F ,1 He turned and he varied full ten time: ez 41 ?1 JJ '1 day, II11 1111 -Retaliation 1 11. Q 1111 111' 1, 1111 I1 A fl 11 111 ' Q 11 . 1 111 1 11 . I 1 1,114 GERALD B. SMITH . . . 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'ml rw., 'Zi . .firm :'9iWa 1 ww- fy or ... .., . . ,N .. ..-1... I ' f 2.1 11 ' ,...o:11i:2!.!frMe .Z1..fTi..1:... fi V .fffl Q'1 gf ,E W, "'lf 1 fm... -nh N 5' uf, 1 rl 1 ..l:11ll mal N-INn,MIIl1 Nfl ,ililifrl , .MI Il I 1 n-'li I I. 41 'I g 1 ' l I. IV' X. rv I 5 " f"' Vl'U l"l X ...fl ., ,l Jw R51 I -ll N H 'Tl -1 -T. -Q1 ,filer Mapes' .T hh J, Mir ...g 5ll,l'lfsl . l il' .rj U l H rl' .lil ' hlhlgu, w,l,4 T I' wszllglww. T . . ,,,, , 5ll"l if . '- .gwg jl,a'T flgfflQ,i5a23hh j,2 1 . ', 7 -: N - 'i' lih ff, 'WM - igf-,'x" M. Af-"l 1 155 5' -.., , . 1 ,..., .. . 1 .gl Sg1'wl?l:i'4iHfm fi HL 'm,I'1..',:Vl ' e.H"lI,h swf J in wh ' 1 f ,. ,V , 1, w, wqufyly If mu W., 5,',.1,!,,1r W 4 I I .' ,': 1 1 'N ly., 5 'l. 1 1 .1 : 1. 31 -1113412111 oi 101 ----------.-1 lhl.1ll1l"4 QW-'I I TILT'- ,A I .,a gl .5 GERTRUDE SUTTON H I have not loved the -world, nor the world me." -Childe Harold CLINTON WILBUR TREADWAY . "Tubing" Zeta Sigma "He ix a great observer, cmd he look! Quite through the deed: of men." --fzalliux Coemr LOUISE MARION WATROUS . . "Lou" Kappa Iota "Your .virerzgth ogaimt temptation if but flight." -The Movrk of Caml-lVIaggiore ALBERT WELHOELTER . . "Dutch" Zeta Sigma "He was a bold and reekleff characzerf' -The Sparzifh Student BERTHA B. WOODPIUIKST Kappa Iota :LDiICl'6Z'l12 and scorn ride .rjmrlellvzg in her eyes." -Much Ado About Nothing h A ALMA QOLLEO1: Forty-eight SUPHSMUR ily .rl X I I .ff , ux O " R iff' 1 I' Q r Q:- -" X li llllllhillllll' ,' 4 ll szzsmszzmiii ' 'e"""'iiiiII: llllillll Vllll 'Inn' lllll V lllllllllillll' ll..-IIIHIIIIII f lllllllli" ll IIIIIIIIIIIIIII :::::::::ii :: 5555555-""::: I --I1-1112 A ' + Li R2 F Q? - 1xLMA COLLEGL n KAN l l J l I 1 E-AMN D.Nncn1'J.a F -Qi . I , 4 ' 1 , . l . , . . 5 , E.Umauau Eklasnsonn E.CLosacu D.CmvBELL W' l . 7 . I ' I . f Q . l V 1 , sf ' N.5rmcnmns ' Gbovv ' C.BUfUHER VLPavvri: L.LAU .4 l , 'V rpg, 5 ,- vc ' .l .s ' H , t CLASS 2 f lf t, . 18 2 7 , . Aylnn. C.Cuum C.f1"fDonN.v , l SOPHOMORWE CHRONICLES 12 Then came the Freshmen from home, even the whole gang, into the town of Alma in the ninth monthg and the men abode in Pioneer and the women in thc hall of CVVjRight. And there was a war to be ragedg and they gathered themselves together against the heathen tribe called Sophomores and hid away. And the Freshmen battled with the Sophs and died saying: . YVould that we had won against our enemies before this crowd. And why have ye brought up this gang of Freshmen into this hole that we and our friends should die here? l Andwherefore have ye made us so many rules to obey in this evil place? It is no place of play, or of joy, or of freedomg neither is there any water to drink. And the Freshmen went from their homes into the abode of the faculty and they fell upon their facesg and the blessing of the faculty appeared upon themg and they spake unto the coach saying: Take these men and gather thou them together, thou and Rathsburg, thy helper, and use them as thou scest fitg and they shall be good fightersg and thou . shalt use them on all thy teams. And so did the coach as it was told him. And Professor Ewer took also the advice from before ,the faculty, as it was commanded him. A L M A eo1,1,12,c, we-as we Fifiy l Q! M my 511: "- 4 'mlfx l 1 i l ' Q 1 f ' ,, y ' , V A V Q Y H Ei" 1 1 ' , H,DoumiA I R.Wu.san N.Kvnz: P Aflusson Y 5.5mm:m 1 V - Q I 1 ' v ' -t - E I , ly by 'Q' e -. A.: I J.DAvson R.Ruums K.Jom:x l'.LAu 1 Ar1.Gnovm EFWQ11 l W ' ' I L jii - X, ' - v .. v r all ,.,. Q vxg. " J Y' 7" Y -plea' . SX Lf' 1 l'l.PAnw R.GAll10R H.Fu.osr ' E,.,Bnoons 1. ,R.O3TRNIDCR, Q. 'ev , Q ,f -e . Hi' ij!! .1 L sw .: A ' 4 . A - A 3-ff' l ' . - ' 1 Ejuxcm Ahoonr FfN"Daucm I'1.FunnAn 4 Y Ciuazr A,GlL5ERT And the President and the Vice-President gathered the Freshmen together in the chapel and said unto them: Hear now, ye classmatesg must We be pulled through the Pine? i And the Freshmen lifted up their voices and cried, "NOV, and the water flowed on abundantly and the Freshmen were not pulled in. And the President spake unto them: "Because ye obeyed the rules, to keep thyselves from being paddled, therefore ye shall in due time be Sophomores and shall lead new bands into the paths pointed out to them." And the new Sophs sent-messengers unto the new Frosh:"'Thou knowest the things that we do. How We shall set up a flag and ye shall test thy skillg and the Freshmen came forth and were defeated. These things being done, many others still the Sophomores 'didg and behold they are in Alina the chosen class. --BEULA XVATSON. f7:'Jl l A t H or WHL MA COl.,Ll2blQ or LJ I Fzlflyfovz e I I -I -1 IW I I '4 6 I I I fi? I .7 5 'I X U 1 X A ' fa'IifiL:' M- I I 4 in I IX Q 2 mf -1 ga I '25 fllfe' S1 w .J ' S? In X2 I . , I L r y 1 If ' Qui . I ,I .Aw 5: I 'V A R. O ' ' ' 'I fl? 1 A- .fTXg,." Q, 5 '43, x'tsq-Hp, , In ffm -1 " . . ,."'---- I Aj. ' . -. ,- ' ro T' iiivief. KT' - W "'7fs'f' f ' 2-79' Q' L ' 1' ' - 955.737 .If .' - I 'rf' ' V, A-, ' I Q . 1. "-azigglg-ivv' I , f' , ri L, R r-'Q' fe ,WUI U. I H I ,KW xx j M , nl, ' 'E:,q'1.V, . U .4 1 V ,i.TX3:"- .if 1- ' If'-ffl I 3.1 .l. rr, I 1 I I I X' F1fAy-two AL MA COLLEGI? I -QD QP PRES!-IMEN w tffyff XX Lf , S CX 3 Hg X fbx E..:x,'3 J',f 1 K ' g ""h ff u X Hun ' 1 N X I 1 X ,XC AQ X 4 L-Fxip , . M-F --QQ? 1fxLMA,COLLEG1'2 I Fzlftyrflzree in . AL , f p if W W' ' 'Ig 51 - -- Y If r, j fp Xa ts, H5 'MR 1 V01-vf G.Bue 'R.Em-:onus ALO N . 'hp ' 4 as T ECu:hsen A 'H.f'l'iDoivw4M ' H.B:n.son c.HEYlDERSbl0'll V L,Tumqgp yl,p,,LL,,, V 'V . : ' V N, f . l - J - " grji-':i,f, Y- ' , P , fl Tl - I 1 V - lt? ,,-l W 3 him Hi H J F C MUN- EDUWH F.RAueu A R,AnLu.n L,w,,,rg LULD-r Cllii ' i O O' ' 13 2 0 r X ' lYTf.if?lfl ' A - X r , F.Busa C.N:Lsor1 STATION 1928 BROADCASTING FROM ALMA College life and college traditions are not complete without the Freshmeng for new material must be added for the professors to try to educate, someone must receive the vituperation of the upper- classmen, and newcomers are the only buyers of "chapel ticketsn. Therefore, if the reputations and customs of Alma College are to be maintained, good material Csuch as is present in the class of 1928, is necessary. Upholding the current opinion, ,we lost the "flag rush", not be- cause we did not iight hard, but for the reason that too fcw of us e ALMA COLLEGE Fifty four J QNX, N i I L, l ,r 'X CD f K1 251 QI' Y , OI' , ,r a 'V 2 gr --f ' 1' r' N ' 'P' , Jig. I ,fa x J. Annu B. Cannon Cfhwnuw Dpmnvtul ll .' 5 Q f pf 9 B. ii EBMI' Ppvnov BfBuua::Qa ' "Wx, .v . M L W -is I t ' 2. rf -. 1, ' '17 J' E - X-' ' -I N P1.l"m-n.r.n B.Comc L.Nicn:m,s ' B.Kno-nu l.f'lAun:u R.Hnun 'gf X magyar? ' H ' ' l JA - 'gi RY-,V U Q , V, Q Hg. f Q Q M, q :qv p, :W re QQ " ' L , r 1 " A ' xr , N1 'g..,, X 1, karl, l - c . X if 4 A,I'lAnmoLo Y Av Dfjiqwttc wr- C,lQlzT1-Abi, R.Nwrmn D.D,mn:n.L stayed in the attic of Pioneer Hall. We did, however, beat the Sophomores and oflieials in a football game, and trimmed their wicks properly in basketball. We were represented on the varsity football, basketball, track and debate teams, and also won both oratorieal con- ICSIZS. We are proud to be called the "best behaved bunch of Froshu, not that we are unduly meek, but because we know what a Senior means when he shows us our place with a downward pointed finger. We live to learn, and hope that the Student Body will only remem- ber the time when they were Freshmen. A ' -RONALD A. NlCGLONE. a a ALMA COLLEGE Flfly-Ji 1 v , 4 E13 V as f . - JL, -' - -- X 12 V A 4' ,. I ae ,1-'N ' 'M my t, ' ,I M mx . '-' w A ij: V f If , "'--'CI X15 x "-Q-1' 5' Lau ' ' , . ':. f N 3 ' " k .. 4" ', A L J., ' . "Q Es 5: ' E1 r, AXE? Q Q If ri" ' -n..4.Y"'Z,4:f , ' , e f ,1-"ff 522, " is . XX I ' Q' YVJL. Waokgim 1'L5 f".-:7"1A MQ' -D' '24-up Qfe PjE -Q7 I' ff .W ' ' 33 . ' ' E ,, .XF ,. 59 4 can i L A -1 ' L ' -"5 ll lllf' AI, MA COLLEGE QW Fifty-:ix lx, I A ,NN XT fi" I X WEA-2 XM Q fi "" I' WN A57 ' ,,Vf- X Z " - K5 M' 'X wr W. f f kij Dances . I I . 345 2 I Q,.n+, h f ' 4-1 f' - QL 4 lf M 1 Wig x Y , AiTe-E-1-B - Q N Z My im, fl? fwfdx 4 52 1 ASS U Jjfk , 44125 . .PJ Qfgifiga X 'f' Tfxdinn, Nvvf' K-dy 51.5 U - WALMA c,01,LBC,b g f? F ifty-f.:'w1L XJ I I I C M II hai 1 I 1 I K-6 THE STUDENT COUNCIL In glancing back over the record of Student Councils, several changes were noted. One of these changes is in the membership, which at present consists of fifteen members. The four class presidents are ex-officio members. Acting with these are four more representatives from the Senior Class, three from the Junior Class, two from the Sophomore Class, and one from the Freshman Class. The faculty sends one representative who advises the Council and brings messages and suggestions from the faculty. Another very important change that has occurred in the Council is its financial control over various campus organizations, including, Athletic Board of Control, WVeekly Almanian, Gratory and Debate, Y. NI. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. 'I-Iereto- fore, these organizations have met and controlled- their affairs alone. As was stated last year, these boards or organizations have a different personnel at each meeting. Consequently members were not well informed concerning the matters contracted before or the financial conditions of the school activity fund. From now on, a member is appointed from the Student Council to act with these boards to help direct the budgets. All bills are now passed by the Student Council before they can be paid. In this way there is an accounting for all bills and money spent. Last year the students voted to set aside a part of the Student Activity Fee for entertainments. This fall the Council, acting with the faculty, drew up a program of entertainments, consisting of lectures, musicals and plays. ' The program consisted of eight numbers, some of which are still to be given. Although this program has been criticized severely by students, the Council hopes to profit by its mistakes and secure a better or more satisfactory program next year. The old, undying question of enforcing campus rules has come up repeatedly this last year. Campus rules and traditions have to be enforced-but how- that was the- greatest difficulty. Paddling seemed inadvisable until the Marshal found that most all colleges our size and larger use the same method of punish- ment and often in a more extreme sense of the word. However, the Council de- cided that punishment would not be confined to paddling only. If he cares to, the law-breaker may do a required amount of work on the campus instead of taking the "Royal Order of Forty-five Degrees." The Student Body should feel that the Council is coming to the front and improving into a more efficient body. These few Changes have been helped a great deal, but there is still a great deal of room for improvement. The present oH'icers and members are: . SINCLAIR TEBO . . . . . Pre.rident NIARGARET MORRISON Vice-Prericlent IETHELYN ADAMS . . Secretary JOHN APSEY . . . . Trearurer Ross. CALKINS . . . . llflarslml PROFESSOR ROY W. HAMILTON . . Faculty fildmrm- TQATHERINE JENKINS RVILBUR SNELL REED RUGGLES RONALD MCGLONE ELNO D. McGLoNE CARLTON NEELAND ALBERT WELIIOELTER DE VERE RUEGSEGGER HELEN KEMPE -ETHELYN ADAMS, ,27. ALMA cottsoe me " Lili I . 1 Fifty-eight x.4,T: CD. w .X 4., ,V it THE WRIGHT HALL SENATE I ln March, 1922,'the women of XVright Hall organized to test their ability for self-government. Clauses from constitutions for self-government in Various East- ern schools, being found applicable to the needs of Alm,a's campus, were used as a basis for the constitution of the VVright Hall Senate. The organization which was thus founded is adequate and efficient. Every class elects one representa- tive from each society. Nominations for President come from the girls as a group. The Senate then elects the President from these nominations. It also elects the other officers. The purpose of the Senate is to eo-operate with the Dean of Womeii in pro- moting high standards of honor and integrity in matters of personal conduct, and to maintain order and discipline among the women of Wright Hall, The work of the Senate this year has not been spectacular, but many questions of discipline have arisen which have been justly and satisfactorily settled. Its benefits increase as the organization grows older and the girls accept more re- sponsibility for the standards and traditions of Wright Hall. Through its work the Senate has created ar better understanding between the NVrigh,t Hall women and the Dean than would otherwise be possible, which is one ofits greatest accomplishments. ! I I i The 'officers of theepast year were: . . Prerident V ic:-P1'e.rideni Secretary- Treasurer CnR1s'r1Nn Discrcmz LORETA NEELY . . lvlzxnounnrrn BROWN Those newly elected for the year 1925-26 are: . . Pfefizient . Vice-Prfriafmzt S fcretary- T1'm.ru1'e1' ESTIIER OLDT . EL1zA1sE'rr-r JENKINS . ELMA BISHOP . -DOROTHY M. DOUDNA. ' I Fifly-nirze 1 --ee --Y MA cottses. tl l J f-fN Y. M. C. A. The Alma College Y. NI. C. A. during the past year has become a part of the state organization. Under the skillful and painstaking direction of the new State student Secretary, Roy McColluch, a splendid state-wide program has been launched which will unite all the college associations in Michigan. This has been the first year of this program and already results are apparent, and the future for next year looks even brighter. Through this organization many prominent speakers have been made available. Among these were George Collins, Frank W. Libby, Gilbert Lovell, and others of 110410. These addressed the student body on world problems and discussed them later in open forums. A series of talks on China, treating this country from social, economic, political, and religious angles, was given by Professor Clack and was well attended by the students. ' The annual Opening Reception, the Stag Pajama Parade, an All-College Hallowe'en Party, the Stag "Bathrobe Paradev, and several receptions in Wright Hall after basketball games were well attended. Facing a large financial delicit at the beginning ofthe year, the "Y" has man- aged to get on its feet in this respect also. At the joint banquet of the retiring and the incoming Cabinets of the Y. M. and Y. W., held April 16th, "The Task" of "Carrying On" was handed over by the retiring OHIICCFS to the new ones. With the Spirit ever helping them in their attempts, there is no doubt that next year the Y. M. C. A. will be enabled to reach the student life and be of more service on the campus. The retiring and incoming officers are as follows: 1924-25 SINCLAIR TEBO Ross CALKINS DONALD CAMPBELL RONALD HARRIS 1925-26 . . Prerident . LEONARD ANDREWS . . Vice-Preridenz . . C. E. LEMEN Secretary . EDWIN MCIQINNON . Treaxurer . EDWIN CREASER 1SINCLAIR TEBO. l?,QD ALMA COl,LEGl?--get Q S iffy fix l - 4 l I 13 ' V V l I . l l I I A A I all . l " " l i Y . W . C . A . Under the capable leadership of LoReta Neely, its president, the Y. W. C.. A. this year has been very successful. During the summer two delegates, LOReta Neely and lvlargaret Morrison, WC1'1t to the Y. VV. C. A. conference at Lake Geneva. The hrst week of school in the fall is known as Y. W. week, every member making it her aim to get acquainted with the Freshmen women, and several social func- tions were planned for that purpose. The cabinet chose for its motto this year, "A broader life for everyone on the campusw. The Y. NI. and Y. VV. Cabinets united in giving the opening reception, the Halloweien party, the Christmas tree i and Hnally the banquet for the incoming cabinets. Q ' The officers are: ' ' Old New LOlRETA NEELY' . Prefidem . RUTH ALLEN NIARJORIIB IJUNTON . Vice-Pravident . . DOROTHY LEE BERTIIA WOODHURST ' Serv-etary CONSTANCE ZKINGAN Y HELEN COURTAIJE . T1'ea.fIu'e1' . DOROTHY LANDWEHR I ESTI-IER OI,IJ'I' ALLQA GILBERT IVIARGARET MORRISON . Social . ELIZABETH JENKINS 1 AIJMA GILBERT . . Social Serzfice Q . ELMA BISHOP ' CATIIRYN LEE . Home . ALICE GIES JUNE LEWIS . Program BERTHA WOODI-IUIlST BEULA1-I YVATSON . . Ponder . . NIAXRJORIE KUNZE VICTORIA BAIINA . World Fellowxhip - . LOUISE WATROUS IQUTI-I AI.I..I5N . . Gemfva - . . . LUCILLE WVOLFE lVllLDRED NICIIOLAS Publicity . GERTRUDE BURCH -BERTHA WOODHURST. I Sli? A ARQALMA COILBOIQ . if Y -Sis. xf W S ixly-one PAUL GESNEIK Cecil, NIACDONALD THE WEEKLY ALMANIAN Under the editorship of Doc. Paul D. Gesner the Almanian has almost com- pleted a very successful season. Doc has tried to remember that the Almanian is the outlet for college opinion and has conducted the paper accordingly. In a very fair-minded way he has freely published faculty as well as student opinion and has only refused to put in print matter which he believed injurious to the feelings and sense of justice of either party. In addition to regular issues he has published several "specials", e. g., a farm edition, a basketball edition, a week of prayer edition, and a co-ed edition. Other special editions are in prospect. Doc. possesses the important requirement of being able to Work harmoniously with his staff. Wliile he does a large share of the work, he always accepts readily suggestions from his subordinates. . No small share of the Almanian's success is due to Cecil MacDonald, the business manager. This has been one of the hardest years in the history of the college to coax ads out of the financially straitened Alma business men, but "Cec" has, by his oratorical powers or by other means, parted enough of them from their money to keep the Almanian's head above Water. ' -XVILMER PATTON. ,Lfxs fx-N ALMA cottsct as A Sixzy-za o Q ,X if Q5 i K N 1 .x 1, I I x.: :I r , 4-lx 1 f I ,Q II I I I I I I I I I LESLIE Or.n'r Rum EDMONDS ORATORY In the lield of oratory Alma was represented by two Freshmen. In the local contests held in the chapel in january, first place in the wornen's contest was won by'Miss Ruth Edmonds for her oration, "The Price of Prejudice". lVIiss Ed- monds made a plea for broadmindedness as a cure for the present race problem. Miss Esther Oldt was a very close second in the women's contest. Mr. Leslie Oldt was awarded hrst place in the men's contest for his oration "The Power of a Free Press". Mr. Oldt departed from the usual oratorical lines and presented the more intimate problem of the daily newspaper and its influence. Mr. 'Wilmer Patton won second place. March the sixth, the orators competed with representatives of other colleges of the state in the annual contest of the Michigan Oratorical League at Kala- mazoo. Mrj Oldt was given fourth place in the rnen's contest and Nliss Edmonds was given sixth in the wornen's, First place in the, men's contest was given to Albion College, while honors in the women's contest went to Hope College. The places won by the Alma orators were the usual places taken by represent- ativcs from this college. Alma has yet to see an orator compete in the Iirst or second year of college and continue the rest of his or her college career. It cannot be expected that Freshmen or inexperienced speakers can place very high against the highly trained orators of the M. O. L. Honors will come only after several years of constant work. It is to be hoped that Miss Edmonds and Mr. Oldt will continue to take active interest in oratory at Alma. Then We may confidently expect higher honors for our school. ' I Sixty three if PPQELXLMA cottsciz e Zif- vi r 4 l f"fXw DEBATE Alma was represented in debate this year by inexperienced teams. Of last year's debaters four were lost by graduation and a fifth member failed to return to school. This left us with Harris as the only man with any previous training in college debating. A group of about fifteen tried for places on the teams in the fall. The teams chosen were: Aflirmative, Cecil MacDonald, Captain, Clifford Fildey, Sinclair Tebo, and Carroll Clark, Alternate. The Negative team was made up of Ronald Harris, Captaing Leslie Turner, Carl Wfood, and Elno McGlone, Alternate. - The question debated was: "Resolved, that Congress should be empowered to override, by a two-thirds vote, decisions of the Supreme Court declaring acts of Congress unconstitutionalf, The teams, coached by lVlr. Sharrar, drilled on the question, emphasizing the present position of the Constitution concerning progressive legislation and the governmental consequences of the adoption of the proposed plan. , February the thirteenth, the Aflirmative team debated Michigan State Normal on the home platform, losing by a two to one decision. The Negative team jour- neyed to Albion where it lost by the same decision. The twenty-seventh. of Feb- ruary the Negative team lost to Hope on the Alma platform, again by a two to one vote, while the Affirmative team lost at Olivet by a unanimous decision. Wihile this record cannot be called satisfactory, it must be remembered that all of the teams encountered were composed mostly of experienced debaters and it is little to be wondered that an edge was to be shown in their favor. In the number of points earned Alma equaled three other colleges in the Nlichigan De- bate League. Two letter men and an alternate will be lost this year by graduation. This leaves four experienced debaters and an alternate around which next year's de- bating work will center. 'With coaching equal to that which the teams had this year from Nlr. Sharrar, Alma's record next year should place her among the leaders of the League. , ALMA COl,LEG1?e been to W Sixty-four Q. I v I I LEE M. SHARRAR , Coach SINCLAIR TREO CLIFFORD FILDEY CECIL MJXCDONALD fljirmative Captain LESLIE TURNER CARL Wooo RONALD HARRIS - Negative Captain CARROLL CLARK Jjifvnative Alternate ELNO 1VlCGLONE Negative Alternate I 4 ,r-, . 225' - f HL- C3 - ALMA COLLEGE Sixty-fi - ' I Z! ll l x ,J v ll ,fx fhllmll lfixfgjl l All ,irilil L li il L l " l ,Q l. l lt., 'il 3 l l T -,Q l 1, 'I l ll il i l l l l l , l I i MEN'S GLEE CLUB The fifteenth annual tour of the hflerfs Cvlee- Club was a success. A successful trip means a success- ful season, for the annual tour is the club's chief activity for the season. The itinerary this spring took the club into the southern part of the state, a hitherto unconquered lield for an Alma College Glee Club. Beside the experience of singing before critical and appreciative audiences in the cities visited, the club received several novel entertainments. They were Featured with Weber and Fields on a bill at the Boulevard Shrine Club of Detroit, broadcasted from the Book- Cadillacllotelgwere featured by the Rotary Club of Flint on their annual Gala Day both in the parade and at a luncheon, furnished music for the Sunday evening service and gave the feature concert of Dedication week at the First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak. The Following towns were visited: Saginaw, Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, Milan, Albion, Royal Oak, Farmington and Northvillc. The home concert was given to an excellent audience, and at the present writing was expecting several other engagements. . ' The oflicers of the club were: Professor W. Ewer, director, Howard West, prcsidentg liilliott Crooks, manager, and Carroll Clark, accompanist. -lEr.1,io'r'r Cnooxs. .- 4. 1. -- .T , ,ft no S ixly -.r ix I l u '--,A tx J VX i i l l l v l 75554 -. ,if l T - l .ffC"yl--c,.--,, - f- fc. e L ' -,... F' Q V , , W' - ' , Q e l, ,ffl i, li ,l llllii-Q' I fs 51.27 'fe' Qfg f l , QL f.f.U CANTANDO CVLUB Although the "Cantando Club" has had some difficulty in establishing its new name, chosen to supersede the "Girls, Glee Club", we believe that it is now definitely a part of the Alma College vocabulary. From the first the girls have worked conscientiously and the year has been almost entirely free of discord- in one way as well as another. The Club has been able this year to realize one of its fondest dreams-to take a concert tour through Northern Michigan. Due to the untiring efforts of the business manager, the club was able to start out on the morning of April 19, for one of the most enjoyable experiences it could possibly hope for. Chaperoned by Mlle. Marie Louise Boissot and Professor J. W. Evver, director of the Glee Club, the girls received the heartiest Welcome from the towns in .their itiI1erary,and the townspeople in turn report themselves very favorably impressed by the work of the chorus, sextette and various soloists. It was with regret that the members realized on their return from the trip that their Glee Club work was about over for this year. Too much praise cannot be given Professor Ewer for his untiring work, both with the chorus and sextette, and to the officers who did so much to make co-operation possible and effective. The officers of the club are: Beatrice Cottle, President, Elizabeth VVilliams, Business Nlanagerg Kathryn Joiner, Assistant Business Nfanagerg Dorothy Doudna, Secretary and Treasurer. l ' -VIRGINIA TREMAINE. S ixly-Jezfm T? e eeaxtisrn eoI,LI3e13 Q ALMA COLLEGE BAND PROFESSOR Ewen .... . . Dirvrlor Ei.LIo'r Ckoorcs . Drum Major KENNETI-I WOLFE . . . Prvside-nz Ross CALKINS . . . . l31ui1zexJ'1W11nagfr I'lOVVARD WEST . . ..... Trmrurer Cornrt Clarinet Saxaplzom' Trombonc LIEICHTY XNOLFE Runcsisociau XlVES'l' BOYD ERSKINE COLE SEGE11 BUZZARD- DARNE LL N 1sEl.AN in Os'r11ANn li ia LIKEN DOUDNA Scimnrrxclt ALBIN Grcovizu Baritone Ban' Dru.-mx CALK1Ns BAKER Gesiznia NICKELS Mussox Fimsev. lfowuaxc As the Alma College Band was organized in the school year of '22-'23, it- was a very loose organization and produced music which corresponded somewhat to the organization. - However, under the able Director, Professor Ewer, the band developed into one of the most prominent campus organizations. On December 16, the band journeyed to Saginaw accompanied by the quartet from the Men's Glee Club, and acquitted themselves quite nobly for the Exchange Club Banquet which was held in the Auditorium. Practically all that has been accomplished has been due to the perseverance and ability possessed by the Director. Without him the Band would have been a failure, so it is with the best of feelings that the Band of ,24-,ZS bids good-bye to its Director and Leader. -Ross CALKINS. AL MA COLLEGE Ci' Sixty-eight 1 "-N nw QQ V A ,Q WL AW gig? M: fx Q Tfllqgfaklfjzgfgilgic 0 Q I X mffigiff if 0 E 777: J " -0 '22 X fjf'ZfQ N .npp -,--MZ I f fs! , Q X Fri V ? Y X " DQ 95 ,ffvf .W :iff ff ff 5 V! Z ,Z ,4- LHC'?5f..+ Har-we OX T-Tgjz-I-mica Q cr G,,g,Xe955 6 XJ, 5023 U CN 0 0.10 ' 6? Q ' 71:5? M W A ,M A" N 'X tim ' 1 " nh 'Q m K CX of 0 W X ,hu 153 : Atl. s .af A ' 270 Q6 .fo Elo? 0:6 M 1UQJJlQ ' ' ' f X ' 'J , Z L We ,7fxLMA COLLEGE Q S 3 ine l ZETA SIGMA LITERARY SOCIETY 5 MEMBERS S. TEBO H WEs'r H. NTCNAUGHTON B. ARMSTRONG B. BOUYVMAN A. CARTY R. CATHERMAN P. GESNEIL E. M ERRIAM F Sr-mvrzn K. 'l'A1u1AN'r R. Wxucm' C. BRAn1.1zY ' I-I CATHERMAN E. Cnooxs G. Dfxvxs W2 LAMB G MACDONALD K. Moons C. NEELANIJ M. ORP. D IQUEGSEGCER VG. Snnru - C. 'l'ru:ADwAY - S. SARTOR A. XVELHOELTER P. ANDERSON S. Benueimiul-' C. CLARK j. DAWVSON C. NIURRAY R. Ruccuzs A. VV1311. L Cnooics R. .l'lOGAN A MANIGO1.D . R. ALLEN P. BOUTAN R. Fnmsmx B IQNOVVLES F. GARDNEIL E A"ICiKINNON C. Scnisrrmz R. RICE I HAwTHo1aN.15 M. .l'l0LDSHIP 1 ' . V I, Zeta Sigma, the oldest society on the campus, had in ' the year IQZS, one of the most successful seasons in the history of the society. Her men were well represented on the athletic teams of the college with a very good representation in all other campus activities. Under the leadership of McNaughton, Tebo, and Rrlerriam as Presidents, the society prospered and many new men were initiated. The Co-Ed Banquet was the most success- ful in many years, there being a large number of alumni back. The Stag Banquet was also a huge success from the standpoint of men returned, this event being the climax. of a very successful year. --K. B. NIOORE. fffix f i' - QQ A A ALMA c1o1,LeC,e-as A me as Q Seventy A PHI PIII ALPHA LI'1ERARY SOCIETY BLNTLIY 1 CALKIINS. NICGIONL j IXIAUIU R Woon I GAY Snnovx R XKVIILIAMS 'XNDRI ws Com IIARRIQ IIUNH R Nxsnl l Run I I I D I J I 9 I RICHARDS Sm rm. 'XNDLRSON Bovn BUz7RRD CAMPRLLL DOUDNA Lmhnxr I IIDEY I num I RASFR GAINOR AU I x:Ic1 TX J RfICLANDRhS5 Nf1ooRn NICKELS OSTRARDER PROUTY PRUYAII RUPPILLCII1 SWELL ALB1R BROYVN Com. Cummmcs IVICGLONIL VIACGRECOR lhe Pln Pln 'Xlplm IILLl"1IX QOCICII was OIf..'lK1IlCd to develope well b1l'1need llteralx men Ill the 'xtmobpherc of brollxerlv l1elpIulneC.s lhe nun ue taught the worth of C00l7C,l'd1l0Il und 'ue urged to follow the lC'l.Clllllf,S of the Cl'lb9l0OII1 lhe lltcruv prop uns consxbt of pfllllil mcnmrx cllllla dclrltu, pxpers on nnpolvlnt laSllCa ovmons 1nd nnpromptub on curlcnt cventx lhe ment IIIQS au. cxrcfullx planned no thu vull bc xnstrucme Ind IIIICICQUIIL, Phi fcllowslnp IS IOQICILCI bx mp1 up the rn er treats, putxcs 'lncl l7lIlLlllC.lh The men hue luuncd the lesson of dcnng, llllflgi well bs puttxng. the same mn into thur work as into thelr plax lhen swf, banquets are the scene of much IIICIIIIIICDI whllc then Lincoln Bflnquus 1rc the envy of the school lfn lllllxlllf. then LIICICZIXOIS tlnw closclx together, the men of Pln Phu Alplvl h'1xe foxmed l bond of llblmi. IHCIILIQIIIP Row CALRIINS LMA COI C VIACNIANLJS C NIORROW R NEUMAN I' RAUCH W SCOTT NI QTAILETOR Plfdgff R IIRER M FOXVLLR II I'IIC'IILU1ND I' XIONXISRI L BICKLLS LEGS Sezeniy on 1. l I - -1 1 I". -' 5 I.. . D. ' ' ' .i ' I' ' I . " Q. " f A. I - . 1 f lf. 'z . -' .. f 1' R. I '4 . I . " -: G. R. ' '. C. YI. . F. . I-. 7 I. 1 -' WV. 1- I-'.. P Y -I. . Q I' . II. f ' l'I. , .' . " . ' 'L 'I - . L... as C. ". - . ' .,"' R. - -1 I'. ' - ' K. .f . ' f R. - . .. 7 I N. .f ' . ,A ' R. ' R. E. '. 1 ' ' l'l. 1".L R. ' . I 1 c G. I f 31. .- 1 ' K. I , l 1' 2 ' " ' " . ' . Viww . . - 4 up-M - ., . XXV In - rl GD v J K-fx BETA TAU EPSILON JOHN APSEY XVILLARD AKE ROBERT BAKER FREDERICK BLISS EARL CLossER XNILLIAM CREASER EDWIN CREASER DONALD DARNELL LORRIMER GRANT DONALD GROVER MEMBERS for-IN PIILDERLEY HENRY HOLLAND RUSSELL JOHNSON VELMIXII LYONS CECIL NIACDONALD . FRANCIS MACDOUOALL CLANCY NIOLL ALPHA MUssoN CHARLES NELSON VVILMER PATTON GLEN PRATT FRANK PURDY FRANK RIIINDAGE HENRY SAGE MILTON SEIFERLEIN l'lARRY SEGAR Joi-IN TI-IOMA IQOBERT VVILSON XKVALTER WILKINSON EVERETT WINSLOW Beta Tau Epsilon has made giant strides this year as regards membership. The number of members in the society at the beginning of the year has almost doubled. These members are for the most part people who are working conscienl tiously for tlIe honor of the college as Well as for that of the society. Beta Tau Epsilon is proud ofthe fact that the members manage to 'live on the most amicable terms with the other men on the campus, both society and non-society. It is the constant policy of the-society administration to continue such friendly relations. -XVILMER PATTON. ALMA COIIECID: Sevemy-Iwo ' li Y - I l 'I l ,lL l l I !, 94 l A l l ALPHA THETA LITERARY SOCIETY Organizer! in 1890 , E MEMBERS BISATRICE COTTLE DOROTIIY BRADLEY NIARGUERITE BROWN ' ANN LYONS DOROTHY ALLEN MARJORIE VVATKINS FLORENCE LEIOHTON ELIZABETH JENKINS DOROTHEJX YOUNG VIRGINIA 'TREMAINE KATHRINE JENKINS HELLEN SHARRAR T:IILDIEGARDE FINCH RUTH HAMILTON ETHEL WVEST - AUGUSTA STURTRIDGE SOLANGE BOISSOT ELMA BISHOP ELIZAEETI-I VVILl'.IA1VlS TQATHERINE JOINER ELIZABETH BROOKS MARJORIE lDUNTON BEULA WATSON LAURA HURST ITTOPE WINSLOW Another successful year for Alpha Theta is drawing to a close. The annual hay-ride began the social activities of the society, followed closely by teas, a l bridge party at Dorothy AlleI1's, the combined party of Alpha Theta and Kappa i Iota, and the play, Dickens' "Cricket on the Hearth". hflrs. Ewing, Alpha' l Th.eta's patroness, entertained the society at her home with a party that was long l to be remembered. Alpha Theta will close the year by the realization of the annual T banquet which the committee assures us will be "bigger and better than evern. I - The first semester, the society studied the operas and their composers. The I 5 last semester was devoted to a "Trip Around the VVorld" which was a study of the arts and artists of different countries. This year the society will lose an unusually large number of girls through graduation who will leave behind a set of ideals in study and conduct which typify the true Alpha Theta girl. . ' -ETHEL TVEST. 'x Y-U Y , QV-If A await MA COLLEOE I Smmzzly-1111 ee v' 'V W J 4 KAPPA IOTA LITERARY SOCIETY LOUISE BARSTOW 'VICTORIA BAHNA ELIZABETH BURGESS HELEN COURTADE OLGA DOWN ESTHIIR DOWN DOROTHY FLANEGIN DOROTHY Fox BERNICE COOK IVIILDRED ENGLISH MEMBERS MARJORY FURMAN BIIARY GEROW ALICE GIES DORIS JOST HELEN KEMPF DOROTHY LANDVVEHR CATI-IRYN LEE PLEDGES Lois GATES HARRIET GRIGGS DOROTHY LEE , INEZ MAURIIR IVIARGARET NIORRISON LORIITA NEELX' DOROTHY 'I'INIJAI,E LOUISE WAXTROUS BERTHA WOODIIURST HELEN WOOD XLIO LET SCHWIN IQ LUCILLE WOLFE RUTH NELSON The Kappa Iota Literary Society was Organized in 1921, uudcr the direction of the late Dean Elizabeth M. Roberts in co-operation with our Senior girls. These girls have made and watched Kappa Iota grow, always keeping in mind its purpose: to promote higher ideals aIId to further tlIe literary' and social activities of Alma College. Each girl is loyal to her society and to the other girls in Kappa Iota. Nothing could take the place of the "Sacred Name" of Kappa Iota in our college life. QIDOROTI-IY Liars. gxf'x 55-+ - H H-ALMA COLLLOB- nl Sezwzty-four I T2 61 l l - I I. , 1 , I . A A I Lg . PHILOMATHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY MEMBERS CHRISTINE IDECKER JENNIE GILBERT 'VERA ROUSH ZADA DOERR ALBERTA GOBEL NEVA STINCHCOMB EDITH DO'I'Y A HELEN MCDOUGAL HELEN BENsON RUTII IQING ESTHER OLDT GERTRUDE BURCH , JUI YING KWONG ETIIELYN ADAMS BONNIE CAMERON L lVlI1,DRED NICPIOLAS EMMA ARDIS - ELEANOR IQUEHL I RIIIEA JOY STINSON ERMA BURGIS MILDRED MCCORNIICK CLARISSA VREELAND ELEANOR ENGLISH ALICE OLSON ' DOROTHY DOUDNA ALMA GILBERT MARY SHROYER MARION GROVER Since organization in IQOQ, Philomathean has upheld the high scholarship, deep friendship, and love and loyalty to Alma College. 3 This year has been very successful in both literary and social life, and we feel l that our new friendships formed and old Ones renewed, and Our accomplishments together have been quite Worth while. The purpose of Philomathean is to make well-rounded, fruitful personalities of her members, and so We look forward to a greater 'future in which we shall have profited by our mistakes and experiences, and improved our Opportunities. I . -ESTHER OLDT. ' 77 ALMA COLLEGE X-7' Sefxmzty-jiwe W'-X! I I I id i Pb GG Cum qu J :Qi H we Gi- .-aa e -L T W "' .,:1. 1if'.fv??i Q f if Q M f T i'? 5 f' 5 2 .- 5, e . 8 'Paxil +G X' bw , v ' 'P-r 6 54 ' 7- 6 liqi' 'yd doing P X-ke o.'L' 5 jfke i M , J .X - x if A L MA COLLEGE fmly-six CD A1uLUlcs b . 1 ALMA COILEGD KW .Semfzy-mm ' f-"'X FOOTBALL The IQ24 football squadwhich assumed the responsibility of upholding the record of the 1923 Champions was indeed an impressive machine. Led by Captain Gordon lVIacDonald, all M. I. A. A. fullback for two years, and coached by Royal Campbell, the prospects for repeating the 1923 performance were considered bright. The injury that beset ex-Captain VVright in the Hillsdale game and the injury to Captain-elect Anderson, the next Saturday in the Albion fray were factors which had not been taken into consideration. The loss of these two stars was the big reason for the two association defeats. On November 4, Alma lost to Hillsdale by the lowest possible margin, 7-6. The failure to kick goal after the touchdown was responsible for the loss of that gruelling struggle. The Alma team entered the Albion game the next Saturday without the services of Wright, but determined to stop the lyfethodist gridders. Then came the injury to Anderson and the Albion game was lost, 3-o. The team was greatly weakened by the loss of these two stars but by showing the Alma fight in the Kazoo game they managed to come out on the long end of a 20-o score. YVhen the All hd. I. A. A. team was announced Captain Gordon NfacDonald was found in his old position as fullback. Captain-elect Percy Anderson was the coaches' choice for a tackle berth. Alma has tasted of the fruits of a football championship and she will not be content until the lVIaroon and Cream smashes through for another one. Perhaps there is no other single factor that will do as much for Alma as a football cham- pionship and we want it in 1925. Captain Anderson has a wonderful squad to lead during the coming campaign and the highest hopes for his success are held by every student on the campus. Q -J. I-I. NISBET, Athletics Editor. fliditors Note-W'hen the football pictures were to be mounted it was found that several pictures were lacking, the plates having been broken bythe photo- grapher. The Athletics Editorvreceived pictures from the players themselves. It wasnot discovered until it was too late that We had no picture of.Gilbert Davis. Davis received his "A" for playing guard on the I924 team. 'We regret very much that we were unable to place his picture with the other football "A" men.j A ALMA cottto Smcnzy-eiglzt 'Q C931 'l"nE 1924 l"ooT1zA1.1. SQUAD - h THE SEASON 'UNIVERSITY or D1E'FIlOl'F AT DETROIT . SEPTEMBER 27 In putting over two touchdowns in the fourth quarter on the heavy U. of D. team the Alma gridders accomplished a real feat. A few weeks later the Catholics held the powerful West Point eleven to a 20-o score. This indicates the power that the Detroit footballers possessed. Alma should have won 'the game but for an infortnnate break in -the first quarter. Captain lVIacDonald had carried the ball to the U. of D. seven yard line when he was tackled so hard that he fumbled and Detroit recovered. In the fourth period Almais passing attack had the Detroit crew completely baffled. Russ Catherman on the heaving end of the passing combination stood out. After putting over. two touchdowns in six minutes the U. of D. squad tightened and by using the well known stalling methods kept the ball out of danger until the end of the game. Alma was forced to accept the short end ofa IQ-I3 soore but they clearly demonstrated to the Detroit assemblage that they knew football and were not afraid to play the game even though the odds. were against them. VVESTERN STATE NOIKNIAI. AT IQALAMAZOO ' OCTOBER 4 Playing under a hot sun and still suffering from the effects of the U. of D. battle, the men of Campbell were beaten by Coach Martineau's men, 7-o. There is no denying the fact that the Alma warriors were decidedly off form in this game. The Normal scored its lone touchdown in the third quarter of the game when the ball rolled free near the Alma goal and Captain Johnson of the Western' aggrega- tion grabbed the pigskin and crossed the line a few yards away. ' X! -- -e--dk L MA CQLLEGE , Seventy-11.i1zr X el . Ill l . Q 1 61 ll 4 li-it ti ' COACH CAMPBELL Vzilurn 1 WRIGHT . ' ' 'T -,,,.a...1 Vgk-iiiesghtznj. A ---v-we-'f ., .i i 1-:fx I L.. :iii -A - ,gf 11,3 , QS- .. -. 5.- I.. 35" xi- ':' l ral l! :. l. A 5" li "4 W -,gj""2""" .Y-V1-4-r -4' - . ,gk K i ' is ORMAL AT ALMA OCTOBER 18 MICLIIGAN STATE N Alma started the Normal team, 9-0. by booting a pretty d Ypsi had a heavy lin OL1vE'1' AT OLIVET Whatever champ were completely sha .Alma Worked her pa in overcoming the of the Alma follower tioning perfectly. T 55:"'ff'-cszwl. f".'7ElQl. fjef ' ' " T " ,U 1 ' -'.fr'1:-.f-'f.'-i QL D., ,,w,1,,'-is 1, V ,ig f if fag" li-1 A-,5,:,,:i,-..-.-iw -5'v- 2524- 1- 'f-gg' A ':iE4.l:- - '-H' P5 9'.fiis--Q if? , , ,r-'H'-'--I' gl--I-'Q':'f fffi-l6'lTW6"5!f -Twain: w , 1 min' .:'.-VY, " vi-1.ffsaw:e'f1 1"-1 A'--V N ,-."1 A nj. l", .A..Di?,' . ' 'f " A Jtf - 'f. f-:ff , 'ld-4 ii .,. V V cm., . wi-,, , -..1r53q.-ii . . ,i -t.-7 'rrl l i J.. GL r yi rig. M if Y ,ig ww , 'f':1AgQ-9-'tf!"?" -' ,jf 7 ,, S i"':,I ' 1" , 'i 1, 5 fig. ffii, ' . ' Q E'-:fav A .gf ' ' y 1:1 'f ' Q -ij in-Lrg?-I 1 " , .i ,, AAA- Q, .,-ii " 1,ffa.- qrggwtgygo, it , ' qfafaaztrrheew, .waliw ,: NI. I. A. A. season out with a bang by trimmiii the strong Captain lVIacDonald scored all the points for the Campbellites ropkick from the 4.0 yard line and going over for a touchdown. e but it was outcharged by the lighter Alma line on every play. OCTOBER 25 ionship hopes Olivetrnay have had before this engagement ttered by the powerful oliiense of the Presbyterian gridclers. ssing attack to good advantage and had very little difficulty Olivet combination. The 38-3 victory gladdened the hearts s for it clearly showed that the 1924 wrecking crew was func- he work of Couture and Shaver was of a high calibre. murr-,. A ifiiswe'--. "2 f 'Q QA?-H155 ' TACK!-E - ' AL MA CGLLECE of f."X Eighty I'IlLLSDA,LE AT ALMA ' 1 NOVEMBER I The game that decided the Nl. 1. A. A. football championship was a hectic affair from start to Hnish. Although Hillsdale won 7-6, her touchdown as Well as the Alma counter can be directly attributed to the terrific wind that ruled Davis Field for the afternoon. The loss of Roger Wright in this battle marked the ,passing of one of the greatest football players that ever Wore an Alma uniform. VVith the score, 7-6, in favor of Hillsdale in the fourth quarter the Alma team fought 'desperately for victory but the strong West wind was the victor in its battle with Captain lVIacDonald's educated toe. . ALBION AT ALMA NOVEMBER 8 'Albion came to Alma with the avowed purpose of wrecking our annual home- coming day and to a certain extent we must admit they succeeded. "Andy" Anderson, who had been one of the most consistent performers on the team, dislocated his shoulder in this fray and Was lost to the team for the season. Taking into consideration the loss of Anderson and YVright the Alma Clan was exceedingly fortunate in holding the Albionites to the low 3-0 score. Burton and Chatman featuredi for' Alma. 1 i I . .,, -.L W" '1 '-1' ', 6 . l 1 9 I r l 1 l W A ALMA CQLLEGR ' Eighty-one ll Q f-f"x KALAMAZOO AT .KALAMAZOO Novisrvrslm I5 Despite the fact that the Alma team had to be rebuilt for this game, the new machine worked smoothly and the Maroon and Cream walked off the field with a 20-o victory tucked away. Carty's sixty-five yard run and the brilliant Alma aerial attack showed that despite the loss of two powerful offensive men the Alma team still retained the old punch that is so necessary in a football aggregation. CENTRAL STATE NORMAL AT MT. PLEASANT NOVEMBEIL 22 The I3-O victory which the Normalites gained over Alma does not measure the comparative strength of the two teams with any degree of accuracy. Mt. Pleasant took advantage of Alma's weakness in the line and were 'able to put over two touchdowns although the last one was of the flukey variety. A bad pass from center on the fourth clown gave the Normals the ball and it was pushed over the goal from the one foot line in two downs. CAPTAIN AfIACDONA!.D Concu Cnmifixml, - ALMA cottsct ffl- ll Eighty-two V I 1 1 XZ J? 1. .wo 2 T -i w fl . , . 1 44 . X -I , ' J 1. .I -K 'L ..s,-.4 t I . 4. , xi Mx.. , ..A,:A5v' k X. . 1 , I ,F XY' r 511 ' '- f. , ag... ' 'N W 4. I.zuL'.J' V Y , , . ,- ,. . v, Q-f rl, 3: Y. la l . X., , Y .. . w 4 , N YZ..-,,-.:.,, . - ,.f f V V rf ',,,V-A1 ' ,216 " 1" U if? M, ,J 14 41" ... , ,i - . 4 J 1 W . X, . , , I w ., 'N - J':. 9 A12-,J V. ,- Q - L , , 1 ,f. f-ff QQ f +wxLMA COLLEGE Eighty-three .2 1 l ll " BASKETBALL l VVhen Coach Campbell issued the call for basketball men shortly after the football season had closed, the I924 championship team reported intact with the exception of Van Hee. It is needless to say that great things were expected of this group of court stars. Captain "Red" Carty was again called upon to lead the Maroon and Cream to another basketball championship, which he did in a creditable manner. Red is the only Alma man to captain a championship team two years in succession. ' ' The season was the most successful that the followers of Alma basketball teams have ever witnessed. Alma went through the entire season without a defeat in the M. I. A. A. Alma scored a total of 414 points to her opponents' 197. Out- scoring their opponents by more than a two to one score is a feat which has never been equalled in the history of Michigan Intercollegiate basketball. Captain Carty also established a new high record for points scored in a game when he shot fourteen baskets and two fouls for a total of thirty points in the Albion game. The victory over Mt. Pleasant on lVIarch 13, marked the last appearance of four Seniors who were members of the teamg Captain Carty, "Cuddy" Shaver, Russ Catherman and Roger W'right. The famous "Four Horsemen" have gone through four years of college basketball and each one has won four letters. The Maroon and Cream scarcely let the other colleges of the state have a look-in when the all M. I. A. A. team was chosen. Captain Carty was chosen forward for the third time. He also captained the mythical team. Shaver was again given the guard position which he held last year. Gordon MacDonald was given the center berth. To complete the Alma triumph Captain-elect "Dutch" Welhoelter and Nate Gealor were given honorable mention for the positions of guard and forward. At the Basketball Banquet held in honor of the Champs at lVright I-lall, the members ofthe team elected Albert Welhoelter captain of the I926 cagers. 'C Dutch " has played three years' of basketball at Alma and has been recognized as one of the most dependable guards that Alma has ever had. His success with next year's team seems assured when we consider the material that will be back to make up the new squad. I -I. H. Nrsnisr, ' Athletics Editor. -fx . V fx-N. gg so 4 ALMA COl,LECl?t r sr- gj . . Eighty-four 4- A 1 y- -' Y wfxL1VIA. Qo1,LRC,13 On the trip taken during Christmas va- cation the team played six games. They won four of the six encounters played although the team was unable to practice between games. The teams that Alma conquered on the trip were: Hazen Cuyler's crack I. M. AA. team of Flint, the Pontiac Oaklands of Pontiac, the Detroit College of Law and the Flint Y. lvl. C. A. They lost to the People's State Bank team of Detroit and to the Metropolitan M. E. Church team, also of Detroit. The hrst Week after vacation the team again journeyed to Detroit Where they trimmed the speedy De- troit HY" team by a 42-23 score. THE SEASON YPSI NORNIAL AT ALMA january 16 The M. 1. A. A. basketball season was op- ened by handing the Ypsi teachers a neat 34- 18 beating. Displaying an offensive attack that had the teachers stopped Alma had little difficulty in winning the Hrst M. I. A. A. tilt of the year. 4 ALBION AT A1.BION JANUARY zo Alma kept up the high scoring habit by tak- ing the Albion cagers into camp 49-20. The Albion coach commenting on the game re- marked that the team that couldstop "Red" Carty would have to be a mighty clever com- bination. The Methodists were outclassed from the start of the game and never threat- ened the lead that the Campbell men had piled up. , UNIVERSITY or DETROIT AT DETROIT JANUARY 24 Alma took sweet revenge for the football defeat which it received during the football season by winning a hard fought contest from the U. of D. men 20-I7. The small gymnasium handicapped the Work of the Alma cagexs to certain extent but by displaying a brilliant defense during tlIe closing minutes of the fray they were-able to add another victory to the credit of the Maroon and Cream. ' iiRED,, CAILTY ALMA COLLEGE T 9 Eighty-Tix OLIX7E'F AT CHARLOTTE JANUARY 30 Playing on the small iioor at Charlotte the Nlaroou and Cream cagers annexed a 34-25 victory after a hot battle. Captain Carty leading the offensive and Shaver playing his usual defensive game were the outstanding stars of the tilt. I-l11.LsnAL1z AT I-IILLSDALE JANUARY 31 Alma advanced another step towards the much coveted championship by taking the Hillsclale court men into camp by a 39-I7 score. The Blue and White seemed somewhat bewildered when they took the floor and the game was soon cinched by the Presbyterians. BXIICIIICAN STATE NORMAL AT XVPSILANTI FEBRUARY 6 Alma again demonstrated to the satisfaction of all concerned that her first victory over the Normal was not a fluke by winning by prac- tically the same score, 34-18. The entire team gave a line display of basketball over the entire route. ST. NIARY,S AT ORCI-ILXRD LAKE FEBRUARY 7 The night following the Ypsi game Alma played the strong Orchard Lake quintet. A tired Alma team was playing a fresh and ex- ceptionally clevcr group of court stars. After a hot battle for the evening's honors the Camp- bell men were forced to yield 32-27. CENTRAL STATE NORMRXL AT MT. PLEASANT FEBRUARY II Perhaps the most gruelling battle of the season was played at the Normal gym for the purpose of determining the championship of the Alma-Nlt. Pleasant League. Alma was out i11 front at the half with a zo-I7 score. , The teachers started an offensive attack at the opening of the second half that seemed to insure victory for Central but VVelhoelter and Gaelor were sent back into the battle for the purpose of countering with 'an Alma drive. The drive started and never stopped until the end of the game with the score reading 34-31 in favor of the Presbyterians. ' 3 " CUDDY,, SHAVER - ALMA COLLECE Eighty-,res'en KALAMAZOO AT ALMA FEBRUARY I3 The march to achampionship was continued with success in this rather uneven contest. The Kazoo cagers were off form and took a 3I-9 beating. The Alma defense was so tight during the second half that the Celery City men could not shoot a single basket. ' HILLSDALE AT ALMA FEBRUARY zo The early season defeat which Alma handed the Baptists was again duplicated on the Alma Hoor. The score at the end of the game was 43-24. Hillsdale did very little in the way of caging baskets until the latter part of the second half when Coach Campbell injected an array of substitutes into the game. KALAMAZOO AT KALAMAZOO FEBRUARY 27 Alma clinched the 1925 basketball cham- pionship by winning from Kalamazoo College 39-16. The work of Vifelhoelter and Shaver on defense was so tight that Kazoo was able to make only one close shot all during the game. ALBION AT ALMA MARCH 5 Oh what a slaughter! 63-24 tells the tale of a terrible beating that the lVIaroon and Cream administered to Coach Betchel's men. Captain Carty broke all existing records for points scored in a single game by caging I4 baskets and two fouls for a total of thirty points. The Methodists used numerous sub- stitutes in an effort to stop the onslaught but 'Campbell's tossers would I1O'C be denied the right to drop the ball through the netted circle. L'WoLEE" lh'l:ACDONALl7 CENTRAL STATE NORMAL AT ALMA MARCIYI I3 Central Normal appeared on the Alma court with practically a new team due to the wholesale removal of several men from the Central line-up. Wlmile the new team was not especially brilliant on the basketball court, they certainly were artists in the art of stalling. They hoped to hold the score down by playing with the ball as much as possible rather than letting it get into the hands of one of the Alma Hashes. The final score was 31-20. This game marked the last appearance of Captain Carty, Shaver, Catherman, and Wright on the Alma court. ' -J. H. NISBET, Athletics Editor. F mi RA .l, MA COLLEGE lfiglzly-eighl V f"p"'X 1 5 .1 .xx " 2 , l A- ,511 P 1 I X X I g .X . ,, J '1- FV'-'TW' 41P5'?5.a-4' I-pi, ' V 4 by in it rl I U V X I ': 4 415' 1' L V . ' . 'm r' I : ,arm . ' I . ., Y, Q V 'H x"'-'1" V f' 'f ly TJ- .,E..f'g'--'-" gf" .. 1 14 -J - ,, ,H r W 5. M" .W f., ,bjwk-.','w.,"j-,,, I Q ' ,?.NvQ1k 'YQ 4' , gh ,za-'-7-I ' ' ,Cr ' - ""ay A55 - - !'-iii? . - 3 , , . , .,. 1 , ,ak - 5, Q ., .Q-L , K .X ... ,. 5 . Lv ' g,?AyF57' 7' .' ., e-. -w S ff. ' . ' f-7.4w4'-.-535'?fw ,W 4 1 - M I up ,qw -.-f '- .L 4: T ' Q 525- Xbox-xixn. V i , J + . . J 4 fligiqamgfk h Y nsvlecj Lnmxbf' V if"A'lw,., ,,, fgw m 4 N X-jj Ezghlg mme - g J f ALMA COLLEGE . QQ,-Q5 T I BASEBALL As soon as the Basketball Season was over and the Championship safely tucked away the baseball men started Working out in the gym in preparation for another championship this year. After Spring Vacation the squad took advantage of the good weather and commenced operations on Davis Field. The prospects for this year are such that every Alma fan will be greatly dis- appointed if the NI. I. A. A. isn't completely vanquished. With Bert Bouwman, the best college hurler in the state in the box and with a number of veterans to back him up in the held and also with the stick, the taslc of winning the Baseball Championship should not be very diflicult. Without doubt Ypsi Normal has one of the best teams in the history of the school but already the Maroon and Cream have demonstrated their superiority over the Teachers by handing them a 6-5 trimming on the Ypsi diamond. ' . Reserve material means much to a team, particularly in the box where things dovnot always go as they should. Bouwman has several capable understudies in MacDonald, R. Catherrnan and Beauchamp. In Carty Alma boasts one of the best receivers in the Association, while Treadwfay is always ready to step behind the plate if it is necessary. The infield is composed of Hunter at third, VVelhoelter at short, Wright at second, and lVIacDonald at first. In the garden the left portion is taken care of by H. Catherman, Shaver patrols the center, while Treadway cavorts around the right field area. , ' Alma has succeeded in capturing two baseball championships in the last three campaigns .and with a reasonable share of the breaks iirher favor should grab another title this year. -J. H. NISBET, Athletics Editor. ATL MA COLLEGE Y Ninety x.! Q 4 GJ d ll 2 111 l T R A C K Track prospects for this season are better than they have been during the past two or three years. Though there are only two varisty track men back, Bentley and Williams, ' there has been displayed a wealth of material among the new men. Doudna and Anderson, both Sophomores, have shown exceptional form in the half-mile and quarter-mile respectively. MacNIanus, a Freshman and winner of the Alma- Hillsdalc cross-country event, is expected to show heels to the field on the distance runs. ' , For the different events the line-up is as follows: l IOO yard-Ruggles, Chatman, Grant, Knowles, Holdship. 220 yard-Ruggles, Hawthorne, Ake, Knowles, Holdship. ' 440 yard-Anderson, Bentley, Hawthorne, MacGregor, Tebo, Knowles, Daw- son. Half-mile-Doudna, Baker, S. Fraser, Purdy. lVlile-Williams, lVIacManus, Pratt, Tebo, Denice. Two Mile-MacManus, Williams, Patton, Pratt. 22O.l'lL1I'CllCS1C21I'IY, Anderson, Gailor. 120 Hurdles-Bouwman, Gailor. Broad Jump-Carty, W. Anderson, Manigold, MacGregor, Creaser, Chat- man. High JLIIHP-BOUWITIZKII,lC,l1Z1tI'1'121fl, Creaser, Gailor. Pole vault-Sartor, Bixby, MacGregor, Bentley. Javelin-Cliatnian, Catherman, Dawson, Davis. Discus-Catherman, Nowiski, Frazier, Reid, Davis, Manigold. Shot-Chatman, Nowislci, Bouwman, Manigold. . Relay-There seems to be considerable competition for positions on the relay team and a strong team in this event is expected as a result. At the annual field day held at Albion for the NI. I. A. A. schools, the following men are going to make a strong bid for first place in their events: Bentley ....... 440 yard dash Chatman . . Javelin Bouwman . . High Jump lVIaclX4anus Two-mile Run fpl Ql- ew'XLMA cottsct Q X.. Ninely-o'ne THE FOUR HORSEMEN Those of us who are attending Alma college today can scarcely appreciate our institution's one time place in the athletics of the state. A victory used to be as rare as a championship is now. Championship teams came along at inter- vals of about ten years. . And yet the class of 125 has not seen a year go by without at least one cham- pionship. Since Coach Campbell has been with us he has pushed five Alma teams to victory in the M. I. A. A. We owe the greater part of our enviable reputation to- Coach. Still, folks wonder how Coach would have succeeded without his famous "Four Horsemen". "Russ" Catherman, ':Rog" Wright, "Cuddy" Shaver, and "Red" Carty have been in on every mite of athletic glory for Alma for the last four years. Since they were Freshmen these four men have played together on every athletic team. They have carried off five championships, eight M. I. A. A. positions, and have a season of baseball yet to go. W'right and Carty have each captained champion- ship teams and have each been made a captain' of an M. I. A. A. team. Rockne's four horsemen fade into the background when placed before records like these. However long Alma may keep her present pace, we must always remember that the old steam roller was oiled up, its inertia broken, and its impetus given by Coach Campbell and the Four Horseman of 1921-25. g -as ALMA cottseiarr Q N inety-Iwo f-3 4 4 X I ,. ' , 34 Q3 ' ' . -:fx '-' v: ' ' I i I Y if - 5 xy I ! vw- -X ' J M- . , V -TE- , - 4133 3, ' ': ' 1 Y if Eg,-3, 4 if , vs- N f V, A , , J Sm - A . 'lm-553 4- ' .h?gqL,,,L, .i X .V A if 1 ' ' A f 9 J - I V 1 gl 1. 1 V . ,- ,.P,fq,. 4 '." ' ., ' il . 3:1-vii' G' , , v A sg ' 2 W fcffb' , .3 wN 5. ..',p' .,r',.x,-'Q - , .lv -r . U, - V I L, , 2,55 :Q A , , :Q-, "fr-1-,g'-S' , ' I - P, ,N . ' 2 ' " -. -- Qjkg X f , L : g. 1 N H, - ,E TH 's N 'L -K -. - iff - 17 'f " I dy 5 be 3.5. if :A c W A 1, 5 xx . , ' llli 1 1 fx r, ,Ak I A . 1 , . ' - - - v , - . 4 - , . . f A ' r 3 , ' , I ' ' ' '.. ' . 'Y ., . Y .Q . Q.. 1 f Q L10 -' - -04-f ' h .gp L, " f , y x K , . 'KX' . F, vN Q-P' -"'?"'- ' f"' A . . ,. , 5 ! N-'ffx 'fm' EA . ' - , 3 I ,N "if ' ,L , - lx ' 991, . 5. Q 1 XM N I ,:,. 1 . . .pf X Q V bg X-'f1 ' La- ' wp - if ' g ' Q - V' R ' -'ZX i 1 A .I .- . : x7 xgh. ' I ' a t - , I . 1 f. ' ' Q .fi Q , ,, . ' V, K " 5 . 'X A213 X 7 91" A j sw f- ' , gm H AV 1 Y- I Id iv I , , . 1, '- - v - - Q, ,I i -V g I, X ' 1" f '74 Ai ff , ' ' f gg-W .6 'L A ' '. 'Ig-fin. jx lxx,,,-' ',.L,3L 'F V rv. WE . J fi" Ji . , QXW1 ALMA COLLEGE ' , 5 i Ninety-lhref W'-X! WOMEN'S ATHLETICS This year has seen the development of a VVomen,s Athletic Association in Alma College. In order to arouse a keener interest in athletics, the association has established a system by which a girl who has won a certain number of points is ent-itled to a monogram or letter. Contrary to the general opinion, the winning of a letter means much time spent and a great deal of work on the part of the girl. That a deeper interest in athletics has been aroused is very evident. Last year Freshmen and Sophomore basketball teams were organized, this year not only have We a Sophomore and- Freshman team, but also society teams and an all-college team. Games have been played and enthusiasm has reached a high point. . ' K ' Baseball is next in order, and it is hoped that enough good immaterial will turn up to organize two good, peppy teams. V -OLGA DowN. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS ' OLGA DOWN . ' ...... lgvzxrifdevzt BEULA WATSON Vice-Preridenz Q ETHELYN ADAMS . Sec1'ctm'y DOROTHY Fox T2'cff11u1'e1' L11 -F f'-X A ALMA COLLEGE ii' Ninetyifour 1 - BERNICE Coon 4, 'fax i i i 1 it T rl , gli 1 fi 'x fl 'L i ii V '4 COLLE GE TEAM ' Bizum XVATSON QCf1pt.J . Running Center OLGA DOWN . . . Jumping Center MARJoR1EFU1aM,xN . . Right Forward 1'IELEN .KEMPF . EST!-'IIER DowN . I--I 01215 VVINSLOW . . Left Forward . . . Left Guard . . . Right Guard Substitutes Mnnjoiuzz DuN'roN VIOLET SCI-IWINK . BERNICE Cooiq SOPQHOMORE TEAM NiARJOR1E1'iURMAN . . NLXRY PARK . OLGA DOWN . . BEULA XVATSON HOl'E'W1NSLOW ETH 121.,YN ADAMS CATHRYN LEE, Em Right Forward Left Forward . Jumping Center . . Running Center Right Guard . . . Left Guard in :BISHOP Substitutes FRESHMEN TEAM E1..1zixNoR IQUEIIL V1o1.ET SCHWINK FIELIEN K.EMPF . BONNIE CAMERON l1iSTHER DowN . . . Right Forward . . Left Forward . Jumping Center . . Running Center . . . Left Guard . . . RightGuard 1- - f . Lois GATES, LAUI ix IILRST Substitutes A., J. Miss HOLLWEG 5-+ L MA COLLEGE N i uz'ly'fi1. C ' 1 ' H -593' WIF92' , If ' ' W V J' . :q, .!. ' 4 ' ' 51? fi' 2 I A ' . wff f T , N , 1, V dxf! if ' ' 9 5 3' I 'wi t . 3 ' IQ 'N ' - ' .wif U I WI I IJ , .,L,,w.,,,., 3? 'fin' I P118 and ---- W A Ihdoa:-r 4SYovT.s " MA j Yrib Q .v. ,r 1 :Af H -wr! sv ,. ale ,-'- r , ., , -f ,Q Lizabeth ,fi G H Q' - Frgu k gi if 4 - A ' 'A gT""-'EI H: gp 1'-.'x': 'r ' , -'X ,Z I - is U "Hop" 71 lam 41-ic L Y Uhyegfaxlf! . '1 , ALMA L01,LEC,13k- + .Ninety-.fix , U ir 6 GD Y LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1925 We, the class of 1925, being for the present in a reasonably sound state of mind, though afflicted in body, do hereby give and bequeath the articles hereafter men- tioned to the several and sundry persons like-wise mentioned. lVIay they use them for the best benefits of themselves and posterity. John William Apsey does hereby give and bequeath to any member of the class of -1926 who may desire to possess it, the right to rehearse the wonders and glories of the wild and .wicked Scotch racef Let them beware lest they retract in the telling! Victoria Bahna gives and bequeaths to Francis NIacDougall her alarm clock, not in any sense as a necessity, but as a reward for his daily early-rising. Robert Baker does give and bequeath his ability in Biblical subjects to Dr. Charles Brokenshire. May he use his greatly increased knowledge for the in- struction of less fortunate students. Catherine Louise Barstow does give and bequeath to Leonard Andrews her ability to pound the ivories. VVe have felt for some time that he needed it. Q Frank Bentley gives and bequeaths his love for the fair sex to Don Campbell. Bert Bouwman gives and bequeaths to whomever may claim them, the ruts he has worn traversing Wright Avenue. Collins Bradley, as a cold and impartial man of science, does give and bequeath to I-larlie Catherman the right to move in as intellectual a society as that with which he has surrounded himself. hflay Nlr. Catherman not use his usual grave and professorial dignity in assuming Nir. Bradley's position. Dwayne Burke does give and bequeath his grace in swiping to Ralph Nickels. ,Ross Calkins does give and bequeath to the most bold and enterprising male member ofthe Class of 1926 a ladder to be used with the permission of Nliss Lanier for the purposes too well known to need mention. . Arthur Carty does give and bequeath his superfluous poetical ability to Miss Wilson for a fund ofgrace to be expended on persons of-less genius than himself. Russel Catherman does give and bequeath to f'Shorty" Hunter the reputa- tion of being the only hen-pecked Senior in Alma College. May their tribe in- crease! ' A Beatrice Cottle gives her Upper Peninsular complexion to John Erskine. Helen Courtade and Edith Doty give and bequeath their talkative and noisy qualities to Harry Segar. lVlay heaven save those towards whom he directs these qualities! Christine Decker and Zada Doerr give and bequeath their timeliness in reaching classes to Mr. Sharrar. lhlildegarde Finch and lVIary Gerow do give and bequeath their old slogan, "Pat, donlt ring that belly, to any person in the Class of 1926 as prompt as they have been. These last mentioned persons may try' the efficiency of the slogan on the new clock system if they wish. Dorothy Flanegin, bequeaths her friendly disposition'to Erma Burgess. Gladys Fryxell and hflildred Nicholas bestow their mild and tactful conversa- tional powers upon Nlary Parr. A Harold Gay does give and bequeath his sympathy to Ronald Harris for difficul- ties encountered in prying Maroon and 'Cream pictures out of the loving grasp of Photographer Baker. . y Paul Cvesner bestows his table etiquette upon Stanley Fraserf Winifred Harrod leaves her mathematical and calculating abilities to Jack Albin. He may use them in estimating the number of Professor Hamilton's "individuals". John Hilderly does give and bequeath the patience gained from rooming one C3 H - ALMA COLLEGE Ni 718131-,l'Kf'f7l i QD. all t i l 1 J year with "Red" Clark to all those requiring it for the coming twenty-five years. Walter Kemler does bestow upon Freddy Bliss his well-known tendency to doubt past, future, and generally the present. We warn Freddy not to shake too severely the faith of his fellow-students with his increased pessimistic view- point. . Q ' Ruth King bestows nothing. She has given so much faithful service along scholastic lines and impetus toward better intellectual life that any smaller gift would be cheap in comparison. i l Jui Ying Kwong does give and bequeath her smiling good nature to Steve Nisbet. Nlay he be unsparing in its use.l Florence Leighton does bestow her dour and solemn nature upon Emma Ardis. Heaven grant that the latter change all her frowns to smiles! Ann Lyons and Virginia Tremaine, the Cheboygan twins, do give and bequeath their spirit of companionship to that distant and formal pair, Elliot Crooks and Ruth Richards. May they follow the example and cement a closer friendship. Elno Duncan McGlone leaves his shrinking unobtrusive, and backward dis- position to timid and modest Harold Fildey. John Maurer does give and bequeath his famous laugh to Frank Prouty with the recommendation that the letter exchange it for the bray of the first army- mule he encounters. Erwin Merriam bestows his bass voice upon President Crooks for use in his numerous conferences and in announcing chapel hymns. Margaret Morrison leaves one member of the nobility to the care of some strong, capable person selected by the Student Council. Willful Rebel Patton does give and bequeath to the ex-members of the La- Follette Club the sole and exclusive right to appeal to and tender petitions to the faculty and any other persons upon any subject that may suit their sweet will. May their appeals have more effect than his have had. Donald Pugsley leaves his Ford to Professor Cook to be used in place of the famous bicycle in his daily transits to and from the office. A five per cent income tax shall' be levied upon the students of the college to provide gasoline. Frederick Shaver leaves his famous pair of elbows to the first Junior who shall equal his foul record during this year's basketball season. John Shroyer leaves his beautiful black hair to Dr. Randels. Rhea Joy Stinson leaves her timidity and bashfulness to "Sheik" Couture who stands woefully in need of these qualities. ' Augusta Sturtridge leaves the "come hither" glances of her eyes to Hope YVinslow. May she use them with as much discretion as Gussie has done. Sinclair Tebo does give and bequeath his argumentative abilities' to Rev. Kinney and Nlelvin Orr. They may divide them share by share as they see it. ' Clarissa Vreeland leaves the squeak in her voice to Professor Clack. Elizabeth Williams does give and bequeath her waiting place near Dr. Mac- Curdy's class room,door to Dorothy Allen. Harry Williams does give and bequeath his Chessy cat grin to Hop Anderson. Howard West bestows his trombone upon Luis Nickels with the admonition to keep it claen and in good order. Vfinfred Percy VVilson bestows upon Keith Tarrant his right to talk on any subject, to any person, in any place, at any time. Carl VVood bestows his frequent lapses into silence upon Earl Closser. Roger Wright does give and bequeath to the Athletic Association and to Elwell friends the bruises sustained in four years of college life. V Done before me, this seventh day of April, in the Year of Our Lord, 1925. Wit- ness my hand and seal. CSignedj VVILMER R. PATTON. Zuma. Coit,i.ece ij? 2 N inety-ei gh! civ Qu I Q, 'xfvailhig Qou Wo, Xgcdm an f-5? ., , , ,. 91 , R I , L-Q '47 'Q' , Q V 1 P 12 : Y Pjoxfa.TvM-.Xcs Y f Nj: - A T ' pf- ALMA COLLEGE Q 5 X X A lg 171716 W w H CALENDAR. A ISLVVC return to Alma. No, I didn't make any money this summer, did you? I6-Registration continues. Nisbet wants to take twenty-one hours. -First classes. Sophs call Frosh names. -Frosh call Sophs names. I9-FI'OSl1 besieged in Pioneer attic. 20-Sophs retain their flag. Y Reception. Pruyne gets most names on his card. 22-Rice registers at the Library. Is asked if heis a new student here. 23-Zeta Sigma smoker for new men. "We'll smoke if its kills us." 24-Neeland is behind in his studies. 25-Pajama parade. Harris takes Strand stage in badly assembled night attire. 26-YVomen stage gypsy exodus to jungle. Such manners as the boys showed at J lVright Hall! ' 27-U. of D. 19, Alma 13. We attend via S20 Fords. 29-Phis give smoker. The Frosh have the habit now. 30-Dean Cooley speaks in Chapel. Glee clubs have first practice. SEPTEMBER Iv I7 18 ' OCTOBER I-We have a choir. Catlferman takes front row. 2-NIT. and Nlrs. Faculty have spread in the jungle. YVhat do you mean, tender- loin? ' 3-Green caps timidly visit YVright Hall. -We lose to l1Vestern State by a single touchdown, 7-O. -Beta Tau holds smoker for new men at Wriglit House. Patton is licked on the third stogy. 7-LaFollette secures strength in Alma, McGlone fails to stop Republican bolt to the progressives. 8-Stag party at Rev. Gelston's. Some of the boys regret having eaten dinner before attending. Io-Alpha Theta Hay-Ride. None of the girls have to walk home. II-NIclVIanus wins special cross-country run. . 14-Casualties result from rushing new students. I6-Founders' Day. Front row of .choir remains in chapel. I7-Six boys and girls enjoy moonlight ride. Could they only have foreseen! 1 I8-Ypsi falls 9-o. Kappa Iota holds track meet. Inez has the athletic ability of her big brother. zo-lVIcGlone conducts chapel. Front row of choir remains. l 21-First debaters, meeting. Clark talks about Nlarbury vs. Nladison. l 5 i 4 6 i U , v ' 24-Philos help Dr. Randels with the chores. i 25-Olivet succumbs 38-3. Professor Clack turns pugilist. 31-Hallowe'en party at gym. That Sharrar is an awful cut-up! Q53 ALMA eotttet . Om Iluzidz-ed v 'N KJ ,N 1 I 6 1 if-12 lffi' 'f 1.5, 'W' , .-I - V, -V F it . . A F .A 7. 43 . , w-WG.. iv ,- 1 ' -. 1' fFi' ', f 5 . U? - Y- Q ,w . : .- ..+' Q- A 5 .- W gs, , . - , f 1 . A 1 r... . Y, f -b H v .. "'i41v f'f5 ,I 1 .V ,ggi M ,A A, ""'1'f75l' 'A':.f ' . f " .i- ,gg , V N' I -fi: -up Q Ii '- fu- X , ,ny . I 1-49' "rg:.3' 'V 4" ' - 'f ma' ' V f f A v ."x-1,7-rg-..e .Q A . --- . Q ' V Q ,,,',,. 3- .TV . A A- - 2 L X595 X. '.,'.3a. 'V ff. zuffh- 1fA1j4.L1.'.'-if-f ' L41 +- H: .,., -:A,5?.:C1:i-,.' .iiwr-,,v - ., - " ' " N "'.6g1ii5 "1 ,, , ..,.,. Y .-,, -V H. H . V 9 ' fn I ff 1 f Q4 fu 1 ra' ' . ,t , ' , uv- ,Hr A K I I -gf f 4 ' , " xfi xl, -WZ 'Il I I ' Xe E' " 3 ' ,- , '. 1-,,. -.J--U ff-- K Ml ' rw It 2 S, ,, ff m -, I r f -,M , Q ' 25333. . . 1 Ah Q E 1 In I ,ffjh 9'-. M. 'X' ' x I in ' - - , r ' ' r, W7' fi" ' : QMS' 'Q ' 113 1 -V -r ,JL..- ' ye? g-an Y I 1 w 6 A L MA COLLEGE One Ilumlrnd One 1. . vs f"5 NOVEMBER I-We lose to Hillsdale, 7-6. VVe do win the cross-country. 3-Potatoes for dinner at Wright Hall. 4-Oatmeal for breakfast at Wright Hall. 6-Dr. Zelie speaks on Soviet Russia. 7-Date night at Wright Hall. Calkins, Harris, and Nisbet fail to be present. 8-Hsomecoming. VVe lose to Albion. Zeta Sigma Co-Ed. Phi Stag. Beta Tau tag. A ' II-Reserves beat Nlt. Pleasant reserves 7-o. I3-Professor Clack speaks at joint Y. VV. and Y. hi. meeting. I4-M358 meeting for Kazoo game. 'We have the spirit with the championship gone. L I5-We win from Kazoo zo-o. E I6-Jo has gone home. Harlie turns monk. 19-Seniors hold business dinner. One Senior is reported not to be on a committee. 21-Many Alma lads make exodus to Mt. Pleasant dance. ' 22-We lose to lVIt. Pleasant. Band Dance at the gym. 24-'FI'OSll defeat Sophs in rigorous grid tilt. -Josef Conrad becomes a Biblical character. -Classes close for Thanksgiving. 25 26 27-31-Thanksgiving armistice. Harris re-instated at the hall. DECEMBER I-Classes begin again. Seems like we havenlt been home. 2-Mac and Andy climb on All Nl. I. A. A. team. A 3-Male Quartet invades Flint High School. 4-William Collins talks to economics class and to joint Y meeting. 5-Date night. The three burglars are still absent. II-Dr. Zelie prejudice us against war. I2-Kappa Iota stages Domino Frolic. A -Senior Dance. Slight migration to Mt. Pleasant. -Maroon and Cream Band revives Saginaw's spirits. 13 I6 18-All-College Christmas party. Calk has been a bad boy and so does not ap- pear for his presents. . I -Christmas Vacation be ins. 9 8 N N f -re-ALMA COLLEGE- he rr One Hundred Two I ' ' f 9 'I f .ar '-3 -3? J- rf I I ,aw 'HI .: - F E ff- 'iwrfyxlu I f " , 54714 J I I 6 ' 1,41 q B W , , I II 0 I J I 0 . I S 0 I W' x . I Q us , -,nz - J Q .Elf , fSf:r'vx8 I " ' I' I , ' I ' I . -1. I .- f I . ., ,, . ' On Paved. e A ,Li A-I --1' f Q Iii" "I 3' Y' ' , N ' F' Ah Y . 1, . , QL U . ,Q -Tv' Q . , I ' 59,322 L- ,, . 3: kggq:-gi :M , jpg Q Q' .. It .' A4 I X I Z I . . V i : :j'1'1'.r , , I . , Q" .ln -?f5zg I , . , ! V ??"" ' s " ' V u W: E53 I I I I . 1 Ifovg m'eIW"lgl. I ' f , '-fv I - V - N AV 11? ,P-V , :ZA Johnny I V fg ' - A Y ' Q I s '. m TWP- + I1fxLMA COLLEGE f ..ff'. KSA' A om flumzmz Tllfgf Q I JANUARY Classes start again. New ties much in evidence. Duke says his resolutions are all broken now.. Basketball team drubs Detroit Y 42-23. -Football Banquet. Percy Anderson is the new captain. -Ruth Edmonds wins women's oratorical contest. -Leslie Oldt wins men's contest making Frosh triumph complete. Call for pictures for the Nlaroon and Cream. Ypsi drops to us 34-IS. lVe have a girls' orchestra. McGlone is worrying over exams. -Exams begin. -Semester number one IS over. FEBRUARY -Rejoicing student body returns from between-semester vacation. "VVhen do classes start?" - -Nliss Landwehr's table has Dinty Moore spread, featuring corned beef and cabbage. -Farm Edition of Doc Gesner's Gazette. Three days late, but worth it. -Seniors sponsor first informal dance in gym. -Successful-so this is Alma! -Calkins reported to have attended church today. -Fire of suspicious origin breaks out in Pioneer. Inmates open all doors and windows, but to no avail. Tubby Sartor's Fire Fighters quench the flames. Nlt. Pleasant bites the hardwood floor to the tune of 34-I I. Gesnefs Gazette furnishes play by play report over telephone. -Miss Thomas ofthe U. of lvl. library, speaks in chapel on "Books". Banana Oil Club, Alpha Chapter, holds spread at Wright Hall. Nisbet crippled for stealing a banana. -We win from Kazoo. Old fashioned "Sing', at 'Wright Hall following game. -Phi Phi Alpha gives annual Lincoln Banquet at St. Louisg dance at Elks'. -It didn't SDQQW today. Well, 11013 very hard anyway. Dr. Russell of New York conducts services in chapel this week. Dr. Fred- ericks of Iowa, lectures on "The Mid-Western Literary Movement." Nlrs. NlacCurdy lectures in chapel on the cavemen. ' -College bandits stage Y bathrobe parade. Business men held up and report heavy losses. , -Nisbet gets a haircut. , -Nisbet has hard cold. Nevertheless goes with Liken to Elwell Dancing School. -Al has date with Ann. r -John has date with Flossie. Kappa Iota-Philo basketeers clash on gym court. Nlr. Sharrar goes to Bay City and misses classes, although they meet as usual and carry on their discussion. Dutchmen from Hope down our debaters, 2-I. -Three college students have pictures taken for the annual already. X l X-rx Our Ilundnfd Four E . ALMA cottsot 75 1,9 L V L l N L K L L 'J L L , - r Gi A 5? Y LLL L Ill I I X 281' ll. JL L L - ALMA COLLEGE Olld CD f 0 rf 5 I 1 Q T I f I ' I ' ,gg tin r . in :. -g1 f. g2u..Q , 1 .Ev X-. .. A Y' I L" : , Q2 Q 4 ALMA COLLEGE la 0,111 das ' if - I l . l l 1 ' MARCH A I-'B"I6lI'Cl1 tears in like the proverbial lion. ' . V- 4-President Collidge inaugurated. Classes as usual. Senora de Palencia on l lecture course. Alma Gilbert, Louise Watrous, Kathrine Jenkins, LoReta x l Neely, and Ruth Hamilton make very bonita-lookin' senoreetas. I 5-Sheik makes hit in Education debate. l 6-Athletic Association stages party for Ulivetg we win, 48-22. l -W Calkins and Maurer work at beanery. 7-Kappa Iota a11d Alpha Theta hold formal party at Elks' Temple. . JL- 1 S-Fine weather tonight. Nineteen couples sign up for church at Eastminster. I all ' Io-Carty, Tebo, and Cole have their Spanish lesson today. IVIiss Landwehr I bears it well. q II-Coolidge inaugurated a week ago today. 2 ' '.' I3-Jack Apsey swiped for all three meals today. I ,lg 14.-Girls hold Nlasquerade Party in Wright Hall. . I7-"Peter Pan " on lecture course at Strand. Several try to work course tickets on Sunday, but they get stinged bad. IS-Chamber of Commerce entertains our M. I. A. A. Champs. I9-Basketball Banquet at Hall. "Dutch,' is the new captain. zo-Another Senior informal at the gym. 21-Philo-Phi masquerade at gym. Alma Gilbert takes the burries. ,Stan Fraser wins the handsome crocheted soup-ladle. . 22-Begin last lap in race to Spring vacation. ' 24.-Fresh bread at Alma College Co-operative Boarding Hall. No casualties. Maybe they will try it again! 26-Several defy double cuts and leave for home. 27-Spring vacation and good weather, b'gosh. Cvlee Club invades southern part of the state, and leaves northern wilds to Cantando Club. Broadcasts from Detroit. . l APRIL 7-Back again, hoorayl Ah, now we can go to classes and study again. 9-Glec Club hoves into port. Neeland brings souvenir. V II-College photographer hurries with lVIaroon and Cream pictures. l 25-31-Staff becomes profane. We l1ave decided not to put out any more annuals. l C Skaggs as as at L MA cotttet A kj One Hfmdrecz' Seam B' i I rl :gf I ev Er l i 3 l i l i l Z I l l 1 i 1 'i D JGKES . Ike Cin the Europeanj-"Will you have a little shrimp?" Dorothy-"'Why, Ike, my father hasn't seen you yetf, WE WONDER How is it that the pretty girls get all t-he praise, and the clever girls get all' the husbands? Dick approached the counter at the fur department. "I want a set of furs,', he said. "A present for a young lady." "Any special kind, sir?" inquired the salesman. "Well, not too expensive, that black and White set in the window." "Old" said the salesman. '4You mean skunk." The Maroon and Cream is informed from the hospital that the salesman will be out in a couple of weeks. Bud-"Why don't you ever go to church?" Shorty-i'Well, the first time I went they threw water on me, the next time they threw rice on me and the next time Ilm afraid they are going to throw dirt on me." I Ed says the boys at the Zeta Sigma house are all osteopaths because they are forever rubbing it in. "If girls were looked after properly at home they wouldn't be looked after on the street," said a certain Alma spinster. "Do you follow me?" VVoodburn-'III I ever did, it was altogether unintentional." Roger Cbelow window with saxophonej-"Hey, Tiny, open the window or I'll playf, I-Iogan Cat the Europeanj-"I say, Liken, the coffee is all out of my cup. Can I soak my doughnut in yours?" Virginia-"I've' been filing some of Hugh's old love letters." Ann-"Do tell! I didn't know he was as rough as all that." M ALMA eottsotg ffjj-L JMX XT Om Hundred Eight '3 gs R5 '1 v , ,, i-lil? 1 1 1 . .,,-fn kqv--vngfg . ,I I ...vy'1,-A I " 35:4 . 7'F2ff'f1Y .-N r-V ,M , gf- . ,,4, - , ,hul- N :No . . ,. .X y ' v,- ,zu .3-qu " A L MA COLLEGE One Hundred N ine QF A Rouch regrets very much his participation in Pioneer Hall pugilistic affairs. l He claims he can't Walk downtown with his hands in his pockets without being arrested for carrying concealed Weapons. Mr. lVIcGlone-'WVhy, son, that suit is three times too large for you." Elno-"I know it, but they were all the same price." .ludge-"When you turned that corner before' the smash-up why didn't you I put out your hand?" Johnson-"What do you take me for, an octopus?" Sam-"Do you care for a little ice in your glass?" Elliot-"No thanks. They spread disease." Mary-"Steve, don't fold your napkin in this cafe." Steve-HI-Iow else am I going to get it in my pocket?" Barber, shaveg Srnythe Sneeieg Smythe Dead: Next please. Hop-"I told Elma just what I thought of her after the danceff Bill-"What did she have to say?" Hop-"She said she kind of liked me too." Apsey-"W'hat are you going to take next term?" C. lVIacDonald-"Either the Pere Marquette or the Ann Arbor." t l . Y a f Y Y ,x ' E le K r A L MA COLLEGh+ We . one I1 undred Ten X. ..,, ,J w , 1 W ff xx Q f I 'P A 1 w 1 N.. . - --, T? V uHdl.lo Yeorv- Pep3f'l'1g'!'1"". -. M . U.. r . TZ.-,yy - rt ' I A 4 - f 11.3 QUE wig A , ,. '- ggi 4 E . JR-Vg H W 2 ' ,QF-'.',-., " - , :j1f'+v.'.i,z3 - 1 -, 5 jf I ' ' ' 5'-'J 'i11'f'zQW' ' ' 3. Q Emir? . 1 ' 1 '44 47 . ' CN W' - vi,-N ' -' Gm-'r-- , 5 Hb , Y ,Z . "T . V L :3:z:sfggfGgw',r,f21.fgi E V 7 '.Tim.i:!5?J':3,'J'.QlEf.:L.A 4' . -: 5 . 4- L: :' ,E . ' NfQ17.,'2wH'I:,: rx'-Wim - , 1 1 ' , " H ,L MQ? '.q9L.a,h , . MY., ' vi Q Z -5 if A' f I H' i4.,. . . ' f?5iQ. .w ' V , i 5geufi2v.,"?,i:1 f 5'?m'r'fQfi5'll ' TUE-':5'l'Q':J , 9 W - .11 ' ' '31 '. -1 .3420 L .ia E'-il ' . ' Egx sfffeagtf' -E 4 - 5 'F' 1' 1 , li-1'- '. " .. K.. ,An .gg Q-.nn jx . '-4 fa - . - "1Liu? '1 ""IBlbi. " , fm, ,gi ' B ! 1 W H AL MA COLLEGE One Ilumln' d Elesmn ff, Q N., I IVIr. Sharrar-"Not another word. VVith some people you can go so far, and no farther." Baker-uTut! Tut! I know three girls in this town with that same line." Bentley-"Calla says he does11't really want to marry Helen, but that he's doing it on her fathefs account." Bubbles-"I always knew he,d marry for money." Violet-"I haven't been to a show this week yet and it's Saturday night al- ready." Ken-"Then let's sta f in the hall and not break our recordf, I Y Jennie-'WVhy doesn't Hubert let you take the car oftener'?" Dorothy-'CHe insists that I use the mirror to watch the road behind mef, Stormy gent at European-"Say, it's been half an hour since I ordered that turtle soup? Ostrander-"I'm sorry, sir, but you know how turtles are." It is said that Erwin is so fastidious that he gargles Listerine before he calls LoReta on the telephone. R. 'Wright-"An old' tramp just asked me for a dime for a sandwich." R. Catherman-"Did you give it to him?" A R. lVright-"No, the old liar didnlt have any sandwiches." i ALMA Cotteoe Johnnie ate something that poisoned him." f' Croquettc-:'?" "No, but he's pretty sick." - I v just a mile'west of the Campus is where all the golfers sow CROSSWORD PUZZLE FANS!! What is a word with more than a hundred letters in it? Answer-Postofiice. their wild oaths. lvlany an Alma autoist has a Wonderful ride with a miss in his motor. "Did you hear about Ann? She went out for a hike and fell up the river." "Didn't she have anyone with her?" "No, she always let her conscience be her guide." SHORT STORY over a high bank All the lights went out in the Strand. There was no sign of panic. But when they suddenly came on again-. Prof. Hzunilton--"What would a nation be Without women?" l I Orr-' A stagnation, I guess." The man sprang from the building tall, He lived through the spring but he died in the fall. -THa'r's ALL. -- ALMA COLLEGE One H'un.d1-ed Thirtcerz GD CD V l l FA'- THANKS W Few folks realize the tremendous amount of work involved in putting out an annual. It would be utterly impossible for a staff to edit and publish a year book without the kind assistance of many people who are in no way connected with the class or staff. The staff of the IQ25 NIAROON AND CREANI wishes to take this opportunity to thank all those persons who have contributed their aid in putting out this book. In particular we wish to thank Nlr. Rodney Burgess for his help in securing our snaps, Romaine Hogan for his drawings, Nliss Ruth Grierson for the assistance given us from the office, Charles lviurray for his work on the mounting, and Wilmer Patton, john Shroyer, and Elnol McGlone ofllast year's staff for their aid and suggestions. 'Without the kindness of these people our Work Would have been doubly dificult. U -Tun EDITORS. A ALMACOI,I,BC,l'1 - 4 ,4- Ow 1'I1LnzZv'ed F0ur!r':11, Our Advertisers AL MA COLLEGE FQ gj .vp OUR BENEFAC'1ORb Our advertisers are, without question, our benefactors. It is to them more than to any other one group that we owe a large debt of gratitude for having made possible this monument to the memory of undergraduate days. Often Without profit and often with a definite loss to themselves, they have year after year loyally supported us in our endeavors. A For this one season even though there were no more, we must feel deeply obligated to approach them with good will and friend- ship in our hearts, remembering always that they are ever ready to serve and befriend us to the best of their ability. It must always be our endeavor, through athletics and school activities, to keep Alma, the town, in the place of prestige that we as a group have won for her. not s ALMA COLLEGl?-at to 6 XX. Onv Humlrm' S'li.VfL'L'll CORONA TYPEWRITERS The only strictly standard oflice machine W Comparison with Other Portables Invited f A that is Portable . v V MURPI-IY'S DRUG STORE J "Irish" Hogan, while on a visit to California, had just taken some spring tonic which the Doctor had jJ1'CSCl'.lbCCi for him when an earthquake shook the I ground. Setting down the bottle he remarked, AAL "Shore now, I recall the bottle said 'Shake well hcforc Taking, but who'd a' thougghtn thc medicine 'ud bc that stubborn about it." THE IDEAL PLACE FOR' COLLEGE BANQUETS Prices Reasonable Dance Floor Convenient Service and Cuisine Excellent THE PARK HOTEL AND SANITARIUM JAMES R. STAFFORD Manager fr-If-EK VY Qbee- are an MA. COLLECL A J One H 'll1ll1l'L'd Saw'-nlecn lf Alma College Alma, Michigan The classroom Work of Ahnafiollege is not featured in this book. The students do study, however, While in college and they achieve after college. The facility is made up of men and Women of high purpose and excellent training in American and European colleges and universities. A catalogue may be SGCLl1'SCl,fl'OI11 H. M. CRooKs, President, or JAMES E. BCIITCHELL, Dean McGlo11e-"Now I suppose you will go and tell the Dean I insulted you." W. Harrocl-"I will not-I never tell the Dean about my social affairs." Dawson-"Give me a cent, Ed." Ed-"I have no cent." Dawson-" Well look in our hi Docket." 1 P GRIMMS FAIRY TALES "Students," said Prof, Hamilton, in chapel, "I have absolutely nothing to say this morning." Then he sat down. As Winnie concluded a piece on the piano- "And just think, she has never had a lesson in her life." "Isn't it sweet of her not to blame it on anyone else?" AAALIVIA eottsen fe Q1 ' v fi? HOT DOG V V HOT AND COLD LUNCHES A CONEY ISLAND WE ARE OPEN ALL THE TIME OVIQRHEARD AT CRYSTAL LAKE "Fd lIIliLl'I'y you :.uv'1'ite, only yer too clumhf' 'cYOl,lyl'C right, boy, you need a wife with lJl'Zl,ll1S enough for two." Johnny Dawson-" Was that EL new girl you had out last night, Baby?" Behy Mzmuigolcl-" Oh no, just the same old one-only painted over." Cm't,y's motto-" Let the rest' of the world go buy." DEPENDABLE SERVICE Home Lumber 81 Fuel Co. PHONE ONE NINE UP AAAA A-A A ?-ALMA Co1,LEo13 One Ilurxriwd A-iIIEYL'c'Il, I X I i FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH "The College Church" MINISTERS REV. XVILLIS GELs'roN REV. J. M. GnLs'roN, D.D. Pastor Pastor at Eastminster Chapel SUNDAY SERVICES 10 a. ln. Sunday School. 6 p. m. High School C. E. 11 a. In. Morning VVorship. 6:30 p. m. College C. E. 2:30 p. In. Junior C. E. X H ' 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship. 'lhursday 7:30 p. m. Prayer-meeting. A Cordial Welcome is Extended to All I ' l Abe Cohen, whose ohice on the second lioor of the Citizen's Trust Company Building is located just over the lJZL1lk,S vault, has this sign in his window: ABE COHEN, Broker Assets Over 5i53,000,000. A man who goes to the devil for a woman will usually find one. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH I Corner State and Hastings Streets Rev. William T. Roberts, Minister Residence: 523 Woodworth Avenue Phone 847 Black Baptist Students are especially invited to make this their church home while in attendance at the college. U REGULAR SERVICES Sunday: Church School at 10 ai. m., Public Worship at ll a. m., Young Peoples Meeting 6:30 p. In., Preaching 7:30 p. m. Thursday: Social Worship 7:30 p. m. One Hu1zr11'z'rZ Twenty ALMA ICCLLEGE ld X-S K M O CQ5 Capital SB100,000 00 Surplus S100,000 00 ' 1 Q! . , First State Bank "The Bank of Personal Service" 1 .. L111s'1'ER A. SHARP CARL H. WASHBURN i President Cashier Bakefs 1 Photography Siudio "THE WORKSHOP OF QUALITY" Reasonable Prices Courteous Service 4 ,Aw H T QTY" ee ALMA COLLEGE E-f ij' J O II d dT :ly-one J i l WINSLOVV BROTHERS 4 2 PHARMACISTS DQ 6 Parker Pens and Pencils . Ingersoll Pencils Eaton, Crane and Pike Stationery Connors Ice Cream Opposite Strand Theater Alma, Michigan 1 lVlost flivver wrecks are due to tight nuts. -Red Devil. Sl1eik+"The nerve of that conductor. He glared at ine as if I hadn't paid my fare." Dutch-"And what did you do?" ' Sheik-"I just glared back at him as if I had." Love is what makes young men raise inustnches and old men out them oft. -Master Stroke. ST. JOHN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 10 a. m.-Sunday School. 11 a. m.-Morning Prayer and sermon. 7 p. m.-Evening Prayer and sermon. Holy Communion on the first Sunday in the month at eleven o'clock. The students of the college are cordially in- vited to attend all the services of the ehureh. 4 REV. JAM1-as M. Hon'1'oN, L.'l'l1. I Rector B p ALMA CGLLEGE One I1'u1zd1'fd Tzumly-ifuo Q l L i l i I I JDJ DE LUXE CANDY COMPANY For years the De Luxe has been the meeting place of college men and Women for then' 1'el'resh1ne11ts Come as usual, and try our HOT AND COLD LUNCHES BOX CANDIES OF THE BEST GRADES HOME MADE CANDY AND ICE CREAM e Luxe 325 State Street Phone 89 COMPLIMENTS OF THE WOLVERINE DAIRY COMPANY We Manufacture Wolverine Butter Phone 196 V 703 Michigan Avenue e A EALMA COLLEGE fuvzdwd Tzvevzt - wee I QD THE PRICE MEANS NOTHING Until You Get the Thrill of Quality Do not be too .easily persuaded to believe that we cmmoiz give you real style and quality at our low prices. We are not a l.J21.l'gZL1I1 store, but arc big operators doing business on a blg scale lu modern big city style. YOUNG MEN'S SUITS AND TOPCOATS Town Famous Values at 322.50 to 3535.00 MARTIN STORES CORPORATION A 41-STORE BUYING POWER Alma Store Superior and Woodworth ' i f-fd Ken Moore says he has perforumd one of the giezrtiost miracles of tho year-he Hllecl a flat tire with air over the phono, McNaughtou says his girl and he stop on the from 7 till 9 and gas on the stop from 9 till ll. "Ne 'roos arorft the onl ouos who roll the bones " said the ostoo mth as he . 7 wont to work on his , atielit. P Early to bod :md curly to rise, And your girl goes out with other guys. TEXACO GASOLINE AND MOTOR OILS GRATIOT COUNTY OIL CO., INC. Alma, Michigan Opposite the Alma Roller Mills -A A ALMA COl,LEGE?-G One H mzrlred Twenty-four Tu COMPLIMENTS BURGESS W G of the I Q DRUGS 4 3 STATIONERY ALMA ELECTRIC . K . 2 35 "The Little Store y i i A with L 4' BATTERY CO. The Big Service" A my Where A11 the Out of Season Games are Played Across from the City Hall Furniture Dealer CQMPLIMENTS Funeral Director of L. N. BAKER Telephones 1 Day 369 Night 5159 Q 1 G' V' WRIGHT Dry Goods and Groceries Alma- the best city - of its size in -Michigan Proper Styles Prompt Service Phone 61 CQ D-A e ALMA QQLLEQQ gQQfe 11 Om' Hundred Twnztygfivc px! WALK-OVER SHOES EAGLE SHIRTS STETSEN HATS J M BURKHEISER Clever Novelties College Mens' Wear HOLEPROOF HOSIERY Y' in 0 G 6 Cshortly after becoming ei briclej-"Swcetliczirt, the grocrvry stores were all closed today, and-" y Erwin Charslilyj-"I suppose I clorftrget any cliimcrf' Lolieta'-"No, my clarling, the confoctionziry was open, and live manila you i some nourisliiug jelly bean soup." LATEST RIDDLE HOT OFF THE GRIDDLE Why is a city and a chorus girl alike? y Answer-They are both built with outskirts. I s l l I SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Their Best Recommendation -they make folks happy l "Say it with Flowers" L D. KLEINHANS FLORAL COMPANY i U Members of the Florist Telegraph Delivery Association Local Store As near to Groexiliouses 323 Wooclworth Street You St. Louis, Mich. - Phone 58 'ms your phone Phone 30 R2 4 , ALMA COl,LEQEp-M 5 i A Om, Hu11d1'fd Twcvzly-:ix f gf fi I XLS ,y A If J fl 4.1 LP. A MQ A I I 1 L C21 3, '11 GOOD GO OD S PLUS SERVICE ' EICI-IENBERG'S f . ALMA'S LARGEST GROCERY DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED FASHION PARK CLOTHES for the man who cares FURNISHINGS SHOES G. J. MAIER ALMA'S FOREMOST CLOTHIER J, p, LQSEY CLEANING I PRESSING REPAIRING For Dependable JEWELRY To Alma College Students ' are the We givc you the bc-si, service Ztggggng on all kinds of repairilig. to Appearance Satisfaction I . Success Also the Best Iflqulppecl OPTICAL PARLORS In-tulle-C'ou11ty ALMA CITY DRY CLEANERS 119 Superior Street Alma AND TAILORS' W A 'QAAA L MA COLLEGE A C I so Om' I1'lHYflI'6'd Twfnty-M2'e1z MAXWELL CHRYSLER TI-IOMPSON'S GARAGE Alma, Michigan Dean Mitchell-"Say, isuft that caddy ai bit youugf' Pills-"Tha,t's all 1-ight, Dean Mitchell. He's deaf!" The other day Ed Lemon walked iifty miles in his sleep. We understand that when he got back the Physics class was over, Ray West-"Where were you last night?" Roge W1'ight-"It's a lie." EARL C. CLAPP WINCHESTER CASH HARDWARE Electrical Goods Washing Machines Stoves I Aluminum Ware Paints Oils Fishing Tackle Sporting Goods SOlI1Cll'1l1lg on Special all the While Courtesy and Fair Treatnient to All A H' H- ALMA COLLECLH ' PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS DIRECTORY DR. ARTHUR J. CLARK OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN' l Alina State Savings Bank Building Phones: Ollice 47 Red Residence 47 Green DR. CHAS. F. DUBOIS Pollasky Block Alma, Michigan Phones: Office -45-Reel I Residence 45 Green R. B. SMITH, MB. EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT Pollzislcy Blom-k E. T. LAMB, NLD. Alme, Michigan I Pollasky Block DR. F. J. GRAHAM Rooins 3, fl, 5 Pollasky Block Phone 41-Red DR.. S. J. HIGELMIRE -OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Alma Slime Savings Bank Building Phone 86 , D. L. JOHNSON ATTORNEY Alma, Michigan MARY LOUISE SHOPPE COATS SUITS DRESSES Beauty Parlor in Connection By Appointment Phone 26 lvlurcels 750 Shampoos,50e Alma, Michigan FIRE INSURANCE AND TORNADO INSURANCE P. W. CREASER A ALLEN'S BARBER SHOP For the Best in Barbering Call on Us Opposite Postoffice Alma, Michigan H-In---I A--HX L MA COLLEGE 0716 Hundred Twenty-vi I . RADIO I I At Its Best Musical Instruments Latest Sheet Music I , i L I I I 4 Sawkms MUSIC House 1 . . 5 New V1ctor Records, Once A Week, Every Week, Friday I e L ll Orr fat Mt. PleasantjQ"Can't you see I'm weeping? For the last time I ask A youg won't you have me, dear?" ' Mt. Pleasantite-"No, I clon't like fish in brine." A l During the Football season before the Albion game this acIve1'tisemc11t,.xvas published in the Alrnanian. NVANTED-Young lady to sell tickets. Someone fast that can take care of a large crowd. THE COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE TEXT BOOKS l ATHLETIC GOODS STATIONERY E . " ' A J QAS A Q gg 0-ne Hundred Thirty S I I GW 61 xy! kt! COMPLIMENTS OF W2 THE IDLEHOUR THEATRE ' DICK ROCKWELIJ I A PR OPRIETOR CONSUMERS POWER COMHANY POWER - SERVICE - LIGHT N I T E APPLIANCE COMPANY EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Save Time and Labor with Electrical Appliances CONSUMERS POWER COMPANY ALMA MT. PLEASANT CLARE COLIQMAA ITHACA BRECKENRIDGL Mmmum HEMLOCK Ffg' 1 'd7'-- PPPPPPPALTVIA QLQLLBCJQ A I I nYou'11jndrthe "Gang" at the NEW EUROPEAN CAFE Our motto is QUALITY Our aim is to PLEASE NICK BARDAVILLE dz COMPANY Proxy-"I wonder Why I have to pay so inuch? You dont hue to cut oft much hair from my head." Barber-"I charge for having to Search for it, in your case It is ruinorcd about thc Campus that in order to bc in wogzuc mth the lmtasi fashions Clarence McNzLughton,has taken the fan belt off fi om his Ford 'md his installed suspcnders invits place. NILES MOTOR SALES CO. Home of FORD AND LINCOLN CARS FORD TRUCKS AND TRACTORS Genuine Ford Parts, Tires, and Accessories "GET OUR SERVICE" A L MA COLLEGE Um' ll1cncI1'm:l Thirty-Zwo Eat CD3 4 Golden Crust Bread SUPERIOR BAKI NG COMPANY f,, w QU ' w'XLMA COLLEGE Q Ji DEPENDABLE DRUGGISTS Look-Patterson Drug Co. , ff Y bf Prof. West Cin elassj-'fWhy is an girl like :1 chemist?" No response. 1 ' - "Because when you take one out she turns gold amd silver to copper." WV1'igl1t Hall 11111153120 No. 1-"How does lX'I- get all the men? She l1asn't decent thing to Wear." W. H. Ininate No. 2-"I fuess tl1a't's the reason." E COMPLIMENTS OF THE GRATIOT COUNTY GAS COMPANY Ahna, Michigan 'X .J ffl A ALMA COl.LECl?"-on 011011 iifff 1 1-.,f 1 TlL'fffyjf01tT f'fN'N COMPLIMENTS OF SYMONS BROTHERS 85 COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS Alma, Michigan For Safe, Comfortable, and Economical. Transportation The Hansen Motor Tra HCIIOKHIIPCI service between: Sztgimmv, Alma, IECIIHOTC, Lakeview and Howard City. 630111106125 with Pmmsylvania. Rzrilrozxd North :md Sout I ns1t Co. 11 at Howard City. 1'1lllll0l'0, Sflilillt-011, Sl1erid:J.11 and Ionia, line now running. , H. C. LIANSEN, Mgr. 203 West Superior Street A11 Lives and Property Insured ' I Phone 51 WP eesse eeALMA COLLEGE One Hundrelzl Tlzirlfy-jizfg COMPLIMENTS l or THE STRAND THEATER C. A. TNIILLER, Mgr, Doc Dubois was examining Ray West for ai lifo insurzuico policy when he finally said, "Otherwise you seein perfectly normal, but your pulse is racing thirty beats am minute above normal and it refuses to slow clown. I czuft unclerstzuicl- Ray-"Turn around, Doc. Across the street on the sidewalk there-J' Doc-"Oh! CW1'itingj Pulse beat: Normal." MAKE THIS STORE YOUR SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS For Toilet Articles Hosiery Stamped Goods Toys Cooking Utensils General Merchandise ' I A Complete and Fresh Line of Candies 'GETTLE 5 and 10 CENT STORE Alma--Where your money buys the most-Alma 4 A L MA COLLEC ll U One Hvmdred Thirty-:ix ' Y3 ly Cleaning, Pressing, and Dyeing for You J COMPLIMENTS of the X STAR DYERS AND X CLEANERS MICHIGAN SUGAR Q COMPANY Phone 92 F Capital Surplus V 550,000.00 330,000.00 Ruth-f'Why did you let go of the , wheel?" Jim-"I wanted to see if I had an flat tire." ALMA STATE SAVINGS Ruth--"Oh! You mean thing." BANK Make This Bank YOUR Bank I A Cuddy-UI-Iave you exier been in I love?" I 0 We pay Safety F1O1'C11C9-H'Th2L'C7S my business., N 421 on Boxes Cuddy-"Well, hoW's business." Time For Deposits Rent Q - C520 CF- ' B AL MA C01 Leon my ' 0712 Hundred 7'hi1-ty-.vavm l 1 fx I TO THE METHODIST STUDENT IN ALMA . ' THE desires to serve you in any way possible, and invites you to nuke it your Church home. FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH Yours cordially, RAY WILLIAM lVIERRILL lXIiniste1' Residence: 724 N. State Street ' Mike Cquestioning Sheikj-"What were you doing chasing that lady all over town?" Sheik Cafter studying Anierican Governnientj-"I was enjoying the privileges granted to me by the Constitution-life, liberty and the pursuit of liappinessf' "Why is zu flztpper like EL bungalow?" f"Shingled on top, painted in front, and no attic." WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FRUIT Receiver and distributor of car loud lots. Fresh fruits , and vegetables of all kinds on hand at ull times. CANDY ICE CREAM CIGARS FORTINO BROTHERS Across from the Strand Theater Qjpl- A-we-xr MA COLLEGEY- we A One Humlrcrl Thirty-eight Q I i n I r I 1 i I 1 , I ! I w w 4 ' w E 3 X I 'Qfif W S 1 -ALMA COLLEGE i I CRANDELL SCOTT Everything for the Home 1n the line .of House Furnishings FURNITURE UND ERTAKING THE WEEKLY ALMANIAN "The Student Publication" of ALMA COLLEGE ALU M NI Keep in touch with your Almu lvlzmtor by Subscribing to the ALMANIAN CO. i I v A V ' ' I " AND OPEN SPACE POEM Do you ever hear from away up North, Where the glacier Worms do grow? ' Where in the winter we have sunshine And in sunnner We have snow? SOIHCUIIIICS the sunshine is Your feet deep, But we dou't care a Dem, For We know the bull will be deeper, When the Alina. boys return. One of the softest things to fall buck on is some good hard cash. COMPLIMENTS ' of the SAY IT WITH FLOWERS LUCHINI Shrubbery and Ornamental CONFECTIONARY Trees a Specialty i r STORE i i FLOYD LUCHINI, Proprietor ' COMPANY 112 E. Superior Street 716 E. Superior Street Phone 284 Phone 257 i H ' I- ?5 K ALMA COLLEGEU u QQ I iiifx 31,1 A OTHER 4. ROGERS' ANNUAL A DISTINCTIVE ' There is something distinctive about a Rogers' printed book. The clean-cut ap- pearance of the cuts and type matter is the result of the skill and experience of 17 years of annual printing. We enjoy the patronage of high schools and colleges throughout the United States who Want a distinctive book of the prize- Winning class. Your specifications will ire- ceive our prompt and careful' attention. ROGERS PRINTING 1 COMPANY 118 E. First Street 29 So. LaSalle Street Dixon, Illinois p Chicago, Illinois Q to A e es'e nik L MA COLLECfg gg 0-nr 1,1611-d7'L'!li EJ COMPLIMENTS I OF RED MAN BROTHERS WHOLESALE GROCERS Alma, Michigan l Fred Shaver Cwaking the boys on Saturday morning at the Zeta Sigma Housej- " Hey you fellows, wake up!" ' A faint Voice ensuing from the quiots, "I czu'1't." li 77 "Because Ilm not asleep." 1 WRIGHT HALL PHILOSOPHY 1 Everythingveomes to her who baits. COMPLIMENTS OF ASA SHOLTY WHOLESALE MILK DEALER I Supply Milk to Wright Hall A ALMA COl,LECl?-HRH E5 X..- One Hundred Forty-two H! L Q94 EEALMA Comzon 0 H I f b- I C1 KD "THE BEST KNOWN TRUCK IN THE WORLD." Republic Motor Truck Co., Incorporated Alma, Michigan NATIONALLY USED NATIONALLY SERVICED Xxx! H d arty-1 zree ' I I Q A L MA COLLEGE I QT?

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