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1 Z l. J X J ,.-.- Ky "w 2 r aff' gM , Kas. K, in Q i fpfam 5 Q N., . .fn sgadf -Q W 1 ""1 Q rf' ' ' like 5 ' 'K 4' fwi - I 'K A ., H--XW"' 'Q QM Nnanndl .w-wwf Egg wwf e High ance O Volume LXII AQY5 J 'rw ' H, ,W 3 ,,,-vi' ,V N -Q g1k, , 4 9- x V 5 . fi My 'im 'fr M -Q N 'N V Hn. it .. - new , 'f A P, , My , . 2 'Il 0 ' an .9 ' . . ' 'wmv , -I BQ 'shy-itwx wily - 1 'f V' k rw,?,'w'. '-4' VVVV .ATN wif" 515 M iw ww , .,,w.,, 7 , ,yi W"'?74:f11 we-W , in It ,fm -.mfg V - ' .f -. . V b. vp . -.-' . ,js n1,.,N H W, 1' vw., 51 if , 4 ff My ,,, M 'Y 'U--,. f , 3, A , . A K W - :fam W, f. V vm 'Q-,,,m 'P H I 2, , gf Z 41 A Q - fx 2 5 ' I ,, K ' .1 if enlo rs a A W - . 9 ' .. My I K a M' -f f My V . , f ,, , 2. 1 p:'2z,2-- - -, 3 . "' ' wa f "' A , - Q . .,,-1, f-'Lf M6 1. ,, w ,W 'Q' , x . fy f , . ' V Lm. f , -- Vu V MV ,gm ,, IV L V. VV V W V 6 QV V VKJI VVVV, MV VVVV 1 , , 'W V ..,, V ,. . V 1 'N 1 ' zii -- W ,, ' ,, , W' 'i" ' KW " ,f?"sVV V H fl 'M H I J 0 urn GV ., VVLK: V f V WVVI VVVV f, ,,,: Vw ,H V "f H V W W Amyy AAA V V ' f A J. Q my aww 'Q 915 .pf if 1 When vve look back overthese rushed years We see but dimly- so much in so little time still vve look . .. But they're gone Bound up, stashed away cased up in type and burned into film . .. af Our past is gone - but lives, in this book Pick a parcel of memories grab your mind then fill it whole We'll take them, love them keep them clear For our past is there - do not let go . .. Why this sudden rush of sadness Welling, rolling, tearing me Why this gloom, this half-sad gladness This wrenching pain, so deep, so great For time has never brought such sadness As she brings to me this day , 5 Quiet searching, somber reflection 10' -lux, , L.:-,W MM. 'Y s2',,, .,, . . sa. t -BQ, ji ggi: : of time ago and things long past Resolving, dissolving, images flitting of time swiftly passed so soon came the end . .. WV! QE.. AORN Ng f 4-QW af O, Q X 60 XID Q Q S' 'x Q2 sw Q fa 36 QQ KS S x 8 go 5 5 S S Q 5 Q1 K 5 A JI f? Q' A S Q Q7 K. if S O, Q S N Y ff 5 Q? J' af? v Q, .X rg S Q ao 'Q e S SO' QQ' 'O Q? N V gf Q6 if 'U QS CZ: ,. .. I 5 V -:': ? Q K. 'x o oo SZ? O 'Q 4b bg bo 5 iz' 5' O 0 K. 8 K S 'Q S Qfq' bk Qc, S sq' 5 -51 sf 5' jx NS S 7 Table of Contents Autumn Sophomore Class 14 Football 27 Pigskin Prom 40 Fall Activities 42 Winter Junior Class 58 Faculty and Administration 90 Teachers' Helpers 104 Vocational Clubs 108 Spring Spring Sports 118 Clubs 123 Outstanding Achievers 142 Senior Class 144 Junior-Senior Prom 161 Commencement 164 Chronicle Staff Co-Editors Theme Editor Copy Editors Junior Editor Photo Editor Junior Editor Layout Editor Junior Editor Business Manager Junior Mgr. Co-Promotion Managers Junior Mgr. Art Editor Junior Editor Head Typist Adviser Business Adviser Fluth Dordea Jim Kelly Becky Moncrief Jon Hill Dave Hanson Joanne Sarchione Gayle Snyder Gary Kirksey Bob Schneider Carol Markant Christi Barret Pat Rubright Mike Haidet Mark Henschen Rhys Daniels Jack Haidet Judy Schneider Tim Phillippi Pamela Huggins Joyce Ormiston Mrs. Sara Quinlan Mr. David Cowan 9 5 . 2 Z z S Marguerite Hillman 10 Dedication Devotion has been Marguerite Hillman's byword through her years at AHS. In various stages of her career, the pictures above show Miss Hillman as a 1932 graduate of AHS, as a first year teacher in 1941, and as an experienced educator in 1959 when she became English Department Head. This book is dedicated to Miss Marguerite Hillman, English Department Head. This tribute carries with it a heavy responsibility. In order to make it a fitting dedication we must scrupulously avoid spelling errors, bad punctuation, and faulty grammar. She would want it that way. A product of Alliance High, she graduated in 1932. The Depression delayed her entrance into collegeg howev- er, she graduated from Mount Union College and returned to AHS in 1941 as a teacher. Her great love for students and AHS has kept her here ever since. She has served occassionally as advisor to the Chronicle and for many years as Red and Blue advisor. Her skills in language have been shared with English and jour- nalism classes for the past 31 years. Miss Hillman shared greatly in the adoption of the senior Humanities classes begun in 1971. Most important, she has contributed to her students' education the fundamentals of communications and an appreciation for the rich pageant of En- glish Literature - an educator in the best sense of the word. To dedicate this book is a fitting tribute to such an educator - to offer our thanks, essential. nnstdvasnws he-ills .4-Q-K tl-pall' t , A MQW :v A M Q. lf, "W if 0 - z -A H ik 45- :ff .,, f 'L f s- nl' 3' Y' 'M " , 1 ' f 4 M - , 'fv' -f A .y V, my . K 3 fx . W' 65 V I . ,. .M-Wg .. 'ef f ,gd . n V . K n Q N V A i I if yi .n " . 1,4 " 7 'Lg f- . f Q, ' j I A 1 , H- .' "W , ' . , 'K l I 1' ' w ' V" 9' ,UW f-, ff' 'J f W ' g V .J ,sb 'M y . 5 4 A as 6 v 4 r A I ., iq pi 1: 7 , 1 Q , 'V .-. L . 1 J at " , ,'-4 '1'32 :f ' fi' no ' - . ,si QI: ff U3 we , "' A '3 ' n ., , SN "5 , , 1, I K ' 1 H- ' J" fr H "ff Y' -4' '49 ' ' i if ' N , ,, + ' W V , , , ,, ' .K J, inf aka ."'i ' "3 "W v 'I 6'1" r y' V' 4 ,ft . , l l, is 'ss rv If r' , an 7 4 ' 4, an ' wr ' 1" '-1 ff I ' ,. ' f nh- N f 4, , 1 7 , I t xgif, flfv- :S 5 f If ijgy ifgg' 4 f -Q 'Qt I Ag C-, 4: JJ' y Q Z' !a 5. J ' 1 Q if 7 ' f ur ,-,' 'Elf' ja T' 214 .W ,I 3 - 'J - in 3,213 'Q N, . . E, A is X , 4 r i Q y twig .v I I A , - ' : . ' ' V! A f" , ? K' vw ' U , 6 "4" ' fn. AWD!- 5' . ,Z , I I' 7 gmt 1' , 5,1 , gg ' . I xa, 9 nw' 1' Q I ,oi "' iq, ' Q 1 A. 'Q' . . WV- S h P Q. . g 6 ' 1 T' l 'A gg: 'M , 'xi ,1 I ' .A ' , M L ' lik Back to Autumn Whither American Child do we wander Tell me, what siren song do we hear What veined refrain, pulsing restless, so free Has called us again, to begin another year? For of clay and thought we've built this house Patiently striving, seeking an end Together pressing, kneading, molding Till at last we shall stand, finished and free . . . f ri Sophomore class officers Aaron Watson, treasurer, Margaret Ailes, vice-presidentg Bill Taylor, presidentg had what it takes Mrs. Janet Wuske and Mr. William Roland were chosen as class advisors by the sophomore class to help with many different activities. 14 to make a class work. Tralada Huff, secretary, was absent when the picture was taken. Class of 74 The class of 74 stormed the doors of AHS. With them came an unlimited amount of talent, zest, and armloads of brain power. Sophomores held their election for class officers in October. Chosen wereg Bill Taylor, president, Margaret Alles, vice-presidentg Tralada Huff, secretary, and Aaron Watson, trea- surer. Mr. Roland was elected as male advisor along with Mrs. Wuske as female advisor. One student out of each homeroom was chosen to make up a work committee. These enthused students worked on and for many events which required a lot of time from their daily routine. A Later in the year class dues were collected to help with the Sophomore Class Party, held April 22 at the YMCA. There were other activities which the class dues helped support. The homeroom which turned in 100070 of the class dues received a pizza party for their devoted par- ticipation. Homerooms 117 and 5 both received the party. - Due to the absence of class officers early in the year, the sophomores had a rough time with Spirit Week. Nevertheless the sophomores really showed their high flying spirit. Nl. Ailes W S. Akers f 'A R. Albright - V' V . D. Alexander ' H. A W' . f - ' G. Alexander ' A 63. A R. Alpago A AA . M- Alvlanl a l f-2A A A A' ' A. Anderson ' v':"" A ' V. A A l D, Blake f VV 97 W W 4. A 'A ' 1. 41- ' 4' AAA . . VV ,, ,5,. . .W VVVVVG M . V , W ' A. l K! K X AAA 1 I A AA V ,- -V- VJV Anderson VV V . - IVI, Anderson A A ,- V -, :AA P. Anderson AA. 'VN V ' VW V V' 1 . .. V 5- Andfeaflfll ff A f - Q. A I A A51 ' 'A D. Asher 2 " 4- 'f .1 . ' VV- AUYGVY ,. 5551 7 A? V A rrr A ' . A 77" ?AAAl3f1 W. Babb , .. If Zif f? L A. . B A A " .L ' A -L. A? 5 AA A ,"A AAI , G aler ff? - .,., A rf - AAA' 5 , , Ar ""' A lvl. B I AAA zz' V AA '- s. Bali? , A' 'A - VVVVV., 4 C. Baker -. - 1 ' ' - V 1- .V V V- . V V JV Baker ui V. V M- Ball A A A AV 'r.'-r 57 AA A , .. A A- A r Y LV Banks A V A V . .V VVVVH 5 .,.VLV V J. Bargdlll A ' l VV V . M. Baylor A '...,ieV n, A fel- W f W": 1 14 g - - -frr M VV Bean V .V V M V ..Vk VV V. . V .. .... .. V T. Beckett A V A A -.. -ZW V A N. Bennet , V . V A. ra, , . ' -A "VV - A ' S- Benning ' ' A-A 1 ." A AA A if ,A W' AA ul- -- .- T- Befgef AA A 1 Ah' A . - A H- Blew ' l- -. A- We r.r - CSA BAQQS . ' .A ' .rnr. 'A . B ' . '-rr' - ' A A mon A - V- .Aa -- X --' lf!-, A A31 F A. Blvins A A -2 V V P. Bxvins , V g J. Blebea wif , as A ' Q ., " jg" T. Brady A, A V' . QV 11 2 4, - L. Brald VVV . .:A '3 A V zf' M- Bfldgemfifl -- VA A D. Brockelt IAA A ' A , A A A A XA A ' 2,-,ag - fa-In 1 AP 'AVV Q MAAAAA 'A sf 1 -A Nw l A A V A - V A Afr- .. A S. iw - 4- A - -Af . l M- A- A V, I A . . .MV S- .. 'A rf. TU- . fn . 'V'- .. VV ,IQ V ' A - VV, --N 3 MV f ' '..A A . ,rr r ., .A f A ig l - M- -A R A AA fl M. . fi. D- Vil ' . . . r- " A .L 5- C . .r2- .- .rrA , Q - -- a A r r.. A . A V. . V D. A-KA .-if A ' VIF IVVVV ml AA R' ,.,- .. J. jpg. 1' V V P. .A W - Z VA' -Q V V A Aw.. Ah lv ff . V 4 D- . .. ....A. ' A .... . - - as y- A- AA - - ,,., if-r ' AA 2 A .AfA- AA-ww - . ' iff A- . A A V A VVV V Tk ' A 4 AAAAA, . .A" , sl B' 'A A A A 'AAV J . - A A R- . . VVVV V V A V .V BV -AAA 23' , A H -r ' .- A 52 AVVVV VV V M. M .. ., ..,. A f"A 7' A A AA A A t' AAAA A AAA A" WAAXJHAAM .MW RA - . - "AA J. - -. ..... A . wa . . - E4- , V V ,T VV -,VV V V g DV 1 , , 1 4' l ' if A L' A A A -.A ,A A .. L. Q A AIA " AV V glial .L A V WV z V V . lVVV ,.VVV JV A-'if A - . A -14 'A x ff Ar- , Brown Brown Brown Brumbaugh Buck Burns Burress Burton Cabassa Campbell Canfreld Carr Carrrer Carter Casllna Chambers Chenevey Clronr Close Clunk Cotton Cralg Cross Cundiff Cundiff Cunningham Cunningham Custer Dailey Damon Daniels Daniels Day Definbaugh Dennlson Dhayer Dlxon Dohrmann Dordea Dugan 15 igh sChoo1!?!Me!?! H, D. Duke 1 ' , , Z A. Dunn f ' I , ' C. Duro , f .. E J. Duro , ". i r i , , I V kt ' Nl. Duro ' HQ N I. ,f 'fl P. Easterday K . 2' . ,e f f U K V. Eberllng A. ,t Q 'gg Wi' " .W ,, I X Y T- Acken 1 " 'fix U H . f ,,,, lf' r sl H R. Eddy ' f, N fl' 1 D. EGIHQSY r JL uid J.. J. Edwards . . . w A . 'fl " 14. A ' BV En I A ' - V V-it! . Vi . ' H' X B. Eggleston .V I x ' Q 14, -. fl I ,gl i Q' , H X 1 J. Engler A in ' f 'Cf F ' Q 'v' 3' R. Ervin ' . f . 1 I . 0' " - K' Fagan 4 F .fx C.. 2 I A 5 '- .., X V' - ' C. Fagan f V 5 F. Fagan .X f 'fi M D. Farrlse f. v '-. 3 S. Fautk - ' I 4 R. Favazzo 43- L., ' V ,V I g Q- Y? D. Ferguson "Ziff 3 ? " C. Fineran "' ' f 4 -V A M I . K V. F I A . ' r V - .1 r In ey Hx ,SAW 1 L 'ANG Ti Y' E21 in , f x 9? I 7 N Fasher f Frtzelle Fitzelle V, r A if V " E Floyd Liv L r it N ' 5- Flynn 5 1 " ..'. Y N Fobean in , ' :ournner y W x 1 ,rv ! I ., ..., L f O lv x --W1 ...W of A F' A . X A A Frank "' Q - ' .Lf French K ,K ' ' ' A , Gammon 1 3 L K Gansel l , ' h , ' A Gelmlnu ' f , A Ll ,. W' if f .f 13. ff 1 F - Zami' , ' ' ' 1-A X n ' A' 5 G Q ' ' ' ' f 19 an A' X ,rrr ' li '.-'Eff emge George Grbbson Godfrey W 2' SP 1 6 ,IVV Golden KM., , ' ' ", - 55' Goodall ' If -cfr " "":w Grahm ' Z I f Gray 4 f qv. Gray ' ,, 0 V, , J 'Z U " "" Grrbbem ' - A Grove ,gf , I 7 f Grove - - 'W -vn A "' . . Q . r rw we F . . F 'r1Z'.1S'On ,X Q. 1. W' -3 Hammer 1 ' w ' 1 Q ' -an V V , Hamrick F 7252 . we, is ,Eg F A I Handy pg il . 5 gi -'fi Hianszn iz , ,1 , N.. , ' ars N ,g wg- 2 'Fi' Harshman - G -H ' Q f Harlan , l ' Harrinton ' L. Hartshorne 'WZ 'C-1 . Haslar 'ff 'ie , I . d . Q via... "-15 ii? Pg N .W Q , ,, , ., V ,v, , K w : A 5 W 7? V' rill e 43V,,, 5 ' ef' I ' 1' i i Ee IW V, 3: fiilafr 5 VV H M H MMA 23g H, , "' A Q, J, Vimai L ' L J J . ,J K lr ' ' - llrll 1 o 1- j 4,, , Q 'cg' K ,,,. Igclggl ' 4 . . L, ,,.,,. x , l 6 ,f We ,, J ff or W J - nf ir l 'H 1' J rm , ., i is V 7 ai awww If K LV, A -V V I n K 'S N - ,,,. ' cl 1. 7 : I, H , , Q kg : i I ' v", ' ye' ' ,ff f V W" , Q , 1' 'L Q A ,Q LV ' 4 W L i f 1 I ,g u na 'll 29 W EW! .I ,xii I V ' if Hawkins Hawkins Hawkins Haynes Hedin Hetherington Hetherington Hicks Hill Hill Hoebeke Huffmaster Hollis Holly Holslon Hoover Hovanlc Huff Jackson Jenkins Johnson Johnson Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Kapperman Karvel Keifer Kelleher Kelly Kelly Kerns Kerr Kimble King King Kung Kinkopf Kinsey Klrksey Kurksey Klrksey Kisik Knight Korleski Kotzbacker Lampkln Lanham Laposki Lavery Leath Leishman Lewis Lilly Lilly Lilly Livillsberger Lyberger McPherson Maclson Mandoles Manzi Marshall Martin Mason May Sophomores Become Names Q. .C J. May T, May .. " , X P. Mazzei ., as ik V ' 1 l " ix . " D. McCann '. ' ,,, ' V 0' P. McCaskey A ' "V 2, J. McCoy ' 5 5 Wi, N V, 1 ' K. McCown ' 1 Q V - R. .1 V 4 "' TG Mccmy J. ,, A V J. Mccuuough . r 2' M. McDanlel f -f L., MW J1 MCGFQI 4' I L V S. Mcllvaln A .Q ,V 'A W. McNeal 7.1 ' N' I ' T. McPherson ' ' V S. Mergenthaler WA 'Y A. Merrnll g ' . . as -V , 4 :A M. Merrlng P 8. 1 Atl P. Messenheimer . 13' , , ' ' - S. Messenheumer - lj L I . A "' ' 3' "" c. Mikes - 3 ' , 'ty - V .QQ - . B. Muller . K 4 . ,I .Q .W M, y. 1 V., ., I , , f V f K C. Muller , . f, ' ,Vg. u..5 P 6,5 ag. J. Muller 'N L. M - .J W wi I X f M- Mme,- 7 'I . 7 , 1 T. Muller 5 R l p K B. Minger V . Z? A V 1, m "' r ' "L I K D. Munich ' , ,V A.. ' A ,K - K f ' QV L. Mitchell 'ff' I " J. Molnar z ix. " P P ' 'Q 3 ' I M. Monaco X .1 L , , 4 - I VV ,Q Q monroe 4. ' ' wx. f Y , - OOVS V. Moorehead 5 W B. Morrison ,',,LZ, WZ? D. Murphy A H' , V L. Myer ' C A W "' , .7 - F, Nara A A ' I L-, ,53 ., , 5, J. Nervl K Y I W' ' J. Newman 4 ' Fi. Nickolson .G VXA ' V i L. Nlxon 1' D. Nogle X, B. Notman , 3 W 5. Numan . . K P 1.5 1 L K. O'Connor ' VV ! Z M , Q 5 ' j K. Ogllne '- A 'il wg? 7 , , D. Olrver . f VV , VZ J ' fy f ' Q - S. O'Nell r' K E - 1 K f I x ' t 5 y ' V K V C. Orsburn 3 Q H C. Osco F" W P. Osco A A J, Owens V ' H. Parshall gg V - J 1 A S. Peate 'y - 1 I V D. Penturf Q P ' ' W. PerCY 0 N, 1 I V X.-.if K. Perkins ' , ' S. Perry "' L, Phillips QV 'F S. Phllllps i K t ' K 'S L L. Pulatl , s, V '-4' ' 5, , " Va V B. Pinkerton Q. A V. Vt? V VVA . ' T. Plnney 1 V I .,5:,:. V . C. Pittman V! W -' f W' , 7 ' I V V .V - , W. . - 1-:"-ffiff Tfffil '51 ' K B. Porter . ' G. Porter M , 5 kwa C. Post C. Powe V ' , I Qi E, " C, Prather :Ll Af 22 ' P V L' J. Puckett ' 7 V it -Q' , Q Q. 4... . ugh ,. ' ' 'L A 18 X 6 iiso , I4 ' r - ,f ll Q 4 I 1 ...Lo 42 A if y " V- "5 Q 3 f' ,ti . S i - f R A in it "Y f Af r 'itz i if . , W1 "' ., 'M 5 A 'rf S ' . , ' , 1 'ik 1 "W f?"'4Q ' "', H 'ii ' E Q Mk - V 32 ' 44- -'ii i ""- il 1 ri, f M. at , 1 i is ra. 'nw , f--t t r i M 1, 'izv i af' . ii 1 k S ' , J ii: 'I vi Jr ' " itffift , V . H Y in ,z., ,kj - ,,,,i . f V f K., f. 3 I' V K . fy ,A I , ' F? , ,i f r - f r i Q ., r ,f 2 ,, , t A " is ' f I J I . K w-A ' , -1 ' ' f, "7 V- A" .' M f th-, 441- 1 f., - rr! f f ,L N gf 'E new ft A '55 S GJ M 4 'ar . 1 1 R 'ZS at i .ff .I U5 4' 'Z ttf t 4. V K L K- g K , .V-.., t us- - L 'Wf ,Q e gg ' , -, s iitr S' - ,, - . I V A t . 'va' z I' '74 ., is ie. . f1" ri ., ., ,, , h , 'K" , ji ,V Vf ,q , I , X V 'V' , ,V ' , 2 i S 3 . . . Not Just Faces Pugh RBGSICK Ramsey Rauch Ray Reeves Richards Richards Riesen Ring Rittenhouse Roberts Robertson Rogers Rogers Royer Royster Rudoiph Ruff Rush Ruth Sacco Sacco Sacco Safreed Sams Savage Schaper Schenck Schneider Schneider Schneider Schneider Schopfer Shrechengost Seals Shaffer Shoemaker Shreve Shuster Siefke Simms Sineri Skivolocke Siaggy Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Snode Sotcan Soules Spall Spencer Spencer Spiker Stancato Stanfield Stanfield Staniey Starnes Starnes Stetfy Stieo They get Involved . . . 1 3 , lff1f'l -' l . '21 .J ' . eee J P ee . J 0, W A e J if T 1 .,, se - Q Q . P eeee .J lf ' 95 ll li gf if it I . " " je Li i e e y J . eeee M if 1 1+ . . kVV,A T 3 T l . Y hA : ' I W . . i 1, . . I . W D' . l ? eA W ' eee e V 6 ee. 1 'Z e, e 2 f ' ' " 1. ' A 'I L . Q i , ri fi so l V vw V4 - Wle, T . - J W , W' I 2. eeeeeeei 2 if T .ll . 3 y T Z' 2 IW il P M y KX ' I 5 25 L. Summers P L. Farbet B K J. Stlllwell M. Strata , Sucacu . Syme . Taylor . Taylor . Taylor T. Thompson E. Thurmond D J. Trombetla H. Trombitas T, Trunzo . Trombetla P. Tucker B. Turley B. Turner L. Turner P. Twaddle M. Underwood C. Vlcars . Vog es C. Vorres W. Wackeman D. Waggenspack F. Waunuskis D. Walizer C. Walker T. Walkup S, Wallace M A. Watson J. Watson Fl. Weatherspoon B. Weaver P. Whaley B. Wheaton A. White . Warren N. Wike D. Williams F. Williams M. Williams W, Williams G. Williamson C. Wilson D. Wilson S. Wilton C. Winner J. Winston WOOIT J. D. Worley D. Worley M. Wright S. Wuske 20 QZW., je 5:31 .Q .L 'Y -. ii! Boys especially enjoy the messy but interest- ing process of dissecting in Biology Class. . g. 2 3 ' it it S If f. ' 'ew 5 - X , I 'V ,- Wir-fi ' tg. N: . - 1 t t- at .1 W. . W, 'q if 'f 2- ,Nm ' ' hi nf' ' . W X' if 'F tg . I . Tw NX X 'W a h i ls .y. I ,. E 3, .Q F rx .. if . 'W if g Q 1 i n w xi Q: 'R I i Young L. Young Young Zeigler Zelasko Zellweger Burtnett Edwards Eynon George Gibbons J. Griberi Ollis Stanley gh, A ff yffwif Y it--3552? 'ss'gY '-:ggi 4: ' 212' ' 7 ? , , V5 , ,A f:ig, ,g,. 1. 'x , ,, , Q :J fri , Wm tx-ggsaf f' QA 'K' . S 'M A bon fire rally held at Rockhill School gave the sophomores open tothe public with a superb turn out from the young and ld an enlightening experience. This was a time of feeling the o closeness and togetherness of each other. This rally was Would you believe, this is one of those luxurious looking tele- vision shows? Snaking cables, big eyed cameras, cheering warm-ups, hard bleachers, noise, this is what the Academic Challenge-r's found out behind the scenes at VVEWS-TV. Y A vs, ik ,.,,.--V .pau-ill' . M, . f,.,.V., fl f ' " 'A' W- .M-we.-4 Contestants glance at each other with a twinkle of competition in their eyes, while a last minute pep talk is heard, then the red light blinks. signifying you're on the air! 'X -lu 'unf"' illllll 22 hun-of' 180' rf PE ..,a,. Academic Challenge Ladies and Gentlemen! Now for the first time on any stage, we offer you for your viewing pleasure, the one-and-only Alli- ance High School Academic Challenge Team! Hot Lights. The mill of famil- iar, and not so familiar, faces. Cables, wires, mikes, cameras. Tension . . . lt's the first time your school's been asked to par- ticipate in the Academic Challenge Program. You're on television. You're up against the best from top schools and every- one's counting on you. Youlre honored . . . You're scared . . . Funny, it takes an hour to tape a one half hour show. You're ready - you think. The announcer. Apprehension. ON THE AlR!!!! lt's over. You won?? Come back again? Sure, l guess. . .oh no! Miss Hillman made her television debut as ajudge for Academic Challenge hw No matter what the situation is, Defeat or Victory, contestants are con- gratulated by admirers, parents, and judges for their performance. Seniors Outspiriteo' Them All! The seniors outwitted and outspirited the juniors and sophomores during "Competition Spirit Week" held through Oct. 18-22. Thursday night a Bonfire Rally was held at Rockhill field with a great turn out from the student body. After that the seniors -ergahi-zeel-a-eaieearavan-aeeefnpan ' 1ed-by-tl pep band. The main floor was elaborately decorated with a tunnel of crepe paper, balloonsg lockers displayed paper stickers and a tiny fleet of paper airplanes suspended from the ceiling. A float designed with red and blue crepe paper, reading "72 says GOOD LUCK", was put in front of the school. Some of the more ingenius seniors cut out letters spelling "Bomb St. Thomas." These were put into the ground in front of A.H.S. What hands! What mouths! What faces! What spirit! The girls real- ly showed their spirit at all of the football games. W Truck or no truck, this group of vigorous senior girls would have come through somehow. Everywhere they'went, the Aviator spirit went with them. And as they say H72 skidoof' 24 While walking down the halls during Sophomore Week, there was an air of enthusiasm and competition evident throughout. Sophomores . . . The sophomores did a wonderful job, even without an established class treasury. The 74's theme for the Cuyohoga Falls game was "One Way Our Way." A car caravan was organized for the adults, with Aviator Backer buses joining the caravan after, they then proceeded to the game. Decorations were mainly concentrated on the first floor around the main entrance. The decora- tions included big airplanes suspended from the ceiling, streamers made of crepe paper, balloons, and a dummy secured above the trophy case. Paper hearts reading "Love Those Avia- tors" were seen throughout the halls. To cover expenses for decorations, a bake sale was organized. This helped provide funds for Spirit Week. The sophomores really involved their class members, it was a combined effort. Every student was encouraged to participate in some phase of decoration. Juniors . The juniors' theme for the Warren Haring Pan- ther game was "73 is the Key to Success." On the night before the game some of the more devilish juniors got together and had a car cara- van. They presented the team with a cake saying "Good Luck Aviators, from the Class of 73." Decorations were seen throughout the halls, concentrated mainly on the first floor entrance. The decorations included balloons, smile buttons, and the GE sign on State Street that read, "Go Aviatorsf' On the lawn in front of the school was a float constructed by the juniors, which displayed a panther in a cage. As a special touch, the junior girls each wore mums to represent their class the day of the game. A mum was presented to Mrs. Nara and a boutonniere to Mr. Nara. The steering Committee for the junior spirit week were the class officers: Grant Cully, Dan Contrucci, Christi Barret and Carol Hampu. r 25 ln order to incite school spirit for the Massillon game, the annual door deco- ration contest sponsored by AHS Student Publications Council was grabbed by Mrs. Anderson's sopho- more homeroom 115. Flanking the door with their theme, "Bomb Those Tigers," are captains Marcia Alviani and Margaret Ailes. Mr. Geis's homeroom 101 put up a hard running fight for second placeg captains were Carol Baxter, Chris Allison, and Kathy Berger. 26 ,yall f Door Contest Helps Boost . Aviator Spirit 28 In the second year of Nara's Era, these were the varsity ground controllers: seated, Tony Mulholland, Head Coach Gene Nara, Bill Coldsnow. In the background are Julius Tonges, Bill Roland, and Ed Egan. 1971-1972 Lettermen Q3 my! x i 30 wfiazzz ff' Coach Nara's 1971 Flyers started and ended the season with a win, The team played hard and finished with a 5-5 record. ln many games, the outcome depended merely on a quirk of fate. The Canton McKinley game was snatched from the jaws of victory with a last minute Bulldog touchdown. The Flyers nonetheless rebounded and triumphed over Cuyahoga Falls 20-6. mmm u o 'M ,Q ki W 263 Ea A I K "42 lgnzfp, gx A 5, . f 1 I 6 fb , Ke Q I b Y! RQ., si wf Qs, nv f Y, s -wk . ,- ' , ,mf ,XQM if ,Q ,Xi gg W. gi' 'QQ' M , 1 'WWW' M fr f: ,fs .pQgg..,, , ,G ,WEL w ' AGT F' ' AN , 1 f, ,, w . WSL.: if 5 v "WYE x ' 1fff'f'2m, na.. ,If ,.'+.'.1 .,. j Ee? 4 Q5 L,t The St. Thomas Knights, local rivals, are headed off by junior Dan Contrucci i227 as he prepares to throw a block while Bill Anderson 195 takes the option for a gain. Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night shall stay them from the goal. The 1971 Alliance High School gridders were the best ever. It's a long summer getting ready for the season, and then an even longer season. Their record might not have been that great, their points not always the highest, yet statistics do not a ball team make. They practiced hard, they played harder. They were the best. 34 . ff? - g as: -- 4 Q K ,. . H: ,nj . M . . S K - 1 15 25 N 5 E5 1 .,: ag - j. "ii Football Reserves Show Moxie This group of young men did not receive the publicity the Varsity did, but that did not stop the reserve's drive. Coaching and self-control shaped this team into a trim, Reserve Semi? fighting herd of men. Long hard hours of practice in dust, mud, and cold only make the reserves work harder, lt was hoped their tedious work would pay off when they joined the ranks ofthe Varsity squad. At the helm of the Reserve team are kneeling: Tom Offenbecker, Norm Mohr, Dan Candusso. Standing: Jerry Fleuble, Tony Pellegrene, and Bob Snedeker. 36 THEM East Liverpool 22 Minerva 14 Canton McKinley 12 Warren Harding 14 Niles 8 Akron St. Vincent 14 Wins 6 THEM Akron Hoban 6 East Liverpool 6 Canton McKinley 14 Massillon 20 Warren Harding 0 Niles 6 Wins 3 4 Q I , ' The players are rewarded for their efforts during the season. These folks gave a little more sweat and effort and thus excelled in their respective football fields. Football Banquet Concludes Season .tw MN After the last football had been deflated, the liniment put away, and the blocking machine mothballed, these varsity players awaited their just desserts and all the other courses. Randy Kuceyeski, receiving the most valuable player award for the second consecutive time, gets the congratulations of the guest speaker, Iowa coach Frank X. Lauterbur and Avia- tor Head Coach Gene Nara. 37 We Don't Mess Around!!! ,l, 'A-9 Us-fl P' lx A 4-CL This year's costumed cuties on the Varsity level are, clockwise from the upper left Debbie Morgan, Pam Young, Nancy Dwyer, Becky Edwards, and in the center. Captain Sandy Nixon. 38 li The reserves consisted of Sharon Middleton, Janice Edwards, Gail Dawson Tralada Huff and Sheila Johnson. 'Glas The cheerleaders were busy throughout the summer practicing and attending an International Cheerleaders Foundation Clinic. At the clinic Alliance placed 8th in a competition of 40 schools. The 1971-72 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are, clockwise from upper left, Joyce Ormiston, Captain Nancy Schaper, Sharon Stancato, Shirley Miller and Margaret Rowland. Q s. ., 5 x 1 wg' il si R 5 1 ff i S K -,nf ' 'I' 2 .Ln A . 3 , ,1 wi .in m : ? QE .9 . -,. ff . ,k .!Q2E':Qfff, , k x f A 1 ..A, ,.-eh -"sg,ysg, ,W - The football squad's votes were cast for these lovelies. Jackson, Seated is the 1971-1972 Pigskin Prom Queen, The members of the court are Brenda Holloway, Janice Becky Moncrief, Goodall, Joyce Ormiston, Sally Edgecombe, and Diane Fievellers Becky Sherwood and Scott Brainard take a dip in the punchbowl. ln a fitting tribute to the football season the Pig- skin Prom signalled an end to the off-tackles, end- arounds, and down-and-outs. This festival celebrating the noble sport was enjoyed by all in attendance. During the intermission a surprised Becky Moncrief was crowned 1971 Football Queen while five other A.H.S. beauties were honored as members of the court. Throughout the evening, the celebrants were serenaded by the 'heavy' sounds of the Royal Soul and the Morley Grey. Backers Were Behind All the Way 42 Ti- amen Aviator Backer officers were kept busy selling bus tickets for the away games, one of the Backers' most important proj- E f f t Y? I HI ects of the year , Left to right are officers Luann Shuster, Carol Markant, and Nancy Schaper. The Aviator Backers were behind many activities during the 71-72 season. They arranged for buses to the away games, sponsored the Pigskin Prom, helped bankroll a feed for the basketball players, and ran out on the field to greet the team before each home game. Mr. Richard Goodwin and Mr, William Carli were the faculty advisers who helped Backers get the job done. Pep Club Scores Again The Pep Club began early in the summer to learn the cheers with the cheerleaders at sessions held at Hartshorn Stadium. An overnight sign painting party was held at the Presbyterian Church during the summer also. The Pep Club's function is to show the athletic teams how much the school is behind them not only during a game but at school, rallies, and 44 practices. A new project was initiated at the beginning of the school year. Each member chose one football player to be her "pep friend." Her duty was to write him letters or do some other little favors before each game so that he would know the school supported him and the team. This project was also continued into the basketball season. For supporting the teams with the school colors, members each bought a red sweater with the inscription, t'AIIiance Aviators" on them. The officers for the club were Carol Markant, presidentg Rhonda Ruth, vice-presidentg and Judy Schneider, secretary-treasurer with Mrs. Bovyer as their advisor. 'i 3 i 1 a i 4 Z ,,. ,,, L..,.L, ,LL,, ' 4 : 1 4, ,WV , ,.,.,.,.,,V, U,-,W A.,, , ,, ,,.., i z l l i am 2 1 Row 1: Majorettesg Carol Lyberger, Brenda Garrison, Karin Maurer, Leisa Young, Beverly Lockett, Sandi Strong, Bess Ann Arris, Rosemarie Peti, Joycelyn Palmer, Terri Libis. Row 2: Robin Knight, Anita Hetherington, Debbie Hetherirgton, Tammy Sloan, Debbie Castlna, Joni Kemp, Paula sco, Debbie Floyd, Lynn Martin, Linnette Wllfrom, Plwlis Roberts, Charlotte Weatherspoon, Cynthia Smith, Susan ilton, Susan Messenheimer, Dorle Emplit, Grace Stamm, Sheila Faulk, Janet Vorres, Becky Sherwood, Ruth Rosenberry, Darlene Leath, Cynthia Merrell, Linda Turner, Cathy Thorpe. Row 3: 46 Mary Beth Buck, Cindy Rudolph, Jim Moseley, Lynn Peters, Cheryl Schmidt, Debbie McElroy, Janet Gansel, Cindy Baker, Dana Alexander, Kathy Berger, Susan Bailey, Larry Mitchell, Joan Baker, Janet Damiani, Patti Davies, Carol Hampu, Jane Lanham, Audrey Merrell, Tera' Golden, Cheryl Harsh. Row 4: Marsha Benjamin, Vicki orehead, Mary Ann Lavery, Melanie Hicks, Diane Jackson, LuAnne Shuster, Lorna Pllatl, Sheryl Wuske, Linda Summers, Debbie Lewis, Pam Messenheimer, Carol Beaumont, Susie Shuster, Karen Hoffmaster, Shirley McAllcher, Pam Young, Patty Arnal, Lorie ?'i? i Z l ,, W-M Mania 1r"Yf 424 ,ix Johanson, Diane Tate, Bonnie McClintock. Row 5: Jeff Oyster, Nancy King, Connie Rogers, Cynthia Harris, Brenda Skillern, Danese herry, Debbie Schneider, Mark Ball, Bill Eby, Jack Madison, Donna Tate, Rhonda Gurney, Ruth Ann Ruff, Barb Kuceyeski, Sue Albu, Cindy Twyman, Mary Beth Newman, Cindy Osco, Debbie Kinsey. Row 6: Nancy Sineri, Chip Steffy, Mike Haidet, Glenn Allen, Joyce McKee, Katie Winner, Kristi Lee, Diane Jones, Conny Porter, Kathy Bonfert, Jenni Crist, Jim Coaster, Rick Dager, Lee Morrow, Larry Wheeler. Gary Flory. ow 7: Diana urton, Nancy Lyberger, i Karl Polen, Mark Shafer, Pat Bernart, Paul Thompson, Dave Duro, Jim Thorpe, Scott Nutial, Donna Messenheimer, Diane Smith, Tom Miller, Roger Biery, Dan Leech, Bryan Swenson, Robert Higgins, Jeff Ruggles, Jeff Pinney, Larry Lacher, Rick Baylor. Row 8: Jeff Smith, Larry Faulk, Jeff Carlson, Tom Harlan, Gaila Williamson, Cathy Dugan, John Weitzel, Jr., Dean Custer, Tom Smith, Richard Schuller, Ken Rhome, Bernard Brown, Alfred Mazalic, Scott Brainard, Collier Banks, Dave Felger, Bruce Mohr, Gary Nutial. 47 The band again participated in a musical extravaganza with area bands at Hartshorn Stadium. The trophies are for each The 1972 edition of the AHS band played a number of one night stands. They provided the half-time entertainment at Boston, Buffalo, and Cincinatti. On the local scene their instruments were seen in Halloween and Carnation Festival parades. The group which played at downtown Veteran's day services was . . . You guessed it. High Band. Splinter ensembles The Alliance made up the pit band for "South Pacific"g the Pep band entertained at the basketball games. 48 school's attempt to steal the show from our nationally known musicians. . .L . . 1 "N r. 'NSN fl ' Win .f "v 4 . , , - . 5 . vf- W-,,,L:.,...w,,1rf . .wtgx ,,, Lhkk -L l ff.- tw tai- -.- ,, qty --t- W,.- 4 5,315 z ,gy 3 g -'-I is -P fg , --,gavffrrt - -'ugly -kms Wi'-Lfl. --. ,Qi-'y'f""'.f .." tfgsaastr.. g,,L. E at ,xml 9,5 an .K-dl. ,bg jqgxi rxxfpniwi .-v."- grbxtgghgiu 4.19. .L"'!'i. tx-.,,,,-in fliagiitiilnfq-f'i4.r5 A W' -5, rf fe I - - 12-.. .. . J... .AQHA-gwmdwik, Q 3 ...,,Qfj.,!i,-. afAL,i,fe1Q5Q,g:IyL,! .f Q 'Rafi A N , M. AL ,. H . :N ' It 'Q ." " if t'."' Q , V, lf-U' "3 ' gy We - W.!"7asx 'Qpf tg V-'ya-A The Band staged many of their mini-spectaculars during the fall. This particular one was taken during the Cincinatti trip or was it Buffalo? It just might be Boston. The Key Club and its advisor, Mr. Richard Hunt, joined in helping out at the ' traditional Pancake Festival which was sponsored by its parent, Kiwanis Club. The C largest membership in the club's history also worked cleaning what became a nature study area next to the new high school which appropriately enough will be called i , t Key Club Canyon. The club also helped set up and knock down the equipment for the n I I Red Cross Blood Donor Day. Service Jr. Red Cross Contributed Generously Advisor Mrs. Wuske and the Junior Red Cross were busy this aSSernbIy, they got volunteers to give blood to the Red Cross year, In addition to organizing the Thanksgiving Day and prepared Easter goodies for those in the hospital. 49 Exchange Students From south of the border came George Vazquez lrightj a native of Mexico City, Mexico. While he was here he carried a full load: English II, Speech, POD, art, and sociology. On his return he became enrolled at the University of Mexico. Eventually, he hopes to enter law. Although soccer is the most popular sport in Old Mexico, he still enjoyed the quaint American tradition of watching "our" football on the tube. Allan Beasley flower rightj came from down under: his home being in Lithgow, Australia where his father runs a haberdashery. He rapidly became adjusted to America for as he said, "There aren't many things different in Australia from America because Australia has a lot of American influence." While the buckaroo was in Alliance he joined the Flying Fish and incidentally, got into the swim of things socially too. AHS's ambassador to Sweden this year was Sylvia Gentile tbelowj. Sylvia established residence in Sweden with the Agner family of Drattning Holm, a suburb of Stockholm. She was enrolled in the Kngshalmen Gymna- sium School and took the required 12 subjects. 50 This year's magazine campaign was led by the juniors who reached 97070 VS of their goal. The seniors followed with 79070 and the sophomores trailed with 55070, with the entire school having 16070 participation. Junior Julie Johnson led in total sales of 322794. Mr. Arbogast's sophomore homeroom 12 led in homeroom sales. The total school sale was 84,070.31 with the top fifteen salesman being Julie Johnson, Richard Dillon, Randy Biery, Nancy Schaper, Bill Noble, Kathy Bonfert, Scott Brainard, Scott Merganthaler, Shirley McAlicher, Randy Haynes, Mike Springer, Joyce Mill- er, Kathy Dougan, Chris Robertson, and Randy Crawford. Juniors Successful in Magazine Campaign Q li ..rf-.g' .2 , "' .114-vs: Mr. Arbogast's junior T 8t l homeroom proved best at door-to- distinct pleasure of splitting the S100 prize amongst door sales, not to mention coming out on top of the magazine themselves. heap. These overenthusiastic periodical pushers had the 51 Alliance's "Little Enterprises J A Sixty-five AHS students learned about the world of business by actually becoming a part of it through Junior Achievement. Some of the projects that were made included candles and centerpieces at Christmas time. Sponsoring companies were the United Cooperative, B8tW Research, TRW and the Armour company. Through the process of running a company totally dependent upon its members, JA people gained valuable insights in the world of business. 52 l Thespians and it ' '1 ' . . SAX 2. .-VQXN XW,,.,,,x , . . f" 251 X' Pt l fl 'i Nr! The play's the thing . . . but it helps if you've got a little talent. The two drama clubs recognized this tal- ent. While open to all interested students, Blue Dom required try-outs. So it was that quivering would-be actors found themselves standing before the stony-faced judges, reading some poem or play. . .or at least trying. This was the crew that had 6705 more hams than any other club, except International Thespians, seasoned troupers who represented the cream of the local dramatic crop, for each member had to earn at least ten drama points to be inducted. The clubsl main activity, other than their infamous football game, was sponsoring the fall play, "You Can't Take lt With You," and the spring musical, "South Pacific". Naturally, the members turned en masse for the productions, ready to "strut their hour upon the stage," under the able eye of drama director and adviser, lVlrs. Elisabeth Anderson. Blue Dom 'Strut Their Hour' Il: W.. I 6 !'i'1fA'N'.' . ll l2 IJ 4 I5 IB I9 20 2 72 5 28 21 8 29 1-H, 53 You Can't Take lt With You l l 2 l Grandpats glassy eyes came only from his spectacles. He's looking at another cast member off-stage. The year's play was presented by the international Thespians Society. Lead parts were filled by aIlThespian members, but there were some new members to the cast. The play was a modern day comedy on the line of Romeo and Juliet. The young couple is Tony Kirby, Jr., played by Jim Thorpe, and Alice Sycamore played by Joyce McKee. Grandpa was played by Glenn Allen. All were seniors. In preparation for the play, only one major problem was encountered. Since the setting is in the 1940 era there was some difficulty in finding furniture, costumes, and other accessories characteristic of that time. Townspeople and parents rallied by donating props. Authors of the play were lVloss Hart and George S. Kaufmann. The play was copywrited in 1937 and has become one of the most performed plays in America. i l 3 5. 3 ,, . -. ,4 Az 'Nr 1 ,Q Playing a drunken actress, Carol Parker steadies her nerves while listening to the budding play- wright, Karen Groves, reading one of her latest gems. Mitch Moore, as Mr. Kirby, spews forth with anger after being decked in an impromptu wrestling match with Kolenkhov, a ballet teacher, who was portrayed by Rhys Daniels. 1 Wl 'ian- Grandpa, being a music lover, listens attentivly to the musical madness of Greg Benedetto. 55 nw? 'nf' . ff, - f' BaCk f Wi n ter F.illfifffiggnowscrystalt fallingg barrenitree , r p , ii g QjTime's gentle footsteps softliyfsteaiing Soliloquy of peace, this silent stage . . . One thousand days, one thousand nights Are but brief whispers of theggreatier play i of beginnings, of endings l of moments and memories is i All lies wrapped in a blanket of time 4 4,.' j., ,, VW: , , ,Z SyA W W , W991 ,ffl 1 :,, I f , S A W 5, ,QQ A' pm? I Chosen to lead the class of "73" on were these class officers: Grant Cully, presidentg Dan Contrucci, vice- presidentg Christi Barret, secretaryg and Carol Hampu, During his first year here, the beginning of "Nara's Era," lVlr. Nara steadily gained popularity. So popular was he that the juniors adopted him as their class patron during the election of officers. 58 treasurer. These diligent four were the backbone of the Jr.-Sr. prom, helped with the selection of class rings, and kept the class of "73'f together. Class of 73 The class of "73" had several projects for the year 1971-1972. The selection of class rings were chosen by a committee consisting of the class officers and four other selective juniors: Kim Myers, Shirley Miller, Mike Gleich and Gary Kirksey. During the month of February the entire junior class chose their ring. The juniors showed their concern by preparing boxes of food for a needy family on Easter day for a service project. The rest of the year was spent on working for the Junior-Senior prom, which is held in May. The theme is always kept secret until the night of the prom. tad A. Akers VV V S. Albu ' ' ' , ' L. Allen , V Vf F fm .. V 71 4: D. Allen ' . " it '6 F ff- ' W 1 V M, Allison NVQ V ' f ,314 V 4 D. Allmon V ,,1"'V'VV ' ' VV I . 'W L.. Anoreani V J f , D. Anthony Z? A M vi ., A A , h P. Arnal , f . 1 D. Ashbrook V . V f' .. . g , - D. Ashley " . " 2. " ' , V an V V. Vi m MA Bake' A 33' ' Q -:L T ' " if-, .-L P' Baker W ', ,. 1 " V' X .. T. Baker ' it 1' " fax V VV C- Bal' M' " 5 it .Vf H Alek ' 5-Q fy 3:1 '-.LX Q .. , M. Bara .. ' X C. Barret " . K. Baylor - - 1? 'V VV - ' V . E' Ft. Baylor 'gh Vw' 5 Q7 ' . f...,, A V ' fu C. Beaumont 'i - ' . - Q' VV ' " V M. Benjamin ' V H B ' -A V C. Berger 2 5 V . N, Bergemann " '. . is . ,V ' B. Berlin ' . V V I V S. Best . ' A V K R. Biery i x , . ' I - x , L. Brook m " V - sf 2 V CV mg -. - Y, Q .W xx V .. G. Bortoli 'T' V J' A ff G. Boyce X 5 V W! V 3 V V' , ' - 1 A. Boykin V f . ft T ,' 'Q jj: .4 if VV ' X t l -4 .- tg.. X l xii-rwa' -7... F N f I 5 R. Brinkman -V3 'S A D. Brockett , ' JV V' K. Brown ' ,. " M V -1 ' ' . C. Burgan Sw ? M Q "'t-V ! M V JV V ' , Q B W. Burmeister or 1 N ' :Q V " V D. Burns ' " V ' A P. Burrier Q VV ' xf 3 V - .4 N , DV Burton V at ,V ' Q. Vt X ".. M -X V Q - ,fx 5 . . .A 4' ' x-f' --J W . .V ' fy- L. Burtnett 5 V. ' D. Burton H I L . G. Byers 1' .. 7'V i" 4' . IV V K .l 'H gi T. Campbell a ' A . s. f ' A ' L-Q 'V ' " T. Carlile 1 ,fr 'V ' 1 . D. can. I l l , . ' Q .. .." E J. Carlson 5 V15 l ' k....,.. . ".' f ,,. 'f'l1'5L ' B. C E 1 ,,. . Va W, arr ' - or VV -...I G. Case v V C .Q ' V. V. Castma 5 ,. , . V r if J. canon g ' V4 Q U' " " ' A TY' f c K. Chance ' JL B ' .jx V T ' A K4 Chapman V ' "' A ' " K. Charlton V " Q VV - L. Chiporo SV' E V Q 'FV V LVL 7 V K K. Cochran K C. Coluccn VV 'A '5 D, Compton Q V'.,,,.4? N , -V 5 NV qi gontrucci V V , . ' 'f"'- n V l . V' . ooper V V f V ,L s. t V Q. WV, B. Cox ' ' 'i V- Q- C ' Q' R. Crawford ' i, f A ' ' . S. Crison M l N A A Q A l fl it J' Crist t '. 1 . N X P . A ' P. Crockett ,T , V. Crockett 1 4 'Q ' G. Cully w 4. . . . J. Currans "vt i ' ff , , 4- D. Curtiss f'j ' ' L - Q Y 5 ' - , C, Dalesandro ,X 4 .V ,P l ' ' i , t .V V V . if is, hp' .. J. Daniels A' X .ax 1 i ' ' ' P. Davies G. Dawson g G, Day M X Ag- G. Deack 1? V 5' 5 . 45" 'ft'-'K V R, Dennison 5. L-V jk N 1' V 3 7 - Vw K. Dickson 'V L . f M. Dluehosh X , .V VVV VV. ,fV. V RV Dormgo , , ,lyk V fi? I V f N. Dragomir .t A L l 4. itlllt. To 59 Juniors Accept Responsibility . . . y i,i i r if ,rf F Viiiy V if 1 5 I ,, -A 1 I ' i if F i if iii J f X ii 1 2' i i fi f - F 1 1 ' L. ,,i, ,F as ,r V f ' V V I Li T I 'i ' ri' i d W H I F 1 fi ' i 'ii ' I ,f fa ff 4 1 v M I K V s iiis b A ssss V f . '- V1 o 1 F - 2 F iii i,iiisi iiis . ' ii, si' is f iis . V iv V ,iii f' r . N F G by i -F W. ' ii ,i w A' W Q1 1, if V V f i x iii ii s i si wi" is , ., V I ,' ivgrr ., A Q ' f'5,, VV if Z : 1 I "' My S i V A ' 4 'e ' G if r ' ' ', I. ,,.i:, I V , 'L L' ' i 1" 4 I I f f i is 4 Fa be ' if y ,G i , I y ,ssii, , QT: . ,X ,iii H T rr G a ,Z ,rx J V, 60 Sz 1 Xifigfgl ! -Ik Af fy' ' my if ig R if VY If ,W A , Q " 1' . ff .JF 4 f .. ,gh 2 I ,',' r X or 'Q 5 U ii f ir i . . fy W. Dregich Dregich Dugan Dulaney Duro Dwyer Eby Ed wards Eggleston Emplit Emplit Fabritius Fannin Faulk Favazzo Felger Ferguson Fish Fisher Fogle Fontaine Fraser French Fussell Gaffney Galley Gainor Gang Ganni Garvin Gazia Gentile Gibbons Gibbons Glad is Glelch Glover Goodwin Gorfi Goshorn Goshorn Grabiel Graf Gray Gray Gray Greenisen Green Grimes Gurney Haidet Haldet Hall Hampu Hancock Hanny Hardy .sv ,Q rx. L is 'i fr is H, 9 ' , - 1 gg, - J. an-in X-so J ly qw Q f U' , k . V4 I it ' ., ,,, i', if .iQ 1 I W "2 . if ' 'ff . T ' , E , gk I L ' Tis 5 'Z ,aids -X K, ff- ,Q ' 1 V ,, , I I if g J L . V. , f 1 V J 45 .W , H, i A. . " A g ff L ' 1 L+ M' ,if ,i in V I K Vg ,,'W": .VZT , ,ii Q ,K ' H 4' " K me J i . N A J or , K 'fx -ws. , N g I 3 4, 'i ,i wal qi, , I 4 is I ,, Zn J insi I' H . J - A 1 iiiiviai x for 'ri is 44,451 -vs Wm 1,-.f Qvy G-an fi 7, .' ew G Wir, -W Hari Harper Harris Harrington Hartzeli Hathorn Haupt Haven Hawkins Hawkins Hawkins Heatherington Henry Hetherington Hewitt Higgins Hill Hoebeke Hoebeke Hoffmaster Hoffman Hoiiy Holsinger Hons Hoover Hoppes Huffman Huff Huff Hull Hume Hunt Jennings Johanson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Jones Jones Karvel Ke y Kelly Kemp Kemp Kerns Kerr Kimble Kimble Kung Kirksey Kurksey Klsik Knife Kolilal Kommel Krug Kunizma Lannlng League Leath 3 9 Q " - ,SG , ii 1 e , ' 'V , I ! ' M, J, - ' J, i fe . X ,M , V , JV W .ff 4 I X ' r rrV,, M ,V i V x A 'iii Zrlr VV"' M xy " I , , M I 6' , 'AK M , M A V: , E Q Tj Kimes V V,f. ii pix x A' 1 'iff "' , ' jf G. i J " K gf XR XMI? V ,NI V , , I ,1 l .f :KV K b li. 3 M- 45 ,' Y, WX , lx i 1 is 'A V ' - A 'J' G' i 61 They M. Lee D. Lemaster M. Lewis T. Livengood J. Longmire D. Lott L L Ft. Luca . . gr.- Become a Par ll ao. A Q 1--- I . I... .. g 3 fXE,f'!', 'X ' t K. Lucas J. Lunsford D. Lyons J. Madison M. Magrath K. Malone A. Markley S. Markley R. Markus D. Marsh S. Marsh K. Marteney F. Martin J. Martin 4, J. Martin R. Maxwell :fx x. S i . f, ' C' Q' x A. -.Af .., Y", 2 it , . My I ii' ' V X .. K rf' 'Q .1 ' z 'Sis Q. IL K. May A. Mazalic S. McCallum B. McClintock J. McCready D. McElroy J. McElroy R. McElroy K. McGowan f NZ M-.,. ' Q S. Mclntyre C. Meade K. Mehnert J. Merrell D. Merrida K. Messenhelmer P. Messenheimer D. Middleton 1 . ,x-ff.. 1 1 L af. . 1? ' ff-+ 's '- , 2. T, ' A 5 'M 4. 4 'K , f - E Q . 2 fr--1 Z, f' l E! V- i - A W z 1 ,iffy 'QM 1' A 4, 4 R .2 D34 CU A 4' I v- M 4 S' Q 5- ' it 'LX L x Q, XY , m ai , .ia 4' . 3 W -.. 1. dxf, sf K ' 4, t I A .M yay. K 1 I d K. Middleton S. Middleton A. Miller J. Miller M. Miller M. Miller M.J. Miller S. Miller T. Miller K. Moats C. Molnar T. Monnot P. Montagno W, Montgomery t x Mtvrenoav L fu A . f ,A yn l or r ' L2 , x W. 9 if 4 J 1,2 .Y , X 4 I x 17 X V . '-7' it J. 'WX x Q - Q. ,'. --vs, 3 r x y A L E xg R I .5 ,. , : as T, Moore I ' 7 D, Morgan ' 9 ,., K. Murbach 4' L 5, E. Murphy L, . Q 5 S. Murphy 4, " . " -ws., 9 K. Myers ' 1 , , ' f M.Myers V V' - a 5 K , W,,. , my S. Myers ' I M.B. Newman W. Nicholson H. Nitz vw. f""'5f 1,4 vel' 'A D if ,f - 5 ' . J FM nk, A A at , W . fa ,. , wlnw, Q ' ,... A S. Nnxorw B. Nobte D. Noble N. Nogle P. Nordquest T. Nordquest B. Notrnan S. Ollis B. Orsburn S. Oyster G. Patna P. Palozzt C. Parker R. Parker P. Patterson R. Peate G. Pederzollx M. Peloso E. Peters N. Peters N. Peters M, Peterson M. Pinkerton J. Pinney R. Oumn C. Porter K, Polen S. Pnnney B. Ramser S. Randolph D. Ray K. Reed A. Reid J. Rhodes J. Rtdgeway D. Rrdgeway D. Rltchne T. Roach G. Roberts P. Roberts af .K A . t ., V K ,4 XM t f, Q ii, ' ,Q Q 42 sg? 7 ., 0 tr.- k L' cw. 'si fnv 'Qt 'X it , ' ', "means 3, , . Q 5.5. - 3 m Q., .. .ibn ggi M f -I A A ' f 1, f ' " W '- QT' X I 7 'si ? . i. I L Rf y f 3 Q . ' ' 'r Qi f- - , " , Y .gar- yh. " " 13' i fmt" Q. . U 38 Mfr- ik X ' t- .fl H N fy 9 t 4 1 a , x U W - R4 "' sm P 5 1 .. ...M . . A NIT , .Q 1 ! f l fi. t S-- S M 3 P if A , -W . I X Q r X s A Q' - .ne . It 56 X 5 9 Q A Q . They Act M.B. Roehm C. Rogers K, Rogers M. Rogers M. Rose J. Rotuna B. Roudabush B. Roudabush M. Rowland C, Sampson J.A. Sarchione M. Satchell , in gf W, 41 ' 2 if F 47' 2, 's ' . ,. .t ' 44 QQ I 'mia k 4 5 . we fi' . .,.. I WV VV :AA V I n-..,, if V Juniors, like Joyce Miller, supported their team f H , through times good and bad, typifying the zest lr and pride of 't73". ' ' D, Saus , V R. Scheible Q V ' V ' Q C. Schmidt V J C. Schott 9 . .V-if M. Schuller ' J f' ' R. Schuller J. Seevers T, Sherwood , D. Shreve . ' Q V ,E ' V L. Shutter If SV ' , V. . ,e .J " K. Simmons Q L. ' . :Q ' .. S. Simmons ii gf A ' ' ttfii L. sms . f V 5 ,. 'V D. Sinclair 1 i t iii' fl J i . ' . P- 5KO'0Sh N J it J l t M. Smith V H W T s tn .. 1 4 X V. Smith ' ' " , B, Snyder A X f D. Snode IW' 1 J. s d lr . ... if t. 5221131835 M' in 'iv V ' ' S S echt Qian., M- Spfmgef 64 -wflii ., k . rg W if Jff? O. E. Stanley K. Stanley 'Fx' L. Stanley S. Steed Q.. V? W ' ' ,Q f, N, Stoia ' gg Q J. Sukoss -V 11" ,,.' T V, A ,, t' . J. Swanson ' Tw " K '- f' 4- K B. Swarts I ff' I thi 'f Y tw ,S-' ' 'W -, . Q VV V VSV VV V V V "'- , ' 7 'QV B. Swenson . L 5 . L . Q. l J. szasz V , ...V V V VVV. . D. Tate Tp' V A VV " ' f ' ' Q R. Tatsch ...,,. ., V , . ,V A tllit iii, gm. A .jun N , if 1 5 , f 'E' 0 'Q o 5 ' .I Q - an ,", 5 . 4 .4-, qw x if ,,x , 5 Q 3' A 1 1 D. Yurkas fix, y ,I T :viii fqffvslk '. A li ' T-65' to-4' Q , f-px tw. KH M , l 'vii' , l if Q - Y' lxfirx 'X 5 .1 4 . . f its X I 'ef ., 'n Qs' ' if ' ' I Y nu 'ak 185 ,ff M vw K 1 ss ' A gk' Z? s 2 1 Taylor Taylor Taylor Tennant Terrell Thomas Thompson Thompson Thorpe Threats Thurman Timmerrnan Todd Tonges Twyman Unkeler Vlcars Vizzuzo Vorres Walker Waltz Ward Wasmire Watson Watts Way Wech West Wilcox Williams Williams Williams Wilson Wilson Wise Wollam Wright Yanney Young Young 1 I Some 'of the OWE juniors showod their 'concern by preparing food packages at Christmas time for the Salvation Army. Crystal-baubles strewn, ,Q 4-3 an ebon, frame Stands lonely, so silent, deep coursing slow running "ff r mfr' My 042, ,JW e.gil""' F: f swarm 'S A l ag.. ., at ,sgmm Days dragging on in endless procession Flowing thickly, so thickly, cold yet so warm The restless audience now sits enthralled As the master magician, with facile ease Reveals his winter-pageant of ice and of fire sss i u Brushing his had tgainst their rapt'rous faces Www Z A K-N.. .L 'ii -f :L 'JLHIHHQM 1 nf" S ? 5' 4 Q 2? 'NNW - ,..,- W, . -'fs rf X sw is ff! , ,J X . TBR" So let cryptic mystics and other fools Split their fine hairs, for winter, all the same Still frost crowned will Come crown orystalled tiared Full of good cheer, warmth, quiet mirth K 1 L-:QJXTQXXWQ fag . -es 'Q-iq ""' l wg., f. W 'l 69 NHS Winter Induction Adds 18 somber but faces were Seen throughout the halls QlVQl"l thell' amd ll'ldUCted into National Honor SOCl9ty December 9, 1971, when eighteen outstanding seniors were during acandlellght ceremony. 70 Under the guidance of President Tom Boyce the National Honor Society organized the distribution of schedules to sopho- mores and new students at the beginning of the school year, conducted a used book sale to raise money, and sponsored an International dinner with the exchange students as their guests. Brought into the flock were eighteen new members. After that glorious morning, there came an innovation. For the happy parents and the inductees an evening reception was held. And basking in the fruits of their accomplishments, they ate cookies and drank punch. SPC at Helm of Publications This is not Flipley's Believe It or Not, or the Hollywood Wax although they may not look quite alert, were the governing Museum but the Student Publication Council, These people bodyfor Alliance High School Publications. The newly organized Student Publications Council was composed of the top three members and the business managers from both the Chronicle and the Red and Blue staffs. The committee met once a month to discuss issues of concern to both staffs. Members formulated a con- stitution and sponsored a Progressive Dinner Party held in December. The advisors were lvlrs. Quinlan and Mr. Cowan and members consisted of Jim Kelly, Leisa Young, Debbie Bezon, Becky Nloncrief, Bob Kotzbacher, and Pat Ftubright. The officers were President, Phil Battershell, and Secretary, Ruth Dordea. fluent: ff-is Choral Groups Combine Classic and Modern Acappella Choir The Acappella blended the lighter and more popular sound of contemporary music to provide the mainstay of vocal concerts and the background for the Baccalaureate. The sixty some members also lent their voices again to a stirring rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic for the annual spring band concert. Chorale Chorale concentrated on the more sophisticated sounds of classical music to provide spectacular sound not only for concerts at the high school but also throughout the community. This group received an excellent rating in the State Choir 72 Competition and also the thanks of the communi- ty groups for whom they sang. Madrigals Madrigals is a very unusual group. They gather their members by audition from Chorale and the Acappella Choir. They sing the whole musical spectrum from Lennon to lvlorley and back again. The most active of the numerous choral groups, they have performed for the Kiwanis, the Rotary, and at the Health Center. In statewide competition they received a rating of superior, the best that can be had. 7 Y 2 iv F r S K Sounds Mine ears have heard the glory of the singing of the choir. They have trampled out the vintage where the sheet music is stored. They have loosed their faithful voices with a terrible swift chord. Their tunes go marching on. Glory, Glory, Kern and Sousa, Glory, Glory, Kern and Sousa, Glory, Glory, Kern and Sousa. Their tunes go marching on. These dogies were roped in for the first roundup of the of harmonizers who sing the boss sounds of the classical Chorale. Wagonmaster Hisey cracked the whip over this herd composers. 73 Cui, The French Club A good scholastic average was the requirement in French Palmer, secretaryg and Kathy Berger. treasurer. A senior for the members of this organization. Officers were Pat farewell was held at the end of the year, Mrs, Ruth Flubright, presidentg Flhys Daniels, vice presidentg Jocelyn Williams was adviser. M The Spanish Club Students who excelled in the study of Spanish filled the Club International Dinner, and, of course, the senior membership of Spanish Club. Miss Virginia Mundy served farewell. as adviser. Major activities for the group include the Tri- 74 Vidi, The Latin Club A select group of those studying the ancient language so by all three language clubs and also the International Dinner basic to Western Culture comprised the Latin Club and senior farewelllvlrs. Dorothea McCoy was adviser. membership. They participated in the Christmas party held Shutter-Bugs ln its first year, the AHS Shutterbug club was founded by photographically inclined individuals to instill an interest in photography in underclassmen. In part the club's aims were to provide a nucleus of able pho- tographers for the following year in the new building. Mr. Joseph Zelasko took on the duties of adviser to aid the group in setting up the programs for their Saturday morning sessions. 75 Ski Club members were guided by Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Brunner who snowplowed their way through inches and sometimes feet of wet snow to Boston Mills and Atwood ski slopes several times during the winter of '72, To get acquainted, a party was held early in the year at Mill Circle Club House. Could that be how they came up with the buddy system? if Club Experiences Ups and Downs 76 QM., . . . As Do Winter Sportsters Fall s Flyers: Times of Triumph From the left: Joe Tucker, Gene Paina, Marcus Miller, Sam Simmons Earl Hill, Clifford Jones, Jeff Jae, Gary King, lVlu v n lvl ler John Snodgrass, and Dan Contrucci. Kneeling: We expected a normal season: maybe a .500 record and we'd proba- bly get knocked off in the first game of the tourneys. Well, things were a little different in '72. Hell, they were a lot different. We were practically unbeatable and there were rumors that the name Warren was a jinx. Something else was different. There was a feeling in the air. Call it self- confidence, pride, school spirit, or whatever, but the atmosphere of this school changed. There was hope. The team actually worked as a team. It wasn't just a few individuals dribbling and traveling to faraway places. Besides great material, a fantastic coach, and a little Iuckg there was something else. We were told that the team was complimented for it's discipline and general good manners at the numerous out-of-town stadia. Coach Brown, Coach Steffen, Head Coach Fails, and manag er Mike Springer. ln other words, even if the season had been 3-19, God forbid, the season would have been a success. But we didn't have such a record and in the 22 games we played we scored 1328 points to our opponents 1154. The hottest scorer was Earl Hill who shot 349 of those points. Jeff Jae, the other senior starter, had the best overall floor rating. The rest were as great. Behind, Coach Harry Fails, the Conneaut wonder, and his team were the rowdies of the student body. It was for a good cause - us - and they shouted their heads off. Those hard-core rascals got out to the games and let the team know that somebody was behind. The cheers ranged from the commonplace to the mildly obscene. The second meet with Massillon ended with a disgusting defeat and a couple hundred battered chairs courtesy of some of those loyal followers. You couldn't tell it from their looks, but the team has just been awarded the sectional trophy for their triumphs in the tournaments over Green and Glenwood. 79 John Snodgrass retrieves a loose ball from the clutches of an Akron Garfield defender. The Gartielders obviously let this happen much too often. The final score was Alliance 58, Akron Garfield 56. A . iiil A A .sew 'V ' ,,.t:..w.w-'NV' The Aquinas Knights were royally crowned by the almost invincible Avia- tors. Marcus Nliller goes up in a crowd either to make a shot or snatch it from the clutches ot St. Tom. 80 53 Q Q15 c ' Murvin Miller goes up for a shot during the Weirton game. The game was one of the least contested. Above: Ah, the crowds. To describe the enthusiasm would require a couple of dictionaries, at least two English teachers. and a course at the Famous Writers' School. The enthusiasm was uncontainable and trainers would have been more effective than cheerleaders. At right: Marcus Miller uses a little friendly persuasion on a Massillon Tiger at the delight of the crowd and the distress of Willie Spencer. Bottom left: Dribble. dribble. toil and trouble. Jeff Jae dribbles around a St. Tom defender. , way Q A Barberton Magic grabs a rebound from the frenzied defense of Earl l-lill. 81 VARSITY 1971-1972 BASKETBALL RECORD AHS Canton McKinley 53 AHS Elyria Catholic 47 AHS Youngstown South 35 AHS Tallmadge 60 AHS New Philadelphia 56 AHS Massillon 49 AHS Youngstown Raven 58 AHS Salem 40 AHS Warren Harding 58 AHS Akron East 49 AHS Niles 38 AHS Akron Garfield 56 AHS East Liverpool 47 AHS Weirton 51 AHS Warren Western Reserve 52 AHS West Branch 55 AHS Barberton 70 AHS St. Thomas Aquinas 55 Won Lo 2 lr He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Murvin Mill- er takes an unintentional dive in the Glenwood Tournament game. A funny thing happened on the way to Columbus. The dynamic dribblers advanced far- ther than any AHS team in the last half century. After capturing the sectional trophy, the Aviators let an early lead slip to Canton McKinley but were finally rescued by a last-second basket by John Snodgrass. Then came Massillon. Their team should have been arrested for grand larceny. Again the Avia- tors gain an early lead and let it slip. With nine seconds to go, we drove ahead by a point. Then while the Alliance fans went into hysterics, some Tiger somehow slipped the ball into their basket. A celebration of a tournament victory is the order of the day in this locker room scene 82 The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. At right, an ecstatic Earl Hill gives Mr. Hawkins live. Above: A heart broken Marcus Miller receives the condolences of equally disappointed fan Beverly Locket! after the Massillon tournament game. The reserve dribblers practiced their basketball skills to get themselves primed fof the big leagues, They are Shown here with Coach Robert Brown. 83 1972 Grapplers Pull Together The 1972 Alliance Grapplers had a fine season that cannot YOUUQ men who Were putting forth their best efforts from the be disputed under a superb coaching staff. Coaches Egan veryfirstmatch tothe verylast. and Mulholland led a team of well organized and determined Coach Egan and assistant Coach Mulholland pulled a group of young men together making a precise, fighting team of wres- tlers. Co-captainsg Mark Marderwald and Bob Dike, the backbone of the team, led the wrestlers to a season record of 3- 7-1. Traveling to the sectional held at Warren Howland, Mark Marderwald took a 1st place, Bob Dike and Milton Snodgrass a 2nd place. Gaining recognition at Warren, the invincible trio got a break to go to the state with a match in the district. Wrestling season started out on a somewhat disappointing note in that 5 of the returning Iettermen chose not to wrestle. However, 50 came out for the team and from them developed a real hard working group. 12 Varsity wrestlers lettered with successful seasons. Outstanding mat records were tallied by Bob Dike C10-15, Ron Thorn Q6-55, Milton Snodgrass 18-2-U, and Mark Marderwald 48- 13. Victorious Mark Marderwald, extended high, shows superior winning first place during the Howland Tournament. hand ity for Warren Doing what he does best, Bob Dike shows power, strength and determination by overcoming his opponent. AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS 1971-1972 Varsity Record Minerva Boardman Salem East Liverpool Louisville Canton Timken Massillon Marlington Beaver Local Canton McKinley Barberton Above: Lonnie French and opponent face off in the Warren Howland center ring. Great concentration and personal faith is needed, and Lonnie possesses them all. At left: Mike Rodgers does not give up easily, as his Marlington opponent is finding out. Coach gan looks on with great tension, hoping for the best to come. 85 'Flying Fish' Hook Winning Season These young men, including the coach, really put every- willpower and determination which the Alliance Flying thing they had into their swimming. Early and late, hour Fish owned. upon hour was spent in the pool, showing the strength, Injury did not bar this devoted Flying Fish from the swim meets. Rich Dillon managed to accompany and provide spirit for the Fish. 86 All in all the students of AHS can be proud of the Flying Fish for they all tried their hardest and did their best. Led by Coach Clegg, the Aviators placed seventh in the regional with a total of 15 points. The Fish also participated in two events in the state. The season ended with a winning record of 9-5. Three seniors were elected as tri-captains of the Flying Fish: Scott Brainard, Gib Dawson and Rich Dillon. Due to an injury Rich Dillon could not complete a full season of swimming, but received a varsity letter. Tensed and ready for a flight in the air before hitting the tub is the typical swimming start. Above: An unknown helping hand is seen providing assistance for Eric Gempler, greeting his win in amazement following a very strenuous race. Upper right: Many long hours were spent riding buses to and from swimming meets. This was a chance for the Fish to catch last minute butterflies and reminisce on previous meets. Lower right: Pulling the ear, is that Coach Clegg's hidden secret? The coach of the Fish furnished his ability and precious time to train the swimmers thoroughly. L 'lui R 'isa is R 'Isl 22 .on mm 22 cum bb ... L0 o E .Lf rn O E if O- mL nm Em Tho cn L. .Q ua C9 FU B Swimmerg cn 4 '5 O E cn cn KU 'U O C U7 Improved C .C O 7 C GJ IVIOSI E rn rn CU Lee, nderc D and L as L. E 3 wimming, KB 3 C C GJ basketball, s the +- M U7 C O UD CU GJ U1 tiers and honors, ul v- ID KID CD O O 3 U3 'U CD --1 KU L .Q Ie 2 cu o VSCGIVC CD L O viat hering ng A at I0 E 'J oz LZ an -J U C ru 2:5 C Z o o .C U3 E o LL L U? as II! L. 2 2 U3 3 o L cv: 52 L. GJ 'O C 3 O .Q CD II Q. O I- 'U C cu L KD bs E CL 'O as .E an O GJ L C0 bf O .Q AHS outstanding en March 20. Th rte OH Banquet ID 4-1 L O Q. C0 .Q C C O .J L. ID E E s CD 2 .Q CU 3 CU D m O E 75 L CU C KU L ICD IZ O O -UD CD.. CE 16.9 EL 62 O 2 .ca cu E CU D ..- CD o E U3 O E ua cn KU L D7 'U O C 'CD 1' cr: 3 L an 'U L as E X L so E L CD Z 40 GJ L 3 E zz HO -2 U-.. 32 I-5 'za Sw 'DCD ms. .cr "CD cv C A: I O 'E o o C QE 5 ou oc E '6 U.. Sm 'cz S2 wi 23 EL Sw L Q2 cw 'E .EQ VJ L L2 EC ID ... L O -Q3 L. cum ge C man :P QGJ 52 E.. -.- rn .9412 ri? 0-:J Q0 ...o -Q- O -C. O C CD L LL ui L an ... ... 2 co 5 I- an ID as L co 'D GJ D O L O. E L. ao I U7 an E 2 .ca cu 2 cu P .. CD o E CD. E O .Q o CD L. cn I CD cv E GJ L CU rn ..- C CD E .C E. E CD C B o 'O cv X ru I- ... U7 o E C L o .C I- C o II U C cu 9. .Q cu .C o cu O O as X E L. an E ,,,E E U3 OCD O E Om M.: o .sg Oo cv Q. ID L O ..- 'o cv .2 av o an L by an C ... CD .9 .C Q. o L ... an .C ..- or E 22 CO CU I L U3 o E E o U7 3 cu D :9 CD 17 .C U7 'C o ... c 2 CD C 'O C CU .- Lui athletics has to offer. Those pictured here have achieved excellence in football, basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball, track, golf, and cheerleading. lVlr. Julius Tonges served as adviser. M H ,,, 89 Administration as wuurf' it The Alliance City Schools administration works many Vocational Director David G Becker Asst Superin hours in planning for our futures. Above checking the tendent Charles L Rieger Asst Superintendent and Su plans for the new library, are William R Slezak perintendentRG Hamrick ln addition to the normal tasks of running a school system smoothly, Alliance Public Schools administrators had the difficult but pleasur- able task of putting the finishing touches on the new Alliance High School building. The task was accomplished in time for its opening in September of 1972. Educational strides made in 1972 included the redistricting of the entire school system with the innovation of middle schools for 1972-73. The decision to add ninth graders to the new building along with lvlarlington students partici- pating in vocational programs increased the new AHS student body to approximately 1800. 90 X Sm .t ,. The Alliance School Board made strides to better the educa- Standing are Lyle Crist and Raymond Vandayburg. Seated tional system of our city. Trying to make more and better op- are John Tate, William Stetfy, Dr. George Ewing, and Charles portunities for the students they made many vital decisions Henschen. as to the operation of the public schools. U, Norman McLeod, assistant principalg Lester Tome, principalg and Oscar Andreani, assistant principal review plans for the new facilities being installed at the new AHS. .They used their talents to provide students with the best education possible, 91 English Department Marguerite Hillman No, no, it'S "He did well". It ain't "He did good." Z Q -V ' Elisabeth Anderson Bethel Hess Carol Kuhaneck Sara Quinlan Esther Redmond 92 Elizabeth Akenhead Richard Brion tll, l,,iitlll t 52 Flebeka Nagy M3 5 Joseph Zelasko Edward Egan 1 aa' KT I Harry Fails Ernest Linsmaier 9 A X Social Science Department For Mr. Tonges the virtues of democracy were not only discussed but practiced in his U.S. Government classes, It was discovered BY Columbus, not IN Columbus!" Homer Lockett Gene Nara Julius Tonges Richard Steffen Robert Snedeker 93 Foreign Language Department U eea . , gf ' h V' r "nn , nnnn f"""'- j -., x -M'-'-H-YM' , if K 5 3 yi X ' XJ' I ,is w y, v -.....m,,M.,.W,,.,,W-- .2 "ge r we .1 ,WJ 4. W Q. s. I Dorothea McCoy Sharon Fell Virginia Mundy Music and Art Departments 94 xiii,-,fFm1fm,?2:-,rf t,ii rttt Wag i i ' rf' ,a Ruth Williams X 5 John Weitzel Richard Latimer Harry Fry Lanny Hisey Conrad Brunner "+,. f f" Science Department yy . ti vf ' fa . A w nj ' V Ay- ' , 5. V U" AW. ..f. of-ir - .- Q rf' , " 1111 if 'IQ' i L- A Dem Bones! Dem Bones! Dem dry bones! Miss Ayers's Physiology class looks intently at some lucky guy's skel- eton, as she explains skeletal structure. Raymond Asher Robert Brown Martha Ayers Joseph Quinlan Jane Bovyer William Roland F 31-JY. gary lVlel Knowlton Ruth DOWVSV 'da VVHSOV! 95 Math Department David Cowan William Carli "I donit care what the formula saysg pies are round!" 96 Richard Hunt Richard Morris Wayne Wisler Not Pictured: Ronald Peeling Go' Authur Malone Marilyn Brurnbaugh Marilyn Carr John Dresser Business Education ,NS- Doris Longmier Janet Wuske Patricia Zugcic 11 X , b e aaa, a a,,Q a W, A 5515 sl afn , lg M The hum of typewriters and the clicking of business machines are music to the ears of Mrs. Wuske and Mrs. Brumbaugh. Vocational Department up-P 43 Chester Casagrande Richard Goodwin Jack Ludlam Virgil Artino Vincent Waggenspack Home Ec Tv " Q Nant ! ying .. , xi-0' N X 98 X n Jasmine Cayton Elma Armstrong Lois Mclntee , A A MW K . t ,, t 3 ' ete , , , ' :T , X Xkx, , VW!! Robert Arbogast Dano Bert Robert Geis Kenneth Yost Frank Janecek Willis Polen Work Study an Merrill Beamer Edwin Dugan Rosalyn England Leona Wagner Drivers Education SUNUCO WINS BT P0000 Joseph Kortyna George Ellis David Wagner "What do you mean you're out of gas?" 100 Guidance A I may av 'Q Q fum...- in , sisvsaa - ai Siiiifff, uu:w31E,.. 4, X 0 V John Evans Stanley Kuceyeski 455' Carol Lombardi Donato Rankin "So you want to change your schedule, ha, ha, ha Librarians iii ,ee LJ M.-9, .,.,V,m Z." "':::'.'-zu Bernice Ussery Audrey Dangelo Secretaries Jeanette Brooks Study Halls The operation of any organization depends on the people who take on the daily tasks necessary for it's success. All of these are that kind of people. They work hard and even manage to keep a smile on their faces. Custodians Jangt Sutton Eileen Shuster Emma Bare Bobie Dantzler 102 Hillison Hawkins Gilbert Round l. as r lOn the ladderl Floyd Bourne and William McKay WHLO Game i I "No. no, you take it." The WHLO Good Guys proved themselves to be better. With the final score in their favor 46-44, they bested the Alliance "Not Quite Good Enough" Faculty All-Stars. From the opening toss-up, that is of bubblegum into the stands by The Big Barry, the WHLO gang domi- nated, or at least led most of the game. The highlight of the evening was provided by the librarian, better known as Boom Boom Ussery. During a timeout an impetuous Todd T. Taylor rushed to embrace a cheerleader. Yes, you guessed it, it was Boom Boom. Not even the abilities of Legs Lockett or Rock - n - Boland could save Alliance. But then the Good Guys did have snappier uni- forms. Todd T. Taylor blows his bubblegum and probably his shot. Anyway his team won. 103 Guidance Helpers as The Guidance helpers kept themselves busy by doing a number of different chores. They ran passes to grate- ful students in their study halls, explained the intricacies of the materials in the outer office, and were just plain there. Office Helpers xi tidal v, These volunteers had the task of gathering the raw mate- various and sundry tasks, Yes, Coach, Shuster, it is called rial of the absence lists. They also busied themselves with nepotism. 104 ah 0 t 1 3 Vs C x 8 f 1: f if Q 'z 2 Nu., These guardians of the front hall kept AHS safe. They also helped out by doing little chores for the main office. VA , QM Hall Monitors Look and listen is a poor nickname for the Audio-visual and projectors were set up and in running order and crew. These noble technicians made sure that screens occaslonallyin the right room. Audio-Visual 105 Chemistry Assistants g Drawn from the ranks of successful chemistry students came than they, those still taking chemistry. lVlrs, Jane Bovyer was these volunteers. This year they spend their time deeply adviser and recipient oftheirfine efforts, immersed in experiments and helping those less fortunate Stage Crew V, ff. you 3 F f , 'xs- f r They lifted that flat and toted that podium from one end of the stage to the other, and back again. Unfortunately, this sometimes annoyed guest speakers. Adviser and overseer was lvlr. Richard Brion. 106 Library Helpers Card catalogues, dewey decimals, and torged library cards Ussery's library aids. They each gave up one study hall in became a part of the everyday trials and tribulations of Mrs. order to lend their services which were appreciated. First Aid Helpers wp.,5q -r We Come to mend you, not to kill you. The first aid helpers one period in the clinic taking care ot sick students who co- under the watchtul eyes of Miss Dowler heqged to patch-up IHCIUGVWTHHY happened T0 have 3 tes? that period- many students during the past school year. hey each spent 107 Business Office Education Clubs ssl X- ' X fm Q Pictured above is the BOE Executive Council for 1971- clerical. senior stenographic, and senior clerical. This 1972. The club was divided into stenographic and clerical program was designed to provide basic office skills for catagories, consisting of junior stenographic. junior immediate employment after graduation. Cooperative Office Education 1-'G COE is a program for students interested in secretarial for the year's club were: Debbie Carroll, president, Cindy work and receiving on-the-job office experience before Specht, vice-presidentg Carol Taylor, secretaryg Robin graduation. The mornings are spent in school and the Brown, treasurer. Mr. Malone served as the program afternoons at an authorized training station. The officers coordinator. DCT, a co-operative program in which the student preparation of a student for fulltime work in a skilled attended school in the morning and worked a skilled area occupation upon high school graduation. in the afternoon, has as its primary objective the Diversified Cooperative Training The Girls' Occupational Work Experience under the the classroom. Each girl had her mornings in the supervision of Miss Jasmine Cayton provided an opportu- classroom at school and her afternoons at work in one of nity for Juniors and Seniors not only to have practical on- the many sponsoring businesses. Girls' Occupational Work Experience Distributive Education The D.E. program is a cooperative program in the senior year where the student goes to school in the morning and is employed at a training station to learn a skill in the afternoon. The student receives high school credit for both the time spent at the training station and the time spent in Work Study g..,iv'm .5 3 ---at .QQ . school. The primary objective of the program is to prepare a student for full time employment in the retail and service distribution of merchandise. Although the main purpose for the student working is to gain experience, the student is paid according to the type of work done and the hours employed. Ks Q3 Work Study is an organization in which the members spend SDGHT HY their WOVK ShOD OH Arch STFGGT dOin9 ceramics, their mornings at school in classes. Most members have full dewupage and other crafts for their bazaar. They also gave or part time jobs in the afternoon. Some of their time was a special dinner in honor of the bosses of those who work. 110 T and I Drafting 'nsbtvtl is 'fifi' flixw A .xw,,PCj Juniors Those juniors in T 8t I participated in their first year of a two-year work program which gives students the opportunity to learn how to make drawings which instruct workmen in the production of various manufacturing or building processes. In this program they were taught the skills and techniques of a draftsman. The T 8. I drafting seniors completed their 2 year course in which they spent three hours daily in learning drafting. In addition, they were taught the sciences related to the work of a draftsman. Upon graduation they had the practical skills required to start on a well-paid job. Seniors 111 Monarchs Mold Metal and Men The years' Monarch coordinator was Mr. Arbogast for the years. Outside ot school they painted some houses as students have been in the Machine Trade Program for two special service projects. Spartans . . . Ability ano' Dedication wi The years' Spartans coordinator was Mr. Yost. These years, Outside of school they painted some houses as students have been in the Machine Trade Program for two special service projects. 112 Ll Smiles and gestures of friendliness were two of the many characteristics of Silvia Horta Guzman, exchange student from LaPaz, Bolivia. Silvia who is 18 graduated last year from "Cloegio Aleman Nlariscal Braun", a German school. lThere was one difference between schools that Silvia noticed: the changing of classrooms by students. ln Bolivia, the students stay put, while the teachers change rooms. Another difference, but a pleasant one, was the snow during the winter. Silvia decided to challenge skiing and ice skating, doing well in both sports. In the picture, Silvia joins the ice capades at the College Lakes along with Pat Rubright. Coming to AHS in the second semester Silvia took English, Speech I, Typing Il, office practice and U.S. His- tory. Her favorite subject was English. Exchange Student Experiences A.H.S. .v. Sylvia l-lorta, left, is shown the ups and downs of ice skating by Patty Rubright. lt was the first time the Bolivian-raised Silvia had seen ice and snow. 113 W 1971 Buckeye State Delegates 1971 Boy and Girl Staters were selected by the American Boyce, Bill Anderson. Back row: Jill Chapman, Pat Bubright, Legion Post 166. Front row: Randy Kuceyeski, Bon Katie Winner, Nancy Schaper, Jenny Fojt. Kuceyeski, Guy Casagrande. Middle row: Mark Haidet, Tom 1972 Buckeye State Delegates This select few had the rare opportunity to gather with high Crist, Carol Beaumont. Back row: Gary Kirksey, John school juniors from all over Ohio for the elections and Lunsford, Randy Crawford, Mike Haidet, Roger Biery, Grant running ofa mock government. The 1972 delegates are front Cully. row: Becky Edwards, Debbie West, Christi Barret, Jenni 114 if Q 5 s fix as 5 r 5 E S? Outstanding Seniors Dave Hanson was one of forty-three national award winners in the annual Quill and Scroll Current Events Test. Mitch Moore received a national award for English from the National Council of the Teachers of English. Rhys Daniels was a runner-up. WK Tom Aufrance was honored as a National Merit Scholar. He was also honored with a four-year scholarship at Mount Union College. Above: Nancy Schaper and Rhys Daniels were the proud re- cipients ofthe local Elks Leadership Award. Nancy advanced through the district competition to be ranked second in the state for Leadership. Below: Leslie Hoppes received the Betty Crocker Homemaker Award after it was found that she was tops in the rolling pin and other departments. M.: gs M. Above: Joyce McKee took time off from being a Student of the Month for the Canton Repository to enter in the Elks Scholarship contest. She placed sixth in the state and received an S800 scholarship from the Elks foundation. Below: Jenny Fojt and Cynthia Merrill shared in S200 schol- arships awarded by the Alliance Education Association to help lift some of the burden from their education to become teachers. ull 115 4. ',-Q' V 4 'arm ' !,,,- !. 44, ff ', y ., 1, i, 'fffvfi' , . A .ff , 1 iq mf' ,TE 5, m . ,,, .-5' -Www' 3 iv- Q "' 7191, 've . -1. 'Wk u 'Q it ,W lf ,. 1 ., A Huw V W, wrt, N..v. , an Z , ,, JM , D f W . fl .Q 1 . Q., f' ,MJ ' lfi,-F r W V N , ' Pwww, ' ' z , " . , , M .. ,Ti 'fliwm :M S: gmv? t 'n Q5 W I ,,,. , , A ,. , . W I ,.,,, , L- A J 7,72 X X x A I WI , U . , 1 . 4, . . ,f 1 A W A' 'K W W J ' , . , ,, , , , N ,.f,,i,,K,, ..,, ,-,-mm: f,,f,,,. ,,,h W, mf ,, . ,',f, 1 f WW f ,fa 1, ,ffaw ,,ff, -V ,E bgyggvnfyyll V 1 am, f Q W inf 7 I , -' -, V -g. :' :W X "i5,f5'f1"Q.'1 WU' ' 'v' A Nfl' V X, Y ' XM f 4 ,M JW 4-'JH ' GA AVL' A ' 'if ,,,?v 7f"f ' 54 rw.. , . ' W , 4 -' . .' 'fn A S, ., V' i Suyzwzl V ,K Q f, ,gf 71, L, ,V.' ,Q ,.,', N W I w , -.:,'i5w,y:- wffrfjexfy, -I, ,km.4,, 4 W A Y ' H 1,0 , , A ,, .f -wlp--' I , '., 1 , if ff" '+V ' , - ,., . ,A 'if 'fy' 'yqfvwffw a-inf, -55' ' if -'wif filffifv 'fwiif 'afwiyg ' + , , x. . W: , , -W -1 .",, ' a,., -A ' 4 I , f if 4 L 'L '- W. ,, Y: 'Q A if 'L W ., A Q: ,T if "??'M'f2 if f 1-5"?Y'fT1 fyffltfffitgfv. ' V 4 I Qi- ' Y, ,f""?"" v ,jf ' ' i ' mf ' A s I ' f"',.f. " " x V37 ,T , 1' 'A W Q., "H 1 , 'f H .. ' ' ww 'fi ll , If " I?" " V Q Zw"7""i,fv4f1k "A "Elf flf4'Q'L'7ff?4:.5" ' - 27,9 'f' Af' - , . twig Z, W A , P Q, ,.h, ,J I K , -, qv, .,. giffyfy, Vg, 2 , .V . Q, 17,119 V . v ,ff b A. W' is. f W ,gljw ,, gh A fi .,'-A A vi Q Z-WJ: - ' -1 - J 'ff,5,21.f,,'.,f.N , ' ff WYQF- f 1 ' gi ' I f 4 , ,1g,w,g.'w.f?f31,z,,,,,,.:f wmg,-,igiir fswzgggifz 'g+' "" g,+'12f'1.,,cMf .gn g A -1 1 ,-ww" Q 5: .ff f' 1 f x sy, , it , ,,,",. ww 'Uv ,M "1 j ,,'A,3 , -15 gg - - ,gn-Jgp, ' ' "V"H1' , ,, 4 " . my M 1 we' ,ww , f sf . , ,A ,'-,,- wwf 4 ,f L, Q ,,,, .Q-M4 - . .- . , ,rl , .f ,r A f LA . D . , 1 "1 1',K'f:g' 11, Q 335 -f 'Q f A' v,,A M- 4'!"',fk:":Q ',. gf 43- L, 4 Vw H. ..' 5 ,U .,g,, I 7 V af Q.,,l,. 7.23 W, 'f , F63 JM, J,,.N 4,k3,',3v, 3, M ug, V, ,, Mya, .. -I Q K. -'.' , -' 5 2 H W. 4- -1 .- ,' S W f"?,,'f-aw::W1'r,4ZZ,,,".'if,, xv-v---Kg :H wr, ,ef a ' ' 1'-f MH f Q. +5-we iMf2L'2?:ff1I:f'4-'Zi' fiff'wQ.zf,lQ415."Q r A5 .iv in .- fi ' - 1 if . , ,,,, .,,, . , 4, k.. ,,,f ,..,, Jw. A , Whik' ' f gf'-4,9 nf 915, nj f"fjl,,,,,,A ,I-Q .v.ffP,5gl' 'ri' QT ff,.f7,. 4'-j'ir5,..5.'-gf1W,ei,f,, 4.-8.'7D'75!3, ,,4',+, pri,-'Q wx q s M , ,V . ' ,. V, ,kL. W , V V5 A w, ,Maw ' M 5,14 H 4 'N :-, 4 rU U 1 ,Mfjg ., 5.3 ,iw hr, r,.r,g: ,' . 4 ' .' 6, fp-gy, fy F. -Irv' gnu. T9-294, ,AQZQI ff' JMW' ,Q Xfyffffraeafhw fp J' IQ " 1153" ,., "1 ' ff, fi f F 'Jn V V, 7 W'fv i,V,' + if .v .wr ,f , ,f?',,Zfg,'jf,f,z!xZ,,,,J.Af rf ,,,?,-q,jHHf41l1vf H' 5, '.,:kaa!fr'f3s , ' 7.'- 7 ,' . 1, -Y V ,I ' - ' A fvf- , ' e"?"" ""52i"",i 4' Kvfaf'w4g.5:-'MY , "24?-"7'.f 'A' 5- ' -A , .A 1 -'N' Hfffwfwf ' .. L .L , 7,541 VVV I ri gging , ,W -f A ,ri Us .Z,.WV'.i,1M .ig ,, H 1, if W .QQXQ , ,af - ' W' ' f A' - ,..,, ,,, W :5""1., . "Q, ' r, . ' , WU , A z , ' ,fy , fit i 4f1i'W"W"?fAf"U"f N?1fZTE?,,w "., y' Qf,,"?fJ2wi'4fmwwg+:'A' .wwf A , f,' 'V , L V ,, Q 4"v?V-1' .ff ,...,4.fef' '....a-ff, , ' - ' , Back to Spring The faint whisper of hope quietly lurking Springs forth and soars into steady song Another year began now comes full circle ...and it's over " ' if ' ,V .. we ' ' 4 tif, ' I 5 3 W 9 ,, ,V ' q . R' fs all fr. nn .., ,-f"'A" .11 s L Grey days, sheet strewn rain . . Cold hands clutching in the silent mist ...sudden vision of lilac through winter-streaked panes ri vw Jaw Tney're still sitting on the stone steps Hair blowing, words flying-flowing in the wind Sun pouring-green rushing-golden scene Blue-eyed earth, singing silvery in the afternoon Spring Sports Swing Tracksters Kept On Truckin fiyiixlif gr 5 ,,9.,,3315,.t , S., s,gn.,1f . QVA K' Us 'swf 5 Trying to duplicate last year's track record was extremely hard for the Aviator Cindermen. Many problems and accidents plagued the team this year. But the young men who wanted to accomplish and prove something, stayed with personable Coach Clegg. This year there was greater squad strength. The second track meet was the spark the Flyers needed to fire away as Marlington was defeated. A great honor for the team was being included in the Maple Heights Invitational on the Cleveland track ground. Head Coach Dave Clegg gave the backup and training the team needed. This inspiring young coach deserves a round of applause! ...M i 'KH'--H-..,..,.,.,,, lap.-.,, - 1 21 t rx! 'A' w-MGERQXA ' Fellow tracksters tried to tell Willie Williams that he couldn't fly! Willy just didn't listen, as here he is trying to obtain flight during his long jump attempt. ,Y ..i,ef,,V Q Q? C I .1 . -s by Vi If ',fi fqpgmgt, , , ,. A Marvin Hawkins shows form and expression as he floats over the high hurdles. Once the hurdles are over with, your battered shins show how well you did. 122 April11- Dover - H April 17 - Marlington A April 18 - North Canton - A April 20 - St. Thomas Aquinas - H April 22 - Dover Relays - A April 25 - Canton Linvoln- Glenwood - H April28 - North Canton Relays - A April29 - Maple Heights - A May 2 - Canton McKinley - H May 5 - New Philadelphia - A May 12 - Salem Sectional- A May 15 - Canton Invitational - A May 20 - Kent District Meet- A May 26 27 - Columbus State Meet- A 'fbi-4 if , Q ll, X fs, K "ff A I A , ,J 'N " 9, -x 4 V sr ' . ' t ' i.., QQ it sez' i A I .4 ,. tish do 1- 1. , 1 f ' . - .. 1 . . ' .' " - ' Aivrli'-'51 ' sf 3 I ,. 5 K yu: ' 1 ' r 1' sv.: t"'- . . gjtftg 1 W, .. . . . ' if ' I , - 1- 3 , l ' -t N' 3 4-J ..-rf . zt. , " 1 -21 i. . vf, .gf ' i." 3 ff l' ' . WW.- u5saag5g,s,,,g3+w- Q we J-1 . ' . i f , .W f , b-'SQ' 'ol 1 . Arms extended, legs positioned, muscles bulging, and a big grin, are what Mike Harper used in his long jump attempt at the New Philadelphia Mini Relay Meet. Marcus Miller stretches for every inch he can gain, thus No, Coach Dave Clegg is not praying, though maybe he crossing the finish line first in the 440 yard dash. should bel Clegg is reminiscing about the day's happenings at the New Philadelphia Mini Relay Meet. Yes, these are the 1972 Alliance Aviator Cindermen. Smiling and ready to do anything, these devoted young athletes put in many long hard hours of tedious work outs to prepare for the meets. 123 Gloves, Bats, and Baseballs These young athletes spend most of their time standing school gym so that they would be prepared for the long on the diamond, not sitting as pictured. The 1972 Aviator tough season. When the time came to hit the outside baseball team started practicing in February in the high world, the Diamondmen were prepared. Umpire, catcher, and a lucky runner jam up home plate. 124 Baseball, the only way to enjoy it is to see it. Well, Aviator fans saw the diamondmen put up a great struggle this year. A valiant effort was made by the six returning senior lettermen, but they could not carry the whole load. Alliance was defeated by Barberton at the season opener. For the fifth year, the Flyers competed in the Diamond Confer- ence. Baseball boss, Ray Asher, donated his time and experience in coaching the Alliance Aviator baseball players. 'li .3 i Ea- W if Top: Senior Bill Anderson sends one out into right field. Left: Coach Fiay Asher returns to the bench after giving Mike Rogers a few pointers. Right: Mike Vizzuso, trick arrn and ali, lets loose with a mighty throw just before he sinks into the quicksand. Bottom: Shortstop Joe Tucker ruins the day for some West Branch Warrior as Joe tags him out. 125 ,., . Golfers Drive to Successful Season Yes, they did get teed off. The 1972 varsity linksmen Coldsnow, Eric Gempler, Tom Spall, Bill Ramsey and were front row: left to right: John lVIcCready, Mike Mike Springer. Siefke, Dan Allmon, Jim Szaszg back row: Coach The 1972 Alliance L5tviQor'Iinksmen proved to be a well rounded team. The first match of the year, against Jackson, started the long 28 match slate which the Linksmen hoped to control. Competition was tough and practice was long but none the less, these young men pushed on. The direction the Aviator links team took was greatly determined by two junior lettermen, Dan Allman and Jim Szasz. They provided a variety of ex- citing performances. The Linksmen were guided by the superb leadership of Head Coach Bill Coldsnow. John McCready prepares to whallop the ball for a long drive. For a challenge John drives those square balls in the background. Cheerleading Tryouts This is not exactly what the cheerleaders do all the time. These young women spent most of their extra time practicing and those evening chats in the halls after drills were well-deserved. One of the annual spring events is cheerleading tryouts. Groups of young hopefuls practiced hard to go before Mr. Brion and the two Jr. Hi Cheerleading Advisors. Ninth grade at the new High School was to have its own squad. For the first time, cheerleading advisors from area schools assisted in selection of the 1972-72 cheerleaders during cuts and the final judging. f' Mlkz... mg, "' 'A , 'Mastiff 'i W' gum-'M I-asm Members and new inductees show quality and quantity fol- lowing the assembly of the National Honor Society. A polished and well-rounded group of young people composed the 1972 Society. A used book sale by members to raise reve- 128 nue forthe purchase of library volumes to be placed in the new high school was a successful service project for NHS. Advisers were Mr. Joseph Zelasko and Mrs. Dorothea McCoy. National Honor Society is composed of those members of the junior and senior classes who have shown outstanding qualities of character, scholar- ship, leadership, and service. An election is held by the faculty to decide the membership. The senior members of the society in '72 were Tom Boyce, Debbie Braid, Pat Rubright, Rhys Daniels, Maria Riedel, Jenny Fojt, Randy Kuceyeski, LuAnn Shuster, Joyce McKee, Mark Haidet, Donna Messenheimer, Carol Lyberger, Sally Edgecomb, Jill Chapman, Kathy Berger, Nancy Schaper, Debbie Lewis, Bill Anderson, Mark Henschen, Mike Monaco, Linda Richards, Richard Dillon, Carol Baxter, Eva Hathorn, Charlotte Weatherspoon, Cindy Specht, Diane Smith, Glenn Allen, Joe Tucker, Jeff Jae, Tom Messenheimer, Ruth Rosenberry, Kathy Bonfert, Scott Brainard, Dan Gainor, Karen Groves, Leslie Hoppes, Mark Marderwald, Gib Dawson, Dawn Stahler, Diane Jackson, Debbie Franko, and Dave Duro. Student Day ln Government Student Day in Government electees had the privilege to sit to spend an entire day observing and learning of the in on a City Council meeting. SDIG gave students a chance operation of city government as ,4i"' ,Q April 17 was set aside for SDIG, a day which gave Students the opportunity to actu- ally see what goes on in our Municipal Gov- ernment. Those elected were: Mayor, Glenn Alleng Treasurer, Jenny Fojtg Auditor, Joyce McKeeg Solicitor, Nancy Schaperg Clerk of Courts, Luann Shusterg Pres. of the Council, Dave Duro, Councilmen at Large, Bill Anderson, Earl Hill, and Margaret Tongesg Judge, Terry Pinney. These staunch defenders of finer rhetoric and improved speech heartily gave up their Saturday mornings watching cartoons to march off to speech tournaments. They may not have brought back a busload of trophies but under the direction of Mrs. Kuhaneck they did have a better season than most of recent history. Christopher Way achieved first place in Oratorical Declamation, qualifying him for state competition. Jocelyn Palmer carried home a sec- ond place trophy in Humorous Interpretation at meets in Minerva and Norton. James Johnson was awarded a second place trophy in Oratorical Declamation at Canton South and Minerva. Mrs. Kuhaneck provided the spark, and once in a while push, to keep the Forensic teams rolling Officers of Forensic League were Dave Hanson, president, Ralph Gentile, vice presidentg Jocelyn Palmer, secretaryg and Tom Boyce, treasurer. , This small but dedicated band also gave up Bugs Bunny and Deputy Dawg. Discussing the administration of justice in the United States, the inexperienced debaters gave a good showing of themselves bringing home the first first place debating trophy to AHS in four years. Debate provides students with an opportunity to develop speaking and thinking attitudes. The Novice Team won a second place trophy at Louisville and Glenwood. At St. Thomas Aquinas the AHS debators achieved ,a third place trophy. Administration of Justice of the United States was the guideline topic for debators in 1972. Science Seminar We , . 1' it-at Q'--..f:f,. 4 . 1- 4- Future Teachers QPUPH ,Q 'S fe F-L"'T A' it 'W ,,lJgxv'!f- 1 . ,r ,A We f . so M V" - M-gg? +Main g it f 5 A 1 5 5-'WA ' 1-.qw , s,..',,,T , .- ' fr W r.e'r,,1, iw, -it .n . a. if' A .At '-.v 1. M. Sin.-.'V"'S. .G...f Science Seminar members have a slightly higher interest in science than the regular student, they put more into it and receive more out of it. This gives Seminar members a chance to explore broader horizons in the sci- entific world. Club meetings were held twice a month. At each meeting subjects covered everything from Science hobbies to a tour of B8tW Research. Only two officers were needed to control the Science Club, they were Richard Dillon, president, and Pat Rubright, secretary. Mr. Asher was the club's devoted advisor. Future Teachers of America QFTAJ is an or- ganization for those interested in the profes- sion of teaching. FTA held meetings once a month. A Christmas party was given for children in the school of the retarded. Club members made stockings and stuffed them with candy and other goodies. Each member took a gift for one of the children. The Senior Farewell Banquet was the last activity of the year. Officers were Diane Jackson, presidentg Jocelyn Palmer, vice- president, Margaret Hawkins, treasurer, and Carol Baxter, secretary. 131 Student Senate Makes Strides Student Senate allows students to voice their opinion on any topic that concerns school. When a topic arises the Student Senate delegates along with school officials and advisors discuss it thoroughly. Six delegates are chosen from each class along with two alternates. Topics that were discussed throughout the year with the most importance were the dress 132 xg! code, the school mascot, and the school sponsored adoption of a child. 1972 officers of Student Senate were: Bill Anderson, presidentg Ron Kuceyeski, vice- presidentg Sandy Nixon, secretary, and Sally Edgecombe, treasurer. Mr. Cowan, lVlrs. Longmire and Mr. Yost gave their precious time to devote themselves to the Senate. Quill and Scroll Honors Journalists The Quill and Scroll is an honorary society for high school jour- nalists who have exhibited meritorious service in the cause of high school journalism here at Alliance High. The members must meet scholastic requirements in addition to showing excellence in writing or managing the various publications. Quill and Scroll inductions were held twice, one at the Christmas progressive dinner, and one at the Spring Banquet in April. Ye Olde Chronicle Staff ,.....,.---QQ., Editors Ruth Dordea, Jim Kelly, and Becky lvloncrief are 128 to plot pages, pen purple prose, and pull the pieces surrounded by the main staff during one of those necessary together. "goofing off" sessions. Staffers met one period a day in room With a heavy trend for new things in 1972, the Chronicle fell into step and for the first time moved away from a June book to publish a comprehensive "Fall book? Chronicles were distrib- uted in early September with the 1972 seniors having received theirs in late August during a special mini-reunion at the new AHS building. The benefits of such an unprec- edented change was hoped to be evident to Chronicle readers. Be- tween these covers are up-to-date photos and coverage of spring events such as baccalaureate, commencement, the jr-sr prom, and spring sports, as well as the entire year's activities. Editors Ruth Dordea, Jim Kelly, and Becky Nloncrlef, together with a trusty staff, worked diligently to make historic strides in AHS yearbooking. 134 Helping the Chronicle staff was the job of these students. They worked hard and were very much appreciated. RAB Never Ma de Mistra kes The busiest Red and Blue people were those who rode herd: Bot Kotzbacher, managing editorg Leisa Young, editor, and Phil Battershell, busi- ness manager. Looking a little punchy after a long year with the RAB are lVlrs. Quinlan, editorial adviser, and Mr. Cowan, business adviser, Staffed for the first time entirely by volunteers, Red and Blue staff- ers had an outstanding year in AHS journalism. A new appear- ance and modern trends were presented to RAB readers in addition to lively coverage of 1972 events. Rewards came in April when NOSPA ranked the RAB as among the top ten newspapers in Northeastern Ohio. This stout-hearted band worked diligently under the guidance of Leisa Young, editorg Debbie Bezon, news editorg and Bob Kotzbacher, managing editor. Phil Battershell, business manager, helped keep the bi-weekly paper in business. The writing of anything is no easy choreg nonetheless, the staffers managed to produce a newspaper filled with four pages of news and commentary. The backbone of any publications staff is the many who pitch in to help meet the everpresent deadlines. These dedicated staffers did just that. Red and Blue page editors were persuaded to put down their W pencils and poison pens enabling us to take this picture. Even so some of them were still on the lookout for a story. 135 Pen and Brush Jr... The Art Club was composed of students interested in art. going on around them, and make the community aware oi The club's goal was to make its members aware ofthe art the artistic talent within it. Fine Arts Club gg gg Fine Arts is a club for students who are interested in Highlights of the year were the initiation, Christmas music and dancing. To become a member try-outs were caroling, a trip to Youngstown to see a ballet and the se- held, after which several teachers and the officers of the nior farewell, club inducted fifteen new members into the club. 36 AHS Orchestra: Select Musicians Pictured above are the 1971-72 officers of the AHS Orchestra: Bruce Barber, presidentg Nancy Schaper, vice presidentg Janet Benjamin, secre- taryg and Keith Hedin, librarian. With a goodly amount of pomp and under the right circumstances, our orchestra helped to add a bit of culture and good music to the high school. These merry musicians provided a solemn serenade for the ceremonies of the National Honor So- ciety and brought the classics and near-classics to the students of the local junior high. Their melodic members yielded their virtuosity to the Secondary String Concert at State Street, an assemblage of public school musicians from all over the city. The orchestra was directed by Mr. l-larry Fry whose musicians were selected from a group of dedicated students. 137 ri ' ' J Seniors Entertain The Class of 72 truely made "the last the best" as the talented seniors displayed a variety of acts during the annual Senior Talent Assembly. Skits from singing to comedy filled the morn- ing with enjoyment. Long hours of practice were required weeks before the performance and were aptly supervised by assembly chairmen Leisa Young, Ron Roberts and Jocelyn Palmer. Left: Greg Benedetto staged a comeback with his popular Presley take off on "Blue Suede Shoes." Lower right: Red Pink Chicken Face Black Dirt Off the Dog stuck with the sounds of the 70's for their rock number, "Ev- erybody's Everything." Lower left: Paul Montagno freaks out in the midst of his satiric sketch on pollution. V 1 M-HM' 138 .Nadi-:grtg!.pp,N..,, V... si .. .3 ,, i 'N...,,f-'-. ,Q - . , - " -e-e if-., . ' "xxx-v'X,.f" ff'ff" 35.-.J Above: Bliss staged an effective production number to "Young Gifted, and Black." Left: In Two of a Kind, Charlotte Weatherspoon struck a deep dramatic mood during her recitation of Langston Hughes' poem "Black Experience." Right: Two of the Four Aces. Dan Gainor and Gib Dawson, entertained with mellow voices in their best barber shop quartet style. "South Pacific" fb The Blue Dom Club presented the years spec- tacular musical "South Pacific." The story centers on the adventures of a group of Ameri- can servicemen and women stationed on a South Seas island during World War ll. The romance of naive Ensign Nellie Forbush, a Navy nurse of Arkansas, and Emile de Becque, a sophisticated French planter, was the central interest. Students playing the leads were: Joyce McKee, as Nellie Forbushg Glenn Allen, as Emile de Becqueg Eva Hawthorne, as Bloody Maryg and Greg Benedetto, as Lt. Joseph Cable. Two Enchanted Evenings ,Q-af' it .2 2 'iv' -fl iv 38 uf 5 , Ha r 1 .-...tix ' VV gy 4 , ' A" 'gb . S- . wi.. 1 Other AHS students in major roles were: Mitch Moore, Rick Ward, Jim Kelly, Gail Dawson, Jim Moseley and Jim Thorpe. Over 70 drama and choir students participated in the intricate production. Mrs. Elisabeth Anderson served as dramatics coachg Mr. Lanny Hisey, as choral directorg and Mr. John Weitzel, as band director. The committees and chairman worked very hard to make "South Pacific" a great success. 'South Pacific" was the last Broadway musical to be presented on the old AHS stage. N! yur' , if W' 3 The March 17 and 18 evenings were dedicated to the memory of two late teachers who did so much to promote stage productions and high quality music. Those teachers were Miss Eva Lee Sackett, who headed the vocal music department, and Mr. Leland Whitacre, who besides teaching photography and advis- ing Chronicle produced for many years the Fall Varieties show, an autumnal accumulation of the tal- ent of AHS students. "South Pacific" as the final musical production ended years of performances of the well-worn stage of Alliance High. "South Pa- cific" was one of the most popular musicals ever to come from the pen and piano of Rogers and Hammerstein. The capacity audi- ence thrilled to the strains of "Bali Hai", "Happy Talkl' and t'Some Enchanted Evening". Class of '72 officers were Nancy Schaper, treasurerg Tom Boyce, vice-presidentg Diane Jackson, secretary. Advisor Richard Morris stands above them all. Below is president ot the Senior Class, Randy Kuceyeski. Class of '72 The Class of '72 was the last class to graduate from the old Alma Mater, Alliance High School. Many memories will remain with the seniors as the years go on. Yes, this was the 62nd se- nior class to graduate from the East Broadway Building. Spirit, enthusiasm, smiles, work and honesty were a few of the many qualities that the Senior Class possessed. To make a class work it takes every student, no matter what the job and recognition is, big or small, to participate to the best up-ar of their ability. Nevertheless there are the class clowns and jokers who add zest. Mix these qualities together and what do you come up with? The Class of '72! Basketball really turned the 72's on. Everywhere the team went no matter how far away it was, the seniors were trailing behind. Towards the end of the season the more energetic and crazy senior boys organized, the Senior Men's Cheerleading So- ciety which blew off a lot of steam. Other activities in which the seniors were involved, were the Magazine Campaign, Door Dec- oration, Rallys, and Student Day in Government. Class of '72 caught spring fever early with the Junior-Senior Prom, All-Night Party and last, but surely the most important, Commencement. 144 Barbara S. Adams Paul P. Addams II Christine A. Ailes Marjorie E. Akins Glenn D. Allen Christine D. Allison Randel L. Alpago William E. Anderson Brenda G. Andrews Kathleen M, 'Anthony Ma- , Bess A. Arris Janice S. Aulrance Thomas J. Aufrance y"-47, X Joan M, Baker Brian l.. Barber Bruce A. Barber if so 4:-E-1 Deborah D. Bailey Steve D. Bailey ,vq,::'J Glenda B. Modranski Phillip D. Battershell w.-ref C? Carol E. Baxter Pamela L. Bebout Kevin S. Bell Allan Beasley 145 YZ' '97 Gregory J. Benedetto Janet A. Benjamin Kathy L. Bennett Tom Bennett Kathy S. Berger 'VN 9090 I Patrick Bernart Deborah A. Bezon Beth M. Bingham Debra E.B. Edwards Anita J. Biondi ,fi 1 1. ...S Q Sf 1 at Asahi -.ev 41--47 Georgetta Blebea Laura A, Blume Rachael E. Boardley James E. Bolog Kathleen J. Bonfert sd , "' A Brian P. Borton Thomas W, Boyce Mildred A, Bradshaw Deborah A, Braid Clifford S. Brainard ft 4 if 'Qt' l l ,. John N, Briden Patti L.B. Sorge Thomas G. Broome Joyce A, Brown Linda A. Brown 146 't""7' Q? N27 Robin E. Brown Jon N, Budac Bruce M. Bunn Vicki Cain Ray S. Calladine "5 'M-ap. Cn? all David A. Campbell Judy Campbell Ricky L. Campbell Deborah M. Carroll Deborah L. Carter 4229 Paul L. Carter Chester G. Casagrande Patricia J, Case N'-41' 'WI Deborah A. Chambers Jill E. Chapman Danese R. Cherry sg vu' Q...-r Nr b Tod L. Cassidy Jani D. Cavanaugh I qw? Debra L. Ciotti Kerry J. Clayton 'D 'Swv John N. Codrea Cynthia L. Connerth Keith A. Crewson Hope E, Crow Douglas E. Cully 14 W5 X6 Vicky L. Cunningham Walter L. Dailey, Jr. Janet M. Damiani Dominic S. Danesi Rhys G. Daniels 45 Timothy D. Daniels Joan L. Davis Kyle J. Davis Rebecca A. Davison Gilbert N. Dawson 'dl W-Q Gary L. Deprill Norman Dewell August R. Dhayer Robert A. Dike Richard N. Dillon Ruth A, Dordea Cathy Dougan Patrick W. Dugan Dave Duro 335 f 1 r , f 4 F 'Q 44' .al-' gf ' ' .x , - ' - - lr' -' 1 . r - R .f N., Q V - 1 x , it fa Sarah A. Edgecombe Shelley J. Edinger Ronald W. Edwards Morgan G, Ellis 148 Elizabeth A. Dynavick ' R V J C L M I r x . 1' Karen L. Eskay e -A . '75 'i U Amy C. Fagan Robert W. Fagan Gary W. Flory Virginia E. Fojt Cheryl L. Fortner ingiil vlvr 'fri' Debra L, Franko Danny J. Gainor William Garnes Brenda J. Garrison Janice M. Gecina Kirn Geltz Ka ren George Roderick A. Golden Janis Goodall Bradley Goris Q-4' au "J-'9 Nancy J. Greenwalt Kar J Carlis L. Grinter Karen A. Groves Paula lvl. Gusbar Kat en S. Greene Marion E. Grimes r. 4 W 2 , Fx hleen M. Gwin Robert Hahlen Mark E. Haidet Sonya Hairston 14 -A- George A. Halmaghi James O. Hancock, Jr. Barbara E. Handy James A. Handrych Dave Hanson v"'::y WIS' Cheryl L. Harsh Thomas D. Hartenstein Richard L. Haslar Margaret Hawkins Marvin Hawkins 4- mv 3, iss., k -404 ,-V 'mv Michael J. Hawkins Randy A. Haynes Patricia Henderson Mark M. Henschen Melanie P. Hicks N0 e-'Q sv' Earl D.R. Hill Emory C. Hill Jon J. Hill Donald D. Hines Joleen R. Hinga ,L 1:--iv Larilyn Fl. Hinga Stephen R. Hinga Matt Hinson Frederick A. Hobbs Brenda A. Holloway 150 J --vv aw. Joan E, Hoopes Leslie J.C. Hoppes Kristine A. Huffman Pamela J. Huggins David M. Husk ' 91 it "" 739 Y"-up Deborah A. Irvin Margaret Irwin Diane L. Jackson Jeff A. Jae Laura A. Jarman ft' if. A ya? 1 Kevin R. Johnson Jerry L. Johnson Kay E. Johns Sheila D. Johnson James D. Johnson ,-f, Clifford E. Jones Janice L. Jones Kay D. Kapperman James H. Kelly Janet Kemp i iff 1' 131.155 5. Q 75' ,j ,M 1 ' . . Y' fiiwiz, K A at V - . N555 1 li Marla C. Kerr Nancy J. Kinsey Joan M. Kirksey Robert J. Koher Robert K. Kotzbacker 151 x R 1177 Jerome D. Krug Barbara J, Kuceyeski Randal J. Kuceyeski Ronald L. Kuceyeski David C. Kunz "Z""7' Gary M. Lab Larry L. Lacher Kristi A. Lee Danny O, Leech Terri L. Libis - 1 ix John A. Lika, Jr. Debra L. Loar Beverly J. Lockett Carol A. Lyberger Deborah L. McPherson 'A Q! David K. Mann Jeffery A, Manzi Mark I. Marderwald B. Carol Markant Jay B. Marsh '1"'? fr-I, Jerome V. Martin Sherry M. Martin Linda F. Mathes Karen A. Maurer Arletta K. Maxwell 152 ' 1 f X9 . R27 4 QA . Brian D. Maxwell Augustin G. May Shirley B. McAlicher Debra L. McCaskey Richard D. McCoy X D. Edward McCown Joyce I. McKee Kathy A. Melzer Christine E. Mercer Cynthia D. Merrell lnvvf Donna E. Messenheimer Thomas E. Messenheimer Marcella A. Metzger Tony Meves Cheri S. Mikes '-Q-.wi Beth L. Miller Drew J. Miller James Fl. Miller Murvin Miller Peggy L. Miller w...,, Shelia K. Moats Bruce A, Mohr Michael Monaco Rebecca J. Moncrief Bonnie E. Moore 153 T Q,-f Mitch Moore rx Q if Ronald E. Moore Lee J. Morrow James F. Moseley Cynthia M. Moser 10 .K-r ...bk qv.,-r Timothy Myers Sylvia D. Nicholson ,V H. Nancy A. Orwick Jackie L. Pasco 154 Yolanda M. Natale Joe Nervi Leslie J. Newson Cindy Newshutz sr---1 -Q., Sandra K. Nixon James F. Noble Gary A. Nutial Joyce A. Ormiston vi 'rv 1 Savannah Osley Carol Oyster Jeffrey J. Oyster Jocelyn C. Palmer fir i 4 i ff I Y .I Q. . -12 xi Joan E. Peters Rosemarie Peti Debra S. Pinney Eldridge Gpoindexferv Jr 166 Deanna Popa Gary A. Popa Michael J. Porter Thomas Poto Jeffery A. Pusateri 1, 175' as-' Raymond P. Rabuzzi Pauline V. Ranft Mike E. Ray James A. Reese Kenneth Rhome ,-, -05 Linda A. Richards Maria L. Reidel Janet M. Ringler Joyce K. Ringler Sandy Ritchie .aw -,. wall Terry L. Roach Ronald J. Roberts Bonnie L. Roller Danny Rose Ruth R. Rosenberry !.""7 1-.:' Beverly J. Roush Patricia A. Rubright Debra L. Ruff Jeffery W. Ruggles Debra K. Rush 155 Rhonda K. Ruth Scott F. Sallyards Walter Ft. Sams Jr. George D. Saus Michael S. Shafer ...... Nancy E. Schaper Sherry L. Schell Judith A. Schneider Bob Schneider Nancy K. Schuller 19' Pam J. Settle Timothy J. Shellenberger Rebecca F. Sherwood LuAnn M. Shuster Brenda K. Simmons K! ...Q T7 Nt Linda C. Simmons Carolee Simons Learline D. Sims David J. Smarr Brenda J. Skillern vw:-P Diane L. Smith Jeffery L. Smith Sharon L, Snowden Gayle L. Snyder Ronald H. Snyder 156 ug! Charles D. Soules Cynthia A. Specht Edith D. Stahler Grace E. Stamn John Fl. Stanley Sharon E. Stancato Kenneth A. Stanley Timothy A. Starks Eljoree Stargen Rebecca L. Stauffenger Ted G. Steede Dean L. Stephens .aus Cora L. Stevenson Barb Stockert Sean P. Stockert 19" Sandra S. Strong Diane K. Sucaciu Kathy A. Sukosd Diane Elise Tate Marc Tatsch Carol A. Taylor "Rv .-- Dana Taylor Thomas W. Teal Shirley A. Teis Roberta A. Thigpen 157 '-1' Paul Thompson li Clara B. Triplett Alison K. veig 13' Ron Thorn James E. Thorpe Timothy Trainer Adam Fl. Transue Q-5' 177 Randall P. Trump Toni S. Truxell Joseph D. Tucker Thomas B. Twyman 'G' ...,f Gregory D, Visi David D. Vocila Bob Vorres Virgil G. Vulcu Douglas IVI. Wait Kimberly W. Marini Leonard F. Ward Sandra K. Wasson Charlotte M. eatherspoon y Jayne L. Weaver 158 'Ui -1' L Q"'9' q...,- Randy H. Weaver Deborah L. Weber Thomas E, Wehner John E. Weitzel 'P' 'J' Larry L. Wheeler Diana D. White Mark A. Whitacre Leslie L. Wible Lynette A. Wilform f--.. Dodie K. Williams Karen E. Williams Gary T. Williams Lizzie A. Williamson Cynthia K. Wilton Y e Katie Winner Charlene Wilson Leslie J. Wonner Donald Ft. Wright Jeffery A. Young . , .4 Leisa D. Young Rebecca Heckman Eva Daniels Walter Johnson Debbie Lewis :L be Bonnie Lilly Bill Maxon Sally R. Welsh 159 Beverly June Akins Roger L. Blake Judy A. Briden Norman E. Brisker Frank E, Bycratt Sylvia Hartz Sward Harire Donald M. Cobbs, Jr. Vaughn Cross Timothy Donnel Daniels Gary L. Deprill Dominic Steven Danesi Ted Click Stephen F. Dixon Patrick Warren Dugan Donna Frank Carr Daniel Ray Fly Paul L. Hoebeke 'ts I, . Debbie Braid Camera Shy Alfreda Holmes Debra S. Householder Mark Johnson Michael J. Hawkins John A. Kuhanek Anthony D. Lilly Robert May Kathy Suzanne McGavern Ronald Edward Moore Deborah M. Murphy Paul Myer Sylvia Denise Nicholson Calvin Parker James M. Popa Alan D. Potter Charles Puckett Norman L. Retterer Larry A. Richards Albert Charles Richards Mary R. Rowe Rosalin Ann Royster lsiah Amos Satchell Susan M. Scott Harry E. Sarchione Danny Sayers Stephanie Smith Bivins Milton N. Snodgrass Debbie Stone Carol Vestal Oyster Gary Wrinuskis Charlene lcelda Wright Mary V. Yurkas Harriet Zachary Cotti ngham Yvonne Zachery Ronald E. Zeigler Ten Who Led Class of '72 Scholastic achievements marked these seniors as tops in their graduating class. Throughout their four years of learning, they consistently applied their minds and time toward gaining the highest rewards an Alliance High School education could offer. More than that, these ten offered their tal- ents in extra-curricular activities and proved their leadership abili- ties in a variety of pursuits. Mark Haidet Rhys Daniels Maria Riedel Tom Aufrance Pat Rubright l Joyce McKee Peggy Heestand Linda Richards Mike Monaco 160 'K AHS Best Honored During Assembly Those being honored fill the AHS stage during Recognition Assembly. Some highlights of the morning assembly. Top left: Bill Anderson receiving the Ameri- can Legion Citizenship Award. Lower left: Joe Tucker being awarded the Benchwarmers Scholarship sponsored by the Adult Booster Club. Above: Miss Hillman was surprised by yearbook editors Ruth Dordea and Jim Kelly when the dedication of the first fall Chronicle was announced early. "Land Of OZ" Delights All Juniors feted the seniors with a spectacu- lar prom "The Land of Oz", a trip down the yellow brick road, on May 20. All their labors were enjoyed during an evening complete with munchkins and castles in the magically transformed Coppock Gymnasium. The Junior-Senior Prom steering committee consisted of Christi Barret, Carol Hampu, Grant Gully, Gary King, Joe Grabiel, Craig Graf, Gene Patna, and Patti Davies. lVlr. Gene Nara was class patron. 5, HSV R ell 163 asf Q X 'VII Q' Q . 8 f .t is Mag ,sg 255512 ik L 3 X Qin. SX, is w, . sf? 'ff' fl M Q -f.,,wyV 9 pf ,Nw ,V VW, ,,Vf,1, . W N x 3 -'fum . ., ,' 2 1' W y , '- x V. , -f ., wr-H V S Q x , V.:- n f gtg.-,u!q,, ,A I , k,!,M,A, ' ' 7 5 f, . -' , ,,.. 'j2i7,IL," , ' fix' ,, ' 9' ilk . V1 ' " , 3 1? ,VV .ff :IVV ' V ,, V 90 M' V ' MA im W- f A' fff ,', "' ,ww 'yifil "V , 1435.45 if VV,,Y:k L ,fi W ' ,W QV M f' 'uf ' an , ' "' ' ' 1V,,' ' .QQ 1, 1?,,.'V .1 I g. 3 . 5 ml ..:1xf?,iQ!xifNZ 1 LC, V ' V " V' V V , 'fi' 5 , 'Q 71 , A V, L' w " V f , -Y," V- 75,5 VV , 4 , V I .:d '4Zg' ,, 1g,,, ,Q ,V VV ff., . v,V 1 , K iw, V. V ' u g, , , ar gc.. ' . V I ' he fV V . in V V f . , VVV V V , , J , ,V -gn Jw, I I ' am t V' VT 'gf ' 7 E W 77 47 'M Q W -fav 495, ' , 1 1 I ' ' ,gy ,. f V V 4 i Wi I A 4 , H ,V,: 'L A K v 'K J ' K, x fl , U Q A H 6 ffm.: x, bv, , , - 'Q M , V ' 'N fix Q 1 5 P X X ' Q F 8 A , ,,.. ', , ,V Q QL iff, 311 1: T H' 0 i . ri " , 4 S x K' .. r "gt :jf j'?i-. 'J f 4 rf Q aa-Ky' BACCALAUREATE - Sunday, June 4 Speaker - Rev. Robert Tolbert Invocation - Rev. A.D. Carter Prayer - Rev. H.S. Garnes Benediction - Rev. Robert Aufrance COIVIMENCEIVIENT - Thursday, June8 Speaker - E. Thomas Wetzel Invocation - Father Thomas Dyer Benediction - Rev. Thomas Harper Senior Farewell- Debbie Braid AHS History - Mark Haidet 165 1 H ,yin . 1 Q 4 gf -A 'E 1' Yxiff' Q 7? Qi . 1 ff, J' 1 S .fr F i r ' 2 4 If S I 5 ,, , ,. 4 .M .Hg All-Night Party Wending their way through a gala night, seniors celebrat- ed their new freedom by dancing and enjoying themselves until dawn. The traditional all-night festivities were planned by parents who also whisked the seniors from place to place by car caravan throughout the night. Nts.--mst.. tt, -, at Q , . ., . t r 167 Senior Profiles BARBARA SHARON ADAMS - B.O.E., Treas 3. PAUL PHILIP ADDAMS - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Boy's Pep Club 2,3,45 Chronicle Staff 45 Varsity A 3,45 Photo Club 3,45 Prom Committee5 S.D.l.G., 5th Ward Councilman 45 Photography Staff 3,45 Football Reserve 25 Football Varsity 3,4. CHRISTINE ANN AILES - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 GirI's Pep Club 2,3,45 Science Seminar 35 Prom Committee5 Ring and Pin Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee. MARJORIE ELIZABETH AKINS - College Prep, Vocational5 Aviator Backer 2,35 D.E.C.A. 4, Chaplain 45 Prom Committee 3,4. BEVERLY JUNE AKINS - B.O.E. GLENN DOUGLAS ALLEN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 Blue Dom 2,3,45 Fine Arts 2,3,45 NHS 45 Thespians 2,3,45 Scribe 3, Pres. 45 S.D.l.G., Mayor5 You Can't Take It With You 45 South Pacific 45 Where's Charlie 25 Our Town 35 Up the Down Staircase 25 Senior Talent Assembly5 Boy's Ensemble 2,45 Madrigals 3,45 Acappella Choir 3,45 Chorale 45 Band 2,3,45 Academic Challenge 45 ACDA Honors Choir 3. CHRISTINE DENISE ALLISON - Aviator Backers 2,3,45 GirI's Pep Club 2,3,45 Fine Arts 2,3,45 FTA 3,45 Thespians 45 Capnand Gown Committee5 Baccalaureat Committee5 Com- mencement Committee S.D.l.G.5 South Pacific 45 Senior Tal- ent Assembly 45 Madrigals 45 Acapella Choir 3,45 Chorale 45 Co-chairman Senior Spirit Week5 Junior Red Cross5 Chorus 25 Co-chairman of Homeroom Door Decorating Contest. RANDEL LEE ALPAGO - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3,45 Boy's Pep Club 45 Varsity 45 Band 25 Football Varsity 3,4. WILLIAM EDWARD ANDERSON - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 NHS 45 Student Senate 2,3,4. Pres 45 Student- Faculty Committee 45 Class Pres 2,35 S.D.l.G., Councilman- 168 at-Large 45 Madrigals 45 Acappella Choir 35 Chorale 45 Boy's State 35 Football Reserve 2, Football Varsity 3,45 Co-captain 45 Basketball Reserve 25 Baseball Varsity 2,3,45 Pigskin Prom Escort. BRENDA GAIL ANDREWS - B.O.E.5 Forensic 25 Historian 45 Library Aid5 OEA. KATHLEEN MARIE ANTHONY- C.O.E.5 Library Aid 2. BESS ANN ARRIS - Girl's Pep Club 45 French Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee, Chairman5 Band 2,3,45 Library Aid 35 Ski Club 3.4. JANICE SUE AUFRANCE - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 25 Fine Arts 2,3,45 Prom Committee, Co-Chairman5 Senior Tal- ent Assembly 45 Madrigals 3,45 Acappella Choir 35 Chorale 45 Orchestra 2,3,4. THOMAS JOHN AUFRANCE - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 Blue Dom 25 Thespians 2,35 Science Seminar 3,45 S.D.l.G., Steering Committee5 Where's Charlie 25 Up the Down Staircase 35 Boy's Ensemble 25 Acapella Choir 2,3,45 Chemistry Lab Assistant 45 Delegate to World Affairs lnstitute5 NMSQT Finalist. DEBORAH DENISE BAILEY - DE5 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 D.E.C.A. 45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 Invitations 8t Name Card Committee5 Commencement Committee5 Library Aid 2.3. STEVE D. BAILEY-T 8t I Machine5 Aviator Backers. JOAN MARGARET BAKER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,45 Fine Arts 2,3,45 French Club 2,35 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 Baccalaureate Committee5 South Pacific5 Band 2,3,45 Ski Club 3.4. BRIAN LEE BARBER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 French Club 25 Thespians 2,3,45 Where's Charlie 25 Our Town 35 Up the Down Staircase 35 Orchestra 2,3,4. Librarian 3,45 Stage Crew 2,3,45 Language Lab Asst. 2. BRUCE ALLEN BARBER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 Blue Dom 25 Where's Charlie5 Orchestra 2,3,4, Treasurer 2 V.P. 3, Pres. 4. GLENDA lBARKERJ MODRANSKI - College Prep5 Attendance Office Asst. PHILLIP DANA BATTERSHELL - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 SPC 4, Pres. 45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee Chairman5 Baccalaureate Committee5 Red and Blue 3,4, Sports Editor 3, Business Manager 4. CAROL ELIZABETH BAXTER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 French Club 2,3,45 FTA 2,3,4. Secretary 4 Prom Committee, Chairman 35 Cap and Gown Committee5 Ski Club 3,4. PAMELA LEA BEBOUT - Vocational5 B.O.E. 35 C.O.E. 45 Chorale 2. KEVIN SCOTT BELL - College Prep5 Senior Talent Assembly. GREGORY JAMES BENEDETTO - College Prep5 Blue Dom 3,45 Fine Arts 45 Thespians Clerk 45 Pen and Brush 45 Red and Blue 3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 You Can't Take It With You5 South Pacific5 Our Town 35 Up the Down Staircase 35 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Boy's Ensemble 25 Madrigals 3,45 Acappella Choir 2,3,45 Chorale 45 Track. JANET ANN BENJAMIN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 French Club 25 Prom Committee5 Invitations 8 Name Card Committee5 S.D.l.G., Platform Committee5 Chorale 25 Orchestra 2,3,4. Sec. 45 Andreane's Helpers 4. A KATHY LYNN BENNETT - College PFGDQ Aviator Backers 2,3,43 French Club 23 Science Seminar 3,43 Spanish Club 33 Math Asst. THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BENNETT - College Prep. KATHY SUE BERGER - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 GirI's Pep Club 2,3,43 French Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 43 NHS 43 Prom Committee3 Cap and Gown Committee 43 S.D.I.G., Sup. of Parks3 South Pacific 43 Band 2,3,43 Chemis- try Lab Asst. 4. PATRICK BERNART - T 5 I Machine3 Chess Clubg Band 2,3,43 Stage Crew 4. DEBORAH ANN BEZON - Business3 Red and Blue 3,43 Avia- tor Backers 2,3,43 Quill 8. Scroll 43 SPC 4. BETH M. BINGHAM - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 43 GirI's Pep Club 43 FTA 43 Pen and Brush 43 Senior Talent Assembly 43 Red Cross Alt. 43 Art Asst. 4. DEBRA E. fBlNlUSl EDWARDS - Home Economics. ANITA JUNE BIONDI - O.W.E., PresIdent3 O.W.E. GlrI'S CIub4. ROGER LEE BLAKE - O.W.E. GEORGETTA BLEBEA - College Prep 2,33 DCT 43 Aviator Backers 2,33 Girl's Pep Club 23 D.C.T. 43 Fine Arts 23 FTA 33 Latin Club 2,3,43 Prom Committee Chairman3 Orchestra 2,33 Chronicle Queen Hostess 3. LAURA ANNE BLUIVIE - General. RACHAEL ELAINE BOARDLEY - B.O.E. Steno, Vocational3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Girl's Pep Club 2,33 B.O.E. 3,43 Com- mercial Club 23 Red Cross 2. JAMES EDWARD BOLOG - VocationaI3 DECA 43 Pen and Brush 2,33 Where's Charlie 23 Our Town 33 Up The Down Staircase 3. ' KATHERINE JOAN BONFERT - College PFGDQ Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Girl's Pep Club 43 Treas. - 3, Caducean 2,33 Latin Club 2,3,4, President 43 NHS 43 Red and Blue 43 "ex Alf? X 1 i Joan Kirksey practices for the Met . . .or is it the Mets? Science Seminar 43 Pigskin Prom Chairman3 Ski Club 2,3,4, Treas. 43 Gift Committee3 Up the Down Staircase 23 Band 2,3,43 GirI's State AIt.3 AAYC Secretary. BRIAN PHILLIP BORTON - College Prep3 Marion L. Steele H.S. Amherst, Ohio 23 Latin Club 23 Varsity A 43 Prom Committee Co-Chairman 3,43 SDIG Steering Committee Chairman 43 Reserve Basketball Captain 23 Swimming 3,43 Track 23 Cross Country 2. THOMAS WILLIAM BOYCE - College PYGDQ Blue Dom 2,3,4, Recording Sec 33 Debate 2,3,43 Latin Club 2,3,4, VP 33 NHS 3,4, Pres. 43 International Forensic 2,3,4, Treas 43 Varsity A 3,43 Class VP 43 Prom Committee Chairman3 Ring and Pin Committee Chairman3 Gift Committee, Chairmang SDIG Councilman at Large 33 Chief of Police 43 Acappella Choir 43 Boy's State 33 Reserve Wrestling 2, Varsity 3,4. MILDRED ANNETTE BRADSHAW - GeneraI3 Aviator Backer 3. DEBORAH ANN BRAID - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 33 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,43 Fine Arts 2,3,4, Pres. 43 French Club 2,33 NHS 3,4, VP 43 Prom Committee Chairman3 Madrigals 43 Acappella Choir 33 Chorale 43 Orchestra 2,3, Treas 2, Pres 33 Chronicle Queen Hostess 33 Red Cross 23 World Affairs nstitute 4. CLIFFORD SCOTT BRAINARD - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 3,43 Blue Dom 2,3,4, Treas 33 Debate 2,33 Fine Arts 43 Key Club 2,3,43 International Forensic 2,3,4, VP 33 Student Senate 2,43 Varsity A 2,3,43 Prom Committee Chairman3 Gift Committee Chairman3 Band 2,3,4, VP 43 Language Lab Asst. 23 Swimming 2,3,4, MVP 4, Capt. 43 Rep. to World Affairs Inst. 4. JOHN N. BRIDEN-General. JUDY A. BRIDEN - B.O.E. 2, VP 4. THOMAS GEORGE BROOME - College Prep3 St. Thomas Aquinas 23 Aviator Backers 3. JOYCE ANN BROWN - VocationaI3 Aviator Backers 2,33 BOE 3,4. LINDA ANN BROWN - College Prep, Business3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 GirI's Pep Club 2,3,43 FTA 2,33 Prom Committee3 Cap and Gown Committee3 Senior Talent Assembly3 Commencement Usherette 2. ROBIN ELIZABETH BROWN - VocationaI3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 GirI's Pep Club 2,3,43 COE Treas 43 Pen and Brush 43 Prom Committee3 Commercial Club 23 Red Cross 3,4. JON N. BUDAC-Vocational Drafting3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Boy's Pep Club 2,3,43 T and l Drafting 3,4. BRUCE M. BUNN - College Prep3 Glenwood H.S. 23 Boy's Pep Club 2. FRANK E, BYCRAFT - General. VICKI CAIN - General. RAY S. CALLADINE - Vooational3 T 8t I machine 3,4. DAVID ALLEN CAMPBELL - College Prep3 Minerva H.S. 23 Summersville W. Va. 33 Aviator Backers 4. JUDY CAROL CAMPBELL - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 3,43 Girl's Pep Club 3,43 FTA 43 French Club 23 Prom Committee3 Cap and Gown Committee3 Baccalaureate Committee3 Commencement Committee3 Candidate for Clerk of Courts SDIGQ South Pacific 43 Where's Charlie 2. RICK CAMPBELL - VocationaI3 Monarchs 3,4. TERRY CARLI - College Prep3 SDIG 4. DEBORAH MARIE CARROLL - VocationaI3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 C.O.E. 4, Pres 43 Library Aid 2,3,4. 169 The Roxy-Rejects roused the WH LO crowd. Our trusty faculty members and student teachers pitched in to help the Student Publications Council during its benefit game. Their talents as DEBORAH LYN CARTER - Vocational, C.O.E. 43 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 GirI's Pep Club 23 B.O.E. 3, Historian3 Prom Committee. PAUL LEROY CARTER - General. CHESTER GUY CASAGRANDE - College PFGDQ Aviator Backers 2,3,4, V.P. 43 Key Club 3,4, V.P. 43 NHS 43 Varsity A 43 Prom Committee3 Boy's State 33 Baseball 2,3,4. TOD LEE CASSIDY- M.A.C. JANI DEE CAVANAUGH - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 GirI's Pep Club 2,3343 Science Seminar 33 Prom Committee3 Chorale3 Sophomore Party Decoration Committee, Chairman. DEBORAH A. CHAMBERS - Vocational3 Band 2,3. JILL ELIZABETH CHAPMAN - College PTSD, Aviator Backers 2,3343 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,43 French Club 23 FTA 2,33 NHS 43 Red and Blue 4, Exchange Editor3 Prom Committeeg Cap and Gown Committee3 Baccalaureate Committee3 Com- mencement Committee3 Girl's State 3. DANESE R. CHERRYR B.O.E. DEBRA LYNNE CIOTTI - Vocational3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Girl's Pep Club 23 B.O.E. 3,43 Pres 43 Library Aid 2. KERRY JAN CLAYTON - General. TED EDWARD CLICK- College Prep3 West Branch 2,3, AHS 4. DONALD M. COBBS- T 81 I Machine. JOHN N. CODREA- College Prep. CYNTHIA L. CONNERTH - General. KEITH A. CREWSON - College Prep3 D.C.T.3 V.l.C.A., V.P. VAUGHN CLINTON CROSS - General. HOPE E. CROW- O.W.E. 170 cheerleaders, not to mention their snappy uniforms, wowed the crowd. DOUGLAS E. CULLY- General3 Aviator Backers 3. VICKY L. CUNNINGHAM - Vocational3 B.O.E. 4, Treas 43 Prom Committee3 Cap and Gown Committee3 Baccalaureat Committee. WALTER LEE DAILEY - Vocational3 Aviator Backers 23 Football Reserve 2. JANET MARIE DAMIANI - College PVSDQ Aviator Backers 23 GirI's Pep Club 2,43 FTA 2,3,43 Cap and Gown Committee3 Band 2,3. DOMINIC STEVEN DANESI - General. PHYS GORDON DANIELS - College PFBDQ Blue Dom 3,43 Chronicle Staff 4, Co-Promotions Manager3 French Club 2,3,4, V.P. 43 FTA 2,33 NHS 3,43 Thespians 2,3,4, Treas 3, V.P. 43 You Can't Take it With You 43 Pacific 43 Our Town 33 Up the Down Staircase 23 Acappella Choir 33 Orchestra 33 Boy's State 33 Chemistry Lab Asst. 43 Academic Challenge, Captain 4. TIMOTHY DONNEL DANIELS - Vocational, T 8 I Machinists3 Chess Club. JOAN LOUISE DAVIS- College Prep, Vocational, C.O.E. 4. KYLE JOHN DAVIS - Vocational, T 8t I Machineg Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Football Varsity3 Swimming3 Track. REBECCA A. DAVISON - GeneraI3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,43 Prom Committee3 Cap and Gown Committee3 South Pacific 43 Acappella Choir 3,43 Andreani's Helpers 43 Ski Club 4. GILBERT NEILL DAWSON - College PFEDQ Aviator Backers 3,42 Boy's Pep Club 43 Fine Arts 43 NHS 43 Varsity A 2,3,43 Se- nior Talent Assembly 43 Boy's Ensemble 43 Acappella Choir 43 Swimming 2,3,4, Captain 43 Boys Cheerleader 4. GARY LEE DEPRILL - Vocational3 Aviator Backers 2,33 O.W.E. 3,43 Football Varsity 3,43 Football Manager 3,43 JA 2,3,4. NORMAN G. DEWELL - Vocational, O.W.E. A AUGUST RICHARD DHAYER - College Prep5 Prom Committee 35 Up the Down Staircase 25 Chorale 25 Band 2,3,45 Ski Club 4. ROBERT ALLEN DIKE - T 8 I Drafting 3,45 Aviator Backers 2,3,4, Pres 45 Boy's Pep Club 45 Key Club 3,45 Varsity A 2,3,45 Prom Committee, Refreshment Stand, Chairman5 Track Varsity 2,3,45 Wrestling Varsity 2,3,4, Captain 4. RICHARD NEIL DILLON - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Key Club 45 NHS 45 Science Seminar 3,4, Pres 45 Spanish Club 25 Varsity A 2,3,45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 Invitations St Name Card Committee5 Se- nior Talent Assembly 45 Swimming 2,3,45 Magazine Homeroom Captain 2,3,45 Collected class dues 2,3. STEPHEN F. DIXON - General. RUTH ANN DORDEA - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Chronicle Staff 3,4, Co-Editor 45 FTA 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 SPC 4, Sec 45 Prom Committee 2,3,45 S.D.l.G. 45 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Chronicle Queen Revue 35 Photography Staff 35 Ski Club 4. KATHY DOUGAN - General. PATRICK WARREN DUGAN - Vocational, O.W.E.5 Aviator Backers 2. DAVID A. DURO - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 Chronicle Staff 45 NHS 45 Student Senate 45 S.D.l.G., Pres of Council 45 South Pacific 45 Where's Charlie 25 Madrigals 45 Acappella Choir 45 Orchestra 25 Band 2,3,45 Americanism Award 4. ELIZABETH ANN DYNAVICK - Vocational, D.E.C.A.5 Red and Blue 35 Chorale 2,3. SARAH A. EDGECOMBE - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 NHS 45 Spanish Club 2,35 Student Senate 2,3,4, Treas 45 Student-Faculty Committee, Chairman, Sec 45 Prom Committee 2,3,45 S.D.l.G., Ward Chairman 2,35 Acappella Choir 2,35 Girl's State Alternate5 Pigskin Prom Court 45 Outstanding Teenager 45 Delegate to National Youth gongegesnize 45 Alternate for Academic Challenge Team 45 Ski u , , . SHELLEY JOAN EDINGER - College Prep, Business5 Avia- tor Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 FTA 45 Prom Committee 2,35 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Guidance Office 3,4. RONALD EDWARDS - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 And in those days a prophet arose, and there was great shouting. . . Wrestling 2,3. MORGAN GAYLE ELLIS - D.E. KAREN LYNN ESKAY - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Spanish Club 35 Prom Committee 2,3,45 South Pacific 45 Spirit Week Committee 4. AMY C, FAGAN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3. ROBERT WARREN FAGAN - Vocational, T 8. I Machine. KIM FARRISE - General. DANIEL RAY FIX- Costa Mesa, Cali 2, Marlington 3, AHS 45 Football Reserve5 Wrestling. GARY W. FLORY- College Prep. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH FOJT - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,35 Blue Dom 3,4, Pres 45 Debate 45 Fine Arts 2,3,45 French Club 3,45 FTA 35 NHS 3,45 Thespians 3,45 Forensic 45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 S.D.I.G. 2,3,4, Treas. 45 You Can't Take lt With You5 South Pacific5 Where's Charlie5 Our Town5 Senior Tal- ent Assembly5 Madrigals 3,45 Acappella Choir 3,45 Orchestra 2,3, Treas 35 Girl's State 35 Academic Challenge Team 45 Door Decorating Contest, Chairman 45 Individual Events in Forensics 45 National Merit Commended Student 4. CHERYL LYNN FORTNER - Aviator Backers 25 Chorale5 Andreani's Helpers5 Library Aid. DEBBIE LYNN FRANKO - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 French Club 45 NHS 45 Prom Committee, Chairman5 S.D.l.G., Candidate SDIG 5th Ward Councilman5 Ski Club 45 Platform Committee. PATRICIA J. FRAZIER - College Prep 2,3, Vocational 45 Avi- ator Backers 2,3,45 V.P. of D.E.C.A. 45 Prom Committee. DANNY JOHN GAINOR - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Boy's Pep Club 45 Fine Arts 45 Key Club 2,3,4, Director, V.P., Pres5 NHS 45 Prom Committee5 S.D.I.D.5 Senior Talent Assembly5 Boy's Ensemble 25 Madrigals 35 Acappella Choir 3,45 Baseball 2,3,4. WILLIAM GARNES - College prep5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Prom Committee5 Football Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4 Ski Club 2,3,4. BRENDA JEAN GARRISON - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 FTA 2,3,45 Prom Committee 2,3,45 Senior Talent Assembly5 Band 2,3,45 Library Aid 45 Majorette 4. JANICE MARIE GECINA -- College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Girl's Pep Club 2,45 Spanish Club 25 Hall Hostess 2. KIM GELTZ - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Caducean 2,35 Latin Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee, Co-Chairman 3. KAREN SUE GEORGE - D.C.T.5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Girl's Pep Club 2,35 Pen and Brush 3,4, Pres 45 First Aid Room 3. JANIS ELLEN GOODALL - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Pigskin Prom Court 45 First Aid Room 4. BRADLEY GORIS - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Fine Arts 2,3,4, Treas 3, V.P. 45 Key Club 2,3,4, Director 35 Prom Committee 3,45 South Pacific 45 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Boy's Ensemble 2,45 Madrigals 3,45 Acappella Choir 3,45 Chorale 45 Ski Club 2,3,4, Pres 3. KAREN SUE GREENE - College Prep5 Blue Dom 25 Thespians 25 S.D.I.G. 45 Where's Charlie5 Up the Down Staircase5 First Aid Room 45 Chorus 25 Readers Theatre5 Merry Christmas Mr. Baxter5 Spirit Week Committee. NANCY JANE GREENEWALT - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3,45 Girl's Pep Club 3,45 Blue Dom 3,45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 Commencement 171 f'Now ya got that, two bucks on Flat-Nose in the fifth. . Committee3 S.D.l.G., Candidate for Clerk of Courts3 You Can't Take It With You3 South Pacific 43 Our Town 33 Andreani's Helpers 43 Hall Hostess 43 Individual Events 43 Merry Christmas Mr. Baxter 33 Spirit Week Committee 2, Co- Chairman 43 Door Decorating Committee 3, Co-Chairman 4. MARION DUKE GRIMES - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Chronicle Staff 43 French Club 23 Varsity A 3,43 Prom Committee3 Senior Banquet3 S.D.l.G. 43 Senior Talent Assembly 43 Acappella Choir 43 Football Reserve 2, Varsity 3,43 Track 2,3. CARLIS LEVERNE GRINTER - Business3 Aviator Backers 23 Cap and Gown Committee3 S.D.l.G., Treas3 Library Aid KAREN ANN GROVES - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 23 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,43 Blue Dom 2,3,43 Fine Arts 43 French Club 2,33 NHS 43 Thespians 3,41 Prom Committee3 SDIG, Platform Committee3 Spirit Week, Chairman3 You Can't Take It With You 43 South Pacific, Usher3 Our Town 33 Up the Down Staircase 23 Senior Talent Assembly 43 Madrigals 3,43 Acappella Choir 33 Chorale 43 Orchestra 23 Girl's State 33 Library Aid 2,4. PAULA MARIE GUSBAR - College Prep, C.O.E.3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,43 Prom Committee 2,3,4 Chairman 33 Cap and Gown Committee. KATHY MARIE GWIN - College Prep: Aviator Backers 33 Spanish Club 23 Prom Committee3 First Aid Room, Hall Host- essg Library Aid. ROBERT ALLEN HAHLEN - Vocational: D.C.T., Treas 43 T 8. I Draftingg Aviator Backers 3,4. MARK EDWARD HAIDET - College Prepj NHSQ Track. SONYA MARTINA HAIRSTON - B.O.E.3 Aviator Backers 33 Prom Committee3 Band 2,3. GEORGE ALEXANDER HALIVIAGHI - D.C.T. ANTHONY G. HAiVllVl - West Tech High, Cleveland, Ohio 2, AHS 3.4. JAMES O. HANCOCK - General3 Aviator Backers 33 Varsity A 23 Stage Crewg Football Varsity 43 Basketball Varsity 33 Track 4. JIM ALLAN HANDRYCH - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,33 Baseball 2. 172 lt BARBARA ELLA HANDY- O.W.E. 3,4, Home Economics. DAVE HANSON - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 43 Blue Dom 2,33 Chronicle Staff 43 Debate 2,3,4, captain 43 Key Club 43 Red and Blue 3,43 Science Seminar 3,4, Pres 33 Chess Club 43 You Can't Take It With You 43 Forensic League 2,3,4, Pres 43 Ski Club 4. CHERYL LYNN HARSH - College PFSDQ Aviator Backers 3,43 Pen and Brush 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Red and Blue 3,4, Cartoonist3 Science Seminar 3,43 Spanish Club 2,33 Prom Committee, Co-Chairman3 Band 2,3,4. THOMAS DALE HARTENSTEIN - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Boy's Pep Club 43 Key Club 2,3,4, Treas3 Cap and Gown Committee3 Baccalaureate Committee3 Gift Committee3 Ski Club 4. RICHARD LEE HASLAR - Vocational, D.E.C.A.3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Acappella Choir 2,33 Wrestling 23 Basketball Reserve Manager3 Basketball Varsity Manager 4. MARGARET HAWKINS - College Prep, BUSINESS: Aviator Backers 43 FTA 3,4, V.P. 43 Forensic 43 Prom Committee3 Invitations 8 Name Card Committee 43 Baccalaureate Committee 43 Commencement Committee 43 S.D.I.G. 3,43 Guidance Office 43 Hall Hostess 43 Library Aid 3,43 Girl's Chorus 23 Jr. Red Cross 3,4, V.P. 43 Hostess for Commence- ment 33 Girl's Basketball 4. MARVIN HAWKINS - General. MICHAEL J. HAWKINS - General. RANDY ALAN HAYNES - College PFGDQ Aviator Backers 3,43 Pen and Brush 43 Science Seminar 3,43 Student Senate 23 Baccalaureate Committee, Co-Chairman 43 Gift Committee 43 Commencement Committee 43 Magazine Chairman 2,33 Co- Chairman 43 Class Dues Committee 2. REBECCA LYNN HECKMAN - General3 GirI's Pep Club 23 B.O.E. 33 Acappella Choir 4. PEGGY LYNN HEESTAND - General, Vocational: Aviator Backers 23 Girl's Pep Club 2,33 D.C.T. 4, Sec 43 Pen and Brush 3,4, sec 43 Guidance Office 2,33 Art Rm. Helper 4. PATRICIA J. HENDERSON - C.O.E.3 Aviator Backers 23 Spanish Club 2, MARK MURRY HENSCHEN - College Prep3 Ski Club 2,3,4, Pres 43 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Chronicle Staff 2,3,4, Co- Promotion Man. 43 Key Club 4, Chairman-Service Committee3 NHS 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Red and Blue 4, Sales in H.R.3 Spanish Club 23 Student Senate 23 Prom Committee, Co- Chairman3 Cap and Gown Committee, Co-Chairman. MELANIE PAULA HICKS - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Debate 2,33 French Club 23 FTA 23 Student Senate 43 Prom Committee 3,43 Band 2,3,43 Photography Staff 33 Ski Club 2,3,4, Sec 4. EARL DWIGHT HILL - General3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Key Club 3,43 Varsity A 3,43 SDIG Councilman at Large 43 Basketball 2,3,4, Captain 4. EMORY CRAIG HILL- General. JON JESS HILL - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Boy's Pep Club 3,43 Chronicle Staff Copy Editor 43 Key Club 43 Prom Committee3 Cap and Gown Committee3 SDIG 43 Track 4. DONALD DEAN HINES - College PYGDQ DCT 43 Reserve Basketball 23 Track 2. JOLEEN RAE HINGA - Vocational: Aviator Backers 23 C.O.E.4QB.O.E.3,VP. LARILYN RUTH HINGA - B.O.E. 3,43 Aviator Backers 23 First Aid Room 4. STEPHEN RANDALL HINGA - College Prep. IVIATHEW L. HINSON - General. FREDERICK ARTHUR HOBBS - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 35 Key Club 3,45 Science Seminar 3,45 SDIG Fire Chief5 Ski Club 4. PAUL HOEBEKE - College Prep5 DCT 4. BRENDA ALIESE HOLLOWAY- Business5 Chronicle Staff 25 International Forensic 25 Spanish Club 25 Senior Talent Assembly5 Pigskin Prom Queen Court. ALFREDA HOLMES - Business, F.T.A. 2, B.O.E. 3,45 Senior Talent Assembly5 Madrigals 45 Acappella 3, Chorale 4. JOAN ELAINE HOOPES - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 GirI's Pep Club 4. LESLIE JO HOPPES - College Prep5 St. Thomas Aquinas 25 NHS 45 Senior Talent Assembly5 Guidance Helper5 Betty Crocker Homemaker Award. KRISTINE ANN HUFFMAN - Business5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 COE 45 Acappella Choir 3. PAMELA JEAN HUGGINS - College Prep, Business5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Chronicle Staff Head Typist 45 Prom Committee5 Chronicle Queen Revue 2,3. DAVID MARK HUSK - Business5 DECA 45 Fine Arts 45 BOE 45 Senior Talent Assembly5 Boys Ensemble 45 Acappella Choir 3. DEBORAH A. IRVIN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 25 French Club 25 F.T.A. 3,45 Chorale 3,4. MARGARET L. IRWIN - College Prep., Business5 Aviator Backers 2,45 Girl's Pep Club 25 DECA 45 F.T.A. 25 Spanish Club 25 Chorale 3. DIANE LYNNEA JACKSON - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3,45 French Club 25 F.T.A. 2,3,4, Treas 3, Pres. 45 NHS 45 Student Senate 3,45 Class Treas 2,3,45 Prom Committee5 Ring and Pin Committee5 Invitation and Name Card Committee5 Gift Committee5 SDIG5 Band 2,3,45 Pigskin Prom Queen Court 45 Chronicle Queen Revue Court 2, Revue 2,35 Language Lab Asst. 25 Band Dinner Dance Queen's Court 2,4. JEFF ALAN JAE - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Boy's Pep Club 3,45 French Club 2,35 Key Club 2,3,45 NHS 45 Varsity A 3,45 Prom Committee, Chairman5 Cap and Gown Committee, S.D.l.G. 45 Boy's State 35 Basketball Reserve 25 Varsity 3,4, Captain 45 Baseball 2,3,4. LAURA ANN JARMAN -- College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 FTA 45 Prom Committee5 Ring and Pin Committee5 Invitations 81 Name Card Committee5 Baccalaureate Committee5 Commencement Committee5 S.D.l.G.5 Acapella Choirg Library Aid. KAY ELIZABETH JOHNS - Business5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Chronicle Staff 45 FTA 45 Prom Committee 35 Chorale 25 Door Decorating Contest, Chairman 2,3,45 Up the Down Staircase, Usher. KEVIN JOHNSON - General. JAMES DAVID JOHNSON - College Prep5 FTA 3,45 Key Club 45 Latin Club 2,35 Forensic 45 Science Seminar 45 Spanish Club 2,35 Madrigals 45 Acappella Choir 2,35 Chorale 4. JERRY LUCKY JOHNSON - Vocational, O.W.E.5 Track. SHEILA DENISE JOHNSON,- Generalg Aviator Backers 2,3,45 FTA 3,45 Photo Club 45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 Baccalaureate Committee5 Commence- ment Committee5 S.D.l.G. Committee5 Hall Hostess 45 Library Aid 3,45 Red Cross 45 Art Room Asst. 45 J.A. 35 Choir 35 Chronicle Helper 4. CLIFFORD EDWARD JONES - General5 Aviator Backers 35 Varsity A 35 Football Reserve 25 Football Varsity 3,45 Basketball Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Pigskin Prom Escort. JANICE LEE JONES - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 3,45 French Club 25 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 Baccalaureat Committee5 South Pacif- ic, Usher5 Guidance Office substitute5 Ski Club 4. KAY DAWN KAPPERMAN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3,45 French Club 25 FTA 2,35 Prom Committee5 Invitations 8. Name Card Committee5 Jr. Red Cross 2,3. JAMES HILTON KELLY - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 25 Boy's Pep Club 2,35 Chronicle Staff 2,3,4, Editor 45 Photo Edi- tor 35 Thespians 2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 SPC 45 Photo Club 4, Co-Founder5 S.D.l.G. 45 South Pacific 45 Where's Charlie 35 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Photography Staff 2,3,45 Stage Crew 2,3. JANET KEMP - General. MARIA COLLEER KERR - General Business5 Band 2. NANCY JEAN KINSEY - College Prep, Business5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girls' Pep Club 2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,35 Prom Committee5 Library Aid 45 Usher for Commencement 2,3. JOAN MARIE KIRKSEY - General Business5 Aviator Backers 45 Prom Committee 35 Cap and Gown Committee 45 Red Cross Representative 3,4. ROBERT JOHN KOHER - College Prep 2,35 DCT 45 Football Reserve 2. BOB KENNETH KOTZBACHER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Red and Blue 2,3,4 - Man- aging Editor 4, Advertising 35 Spanish Club 2,35 S.P.C. 45 Prom Committee5 Gift Committee. JEROME D. KRUG - General. BARBARA JANE KUCEYESKI - College Prep and Commer- cial5 Girls' Pep Club 45 Spanish Club 25 Cap and Gown Committee5 Up the Down Staircase, Hostess5 Band 2,3,45 Library Aid 4. RANDAL JOHN KUCEYESKI - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 35 N.H.S. 3,45 Student Senate 45 Varsity A 25 Class What, me worry? 173 President 4, VP 25 Prom Committee5 Boys' State 35 Football Varsity 35 Baseball 25 AAYC, VP 4. RONALD LEE KUCEYESKI - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 35 Student Senate 2, VP5 Varsity A 3, Treas5 Prom Committee5 SDIG, Chairman5 Boys' State 35 Football Varsity 35 Baseball 25 Wrestling 25 AAYC, Pres. JOHN KUHANECK- Vocational. DAVID C. KUNZ - GeneraI5 Acappella Choir 2,35 Chorale 4. GARY M. LAB - Vocational5 T 8tl Drafting 3,4. LARRY L. LACHER - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 45 Band 2,3,4. KRISTI A. LEE - General. DANNY O. LEECH - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 45 T 8. I Drafting 3,45 Band 2,3,4. DEBRA ANN LEWIS - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3,45 Caducean 35 F.T.A. 45 NHS 45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 Commencement Committee5 S.D.l.G., Health Commissioner 45 Band5 Guidance Office 3. TERRI LEE LIBIS- College prep5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Girl's Pep Club 25 French Club 2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,35 Science Seminar 2,35 Spanish Club 45 Prom Committee Cap and Gown Committee5 Invitations 8. Name Card Committee5 Baccalau- reate Committee5 Commencement Committee5 SDIG5 South Pacific 45 Up the Down Staircase 25 Acappella Choir 25 Band 2,3,45 Majorette 45 Chronicle Queen Revue 2,3, Court 35 Library Aid 4. JOHN ANDREW LIKA- College Prep5 Aviator Backers 35 Caducean 25 D.C.T. 3, Pres 35 Science Seminar 3,4. BONNIE GAYLE LILLY - Business5 Woodrow Wilson H.S., Beckley, W. Va., 2,35 Acappella Choir 25 Business Math Tutor 4. DEBRA LOU LOAR - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 3,45 D.C.T. 45 French Club 25 VICA Club for D.C.T. BEVERLY JO LOCKETT - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 FTA 45 Student Senate 2,45 Student-Faculty Committee 25 Prom Committee5 Senior Chapel Committee5 Baccalaureate Committee5 Commence- ment Committee 45 Senior Talent Assembly5 Band 2,3,4, Majorette 35 Head Majorette 45 Library Aid 35 Student Visita- tion Committee 45 Dress Code Committee 2,45 AAYC Queen's Court 3,45 Jr. Red Cross Alternate 45 Jr. Red Cross 2. CAROL ANN LYBERGER - College Prep, Vocational5 Avia- tor Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 45 NHS 45 B.O.E. 3,45 Prom Committee5 South Pacific, Usher5 Band 2,3,4, Majorette 45 Library Aid 3,45 B.O.E. Steno I 8. ll Clubs. DEBORAH LYNN MACPHERSON - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 25 D.E.C.A. 4. DAVID KEITH MANN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 25 Football Reserve 25 Track 2,3. JEFFREY ALLEN MANZI - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 25 Wrestling 2. MARK IAN LOUIS MARDERWALD - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 French Club 2,3,45 NHS 45 Science Seminar 2,3,45 Varsity A 2,3,45 Track 45 Wrestling 2,3,4, Captain. B. CAROL MARKANT - College Prep5 Laurel High School, Shaker Heights 25 AHS 3,45 Aviator Backers 3,4, Sec 45 Girl's Pep Club 3,4, Pres 45 Chronicle Staff 4, layout editor 45 French Club 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Prom Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Co-Chairman 45 S.D.l.G. 45 Platform Committee 45 South Pacific 45 Senior Talent Assembly 45 AAYC Trustee 45 Jr. Red Cross 4. JAY B. MARSH - Vocational. JEROME VICTOR MARTIN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 174 'Zeke' was zapped as Alliance bowed out ot the tournaments. 35 Boy's Pep Club 35 Football Varsity 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4. SHERRY MAY MARTIN - B.O.E. 3,4, LINDA FAY MATHES - General5 Girl's Pep Club 4. KARIN ANN MAURER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 3,45 French Club 2,3,45 FTA 2,35 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 South Pacific5 Senior Talent Assembly5 Acappella Choir 45 Band 2,3,4, Majorette 45 Library Aid 35 Chronicle Queen Hostess 35 Magazine Campaign Chairman 3. WILLIAM JOSEPH MAXON - General. ARLETTA KAY MAXWELL - B.O.E. 3,45 Aviator Backers 2. BRIAN DAVID MAXWELL - College Prep. GUS MAY - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Boy's Pep Club 25 Varsity A 35 Football Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Wrestling 25 Basketball Varsity Manager 25 Pigskin Prom Escort. ROBERT EUGENE MAY- O.W.E. SHIRLEY BELINDA lVlcALlCHER - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Girl's Pep Club 45 D.C.T. 45 Chorus 2,35 Band 2,3,45 Commercial Club 25 VICA 4. DEBRA LYNN McCASKEY - CommerciaI5 C.O.E.5 B.O.E. Stenographic 3, Pres 3. RICHARD DAVID McCOY - General5 Aviator Backers 3,45 Key Club 45 T 8. I Machine 3,45 Prom Committee5 Senior Tal- ent Assembly 45 Boy Cheerleader 4. DAVID EDWARD McCOWN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3,45 Boy's Pep Club 45 FTA 45 Pen and Brush 45 Acappella Choir 35 Chorale 45 Track 45 JA 2,3,45 Mixed Choir 2. ,KATHY MCGAVERN - Vocational5 Minerva High School, Marlington High School 2,33 B.O.E. 3,4, Sec 4. JOYCE IRENE McKEE - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,43 Blue Dom 3,43 Chronicle Staff3 Fine Arts 43 French Club 2,43 NHS 3,43 Thespians 2,3,43 Treas 3, V.P. 43 Red and Blue3 Science Seminar 3,43 Student Senate 43 Prom Committee, Chairman3 S.D.l.G., Auditor 4, Platform Chairman 4, Party Chairman 33 You Can't Take It With You 43 South Pacific 43 Where's Charlie 23 Our Town 33 Up the Down Staircase 23 Senior Talent Assembly 43 Madrigals 43 Acappella Choir 33 Chorale 43 Band 2,3,43 GirI's State Alt 33 Canton Repository Teenager of the Month 43 Ski Club 2,3,43 Merry Christmas Mr. Baxter 3. KATHY ANN MELZER - Vocational3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,43 FTA 3,43 B.O.E. 3,43 Cap and Gown Committee3 Up the Down Staircase, Usher. CHRISTINE ELAINE MERCER - General. CYNTHIA DENESE MERRELL - College PFGDQ Aviator Backers 3,43 Girl's Pep Club 43 FTA 2,3,43 Spanish Club 43 Cap and Gown Committee3 Baccalaureate Committee3 S.D.I.G.3 Senior Talent Assembly3 Acappella Choir 3,43 Band 2,3,43 Library Aid 43 South Pacific, Usher. DONNA ELAINE MESSENHEIMER - Vocational3 Aviator Backers 3,43 French Club 23 NHS 43 B.O.E. 3,43 Prom Committee3 Band 2,3,43 Library Aid 3,43 South Pacific, USDBTQ Choir Concert. THOMAS ERIC MESSENHEIMER - College PTGDQ Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Boy's Pep Club 2,3,43 NHS 43 Varsity A 43 Prom Committee, Chairman3 Football Reserve 23 Varsity 3,43 Track 2. MARCELLA ANN METZGER - Business. ANTHONY O. MEVES -- College PFSDQ St. Thomas, Alliance, Ohio 2, AHS 3,4. CHERI SUSETTE MIKES - General. BETH LOUISE MILLER - Vocational3 Aviator Backers 23 Girl's Pep Club 23 D.C.T. 4. DREW JAMES MILLER - College PFGDQ Aviator Backers 43 Key Club 43 Varsity A 3,43 Photo Club 43 Cap and Gown Committee, Co-Chairman 43 Swimming 2,33 Ski Club 2,3,4. 'JAMES RAY MILLER - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Boy's Pep Club 43 Key Club 43 Varsity A 3,43 Prom iCommittee3 Language Lab Asst3 Football Reserve 23 Varsity '3,43 Wrestling 2,3. MURVIN LEWIS MILLER - General3 Basketball Reserve 23 Varsity 3,4. PEGGY LYNN MILLER - College Prep, Business. SHEILA K. MOATS- B.O.E. 2. GLENDA BARKER MODRANSKI - Secretarial3 C.O.E. 43 Band 2,33 Andreani's Helpers 2,3,4. BRUCE ALAN MOHR - General3 Aviator Backers 3,43 T 8 I Draftlng3 Prom Committee3 South Pacific, Orchestra3 Band 2,3,4. MICHAEL HERMAN MONACO - College Prep3 Key Club 43 NHS 43 Science Seminar 3,43 Chess club 43 Orchestra 2,33 Chemistry Lab Asst. 4. REBECCA JANE MONCRIEF - College PTSD: Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,43 Chronicle Staff 2,3,4, Theme Editor 43 FTA 3,41 Quill and Scroll 3,43 SPC 43 Student Senate 2,33 Prom Committee3 Baccalaureate Committee, Usherette 23 Commencement Committee, Usherette 23 Senior Talent Assembly 43 Pigskin Prom Queen 43 Chronicle Queen Revue 2,32 Hall Hostess 43 Cheerleader Reserve 3. BONNIE ELAINE MOORE - General. MITCHELL CHARLES MOORE - College Prep3 Blue Dom 2,3,4, V.P. 43 NHS 43 Thespians 3,43 S.D.l.G., Civil Service Commissioner3 You Can't Take It With You 43 South Pacific 43 Our Town 33 Up the Down Staircase 23 Senior Talent Assembly 4. RON EDWARD MOORE - Shopg T 8t I Drafting 3,4, treas 3,4. LEE JOHNSON MORROW - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 43 Boy's Pep Club 43 Key Club 43 Science Seminar 33 Prom Committee3 Senior Talent Assembly3 Band 2,3,43 Track 2,3,4. JIM FREDERICK MOSELEY - T 8t I DRAFTING 3,43 Aviator Backers 43 Fine Arts 2,3,43 Prom Committee 43 South Pacific 43 Senior Talent Assembly 43 Orchestra 2,3,43 Band, Sergeant 2,3,4. CYNTHIA MARIE MOSER - B.O.E. 3,43 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 GirI's Chorus 23 Medical Explorer Club 43 Commercial Club 3. DEBI M. MURPHY - College Prep3 French Club 23 FTA 23 Hall Hostess 4. PAUL LOUIS MYER-College Prep3 Swimming 2. TIMOTHY RICHARD MYERS - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Boy's Pep Club 43 FTA 43 Varsity A 43 S.D.l.G., Building Inspector 4: Our Town 33 Senior Talent Assembly 43 Football Varsity 2,3,43 Basketball Manager 4. YOLANDA MARIE NATALE - General3 Aviator Backers 2. JOE NERVI - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 3,41 Boy's Pep Club 43 FTA 3,43 Prom Committee3 Senior Talent Assembly3 Track 2,33 Ski Club. LUCINDA NEWSHUTZ - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 23 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,43 Science Seminar 33 Spanish Club 2,33 Prom Committee 33 Madrigals 33 Acappella Choir 33 Guid- ance Office 4. LESLIE JEAN NEWSOM - Generalg Jr. Red Cross 4. SYLVIA DENISE NICHOLSON - Business. SANDRA KAY NIXON - College Prep3 Aviator Backers 2,3,43 GirI's Pep Club 2,3,43 Caducean 33 Spanish Club 23 Student Senate 2,3,4, Sec 43 Varsity A 3,42 Student-Faculty Committee 43 V.P. 33 Prom Committee3 Andreani's Helpers 33 Ski Club 33 Magazine Campaign 23 Cheerleader Reserve 23 Varsity 3,4, Captain 4. JAMES F. NOBLE-GeneraI3 O.W.E. 3,4. GARY ALAN NUTIAL - College PTGDQ Aviator Backers 2,3,43 Student Senate 23 Where's Charlie 23 Senior Talent Assembly 43 Madrigals 3,43 Acappella Choir 33 Chorale 43 Band 2,3,4. 175 JOYCE ANN ORMISTON -- College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Chronicle Staff 45 Prom Committee 2,3,45 Baccalaureate Committee, Usherette 25 Commencement Committee, Usherette 25 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Pigskin Prom Court 45 Chronicle Queen Revue 25 Cheerleader Reserve 3, Varsity 4. NANCY ANN ORWICK - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 French Club 2,35 FTA 2,45 Prom Committee 2,3,45 Cap and Gown Committee 45 Baccalaureate Committee, Usherette 25 Commencement Committee, Usherette 25 S.D.l.G. Committee 45 Acappella Choir 3,45 Guidance Office 45 Ski Club 3,4. SAVANNAH OSLEY - General. JEFFREY JAMES OYSTER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 Boy's Pep Club 45 Latin Club 45 Orchestra 25 Band 2,3,4. JOCELYN CAROLE PALMER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 French Club 3,4, Sec 45 FTA 2,3,4, Treas 45 Forensic 2,3,4, Pres 3, Sec 45 Prom Committee5 Senior Chap- el Committee5 S.D.l.G. 2,3,45 South Pacific 45 Up the Down Staircase 25 Senior talent Assembly, Co-Chairman5 Band 2,3,4, Majorette 45 Library Aid 2,3,4. JACKIE LYNN PASCO - D.E. JOAN E. PETERS - General5 Aviator Backers 25 Girl's Pep Club 25 Ski Club 3,4. ROSEMARIE PETI - Vocational, B.O.E. 3,45 Aviator Backers 3,45 Girl's Pep Club 45 Prom Committee5 Band 2,3,45 B.O.E. Steno I 8i II Clubs 3,4. DEBRA SUSAN PINNEY - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Fine Arts 2,3,45 Prom Committee5 Baccalaureate Committee5 Commencement Committee5 South Pacific5 Acappella Choir 35 Chorale 45 Andreani's Helpers 2,3,45 Ski Club 3,45 AHS Mascot "Spirit" 3,4. ELDRIDGE G. POINDEXTER -O.W.E. JAMES M. POPA - Vocational. DEANNA POPA - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 45 Girl's Pep Club 45 B.O.E. 3,45 Prom Committee. GARY ALAN POPA - Drafting5 and I Drafting 3,4. MICHAEL JAMES POPA - Generalg D.C.T. 4. MICHAEL JOHN PORTER - General5 Aviator Backers 45 Key Club 4. THOMAS B. POTO - T 8 I Machine 3,45 Aviator Backers5 Orchestra 2. CHARLES E. PUCKETT - O.W.E. JEFFREY A. PUSATERI - T 8t I Machine 3,4, Pres 3,45 Avia- tor Backers 25 Key Club 4. RAY PAUL RABUZZI - T 81 I Machine 3,4. PAULINE V. RANFT - Business, C.O.E. 45 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,35 Pen and Brush 2. MICHAEL E. RAY-General5 Unicol County High School 2,3. DUAINE K. REED- Vocational5 T 8t I Machine 3,4. JIM ALLEN REESE - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Latin Club 2,3,45 Ring and Pin Committee. NORM L. RETTERER - General. KENNETH GEORGE RHOME - Vocational, T Stl Machine 3,45 Band 2,3,4. ALBERT CHARLES RICHARDS - General. LINDA ANN RICHARDS - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 176 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 NHS 45 S.D.l.G., Bailiff 4, Steering, Platform, Secretarial, Orientation Committees 45 Jr. Red Cross 45 Guidance Office 45 Magazine Campaign Cap- tain 4. MARIA CHRISTINE RIEDEL - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3,45 Girl's Pep Club 35 Fine Arts 3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Latin Club 2,3,45 NHS 3,45 Pen and Brush 45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 South Pacific 45 Se- nior Talent Assembly 45 Madrigals 3,45 Acappella Choir 3,4. JANET MAY RINGLER - Business5 D.E.C.A. 4, Reporter 45 First Aid Room 45 Hall Hostess 3. JOYCE KAY RINGLER - Business, D.C.T. 4. SANDY RITCHIE - B.O.E. TERRY LYNN ROACH - Vocational, C.O.E. 45 Guidance Office 2,3. RONALD JOHN ROBERTS - College Prep5 St. Thomas Aquinas, Alliance, Ohio 2, AHS 3,45 Aviator Backers 35 Quill and Scroll 45 Red and Blue 45 Senior Chapel Committee, Co- Chairmang SDIG 4. BONNIE LEA ROLLER - College Prep, Business5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,35 FTA 25 Prom Committee. DANNY ROSE - Vocational, T 81 I Machine 3,4. RUTH RAE ROSENBERRY - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 25 Fine Arts 2,3,4, Sec 45 NHS 45 Student Senate 25 Prom Committee5 South Pacific 45 Band 2,3,4. BEVERLY JUNE ROUSH - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 25 D.C.T. 4. MARY RUTH ROWE - B.O.E. 3,4, Treas5 Aviator Backers 4. ROSALIND ANN ROYSTER - B.O.E. 2,3, Treas5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 3,45 Prom Committee5 Invitation 8i Name Card Committee5 Baccalaureate Committee, Usher5 Senior Talent AssembIy5 Library Aid. PATRICIA ANN RUBRIGHT - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Chronicle Staff 4, Business Man- ager 45 Fine Arts 2,3,45 French Club 2,3,4, Pres 45 NHS 3,4, Treas 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Science Seminar 3,4, Sec 45 SPC 4, S.D.l.G., Supt. of Water and Sewers, Senior Talent Assembly 4, Girl's State 3, Usher 3,4. DEBORAH LYNN RUFF - Vocational, B.O.E. 3,4, Aviator Backers 2,3,4, Girl's Pep Club 2,3,4. JEFFREY WILLIAM RUGGLES - College Prep, Senior Tal- ent Assembly 4, Band 2,3,4. DEBRA KAY RUSH - Vocational, D.E.C.A., Aviator Backers 2,3, Girl's Pep Club 2,3,4. RHONDA KAY RUTH - College Prep, Aviator Backers 2,3,4, Girl's Pep Club 2,3,4, V.P., French Club 2,3, FTA 2,3, Prom Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Commencement Committee, Guidance Office 2, Andreani's Helpers 4, Bacca- laureate 8t Commencement Usher 3. SCOTT FRANCIS SALLYARDS - General, St. Thomas Aquinas 2, Aviator Backers 4, Varsity A 3, Swimming Varsity 3. HARRY EUGENE SARCHIONE JR. - O.W.E., West Branch High School 2,3, AHS 4. AMOS ISIAH SATCHELL- General. GEORGE DREW SAUS - Vocational, D.E.C.A. 4, Pres 4, Avi- ator Backers 4. MICHAEL SHAWN SCHAFER - College Prep, Aviator Backers 4, Boy's Pep Club 2,3,4, Blue Dom 2, FTA 2,3,4, Bac- calaureate Committee, Chairman, Commencement Committee, Chairman, SDIG, Platform Committee, Chairman 2,3,4, Senior Talent Assembly 4, Acappella Choir 3,4, Library Aid 2,3,4. NANCY ELLEN SCHAPER - College Prep, Aviator Backers 2,3,4, Treas 4, Girl's Pep Club 2,3,4, Fine Arts 2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Forensic 2,3, Treas 2,3, Student Senate 3, Varsity A 4, Class Sec 2,3,4, Prom Committee, Ring and Pin Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, S.D.I.G. 2,3,4, 3rd Ward Councilman 3, Solicitor 4, Where's Charlie, Orchestra 2,3,4, Sec 3, V.P. 4, Girl's State, Chemistry Lab Asst 4, Cheerleader J.V. 3, J.V. 4, Captain, Varsity 4, Red Cross 3,4, Sec 3, Pres 4, Individual Speech Events 3,4, AAYC Treas, Tutoring 3, Concession 2, Magazine Campaign 2,3,4, Slave Day 2. SHERRY SCHELL- D.E. JUDY ANN SCHNEIDER - College Prep, Aviator Backers 2,3,4, Girl's Pep Club 2,3,4, Sec, Treas 4, Chronicle Staff 4, French Club 2, FTA 3, Pen and Brush 2, Red and Blue 4, Student Senate 2, Prom Committee, Girl's State Alt 3. ROBERT SCHNEIDER - College Prep, Blue Dom 2,3,4, Chronicle Staff 4, French Club 2,3, Thespians 2,3,4, Red and Blue 3, Photo Club 4, Co-Founder, You Can't Take It With You 4, South Pacific 4, Where's Charlie 2, Our Town 3, Up the Down Staircase 3, Senior Talent Assembly 2,3,4, Pho- tography Staff 4, Stage Crew 2,3,4, Language Lab Asst. 2, P.A. Engineer 2,3, P.A. Announcer 2. NANCY KAY SCHULLER - College Prep, Aviator Backers 3,4, Girl's Pep Club 4, Ski Club 4, FTA 4, Prom Committee, Baccalaureate Commencement Usher, Decoration Committee for Spirit Week, Sec, JA. SUSAN M, SCOTT - General. PAMELA JEAN SETTLE - Business, C.O.E. 4, Girl's Pep Club 2. TIMOTHY JON SHELLENBERGER -T 8t I machine 3,4. BECKY FRANCES SHERWOOD - General, Spanish Club 2, Prom Committee, Band 2,3,4, Treas 4, First Aid Room 4, Library Aid 2, Scorekeeper for Swim Meets. LUANN MARIE SHUSTER -- College Prep., Aviator Backers 3,4, Girl's Pep Club 3, French Club 2,4, NHS 3,4, Sec 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Red and Blue 3,4, Prom Committee Chairman 3,4, S.D.I.G. Clerk of court 4, Up the Down Staircase 2, WAT in-.- Acappella Choir 3, Chorale 4, Band 2,3,4, Andreani's Helpers 2,3,4, Ski Club 4, Tutoring 2,3. BRENDA K. SIMMONS - General, Aviator Backers 4. LINDA CAROL SIMMONS - College Prep., Aviator Backers 2,3, Girl's Pep Club 2,3, Acappella Choir 3,4, Sophomore Girl's Chorus 2. CAROLEE SIMONS - Distributive Education, Aviator Backers 2,4, Girls' Pep Club 4, D.E.C.A. 4. LEARLINE DIANE SIMS - General, Aviator Backers 2,3,4, F.T.A. 2,3,4, Red and Blue 3, Reporter, Baccalaureate Usher 3, S.D.l.G. 3, Councilman at large, Senior Talent Assembly 3, Acappella Choir 4, Girl's Choir 2,3, Chronicle Queen Revue 2. BRENDA JO SKILLERN - College Prep, Aviator Backers 2,3,4, Caducean 3, French Club 2,3, Treas 3, Cap and Gown Committee, Invitations 8 Name Card Committee, Baccalau- reate Committee, Commencement Committee, Senior Talent Assembly, Acappella Choir 4, Band 2,3,4, Chronicle Queen Revue 3, Girl's Chorus 3. DAVID JAMES SMARR - College Prep., Chess Club 4. DIANE LUCILE SMITH - College Prep., Aviator Backers 3,4, Girl's Pep Club 4, French Club 2,4, F.T.A. 2,4, N.H.S. 4, Prom Committee Chairman 3, You Can't Take lt With You, Usher 4, Band 2,3,4, Junior Red Cross Rep. Treas 3, Christmas Con- cert Usher 4. JEFFERY L. SMITH - College Prep, Senior Talent Assembly 4, Band 2,3,4. STEPHANIE ALEXIS SMITH - General, Acappella Choir 3,4, Chronicle Revue 2,3, Library Aide 4. MILTON A. SNODGRASS - College Prep., Aviator Backers 2,3, French Club 2, Ring and Pin Committee, Football Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4, Track 2,3,4, Wrestling 2,3,4. SHARON L. SNOWDEN - D.E. GAYLE LYNETTE SNYDER - College Prep, Aviator Backers 2,3,4, Girl's Pep Club 2,3,4, Chronicle Staff 4, French Club 2, 177 I W F.T.A. 25 Prom Committee 2,3,45 Cap and Gown Committee 45 Acappella 3,45 Photography Staff 3,45 Andreani's Helpers 3. RON SNYDER - Vocational. CHARLES DAVID SOULES - Vocational5 DCT 4. CYNTHIA ANN SPECHT - Business5 Aviator Backers 45 Girl's Pep Club 45 COE Secretary 45 Chorus 2. EDITH DAWN STAHLER - College Prep. GRACE E. STAMM - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee 25 Chorus 25 Acappella 3,45 First Aid Room 3. SHARON ELAINE STANCATO - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee 2,3,45 Cheerleader 3,4. JOHN ROBERT STANLEY - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 25 Student Senate 25 Chorale 2. KENNETH ALAN STANLEY - College Prep5 Basketball Reserve 2, Varsity 4. TIMOTHY ARDEN STARKS - GeneraI5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Reserve Football 25 Track 2. ELJOREE STARGEN - General. REBECCA LYBB STAUFFENGER - College Prep, Business5 Aviator Backers 2,35 GirI's Pep Club 25 DECA 4. TED G. STEEDE - College Prep5 Chronicle Staff 45 Pen and Brush 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Red and Blue 3,45 Photography Staff 45 Language Lab Asst. 2. DEAN L. STEVENS - Vocational. CORA LEIGH STEVENSON - College Prep5 Pen and Brush 45 Scenery Painter South Pacific5 Where's Charlie 8t Our Town Posters5 Library Aid 2,3. BARBARA WELCH STOCKERT - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,35 French Club 25 SDIG 25 Where's Charlie 25 Band 2,35 Ski Club 2,3. SEAN PADRAIC STOCKERT - College Prep 2,3, Vocational 45 DCT President 45 Band 2,3. DEBORAH JO STONE - General. SANDRA SUE STRONG - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Caducean 25 FTA 25 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 SDIG5 Band 2,3,4, Majorette 3, Head Majorette 4. DIANE KAY SUCACIU - College Prep5 French Club 2. KATHY ANN SUKOSD - College Prep, Business5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Girl's Pep Club 25 French Club 25 Prom Committee5 Senior Chapel Committee5 Commencement Committee5 Senior Talent AssembIy5 Orchestra5 Red Cross. DIANE ELISE TATE - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 45 GirI's Pep Club 45 Fine Arts 3,4, Treas 45 Prom Committee, Co-Chairman5 South Pacific 45 Band 2,3,4, Sec 45 Band Li- brarian 45 Ski Club 2,3,4, Sec 35 Commencement, Hostess 25 Scorekeeper for Swim Meets 4. MARC D. TATSCH - Vocational5 T 8 I Drafting 3,45 Swimming 2,3. CAROL ANN TAYLOR - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 GirI's Pep Club 2,3,45 C.O.E. 4, V.P. 4. DANA LYNN TAYLOR - Vocational T 8 I Machine 3,4. THOMAS WARD TEAL - College Prep. SHIRLEY ANN TEIS - General. ROBERTA THIGPEN - General. PAUL HOWARD THOMPSON - Vocational5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 T 81 I Drafting 3,45 Varsity A 25 South Pacific 45 Band 2,3,45 Swimming Varsity 3. RONALD RAY THORN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Boy's Pep Club 45 Key Club 45 Varsity A 3,45 Band 25 Football Reserve 35 Track 2,35 Wrestling 2,3,4. JAMES EDWARD THORPE - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,45 Blue Dom 45 Fine Arts 2,3,45 FTA 25 Thespians 45 Forensic 45 S.D.I.G., Safety Service 45 You Can't Take It With You 45 South Pacific 45 Where's Charlie 25 Orchestra 25 Band 2,3,45 Library Aid 2. TIMOTHY PAUL TRAINER - College Prep5 Seaside High, Seaside Calif. 2, Fort Knox, Ky. 2,3, Marion, Ohio 3, AHS 3,45 Baccalaureate Committee, Co-Chairman. ar' it t gy' sawn f , . . 'L ' s aw -f ir 4. A ," 1 rggssisg . I I, - rr ADAM R. TRANSUE - College Prep. CLARA B. TRIPLETT- General. RANDALL PAUL TRUMP -- College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Ski Club 3, V.P. 35 Prom Committee5 Wrestling 25 Golf 2. TONI SUZANNE TRUXELL - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2, JOSEPH DAVID TUCKER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2.3.4. V.P. 45 French Club 25 Key Club 45 NHS 45 Student Senate 2,45 Varsity A 45 Student-Faculty Committee 25 Prom Committee5 SDIG. Income Tax Commissioner 45 Football Varsity 45 Basketball Reserve 2. Varsity 45 Baseball 3,45 Golf 25 Pigskin Prom Escort. TOM B. TWYMAN - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3.45 Boy's Pep Club 3.45 Key Club 45 Varsity A 45 Wrestling 25 Football Manager, Varsity 3. ALISON KAY VIEG - College Prep, Businessg Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 25 FTA 25 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Acappella Choir 45 Andreanni's Helpers 35 Ski Club. GREGORY D. VISI - O.W.E. DAVE DEAN VOCILA - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Boy's Pep Club 2.3.45 Key Club 45 Prom Committee5 Senior Talent Assembly5 Football 2,45 Basketball Manager, Varsity 25 Football Manager, Varsity 3. BOB VORRES- College Prep. VIRGIL VULCU - D.C.T. 45 Red and Blue 3,45 Key Club 3.4. PHILIP GREGORY WAGNITZ - College Prep5 St. Thomas Aquinas 2,35 AHS 4. GARY A. WAINUSKIS - O.W.E. Program. DOUGLAS WAIT -- D.C.T. KIMBERLY WALKUP - D.E. LEONARD FLOYD WARD - VoCational5 O.W.E. 4. SANDRA KAY WASSON - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Student Senate 25 Student- Faculty Committee 25 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Madrigals 3,45 Acappella Choir 3.4. CHARLOTTE MARIE WEATHERSPOON - College Prep5 Avi- ator Backers 2,3.45 Blue Dom 45 Caducean 35 French Club 2,3,45 NHS 45 Forensic 45 Prom Committee5 Invitations 8. Name Card Committee. Chairman5 You Can't Take It With You 45 Our Town 35 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Band 2.3.4. JAYNE LUCILLE WEAVER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,35 Pen and Brush 45 Prom Committee5 Orchestra 2,35 Art Asst. 4. RANDY H. WEAVER - VocationaI5 D.E.C.A. 45 JA 2.3.4, Production Manager 3, Sales Manager 4. EHCO-IPAAS EDWARD WEHNER - College Prep, Vocational, . . .4. JOHN E. WEITZEL - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2.35 Fine Arts 2,3,45 Orchestra 25 Band 2,3,45 Boy's State Alt. 3. LARRY LEE WHEELER - T 81 l Drafting 3,45 Band 2.3.4. MARK ALLEN WHITAKER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Boy's Pep Club 3.45 French Club 2,35 Key Club 2.3.45 Committee Chairman 45 Red and Blue 45 Varsity A 3.45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 SDIG 4, Treas 45 Basketball Reserve 2, Varsity 35 Golf 2.3. CHUCK L. WHITE - O.W.E.. Track. With a little help from his friends. Bill Anderson bounced back from appendicitis. DIANA DENISE WHITE - Vocational, B.O.E. 35 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 C.O.E. 45 Girl's Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3. LINNETTE ANN WILFORM - VocationaI5 FTA 3.45 Latin Club 2.3.45 B.O.E. 3.45 Cap and Gown Committee, Invitations 8t Name Card Committee5 Band 2,3,45 Library Aid 3.4. DODIE WILLIAMS- Businessg Aviator Backers 2,3,45 C.O.E. 45 B.O.E. 3. Sec 35 Prom Committee 3. GARY THOMAS WILLIAMS - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,45 Boy's Pep Club 45 Blue Dom 45 Key Club 2,3,45 Thespians 45 You Can't Take It With You 45 South Pacific 45 Our Town 35 Audio-Visual Aids Staff 2.35 Junior Red Cross 4. KAREN EVONNE WILLIAMS - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2.3.45 Latin Club 2,3,45 Science Seminar 35 Prom Committee 2,3,45 Cap and Gown Committee 45 S.D.l.G.. Probation Officer, Steering Committee 45 Acappella Choir 3.45 First Aid Room 45 Hall Hostess 35 Girls' Chorus 2. KATIE WINNER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2.3.45 Girl's Pep Club 3.45 Student Senate 25 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 S.D.l.G., 6th Ward Councilman 45 Acappella Choir 3,45 Band 2,3,45 Band 2,3,45 Girl's State, del- egate 35 Chronicle Queen Revue 2.3, Court 35 Band Librarian 45 Prom Committee 35 Orchestra Concert Hostess 2. LESLIE JO WONNER - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Girl's Pep Club 2,3,45 Red and Blue 45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 First Aid Room 4. CHARLENE ICELDA WRIGHT - B.O.E. 3,45 Aviator Backers 25 Cap and Gown Committee5 Baccalaureate Committee5 Library Aid5 B.O.E. Executive Council. DONALD RAY WRIGHT -- College Prep5 Aviator Backers 2,3,45 Boy's Pep Club 45 Key Club 2,3,45 Science Seminar 3.45 Prom Committee5 Cap and Gown Committee5 Senior Talent Assembly5 Football Reserve 2, Varsity 35 Track 2,45 Wrestling 2. JEFFREY ALAN YOUNG - General5 Track 3. LEISA DELMARA YOUNG - College Prep5 Aviator Backers 3,45 French Club 35 Quill and Scroll 3.45 Red and Blue 3.4, Editor 4, Jr. Editor 35 SPC 45 Student Senate 2. Alternate 25 Photo Club 45 Prom Committee 35 Ring and Pin Committee5 Senior Chapel Committee. Chairman 45 Senior Talent Assembly 45 Band 2.3.4, Majorette 3,45 Chronicle Queen Revue 35 Library Aid 35 Slave Day, Chairman 2. 179 Compliments of MOUNT UNION BANK 44"-Q , C , H. m k1.an1uutvr To The Aviators: Thank you for giving us something to cheer about! PEP CLUB SPECHT'S TV 8. APPLIANCE ZENITH - MAGNAVOX 20 Yrs. of Authorized Service 1006 S. Arch Alliance, Ohio Phone 823-1820 Compliments of THE ALLIANCE ELECTRICAL COMPANY Extending Best Wishes To All Graduating Seniors B CKEYE ' 6 XXX lMARKEIf 7110. " To Serve You ls Our Pleasure HOUSE OF COIFFURE Simplicity and Quality Go Hand In Hand Alliance, Ohio 235 East State Street 823-7197 f A izfitl Q' 9' I Ili ilk. 'i f.,',"g X, if M 1 ' 3- l,w? j it 1 2 .Q 1 1 2 vxfinwiil A " none: mssensen clans sAi.:s AND senvice A x Dons: -rnucics SARCHIONE AND SONS, INC. IO3 W. State Street Phone 823-0630 ALLIANCE, OHIO 44602 THE J. T. wbrrfbtw SONS CO. 1010 E. BROADWAY, ALLIANCE, OHIO AREA CODE 216-821-3840 PISANELLO'S "THE PIZZA HOUSE" in the MOUNT UNION AREA Best Wishes: I MEN'S WEAR 455 E. Main St. Alliance, Ohio Today's Army Wants To Join You Over 300job opportunities available to High School Graduates Contact Your Army Representatives SFC Sidney B. Sheeler SSG Danny T. Stigall U.S. Army Recruiting Station 131 E. Main St. Alliance, Ohio 44601 Phone: 823-3233 Best Wishes To The Class of '72 from Heggy's 310 E. Main St. Ph. 821-7719 i and olflof Mount Union Square - Alliance, Ohio 44601 . . . Immcny llIIt'f1l'llIflIIjI Y COPE FURNITURE COMPANY Open Evenings Except Saturday FURNITURE, CARPETS INTERIOR DECORATING Best Wishes To The Class of '72 Q 18721972 Compliments of SCHNEIDER IEWELERS Diamonds sa' Phone 821-8212 535 S. Union 84 Watches 1 -, 182 670 W. STATE ST. PHONE TA 1-1630 "Traditionally Fine Furs and Apparel" I Compliments of BONFERT GLASS COMPANY 174 North 15th Sebring, Ohio 44672 Phone 938-2110 Compliments of Cunningham's Country Furniture Country Furniture ZV2 Miles South of Alliance GROVE REFRIGERATION For the Best Deal in Appliances and Commercial Refrigeration 350 E. State The McConnell on 193 Agency Co. 6330 Union Ave. tgnswrance Since 1866 823-1770 Carl D. Orwick David D. King Evan M. jones First National Bank Bldg Carl D. Adams Alliance, Ohio 44601 183 HEINIE MUN ITZ SCRAP YARD ALLIANCES OLDEST SCRAP YARD Dealer in: Scrap Iron, Metals, Tab Cards, Batteries 248 N. Webb Avenue Alliance, Ohio 44601 Ph. 821-0405 ... , o ' P n o BAN D- qiiiii h ORCH Pianos - Organs -Instruments Music - Records 526 E. Main Phone 821-7132 POLINORI'S SPAGHETTI 81 STEAK HOUSE Beautiful "Carnation" Dining Room for TURNER'S DRUG STORE Banquets and Private Parties MAIN UNION AT Call for Reservations STREET STATE 1441 S. Liberty 821-2680 .1-4- 1 4 -2 A f 1 It 'Q Q - L L, is "4'7"'Xf ' A H ' X BEVERLY FARMS SERVING ALLIANCE SINCE 1910 184 - x.,. ' ' FN! "'il. Q I5 C-Q., , F My i 5' 'I Z-NM, ' ' , K ' Tl' IF I I xg ' 5 ' My r I ' A " ' ' W - " ' .. .. M ,tk ., . -iw I A A iq, I ., ' L. 7 N M - jg it I Opentill midnight fl i ' 3 833 S. Arch Ph.821-5641 iq, INDUSTRIAL FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN UNITED CO-OPERATIVES ASSOCIATION 2 Convenient Offices Downtown Mt. Union 111 Glamorgan Alliance, Ohio FUNERAL SERVICES 1 I I 1 wit HI lziij-j'il1I'I ' DIVISION or , ,,ZI. V ,,, V ,ww Alliance Area Chamber of Commerce nth Walton-Schrader Funeral Home WI-Ie e Hungries hit Hit the Red Bam Myers Funeral Hone ' Cassady 84 Turkle, Inc. I, ,E Alliance Ambulance Service N RTE' .h Highland Memorial Park N . ...I 1 III ' I'1a:tI-, Mi ff, i I ,.,-. , . .1 . 'Kill "u!l ,nl gl I '-,I j ElFlQ l.L.,L2f .ii.i MRED BARN 30 W. State Street Ph: 823-0228 185 Radio 84 T.V. Parts HOUSE OF AUDIO 220 East State Street Ph. 823-5780 Congratulations Seniors GENETIN 84 WALIZER Burger Chef SH Family Restaurant We Always Treat You Right 105 West State Street Compliments of R. D. WILLIAMS EASTERDAY PHARMACY Alliance's only strictly ethical prescription pharmacy "Seek ye first the kingdom of God DIABE-I-IC AND SICKROOM and all things will be added unto you" SUPPLIES DELIVERY SERVICE Gab Dawson, Realtor Parking in Rear 245 E. State St. Alliance Phone 821-2812 1675 S. Arch Ph. 823-2266 186 IARMAN PRINTING See Elvin Wilson U AnYthin8 that'S Printed" 41 , 1 Vizfu ' A 4 f y j! , K I ' I i , .I f 3123, ' 2 Q I Your dollars go farther at ' ' Sears Corner Union Ave. and High Phone 823-8585 COMPLIMENTS OF Where QUALITY is a MUST! ltb Hub IIJWWK S. Union Ave gl Summit St. , Alliance, Ohio H7211 Heastand Auto Parts Good Luck g 1 - FAMOUS FOR FASHION Shaffer's Finest Food Served in the Friendliest Manner at its Location on Park Street fy Q ,,, . ,if X I 5? . 'ti ' 2: 2 ! l 1 i TOLERTON SKI SHACK Compliments of 265N F d KEENER . ree Om supplier of A.H.s. ski Club RUBBER THE Congratulations Aviators from The Cheerleaders S 81 S PRODUCTS CO. Quality Kitchens and Baths S. Arch Ave. 823-0760 4 .N ' ZALNICIDQQ - l I PIZZA 7 Days a Week 821-8088 26 E. Washington Penrod's Men's and Young Men's Clothes Fine Selection of Shirts and Flairs Corner of Arch and Main Phone 823-2131 Compliments You Are Invited of To loin MA SEIDNERS FLOWERS ALLIANCE AUTO CLUB "lt Pays To Belong" E ff-42:12. I .."" P' NWI We ff TH V . ,M , A ALLIANCE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 100 S. Arch Avenue Alliance, Ohio Ph. 821-5750 Home Loans-Insured Savings Plajer and Cross 5,1 Our Sincere thanks to the Class of '72' for its patronage this year. Class of '73' be sure to make your senior portrait appointment early for next year. Our Studio is air-conditioned for your comfort. Phone 821-3355 GARDNER's JEWELRY Fine jewelry. Watches . Diamonds 259 East Main Street Alliance, Ohio Best Wishes to the Class of "72" POFICE-ALUM Compliments of Helen Gainor's Beauty Shoppe 2100 South Fiockhill 823-7480 "Pleasing You Pleases Me" l 190 George Hayes Compliments of HAYES SOHIO SERVICE Where you get good CQ. Service - by George, Larry and Chuck 234 South Arch Larry Herderick Charles Hellensbeck Prospect and Seneca Phone 823-1410 i7f7ii5ii-ii . SUNDRIES . CONES 1 . CANDY ,. ,I A qV,. n':., A I' ,yyi - o PAPER 1 I A ' FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES Quaiity - Variety - Service - Low Prices ' VENDWG MACHWE5 Super Discount Center at 1840 S. Union Persky's 13651 W. State Food College Plaza 137 South Arch Z-XX Compliments of Dimit Brothers Fine Photographers 214 City Savings Building Ph. 821-7634 191 Compliments of THE ALLIANCE MANUFACTURING CCMPANY, INC Subsidiary of Consolidated Electronic Industries Where tender things are always happening ' Compliments Ii 'Q"Y I of 4, .- " I- n qw . f STEWART PAINTS 3 , fgji . f-1-1-refs.-as-2ai1f::s: If-:,5:'f,"...f--Q---l,l'l"T11'!gg PDNDERDSA HILLCFIEST MAF-IKET gg 53 1475 W. State Street A' A ' I , Home of AIliance's finest meats C ' Delivery Service "Where the Flyers eat" Phone 821-8594 l .J Alliance Automobile Dealers - ChamberofCommerce my ee e F ""' 'g,,--""':i" Kife 'L W ' 5. is-A K if .. k',k XX 5 I - X Henschen Motor Co. Lavery Chevrolet Cadillac - Oldsmobile 906 S. Union Chevrolet - Camaro 1096 W. State St 'flf-ef' 1 KARMANN GHIA Kirksinger Volkswagon Crvvig Motors Volkswagon 13800 State St. Pontiac - Fiat 75 Glamorgan Robert Terry Ford Thompson Motors Ford -- Cortina 309 Hester Lincoln - Mercury 181 N. Arch 193 l ff Alliance Ware Division COMPACT KITCHEN UNITS Alliance' Ohio BUILT-IN OR FREE STANDING GAS OR ELECTRIC PACKAGED BATHROOMS FIBERGLASS CONSTRUCTION FLAT RIlVl PORCELAIN ENAIvIELEo FORNIED STEEL IN CLEANIINC VITREOUS MODELS FOR COUNTER EYE-PLEASING STYLES COLORS INSTALLATION IN SPACE-SAVING SIZES Compliments of Bob Seaver Your Class Ring Representative P.O. Box 3556 Akron, Ohio 44310 Herff jones Company Creative Excellence in Class Rings Compliments of FIEGENSCHUH JEWELERS Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Certified Gemologists American Gem Society Our 52nd Year . 248 East Main St. 194 THATCHER APPLIANCE Full Service Capability in . .. Products . l , Production Frigidaire-Speed -Igryer people Roper-Sylvania .V. 115 East State Street Best Wishes to the Ph 1972 Graduates 8213234 ARMOUR INDUSTREAL FRDDUCTSCOMPANY Al!ASlY!l-TAP!!--COATIL IIODUCTI CHICAGO. ILL. 10190 16123 Announ N. F., ALLIANCE. oi-no 44601 morgan engineering company alliance ohio Now A Division of United Industrial Syndicate, Inc. APARTOF INC Compliments of Transue 84 Williams Steel Forging ,Designers and Manufactures of Drop Forgings and Metal Stampings Division of Standard Alliance Industries, Inc. A M "Go With Us By Charter Bus" Ph. 823-3124 195 Nlm1,,xNi Higher Education? Ask us about Student Loans Z liiic' it mf li FOX? 2 KKK Svxvi Nos AND l.o.xx .Xssoci.xT1ox Alliance Sebring Mt. Union Minerva A Salute To Our Advertisers We recognize and wish to "Thank" the loyal industries and businesses in the Alliance community, who by their advertising have supported us in making this book. We solicit for them your patronage as the best way of saying "Thank You" to them. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Patrons Eugene L. Haidet Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Melzer Sharon Huffman Mrs. Helen Johns Donald W. Schaper Mr. and Mrs. David E. Cowan, Jr. Milton M. Rubright Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Quinlan Edward C. Winner Mrs. Donald B. Moncrief Mr. and Mrs Carl D. Orwick Dr. and Mrs. William D. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Karl Berger Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Henschen Sunlight Diner Violet Ray Cleaners 196 Farewell to an Era Originally standing on the East Broadway site in the 1800's was the Alliance College purchased by the school system in1887to serve as the first AHS facility. 'Y l 2 . , As an era closes whispers of greatness and dignity fill ' ' ,,2,-xx? z , fr mx, , 'QQEYQA-'f .JU-114' . ' 'az 2 . . the now empty halls of the last. East Broadway high school Greatness in the fulfillment that its 62 years gave many young lives and dignity in the quality education it continued to serve Alliance even to the For many of us, AHS now means new challenge and glittering opportunity in a new building. But for most, memo- ries will fill us with murmuring sentiments as we recall our mlbWww wr-4 A new era began in 1910 when the main building was erected to provide better educational facilities. Wings were added in ears with "old AHS". 1921 to boost classroom space for Now we have come full-circle. ff f,-f, , om, ,,,,,,M the soaring enrollment X X G 'iv ?jfQg5YK"t 3. N'W-di " 4- ' H ....,, ,......,.., f l , wer iff gif? :gif ist -Wm 1 , , My .V 1 Our... in ' ' f1.ff'fk f?44 Yilxfiix, : ' 5 1 ' . i Fr Us N' --.- -- .M--...X:.ff....,.,, I 1 L A v I .1 v v I Q , f 22 2 .fx . . .. 13 . . E , 1 L , '1 .Q 1 .e,., Si .- s, EY -25 1 Q. . 7, 1 I 13 .jig ,., L ji! . ii V .45 Q: . H in . A, 1 i- ' af, 15: . ,g -a , 'A 13 4 i I. I. !c . yi

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