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 - Class of 1950

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A TH WA YS X ' 0 - V, --""'k2':g' 'k" ?' f l rx D q , -' f Nik- K XX ,A jf . cf' ff M ,Q f' ' ' .. . . ,N 5 , , ,. N, X. JW f,,, ' .y it fzff- -""""""3wrw'-warn X ,X A 'X ,-,- N x X 7' F 1 'AQ X Q A X' t Y n 4 V. , 2,1 """ X jf. 1. A f ' ,A , 'f ' 1 ',f-' "' "'- -.-, 1'l ffv.. XP- fe, ,J ,, f vi X 4 7 R A A- -Y , ,A -4,-xi J, I -xiii?-gf' il' i -.,,-RL ' , f- wg 1 - ' i 1 A ' fr ', 'I ' wq'?V43tf'wh?"aa' -" 4.41ct ur' -Hz 7 I 'J .Ui ' 5 A. I f ky, J F K , ' f fx - . ,, , I 1, If FNTGJQ AI " 1 5, lx D .. x"1"4 ,V " ii V ,1 yn ' l'. f' A ,.A -nl L. ,,,V',-Vu 1 , J N X f V K 4' 1 1 i A I 1 5 ,F"1. ' Xxx, , I H Y U Jil! A . st. 1,..4fr,tAy.5-Z?-v. ? . .-J ' ,k 451 ff' fri, rn! r'i".x5- . yy .1 ,.--1. V. . .,. ,- I -. .. A f ' '--fn?" is 175 '..f.fflkf!Q'U'l 4' J" f 5 'Y 1 A 'a 11 . . f wjv Jksglwflr 61? J I 1 . . , ff .fry X wh .U , . . N - . N , .-. 1.1, - I 5 .g, I PMUANCEI 5 S ',AM0RGA"5 s 4-,G ' ! , CHRONEQLQ V' .. K , . :yi 'lu 1' -3 35 . m, Z4 o' 5' .HRX 7 'IT' .-J,-, .--my HX-2 w I -Y-f-is l.. Q L G JA 1,1-l-llc ., xs -ff, -' - -.ww ,Sf If 'l'xKK" A . lx. I Y 11.1 . NA' 'A' '- ' 1 ' I PATHWAYS1 INTRO 3 Ch ' ,S - 2' 5? Il, 4 PA1'HwAvsfm1'no .2 L 1 . if t ft: -- -,ff-P 'Tl lf lf:-q-gtqj' A .iff-Lix ,ff-A ,,,Ef?-.,-1,. , V7 'ff- l 'VA 'X " 'f , Ax - H 1 H f ' W - -'fx - vFfLf Mg++f ' f LM. , f ' . . -' - ,fy gf, Il - 1 . T ff -.1 3513 M P ' in , wb 5' pf l Qgliwgf ' , ff-g 5Q 44 Q A ' igfllxlg t X -L if' ,Af TNQ f, ,f Vw X j , ,IL J- 1 , , 5' A-+A - 'I ,MATX Yr' ' "1 iwxli V- , F -1T7x'f" f nl' f f liz-Efgi sam- L -N XX - . -f WN- V 14 H ff' f VAXX1 P 2-,Hy W X, , F :i N :ffg,3a 1 ff? 'M-Tgkfi J' L . X, lx! X 2 'V -,Wil V r'j'XW L . I M7 8 Y l I N- Lgqjhr XNKX 3, ...., .,- , Al X p.XX,. f X ' -T ix 1'YX,+X'-A -A 111 N M' J! gN"":!r3'-NX' 'bf' JMX, I T vfgx! nl,-X' f A9 ,- XY-gxt W TS! fl D 'gf' m Z'XFf' j , F! aff? .1 gli,-Ak: , ,f,,,7Xxi-Wulf! x L5 W f 'rf'X My X4 my fi x Ni qw-' I .1 , ' HN -Q x 'A L' x X 1 XxQ,1'i,Q 1. L 3 Mi Mt Mm. ip v wg BJP' an x Q? . I 6 my 1 " , , X2 PA'rHwAvsfxN'mo 9 1 -4 11 12 PATHWAYS f INTRO PATHWAYSX INTRO 13 h v . , 3. "ls, i M! Q! ' Y g. fls . , - .A - " , A.. ,P . ""' , ,f'rj, U -uw . 1 riff. ff ' . 1,3 -:gg . , 1 0 .X V fly ' xfs A 4, ' ' -l 1... , ' V 1 4 0 .VJ l jV.?: 9 Irv' 5. tx Q 'lc - U .A V. ,Sq if T ' ' I' 'f -P ' 4 ' , , 4 ' I, - ' L4 -5' :Ag -. ' , X A J.. H ,Aw q-:.g. Y ,:. Q .Q . h- ,, t N ii. an 1 ,-,Mx . . mag- ' .W K -3 Q ,M 2. v I 1 'WT ... 'HHN-.tis gp H. 1 X f' i .,..-...-.-.Q-an-"-'H Q..- ' 1.4 in -5.4 fc. -J s . ' - . 0 W. .,f-W :' sw li I "ln +"7' ' ' J' Qr.3,1g1?7i Bviivfftlff' 9?-zf .155 . I, '-rn s":f :.""'l,j+ F7 " ax M-6 ,fl 'tif t 2,4 '?i?s'9",,Q gee.. , aff? .wan 1 ' 1,,':sl:v ."'. 'g J' Vw' F' 'V -'LU wystfumtj-.,r 'th 'gr' V. sg., M -',g.'gmf- '11-get 71-9: TF" 4- Mfrs" 2 -""f". H NT", 1 L3 . gs H , I ' .xl , ' ,gf H 'P' 1 gr, , 4.1 W:-'V v 's . 9,11 2, . , mm, Q , 14 . IU, ,SL .,,y ,D 5, PATHWAYSX INTRO 15 Alliance High, in its eighth year on Glamor- gan Street is now stor- ing its history of the sev- enties and preparing to blaze its pathways into the eighties. Gone from the seventies are such memorable events as streaking, Big Mac at- tacks, peace in the Mid- East, and the dissolving of the All-American Football Conference. Follow us now as we take you through the 1979-1980 school year. We'll show you all the sights - the faces, the tri- umphs, the losses, and the fun. Alliance High School will be your pathway to success. So follow us, we'll lead the way . . . PATHWAYS TO THE EIGHTIES HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD CHRONICLE STAFF RAB DEFEATS CHRONICLE 6-3 IN THE SECOND TENTH ANNUAL YEAR-END SOFTBALL GAME MAY 22, 1980, RAB 6 CHRONICLE 3 17 PATHWAYSXCHRONICLE STAFF ab r h bi ab r h bi Favazzo IB 2 I I 0 Borton 3 I 2 O Culp IB I 0 0 O Pansino LF 3 O I 0 Holly SF 4 I 2 0 Lugnbl 2B 2 I I 0 Ballor LF 2 I I 3 Oesch 3 O 2 I Holmes CF 3 I 2 2 Furry RF 3 I I I Hull 3B 3 O I I Mathison SF O O O O Murphy SS 3 O O O Stouffer IB 3 0 0 O Noll C I 0 I 0 Allen O O O O Barker C 2 O O 0 Gainor C 3 0 2 I Reda 2B 2 0 0 O Baker LF I O I O Johnson P I I I 0 Rogers CF 3 0 3 O Howell RF I O I 0 Hisano P 2 O O O Stone P I I I 0 Burnworth 2 O O O Porter SF 0 0 O 0 Shimp CF 3 0 2 O Cironi RF 2 0 O 0 Perez SF 1 O 0 0 Total 28 6 II 6 Total 32 3 I5 3 . OOO O30 O g2'g"'C'e 003 300 X Upper Lt. Scott Shimpg Middle Juliet Kandel Lower Lt. Vivian Pansino. Editor Ilst Seml - Beth Blosser General Staff Editor I2nd sem.I - Vivian Pansino photographers lin addition to the Copy Editor - Juliet Kandel above.I Assistant Copy Editor - Jim Luginbuhl Jodi Marshall Clubs - Debi Mathison Lori Baker Layout - Vivian Pansino Sports - Scott Shimp Underclass - Tim Bendeich Photo Editor Ilst Seml - Copy Fraraccio Photo Editor 12nd Sem.I - Steve Stouffer Business - Tony Allen Seniors - Gina Gainor Ads - Peggy DeVali Student Life - Jill Oesch Faculty - Lisa Perry Darcell Rogers Jeff Admonius John Anderson Paul Furry I 4 ii' J K SPECIAL THANKS to: Sally Ailes, Doina Blendea, Scott Hirvela, Lance Jones, and Mary Soltys for their many literary contributions to this book. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to the following people for extremely well-done spur-of- the-moment's-notice jobs: Mr. Schreiber for his Olympic boycott essayg Kathy Bishop for her ballet and choir articles, and Jeff Harrison for his spur-of-theemoment novel on Iran. ADDITIONAL THANKS to: Ben Favazzo. Jill Fortner and Andy Howell, Advisors Note: I would like to exercise a little poetic justice on the behalf of my stall. The 1979-80 Chronicle Staff was by far the most enjoyable group of people I have ever worked with. Whenever things got a bit slow, there was always the amiable Luginbuhl around endevoring to extrapolate humor out of anyone nearby. In the event Luginbuhl failed to provide enlightenment, Lisa Perry took over. We will especially remember the day she ran over her own hubcap. In any case, I wish to all the best of luck and success. B. Burnworth 18 PATHWAYSXSENIORS f7 cuss sr was xmas er me xl, i dl Q 0 4 'Ili PATHWAYSXSENIORS 19 SENIORS FIRST OF TI-IE 8O'S Front row. Secretaryg Gina Gainor, President: Dana Mehnert. Back row: Treasurerg Jeff Fortner, Vice Presidentg Jeff Russell Below Left: Mr. Conrad Brunnerg Advisor Below Right: Jeff Russell is a Homecoming escort. The 1979-80 seniors will not go unno- ticed. Among their achievements were various "Spirit Day" projects, supporting such ideas as senior dress- up day and "Senior Power". Also on their list was a class picnic at Silver Park on May 10 and the yearly blood drive on May 12. Representatives for the first graduating class of the 80's were Dana Mehnert, Presidentg Jeff Russell, Vice-Presidentg Jeff Fortner, Treasurerg and Gina Gainor, Secre- tary. if sg? low X YN- X 'Wan 20 PATHWAYS XSENIORS TIMOTHY ARBOGAST JOHN ANDERSON ANTHONY ALLEN MICHAEL AELING NORA ABEREGG ,4-in Us gf--d if 7-4-1 CT!! ar! 143395 Stephanie' Slinfak lets fmgers do the walking SENIORSXPATHWAYS 2 1 -'R' 961.1 JAMES BORTON ELIZABETH BLOSSER DEVON BLACK MAREDA BIVINS K ai . Y f ' Iflsn ff. .. EDWARD BISSLER ,www 22 PATHWAYSXSENIORS HEIDI BOWDEN JAMES BOZ JAYME BRIMLOW LARRY BRUSH DOUGLAS BRYANT A' liii-J Nl sf - . Barry Holmesg after sports, whats left? SENIORSXPATHWAYS 23 ARTHUR CLARK DEBORAH CIRONI . . K Y' MING-CHIU CHEN F l H ,A YOLANDA CARTER ANDREA CARROLL OJ' "UQ , 'df Q--32' 24 PATHWAYSXSENIORS DAN CLARK MELANIE CGLLETTE WILLIAM COLLINS KATHLEEN CREWSON SHERRY DALESANDRO -v,'v-. '1' O.-11 'Y , Z 91 Ai 'I ..,-0 w In 47" Nr' 'ffl' ,ff Ml' 0 nie Nichols fy. yy fx IIN. ,K QR 4 wif' x v g Q 1-'AN xfqp XC:-1 ,-Y. d poses as I We Qi Q1 X ,v--14 I , f""Q .'?T' ff E, SENIORSXPATHWAYS 25 'Ov' 'ir SAMUEL EBERLING WENDY EMANUELSON JOANNE EMERY wwf LUCINDA ESSINGER JOHN FALCON E 26 PATHWAYSXSENIGRS EFFREY FORTNER Nga S ff' -Q .1--'r TERESA FOGLE 'NG MICHAEL FLOREA PN QI CONNIE FLENNIKEN BEN FAVAZZO K tieri. -J .-J' 4' vi qi' MY SENIORSX PATHWAYS 27 COLLEEN GANTZ 5901 I QQ 4"-"MP CINDI GARNEK MARIE GARNES GRETCHEN GEMBERLING BARBARA GONCI 28 PATHWAYSXSENIORS EDWARD HANNA GERMAINE HAIRSTON BARRY CRIMES JEFFREY GREWE STEVE GREEN K .1 v-yi 1.4 b-sl 3' sQ r...-L. J l .- I Cffllr 'S LL, VX.xK.X X X2 IMEEY gk 455 Q-14.1 DANA MEHNERT ACTS THE INNOCENT IN THE LIBRARY. Jeff Former, "Another perfect paper, what can I say'?". I for i"', WW 30 PATHWAYSXSENIORS YASUNORI HISANO DONNA HOLBROOK BARRY HOLMES JODIE HONS DALE HULL C 'vnif N d es DIS 'N "fx X ,,..n""""- Debbie, Jill, Becky, and Pam In lunch. 1' ""1V I '4' Barb Gonci munches, ., T 1 SENIORSXPATHWAYS 31 'Qi' ""'1v ROY JONES JUDITH JONES BRIAN JONES 'Q WANDA JOHNSON if 1155" Ja'-Gy' LAURA JOHNSON 32 PATHWAYSXSENIORS JAMES JORDEN JOY JORNEY DWIGHT KEE DAVID KERNS ROBERT KERR . , .15 - ':, 7 1. 'I' ?"' nf- X - Goncl and Pam Rodcfcr' N H S mductmon sklt ib- 'O if 1:5 sri 1 ii gf? SEN IORS f PATHWAYS 33 'i i' QVN -v Y""'1'P ar- 'N XV. 1 -of '37 x A , x ,Q ""'Ub pf Faux GREGORY LAUER TOYA LAWSON LAURA LEE GREGORY LEGROS REGINA LEWIS 34 PATHWAYSXSENIORS JAMES MANGUS SALLIE MAGGEE ROBERT MADISON MATTHEW LOWE KEVIN LOUIS ,- 'Vs av' Q3 U-1 "'1 lx jx 'Vt "ly 'UQ -s. 'S 1 'C ,,, Q ,- -1-9 U3 SENIORSXPATHWAYS 35 ANN MCCOWN v , -2 ,f nf-"7 'Du BRIAN MCDANIEL ROBIN KHANSONJ MCMULLEN DANA MEHNERT RHONDA MEIRING 36 PATHWAYSXSENIORS DEBBIE MERRELL ANGELA MILLER DAVID MILLER JEFFREY MILLER JUDITH MILLER -Ll 'Y of-ri T11 1 !,... Senior guys participate in a pep rally Z '?'!?'f'x--' n d " Chuck Lalli , ' ' K I is C" cr--' W' C- 4-'qv -.Q-'I' 4" if 'S. 0 x., , Greg Burr SENIORSXPATHWAYS 37 if Q....4a -6 .rdf DAVID NEEDHAM COLLEEN NICHOLS DEBRA NOLAND VIVIAN PANSINO DIANE PARKE 38 PATHWAYSXSENIORS JAMES PARKER CHRISTOPHER PARLONTIERI DAVID PEATE MARK PETERS DANIEL PHILLIPI "J?,F -4 .,,.- JM 3' kj 4- 'G' -si '5' Q! 7-, 'Y iv' ..l "7 Trl sr-H" Wd' 9. ..n-H SEN IORS f PATHWAYS 39 SHELLY RICH MELANIE RAY WILLIAM RASTETTER BARBARA RAMSER V CONNIE RADSICK 40 PATHWAYSXSENIORS MICHELLE RING 1 PAMELA RODEFER 44' , ,---"u WY W. . .1 NEIL ROGERS JAMES RUFF ERIC RUSSELL fX.. f .. 'lbw if Dan Phillipi E ,,..,, L X. td K QM., SENI -6 - of li N4 may 1' . -J ff' QCFTIDKI ...-,Q ORS 1 PATHWAYS 41 ROBERT SCOTT CECXL SEABOLT TERESA SELLS BRIAN SHERWOOD JOAN SHONK 42 PATHWAYSXSENIORS ,IMBERLY SNYDER TEPHANIE SLIMAK RICHARD SIMANELLA JOSEPH SICKLE MICHAEL SHONK args. 1' hi 5? .-I 49 X ' Cl IIIOW I H M ' f' 'lr-fi - ' I 3- A rung' . NA .H-. . , q.. Y. n , , Y A :pH-irfx ,K ,- ,Q ,A ,I - 1, ' - v1 .... Ni' ' -., :QL 4 ' . ' , - k. .. , A - ,.. , - -- - .II ' - w- - I ' -,-- I F Isnt that the truthII!!!! Ty' fn Q-'D ' AJ, I I 'gm '5"f'!. A 'f vfqv 'I ,.49 - 7 nf- Q? fx r SENIORSfPATI-IWAYS 43 PATRICIA 'Q' STOVALL -M.-gp' Go Alliance," says Kathy Schreckengost. , 1 vf y .Q-eu! T an-....,,, SCOTT STROUP CATHERINE STRYFFELER BART STUCHELL KEN SUKOSD 44 PATHWAYSXSENIORS Is- fri? Www GAlL THOMPSON JEANNE THATCHER ANGEL TEPPERT LORI TATSCH Q RICHARD SUMMERS -5 A.. i br rep v- -a 5 ff' , . N , A 5 The lengths Jeff Russell will go to get out of football practice, 411 I av' .1 IA f '5 1 . Q I 311,71 I, Atl. :K .Kam 3' N" Q Ill' d '1 ? 1-v r V, N i r J ,ff 'Y s response when about Pre-Calc, SENIORSXPATHWAYS 45 wg-.4 Nav YW? I1 v-my bark JAMES WILTON CINDY WILLIAMS MARIANNE WIESE MARY WEBSTER Q:-.W7 " 1 ROBYN WALBORN GRS HERE A SENIGR THERE A SENIQR EVERYWHERE A SENIOR ii SEN IORS f PATHWAYS 47 !: .y 'I '12 ,lu ggi .,,a I S ica I 48 PATHWAYSXSENIORS Amirmu Clxmll 1 in .iq f SENIORSXPATHWAYS 49 Csik Drake Galfl Gattis Gavrila Grabowsl-an Hancock Harris Prep, Key 3, .GATTIS, B0 , 3, Wrestling 1, Baseball Bas. 2, 3, 4, Chron- ketball 2 GAVRILA Chess Prep, Li- 1, 3, Tennis 4 Office A ternate 3 IOE Steno Arsenic 8: With yOU Girls Student State Stat of Jan S 123 Pep Class of the SENIOR PROFILES f PATHWAYS 5 1 dy lr I I ,. agff' 4, Varsity A 4, Track 3, 4,'1ntramt:ral Basket- ball 3, Co-Capt 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Lab Assistant 3. ' HENRY, ROBERT - Vocational Maching Trades wx ,I 1' HIGGINS, LYNETTE - General, Pen 8: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Track 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 2. - Vocational, IOE 4, Secr 4, Pep 2, Choir 1, 2, Prom Committee. Tennis 4. - Vocational, IOE Prep, Key 3, 4, ,Varsity A 3, 4, '3, Football 1, Trick 2 3' 4 Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Library 4, Red 8: Blue 2, 4, Who s DALE - Collegelrfrepg Diversi- Basketball 1 Distributive GARY DENNIS, Aide 4, 4, Chronicle Experience. - Voditianals A 4, Basld!TUEIH7 I 3, 4, Track 1, Intramural Basketball X worn" 2, Co-Capt 3, 4, .Student Senate' . STEVEN - Vocational, Body, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Pfepirks 4 gk 2, 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Co- Intramural Basketball 3, Intramural 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Auto 2, 3, 4. Vocational, Experience 4. PTUS. 3, 4. tlve Vocational, 1 , Intramural Vocational Distrlbu DEBORAH - College Prep, Pen 8: 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Clinic Helper 1, 2, 3, Red 8: Blue 2, Pep 2, Jr.-Sr. Prom Commit- BY N TERENCE - Col- Prep. S HARRIS, LORI - General, Home Ec Club 3, 4 Science Club 4 Choir 1 2 3 4 Brown Dancer 8: Singer, Girls T HARTSHORNE, EDMOND JR. ep For- al' Electronics T VICA Stage Jan. tee. 3, 4, Science Hi 2' Girls Basketball Stat. 3, 4. -ANNE - elgn Language 4, Choir 4, Pep 1, Night of Club 3: Commit. HARTY, General, For- GARNES, MARIE Carso e 1, 2, 3, 4, Committee, US I kin gf pm , , R E L, Jonv 1, 2, 3, HAWKINS, TROY - College Prep, Chess 3, JACKSON, ci-nanvi. - omni, Writing 4, Foreign Language 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, You Can't Take it With You, t "Carousel, Committee, Skin of our Brown - Vocational ce, Basketball 4. -- College Prep 3, 4, 1, 2, Committee Charlie Work 2. coming JOHNSON 4, Pres 4, 3, 4, Band 1, Pres 3 2 3 4' Oklahoma r s Track College Prep 1 1 ? l 2, 3, stllng l SENIOR PROFILESXPATHWAYS 53 JEFFREY - Vocational, Auto Me- NHS 4, V A 3, 4 P esident 4, Base- JUDI OEA 4 tee' .ASM an-:QE Vice Puient Clerk-T Cheerleading Alt. lk year 1. MOSIER, J ES - Vocational,.,Printing Tradesf MURPHY, Wrmng 1, r Cron Ed ,A Rabl 4, Re 8: ua 4, NEEDHAM, College Prep 8: Blue 2, A 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, JULIE - Blue 1, 4, Staff Chess 3 4' NELSON, 2, 3, Basketball 3, lntramural leyball 3. NICHOLS Prep, For- elgn Language Pep 2, Charlie Brown, 4 For POWE elgn PLAJER, PETE - 1, 2, Jr.-Sr. Prom, RASTETTER, Student Senate 1 Cosmetolo 1, Office Help: Prop, 'FTA 4, Choir 3, 4, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Jr -Sr. Prom Committee, Co-Chair- Senate Alternate 1' Exchange Choir Quest 3, ERIC - Vocgtional, Distrlbutive Education, DECA 4, 1' Wrestling 1 Teeth Club the Month 4, - Computer Prep, Secretary 3, Foreign President 4, lnter 1, 2, 3, 4, Secr 4, Role, Oklahoma, take it with you, Teeth, Role, Night of merclal 3 4 Co Capt Art. Steno nate 1, Boar Student of the Chairman 4. SCHENK. gy, Pep 1, 2 2, 3, 4. 4, Sr. Blood Vocational, Cjzjggploj 2, 3, 4, Office per 1, f E. - Voca- Cheerleading 2 3 4 J 4 Student Senate 2, 3, Helper 2, 3. 54 PATHWAYSXSENIOR PROFILES SCHRECKENGOST, KATHY L. - Voca- tlonal, IOE Steno, OEA 3, 4, Office Helper 1, 2, 3. SCHUBERT, LEONARD - Vocational, Elec- tronics Trade, VICA 3, Stage Crew 4, Elec- tronlcs Treas. 3. SEABOLT, CECIL - General, 4, Treas. 4, Foreign Language 3, plan 3, 4, Treas. 4, Choir 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3, 4, Arsenic and Old Lace, Ol PIOHI. S STOVALL, PATRICIA - General. STROUP, SCOTT JOSEPH - NHS 4, Varsity 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, lntran ball 4, Academic Challenge 4. STRYFELER, CATHERINE - Telecommunlcatlons, NHS The Night of Jan. Oklahoma Singer, Girls' State 1. Pep 1, 16th, Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Office Helper 2, 4, CRAIG - General, Intramural Bas- DAVID - Vocational, Diversified ahaaiii Red , Blue 4. In the Act, Role, The Night of Jan Oklahoma, Dancer, You can't you, Role, Committee Role, Committee, Carousel Charlie Brown Role tee, Track 1' STUCHELL, BART - Trades. -SUKOSD KEN - Machine cr istrtbutiire Bue Club JOE STEPHANIE - General, Foreign 1, LlUfary Aide 1, 2, 3, 4, Pen 81 1, Choir 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, Office Helper 4, Library Help- or 2 SNYDER, KIMBERLY - Vocation , IOE Clerk-Typist, OEA 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Office Helper 4. SNYDER, TRACY - Vocational, IOE Clerk- Typlst, Creative Writing 1. SPRINGER, JULIE - Vocational, Child Care, Choir 1, 2. STEWART, JOHN - College Prep, Band 1, Chronicle Staff 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Advanced Study 1, 2, Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3. STILLION, .PENNY - Vocational, Cosme- tology! Band 1, 2, 3, Red 8: Blue 2. STOCKLI, BRIAN - Vocational Trades, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. STOUFFER, STEVE ball 3, Track 3 Stage Crew 4, elecom- 1, 4, Jr.-Sr. Student Senate Red 81 Pres 4. Blue 2, T TERRELL, MICHAEL?-ggi General, Wrestling 1. " rfr - .., THATCHER, JEANNE -Hmllocatlonal, IOE Clerk-Typist, OEA 3, 4, Office Hglperf4. THOMAS, DIANE - Vocational, IOE'S'teno, OEA 3, 4. THOMPSON, GAIL - Vocational, Diversi- fied Cooperative, Band 1, 2, 3. TOLLE, STUART - College Language 1, 2, 3, Varsity A 2, 3 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Track 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, 4 Intramural Performer TURNER Prep, Band 1, Printing 1, 2, Library College Prep, -Foreign 2, 4, Nus 4, choir 4, Night of .ram I I .Me 4, and Old Arsenic Committee, Role, Commit- of our Teeth, Girls' Stu- dent SenaQi1, 2, 3, Student-Faculty Relations 1, 4. Chronicle. Staff 4. WILLIAMS CYNTHIA - General, Oklaho- Take lt arlie Tennis 2, 3,' , Jr.-Sr. ma, Committee . b ,K 3,1 WILTON, AMES - Vocattgtyllggybljhlne Trades, Football 1, 2, WORLEY, ROGER- -Gono!U,"'Red 8: Blue 2. SANDY - Vocational, Distribu- Education, Foreign Language 1, 2, Girls' ack 2, Office Helper 2, 3, Wrestling Score- keeper 1, 2, 3, 4. 5 ZINKHON, ROCK - VocationaI,,.Occ :I tional Work Experience, OWE 41 Pros: 3? Football 1, 2. , 4 .-4,1-,135 ZMUDA, SUSAN -..Vocational, IOE Clerk- Typlst, OEA 3, 4, Secr 3, 4. ZUCCHERO, AMY - College Prep, Foreign Language 1, 2, 3,,4:..Q'chestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, clI'UtlBCI,'BBITd, Committee, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committaf 9l'Udent'Senate 4. I 1- , y I . -1 ' V' Wa.. 'fi-rg' ' ., . " 'Q . 3' A 'I' 1' 3 "Il-Qgg . , -f 343- , 7.1 a. fr QTIIS IITII 1 mg 55 PATHWAYSXUNDERCLASS 1 IIAIIS: IIDIIKLASS UIDIICLASS IIIICLASS UIDIICLASS IIDIIKLASS 56 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN S. Abrams R. Adams T. Aeling K. Akins D. Allmon 1" M .7 V v V ' l 1 ' ' I 1' u B. Alton C. Anderson K. Anderson .Q 4. ' A 4 -, .. l . A 'Q . v , C. Archbold R. Augustein D. Avery J. Barker R. Barker T. Barnard sa g ' W h R. Bates S. Reall M. Beatty T. Belford T. Benecletti T. Benning R. Berry D. Betz K. Beutler 5? . if -f " ' . Q fuk l'- P. Bivens C. Black D. Blake J. Blake A. Bonds G. Bowman E, Boykin D. Brady M. Branon K U' 57 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN K, Brewster R. Brienza E. Brigel P. Britton C. Brueske S. Brunner E In T. Buckey M. Burkhart S. Burson J. Campbell M. Carpenter D. Carter L. Carter T. Cartwright C. Carver L. Charpan M. Chenevey M. Clark D. Clayton C. Cobbs D. Cobbs M. Coffey W. Coffey D. Couchman - ' ' . ia, 5? I A Q x A rs- V w Y ' A E. Craig E. Craig E. Crider M. Crittenden B. Cuncliff R. Custar K. Damian L. Daniels C. Davis The freshman officers for the Class of Eighty- Three were, lleft to righti, President: Karen Himmelheberg Secre- tary: Sharlene Poland: and Treasurer: Steph- anie Pietrocola. Missing from the picture is Vice- President Todd Rich. Advisors for the Class of Eighty-Three were Mr. William Carli Cleft! and Mrs. Cynthia Vicars lrightl. M Davis J Dean K Dean T Dean L Degroff D Dehart Deiawder D. Devail B. Deverg L Dlcko M Diehl K Dixon M Donohoe G Doss: T Dougan E Douglas S. Downing E, Dozier YL R Dreger J. Durenda R. Eckert J Edwards J. Edwards L, Edwards C Eggleston K. Ellis K4 Fachinp P' nw 1 Q X y l 59 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN at ' , X 3 X S. Falcone L. Favazzo T. Fedor W. Ferguson L. Fiets D. Finley C. Fisher L. Fisher T. Fisher if f1.. K 1 w J. Floor S. Fluharty R. Fotheringham F, Freeze M. French R, French A, Furry D. Furry T. Gang C. Gattls D. Goledi E. Gonzales K. Gorman 'U M. Gorman A. Graf S. Gray L. Green , 5, T I' ' ' 0 , . S. Green M. Grimes G. Grimes K. Gurney .,sw,,,.r,g The Class of 1983 started their freshman year with a candle sale. They made two thousand four hundred dollars on this project to start their treasury. The sale of Kit Kat, Reese's Cups, and Hershey's candy bars helped them add to it in the spring. Following tradition, the class voted for their colors, black and burgandy were chosen. The black panther is their mascot, while their flower is the burgandy rose. Their motto: "To success we have the key, for we're the class of eighty three." We've Only Just Begun is the class song. 60 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN K, Gurney R. Guy J. Hagge Y' F .. ,fs K. Hairston A. Hancock J. Hanna "'i'f ,ns- . QM,-el .4-p-4 Steve Murphy - A y resHan . I M. Hardie M. Harrington C. Harris l E. Harrison F. Hartman A. Harvey S. Heuer R. Hill S, Hill c ' . f.,- .. V Q.:-1. S: l I C. Hollis L, Holly N. Holly T. Holmes R. Howell F. Howze K. Himmelheber S. Halbert K. Hollaman E., --, . f.- . 1 . ,r N a T . Ib R. Hume A. Hunter J. Huntsman f Krlst nderson, Cheryl Cobbs, Bonnie Pasco. "Scheemer" an are Q-7 .f C. Husal G. Hutmacher 5112 W 1' - ' ' V "Jb- ' Q xi .. mfg" ,J S. lnherst M. Jackson 5? B. James B. Jewel re I fff x E. Johnson T. Johnson T. Kidd J. Kidder X " ff B' T. Kirksey A. Kiser l W. Kish D. Klein E. Kline L, Kohl J, Kuntzman C. Lnlll S. Lanning J. Lare J. Lauer H. Lazer Earl Pugh fo President 61 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN "Q 2? -0' Q ' g., 1 I'--YN 1 J. Jones R. Jones A. Johnson C. Kelly X , T. Kimble M. King M. Kirksey M. Kirksey , anie ietrocola SP, shows her X N N? xgkdlf v U A 62 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN E. Leach G. Lewis A. Lias J. Liebhert M. Linder A. Long qdn .477 S. Lowman C. Loy G. Lynch a , L Y i Y A K. MacDougall C. Mahoney P. Makin L Mancini P. Mangus R. Marconi B. Marini B. Mason R. Mathes X 'fr , . f w M. Maxwell R. May R. May W. May T. Mazzie K. McCann D. McClain S, McClung J. McConnehay on, F .2 f""'?'f ' -R F ...J i T15 on 63 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN . X. , ... iw 3' . El " ' 1+ .f .15 '. ,af , 7 x '93 J. McCullough D. McDaniel E. McLendon R. McMahan D. McMasters T. McWhorter K. Metze K. Middleton J. Miles . I . 'S ,U Q wr el G Q x nf 1 1 . Q - . 5' - . 'll Q 'Q - B. Miller C. Miller D. Miller D. Miller G. Miller J. Miller K. Miller M. Miller S. Miller 14.- Ill ...-Q.. --C-L Qing' C. Minger C. Mitchell G. Mohr R. Mohr C. Moler K. Moler .. ., Q , fi ........,.. A. Moore M. Moore R. Moore O. Morgan R. Morris W. Morris J. Mulinlx P. Mull M. Muniz S. Murphy B. Myers M. Myers 64 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN Q 4. , .S H. Nester P. Newman S. Newman C. Nichols G. Noling P. Noll 1 n .1 5 ,J -nv- 3 .ff . X 1 r Q 1 ' I ' N L ' sy,,Sticker and Garilyn Doss T. O'Neill R. O'Roark D. Orr - I ' , ' 1 .L 4' V ' Y, .I x if 5 Ii M. Orzo R. Ott N. Ouimette K. Oyster T. Oyster J, Palmer N, Parks B, Pasco M. Paxson K f 2 i I J. Pence M. Petersberger E. Phillips B. Pierson C, Pierson S. Pietrocola J, Pisoni J. Palmer 5. Poland 'lt's no use either way l turn it X is still X 65 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN Q., 'S 'FY' fa J. Poorman D. Pepa O. POYYQY M. Pucci E. Pugh T. Pugh S. Rae J. Ray B. Reda A am lit Q , .Q W i Q 1 i - T. Rich L. Richmond C. Ridgeway B. Ritchie M. Roberts M. Rodgers T. Roller S. Rosser D. Rotuna Y 9 Q --i,...... s If 2 -.. Q " 2 I Q S. Rowe H. Russell J. Russo gg,-.Q R. Samons T. Sarver G. Saus Q ...5 g . Sr 'Z S f 4. if Q- I , I Pj" J Schatz J. Schwinn D. Scott f Y' - - A - - D. White and Company. J. Scott J. Seevers K. Settle K. Sheets B. Sheetz D. Shipman F. Shonk C. Shrader T. Slhock M. Slusser J. Smith M. Smith . , S nr - 45 L tl L. Spurgeon T. Stargen M. Stellabot E. Stewart M. Stewart M. Sticker T. Stilloin R, Stone K. Stoval 66 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN ' 59 -. tiff' Q' 1 A I Q A . .2 . i -r K. Stovall A. Stuchell B. Stuchell P. Sutherland K. Syme N. Syrne D. Szeiff L. Tennis J. Terrell L. Terrell G. Thomas K. Thomas N. Thomas N. Thorpe T. Toney J. Triplett T. Triplett 5. Trummer M. Tschappett G. Tucker V. Underwood l C. Upshaw L. Venables A. Vien I G. Virclen D. Vitalari V. Vogel .lohn Lazvnr spends hm time coloring in the sqimrvs. " S. Wade B. Walborn J. Walker D. Ward S. Wells J. Wheeler D. White M. White C. Williams J, Williams R. Williams M. Williamson ,. L ' -ww if-:F ' . W 2 ' 17 1 . l 2 5' K. Wilson G, Withrow L. Wolkan T. Woolf J. Worley J, Wright J, Wright R. Wright A. Yarian P .3 if F W l K fi4YY"'i TQ- 67 PATHWAYSXFRESHMEN 'RQ' Sarah Long 1 PATI-IWAY ENDS R. Yeager R. Yeager S. Yeagley B. Zmuda B. Zuccero A. Zumbar D. Zumkehr C. Zurbrugg gp' X1 5 1, U , k,t ',5,, .-, .., Y - . -- - .- '-' v- ,Q ',. . '.,...2L', . . wr Ag: . . ,,u1,,-.JJQQM-n:.f ,- 6 , ,vw-+'?fT5w.4r"m' jf sim' I- ff' . . '- - ,w-M .. .- ., lu 1- ff Ii M- . , .Jn an -Ar, bell tovrin ' L' fu -in A if X ,E rl 5 2:1 I was 'gif .nf " X at , , 'H . ,,f X2 . -is 5- -:4 ,--. . w -"2 U . s'LK'1'm,-Q LC, 4,- 7 gil ., 5' -,UL A, 'bv 494 'vk'4..,..n , ',,', rx- 4 ' 5 'f'-5' l - f a-.-- . - - 4 Q "t"4 'mriv' L ...P v. 4 . il' f-HW' 3 . , D4 I 'rf I :fy x rm Ni ruff Y S B -'X E 3, Xi-fr Q5 .g .1 rf f W 2 a ' Q ' . lf. 5... wb -.ff X ww fx C f . . .. W gggisfkw. . . -X fr Nm M " tf'- .- . W T:" f-. f .?'.'-if-A""' Z ff' , 69 PATI-IWAYSXSOPHOMORES L. Brown W. Brown S. Buchanan X. Burke K. Burtnett J. Bycraft P. Cabassa J, Cameron T. Cambell A. Cannon J. Carli D. Cartwright G. Chambers S, Chapman ' x , 1 2, l L. Christen S. Clark D. Coe A. Conner V. Covington K. Curry T Curtns S. Custer K. Daniels W. K . as 9- . , , , s. J- DBWS D- 139392 E. D2l20n C. Domenick D. Domian R. Doyle N. Dunston J. Durencla G. Duvall 70 PATHWAYSXSOPHOMORES C. Edgar D. Eggleston J. Everson J, Eynon L. Favazzo P. Ferral 'K 'O L- Flllelle J. FOYUWY J. Fosnaught J. Foster P. Foy R. Franklin L. Fraraccio K. Freeders The class of Erghty Two had officers for the 19791980 school year They were lm photo above left to nghtl Saundra Goldman Presndent Lisa Polmorr Vrce Presrdent Secretary, Julie Eversong Treasurer, Jeff Holbrook. Shown here are sophomore advisors, Miss Susan Shuster and Mr. Jerry Hammerton. M. Emery L. Favazzo E. Fisher S. Freeders D. French M. Furry T. Gang K. Games N. Games J, Gorby S. Goldman ll ..Ax J. Harrington C. Harris P. Harris - ' M. Gorman M. Graham G. Gray 7 1 PATHWAYSXSOPHOMORES J. Greene J, Grinter L, Gulling J. Haidet B. Hall M. Hancox i , f l Socks and T shirts bearing the Aviator logo were the first fund raisers for the Sophomore class They broke even on these products which were supplied by the E R Moore Company Next they sold popcorn and popcorn supplies from the Family Treat Company which added three hundred dollars to the class treasury Following the popcorn sales came the sale of Christmas wrapping paper. A profit of seven hundred dollars was made toward the prom goal. A sale of Dunbury candy bars brought the class three hundred dollars in earnings. Looking ahead to the prom expenses of next year, the class of eighty-two had plans, at the time of this publication, to sell Easter Candy from the Family Treat Company in March. E- Hatcher J- HND? K' Haunt A. Hawkins C. Hawkins D. Haynes R, Headley R. Hackman P. Heddleston S. Heslep D, Hess M. Hess B. Heuer T. Hinerman S. Hirvela D. Hoge J. Holbrook R. Hollamon R Holloway T Holly K House J. Howze G. Huntsman L. Hurford 71 72 PATHWAYSXSOPHOMORES ' . ZEN N . - - ff - L L, L. ' - r , li . E. lwano S, Jackson M. Jacobs T. Somes M. Johanson M. Johnston J. Jones L. Jones L. Jones E' . R, Jones S. Kanyuck J. Karathanus J. Kelly J. Kelly M. Kelly D. Kent K. Kilcheman D. Kile .'. 2 Q O W , 1.5 B. King J, Kirkendall T. Kirksey L L E, Cl 'lv AQ "' Uv ,Q - l r-lvl M if' lf. D C. Koon P. Koons S. Kridler M ..l LL X G. Kuhaneck M. Lolli R. Lampe I - - : xl M, Lanave D. Lawson D, Locke J" W . sf" 1 'V' 0 I itll l 5 - .Q K f . V Uk. LN NKKNA ' LL 1 l D . f l K K '! S. Long K Lorden D Loy I .. gy- 40' . X X hw , ' , 1 M ,W V f X' Q ' I qi Q - V Y 4 lt J , l .wi Q A .J . ... J. Lunsford T. Marian M. Mullard 5 I ' vo' 1' 5: 73 PATHWAYSXSOPHOMORES 5. .,- 'K -'- Q Y in . . 1 , , Q ? Pyramid power by .Scott McConnell and David Dobee. ' C. Martin S. Martin T. Martin S. Martino W' ' '.kl F .JF 'Y ax D. Mays J. McCallum S. McConnell W. McGrath E. May S. May , . P. McMillin M. McPherson Q N. McPherson M. Merryman X--1 T. Metzger B Middleton D. Miller V. Mitchell D. Myers 'Lf --' L. Myers B. Naugle M. Naugle J Neel J. Nerri 1 lol "1 Gary Chamber Brian Glendeninf B. Nichols L. Nichols P, Niner .' C . l 9 " r V .. f " 1 i L K. Noll T. Noll D. Olill S. S. O'Neill B. Oyster L. Packey 74 PATHWAYSfSOPI-IOMORES .Lanlrv Hmmivt X11 - . M I' . mba 'fly' I Q.,-3 x . Pansnno M Parlnntwrl L. Peloso S Penny L. Perez L. Perry J. Peters L Peters M. Phelps B Phnlllps K Pmrsnn B Pilmur K Pinkerton D. Pittman B. Plajer 5, Polen L. Polinori J, Polverine M Popovlch J Presley V Pugh ,. ,. .vm .fx . ', S ' K Puhl R P51015 T Pastvttvr D Ray T Reagan T. Reagan N ft. 1 -9' H' rn v 75 PATHWAYSXSOPHOMORES M. Rhodes R. Rhome G. Richmond J. Rieson M. Riley V. Riningar J. Robertson S. Roose S. Rotuna tt - t- 4 3 J, Rovder A. Royster J. Ruggles D. Russell W. Safkow A, Sallyards W. Salter C. Sama P. Sarver T. Schaffer M. Schlemmar L. Schultz D. Scott D. Scott D. Severance , . 8 it A l 2 R. Severance R. Shoemaker L. Shonk J. skwansua J. Smarr D. smith 8 , gg J' ,,.. ' , . K. Smith T. Smith V. Snyder M. Soltys S. Spall G. Specht R, Spencer K, Sponseller R, St, Clair l :- X .,. J, Steen C, Stewart T. Stewart C. Stiffler D. Stillion L. Stoff D. Stovall R. Summers D. Sutherland 76 PATHWAYSXSOPHOMORES -Q J. Swartz L. Syme S. Taschwer K. Thomas C, Trainer T. Trainer J. Trieff D. Vanderkar S. Vanwy '- " 'Ee-Q-5' .. H ' .1 I Q' "A -s Iv J. x-.Q W ' I K, Vicars J. Vick M. Vien J. Voytko D. Walborn D. Walker D. Walker S. Wamsley Jlll Eynon and Ann Sallyards make-believing they're photographers. J' SNLQ.-5 - e. PATI-IWAY ENDS IN 82 .... r F I Q ,. , 4 U. Ward B. Webster J. Webster B. Weekly A. Weimer l. West L. West B. Williams ' Was! gf: xl ,, I ' T ' 23 D I' 13 QI' . A I H. Williams V. Williams C. Wilson D. Wilson H. Woodburn R. Worley T. Worley K. Zinkon M. Young J. ' Scott , " W. - , , ore for his money by str ' yhqagy. ,,,,,,,. AA u L Lori Jones gonce Vh s on Plcimjngigh-assignment. if :xx fix.-si-""a,f Af I -4 gy- ,rf 4 1 ill '78 PATHWAYSHUNIORS D, Abrams J. Admonius V. Aeling T. Aldridge C. Antram J. Avery , ,im 3 .Q , EY? f, J. Ayers P, Ayres B. Baker x A X 3 If 5... tx ' X L. Baker F. Ball J. Barker K. Baxter C. Beadles W, Beatty W. Bench K. Bennett F. Bernart M. Berry L. Betz M. Biggar C, Binion K. Bishop C. Bivins B. Akins L. Aldridge lt. '4 TT' J. Bondoni L. Boring J. Branan L. Branan B. Brandon L. Britton i C, Dohrmann 79 PATHWAYSXJUNIORS Au- , UV W D. Brown D. Brown T. Burley R. Butcher R. Cannon P. Carlisle S. Carlson N. Chardenet M. Chen M. Cibulas D. Cironi K. Clymore VUQQ M. Coldsnow L. Congelio B- COUCl'lmaf1 l S, Crabtree Culp Dallas ,gi t . 'Q . V. Datz C. Davis D. Davis 14' 'ul 'A -'sp-A .- . ,- I . , D. Delap R. Deleon P. DeVall L. Donohoe J. Donovan R, Dozier D. Dufresne C. Duke C. Duro D. DUY0 DL Ebeflll 80 PATHWAYSXJUNIGRS Officers for the class of eighty-one during the 1979-1980 school year were, lin photo at left, left to rightl, Robin Williams, Presidentg Cory Fraraccio, Vice Presidentg Secretary, Lisa Aldridgeg Treasurer, Brenda Akins. Pictured be- low are junior advisors Mrs. Mineuer and M . Mark Blackstone. l nig i of ' Y' l . 1 lu A , l . l V l A ,Q l.. Edgar A. Edgell D. Egan J. Emery L. Essinger K. Estock J. Falcone R. Faulk D. Favazzo FS.. G. Feller P. Ferguson D, Finclling D. Floor B. Fogle V. Foster R. Fox C. Fraraccio R. Freeman ill' AQ vz. ...A-' ,c-'W f A 'l"j1'1-7-" '17 M ' 'J l.-4fav4"'-:fr f' llll J. French S. Funk M. Gabler H. Gantz S. Gard L- Garrison D. Gaume R. Geist R. George 81 PATHWAYSXJUNIGRS Eric Lambert gets ringed ' MQETKBY "" gp the B- Glendening C. Gobeli B. Goshorn .i,E, r-1 " .. . v . , . k an During the fall of their junior year, the Class of Eighty One sold products from the Wisconsin Cheese and Sausage Company. Due to the good results of this sale, the class decided not to participate in any more money makers this year. Plans grew and regular prom committee meet- ings were held as the class prepared for its May dance. L. Goshorn A. Grimes K. Guiler G. Hagge D. Haidet A. Hamilton X, - C' Hanwx T' Harlan V. Harrington J- Harrison D. Hawkins C, Haynes M. Heards B. Heckman K. Helsel Q if R. Henke E. Henry C. Herderick J, Hershberger L. Heslep C. Heler P. Hickman M. Hill P. Hippely '31 82 PATHWAYSXJUNIORS weak" M. Hobbs K. Holly 41 " M. Holt C. Hopper T. Horner A. Howell S. Hume S. Hunt l L. Hurford S. Isaac A. Jackson D. Janover J. Jenkins 1 Eff 2? Q M eb' B. Hoebeke K. Hofius J. Holbrook M. Holland i J J. Kandel D. Johnson M. Johnson T. Jorden A. Jorney 5. Kallas K. Kehr D. Kelly G. Kidder D. Kiel J . Kimbel M. Kinnard D. Kirksey L. Kline J. Kocher Y...- sh. iQ-.1 s' " T. Kotolup L. Kriner D. Lab A Lalh E Lambert J Lambert -ix Q0 , .Nw .,x f 'O an Q, l X I xl D. McCollumi T. McDaniel B. McGaffick L. Middleton T. Miller S. Mitchell S. Mohr K. Morettini R. Morrison 84 PATHWAYSXJUNIORS Trvalm Mau. "Aw X,'f7lI'u5lliIlli1 In ni Q C. Murphy M. Murphy D. Nagy B. Nicholson C. Nicholson K, Nile E. Nitz M. Noll R. Noll l Y 1 , B. Nordquist C. Niner J. Oesch A. Orr J. Oyster M, Paletti C. Pasco C. Payton R. Pelamati C. Peloso R. Pennington D. Penny ROY 'Y' . '17 X X N D. Perkins L. Perry G. Persello J. Peters M. Peterson K. Petti 85 PATHWAYSXJUNIORS fi. l Rf A ei Q Y 2 sr J. Phillips K, Phillips D. Plnney K. Pittman T. Plummer S. Powe . . - K 1 if 4: 4 1- 5? '.,, illlk. I A. Pucci B. Pucci R. Puckett D. Reda P. Reeder R. Reel fad' fi- Q T 1- - 1 R. Rhyme C. Riddle D. Roberts F. Roberts D. Rogers K. Rogers Y i l -- - V, Rogers D. Roose S. Rosenberger S. Rowe C. Russo D. Sams L. Sandahl J. Scheets K. Schilling 5- Schnieder J. Schuller M. Schuller K. Sheetz S. Shimp D. Shuster C. Simons K. Simmons P, Slifkin 86 PATHWAYSXJUNIORS f .3 . E., .4 J. Smith K. Sponseller C. Stanley V I sv-4. A. Stone B. Streza S. Swain CT N1,,... xii L.. R. Swaggett T. Sykes D. Tanner L. Tashwer C. Taylor M. Taylor B. Teal T. Tennis J. Toole PATHWAY V K si 41- I R. Truman W- Underwood R. Vicars L. Vien M. Wagoner C. Walizer "" l 'G - L ' x Q! - . A Alix - . - K. Ward L. Weider A. Wert J. Wiese R. Williams L. Willis G. Wilson L. Wilson T. Wisse M. Zaleski T. Ziegler M. Zmuda D. Zucchero B. Zurbrugg ,B JffH Ik ll d ii- FACULTY FACULTY G W 'U ? "I I E P 'C CD E 3' 0 5 '-I 'C Z 1 A L, yi' Tiff 'K Q, 4 4- 'JC 9 ADllllSTlATlCl A ADIIIISTIATIUI A FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY 15. ' X 89 PATHWAYSX ADMINISTRATION vs ...wg ,..,--A .XA x ls . X Ax Bal SUPERINTENDENTS AND BOARD CF EDUCATICN Top photo: lL to Rl Assistant Superintendent Mr. Charles Reiger, Superintendent Dr. R. G. Hamrick, and Assistant Superintendent Mr. David Becker. Bottom photo: "Board of Educationng row 1 ll to rl: Miss Marjorie Cook and Mrs. Betty Schaper. Row 2 ll to rl: Mr. Bruce Wiegel, Miss Marguerite Hillman, and Clerk Treasurer Mr. Raymond Vandayburg. HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS ASSOC. PRINCIPAL'S ADVISORY COUNCIL STUDENT ASSEMBLY AREA IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION SENIOR BLOOD DONOR DAY HOMECOMING SENIOR AWARDS TORNADO DRILLS NEW SCHOOL 8: EQUIP. NEW PRINCIPAL 8: ASSISTANTS OFFICIAL SCHOOL RING 119755 OFFICIAL SCHOOL CREST I1975l VICTORY BELL COMMUNITY CONCERTS DEDICATED LEN DAWSON FIELD STUDENT FACULTY RELATIONS BOARD STUDENT BOARD OF ELECTIONS ACTIVITIES ADVISORY 90 PATI-IWAYSXADMINISTRATION P 22 "1 COUNCIL A Below: Mr. Wamsley, principal. Right: Mr. Webb, assistant X principal. Below Right: Mr. D'Eramo, assistant principal. Bot- tom Right: Mr. D'Eramo shows his pep. Bottom Left: Seated: K St ffy M K t d Mrs. Fraser. Standing IL to RI: Mrs, e , Mrs. Brooks. J'f?n,, ' 1 K, 'X-A 'slr TS. BS HCI' ah . K I . I V 'tn -c S mf- I is 1, K: ri- 4-044-4.0, . .IP p. - y , .p.AV V' if M . yi , h N. A . I Q .. ,1f'q5.3..ffQ5x ,ggzglygi l p -. :---.'..:.. W f:...,. A - I- ,- :,-'X 'IQ' ,zv Q 111, -'-Zi-5.2 95?-2H'L1',?fs. -:,:l5.g:y-F. l ,r 'fggggsp .-,If-IQ:-rf" W fl-'f'-'. f 'hm if75.s, ti,-'F-Z3 ' ' L 'TITS '- 'A " '-.J 4' 1'-. -. ' f ' . ,'. - "1 I A , 'f-1' ' .2 I -f' v ft '-. 1 -. I .- A My g f L - PRINCIPALS AND SECRETARIES C7 x' lf Y Y ' A , I I U. V l I E T' - l 4 , 'wi' lil lvf fe T? .V 7 1 si. 'ax 9 . . gc . 15 X.. 5 ,gr "'-vw--Q 1 h-L 6 60 'in YJ? r" Mn av . .1 91 PATHWAYSX STAFF I . ' e' f. 'J' -ff 4 . r-1 y 4 1' WF ii f-XT .. 5- - A 1 , Q - i ,5 2 l 4 l 'x I ,A- w fha., WRU: Us '93 Q. .ff Szfrfi fm fiififg' X A 'fs A. Q., X .Q 'ff 25 f M- , V W4 Miki ' l" A r MM if Q fx, sr wwf "l?sf'Mi, 'sr V Awe Www sw' my 5 Q ggsfzigpgsws,-'sf xQ,1,i-255"?vfjgj rw-f. ,r.. .X yn 31 ,, Qirws2aSis4ii'?'yS2iiZe1f4l?:95wM 32538 ssfxwssfsszsisgiilwsil iffflfi A Top Left ll. to Rl: Mrs. Lorden, Miss Dourm and Mrs. Stone, Not shown is Mrs. Emery. Top Right: Mrs. McClintock. Middle Left: Viv Pansino and Jill Oesch, "Do you have an appointment?". Lower Left: Kris Haupt uses the copier. Above ll.. to RJ: Mr. Puls, Mrs. Carli, Mrs, Mehler, Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Evans and Mrs. Welser. 92 PATHWAYSX FACULTY Directly above: Vocational Coordinator Mr. McMillen. Top center: Adult Edu- cation Coordinator Mr. Smith. Top right: Mr, Volk, Adult Education and Vocational Director. Directly right: Teacher Supervisor Mr. Zelasko. Stu- dyhall Supervisors - Directly below: Mr. Smith. Middle right: Mr. Round. Bote tom left: Mrs. Estock. Bottom right: Mrs. Snyder, Z FACULTY ' Se, :All FIRST VOCATIONAL TEACHER of the YEAR 93 PATHWAYS f FACULTY RECOGNITION On May 16, Mr. Robert Arbogast became the first vocational instructor to be named Teacher of the Year. Other nominees included Mrs. Armitage, Mr. Austin, Mr. Carli and Mr. Seavy. These candidates were chosen by the FTA, while the entire student body made the final choice. The result of the election was kept confidential until the assembly was held. A short biography of the chosen teacher was read by Laura Johnson, FTA presi- dent, giving clues to who the winner may be, but not naming him. The story included the following: he was born in Uhrichsville, Ohio, he graduated from Collinwood High School and K.S.U., he has taught Machine Trades at A.H.S. for nineteen yearsg he was a non-commissioned airplane captain, in charge of a dive bomber, in the U.S. Marine Corpsg he is married with one son .. and one daughter. At this point it was evi- dent that the 1980 Teacher of the Year was Mr. Arbogast. . p t COUNSELOR RETIRES J' 1 uf' Qui' .F si . P L Mrs. Ann Welser, a counselor at A.H.S. for the past eight years, is the sole member of the high school faculty to retire. Her guidance with both educational and personal matters will long be appreciated. The following is a short biography, After seventeen years of marriage and four children, Mrs. Welser started as a freshman at K.S.U. in 1949. Her first post-graduate job was director of food services for the Akron Polsky restaurants. She spent the next six years owning and operating her own restaurant. She started her career in public education at Patrick 'Henry Jr. High in Cleveland, then went to K.S.U. as a dorm director while completing her Master's degree. She then spent the next three years living in Mexico City and Guadalahara. After- wards Mrs. Welser went back to K.S.U. as a dorm director to start work on a Ph.D., but found that she didn't like the "new" K.S.U. and was lucky enough to find a "home" at Alliance High School where she helped open the beautiful new high school. ln addition Mrs. Welser thanks God that she has had these past eight years to close the book on her "official" career. 94 PATHWAYS f STAFF 'f 'Vl' "" X L4 x Cooxs G - . J 'i - 9 . Q 0 -- 4 5. ' " . av t .0 .viral 0 as 0.0 ft, 'L if .5 r- - . vv 'QL ...a is 1 1 we Q-1' ' ' - i L . ft 5 l I , . 1, Q f 9. ., Y. 1, v , Ysfxs X Ngiv l 4-3? nv ' lf' . 1 1 j-1 , .4 lv 1 1 J- B 'ff' i T' Top left: Helen Mottern prepares for the lunchtime rush. ' Top right: Row 1 lL to Rl: N. Scarbino, J. Huff, G. Hinerman, B. Barkus. Row 2 lL to Rl: T. Hoover, J. DeGroff, T. Sihock. Row 3 ll. to Rl: G. Grubb, G. LeForte, R. Davis. Directly above: Kneeling lL to Rl: B. Harlan and B. Dailey. Seated, row 1 lL to Rl: R. Shonk, J. Thompson, G. Peate, R. Cameron, H. Johnson, M. Bilcze, M. Kiel. Standing, row 2 lL to Rl: H. Mottern, J. Cannon, J. McGowan, F. Montini, M. Noll, M. Williamson, J. House, B. Antram, E. Falcone. Row 3 lL to Rl: J, Abrams, J. McClowry, N. Russo, S. Schuller, H. Miller, R. Schell, l. Kirksey, G. Stauffenger. Not shown are A. Serge and T. Utterback. i f ,YL L Y - A A 'A -6' .A . "' ' ' . .i.' .-- -...A' ' .5 A A A -s "" . 1591 I Ali fi S . - " l if ,. L- -.. 1 F .. ,,, 1... A - - 1 - - 1 '-' . NYSZ A -' t" .. 2 - uf '- 1 - ' to . 5 k' 6, .. 5, 5 ... 9' lx 0 I 3 'i , .,,. . -Q... . Lg " f - : ' 31, -- ls 'A A i 1 .I -.wma f f us stu' - 1 -- - .- . Q.. ,.. .. i,R ..... ,,....... ....... L.-. ........ s- f F f A .. ,. ,,- l Q-an -sw ' ,. ..... il , ....-W. i U 3 B K , ,,,,, f 1 io Q E.. Q O' Vi M ., . I 1-Q .Q 'A A I as r. .. I 24 I 1 sf-'. AA A - - 9 - l ' ' S f gb .. . - ' .A N . l 1 , 4 ,.' . z 1 i li. "1 1 if e .. +1 ' A 1 ' N i l l .1 -4- .1 6 A -A' "1 J 1 ,Q 8 "' Yr . ..X iq, H.. . .,. I , 1 .rx 9 i n ,P g yi -- S NV .4 'P . u , . N - 5- Q A I f - KN.. . - f " . lg. V-Q v' 'T' "X' 'Q " 'l if 5' , kk x is ' 4 j' . .-.J-' .. rf . w fx, W ' f, 'W 3. 1 ' 1 'Q f as sw.-ei-. ... J , r R' 'Nm A' 'D A A AA A A E f ' .. 1 . - NS A, y ! r . I """" . 14 . 1' Q . ' ti -' "vw L -- 11-J' .--...J ' 2 .W .A , A .as ,l . 'Y ,,.,,.. 'J 'I 1 1' ' n 1 ' . . Q ix A ' X "H 1- F 1' we ur HP f 'AQ L V. "' 0 u -3 .L VN. X- . X, ' Mi 4 - A 3 Y 57" ir .' Q g J! X st 5 'I Q. ' A ' 'Yr , ' :Lg nn-. . . A Eggiilig ..: if: ., i,,,,,., f ... .6 .. 1 ' N -AW. ' ' .oi Mi 1 gf 3 I is logon Y J if - W: rv- i A -ff . 1 , - Y' .. ,. 41 i Sax .- 2 AA 6 5 , 1 vi K V x , , F 15 s X , ' ' 1 ' A , LA 1 ' .4 il-I ' 7 - .. ' H - . f . L.. - 16 1 "W" fl it... 4 -2 so 4.49, .M J.. .K Nc- yn' :Tj r" X. ' ' .1 N, l ' -w 1 1 , V "' 1. Mr. Andreani - Social Studies 2. Mr. Arbogast - Vocational 1. -. 3. Mrs. Armitage - Language Arts 4. Mr. Artino - Vocational 5. Mrs. Austin - Science I 6. Mr. Austin - Science 7. Mr. Baller - Language Arts lst "' 'Ll 'S All l "' B. Mr. Bert - Vocational I f 9. Mr. Blackstone - Vocational ' 10. Mr. Bosick - Social Studies J 11. Mrs. Bovyer - Science QW 12. Mr. Brion - Language Arts fig' 13. Mr. Bruderly - Social Studies 14. Mrs. Brumbaugh - Business Ed. A , , 15. Mr. Brunner - Art Ny.. V. .. H ' 16. Mr. Burnworth - lndustrial Arts ' fi, 23 rv- 17. Mr. Campitelll - Vocational ,., Q K 1 4 , 18. Mr. Carli - Math I ' Q NL . L, 19. Mrs. Carr - Business Ed. i I -. 1 -J A, , ,...I Q 1 20. Miss Chapman - Business Ed. I V ff I M ? ,f J .U 21. Mr. Claflln - Vocational I I' v 21 WX M '73 "' ' ' 22. Mr. Clegg - Science 3 f . k .fy 'Q L' . " f . - V, qu 23. Mr. DeLong - Vocational l -I .. - h L, s -X as . V 0 M :RJ Q .A ! 57' , ,g r .- ..,,,.lg, Q -,, S.. -3 1 it s U ' -' ' - f g-4 ' wi... Ml 5- 1... .1 Q 4-I -, rr- ,,. - A 1 v A M Q U f , Q Q. . 'E is X gd gk. C 5 X., . I 1 -I A , 4 N. . We . .. . . .. , Q , A ' ...n'.'Q..- . - . - A ' Mr. Dicintio - Vocational Mrs. Draggett 4 Foreign Language Miss Esway - Vocational Mr. Fails - Social Studies Mr. Foust - Math Mr. Greene - Vocational Mr. Hammerton - Science Mr. Hanson - Science Mr. Harper - Reading Mr. Hlsey - Music Mr. Hupp - Vocational Mr. Johnson - Driver's Ed. Mr. Kantor - Language Arts Mr. Kekic - lndustrial Arts Miss Kilcullen - Home Ec. Mrs, Kirk - Vocational Mr. Kirk - lndustrial Arts Mr. Kortyna - Driver's Ed. Mr. Krelner - Work Study Mrs. Kuceyeski - Work Study Mr. Kuceyeski - Physical Ed. Mrs. Kuhaneck - Language Arts Mrs. Laughlin - Language Arts -, i"v 444444,- 0---....--- --0 --0 n SRI? ..1d' v', Mfcjzlpr ' 4, " X -'.', ' ll 4 I -....-..'Q -....-1...- X rg , 5. sl J A -4 5 gl, H, N. f- ,gnk W 'vu . O mol 5 wa '.-sg 3 49.5 ,4 I -1-E' 99 PAT!-lWAYSf STUDENT LIFE STIIIIT LII!! STIDIIT lllfl 100 PATHWAYSXSTUDENT LIFE i' 'Q .fh on "Amcn!" ff .., 'Mk , fs ,X NN.. mf N- "5 5' A Q M 1.35 0 -- ,, ' ,, , f , fi ,- N Q 1-1 K . W'F"fQ' - .,,,. ig Y 'f ' at .. L - , R 1- V iv' ' S j IMT: Wf,5'HL ., gfgh W X V , wi iw A sid' :MQ "Q':3'gg,? Y-EVA vu Af. ,UN "1" f ' ' , an 5 A Q v M M1 if Jain my ", , Nl' 4 1 x s W-W 34,,++,, . l X -iw, ' ,Q.,,,Hxm. 9 W 'ex 5 if 1 k g 'Q S wg, .M A ,. ffgxd' lux ,- A.....xf IH 102 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS PATHWAYS UNITE AT AHS ,rg p-uv f' "'hx , 103 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS Special Note: The above photo- graph was taken at 11:00 at night from the top of a porch roof across from the high school. We owe special thanks to Ohio Edison for turning out the street lights. The photo shows people walking backwards with flash- lights to their faces during a 2 min. time exposure. School pushers: Lisa Perry and Julie Kandel. Opposite pageg Bottom: Chronicle catcher Gina Gainor tries to out fox RAB staffer Andy Howell. This pageg Bottom: Mr. Clegg. 104 PATHWAYSXHOMECOMING I-IOMECGMING This page upper left Steve Hutmacher and Krxstm Anderson upper right Freshmen attendant Krlstnn Anderson and her escort Steve Hutmacher Jumor attendant Kim Rogers and her escort Chrls Parlontnern Queen Gall Jellnson and her escort Rach Summers Semor attendant Lynne Pmkerton and her escort Stuart Tolle and Sophomore attendant Lnsa Polmorr and her escort Clay Brown Opposite page top left Lynne Pinkerton and Stuart Tolle top right Kim Rogers and Chrns Parlontnerr Bottom left Gall lellxson and Rnch Summers HOMECOMING 1979 Homecoming week festuvmes were enjoyed by many this year Attendance at the dance was greater than previous years and AHS Homecoming was a defnmte success Tuesday Nomlnatuons made by fall sports teams and cheerleaders for queen court and escorts started out Homecoming week Up for freshman attendant were Kristen Anderson Mnssy Sticker Vlckl Vogel and Kns Wnlson Sophomore candn dates were Path Cabassa Jrll Eynon Llsa Polin ort and Missy Popovxch Jumor possnbnlmes were 4 l .pq Ia U 105 PATHWAYSXHOMECOMING Con t from 104 Jill Barker Kim Moretmi Charlene Pasco Kim Rogers and Amy Stone Nominated for queen and semor attendant were Gir a Gainor Gail Jelli son Lynn Pinkerton and Kathy Schreckengost Wednesday Voting took place during homeroom period and attendants and the two queen candi dates were announced at the end of the day Freshman attendant Kristen Anderson Sopho more attendant Lisa Polmori Junior attendant Kim Rogers and the two candidates for queen Lynn Pinkerton and Gail Jellison Thursday The candidates and attendants were intro duced to the crowd during a bonfire at the Youth Center Coach Tonges Stuart Tolle and Jeff Rus sell commented on the upcoming Friday night game against Youngstown South and the cheer leaders helped to generate enthusiasm. Friday: At the Homecoming pep rally the class atten- dants and queen candidates were introduced to the student body and faculty along with their es- corts. Escorts chosen were: Clay Brown Steve Hutmacher, Chris Parlontieri, Richard Summers, and Stuart Tolle. Queen Gail Jellison was crowned by 1978 queen Lisa Baier at a pregame ceremo- ny. Despite the strong efforts of the Aviators, Alliance suffered a crushing defeat of 20-6. Saturday: Warm weather and clear, starry skies set the mood for the annual Homecoming dance sponsored by Student Senate. Music for the disco theme "I Love the Nightlife" was presented by WZZP's discotrak. The queen and her court en- joyed a solo dance with their escorts. A good time was shared by all. 106 PATHWAYSXPLAY Y. Y? 'W M "ii 'X-"J A - .LJ ' . l v 2 I -.2 THE SKIN OF OUR TEETI-I . Ig-'fra Q 2 'wiv .JFN f u I" i ,QT ?m I 107 PATHWAYSXPLAY As an "experiment" directed under Mr.Steve Kantor, the fall production of the Thornton Wilder hit, "The Skin of Our Teeth", was a success. The two performanced on November 16th and 17th were unique from any other AHS production. Based on a plot of survival, the characters enacted the performance with mime faces, which added considerably to the haphazard fashion of the play. The team effort along with the combined efforts of the back- stage committees produced successful results and is one more success to be put down in Alliance High School's history opposite page: top leftg L. Philippi and D. Vanderkar top right: A Graf bottom leftg K. Sponseller bottom right, S. Martin 'is . - .35 This page: above left from top to bottomg the cast singing "Row, Row, Row Q' Your Boat" and "Jingle Bells" " 2 Next: G. Sarver, Next: G. Lauer and L. Pyers Q rx Next: K. Clymore, A. Graf , .- i Next: S. Martin A X . Next: C. Seabolt, A. Graf, and D. Mathison i.lN - K lx .4 irc. i- . , .moi - Wg? gf: if Q: .- 3. .ff , I . HEL, Thi DOQTJR I5 HN 'nth 109 PATHWAYSXMUSICAL fX You re a Good Man Charlte Brown What goes mto a mustcal'7 The answer many long hours of hard dedicated work cooperatnon and the spxnt to do the best job one posszbly can The result rs two mghts of enjoyment for the audzence and the sattsfactzon of a job well done The muslcal You re a Good Man Charlne Brown revolved around a typrcal day sn the life of Charles Schultz s famed Charlle Brown and the rest of the Peanuts Gang Everything seems to go wrong throughout Charlte Brown s day whnch ranges from Valentme s Day to the ever hopeful baseball game then to supper txme No matter what goes wrong lt ns all summed up nn the song Happmess with the thought that through lnfe s many trrals happmess can be found rn the smallest of thzngs Under the dxrectxon of Mr Steve Kantor who was anded by the commrttees the orchestra under Mr Rtchard Zurakowskn and the productron staff the stage was set and the long hours of work materralxzed mto a successful performance Mr Kantor added chorus to the ongnnal mne cast members The cast members were portrayed as very small chnldren To make thts belnevable the set consnsted of very large blocks whmch served to dwarf the student actors The cooperatmon and devotton of everyone mvolved are truly what goes mto the success of a musical luke You re a Good Man Charlxe Brown 1 . - y v , . , . , tg v . nv . y . u . tr fs . , y . - 1 . 4 . ' . . . . . tr . rv ' v . y . . . 1 - v 1 v - s 1 , . . . 44 y . 1. 110 PATHWAYSfBLOOD DAY BLGGD DAY The Senior Class had their work Cut out for them Monday, May 12, when the annual class sponf sored Red Cross Bloodmohile project got under- way To Maintain the tradition, set over the six past years, of each class surpassing the amount collected hy the preceding Class, the IQHU Class passed the 219 mark The class set a new record nl 2515 pints Seniors solicited donations from Classmates who were 17 years and older ln addition donations were recieved from West Branch students, com- munity citizens, and farulty memhers General Chairmen for the project were Dana Mehnert and Gwen Sarver Gallons committee chairpersons included 49 seniors Chairperson of the Registration Committee Becky Davis, Chair- person of the Business Committee - Lucy Es' singerg Chairman of the Escort Committee - .left Russell and Chairperson of the Canteen Commit- tee Marianne Wiese 111 PATHWAYSXBLOOD DAY ,A 1--M Xi Lkbani your H 1 qnaann-w-v-v-W Opposite page, top right: Greg Burr, Opp. page, bottom: Jeff Russell, This page, top left: Lisa Aldridge gets her temperature taken while Dawn Vesey looks on. 112 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS and auraBmss1 K ...M Q ali Jones and N h Freeders - "Chooo-Chooo CAN DIDS - CANDIDS Future Art sts of Am NX - 113 PATHWAYSXSWEETHEART DANCE M 1 . , fviyrfyr x .X 11 .. ly Y I, A- --5. Niv- gf J 4 I' i 'T '. rl + , 5 . , ' X... 18 , Y--ar .f iw ,wg ,, is I 'fa' "'?1 Jul?" Vt-'w s if f i Q 3s 1- C 7: rs Y Sponsored by Student Senate, the 1980 Sweetheart Dance carried the theme "Royal Flush" and was held on Saturday, February 16 in the high school cafeteria. Music for the relatively small crowd which attended, was furnished by WZZP's Discotrak. Also featured as a part of the festivities were six seniors, a king, a queen, two atten- dants, and their escorts. Voting by the entire student body took place in the homeroom a few days previous to the dance, during which Jeff Russell was chosen to be King and Lynne Pinkerton was crowned queen. Gail Jellison and Gina Gainor were the two atten- dants, escorted by Dana Mehnert and Jim Borton. Top left: Cory Fraraccio and Deloris Dehart. Top right: Gina Gainor, Gail Jellison, Lynne Pinkerton, Jeff Russell, Jim Borton, Dana Mehnert. Middle: Queen Lynne Pinkerton and King Jeff Russell. 114 PATHWAYSXPROM JUNIOR-SENIGR PROM 4.-'-'M' Juniors and seniors enjoyed a journey through the stars as they attended the prom May 3, 1980. Brooks' Banquet Center served as the setting for the celestial ball. The theme "Wish Upon A Star" was carried out with decorations made by members of the junior class. Silver stars and shining streamers hung from the ceiling giving the dance a heavenly atmosphere. Refreshments were served buffet style throughout the evening as couples danced to the music of the Avenue Band. Being the first year it was not held in the high school gym, prom night proved to be an enjoyable evening as well as a success. Upper Left: The Avenue Band Upper Right: M. Dhayer and B. McMinn Bottom Left: K. Smith and guest, A, Carroll and B. Harrington. Bottom Right: S. Argaez and A. Wert 'Q IQ 1454 115 PATHWAYSX ll ti N Q! PROM A-g' V37 Ek -Q-.1 This page Top: R. Pierce and L. Shultz, R. Zinkhon and L, Harris Bottom left: S. Standish and K. Rogers Bottom right: C. Vicars and A. Pucci he 116 PATHWAYSXINTRAMURALS BUYS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL American Dlvlalon National Division Mean Machine 5-0 Chic 5-0 SALT 3-2 Coney Island 3-2 Jazz 3 2 Utopia 2 3 Uncle Jams 3 2 Men from Mordol 1 4 OED 1 4 Wanderers 1 4 Hot Shots 1 5 Mean Machine won the champnonshnp with a score of 30 28 over Chic Parlontlen Back row B Holmes T Hawkins R Summers B Grimes and R Taylor Team Photo, first row - P. Lalli, J. Borton, K. Smith, and C. - ' Q u I-A: 117 PATHWAYSXINTRAMURALS BOYS INTRAMURAL VOLLEYALL Ze 'American Division Nltlonal Dlvlllon Red Eye Express 15-0 Weekend Warriors 14-1 Mean Machine 10-5 Salt + Pepper 10-5 Q.E.D. 9-6 Dr. Slam + Setups 7-8 Revolution 3-12 Men from Mordor 7-8 Unknown 0-15 Devils Brigade 0-15 In a best out of three game championship, Red Eye Express beat Mean Machineg 15-8, 13-15, and 18-16. First Row: Mr. Bosick and Mr. Blackstone. Second Row: Mr. Austin, Mr. Carli, Mr. Seavy, Ret, Mr. Ballor, Mr. Grub, and Mr. Claflin. 118 PATHWAYSXINTRAMURALS Row 1, L-R - L. Spurgeon, T. Newman, L. Pyers, L. Aldrigde, S. Carlson, and S. King. Row 2, L-R - T, Sutherland, O. Porter, B. Markley, B. Hall, C. Mur- phy, M. Cibulas, S. Mas- trek, L. Tennis, and A. Hunter. Row 3, L-R - C. Duro, L. Vien, L, Phillipi, L. Sandahl, G. Dossi, S. Pletrocola, M. Parlontieri, C. Domenick, E. lwono, J. Barker, C. Pasco, A. Stone, M. Popavich, Row 4, L-R - B. Sheetz, B. Gonci, L. Johnson, J. Everson, L. Harsh, S. Wamsley, L. Polonori, B. Grlmes, K. Himmelheber, P. Foy, M. Wagoner. EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS EWS 'EWS 'EWS 'EWS 'EWS 'EWS 'EWS 'EWS 'EWS 'EWS 119 PATHWAYSX NEWS STEPPIN' INTO THE EIGHTIES With the closing of the 70's and the begin- ning of the 80's, many people are reminisc- ing about the past and thinking about what's in store for the future. The 70's were a time of war and rejoicing. The early 70's still had the Vietnam War, but by the mid 70's the war was over and America was preparing for the Bicentennial. 1976 was a year of relaxation and enjoy- ment, the Bicentennial was in full swing and the country elected a good 'ole boy for president. However, the decade went out with tragedy, as hostages were taken in the U.S. Embassy in Iran. So, what can the 80's have in store? Maybe . . . no television, just videotape . . . complete- ly computerized McDonald's . . . more spirit at A.H.S .... World War III, These could happen, although no one knows for sure what the future will bring. We'll just have to sit back and wait. gig' '- 'M sf-- -- 'X DECADE: A SCENE OF CHANGE Top left, The retirement center built on the site of the old high school. Left, Freedom square is remodeled. Above rt, A new high school is built. Above, Alliance City Hospital builds an addition. Below, LoDanos Shoe Store builds a new street corner at Union 8: State. Not photographed would include gasoline prices l1.25 per gallonl, a new post office, Nicholas Buick burns to the ground, and a new physical education building at Mount Union College lstartedl. ,i..l 120 PATHWAYS f NEWS UP ON THE ROOF Look! Up in the sky! lt's a bird! lt's a plane! No, it's a new roof, thanks to actions taken by R. G. Hamrick against the Celotex Com- pany of Tampa, Florida and to the G8:M Roofing Company of Louisville, Ohio. After numerous leaks were discovered in the roof, Dr. Hamrickgfiled a suit for a total cost of S500,000. When the companies learned of this, they sent inspectors to look at the roof. The inspectors saw the deteriorated and cracked roof and offered to replaced it with- out any action in court. lt was later discov- ered that the damage was the result of faul- ty materials supplied by the Celotex Co. The original plan was to replace the roof in two parts. The first section was being worked on during the fall of 1979 and was completed in November '79. At the time of publication, the second section had not yet been started. LUNCH LINES Many students were suspended for "skip- ping" this year, although it was not for skip- ping classes. School officials cracked down on students who skipped ahead of other students while waiting in lunch lines. Be- cause of students' complaints, Mr. Wamsley made an announcement that any student caught skipping the lines at lunch would be given a three day suspension. Even with the warning, students were caught and suspend- ed. Soon after the students realized that the school meant business, lunch lines became longer and 'skipping' was left for classes. NO SNOW DAYS For the first time in the history of the new high school, students at AHS did not get a chance to use any of their allotted snow days. Many a night did students sit by the radio and hope that Alliance would be added to the list of other local school closings, but no such luck would occur, Alliance was fortunate enough to have the rougher side of winter pass it by this year. Here's hoping that next year, students will get a chance to sleep in and not worry about the test they didn't study for! SMOKIN AREA Once again, the annual closing of the smoking area and the posting of the students responsi- ble occured at AHS in 1980. Despite the groans, the school officials shut down the smoking area after students defied the rules that accompany the switching of en- trance doors from the west side of the building to the south side. lt appeared that the area would not be opened again, except for an idea of two AHS students who suggested to Mr. Wamsley, that if he re-opened the smoking area, students would offer to clean it every Tuesday and Thursday. The idea was approved, and before the com- ing of Spring, the smoking area was opened again. AMERICANISM TEST From March 14 to March 22, Clark Dohrmann of the Class of 81 represented Alliance High School as a winner of the American Legion Americanism Test. Eighteen people from Ohio travelled to tour Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for one and a half days, Williamsburg, Va. for two and a half days, and Washington D.C. for four days. Among the activities Clark participated in were complete tours of all the cities he visited and he also had the honor of lunching with Congress- man Regula. 92 WDJQ Q..--""' j. F A L -4 WFAH, Alliance's biggest radio station, in an effort to gain a larger audience, made format changes which included their name. A change was classical music, made from the easy listening to rock and roll. Another change was the playing of non-stop music for a full hour. Easy listening moved to AM, where the name remained WFAH. Station Manager, Dick Elliot, felt this would benefit the station overall as a new transmission tower was added to improve quality and broadcast distance of the station. ALL MY BEST Although Journey, J. Geils, and Van Halen were big attractions at the Richfield Coliseum, they were "Pea- nuts" compared to the awesome pop- ularity of Slim Whitman. Slim, a big star in England, was voted most popular male artist for four years in a row there. To add to this, he has sold, in England, more records than Elvis and the Beatles! This year, Slim went on national tele- vision to advertise "All My Best", an album featuring his biggest sellers of England. The album soared to num- ber one on the charts and will, no doubt, dominate the position for the next twenty years! Slim even made it to the Coliseum. For two hours he held the sell-out audience captive with his one and only OH OOOOHHHI-l's. Among the songs enjoyed by this horrendous crowd were hits such as "Rose Ma- rie", "Vaya con Dios", "Red River Valley", and the all popular "Una Pa- loma Blanca". Yes, Slim will be remembered fondly for ages by all who have had the for- tune of experiencing this 'master-of- melody'. CANADIAN CHOIR This year, there was a special event concerning the AHS choirs and cho- rus. A group of Canadians from East- view Secondary School in Barry, On- tario performed at AHS. Their concert choir consisted of ap- proximately seventy-five students of grades eleven to thirteen. They arrived at AHS on Friday, April 18, around noon. After a tour of the high school, they had lunch in the cafeteria, rehearsed with the Acap- pella Choir, and performed that even- ing at 7:30 p.m. in the AHS audito- rium. The program was opened with our Madrigal Ensemble, who were later joined by other members of the Acap- pella Choir. The Eastview Concert Choir opened its performance, joined by the AHS Acappella Choir singing "With My Whole Heart". The Cana- dians proceeded with their Eastview Girls' Choir, Boys' Choir, and a Bar- bershop Quartet. Mr. David Wittick, Eastview's direc- tor, presented Mr. Lanny Hisey and Mr. Wamsley with commemorative plates as a gift of friendship between the two schools and countries. Fol- lowing their performance, the Canadi- ans were assigned hosts for the night, who housed them until Saturday morning, when they began their long journey back to Canada. 121 PATHWAYS XN COTTON CRAZE The T-shirt craze. Everybody, everywhere seems to be wearing T-shirts. Big shirts, small shirts, college shirts, Ziggy shirts, as a matter of fact, there were T-shirts that said almost anything you wanted to say or showed anything you wanted to show. T-shirts are not new, but they are becoming increasingly popular for the promotional benefits of many rock groups. ln addition, another hot seller included pictures of stars on T-shirts. T-shirts are such big business that some stores are built strickly for selling iron-ons for T-shirts. Time will tell just how long the fad will last. BELKIN PRESENTS . . . Remember crusing the strip and hanging around at the local spot? Well, last year the local spot was not so local. Many students began to "hang out" in Clevelandg the Cleveland Coliseum, that is. The Coliseum was the sight of many Rock- and-Roll concerts. Some of the attractions were Van Halen, Journey, J. Geils, and of course Slim Whitman. Although there are such big turnouts for these events, many kids can't afford the price of tickets, espe- cially with the price going higher than eight dollars. Even with the price, many students still sit by the radio to hear, "Belkin Productions Pre- sents . . . " hopefully naming their favorite group. EWS 122 PATHWAYSXNEWS it ASSEMBLIES MIMES, ARCHERY, REFQRM The students at AHS were subjected to a number of special events this year. Among them were assemblies on archery, mime, and alcoholism. The archery expert who came to the AHS gym was Bob Markworth. He showed students many different kinds of bows while he told the history of them. Markworth also went around the gym showing the audience how a compound bow works. Also in the show was Mayana, Markworth's assis- tant. Mayana bravely held a balloon in her teeth as a blindfolded Markworth shot an arrow through the balloon. The pantomime team of Micah and Laura Bertin thrilled and delighted students and faculty alike. Among the skits they performed were, the first date, a brick wall that was a barrier between them, and a child on her first visit to the dentist. On a more serious side, they did a skit about a little girl all alone in a toy shop. To end their show, Micah and Laura performed an unrehearsed skit from a suggestion in the audience. Loren Bishop was the speaker who talked on the evils of drugs and alco- hol. His speaking was of personal ex- periences because he, himself, was a reformed alcoholic. Bishop is now a speaker who loves a chance to talk to students, saying that, "If l help only one of you here, then it was worth it." Bishop spent the rest of the day at AHS going to various classrooms and speaking to the students personally. Alliance High School has many attrac- tions, and a few of its best are its talented vocal groups. Not only do they perform at the high school, but they have entertained various local organizations and taken part in many competitions as well. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Lanny Hisey, these groups include,: ACAPPELLA CHOIR: Officers are elected each year for this choir. The 1979-80 roster consisted of Cindy Lattimer, President, assisting her was Vice President Susie King. Pam Ro- defer performed dual duties as Secre- tary-Treasurer, she was aided by Bill Underwood, Assistant Secretary- Treasurer. The Acappella Choir per- formed in the high school's Christmas and Spring concerts, and gave a sam- pling of those concerts at special in- school assemblies. Singing with the choir this year were four very special students - exchange students, Sylvia Argaez and Mauricio Garcia from Bo- gata, Colombia, and Felicity Harty from South Africa. Aurora Stranges who came from ltaly and now resides in Alliance also sang with the group. Various ensembles are chosen from the Acappella Choir, such as Boys' Ensemble, Girls' Ensemble, and the Madrigals Ensemble. MADRIGALS: Members of this en- semble are chosen by audition from the Acappella Choir. The Madrigals 123 PATHWAYSXNEWS had a full schedule this year, singing at banquets, club meetings, and par- ticipating in contests such as the So- lon competition. They also per- formed for the Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, the Golden Agers, and at var- ious Christmas programs. During Na- tional Music Week, the Madrigals per- formed at the Square in downtown Alliance. A special highlight of this year was the visit from a Barry, On- tario high school choir, sponsored by our choirs. To end the season, the Acappella Choir had a special dinner at Country Manor Restaurant where they presented Mr. Hisey with a gold pocket watch in appreciation for his time and efforts. FRESHMANXSOPHOMORE CHORUS: These young singers per- formed twice this year at both the Christmas and Spring concerts at the high school. RAB, A WINNER iiuxrgrnzzm-ggiilnf. 5 In liuriii Zxmwiran f YO R lf. ll li R A L D 39511311 aii f inhe E .ishuil A uizxj JAUKEE from-1 NA he 111 3il2.tlli'?I AL. L2 1 c l I N C F he QQimCSi'TTliCIZ.,QlIlIB 5 woRI.i-:ANS S'l'A'I'ES ,- ,THE SU in' ii-llifu 'rlwlffnbrfrnn FL In March, the Red and Blue entered a Journalistic competition sponsored by the Northeastern Ohio Student Press Association lNOSPAl at Kent State University, in the news maga- zine catagory. iam On April 15th, at NOSPA's annual convention, the RAB was awarded first place. For the RAB's outstanding efforts they received a certificate of recognition, statewide recognition and a newspaper style book. This was the RAB's first entry into competition in several years. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1979-80 Fall 1979: J. Porter, J. Emery, S. King, B. Blosser, G. Sarver, L. John- son, S. Stroup, G. Lauer and C. Mastrek. Spring 1980: M. Hanna, B. Grimes, B. Holmes, J. Miller, B. McDaniel, R. Definbaugh, G. Gainor, S. May, M. Chen, T. Mason, J. Jones, J. Ruff, C. Flenniken, A. Zucchero, C. Nichols, D. Vesey, P. Ayers, C. Dohrmann, J. McCallum, M. Lee- man, M. Cibulas, R. Henke, J. Harri- son, T. Grimes, A. Jorney, L. Hur- ford, K. Bennett, A. Stone, M. Kin- nard, J . Kandel, B. Baker, S. Rosen- berger. 124 PATHWAYS f NEWS INTERNATIONAL PATI-IWAYS 'X ff , -11' . I had i:'l-F , 'Lu sigrnczvi Q' sn' 1..,-... , I ' x ,tg lu.-ln, ' :Xb a c a n in I' in-I, 1- 41' -- l Ili TEHRAN TRAGEDY The 70's were host to some of the most troubled times in history in regards to the Mid-East. An industrialized world thirst for oil willingly met the greedy monetary de- mands of a handful of Arab countries who were rich in petroleum and eager to exploit it. One of the most noteworthy of these countries was Iran. This relatively large country of the Arab world had some of the worlds most lifeless deserts, worst sandstorms, and a compara- tively small population. However, it is perched atop literal oceans of oil with ready access to the Persian Gulf and supertankers carrying crude throughout the world. The government consisted of a royal monar- chy for centuries, ousted in the 40's by reb- els, and then reinstalled with aid from the U.S., with Shah Muhamed Rheza Puhlavi as its head, He was a very Pro-U.S. monarch and served as a moderating force among some of the more radical mideastern coun- tries. With the dawning of the energy crisis in 1973 and the rapid influence of western oil dollars pouring into Arabia, the Iranian lifes- tyle changed radically, or at least the Shah's did. He had ambitions of Iran becoming a world power and began turning dollars into military might by purchasing vast quantities of arms from the U.S. and Europe. High technology equipment was being imported in still greater quantities each year and a staggering numbers of foreign laborers and technicians were hired to educate Iranians and build installations for both military use and civilian housing. All this investment, however didn't necessarily please the peo- ple. The ways of Islam have never really been clearly understood by Christians, and our understanding isn't getting much better. A strong movement toward developing an Islamic Theocracy was taking place. Citizens violently opposed to the Shah were being arrested in greater numbers every day by the Iranian secret police "Savak." The ma- jority of the population needed a strong leader to carry their "revolution" to victory, and the Ayatollah Khomeini, living in exile in France, was the one to whom they rallied. Violence in the streets of Iran became com- monplace. The military had increasing diffi- culty controlling the mobs. Iranian students on Visas overseas rioted. Finally, the Shah, abdicted his throne and left for the U.S. to seek asylum and treatment for his cancer. In a glorious fanfair the Ayatolla stepped off the plane in Tehran and a new era of Mos- lem rule began in Iran. Immediately, relations between the U.S. and Iran went from bad to worse. Oil production and export fell dramatically in an effort to make the world feel Iran's power. Repeated and louder demands for returning the Shah for trial were heard and the U.S. became Iran's biggest scapegoat in history, recieving the dubious title of "The Great Satan". Meanwhile, the Shah was traveling from country to country seeking assylum and flee- ing from Moslem Assassins. The Iranians de- cided to resort to force, or more accurately, blackmail. On the morning of Sunday, No- vember 4th, a massive crowd gathered about the walls of the U.S. embassy in Teh- ran. The chain-link gates yeilded to bolt cut- ters and a massive crowd of "students", supposedley acting on their own, rushed in to seize the embassy. The marines held them off with tear gas and bolted doors as long as possible while secret documents were de- stroyed, but finally succumened without fir- ing a shot. The militants bound and gagged the embassy personel and marines while vowing they wouldn't set their hostages free until the Shah was returned. The situation became a test of wills between President Carter and the Ayatollah, with neither side giving in. The west began to impose severe economic sanctions on Iran, severely curtail- ing their economy, but the officials and "stu- dents" holding the hostages would not yield. After the seizure of the hostages, the the World court in La Hague ordered the imme- diate release of the hostages and condemed Iran for violating international law. The only response from the Iranian government was a telegram saying that the World court had no jurisdiction. During the night of April 25th, six American C-130's and eight RH-53 helicopters from the carrier Nimity headed for Iran in an at- tempt to rescue the hostages. Immediately before staging the rescue attempt, only five helicopters were still operational, six being considered the safe minimum. A decision was made to abort the mission. In the darkness a helicopter collided with a freshly refueled C-130 and an extreme con- flagration engulfed the two aircrafts. Ammu- nition was exploding and by the time the flames subsided, eight servicemen were dead. The commandos escaped in the re- maining C-130's and the White House an- nounced the failure of the operation. What followed was a barrage of criticism and denouncement from nearly every country in the world, particularly the Arabs and Rus- sians. The bodies of the dead American ser- vicemen were put on display in the streets of Tehran and the hostages were dispersed to various parts of the country, this was to discourage another rescue attempt. Other matters of world importance began to take priority over the endless hostage crisis and on May 29th, the Iranian captors, backed by the Khomeini government reiterrated their demands for the return of the Shah, vowing to not release the hostages until then. As of Sept. 10, 1980 the hostages had still not been released. OLYMPICS 1980 WINTER The 1980 Winter Olympics proved to be both spectacular and disastrous for the United States team. For the first time in history, a United States competitor won five gold med- als, the most ever for an individual effort. The man was Eric Heideng his sport was speed skating. To add to this fabulous streak came the surpris- ing U.S. Hockey Team, composed mostly of college students, the team defeated the world champion Russian team, in the last game of the finals, to capture the gold. However, not all of the members re- presenting the U.S. were so fortu- nate. Tragedy struck when an injury kept the figure skating team of Randy Gardner and Tai Babylonia from per- forming in the Olympics. All in all, the U.S.A. Olympic team had one of its best showings in the 1980 Winter Olympics than ever be- fore. .J SUMMER An amateur athlete may have many goals that he or she strives for. Bet- tering personal records is a challenge to anyone who competes. For the best, there are world records to strive for, and for a select few, the chal- lenge of Olympic competition and the dream of a gold medal. There is no other symbol in any sport that has the importance and lasting significance of a gold medal. The challenge of seek- ing this honor is nearly as great as the actual event itself. ln 1980, America's finest young ath- letes were denied this challenge. The political pressures in a world far too imperfect have deemed this neces- sary. ln December 1979, Russian troops invaded Afghanistan and seized control of the government. America, already involved in one cri- sis in lran, was compelled to face an- other international problem and de- nounced the Russians for their ac- tions. ln an attempt to force the Soviet Union to remove their troops, the United States announced a proposed boycott on the Summer Olympics I MEMORIUM Charles Timothy Moler 125 PATHWAYS f NEWS scheduled for Moscow. Numerous at- tempts to resolve this problem failed, thus, the U.S., joined by many other countries, pulled out of the Summer Games. There has been much controversy dealing with the boycott. Many ath- letes have accepted the situation with the feeling that it is part of their na- tional duty. Others, however, have voiced strong opposition. One of the leading critics has been marathon champion, Bill Rodgers. Rodgers feels that a government which does so little to support athletics has no right to use America's athletes as political pawns. The situation is a sad one, no matter what an individual's feelings might be. The boycott is a reality as is the fact that we, in Alliance, have lost any chance of seeing our own, An- tone Blair, go after the challenge of Olympic Gold. ALL-AMERICAN FOOTBALL ln 1963 the All-American Football Conference was organized. Sixteen years later, at the end of the 1979 season, the conference teams were finding it difficult to reach the play- offs, and therefore Massillon voted to disband the league. The other mem- bers of the conference, including Can- ton McKinley, Warren Harding, Niles McKinley, Steubenville, and Alliance, agreed to end the conference after 1979. 126 PATHWAYSXEXCHANGE STUDENTS I.. - . host family: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Spurgeon hos! family: Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Vesey PACO LIZARRAGA - Lima, Peru host family: SYLVIA ARGAEZ - Bogota, Columbia MAURICIO GARCIA - Bogota, Columbia BRAZIL Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kilchenman UNITED STATES LUIS PEREZ - Durango, Mexico OF AMERICA, host family: Al..l..lANCE, OHIO Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Safkow ANTONIO TICOM - Rio de Janiero Brazil host family: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jorney ? COLUMBIA MEXIC0 U ,ff 127 PATHWAYS f EXCHANGE STUDENTS If ' 5 4 SWEDEN TIM BENDEICH - Brisbane, Australia host families: Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wert Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schaper Mr. and Mrs. Arnold I-Iirvela Felicity Hardy - Muden, S. Africa host family: Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wert -4 ',, N AUSTRALIA kffxftvxf KIA HULTIN host families: Mr. and Mrs. George Weimer Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schaper YAS HISANO - Fukuoka, Japan host families: Dr. And Mrs. William Baker Mr. and Mrs. James Polen SOUTH AFRICA JAPAN 128 PATHWAYSXEXCHANGE STUDENTS l 'vxire if--1 :.h ,-, Ame Grimes left for Sao Jose dos Cam- l'T'1 TTI CD l'l'I CANDIDS ei 'W - , .. . :A f "W . 'Ns ,.. pos, Brazil on August 10, 1979. She stayed with three different host families ln Montelrro De Barros, and attended a private school. She returned in May to attend summer school. Ken Vesey attended Gubbangens Gym- nasium lschooll in Farsta, Sweden. I-le left on August 8, 1979 ans stayed with Mr. 8: Mrs. Bertil Klinte, Ken returned on July 30, 1980. Sherrie Polen was hosted by the Bal- deras family in Mexico City D.F. Mexi- co. She attended lnhumyc School dur- lng her stay. She left on August 25, 1979 and returned June 15, 1980. l'l'1 El 0 A -Q I X A if i Q ' v 4 HN 11 4- v 4 , V 'X . 121' .fjklx-XR 21 3-N. .NI '.'a V. -im." 'I M. I 4. L 'f .' i . A. ., f Lv' x QT4 'X I ' ' F 75' of V 1 UWHALL 5. ' Q Sy' P' L. Britton look to the future , Q - 'wo if - Q , ,fxg X xml A 4 , tu 4 r . . ' ' fv P N . 1 ' Ii' 1 q ' x v C aj H ' ' , ,, 4 Q! -I' IJ' "X 'lk' 1 5 V. I QB N .Aw t N , . if r A, . :Rv ew .2 .tx 5- - J. -as - '-i hi, 1 1 ,Na ii' TL' 1 kr-lvl. 5,Z4ahn:.4fi-Z DIDS Q 129 PATHWAYSXCANDID P 46,8 r-wax, 4 ..- ew ' 7 Top left: Senior Ben Favazzo substitutes as a DJ. at the all night party as the band failed to arrive on time, Right: Pumpkinhead collects for Un' icef. 130 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS Q. a Hunfer - Pleading f Dear Abby b CANDIDS - CANDIDS - CANDIDS 74 N Tj 07 4 . A 131 PATHWAYSfCANDIDS Brian Jones "I bet Robin Hood wished he could have learnedjthis way." J P, i ,45- A DIDS - CANDIDS - CANDIDS - CANDIDS K xQ.' vh. H o, 132 PATHWAYSXACADEMIC CHALLENGE ACADEMIC CHALLENGE Sponsored by Alliance Kiwanis and Mount Union College, the second annual Academic Challenge was once again hosted by Alliance High School. Competing at the March second competition were, Alliance, Louisville, Marlington, Minerva, St. Thomas Aquinas, and West Branch high schools. Marlington captured first place with Louisville taking second. The Alliance team, consisting of captain Chuck Lalli, Dana Mehnert lboth seniorsl, and Jeff Harrison la juniorl, re- ceived third place. Alternates to the Alliance team were Scott Stroup and Chris Tschappatt, also seniors. One half of the program's proceeds went to Rodman Library for art exhibits while the remaining half was divided equally among the six participating schools' libraries. Mount Union College supplied a two thousand dollar scholarship to the winning school. Right' Shelley Wnms- ley and Sharlene Po' ,, land, scorekeepers Below, left to right: Jeff Harrison, Chuck - - ' v Lalli, and Dana Mvh- ' ii nert. of AlliOl'lC ff! 133 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS M s y St k nd Bonnie Runners up in tH Farrah Fawcett look alike ' Y 5 CANDIDS CANDIDS CANDIDS , Tim Bacorn makes s ss cheese 134 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS :s ' " ew, J. r v Lucy Fitzelle and Gary Chambers - "Can" look thgigporedn f ' if S! ur' CANDIDS 4' C9 Al l Kuhaneck fnfgmger I s g f U Z Larry Hurford measures his ruler. ? ih- Y' 'f N S V45 N N214 n p vflff X CANDIDS CANDIDS CANDIDS 'Wig 135 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS 136 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS CANDIDS CANDIDS Divided By . y Choice of Cho Tr 3 il I 1- .bu h A Wg B N Y 'f-ir? 1' QW f M SX .QgL , f, , A x,3Mj'I', ' 43 " ag .Q M fx. .A gif .YA I ' l 9 A 137 PATHWAYS f SPORTS ' 'N ' Q WDISTLIIG I' GULF TIA!! SWIIIIIG X A. x n . . ga" . ni. ., - " ""' v 3' Y .Q A A n . .. ff, , 5 b"'ig BASKETBALL FUCTBALL BASEBALL 'FIIIIS 57 'L' u f ,sw s 1, 'K .x Q A CICS! UITIY 7" l... 545 4 MVP Andy H0 ll The AHS Cross Country Team ended its season with a tremendous record as it went undefeated nn dual meets C5 Ol and placed hugh m the team stand Ing at every xnvitational The team claimed the tltles of Stark County Champs and Sectzonal Champs by totally dominating the top ten or fifteen places The harriers were also drstrlct qualifiers Even though they had thenr worst fzmsh mn four years Andy Howell qualnfxed for the state meet where he flmshed twenty fnrst out of mnety enght competitors Mr Clegg noted that has team s season dxdn t end up as expected but he stlll rated the young and talented harrier squad as one of the best teams in the state of Ohxo The JV Cross Country team also went undefeated Undefeated In Duals Agam CRUSS CUUNTRY 139 PATHWAYSfCROSS COUNTRY ? 5 .I 5'- p'1 -'Z' q? . " 11' " Y . 41' ' P 7" , 1-n' ' hhsii 'x' g:',J. .U .Qiyfg . 74" -- v 4f.f.:.39'e 1ST IST 1ST 1ST IST 1ST 3' .. ' gmt 3RD 3RD LST ' Us XDistricts Championship! I ' 'Q 6 .49 Team photo, bottom row ll. to Rl: J. Peddicord, C. Frarac- cio, A. Howell, K. Lorden, B. Boehm, S, Hirvela. ROW 211. to Rl: S. May, M. Good, J. Noling, J. Kile, D. Rogers, T. McDaniel and J. Murphy. ROW 3 CL to Rl: R. May, T. Buckey, K. Bruske, S. Murphy, R. Simanella, K. Dean and B. McDaniel. Top Right: A. Howell relaxes after a hard race. Bottom Left: S. Hirvela gets help from Assistant Coach Schrieber and his father. Bottom Right: C. Frarac- cio, A. Howell and J. Murphy playing follow the leader. Opposite page - Bottom Right: Coaches Clegg and Schrieber observing the field. First Year Coach Has Winning Season GIRLS TENNIS fir' ov' Team Photo: First Row QL. to R.l S. Pansino, T. Holly, V. Pansino, M. Sticker, K. Rog- ers, N. Aberegg. back row CL. to R.l M. wlese, L. Fltzelle, S. Mill- er, D. Guame, A. Bates, A. Hamilton, Mrs. Armitage. opp. page, top left: A. Bates, Top right: M. Wiese, bottom left: L. Fltzelle and S. Goldman team up for doubles. not photo- 5' . graphed, S. f Goldman. I .kv 141 PATHWAYSXGIRLS TENNIS I , , if I t K ll Li Qi 'ig few l 59.355 1 'S S. . 'txt y N-If First year coach Mrs. Armitage led the Girls' Tennis Team to an overall record of eleven wins and five losses. Varsity players were Vivian Pansino, first sin- glesg Nora Aberegg, second singlesg and Kim Rogers, third singles. Doubles partners were Marianne Wiese and Diane Gaume, and Lucy Fitzelle and Saundra Goldman. Amy Bates was a doubles substitute throughout the year. The team went to Sectionals where Vivian Pansino qualified for Districts by capturing a third place, while Nora Aberegg took sixth. Girls Tennis Alliance Opponent Canton McKinley 2 3 Salem 4 1 Jackson 2 3 Marllngton 5 O Tlmken 3 O lraini C. Central Catholic 2 3 Perry 4 1 St. Thomas 3 2 East Palestine 5 0 C. Central Catholic 1 4 Timken 5 0 Louisville 3 2 North Canton 1 4 East Palestine 5 0 Canton South 5 0 Salem 3 2 tRecord 1 1-52 Won 53 match points of possible 78. Lost 25 match points of possible 78, Vivian Pansino - sectionals 3rd s district qualifier. X ff .f f gt! iff? M 4, g . ff? Y 'T PFW! ----- Q The Alliance Aviator golf team finished out its 1979 season with a 12-24-1 record. It was the first year that they had played in a league. This league, the Stark Metro Golf League, provided the Aviators a chance to play such rivals as Massillon and Canton McKinley. Their first league season record of 2-8 was good enough to place them in a tie for fifth place. Coach Greene had stated that being in the league has proved the Aviator golfers with more inspiration. He also said that he hopes to win the sectionals and place high in districts in future years. This will mean doing better than the team did during the 1979 season. Scott Hume was the only qualifier for districts, placing in the top third, but failed to qualify in state. First Year ln A League GULF , ' I X ,- , 7 ' . 11 ', r a 1, fqp 2xv',:1m4klk"'1?f: 4-' A - 'x "'t?"'gi,'sf1v' 4 0 143 PATHWAYSXGOLF ix HEMI E, ll Q 17117. f 3 Vmyk V- of .V ' . - 4 - - 7 . ' ' 1 . - . 1 ,i l1N4ff,,.L- Qigg-Lggmjjfpageg pji'gh'f: Coachl " ' X T, W igoresp Llfhig. 4 .HE1 wwwollaffd-Qndcs 1- . J- fluff..3Egf emLl:sF'6i.g!v'g top, right: J. ' Q. U 5 :a1'+5g45? l5'f,BGflFlh1!i15i 6u19fTpm,-'.b61rdma-- 514, 1: 5 I1 files lx: ff if if lin"-Qignt, -'fCoa1:h? f ff Qin blzfsjfjf ,O 3 ', ,. , A UPS. 1 ?fls,?E?sn,gnaan,,N14'RfHQ..I f 45,15-6 as J' 1' N 1 43,-I .' 'NQCaiflErf,ax5- iff ,sf innalfmo ' ' orf , 7 ZgbliY,e11g.i,!.Q'i:9.g9g:'..g1 ' ll-.gill i1g'-596 Not ?li,fF93:-5Z'1'F'W?a! x., ' Golf We They Wooster 175 148 Cuyahoga Falls 175 153 Akron Firestone 175 153 Walsh 175 171 North Canton 177 168 West Branch 177 169 Cuyahoga Falls 186 169 Massillon 186 180 Marlington 186 180 McKinley 185 185 Massillon 174 160 Marlington 1 74 1 82 Tlmken 166 140 North Canton 169 159 McKinley 172 161 Glen Oak 175 150 Central 183 165 Parry 183 173 SI. Thomas 179 157 Glen Oak 177 175 Sebring 177 238 Q, xw Tlmken 168 161 Salem 186 184 St. Thomas 184 169 lRecord 12-14-ll use MVP - Stuart Tolle -?- D - ' 5. ' .V ,4- 1 ,I J . , -1 ,F T 'GQ-A " 'xx . I 1 f Q-I lf C .W l f . -A KW L X 145 PATHWAYSXFOOTBALI. The Alliance Aviators Varsity Football Team ended its 1979 season with a 2-7-1 record. They started well with an 8-0 victory over Youngs- town Rayen. A few weeks later The Aviators , WM! easily overcame Cleveland John Adams 26-8. 1 Six days later a spirited Alliance held their own against a heavily favored Canton McKinley. The game ended in a 13-13 tie. However, these seemingly great achievements could not hide the anguish suffered from the 48- 6 loss to Massillon. This was an especially impor- tant game for the Aviators because it was the last chance they had to give a good showing against their greatest rival. W Despite their final 0-6-1 league record, The Avi- ators showed impressive unseen records. Many 3 games were lost by ten points or less, and the team constantly gave their all in hopes of gaining another victory. 15:5 l 1 -, pp. page: Top Left: P. Heddleston dives for yardage. Top Right: C. Beaum throwing one on the run. Bottom Team Picture, ROW ONE lL to Rl: ', Collins, A. Jackson, V, Harrington, l. Kirksey, B, Hurford, J. Russell, J, Wilton, D. Needham. C. Brown, L. Brush, B. Collins, J. Admonius, F. emart, J. Donovan. ROW TWO KL to Rl: B. Grimes T. Grimes, S. Schneider, E. Dixon, D. freeman, S. Tolle, R. Summers, C. Lalli, M. aleski, K. Simmons, M. Noll, M. Shonk, D. Hawkins. ROW THREE CL to Rl: T. Culp, M. Cibulas, T. Lalli, G. Hagge, T. Harlanf B. Nordquist, R. 'icars, S. Miller, J, Oyster, K. Petii, H. Douglin, M. Zmuda, J. Conners - Mgr. ROW FOUR ll.. to Rl: G. Andreani, R. Foust, R. Dozier, T. rendeich, S. Huimacher, S, Polen, A, Matthys, D. Kirksey, D. Mehnert, C. Zurbrugg, B. Streza, R. Kuceyeski, T. Mulholland. ROW FIVE lL to Rl: l. Sabock, Head Coach Julius Tonges, K. Utterback. mis page: Top Left: Coach Tonges gives a play to B. Grimes. Bottom Left: Coaches Kuceyeski and Foust eyeing the game from above. Bottom ight: L. Brush spotting a hole. K, mv' 4 xslX'NXx 4-. mms- , I 'ns ' 1 x..O 1 X A nflftlt R905 L S R1 ' ,:. .!' ' '23 f I T -..-I 'ui 'NU 5' ' - if I . ' V, ww I fk' 3 . ' -I r 1 ' ' ' 1 ,,, 4 I - V-'luv " m ' f V , 147 PATHWAYSX FOOTBALL . Eg. 3 . Qi' Q ., S 5 P ' , . 1 C + -. ' -.f' , , '- '. .,. . ui' .- opp. page: Top Left: B. Hurford with help of teammates, stops a runner. Top Right: S. McClung goes for the long one. Bottom Left: S. Tolle determined to win. Middle: L. Brush doesn't get far. this page: Top Left: C. Zurbrugg kicks extra point. Top Right: punt formation. Middle Right: Soph. Team - ROW ONE lL to Rl: S. Polen, G. Duvall, L. Jones, N. Garnes, W. Salter, D. DeBee, G. Mohr, K. Smith, V. Rininger, ROW TWO: M. Collins, L. Nichols, D. Miller, T. Curtis, C. Avery, J. Banks, R. Headley, R. Shoemaker, R. Franklinj, T. Trainer. ROW THREE: W. Alexander, K. Garnes, M. LaNave, J. Polverine, P. Heddleston, J. Jones, L. Hurford, V. Covington, Coach Sabock, Coach Kuceyeski. Frosh Football Team - ROW 1 lL to Rl: A. Stutchell, S. Falcone, B. reda, C. Hart, B. Hill, B. McLendon, P. Bivins, D. Orr, S. Brunner. ROW 2 IL to Rl: R. Barker, D. Popa, N. Holly, M. Beatty, J, Pisoni, J. Schatz, B. Ferguson, J. Schwinn, E. Dozier. ROW 3 lL to Rl: R. May, E, Brigel, J. Durenda, S. McClung, J. Blake, J. Scott, J. McConnahey, A. Moore, P. Britton. ROW 4 lL to Rl: B. Richie, A. Hancock, K. Sheetz, K. Stovall, L. Brush, T. Fedor, C. Kelley, D. Miller. ROW 5 KL to Rl: Coach Priest, Coach Bruderly, Julius 8: Julian Edwards and Coach Sabin. The 1980 boys swimming season was one of rebuilding and surprise After losing six valuable swimmers to 1979 graduation and with the departure of Australian ex change student Tim Bendeich the team knew it was going to be a long hard fight They began the season expecting four wins but unforeseen victories led the Flyers to an overall winning record of 9 6 One of the many surprises was the victory over Warren Harding with an upsetting score of 42 41 Another surprise came in the near upset at Perry as the Aviators lost in the last event by a mere fourteen one hundreths of a second In the last home meet of the regular season Chris Hopper broke the school record rn the 100 yard breaststroke with a time of 1:06.4, Districts were held at the C. T. Branin Natatorium in Canton, where Steve May, Bill Fogle, Scott Shimp, and Jeff Kile placed in the 400 free styleg and Andy Wert, Chris Hopper, Craig Wilson, and Scott Hirvela placed in the medley relay. Individuals who placed in Districts were Hopper in the 100 yard breaststroke and Mike Dhayer in diving, Pleased with the overall team effort, Coach Lear complimented the squad on a good year. A Surprising Season BUY S SWIMMING 149 PATHWAYSXSWIMMING -'GO' ' TW" I 7 L mmf w 1 J' ' ' tx mtv I .MY Xu., 1 fi' v ' F 1 ' , . Nay- ' M . - M.: ' C ,Q -f - I 1' lv ,Q -foe A-W . - . on , . 4 -A X A .e - ' .,. -..-...fe-. e- . e 4 .- Q -.R Q - D ,S , ft. Q v N gym V - A A . 7' .I "zip Q is ps., 4..12,,, W "v-eww , .A p 0 .3 1. r .1 A W Q, bmi. 3':'. Q X L' 5 h ., Q... -. -'O-, ,th rx iw? . b ,,, 'Q V ., " -Rafi.. M.. :Q -vs tkfiyf . a ., -'r..x- Q e1sf'?"2'.x' A . V 'FQ-u " N ""' L .5 Q-vi, Sb, ,,,. .. x.. . -lf . :Q Au -- I.. "' . N 'vnu I my Kgzzws J wqfwx -fe' Q I a ff f m . ,. f-. . nh .l lv "Q N. A . ,, -.0 , fm- e N .Q . , W e.5, ' 4 V- .NW W ,kkk .J iw rtsvq. A ., 4 1 F sf' " 1 4 H ff' 4, s ' 'A ai? ,4- ' s r' fl' I H A fy , A Opposite page, bottom: And there off! Vi k W 4 at A This page, top left: Team pictureg Row 1 lleft to rightl - J. h ' af. T' ..,.5f.,.l V Weise, D. DeVall, C. Wilson, S. May, M. Leeman, D. l M ,, A 4 if 12... p Cobbs. Row 2 fleft to rightl S. Hirvella, A. Wert, B. Fogle, ' ' . G. Burr, T. Bendeich, S. May, J. Kile. Row 3 Cleft to rightl .1 K e 1, rf . h C Coach Lear, S. Shimp, J. McCallum, M. Dhayer, R. Morri- l son, C. Hopper. . "Wu Above: M. Dhayer diving. . ,K r " 55 aj ad-'rrjf f-Lq,Qi,flE Bottom: left: J. Kile swimming the 500 freestyle. -9 E- MVPS S at. Team photo o 1 K Di E Henry Ro 2: D. Reda A J ney Row 3 G. Miller, P H tch er B Cannon, R. Holloway and C Harris. Row 4: D. Scott, S. McLendon. Row 5: C. Curry, S. Klng Row 6: W. Gaffney. BEST SEASON EVER GIRL S BASKETBALL 171 vhx T' W io 'W fv r I Q f , .... I xt I I2 . ' fp L, If Exif Jy'S, . is ".. 1 Fi f if ' LJ LJ E 5 T 4' ,. 1 , ., Q . , , M 1 - V X! v' 'ad' 151 PATHWAYSXBASKETBALI. This page, top left: C. Harris on defense while A. Jorney and K. Curry look on. Bottom left: G. Miller laying one up for two, Below: Coaches Shuster and Miller cheering on the team. The girls Varsity Lady Flyers ended their season with an overall record of 9-9. The team was credited with setting a record of 65 points in their game against East Liver- pool. Susie King set a new individual scoring record of thirty points in one game. King also had the highest percentage for foul shots, while Glenna Miller had the best shooting percentage. Kris Curey was credited fer capturing 114 rebounds. Anita Jorney was honored for snatching 53 recoveries and 49 assists. However, de- spite the record-breaking team's effort, the Lady Flyers suffered a defeat from Copley in tournament play. WRESTLING Tolle Goes To State -LL. i ,wwf fl as f 6 7 N' -x lv , Y Ku' A ei Ildingefllsrl Team photo, first row CL to Rl: V. Rogers, S. Falcon, S. Miller, L. Nichols, J. Murphy, B. Boehm, D. Orr, R. Freeman, L. Hurford, A. Tolle, Andrucaat. Row two lL to Rl: R. Simanella, T. Aeiling, J. Walker, M. LeNave, C. Martin, T. Culp, T. Blake, J. Bankes, J. McConnehey, B. C. Harten. Row three KL to Rl: R. Philips, S, Yeagley, S. Murphy, S. McClung, J. Admonius, D. Kirksey, S. Tolle, D. Miller, R. Rhone, J. Schwinn B. Hill, Coach Kuceyeski, Coach Rodi. 153fPATl-IWAYSXWRESTLING This page, right: Jerry Murphy, Jeff Admonius and Vic Rogers going for the pin. Below: Coach Rodi, "l've seen better wres' tlers at an all girl's match". sg ll The young, inexperienced varsity wrestling team had a three win, ten loss record in dual meets during the 197980 season. The Aviator's three victories came against East liverpool, Canton South, and Canton McKinley. ln five tournaments, the grapplers obtained various positions from fifth to thirteenth places. The matmen captured fifth in the Minerva tourneys and two sixth places were taken at Salem and Perry. At Beaver Local, Rodi's squad came in eleventh. Finally, at North Canton the Aviators took thirteenth place. At sectionals, Heavyweight Stuart Tolle rose to the champion position while 138 pound Bob Pucci captured fourth place in his weight class. The pair went on to districts where Pucci failed to place, but Tolle cap- tured third, thus qualifying for state. Although he didn't place in Columbus, Tolle had the honor of being one of the top sixteen players in the state. Coach Rodi was pleased with the team's progress and he expressed high hopes for next year as only three members will not be returning due to 1980 graduation. ...J Opp. page, top left: J. Crewe bringing the ball down court. Bottom left: J. Williams tipping the ball. This page, right: first row lL to Rl - J. Conners, Coach Murry, Coach Fails, Coach Sabin, C. Da- vis. Back row lL to rl - C. Brown, C. Trainer, T. Col- lins, M. Tailor, J. Grewe, M. Mallard, A. Jackson, D. Offill, J. Williams, K. Louis, R. Jarman, E. Dix- on, B. Holmes. 155 PATHWAYSXBASKETBALL X.. The Alliance Aviator Varsity Basketball team end- ed its season with an 11-11 record. However, in March, this record was changed to 12-10 when Cleveland John Adams forfieted due to their use of an ineligible player. Coach Fails was sorry to see the Big Eight Confer- ence come to an end. He commented that the Aviators were going to lose a lot of tough opposi- tion, although they will play against such strong teams as Austintown Fitch and Louisville, and Boardman. Even though they were somewhat small in size, the Avitors were a dedicated team. Jeff Grewe broke a school record with seventy-three assists, while Clay Brown surpassed that and set a new record of ninety assists. Brown also led the team with an average of 14.9 points per game. Coach Fails was pleased with the Aviators' winning record and with the team's lo alty. " 'A Y At. f Y A -' -gr jfzl-.n!..'5f-'QE VARSITY BASKETBALL Scores Continued Alliance O p p o - Akron East nent Warren Harding Canton Central 76 61 Marlington St. Thomas Niles McKinley Aquinas 67 44 Akron St. Vin- Canton McKin- cent ley 60 83 East Liverpool Akron Buchtel 56 57 Warren Western Youngstown Reserve South 53 56 Cleveland John Salem 49 52 Hay West Branch 50 48 Barberton Glen Oak 64 53 Tournaments Akron Garfield 54 52 Massilon Massillon 77 64 Glen Oak Canton Timken 71 80 record 12 10 156 PATHWAYSXBOYS BASKETBALL t l L K -. hu ai l ' ho This page top left: D. Offil putting the ball up Top right: E. Dixon bringing one down. Bottom lelt: C. Brown laying one up. J.V. Basketball Team, Right: row one L to R: T, Kirksey, C. Zurbrugg, P, Heddleston, A. Crewe, T. Williams, R. Headley Row two L to R: L. Terrel, A. Harvey, J, Jones, M. Johanson, C. Steward, J. Edwards, Mr. Miller. , , . ' 157 PATHWAYSXBASKETBALL 5-- in 4' . -5-Q v mg if if 1'- This page, top left: B. Holmes tips the ball. Top right: D. Offill on defense. Bottom left: R. Jarman rebounding the ball. Bottom right: Coach Fails cheering on the team. 158 PA'llHWAY5fl5AbKt: l UALL. This page, top left: row one ll to Rt L. Perez, M, Maxwell, A. Lias. A. Moore, R. McLendon, M. Buck, R. Stone, K. Dean, D. Popa . . . Row two lL to Rl J. C. Triplett, M. Linder, A. Long, J. Scott, H. Mor- gan, M. Pucci, C. Brueske, F. Shonk, Mr. Carli. Top Right: J. Scott, 1521 and D. Popa Go for the rebound. Middle Right: J. Scott and R. McLendon grab a rebound from a crowd. Bottom Left: Top row. lL to Rl, M. Williamson, F. Freeze, J. Poorman, T. Fedor, J. Leibhart, T. Buckey, K. Stovall, Mr. Schreiber. Bottom row ll to R.l E. Dozier, J. Schatz, N. Holly, M. Hardie, M. Smith, E. Kline, E. Kline. Q5 in . ly l 159 PATHAWAVSXCHEERLEADING The 1980 Alliance Varsity and JV Cheer- leaders began their season the last week of July with an outstanding performance at Kenyon College Cheerleading Camp. After being rated on pep, spirit, originality, and total evaluation of cheers, the Varsity girls earned four blue ribbons, the spirit stick on three out of four nights, and on the final night, they received a trophy for the best overall Varsity squad. The Reserve cheer- leaders were also honored with a trophy for the best overall JV squad. .Jo -M Y ?'27?ib1ZfT' Top Left row one lL. to RJ: G. Gainor, A, Stone, Co Capt. - K. Schreckengost, Capt. - P. Rodefer, C Pasco, Y. Carter. Row two ll.. to Rl: A. Teppert, J Barker, S. Rich, Capt. - J. Maxwell, Co. Capt. - K Morettini, M. Popovich. Bottom left: row one KL to Rl: S. Pietrocola, K Anderson, L. Tennis, E. Johnson. Row two lL to Rl B. Pasco, T. O'Neil, K. Wilson, J. Mulinix. MANY TO RETURN NEXT SEASON BOYS TENNIS wp if fl ""' K U5 'Ulm ' lst row IL-RD: C. Doorman, J. Wheeler, R. Severence, L. Perez, M. McMillan, J. Luginbuhl. 2nd row KL-Rl: Mr. Uterback, J. Weiss, A. Wert, Y Hisana, J. Philips, T. Grimes. P 161 PATHWAYSXBOYS TENNIS Y l t i 1979.80 BOYS TENNIS TEAM. Although the 5-13 season wasn't the .500 that coach Utterback expected, he was pleased with the performance that the Aviators turned in, espe- cially that of Jeff Phillips, who showed his skill at the end of the season. Phillips was the first player in Boys Tennis history to make it to districts. Although he was defeated in the first round, Jeff will be around next year, hopefully to advance further. Another promising thought is that the team was composed of underclass students, meaning that everyone will return next year. Among those who went to sectionals were Clark Dohrmann, second singlesg Yas Hisano, third sin- glesg Tony Grimes and Jim Luginbuhl, first dou- blesg and John Wiese and Andy Wert, second doubles. hi..- ff-N. l . -H . ' . 3 f l l , Top left: J. Luginbuhl, grace and finesse at its best. Bottom left: t :i5iCDwnuIi1ii:8!NfxiQYY Illlll Ill Illlli'' .L I L I LJ L 1.4.41 .. A, A - . - ' -1 ' 1 . f , Q. . i , v., v A t 'J 4 1' - , -. ,.,, .sc X ' Y, Hisano, Sammari tennis player. Above: T. Grimes, go get 'em VP Rose ohnson Wt r lr .4 I , J ,.t,g,a1-eztm . .... ....M.....E V We - -.sri GIRL S TRACK The 1980 Alliance High School girls track had their best season ever as they ended with a 10-3 season. The team captured first place at sectlonals, and Ruby Nicholson, Rose Johnson, and Clndy Har- rts all qualified for state at the dlstrlct meet. Another hopeful for state, Rhonda Detlnbaugh, 'failed to place because of an injury sustained at the section- als. At the state meet, Ruby and Rose both took eighth ln their eventsg Ruby in the hurdles and Rose in the 100 and 220. Coach Shuster feels that the team should be a tough one next year be- cause many of the runners will be returning. 163 PATHWAYSXGIRLS TRACK A .. Q? lv. K-.51 . J .., .twill-' .-. Q., ggnw N. it . L... Q s'. ls: Pi" mf? M11 Q -.5 L X PH-C ua Q X. ::,. NKNNQI. -r fn? ,Llp I Q, v KM, ' ' 3 3'ls.fQQW - Q Nea.-.N L it I-. 'kk'9"fifA "2ili'?ffff"'Q E iorifflvg-g,g,' '4Wi'Wf ' 5 ., Q ' ', ,- 3 'ie . Q - ' ,A.-....e.:-, -...- . x k own e. . - ,, . . ..- - . ep 5 , . . v - if . - -'.5-P, , Q I -,r .K K X. sn- 1. Lg-V K- 'ij N N4,gg?," ., io-.-VI. A -ij- . . '-mi - N 7 -. A -4.15, 724.5 o is E G R ' L . Qfi f-.. 5,,,.,. "-f.a A nn., ,f 'T ,-,, 9 L W 'effwatfo 'X' N ' x .1 in sf A M fg X' N -Q. WK ' .X Team Photo: lst row L-r, D. Rada, C. Harris, A. Jorney, G. Miller, L. Pyers, S. Kridler, P. Hatcher, C. Cobbs, and A. Hunter. 2nd row l-r, L. Holly, G. Specht, D. Gaume, T. Holmes, T. Toney, M. Gorman, L. Kline, and I... Furry, A. Bates, and L. Vien. 3rd row L- r, Coach Shuster, R. Johnson, R. Definbaugh, R. Nicholson, L. Daniels, M. Petersburger, E. DeLeon, K. Himmelheber, and L. Fitzelle Bottom left: S. Kridler Bottom right: R. Johnson BOYT5 BASEBALL , ..:..,1J?7' ,V-fyvi .I wa.. ...Q R 'fhgn-I . - T i- , 1...,i...4y J --' A- .5-Q ,gggmjwv -' . .ffl -'xv 3 Ei'-:AL '- ' 1 pn A-F" ' .- --"""' ,,-ff"- ll!! L. 461 lst row L-rg J. Ruff, C. Moore, C. Davis, J, Grewe, M. Dahyer, C. Parlontieri, P. Lalli. 2nd row L-r: N. Caldarone, P. Ayers, K. Niles, M. Holland, S. Stroup, O. Gattis, J. Miller. 3rd row L-r: Mr, Seavy, V. Rogers, T. Shaffer, B. Snider, K. Lipley, A. Grewe, Mr. Kekic. Opposite Page Team Photo: lst row L-r: D. Popa, R. Stone, P. Heddleston, S. Polen, J. Fasnaught, J. Pence, S. Miller. 2nd row L-r: M. Leeman E Crider J Schatz M Buck J Scott T Rich R Morris 3rd rowLr Mr Seav J Lunsford J Lie hart M Lalli J Polverme Harlan. Leftg Mike Dhayer 165 PATHWAYSXBOY S BASEBALL 1980 -.4-'A ' if - gf-0' -' 44"-s"' L , .A Y, ,f.g at-,W ov-:X f, H s- M A - -- - y , gh 1 ff.. -, F- f - -3,4 , K., - .. ' -' 'f - efrwsfi -"'f"" ' c - .-i e -, -- 1 H ff f 2 10- -ky' ' l l, "- " - 9" f'v-"Life,-3" 'O asv- lei A- .bee-'1f""" "" j,.."- 'im-5, , - ' 4' -if ,. ,Lp,,:, , , exe Q' 1 .-e..'4'?,,ri,f - - R. Asgglgwsgxfrw. ' , 'A 1 "3 5 " 5'.':lPa.f . ' Q P' ca ve, 4 'l':,e A - .....- M f A VW .mm V - 0 Q .- ','Q,4L.s,.-1g,.,, 11.7 -.7 Q .r . i - za-5 3 fe. ' -v - . , - s, Q asa, "life"-s,.r J. -ML - , - '31, , .:mk,-:-,H.,"UA ' ., fs, 3-sg - sul' 5- . - " n- xiii -1-qv , ,,' ,"' .. - - - runes A -AF' ' "un-. ,,.,l.A'+ irq- .Q -ve"-L - 5... . e e ,. .. - yr- g S.. S N. - , . .r,.r,,.4wV -4 an fa w--- f A..- Sebring Marlington V McKinley W eserve LaBrae La rae ' West Branch Harding J Liverpool Harding V Dover Glen Oak .. X x iles 11 Waterloo ' arlington... g g 12 SECT, GAW "-f.Nil2S N, 57 W. Reserve Timken ,,g 2 Cardinal Timkenglxgk U Y s E16 1 Mooney X i 1 10 r..l ' 1 JF lil ' The 1980 Aviators baseball season was both successful and disap pointing, Coach Kekic's team ended the season with an even 10-10-1 record and with second place in the Diamond Conference behind Warren Western Reserve, Three players were selections on the All Conference team. They were: senior catcher, Jeff Grewe 1.435 batting average, 21 runs batted inlg senior outfielder, Scott Stroup 1.409 batting averagelg and junior third baseman, Mike Holland 1,419 batting averagel. Seniors Mike Dhayer and Chris Parlontieri, along with sophomore Todd Shafer, led the pitching staff. Seasonal highlights included: a 4-4 tie with state power Doverg a come-from-behind 13-12 win over Marlingtong and the Aviator's first tournament win in four years. In that game they defeated Warren Western Reserve by a whopping 17-3 score. Holland was a perfect five for five from the plate, and Parlontieri was the winning pitcher. Coach Seavy's JV team chalked up a fine 13-2 record. Their season was highlighted by two wins over Marlington, a victory over West Branch, and a close one-run loss to a very good Glen Oak team. Kevin Louis: State Long Jump Champion BOY'S TRACK 1' "'35,: ,f A gsf .vw ii ur""'l"' l ff ' edt. X'A nw' Q10 lst row IL-Rl: R. Franklin, T, Kirsey, M. Gorman, J. Murphy, C. Fraraccio, J. Anderson, S. Hirvela, B. Streza, C. Lalli, L. Nichols, B. Brown. 2 row KL-Rl: B. Bohem, A. Howell, S. May, J. Russell, B. Norquist, M. Riley, C. Davis, W. Salter, V, Harrin ton M. Mallard V. Rini nd Q . . ger. 3rd row CL- Rl: Mr. Clegg, L. Jones, A. Harvey, M. Kinard, J. Kile, B. Grimes, M. Zaleski, D. Kirksey, T. Hawkins, B. Holmes, S. Tolle, M. Lowe, K. Louis. Upper Lt. Mr. Clegg, Upper Rt. Barry Holms. Glen Oak Boardman A Timken, Wooster Warren Harding. Canton McKinley Perry Marlington lat Cambridge Relays lst Ward Relays i-ff an Au. S as 1 . fy .. l 'kll H lat Dover Tornado Relays 3rd Akron Rubber City Rela ' lst North Canton lnvita 1st Sectional Championships Opp. 56 1. 26, 1 7 ltrianglerl 37 lf' 7 sw I. . r.,. rj Anal Z W 1' nr 167 PATHWAYSfBOY'S TRACK The 1980 Alliance High School boys track team had one of its best seasons ever. The team was 8-O in dual meets and overall lost to only two teams. The strong points of the team were the distance runners. Many times the Aviators would take at least a 1-2 finish in the 880, the mile and the 2-mile. The Aviators went to sectionals where they took first place, however, out of all the spikers that went to districts only one qualified for stateg Kevin Louis. Louis went to the state long jump- ing competition where he won the crown and became the class AAA long jumping champion. ..,!. .ff 'gf' 3 nf. ,.w,..QJlk! gr' .ww Top left: T. Hawkins running the 120 yd. high hurdles. Bottom left: M. Zaleski throwing the discus. Above: J. Kile and J. Anderson going 1-2 in the mile, ....m. 169 PATHWAYSfBOY'S TRACK .LT nu 1. , ,. . , , . .. 1 p 3 1-P' .. :4 , 'tlrif Team Photo: lst row L-r: P. Brit- ton, R. May, G. Noling, D. Orr, D, DeVall, T. Roller, T. Fedor. 2nd row L-r: E. Kline, E. Kline, B. Hill, K. Dean, S. McClung, C. Bruske, R, May. 3rd row L-r: C. Zurbrugg, M. Pucci, D. Miller, K. Stovall, K. Hairston, T. Buckey, K. Sheets, B. Ritchie. Above right: E. Dixon winning the 220 yard dash. Above left: S. Tolle throwing the discus. sl IRIQS SWIMMING The 1979 80 Girls Swim Team ended its season with a 6 7 1 record The team consisted of many old faces and many new faces, including that of Mrs Mmuer our new coach. Returning for the team were co captains Laura Britton and Peg De- vall The majority of the team made it to districts, but failed to place anyone in the state com- petition Mrs Minuer feels confident about next year s team as only one team member, Gail Jelli- son was lost to 1980 graduation. 5 5-" fe.-1 TNQ-1 hr..- 171 PATHWAYSXGIRLS SWIMMING A , 15. I .'2 .vi- '11 .' Q-, S. s - 5 If I W by R 5 f Q ,lsr -4 Team Photo: lst. row CL-rl: R. Hume, G. Jellison, M. Sticker, and K. Anderson. 2nd row KL-rl: Coach Minuer, G. Kuhaneck, S. Hoibert, J. Eynon, S. Guard, J. Barker, and K. Miller. 3rd row KL-rl: Captains P, Devall and L. Britton. Upper right: K. Anderson Bottom left: Coach Minuer and L. Stuchell Bottom right: K. Anderson, K. Miller, and R, Hume Below opp. pageg G. Jellison 172 PATHWAYS f SPORTS The boys swim team honored three of their team mates. Coach Lear presented Scott Shimp with the most im proved award and Jeff Klle with the coaches award. Rusty Morrison was named Most Valu able Player. BOYS SWIMMING The golf team awards were presented by Coach Green. Jim Ruff was named the teams best putter. Clark Dohr- man was named the most improved and most consistant golfer. Scott Hume was named MVP and also recieved the MVP award from Sleepy Hollow Country Cub. ln girls tennis Mrs Ar mltage presented the Coaches Award to Man anne Wiese and the Most Improved Award to Nora Aberegg The Best Record and MVP Pansino At the Spring Sports Ban quet Coach Clegg awarded Cory Fraraccio Most Valuable Player for boys track Cory also re ceived the award for most points scored by an individual John Ander son was named most im proved while Kevin Louis recieved an award for scoring the most points for field events. BOYS TRACK - In girls track, Coach Shuster presented Rhonda Definbaugh with the Coaches Award, Cin- dy Harris with the 3-D Award, and Ruth Nichol- son with Hardest Worker Award. Rose Johnson was MVP. GIRLS G01-F TRACK GIRLS - Coach Rodi named Bob Pucci most improved wrestler and John Ca meron was honored for the fasted pin Stuart Tolle was named MVP and was presented proved and most Take Downs TENNIS WRESTLING Coach Kekic named Jeff Grewe MVP. Scott Stroup recieved the , and Chip Davis was the teams Golden Glover. BASEBALL Coach Clegg named Clay Brown MVP of boys basketball. Clay also recieved awards for best overall floor re- bounder 'and most as- sists. Other awards were recieved by Jeff Grewe for the Jeff May Mr. Hustle Award Rob- ert Jarman for the top rbounder and defensive player, and Darvus Offil for best foul shooter. Coach Clegg presented three awards to his run- ners. The coaches award went to Bruce Boehm, most improved award went to Cory Fraraccio and the MVP award went to Andy Howell. CROSS COUNTRY Girls basketball awards went to Suzie King for MVP Anita Jorney for the most spirit Cindy Harris for the most im- proved and Chris Cur- ry recieved the hustler award. hx if 'll BOYS GIRLS BASKETBALL BASKETBALL g If I I ,f Coach Tonges awarded Stuart Tolle MVP. Of fensive Lineman award was Steve Hutmacher Offensive Back was Larry Brush, Defensive Lineman was Bill Col lins, Defensive Back Clay Brown. The Mel Knoulton Award was given to Rich Sommers. Most improved was An- dre Jackson. FOOTBALL BOYS TENNIS Jeff Phillips was named MVP of boys tennis and recieved the most wins award. Clark Dohr- man was most improved. i GIRLS SWIMMING Coach Mineur named Peg De- vall MVP. Laura Britton re- cieved the coaches award and Ginger Kuhaneck was most im- proved. Wien' i -r , fi 1 , i 9 -4! , i l ' V, . V. 9 fl? , ' ' ' n i ' A Q 1 , ' ' il l X s i-'f I I l N N .3 I " ', I . Q - X - This year we were entertained by a spe- cial group of cheerleaders - THE BLEACHER BUZZARDS. Greg Burr and Jim Borton provided many phenom- enal antics by organizing the "boys" and helping with makeup. Aside from that we will especially recall the time when Mr. Fails and Kevin Loius held a dance duet on the gym floor. SPORTS SCHGOL RECCDRDS Football Most points scored game tteaml Most points scored season lteaml Fewest points allowed season lteaml Most consecutive games without a loss Most yards rushing lgamel Most total yards tgamel Fewest yards allowed rushing lgamel Most yards passed lseasonl Most yards passed tgamel S 1400 vs East Palestine 1917 410 Coach Mel Knowlton 25 1911 Coach Bowman 20 1931 33 492 vs Columbus Aquinas 1948 605 vs Akron Hower 1959 25 vs Akron Central 1968 1 638 Len Dawson 1952 252 Jim LaFountam P ringfield South 1969 Most touchdown passes lseasonl Most touchdown passes lgamel Longest pass play Williamson Cant Most yards rushing lseasonl Most yards rushing tgamel Longest run from scrimmage Most touchdown receptions lseasonl Longest fumble recovery Most points scored tcareerl Most points scored lseasonl 'slr Len Dawson 1952 4 Bob Wallace vs Cinicinati Elder 1960 4 Cray Brown vs Steubenville 1978 Clay Brown to Alan on McKinley 92 yards 1 350 Tom Barnett 282 Tom Barnett vs East Liverpool 1954 95 Bob Brown vs Canton Lincoln 1957 8 Roger Olds 1952 103 John Gainor vs Kent Roosevelt 1937 300 Hillls Hume 1937 38 39 158 Charlie King 1960 ' , - . 19, , , . ' , ' ' vs. ' , Most consecutive home victories 16, 1931-32 1954 4-1 ff 100 m 220 yd 440 yd 880 yd M e 2 Mile 440 yd Relay 120 yd H.:-1. 330 m LH. Shot Put Discus Long Jump Hlgh Jump Pole Vault Triple Jump Sprlnt Medley Shuttle Hurdles 4 Mlle Relay .2 Mile Relay Boys Track Records 0110.6 0120.9 0246.2 1:57.1 4122.8 9:40.5 0143.2 0214.6 0239.2 59 111 163 11 23 .75 13'6" 42'6" 1.36.2 0258.9 18:40.0 8:12.6 Distance Medley 10:55.3 Antone Blair Antone Blair Antone Blair Cory Fraraccio Ron May Andy Howell Mike Gainor Jesse Wright Willie McCray Antone Blair Jesse Wright Antone Blair Les Traver David Wade Homor Miller Jim Davidson Kevin Louis Jesse Wright Rick Horton Jesse Wright 1977 1977 1977 1980 1978 1980 1977 1975 1958 1978 1976 1961 1980 1975 1978 1976 Jesse Wright, John Wade, Russell Goodwin, Antone B air 1975 David Wade, Glen McClung, Oliver Scott, Joel Andreani 1978 Mike Lowe, Ron May, Tim Anderson, Robert Aderhcld 1977 Cory Fraraccio, Jeff Kile, Scott Hirvela, Andy Howell 1980 Cory Fraracclo, Scott Hirvela, Andy Howell, John Anderson 1980 Il Mlle Relay 3:21.2 Russell Goodwin, John Wade, . fz.. 6'4 ' I GIRLS SWIMMING RECORDS 200 Yd. Medley Relay 2:01.73 L. Britton 160 Yd 200 Yd 200 Yd 160 Yd Medley Relay 1-34 57 Freestyle 50 Yd Freestyle 100 Yd 100 Yd 100 Yd 100 Yd 400 Yd Butterfly Freestyle Backstroke Breaststroke Free Relay A. Kelley M. Sticker P. Schape Britton Kelley DeVall Sticker Emanuelson DeVall DeVall Sticker DeVall 56 7 Sticker DeVall Kelley 2098 2259 15422 2605 1040 1 08 96 1 19 9 3 58 Schaper Jellion Emanuelson M Sticker 1979 1979 1978 1979 1979 1979 1979 1979 1979 1978 1978 176 PATHWAYSXRECORDS WRESTLING Most Career Wins 88 R. Horton Most Career Pins 45 R. Horton Most Takeclowns Season 72 R. Horton Fastest Pin 118 F. Deleon Most Pins Season 20 R. Horton Most Wins Season 29 R. Horton We reserve this space to thank Alan Aldinger for his preseverance with obtaining all of our athletic records. Athletic Director Mr. Carl Hamil 177 PAT!-lWAYSfCANDIDS Top photog George Gray works on string art in crafts room. Lower left: Tracy McCIendon works with acryl- ics. Lower right, Thud! Chat- tie Thomas. 4 i E ,ew 178 PATHWAYS f CAN DIDS O LV' 2 CANDIDS ALONG THE PATHWAY This pageg Upper left- Upper right: Jim Luginbuhl as seen by Lisa Perry in 1st period chemistry class. Middle: "Swish". Lower right: Lisa Polinori, Missy Sticker and Andy Wert. What's upg at a football game. Opposite page: Top' Assembly Time! Bottom' left: Jill Oesch types for the book. Bottom right: Lynn Goshorn prepares a home for tomorrow in Mr. Kirk's drawing class, Cllli i!l. I9 'E Q' 'Pk' -Q'f."? A 1 79 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS 0 Q Q . 4 5 :Q s4n,g,, A, vm si- ,iffif 9 Q 'T .5 A ia? L . fi ax 1. in ? 4' fri i xgrf, A mv. 'I 'Vw 180 PAT!-lWAYSfCANDlDS This page: Bottom left: Kris Haupt and her pinhole camera. Bottom right: Anthony Cannon and Vlctor Covington are number one. Rlghtg Michael Terrell. Opposite pageg Center: Suellyn Gard, "That's all folks". Bottom left: Arlen Grewe on guard. Bottom right: Let's go home. an 1. A. -. '. B- l 'ld " ' fn, -'H 1 rx -nf - 181 PATHWAYSICANDIDS X All 6 CLUBS gl CBCANIZATICNS CLUBS ,- CLUBS CLUBS Rm' DOM CLUBS 'DM P 183 PATHWAYS f BAND BAND DINNER DANCE The A.l-LS. Band Dinner Dance highlighted the season with the crowning of a king and Queen. Laura Johnson Queen, and Da- vid Peate, King. The dance was held on April 19th and the mu- sic was furnished by the band "Good Grief. The dance was sponsored by the boosters and catered by Sugar and Spice. The awards presentation was held at the A.H.S. auditorium, and the dinner dance was held in the cafeteria. as-',,i fc. ff 511-- 6 el-VD' . ' 184 PATHWAYSX BAND T h e Band be- Xi ' gan the year with new CJ Q uniforms fur- Q' Q nlshed by Mbdansf Standbury company in Some of the old uniforms were sold to old band mem- bers. and the rest were disposed of. In addition, the band began the year with a new assistant band direc- tor Mr. Wiley. Mr. Wiley attended co- lumbus South High School then went on to graduate form Otterbein College. Mr. Wlley was a member of the marching band from both schools and played the tuba. Mr. Zurakowskl, again, was the band director The first show the band participated ln was at the Ohio State Fair which was a judged competition Au- gust 25th and 26th. The band stayed on the Ohio State campus and ate dinner and breakfast at McDonalds. Even though they won no ribbons or awards, everyone had fun. Transportation was supplied by A8zM Transit Lines. The band also took a trip to Adrian College In Michigan to play a pre-game and half- time show for a football game between Adrian and Wooster. Brookfield, Missouri. The band boosters come up with many money raising projects which included selling items for Christmas, raffle tick- ets, frisbees and drinking mugs. A to- tal of S2000 was raised on band tag day held on September 9th. During the season the band marches in two parades, namely the Memorial Day, and Carnation Day parade. They spend almost 6 months out of the year practicing in front of the castle for all their performances. Many hard, tiring, hours are put into marching and memorizing music. This years offi- cers wereg Laura Johnson, President, Chris Tschappatt. Vice President, Sec- retary, Gwen Sarverg and Treasurer, Barb Goncl. 4 ug. 1 l X .. 5 , ef... t A X 'ig ff V 'x lb 4' JP' f' xl- I X-L. 7 L 'FF' 3 . mf., fi . 1. ' .f...,4 5- W f""'a'g 'Y .. Hx, 185 PATHWAYS f BAND Marching Band: Seated L to R - L. Wil- lls, S. Rosenberger, B. Baker, C. Mas- trek, T. Benedettl, D. Roose. Standlng Front Row - A. Trlplett, H. Bowden, S, Mltchell, D. Van Derkar, S. Krldler, A. Bonds, L. Pyers, K. Baxter, J. Jenkins, E. Gonzales, S. Wade, M. Slusser, D. Russell, J. McCammon, J. Hanna, L. Sandahl, K. Gorman. Second Row - K. Sponseller, C. Anderson, K. Dixon, P. Makln, H. Bingham, M. Blair, L. Pinker- ton, L. Shenk, D. Klel, T. Benedetti, K. Holloman, R. Holloway, A. Connor, L. Christen, B. Nicholson, R. Wllllams. Thlrd Row - C. Harris, D. Duro, A. Jomey, B. Mason, M. Petersberger, F. Hartman, M. Hess, T. Mason, J. Jones, S. Holbert, S. Roose, J. Mulinex, D. Johnson, M. Klrksey, S. Newman. Forth Row - P. Furry, K. Ellis, M. Barn- house, K. Hlmmelheber, K. Sheets, S. Wamsley, C. Tschappatt, B. Gonci, K. Noll, L. Elsenbraun, L. Peloso, D. Phll- llpl, M. Tschappatt, D. Peate. Fifth Row - J. Bondonl, B. Hall, M. Ring, L. Gulllng, L. Johnson, J. Everson, M. Hanna, S. Burson, J. Plummer, S. Gard, K. Pierson, D. Kelly. Sixth Row - D. Lawson, T. Johnson, T. Triplett, B. Wolkan, R. Noll, L. Brady, D. Wllson. Seventh Row - P. McMillan, D. Eggle- ston, M. Furry, B. Pilmer, T. Bacom, B. Sheets, B. Safkow, G. Feller, P. Lalll, S. Shlmp, M. Hobbs, K. Sponseller. 187 PATHWAYSX BAND Reserve Band - Front Row - D. Van Derkar, B. Baker, S. Newman, T Benedetti, J. Seevers, E. Gonzales, K. Zinkhon, L. Venables, K. Ellis M. Kirksey Second Row - A. Graf, J. Plummer, M. Slusser, C Anderson, S. Gard, D. Russell, G. Sarver, T. Tripplett, R. Holloway K. Baxter, L. Peloso, S. Wamsley. Third Row - A. Tripplett, K Holloman, F. Hartman, L. Willis, L. Brady, L. Pinkerton, P. Makin, D Scott, B. Safkow, M. Tschappatt, K. Mitchell, J. Hanna, D. Safkow B. Mason, S. Kridler, A. Bonds. Fourth Row - Director Mr. Wiley, P Furry, P. McMillen, J. Mulinex, M. Furry, T. Sarver, B. Sheetz. 'N' 'l41l":' w, vc ,,. ,, 4 .UM-1 Rr Q1 ' 1-2 1 -Q azi- - an-.ivan-v' V 1 V. avg 188 PAT:-1wAYsfcLUBs T h e 1979-80 AHS orches- tra was under the leadership of Mrs. Valerie Valen- tine. Serving as the concert master was Mike J , Dhayer who was also a solo- lst along with Laura Johnson, Jody McCammon, and Dan Eggle- ston. The orchestra played for such activities as the National Honor Society lnductlons, October 24, 1979 and April 17, 1980. lt also performed for the public in their Christmas Concert on April 23rd. As an added attraction, it is customary for the orches- tra to perform for the middle school students at the hlgh school auditorium. This occured on April 29, 1980. As a fund raiser, this year the orchestra sold frultcakes during the Christmas holidays. Top salesperson was Johna Skoczinskl. On Feb- ruary 23, some of the members attended the Solo and ensemble Contest held at Marllngton High School. They also played for Commencement exercises on June 5, 1980. The Orchestra Awards ntght was held on May 7, 1980. Front Row CL to Rl: M. Dhayer, H. Brooks, D. Dreger, A. Zucchero, M. Naugle, S. Hill, J. Ray and P. Harris. 2nd Row lL to Rl: A. Orr, S. Heuer, C. Edgar, M. Games, S. Rowe, L. Holly, O. Porter and K. Harriston. 3rd Row QL to Rl: A. Furry, B. Orzo, J. Skoczlnskl, B. Zmuda, J. McCammon, T. Noll, D. Phlllppl, M. Klrksey, D. Wilson, G. Feller, N. Games, B. Marlnl and B. Heuer. 4th Row lL to Rl: L. Spur- geon, M. Petersburg, C. Williams, C. Seabolt, J. Greene, Mrs. Valentine, H. Bingham, S. Burson, L. Johnson, D. Kelly, B. Zucchero, D. Peate and M. Bamhouse. 189 PATHWAYSX CLUBS .Q'g,. u . 9 l' . X fav Q If f 'W f X, Mg :hr 190 PATHWAYSX CLUBS Front to Back - J. Sickle, J. Gantz, G. Lauer, G. Feller, C. Duro, Beck To Front - D. Clronl, C. Beadles, S. Slimak, R. John- son, Front To Back - K. Cly- more, C. Latlmore, M. Chen, L. Vlen Back To Front - Mr. Hlsey, D. Peate, L. Welder, B. Under- wood See page 123 for cholr's yesrly summery. off' N9 Front Row - C. Jackson, C. Bea- dles, L. Harris, M. Davis, D. Ve- sey, C. Duro, L. Vlen, L. Hlg- gins, C. Seabolt. Second Row - S. Carlson, S. Sllrnak, F. Harty, B. Davls, M. Collette, S. Rich, S. Klng, C. Latlmore, J. Maxwell, D. Peate. Third Row - D. Hadlet, G. Feller, R. Pelamantl, S. Ar- gaez, K. Clymore, P. Rodefer, R. Johnson, L. Welder, K. Speak- man, J. Sickle, G. Lauer, M. Gar- cla. See page 123 for cholr's yearly summery. C330 QQQWY, vf Pg. 42+ 191 PATHWAYSX CLUBS Row 1. J. McCallum, A. Blssler, S. Martino, S. Wayne, H. Rus- sell, J. Voytko, D. Furry, R. Cus- ter, D. Vltalaril, T. Belford, D. Blendea, M. Parlonteri Row 2. D. Ray, R. Doyle, L. West, K. Miller, T. Oyster, D. Smith, S. Hlll, L. Tennis, R. Jones, M. Phelps, L. Favazzo, S. Spall, L. Pyers Row 3. K. Middleton, T. Newman, K. Dixon, J. Jones, H. Hagge, J. Johnson, K. Damiani, C. Nichols, R. Yeager, W. Szelgg, L. Favazzo, M. Popovlch, Mr. Hlsey Row 4. M. Bamhouse, S. Martin, C. Fisher, G. Thomas, N. Thorpe, J. Wright, E. Doug- las, S. Fluharty, K. Moler, B. Ma- son, M. Roberts, B. Alton, K. CXXQXVX M. Parlontlerl, J. Fortner, K Thomas, J. Wiese, J. Porter, C Sebolt ' Q15 M6666 Q39 192 PATHWAYS f CLUBS VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE Front Row - M. Hlll. Second Row - M. Worley, S. Green, G. Kld- der, R. Blake, J. Donovan. front row - Cleft to rlghtl - C. Gents, G. Thompson, N. McGren, K. Crewson, J. Flack, P. Krltz second row - S. Welsh, D. Vlcars, K. Schreckengost, F. Shsrpnsck, G. Walker, G. Good- nlte, B. Hoover. third row - D. English, D. Dlckerhoof, R. Freeders, D. Dlckerhoof P. Con- rad, absent - T. Bllmm, J. Buck, DISTRIBUTIVE COOPERATIVE TRAINING I Row 1: J. Porter, N. Aberegg, J. Emery, C. Mastereck, J. Jones, T. Mason, M. Chen, D. Vesey, C. Nichols, D. Drager, A. Zucchero, D. Mehnert, S. Rosenberger, B. Ba- ker, J. Kandel, V. Pansino and J. Russell. Row 2: M. Klnnard, P. Lalli, S. May, J. Fortner, G. Gainor, S. Rich, S. Klng, P. Rodefer, A. Stone, K. Bennett, B. Blosser, M. Wlese, C. Flennlken, L. Hurford, G. Sarver, A. Jorney, W. Emanuelson, R. Definbaugh and L. Harsh. Row 3: C. Tschappatt, B. Fogle, B. McDaniel, J. Miller, J. Ruff, G. Lauer, B. Holmes, S. Stroup, B. Grimes, C. Lalli, T. Grimes, J. Harrison, M. Hanna, R. Henke, M. Cibulas, L. Johnson, B. Gonci, M. Leeman, J. McCallum, C. Dohrmann and P. Ayres. I t. . 14 . . X 6.1 ""' . 7 1 If ,ix I I EP" ' I I-5 WO CD 'u ID -I I E IP -C cn X O :- E TY CIE SO HONOR NATIONAL National Honor Society members represent leadership, character, scholarship, and service. During the school year, two inductions were held at AHS. The first, for seniors only was held on October 25, 1979. The spring induction, for juniors and seniors was held April 17, 1980. At both, the four NHS qualities were portrayed by members through skits and speeches. The 1979-80 advisor was Miss Ruth Maldoven. Officers were, President, Vivian Pansinog Vice President, Dana Meh- nertg Secretary, Debbie Dregerg and Treasurer, Chris Tschappatt. The club's meetings were held the first Monday of every month. Checking coats at basketball games provided the money to hold an end-of-the-year picnic in May at Butler Rodman Park where the next year's officers were announced. For more on the National Honor Society, turn to page 123. 194 PATHWAYS f CLUBS Row 1. T. Grimes, K. Sheetz, B Brandon R Noll 94? 311,59 Row 1. L. Sandal: D. Gaume, M Wagoner, K. Clymore Row 2. S Carlson, L. Britton S STA TE 6 . 195 PAT!-IWAYSf CLUBS Row 1. C. Tschappatt, R. Noll, L. Britton, C. Lalli Row 2 K. Anderson, M. Puccl, M. Tschappatt, S. Wamsley, K Thomas, J. Russell Row 3. M. Sticker, D. Dehart, A. Zuc- chero, J. Everson, K. Clymore, P. Foy, J. Kandel Row 4. S. Holbert, L. Edgar, J. Klle, T. Buckey, D. Russell Row 5. J Mullnlx, R. Morris, J. Mehler, K. Baxter, M. Holland Row 6 P. Lalll, S. Mehnert, A. Grimes, L. Polinorl Row 6. B. Hurford, M. Parlontlerl SENATE ACTIVITIES Freshman Orientation Splrlt Week Football Victory Bell Homecoming Activities Homecoming Dance School Tours U Open House Lobby Christmas Decorations Sweetheart Dance Basketball Concession xl Qll Stand New Exam Schedule Archery Assembly Lorin Bishop Assembly Pantomime Assembly Ballet Program Exchange Student, Paco Llzarraga Lunch Popcorn Machine All Elections Spring Musical Sponsorship 5 5? 5? 'S 196 PATHWAYS 1 CLUBS Front Row - B. Brandon, C. Tschappatt, A. Wert, P. Lalll, J. Russell, B. Sheets, K. Sheets. Second Row - C. Poland, M. Klrksey, M. Phelps, A. Wlmer, S. Wamsley, P. Foy, J. Everson, J. Mullnex, Thlrd Row - T. Rich, M. Bamhouse, T. Sarver, B. Mason, M. Tschappatt, M. Holland, J. McCallum, K. Bruske, C. Lalll, B. Fogle, J. Webster, Mr. Austin. Forth Row - B. May, S. Shimp, T. Buckey, R. Noll, M. Pucci, J. Wlese, B. Holmes, B. Grimes, C. Fraracclo, J. Fortner. Tum to page 123 for the year in sum- mery. C596 cl .131 Row 1. M. King, D. Roose, S. Rosenberger, N. Dunstan, A. Orr, H. Brooks S. Burson, R. Sl- manella, A. Jomey Row 2. L. Johnson, J. Jones, J. McCom- mon, R. Price, C. Harris, B. Mar- lnl D. Dehart, T. Noll, P. Rodeler Row 3. H. Bingham, L. Pyers, L. Gulllng, S. Klng, S. Rich, E. Pugh, D. Wllson, B. Brown 6' CZ' v- 'SQ' Y- 40.90 Q0 Qs ... Ov- 'Qs fo Front Row - J. Fortner, J. Porter - Pres., L. Johnson, N. Dunstan. Second Row-M Grimes T. Tone A Jorne B . , y, . y, . Brandon - Treas., Miss Shuster - advisor, M. Barnhouse, B. Davis, K. Settle. 197 PATHWAYSX CLUBS Taking the place of the Pep Club f and Pepsters, the Spirit of AHS was X formed last May to give students a chance to support their teams and to pro- mote spirit throughout the high school. Ju- lie Porter named the club and served as its A first President. When asked if the club was a success, she replied, "No, not this year but it will be next year if people participate. If at least one ambitious person with spirit will join the club next ' year, it will be a succes." The club's advisor was Miss . Shuster. . . 1 A .its L-, s N 'Q-1 '57 In 76' J ,J -s 'zf f" -I ,P-2 ,1- .lifk if Ex in ad 3 ' 4 'L V, l :au F 'llTL"w5,4-'TQ Q- fftzil, it l , 3 I ..'l all 198 PATHWAYSX CLUBS Front Row H. Wllliams, C. Peloso, J. Jones, G. Sarver A Welmer, J. Haldet, M. Chen, E. Henry, N. Thorpe, N. Chardenet, D.D. Clayton, A. Sallyards, E. Iwano, C. Schrader Second Row P. Sarver, S. Magee, M. Wagoner, M. Saltys, J. Vick, D. Blendea, K Kllchenman, N. Dunstan, H. Brooks, D. Roose, S. Rosenberger A. Zucchero, L. Pyers Thlrd Row Mrs. Draggett, T. Sarver, C Hopper, G. Fortner, K. Thomas, G. Lauer, B. Fogle, K. Noll, M - 'XA1 Young, S. Roose, K. Hultin, D. Mehnert Fourth Row P. Lalli, B. -McLaughlin, R. Harrison, A. Allen Safkow, T. Buckey, J. Wiese, J. Harrison J. Russell, Miss Mundy Right, Mrs. Draggett and Cindy Duro. Below: Miss Mundy The Foreign Language Club ls the perfect orgaizatton for students taking a foreign language and who are interested ln learning more about the cultures of other people around the world. 6 At each meeting of the 1979-80 school year, there was a 0 Q presentation on a country. Some of the guest speakers x O this year were, Mr. Ballor on "The Run of the Bulls" in Q V Spain and Fellclty Hartyon South Africa. Other Q 0 Events Included an lntemational Dinner, pre- Q C9 pared by Mrs. Draggett and Mrs. Mundy. Q E V -. 'GI I 199 PATHWAYSX CLUBS First Row B. Howell, R. Slman- ella, K. Kelley, E. Henry Second Row R. Price, H. Williams, C. Koon, Mrs. Lockett, Mr. Ham- merton, J. Russell, E. Brigel, S. Rotuna Q9 First Row S. Rowe, D. Aspen, B Miller, Mr. Carli Second Row M Noll, D. White Third Row A Amckinstry, C. Beneske, T Hawks Fourth Row M. Maxwell C. Stewart, L. Jones 9,5 C2306 zoo PAT:-1wAvsfcLuBs I . -r 4 mi- Row 1: T. Culp, B. Favazzo, C. Haynes, J. Ayers, D. Reda, R. Noll, R. Watson, L. Edgar, K. Holly. Row 2: D. Needham, R. Pennington, J. Barker, J. Hons, A. Stone, M. Johnson, J. Porter, S. Stouffer. Row 3: D. Hull, B. Holmes, A. Howell, D. Cironl. Row 4: M. Ballor. Below, Karen Holly and Monica Johnson sell- Ing rabs. Rlghtg Christine Haynes selling favs. i q W 3 This year, the RAB continued to be an all-student published news magazine. Advisor, Mr. Ballor, with the help of RAB editors Joan Ayers, Tom Culp, Leigh Edgar, Jerry Murphy Dee Reda and Amy Stone, continued to keep the students Informed about llfe at A.H.S. On the average, for each RAB, the staff spent about three weeks writing, one week on layouts, and one week for proofing, be fore printing could begin. Please refer to page 123 for additional RAB coverage. RAB . 201 PATHWAYS 1 CLUBS VARSITY A row 1 - K. Petti, K. Simmons, J. Oys- ter, J. Russell row 2 - M. Dhayer, L. Britton, D, Gaume row 3 - r. John- son, S. King, V. Pansino, R. Defin- baugh, A. Jorney, J. Murphy, C. Fraracclo, A. Howell, B. Hurford row 4 - C. Harris, G. Specht, J. Ad- rnonius, M. Wlese, J. Anderson, N. Aberegg, S. Stroup row 5 - P. lalli, J. Ruff, G. Hagge, T. Lalli, M. LaNave, S. Polen row 6 - R. Summers, C. Lalll, C. Parlontlerl, V. Rogers, B. Holmes A. Grimes, B. Grimes. The Athletic Honorary Society or Varsity "A" Club ls a group ot ath- letes who meet every other Wednes- day. Members have earned a varsity letter and have been screened by a committee. Visiting a nursing home and Eastgate School were among the athletes' service projects. Money ralsers Included selling pizzas and submarine sandwiches, and the spring llft-a-thon. The 1979-80 Presi- dent was Dana Mehnert and Jeff Russell served as Vlce President. AHS coaches served as the advisors. Row 1. B. Madison, S. Stouffer Row 2. P. Legros, M. Florea, E. Hartshome, Mr. Yoho Row 3. A. Firestone, M. Hanna, The Mas- cot STAGE CREW 202 PATHWAYSf CLUBS lnternatlonal Thesplan Troop 231 ls under the supervision of Mr. Steve Kantor and. president, Marianne Welseg vice-president, Greg Lauer, secretary, Skip Martlng and treasurer Cecil Seabolt. To gain admlttance Into the Club, a total of ten points must be eamed from having worked on committees and acted ln the various high school productions. New members were inducted on April 16 at the Blue DomfThesplan's Awards Banquet. Marianne Welse and Cecil Seabolt were voted Best Thesplans for the year 1979- 80. Row 1: G. Lauer, J. Vick, M. Saltys, L. Gulllng, L. Jones, M. Bamhouse, J. Porter Row 2: R. Meek, Mr. Kantor Row 3: L. Edgar, A. Graf Row 4: K. Clymore, S. Martin, L. Phllllpi, D. Vandlcar, J. Haldet, B. Hall, L. Pyers, C. Seabolt, G. Sarver, B. Brandon, R. Noll, B. Safko, Row 5: P. Server, M. Wlese, K. Sponseller, T. Noll The Blue Dom Club of AHS ls under the supervlslon of Mr. Steve Kantor. This dra- ma organization ls open to all Interested students. During the course of the year, under the president, Kathy Clymore, the vlce-presl- dent, Mary Soltys, the secretary, Skip Mar- tlng and the treasurer, Cecil Seaboltg the Club proceeded to Involve themselves in many actlvltles. Early In the year they held an M8tM sale for which they profited about 3250. This money went to help finance the awards for the Blue Dom fThesplan's Awards Banquet held on April 16. They also sponsored a one-act play, "The Ken- tucky Marrlage Proposal", under the direc- tlon of Sklp Martin. The play was present- ed to the public on May 1 and to the school on the second. Row 1. M. Soltys, K. Clymore, M. Wlese, R. Noll, G. Lauer, L. Jones, L. Gulling Row 2. Mr. Kantor, S Martin, C. Seabolt, L. Pyers, D. Blendea, J. Haidet Row 3. G. Sarver, J. Porter x . N 'Y 4 .1-er""' sf 203 PAT:-xwAvsfcLuBs Front Row - V. Harrington, C. Williams, T. Jordan, L. Jones, H. Bowden, B. Davis, D. Furry, R. Custar, S. Custar, T. May, S. Sll- rnak. Second Row - Mrs. Stone, J. Thomas, N. Calderone, P. Lag, M. McPherson, P. Furry, J. Everson, G. Jelllson, L. Brush, L. Brady, S. Kallas, J. Ruggles, Miss Dourm. Third Row - D. Phil- llppl, M. Tumer, K. Llpely, K. Speakman, B. Holmes, B. Grimes, D. Shuster, M. Dhayer, J. Grewe, K. Noll. 5 we draw The student faculty relations board is designed to gain a better understanding of school-related matters between the students and teachers at AHS. Student members on the 1979- 80 board were, Marianne Wiese, Jeff Fortner, Chris Tschappatt, Rob Noll, Tony Grlmes, Cory Fraraccio, Traci Noll, Carisa Ed- gar, Lisa Pollnorl, Bettina Marlnl, Ola Porter, and Missy Sticker. Faculty Members Included, Mr. Webb, Mr. Brion, Mrs. Kuhan- eck, Mrs. Lockett, Mrs. Mehler, Mr. Morris, Mrs. Wagner, and Mrs. Wujclk. loud actlvltles Included the hanging of our Alma Mater ln the Gym and monthly discussions held on the first Monday of every month. Board Photo: Front Row - C. Fraraccio, B. Marlni, M. Sticker, T. Noll, O. Porter, L. Pollnori M. Wiese. Second Row - Mr. Brion, Mrs. Kuhaneck, Mrs. Wujclk, Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Locket, Mr. Webb. Third Row - R. Noll, J. Fortner, C. Tschappatt, T. Grimes, Mr. Morris. :TUDENT FACULTY RELATIONS BGARD 204 PATHWAYSX CLUBS Front. J. Borton, K. Llpely, R. Henke, B. McLaughlin Second Row P. Foy, M. Parlontleri, Mrs. Kuhaneck, C. Jackson, V. Pan- slno, J. Kandel, A. Orr Third Row G. Specht, L. Edgar, M. Wagoner, M. Wiese, L. Vlen For Creative Writing Club's yearly summary, ue p. 123. C396 V: . 47755 Front row: G. Kuhaneck, M. Par- Iontleri, K. Hlmmelheber, L. Vlen, S. Goldman G. Lauer Sec- ond Row: Mr. Hlsey, J. Wagon- er, W. Safkow, S. Martin, J. McCammon, L. Gulling, L. Pyers For Preformlng Arts yearly sum- mary see page 123. 40686 Oo me 4,57 G' S 205 PATHWAYSX CLUBS E. Leach, L. Gulllng, Mrs. McClintock, K. Moler, J. Oesch, s V. Pansino, S. Panslno Not shown in the picture are D. Haynes and D. Harp 5 P59 C990 Front Row. J. Hanna, K. Vlcars, L. Syme, B. Hall, M. Schlemmer, L. Packey, J. Rovder, O. Porter, A. Connor, J. McCallum, D. French Second Row L. Wilson, D. Vesey, C. Nichols, S. Slimak, B. Davis, D. Blendea, M.B. Em- ery, E. Deleon, V. Snyder, L. Gray, L. Sandahl, C. Knowles Third Row. M. Wagoner, K. Sny- der, W. Alexander, K. Burley, A. Graf, D. Van Derkan A. Triplett, B. Zucchero, H. Brooks, M. Hess, B. Nicholson, T. Reagan Fourth Row T. Johnson, M. Rod- gers, R. Henke, G. Richmond, S. Crabtree, A. Miller, T. Stewart, M. Young, K. Pinkerton, A. Car- roll, L. Carter Q6 Q vs 060 206 PATHWAYS 1 AUTO BODY - W s' A ll QR, M," ., -r dx-6' . 5 x ' . , , M . QT ' ' 'S Front Row - D. Delap, D. Kelly, E. Thomas, K. Mobley, B. Stuchell, R. George, M. Estockfacond Row - V. Campatelll, K. Harris, T. Miller, T. Burley, N. Mcnoga , G. Wilson, J. Holland. Third Row - K. Mount, L. Lothran, M. Good, T. Jones. Below Lt., Bob Metts, Below Rt. Blll Bench on ll .AUTO BODY I S . . 'MJ i I 7.2- 8 0 AQ fvg . . Q fy ? 207 PATHWAYS f AUTO BODY . Q 'WW 3 .ar Q -A J Fi. -... 1 'V' Row 1: R. Metts, D. Toumoux, C. Piaedaz, R. Mullnix, B. McBride, J. Frau Row 2: J. Gang, S. Hutmachor, D. Miller, J. Clark, J. Falcone AUTO BCDY II 208 PATHWAYSX AUTO MECH Row 1: B. Hackman, K. Schllllg, D. Egan, K. Guller, M. Noll, A. Edgoll, B. Bench. Row 2: J. Horshborgar, D. McCollum, M. Gablor, M. Peterson, J. Emory, J. Holbrook, RL Suggett, R. Fox, D. Lab, R. Truman, D. Davis, R. Rhyne, Pres. M. Gables Vice Pros., J. Holbrook Sac. S. Harshbergcr Sgt. of Arms J. Emery Ucrashii Iamfs - .-ffl' N -' ' 1 . ' ' if 1 ' Y. Y 5 9 lf: ' - J . 4, f . 5 - vi gkk V ' , - Q H, 'X I lf'VMc1m , 2 Il' 6 p 5 - Row 1: B. Grant, B. Gansleln, B. Haxlln, J. Ruthbrust, B. Sher- wood, D. Miller Row 2: B. Robson, J. Cabassa, R. Femandez, J. Miller, B. Ott, J. Llnam, T. West, J. Boyce Row 3: M. Kramer, T. Sylvester, r. Edenflled X. X 209 PATHWAYS f AUTO MECH 5 il +1 .,-'. A .4J- A 1 I I ur.. 'X , ,X Q ' f Rib I 1 ,fl X 'H ' 4 210 PAT!-lWAYSfCOSMOTOLOGY W x 1 X COSMETQLOGY 1 Row 1: G. Skarpusls, M. Pinkerton, T. Zlggler, M. Herderick Row 2: T. Kirkland, C. Leyman, D. Phillips, M. Mazzola, K. Morettini, R. Reed Row 3: L. Games, D. Duro, M. Wlles, B. Zurbrugg, D. Cornett, Mrs. Werden 21 1 PATHWAYSXCOSMOTOLOGY 'Q -L h Tk? L,!.vk F Emi I I,- ' ROW 1. D. Park, T. Maguire, K. Reed, L. Schenk, C. Lallias, T. Omen C. McClain ROW 2. R. Juillerat, J. Slabaugh, R. Beckett, C. Huey, M. Rothbrust P. Stillion, K. Miller, C. Aeling, J. Reber, J. Grabowski, B. Milllron, V. Mohr w. A 'hh 1' 212 PATHWAYSX CHILD CARE ff L' ' A" J ' - N ll!! 224' Xi' - Q - Row 1: P. Slifkln Row 2: K. Helsel, S. lrey, J. Springe, K. Ward Row 3: L. Dean, C. Simons, D. Floor, D. Couchman, L. Betz, M. Schuller Row 4: D. Perkins, S. Estock Row 5: W. Johnson, J. Shonk, L. Little, T. Moore 213 PATHWAYSXDIST. ED DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATICN Front Row - J. Minger, S. Zarilla, R. Lewis, J. Miller, J. Parker. Second ' Row - B. Ramser, D. Black, A. Beltz, E. Russell, T. Welsh, Mr. Black- stone. Third Row - A. Miller, C. Garnek, S. Reber, D. Clark. Bottom Right: Sherrie Reber checks out a customer at Stambaugh Thompson's. Bottom Left: Sandy Zarilla worked at WooIworth's while taking D. E. 214 PATHWAYSX DRAFTING H 1 ROW 1 - C Larklns, M Holt, R. Baker ROW 2 M. Hobbs, M. Kinnard, F. Bernard, D. Ebcrly, W. Beatty 1 W . 1? v -UI ' I 'Q I -. 's fmw 215 PATHWAYS f DRAFTING Front row - D. Buhn, D. Schott, D. Galllna, S. Miller, Mr. Bert. Second row - M. Aellng, T. Frank, L. Jurkson, M. Shonk, M. Davis. N . 216 PATHWAYSX ELECTRONICS Row 1: G. Tinker, B. Reber, S. Kertel, T. Mercer, M. Kolm, J. Holloway Row 2: M. Reber, R Dozier, J. Ziccardi, S. Isaac, D. Janover, R. Baker Row 3: D. Dufresna, D. Abrams, K. Simmons, P. Hlppely, Mr. Green. Class officers, Pres. Ron Dozler, Vice Pres., T. Hollaway, Sec. D. Abrams, Treasurer, S. Kertel. qi ,Q '76, P THWAYS f ELECTRONIC 46096 5 A-'W R fr I' X D, Phlieger fg, 1 fglux . K gn- 4' , V I 1 Vi- Ax If ,J '-f'f-f 1-fs Q55 -' - - , r H-. 1 ,ff ll vf' lv'--""' a tri X rf-xl-3-L 219. PATHWAYSXIOE CLERK TYPE Row 1: M. Ray, J. Hartzell, K. Burley, J. Douglas, C. Bichesel, T. Snyder, L. Essinger Row 2: B. Morrison, S. Zmuda, R. Meiring, L. Miller, S. Dalesandro, R. Walborn, J. Thatcher, K. Snuder, Mrs. Walton 0 ' 4 220 PATHWAYSXSTENO is Ea' ap -. Nt- ., Front Row J. Jenklns, B. Akins, R. Meek, S. Madsen, L. Boring, V. Foster, P. Reeder Second Row K. Kehr, S. Mastrek, D. Roberts, K. Phllllps, T. Tennis, K. Bennet, D. Merke Third Row B. Teale, S. Powe, E. Nltz, B. Couchman, Miss Chapman Directly aboveg Jenny Jenkins. Left: 1 Debbie Merkl. 221 PATHWAYSfSTENO Row 1: D. Kuntzman, L. Lee, K. Schreckengost, D. Holbrook, T. Bene- detti Row 2: H. Mastera, M. Ring, C. Hipkins, A. McCown, Mrs. Brum- baugh 222 PATHWAYS f MACH TRAP W -BX MACHINIQ fix., I C Q a A 311 lf Row 1: G. McMillan, R. Duell, D. Faverty, T. Swindell, R. I Castello, J. Morrow. Row 2: J. Lair, R. Morrison, S. Funk, R. Butcher, J. Phillips, F. Ball, Mr. Yost. Row 3: C. Russo, J. Bench, C. Davis, K. Battershell, E. Lambert. I' M 1 MNC? OWU X ' I 223 PATHWAYSX CLUBS Front Row: L. Antram, J. Boz, K. Mudrick, B. Stockli 2nd Row: ,i Mr. Arbogast, B. Stuchell, K. Sukosd, B. Collins T. Green, P. Schmucker, R. Henry, 3rd, Row: B. Buelher, D. Hoff, K. Faus- nlght, G. Miller, G. Ware, J. Wilton, N. Rogers, L. Rlnglehan O 5? ogg 224 PATHWAYSXOWE Row 1: D. Paxaen, P Hickman, R. Farmer, R Puckctt, B. Bean. Row 2 S. Holly, P. Harris, M Courtney, D. Carter. Q39 G. Huntsman, R. Pierce, L. Hardy, J. Jordan, Mr. Vargo, S. Green, C. Gang and R. Powe. yy 225 PATHWAYS I CLUB 557' r-nv... , ' .v l . 'Q Front Row: R. Terrell, B. Wolford, T. Sells, S. Heaton T. Lalll, S Fagan Second Row: T. Siegler, C. Duke, R. Jones, L. Summers M. lnhurst, C. Anderson, Miss Miller Third Row: Mr. Krelner, K Thomas, P. Peters, T. Blue, R. French, F. Davis, K. Roberts, T Hancock Mr. Murry 9 226 PATHWAY f PRINTING V I . ' 1 Left: M. Turner. Right: S. Kallas A . ' f" Ke 46' 'yfrw 1 ., , ' lf: Front Row - D. Kee, P. Lare, L Middleton, B. Kovach Second Row - F. Roberts, S. Kallas. M. Murphy, J. Baker C. Heller, T. Hupp. Third Row - B. Kerr, C. Moore, M Turner, J. Mosier, D. Pinney not pictured. 227 f PATHWAYS f TELECOM 0 il' 1? .. X 'fo B .I -. .ff 'if' ..- 'B 2 f ,' Row 1: B. Brandon, B. Biddle, D. Brown, M. Zmuda, S. Robertson, R. Noll, M. Arntz, L. Geisse, S. Reisch, S. Roush Row 2: Mr. Claflln, K. Holly, V. Van Dress, N. Chardenet, A. Teppert, G. Burr, D. Phillippi, R. Scott TELECOM 228 PATHWAYSX WELDING B3 , 5 Vs' 4 Row 1. J. Salter, B. Singer Row 2. G. Awmend, T. Mathee, D. Zueehero, L. Ramage, R. Marttnel, T. Rounds, J. Scheete, D. Mengee, Mr. Ryan Row 3. J. Mlddeugh, T. Beer, K. Sponeeller, T. Miller, B. Cathey, B. Hlll, D. Fln- dllng, Z. Hancock Above Rt., Terry Rounds, Above Lt.. Art Clark t QOWQ, ,J .Ad-,,,.....4f'-' v- f er. ffgl is . 2 4 - I I, 4 i 'w 'Yi-Q fi-. .rw 4 1, 1 ' :"4 Q.!'s,s"-:- 'SN W4 1 A , dl 229 PATl'lWAYSf WELDING 5t . ,, A R4 ROW 1. E. Tappert, A. Clark, D. Phillips, R. Williamson, K. Poole ROW 2. D. Bryant, G. Fisher, Mr. DeLong Top Left: R. Williamson. Right: D. Phillips ,www 'V ..,- 1 .Q i 7' ,ffl F Ll is V Q 9 41 if up 230 PATHWAYSXCOMMERCIAL ART 1, 4 fl' 1 U . B .C-tim" ,..f.wr ,Q mf V- M31- ROW 1. C. Lobdell, G. Polinori, J. Wolfe, L. Marshall, B. Antono- ' santl, N. Santuchi, S. Brown ROW 2. G. Persello, J. Rastetter, T. Arbogast, l. Kirksey, D. Crow B. Hoebeke ROW 3. P. Church, R. Ring, D. Tanner, Mr. Diccintio Q!- Sui' 5:5 Q' l as 3, FINAL MOMENTS FINAL MOMENTS MOMENTS MOMENTS MOMENTS 232 PATHWAYSXSENIOR CANDIDS LAST OF THE SENIORS of CLASS OF '80 REALLY ROWDY REALLY CRAZY Opposite page: Top left: Miss Monsman's home economics class bakes "A" cake. Top rlght: Varsity A sells pizzas. Bottom: Telecom crew does Round-A-Bout bash. This pageg Top left: All night party stage band music entlces seniors into a high step frollc. Top right: Jlm Wilton, "Gooooo". Bottom: Nothing stops Mark Turner from graduatln . 233 PATHWAYSXSENIOR CANDIDS o I A l'! ' 234 PATHWAYSXSENIOR AWARDS SENIOR AWARDS A total of 100 awards and more than 522,000 in a local and community scholarships were presented to outstanding Sen- lors during the annual Senior Awards Night held May 22. Jeffrey Russell and Marianne Wiese were named Outstanding Seniors and received the American Legion School Awards amounting to S200 each. Alternates Dana Mehnert and Gwen- dolyn Sarver each received 550. Russell also received the Clarence D. Steffy Humanitarian Award which amounted to 5500. Mehnert received an ap- pointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy valued at S200,000. Recognized as top scholars in the class were Wendy Emanuel- son and Jeff Fortner, both will graduate with perfect 4.0 grade point averages. Andrea Carroll was named recepient of the first annual Louella E. Board Youth Scholarship and Amy Zucchero was awarded the Beverly Robertson Yeagley Schol- arship Additional scholarships which were presented and the rece- pients included the following: Chris Tschappatt, Alliance Edu- cation Association Robert H. Dowling Scholarship, American Association of University Women Scholarship, Gwen Sarver, Bench Warmers Athletic Scholarship, Jeff Russell and Scott Stroup, David Cowan Memorial Scholarship, Chris Tschappat, Mel Knowlton Scholarship, Richard Summers, National Merit Scholarship, Wendy Emmanuelson and commended scholars Jeff Fortner, Chuck Lalli, William Markley and John Stewart. David Peate received the Eric C. Dura Scholarship. Jeff Fortner also received the Ohio Academic Scholarship. Certificates of Acheivement in the Academic Scholarship pro- gram were presented to Wendy Emanuelson, Chuck Lalli, Bill Markley and Dana Mehnert. Fortner was also presented a 54,000 scholarship from the National Society of Professional Engineers. Laura Johnson received the Orchestra Booster Club Scholar- ship, Jeff Russell was awarded dthe SANCAP Scholarship and Pam Rodefer received the Tri-County Business and Profession- al Women's Club Scholarship. Chris Tschappatt was awarded the William Steffy Scholarship. Community Awards and recepients included the following: Peter Lalli, the Alliance Exchange Club's Jess Alter Memorial Award for "Youth of the Year", Ben Favazzo, Alliance Review Journalism Award, Dana Mehnert, D.A.R. citizenship Award, Vicki Pollock, Damon lncentive Award, Donna Holbrook, Eu- genia Moses Award, and Charles Moore, Jay-C-Ettes Printing lncentive Award. The recepients of Alliance High School Awards and State Department of Awards included the following: Alta Jarvins Work-Study Awards to Mac Avery, Joyce Clark, Richard ln- herst, Gary Thomas and Vicki Pollock, Bausch and Lomb Science Award to Jeff Fortner, Best Thespian Award to Mari- anne Wlese and Cecil Seabolt, Blue Domino Achievement Award to Marianne Wiese, Clark Kennedy Award to Jeff Fortner, Math awards to Chris Tschappatt, John Stewart and Jeff Fortner, John Philip Sousa Band Award and the U.S.M.C. Distinguished Musician Award to Laura Johnson, National School Orchestra Association Orchestra Award to Mike Dhayer, Outstanding Senior Spanish Awards to Wendy Eman- uelson and Dawn Vesey and Outstanding Senior Stage Crew Awards to Greg Legros and Ed Hartshorne lone yearl and Mfk Hanna, Mike Florea, Robert Madison and Steve Stouffer, four years. 3 The Alliance Kiwanis Club also presented Outstanding Voca- tional Student Awards to fifteen seniors. They included Robert Metts, Auto Body, Bill Brant, Auto Mechanics, Janet Wolfe, Commercial Art, Joyce Slabaugh, Cosmetology, Judy Miller, Distributive Education, June Flack, Diversified Cooperative Training, Mark Hanna, Electronics, Steve Miller, Engineering Drafting, Luci Essinger, lntensive Office Education, Donna Holbrook, lntensive Office Education, David Hoff, Machine Trades, Lori Hardy, Occupational Work Experience, Cather- ine Heller, Printing, Edward Robertson, Telecommunications and Ernest Teppert, elding. Ben Favazzo, Jerry Murphy, and Vivian Pansino were inducted into the Quill and Scroll. The Richard Goodwin Athlete of the Year Award went to Jeff Grewe and Stuart Tolle. Awards of Distinction in Basic Studies were presented to Elizabeth Blosser, Rhonda Definbaugh, Wendy Emanuelson, Jeffrey Fortner, Lori Harsh, Judith Jones, Charles Lalli, Peter Lalli, Jill Maxwell, Dana Mehnert, Vivian Pansino, Stuart Tolle. Chris Tschappatt and Marianne Wiese. State Department of Education Awards of Distinction in Voca- tional Education were presented to the following: John Fal- cone, Auto Body, Barry Ganslien, Auto Mechanics, Donald Crowe, Commercial Art, Theresa McGuire, Cosmetology, Sandy Zarilla, Distributive Education, Tammy Blim, Diversified Cooperative Training, Don Heestand, Electronics, Tom Frank, Engineering Drafting, Kim Snyder, lntensive Office Education, Accounting Clerk, Ann McCowan, lntensive Office Education, Stenography, Raymond Barker, Machine Trades, Jim Jordan, Occupational Work Experience, Mark Turner, Printing: Angel Teppert, Telecommunications and Bruce Smith, Welding. fl, 4 'Ji l I! i l' 235 PATHWAYSXSENIOR AWARDS p.- T0 Opposite page: A. Carroll recieving the Louella E. Board Youth Scholarship. This page: Dr, Hamrick presenting the Coxen Scholarships to P. Lalli, C. Tschappatt and P, Rodefer. Middle: Recepients of the Award of Distinction in Basic Studies were from L to R B. Blosser, R. Definbaugh, W, Emanuelson, J. Fortner, J. Jones, C. Lalli and J. Maxwell. Bottom left: Mr, Ballor presents the Chronicle Quill and Scroll National Honary Award to V. Pansino. Above: Mr. Wamsley presents J. Fortner with the Ohio Academic Award. 236 PATHWAYSXGRADUATION This page - directly above: Valedictorian Wendy Eman- uelson. Right: Exchange students K, Hultin, Y, Hisano, F, Harty, M, Garcia and S, Argaez. Opposite page - top: Graduation line-up, Bottom left: Valedictorian Jeff Fortner. Bottom right: Senior class advisor Mr. Brunner. The 262 members of the class of 1980 joined the ranks of Alliance High School Alumni on June 5th, 1980. Commencement exercises were opened by Reverend Wesley Vesey with the invocation. The pledge of allegiance followed lead by Vice- pres. Jeffrey Russel. ln addition, "Youth Speaks" was a section of the program featuring the graduiating seniors with perfect 4.0 grade averages. This years speakers were Jeffrey Fortner and Wendy Emanuelson. The class advisor Mr. Conrad Brunner read the names of the 37 students who made up the class honor roll. The class Presidents' address was delivered by Dana Mehnert. Dana's speech contained thoughts of the past four years as well as those for the future. He said in part "People such as teachers, coaches, and counselors who have not only taught us from the classroom or the locker foom, but have also been our friends and have demonstrated a genuine sense of caring that has not only instiued in us a great respect and affection for them personally, but have caused us, through their fine example, to have a greater respect for the educational process as a whole," Principal Duane Wamsley presented the class of 1980 for graduation. Deplomas were presented by School Board President Mr. Bruce Wiegel assisted by assistant principles John Webb and Paul D'Eramo. The Benediction was presented by Rev. Paul Perkins. The graduates were then lead by their class officers in the singing of the Alma Mater. Following this the class of 1980 recessed from the auditorium and into the pages of Alliance High School History. GRADU SCHDOLS DUT F DIV!! 238 PATHWAYSXALL NIGHT PARTY H' if WI The annual all night party for seniors was one filled with events. First, a police escorted caravan of students was taken to Bonanza to eat. Upon returning to A.H.S. the Seniors got to see Mel Brooks' l'Blazing Saddles". Afterwards, the seniors went to the cafeteria to dance to the disco beat of WZZP's Disco-Trac, but it didn't show up, Ben Favazzo saved the night by going home and getting his own stereo. Throughout the evening, various prizes were given away. The party was over the next morning after serving breakfast. Jam f X RSX 239 PATHWAYSXALL NIGHT PARTY l.l. HGIIT 'FY 'N "- ' I N1 I " Q - . R 'df' . K . . . r v . n-, .sg .x 'J' ' P . , A, - ',.,,,A 1. This page - left KL to RJ: J. Barker, J. Crewe, J. Parker, J, CBakerJ Parker, J. fHonsJ Turner and M. Turner. Right QL to RJ: M. Garnes, F, Harty, M. Garvrilla and P. Plajer. Opposite page - top right: C. Mastrek and B. Davis. Bottom right: Mr. Brunner and J, Fortner. 240 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS Top ugh! Dunn Mvh nvrt, "YOU wou!ri'n! flnr dHIipllllflI1lllt' chronir flu-, would VA? Twp Ivft, Uclmlm' fur om Bottom lxhuck l.all1' Wr on SENIGR CA DIDS 1 ,1 . , if V A f. 4' tnkv mv Dlffllfi' mf on .xml on and 4 -2 R Lg- ' i X ii it ,, ,J,, . 241 XPATHWAYS SENIOR CANDIDS -'lil-- , 5 2 1- physics QQ Q55 V , ...- z ' I 5' N 'QQ .x N4-L. '50 7' ' ' Bob Madison 7. W - . I 3 :LLC-f 242 PATHWAYSXSENIOR CANDIDS kfvillr f f""5s -330 'i' U Q i ' -ry. " ..,-...m-aim-aiu n 1 Ullm- Cl. 88 Aboveg Debbie Dreger booking it. Above rightg FILM! I am holding my film - Steve Stouffer comes through. Lower rightg Hi there! My name's Tim Bendeich. What's yours? K 3 V. ,- 'Yaff half Brown X! I ,mix 243 PATHWAYSXSENIOR CANDIDS 'K J QM '1 xx XL lggskyfbwi and Th Ffmg 244 PATHWAYSXSENIOR CANDIDS C75 Ll-I UD i Thus page, top, the RAP: and track doesnt take ALL of Jerry Murphxfs tum' Lower Lt., Ivan Krrksey, Lower Rt., Ben Favazzo has seen Jaws ll. Opposite page, top, Nora Aberegg gets into the swing of things Lower Lt , Dawn Vesey 7 GRRRF Lower Rt., DEADLINE Beth Blosser . hut . . not . . another ' 1 Ns 1 X 35? 'S f X IRR ' CUGUICN fm GOO LUCK 13D.,.0J EE 80RlCH Ll. R sunncasmg nvmn . - J' o M 'AHSWO . mms ,3wg'5-MGNL 5C0?7f- NCFQMSUSIE 2ffTTK,2fLl.'3ffVBQEff FARLC BILL Tfaxb?3"5T?9MT 4mA K 'QE LEC Zllfgicmanskb xnnxsevq 1 A-, I1 l Q gi y E -7 1'l1:,R:gg 24HEfg'fg2v3RmO'Ll2 N MILTON , UN IVAN Q IANA' We MIM -'fa , Fmm3lKtRKSlY 3Afnf HNfQT55mcouAM 75 SW W K 246 PATHWAYSXADS FI MI' LIMIQNTS OF SARCHIONE S DODGE Dodge I I 6-iwxc. m f " C Q It PW To Belong' AAA W ld T 8212323 45 6 u C in A' or - , Wide ravel H " Agency X 6- v51 BUICK ALLIANCE AUTO DEALERS DIVISION OF ALLIANCE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LAVERY CHEVROLET NICHOLAS BUICK PAUI MITH PONTIAC HENSCHEN MOTOR CO THOMPSON MOTORS HELMS V W Qlisfwbie P0 I YMF Volkswagen 247 PATHWAYS X ADS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO INC 134 S. UNION ALLIANCE OHIO 44601 PHONE 821-3810 ALLIANCE TIRE SHACK 4 B 'clg t 5 E8 Sh my M Q CB Rad'os I I 'S Arch At Prospect Alliance Ohio 44601 Phone C2161 823-6050 BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1980! TOMMY S AUTO SUPPLY 60-62 E MAIN - 821-0118 8-6 WEEKDAYS - 8-3 SAT. 1920 W. STATE - 823-6010 8-6 WEEKDAYS - 8,5 SAT. 11-4 SUNDAYS CREDIT BUREAU OF ALLIANCE INC Alliance Ohio 44601 638 S. Union Ave. Ph. 823-6190 I , O ! ri es one 9 I, X I" e a s 296 A ,NK 0 ' 1 I 1 Q G gixllq I r , lwga, Auhuhlwi' 7 Q .. 1 A 248 PATHWAYSXADS '.-X 9 UNITED NATIONAL BANK S TF-'GUST CO Clty Bank and growing In Stark County for 125 years Locally owned 249 PATHWAYS f ADS L 3.5311 'm,y3i5fsft el .1XRK3X5fXNv' X ,, Ma ire fi- egg? . F' X gf? 3K keg YWQNDS o THiS SPACE PROVIDED av FIRST FEDERAL S Q3 l is QQ 4, EX J I fr . O 'If X A Q r isasgii 2 'F ,rp QQ o Y' ii Sk n: Z 3 3 E 'X 1-T532 Y I vm 32 , Y KMA - re 2 C, if m 1, Xigfiiiriro gli' D Z , 2 3 - 4 2 f X 'FXQQ1 Q4 4 will A 2 S , fr 0 2 1: gNfzr1f:3v:,,g.w. xr. 0 m 1 v- 1, riff' so gig 'T L.jf:F X ,, D C -A Xi ,J f Wig 3' W x wsi 1 4 35 4 -4 W f ' 'f 351: L , fi - : ur o 4 ,E gg fqlxiiqhbz-ff." ' . XQWXJ Exif" -Wg ffg in VX 5256 fr A: f 4 -rr X- ' '? S 1 ' ,A - XXXTFQ gf U' A X- . , X A X .rx 1frQg:5Q?1fs,eiQ 2 b 1 X .- X S 2 -. f K . . X '4 U r A 'Z 2 To -3 Aflx i A L, , r- S 'Q as f-.MM w Q-r X lm? '-'- -1 A.,. X, L H .,A, .M 5' Xlo 3i'f'f'1 iXX?'5fif 1 It as 1 , are 2 ' QT' O E if2Qgg1f:ii3'Xf,, X r Q 2 ,7, Q Q ff X w ' , A X ffgw g 1 A: r X X-Nfiak I ' X M X- ggi' fll SX .- K , 4 -2 cn L o 'Y 7 . L ifrfifsi- -vw M X 5 is Q ' - 1 X vw 3 ' r M2 ilk A 1- , , 1 'L Q 'T V . , U ' L jew Q ' O r, rw r ro "br 7 Q' Qqicrwgfrwfgffqiz1?g,zQ?5fgfgagfgfg,is Wann lsuu A8 oaomoud saws sum 0 Somew . Aw-of 1-. - MX-ff yfwvvq 2? mgd,gfX5VXj.wa' f-Q-iff wifv- - HX or o Q ,. f, : rf 5 0 ' 0" .jig Congrotulohons TRUST 26 OFFlCESf MEMBER FDIC Your full service bank. 3 , 1980 Groduotes 250 PATHWAYSXADS I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' AI MINI' UNI SIIJI' IIIIIIIAI SIIUI'I'INC3 f'llS'IUM MAIHI' 7 HRIIJAI IIIAIJ I'II VI S 81 HATS KXTPNSIVI' I INII1 OF RIB' HUNS A '-.lII'I'I IIB WIIJIIINCE INVITATIONS X1 RIZKVTI-1IVI'ION Af'C'I SH I VI RY I IIINU HER 'I'III. IIRIDF .RQ TIIV PARTY' I'Xf'I.I"I' 'I'III. DOWNS HOURS 104130 TO 5-OII MON -SAT 2128 S UNION AVF IQVICNINCSS BY APPT, AI.I.IAN!,IE, OHIO 82' 'W 0'4""1 FAMOUS FOR FASHION Best Wushes: X ,.-I--MNXX ,111 " ' . f I A, I 1 ' mf' .f MEN S WEAR If I . . 670 W STATE ST PHONE. TA 1-1630 E, A an . 455 Main St' HI Ce Ohlo Hfradmormlly Fume Furs .md Apparel" Q9 " h n E" Q C , U A t RUSS BETZ PLUMBING 1097 W. MAIN ST. ALLIANCE, OHIO 44601 PHONE 12163 821-2433 FIGENSCHUH JEWELERS Diamonds Watches Silverware Certified Cemologists American Cem Society Jewelry Of Quality or 60 Yrs, 248 E. Main Alliance FRANCIS J EWELERS XX Ill,f' T e Diamond 335 E, Main 170 EAST si- MARKET r Carved Diamonds PHONE 821 5235 251 PATHWAYSXADS Compliments Of BONF ERT GLASS CO. .La at I ' or I ff fl t :scis.iima If---JJ 3 823.0450 5. "V . fu, , jf' I I A l. lf 5" Qi- tt' J -if! 'A SHERWOOD Factory Pricos Ladies Coats Made In Our Own Factory Famous Maker Sportswear 45 N. Arch Ave, Alliancg uv-I' ll dll Slutty Mix I C m imens Factory' Outlet , 1 On I: A E L L L E I C D A T E N R 3 C , A ,f-X O I E ' 'T N G .. , ,. X gf I N O 4 'L 'B C H 4 . 'H 6 St I C I 6 it ' OYQ I' C O O O 1 1 1 fi P t R i i i C N ' 1 il I l U C ! A il l 1 " I - i T Xtisi viii st ii Niilitiiliiiiwi, ,, 4 l l S Vliiiiii ti' til, ' lla. A N D Alliance! 252 PATHwAYsfAos FLUHARTY S A cl Appl 2207 S th U Oh 44601 823 6770 Best Wlshes Good Luck Class Of 80 Compliments Of Alliance Pump Co. cc 7 77 Lumber, Builders Supplies All To cc 77 Furry s Mower Sales Sc SQTVICQ wie 7 Q Aww! ' 0 7' ll 52, lt, BRUN I BROTHERS COMPANY ALLIANCE OHIO Compliments Of Complet Line Of G al Elect 'c Hom Appliances - Colo T,V. GENERAL Q55 uecrnlc Apphance Centers GREAT AS THE GE NAME Whe e The Acton ls 821-1704 State And Rockhill Allia Oh'o Sa es . I ' ' am If Service ' ' A 821 1500 350E.sme V 'A p 253 PATHWAYSXADS HEINIE INIUNITZ Iron SL hletnl 248 N. WEBB AVENUE ALLIANCE. OHIO 4 601 Dvulvr i F J N I Nl I JAKE MUNITZ ROBERT TUCKER SEWING CLASSES FABRIC PATTERNS NOTION J 'n T SEWING BAR OWNERS JANE AND TOM GRAHAM S 266 E. STATE ST. ALLIANCE OHIO 44601 , PH. 823-6721 Compliments Of House Of Co1ffure 1480 S Arch Phone 823 7197 Allnanc e Ohno 44601 D X LJ C QYIQI' fl 8 1' 1' I nce 'I I N. , I x xg QQ GROVE REFRIGERATION I X ! T. 1 sei? Ill ll I ll l ll! ' 1 . , . 254 PATHWAYS f ADS ,. A A 823-1110 MILLERS FLOWER - Taye xg J . Artistr In 9 Flowers 468 W. Vine St Opposite C'ty Cemetery ' Alliance Ohio Compliments Of OESCI-I STANDARD Oil Distributor 14949 Oyster Road Alliance Ohio 44601 JIJZLE 'Lf 1241 if " I f, LAND, INC NX 1124 -I I l ORANGE KRATE CRAFT 444 E. Main Downtown Alliance Ph. 823- 5992 Decorating Craft Supplies ,N ? A Ziff' YZ" -- S. S 821-0111 Compliments SCHNEIDER JEWELERS L'--'N -1 a 1' ff- " 'It . - . . Y i 1 ' 5 K .1-"' ':.x .,xA '15 ,- 1-7' 5. ' Wr ay. r Q , , f - ml, sift " . I ' ' 9. Exif Is Km W, 741 awburg Compliments Of SCHAPER 8a ASSOCIATES Consulting Engineers THE TRANSFER FACTORY T-Shirts - Transfers Q Jackets Leather Goods - Buckles - Silk Screening OPEN Mon - Fr'. 11-9 Sa . 11-6 257 No. Union 821-9461 Compliments Of STAMBAUGH THOMPSON College Plaza 1370 E. State Alliance Hardware Lumber Paints Sporting Goods Kitchen 8: Bath FRIENDLY FURNITURE Downtown Alliance Quality Furniture At Popular Prices Let Us Arrange A Payment Plan To Suit Your Budget! 255 PATHWAYS f ADS llllwilliams omce suPPLiEs 5'sf9llslWNl ,Ms.: s:.s-.,i . T' L COPE FURNITURE Furniture Carpeting Professional Interior Designing Visitors Welcome 960 W. State St. Alliance Earl Wi.:-E 256 PATHWAYS f ADS 350 MM uf Fllll 'll 'Dill' MDIIIII' G .:!,'. I :' Get A Meal For Your Money, Not A Snack' 44 West Chestnut lNext to Bler Depotl 821-9999 18 VARITIES OF SUBS 619 Cherry Ave IS El Canton Ohxo Food Drstributors BLOOM 8z KLEIN INC BUCKEYE VILLAGE MARKET Hmmm M IIARKH COLLEGE PLAZA BAKERY t t'e B t A d Pa ty C k . . . O as i - Desg ed Especially Fo Yo I Open 7 Days - 7 am To 9 pm Lo ted I College Plaza D0 UT BAILEY S DGNUT PLACE SWS , . 7 I U - as I SPAX ff A A 1 1 L. . , lvl 'VX X, 3 NWS I ft, N ' 1 '4 I ' I I Best k.!'Q' 3 U X I' llv':- 5.2 I 151 it ' ' "' E fu- hi Y SX G? ' ' LA f fx' 4 -P A 4- ' To . 5 A l I J, 7' S . ,l ' l. 9 1 I n IEW. I IX- A 1, Igivg? f ' 1 ni, N 5 fl lf KN Fancy Par y Pas n s ir hday n r a es For Any cc son in r u. I ca n Q' r 7 X ne, ' Y , Q X 4- T N A 5. in 1 It :RHI ,' x f Vlf. -' Y' 5 9 x 4 If 0- 11 , tate 257 PATHWAYS X ADS Compliments Of M ff LAKE PARK "Rcstauraq-t 4-f f" A "Restaurar1,t v'ifa:i:.,24' 1a1r1zf'z:rfi::.' FOOD S Til :miles b f 1,1 Ph 823 0220 in 13915113530 SH ,Q,w"3 RESERVATIONS NOT CMO' NECESSARY OPEN DAILY O AM to 10 PM. CLOSED MONDAY9 22421 Lake Park Blvd. 7 Compliments L Of . yii tfffiw 5 L S P 1" " -H D653 N637 Slvlfdel sweklftspself 3 "' " P " A 1' 1 Am PIZZA --1. 'j Oi A :A 4 , w 'TA-,A ,.., 821-8088 1 141' 7 Days a Week 26 E. Washington i p , PALM GARDEN INN Spagh tti 'Steak gl Sea Food House H d l l Private Parties Call For Reservations 1441 S. Liberty 821-2680 SI-IAFFER'S DINER Open 6 Morning Until 10 At Night HOME CGOKING Compliments Of WEST VINE MARKET 1104 W Vme Groceries Beer Wine Carry Out 0 e ,C omema e ta ian Food Noon Lunches ' Banquet Rooms For I O 258 PATHWAYSXADS Compliments Of 4 Ml vs COMPLIMENTS OF CONNY'S vyllv l T lrww l.'.4'l1'fI5 q VVHU1 l i' 'ff' " V WEIZENECKER Bros. IGA 6090 Union Ave. South "Friendly Folks Territory" Fmturing Homemade, Swusages fpplewood Smoked Meats Opgyn 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Mon. A Sat, 10 am to 5:00 pm V Sunday Phone 821-8306 Ll FANFRb 84 TAII ORS ll li 259 PATHWAYS f ADS THE Compliments Of ALLIANCE ELECTRIC Co. AND T D DAVIS ENGINEERING DIVISION I I I Lllrll K M y 3 Grapnfc commimfcanons specialfsfs d CON Subsidlary Of Sterling Drug Inc Was AcquIred By Sterlmg In 1957 And Moved Shortly After That From Chicago To Alliance In The Early Years d CON Shared The Buildings At 12155 Fxsher Avenue With John Puhl Products And Purex Ltd These Operations Were Separated In 1965 The Present Expanded ApproxImately 60 As Well As Seasonal Temporary Employees The d CON Line Includes Rodent1cIdes Insecticides Energy Products And Rid X For Septic Tanks d CON Is The Largest Rodenticide In the U S THE d CON CO , IN Congratulations To Class Of 80 From KUNTZMAN TRUCKIN G NORGE VILLAGE COIN LAUNDRY Sc DRY CLEANING 195 E. STATE ST. COME VISIT OUR NEW STORE! LOTS OF DRYERS 8a WASHERS ATTENDANT ON DUTY. SAVE ON DRY CLEANING! PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED 81 PRESSED OR CLEANED 8a WEAR BY THE POUND OPEN 8 am - 10 pm MON - SAT 11 AM - 7 PM SUN. Facilities House A Staff Of - . C. 260 PATHWAYSXADS man is challenged todag to excel in almost every endeavor . . . those who do succeed often trace the ,h 7 beginnings of their performance pattern to accomplish- M ment in high school and to those who offered stimula- , GENIRAL OFFICES tion and inspiration in these formative Bears. Josten s OWAYONNA """"fS0"l has long been a partner to these educational leaders in , CLASS RINGS providing a means of motivation and the rewards of . X'EARBOGKS recognition, and .Josten's products have become tangible s ANNOUNCEMENTS sgmbols honoring perseverance and achievement. ' DIPLOMAS ' AVVARDS More than 3,000 josttns oinployevs are tlctlicutvd to your i-ninpli'ti- sutisfnc-tion. Serving you locally: Bill Novotmy Serving the Third Generation of Americas Finest Students with Products of Distinction STOUDT PRINTINQQ CUMPANY Dry Cleaning Drapery Cleaning Home of Fine Printing - Lt-ttcrprvss and Offset Jet H ww! Slim. Smit! Mobiler Carpet Cleaning Furniture win., imimi- sz: 1 ws Uniforms VIRGIL srouor, OWNER Selby gl Union 8234225 Perskey Plaza 8233308 t'With a Personal Interest in Your Printing Needs" Compliments Of ALLIANCE BUILDERS SUPPLY Complete Line Of Builing Materials Transit Mixed Concrete Quality Service Auld 8a Webb 823 1130 CLEANERS ALLIANCE INSURANCE SERVICES 1095 W. S W F R y Jlm Hathenll Woody McCallum 823 4289 tate Complete Real Estate 81 Insurance Servnces Sales Associates ith irst ealit pn ,fx g.L.yr.1,w '- , .. 261 PATHWAYS f ADS ...,,, -I Your Partner In Protection S I HOME GRANGE CEIIIIITER MUTUAL COMPANIES 2115 S. Union Ave. COLUMBUS OHIO BARNETT INS AGENCY N 131 W St t Ph 823 2920 . a e I Alliance, Ohio 44601 one - Compliments Of I C. I 262 PATHWAYSXADS IZWQI WlSI14,S TQTIN1 China Animo Class Of 1080 DICKEN gl MARSHALL THE SCHAEFEER INC. AGENCY , I . ports Lynn 817 S U A All 823 7175 2240 S, Ilnion Ave M R A All 82371530 O b' 1, All I7 Of I I ' TI-IE MCCONNELL AGENCY CO INSURANCE Since 1866 For Your Every Insurance Need' 0 Alliance Ohio 0 Phone 821 1740 'First National Bank Building I CRANE Fluid And Pollution Control Stee Building Products Aerospace 8a Aircraft Products Deep Drawn Shapes Enamel On Steel BATH TUBS LAVATORIES SINKS Economical Eye Pleasing Styles Gleaming Vitreous Colors Space Saving Sizes o I Alliance, Ohio 263 PATHWAYSXADS A Unit Of AMCA International Corporation E. Broadway, P.O. Box 600 Alliance, Ohio 44601 USA. Compliments Of MORGAN ENGINEERING 947 East Broadway Alliance, Ohio 264 PATHWAYSXADS E A ACTION Compliments Of 1 SPQRT ,suzmj R CYCLES ALLIANCE DROP 11333 N U FQRGING Payne. 82923777 , I 1980 F om TRANSUE 8: WILLIAMS Best Wishes To The Class Of Good Luck To Cla CH 1979-80 AHS hdajorettes 265 PATHWAYSXADS Comphments Of FILNOR INC CASTLE NITE CLUB 8: ROGERS HAIR DESIGN 1980 COMPLIMEN TS OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS LANES 505 S LIBERTY ALLIANCE OHIO 44601 mount union college WWW To Class Of 19801 Hecks Dept Store 266 PATHWAYS! ADS Compliments Qf CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Shafer-Stirling Funeral 6 snN 1946 6 Home rr - rr r " 0 0 ir 1014 S' Union - mance , Congradulations To Graduates Of 1980! COMPLIMENTS OF SIBLEY FUNERAL HOME 706 N. WEBB 821-5650 Compliments Of MURPHY S MART Store KA LJVJVWT -Hi' '-6.9.15-..i,.' -.JN ,U -Q.- ff f 1' ' lflir - . ABF-XASIVES INC 16123 Armour Street N E Allrarmce Ohno 44601 R 12169821 3510 7 "The Friendly 77 - U M.Q'fii'L2 M., M 267 PATHWAYSXADS Tropllivs for all ocvasions Best Wishes To The Class Of 1980! Mlllt-lic l,t-ttvringz. Chenille .-Xwurtls. Compliments Of West State Carpet BHIHNWS Need New Carpet? I'ln1blf-ms Don't Buy Till You See Us First . . . 3 Best Quality S, Best Selection O Wesv TUSCARAWAS 0 CANTCN. Owe 4 OB Best Prices w msh n P1,,,n.1 1-215-477-3479 Immediate Installation eachers Q 105 W. 1184 State W State WALIZER SHELL DEAN WALIZER Best Wxshes To The Class CONGRATULATIUNS Of 1980' SENIORS' 268 PATHWAYSXFINAL GLANCE L., , vu 1 " '-., p.. .,,n iii' ,th 'iw .-Gf gf ,hg""it-1rf+f"'7"'7. 1 ' V an an ff Hikari-WQB.A ',6 I i"' pgs - 1 34, - . ..,:!4 T 4 .TW " ,Q . . J wiv. I rr -,fu ' .5 C4 A ' .3 ', N ...3-su . T' 3 U., I ,i O A .-...--Q il 'lk X X4 -4, K4 ,- i .. i 1.4- f 'B-. 1 - n1'E35AS 13 ' K 8.2.4 QF Um. 3 , Q--f-wr. L... 270 PATHWAYSfCANDlDS CAN DIDS vu-13 . ,Q- Sandy Martino, "Do you want a bite." Eugene Arkenburgh, "You better be out of town by sun down 14" The AHS smokmg area crowd eryl Cobbs-"Hello, is anyone in therew 271 PATHWAYSXCANDIDS CANDIDS w Kathy Bishop"'Come clos' r.' 1. Tam Moore and Cindy Simons. WR! WX X X P 1 ff 'I f,,-'J' , f-ff' ' W4 W 4' "ily- nr-- DIFFERENT PATI-IWAYS X I , YH WE ALL HAVE N ' 4 il 'f I V Q -rp . .4 1 - .. 4 Ir' , :N A it W 'X E at A Q, --44 i gf Ash .Q ,W .N N I 4: V fly? Q x S fx ' W A 'N . l 4- ' s 3-V" - " Q ll if will ftwl' :ESR NW I , 5 ' 'QQ Yue X Q . 5 L '1 . . . and some of us will take pathways which may never return. Above are an exchange student's last footprints in Alliance as he left for the airport. A Chronicle staff member, and good friend. V Tim Bendeich. 274 PATHWAYSXINDEX I DEX f111mqq, Nora zo, 14 Abrams, 117111 2111 Ahtrrrrrx, 811111 '111 A1l.vr111, Roh1n 1V1rrlvn Arlamx, 11 511 A-lame, Wnvrrrr 411 11, 11111, 244, 2111 1 411 A111r1rm11rs,.lvlfvrv l4'1 1'11 151 711 I7 2111 A1-111 1'1rnnt11v 1111 A.-111111, M..11...11 211 vw, A.11.r111, 1 '11, 11121 11.111111 v11q.111.. 711 A1111 41111, 1.1-1, 17 A1111111. ' ' 11111. ,111 11111111 1111111.11 711, vm 11 1 11.11.111 141111111111 1 A111111 ff. fu.1r..1 , . 11, , , Alrlrrrlgv, 111111, rx Al.-111111.-r, wr111.11rr 1.11, 1117 111111111 M1111 1111 Allurr, 711111.11111 yo 17, 241 Allun, 111111 1,11 fx11111r1r1, ll 111. A111111 11 nr. Ar1.I.-rw. 1 1111, 71"1 f11.11.W11r, mn 1111 Arulvr Amlr-r Anllvr Aurlru mn, .l 17,17 Ballor, Mr 2115, 21111 Banks, Joseph 5211, 147, 151 l1ar1wr, .1 511 Bark--r,.l1ll 7H 1111, 1511, 171, 211121111 Barkvr, Rrrk 511, 147 linrnarnl, Tun F111 Barnhousv,M1rha1'l11H, 11111, 1115, 11111, 111111, 11111, 147 11,111-q,Ar1we11f1, 1411 1111 Ban-5, Karlw 1111 11atn's, R 511 Batlershell, K1-uh 222 Bastvr, Karen 1111, 1145, 1217 1115 Baxter, Kathy 711 11ea1lIvs, Vlwrvl 721, 11111 John 211, 211, 1117 2111 1111 sr1n,Kr1Sluv1'111 l'1'1 171 1114, 1'1'1 xon. kat A 152 1111 Antonosarrl, Hvth 211 Antrar Antrnt A111111 A111011 11 1.rrr1lVn 711 11, l vrnrv 225 1 .rs1, Mr Noir.-rr 111 221 fr-11, 11rr1r1111v 211 7111 711 Arr1r11r11r1 1' 1111 Arqru-1, S Arkon hurq A1.1..1.1r1., M11 2111, Arnoh Arnlr 1, 11var1 M11 lu-II--, 227 Avhhy, 11:-nmlrl 11N A.,1.1r1, 11 11111 Auqm mn, R '11, Aumn, Mr 111 A1111-ry, Wvllv 1111 111 Aurru-ml. lruv Auurn, Mr 1111. A tr-v Imrrvl 211 11 v, Aww, 1'1v.1.- 141, 1114 Av.-rv, r'r.11r1.1 1.11 Avvry, 11 '111 Aww, .1.1r11...11.1r.- 7N Aww, 14.1.11 aw 114 1211 l 1111 121 2111 11, lrrqvrrv 4111, 2111 '11 1 21111 Av.-ru, .loan 711, H7, Avrm, l'aul IH, 1'l1 121 1114 l1nrorv1,T1tr1oll1V l'11 11115, 11111 ' 7111'11'1 111.111, sum- 1,11 1 11 11111.-1, 111.r11.1r.1 714, 111 1111, 111 , 11,1111-1, .1111 11'.1r1o-11 211, 21'1 11111.-1, ,1r1.f, 7211 11.111.f1,1r111'm, 17 111.101, 111111 214 111111.-r 11.11-..-1 2111 111111, Vranrn 7111, 222 11earlrwIl, 'Swamv 11141 Beall, S 511 Bean, Barton 224 Heatlv, M 147 111-ally, W1Il1: 1411, 711 Becker, Knmbvrlv 1111 Beckett, Rhonda 211, 211 111-er, Theodore, 2211 11vllnr11, T 511, 1111 11.-lu, Angel 211, 411, 214 111-n, T 1411 Bench, B, 21121 lhfnrh, .ln-H 222 111-nclv, W 791 Hem-mletlr, Theresa 21. 1215, 221 l1endu1rh, Tum 211, 145, 148, 1411, 242, 11.11r.1.1.frr1, 11,11-V 5111, 11411, 1117, 112, 221 111-nm-tt, 1411.111 711, 1111, 12.1, 2211 n.fn11.r1g, T F111 11ernart, 1'ranr1Q 21, 78, 145 Berry, Mehssa 711 Bvrrv, R 511 livrt, Mr 215 Butz, D 56 HMI, l,1sa 721 111111, Tammv 21 Beutlvr. K F111 l11rhsel, Fhervl 21, 2111 Brggdr, M.1r11.1r.1r 711 Bingham, Harold IM, 1115, 11111, Bmlon, fovv 7111 nrrhap, 14111111 711, 17, 271 Blulvr, Ann 118 111ssler, fxdwarml 21, 1111 111v1ns, Charlotte 711 Bvvuns, Man-da 21 Blvtns, P 147, 511 Black, U 56 Black, Sherne 1114 Black, Devon 21, 21 1 11la1r, Muchael 1115 Blake, 17 Sh Blake, ,1 511, 147 Blake, Randall 118, 1112 Blake, T 152 Blendea, Dmna hH, 1111, 17 Blum, Tarnrnv 1112 Blosser, Efluzaheth 21, 1111, 244, Blue, T 225 11111 121. 17, 273 17, 2115 Boehm, l1rur'1f 1,111 11nn1lon1, 17.111111 411 Bondonr, .lnnwrnr 711, 1 Bonds, A 511, 1115, 1117 Borlng, 11sn 78, 2211 . 15.7, 11111 H5, 411 21.11 Horton, .lanws 21, 1111, 174 Bowen, 1'1wr111a 411 Bowden, He1r11 .14, 1115, 1811 Bowman, G 511 Bowman, .John 1121 Box, .1 2214 Boyce, .11-1I 21111 Bovl-un, F 511 Boz, .lames 22 Brady, Dam 511 Brady, l,1sa 118, IH5, 1117 Branan, .1 7H Branan, 1, 7K Branan, M 511 Brandon, Brurv 711, 14 Brewster, A 57 Brewstvr, Darrow 118 Brrenza, R 57 Brrgel, F 57, 147, 11111 Brtmlow, Javrnv 22 ,1, 1114 Bruton, Laura 724, l2P1, 171 Bruton, Paul 57, 147, 11111 Brooks, H.-1111 11141, 111191, 11111 Brown, Crystal 1114 Brown, Davul 411, 1.111 145, lhts Brown, Davul 1' 711, N7 Brown, Davrd M 711, 227 Brown, Larnorm- 1111, 1,111 Brown, Susan 411, 21111 Brown, Wtllxarn 1111 B1r1m111r1g11, M11 221 Brueslw, K' 57, 1.111, 11111, 1511 Brunner, S 57, 147 Brunner, Mr 2.111 Brush, l,arrv 145, 147, 22 Brush, 1.01114 147 Brvanl, Douglass 21, 22, 2211 Buchanan, Sharon 1111 Burk, .losuplr 22, 1112 Burk, Mlrhrwl 15H, 1115 Buckvy, T 57, 111, 11111, 1511, Bun-hler, Hrurf- 2251 Buhn, Davrd Allen 22, 215 Bunch, Bruce 22, 1112 Burnwnrth, 11 17 Burke, Xavwr 1111, Burkhart, M 57 Burley, Krv5r.11 22, 2111 Burley, Trmothu 711, 21111 ,P 11111 1117 227 1114.1115, 111 111 15, 1511, 1 11 r 11111 11111 11111 11141 15, 34.1, Burr, Gregory 211, II15, 111, 1411 227 114 Burson, S 57, 185, 11111, IHH 11111 Burtnvlr, K.-Ilv 1111 Butcher R 711, 222 Byfran, .Jw-pr. 1111 C. K. i. K. t, K. V K. l. nhnssa, .lohn 21, 21111 ahasm, Path' 1.1.1, 1111 al11-from-, N1-11 .Imr-1111 21 14,1 111-1 anwrnn, .lnhrr 1111 .m1p11.-11, .I '17 .1r111111.111 1'r1rr.11111 .1r111111.-11, 111111.11 .1r11,1.r.-111,v111 .1.1 2111. O .mn n, Anthony 1111, l,111, IS11 Cannon, 11 1511 K. arll, Mr 11.1, 158. 1 Carla, fvnthm farll, John 1111 Carlrslv, V 711 1 lrrlson, Shar: 711, r 1'arp11r1wr, M .17 1 1 'arr, Mrc 2111 1111 1111 11111 1114 'arrol, Andrea Sue 431, 114, 2.1 .',15 Cartwrlght, T 57 1'ar1wr1g111, 11r1r1.rI.1 1111 1 1 'arlvr, Dvnmu 51 'am-r, 11ehra 224 Carter, 1 57 Carter, Yolanda 2.1, 1511 1 1 C Xwstullo. Ron, Y. . nrver, 1' 51 4111 .rtln-1, 11 .UH 1'l1arnhurS, Klan, 1111, 1 14 1'11.1,1111.1r1,M1qQ no c'1rf1r11r1.1r1, Scott 1-11, 14,1 fltarmivnvt, Nlrolu 711, 227 Chardan, lorelta 57 1 'hvn, Mrng Trong 11111 l'hvn, Mrng L'h1u 2.1, 711, 1111, 1L'1 flu-nr-vvv, M 57 1 1 C 'hurc11, Paula 2.111 lrnsren, 1 on 1111, 1145, 11111 nhulas, Mvchael 711, 145 1111 1111 1 C'1mn1, Davul 717 1 1 L . , . 'rror11, Dehor.111 Ir.rr1.- 2.1, 111, 1 111, 1,411 lrlfl1n,Nlt 227 lark Arthur foward F , lark, Dan Darrell 24. lxlark .lon 2117 1 lark, M 57 U11111, s1.1p11.11. 11-1 61.11-11111, 11 51 l 1.-gg, M1 1111, 1111. 2,1, 2211 21,1 Clvrnore, Kathervn 711. 1117. 11111, 1115 1 1 1 ohhs, C7 57, 11111, 211 'ohhg Uarvl 14" 'on-, Darlene 1117 111.-11 T11 H ' ' Ann J4 11111 145, 24,1, L'1',1 foflrv. M 57 Collrv. W 57 1'nl1lsr1ow, Marx Poll.-t1-'. 114111.11111 tnollvns, 11111, 24, follmi, Mtrhlwl 147 follms Thomas 145, 154 fongello Luanne 711 . ,1-1 11 Games 4 A 4 4 V1 "T fi I 1 4 'v 1 .1 'J 1 Conner, Joe 154 Connor, Angela 69, 186, 185 Conrad, Paul 191 Cornett, D, 210 Couchman, B 79, 220 Couchman, Debra 49 Couchman, Diana 57, 212 Courtney, M, 224 Covington, Victor 69, 147, 180 Crabtree, S 79, 218 Cralg, E 57 Craig, E 57 Crewson, Kathleen Sue 24, 191 Crlder, E 57, 165 Crittenden, Marshall 57 Crowe, Donald 230 Cslk, Joyce 49 Culp. Thomas 79, 145, 152, 200 Cundifl, B 57 Cunningham, B Curry, Kristerl 69, 150, 151 Curtis, Thomas 69, 147 Custar, R 57. 191 Custar, Sharon 69 Dalesandro, Sherry Sue 24, 79, 219 Dallas, Michael 79 Damiani, K 57, 191 Daniels, Kim 69 Daniels, L 57, 163 Datz. Davis, Valerie 79 Becky 24. 30, 110, 190, 239, 197 Chuck 79, 154, 164, 222 Davls, C 57, 166 Davls. Davis, Joseph 69 Davis, Doug 79, 208 Davis, F 225 Davis, M 58, 215 Davis, Martha 190 Davis, Chip 24 Dean, J 58 Dean, K 139, 158, 169 Dean. Lori Ann 24, 212 Dean, Tlm 58 DeBee, David 69, 147 Deflnbaugh, Rhonda 24, 163, 19 Degrail, L ss Dehart, D 58, 113, 195, 196 Delap, Douglas 79, 206 Delawder, B 58 Deleon, Eva 69, 163 Deleon, R 79 Delong, Mr. 229 Denaro, Kathy D'Eramo, Mr. 236 Devall, D 149, 58, 169 Devall, Peggy 79, 171, 170 Devers. B58 3, 123, 235, 201 Dhayer, Michael Allan 25, 114, 135, 148, 149, 165. 88, 201, 164 Dlcko, L 58 Diehl, M 58 Dixon, Eugene Anthony 145, 154, 156, 169 Dixon, Karen 58, 150, 185, 186, 191 Dohrmann, Clark 79, 140, 143, 193, 123, 161, 160 Domenick, Chris 69, 118, 101 Donohue, Linda 79 Donahue, M 58 Donovan, James 79, 145, 192 Dossi, Garylin 58, 118 Dougan, Timothy 58 Douglas, E 58, 191 Douglas, Jerri 25, 219 Douglin, Holdean 145 Downing, Sherri 58 Doyle, Rhonda 191 Dozier, E 58, 158 Dozier, Ron 79, 145, 147, 216 Drake, Terrie 49 Dreger, Deborah 25, 188, 193, 242 Dreger, R 58 Duell, Ray, 222 Dulresne, D 79, 216 Duke, C 79, 225 Dunstan, Nancy, 196, 197 Durenda, J 69, 17 Durenda, Jerry 69, 58, 147 Duro, Cynthia 79, 118, 190 Duro, Diane 79, 185, 210 Duvall, Gary 69, 147 Earl, Scott 217 Eberly, Daniel 79, 214 Eberling, Samuel 25 Eckert, R 58 Edgar, Carisa 188 Edgar, Leigh 80, 195, 200 Edgell, Andy 80, 208 Edwards, J 156, 58 Edwards, L 58 Edwards, S 58 Egan, Danial 80, 208 Eggleston, Chrls 58 Eggleston, Daniel 133, 185, 186, 188 Eisenbrawn, L 185, 186 Elliot, Dick 121 Ellis. K 58, 185, 187 Emanuelson, Wendy 31, 193, 25, 47, 235, 236, 234 Emery, Jeff 80, 208 Emery, Joanne, 25, 193, 123 English, Dan 192 Essinger, Lisa 80, 219 Exslnger, Lucinda 25, 110 Estock, Kimberly 79 Estock, Mark 206 Estock, Suzanne 212 Everson, Julie 136, 185, 186, 118, 129, 195, 196 Eynon, Jill 139, 171 Facchlni, K 58 Fagan, Stephen, 225 Fails, Mr. 101, 174 Falcone, Jerry 79, 207 Falcone, John 25 Falcone, S 147, 152 Farmer, Rlck 224 Faulk, R 80 Favazzo, Ben 26, 28, 244, 129, 1 Favazzo, Danny 80 Favazzo, Lisa 59 Favazzo, Lori 191, 70 Favazzo, Linda 191 70 Faverty, Dwight, 222 Fedor, T 59, 147, 158, 169 Feller, Greg 80, 185, 186, 188 Ferguson, B 59, 147 Ferguson, Penny 80, 218 Fernandez, Ron, 209 Ferrall, Patrick 70 Ferral, R Flets, L 59 Flndling, David 80, 228 Flnley, D Firestone, A 217 Fisher. C 59, 191 Flsher, Ed 70 Fisher, George, 229 Fisher, Laura 59 Flsher, T 59 Fltzelle. Lucy 134, 140, 163, 102 Flack, June 192 Flenniken, Connie 26, 193, 123 Floor, Darla 80 Floor, J 59 Florea, Michael A 26, 217, 201 Fluharty, S 59, 191 Fogle, Teresa 26 Fogle, William ao, 149, 148, 193 Fortner, Fortner, Jill 108, 17, 196, 197 Foster, Victoria 80, 2 20 Fotheringham, Charles Fatheringham, Donald Fotheringham, Teresa Fotheringham, R 59 Fox, Ronald 80, 208 Foy, Penny 118, 195, 196 Frank, Thomas, 215 Franklin, Ronald 147, 166 Fraracc Fraracc io, Cory 80, 113, 139, 17, io, Lory 70, 75 Freeders, Keith 112 Freeders, Randall 26 Freman, Daniel 146 Freema Freeze, Freeze, French, n, Ricky 80, 87, 152 F 59, 158 Melvin 26 Deanna 70 Jeffrey 26, 29, 191, 193, French, Julie 80, 218 French, M 59 French, R 59, 225 Fuecliero, B Funk, Steve 80, 222 7, 234 235, 234, 236 196, 201, 166 275 PATHWAYS 1 INDEX Furry. Amy 59, 188 Furry, D 191 Furry, L 163 Furry, Mark 185, 187 Furry, Paul 26, 44, 185, 187, 17 Gabler, M 80, 208 Gaffney, Willetta 150 Galnor, Glna 26, 35, 113, 159, 193, 123, 274, 17 Galii. Sharon 49 Gallina, David, 215 Gang, Chuck 27, 225 Gang, Jeffrey 27, 207 Gang, Tammy 78 Gansleln, Barry 27, 210 Gantz, Colleen 27, 192 Gantz, Harold 80 Gantz, Jeff 190 Garcla, M 190, 123, 236 Gard, Suellyn 80, 171. 185, 187, Gamek, Cindl 27, 213 Garnes, Ken 147, 70 Garnes, Marie 27, 188 Games, Nelson 70, 147, 188 L. 210 180 Garrison, Lynn 80 Gattls, Carmen, 59 Gattis, Otis 49, 164 Gaume, Dennis, 201 Gaume, Diane 80, 163 Gavrila, Marius 49 Geisse, Lee, 227 Geist 80 Gemberllng, Gretchen 27 George R 80, 206 Glendening, Brian 81 Gobeli, Christopher 81 Goldman, Saundra 70, 140, 101, 204 Gonci, Barbara Ann 32, 27, 31, 118, 184, 185, 186, 193 Gonzales, E 59, 185, 187 Good, Mike 139 Gorman, K 59, 185, 186 Gorman, Mike 70 Gorman, M 163, 59, 166 Goshorn, Brenda 81 Goshorn, Lynette 81, 178 Grabowski, Joyce 49, 211 Graf. S 59, 107. 108, 187 Graham, Mary 70 Grant, B 209 Gray, George 70, 180 Gray, Llsa 61 Gray, Shelly 59 Green, L 59 Green, Scott 59, 225 Green Mr. 216 Green, Steven E 28, 192 Green, Tlm, 223 Greene, James 188, 70 Grewe, ARlen 156, 180, 1 64 Grewe, Jeffrey M 155, 28, 154, 136, 165, 234, 239, 164 Grimes. Ame 81, 128 Grimes, Anthony 145, 193, 195, 201, 161, 160 Grlmes, Bary 28, 116, 193, 145, 123, 196, 201 166 Grimes, M 59, 197 - . J S ' J! 1 pulse' . 1. I, me 1 1. 2 ... - - swf L., if-,:'..4-.f.f',i....t.aL?',,..f,A'f,l' .,."-,'.. V...-3, 'P--J -ff -e .gwg "?',,,,,,.f-3,8515-1-'.1Mf7'fN , T.. 4 1 'fi --'J - 'Astar J 5 . ' s Q 'if ' , 1 . 1 , .Q " - - - Q.- sir- clue., ve- ws.-r"lQ, saga' " .4-4' ,:"'v- ' U'-v' 566' ' ' ' 0 ,, K -I 4 O a I r , - ,,. . , Q .L ,Q - , f .1 A . w 7 ' ' .I ' ' .. . ... ..,,, 1 k y .- Q-me-L-l.W:km"vHwJTF7? - ,, , , ,. , . ' -- 276 PATHWAYSXINDEX Gnrvwa, T 1211 Grimm. 17111nm' 40 Hnnlvv, James 711 Cinnlvr. Pnlrlrm 61111111-1, Kvulh Nl, 2118 flullmg, 115.1 1715, 11111, '10, 1911, ZIJF1 Kiulnvv. K F141 Gnu, R hll 11.1..111.1, 11111111111 111, 1451, 2111 11.111111 .1111111 1111, 1'I1 11.111111 Dvhm H11 1011 Hn1111'1, .141n1r1f 70 11111Hlnn, flvrlvlnlnv ZH 11.11rsIo n, K111111 11111, 4141 111111, 11111111111 711, 11141 IHS, IHI1 Hnm111nn,Amv H11 1411 Harnn11'r1nn, My 2714, 711 Hnmvlck, M1 2,111 11anfn1k, A 1111, 147 11m1rn1'k, R1c11.1111 4'1 1111ncof11, Tum, 225 Hnnrnx, Vnlvllv H1 H.1nrn11, M1-wus 711 11.11.1111 .1 1111. 1115, 11117 Hanna, Mark 214, 1851, 1'I1, 1811, 12.5 Hmusnn, Rnhm 1MrM111Iw1l 1F1 11111111114 M 1111, 1594 Haniv. 1nr1 ZH, 225 1111r11111, 11111-1 H1, 1451, 1l1'1 Harp, 1lvhnm11 A1111 ZH, 243 2115 Hnvly, 1'v111'1IV 123, 127 11mnnqlnr1, 111111111 211, ZH, 114 Il.111111gmn, .1.1n111 741 Hnnlslnn, K 11118 11.1111r1g1r1n, M 1111 11.111111g1m1, V111r11 Xl, 145. 11111 11.1111.,1'v1.11.... 11.11, 1'.1, 11.11, 1115, 111 Harm, if 11.1111-.1 K1-nr111111 2111. 11.1111-1,1nr14'P. 11111, 115 llams, 1'11lr111.1 1814 11111111 Pvnnv 711, 224 11.1n11.11n, 1111 1111 11.1111-.1111..1.1111.111 111. 117, 112, 1111, 1 11A1511,1m1 11111, 1'l'1 111111, 17 147 H.1n111.111,1 4111, lH'1, 1147 11.1vIm1. V1111111-s 15? 11..11-.1.1111..1, 1.1111111111 211, 217, 2111 l11111v,K 1011 11.111v, 11-I1r11v, 11111 11n1!1vl1,.11111v1 WI, 2141 11.11111-1,111.11 1'.1., 11.1. 11111111111 111111-1 15111, 1114 11..11,11 1- 111 11.111111 .11-1.11.1 741 11.11111l, Ku-.l1n1' 711 11.1w11s. T 11.1w111ns, Avnv 711 H.1wk1ns 111-111.1111 4'l I1.1w1uns, 1411111111 711 Hawkms, 1Jr.11u' 1451 Hnwknns, 1 Indra 441 Hawkins, Troy 29, 211, 1111, 1117, 111h , 2114 201 41, 11141, 2111 21 17 INDEX Havhurl. Patncm 711 Haynes. Chr1sl1rw HI, 21111 Haynes, Donna 711, 2115 Headley, Rav 711, 147, 1511 Hedrds, Mary H1 Heaton, Susan, 225 Heckman. Bruce H1, 20111 Heckman. Randy 70 X. 1' Cl' N ll Heler, C H1 Heddleston, Pamck 711, 145, 1511, 147. 165 Heller, Cathenne 234, 2211 Helsel, Knlheryne KI, 212 111111.11 R11111111 111, 1111, 12:1 H1111111, E111 150 Hvnry, R 2211 Hxckman, P 224 H1rve1111 Scot! lhh H111, B. 228 Hlsano, Yds, 1h1, 2311, 11111 Holly. K, 2011, 227 Hn1ms, B 196, 2011, 2111, 11151 Hnlland, M 1911, 1114 Holhen, 5 1415 Hull, Stephen 40 11n11. D 2211 Hnns, Jodw 2111, 21111 Hoover, Barham 1412 Hnpp 82 Hopper, Chnstnpher XZ. 1411, 148 Horner, Teena H2 House, Keith 71 Howell 1111111111111 131111, 1111, 17, 2011, 2111, 11.1. Howell Barb. mu Hnwvll R 611 Hnwzv, 11 h11 Huay,C7.a11'1y, 211 Hull, D111e Allen 1111, 21111 Hulhn, Ku 110 Hume, R 1111. 171 Hume, firm! 32, 142, 141 Hunt, Susan H2 Hunter, A 131, 113. 10,1 Hur1s1man,G111I 71, 225 Huntsman, Gary .511 Huntsman, T 110 Huntsman, Margw Hupp, Mr 2211 Hur1nrl1, 1.111111 147. 152. 134 Hur1m'11, 11s11f11l,K2. 71, 1111 123 11ur1n1c1,Wl111nm,24,111 145, 147. 217 201 11111.11 C 1141 James, R 611 James, T 72 Jannvec, D KZ, 2111 Jarman, Rnhurl fil, 154, 157 J1'111s0n,Gf111l11l,.11, 1114, 11.1 171. 17lI Jvnluns, Jennv 1112, 1115. 2211 , 1'?f1,111, H111m.1rh1f1, Sem: 1111, 104 H111m..f11.11, 81.1111 11, 145, 211111 lnhvrsl. R1c11ar11 A111111 441, 1111 Inherst. M 225 111-V Sharm 212 Issac, S!a11on KZ. 2111 lw1mo,E 72, 11H, 1111 .111ck5nr1, Andre KZ, 154, 145 Jackson, l'h1-11,11 D 40, 1011 .1.1cksnn,M 1111 Jackson. S 72 Jacobbs, Mathew 72 Jewell, B 1111 Johanson, M1kv 72, 11111 Jnhnsor1,M1 '14 Jnhnson, Apv11 111 Johnson, Umm' KZ, 1851, 21K .1o11nson,F 111, 1511 Johnson, .11411-rv 1'1l Johnson. 1,aur1124,.11 11H,1H1,1N4,11'1 'li 11111, 1117, IHS, 11411, 1101, 1'11, P111 Johnson, Momm XZ. 21111 .1n11r1sr1r1,Rns114fI, 11151, 1011, 1112 2111 .1011l15nrl, Turvsfi 112, 11451 11441 .1n11nso11, Th1111's.1 411 .1n11nson, T11111 1,15 .1o11nsnn. W.-1n11.1 Iil 212 .1n11nstn11, M1ch11v1 72 .1nnvs, Brmn, 31 .11-1111-s, .l1111v1w 72 11110, 1.17 1'.1. 1.1 .1nn1's. 11111111 .11, 19451, 1811, 1'l.4 1 4'. .lnm-s. .111l11' 111, 1'l1, 12.1. 11111 .lom-s, 1,11 nr1'72, 147, 17 1011, 11111 Jones, 1n11 72 .1nrws ,R 111 101 .1nn11s, Rhr-11111.1 73 Jones, Rov 31, 111 2211 .1n11es, Tmcn, 21111 .1or11.m. J.-11111-s 32. 2211 .1nr11.-111, 1111-ws 82. 217 .1mn1'v,An11.1K2, 1511, 151, 111.1 1Hf1 1511 101 123, 1112, 1011, 107, 2111 Jnrlwv. .Inv .12 Ju1111'111l, Rvnv 211 .1ung1'1i1vn, Mo11.1 1117 Ka1Ias, S1111111- H2, 2211 Kan111'1,.1111w11'42, 1'I1. 1111 17 1L'4 14'1 Kan1or,MV 2112 17 Kanvufh. Shcrrv 72 Kamlhanow. 11.11111-1 72 11111, 11111111111 12. 221. Kehl, Karvn KZ, 2711 KERK, Mr 1114 K911V,C' 147 Ke1Iy.Df1v111HU. 1Hf1, 12111, 1945 Kell... n11.11.1... 2117 K1111., 11.11111-V 72 Kellv, 11111111 72 Kellv K 1'1'1 Kellv, M1'I1n1111 7? Kent, Danny 7? Kems, 11.111111 S1-mu 1. 1 1 Kerr, R1-1111111 221. Ker1e1, Sh.11w11, 2111 K11111. T 111 K111111-1, flaw, 142. 1'1. 1 1 K1d11vr, .Inv 111 Klel, 171.11111 HZ, 1H'1. 11411 K11ch11nm1-111 141111111 7. 11 K1Ie,.1.-1172. 1111, 11-1 1-111 l-1'P 1111. K1mhI1x1 1l11,111 141.111, 11 .1 K1ng,M 1911 K1ng,S11s1m1f117 1114 15111 1111 1'1U 1"1 1.'1 14111 Kmgslvy. M1 1411 'N- W1 1 1151... K1111111111, M1c11.1.1l 142, 1114, 214, 1211, 11.11 141111. M11 114, 1117 K11-111-11111'I1, .l 72 K11111.111.1, T1.1.-1 2111 14111.11-1, 11.11. 111' 1411115--1, 4-1 1451, 1'11 11... K11ks1-1 111111 2111" 1451 JLI1 'ln L'-111 11111 K1r11s1'x. M11'111-111- 111 Kxrkwv M 111 11151 1h1 11111 1'11. K1rkwx. Tvm 111 TL' K1s11, W 111 K11-111 11 111 K111111 1 111 V111 1110 K11111-, 1 l11'l KI111.1 111.1 141' 11.1 14111111.11 .I11.11.1 113 Knlm, M.111111 211. Kmm, Knnns Kn1nI1 K1111111-11 R1111.-11 11110111111 .J 1'l'1 P1111-1 TJ K1.11111-1 M.111. 11' 311-1 K111111-1 8111.111 .. 11.1 K1111111 .I1111 11' 141111.11 M1 .'."1 K1111.-1 1.111111 ni H111 Kmz. 1'.1111.1 1'1.' K1111'1.1-1111 M1 111'1 li K1111.111.1111 11 TL' 1 111 1 K111111 11.111 1101111111 1111 111, 11..11.1... P11 3111 11' 1'1'1 ls-1 1x11 ls 171 .111-1 .14 1.111 1111111111 N1 S115 11111. .1n1111 1'.'L' 11111. 1211111-1.1 Ula 111111 l711.1111's 14 111 111 111'1 1'J1 ,'-111 Q11 L11-1, 11"1 1'11- 1111- l.11I1, A1111111111 1-V1 x1 1.1111, M11'11.w1 1l1'1 1.1111 1'1'11'1 11 1111 1"1 1H'1 1N11 1"1 U1 .'1-1 11111 1114 1.1111 1 JJ'- 1.11111' 11.1111.11.1 X1 I.111111.-11 111. ai 1" 1.111111.-11 .I H1 1...1.,..- 111111.-.1 T: 1.1N111.1 M11-11.1.-1 .1 1 1 1111.1 1 .111- 111111s -W 121111 xi 1'.'1. 1.11111111 41111111-1' .'1-1 11. 1'.1 1.1111111111 6111.11 11 l'111 131 11111.11 11 111' 11111 1-11 131 11.' 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I IIIIIII II" IIII-II IIIII s III' IIIIIIII X I IIIIIIII-I I I IIIIIIIIIIIII III I IIIIsI I I,IIII MI IIIIIII MII II MIITII MI I III MI III MIl'II III III IIIIIII IIIIIII I-1 IIIII IIII IIIIIIII-I AI III I IIIIIIII I.Q IIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIIIIII ,IIIII IIII K III' III: I'III MII InIII II II.' MIITIIMIII-I I I. IIII 'II .II-I I"I MII-1'I I-II " I, UI IHII I IIJII MIM IIII III MIIII-I, II 72, 147. IFII III'I MIIIIII. I5 III, 147 MIIII-I. IDIIII- HIIII MIIII-I flaw III, III? MIIIN. gh-nIIII IIB, III IIIII, I'II MIIIIII, IQIIIII 224 MIIII-I. II UK MIIIM, .I III 214 III-1 MIIIIfI,.II-II III I'I,I XII-I MIIII-I, IIIIIIIIII ,III ISI MIIIIII I ZIV MIIII'I,KIII,1T1 I'II III MIIII-I, I,vIII-III' 'III MIIII-I. M III MIIIM. S.IIIIIIII IW JIS MIIIIII. SIIIIIIII III, IIIII MI1IIf1,SmII ISI, 1115. HI III MIIIIII. TIIIIII M, JJII JIIII MIIIIraII, ISIIIIIIIIII 211 Mmger. C IIII MIngvv,.IIII1I, III FII MIIcI'wII, L' III, IPIT MIIIWII, MII I7II MIIchI-II SIIIIIII KI IIIFI IIIII MIKIIIIII, Vncmr TI Mnhlex, KMIIII ZIIII MIIIII, IIII-Q III III7 MQIII, PMI III MIIIII, QIIIIII KI Mohr, Vxcku- 211 Molvv, ITIIIIIIIIII III MIIIIII, KIIIII III IUI, ,'II'I M611-v,III1I I2'I MQINIIIIIII MIsI. QI! MmlInIHI1nIII, SIII-III III Moon' AIII'II III, l-JT, I'II-I MIIIIIII, UIIIIIII-I E44 III4, gnu, Mnmv MIIIII- III 'I MIIIIIIIIIIII MII -14 31" JI- MIIIIIIIII I II: III' IIII II MIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII. NK ,III-I MIIfIIIII.IIIIII I IIJ :Inf IIII MIIRIIIIII-I2 xI.III f,' MIVIIIII-II AIII: I'I .'.'I MIIIIIIIIIIIIII I III' III MIII.IIIII'I IIII.II IJ I'I III: MIILIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII II,' II: MIILIIIIIII IIIIII I-I I II IIII M.IIIIIIII.III,II. I-I I.I MIIII.IIII IkIIII.II- ' - VIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII,.II II, Mallard, Marlon 154, IIIII MancInI,I II2 MIIIIQIIII I' II: Mangus, IIIIII .I4 Marcnru. RIrII.IrI1 III, II MIIIIIIII TIIIIIIIII TL' MIIIIIII, II II2 IIIII MIIIkII'I WIIIIIIIII III III IIA 'I-1 MIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Bob II4 MIIIIIIIIII lIIIII.I III JIII MIIIsh.II1. II I-II, IU' MIIIIIII, L'IIrIs TJ I'I1 MIIIIIII, SIIIIII 72, I'III IIIT III'I I'II UII3 MAIIIII, TrIIIIII 71? MIIIIIIIIIIII. RIN. BPH MIIIIIIIII H.IIIIII.I 72. I"I JTII MnsrII1.II II2, IRS IMI, IMI, I'II MI1v11I,I.1I1IIuII I-1 IHII IHII IUI IXI MIIQIIIIII. IIOIII' -I", 221 MIIIIIIIII I'I.IIIIII.I I4 47, IIIII IIIII I-II MIIIIIIIII NIIIIIIIII-IIIII IIA Ih'I,,'1'II MAIIIIII TIIII 32:4 MIIlIIIsnII, IIIIIIIII IIII II MIIIIIWS AIIIII II1 I-III MIIIIAIIII III? I-I I'I" I"II ,'I MIIIIAIII MIIJ III! I'II1 MIII II 1'III MIIL, IIIIIIIII TJ MIII MIII R IIS, IIIII III-I Rnd II2, I-IT, IIIII MaI.9T2 l'l.'I I-1'I I"I MIII. TIIIII KI MIII W IIU MIII-Q IIIIIIIIIII T2 May, 9lvwII I5 lI'I 14" I-IH IIIII MI-1zmIII, MIIvI'IIIIIII HI JIII MazzII, T IIB MI-Ifk. RIIIIIII HI 2211 MIIIIIIII, Mu IIl'I MI'1IIwrI.I7IIIIII2'l IIII I1 I 14" IIII II 244 lII'I MIIIIIIIIII, IIIIIIIII M JIII MIIII IIIIIII H4 MIIIIIIIII, RIInII.I.I If. 'III MIIIII-g.Iv NfIrIIIIIII JI III MIIIIQIII, IIII.III.- :QI VI. 1fI.I. MIIIIIIIIIIII I4 I-I" MIIIIIIIIIIII I III MII IIIIIIIIII II I'IH VIIII-IIIInII 'wII.IIAII HI I'III I MIMIIIII-II II III MIMIIIII IIIII V1IMI.IIIII MIIIII 5-I IIIII MIMIIIIIII I'I':II II.I Iv, MIMIIIII II II-I MII'II.IIIrIII NIIIIIII.I TI' MII'III-I-IIII NIIII MIWIIIQIII-I I III MIIIIII-II HIIIIIII, II A' I M.IIIIIIIII IIIIII.III III III MII, .-.I s.I1II. III M.IIIIIII 1 .'II MIIIIIIIIIII, I' III' MIIIIIII II IIS Iv. III' M.II.IIII.III NIIII 'UI Mvrcvy TnIIII PII JIII MIIIIIII- IHIIIIIIIII HI, JJII MI-IIIIII IL-IIIIII' III MIIIIIIIIIIII. MIIIII TJ Mum' K III MI-Irs RIIIIIIII 2117 UIIII MIIIIIIIII TII.IIII..I U MIIII I IIII HI MIIIIIIIIIIII .IIIII gm MIIIIIII-IIIII IIIIIIIIII TJ MIIIIIII-Inu. K IIS I'II MIIIIIII'ImI IIIIIIII- I-4 JJII MIIIII. 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Nvsh-I, II III1 NIIIII, .I TI INI-IIIIIIIII SIII IM lII,' NI-IIIIIIII: T IIN IUI IIII NII'IIoIs IIIIIII TI NIIIIIIII I' III I"I NIIIIrIIs. IYII I-.- II J4 1'H IMI I W . NI.-IIIIII .IIII II I-I, IIII II, 4 .. . NII'IInIs, IIIIII II III. I'II NIrIIrIIs VIIIII -1" INII-IIrIIInII IIIIIIIIII NI IPIII XIII NII'IInIsI'Iu I IIII-.IIII H11 NIIIIrIIwII IIIIIII IIII NIIII K M41 III-1 NIIIIII ITIIIIIII R11 NIIII'I IHIIIIIIII TI NI NIII IIIII.I II-I .','II NIIIIIIII IIIIII III IIIII NI'IIIIIII IIIIIIIIII I III NIIII KIIIIIIIIIIII TI IRI IMI NrIII MIIIIIIIIIH-I I-III I"" . NIIII I'.Im III NIIII RMIIIIIHI IMI IMI I JJT NnII Tmfx TI IKM I'III MIIIIIIIIII IIIIII. II-I I-III II 'IIII -III III IIIIIIIII .IIII PIII 'II ITN I' XIII IDIIIII IIIIIIIII I'III II 1'I-I I IJIIIIIII 1 L'II II INIII NIIIIIIIII T4 IINIIII. I.IIIIIIII, IIII 1'-'I IIRIIIIIII Ii III1 Ibn AIIIIIII4 lbw I'III IIII IIIIIIIIII-I III-I IIII I-I Hun II IHA IIIHI M II4 IIII HrIIIIIII II-I IJIIIIIII-III- N IIII IIIIIIII IIII-IIIIII TI IIIQII-I. IIIIIII-II M I-VI XIII IIIIIIII, KIIIIII IIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII II-I I"I 1'III'IwI, IIIIIIII- TI IHIIIIIII M.IrI.I IIII PIIIIIIIII .IIIIII -I" PIIIIIIIII .IIIII-,III I.-I I'IIIIsIIIrI SrIIIIII.I I'-I I-III JIIII IMSIIIO VIIIIIII JL' I-III I"I 'I ZIII !II'I I'IIrIw IJIIIIII L'lI IDIIIIIII. .IIIIIII-I III ,II-I ,'II VIIIIIQ, N III1 IHIIIIIIIIII-II IIIIIIIIIIIIII-I Sh JI III4, ZIII III-1 Ileulonlnen, Maw 74,1IH,I'II 1 . II I1 I I III IIII ,'IIII 'WI 'I' III II N111 III III, 2 I1 ErIc nu 278 PATHWAYSXINDEX I DEX pnltn, Bnnnte 514, 111, 1110 Paun, flmvleuv H4, 118, 150 l'.1xsnn, llenms. 224 l'nxsnn, Milly 1:4 Payton, Ch--rryl M l'enu-, llavnd 114, 155, 18.1, 11441, 1104, 1'I1l. 2 1'ed:lum1l, .lanws 1 40 Pelanmlu, Roxanne H4. 1'Ill lkflnvn, lnlmslm H4 l'e1nsn, leslw 74, IH5, lM7 l'enu', llellrey h4, 14.4, 1115 Iwfmtngmn, Hhnn-1.1 N4 yur: Penny, llmnne N4 1'enny, Sherry 74 Wu-1.1 74, 1241, thx, 11141 Perluns, Darla H4, 212 l'.-ny, lim 7-1144, 101, 1754, 17 Perselln. fmry H4, 211! l'vlvn, tlelln-V 74 Peters, .lnn 74, H4 l'uwn, Ldchelle 74 lwtvrs, Mark JH llvwrson, M Mft, Qrm Veleu, Paul 225 1'1:le!shn:rge1,Mlw4, 1113, 11115. lldtm. IKH Velvunn, D Pvm. K.-nh M, 145, 2111 Phelps, Mnlwh- 101, 74, 1'l1- Plltnps, 1 1,4 '11 Poland, stmtw eta, 132, mf, Pnlen,Scn1! 145, 141, 155, 74, zen Poten, Sheny 1224 r-otmm., cpm., 2:40, 241 vt..l.,,,, R 15.1 rftttluwl Plulllppl m..ll.p,,. vtttlltps, vmlltp., Plnlllps. Vlulllps, ,lla K. Iluw ,1H, 227 .lxm1l17,11lH, 11X limdlm-1 74 am- .KN .11-11145, 11.1, mm, peg Karen HS, 2211 1'hl1--qer, lhwul 217 Vwnv. Rick 115, 225 Vleuoll, li 114 l'lennn. 1' 1:4 l'wnrmn, Knnlwrly 74. 1145 lmv Vwlrmn fx 1 V.a.-wt, Rnhvn 74, ms, lm, Vmkerln Plnkerln l'tnney, n nm lnvul H5, 22h n, Kathy 74, ,lv ' . '. ., I . 1 1'lnney, Pnmn, .1 1'mmftn, Pnmmn. 1'l11wl41. vld,.-1, 1' Jehlmlv. R5 h4, 147 lhuwvm 74 Klmlwrly H5 1' 2117 un-v lx, 74, 2141 l'lulnmer, .1 1115, 1X7 l'lummer, Tabby N5 nn-I 'lil IM5, 181, 110141 . Swplmvuu 114, llx, HW 1M 111 IH5 1247 1'nllnnrl,1.tsa 711, 74, 11X, H4 1114, 17K 1115 Pollack. Vxckt 234 Pnlverme, .lelflev 74, 1117, lt-5 Poole, Robert 229 Pnnrrvmn. .1 h5, 1524 1'npn,17h5, 147 1511. 1115 Pnpovlch, Melissa 74, 118. 150. l"1 Pnrlel, 17 49 Porter. .lay 12.1 P0rle1,.1ulm 191, 1111 1'J7. 2011 Ponev, 0 715, 118 lm Powe, Ray 225 Pnwv. Slmrnn H5. 2211 Prendergnst R Presley, Jmmn 74 tmw, R um wet, 1-av Pucu, Arlene H5, 115 1'urCI.Ml1ceh5. 1591, ltwll. 1115, l'Jtw Pucci. Rnhevl 745, 151 Puckett, Randy H5, 224 Pugh, Llsa 547 Pugh lf, 115, trl, Wr- Pugh, T 115 Pugh, Vvrku 74 Puhl, Knstl 74 Pyers, 1.011 74. 1117 185, 11411, 1113. 1121. ltd, 191 we., 2114 Rae, Stanley 1:5 Rdstenev. Ten 74 Rasletler, Wlllmm 2.111 Ray, Darla 74, 1121 Ray, .1 ns, xxx Ray, Melame, 219 Rnmnge, Leon 22N Ramser, Barham 1. 21 1 Reagan, Tracy 74 Reber, B 21h Reber, Judy 211 Rebel, Mark, 21h Rebel, Sarah 21f1 Reda. 1155, 147 Reda, Deanna H5, 1511, ltxfi, 2011 Reed, Kaven 211 Reed, Rick 2111 Reeder, John 49 Reeder, Pamela 85, 2211 Reel, Regtnm Hs, 218 Relsch, S 227 Rhodes, Mnnuca 75 Rhome, Roger 75. 151 Rhyne, Robert 85. 2118 Rxch,ShelIvl12, 1510, 1011, wa, ml, Rtddle, Uums 85 Rtdgeway, Chrxs 55. Rtesln, .lamle 75 Rtesen, .lell 75 Rtley, Make 75, 101: Rtch, Todd 135, 1115, 1011 Rtchards, 1.154 115 Richmond, Geneva 75 Ring, Mnchelle 40, 185. 221 Rang, R 2341, 143 Rtnglendn, 1 22.4 Rmmger, V.-mon 75, 147, luv 11,11 Rntchte, 1365, 147, 100 Roberts, Deblvu- H5, 2211 Roberts, Floyd H5 Roberts, Kevin 225 Roberts, M 115, 1111 Robertson, Ed 234 Robertson, .1 75, 227 Robson, Bob 21111 Rodeler, Pamela fill, 32, 411, 1519, 1410, 101. 12.4 2.15, 234, 190 Rodgers, M 1,5 Roestl, Palncta, 27h Rogers, Darcell 85, 1311, 17 Rogers, Nell 411, 22.4 Rogers, Vlclnr H5, 151, 2111, 1114 Roller, T 55, 159 Rnnsv, Uehhle 1145, 1Nl:, 75, 1170 Roose, Stephanie 75, 1115, 11411 Rosenberger, Slum 1115, 1115. 19.1, 12.1. 11111 Rosser, S h5 Rmhbrust, John 211, Zim Rnluna, Davud 115 Rotuna, Susan 75, 1043 Rounds, Terry. 228 Roush, Steve 227 Rovder, J 75 Rowe, S 65, IHH, 11341 Rowe, Shaun H5 Royster, Amy 75 Rull, James 411, 47, 14.1, 11131, 12.1, 2111 104 Rull, Michelle, 2124 Ruggles, Jomld 75 Russell, Danem' 75, 1115, 187, 1'15 Russo, .1 b5, 222 Russell, Enc 411, 21.1 Russell, H h5, 101 Russell, Jeffrey 411,-14, llll, 111. 111. 1.15. 1115 191, 234, 195, 1911, 1'1'I, 2111. lfulw Russn. Charles K5 Ryan, M1 2214 Salknw, Andrew 411, 441. 185, 187 Salkow, Wnllmvn 75, 1145, 187, 2114 Sallyunls, Ann 75, K7 ll'1. 1411 Salt.-v. Anthmw flu Salter, Joseph, 2214 Salter. Wesley 75. 147, lun Snmnns, R U5 Sams, Comme N7 Sams. Dehhll H5 Snndahl, lynn 118, 1145, lllh, 1114 Sanluccn, N 230 Sarver, Gwen 40, 1117, 11114, 111, 184, 1147, 117.1 123, 234 Sarvev, Pat 75, 1Hlu Stnvev, Tun h5, 1147 Seus. G 1:5 Sfhnlev, Todd 75, 1115 Schatz. .1 115, 147, lzv5, 15:4 Scharlr. J 115 Schleckengnsl, Kathy 1 221 Schveckengosl, Kathy L 41, 4.1, 150 Scheets, J 85, 228 Schenk, Lmda 41, 18 5, 211 Schnlllg, Kevtn 85, 2024 Schlemmer, Mary 75 Schmuckev, Paul. 22.1 Schnexder. Steven H5 Schreckengnsx Kathy 41, 1'12, 221, 2711 Schubert, lenxmnl 40. 317 Schullev, James H5 Srhuller, Mmm H5. 212 Schultz, Linda 75 Schwinn, James 55, 147, 152 Scott, llmrm 05, 75, 150, 1217 Scott, Donald h5. 75. 215 Scott,.1tm5, 147. 158, 155 Smut, Robert F 41 Sfmt, Teresa, 227 Seabnlt, Cvcxl 41, INR, 1110, IRR, 101. 2112 Seavy, My 11.1, lt:-1 Servers, .1 55, 1X7 Sells, Tanya 225 Sells, Theresa 41 Seule,Kt15, lvl, N7 Severance, Roh.-rt 75, lull Shaller, T 164 srwpnsfk, Fowl.. 4-a, me smell, a 1-5, ms, tm, wr, Sheen. K 1111, 1.1.1, Sheets, K 115, 147. Shenlql 1115 Sherwood, Brmn 41 Schenher Mr, 17 Slnmp, Samuel R5. 17, 191: Shupnmn. Dan.: 1.111 stttpmdn, Dmdl 4,51 Shlpnmn. R X7 Shoemaker Rlclmn Slmnk, Fred 115. 1524 Shnnk, l.nn 75 Shnnk, .lnan 41, 212 Slmnk, Michael S 1 Schrader C Q15 IH5, 1:44-, 104. 1411, llxll 241-9 14'1. lt-15, 1Xtu. 140. 140 175 147 45, 215 stmwf, stupt....t,.- 4-1 Schultz. 1 115 Shustev, Doug... as Shuslur, Mass 1117 smtltl, .l.15.'ptt 1-ul sl.,9l.w. 1' zum Snhock, T 55 Snnmnvlla, Stmmnni. Kun H5. 1.10, 14111. lllll 145, L'l11,21h Simons, Fundv H5, 212, 271 1 7' AN".- Sxngev, B 228 Skarpusns, Uma 2111 Skoczmslu, Johna 75, 188 Slahaugh, Joyce, 211 Slllktn, Path 85, 212 111 ' Sllmak, Stephanie 21, 190 Slusser, M 65, 185, 187 Smarr, June 75 Smith, Beth 182 Smith, Debbie 75, 191 Smlth, Jerl 86 Smith, John 65 Smith, 75 Smlth, Kenneth 147 Smith, Kendall 49, 114, 116 Smith, M 65, 49, 131, 158 Smith, Terry 75 Snyder, B 164 Snyder, Kimberly, 219 Snyder . Tracy, 219 Snyder, Vlckl 75 Soltys. Southe Mary 75, lox, 17 rland, Joe Spall, Shawna 75. 191 Speakman, Kevin 190 Specht, Gretchen 75, 163, 201 Spencer, Robin 75 Sponseller, Kathryn 75, 86, 107, 1 64, 228 iponseller, Ken 185 Springer, Julle 212 ipurge on, L 65, 118, 188 Stanley, Carol 86 itargen, Jellrey L 49 itargen, T 65 lalntclalr, Robert 75 Lteen, R 75 rtewart, Christopher 75, 156, 1911 ltewart, E 65 ltewart, John, 234 ltewart, M 65 ltewart, Tracy 75 ltellabot, Marla 65 mls, lxs, M 65,133,171,178,195 ltlcker, ltllller, Christine 75 ltllllon, David 65 tllllon, Tom 75 tllllnn, Penny Jn 43, 211 tockll, Brian 43, 223 tone, Amy 159, 123 rnne, R 158 toll , R 75 tone, Amy 86, 119, 159, 193, 200 tone, Rob 65, 165 touller, Stephen 4.1, 242, 17, 200, 201 tovall, tovall. Barbara 75 Celeste 65 tovall, K 66, 147, 158, 169 tovall, Patrlcla 43 Brett 86, 145, 101, 166 186, Summers, R 75, 104, 116 Summers, Rlchard 38, 44, 145, 234, 201 Sutherland, Dennis 75 Sutherland, P 66, 118 Swain, Sandy 86 Swaggett, R 86 Swarts, Jeffrey 76 Swlndell, T 222 Sykes, Thomas 86 Sylvester, Todd 209 Syme, K 66 Syme, Leslle 76 Syme, N 66 Szelll, Debra 66 Tanner, Daunette 86 Taschwer, Sherry 76 Taschwer, Laury Tatsh, Lorl 44 Taylor, Cathy 86, 218 Taylor, Mareno 86 Taylor, Randolph 116 Teal, Bonnle 86, 220 Tennis, L 66, 119, 159, 191 Tennls, Terrl 86, 220 Teppert, Angel 44, 159, 227 Teppert, Ernest 234 Terrel, L 66, 156 Terrell, James 66 Terrell, Michael, 180 Terrell, Robln 225 Thatcher, Jeanne M 44, 219 Scott 43, 132, 165, 193, 123, 234, 164, treza. lrcup. 241 tryleller, Catherln 43 tuchell, A 147 tuchell, B, 223, 206 tuchell, Bart 43 tuchell, Brlan, 66 tuchell, L 171 uggett, R 208 ukosd, Ken 43, 223 ummers, Lester 225 Thomas, David 49 Thomas, Diane J 29 Thomas, Cary 49, 191 Thomas, Ernest, 206 Thomas, Karen 76, 191, 225 Thomas, K 76, 216, 195 Thomas, Kelth 66 Thomas, N 66 Thompson, Gall 192 Thorpe, N 66, 191 Ticom, A 126 Tinker. Thomps Gary 216 on, Gall 44 Tulle, Adam 152 Tolle, Stuart 44, 45, 144, 145, 147. 234, Toney, 166 T 66, 163, 197 Tolle, Jennie 86 Tournoux, Dian 207 Trainer, Cllll 76, 154 Trainer, Tammy 1. 76 Trainer, Troy 147 Trlell, Janice 76 Trlplett, Aemlta 187, 185, 66 Trlplett, J C 158 Trlplett, T 187, 185, 66 Truman, Allen 86, 208 Trummer, Shawn 66 Tschappatt, Chris 66, 132, 44, 184. 234, 195, 196 Tschappatt, M 185, 187, 195, 196 Tucker, G 66 Turner, Mark 239, 44, 232, 226 Underwood, Vlrglnia 66 Underwood, William 190, 123 104,152, 169. 185, 193, 235. Vivian I "Vlvi Upshaw, C 66 Utterback, Mr 161, 160 Vanderkar, Dana 76, 185, 187 Vanwy, S 76 Van Dress, Veronlca, 227 Venables, L 66, 187 Vesey, Dawn 44, 111, 190, 193, 244 Vesey, Ken 118, 216 Vlcars. Craig 45, 115 Vlcars, David 45 Vlcars, Kristy 76 Vicars, Ronnie 86, 145 Vlerl, A 66 Vlen, L 86, 118, 163, 190, 204 Vlen, M 76 Vick, Janice 76 Vlrden, G 66 Vltalaril, D 66, 191 Vogel, V 66 Voytko, Jennifer 76, 191 Wade, S 66, 185, 186 Wagoner, Mary 86, 118, 194, 204 Walnuskls, Terry 49 Walborn, D 76 Walborn, Robyn 45, 219 Walborn, B 66 Wallzer, Craig 86 Walker, Debra 76 Walker, Donna 76 Walker, Gary 192 Walker, Helen 49 Walker, 66, 152 Walton, Mrs 219 Wamsley, Mr 121, 235, 236 Wamsley, Shelley 118, 76, 132, 185. 186, 195, 196 Ward, David 66 Ward, Kimberly 86, 212 Ward, Ursula 76 Ware, Greg 223 Watson, Renee, 200 Wayne, Paula 191 Welser, Mrs. 93 Webb, Mr. 236 Webster, Barbara 76 Webster, J. 76, 196 Webster, Mary Lou 45 Weekley, Brenda 76 Welder, Lew 86, 190 Weimer, Ann 76 Weise, D 149 Wells, S 66 Welsh, Scott 192 Welsh, Todd 49, 213 Werden, Mrs. 210 Wert, Andy 86, 148, 149, 114, 178, 196, 161, 160 West, Ivan 76 West, Loraine 76 West, Terry 209 Wharmby, James 217 Wheeler, J 66, 160 White, D 66, 199 White, M 56 Wiegel, Mr 236 Wiese, John 86, 149, 191, 196, 161, 160 Wiese, Marianne 47, 45, 140, 193, 234, 201, 202 Wiles, Mary 210 Williams, Bully 76 Williams, Cindy 45 Kathy 279 PATHWAYS 7 INDEX Wllllams, C 188 Williams, Heather 76, 199 Wllllams, J 66, 154 Wllllams, Raymond 66, 218 Wllllams Williams . Robin 80, 86, 185, 186 , Terrence 156 Wllllamson, Alan 49 Wllllamson, M 66, 158 wllllsmsml, Ralph, 229 Wlllls, Lorl 185, 187 Wllson, C 76 Wllson, Darlene 185, 188, 196 Wllson, Gary 86, 206 Wllson, K 66, 159 Wllson, Llnda 86, 218 Wilton, James G 45, 145, 232. 223 Wilmer, Ann 196 Wlsse, Tlna 86, 218 Wlthrow, G 66 Wlttenbrook, Vernon 49 Wolfe, Janet 230 Wolford, Brenda 225 Wolkan, B 66, 185. 186 Woolf, Troy 66 Worley, J 66 Worley, Mark 192 Worley, Raymond 76 Worley. Roger 46 Worley, Terra 76 Wright, J 66 wnght, J acl, 191 Wright, R 66 Yarlan, A 66 Yeager, R 191 Yeager 67 Yeagley. S 67 Yoho, Mr 201 Yost, M-r 222 Young, Lorl lMcClungl 49 Young, Myrna 76 Zaleskl, Mike, 166 Saleskl, Mark 145, 167 Zarllla. Sondra 46, 213 Ztccardl, J 216 Zlgler, Tlna 210 Zlnkon, Kelly vb, 187 Zlnkhon, Rock 46, 115 Zmuda, B 67 Zmuda, Michael 86, 145, 227 Zmuda, Susan 46, 219 Zucchero, Amy 46, 188, 193, 123, 21 1 5 Zuccero, B 188, 67 Zucherro, Dana 86, 228 Zumbar, A 67 Zurbrugg, C 67, 145, 147, 156, 161 Zumkehr 67 Zurbrugg, B 86, 210 280 PAT H WAYSXEN D C YXYKCD XS CGSCXDSXCS . . . SXCXX, H399 ?SPsX5?f?45 Q0o, okk- :C OMOVYWOYX was Qixowd 'og 0006 'og bo-aw, aka CoXXeq,e oi X50 X C CRX 06 'o 'Ex 0,6 cox o O CYY?sO'6X Q09 tocess 'o 'o Vs Coq0Qa09, X0 ks c,og0Qos eq0bose.e6 eik 6 e+mw.'Y'0a Q one-as 'VOQ, 'V0e X930 sex YxQ0oqp'a Q P-Q0 ' '00 40,251 oo Qqxx X ' .'i'0Q,'6x06 Q, 1 Noon 6 QIKQ0 59 6 sa'0acXhcgo00 x Q0 QM-so1ea0 1 '0 a' Vs 5526, A Q Qu-Qu 53 Q K A X A x cnc, 059 Qa0vo '6x06e s 1 sK'b0'Q0 '0 QXX26 '09 e 66 30601 kk xo eve 00 055 Q0 ie 000, ixca o view Qx. 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