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, 1 i I x 7 W E r E i Q E 5 Q I 3 2 Q E 5 a E F Li 5 ... .....A ..,.,....-,m..u---..,.m, ,....,...n.m...,,....-....A-.,..M- .... ..--.w,...M.- .....,..,.....,.-,..,.. ,. ,A. W .4u..- .,,..A.. ,.L-..., ,m.,K....X,., u.,.. , ,W. .. .. ,,... -- .3 W 1 f 1 f 3 4 . .x 1 K, .' --5-'. -xl X -BJ-W ' - -- ju 4, fr, ' .. A, , ., . .11 I I. ,V A4 ,Ai .' 1 ...fy- ,Ni , J" ,qv- Y ' .., 5. gn X-,J --vp ' 3 .l- .9 .-'E 4 . ,,i, .Ui 'ff w 4 4, N. + vu , 1 4 4 1 ' ', + J ..-, "-, U-L, YN. 1 , ,F ',a W + 5, ,V . f 1:-f ', -N.- sie: U- .v,.4,,,, A W A, ff 'TLTT fs? V ' A715 7. 'P Q3 - . ff ' Q. ,blw ., ,, "j'- k V u -W s '-" - 1 1, '.."y w-viii-. . 3. ,, , Ak P . R ., A ff?- . -w::f'f-.m:'-4.f.,,.f -, ' ,-'s,.-,,,V Q? , fm- ' 4, - x .. . x X wi il L . if We- i' 3-r ,. 'I 3 w w 1 i 1946 he Ckrwmfe Published by the January and June Classes of Alliance High School 3 m ww U2 Fm' above af! other .rcfzooff Smmff Alfzbnce Hzlgfz, Sfze 1527! never be forgolfezz AJ the yefzrx go by. THE CHRONICLE STAFF STA FF J.-X NUARY Co-Editors Lois Stuckey Letty Bennett Business Managers 'l'o1n Lotze Gerald Hirschl Faculty Kathleen Thompson Kenneth Burbick Pictures Albert Smith Doris Day Robert Mitzel Records Shirley Barnhart XVilliam Waltz Rose Rogel Sports David King Joanne Auld Calendar Flo Yanney Betty Ramsey llelen Hanny lletty Bossert VVill Kathleen Thompson Clubs Doris Lapp Kathryn John A1-L lleLores Holzer Marilyn Thomas Pllotogxiwipliyz Robert lllajer. Wells Oyster, Ed Cross JUNE Norma Galehouse Martha Seorest NYilliam XVild Edward Honsberger Kathleen Sehrell Robert VVillia1ns Joyce Wyiner Marilyn Honaker Joyann Stevenson Jean Cross Irene Freshley Evelyn Jacobs Shelley Stone Madalyn Marshall Dolores Clark Patricia Moscly Marylyn Mcfaw Joanne Donaldson Dolores Clark Mary Albert Esther Pandin Marilyn Anderson Typisls: Charlotte Crewson, Carol Addison, Greta Clapsaddle. Jean Linder, Ann Heacoclt Copy Headers: Marion lllantho, Virginia Wideroe, Barbara. VVilson, Barbara Sivey Advisers: Editorial, Mary H. Stanleyg Business, Mary Dilleyg Art, Leland W'hitacre 5 To the Men Who Served To the men of Alliance High School who cast OH, uncomplainingly, the mantle of youth and carefree irresponsibility to put on the uniform of our country and to assume the task of serving, fighting, suffering, and dying so that We, as high school students, could fulfill the trust they placed in us and could continue to Work toward a brighter future for mankind, we, the graduating classes of 1946, dedicate this Chronicle. 6 AX 1 ' 5. 6 v - . , 1. G 5 , - " :Q 5 E EE 5 V, We, the representatives of our classes, pledge our loyalty to the ideals for which the men in the service so nobly fought. In this, our 1946 Chronicle, you'll iind us still laughing with Reggie, cheering our teams, gabbing in the halls, cramming for tests, and looking forward to the day when we shall take our places in the world. We are thankful that Alliance High can continue to be a typical American school. m ' N 1 H? ' , fc: lf-1 so i "TG-1, 1 QB llliklljxs-5.Q,'11, IUUTY IRAXMSJEY O KAIHIEEN 515151311133 1 V, W ll lj All MA 1 -1 ue.fIUlt5liSf1 gig Q CIICHCDIL-lf 0 lB1Ru1cE1E CKDIBIBS L N, WD 'W'B-ffDrL,s1YuroN Q cl?ILAIRlIlB1EIL AEMSIERQNQB TE RGDIBIEIRIF lBi1r1srN1E11r1r Q JEAN 1EM1r0r1L11z1R fi , 1 5 , I 4 G 1 'Si 5. 1 Il ,. Nix I 1 1511 , g 4' ,14 4 :xl x X - lm C ZQKWIZML lg Zf"f21fAzaff1e1' 7 '!39:i5i9'E:4'Xx On. Through the Years t I s 1 1 ig' Freshman Daze .197 5 ll' whale' QW , ,. ,,,,.,..,....,. A ,, h,,,,,....... . ........,..,.... ..... W 1th Reggie S119 jf o 5,95 ' 9 Hi, Stoogents! This is Reggie, here to report all the events and happenings of the January and June '46 classes from their debut to A. H. S. until graduation. There I was perched on the top of the flagpole l way back four years ago. Because of the high alti- tude, I couldn't distinguish what was plunging into A. H. S. At first, it looked like green lettuce, but it "turniped" to be "cute tomatoes" in the form of the future '46ers. I ' . Orchids Fm' Mario deplded thgn and thele to be Bob Mitzi-I, l.m-nova XV1-st, Jerry Hirschl, Lois Stuckey their guardian angel. The first day was filled with ele- vator and cafeteria hunting. I even sold them tickets for the noon lunch, but afterwards my conscience bothered me, so I bought them periscopes to see where they were going. I'm not gonna let those seniors trample them to death. My "greenies" changed to "Smarties" in 9A. The January class even gave a play. Were they feeling important because they broke precedent! The play was "Orchids For Marie," but I think it should have been "Orchids For Me" after all I've done for them. Oh, yeh, the cast! Well, Marion Mantho and Jerry Hirschl were leads. Then came Lenora VVest, Shirley Myers, Bob Mitzel, Doris Day, Mike Tangi, and Lois Stuckey. Sophomore Sophistieation Whaddya know! This rank of Hpupilsi' was "enlarged" when "spectacles" from State Street came to join my gang. I bet they'll be a swell addition to help make these classes hum- dingers. Not to be out- done, the June '46- ers gave a party. Dancing, movies. and everything! There were cookies and pop for refresh- ments. They even elect- ed a king and queen: Ed Krahling and Kathleen Se- brell. Sebrell was given the cutest bunny, but - oh, that Krahling, he got a kiss. Kathleen Sebrell, lid Krahling x C? Junior Jmks v ,rf ' 'fa My brood has hatched into Juniors and all these years of studying, I still now they're studying Poe's Raven. After don't know what he's ravin' about. G57-Q,2'.eQ!'y4' ' I 'Q Circus Prom l,0C'0l'2lfI0llS Jan. 20, 1945 CIRCUS PROM The circus is in town! Yep, the class of January '46 gave a circus prom for the class of January '45. We danced all evening under the "big top" to the Hmoosici' of Earl Jones and his orchestra. When I was young, I carried water for the elephants whenever the circus was in town, so I volunteered to carry punch and Mr. Covert, muscle man Shirley Myers leads Circus 1'au'ude animal cookies to the dancers, just to re- new old memories. This circus had everything - even a parade. High-stepping Shirley Myers led the band consisting of Jerry Hirschl, Bob Mitzel, Doris Lapp, and Dick Myers. 'tStep right up, ladeeees and gentlemen," said Tom Lotze. "See the one and only muscle man of A. H. S., Paul Greek." He didn't fool me with his portable bicepts. Of course, when he asked for volunteers to lift a weight, I didn't go-well, you see I hate crowds. Coach Covert lifted one weight above his head! Did the girls scream! Never a dull moment at this prom. Jim Flynn and Al Smith kept the audience in stitches all evening. 942. fhirfkflf NLXXQ X959 1 191, gif 5 55 01 1 gif! Syl! 9 G' I n, Memoriam James Flynn James Flynn, a member of the June 1946 class, died May 5, victim of a traffic accident. Active in National Thespians, Blue Domino, Fine Arts, Fall Varieties, Orchestra, and Treasurer of his class, Jim was post- humously awarded membership in National Honor Society. "If you should forget me for awhile And afterward remember, do not grieveg Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad." 10 fi? H54 I . .Sin ,,,, 1 'W Pirate Prom May 26 PIRATE PROM Heave ho, me hearties! Ship ahoy for the PIRATE PROM! From the crow's nest of my ship, -I sighted the A. H. S. gym, where the prom of June ,46ers was being held. I decided to haul down the sail and go ashore for an evening of fun. With Joanne Donaldson and Frank Ka- carab I trudged over sand and moor Cmoor what?J to the land of buried treasure. There I found Warren Walker and Treva Hostettler reigning as king and queen. Farther on I saw two of my old pirate pals guarding a chest of what they thought was gold. "Dead-Eye Dick" Bal- duzzi opened the chest and found a note . . . Sorry! No Gold! Throughout the evening a crew of pir- ates served grub. They threw me into the brig for snitchin' so much. Seniors Sept. 5, 1945 Now that my proteges are seniors, they are beginning to think of the teachers as human beings. Thinking it over, I've de- cided, too, that all these folks do help us xv2ll'l'0ll XVnlke1', Trcva l-Iostettler Supreme a lot and really are our friends ........ even mine ?????? Just look at the pictures on the next few pages and I'm sure you'll agree. fa W. , fzzbxls N r X 0' fir 1 ,Q Q92 gy 7 Q gdyf ffl, Q f, w 'org .X 1,- kgfa 'Qt' Rf' The Administration Mr. Russell E. Schafer Mr. XYult6-1' XV. lYa'bb Mr. Ralph S. l'0p5mck Superintcmlvllt l'1'incipz1l Assistant l,l'llll'llHll Mrs. Pauline Muinwmfillg, Mr. Herbert lvoolf, Mr. 0. C. Hahn, and Miss Mary Cobb Mr. Rumi-ll IC. Scliufvr, Misses Donna- F1'azi0l', and Missvs Donna Jl'Zlll Goddard, Betty Bzilyvs, and 111' Gcrtrutlc Breckncl' lvilllifll' VV. lVcbb 12 Charlene M. Burrell Earl Carter Ralph S. Coppock Jane Dilley Biology Bookkeeping, English Physics Latin ,QM-'m Ahmad Mary Dilley Ruth Dowler Valerie Draghic Eric Duro Mathematics Sr. Health, First Aid Home Economics Band Director Virginia Geddert George Gilbert Mrs. Thomas Andrian Margaret Hall Speech, English XVoodwoi'k English. Debate Stonography, Typewriting Mabel Hartzell Helen L. Hendershot Philip K. Heim Marguerite Hillman American History, Civics English Social Science, Athletics English 13 Guy Hoover Edgar E. Kidwell Melvin C. Knowlton Dave Mainwaring Dean of lioys, Ethics Industrial Arts Athletic Director Industry, Athletics Bertha Marmet Eva Medved Jean Miller Jane McNichol Moore lX'I:Lt.l1e1natics llolno Economics History. Civivs English waives Eugenia Moses Paul Murphy Lucy A. McKibben Margaret Noble Business Latin, English English, Journalisin French -mf' Tr Ellen Nolt Lucile Pettis Mildred K. Pfau Gertrude F. Pfouts English Physical Education Home Economics English, Dean of Girls 14 f W TELL., 'Huw' Q-QWA.. FWHM ix-.M . Herbert W. Pritchard Joseph Quinlan Ray Reighart Eva Lee Sackett Mathematics Pliysieul Ed.. ,Xtliletirs Biology. Fr. Adviser C'liorz1l lllnsiv F. D. Saine Charles Sax Clark G. Shreve Margaret Sites You Trziflvs and Ind. Foundry I'sy4-holouy Sr. Adviser Tlistrilmutive Edll4'2lllOIl WU? May Smyth Clyde M. Stanley Mary H. Stanley Marjorie Steltzer lll1ll.llQll1Z1tlCS Gen. S1-ienve, Vis. Hd. English, Liln':1riz1n Sociology, Druniatics 4.059 .uw 03. 'IP' 'H,M,,,wf, Mary E. Stoneburner Fred Stuckey Ben Temple Betty Terhune History, Economics Sovial Sbiences Chemistry Spanish 15 Thelma Varner Mildred Walker Leland H. Whitacre Typewriting, Shorthand English Com. Art, Nec-h. Drawing Eleanor C. White Helen E. Wright Orchestra History Yvonne Desautels William H. Shaffer French Foundry Elsie Sanders Art Charles Melaney Mrs. June Thomas Machine Shop Librarian 16 a Sept. 14 0 FOOTBALIXS HERE AGAIN Sign-Kl::,,2:,0r'f Went to the opening game against ki AKRON GARFIELD. Alliance went "Strait" down the field for our only touch- down. Score 26-7. -p Football Coucln liaslu-tlmll Coach Mr. Fred Stuck:-y Mr. Leland XVIIIUICPC Joseph Quinlan David Mainw:u'ing' Athletic 'l'l'cz1su1'c-1' Athletic Director Sept. 21 Sept. 28 24-63-54 . . . hike, called Captain Plum. So I did! I walked miles before somebody found me the next day and told me the score was 6-0 in favor of CANTON LEH- MAN. ' Another grand night for a game. Those EAST LIVERPOOL POTTERS were "plotters." They beat us 27-0. We got caught in some of their clay. Football Banquet Action-East Liverpool Game Quinlan prepares Balogh for fray. Sept. 28 CLUBS DISBANDED Ta! Ta! Ta! Taa! Ta! Taa! CThat was a fanfarej Well, whaddya know. It's July 4th in September. Ah, yes! A bombshell has exploded in A. H. S. Venturing forth 17 through the smoke and din, I found out that all social clubs were banned. Most clubs hastily revised their constitutions-- after studying Jefferson's methods. And I was planning such a nice initiation for my kid brother. X BAND HAS NEW UNIFORMS Sept. 28 While I was sitting in the bleachers dur- ing the East Liverpool game, I kept seeing red. I soon discovered that it Wasnit the catsup from my hotdogl No, believe it or not, the band has new uniforms. Gosh, but they're flashy! Red jackets and .blue trousers with a red stripe slink- ing to the bottom of the pant leg. But now I Wonder how I ever noticed the band because after I saw the major- ettes, my eyes went out of focus. My peepers made a cross-eyed figure eight each time drum majorette Barb Wilson and Mary Messenheimer, her as- sistant, did a fancy twirl with their batons. First Semester l'1'v'f4icle1it ................,......... Robert Mitzel S6'C'l'l'lElly-Tl't'2lSlll'9l' ........... l one Zeigloi Lib1'a1'ian .......................... Xvllllkllll XYild Custodiansi--XYilliam Muntz, Richard Second SUIIIPSIPI' Pl99lfl0lll .......................... XYilliz1u1 W'ild in I Xue President .................... Marie Gorun iQ1,,-'fag becrotary-'l'1'easu1'e1' ............. l 21119 Zeiglei' as Libi ai 1 in Richaid Rilston Alliance High School Band M I . 'a ' -7 Zuch --1' ' -'Z --,-,--,-,,,--,,,V,,Y, '- - Q 9 " K Custodian .............. .....,. D ouald Roose Adviser ..............,............. Mr. Eric Duro Majorcttes 1 S E X ,, .r ffzfaa f 1: 4' 1 4 X, ia: fc X g i'-f X 4 !g."'4' CHEERLEADERS Dick Balduzzi Al Doringo Bill Migal Bev Bowden Shirley Cracknell Pat Xvolfer Oct. 5 Rain and mud can't stop our boys. They plowed their way to a 7-0 victory over ZANESVILLE when Ed Krahling inter- cepted a pass and went 42 yards for a touchdown. The next day the team saw the Ohio State-Iowa game. They deserved it' Oct 12 We played MASSILLON tonight. George Balogh made a touchdown right at the start, putting us in the lead. My heart did a double flip-flop as flashy Bert Webb scored live touchdowns for Massillon. Grand game even if the score was lop-- sided. Oct. 19 Yea!! A tie! Alliance dead-locked YOUNGSTOWN CHANEY in a 6-6 score tonight. Oct. 26 We sure played a game of football against CANTON LINCOLN. Although we lost 16-0, I'm satisfied. It was a swell game. H nrmon at Football Banquet M-tion-Canton McKinley Game Mothers' 'Banquet at Log Cabin FALL VARIETIES Oct. 23-24 Who says thirteen isn't an unlucky num- ber? I had seat number thirteen right be- hind the post at Fall Varieties. But I fooled 'em. I had my trained woodpecker with the steel beak. He's won the awards at Kaiser's riveting school. eh! ehl ehl eh! 19 After he du-du-du-"dood" it, I looked through the peekhole and watched Fall Varieties of 1945 go International as they saluted our allies with music. And boy, what a salute! Look at the next two pages. See if you won't be singing with' Bette Jones, "Baby, You Was So Right." AHS f-All VARIfTlf5 21 CLASSES SHOT! Oct. 30 my picture taken . . . I need my Vitamin D Wheel I missed half my classes today. from the sun. Mr. Dimit kept ducking They took class pictures and I Went out under a little black hood, but I Wasn't go- for them all. It's not that I like having ing to hurt him. Honest!! 14ll'0SllIllilll Girls This Class is not orgaulizvd 14ll'CSllll1illl Boys 22 S0l7ll01l10l'0 Girls President ............... ........ B ill Clayton Vice President ..... ........ B ill Migal Secretary ........ ......... J ohn Monea Treasurer ....,, .,4...... D onna Weibush Patron ........ ,....... M r. Mainwaring SOPll0lll0l'0 Boys 2 3 11B Girls President .....A..... .,w............., D on Gwynne Vice President ..... ,e..,... S hirley Fliekinger Secretary .ee.,... ,.....,,.,ee...... J une Ellis, Treasurer ..... ,........ M arilyn Hoover Patroness .,.. .......,. M rs. Pfouts 11B Boys 24 11A Girls President . .,...... ....... D ick Strait Vice President .,... .....,e..,. J oan Kintz Secretary ...,,.e.. ....,. I ,aurie Phillips Treasurer .... ...... G race Stuckey Patroness .... i..... M iss Terhune I IA lioys 25 1215 Girls President .. ..,...., ..... B ob Schweikart Vice President .,,.e, ,..,ee.,i B ruce Cobbs Secretary .,,.ee., ........ L orice Godsey Treasurer ....r .....,r.r J ane Zeigler Patroness ...., ,..... M iss Noble 1213 Boys 2 6 Nov. 2 BLUE DOM PLAY "Spring Scene" was given in assembly today. And what a scene! Jerry Schnei- der and Betty Ramsey were sensational in their parts. But, of course, they ,ve had lots of practice. Bob Ramsey was a hot dog vender and "Snow" Ramsey even put in an appear- ance. Everyone wants in da act! Ear- bara Russell, as the "chic" nurse made my heart throb. I Went out and threw myself in front of a car afterwards, but it was parked. Lucky for me because later l discovered that she Wasn't a real nurse. Nov. 2 BOOSTER CLUB DANCE As if there hadn't been enough today, the Booster Club gave a dance in the gym after the game. The queen and her court were intro- duced at intermission. Rrrrf! SPI-:ING SCENE Bob Rannsey, llutfg Ramsey, Jerry Sclmvidvr, Barb Russell, Snow Raunscy FOOTBALL QUEEN AND COURT Shirley Grimes, Bill'llill'il Ball, Betty Rzunsoy, Rosalyn Cironi Joyce XYy1ne1' Qseatcdj Nov. 2 McKINLEY GAME FOOTBALL QUEEN Miss A. H. S. Joyce Wymer and her court presided at the McKinley game this evening. I'm going to write to my con- gressman about having them sit Way out in front of everybody. Who wants to watch the game when they're there? Oi? course, I'm only trying to help the team. Those CANTON MCKINLEY BULLDOGS thought We were cats and chased us up a tree with a 21-6 score. Nov. 9 PRINCE OF PEACE CONTEST The Prince of Peace contest was held in assembly today. Contestants Don Steffy, Kate Sebrell, and Bob Ramsey were vig- orously biting their nails beforehand, but they delivered their speeches like veter- ans. The decision of the judges giving Bob Ramsey first place for his "Johnny Come Early" was hailed with a burst of applause. aa- N' Ofgm, Tonight Alliance played undefeated YOUNGSTOWN URSULINE and we let them stay that way We arent mean The final score was 38 13 GUS AND BOSY made their debut at this game The Girl Reserves had a clevei ldea there keeping everyone guessing foi y . . . 69 r a week. lilveryone-that is-but me. l knew all along that Gus and Rosy were 1 'Q cute little red and blue yarn dolls. Gus and Rosy Nov. 15 Nov. 16 Hats Off to for Our final game! We played keeping us laughing throughout a grand TIMKEN with the score 20-9 their favor chapel program, and for his fine work with pm looking forward with ffwim Wlgor and our armed forces here at home and over- Witalityv to next Season- ' seas. Nov. 16 AVIATOR'S HANGAR Oh, boy! We've got a youth center! It's called the Aviator's Hangar. Opening night was tonight after the Timken game. It includes everything - games, dancing, and eating. Upstairs the girls have a "hen room." I'm not even allowed up there. T'aint' fair! Oh well, I can always drink coke at the coke bar all evening. Coke Bar 28 Opening Night Football fQll0l'll Joy Nov. 19 FOOTBALL BANQUET Went to the football banquet tonight. I was supposed to sit in the guest-of-hon- or's place but Tom Harmon, All-American football player arrived at the last minute so I offered him my seat. He took it! "Whit" as M. C. introduced magician Will Ross. He was good, but I think the way I get into trouble is better. Coach Quinlan gave a talk and present- ed the squad with their letters. I got one too, as Varsity Waterboy. Joyce Wymer, football queen, got a tur- key. That mean old bird chased me out. I never even got to see the moving pic- tures of the Canton McKinley game. Nov. 20 Like most people I, too, have my serious side. Tonight I attended the ORCHES- TRA CONCERT. Miss Nancy Kendall, guest soloist thrilled the audience .... I winked at her. She's pretty. Nov. 21 THE FLU FLEW Empty halls! Vacant seats in class rooms! The flu bug will get me too, if I donlt watch out. I asked "Benn about the odors from the lab. Found out the new smell was oozing forth from the ventilators. Gasping for breath, I rushed to see Doc Musselman. He said that the "smell" was disinfectant used to prevent colds. My poor nose! Nov. 22 Thanksgiving vacation! Hurrah! 1 wonder if Joyce Wymer still has that tur- key'?????? 1-0 xvylllifl' ri-1-vives zu gift Nov. 30, 1945 Had an awful fright today. Walked in- to assembly late and there right up on the stage was an elephant. I thought I was seeing things or that maybe I was dream- ing about the Circus Prom. I was just ready to run to the nearest exit when somebody asked me, "How do you like the movie?!' That "Zenobia" sure is some- thing, isn't she? Dec. 3, 1945 G. R. Tea dance today, so I polished up my English accent and went. Everyone was "hep" and "ready to jive," but no juke box. We waited and waited. Finally it ar- rived. Bev Bowden and Don Wylam were so glad that they did a "hep step" and won the jitterbug contest, while Jack Bowman and Mary Berea glided to first place in the slow dance field. They got a box of candy but I got more: two rotten toma- toes, three empty bottles and the gate. Chuck McGowan - Dr. NIIISSIPIIHIII - Miss Ekvy 29 +3 . A704 -I ! ffzfbn' mega, f 4' i J' 42? i QQ? 'hi , f 0 s 523 0 5 if ' 81 , ,Lf-ff' yt 'x OX XX XQXQ at ' X. 5151 3 " WL, 1 1. 4 .ll I NL! Dec. 7 BOND AUCTION Herels Where I use my lungs. We had our last bond auction today. Lasted prac- tically all morning, too. It was Civil War II with the North and South lighting bravely to the tinish. Con- trary to history books, the South won. The Winning side received a prize of a nine o'clock tardy bell on December 17. Of course, I was on the losing side, but that didn't bother me. I turned the school clock back. Dec. 7 BASKETBALL SEASON IS HERE! Yaaaaay team! Alliance started off with a bang against CLEVELAND GLEN- VILLE. That overtime period making the score 39-3,7 our favor nearly gave me heart failure. Dec. 11 We played LOUlSVILLE'S BLUE RAIDERS as a substitute game for Se- bring. They raided us too. They won 38-36. Louisville Gunn- . . . Action!! D. Day, L. Bennett, M. Mzmtho The Cast M. Mantho. D. King 1 D. Holzel' Dec. 12 SENIOR PLAY Well, my January '46ers showed them tonight. Their senior play JUNIOR MISS was a huge success. Miss Geddert asked me if I had ever been an actor. I said, no, but Tye had my foot in a cast. Speaking of the cast, look at the picture above. And don't forget to look at the crew. I hang around a lot behind the scenes with these boys. We . . . I mean they . . . do a lot of work that nobody sees. 30 Stage Crew Moffett. Hob Ovscll, Bob XValtz, Hill IYultz l'l1:u'l1-s Spf-row, Donald 'llons Dec .14 Victory Again! We defeated CAMPBELL MEMORIAL by the score of 41-22. I rode over to Can- ton in the baggage compartment of the team's bus. They put all the "bags" there. Dec. 15 With a growl and a snarl we had WADSWORTH'S Grizzlies at our mercy. They fought desperately but we won 46-31. Am I gettin' big-headed! Dec. 16 Christmas Concert today. The music was so beautiful that even I am getting the Christmas spirit. Lihrzwy Clll'iSilllilS Tri-0 Dec. 21 flhl'iSfllIZlS Chapel - Mixed Chorus Sings Dec. 18 Christmas chapel! The Mixed Chorus sang several selections and then Barbara Russell gave a beautiful Christmas read- ing. This Christmas spirit is getting me. First thing I know I'll be buying my girl a gift. The Mixed Chorus went through the halls this afternoon singing carols. I fol- lowed them, but my low bass threw them off, so I meandered into the library. The Library Staff was decorating a tree. I threw some tinsel on it, but they said I spoiled the eifect. Anyway, I think it's a beauty. Don't you? Those Potters! Once again they've ov- erpowered us. Yep, we lost to EAST LIV- ERPOOL 35-53. By "we" I mean the team and me . . . I'm water-boy. Jan. 1 Jan. 4 Starting the New Year right, we lost to Now I know we've got what it takes. WARREN HARDINCKS Presidents 34-49 With the high score of 57-51 we made the when they were our guests. Never pays SALEM QUAKERS quake as the Aviators to treat your guests 'ruH." flew over their heads. Zooooooooml Jan. 2 School again! "Oh, how I hate to get up in the morningf, Jan. 4 At chapel today the band sparkled once more. Soloists included Bob Mitzel, Bill Wild, Elda Lapp, Dick Ralston, Jean Reisch, and the trombone section. I de- cided I'd join the band after that chapel, but Mr. Duro said they don't need any "triangle" players. Jan. 7 CLUBS POSE Another great day-aren't they all? To- day, club pictures Were taken. They let me run to the rooms and yell out the clubs. lt was fun, even if I did get out of breath. l,il'0l'tUl', Miss Suckett, llilVl'l'lll" H0llSIll'l'Li1'l', Ann Hollis. Delilah XYvlc-v, Faith Grinu-s, Joan l12lllkl'0llll, Pat Mosvly, Accullipulnist Laurie Phillips is J. Hewitt, J. llorlnzul, il. 'l'uIv, second svlnvstz-rg A. Smith, first Sl'lll6St0l'Q IC. Hollsberggvl' 32 Orvlivstra First Semester Y D Second Semester President .e.,..Aesse......e.4e, Grace Stuckey President. 's""""'ssssss's"' Grave Stupkey Vice Peeeieeee -eeeeeeeeeeeee Faith Grimes gl X3E5eQfi?3ili23Sii1gft,i513532 3531233 Secretary-Treasurer, Harriet Grabiel H-71 Lll,l-arlans-Geolegene Diehl, William Librarians-Georgene Diehl, William Heini Heim Director ....,s........ Miss Eleanor White Mixed K'horus First Semester Second Semester l J . .' . , . efeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Deemee 51-eg1fl:egf,Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemlsgiiffmlz . . . . ic .,,,....,..,.,,r..r,....,, Q Vice President s.,....,,c .,s.,.r,..,,c R oss Willis , Secretary-Treasurer Donna Freshley Secretary-Treasurer rr...r.. Donna Freshley Acwmpanlst ,,ll--l,V-l,.- if-1-lllalllelc plflllllpg Acconipanist rrrr..,......, ....... L aurie Phillips Director .s.....ese.w...,.,.. Miss Eva Lee Sackett D 0 H'-Y First Semester I l Second Semester ' - President .........,...e,eee.,.....,e. Ross Willis - ' Iilfesldent. ss's"""""""ss"" Wllllam Wlld iiiiieiiii Secretary ............s..-.s Robert Wllhams Treasurer ....,......... Charles McGowan Treasurer ,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, James Dorman Adviser ..,.,,,,,,..,,.i.VY, Mr. Clark Shreve First Semester President ........................ Fred Ameser Mcriflian Club Second Semester President ,...V,.........sssss.... Fred Ameser Vice President ........s..... Melvin Oyster Vice President ..,..,........ Melvin Oyster Secretarv ------ , 'VMI A M-Paul Newhouse S8C1T'9taI'y ........ ......... P alll NeWhOllSC Tyeagurey h,----A--------,----A,,-H- Aking Treasurer ,,,,,.,, ,....,,,.,,. W illis Akins 34 Adviser .,..., .,.....,. ll lr. Clyde Stanley Excelsior Girl l:0S0l'k'l'S First Semester Second Semester President ,,..,e....,,,.,,.. Bertha Anderson President ,........................, Anna Johns Vice President ..,.,..,ee........ Anna Johns Secretary ....e,eeee..,...........,... Sarah Hill Secretary ..,...,,.... ,.,...,.e..,,i. S arah Hill Treasurer ...........i........ Barbara Babbs Treasurer .,r,.... ss.,.r B arbara Bablms Adviser .,...s..,. Aurelia Burruss Ruffin l'l0l'lllll First Semester Second Semester - Gi i President ...........i.....,.. Martha Secrest Elleblgfnjf. il iii'i iii"""' 'llqalrthgl Filcregt Vice President .o..,... Norma Galehouse ICG IQSIC GH ,,v..... Olflld cl Q OUSQ -v Secretary -Hn---ir-------I-AHa1,1,iet Glaabiel Secretary .ooooooooooooo.. Joanne Donaldson lv- Treasurer -M A4--q--,--q-----M :Robert Ruth Treasurer ....r,,e...... Charlotte Crewson Adviser .eee,,eeee,.,.,, Miss Mabel Hartzell 35 Freshman-Sopllomorc Girl Reserves First Semester President ....,........, .,..,, ,..,,... June Ellis Vice President .,..,e...... Sara McCallum v Secretary .e..,e.,,e Mary Lou McConnell Treasurer .... ..,..., S hirley Flickinger Second Semester Pl'6S1d91'1JE r,r...,rrr.......,..,rr.,,rrrr June Ellis Vice President ,V,.V,,.,rr, Sara McCallum Secretary ,77,,r.rrr Mary Lou McConnell Treasurer .,rr,,rr,.rr.. Shirley Flickinger Adv.-M. Stoneburner, Mrs. Andrian 1"1'eslunzm-Sopllomoro Girl Hesclwvs 36 Junior-Senior Girl R8Sf'l'X'CS First Semester . Second Semester ' President ..........,.,.....,.,.,... Kathleen Sebrell P1'9S1d9H'f -eeef-ee----f-------ee,eee Kathlefm Sebfeu Vice President .e... ....... M arilyn Morgan Vice President .....r rrrrr,. IN Iarilyn Morgan Secretary ............r.v.......,.........,...,. Joan Kintz Secretary - ------,- -Vq- --A-A -qq- J Can Kintz Treasurer .....,,,..rrr.,.,r,.,.,. Norma Galehouse Treasuregl, - -,. Norma Galehouse Adxfilsfig-lcyliss Jean Miller and Miss Eva f e ve Jllllilll'-Sfjllilll' Girl Reserves 37 First Semester President ,,....,,,............. Annetta Frey Q Q Vice President ....,e.... Wanda Scranton Secretary .,...... ........,,e..,. F lo Yanney 22 Treasurer ...............r.,.. Shirley Carsey ' Vzuluceall Club O I Second Semester President ,,rr...............i,. Annetta Frey Vice President ......,,.. Wanda Scranton Secretary ....rr..oro,....,.,....... Evelyn Shea Treasurer r,,..., o..,.... E milia Ciorgoda Adviser .......,.,.orr.... Miss Ruth Dowler Red Cross C0lllll'il First Semester President .rr......,.....,........ Ralph Kayler Vice President ,............... Betty Postiy Secretary .................. Marilyn Morgan Treasurer ,,,,..,. ....... K atherine Pierce 38 Second Semester President ,,r........,..,....,.... Ralph Kayler Vice President ....,,.....,.,,, Betty Postiy Secretary .rr...r..........i Marilyn Morgan Treasurer ..ccr,...,c,,... Katherine Pierce Advisers-Miss Ellen Nolt and Miss Valerie Draghic C0llllllCl'K'iil1 Club First Semester Second Semester C , - - . - President .........,.................. Jean ross Eiesliemd "" """' Vlrggnfiq Magdmgin CQMMEQCIAL Vice President ................ Mary Albert we 1931 GH s"-'-"'-'- S er an ln Secretary ....rr................ Helen Murray SCCIWYCHFY eeee---,----4------------- JMU Lmdel' EY' Treasurer ..,....r.... Donna Jean Packey Treasurer ,,,s,,,sss.,.,.,..sssss,..., Jean Cross Adviser ......,...irrr Miss Eugenia Moses Future liL'l1lilCl'S of Ohio First Semester Second Semester , - - , - J' President ..r..,.......,.r Richard Balduzzi Eieslieilgi i'i" 'ii""" R HgaLd,tBZg?uZ?1 so Vice President ...,rr...... Robert Allcorn we 16511611 'tt""a"" O el Com Q Jr' Secretary .....r.,................ Helen Florea Secretary ----ee-f---------------- Helen FIOYGH- Q3 Treasurer r......,r..... Mildred Drakulich Treasurer ,............. Mildred Drakulich Adviser .,,,,,.,,,,,,, Miss Margaret Sites 39 W G. A. C. First Semester 0-bv-, Second Semester fr 'weep . . v . .. President ...fee..Ae..,... Madalyn Marshall Ptebldem, see"'sese"esee Madab n Mahal! V, Pneqident Bett 7 Ha er 453g Vice President .,eeee....eeee.. Betty Hagei. me 1 ' ""'s""ess"' 5 .g igglalw Secretary-Treasurer ,V.. Neva Nevison Secretary-Treasurer .... Neva Nevison GA-C Adyjger Mttst ttt,tt-----M 1X qigg Lucile pettis Varsity .X First Semester Second Semester , , ,' , - , X ,, -, President .r,v.,r,r.,r7...V,e,re,r.... Dick Strait Pibbldbntfh SS"'SSS""""'SSSSSS'S" Dlck btlfm Vice President ,.........,e...ttccc Dean Russ Vice President .ie,.... Edward Krahling Secretarv H-- Y ---mELhVa1,d Krahlinu Secfeta-1'Y -------- ------ E dward SHVGFS Treasurer ,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Edward Stiverg Treasurer .... .......... R oger Plum Adviser .......... Mr. David Mainwaring 40 Booster Club First Semester Second Semester President Donna Freshley F'-5' President Donna Freshley . . """""""""" . . Vice President ..s.ssss,issssse John Monea Vice President .se,.e,. Richard Balduzzi Secretarv Helen Jean Florea Secretary -----eeeee----ee Helen Jean Florea K J Treasurer ssssessss Bertha Hoge Treasurer ..... ..........., A Vinell Stump Adviser ...........,.,.. Miss Margaret Hall lluosiei' Club 4 1 First Semester 'WH' U011'iH0 Second Semester ,- - V, President ...,ee,s....,... Gerald Schneider Pleblienta """""""' Gegalfl hsghneldel Q- :Q Vice President .......,eeeeeeee Bob Ramsey VICE T951 ent """""" 3 p Wyman Secretary ............eeee Joanne Donaldson S9C1'9t31'Y f-v----ee"'----'e---- Bettl' Ramsey Treasurer ....eeeo.,,.ii,. Joyann Stevenson Treasurer ve,o........,.,.ee Kathleen Sebrell Adviser ,Yrrrr,,,... Miss Virginia Geddert The National Tliespizms First Semester Second Semester hweikart President ......,...,.i... Kathie Them son P1'eiide13t "" A ""' 3 "'g"',"'B0l' SC p Seci etai y-T1 easui ei ,rMartha Secrest Secretary-Treasurer .......... John Tate Adviser ............ Miss Virginia Geddert 4 2 The Quill and Scroll First Semester President,ee Shelley Stone W, Vice President ....,ee...,.e, Letty Bennett I bs lall' Recording Secretary .Alma Robbins gn. Corresponding Sec'y ,olVIarion Mantho Treasurer ..,o.o,o,,...... Virginia Wideroe Second Semester President ....,.,o,......,i.,..,.. Shelley Stone Vice President .ree.... Virginia Wideroe Recording Sec'y o,., Anna Marie Mondi Corresponding Sec'y ...Y Mary Griffith Treasurer .....w,,,o Donna Jean Freshley Adviser ....i,..v,,o,o Miss Lucy McKibben lied :md Blur- Stuff First SOIIIUSTCI' ,," S4-cmul Sl'lllK'Sl'l'l' ,fm1SfHo1 , , . - . . Q. X 134,111-cl or lflditoi-sz Imity lst-ii11et,l, yQ2a,r5, PO1':i,t,tfTl 3l,Q3iit1?,I1i',IiiL11?f,..L'Qii. Norma Galehousv, Alarilyn Hon- Kplpfss L1Qf'lQsx,y mmm Xymmm, zxkvr. Assomi ldditoriul Adv.: Luvy M1-Kilrlwii i llus. Adv.: Mary Ililloy ' 43 fl'l'i-Arts I Second Semester President .,.,..................,. Jack 'lhomas Fife Semester Not Omnized XiiiefiiiliirdirjiiifiiiijfjQoeij,?l1?lLeiR232i Treasurer ,,.,.,,.. 77,, 7..,,7, Annetta Frey Adviser ...4, .,..,., Mr. Leland Whitacre Fino Arts First Semester . Second Semester P, A,-1 t ' D 11 ff- .. Presicieiitl ...,e.eee....eeeeeeeee Donald Steffy Vifliiflim eeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiigmsiiiii gggfegggifldem eeeeeeeeeee Lgfgglgaghggg Secretary ---e""e"'e'----'A Laurie Phillips Dia T1'62lSLl14G31' Conway Treasurer ..r,.. r........ E leanor Conway Adviser ,,,,., 4 4 Ben Temple National Honor Society First Semester Mmm my seg President ,eee.eev,.e.....,ee,,. Betty Ramsey QE gg Vice President .... Edward Honsberger Q L56 Secretary-Treasurer ...... Lois Stuckey I Second Semester D . President ...i,e..,e7ee,ee..,..... William Wild Vice President, Norma Galehouse Secretary-Treasurer LJean Buchman Adviser . i,iiYe....e7ee,e,i Miss Mary Dilley Science Klub First Semester Second Semester President,, Robert King President ,,eeeeeeeee,...e.., Robert King Vice President ee..,... Joanne Donaldson Sf h WA r,UJ Vice President ..,ee,,e Joanne Donaldson Secretary ....eeee.e ..e.,..., E velyn Jacobs Secretary eeeee..,eee E velyn Jacobs Treasurer ...,, ....., G race Stuckey Treasurer ,ee. ,ee,ee G race Stuckey Librarian ...........,.,. J ane Zeigler Nj ,f Librarian ..eeee.eee,..,.. Jane Zeigler Recorder .,..a ...... N orma Galehouse Recorder e,,ee, N orma Galehouse Adviser .aae ,. .,..... Mr. Reighart Adviser ,,,, ,e,,,,i,,, M r, Coppock 45 From-ll First Semester President ....r........,,,eVe,.. Irene Freshley Vice President ,,..,.,. Fred Corey Second Semester Secretary .,,eeee.....e Shirley Carsey J, gh Not Qyganiggd ' x Treasurer .7,e,,.,.,............ Betty Sonday Adviser .......,.,e, Miss Margaret Noble Spanish First Semester P ,d tsecond Semesljrs H 4 ,- , , resi en ....,,...... ne grove Piebldent, """"'A'ii'iAi"""' Robfzut B05 Ce Vice President ..e,...... Barbara Wilson Vice President ....t..,e..... Marilyn Vogt Secretarv Y -, A N-Rose Ameser S9CF9t3I'Y 'fee---'---.v---e'-,,--- Ruth W00dS Treasurer ....,e....,........... Dolores Clark Treasurer ..... ..,e..,. V irginia Wideroe Adviser .....e M iss Betty Terhune 46 Home lflvonmnim-s First Semester Second Semester President .eee. r,...... ....,.r,rrr,, E v elvn Bell igkrcgmd-W President. """"""""" Lucmda Antram . . ' . L ff, 5 Vice President ..Martha Gray Barker Vice Pfesldem 'A""""Ar Margaret Kline S9C1'9t31'Y .-.. Marg-w'et Ann Robertsfm S9C1'9t31'Y ....eeeee.-........- Dorothy Locker 'wwf' Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,, Martha Bolender Treasurer ..... .....,, J ean Mehnert Adviser ..,..eee...,.. Miss Valerie Draghic Junior Polive Chief,e,...,ee ......,,l W illis Akins Lieutenants-Charles Sperow, Wayne Assistant Chief ....eeee Kermit Thomas Kidwell Captain .....,,......,.. D onald Hons 'Y ' City Coordinator ....,w.,.. Mr. Pritchard s 47 lk-lratv 'I'1-:nn-Rutll G. rxllllfiilll. Adviser milm' Vnptains mul jssm-inte-w-Mr. Guy llmwvr, .Xdviss-1' Library Stufl'-Bfrs. 'l'lmnms, Adviser 48 Going out front door Jan. 10 Lumbering into school, late as usual, I was met by a swarm of A. H. Sfers plung- ing out of high school. What? School over? Not a chance! They were only sneaking out for air between informal pic- ture taking. Jan. 11 HONOR SOCIETY Today was my lucky day-so I thought. I went to school all decked out in my new plaid suit. In case you don't remember, the Nation- al Honor Society chapel was today. The great moment came at last, the reading of the names. I was all ready to stand, but the familiar ring of "Reggie" did not come. Alas, alas, and how hard I tried for it-I think. Jan. ll SENIOR CHAPEL 'tYankee Doodle went to town" today when the class of January '46 gave their Senior Chapel, 'tThe Spirit of ,46." One moment I was drooling over a chor- us of girls, the next, swooning over a sing- er, and the next, laughing at a skit. What variety! As a climax to the chapel, Andy Bratu, 12A president passed the gavel over to Ed Krahling, 12B president. The gavel now holds the green and white of the January class. Jan. 11 While the Tigers roared, the Aviators trembled and shook . . . and lost the game against MASSILLON 55-46. Jan. 12 PROM de PAREE Tonight I was a man?!l "Oui" went to the "Gay Evening In Pareef' This man shortage is really becoming "acute"-so am I. Anyway, they let all sizes, shapes, and ages attend the prom. Now you know why I was there. The Commercial Art class worked hard to get the decorations ready. They made me feel I really was in Paris. 'tj Gay lflvening in l'zu'0c" l,l'0lll dm-c'o1'zitions l'ommercial Art Students at work 49 Ill! Xhuitcrs and XYa1it1'essc-s All dressed up buf 1 Si' 692161 3 . 6 y, 91, 9 Jan. 15 We did it again! Playing against a bet- ter team-CANTON TIMKEN-we won 37-36. We seem to stick to a close score. Thatis awful! I've had more heart attacks. Jan. 17 Jan. 17 Oh me, Ilm a nervous wreck! The score was tied ten times and each time I says This was the day of destiny. Would my to myself .UI-his is itp, But-We WOn-- little chumfpjs graduate or wouldn't they? 49-38!! 61.1, the team'WaS the BARBER- This bothered me, as senior grades were TON MAGICS. I guess they left their magician at home because their magic handed in to the office. I sorta snooped around, but found no dirt. failed. Jan. 20 Getting Caps and Gowns Jan. 18 Blue and white caps and gowns will be donned by the January graduates, who swarmed into the office today as Kenny and Penny doled them out. I rushed in to get mine, but alack and alas there wasn't any for me. Must have been too late. Jan. 21 BACCALAUREATE With a lump in their throats my cher- ubs Qthat's what they look likej took their first steps towards Commencement. In a body, they marched into the auditorium to take their assigned places. Three members of the class received their diplomas because they were entering the U. S. Coast Guard before Commence- ment night. Reverend Robert G. Diller's inspiring address "When Does Life Begin ?" was a challenge to all. Then they bowed silently for the clos- ing prayer, thinking of the moment when they would graduate. SENIOR BANQUET "The Last Act" was presented this eve- ning in the form of a senior banquet at the Woman's Club. Since I never miss anything, I was hon- or guest and got to sit in front of a circus parade - not real, just decorations. Wild animals everywhere - elephants even on the fireplace. Entertainment was not lacking either, since several members of the class pre- sented speeches and musical selections. Mr. Coppock finished the act by giving a speech on the four year journey through school. After all my years, I wondered whether he was thinking of me when he said, "Is this trip necessary ?" Jan. 23 COMMENCEMENT Tonight my Hchicksl' flew the coop. Yep, they're alumni of A. H. S. now. Sure will miss them. They gave me one last jolt though before they left. Mr. Clyde His- song, State Superintendent of Public In- struction, told them "The World is in Your Hands? Boy, was I scared! I rushed down quick as I could to help them hold it, but I was too late, their hands were already empty. They must have dropped it. It was a nice easy fall though because nobody knew that it had dropped but me. Everything turned out O. Kg they had just dropped it on the floor while they listened to the speeches. They picked it up afterwards and carried it out on their shoulders. And from the look on their faces, I knew that as long as they lived, it would stay there. Kenneth Burbivk Lois Xv2lflPl' Lois Stuckey Legion .hvurd xvillll0l' l'omnienvvmm-nt address Legion Award xvilllltql IES - . . I'ruud and Happy 51 Jan. 24 SENIOR DANCE Under a ceiling of green and white, I danced all evening at the Hi-Y Senior Dance. Well, I tried to dance, but the only girls who even looked willing were the two on either side of the bandstand. I was really getting an inferiority com- plex. Didn't my masculine charms please them ? Had I lost my pleasing personal- ity? I went off into a corner and was just ready to give a loud wail when some kind soul told me they were just dummies. He didnit have to tell me that though. Hadn't they refused to dance with "me',I!??! At intermission the popular girl and boy of the January '46 class, Betty Ram- sey and Neil Maple, were presented. Neil Maple King-Neil Maple and Queen-Betty Ramsey Jan. 25 Gaily prancing in the music room at CANTON McKINLEY, we lost to the tune of 43-32. Neil Maple played his last game for the Aviators. Jan. 28 PRESS BANQUET I was in a very de"press"ed mood this evening, so I "press"ed myself up and went to the "Pressl' Banquet. Was im"press"- ed with the program and the Quill and Scroll initiation, but a little re"press"ed that I wasn't included. Oh well, I tried my best. CI have writ-and writ-and writ to no avail.J All my fifty inches were sup"press"ed so it didn't get to the Review 'KPress." Press Banquet-Quill and Scroll Initiation 52 JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS , President, :xlldl'01Y Bratu Secl-et,a1'y, Betty Ramsey l Vice President, Neil Maple Lois Stuckey ........,. Kathleen Thompson Marion Mantho ,.o... Letty Bennett ,.,...,, Joanne Auld ............ Doris Lapp .......,...A.. Lucille De Girolamo To you, Miss Walker, The January class of '46 owes The achievement of its memorable day 3 By guiding and helping us We have come a long Way. It is with a spirit of gratitude That we have come to say A thank you from the bottom of our hearts As we go, each, our own Way. HONOR ROLL 96.5 95.3 94.4 94.3 93.4 93.0 91.62 Betty Ramsey ......... Charlotte Crewson Flo Yanney .............., Bruna Mazzetti ,...... Robert Mitzel ........ Doris Day ................. Kenneth Burbick ..... 53 Treasurer, Rose Rogel 91.6 91.28 91.1 91.0 90.763 .......90.757 90.4 SEN IORS Donald Homer Aebi Technical "You can't match this superb mechanic." Prom Committeeg Monitor 4. Bertha Lee Anderson Home Economics "All 'Andersons' are famous." Excelsior Girl lleservvs 1, 2, 3. 4, President 3, 4. lQV2lllg'0ll'lIl" Louise linker Commercial "She has a diamond plus." State Street Girl Reserves-13 lied and Blue Staflf 3, typlsti Senior Play Staff, Chairman ot l'rograms5 Monitor 4. Paul Earl lhlylor Industrial "Baylor does everytliing' for thc 'Be-st'.l Isaletta Elizabeth Bennett Classical "Jack Benny's gxiaxwtlll' can't compare with hcl' 'twcuty-niner'." Annual Staff 45 llluo Domino 3, 45 State Street Girl llesorves 1, Treasurer, National l-lonor So- ciety 45 National Thespians 45 Quill and Scroll 4, 'Yicc ,l'rt-si- dentg Red and Blue Staff 4, Board of Editorsg Science Club 41 Senior Chapel Coniniitteei Senior l'lay5 Fall Varieties 45 Monitor 3, 45 Associate Captain 4. Betty Frances llossert Classical '1She's got rhythm from her fin- gers to her toes." Annual Staff 45 Booster 45 Com- mercial 35 Fine Arts 1, 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3, fl: J'rom 4'ommittee5 Fall Varieties 2, ll, 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2. James Robert Boyce Classical 'Sinatra has nothing' on the Voice of bob." Hi-'Y 2, 35 Spanish 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, President 45 Gift Commit- teeg Football '42, Senior Play Castg Fall Varieties 3, 45 Moni- tor 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 5 4 Ray lflmrene Alleorn industrial 'T take this woman to be my lawful wcddecl wife." Football '40, '41, '42, 'lflg Mimi- J tor I., Cl, M argaret Joanne A u lil Classical "I thought l had seen you some place before." Annual Staff 45 Forum 3, 4, Hoostcr 1, 2, 3, ll Caducean 4: l+'re-nch 43 I"rt-slimau-Sophomore Girl Reserves 1, 2: Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 lied and Blue Staff 45 Prom Committee: Senior Play Staff, Monitor 1, 2, 3, 45 Assistant Captain L Shirley Jeanne nilfllllilff Classical t'Shirley will build castlcs in the air." Annual Staff 43 Fino Arts 45 Rug- calaure-ate Vomniittec, Chairmang Monitor 3, ii lrockcr Checker 3. l':V4'l!'li Frances Hell t'ommcrcial "t'larence will capture the lfL'elle." Booster 3, 4: l'ommcrcial 3, 4: llonie Economics l, 2, 3, -l, Pres- ident - 'll l"uturt- lie-tailcrs of Uhio 4: St-nior l'lay Staff. Gertrude Iflvelyn llonner tlciicral "1'sychologically speaking, she is loads of fun." ldv-olsior Girl licserves 3: Senior Play Staff5 Girls' Chorus l, 2, 4. Eileen Ann lloyee General "lilies-11, our roller-skating' queen." Booster l, -lg Girls' Athletic Club 1, 45 Home lCconomics 13 Pep Squad 4. Andrew llratu Technical "lk-at Massillon!" Vlass President 4, Class Vice President 35 Senior l'lay. Iilfllllklll A rtllur llurbick 'Terlniieal I 1 'Kenny's as ln-ight as a penny." i Xnnual Staff 1: Prom Committee: W Pap and Gown l'4iITlll'llitOC, Sen- , or l'lay3 Monitor 33 Locker 4 l'lu-vlaer Ci: Assistant fvillllillll 41 1 Rational Honor Soeiety 4. Hurry L4-Roy Vinci 'I'ec'Iiuieal "Government Cliauffi-nr." Nan and' Gown t'o1nInittc'e3 Moni- tor 23 Hand 1, 2. Viola IN-arl Conrail General "New York, here l Conwf' Ilooster 43 flirl's Chorus I, 3, 4, Yoivv Training' 4. Cllurluile Mile fjl'l'1YS0ll ltHllllllPl'4'lkll 'LX quiet, clemure redhead." .Xnnual Staff 13 l,'ommert'ial 3, 43 i lforuni 3 1 Treasurer 4: Fresh- man-Sophoinort- Girl Reserves 1, 23 .lunior-Senior Girl Reserves JI, 13 Junior 'Ile-Ll Cross 'l'lJlllli'llI Prom f'Ullll'llll'tk'PI Senior Han- quvl, liliairnian of Det-orations: Monitor 2, JZ. I: National llonor Sovicly -4. JUSIIIHI llzlll Dawson Scientific "l1on't 'josh' a Navy man." Varsity A, l1onorary3 liing' and Pin- Committee, Football '4l3 Iiasicetball 42, 433 Golf 44, 411, Lucille Do Girulzuno 1'ommorc'ial t'She's a brown-eyed daisy." Gift Fommilteeg Monitor 4. Goldie lla-rih-11:1 Fryfogle G eneral Ulloi uanie anxl her liair are a niatvliing' pair." llooster 'lg Monitor 3, 4. Shirley Jane Cursey Classical .N - - .l'h1s nurse can cure sea-s1ek- ness." Uaducean 4, Treasurerg Forum 43 Frenc-li 4, Secretary 43 Fresh- man-Sophomore Girl Reserves 1, 23 Junior-Senior Girl 1-reserves 33 State Street Girl Reserves 13 Monitor 2, 43 Locker Checker 2. Rosalyn Ann Cironi Classical "Hurry, Murray, or slie'll go 'Strait'!" lilue Domino 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3? Booster 23 Forum 43 Fresh- man-Sophoniore Girl Reserves 2: State Street Girl Reserves 12 Yiee .I'rosi4lent3 'l'ri-Arts 3, 43 Prom Committee, Co-Chairman3 Senior Banquet Chairman: Sen- ior.l'lay l'rompter3 Fall Va- VIPUGS 2, 3, 4: Monitor 23 Queen's Court 4. XVilli:un Ralph Coventry Teehnieal 'lCoveted by the Army." l'I'l7l'I'l Liommitteeg Golf-Reserve 23 Golf-Varsity 3, 43 Monitor 3, 4. La lilllf Culberson General "She has a way with men." I'rom Con1mittee3 Invitation and Name Card Committeeg Fall Va- rieties l, 2, 3, 43 Monitor 4. Doris Mae Day Classical K'l'1n 'Liven-good'." Annual Staff 43 Booster 13 Cadu- cean 43 Debate 13 Freshman- Sonhomore Girl Reserves 1, 23 .Tunior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 43 National Thespians 43 Prom Committee: Senior 1"lay3 Moni- tor 43 Orr-hestra l, 2, 3, 43 Latin Vlub 23 SLK Class l'lay 13 Na- tional Honor Society 4. Mary Di Falco Home Economics hllenieniber to stop at Mary's tea room." Monitor 4, substitute. Helen Galii General 'tQuict, smiling, and friendly! 55 l'anl llarold Greek Technical "Our modern Hercules." Prom Committee5 Chairman of Finances. llele-n Lorene Hanny Classical "l'ni saving: myself for Bill." Annual Stafli 45 Forum 42 FPCIQCY1 45 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Le- serves 1, 25 Prom Committee? Chairman of Ring anxd 1'1H 'Miffl- mitteeg Senior Play Staff, U12111' man of Senior Play 'lickeitsg Fall Yarietics 45 Monitor Z, 4- lflleanor Lewis H2ll'00lll'f Classical K'ijlEU1J2lt1'il has nothing on thiS fair damsel," Booster lg Freshman-S0Dh0mQ1'9 Girl lleserves 1, 2? -TUUi01"5em"I' Girl lleserve 35 Spanish 15 l'ron1 Committee 4. Gerald Arnold Hirselll Classical "Tho future business man of AHS." Annual Staff 45 Booster 1, 23 Quill and Scroll 3, 449 Red and Blue :naflf 3, 4, Business maln- ager 45 Spanish 25 Prom Commit- tee5 Senior Chapel Committee? Basicetball-Freshman '435 Senior Play: Fall Varieties 2, 3, 43 M0111- tor 2, 35 Band 1, 25 UA Class Play 1. June liilaine Humphrey Commercial "Shc's as quiet as a mouse." Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves l5 Senior Play Staff! MOH- itor 4, Substitute. Beverly Anne Jackson Classical "Sweet, friendly Beverly." Caducean 2, 3, 41 F1'ffShm2lU' Sophomore Girl Reserves 15 Quill and Sr-roll 4, lied and Blue Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3. Lelloy XValter Jones Industrial "Go XVest, young man!" Senior Chapel Committeeg Moni- tor 4. 56 Mary llampu t'onimerc'ial "To know her is to lore ln-r.' Booster 2, 35 Commercial 35 Freshman-Sophomore Girl lie- serves l, 2: Junior-Senior Girl lleservos 3, 45 lied and lklue Staff 45 Spanish 3, 45 Senior l'lay Staff: Monitor 4. Ilan-I llutll l'l1ll'll2lllj:,'ll Commercial "l41t'1'iciency plus." Freshman-Sophomore Girl llc- rervis 21 Slate S levi fl rl .lis- scrvesg Monitor -i. Hangs-Is-lie Hawkins General Flu- study-hall angel." Girls' Chorus l. .ir lk-lion-s Ann llolzer lflassical " 'l'harming' Lois'." Annual Siaii' 45 Blue Domino 3, 42 Freshman-Sophomore Girl llesifrve-s 23 -ll1lll0l"Sl'IllUl' Girl lieserves Zi, 4: State Street Girl llesorvvs lg Home Economic lg National Thespians 4: lied and l-Blue Stall' 3: Prom Committeeg Senior llanquetl Senior I'lay2 Mixed 1'horus 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4: 'l'i4'l4:et Chairman for Up- eretta. Lamont Leonard lekes General "Ship ahoy!" liatllryn lllargaret John Classical "Small, but mighty." llalu-view High School, l'hit'ag.:'o, Illinois l, 25 Annual Staff 4: Parlucean 45 Junior-Senior Girl lf9St'l'N.'LTS 33 Junior Red Cross fqflll-llffll 45 Prom Committee: Senior. Play Staff: Senior Chapel Committeeg Monitor 4, Associate Captain. Ethel Jean Kidd General "ily-powered 'Etliy1'." Booster 2: Caclucean 3, 43 Fresh- inan-Sophomore Girl Reserves 25 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 35 State Street Girl Reserves 15 l'rorn Committee5 Fall Varieties 45 Monitor 25 B'and-Majorette 2, 3, 4. 1 r w David llougxlas King Classical "Calling Dr. King fJr.J" 4il'tDl'LQ't5 Washington High School, Alexandria, Virginia 13 Annual Staff 41 National Thespians 43 Varsity A 43 I'rom Committee? lling' and Pin Committee: Senior HZIINQUCIQ Football Varsity 2, 3, 43 Hasketball Ile-serve 3, Varsity 4: Ilaseball Varsity 3: Senior Play: Monitor 3, 4. Doris l1ilY0l"ll0 Lapp Commercial "nur one-man orchestra." l Annual Staff 43 Commercial 3, 41 Fine Arts 43 lied and Blue Staff 33 Prom Committee: Invitation and Name Card Committee: Sen- ior l'lay3 Monitor 3, 43 Girls' Chorus lg Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society 4. Marion Helen Mantlio Classical "Comparable to 'Nancy with the laughing-face'." Annual Staff 43 lilue Domino 2, Il, 43 Debate 13 Freshman-Sophm more Girl Tleserves 1, 25 Junior- Senior Girl lie-serves 3, 43 Na- tional Honor Society 43 National 'lliespians 43 Quill and Scroll -ll llc-il and l3'.ue Staff 3. 4, .l'ag'c Editor and Copy Editor! Tl'i- Arts 43 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4' Prom Committee, Chairman of Idntertainmentg Senior Chapel Committee Chairman: Senior Play: Fall Varieties 43 Monitor 43 DA Class Play. Imogene Liu-lla Martin Classical "Wt-chliiig bells will be ring.rin,v,' soon." l-'uture Retailers of Ohio 4. .lose-ph Anthony Mastroianni General "lnto the wild blue yonder fly- ing high." lli-Y3 Band' 3, 4. Neal Joseph McGowan Technical l "l"l'Ulll Boogie-NYtmg'ic' 'AVi21toI" to atomic aviationfl 'Fri Arts 13 Varsiety A 3, 43 Prom l'Ullll1lltI9QQ Senior Chapel Coni- niittee: Football, Freshman 1, Varsity 2, 33 Monitor 3, 4. lfiflllllfll John Ml-nar'clly leclinical "lJon't worry about me, I'll get around." l Vivo President of class 11 Moni- tor 23 Mixed Chorus 2. VViIlianu Gi-urge liline 'l'ec'hnic'al "All hands on deck!" Prom Committee: Stage Crew. Thomas Ililary llotzc Classical "A bell-hop who's 'Lotze' of fun." Annual Staff 43 Fine Arts 2, 3: N-mor Play Sliiffg Manager- T'I""'!'21il Vwsiry 2: Football Varsity 13 Basketball, Freshman 13 Qfllf, Varsity 3, 43 Cheerlead- cr 433 Senior l'lay3 F3111 Vu- rieties 2, 3. Neil Donald Maple lndustrial M1195 UNI' QHHY-Hoing sharp- shooter." Varsity A 43 Class Vice l'rQgi- dent 43 Senior Banquetg Foot- ball Reserve 2: Basketball F'reshman '41, lleserve 1, 2, Var- sity 3, 43 Track Varsity 43 Sen- ior Play. XVilli:un Montpqoinury Martin Technical HA nice, easy-going lad." Football '42, '43, '44, Brnna Mazzetti Commercial "The girl with the golden voice." liooster 43 Commercial 3: Fresh- man-Sophomore Girl Reserves 23 Junior-Senior. Girl Reserves 3: Izrom Qominittei-, Chairman of Irom l,OITlYll1ttQ9Q Senior Play Staff3 Monitor 4. Robert XVilliam McNe-ly Industrial "Sf-niper paratusl Cl-Xlways pro- paredbf' Football, Freshman lg Baseball Varsity 3, 4. Monique Alice Mignon Classical "Elle est notre petite jeune Iille francaisef' Fri-slinian-S1iphomore Girl Re- serves 1. 57 Riclulrll Nliller lndustrial 'tHe won't be "Stump"-ed!" Monitor 4. Shirley Ann liyers General "Oh! For Tropical Florida." Freshman-Sophomore Girl Ile- serves 1, 2: Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 33 Invitation and Name Card Committee, Chairman: Fall Varieties -lg llrum Majorette 2. 3, 4. Timo! h y l"l'2lll1'iS Uttle Classical "Whitehouse, here l come!" Senior Fhapel Uomrnitteeg Moni' tor 4, XYilIi:un Clark Penny Industrial "This 'l't-nny' delights Delilah." Yarsity A 3, 41 Cap and Gown Comniitteet Football, Freshman l. Varsity 2, 3, 43 Basketball Reserves 45 Track Yarsity 4. lh-My flilflillk' lhunsey Classical "The sweetheart of our class talso .lerry'sJ." Annual Stall' 43 Blue Domino Zi, 4, Secretary 43 State Street Girl Reserves 1: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, President 4, National Thespians 4: Science Club -11 Class Secretary 3, 41 Gift Vom- mittee Fhairman: Senior Play: Fall Varieties 4: Monitor 2, 4, Captain -lg Queen's Court 43 ling'- gie 4, Prince of Peace 3. Ifllmer f'llIll'll'S Rosh-r 'l't-clinical H "He-'s dreamy." Varsity A Sl. fl: Senior Play Stafti Football, Frm-sliman l, Varsity 2, 3. lildwarcl Nl in-Inu-I Schullt-r Classical "Man, he's caiiprlit in the draft." Prom Committee. 58 lloln-rt Drexel Milzel Classical UTk,'llllll'l'ilill1'Q rises and falls with his '1iatience!" Annual Staflf 43 Hi-Y 3, 4: Prom Coniiiiittet-3 Cap and Gown Corn- mittee, Chairman, Senior Play: llanml l, 2, Il, 4, Custodian 253 Urvlivstra l, 2, 3, 4, Custodian 32 National Honor Society 4. llulxvrl Itlllgellc 0l'S1'll Terhnical T t'lle's a good scout, boy!" lli-Y 4: llavcalaureate Uoniniit- it-wg Monitor 43 Ura-llestra 13 Single Manager 3, tl. Mary Ann l':u-so Classical "Shi-'Il marry an 'l'1arl'." Booster 33 l4'resl1man-Siwphoniore Girl lit-ss-rres 2: State Street Girl llest-rves l: Tri-Arts 3, 41 . Future lit-tailers of tbhio -lg l roni Voniniittt-tl, l'rog'rarn l'hairnian1 Senior l'lay Staff, Make-up l'hairnian3 Fall Varieties 2, 3, 4, Monitor 3. .lzlniro Lee l'0l0ll i'lJllllllB1'Clill "liliaki-wacky!" State Street Girl lleservos lg Future lit-tailers of Ohio 3, 41 Fall Varieties 1, llosv Marie Rogcl f'4JI1llll4J1'Cl2ll "Our 'trust' is all in her," Annual Stall' 41 Commercial 2, ll, 4, View l'rt-sident 3, Class Treas- urer 1, 2, 3, 4, Gift tfoinniitteeg ix initor 2, JS, 4, Vaptain 1: Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Voice Training l, 2. Aiulrt-y Wlargzxret Schlossor 1'o1n1ne1'cial "lYi1li hur interest in people, slit-'ll be a success." t'onnnvrc-ial 3, Girls' Athletic Vlulv 1: Future Retailers of trhio li liavcalaureate tfoininit- tee, Alixe-il Chorus 45 Girls' Vhorus 1, 2, 3. Allu-rl xvZlllil'l' Smith, Jr. Classical 't'l'his 'Al Smith' will he an i11- terior decorator." Annual Stall' 4, Debate lg l'ro1n Uoinniitlveg Senior Play -lg Fall Varieties 4, Monitor 2, 3, fl: Up- eretta 4, Boys' Quartet 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, National llonor Society 4. Puulilu- Jeannette SlHll'l'l'll General "XX'heu yuur hair seems barren, sc-0 Sllarrenf' l'.wmmei'vial 33 Freshman-S4mlm- inure Girl llc-serves 1, 2: Jlllllflf- S4-niur Girl lu-serves 3, Senior Play Staff. JxYilll'II Hue Sflllllll l'ummereial "She will 'Stump' yum." lhmster' l, 2, Il, 4, Treasurer 41 l"l'PShI'llQlll'S4lllllUll'lU'l'S Girl lie- serves l, 23 Jllllltll'-Stillllll' Girl lit-serves il, lg Senior Play Staff, Almiitur 4: Mixed l'hnrus Il, -1: Girls' t'hurus l, 2, M iq-Inu-I A . Tn ngi Classical 'XYhieh will he he, Sll2llit'S1lt'tll'B or li1ll'l'Xlllt'bl'6'fU lllue Domino Il, 42 Natimial 'Fhespiahs -lg Prom l1Ul'lllllillP6Q Senior Banquet, Football-lf'resh- man 1: B'aslu-tlvall Freshman 2: St-iiiur Play: SMX lflass Play l. ll uhm-rl Earl 'l'4-al Vlassieal "lle'll l2llit'Vxl'lll:L' nf ymi wlieu llil- 15 ner. lA1lllHX'lllt' lligh Selimrl, lavuis- ville, Ohio l, 2: Track, Freslimau 'lllz Aluiiitox' 3. lint Ills-on ICI lett Tlllllllllillll Vlassival "Viva:-iulas persrmalityl" .Xunual Stall' lp lfllue Illllllllltllgj Il, 1, 171'PSlllllSlll-SU1JlltbIlltll'U llll'l llt'SPl'YtjS 2: State Street Girl Ill-serves 1, Presiclent ll .lunier Ill-rl Cross l1HllIlt'il 2, 3, Sec'rn-tary 34: National llmini' Society Sl, 43 National 'l'hespia1is ft, President 1: lied and lllue Staff' -lg Tri-- .Xrts il, 4, Treasurer 3, -1: Class Prl-sizlent il: Iiillyf and Pin Nma- mittue, Cll2lll'lllilllI Fall Varieties 2, Sl, 41 Mmiitrur 2, 3, 4: Svlwlar- ship 'l'1-am 4. Nlerelyu 'I'0n'ln-s General 'tShe'll go tu 'tuw11'." Joan Margie Yarner General 'Aiiyuiie seeing' a skunk Cpplassp, rc-turn it to Juan." Iluustn-1' l: l+'1's-shman-Soyvliumure Girl lleserves 2, Cap and Gown Committee: Monitor 3. Lois Je-:lu Slut-key Classical "Life is clueky with musical Stuclceyf Annual Staff 43 lllmstt-r l, 23 Fine Arts I, 2, 3, fl, Vive Presi- dent 3, 4: -lllllltbl'-St-'llllll' Girl Re- serves Il, -4: .luniur Ilefl Cross i'UllIlt'll 1, Il, 4: Natiunal Honor Sueiety Il, l, SPOVQYZIl'Y-'l'l't!2iHl.1l't-31' -ll t'lass Seeretary I, 2: Prom Vlrniniittm-4-, l'tJ'l'lHlll'lll2lllI Fall Varieties l, 2, il, -1: Girls' Vliorus l, 2, il: Url-hestra l, 2, Sl, l, Presi- rleiit Il. lg liatiu l'l11ll 21 Mrmiiitur 2. Sl, li UA Class Play. lla rriet .lane Sutvl itll- General "A 'whiz' at g'ym1iasti0s." llfvostei' l. 2, 4: t'aclur-eau 32 Girls' Athletic t'll1l1 l, 2, 3, 4. Seeretary-Treasurer 2. Presi- dent 33 Senivmr l'4am1uc-tg Moni- tur 2: Mixed Chorus It: Girls' l'lwrus l, 2. Il f'llHI'Illti1' Jayne Taylor Classical "Flint ring' must give her that sweet smile." .lunizmr Ill-ll Pross Uuuneil 33 Mlmitur 23 Girls' l'hrmrus l. Warilyn Jean 'Fhomus Ulassival "A lally mf fashion." Annual Stall' 4: .Iunirvr-Seiiil-r Girl lil-sf-i'ves Sl, l: Nate fl ret-t Girl lleservls li .luniur 'lie-cl t'rnss t'ullm'il 33 'llell and Blue Steiff ll "rum i'ommitin-01 Senior Play Stall. fillillflnllilll ml' QI'ulsli- rityi Mezhitlvl' il. .lunu-s Thorpe Classical "XYe miss his 'hriglit' answers." Prom lamimitteez Iflmtlvall '42, '43, llaslietliall '44, 'l'raek '45 Ralph Leroy 'Fuylnzni Vlassical "Yiwu nuglit tu ttwy' Twymairs methml uf piam1-lilayiligqf' lilue lmmilifw 2, 3, 4, Vive Presi- dent 35, 4: National 'Fhespians 4, l'lass Presisleiit 23 Prnm Uummit- tt-eg St'Illtll' Chapel Vmnmitteel llaslcetlvall. lf'rt-sliman lg Senior Play: Fall Varieties 3, -l. Luis .lun XY:ll'ler Vlassieal "Shi-'s nut 'Ilrwssy' - - yet!" l"rt-shma11-Sllplmiiwiw Girl llc- serves 2: Jllllllll'-Sl'llltll' Girl Ile-serves il, I, State Street Girl Ileserves l St-1-retary ll liivlta- , that aml Name Card l'1llllll'llttQQ. 5'l Hzlrolcl xxvlllilllll WY:lliz 'l'i-vliiiictal I , "lie 'wzxltzcs' the mike." Annual Stuff 43 Hi-Y 43 Sviem-me Club 4: Gift Uommittee: Foot- ball Yarsity 2, 33 Monitor 2, 45 Stewie Frew 4. Ilene Nlxrrgzurot Whitt-omb Commercial "A plvzlszint, friendly girl." Cup and fluwii Fommitteei Girls' thorns 1, 2. I'uiri1-in lluth XYoll'1-r Commercial 'Sho stunrls put on ice." Booster 2: Freshman-Soliliornore Girl livsorves lg C'heerleadcr 3, 4. Flora C4-1-ilin Yanni-y Vlussical "All witty intulliplent people are lie-11ulllic':i1is." "l'm one." Annual Stuff 4: Faclucean Zi, 4, Seeretziry 4: Fine Arts 2, 3, 45 Frenvh 43 Freshmain-Sonhoniore Girl llesurvvs 21 -IlJlllUl"S1'lll4Il' Girl llc-sei'x'4-s 33 State Street Girl Ileserves lg National Honor Su- ciety 4: Prom Committee: Senior Play Stuff, Vhziirman of l7,1'0Ill'l'- ties: Moiiilm- 2, 3, 4: Operetta 43 Mixed Uhorus Il, 43 Girls' Chorus l, 2: Reggie 4. John Benedict General lulillllilll' De Girolnnio Classical "Always a friend." Spanish 43 Monitor 1. Rielmrd Holtsinger Cominercial "A.llllil1lll1l, keep those bottles quiet!" IRIISSDII Mack General 150 l1l'll0l'll June XVest Classical "Shell be trying to keep up with the Jonesesf' Fresh lll2lll'SO1lll0l'HOl'Q Girl lie- servus l, 2: Junior-Senior Gir Reserves 3, 41 Junior lied Cross Counciil 3, 4: Tied and Blue Stuff 43 Trl-Arts 3, 43 Cap and Gown Vommiltoog Monitor VViIIisun llim-lmril VViIuox General He's ai lvusinessman now." Ham-l Wlny Xx'llilITil'k Home Economies "Good-natured Hazel." Home lllvonomics 3, 4, Gift Fommittee, Ilstlu-r Hue Yenuiu Home l'14'0ll0IYllK7S "She min always find zi silver lining" lliclmrll Nicholson, Jr. General Joseph Sklllllls Roystcr General "He shall be a master of mechanics," Cobb Higli, Anniston, Alabama. l, Z. Junior Red Cross Council 23 Football 1: Varsity 25 Base- ball 1, 2. Andrew' Taunpcr General CLASS WILL "Every cloud has a silver lining," and even in the case of death, amid all the sor- row and gloom, there is one bright spot- the will. Ah, yes, the will!! Who knows, the old fool might have left you some- thing. So, accordingly, although all you underclassmen looked with grief and re- gret upon the graduation in January, 1946, of all those charming and delightful students, there is one little ray of sun- shine-the will. Ah, yes, the will!! Who knows, the old fools might have left you something. I, Lois Wafler, leave my flawless groom- ing to Donna Freshley. I, Kenny Burbick, leave my friendliness to anyone wanting to "win friends and in- fluence people." I, Mike Tangi, leave my treasurer's books fwith a sigh of reliefj to Shelley Stone. I, Shirley Barnhart, leave my poetic ability to Virginia Clark fshe seems to be doing all right by herselfj. I, William Penny, leave my strong, si- lent personality to Dee Welce to keep her from being lonely when I leave AHS. I, Neal McGowan, leave my sharp wit to Ross Willis. I, Letty Bennett, leave my zest for liv- ing to Rhoda McLean. I, Helen Hanny, leave my bright and shining smile to any tooth-paste company wishing to use it for advertising purposes. I, Monique Mignon, leave my accent to all studentsf?J struggling with French pronunciation. I, Rose Rogel, leave my nimble fingers on the ivories to Bob Schweikart. We, Ethel Kidd and Shirley Myers, leave our high-stepping drum majorette boots to anyone who has the pep and ability to fill them. I, De Lores Holzer, leave my never end- ing string of ardent admirers . . . no, on second thought, I'll take them with me. I, Marion Mantho, leave my amber eyes to the first black cat that crosses my path. I, La Rue Culberson, leave my dainti- ness to Nancy Ball. I, Ralph Twyman, leave my ruddy com- plexion to any anemic apple. I, Lois Stuckey, leave my magic violin to the boys at Fletcher General Hospital. I, Elmer Rosler, leave my never failing habit of being tardy to Miss Walker. CYou have to take it, Miss Walker, this is a willj. I, Flo Yanney, leave my pleasing per- sonality to Jean Buchman. I, Betty Ramsey, leave my contagious giggle to Joyce Wymer. I, Joan Varner, leave my quiet sweet- ness to Irene Freshley. I, Marilyn Thomas, leave my artistic ability to Varga fHuba! Hubalj I, Janice Polen, leave my flashing brun- ette beauty to Jean McKenna. I, Mary Ann Paese, leave my perfect- arched eyebrows to Norma Galehouse. I, Bob Boyce, leave my blonde curls to Louis Bacon. I, Neil Maple, leave my deadly aim on the basketball floor to Dick Albaugh. I, Joanne Auld, leave my undying loyal- ty as an AHS fan to the Booster Club. I, Rosalyn Cironi, leave my ability to attract romantically the underclassmen to Annetta Frey. I, Jerry Hirschl, leave my place on the Red and Blue staff to any male brave enough to invade that female stronghold . . . namely Shelley Stone. Carry on, Shelley! I, Kathryn John, leave my dependabil- ity and willingness to work to Marilyn Honaker. We, LeNora West and Leroy Jones, leave our mutual devotion to Mary Berea and Jack Bowman. I, David King, leave my portrayal of Harry Graves in "Junior Miss" as an ex- ample to all dramatic aspirants of AHS. I, Doris Day, leave my petite measure- ments to Jean Reisch. I, Dick Miller, leave my shy smile to Bruce Lipely. I, "Red" McNely, leave my strawberry blonde hair to "Red" Dixon. I, Albert Smith, leave my place in Mixed Chorus to Dick Ralston the can easily sing loud enough for two.D I, Andy Bratu, leave my executive abil- ity to Ed Krahling for use in guiding our successors as 12A's. I, Bruna Mazzetti, leave my cheerful- ness to Lois Pickard. I, "Gus" Schuller, leave my friendly smile to anyone who needs cheering up. I, Bob Mitzel, leave my way with a trumpet to Gabriel. We, Bill Waltz and Bob Oesch, leave our hard work and efficiency as a stage crew to anyone who cares to tackle the job. I, Tom Lotze leave my way with the women to Don Wylam. I, Charlotte Crewson, leave my copper tresses to Donna Elliott. We, Bill Coventry, Josh Dawson, Paul Greek, Dick Holtsinger, Lamont Ickes, Bill Kline, Russell Mack, Bill Martin, Joe Mastroianni, Dick Menarchy, Richard Nicholson, and Jim Thorpe as members of the class in the service of their country, leave to the student body of AHS an ex- ample of fulfillment of patriotic duty and sacrifice. Signed, The January '46ers Witnessed by: Kathie Thompson I . SV 4. Ai, Q43,,4XiqXmX ix .Af X 14 1934231 I .Xl , . Q 15'.s5'L 15. AL ' Jan. 28 Here I am back at school again! Re- turning is such sweet sorrow! 'lll'ilfl'il' iam -:nf AX. H. H. Jan. 29 Calling Dr. Reggie! Calling Dr. Reggie! I rushed to the Red and Blue office with a large supply of aspirin. There I found the Weary Wornout Chronicle staff still at work. lrlnmviated flllllllifll' Staff stzlggc-l's on Engel' b0m'm's l'0flll'll to school i Feb .1 "Hail to thee, Blithe spirit! Bird thou never Wert." Frantically I tumbled down the stair and rushed to the stage to see who wante me. Foiled again! It was only a line i the Blue Dom play "Boy Meets Family, directed by Kate Sebrell. Feb. 1 Heard that there was a CANTON LIIN COLN game tonight. Rushed to it to so if Lincoln, himself, were there, but rn stupidity has caught up with me one again. It was a fight to the finish, but W lost 40-54. Feb. 4 You'd think the deans and advisei wanted to get rid of us. They're co1 stantly trying so hard to get us througj A. H. S. I've heard that they marked rr down as hopeless, but I say, 6'Where thei is life there is hope." lla-:ul 'l'l'outs's Have-n for Girls Advise-1' Slum-v4-'s 'I'l'oublv Bubble Buster Dean Hoon-r's ql0llfl'SSi0ll Ronin 62 i 'II CX B WW 'fp -. X , X , f 4' Nam 7 xwxfg - We , x U Y I 319 5f er ff 1 J i .7 gi-Q, 'f','7-Q' Qfffbe No "Knowlton 'I'uk1-s zu How" Mr. Ball Mr. XYl1it:u-l'1- Couvll IIIIINYIIOII Supvrintendvnt, Svllaxll-1' Feb. 5 Feb, 8 Another banquet. This time honoring the Junior High Football teams. Although Itye never played football, I seem to rate at the banquets. It must be my "puniti- ing" ability. A man by the name of Mr. Knowlton spoke at the banquet. It seems he is con- sidered an important person around here. Tell you more later. "The Big Foul' in Ql0llf1'l'0lli'l'H Quinlan Mr. XYl1ilzu-l'm- Mr. NI2lilllY2ll'IllQ Mr. Stlwlu' Feb. 15 Played host to CANTON IIICKINIJEISI and, as the perfect host, let them Win 29-53. Feb. 19 Aviators vs. WELLSVILLEY The "Well" proved too deep for us. Lost 31-37! 3 63 With the score 36-49, the Alliance Avia- tors failed to soar over the MASSILLON TIGERS all during the game. Priorities you know. Feb. 14 Today I made my annual VAL- ENTINE rounds. More fun! The men in the athletic office surely did like the funny one I sent them, especially "Cupid" Whitacre. I ran upstairs to give Miss Pettis a very special one, but she already had two 'cutie' valentines, as you can see. "Great, Plans for G. A. U." Mzulzllyn Murslmll Miss Pctiis .lame Sutcliffe s Y t,fgiQi2f'ffff, XX Us 174 . ,sf , 1 1 ',,1sf+,,.e if Feb. 21 . ex 90,1 ,599 Oh, for the life of ri loaf- erl I'll get a chance to loaf tomorrow. I was thinking . . . isn't it lucky Washing- ton was born on a holiday 7 Feb. 22 Following our close score tradition, the YOUNGSTOWN SOUTH game ended in a 40-42 score, with them as Victors. Feb. 23 The Aviators played their farewell game against CANTON LEHMAN tonight. The llolar Bears were too cold, so We kept our distance and they Won 55-38. Feb. 26 In their iirst game in the Class A tour- nament, the Aviators Won 45-28 against YOUNGSTOWN CHANEY. I knew they could do it. Home XYe Go Feb. 28 It's a pretty good world after all, I guess. I forgot my lunch todayg I knew I would starve. Everything turned out okay, though. I made a trip to all of the lunch rooms teyen the teachers, and jani- tors'i. You should have seen the food I got! Some day we'll have a cafeteria - I hope. 1'lill'k-Xviqflilllll-5llilNY-"I'l'10" also take time out lo 1-at A short. rc-st before the nmd su un 1 , 7 Ui! s X l'n1lc-1' vlussinvn at wol'k?'??'. '. 'ievrs' New-, . H. S. s G4 4 March 1 What's Frank Buck got on me? I Went exploring ' around Classrooms today and I brought 'em back alive too. Pretty nice specin1ens,don't you think? Kidwvil ways. 'tNow you soo-its this way." Tllvse now fzmglvd lll2ll'hillPS! Mr. Silil1C Shows us how they operate XVhy ithv stuff gots gray as Miss Nlcliililwll shows the way l1'ntul'4- artists of .L H. S. svek illSll'lll'fi0Il from "XYhit" G5 - FROM CHEMICALS TO WOOD E 1 2 i T110 root of all odors-Mr. T0mple's Clwmisfry Lab Mr. Foppou-k instructs our futurv atom busters , . . . . Miss llowlvl' In-lls us how io putvll up the lamv thc l .Y .,. v . - . . , ,Y . , 1 .. 0 v ho ilng IC .nllg uni, up anumnls m Blology Lab, M155 Buucll. and me blind lVlmi, vlm tloiu', Mr. M:uinwul'illg.5, hull, what chu doin"? Mr. Gilbert 1-xpluins '4How muvlx wood would am wood 011 1-Inu-lc . . . " GU FE MORE VARIETIES THAN HEINZ Mr. C2ll'iI'l"S Assvts and Liabilities Bliss XY2ll'lll'l"S typing vlnss-"Now is Ihr' film- for ull Q50 mon . . . " I '- I ' -2, -I . Quilt U1 'M All 11321118 load to the library l'ir'!llrvs tmlauy, Mr. Siallllvy? Muzz'0y'r4 Yivtims, but Miss Hzu'lzvll's Flu-rubs GT 1435597 4 ttf' 14 11 91 9 655 al ,f 1j'r"'V 5 5' I A I if 9561 ? 1 51' , 15' A ' IXVVQ March 4 Played the WARREN HARDING PRES- IDENTS tonight in the second tourna- ment game. They Won 45-37. Presidents always did overawe me. March 5 I went quickly when I heard the news that an operetta was to be presented to- night. I thought an operetta was a girl who works for a telephone company, but I was fooled. I became more and more con- fused when all those Japanese appeared on the stage. Another war? No, just 'The Mikado" - the name of the musical play. I'll learn some day. Yum-Yum QB. Tarmanl, Nanki-P00 KJ. Hewittl, and their Japanese friends March 8 Come on you "JEEP HERDERSU lick 'emi What a iight! And what a picture! The kids yelled so loud it took me back to the Saturday matinees When I used to root for Gene Autry. March 8 Oh yes, today was SCHOLARSHIP TEST day. All the "brains" of A. H. S. left town - destination East Canton. Why didn't I go? I'm beyond their level. CIt says herelj March 1 5 Fine Arts presented its annual chapel today. Lots of talented kids in that club, but I'm not in it. March 16 Faith and begorra I Was really embar- rassed tonight! I heard about the CO-ED PROM and Went! How was I to know that only girls were allowed? 68 Ed and Lois ,hm as Mikado and liati:-aim March 21 Wheeeeeeee! I wish more lecturers were like Mr. Joseph Ellis. What a display of articles from Java he had with him! That python skin made me a swell sliding board. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeel March 29 I Was going fishing today, and I found DEBATE in chapel.. The negative and af- firmative teams Were firing speeches at each other, and I fell to the floor before the rebuttal hit me! C0-Ed Prom From Winning Wars -- To Winning Games Licut. Mc-I Knowlton, Imagine my surprise when I saw two Navy men walk in- to the high school! It didn't take me long to find out that one was Lieut. Mel Knowlton and the other Lieut. Comdr. Philip Heim, my old friend "Nipf' I didn't let them get away this time. I snooped and found out that Mr. Knowlton is to be next year's athletic director and head football coach. Mr. Heim is to take over basketball. Yau-sity Football Squad '-.45 l', S, X, R, Lieut. Comdr. Heim, U. S. C. G. R. Varsity Basketball Squad 1945-1946 Yes, girls, theyire hand- some in civies too, but . . . they're married. As an anti- dote for your disappointment I offer the boys on the teams. No dating during training season though! Except for this year's graduates, these are the heroes you'll be cheer- ing at next season's games. 69 x-Q3 bx QA s " 5 'lla . ' I' I si Qilaifftffdx' admit Miss Petlis instructs us in basketball GIRLS' ATHLETICS April 1 "April fool is almost past, and you're the biggest fool at last," shouted the G. A. C.'s as I ambled into the gym after school tonight. They were playing BAS- KETBALL and before I could say, "Who'? Me?,1' they had picked me up and made a bounce, a pass, and three baskets. It was worse than the time when I slipped in while they were playing VOL- LEY BALL and I got hit on the face by a volley of balls. You should have been with me last spiing when I traveled clear out to Silver Park to practice my cupid shots. The girls were playing William Tell Cthat's ARCH- ERY in case you freshies don't know! and they immediately used me for the son. It certainly would 'ttake the top off things, you know" if they were to miss the apple. They really are nice girls though. Why, when they're doing their FOLK DANCTES they look cute enough for Fall Varieties. SPRING SPORTS FOR BOYS SPRING FOOTBALL PRACTICE is here again. I went out to practice the other night. Didn't stay long though. After the third time they mistook me for the pigskin and kicked me over the goal post, I decided to crawl home. "Crawl- that is." With spring comes BASEBALL. I'll attend every game - loaded with pop bottles. Heard Coach Knowlton talking about some 'itee off" at Silver Park. Armed with cup and saucer I dashed out to get my share. I heard some A. H. Sfers out there talking about slicing. I didn't see any- thing to slice but I hung around. It cer- tainly was a jolt when I discovered that they were talking about GOLF. 70 Our XVatcl1 Dogs April 3 THE BAND CONCERT certainly had a lot of 'oompahs' tonight, but they didn't all come from the brass section. It was the entire band and their guest soloist, Mr. Robert Fountain, who had the 'oomph'g and it was the audience who said, "Ahhhhh!', April 5 TRI-ARTS CLUB SING today. It must have been a job for the judges to make the final decision. I can't understand Why they didnit choose me. I was really "sharp" A3515 ' x sr.. .3 ff Cfwff Q SIC " 71 I fi? April 2 A. H. S. has at last begun to appreciate me. They've started a JR. POLICE SQUAD to protect me When I cross the street. All the MONITORS keep an eye on me too. You'd almost think they thought I if Was trying to sneak out. Sil- ly boysllll April 19 The GIRL RESERVES presented a very impressive EASTER program this morn-- ing. Believe it or not, for once I was quiet. April 26 "George Washington Slept Here!" Gee, I'm so excited! To think a great man like that once slept at A. H. S. I wonder how he did it '? The seats around here are any- thing but soft. Of course, he could have slept in one of the study halls like some of the kids, but the Way the teachers buzz around Waking everyone up, he couldnit have gotten more than forty Winks. CThis cast showed lots of talent - eh, What?D June Play Cast, , af I 'o 'ff f 95. ' 45 "If g figs fx' X f sf? QJX-'4f-ra . . Q, Y 'GF up s 96539539 QM . ' sf , a l wlf.. or A 2 65.9 May 2 Crash! Bang! Boom! Locker Noises! It is a shame that Betty Grable and Van Johnson have to share lockers with all the odds and ends that A. H. Sfers accumulate. May 2 Burton L. Jackson entertained us, who are "entertainable," today as he played the marimba. Afterwards it was a race between Miss Hartzell and me to ask him if he were any relation to Stonewall. 4 xYlll'g'101"S Cuties Pass at your onn 1 s . May 3 G. R. you going to the formal? All the other wolves said, "O-o-o-ow, yes," but me, I had to say, "O-o-o-oh, no!" I guess I'll never ,be a lady's man. May 24 Ulf at first you don't succeed, try, try, again." And so, for the 46th time, I hoped and prayed to be accepted into NATION- AL HONOR SOCIETY. No luck! They haven't discovered my brains yet. QJust between you and me, neither have IU May 25 I danced all evening at the JR.-SR. PROM. Oooooooh, my poor aching feet! Most of the girls are wearing charm brace- lets these days. They rattled and jangled so loud that I couldn't hear the orchestra. so I kept on dancing during intermission. I thought the band was playing, "I've Got Spurs That Jingle, Jangle, Jinglef' May 27 My goodness, what a change in A. H. S. study halls! They're being used for studyingl!!! This happens every exam week though. "Sometimes Vic Study" M201 11 sa-1l7N May 31 So sorry, please! As the super secret sleuth I am, I tried to discover the theme of the SENIOR CHAPEL beforehand, but failed. I did learn though that purple and gold will be the colors added to the gavel when Ed Krahling hands it over to Bob Schweikart. June 2 Judging from the oh's and ahls at BAC- CALAUREATE tonight I'd say my 46'ers made a hit in their navy blue gowns and white tasseled caps. As I watched them listen to their speaker I decided they were the best looking class ever to leave me be- hind in A. H. S. June 3 Climbing into my best bib and tucker tand I do mean bibj I trundled off to the SENIOR BANQUET tonight. Everybody had a swell time but me. I had to sit be- tween two gossips. Every time something was passed my way I was so busy turn- ing my head from one to the other, that they thought I was shaking my head "no" and didn't want anything to eat. .Iune 5 COIVIMENCEMENT once again. Forty or more times I've tried to get them to give me that scrap of paper called a dip- loma, but they always refuse. I guess they realize how wonderful I am and don't want to lose me. I'm going to be lonely now that my lambs have left the fold. I've done a good job of raising them. I knew that when I watched them leave A. H. S. as graduatesg they seemed to know what they were facing and what to do about it. egg. Q9 . fa' ' Im, XMB' 42' 7 I X11 X fe .X 2 'l '1'uQfs? FROM '46 TO '47 June 6 "School's out! School's out! Teacher let her jewelsf ?J out!" Yes, once more I bid good-by to a group of youngsters I have known and loved. To my memo of classes I add the '46ers. I hope they make progress on the road of life as those below are preparing to do. Oh. my, I feel so lonesome! Well, look v.fho's here, one of the puppies that contin- ually wander into A. H. S. He's sad and lonesome too. Never mind, Puppy, we'll have some more nice kids around here next fall. Good-by and Good Luck, Reggie. CFor identification see indexl A33 ' f i Min' Q 4:2 , fl I sas-.N 7 x I 3 X l l 1 On Our XYa1y l 1 3 CLASS OFFICERS l4ldXV2ll'Il Kruhling: Riclmrd Albuugh Evelyn Jacobs Shelley Stone President Vive l'l'esicl1-nt S001-4-tal'y 'l'I'easu1'e1' Mr. Ray Rl'i2llHl't1Pilfl'1J1l Miss Ruth D0wlel'-Pzltrolless We, the June Class of 1946, wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Ray Reighurt and to Miss Ruth Dowler for their kind- ness, co-operation, and loyal friendship during our high school career. 74 hhvillllllll Scott Abrams General "A rr-mark to suit 1-vury occasion." ll1-Y 3, 43 Monitor 2, 3, -ll Band I, lnvitation and Names Card ljommittvc. Carol Ann-lin Alltlfson t'ommerc'ial 'Alt all adds up to a guy iiarnml Joe." Annual Staii' 41 Rooslm-r li Ring: and l'in Vornniitteel Ulll'l'Ptlil 3? Alixtd Choi-ns13:j Girls' Chorus Dlury Louise Allu-rt Commercial "Tho eyes havo it." Annual Staff 4, Booster 3, 42 1'omrnert'ial 4, Yice Vrosidg-nt 42 lied and llluu Staff Typist 3: Monitor 4. Robert Ilalc Allcorn lndustrial "IIappy4g:o-liivky and 'All- Corn'." llooster l, 2: Future Retailers of Ohio 4, Vive President 4: Prom Committee: Senior l3illll1ll0l.4Tlll'Yl- mittmlg F4mtlrall-Fri-shman '42, Varsity '4-4: Monitor 2, 3, 4. J. l'nnl Allison lndustrial "He flics on silver wings." lloostcr 2: Golf--Varsity '-153: Monitor 2, 4: invitation and Name Vard Comniittce. Marilyn June Anderson Ulassical "A petito brunette artist." Hoosier lg Frcshinan-Sophomoro Girl lleserw-s l, 22, .lunior-Senior Girl lieserves 3, 4: Spanish 31 Sec-retary of Class l: Prom Com- mittee: Senior Banquet Gommit- toe, Monitor Captain 3, 43 An- nual Staff 4. Dunne Vincent Austin General Ullvady and willing to do his part." 3 7 month's service. l .Ii .Ioan A011-ttolzl Home Economics "Sho has the nivest smile." Booster 3, 4: Monitor 2. Illl'lHll'll Lee Allnangh Classical "t'oacli Danny IM-ever." liooster 3, 4: Student Uounc-il 2. Cl: Varsity A 2, 3, 43 Prom Com- mittee: lfootball-l+'rf-shrnan '42- '43, Varsity '44: Basketball W Freshman '42-'43, Iieselrve '44, Varsity '15-'46: Track - Fresh- man '43, Varsity '44: Vive Presi- dvnt of Class 4. lflrnm Yiolu Albright Classical "A tall, slender blond Who's really all right." Goshen Twp. l, 23 Booster 35 Fronvli 42 Junior-Senior Girl llc- sorvcs 45 Monitor 3, 4. Dorothy Eilvvn Allen General "B-1 a friend and you havv friends." Iioostcr 23, 4: l?l't'SllYll2ill-S0lllllb- more Girl Reserves l, 2 Junior- Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4: lied and Blno Staff: lied and Wluo Staff 'l'Yl'iSt 4: Monitor 4, Pap- tain ll Library Staff 4. Fred Aint-ser industrial "'l'o tram-l is his fondest dosirvf' Meridian l, 2, 3, 4, President 43 Monitor 4, Dorothy Lnvinelxl :illfflllll General fin he-r Way to the altar." Freshnian-Sophoin4vrv Girl lie- svrve-s l: .Iunior-Senior Girl lla-- svrves 3, 4: Home lic. 3, 43 Moni- tor 41 Upcretta 33 Mixed Chorus 31 Girls' Chorus l, 2. John X. Hailey Industrial "Hom-st and succlessfulf' Monitor, Jr. Police, Secretary. 75 XVllli:un Ruymolid linker Industrial "Navy bound." .la mes Dale llxuul y Industrial t'Nice fellow." Varsity A 4: Football - Frosli- Illklll '42, lleserve '43-'44, Varsity '45. xx'3llll'l' Joseph llnukovic-h Industrial "You can always 'bank' o11 llllllfv Monitor 4. Martha Jean Gray llurkcr Home Economics "Her heart lies overseas." Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 1, 2: Junior-Senior Girl llescrves 3, 4: Home l-Economics 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4: .lun- ior Ited Cross Council 3: Moni- tor 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1. Shirley Louise lluum Classical "Third linger, left hand." French 2: Monitor 2, 4. Staunton Lionel Bennett Industrial "Always ready to help a friend." XVest Tech. Cleveland 1, 2, 3. .lean Elizabeth Bil-ry Classical "She wants to be a nurse." Spanish 3: Monitor 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Girls' Chorus 3: Op- eretta. 4. 76 Nancy Jane ll:1lI Classical "A mlinmlcfl' blue-eyed blond." Freshman-Sophomore Girl lie- scrvcs 2, Secretary 2: .Iu11ior- Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4: State Street Girl Reserves 1, Secretary 1: .Iunior Red Cross Council 3, Secretary 3: Library Staff 4: In- vitation and Name Card Chziir- man: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: lied and Blue Staff 3, 4: Vice Presi- dent of Class 2: Monitor 2, 3, 4. Lois Lucille Ilnnkzlrcl Conimercial "l!lo111l l121l1', blue cyl-s Zllld a tantalizing' smile." Rooster 3: State Street Girl llc- sc-rves 1: Cap and flown Com- mittee: Monitor 2. Alverdal lolz: Ilzurlxcr Classical "Scotty and Jessie." Booster 3, 4: Fatluccaii 3, 4: For- um 4: Freshma11-So11l1on1ol'o Girl lim.-serves 2: .Iunior-Senior Girl lla-scrves 3, 4: Horne Nc. 3: Fall Varieties 2, 3, 4: Monitor 42 Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Library Staff -l: lied and Blue Staff 4: Invita- tlllll and Name Card Committee. Nlurjoric Ann llzllh-rsllcll Commercial "She knows what shc wants." I-looster 2, 3: Comniercial 3, 4: Future Retailers of Uhio 4: Girls' Chorus l, 2. xsvilliillll Dean Baxter Industrial "l'Ull6'Ctl11S',' snap shots could be an interesting hobby." Booster 4: Football - Freshman '43. Mary Berea Classical i'He's her CBOWJ lllilllfy Troelnel High School, Gary, In- diana 1: Gary, Indiana Girl lie- servcs 1: Secretary of Class in Gary, Indiana 1: Forum 4: l"l'9Sl'llTlH11-SODh0I'I'l0l'6 Girl ITC- serves 2: Junior-Senior Girl lie- serves 3, 4: Prom Uoniniitteeg Fall Varieties 4: Monitor 4: Li- brary Staff 4. Joyce Eileen Bowker Commercial "A flashing, browii-eyed brun- ettef' l'Ollll'll61'Cl21l 3, 4: Forum 41 Freshnian-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 1, 2: Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4: Operetta 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2. John Ril'llIlTll IIUWYIIIIIII Technical Il "Ile likes brunettes and bas- kctballf' Varsity A 3, 4: I'rom Committee: lling: and l'in Committee: Bas- kctball-Freshman '43, lleserve '44, Varsity '45-'46. Helell June lhlrklulrt Classical "Her smile is her fortune." llooster 3, 4: Freshman-Sopho- more Girl licserves 2: State Street Girl llcserves 1: Girls' Athletic Club 2, 3: Future lie- lailcrs of Ohio 4: Monitor 3, Ninn Cllille General "Shes in the silver business." Rooster l. Dolores Elaine Clnrk Classical "A magic pen and a lovely voice." Annual Staff 4: Hlue Domino 4: Ilooster 3: Forum 4: Freshman- Sophomore Girl Reserves 2: State Street Girl Reserves 1: lied and Blue Staff 4: Spanish 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Monitor 3, 4: Uperetta 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Library Staff 4: Quill and Scroll 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 4, David Eugxene Collen Technical "A future blue jacket." French 2: Monitor 4, Charles Eugene f'0I'lll'1l Classical "Chuck likes girls and the navy." Colors Committee: Football - Freshman '42: Monitor 4: Schol- arship Team 2, 4. Eugene E verett Dixson Technical I "lied hair and a genial person- ality." Cap and Gown Committee: Foot- ball---lleservcs '4 4: Basketball- Freshman '43: Monitor 4. i 4 1' f i 'Q' as Teoma R 'Xa 4 1 ",,uNa.y. 5 Jenn Buclnnnn Classical "She's 'lVild' about him." Fine Arts 2, 3, 4: Freshman- Sophomore Girl Reserves 2: Jun- ior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 42 State Street Girl Reserves 1: Science Club 4: Prom Commit- tee: Monitor 2, 3: Girls' Chorus l: Rand 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Scholarship team 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4: Senior Play Cast: Senior Scholarship Team. Delta Rose Cnlmssn General "To run a dress shop is her ambition." Girls' Chorus l, 2. Greta Nine Clnpsndllle Classical "A fetching lass with a con- tagious smile." Blue Domino 3, 4: Booster 3: Caducean 4: Debate 4: Fine Arts 4: Forum 4: Freshman-Sophm more Girl lieserves 2: Junior- Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4: State street Girl Reserves 1: Junior Red Cross Council 2: Red and Blue Staff 4: Tri-Arts 3, 4: Prom Com- mittee: Cap and Gown Commit- tee, Co-Chairman: Monitor 2, 3, 4: Uperetta 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Senior l'lay Staff: Girls' Chorus 2: Library Staff 4: Quill and Scroll 4. Yirpgilene Beth Cohlo General "She's the quiet type," Monitor 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3: Caducean 4: Operetta 4. Mark Twain Anthony Conunon Classical "Muzzy's my friendt'?J" Hi-Y 3, 4: Prom Committee: Football - Freshman '42. R6- serve '44: Basketball - Fresh- man '42, Jenn Dolores Cross Commercial "Favorite boy - red hair." Annual Staff 4: Booster 3: Com- mercial 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Pres- ident 4: Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves l, 2: .lunior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4: Red and Blue Staff Typist 3: Prom Committee: Band 1, 2: National Honor So- ciety 4: Library Staff 4. Ruth Joanne Donaldson Classical "A future teacher who is easy on the eyes." Annual Staff 4: Blue Domino 45 Booster 3: Fine Arts 4: Forum 3, 4, Secretary 4: Freshman- Sophomore Girl Reserves 2: Jun- ior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4: State Street Girl lleserves 1, President 1: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4, Vice President 43 Prom Commit- tee, Co-Chairman: Senior Chapel Committee: Fall Varieties 43 Monitor 2, 4: Library Staff 45 Senior Play Cast: Senior Schol- arship Team. 77 Albert I,0fillg0 Classical "As much energy as an atomic bomb." lli-Y 43 Booster 43 Cheerleader '45-'46. Irene lhu-lmn Classical "A dazzling smile." Booster 3, 42 Home lzlconomivs 33 Monitor 3, 4. Eric Norman Duro, Jr. Commercial "An A-l musician." Har-Brack High, .BI'Eil'litfIll'ldf.1'l', rennsylvania l, 2, Monitor 3, 4, Uieretta 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 41 Motto and Color Committee 4: Future Retailers of Ohio 4: Invitation and Name Card Coni- mitteeg Senior I'lay Cast. VVilli:lm Anthony Ere-hiek Classical "A steady, easy-going' fellow." Cadueean 45 Monitor 3, 4. Kenneth Milton Feinek Classical "Don't 'Cross' his path." Ili-Y 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice Pres- ident 44 Senior Chapel Commit- tee: French 2. H1-len Jenn Floren Commercial "She'll be a success in any field." Booster 3, 4, Secretary 4, Cadu- cean 43 French 43 Freshman- Sophomore Girl Reserves l, 2: Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3: Girls' Athletic Club 23 Red and Blue Typist 3: Future Retailers of Ohio 43 Monitor lil Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Operetta 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. Ruth Irene Freshley Commercial "She has brains and a man, too." Annual Staff 43 French 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 43 Fresh- man-Sophomore Girl Reserves 1, 25 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3: National Honor Society 3, 43 Red and Blue Staff Typist 33 Monitor 2, 4: Scholarship Team 23 Commercial 4, Library Stuff 4, 78 .am-t Milclrm-11 ll. Drukulich Commercial "She's neat as a pin." Randolph High School 13 Hoos- ier 2: Girls' Athletic Club 3: Fu- ture lletailers of Ohio 4, Treas- urer 43 Monitor 4: Mixed Chorus lg lianrl lg Urehestra l. Wlellm Elizzllwtll Duc-hon General "An up and coming, coniely lass." Mollitol' 4. flfllydllll .luck Ellis Technical "His personality, defies his name. lftlllll li Orchestra l. Dlnry Fhrlstine Fslllo Classical "She has lovely black hair and eyes." Booster lg Caclucean 4. Bnrlmrn .hum Fisher General "Ever striving' to please." Tucson Senior High, Tucson, Arizona 2, 3, Monitor -L Dnnnu Jenn Fresllley Classical "A In-autiful, efficient blond," Booster 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, l'res- ident 43 Caducean 43 Fine Arts 41 Forum 43 l'reshman-Sopho- more Girl lleserves 23 Junor- Senior Girl Reserves 3, -lg Girls' Ath'etic Ululw lg Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Red and B'lue Staff 3, 4: Fall Varieties 43 Monitor 2, 3: Uperetta 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, -l, Secretziry-Treasurer 43 Girls' Chorus l, 2. Ray Glenn Freshley industrial "A good' sport." Uoostcl' 3. Alllllfttil Marie Frey General "Fun everywhere." Grafton High School 1, Band, Glee Clubg Caducean 3, 4, Presi- dent 43 Freshman-Sophomore Girl 'Reserves 2g Junior-Senior Girl 'Reserves 3, 43 Home Ec 3g Tri-Arts 3, 4, Secretary 43 Fall Varieties 3, 43 Monitor 2, 3, 4. Floyd David Gale Classical "Dynamite on a basketball floor." Athens High School 1, 23 Ring and Pin Committeeg Basketball --Freshman '42, Reserve '43, Varsity '44-'45-'463 Baseball - Reserves '43. Slmrtico Gnlicti lndustrial Kiln interest in everything and everyone." Eunice Irene Gillboney General "Pretty as a picture." State Street Girl Reserves l3 .Junior Red Cross Council 23 Monitor 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 2, 3. Invitation and Name Card Committee. llary Rllfll Griffith Classical "A bewitching brown-eyed lass." Caducean 43 Forum 43 Fresh- man-Sophomore Girl Reserves 23 State Street Girl Reserves lg Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 32 lied and B'lue Staff 43 Science Club 43 Gift Committee: Moni- tor 43 Quill and Scroll 4, Secre- tary 4. llilfgilfff Ann Gwin General "lYhich is XVhich?" Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 13 Monitor 3, 4. Ronald Cletus Huidet Industrial "An industrious and sincere worker." Joan Fry Commercial "She's married, too." Springfield 'l'w1i. High School 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Treasurer 1: Monitor 4. Nornm Jean Galt-house Classical 'tShe will succeed in whatever she attempts," State Street Jr. High lj Annual Staff -1, Co-l'lditor3 Forum 4, Vice President 43 Junior-Senior Girl lleserves 3, 4, Treasurer 43 State Street Girl Reserves lg Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Tletl and Blue Staff 3, 4, Co-Editor 4: Science Club 3, 43 Monitor 43 National Honor Society 4, Vice President 42 Scholarship Team 2, 42 Senior Scliolarsliip Team: Senior Play Cast. WVilli:un VV:ill:lce Gznlli General "Tell us how he does it." Hi-Y 43 Basketball Reserve '42- '43, Varsity '43-'44 at Beloit: Be- loit High School, and Union High School, lfnion, New Jersey 1, 2, 3. Gloria Jenn Graham Home Economics "Quiet, but oh, so nice!" Rooster 33 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves 23 State Street Girl Reserves 1. Ellen Fraser Gwvin General "Nell or Nan?" Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 13 Monitor 43 Junior Red Cross Council 4. Jo Ann Haitlet Home Economics "A merry, cheerful little gal." Booster 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman- Sophomore Girl Reserves 1, 23 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Club 13 Home Economics 1, 33 Cadueean 43 Monitor 1, 2, 43 Cap and Gown Committee. Sidney Dau 1-lurtenstein General "A quiet capable friend." Future Retailers of Ohio 43 Monitor 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 79 Ruth Ann llcncock Commercial "XVhat next, Ann?" State Street Girl Reserves l3 Freshman-Sophomore Girl lie- serves 23 Junior-Senior Girl lie- serves 3, 43 Annual Staff 4: Boos- ter 3, 43 Commervial 33 Junior lied Cross Council l, 2: lied and Blue Typist 4: Monitor 2, 3, 43 Dean's Offive 2, 3. Helen Marie lh-rnmlni Commercial "A slender, blond seeretary-to- Booster 4: C'oinmert'ial 43 Future lletailers of Ohio 43 Monitor 4 R XI1 , rn 4 K il XY:imlu J4-:ln ll:-1-slzuul t'onnnt-rc-ial "Her mirror is to Ive envied." - 'nerva High Sr-liool l, 23 Fresh- an-Sophoinoro Girl Ile-serves 2: Junior-Senior Girl llc-sa-i'v4-s 43 Girls' Atliletir- Vlulr 23 l'onimer- vial -ig Home lin' l. Ik-tty .lm-:ln llerron l'oinmerc'ial "A Perry l'onio fan." Uomniereial 4: lfuture ll:-lailers of Ohio -13 Monitor 2, Q I J' 1' 1 vi.. b E Robert pe'-ry Heverly X W? - f'Ill0eiFlIl0n Higellnire Classical ' f'GYllll'l9l'C'l2ll U "V.'i'itin51' is his favorite Das- .4 Mr' , ' Eflflftf U' G" hm' Mist' time." Girls' Vhorus l. Ann l':lr0lyn Hollis Ggruldine llfll i 4 Vlassical Ommercla .' , 3 f "A red haired Southern belle." "Her sweetness charms them - Q CHdu,,Hm 4: Mlmitm. 4: UNH.- aU" ' ' tt'i1IJ ll T' 's 4 xi' 1 ' e 2lQ,4Q ouie l'l1lQ,'I.lX6l Booster 43 Excelsior Girl Re- -5, Vhorus 3, 43 Girls' Chorus l, 23 serves 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec-rotary 33 QT, , Mixed lG1iseinIileIi,4. Girls Athletic Fluh l, 2, 3. A, V . ' i 3, 4 s tif "' Marilyn Grace llonnkor f Classical .I. Edwsnrcl llonslu-rgor "The Quiz Kids have nothing' on 'l'6+ChUiC11l 1 her." Annual Staff 43 Rooster 3, 43 Forum 43 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves l, 23 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 43 Junior lied Uross Council l, 43 National Hon- or Society 3, 43 Quill and Scroll Il, 4: Red and Blue Staff 3, 4, Co-Editor 43 Science Club 3, 43 Ring and Pin Committee: Moni- tor 2, 4, Captain 4: Senior Sehol- arship Team: Sr-holarship Team 2, 3, 4. Doris Muy Hoyle Home Economics "She has a future in retailing." State Street Girl Reserves li Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 2: Monitor 4. Raymond Yeryln- lmler industrial "Batter-up," Baseball '45, '463 Monitor 3, 4. 80, "A natural genius." Annual Staff 43 Caducean 4, Hi- Y 43 National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice President Ii, 43 Spanish 42 Boys' State 3: Fhairman of Gift i'0YIll'Ylilt6'Q1 Fall Varieties 43 Monitor 3, 4, Captain 33 Op- eretta 3, 43 lioy's Quartet 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Senior Svhol- arship Team: Scholarship Team 3, 43 Senior l'lay Cast. Flora A. llllllliltfi Commervial "Personality to burn." Blue Domino 2, 73, 43 Freshman- Sophomoro Girl llosorves 23 .lun- ior lied Cross i'ount'il 33 Tiilirary Staff 4: Spanish l: Volors Com- mittee: Fall Varieties 4. Evelyn Luvillv Jfll'0llS Vommurc-ial "A snappy little blond." Annual Staff 43 Rooster l, 3, 43 Commercial 2, 3, -13 Freshman- Sophomore Girl llt-scwvcs l, 2: .Tunior-Senior Girl IZ4-serves 3, 4: Science Vlulr 3, 43 'Preasurer 3, Secretary 43 Class Sevretary 3, 43 Monitor 4. Delores Huy Joh llS0ll General "llovf do you like A, fl. S.'."' 5'lirere H igth lg I'hrichsX'il1e lliuh 2' Lincoln High 33 Library st ll l fills lhoxusl 2 lVI:lrjol'ie June Jones Commercial "l.'n1 just wild about Harry." Booster 23 Caclucean 43 Commer- cial 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves 1, 23 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, -13 Spanish 3, 41 Monitor Il, 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2. Da-spins: Kurditzsls Technical "A clarinet player." Boosts-r lj Spanish 2. Ralph Reed Knyler Classical "A regular guy." Booster 3, 43 l-li-Y 43 Junior Red Cross Council 4, President 43 Red and Blue Staff 33 Quill and Scroll 42 Motto l'UI'ill'Ylili.66?Q Monitor 3, 4: Senior Play Cast. lloherin Elaine Iiing General "A good friend." Carluvcan 4: Ile-hate 43 F.oI'LllTl 45 l+'reshman-Sophirmore Girl Re- s.rx'es 23 .lunior-Senior Girl He- serves 3, 43 Monitor 43 Band 1, 2: Invitation and Name Card Committee. Dolores Lensnre Commercial "T.i1'e's too short for worry." liooster 1, 23 Future lletailers of Ohio 43 Girls' Chorus 1. Jenn Ann Linder Commercial "She does what she sets out to do., Annual Staff 43 Booster 3, 43 Commercial 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 43 Freshman-Sophm more Girl Reserves 1, 23 Library Staff 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Monitor 2, 3, 4, Captain 3. Sara lfllizaln-th Jones Commercial "Hines with Betty." lflxc-t-lsior Girl lleserves 1, 2, 3, 4, President 33 Girls' Athletic Club l: Fall Varieties 2, 3, 43 Monitor 2, 43 Senior Chapel Committee. Frank Kuczlrnlv 'Pet-hnical I Czar of A. H. S." French 2, 33 Library Staff 43 Tri- Arts 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3: Boys' State 33 Co-chairman Prom Committee: Golf '43, '44, '45, '46, Captain '44, '453 Monitor 2, 3, 4. i. .lay Hoover Karlen Classical "Short and sweet." Hi-Y 43 Meridian l, 2, 3, 43 Mon- itor 3, 4. Robert Frederic King Classical "Our friend, the brain." Debate 43 Hi-Y 43 Science Club 2- 3, 4, President 43 Senior Ban- 11116111 Monitor 43 Jr. Police 23 Scholarship Te-am 2, 3, 45 Senigr Scholarship Team3 National Honor Society 43 Senior Play Cast. lflllwnrd Dale Krnllling Classical "He wields the gavelf' Hi-Y 3, 43 Spanish 2, Vice Presi- dent 2: Student Council 23 Var- Slfy A 3, 4, Vice President 33 Class President 1, 2, 3, 43 Fresh- man Football '423 Varsity '43, '44, '45: Track '453 Monitor 3, 43 Scholarship Team 3, 43 Senior Scholarship Team: Chapel Com- mittee 3: Senior Play Cast. Leona L. Legros Commercial "Oh, Frankie!" Booster 3, 43 Commercial 2, 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves l, 23 Junior-Senior Girl lteserves 3, 43 Prom Committee: liar-calaureate Committee: Moni- tor 3, 4. Ernest Robert Linslnaier General l "All set for big league baseball." U. S. Marino Corps, 37 months. 81 Zoniu Lorraine Ludwig General "She cuts a fancy figure on skates." Wooster 3, 4: Caducean 3, 4: Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 1, 2: Junior-Senior Girl lleserves 3: Junior Red Cross Council 3: Baccalaureate Com- mittee: Monitor 1, 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. Jack Lozier Madison Classical "Small but mighty." Blue Domino 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Sec- retary 4: Prom Committee: lling and l'in Uommitteel Cap and Gown Committee: Monitor 4, As- sociate Captain 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2: Senior Play Cast. John Mundial Technical I. "Quiet and dependable." French 2, 3, 4: Monitor 4, Mmlxllyn Jenn Murslmll General 'Quite it gal is this cheerlead- er." South Side, XVeequahic, N. J., 1, 2: Annual Staff 4: Booster 4: Girls' Athletic Club 3, 4, Presi- dent 4g Cheerleader '45-'46: Moni- tor 4. Murylyn Jenn McCnw Classical "Musically minded." Annual Staff 4: State Street Girl Reserves lg Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 4: Chairman B'ac0a- laureate Committee: lied and Blue Staff 4: Monitor 3, 4: Or- chestra 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Cast. Ruth Lenore McElroy Home Economics "Oh, those beautiful eyes." Booster 3: Forum 4: Caducean 4: State Street Girl Reserves 1: Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 2: .lunior-Senior Girl lie- serves 3, 4, Secretary 3: Home Ee 3: Prom Committee: Monitor 3, 4, Jean Marie McKenna Commercial "Easy to like." Blue Domino 3, 4: Booster 3: Commercal 3: State Street Girl Reserves 1: Fall Varieties 4: Monitor 3. 82 xwrlllldll June Lyons General "She has a sparkling' personality and dancing feet." Blue Domino 2, 3, 4: Freshman- Sophomore Girl Reserves 1, 2, Treasurer 2: Class Secretary 2: Colors Committee: Fall Varieties 2, 3, 4: Majoretrte 3, 4: Bond Queen Court. Yir,-:iniu Nllll' Nlnldoven Commercial "She czxn't begin to count her friends." Uonimercial 2, 3, -1, President 4: Stale Street Girl Reserves l: Scholarship Team 2: National Honor Soeiety 4. Dominic Rlsurzizzn Industrial "He's ai smooth dancer." Freshman Football '-13. Barbara Jenn McCallum Classical 'tVivacious lady." Uaducean 4: Commercial 2: State Street Girl Reserves 1: Fresh- man-Sophomore Girl Reserves 2: Girls' Athletic Club 4: Senior Banquet: Fall Varieties 3, 4: Monitor 4. Mary Irene Mm-Donald General "A smile plus good looks." Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves l: Monitor 2, 3, 4: Oper- etta 3: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Library Staff 4. Rosalyn Mcfiirr Morrison Commercial "Newly wed," Monitor 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1. Howard William McLaughlin Industrial "He's a formula for success." Booster 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Varsity A 3, 4g Manager of Reserve B' '44: Manager of Varsity Foot- ball and Basketball '44-'45. llllodn June Mclionn Classical "I have :i ternporature, Nurse!" Illum- Domino 13 Roostc-1' 2, 3: 4'arlur'ean -l: Forum 4: Fresh- nmxi-Soplioiiwiw Girl llese-rvc-s 2, .luniur-Senior Girl lit-serves 3, 4: State Street Girl lu-sviwe-s ll Junior lied Cross l'ouuc'il 3, President 3: liilrrary Staff 41 'Fri-Arts 4: Senior Chaps-l Com- mittee: Monitor 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 23 Sl-nior Play Cast. Aufrl-'ln 'Pllnnizls Wlivkl-tti lndustrial Q1 "Our red-headed pal." V llnsvlizill '46, Mixed whim-us 'f C lj I, 23 Boys' Chorus I, ' Harold Eugene llilh-r lndustrial "The mischief in those L-yes." Iiooster 4: Meridian l, 23 Moni- tor 3, 4. Robert XVnlluce Mitchell lndustrial "Hr-'s flying' high." Beaver Falls Junior lligzh 1. Jack Orlxln Nlontngum- Classical "Fun in more ways than one." Freshman limskethall '42, Fresh- main Tennis '42, Monitor 4. Dorothy llslwn Morris Classical "A flaxen-haired lass." Freshman-Sophomore Girl Tie- . sorx'1-s lg Spanish 43 Band l, 2, 3 4. Helen Corolla Murray Commercial "Sz1lem's loss is our gain." Salem High School 15 Booster 35 Commercial 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 Forum 4, Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves 23 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4, Monitor 4, Uperetta 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Wy: 'Q' ' -5- -f:Q2Q2,ffiI 'A"' Mary lfllizzlln-ill llvssclllleilner ,R A General Ur- 5, 'A red head with musival feet.' llll X llllllvs 1 ' 4 rl 5. . f 1 . ,...,., ,.',-. f . 43 Moi ' tor 3, 41 Majorette 9, 3, 4. X is 'YJ 1 i X l is ' Ei' .W if gag Q Q., .ff A W3 W . , 3 it 4 4 v r Voc-ational Classical "Quiet and shy.' R ohm-ri Edward Miclmlk u .Iuanitn Glondolene Miller Home Economics "Our future poetessf' Excelsior Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Athletic Club 3, Monitor 4, Girls' Chorus l. Annu Marie Mundi "Her hair is to be envied." Booster 3: State Street Girl Re- serves lg Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves 2, Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 33 Junior Red Cross Council 2, Library Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 4, Recording' Secretary, 4: Monitor 3, Operet- ta 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, Red and Blue Circulation Manager 43 Motto anrl Color Committee 4. James DIOPSICCO General "Always a prize remark." Berlin Center 2, Monitor 4. I':ltri'eiu Jenn Mnsely Classical MA Voice that will ,ego places." Annual Staff 4, Fine Arts 2, 3, 43 State Street Girl Reserves 13 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 2: Junior-Senior Girl Re- serves 3, 43 Motto and Color Committee 41 Tri-Arts 3, 4g Prom Committeeg Gift Commit- tee, Fall Varieties 3, 45 Operet- ta 3, 4, Double Trio 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2: Scholarship Team 2, 43 National Honor Society 4. 1Villi:nn Harold Myers Industrial "Blow that horn." Gift Committeeg Monitor 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra. 4. 83 Clyde lIlllllllll'l'f General "H9'S gflillg' to he a busii man." MISS E. T. O. 3 years. llernzldine Marie Oliver General "A petite lass." Lawrence High School 1. Melvin Frank Oyster Technic-al ll "Brains, good sense, and :good nature always join." Hi-Y 4, Meridian 1, 2, 3, 4, il'1-MLS- urer 2, Vice President 4: Monitor 3, 4, Scholarship Team 3, 45 gen- ior Scholarship Team, Esther Louise Pnmlin Commercial "To be an efficient secretary is her ambition." Annual Staff. 45 Commercial 2, 3, 4, N109 President 45 Statg Stpegt Gir1NReserves 1: National Honor bffclefy 3, 4: Monitor 3. Bernard Elroy Pei-oz Classical "Are books his only interest?" FOYUUI 33 Hi-Y 3, 4, Senior Ban- quet! Monitor 35 Uperetta. 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Pnuliene Ann Pistillo Classical i'She'll make a pretty nurse." Caducean 4, Freshman-Sopho- more Girl Reserves 2, State Street Girl Reserves 1, Monitor 4. Lois Lavere Pickard Commercial "Music and dancing' are her hobbies." Booster 1, 2, Vice President 25 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Ile- serves 1, 2, Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 35 Future Retailers 4, Girls' Athletic Club 1, 2, Junior lied Cross Council 23 Spanish 1, 2, 3, President 3, Monitor 3, 4, Operetta 3: Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2. 84 W-J IW' Paul lnlvvrllc- Na-whonse lnllustrial "H e'll get along." Meridian 1, 2, 32, 4, 'l'rt-asurt-r 3, Secretary -1: Monitor 3, 4, Asso- t-late lillllillll 1. lllvzilyn .lm-nn Oyster General "She has artistiu hands." Booster 3, State Street Girl Ile- serres 15 Freshinan-Sophomore Girl Reserves 2: .lunior-Senior Girl llvstlrres 3, Monitor 2. 3: Unelw-tta IS, 4, Mixt-il Chorus 2. 3, 4, Girls' Chorus l, St-nior l'lay Fast. Wlzlhel Ann Paletti t'on1rnerrial "Shes a brunette- bundle of avtivityf' Booster Il: Junior-St-nior Girl lieserves 31 State Straw-t Girl ile- serves 1, Future Retailers of Ohio 4: Fall Varieties '45, Moni- tor Il: Quec-n's Court 33. Ray Y. l,l'l1lllllIl Industrial "lim-i'g'0tic' is his middle name." Rooster 3, t'hee-rleatler 4, Fall Varieties '-15: Monitor 2. Yinlu-nt tl'iHllIll'll0 General "John l-losliak's double." Servicfe in l'. S. and China 3 years. Ray Ernest l'lu-ci industrial "He pushes a mellow ZlL'C4ll'dl0ll,n Fine Arts, 3, 43 lli-Y 3, 4, Var- sity A 3, 4, Freshman I+'ooI.ball '42, lie-servo Football '43, Var- sity Football '44, '45, 'l'1'acli '4o1 Monitor 3, Captain. Leonard XYilIiam Pntland Classical "He shines on the track." Hi-Y 4, Varsity A 4, .Senior Han- quet Committee, Freshman Foot- ball '42, lieserve Football '44, '45, Track '45, Monitor 2, 3, 4, Assistant Captain 3, 4, Basket- ball, Freshman '42, '43, lleserve '44, '45 Mary Jane Quay Scientific "Always present with a smile." Caducean 33 Junior-Senior wGl1'l Reserves 33 Junior lied Cross Council l, 3: Science Club 3? Girls' Chorus 1. Floyd L1-Roy Randolph Classical "He plays the harmonica." Spanish 1. George Lelvis Reed Industrial "Hoxx's the weather ull U161'97" Freshman Football '-122 F1'0Sh' man Basketball '43: lleserve Basketball '44C Vafslty Haskel- bull '45, Monitor 2, 33 Name Cards and invitations Commit- tee. Elizabeth Anne RUIISIS Scientific ..A Swell person to know." Girls' Athletic Club 2. 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3- Ralpll N. lkulf Industrial "lIe'll soon be flying higrh ill the Marines." Freshman Football '43. Robert Taylor Rllfll Classical "Nice Illlllf-IS come ill small packages." Forum 3, 4, Secretary 43 1"1'9HCh 2 3, 4, Hi-Y 4g Cap and'Gown Committee: Golf '453 MUHIUW 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. Bruce Scott Industrial "His laugh is contagious." Library Staff 4. Richard Lewis Ralston Classical "Nelson Eddy's new competi- tion." Sebring 1, 2, 35 Library Staff 45 Spanish 2, 35 Prom Committee: Monitor 4, Assistant Captain 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Play: Junior Dramatic Clubg Operetta 45 Color and Motto Committee, Chairman 4. Frank A. Roda General "He's partial to blondes." National Honor Society 3, 45 Monitor Captain 3, 4. Alma Anne Robbins Commercial "This little gal could sell any- thing." Quill and Scroll 35 Red' and Blue Staff 33 Spanish 23 Future Re- tailers of Ohio 4. Alonzo Eugene Bull Industrial "Lots of fun." Harry Edward Ruggles Industrial "Along came 'Jones'." Monitor 4. Gerald Leo Schneider Technical "Gods gift to one woman." Blue Domino 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 43 Prom Committeeg Senior Banquet Chairman: Fresh- man Football '42, Varsity Foot- ball '44g Fall Varieties '45g Mon- itor 43 Tri-Arts 45 Reggie 43 Chapel Committee 45 Senior Play Cast. Xvanda Marie Scranton Classical "slle'll certainly liven up a. laboratory." Booster 1, 25 Caducean 3, 4, Vice President 4: Debate 45 Forum 45 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 1, 29 Junior-Senior Girl .llcserves 33 Spanish 3, 4: Moni- tor 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3. 85 Kathleen Ann Sebrell Classical "A born leader with personality plus." Annual Staff 4: Blue Domino 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4: Freshman-Sophomore Girl lie- serves 1, 2, President 2: Junior- Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4, 'Presi- dent 4: Tri-Arts 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Class Vice President 1, 3: Class Secretary 2: Ring and Pin Committee, Chairman: Fall 'Varieties '42, '43, '44, '45: Monitor 2, 3, 4, As- sistant Captain 3, Captain 4: Football Queen l, Band l, 2: Na- tional Thespian 4: Scholarship Team 3: Senior Play Cast. Marilyn Sefert Classical "A pretty, brown-eyed kitten." Booster 3: Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves 2: Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4: State Street Girl Reserves 1: Junior Red Cross Council 3: Ring and Pin Committee: Cap and Gown Com- mittee: Monitor 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4. June Angela Slick-ly Commercial "She has a wanderlustfy Commercial 4: Fresliman-Sophie more Girl Reserves 1. Shirley Sllively Classical "Public energy No. l." Booster 3, 4: l+'reshman-Soplio- more Girl lleserves 2, Vice Presi- dent 2: Junior-Senior Girl.Re- serves 3, 4: Student Council 4: Science Club 4: Senior Banquet: Uperetta 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 2: State Street Girl Reserves 1. Elizxllu-ill Sickles Home Economies "From Miss to Mrs." Monitor 3: Girls' Chorus 1. liurlmrn Jenn Sivey Classical "Her eyes are dreamy." Annual Staff 4: Booster 2, 3: Forum 4: French 4: Monitor 4: Freshman-Sophomore Girl lle- serves 1, 2: .Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 4: Science Club 4: Scholarship Team 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Red and Blue Staff 3, 4: Library Staff 4. Ilnrlmrn Dawn Stanley Commercial "XVhere does she get her gum?" Freshman-Sophomore Girl Re- serves 1, 2: Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3: Future Retailers of Ohio 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. 86 Martha Adams Secrcst Classical "lt's nice to be natural when yon'rc naturally nice." Youngstown llayen l, 2: Annual Staff 1, Fo-editor: Forum 3, 4, President 4: French 4: Junior- Senior Girl llcserves 3, 4: Junior lied Cross Council 3: National Thespian 2, 3, 4, Secretary Il, 4: Senior Banquet: Monitor 4: Ger- man Club I. 2: Latin Club I, 2: Dramatic Club l, 2: Scholarship Team 3. 4: Senior Scholarship Team: National Honor Society 4: Senior Play Cast. Evelyn Shea General "She-'s pzqoing' to be the boss's secretary." l3'oos1.t-r I, 2: Caducean 4: Fresh- man-Sophornore Girl lleservcs l, 2: .Innior-Senior Girl Reserves 3: .lnnior lied Cross Council 2: Monitor 3, 4, Assistant Captain 4. lflilm-on Sllillll Classical "Sl1b"S loin! to be a doctor." i'2lfil!'Q'C2lll 4: Hand 2, 3, 41 Forum 4: Freslxnian-Sophomore Girl lie- serves l. lfllwood Shustcr Classical "Ile likes to hunt. XVl1at'?" Hi-Y 4: Meridian 2, 3, 4: Moni- tor 2, 3. Surah Simpson Commercial "Take a letter, please." Ifjoosti-r 1, 2: Commercial 3: Fu- ture lletailors of Ohio 4: Moni- tor 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 4: Op- eretta 4: Girls' Chorus 1. Albert llolxuul Snellgrovc General "Ho Hoes 'lloland' along his merry way." Spanish 4: Band 3, 4: Cap and flown Committee: Plainville High, Cincinnati, Ohio 1, 2, 3. .loyann Stevenson Commercial "Her dimples set off her per- sonalityf' Annual Staff 4: Booster 1: Blue Domino 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Fine Arts lg Forum 4: Freshman- Sophomore Girl Reserves 1, 2: .lunior-Senior Girl Reserves 3. L, Vice President 3: Red' and lllue Typist 4: Prom Committee: Senior ljanquet: Fall Varieties '44, '45: Monitor 3, 4: Scholar- ship Tcam 2: Invitations and Name Card Committee: National Honor Society 4. r l'XllIl En rl Si i llwcll Technical 'llc'll make a good mechanic." Varsity Football '43, '44, '453 l'l'ZlC'li '453 Monitor 2, 43 Stage Crew 3, 4. Aurel fRillllll, Stoiu Industrial "XVhat a man!" Varsity Football '44, ,453 Track '443 Monitor 3. ll anger Lee Stoudt Vocational "Iles the strong, silent type." Norman Henry Sudeck Industrial "lie has an 'Industrial' turn of mind." Iiliznlwtll Mario Taylor General "Hound and round pro her skate wheels." lilxcelsior Girl Reserves 2, 33 Girls' Chorus l, 2. lk-lon-s llzuinull Tullis General "lim Percent sincere and friendly." ll oy WI alison Y il mlegrift Class i cal "Smut-oiie introduce nit-I' U. S. Marine Corps 3 years. iw- ldclwarll Sliver, Jr. Industrial "Navy bound." Varsity A 3, 4, Secretary 3, 43 Prom Committee: Varsity Foot- ball '43, '443 Freshman Football '423 Track '44. Shelley Clyde Stone Classical "Calling Dr. Stone." Annual Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 4, President 43 Red' and Blue Staff 3, 43 Tri-Arts 3, 4, Vice President 43 Class Treasurer 3, 43 Freshman Basketball ,421 Fall Varieties '453 Monitor 33 Senior Play Cast. Xxrilliillll Grxultluun Stower Technical "He writes jokes OJ." Freshman Basketball '43Q Moni- tor 4: Reggie 43 Tri-Arts 4. Josephine W:lllll:1 Swiner Commercial "She writes musical poetry." Commercial 4: Freshman-Sopho- more Girl Reserves 23 Girls' Ath- letic Club 23 Spanish 2, 33 Oper- etta 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Girls' Chorus l, 23 Scholarship Team 2, 33 National Honor Society 4. Ii:-rmit Leroy Thonms College l'1'eparatory "A true friend." Hi-Y 4: Meridian 2, 3, 43 Span- ish l, 2, 3, 43 Forum 43 Monitor 3: Junior Police, Assistant Chief. XVard Milton Tuttle Technical "ls it Bud or lVard?" Tri-Arts 3, 43 Varsity A 3, 43 Prom Committee3 Freshman Football '423 Varsity Football '433 Freshman Basketball '433 lteserve Basketball '443 Varsity Basketball '45, '463 Varsity Hase- ball '443 Fall Varieties '44, Band 2. HI zu-ilyn Ann Vogt Classical ttShe 'gets around'." Forum 43 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves 23 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 43 State Street Girl lieserve 13 Red and Blue Staff 43 Spanish 3, 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4, Vice President 43 Invitation and Name Card Committeeg Monitor 3, 4. 87 John Waurrell WVngner Commercial "A radio bug." Forum 45 Hi-Y 45 Tri-Arts 4. Dorothy Isabelle VVeurstler General "Nurse, take my pulse or just hold my hand." Booster 35 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves 1, 23 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3, 45 Forum 42 Caducean 45 Operetta 15 Girls' Chorus 1, 2. Helen Eilene Wlliie Home Economics "She'll get along." Wvillinni NVild Scientific "Sorry girls, he's 'boolt'ed." Fine Arts 4, Vice President 4: Hi-Y 45 Prom Committee5 Moni- tor 4, Captain 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 NHUUUH1 H'-'fn' or Society 4, President 45 Senior Scholarship Team. Ross Merlin Willis General "He calls that a car." Hi-Y 3, 4, President 45 Meridian 3, 45 Ring' and Pin Committee! Senior Chapel Committee chair- n1an5 Fall Varieties '44, '455 Mon- itor 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 4, Vice President 45 Operetta 45 Prom Committee 35 Senior Play Cast. Maury Helen Wiliam Home Economics "School teachers become pret- tier every year." Monitor 3, 45 Library Staff 4. Donald Wylulll General "Here, there, everywhere." Youngstown Scienceville 15 Sen- ior Chapel Committee: Reserve Football '41, '42, '43s Monitor 1, 2, 35 Band 1. 88 llnrlmrzl XYulton Commercial "Shell liven up any department store." French 2, 3, Treasurer 35 Fresh- man-Sophomore Girl Reserves 25 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves 3: State Street Girl Reserves 15 Fu- ture Retailers of Ohio 45 Oper- etta 33 Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Doris Hairy VY1-luster Commercial "Any relation to Noah?" Booster 3: Commercial 45 Fresh- man- Sophomore Girl Reserves 1: .lunior-Senior Girl Reserves 45 Operetta 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Girls' Chorus 15 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4: Monitor 4. Virginia VVideroe Classical "She tickles the ivories." Annual Staff 45 Fine Arts 3, 45 Freshman-Sophomore Girl lie- serves 25 Junior-Senior Girl Re- serves 3, -15 State Street Girl lie- serves 15 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Treasurer 4, Vice President 45 lied and Hlue Staff 3, 4, Co-editor 45 Spanish 4, Treasurer 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2. Robert Lewis YVUIHIIIIS Classical "1le's a dancing, architectural draftsmanf' Annual Staff 45 Caducean 45 Hi- Y 25, 4, Secretary 45 Monitor 4, Captain 4. Ilnrlmrsl Jenn Wilson Classical "A, H. high stepping major- ette." Booster 25 Fine Arts 45 Fresh- man-Sophomore Girl Reserves 21 State Street Girl Reserves 15 Junior lied Cross Council 15 Li- brary Staff 45 lied and' Blue Staff 45 Spanish 3, 45 Senior Chapel Committeeg Golf '435 Fall Va- rieties '44, '455 Monitor 3, 45 Majorette 2, 3, Head Majorette 45 Annual Staff 45 Forum 4. Joyce Ann WVymer Classical "M iss Alliance High." Annual Staff 45 Freshman- Sophomore Girl Reserves 25 State Street Girl Reserves 15 Vice President 15 Spanish 35 Tri-Arts 3, 4: Science Club 45 Prom Com-- mittee5 Fall Varieties '43, '44, '455 Monitor 25 Queen's Court 2, 3: Queen 45 Girls' Chorus 15 Bond Court 2. Betty Louise Young Commercial "The quiet and friendly type." Booster 15 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves 25 Girls' Athletic Club 15 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ll ivllurd G vrnld Zoss Industrial 'lntwrestecl in aviation," Varsity Baseball '44, '-15. 1'll2ll'll'N lk-rlin General Floyd Iliuos General xxilliillll lloyd General Paul lillllllllfl fgt'1lL!l'Zll Marilyn Honaker Irene Freshley .... Joanne Donaldson .. Edward Honsberger ljarbara Sivey .....,.. Evelyn Jacobs .... Esther Pandin .... Robert King ,...,.,,. Virginia Maldoven ..,. .lean Linder . ...,,.,,. . Frank Reda ....,,,. Josephine Swiner .loyann Stevenson .. Mary Louise Albert 23 ffurl ll. lla-liioll General Jsuuos Faulkner General Olalrim-In Fojt General l'1nrL-nee Ifrzanlcis Jn-lfrios General "lle's zi proud father." Freshman Foot,lmll '-103 Fresh man liasketball '-103 IT. S. lllilll J Corps l94L-1945, llnlu-rt Hwynm 1iL'llCl'2ll John Iiuwoll Russell. Jr. General Robert VV1-iuilu t Ge n u ral Tllclmu York Classical "A dark-eyed lass." Navarre High 1: Canton Mrk ley 2: Home Er' ll Latin 11 Bo ter 21 Draniativs 25 Get, Acquai CLASS OF JUNE, 1946 HONOR ROLL Q7 Sernestersj 96.41 95.75 95.3 95.16 94.90 94.857 94.857 94.46 94.35 94.28 93.59 92.93 92.82 92.74 Jean Buchman ..... Joan Fry .................. Norma Galehouse .... Martha Secrest William Wild ..... Lois Bankard ....... Marylyn MCCaW .... Patricia Mosely Wanda Heestand .... Jean Cross ......... Leona Legros ....... Marilyn Anderson .... Joan Accettola .,... Helen Jean Florea .... Melvin Oyster ..... 89 ed Club 2. 92.41 92.37 92.06 91.87 91.74 91.64 91.64 91.50 91.36 91.1 91.0 90.57 90.32 90.1 90.0 CLASS WILL We, the June Class of 1946, being of sound f?J minds, do will and bequeath the following possessions to our lesser con- temporaries: I, Ed Krahling, leave my ability on the gridiron to next year's champion runner. I, Kate Sebrell, do will and bequeath my verb collection to Webster. We, Al Doringo, Madalyn Marshall and Ray Pelanda, leave our strong lungs to all loyal AHS fans. I, Jerry Schneider, do will my singing to be equally divided among Haynes, Sin- atra and Crosby. I, Joyce Wymer, leave my "luscious love- liness" to all future AHS queens. I, Ross Willis, bequeath my Essex to anyone who can start, stop or otherwise control her. I, Bob Williams, leave my friendly per- sonality to Bob Schweikart. We, Greta Clapsaddle and Rhoda Mc- Lean, leave our locker to Fibber McGhee and Molly in the fond hope that they can do something for it. We can't!! I, Bernard Peroz, leave all the pencils I have lost, borrowed or otherwise battered up to Pete, the janitor, and his lost and found department. I, Barbara McCallum, leave my hour glass figure to Guipetto, the watchmaker. I, Ed Honsberger, leave my ability to win friends and influence people to Mr. Milquetoast. I, Marilyn Sefert, leave my "so-nice-to- be-around-ness" to Shirley Cracknell. I, Melvin Oyster, leave my quiet depend- ability as a stabilizer for all future classes. I, Barbara Wilson, leave my share of the Wilson-Balduzzi Spanish dance team to anyone combining the seductiveness of Carmen Miranda and the bounce of Betty Hutton. I, Doris Webster, leave my high-step- ping Majorette's boots and high-swinging baton to serve as a guide for all future Majorettes. I, Eric Duro, leave my Pop to the band. I, Melba Duchon, leave a slightly used barrel of fun to cheer all new freshies. We, Jack Madison and Jay Karlen, leave our height to "Whit'i with the fond hope that he will reciprocate. I, Mary McDonald, leave my friendly chuckle to Jane Zeigler. I, Joyann Stevenson, leave my dimples to Cupid. We, Kenny Feiock and Eugene Dixson, leave our flaming torches as a stoplight for the Arch-Broadway intersection. I, Mary Messenheimer, leave my twink- ling toes to Vera-Ellen. I, Ray Imler, leave my baseball ability to Hank Greenberg. I, Evelyn Oyster, leave my finger nails to Betty Lou Thal. I, Bob Allcorn, leave my jokes C75 fthey match the name All-cornb to John Tate. I, Ruth McElroy, leave my sunny dis- position to brighten the girls' locker room. Qlt really needs itj. I, Bill Wild, leave my trumpet tootlings to Betty Grable as a reminder that there are others besides Harry James. I, Wanda Heestand, leave my bubbling laughter to Ilene Sella. I, Bruce Scott, leave my friendly person- ality to Lonny Ruff. I, Jo Donaldson, leave my intellectual ability to Marilyn Morgan. I, Erma Albright, leave my statuesque height to the Statue of Liberty. Iill throw my hair in, too, as a beacon. I, Don Wylam, leave my dancing finesse to Arthur Murray. I, Jean Buchman, leave my friendly charm to Laurie Phillips. I, Gray Ellis, leave a pair of good eyes, highly developed in spotting feminine pul- chritude to any near-sighted wolf. I, Jean Biery, leave my husky voice to Lauren Bacall. I, Ernie Linsmaier, leave my affinity for trouble to any nearby Gremlin. I, Ann Heacock, leave my sparkling eyes to my everlovin' cousin Darlene Heacock. I, Donna Freshley, leave my peach and cream coloring to Joan Davis. I, Dick Ralston, leave my vigorous tenor voice to Jim Hewitt and Jim Dorman CHonest! it'll take two of 'em to do itll I, Jean McKenna, leave my sense of hu- mor to Ramona Benning. I, Marylyn McCaw, leave my Scotch heritage to "Bobby" Burns. I, Mabel Paletti, leave my delicate pe- titeness to Wanda Moyer. I, Mary Berea, leave my Latin spiciness to Joanne Albright. I, Bill Myers, leave my clarinet to Benny Goodman. I, Mary Griffith, leave my "nose for news" to Brenda Starr, star reporter. I, Dave Collens, leave my light brown curly locks to Guy Madison. I, Josephine Swiner, leave my size to a woodland elf. I, Barbara Sivey, leave my "Farley-vous francais" to all G. Ils. in Paris. I, Marilyn Anderson, leave my illustra- tions to all good magazines. I, Virginia Wideroe, leave my "weight worries" to be settled by Kate Smith and any available skeleton. I, Shelley Stone, leave my Red and Blue sport page deadlines to anyone who can catch them. I, Evelyn Jacobs, leave my secretarial struggles to the next class martyr. I, Albert Snellgrove, leave my hearty chuckle to Santa Claus. I, Pat Mosely, leave my high C ability to Joan Landkrohn. We, Jack Bowman, and Floyd Gale, leave a swell basketball tradition to next year's varsity. I, Nancy Ball, leave my blonde demure- ness to my cousin Barbara Ball. I, Frank Kacarab, leave my pro-Russian support to that other well known Russian . . . "The Mad Russian." I, Martha Secrest, leave my sparkling vim, vigor and vitality to Harriet Grabiel. I, Marilyn Honaker, leave my I. Q. to the Quiz Kids. We, Jean Cross, Shirley Baum Cbombl and Mark Common leave the assurance that we don't fit our names. I, Norma Galehouse, leave my smooth, calm appearance to all Power's Models. I, Bob King, leave my scientific leanings to Einstein. I, Betty Jones, leave my "Royal Blue Blues" to be remembered by all future Fall Varieties audiences. I, Bill Abrams, leave my G. I. Butch cut to my neighborhood Fuller Brush man. We, Martha Gray Barker and Joan Fry, leave our wedding rings as a beacon of hope in this manless world. I, Ray Pucci, leave my football letter to that little chum Dick Strait. I, Joan Accettola, leave my friendly good nature to Joan Borts. I, Bob Ruth, leave my subtlety to An- thony Eden. I, Mary Fallo, leave my electrifying en- ergy to the O. P. S. I, Chuck Cornea, leave my never end- ing wit to be remembered by all teachers. I, Dorothy Allen, leave my love of creat- ing poetry to Virginia Clark. I, Mary Albert, leave my sweeping eye- lashes to all poor housewives whose brooms have worn out. I, Dolores Clark, leave a splitting head- ache to all future writers of class Wills and Testaments. We, as a class, leave our deepest grati- tude to Mr. Ray Reighart, Miss Ruth Dowler, Mrs. Clyde Stanley, and Miss Mary Dilley. They are responsible for making our class the "best ever," and our Chronicle the finest to roll off the presses. We also leave three lusty cheers and a loud "well done" to all the boys from our class who have entered the Armed Forces. Signed, The June '46ers. Witnessed by: Dolores Clark E1 Lista-ningg to thc- Latest Ii0i'Ul'4lS at THE CQEE ELECTRIC CQ' Always the Newest in DRESS SHOES, SPOR'l SHOES, and PLAY SHOES x ll 1011 1 oLU1l:u bm LA CRAVVFORDS Shoe Section Pleasant Surroundings l Good Food -- Courteous Service BLUIVIENSTIEL 6: MCNALLY Jewelers THE RAVEN RESTAURANT 419 East Main St. Alliance, Ohio 543 Fast Main Street 92 N ll 1 muh 111 1 ui' ll'l0l0Lfl'illlll'i lu-vps thu- 111v11'm'i1-N- f'?'5 T4 pf f !7ZgqQ 1 kfQ3EQ5HEQQQQ3 A L JAKE E E76 H 1 O V Eeautiful garmenis for young ladies -for School, Church, proms, parties and graduation. Accessories to go With your outfit. ,HCS Blilill Sfrvvt' ,xliiilllflh Ohio S55 W9 1 1 1 4. r i hilllii f1'i1-mlsllips GOCHNAUERS i SEIDNERS' FLOVVERS Main :md Bllxfllilllii' For z'ol'sz1gc-S to please- HIGH Oll that 1110241 illlll0l'filllI. 0l'l'2lSi0ll. l'l1um- 7122 for that nvxri f'1ll'HilgC'. M0111-4011 'l'ill'ilU'l' 1511111111122 93 dwg RSV! ,K brew s v V . , W M ET ,- . wx 'Q 2 ,queen-n ' 1???bvLQ f . 'ff iw 'Q Q x w X i E Xu, ,, E5 xg L, k I 2' Yefieniay . . . This was a familiar pic- ture to those who shopped here in days gone by. It, no doubt, included your par- ents, grand parents, and great grand parents, many of them still our good friends and valued custom- ers. Yes, FIFTY years have passed. It seems like a lone time when you roll them hackg but in striving con- stantly to improve our 'erviee and quality, they slipped hy all too quick- ly. So here We a1'e on the threshold of . . . Today . . . Presenting a familiar pic- ture to our friends in Alli- ance High School. Most of you have seen the store pic- ture here, but we want to remind you that it will prob- ably change, because, with a progressive policy and eyes to the future, we're starting our second half century! We promise one thing will remain the same today as yesterday, that is our rule of . . . Quality Mercliamlise Courteous service in an friendly atmosphere! QUERY? i 4533 ,gy 5 " LZWARTH Rig ? 91 rt e c 1614 199' PLAJER AND CROSS Fast efficient service for your photographic needs -A Specializing in School Annuals, Banquets. Dances, Weddings, Advertising, and Home Portraits my m ixlliilllfv, Ohio Pllvm-I Sectional View of The New Shoe Department AT STARICS BOSTON STORE l'll'Zlflll'illg HBUSTER BROWN" SHOES FOR TEEN AGERS "AMERICAN BOYH SHOES FOR BOYS HW. L. DOUGLAS" AND "ROBLEE" SHOES FOR MEN 96 You're always welcome at , 39 North ,'h'c'h .XYOIIIIU Music' and EIOc'h'ic For Jvwvlc-l'y of Quality WUNHS W1"'ffH'Q1S THE ALLIANCE HARDWARE Co Seo 318 East Main Struct Alliancv, Ohio 207 East Blain 97 , 1 I -fp, I nj' IU, 51100 'WMI Arthur xvilblll' Ralph 221 Emi! Main Street AliLl.XNCl+I, OHIO Specialists in School Annual Photography 214 City Savings Bldg. Alliance, Ohio Phono 8386 l MEIV5 51717147 ,u,mANCE, omo 98 gn ma S During these da of acute shortag we are doing 1 best to serve ' men of Alliai with hard-to-, merchandise. Bef very long, howex you will again f ARTHUR'S MED SHOP to be ' most complete st for men in Alliar Meet the gang here, and enjoy better Fountain Drinks and Sandwiches KLEIN lil RODE-RICK , MEN AND BOYS' NVEAR I-IEGGY S 344 East Main :hiiiEllll'i', UI 319 East, Blilill -Xllium'c, Ohio Congratulations and Best Wishes SI-IRIGLEY 6: IVIEHL 100 TURNER DRUG STORES ALLIANCE AND SEBRING H k...Jr f-fin 1' Pictures for 1946 Chrouiclc Arrive at E11g1'z1x'e1's THE CANTON ENGRAVING COMPANY 101 ENGLAND'S 'I'HlfI HEX.-Xlill DRYU STURIC Park :xml Main l.o1'i4'4- lindsey dem Q1-llSIl'ill0N ilu- lli'XY H0 lvllil l:IlbillSlfill Lip stirk xv2ll'lll'0b0 to Maury lla-rvau, l52ll'b2ll'2 Bull, and Mzxrylyn Mc' Paw. lt, is nm- of the new bvzuuty aids to bi fmmd at Englmul's. 1'Ho'l'ocsl:.u-Hu' i'IQl'lI'Ml'IN'l' l'HYSl1'lANH' Sl'l'!'I1llflS Choose Your Career The 'IR-leplioiie Com- pany uc-lwork is the nerve system ol' the world. To 1:0 in the service of opc-rutiiig it effic-iently for the ad- Yaiiveiiieiit ol' civiliza- lioii will give you a feeling of great ac- voiiiplislilllelit. NVQ will luv glad to l11T6'l"liGXVY0ll for 21 Uosilion iii this vital plilmliv Servive work. THE Ol-HO BELL TELEPHONE CO. 400 East Main Street AIUIIIICQ, Ohio 102 INDEX-CHRONICLE Title Page Title Page Administration and Office Forces 12, 29, 62, 63 Fall Varieties Ads - -,'-'----,--', A .vwv----,---,---------,-,-f77V---------v4.---- 92-102 Pxictllrels ...... .,,.... 2 0-23 Band and Majorettes .,..,... ........ .,t,. .........,.. 1 8 X utemp """""""""' """"A' v Football Basketball Coaching Personnel ...,.. .................,..... . .17 Games .....,.....,...... 30, 31, 49, 50, 52. 63. 64 Gaiiies --------------------,,.,, --lbb 1 7, 19, 27, 28 Coaching Personnel, ....,,.. .,.,... ,..,..,....,, 1 7 , 69 Jnnioi- Banquet ---- ----.-----,-.,,-,,-,- --63 Squad ------------------------------------ -------'----------- 6 9 Queen and her Cou1't .. .... ........... .,.. . . 27 Blum Dom Plays Varsity Banquet ....--f.. --..-.- 2 9 HBOS, ivieets Fainiiyv H 62 Squad PiCtlll'e ....... , .... ....... 6 9 "Spring Scene" .....,... 27 Girls' Athletics ..,,....,........... . -.... 170 Bond Auction ,.,........ 30 Girl Reserve Formal Dance . .... ......- 7 2 Rooster Club Dance ,,,. 27 Girl Reserve Tea Dance ..,..... ....,.. 2 9 Cheer Leaders ...,,.... 19 Gus and Rosie .............. -....-- 2 8 Chronicle Staff .......,............. ...... 5 , 62 Hangar Opening .... -.... - -23 Christmas ..,,,,,,...,.,,.,.,......,,, ,, 31 Janitors .................. ------- 6 4 Class Party Picture i10AJ ,,,., 8 January Class Class Pictures Baccalaureate ....... ...---- E fi 12B Class Picture ....,,,,,,,,i. .......,,.. 2 6 C01HmeHCe111eHt '-'- ------' ' " "" 53 11B-11A oiass Pictures ....,.. ....... 2 4, 25 H0E10f1 R011 -'-'--- -------- -- ------- 53, Sophomore Class Picture ..... ................... 2 3 Offlffels and Patlouess '---' " '4' Freshman Picture ....,...,... ............ - - .,..,... 22 Senior gzngglet ----' ------ - "-'-'- 2 3 , . , , enior a ......,....... . -...... 'Class Room P1Ctlll9S ...,., ..... 6 5, 66, 67, 70 Senior Dance fHi-Y, Clubs Senior Pictures .......... ....... 5 4-60 Blue D0111 ......... 42 Senior Play ,,.,,, ,.,,,.. 3 0 Booster ................ 41 Will ,--,,,.,. .',,,., ..,.... 6 1 Boys' Quartet ...... 32 June Class Caducean ---"---'-' 38 Baccalaureate ......., .... . ...73 Commercial ""' 39 Commencement ........... ....... 7 3 Debate '---"--'- 43 Honor Roll ......,............. ....... 8 9 EFTQISIQT -----' 35 Officers and Patrons ....... - ,...... 74 F1138 AMS "" 44 Senior Banquet ....... .. ....... 73 Folum ------------------- " ----------------------- " ---------- Senior Chapel ...,.,.. .... . . ..... .72 French '-'-"""-'-'ee--- ' -----""------------'--'----------' 46 Senior Pictures ..... ....... 7 5-89 Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves ...,,.. 36 Senior Play -------V- 71 Future Retailers .,......,.................,.,..,...... 39 Will . U ------- 90,91 Girls' Athletic Club .....,,,.., ,.,.....,.,,..,, ,.,,.. 4 0 L , 51 Girls, Double Trio 32 eglon Wai se- anuary .... ..,.... . Hi-Y Club ----,AA,.,.,-,,,, ----VA 3 4 Lunch .,...... ....,. ............., - - ..... t .. ...64 Home Economics ................ ..........,.,, 4 T Memoriam-Jim Flynn .... ..,.,.,..,.. ..,....... 1 0 J'Lll'110I' Police . ....,............. ...... , ...... 4 7, 71 N t' 1 H . ,- t Ch i ------ ---.--- 4 9-72 Junior-Senior Girl Reserves ,..,,,,,,,, 37 H Iona Onol some y ape Library Staff ..,.,,,,,,,...,, ,....,, 4 8 Operetta """"""""""""' """"""' """" ' ' 68 ivlei-idian ---------,- 34 Orchestra Concert ........... .. . ..,... .29 Mixed Chorus .............. ,l...,,,,,, 3 3 "Orchids for Marie" ,... 8 Monitors -----'----------'-'---- -- ------- 48- 71 Prince of Peace Contest ,.,... ....... 2 7 National Honor Society ..,.. 45 P, I National Thespians ..,. ,. 42 10 ngircus 9 Orchestra .....,.............. 33 d """""""""i"' "" 6 Quill and Scroll ..... 43 96 """" " """" """ ' , Pirate ...................,.,.,, ....... 1 1 Red Cross """"""""' 35 Prom de Paree 49 Red and Blue Staff """ 43 Prom 12nd Science ...............,,..,..,. 45 ' """' """' , Spanish ------,----,'.---.- 46 Press Banquet-January ..,.,..,..,,...............,.... U52 Tri-Arts ,.... 44 ReggieeSee Page 60, last picture, left. and Varsity A .... 40 Page 77, 4th picture, left Club Sing ........,. -- .,.,....,,, 71 Spring Sports .......,.....,. . ........... ....... 7 0 Commencement ..... ,...... 5 1, 73 Stage Crew ....,,.. .. .... ,.,.... 3 0 Dedication ............ ..... ,,,,,, 6 T itle Page .,................. ...... 3 Faculty ..,. ,..... 1 3-16 Typical Teen-Agers ..... , 7 103 'E ffyi .f 15-. 5 Md ,J .x M, f uf S. 'F fm v x 1 1 L -,, 3 .J gk, --A . ,4- ...- ' 1 , 1 x " w x ' A ww -1. 'mf 0

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