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The Record of One Lap Ofa Four Yfmr Ffzgbf NX NR A-'M amimimami g R 5 BJXKE25 T66 Chrofeiffa NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE Published by JANUARY AND JUNE CLASSES OF ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL Home Qfl'66 Affviafory Dezfz'c'afz'0f1 To the Student body of Alliance High School, all of Whose activities make up the 1l'ec0i'd of this yea1"s flight, we dedicate this Chronicle. O Chronicle Staf Editor ....,.....................,,.. Business Manager ,.......,. Faculty ......,........... .,.... Pictures ..,.....,...., Senior Write-ubs Classes ..... Calendar ...... Athletics ....., Clubs ......... Salesmen .....l January Class Kay Kotzbacher Verner Bonfert Martha Dickson Henry Rampelt Violet Bica .............. Virginia Birch ,.,,...,.....,.. Anna lVIae Mathias ........ Deloris Henry ..... .....,. Carol Vernon ,.,..,. ....... Octave Grecu .....,. ..,.... Wilda Naylor ....... ..,.... Frank Hoiles ....... ....... Russell Yoder .,.,.... ....... 6 June Class Lucile Ketcharn Richard Howell Bette Oyster Frank Williams Berdine Henderson Dorothy Alldredge Norma Lutz Lucille Monnot Letha Yaggi Mary Beth Carr Alfred Cohen Hyde Stires Suzanne Johnson Robert Anderson Merle Crowl Traifzzhg Crew ff 5 , f fl f 7 Commander B. F. Stanton Chief of Operations Noted for pioneering achievements, Mr. Stanton, the superiiilendaiiil, of schools, guides the destinies of many flying fields in Alliance. From his office in the high school, he directs ohscfrvaiions, general strategy, and ground lzicrirs. He is nationally known as treas- urer of the N. ld. A. of American. Chief Pilot Byron -E. Saffell Our new Chief Pilot this year, Mr. Saffell, principal ol' Alliance High School, trains the young pilots, me- chanics, and technicians. Mr. Saffell presents the pub- lic with fully equipped graduates of proven per- forinance. He personally supervises all training, helping the seniors to soar to new heights and prevenl- ing the freshmen from forced landings. 'I'c-achers Subjects First' Row M1'. VVillia1n Anderson General science Miss Jane Armstrong Mathematics Mr. Floyd Atchley Biology, physics Miss Charlotte Baker Commercial Sec-ond Row Miss Charlene Burrell Biology Mr. Earl Carter English Miss Ruth Cherrington Commercial Miss Ruth Chisholm English Third Row Mr. Arthur Combs Sociology, mental hy giene, psychology M1'. Ralph Coppock Physics Miss Marie Dettmer Home economics Miss Jane Dilley Latin, German S T4'2ll'll9l'S Slllrjvvts First Row Miss Mary Dilley Miss Ruth Dowlvr Mrs. Murlhn Dugan Miss Marian Ellioll M ut lionialic-s Sanitzitioii. physiology, honie liygiene Hoinu vcononiivs English, journulisin S1-voml Row Mr. ,lainvs Gilmore Mr. Lz1vvroi1m'el Gligor Mr. XVilliuni Gross English Business sciviice. physi- unl edurfutioii Business sviviive, geiieral svienre Miss Martha Ilalmlunc English 'Third Row Miss Margaret Hall Miss Malwl Hartzell Miss Beulah Hevslnnd Mr. Philip Ileini Poinniercial History. civil-s English ll'lJ.llllGI1lHIlCS, Ooach li'ourth Row Miss Helen Hendershot English Miss Marguerite Hillman English Miss Mary Hoffninn Mr. Guy Hoover Mr. l48O1liIl'd Hoppvs Miss Ruth Hum Mr. Sainuvl Husut Mr, E. E. Kiclwell Miss BFl'lllLl illE1l'1l19l Miss Miss Frziiicvs Miller Miss Jsuli Miller Sovi- Mr. Russell Miller Miss Hilda Moore Miss Eugvniu Mosvs Miss Ellen Nolt Floroiic'v lllt'yl'l' Coniniercial Economic geography, Dean of Boys Fifth Row History, Civics, coar-h Home economics Gerinan, French Pattern making, land- sm-aping th Row Mntheniatics English, speech lintin, English History, civics nth limi' Woodworking Lui in lfoinniercial E'ng:,'lish 9 'l'eac'hers Subj vcts First Row . Miss Lucile Pettis Physical education, san itation Mrs. Gertrude Pfouts English, Dean of Girls Mr. Herbert Pritchard Mathematics, business science Mr. Clarence Reese Woodworking Second Row Mr. Ray Reighart Biology, general science Miss Renna Ross English Miss Ruth Rothrock Home economics Miss Eva Lee Sackett Music Third Row Miss May Smyth Mathematics Mr, Clyde Stanley General science Mr. Fred Stuckey Economics. b u s i n e s s science, business prob- lems Mr. Wilsoii Stump History, physiology, coach Fourth Row Mr. Ben Temple Chemistry Miss Thelma Varner Commercial Mr. Robert XVade Machine shop Mr. Byron VValkeI' History, sociology Fifth Row Miss Mildred NValker English Miss Ruth Weaver History Mr. Walter Webb Psychology Mr. Leland Whitacre Commercial art, mechan- - ical drawing Sixth Row Mr. James VVilhelm Shop mathematics, me- chanical drawing Miss Elizabeth Wright French, Spanish Miss Helen Vvright History Mr. Charles Youmans Foundry Mr. XVilliam Kaemmerer Mechanical and engineer- ing drawing Seventh Row Miss Rosemary Zechiel English lVlrs. Florence Mowry Librarian Miss Virginia Bica Secretary to lVIr. Saffell Mrs. Pierce Scranton Secretary to Mr. Saffell Mr. Robert Hier Sociology, economic geo- graphs' Mr. Earl Beach Band, orchestra 10 Happy I ,amz'z'f1g.f, kS?7lZ'07'5., ff! 1 To Miss May Smyth we, the January Class of 1941, express our sincere apprecia- tion and gratitude for her untiring efforts and thoughtful guidance throughout our high school career. One Hunrfrea' and Yiivmly Semen jblf6 Ojrin .famzczfy We were organized one day in 1938 in room 122 when we were 10B's. Our first patroness, Miss Harriette Brown, took charge of our initial election of officers, the result of which was Henry Canfield as presi- dent, Kay Kotzbacher, vice president-secre- taryg and Dorothy Varner, treasurer. The next fall Miss Brown left Alliance, thus leaving us without a patroness. For- tunately, Miss May Smyth consented to guide us through the rest of our high school career. Our first social gathering was held at the Y. M. C. A. as an informal party. In our junior year, Verner Bonfert be- came vice president and Virginia Birch, secretary. One of our first money-making activities as 11B's was a spring dance which we called a "Rainbow Dance." Together with the June class of 1941, we sponsored the Fall Festival in 1940, a series of programs feat- uring the Collins' Entertainment Services, to help finance the prom. Then came the main event of that year -our lively Ice Follies prom-the success of which was due to the fine cooperation of all the committees. As the senior year arrived, Octave Grecu became our new vice president. In the fall of that year, Marie Sullivan was given the title of "A. H. S. Football Queen of 1940" at the Alliance-Jamestown football game. Irene Szasz also represented our class as a member of her court. "Young April," a sequel to "Growing Pains," was selected for our senior play. It was presented with great success December 4, 1940 in the high school auditorium. The senior play cast party was held as a banquet at the Country Club. Then came the busy weeks filled with the senior chapel, the prom given for us, the class banquet, and the senior dance. We made our first appearance in caps and gowns at the baccalaureate service Jan- uary 19, 1941. The Reverend Charles W. Stoneburner gave the baccalaureate sermon. One hundred and twenty of us received our high school diplomas from Mr. T. W. Cope, member of the Board of Education, on Friday evening, January 24. Dr. Bernard C. Clausen of Pittsburgh delivered the commencement address. Vir- ginia Birch, class valedictorian, and Henry Canfield, class president, gave their themes and were presented with the American Le- gion Awards. Ma, W Officers of the January graduiating class are from left to right: Henry Can- Iield, presidentg Octave Grecu, vice president: Virginia Birch, secretaryg and Dor- othy Varner, t1'SaSl1I'6l'. Virginia Birch Martha Dickson ..,..i.. Katherine Kotzbacher Henry Canfield Helen Burt .... Dan Codrea .....rl Henry Rampelt ,i.,i. Hazel Miller ..... CLASS HONOR ROLL 13 95 93 92. 90. 90 89 89 75 53 58 59 .03 90. .97 0 5 Donald Addams College l'1'CD211'2ltU1'y "lli1:l1, XVide and llztmlsomef' Senior Playg l'l'Olll Committee: S 0 Il i o r Ba11q110t. llHllllYllttl36Q fI'o1'1.:l1 Club, Vice li'ros.g Iii l11'iL 1' y Club, 'l'l'1'2lS.j Bachelors Vlubg Fall Yu- rioties. Jann-s ixllllfl' 1'ollug:,'Q Prop. 'llust for il 'l'l11'ill." S1-11io1' Playg Pfouts Hi-Y, 'l'l'K'2lS., V i C' 0 Pri-s.g 3IOIlltU1'. llolu-rf ,x1lfl'illll'l' 4'o111111e1'Ciz1l 'tI'x'1- Got 21 Une fl'l'2ll'li Mind." Sonior Play Stz1i'I'g Pfouts Hi-Yg 'l'1'z1,V0l Club. Norma llerivvllia l'o111111ercial "XYl1c1'c Do You Koen Your 1lea11't'!" 'l'1'11x'el Club. f'll1lTl0ll0 lliery Ge11cr11l "I l'ULl1'A6ti My lluart into il So11g2,'." l,l'HIl1 Committee: Girls' Glee Club! l'lI'USllITlill1 G i 1' l lloss-1'V0sg F i ll 0 Arts Clubg Trl- Arts Club. lloward Blair l111lust1'i:1l Arts 'illlll 'l'l'1l'Ol.1f3fll.H Pfouts Hi-Yg 'l'I'llVt.'l Club: Bas- Iietball. 14 lloliert Addison l11dust1'ial Arts L' Little Curly llair i11 21 llig'l1- Chair. flklll and fYiUXY1l 1'o111111ittee2 'l'1'z1Y- ul Vlubg Basoballg liztsketballg Foot- ball. G1-ncviex 0 A nth-rsnn Gonerzil "H fle11eViox' c , Sweet fiCillBYlCYC.', liirls' Glee llllllbj I! 4, 11 s t e 1' Clubg 'Fest Tube Club: Scuior Play Com- mittee. Ray Ayers lllfiLlSt1'l2il Arts "Im11't XVo1'ry 'bout Mc." l.'I'UlItS lli- -Y: 'lll'2lV6l Club. lfl'llll0lll llcutlvr lllflllStl'l3l Arts "l,11vu's 21 llirldle lllltl lllll i11 the Middle." l11tl11st1'ial A 1' t s l1'lyi11g Club. Virginia Birch College Prop. "Pvc Got a Pock- et Full of .ll1'8211'1'lS.U Smiior Play: All- llllill Staffg Senior I'i11 and Ring 1'on1111itteeg N11- tioual Honor So- 1-ivty, Sec.: Fresh- 1111111 Girl R0- s111'vOsg Le C011- tu-le: G. A. C.: l' s y C11 0 lopqyg lifllllt-5, Sec.-T'1'es.C Monitor Captain. WI ary Katherine Bond uni Ge' 11e1'z1l "Mary Goes liibllllfifl Home l':COIlO mics Club. Nick Allin l11dust1'iz1l A1'ts "'l'od:1y l rxlll ll Mau." liaslcetbzillg Golf. .lov Augolono Collegie .l'1'c11z11'atory "flfllTl0, Josc11l1i111s, 111 My Flyi111:,' Alllf f'l1i1'1e." Senior Play Staff: St-111o1' Gift 111111 l4'i11z111c'ial L' o 111 - mittees: T Il tl ll s - trial Arts Flyi11f.: Club, Pres. Mary Louise Ilergert Geiicral ".l'luy, Fiddle, Play." Stllllljl' Play Stziffg Girls' Glee Clubg l4'1'esl1111z111 G i 1' l IlesQ1'Ves3 G e 1' - 1111111 Club: T1-st Tube Club. Violet Georgia Bit-a College l'1'epz11'ato1'y "Tho 'Foy l'l2lI11.l Mi11uet." S1111io1' Play Stall! .X111111z1l Staffg llml and Blue Staffg Quill and Scroll, 'I'1'e-as.: Girls' Glen Clubg .lu11io1'-So11- im' Girl Resorvosg Club, Aed- Latin ileg Monitor. Robert Blume lllflllStI'i21l Arts "ilu 21 Hicyvlc liuilt for Two." llltll1Stl'l2ll Arts Flyi11g' Club. Yorner Bonfa-rt College Prep. Hl'1'2lf'l',lSC Makes Perfect." Class Officer, 'Vice Pros.: Seuio 1' Play: A1111uz1l Staff2Se11i111' t'l1z1111-l Cl1ai1'111z111p N2ll,lflllPll Honor Sovietyg fiQ1'lIl2lll Clubg Iiidustriznl Arts Flying' Clubg Starnn Club: Psy- vhology C l ll b 1 lllflllltfllf Library Club, Pres.: ills- quire Club. John Boyd 111-111-1'11l "'l'l11- l'1z1111ut V1-11dc1'." Senior l'l11y SL11lT: N11ti111111l Thus- pi1111:4g I-Boys' fil1-11 1'llllJQ 'l'111'1'l1 f'lul1: 'l'1'11v1-l l'l11l1g Lglllfi IJ11mi1111g Tri-Arts 17 l ll l1 , 1311411111-1, l'1'1-S., S1-1'., T1'011S.l - 1 1 1 H1-N 1l11l1 fllllll- 1'ilg Full Y111'i1-ties. A llll'l'i1'0 f'llIllIllNNO 111-111'-1'11l "NVl11-11 ll l'I'iIlK'f' 111' 21 l1'1-ll11w M1-1-ts ll f'illtll'l'l?llH.H B11sli11tl111llC Golf. Pnul flllillllllllll l11dust1'i111 Arts "C111'1'y MD Hawk to fllt' Vi1'g:gi1111y." T1'11V1-l f'l11l13 Bus- l11-Ll111ll. Robe-ri f40lll'1Ul 111-111-1'11l "M11l1l1-, Ai11't1'l111' 1'11111i11' fJut'1"' l'f11111.s H--13 T 1' 11 V 1- l Club: F1111tl1z1llg AIOIllIOl'. Ninn f'l'llllll'ill0 111-111:1'11l "Ninn, ls Tl1e1'1- A11y11111- l'wi1161'n."' Senior l'l11y St111'1'g Girls' fll1-1- Clulrl l1c fT1-11111-111, V101- I' 1' 11 S . 3 l11bI'2ll'y, N 100 Pros.: Full X'2l!'lL'flQS. YYyonnt' Day f:l'lllYl'2il "Night 11111l' lmy, Yflll A r11 tl11- 11111-." llirls' fll1-1- l'l11l1Q 131111511-I' l'l1ll1 Q Test 'l'11l11- l'lul1. Hell-n llurt Il11mc 1111-11111111111-S "l111v11l1l11 Sort of l'1-1's1111," llonry 1'nnIil'ld f'11ll1'f:1- i'l'0lHlI'2ll11l'j' "Y11u'1'1- ll li 1' 0, Y1111'1'1- 'l' l1 1- 1' Q , Y1111'1'11 I12 V lf 1' y - VYhK'l'l'.Y' 1'l1-lss Ul'I'i1'11 r, I'1'os.:S1-11i111' l'l11yg N111 i 11 Xl 111 H1111111' S111-i1-ty, l'1'e-S.: fl111'm1111 f'luhZ T111ti11 Club: l'sy11h11l11f.:'y Club, Pres.: I1il11'z1, 11 y f'l11b, l7'l't'N.f Blue 1111111111113 l'1Sl1Ull'8 Club: llDOI'PtlH. xxillilllll Folnb f'11ll01:11 l'r1111111'11l111'y "I Have- IL1111111 i11 My ll1-111't." Senior l'l11y3 l'1'11m 1'11mmi1t1-1-5 Buch- 1-l111's Fluli, T1'1e:1s,g l'11.r11e1'11 1T l ll b 3 S6'I1ifll' l1'i111111f'i11l 1'11mmitt1-1-g Fall XYZlI'lE"tiLlSI A111111- 1012 Alfonso l'onti l11d11st1'i11l Arts "l71111't I11-l lt Get You .l70XVl1.H T1'11V1-l f'l11l1g XV1'1-stli11g', Mury Est hcr Davis Q1E'IlL'l'2ll "Same SW1-1-L Y1111." S1-11i111' l'l11y Staffg 111-d 111111 Blue Stuff: S1-11i111' flifl 1' fl m 111 ittccg J1'. licd f'1'11s:-1 Yifbllll- .'il3 l-'1'1-SI11111111 fiirl lie-Se1'x'1-S1 lions- I1-1' 1,'l11l1: 1'11d11- 1'c1111 1'l11l1. Nilflllil Dc-Gsislmrro l:0llf'l'ill "Y1111'Y1- fl11l liv- 111'5'tl1i11u'." M1111it111'3 S1-11 i fl 1' l'11l1li1'ity 1' 11 111 - 111it11-1-. lh-Inn Fznnp 1 l'11l1ll1ll'l'l'l2lI uxvllill fl111-x 1111 IS1-l1i111l Y1111r l'Iy1,-S '."' Girls' 1111-11 1'l11l1. Xl'iIli1l111 l':lrIi l111l11:-t1'i11l Arts "I Il11V1-11'l 'l'i1111- 'l'11 Hs- El Million- ?lll'f'." 'l'1'111'11l fTl11l1, 151111- k1-tl1111lZ 12111 1' 3 NV1'e:4Lli111:. Ilan l'o1lr1-:I f711ll1J1-X11 l'l'P1Jill'2ll1ll'j' "D111111y lL'11y" N111i1111111 ll111111r S111'i1-tyg l:1lSlil'l- b11l l 1 l1'1111ll121ll2 TIYICK. Gail fifllllllllgll 1'ie111-1'11l "Su Y1111'1'1- 11111 Ulm." S1-11i111' l1'i1111111-iz1l 1'11111111itte1-1 'l'r1- Arls 1'l11l1g Al1111i- tor. Ilollort Davis f,'1,1ll1-1:11 l 'I'G1J2lI'2l t,111'y "'l'l11- Bad ll11111111' M1111." S1-11i111' I'l11y: S1-11- i11r f'l11-1111-l 211111 l11vit11ti1111 1'11111- 111itt1-1-xg I' 1' 11 ll 1 s lli-YI l'Sy1'l111l11gy 1'l11l1: l'1:41111i1'1- lqlllll, Vim- l'1'1-SJ Mo11iL111'. ylilfillll Ilia-kson 1'11ll1'Q:,'1' I'1'1-11111111 11ry "I l'R1ll I7l'112llll, 1"lll'l I"" S1-11i111' l'l11yg All- llllill St:1I'l'g J'1-11111 1'11111111ilt1-1-3 N11- ti111111l llfbllf1l' S11- 1-i1-lyg S1111l111111111'1- 1? i rl Ile-x1-r1'1-xl l1'1'1-sl11111111 fl i r I llf'Sf'!'Yt'S, 'I'1'1-115.3 H1111Slf'1' f'll1l11 I11- 1'1-1111 011-, Yi1-1- l'I'l'S.Q fl, .X. f'.Z I'Hj'l'lllIlfDf.2'y l'llll1Q Alfillitfil' 1'1111111i11. 15 Nan Drake General "All the Things You Are." Girls' Glee Club: Freshman G i r l Reserves: Home ldvonomies Club, Charlotte Fox Commercial "l'm Happy About the XVhole Thing." Senior Baccalaur- eate Committee: Girls' Glee Club: Jr,-Sr. Girl lie- serves: S o p h o - more Girl ile- lieserves: Fresh- man Girl Re- serves: Monitor. Hilda Gockel College Preparatory "There Are Smiles That Make Us Happy." S lf n i o r Banquet Committee: Boos- ter Club: German Club, Vice Pres.: Travel Club. xvillilli Grate Commercial "There's Musif- in My Heart" lied and Blue Staff: Girls' Glee Club. Nlilllmn Hamlin College Preparatory "lt's a VVonder- ful XVorld." Senior Play: Sen- io r B'ac-ealaur- eate Committee: H i - Y Council: XVilliams H - Y, Vice Pres.: Torch Club, Vice Pres., Pres.: Esquire Club : Football: Senior Play Staff. Rlnln-l Hnrtenstein General "'NVear That Smile." 16 John Duffy Industrial Arts "The Little Man XVho XVasn't There." Junior Polire, Deputy C h i e f : Travel Club, Glenn Funkhonsvr Industrial Arts "The Same Old Story." Travel Club. Glenn Goris College Preparatory "Carefree" Tri-L Club: Bas- ketball. Octave Green College .Preparatory "A Tisket. a Tas- ket, He Made An- other Basket." Class Officer, Vice Pres.: A nn ua l S t a. ff: National Il o no r Society: Basketball, Var- sity: B a s e ball: lflootball Manaisj- er: Boys' State: Monitor Co-cap- tain. Esther Hantz College Preparatory "lt's the Little Things That Count." Sophomore 'fl i 1' l Reserves: Fresh- man Cf i rl ile- serves: G e r man Club: Monitor. Merrill Hawkins College l'repa1'atory "That XYasnlt Lip- stick on My Tie, That XYas Cherry Pie." Sm-nior Play: Son- ior Play Staff: Prom Committee: Senior Pin and ltingzj Committee: Fall Festival: Sr. Banquet Commit- tee. Paul Euliss General "ls lt Possible?" Camera Club. lsnlxel Ge-lun V College Preparatory "And the Band Played Un." Orchestra: Hand: German Club. Betty Mae Goshorn Home Economics "My Heart ls My Master." 1Vinifred Griiiln, Commercial "Simple and Sweet." Senior Invitation Committee: Girls' Glce Club. Martha Harmnis Commercial "You Couldn't Be Cutter." Senior Play Staff: Senior Pin and Ilinp: Committee: Freshman G i rl lit-serveS. Y i c e Pres.: Monitor. lleloris Henry College Preparatory "Chatterbox." Annual Staff: ltefl and Blue Staff: Prom Committee: Freshman H G i rl Ileserves: Booster Club: G e r m an Club: Camera Club. Ifrzlnk Iloilvs t'11II1'y,t' I'1'1-1x11r:1t1I1'y "'I'l11- t':111111r:1 Il111'Sll'l I.iU." 1'l:1ss 111'l'i1'111 I'r1-S. li S1'11i11r l'l:1ySt:1t't': A111111.1l NIJIITI I:t'tI 111111 IZI111- St:1l'I', M1114 L1I'2llbIIt'I'I S1-11 i111' N:11111f 1111-11 111111- IIllIlt't'l 'l'1'ifA1I 1'l11I1 X111 I'11N I.:11-I11-Iltrs t'l11l1, 'I'r1-'IQ' 1.'lIIIt'I"l 1l11l1. t.11lI, It'II' 1115. Iloln-rt lin: I1-r IIt'll4'l'ZII 'AI '1':11'ti1'1- AYIIIII Y1111 I I't'Ilt'Il.U S1-11i11r l'Iz13. I'I'tIIII 1'111111111tt11 S1-11i11r H111111111-t I'HI1lIIlIlI1't'Q Itwtll' lllll l'l11lI: 'I'I'2lYt'I I'IIIIPI I111I11Stri:1l Arts I1'lyl11g 1'l11l1. I'INtlllIl't' t'l11Ir 51. I- 11111111'1:1I t 11111- n1ltt1-1-. Arthur I.:-mhrig'ht fIt'llt'I'2lI "I'll Nt'Yl'I' l"z1iI Y1111" 5t'IllIlI' I'l:1y: Iltli ini! t'l11l1: tl1-r- Illilll t'I11I11 'l'1'11Y1I t'l11l1: I1'1111tl1z1ll T1-1111is. John lludwigr IIIIIIISI I'I2lI Arts "lIIl 1111111111 41l1Y A mm Hua- Wlathins t'I11Ssi1':1l "l.:111g:l1 Your AY'IX' 'I'l1r1v11g'I1 Life-. S1-11i111' IIIEIA' Stull' .Allllllill St il IT 4211111-r11l 1'l111irm.111 111' S1-11i11r Izllll- tIllt'I: I"l'l'SIIIIl1lll 1? i 1' I Il11s1-1'x'1-sl 1: 1' 1' 111 ll II 1'l11l1, I'I't'H.I 'I'1'st 'l'11l111 I1IlIIIQ 'l'ri - Arts t'I11l11 S1-11i11r lfi- 11:1111-lztl Iuvllllllll I1't: II1-I1-n Wliq-kvtli tI1'111'r:1l lp 1I11 tI1111111111 1111 Aly III't'2lIIlb. Hose Jvrry 1'111111111-r1'i11l 'tll11s1- M:1ri11, I I11111' Y1111." I21,1.st1,-r 1'l11l11 I I'1':1x'1-I IYIIIII. Amir:-n IU-Ilncr IIIIIIINI l'I2lI Arts U.AIIl'IItIl'S Awaly, My I1:11ls. S1111i11r I'I2lA' Slz1t'l'g Ili-Y l'1111111'iI I'r1-sg l'f1I11ts Ili- Y, l'r1-sg IIll1ll!4- trl:1I Arts lf'lyi11g' 1'lul1 Mu-rn-tl Illopll IIltIllSIl'I2lI Arts "l'x'1- 41111 EI IIz1t1f with 11 III't1SlIIl,H I'I2lIllII l+'1m11tII11Il1 'I'I'ilt'Ii. .lt-:ln Ylmlison IIL'l1CI'2lI "l Always IIl't'2llIl uf liIlII5'," S1'11I1Ir I'I:1y2 H1111 :1111l III111' Stull: I'r11111 t'1I1111111It141'1 S1-11i1Ir I1:11114ueft t'1m1111itt11 tllrlw 1 H11-v t l11I1, Vim' I'1'1-14.1 S1vpI1111l11I1'1' H1 rl IX1-:41-rv1-sl l1'r'1-sl1111:111 tl i rl Il1fs1-1'v1rsg llllii11:.1' t'l II lx: 'I'ri-Arts t'l11I1, Scw.: 1121111- 11111 4'l11l1Z A111111- 11111 KI1-xunlls-r yl1'ffl'l'l.COI' 1112111-1':1l "'l":1i11't W I1 :1 t Y1111 lm, I1's tl:1- XXE13' 'l'l1:1t Y1111 Im It." I,1IIr:1ry f'IlIIlI F11- r11111-12 I1'1I11tl+:1Il. l"r:lnk Wlignl Svivlllilix' "tli1t' All- II11' 41111-11 Illlilllf' lhlsil lint-:1r:1lv l111l11slr1z1l Xrts "'l'11k1- M1- tl111 l.':1Il f:2lIIlt'. Illll 111 I!11yf t.I1-11 tl11lI II1 I 1'1I11111'11 I'1'1111ts Ili-Y, 811, 411111111111 11:151- I11-tI1:1ll II:1lIZ I1z1s' I1'1111tl111ll lQ1l1Il0l'iIll' Ii0'lIlill'lx0l' I'1w111111111'1'i:1l "ll All 1111111-:N Il:11'Ii 111 Mc Now. Ulztss S1:1',g S1-11i111 l'l115'. l'1'u 12' I'Il2lII'IlI'lIl' AIIIIIIIII I' 'I III S111t'l', t'11-l1I1l1t11r I'I'tl1Il 1'l1.3 N11 ti1111z1l II11111I1' S11 1'i11t5'2 IZ1,-tl 211141 I!l1111 51.111 Hirla 1.111 1l11l1' I1t111 Vlulw 'I'r'1Y1-I t IIIII Slillllll l'I11l1, S0421 IIlit'l't'll2lI S1116 Al1.111t111. I urn N'1'Xl' t'1u1111111-r1-i:1l tt.1 IZ1- 1 I+'1111tl1:1ll II4'l'tb "Y1Ill 1111 Illrallll I"111It lmllg AYI'CSIIIIl3J,'. Ifuslit l'lll,1:g1-llc yllljlil' S1'i1-11tiII1 Its l1'1111lisl1 Irlll It'w l"1111" SUIIIIII' l'l:1y2 S1-11 i111 I'l1x Qt ll' il, l'r1-111 4'11m1111tt11 'I'ri I Illlllb, 'l'r1-'1- l11l4-nnur Hin-kc-Ill II1I11111 I',1-11111111111's 'IIl'Illt'IllIH'I' M1-'.' ' llnzl-I Wli II1-r 0111111111-1'1-1'1I 11111 flrlfxv S 1-1' As II11 N1-:tr 1111 I2v" 111-11 I'r1I111 111111111itt11 S1-lliur I:1lt'f'2lI'IlII' 1-z1t1- 1'11111111i1t1-11 Nz1Il1111:1l II1111111 S111-it-tyg 1'2lIIlt'I'l l'IlIII, Svc-.-'I'r1-:1s 1 1 Katherine Molnar Co111r11o1'cial "1i11ti1s XVQHTL T11 ll11iti." S Q ll i 111' l'l11yg Trurul Club. Eileen Myers H1-111-1'11l 'lHI,JlllL', Hume 011 the lZ1111ge." l'r0m Uorrimirttccg Freslimziu! Girl Ile-Se1'x'e:4: Bf5ClStl'1' Club: 'Frarel Club. Rollerf Ottle l11dust1'i11l Arts Uxxvllbll the R1-1l, lied llubiu Comes Bob, 121111, Robin' xNll71lIJ,'.n Junior Police, C1,r1'11111'1il. Henry Il1lIll1!6lt 1'ullu:.1'e ,l'l'L?Il2Ll'Zll,U1'y "A lllilll 111111 His l3l'L'2llll.H Scuiur I'l11y3 Jxll- lllllll St11l'l'g l'1'fJl!l fl0lllll1lll4'CQ S811- ior l'i11 111111 Ring t'0m1'11itts-eg N11- ti01111l lltllllbl' S11- Pietyg l511c'l1elr1r:4 Ulubg 'l'ri-li Club: Baskt-tl111ll1 Golf: Moiiitur, f,l0-C'Ll1J- litlll. Robert Reed Gc,s11o1'11l "Gotta Sou 11 Alilll About llis Daugh- ter." Jenn Illnodes t'r1ll1',2'0 l'1'1-11111'11t11ry "Je1111i11 with tl11: L11g:l1l llrowu ll2lll'.'y Sciiiur l'l11y: l'l'Ulll fltlY'l'll1lllll'l'Q Girls' filer- l'l11l13 Fresli- Illlflll Hirl lie- servvsg ll ik i ll Club! 'l'11:4t Tube Clubg 'l'ri- Arts Club, 'I' 1' Q 11 S. 5 C11n11-1'11 Club. 18 Betty Wlurgun Cr11111111z1'f'i1-tl "Slick 'l'11ll, Sl11:'s 'l'1111, Slim-'s Tcrri- li1'." B0llSl4'l' Vlubg Nl.11llit111'. Riehzurll Myers -lIlflllSll'l2ll Arts "A Little Hit lu- Cl9llt'llCll3llt.H L0l'8ffil l'a-snnellu 0111101150 -PI'Qll2ll'ZllflI'3' "So li11x'ely.'l .lr.-Sr. Girl He- survcsg lite Ceu- El 1' l e 3 fl2lfl'l1f'CElll Club, S1-1:1 F1111 Yurieticsg Uperct- tat. Jenny Iiutu l,lClll'l'ill "H11m1y 11s 11 li111'k." ll1l1lllUJl'. Rui In A nn Reed C0111 1111-1'1'i111 "Y1ru're l'ric'Qlcss" Senior l+'i111111ei11l Cl,llllllllLtCC. li :nth ry n ll iehurlls Ilerniee llnlinix Corn 111111'1'i11l "Yun Aluxt ll11N'1- Het-11 11 lic-11utiful li11by." l'-3m1st1-1' 1'lub. xxvilllil YZIQIUI l'1rllt'9.1'0 P1'ep111'11tr11'y "YUll'1't! 21 Sweet Iiittle .llL'llflilCll6.ll Senior l'l2lyQ .All- llllill St:1l'l'1 llg-fl 111111 Blue Stitffg Sciiior Hitt Pom-- mittevg lP1:b11te 4'lul'13 'l'11st 'lfubc Ulubg l'sy1'l1ulog:,y Ulubg I-lluo llam- i110 I 4lEltllIC6-9111 Flubg Bmmtu Vlubg 1l?l1llQl'H Vlub, SOC. Grnee Quay i'11ll11"'1- P- l'1'e1r111'11t111'y "Too Alillly lYPl'02llllH.v' S1ml1on1f11'u fl i rl lit-Se-1'X'1-S: Fresh- lllilll Girl He- at-1'vt-s: fl. A. C. Marguerite Reetor C11ll1-::,'1- ,l'1'o11111'11,lu1'y "Veg 11' My 1-l4'ill'l.U Sviiiui' l'l1lj' lvll- ds-1'st11clyg li Q 11 111111 Blue Staff: l'rum l'11111111itteeg Quill llllll Sc'1'1,1ll3 . .l1'. l1L'll Vross 1'11u11C'il, 'lll't5ZiS.Q l.1- flHlltU'l1'l Psy- 1-liulmmgyg I4' i ll e Arts Club. l'h11rlos Iles-der lllflllSll'l2ll Arts "l Cuulcl l'Se El lJ1't'2iIll.H xxfilliillll lfil'Ilill'Il?l fly-1101111 flt'IlOl'2ll "K-li- K- Kutyl' l-lrmie lic-11111,1mies 1 "The Ilusliful l,m'1-1'." 1 1111, 'l'1'11v1wl Vlub: Bas- li0tb11ll. IIOIII-'TI Ilnllvrts Jr. 1111111S11'iz11 A1'1s "Man XYi111 XYi11us." S1-11i111' I'1:1y: 141-11- 1111- 111v11:1111111s 1'11111111i1111 111 1I11s11'i111 A1'1s Fly- ing l'11l1P, llivlulrll Sunnis-r 11111112-t1'iz11 A1'1s "11111vA1:111y1'111-1'- 1'i1-s 111 21 1'11e-1'1'y 1'i1-'."' I-'1111111:111: 'l'1':1C111 XY1'1-s11111p.1'. Wlzn-gn-ry S1-ll 111'1I1'l'il1 "I'1'1-115' 41s :1 I'11'- 1111'1-." S1-111111 11IX i1111i1111s 1'11111111i111-1-. XYiIliznn Shriglvy 111-111-1':11 "I'x'1- 'I'1'i1-11," 1:111'1l1'11l1'S 1'11111g I-'1111111z11I: F1111 N z11'11-1111s. I-llwiu SlPI'illjI,'l'l' S011-11111113 HA15' H1-z11'l Is lvl!- 1-11111111y1-df Wlzlris- Sullivan 1'111111111-11-1111 "1.11x'1-15' '1'11 L111111 111, 111-11141111111 'I'11 li1111xx." S1-11i111' I'11111i1-115' 1'11111111i111-1-2 .11'. 121-11 1'1'11ss 1'111111- 1-11: 1Q11'1s' 1111-1- 1'111112 191111 Yu- 1'i1-111-s. Wlilllrl-ll Snllsmzln 1'11111'1:1- l'1'1-11111'z11111'y '1I.1l111- Miss I11-114111w11y," 1'2l11ll1'1'i111 1'1llJ11 Hllll' 17111111110 1'11111: 1'z11111-ra 1'11111: N:1111111z11 I'111-s11i:111. S1-1' .- '1'1'1-ns.: S1-111111' I'l11y. X!'iIlis S1-hlnillt 1111111!4ll'12l1 A1'1s "l'11111-1-1111-1l," 1'1'11111s Ili-YQ 1"1111111z111. Holu-rt Hhuok 111-111-1':11 "S11:1111- 1111w11 1111- Stars," T1-s1 'l'11111- 1'11111, X l1'1' 1'1'1'S, I-'runklin Smith Jr. F1'i1-111i111' "111-wi1f11-1'1-11," S1-11i111' 1'l:1y S1z11'1': T111'1-11 1'111111 I-!:11'1111l111's 1'I1111: 1'1:1s111-11121112 1"11111- 11z111: 1111113 'I'1-11- 1115. Nil'k Sinivzl 111,-111-1':11 "'1'111'1'0 1 Gu." '1' 1' 21 V 1-1 1'11111g I-111s1-1111111 1911111- 11:1113 AAv1'1'S111111Jf. In-no Szasz 1'111111111'-1'1-1:11 "A11 111111's1'111111111 11111 1211y111111." SU111111' I'1115': 31-11- 1111' 1'11z1111-1 1'11111- l111ll1'1'Qf11l'1S'1111fK' 1V'11111, 1'111-1-1'11-11111-1'. 1'11-1-11111111111 1!1111s- ter 1'I1111Z 111111111 1'I1111. Mary Snrris 121-111-1':11 "Y1111 1111111111 'l'11 131- 111 1'11'1ll1'1'H," S1-11i111' 1'111y S1a11'1'1 S1-11i111' 112111 111111 1i11w11 1'11111111i111-1-3 11i1'1s' 1111-11 1'11111Z 1,'1111s11-1' 1'l1111g 121- 11111'1-:111 C11111. 1121-llrgxv Srlllllzv 1'111111111-1'1'1:1l '1S111:111 Fry." A1u1'i11i:111 1'11111g l3z1s111-111111l. Frnnl-is Slurvvr 111-111-V111 "IT '1'11111i 21 X111- 1i1111 Y1-111's." 11211115 111-X: 1'111111s 111-X. 111- 1'11111-1: 'I' 1'1l I1 is 2 1'sy1-1111111gy 1'11111g 1'1-11111 1'11111111i111-1-3 1-11111- 111111111111 1.111112 IIi11111g 4'1l111. Jann- Slmnsn-lla-r 1'111111111-1'1'i:11 "1'11111111i1y .1:1111-." S1-11i111' 1'12lj' S1:11'1': 1'1'11111 1'11111111i1 11-1-2 1'1ll111'1'2l 1'1lll1. .1'1'i-s., Vive 1'1'1-s Xin-k Stulh-r 1'11111-,uw 1'1'1-11z11'z1t111'y "Sturt 1119 Imy Ilightf' S1-11i111' 1'1:1y S1:11'1': 1'2iL1lI1'1'2lIl 1'1 1111 g T1'1-Arts 1'11l1I. Ham-I l rmsnn 111'I1HI'2l1 "You S11 5' 111 1: Swe-1-11-st 11111111-1'H. S1-11i111' Play l'11- 1l1-1's11111y: 1'1'11111 111111211 'I111-s111:111s 1'1l'1'H111112111 11 i 1' 1 1 T11-s1-rx us, S1-1-. 19 he-111111'1'1:1yg 'I'1':1x'1-I 1'11111: Wil- 1'1lIT1I111I11'QQ :1 - l 'harles Bench Cliarge on Down thc Field." General Meridian Club: Football. Dorothy Ynrner Commercial "You Stepped Out of a Dream." Class U ff i C e 1' , Treas.: T 1' a v el Club: Bonte Club, Treas.: Fall Va- ricties. Paul Walker Scientific 'Tm Hatin' This XYaitin' Around." Russell Yoder Industrial Arts "Drummer Boy." Annual Staff: lied and .Blue Staff: Industrial Arts Flying: Club: Blue Domino: Tri-Arts Club: Bachelors Club, Vice Pres., Pres.: XYrestling: Fall Varieties. Carol Vernon Com mercial "Annie D0esn't Live Here Any More." Senior Play: An- nual Staff: Red and Blue Staff: S e ll i 0 r Banquet Committee: N a - tional Thespians: Quill and Scroll: Jr. Red Cross Council: Psychol- ogy Club, Sec.: Blue D o m i n o Club: Bonte Club, Vice Pres. Ruth xwvhitlllltl' General "One in a Million ls Blessed From Above." Girls' Glee Club: Jr.-Sr. Girl Re- serves: B o 0 s ter Club: T 1' a v e l Club Z Caducean Club, Treas. Yennle Young General "Vieni, Vieni." Girls' Glee Club: Travel Club. llc-len Salvo Frank Kvntts 1181101111 Commercial HTlll'l'li'S a Hain- U ,. bow Iiound My In the N111 Of Shoulder." the Night." 20 Jennie Viola Commercial "All You XVant To Do ls Dance." Senior Play Staff: Prom Committee: S e n i o 1' Banquet Committee: Trav- el Club. Kenneth VYymer General "Oh, Th e y' r e Making Me All Over i11 the Army." Hoys' Glee Club: Torch Club: Meri- dian Club: Bache- lors Club: XV1'est- ling: Frank Zupnnic Industrial Arts "Beautiful Dreamer." Travel' Club: Cor- onet Club: Base- ball: Basketball: Football. llfhen W? Siylarked at tie Ice Follies Prom Penguins, snowballs, skaters, and ice- bergs provided an arctic setting for our Ice Follies Prom which we presented to the grad- uating class of 1940. Kay Kotzbacher was in charge of the adair and very ably directed her commit- tees in turning out a smooth prom with Frank Corbi's orchestra playing. At intermission, Pat Thomas danced and Jean Madison, John Flood, and Frank Hoiles acted out a skit in an igloo. Heaps of cotton snowballs provided mis- siles for which the dancers were good tar- gets. The dance ended in a snow storm of confetti and although the atmosphere was chilly, everyone said that heid had a "hot time in the old gym that night l" In Me Spring Tieir Fancy Turns to Lowe It was Wednesday, December 4, 1940 that the January class of 1941 presented its senior play, "Young April." The play, a sequel to "Growing Pains", is a gay comedy involving the love affairs of a brother and sister in their late teens. A collegiate background adds to the spirit of the story. The ceived by a large audience, boasted a large and well chosen cast. How can we ever for- get Carol Vernon as lovable Terry McIntyre, Henry Canfield as her brother, George, Mar- tha Dickson and Robert Kayler as Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre, or Verner Bonfert as Terryls handsome but inattentive lover? Robert Davis and Bill Cobb, also lovers of Terry, were excellent, while Mildred Saltsman as Bill's aiectionate and meddle- production, enthusiastically re- some mother showed her outstanding ability as an actress. Wilda Naylor as Elsie the bookworm, Jean Rhodes as Vivian, Kathryn Molnar as Mildred, and Jean Madison as Jane were friends of Terry. George McIntyre's love interest was Diane, played ,by Virginia Birch. Don Addams as Butch and Bob Roberts as Pete were George's close friends. Irene Szasz as Lula, the maid, and the guests at the birthday party, Eugene Ma- jor, Merrill Hawkins, Eldon Tatsch, William Hamlin, Arthur Lembright, James Alzner, and Henry Rampelt, all added to the play's success. Much credit should also be given to Marguerite Rector and Hazel Urmson, girls' understudies, and to Henry Rampelt, boys' understudy. In addition the class wishes to thank Miss Florence Meyer for her efficient direction in producing "Young April." Las! PFW! amz' Dsiamenf offbe Clan offamzary, 1941 Every so often someone dies, and amid a.ll the grief and gloom, there is always one bright spot-the will, ah yes, the will. The old bird might have left you something. In this case it is the seniors who are passing on and out. Accordingly, we are bequeath- ing our most prized possessions to those who remain. Frank Zupanic leaves his ability to han- dle diplomatically the hall guard, Mr. Gil- more, and his way with women to Gene Mar- tin who doesn't think he needs it. f'Curly" Addison leaves his long, gold- en, flowing curls to beautiful Bob Anderson. Marie Sullivan leaves a pinch of person- ality, a glint o glamour, and a bunch of beauty to any drip that needs it. "Hank" Canfield, the only man in the class with enough strength in his upper lip to hang a moustache on it, leaves his strength to hammering "Hank" Mantho who hammers the opposing football lines to a pulp, a sickly green pulp at that. Never is he satisfied with a twitching, bloody mass. Smooth, suave, sophisticated Nina Crumrine leave her indescribable beauty to Norm Stoller. Nick Stoica leaves his speed on the football field to Bill Kline who, they say, has quite a little speed already. Russ Yoder leaves his ability to beat it out on the drums to Al Cohen who already has some ability to beat it out. In fact, one night he broke a dish at Johnson's and you should have seen him beat it out of there. The only difference ,between him and Glenn Cunningham is that Glenn runs in shorts, but after Al went through that closed door without opening it, there wasn't any differ- ence at all. Octave Grecu, who has a dead eye on the basketball floor, and Verner Bonfert, who has a dead head anytime, leave their dead ends to the physiologoy classes for ex- perimenting purposes. Carol Vernon leaves her wit and humor all wrapped up in silk Ccorn silk! to Miss Meyer's speech class. And you have to take it, Miss Meyer-this is a will. We also have that dazzling dish, Deloris Henry, who leaves the high school three marvelous false eyebrows Cone extra for safetyb and one empty lipstick tube which is grand to keep lead in. Jolly Jim Alzner leaves some kind of new clock for the office. He says it has a fuse attached to it upon which is written: "Scratch all matches here, And for the school You'll never shed Another tear? Next we have dynamiting Dorothy Var- ner who leaves this little axiom: "A dog's delight is to bark and bite, A little bird's to sing, But all these teachers can find to do Is gripe about everythingf' Signed, Dorothy Canfield Varner. Willy Schmidt follows her literary ex- ample and leaves the cheerful little sample: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And . . . say did you eat onions for dinner?" Mabel Conrad who was, in his time, quite a gallant fellow leaves three used pass- es to Mr. Gilmore. Frank Hoiles who didn't find out until three days after graduation that the girl in front of the room was a teacher, not a hos- tess, leaves this bit of information: Wash- ington was not President during Jefferson's administration. Bighearted Bill Shrigley leave his abil- ity to draw Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to Walt Disney. Martha Dickson leaves her strong right arm to the athletic department. And if you don't think Martha has a strong right arm, just remember the door in 201. We, the January class of 1941, bequeath to Miss May Smyth who has put up with us all this time a large bottle of aspirin tablets. Signed, Bob Davis Witnessed, Virginia Birch Bill Cobb fam nary Class Prophecy After having gazed into Madame La Zonga's crystal ball, consulted the stars, read tea leaves, and let the imagination run riot, we make the following predictions about our classmates with a money back guaran- tee if they have not come true by 1971. Franklin Smith will become a stand-in for the Thin Man pictures while running an escort bureau on the side. Irene Szasz Will be the iirst of our class to marry and she will have twins, which will be named "Sniz" and "Snaz." Bill Shrigley will finally achieve his longed-for-goal-the managership of the J. C. Penny Company. Frankie Hoiles will become a daring young man on the flying trapeze, pink tights and all. "Hank" Caniield will become a barker at the same circus and will wear very beau- tiful green checked suits. Russ Yoder will become a wrestler with the slogan "If you wrestle with Russell, you will sure have a tussle, so hustle to wrestle with Russell." Nina Crumrine will become a fraternity house mother and will be affectionately known as "Mother Crumrine" by all her dear boys. Marie Sullivan, the Hedy LaMarr of the high school, will ,become a street car con- ductor so that she can tell everyone where to get off at. Don Addams will become a famous ac- tor, the toast of New York, the apple of the publicis eye, and will have a very fruitful career. "Curly" Addison will become a million- aire and will immediately present the high school athletic department with a lovely new basketball. Hilda Gockel and Bill Cobb will become a dance team called Yellond and Fellonyou and gvilll have long engagements in the east . . . a em. In order to insure Verner Bonfertis fu-- ture, we are compiling a book of his current jokes so that he can remember them better for his radio program over Station P-U-N-K. l Bob Davis will become a beauty con- noiseur and have his own shop, called "Bob- by's Beauty Bar." Kay Kotzbacker will write a love-lorn column for the New York Times, and fur- nishing her with plenty of materials will be Glen Goris and Jean Rhodes. These two will . . . Flash! . . . Marry . . . divorce . . . and remarry! Jean Madison is going to get married and start a kindergarten of her own. Frank Zupanic will have a dancing class and teach the rhumba! Virginia Birch will be an air-hostess and Eugene Major will be a mountain climber. They will have a fine time hitting the high spots together. John "Peanut" Boyd will be the one and only man ever able to knock out Joe Louis. This will take 6 rounds and the aid of only a quart of chloroform. We, the June Class of 1941, wish to present our most sincere thanks to Miss Mil- dred Walker, our patroness. Without her expert guidance and understanding, we could never have accomplished what we have. Cfafs History One dreary afternoon in 1937, the jani- tors heard a great commotion in 101. Upon rushing into the room, however, they found that the racket was caused only by the 9A class organizing. Miss Marie Dettmer be- came our patroness, and the following offi- cers were elected: president, William Berge- manng vice-president, Dale Hewitt, secre- tary, Olive Jones, and treasurer, Betty Pratt. Crimson and gray were chosen as the class colors, and the class motto became "In ourselves our future lies." We got off to a great start by holding a party in April at the Y. M. C. A. When we were 10B's, Miss Dettmer resigned be- cause of other pressing duties, and Miss Mildred Walker was chosen as the guardian of our destinies. This same year, Bill Ber- gemann moved out of town, and Dale Hewitt was elected president and Kennard Ewing, vice president. We also held another party at the Y. M. C. A. It was in our junior year that we really began to shine. When we were 11B's, a se- ries of entertainments was sponsored joint- ly by the junior classes. As 11A's, we held a rummage sale and a tea dance, and we end- ed the year with an Hawaiian Prom superb- ly presented by Mary Beth Carr and her committees. Dick Riley, who was elected class president in the fall, guided us through this period. As seniors we were kept busy with sen- ior themes, senior play, senior chapel, and, finally, commencement and the senior dance. And it was with mingled feelings of relief and regret that we bade farewell to our alma mater, Alliance High School. ll ll Ill I l 1 lit I right Lll'1'l fliiehzlrd liile-v pw-sialvrxlz Kcnnarml llwing, vice-m'i-rsialcilt Kl I I l It l ll I 1 H lC'Q-'l'S In lt' . lllll' 1' Il., Berdine Henderson Letha Yaggi , Y Betty Oyster t,tt . Betty Terhune .... Frank Williams .... Norma Lutz ,tt.t Carolyn Johns ..,,.. Dorothy Alldredge Dorothy Swoboda . Betty Jean Cox ..... Lucille Monnot Voo, Selma Umyberger Richard Riley oo,,, . Charles Hoag oooo, HONOR ROLL Class of June 6, 1941 For Seven Semesters 96.5 95.1 95.0 94.3 94.0 93.6 93.18 93.10 92.7 92.4 92.39 92.28 92.03 92.0 Mary Beth Carr ...... ,... Alfred Cohen .... Olga Harvek ...... Janice Hoover Eugene Beck ...,.. Jane Ellett ....... Margaret Shaw ..... Janet Davidson ..... Lucile Ketcham ..,,.. .... Amelia Bryan ..,.... Suzanne Johnson .... .... Normajean Rardon Betty Pratt .......... Francina Morey 91.8 91.7 91.46 91.44 91.42 91.25 91.20 91.00 90.60 90.59 90.46 90.42 90.3 90.2 xxlilllillll Agllvn' 1111lust1'i:1l Arts "'l'1'z1fI'i1- .l11111" .l1111i111' I' 11 l 1 1: 11: 'I' 1' Ll N' 1- 1 l'l11l1g 11 1- r 111 ll ll l'l1,1119 2111111111112 Dorothy AIl1lr1-clggv C11Il1-g:1- l'1'1-11z11'z1t111'y "1,11Ve-ly 111 I,1'111l: 111, D1:li1.g'l1tf11l 111 IQIIIPXXHH A ll 11 ll 111 Staffg S1-11i1,11' l'lz1y Still-1-Q S1-11io1' '1'i1-li 11 t 1'11111111itL1-1-, Ch.: N111i1111z1l 111111111- S111r11:ty'g 11 1 1' l S ' 1.11-P f'l11l1g Moni- t11rg 11:1.1'll,101'11 lligh S1-l11111l, 1, Virginia AllllI'il'kS fl1Illl'j3,'ll T'1'e11:11'11l111'y "Li1tl1- Girl," 111-11 111111 Bl110 Stnfffi 'l'1-st, Tulu- 1'l11b: ljllllllbll Mc- Ki11l1-y, I, 2. llarriet Bailey tT11m1111-1'1'i:1l "lXle111111'i1-s of Y1111." 131111811-1' Club, Sec. l':1lll l!Zlllk0Yl0ll 'I 111'111st1'iz1l Arti "He Y11111'Se-lf" lltllllllblf Golf. .loo ll3ll'l'il'lilllIlll I111l'11St1'i:1l Arts H1111 I XY11I'I'j"f" .l11lllUl' I'11I11' 1-5 1111-ri1liz111 17 I ll 11, 'l'l't'21S.Q 'I' V11 V 1- 1 l'I11l1: I-111l11st1'i:11 Arts Flylugz' 1'I11I1g BilSl'1lIlll, 26 Nilllfy Ailes 1'111le-ge l'1'11l121l'illOl'Y "You Must H1111- Been 21 lIea11tit'111 1-!z1l1y." 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I'I'1IllIS 111-Y: I11- lI1lSI1'12lI 1X1'1s 1915'- ing' 1'11111: XY1'1-s- 111119 Olive- .l11n1-s 1'11I11--5:1- 1'1'1-11111'111111'y "Su SW1-1'1." 1'111ss S1,-1'., 2, 31, IZ S1-111111' I'I1l 111111 1111154 1'1ll11II1I1l1'L5l S1-11 1 111' I1'2lI111IIL'Il 1'111111111111'1-, Ii 1- - S1-1'x'11 1 1 11 ll . , l-'1'1-SI11111111 121 1'1 111-Q111'x'1-Q' Q . 'I'1-sl 'l'11111- 1'l1111g l'sy1'1111I11::y 1'111111 l11111'111'y 1'11111g 12 11 11 1 1- 1'11111. 'l'1'1-us.: 311111111112 Ann Jurnvy 1'11111111erc'i11l "l-Ix111'1ly Lilac Y1,1u." llc-11 ll ll cl l!lu1r Staff. Luc-ilv Kl'fl'lllllll 1'11ll1-ge 1'1'1-11. A"l'i1111ic 'I'i11." Su11i111' Play: .All- Tlllkll Staff, lflrlit- 111'g l'1'11n1 1711111- 111i1t1-1-3 N111i111111l H 11 ll 11 1' S111'iL'1y, S1111-'l'1'1-115.3 Girls' 1111-v l'lul1, S1-1'., Vic:--l'1'1's.2 11 1' - 1'l1cst,1'11: S 11 11 li . Girl liz-Servos: Lu Us-11111'l1'1 l'sy1-l111l- ogy, YiCE--l'1'1-r.Z Tri-Arts, X' i 1' 1- - l"re-14,2 ll 11 ll 1 1- , XYll'l'-l'l'CS.Q fllN'l'- 1-1111: M1111i1111'. W5'illin1n Kline 1'11ll1-gre l'1'1-11. "Ji11y M1-1-is llr11'11." S 1- ll i 11 1' l'l11y1 l'1'11111 1'11n1111i1t1-1-1 N111i111111l 'l'l11- s - Dl?lllS, X'if'9'l'l'l'S.Q 111'1'l1c-stra: fgillldl T 11 1 1, I1 1lul1, 'l'1'1-1124.1 l'Sy1'l111l- ogy 1'l11l11: Hllll? L1 11 111 1 ll 11 flllll, Fllll' Arts 1'l11l1, l"1'1-s.: B111'l1f-1111's fillllll 1'l11l1 1'111111- 1'il' l1"1ll Y'1- . 1 1 1'i1-111-sg 311111111112 lic-urge Kotic' l11IllQf-ff' l'1'011111'111111'y "l'111 'l'11lii111: My 'l'i111e," XV 1- ll d 1- l l P. T' f 11 ll t S lli-YQ B 1111 s t c r Flubi 1lc1'1111-111 L'l11l1. liq-slit' Hump l111l11s1ri11l Arts "St1'i11gri11' Al1111g"' Hi-Y l'1111111'il3 XV 1- ll d e l l P. l' f 11 ll t s ll1-1, S1-1'.g 'l'111'1'l1 l'l11l1g Tl'2lX'f'l t'l11l11 'l'1'i- L Cl11l1. Lilllnn Lang 1161101111 "I11111'1 l1'111'g11t Me." 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S1-11i111' Fill! . llllll Ll11w11 1'11111111lt11'1'1 'l'1'111'1-l 1'l11l1, Xurmn Lutz 1,'11ll1-111' l'1'Cll- "Y11u S11-11111-ri 11111 11f 11. lJ1'1111111." S1-11i1,11' I'l11yg All- llllifll Staff: l'1'11111 1'11111111it11-1-1 N11 - 111111111 ll111111r S11- 1'i1-ty, Yi1'11-l'1'1's.1 N111ic11111l 'l'l11-:s- 11i1111sg Girls' GI1-1- 4'll1bQ Hllll' 11111111 i1111 1'l11l1, S1-121 l"i11c- Aris 1'lllll, S 11 Q , 5 1111011-11113 19111 l V111"ieti1-sg M1,111it111'3 A S s ' t C11111., 121111. -111 UU .. - ,551 ,L if rf 1 1 , M 1 S "1 b 1 11 3 John Magda, Jr. lnclustrial Arts "Make XVay for John." Elma Malone General "Then 1'll Be Happy." Senior Gift Com- mitteeg Caducean Club, Vice-Pres. Clellan llliddleton Industrial Arts "Hit the Road." T r a. V e I Club: Monitor. Kenneth Miller General "I'm Satisfied XVith My Gal." Booster Club: Basketball. Lucille Monnot Commercial 'llumpin' for Joy." Senior Play Staff: Annual Staffg Na- tional Honor So- cietyg Junior- Senior Girl Re- serves: Freshman Gi rl Reserves: Latin Clubg Stamp Club, SeC.3 Moni- tor. James Moushey College l'l'C1lEll'H.tOl'y "I Got Rhythm." Senior l'lay Staff! I'rom Committee: Senior Pin and Rini: Committecg B a n d : T o r 0 h Club, Sec.: Psy- chology C 1 u b 3 Esquire C l u b , T r e a s.: Orches- trag Monitor. 34 James Magrath College Preparatory "Supposing" Camera Clu,b, Vice-Pres. Mary Manley General "Oh lVhat a Pal IVas Mary." Errett Mlller General Just Quote Me." Senior Play Staff: High Point High School,High Point, N 0 r t h Carolina 1, 2, 3. .- Sue Miller College Preparatory "Lovab1e Sort of a Person." Senior Play: Sen- ior Pin and Ring Committee: Jun- ior-Senior Girl It e S e r v e s , l'res.g Test Tube Clubg Girl Re- serve Coun cilg Monitor, A s s ' t Capt.: Bellefon- taine High School, Bellefontaine, O., 1, 2. Franc.-ina Morey College Preparatory "Public Melody Number One." Senior Play Staff: Red and Blue Staff, Prom Com- mitteeg Bandg Le Cenacle: F i n e A r t sq Assembly Program C o m - mitteeg Monitorg S a I e m High School, 1. Ethel Mowen Commercial "Between You and Me," Freshman Girl It e s e r v cw s 3 Booster Club. M nrgaret M n gyaros General "Margie" Senior Play Staff Girls' Glee Club Uperetta. Willlnm Mercer General "lVatching the Clock." linthryn Miller Com mercial "These Foolish Things." Delorls Monahan General "Here You Are." Girls' Glee Club! G. A. C. Merle Morris Industrial Arts "Be Sure." Senior Play Staffg Meridian C l u b 3 Industrial Art s Flying C 1 u b 5 Stamp Club. Mary Louise Mueller General "Seems Like Z1 Month of Sun- days." Girls' Glee Club: Booster Clubg Travel Club. l'1f'l'l"ll'l'il'k ll utflvy 1'11n1m111'111ial A"l'll1ll'9 Must H11 iill l':2lSl1'l' XV:-1y." lll1llIStI'l1ll A 1'1s l1'lyi11g' 1'lub. llnle 'llrllnne f'0ll1f1f:11 l'1'v11z11':11111'y "The Shivlc 111 A1'11l1y." S1111i11r l'l11y Staff: Nuys' GI1111 frtllllbl 'I' 11 1' 1' l1 Cllllll l':ll1P St 11 r 1'l11l1Z G 11 r 111 2111 1'Iul1: l4'1111ll1HllI H11 S C' - l111ll: SllllS1lllll9 M1,111i1111'. Ruth 811-Grow 1'11ll1'u'11 l'1'1111111':11111'y "'I'l111 l1111ly Wi1!1 Il11rlll:1i1'." S1111i111' 1'2ll'flS 111111 l11vi1z11i1111s 1'11111- 1111111111: .Iu11i111' - S1111i111' Girl H11- s11r1'11S2 t.'1111l111- 111111111 Girl I211- s 11 1' 1' 11 H: Tr1s1 'I'11l1f1g Al1111i1111', A nn Orwick H11111f1 i'I11111111111i11s 'wlwlliillli Your Stars," Alex Pntnki I111l11stri:1l Arts "S'lV11111l111'f11l," l11'11l111:411'z1: 142111113 Full X'2ll'll'tlCS. Donald Phillips liidustrizal Arts "XVz1i1, 211111 See." 'l'1'avc1l Club. .lvnn M51-rs 1'11111r11e1'11i:1l "S11111111lay Y11u'll Find Your Blue- bird." Se11i111' Play Staff: Sf111i111' 'I' i 1' li e 1 l"11n1111i11e9L G, A. C.: MO1111111: Anna Nlnrle M1'Cl1lr1- 1'11n1111e1'1'i:1l "A111:11l in Dis- guise." .lu11i111'-S 11 ll 1 11 1' G i r I llOSCI'NiCF1 S11pl11111111l'11 G 1 1' 1 Il11sQ1'X'11s. George Nilnvs. Jr. l'11ll0A.:11 l'1'1-11z11'z11111'y "l1'S the Smile- 'l'l1z11 Gets 'l+I111." S1111i111' Play Stuff: Bz1s11l1z1ll1 l!:1sk111- l111ll1 F11111l1:1ll. llvity Oyster 1'11llOg'1'1 l'1'1111111'111111'y "Busy as 11 l51111." A ll ll ll 21 lS1z11Tg I',l'1Illl 1'11111111i11110g N111i1111:1l H1111111' S111'i11I5'Z Girls' 4211111 l'lul11 ll1111S- 191' 1'l11l13 I.11 lilllll a1'l11: l1'i1111 Artx 1'lul1: M1111i111r. Ilildognrfle Pelgor 1'11111111111'1'i:1l 'WVI11111 You XViSh Ivllllll 111 Star." Vlllinm Pierce Ge-1191111 "'l'l111y'r11 Off." TF2lY'l,'lQ l?z1sk01- ball: J11l111s111w11 Hi1J.'ll S 1' ll 11 11 1 , J11l111s1ow11, Va., 1. 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'F' V, 11:41 l,I'1'lHll'kiI4'l'j' "1l11111i111l M1-." 111 llil. 111 1l: N11 1.111Al' l u I1: P 1 1 l'1111. tory 1 l vs." 1 l!.111 1111 1 11111, I1 11 - x1 .1 11s G'rls' 1 I 1 lul,11 4l1-1'- 1 llllll. ' s " 1 I1 1 11'- ll A '- Uh '. 35 Betty Pratt Cf1llc12,'0 l'1'ep111'11t0ry H111111y As il L111'k." Senior tlift Cmn-'L', t'll2-llffllillll Class Suv. lg Class 'l'r011s., 2, 3, 43 Sopl1f1111u1'c G i 1' l llcscrvcsl B 0 11 s t Q r Clubg Latin Club. 1. IN Uflllfljcllll ll Xlrllllll t,'11ll111:1- l,I'C1l. "She Shall Have A1llSlt'.U Prom Cr1r11mitt1:1:3 N11tiu1111l H 11 ll fl 1' Sociutyg Jr. - Sr, G i 1'l Reserves. l"1'. tl i 1' I Tie- scrvoi: l3f.111st1-115 Le 17011111-le: Fm'- llllll A1'1'11r11p1111ist for tlirlx' Glue Club, Buys' Glen Club: Mixvrl Chur- us, 41po1'ett11s3 M1111it01'. Arla-no Rehm Home l'l1'1111orr1ic':: "XVe'r1w All T11- gethcr Now." Senior I2 11 ll quot 1'0m111itt0u, Prn- gram, llnme l'I1:- 1111omi1's Club, Vice-l'r1ss.: Girls' 11100 Club: Jr.-Sr. G i 1' l llese-1'veS1 l"I'.-Stbllll. G i 1' l llesurvesg Sec.: li 11 41 t e 1' Club: 'I' 1' 11 v e l Club: U11e1'ett113 Mixed 1'l1or11S3 Mnrlitolt lirln ll nc- Rinkor Hcxioral "l'e11pl0 Like You." l"l'0SllTIl2lll Gi 1' I lie:-zorves: Girls' 11109 Club: l'2ldUl'O2lll C l ll bg CklYllQl'?l Club. Doris Sums Hoxnc lGco11on1i1:s "Sr,m10tl1i11g,' to 1IGH1l3Tl1llCl' You Ry." Hume lflvoiiom ics Club. Gertrude sl"l0lll'k C11ll1'5.:'u Prep. "Horne 1111 the ll1111f:c." Sunset H i gg' li Sclmnl, U11 11118, Texas, I: P 1' 11 111 C11111111ittu113 Sen- ior 1gElt't'2llilUl'E2ilC t'0111n1itt1-e, C li .3 Sf111l111111111'c G i rl llesurves: S t il 111 11 Club, 1' 1' Q il s ., Vim: l'res.1: .Iii b 1' 21 1' y Club: 'Pri - Arts Club: Monitor. 36 Rohm-rt Quinn College l'l'61J2lI'?lL0l'y "Man 11nd His lJl'l1lllS.n Senior l' l 21 y 5 S c ll 111 1' l'l1?l1JCl 1'on1111ittc1s: Fine Arts Club. Frnm-os livest- f:t'llt,'l'Ell "All in I4'11v1,11' of Swingi, Say .Aycxn 120 1' 111 El ll Club: 'Pest 'l'11I11s Clubg 'I'1'11vel Clubg G. A. tip t'2ldUCEZll1 Club. Ylrgillia lleid Cf1llIl1lOl'1'l3l "'l'll2-11.14 G 0 0 cl IfI11f111g.1'l1 fur Me." Svriior l-!11c'Cal1111- 11-ate 1'11111111ittec1 S1111h111n111'u G i 1' l llcsurvesl lf'reshn111n G i rl ll0s1-rvcS. Evcl yn ll uhinson f:CllDl'?ll "All thc Things You Arc." '1'1'11vul Club. Rose Sands ff1:ll0l'2-ll "And S11 D0 I." T1'11vel Club. li!lfllll't'll Slluifvr Home lic-c111omic:-1 "S11y XVllCIl.u Bsmstt-1' Club: Altjllittlf. Catlu-rlno Rnlulolpll G4'11111'11l "'l'l1c C El m 0 r EL Doesxft Lie." f'2llTlQl'2i 1' l 11 b 1 Soc.-T1'c11s., Vice- l'1'1:s. Ailom- llc-hm Cf1m11101'r'i:f1l "Let's All Sing Tt,lf2,'Ctllk?l'.v' Senior l'2lIl and Guwn .CllIllllIlttC9Q .I ll ll 1 11 r-Senior tl 1 1'l l"l'9Slll'llElll tl i 1'l ll-eservvsg fllrls' Wilco Club: llonie l+lf'111111mics Club, 'l'1'011s.3 R 11 0 S 1 0 1' Club: Girls' IJ11 ll ble Triog Mixed Chor- 11S3 Opcwvtta. Ilia-lmrll Riley I111lustri11l Arts "Yr1u've 11111 Xxvllfit It '1w2lliOS." Senior l'l:f1y: Class Pres., Sl, 43 N11- tinnal ll11nor S0- 1' i G t y g N11ti1'111al 'l'l1CSIJl2lllSI Torn-li l'll1lJQVHll1C Dom- ino Club, Pres.: l1ll'J1'2'1l'j' 4' l u ,b 3 'l'1i Alts 1' l ll b llzacllelurs 4' l ll b 1 Buys' Stale: Club 1'1111ncil: I4'11ll V11- rietios. YYilIin111 sZl1'l'0lli llldllSll'l2ll Arts "Bvtw11c11 Fl'lL!llflS." Travtrl Club. June Shvctz Cu111111c1'1'i11l "No F1111lin'." Margaret Shaw Cullopqc l'I'0IDkll'kllU1'y 'tYOll'l'6 fll'Zl1ld." Senior l'l11y Statfg l'l'U!T1 C11111111ittc01 N11t1on11l ll 0 ll 0 I' Societyg .l1111101'- Senior Girl Re- serves: S1111 11 U - more fiirl lie- scrvesi .l"l'CSlllY'lZlll. G i r l llcsscrvesg , . .lie L,e11111wlcg T1'1- Arts Club: Moni- tor Capt. liurl Slwtlvr 111-111-1'z1I l'Ill'Illl0l' 'tml "Siu .I ' sh0l'lllllkl'I' S1-11ir11' II111111111-I II1'II1'l'III 1'11111111itt1-1-, I11-- 1-HHH, H,,li.,WA-1 1-111':11i1111s: l!11ys' A ' ' 1lI1-1- IIIIIIII lY1-11- 1':11I111-1-:111 1'I11I1. 1I1-II I', I'1'11tl1S Ili-Yi 'I' 11 1' 1- I1 1'I11I1g Hiking: 1'l11I1, YI1'1'-I'l'1'S., IflI1'Il1'I1ll'S 1' I II I1Z 1'111'11111-1 1' I Il I1 3 Il:1sIq1-1I1:1II, I11tr:1- 11111r:1l3 I1'11II Yat- 1'i1-tivsg 1111111-1111: M11111t111. Wlny Slife Huy Slusser. .lr. 1'11ll1-gv 1'11ll111-tv l'1'1-11a11':11111'y I'l'0lHll'ill0l'5' "'l'hut 11141 11111115 "XX'I111'S Y11I111111Ii'f" 'lf Mill?-" S1-llI11l' liz11111111-t S1-11i111' I'Iz1y S1z1I'l'1 V"IlIlllIU""1 Il 1' A I'Il'f'SIllllilll 12 i 1'I N1'l'VllljHllS3 I'l'1HlI 11 ,. 5 1. 1- V 4- S 3 1'111111111tl1-1-3 l3:1s1-- 1I. A, 1'.: 12111111-1-11:1 I121Il. l'IllIJ. lh-nson Springer 1Yil'l::illiXl l111l11:4l1'i:1l Arts UH :l"":Pl-ze' H ., ,- f, , 1.11 ill , 111 , 11- "im 'I T" X' ft, 1:1111g-'S 1111 1-11-1-1-J' gsilllli, filly? S1-11i111' I'Iz1y S1z11'l'3 - ,l.,..,p1Q ' 1:11-ts' 1:11-11 1'11111: ' ' .l1111i1,11'-S 1- n 1 11 1' 1? i rl Ileserw-sg .Im-k Ste:-alv 'IlldllSll'Ill1 Arts "1'1I1 lVI1y-11I1 XY I1 y." 'I'1':1x'1-II M1'111i111r. l"l'Klll0PN Strnzi 1IlIlIt'gk' I'1'1-11111'z1t111'y "1'I11-1-1'1'11I l,iltI1- I'I2tl'I'l1I." S1-11i11r I'Iz1y 811111: II1-1l ll ll 11 I-211111 Stuff: I"l'c'HIlIl11l11 12 i 1' I IIQS1-1'1'1-sl S1111I11111111r1e 11 i 1'I IIHS1'l'Y1'SQ 11, A, 115 1'I11I'IIlll IIIIIIDI I,1- 1'k'llII1'Il', Vl1'1'-IIVHS. llnrotluy NIYIDIIUIIH l'11II1-gf' I'1'1-11411':11111'y "'I'I114 Ilight I1I11:1." S1-11i111' I'Iz1y Stuff: N:11i1111:1I II1111111' S111'i1-ly: 12 i 1' I S ' 1II1-1- 1'I11I1g I"1ll'lllll 1'I1l'I1, Vive'-I't'1-S., "I'l'1111!4.1 I, il 1 I Il QIIIIIDQ Nl1111i1111', I'Il'1'SIllllIlll 12 i 1'I II1-H1-rves, Hyde Sllrvs 1'11II11gB l'1'1-11111'z1t11ry 'JIIZIIKQ-' M11 11111 10 II11- HKIII 11111111-." S1-11i1'1r I'lz1y: A11- Itllill Slztffg 111111 211111 IIIIIK' Stuff: Quill 111111 S1-1'11Il, Pres.: 'I' 11 r 1- I1 1'Iul1, I'r11s.g l1'111'- 11111 1'l11I13 IJIIbl'ill'Y 1'I11I1g Ii11c'l11-I111's 1'l11IJ, VICE-I'l'1'S,, I't'E:S.1 TAAIIIIISQ I+'11II V:1l'i111i1-H. .l1n11- S1111-lit'I'e II111111e I'I1'111111111icS "lf Y1111 XV111'1- 111 My I'I2lf't'." 11 -X 1' Ile-lures 'l'xu1g'i II111111- I-21-11111111111-s "All I N111-1I." II1tlll1' I1Z1:111111111i1'r- 1' I Il I1: 1'z11I111-1-:111 Xvifgjilllll ilunsh-r fI1'Il1'l'2lI "Y1111'r1- tI11- 11111- 1111- M1-," .I11111111'-S 1- ll i 11 1' 12 i 1'I IZ1-x1-1'1'1-sg I"l'14SIlIllilII 12 i1'l Il 1- S 1- 1' V 1- s 3 I11111st1-1' 1'I11I1g 'l'r1- Arts 1'l11I1g lI2llll1'l':l IIIIIII. :Klllll Snmlc- lI1'lt1'l'2lI "I'lI S1-1- Y1111 I11 My IIl'l'2llllS." 'l'rz11'1-I 1'I11I1. lirau-9 Stnuh-y 1'11lI1-f:,'e- I"r1-11111'z11111'y "'I'I11- I'11I 'l'I1111 ts Always 'I'1'111-." Mi111e1'x':1 H i pg I1 SCIlID11I, I, 2. Agua-s Stout fl1'll1'l'i1I "Vz11'i1-ly is III1' Swim- 111' I.i1'1-," 'I'l'1lY1'I IIIIIII. llivllurd Swuger 111-11111'z1I "11I1l II1111' I IIA111 111 121-1 I'11 i11 1111 M111'11i11g'." Tl'ZlY1'I 1,'I11I1. Il llill 'l'auu11-r 1'11Il0gO I,l'1lIPill'1lt,11l'y "l II1-111' :1 IlI1:111s111ly," 1'I11I1g 'I'1-S1 IIIIIIIE' g., . 11i111' Ilz1 ll11lI1' 111111111111 I'111 1 I11I1, 1-1 H'I"llll' 1li1'IQ' HI1-1 , , 1'I11I1: If'1'1-sI1111 il I1 1: i1'I II1-S1-1'v1-sl .I1111i111'-S 1- II i 11 1 11 i 1'I Item-1'x'1-s Yi1'1-1-I't'1-S.: KI I 1'I I11-s111'vv 1'1111111'iI I1' 11 1' ll Ill 1'l11I1 I'sy1-I111l11p:,'y QIIIIII llI11t1i111t', -1 11 1 Eldon 'Fntsch Uollefze Prvlia ra tory "Norm: Tonk a Lvsson in My l.li1'. Senior Play Staff Proin Noniniittee Industrial A r t s Flying' Ulub. Huruld Todd Industrial Arts "lVatcli the liirslief' Cazncra Club, Pres. Selma Vmherger College Prepa raiory "SSW-Pt Little X ull. Monitor: 31 a r l - luoro High School 1. Ruse Marie YQ-rznk Gvneral "Hose Marie, 1 Lover You." Travel Club. Earl lVnllac-e General "It's M y Turn Now." Senior Play Staff Travel Club. Hurry XXYPHDIISII Industrial Arts "You M a fl e 11 'Pouclirluwn in My llPal't." Travel Club: Bas- ketball: Football: F a ll Varieties: Monitor. 38 Betty 'l'0rhune Collegv Prep. "Madan1, X'0l1'I'B LuVPly." Senior Play: Na- tional llunor So- vietyl National 'l'lie-spians: Girls' tiles Club: Sopho- innre Girl He-- svrves: l"I'6SllITl2lI1 H i r l liesvrves, Pres.: li, A. C.: Blue lro mi no Vlub, Vive-l'res.: Library 1' l u ll . Pres.: Buntvl Fall Varieties. Josephine 'Ixl'llllllN'ttfl Coinnn-rcial "You XYalk By." lied a n tl Blue Staff. Jenn Ynndegrift Commercial "As I lit-member You." Gerald Yillellu Uollvge T'l'fd1Jlll'1lIUl'Y "lt Ain't Neces- sarily So," Prom Cornrnitteeg 'Forcli Ulub: Sen- ior Banquet Com- mittee, Reserva- tions. xxyilliillll xs'Xll'l'9ll I Coll:-ge l're1Jarat0ry "Why Dimln't YVi1- liam Tell?" Senior Play: Ger- man Club: Tri-L Club: S L a. ni p Club, Pres.: For- um Club: YVest- town R'narding School, Pa., 2. Charles !Veitz College Preparatory "IS It l'nssibl6-7" Bruce 'l'll0IllllSOIl Collt-32,15 Propa ratnry "VII Norm' Say Y 'Nevor Again' Again." Svnior Play Staffl Baseball: Golf. Mnrjorh- 'Fuel Home Nl-onnniicrs "Do You Ever Think of MP?" I3 o o S t 1- r lflubg Home lin-onornics Club. Andrew Yeg Cfollege l"reuaratory "Tliere's No Tell- in'." Virginia Yitnlarii General "My Heart Stood Still." Edward WYutson Industrial Arts "XVhen l Climb Ibown Frmn My Saddle." Senior Cards and Invitations Com- mittee: llohate: Camera. C l ll b , Vicerlwes.: Moni- lor. Ellllllh KVllite General "Madam, Can You Still :RETllElIllJt'I'?H Alfred lYhIttinghnm College Preparatory "Breezin' Along' XYith the Breeze." Senior Cards and Invitations Coin- niitteeg Baseball, XVillnrd VYolfer industrial Arts "You and YVho Else?" XXYl't'Stil'ilH,'I Fool- bull. Donna Jenn Wvorley Commercial 'Bly Th-x'e1'ie" lied a n rl Blue Staff: Juninr-Sen- ior Girl Reserves: Snplmniore Girl lit-serves: Freshnian G i r l lleservesg Home i'1l'UllHHllC"S Ulnhg S t a m 11 Llulu. Robert Znher Gene-ral l'YourS Sincerely." XY e n ml e l l P. l' f 0 u t S Hi-Y, Travel Club. fhnrleu Flow!-Hi l ndustrial Arts -'Une N e ve I' Knows, Does Une?" Edward Klhlel' College Preparatory 'l'lt All Comes Back to Me Now." l-'rnnk Yywllllllllli Unllegm' l'repz1rz1tory "I Uonld Write at Book." Senior Cap and Gown Uolnmittee, Chg Annual Staff: Xational H o n n r Swivty: L il tin C l ll ln I Meridian Club: Mnnitor Capt. Donald NVoods College Vrellaratnry "lloc'ket to the Moon." L4-thu Yuggl t'olle1:,'e Preparatory "Yun Can De- pend on Me." Annual Staff: Na- tional Honnr So- cietyg Latin Ulubg 1"tbl'UIH Flub. Esther f'lt'lll9llt College Prenzlraxtory "XVell, All Right." Hiking'Cluli1 Test Tube Club: Moni- tor. Nornmn lh-ndl-rnon General "Don't Let It Get You ljnwnf Chnrles Nnnes Genera l Evelyn XYllson lfomrnfervial "Keep an Eye on Yuur Heart." Senior Play Staff: H 0 0 S 1 e r Ulnlug Uzidum-an C l ll li, 'Frm-as. xxwlllllllll VYoolf H+-iieral " 'Tain'l NVI1 a t You lm, lt's tliv lVay 'Phat You ilu ll." Prom Wsinniitteeg Travn-l Cl nlig Unrom-I C 1 u ll 3 Tri-Arts l'lul:. John ZillllllPlllIlIl College T'1'eparato1'y "Uh, Johnny, Uh." llernian 11 l ll li 3 .I nnior ll 0 l i 1- Q- , l'rix'nte-, Captain, Sec., Majur, Ass'l. Vhief. Donnlnl Drnke Industrial Arts 'tToday I Ani ax Man." Junior Poliee Riehxurll Johnson Follege l're11aratory "Please, Mr. Jnhnsonf' Charles Rogers " 'tl "lt'S Foolish but heuell lt'S Fun," "The Same Uld Senior Play Staff: Stony. C U I' 4: H QI Club: Basketball: Foot- ball. 39 Joseph Hailey Gena-rzil "lVl1atc'lm' Know J oe 7" Junior Police. Virginia SUIIYTIIIIII Kenneth 1Yebb Hurry' xVhWlt0lls P College General C fl" rc-pzirntory "Gotta See a 0. figs . "Do You Know Dream About a ,TreD'n'ltm5 yvhyjv- Gi,-lj' Lazybonesf' Senior Banquet Committee, Pro- gra ln: l"1'9Slll"ll2Hl G i 1' l Reserves: G. A. C. Sec.. Treus.: Te-st Tube Q' 1 u b: Uzicluceziri Club, Pres. Ann-lin Bryun College I'rcpa1'alo1'y "Sturt the Day Right." G. A. C.: Dalton Higll School, Dail- ton, Ohio, l, 2, Concord High School, Concord, Boys' Glee Club: Band: Orchestra: Travel Club: Stamp Club: Tri- Arts Club: Boos- ter' Club: lVen- flell P. Pfouts Hi- Y: Xxvl'9SlllIlg. Annabelle Johnson Goiieral "Annie Doesn't Live Here Any- Anymore." Toro nlo High School, Toronto, Ohio, 1, 2, 3. Ohio, 3. Lillian Ml-yer Junior D. Young Commercial Commercial "Shake Down the "lVhat Good's the Stars." Moon?" Four Sion' Hari The other evening I had a thought, while deep in meditation. I thought that I would write a book, a book of memories. I wondered what I'd call my book, and then an inspiration, And "High School" was the title that I gave to it, you see. This book I divided into chapters four. Each chapter then in turn was captioned, The first was "Freshman," then came "Sophomore," "Junior," "Senior," and the task was then completed. In chapter one I told about The things I used to do. How I would search and how I'd scout, For elevators and room one twenty-two. In chapter two you will find a fellow Who is getting pretty talky. He likes to beef and he likes to bellow, But he's just a little cocky. And now in chapter three we see A dazed, bewildered lad. No, he's not sick, he's just in love, and gee, O golly, but he's got it bad. 7 Boys' Glee Club: Torch Club, Pres.: Hiking Club, Test Tube Club: XYen- dell P. Pfouts Hi- Y: Bachelors Club: Tennis: Fall Varieties: S u b - stitute Monitor. Then Iinally we come to chapter four and find a change of mood. We see a senior, broad and tall, a struttin' down the hall. But underneath that senior's ego, he's sorry, sad, and weary, For no longer will he answer the class bell's ringing call. Dick Riley 40 Pl? Ffew to Hawaz'z' or Our Prom Beneath swaying palms, to the rhythm of Frank Corbi's South Sea music, about two hundred couples danced at the junior-senior prom of May, 1940. All guests were given invitations in the form of tickets for a pleasure Cruise to Hawaii. The walls of the gym were gaily decor- ated by panels showing scenes of Hawaii, while the ceiling was plaited with stream- ers of different colors. A bamboo hut in one corner offered punch and pop corn balls, and card tables and games in another gave enter- tainment for those who didn't dance. During the intermission there was a program of several musical numbers, and a novelty hula dance was presented by a num- ber of the boys in the 11A class. The prom was under the general super- vision of Mary Beth Carr. HQ Wok If IVEM UK Whiz! Bang! "The fireworks! The fireworks!!" shouted Kolenkhov. And hi- larious confusion reigned as the June class of '41 presented Kaufman and Hart's com- edy, "You Can't Take It With You," on Wed- nesday, April 23. This Broadway play was staged and di-- rected by Miss Florence Meyer, who was largely responsible for its unusual success. One of the largest crowds in A. H. S. history filled the auditorium that night. The action took place in the home of Martin Vanderhof, just around the corner from Columbia University. Grandpa be- lieved that to get the most out of life you should do only what you wish to do, and that is exactly what he and his family did, to the last degree. The part of Grandpa was ably por- trayed by Dick Riley. Penny Sycamore QAnn Johnb, the flighty mother, and her husband, Paul QDick Howellh, added much in the way of skillful acting and amusement. Alice QBetty Terhunel in love with Tony Kirby CAI Cohen! was the only sensible member of the Sycamore family. Comedy, and plenty of it, was provided by Essie QCarolyn Johnsj as the ballet dancer, by her husband Ed fRoss Hillesj and also by Mr. De Pinna QWade Conradj, the ex-ice man. Rheba, as the Sycamore colored maid, and Donald, Rheba's boy friend, were played by Norma Lutz and Bob Anderson. Mr. Kirby, the business man, and his socially- minded wife were convincingly played by Bill Kline and Sue Miller. The part of Boris Kolenkhov, the Rus- sian ballet teacher, was taken by Jack Cos- tanzo, and that of the Russian Grand Duch- ess Olga by Betty Cox. Henderson fHyde Stiresj was the In- ternal Revenue man, and Gay Wellington, fAnn Jolietb an actress friend of Penny's. The three G-Men were Anthony Fallo, William Warren, and Bob Quinn. The understudies were Lucile Ketcham, William Warren, and Bob Quinn. A vote of thanks should be given to those persons who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the play the success that it was. 4 2 l Las! PHY! amz' Ykstaflzent ofthe June Clary, 19411 Because we feel we cannot be selfish with our outstanding abilities and character- istics, we, the June class of 1941, in all good faith and sincerity, do hereby publish our last will and testament, trusting that it will be put to as great advantages in the future as in the past. To the student body we leave "Tip" Ketcham's outstanding personality. Lucky people! To Gladys Jones we leave Sue Miller's ability to "Win Friends and Influence Peo- ple." To Jo Reynolds we leave Olive Jones' sweetness and winning smile. To Sally Moore we leave Betty Ter- hunets numerous boy friends. But don't get as mixed up. To Jean McCready we leave Norma Lutz's "lovely" sneeze. To Marian Burt we leave Berdine Hen- derson's genius for leading the honor role. To Paula Reed we leave Carolyn John's delicate laugh. To Kathy McCue we leave the loveliness of Marie Kettring. To Mary Allott we leave Vada Ham- lin's lovely red hair. To Julia Temple we leave Ann John's ability to act. To Eddie Marini we leave Bette Oyster's success with the accordian. To Ann Davis we leave Normajean Rar- don's musical talent. To Pat McFee we leave the cuteness of Nancy Ailes. To all lovers of ice skating we leave Mildred Kitzmiller's skates. To Nancy Kendall we leave the efficient and never-ending work of Mary Beth Carr. To Jo Baughman we leave Ellen Dail- ey's sparkling beauty. To the high school we leave Emma Beck's flute. To Bertha Mae Bert we leave the end- less energy of Jean Drinkhouse. To Joan Throne we leave Julia Barth's friendliness. To the Booster Club we leave Jane El- lett's enthusiasm for athletics. To Alberta Austin We leave Dorothy Al1dredge's blond beauty. To Jane Eynon we leave Janet David- son's many duties in the library. To Jean McConnell we leave Selma Um- berger's good sportsmanship. To Mary Kidd we leave the quietness of Dorothy Bowden. To Virginia Waller we leave Beth Gil- bert's complete devotion. To Berdene Coombs Pratt's class treasury. we leave Betty leave Dick How- To Bob Edwards we ell's feeble excuse for wit and humor. To "Bucky" Wyand Hilles' cheerleading ability. we leave Ross To the high school Stires's pride and joy--the Bachelors. we leave Hyde To Bob Cassidy we leave Dick Riley's tine leadership and executive ability. To Mr. Walker we leave Bill Kline's abil- ity to "beat it on out" on the trumpet. To anyone who wants it we leave Al Co- hen's subtleness. To Ruth Aherns we leave fond memor- ies of Jack Costanzo. To Mr. Husat we leave Betty Cox's Rus- sian accent. To Dwight Freshley we leave Dale Hew- itt's wonderful voice. To Bill Santschi we leave the common sense and judgment of Bill Bergemann. To Clyde Godsey we leave Frank Wil- liams' trigonometry. CGood luck.J To Beth McMinn we leave Bob Quinn's dancing ability. To Bob White we leave Merle Crowl's curly locks. To the faculty we leave the ambitious student-Harry Wheaton. To Ralph Rutledge we leave Glenn Cobb's ability to do the "Can-Can." To Bill Andrews we leave Bob Ander- son's antique jokes. To Virgil Artino we leave "Red" Wei- bush's love for Miss Walker. To Bud Howell we leave Louis Boschini's ability to handle a football. To Johnny Peters we leave Kenny Ewing's popularity. To Dick Ogline we leave Jim Moushey's musical talent. To all females we leave Joe Bandy's col- lege dates. To Howard Sohn we leave Dale Allison's energy and efficiency. To Dick Alexander we leave Harrison Husat's continuous outbursts of feeling. To Dick Fritz we leave Dale McBane's dimples. To all gum chewers we, the 12A class, leave the wads of gum under the desks. Prophecy of Me' fum' Clan Flags were flying, bands were playing, bugles were blaring. Yes, it was a great day for Alliance for Miss Mildred Walker's great Exposition had opened. So I paid my twen- ty pins-Miss Walker was always so lenient -and walked in. There right in front of my eyes was Eu- gene Beck hawking five cent neckties made entirely by the silkworms themselves. As I fled from Gene I bumped into a guide. I picked her up and discovered that it was Nancy Ailes. We talked awhile and she told me how Bill Kline had been drafted. After I left Nancy I saw a three-piece band playing for the "hooch show." Imagine my surprise when I discovered the players to ,be Joe Bandy on the drums, Emma Beck on the bass horn, and Jim Moushey on the violin. My inner being revolted at this point, so I marched on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bob Anderson looking at the pictures of the French Follies, and so I turned the other way. Being thirsty I went over to a refresh- ment stand and was waited on by Ellen Dail- ey. She give me an orange ade, a drop of orange juice diluted with a pint of water, and told me that a movie scout and his wife, Dick Riley and Carolyn Johns, were at the Expo and that she hoped to be discovered. After I left there I came to the back exit of a building, and there were hundreds and hundreds of people pouring out. I walked around to the front and' there stood Jack Costanzo selling tickets. Then I turned to get away, but there was no' getting away from Costanzo. Inside the building a minstrel show was in progress. A men's quartet made up of Red Weibush, George DeMuth, Louis Bos- chini, and Harrison Husat, was rendering "Sweet Adeline." And I do mean rendering. Then the women's chorus, Vada Hamlin, Marie Kettring, Mildred Kitzmiller, and Jan- et Davidson put on the Iinishing touches. Through the dense clouds of cigar smoke, for Glenn Cobb was present, I made out that master of innuendo, that immacu- late master of ceremonies, Al Cohen. Al did his song and dance number and then, after listening to his stale jokes, I crawled over a couple of bodies that I recognized to be Ken- nard Ewing and Gene Martin. They hadn't quite reached the exit before they keeled over. Coming out into the sunlight, I blow out my safety lamp and walked on. There, help- ing several old ladies Cof about twenty-two years of ageb across the Midway, were Hyde Stires and Kenneth Webb. Staggering on I saw Norma Lutz and Tippie Ketcham just standing there laughing. I never did find out what they were laughing at until a kind hearted midget, whom I recognized to be Chuck Nanes, told me that they had cracked under the strain of selling Chronicles. Going on I discovered a crowd of people gathered around a motorcycle rink. Whom should I see but Dale McBane racing around the sides on his tricycle and over the heads of several ferocious lions, one of whom was George Nanes. Being afraid of lions, I left. Walking on I was stopped by a crowd of small children. And whom did I see but Suzanne Johnson, the social worker, with her charges. Going on down the Midway I came to the World Theater. I went in and saw Betty Terhune in the great drama of the ages, "You Can't Take It With You," which was running for its fifty-third week. Yes, Betty stuck to the stage. After I left, I had my picture painted by a masked artist who turned out to be Ann John. In addition to painting, Reggity Ann is still writing a gossip column for the Review. After I buried the picture, I went to the Penny Arcade. Inside Jean Drinkhouse and Olive Jones, who were on their day off from Kresge's, were testing their strength. Jean ran the gauge up to 2,139 pounds and then stopped Cquittery I learned that she worked in the loading department at Kresge's, also ran a steam shovel for Leroy Irish on her days off. Then I went on until I came to the dance pavilion. On the outside it announced that Professor Twinkletoes was giving a ballet demonstration. Upon entering I discovered Ross Hilles, the old jitterbugger. Yes, he sure had changed. I noticed that Jack Ed- wards who is really an agricultural techni- cian Che runs a farmJ was in the crowd. Proceeding as before I came to the Loop the Loops. As the cars went over the loops, an occasional clink was heard as money fell to the ground from the pockets of the pass- engers. Coming closer I saw an elderly gen- tleman picking up coins and throwing them in a bag. As he turned around I saw that it was Harry Wheaton. I guess Harry had sur- prised us all for he was the principal of the high school now. He was gathering money for a new dance floor for his office. Tsk, tsk. CPronounced with a lispl. Leaving him I came to the experts of the show. You tried to stump them with a mathematical problem. Who should they be but Frank Williams and Berdine Henderson who ran a bank in their spare time. Further on I saw Mary Beth Carr sell- ing kisses for a quarter. I ran over and bought a ,box of them. Mary now plays a mean boogie piano with C'orbi's orchestra. On the move again, I saw the high tow- er where a lady dove a horse into the water. Hoping to see some more of my friends I Went over and talked with the horse awhile. Yes, it was Merle Crowl and Al Whitting- ham. Al played the end that got the laughs. Merle and Al are also coaches for the high school baseball team. Looking around I dis- covered the rider of the horse to be Dorothy Bowden. In real life Dorothy runs a roul- ette wheel at Johnson's Slushery fplugj. Of course I had to see the amusement sec- tion, so I started off for that area. The first person I saw was Chuck Hoag, the big league ball player who plays with the Paris Clean- ers, throwing baseballs at somebody's head stuck out of a hole. On closer examination I discovered the head to be Dale Hewitt who sings opera-when he can get anybody to listen. Not wishing to bother them I went on. CNow comes the climax. Listen and I'll tell you what I saw.J I saw our worthy owner of this exposition, Miss Walker, riding the Dodgems. Yes, she was ripping around and knocking all of our old classmates out of their cars. Then everything turned hazy and went black. I woke up in the hospital with a truck's fender embedded in my back. So knowing no more I end this little piece with a plea for forgivance. Au revoir. Gain ing Affz'f1m'e X 4 , .42 I f 7 10B CLASS 10A CLASS President .,.,SS..........S.S..S,SSS...........,.. Don Felgar President .,...S.........A........,eee..., Arthur Stuckey Vice President ,.... ,....,.,. D ean Ashbrook Vice President ..... ....,......,. G ene Wyand Secretary ....rr.r ..rr,, V era Alfani Secretary .....,.r r...... J eanne McConnell Treasurer ,S,...........,r,r.......... Charles Ketchani Treasurer ...........rrr...,r.......V..,...... Ruth Archer Colors: Green and white Colors: Red and Silver Motto: "Courage, truth and loyalty, Motto: "Facta Non Verbau Wyre the C1355 of '43" Patron: Mr. James Wilhelm Patron-Mr. James Gilmore 48 i 11B CLASS 11A CLASS President .,..VY., ,.,, ,..,..vV ,.. ........ E a rl Bard Vice President ...eee ..,e4..... R ay Aquilo Secretary .,.,...,e,..eee,e .ee...... B eth McMinn Assistant Secretary ,ee.,.....Vv Majel Hammond Treasurer,.,,. ,e..e,.......,,.,, L aura Cobb Patroness e......e eee.... M iss Ruth Chisholm President eoi,o,,.e7eo7i..,e....4.e,....,.e,,,.i Bob Cassidy Vice President Secretary ,...,..e ,ee.,... Treasurer ,,..o., Patroness: Mis ..,.,...eDWight Freshley Alberta Austin W....AA,...e,......McC1e1lan Best s Thelma Varnei' 12B CLASS President .. ... ,. 4.....,.......A,,.,...,.... , ,, ..,. B ob Edwards Vice President ,,,ee ....... ,,....e...,.e, E a 1 'l Branlield Secretary ......eie. e, V irginia Saffell Treasurer .eee,er .,e,.ieee.......,,...r... B erdene Coombs Colors .,..,.. .,.,,,e.....,. C laret and antique ivory Motto rrrrrr. ...r. ' 'We aim high to hit the mark" Patroness oCCCooCooCoCooooCo..Aoooroeo........i.,i,.,,oo.,...,.....,,r...,....oo.. Miss Bertha Marmet This industrious group of 12B's started their busy life while yet sophomores. They have had two parties, sponsored several bake sales and tea dances, all sold football pennants, bandannas, and fboys toolj cosmetics, and consequently, have fattened their treasury. Last semester they played host to the January graduating seniors at a clever Walt Disney Fantasia Prom. 50 Sf6y!ar,61'fzg 'L --zmamzmgmi 'L X im X, XX Diary of Benny Me Bug Sept. 9-Well, school has started again . . . Followed three freshmen around that were looking for the elevator. Nearly got stepped on two or three times, the way they were rushing around. Human beings are silly. Sept. 13-Everybody went to the foot- ball game tonight. I couldn't miss it, it be- ing the first one, so I hitched a ride on Whit's coat sleeve. We beat Minerva, 25-6. Some- body nearly swatted me on my way to the side lines. Was I embarrassed! Sept. 24-All the clubs are choosing new members this week. I hid behind a radiator to lind out who they're all taking in and nearly burned a feeler off. Initiations are next-I have more fun watching those! Sept. 25-First tea dance of the semes- ter was in the gym tonight after school. Rode around on somebody's foot and got dizzy. Guess I'm no jitterbugl Sept. 30-Was watching some seniors working on their senior themes today in study hall. It's times like that I'm glad I'm a bug. Oct. ll-School and me were buzzin' with excitement today. It was the day of the Massillon game in the Akron Rubber Bowl. I rode in one of the busses with the band-in the trumpet. Got blown out on my ear when they started to play. They beat us, but it was a good game. A lot of fireworks went off at the half. Made all my eight knees knock together. Oct. 14-Was under one of the seats in the auditorium tonight when the seniors tried out for the senior play. Sounds like it might be good. I might take a date to it. Wonder if Genevieve Moth has one yet? Oct. 22-Fastened myself to a curtain in the auditorium while the student body chose five football queens. Marie Sullivan, Irene Szasz, Pat McFee, Jean McConnell, and Alberta Austin were elected. Couldn't have picked better ones myself! Oct. 31-Went to stunt chapel this morning. Cruised around the ceiling while the clubs put on their stunts. Laughed my- self silly at the Bachelors' Smashe News stunt. They won the cup, too. Managed to sit on the edge while it was being presented. Nov. 13-Big show tonight in the audi- torium called "Fall Varieties." Sat on Mr. Gilmore's knee while he was being Edgar Bergen and Mr. Webb was Charley McCar- thy. Awful good show. Lotta people in the auditorium. Had more fun chasin' the Three Yehudis around. Nov. 15-Had to get out long underwear for the Jamestown game tonight, or I would have frozen my feelers. Marie Sullivan was crowned queen. Kay Kyser chose her from the five. Dec. 4-Took my supper to the auditor- ium tonight as I didn't want to miss the senior play, "Young April." Very good play but I was a little mad on account of Gene- vieve Moth had a date. Scenes from "Young April" rehearsals: "Beanie" Bonfert as Brian Stanley gives Stewart. Miller fBill Fohbb the bum's rush: Prof. and Mrs. Mclntyre fBoh Kaylor. Martha Dickson! look on while George lHank C'n.ntield7 argues with Pete and Dutch fBob Roberts. Don Addamslg Carol Vernon as Terry Mcln tyre greets Brian. On the deck of "H, M. S. Pinaforef' left to right: Dwight Freshley as Captain Corcoran: Sue John- son as Buttercup: Jack Costanzo as Sir Joseph Poixcrg Shirley Morey as Hehe-1 Bill Bvrgexiiaii as llillllll Rau-kstraw: lluth Ahrens as Josephine: Donald Snode as the hoatswain. Dec. 18-Buzzed down to the Columbia Theatre tonight to the Bachelor Theatre Party. They chose Chuck Gainor as football king. Rode around on his crown awhile. Dec. 20-School's out for Christmas va- cation today. Heard that all the club dances are going to be during vacation. Guess I'll take up residence at the Woman's Club. Jan. 7-Went to a delicious dinner at the Country Club tonight for the cast of "Young April." Walked around under the table and ate and ate and ate. Jan. 13-Back to school. The seniors sure look woe-begone. Guess exams and graduation are too much for 'em. Tickled a few on the ear so they'd smile-no luck! Jan. 17-Sat on the stage today while the seniors gave their chapel. Some of 'em looked sad-some happy. Felt like givin' a speech so I buzzed around awhile but no- body noticed. Such is the life of a bug. Jan. 20-Schoo1's empty without the seniors. Buzzed around watching the kids take exams but got depressed so took a nap under a desk. Jan. 23-Gym sure looked pretty to- night after the Esquires finished decoratin' it for the senior dance. Big crowd there. All the seniors back. This school sure is the danciest place. Genevieve Moth and I were there too. Jan. 24-Sat on a bulb in the footlights and watched the seniors get handed their diplomas. They all looked happy but I hate to see 'em go. Hank Canfield and Ginny Birch got the American Legion awards. Jan. 27-New semester started again today, and I had to explain to some more freshies about the elevator. Think lil get the school to build one. I'd like to ride up and down on the ropes. And the freshies would have something on the seniors. Jan. 29-Watched Nip's boys edge Ak- ron West tonight. It took two overtinies, but Dick Fritz did himself proud by flipping in the winning basket. Feb. 7-Canton Lehman evened our re- lations, 42-30. Shucks. Feb. 8-The boys were tired after last night and the Potters won, 60-42 .... Gosh, those river bugs are a noisy bunch. Top row. left to riglit: Bachelors' championship intramural basketball teaing "Ali: De Pinna" in the throes ol' i.l'lQ.1'01lOlllPil'YQ N0l'lll2l I.utz. Tip Ketchum, Carolyn Johns enjoy .lark Costanzo's car. Second row: llliss Meyer says, "Move along. Lyle' K1 i ine talk over "Yin C:1n't Take il With You." Feb. 18--Attended the first Round Ta- ble Review in the library. Big success. Sat on a book of Natural History. Feb. 19-Well, we got beat again, but the boys sure played a nice game. Massillon won, 43-32. I stuck myself to the ,ball with some resin, and Charley Jenkins threw me into the hoop for 19 points. Feb. 21-Mrs. John L. Price reviewed "The American Way" in chapel this morn- ing. Me and Frannie Firefly sat on the base of the mike. Wish I could buzz with a Ger- man accent. Feb. 24-5-6-All the 12A's were trying out for the senior play these last three days. I liked it 'cause the kids didn't leave until 6:30. Everyone tried out . . . "Must have been about two acres." Feb. 27-The seniors were all excited about the cast selections. The play is the Kaufman and Hart comedy, "You Can't Take It With You." It should be pretty good. Think I'll ask Frannie Firefly. tGenevieve Moth and I aren't getting along so well . . . you know these high school rom- ances.D Feb. 28-There was an operetta preview this morning in chapel and a rally for the Hubbard game this afternoon. The school is just flyin' around with activities. 1 view of the l'hronic-lc vhapelg Ann John and Hill March 5-I didnlt know whether to go to the basketball game or to see f'Pinafore" so I buzzed back and forth between Youngs- town and the auditorium. They were ,both good and the school had two victories. March 7-There was a big dance in the gym tonight-the Red Cross Ball for the War Relief Fund. I tell you, the bugs in Eu- rope don't have a chance, but everyone at the dance had fun. March 10-We had an exciting chapel this morning. E. C. Ramsey spoke for a couple hours. He's a big shot newspaper man, you know. March 11-The annual staff put on an- other chapel this morning. Miss Elliott asked me if I'd let the staff have my diary. It'sf all right with me, but the pages are kind of fly-specked. These chapels are fung I got in on some of the pictures Dick Howell took. March 14-I stayed in the auditorium all night so I would have a good seat for the movie this morning. They showed 'tThe Lives of a Bengal Lancer." Boy, that Coop- er's good. April 1-Stayed in my cubby hole in biology lab today. Those freshies are ac- tually mad on April Fools' Day. April 2-Blue Dom started the parade of tea dances today. I just sat on Joe Ban- dy's clarinet and listened and listened and listened. April 4-The Esquire Club had their fifth annual Novelty Dance tonight. There was an awful big crowd. I took a Canton bug and had a swell time. April 9-16--I'm all alone for a few days while the kids have their spring vacation. Oh, well, they sure needed it. April 23--Boy, oh boy, oh boy,-what a crowd! The old place was packed for the senior play. I was lucky to get up on the chandelier. The play was good too, but the iirecrackers scared me. May 20-The seniors gave their chapel this morning. It sorta reminded me of Fall Varieties. They had a lot of talent in this class. May 24-The 11A's threw their prom tonight. It was a Spanish-American dance, and the 12A's sang their swan-song rumba style. May 26-30-Seniors are taking their exams this Week. I can't even buzz a little bit in study halls without some 12A getting mad. June 1-I crawled over 'to the First Methodist Church for the Baccalaureate Service. The kids are beginning to realize that they're just about through. June 2-Well, the big siege is on for the rest of the student body. Yes, this is exam weekg I just stay up in biology lab. June 3-Hilles took me over to the Woman's Club for the Senior Banquet to- night. I rode in the back seat upholstery with Genevieve Moth. June 5-This is some week! Tonight is the Esquire Senior Dance. They get big- ger every year. I'm going with Frannie Firefly. June 6-Well, sir, they're gone. Com- mencement was tonight. I hated to see them go even if Mr. Webb says they have the best chance of any senior class for the last ten years. When I think that it took a war to give them their chance, I can't help but feel sorry to see them go. It would be awful if they had to fight, but things are never quite so .bad as they look. Old Bennie has Watched these kids for four years now, and I sure mean it when I say, "So long, the best of luck, may God be with you." Top row, left to right: Howell, Stanley. Riley. Edwards at Boys' Statcg after "You Cilllvf. Take lt, VVitli You" reliearsal: Eldon Tatscii. Dale llewit. i Second row: lddilor and president: Hound Table Review: Dick Howell in ax pensive mood. 55 Edl l or .....,,........,.,,.,,,. ..... Business Manager Faculty ........,..,.,.,,,, ,,,,. Pictures .,,,...,..,... Senior write uns , ,,,, .,.. . . Classes ., Calendar ,, Athletics ,, Clubs ,...,, Salesin en ....,,.,,..,..,,..,......A..,, Chronicle Staff Kay Kotzbacher Verner Bonfert Martha Dickson Henry llanipelt Violet Bica Virginia Birch Anna. Mae Mathias Deloris Henry Carol Vernon Octave Grecn Wilda Naylor Frank Hoiles Russell Yoder Lncile Ketchum Richard Howell Betty Oyster Frank VVillia1ns Berdine Henderson Dorothy Alldredge Norma Lutz Lucille Monnot Letha Yaggi Mary Beth Carr Alfred Cohen Hyde Stires Suzanne Johnson Robert Anderson Merle Crowl Typists-Barbara Bankovich. Maxine Crum. Camille Kuceyeski, and Carol Stewart. Faculty Advisers--elvliss Marian Elliott, Miss Mary Dilley. Red and Blue First Sl'lll0SfPl' Editor .,..,.,.....................,...,,....., Mary lieth Carr Business Manager ,.,,...,,,,,,,........ Kennard Ewing Associate Business lvlanager -.....,, Joe di Donato News Editor .,,,,,..,.,,........,,,,, ,,.,,.... C 'arol Vernon Sports Editor ...,l,.,,,....... .,,.,,,,.. R ichard Ogline Photographer .,,.......,,.,,,....,...,.,,,,,. Russell Yoder Reporters-Ellen Dailey, Mary Esther Davis, Robert Edwards, Deloris Henry, Jean Madi- son, Elaine Pettibon. Typists-Harriet Bailey, Jean Drinkhouse. Ann Jo1'ney, Donna Jean Nvorley, Josephine Tronibetta. Faculty Advisers Editorial ..,............,...,,. Miss Marian Elliott Business ..., .,,..........,,,,....,..... l Nliss Mary Dilley Red and Blue Second SPIIIPSTPI' Editor ,,,....,....,......,.,,.,..,,,.,...,.,.,,, Mary Beth Carr Business Manager .......,,.....,......... McClellan Best News Editor ...... .... . Jacqueline Siines Feature Editor ...........,.,..,.,......,..,.,. Ellen Stoner Sports Editor ............,.......,r,,r,,r Edward DeGraw Reporters-Jeanne Bowman. Berdine Coombs. Edward Cross. Jean Eite, Esther Green- field, Betty May Keller, Kathleen McCue, Francina Morey, Eileen Sniith, June Stew- art, Frances Strazi, and Muriel XVelsh. 1 Photographei' .i........,..,......,,..,, Dalton Templeton Typists-Barbara Bankovich, Maxine Crum, Camille Kuceyeski. and Carol Stewart. 56 I ii fiilmul ,,,,, Hyzlf- Stilw-S X im- I'rI-Sidi-nt, , ., Maury IDL-th Vzirr 1'I'4'l2ll'j'-VI'l'4'ZlSlII'I'I' .,,,, H , ,, Yinle-I Him-:1 X lviSvi' ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, Miss Maarizlri Iilliwll I iiiqmsei: 'IM Iluxwl' Sill!-i1'IIlS who Hiiww :uIx':um'mI :LImil- IVA-Hiilviil .,,,,,,, H .. ..,,, ,, ,,,, , Ivwipgiit l"1'1-sI1I1-3' Xiu- I"'wsi1Iwl1I ,, ,xxviiliillll Klillv l'I'-vi1ll'j"'lwl't'iISIlI'1'i' , ,, ,Aliiilrn-II SZIIISINJIII Xnlvlwi-1' , , H Bliss l"lnl'i'!l4-4- M1-yi-I' Sq-vnlnl Sn-nu-sh-r Iiw-shlviil .. , ,,,, ,, , ,,,,.. Ivxviglit Ifiwsiile-y Xiw- I'Iw-Sidi-'il H . XYilIi:am Klim' I-lu-I:ivy-'I'i'4-zlsii11-1' ,, ,, , NIM-tty 'l'1-rliiin-A Illrimsi-: 'IM I-lu-zllv :Ili ziiiwzullm-II iiulvrvnl in 1I1':1m:l. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I'i-vsiili-ni , , ,, ,,,, ,...,,,, . H., , VY,, H4'Ill'Y Vznuliil vii-If I'1-vsilliiiii , , ,,,,.,.,, , , .,,,.Nl:1i'yIlig-111 "Kill si-I-1-I-1211-5'-'1'i-mimir--1' V N11'i:'1111:1 Vlillwh ,xilyigi-p , VVYVVVV,,,,V , , ,, , ,,,, , ,,,, Miss Mziry lP1II4x S1-vxnnl Sl'llll'Nll'l' Tv,-,.Si,l..m VVVV- VVVV Y I v,,,,, , ,, ,lluln-rt Illflwairdx 'yiw I-1-.4Si.1H,I , , ,, ,, ,, ,,,,, , .. .,,, YV-3NUl'llVIll Lllll g,.4.,4..12,I-I-,'i',1,.2,Sl,,-mf VVVVV , ,V , ,,,, , ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, 4,.-I.il4"1I-J Ixvlvliairii 1'Ill'imsI-5'I'u:4ii'v Ii+nim1'I4+ ilxlisi- sluiiwnts ilIIXiIlFi'IPHISIIIIIIHIILI s1'IwI:nsl14- zilviliiy. QUILL AND SCROLL ity in Il1'XYSIl1IIIt'l' wnrii. NATIONAL THESPIANS its mwigiili, :lml its piiiqmsn-. 57 DEBATE f'll2llI'lllLlll ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.. XYilli:1m Szmtsvlli ,-Xclx'iSn-1' ....,,. .... , MV. lluln-1'l Him' l'11r11c1sv: Tu lvzaru llu- url ul' mlcllrzllv :ind lu l'2iI'l'j' -In llfIlD?lI1'S willi xllllvl' SI'lllr4IlS. JUNIOR POLICE First Senna-sic-r Chief ,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,..., I 'ziul Suyclvl' In-puzy Uliivl' ,,.,,,,.,,, .lulm Duffy Ilispm-lm' ,,,,,,, .,.,,,, l Jzilv NVz1lIm1'n lllujur ,,.,,,,,,,,.. .I ,,,, .Iulm Zimplenlzui Ilrill Alzwlvi' ,. ,,,,.. ,,,lirIImrt XV81'l'Pll S4-1-x'eI:1x'y ,,,,.. ,,,... I ,llIIIllll'd llwwlwlie Ailvisvi' ..,.,.,,,,.,A.,,,,,,,, MV, Guy Ilmrvul' Se-1-mul Se-unrest:-r Uliiol' ,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,, L Jnlv XYilllIUl'll llwpuly Vlnivi' ,,,,,,.. .Iuhn Zimplemun Inspem-tml' ,,....,, ,,,,,, Iinlwrl Grimm lwiljill' .,,., .,... l.+-uuzlrwl Iluelu-ke Ilrill Must:-1' , ,,,,,,,,,, lflnln-rl NVill'l'l'll Svvrw-l:ix'y ,,.,. , , .,,,,, .Iohn Iiklilvy l'urpn:w: 'IM S2lI'f?g,'ll2l1'fl tlw :wluml pupils. CLUB COUNCIL llI2lll'lll2lII , ,, , Ilulu-i'l l'l1lXYIII'tlH N-vw-i:ii'5' , Yirginizu Iiirili S4-1-ond S4-lun-sh-r l1ll1lll'IIIIiIl ,,,,, ,,., I :Ulu-l'I Iimlwzli'-lx N-1'I'vl:ll'y H ,. .llzirixnll Illlll I'lli'1wM-Z 'Ibm'-I1'4li1uz1ii' lllf- xxwrli ul mlniml LllIiPN :ml in vim ix 1 vli-zarliiu In-usw lui' slllrlm-nl plum lm IIN RED CROSS COUNCIL Firxl s1'lll0Nlt'I' I'1'wsirl4-ill ,,.,,,, ,,,, , ,Nlury In-Ili liilll Vim I'1'f1sirIw1nl ,,,, Hmmza I.m-1 ix N-1"I'1'l:ll'5' , ,... ,Jul-I4 IHAI4-1 'l'l'UllSlll'1'I' ,,,, ,,Xl:l1'3.:l1I-I'ilz- III-1-In! .Mlvisi-1' ,,,, , .llisx Illilli Vliislwlm S1-wand s1'llIl'S'l'I' I'i'esielw11l ,,,, , ,,N:ir1i'y Iii i11l:iIl Yicw l'i'4-si4lk-ill ,,,. ,.,,, I 'lllllllil ll:-I lx hvc'1'4-lalry ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lllziry I wllai 'l'l'L'2lNlll't'l' ,,,,,, ,,,.. I Iivlnliwl Ilwww I'1111 'mswi 'IU' lIl'IrIllUl4' ini:-iw-SI 111 the limi Vruss wurlq in lin' Iii li Sblluul. A LIBRARY CLUB l'1'i-sul--1:1 Vvriii-1' lliliilk-1' Vim- l'l'i-siill-iil Nina: l'I'lIllll'llix' Si-1-iw-l:ui'5' , lZ:il'l11ll':i .Xlllnl 'I'i'i-glsulw-1' llngvl' Slziilli-x .XliVi?4n'l' .Nli', iillj' Ill-ip1li'nl'l S1-vmnl S1-nu-sic-r l'l'1-sisli-nl ill-lly 'l'1-l'l1lili1- Vivv I'i'i-sinli-lil llugl-1' Sl:lllI4-x S1-1'l'1-I:ll'j' ,, .lziliv lilyiiiiii 'l'u'.-zislliwi' ,, .Xl:ll'3 lil-lli 1"ii'i' l'il1'p4lsi-: .X slrxiiw- vliil, in li--Ip lliv lllfl':il'l:iiu iii livi' xxlii-I4 :xml lilllk lil lmliii Inlwziijx ib'4'ilillIllII' FORUM CLUB I'1'n-Sinlvlil ,,,, , ,Kziihlw-ii .Xit'i4lll Vim- l'i'lfxi1li-ill , ,lmlmllly Sxxnlimlw Sn-i-iw-t:ii'y .lzliivt lvziviilswii 'l'i'l-ilwlliw-1' lisllivi' 12144-willi--Ili .X-ixim-V Nliss Mull--I llairlvl-ll SQ'l'0IllI Sn-nn-sh-r i'1'4-sillvill ,,livl'llii1v ll--iilliwxini Vim- l'l'l-sid--lil XVilli:im Szaiilsvlii S4-i-1-4-lain , , ,,,, .lziiivl lmx imlsmi 'I'i'i-zmlliw-1' ,,,, llvviwvllly Sxx'wIm4l.i iilIl'IlllSl'I .Xa-qxiisilimi ul' kiwxx' . lm-1l,L'v mfiiiw-i'iiiii,4 1i1lv1'iiu1iui1zil, llfll wi:- .il, :xml l4w:xlz1llai11'sIxy 11114-ll: mlixviissimi ul' the-sv siilnil-i-IN. F1 TEST TUBE CLUB First Si-'llll'Hfl'l' l'i'i-Ninlwiil ,,..,.,,. .,,,,, I li-wziiwl Swim Vim- I'1'4-sirleint ,.., , ,ii4liM'l'l Sliamli Sl-vi'eltzl1'y- 'i'I't4IlSlll'Pl' ,, Lau llilln Staiiilvy .Xmlvisi-1' , ..,, Mr, ,IM-in 'I'l-mplv Nvvllllll Svnn-sh-r l'l'1'SlIi4'Ill ,,,,,,, ,. ,, , , il1iiwl'l Zillii Yiiw l'i'4-siflvm ,,,, Virpziiiizi lim-vii Si-1-i'i-l1li'y- 'l'1w-zisillwz' l.:i Iiillzi Stuiiloy l'urp1lsi-: 'Fw lmilnl gi'--iii-fi' int.-rvsl in l'il4'IIllSll'j', TRAVEL CLUB l'1'i-silli-in ,.,. ,.,.IiuIwi-t Vlixiimixiii Vim- i'i'm-sillvlil XVilli:im .x4i4iiSllll Svl'I'vl1lI'y ,, ,,,..,., , lin-lly l'il'uili 'I'iw-zwlilvl' ,,,, , Virginian K--rsliiivi' .Xilvisvrs ,,..,,,,, ,, , , , Alix Huy llimxw-1'-Ali'. Ilnlwri llii-i' l'ii1'imsv: 'IM jlllll'll4'V In fur plum-s with Ilia-hs-llrnI'liliiis:iii1I ul'1n'u- plv who lizivv lrzivi-le-al wiiln-ly, :iml ln NIlI'l'1lll kiiuwlvmlpgv ul' ill- li-iw-sliiig' plum-S within vzisy 4li'ivinp4' 1liHl:imw Ut' Alliauiivv. JUNIOR-SENIOR GIRL RESERVES 1 1+-:4ldv11L ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,, ,,...,,,,,,, S no Mlller X11-u I'rm-:+i4i+:uL ,,,, ,liuth VPUIIIICFI' 4'l'k'l2lI'j' .,,.,,...,, , ,NIll'lIl2l .Nluffly rII'1'2lSlll'1'l' , ,,.,,,,,,, Yirprinizm Walh-1' Xclxlsc-ls ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.., ,, ,,,,,,, ,,.... , , Miss Jam- A1'1nst1'm1p4'-.Xliss Tlllth W1-cava-1'. Illrpusm-: 'Fu Fmd :md LLiY1' Ihw lmst. FRESHMAN- SOPHOMORE GIRL RESERVES I rclsidvnl ,,,,.....,,,,, Mary Lou Ilxwrgnlx X lm- I'l'vsIdent .....,.,.., ,,,, . loam Mctiue f'l'4'11ll'Y ,,,,...,,,,,. .,,,,,,, I 'Iilm-n T'll'0XVH I Ivzlslllw-1' ,,,,....,,,,,,,, Mz11'g':1l'vt I1'zmdy Xf1VlSL'I'S ..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , , Miss IUWSPIIILIIK' Z1-1-his-l - 'RUSS .Xl2ll',E,'ill'vT Hull. I llrpusn-: 'Fu find and Miva- the be-st. MERIDIAN CLUB l'I'HSill1'Ill ,.,,.. Alf-rle Crnwl gk-'f'I'PI2ll'j' , ,,,,, , , ,Ivan Pauli 'I'1'eus111'v1' ,, ,.,,,,,,,,.,,, , Elm- liglxwickluull Arlvlsvl' , ..,,,,,., ,,..,,, ......,, . 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GEORGE WILLIAMS HI-Y Ifirsl Sl-nn-sh-r l'iw-sirh-iii llhln-1-1 I-Iilxxziiwh Vim- I'l'l'SI1Il'Il Ili-In-VI XX':ii'i'i-ii S1'4'l'tII1ll'j' , Iluwzxiwl S4-hu 'I'ri-zisiiiw-1' , Ifuhi-rl XX'i'ig4hl .Xrlvisi-1' ,, Mi: .Xrthlxr V:-mhw Sn-1-oml Sa-nu-sh-r I'I'-'SIIIUIII , l'I5'rl4- llmlsz-5 Vim- I'l'4'SilI1'IlI I.yh- Vris' S1-4-iw-l::i'y , ilf-hi-Vt Wrigghi I'ul'p1vsm-1 'Vu vm-:lin-, maliiilzliu, zum! 1-xte-mi IIIIWPIIILIIHIII lh1- sf-hfml IIIIII VHNIIIIIZIIIIQ IIIMIIUI' slziiirlzliwls uf 4'I1l'isliz1h living: :nlui 1'Il:li':u'l4-l'. I'I:1tI'v-rili: VI:-:eh Iiviiiu. 1'I4-:iii sm-4-vii, vis-:lil 1'I1zll':u1'1n-l', 1-I1-:ui NIN1ll'I5fI1I1lIIHI1IIP. WENDELL PFOUTS HI-Y l"i rs! S1'llll'S1l'l' I'i'1-sill:-hi ,Y,, ,,.Xn4Il'1-W K1-lim-I Yiwu- I'I'liSiYI1'IlI , ,.I:lms-s .Xlzm-1 Sm-1-11-Izni'y ,, ,,NYIIII2lIl1 Ilivm 'III'I'il!4I!l'1'l' ,.Izl1'k I'Irlw:ii'1I-N .Xwixisf-i' , Mr. Szxmuvi Iiuszal Sa-4-om! 51-nu-sh-r I'l'4-silivlil ,.I:u'k I'I4IXX'2lI'lI Yin- I'i'1-silli-111 ,,,IIIl'Ii2lI'lI IMS! S4-4-iw-I:li'y ,, , lmslin- Iiiiniir 'I'i'z-zlsiiro-1' ,,,,, . ,,,, ,,XX'iIIi:im Iiim I'i1i'i-hm-: A :ef-i'x'i1'4-f'll1h11-i'lIi4-Iligii sm-lim-I :xml vulillllllliliy liilw-ugil :Ii-V1-Iwpiiu-lit ul l'Ii2ll'2ll'l1'I', sm-If iw-Iiziiive-. :nail l'hi'isl1:xil irlvzlls. LATIN CLUB Firsi S1-1111-sh-r l'1'11sid1-111 11'1111s111sJ ,AlEll'illI1 l':llI'I, 1411111111: 1'1-111111111 S01'I'et:11'y ., ,...,..,,,, 11NYY1l110 xYilliElI11S Tl'4'2lSllI'l11' ,,,,,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,.,., 1111111 Davis 1'1'11g1'e1,111 i,'iHl1i'D12i1i ,,,,.... Viwlcl Bien: H Svvlnul sl'llll'Ntl'l' 1'1'us1dv111 11'1111s11ls1 ,,Al111'i1111 Bu1'L . 1411111110 111111111111 SDK'l'Pl2l1'Y A,,,,,..,....... f,1XYyl1ill' XVi1li:f1111s 'l'1'v:1S111'1-1' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,, Dura Davis f,I'115J,'I'?lI1l C11:1i1'1111111 ,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,.,,,,,,,.,.lJ11111121 Je-1111 1111111111111 AfiX'1S13l'F+Al1SS .lz1111- Dilley, Miss 1"l'Z1I1l'l'S Millar, Bliss 11111111 M0011-, l'1l1'I1OS1'I Tu 1CZll'Il 111011: 111111111 110111- :111 Ilfe 211111 111yt11u1o1:,'y, and tn 1-11411111 11 g1'uz1t1-1' interest i11 Latin, PSYCHOLOGY CLUB First Sl'llll'Stl'l' Pl'KESidl'lll ,,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,1,, llC1l1'y 1111111-16111 Yivc 1'1'vsi1lo11t .,.. ..,, I 1110110 Kctchzim St'f'I'CtZll'1'- T1'02lSlI!'U1' ,,,.,,,,,,,, tfzxrule xYljl'IlUll .-XCIVISOI' .,...,,, ....,,.. .,.. IX 1 1'. XYQ11Le1' XVgbb S1-1-mul Serin-sh-r 1'1'1-Hidm-11t ,,,,..,,,,...... XYi1liam 51111150111 Vive l'1'0SidL!I1t ,,,,....,,..,, U2ll'1JEl1'2l Auld Se1'1'etz11'y-'l'1'eas11rel' Y,...,,, I'z1t MCFQ1: 1'111'1111s1-: '1'11 p1'o11111lc iritcrvst ill rluiiy 1111s1'1'Vz1Lio11 of 11111111111 111:- 1l2'lViUl' 111111 to Iiavv butler 1111do1'- slz111r1i11g nf 111'i111'ip1c:s of psy- 1'110i11g,'y. LE CENACLE First 501111-sim-r 1'1'1-Q1111A11t ,,,,,,,,..,,,, ,,,,. 1 X1111 .1111111 Vive 1'1'uSi411-111, ,,,, K12ll'l112L 1111-ksrwn q1'K'1'l'lill'Y ..,,,, . ......,,...,.. S1111 .1111111s1111 'l11.1X11111 111111 X1i111i 4X1lX'iSl'1' ,,,,, ,Miss 1'I1izz1111-111 XY1'ig:,'11L Svvtlllll S1-1114-slvr 1'1'1-si1I4-111 ,,.,,,..,,., ,,,,,,..,,,, . 101111 Neill Vive I'1'e:4i111111t . ,,F1':111C1fS Stiwnzi S1-1'1'1'1:11'y ,,,,,,., , ,,,. .Livizi 312111111 'i'I'L'i1Sl1I'13l' ,,,,,,,,,,,...,,, ,,,,,, 1 101121 A11':111i '111'1111s1-: '1'11 1111111-1111 11111 111111 I4'i'1-111'11 ui' its 1111-11111e1's. GERMAN CLUB 1'1'1-141111-111 ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 Xlillil A1210 AIElllli2l5 Vivo I ' " 'Ill 11111. ' 1111 'ielslrle ,,,,,,,,,.,, 1'1 Novi Q1-vi' ' 1-l:11'y- 1 l'62lSlll'l'1' ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,XVi11i11111 lZo1'g:11111z11111 ,Xclvim-1' ,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,.,, iN 112 SSIIIIUEEI illlfiilf, SUUUIIII S1-1111-sh-r 1'1'1-1411111111 ......,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,, X 'illl 12ui'1'114:1' V11-rg I'1'e-S1111-111, XX1111:1111 111-1'1.:'1:111:11111 S1-c'1'1-l111'y- '1'1'1-:1s111'e1' ,,,,,,,, 1'I1lwz11'f1 Ivo G1'2lNX 1'111'1111s1'2 '1'11 p1-111111111- il p:'1'11:1lo1' 111- tcrcisl, ill 1111- 111-1'111:111 1z111g,'11z11:,'c 111 111 1ll1'1'2l11lI'l'. CADUCEAN CLUB ral Sl'llI1'5'l'l' I rw-flvlmul H115 nwml Alwl m11:uI4I X11-my I'l'4'SIIIl'IlI Xllbll t'I'l-I'lI'Y II't'2lNllI'1'I' , XlIX'II41'I' , , """1i:l K1-1-11 I,m-wllzl I'is:111wI!fu Ilulh Whitmvr Miss lluII1 Imwh-1' S1-vulnl 5l'llll'Nll'I' I'I'l'SI1IL'IlI , ,Yirggilliu Svllxvzellul X lm- I'1'1-SirI1-nt , ,.,, ,I'IIllIJI AIJIIIJII1' l'I'4'I1lI'Y , ,, I-III1-11 S1ul'I'1Ar 'I I'1'2lHllI'1'I' ,,,, I'IX'I'Ij'll XVIIHUII I'I1l'pusu: 'IM In-m-lil SIll4I1'lIlS xx'I1u wlll lzllxn- up IIIIVSIIILL wr III4'lIll'lIlt'. HOME. ECONOMICS CLUB I'1w-shlvrst ,,,,, II1lI'Ii'IlL' Valllzulim Xlm- I'1'wsi1II-HL ., ,,,,, .XI'I1-:lv Iivhm un-lgll-y ,,,, tilurizl NIZIIIIIIIS Ixwznsxllw-1' ,, , ,.XiI1-nv Ile-hm X1Ix'is4-1' ,.I.., ,,,, A Iiss Iiulh llnllnwwk l111'1ms4'Z 'IM Irving 1-fgw-llufl' girls wlm uw- lI!I4'I'1'SI1'lI III hmm- vvurn- nnmivs :Iml whu wlll 11141 111 1111'- llxf ring ww IIUIIIU, vrk ut lIlvsm'I1fmI IIl thu STAMP CLUB Fi rst Nl'llll'Sfl'l' I'1'm-S1111-111 ,,I.IlvI'UIIlY IIkiI'I'IR4HI Yivu I'1'csimlvuI .VVV,,,, Mary Ifvtlm-1'I1uI'f SPl'I'C'I2ll'Y .,, ,,,, .Kay Iiutzluu-In-1' 'l'r1r1Is11rer ..., ,..,, ,,..., . Iavk I'm-telrs .XxIx'1ss-1' ., .., ,Mlss Mari Im Ilulelzuu' sl'1'0lll' Svllwsh-r I'1'1-si1l4-ul ,, ,., ,..NYi1liz1m IY2ll'l'l'Il Vim- I'1'Gsicls-ul .. ,, .,IIL'I'II'llfI4' Svlleuk SQ'l'l'GI2ll'Y H ,. ,,,,, Luville- 311111111-t 'I'l'vas11l'e!' ,,.........I.. .,,, , .lavk I'1-LI,-lw I'xx1'1msvZ Tn prmnntc- iulm-rest in HIHIIIDS :xml to I-ullcr-I. thvm. CAMERA CLUB First S1-ilu-sh-r I'r1-siiln-nt ,,,.,,,,,.. Ilzirulll 'I'umI1I Vivo I'1'esifI4-nl .lzum-s 3Ii'Hl'iiIIl Sc-vrf-tzl1'y-'l'1'wus1111-V, IIuw:nl'1l 'I'mImI ,Xrlvisvr ,, ,,,,,,, ..,, A Ili XYIIIIZIIII Gross Nffllllll NPIIIPNYPI' I'I'4'NIfIf'llI ,,,IluIwl'lz1 Sumlors Vivo I'rcsi4I4-nl , ,.,., .Iunu-s NI1'IIl'ElIIl S0l'l'lJI4l ry- 'I'rv:1m11'vl' ,t'z11I1n-rinv Ilzamlnhulu I'111'1mss-1 'l'n wlwve-Imp un iulm-nw-st in thv tnklng' nt IbIl'IIII'l'S zummx-1' th.- :4lu1Ic-HI Immly. BLUE DO-IVIINO CLUB First S1'llI1'Sf1'l' I'l'1,'SIfIt'III ,M ,,,,,. ,,,,,, I ii:-iizirfi Iiiicv Vim- I'1'i-sirii-HL , ISI-ily 'I'0l'Iill1ll' gl't'I'l'I2lI'j' .... ,.....,,.,,, , ,,,, N urnizi Lutz III'02lSilI'1'I' ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , 4'zii'nly11 .luiiils MIVISA-V ,, MISS I"loi'4-i14'4- M1-yr,-I' Sc-1-null S4-nu-slq-r i'1'n-sim-iit , ,,,.,, .. , Ilii-hzii'fI iiiiov Vim- I'l'm-sich-ill , .,,,, IIIVIIIIIWI Iluwn-Ii QK'C'l'l'I2II'j' ,,,,., .,,,,,,,, N ornizi Iiutz 'i'i'c:w111-I-1' Kun luiiii I'li1'1msv: 'Fu n-in-wiii':ig'0 iiilt-i'4'Sl :xml skill iii mI1':im:iti4-s in tin- high sf-lmol. FINE ARTS CLUB First Svlln-sh-r I'Ve-Sirloiit .., ,,,,, ,,,, , ,NViIIium Iiiim, Vim- l'l'1-SNIA-IIE ,, ,, ,, Nuiivy Ailes Ql'f'I'1'l2ll'B' . ,,Y,,, -,,,Nz1i1r-y K1-miall l'i'ezisiilw-V .. ...., ,,., , ,,,, N siiivy Ailvs XIIVISVI' ,,,,, UMISH Iluth Uhislmim S1-vnlnl Sl'lll0S10I' Ill'l'SI4Ik'IlI . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'1rI'wzL1'fl Ai ll'IllI Vim- I'I'K'SIlII'IIL ,.,.Sz1IIy Aim Munn- Ye,-c'l'n-tui'y ,,,,,,,, mliwigriit I-'reshli-3' I'I't'2lSIIl'k'i' ,,,,.... ,,,S:iIIy Ann Alumn- Xdviscl' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,.., 3 ll: I'12ll'I Iir-zwii I'i1i'1m,-- xr' 'IM piwfixintm- 'in 'IIIDIWGII tiuii nt' tha- IIIIVI' :iris iii lilo S4'Iim,1l Iiiuii TRI-ARTS CLUB l'i'4-sirii-iii ,, ,,..,, mimi-uliuy Iiuxxwii-ii Vive- l'1'i-sith-lil , ,,,,,,,,,,,, Ilvss Ililles S1'1'l'l5lill'V ,...,,,.,.,,,,, ,..,,,, J vnu Mzulisoii 'III'L'2IFl1I'i'I' ,,,,,,,A.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, vIt'2lll Iiiimies ,Xilvism-I' ., .......,, Mr, IAPIEIIIII XVI1iLzici'u Nl-volul Sonu-sh-r I'i'n-sifiolil ,,,,,,, .,,Imi'ulIiy iluwiin-ii Vivo I'1'L-Sith-ill ,,,,,,..,...,,.... Ilfvss Ililies Sl'f'I'l'I?lI'Y .Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,AIz1,1'y Ilnllm' 'I'!'H2IFlI1'0l' , ,,....,, Milcirc-ri Kilzmillei' i'i11'1zusG: Tu mziiiiiziiii :iii iiiti-11,-St, in Imiriries and arts fm' uxiug' Ie-isxii'i3 iiim- tu il Wlinifesmmr ud- YzlllL2l5.:'l'. AEROBUCS CLUB Iwexifieiit, ,,,,..,,,,, ,,,,,, T Iuwglril 'Pndfl Vive- I'l'L'SIdL'liI, .,,. ,,,,...,A I IUIHIICI Holla SK'Cl'1'lii1'X .,,,,,... , ..,, ,,.Izu114-S ,Xrtziif-i' 'I'i'ezisii1'1-1' ....,,,,..,,,,..,,,, IIEll'I'y iliimius .Xfivisi-1' . ,,,,,,,,,,,,, M12 .Izmir-s XViIIii-Im I'li1'1msc: 'Fo t'l'l'2lI,G :ind pi'miml,c- iii- ioim-si. :xml lci1mx'I0fI9:4- mi the IL-i'Iiriir'zlI :1114I Dl':lr'1,ii':11 QLSW-vts ot' zivizilirwii :mil moilcl ziirlvlziiima buildimi. BACHELORS i'v'ef:Nislg-ill , ilusswll Ymif-1' Vim- i'iw-sivlf-vit , Hynix' Stirvs X S1w'l'1-lz+11'5' , .. 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MV, ilnl-4-ri Hin-I' Mr. .Izumi-s ililmnrm- S1-vunal Sl'Illl'S'l'l' I'l'c-sislviil 4'h:1iiu'4-s 4-xi-ry mi-1-liiiag S1'1'l'0-l:ll'5 ,, .. .lzivli limqlish 'I'l'4':lr4lll'4-1' lIl'l11'1' XYi4'p41'I I'l11'1msw: 'IM 5111415 lHll'ii1IIIll'IIIHl'j' lzlw :uni Irv 1-ulliv:ut4- I4-zulf-rsliip :uni I-qziiiy. 65 BONTE CLUB I'i'4-sill--ill Vil'Lli!li2I Hirwil Yin' I'1w-sidi-iii , 4':nl'nl+- X'wl'imiu 't'l'1'I2ll'j' Yiruinizn Szlfll-ll 'I'i'm-zislliw-V ,, Hum Ilvth 1'ui'i' .Xilvim-1' ,, . ,Miss .Im-:ln Milli-1' 5l'l'lPllII Sn-nu-su-r I'l'n-sill!-lil , Sue- .luhnsvvil View I'1w-sidsilll Inlviiv if0il'h2lIlI Q1-4-1'n-t:1l'5' . f'2lI'IIlj'Il Julius 'l'i'z-Qisiirwl' , ., . Hlivv .Irvin-S i'lll'l1H541'f 'IM pi-immlv i'i'is-mlship, ln rzlisi- siwiail sizemlzirfls of tim svliimi, :mil In vin-w11l':1g'v m-mnp4-l'- ZIYIHH JIIIIHIHL' tile- stuiivllis, ESQUIRI-Ls l'l'l'I4i4it'Ili ,, ,.Xif'l't'1l l'uhi'n Yivv i'l'4'sialvi1l Y lluiwri Ihuis hl'l'l't'l2li'j' , H ,niliilwrt .Xiirh-rsmi 'i'I'l'ZlSl1l'l'l' , , .lxmmf-S Mmlsiim' ,Xzlvism-1' , . MV. Hyrnn XX'z1llu'l' Sq-4-onll S4'lll0Sl1'I' l'1-4-siilmil ,,,,, , Alfl'4'4l l'uI14wl Yivm- l'I'0HiflPII1 , ..,lH1lv Iii-wiit -vri-t:u'y ,wllnln-l'l Aiirivrsim 'I'i'i-aislxiw-1' . , Vdlziiwivs Alfvlisiwy l'1ir'1msv: 'IM lwtti-r thc- simiul stami- :irfis nt' tin- hiuh svluml :md Hu' ineiiviilliui. ORCHESTRA ' First Sc-nmstrr I'rc-snlvnt .,.,, ,,,,....,,, CEil'l71j'll .Inhns Yivv i'I'i'SiliCIli , ,..,,,. Dain Hewitt S4-1-rc-t:ii'y ,,,,,,,, Elziim- Hzilldwurli i,iirVZll'iZlIl ,, Vltziries Flynn .Xiivism-V ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, . .MIL lflarl Bvzwh SPUOIIII Svllwstl-r I'i'1-sidvlit H ,, .,,,,,,..,,, 4'a1'uIyn Johns Vivo I't't-siflunl ,,,,... Ilhbort i':tiXV2ll'l'ls Sw-1'vt:it'y ,.... ., ..,,,, tilminzi Hfwk liiiYl'2Il'i2lIl ,,,,,,,., ,,...., . Xrthur Stun-kvy iwirtwst-2 'Vo 1-iw,-:mtv un arlvzaiworl in- lt'I'4'Sl, in musie- and to furnish tho high svlnml :Activities with innsiv. M QIRLS' GLEE. CLUB I ivblfiltlli ., ,dlziyno tfray Yiwu i're-sitivnt , ,i,, i4l1l'iiO Kctvlianx S4'l'I'l"t1ll'X- 'i'I't'2lSllI'l'i' ,,,,.. KQXYYIIIII' XYiiiiums Ailvisi-1' , Miss lflvu lim- Savketf ,I'ur1wr4v: 'IM fnstci' :in inte-rest in gmrrl nnmiv. BOYS' GLEE. CLUB l'i'1-sim-tit ,,,, ,,.., I 'wiglit i1'1'eshley Yiwu I'r4-sith-nt , ,,,., Iiulv Hr-witt Sw-1'n-t:iry- 'ixI'1'2lSlll'1'i' ,,,,,,,,,, H?ll'l'iSUiI Huszit, Aflvisi-r ,,,,,,, Miss Iivu Iwo Savkett, l'11t'wvsQ: To foster :tn intvrost in umm! i1IllSll', BAND A First 5Pllll'S1l'l" l'i'vs1fl+-il! ,, ..,, ,,.,, , . Juv ITEIIIGX Vivo i'Vt-sinh-lit .. .... iluiwrt i':tlXYHl'df4 S4-wtw-t:x1'y ..,,, ,,,,,,,,.,, limtna Hovk l,ih1':i1'iz1n , .Xrthur SIUt'ii0Y ,Xdviswr ,i.i,,,,,,, Mr. Earl Roach N1-mnul sl'llll'Sf1'l' l'1'1-sinh-ill ,,,,,,, , ,,Jm- Handy Vive- i'l'l'Sifi4'ili. ,,,..., Dain Hvwitt St't'I't't2l1'j' .,,,, ,,,,, , , .Jann-S Moxlslwy Iiihrurizui ..,,,,,, ,,,,,,,. ,,,,, t I lmrlos Flynn I'n1'pvvse: 'Vu 1-relate an mIVanr'0fl in- l6!l'4'SI in Music' and tu furnish thc- hirrh svlmm-I :wtivitivs with mnw sir. BOOSTER CLUB Prfwirlvnt ... .. .,,,...,,. , . , ,,,, , June Tlllvtt, Hm'1'ctul'y ,, ,, , Ilzmrriot ,Hailvy '1'!'02iSIll'CI' ,.. . ., ,. ,,Yafiz1 QHumIin Aflvism' .. ,,,., ,, , ..,. .,....,,... . ,,.. A liss Mnrtlm, llaldune i"u1'pusr-: 'l'n 4-rcute :L spirit uf vlf-un Hll0!'lFIU1lI1ShiIJ and ellthllslasm lll 1'c-gan! tn athletics. G. A. C. CLUB First Sf-nmstc-r Prf-sirlvnt , , ,,,.,, W , , Joan ,llllhvu Vivo l'1'esi:l011t .. , ,,., ICIULIIIHI' Mvlluwzul Svvrct2-lry-'l'1'vufu1'r-I' ,, .. ,,., Yirgriniu Svhwalm AUVISOI' ,.,, ,.,,,, ..,,..,, . ,,.Miss Luvilo ,Pettls Svvnnd sPIll1'S'l'I' lrvsirlvnt , , ,. .,,A , ,,,, H Joram TIHUH Vivo I'1'vsir1011L .. , ,,... ,,,,,,...,,.,, , ,, ,,,,, .,IGI1-avmr AICQIUXVHII Sm-retu1'y-'I'rousu1'o1' ,.....,.,,,..,.....,.......,..,,..... . ,,,, gxllll Joliet l'Ul'1lHSFi To further uthlotim' avtiviiius for girls. G7 Fa!! Varz'efz'e.f Draws Fu!! Hoare "Among the noted people here this eve- ning we see Miss X coming down the aisle, escorted by Mr. Y. She is wearing a stun- ning blue dress with white accessories." What is this? A Hollywood preview 'F Well, no, not exactly, but it is the gala open- ing of the Fall Varieties of 1940, and the "Standing Room Onlyv sign was up in front of the auditorium. As the house is finally quieted, we hear the strains of Frank Cor- bi's popular Varieties Orchestra coming from behind the curtain. The house lights are dimmed, the curtains open, and the produc- tion is on. Act One takes place in a large show house where try-outs are being held for the Fall Varieties. Curly Errol tBob Edwardsj as director of the coming show is trying to di- rect the traffic of talent which is jamming the stage. He is being helped by George, the dancing teacher tBob Cassidyb. Hachen- schmidt, tBill Klinej, stage manager, Geof- frey Chaser tHyde Stiresj, M. C. try-out, "Scoop" Carson tDwight Freshleyb, pub- licity manager, and "Flash" Foley tFrank Hoilesj, news photographer, all add to thc general confusion. However, stars began to appear, not in the sky, but in rhythm and dance. Beth and Gay McMinn were oi to a flying start with the "Goofus Dance" and were followed by Tommy Flynn as "Tiny Astaire," Billy Pat Leighton in "Rhythm Tap," and finally that "Gay Paree Can Can Chorus". . . Bob Con- rad, Bill Shrigley, Glenn Cobb, Russ Yoder, Dick Alexander, and Franklin Smith. Other special features were the "Dachs- hund Doodlers," a corny German band com- posed of Joe Bandy, Gil Van Derkar, Alex Pataki, Bruce Reese, Jim Moushey, Dale Templeton, Bill Egli, and Delmar Evans, "Madam De le Mere," Ellen Stoffer, f'Septet from Lochodoraf' the varsity football team with George DeMuth as soloist, and "Smasl1e News," Bachelor Clu,b's prize winning chapel stunt. During intermission "A Few Words" was given by Betty Terhune and Al Cohen Act Two was the opening night of 'tFall Varieties of 1940? There was never a dull moment especially as the scene was started by the Varieties Chorus of 13 girls . . . Nan- cy Ailes, Nina Crumrine, Ellen Dailey, Eve- lyn DeLion, Jane Eynon, Patsy Lewis, Pat McFee, Sally Ann Moore, Joanne Reynolds, Mary Roller, Marie Sullivan, Dorothy Var-- ner, and Virginia Waller. Feature numbers were given by Ed Ma- rini with his accordion, Dorothy Arnold and Bertha Mae Bert in "Double Tap", Norma Lutz and Carolyn Johns with a piano duet of "Night and Day", Helen Galieti and Beth McMinn, the "Swing Sisters", Pat Thomas and Gene Rollins, guest stars, in "Rhum- boogie" and "Siboney", Art Stuckey and Bob Edwards as the "Sizzle Strings", Ross Hilles, Bob White, and Russ Yoder as the "Three Yehoodies", Dick Riley, Don Ad- dams, John Boyd, and Pat McFee in a skit, 'tFair Enough." The faculty provided its laugh by the "Hickory Hollow Hotshotsf' Byron Walker, Sam Husat, E. E. Kidwell, James Wilhelm with Ben Temple directing, and by "Mergen and Bicarbonatej, played by Walter Webb and James Gilmore. This novel program was presented un- der the supervision of Leland Whitacre and was the biggest show ever staged in the auditorium. fflyifzg Hzlgh V f , Q l X Afrzzialory Zoom Ykrozzgh Football Seaman Last fall, for the first time in ten years, the Aviator football season started without Dr. George M. Wilcoxen as head coach. The coaching job was ably taken over by Leon-- ard "Dutch" Hoppes, a former star of Alli- ance High School and Mount Union College. Coach Hoppes finished his first year with a fine record, being beaten only by the powerful Massillon Tigers and Canton Mc- Kinley Bulldogs. 1 The iAviatqrs openqd the season by defeating Minerva, 25-6, and could have run up a much higher score, but Coach Hoppes used his second and third stringers a good part of the game. One touchdown was scored by Dick McClure and two were made by Chuck Gainor. The Aviators then took care of Cleve- land Central, 38-14, and Cleveland Univer- sity School, 14-0. The touchdowns in the Central game were scored by Joe Rogel, Steve Luca, Chuck Gainor, and Jack Hahlen. In the University encounter Gainor broke away for a 65-yard Canter to score one touchdown, and Dick Fritz caught a pass from Gainor to score the other. The Aviators met a snag and were held to a 12-12 tie by Youngstown Ursuline. Luca and Gainor broke away for long runs to score Alliance's touchdowns. Then came the game with the great Massillon Tigers which was played in the Akron Rubber Bowl. This was the first high school game to be played in the newly built stadium. A great crowd of 35,000 watched the Aviators give the Tigers one of the hardest battles of their football season be- fore being beaten 40-0. Nick Stoica was easily the outstanding player for the Aviat- ors, for time after time he stopped the Tiger backs by hard tackles. The following week the Red and Blue team took care of Cleveland John Hay by the score of 12-0. Gainor scored one touch- down, and Bud Howell, turning in a nice bit of open field running, ran 60 yards for an- other. The Aviators traveled to Canton to battle the lVlcKinley Bulldogs and were beat- en, 25-0. Nick Stoica again turned in a nice job of tackling and frequently stopped the backs who were on their way to touchdowns. The Red and Blue team had a bad first half but came back in the second half to drive deep into Canton territory only to be stopped before getting a touchdown. The next week the Aviators traveled to Barberton and beat the Magics, 9-0. Earl Branfield caught a pass thrown by Chuck Gainor for the only touchdown of the game. Akron Central came to Alliance next and was beaten, 14-0. Chuck Gainor scored once for the Red and Blue on a well execut- ed end run. Hard smashing fullback, Steve Luca, scored on a plunge from inside the tive-yard line for the other Aviator score. The Aviators then took care of James- town, N. Y. to the tune of 38-0. Incidentally, the game was played in about four inches of snow which covered the field. Nick Stoica stepped in, intercepted a pass, and then scampered G8 yards to score. Steve Luca, the small but hard hitting fullback, scored two touchdowns, one on a 70-yard jaunt. Other touchdowns were scored by Virgil "Red" Artino, Earl Branfield, and Dick Mc- Clure. The Aviators closed their 1940 football season by beating their old rivals from Sa- lem, 34-0. The Quakers drove deep in the Aviators' territory early in the first period only to see Nick Stoica intercept a pass and run 96 yards to score the first touchdown. Dick McClure scored two touchdowns. Bud Howell and Jack Hahlen scored the other Red and Blue tallies. Steve Luca, Chuck Gainor, George Dc lVIuth, Robert Addison, Harry Weibush, Louis Boschini, Nick Stoica, and Don Hole played their last games for the Aviators against Salem as they are seniors. Chuck Gainor, the Red and Blue quarterback who was chosen on a number of all-star teams throughout the county and state, was the leading scorer for the season with 7 touch- downs and 6 points after touchdowns for 48 points. Steve Luca was next with 36 points. The leading ground gainer was Chuck Gainor. Football Sammary Alliance Minerva 6 Alliance Cleveland Central 14 Alliance Cleveland University 0 Alliance Youngstown Ursuline 12 Alliance Massillon 40 Alliance Cleveland John Hay 0 Alliance Canton McKinley 25 Alliance Barberton 0 Alliance Akron Central 0 Alliance Jamestown, N. Y. 0 Alliance Salem 0 Total 97 Fresaman Foofaaff Saaaa' P15125 15726 The Alliance High freshmen gridders enjoyed a good year, winning five out of eight games. The losses came at the hands of Riootstown and Augusta which were varsity teams. Wilson Stump, assisted by Dave Main- waring, coached the Red and Blue yearlings. Coach Stump expects Joe Igro to become a good backfield man, as he broke away for long touchdown runs throughout the season. Two of his long runs were 80-yarders. Outstanding boys on the line were Jim Faulkner, John Codrea, Kenneth Dickey, and Freyamaa Summary Warren Hardy who are good sized boys, and Charles Purdy who, although small, was a tower of strength on the line. Thomas McCartney, Thomas Babington, and Igro were the outstanding backfield men. One bright spot on the record was the 19-13 victory over Massillon Edmund Jones, and another was an 80-0 victory over Bar- berton. The returning lettermen are Al Rinaldi, Arthur Calladine, William Neketis, Leonard Snodgrass, and Yaraldine Thomas. Alliance 0 Rootstown Varsity 6 Alliance 19 Massillon Edmund Jones 13 Alliance 53 Canton Burns 0 Alliance 0 Rootstown Varsity 21 Alliance 80 Barberton 0 Alliance 18 Salem Jr. Varsity 7 Alliance 7 Augusta Varsity 32 Alliance 6 State Street 0 Total E-ef 79 lrbofbafl Banquet The Alliance Aviators were guests of the Young Men's Club on December 10, 1940 at the Women's Club at the sixth annual football banquet sponsored by this group. The Aviators had a real treat listening to the main address given by Lynn Waldorf, head football coach at Northwestern Uni- versity, who gave a most interesting talk. Other speakers on the program were Coach Leonard Hoppes, Assistant Coach Lawrence Gligor, and R. S. Coppock, chairman of the athletic board. After the dinner at the Woman's Club, a program open to the public was held in the Alliance High School auditorium. Coach Waldorf gave a short talk and Coach Hoppes introduced the lettermen who were given their letters by Coach Waldorf. The letter- men were Rob Addison, Alfonse Andreanni, Mw Atbfefic Board Another change in the athletic policy of the high school this year has been the creation of a live-man Athletic Board which has complete supervision of all athletic ac- tivities undertaken by the school. Ralph S. Coppock is chairman of the board and has charge of all athletic sched- ules and contracts. Leonard "Dutch" Hoppes, head football coach, and Philip "Nip" Heim, head basketball coach. are Virgil Artino, Earl Bard, Louis Roschini, Earl Braniield, Carl Castiglione, George De Muth, Richard Fritz, Charles Gainor, Jack, Hahlen, Bud Howell, Frank Iannotti, Steve Luca, Henry Mantho, Joe Rogel, Warren Ruff, Nick Stoica, and Harry Wiebush. Twelve of the lettermen will be back for action next fall-Andreanni, Artino, Bard, Braniield, Castiglione, Fritz, Hahlen, Howell, Iannotti, Mantho, Rogel, and Ruff. Rogel and lannotti were named co-captains of the 1941 squad. Five seniors received the coveted gold footballs in recognition of their three years' experience in varsity football and their earn- ing two letters. The five boys were Bob Ad- dison, Louis Boschini, Charles Gainor, Nick Stoica, and Harry Wiebush. members of the board. Fred Stuckey acts as business manager, supervising ticket sales, handling gate receipts, and paying the bills. Principal B. E. Saffell is the tifth member of the board. Under the direction of these tive men Alliance High School's athletic teams en- joyed a good year and look forward to car- rying on under the same policy in the fu- ture. Arwkzfor Bzmtefeerf PW72 IWW amz' Drop Ezlghl Toward the end of April last year the local school board announced that it had ap- pointed Philip K. Heim as head basketball coach. "Nip," as he is now known to most of us, is remembered by local fans as one of the outstanding basketball players at Mount Union. Heim came to Alliance after posting hne records at Canal Fulton and Canton Timken. While at Canal Fulton "Nip" turned out a state championship class "B" quintet. During the middle of November Coach Heim called all the boys out for drills. After several weeks of practice he narrowed his team down to twelve players. For the next two weeks Heim drilled his boys on a shift- ing zone defense, and the opening game found him with a fairly strong quintet. At the forwards were two lanky six footers in Charley Jenkins and "Occie" Gre- cu on whom Heim pinned his offensive hopes. Playing center was six foot four Tom Faulk- ner who hails from Canada and never laid his hands on a basketball until a year ago last January. The two guard posts were ably taken care of ,by Frank Iannotti and Bob Addison who were also stars on the football team. The rest of the squad was composed of Bill Lutsch, Basil Skillern, George Gwinn, Dick Fritz, Charley Gainor, Dick McClure, and Joe Rogel. Of the twelve players, nine saw action on last year's varsity team. For the third consecutive year the Aviators found its opening opposition fur-- nished by Erie Tech and easily drubbed the Erie lads, 46 to 17. Following this game the local boys made a journey to Jamestown and were upset, 26 to 25, as Bregotti of Jamestown sank a field goal in the closing seconds. Sebring was the next game on the schedule and the Aviators took them into camp, 38 to 27, as Grecu rang up 15 points. The next game with Steubenville was one of the most exciting of the season as Alli- ance nosed out the Big Red, 26 to 24. Bill Lutsch proved the hero of the game as he sank the bucket that spelled victory for Al- liance. The powerful Canton McKinley "Bull- dogs," riding on the crest of six wins and no defeats, invaded Memorial Hall for the next game and Went oil' with a 49 to 39 vic- tory. lVIcKinley grabbed an early lead and was never headed, although Grecu poured 16 points through the hoop for the Aviators. Following this bitter setback, the local quintet returned to winning form and won their next four starts. The victims were: Salem, 44 to 32, Barberton, 27 to 24, Can- ton Lehman 36 to 25, and Akron West 35 to 33. The Lehman contest marked the farewell appearance of "Occie" Grecu and Bob Addi- 1 - ii l1?ZST" f was ' f 5 X ' Sis? f M at Q 4 Q f 1, rf- f Q . . Isa' -' ggi , rl f. '.:. 1 I fkg.. . -. : -'v-: E ff' W VLV sm xx A , Q aaaaa if yt M ssts as g BASIL sxntrenu if Boa ADDDSON r r Q' Ocmvr' 1 5 oraecv t QNX q5, , ' F 1 5 l aatt up . Q i t yy y g xg go g ., H EQ- V , dm ww '-:, , 91 , it t at 1 a ' FRANK laqvucwn .,,,,......Q"5" ., --ew .e , 'Z ' CHAS. 4 K A5 JENKWS am. LUTSCH PAVL WH! TTINGHBM son, both of whom graduated in January. Grecu, who also won a letter in baseball, rang up 75 points in eight contests. Addi- son, who was also a two year letterman in football and baseball, made 25 points in the same number of games. The Akron West game was perhaps the most exciting of the year as two overtime Duck mari O if H in 5' 7 Lt 5 K as - ' 1 l Bl LL. suoosgnss y aa, I 'Q CHUCK G Amon ' QSJLTIQSJJQ ' l Hi periods were required to decide the contest. Alliance finally won the game when Dick Fritz threw in a sensational one hander from the side. The Aviators' attack was weakened quite a bit through the loss of Grecu and Addison and the local boys dropped their five remaining starts. Heim seemed to find 75 difficulty in securing a winning combina- tion due to the fact that the boys showed a tendency to tire. The five losses came from Lehman, 42 to 30, East Liverpool, 60 to 423 Massillon, 46 to 32, McKinley, 32 to 24, and New Phila- delphia, 40 to 38. In all of these games the local boys either blew early leads or were forced to overcome tremendous disadvantag- es. In these last live games Jenkins parted the meshes for 66 points. After the close of the regular season, Coach Heim entered his team in the Youngs- town Sectional Tournament. In previous years the Aviators had always entered the Akron tournament. Alliance found Hubbard a pushover in the Hrst game and ousted them, 42 to 23. Two nights later the Aviat- ors, paced by Dick Fritz and Charley Jen- kins, nosed out Salem, 35 to 32. Alliance then advanced to the semi-finals but was eliminated by a rangy Girard live, 37 to 35. Charley Jenkins gathered several hon- ors at the tournament as he was selected on Including tournament games, the Aviat- ors won nine games and were handed eight setbacks. During the season Alliance made 594 points to their opponents' 568 points. The Aviators outscored their opponents on field goals, 230 to 218, and on free throws, 134 to 132. This all represents an offensive average of 34.9 points per game and a de- fensive average of 33.4 points per game. Individual scoring honors were carried off by Charley Jenkins who meshed 178 points in 17 games. He was followed by Faulkner with 113 points and Fritz with 105 points. Jenkins also led in field goals with 83 while Faulkner carried off foul shooting honors with 35. Following the close of the season Coach Heim awarded nine letters at a basketball banquet. The awards were presented to Grecu, Addison, Faulkner, Fritz, Iannotti, Skillern, Jenkins, Lutsch, and Gainor. Addison and Grecu also received gold charms for having won two varsity letters several all-tournament teams. and played three years of basketball. The complete scoring record follows: Player Goals Fouls Total Jenkins ......,.,.....,................... 83 12 178 Faulkner ...,. ........ 3 9 35 113 Fritz ,....,., .,..,... 4 0 25 105 Grecu .,...,.. ....,... 2 6 23 75 Lutsch ....., ..,,,... 1 0 8 28 Iannotti ..... ....... 8 10 26 Addison ......, ........ 1 1 3 25 Skillern ....,.... ..... 6 9 21 Gainor .....,............ ..... 4 2 10 Whittingham ...... ..... 1 6 8 Geltz ....,.,.......... ..... 1 1 3 McClure ...,.... ........ 1 0 2 Total ,,,,.,,,,,, ....,.... 2 30 134 594 IW056 Have Successfuf Seayon At the start of the 1940-41 freshmen basketball season the coaching reins were turned over to Wilson Stump, who is also an assistant football coach. Starting from scratch, Coach Stump built up a strong team which hung up a record of nine wins and six defeats. Massillon schools proved most difficult for the freshmen as they dropped four de- cisions to Massillon teams, two each to Lorin Andrews and Edmund Jones. The other two defeats were registered by State Street. Although Coach Stump had several promising boys on the team, Calladine and Chapman showed the most possibilities of developing into great stars. Calladine, with 47 field goal and 14 fouls for 108 points, was the high point man on the team. He was followed closely by Chap- man with 45 goals and 15 fouls for 105 points. Other high scorers were Brady with 70 points, Pipero with 51 points, and Mayer with 37 points. At the end of the season numerals were awarded to the following players: Calladine, Brady, McCartney, Chapman, Mainwaring, Sackett, Mayer, Sudeck, Rinaldi, and Pipero. 76 o Two Rzzrfzeys Mari Ifzfmmumf Basebafl With many close games and a neck and sea- neck finish, the intramural basketball son covered two months of competition and was an outstanding success. A total of six- teen teams played in the tournament provid- ing recreation for close to two hundred boys. The season closed with the Booker T. Washington and Bachelor quintets leading one bracket and the Unknowns and Merid- ians pacing the other bracket. In the semi- finals the Bachelors nosed out the Booker T's as Riley sank a field goal in the final thirty seconds. In the other semi-final clash the Unknowns edged out the Meridians. The finals were then played between the Bachelors and Unknowns. The Bache- lors, after falling behind in the opening min- utes, staged a whirlwind rally in the last half and won going away. By winning the intramural crown the Bachelor Club sup- planted the Bonte Club as champions. Following the close of the season, Ray Reighart, the intramural director, announced the second annual all-high basketball tour- nament. Nineteen teams entered and games were played in the high school gym. The final between the Unknowns and Heimls Quintuplets was the most exciting game of the season. The entire game was nip and tuck. In the last two minutes Paul Whittingham sank three quick undershots and won the game for the Unknowns, 19 to 17. After the tournament closed Ray Reig- hart selected an all-star team composed of Paul Whittingham and Earl Branfield at the forwards, Charley Jenkins at center, and Tom Faulkner and Dick Fritz at the guards. Wteran Bayebafl Sgzmff Reizzrm Coach Noyes McVay started baseball practice on April 1 and found a wealth of material on hand. A break in the weather came, and by the second week of April the squad was moved outdoors for regular prac- tices. All the 1940 lettermen returned with the exception of Danny Shea who graduated. The returning lettermen were: Earl Bran- field and Ray Bowers, pitchers, LaVerne Berger and Paul Whittingham, catchers, Charles Hoag, Merle Crowl, Guy Slusser, and Dale McBane, infieldersg Al Whittingham, Joe Rogel, Neil Barnes, and Eugene Comp- ton, outfielders. Cther promising players on the team were Tom Faulkner, and James Hobbins, pitchers, and "Red" Artino, an in- fielder. Practically this same team rang up a record of eleven wins and but four defeats last year. The Red and Blue nine hung up victories over such formidable foes as Can- ton McKinley, Warren, Canton Township, Youngstown Chaney, and East Liverpool. This team also chalked up several rec- ords in that it became the first Alliance base- ball team to defeat Canton McKinley and that by the score of 2 to 0. It was also the first Aviator team to go undefeated on their home grounds and the first team to reach the finals in the district tournament. At the close of the 1940 season Coach McVay made two special awards, one to the outstanding offensive player and one to the outstanding pitcher. The former went to Dale McBane and the latter to Earl Branfield. Azozoforf Introduce Tract in Fifty inexperienced but ambitious boys greeted Coach Leonard "Dutch', Hoppes when tryouts for track were called. Hoppes decided to abandon spring football this year and substitute track for it. Track had been absent from the local sports curriculum for two years. Because there wasn't a single expe- rienced track or field event contestant on the squad, the outlook for the Aviators was rather dark. However, Hoppes hoped to lay a foundation for some strong future cinder squads. Sporfs Program The Aviators made their debut in com- petition by entertaining Sebring in a dual meet at Mount Union Stadium. Following this the local thin-clads entered the Salem night relays. Jesse Owen, famous Olympic champion, ran several exhibition races dur- ing the meet. The rest of the schedule was made up of dual meets with Boardman, Poland, and Louisville. The squad also entered the Stark County meet at Canton and the Northeast- ern Ohio district meet. Two Voterom Roiurfz to Ykmzis Sonor! The 1941 tennis season found Coach William Gross having but two returning let- termen, Bill Haymaker and Hyde Stires. However, he had on hand several promising prospects in Bob Edwards, Frank Shreve, Bill Bowers, and Herman Carr. Despite the lack of experienced men, the prospects were much better than last year when the squad split even in eight matches. The schedule which was arranged in- cluded three schools which were met last year, Salem, Sebring, and Kent Roosevelt. Coach Gross also arranged matches with Canton Lehman and Minerva. All matches were played on the home and home plan. Coooo Troim New Gof Squad With the loss of five lettermen by grad- uation, Coach Ray Reighart was forced to build an entirely new golf squad this spring. Last year's team was the best turned out so far by Reighart. The quartet of Nick Al- bu, Henry Rampelt, Ed Wonner, and Bill Carli finished third in the state tournament at Columbus last year. This year's squad is headed by Ermes Candusso, a very promising junior. Other members of the team are Jack Dawson, George Irwin, Harry Geltz, Walter Harvek, and Joe Zapolsky. Zapolsky is a freshman and all the others are sophomores. Home and home matches have been ar- ranged with Canton McKinley, Canton Tim- ken, Canton St. John, Sebring, Salem, and Massillon. All home matches are played on the Sleepy Hollow Course. Index Aerobugs ,.,....,,... Athletic Board .... Bachelor Club .... Band .....,,.......... Baseball ................... Basketball .......,-.......... Blue Domillo Club .... Bonte ,Club ............... Booster Club ,....,,, Caducean Club .... Calendar .......... Camera Club .,.... Chronicle Staff ,..,.. Classes .....,.......... Club Council Debate ........,... Dedication .... Esquire Club Faculty ...........,... Fall Varieties ...... Fine Arts Club .... Football ..........,.................................... ....... Forum Club ....................................,...., ..... Freshlllan-Sophonlore Girl Reserves G. A. C. ..........,,................ -. .......,.......... German Club ...............................v,..... ..... Glee Club, Boys' .. Glee Club, Girls' .. Golf ..........................l...,.... Hi-Y Council .................,7... Home Economics Club ,.... January graduates .......,., January history .....,.... January honor roll .... January officers ....... January patroness ...... January play ........,., January prom ......... January prophecy January will ,....,.... June graduates .... June history .,..., Jlllle honor roll .... June officers ...... Julie patroness .... Jlllle play ............ June prom .....,. Julle prophecy l ....,.. 43 Julle wil ...........,........,.,,..... Jullior Police ........ .. ...,.... Junior Red Cross Coullcil ..... Junior-Senior Girl Reserves ....., Latln Club ........................,...... Le Cenacle ......,............,........ Library Club ..,....,........ Meridian Club ................. National Honor Society .... National Thespians .....,... Orchestra .........,,,.,.,,,,,,, Pfouts Hi-Y .......... Psychology Club ..,. Quill and Scroll .... Red and Blue .... Stamp Club ......, Tennis ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Test Tube Club .. Track ..,.....,,.,.,. Travel Club ..,,.... Tri-Arts Club ...... Tri-L Club .,..... NVillianls Hi-Y .... 64 73 65 66 77 77 64 65 67 63 55 63 56 50 58 58 5 65 10 68 64 73 59 60 67 62 66 66 78 61 63 20 12 13 13 12 21 21 23 22 40 24 25 25 24 42 41 46 44 58 58 60 59 62 59 60 57 57 66 61 62 57 56 63 78 59 78 59 64 65 61 DIMIT BROTHERS Photographs COMPLETE SCHOOL ANNUAL SERVICE 214 City Savings Bldg. Alliance, Oh GICCHNAUER STUDIO School Photographs a Specialty 205 East Main Street Alliance, Ohio THE ENGRAVINGS IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY Canton Engraving Company Canton, Ohio THIS BOOK PRINTED BY Review Publishing Company Alliance, Ohio 0

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