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Doors Open to the Future New door after new door was unlocked this year. Each door opened to find a new room full of enthusiasm, anticipation, activities, and individuals. Many old faces and some new faces filled the halls at Alliance High. New classrooms, teachers and students became the keys to new doors. Everyone adjusted to being all together in one building. As the year continued, some entrances to the present were opened farther, letting new thoughts and experiences enter. Other past openings were closed, locked away like a closet full of memories. More new doors led to the future with the keys being found inside one's self. The front doors closed at the end of the year, locked once again. Although they were locked, throughout the year if one looked hard enough, one could have found many keys to unlock new doors. Varsity cheerleader Keri Taylor is busy designing a victory sign for an upcoming footba J game. Spirit signs are one of many methods used to promote Bulldog pride. A new and larger office was included in the new edition. The office staff moved into the new facility the first week of 1987. - Sherri hosier and Natalie Mundt share a funny comment in their notes during study hall in the library. 2 OpeningSchool seems more like home if one’s locker is decorated. Coleen Clark shows what makes her feel closer to home. Jeff Colwell, Tate Adams, Shawn Allen. Bill Boness, Jason Minnick, Todd Koozer, and Chris Contonis show off their bench warming techniques before weight training. ikki Curtiss carefully French braids Vicki Dickensen’s hair before school French braiding is a very popular and neat way to style hair.Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Nebraskans Elect Lady Governor Nebraska began a new era of history when it elected Kay Orr as its new governor on November 4, 1986. Mrs. Orr, 47, was the first woman to become governor of Nebraska and the first lady Republican to win the title of governor in the United States. Kay Orr's opponent was also a woman. Mrs. HeJen Boosalis, 67, former two-term mayor of Lincoln and a iong-time political figure in Washington, D.C., represented the Democrats in this race for the governorship. Mrs. Orr's victory was statewide. She was the popular choice everywhere from Scotts Bluff County east to the Missouri River, and she carried seventy-seven of the ninty-three counties in the state. She had this to say about the election results in an Associated Press interview, "I knew we had the people and the organization, and I am very gratified that the Nebraskans responded so positively to our message.” Kay Orr took a strong stand against abortion and LB662, a bill to consolidate school districts and to increase the state sales tax. Orr and her running mate, the new lieutenant governor, William Nichol, started off an historical term in Nebraska's government, with the respect of Nebraska's citizens. Mikfi Borquin and Donny Taylor are proud to be seen with Kay Orr during her campaign for governor. Orr attended the Box Butte Coun ty Fair and successfully swayed volers her way. Dick Slephens welcomes Wendy Fierslein to Alliance High School as a part of National Educalion Week. Fierstein Elected to City Council While Kay Orr was busy making history on the state level by running for and becoming Nebraska’s first lady governor, Wendy Fierstein made history here in Alliance by being the first woman to be elected to the Alliance City Council. Fierstein came away with the second most votes in the election with 1,931, only eighteen behind Tom Podhaisky, who obtained 1,949 votes in this year's election for the council, fames McDermott was the other member elected to the council. Fierstein opened the door for more women to be elected to the Alliance City Council. Her achievements also made women a more influential part of Alliance’s society. 4 World EventsAndrew Weds Sarah During the summer of 1986, the royal family of Great Britain hosted another historical wedding. This time the vows were recited between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Sarah Ferguson, popularly refered to by the press as "Fergie," was the daughter of Major Ronald Ferguson, a polo-playing friend of Prince Philip’s. Because of this, Sarah and the Queen have been close since Sarah's childhood, giving Sarah a headstart over Princess Diana in the Queen’s eyes. Many royal authorities have even gone so far as to say that Sarah is the queen’s favorite daughter-in-law. Sarah’s outgoing personality and love of fun and games has also made her the apple of the public's eye over the shy Princess Di. Princess Di will never fade from the scene or become a has-been. After all, she is the future Queen of England! The Duchess of York is much more carefree in public than the Princess of Waies. This is probably because Diana, the future Queen of England, has faced the fact that she must act more mature with all the responsibilities she has taken on. Sarah, on the other hand, has less responsibilities, since every time Princess Di has a child, Prince Andrew moves further away from the throne and Sarah’s chances of becomimg the Queen become slimmer. Sarah Ferguson has certainly added sparkle to the royal family. As the years pass, Sarah will continue to win the praise of the public and her royal family. Mets Win World Series Before this year, Boston and New York have only met once in the World Series. That one time was in 1912 when the Boston Red Sox met the old New York Giants for an eight game play-off. This match of baseball's best took place in Fenway Park, which was brand new that year. After six games the teams were tied at three and three. The Red Sox defeated to Giants to become the baseball champions of the world. Some basebsall fans haeven gone so far as to say that this was one of the most exciting and memorable World Series games played. This year’s match was quite different from that held seventy-four years ago. After quite a struggle, the Mets defeated the Red Sox four games to three.Ray Knight, of the Mets, was elected the most valuable player of the year for this World Series. The last time the Boston Red Sox actually won was in 1918 when Babe Ruth threw a 1-0 shutout in the first game of the series. The New York Mets were sportsman-like winners and the Boston Red Sox were gracious losers in a World Series that will be remembered for years to come. Travis SherlocJt, a freshman at AHS, savors the new menu at Arby’s as he makes his decision. Arby’s, Hardees Move to Alliance In 1986 Alliance was bombarded with restaurants; by January of 1987 there were thirty-nine restaurants in Alliance. Two of the newest and most popular of these restaurants were Arby’s and Hardees. Both of these moved to Alliance in the fall and were located on West Third Street, close to McDonald’s. McDonald's did manage to retain most of their business, but Hardees and especially Arby’s did a lot of business for their first year. Many job opportunities appeared for high school students with the opening of these establishments, which rely on mainly part-time teenage help. These restaurants gave students jobs in cooking, serving, operating cash registers, and cleaning. Having jobs taught students many responsibilities besides giving them new places to hang out. World Events 5This year's homecoming ollendenls were Freshmen Travis Almond and Stephanie Sheimudine. Juniors T.J, Marx and Jaimi Moruvek. First Attendents Jason Minnick and Keri Taylor. Crown Bearer Stephen Sautter, Queen Kelly Stark. King Shawn Allen. Crown Bearer Andrea Colwell. Second Alien dents Dan Carnine and Dee Sutton, and Sophomore Attendents Brent MannJein and Ranae Reynolds. "Let's dance; this is my favorite song!" In celebration of the AHS athietic victories, many couples attended the traditional iiomecoming dance Saturday night. As members of the newly formed Pom Squad. Jody Bredenkamp andBillie Jo Kissner take on the responsibility of decorating the hails for iiomecoming week. A.H.S. Catcnes tHe Homecoming Spirit What is Homecoming? To many different people it meant many different things. To the athletes in residence, Homecoming probably meant long, grueling, hours of practice in order to come out on top in the mosi important game or meet of the year, that is, of course, besides district and state. A cheerleader, pom squad, or flag team member probably looked forward to over-time practice sessions to perfect a new routine for that big day. For everyone, Homecoming probably meant hall decorations, parades, spirit days, pep rallies, and just plain silliness. A few changes were made in Homecoming activities. Among these was the change in the royalty. For the first time in AHS history, freshmen, sophomore, and junior attendants were elected in addition to the traditional senior royalty. Another change was announcing the royalty at the coronation on Thursday night instead of Friday afternoon before the parade. One other change dealt with the burning of the "A." The school board decided that the mascot of the opposing team would not be burned with the "A." This didn’t seem to put a damper on anyone’s spirits. When the main event finally came around, AHS came out on top. The Lady Spikers made themselves proud by overcoming Gordon in their first two games with scores of 15-4 and 15-5. Later, on Friday night, the mighty Bulldogs achieved a 37-6 victory over Gordon, making Alliance High's Homecoming complete. Homecoming is a special time for everybody, especially the seniors and athletes, and this year's was made complete by two sparkling victories, which highlighted a week of traditions, both old and new. 6 HomecomingALLIANCE John Olson, playing the part of a lively reporter, interviews Skip Olds, portrayed by Ion Lulow, who is telling about the team's condition by saying "We've worked hard all week " "Who wants to buy this jersey?" asks auctioneer fim Weinman as Kelly Stark holds up jersey number 12 during the jersey auction. Mr. Reno keeps a close eye on Natalie Green as she handles the business end. Crashing through the victory sign held by Natalie Green and Kelly Stark, Kristin Peterson is enthusiastic about beginning the varsity volleyball game against Gordon The Lady Spikers were victorious over Gordon. After an exciting and entertaining coronation on Thursday evening, a large crowd of spirited students gather around as the "A” burns in vibrant colors of red and amber. This is the first year the opponent's mascot was not burned with the "A.” due to a school board ruling. Homecoming 7Additions Build Future Success It was growing like a monster! What was it? No one knew for sure, but they knew it was not going to stop. It was beginning to take over. For a long time, the administration of AHS had been trying to convince other people of Alliance that our school was growing, and that it was time for an addition. Some students believed that the school was not big enough. So their excuse for skipping classes was, "There was no room for me; I had to leave.” Finally in 1985, full permission, through town voters and school board members, was given to start the building of the school additions. The most exciting addition for the seniors was the new COOP class. It allowed seniors to work at jobs in the afternoon instead of having a full schedule. The neatest thing about it was that they received school credits for it. Has the monster attacked? If it hasn't, it probably will...But what was the monster? Alliance High School and its student body, of course! fio Ihe right) Traci )ohns is practicing at pom pon practice for the teams next performance. She seems shorter than she reafiy is here, but fortunately it is just a bending move. The addition of the pom squad makes new room for those girls who have talent in dancing and pom pons, but would rather not be a cheerleader. Freshmen cheerleaders Heather West and Carrie Nason are practicing just one of their many moves to improve their cheering interest and pyramid building qualities. They have found even at the Frosh level that they are expected to attend many games with only four freshmen cheerleaders. They attend football, volleyball, and basketball games. In the meantime, the students and teachers found new ways to "add on” and get more students involved in activities. One way was the addition of four boy cheerleaders and four frosh cheerleaders. The boys included Chris Contonis, Dan Carnine, fas on Minnick, and Chris Stoddard. The frosh girls included Charity Chandler, Chris Fenicle, Carri Nason, and Heather West. They were a great asset to the cheerleading squad because they helped arouse the crowd and make everyone stand up and take note that they were there. The boys also helped the girls in being able to yell louder and to hold and make pyramids. A second addition was the pom pon squad under the direction of Mrs. Diane Marx and Miss Leha Uehling. They added a new sparkle and pom excitement to the entire school. Ranae Reynolds, fason Minnick, Kelly Stark, Dan Carnine, Stacey Razo, Chris Contonis, Natalie Green, Tonja Maben, Tori Hoxworth, and Chris Stoddard concentrate on building a pyramid for greater enjoyment of their performances. 8 OpeningRemember this? Not too long ago, this was the northside view of AHS while land surveying for the new building was being done. Some of the builders are photographed while laying down the foundation on the northwest side of the building. Thousands of bricks were used to form the new addition which was added on to the high school and also to the elementary schools. The outside back lawn of the high school seems to have a different view now. and the teachers and students are very excited about it, The addition means no more being late for class or walking in the cold snowy days of western winter. Future Halls of Success. Construction was well underway for the halls which would soon be filled with students. Finished rooms are a good sign of the final completion of the addition. This is the science room which will be used by the biology and earth science classes throughout the day. These rooms help in making it easier to perform experiments and dissection. It will also be a lot easier to clean up from class to class. Opening 9It's Hard to Be a Trendsetter Before, it was Michael and then it was Janet, "Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty.” It used to be parachute pants and Nike tennis-shoes, but in 1987 at AHS, the trendsetters chose shaker sweaters, nerd shoes, Levi and Rocky Mountain Jeans. Then, of course, sweatshirts, ”Guess” clothing, swatch watches and boot shoes were added. Perhaps the neatest and easiest way for a girl to do her hair was the famous banana comb. And does anyone remember their mother talking about wearing mini skirts? Well, somebody thought it was an inconspicuous way to show off girls' legs. So even at AHS, history repeated itself. What other ways could one have thought of to make new fads or even help history repeat itself? Who knows. But to AHS, they'll always know that they also went down in history as some of the greatest trendsetters of the times. Mark Behm and Mike Weston seem to be looking for something. Maybe they are looking for someone el so who is crazy enough to do a weird thing like shaving one's class year into his hair and then coloring it blue. This is definitely an example of class and school spirit. Anonymous arms show the watch Swatch watches-they come in colors. Some of these crazy scents of perfumes and fruit flavors. To kn sure what time it is, these anonymous arms two. three, and even four Swatch watches at Danielle Reeves seems to be working hard in Mrs. Jones’ class while the camera catches a glimpse of her wearing a fashionable jean jacket. Phil Guthrie and Missy Reynolds seem quite interested in studying for the upcoming exam. Mrs. Dimmitt’s shorthand class take a few minutes out of class to show off the shoe variety that students of AHS choose to wear.Sophomores Bob Myers and Andy Glassbrenner look like they have had a "hair-raising” experience. Maybe they have just token o biology test from Mr Stout. Actually, they use Aqua Net hair spray to make their hair stand up for that crazy look. Dinah Keder (above) and Cheryl Bolen (below) now have more time for important things like taking a drink and studying for history tests because of the banana comb. People who can't put their hair into a pony tail can now use the banana comb because of its curved shape that makes for quick, easy use. ? ■ "Guess" what kind of fashion statement Becky Mandelberg. Jill Hartwig, and Lance Menuev are trying to make. Now people not only drink Coca-Cola, they wear it too. as Jody Bredenkamp shows by her sweatshirt, bearing the Coke emblem, while handing her Chemistry notebook to Shelly Thompson. Opening 11Sports The key to success in sports did not necessarily unlock a 'new' door, but it was a new season, full of new games, new wins, and new losses. Teamwork, effort and determination kept many athletes striving to be the best. New capabilities were discovered, latent talents were revealed and most expectations were met and accomplished. Sometimes one person was the key; at other times, several people relied on teamwork and determination to unlock the door. Some athletes found lots of success, others only little success, and some even no success at all. One must learn that success is not always the key. The experience one gained and the lessons one learned from participating in athletics could have opened many doors in one's future. Alliance High's athletes worked hard to earn deserved recognition which made one proud to be a part of the Bulldog sports program.”We Came So Close!!” Spike rs Fall The 1986-87 volleyball team had a super year. They finished the year with a proud 15-7 record. Five of their losses came from three teams that lost a total of four times during the regular season. The Omaha World Herald rated this team as high as sixth in Class A. The Spikers opened their season impressively with a win over Scottsbluff. Next, they were defeated by Gering in the Torrington Tournament. (They would later upset undefeated Gering in an exciting, point-for-point game). After a poor showing in the Western Conference, the volleyball team entered District competition ready to play. By soundly defeating Kearney, they met with top-seeded North Platte. In the clash of powers, the Spikers fell just a little short of reaching their goal of a state berth. They were a proud, but disappointed group of girls. Even though they missed qualifying, the Spiker team was a group of winners who gave their every effort every time they walked onto the court. fust Short The core of Ihe ihe team, setters Stacy Brass and Vikki Curtiss take a breather between games. Stacy was named Honorable Mention to the All Conference squad, as were teammates Kristin Peterson and Jaimi Moravek. Hoping to ace spike, senior Let'sa Kollars (far left) reaches for the ball. Leisa, along with junior Vikki Curtiss, was named to the All- Conference team. Senior Brenno Barner shows good form and grace as she dinks the ball over the net. while Angie Lunbery (below concentrates on making a good pass. 14 Varsity Volleyballof a State Berth Team Scottsbluff Mitchell Kimball Sidney Gordon Gering Wheatland Chadron Tournament Torrington Mid-Plains Alliance Western Conference Districts Scores 15-8, 15-10 15-12, 5-15, 14-16 15-5, 13-15, 15-3 15-10, 15-8 15-5, 15-4 13-15, 15-12, 15-12 15-3, 15-13 15-13, 15-7 Place 3rd 4th 3rd 4th 2nd Junior Jaimi Moravek successfully blocks her Chadron opponent, faimi was Coach: Sandy Pilfold an important blocker for the Spikers. A leading server, Kristin Peterson Record: 15-7 prepares to hit the ball over the net. The 1986-87 volleyball team is Tammy Pierce, mgr.. Brenna Barner, Leisa Kollars. Dee Sutton. Angie Lunbery, Stacy Brass. Joei Bruntz. mgr.. Dawn Brammer, Tracy Bell. Jaimi Moravek. Vikki Curtiss. Vanessa Curtiss. Kristin Peterson. Brenda Dobson. Jenelle Johannes. Renee Bills. Becky Mandeleberg. Amanda Griffith. Carey Firestien, Melanie Drumheller. Teresa Blaylock. Ronda Hofmann. Jill Hartwig. Renae Reynolds, and Angie Brown. Varsity Volleyball 15JV,Sophs Have Excellent Seasons The Alliance JV Spikers once again had an excellent season. The team finished on a high note with, an 11-4 record by winning their last six games. Two of their losses were to varsity squads, while another loss was in three close games to Gering. The sophomore team played strong and finished with an unblemished 6-0 season. They won all of their matches in two games except one, in which they defeated Gering in three games. In a trying season and under the new direction of Jill Parenteau, the freshmen volleyball team finished at .500 with a 4-4 record, despite their hardworking efforts. All the hard work throughout the summer and fall paid off for the Alliance volleyball squads. This was obvious in the combined record of 21-8 between JV, sophomore, and freshmen teams. The players enjoyed their seasons, as Vanessa Curtiss said, "We learned a lot and gained valuable experience that will help in future varsity play." Angie Brown, the on y freshmen to play on the V team, makes a set as Brenda Dobson and Tracy Bell watch anxiously, hoping for a spike. The 1986 Fresh Vo JeybaJI team, from top to bottom: Melanie Herbert, Ronda Loutzenhiser. Hope Kamrrzell. Krista Boiinger, Becky Schnell. Kristy Beagle, Andrea Rom, Coach fill Parenteau, Aachelle Wacker, Tari Meyer, Dawn Allen, Nichole Flores. Davina Hubbard, Michelle Suit n, Marie Wray, Vanessa Boyd, Chelie Hjersman, Stephanie Shelmadine, Courtney Fritzier. Teri Des ardin, Amy Olson, Tinka Livermore, and Insun Colerick. Watched closely by an intense referee, Vanessa Curtiss completes another of her many sets during the season. 16 Reserve Frosh Volleyball .V. Freshmen Gridders Have Mixed Success Even though the junior varsity didn’t have a winning season like they have had in the past, they still gained valu-able experience. The Bulldogs finished with a 2-5 record and were most impressive in their wins over Chadron and Mitchell. The high point of this year’s Alliance High football program was the freshmen team. After losing their first game of the season, they tallied six wins in a row, including a big win over Western Conference rival Gering, 2-0. Their season was full of excitement with many games going down to the final minutes, before A.H.S. pulled through with the win. After a season that was considered average at Alliance High, the freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity teams compiled a 12-10 record, which is better than many other schools in the area. The school and city of Alliance should be proud of the fine efforts put forth by its football teams. Inson Rand celebrates after scoring one of his touchdowns during the Bulldogs 6-1 season. The 1986-87 freshmen football team is Coach Dave Sautter, fason Reed, fason Nagaki, Justin Edwards, Jim Thompson, Matt Shaner, Travis Sherlock, Jeff Madden, Brian Foote, Randy Osborn, Coach Bob Gregory, Brandon Sweetser, Eric Jacobs. James Bartels, Jim Allen, Jason Skeen, Jason Rand. Jeff Leever, Ron Weekes, Mike Romick, Brad Erickson. J.f. Fedderson. Student Manager Leonard Garcia. Shawn Grant, Jesse Marquez. Tracy Stark, Paul Gillpatrick. J.B. Schwaderer, Chris Stanton. Mike Kimmel, Kirby Bowling, and Paul McCracken. Junior Mike Weston looks for running room while being chased closely by Gering defenders. Freshman Matt Shaner shows his kicking form in one of the Bulldogs' victorious games. Reserve Frosh Football 17Bulldogs Have Year of The Alliance High Bulldogs are. Row 1: Coach Pat Coffee. Coach Steve Nelson. Head Coach Skip Olds. Coach Val fansante: Row 2 Len Vogel. Tim Thies. Eric Vaughn. Charlie Krantz, Scott VonAschwege. Ramero Vasquez. David Fedderson. Todd Koozer. Kory Piihl. Shawn Allen. Mike Schnell, Brad Adams. Ed Burgess. Brad Herman. Tim Weston, fason Minnick; Row 3: Brian Young. Jeremy Horton. Dave Lowther. Travis Gasseling, Jerrold Neal. John Podhaisky, Spence Bishop. John Burgess. Rusty Waldron. Andre Bazis. Kelly Bergsing. Todd Dutton. Aaron Jurgens. Ty Watson. Scott Lehl, Nevada Willy. Scott Miller. Brent Mannlein. Coi Moorehead. Kasey Carter. Doug Kuehn. Rick Pohlman. Jason Meier: Row 4: Monte Reeves. Darren McCune, Jason Hirter. Mark Hammond. Randy Kraay, Mitch Parascand. Sherman Osborne. Matt Morris. Bill Boness. Tate Adams. Jeff Colwell. Brent Simpson. T.J. Marx Terry Murdoff. Ted Robinson, Jason Tritle, Kory Kammerer, Mike Weston. A.H.S. TEAM OPPONENT 0 Scottsbluff 7 26 Mitchell 14 13 Kmball 14 34 Sidney 7 37 Gordon 6 13 Ogallala 0 15 Gering 21 0 Chadron 13 Coaches: Skip Olds, Steve Nelson, Pat Coffee, Val fansante Season Record: 4-4 Brent Simpson fights off a Mitchell defender during the Bulldogs' 26-14 win over the visiting Tigers. 18 Varsity FootballLearning and Growing Bill Boness, who was injured for pari of the season, congratulates his backfieid teammate T.J. Marx after a great performance against the Mitchell Tigers. "This year was not what we expected, but the ’Dogs’ will be back,” said Coach Skip OJds after a disappointing Bulldog football season. They had hoped to follow their '85-86' season with another state playoff berth, but hindered by injuries and disciplinary problems, they ended the season with a 4-4 record. Even though the Bulldogs finished with a .500 record, they outscored their opponents 138-81 and their four losses came to a combined total of 27 points. Mike Schnell was voted Mr. Bulldog ”86," the highest honor for a Bulldog gridder. He was aiso joined by Tate Adams and Shawn Allen on the All-Conference team. Bill Boness, T.f. Marx, Tim Weston, and Charlie Krantz were voted honorable mention. Coach Olds called this a season "of growing and learning,” and hopes that the experience gained by many underclassmen will propel Alliance High back to the top. ferrold Neal lowers his head and sprints up the sideline after a punt by the Sidney Red Raiders. Shawn Allen tries to break away from a Sidney defender during the Bulldogs 34-7 win over the visiting Red Raiders. Varsity Football 19Young Harriers Hurt By Injuries Rhonda Nemechek shows her running form at the Alliance Invite while her competitors look on. The 1986 Cross Country runners are Steve Moore, Mark Schafer, lamie Tomlin, Troy Hawk, Coach Jim Kuehn, Norman Littlehoop, Chris Schafer, Rhonda Nemechek, Tereasa Stephensen, Kara Cushing, Jeff Hood, BrianEvans, Derek Schwaneheck, Marci Mitchell, and Michelle Zumbah en. The Alliance High Cross Country Team suffered through a very long, frustrating season. The harriers showed signs of greatness at times, but injuries held the team back for much of the season. The boys team was led by Jamie Tomlin, Chris Schafer, and Mark Schafer, who were three of the top runners in the Western Nebraska region. The boys' top finish was third place at Kimball Invitational. As the girls’ team leader, Rhonda Nemecheck was a top five finisher at Western Conference. Their top team finish was at Western Conference where they placed third. "Our biggest problem again this year was injuries. If we would have been healthly for the whole season, we would have surprised a lot of people," said Coach Jim Kuehn. With such a young squad, he's looking for a bigger and better year next year. CROSS COUNTRY GIRLS TEAM BOYS 7th Gering NT 7th Morrill 4th NT Alliance 5th NT Scottsbluff NT 3rd Western Conference 4th 4th Kimball 3rd NT District 7th Coach Jim Kuehn Troy Hawk keeps a steady pace while being chased closely by area competitors. 20 Cross CountryTennis Teams Strive for Recognition Boys' tennis: (Kneeling) James Kiewel, Matt Cornish, Tom Simonson, Lee Nelson, Lance Menuey; (Standing) Matt Payne, Jay Segrist, Steve Sullivan, Travis Almond and Coach Woody Vosberg. Honda Hofmann puts full force into her forehand stroke while playing number one singles against a dual with Scottsbluff. Girls’ Tennis: (sitting) Denise Manuel, Melissa Lucas, Amy Lowther, fanet Schoeneman, Nicole Flores, Danielle Reinhardt: (standing) Coach Joni Schlotz. Rondo Hofmann , Anna Forsstrom, Kari Kling, Becky Schnell, Vicki Dickenson, Joei Bruntz and Diane Reinhardt For the second year, both boys’ and girls’ tennis teams have been practicing and playing hard to win a name for themselves. Again this year, there was strong support from both teams, with nine players on the boys’ team and thirteen for the girls’ team. With one more year of experience on their side, both teams greatly improved. Two singles and two doubles teams attended state in Lincoln, fay Segrist and Rond a Hofmann competed at number one singles, Steve Sullivan and Anna Forsstrom competed at number two singles, Lance Menuey and Matt Payne, Dani and Diane Reinhart competed at number one doubles, and Jamie Kiewel and Lee Nelson, Joei Bruntz and Vicki Dickenson competed at number two doubles. Boys’ tennis took eighth while girls' tennis took fourteenth. Boys' Coach Woody Vosburg and Girls' Coach Joni Schlatz both agreed that their teams had a good year and were looking forward to an even better season next year. Matt Payne, a sophomore on the boys’ tennis team, felt that, "We had a young team, but we gained valuable experience for later years.” Boys' Girls' Tennis 21Linksters Have Productive Season The members of the boys’ golf team are Mark Hammond, David Lowther, feff Minnick, Ron Weekes, Bobby Myers, . . Peddersen. Matt Shaner, Eric acobs, Matt Cornish, Assistant Coach Hill Shaner, Troy Hawk, John Podhaisky, Matt Lewis, Jeff Colwell, Brent Simpson, Allen Peltz, Chris Baas, Chris Contonis, Coach Wayne Brown, Tony Bartling, ason Minnick, Todd Koozer, and Spence Bishop. The boys’ go If team had a learning yet successful season. The team traveled throughout the Panhandle and other parts of the state. One of the highlights for the young team was taking second in the Western Conference Tournament. Team goals were reached by hard work and dedication. Three boys were greatly rewarded for their efforts. Tony Bartling, Todd Koozer, and Matt Shaner all made the Western Conference team. The team made unbelieveable strides during the season. Meet Kimball Tournament Gordon Dual Sidney Reserves Kearney Gering Bridgeport Reserves Gering Dual Western Conference Sidney St. Pat's Reserves Dual at Bridegport Quadrangular Scottsbluff Dual at Gordon Chadron Bridgeport Dual Dual at Gering Alliance Tournament District at Kearney Coach Place 2nd 1st 7th 2nd 3rd 4th 2nd 2nd 4th 1st 2nd 6th 1st 4th 1st 1st 2nd 6th Wayne Brown 22 Boys' GolfLady LinkstersHave , Down Season Despite their hard work and determination, the girls' golf team struggled throughout the season. In each of their first three tournaments, they receivedfourth place, until the Scottsbluff Invitational where they had what Coach Wayne Brown called ’’their highlight of the season." The Lady Linksters received third place honors with Jennifer Skeen placing sixth, Cindy Chase placing seventh, and Keri Taylor placing eighth. The team again finished third at Western Conference, but did not do so well at district. Mr. Brown said, "The girls worked hard to improve and didn’t just roll over and play dead." This dedication and full effort will eventually pay off for the Lady Linksters. Meet Place Chadron 4th Gering 4th Alliance 4th Scottsbluff 3rd Western Conference 3rd Districts 6th Coach Wayne Brown Jennifer Skeen attempts one of those "stinker" putts at the Alliance Invitational as her opponent looks on. ’’Fore'" yells Cheryl Furman as she grits her teeth and tees off at the Alliance Invitational while her opponents watch. The 1986-87 girls’ golfers are Traci Lindsay. Cindy Chase, Keri Taylor, Jennifer Skeen, Gina Green. Amy Lowther, Kelli Thomas. Cheryl Furman. Coach Wayne Brown, Amy Fortner, Michelle Turechek. Melissa Lucas. Paige Graham. Keri Bladt. Shannon McKenney, Lora Howell, and Heather West. Girls Golf 23Young Bulldogs Bring For the past severaJ years basketball has been a forgotten sport at AHS,but ’86-87’ was the beginning of a new life for basketbaii in Alliance. This new life is mostly due to Chuck Tank, the new head coach for the Bulldogs. He put in many new philosophies, but the most important was the winning attitude he gave to a very young team. The BuJJdogs had an incredible year at 16-4, and didn't have a player over 6’2” or any seniors on the squad. The team relied heavily on quickness and a very scrappy defense that forced opponents to over 20 turnovers a game. Alliance was led by one of the best backcourt tandoms in the area with junior [on Petersen and sophomore famie Tomlin. Petersen led the team in assists with 124 and was second in scoring with 250 points. Tomlin was the leader in all scoring catagories with 364 points and was also the leader in steals with 71. The Bulldogs also got great production from Junior Bill Boness and Sophomore Jay Segrist. Boness scored 247 points and was the leader in rebounds with 142, while Segrist poured in 227 points and had 92 rebounds. As this season showed, basketball is back at AHS, and with everyone returning next year, Alliance could be one of the top teams in Class B. The Dogs are already thinkin' Lincoln. With a team high of 364 points, famie Tomlin shoots for two. Tomlin was selected to the All-Western Conference squad. During one of the Bulldogs' gomes. Tate Adams demonstrates his shooting form. Coach Chuck Tank and the Bulldog bench watch one of the many close games that AHS was involved in this year. 24 Varsity Boys’ BasketballBasketball Back To AHS The '86-87' Varsity Basketball players are Colin Weekes, ason Tritie, Tate Adams, Bill Boness, Chris Contonis, Mutt Lewis. T.J. Marx, Brent Simpson, iay Segrist, Manager Brian Young, ferrold Neal, and Ion Petersen. Not pictured: amie Tomlin. Sophomore ay Segrist shows his jump shot during a game against Torrington. AHS OPPONENT 62 Gordon 35 65 Gering 59 47 Torrington 83 75 Ogallala 57 Holiday Tourney 72 Bayard 42 62 Sidney 61 48 Chadron 47 64 Sidney 49 70 Scottsbluff 71 68 Kimball 66 73 Gering 81 55 Bridgeport 45 64 Chadron 54 79 Gordon 49 83 Kimball 74 64 Sidney 40 85 Mitchell 57 District 65 North Platte 52 67 Kearney 71 Season Record: 16-4 Head Coach: Chuck Tank Assistant Coach: Roger Shallenbarger Varsity Boys' Basketball 25Varsity to Benefit in Future Sophomore Matt Payne shoots a jumpshot during one of the junior varsity games. Matt l ewis concentrates on finding an open lane as he dribbles toward the basket. The members of the junior varsity team are Jeff Morrison, Heath Lawrence, Roger Rohrbouck. Matt Lewis. Chris Contonis, Jason Tritle, Brent Simpson, Greg Wright, Matt Payne, Brent Blume, Lance Menuey. and Jerrold Neal. The members of the Frosh team are Jason Skeen, Coach Greg Friesen, John Hall, Nathan Mink. I.J. Fedderson. Travis Almond. Matt Shaner, Raymond Bartlett, Leonard Garcia. Jeff Leever, Eric Jacobs, Mike Kimmel, Mike Romick, and Kirby Bowling. 26 JV Frosh Boys’ BasketballFrom JV, Frosh Teams The junior varsity and freshmen girls' basketball teams made encouraging progress during the season. The junior varsity showed consistency throughout the season, compiling a record of twelve wins and four losses. The frosh showed signs of being young, but in the end their hard work paid off. Both teams were reaching their goals through dedication and team effort. The varsity team during the next few years, will benefit from the play of these girls. The junior varsity and freshmen boys' teams had quite productive years. The junior varsity, comprised of juniors and sophomores, had a super year with a record of fourteen wins and two losses. The freshmen had an equally good year. The frosh ended with a record of nine wins and five defeats. The junior varsity and freshmen learned new skills and confidence, as they made great strides during the year. Everyone contributed, making the season worthwhile. Junior Vanessa Curtiss attempts to throw the ball in bounds to a teammate. She was a key part of the junior varsity team that compiled a twelve and four record. Coach foni Schlut■ ., Nicole Flores, Chris Hitchcock, Caitlin Gallup, Kristie Biggers, Gina Green, Becky Schnell, Hope Kamerxell, Rhonda Loufzenhiser. Michelle Sutton, Coach Stan Bills, Lora Howell, Penny Leetch. Blanca Vasquez. Davina Hubbard. Amy Olson, Angie Brown. Stephanie Shelmadine, and Courtney Fritzler make up the girls’ freshmen squad. Beth Trout goes up beyond the outer limits to put in a lay-up. JV Frosh Girls' Basketball 27Lady Bulldogs Make Strong TEA M 47 63 62 46 44 46 37 38 38 43 44 51 39 57 29 35 39 61 47 Brenna Barner goes up for a jump-shot as an Ogallala defender puts a hand in her face. She is fouled on the play, earning a visit to the free-throw line. Kristin Peterson, another good perimeter shooter, pops a jumper from the corner, while two Ogallala players hopelessly put their hands up. The 1986-87 Lady Bulldogs are, from left to right: Jeralee Glass. Vanessa Curtiss. Vikki Curtiss. Renee Bills. Michelle Pearson. Beth Trout, fill Hartwig. Rhonda Nemechek. Tammy Pierce. Leisa Kollars, Kristin Peterson. Dawn Brammer. Coach Dave Sautter. Brenna Barner, Melanie Drumheller, Brenda Dobson, Carey Firestei n, Vicki Dickinson, faimi Moravek, and Tracy Bell. The team has only two seniors, who are Brenna Barner and Leisa Kollars. The rest of the team is composed of juniors and sophomores. The sophomores are Melanie Drumheller. Carey Firestein. Jill Hartwig. Rhonda Nemechek. and Renee Bills. Michelle Pearson is the student manager for the team during the year. AHS 48 Mitchell 53 Scottsbluff 51 Gering 52 Torrington 61 Gordon 35 Ogallala Holiday Tourney- 43 Bayard 36 Sidney 45 Torrington 50 Chadron 63 Sidney 55 Kimball 41 Gering 67 Scottsbluff 56 Chadron 44 Kimball 62 Gordon 55 Mitchell District- 40 North Platte Season Record: 13-6 Head Coach: Val fansante Assistant Coach: Dave Sautter 28 Varsity Girls’ BasketballComeback From 1986 Season Ieralee Glass frantically searches the floor for a teammate to pass the hall to before the five seconds run out. The Alliance High Lady Bulldogs had a super season, especially considering their strong comeback from a disappointing 4-15 season a year ago to finish with a 13-6 record this year. Early in the season the team won and lost alternately and found themselves at 4-4 at the end of the Holiday Tournament. From here they pulled together and won nine games in a row. Their streak was broken by Mitchell, and then they were defeated by North Platte in the district semifinals, which were held at Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte. The Lady Dogs were seeded first in the tournament and Coach Val fansante said, ”1 felt we were the best team at districts, but a cold-shooting night kept us out of the finals." Leisa Kollars shoots a short jump-shot on the baseline against the Broncs. The future looks bright for the Lady Bulldogs, who lost only two seniors last year. Coach fansante was happy in saying, "The girls are real excited for next year already. A lot are working hard right now in the spring.” Point guard for the Lady Dogs. Vikki Curtiss, breaks through the Bulldog banner as she is introduced prior to a home game. Varsity Girls’ Basketball 29Grapplers Uphold Their Reputation Surprisingly enough, these AHS wrestlers do have smiles; they just aren't seen while the wrestlers are on the mat. This year's team, consisting of 26 members, "pinned" their efforts together for the state championship for the third consecutive year. Wrestling team members include Charlie Krantz. senior; Mike Schnell, senior; feff Colwell, junior; Kory PiihJ. senior; Mike Weston, junior; feff Hood, senior; Coach Pat Cullen; Scott Taylor, freshman; feff Minnick, sophomore; fason Rand, freshman; Todd Koozer. senior; Shawn Allen, senior; Tim Weston, senior; Coach Duane Dobson; fim Karell, junior; Tracy Stark, freshman; Carmen Littlehoop, sophomore; fason Minnick. senior; David Feddersen, senior; fim Faber, freshman; Jim Allen, freshman; Shawn Grant, freshman; Mark Hammond, junior; Nathan Grant, freshman; Steve Moore, junior; feff Pearson, junior; Ty Watson, sophomore; and Justin Edwards, freshman. AHS Wrestlers worked their way to the top once again to become state champions for the third consecutive year. An impressive varsity dual record of 7-0 and first place at all tournaments was another addition to the fantastic year the grapplers had. The junior varsity also had great year with a 6-2 record. Set by senior Kory Piihl, a few new records were made. These were for themost take-downs in a season and the most technical falls in a season. A tied record for the most state champions in a year was made by seniors Mike Schnell and Kory Piihl and junior Jeff Colwell. Other wrestlers who placed at state were Charlie Krantz, second; Mike Weston, second; and Jeff Hood, fourth. Qualifiers for state were Jeff Minnick, Shawn Allen, Jason Rand, Todd Koozer, and David Feddersen. The Academic All-State Wrestling Team included Jeff Hood, Mike Schnell, and Jeff Colwell. To say the least, the wrestlers did an outstanding job. Success did not come without hard work, though, and these athletes have an achievement of which they should be very proud. In summarizing the season. Head Coach Pat Cullen stated, "It was an exceptional year for the Alliance High Wrestling Program. Three state championships for any athletic team is an outstanding achievement, and probably won’t be achieved by many schoois.” Coach Cullen finds it real hard to just sit on the sidelines and try not to yell helping words to his team during one of the most important meets of the year. His anticipation is very well controlled. 30 Wrestlingfor Another Great Year tfjfy HOME OPPONENT 59 Kimball 9 49 Douglas, WY 7 38 Chadron 23 63 Mitchell 4 41 Gering 15 52 Scottsbluff 18 37 Ogallala 15 TOURNAMENT PLACE Cheyenne 1 of 8 Sidney 1 of 8 Ogallala 1 of 8 Western Conference 1 of 7 Chadron 1 of 16 Districts 1 of 8 State 1 of 32 "If I could just get this guy over. I know I could beat him." Mark Hammond grapples for points, getting his opponent turned over. The wrestlers are happy with results of the state tournament and can now eat and have time to relax Charlie Krant . is moving in for the pin as he turns his Kimball opponent over within the last few minutes of the first period. Gaining points is the name of the game, and Pat Marcoe gains points as he moves out of a tight hold from his opponent. A tough match for Shawn Allen is rewarded by a raise of the arm. It may not seem like much, but it feels good inside. Wrestling 31Boy Tracksters Endure a Productive The 1987 thinclads include Lance Menuey. Chris Stoddard, Dan Carnine, Brad Adams. Shawn Allen. Derek Schwanebeck. Ed Burgess. Chris Schafer. John Wilson, Scott VonAschwege. ferrold Neal. T.J. Marx, Tate Adams. Terry Mur doff. Travis Sherlock, Jim Thompson. Chad Cottrell. Mark Schaffer. Paul Voss. Dustin Darveau. Jason Rand. Jim Allen. Matt Moore. Joe Baas. Scott Nelson. Eric Gonzalez, Jon Moyle. Jamie Tomlin, Colin Weekes, Carmen Littlehoop, Danny Robertson. B.J. Taylor, Duane Nelson, Wayne Nelson, and I hatcher Lamm. Freshman Jim Thompson shows his form in the discus during the Alliance Invite. Jim set a new freshman high school record in the event. Senior Scott VonAschwege leads his heat of hurdles during the Alliance-Scottsbluff dual. Scott qualified for state in the high jump. 32 Boys’ TrackYear, Despite Class A Ranking 3200-meter Western Conference champion, Ed Burgess, crosses the finish iine ahead of all competition. Lance Menuey soars to new heights in the pole vault at the Alliance-Scottsbluff dual. With the leadership of six returning seniors and a number of returning lettermen. the AHS track team had an outstanding season. For the second year in a row. the AHS thinciads dominated the Western Conference Track Meet setting a scoring record of 177 points. In the meet, Alliance High crowned six conference champions. In addition to the conference championship, AHS won the Alliance and Bayard Invites. AHS didn't fair as well at the A-4 district meet as they had during the season, but did much better than the year before, sending eight tracksters to the state meet in Omaha. These athletes were Dan Carnine, Chris Stoddard, Brad Adams, T.f. Marx, Dustin Darveau, Jamie Tomlin, Thatcher Lamm, and Scott Von Aschwege. Individualy, AHS was led by senior Dan Carnine, who set school records in the high jump (6’6") and the 300-meter intermediate hurdles (41.8). Freshman Jim Thompson also set a freshman record in the discus with a throw of 139’1”. All in all, AHS trackmen had a very gratifying season despite their Class A ranking. Tracksters and coaches alike will be anxiously looking toward next year when they will once again be back into Class B. Meet Place Alliance 1st Gering 4th Alliance 3rd Western Conference 1st Scottsbluff Dual 2nd Mitchell Relays 2nd Bayard B-C-D 1st District-North Platte 6th State NP Head Coach: Steve Nelson Assistant Coaches: Jim Kuehn, Rocky Almond, Pat Coffee, Sandra Pilfold, Val Jansante Boys’ Track 33Young Lady Tracksters faimi Moravek explodes into her 100-meter leg of the 400-meter relay after receiving the baton from Stacey Razo, faimi was one of six girls on the whole track team to make the trip to state. Ranae Reynolds has a step or two on Marci Mitchell and a Scottsbluff opponent during the 1600-meter run in the Alliance dual with Scottsbluff. The 1986-87 girls' track team includes, from left to right: Theresa Stephenson. Dawn Sutton, Sheri fedlicka, Andrea Rom. Blythe Turcotte, Michelle Zumbahlen, Rhonda Nemechek. Michelle Pearson, faimi Moravek, Brenna Barner, Dawn Brammer, Teresa Blaylock. Mary Chouanard, Charity Chandler, Heather Mittlestadt, Tissie Bauer, Sara Hibner, Christie Bender, Marci Mitchell, Annie Luft, Carey Firestein, Ranae Reynolds. Stacey Razo, Penny Colerick, Amanda Griffith, fenelle Johannes, Blanca Vazquez, Melanie Herbert, Hope Kamerzell, Dawn Allen, Angie Brown, Chris Hitchcock. Michelle Pollock. Heather West, Meredith Gerlich. Darcy Anderson, Marie Wray, InSun Colerick, and Sharma Luft. 34 Girls' TrackHave Up and Down Season The Alliance High girls’ track team had an up and down season. Considering only one senior remained on the team for the entire season, the girls had a great year.They had one first place finish which was at the Bayard B-C-D meet. At Western Conference, the girls placed second as a team and had many Conference champions. Dawn Brammer won the shot put and discus, and in addition to this, she placed third in the discus at the state competition. The 3200-meter relay team of Ranae Reynolds, Rhonda Nemechek, Amanda Griffith, and Hope Kamerzell took first at Western Conference. Also, the 1600-meter relay team of Teresa Blaylock, Ranae Reynolds, Brenna Barner, and Jaimi Moravek earned first place honors. Six of the girls on the track team qualified for state competition. These were faimi Moravek (400-meter dash), Dawn Brammer (discus), Amanda Griffith, Rhonda Nemechek, Teri Desjardin, and Hope Kamerzell (3200-meter relay). Although Dawn was the only thinclad to place at state, the girls have a bright future because they only lost one senior to graduation. Most of the team was made of freshmen, while there were twice as many sophomores as juniors. Beth Trout illustrates fine form as she glides over (he hurdles in the 110-meter intermediate hurdles at Western Conference. PLACE MEET Alliance Small Invite 2nd Gering Invitational 7th Alliance Big Invite 6th Western Conference 2nd Scottsbluff Alliance Dual 2nd Mitchell Relays 6th Bayard B-C-D 1st District—North Platte 8th State 15,k Head Coach: Steve Nelson Assistant Coaches: Sandra Pilfold, Val fansante, Jim Kuehn, Rocky Almond, and Pat Coffee. Girls' Track 35Annual A-Club Banquet Honors IB Miss Sandra Pilfold is named the 1987 Honorary A-Club Member. Chosen as the girl and boy Athletes of the Year are Brenna Burner and Mike Schnell. VOLLEYBALL Brenna Barner Stacy Brass Leisa Kollars Angie Lunbery Dee Sutton Dawn Brammer foei Bruntz, Mgr. Vanessa Curtiss Vikki Curtiss Brenda Dobson faimi Moravek Kristin Peterson Tammy Pierce Chosen as most valuable alhJeles are Jim Thompson, track; Hope Kamerzell, track; Rhonda Nemechek, cross country; Carey Firestein, volleyball; Mike Schnell. football; Vikki Curtiss, volleyball; Kory Piihl, wrestling; Teresa Blaylock, track; Dan Car nine, track; Dawn Brammer, track; Thatcher Lamm, track; Brenna Barner, track; Jamie Tomlin, cross counrty, basketball, track; Leisa Kollars, basketball; and fay Segrist, tennis. Matt Payne is announced as the Outstanding A-Club Member. FOOTBALL Brad Adams Shawn Allen Ed Burgess David Feddersen Brad Herman Todd Koozer Charlie Krantz Kory Piihl Mike Schneii Tim Weston Ramiro Vazquez Scott Von Aschwege Tate Adams Spence Bishop Bill Boness Jeff Colwell Mark Hammond Doug Keane, Mgr. Jon Lulow T.J. Marx Darren McCune Matt Morris Terry Murdoff ferrold Neal Sherman Osborn John Podhaisky Ted Robinson Brent Simpson Len Vogel Mike Weston Kelly Bergsing Scott Lehl Brent Mannlein Jeff Morrison Jason Tritle 36 Sports AwardsAlliance High School Athletes Honored as Most Improved Athletes for the 1986-87 school year are: Nicole Flores, tennis; Theresa Stephenson, cross country; Todd Koozer, football; Teri Desjarden. track; Kelly Thomas, girls' golf; Kristen Petersen, girls' basketball, volleyball; Jeff Colwell, wrestling; faimi Moravek, track; Mark Schafer, cross country; ferrold Neoi, basketball; Charlie Krantz, wrestling; Rhonda Nemechek, track; Brad Adams, Hock Morris Improvement Award for Track; Scott VonAschwege, track; and Dustin Darveau, track. Selected as Scholastic Athletes of the year are Mike Schnell and Leisa Kollars. GIRLS’ TENNIS Dani Reinhardt Diane Reinhardt Joei Bruntz Vicki Dickenson Amy Lowther Anna Forsstrom Ronda Hofmann GIRLS’ GOLF Jennifer Skeen Keri Taylor Cheryl Furman Amy Lowther Kelli Thomas CROSS COUNTRY Karra Cushing Jeff Hood Derek Schwanebeck Norman Littlehoop Chris Schafer Theresa Stephenson Michelle Zumbahlen Marci Mitchell Rhonda Nemechek Mark Schafer Jamie Tomlin BOYS' BASKETBALL Tate Adams Bill Boness Chris Contonis Matt Lewis T.J. Marx ferrold Neal Jon Petersen Brent Simpson Colin Weekes Jay Segrist Jamie Tomlin Jason Trifle GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Tracy Bell Dawn Brammer Vanessa Curtiss Vikki Curtiss Brenda Dobson Jeralee Glass faimi Moravek Kristin Peterson Beth Trout Michelle Pearson, Mgr. BOYS’ GOLF Tony Bartling Todd Koozer Jason Minnick Spence Bishop Chris Contonis Troy Hawk Matt Lewis John Podhaisky Jeff Minnick J.J. Feddersen Matt Shaner GIRLS' TRACK Brenna Barner Dawn Brammer Penny Colerick Jaimi Moravek Theresa Stephenson Beth Trout Michelle Zumbahlen Darcy Andersen Teresa Blaylock Mary Chouanard Carey Firestein Amanda Griffith Jenelle Johannes Marci Mitchell Stacey Razo Ranae Reynolds Rhonda Nemechek Angie Brown Charity Chandler Teri Des ardin Meredith Gerlich Melanie Herbert Hope Kamerzell Blanca Vazquez Heather West Marie Wray BOYS’ TRACK Brad Adams Ed Burgess Dan Carnine Derek Schwanebeck Chris Stoddard Scott VonAschwege Tate Adams Dustin Darveau Thatcher Kamm T. J. Marx ferrold Neal Colin Weekes Chris Schafer Carmen Littlehoop Lance Menuey Mark Schaffer Jamie Tomlin Paul Voss Jim Thompson Sports Awards 3738 Activities DivisionActivities Through activities, Alliance High students began unlocking doors to their individual futures. Various activities helped one to develop valuable skills that could later become keys to success. Whether one learned about agriculture in FFA, home-making in FHA, leadership in FBLA, or acting in Thespians, each activity was a good learning experience. One could also explore his interests by participating in extra-curricular activities. From cheerleading to Annual to National Honor Society, any student could find something of interest to him. Belonging to a club was not all work and no play. Student Council sponsored various dances throughout the year, and Close-Up members raised money for a fun-filled trip to Washington. In fact, fun was often a reason for belonging to a certain club. Whatever one’s reason, activities offered an important "door" to opportunity at A.H.S. 0 Activities Division 39Business Leaders Move Forward FBLA had many fun activities this past year. These included a recreational trip to Denver, the state leadership conference at Lincoln in April, and a Salute to Senior’s Dance. At this dance, the juniors predicted the seniors’ future, and awards were given in categories such as prettiest, funniest, and most original, just to name a few. For fund raisers to make these activities possible, FBLA members sold mirrors, ASCS books, and had c bake sale and car wash. The Future Business Leaders of America had an exciting, educational year. Mrs. foni Schlatz, FBLA sponsor, showed her enthusiasm in summing up the year by saying, "This was probably the best group of kids I’ve worked with so far. They were exceptional in the amount of time and effort each one contributed.” year's FBLA members are. from 'his year's FBLA members are. from left to right: Anna 'orsstrom. Krystal Dillard. Karra Cushing. Beth Trout, Tammy ’ierce, Barry Hamilton, Doug McDermott. Paula Snyder. LaDonna LaDonna Varvel carefully reads over several handouts given to her during an FBLA meeting. These handouts outline the rules and activities of the FBLA year, whicA is always very busy and exciting. Paula Snyder works busily during her FBLA hours as she runs off some papers on a printing machine. She seems to be enjoying herself, which was characteristic of many members during the year. 40 FBLADECA Experiences Changes DECA changed its name to World of Work this year. There were other changes, however, in World of Work besides its name. The students no longer participated in competitions and were not involved in marketing exclusively. Also, the members did not travel for any recreational activities, but simply worked on in-class and cooperative training. There were about fifty seniors in the World of Work working in all different kinds of occupations involving local businesses. Mr. Al Chytka, World of Work sponsor, said their biggest event was the Employer-Employee banquet, in which the students took their bosses out to dinner at the Eagles. They enjoyed themselves, as Dan Carnine said, "It’s been a good time, and I think every senior should be in it." Debbie Manuel returns the correct change to one of her many customers at the Daylight Doughnut Shop where she works after school each day and on Saturdays in conjunction with the World of Work. She has learned important communication skills to help her in future jobs. iling records of people’s accounts at Alliance National Bank alms Kim Rathbun to be employed while receiving high school redits. Patty Shaw carefully punches the correct prices into the register as she waits on a customer at Wheelers during her working hours as part of the World of Work. DECA 41Three Different Groups Find the Agriculture was a very important part of life here in Nebraska. Many of the students here at AHS live in in the country, so FFA was an active part of our school. Future Farmers of America was not restricted to those who lived in the country. There were also students in FFA that lived in the city. FFA was a great way to learn about farming. The Alliance Chapter of FFA participated in many activities throughout the year. Teresa Dye competed in the FFA Public Speaking Contest that was held here in Alliance. She placed first. Stephanie Sutton was se-lected to be a member of the National FFA Band in Kansas City. Stephanie was one of one hundred picked out of four hundred applicants. The National FFA Band was the largest mail order band in the United States. FFA was a very important part of the lives of some students all through the year. Through FFA, many students were exposed to many different activities that would be beneficial to them as they search for the keys to their future in farming. he Alliance Chapter of FFA consists of front row - Scott Taylor, Sponsor Dave lohnson. I B. Schwaderer; second row - Stacy Seidler. Gwen Brown, fulie Karell. Teresa Dye. Lora Romtck, Stephanie Sutton; third row - Coi Morehead. Kelly Bergsing. Steve Softiey.Pm HayduJt, Keven Seidler. fim Karell; fourth row - Brian Williams. Paula Snyder. Phillip I,ee, Allen Ackerman. Brian fohnston, and fane Franklin. To help the FFA Chapter raise money, members offer their services to be auctioned off pm Weinman auctions off fulie Karell's services to the highest bidder for a day. 42 FFAKeys to Successful Futures Looking forward to their trip to Washington, D.C. are Close-Up members Shelly Thompson, Kelli Thomas, Steve Price, Brian I esse, and Cheryl Furman. Not pictured is Angie Clark. AHS’s Future Homemakers of America made both increasing nutritional awareness at AHS and increasing the members’ awareness of probJems related to teenage pregnancy their goals for the 1986-87 school year. Some of the members of FHA attended the District FHA Conference. Vicki Smith, 7 ara Redding, Carmel Luft, Tina Bakkehaug, and Saundra West went on to the State FHA Convention. What was Close-Up? Close-Up was a national organization designed to give high school students throughout the country the opportunity to get together in Washington, D.C., and study the government. Mr. Phil Schweitzer was the organizer of the Close-Up Club at Alliance High. This year six people joined Close-Up. They worked very hard to obtain the money required to spend a week during April in Washington D.C. The cost of the trip per person was $840. Through fund raisers, such as selling stationary and raking leaves, plus local grants, the students managed to cut their expenses in half. The trip to Washington, D.C., proved to be a very exciting and educational experience for the six participants. They had the chance to meet new people and learn about other parts of the country, as well as learn about our nation’s government. This year's FHA members include Shondra Moore, Micki Harris, Tara Redding, Sponsor Cathy Kloch, Shannon McfCenny, Saundra West, Shannon Parmely, Jean Boss, Vicki Smith, Rhonda Nemechek, Diane Stratton, Debbie Manuel and Carmel Luft. To cover the cost of these trips, the girls sold candy and honey and participated in the FBLA, FFA, and FHA Bar-B-Que. Video night, aerobic exercise night, pizza night, and secret sisters at Valentine’s Day made FHA a very good experience for everyone involved. Left: Close-Up member Angie Clark works at the concession stand for the girls’ district basketball game to raise money to cover part’of her trip. FHA Close-Up 43Computer Club Crowned State Champs The Alliance High computer club started the '86-'87 year off with a bang. Barry Hamilton, Scott Darveau, Brian Schmer, and Keith Sutton were crowned state champions for the computer programming competition at the State Fair. Each of the team members won many individual prizes and the club received $200 in prize money. The computer club also wrote the computer dating program which was presented to AHS students. For the first time, the computer club, sponsored by Mr. Leonard Hartman, held a computer contest with the winner receiving a $100 scholarship.This coming summer the computer club will be defending their state title in Lincoln and will also take part in a contest in Vermillion, South Dakota. Keith Sullon works diligently on the computer dating that was given to AHS students. Members of the Computer Club crowned state chomps are Harry Hamilton, Scott Darveau. Brian Schmer. and Keith Sutton. 44 Computer ClubNHS Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary Honor Society includes Sponsor Larry Moyle. Barry Hamiiion. John Baiderson, Brad Adams, Scott Darveau, Sponsor Leonard Hartman, Sheri ledlicka, Karra Cushing and Tracy Overstreet 1986-87 was a big year for the Newberry-Pate Chapter of National Honor Society at Alliance High. The club, sponsored by Mr. Leonard Hartman and Mr. Larry Moyle, celebrated its 60th anniversary. Alliance's chapter featured nine members. They were led by Sheri [ediicka, president; Scott Darveau, vice-president; Wendy Hume, secretary; and Leisa Kollars, treasurer. The club's main activity for the year was their free tutorial service for any student at AHS. To become a member of National Honor Society, a student was judged and then selected on the basis of his academic performance, leadership, services, and character. Initiation for new members was held in May. Tracy Overstreet receives her membership certificate and pin from 1986 graduate Tami Ushio during the National Honor Society initiation. National Honor Society 45AHS Benefits from StuCo Vikki Curtiss, Sue Suprano, and Brenda Dobson all show different emotions during a discussion at a Student Council meeting. The 1986-87 Student Council added new life to the school through many accomplishments. A meeting was held once a week during lunch to coordinate activities and discuss new propositions. Some of their activities were the sponsoring of the homecoming dance, peer counciling, teacher of the semester, computer dating, spring fling week, and a teacher appreciation breakfast. The sponsor of Student Council, Mr. Bill Reno, had this to say,"Student Council started off the year with enthusiasm and a goal of having an exciting homecoming- This was achieved with a united effort of all clubs. This burst of activity was followed by a lull during November and December while attempting to establish new goals and directions. Revived after a winter break, the council spent a good deal of energy and time being cooperative and wanting to provide students and faculty members opportunities to feel good about AHS and their roles in AHS success.” Alliance High School had a more enthusiastic and joyous atmosphere through the efforts of StuCo. N StuCo members are Shawn Allen, Natalie Green, Lori Fraedrich, Sue Suprano, Brian Knight, Kosandra Dillard. Leigh Ann Murdoch, Vikki Curtiss, Teresa Blaylock, fenelle Johannes, Amanda Griffith, Renee' Bills, Tom Simonson, faimi Moravek, Kory Piihl, Brenda Dobson, and Cheryl Bolen. Shawn Allen grabs a refreshener of orange juice during the teacher appreciation breakfast. 46 Student CouncilBooster, A-Clubs Work As One A-Club members once again showed their dedication and desire to achieve. Lettermen from tennis to track participated in the working of the concession stand at home games and the selling of candy bars. From these activities, enough money was earned for the purchase of a marquee, which will be used to display future events. President Jason Minnick expressed his feelings by saying,’’I think we had a productive year with all the money we made from selling concessions and candy bars. All the officers are looking forward to the A-Club Banquet in order to recognize all the old and new members in A-Club." The Booster Club of 1986-87 helped with the supporting of Alliance High activities through many efforts. One of the main fund-raisers was the fifth annual Big Blue Bar-B-Q, which raised money as well as provide fun for all who attended. Concession stand sales at the home track and football events also provided funds. Once again tickets to a Nebraska football game were raffled off. The main project which the funds were gathered was the purchase of new hurdles. These adults showed their pride and support of AHS through these activities. A-Club officers are Brenna Barner, treasurer; Mike Schneli, vice-president; Sponsor Mr.Skip Olds and fason Minnick, president. Not pictured is Shawn Allen, sargeant-at-arms. Booster Club officers are Kathy Bell, secretary;Dan Contonis and Donna Contonis, co-vice-presidents; Jim Moravek and Charlotte Moravek, co-presidents, and Linda Roberts, treasurer. Derek Schwanebeck and Troy Hawk take time out from running the concession to pose. A-Club Booster Club 47Spud, Annual Staffs Adapt Fresh Annual staff members include (back row) lay Segrisl, Jamie Tomlin, Mall Payne; (middle row) Mike Bourquin, Cheryl Bolen, Marci Mitchell, Jodi Bredenkamp, Matt Peterson; (front row) foei Bruntz Vanessa Curtiss, Vikki Curtiss, Shelly Thompson, Being on the Annual or Spud Staff was one of the most time-consuming doors one could open. It required a lot of imagination and dedication to come up with fresh new ideas to meet deadlines. Staff members found that making corrections, finding that ”just-right” picture, and• writing interesting stories were not as easy as they had expected. They found that creating good memories for our school was also a lot of fun. Teamwork by Jodi Bredenkamp. Joei Bruntz, and Cheryl Bolen proves to help make planning pages easier when faced with dilemas. Matt Peterson realizes that making straight lines to begin with saves time when making corrections. Cropping pictures with grease pencils, sending a typed copy, and seeing the finished product were a few of the many activities to keep staff members busy. The sponsors, Mrs. Pat Nelson and Mr. Terry Trenkle, guided their staffs to successful finished pages, including all the important events happening with the students. Chrissi Nielsen, the Spud editor, and Vikki and Vanessa Curtiss, co-editors of the Annual, had their work planned out for them. Their job was to look at typed copy and check finished pages. l sing the computer to type copies and captions makes work easier for Shelly Thompson to meet the next deadline. 48 AnnualIdeas to Capture Troy Hawk, Chrissi Nielsen, and Jody Olson put the finishing touches on their pages for the next deadline. Staff members tried hard to please the students and sponsors, as well as be creative. Chrissi Nielsen has said, "We (the Spud staff), are working as hard as we can to publish many papers this year, but getting interviews, writing stories, and waiting for produced copy takes time, and people just don't realize it SheiJy Thompson also said, "Annual staff is a lot of hard work. Sometimes, with all of the deadlines, it gets very frustrating and I want to quit, but somehow things work out the Moments Spud staff members include (front row) Jody Olson, Doug McDermott, Irene Ewing; (middle row) Wendy Fosket, Traci Lindsay, Amy iowther, Mindy Fifield; and (back row) Ken Lowther, John Oison, Chrissi Nielsen, Troy Hawk, and Tori Marchant. Kathy Green once said, "Meeting the deadlines with finished pages sure took a load off my shoulders, at least until the next deadline." She and other staff members found re-doing a page was not fun. The staffs found their experience on the Spud or Annual staff did make a memorable impression on them. Vikki Curtiss expressed how she felt about her experience, ’’Annual was lots of hard work, but not without fun." Wendy Fosket puts the finishing touches on her page for the next deadline. Staff members only had three to four weeks for each deadline. Mr. Terry Trenkle gives some supporting advice to John Olson, who has just realized that he will have to do his entire page over SPUD 49Cheerleaders Poms Form a This year the cheerleaders were joined by the Pom Squad, a team led by Mrs. Diane Marx and Miss Leha Uehling. Together, these two squads added cheer and excitement to the sports activities. There were several changes made in the cheer-leading squad of 1987. Mrs. Sue Dimmitt joined Mrs. Mary Schadwinkel as a sponsor. The cheerleaders were divided into varsity and junior varsity, and freshmen cheerleaders were added to the squad. The Pom Squad, composed of fifteen girls, made its debut during the Homecoming pep rally and have performed many times since then; each time becoming more popular and gaining recognition. The Pom Squad proved to be very successful and will be around for years to come. Together, the Pom Squad and the cheerleaders increased school spirit and provided entertaining halftime shows. AH S' s newly formed Pom Squad shows they've got what it takes to impress (he crowd as they perform bleacher routines to "Pressure" and "Knockers" between wrestling matches. Chrissi Neilsen and Tracy Overstreet revert back to the sixties os they perform to "Crocodile RocJt," one of three songs during a medley routine. The junior varsity cheerleaders are, from front to back, Cheryl Furman. Leigh Ann Murdock, Lisa Dufek, Sheiiy Shannon, Traci Lindsay. Sponsor Sue Dimmitt. fenelle Johannes, Dee Sutton. Sponsor Mary Schadwinkel, and Amy Roberts. The key to cheerleading's future, the freshmen squad, consists of. from front to back. Heather West, Carri Nason, Chris Fenicle, and Charity Chandler. Tori Hoxworth. Tonja Maban, Amy Roberts. Keri Taylor, and Stacey Razo execute a cheer during a varsity boys’ basketball game time-out. 50 Cheerleading PomsNew Combination of Spirit Mendoza, Tami Smith, Coleen Clark, Billie Jo Kissner, Tracy Overstreet. Shelly Thompson, Tori Marchant, Rhonda Hammond, Joni Small, Celia Ramerez, Chrissi Nielsen, Crissy Roby. Wendy Hume, Traci Johns. Shannon Speer, and Jodi Bredenkamp. On the varsity level are cheerleaders Tori Hoxworth, Stacey Razo, Ranae Reynolds. Jason Minnick, Chris Contonis, Chris Stoddard. Dan Carnine, Tonja Maben, Stacy Brass, Kelly Stark, Keri Taylor, and Natalie Green. The sponsors are Sue Dimmitt and Mary Schadwinkel. Sponsors Mary Schadwinkel and Leha Uehling keep a watchful eye on the girls behind them. They had the wonderful luck of being snowed in in Broadwater. The girls and their sponsors spent the night in the Lutheran Church. After hours of practice, the cheerleaders have become very skilled in building pyramids. Here the are executing one of the pyramids. Due to an accident in another state, pyramids have been banned. Poms and cheerleading is not just the glitter and glamour of performing. Sometimes long hours of travel and preparation are required. The girls took a four hour bus trip to North Platte to perform for both the girls' and boys’ district basketball games. Cheerleading Poms 51Troupe 3146, Renews Membership Thespian Troupe 3146 consists of, front row: Steffonie Cobb, Alice Ruble, Kay Wiison, and Tracy Overstreet; second row; Kathy Green, Kris Kerr, John Olson, and Daria Prelie Renewing their membership to the National Thespian Society, troupe number 3146, continued to strive to become more involved in theatrical activities. Being a Thespian wasn’t all what it was cracked up to be. Each new member started off by being a plebe. To become a Thespian one had to earn points. The way to earn these points was by earning a major or supporting role in a play, being a stage manager, helping with the lights, and dressing people in make up, just to name a few. Activities that the Thespians were involved in this year were fund raisers, competitions and The International Thespians Society state convention held in Grand Island, February 20-21. The money from the fund raisers was put toward a trip to Denver to see a play. Senior Darla Prella, secretary, leads the discussion on some possible money-making projects. Thespian Troupe 3146 initiates consist of, front row: Angie Clark, Tony Aruffo. Heather Mittlestadt; second row: Chris Baas, Wayne Brown, Mark Hammond, and Frank McCarroti 52 ThespiansCommunity Helped by Art Club. Mural Painting Committee's for the new addition are being assigned by Mr. Mannlein Mr.Mannlein discusses (he Busi-Notes fund raiser with, 'members Angie Lunbery and Mike Bourquin. Art Club was an organization for artists at Alliance High that helped the community and the school through its different projects. Many of the activities included doing a mural and a set of plaques for the wrestling team, creating designs for the cheerleaders' megaphones, and selling busi-notes "One of the interesting things about being in Art Club was that I could do things which interested me and helped others at the same time," quoted senior artist Mike Bourquin. Members participated in the various projects to gain points. These points were totalled at the end of the year, and those having the most points got to go on a trip to Denver to see some of the city’s art galleries. All the projects involved creative thoughts by its members, and with the guidance of their sponsor, Mr. Larry Mannlein, these students turned out works of art that were appreciated by not only other students, but adults as well. One of the money making projects for Art Club this year was painting a murai in the wrestiing room. Members of the 1986-87 Art Club were, front row: Sponsor Mr.Larry Mannlein. Scott Darveu, Sheri fedlicka, Pat Marcoe; second row: Michelle Duran. Vicki Dickenson. Mike Bourquin. Keri Taylor, Penny Colerick. Krystal Dillard. Terry Murdoff: third row. Dustin Darveau. Rick Pohlman, Dawn Brammer, Alice Ruble, and Ramiro Vasquez. Art Club 53Academics rhe academics at A.H.S. were always an unlocked door. Academics were a key to all things. In order to participate in anything else, one has to first maintain his grades in his academic classes. This became the key to involvement and success. The keys to academics were several. The main key opened the door that centered around the required courses. Other keys opened doors to electives or vocational classes. Students arranged and rearranged their schedules until they found the keys opening the doors to academic achievement. Most students tried many keys to many varying subjects. Some students took courses to prepare for college while others took just those they had to. Whatever key one chose, each door opened to help students to pursue life-long opportunities in their classes at Alliance High. Academics Division 55An important part of Alliance High School is the adminstration, the office, and the guidance staff. Although they don't receive much credit, they keep our school running properly and in an orderly fashion. The administration was led by the school board which oversaw the entire functioning of the school in the district. Mr. Martin Petersen, superintendent of the school, oversaw the Jaws and legislatures of the school district, as well as the elementary schools. Mr. Dick Stephens, principal, was in charge of the staff development, the budget, and the scheduling. Mr. Dick Bo ness, assistant principal, took control of the building grounds, substitutes, student eligibility, student aides, and attendance records. The secretaries this year were Mrs. Barbara Nansel, Mrs. Sherry Caventer, and Mrs. Linda Morrison. Mrs. Nansel was an aide to Mr. Stephens and made sure the grades were on record for students. Mrs. Caventer was an aide for Mr. Boness and Mr. Olds, and she also helped to punch lunch tickets. Mrs. Morrison monitered the attendance of students. This year, their jobs were made much easier by a computer, which was used for student records, announcements, and attendance, while moving into the new addition also made these duties much easier to accompiish. Mrs. Marx, who is a secretary for Mr. Reno, led the Alliance High "Pom Squad." a new activity this year. The guidance staff was made up of Mr. Larry Moyle, Mr. Bill Reno, and Mrs. Nancey Davis. Mr. Moyle helped students with career decisions and made scheduJe changes for students. He was also a National Honor Society sponsor. Mr. Reno was there for students who needed advice or someone to talk to. Mrs. Davis handled the psychological testing and was a counselor for students in trouble. These staff members did their jobs very well, and without them, our school wouldn’t have been able to function properly. Mrs. Nansel makes sure the students’ grades are on record. 56 AdministrationAdministration, Guidance, Office See New Changes Barbara Nansel Sherry Caventer The members of the school board are: Bill Burgess: Laurice Margheim; Gwen Brown, student representative: Alan Cornish; Sharon Hitchcock: and Micki Kimmel. Not pictured is Marion Moscrip. Mr.Martin Petersen, superintendant of the schools, has a very busy schedule planning new activities. Mrs. Nancey Davis is a counselor for students, and she also handles the psychological testing. Office Guidance 57Staff.Library Hold Key to Assistance Thanks to the effort of the library personnel, the cooks, the janitors and the school nurse, things ran easily at AHS. In the library, students were offered help with finding materials by aides Mrs. Pat Vandewege and Mrs. Mary Koiesar. The aides also helped media specialist Mr. Richard McCall, who provided the necessary audio-visual materials for the school. Mr. McCall stated his goal was ” provide the materials and assistance to enable students to explore independently and satisfy their curiousities.” Mrs. Carmen Harrahill, R.N., replaced Mrs. Thelma Merritt, who retired, as school nurse. Her responsibilities included screening students’ hearing and vision and taking care of minor accidents. Besides keeping AHS clean, the janitors helped students with various "emergencies.” After one of the fall play perfomances, Mr. foe Barker, custodian, and several cast members helped junior Alice Ruble get her keys out from under the freshmen lockers. "That was my most memorable experience," chuckled Mr. Barker. Imagine 174 pounds of hamburger, 75 pounds of spaghetti, and enough sauce to feed an army. That's the equivalent of the 760 servings that the cooks were responsible for serving to students each day. Although that was quite a few students, Mrs. Sandra Waldron, school lunch supervisor, wished, "... that more teachers and students would have eaten in the cafeteria." Staff members were a key to AH S' s successful year. They helped to open the door of providing assistance to students in need. The "Nutrition Team” provides meals with the help of Maxine Cuiton, Joyce Lawrence. Helen Wagner, Mary Brenner. Nancy Wolzen. Sandra Waldron, Nancy Smith, Sharon Hansen, and Pat Moomey. Richard McCall Pat Vandewege Mary Koiesar Among his many responsibilities as a custodian. Mr. Esmeragdo Nunez demonstrates one of the basics, sweeping the halls. 58 Staff LibrarySpecial Education Unlocks Skills Mrs. Nancy Davis, school psychologist, identifies possible learning disablilies. Diane Marx Kathy Graham Meriin Saathoff Rhonda Nemechek, sophomore, shows Bill Boots some art techniques Adaptive Art, a new class. Through three main special education programs, students with learning disabilities at AHS have benefited greatly. Taught by Mr. Tom Lawrence, the ninth and tenth grade resource students learned study skills. In the eleventh and twelfth grade vocation program, led by Mrs. Kathy Graham, juniors and seniors learned valuable skills, such as filling out tax forms,that prepared them for life.The self-contained program helped handicapped students learn to care for themselves and was taught by Mr. Meriin Saathoff. One new class offered to the self-contained students was adaptive art, taught by Mrs. Pam Cullen. In this class, handicapped and non-handicapped students had a chance to interact while learning art skills. Teaching aide Valerie Curtiss commented, "I love to work with the kids. There’s a new and rewarding experience each day." Another addition to the program was the school psychologist, Mrs. Nancey Davis. Her job was to determine if there was a learning disability affecting a student’s school work. Through testing, she could identify the disablity and recommend what action should be taken to remedy that handicap. Special Education students unlocked the door to valuable skills that will help them the rest of their lives. The key given to them from the knowledge gained from special education helped many of them to receive a high school diploma that they might not have gotten otherwise. Mr. Kevin Wilkinson, Special Education Director, remarked, ’’Most importantly, special ed prepared students to be productive and contributing members to society.” Special Education 59Students Find Extra Activity Through Even though driver's education was only a two and a half credit hour class, mny students found it was a great advantage despite the $60.00 charge which was added this year. The class helped students develop good driving skills and road safety, not to mention the fact that taking the course knocked 15% off of their car insurance, and if the student passed with a 'B' average or above, he could have an additional 15% taken off. This gave students a lot to work towards in the classroom and on the road when driving. When talking to Mr. Val Jansante, the instructor, he stated, "The most important things for a student to learn are how to be a defensive driver and how to interact with other drivers on the street.” With driver's education, students could really get a head start on learning the skills of the road. It definitely had its benefits and sometime it had its rough points, but in the end, one may truly see what the class really did for students. "Taking a test in Driver’s Education. I don't believe this, I thought we were suppose to drive in this ciass,” wonders sophomore David McGaugh as he takes a test over the rules of the road. Ji Skip Olds One important par I of Driver’s Education is the actual driving time that students get. Carrie Firestein smiles with confidence knowing that she will do well, but her instructor Mr. fansante is wondering if he should prepare for the worst in this driving session. 60 Drivers' EducationPE., Weight Training, Driver Education One important motto in the weight training class is "No pain, no gain" as senior Sandy Bull demonstrates in her leg press exercises. Tumbling is one of the many units students study in physical education. Not everything is as easy as it looks, as Miss Pilfoid helps one of her students with a backward pike roll to a chest roll down, which students could do as an extra credit exercise. Many students watch and hope that Matt Shaner serves the game point in an important volleyball game. Volleyball was an entertaining game that students learned to master. Some of the most interesting classes at AHS were those which required the physical use of the body and the tasks the body performs, instead of those classes which required the mind, logical thought, and reason. Physical education and weight training were the classes which gave students the opportunity to build their bodies and keep them fit. "Oh, no, circuits again!” This is an often heard complaint by the freshmen in physcial education ciasses year after year, but when the new student teachers, Mr. Zane Sweeny and Miss Jody Bramer, explained how the circuits actually helped to build strength and fitness, the students decided that circuits were not so bad after all. Some even began to like them. Physical education allowed students to indulge in activites such as aerobics, badmitton, and table tennis. Volleyball and tumbling were some of the other areas of study these students participated in. Coach Sandra Pilfoid and Coach Pat Cullen worked hard all year to make sure their students got the most out of these units. In weight training, students worked with circuit programs to build muscles and endurance. During the summer, the weight room was opened to any students who wished to lift weights. This additional time allowed students to gain further strength and muscle tone even when school was not in session. These ciasses, although exhausting and enduring, gave students good physical activity throughout the year, not to mention the fact that it gave some a fit body. P.E. Weight Training 61Vocational Classes Expose Students to At Alliance High, vocational classes offered students a chance to get away from the dailly monotony of notetaking and lectures. They also helped students to be constructive and creative. Business classes were popular among students of all grades, freshmen to seniors. These classes enabled students to perform all tasks done by secretaries and others with similar jobs. Classes in the home economics department taught students how to deal with real life happenings. Various things such as cooking, sewing, adult living, and decorating homes were dealt with. The remainder of the vocational classes were those such as drafting, welding, agriculture, electricity, gas engines, house wiring, and general shop. These classes provided a knowledge of basic electrical theories, taught rebuilding and repairing engines, as well as the fundamentals of mechanical drawing, design, and woodworking techniques. Thanks to the vocational department, many AHS students were exposed to skills which will prove to be very valuable to them in the world of work and everyday life. In Mr. Hartman's computer class, Beth Trout learns how to type a program in Basic. Sue Dimmitt I.eha Uehling font Schlatz Tim Weston and Tori Hoxworth team how to get married in Mrs. Kioch’s aduit living class. 62 Vocational ClassesFundamental Skills Needed in Life Leonard Hartman Cathy Kloch Neil Sutton Pat Coffee Dave Johnson Kent Meyer appears to be thinking, ”Gimme a light... a torch light,” in welding class. In Mr. Ackerman's general shop class, Chad Cottrell is able to be creative and constructive. In Mr. Dave Johnson's agriculture class, students not only learn about farming, but they also develop many useful skills. Shawn Allen, who obviously forgot to eat breakfast, attempts to swallow his typing book. Vocational Classes 63Communications Add Style, Variety Most students during their high school days took one form of communications if not more. These classes added a different style and variety to the usual everyday math, science, and English schedule. Theatre, speech, Spanish, German, and debate made up the communications department. Debate class was unlocked again this year, after many years of being stored away. Mr. Brad Schneider, who taught this class as well as speech and theatre said, "Debate helps one to think logically and develop research skills. It also helps organize thoughts and ideas along with preparing students for future jobs." Mrs. Lila Fiebig and Mr. Ivan Polyakov taught Spanish and German, respectively. Both classes offered a better understanding of the language, culture, and country. When Chelie Hjersman, a freshman Spanish II student, was asked why she took Spanish, she replied, "I think it’s a very important and stable foundation for my future in communications." Whether a student took a communications class to be in the same class as a friend or if they took it for its usefulness in future jobs, communications remained to be popular classes. Tori Marchant uses class time to finish her German lesson that is due the next day. Brad Schneider Lila Fiebig van Polyakov "Say cheese, Mr. Polyakov!" During German class. Mr. Polyakov plays records to help the students better understand the German language. This time he takes a moment to look at the camera. Speech isn’t all hard work and no play. Ion l.ulow. enelle Johannes, Darcy Sutton, and Ami Adams do a demonstration speech on how to sharpen a pencil. 64 CommunicationsJournalism: The Key to Information In mid-October six students attend the annual journalism convention in Lincoln. It was sponsored by (he Nebraska High School Press Association. Those attending were oei Bruntz, Marci Mitchell, Traci Lindsay, Chrissi Nielsen, and Troy Hawk. Not pictured is Vikki Curtiss. These students learned new ideas for the Bulldog and SPUD. The journalism and annual classes spent many busy hours working on the Bulldog and the SPUD, supplying memories for years to come. Many taxing hours were spent working on layout, copy blocks, and captions for pictures. Kathy Green, member of the annual staff said, "The hardest thing in annual was trying to write a story for every subject, but once you got started, the words ran onto the paper.” In mid-October, six students, Vikki Curtiss, Marci Mitchell, Joei Bruntz, Troy Hawk, Chrissi Nielsen, and Traci Lindsay, attended Journalism Convention in Lincoln. They learned new ideas on layout design, themes, and the do's and don’ts of journalism. "All in all, it was a very successful year," said Chrissi Nielsen, editor of the SPUD. "I'm looking forward to next year.” Preparing for the yearbook takes a lot of hard work and usually a friend. Cheryl Bolen helps Kathy Green decide which pictures to use and which pictures to discard. Layout design can be very hard or it can be lots of fun. Irene Ewing finishes her design and gets it ready for press. Journalism 65Arts Possess Key to Learning Students at AHS unlocked new doors in cultural learning through the fine arts classes made up of art, band, choir, and humanities. Mr. Larry Mannlein helped students in general art and Advanced Art I and II by showing them some techniques in metal casting, oil painting, and photography, just to name a few. By balancing creative expression with technical expertise, ”... art students had a super year.” Mr. Mannlein commented. Band members were happy to have the new classrooms. Because of the extra space, band and choir classes didn't, as Mr. Dick Rischling put it,"have so much tear down and set up time. There was more time for individuals." In addition to girls glee, Sound Alliance, and Varsity Singers, Mrs. Oralene Hofmann taught humanities. Humanities was an overview of culture as it evolved through history. Mrs. Hofmann loved teaching these classes. "Teaching keeps me learning. I love learning new things,” expressed Mrs. Hofmann. As one can see, fine arts classes offered a variety of learning experiences. Through the exposure of the fine arts, students found ways to express themselves culturally. Band President, John Balderson, senior, places second at the talent show with the song "Concertino." He also made All-State Honor Band, and is a member of stage band as well as marching band. Swing Choir presents "You Gotta be a Football Hero" Larry Mannlein Dick Rischling Oraiene Hofmann Pam Cullen 66 Fine ArtsSocial Studies Records Changes During seventh period American history, Phil Schweitzer gives the answers for the worksheet due that day. According to the dictionary, history is a record of significant events that happened in the past, and this year Alliance High School made history when a new door was unlocked to a new class, psychology. Miss Gail McMurtrey, who taught the class, said, "One of the most important things students should learn is about why they behave the way they do, and this class will help you understand that. Also you can learn more about other people." Other changes also took place; Mr. Chuck Tank began teaching modern politics while continuing with American history, while Mr. Phil Schwietzer taught modern politics, economics, and American history. Finally, Miss Ellen Christensen continued with her geography and world history classes as well as comparative religions and sociology. Although all students must take two years of social studies, many take the various classes for a better understanding of our world and for a chance to learn from the past and to relate it to the present. George Washington?'s just Matt Morris during American history class with Mr. Tank. Students during Miss McMurtrey's current issues class read the Omaha World Herald and then give a one paragraph opinion on an article assigned by McMurtrey. Social Studies 67Math and Science: Providing New Openings to the Doors of Success Dustin Darveau works methodically to finish his contemporary math homework before the bell rings. Ranae Reynolds thinks about an answer during class. Over the years, math has become much more complicated. Math classes one's parents took as juniors or seniors in college are now being taught to freshmen and sophomores in high school. With a variety of different math classes from which to choose, a student could have taken classes of interest to him. The types of math classes offered ranged from basic math to advanced algebra to calculus. Computers, which was changed from the vocational to the mathematics department this year, was another type of math which students were willing to try. Two years of math was required to graduate. From Mr. Wayne Brown’s algebraic problems, to Mr. Dave Sautter’s polynomials, to Mr. Jim Hawk’s contemporary math, math was a very fun-filled year. For the more advanced student, Mr. fim Kuehn’s calculus and Mr. Leonard Hartman's advanced basic classes left the students intrigued. Math has always been an important study and will continue to be. The area of math forces the student to think logically. The teachers here at A.H.S. were willing to help the math student in any possible way. Mr. Jim Hawk summed up the meaning of the teaching profession when he said, " I would much rather work with young people than people my own age because I feel I have more of an influence on the students’ lives.” Math was shown to be an interesting subject at A.H.S. by the students’ willingness to learn. fim Hawk Leonard Hartman fim Kuehn Dave Sautter 68 MathThe science ciasses were instructed by very qualified instructors. These people, along with their many students, grew scientifically and logically. All of the science teachers felt that their students really learned something besides a type of science. One understnading of this was summed up by Mr. Bill Stout. He said, "An understanding of due fundamental concepts of biology often facilitates intelligent decisions about problems encountered in daily affairs.” Students learned about the composition of matter and the changes that take place in matter from Mr. Bill Marchant, the chemistry and physics teacher. Science of another sort was taught by Mrs. Pam Schnell. Her students were informed of the human body. This course was an interesting way to learn more about the way life is carried on in the body. Biology, a study of life, was instructed by Mr. Bill Stout. He taught his students about plant and insect life. Mrs. Teresa Nelson and Mrs. Pat Hedstrom taught the freshmen about science in general with their course of earth science. Although science is required for two years, many students take more years to fulfill college needs or to satisfy their curiousity. All in all, science was a fun, memorable experience for students. Traci Lindsay thumbs through her glossary during biology class. Mr. Leonard Hartman laughs at a student’s joke. His computer classes were very educational and enjoyable. Ron Weekes and Crista Maben show different styles of applying themselves while completing math worksheets. Bill Marchant Teresa Nelson Bill Stout Pam Schnell Science 69English: Breaking the Language Barrier With New Old Ideas Who says English can't be fun? A Project English student takes part in a humorous class discussion. Junior Chris Allen smiles as he begins to write down the correct answer. Project English was a demanding yet rewarding course. During this past year English Wok on a new meaning. Not only were different slang terms derived, but the English curriculum was changed. The swing toward the 'writing process' was brought on by the consensus of the administration that literature was over emphasized and the actual structural writing students were accomplishing wasn’t enough. Another change included the number of levels offered in English. It was changed from three to two leveJs. This change caused problems for students who were borderline in either the project or regular classes. This process, though, did help the teachers. They did not have to worry about changing their class plans so many times. Three new English instructors were added this past year at A.H.S. These three teachers made a big impact on the lives of many students. The teachers were Mr. Ed Foy, Mrs. Valerie Foy, and Mrs. fan Bandel. Most of the teachers really enjoyed the changes at A.H.S. The main change in the curriculum was felt by many as a needed one. When asked how she felt, Mrs. Pat Nelson replied, "In keeping up with the current trend toward more writing, A.H.S. is keeping step with the rest of the country. Writing will always be important in a student's life. It is our responsibility to provide a student with a good writing experience. Equally important, however, is an overall exposure to the many genres of literature." With the help of students, teachers, and the new program, English was a complete success. 70 EnglishSteve Nelson i Mary Schadwinkel Valerie Foy Ed Foy Seniors Kim Hathbun and Eddie Burgess concentrate on their in-class assignment. This class helped prepare the students for college. Scott Von Aschwege and Tim Thies smile as the teacher gives the assignment. Jeff McLennan. Jeff Minnick. and Marci Mitchell all relax while reading a section of My Antonia. This was fust one of many books the sophomores read for English classes. English 71Honors Convocation Praises The annual Honors Convocation was held May 20, with a record crowd attending the function. The administration did something different this year in order to draw the large crowd. They sent letters to all parents whose children would receive an award, asking them to attend. Because of the excess number of people, bleachers had to be pulled out. Approximately forty categories of awards were given out. The Honor Roll awards and the Chadron Scholastic Contest awards drew the most people on to the stage. Steffanie Cobb received the Outstanding Thespian a-ward for her endurance of Speech and Theatre. Tracy Overstreet, Stephanie Sutton, as well as Troy Hawk, Traci Lindsay, Amy Lowther, Doug McDermott, Chrissi Nielsen, and John Olson received the Quill and Scroll Award. Irene Ewing, Ken Lowther, and Lori Warbonnet received the Senior fournalism Honor Award. Cheryl Bolen was selected as the outstanding STUCO member and new the 1987-88 officers were announced. They were Vikki Curtiss, president; Valerie Curtiss, vice- president; Cheryl Bolen, treasurer; and Sue Suprano, secretary. Computer Awards were given to the computer team that won state in the fall of 1986. They were Keith Sutton, Brian Schmer, Scott Darveau, and Barry Hamilton. Sheri fedlicka, Wayne Nelson, and Scott Darveau were recognized for their outstanding achievements at the Chadron State Scholastic Contest, fedlicka and Darveau were also recognized for being accepted into the l niversity of Nebraska-Lincoln Honors Program. Darveau was honored with the National Merit Scholarship. Presidential Academic Fitness Awards were a new item at the Convocation. Brad Adams, John Balderson, Mary Craig, Karra Cushing, Scott Darveau, Valorie Haggard, Barry Hamilton, Sheri fedlicka, Kris Kerr, Leisa Kollars, Tracy Overstreet, and LaDonna Varvel all received the award. The awards were a big success due to the large attendance and to the students. Without their academic excellence, there would be no Honors Convocation. The 1987 Boys' and Girls’ Stale Candidates are Dustin Darveau and Vikki Curtiss, alternates, and Matt Morris and Kristin Peterson, representatives. Scott Darveau receives his Bausch and Lomb Science Award in Physics from Mrs. Teresa Nelson. 72 Honors ConvocationStudents’ Academic Shawn Allen - Chadron State College Cooperating School Scholarship Mike Bourquin - Box Butte Art Society Scholarship Eddie Burgess - Academic and Athletic Scholarship from Hastings College Mary Craig - Chadron State College Presidential Scholarship, President's Scholarship from Kearney State College Karra Cushing - Butler Scholarship from Doane College Scott Darveau - President’s Honorary Scholarship from Northeast Missouri State University, Local Elk's Outstanding Student Scholarship, State Elk's Outstanding Scholarship, Four Year David Scholarship from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Chemistry Department Scholarship from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Wendy Hume - Chadron State College Presidential Scholarship Sheri fedlicka - Four year David Scholarship from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Kris Kerr - Board of Trustees Scholarship from Chadron State College Leisa Koliars - Northeastern Jr. College Athletic Grant, Board of Trustees Scholarship from Chadron State College, Army ROTC Four year Scholarship, Four year Appointment to the Air Force Academy Deborah Manuel - FHA Scholarship Tracy Overstreet - Nebraska Western College Outstanding Leadership Scholarship, Elk’s Most Valuable Student Scholarship, Savings Bond from the Nebraska Council of Youth Kim Rathbun - President’s Scholarship from Kearney State College Danielle Reinhardt - Chadron State College Cooperating School Scholarship Diane Reinhardt - Chadron State College Cooperating School Scholarship Cristina Roby - Chadron State College Cooperating School Scholarship Joell Romick - Nebraska Angus Nebrelles Scholarship Lora Romick - FFA Alumni Scholarship Mike Schnell - Chadron State College Cooperating School Scholarship Keven Seidler - Northeastern Jr. College Southwest Nebraska Student Scholarship Keri Taylor - American Legion Aux. Scholarship Tim Thies - Nebraska Western College Music Scholarship Excellence Medal winners at Chadron State Scholastic Contest are Sheri edlicka. Wayne Nelson, and Scott Darveau. The 1987 Quill and Scroll awards go to Traci Lindsay, Doug McDermott, John Oison. Chrissi Nielsen, Troy Hawk. Tracy Over street, and Stephanie Sutton. Presidentiai Academic Fitness Award winners include LaDonna VarveJ, Barry Hamilton. Brad Adams, Sheri edlicka, John Baiderson. Valorie Haggard, Kris Kerr, Karra Cushing, Leisa Kollars. Tracy Overstreet. Scott Darveau. Honors Convocation 7374 Fine Arts DivisionFine Arts The fine arts program at Alliance High School was (he key to added enrichment for many talented students. This area was the unlocked door to personal satisfaction and development of individual talents. Whether it was the keys of the piano, french horn or clarinet, harmonious sounds echoed through the doors of the fine arts rooms. Band and choir members unlocked doors to separate new rooms instead of sharing a room as in the past. Drama and art students worked hard at expressing themseives through their actions and art work. Pride was often felt in the halls of A.H.S. when learning of the many awards and honors earned by the music, drama, and art students. Fine Arts unlocked a door to one's feeling and talents. Everyone was affected by this program. Those involved looked for keys to enjoyment, personal satisfaction and exploration of one's inner self. Those not involved could still enjoy the results from the strong Fine Arts program at A.H.S. 0 Fine Arts Division 75Concert Band Rebounds After the With the loss of the 1986 seniors, the concert band had a lot to work on for the ’86-’87 season. However, with the addition of new freshmen combined with the remaining group, the band has once again achieved its high quality of performance. The band was conducted by Mr. Dick Rischling with assistance from Mr. Bill Rischling. The band performed throughout the year at the Christmas concert, the Spring concert, and at districts in Chadron. The band played a variety of songs from classical to contemporary, including The Golden Eagle' and 'March Lamar.’ Due to combined effort and much practice, the band completed another successful year. With the opening of the new addition, a modern band room was unlocked, complete with elevated steps, carpet, and lockers for each instrument. Front row: Roger Lehl, Cheryl Furman. Kristin Peterson, Angie Clark. Tracy Bell. Second row: julie Karell, Alice Ruble. Leah Reed. Diana Varvel. Lori Mendoza, Denise Manuel. Shannon Speer. Third Row: Blanca Vazquez. Becky Schnell, Karri Hatch. Allison Davis. Tania Meier. Trpcy Overstreet. Lora Howell, Stephanie Sutton. Vanessa Curtiss. Fourth row: John Balderson, John Christensen. Dan Huss. Heath Lawrence. Travis Gasseling, Gabe Gonzalez. Trent Decker. Jim Allen, Nathan Mink. Tina Bakkehaug. Ronnie Weekes. Brandon Sherfey. Fifth row: Chad Leever. Tim Thies. Kent Meyer, Jason Odell. Natalie Green. Kurt Schuller. Larry Hudson, Mike Romick. 76 Concert BandLoss of Seniors From One Year Ago In concert band all sections are equally important. Without one section, the band would be incomplete. Although Matt Peterson. Teresa Blaylock. Gabe Gonzalez, and Blanca Vazquez play completely different parts, when played together, they form a masterpiece of music. Front row: Jaimi Moravek, Amy Roberts. Jennifer Moyle. Susan Rischling, Teresa Blaylock. Shelly Thompson. Second row: Jill Gonzalez. Milisa Owens. Gina Green, Stephanie Sever, Joni Fritzier, Christa Maben, Tissie Bauer, Kelly Thomas. Tina Rask. Third row: Bryan Kiewel, Carey Firestein. Valerie Curtiss. Jeremy Horton. Katie Kimmel, Lee Nelson, Matt Peterson, John Geisler, Patty Shaw. Fourth row: Brett Dudley. Steve Price, James Kiewel, Brian Schmer, Dan Gerlich. Chris Allen. Matt Moore, David Blankenship. Brad Rusk, Jesse Harris, Ray Bartlett. Concert Band 77Flags, Majorettes and Marching Band ’’Like every team, we had our problems, but we improved everytime we performed and became a very close group. We hada lot of fun making new friends, even though we had to work hard." These are just a few words Valerie Curtiss expressed in summing up the 1986-87 flag team season. The flag team and majorettes had a year of many actvities. In the last week of July, both teams attended camp in Hastings. Flags raised money for new sweaters by having a car wash, bake sale, a garage sale and selling MS-M’s. Both groups attended marching band competitions and performed at all home football games. During basketball season, the majorettes led the flag ceremony, while the flag team performed occasionally during halftime. to right: Tina Rask, Tania Meyers, Cheryi Bolen, Patty Shaw. Sandy Bull Kneeling: Caption Valerie Curtiss, [ennifer Bolen, Celia Ramirez, Co-Captain Mary Chouanard. Flags and Majorettes had a successful, busy year, but they still managed to have fun along the way. 1986-87 majorettes included, from left to right: Angie Clark, Head Majorette Tracy Overstreet, and Cory Fire stein After winning first place for marching in class A at the Sidney Octoberfest Angie Clark. Tracy Overstreet and band director Mr. Dick Rischiing walk off the field with "victory sweet victory" written all over their faces. 78 Flags MajorettesHold the Key to Another Successful Year After the haiftime show, drummers progress to the victory line. After many mornings of practice, these band members show their perfection. Led by the majorettes, the marching band files down Box Butte Avenue in a wet Homecoming parade. During basketball and wrestiing games the pep band show their spirit and support to their team. Alliance High Marching Band had a slower season compared to last year. Every school day at 7:30 a.m. over half of the students of Alliance High were still resting peacefully in their beds, while marching band members were marching over the grass of the football field. They would practice until 8:52 a.m., going over such songs as, "Roaring Twenties”, "Let It Be Me” and "Showdown”. The band attended two competitions. One of these were the Sidney Octoberfest, in which they placed first in their division. They also went to Omaha where things got off to a rather bad start. Big Blue's brakes went out and ran a red light, causing it to hit another car. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Even though the trip was hectic, the band received a two on their preformance. Shelly Thompson, a member of the Alliance High Band, summarized the trip. "We had a lot of fun in Omaha even though things didn’t go quite as planned. It made all those early morning practices on a cold and wet football field a little more bearable.” Marching Band 79Music Groups ’’Show Their Stuff” This year Stage Band, "Sound Alliance", and Girls' Glee added their talents to AHS. These groups were able to make AHS just a little more exciting, as well as adding variety. The "Sound Alliance" show choir spoke loud and clear...their message was ”We got our act together." This year they performed in Chadron, Scottsbluff, Spearfish and district music contests, where judges and audiences alike sat up and took notice of their talent and showmanship. "Sound Alliance” was twenty-two members strong, selected from auditions by Mrs. Oralene Hofmann. They worked together as a team doing choreography and singing music from country, pop ballads, pop rock, and jazz. Stage Band was another group which really excelled in all areas. Under the firm direction of Mr. Dick RischJing, they practiced everyday second period, performing a variety of music from swing to rock. They also attended a concert in Chadron in mid-March, and another in Spearfish, South Dakota, which was held in April. Girls from grades 9-12 were enrolled in Glee Club. Activities for the year inciuded the All-School Talent Show, and the Christmas, Spring and Fine Arts Festival Concerts. The objectives of this group were to sing various styles of music written for women’s voices, to build vocal techniques, and to learn the fundamentals of singing. Many of these students progress to become members of Varsity Singers and the school's show choir, "Sound Alliance." Overall, these groups really "showed their stuff" and excelled in all areas of performance. Lori Fraedrich works on the choreography for a new piece in "Sound Alliance.” The Members of Girls Glee Are: Vanessa Boyd. Dolores Rivera. Ami Adam. Vickie Wallers. Coleen Clark, Stacey Razo, Gretchen Robb. Sherry Garber. Micki Harris, Tracy Christine. Amy Olsen, Rhonda Hammond, fodean Bunce, amie fohnson, Tonya Todd, Lisa Fraedrich. Saundra Wesl, Cynthia Waugh, fenny Bolen. Amy Olsen. Angie Brown, Crystal Dliliard. Celia Ramirez. Nicki Schnell, Denise Richmeier. Andrea Rom. Meredith Gerlich. Bette Lore, Desi Dunbar, Lisa Schnell, Korena Aguallo, and Kari Mundl. "Hmm, lets see" thinks Shawn Allen as he temporarily loses his place. 80 Stage Band”Sound Alliance" is made up of Natalie Green Stacy Brass, Karra Cushing, Lori Lrardrich. fohn BaIdrrson. Stair Stmnrtte, Gabe Gonzalez, Mike Bourquin, Sue Rischling, Shawn Allen, Joell Romick, Scot Hoover, Cheryl Furman, Kris Kerr, Susan Soprano, Ramiro Vazquez, Mary Craig, John Hall, and Valerie Curtiss. he Members of Alliance High Stage Band are Gabe Gonzalez, Sue Kiscnnng, noger nem. aryan Mewa, Lee lelson, Jim Allen. John Balderson, Brian Schmer, James Kiewel, Steve Price, Brett Dudley, Dan Huss, Vikki Curtiss. John urgess, Kurt Schuller, Larry Hudson, Kenny Lowther, and John Christensen. Swing Choir Girls Glee 81Vocal Music Students Find Challenging Pictured here in the new choir facility are this year’s Varsity SingersCheryJ Furman. Susan Suprano, Tinka Livermore, Sharma Luft, Paige Graham. Valerie Curtiss. Tracy Stark, Jeff Lundy, Samantha Gonzalez, Ton a Maben, Shauna Berry, ill Hartwig, Ami Adam Mike Bourquin, Paul McCracken. Gabe Gonzalez. B.J. Taylor, foni Small. Kay Wilson, Jodi Morrison, Angie Lunbery, Stacy Brass, John Hall. Scot Hoover, on Moyle, Cheryl Pfannensteil, Andrea Lair, Heather McDowall, Darla Prelle, Tracy Bell, John Christensen, Jeff Colwell, and Ramiro Vazquez. Singing was a talent many students had chance to unlock this year and the class offered to let students develop that talent was concert choir. The Varsity Singers were directed with the talents of Ms. Oralene Hofmann. Everyday was a fun educational experience involving activities such as daily vocal warm-ups and learning new music for events such as the all-school talent show and district music contest. A new atmosphere was created for students as they moved into the choir facility in the new additon of Alliance High. Ms. Hofmann expressed her feelings of the past year by saying,’’With auditions and increased participation of male students, the quality of the group improved. This year we had 31 boys and 43 girls that contributed to an excellent blend and balance." The common goal of the group was to perform more difficult musical pieces, improve vocal technique, and to take those skills to district contest, which resulted in the receiving of a fourth consecutive superior rating. Students learned many things on how to improve their vocal techniques and how to achieve performance excellence in concert choir. Vocal music was a door that students could open with hard work and a good attitude. Instructor Ms. Hofmann conducts an important sectional rehearsal on one of the group’s more challenging pieces. 82 ChoirDoors To Open During The Year Some of the members of tenor. bass and soprano sections include Adam Hickman. Shawn Allen. Steve Stinnette. Saundra West. Lori Fraedrich. Susan Rischling. Kelly Stark. Heather Mittlestadt. Joell Romick. Brad Rusk. Rusty Kendle. Jason Rand. Natalie Green. Jodi Bredenkamp. Diane Stratton. Karra Cushing. Penny Colerick. John Olson. John Balderson. Dan Huss. Juan Vazquez, Tori Marchant. Brenna Barner. Mary Craig. Tania Meier. Janette Pollock. Stacey VonTour, Thad Stewart. MikeSchnell. John Aguallo. Travis Gasseling. Mindi Schnell, Lisa Dufek. Tina Bauer. Ronda Hofmann. The group’s accompianist is Vikki Curtiss. John Olson, a junior and a bass member of the Varsity Singers, discusses the great turnout of people for the vocal music department's soup supper with classmate Gabe Gonzalez and instructor Ms. Hofmann. Vocal warm-ups are crucial if a choir is to have a clear and unified sound, as junior Tracy Bell shows by singing an ”oo” at a warm-up session during the beginning of class. Choir 83Speakers Learn New Skills Speech Team was comprised of several Alliance High students who traveled to many different towns in the region to compete against other schools. Areas of competition included serious prose, humorous prose, and informative speaking, to name a few. These events required different skills for public speaking, but all had a common element of hard work Almost every Saturday from January through March, there was a meet to attend. At each competition there was an opportunity to compete two to four times. Medals were awarded to those who placed among the top six out of anywhere from fifteen to fifty competitors. Alliance speakers were very successful. Out of the first five meets alone they placed twenty-one times. One purpose of Speech Team was to teach speakers how to be successful. Another reason many joined the team was to meet people from other schools. Whatever the reason for joining, the benefits were great. Sponsor Mr. Tom Ross summed up the year by saying, ”These kids were exciting, involved, and worked me to death; that’s what made them successful.” Mr. Tom Ross flashes a smile of anticipation for the next speaker al one of many after school practices. Krista Maben, freshman, displays a very important organ used in Speech Team, the tongue. Speech Team members are Mark Hammond, fohn Olson, Kathy Green, Cheri Bachlor. Theresa Stephenson, Angie Clark, Milisa Owens, Krista Maben, and Kay Wilson. Not pictured are Gina Green, Steffanie Cobb. Sue Rischiing, and Kris Kerr. 84 Speech TeamSpeech Team members Mark Hammond. Theresa Stephenson, Kathy Green, Kay Wilson, all juniors, and Cheri Bachlor, freshman, take a break from the usual practice and display what camera hams they really are. To most of the speakers, having friends and meeting new people are important parts of speech team. Steffanie Cobb, senior, gestures to emphasize a passage of poetry by Emily Dickinson. Steffanie also competes in duet acting with Mark Hammond. Music Parents Make Trips Possible Music Parents assisted the music programs through their time and effort. Lead by President Becci Thomas, Vice President Rachel Gonzalez, Secretary Sue Lehl, and Treasurer Gloria Clark, the parents sponsored two main fund raisers, a soup supper and a spaghetti night. Profits from the money making projects went toward camps for various music students and for All-State. It was the hope of the' Music Parents that music students succeed in their endeavors. With their support, many activities that were greatly enjoyed were made possible by these ambitious parents. Mrs. Thomas summed up the wishes of the parents by saying, ”We hope to Secretary Sue Lehl. Treasurer Gloria Clark, and President Becci Thomas lead the make the music program one of Music Parents in fund raisers for the band and choir. Because of their efforts many the best around.” students get to attend camps that they could not otherwise afford. Speech Team Music Parents 85Karra Cushing, a senior, has the important duty of working the light board where she becomes responsible for changing the lighting on the stage over 200 times. "...and this is our prop and costume room," Steffanie Cobb says as she is giving one of her tours of the backstage. She played the lead role of Mrs. Savage in the play. Alliance High School theatre students had the opportunity to show off their dramatic talents by being part of the fall play,"The Curious Savage,” held October 24, 25, and 26. Some all too familiar lines, such as "I can’t make it to practice tonight” or "I don't know my lines” were heard all too frequently, but despite these normal problems, there were some rewarding points, too. This play offered students the opportunity to feel like a family. Other benefits were the feelings of success and that a person could really walk away knowing that he had performed well. The cast members performed a well written play about an old lady who was placed in a home for iunatics by her children. The children emergeas evil and money-hungry people, who are perhaps even more crazy than Mrs. Savage. With help from the crazy people she lives with in the asylum, Mrs. Savage saves her fortune from her greedy children and proves that she is not crazy after all. With the performances behind them, individual cast members reflected on the work they had done. When asked about the character she played, Angie Clark, the evil Lilly Belle, replied, "Lille Belle is a neat character to play in that the person who plays her gets to be mean and down right ruthless. She’s a princess on the outside but rotton to the core on the inside, and she will do anything to find the hidden Savage money." Mr. Brad Schneider, who directed the play, tried something new this year by using two casts instead of one. This gave him the opportunity to see what working with two different groups was like. This system proved effective, resulting in the two casts performing two different times during the three days of the production. So the time invested and the energy used were well worth it, and by the end of the play, both the characters and cast members who portrayed them had a happy ending. I robably one of the most important people in a cast is the prop person. Wayne Brown, a sophomore, shows his importance by fixing a broken phone as Derek Schwanebeck, Krystal Dillard, and John Olson get ready for performance. 86 Fall PlayStudents Unlock Doors in Theatre CAST Gwen Brown Derek Schwanebeck Chris Baas Krystal Dillard Hannibal Fairy May John 0Json left rev Jon Lulow Renae Blackman Mrs. Paddy Kay Wilson Trey Govier Tit us Mark Hammond Frank McCarroll Samuel Angie Clark Lily Belle Kathy Green Steffanie Cobb Mrs. Savage Sheri Jedlicka Sherri Foster Miss Willie Alice Ruble "Trey, I thought you stud that you knew your lines," announces Mark Hammond to his counterpart Trey Govier. Both played the same role in the play but in different casts. Before a performance, Derek Schwanebeck. who piays the role of Hannibal, "tunes" his violin. "You don’t need to know how to play the violin to be Hannibal because he doesn't know how to either." he states. Lily Belle is up to her usual tricks as junior Angie Clark portrays her role. Angie was one of the cast members who played in one of the two casts. Fall Play 87Students Back of AHS Bring ny Zuiko and his gang, the Burger Palace boys, as Ihey sing "Greased Lighlning". The greasers are played by John Olson, Trey Govier, Jon Moyle, Shawn Allen, and Mike Bourquin. a pul on such an exlensive theatre production as "Grease", the cooperation of the many crews is needed. John Hall, a member of the set crew, worked hard every weekend with his fellow crew members to pul the stage together to give it the look of the 1950's. CAST Danny Sandy Kenickie Rizzo Roger Sonny Trey Govier Doody Frenchy Marty fan Patty Eugene Miss Lynch Vince Fontaine Johnny Casino Gabe Gonzalez Teen Angel Sandy, played by Stacy Brass, realizes that in order to get Danny, she must "start anew” and change her attitude and appearance as she sings her version of "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee". 88 Soring PlayThe 1950’s with the Spring Musical Some Alliance High School students had the chance to experiment the life and times of high school students in the 1950's by being in the spring musicaJ ’’Grease.” With over a month of learning difficult music, choreography, and the usual memorization of lines, cast members put together the musicaJ together with the aide of their directors Mr. Brad Schnieder; stage director, Ms. Oralene Hofmann; music director, and Ms. Gwen Waybright; choreography. Cooperation and self-discipline made the musical a sucess. Tryouts were held in the middle of March due the late arrival of the music scores and scripts. When the musicaJ was casted, the long and often testing rehearsals started. Actors and crew members alike had to work together to make sure that everything fell in place as the days counted down for the final performances scheduled on May 8, 9, and 10. Mike Bourquin a cast member who played the role of one of the greasers stated, "In the musical, I had the opportunity to play a role that I was not customed to playing. There were many challenges to face which included the difficult dance and music sequences I had to learn.” These challenges and more were faced by all the cast members, not mention the chaJJenges faced by the technical crews. With all the hard work behind them, these students were able to look back on an experience they would not soon forget. The friendships that were made wouJd Jast forever. The cast members walked away from their experience winners in all aspects. It's a typical pajama party for (he Pink Ladies as (he cast members get themselves and their props ready ■for the next scene. Even with a very busy rehearsal schedule, some cast members have a little time before a difficult practice to have some fun. Spring Play 89Many Young Minds Unlock Their Art classes offered a distinct challenge to students at AHS. The challenge was faced by those students that took art for the first time as well as those who were more advanced. Of the many classes offered, one could take freshmen art. This class was instructed by Mrs. Pam Cullen. Her freshmen were challenged with doing different projects such as still lifes, pottery, painting and even crafts. She quoted, "Many talented new faces have come to Alliance High School this year. They have learned many of the basic art fundamentals, thus heiping these fresh young artists to materialize their adventurous fancies." The freshmen art program was enhanced this year by getting its own room. Mrs. Cullen also taught a new class called adaptive art. This class was particulary designed for special ed students and gave them the chance to show their own forms of creative expression. General art was a continuation of the freshmen art experience. Students in this class learned more of the skills required to be an artist. Pottery, painting, and various forms of drawing were covered in detail. One wishing to gain further skill took Advanced Art I or II. In Advanced Art I, students covered new and interesting subjects such as batik, metal casting, and air brush. Many senior artists were given a final step in their art education with Advanced Art II, which primarily focused on their own particular interests in art through a form of instruction known as independent study. Mr. Larry Mannlein was the instructor for these classes. Art classes offered a challenge that was different from the other classes students enrolled in. They found that the challenge was an on-going one that would enable them to find their own forms of creative expression. During a figure drawing session, one might find (his typical classroom setting where a model poses for an entire class. In this case, Amy Olson is the model and Amber Jerde is the artist making a contour drawing of her. Better accuracy and proportion is often easier to understand if a model is used. 90 Art"Fancies” in Art Classes Artists use their work to express themselves and their feelings. Starting at the upper left corner is Vicki Chaulk, who expresses herself in an oil painting. Ramiro Vazquez demonstrates important air brush techniques. Larry Chouanard tries his hand at cardboard sculpture and photography. Moving back to the left again, Samantha Gonzalez shows her abstract expressionism painting to some of her classmates, foni Fritzier and Missi Hall carefully mask borders to paint some very fine lines on their designs. Mary Chouanard paints a water color still life. Scott Darveau works with various colors in order to perfect his air brush design. Kelly Stark experiments with figure posings for a future acryllic painting. Working with watercolor pays off for Dee Sutton as she finds the right effect for her expressionism painting. General art students are shown working on their sculptures. Gina Gardener and Mike Bourquin work on more involved paintings, with each trying different medias and subject matter. Angie Lunbery staples on the material for her canvas color field painting. Art instructor Mr. Larry Mannlein plays around with his favorite 35mm camera. Jodi Morrison and Diane Sherlock work on their oil paintings, while Keri Taylor does an acryllic painting. Dawn Sutton strives to get the right values of shading in her ink drawing. Mastering the technique of putting together her cardboard sculpture, fane Franklin places a piece of cardboard at the neck of her sculpture to see if it will fit. Sheri fedlicka makes herself a canvas on which to oil paint. Dana Behm masters the shading techniques of chalk pastels. Gina Gardener and fodi Morrison show .their own unique forms of expression by doing ”happenings a popular art movement of the 60’s and 70's. where artists actually become a part of their work. Art 91Hard Work Pays Off As Students Soloists who receive a superior rating at district music contest in Chadron are John Geisler, saxophone solo: Jennifer Moyle, flute solo: John Balderson. trumpet solo: Brian Schmer. trombone solo: and Mike Bourquin, vocal solo. Cheryl Furman and Roger Lehl receive a superior on their clarinet duet. Tissie Bauer is tapped as the new 1987-88 majorette at the AHS Music Awards Banquet. Natalie Green. a junior, who won both the all-school talent show and the "Stars of Tomorrow" contests, gratefully displays the plaque on which her name is engraved as a result of winning the all-school talent show. Entertainment is provided by the band, the girls' quartet, and the boys’ quartet. The boys' quartet performs a piece done by the group, the Nylons, called "Bop 'til You Drop." They also performed this song at the district music contest. 92 Fine Arts AwardsReceive Awards for Their Efforts This year's recipient of the John Phillip Sousa Award and the Thomas G.Lauder Award for outstanding service and participation in both vocal and instrumental music is John Balderson. Shawn Allen received the National Choral Award for his exceptional work in vocal music. "Sound Alliance” puts on one of the "weirdest" performances they have done all year at the Spring Arts Festival. The new 1987-88 flag girls are Jennifer Hailey, Nicki Schnell. co-captain Tina Rask, Captain Mary Chouanard, Michelle Pollock, and Tina Bakkehauz. Outstanding Art Club members are rewarded by a field trip to Denver. Colorado. Those with enough points earned to attend are Penny Colerick, Krystal Dillard. Keri Taylor. Scott Darveau, Mike Bourquin. Angie Lunbery, Sheri Jedlicka, and Pat Marcoe. Mr. Larry Mannlein, sponsor, chaperoned the weekend event. The sophomore band members receive their letter awards at the music banquet. Here, Band President John Balderson and Larry Hudson hand James Kiewel his letter award The Varsity Singers finish their year by performing the "Rondes" at the Spring Arts Festival Fine Arts Awards 93 Classes This year all classes anxiously awaited the opening of the new doors to the new addition at Alliance High. New lockers and new rooms provided an atmosphere of pride and accomplishment for all students. Seniors could boast of being the first class to use their new lockers. In the new building students began to learn to find new paths to and from class, new niches and sometimes even new friends. t) Freshmen were comforted by the fact that they were not the only ones who got lost this year. Sophomores basically got caught in the middle of things while juniors opened the doors to new lockers in the new addition. Seniors began worrying about the key to their futures, seeking new doorways to open after graduation. Despite all of the problems and ad- i justments each individual class was forced to make,the distinctive class boundaries sometimes seemed to disappear as the classes came together to become a whole - the student body of A.H.S. Classes Division 95New Doors Unlocked by Freshmen The freshmen class officers for 1986-87 include Kristy Beagle, vice president; Brian Knight, president; and Nichole Flores secretary treasurer. Freshmen class sponsors are Mrs. fan Bandel and Mr. Jim Hawk. Allan Ackerman 'Ihris Adams Chris Akers Dawn Allen Jim Allen Josh Allen Travis Almond Joe Baas The freshmen, the class of 1990, had to adjust to many new changes this past year. In past years, freshmen had to adapt from life at the middle school to life at the high school. However, this year, the freshmen not only had to move once but twice with the move into the new addition. Through it all, however, the freshmen managed to survive. In October, during homecoming week the freshmen helped sophomores with their homecoming float. Later in the year, the freshmen sponsored a dance in the multipurpose room. The class also had a chance to become freshmen cheerleaders this year, unlike past years. Heather West, freshman, described how it felt to be a freshman by saying.”There were no major changes; everything was basically the same as middle school except for the freedoms. There are a lot more freedoms in high school that I never have before.” In conclusion of the year, the class of 1990 could find many new challenges if they would unlock new doors and take a step inside. Cheri Bachlor Tina Bakkehaug James Bartel Tissie Bauer 96 FreshmenKristy Beagle Roger Bennett Kristie Biggers Kerri Bladt David Blankenship Brandi Blaquiere Jennifer Bolen Krista Bolinger Kirby Bowling Vanessa Boyd Chandra Brock Angie Brown Tino Caudell Charity Chandler InSun Colerick Matt Cornish Teri Desjardin Kasandra Dillard Justin Edwards 'Brad Erickson Brian Evans Jim Faber J.J. Feddersen Chris Fenicle Nichole Flores Brian Foote Lisa Fraedrich Courtney Fritzier Caitlin Gallup Maieve Gallup Leonard Garcia Russ Geist Meredith Gerlich Paul Gillpatrick Jill Gonzalez Freshmen 97Nathan Grant Shawn Grant Gina Green John Hall Karri Hatch Dave Hempel Melanie Herbert Adam Hickman Chris Hitchcock Chelie Hjersman Steve Hopp Lora Howell Davina Hubbard Charles Ireland Eric Jacobs Amber Jerde Megan Johnson Brian Johnston Shawn fuhnke John Kaiser Hope Kamerzell Michelle Kennicutt Katy Kimmel Mike Kimmel Kristy Kling Brian Knight Debbie Lambert Cory Laursen Penny Leetch Jeff Leever Stacy Leisy Lonnie Littlehoop Tinka Livermore Jayne Long Ronda Loutzenhiser 98 FreshmenCarmel Luft Jeff Lundy Janice McCall Frank McCarroll Paul McCracken Clinton Maass Christa Maben Tracey Macomber Jeff Madden Jesse Marquez Lance Mays Tony Mercer Tari Meyer Nathan Mink Heather Mittlestadt Matt Moore Jenny Moyle Jason Nagaki Carri Nason Nicole Neafus Jim Faber tries to get as many words as possible during timed writings in Typing I class. irhead? No, this is just Brad Rusk terforming his impression of a balloon. Katy Kimmel, playing the sax for pep band, gives her support to the Alliance High Basket-boll teams. Freshmen 99Scott Nelson Cliff Nyffler Amy OJson Randy Osborn Milisa Owens Shannon Pannely Terry Pierce Ryan Postell Mary Prentice Celia Ramirez Jason Rand Jason Reed Doug Reiman Andrea Rom Mike Romick Brad Rusk Scott Rusk Lorri Sabala Kim Sanchez Trish Sanchez Stacy Seidler Tyson Schaffert Becky Schnell Mindy Schnell Nicki Schnell Jason Schwaderer Matt Shaner Missy Sheidon Stephanie Shelmadine Brandon Sherfey Travis Sherlock Doug Shimp Kris Shrewsbury Tom Simonson Jason Skeen 100 FreshmenFreshmen Survive First Year in Spite of Adjustments Mike Sorge MyJes Staman Chris Stanton Tracy Stark Allen Stegall Dave Sutton Michelle Sutton Brandon Sweetser B.f. Taylor fim Thompson Tonya Todd Sandy TiJden Blanca Vazquez Rachelle Wacker Chris Waddle Ron Weekes Heather West Kelley West Brian Williams Christine WiiJy Marie Wray Brian Young Rosemary Young Lance Zander Freshmen 101Sophomores Discover New Sophomores found the key to a successful year through challenging classes, good friends, and hard work. Working in concession stands, serving dinners, and selling IFS products, like coffee mugs and calendars, were the main money-makers for the class of 1989. Selling IFS products alone made $2,100. Sophomores experienced more responsibilities and harder classes. More opportunities like Pom Squad, Annual Staff, Spud Staff, and FBLA were offered to the ambitious class. Biology, geometry, and Engiish were typical courses to take. They also worried less about making a good impression on the upperciassmen, for they were no longer the "new kids". Class President Teresa Blaylock summarized the year enthusiastically. "The sophomores really put a lot of effort into making 1987 successful and productive. It was GREAT!!!!" Debbie Baas Paula Barker Andre Bazis Darren Bergsing Kelly Bergsing Shauna Berry Renee Bills Teresa Blaylock Brent Blume Janice Boerschig Tara Bolek Bobbie Jo Braden Jody Bredenkamp Doug Brehm Gwen Brown Wayne Brown Jodean Bunce Kasey Carter Cindy Chase Mary Chouanard CoJeen Clark 102 SophomoresChallenges, Responsibilities, Activities [oAnne Cook John Corson Chad Cottrell Allison Davis Melanie Drumheller Jane Franklin Sherry Garber Travis Gasseling [ohn Geisler Andy Glassbrenner Charles Erny Carey Firestein Anna Forsstrom Wendy Fosket Sherri Foster Rhonda Hammond Tammy Hansen Scott Hardy Jill Hartwig Derek Hedstrom Eric Gonzalez Gabe Gonzalez Paige Graham Amanda Griffith Troy Hamilton Sophomores 103Sophomores Prepare for Sheila Heilman Ronda Hofmann Kerri Horsley Tim Horsley Jeremy Horton Dan Huss fenelle Johannes Traci Johns Angela Johnson Tammy Jones Andrea Lair Heath Lawrence Phillip Lee Kerri Leedall Bart Jordan Aaron Jurgens Cory Kammerer James Karell Julie Karell Rusty Kendle James Kiewel Paul Kissner Kari Kling Danell Kolesar Treasurer Brian Schmer. Vice President fenelle ohannes, President Teresa Blaylock and Secretary Tori Merchant lead the class toward working together to raise money for the 1988 prom. 104 SophomoresLife in Variety of Classes Annie Luft Sharma Luft Michelle Macke Becky Mandelberg Brent Mannlein Scott Lehl Carmen Littlehoop Mike Loutzenhiser David Lowther Melissa Lucas Tori Marchant Heather McDowall David McGaugh Michelle McGuire Shannon McKenny Jeff McLennan Jason Meier Laurie Mendoza Lance Menuey Aaron Midgett Jessica Midgett Jessie Miller Scott Miller Jeff Minnick Marci Mitchell Coi Morehead Jeff Morrison Tiffany Mortensen Natalie Mundt Bob Myers Sophomores 105Sophomores Raise $2600 for Prom to do. Talking is one of a sophomore's favorite acliviles. Lee Nelson Rhonda Nemechek Jackie Pauley Matt Payne Michelle Pearson Mike Peterson Janette Pollack Stacey Razo Tara Redding Julie Redecker Leah Reed Monte Reeves Ranae Reynolds Denise Richmeier Gretchen Robb Brenda Robbins Roger Rohrbouck 106 SophomoresLenny Jo Ross Rae Jean Ross Jason Sanchez Rich Sanchez Mark Schafer Brian Schmer Troy Shoemaker Tami Smith Paula Snyder Sheri SoftJey Wayne Stewart Tony Stoddard Sophomores 107Last Year’s Fund Raisers This year there are four very capable young ladies leading the junior class, laimi Moravek is the vice president, the secretary’s office is filled by Leigh Ann Murdock, Brenda Dobson is the treasurer and Vikki Curtiss is the president. What is it that makes being a junior so special? Well, there are lots of things! This year's juniors will become next year’s seniors. There's something even more important about being a junior. Now what could that possibly be, one might ask? Why putting on the junior senior prom, of course? If it weren’t for the juniors, there would be no prom for the seniors of 1987 to remember! The prom is probably the most important thing that singles the junior class out from the rest of the student body. The first two years of high school are when the hard work is done. The junior year is when the gJory comes in. The juniors spend a year planning the event the seniors will remember for years to come. Planning the prom is not all fun and games, though. There is a lot of work to be done. There is a theme to decide, decorations to plan, refreshments to organize, and many other preparations to be made before those two fun-filled days of decorating right before the prom come along. After the prom is over, why are the juniors still special? They are special because in a few short months, they will be seniors! The senior year is the best year of high school. The class of ’88, however, has made each year they've been a part of AHS, a little brighter and a lot more fun. This is definitely a class to be remembered! Bob Ackerman Callan Ackerman Ami Adam I us tin Adam Tate Adams Korena Aquallo Chris Allen Darcy Anderson Shawn Arrants Chris Baas Mark Behm Tracy Bell Spence Bishop Cheryl Bolen Bill Boness 108 funiorsMake This Years Prom Bill Boots Dawn Brammer Joei Bruntz Kim Buchmeier John Burgess Dayna Bussinger Angie Clark El die Cline Jamie Cole Penny Colerick Jeff Colwell Chris Contonis Valerie Curtiss Vanessa Curtiss Vikki Curtiss Jeff D'Ercole Dustin Darveau Wayne Davis Darla Degan Vicki Dickenson Mindy Fifield Joel Fought Cheryl Furman Jeralee Glass Elzetta Green Krystal Dillard Brenda Dobson Tad Drabbles Teresa Dye Gina Fero uniors 109Watch Out, Seniors, Y Kathy Green Natalie Green David Grundmeier Phil Guthrie Ward Hall Angie Haller Mark Hammond Kirk Hancock Troy Hawk Scot Hoover Kim Horsley Lyle Horton Tori Hoxworth Larry Hudson Steve Jensen Brian Jesse BeverJy Johnson Jamie Johnson Serena Jones Doug Keane Bryan Kiewel Thatcher Lamm Kim Larson Chad Leever Roger Lehl Matt Lewis Traci Lindsay Norman Littlehoop Bette Lore Amy Lowther 110 JuniorsHere We Come! Jon Lulow Troy Lundbery T.J. Marx Darren McCune Doug McDermott Kris McFall Tania Meier Connie Mohler Jeff Moore Steve Moore Jaimi Moravek Matt Morris Leigh Ann Murdock Terry Murdoff Becky Murray Jerroid Neal Duane Nelson Wayne Nelson Chrissi Nielsen Sean Nollette Allen Peltz Jon Petersen Kristin Peterson Cheryl Pfannensteil Tammy Pierce Jodi Olson John Olson Sherman Osborn Mitch Parascand Jeff Pearson Juniors 111John Podhaisky Rick Pohlman Michelle Pollock Steve Price Judy Pritchard Tina Rask Mark Reed Danielle Reeve Kim Rehder Jesse Renteria Julie Renteria Missy Reynolds Kodee Rhoads Susan Rischling Amy Roberts Dan Robertson Ted Robinson Alice Ruble Carrie Sanchez Chris Schafer Katie Schnell Troy Schnell Janet Schoeneman Dwain Schulze Brent Simpson Theresa Stephenson Thad Stewart Steve Stinnette Corey Stone Alicia Suhr Jess Sloan Joni Small Vicki Smith Steve Softley Shannon Speer 112 JuniorsJuniors: Reaching for the Top Juan Vasquez Len VogeJ Stacey VonTour Jeff Wallace Colin Weekes John Welch Mike Weston John Wilson Kay Wilson Jackie Woodsmall Juniors 1131987 Seniors Take a Memorable Trip This year's royalty is second attendants Chris Stoddard and Bridget Hopp. Queen Keri Taylor. King Dan Carnine. and first attendants Brenna Barner and Mike Schnell. Refreshments are served by a crew of energetic freshmen. They are Charity Chandler, Tinka Livermore, Chris Hitchcock, Kristy Beagle, Hope KamerzelJ. Angie Brown. Mike Romick, Ray Bartlett, Travis Sherlock, Matt Shaner, and Brian Young. Ah, the Junior Senior Prom. It's probably only the most exciting activity of the year. From the time a class reaches the ’’Freshmen Status,” until its members become juniors, the prom is the number-one thing on their money-making agenda. Freshmen and sophomores put fund-raising above all else. Every class wants the prom they put on to be the best one yet. The juniors hurry through a hectic year deciding on the theme, decorations, and table settings, and all the important details that make for a perfect prom. While all this activity is going on, the seniors sit back and wait, wondering what the theme will be and remembering all the fun they had a year ago, as juniors, preparing for that spectacular event. A unique theme was chosen for this year’s prom. The juniors, by an almost unanimous vote, chose the theme "Paradise Island” and worked around red and gold as the main colors. This year’s royalty was Dan Carnine, king; Keri Taylor, queen; first attendants Brenna Barner and Mike Schnell; and second attendants Bridget Hopp and Mike Schnell. The 1987 unior Senior Prom was a great success. It'll be a special night in the memory of all those connected with it for years to come. 114 Promto ” ParadiseIsland”on Prom Night Mitch Parascand devotes his Friday afternoon to painting a mural of palm trees to ’disguise' the gym wall. john Balderson and Mary Craig add a little style to their dancing as they move to the terrific music. Doing her part to prepare the ”dock" for the band's performance is Dawn Brammer. The lead singer from West 22nd Street puts his emotion into one of their slow songs. Prom 115High School Doors are Locked It took twelve years, twenty-four semesters, forty-eight nine-week quarters, and about two thousand, one hundred and sixty days for the seniors to reach the first major milestone in their life...graduation. The class was led by President fason Minnick, Vice-President Dee Sutton, Secretary Jennifer Skeen, and Treasurer Derek Schwanebeck. The seniors kept busy during the schooJ year by ordering caps and gowns, along with announcements. Pictures also had to be taken and class flower, song, motto, and colors were decided. Most seniors who planned to further their education applied for scholarships and or financial aide to help ease the burden of college finances. Others joined the military services, and some found fulltime employment. Whatever each individual of the class of 1987 decided to pursue, he looked forward to leaving AHS as a memory, and entering the 'real world.' Leading the class of 1987 are ennifer Skeen, secretary; Jason Minnick, president; Dee Sutton, vice-president. Not pictured is Derek Schwanebeck, treasurer. Brad Franklin Adams John Paul Agual o Casey Dean Allen Shawn O’Connor Allen Ronald lames Allerheiligen Shari F.laine Hakkehaug 116 Seniorsas Future Doors Open John Lee Balderson Brenna Ranae Bamer Tony Keith Bartling Una Michelle Bauer Stacy Duran Brass Penni Lynnette Brommer Sandra L. Bull Eddie Harry Burgess Seniors 117Class of 1987 Becomes Daniel Lee Carnine Vicky Lynn Chaulk Lawrence R. Chouanard John Arnold Christensen Scott Allen Darveau Douglas Royce Daugherty Trenton Scott Decker Desiree’ Dyan Dunbar 118 Seniorsa Part of the Past Kenneth Craig t ester Lori Ann Fraedrich Angela Christine Fritzler Joni Sue Fritzler Victoria Gina Gardner Samantha Katherine Gonzalez George T. Govier III Angela Kay Grime Seniors 119Seniors Face Numerous Dena Linette Hashman fames Clifford Hayduk Bradley B. Herman David Ray Hilligoss Jason Lee Hirter Jeffery Dean Hood Nicholas Lee Hood Bridget Sue Hopp 120 SeniorsResponsiblities the Whole Year Joanna K. Howell Wendy Ann Hume Sheri Kathryn Jedlicka Lori Ann Jones Michelle Christine Kamerzell Dinah Rae Keder Kris Robert Kerr Billie lo Kissner Leisa Janette Kollars Todd Alan Koozer Charlie E. Krantz Ray Dean Krause Seniors 121Seniors Begin Search Shannon Miachle Leedall Kenneth Anthony Lowther Angela Mane Lunbery Tonja Denise Maben Rhonda K. McDermott Kandi Jo McKillip Kent Eugene Meyer Louie M. Miller 122 Seniorsfor Future Keys John Henry Mittan Terrance Jason Minnick s m Jonathan Edward Moyle David James Nelson Jason Wayne Odell Lanorah K. Mortensen Tracy Lynn Overstreet Darla Jean Prelle Seniors 123The Class of 1987 Complains Maria Angelica Ramirez Kimberly Sue Rathbun Danielle Dee Ann Reinhardt Diane Denise Reinhardt Linda D. Richards Sheralin Marie Richmeier Dolores Anna Maria Rivera Cristina Lynn Roby Class Flower: White rose tipped in mauve Class Song: ”1 am the Future” by Alice Cooper Class Colors: Mauve and ivory Class Motto: ”Don’t go where the paths leads, rather go where there is no path and leave a trail.” 124 Seniorsof Severe Senioritis Thaddeus Aaron Schafer Bryan L. Scheuler Carol Ann Schmidt Loralee Jean Schmidt Michael George Schnell Derek D. Schwanebeck Keven Dale Seidler Stephanie Renee Sever Seniors 125Seniors Leave AHS as a Memory Sandra K. Smith Kelly Sue Stark Darcy Lynn Sutton Dawn Laree Sutton Denise Marie Sutton Stephanie Ann Sutton Ar ene A. Taylor Elaine B. Taylor 126 SeniorsClass of 1987 Moves into the Future Keri Elise Taylor Kimberly Sue Taylor Timothy Elvin T iies LaDonna Lynn Varvel Eric Dale Vaughn Ramiro Antonio Vazquez Scott B. VonAscfiwege ,j0n nn WarBonnet Timothy C. Weston Becky lean Wolzen NOT PICTURED Jennifer Kay Batt Daniel Dwayne Gerlich Angela Fay Lewis Thomas Lee Macke Keri Renae Mundt Robert W. Pauly Cynthia L. Sabala Christopher Judd .Stoddard Luis Vallejo Rusty D. West Seniors 127Seniors Close Final Door WWWWWWWWWWWWWMV A AAAAAAAA AA AA AAA AA A AAAA AA Awards GIRLS GUYS Sheri fedlicka To Succeed Scott Darveau Bridget Hopp Best Dressed Matt Peterson Kelly Stark Best Personality Shawn Allen Stacy Brass School Spirit Jason Minnick Dee Sutton Most Trustworthy Dan Carnine Bridget Hopp Best Looking Shawn Allen Lucy Martin Funniest Kent Meyer Sam Gonzalez Rowdiest Kory Piihl Diane Sherlock Neatest Eyes Brad Herman Sam Gonzalez Neatest Hair Jon Moyle Dee Sutton Neatest Smile Shawn Allen Bridget Hopp Nicest Legs Dan Carnine Angie Lunbery Neatest Car Dan Carnine Vicki Chaulk Unusual Laugh Dan Carnine Brenna Barner Most Athletic Mike Schnell Steff Cobb Biggest Dreamer Mike Bourquin Sheri fedlicka Most Talented Shawn Allen VWWWWWWVWWWW AAAA A AAAAA Oh no, that can't be my picture,' shouts Crisy Roby as Miss Leha Uehling and Mrs. Pat Hedstrom share in the laughter. All seniors were asked to bring a baby picture for the dance. The Salute to Seniors Dance is a big success as many couples, as well as singles, attended. The auditorium was decorated by FBLA, and KMOR radio station provided the music. Brad Herman and Diane Sherlock are heckled from the audience as they receive their 'best eyes' award from Tammy Pierce and Beth Trout. 128 SeniorsSeniors: The Keys to the Future LaDonna Varvel, Leisa Kollars, and Jason Minnick reminisce over their many experiences at AHS and discuss their future plans. Leisa will enter the U.S. Air Force Academy this July. Now it's time for me to move on, to look ahead. Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for No more high school, forevermore. My classmates and I now will part, But they will be forever in my heart. I’m excited, I’m scared, but this isn’t the end It’s only a new beginning, my friend. Even though we now must go, There’s one last thing I want you to know. Looking back, it’s gone too fast. So hold tight while it lasts. Now it’s time for me to move on, to look ahead, To build new dreams, and on new paths I’ll tread. So, goodbye, and in a way I’m glad to go. The time has come - but I’ll have the memories forever, I know. - A Senior - Seniors Mike Bourquin and John Balderson anxiously wait for the call to line up. A short period of time is taken to remember Sharon Davis, a deceased member of the class of 1987, who died accidentally in the summer of 1984. Graduation 129SENIOR INDEX A BRAD ADAMS A-Club 2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1.2,3,4; Track 1,2,3.4: Class Officer 3. Vice President: National Honor Society 3.4: Art Club 3. JOHN AGUALLO Concert Choir 2,3,4: Close-up 3; Computer Club 3,4. CASEY ALLEN General Course SHAWN ALLEN Swing Choir 2,3,4: Concert Choir 2,3,4, President 4: A-Club 2,3,4, Sgt.-At-Arms 4: Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4: Track 4: Student Council 4, President 4: State Music Clinic 4: All-State fazz Choir 4: Thespian Society 3,4; Spring Play 2,3,4: Outstanding Teen 4: Homecoming King 4. JAMES ALLERHEILIGEN General Course B SHARIBAKKEHAUG FHA 1,2, Secretary 3: County Gov't Day 4: Close-up 3; Co-op 4. JOHN BALDERSON Band 1,2,3,4, President 4: Swing Choir 2,3,4; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1.2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; A-Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2.3. Stats. 3; Golf 1,2,3; State Music Clinic 4; All State Band 4; National Honor Society 3,4. BRENNA BARNER Swing Choir 2; Concert Choir 1.2,3.4; Pep Club 2; A-Club 2,3,4, Secretary Treasurer 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1.2,3.4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Spud Staff 2. TONY BARTL1NG A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Football 1; Golf 1.2,3.4. JENNIFER BATT General Course TINA BAUER Girls Glee 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Tennis 3; FHA 2, Secretary 2; County Gov't Day 4. DANA BEHM Basketball 1; Volleyball 1; Close-up 3; Art Club 3. JEANETTE BILSTEIN General Course MIKE BOURQUIN Swing Choir 4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Annual Staff 2,3,4; District One Acts 2; Class Officer 2, President; State Music Clinic 4; County Gov’t Day 4; Thespian Society 2.3.4; Thespian Play 2,3,4; Spring Play 2.3,4; Chadron Schol. Contest 4; Art Club 3,4; High Plains Honor Choir 3,4. PAM BOWERS General Course STACY BRASS Swing Choir; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; A-Club 3.4; Basketball 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Spud Staff 2; Cheerleading 4; Spring Play 4; Chadron Schol. Contest 3. PENNI BROMMER General Course SANDY BULL General Course EDDIE BURGESS Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1.2.3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; A-Club 2,3,4; Football 1.2.3,4; Track 3,4; Close-up 3. C DAN CARNINE General Course VICKY CHAULK General Course LARRY CHOUANARD Band 2; Pep Band 2; Basketball 1,2; Football 1; Track 1.2. JOHN CHRISTENSEN General Course STEFFANIE COBB Basketball 2; Volleyball 1; District Speech Contest 2,3,4; State Speech Contest 3; County Gov't Day 4; Thespian Society 3,4; Thespian Play 2,3,4; Spring Play 2, Crew; Library Assistant 4; Mock Trial Team 3.4. CHERYL CODY Concert Choir 2,3; World of Work 4. MARY CRAIG Band 1,2,3; Swing Choir 4; Concert Choir 2.3,4, Cabinet 4; Pep Band 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2; Nat. Honor Soc. 4; Spring Play 4; Chadron Schol. Contest 4. KARRA CUSHING General Course D SCOTT DARVEAU Boys’ State 3; District Speech Contest 2; Nat. Honor Soc. 3,4, Vice Pres. 4; Chadron Schol. Contest 1.2,3,4; Art Club 3,4; Computer Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer Secretary 3.4. DOUG DAUGHERTY General Course TRENT DECKER General Course DESIREE' DUNBAR General Course JENI DUNOVSKY Girls Glee 1; Concert Choir 2,3; Track 1.2; Volleyball 1; FFA 2.3.4. MICHELLE DURAN County Gov’t Day 4; DECA 4; Art Club 4. E IRENE KAY EWING Spud Staff 2; FHA 1. 130 Senior IndexF DAVID FEDDERSEN A-Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1.2.3,4; Spud Staff 2,3. KEN FESTER General Course LORI FRAEDR1CH Swing Choir 2,3,4; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4; Basketball 1; Volleyball 1; Student Council 3,4, Secretary 4; FHA 3. Vice President 4; County Gov't Day 4; Spring Play 2; World of Work 4, Advisor Commitee. ANGELA FRITZLER Girls Glee 2; Basketball 1; Track 1; Volleyball T, FFA 2, Sweetheart; FHA 2. JONI FRITZLER Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4. G GINA GARDNER Pep Band 1,2; FFA 1,2,3, Secretary 3; Art Club 4. SAM GONZALEZ General Course TREY GOVIER General Course ANGIE GRIME General Course H VALORIE f. HAGGARD Band 1,2; Swing Choir 1,2; Concert Choir 1; FBLA 2,4; State Music Clinic 2; Chadron Schol. Contest 1,3; MELISSA HALL General Course BARRY HAMILTON Annual Staff 3,4; FBLA 3.4; National Honor Society 3,4; Chadron Schol. Contest 1,2; Computer Club 2,3,4, Pres. 2,3,4; FBLA State Leadership Contest Contestant. THERESA HAMILTON General Course DEN A HASHMAN Band 1,2; Girls Glee 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Pep Band 12; FHA. Historian 1. JAMES HAYDUK General Course BRAD HERMAN A-Club 2,3,4; Football 12,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1,2; Chadron Schol. Contest 3. DAVID HILLIGOSS General Course JASON HIRTER General Course NICHOLAS (BUD) HOOD General Course JEFF HOOD Band 1.2; A-Club 2,3,4; Wrestling 12.3,4; Track 1,2; Cross Country 12,3,4; Chadron Schol. Contest 2; National Honor Society 4. BRIDGIT HOPP Concert Choir 2; DECA 4. JOANNA HOWELL General Course I SHERI JEDLICKA Track 4; National Honor Society 3.4, President 4; Thespian Play 4; AFS 1; Chadron Schol. Contest 1,2,3,4; Art Club 3,4, Vice President 4. LORI JONES Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 1,2; Pep Band 12,3,4; Basketball 1; Library Assistant 4. K MICHELLE KAMERZELL Concert Choir 2.3; A-Club 2.3,4; Track 1; Golf 3; Volleyball 1.2, Manager 2; Spud Staff 2; Art Club 3; World of Work 4; Choralettes 1. DINAH KEDER Raymond, Washington: Volleyball 2; Basketball 2; Track 2; Cheerleading 2. KRIS KERR Swing Choir 1; Concert Choir 1; Golf 2; District One Acts 1; FBLA 1; District Speech Contest 1; State Speech Contest 1; National Honor Society 4; Thespian Society 2. President 2; Thespian Play 3; Library Assistant 1; Chadron Schol. Contest 2; Computer Club 1. BILLIE JO KISSNER General Course LEISA KOLLARS A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 12,3,4; Track 1; Volleyball 12.3.4; FBLA 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4; Girls' State 3; National Honor Society 3.4, Treasurer 4; Chadron Schol. Contest 1,2. TODD KOOZER A-Club 2,3,4; Football 12,3.4; Wrestling 12,3,4; Golf 12,3.4; German Club 2. CHARLIE KRANTZ General Course RAY KRAUSE General Course L SHANNON LEEDALL General Course ANGELA LEWIS General Course KENNETH LOWTHER Swing Choir 4; Stage Band 3.4; Spud Staff 3.4; Spring Play 4. ANGIE LUNBERY Concert Choir 12,3,4; A-Club 3,4; Volleyball 12,3,4; Art Club 4. Treasurer 4. M THOMAS MACKE General Course DEBORAH MANUEL Girls Glee 1; Concert Choir 3; FHA 3.4; County Gov't Day 4; Chadron Schol. Contest 3. New Testament Christian School: Softball 2; Choir 2. JAMES MARCOE General Course Senior Index 131SENIOR INDEX PATRICK MARCOE General Course LUCY MARTIN General Course RHONDA MCDERMOTT FBLA 2.3, Reporter 3; DECA 4. KANDI MCKILLIP General Course KENT MEYER Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 4; Pep Band 1.2,3.4; Stage Band 3; Golf 1; Thespian Play 2. LOUIE MILLER General Course JASON MINNICK Concert Choir 1; A-Club 2,3,4, President 4; Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Golf 4; Class Officer 2,3,4, Vice President 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Cheerleading 4; Chadron Schol. Contest 3. JOHN MITTAN General Course JODI MORRISON Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1.2.3,4, Manager 2, Stats Keeper 3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3; Spud Staff 2; County Gov’t Day 4. LANORAH MORTENSEN Centralia, Washington: FHA 1; FBLA 2. JON MOYLE Band 1.2; Swing Choir 4; Concert Choir 1,2,4; Pep Band 1,2; Stage Band 1,2; Basketball 2; Track 4; Tennis 1,2,3; Class Officer 1, Vice President; Student Council 1,2,3; State Music Clinic 4; Spring Play 4; German Club 4. KARI MUNDT General Course N DAVE NELSON Band 1.2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; A-Club 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 1,2,3; Golf 4. O JASON ODELL Band 1.2,3.4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 3; Basketball 1,2; Golf 1,2,3; Annual Staff 3.4; County Gov’t Day 4. TRACY OVERSTREET Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 2,3,4; Student Council 1; Majorette 2,3,4, Head Majorette 4; Girls’ State Candidate 3; District Speech Contest 2; State Speech Contest 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Thespian Society 2,3,4, Co-President 3; Thespian Play 1,2; Pom Squad 4; Chadron Schol. Contest 1,2,4; All School Talent Show Emcee 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4. P ROBERT PAULY General Course MATT PETERSON Band; Pep Band 1.2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; FBLA 1; Boys' State Alternate 3; District Speech Contest 2; County Gov’t Day 4; National Honor Society 4; Thespian Play 1; Chadron Schol. Contest 1.2.4. WENDY PHILLIPS Band 1; FBLA 1.2.3,4; DECA 4. KORY PIIHL A-Club 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2; Student Council 4. DARLA PRELLE Girls Glee 3; Concert Choir 4; Pep Club 2; District One Acts 2; District Speech Contest 2.3: State Speech Contest 3; County Gov’t Day 4; Thespian Society 3.4, Secretary Treasurer 4; Close-Up 3; Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminars 2. R MARIA RAMIREZ General Course KIMBERLY RATHBUN Band 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Tennis 3; Golf 1; Annual Staff 2; Class Officer 2. Secretary; Cheerleading 2,3; AFS 2; Chadron Schol. Contest 2,4. DANIELLE REINHARDT A-Club 3.4; Tennis 3,4. Central Junior High: Volleyball 1. DIANE REINHARDT A-Club 3,4; Tennis 3,4; Chadron Schol. Contest 3; Central Junior High: Volleyball 1. LINDA RICHARDS General Course SHERALIN RICHMEIER General Course DOLORES RIVERA General Course CRISTINA ROBY General Course JOELL ROMICK Swing Choir 3,4; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Basketball 1; FFA 2.3, Vice-President 3; Thespian Society 4; Spring Play 3,4; Close-Up 3. LORA ROMICK FFA 1,2,3,4, President, 4, Parliamentarian, 3; Chadron Schol. Contest 1; FHA 1,2. S MARY SANCHEZ General Course WAYNE SCHANCE General Course THADDEUSSCHAFER General Course BRYAN SCHEULER General Course CAROL SCHMIDT General Course LORALEE SCHMIDT General Course 132 Senior IndexMICHAEL SCHNELL General Course DEREK SCHWANEBECK General Course KEVEN SEIDLER General Course STEPHANIE SEVER General Course PATTY SHAW Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4: Stage Band 3: A-Club 2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3; Wrestling 4, Stats Keeper: Track 1,2: Cross Country 1,2,3: FBLA 2,3: DECA 4: Computer Club 2,3,4. DIANE SHERLOCK General Course JENNIFER SKEEN Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band; A-CIub 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Wrestling 4, Stats Keeper: Track 1,2: Golf 1.2,3.4, Captain 4; Class Officer 3,4, Secretary 3,4; Student Council 1: County Gov't Day 4. CYNTHIA SMITH District Speech Contest 2,3: Thespian Play 2: Speech Team 2,3: Outstanding Achievement Award in Anatomy and Physiology 3: Governor’s State Award for Student Activities 2. SANDRA SMITH General Course KELLY STARK Concert Choir 4; A-Club 3,4: Basketball 3: Football 3, Manager 3: Track 1; Tennis 3; Volleyball 1: Student Council 3,4: Cheer-leading 2,3,4. CHRIS STODDARD General Course DARCY SUTTON Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1.3: Tennis 3: Student Council 3; FHA 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Secretary 4. DAWN SUTTON General Course DEE SUTTON A-Club 3,4; Volleyball 2,3,4; Spud Staff 2,3; Class Officer 4, Vice President; Basketball 3, Manager; Cheerleading 4; Art Club 3. Hyannis High School: Swing Choir 1; Concert Choir 1; Basketball 1; Track 1; Volleyball 1; Class Officer 1, Secretary; Student Council 1; FHA 1; Chadron Schol. Contest 1. STEPHANIE SUTTON Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Cross Country 2; Annual Staff 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4, District Reporter 3, Chapter Reporter 3. Sentinel 4; Quill and Scroll 4. T ARLENE (TAYLOR) PORTER Concert Choir 2,3; FHA 4; DECA 4. ELAINE TAYLOR General Course KERI TAYLOR Band 1,2,3, Librarian 2; Pep Band 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,; A-Ciub 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Golf 1.2,3,4; Class Officer 1. Secretary; Student Council 2; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Girls’ State 3, Alternate; Chadron Schol. Contest 4; Art Club 3.4. KIM TAYLOR Swing Choir 1; Concert Choir 2,3; Basketball 1; FHA 4; DECA 4. TIM THIES Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 1.2; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; A-Club 1.2; Football 1,4; Track 1.2; Class Officer 1, President 1; Student Council 1,2. V LUIS VALLEJO General Course LADONNA VARVEL Basketball 1; Volleyball 1.2,3,4, Stats Keeper 3.4; FBLA 2,3.4. Treasurer 3,4; Spring Play 2, Assistant Director; Chadron Schol. Contest 1,2; State FBLA 2,3,4. ERIC VAUGHN Pep Club 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Track 2.3. RAMIRO VAZQUEZ General Course SCOTT VONASCHWEGE General Course W LORI WARBONNET General Course TIM WESTON A-Club 2,3,4; Football 1.2,3.4; Wrestling; FHA 4. BECKY WOLZEN General Course Senior Index 133134 Ads DivisionAds New doors were unlocked to several businesses this year. Kelly's Restaurant unlocked its doors as did Arby’s. Hardees, and others. Local businesses provided community support essential to students and activities. Many gave students part-time jobs. Without their money, donated items and window space, A.H.S. would be without many schooi activities. Ads are one of the most often looked past sections of the yearbook. They are a very important key to many school activities. Those who advertise are the keys to the production of an annuai year after year. A.H.S. appreciates their local businesses and realizes the importance of their support in this school. Without them, many facets of Alliance High could not function or take place.The Guardian State Rank and Trust C°: Alliance. Nebr. The Financial Center of Western Nebraska Member F.D.I.C. 224 Box Butte 762-4400 Cody Branch, Cody, NE 69211Call 762-1377 ' GOOD LUCK TO OUR BULLDOGS ' 308 BOX BUTTE AVE. ALLIANCE. NE 69301 l3MI 7fi? ?93Q Sargent Irrigation Co. South Highway 385 — P.O. Box 359 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 69301 308-762-4757 The Dependable Professionals —------------------ J. r. Ti'r.'A « APPLIANCE HAMILTON SERVICE Center llAYTAG t emrn Barry Hamilton Hut point . . . FRANCHISED SERVICE . TftfJJ" HAMILTON SERVICE CENTER 843 W. 6th St. ALLIANCE. NEBR. 69301 KEN HAMILTON Owner Phone 762-25 1 O ► m INTERNATIONAL PANHANDLE EQUIPMENT REPAIR CO. 416 Black Hill P.O. Box 65 Alliance, Ne. 69301 Ads 137JL Good SamaritanVillage A Where in Christ’s love, everyone is someone. Retirement apartments to full service nursing care If you want to spendtime with the elderly as an employee or volunteer, call 762-5675 RED JACK’S BODY SHOP 604 W. 2nd Alliance, Ne. 69301 762-3028 fake Razo, Owner Bumper to Bumper Service Harris Sales Since 1938 Distributor of Old Home Bread Building Bulldog Smiles Dr. Herman Wilbrand Staff 124 1 2 W. 4TH 762-8327 Kitty Clover Chips Congratulations to the ’’Friends of A.H.S” Dr. Floyd E. Brown, Chiropractor Pittsburg Paints Patti’s Shear Kuts Shelter insurance Gaines Steel Supply Bedient Litho Printing Turf Rental 138 Ads Best Wishes To The 1987 Seniors From The Annual Staff At the Alliance National Bank We are blazing the trail for you Susan Suprano, Tammy Jones Serena Jones and Brian Knight. See us for all financial needs, checking accounts, auto loans, and savings plans. Alliance National Bank nnci Trust Company Congratulations 1986-87 Seniors Best Wishes Ads 139Lampert Lumber 1107 Flack Congratulations to the Class of 1987 For All of Your BuildingNeeds Alliance Glass Co., Inc. 1004 E. 10th Alliance, NE 69301 762-6868 "Give us a break” Monday-Saturday 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday 8 a.m.-6 p.m. We Care About You in Everything We Do Alliance’s only Full Service Grocer Independently Owned Operated 140 Ads Fast Friendly Service Fresh Produce Quality Meats Low PricesMfi 7 INSURANCE Alliance Hemingford 416 W 3rd 762-5200 Alliance Nebr. 712 Box Butte 487-5611 Hemingford Nebr. 314 Box Butte One-stop Decorating Service Floor Covering - Wall Covering Paint Cc.igratulations Class Fred Fern Green of '87 Employees The Elms Restaurant Lounge 1015 E. 3rd 762-3425 Alliance. Nebraska Only The Best For The Best Class of ’87 GLEN WORLEY. M.PK • DUANE WORLEY 508 BOX BUTTE DISTINGUISHED PHOTOGRAPHY ALLIANCE. NE IMAGINATION IN SOUND 306-762-3333 Preserving Memories For Over 67 Years Portraits By Worley Ads 141R.K. Nelson Associates The Alliance High School Marching Band Julie Ayers Vikki Bolek Joyce Borcher Peggy Chouanard Larry H. Curtiss Thomas H. Goaley Sharon Hashman Kim Jensen Darlene Johnson Susie Krause Cindi Matzen Mark S. Miller R.K. Nelson Beth Nemechek Bob Schott Lloyd A. Softley Kerri Thompson Emily A. Wilken 142 AdsGene’s Pharmacy 2409 Box Butte 762-4475 Alliance, Nebraska EPS pepsi. THG CHOICE OF A NEW GENERATION p9C P P»CCM tra Tn Croc o' • uaOomanx o l p Co Redman’s Bernie’s Ace Hardware Box Butte Medical Center Bates-Landa Funeral Home Crum, Melick, and McAndrew Furman's Ads 143 C J- Mail Payne Complete Qnd G0 Lawn Care % You Grow - We’ll Mow” Payne Enterprises 762-1464 Established 1986 MandeJberg’s Big A Auto Parts Serving Western Nebraska for 62 years Phone: 762-1516 311 West 3rd Street Thiele Jewelery Dr. Gary D. Christensen, D.D.S. Alliance Tractor and Implement Alliance Orthopedic Surgery, P.C. Nebraska Typewriter and Equipment of Alliance, Inc. Dr. William M. GlassbrennerAlliance Lumber Co. ’’Your Friendly Yard' 1020 West 3rd Alliance 762-3274 Art Jerry’s Boot Shop Levi’s 501’s o good ole art Appraisals: gold - silver § poor ole jerry „• 8 406 Box Butte Ave. CUrrenCy g «r Alliance, Nebraska 69301 „- o (308) 762-1725 g “ Boot Shop: boots - levi’s shirts - belts buckles Hatch’s Stereo Shop (308] 762-5463 Hatch Drug (308) 762-2137 Special Stitches (308) 762-3784 Plain’s Implement Motor Company John Deere, Eversman Farm Hand 10th Highway 2 762-5870 Congratulations to the Class of 1987 210 Box Butte 762-4670 144 AdsHardees: 1239 W.3rd 762-7669 Alliance Nebr. 69301 Podhoisky Insurance Agency Your Protection Is Our Policy ” 104 East 6th Street Alliance, NE 69301 308-762-5321 Dr. Gene Giles D.D.S. Teresa Egan Jayne Reeh Lari Herman Mimi Roller Kathy Thompson fAi Tele-Communications, Inc. Home of the Best Entertainment in Town Alliance Community T.V. OCCIDENTAL NEBRASKA FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK 423 West Third Street Post Office Box 38 Alliance, NE 69301-0038 308-762-6500 CongratulationsClass of ’87!! NORTHERN HAMS LAND I CATTLE AGENCY Keith Sorum • Owner P.O. Drower 760 308 -762-3155 All,once. Nebr. 69301 ’’Specializing in Ranches 8r Farms” ... serving the agriculture and livestock industry NEUSWANGERS, Inc. Alliance, Nebraska P. O. Drawer M 211 West 3rd St. Dial 308-762-3941 JJUICK STOP •Grocery Items •Schwan ' s Ice Cream •Wholesale Paper Products 11 th Emerson 762-1226 Ads 145Alliance Job’s Daughters Left to right: 1st row: Hope Strang, Tori Hoxworth, fenelle Johannes. Jennifer Skeen, Keri Taylor, Jaimi Moravek. Valerie Curtiss. Kim Hathbun, Paige Graham, Lora Howell. 2nd Row: Traci Lindsay. Susan Suprano, Dana Holtz, Vikki Curtiss, Joei Bruntz, Janice McCall Jennifer Moyle. Vanessa Curtiss. Jennifer Johnson. 3rd Row: Daisy Nelson. Kim Hoffman, Carolyn Hansen, Colleen Finegan, Nikki Contoms, Nicole Flores. Chelie Hjersman. Nikki Schnell. Dee Piihl. 4th Row: Kim Novotny, Beth Adams. Jennifer Kiefer. Shannon Blume, Angela Grime, Chris Hitchcock, Amanda Griffith, Penny Colerick and Katie Kimmei. 1986 Ritual Champions Best Wishes to the Seniors of 1987 146 Ads 3ipffljaus GARDENS (•onion ami Rosa lloff Alliance, Nebraska 69301 508 East 4th Street Congratulations Class of ’87’ Box Butte Public Employee! Federal Credit Union 115 East 5th Street 762-4725 "Your One Stop Financial Service Center” Bakery Groceries uriy»CTK is-uwin n»n , Meat Produce Alliance Plaza Shopping Center Open 24 hrs. daily - 7 days a week mum pave Fisher. Mgr Cover-Jones Motor Co. 3rd and Big Horn oei Brunlz Vanessa Curtiss 719 Flack Ave. 762-3387 Dairti Queen Mary Craig Ads 147THE LITTLE SHEPHERD CHRISTIAN BOOK GIFT SHOP 32? Boa Built Avf ALLIANCE NE 69301 Phone ,308 762 3754 'fccOME SHARE A BLESSING Alliance Auto Supply 762-2610 114 East 3rd NAPfl Alliance Famous Clothing Men's Clothing and Furnishings 307 Box Butte Alliance, Nebraska “NEW AND USED VEHICLES" Alliance T.B.A. and Auto Sales Francis Mix Lloyd Powell 715 Flack Ave. (308)762-2230 Alliance, Nebraska Service rural electric consumers in; Arthur Box Butte Cherry Garden Grant Hooker McPherson Morrill Sheridan Sioux Counties PANHANDLE RURAL ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATION 148 AdsWester r nk 1204 West 3rd Street • PO Box4S8 • Alliance. Nebraska 69301 • Phone 306 762 S 302 NEED A LOAN FOR AN EDUCATION? You don t need to be smart to get a loan. But. if you want to get a loan to get smart, we can help. See us, we re your People-to People bank. We II be happy to help you with an educational loan. F.D.I.C Insurance of 100,000 on each account Ronald L. Hiatt President 762-5302 1204 West 3rd St. P.O. Box 458 Alliance Ads 149Fashions for the fuller figure• Maternity Infants Alliance Mary Lou’s 424 Box Butte Sta-Nu Cleaners Alliance, Nebr. 69301 Mary Lou Ackerman, Owner Iwiyub 762-3882 v Joy Ushio Betty Ushio rJrTSl '£] Ed’s Used Cars 323 Flack mi 762-3931 Everyone drives a used car p wnMf •cairc rtw«,-ras».- Congratulations to the class of 1987 Dr. Robert W. Bowen 2409 Box Butte Avenue Nebraska Bean Elevator 762-4056 We store and buy The only optometrist in in Western Nebraska wheat, beans and corn certified by the American Academy of Optometry as a contact lens specialist. Off:(308)-762-5838 P.O. Box 581 Thiele Drug Co. 304 Box Butte TRITLE’S PLUMBING 762-4351 "The old store with new ideas” "We carry a complete line of Gifts, Russell Stover candies, cosmetics, colognes, prescriptions. jm. plumbing supplies" A supporter of Alliance 111 Box Butte High School activities Tv) Alliance, NE 150 Ads KCOW 14 AM "Your Information Station” 6 n Wyo Colo Alliancex KQ 106 FM “Western Nebraska Country” CHEVROLET PONTIAC 0L0SM0BILE BUICK WEGNER MOTORSJNC. Five G.M. Lines Phone(308)-762-3855 Tracy Overstreet and Dan Huss Ads 151Kelly's Restaurant Lounge Full Service Restaurant Private Rooms Party Service Available Downtown Alliance 762-5424 BRUCE FURNITURE, I NC, PHONE (308) 767 6980 WEST THIRD STREET ALLIANCE. NEBRASKA 69301 Junior Sr Missy Fashions Student Men’s Casuals Tuxedo Rentals 216 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, NE 69301 (308)-762-7462 Mel and Nancy Crowe, Owners yontUMOUMliV CLOSED FOR SAT LUNCH ? RESTAURANT LOUNGE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT NITELY LUNCHEON 11-00 TIU. 00 DINNER 6-00 TILL 10 10 IMBOXIUTT! 762-4300 ® Many wishes of great success to all Seniors! Lora Romick Thank you Bulldogs for your patronage. See you next year! . ou .© J (ear L saf 762 2693 218 Bo Butt N »t Door To Tht Guardian Magic Mirror Ron’s Golf Shop Dobson Dodge Dennon’s Zesto Woolrich Buchfinck, Inc. Dr. R.C. Dietrich Elaine’s Art Studio C Sr C Salon Alliance Transmission I' riends Sr Neighbors Bookstore Sunset Motel Sr RV Campground Todd's Body Sr Frame Shop 152 AdsAreo Code 308 TELEPHONE 762-5702 ALLIANCE RAILROAD EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION - Y POST OFFICE BOX 697 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 69301 ® NCUA Melanie Drumheller ALLIANCE RAILROAD EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION WE SERVE BURUNGTON NORTHERN Ads 153 EMPLOYEES WHO LIVE AND WORK ON THE ALLIANCE DIVISIONAlliance Medical Center, P.C. 2037 Box Butte Alliance, Nebraska 69301 762-3741 Bruce Forney, M.D. Wendell Fairbanks, M.D. Gary Vandewege, M.D. 154 Ads Best Wishes to the Class of B37INDEX A Ackerman. Allan 42,96 Ackerman. Bob 108 Ackerman. Callan 108 Ackerman, Marvin 62 Adam, Ami 64,80.82,108 Adam, Justin 108 Adams, Beth 146 Adams. Brad 18,32,37,45,73,116 Adams, Chris 96 Adams. Tate 3,18,24,25,32.108 Aguallo, John 83,116 Aguallo, Korena 80,108 Akers, Chris 96 Allen, Casey Dean 116 Allen, Chris 70.77.108 Allen, Dawn 16.34,96 Allen, Jim 17,30,32.76,80,96 Allen, Josh 96 Allen, Shawn 3.6.18,19,,80.83, 88,93,116,167 Allerheiligen, Ronald James 116 Almond, Travis 6,21,26,96 Anderson, Darcy 34,108 Arrants, Shawn 108 Aruffo, Tony 52 B Baas. Chris 22,40,52,108 Baas. Debbie 102 Baas, Joe 32,96 Bachlor, Cheri 84,85,96 Bakkehaug, Shari Elaine 116 Bakkehaug, Tina 76,93,96 Balderson. John 45,66,73,76,80,83.92.93, 115,117,129 Bandel, Jan 71,156 Barker. Paula 102 Burner, Brenna 14,15,28,34,36.47,83,114. 117,156 Bartels, James 17.96 Bartlett. Ray 26.77,114 Bartling, Tony 22,117 Bauer, Tina 83,117,165 Bauer. Tissie 34,77,92.96 Bazis, Andre 18,102 Beagle, Kristy 16,96,97,114 Behm, Dana 91,117 Behm, Mark 10,108 Bell, Kathy 47 Bell. Tracy,82,83,108 Bender, Christie 34 Bennett, Roger 97 Berg sing, Darren 102 Bergsing, Kelly 18,42,102 Berry, Shaun a 82,102 Riggers, Kristie 27,97 Bills. Renee' 15,28,46,102 Bills. Stan 27 Bilstein, Jeanette 117 Bishop, Spence 18,22,108 Bladt, Kerri 23,97 Blankenship, David 77,97 Blaquiere, Brandi 97 Blaylock. Teresa 34,36.46.77,102 Blume, Brent 26,102 Blume, Shannon 146 Boerschig, Janice 102 Bolek, Tara 102 Bolen. Cheryl 11,46, Bolen, Jennifer 78,80,97 Bolinger, Krista 16,97 Boness, Bill 3,18,19.24,25.108 Boness. Dick 56 Boots. Bill 59,109 Bourquin, Mike 4,48.53,66,80,82,88,91,92. 93,117,129 Who is this woman? It's Mrs. Jan Bandel. traveling back to Shakespearean time as she delivers a lecture on 'Macbeth’ in senior English class. Bowers, Pamala Mae 117 Bowling, Kirby 17,26,97 Boyd. Vanessa 16,80,97 Braden. Bobbie Jo 102,106 Brammer, Dawn 15,28,34,36.53,109,115, 156 Brass, Stacy 3,14,15.51,80,82.88,117.166 Bredenkamp, Jody,83.102 Brehm, Doug 102 Brenner, Mary 58 Brock, Chandra 97 Brommer, Penni Lynnette 117 Brown. Angie 15,16,27,34.80,97.114 Brown, Gwen 42,57,102 Brown, Wayne L.22,23.68 Brown. Wayne 52.86,102 Bruntz, Joei,109,146 Buchmeier, Kim 109 Bull, Sandy 78.117 Bunee, Jodean 80.102.106 Burgess. Bill 57 Burgess. Ed 18.32,71,117 Burgess, John 18,80,109 Bush, Ron 115 Bussinger. Dayna 109 C Carnine, Dan 6,,118 Carter, Kasev 18.102 Caudell, Tino 97 Caventer, Sherry 57 Chandler. Charity 34.50,97,114 Chase. Cindy 23.102,106 Chaulk. Vicki 91.118 Chouanard, Larry 91,118 Chouanard, Mary 34.78,91,93,102 Christensen, Ellen 67 Christensen, John 76,80,82.118 Chytka. Al 62 Clark. Angie 43,52,76,78,84,87.109 Clark. Coleen Cline, Eldie 109 Cobb. Steffanie Cody. Cheryl 118 Coffee. Pat 18.63 Cole, Jamie 109 Colerick. Insun 16,34,97 Colerick, Penny 34,53,83,93,109.146.156 Colwell, Andrea 6 Colwell. Jeff,165 Contonis. Chris,25.26,51,109 Contonis, Dan 47 Index 155INDEX Contonis, Donna 47 Contonis, Nikki 146 Cook. JoAnne 103 Cornish. Alan 57 Cornish. Matt 21,22,97 Cottrell. Chad 32,63,103 Craig. Mary 32.63.115,118,156. Cullen. Pam 66 Cullen. Pat 30.60 Culton. Maxine 58 Curtiss. Valerie 2,77,78.80.82,109,146 Curtiss. Vanessa 2,15, 146 Curtiss, Vikki,29,36,46.48.72, 80.83,108,109.146,156 Cushing. Kara 20 Cushing. Karra,86 Cushing. Karra Elaine 118 D D'Ercole, Jeff 109 Darveau. Dustin,109.156 Darveau. Scott 44,45,72,73,91.93 53.118 Daugherty, Doug 118 Davis. Allison 76,103 Davis. Nancey 57,59 Davis. Wayne 109 Decker, Trent 76,118 Degan, Darla 109 Desjardin, Teri 16,37.97 Dickenson. Vicki 3.21.28,53.109 Dillard. Kasandra 46,97 Dillard. Krystal 40,53.80.86,93,109 Dimmitt, Sue 50,51,62 Dobson. Brenda Dobson. Duane 30 Drabbles, Tad 109 Drumheller, Melanie 28.103,153 Drummond, Mark 103 Dudley. Brett 77.80.103 Dufek, Lisa 50.83,103 Dunbar, Desi 80,118 Dunovsky, Jeni 119 Duran. Michelle 53,119 Duran. Mike 103 Dutton, Todd 18.103 Dye. Teresa 42,109,156 E Edwards, fustin 17,30,97 Erickson, Brad 17,97 Erny. Charles 103 Evans, Brian 20,97 Ewing, Irene 49,65.119 F Faber, fim 30,97.99 Feddersen. David 18,30,119 Feddersen, J.J. 17,22,26,97 Fenicle. Chris 50,97 Fero, Gina 109 Fester, Kenneth 119 Fiebig. Lila 64 Fierstein. Wendy 4,5 Fifield, Mindy 49,109 Finegan, Colleen 146 Firestein. Carey 15,28,34,36,77,78.103 Flores. Nicole 16.21,27,37,96,97.146 Foote, Brian 17,97 Forsstrom, Anna 21,40,103 Fortner, Amy 23 Fosket, Wendy 49,103 Foster. Sherri 2.103 Fought. Joel 109 Foy. Ed 71 Foy, Valerie 71 Fraedrich, Lisa 80,97 Fraedrich, Lori 46,80,83,119 Franklin, Jane 42,91,103 Friesen, Greg 26 Fritzler, Angela 119 Fritzier, Courtney 16,27,97 Fritzler, Joni 77,91,119 Furman, Cheryl 23.43.50,76, 156 G Gallup, Caitlin 27,97 Gallup. Maieve 97 Garber, Sherry 80,103 Garcia, Leonard 17.26,97 Gardner, Gina 91,119 Gasseling, Travis 18,76,83,103 Geisler, John 77,80,92,103 Geist, Russ 97 Gerlich, Dan 77 Gerlich, Meredith 34,35,80,97 Gillpatrick, Paul 17,97 Glass. Jeralee 28,29,109 Glassbrenner, Andy 11,103 Gonzalez, Eric 32,103 Gonzalez, Gabe 76,77,80,82,83,103 "Eighty-eight! Eighty-eight! Eighty-Eighty-Eighty-Eight!!” shouts some junior class members during this popular class cheer at a home Ixisketball game. 156 IndexINDEX Gonzalez, fill 77.97 Gonzalez. Samantha 82.91,119 Govier. Trey 87,88,119 Graham. Kathy 59 Graham, Paige 23.82.103,146 Grant, Nathan 30,98 Grant. Shawn 17,30,98 Green, Elzetta 109 Green, Gina 23,27,77.98 Green, Kathy 52.65,84,85.110,156 Green, Natalie 7,8,46.51,76.80,83,92.110 Gregory, Bob 17 Griffith. Amanda 15.34,46.103,146 Grime, Angela 119,146 Grundmeier, David 110 Guthrie, Phil 10,110 H Haggard, Valorie 73,120 Hailey, Jennifer 93 Hall. John 26,80,82,88,98 Hall. Missi 91,120 Hall, Ward 110 Haller, Angie 110 Hamilton, Barry 40,44,45,73,120 Hamilton, Theresa Ann 120 Hamilton, Troy 103 Hammond, Mark 18,22,30,31,52,84.85. 87,110 Hammond, Rhonda 51,80,103 Hancock. Kirk 110 Hansen. Carolyn 146 Hansen, Sharon 58 Hansen, Tammy 103 Hardy. Scott 103 Harris. Jesse 77 Harris, Micki 43,80 Hartman, Leonard 45,62,68,69,164 Hartman, Linda 164 Hartwig, Jill 11,15,28.82.103 Hashman, Dena 115,120,165 Hatch, Karri 76.98 Hawk, Jim 68 Hawk. Troy 20,22,47.49, Hayduk, Jim 42.120 Hedstrom. Derek 103 Hedstrom, Pat 128 Heilman. Sheila 104 Hempel, David 98,164 Herbert. Melanie 16.34.98 Herman, Brad 18.120,128 Hibner, Sara 34 Rich Paulsen. Mr. Richard Stephens, and Mr. Rich McCall stand in front of a new magazine rack provided by gift subscriptions donated by Hardees.The high school library has had ten magazine subscriptions donated for two years by Hardees. Senior lason Minnick, (right of center), appears to be overly excited as he watches a basketball game while others display varying degrees of interest. Hickman, Adam 83,98 Hilligoss, David Ray 120 Hirter, Jason 18,120 Hitchcock. Chris 27.34,98,114.146 Hitchcock, Sharon 57 Hjersman, Chelie 16,98,146 Hoffman. Kim 146 Hofmann. Oralene 66 Hofmann, Ronda 21,83,104 Holtz. Dana 146 Hood. Jeff 20,30,120,156 Hood, Nicholas Lee 120 Hoosear, Jo Van 113 Hoover, Scot 80,82,110 Hopp, Bridget 114,120 Hopp, Steve 98 Horsley, Kerri 104 Horsley. Kim 110 Horsley, Tim 104 Horton, Jeremy 18.77,104 Horton. Lyle 110 Howell, Joanna K. 121 Howell. Lora Hoxworth, Tori 8,50,51,62,110,146 Hubbard. Davina 16,27,98 Hudson, Larry 76,80,93,110 Hume. Wendy 51,121 Huss, Dan Index 157INDEX I Ireland. Charles 98 J Jacobs, Eric 17,22,26,98 Jansante, Val 18,60 Jedlicka, Sheri,121 Jensen. Steve 110 ferde. Amber 90,98 Jesse. Brian 43,110 Johannes. Jenelle,104,146 Johns. Traci 8,51.104 Johnson. Angela 104 Johnson, Beverly 110 Johnson, Dave 42.63 Johnson. Jamie 80.110 Johnson, Jennifer 146 Johnson. Megan 98 Johnston, Brian 42.98 Jones. Lori Ann 121 Jones. Patricia 63 Jones. Serena 110,139 Jones, Tammy 104.139 Jordan. Bart 104 fuhnke, Shawn 98 Jurgens, Aaron 18,104 K Kaiser. John 98 Kumerzell, Hope 16,27,34,36,98.114 Kamerzell, Michelle 121,156 Kammerer. Cory 18,104 Karell. Jim 30,42.104 Karell, Julie 42,76.104 Keane. Doug 110 Keder. Dinah 11.121 Kendle. Rusty 83.104 Kennicutt. Michelle 98 Kerr, Kris 52,73.80,121,156 Kiefer, Jennifer 146 Kiewel. Bryan 77.80,110 Kiewel, James 21,77,80.93,104 Kimmel. Katy 98,99, 77, 146 Kimmel, Micki 57 Kimmel. Mike 17.26.98 Kissner, Billie Jo 6,51,121 Kissner, Paul 104 Kling, Kari 21.104 Kling, Kristy 98 Kloch, Cathy 43,63 Knight. Brian 46.96,98,139 Kolesar. Danell 104 Kolesar. Mary 58 Kollars. Leisa 14.15.28,29.36.37,73,121. 129. Koozer, Todd 3.18,22,30,31.37.121,167 Kraay, Randy 18 Krantz, Charlie 18.30,31,37.121 Krause. Ray 121 Kuehn, Doug 18 Kuehn, Jim 20.68 L Lair, Andrea 82,104 Lambert. Debbie 98,164 Lamm, Thatcher 32,36,110 Lambert, Debbie 163 Larson. Kim 110 Laursen, Cory 98 Lawrence. Heath 26.76,104 Lawrence. Joyce 58 Lawrence, Tom 59 Lee. Phillip 42,104 l edall. Kerri 104 Leedall. Shannon 122 Leetch, Penny 27,98 l eever, Chad 76,110 Leever, Jeff 17,26,98 Lehl, Roger 76.80,92,110 Lehl, Scott 18,105 Leisy. Stacy 98 Lewis. Matt 22,24,25,26,110,167 Lindsay. Traci 23,49.50,65.69,73,110,146. 156 Littlehoop, Carmen 30,32,105 Littlehoop. Lonnie 98 Littlehoop, Norman 20,110 Livermore, Tinka 16.82,98,114 Long, Jayne 98 Lore, Bette 80.110.111 Loutzenhiser. Mike 105 Loutzenhiser, Ronda 16.27,98 Lowther, Amy 21,23,49,111,156 ”Sound Alliance” swing choir couldn't function without its accompianists. Their drummer is Brent Mannlein and their pianist is Vikki Curtiss. 158 IndexINDEX Teresa Dye dons a Napoleon hat for a moment of fun in American Research History. The only thing that ieresa seems to be missing is the trenchcoat. L Lowther, David 18,22.105 Lowther, Ken 49,80,122 Lucas, Melissa 21,23,105 Luft, Annie 34,105 Luft, Carmel 43,99 Luft, Sharma 34.82,105 Lulow, fon 7,64,111 Lunbery, Angie 15.53,82,91,93,122 Lundbery, Troy 111 Lundy, Jeff 82,99 M Maass. Clinton 99 Maben, Christa 69,77,84,99 Maben, Tonja 8.50.51,82.122,165 Macke, Michelle 105 Macomber, Tracey 99 Madden. Jeff 17.99 Mandelberg, Becky 11,15,105 Mannlein, Brent 6,18,105.156 Mannlein, Larry 53,66,91,93 Manuel, Debbie 41,43,122 Manuel, Denise 21,76 Marchant, Bill 69 Mar chant. Tori 49.51,64,83.105,167 Marcoe, James W. 122 Marcoe, Pat 31.53,93.122,167 Margheim, Laurice 45.57 Marquez, Jesse 17,99 Martin, Lucy M. 122 Marx, Diane 56,59 Marx, T.J.,32.111 Mays, Lance 99 McCall, lanice 99,146 McCall, Richard 58,156 McCarroll, Frank 52,99 McCracken, Paul 17,82,99 McCune, Darren 18,111 McDermott, Doug 40,49,73,111 McDermott. Rhonda K. 122 McDowall, Heather 82,105 McFall, Kris 111 McGaugh, David 105 McGuire, Michelle 105 McKenney, Shannon 23.43,105 McKillip, Kandi Jo 122 McLennan, Jeff 71,105 McMurtrey, Gail 67,164 Meier, Jason 18,105 Meier, Tania 76,78,83.111 Mendoza, Laurie 51,76,105 Menuey, Lance 11,21.26,32,33,105,163 Mercer, Tony 99 Meyer. Kent 62,76,122 Meyer, Tari 16,99 Midgett, Aaron 105 Midgett, Jessica 105 Miller. Jessie 105 Miller, Louie M. 122 Miller, Scott 18,105 Mink, Nathan 26,76,99 Minnick, Jason 3,6.8,18,22,30.47,51,116. 123,129,156 Minnick. Jeff 22,30.71.105 Mitchell, Marci 20,34,48,65.71,105 Mittan, John Henry 123 Mittlestadt, Heather 34,52,83,99 Mohler, Connie 111 Moomey, Pat 58,156 Moore. Jeff 111 Moore, Matt 32,77,99 Moore, Shondra 43 Moore, Steve 20,30,111 Moravek, Charlotte 47 Moravek, Jaimi 6,,108, 111,146,156 Moraveh, Jim 47 Morehead, Coi 18,42,105 Morris. Matt 18,67,72,111 Morrison, Jeff 26,105 Morrison, Jodi 82,91,123 Morrison, Linda 56 Mortensen, Lanorah 123 Mortensen, Tiffany 105 Moyle, Jennifer 77,92,99.146 Moyle. Jon 32.82.88,123 Moyle, Larry 45,56 Mundt, Kari 80 Mundt, Natalie 2,105 Murdock, Leigh Ann 46,50.108,111.15b, 165 Murdoff, Terry 18,32.53.111 Murray, Becky 111 Myers, Bob 11,22,105 N Nagaki. Jason 17,99 Nansel. Barbara 56,57 Nason, Carri 8,50.99 With a legs-don’t-fail-me-now look, Michelle Zumbahlen pushes herself towards the finish line in a cross country meet. Index 159INDEX Neafus, Nicole 99 Neal, Jerrold 18.19,24,25,26,32,37,111 Nelson. Daisy 146 Nelson. David 123 Nelson. Duane 32,111 Nelson, Lee 21,77.80,106,164 Nelson, Patricia 71 Nelson. Scott 32.100 Nelson. Steve 18,71 Nelson. Teresa 69,72 Nelson, Wayne 32,73.111 Nemechek. Rhonda 20.28.34,36,37,43,59. 106 Nielsen. Chrissi 49,50,51.65,73,111.156 Nollette, Sean 111 Novotny, Kim 146 Nunez. Esmeragdo 58 Nyffler, Cliff 100 O Odell. Jason 76,123 Olds. Skip Olson. Amy,100 Olson. Jodi 49,111, Olson. John,84,86.88.111 Orr, Kay 4 Osborn. Randy 17,100 Osborn. Sherman 18,111 Overstreet, Tracy 45,50,51,52,73,76,78. 123,151 Owens, Milisa 77,84,100 P Parascand, Mitch 18,111,115 Parenteau, Jill 16 Parmely, Shannon 43,100 Pauley. Jackie 106 Paulsen, Rich 156 Payne. Matt 21,26,36.48.106 Pearson. Jeff 30,111 Pearson, Michelle 28.34,106 Peltz, Allen 22,111 Petersen, Jon 24,25,111 Petersen, Martin 57 Peterson, Kristin 7,15.28,37,72,76.111,156 Peterson. Matt 48.77,123.156.167 Peterson, Mike 106 Pfannensteil. Cheryl 82,112 Phillips. Wendy 123 Pierce. Tammy Pierce, Terry 100 Piihl, Dee 146 Piihl. Kory,123.167 The National Honor Society held its induction on May 17. Members pictured are (front row) Stephanie Sutton. Kristin Peterson. Brenda Dobson, Leigh Ann Murdock; (middle row) Jeff Hood, Teresa Dye, Cheryl Furman, Julie Renteria. Amy Lowther, Traci Lindsay. Shelly Thompson. Troy Hawk; (back row) Kathy Green, Mary Craig (hidden), Kris Kerr, Chrissi Nielsen, Matt Peterson, LaDonna Varvel, Jaimi Moravek (partially hidden), and Dustin Darveau. Members not pictured are Matt Morris, Valerie Curtiss. Vanessa Curtiss, and Vikki Curtiss. Pilfold, Sandra 36.60 Podhaisky. John 18,22.112 Pohlman, Rick 18,53.112 Pollack, Janette 83,106 Pollock. Michelle 34,93,112 Polyakov. Ivan 64 PostelJ, Ryan 100 Potter, Don 106 Prelle, Chris 106 Prelie, Darla 52,82,123 Prelie. Tad 106 Prentice. Mary 100 Price, Steve 43,77.80.112 Pritchard. Judy 112 Proctor, Kris 106 R Ramirez, Celia 51,78.80,100 Ramirez, Maria 124 Ramirez, Steve 106 Rand. Jason 17,30.32,83,100 Rask. Tina 77.78,93.112 Rathbun, Kim Razo, Stacey 8,34,50.51,80,106 Redding, Tara 43,106 Redecker, Julie 106 Reed, Jason 17,100 Reed, Leah 76,106 Reed, Mark 112 Reeve, Danielle 10,112 Reeves. Monte 18,106 Rehder, Kim 112 Reiman, Doug 100 Reinhardt, Danielle 21,124 Reinhardt. Diane 21,124 Reno. Bill 7,56 Renteria, Jesse 112 Renteria, Julie 112,156 Reynolds. Angela 15 Reynolds, Missy 10,112 Reynolds. Ranae 6,8,34,51,68,106,166 Rhoads, Kodee 112 Richards. Linda 124 Rj'ch neier. Denise 80.106 Richmeier, Sheralin Marie 124 Rischling. Dick 66,78,166 Rischling, Susan 77,80.83.112 Rivera. Dolores 80.124 Robb, Crete hen 80,106 Robbins, Brenda 106 Roberts. Amy 50,77,112 160 IndexINDEX Roberts. Linda 47 Robertson, Dan 32,112 Robinson, Ted 18,112 Roby. Crissy 51,124,128 Rohrbouck, Roger 26,106 Rom, Andrea 16,34,80,100 Romick, Joe11 80.83,125 Romick, Lora 42,125,152 Romick, Mike 17,26,76,100,114 Ross. Jean 43,107 Ross, Lenny Jo 107 Ruble. Alice 52,53,76,112 Rusk. Brad 77,83,99,100 Rusk, Scott 100 S Saathoff, Merlin 59,164 Sabala, Lorri 100 Sanchez, Carrie 112 Sanchez, Jason 107 Sanchez, Kim 100 Sanchez. Mary Jo 125 Sanchez, Rich 107 Sanchez, Trish 100 Sautter, Dave 17,28,68 Sautter. Stephen 6 Schadwinkel. Mary 50,51,71 Schafer. Chris 20,32,112 Schafer, Mark 20,37,107 Schafer, Thad 125 Schaffer. Mark 32 Schaffert, Tyson 100 Schance, Wayne 125 Scheuler, Bryan 125 Schlatz, Joni 21.27,62 Schmer, Brian 44,77,80,92,107 Schmidt. Carol 125 Schmidt. Loralee 125 Schmidt. Paeter 107 Schneider, Brad 64 Schnell, Becky 16.21,27,76.100 Schnell. Katie 112 Schnell, Lisa 80 Schnell. Mike 18.30.36,37,47.83.125,114 Schnell, Mindi 83,100 Schnell, Nicki 80.93.100,146 Schnell, Pam 69 Schnell. Troy 112 Schoeneman. Janet 21,112 Schuller. Kurt 76.80.107 Schulze, Dwain 112 Schwaderer, Jason 17,42,100 Schwanebeck, Derek 20,32,47,86,87,125 Schwartz, Chan 107 Schweitzer, Phil 67 Segrist, Jay 21,24,25.36,48,107 Seidler, Keven 42,125 Seidler, Stac 42,100 Sever, Stephanie 77,125 Shaner, Bill 22 Shaner, Matt 17.22,26,100.114 Shannon, Shelly 50,107,165 Shaw, Patty Sheldon. Missy 100 Shelmadine, Stephanie 6,16.27,100 Sherfey, Brandon 76,100 Sherlock, Diane 91,126,128 Sherlock. Scott 107 Sherlock. Travis 5.17,32.100.114 Shimp, Doug 100 Shoemaker, Troy 107 Shrewsbury. Kris 100 Simonson. Tom 21,46,100 Simpson. Brent 18,22,24,25,26,112 Skeen, Jason 17,26,100 Skeen. Jennifer 23,116,126,146,166 Sloan, Jess 112 Small, Joni 51,82,112 Smith, Cynthia 126 Smith, Nancy 58,165 Smith, Sandra 126 Smith, Tami 51,107 Smith. Vicki 43,112 Snyder, Paula 40,42,107 Softley, Sheri 107 Softley, Steve 42,112 Sorge, Mike 101 Speer, Shannon 51,76,112 Staman, MyJes 101 Stanton. Chris 17,101 Stark, Kelly 6,,91.126.156,166 Stark, Tracy Stegall. Allen 101 Stephens, Dick 4,5,56,156 Stephenson. Theresa 20,34,37,84.85,112 Stewart. Thad 83.112 Stewart. Wayne 107 Stinnette, Steve 80,83,112 Stoddard. Chris 8.32,51,114 Stoddard, Tony 107 Stone, Corey 113 Stout, Bill 69 Strang, Hope 146 Stratton, Diane 43,83 Suhr, Alicia 113 Suhr, Valerie 107 Sullivan. Steve 21,40,113 Suprano, Susan 46,80,82,113,139,146 ”Don't you dare take my picture!' tumor Dawn Brammer appears to be telling the photographer, while the man in the drawing in the locker seems to be a little bit more excited about getting his picture in the annual. Sutton, Darcy 64,126 Sutton. Dave 101 Sutton. Dawn 34.91,126 Sutton. Dee,116.126,156 Sutton, Keith 44,107 Sutton. Larry 107 Sutton, Michelle 16.27,101 Sutton, Neil 63 Sutton, Stephanie 42,73,76,126,156 Sweetser. Brandon 17,101 Tank. Chuck 24,67 Taylor. Arlene A. 126 Taylor, B.J. 32,82,101 Taylor. Barb 113 Taylor. Donny 4 Taylor. Elaine B. 126 Taylor, Keri 2.6.23,50,51.53,91,93.114. 127,146 Taylor. Kimberly 127 Taylor. Scott 30,42,107 Thies, Tim 18,71.76,127 Thomas, Kelli,113 Thompson. Jim 17.32,36.101 Thompson. Shelly 11,43,,156 Tilden, Sandy 101,156 Index 161INDEX Todd. Tonya 80.101 Tomlin. Jamie Trenkle. Terry 49.71 Tritle. Jason,107 Trout. Beth,113.128 Turcotte, Blythe 34 Turechek. Michelle 23 U Uehling. Leha 51.62.128 Underwood. Lisa 113 Ushio, Tami 45 V Vallejo, Julie 113 Vandewege. Pat 58 Varvel, Diana 76.107 Varvel, LaDonna Vaughn, Eric 18.127.167 Vasquez. Angela 113 Vazquez. Blanca 27.34.76,77.101 Vazquez. Juan 83.113 Vazquez. Ramiro 18.53,80.82,91,127 Vogel, Len 18,113 VonAschwege. Scott 18.32, VonTour. Stacey 3.83.113 Vosberg, Woody 21 Voss. Paul 32.107 W Wacker. Rachelle 16,101 Waddle. Chris 101 Wagner. Helen 58 Waldron. Rusty 18,107 Waldron. Sandra 58 Wallace. Jeff 113 Wallace. Travis 107 Waiters, Vickie 80.107 WarBonnet. Lori Ann 127 Warner, Paul 107 Watson. Ty 18.30.107 Waugh. Cynthia 80.107 Weekes. Colin 24.25,32,113 Weekes. Ron Weinman. Jim 7,42 Welch. John 113 West. Heather West. Kelley 101 West. Saundra 43.80.83,107 How tense are you? Seniors Jeff Hood. Dee Sutton. Kelly Stark. Brenna Burner, and Michelle Kamerzell took part in Miss McMurtrey’s psychology class and got to measure their brain waves and muscle tension. Weston. Mike,113 Weston. Tim Wilkinson, Kevin 59 Williams. Brian 42,101 Willy. Christine 101 Willy. Nevada 18.107 Wilson. John 32.113 Wilson. Kay Wolzen, Becky 127 Wolzen, Nancy 58 Woods. Scott 107 Woodsmall. Jackie 113 Wray. Marie 16.34.101 Wright. Greg 26.107 Wright. Travis 113 Yerdon. Paul 113 Young. Brian 18.24.25,101.114 Young. Rosemary 101 Z Zander. Lance 101 Zumbahlen. Michelle 162 IndexAdvertising Index Alliance Auto Shop 148 Alliance Community T.V. 145 Alliance Class 140 Alliance Lumber Co. 143 Alliance Medical Center 154 Alliance National Bank 139 Alliance Orthopedic Surgery, P.C 144 Alliance Railroad Employees' Credit Union 153 Alliance Sta-Nu Cleaners 150 Alliance TBA 148 Alliance Times Herald 138 Alliance Tractor and Implement 144 Alliance Transmission 152 Annual 138 Art S' Jerry's Boot Shop 143 Bales-Ldnda Funeral Home 144 Bedient Litho Printing 138 Bernie's Ace Hardware 144 Bowen. Robert W., O.D. Box Butte Medical Center 144 Brown, Floyd E., Chiropractor 138 Bruce's Furniture 152 Buchfinck, Inc. 152 C 8r C Salon 152 Christensen. Gary D., D.D.S. 144 Cover-Jones 147 Crowe's Nest 152 Crum. Melick McAndrew, Accountants 144 Dairy Queen 147 Dayco Corporation 143 Dennon’s Zesto 152 Ed's Used Cars 150 Elaine's Art Studio 152 Elms Restaurant. The 141 Emerson Quick Stop 145 Famous Clothing. The 148 Freeze Frame 150 Friends Neighbors Book Store 152 ”Friends of AHS” 138 Furman’s 144 Giles. Gene. D.D.S 145 Glassbrenner, William, Optometrist 137 Good Samaritan Village 138 Green's Floor Covering 141 Gregory’s Insurance 141 Guardian State Bank 136 Hamilton Service Center 137 Hardee's 144 Harris Sales 138 Hatch's Stereo Shop 143 Hayward’s Open Range 143 Hoffhaus Gardens 147 House of Photography 139 Iron Horse. The 153 Jack Jill 147 Job's Daughters Bethel 3 146 Kcow KQ106 151 Kelly's Restaraunt Lounge 152 Lampert Lumber Co. 140 Little Shepherd. The 148 Magic Mirror 152 Mandelberg's Big A Auto Shop 144 Marker’s Pittsburg Paints 138 Mary Lou’s 150 Nebraska Bean Elevator 150 Nebraska Typewriter Equipment Co. 144 Neil’s Truck 137 Neuswangers 145 New Leaf. The 152 Northern Plains Land Cattle Agency 145 Occidental Nebraska 145 Ohio National Life Insurance Panhandle Equipment 137 Panhandle Rural Electric 148 Patti’s Shear Kuts 138 Payne's Lawn Care 144 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. 144 Plains Implement 143 Podhaisky Insurance 145 Public Employee's ECU 147 Red Jack’s Body Shop 138 Redman’s Shoes 144 R.K. Nelson Associates 142 Ron’s Golf Shop 152 Sargent Irrigation 137 Shelter Insurance 138 Shop 'n Save 140 Simonson's Sporting Goods Travel 137 Sunset Motel 152 Thiele Drug Co. 150 Thiele Jewelry 144 Todd’s Body and Frame Shop 152 Tritle’s Plumbing 150 Turf Rental 138 Wegner Motor, Inc. 151 Western Bank 149 Western Potatoes 143 Wilbrand. Herman, DDS 138 Woolrich 152 Worley Studio 141 Scott VonAschwege practices ’White water' for district music. Plunging for the ball. I ance Menuey shows his picture perfect forehand stroke. Debbie Lambert snips out hearts for valentine's day for her sweetheart. Ad Index 163Many Different Activities, Classes, Mr. Merlin Saathoff gives Debbie Lambert a helping hand during one of the special education activities. Gail McMurtrey, Linda Hartman, and Leonard Hartman relax as they supervise the dance. A few of the lady staff members show their homecoming spirit by participating in the tug-a-war. David Hempel, Lee Nelson, and Patty Shaw blow their tune in band practice. Some of the outstanding artwork done by students is displayed in the library for peer observation. 164 Closingand People Make A.H.S. Stand Out Jeff Colwell fixes his hair as he poses for the camera. Being studious during their time in the library is a necessity for Dena Hashman and Tina Bauer. Colophon The 360 copies of the 1987 Alliance High Bulldog were printed by Inter-Collegiate Press, Inc., Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Prices for the yearbook ranged from $15.00 to $20.00. The Bulldog is a member of the Nebraska High School Press Association (NHSPA) and the International Society of Quill and Scroll. The Annual sponsor is Mrs. Pat Nelson. The cover and division pages were designed by Dawn Brammer and Vicki Dickenson. The 1987 Bulldog was compiled in eight divisions by the following Annual staff members: Opening: Shelly Thompson, Cheryl Bolen Sports: fay Segrist, Jamie Tomlin Activities: Matt Peterson, Kathy Green Academics: Marci Mitchell, Matt Payne Fine Arts: Mike Bourquin Classes: Cheryl Bolen, Shelly Thompson, Matt Peterson, Kathy Green, Mike Bourquin, Marci Mitchell, foei Bruntz Ads: foei Bruntz, Jody Bredenkamp Closing: Jody Bredenkamp, Matt Peterson, Jamie Tomlin, Matt Payne, Vikki Curtiss Photography: Tracy Overstreet,Mary Chouanard, Katie Schnell, Stephanie Sutton, Jason Odell, fenelle Johannes, Teresa Dye Worley Studio was responsible for several group shots in this book. A special thanks goes to them as well as to the House of Photography and the Alliance Times-Herald for other pictures used throughout the booh. The editor would like to thank her co-editor, Vanessa Curtiss, for being so patient, always cutting ALL the pictures and putting up with her sister in Annual throughout the year. Closing 165Old Doors Start To Close As "1T ust as the new doors were unlocked throughout I the year, they were also pulled shut and locked. I The rooms once full of enthusiasm and anticipation for school in the fall gradually became full of enthusiasm and anticipation for summer. The once new faces became old faces and the new addition became familiar to all students and teachers. Having to stay in classes until June, students began to get spring fever even earlier than usual. Although the school doors locked in June, they would be unlocked again. Underclassmen would return, searching for keys to more classes and activities. Seniors would go their separate ways, looking for keys to jobs, college and their futures. The new doors unlocked this year will never be new again. Different new doors can and will be found. One must often search inside himself for keys to doors that appear to be shut forever. The keys to unlock a door to a happy future are there. AH.S. becomes a memory as one moves on. New doors will be found and opened next year, but the doors unlocked this year affected each person at A.H.S., making this a unique and special year, never to come again, but never to be forgotten, locked away in one’s memories. Pat Marcoe and Eric Vaughn exhibit their custom made locker of rock music. "Ah. rest and relaxation." Music director Mr. Dick Rischh'ng takes a moment or two to rest his body and ears! Varsity Cheerleaders Stacy Brass. Kelly Stark, and Ranae Reynolds cheer the wrestlers to another victory. The pom pon squad strut their stuff at a home wrestling match. 166 ClosingNew Ones Begin To Open Cheryl Bolen and Matt Peterson listen and express their views on the upcoming annual deadline. Smiles are plenty when victory is in the air as Todd Koozer, Matt Lewis. Kory Phil and Shawn Allen demonstrate. Sophomore Tori Marchant carefully calculates the total price of these munchies. .Steffanie Cobb says.’T can’t bear it.” and takes a break from "The Curious Savage.” jnnifer Skeen shows how to ’’putt it in" during he Alliance anlf tournament Closing 167

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