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Opening 2 Fine Arts 12 Activities 28 Sports 40 Academics 66 Classes 88 Ads 128 Closing 174 The 1981 Bulldog Alliance High School Alliance, NE. 69301 Volume XXVIII Opening 11980-81 School Year Leaves Elements of knowledge are keys to the future. The benches are a popular place for many between classes. Getting the crowd rowdy are members of the "Dog Pack," Tom Adams, Chris Panwit ., and Tim Manion. Not pictured is Tom Laing. Dave Spencer lifts weights to the familiar sound of "one, two, three, exercise." 2 Opening"Impressions in Time" for Many The tree adds a touch of Christmas spirit to the Butte. Keeping up spirit, the cheerleaders play an important role in the game. This year at AHS was a year just like any other except to those 600 students who were attending classes and participating in extracurricular activities. Day after day, students woke to face the routine grind of seven class periods, play rehearsals, meetings, sports practices, early morning band, and last but not least, the constant grueling task of homework. The year left an everlasting memory in the minds of the 137 seniors who crossed the stage for the last time as a student upon receiving their diplomas at graduation. Not only did this year hold memories for the seniors, but also for the underclassmen, who were striving to maintain their own identities with the ultimate goal of becoming seniors themselves. Many may have been unaware of the fact that the events of the school year, both good and bad, left Impressions in Time on the lives of each individual who was a part of the 1980-81 school year at Alliance High School. Standing at attention, Chris Jesse won't even smile for the camera. Opening 3Spare Time—A Time of Impressions Stuart Green and Tom Lauder get a good laugh out of the final score While jogging, junior John Harris gets his second of their match played at the new courts. wind during his final mile. At lunch, Lisa Krause, Rod Vogel, Jenny Wegner, and Tom Laing catch some rays before returning to class. 4 Spare TimeBetween classes, Vicki Mandelberg and Tom Heimbuch enjoy each other's company. Don Reynolds, Dwight Lamm, and Scott Hudgin display their concert souvenirs. Erin Edwards, inventor of "Bumper Lockers," bumps her way to victory over John Harris. Students always seemed to have an abundance of spare time, and each one spent it differently. Some jogged and some swam. Others waited until "snow time" and then "braized" the slopes. Van Halen, KISS, and Bob Seger got a look at the Alliance crowd when some people preferred "concert time." At school, students lined the rails in front of the school, lingered talking with friends or just burning up time. In addition, students spent their free nights at the movies, at the "hut" and yet others cruised the Butte. When God created spare time, he had working in mind for some. ALCO, Pizza Hut, Jack Jill, Dairy Queen, and Taco Johns are places many people can be found. There is spare time, fair time, fun time, sun time. There are great times, gate times, light times, and night times. But the right time is my time. Spare Time 5Homecoming Week Ends With A Victory First in Five Years The new year brought many changes to the Homecoming activities. Spirit week consisted of Twin Day, Color Day, Hillbilly Day, Crazy Hat and Socks Day and Pride Day. The coronation, put on by FBLA, was held Friday during sixth period. After the coronation, the parade down Box Butte Avenue which was the largest in recent years, took place. The traditional burning of the "A" was not held due to the new track. Highlighting the festivities, the volleyball girls, followed by the football team, downed the Gordon Broncs. The eventful week ended with the Homecoming Dance. Approximately 150 couples danced to the music of the Dynamics. Gaining yardage. Pal Colerick rushes for a Bulldog victory. Cheryl Hart sets the ball for teammate Mary Ellen Lore. 1980 Homecoming Royalty: First Attendants Kim Green and Pat Colerick, Queen Lilias Smith and King Brad Liggett, Second Attendants Darcy Cole and Pat Casados, and Crown Bearers Jason Reno and Jody Minor. 6 HomecomingMembers of Art Club show their talent on their parade entry. Seniors take time off on Sunday to decorate their hall. The band adds homecoming spirit by marching in the parade. On twin day Mr. Steve Nelson and Mr. Wayne Brown get into the homecoming spirit. Homecoming spirit shows through in this poster, telling it like it is. Homecoming 7Faces, Places of Today Will Numerous national events have 'highlighted the lives of the students, either directly or indirectly, as the new decade moved forward. The annual World Series was held in late October. The Philadelphia Phillies returned home with a four to three game victory over the Kansas City Royals. Every four years the Presidential elections bring about stories of promises and scandals to every American. The 1980 election was to be one of the closest running races of its time, but to everyone's surprise, Ronald Reagan won by a landslide. Reagan overwhelmed Jimmy Carter by 51 to 49 per cent at the polls, and 483 to 49 electoral votes, and lead a rising Republican Party to control of the Senate for the first time in generations. Tragedy hit Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 21, as the famous MGM Hotel burst into flames. Eighty-four guests were killed and 700 more were injured. The fire was attributed to an electrical short in the kitchen. It was said to be the second largest hotel fire in U.S. history. At 7:36 p.m. on November 23, the Italian earthquake, Europe's worst in 65 years, began. The tremors shuddered from Sicily to the Alps. The quake, reached 6.8 on the Richter Scale, badly damaging historic ruins that had survived the Pompeii, and demolished a nine-story apartment building in Naples. The death toll was expected to climb to more than 10,000. At Pr0r T0 Y0URStLp I V aJAY. 21— • --- ■ y" c . . E==E- - YOU DESERVE 11 ututHTroc. pi »BFMCE I-BUEHLEI This symbolic yellow ribbon could be seen in front of the United Methodist Church honoring the return of the hostages. Yoda stars in the hit movie "The Empire Strikes Back.' Mount St. Helens remains a threat to the Pacific Northwest. 8 Current EventsBecome Tomorrow's History - • .. ■ • • ....... . • V - - Tory loosi displays an "I Shot J.R." T-shirt from TV's "Dallas.' Various campaign buttons and momentoes represent the 1980 Presidential candidates and their respective parties. On December 8, the world was shocked to find that one of America's favorite musicians had been needlessly, fatally shot in front of his home in New York City. John Lennon was known by all ages for his wonderful contributions to music. Fifty-two American hostages were released on January 20. The Iranian militants had been holding them since November 4, 1979. Continuing throughout the year was an occasional eruption set off by Mt. Saint Helens volcano in the state of Washington. After 123 years of deceptive inactivity, the volcano erupted on May 18 with a force 5,000 times greater than the Hiroshima A-bomb. One hundred fifty square miles of Douglas fir forests were flattened; 1.5 cubic miles of rock and dirt from the peak became rivers of boiling mud and towering clouds of deadly ash. Sixty-one persons were dead or missing. Everyone seemed to be keeping a close eye on TV's "Dallas". Well-known oil baron J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) was conniving, lecherous, and just plain no good. In fact, when he was gunned down, the list of suspects included almost the whole cast. The culprit, J.R.'s ex-mistress, Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby), was revealed in a November episode that attracted the largest TV audience ever for a regular series. All in all, the 1980-81 school year was filled with many historical events, which will remain in the minds of many for years to come. Current Events 9DECA Sponsors First Halloween Dance In the jack-o-lantern contest, Geraldine Snyder took first place, while Rod Geist took second with an orange. The Halloween dance was a new addition to this year's school activities. The dance was sponsored by DECA to raise money to go to the state convention. The band LA provided music for the dance which approximately 450 people attended. Costumes were optional, but students were encouraged to wear them for a possible prize in the costume contest. Senior Jan Averna and her date Mark Roberts won watches for the best couple costumes. Individual prize winners were Freshman Angie Moore, winning a camera, and Freshman Jim Penny, who received an electronic game. Siamese triplets Lavon Krejci, Tammie Kistler and Lorraine Bowman "stick together" at the dance. A student's personality shows in his costume. Three unidentified ghosts take a break from their haunting. LA, a local band, provided music for the Halloween dance. 10 Halloween Dance Many students find contentment in simply listening to the music Winners in the singles costume contest are Angie Moore and Jim Penny. A lot of time and hard work make up a good performance. Showing a lighter side of a life of crime are gangsters Kerry Girard and Deb Gonzalez. Loren West and Kris Graff return to their childhood days. Halloween Dance 11Divisio.Being the purest form of expression, fine arts appeal to many at AHS. The band brought to the spectators the half time shows and many other performances, along with the choir classes. Art shows, such as the Spring Art Festival, were a major part of the artist's year. Plays have entertained many in the past nine months; these were performed by actors and actresses of the drama classes. Through these outlets, man has expressed his innermost self throughout the ages. Today's artists will without a doubt leave their Impressions in Time, if not for the multitude of people, for themselves.The Raku firing kiln reaches high temperatures which melts and adheres glaze to pottery.'Creation Dream" gains life in Deb Gonzalez's oil painting. The 1980-81 art year satisfied all levels of interest through the aspects of art. Senior Art IV student, Melanie Marsh, practices throwing a pot on the wheel. Arts I and II, an initial experience in art, dealt with the basic fundamentals of drawing, painting, pottery, sculpturing and crafting. Arts III and IV was interwound closely, with only the best Art III students advancing into Art IV. Both of these classes were highly specialized and individualized for competent young artists. Creative arts was and will continue to be another interest in the field of fine arts. Art Club members and Advisor Larry Mannlein set up a tribute art show to senior artists of past years at the Fall Concert. Ed Heckman paints to the lyrics, "It's like a big fist breaking down my door."Marching Band Travels to Pershing Festival Members of the flag team are Angie Moore, Kim Ushio, Joan Bush, Kay Wildy, Elisa Marshall, Wendy Krause, Dorothy Christie, Teresa Christie, Polly Abbott, Lavon Krejci, Pam Kirchner, and LeAnn Littlejohn. Concluding their season on October 25 with the Pershing Marching Festival, the marching band performs to the theme from "Man of La Mancha ' Highlighting their season with the CSC Band Days and the Pershing Marching Festival in Lincoln, the marching band continued to improve in maneuvering abilities and sound qualities. The band received a II rating at Chadron in field execution and best overall award in parade competition. At the Pershing Festival, a II rating was received. The band took on a new look with the debut of new uniforms. Clad in royal blue pants and tops accented with white trim and Columbia blue piping, the outfit was complemented with double blue sashes displaying the school name. The black aussie-style hat completed the attire. The 1980-81 majorettes are: Kris Graff, Marie Mason, and Senior Head Majorette Voni Simpson.' 16 Marching BandDespite Various Styles, Music is Music Rod Bauer adds his talents to the stage band. Mr. Norm Running looks to perfect a song for Friday night. Despite the many styles and forms of notes and rhythms, several of the bands at AHS proved that music is still music. The more current hits were heard from the pep band, which was often used as a spirit band. Such songs as “NFL Today" and "B.J. McKay" were commonly heard abounding from the auditorium. The stage band, a select group used for public performances, presented music in forms of swinging jazz and ballad blues. Such songs as "5=4=3" and "Cute" were performed. Despite it all, music is music. The brass section is an integral part of the pep band. Stage Band 17Music Department's Split Pictured are. Fifth Row: Mr. Norman Running, Kevin Richmeier, Mark Jensen, John Magdalene, Tom Adams, Tracy Thies, Chris Jensen; fourth row: Stuart Green, Sue Cole, Mike Frazier, Brendan Liltey, Tony Berry, Lisa Davis, Polly Abbott, Troy Roten, Brian Mahnke. John Stull, Kay Wildy, Allen Hofmann, Jim Hertog, Liz Burkhart, Tom Neeley; third row: Sherri Olsen, Tina Hain, Stacey Brown, Debbie Sutton, Dora Kochiras, Betsy Simpson, Maureen Kelly, Jorene Sutton, Juanita Navarro, Joan Bush, David Christensen, Craig Mahnke, Ray Berry; second row: Vicki Mandelburg, Joann Balderson, Beth Myer, Lisa Wegenast, Vicki Hoppens, Lisa Krause, Crissy Reilly, Kris Graff, Angie Moore, John Harris; first row: Kris Rask, Robert Moyle, Valerie Lauer, Christine Rose, Liz Jones, and Lisa Fisher. Following a spirited marching season, the Alliance High School Band pursued an active year with in-, door events. The music classes were divided with the vocal and instrumental departments performing separately at concerts. The band entertained a large audience during the Christmas Concert on December 9. This was followed by the Spring Concert on March 30. Preparations for the District Music Contest, held the week of April 20, were an important part of the band's rehearsals. The band's final performance was for graduation on May 24. Heading the band was Mr. Norman Running. He was assisted by President Dave Christensen, Vice-President John Magdaleno, Treasurer Tom Adams, Secretary Lisa Krause and Librarian Kim Ushio. Resting on the timpano, John Magdaleno takes time to listen to the director, Mr. Norman Running. 18 Concert BandCreates Tedious Performance Schedule Pictured are fifth row: Chris Panwitz, Sparky Pryor, Chris Jesse, Tim Kramer, Lonnie Levi, Mark Waddell, and student teacher Sharia Myers; fourth row: Tom Heimbuch, Jim Langston, Rex Laughlin, Pauline Schance, Roy Schnell, Wendy Lyster, Kirk Peterson, Blake Mahnke, Paul Lauder, Traci Bush; third row: Brad Maze, Tom Lauder, Jeanne Sterner, Brett Maze, Brad Beiber, Bryan Morgan, LeAnn Littlejohn, Theresa Christie; second row: Denise Preble, Darci McLean, Cheryl Hart, Bessie Kochiras, Elissa Marshall, Maria Davis, Ann Langner, Dorothy Christie; first row: Lisa Renteria, Voni Simpson, Kim Ushio, Kay Butzine, Kerri Thompson, Marie Mason, and Peggy Thompson. Freshman Scott Allen masters Alliance High School Band music. Enjoying the music, Wendy Lyster relaxes while playing a piece of pep band music. Concert Band 19Choir members are: Brenda Appleyard, Jeff Kaufman. Bill Mosser, Chain Waybright, Scot Parish, Tom Bourquin, Don Peaster, Randy Scott. Cris Swanson, Sue Powell, Kim Hubbard, Sherrie Wolvington, Sally Martin, Retta Jenkins, Christine Bourquin, Sandi Seidler, Debbie Zurn, Lori Montague, Lori Griffith, Bruce Thompson, John Lloyd, Mike Galloway, Candy Dennon, Sarah Sherlock, Tannya Reeve. Melodie Reeve, Rose Hardy, Pauline Schance, Tammie Kistler, Linda Pebley, Lavon Krejci, Brenda Dilley, Cindy Dugger, Irene Taylor. Kim Bedient, Sharon Knapp. Gaylene Kreachbaum, Liz Burkhart, Debbie Buskirk, Rochelle Boots, April McLain, Tonya Benda, Debbie Andrus, Lori Clark, Rene Thompson, Kathy Howell, Vickie Hoff, John Chaplin, John Harris, Joann Balderson, Kerri Thompson! Valerie Lauer, and Kris Graff. With Wayne State Music Festival in the near future, Kris Marghein perfects the piece, "Adoramus Te Christie.” Choir Director Thomas Lauder stresses class participation. 20 Concert ChoirConcert Choir Sets Goals for Wayne State Mr. Lauder helps with the accompaniments. Sophomore Lavon Krejci also helps the choir by accompanying at practices. Sopranos prove there is "More than Music" involved in choir. Visiting the Homecoming Parade is the concert choir's float. Hard days' practices, infuriated directors, hyperactive students, and many headaches were characteristics of the AHS Concert Choir's drive to Wayne State. Wayne State Festival was held in Wayne, Nebraska, on March 23 and 24 on the Wayne State Campus. To obtain money for the trip, the choir sold T-sirts and held a sock-hop on February 7, with D.J.'s for entertainment. The choir was able to raise approximately $170.00 on the sock-hop. In the midst of all the preparation for Wayne, the choir gave two concerts and made a choir float for the Homecoming Parade. All in all, it was a busy and successful year for the concert choir. Concert Choir 21Musical Swing Doubled at AHS Members of the Blue Persuasion are—Fourth Row: John Magdaleno, Stuart Green. Randall Scott, Tom Bourquin. Don Peaster, Jim Watson. Third Row: Mark Jensen, Bob Maxwell, Tom Lauder, Chain Waybright, Mike Galloway, John Harris. Second Row: Pauline Schance, Tracy Thies, Chanda Behm, Brenda Appleyard, Lori Montague. First Row: Gaylene Kreachbaum, Liz Burkhart, Cris Swanson, Lori Clark, April McLain. Members of the Choralettes are—Second Row: Teresa Christie, Candace Gaswick, Wendy Krause, Chanda Behm, Debbie Andrus, Julie Hirter, Brenda Gonzalez. First Row: Rhonda Jones, Kristin Rickman, Tina Krause, Deanna Buskirk, Cheri Kelley, Amanda Heitz, Tina Wodke, Lisa Davis. Although there are many "dos and don'ts" in the music field, exact tone is a must for Don Peaster. The musical swing at AHS was sectioned between two groups. Girls Glee, often called the Choralettes, performed at the Christmas party for Electric Hose and Rubber Company and for various other businesses. Blue Persuasion was more confined to classroom work. However, the group did give three public concerts and attended the Nebraska Wesleyan Workshop in Scottsbluff on March 12. The majority of Mr. Thomas Lauder's personnel this year were underclassmen, so next year looks promising for the swing choirs at Alliance High School. 22 Swing ChoirHelen, Wendy Lyster, and Betty, Traci Bush, take their children to see Santa Claus in their make-believe car. The good guys, Pam Kirchner, Voni Simpson, and Lisa Renteria, steal the blanket of the Grinch, Jeanne Lloyd. Theatre Classes Perform Christmas Plays for Students The fifth and seventh hour theatre classes got into the Christmas spirit by writing and producing their own holiday skits. Each class was divided into two groups for the performance of the skits, with three weeks of class time devoted to their preparation. Both aspects of writing and producing earned grades for the students. The subjects ranged from an Iranian Christmas to a spoof of "The Wizard of Oz." The skits provided holiday entertainment for a group of sixth graders and high school students, along with providing a learning experience for the theatre students. The insane Santa Claus, Jim Watson, attempts to strangle the little girl, Betsy Simpson. Christmas Plays 23The money counterfeiter, portrayed by Kris Margheim, looks into Madame Stella's crystal ball. The A.B. boys initiate Fred Berglass (Craig Chaplin). Alpha Beta Fraternity Invades the Stage of AHS The La conga line, led by Mrs. Butterworth (Maureen Kelly) is a demonstration of old time dancing. Alpha Beta Fraternity invaded the stage of Alliance High School on the nights of May 1 and 2, in the form of the spring play, "Toga, Toga, Toga!" The zany and wacky ways of the Alpha Beta group and the combined student attitudes of craziness and seriousness allowed the production to be a great success for Director Miss Janet Swarthout and her assistants, Tracy Thies and Bob Maxwell. Almost two months of practices and set construction were needed for the arrival of opening night. With a total cast of twenty-five students and an additional crew of twenty-four ranging from freshman to seniors, the play set a record with the largest company in recent Alliance High School play production history. Kris Rieman makes sure that Kris Graff's makeup is perfect for the opening night performance. 24 All-School PlayMelissa has her ways of finding George's rent money. Phi Zeta Tau snobs. Bob Maxwell and Jim Watson, cringe at the ways of the Alpha Beta's "Vegetable." Miss Janet Swarthout gives Betsy Simpson and Blake Mahnke a lesson on putting on their togas. Phi Zeta Tau Melissa (Joann Balderson) molests innocent bystander George Brewster (Brad Brass). All-School Play 25Theatre Department Initiates Mime Troupe Maureen Kelly, Betsy Simpson, Lisa Renteria, John Reilly, Bob Maxwell, Tom Lauder, Jeanie Lloyd, and Laura Lauer say good-by to the Gambles "grand re-opening celebration." Tom Lauder, John Reilly, Laura Lauer, Tracy Thies, and Tonya Benda mimic an airplane during flight. Mime troupe members Vicki Hoff, Tonya Benda, Pam Kirchner, Tom Lauder, Wendy Lyster, and John Reilly relax after a performance. To the delight of the audience. Bob Maxwell does his frog impression at Happy Joe's during a mime show. A new mime troupe was initiated this year by the theatre department. Miss Janet Swarthout, the drama and speech teacher, was the sponsor of the group. Mime is an art which involves much body action but no talking. Each member of the mime troupe chose his own skit or interpretations to perform. These interpretations by the members ranged from a portrayal of a flower, to a marionette dance to the tune of "It's a Small World." In October the troupe performed at Happy Joe's Pizza Parlor. In between shows, the mimists waited on tables. In November, the troupe helped the Gambles store celebrate their "Grand re-opening 26 Mime TroupeFine Arts Represented Well This Year Juniors Tom Adams, Maureen Kelly, Bob Maxwell, Lisa Renteria and Betsy Simp- Senior Jorene Sutton wins the honored John son receive a superior rating for their Oral Interpretation of Drama at the district Philip Sousa band award, contest held in Scottsbluff. Alliance representatives to All-State are Deb Gonzalez's talents are displayed at the John Harris and Kris Rask. Spring Art Festival. Senior Tracy Thies wins the Thespian award. For outstanding achievement in art, the following students are recognized. Seniors ] uniors Sophomores Freshmen Stacey Romick Brenda Powell Kris Margheim Jackie Chounard Pat Colerick Cheryl Bork Sarah Lewis Roger Mosser Deb Gonzalez Cris Cox Rod Vaughn Tina Wodke Jody Nelson Susan Vaughn Eden Edwards Blake Mahnke Angie Moore Tim Schnell Jeff Tomlin Deb Gonzalez, president of the Art Club, Jody Nelson, and Bruce Suetsugu are also recognized for outstanding participation in the Alliance High Art Club. Fine Arts Achievements 27tiVitiefc Whether it's 8:00, 12:04, or after the 3:14 bell rings, many students headed to a variety of activities other than the normal seven periods a day. These activities include the clubs, which help to bring young people into contact with others who have similar interests. These groups provided many services to the student body as well as the public. The concession stand at every sporting event was opened by the A-Club and FFA. DECA provided many employees to fill the job openings around town. Art Club distributed the senior T-shirts. AFS gave students a chance to see what other countries were like by bringing exchange students to AHS, and Student Council took care of many problems that came from packing 600 students into a building for eight hours a day, and, therefore, made the school year much more pleasant. The impressions that are made in these activities are two-fold; each individual has left his impression on the club of which he has been a part, but the club has provided some worthwhile experiences to the members, which may make an even larger impact on the individual for years to come. FCA Grows with Addition of Girls The Fellowship of Christian Athletes grew into something bigger and better with the addition of a girls' “huddle." The members attended an FCA retreat in Gering, and more youth and adults became involved. Activities at a regular meeting included listening to tapes and viewing films. Meeting topics included: "Christ and Athletics—Do They Mix?", "Dating," and "Good Sportsmanship in Athletics." Occasional meetings were held with boys and girls together. The members hope that next year will be as rewarding as this year has been. During a regular meeting, the members and sponsors pay close attention to points of interest. tP TAL (tn Senior Karrie Rieman listens attentively to an FCA tape. Sponsors Sharon Kelly, John McGhehey, Audrey Lingelbach, Charles Mulloy, Carmen Mulloy, and members Matt Frerichs, Brad Brass, Lilias Smith, Tim Podraza, Cheri Nagaki, Karrie Rieman, Deb Abbott, Bob Colwell, Elaine Ballentine, Sondie Clutter, Brenda Borg, Eric Edwards, Polly Abbott, Julie Hirter, Candace Gaswick, and Maureen Kelly. 30 Fellowship of Christian AthletesCoaches, Players, Benefit From A-Club's Donation Tom Adams, Brad Brass, Tim Manion, Terry Tucker, George Moss, and Bob Colwell look at (he lighter side of working on concessions. Dave Christensen uses the new video tape machine to film the games. Despite severe organization problems, A-Club managed to stay alive in the school system. Their main project this year was to raise money to buy the school a new video tape machine for filming athletic events. The machine made it possible for the coaches to play the tape in the presence of their team and explain what problems they had and how they could correct them. Along with their annual initiation of new members and running the concession stand for volleyball and basketball games, they held a football camp for students in grade school. This camp was to provide the players with the basic plays, rules of the game, and prepare them for high school competition. Returning members plan to strengthen the club next year by adding a new variety of activities. Kent Piihl, Chris Panwitz, Brad Beiber and Chad Schlichtemeier find A-Club initiation quite embarrassing. Officers are: Sec-Treas. Darci McLean, Sgt. at Arms Pat Colerick, V-Pres. Matt Frerichs, and Pres. Tom Wildy. A-Club 31Large Membership Aids in FBLA's Success Officers: Reporter Deb Abbott, Secretary Terri Mundt, Treasurer Elaine Ballentine, Historian Brenda Powell, President Jana Weston, Parliamentarian Eric Edwards, and Vice President Lilias Smith UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA Cheri Nagaki and Karrie Reiman receive honorable mention at State for their contributions on the ASC Agriculture Book. Several members help with the young students at the Bicycle Safety Program at the elementary schools. For only its second year in existence, FBLA had a large membership and a successful year. They sold candy grams at Christmas time to help them earn money for the state convention in April. As an out-of-town activity, officers installed the Minatare Chapter and discussed convention plans. For homecoming, FBLA organized the coronation of royalty. With Tedi Smith announcing, Dave Christensen crowned Lilias Smith as queen, and Darci McLean crowned Brad Liggett as king. Members also sold sandwiches at the volleyball tournaments and finally raised enough money for thirteen members and two sponsors to make the trip to Omaha. Taking tests and attending award assemblies were just a few of the activities they engaged in. Karrie Rieman and Cheri Nagaki received honorable mention for their special project on the ASC book. While having a good time on the trip, members also brought back many new ideas for the upcoming year. 32 Future Business Leaders of AmericaDECA Members Honored at State Convention in Omaha Officers: Secretary Joyce Riggs, President Ed Heckman, Treasurer Tory Iossi, Public Relations Clay Fanning, and Historian Lilias Smith. Not pictured are Vice President Melanie Marsh and Junior Vice President Sondie Clutter. Brenda Haller measures, while Joyce Riggs stirs their spectacular dessert in the bake-off. Although DECA was a club that received little recognition in the past, this year's members were determined to change all that. They held a Halloween Costume Dance in the gym for grades nine-twelve. The best costume contest and the jack-o-lantern contest were judged by volunteer teachers. The band LA played from 9-12 p.m. and the dance was an overwhelming success, bringing almost $900 at the door. The money was used to send the top eleven point scoring members to the state convention held in Omaha at the Red Lion Inn. Points were given to members for attending meetings, participating in activities, and dressing up on Wednesdays. Clay Fanning was DECA's top winning participant in Food Marketing at the supervisory level. This enabled him to compete in nationals at Anaheim, California, in early June. Other members winning special recongition were Ina Schultz, Ed Heckman, and Tory Iossi. The members also sponsored a Tennis Tournament in early May with all proceeds going to the March of Dimes to help aid research, studying birth defects. Although everyone was pleased with this year's performance, DECA members are hoping for an even better year in 1982. State Placers: Ina Schultz and Ed Heckman—Math, Clay Fanning—Food Marketing, Tory Iossi—Sales Promotion Distributive Education Clubs of America 33Thespian Troupe Changes with the Times Thespian Sponsor Janet Swarthout and member Pam Secretary Kim Ushio, President Tracy Thies, and Vice President John Reilly Kirchner listen to a comical play. begin the Thespian Initiation ceremony. With the help of their new sponsor. Miss Janet Swarthout, the Thespians underwent several changes. The fall initiation dinner was held at the Methodist Church, with the club officers conducting the meeting. Initiation for the members consisted of a three to five minute memorized cut of a theatrical play, after which a vote of the members was taken to determine the acceptance of a member. To be a Thespian, one must also have acquired ten points gained from play participtaion, set construction, and theatre class participation. The club, in its thirteenth year of existence, sponsored a scholarship to complete the year's events. hespians I Tom Lauder's monologue of "The Seduction" was enlivened with facial expressions. 34 ThespiansArt Club . . . Appreciation, Awareness and Promotion Liz Jackson, representative from Colorado's Institute of Art, gives information on art-related study. 1980-81 Art Club members are: Madoka Otuska, Dan Frazier, Lorraine Bowman, Bruce Suetsugu, Melanie Marsh, Deb Gonzalez, Jan Bacon, Cheryl Hart, Stacey Romick, Pat Colerick, Craig Manhke, Jody Nelson, Ed Heckman, Dan Ellis, and Larry Mannlein. President Deb Gonzalez completes the painting on the side of the vocational building. With only 14 members, Mr. Larry Mannlein's Art Club kept the saying alive that "big things come in little packages." The club's goal for the 1980-81 year was to promote the visual arts whenever and wherever possible. While working toward their goal, they designed the new art storage cabinets and the painting on the side of the octagon building. They also designed the Bulldog head used in the homecoming parade. The members held a Christmas art exhibit, a retrospective art exhibit, and a spring art festival. Limited to Art IV students. Art Club held social gatherings, such as a barbecue, a taco dinner and the usual student horsing around. Art Club 35AFS, German Club Learn of Foreign Cultures 1980-81 American Field Service President John Harris and Sponsor Mr. Jim Kuehn. The American Field Service at AHS has only been in action three years, but the club has opened many new horizons for its members. Each year, AFS sponsors a foreign exchange student. Sue Powell, from England, was the 1980-81 exchange student. AFS took Sue on a field trip to Scottsbluff and attended out-of-town meetings to meet some other Nebraska exchange students. Senior Karrie Rieman exhibits the German Club's T-shirts, displaying the slogan, "Kiss me, I speak German." Due to small membership, the German Club's activities were somewhat limited; however, the group put their money-making plans into action by selling "ghost-a-grams" for Halloween. They also held a sock-hop after a basketball game. To add spirit, they pur-chased German T-shirts. Mr. Ivan Polyakov was the sponsor. A student was eligible for German Club if they had taken German as a course, or were presently taking German. Sue Powell, AFS foreign exchange student from England, listens closely as seniors make class decisions. Mr. Polyakov explains Germany's geography. German Club 36 AFS German ClubNew Members Bring New Ideas to StuCo Several representatives ride on their first place float, “Wipe 'Em Alliance," in the annual homecoming parade. Officers are: President Eric Edwards, Vice-President Brad Liggett, Secretary Kim Green, and Treasurer Lee Walker. Along with a new year came new excited officers for the Student Council. Members found themselves busy sponsoring various activities throughout the year. They wanted to make life at school just a little bit better for everyone. For the teachers, they held a faculty breakfast on Tuesday, Dec. 22, to help speed up the last day before vacation. To keep the students occupied, they held a Necking Dance where they measured the size of one's neck to determine how much he paid for admission. At the dance, they crowned the “Jesters of the Court," a girl and a boy from each class. The "Jesters" were as follows: ninth grade—Theresa Christie and Kenny Erickson; tenth grade—Mary Doherty and Mike Erickson; eleventh grade — Deb Zurn and Scot Parish; and twelfh grade—Brad Liggett and Joan Zurn. Kiss-o-grams, Hershey kisses with a note that the sender wrote, were sold near Valentine's Day to put a little spark in a friend's life. These were just a few of the many ways the Student Council shortened the 180 days from September through May. StuCo Freshman Representative Candace Gaswick sells guesses for the Candy Cane Counting Contest. Student Council 37FHA Completes Another Fun-Filled Year FHA officers are President Julie Burton, Vice-President Dee Dee Deines (not pictured), Secretary-Treasurer Sondie Clutter, Historian Kathy Howell, and Public Relations Geraldine Snyder. Representing Spud, Kim Bedient and Sondie Clutter cook their winning "Fabulous Chilled Cherry Dessert." The Future Homemakers of America set many new goals this year. Members of the club strived to strengthen the function of the family as the basic unit of society and to become aware of the roles of men and women in today's society. They also encouraged individual and group involvement in helping achieve world-wide brotherhood. FHA held a Halloween party on October 29 and sponsored a "Secret Santa" project during Christmas time. The club held an All-School Bake Off and awarded prizes to the best chefs. A "Business Man's Kidnapping" also took place. Darleen Worm, the club sponsor, believed 1980-81 was a successful year for FHA. 1980-81 FHA members are: Geraldine Snyder, Marla Musfelt, Ronda Ross, Lynetta Harsin, Kathy Howell, Shelly Turner, Cora Turner, Deanna Beckoff, Julie Burton, Sondie Clutter, and Sponsor Mrs. Darlene Worm. FHA members help add spirit to the Homecoming parade with their entry. 38 Future Homemakers of AmericaFFA Officers: Treasurer Randy Ravert, President Lee Walker, Reporter Rodney Bauer, Vice President Dwight Krejci, Secretary Brenda Fosket, Sentinel Jim Jelinek, and Parliamentarian Jorene Sutton FFA Sends Seven Competitors to State FFA Sponsor Mr. Dave MacDonald picks up several "fashionable" souvenirs other than knowledge at the Denver Stock Show. State Competitors: Candy Contryman, Darrel Seidler, Brenda Fosket, Dwight Krejci, Shawn Lore, Lee Walker, and Jorene Sutton Teaching agriculture is what the Future Farmers of America is about. These members will eventually be the food producers of the world. Going to judging contests, monthly meetings, and state and national conventions help prepare it's members for their future in agriculture. Club activities were a slave sale and chili supper, and their homecoming float, which won first place. Future Farmers of America 39Sports this year were basically like those of past years, having the same rules and playing the same game, but what did change were the individual players, the scores, and the crowds. A new class of seniors took their place on the varsity squad, contributing new forms of leadership and enthusiasm for others to follow. A whole new set of scores were established by the teams, who were constantly trying to push their way toward a winning season and a trip to State. The sporting events always attracted crowds, some of which were the "old faithful " supporters from years past, and others, who had acquired an athletic interest for the first time. No matter which category, the community support for the Bulldogs was never failing. Through the scores, pictures and memories, we have tried to capture this everlasting impression on athletics.Bulldogs 1980 Season Record Running back Bryan Wilson scores the first touchdown against the Gering Bulldogs behind the blocks of Lance Tolstedt and Terry Tucker, while Quarterback Mike Galloway watches. (Courtesy of Scottsbluff Star-Herald) Coach Boness gives Jim Jaggers crucial information for the next play. Running back Pat Colerick is greeted by Assistant Coach Steve Nelson during the pre-game introductions and warm-up. 42 FootballAchieves the .500 Mark Jubilant Bulldogs rejoice after a needed touchdown. While their chances were slim, the Bulldogs went into their final game with McCook, hoping to upend the Bison and becoming a wild card team for the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs ran short of time in the fourth quarter, and lost the game 18-27. The Bulldogs ended the season with a 4-1 Conference record and an even 4-4 overall record, losing three games by six disappointing total points. Viewing the season optimistically overall, Coack Dick Boness remarked, 'This was the first time in years that we were not handled by the opposition." Team AHS OPP Scottsbluff 16 19 Chadron 12 14 Kimball 22 0 Sidney 20 14 Gordon 37 0 North Platte 13 14 Gering 13 6 McCook 18 27 Coach: Dick Boness Season Record: 4-4 Conference Record: 4-1 Team members are: Scott Mills, Mark Waddell, Kevin Piihl, Chad Schlichtemeier, Mike Ellis, Troy Roten, Dean Weber, Mike Frazier, Brian Mahnke, Brad Beiber, Chris Panwitz, Mike Erickson, Blake Mahnke, Dave Lawrence, Kent Piihl, Robert Shimp, Randy Burkhart, Greg Carter, Jerry Swanson, Tony Waybright, John Lloyd, Rich Strang, Tracy Grasmick, Rod Vaughn, Doug Hinkley, Roger Hansen, Gary Hammond, Lance Tolstedt, Dana Daniels, Mark Behm, Brad Liggett, Dan Ellis, Tom Wildy, Bryan Wilson, Tom Adams, Scott Jantz, John Magdaleno, Tom Heimbuch, John Stull, Loren West, George Moss, Mike Galloway, Tom Laing, Dean Burton, Jim Jaggers, Tim Manion, Tim Podraza, Bob Colwell, Brad Brass, Craig Mahnke, Terry Tucker, Chain Waybright, Pat Colerick, Rod Vogel, Coaches Steve Nelson, Dick Boness, and Pat Cullen. Football 43Reserves, Freshmen Strive for Better Performance Tom Heimbuch calls the signals to his team. Extra yardage is gained by Chris Panwitz. Freshmen team practices for an important game. The JV's ended their season with an exceptional 6-1 record. After losing their season opener to Gering, the team mobilized and won their next six games. Coaches were pleased with this outstanding record and are hopeful for these future varsity team members. Kent Piihl knocks the ball from a receiver's grasp. TEAM SCORE Gering 0-6 Mitchell 22-8 Sidney 8-0 Kimball 20-6 Chadron 6-0 Scottsbluff 16-12 Gordon 35-6 Coach: Steve Nelson Season Record: 6-1 Roger Mosser, Tim Schnell, Jim Smith, Russell Muller, Tim Overshiner, Jeff Tomlin, Jerrod Lawrence, Paul Lauder, Curt Lambert, Brad Maze, Brett Maze, Wesley Lewallen, Bryan Morgan, Mike Cover, Don McDonald, Jim Langston, Bill Taylor, Billy Fritzler, Don Bardsley, Kirt Piihl, Mark Vaughn, Trevor Midgett, Sean Bixby. The Freshmen team ended their season with a 2-4 record. Kimball gave the team their first loss, 6-8. Their decisive victory came at Chadron, where the Bulldogs outwitted the Cardinals 41-0. The young Bulldogs proved their strategy again with a 13-8 triumph over Gordon. The strength of these players will add dimension to the future reserve team. 44 FootballFreshmen, Sophomores Play for Perfection The sophomores had a successful season with a 5-1 record. After beating Scottsbluff in the semi-finals, the Spikers went on to win the Alliance Invitational, beating Gering in the finals. They should provide a strong nucleus for the 1981 junior varsity team. With the aid of Coach Schlenker, the freshmen gained experience and improved their skills, while completing a winning season. Besides their regular games, the team participated in a triangular at Sidney. They overpowered Sidney and Sterling to capture first place. The spikers took third in their own invitational, and finished with a 7-3 record. Janet Engel concentrates on a powerful serve to help beat the Gering rivals in the last game of the season. Li . Burkhart, Eden Edwards, Colette Jones, Kristi Ridenour, Mary Haider, Janet Engel, Jody Jaggers, and Coach Potter make-up the sophomore team. Coaches Potter and Pilford give their team final instructions and boost team spirit. Sue Cole passes the ball, while team members ready themselves to aid the return. Freshmen team members include: Elissa Marshall, Jeanne Sterner, Candace Gaswick, Lisa Pierce, Shawn Smith, Liz Jones, Kim Kepler, Teresa Christie, Laura Gasseling, Ramona Alvarado, Sarah Sherlock, Angie Moore, Tina Wodke, Rhonda Jones, Linda Pebley, Vicki Mandelberg, Coach Shirley Schlenker, Simone Lessert, Lana Hart, Luanita Navarro, and Sue Cole. Volleyball 45Spikers Achieve Goal of The spikers goal for the year was to make a trip to state. They achieved this goal by playing and winning two of their best games against Kimball and Sidney in districts. At state, the Spikers defeated the third-rated Omaha Ronchalli team in two straight sets, which put them in the semifinals. They lost to the first-rated Minden team, but the game went three sets. This is the furthest any Alliance High Volleyball team has gone in state competition. The season record ended at 15-5, with the conference record being 5-1. The Spikers get psyched up before the game in a huddle. Many individuals were awarded with top honors for the year. Darci McLean was picked by the team for the senior award and McLean and Cheryl Hart were chosen as co-captains. The 23-Club sponsored a sports banquet and named McLean as best offensive player and Tedi Smith as best defensive player. Coach Pilfold was deserving of the award of Most Outstanding Coach of the Fall Sports. There were three chosen for West Big 10 Team. They were Hart, McLean, and Mary Ellen Lore; Tedi Smith and Joan Zurn received honorable mention. They were given the same honors for the Western Conference Team. Team members are: Coach Sandi Pilfold, Cheryl Hart, Joan Zurn, Tedi Smith, Mary Ellen Lore, Lisa Krause, Darci McLean, Vicki Hoppens, Manager Dorothy Christie, Deb Brass, Jill Kirchner, Maureen Kelly, Jenny Wegner, Deb Zurn, Sarah Lewis, Brenda Borg, Brenda Vandeventer. The Junior Varsity finished off a fine season with a 10-2 record. Their conference record ended at 5-1. At a triangular tournament in Sidney, Alliance took first, beating Sterling and Sidney. This year's junior varsity should provide enough depth for a promising 1981 season. Jenny Wegner dinks the ball in warm up to teammate Deb Zurn. 46 VolleyballCompeting at State Cheryl Hart and Mary Ellen Lore double block a hard hit spike. Cheryl Hart gets excellent height while aceing another spike, as teammate Joan Zurn watches on. Darci McLean successfully blocks a Vicki Hoppens has good coverage as she St. Agnes spike. passes the ball back. Tedi Smith makes a good defensive save. TEAM VARSITY RESERVE Scottsbluff 15-8, 15-9 15-3, 15-6 Mitchell 15-6, 15-2 15-4, 15-6 Chadron 15-4, 15-6 15-7, 15-2 Kimball 15-6, 7-15, 15-17 15-11, 15-7 Sidney 16-14, 16-14 16-14, 16-14 St. Agnes 15-2, 16-14 15-4, 15-11 Gordon 15-1, 15-1 15-4, 15-6 North Platte 10-15, 2-15 8-15, 5-15 Sidney Tri. Alliance Inv. 2nd 1st Western Con. no place McCook 16-14, 15-9 15-1, 15-11 Gering 15-9, 8-15, 15-6 15-17, 15-11 District 1st Ronchalli (State) 15-4, 15-12 Minden (State) 15-11, 9-15, 12-15 Coaches: Sandi Pilfold Season Record: 15-5 Donita Potter Conference Record: 15-1 Volleyball 47Slow Start Bogs Down Harriers; Girls Have Successful Season The 1980 Cross Country squad opened their season hoping to outshine the previous year. The boys team was led by Dan Swesey, who placed first at Gering, Alliance, Kimball, and Western Conference. Dan also placed second at Sidney, Torrington, and at Districts. Other team members that placed high at Districts were Brian Grier, who placed fifth, and Brad Beiber, who placed ninth. With few returning runners, the season started slow, but the boys improved gradually to a second place finish at Western Conference, and a first place finish at Districts. The girls team was led by four consistently placing girls, Elaine Ballentine, Deb Abbott, Kim Green, and Kelly Dexter. Elaine Ballentine placed second at Gering and second at Western Conference; Deb Abbott placed third at Gering, Alliance, Torrington, and at Western Conference. The girls defeated the state class A champions. North Platte, twice during the season; also the girls tied for first at Western Conference, and then placed third at state. Team members are: Coach Bill Beiber, Craig Chaplin, Dan Swesey, Fred War Bonnett, Matt Frerichs, Jim Hertog, Brian Grier, Curt Caudle, Lee Walker, Brad Beiber, Darcy Cole, Kim Green, Elaine Ballentine, Juli McFall, Deb Abbott, Polly Abbott, Teena West, Gayle Koozer, Teri Walker, and Kelly Dexter. Cross Country team members prepare to leave for an important meet. Reserves Matt Frerichs and Jim Hertog find their place in a crowd. 48 Cross CountryReserve harrier Craig Chaplin takes a needed break after finishing a grueling race at the Alliance Invitational. Sticking together helps the top three girls finish the race. Darcy Cole finishes a race well ahead Brian Grier shows determination of her opponent. during a long race. The Varsity harriers start an important race. MEET BOYS GIRLS Gering Invite — 1st Sidney Invite 9th 2nd Alliance Invite 5th 1st Torrington Invite 3rd 1st Western Conference 2nd 1st Kimball Invite 4th 1st District 1st — State Meet 18th 3rd Coach: Bill Beiber Cross Country 49Girls' Golf Team Strives for Improvement Joan Bush zeroes in on a putt. Starting off slowly, the girls' golf team worked their way up to complete a satisfactory season. The team traveled to Holdredge for Districts, but did not achieve their goals to compete at state, as they only accomplished a sixth place finish. This year's sophomores and juniors will be a strong backbone for next year's team. 1980 Girls' Golf team members are: Peggy Thompson, Vickie Hoff, Sue Powell, Joan Bush, Jan Bacon, Cris Cox, Denise Preble, Wendy Lyster, Betsy Simpson, Kim Hubbard, Erin Edwards, Coach Wayne Brown, Tonya Benda, Brenda Hopp, Courtney Bixby, Jan Jelinek, Kim Schipper, Melanie Goodrick, Tammy Golden, Colleen Sherlock, Vesta Curtiss, Katie Chounard, Melody Pebley, and Kelly Kaufman. Before teeing off, Vickie Hoff takes time to clean golf balls. Varsity member Wendy Lyster displays good chipping form. MEET PLACE Gordon 3rd Gering 5th Alliance 5th Sidney 5th S.Bluff Dual 1st Gering Dual 1st West Conference 4th Scottsbluff Coach: Wayne Brown 2nd 50 Girls GolfLinksters Send Five to State Competition Team members are: Rick Ridenour, Tim Podraza, Terry Tucker, Mike Ellis, Jim Jaggers, Rod Vogel, Dave Christensen, Tony Fritzler, Craig Mahnke, John Stull, James Lampert, Scott Reed, John Herian, Greg Carter, Blake Mahnke, Bob Maxwell, Brad Maze, John Chaplin, Mike Frazier, Brian Mahnke, Matt Christensen, Allen Hofmann, Joe Bowen, Steve Forney, Jeff Mills, Ron Bush, Danny Hemple, John Christensen, Troy Strang, and Martie Fritzler. MEET PLACE Scottsbluff Invitational 5th Kimball Invitational 4th Sidney Invitational 3rd Gering Invitational 4th Western Conference at Sidney 3rd Alliance Invitational 4th Gordon Invitational (Reserve) 5th Big Ten at Grand Island 5th District meet at North Platte 2nd State Meet at Columbus Coach: Wayne Brown 12th Bob Maxwell practices his putting techniques. Mike Frazier beats the shutter with his tee-off. Tim Podraza, Rod Vogel, Jim Jaggers, Dave Christensen, and Terry Tucker are Alliance's only five state golfers. Boy's Golf 51Varsity Girls' Early Season Success Lisa Krause gets good height on a jump shot to shoot over the defense and score. TEAM AHS OPP Mitchell 37 34 Gering 44 43 Gordon 44 34 Ogallala 25 32 Kearney 25 51 Ainsworth 42 58 Gothenburg 38 50 McCook 37 47 Chadron 27 25 Scottsbluff 45 36 Sidney 37 57 Gering 39 42 Gordon 44 27 Scottsbluff 39 45 Chadron 37 32 Kimball 31 41 North Platte 25 43 Gordon (Disi.) 41 17 Kimball (Dist.) 24 44 Season Record: 8-11 Head Coach: Bill Beiber Mary Ellen Lore finds an opening and makes a difficult shot. Jenny Wegner slows the ball down and works on setting up the play. Tedi Smith gets through the defense to add two points. 52 Girls' Basketballis Followed by Mid-Year Slump Jenny Wegner shoots the freethrow, as Tedi Smith waits for a hopeful rebound. Team members: Kristi Ridenour, Laurie Hatzenbuhler, Teena West, Jenny Wegner, Sarah Lewis, Lisa Renteria, Darci McLean, Mary Ellen Lore, Tedi Smith, Lisa Krause, Stacey Romick, Vicki Hoppens. Lisa Krause struggles for the ball along with many others. The varsity girls' season was a success, although it was not indicated by the record. They won their first three games and then fell into a slump, which resulted in losing the next five games in a row. Their strong point was defense. Many underclassmen received a lot of playing time and experience for next year. The girls had their best games with Kimball and Scottsbluff. With Kimball, they were tied at halftime, but fell behind in the fourth quarter and lost by only ten points. When Scottsbluff came to Alliance, the home team took an early lead and held it throughout the game. That was considered their best game of the season. Mary Ellen Lore goes in for Vicki Hoppens waits for someone to another layup. break open. The team received many honors. Mary Ellen Lore, the leading scorer with 168 points, and Jenny Wegner were named to the All-Conference team, and Lisa Krause received honorable mention. Lore was also selected for the Big Ten Conference Second Team. Wegner was given honorable mention for both of these teams. The 23-Club tabbed Lore as the outstanding player. Girls' Basketball 53JV Girls' Winning Record Gives Promise for Next Year, While Freshmen Gain Experience Junior varsity team members are: Deb Brass, Maria Davis, Brenda Vandeventer, Connie Ballentine, Michelle Forney, Mgr. Cindy Marchant, Kris Margheim, Brenda Hopp, Dorothy Christie, Deb Zurn and Mgr. DeeDee Deines. Kristi Ridenour, a 5-11 sophomore, uses her height to easily out jump her opponent. The reserve girls' record of 9-3 is encouraging for the varsity team next year. They were only beaten by two teams, which were Scottsbluff and Gordon. Although Gordon beat them the first time by one point, the female bulldogs got revenge the second time in winning by 14 points. Alliance was on top in the scoring and rebounding categories. The girls averaged 31 points and 31.9 rebounds a game. The opponents averaged only 24.5 points and 29 rebounds per game. Leading scorer for the Bulldogs was Dorothy Christie, while Deb Zurn led in rebounds. The freshmen girls had a disappointing record of 1-5, but still acquired a satisfying season. They were under the instruction of Miss Wendy Lehi, a new addition to the coaching staff. The young bulldogs started off by winning their first game, but after that, luck was not with them. Chadron beat them in overtime and Scottsbluff won by one basket. Each girl played in every game, which will give them a lot of experience for next year. Liz Jones is closely guarded by Chadron's defense. Freshmen team members are: Vicki Mandleberg, Lisa Davis, Liz Jones, Lisa Pierce, Gayle Koozer, Chrissy Reilly, Nancy Hashman, Sarah Sherlock, Retta Jenkins, Jeanne Sterner, Kay Wildy, Teresa Christie, Juli McFall, Lisa Wegenast, Chris Rose, Shawn Smith, and Nita Navvarro. 54 Girls' BasketballOptimism: Key Word for Next Year's Season Team members are Rod Geist, Mike Ellis, Troy Roten, Dave Lawrence, Roy Schnell, Todd Land, Fred WarBonnett, Scott Reed, Chris Panwitz, Chad Schlichtemeier, Brad Beiber, Mike Erickson, and Charles Athey. Junior Varsity coach this year was A1 Lawrence. Bryan Morgan attempts to score two points over Chadron. Freshmen team members await the rebound. Team members are Brian Grier, Brett Maze, Rick Ridenour, Jerrod Lawrence, Russell Muller, Jeff Tomlin, Paul Lauder, Kenny Erickson, Larry Nuss, Bryan Morgan, Brad Maze, and Rob Moyle. The freshmen basketball team completed a somewhat disappointing season. Coach Lannie Shelmadine's team completed a 3-5 season. Despite his team's record, Shelmadine, one of the school's coaching aids, had optimistic hopes for next year's reserve and varsity teams. TEAM AHS O. Mitchell 13 37 Chadron 42 38 Kimball 33 47 Chadron 52 17 Gordon 43 37 S.Bluff 31 61 Sidney 31 47 Kimball 39 51 Coach: Lannie Shelmadine Season Record: 3-5 Boys' Basketball 55New Head Coach Improves Bulldogs' Skills TEAM AHS OPP Gordon 47 52 Gering 41 47 Ogallala 50 47 Kearney 56 75 Gothenburg 63 62 Sidney 60 52 McCook 51 66 Chadron 66 55 Sidney 54 74 Scottsbluff 51 46 Kimball 40 58 Gering 71 51 Scottsbluff 52 63 Chadron 61 71 McCook 48 68 North Platte 49 75 Sidney 53 60 Mitchell 68 58 Mitchell 62 60 Sidney 45 61 Head Coach: Kurt Busskohl Season Record: 8-12 Team members' strategy is an important winning element in the closing minutes of the game. Pat Colerick jumps for a needed ball at the Gordon game. Rod Vogel uses quick reflexes to miss a fallen opponent. 56 Boys' BasketballAlliance team members show their good sportsmanship after a game. Team members are: Brad Brass, Gary Hammond, Terry Tucker, Matt Frerichs, Dan Ellis, Lance Tolstedt, Tim Podra a, Pat Colerick, Tom Heimbuch, John Stull, Rod Vogel, John Magdaleno. (Courtesy of the Alliance Times-Herald. The varsity basketball team awaits the referee's important call. The Alliance High boys' basketball team ended their season with an 8-12 record. This was an improvement over last year's record of 7-13. Their first win came over Ogallala, winning by three points. Their next win came over Gothenburg winning by only one point. They went on to beat Sidney, Chadron, Scottsbluff, Gering, and Mitchell. They had a mid-season slump, but they quickly sprang back and won a few more games. In order for a team member to letter, the players were required to play in sixteen regular varsity competitions. Of the sixteen varsity team members, fourteen of them lettered. These members were Tim Podraza, John Magdaleno, Brad Brass, Rod Vogel, Pat Colerick, Dan Ellis, Gary Hammond, Terry Tucker, Lance Tolstedt, Matt Frerichs, Roy Schnell, and the two managers, Scott Mills and Mike Frazier. The award won by the team during the 1980-81 season was the first place trophy at the Holiday Tournament in Sidney. Along with the trophy, several individual awards were won. Matt Frerichs made the Star-Herald Regional team and achieved Honorable Mention on the Western Conference and Big Ten teams. Rod Vogel was the other individual who won awards. He made the Western Conference team and received Honorable Mention on the Star-Herald Regional Team. Boys' Basketball 57State Meet Caps Off Grapplers' Season; Wildy The 1980-81 wrestling season was very successful, according to Coach Pat Cullen. “Our wrestling season had its ups and downs, but despite that, we still had a very successful and enjoyable season." The season was capped off with six grapplers qualifying for state competition. These six were: Tom Wildy, Jeff Schlichtemier, Mike Galloway, Kirt Piihl, Bryan Wilson, and Brad Liggett. Wildy, Galloway, and Piihl entered the finals, with Wildy coming out with top honors. Wildy won the championship in the 185-pound division, and Wilson placed second in the 155 division. Wilson also was the only Big Ten Champion. Four of nine school records were broken, which consisted of: takedowns by Wilson with 50; major decisions by Wildy and Wilson with six each; and finally the most wins was also broken by Wilson with an outstanding 30 wins during one season. An outstanding achievement for any wrestler is to letter, but an even more prestigious honor was achieved by six wrestlers. This special club is the Century Club. In order to become a member, a wrestler must achieve 100 points during one season. The wrestlers who achieved this goal were Kirt Piihl, Jeff Schlichtemeier, Mike Galloway, Bryan Wilson, Tom Wildy, and Brad Liggett. "What really made our season successful was the effort of the entire wrestling team. This years' wrestling team put a tremendous amount of effort into the program, took pride in themselves and each other. This is what made our team winners, and I was very proud to be a part of it." This was stated by Coach Pat Cullen at the end of the 1980-81 wrestling season. George Moss attempts to roll over a Sidney opponent. Bob Colwell gets advice on an upcoming match on the mats. Reserve team watches excitedly as a match comes to an end. 58 WrestlingWins 185 Championship Four of the six state qualifiers are: Tom Wildy, Mike Galloway, Jeff Schlichtemeier, and Kirt Piihl. TEAM AHS OPP Kimball 50 12 Chadron 45 7 Mitchell 27 23 Torrington 23 30 Gering 12 40 Scottsbluff 27 34 Gordon 46 18 Sidney 31 28 Gordon Invitational 4th Sidney Invitational 2nd Ogallala Invitational 3rd Western Conference 3rd Big Ten Meet 5th District Meet 2nd State Meet 3rd Coach: Pat Cullen Season Record: 5-3 I Strength is a main tactic used by Dave Kutschke. I Team members are: Dean Burton, Mike Ellis, Tom Wildy, Kevin Piihl, John Leachman, Jerry Swanson, George Moss, Mike Galloway, Brad Liggett, Lee Walker, Kirt Piihl, Kent Piihl, Roger Hansen, Shaun Adams, Steve McNeil, Jeff Schlichtemeier, Roger Mosser, Tim Schnell, Chris Jesse, Mike Cover, Rick Weber, Greg Carter, Jim Penny, John Chaplin, Shawn Bixby, Kyle Clutter, Brad Underwood, and Kurt Lambert. Dean Burton tries to escape from a Mitchell opponent's take down. Wrestling 59Tracksters Complete a Very Successful Season At District, Dan Swesey places second in his race. The 1981 track season ended successfully with the finish of the state meet in Omaha. Of the fourteen people attending state, two brought home medals. John Magdaleno received sixth place in the 1600 meter run and Dan Ellis also received sixth place in the shot put. Coach Steve Nelson was pleased with the team's performance at the state meet and looks forward to next year's team. During the season, five records were broken. Two seniors with new records were Dan Ellis in the shot with 52'3" and Brad Brass in the 300 intermediate hurdles in 42.7 seconds. The freshmen were Jeff Tomlin in both the 100 meter dash with a 11.1 second time and the 200 meter dash in 22.7 and Brian Grier with a high jump of 5'10''. MEET PLACE Binfield Relays—Scottsbluff 3rd Kimball Invitational 2nd Sidney Invitational 2nd Gordon Invitational 1st Western Conference—Alliance 2nd Chadron Dual—Alliance 1st Alliance Invitational 1st Big Ten—Grand Island 10th District Meet—Alliance 2nd State Meet—Omaha Burke 34th Coach: Steve Nelson John Magdaleno wins the 1600 meter run at District. Long hours of practice are essential for Tom Adams. 60 Boys' TrackFred War Bonnett and Mark Behm run side by side in a long distance race at the Western Conference meet. Dana Daniels runs with competition in a fast race. Thanks to student managers Nancy Gies and Kay Butzine, accurate times are kept and the season goes smoothly. Brad Brass demonstrates proper form in the hurdles. Roy Schnell shows his incredible jumping form in the triple jump at the district meet. A mm £ A LA nrnmrmm Team members are: Kent Piihl, Kevin Piihl, Mark Waddell, Wesley Lewallen, James Hertog, Gary Keane, Ray Berry, Ron Batt, Chad Schlichtemeier, Brad Beiber, Mike Erickson, Troy Roten, Dave Lawrence, Jerrod Lawrence, Jeff Tomlin, Scott Allen, Brian Grier, Curt Crabtree, George Moss, Fred War Bonnett, Mark Behm, Roy Schnell, Lance Tolstedt, Tom Adams, Scott Jantz, Roger Smith, Jim Ziegler, Pat Colerick, Tim Manion, Matt Frerichs, John Magdaleno, and Gary Hammond. Boys' Track 61Track Girls Keep Consistency Throughout Season At district, Brenda Borg breaks the tape in the preliminary 100 meters. Team members include: Brenda Borg, Deb Abbott, Sarah Sherlock, Vicki Hoppens, Kelly Dexter, Jan Jelinek, Elaine Ballentine, Rhonda Jones, Donna Weston, Gayle Koozer, Darcy Cole, Polly Abbott, Candace Gaswick, Vicki Mandleberg, Sarah Lewis, Shawn Smith, Liz Jones, Lisa Pierce, Nancy Fowler, Teena West, Mary Doherty, Darci McLean, Deb Zurn, Laurie Hatzenbuhler, Kristi Ridenour, Juli McFall, Rhonda Johnson, Chris Rose, Cindi Marchant, mgr. and Dee Dee Deines, mgr. The girls' track team showed strong improvement over last year. They placed second in seven out of ten regular season meets and also set seven school records. Kristi Ridenour, a sophomore transfer, broke four of these records. One of these was the 400 meter relay, consisting of Vicki Hoppens, Darci McLean, Brenda Borg, and Ridenour. Ridenour made new records in the high jump, long jump, and 100 meter low hurdles. Deb Abbott broke her own two-mile record by 22.3 seconds and participated in the two mile relay, also consisting of Teena West, Elaine Ballentine, and Kelly Dexter. They held the third fastest time in Class B. The other record broken was the mile relay. Deb Abbott, Candace Gaswick, Elaine Ballentine, and Brenda Borg participated in this relay. Districts, held on the new all-weather track was a success. Alliance captured second place and qualified eight girls in eight events for state. Ridenour led the team by winning four gold medals in the high jump, long jump, 100 meter low hurdles, and the 400 meter relay. Borg, McLean, and Hoppens also took part in this relay. McLean threw her best at districts and got first in the shot put to qualify. Borg finished second in the 200 and third in the 100 to qualify in both of these. The 3200 meter relay earned second place behind McCook for a trip to state. This relay was composed of West, Abbott, Dexter, and Ballentine. Ridenour was the only qualifier at state. She leaped 5'6" to get second in the high jump and finished fifth in the 100 meter low hurdles. 62 Girls TrackAt lunch, John Magdaleno and Darci McLean take time for a joke. In the 100 meter low hurdles, Kristi Ridenour is a consistant placer with a first at district and a fifth at state. Kelly Dexter, AHS's leading miler, pushes for a strong finish to come out on top. F.laine Ballentine struggles for a first place in the 800 meter run with Deb Abbott coming in close behind. Girls' Coaching Staff includes: Head Coach Shirley Schlenker and Assistants Sharon Kelly and Sandra Pilfold. Girls' Track 63Cheerleaders Provide "Bulldog Spirit" The cheerleading squad, consisting of Kim Hubbard, Jill Kirchner, Betsy Simpson, Deb Abbott, Elaine Ballentine and Darcy Cole, showed their pep by winning the spirit stick at clinic last summer in Chadron. This was proof of their ability to promote spirit throughout the school. Many changes occurred this year. Instead of having five cheerleaders for each sport and ten for football, the squad was cut down to six for all sports. They were required to cheer for home varsity games, and could attend any away or junior varsity games that they wished. The squad adopted a new mascot, Jill Busskohl, who was a welcome addition to the group. The cheerleaders also had many fun activities. They sold T-shirts, which promoted the theme "We Stand Behind Our Bulldogs". It displayed all types of people, representing the different social groups within the school. Another project was selling shakers at volleyball and football games. Around Christmas time, they performed two Christmas routines. During one, they wore Santa hats and pom-poms with balls on their shoes to add "flavor" to the routine. They also sponsored a spring dance to raise money for future activities. The cheerleaders pep the crowd up at a volleyball game between Alliance and St Agnes. Cheerleaders include: Darci Cole, Elaine Ballentine, Kim Hubbard, Deb Abbott, Jill Kirchner, Betsy Simpson. A wrestling match can bring out the best of expressions. The cheerleaders express their Christmas spirit. jill Busskohl watches the gamt intently. 64 CheerleadersAthletes, Boosters Honored at Sports Banquet Scholastic athletes—Vicki Hoppens and Tim Podraza Athletes of the year—Darci McLean and Tom Wildy Honorary A-Club Member is awarded to Mr. Bill Stout. FOOTBALL Brad Brass Dean Burton Pat Colerick Bob Colwell Eric Edwards Dan Ellis Jim Jaggers Tom Laing Brad Liggett Craig Mahnke Tim Manion Klete Peterson Tim Podraza Terry Tucker Rod Vogel Chain Waybright Loren West Tom Wildy Tom Adams Mike Frazier Mike Galloway Gary Hammond Roger Hansen Tom Heimbuch Scott Jantz John Magdaleno Scott Mills George Moss John Stull . Lance Tolstedt Bryan Wilson Randy Burkhart Chris Panwitz Kent Piihl Kevin Piihl Chad Schlichtemeier Robert Shimp VOLLEYBALL Cheryl Hart Vicki Hoppens Lisa Krause Mary Ellen Lore Darci McLean Tedi Smith Joan Zurn Brenda Borg Deb Brass Jill Kirchner Brenda Vandeventer Jenny Wegner Deb Zurn Liz Burkhart Dorothy Christie CROSS COUNTRY Deb Abbott Elaine Ballentine Darcy Cole Kim Green Lee Walker Dan Swesey Fred War Bonnett Brad Beiber Kelly Dexter Brian Grier GIRLS' GOLF Joan Bush Denise Preble Vickie Hoff Wendy Lyster Chrissy Reilly GIRLS' BASKETBALL Vicki Hoppens Lisa Krause Mary Ellen Lore Darci McLean Tedi Smith Lizz Burkhart Dorothy Christie Lisa Renteria Jenny Wegner Dee Dee Deines Laurie Hatzenbuhler Sarah Lewis Cindi Marchant WRESTLING Pat Casados Bob Colwell John Leachman Brad Liggett Randy Ravert Jeff Schlichtemeier Lee Walker Tom Wildy Mike Galloway Dave Kutschke Roger Timms Bryan Wilson Kirt Piihl BOYS' BASKETBALL Brad Brass Pat Colerick Dan Ellis Matt Frerichs Tim Podraza Terry Tucker Rod Vogel Mike Frazier Gary Hammond John Magdaleno Scott Mills Roy Schnell Lance Tolstedt BOYS' GOLF Dave Christensen Jim Jaggers Tim Podraza Terry Tucker Rod Vogel Bob Maxwell Scott Reed BOYS' TRACK Brad Brass Pat Colerick Dan Ellis Tim Manion Tom Wildy Tom Adams Mark Behm Dana Daniels Gary Hammond John Magdaleno Roy Schnell Roger Timms Dan Swesey Lance Tolstedt Fred War Bonnett Kay Butzine Nancy Gies Scott Mills Perry West Brad Beiber Mike Erickson Dave Lawrence Chris Panwitz Kent Piihl Kevin Piihl Chad Schlichtemeier Brian Grier GIRLS' TRACK Deb Abbott Elaine Ballentine Darcy Cole Vicki Hoppens Darci McLean Tedi Smith Brenda Borg Colleen Sherlock Kelly Dexter Mary Doherty Sarah Lewis Kristi Ridenour Teena West Dee Dee Deines Cindi Marchant Polly Abbott Cami Billick Candace Gaswick Liz Jones Gail Koozer Julie McFall Shawn Smith Lisa Pierce MOST OUTSTANDING ATHLETES Brad Liggett, Darci McLean, Elaine Ballentine, Joan Bush, Mary Ellen Lore, Tom Wildy, Rod Vogel, Tim Podraza, Pat Colerick, and Kristi Ridenour MOST IMPROVED ATHLETES Lance Tolstedt, Cheryl Hart, Kelly Dexter, Chrissy Reilly, Kristi Ridenour, Bryan Wilson, Roy Schnell, Terry Tucker, John Magdaleno, and Darci McLean Athletics Banquet 65As grueling as it seems at times, the academics are the most important part of education. Although many students did not realize it, Mr. Don Crowder emphasized this point very clearly during the orientation on the first day of school. Throughout the following nine months, between August and May, the classes attended were wide and varied, catering, to an extent, to each individual's likes and dislikes. As the final day approached for the seniors, they came to realize that the last thirteen years had not been spent in vain, but rather preparing them for their futures. Completing daily assignments along with taking tests, was a crucial part of the underclassmen's climb to the top, and without a doubt, all of this work and struggle will leave its impressions on these students forever.j A , lEpW jptyr • UiLRevamping the GED program are Georgia Overstreet, Comm. Ed Director Lonnie Sherlock and Lea Morgan. School Board members are Dan Contonis, Dr. John Segrist, Sherrie Curtiss, Archie Lawrence, and Wayne Goff. Superintendent Martin Peterson and Business Manager Bob Duryea discuss the upcoming agenda for the next school board meeting. Secretaries are Dixie Bloom, Dianne Johnson, Nancy Brew, and Ruth Sanchez. Jan Johnson Barb Nansel 68 Administration OfficeAdministration, Office Keep School Running As in past years, the administration was forced to come up with new procedures to handle the increased number of students and the problems that arise with such an increase. One of the major decisions made that was most obviously seen by the student body was the implementation of a new truancy policy. Notification of parents, mandatory testing, and suspension were incorporated, and after twenty-one unexcused period absences, legal procedure and possible expulsion were enacted. Another major change came with the board's decision to withdraw from the Big Ten Conference. The administrators' feelings were that the advantages of the membership in the conference could no longer be justified. Personnel in the office were constantly on the go, keeping the school in an organized manner and Secretaries Barb Nansel and Jan Johnson pause as they near the completion of their day's work. fulfilling many tedious tasks. In addition to controlling the basic functions of the school, secretaries Barb Nansel and a newcomer to the staff, Jan Johnson, had to arrange and rearrange schedules, sell the new eight-lunch meal tickets, and issue makeup and admittance slips. Mr. Dick Boness was also busy during his second year as activities director, supervising various clubs and performing his basic assistant principal duties. Principal Don Crowder was once again in constant demand, helping teachers with discipline problems and simply making sure the school day flowed smoothly in all areas. With the aid of the office personnel and administration, the school was able to function efficiently, thus making school more enjoyable for students and faculty. Present office personnel relieve their tensions by joking with some former staff members. Administration Office 69Vocabulary and Composition Curriculums Most people think of English as being mainly literature. Although students read a variety of books, they were also exposed to many other English-related studies. Basic grammar and vocabulary remained an important part of every English level. With the addition of new workbooks. Vocabulary and Composition Through Pleasurable Reading, students found their work considerably easier. This year more stress was placed on research papers and book reports. These areas could be chosen by the students with the approval of the teacher. With a variety of projects, students learned the various aspects of English. Senior Tom Bourquin completes a workbook exercise on reading comprehension. Mrs. Petersen discusses the aspect of satire in Gulliver's Travels. Breaking from a reading of Romeo and uliel are the freshmen Bernard Becker Lila Fiebig Steve Nelson Eunice Petersen 70 EnglishEnhanced Through "Pleasurable Reading" Seniors in Mrs. Peterson's Project English class find spare time for a good laugh during their discussion on Great Expectations. Cher)' Olson and Kim Briggs take detailed notes during a discussion over the adventures of "Huck Finn ' Mrs. Fiebig uses few words in expressing her reaction to her ninth grade Project English class's paragraphs, as shown on the board. Terry Trenkle Patricia Way Sherry Yost Lisa Furrow works on her “Career Planning Booklet" for her sophomore English class. English 71Communications Look for Expansion Oral Communication is an important factor in life. Speech and theatre classes were designed to help the students become communicators by teaching them to organize thoughts and apply them to public speaking. The speech classes touched on parliamentary procedure, broadcasting, story telling, and oral interpretation. The Theatre classes developed characterization, make-up, reader's theatre and writing plays. Languages helped students not only learn a foreign language, but also give them a better understanding of their own. With an increase in enrollment, the main focus was on learning the basics of German and Spanish and the culture of the people. Both the language and drama classes are looking for expansion next year. Ivan Polyokov Lana Hart listens to Mr. Polyokov relfect on his life in Germany. Kay Wildy makes a final check over her German paper before handing it in. Brad Beiber demonstrates to the class the proper technique for speaking. Lila Fiebig Janet Swarthout Brenda Vandeventer incorporates a game of hide and seek with Spanish II. Shaun Adams finds his Spanish II class amusing. 72 CommunicationsThe annual staff includes: Maureen Kelly, Lorna Therrien, Brenda Powell, Marie Mason, Betsy Simpson, Erin Edwards, Ann Langner, Jenny Wegner, Kim Hubbard, Sponsor Miss Pat Way, Kim Ushio, Tory Iossi, Jody Nelson, Brian Bowen, Stuart Green, John Harris, and Tom Lauder. Jenny Wegner works diligently to meet a deadline. Miss Way and John Harris discuss a Fine Arts copy, as Jenny Wegner looks on. Annual Captures The Year's Imprint “Type that copy!" “Who can take a picture at noon?" "Make that layout!" "The deadline is in two days." Those are just a few of the familiar sounds one heard as he walked past the annual room. To help produce a better annual, the staff took part in two workshops. One was in Scottsbluff, where the majority of the new staff members learned some basic yearbook techniques, and one was in Lincoln, where four staff members gathered new ideas from around the country and within the state of Nebraska. Here the annual staff learned the importance of tying in state and local affairs to their school. To raise money for their annual, the staff held a sock-hop and sold old pictures from past years. With the money raised and the knowledge gained, the annual staff was able to produce the 1981 "BULLDOG!" Brenda Powell adds the finishing touches to a page in her underclassmen section. Annual 73 Marie Mason, Betsy Simpson, and Kim Ushio work diligently to meet an upcoming deadline. “Short Sports", holiday puzzles, and columns on alcohol and drugs were just some of the articles included in the Spud. The school newspaper provided the students with the inside story on sports, national issues and the writer's opinion. The Spud staff consisted of: Brenda Appleyard, Jan Averna, Clay Fanning, Lori Griffith, Lori Montague, Terri Mundt, Lilias Smith, Tom Adams, Kim Bedient, Chris Beiber, Kim Beiber, Randy Burkhart, Greg Carter, Lori Clark, Marsha Clark, Sondie Clutter, Lisa Fischer, Deb Gonzalez, Darcy Henderson, Mike Jackson, Dora Kochiras, Jonnie Schultz, and Deb Mosser. The use of talent and hard-work produced AHS's newspaper, the SPUD. The Spud activities didn't end with the editing and publication, as the Journalism I and II students sold ads, researched news issues, and took photographs. Annual Spud Staffs Bring School to Life Tory Iossi and Denise Preble strive for perfection in typing their copy for organizations. The editorial staff included: Brad Brass, Lilias Smith, Mike Jackson, Karen Fillinger, Lori Montague, Lori Griffith, Jan Averna, Brenda Appleyard, Melanie Marsh, and Voni Simpson. 74 Annual SpudCo-Editors Karen Fillinger and Terri Mundt work on a prom layout while Sponsor Mr. Trenkle, gives them some helpful hints. Spud Captures AHS Happenings Mr. Trenkle and Brenda Appleyard show first year journalism student, Marsha Clark, fundamentals of journalism. After putting in long hours of hard work, Brenda Appleyard and Marsha Clark find their Spud layout very amusing. Brenda Appleyard, Spud Sponsor Mr. Terry Trenkle, and Lori Montague discuss problems concerning their approaching deadline. Kim Bedient concentrates intently on making her final copy perfect copy for press. Spud 75Math is Always Useful, Versatile The math department continued to expand students' use of logic and intuition. After two years of required math, the student could decide whether or not to continue in this field. They chose from Algebra I and II, advanced algebra, everyday math, consumers' math, geometry and math analysis. The knowledge gained in math courses was also very useful. For instance, a strong background in this area will be beneficial in such professions as accounting, engineering, surveying, preparing one's own tax returns, or simply balancing a checkbook. Thus, Alliance High offered a wide variety of math classes for a wide variety of fields, and attempted to prepare students for their future everyday lives. Through a step-by-step demonstration, Nancy Gies gives the class greater understanding. Kay Butzine discovers that help is required when complex algebra problems become difficult to grasp. Mr. Brown's algebra classes find that extra class time is valuable when assignments are due daily. Wayne Brown Jim Hawk Jim Kuehn 76 MathScience Courses Offer Something Different Mr. Stout points out certain structures of the clam to Sarah Lewis and Jill Kirchner. Mr. Marchant and Tom Heimbuch check if any precipitation has collected in the test tube. Michelle Erickson and Brenda Borg compare their clam's anatomy to the diagram in their Modern Biology textbook. Unlike math, English or social studies courses, science classes offered something more. Students in biology or anatomy and physiology, under the guidance of Mr. Bill Stout and Mr. Larry Yost, dissected many things such as crayfish, cats, earthworms, and frogs. This helped individuals learn more about their own bodies. In addition, filmstrips and video tapes added a better understanding of the subject matter. Physical science classes, chemistry, advanced (organic) chemistry, and physics, taught by Mr. Bill Marchant, and earth science, under Mrs. Teresa Nelson, utilized many in-class activities, such as lab work and demonstrations prepared by students. With the wide variety of classes offered by the science department, everyone could add a little bit of science to their schedule. Science 77Social Studies is More Than History History is usually thought of as just the memorization of dates and places. However, the social studies department proved that this assumption is incorrect. Various projects helped the students realize their position in society and cope with problems in which they may be involved. These activities included listening to a presentation on drugs, speaking with Senator Sam Cullen, preparing portfolios that taught them how to buy and sell stocks, speaking with realtors on selling and purchasing a house, and more. Many of these activities were provided by outside sources. To get the entire school involved, the Modern Problems class sponsored a sock hop and used the profits to purchase Christmas gifts for orphans. Dates and places had to be learned also, but teachers made this task more interesting through the use of discussion and video tapes. As a result, students gained knowledge of their past, their government, and the economic systems, while learning to deal with the future. Individualized help is one area the social studies teachers emphasize. Here, Miss Ellen Christensen aids Junior Lori Taylor with American history. Lori Montague, Brenda Appleyard, and Doug Shankland listen intently as Senator Sam Cullen expresses his views on the drinking age and the paraphernalia bill. Ellen Christensen Bill Furman Alice Greve Phil Schweitzer 78 Academics Social StudiesArt: What a Relief A break from the daily grind of school was brought about by several fine arts classes. Mr. Norm Running provided the direction for those seeking self-expression through marching band, pep band, concert band, and stage band. Others who enjoyed expressing themselves vocally could participate in concert choir, Choralettes, or swing choir, in which dancing was integrated. All groups were under the direction of Mr. Thomas Lauder. Mr. Larry Mannlein guided art students through instruction in sculpturing, acrylic and oil painting, perspective drawing, and pottery. Independent study, as well as classroom work, helped students find their best medium. The arts helped students be individuals by permitting them to participate in non-academic classes. Utilizing patience and craftsmanship. Junior Doug Clark works on his clay head sculpture. Maureen Kelly breaks from playing pep band music to convey an important message to Brad Maze. Swing Choir members warm up on their own. Larry Mannlein Norman Running Thomas Lauder Fine Arts 79P.E. Provides Recreation for Everyone P.E. offered various recreation aside from that offered by the athletic department. Some of these included badmitton, table tennis, bowling and soccer. After the rules of these games were learned and the individual's skills were perfected, skills tests, as well as written tests were given. In the spring and fall, physical fitness tests were taken; thus, students could see their improvement. For those students who wanted to continue their physical fitness skills, advanced P.E. was offered. Here, sports with more difficult skills, such as racquetball, were offered. Another alternative to P.E. was weight training. In this course, students learned the various types and methods of lifting weights. Some benefitted by conditioning themselves for athletics. So, by offering all different forms of recreation, students could enjoy themselves while gaining physical fitness. Teamwork is an essential while lifting weights. Clay Fanning concentrates on pushing himself to get through his last squat during weight training. Marcy Edminster keeps a close eye on the ball to prevent her opponent from scoring. Larry Yost Sandra Pilfold Pat Cullen 80 Physical Education Weight TrainingSpecial Education Looks at Potentials Special ed teacher Bev Ackerman aids Tracey Squibb. The Resource Program, under the direction of Clayton Ilian and under the classroom direction of Karen Speck, Beverly Ackerman and Lorraine Boness, strived to develop each student's special skills to their best level. Mr. Ilian promoted the idea of an individual curriculum for each student, as well as the assurance that each student received individual attention. Beginning in 1978, the current special education system was started and since then has expanded to include not only such necessities as cooking, physical education and classroom work, but work study classes, career explorations and the development of occupational skills. With physical education a must, an exciting game of "hoops" is appealing to Richie Shimp. Special Education 81Vocational Courses Provide Useful With a large and well-equipped vocational department, students were able to benefit greatly from the various courses offered. The skills obtained from these programs will be extremely helpful in the future. For instance, the knowledge learned in such areas as bookkeeping, typing, shorthand, office procedures and distributive education should be adventageous to students in a future business career or college. Classes such as woods, drafting, welding, electricity and auto-tech taught students many useful skills that could lead to a possible mechanical profession. The home economics department also taught enjoyable, useful skills which prepare students for life after graduation. With a wide range of courses to choose from, everyone can benefit from this department. Co-operation is found to be the needed key to success in woodworking. Adult living students express their personal views on a filmstrip concerning early child care. Through continuous drills. Junior Lorna Therrien improves her secretarial skills. Marvin Ackerman Larry Adams Pat Jones Dave MacDonald 82 VocationalSkills for the Future Extreme patience is required in auto-tech. Lilias Smith checks over and makes the final corrections on her accounting test. Sherri Montague receives some helpful hints on the construction of her hope chest from Mr. Rockey. Cleanliness of parts is vital to Dean McLaughlin. Donita Potter Bruce Rockey Mary Stanton Darleen Worm Vocational 83Library and Guidance Staffs Aid Students Juniors take the PSAT test in preparation for college. Librarian assistant Mrs. Helen Maxwell helps the li brary run more efficiently. The library made available many resources to help students in their academic endeavors. Mrs. Running was promoted to head librarian and Mrs. Maxwell became the librarian's aide. Mr. McCall was in charge of all AV materials. In compliance with the new truancy policy, a time clock was installed to punch student passes. The Guidance Team helped students with test registrations, college applications and scholarships, career choices, and personal problems. Peer dynamics, a class in peer communication and self awareness, was successfully completed by approximately twenty students. Guidance Team members include: Counselor Bill Reno, Bruce Rockey, Ellen Christensen, and Eunice Petersen. Not pictured is Bill Furman. 84 Library GuidanceSchool Staff Provides Necessary Services Retirement to "Red" Wilmott means working part-time as a custodial assistant. After lunch, janitors Rafous Turbough and Esmeragdo Nunez mop the cafeteria floor. Cooks are Dixie Simpson, Joyce Lauer, Joyce Lawrence, Max Culton, Elsa Smith, Nancy Smith, Sandy Waldron, and Margaret Garret. Providing the school with the necessary services of cleaning and maintenance were the custodians Rafous Turbough and Esmeragdo Nunez. Also helping out part-time was Robert "Red" Wilmott. They all spent many long hours keeping the school in good clean working condition. Also spending many hours at school were the cooks. While cooking for the high school students, they also prepared the meals for the middle school and the grade schools. While attempting to carry out her duties, school nurse Thelma Merritt jokingly expressed, "I'm getting sick and tired of this game of chasing students!" But the students knew she liked the fun just as much as they did. All efforts of the staff members helped the school run more efficiently and were greatly appreciated by students, teachers, and administrators. School Nurse Thelma Merritt reveals the shocking news of Marie Mason's height. Staff 85Awards, Standing Ovations Many individuals were recognized as they received various awards at the May 18 Honors Convocation. Several were recognized for outstanding academic achievement. In German, Janet Engel, Karrie Rieman, Chris Rose, and Kay Wildy were honored. In science, Barry Lamm, Kris Margheim, John Reilly, Cheryl Bork, and Vicki Hoppens received awards. Many others were recognized in business education for achievement in typing and shorthand. Scholastic recognition was also given to Dan Ellis, Candace Gaswick, Marie Mason, and Mike Wheeler for placing in the Chadron Scholastic Contest. Student government honored its outgoing officers and recognized Jill Kirchner as its outstanding member. A standing ovation was then given to Sue Powell for being AHS's foreign exchange student this past year. The outgoing cheerleaders were also awarded certificates of achievement. Special honors included the presentation of the Jaycee Award to Vicki Hoppens, the acceptance of Loren West in the University of Nebraska's Honor Program, and Eric Edwards' recognition as a Century Leader. Lilias Smith presented Principal Don Crowder with a plaque recognizing him as an honorary FBLA member, and Jorene Sutton and Randy Scott were recipients of the John Phillip Sousa and National Choral Awards, respectively. Highlighting the presentation was the standing ovation presented to Matt Frerichs for his appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. National Honor Society members are Kim Ushio, Stacey Romick, Jody Nelson, Jorene Sutton, Kim Green, Cheri Nagaki, Karrie Rieman, Denise Preble, Tom Wildy, Darcy Cole, Vicki Hoppens, David Kramer, Tim Podraza, Cheryl Bork, Marie Mason, Peggy Thompson, Matt Frerichs, Pat Colerick, Lance Tolstedt, John Magdaleno, and Eric Edwards. Quill and Scroll award winners are Brian Bowen, Tom Adams, Mike Jackson, Karen Fillinger, Kim Ushio, Tory lossi, Jody Nelson, Lilias Smith, Kim Bedient, Terri Mundt, and Lori Clark. 86 Honors ConvocationAbound at Honors Convocation Monsignor McDonald Medalists include Cheryl Nagaki, David Kramer, Kirk Peterson, Denise Preble, Linda Frazier, Jody Nelson, Darcy Cole, and Tim Podraza. Boy's State candidates are alternate David Kutschke and Brian Bowen. It will be held June 6-13. SCHOLARSHIPS Student Government—Eric Edwards NWC, Student Leadership—Tom Wildy Mike Johnson Memorial—Tim Podraza, Vicki Hoppens AAL—Karrie Rieman Chadron State College— Cooperating School—Linda Frazier, Kim Ushio Vetter—Trudy Schnell Golden Eagle—Kim Ushio, James Jaggers Board of Trustees—David Kramer NWC—Tom Laing Western Tech. Comm. College, Endowment— Brenda Johnson Carmans Auxiliary—Deb Gonzalez Moose Lodge—Tracy Thies University of Nebraska— David Scholarship—David Kramer, Kim Green, Eric Edwards Regents—Karrie Rieman Ak-sar-ben—Terry Tucker Krisl—Stacey Romick Doane College, Butler—Mary Ellen Lore Creighton University, Honors—Tim Manion Fred Peterson Memorial — Darcy Cole, Tom Wildy, Vicki Hoppens, Tim Podraza Monsignor McDonald—Cheryl Nagaki FBLA—Cheryl Nagaki, Eric Edwards Girls' Slate candidates include Marie Mason, and alternate Jill Kirchner. Lilias Smith presents Mr. Don L. Crowder with his honorary FBLA membership plaque. Honors Convocation 87While walking through the halls of AHS, a new face could almost always be seen this last year. Each grade had their own “closeness," but when all together, everyone got along and made up AHS. Many students felt they were just here, but they didn't realize each and every one of them had left an Impression in Time within the halls of AHS. r •; + sf 7 - Division 9 136 Seniors Take Final Steps to Graduation After many hours of studying, listening to class room lectures and completing school assignments, the senior year finally arrived for the Class of '81. Along with the arrival of their final ye; r came many traditional activities, such as ordering caps and gowns, signing classmate's memory books, and attending some rather controversial class meetings, particularly concerning their class song. The year also consisted of making a homecoming float and wearing the class T-shirt designed by the Art Club, "I Survived AHS, Barely." A committee of Jody Nelson, Bruce Suetsugu, Lilias Smith, Deb Gonzalez, and Jorene Sutton was elected to pick out the senior announcements, to set up the class meetings, and to plan the class' ten year reunion. The happy times the seniors have shared together in high school are now only reflections in time. These are reflections of lasting friendships and lingering memories, which are special to every senior in their own way. Deborah Sue Abbott Brenda Marie Appleyard Janice Rose Averna Janna Kay Bacon Elaine Lynette Ballentine Kimberly Kay Bedient Kimberly Ann Beiber Rene Suzanne Blumanthal 90 SeniorsDebra Ann Buskirk Craig Anthony Chaplin Deb Gonzalez and Bob Colwell enjoy a free moment. Bruce Suetsugu hangs a sketch for display. Seniors 91Seniors Look Optimistically Toward David William Christensen Bruce Daniel Clark Darcy D. Cole Patrick Daniel Colerick Robert Mark Colwell Eric Brian Edwards Mark Empson Clay V. Fanning Betty Jane Fester Karen Elaine Fillinger Brenda Jean Fosket Karen Annette Fraedrich 92 SeniorsFuture Plans and Accomplishments Daniel Von Frasier Linda Kay Frazier Matt John Frerichs Joseph Alan Golden Lori Ann Griffith Gary R. Ground Debra Janel Gonzalez Kimberly Katherine Green Lyle Lee Hack Brenda Gaye Haller Lynetta Ann Harsin Cheryl Eva Hart Seniors 93Seniors Move On to New Lives, New Careers Ray Dean Hashman Eddie Ray Heckman Vicki Lynn Hoppens Tory Ann Iossi Michael Leroy Jackson James Jaggers Brenda Lea Johnson Jeffrey Alan Kaufman 94 SeniorsLisa Kay Krause Gaylene Kay Kreachbaum Dwight Donald Krejci Thomas William Laing, Jr. Dwight Wade Lamm Laura Kay Lauer John J. Leachman Charles Allen Lehl Brad Ray Liggett Mary Ellen Lore Linda Frazier carefully selects senior announcements. Slick stairs are a part of the seniors' last days. Seniors 95Alliance High Seniors Choose "Road of the Kimberly Sue Loutzenhiser April Lynne McLain Dean Allan McLaughlin Darci Denee McLean Craig A. Mahnke Timothy Alan Manion Michael Gary Marcoe Melanie Faye Marsh Lori Ann Montague Terri Lynn Mundt Cheryl Nagaki Jody Stephen Nelson 96 SeniorsKings" by Asia as Their Class Song Donald Lee O'Leary Madoka Otuska Klete J. Peterson Timothy Scott Podraza Susan Margaret Powell Denise Renee Preble Randal Scott Ravert Robin Allen Reitz Karrie Lea Rieman Joyce I. Riggs Stacey Kay Romick Ronda Marie Sager Seniors 97Dusty Rose, Silver Grey Chosen Class Colors Jeff Garrison Schlichtemeier Trudy Elaine Schnell Ina La Jean Schultz Randall John Scott Darrel Ray Seidler Mark W. Seidler Doug S. Shankland Lilias Ilene Smith Tedi Lynnette Smith Geraldine Ann Snyder Robert Allen Snyder SeniorsTerry Lee Starke Roger Wayne Sterner Edward Martin Soul David Brian Spencer Bruce Hideo Suetsugu Jorene Rene Sutton Douglas Lee Taylor Tracy Marie Thies Rene Jeanne Thompson Senior boys react to remarks made by Mr. Crowder. Spirited Traci Bush and Voni Simpson on Twin Day Seniors 99"We have traveled the paths together. Now we must walk the road alone." Terry Wayne Tucker Daniel Marc Underwood Michael Wayne Underwood Kimiko Sue Ushio Vince M. Vallejo Rodney Ryan Vogel Lee Wayne Walker Michael Chain Waybright Kathy L Green Wertz Loren James West Good study habits help this senior English class. 100 SeniorsJana Jo Weston Thomas Edward Wildy Arnold Baird Wood Shane Zellaha Timothy John Zobel Joan Marie Zurn On August 15, Sue Powell arrived from Leek Wooten, England, a village northwest of London. She was able to come to the US through AFS and lives with Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lyster. "Alliance was difficult to get used to," Sue commented, but by joining AFS, FHA, and choir, she was soon able to get into the swing of things. "My stay here has been an experience I will never forget and hope that someday I can come back and visit." Sue Powell— Exchange Student from England Enjoys Stay Seniors not pictured: Ross W. Dexter Debra Ann Hernandez Scott Thomas Hurley LeAnn Maria Cepel Mattox Jeff Allen Penaluna Douglas Richard Petersen Laurie Marie Stafford Glen War Bonnett Larry A. War Bonnett Sue shares a joke with friends. Sue Powell says goodbye to AHS. Seniors Exchange Student 101Senior Directory DF.BORAH SUE ABBOTT Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3, Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; All Western Conference Volleyball 1, Y-Teens 1,2, FCA 4, Treasurer; FBLA 3,4, Reporter 4; Cheerleader 4; Flag Team 2; Who's Who Among High School Students 4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4. BRFNDA MARIF APPLEYARD Swing Choir 3,4; Concert Choir 1,2.3,4; Pep Club 1,2; SPUD Staff 3,4: Y-Teens 2. JANICE ROSE AVERNA Swing Choir 2; Concert Choir 2, Track 1; SPUD Staff 3,4; Y-Teens 2; State Music Clinic 2. JANNA KAY BACON Choir 1, Pep Club 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Golf 3,4; Volleyball 1,2, State 3,4; Y-Teens, 1,2, 3; FCA 4, Art Club Vice-Pres. Sec. 4. ELAINE LYNETTF BALLENTINF Band 3, High Plains Honor Band 3, Pep Band 3, A-Club 4, Track 3,4, All Conference 3. Cross Country 4, All Conference 4; FBLA 3,4, Treas. 4; Cheerleader 4; CSC Scholastic Contest 3; Most Valuable Participant in Cross Country 4. KIMBERLY KAY BFDIFNT Girls' Glee 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; SPUD Staff 4, Quill Scroll Certificate of Merit 4 KIMBERLY ANN BEIBER SPUD Staff 4, Prom Queen 4, St. Agnes Academy: Choir 2,3, Girls' Glee 2,3, Pep Club 1,2, Sec Treas. 2; Basketball 2; Track 1,2, Volleyball 1.2; Class Treas. 1; Class Rep. 2; Student Gov't Rep. 2; County Gov't Day 1,2; All School Musical 1,2; French Club 1. RENE SUZANNE BLUMANTHAL Pep Club 1. THOMAS A. BOURQUIN General Course LORRAINE LYNN BOWMAN Band 1,2; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2, Volleyball 1,2; FHA 1,2, All-School Bake Off 1,2, All School Musical 1; Rodeo Club 1,2; Art Club 4. BRADLEY D. BRASS A-Club 3,4; Basketball 4; Football 1,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; SPUD Staff 4, District One Acts 3; State One Acts 3, FCA 3,4, District Speech Contest 4; County Gov't Day 3; Thespian Society 3,4, Thespian Play 3, 4, All School Musical 3. JULIEANN BURTON FHA 2,3,4, Publicity Chairman 3, Vice-Pres. Pres. 4, All School Bake Off 3. RICHARD DEAN BURTON Band I; Football 4. JOAN FRANCES BUSH Band 1,2,3,4; High Plains Honor Band 4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1,2; Basketball 1; Golf 2,3,4, Most Improved 3, Times Herald Outstanding Golfer 3, Most Valuable Player 4, FBLA 4, Flag Team 3,4; CSC Scholastic Contest 3. TRACI LYNN BUSH Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band 1,2,3.4; Stage Band 4, Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 2; Cross Country 2, Manager; District Speech Contest 4; Flag Team 2. DEBRA ANN BUSKIRK Concert Choir 2,3,4; Girls' Glee 1. PATRICK MANUEL CASADOS Band 1,2; Concert Choir 1,2; Swing Choir 1; Pep Band 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2,3,4, 3rd-Big Ten, State Qualifier 2, State Runner-up. CRAIG ANTHONY CHAPLIN Wrestling 4; Cross Country 4; FCA 4; All School Musical 4; CSC Scholastic Contest 4: Millard High School: French Club 1,2, Decatur 2, Track 1,2; Football 1; Golf 1. BRUCE DANIEL CLARK Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1, FFA 1,2; Rodeo Club 2,3,4, Pres. 4; CSC Scholastic Contest 1. DARCY D. COLE Pep Club 2; A-Club 3,4; Track 2,3,4, Most Improved 3; Cross Country 3,4, Most Improved 3, Western Conference 4; Y-Teens 2,3, Vice-Pres. 3; FCA 4, Captain; Cheerleading 3,4; Girls State Candidate 3; National Honor Society 3,4; CSC Scholastic Contest 4, Homecoming Attendant 4; Prom Queen Candidate 4, Monsignor McDonald Award in Science 4: LaCrosse, Wisconsin: Choir; Swimming; Tennis, Softball; Pom-pon Squad; Spanish Club. PATRICK DANIEL COLERICK A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4, Most Valuable Participant 4; Student Gov't 1, Vice-Pres. 1; County Gov't Day 3, Art Club 4; Prom Attendant 4, Homecoming Attendant 4. ROBERT MARK COLWELL Band 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; Stage Band 3; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1, 2.3.4, Track 1, Student Gov't 1, Pres. 1; FCA 4, Treasurer 4; FBLA 3,4; County Gov't Day 1; German Club 2; CSC Scholastic Contest 1,2. ROSS W. DEXTER General Course ERIC BRIAN EDWARDS Band 1,2; Stage Band 2; A-Club 2,3,4; Football Manager 2,3,4, Wrestling Manager 2,3,4, Golf 1,2,3; Student Gov't 2,3,4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, FCA 3,4, Captain, Co-Captain; FBLA 4, National Honor Society 3,4; German Club 2,3, Pres.; CSC Scholastic Contest 4; Outstanding Assistant to Coaches 4. DANIEL ROBB ELLIS Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1.3.4, Golf 2; Student Gov't 4; District Speech Contest 3; CSC Scholastic Contest 2,3,4; Art Club 4. CLAY V. FANNING Wrestling 1; SPUD 3,4, Photographer; DECA 4, Human Relations. BETTY JANE FESTER Choir 1. KAREN ELAINE FILLINGER Track student manager 2, Volleyball 1; SPUD Staff 2,3,4, Ad Manager 3, Co-editor 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Y-Teens 1,2; FBLA 3,4. BRENDA JEAN FOSKET FFA 1,2,3,4, Sec. 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Rodeo Club 1,2,3,4, Sec. 3, Reporter 4. KAREN ANNETTE FRAF.DRICH General Course DANIEL VON FRASIER General Course LINDA KAY FRAZIER Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3; Pep Club 1, 2; Y-Teens 2,3; Y-Teen Orpheum 1; FBLA 4; County Gov't Day 2; CSC Scholastic Contest 4, Flag Team 3,4, Monsignor McDonald Award in Shorthand 4. MATT JOHN FRERICHS A-Club 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; Basketball 2,3, 4; Track 4; Cross Country 4; Student Gov't 4; FCA 3,4, County Gov't Day 4, German Club 4, Pres.; CSC Scholastic Contest 4; National Honor Society 4, Scottsbluff High School: Basketball, Football. JOSEPH ALAN GOLDEN General Course DEBRA JANEL GONZALEZ Choir 1; Pep Club 1,2; Basketball 1; SPUD Staff 3,4, County Gov't Day 3, DECA 3; CSC Scholastic Contest 4, Art Club 4, Pres. 4, Monsignor McDonald Award in Art 4. KIMBERLY KATHERINE GREEN Band 1; Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 2,3, 4; Annual Staff 3; Student Gov't Sec. 4, FCA 4; County Gov't Day 3; German Club 2,3, Sec.; CSC Scholastic Contest 2, 4; Prom Attendant 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; National Honor Society 4. LORI ANN GRIFFITH Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Volleyball 1; SPUD Staff 3,4; Y-Teens 2, 3; Y-Teen Cabinet 3. GARY R. GROUND Wrestling 1,2; FFA 2,3,4. LYLE LEE HACK Rodeo Club 3. BRENDA CAYF. HALLER Girls' Glee 2; DECA 4, Rodeo Club 1,2; All School Bake Off 4. LYNETTA ANN HARSIN Girls' Glee 1,2,3; FHA 4; State Music Clinic 3. CHERYL EVA HART Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Pep Club 1, 2, Basketball 1. Volleyball 1,2,3,4, All Conference 4, All Big Ten 4, Most Improved 4; Cheerleading 1,3; Art Club 4. RAY DEAN HASHMAN Wrestling 2,3. 102 Senior IndexEDDIE RAY HECKMAN Basketball 1,2; Football 1; Wrestling 1; Track 1; DECA 3,4; Stage delegate for DECA, Pres. 4; Art Club 4. DEBRA ANN HERNANDEZ General Course VICKI LYNN HOPPENS Band 1,2,3,4, Treas. 1; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2.3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Y-Teens 1,2; Y-Teen Cabinet 2; Y-Teen Orpheum 2; Student Gov't 1, Treas. 1; FCA 4; Cheerleader 1; County Gov't Day 3; National Honor Society 3; German Club 2; CSC Scholastic Contest 3,4. SCOTT THOMAS HURLEY Basketball 2,3; FFA 1,2,3,4. TORY ANN IOSSI Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 3,4; Basketball 1; Track 1; Golf 2,3; Volleyball 1; Annual Staff 3,4, Quill Scroll Award of Honor Certificate 4; Y-Teens 2,3; Y-Teen Cabinet 3; Student Gov't 3, Sec. 3; FBLA 3,4; Cheerleader 3; DECA 3,4, Treas. 4; AFS 3; CSC Scholastic Contest 4. MICHAEL LF. ROY JACKSON SPUD Staff 4, Photographer 4; Quill Scroll 4; Monsignor McDonald Award in Spanish 3. JAMES JAGGERS Band 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; Stage Band 3; A-Club 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Golf 1,2,3,4; CSC Scholastic Contest 4; National Honor Society 4. BRENDA LEA JOHNSON Pep Club 1,2; FHA 1,2,3, Parliamentarian, Historian; DECA 1,2; Rodeo Club 1. JEFFERY ALAN KAUFMAN Concert Choir 3,4, Golf 1,2,3. THEODORA GEORGIA KOCHIRAS Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1; SPUD Staff 4; Student Gov't 4; DECA 4. SHARON JEAN KNAPP Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Library Assistant 4. DAVID ALAN KRAMER FCA 4; FBLA 3,4; German Club 2,3, Vice-Pres. 2; CSC Scholastic Contest 3; Monsignor McDonald Award in History and Citizenship 4. LISA KAY KRAUSE Band 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 1, Sec. 4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Y-Teens 2, Student Gov't 1; FBLA 4; Cheerleader 1; Majorette 1; German Club 1; CSC Scholastic Contest 1. GAYLENE KAY KREACHBAUM Swing Choir 4, Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teen 2; FBLA 3; CSC Scholastic Contest 1. DWIGHT DONALD KREJCI Football 1, Wrestling 1,2; FFA 1,2,3,4; Sentinel 3, Vice-Pres. 4. THOMAS WILLIAM LAING, JR. A-Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1, 2; Track 1,3; Golf 1; National Honor Society 4. DWIGHT WADE LAMM Basketball 1; Football 1; Track 1, SPUD Staff 4. District One Acts 4; CSC Scholastic Contest 4. LAURA KAY LAUER Pep Club 1; Volleyball 1; Thespian Society 3,4; Thespian Play 3,4; All School Musical 2. JOHN J. LEACHMAN Football 2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. CHARLES ALLEN LEHL FFA 1,2,3. BRAD RAY LIGGETT A-Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, All Western Conference 3,4, All West Big Ten 3, 4, All State Honorable Mention 3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Century Club 3,4, Most Improved 3; Student Gov't 4, Vice-Pres. 4, FCA 4; County Gov't Day 3; Homecoming King 4; Most Valuable Player in Football 4. MARY ELLEN LORE Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2.3.4, Most Valuable Player 4; Track 1,2; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; FCA 3; FBLA 3,4; County Gov't Day 3; German Club 2. APRIL LYNNE McLAIN Swing Choir 3,4; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; CSC Scholastic Contest 4. DEAN ALLAN McLAUGHLIN Wrestling 1,3. DARCI DANISE McLEEN Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 1,2,3, Sec. Treas. 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; FBLA 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1, 2.3.4, Most Improved 4; Volleyball 1,2,3, 4, Most Valuable Player 4; Athlete of the Year 4. CRAIG A. MAHNKE Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3; County Gov't Day 3. TIMOTHY ALAN MANION A-Club 2,3,4, Football 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; Golf 1,2; Boys' State Alternate 3; County Gov't Day 3; German Club 2,3; CSC Scholastic Contest 2,3. MICHAEL GARY MARCOE Football 1; Track 1; Golf 1; SPUD Staff 4. MELANIE FAYE MARSH Band 1; SPUD Staff 3,4; DECA 3,4, Historian 3, Vice. Pres. 4; Art Club 4. LORI ANN MONTAGUE Band 1; Swing Choir 4; Girls' Glee 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Golf 1; SPUD Staff 3,4; State Music Clinic 2; All School Musical 2,3. TERRI LYNN MUNDT SPUD Staff 3,4, Co-Editor 4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Y-Teens 3; FBLA 3,4, Sec. 4; Girls' State Candidate 3; CSC Scholastic Contest 1,2,3. CHERYL NAGAKI Stage Band 2,3; Y-Teens 2,3; Y-Teen Cabinet 3; Y-Teen Orpheum 2; Student Gov't 2; FCA 4; FBLA 3,4; Cheerleading 3; Girls' State Delegate 3; County Gov't Day 3; AFS 4, Sec. Treas. 4; CSC Scholastic Contest 1,2; National Honor Society 4 JODY STEPHEN NELSON A-Club 3,4; Basketball 1, Manager 2,3; Annual Staff 3, Editor 4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Class Chairperson 4; Student Gov't 4; County Gov't Day 3; Art Club 4; Outstanding Artist 3; Monsignor McDonald Award In Art 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; National Honor Society 4. DONALD LEE O'LEARY General Course JEFF ALLEN PENALUNA General Course DOUGLAS RICHARD PETERSEN General Course KEITH PETERSEN General Course KLETE J. PETERSEN Band 1; Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,4. TIMOTHY SCOTT PODRAZA Swing Choir 1,2,3; A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4, Most Valuable Player 4; Class Chairperson 3; Student Gov't 3,4; FCA 3, 4, County Gov't Day 3; CSC Scholastic Contest 4; Monsignor McDonald Award in Sportsmanship 4; National Honor Society. SUSAN MARGARET POWELL Concert Choir 4; Golf 4; FHA 4; AFS 4; Exchange Student from England. DENISE RENEE PREBLE Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 2,3,4; Golf 2,3,4; Volleyball 3; Class Chairperson 3; Student Gov't 3, FFA 4; Girls' State Alternate 3; County Gov't Day 3; National Honor Society 3,4; AFS 2,3; CSC Scholastic Contest 2,3; Monsignor McDonald Award in English 4. RANDAL SCOTT RAVERT Wrestling 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Rodeo Club 1,2,3,4. ROBIN ALLEN REITZ FFA 1,2,3,4 KARRIE LEA R1EMAN FCA 4; FBLA 4; National Honor Society 3,4; German Club 4. JOYCE I. RIGGS DECA 4. STACEY KEY ROMICK Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,3; Volleyball 1; Annual Staff 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Y-Teen Cabinet 3; Class Chairperson 3; Student Gov't 3,4, Art Club 4, Outstanding Artist 1,2,3,4, Outstanding Earth Science Student 1; National Honor Society 4. RONDA MARIE SAGER General Course JEFF GARRISON SCHL1CHTEMEIER Football 1; Wrestling 1,3,4; Rodeo Club 1,2,3,4. TRUDY ELAINE SCHNELL Pep Club 1; Basketball 1,2; Track 2; Cross Country 2,3; SPUD Staff 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2, 3; Library Assistant 4. INA LA JEAN SCHULTZ Senior Index 103DEC A 3,4. RANDALL JOHN SCOTT Concert Choir 3,4, Swing Choir 3,4; District One Acts 3; State One Acts 3; Thespian Society 4. DARREL RAY SEIDLER FFA 4; Rodeo Club 2; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. MARK W. SEIDLER Wrestling 1, FFA 1,2,3,4, Rodeo Club 1,2, 3,4. DOUG S. SHANKLAND Football 1,2. VON I G. SIMPSON Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; District Music Contest—Flute Trio 4; Pep Club 1; Basketball 1; Volleyball 1; SPUD Staff 3, 4; Y-Teens 2,3; Majorette 2,3,4. LILLAS 1LENE SMITH Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 2; Basketball 1; Track 1. Volleyball 1, SPUD Staff 3,4; Y-Teens 1,2, FBLA 3,4, Vice. Pres. 4; Cheerleader 3; DEC A 4. TEDI LYNNETTE SMITH Pep Club 1,2; A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Student Gov't 1; FBLA 3,4; County Gov't Day 3. GERALDINE ANN SNYDER Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 2,3; Y-Teen Cabinet 2.3; I HA 2,3,4; DECA 4; All School Bake Off 4. ROBERT ALLEN SNYDER Basketball 1; Football 1, DECA 4. EDWARD MARTIN SOUL Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1, Golf 1; FFA 2,3, 4. DAVID BRIAN SPENCER Track 1,4, SPUD Staff 4. LAURIE MARIE STAFFORD Choir 2; SPUD Staff 4. TERRY LEE STARKE Football 1, Wrestling 1; FFA 1,2,3. ROGER WAYNE STERNER General Course BRUCE HI DEO SUETSUGU Annual Staff 3,4, Photographer 3,4; Quill Scroll 3; Art Club 4. JORENE RENE SUTTON Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1; A-Club 1; Basketball Manager 1; Track Manager 1; Class Representative 4, FFA 1,2,3,4, Parliamentarian, State Farmer Degree 4, State Band Member 3,4; Rodeo Club 1,2, Vice. Pres. 1,2, National Honor Society 4. CRISTINA JO SWANSON Swing Choir 2,3,4; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4, Sec. 4; Auditioned for All State Music Clinic 4; Nominated for High Plains Music Clinic 3,4; Pep Club 1,2, Vice. Pres. 1; Y-Teens 2; FBLA 3; AFS 4 DOUGLAS LEE TAYLOR Wrestling 1,2,3; FFA 1,2,3,4. TRACY MARIE THIES Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Girls' Glee 3,4; District Music Contest 2,3,4; State Music Clinic 4, Pep Club 1,2, Pres. I; District Speech Contest 3; County Gov't Day 4; District One Acts 3,4; State One Acts 3; State Music Contest 4; Thespian Society 2,3,4, Pres. 4; Thespian Play 2,3,4; All School Musical 2,3; AFS 2,3, Vice. Pres.; Flag Team 3. TERRY WAYNE TUCKER A-Club 3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 2, 3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4, Most Improved 4. DANIEL MARC UNDERWOOD General Course MICHAEL WAYNE UNDERWOOD Football 1,4; DECA 4. KIMIKO SUE USHIO Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Annual Staff 3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Thespian Society 3,4, Sec. Lib. 4; Flag Team 3,4, Co-Captain 4; Prom Attendant 4; National Honor Society 4. VINCE M VALLEJO General Course RODNEY RYAN VOGEL A-Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Most Valuable Player 4, Honorable Mention Western Conference 3; Football 1,2,3,4, Honorable Mention Western Conference 4, Honorable Mention Big Ten 4; Times-Herald Winter Sports Most Valuable Player 4; Golf 1,2,3,4; Student Gov't 1,2, FBLA 4; Boys' State 3; County Gov't Day 3; National Honor Society 3,4. LEE WAYNE WALKER Pep Club 2; A-Club 4; Wrestling 1,2,4; Cross Country 4; FFA 1,2,3,4, Pres., Vice. Pres.; CSC Scholastic Contest 4. MICHAEL CHAIN WAYBRIGHT Concert Choir 3,4, Vice. Pres; A-Club 4; Football 3,4. KATHY L. GREEN WERTZ FHA 1,2,3,4, Pres., Vice. Pres; All School Bake Off. LOREN JAMES WEST Band 1,2; A-Club 4, Basketball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; CSC Scholastic Contest 3,4. JANA JO WESTON Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 2, FBLA 3,4, Pres. 4 THOMAS EDWARD WILDY Band 1; A-Club 1,2,3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms, Pres.; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Most Valuable Participant 4, Track 1,2,3, 4; National Honor Society 3; Athlete of the Year 4. ARNOLD BAIRD WOOD FFA 1,2,3,4, Greenland Degree 1, Chapter Farmer 2, Ag. Mech. Proficiency Award 3. SHANE ZELLAHA General Course TIMOTHY JOHN ZOBEL Football 1. JOAN MARIE ZURN Concert Choir 1,2,3; Girls' Glee 1; Pep Club 1,2, A-Club 2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Y-Teens 1, 2,3. 104 Senior Index1981 Graduates Make Their Last Impressions at AHS Choir members say good-bye with "Give It Away." Tracy Thies and Brad Liggett are elected by their fellow classmates to be senior class speakers. Thoughts of graduation bring a smile to Tracy Bush. Melanie Marsh seems relieved to receive her diploma. Seniors make last minute prepartions for graduation. Graduation 105Juniors Honor Seniors As They Brenda Appleyard, Dora Kochiras and their dates Mario Flores and Randy Yost enjoy conversation between dances. After the work comes the reward, as shown by many who forget their problems and have a good time. Patience and time are necessary to create the chosen theme of “London Town." The money set aside for the junior-senior prom this year was creatively used. Approximately 100 couples took the subway over a bridge to "London Town." This theme was carried out with a park, decorated with hedges, a fountain and parachutes overhead to create the feeling of a cloudy night, and an outside cafe. The band, "Flirtin", from Lincoln, was set up in a palace. A fog machine was used to create a romantic setting. Junior class officers Kay Butzine, Brenda Vandeventer and Marie Mason were in charge of the decorating committees, collecting dues, and were instrumental in making "London Town" a memorable evening. 106 PromBoard Subway to "London Town" 1981 Prom Royalty are 1st attendants Pat Colerick and Kim Ushio, King Tom Wildy and Queen Kim Beiber, 2nd attendants Kim Green and Tom Laing. Deb Zurn busily makes signs depicting the streets of “London Town." President Kay Butzine and her date Scott Jantz discuss the success of Prom with the class sponsors, Mr. Jim Kuehn and Mrs. Donita Potter. Couples show different interests during the dance - Prom 107Shaun Adams Tom Adams 159 Students Make Up Class of 1982 The Class of '82 entered their junior year carrying new responsibilities. Prom, ACT tests and preparing for college kept the junior class constantly busy. Prom is traditionally arranged by the juniors. Choosing a theme, forming committees, and decorating are just a few of the duties faced by the group. To raise money, the class of '82 sponsored a sock-hop and a bake sale, and received donations from various groups. Looking toward college, the class started making preparations by visiting with school representatives and taking ACT tests to help them make important decisions on their future destinations. David Adamson Todd Bandel Rodney Bauer Todd Beck Mark Behm Chris Beiber Tonya Benda Joe Bennett Mark Bolek Rochelle Boots Brenda Borg Cheryl Bork Cristine Bourquin Brian Bowen Deb Brass Kim Briggs Cindy Brown Lizz Burkhart 108 Underclassmen JuniorsKay Butzine Lawrence Casados Dorothy Christie Doug Clark Lori Clark Sondie Clutter Cris Cox Dana Daniels Wayne Davis Ed Ditsch Connie Jo Drummond Gloria Dubray Jill Kirchner and John Stull rush outside to enjoy the unusually warm winter weather. Juniors Underclassmen 109Prom Plans—A Class Priority Lisa Haider Gary Hammond Roger Hansen Rose Hardy John Harmon John Harris Gail Hashman April Hawley David Hayward Shelly Heckman Tom Heimbuch Darcy Henderson John Herian Vickie Hoff John Hoffman Allen Hofmann Shari Hofmann John Hood Kathy Howell Kim Hubbard Scott Hudgin Scott Jantz James Jelinek Mark Jensen Kirk Keder Maureen Kelly 110 Juniors Underclassmenjill Kirchner Pam Kirchner Eugene Kreachbaum David Kutschke Spirit-wise, the Class of '82 kept active with such activities as a sock hop and decorating the halls for Homecoming. Their float entry, "Shine On," took third place in the parade. The Juniors kept busy organizing the Prom committees to carry out their chosen theme of "London Town." Class officers elected were President Kay Butzine, Vice-President Brenda Vandeventer, and Secretary-Treasurer Marie Mason. James Lampert Todd Land Ann Langner Tom Lauder Rex Laughlin Scott Littlejohn Jeanne Lloyd Kevin Lore Wendy Lyster John Magdaleno David Marcoe Susan Martin John Maser Marie Mason Bob Maxwell Doug Maze James Merrill Scott Mills Joy Miner Theresa Mittan Juniors Underclassmen 111Juniors Begin Their College Preparations Dawn Shires seems to find history boring. Sheri Oison Roy Panwitz Scot Parish Kirk Peterson Randy Musfelt Julie Myers Leslie Nickelson Clay Nolan Sheri Montague George Moss Bill Mosser Deb Mosser Deb Mundt Bryan Murray Chip Potmesil Brenda Powell Chad Prelle Neil Pryor Kris Rask Susan Rasmussen Scott Reed John Reilly 112 Underclassmen JuniorsLisa Renteria Don Reynolds Randy Robbins Tony Roby Denise Sager Mike Sams Pauline Schance Morris Schefcik Roy Schnell Caroline Schultz Kieth Scott Jason Sheldon Colleen Sherlock Kate Sherlock Dawn Shires Betsy Simpson Deraid Smith Roger Smith Lynna Spath John Stull Jenny Wegner defines vocabulary words for The Scarlet Letter in project English. Juniors Underclassmen 113Juniors "Find Their Space" Among 600 Students Deb Sutton Dan Swesey Irene Taylor Lori Taylor Stella Taylor Lorna Therrien Susan Thomas Bruce Thompson Dean Thompson Peggy Thompson Roger Timms Lance Tolstedt Brenda Vandeventer Susan Vaughn Teresa Walker Fred WarBonnett "Shine On" debuts as the junior's float. 114 Underclassmen JuniorsCheri Appleyard Manuel Aquallo Charles Athey Joann Balderson Connie Ballentine Brenda Bedient Brad Beiber Courtney Bixby Sophomores Show Individualism Sophomores struggled to show their individualism throughout the year, and with the help of the class sponsor, Mr. Steve Nelson, the Class of '83 started off the year in good spirit. The class also organized early enough in the year to take part in the Homecoming parade and hall decorating. As a sophomore, many students took the opportunity to get some of the required classes out of the way. Academic classes required were their second year of math, P.E., science, and English. Along with school subjects, many sophomores turned 16, enabling them to get their driver's license. For some, a driver's license added more fun and an important phase of their lives. Laurie Boots Tami Boucher Stacey Brown Shannon Burch Randy Burkhart Lorlie Burney Greg Carter Curt Caudle Marilyn Clark Marsha Clark Glen Cole Randy Coleman Sophomores Underclassmen 115Sophomores Enjoy Their Second Year Elaine Cook Eleanor Cook Lori Cox Curt Crabtree Janelle Daugherty Maria Davis Rick Davis Dee Dee Deines Candy Dennon Kelly Dexter Pam Dilley Mary Doherty Rocky Dubray Jeff Dugger Eden Edwards Mike Ellis Janet Engel Michele Erickson Mike Erickson Scott Everton Shannon Fickel Michelle Forney Tony Fritzler Lisa Furrow 116 Sophomores UnderclassmenJerry Carton Rod Geist Adrian Gonzalez Melanie Goodrick Kris Graff Tracy Grasmick Mary Haider Tina Hain Sandi Hall Kim Hamilton James Harger Janet Hartwig Laurie Hatzenbuhler Scott Haulman Wendie Henderson Doug Hinkley Brenda Hopp Chris Hull Jody Jaggers Jan Jelinek Lonnie Levi, a library aid, prepares a sign for the incoming new library books. Sophomores Underclassmen 117Class of '83 Shows Homecoming Spirit Showing various expressions towards the activities, sophomore class members participate in the Homecoming parade. Brendan Lilley John Lloyd Shawn Lore Rick Luft Boyd Lulow Blake Mahnke Brian Mahnke Cindi Marchant Bessie Kochiras Tim Kramer Levon Krejci Barry Lamm Kris Margheim Sally Martin Beth Meyer F.ddie Miller 118 Underclassmen SophomoresShawn Miller Hope Monroe Troy Moss Patrick Mullin Marla Musfelt Tom Neeley Rick Nelson Abbie Nollette Chris Panwit . Melanee Petersen Janice Pierce Kent Piihl Kevin Piihl Mike Pritchard Garry Rasmussen Melodie Reeve Tannya Reeve Molly Reilly Carol Renteria Cecilia Requejo Living in a rat-race world where everybody is constantly on the move, we often find ourselves running out of time. On these days, we find our luck has turned against us, and things happen, over which we have no control. An example is like the day one has a "flat-tire" or a "dead battery". Although these excuses sound reasonable, there are some, one would have to question. The office receives many questionable excuses throughout the year, some being; "I was in jail"; my dog was having pups"; and "I was on my honeymoon." No matter how many excuses the office got for being late, most students blamed it on somebody else. "I was late because my mom didn't get me up", or "I had to wait on my sister." Whether one blames it on the rat-race world or something else, the office will continue to receive plenty of excuses for being late. Sophomores Underclassmen 119Sophomores Take Required Classes to Complete Credits Rhonda West listens closely in order to learn the correct form of outlining, which is very important in speech-making. Wanda Reynolds Kristi Ridenour Kristen Rieman Ronda Ross Troy Roten Craig Rust Shelly Sams Robin Sampson Lisa Sanchez Angel Schaffer Kim Schipper Chad Schlichtemeier Jonnie Schultz Jackie Schulze Kurt Seebohm Sandi Seidler Randy Shaffer Robert Shimp Tracy Smith Charlene Soden 120 Sophomores UnderclassmenDonna Steggs Rich Strang Jerry Swanson Dave Terrell Kerri Tompson Terry Towne Shelly Turner Aaron Van Winkle Rod Vaughn Mark Waddell Teri Walker Janet Ward Rhonda West Teena West Rick Weber carefully completes each question in his ACT Career Planning Test. Melayne Warden Tony Waybright Rick Weber Mike Welch Mike Wheeler Sherrie Wolvington Samantha Worley David Zitterkopf Sophomores Underclassmen 121Freshmen Adjust to High School Polly Abbott Angie Abegg The class of '84 entered the North High as they quickly made adjustments for their first year of high school. The change from eighth grade to ninth is not always the easiest, but the freshmen found it to be a challenge. Not only were they faced with a new atmosphere, but also with different teachers and new classmates. Scott Allen Ramona Alvarado With high school giving them more extra Deb Andrus curricular activities, the freshmen adjusted Larry Athey to being the underclassmen. Don Bardsley Lisa Barndt Ronald Batt Deanna Beckoff V Chanda Behm Ray Berry Tony Berry Sean Bixby DeAnn Blakeman Ralynn Blumanthal John Bork Steve Boslau Shelly Bridge Mike Burton Troy Burton Deanna Buskirk 122 Freshmen UnderclassmenAngelo Casados John Chaplin Jackie Chouanard Teresa Christie Kyle Clutter Sue Cole Mike Cover Lisa Davis Brenda Dilley Joyce Doyle Tad Drabble Cynthia Dugger Marcy Edminster Kenny Erickson Landis Estrada Mike Fosket Nancy Fowler Arlen Fraedrich Billy Fritzler Laura Gasseling Candace Gaswick Brenda Gonzalez Scott Gould Andy Greable Marshall Green Brian Grier Tim Griffith Leon Hall Freshmen Underclassmen 123New Classmates Add to New Experiences Sandy Hamilton Delbert Harsin Lana Hart Nancy Hashman Amanda Heitz Dawn Hernandez Jim Hertog Julie Hirter Ryan Hood Greta Ingmire Retta Jenkins Chris Jesse Liz Jones Rhonda Jones Gary Keane Cheri Kelley Kim Kepler Gayle Koozer Willie Krantz Tina Krause Wendy Krause Kurt Lambert Jim Langston Paul Lauder Jerrod Lawrence Jolynne Lehl 124 Freshmen UnderclassmenSimone Lessert Wesley Lewallen Cliff Littlehoop LeAnn Littlejohn John Luft Vicki Mandelberg Elissa Marshall Denise Martin Brad Maze Brett Maze Eric McCall Don McDonald Juli McFaH Steve McNeil Trevor Midgett Jodi Miner Angela Moore Bryan Morgan Roger Mosser Robert Moyle Russ Muller Sandy Mundt Juanita Navarro Shelly Nollette Full concentration is given by Beth Meyer to complete a grueling Algebra I test. Freshmen Underclassmen 125High School Found Ronald Nunn To Be a Challenge Ur,yN"“ Tim Overshiner Rosie Patino Linda Pebley Jim Penny Doug Peterson Kenny Peterson Monte Petrich Rhonda Pfannenstiel Kevin Richmeier Kristen Rickman Rick Ridenour Rick Roebuck i Rosie Patino and Kristen Rickman find that taking notes during class discussion is an important part of their school lessons. Christine Rose Vickie Sabala Brian Saltzman David Schaffer 126 Freshmen UnderclassmenTim Schnell Sarah Sherlock Shawn Smith Tracy Squibb Jeanne Sterner Bill Taylor Richie Shimp Jim Smith Ray Berry and Travis Vogel await the sound of the bell which will dismiss class. Carol Taylor Chris Taylor Jeff Tomlin Cora Turner Brad Underwood Mark Vaughn Travis Vogel Dan WarBonnett Lisa Wegenast JoAnn Weidmann Donna Weston Kay Wildy Bill Wills Craig Winter Tina Wodke Leonard Wright Freshmen Underclassmen 127Thanks to the following businesses, we have been able to bring to you Impressions in Time. Without the support of the community, many of the school activities would not be possible. Even as inflation reached the double digit figure of twelve per cent, the patrons of Alliance were eager to finance many activities around school. Through this extra funding, more activities were made available to the student body. 128 Ads Division Ads Division 129Bruce Furniture West 3rd 762-6980 Free Parking Free Delivery Credit Available Where Quality Brand Name Furniture Is Sold For Less Catch that Pepsi Spirit. Drink it in! Pepsi Cola Bottling, Co. Bottled under appointment of Pepsi Cola Purchase, N.Y. Smitty's Service Wheel Alignment—Tire Balance Brake Tune-ups State Inspection Air Conditioning Alliance, NE PH. 762-1355 Bauer Pre-Mix Inc. Alliance Hemingford 762-3236 487-5517 A precisioned product to meet any specifications. 130 AdsBernie's Supply 315 Laramie Ace Hardware Glass of all types Plumbing Electrical Supplies Mirrors, Auto, Home Tritle Plumbing 3rd Box Butte Plumbing Drain Cleaning Service Dial 762-4351 Congratulations to the Class Of "81" y 1 ’ roducti rcdjf ssocii on 1 ationj Wayne Goff, President Olson's Moving and Storage Dial 762-4370 Local Long Distance ALLIED VAN LINES Agent Storage Facilities, Too 1230 W. 3rd ALLIANCE Northern Plains Land and Cattle Agency Alliance, Nebraska 762-3155 Ads 131Magic Mirror Todd's Body and Frame Shop Thiele Drug Company Big T Family Restaurant Tastee Freeze Rhoads' House of Crafts East Side Conoco Grampy's Restaurant Gambles Daylight Donut Shop Bedient Litho Printing Bel Air Stylist 762-6525 Dr. Gary D. Christensen, D.D.S. Alliance Chiropractic Clinic Farmers Implement Co. Case—Massey Ferguson SSB Farm Equipment mi: West 3rd Sales and Parts 762-5000 Phone 762-2771 Kurl "n" Swirl 119 East 4th Alliance, Ne 69301 Barbara Cornette, owner Sunshine Nutrition Center 218 W. 10th 762-1967 Complete Line of Natural foods Vitamins— Books— Cosmetics Gene's Pharmacy Dial 762-4475 For 24-Hour Prescription Services for a quality of service that you can trust at a price you can afford. 914 W. 10th Alliance, NebraskaWorley Studio Alliance, Nebr. Job's Daughters Bethel 3 Alliance, Nebraska Jan Bacon, Kim Ushio, Betsy Simpson, Vickie Hoff, Kelly Dexter, Linda Frazier, Brenda Borg, Wendy Lyster, Cris Swanson, Kay But .ine, Tracy Thies, Nancy Gies, Kathy Bainter, Chris Clark, Vesta Jo Curtiss, Deanna Dennon, Linda Fairbanks, Lisa Fischer, Michelle Forney, Amanda Heitz, Linda Pebley, Melody Pebley, Gay Pedersen, Joni Herman, Kris Graff, Susan Turgeon, Susan Edgerton, Jeanne Sterner, Jennifer Skeen, Lori Levi, Missy Skeen, Becky Edgerton, Jennifer Schnell, Shawn Feese, Sam Worley, Robyn Tucker, Keri Taylor, Kim Schipper, Shelly McNeil, Deena Contonis, Kelly Penny, Teri Herman, Jill Moravek, Tami Ushio. Ads 133Lori Montague. Brenda Appleyard. Lori Griffith, Deb Gonzalez, Mike Jackson, Marcy Edminster, Lorna Therrien 134 AdsHEMPEL'S Microwave Headquarters Your Home Appliance Center • Sharp • Maytag • Amana • Kitchen Aid • Litton • Speed Queen Kim Hubbard Alliance Tractor Implement Co. SPER?V- l EW HOLLAND ■ III |' HE5ST0W Alliance Mobile Homes 815 Flack 762-1222 Sales and Service Chadron Mobile Homes 432-4586 Joan Bush and Kim Ushio Alliance Sta-Nu Cleaners Ads 135 Annex 1003 W. 3rd Alliance Complete Floorcovering Service Carpet, Vinyl Ceramic Carpet CleaningWORLEY STUDIO Fine Portraits and Sound Since 1919 508 Box Butte (308) 762-3333 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1981! Voni Simpson, Marie Mason, Kris Graff Dr. Keith Bowen and Natalie Rice Robert W. Bowen, D.D. Keith P. Bowen, O.D. Tittel Motor Co. Quality Used Cars The muffler house Magnavox Sales and Service 511 W. 3rd St. Phone 762-2700 Johnson's Feed Store Cooper Feed Dekalb Corn 116 Black HillsBURLINGTON NORTHERN EMPLOYEES WHO LIVE AND WORK ON THE ALLIANCE DIVISION WE SERVE Nancy Gies and Kay Butzine ALLIANCE RAILROAD EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION POST OFFICE BOX 697 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 69301 Area Code 308 762-5702 CNCUA Ads 137Laing's Liquor Phone 762-5247 107 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, Nebraska Tom and Tom Laing Westroads Restaurant and Lounge Fine foods for Breakfast, Lunch Dinner Alliance Plaza Shopping Center Ron Gunia Golf Shop Congratulations to the Class of '81 Simonson's Sporting Goods 113 West 3rd 138 AdsAll Your Art Needs Under One Roof KCOW The People Radio 1400 April McLain Elaine's Art Studio 408 Flack 762-3651 U-Save Super The Meat People Alliance, Nebraska 762-6481 Williams' Jewelers R.L. (Bob) Williams 317 Box Butte Betsy Simpson. Bobbi Ferguson, and Maureen Kelly 140 Ads Simpson's Excavating Dan Simpson 903 Dakota Phone 762-4085 or 762-4224 Plowing—T renching Pipe Pushing Backhoe—Dragline Cable Burying Congratulations Class of '81Skip's Steak 'n Eggs Open 24 Hours 930 W. 3rd—762-1922 Pizza Hut 707 Flack 762-2920 Ads 141G. S. Auto Truck Repair Engine Overhauls Tune Ups Brake Service Oil Change Tire Repair Welding 762-6632 520 Flack Plains Implement and Motor Company John Deere Eversman Farm Hand Alliance, Nebraska Fertilizers Feeds Seeds Chemicals Husky We do it Better! Petroleum Call 762-4830 Your Entertainment Connection For the 80's Still ‘Ihe (Z MfieAt 0?on H lotal 'peutulcf S ttent U t He tl Alliance Community TV Featuring HBO 142 Ads Podhaisky Insurance Real Estate—Loans 762-5321 Alliance, Nebraska "Serving the area since 1930"Alliance Lumber Company Your Friendly Yard The Hanger 322 Box Butte Alliance, NE 69301 Phone 762-6744 If you haven't been to The Hanger, Where have you been? GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY GENERAL MAJOR APPLIANCE tLatfLxrLni: ELECTRIC BUSINESS GROUP Hamilton's Service Center 823 W. 6th Street Alliance, NE 69301 Ken Hamilton Phone Owner 762-2510 144 Ads John Magdaleno, Betsy Simpson, Tom Adams Don Air Service Western Nebraska Savings Company Look to your future and Save! Congratulations, SeniorsThe Guardian State Bank Trust Co. Phone 762-4400 You can bank on us Commercial Loans—Nightly Depository— Safety Deposit Boxes Financial Center of Western Nebraska Main Bank Time and Temperature Center Member F.D.I.C. We welcome your checking and savings accounts Trust Department See us for Installment LoansCongratulations Class of '81 L. B. Murphy Co. Makes the good life better. 'f Lilias Smith and Helen Iossi Hatch Drug 402 Box Butte Virgil Hatch Joan Bush, Brian Bowen, Sandie Hamilton, Betty Bush At the Alliance National Bank We're blazing the trail for you. See us for all your financial needs. Checking, accounts, auto loans, saving plans. ..„ THE ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK Snyder's Kirby Vacuums New and Used 816 W. 4th Owners Jerry and Paul Snyder Congratulations, Seniors of 1981 Dr. Robert C. Dietrich 762-3124 Sucgang Medical Building 515 Niobrara Alliance Nebraska 69301 We Make It Easier 422 Wm( 3rd • Alii an oe. Nebraska 69301 (308) 762-4840 For You! Jack Jill Satisfaction Guaranteed open 7 days a week 24 hours a day Alliance Plaza Shopping Center Jana Weslon, Kim Beiber, Jeff Kaufman, Craig Mahnke, Becky Kendall, Peggy Thompson, Bryon Murray, Gaylene Kreachbaum, Joan Bush, and Don O'Leary Ads 147Mike Wheeler Shoes and Fashions Alliance 422 Box Butte 762-3303 Montgomery Ward Crowe's Sales Agency 762-3954 204 W. 3rd Congratulations to the 1981 Seniors Cornhusker Electric Electrical Engineering Cornhusker Work Call 762-6818 1104 Emerson Alliance Brittan Insurance Agency 304 Niobrara 762-2244 Insurance Plans Tailored to Your Needs Serving Alliance Since 1946 148 Ads WATER BED, The Waterbed Store Featuring number one American National mattress and Sundown Waterbed heaters—free delivery and set up. 1319 W. 3rd Michael Bonnie Pelster From the Printers of The Spud The Alliance Times HeraldCharles Brothers [TEXACO Corner 3rd and Yellowstone GENERAL REPAIRS CARS—TRUCKS Tune-up—Motor Overhaul—Brakes Wheel Balance—Alignment—Shocks REPAIRS 762-7513 STATION 762-7512 Ads 149Quiz (multiple choice) Q. What is WILLIE WIREDHAND DOING? A. Bull Fighting, picking daisies, target practicing, none of these. Correct answer - none of these. WILLIE is conserving energy using LAROS PREWO. Panhandle Rural Electric Membership Association Alliance Consumers Coop Alliance • Hay Springs 150 AdsFamous Clothing House Men's Clothing Furnishings Shoes Arntts' Quality Used Vehicles Congratulations Class of '81 One Stop decorating Service—Floor Covering, Wall Covering—Paint Congratulations Class of '81 Lampert Lumber 1107 Flack For All Building Needs Congratulations Class of '81 7 INSURANCE Alliance Hemingford Adsl51Edward D. Jones Co. Members New York Stock Exchange, Inc. SlPC Buchfinck, Inc. All you need to know in Real Estate Mary Kunzman, Marilyn Zellaha, Steve Wolf, Cindy Edwards, Arlene Geer We also handle: Insurance Abstracting Small loans 152 Ads First Federal Lincoln 223 Box ButteWayne And Dirk Simpson Complete Service—Landscaping, Shrubbery, Lawn Seeding or Sodding Underground Automatic Sprinkler Systems All Work GUARANTEED 767 Belmont Alliance, Nebraska 69301 Phone 762-4727 Congratulations to Voni Simpson and the Graduating Class of 1981 Ads 153Gaines Steel Supply W. 3rd Ramblin' Road Congratulations Class of '81 Betsy Simpson, Maureen Kelly Bauer's Bootery 305 Box Butte Alliance, Nebr. 69301 Congratulations to the Class of '81 Art Jerry's Across the street from the Post Office • Levis • Belts • Boots • Buckles 154 Ads Elk's Lodge No. 961 Dedicated to Serving the Youth of our CountryBURLINGTON NORTHERN "Where Good Neighbors Work" House of Beauty 211 Box Butte Small Engine Jack Repair Heads first for Beauty Bonnie Reifschneider 1116 Flack Congratulations to the Class of '81 Alliance, Nebraska Glen Piihl and Mike Williams Ads 155Nebraska Typewriter Equipment of Alliance, Inc. Your Franchized Royal Typewriter—A.B. Dick Spirit—duplicators, copiers Mita Copystar copiers Royal Calculators 217 E. 3rd 762-3675 Hamilton's Outdoor 116 W. 4th SPorts 762-5780 Your Hunting and Fishing Headquarters Congratulations to the Class of '81 Hayward's Open Range 210 Box Butte 'w5££fr Western Wear Tack Congratulations to the Class of '81 156 Ads 508 EAST 4TH STREET Gordon and Rosalee Hoff Vickie HoffPeltz Construction TOATHTF Jl JViiXIVXij Company 1016 Flack STATES mwmrnm Custom Cattle General Contractors Feeders Stran Quanset Your Best Local Buildings Grain Market 414 Black Hills 762-3310 Congratulations, Seniors Neil's Truck Service and Employees International Trucks—Scouts Cornhusker Motor Club Motor Club Insurance Assoc. Mini Mart Fast Food Stores Nile Valley Federal Savings and Loan Association Nelson Wells, Inc. WE The Life George Vorovka Sales Supervisor 1604 Emerson 762-1288 Morrill's Drive-In Rainbow Lodge Make Good Better Wheelers Crum, Melick, and McAndrew Accountants Ads 157Ann Langner and John Harris Congratulations to the Class of 1981 J.F. Kennedy, M.D. D.D. Shannon, M.D. D.N. Taylor, Jr., M.D. R.J. Morgan, M.D. Wm. Glassbrenner, O.D. Mrs. B.G. Bauman D.N. Taylor, Sr., D.D.S. R.L. Korbelik, D.P.M. 158 AdsBrenda Johnson, Kevin Richmeier, Rhonda Pfannenstiel, Ina Schultz Arctic Circle Electric Hose Rubber Co. Cleo Richmeier—Owner 301 E. 3rd Alliance, Ne. 762-3404 P.O. Box 618 Congratulations, Seniors! Jenny Wegner, Erin Edwards, Kim Hubbard PDQ Gas, Groceries, Beer Lunch Meats Open 6 a.m. to Midnight, 7 days a week Ads 159We Support Our Students in Alliance Hours: Sun.—Thurs. 10 a.m.-ll:30 p.m. Fri.—Sat. 10 a.m.-l:00 a.m. Stop-in—Drive-in or Sit down in our New Dining Room Phone 762-6590 Telephone Orders WelcomeIt's nice to feel so good about a meal. Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken 910 Flack Alliance, Nebraska 762-3980 Mark Kraft, Jeff Bright, Mr. Schultz, David Spencer, Wayne Davis, Tina Hain, Diane Woods, Wanda Reynolds, Mrs. Schultz, Rhonda Seiger, Kathy Heigler It's So Nice To Feel So Good About A Meal Catering Service Is Always Available Ads 161Marker's Pittsburgh Paints Nebraska Bean Elevator, Inc. Alliance Motors Unlimited 216 Platte Full line of Pittsburgh Paints Rez Products Best Wishes to the Seniors of '81 Two Locations West 14th East 3rd West Plant 762-5838 East Plant 762-1640 1024 Flack 762-3480 Sales Service Automotive Tune-Up and Repair Harland O. Johnson, Manager Midland Builders Supply Company 807 West 5th St. Congratulations to the Class of 1981 Emil Zoe Faber Mary Ellen Reynolds and Jody Nelson Jeen Factory Located in the Fleritage Six Mall 318 Box Butte downtown Alliance 762-8310 Featuring Men's and Women's fashion jeans and shirts by Lee Owned and Operated by Mary Ellen and Rich Reynolds 162 AdsAlliance Medical Center 2307 Box Butte 762-3741 Alliance, Nebraska 69301 W.L. Fairbanks, M.D. B.D. Forney, M.D. Best Wishes to the Class of '81 Ads 163R. K. Nelson Associates R.K. Nelson Tom Goaley Mark Miller Lloyd Softly Bob Schott John Mitchell 164 AdsThe Elms For Fine Dining and Drink 3 Dining Rooms Quality Broiled Steaks, Chicken, and Seafoods Prime Rib Every Friday and Saturday Night 1015 E. 3rd King-Size Cocktails 762-3425 Parking on east side of building Alliance Best of Luck to the Class of 1981 From Neil Sandy Pryor Ads 165Best Wishes for a successful future to the class of '81 from Gary McMeekin the House of Photography 166 AdsAlliance Chapter Order of DeMolay John Stull, John Magdaleno, Tim Podraza, Jeff Tomlin, Kirk Keder, Brendan Lilley, Todd Beck, Doug Peterson, Mike Ellis, Bryan Morgan, Greg Carter, Dave Kutschke, Craig Chaplin, George Moss, Rick Williams. Matt Christensen, Dan Nelson, Mike Erickson, Rick Weber, Brad Beiber, Kevin Hoppens, Mike Galloway, Brian Heitz, Rob Moyle, Joe Bowen, John Chaplin, Bob Maxwell, Kurt Kerr, Tim Hansen, John Harris, Dean McLaughlin, Mike Frazier, Dave Christensen. Ad 167 Chapter of the Year 1980Abbott. Deb 3,30,48.62,63.64,65,90 Abbott, Polly 16,18,30,32,48.62,65,122 Abegg, Angie 122 Academies Division 66,67 Ackerman, Beverly 81 Ackerman, Marvin 82 A-Club 31 Activity Division 28,29 Adams, Larry 82 Adams Shaun 2,59,72,108,152 Adams. Tom 3,18,27,31,43,61,65,86,108,144 Adamson, David 108 Administration Building 68 ADs 130-167 Ads Division 128,129 Allen, Scott 61,122 Alvarado, Ramona 45,122 American Field Service German Club 36 Andrus, Debbie 20,22,122 Annual 73,74 Appleyard, Cheri 115 Appleyard, Brenda 20,22,74,75,78,90.95, 105. i 06,134 Aquallo, Manuel 115 Art 14,15,79 Art Club 35 Athletic Banquet 65 Athey, Charles 55,115 Athey, Larry 122 Averna, Jan 74,90 Bacon. Jan 35.50,90,133,174,175 Bainter, Kathy 133 Balderson, Joann 18,20,25,115 Ballentine, Connie 24,54,115 Ballentine, Elaine 3,30,32,48,62,63,64,65,90 Ban del, Todd 82,108 Bardsley, Don 44,122 Barndt, Lisa 122 Basketball 52,53,54,55,56,57 Batt. Ronald 61,122 Bauer, Rodney 17,39,108 Beck, Todd 108,176 Becker, Bernard 70 Beckhoff, Deanna 38,122 Bedient. Brenda 115 Bedient, Kim 20,38,75,86,90.105 Behm, Chanda 22,122 Behm, Mark 43,61,65,108 Beiber, Bill 48 Beiber, Brad 19,31,43,48,55,61,65,72,115, 167 Beiber, Chris 108 Beiber, Kim 90,107,147 Benda, Tonya 20,50,108,126 Bennett, Joe 108 Berry, Ray 18.61,122,127 Berry, Tony 18,122 Bellick, Cami 65 Bills, Stan 69 Bixby, Courtney 50,115 Bixby, Sean 44,59,122 Blakeman, DeAnn 122 Bloom, Dixie 68 Blumanthal, Ralynn 122 Blumanthal, Rene 90 Bolek, Mark 108 Boness, Dick 42,43,69 Boots, Laurie 115 Boots, Rochelle 20,108 Borg, Brenda 46,30,62,65,77,108,133 Bork, Cheryl 27,86,108 Bork, John 122 Boslau, Steve 122 Boucher, Tami 118 Bourquin, Chrstine 20,108 Bourquin, Tom 20,22,71,91 Bowman, Lorraine 35,91,110 Bowen, Brian 73,86,87,108,143,146 Bowen, Joe 51,167 Bowen, Dr. Keith 136 Brass, Brad 24,25,30,31.43,57,61,65,74,91, 175 Brass, Deb 37,46,54,65,108 Bridge, Shelly 122 Brew, Nancy 68 Briggs, Kim 71,108 Bright, Jeff 161 Brinsfield, John 91 Brown, Cynthia 108 Brown, Stacey 18,115 Brown, Wayne 7,50,76 Bruckner, Collette 143 Burch, Shannon 115 Burkhart, Li . 18,20,22,45,65,108 Burkhart, Randy 43,65,115 Burney, Lorlie 115 Burton, Dean 43,59,65 Burton, Julie 38,91 Burton, Mike 122 Burton. Tony 122 Bush, Betty 146 Bush, Joan 16,18,50,65,91,135.146,147 Bush, Ron 51 Bush, Tracy 19,22,91,99,105 Buskirk, Deanna 22,122 Buskirk, Debbie 20,91 Busskohl, Jill 64 Butzine. Kay 19,61,65,76,107,109,133,137 Carter, Greg 43,51,58,59,115,139,167 Casados, Angelo 123 Casados, Lawrence 109 Casados, Pat 6,65 Caudle, Curt 48,115 Chaplin, Craig 24,48,49,91,167 Chaplin, John 51,59,123,167 Cheerleaders 64 Chouanard, Jackie 27,123 Chouanard, Katie 50 Christensen, Dave 18,31,51,65,71,92,143 167 Christensen, Ellen 78,84 Christensen, Matt 51,167 Christensen, John 51 Christie, Dorothy 16,19,46,54,65,109,143 Christie, Teresa 16,19,22,45,54,76,123,143 Christmas Play 23 Clark, Bruce 92 Clark, Chris 133 Clark, Doug 109 Clark, Lori 20,22,86,109 Clark, Marilyn 115 Clark, Marsha 75,115 Classes Division 88,89 Closing 173-6 Clutter, Kyle 29,123 Clutter, Sondra 30,38,109 Cole, Darcy 48,49,62,63,64,65,87,92 Cole, Glen 115 Cole, Sue 18,45,123 Coleman, Randy 115 Colerick, Pat 6,27.42,43,31,56,57,61,65,86, 92,107 Colson. Mike 116.123 Colwell, Bob 30.31,43,58,65,92 Communications 72 Concert Band 18,19 Concert Choir 20,21 Con ton is. Dan 68 Contonis, Deena 133 Countryman, Candy 39,116 Cook, Elaine 116 Cook, Eleanor 116 Cover, Mike 44,59 Cox, Cris 27,50,109 Cox, Lori 116 Crabtree, Curt 61,116 Cross Country 48,49 Crowder, Don 69,87,99,174 Cullen, Pat 43,58,80 Cullen, Sam 78 Culton, Maxine 85 Curtiss, Sherrie 68 Current Events 8,9 Curtiss, Vesta 15,133 Daniels, Dana 43,61,65,109 Daugherty. Janelle 116 Davis, Lisa 18,22,54,123 Davis, Maria 19,54,116 Davis, Rick 116 Davis, Wayne 109,161 DECA 33 Deines, Dee Dee 54,62,116 Dennon, Candy 20,116 Dennon, Deanna 133 Dexter, Kelly 48,62,63,65,116,133 Dexter, Ross 101 Dilley, Brenda 20,76,123 Dilley, Pam 116 Ditsch, Ed 109 Doherty, Mary 37,62,65,116 Doyle, Joyce 123 Drabbles, Tad 81,123 Drummond, Connie 109 Dubray, Gloria 109 Dubray, Rocky 116 Dugger, Cyndy 10,123 Dugger, Jeff 116 Dugger, Mike 109 Duryea, Bob 68 Edgerton, Becky 133 Edgerton, Susan 133 Ed minster, Marcy 80,123,134 Edwards, Cindy 152 Edwards, Eden 27,45,116 Edwards, Eric 30,32,37,58,65,86,92 Edwards, Erin 5,50,73,109,134,159 Ellis, Dan 35,43,57,65,86 Ellis, Mike 43,51,55,59,116,167 Empson, Mark 92 Engel, Janet 45,86,116 English, 70,71 Erickson, Kenny 55,123 Erickson, Michelle 77,116 Erickson, Mike 43,55,61,65,116,167 Estrada, Landis 123 Estrada, Martie 109 Everton, Scott 116 Fairbanks, Linda 133 Fanning, Clav 33,80,92,175 FBLA 32 FCA 30 Feece, Shawn 133 Ferguson, Bobbi 140 Fester, Betty 92 FFA 39 FHA 38 Fickel, Shannon 116 168 IndexFiebig, Lila 70,72 Fillinger, Karen 32,71,75,74,86,92 Fine Arts Division 12,13 Fine Arts Achievement 27 Fischer, Lisa 18,109,133 Football 42,43,44 Forney, Michelle 15,116,133 Forney, Steve 51 Fosket, Brenda 39,92,156 Fosket, Mike 123 Fowler, Nancy 123,162 Fraedrich, Arien 123 Fraedrich, Karen 92 Frasier, Dan 15,35,92 Frazier, Linda 87,93,95,133 Frazier, Mike 18,43,51,65,80,109,167 Frerichs, Matt 30,31.48,57,61,65,86,93 Freshmen 123-7 Fritzler, Billy 44,123 Fritzler, Martie 51 Fritzler, Tony 51,116 Full Length Play 24,25 Furman, Bill 78 Furrow, Lisa 71,116 Galloway, Mike 20,22,42,43,59,65,109,167 Garret, Margaret 85 Carton, Jerry 117 Gasseling, Laura 45,123 Gaswick, Candice 22,30,37,45,62,86,123 Geer, Arlene 152 Geist, Rod 55,117 Gies, Nancy 61,65,76,109,133,137 Goff, Wayne 68 Golden, Joe 93 Golden, Tammy 50 Golf 50,51 Gonzales, Lola 109 Gonzalez, Adrian 37,117 Gonzalez, Brenda 22,123 Gonzalez, Deb 11,15,27,35,93,95,134 Goodrick, Melanie 50,117 Gould, Scott 123 Graduation 105 Graff, Kris 11,16,18,20,24,117,133,136 Grasmick, Tracy 43,117 Greable, Andrew 123 Greable, Bill 109 Green, Kim 6,37,48,65,86,93,107 Green, Marshal 123 Green, Stuart 4,18,22,73,109 Greve, Alice 78 Grier, Brad 109,143 Grier. Brian 48,49,55,61,65,123 Griffith, Lori 20,74,93,105,134 Griffith, Tim 123 Ground, Gary 93 Hack, Lyle 93 Hadeen, Troy 109 Haider, Lisa 110 Haider, Mary 45,117 Hain, Tina 18,161 Hall, Leon 123 Hall, Sandi 117 Haller, Brenda 33,93,175 Halloween Dance 10,11 Hamilton, Kim 117 Hamilton, Sandy 124,146 Hammond, Gary 43,57,61,65,110 Hansen, Roger 43,59,65,110 Hansen, Tim 167 Hardy, Rose 20,110 Harger, Jim 117 Harmon, John 110 Harris, John 4,5,18,20,22,27,36,73,74,110, 158,167 Harsin, Delbert 124 Harsin, Lynetta 38,93 Hart, Cheryl 6,19,35,46,47,65,93,175 Hart, Lana 45,72,124 Hartwig, Janet 117 Hashman, Gail 110 Hashman, Nancy 54,124 Hashman, Ray 94 Hatch, Virgil 146 Hatzenbuhler, Laurie 53,65,62,117 Haulman, Scott 117 Hawk, Jim 76 Hawley, April 110 Hayward, David 110 Heckman, Eddie 15,33,94 Heckman, Shelly 110 Heidler, Kathy 161 Heimbuch, Tom 5,19,43,44,57,65,77,110 Heitz, Amanda 22,33,124 Heitz, Brian 167 Hempel, Dan 51 Henderson, Darcy 110 Henderson, Wendie 117 Herian, John 51,110 Herman, Joni 133 Herman, Teri 133 Hernandez, Dawn 124 Hernandez, Deb 101 Hartog, Jim 18,48,61,124 Hinkley. Doug 43,117 Harter, Julie 22,30,124 Hoff, Vickie 20,24,26,50,65,110,133,156 Hoffman, John 110 Hofmann, Allen 18,51,110 Hofmann, Shari 110 Homecoming 6,7 Honors Convocation 86,87 Hood, John 110 Hood, Ryan 124 Hopp, Brenda 50,54,117 Hoppens, Vicki 18,46,47,53,62,65,71,86,87, 94 Hoppens, Kevin 167 Howell, Kathy 20,38,110 Hubbard, Kim 3,13,20,50.64,110,134,135, 159 Hudgin, Scott 5,110 Hurley, Scott 101 lllian, Clayton 69 Index 168-172 Ingmire, Crete 124 lossi, Helen 146 Iossi, Tory 33,73,74,86,94,175 Jackson, Liz 35 Jackson, Mike 74,86,94,134 Jaggers, Jody 45,117 laggers, Jim 42,43,51,65,94 Jantz, Scott 43,61,65,107,110 Jelinek, Jim 39,58,110 Jelinek, Jan 50,62,117 Jenkins, Retta 20,54,124 Jensen, Chris 18 Jensen, Mark 22,110 Jesse, Crhis 3,19,59,124 Johnson, Brenda 159 Johnson, Dianne 68 Johnson, Janet 68,69 Johnson, Rhonda 22,38,117,162 Jones, Colette 45,117 Jones, Liz 18,45,54,62,65,124 Jones, Patricia 82 Jones, Rhonda 45,62,124 Juniors 108-114 Kaufman, Jeff 20,94,147 Kaufman, Kelly 50 Kautz, Todd 117 Keane, Gary 61,124 Keder, Kirk 110,151,167 Kelley. Cheri 22,124 Kelly, Maureen 18,24,26,27,30,73,110,140, 152,154 Kendall, Becky 94,147 Kerr, Kurt 167 Kepler. Kim 45,124 Kirchner, Jill 3,11,37,46,64,65,77,86,87,109 Kirchner, Pam 16,23,26,34,111 Kistler, Tammie 10,20,118 Kleinjan, Pete 24,118 Knapp, Sharon 20,94 Kochiras, Bessie 19,118 Kochiras, Dora 18,94,95,106 Koozer, Gayle 48,54,62,65,124 Kraft, Mark 161 Kramer, David 86,87,94 Kramer, Tim 19,118 Krantz, Willie 22,124 Krause, Lisa 4,18,46,52,53,65,95,175 Krause, Tina 22,124 Krause, Wendy 16,124 Kreachbaum, Gaylene 20,22,95,147 Kreachbaum, Gene 111 Krejci, Dwight 39,95 Krejci, Lavon 10,16,19,20,21,118 Kuehn, Jim 36,76,107 Kunzman, Mary 152 Kutschke, David 59,65,87,111,167 Laing, Tom 4,43,65,95,107,138 Laing, Tom, Sr. 138 Lambert, Kurt 44,59,124 Lamm, Barry 86,118 Lamm, Dwight 5,95 Lampert, James 51,111 Land, Todd 55,111 Langner, Ann 19,73,111,158 Langston, James 19,44,124 Lauder, Paul 19,44,55,124 Lauder, Thomas G. 20,21 Lauder, Tom 4,19,22,26,34,73,111 Lauer, Joyce 85 Lauer, Laura 26,95 Lauer, Valerie 18,20,118 Laughlin, Rex 17,19,111,139 Lawrence, Archie 68 Lawrence, Dave 43,55,61,65,118 Lawrence, Jerrod 44,55,61,124 Lawrence, Joyce 85 Leachman, John 29,65 Lehl, Chuck 95 Lehl, Jolynne 124 Lessert, Simone 45,125 Levi, Lonnie 19,117,118 Levi, Lori 133 Lewallen, Wesley 44,61,125 Lewis, Sarah 27,46,53,65,77,118 Library Guidance 84 Liggett, Brad 6.37,43,59,65,95,105 Lilley, Brendan 18,80,118,167 Lingelbach, Audrey 30 Index 169Littlehoop, Cliff 125 Littlejohn, LeAnn 16,19,125 Littlejohn, Scott 111 Lloyd, John 20,43,118 Lore, Kevin 111 Lore, Man,’ Ellen 6,46,47,52,65,95,174 Lore, Shawn 39,118 Loutzenhiser, Kim 96 Luft, John 125 Luft, Rick 118 Lulow, Boyd 118 Lyster, Wendy 19,23,26,50,65,111,133 MacDonald, David 39,82 McCall, Eric 125 McCall, Richard 84 McConaughey, Bob 58 McDonald, Don 44,125 McFall, Juli 48,54,62,125 McGhehey, John 30 McLain, April 20,22,96,105,140 McLaughlin, Dean 83,96,167 McLean. Darci 19,31,46,47,52,53,62,63,65, 96 McMeekin, Gary 166 MeNeil, Shelly 133 McNeil, Steve 59,125 Mahnke, Blake 19.24,25,27,43,51,118 Mahnke, Brian 18,24,43,51,118 Mahnke, Craig 18,43,51,65,96,147 Magdaleno, John 18,22,43,57,61,63,65,86, 111,144,167 Mandelberg, Vicki 5,18,45,54,62,125 Manion, Tim 2,31,53,61,96 Mannlein, Larry 14,15,35 Marchant, Bill 77 Marchant, Cindi 54,62,65,118 Marching Band 164 Marcoe, David 111 Marcoe, Mike 96 Margheim, Kris 20,24,27,54,86,118 Marsh, Melanie 15,35,74,96,105 Marshall, Elissa 16,19,45,125 Martin, Denise 125 Martin, Sally 20,118 Martin, Susan 111 Maser, John 111 Mason. Marie 7,16,19,73,74,86,87,111,136 Math 76 Mattox, LeAnn Maria Cepel 101 Maxwell, Bob 22,24,25,26,27,51,65,111,167 Maxwell, Helen 84 Maze, Brad 19,44,51,55,76 Maze, Brett 19,44,55,125 Maze, Doug 111 Merrill, James 111 Merritt, Thelma 85 Meyer, Beth 18,118,125 Midgett, Trevor 44,125 Miller, Eddie 118 Miller, Shawn 119 Mills, Jeff 51 Mills, Scott 43,65,111 Mime Troup 26 Miner, Joy 111 Minor, Jodi 125 Mittan, Theresa 111 Monroe, Hope 119 Montague, Lori 20,22,74,75,78,95,96,105, 134 Montague, Sheri 83,112 Moore, Angie 11,16,18,27,45.125 Moravek, Jill 133 Morgan, Bryan 19,44,55,125,167 Morgan, Lea 68 Moss, George 31,43,58,59,61,65,112,167 Moss, Troy 119 Mosser, Bill 20,112 Mosser, Deb 112 Mosser, Roger 27,44,59,125 Moyle, Robert 18,55,125,167 Muller. Russell 44,51,55,125 Mullin, Pat 119 Mulloy, Carmen 30 Mulloy, Charles 30 Mundt, Deborah 112 Mundt, Sandy 125 Mundt, Terri'32,71,75,86,96 Murray, Bryan 112,147 Musfelt, Marla 38,119 Musfelt, Randy 112 Myers, Julie 112 Myers, Sharia 19 Nagaki, Cheri 30,32,86,87,96 Nansel, Barbara 68,69 Navarro, Juanita 18,45,54,76,125 Neeley, Tom 18,119 Nelson, Dan 167 Nelson, Jody 14,27,73,86,96,162,187 Nelson, Rick 119 Nelson, Steve 7,42,43,70 Nelson, Teresa 77 Nickelson, Leslie 112 Nolan, Clay 112 Nollette, Abbie 119 Nollette, Shelly 125 Nunez, Esmeragdo 85 Nunn, Ronald 126 Nuss, Larry 55,126 Office 69 O'Leary, Don 97,147 Olson, Sherri 18,71,112 Opening 2,3 Otuska, Madoka 25,97 Overshiner, Tim 44,126 Overstreet, Georgia 68 Panwitz, Chris 2,19,31,43,44,55,65,119 Panwitz, Roy 112 Parish, Scot 20,112,175 Patino, Rosie 126 P.E. Weight Training 80 Peaster, Don 20,22 Pebley, Linda 20,45,126,133 Pebley, Melody 50,133 Pederson, Gay 133 Penaluna, Jeff 101 Penny, Jim 11,14,58,59,126 Penny, Kelly 133 Petersen, Eunice 70,84 Petersen, Martin 68 Petersen, Melanee 119 Peterson, Doug 101,126,167 Peterson, Kenny 126 Peterson, Kirk 19,87,112 Peterson, Klete 65,97 Petrich, Monte 126 Pfannenstiel, Rhonda 126,159 Pierce, Lisa 45,54,62,65,126 Pierce, Janice 119 Piihl, Glen 155 Piihl, Kent 31,43,44,59,61,65,119 Piihl, Kevin 43,59,61,65,119 Piihl, Kirt 44,59,126,165 Pi 1 fold, Sandra 46,63,80 Podraza, Bill 59 Podraza, Tim 30,43,51,57.65,86,87,97,167 Pollack, Stephen 126 Polyokov, Ivan 36,72 Potmesil, Chip 82,112 Potter, Donita 45,46,83,107 Powell, Brenda 27,32,73,112 Powell, Susan 20,36,50,86,97,101,105 Preble. Denise 19,50,65,74,86,87,97 Prelle, Chad 112 Prelle, Ima 143 Pritchard, Mike 119 Prom 106-7 Pryor, Neil 19,112 Randall, Scott 135 Rask, Kris 18,27,112 Rasmussen, Gary 119 Rasmussen, Susan 112 Ravert, Randy 39,65,97 Reed, Scott 51,55,65,112 Reeve, Melodie 20,119 Reeve, Tannya 20,119 Reifschneider, Bonnie 155 Reilly, Crissy 18,54,65,126 Reilly, John 26,34,86,112 Reilly, Molly 119 Reitz, Robin 97 Reno, Bill 84 Renteria, Carol 119 Renteria, Lisa 19,23,26,24,27,53,65,113 Requejo, Cecilia 119 Reynolds, Don 5,113 Reynolds, Shelly 120,162 Reynolds, Wanda 120,161 Rice, Natalie 136 Richmeier, Kevin 22,126 Rickman, Kristen 22,126 Ridenour, Kristi 19,45,53.54,62,63,65,120 Ridenour, Rick 55,126 Rieman, Karrie 30,32,36,86,97 Rieman, Kris 24,120 Riggs, Joyce 33,97 Robbins, Randy 113 Roby, Tony 18,113,120,143 Rockey, Bruce 83,84 Roebuck, Rick 126 Romick, Stacey 14,27,35,53,86,97 Rose, Chris 18,54,62,86,126 Roten, Troy 43,55,61 Running, Mary 84 Running, Norman 17 Rust, Craig 120 Sabala, Vickie 126 Sager, Denise 113 Sager, Ronda 97 Saltzman, Brian 126 Sams, Mike 113 Sams, Shelly 120 Sampson, Robin 120 Sanchez, Lisa 120 Sanchez, Ruth 68 Schaffer, Angel 120 Schaffer, David 126 Schance, Pauline 19.20,22,113 Schefcik, Morris 113 Schipper, Kim 50,120,133 Schlenker, Shirely 45,63 Schlichtemeier, Chad 31,43,55,61,65,120 Schlichtemeier, Jeff 59,65,98 Schnell, Jennifer 133 Schnell, Roy 19,55,61,65,113 Schnell, Tim 27,44,58,59,127 170 IndexSchnell, Trudy 98 Schultz, Bruce 161 Schultz, Eva 143 Schultz, Ina 33,98,159 Schultz, Jonnie 120 Schultz, Schweitzer, Phil 78 Science 77 Scott, Kieth 113 Scott, Randall 20,22,86,98,105 Seebohm, Kurt 120 Segrist, Dr. John 68 Seidler, Darrel 39,98 Seiderl, Mark 98 Seidler, Sandi 20,120 Seigler, Rhonda 161 Senior Index 102-4 Seniors 90-101 Shaffer, Randy 120 Shankland, Doug 78,98 Sheldon, Jason 113 Sherlock, Colleen 50,65,113 Sherlock, Kate 113 Sherlock, Lonnie 68 Sherlock, Sarah 20,45,54,62,127 Shimp, Rickie 81,127 Shimp, Robert 43,120 Shires, Dawn 112,113 Simonson, Sandy 138 Simonson, Tom 138 Simpson, Betsy 3,18,23,25,26,27,50,64,73, 74,113,133,140,144,152,154 Simpson, Dixie 85 Simpson, Voni 7,16,19,23,74,98,99,136 Skeen, Jennifer 133 Skeen, Missy 133 Smith. Deraid 113 Smith, Elsa 85 Smith, Jim 44,127 Smith. Lilias 6,30,32,33,74,83,86,87,98,146, 175 Smith, Nancy 85 Smith, Roger 61,113 Smith, Shawn 45,54,62,127 Smith, Tedi 6,46,47,52,53,65,98 Smith, Tracy 120,127 Snyder, Geraldine 38,98 Snyder, Robert 98 Social Studies 78 Soden, Charlene 120 Sophomores 115-121 Soul, Ed 99 Spare Time 4,5 Spath, Lynna 2,113 Special Education 81 Spencer, Dave 5,99,161 Sports Division 40,41 SPUD 74,75 Squibb, Tracy 81 Staff 85 Stafford, Laurie 101 Stage Pep Band 17 Stanton, Mary 83 Starke, Terry 99 Steggs, Donna 121 Sterner, Jeanne 19,45,54,127,133 Sterner, Roger 99 Stout, Bill 77 Strang, Rich 43,121 Strang, Troy 51 StuCo 37 Stull. John 18,43,51,57,65,109,112,113,167 Suetsugu, Bruce 15,27,35,99 Sutton, Debbie 18,114 Sutton, Jorene 18,27,39,86,99 Swanson, Cris 20,22,105,133 Swanson, Jerry 43,59,121 Swarthout, Janet 24,25,34,72 Swesey, Dan 48,61,65,114 Swing Choir Girls' Glee 22 Table of Contents 1 Taylor, Bill 44,127 Taylor, Carol 127 Taylor, Chris 127 Taylor, Doug 99 Taylor, Irene 20,114 Taylor, Kerri 133 Taylor, Lori 78,114 Taylor, Stella 114 Terrell, Dave 121 Thespians 34 Therrien, Lorna 73,82,134 Thies, Tracy 18,22,24,26,27,34,99,105,133 Thomas, Susan 114 Thompson, Bruce 20,114 Thompson, Dean 114 Thompson, Kerri 19,20,121 Thompson, Peggy 19,50,86,114,147 Thompson, Rene 20,99 Timms, Roger 65,114 Tolstedt, Lance 42,43,57,61,65,86,114 Tomlin, Jeff 27,44,55,61,127,167 Towne, Terry 121 Track 60,61,62,63 Trenkle, Terry 71,75 Tucker, Robyn 133 Pucker, Terry 31,42,43,51,57,65,100 Turbough, Rafous 85 Turgeon, Susan 133 Turner, Cora 127,38 Turner, Shelly 38,121 Underwood, Brad 59,127 Underwood, Dan 100 Underwood, Mike 100 Ushio, Kim 16,19,34,73,74,86,100,107,133, 135 Ushio, Tomi 133 Vallejo, Vince 100 Vandeventer, Brenda 46,54,65,72,114 Van Winkle, Aaron 121 Vaughn, Mark 44,58,127 Vaughn, Rod 27,43,121 Vaughn, Susan 27,114 Vocational 82,83 Vogel, Rod 4,43,51,56,57,65,100,121,175 Vogel, Travis 127 Volleyball 45,46,47 Waddell, Mark 19,61,121 Waldron, Sandy 85 Walker, Lee 37,39,48,49,59,65,100 Walker, Teresa 114 Walker, Teri 48,121 War Bonnett, Dan 127 War Bonnett, Fred 48,55,61,65,114 War Bonnett, Glen 101 War Bonnett, Larry 101 Ward, Janet 121 Warden, Mel 121 Watkins, Dan 114 Watson, Jim 22,23,25,114 Way, Patricia 71,73,175 Waybright, Chain 20,22,43,65,100,105 Waybright, Tony 24,25,43,121 Weber, Dean 43 Weber, Rick 59,121,167 Wegner, Jenny 4,52,53,65,73,113,114,134, 159 Wegenast, Lisa 18,54,127 Weidman, Jo 127 Weidmann, Teresa 114 Welch, Mike 121 Wertz (Green), Kathy 100 West, Loren 4,11,43,65,86,100 West, Perry 65,114 West, Rhonda 120,121 West. Teena 48,53,62,65,121 W'eston, Donna 62,127 Weston, Jana 19,32,147 Wheeler, Mike 86,121,148 Wildv, Kay 16,18,54,72,86,127 Wildy, Tom 31,43,59,65,101,107 Williams, Mike 155 Williams, Rick 167 Wills, Bill 127 Wilmott, Robert "Red" 85 Wilson, Bryan 42,43,65,114 Winter, Craig 127 Wodke, Tina 22,27,45,127 Wolch, Tina 143 Wolvington, Sherrie 20,121 Wood, Arnold 101 Wood, Diane 161 Wolf, Steve 152 Worley, Samantha 121,133 Worm, Darleen 38,82,83 Wrestling 58,59 Wright, Leonard 127 Yost, Larry 77,80 Yost, Sherry 71 Zeigler, Jim 61 Zellaha, Marilyn 152 Zellaha, Shane 101 Zitterkopf, David 121 Zobel, Tim 101 Zurn, Debbie 20,54,65,107,114 Zurn, Joan 46,62,65,101 Index 171AAA American Automobile Assn. 157 Alliance Chiropractic Clinic 132 Alliance Community TV Co. 142 Alliance Consumers Co-Op 150 Alliance DeMolay 167 Alliance Lumber Co. 144 Alliance Mobile Homes 135 Alliance Motors Unlimited 162 Alliance National Bank 146 Alliance Sta-Nu Cleaners 135 Alliance Times Herald 148 Alliance Tractor Implement 135 Annex, The 135 Arctic Circle 159 Arntt's Auto Sales 151 Art Si Jerry's Boot Shop 154 Bauer's Bootery 154 Bauer's Pre-Mix 130 Bedient Litho 132 Bel-Air Stylists 132 Bernie's Supply Ace Hardware 131 Bowen Si Bowen Optometrists 136 Box Butte Medical Center 139 Brittan Insurance Agency, Inc. 148 Bruce Furniture Co. 130 Buchfinck, Incorporated 152 Bunny Shop, The 155 Burlington Employees Credit Union 137 Burlington Northern, Inc. 155 Charles Brothers Texaco 149 Christensen, Gary D., D.D.S. 132 Cornhusker Electric 148 Country Crafts 143 Cover-Jones Motor Co. 152 Crum, Melick, McAndrew 157 Dairy Queen 143 Daylight Donut Shop 132 Dietrich, Robert C., O.D. 147 Doctors Center 158 Don Air Service 144 Drake Hotel Cafe 143 Ed's Used Cars 143 Edward D Jones Co. 152 Elaine's Art Studio 140 Electric Hose Si Rubber Co. 159 Elks Lodge No. 961 154 Elms, The 165 Famous Clothing House 151 Farmer's Implement Co. 132 Farmers Insurance Group 152 First Federal Lincoln 152 Gaines Steel Supply 154 G S Auto and Truck Repair 142 Gambles 132 Gene's Pharmacy 132 Giles Si Nix Dental Group 143 Grampy's Pancake House Restaurant 132 Green's Floor Covering Service 151 Gregory's Insurance Inc. 151 Guardian State Bank Si Trust Co. 145 Hamilton Service Center 144 Hamilton's Outdoor Sports 156 Hanger, The 144 Happy Joe's Pizza Ice Cream Parlor 134 Hatch Drug 146 Hayward's Open Range 156 Heitz Conoco Service 132 Hempel's Gas Si Appliance 135 Hoffhaus Gardens 156 House of Beauty 155 House of Crafts 132 House of Photography 166 Jack Si Jill Food Market 147 Jeen Factory 162 Job's Daughters 133 Johnson Feed Store 136 KCOW Radio 140 Kentucky Fried Chicken 161 Kurl-N-Swirl Beauty Salon 131 Laing's Liquor 138 Lamport Building Center 131 Magic Mirror 132 Marker's Pittsburgh Paints 16 Midland Builders Supply 162 Mini Mart 157 Montgomery Wards Sales Agency 148 Morrill's Drive-ln-Liquor Si Rainbow Lodge 157 Murphy, L.B. Co. 146 Nebraska Bean Elevator, Inc. 162 Nebraska Typewriter Si Equipment of Alliance, Inc. 156 Neil's Truck Service Inc. 157 Nelson R.K. Associates 164 Nelson Wells, Inc. 157 Neuswangers, Inc. 142 Nile Valley Federal Savings Si Loan 157 Northern Plains Land Si Cattle Agency 131 Olson's Moving Storage 131 Pamida Discount Center 150 Panhandle Rural Electric Association 150 PDQ Market 159 Peltz Construction Co. 157 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. 130 Pizza Hut Skips 141 Plains Implement Motor Co. 142 Podhaisky Ins. Si Real Estate Agency 142 Prairie States Company 157 Production Credit Association 131 Redman's Shoes Fashions 148 Rhoads Store 132 Ron Gunia's Golf Shop 138 Simonson's Sporting Goods 138 Simpson, Wayne Si Dirk 153 Simpson Escavating 140 Small Engine Jack Repair, Inc. 155 Smitty's Service 130 Snyder's Kirby Vacuum Enterprise 147 Sunshine Nutrition Center 132 Taco John's of Alliance 160 Tastee-Freeze 132 Thiele Drug Co. 132 Tittel Motor Co. 136 Todd's Body Frame Shop 132 Town Si Country Realty 147 Tritle's Plumbing 131 U-Save Supers 140 Waterbed Store, The 148 Wegner Motors 134 Western Nebraska Savings Co. 144 Western Potatoes Inc. 162 Westroads Restaurant Si Lounge 138 Wheelers 157 Williams' Jewelers 140 Worley Studio 136 172 IndexMemories Made During Time Spent at AHS Occupations Day provides an insight into many future career openings. Throughout this book, an attempt was made to capture the events that have left an impression on every individual. Many of these occurrences, such as the assassination attempt on President Reagan's life, the many natural disasters, and the new truancy policy, left most people shocked and confused. This year was also filled with many happy moments: the return of the hos- tages, the unusually mild winter weather and the competing of the Alliance Spikers and wrestlers in State competition. In the years to come, by looking back through this record of memories, one will be able to recall times that were significant and others of a more trivial nature. No matter which category one's recollections fall into, they will undoubtedly become Impressions in Time. HOMECOMING WEEK FOOTBALL VS G0RD0I 1 7=30 VOLLEYBALLr6=30 TUE 4:00 FRI X; COUNTRY HERE SAT =1 GOLF SB INV. School events are frequently posted to keep the public informed.Throughout the Years, Many Faces Will Come and Go Twenty-five years of dedication have seen Mr. Don Crowder pass through the ranks of social studies teacher, junior high and varsity coach, assistant principal, and finally—principal of Alliance High School. Mr. Crowder will be moving to Hebron, Nebraska, to become Superintendent of Schools. Despite the "hassels," detentions, and the unfair rules, Mr. Crowder, you will be missed! ASIA, a band from South Dakota, entertains many couples at the Sadie Hawkins dance held on May 16. Many AHS students have trod this path connecting the schools for "a class at the other building." The final days of school prove to be a little zany for seniors Mary Ellen Lore and Jan Bacon. 174 ClosingBrenda Haller, Lilias Smith, and Tory Iossi spend an amusing moment together before leaving for the DECA convention in Omaha. For every one student who studies, three others can be found spending time leisurely. Scot Parish and Miss Pat Way represent the close friendship between student and teacher. Janelle Daugherty 'fleave you Trie time of need ill he you havW something wif ng. 11 not judflwou on ranee and disabilities; what L call a special friend. - Closing 175The departing Seniors of 1980-81 would like to thank the following faculty and staff members of AHS Marvin Ackerman Larry Acbffns Bernard Becker JKaine Boness Richard Boness If Wayne Brown V Ellen Christensen ; Don Crowder Pat Cullen Lila Fiebig ? Bill Furman Alice Greve “ Jmi Hawk Clayton Illian Janet Johnson Patricia Jones " Jim Kuehn Thomas Lauder David MacDonald | Richard McCall Larry Mannlein idance and dedication: Bill Merchant Deraid Morgan Barbara Nansel Steve Nelson Teresa Nelson Eunice Petersen Sandy Pilfold Ivan Polyoko Donita Potter William Reno Bruce Rockey Mary Running Norman Running Phil Schweitzer Karen Speck Mary Stanton Janet Swarthout Bill Stout Darleen Worm Larry Yost Sherry Yost With A Special Thanks to their Class Sponsors, Miss Patricia Way and Mr. Terry Trenkle 176 Closing 

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