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Doubletake At the intersection of Fourteenth and Laramie, 477 students gather 175 days a year to form Alliance High School. We, as individuals, have unique ideas and goals, but are united through classes, organizations, and athletics. We look to the future through different eyes, but as companions, we join together in a DOUBLETAKE of our year. The students are, surprisingly, at work. This is where it all happens-Alliance High School Mr. Yost and friendsA.H.S. abounds with talent Sally Brandt gives her usual look. 3 At one time or another the school benches are always full. Ann Lewis shows her Homecoming spirit.Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Sir James Barrie 4 1. Susan Olson gives a disgusted look. 2. The Bulldogs incorporate leap frog into their game. 3. Imagination fills the halls of A.H.S. on Kiddie Day. 4. Most A.H.S. students are studious; others have nothing better to do than...5. Marlene Serm-eno, the A.F.S. student, shows her artistic ability.The Alliance High Marching Band hard at work The Alliance basketball girls challenge their opponent on the floor Mr. Mannlein cheerfully poses for his as well as on their feet. art classes. Kent Colwell, as Marco, releases a hearty laugh at his lover. Rosalie, portrayed by Amy Youngman. 51976 Pep Club Formal 1. Treas., Kathy Coleman, announces royalty. 2. Pres., Amy Youngman, escorts king, Jim Lewis. 3. Sec., Robyn Garrett, escorts 2nd attendent, Tracy Kistler. 4. Kent Colwell and Nancy Langner enjoy the decorations. 5. Couples snuggle close as the music changes pace. 6. The auditorium explodes with the rock and roll of Hitchcock Road Band. (Not pictured: V-Pres. Dede DeVeny and 1st attendent Andy Girard)Those Proud Moments 8 2. 1. Coach Smith and the referee don’t always agree. 2. Kasey Kistler manhandles his opponent. 3. Corey Blare shoots for two. 4. A circle of pride keeps the Spikers together.Our strength lies, not alone in our proving grounds and our stockpiles, but in our ideals, our goals, and their universal appeal to all men who are struggling to breathe free. Adlai Stevenson Coach Yost and teammates watch the plays closely. The Harriers prepare for a race. Alliance stops their opponent short of a first down.You’ve got the cutest little baby face This is the response when a sophomore asks a senior for a date If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away Henry David Thoreau12 1. Carolyn Burton enjoys her study time. 2. “What’s the joke?” wonders Denny Walker. 3. The Pep Club officers start the crowd bubbling with excitement. 4. Earl Doyle and Jim Nagaki plan their future homes.Individual students express themselves through different interests. A-Club members watch as fellow athletes compete. No Bird Soars Too High, If He Soars with His Own Wings. William Blake Seniors show their enthusiasm (?) as they prepare for the future. Pep Band supports the team with spirited music. 13The challenges of 1976-77 are faced differently by every student. The dances and activities provide escapes from books and lectures, but everyone has a common goal, accomplishment and success. Through a DOUBLETAKE, one sees how these are achieved.Arts Through the many arts offered at AHS, a student is able to express himself and exercise his imagination. Such things as music, art, speech and acting not only give students a chance to show their talents, but also add color and entertainment to the lives of fellow students and the public. The DOUBLETAKE of arts reveals hit plays, forgotten lines, practice for concerts, unexplainable paintings and most of all, a lot of dedication.ARTS mA.H.S. Combines Music and Drama Lili, lead played by Kathy Williams, sings “Love Makes the World Go ’Round to the puppets. Jim Lamb, as Paul, performs a solo as puppet friend, “Carrot Top , watches. “Carnival” hit the stage of A.H.S. with enthusiastic power during the second week in November. After three months of hard work and long hours, this all-school musical was considered by many as one of the finest achievements of A.H.S. music-drama productions in a decade. The entire play had to be redesigned from the original creation specifications and the music and script had to be edited and rearranged to fit within the limitations of the Alliance High School stage. The use of a piano and organ instead of a full orchestra for accompaniment enhanced rather than limited the performance. The production of “Carnival” is one which will be long remembered by Alliance audiences. Kent Colwell, in the major role of Marco the Magnificent, awaits the arrival of Rosalie. The role of Rosalie, portrayed by Amy Youngman, threatens to leave her lover, Marco. 18Departments in “Carnival” Demonstrating a step for Lili, Paul falls in agony from his war injury. Tracy Kistler and Jane Green rehearse for their big act. Mitch Lamm, Keith Gardiner, Kathy Coleman, and Deb Nansel all seem to be after the fat lady, Natalie Lauer. Gerald Messersmith and Jim Lewis appear as comedy and tragedy. 194 hespians “We are the kids from the Thespian Follies.” This theme has echoed through the halls of AHS in more ways than ever this year. In cooperation with the music department they helped to produce a fantastic musical, “Carnival . One highlight of this year was the trip taken by Troupe 3146 to see “The Fantastics” put on by Kearney State College. After this trip, the troupe returned to begin rehearsals on the Thespian play, “Noah,” with Howard McCall portraying Noah. On December 19th they doubled their number by initiating ten members which included three understudies. This year’s Thespian officers are: President Amy Youngman; Vice-President, Jim Lewis; and Secretary-Treasurer, Jane Green. Renee Jinks prepares for her Orpheum filler. The new initiates repeat vows before becoming members of Thespian Troupe 3146. Thespian members are: Jeff Meade, Janelle Bilstein, Eddie Johnson, Marlene Sermeno, Kerry Lewis, Kathy Coleman, Amy Youngman, Kathy Williams, Janet Watson, Mitch Lamm, Kent Colwell, Renee Jinks, Jim Lamb, Mary Hoffmann, Jim Lewis, Jane Green, Greg Fritzler, Vicki Nansel, Keith Gardiner, Howard McCall, and Mr. Clarke, Sponsor. 20“Sing, Sing a Song” Swing choir members are: Brook Bowhay, Shari Simpson, Gerald Messersmith, Tammy Reitz, Jane Green, Tana Meter, Jerry Brandt, Mary Hoffman, Eddie Johnson, Dianne Nielsen, Howard McCall, Sue Schadwinkel, Kent Colwell, Jan Wilson, Greg Fritzler, Sue Scebohm, and Jim Lamb. The 1976-77 choir groups did sing in many places throughout the year. The choir, swing choir and girls' sextet performed in the Christmas, pre-con-test, and pops concerts, and also participated at the district music contest. The two small groups performed for various civic groups and at many school activities. The swing choir not only sang, but also worked on interpreting different styles of music with choreography and a variety of vocal techniques. Swing choir entertains the grade school. Girls’ sextet performs for a civic group. Many outstanding individuals not only added to the groups, but also performed solos at district contest and received superior ratings. Choir officers are: Pres. Tana Meter; Vice-Pres. Dianne Nielsen; Disciplinarian Lori Underwood; Sec.-Trea. Cindy Colson; and Librarian Theodora Liakos. 21Choir Members Fill the AHS Halls with Harmony Choir members are: Mrs. Dowling, Patty Howell, Rhonda Dempsey, Cindy Wilkins. Kim Weston, Lori DeFord, Renee Jinks, Jim O’Leary, Tana Meter, Tammy Vogel, Deb Mundt, Sherrie Roebuck, Pam Fitzgerald. Dedc DeVeny, Cindy Mason, Tracy Kistler, Mitch Lamm, John Dafney, Kathy Coleman, Delynn Clark, Dawn Gertsch, Jim Johnson, Jerry Brandt, Lori Vogel, Sharon Johnson, Lisa Dalbey, Polly Sullivan, Marlene Rose, Peggy Charles, Cindy Colson, Diane Ettle, Jodi Meter, Kent Colwell, Deb Nelson, Penny Smith, Sandi Mocker-man, Mary Fowler, Karen Jantz, Janet Koozer, Ann Lewis, Kerry Lewis, Tim McDonald, Sherry Schaffert, Becki Seidler, Shari Simp- son, Laurie Kulas, Marc Stavropolous, Sonja Colcrick, Greg Fritzler, Dirk Simpson, Kenny Willey, Eddie Johnson, Jan Wilson, Natalie Lauer, Teresa Panwitz, Sandra Suetsugu, Jana Weed, Janelle Bilstein, Lori Dalbey, Tami Sakata, Kim Shannon, Brenda West, Kim Porter, Marla Todd, Lori Underwood, Janet Wills, Val Vogel, Debby Thompson, Tami Cox, Joy Houser, Anita Johnson, Susan McKinney, Dianne Nielsen, Nancy Rose, Darrell Johnson, Teresa Leachman, Roberta Phillip, Kerry Schaffert, Rose Wounded Arrow, Jacki Howell, Gene Charles, Laurie Strieker, Theodora Liakos. Rose Marie Snyder, Kasey Kistler. 22Greg Fritzler, Kent Colwell, Howard McCall, Jerry Brandt, Jim Lamb, Cindy Colson, Linda Tapscott, Dianne Nielsen and Kathy Williams prepare for the Chadron All-Star Choir Festival. Dianne Nielsen practices for Hastings Honor Choir. It is the best of all trades to make songs, and the second best to sing them. Hilaire Belloc The mixed choir works to harmonize their selection. Mrs. Dowling emphasizes the importance of perfection. Many long hours and lots of dedication prepared talented members of the choir for the Chadron All-Star Band and Choir Festival and the District Music Contest which was also held in Chadron. Individual honors included the selection of Dianne Nielsen to participate in the Hastings Honor Choir. Overall, 1976-77 was a very successful year for the AHS choir. The choir’s many hours of practice helps them to achieve a superior rating at Music Contest. 23Pictured are, Fourth Row: Mr. Bibbey, Mary Hoffmann, Tacy Simpson, Carmen Knaub, Mary Weber, Sue Schadwinkel, Stephanie Simpson, Cory Hall, Greg Keene, Delina Prellc, Glen Fiebig, Jeff Williams, Brian Rockey, Scott Edwards, Mike Krause, Tim Olson, Kelly Irish, Jon Kramer. Third Row: Jodell Peters, Sherry Schaffert, Betty Milks, Kent Colwell, Nancy Willey, Grace Flores, Nancy Langner, Desirac Lawrence, Julie McNeil, Diana Houston, Ron Ewing, Tom Goaley, Rick Renteria, Andrew Brittan, Gerald Mcssersmith, Mark Vejraska, A variety of instruments and many hours of practice combine to make the band’s performances entertaining. 24Pam Curtiss. Second Row: Laurie Hoff, Carolyn Burton, Paula Ashley, Cheryl Essex, Willow Krause, Sally Jo Rusk, Shari Simpson, Lara Dalbcy. Jim Olson, Robby Elorcs, Kathy Williams, Dawn Pebley, Becky Brandt, Beth Vejraska, Jane Green. First Row: Deb Nansel, Vickie Nansel, Mona Peterson, Sally Kirchner, Lorie Johnson, Angie Panwitz, Gretchcn Goaley, Lee Ann Fiebig, Lynn Swescy. The AHS Musicmakers Band officers are: Jane Green, Librarian; Mary Hoffman, Secretary; Mark Vejraska, President; Kent Colwell, Vice-President; Nancy Langner, Librarian. After football season the band began working on concert music and pep band music for basketball. On January 31, the Winter Concert was presented with Dr. William Winkle of Chadron State College as guest tuba soloist. Mr. Jay da-Bacco of St. Agnes Academy also a guest conductor. The band then began preparations for the District Music Contest in Chadron and the Spring Pops Concert. On April 22 the band and several soloists and small ensembles partici pated in the District Contest. The Pops Concert was May 16th with the band and stage band playing several entertaining selections. On May 22 the band played for graduation. The big event of the year was the trip to the Band Festival in Rapid City, May 27 and 28. In addition to other activities, the band members spent the months of April and May raising funds for that trip. The stage band which is the small group taken from the concert band is a group which specializes in popular music, rock and jazz. The stage band performed in the January 31 concert, at the Swing Festival in Chadron, March 17 and in the Pops Concert, May 16. 25Joan attempts to convince the General of her mission. “The Lark” In his play. “The Lark”, Jean Anouilh presents the familiar story of Joan of Arc’s rise to martyrdom and sainthood. The scene presented for speech contest takes place when Joan surmounts her first obstacle on her road to sainthood. Robert de Beaudricourt. This duet act, per formed by Kent Colwell and Amy Youngman. met with disappointment at contest when it ran overtime and was disqualified. The waiter, Rick Parish, bceins to wonder about his customers. f lora and Hesse consider what to say next. Hesse verbally attacks her companion. Robert shows how friendly he can be. ‘Parrot’ Takes Third This year’s One Act was “A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot.” At district contest it received a one and a two rating, placing third. Both judges comments were favorable, however, only the top two plays moved on to state. Members of the cast included: Renee Jinks as Flora. Amy Youngman as Besse. Rick Parish as the waiter, and Jeff Meade and Mitch Lamm as Sons of Mars. f lora reveals that her 'Perfect Analysis’ was “Given by a Parrot.’ 26Forensics Team Prepares for Contest “Brace yourself,” says Keith Gardiner as he receives a perfect score at district and ranks third in the state. Vickie Nansel enlivens Lewis Carroll’s poetry with facial expressions. Drama reading meets disappointment at district. At contest Mitch Lamm’s “Bare- Sally I lint’s speech cams for her a second trip to state, foot Boy with Cheek” qualifies him for state. The District 6 Speech Contest was held at Chadron State College on Friday, March 17. Those competing from Alliance included: Renee Jinks and Mitch Lamm, Oral Interpretation of Prose: Lee Ann Fiebigand Vickie Nansel. Oral Interpretation of Poetry; Keith Gardiner, After Dinner Speaking; Brian Rockey and Janelle Bilstein, Original Public Address; Gerald Messersmith and Sally Flint, Informative Public Speaking: Kent Colwell and Amy Youngman. Duet Acting; John Paulsen, Howard McCall, Jim Lamb. Charlene Edwards and Janet Watson, Oral Interpretation of Drama. Overall, their superior ratings sent Vickie Nansel, Sally Flint, Janelle Bilstein, Mitch Lamm and Keith Gardiner to the state competition in Kearney on April 1. All competing in the state contest from Alliance received excellent and superior ratings. Keith Gardiner placed third in the state in the After Dinner Speaking event. Janelle Bilstein emphasizes a point on violence. 27Y-Teens Strengthen World Fellowship Cabinet Members are: Linda Hoppens, Kathy Coleman, Gretchen Goaley, Lorie Johnson, Deb Nansel, Rose Snyder, Lori Cummings, Theodora Liakos, Lori Dalbey, Nancy Lang-ner, Vickie Nansel, Cindy Colson, Cheryl Krejci, Miss Way, Grace Flores, Mrs. Glarum, Dianne Nielsen, Janelle Bilstein, Renee Jinks, Amy Youngman, Mary Hoffmann, Anita Johnson, Dede DeVeny, Mrs. Petersen, Kathy Williams. At the annual Y-Tecn Orpheum, Marlene Sermeno, the A.F.S. Student, and I ee Ann Fiebig capture the audience with their ballet steps. The Y-Teen group at A.H.S. strives toward unifying girls of all creeds in an effort to strengthen fellowship of people not only in the United States but also around the world. This was exemplified by the annual Y-Teen World Fellowship Fair. Booths displayed the various foods, posters, and handwork from other nations of the world to help enrich the public’s understanding of other races. Y-Teens were involved in many services throughtout the year. A retreat was held in Chadron for the officers and cabinet members as they began making plans for the upcoming year. The first group activity was the Patteran which is a ceremony in which letters from the previous year’s officers are read to the group. Some other group activities included a pizza party, goodwill baskets at Christmas and the annual Y-Teen Orpheum. The funds raised from the Orpheum were used to sponsor an orphan from Korea, to provide money for scholarships and to aid in other philanthropic projects. Orpheum brings out the 'animal’ in the Thespians! (courtesy of Times Herald) 28Pictured are: Cindy Colson, Theodora Liakos, Marlene Sermeno, Beth Vejraska, Charlene Edwards, Gaylene Lundy, Janet Watson, Renee Jinks, Lee Ann Fiebig, Brenda West, Joyce Hagler, Peggy Kraft, Deb Schoeneman, Gretchen Goaley, Lorie Johnson, Barb Fillinger, Laurie Lawrence, Janelle Bilstein, Kathy Coleman, Dianne Nielsen, Dede DeVeny, Tana Meter, Pam Klinkacek, Nancy Langncr, Barb Zurn, Kelly Johnson, Amy Youngman, Kathy Williams, Linda Hoppens, Shari Simpson, Mary Weber, Mary Hoffmann, Jane Goff, Brenda Edgar, Tina Tittel, Heidi Herman, Gail Fawcett, Shelli Ellis, Stephanie Simpson. School Song echoes through the gym as the faculty band brings the Orpheum crowd to their feet. Pretty colored streamers surround Cindy Colson’s booth at the World Fellowship Fair. Leonard Glarum demonstrates his ability to ‘clown around for the Y-Teen members. 29“O God! You are so-you are so-Godlike!' The opening of the Thespian play, “Noah,” was questioned when a member of the cast and a member of the lighting crew contracted chicken pox two days before production. However, in the old Broadway tradition of “the show must go on,” student director, Amy Youngman, stepped in for Mary Hoffmann for two of the three performances. Obey’s play “Noah,” with humorous informality, described what might have happened aboard the famous ark. There was, however, more to the play than the mere story of Noah; it dealt with the timeless problems of the generation gap and the tragedy of alienation. Major roles in the play were taken by: Howard McCall as Noah, Vickie Nansel as Mama, Mitch Lamm as Shem, Jim Lamb as Ham, John Paulsen as Japhet, Jane Green as Norma, Kathy Coleman as Sella, and Mary Hoffmann as Ada. The remaining roles were taken by Thespians. ‘Pox’ Plagues Play Two months of rehearsal lead to a successful production. Japhet mimicks the story of the cat told by the girls. The freeze during Noah’s soliloquy is effective. “What’s this in the dove’s beak? An olive branch!’’ God chose the friendliest animals for Noah’s voyage. 30Art Club Exerts Its Talents Art Club members are: Patty Howell, Cindy Colson, Kevin Krohn, Jeff Meade. Glenn Fillingcr, Brcck Chipperfield, Robert Williams, Jan Spencer, Mr. Mannlein, Kim Halcomb, and Vickc Vogel. These two girls share the responsibility of getting a job done. The beginning of a time-consuming project Devoted members are Brcck Chipperfield and Patty Howell. The Alliance High Art Club was very active this year. The members expressed their artistic abilities in various ways. While on display in art exhibitions, many of their works were sold. Also, contracts for painting billboards and signs were made. Projects completed by the club included painting the mascots of schools in the West Big Ten and Western Conference, which were hung in the North High gymnasium and designing the front of the pressbox at Bulldog Stadium. Art exhibitions were held in December and once again in May at the school’s spring concert. The club took a trip to Denver to tour the Denver Art Museum and to Kearney to see an exhibition held in their new art gallery. Officers this year were Jeff Meade, President; Glenn Filling-er, Vice-President and Treasurer; and Jan Spencer, Secretary. Mr. Larry Mannlein sponsored the group. 31Art Is a Direct Channel for Cindy Colson captures an image of Jesus in charcoal. On all levels, students of the AHS Art Department discover meanings and satisfied personal experiences through direct involvement with art. Mr. Lawrence Mannlein, the art instructor, provides a curriculum program which allows each individual student to build art talent and appreciation of art. Mr. Mannlein feels that self-expression is fundamental in the art process for all students. Along with the regular projects, including drawing, pottery, sculpture, watercolor, acrylics, block printing, and many others, art history is an important part of the awareness of our culture. Art appreciation is vital to the creation of artistic talent. With a solid background of art and an open eye for the future, AHS art students are able to develop their abilities and make creations for our culture. David Jensen prepares an ink roller for block printing. Sally Brandt shows her freeness of style and imagination with acrylics. Ann Jesse and Brcck Chipperfield enjoy sculpture in art class. 32Self-Awareness Kim Halcomb demonstrates the dipping technique of glazing pottery. An old photograph takes on new dimensions as Vicke Vogel displays her art talent. Rose Wounded Arrow shows classmates her latest creation. Tom Fawcett illustrates the song “Funeral for a An excellent charcoal portrait by Robert Williams Friend'’. 33Out of the empty locker rooms come athletes, coaches, wins, losses, crowds, cheers, disappointments and unity. Sports provide an opportunity for the student body to unite for a common cause. Whether through participation or support, all must learn to accept the defeats along with the victories. As we DOUBLETAKE the sports season of AHS, everyone will remember different moments and will experience the feelings of happiness and disappointment once again.SPOR TSHarriers Have Building Season Front row: Gary Hawley, Brian Heitz, Glen Kyser, Dan Swesey, Pat Toedtli, and Neil Hawley, Second row: Alan Gardiner, Mark Blume, Lori Cummings, Laurie Kulas, student manager Pam Klinkacek, Andy Brittan, and Bill Brungard. Third row: Lynn Fillinger, Tom Fawcett, Glen Fiebig, Greg Keene, Les Nepper, Tom Johnson and Andy Meade. A new addition this year to the sports department was girls’ cross-country. The girls tried hard and performed fairly well. They will probably do better next year because they will have more experience and stronger endurance. According to Coach Kyser: “Due to injuries and lack of experience, the Alliance High Cross-Country team had a building year.” With only three seniors and the rest underclassmen, the team went to the meets and displayed their best efforts. Confidence and experience will help next year’s team. Les Nepper strides for the finish line. Laurie Kulas picks up speed on her opponent. Varsity Team Place Gering 8th Sidney 8th Alliance Invitational 6th Scottsbluff 8th Western Conference 4th Big Ten 10th District did not place 36Lori Cummings appears to be running hard. Girls and Novice Boys Team Place Gering 6th Sidney 6th Alliance Invitational 3rd Scottsbluff 6th Western Conference 2nd Lynn l illinger sprints toward his Sidney opponent. Women’s Lib Strikes Harriers Coach Kyser prepares his team for the big meet. 37Spikers Winning Season Coach Pilford gives a pep talk to boost morale. Top row: Kathy Duryea, Jan Spencer, Carmen Knaub, June Pokorski, Ann Lewis, Vickie Nan-sel. Karen Jantz, and Desirae Lawrence. Center row: Jana Weed, Deb Nelson, Jodi Meter, Barb Zurn, and St. Mgr. Deb Schoeneman. Bottom row: Aurora Magdaleno, Heidi Herman, Lisa Dal-bey, Natalie Lauer, and Susan Dugger. The Alliance cheerleaders boost Spiker spirit. The 1976 season was very successful for the Alliance High Spikers, not only because of their 14-5 record, but also because of the team qualities displayed through desire, leadership, pride, and court performances. With four seniors, two juniors, and great back-up players, teamwork and team play proved to be the high point of the season. Coach Pilfold said of the team: “It’s fun to coach players that care, and they all did care, for the good of the team.” 1976 was a rewarding year in a special way for Coach Pilfold as she acquired the hundredth win of her career. Varsity honors went to June Pokorski and Carmen Knaub for the Alliance Invitational All-Tourney Team; June Pokorski received the Senior Award, as voted by teammates; and June Pokorski and Vickie Nansel were named Senior Co-Captains. The Junior Varsity matured throughout the season and ended with an 8-3 record. The team should be ready to help the ’77 season a great deal. Senior June Pokorski gets high in the air as she blocks the ball. 38Varsity Scottsbluff lost Chadron lost Kimball won Sidney won St. Agnes won Gordon won North Platte lost Valentine won McCook won Gering won Kearney won Bridgeport Invitational 1st place Alliance Invitational 3rd place District (Gering) Varsity record 14 wins and 5 losses no place The A.H.S. Spikers are extremely excited over another win. Kathy Duryca spikes against Scottsbluff. The Alliance High Spikers are ready for action during a home game. First place Bridgeport Invitational Tourney team is: Desirae Lawrence. Ann Lewis. Heidi Herman, Vickie Nansel, Lisa Dalbey, Carmen Knaub, and June Pokorski. Not pictured are: Jan Spencer, Jodi Meter, Barb Zurn, Karen Jantz, and Kathy Duryea. Jr. Varsity Scottsbluff Chadron Kimball Sidney St. Agnes Gordon North Platte Valentine McCook Gering Kearney Jr. Varsity record 8 wins and 3 losses won won lost lost lost won won won won won won 39Disappointment Overshadows Bulldogs Back row: Alan Zobel, Jim Schaffer, Tom Hoffman, Kurt Olson, Randy Phipps, Todd Crowder, Kasey Kistler, Ed Sowders, Mike Krause, Kent Colwell, Roy Kuncl, Jim Nagaki, Marty Patrick, Jeff Gonzalez, Mark Tolstedt, Brad Tittel, Dennis Walker, Rick Patrick, Dirk Simpson, Rock Edwards, and student managers Dave McVicker and Jeff Williams. Second row: Cory Hall, Greg Sherlock, Brian Odell, Kirt Kosmicki, Kent Green, Rick Novotny, Jim Olson, Ken Willey, Tracy Kistler, Denis Prelie, Ron Iossi, Jerry Thompson, Brian Rockey, Keith Gardiner, Larry Nagaki, Tory Beck, and Rick Gonzalez. First row: Scott Edwards, Colin Stavropoulos, Warren Mundt, Brent Debus, Marty Petersen, Mike Willey, Rock Morris, Brook Bowhay, John Paulsen, Marc Stavropoulos, Mario Flores, Ken Jaggers, Jim Lewis, Mike Prelle, and Tim Olson. It goes without saying that the 1976 football season was a big disappointment. The final record was only one win against eight losses. This year’s team lacked experience at the beginning of the year with only six seniors participating. Surprisingly enough, player morale was good throughout the season. The young men had several let downs during the season, but proved they had the ability to bounce back, not with victory, but with improvement. Coach Smith had this to say about the season: “The outlook for next season is good. Approximately nine starters along with a fine group of talented people will return. We will have plenty of game experience under our belts, and we are all looking forward to next season.” Players named to the Western Conference Team were: defensive back Todd Crowder and wing back Dennis Walker. Honorable mention awards went to Ken Willey, Kent Colwell, and Jerry Thompson. Named to the West Big Ten All Conference Team were Todd Crowder and Dennis Walker. Jerry Thompson and Kent Colwell received honorable mention awards. A.H.S. coaches for this year are: Pat Cullen, Brad Smith, Terry Myers and Jim Hawk. 40Varsity Scores Reserve Scores TEAM A.H.S. OPP Scottsbluff 0 47 Chadron 7 20 Kimball 19 26 Sidney 14 12 Gordon 0 47 North Platte 0 56 Gering 6 28 McCook 14 44 Kearney 12 25 TEAM A.H.S. OPP Gering 0 35 Mitchell 12 6 Sidney 8 20 Kimball 8 16 Chadron 0 14 Scottsbluff 6 20 Gordon 24 12 Todd Crowder pushes his way past his opponent while Colwell, Gonzalez, and Zobel block. Coach Smith gives Rock Edwards a pep talk before the next play. Alliance gains yards in the Sidney game. atKent Colwell moves the ball past Sidney, as teammates look on. Determination Carries the Bulldogs Through the Season Bulldogs rip through victory line provided by faithful Pep Club members. Alliance nears the goal post during the Sidney game. Alliance grabs the ball from a Sidney player. 42Members are: Randy Benda, Mike Long, Ted Hood, Waldo Smith, David Clark, Tom Lore, Don Woodworth, Paul Munger, Tim Prcllc, Rick Rickman, Richard Mann, Roger Hart wig, Warren Crawford, Rod Rogers, Kirk Rickman, Bob Hinton, Dale Collins, Dan Woodworth, Max Galyen, Tammy Reitz, Delynn Clark, Marianne Buskirk, Shelly Lore, Diane Houston, Vicki Reitz, Sheri Long, Tom Sherlock. John Prelie. Kenny Lehl, Jack Dye, Doug Fritzler, and Wally Strieker. During the year, sayings like “What is the name of that weed again?”, “They call that steak a bullhead!”, and “That cheese tastes terrible” could be heard at various judgings in which the FFA chapter participated. The FFA chapter under the supervision of Dave MacDonald took part in range, land and stubble mulch, livestock, meats and dairy judgings, several management tests, various speech contests and State choir. Their money-making projects included the snack shack at football games, cleaning the stadium, selling hot dogs and pop, and picking nightshade from beans. Several members went to National Convention in Kansas City and State .Convention in Lincoln. The annual banquet was held April 17th. New officers for next year were installed, awards given, and the sweethearts were announced. On May 13, the Alliance FFA chapter challenged the Hemingford chapter to a basketball game for Fun Day. FFA Sweethearts arc: Diane Weston, First runner-up; Laurie Kulas, Sweetheart;and Vicki Reitz, second runner-up. (Courtesy of Times-Herald) 1976-1977 officers are: Bruce Kulas, President; Rick Clark, Seminal; Daryl Sulzbach, Reporter; Randy Collins, Parlimcntarian;Gene Whitlock, Secretary; Becky McDonald, Vice-President;and Dave MacDonald, Advisor. Not Pictured is Ron Iossi, Treasurer. 43 FFA members win various ribbons at State Convention in Lincoln.Marching and Pep Band Display Enthusiasm Balloons and pride surround the A.H.S. band members as the majorettes lead the finished product in halftime entertainment. A.H.S. pep band plays spirit-filled music to Mr. Bibbey patrols the lines as the boost the Bulldogs. band strives for perfection. All right your guys, come out with your horns up! The sixty-three member Alliance High marching band forged through ten degreee temperatures to perform at all home football games. They also presented the halftime entertainment at the St. Agnes state championship football game. The winter season was a busy one as the pep band played at all home basketball games and wrestling matches. The appearance of the pep band was enhanced this year with the use of power blue sweaters purchased by the A-Club. 44Victory or Defeat—JV’s Spirit Prevails The Reserve Basketball team ended a long, hard season with a 2-13 record. The Roundballers worked to improve their mental attitude towards the game and competition, which was a big factor in determining their game performance. Coach Terry Myers felt that the team’s talent was equal to most of the opposing teams and that the Roundballer’s future is promising. Reserve Basketball players are: Jeff Gonzalez, Jim Nagaki, Mike Krause, Coach Terry Meyers, Brett Dietrich, Tom Hoffman, Greg Sherlock, Brook Bowhay, Rock Morris, Mario Flores, Cory Hall, Tory Beck, Tim Olson, and Warren Mundt. TEAM AHS OPP Gordon 47 52 Gering 36 47 Kearney 67 80 North Platte 60 65 McCook 38 60 Sidney 34 39 Scottsbluff 47 71 Gering 40 62 Jim Olson reaches for the jump ball. TEAM AHS OPP Kearney 48 86 Scottsbluff 46 59 Chadron 62 33 McCook 51 69 North Platte 42 63 Sidney 42 62 Kimball 51 46 Coach Myers nervously awaits for the start of the game. Alliance scores an easy two points. 45SWISH! Approximately thirty-two boys tried out for Varsity spots on the Varsity team. The squad consisted of one senior, nine juniors and two sophomores. This year could be described as a challenge and at times a struggle. Coach Bob Morris said, “We must strive for constant improvement and take pride in our performance. We must push ourselves towards performing to our capibilities regardless of the opponent. Brad Tittel, Todd Crowder, Denny Walker, Dirk Simpson, Rock Edwards and Corey Blare have been our most improved players all year.” Despite all of the trials facing this inexperienced team “they shot well 40 percent on field goals and 72 percent on free throws. Dirk Simpson was the leader in the field with 49 percent and Brad Tittel took the honors in free throws with 90 percent.” It is Coach Morris’ hope that, “if the guys feel as I do, next year we intend to redeem ourselves. If they do, then 1 am sure they will realize that preparation starts now and continues on through the season.” Todd Crowder shoots for two. Brad Tittel was named All Western Conference by Sidney’s newspaper and Honorable Mention by all conference coaches. The team awaits the start of the game. Varsity Basketball Jump, jump a little higher, higher! Up and in, over the rim, Dirk Simpson puts it in. Rock Edwards dives for the ball. 46Varsity team members are: Marty Petersen. Kirt Kosmicki, Denny Walker, Jim Olson, Todd Browder, Roy Kuncl, Kent Colwell, Brad Tittel, Dirk Simpson, Rock Edwards, Corey Blare, enny Willey, Student Managers Stuart Simpson and Bart Briggs and Coach Bob Morris. TEAM AMS OPP Gordon 57 45 Gering 56 72 Kearney 59 84 Sidney 42 72 Gordon 67 56 Bassett 58 56 North Platte 59 90 McCook 48 67 Chadron 77 64 Sidney 49 67 Gering 33 62 Kearney 74 89 Scottsbluff 56 62 Chadron 95 75 McCook 42 93 North Platte 52 71 Sidney 63 81 Kimball 68 75 Gordon 56 66 Girls’ Reserve Team Has Winning Season For being a second year team, the reserve basketball girls had an impressive season. They not only improved basic skills, TEAM AHS OPP TEAM AHS OPP but showed they could pull together and work as a team in Bridgeport 22 6 Gering Forfeit tight situations. Coach Cozad commented on the year saying Gering 12 10 Gordon 17 27 that the Scottsbluff game was one of the highlights of the Gordon 22 18 Sidney 27 32 season because the girls worked together and beat a team Scottsbluff 29 30 Scottsbluff 36 24 which downed them by one point earlier in the season. Bridgeport 28 19 Kimball 38 9 Reserves develop skills and expand their experience as they end the season with a 7-3 record. 47Desire and Teamwork Win Girls Trip to State TEAM AHS OPP Bridgeport 40 24 Gering 33 25 Gordon 40 22 Scottsbluff 32 38 Chadron Holiday Tournament 4th Place McCook 35 29 Chadron 30 28 Bridgeport 44 31 Gering 30 28 Gordon 54 17 Sidney 40 25 Chadron 27 28 Scottsbluff 52 43 Kimball 41 31 DISTRICT Mitchell 62 37 Ogallala 48 45 Gering 43 22 STATE Loup City 20 45 .. J v 5 11” sophomore. Barb Zurn, shoots for two at State. (Courtesy Times-Herald) The team unity and the lack of class distinction led the twenty-four girl team to success and brought the Alliance fans closer to Alliance High athletic activities. Commenting on the achievements. Head Coach Larry Yost said he enjoyed working with the girls and hopes for another equally successful season next year. Assistant coaches were Nancy Cozad and Sandy Pilfold. Above, Junior starter. Carmen O. Knaub, takes the net for the victorious Alliance High team at the close of District. (Courtesy Times-Herald) Senior starter. June Pokorski. takes her time in a needed free throw. Girls’ Basketball team members are: Kathy Duryea, Carmen Knaub, Deb Nelson, June Pokorski, Desirae Lawrence, Jodi Zellaha, Coach Pilfold. Karen Jantz, Barb Zurn. Beth Pan-witz. Deb Nansel, Laurie Lawrence, Kim Karsten, Sally Kirchner, Cindy I rank, Pam Klin-kacek, Lori Cummings. Jodi Meter, Laurie Kulas, Kim Kpperson, Barb I illinger, Coach Yost, Brenda Adamson, Aurora Magdaleno, Karen Keene, Renee Morris, Kelly Irish, Coach Cozad and Susan Dugger. 48AHS BULLETTES Pictured arc: Sherry Lore, Sherrie Roebuck, Robin Golden, Kim Karsten, Tammy Reitz, Vicke Vogel, Rose Wounded Arrow, Delynn Clark, Linda Strieker, Teresa Panwitz, Sandi Mockerman, Kim Weston, Willow Krause, Denise Odell, Ann Jesse, and Kelly Lynch. This year the AHS Drill Team took on the name of the Bullettes. Along with their new name, the Bullettes have made various other changes. Try-outs were held for positions on the squad. They performed at basketball games, plus wrestling matches. A new spark to their performances was the addition of top hats and canes. Officers this year were: Captain. Linda Strieker; Co-Captain, Delynn Clark; and Treasurer, Kim Weston. Mrs. Ellen Lierk sponsored the group for the first semester with Mrs. Ramona Hucke taking over second semester. 49 The Bullettes rehearse for a performance.Cattle Capital H.S. Rodeo Club The Cattle Capital High School Rodeo Club members put in many long hours and time working for the May 29 and 30 rodeo. Money making projects included: a slave auction, a raffle, and a dance. All efforts focused on the rodeo, the highlight of the year. All-Round Cowboy and All-Round Cowgirl buckles were given to the top contestants. First place prizes were Comstock buckles, second place prizes were plaques, third place prizes were saddle pads, and fourth place prizes were roping reins. Sponsoring the rodeo club this year were Mr. Ross Johnson and Miss Pam Green. Practice rodeos, combined with extra coaching tips from the sponsors, helped to make the rodeo club team a success. Active Rodeo Club members. Jack Peterson, Bob Hinton, and Bart Dye, attentively participate at a meeting. Vicke Vogel, rounding the second barrel on a good run (Courtesy of Bilby photos) Rodeo Club members arc: Tammy Reitz, Tom Lore, Kirk Rickman, Bart Dye, Diana Houston, Bob Hinton, Vicki Reitz, Jack Peterson, Susan McKinney, Reed Potmesil, Jana Leistritz, Denise Handley, Jan ct McCart, Nancy Rose, Willow Krause, Pam Fitzgerald, Linda Strick cr, Diana Weston, Deanna Handley, Kim Weston, and Wally Strieker. Kim Weston, Randy Collins, and Pam I itzgerald arc enjoying ‘The Flying Dutchman.’ J. Rodeo Club officers include: Bruce Kulas, Point Secretary; Becky McDonald, Vice-President; Vicke Vogel, Treasurer; and Willow Krause, Secretary. Not pictured: Gene Whitlock, President; and Rod Rogers, Public Relations. 50A-Club Women’s Lib invaded AHS with the unanimous vote of A-Club to include girls in the organization. Of forty-nine members, ten were female. Membership is achieved by lettering in at least one varsity sport during the year. Special events which members engaged in were the crowning of Homecoming Queen, her attendants and the A-Club banquet. They also selected Mr. and Mrs. Jay Vance as honorary members for their loyal support of all AHS sports activities. The Vances are pictured at Right with Rick Gonzalez. Sponsors for this year were: Sandy Pilfold, Pat Cullen, Brad Smith, and Bob Morris. (Courtesy of Times Herald) A-Club prospers from the support of the hungry A-Club officers are: Todd Crowder, vice-president; Jim Olson secretary-treasurer; Andy sports fans. Girard, sargent-at-arms; and Rick Gonzalez, president. President Rick Gonzalez watches over Orville Redenbacher’s popping com! A-Club members are: Roy Kuncl, Mike Willey, John Paulsen, Jeff Williams, Kirt Kosmicki, Kent Colwell, Carmen O. Knaub, Kathy Duryea, Deb Nansel, Karen Jantz, Dave McVicker, Tim Olson, Todd Crowder, Bart Briggs, Stuart Simpson, Gary Hawley, Tom Johnson, Greg Keene, Pam Klinka-cek, Lori Kulas, Brad Tittel, Dirk Simpson, Jim Olson, Kenny Willey, Ron Iossi, Kasey Kistler, Larry Nagaki, Alan Zobel, Denis Prelle, Rock Morris, Denny Walker, Keith Gardiner, Randy Phipps, Jan Spencer, Desirae Lawrence, Rick Gonzalez, Vickie Nansel, Bret Bixby, Jerry Thompson, June Pokorski, Tracy Kistler, Jim Lewis, and Andy Girard. 51Back row: Coach Dobson, Coach Cullen, Coach Johnson. Jiin Ackerman, Gene Whitlock. Bret Bi by. Andy Girard. Ron Iossi, Kascy Kist-ler. Ken Lehl, Sid Underwood. Chuck Allen. Trent Benzel, Doug Ked-cr, Tracy Kistler, Waldo Smith. Brad Schnell. and Assist. Mgr. Roger Hartwig. Second row: Bruce kulas, Tom Lore. John Paulsen. Jeff Wil- liams. Larry Nagaki, Doug Smith, Brian Rockcy, Les Handley. Tom Johnson. Blake Weisgcrbcr, Kent Green, Jeff Clark, Tim Prelle. and Assist. Mgr. Jeff Liggett, f irst row: Marc Stavropolos, Terry Girard. Mike Hood, Gerald Messersmith, Mike Willey, Rick Renteria, Greg Keene, Colin Stavropolos, and Kirk Rickman. Wrestling 76-77 This wrestling season was a respectable and enlightening one. Coach Cullen remarked, “During the season we had our ups and downs, but when it came to the end of the season, when it really counted, the guys toughened up and pulled through.” The leadership supplied by the seniors and the togetherness of the squad were the most valuable assets of this year’s team. Coach Cullen looks toward next year’s season with enthusiasm. “I hope that our younger wrestlers have learned from the seniors, take pride in themselves and will be able to fill the shoes of our graduates. Jeff Williams struggles for a pin. C ouches Cullen and Johnson show anxiety as they watch their wrestlers compete. State qualifiers are: Terry Girard, Tracy Kistler, Kasey Kistler, Andy Girard. Jeff Williams, Marc Stavropolos, and Mike Willey. 52Alliance reserve wrestler makes his final moves before pinning his opponent. TEAM VARSITY RESERVE AHS OPP AHS OPP Kimball 42 18 49 13 Chadron 38 14 39 21 Bridgeport 48 12 57 12 Valentine Invitational 3rd Sidney Tournament 6th Gering 21 25 12 45 Ogallala Invitational 3rd Scottsbluff 18 26 34 27 Gordon 45 6 41 6 Kimball Invitational 4th Sidney 15 32 26 22 Kimball Tournament 2nd Ogallala 3rd Western Conference 3rd 3rd Big Ten 7th District 2nd State 5 th (tied) State Champion Andy Girard Coach Johnson encourages his wrestler from the sidelines. Coach Pat Cullen shows a look of concern for his wrestlers. 53 Team members offer words of encouragement to teammate.Pep Club Supports Bulldogs With the help of a few members. Pep Club attempted to increase school spirit and pride by trying new ideas to boost enthusiasm. Bulldog signs were staked in front of each of the cross country, football and volleyball players’ homes at the beginning of the year. The Breakfast of Champions was held for these same athletes, along with the other homecoming festivities. Fund raising projects included a car wash, selling booster buttons, and holding sock hops with the help of Student Government. With these funds a new mascot uniform was purchased. Because of a lack of money and spirit, work was being done at the end of the year to either revise or eliminate an organized Pep Club. School Song arouses Pep Club members’ enthusiasm. 1976-1977 Pep Club Officers are: President, Amy Youngman; Vice-President, Dede DeVeny; Yell-Leader, Linda Hoppens; Treasurer, Kathy Coleman; Secretary, Robyn Garrett. Students unite in a cheer at a pep rally. 541976-77 CHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders are: 1. Gloria Flores 2. Mary Weber 3. Jan Spencer 4. Lori Dalbey 5. Ann Lewis 6. Shari Simpson 7. Connie Scott 8. Mary Hoffmann 9. Kelly JohnsonTrack members are: Rock Morris, Gary Hawley, Les Nepper, Tom Fawcett, Kent Colwell, Todd Crowder, Pam Klinkacek (student mgr.). Larry Nagaki, Brad Tittel, Ron lossi, Tom Pratt, Coach Kyser, Andy Meade, Tim Olson, Rick Patrick, Mike Willey, Mario Flores, Brent Debus, Coach Myers, Coach Nelson, Bryan Lair, Jon Briggs, Neil Hawley, Mike Peters, Ross West, Lynn Fillinger, Brian Rockey.Greg Sherlock, Marty Patrick, Tom Lawrence, Mark Tolstedt, Brian Odell, Warren Mundt, Mark Blume, Cory Hall, Bruce Heckman, and Brad Smith. Scottsbluff Relays 7th Kimball Invitational 5th Sidney Invitational 7th Gordon Invitational 5th Western Conference 6th Western Nebraska at Scottsbluff 7th Big 10 at Hastings 10th District at Scottsbluff 7th State at Omaha 16th Rock Morris strives for the finish line in the relay. Bad Weather Hampers Boys’ Track Season State qualifier, Todd Crowder, sprints to the finish. 56Lynn lillinger runs a mile on the anchor leg of the distance medley. Three members of the Alliance track team are warming up for a hard workout. Tim Olson shows the strain of the 100 yd. dash. Coach Kyser receives a strange look. Chuck Allen practices for a future meet. School record holder, Brad Tittel, Todd Crowder has a promising start in the 440. is shown in action during a tough meet. This year’s track squad was very young, but possessed a great deal of enthusiasm. The team gained valuable experience with every meet and steadily showed improvement throughout the season. Brad Tittel was the outstanding track athlete and Tim Olson was the most improved track athlete. The highlight of the year was the sending of three boys to the State Track Meet. State qualifiers were Todd Crowder, Brad Tittel, and Cory Hall. Crowder placed fourth in the 440 yard dash, Tittel palced second in the high jump, and Hall did not place in the 220 yard dash. The track team was hampered by the lack of an all-weather track. Because of the weather, the cinder track was in poor shape during most of the season. The team was relatively free of injuries except for Tracy Kistler who missed a week with pulled leg muscles and Todd Crowder who was bothered by foot problems throughout the season. Student Manager and runners prepare for upcoming events while watching teammates perform. 57Girls Run, Jump, and Hurdle Their Way to New School Records Laurie Kulas does her thing in the 440 yd. dash. Jodi Meter arches to go for the new height 80 yd. low hurdle ace, Kathy Duryea, clears in her speciality, the high jump. the last hurdle and heads for the finish. The breaking of several school records highlighted the girls’ track season. Kathy Duryea, a novice hurdler, set a record of 11.5 seconds in the 80 yd. low hurdles. Laurie Kulas’ time of 62.5 seconds in the 440 yd. dash was added to the list of record breakers along with miler, Kim Epperson’s 5:53.7 minutes and Jodi Meter’s high jump of five feet. Two relay teams left their marks on the records with times of 52.1 seconds in the 440 and 1:51.1 minutes in the 880. Although bad weather hampered practices and all members didn’t break records, the team finished towards the top in each of the seven major meets. Coach Pilfold felt the team performed well, but commented that more depth was needed in all events. Track members are: Karen Jantz, Lori Cummings, Deb Nansel, Laurie Kulas, Kathy Duryea, Desirae Lawrence, Linda Hoppens, Anita Johnson, Lori Dalbey, Renee Morris, Karen Keene, Jill Wegner, Beth Panwitz, Dana Toedtli, Jana Weed, Cindy Frank, Michelle Bilstein, Rachelle Sheldon, Maxine Kyser, Coach Pilfold, Coach Schlenker, Lisa Dalbey, Jodi Meter, Kelly Irish, Kim Epperson, Jodelle Peters, Tracy Swanson, Pam Curtiss, Eva Lloyd, Sally Kirchner, Heidi Herman, Sue Cummings, and Keri Daughtery. 58MEET PLACE SCOTTSBLUFF RELAYS 13 th KIMBALL INVITATIONAL 3rd SIDNEY INVITATIONAL 4th WESTERN CONFERENCE 3rd ALLIANCE INVITATIONAL 4th BIG TEN 10th DISTRICT 6 th Strong head winds slow down a practice run. Heidi Herman edges out her opponent. Deb Nansel reaches for distance. Desirea Lawrence follows through her throw. Duryea and Meter Make It to State Jodi Meter represented Alliance in the high jump at the state meet. She failed to place, but found that participating was an experience that she will never forget. As Jodi expressed, “Competing in the state meet was a challenging, interesting, and fun experience. 1 felt it was an honor to compete against the best jumpers in Class B and knowing that 1 was going against the best made me even more nervous. 1 found that a state meet has more competitors and spectators, and is more organized than regular meets. Most impressive of all was the competition; it was unbelievable.” State Meet Qualifiers, Jodi Meter and Kathy Duryea. Kathy Duryea earned her way to the state meet by taking second in the 80 yard low hurdles at the District meet. In order to qualify for the finals at state, she had to place first or second in her heat or have the fastest third in all of the heats. In the excitement of the race, Kathy was knocked off balance by hitting the first hurdle with her trail leg. She continued to run the race, but finished fourth in her heat. Kathy commented on the race, “I was very disappointed in my performance, but I hope I will do better next year.” 59Gun Club officers are: President, Bart Briggs; Vice-President, Mark Buskirk; Secretary-Treasurer, Terry Buskirk; and club sponsor, Keith Kyser. The 1976-77 Gun Club started its’ second year with skill and safety as major goals. Open to anyone between the ages of twelve and nineteen, members are instructed in gun safety, maintenance, and handling. After the first few weeks of learning the basics, many hours were spent practicing for accuracy. As a result, they ended the season with an impressive record by winning two matches over Scottsbluff and one over the DeMolay. Mr. Keith Kyser, Mr. Glen Fiebig, and Jim Weber acted as coaches and sponsors for the team. Gun Club Aims for Skill and Safety READY! AIM! FIRE! Bart Briggs shoots for a perfect score. 60Golf Team Has Fine Season The Alliance High Golf Team had a fine season this year. The main high point was winning the B4 District meet which qualified them for the state meet. Brook Bowhay was the most improved golfer and Jim Olson was the outstanding golfer. There were approximately 40 people on the golf team this year. The team should be strong again next year with all the state competitors returning and the loss of only a few seniors. The girl golfers did not have their own meets this year, but look forward to having their own meets next season. Team members are: (1st row) Andy Brittan, Carmen O. Knaub, Gretchen Goaley, Laurie Hoff, Janet Watson, Jim Nollette, Barb Zurn, (2nd row) Ken Jaggars, Marty Petersen, John Paulsen, Don Lampert, Brook Bowhay, Brett Dietrich, Tom Goaley, (3rd row) Joe Neeley, Jim Nagaki, Roy Kuncl, Dave Mc-Vicker, Jim Olson, Kirt Kosmicki, Mike Montague, and Coach Wayne Brown. Mike Montague, Jim Olson, Kirt Kosmicki. and Brook Bowhay compete in the state meet. Golf Coach, Wayne Brown Sidney 447 Scottsbluff 256 Western Conference 327 Kimball 329 Alliance 333 Gering 333 Big 10 338 District 320 State 348 3rd 8th 2nd 2nd 3rd 2nd 9th 1st 10th Golf members practice on the driving range. 61The seniors of’77 find themselves at the end of a climb they thought they’d never reach. Once here, they realize that upon the past years of books, tests, fun and hard work, they must build a future. Many things highlight a senior’s year; the DOUBLETAKE stirs up mixed emotions about their last year in high school, filled with memories and anticipation to the future. B S2? ■ h 3 -j j iv • • 1 1 jjmiTTY SH0IM3S -The Class of 1977 Class Officers are: President Dennie Best. Vice-President Larry Snyder, Secretary Desirae Lawrence, Treasurer Tom Fawcett. BRET B1XBY A-Club 1,3; Football 1; Wrestling 3; County Government Day 2; DFCA 2,3; FCA 1. Rodeo Club 3. COREY BLARE A-Club 3; Basketball 3; Edgemont High School; E-Club 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Football 2. SALLY BRANDI Choir 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Track 1; Y-Tcens 1,2,3; Orpheum 1; Drill Team Co-Captain 1, FCA 1. JAY BARR Football 1; Wrestling 2; DECA 2. HOWARD BEHM A-Club 2; Track 3; Cross Country 1,2. A. TRENT BENZEL Wrestling 1,2,3; Boy’s State Candidate 2; Chadron Scholastic Contest 1,2. DEBORAH K. BEST Pep Club 1,2; DECA 3. DENNIS BEST Class President 3; DECA 2,3. 64Leaders, Friends, Achievers CONNIE BURESH CAROLYN BURTON Band 1,2,3; Choir 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1; Drill Team 1,2; All School Musical 1; DECA 2,3, State Convention 2,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3. KURT BUTZINE Golf 1,2; Annual Staff 2; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3. BRECK CHIPPEREIELD Band 1,2; Choir 1,2; Swing Choir 2; Pep Band 1,2; Stage Band 1,2; DECA 2,3; Art Club 2,3. DELYNN CLARK Band 2; Choir 2,3; Swing Choir 3; Pep Gub 3; I FA 3, Sweetheart 3, State Conv. 3; Drill Team Co-Captain 3. KATHRYN ANNE COLEMAN Choir 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2, Treas. 3; Y-Teens 1, Cabinet 2,3, Orpheum 1,2,3; Jr. Class Play 2; Thespians 3; All School Musical 1,3; Thespian Play 3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 2. DEB CORDELL Choir 1,2; Pep Club 1; DECA 3. MICHAEL J. COX TAMERA SUE COX Choir 2; Pep Club 2; SPUD Staff 1; Y-Teens 2, Orpheum 1; Jr. Class Play 1; Drill Team 1; DECA 1, State Conven. 1 MOIRA CREMIN Pep Club 1,2,3; Y-Teens 2,3; Drill Team 2; DECA 3. JOHN DAFNEY Choir 1,2,3; Class Treas. 1; County Gov’t Day; All School Musical 1: DECA 1,2,3. DEDE DEVENY Choir 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2, V. Pres. 3; Y-Teens 1, Cabinet 2, Secretary 3, Orpheum 2,3; Jr. Class Play 2; Student Gov’t. 3; All School Musical 3. 65We Write Our Own Destiny VICTOR DEWITT VIVIAN DEWITT Art Club 2. THOMAS J. DITSCH EARL DOYLE Chess Club 2. LYNDA DUGGER Pep Club 1,3; Library Assistant 1,2. VICKI LYNN DURYEA Choir 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; Track 1; Girl's Volleyball 1,2; Y-Teens 2,3 Cabinet 1; German Club 1,2; DECA 2,3; FCA 1. RON EWING Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; SPUD 3. THOMAS W. FAWCETT Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 1,2,3; SPUD 2, Asst. Editor 3; Class Treasurer 3; Boy's State Alternate 2; National Honor Society 2,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3; Band I; Pep Band 1,2. EDWARD FESTER BART DYE Wrestling 1; Rodeo Club 1,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 1. TERRY EMBREE CHERYL ESSEX Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Pep Club 1, 2,3; Track 1; Y-Teens 1,2,3 Orpheum 1, 2,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3. 66We Become What We Do. Madame Chiang Kai-Shek GLEN A. FIEBIG Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Cross Country 1,2,3; Boys State; State Music Clinic 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Chad-ron Scholastic Contest 1,2,3; District Contest Solo 1,2,3; Hastings Honor Band 3; Gun Club 3, Vice Pres. 2; Regent Scholarship 3;Chadron Music Clinic 1,2, 3. GLENN FILLINGER Chess Club 1; Art Club 2, Vice Pres., Treas. 3; Board of Trustees Scholarship 3. PAM FITZGERALD Band 1; Choir 1,3; Pep Band 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; Y-Tcens 1,2; Drill Team 1,2; Rodeo Club 3. GLORIA FLORES Pep Club 1,2,3; Reserve Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; County Government Day 2; Prom Queen 3. GRACE FLORES Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Pep Club 1, 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Cabinet 1,2,3; Orpheum 1,2,3; DECA 2,3. MONICA FRANK Senior class speaker, Keith Gardiner Howdy! Who, me? Des, June, and Jodi listen closely as Coach Yost talks about the last basketball game 67We Do Not Remember Days, KEITH GARDINER A-Club 3; Football 3; Wrestling 1; Orpheum Emcee 3; Boy’s State Candidate; District Speech Contest 2, State 3; County Gov’t. Day; Thespians 3; Musical 3; Prom Attendent 3; Class Speaker 3. ROBYN LYNETTE GARRETT Choir 1, Librarian 2; Swing Choir 2,3; Pep Club 1,2, Secretary 3; Girls’ Volleyball 1; Y-Teens 1,2, Orpheum 1,2; Drill Team 2; Musical 1; DECA 2; Chadron Scholastic Contest 1,3. JACK GARTON Chardron Scholastic Contest 2. DAV1 GIIS Basketball 1,2; lootball 1,2; Track 1,2; Golf 1,2; I CA 1,2; Oiadron Scholastic Contest 2,3. ANDY GIRARD A-Club 1,2 Sergeant at Arms 3; W restling 1.2, State Champ 3; Track 3; Cross County 2; County Gov't. Day; Pep Club Boyfriend Attendent 3; Prom Attendent 3. RICK GONZALEZ Choir 1,2,3; Stage Band 1,2.3; A-Club 2, Sergeant at Arms 2. Pres. 3; l ooball 1, 2,3; C ounty Gov’t. Day; Junior Gass Vice-Pres.; Track 1,2,3; I CA I. 68We Remember Moments Cesare Pavese KATHY GORIN DEC A 3. JANE GREEN Band Librarian 1,2,3; Stage Band 1,2,3; Swing Choir 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3; Thespian 2, Sec.-Treas. 3; Thespian Play 2,3; District Music Contest 2,3; Best Supporting Actress 2; Chadron Music Clinic 1,2,3; Hastings Honor Band Alternate 2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Y-Tecns 1, 2; Orpheum 1,2,3; Jr. Class Play 2; State Music Clinic 3; All School Musical 1,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3. RICK GUTHRIE El Cajon High: Swimming 1; Wrestling 1, 2. JOYCE HAGLER Y-Teens 2,3; DECA 3; Ogallala High: Art Club 1,2. KIM HALCOMB Basketball 2; Y-Teen Orpheum 3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3; Art Club 3; Sterling, Colo.: Spanish Club 1. RICHARD HARDY Art Club. ROBERT HARDY Boys State Candidate; National Honor Society 2,3; Chess Club 3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 2,3; History Student of the Year 2; Biology Student of the Year 2; El Paso, Texas: National Honor Society 1; Chess Club 1. DEBRA DENISE HARTWIG Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1; Y-Teen Orpheum 1; DECA 3. DAVID HERNANDEZ BOB HINTON Wrestling 1; I FA 3; Rodeo Club 1,2,3. CINDY HOFF MAN Spud Staff 1; Art Club 1. MARY BETH HOFFMANN Band 1,2, Sec. 3; Choir 1,2; Swing Choir 1,2,3: Stage Band 1,2,3: Pep Band 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2, Varsity Cheerleader 3; Stu. Gov’t 1,2, Sec. 3; Y-Teens 1, Cabinet 2, 3, Orpheum 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2; Track 1; Prom Chairman; Thespians 2,3; Thespian Play 2,3; Jr. Class Play; Chadron Scholastic Contest 1; Musical 1,3; Who’s Who of America Among Music Students 2,3; Elks Scholarship Winner; Nebr. All-State Band 3; Hastings Honor Band 3; District Music Contest 1,2,3. 69The Tears and Joys We Have Shared ms LINDA HOPPENS Pep Club 1,2, Yell Leader 3; Track 1,2, 3; Basketball 2; Volleyball 1; Y-Teens 1 2,3, Cabinet 2,3, Orpheum 1,2,3; Chad-ron Scholastic Contest 3. JOY HOUSER Choir 3; Spud Staff 3; DECA 2,3. PATTY HOWELL Choir 1,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2, 3; Drill Team 1; Art Club 3. BETH IRISH 3and 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Sasketball 2; Y-Teen Orpheum 1; DECA 1. CHRISTAL IRON ROPE Pep Club 2; Drill Team 2; Library Assistant 3. EDMUND C. JENSEN KELLY ELIZABETH JOHNSON Band 1.2: Pep Band 1,2; Pep Club 1, Reserve Cheerleader 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3; Volleyball 1; Annual Staff 3; Y-Teens 3, Cabinet 1,2, Orpheum 3; Sophomore Class Sec.; Student Gov’t. 3; Girl’s State Alternate; County Gov’t. Day; National Honor Society 2,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3; Board of Trustees Scholarship; Elks Scholarship. MIKE JOHNSON VICKIE RAPP KEANE Choir 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1; DECA 2, Vice-President 3. ANN JESSE Choir 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Spud Staff 3; Y-Teens 1; Drill Team 1,2,3; Rodeo Club 1,2,3; Art Club 2; 1st Runner-up FFA Sweetheart 1975. RON JIMERSON DECA 3. ANITA MARIE JOHNSON Choir 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Track 2, Stu. Manager 3; Spud Staff 3; Y-Teens 1, Cabinet 2,3, Orpheum 1,2; Drill Team 1; Musical 1,3; Rodeo Club 1; Music Contest 1,2,3. 70Have Made Us What We Are TRACY KISTLER Choir 1,2,3; Swing Choir 1; A-Club 1,2, 3; Eootball 1,2,3: Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3: Jr. Class Play; Soph. Class Play; Musical 1,3; FCA 1,2; 3-D Award; Athlete of the Year. WILLOW ANN KRAUSE Band 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Pep Band 1; Y-Teens 1,3, Cabinet 2; Drill Team 1,3, Co-Capt. 2; Rodeo Club 2, Sec. 3; District Music Contest 1,2,3; Nat. Honor Society 3. BRUCE ANTHONY KULAS Wrestling 1,2,3; FFA l,Treas. 2, Pres. 3; FLA State Conv. 2,3; FFA Nat. Conv. 3; FCA 1: Rodeo Club 1, V. Pres. 2, Pt. Sec. 3; Prom King 3; Monsignor McDonald Sportsmanship Award. DESIRAE LAWRENCE Volleyball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Basketball 3; Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class Secretary; A-Club 3; Band 1,3, Sec. 2; District Music Contest 1,2,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Rodeo Club 1,2; County Government Day; 3-D Award; Athlete of the Year. JAMES PAUL LEWIS A-Club 3; Basketball 2,3; Football 3; Y-Teen Orpheum 2, Emcee 3; Junior Class Play 2,3; County Government Day; Thespian Society 2, Vice Pres. 3; Musical 3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3; Pep Club Boyfriend. JOHN LOOSER SHERRY LORE Pep Club 3; Y-Teens 1,2, Orpheum 1; Drill Team 1,2,3; DECA 2,3; State DEC A Conv. 3. HOW ARD McCALL Band 1,2; Choir 1, V. Pres. 2; Swing Choir 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Football 1,2; Jr. Class Play; Thespian Society 3, Student Director of Play 3; District One Acts 2,3; District Speech Contest 2,3, Title Roll 3; Thespians 2,3; Musial 2,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3; Chadron All-Star Music Clinic 2,3. BECKI JOHNSON McDONALD FFA 1,2, V. Pres. 3; County Gov. Day; DECA 3; Rodeo Club 2; V. Pres. 3; Nat. FFA Conv. 3; Dist. FFA Contest 2; FFA State Conv.; Class Speaker 3. MITCH LAMM Choir 1,2,3; Swing Choir 2; Basketball 2; Spud Staff 3: Y-Teen Orpheum 2,3: District One Acts 3; District Speech Contest 3; County Gov. Day; Thespian Society 3; Musical 1,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3; Thespian Play 3; Journalist of the Year; Quill Scroll. MELINDA COBLE LANCEY St. Agnes: Choir 1,2: Pep Club 1,2; GAA 1,2; Track I; Volleyball 1,2; County Gov. Day; Library Assistant 2. RICHARD LANDGREN 71Friends Are Something david McDonald susan mckinney Choir 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Annual Staff 1,2; Y-Teens 1; Drill Team 1.2; Rodeo Cub 1,2,3. CINDY KOOZER MASON Choir 3; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1. SHARON MATULA Band 1; Choir 1,2; Pep Band 1; Stage Band 1; Pep Club 1,3; Track Std. Mgr. 1; Y-Teens 1,2,3, Orpheum 1,2,3; DECA 3; Co-Treas. 2. JEI I ERY MEADE Golf 2,3; Annual Staff 2; Quill Scroll 2,3, Honorary Member 2; Jr. Class Play; Thespian 2,3; Thespian Play 2,3; Dist. One Acts 2,3; Best Supporting Actor of 1975; Chess Club 1; Chadron Scholastic Contest 1.3; Art Club 2,3; State One Acts 2,3; Outstanding Artist 3. TANA ANN METER Choir 1,2, Pres. 3; Swing Choir 2.3; Pep Club 1,3, Reserve Cheerleader 2; Y-Teens 2,3; Musical 1. KATHY MONTGOMERY ROBYN MORRIS DECA 3; Pep Club 3; Waverly High; Pep Club 1,2; Junior Representative. DEBRA MUNDT Choir 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Annual Staff 2. DAVID MUNGER I I A 1,2,3. VICKIE NANSLL Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1.2,3; Pep Club 1, 2,3; A-Club 3; Volleyball 1.2,3; Y-Teens Cabinet 1,2,3, Orpheum 1,2,3; Thespian Play 3; Experimental One Acts 1; Jr. Class Sec.; Std. Gov. 1,2,3; Soph. Class Senator, V. Pres. 2, Cabinet 3; Majorette; Girl State; District Speech Contest 2.3; State Speech Contest 2,3; Thespian Society 2,3; Homecoming At-tendent 3; Co-Captain 3, All Western Conference Volleyball 3. JOE NEELEY Golf 3. 72We Never Forget LESLIE NEPPER A-Club 2; Track 1,2.3; Cross Country 1, 2,3; Spud Staff 2. DIANNE NIELSEN Choir 1,2, V. Pres. 3; Swing Choir 1,2,3; Pep Gub 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1, Treas. 2, Pres. 3, Cabinet 1,2,3, Orpheum 1,2,3; Stud. Gov. Senator 2, Treas. 3; State Music Clinic 3; Musical l,3;Chadron Scholastic Contest 2; District Music Contest 1,2,3; Hastings Honor Choir 2,3; All Star Chorus 3; Chadron Swing Festival 2,3. SUSAN OLSON Pep Club 1,2,3; Annual Staff 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Student Gov. Senator 1; County Gov. Day; Chadron Scholastic Contest 1, 2,3; Msgr. McDonald Award in Shorthand. TO LORI Time and space mean nothing With friends as close as we. You’re still with us always Just like it used to be. We'll cling to the memories And friendship that we shared; Our hopes, our plans, our secrets And how much we always cared. We hope that peace and happiness Are the things that you have found. We miss you more than you could know, And wish you were around. And things will be the same When we're back together again We'll begin again where we left olf Together Forever Friends. Kelly Johnson 73We Will Always Hold These JUNEILENEPOKORSKI Pep Cub 1,2,3: A-Cub 3; Basketball 2, 3; Golf 3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Annual Staff 3; Y-Teens 1, Cabinet 2; Thespians 2,3; FCA 1; Homecoming Attendant 3; Volleyball All-Tourney Team 2,3; Volleyball Western Conference 2,3; Senior Volleyball Award. BRUCE PORTER DELINA PRELLE Band 2,3; Orchestra 1; Pep Band 3; Stage Band 2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 3; Drill Team 2; All State Orchestra 3; Musical 1,2. JACK PETERSON Football 1; Class Officer, Pres. 1; Student Government 1,2; National Honor Society 2; Library Assistant 2; Rodeo Gub 1, Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Judson High; Lettermans Club. ROBERTA PHILLIP Choir 3; Spud Staff 2, Editor 3. RANDALL PHIPPS A-Club 3; Football 3; Wrestling 3; Track 3; FCA 3; Lakewood High School, Lake-wood. Colo.: Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Baseball 1,2; L-Club. TAMMY REITZ Choir 1,2,3; Swing Choir 3; Pep Club 1, 2,3; Annual Staff 2,3; Y-Teens 1, Orpheum 1; FFA 3; Drill Team 1,2,3; Musical 1; Rodeo Club 1,2,3; State FFA Choir 3; Quill Scroll 3. DEB REEH Choir 1; Basketball 2; DECA 3; State DECA Convention Award Winner 3. 74Days Close to Our Hearts SHERRIE ROEBUCK ROD RODGERS Football 1; Wrestling 1,2,3; FFA 1,2, State Convention 2; Rodeo Club 1,2,3. NANCY ROSE Choir 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2; Drill Team 1,2; Musical 3; Rodeo Club 3. DAVID SCHOMMER CONNIE SUE SCOTT Pep Club 1,2, Varsity Cheerleader 3; Track 1; Y-Teens 1; Childrens Theater 1. JUDITH MARLENE SCRMENO ESCOBAR Pep Club 3; Y-Teens 3, Orpheum 3; Musical 3; AFS Student From El Salvador. SALLY JO RUSK Band 3; Pep Band 3; Spud Staff 3, Reporter 3; Edgemont, South Dakota; German Club 2; Band 1,2; Choir 1,2; One Act Play 2; FTA 1,2. TAMISAKATA KERRY SCHAFFERT Choir 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Y-Teen Orpheum 1,2; Musical 1. TIM SHERLOCK Golf 1;DECA3. TED SHREWSBURY Rodeo Club 1,2. TACY LEE SIMPSON Band 1,2, Treas. 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Track 1; Annual Staff 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3, Orpheum 1,2; Drill Team 1,2. 75The Lessons Which We Have Learned Here ROBYN SMITH Pep Club 1,2,3; Spud Staff 3; Y-Teens 1; DECA 2,3. LARRY J. SNYDER Choir 1; Football 2; Sr. V. Pres.; Musical 1; DECA 3. JAN ELLEN SPENCER Choir 1; Swing Gioir 1; Pep Club 1, Reserve Varsity Cheerleader; A-Club 3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Annual Staff 3; Y-Teens 1, Cabinet 2, Orpheum 1,3; Soph. V. Pres.; Std. Council Sen. 1,2, Pres. 3; Nat. Honor Society 2,3; Musical 1; F'CA 1; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3; Art Club V. Pres. 2, Sec. 3; Anat. Physiol. Award 2, Math 1; MSGR McDonald Award in Spanish 1. JOYCE SPENCER Band 1,2; Choir 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; Pep Club 1,2, Pt. Sec. 3; Track 1; Spud Staff 3; Y-Teens 1.2.3; Drill Team 1.2: DI ( A 2,3. KEITH STRICKER l ootball 2; Track 2; County Gov. Day. LINDA STRICKER Oioir 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Annual Staff 2, 3; Drill Team 1,2. Capt. 3: Rodeo Club 3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3. DARYL SULZBACH Football 1; Wrestling 1; FI A 1,2; Reporter 3; Rodeo Club 1,2; Chadron Scholastic 1,3. NORMAN SWARD LYNN SWESEY Band 1,2,3; Girl State Candidate; Nat. Honor Society 2,3; Chadron Scholastic Contest 1,3; District Music Contest 2,3; DAR Good Citizen 3. AARON TAYLOR I I A 1; DECA 3. RON TAYLOR Orchestra 1; Football 1; Musical 1. JERRY THOMPSON A-Club 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Football 1,2, 3: Honorable Mention 3; Big 10 Western Conference 3; Student Mgr. 1. 76Will Be a Part of Us Always TARRY UNDERWOOD DECA 3. MARK VEJRASKA Band 1,2. Pres. 3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Stage Band 1,2,3; Wrestling 1; Track 1; County Gov. Day; Chadron Scholastic Contest 2, 3; Chadron All-Star Music Clinic 2; Society of Distinguished American High School Std. 3. TAMMY KAY VOGEL Choir 3; Spud Staff 3; Drill Team 2; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3. JONIE TODD JODI TOEDTLI Choir 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Spud Staff 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; County Gov. Day; DECA 2,3. KIM TOLSTEDT Pep Club 1; Rodeo Club 1,2, Sec. Treas. 2; Chadron Scholastic Contest 3. VICKE LYNN VOGEL Pep Club 1,2,3; Track 1; Annual Staff 3; Y-Tccns 1; Drill Team 1,2,3, Capt. 2; Girl State Candidate 2; Rodeo Club 1,2, Trcas. 3; Art Club 3; General Mills Award 3; Board of Trustees Scholarship 3; Honorable Mention in Math 1; Honorable Mention in Drill Team 2; Nat. Honor Society 3. Seniors finally find a need to study. “Cheese! 77The place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. Ivy Baker Priest MONTE JAY WEISGERBER Wrestling 2; SPUD Ad Manager 1; Quill Scroll Hon. Mention 1; Y-Teen Orpheum 1; DECA 2, Treas. 3; Chess Club 2. KIM WESTON Choir 2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Y-Tecns 1,2; Drill Team 1,2, Treas. 3; Rodeo Club 1, 2,3. CINDY WILKINS Choir 3; Pep Gub 2,3; Rodeo Club 2; Holdregc; Choir 1, Pep Gub 1. NANCY WILLEY Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Pep Club 1, 2,3; Y-Teens 1; DECA 3. KATHY WILLIAMS Band 1,3, Treas. 2, Pep 1,2,3, Stage 1,2, 3; Choir 1,3, Sec-Trcas. 2; Swing Choir 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2, Pnt. Sec. 3; Y-Teen Cabt. 1,3, V-Pres. 2, Orph. 1,2,3; Jr. Play 2; Exp. One Acts 1; Class Pres. 2; Cnty. Gov’t; Thespians 2,3; AHS Musical 3; Hastings Honor Choir 2; All-Star Music Clinic 2,3; Homecoming Queen 3; Who’s Who Among Am. Music Students 2; Dist. Music Cont. 1,2,3; Outstanding Teen Citizen 2. GARY WOLLIN Band 1; SPUD 2,3; DECA 2,3. BRAD WOODS Choir 1; Basketball 1; Football 1; Track 1,2; DECA 3; School Rifle Gub 1,3. SHERRY LEIGH WORTH Band 1; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1. ROSE WOUNDED ARROW Choir 3; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2; Drill Team 2,3; Art Club 3. ALTHEA M. YOUNGMAN Pep Club 1,2, Pres. 3; Thespians Sec.-Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Annual 2, Editor 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; National Honor Society 2, 3; Quill Scroll 2,3; AHS Musical 1,3; Dist. One Acts 2,3, State 2, Best Actress 2; Thespian Play 2, Stu. Director 3; Girl State Cand. 2; Choir 1,2; Dist. Speech Cont. 2,3; ITS Scholarship 3; Thespian Best Actress 2. JODI LYNN ZELLAHA Choir 1; Pep Club 1,2; Basketball 2,3; Y-Teens 1; Library Assistant 3. I RED ZLOMKE County Government Day 2. 78Class Speakers: Keith Gardiner and Becky McDonald Class Flower: Red Rose. Class Colors: Burgundy and white Class Motto: “Do not follow where the path leads, rather, go where there is no path and leave a trail.” Class Song: “So Long My Friend,” by Baby, and sung by Delynn Clark, Tana Meter, Dianne Nielsen, and Kathy Williams. Saxophone Solo by Jane Green 79Prom: “Pieces of April” Prom Royalty includes: 2nd attendants, Andy Girard and Desirae Lawrence; 1st attendants, Keith Gardiner and Dede DeVeny; and Queen Gloria Flores and King Bruce Kulas. Prom servers are Sandra Suetsugu, Stephanie Simpson, and Laurie Lawrence. Prom Chairman, Sue Schadwinkcl 8081Underclassmen The sophomores and juniors contribute their share of work and play to the halls of AMS. During these two years their attention is focused towards Junior-Senior Prom. The juniors find themselves in the middle of plans and the sophomores, wondering what they’re going to do next year. The DOUBLETAKE of the underclassmen is full of beginnings and the security of a few more years in high school.Class of ‘78’ Takes a Step Forward from Sophomores to the Responsibilities of Being Juniors! Debbie Ackerman Janies Ackerman Brenda Adamson Jerry Alvarado Paula Ashley Randy Benda Janelle Bilstein Brad Blumanthal Roxann Blumenthal Rebecca Brandt Barrett Briggs Rebecca Brungard Martin Burney Dale Burton Terry Buskirk Randy Cassel Eugene Charles Dwight Chipperfield Kevin Christensen Rick Clark Diane Cole 84Randy Collins Cindy Colson Kent Colwell Ryan Covalt Juniors Add Quality and Quantity to School in Areas from Academics to Sports Warren Crawford Todd Crowder Lori Cummings Lori Dalbey Brett Dietrich Kevin Drummond Kathy Duryea Alan Dye Brenda Edgar Rock Edwards Scott Edwards Randy Ellis Kirk Estrada Diane Ettle Lee Ann Fiebig Lynn Fillinger Sally Flint Mary Fowler Greg Fritzler 85Max Galyen Dawn Gertsch Gretchen Goaley Marina Gorin Linda Hall Sonja Hartwig Gary Hawley The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Juniors Are Hard Workers and Involved Club Members! Tom Heckman Mike Hessheimer Mike Higgens Carole Hood Ronnie Iossi Karen Jantz David Jensen Renee Jinks Eddie Johnson Lorie Johnson Kasey Kistler Carmen Knaub Virginia Kohler Janet Koozer 86Kim Shannon displays her artistic skill on the blackboard. Dave Kowalski Scott Kozal Jon Kramer Cheryl Krejci Kevin Krohn Laurie Kulas Roy Kuncl Jim Lamb Nancy Langner David Lawrence Jana Leistritz Planning for Prom Is an Important Part of One’s Junior Year. 87Richard Mann Scott Mehring Rock Morris Larry Nagaki Deb Nansel Pat Panowicz Angie Panwitz Rod Parker Robert Patino Marty Patrick “Now come on, Kevin, this won’t hurt. Rick Novotny Jim O’Leary Jim Olson Tim Olson Fun and Frustrations Come Hand in Hand During the Junior’s Year Dawn Pebley Tammy Peters Mona Peterson Kim Porter Reed Potmesil Denis Prelie Dennis Ringleman Bruce Robbins Sheryl Roberts Pam Roebuck 88Sue Schandwinkel Jim Schaffer Sherry Schaffer! Deb Schoneman Becki Seidler Kim Shannon Tom Sherlock Dirk Simpson Shari Simpson Stuart Simpson Cadence gets the band moving. Rose Marie Snyder Marc Stavropoulos Lori Studt Debby Thompson Sonja Thomsen Juniors Prepare for College by Taking the ACT Tests. Brad Tittel Marla Todd Chris Toedtli Lori Underwood Mark Vallejo 89Juniors Now Long for That Title of “High and Mighty” Seniors Lori Vogel Val Vogel Bob Walker Dennis Walker Janet Watson Mary Weber Blake Weisgerber Brenda West Gene Whitlock Kenny Willey Robert Williams Janet Wills Jan Wilson Dan Zitterkopf Alan Zobel 90Jim Ackerman expresses a look of satisfaction as he completes his work. Who makes prank phone calls? A tough day at the track for Brad Tittel The Junior class began their hectic schedule the minute the doors were opened to start the year. Besides being active in all of the various organizations, highlights included: County Government, taking first in the Y-Teen Orpheum and Junior-Senior Prom. While Juniors displayed a wide range of interests and talents, all looked forward to becoming seniors. Kathy Duryca serves ball to opposing team. Denis Prelie types a last minute news story. Junior class sponsors, Miss Pilfold and Mr. Cullen 91Chuck Allen Brit Barnett Tory Beck Meredith Becker Carl Benzel Kevin Benzel The Sophomore Class Starts a Year of New Beginnings Rodney Blakeman Lonny Blare Deb Bolek Brook Bowhay Jerry Brandt Marianne Buskirk Mark Buskirk Ricky Cassel Peggy Charles Greg Christensen Bill Christie David Clark Celeste Cole Dale Collins Cheri Covalt Terry Crofutt Lisa Dalbey Brent Debus Lori Deford Betsy Ditsch Debra M. Dubray Debra R. Dubray Susan Dugger Charlene Edwards Shelli Ellis Kim Epperson Robyn Essex 92Keith Estrada Gail Fawcett Ron Fester For all your days prepare, And meet them ever alike: When you are the anvil, bear- When you are the hammer, strike. Edwin Markham Barb Fillinger Carol Finkey Mario Flores Mark Forsstrom James Fraedrich Lori Galyen Sophomores and Find New Classes, New Teachers, New Subjects Challenging Alan Gardiner Terry Garton Jane Goff Robin Golden Jeff Gonzalez Cindy Gould Kent Green Ramon Greggs Warren Hagler Cory Hall Leslie Handley Rhonda Hansen Jodi Hart Roger Hartwig Randy Hashman Heidi Herman Rudy Hernandez Tom Hoffman Mike Hood Brian Hooper Diana Houston Jacki Howell Terri Hudgin Ken Jaggers Julie Jensen Cheryl Jines Darrell Johnson Sharon Johnson Tom Johnson Kim Karsten 93Jim Johnson takes a load off his feet. Doug Keder Greg Keene Pam Klinkacek Virgil Kohler Patty Kollars Kirt Kosmicki Peggy Kraft Mike Kramer Mike Krause Don Lampert Natalie Lauer Laurie Lawrence Teresa Leachman Tom Liberg Jeff Liggett Sheri Long Shelly Lore Tom Lore Bruce Lundy Kelly Lynch Julie McNeil Aurora Magdaleno I rances Mart Cheryl Maxwell Andy Meade Gerald Messersmith Jodi Meter Sandi Mockerman Verla Moss Warren Mundt Jim Nagaki Robert Nason Deb Nelson Sophomores Find Scheduling a New Responsibility 94Kirk Nelson Jim Nollette Kelly Nunn Brian Odell Denise Odell Steven O’Leary Kurt Olson Teresa Panwitz Rick Parish Efrian Patino Froilan Patino Rick Patrick John Paulsen Jodell Peters Marty Petersen Kelly Piihl Open the door for your Mystery Date-Meredith Becker. ’79ers Begin to Work Towards Becoming Future Leaders of A.H.S. Rrr ring-Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble Chris Porter Mike Prelle Jim Reif Vicki Reitz Rick Renteria Kirk Rickman Brian Rockey Marlene Rose Tracy Sakata Terrie Sams Mike Schefcik Dan Schommer 95Janet Schommer Sue Seebohm Greg Sherlock Stephanie Simpson John Smith Penny Smith Waldo Smith Ed Sowders Colin Stavropoulos Laurie Strieker Sandi Suetsugu Polly Sullivan Leo Sutton Dan Sydow Linda Tapscott Tod Thies Tina Tittel Pat Toedtli Mark Tolstedt Bret Tschacher Cindy Tschacher Sid Underwood Sophomores Begin Making Possible Plans for Their Future Vocations Rod Vogel Beth Vejraska Debbie Walgren John War Bonnett Jana Weed Diana Weston Mike Willey Jeff Williams Laurie Wright Dan Woodworth Mike Yates Barb Zurn 96Brian saws his way through his problems. lintertainment is provided in the lounge. Mr. Crowder secs that the sophomores are given a good meal. The sophomore class joined the ranks of the student body last fall with high expectations in their new roll as high school students. The class of ’79 faced new teachers, new classes, and new responsibilities. Since no moneymaking projects were needed, the necessity for having class officers was eliminated. Through their active participation in other school activities, the sophomore class became an influential part of Alliance High. I still have all those books left! Rick demonstrates a new talent in the gym. Warren, Jane, and Sue mix study with socialization. 97 Academics Although a large portion of time is used for extra activities, the main purpose of any school is to instruct and to prepare students for the future. The various departments are all geared to teach students the basics and, sometimes, the “not-so-basic basics.” Different courses and approaches attempt to keep the learning experience interesting and enjoyable. But the greatest advantage to learning at AHS is the faculty. They make the difference between learning just to learn, and enjoyable learning. Exciting and boring classes, tests and teachers are all part of the academic DOUBLE-TAKE. —ACADEMICS To keep Alliance High School running efficiently required the daily efforts of the office staff. Principal Don Crowder kept charge of the operations of secretaries, Mrs. Barb Dietrich and Ms. Lynn Dykes. The staff was joined by Mr. Robert Morris, who served as the new activities director. Every day, students relied on these people, and their valuable services were greatly appreciated. Barb Dietrich Don Crowder Robert Morris The Main Office Keeps AHS Going Guidance Counselors Aid Students Mr. Reno works with students in the reading lounge. Miss Christensen helps Theodora Liakos with her ACT. Bill Reno Bill Podraza Jim Roche Mary 1 rongillo The guidance department aided students with daily problems, test registrations, college preparation and scheduling throughout the year. Counselors included: Miss Mary Frongillo, resource, Mr. Jim Roche, law enforcement, Dr. Bill Podraza, school psychologist, and Mr. Bill Reno who joined the staff this year as department head. They and the guidance team teachers made school life easier. 100Administration Works Behind the Scenes The 1977 School Board Dr. Jaggers, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Goff, Mr. Lawrence, Dr. Segrist, and Mrs. Curtiss Mr. Petersen, Superintendent of Schools Mr. Duryea, Business Manager Although few students realized it, all year long the school board members and administrative personnel were working behind the scenes to help provide the students with a better education. In the Administrative Building, Mr. Bob Duryea, the school business manager; Mr. Martin Petersen, Superintendent of Schools; Mr. Lyle Newman, community education director- the secretarial staff; and Mrs. Dixie Bloom bookkeeper, controlled the complex system which kept the school running smoothly. The 1977 School Board officers were: President Wayne Goff, Vice President Dr. John Segrist and Treasurer Bob Duryea. The other three School Board members were: Mr. Archie Lawrence, Mrs. Sherrie Curtiss, and Dr. Richard Jaggers. Special recognition goes to Dr. Raymond Olson. He served on the School Board for thirteen years and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you, Dr. Olson Mr. Newman, Community education Director Mrs. Ruth Sanchez, Mrs. Dixie Bloom, Mrs. Carol Brown, and-Mrs. Sharon Bowman. 101Ogallala and Alliance council members exchange ideas. The 1976-77 Student Council played an important part in uniting the various groups of AHS. Mass meetings for officers of the different clubs were held in an attempt to improve the relationship among students. As a result of these meetings. Student Council co-sponsored an FFA dance and financially aided Pep Club by giving them sponsorship of the sock hops. The council also sponsored the annual Homecoming dance, maintained the student lounge and issued a number of financial and scholastic scholarships. The council inaugurated not only events but also items. The old tradition of a Homecoming parade was regained. New happenings included the Ogallala exchange trip and Morp, which was a dance to unite AHS and St. Agnes students. They also purchased new games for the student lounge, an inscribed mat and a water cooler for the upper hall. The Student Lounge foosball machine is a regular pastime. Council members express their talent at the Y-Teen Orpheum. Student Council Acts As an Intermediary Student Council members are: Mr. Reno, sponsor, Jan Spencer, Todd Crowder, Rick Gonzalez, Mary Hoffmann, Jeff Williams, Dianne Nielsen, Dede DeVeny, Kelly Johnson, Jim Olson, Cory Hall, Larry Nagaki, Tim Olson, Brian Rockey, Vickie Nansel, Kent Colwell. Student Council officers are: Todd Crowder, Vice-President; Mary Hoffmann, Secretary; Dianne Nielsen, Treasurer; Jan Spencer, President. 102James McDermott Math Adds Up Leonard Hartman Nancy Langncr and Bob Williams concentrate on their math problems. The Mathematics program offered a variety of classes, ranging from Consumer Mathematics to Math Analysis. The student in Consumer Mathematics used basic math to solve situations and problems of everyday life. Advanced Algebra and Geometry allowed students to further develop their basic concepts of math. Math Analysis was oriented for a student desiring to do more then just scratch the surface of mathematics. It was an excellent preparation for college mathematics. The Math department strives to meet the needs and interest of all students. Mr. Hawk offers needed assistance to Ron Ewing. Mr. Hartman shows visible proof of a geometric problem. 103You Gotta Have Art Debra Dowling Tom Bibbey To escape the daily routine of school and life, you gotta have art. Various forms of choir, band, and art provided this escape for the students at AHS. Under the direction of Mr. Tom Bibbey, stage, pep, marching, and concert bands were offered for those who enjoy instrumental music. For students vocally inclined, choir was available in boys’, girls’ and mixed choruses. Swing Choir provided a chance for members to sing as well as dance. Mrs. Debra Dowling directed all of the choirs. Mr. Larry Mannlein instructed art students in pottery, plaster casting, acrylic and water painting. Besides personal projects, members of the art classes contributed to the appearance of the school by painting murals throughout the building. All in all, art in any form contributes to making life more exciting and school more bearable. It takes a steady hand to glaze a pot. Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song and all about you will be beauty. Navajo Song 104Bill Furman Phil Schweitzer History Is a Thing of the Past Ellen Christensen The look of a true scholar Mr. Schweitzer’s students attack assignments with different degrees of enthusiasm. Ellen Lierk Sid Miller History is a “thing of the past”, but social sciences are very much “of today”. Through classes such as politics, economics, modern problems, American Government and civic responsibilities, students keep on top of the present and prepare for the future, while world and American History provide an opportunity to study yesterday’s happenings. By offering courses on the study, survey, and research levels, a student can choose the degree of study which best suits his ability. Social sciences combined with history provide AHS students not only a variety of subjects, but also a challenge. 105These DECA members attended the State Convention. Robyn Morris prepares a model for display. Distributive Education Clubs of America DECA Club officers are: Jay Wcisgerber, Vickie Rapp Keene, Marla Todd, Lori Underwood, Carolyn Burton, and Rhonda Frohman. DECA members arc: Carolyn Burton, Robyn Morris, Kathy Gorin, Jodi Toedtli, Laurie Kulas, Lori Underwood, Rhonda Dempsey, Mary Fowler, Joyce Spencer, Jan Wilson, Deb Hartwig, Moira Cremin, Tami Cox, Joy Houser, Tami Sakata, Sonja Hartwig, Jana Lcistritz, Marla Todd, Val Vogel, Deb Rech, Deb Best, Deb Cordell, Jay Barr, Vicki Dur-yea, Jodi Zellaha, Beth Irish. Doug Furley, Sherry Lore, Grace Mores, Brad Woods, Robyn Smith, Dcnnie Best, Breck Chipper field, Tim Sherlock, Jay Wcisgerber, Aaron Taylor, Larry Snyder, and Sponsor Lonnie Sherlock. The Distributive Education Clubs of America is an organization that helps young people gain experience in today’s business world. The club’s moneymaking project during the 76-77 school year was selling ASCS handbooks. The club also traveled to the State Convention in Omaha to demonstrate what they had learned about business in Distributive Education. Award winners were Carolyn Burton, apparel and ac-cessories-manager, first place math test;Tami Cox, food service master employee, first place master communications; Sherry Lore, food marketing master employee, first place selling test;and Deb Reeh, first place in general merchandise sales clerk, and first place in general merchandise, master employee-math test. Deb was also the only one to win a trophy. The club’s employee banquet was held in April. Deb Rech, State DECA Convention Award winner 106Bruce Rockey Juanita Glarum Vocational Courses Are Many and Varied Ramona Hucke Lonnie Sherlock Mrs. Sherlock lectures on bookkeeping to his eager class. Dianne Nielsen, Gloria Flores, Vickie Nansel and St. Agnes’s Julie Podhaisky work on typing in office co-op. The Vocational Department at AHS offered students a variety of courses, allowing them to gain experience in fields ranging from shorthand to mechanics. Such classes as typing, shorthand, office practice and co-op train students for office-related work and provide them with skills which are useful both in and out of school. Distributive education and bookkeeping teach practical skills needed by everyone and provide good background for those going into the business field. Building trades and drafting are other aspects of this department which are tailored to the students' future occupations. By offering such a wide range of subjects, the Vocational Department covers most of the students’ needs and wants. Mr. Rockey helps students learn the fine art of drafting. Mrs. Glarum dictates while shorthand students take notes. 107Vocational Shop Courses Provide Practical Learning Robert Shipman John Bandcl Mr. McDonald and Randy Collins work on a division wall in the shop building. Two welders concentrate intently on their work. Practical learning is the main objective of the courses offered in the Vocational Building. By the addition of new teach' ers, students found a wide variety of classes. Girls as well as boys took advantage of welding, woods, electricity, gas engines, and auto tech. Agriculture-related courses were also offered and held in the High School building. Vocational shop courses provided practical learning experiences. Students taking any of these built a strong foundation on which to base a successful career in any of the related fields. Kim Tolstedt, Becky McDonald, Desirac Lawrence and Reed Pot-mesil prove that vocational shop isn’t just for the guys. ‘Now that you’ve taken it apart, put it back together.' 108Geogc Schamber Julie Reno Keith Kyser The Driver’s Education and Home Economics Departments prepared students for daily life. Mr. George Schamber and Mr. Keith Kyser taught safe driving on and off the road. Mrs. Julie Reno instructed students in all phases of home living. Home Ec. and Driver’s Ed. Teach Skills for Living Adult living students learn together what the future may hold. Jim Nagaki, Dan Schommer, Mike Hood, and Mr. Kyser are ready to roll. Mr. McCall proudly displays the extensively used video tape machine. Library and A-V Materials Add New Dimensions To Learning Adding new dimensions to learning were the library and audio-visual facilities. Mrs. Anna Prentice and Mrs. Ruth Simmons helped students use library resource materials and Mr. Richard McCall provided A-V materials to add variety to studies. Many students take advantage of the library’s helpful study materials. Anna Prentice 10V Richard McCallCommunications Enable Students to Express Themselves in Various Ways Ivan Polyakov Lila Fiebig Jackie Howell demonstrates how to make a scrumptious root beer float. One of the main goals in speech class was to develop self-confidence, so that the students would be able to take part in any communication situation. The main emphasis was organization of thoughts, materials, and clear and logical thinking. Theatre class students learned an appreciation of all types of entertainment through learning the fundamentals of the various forms of theatre activities. They also learned acting techniques as well as the technical aspects of producing a play or other forms of entertainment. Foreign languages offered a communication different from speech and theatre classes. German and Spanish aided in the student’s understanding of others’ languages, cultures, and origins. Theatre class executes the “human machine.' Deutsch students appear to be hard at work. Mrs. Fiebig prepares her Spanish students for an upcoming quiz. 110SPUD SPUD staff members arc: Sally Jo Rusk, Ron Ewing, Greg Fritzler, Gary Wollin, Kevin Christensen, Joy Houser, Eddie Johnson, Sponsor Ms. Leever, Mitch Lamm, Denis Prclle, Tami Vogel, Renee Jinks, Robyn Smith, Anita Johnson, Rose Snyder, Janellc Bilstein, Ann Jesse, Tami Cox, and Roberta Phillip. SPUD photographer, Kevin Christensen, in action A SPUD in the making Composed of Journalism I and II classes, the life blood of AHS flows. The SPUD contains school events and brings to the student awareness of community and national events, which affect the high school youth of America. The activities of the SPUD do not end with the editing of the school paper. These Journalism students also sell advertisements, research news topics and take photographs. Each year members of the staff participate in the Nebraska High School Press Association Convention in Lincoln. This year they received third place honorable mention at the convention, which took place on October 18. • v Reporter Janellc Bilstein, co-editor and editor, Tom Fawcett and Roberta Phillip, work to meet a deadline. Gary Wollin displays his versatility by developing pictures in the SPUD darkroom. IllLynn Fillinger prepares to enlarge a picture. Anita Johnson, Amy Youngman, and Nancy Langner take a break during the 45th annual convention of the Nebraska High School Press Association, held October the 18th in Lincoln. ANNUAL Annual Staff members Sue Schadwinkel, Vicke Vogel, and Tacy Simpson strive to complete their pages. 112Annual Staff members arc: Sally Flint, June Pokorski, Kelly Johnson, Linda Strieker, Tacy Simpson, Amy Youngman, Tammy Reitz, Lori Cummings, Sue Schadwinkel, Lori Studt, Lynn Fillinger, Kim Shannon, Kevin Drummond, Vicke Vogel, and Sponsor Miss Way. Four thousand hours of work, late nights, revising copy, making layouts and meeting deadlines are all aspects of Annual. The main purpose of the staff is to construct the BULLDOG so if thoroughly, but cleverly, covers all aspects of school life. From rough draft to finished product, each page of the book must meet specific requirements concerning cropping, captions, layouts and copy. Editor Amy Youngman takes a minute to think. Qne of the most difficult jobs is coming up with original ideas for copy and pictures. The Nebraska High School Press Association Convention provided members attending with these and many other new ways to improve the yearbook. Staff members practice posing for a picture. Though at times staff members wonder if all the work is worth it, the finished product makes it all worthwhile. Don’t tell me we lost another roll of film!” Who says students don’t think? 113Literature . . . Students act as teachers on English discussion panels. Education is a social process .... Education is growth. Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. John Dewey Sherry Yost Bernard Becker Huckleberry Finn told in pictures Miss Way’s class makes use of study time. Glen Fiebig thinks photographers have all the answers. 114a Slice of Life Alice Greve Some people find English more amusing than others. Students check up on grades. Literature, viewed as a slice of life, is a key to the high school English Department. The units are in sequential progression from year to year, allowing students to cover a variety of authors and their works. AMS also goes back to the basics with stress on grammar, usage, composition and vocabulary, some of which are offered in minicourses. By studying these essential parts of English, students are able to develop effective research papers and to express themselves both orally and in writing. Ann Jesse shifts her attention from English. What word will fit in these squares? 115Science— An Experiment in Learning Bill Stout Bill Marchant Experiments, diagrams, dissecting and lectures are all important parts of science classes. This department provides a curriculum broad enough to cover all science interests. While biology concentrates on plants, animals and their interrelationships, anatomy and physiology is concerned with the structure and function of the human body. Chemistry includes a study of theories and composition, with the advanced course concentrating on organic and inorganic chemistry. The last section of this course is laboratory-oriented, covering qualitative and quantitative anaylsis. All of these classes give students a better understanding of science in everyday life and some of its practical uses. Larry Yost Physics students concentrate on problems requiring knowledge of math and science. Mr. Stout tells one of his interesting experiences to entertain and educate. Dave Schommer, Jack Petersen, Keith Gardiner and Deb Mundt experiment with waves. Mr. Yost demonstrates “dem dry bones.' H6Students desiring physical activity found that the A.H.S. physical education program offered a variety of different sports activities. This was the first year in which sophomores and freshmen experienced co-educational physical education. Juniors and seniors were offered advanced physical education, if they wished to participate in this program beyond the required sophomore level. Coaches Pat Cullen and Sandra Pilfold supervised students in sports involving different types of equipment, which provided the exciting and unusual activity physical education students enjoyed during the year. P.E. class moves to the Bowl-Mor lanes. Tumbling students keep rolling along as the student aides critique. Aide Dawn Pebley passes a P.E. class on her way to the gymnasium to work with her own class. Students learn the coordination, skill and fun involved in playing hockey. 117A.H.S. Is Proud to Honor Outstanding Scholars National Honor Society Members are: Willow Krause, Vicke Vogel, Bob Hardy, Glenn Fillinger, Jeff Meade, Jack Peterson, Keith Gardiner, Glen Fiebig, Mark Vejraska, Amy Youngman, Linda Strieker, Kelly Johnson, Jan Spencer, Lynn Swesey, Kathy Williams, Kathy Coleman, Mary Hoffmann, Vickie Nansel, Jane Green, Desirae Lawrence, Robyn Garrett, Cindy Colson, Lee Ann Fiebig, Sally Flint, Todd Crowder, Warren Crawford. Nancy Langner, and Gretchen Goaley. Chadron Scholastic Contest Medalists are: Sally Flint-lst-Beginning Shorthand, 2nd-American History; Mark Vejraska-2nd-Economics; Mike Krause-3rd-Woodworking; Susan Olson 2nd Advanced Shorthand and not pictured Warren Crawford 1st-American History and Lynn Swesey—2nd-Music. Quill and Scroll Members are: Gary Wollin, Mitch Lamm, Rose Snyder, Janelle Bilstein, Renee Jinks and Greg Fritzler for SPUD and Kelly Johnson, Lynn Fillinger, Amy Young-man, Tacy Simpson, Tammy Reitz, Sally Flint, Linda Strieker and Nancy Langner for Annual Staff. Mitch Lamm also received the Outstanding SPUD journalist aw ard. The annual School Awards Convocation was held on May 16 and many students were honored for scholastic achievement. Awards were given in the various academic subjects for outstanding work. German awards were received by Warren Crawford, Patty Kollars, and Beth Vejraska. Robyn Garrett received the Anatomy Physiology award and Jim Olson, Sally Flint, and Larry Nagaki were recognized for achievement on a national math test. History awards were received by Robert Hardy, Glen Fiebig, Kelly Johnson, Warren Crawford, and Sally Flint. Vicke Vogel was presented the General Mills Award. Monsignor McDonald winners are: Glen Fiebig-Science, Bruce Kulas Sportmanship, Mark Vejraska-English, Susan Olson-Short-hand, Amy Youngman-Journalism and Robyn Garrett-Math and Biology. Outstanding Student Government workers are Kent Col-well-non-member and Larry Nagaki-membcr. Girls Staters: Alternate Lee Ann Fiebig, Representative Nancy Langner and Alternate Cindy Colson. Alternate Brett Dietrich and Representative Gary Hawley are Boys State winners. Jaycee Jills Outstanding Teen Citizens are Mike Krause and Anita Johnson. CHADRON STATE COLLEGE: Board of Trustees-Vicke Vogel, Glenn Fillinger; Cooperating Schools—Keith Gardiner, Robert Hardy ; Tuition Waivers Ann Jesse, Delina Prelle, Kathy Williams. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY: Glen Fiebig. HASTINGS COLLEGE: Mary Hoffmann, Jane Green. KEARNEY STATE COLLEGE: Board of Trustees-Kelly Johnson; Activity Grant-Jan Spencer. Many Scholarships Are Awarded STUDENT GOVERNMENT; 1st place Jan Spencer; 2nd place—Vickie Nansel Y-TEENS: 1st place Kathy Williams; 2nd place-Dede DeVeny. 118The Fine Arts Department Awards Achievers in Art, Theatre and Music Thespian awards went to Kathy Coleman-Best Supporting Actress, Howard McCali-Best Actor, Amy Youngman-Best Actress and Outstanding Thespian and Keith Gardiner Best Supporting Actor. Kathy Williams National Choral Award and Mary Hoffmann- John Philip Sousa Band Award Music students enjoy a banquet before the presentation of awards. Who's Who in American Music students are Kathy Williams, Jane Green, Mary Hoffmann and Kent Colwell. Kathy, Jane and Mary also received an award for Outstanding Musicians. Art winners are Glenn Fillinger-Best Art Club Member, Jeff Meade-Senior Artist, Jan Spencer Senior Artist and Art Club Award. Breck Chipperfield Art Club Award, Tracy Sakata-Sophomore Artist, Cindy Colson-Junior Artist, Gary Hawley-Junior Artist and not pictured Rick Cassel Sophomore Artist. A.H.S. showed its pride in achievers in the fine arts by presenting them with the various fine art awards for excellence in music, theatre, and art. At the Music Awards Banquet held May 3, music awards were given for District Music Contest. Superior ratings for choir were received by Janelle Bilstein, Kent Colwell, Greg Fritzler, Jim Lamb, Betty Jo Milks, Dianne Nielsen, Kathy Williams, the Swing Choir, and the mixed choir. Lori Hoff, Lynn Swesey, Mary Hoffmann, Jane Green, and the saxophone quartet composed of Jane Green, Kathy Williams, Beth Vejraska, and Jim Olson, were band members who received superior ratings. Band and Choir members who participated in music throughout high school were honored with Four-Year awards. Also Honored were those participating in Hastings Honor Band, All-State Band, and All-State Orchestra. All-State Band participants were Glen Fiebig, Jane Green, and Mary Hoffmann; Hastings Honor Band members were Glen Fiebig and Mary Hoffmann; and Delina Prelle was in All-State Orchestra. This was the first year that the Thespians have ever held a special Thespian awards banquet. It was held on May 10 and Mr. Clarke presented the Thespian awards. Mr. Mannlein presented the art awards at the school awards convocation held on May 16. To Alliance High Seniors FRED PETERSEN MEMORIAL: Robyn Garrett. DEMOLAY CHAPTER: Jeff Meade. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY: Bart Dye. ALLIANCE ELKS LODGE: 1st place Mary Hoffmann; 2nd place—Kelly Johnson. WEST NEBRASKA COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF PRACTICAL NURSING: Linda Hoppens. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA-LIN-COLN: 1 year Regents—Glen Fiebig; Alternate-Tom Fawcett; Luther Drake College of Agriculture—Willow Krause. INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY: Amy Youngman. 119Athletic Excellence Honored at Banquet Letter Winners FOOTBALL Keith Gardiner Rick Gonzalez Tracy Kistler Jim Lewis Randy Phipps Jerry Thompson Kent Colwell Todd Crowder Rock Edwards Scott Edwards Ron lossi Kasey Kistler Roy Kuncl Rock Morris Larry Nagaki Rick Novotny Jim Olson Tim Olson Marty Patrick Denis Prelie Dirk Simpson Marc Stavropoulos Brad Tittel Dennis Walker Kenny Willey Alan Zobel Tory Beck Kent Green Kirt Kosmicki John Paulsen VOLLEYBALL Desirae Lawrence Vickie Nansel June Pokorski Jan Spencer Kathy Duryea Karen Jantz Carmen Knaub Ann Lewis Scholastic Athletes are Desirae Lawrence and Tom Fawcett. { Desirae Lawrence and Tracy Kistler are the boy and girl Athletes of the Year. For the First time, the A-Club sponsored an awards banquet for athletes. This banquet was held on May 17 and many athletes were honored. Some of the awards given included All Western Conference Volleyball awards to June Pokorski, Carmen Knaub, and Vickie Nansel. Wrestling awards were given to Andy Girard for his District and State Championships, Marc Stavropoulos for his third place finish at State and Terry Girard for his sixth place Finish at State. Dirk Simpson received All-Tourney at the Chadron Holiday Tournament, and in Girls’ Basketball, Barb Zurn received All-Tourney at the Chadron Holiday Tournament and Carmen Knaub received First team recognition by the Scottsbluff Star Herald. Mrs. Eunice Petersen was presented a memorial award in honor of Mr. Petersen for his help in athletics. GIRLS BASKETBALL Desirae Lawrence June Pokorski Jodi Zellaha Kathy Duryea Karen Jantz Carmen Knaub Deb Nansel Lisa Dalbey Kim Karstens Laurie Lawrence Jodi Meter Deb Nelson Barb Zurn Beth Panwitz WRESTLING Trent Benzel Andy Girard Tracy Kistler Bruce Kulas Ron lossi Kasey Kistler Marc Stavropoulos Gene Whitlock John Paulsen Mike Willey Jeff Williams Terry Girard BOYS TRACK Tom Fawcett Les Nepper Tracy Kistler Todd Crowder Gary Hawley Rock Morris Tim Olson Brad Tittel Greg Sherlock Cory Hall Jon Briggs Bruce Heckman Tom Lawrence CROSS COUNTRY Tom Fawcett Glen l iebig Les Nepper Laurie Kulas Lynn I illinger Lori Cummings Gary Hawley Tom Johnson Greg Keene BOYS BASKETBALL Corey Blare Todd Crowder Rock Edwards Roy Kuncl Dirk Simpson Brad Tittel Denny Walker Kirt Kosmicki Marty Petersen STUDENT MANAGER LETTER WINNERS Football Dave McVicker, Jeff Williams; Volleyball Deb Schoeneman; Cross Country Pam Klinkacek; Wrestling Roger Hartwig, Jeff Liggett; Boys Basketball Bart Briggs, Jim Lamb, Stuart Simpson; Girls Basketball Susan Dugger, Barb 1 illinger; Boys Track Pam Klinkacek; Girls Track Anita Johnson, Lori Dalbey Desirae Lawrence, Tracy Kistler, and June Pokorski arc the 3-D letter winners. Most Valuable and Most Improved Players are: Tim Olson-M.L Track, John Paulsen-M.l. Wrestling, Ron lossi— M.I. Football, Jodi Meter M.I. Basketball, Lynn Fillinger M.L Cross Country, Laurie Kulas M.I. Track, Brook Bowhay-M.I. Golf, Brad Tittel M.V. Basketball, Track, June Pokorski M.V. Volleyball, Jim Olson-M.V. Golf, Barb Zurn - M.V. Basketball, Tom Fawcett- M.V. Cross Country, Kathy Duryea M.V. Track and not pictured Dennis Walker M.V. Football, M.I. Basketball and Andy Girard-M.V. Wrestling. GIRLS TRACK Linda Hoppens Desirae Lawrence Lori Cummings Kathy Duryea Karen Jantz Laurie Kulas Deb Nansel Kim Epperson Heidi Herman Jodi Meter Karen Keene Renee Morris Beth Panwitz Tracy Swanson Eva Lloyd GOLF Jim Olson Brook Bowhay Kirt Kosmicki Mike Montague 120Staff Members Provide Essential Services AIIS custodians arc Chuck Hargrove, Dennis Mercer, and Jack Thelma Merritt, school nurse, checks the height of student, Kevin Laugh lin. Drummond. Besides the administrative and instructional personel, there are other staff members who also play an important role in the general welfare of the school system. In general, maintenance and upkeep of the school buildings rests upon the shoulders of the janitors who must work long hours to fulfill their responsibilities. The cooks in the cafeteria must also be on the job bright and early to see that a nutritious and palatable meal is ready by noon. Last but not least, is the school nurse who makes every attempt to check each student’s eyes, ears and teeth. Without the services of these people, our school would be in unhealthy shambles. 121 This is the typical twelve o-clock hub-bub at AIJS.0 There has to be a close to everything. This is the closing of our book and year. We’ve taken a DOUBLETAKE of times spent studying, competing, cheering, joking, crying, and of times spent together and times spent alone. It’s been said our school spirit has been lost, but through the uniting of our student body, this spirit is returning. If everyone continues to work together, we will become a body, unconquerable. In the years to come we will forget names and faces, but never the feeling of companionship present among those who join to build a better future for all. tv.0NIS013125126 i rv S)c K T 'v Gxci OTMl ! 1 » ' OK »U« Rf 127Advertisements A school is a weak organization if not backed by the town. Local merchants and individuals are an everlasting source of encouragement to high school students. They provide money by buying tickets, advertisements, publicity and most of all, they offer support to all school activities. In the DOUBLETAKE of advertisers, many interested, involved community people are found. I ADVERTISEMENTSFirst Federal Lincoln The People Who Help People Save We Welcome Student Savings accounts 223 Box Butte 762-2160 Randy Phipps, Mrs. Zellaha, Tracy Kistler, and Rick Gonzalez . . . Buy—Sell—Swap . . . DAUGHTERY’S New and Used Furniture Antiques “Bill” “Dene” Daughtery 1003 W. Third 762-4574 130Join the People PEPSI-COU Pepsi feelin’ free! Bottled by PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY of Alliance, under appointment of Pepsi Company, New York, N.Y. McCARROLL’S MOTEL Telephone—TV Steam Heat Carpet Tile bath Shower Telephone . 762-3680 East Hwy 2 Alliance, Nebr. Melvin Ruth Lancey SLOAN IRRIGATION, INC. MAGIC MIRROR EHRHART BEAN COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 77 DAVE COTES REPAIR THIELE JEWELERS SWEETBRIAR PATRICK'S LIQUOR Best of Luck to the Class of 77 HEMPEL'S DR. ROBERT W. BOWEN AND DR. KEITH P. BOWEN NEAL FROST. INC. Pontiac-Buick-G MC-Magnavox RHOADS' ALLIANCE STA-NEW CLEANERS Congratulations to the Class of 77 ANIMAL CLINIC Congratulations to the Class of 77 DAISY QUEEN BERGER PLATE CO. OF NEBRASKA Processors and handlers of beans and wheat W. Leon Hammond, Manager J 0 HNSDNFEEt Cooper Feeds “Where Service Counts”Nebraska Typewriter F M Bootery Equipment Your franchised 306 Box Butte Ph. 762-1132 Howard McCall ALLIANCE MEDICAL CENTER Royal Typewriter dealer for over 36 years Norelco and Lanier Dictation Equipment Steel case Office Furniture 206 Box Butte Alliance, NE 69301 Ph. 762-3675 Seng Building Extends their Best Wishes to the Class of ‘77’ Kerry Schaffert and Delina Prelle John Deere Plains Implement 210 Cheyenne 132Stickney’s Home of Uniroyal Tires Car, Truck, and Tractor Parts Complete line of CB 2-Way Radio Sales Service Dial 762-1857 Speed Performance Equipment Alliance Dede DeVeny DeVeny’s Food Center Podhaisky Insurance Real Estate—Loans 762-5321 Alliance, Nebraska Home Owned, Home Operated “Serving the area since 1930” Crowe’s Sales Agency 204 W. 3rd 762-3954 Good Luck Class of 77 Delina Prelle, Sherrie Jensen. Mrs. Sakata. Mr. Crowe. Mrs. Crowe. Mark and Benje Crowe 133The Guardian State Bank Trust Co. You can bank on us Commercial Loans • Night Depository • Safety Deposit Box Mr. Nansel, Vickie Nansel, Amy Youngman, and Jane Green No Service Charge on Checking Accounts Main Bank Time and Temperature Corner Member F.D.I.C. We welcome your checking and savings accounts Trust Departments See us for Installment Loans Ph. 762-4400 134ART JERRY’S BOOT SHOP 406 Box Butte The Post Office is across the street from Art Jerry’s Boot Shop. Gregory’s Insurance ALLIANCE MOTORS UNLIMITED INC. 1024 Flack Ave. 762-3480 Kawasaki, Amphicat Ski-Doo Sales—Service Automotive Tune-Up and Repair Harlan O. Johnson, Manager Insurance alone is our business Howard Lenla’s Susan Olson and Kelly JohnsonAlliance Community Alliance National Bank Walk In Drive In Fly In “The Pioneer Bank” T.V. Best Wishes to the Class of “77” Member F.D.I.C. Alliance FloralCongratulations to the Class of “1977” Walter Rosie Strieker Vicke Vogel, Linda Strieker, and Tammy Reitz Jack Jill Customer Satisfaction is always first 3rd Black Hills Tim Sherlock John Worley and Tony Nunes Famous Clothing House Men’s and Boys’ Clothing Quality—Since 1903 Simonson’s Sporting Goods 113 West 3rd 762-2930Randy Phipps and Brent Debus Alliance Plumbing Heating Co. Kohler Fixture—Insinkerator Larry Debus 504 Flack—Alliance William’s Jewelers R. L. (Bob) Williams 317 Box Butte Alliance, NE 69301 Mrs. Ferguson. Mrs. Lewis. Jett Williams and Kathy Williams House of Beauty 211 Box Butte 762-1414 Pebley Electric 753 West 44th Ph. 762-3852 Marvin Pebley Complete Commercial and Residential Electrical Work Dawn Pebley 138Alliance Consumer’s Association COOP Modern Service Station Gas—Oil-Greases—Paints Spark Plugs—Tire Service A Complete Fertilizer Program Credit Union Service CO-OP Serves You Best You own it— You run it You PROFIT from it Dial 762-4743 Corner of West 3rd and Black Hills 815 Flack Ave. Alliance, Nebraska Phone (308) 762-1222 Peltz Construction and Steel Building Sue Schadwinkel and Nancy Langner 1016 Flack, Alliance Modern Stran—Steel and Quonset Building DELUXE RADIATOR SERVIC East Hwy 2 Congratulations to the Class of “77”Box Butte Medical Center 2107 Box Butte Susan and Dr. OlsonEd’s Used Cars 323 Flack Alliance WESTERN BEAUTY SHOP “Your hairdresser does it better” Phone 762-2541 507 E. 3rd Alliance, Nebraska Buchfinck, Inc. Box 340 Alliance Ph. 762-4715 Small loans, real estate registered abstractor insurance Dairy Queen 719 Flack Ph. 762-3387 “The Place to Go, after the game!” Roy Brass—Owner John Paulsen, Vickie Nansel and Jane Green Go Gambles 319 Box Butte “The Friendly Store”Plains Derby 518 West 3rd Self-Service Open 7 days a week, 7-11 Cigarettes—Ice—Milk Sandwiches—Candy—Pastries J R Carpet Cleaning and Installations Residential—Commercial For a fair shake, Call Roscoe or Jake.” 762-2714 Jake B. Nuss 762-4869 Roscoe W. Bills 762-2031 Steam Way 908 Big Horn Congratulations Seniors Dietrich’s Lager Inn 123 Box Butte Ken. Dietrich, Owner “Coldest Beer in Town” Hayward’s Open Range Western Wear and Tack Tammy Reitz Congratulations to the Class of “77” 143Cover Jones Motor Co. 3rd Big Horn Susan Seebohm, Tina Tittel and Meredith Becker Kathy Coleman and Linda Hoppens L. B. Murphy Co. Quality products and service Clothe the entire family Holsten’s 316 Box Butte Ph. 762-1150 For all your cosmetic and pharmacy needs Tom Fawcett and Nancy Langner Mrs. Willey, Nancy Willey and June Pokorski Alliance Lumber Co. “Your friendly yard” 144Job’s Daughters Bethel 3 Wish Congratulations to the Class of 1977Congratulations to the Class of “77” Wayne Goff President Best Wishes to the Class of “1977 BATES LANDA FUNERAL HOME 1020 W. 10th 762-1755 J. C. PENNEY CO. Alliance 762-1372 On the top of the Butte HOWARD J. CURTISS DEAVER GRAIN COMPANY. INC. Best Wishes to the Class of 77 MR. MRS. RAYMOND MUNDT GOOD SAMARITAN VILLAGE ALLIANCE L. P. N. SCHOOL Box Butte General Hospital Best Wishes to the Graduates for a Happy Future GRANDVIEW STORE GUY AND DEE ELDER MARTIN'S BARBECUE W. 3rd ALLIANCE 66 OIL COMPANY DAYLIGHT DONUT 314 Box Butte DR. ROBERT J. CROWNOVER GROSCH IRRIGATION CO.. INC. Congratulations to the Class of 77 THE JEANIEST PLACE Male—Viceroy Succotash Organically grown Wild Oats Every brand under the sun Ron Burback Don Roberts Owners 1131 2 W. 3rd West 4th Body Shop 823 W. 4th Alliance, Nebraska Phone 762-4682 Glass and Windshield Replacement Jerry WoodsElectric Hose and Rubber Company Presents The Alliance High School Starting Varsity and wishes congratulations to the Class of 1977WOODY’S PLUMBING Best Wishes to the Class of “1977” KCOW Keith Gardiner ALLIANCE TRANSMISSION 404 E. 3rd If you have a problem see us about your transmission needs. Best of Luck to the Class The Bright Sound of the Panhandle of “1977” Jodi Toedtli, Dianne Johnson, Anita Johnson ANDE’S HAIR FORCE “Be a winner with a Style from Ande’s” Ph. 762-3613 Berea U8Pollock Texaco 327 East 3rd Open 7 days a week From 7 to 9 Oeslrae Lawrence. Kim Tolstedt. and Becky McDonald Olson’s Moving Storage Kurt Olson ObvrriA MOVING STORAG! Gibson’s Blake Weisgerber and Tom Fawcett Where you buy the best for less. Farmer’s Implement Co. Case—Massey—Furgu son Machinery S29 Sales and Parts West Third Farm Equipment Ph. 762-5000 M9v o c r O R 7 C £ H f E Congratulates The Class of “77” r 151Adventures In Achievements Based on Psycho-Cybernetics of Dr. Maxwell Martz 1. Your Success Formula 2. How to Overcome Failure 3. Your Positive Self-Image 4. The Power of Attitudes 5. The Power of Goal Setting 6. The Next Step—Planning 7. Overcoming Your Fears 8. The Courage to Act 9. How to Motivate Yourself 10. How to Motivate Others 11. The Power of Enthusiasm 12. Becoming a Creative Thinker 13. Decisions—How to Make Them 14. How to Continue to Grow 15. The Power of Visualization 16. The Power of Affirmations Goals Unlimited Route 2—Box 149 Alliance, Nebr. 69301 For Information Call: 762-6244 or 762-3509 Instucted By Vasant N. Joshi, M.A. Tammy Reitz 152 Congratulations Class of “77” V WpSi: ■ 8E5£ 7 fiw? - Jpm ■ Northern Plains Land and Cattle Agency Alliance, Nebr. 762-3155 — Mark Vejraska Gene’s Pharmacy 24 hour prescription service 914 W. 10th Alliance Coast to Coast Drake Hotel and Cafe Supporting School Activities Connie Scott and Mr. and Mrs. Wacker 324 Box Butte “Thank you, here’s your change. You always save at Coast to Coast.”Johnson Peltz Inc. Carpets paint Interior Design Draperies Wallpaper Alliance High Varsity Cheerleaders 154Congratulations to the Seniors of “77” 767 Belmont Alliance, Nebr. 69301 Ph. - 762-4727 “We come to you with 20 years experience.” Wayne A. Simpson Son Complete service—Landscaping Shrubbery—Lawn Seeding or sodding. Underground Automatic sprinkler systems. All Work Guaranteed Alliance Tractor Implement Phone 762-5010 10th and Flack 'We represent the best and service the rest.” SPERRY KEW HOLLAND HESSTON Fertilizers Chemicals Feeds Seeds 155Worley Studio 508 Box ButteQ. Who provides rural electrical services to the counties of . . . Arthur Box Butte Cherry Garden Grant Hooker McPherson Morrill Sheridan Sioux Panhandle Rural Electric Members Association 319 Black Hills Ave. Paul Phaneuf—Manager ALLIANCE LAUNDROMAT Charlie Minnie Rusk THIELE DRUG COMPANY MORRILL'S DRIVE-IN RAINBOW LODGE PETE'S CLOTHING NILE VALLEY FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Congratulations to the Class of '77 Crum, Melick. McAndrew RON GUNIA GOLF SHOP Congratulations to the Class of ’77 Visit us at our new Club House Handy Location: Near the golf course Congratulations to the Class of ’77 from the 76-77 Annual Staff 157Seniors Barr, Adam Jay 64,106 Behm, Howard 64,115 Benzcl, Trent 6,52,64,79 Best, Deborah 64,106 Best, Dennic 64,79,106 Best, Dennie 64,79,106 Bixby, Bret 51,52,53,64 Blare, Corey 8,46,64,147 Brandt, Sally 3,84,125 Buresh, Connie 65 Burton, Carolyn 12,16,24.65,106 Butzine, Kurt 65 Chipper field, Breck 31,32,65,106,115,119 Clark, Delynn 22,23,24.43,49,65,79 Coleman, Kathy 7,10,12,19.20,22,28,29,30, Cordell, Debra 65,106 Cox, Mike 65 Cox, Tamera 4,13,22,65,111 Cremin, Moira 65,106 Dafney, John 22,65.130,150 DeVeny, Dawn 12,22,28.29,54,65,80,118, 126.133.156 DeWitt, Victor 66 DeWitt, Vivian 66,115 Ditsch, Thomas 11,66 Doyle, Earl 12,66,150 Dugger, Lynda 66 Duryea, Vicki 13,66,106 Dye, Bart 50,66 Embree, Terry 66 Essex, Cheryl 5,15,24,44,66 Ewing, Ron 5,25,66,111 Fawcett, Tom 9,36,37,56,64,66,116,120, 144,149 Fester, Edward 66 Fiebig, Glen Jr. 24,25,36,67,114,118 Fillinger, Glenn 31,67,115,118,119 Fitzgerald, Pam 22,50,67 Flores, Gloria 8,14,55,67,107 Flores, Grace 11,24.28,67,106,154 Frank, Monica 67 Frohman, Rhonda 68,106 Furley, Douglas 12.68,106,156 Gardiner, Keith 17,19,20,27,40,51,67,68, 79,80,116,118,119,148 Garrett, Robyn 6,7,12,54,68,116,118,156 Garton, Jack 68 Gies, David 68 Girard, Andy 52,53,68,80,151,156 Gonzalez, Rick 4,6,40,41,51,68,102,130 Gorin, Kathleen 69,106 Green, Jane 9,15,19,20,21.24,25,30,54,63, 69,118,119,134,141,145 Guthrie, Richard 69 Hagler, Joyce 69,105 Halcomb, Kimberly 31,33,69 Hardy, Richard 69,79 Hardy, Robert 69,118 Hartwig, Deb 69,106 Hernandez, David 69,79 Hinton, Robert 43,50,69 Hoffman, Cindy 69 Hoffman. Mary 20,21.24.28,29,30,55,69, Hoppens, Linda 3,8.11,12,28,29,54,58,76, 124.144.156 Houser, Joy 22,31,70,106,111 Howell, Patty 13,22,23,54,70 Irish, Beth 70,81,106 Iron Rope, Kris 70 Jensen, Edmund 70 Jesse, Ann 4,32,49,50,70,111,115,118, Jimerson, Ron 70 Johnson, Anita 17,22,28,58,76,111,112, 118,126,148 Johnson, Kelly 6,8,29,55,70.102,113,118, 135,154,156, Johnson, Mike 70 Keene, Vickie (Rapp) 70 Kistler, Tracy 3,7,19,22,40,42,51,5 2,5 3,71, 120.130.156 Krause, Willow 5,24,49,50,71,118 Kulas, Bruce 44,50,52,71,79,80,81,118 Lamm, Mitchell 19,20,22,27,30,71,104,111, 115.118.125 Lancey, Lindy (Coble) 71,74 Landgren, Richard 71 Lawrence, Desirac 24,38,39,48,51,58,59,67, 71,79,80,108,118,120,149 Lewis, James 7,15,19,20,40,51,71,127, Looser, John 71 Lore, Sherry 49,54,71,106 McCall, Howard 20,21,23,27,28,30,71,119, 132 McDonald, Becky 44,50,71,79,108,149 McDonald, David 72 McKinney, Susan 22,50,72 Mason, Cindy (Koozer)22,72 Matula, Sharon 72,106 Meade, Jeffrey 20,31,72,79,118,119,150 Meter, Tana 4,21,22,29,68,72,79,104 Montgomery, Kathy 72 Morris, Robyn 72,106 Mundt, Debra 10,22,72,116 Munger, David 72,79 Nansel, Vickie 6,9,15,20,24,27,28,30,38,39, 51,54,63,69,72,102.107,118,134,141 Neeley, Joseph 61,72 Nepper, Leslie 9,36,37,56,73,124 Nielson. Dianne 9,21,22,23,28,29,54,73,74, 79,102,107 Olson, Susan 4,54,73,74,118,135,140 Patino, Carlos 73 Payne, Clifford 73 Perkins, Daniel 73 Peterson, Jack 13,50,74,77,116,118 Phillip, Roberta 22,74,111 Phipps, Randall 4,11,40,51,74,130,138 Pokorski, June 6,9,34,38,39,48,51,67,74, 113,120,144 Porter, Bruce 74 PrcUe, Delina 4,25,74,79,114,1 18,132,133 Reeh, Deb 74,106,126 Reitz, Tammy 4,21,43,49,50,74,81,113, 118,137,143,152 Roebuck, Sherrie 22,49,75 Rodgers, Rod 43,75 Rose, Nancy 22,50,75 Ruck, Sally Jo 24.44,75,111 Sakata, Tami 22,75,106 Schaffert, Kerry 22,75,132 Schommer, David 75,116 Scott, Connie 6,8,55,75,79,15 3,154 Sermano, Marlene 4,10,20,28,29,54,75,79 Sherlock, Tim 75,106,137 Shrewsbury, Ted 75 Simpson, Tacy 4,6,24,54,75,1 12,113,118, 145 Smith, Robyn 12,76,106,111 Snyder, Larry 64,76,106 Spencer, Jan 3,6,8,13,14,31,38,39,51,55, 76,118,119,154,156 Spencer, Joyce 14,76,102,106,136,156 Strieker, Keith 6,76,102 Strieker, Linda 4,49,50,67,76,113,118,137 Sulzbach, Daryl 44,76 Sward, Norman 76 Swesey, Lynn 25,76,118 Taylor, Aaron 76 Taylor, Ron 76,106 Thompson, Jerry 12,40,51,76 Todd, Jonie 77,115 Toedtli, Jodi 10,77,104,106,148 Tolstedt, Kim 77,108,149 Underwood, Tarry 77 Vejraska, Mark 24,25,77,116,118,153 Vogel, Tammy 22,77,111,79 Vogel, Vicke 4,31,49,50,67,77,112,113,118, 137 Weisgerber, Monte Jay 12,78,105 Weston, Kimberly 22,23,49,50,78 Wilkins, Cindy 22,78 Willey, Nancy 11,24,44,78,144 Williams, Kathleen 3,6,13,18,19,20,23,24, 25,28,29,54,78,79,118,119,125,138,145, 156 Wollin, Gary 11,78,115,118 Woods, Brad 11,78,106 Worth, Sherry 78 Wounded Arrow, Rose 22,23,49,78 Wright, Jenny 13 Youngman, Amy 5,7,12,15,18,20,26,29,78, 118,119 Zellaha, Jodi 5,48,67,78,106,125 Zlomke, Fred 78 Juniors Ackerman, Debbie 84 Ackerman, James 52,84,91 Adamson, Brenda 48,84 158Alvarado, Jcrric 84 Ashley, Paula 5,24,84 Benda, Randy 43,84 Bilstein, Janelle 20,22,24,27,28,29,54,84, Blumanthal, Brad 84 Brandt, Rebecca 24,25,84 Briggs, Barrett 6,47,51,60,84,87 Brungard, Rebecca 84 Burney, Martin 84 Burton, Dale 84 Buskirk, Terry 60,84,87 Cassel, Randy 84 Charles, Eugene 22,84,104 Chipperfield, Dwight 84 Christensen, Kevin 84,111,126 Clark, Rick 44,84 Cole, Diane 84 Collins, Randall 44,50,85,86.108 Colson, Cindy 21,22,23,28,29,31,85,118. 119 Colwell, Kent 5,7,11,18,20,21,22,23,24,26, 35,40,41,42,46,47,51,56,84,85,102,118, 119 Covalt, Ryan 85 Crawford, Warren 43,85,118 Crowder, Todd 6,13,40,41,46,47,51,56,57, 85.102.118 Cummings, Lori 28,36.48,58,85,113,125 Dalbey, Lori 22,28,55,58,85,114,145 Dempsey, Rhonda 22,23,106 Dietrich, Brett 45,84,85,118,124,61 Drummond, Kevin 85,113,121,136 Duryea, Kathy 38,39,48,51,56,85,91,120, 125 Dye, Alan 81,85 Edgar, Brenda 29,85,153 Edwards, Rock 40,41,46,47,85,147,150 Edwards, Scott 25,40,85 Estrada, Kirk 85 Ettle, Diane 22,85,125 Fiebig, Lee Ann 25,28,29,54,85,118,125 Fillinger, Lynn 9,36,37,56,85,112,113,118, 120 Flint, Sally 27,54,85,89,113,118,125 Fowler, Mary 22,23,85,106 Fritzler, Gregory 20,21,22,23,28,85,104, 111.112.118 Galyen, Max 43,86 Gertsch, Dawn 22,86 Goaley, Gretchen 3,15,25,28,29,54,61,86, 118,130 Gorin, Marina 86 Hall, Linda 86,105 Hartwig, Sonja 86,91,105,106 Hawley, Gary 36,37,51,53,56,86,118,119, Heckman, Tom 86 Hessheimer, Mike 86 Higgins, Mike 86 Hood, Carole 86 Iossi, Ronnie 40,51,52,53,56,86,120 Jantz, Karen 22,38,39,48,51,58,86,125 Jensen, David 32,86 Jinks, Renee 4,20,22,26,28,29,54,86.111, 118 Johnson, FMdie 17,20,21,22,86,11 1,1 26,150 Johnson, Lorie 3,5,15,24,25,28,29,54,84, 86,130 Kistler, Kasey, 6,8,22,40,51,52,53,86 Knaub, Carmen 9,16,24.34.38,39,48,51,61, 86,133 Kohler, Virginia 86 Koozer, Janet 22,23,86 Kowalski, Dave 87 Kozal, Scott 87 Kramer, Jonathan 24,25,87,90,104 Krejci, Cheryl 28,54,87 Krohn, Kevin 31,87,104 Kulas, Laurie 22,23,36,37.43,48,51,58,106, 120 Kuncl, Roy 13,35,40,41,46,51,87,147 Lamb, Donald James 18,19,20,21,23,30,87. 90,104 Langner, Nancy 7,24,28,29,54,87,1 12,113, 118,139,144 Lawrence, David 87,102,110 Leiztritz, Jana 50,87,106 Lewis, Ann 3,8,9,22,38,39,55,87,154 Lewis, Kerry 20,22,30,54,87,90 Liakos, Theodora 21,22,23,28,29,54,87,100 Lore, Gregory 87 Lundy, Gaylene 24,29,87,145 Lundy, Guy 87 McCarthy, Patrick Shane 87 McDonald, Tim 22,87 McVickcr, Dave 40,51,61,87 Mann, Richard 43,88,124 Mehring, Scott 88 Morris, Rock 6,13,40,45,56,88 Nagaki, Larry 10,40,51,52,53,56,84,88,118 Nansel, Deb 6,15,19,24,28,48,51,58,59 Novotny, Rick 40,88,150 O’Leary, Jim 22,88,104 Olson, Jim 13,24,25,40,45,46,47,51,61,88, 102,118,120 Olson, Tim 6,13,25,40,45,51,56,57,88,103, 120,150 Panowicz, Pat 88 Panwitz, Angie 24,25,88 Parker, Rod 86,88 Patrick, Marty 40,56,88 Pebley, Dawn 24.25,88,117,138,145 Peters, Tammy 88 Peterson, Mona 24,88 Porter, Kim 22,88 Potmesil, Roberta 50,81,85,88,108,114 Pratt, Tom 56 PreUe, Denis 9,40,42,51,53,88,91,111,126 Ringleman, Dennis 88,91 Robbins, Bruce 88 Roberts, Sheryl 88,114 Roebuck, Pam 88 Schadwinkel, Sue 6,21,24,54,80,89,112,113, 139,145 Schaffer, Jim 40,89 Schaffert, Sherry 5,1 1,22,24,89 Schoeneman, Deb 29,38,54,89 Seidler, Becki 22,54,89 Shannon, Kim 6,22,88,89,113 Sherlock, Tom 43,89 Simpson, Dirk 8,22,40.46,47,51,89,104 Simpson, Shari 5,14,21,22,24,29,53,55,89, 145 Simpson, Stuart 6,47,51,87.89,150 Snyder, Rose Marie 22,23,28,89,111,118 Stavropoulos, Marc 22,40.52,89,104 Studt, Lori 54,56,89,113 Thompson, Debby 22,89,104 Thomsen, Sonja 22,89 Tittel, Brad 35,40,46,47,51,56,57,89,125, 147.150 Todd, Marla 22,85,106 Toedtli, Donald Chris 89 Underwood, Lori 21,22,89,106 Vallejo, Mark 89 Vogel, Lori 22,90,106 Vogel, Val 13,22,23,54,90,106,130 Walker, William Robert 90 Walker, Dennis 8,12,13,40.41,46,47.51,90, 147 Watson, Janet 20,27,29,54,61,90 Weber, Mary 15,24,29,55,90,125 Weisgerber, Blake 52,90,110,149 West, Brenda 22,29,90 Whitlock, Gene 44,52,90 Willey, Kenny 22,35,40,45,47,51,104 Williams, Robert 31,90,103 Wills, Janet 22,23,90 Wilson, Jan 21,22,54,90,106 Zitterkoff, Dan 90 Zobcl, Alan 10,13,35,40,41,51,90 Sophomores Allen, Charles 52,57,92,97 Barnett, Brit 92 Beck, Tory 3,40,45,83,92,124 Becker, Meredith 14,46,54,92,95 Benzel, Carl 3,92,150 Benzel, Kevin 92,95,96 Blakeman, Rodney 92 Blare, Lonny 83,92,97 Bolek, Deb 92 Bowhay, Brook 3,10,21,40,45,61,83,92, 120.150 Brandt, Jerry 21,22,23,92,104 Buskirk, Marianne 43,92 Buskirk, Mark 60,92 Cassel, Ricky 92 Charles, Peggy 22,23,92 Christensen, Gregory 92 Christie, William 92 Clark. David 43,92 Cole, Celeste 92 Collins, Dale 43,92 159Covalt, Cheri 92 Crofutt, Terry 92 Dalbey, Lisa 22,38,39,48,58,92,96,145 Debus, Brent 6,7,40,56,92,138,150 DeFord, Lori 22,92,145 Dubray, Debra M. 92 Dubray, Debra R. 92 Dugger, Susan 38,48,92 Edwards, Charlene 27,29,92 Ellis, RacheUe 6,29,92,110,125,130 Epperson, Kimberley 48,92,100 Essex, Robyn 92 Estrada, Keith 93 Fawcett, Gail 29,93,125 Fester, Ronald 93 Fillinger, Barb 29,48,54,93,145 Finkey, Carol 93 Flores, Mario 11,24,40,45,56,93 Forsstrom, Mark 93,105 Fraedrich, James 93 Galyen, Lori 93,124 Gardiner, Alan 36,37,93 Garton, Terry 93 Goff, Jane 7,29,54,93,97,145 Golden, Robin 49,93 Gonzalez, Jeff 40,45,93,150 Gould, Cindy 93 Green, Kent 11,40,52,93 Hagler, Warren 10,93 Hall, Cory 6,24,40,45,56,93,102,150 Handley, Leslie 52,93,150 Hansen, Rhonda 93 Hart, Jodi 93 Hartwig, Roger 43,52,53,93 Hashman, Randy 93 Herman, Heidi 29,38,39,58,59,93 Hernandez, Rudy 93 Hoffman, Thomas 40,45,93,97 Hood, Mike 52,93,109 Hooper, Brian 93 Houston, Diana 24,25,43,50,93,97 HoweU, Jackie 22,23,93 Hudgin, Theresa 93 Jaggars, Ken 40,61,93,150 Jensen, Julie 93 Jines, Cheryl 54,93 Johnson, Darrell 22,93,104,150 Johnson, Jim 22.94 Johnson, Sharon 22,93 Johnson, Foster Tom 9,36,51,52,93,150 Karsten, Kim 34,48,49,92,93 Keder, Doug 52,94 Keene, Greg 9,16,24,36,37,51,52,53,94 Klinkacek, Pam 29,36,37,48,51,56,57,94 Kohler, Virgil 94 Kollars, Patty 94,118 Kosmicki Kirt 40,45,47,51,61,94 Kraft, Peggy 29,94,110 Kramer, Mike 94 Krause, Mike 25,40,45,94,118,150 Lampert, Don 83,94,105,61 Lauer, Natalie 19,22,38,94 Lawrence, Laurie 29,48,94,80 Leachman, Teresa 22,94 Libcrg, Tom 94 Liggitt, Jeff 52,94,127 Long, Sheri 43,94 Lore, Shelly 43,94 Lore, William 43,50,52,94 Lundy, Bruce 150,94 Lynch, Kelly 49,94 McNeil, Julie 24,25,94,124 Magdaleno, Aurora 38,48,94 Maxwell, Sheryl 94 Meade, Andy 36,37,56,94 Messersmith, Gerald 5,10,13,19,21,24,25,52, 94,126 Meter, Jodi 22,38,39,48,58,94.120 Mockerman, Sandi 22,49,94 Moss, Verla 94 Mundt, Warren 11,40,45,56,83,94,93,150 Muzzey, Mike 96 Nagaki, Jim 12,40,45,61,83,94,109.150 Nason, Robert 94 Nelson, Debra 22,23,38,48,94 Nelson, Kirk 95 Nollette, Jim 95 Nunn, Kelly 95,61 Odell, Brian 40,56,95,97,102 Odell, Denise 49,95 O’ Leary, Steven 95 Olson, Kurt 11,40,95,6,149 Panwitz, Teresa 22,23,49,95 Patrick, Rick 40,56,95 Paulsen, John 3,27,40,51,52,53,61,95,120, 141,150,30 Peters, Jodell 11,24,54,58,95 Peterson, Marty 40,45,47,61,95,97 Parish, Rick 10,26,95,97 Piihl, Kelly 10,95 Prelle, Michael 40,95 Reif, Jimmy 95 Reitz, Vicki 43,50,95 Renteria, Rick 43,50,52,95,127 Rickman, Kirk 43,50,52,95 Rockey, David Brian 10,25,40,52,56,95, 102 Rose, Marlene 22,95 Sakata, Tracy 95,119 Sams, Terrie 95 Schefcik, Michael 95 Schommer, Dan 95,109,150 Schommer, Janet 2,96 Secbohm, Susan 21,96,97,144 Sherlock, Greg 11,40,45,56,83,96,124 Simpson, Stephanie 24,29,54,96,145,80 Smith, Penny 22,96 Smith, Waldo 43,52,96,97 Sowders, Ronald 40,52,53,96 Stavropoulos, Colin 40,52,53,96 Strieker, Laurie 3,22,96 Suetsugu, Sandra 22,23,80,96 Sullivan, Pollyanna 1,6,22,96 Sydow, Danny 96 Tapscott, Linda 10,23,96 Theis, Tod 92,92,150 Tit tel, Tina 2,29,54,96,144 Todd, Tammie 3 Toedtli, Pat 36,96,124 Tolstedt, Mark 40,56,96 I'schacher, Bret 96 Tschacher, Cindy 96,97 Underwood, Sid 52,96 Vogel, Rod 96 Vejraska, Beth, 24,25,29,54,96,118 Walgren, Debbie 96 Weed, Jana 22,38,54,58,92,96.104,125 Weston, Diana 43,50,96,124 Willey, Mike 40,42,51,52,5 3,56,96,121 Williams, Jeff 6,25,40,51,52,5 3,96,138,150 Woodworth, Dan 43,96 Wright, Laurie 96 Yates, Mike 96 Zurn, Barbara 9,29,34,38,48,61,96,120 160

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