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 AS I OPEN THIS BOOK, MEMORIES KEEP RETURNING, COMING BACK-MEMORIES OF “THE WAY WE WERE”. THE 1975 BULLDOG ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA VOL XX THE WAY WE WERE P. 2 THE FACULTY P. 12 THE ARTS P. 32 THE ORGANIZATIONS P. 46 THE SPORTS P. 60 THE CLASSES P. 80 THE ADVERTISERS P. 116 INDEX P. 147THE DAWN OF EACH NEW DAY BRINGS THE JOY OF LIFE, WHILE DUSK BRINGS BACK OUR MEMORIES.OUR TEAMS HAD SUPPORT THROUGH THEIR WINS AND LOSSES, AND THESE MEMORIES WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US. IClUD'sHOMECOMING EVENTSUNIFIED OUR SPIRIT!MEMORABLE DATES AND Till MI S WI KI OCTOBER 4. 1474 BULLDOG BEGINNINGS FOR HOMECOMING. DECEMBER 14. 1474 "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” FOR PEP CLUB FORMAL. HOMECOMING QUEEN ROXI METER, ALONG WITH HER ATTENDANTS LYNETTE GREEN.TO HER LEFT. AND KIM KOS-MICKI.TO HER RIGHT.PEP CLUB FORMAL ROYALTY FROM LLFT TO RIGHT: NANCY SMITH. YELL LEADER JOHN WAY. ATTENDANT NANCY MARLATT. V.-PRESIDENT ROY ROGERS. BOYFRIEND JULIE PETERSEN. PRESIDENT DAN OLSON. ATTENDANT MARY COLE. TREASURER DEB DEFORD. SECRETARYTEAMWORK AND SPIRIT OUTLINED OUR VICTORIES. NOW AS INDIVIDUALS WE MUST ADJUST AND WORK ALONE TOWARD OUR FUTURE. A “TEAM” WINS!IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! 1Aimovd BHlThe Board of Education has the responsibility of planning immediate, and long range objectives for educational programs and facilities in the Alliance Public Schools; working with the administrators, the board attempts to coordinate school policy and long range planning for facilities and educational programs with the needs, and growth patterns of the developing Alliance Community. School board members are often faced with controversial decisions, and long, tiring hours of constant planning; their dedication as public, and educationally-minded citizens is to be commended. MR. PETERSEN, SUPERINTENDENT SCHOOL BOARD SHERRIE CURTISS PRESIDENT DR. RAYMOND OLSON DR. RICHARD JAGGERS DEAN SIMPSON MEMBER MEMBER MEMBER ARCHIE LAWRENCE VICE-PRESIDENT WAYNE GOFF SECRETARY uMR. CROWDER. PRINCIPAL ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL MR. DURYEA, BUSINESS MANAGER 15MRS. ANDREWS Mrs. Vivian Andrews received a B.S. in Education plus many hours in Library Science at the University of Nebraska. She is the Library Coordinator of all Alliance City Schools. The way Mrs. Andrews wants to be remembered is as “being a good and sincere librarian, with a sense of humor and understanding.” V MR. BANDEL John Bandel received a B.S. and a M.S. at Fort Hayes Kansas State College. He teaches General Shop, Gas Engines, and Automative Technology. He is also a Junior Class Sponsor. MR. BECKER Bernard C. Becker received a B.S. degree at Creighton University and a Masters of Education at Chadron State. He teaches Project English 11, Regular English 11, English 11 B, Quest and Traditional Grammar. Mr. Becker is also the English Department Head. The way Mr. Becker wants to be remembered is “for introducing students to literature which will provide value judgements for adult life.” 16MR. BIBBEY MR. BURGESS “hTi . MISS CHRISTENSEN Tom Bibbey received a B. A. with Honors, M. A. degree at University of Wyoming. He teaches Stage Band, High School Marching Band and High School Concert Band. The way Mr. Bibbey wants to be remembered is, "He tried to touch many lives with music, and reached some.” Bill Burgess received a B. S. at Chadron State College. He teaches General Shop, Machine Woodworking, and Electricity. He is also a Rodeo Club Sponsor. Mr. Burgess said, “The most important thing I learned from teaching is cruel and unjust punishment.” Ellen Christensen has a B. S. in Education from Chadron State College and a Master of Arts in International Affairs at the University of Wyoming. She teaches many various history courses and is a member of the Guidance Team. 17MR. CULLEN Pat Cullen. B. S. from Chadron State College, teaches Boys P. E. 9 and 10 and Advanced P. E. He is an assistant coach of Football and head coach of Wrestling. MR. CLARKE Don Clarke, A. A. and B. A. from Casper College. University of Wyoming, Eastern Montana College, University of Montana, and Chadron State College. teaches Project English 12, English 12, and Speech. He is also Sponsor of Troup 3146 of the International Thespian Society. Mr. Clark said. “What I rerrtember about this year is plays, superior ratings. and this year’s Senior Class.” m 1 OX ) MRS. NEUSWANGER MRS. BOWHAY Geraldine Davis. B. A. from Colorado University and M. A. from Chadron State College, teaches English 10. Phyllis Neuswanger and Jane Bowhay replaced Mrs. Davis during her illness. MRS. DAVISMR. DILLING Ken Dilling, B. S. from McPherson College, teaches vocal music 6-12, High School Choir, 7th 8th Grade Choir, 9th Grade Choir, and Music Theory. He is the sponsor of the Swing Choir— The Accidentals. Mr. Dilling says he wants to be remembered as, “A teacher willing to help students achieve their goals.” MR. EPPERLEY Randall Epperley, A. S.and B. S. from Murray State College and Oklahoma State University, teaches Vo-Ag and welding. Mr. Epperley feels that the most important thing he learned from teaching is that “students are individuals.” His key to successful teaching is “not to get mad.” ■s»- MRS. F1EBIG Lila Fiebig, B. A. from Texas Women’s University, teaches Spanish I and II. What Mrs. Fiebig remembers most about this year is, “My Mexican mural by Mr. Mannlein’s art students.” She feels the most important thing she learned from teaching is “learning is never ending.” 19MR. FRICKE H. Craig Fricke, B. A. from Regis College, teaches Practical English 11 and 12, English 12-B. Regular English 12, and Annual. Mr. Fricke is also a sponsor for the class of ’76. Mr. Fricke feels the key to successful teaching is “to act as a catalyst stimulating students to think for themselves.” MR. FURMAN W. B. Furman. B. A., and M. S. from Chadron State College, teaches Economics, Sociology, Research in American History. Modern Politics, and is also the Social Studies department chairman. MRS. GLARUM Juanita Glarum, A. B. and M. A. University of Northern Colorado, teaches Shorthand, Typing 3 4, Secretarial Office Practice, and Business Office Practice. She is also a Y-Teen sponsor. Mrs. Glarum became a teacher because “teaching would be challenging and rewarding and to be able to work with young people.” She feels the key to successful teaching is “to recognize and develop the abilities of students. Always maintain a sense of humor.” 20MISS GREVE Alice M. Greve, B. A. and working on M. A. from Colorado State University, teaches Individualized English and Reading. Miss Greve said, “What I will remember most about this year is never being able to find a parking place at noon.” MR. HARTMAN MR. HAWK Leonard Hartman, B. S. in Mathematics from Hiram Scott College, teaches Geometry, Modern Math I, Business Mathematics, and Vocationally Related Mathematics. Mr. Hartman is a Senior class sponsor and coaches 7th and 8th grade Basketball. James R. Hawk, B. S. from Chadron State College, graduate work from Chadron and Wayne State, teaches Math Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, and Modern Math II. Mr. Hawk is also a Senior class sponsor and an assistant Football coach. Mr. Hawk became a teacher because “it is easier to share math knowledge than use it.” 21 MRS. LIERK Ellen Lierk, B. A. from Creighton University, teaches Survey of American History, Survey of Civic Responsibility, Modern Problems and Consumer Economics. Diane Leever, B. A. from Midland Lutheran College, teaches English II and Journalism. She also sponsors the Sophomore class and is the Spud advisor. Ms. Leever feels the most important thing she learned from teaching is, “1 have a lot to learn. Teaching is opening minds to new knowledge with the use of papers and patience, passes and pencils, textbooks and tests, desks, and discipline, laughter and a smile.” MR KYSER Keith Kyser. B. S. from Chadron State College, teaches Physical Education and Driver’s Education. In addition, he sponsors A-Club and the Junior Rifle Club. Mr. Kyser became a coach because he “loves athletics and likes to relay his experiences on to younger athletes.” MISS LEEVER 22MR. MANNLEIN ' Lawrence L. Mannlein, B. A. from Kearney State College, teaches Art I, II, III, IV, and IVa. He also coaches Junior High Football and Track. Mr. Mannlein feels the key to successful teaching is “to be fair, friendly, frank and firm.” He wants to be remembered as “an artist and an educator.” MR.MARCHANT William A. Marchant, B. A. from Chad-ron State College, M. S. from Chadron State and University of Wyoming, teaches General, Modern and Advanced Chemistry, Modern Physics and Slide Rule. Mr. Marchant feels the key to successful teaching is, “flexibility based on circumstances.” He believes the thing he will remember most about this year is “the two full weeks of Christmas Vacation.” The most important thing he learned from teaching is, “The students are more important than the subjects I teach.” MR. MC CALL Richard H. McCall is the audiovisual Media Specialist for Alliance High. 23MR. MC DERMOTT James McDermott, B. A. at Kearney State College, M. A. + 30 at Seton Hall University at South Orange, N. J., teaches Advanced Algebra and Consumers Math. He is the Math Department Head and also coaches Junior High Wrestling. Mr. McDermott feels the key to successful teaching is “to listen to students and let them have an input in the course. You must get them interested before you can teach them something.” MR. NEWMAN Lyle Newman, B. A. from Southwestern State College, M. S. from Oklahoma State College, is the Community Education Coordinator. The thing Mr. Newman will remember most about this year is, “How fast it went by.” MRS. PARKES Lynne Parkes, A. A. Colorado State University, B. S. Chadron State College, teaches Typing and General Business. She is also the sponsor of the Pep Club, Drill Team, and teaches shorthand through Commuinty Education. Mrs. Parkes feels the key to successful teaching is “being alert to new teaching techniques, sponsoring a club to get to know the kids as people .. . working at it!” 24MRS. PETERSEN Eunice Petersen, A. B. Hastings College, B. S. Chadron State College, teaches Project English 10. Senior English, Practical English 10, Power Reading and Composition. In addition, she sponsors Y-Teens. Mrs. Petersen feels the key to successful teaching is “to remain optimistic and keep my faith in young people.” MR. PETERSEN Fred Petersen, A. B. from Hastings College, teaches Physical Science. He is a co-sponsor of the Junior High Science Club and is also the Science Department Head. Mr. Petersen feels the most important thing he learned from teaching is, “each student is an individual; that when a problem is solved, more problems need to be answered; and that one’s education is never complete.” MISS PILFOLD Sandra Pilfold, B. S. and Graduate work from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, B. S. Chadron State College, teaches Physical Education (9-12). She is also the coach for girl’s athletics. Volleyball and Track. Miss Pilfold feels the key to successful teaching is, “Motivating the students in the right direction so they may gain valuable learning experience which they may use later in life! Teaching is an everyday challenge and should be handled as such.” 25DR. PODRAZA Bill Podraza, B. A. at Huron College, M. A. at Adams State College. Ph. D. at the University of Wyoming, teaches Psychology, Group Counseling. Choice of Careers, and College Bound Seminar. He is the sponsor of the Student Government and is also the Guidance Counselor. Dr. Podraza said that the most important thing he has learned from teaching is “not everyone is the same and therefore should not be treated the same.” MR. POLYAKOV Ivan Polyakov, M. A. from Black Hills State College, University of South Dakota, teaches German I and II and U. R. Social Studies. He is also the German Club Sponsor. Mr. Polyakov said the most important thing he learned from teaching is that “every individual requires individual attention.” MR ROCKKY D. Bruce Rockey, B.S., Chadron State College and M. S. Kearney State College, teaches General Shop, Drafting I, II, III, and IV, and Building Trades. He is the vocational Education Department Head and is also a Sophomore class sponsor. Mr. Rockey said that the most important thing he has learned from teaching is, “A teacher may also learn from a student.” 26' George Schambcr, B.S. ai Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana, teaches Driver Education. He is also an assistant Football coach, head Basketball coach, A-Club sponsor and the Athletic Director. Phil Schweitzer, B. S. and M. S. from Chadron State College, teaches American History, Government, and Consumers Economics. Mr. Schweitzer is also Reserve Freshman Basketball Coach. Mr. Schamber said he would like to be remembered like “anyone else; for all the good things that happen.” MRS. SEWARD Colleen Seward, B. A. in Education, Kearney State College, teaches Business Law and Bookkeeping. Mrs. Seward said that she became a teacher because, “I always liked to use red ink pens.” She would like to be remembered as “thin”. 27MRS. SHAVER Susan Shaver, Bachelor of Music of Education from University of Nebraska, teaches vocal and instrumental music. MRS. SIMMONS Ruth Simmons is the library aide at the North High School library. Mrs. Simmons said the key to successful teaching is “to remember that each student is an individual with needs and desires. When love and skill work together you can create a masterpiece.” MR. SHERLOCK Lonnie Sherlock, Bachelors Degree, University of Nebraska, teaches Distributive Education I, II, and Internship, World of Work I and Internship. Mr. Sherlock feels that “teaching is my fountain of youth-I enjoy very much working with youth and trying to help them decide what to do with their lives.” 28MR. STOUT William E. Stout, B. S. at the University of California, M. S. at Humboldt State University, teaches Vocational Related Science and Biology. He is also a sponsor of the Freshman class. Mr. Stout said the most important thing he learned from teaching is, “Just how interesting and challenging young people are.” MRS. SUTTER MR. YOST Marie A. Sutter, B. S. and Masters from Chadron State College, teaches Home Economics I, Bachelor Survival, Interior Decorating, and Adult Living. She has been the sponsor of the F.H.A. for the past three years. Mrs. Sutter became a teacher “mostly because I enjoy working with young people and watching them grow into happy, well-adjusted individuals.” Larry Yost, Bachelor of Science in Education, Chadron State College, teaches Anatomy and Physiology and Biology. He is also a Junior High Intramural Football and Basketball coach. 29CUSTODIAL STAFF COOKS Left to right: Cheryl Harris, Margaret Garrett, Ella Wade. Elaine Day, Alice Hullinger. Left to right: Marvin Dutton, Kim Dutton, Merle Smith, Mrs. Rose Dobry.CLERICAL STAFF AND NURSE Janice Harris likes her job as secretary in the superintendent’s office because it is never dull! New situations are always developing which makes her work very interesting. Barbara L. Dietrich, Secretary to the Principal. Ethel Olson will be leaving Alliance High School this year, along with her graduating daughter, Kris. Mrs. Olson said, “I like AHS because everyone is very friendly, and I have enjoyed my work here and am sorry to be leaving.” Dixie Bloom works mostly in the superintendent’s office. Her primary connection with the High School is keeping books on the student organization accounts. rr Thelma Merrit, School Nurse. Lynn Dykes, Secretary to the School Counselors 31THE ARTS v5Sg5': •. ' - : :;:1 VV V ;-.'-- ;•■ •• -. .; iCHOIR Back row, left to right: LaDonna Spencer, Julie Capps, Tana Meter, Lari Henderson, Becki Fanwitz, Kathy Saylor, Amy Youngman, Mike Paulsen, Don Tschacher, Greg Boness, Jim Balderson, Dave Zurn, Howard McCall, Phil Medina, Vicki Rapp, Jane Green, Mary Hoffmann, Kathy Williams, Dianne Nielson. Second row: Christal Odell, Lynne Johnson, Tami Reitz, Deedee Petersen, Nancy Brown, Rick Jesse, Mitch Lamm, J. R. Akert, Bob Woods, Kent Seebohm, Gary Cunningham, Jean Dunham, Marci McLean, Joyce Spencer, Deb Smith, Sue McKinney. Third row: Helen Snyder, Shirley Johnson, Jan Spencer, Stephanie Becker, Robyn Garrett, Deb Mundt, Kathy Coleman, Vickie Duryea, John Way, Tracy Kistler, Larry Snyder, Rick Gonzales, Nancy Rose, Mary Cole, Deb Cordell, Carolyn Burton, Jodi Zellaha, Anita Johnson, Tami Dietrich. Fourth row: Nancy Smith, Deb DeFord, Gloria Roebuck, Ann Jesse, Janelle Meade, Jean Wilson, Cathey Smith, Terry Jensen, Breck Chipperfield, Mark Seebohm, Robin Wickham, Jodi Toedtli, Pam Fitzgerald, Deb Buresh, Patty Monroe, Sherrie Roebuck. Mr. Toni Bibbey has been directing the Alliance High School Choir since the first part of April in lieu of Mr. Ken Dilling’s resignation. Mr. Dilling directed the choir which performed two concerts for the public, and led the Swing Choir to 2nd place in the Alliance Invitational Swing Festival. Mr. Bibbey directed the choir during the last nine weeks of school. He directed them for their last concert, which was composed of popular music and directed the song that the choir sang for Baccalaureate, “ONE GOD”. Mr. Ken Dilling Mr. Tom Bibbey 34SWING CHOIR: Back row, left to right: Terry Jensen, Tracy Kistler, Howard McCall, J. R. Akert, Jim Balderson, Mark Seebohm, Robin Wickham. Second row: Kathy Saylor, Becki Panwitz, Mary Hoffmann, Jane Green, Dianne Nielson. Third row: Jan Spencer, Kathy Williams, Julie Capps. Fourth row: Christal Odell. Not pictured: Dan Olson and Lynette Green. CHOIR OFFICERS: Left to right: Vice-president Jim Balderson, Secretary-treasurer Becki Panwitz, President Mark Seebohm. The Alliance High School Choir, under the direction of Mr. Ken Dilling, performed twice for the public. For their first concert, the group performed selected Christmas music. The second concert was performed for the “Music in Our Schools” day. This consisted of patriotic songs. The choir also performed once under the direction of Mr. Tom Bibbey. They sang popular music at the Fine Arts Festival held in May. The Swing Choir, The Accidentals, had a busy year. Under the direction of Mr. Dilling, they placed second at the Alliance Invitational Swing Festival. They performed for many organizations and also performed at concerts. Member of this year’s All-State Choir was Robin Wickham. 35ALL SCHOOL MUSICAL The All School Musical, “Bye, Bye Birdie” is a musical play about a rock star of the 50’s who gets drafted. As one final promotion gimmick, his manager takes him to a small town in Ohio where he is to give to a girl in his fan club “One Last Kiss”. Major characters included Jim Balderson as Albert Petersen, Lynette Green as Rosie Alvarez, Kathy Saylor as Mrs. Petersen, Mark Seebohm as Conrad Birdie, Becki Panwitz as Kim McAfee, and Robin Wickham as Mr. McAfee. Gossip about Kim and Hugo’s getting pinned spreads all over town during the Telephone Hour. Conrad Birdie gives an interview to reporters before he leaves New York for Sweet Apple, Ohio. Rosie Alvarez gets carried off by a group of wild Shriners. Mrs. Mae Petersen gives advice to her son Albert that he not get involved with Rosie Alvarez. 36STAGE BAND AND MAJORETTES Back row, left to right: Mr. Bibbey, M. Vejraska, D. Olson, T. Chad- Gonzales, M. Hoffmann. Front row: L. Green, K. Olson, M. West, B. wick, T. Gearhart, T. Curtiss, J. Akert, R. Wickham, K. Wilkinson, R. Chipperfield, K. Williams, T. Keene, J. Green, K. Langner, J. Todd. Left to right: Nancy Adams, Vickie Nansel, and Marcia West. The Stage Band, under the direction of Tom Bibbey, took first place at the Alliance Invitational Swing Festival. The Band also performed at the Fine Arts Festival held in May. Marcia West, senior majorette tapped the new majorette at the end of the year. She is Deb Nansel. She will take up her new duties in September. Left to right: Marcia West 75, Vickie Nansel 77, Deb Nansel 78, and Nancy Adams 76. 37Back row, left to right: Kevin Me Andrew, Vicki 0’dell,Tacy Simpson, Mary Hoffmann, Jim Todd, Steve Ashley, Mr. Tom Bibbey. Second row: Desirae Lawercnce, Cheryl Essex, Joyce Spencer, Mary Green. Becky Wickham, Ronnie Ewing, Jolene Merrihcw, Tom Fawcett, Pam Rohrbouck, Paul Phillip, Tim Gearhart, Mark Vejraska. Third row: LaDonna Spencer, Vicki Nansel, Carolyn Burton, Jean Wilson, Cindy Rask, Nancy Willey, Grace Flores, Kris Olson, Breck Chipper-field. Fourth row: Roxi Meter, Marci McLean, Carla Haslow, Kelly Johnson, Willow Krause. Band Officers, From Left to Right: President Dan Olson, Vice-President Kevin Wilkinson, Secretary Julie Petersen, Treasurer Paula Belden, and Librarian Kris Olson. A TRIBUTE TO MR. TOM BIBBEY Mr. Tom Bibbey has directed the Alliance High School Band for the past six years. Five out of those six years he has led “his band” to a No. 1 rating in district contest competition. As one of the judges stated in his over all opinion of the Alliance High School Band, “You have had some terrific training which is very evident.” Band Director, Mr. Tom Bibbey. 38Back row, left to right: Glen Fiebig, Jim Balderson, Kevin Wilkinson, Bob Woods, David Curtiss, Mark Hare, J. R. Akert, Robin Wickam, Terry Curtiss. Second row: Scott Vejraska, Tony Giadwick, Dan Olson, Kathy Williams, Craig Schadwinkel, Marcia West, Karen Langner, Barb Faber, Pam Hain, Deb Hatch, Tomilayne McAndrew, Lynette Green, Howard McCall. Third row: Greg Boness, Teresa Keene, Jane Green, Kim Willey, Sue Anderson, Cindy Worth, Beth Irish. Fourth row: Nancy Adams, Lynn Sweesey, Julie Petersen, Paula Belden, Laura Kuncl. Not Pictured: Pam Fitzgerald and Nancy Hielscher. THE ALLIANCE HIGH BAND Back row, from left to right: M. Hoffman, V. Odell, T. Simpson, K. McAndrew, G. Fiebig, J. Balderson, K. Wilkinson, B. Woods, D. Curtiss, M. Hare, J. Akert, R. Wickham, T. Curtiss. Second row: M. Green, J. Merrihew, T. Fawcett, P. Rohrbouck, P. Phillip, T. Gearhart, M. Vejraska, D. Olson, K. Williams, C. Schadwinkel, K. Langner, P. Hain. Third row: C. Burton, J. Wilson, C. Rask, C. Essex, N. Willey, G. Flores, B. Chipperfield, J. Green, K. Willey, S. Anderson, B. Irish, T. McAndrew, D. Hatch, M. West. Fourth row: D. Lawrence, V. Nansel, K. Olson, M. McLean, K. Johnson, N. Adams, L. Sweesey, J. Petersen, P. Belden, L. Kuncl, J. Todd. Not Pictured: T. Keene, S. Vejraska, L. Green, J. Spencer, C. Haslow. The Alliance High School marching band proudly marched through the snow to the beat of the drums. Their hard work paid off as they produced four successful halftime shows for the crowded Bulldog stadium. The zeal and enthusiasm of the band rousted the spirit from deep inside the players and fans. In times of triumph or agony, the band played on! During the year, the Alliance High School Band traveled to Chadron where they captured the only No. 1 rating in class A competition. Mary Hoffman also received a No. 1 individual rating on her Marimba solo at the District contest. All in all, the band had a very successful year. 39THESPIANS Thespian Officers, from left to right: Vice-President Mike Paulsen, Mary Lou Colwell, Secretary-Treasurer Roxi Meter, and President Kevin McAndrew. Troupe No. 3146 of Alliance High School, affiliated with the International Thespian Society, is an honorary organization. Thespians are the backbone of every production, serving as technicians and actors for the Junior Class Play, the Senior Class Play, the contest one-act, and the Fine Arts Festival. The Thespians also present the annual Children’s Theatre production. The Troupe’s motto: “Behind every production an even greater production is holding the show together’’ binds all Thespian members to participate in most dramatic productions. Sponsor Mr. Don Clarke applies make-up to Patty Alvardo for the Children’s Theater production. Back row, from left to right: Mike Paulsen, Shellie Schroeder, Becki dee Petersen, Kevin McAndrew, Roxi Meter, and Linda Nagaki. Panwitz, Mary Lou Colwell, Deb Smith. Front row: Dan Olson, Dee- 40JUNIOR CLASS PLAY “LILIES OF THE FIELD” Left to right: Deedee Petersen, Deb Smith, Becki Panwitz, Berta Higgens, Shellie Schroeder, and Larry Mandelberg. Mother Superior talks to Homer Smith about building her a chapel. The Junior Class Play, Lilies of the Field, is the story of a young man who wanders the Southwest in search of temporary employment and who is leading a “free-spirit” life style. The young man, played by Larry Mandelberg, inquires at a convent filled with non-English-speaking nuns from Germany and is pressured by the Mother Superior, played by Deedee Petersen, not only to repair their house, but to build a chapel for the nuns; hardly fit work for a good Southern Baptist youth who only wants to travel and run his own life. The nuns were played by Shellie Schroeder, Becky Panwitz, Berta Higgens, and Deb Smith. The story was narrated by Father Gomez, Terry Curtiss. Tony Chadwick played the role of Jose, owner of the Cafe where the young man spent each Sunday morning after escorting the nuns into town to attend mass. 41RIDERS TO THE SEA “Riders to the Sea” is a one-act play set in the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland. It is about a family, who after suffering repeated losses through death, realize that there is nothing more to lose, and have therefore conquered death. The play earned three superior (1) ratings at the District one-act contest. It also earned two excellent (2) ratings at the State one-act contest. THE TAMING OF 42ANTIGONE “Antigone” deals with the downfall of a stubborn and ambitious man. It is a condensation of the classic Greek play by Sophocles. The play earned four superior (1) ratings and a 3rd place trophy at the Nebraska Western Invitational Speech Contest and a superior (1) rating at the District Speech Contest to qualify for State. It earned one superior (1) and two excellent (2) ratings at the State Speech Contest. THE SHREW The duet acting entry for all contests was “The Taming of the Shrew” The story involves Petruchio who confronts Katherine the Shrew to win her hand in marriage. But he finds that the only way to her heart is to demonstrate a power to dominate her. The play earned four superior (1) ratings and a 1st place trophy at the Nebraska Western Invitational Speech Contest. It earned a superior rating to qualify for state at the District Speech Contest and earned five superior (1) and one excellent (2) ratings at the State Speech Contest. “The Taming of the Shrew” proved to be a very successful production for the school. 43CHILDREN’S THEATRE “THE HOUSE AT POOH CORNER" For the second year in a row, the Alliance High Thespians presented a Children’s Theater. This year’s production was “The House at Pooh Corner”. A large and captive audience made the play very successful. The cast included Roxi Meter as Christopher Robin, Kevin Wilkinson as Tigger, Mary Lou Colwell as Winnie the Pooh, Marcia West as Kanga, Connie Scott as Roo, Lari Henderson as Rabbit, Deb DeFord as Early, Patty Alvarado as Late, Linda Nagaki as Owl, Larry Mandelbergas Eeyore, and Janelle Meade as Piglet. Mr. Don Clarke was the producer. 44EXPERIMENTAL ONE ACTS Mr. and Mrs. Smith enjoy a dance during the play THE BALD SOPRANO. The young man tells the young girl that he must travel east. Two experimental one-act plays were presented this year in connection with the Fine Arts Festival. One play. BY THE WATERS OF BABYLON, was based on a story by Stephen Vincent Binet about a primitive youth’s search into the unknown and forbidden areas which the audience discovers is the ruin of New York City and then realizes that the play is set in the future and contemporary man, as we know him, has destroyed himself. The cast included Toby Crowder as the young man as a boy, John Way as the young man, Jim Balderson as the young man’s father, Kathy Williams as the young girl, Mike Paulsen as the Apparition, and Larry Mandelberg, Linda Nagaki, Mary Cole, Deb Smith, Marcia West, Terry Curtiss, Mike Paulsen, Kathy Saylor, Valerie White, Amy Youngman, Kevin McAndrew, Janelle Meade, and Berta Higgens as the Chorus. The second play on the program was Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist comedy, THE BALD SOPRANO. The play presented a group of people in a formal situation who find that they are only able to communicate in meaningless, yet socially acceptable word groups. Cast Members included Bill Kemper and Janelle Meade as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Tony Chadwick and Lynette Green as Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Kevin McAndrew as the fireman, and Vickie Nansel as Mary, the Maid. Mr. Smith tells the fireman that there hasn’t been any good fires in at least a month. Mr. and Mrs. Martin agree with him. The young man is startled when an apparition of a twentieth century man appears and tells him how his civilization died. 45THE ORGANIZATIONSBack row, from left to right: C. Worth, S. Anderson, T. Yates, D. Hatch, P. Hain, V. Duryea, B. Irish, C. Essex, K. Johnson, N. Willey. Second row: S. Ellis, D. Smith, G. Liakos, G. Hom-richausen, C. Neeley, R. Butcher, J. Spencer, C. Scott, G. Flores, L. Petersen, S. Olson. Third row: P. Belden, K. Willey, N. Adams, D. Duryea, B. Panwitz, T. Meter, J. Pokorski, R. Smith, S. Brandt, S. Worth, G. Flores, D. Best. Fourth row: T. Reitz, S. McKinney, L. Strieker, A. Jesse, V. Vogel, N. Brown, T. Jantz, M. McLean, D. Schaffert, H. Snyder, C. DeVeny, S. Johnson. Fifth row: L. Nagaki, C. Nagaki, J. Holub, R. Palmer, J. Bowen, V. Odell, M. Green, L. Nagaki, D. Petersen, C. Rask, A. Johnson. Sixth row: K. Saylor, C. Tittel, L. Kuncl, D. Mundt, A. Young-man, M. Hoffman, V. Nansel, D. DeVeny, L. Hoppens, K. Coleman, K. Williams. Seventh row: K. Kosmicki, R. Neter, P. Alvarado, C. Smith, S. Becker, J. Spencer, J. Toedtli, R. Garrett, D. Nielsen, C. Burton, J. Green, T. Simpson. Eighth row: V. White. J. Wilson, M. Colwell, C. Haslow, J. Petersen, D. DeFord, Sponsor Mrs. Parkes, M. Cole, N. Marlatt, J. Meade, M. West, and K. Olson. Student support constitutes an important part of school athletic programs. Cheering the teams on to victory, creating enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and promoting pep and school spirit is what Pep Club is all about. Pep Club activities this year included: helping sponsor the Homecoming dance with the Student Government; sponsoring Parents’ Night for Football, Basketball and Wrestling; selling candy as a money making project; organizing the Pep Club Formal in December in which “Stairway to Heaven” was the theme; sponsoring a Spirit Week during Basketball season, which the Junior Class won; and holding the tappings of the newly-elected Cheerleaders and Officers. This year’s Pep Club was headed by President Julie Petersen, Vice-President Nancy Marlatt, Secretary Deb DeFord, Treasurer Mary Cole, Chant Leader Nancy Smith, and sponsor Mrs. Lynne Parkes. 48CHEERLEADERS Back row, left to right: Patty Alvarado. Second row: Cathey Smith, Kim Kosmicki, Lari Henderson. Third row: Stephanie Becker. Roxi Meter. These are the 1974-75 Varsity Cheerleaders. AKES AND Left to right: Nancy Brown, Tami Jantz, Cindy Worth, Joni Hand. These are the 1974-75 Reserve Cheerleaders. WELL 49A-CLUB Left side, back to front: Bill Kemper, Mike Abbott, Kevin Wilkinson, Dan Simpson, John Dietrich, Paul Watson, Tom Chinnock, Mark See- Brad Hoppens, Tom Cummings, Roger Nason, Tracy Kistler, Marc bohm. Cross bar, left to right: Roy Rogers, Mark Carter, John Way. Stavropoulos. Right side: Ned Percival, Dave Nielsen, Mitch Lyster, Back row, left to right: John Way, Kevin Wilkinson, Roy Rogers, Mark Seebohm. Front row: Pat Cullan, George Schamber, Brad Smith, Keith Kyser. 50 Being a member of A-Club is not only an honor, but is also a privilege. Boys who wish to become members have to earn a letter in one sport in the past year. Participating in money making projects and selling at the concession stand help boys feel that they are part of the club. However, the greatest satisfaction of each individual is the feeling of achievement when he becomes a member of this club. This year’s officers include President John Way, Vice-President Kevin Wilkinson, Secretary-Treasurer Mark Seebohm, and Sergeant-at-Arms Roy Rogers. Sponsors of A-Club include coaches Keith Kyser, Pat Cullan, Brad Smith, George Schamber and Jim Hawk. The A-Club each year chooses a Homecoming Queen. This year they announced the ten candidates at the community pep rally, held the night before the game. The next day the three finalists were announced at the school pep rally. Finally at half-time of the Homecoming game the Queen and her two attendants were crowned.I Back row: Patty Monroe, Kathryn Jensen, Deb Cotes, Nancy Hielscher, Mark Thompson, Julie Rust, Susan Sielder, and Karen Dempsey. Front row: Deb Bursh, Jayne bailor, Nancy Hooper, Linda Nagaki, Patty Alvarado, Arlene Kulas, and sponsor Mr. Lonnie Sherlock. The Deca club, sponsored by Mr. Lonnie Sherlock is an organization established to teach members how to work and learn about the distributive areas of our economic system. The club sponsored a M M candy sale, and activities included State Convention, the Employer-Employee Banquet, and National contest. DECA members received first place, second place, and five top eight finalist awards at the State Convention held in Lincoln, Nebr. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA Left to right: Patty Alvarado-Spud Public Relations, Deb Buresh-Spud Public Relations, Nancy Hielscher-News Public Relations, Mark Thompson-Vice President, Julie Rust-Radio Public Relations, Jayne Failor-Secretary, Nancy Hooper-Newspaper Public Relations. Not pictured-President-Ryan Furman and Treasurer-Bruce Grothcn. 51Y- TEENS The Y-Teen Orpheum’s remaining contestants in the two hour long Dance Marathon. Back row, from left to right: Sponsors Mrs. Eunice Petersen and Mrs. Juanita Glarum. Front row: President Mary Lou Colwell, Vice President Becky Pan-witz. Secretary Lynette Green, and Treasurer Helen Snyder. The Y-Teens of the United States of America, rooted in the Christian faith as known in Jesus and nourished by the resources of that faith, seeks to respond to the barrier breaking love of God in this day. The association draws together in responsible membership girls of diverse experiences and faiths, that their lives may be open to new understandings and deeper relationships for peace and justice, freedom, and dignity for all people. This year’s theme was, “FREE TO BE YOU ME”. Among club sponsored activities this year were: World Fellowship Fair, Orphcum, and the Mother-Daughter banquet. Back row of the Y-Teen Cabinet, from left to right: Marcia West, Green, Linda Nagaki, Cindy DeVeny, Shirley Johnson, Helen Snyder, Julie Petersen, Becky Panwitz, Nancy Marlatt, Mary Lou Colwell, Grace Flores, Dianne Nielson, and Nancy Hooper. Lari Henderson, Kathy Williams, Kelly Johnson. Front row: Lynette The Student Government skit in the Y-Teen Orpheum was voted by the audience as the best skit in the Orpheum. 52ANNUAL Back row, from left to right: Paul Phillip, Steve Benzel. Mike Fitzgerald, Daryl Colwell. Second row: Denise Marsh, Carla Haslow, Julie Petersen, Susan Ackerman. Third row: Nancy Hielscher, Mary Cole, Jon DeBusk, Susan McKinney. Front row: Linda Nagaki, Lori Nagaki, Judy Holub, and Cindy Nagaki. The main purpose of Annual is to pul out the BULLDOG. This is a rough job as staff members have to put in roughly 4500 man-hours of labor per year. During these hours, pictures have to be taken, copy has to be typed, layouts have to be prepared and all these have to meet assigned deadlines. The staffs work does not stop when the schoolday ends. There are many after school and weekend hours of work necessary for the finishing of incomplete assignments. Books and ads have to be sold to raise the $5500.00 necessary to make and put out the book. During this year, five staff members attended the State Journalism Conference held in Lincoln, where they learned new techniques and ideas for yearbook layouts. The staff should be proud of the work they accomplished this year.SPUD Back row, from left to right: Dave McDonald, Robert Jensen, Craig, Mitzi Stark,Georgia Liakos, Janelle Meade, Donna Olson, Cherie Hall, Schadwinkel, Kent Fritzler, Jay Weisgerber, Mike Fitzgerald, Scott and Miss Diane Leever. Ashley, Melvin Lancey, Bill Kemper. Front row: Arlene Kulas, The proper use of talent and old-fashioned hard work produced Alliance High School’s bi-monthly periodical. The Spud. The activities of the Spud do not end with the editing of the publication as Journalism students also sell advertisements, research news topics and take photographs. On October 19, 1974, five Journalism students, along with advisor Miss Leever, travelled to Lincoln to attend the State Press Convention. While attending the convention, they added to their knowledge of journalism. Inspiration and originality are the keys to success for the Spud. Ms. Leever helps the Spud staff prepare for a deadline. 54FCA Back row, from left to right: Mike Abbott, Bob Wood, Kevin Wilkinson, Ned Percival, Brad Hoppens, Mike Paulsen, John Way, Rock Edwards. Second row: Kasey Kistler, Tracy Kistlcr, Mitch Lyster, Paul Watson, Tom Chinnock, Rick Gonzales, Marc Stavropoulos, Gene Charles. Front row: Julie Petersen, George Schamber, Brad Smith, Pat Cullen, and Roxi Meter. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a new organization at Alliance High School. The membership includes young men and women who are athletes and believe in Jesus Christ. Meetings are held every first and third Mondays. Items talked about at meetings concern the role of Christ in the young athlete’s life and the way they should behave during games. Sponsors are Coaches Brad Smith, Pat Cullen, and George Schamber. CHESS CLUB Left side, back to front: Ned Percival, Earl Gilliam, David Curtiss, Jeff Meade, Debbie Smith, Linda Nagaki, Mary Cole. Right side: Jim Balderson, Scott Ashley, Mike Fitzgerald, Rick Wall, and Edwin Iron Rope. The Alliance High School Chess Club was formed late in the 1975 school year as a result of widespread student interest in the world’s oldest intellectual sport. Alliance High students of both sexes decided to meet Monday evenings and after school under Mr. Fricke’s sponsorship in order to improve their game skills, learn new tactics, and compete in inner-club match play. The game of Chess, whose history can be traced before the time of Christ, is played on a conventional checker board with each player “commanding” an army of sixteen pieces. A Chess player needs to be concerned about three types of moves: the forward, sideways, and backwards attack patterns of the rook, king, and queen; the diagonal attack patterns of the king, pawn, queen and bishops; and finally the unique “L” shaped three square movement of the knight. Utilizing the movements described, a player must develop a sound defensive and offensive strategy in order to “check” or threaten the enemy’s king and eventually place the enemy king in “checkmate” or capture, thereby assuring a game win. 55FFA Back row, left to right: Scott Vcjraska, Jay Shrewsbury, Creig Wilkins, Allan Fritzler, Lyle Woods, Harold Jones, Roger Seidler, Wayne Crawford, Chester Dye, Gif Potmesil, Corky Taylor. Second row: randy Collins, Martin Burney, Bryan Collins, Larry Grimes, Ed McDonald, Richard Mann, Jim Schafer, Bryan Henderson, Steve Fritz- ler, Dan Seidler, Doug Hashman. Front row: Gene Whitlock, Ryan Covalt, Chuck Zimmerman, Bruce Robbins, James Shetler, Rick Jesse, Anne Henderson, Randall Benda, Rick Clarke, and Bruce Kulas. One of the more active groups of Alliance High School is the FFA. Future Farmers of America is an organization of, by, and for vocational agricultural students. It is a process of sharing and learning about agriculture and agribusiness. Throughout the year, the FFA sponsors, and participates in many events, both local and statewide. They held a slave sale and a dance at Westside Community Hall. They participated in many contests, judgings, and basketball games. Some of the members attended the State Convention and Contest held in Lincoln. Anne Henderson was chosen this year’s FFA Sweetheart, with runners up being Ann Jesse and Willow Krause. From left to right: President Scott Vejraska, Vice-President Jay Shrewsbury, Secretary Rick Jesse, Treasurer Doug Hashman, Reporter, Mark Munger, Sentintel Bryan Collins, and Parliamentarian Mike Wills. State attendants, back to front: Lyle Woods, Scott Vejraska, Bryan Collins, Doug Hashman, and Anne Henderson. 56RODEO CLUB Back row,left to right: Jay Shrewsbury, Lyle Wood, Bart Dye, Doug Hashman, Chester Dye, Corky Taylor, Rick Jesse, Bryan Henderson, Bruce Kulas. Second row: Vicki Vogel, Donna Sulzbach, Denise Marsh, Sue Ackerman, Sue McKinney, Ann Henderson, Kim Tolstedt, Rhonda Hack, Desirae Lawrence, Tami Reitz, Ann Jesse, Kim Weston. Front row: President Mike Wills, Vice-President Scott Vejraska, Secretary Kim Ferguson, Treasurer Randy Turechek. The Alliance High Rodeo Club was started in Alliance to promote High School Rodeoing and to work toward this by bringing recognition to this school activity. The club has thirty members, five officers and two sponsors. Bill Burgess and Bill Podraza. The rodeo club of Alliance High has put on two Country-Western Dances to raise money for the spring rodeo. It had meetings every first and third Tuesday of each month to discuss fund-making projects and to take care of various other rodeo business. Five representatives went to the state meeting at Ogalla-la earlier in the year to bring back news and rules of the state organization. The rodeo team has done very well so far this year and hope to keep up the good show. Kim Ferguson, Jay Shrewsbury, Mike Wills and Gene Whitlock are the members of the club that have qualified for the State Finals so far. GERMAN CLUB Left to right: Nancy Adams, Treasurer Kevin McAndrew, President Mary Lou Colwell, Secretary Dan Olson, Vice President Becki Panwitz, Brett Dietrich, Paula Beldon, and Kent Colwell. Sponsor Mr. Ivan Polyakov. 57STUDENT GOVERNMENT Back row, from left to right: Bill Nagaki, Paul Heimbuch, Terry Curtiss, Sponsor Dr. Bill Podraza. Front row: Paula Belden, Becki Pan- witz, Vickie Nansel, Jan Spencer, Susan Olson, Valerie White, and Mary Lou Colwell. Not pictured: Bill Kemper and Nancy Hooper. Student Government was active again this year in representing the ideas of the student body. Student Government acts as a liaison between the lines of communication to make Alliance High a better school and promote welfare of the students. Some of the main activities sponsored by Student Government were Homecoming dance, Krazy Daze contest, and sock hops after football and basketball games. Student Government also provided a student lounge, a place where students can relax and rap while enjoying a can of pop and listening to the juke box. Another project launched was the reading lounge. Here the students can enjoy the quiet atmosphere along with comfortable furniture to enjoy the company of a good book or to work on studies. Members of Student Government participated in the State Student Government Convention which helped in sharing ideas with other Nebraska schools along with obtaining helpful hints for the year to come. Student government officers chosen by the sophomore, junior, and senior classes were: President Terry Curtiss, Vice-President Dave Wegner, Secretary Valerie White, and Treasurer Paula Belden. Members of the student body enjoy a sock hop after a football game. 58DRILL TEAM Left side, from back to front: Valerie White, Susan McKinney, Geneice Homrighausen, Moira Cremin, Bettylou Ackerman, Tami Cox, Linda Strieker, Nancy Rose, Ann Jesse, Pam Fitzgerald, Jan Bowen. Right side: Vickie Vogel, Tacy Simpson, Tami Reitz, Deedee Petersen, LaDonna Spencer, Christal Iron Rope, Vickie Odell, Carolyn Burton, Anita Johnson, Joyce Spencer, Kim Weston. Crossbar: Sally Brandt, Linda Nagaki, Terri Yates, and Sherri Lore. The Drill Team, sponsored by Mrs. Lynne Parkes, was organized in December by interested girls. The main function of this group is to provide entertainment for the audience during halftime at basketball games during the year. Hard work and many long practices went into their two performances. Members of this year’s Drill Team voted Linda Nagaki as captain, and Terri Yates and Sally Brandt as cocaptains. 59 Members of the Drill Team as they perform during halftime of a basketball game.SldOdS 3H1FOOTBALL Back row, left to right: Scott Vcjraska, David Gies, Jerry Thompson, Bret Bixby. Rick Gonzales, Doug hurley, Daryl Sulzbach. Second row: Lyle Woods, Randy Turechek, Ernie Charles, Rod Sanchez, Herman Shetler, Terry Robbins, Scott Dietrich, Mitch Lyster, Daryl Colwell, Roger Nason, Mike McLaughlin, Don Tschachcr, Steve Ashley. Third row: Larry Mandelbcrg, Dan Olson, Steve Campbell, Mike Paulsen, Kent Sccbohm, Jim Todd, Mike Abbott, Dan Simpson, Tom Chinnock, Craig Schadwinkel, Paul Watson, Brian Debus, Bob Woods. Front row: Dennis Lee, Doug Hammond, Mark Seebohm, Dave Nielsen, Jerry Johnson, Dave Wegner, Roy Rogers, Steve Engel, John Way, Kevin Wilkinson, Ned Percival, Bob Grant. Head Coach Brad Smith Ass’t. Coach Jim Hawk Ass’t. Coach Pat Cullen 62 RESERVE VARSITY AHS TEAM OPP. AHS TEAM OPP. 32 Bridgeport 0 12 Scottsbluff 7 22 Sidney 19 20 Chadron 18 0 Kimball 24 31 Kimball 13 7 Chadron 26 25 Sidney 12 12 Scottsbluff 21 13 Gordon 14 23 Gordon 7 15 North Platte 36 30 Gering 49 20 McCook 20 15 Kearney 20 6364 T. Chinnock holds ball for M. Lyster. M. Lyster looks for the ball. Defense Hard The Bulldog Varsity overcame Alliance High School’s loosing reputation in football by proving they had pride and the will to win in the 1974 football season. Rallying behind their new head coach. Brad Smith, the varsity practiced with purpose and desire to earn an impressive 4-4-1 seasonal record-Alli-ance’s best football record in 15 years. The highlights of the season were: Alliance defeating Scotts-bluff 12-7 for the first time in 19 years, dedicating the Sidney game to John Way, an injured co-captain, and winning soundly 25-12, and going 4-0 into the Gordon game for the Western Conference Championship, and loosing 14-13 on a gamble for a winning two point conversion.Mark Seebohm in trouble. The team outlook for next year looks excellent, because many experienced varsity and reserve players will be returning, if all broken bones and shoulders heal. The Bulldogs placed five players on the West Big Ten All-Conference Team. They were: Junior-Daryl Colwell, and Seniors-Randy Turechek, Roy Rogers, Steve Engel, and Kevin Wilkinson. Honorable mentions also went to Junior-Roger Nason and Seniors-Dave Wegner, Ned Percival, and Mark Seebohm. The Bulldogs placed four players on the Western Conference Team. They were: Junior-Daryl Colwell and Seniors-Randy Turechek, Roy Rogers, and Kevin Wilkinson. Honorable mentions went to Steve Engel and Roger Nason. 03CROSS-COUNTRY Back row, from left to right: Terry Curtiss, Mark Carter, Brad Hoppens, Bill Kemper, Tony Chadwick, Jim Johnston. Front row: Les Nepper, Wayne Thorne, Tom Fawcett, and Glen Fiebig. 66SCORE BOARD Gering Sidney Alliance Scottsbluff Western Conf. Big Ten District State Varsity 5th 5 th 3rd 3rd 2nd 4th 3rd Disqualified Stamina, sweat and strain symbolize the qualities exemplified by the Bulldog Harriers in the 1974 Cross-Country season. Placing fifth in both the Gering and Sidney Invitational Tournaments, the Harriers had room to improve and they did just that! They drove on to place third in their next two meets, the Alliance and the Scottsbluff Invitational Tournaments. The Harriers reached a highlight of the season by capturing second place honors at the Western Conference meet. Their only backslide came when the Harriers travelled to Columbus and returned home with fourth place. The experience and hard work of the Harriers paid off when they took third place at district and sent five state qualifiers to the state meet in Kearney. Individual Honors State qualifiers: Brad Hoppens, Mark Carter, Bill Kemper, Tony Chadwick and Wayne Thorne. Varsity letter winners: Jim Johnston, Terry Curtiss, Brad Hoppens, Mark Carter, Bill Kemper, Tony Chadwick, and Wayne Thome. 67VOLLEYBALL From left to right: Vickie Nansel, Terri Yates,Carla Haslow, Julie Petersen, Kim Kosmicki, DeeAnn Duryea, and Shirley Johnson. The varsity Spikers got off on the wrong foot with two early losses to Scottsbluff and Chadron, however they rebounded with four victories in a row (Kimball, St. Agnes, Sidney, and Gordon) as they developed experience, self-confidence, and teamwork objectives. The varsity went on to win the Alliance Invitational Tournament with impressive victories over Chadron, Scottsbluff, and Gering. The varsity Spikers completed their season with a loss to Gering and wins over McCook and Kearney. The Spikers were led this year by Tri-Captains Carla Haslow. Kim Kosmicki, and Julie Petersen. Individual Honors—Carla Haslow and Julie Petersen were chosen for the All Tourney team at the Alliance Invitational Volleyball Tournament. Julie Petersen was voted by her teammates as recipient of the senior volleyball award. Carla Haslow, Kim Kosmicki, and Julie Petersen were selected for the All Western Conference Volleyball Team, with Julie Petersen also receiving the Honorable All-State Volleyball award. Kim Kosmicki, Vickie Nansel, Desirae Lawrence, Carla Haslow, Terri Yates, Julie Petersen, DeeAnn Duryea, Shirley Johnson, and Donna Sulzbach were varsity letter winners. The Reserves emerged victorious with an undefeated season. Working with the precision and grace of a disciplined team machine, the Reserve Spikers made Alliance High School volleyball history by ending their season with an impressive 11-0 record. Gaining experience and teamwork discipline, the Frosh Spikers captured an impressive 7-2 record with their only losses going to Scottsbluff and Chadron. The Frosh Spikers highlighted their season by placing second in the Alliance Frosh Invitational Volleyball Tournament. 68Back row, from left to right: Linda Hoppens, Lori Petersen, June Pokorski, Kelly Johnson. Middle row: Jan Spencer, Rita Butcher, Mary Hoffman. Front row: Vickie Duryea, Desirae Lawrence, and Robyn Garrett. Varsity Record Reserve Record Freshman Record Scottsbluff Lost Scottsbluff Won Scottsbluff Won Chadron Lost Chadron Won Chadron Won Kimball Won Kimball Won Kimball Won St. Agnes Won St. Agnes Won St. Agnes Won Sidney . Won Sidney Won Sidney Won Gordon Won Gordon Won Gordon ... Valentine Lost Valentine Won Valentine Won North Platte Lost North Platte Won North Platte ... Alliance Invitational 1st Alliance Invitational Alliance Frosh Invitational 2nd McCook Won McCook Won McCook ... Gering Lost Gering Won Gering Lost Kearney Won Kearney Won Kearney 69WRESTLING The Alliance High Grapplers, led by new head coach Pat Cullen, encountered difficulty this season as many inexperienced wrestlers tested their newly acquired skills. A 2-6 dual record was the result of the young grapplers’ attempts, with individual honors going to the following: Gordon Invitational-Marc Stavropoulos-lst, Tracy Kistler-2nd, Daryl Colwell-3rd, Andy Girard4th; Ogallala Invitation-al-Dennis Lee-3rd, Daryl Colwell4th; Western Conference-Marc Stavropoulos-lst, Andy Girard-2nd, Allen Jines-4th, Daryl Colwell-4th; Big Ten—Marc Stavropoulos-2nd, Daryl Colwe!14th; Districts—Andy Girard-lst, Daryl Colwell-3rd, Marc Stavropoulos-4th; and State qualifiers were Andy Girard and Daryl Colwell, though neither placed. Next year’s team looks promising as many of this year’s wrestlers will be returning. The reserve wrestler, under Coach Alan Rainbolt, gained valuable experience for next year, though they ended this year’s season with a 2-6 dual record. Freshman Gary Hawley controls his opponent in a reserve match. From left to right: Dennis Lee, Melvin Lancey, Kasey Kistler, Daryl Terry Robbins, Allen Jines, Brace Kulas, Andy Girard, and Marc Colwell, Ernie Charles, Tracey Kistler, Roy Rogers, Bruce Faber, Stavropoulos. 70Daryl Colwell gains three points as he is about to decision his opponent. VARSITY RESERVE TEAM AHS OPP AHS OPP Kimball 31 30 12 33 Chadron 21 32 15 45 Bridgeport 40 9 45 13 Valentine Invitational 7th Gordon Invitational 7th Gering 9 48 3 61 Ogallala Invitational 6th Scottsbluff 18 34 12 49 Western Conference 6th Gordon 7 46 35 17 Valentine 8 50 17 37 Sidney 18 37 6 26 Big Ten 9th District 6th State Tied for 34th Mike Paulsen tries to reverse the situation. 71 Marc Stavropoulos controls his opponent. Kasey Kistler tries to roll his opponent over for a pin.BASKETBALL—VARSITY The Alliance High Bulldogs ended a very exciting season under the coaching of George Schamber with a 10-11 seasonal record. Alliance placed third in the Holiday Tournaments, defeating Gordon, then losing a very close game to Gering, and finally defeating Chadron. In the District Tournament the Bulldogs defeated Valentine, then lost to Sidney 70-63, the closest game they ever played with Sidney. The Varsity’s teamwork proved to be an asset, when they won several heartstopping games in overtime. Two of the Bulldogs, Jerry Johnson and Kenny Bordeaux received individual honors. Jerry was named to the first team Western Conference and to the second team Big Ten. Kenny was named to the second team Western Conference and to the second team Big Ten. Next year’s team outlook is good as many experienced players will be returning. Mike Lawrence attempts a basket as teammates Kenny Bordeaux and Steve Engel look on. Doug Reeh and Kenny Bordeaux watch as teammate Jerry Johnson shoots for two. 72Back row, from left to right: Howard Behm, David Gies, Jerry Thompson, Roger Nason, Scott Dietrich, Bill Kemper, Craig Schadwinkel, Howard McCall, Wayne Thorne. Second row: Jim Peltz, Mitch Lyster, Greg Boness, John Nickens, Doug Reeh, Dan Simpson, Tom Cum- mings, Paul Watson. Front row: Terry Curtiss, Tony Chadwick, Mike Lawrence, Jerry Johnson, Dave Wegner, Kenny Bordeaux, and Steve Engel. Mike Lawrence attempts a re-bound as teammates Kenny Bordeaux and Doug Reeh watch. Kenny Bordeaux watches as Jerry Johnson attempts two points with a lay-up. TEAM AHS OPP Gordon 64 40 Gering 42 76 Kearney 65 68 Gordon 63 44 Gering 55 57 Chadron 72 54 North Platte 23 59 McCook 55 61 Sidney 51 65 Valentine 73 67 Scottsbluff 69 58 Gering 68 73 TEAM AHS OPP Kearney 65 59 Scottsbluff 75 62 Chadron 60 56 McCook 71 59 North Platte 58 83 Sidney 50 70 Kimball 75 81 Holiday Tournament 3rd DISTRICTS Valentine 62 54 Sidney 63 70 73RESERVE TEAM AHS OPP TEAM AHS OPP Gordon 52 24 Gering 61 60 Gering 58 70 Kearney 63 69 Kearney 47 50 Scottsbluff 52 68 McCook 40 52 Chadron 53 64 North Platte 43 63 McCook 54 60 Sidney 61 66 North Platte 47 65 Valentine 53 57 Sidney 63 74 Scottsbluff 52 56 Kimball 45 77 Dan Simpson shoots for two as teammate Paul Watson stands by for a possible rebound. Tom Cummings looks for a possible rebound as Kimball shoots a basket. Roger Nason attempts a jump shot as teammate Paul Watson stands by for possible problems. Under the coaching of Steve Nelson, the Reserves ended the season with a 2-14 record. The Alliance Reserves showed great determination and pride in their efforts to achieve victory. With a well balanced team, they showed both good offense and defense. Through their efforts, they have gained valuable knowledge of the game to help them in future years. 74GIRLS’ TRACK Back row, left to right: Lorie Dalbey, Brenda Adamson, Deb Nansel, Sue Schad-winkel, Ann Lewis, Jan Wilson, Anita Johnson, Laurie Kulas. Second row: Coach Sandy Pilfold, Debbie Ackerman, Diane Ettle, Tacy Simpson, June Pokorski, Janet Koozer, Mary Hoffmann, Deb Reeh, Selina Lore. Third row: Carmen Knaub, Lori Underwood, Lori Cummings, Karen Jantz, Kathy Duryea, Linda Hoppens, Desirae Lawrence, Vickie Duryea. Fourth row: Dec Duryea, Roxi Meter, Kim Kosmicki, Donna Sulzbach, Julie Petersen, Tammy Jantz, and Shirley Johnson. Long jumper Julie Petersen jumps as friends and teammates watch. Kimball Invitational 5th Sidney Invitational 6th Alliance Invitational 4th Alliance Triangular 2nd Western Conference 2nd District 2nd State Didn’t Place Donna Sulzbach is about to throw the discus. A greatly improved girl’s track team took second in their last three meets. They were the Alliance Triangular, Western Conference, and District meets. The team showed much improvement at these meets as more girls started placing in their individual events. To end the season three girls qualified for the State meet. They were Shirley Johnson in the 880 yd. run, Kim Kosmicki in the long jump, and Donna Sulzbach in the discus and shot put. Though none placed, they all did an excellent job. 75BOYS’ TRACK Back row, left to right: Bill Nagaki, John Nickens, Jim Johnston, Tracy Kistler, Les Nepper, Tom Fawcett. Second row: Paul Schnell, Eduardo Ruch, Mitch Lyster, Craig Schadwinkel, John Worley, Rick Gonzales, Roger Nason, Bill Kemper. Third row: Brad Hoppens, Mark Carter, Mark Seebohm, Kevin Wilkinson, John Way, Tony Chadwick, Roy Rogers, Dave Nielsen. Fourth row: Coaches Steve Nelson, Keith Kyser, Brad Smith, John Bandel. Tony Chadwick finishes slightly ahead of teammate Bill Kemper. Mark Seebohm flies over the hurdle while trying to qualify. 76Mitch Lyster jumps as coaches Keith Kyser and John Bandel watch and anticipate a good jump. Under the coaching of Keith Kyser, Brad Smith, Steve Nelson, and John Bandel, the Alliance High Boy’s Track Team captured the State Track meet. The team that went to state was: 180 yd. low hurdles-Mark Seebohm; long jump-Mitch Lyster, who placed 6th, and John Way; triple-jump-Mitch Lyster, who placed 4th; 100 yd. dash-Kevin Wilkinson, who placed 1st; 220 yd. dash-Kevin Wilkinson, who placed 1st; 880 yd. relay team-Roger Nason, Roy Rogers, Kevin Wilkinson, and John Nickens—placed 1st; and the mile relay team-Roger Nason, Mitch Lyster, Dave Nielsen, and Roy Rogers -placed 2nd. Brad Hoppens paces himself for a long run. Mark Seebohm off to a good start in the hurdles. Kimball Invitational 2nd Sidney Invitational 2nd Gordon Invitational 2nd Alliance Triangular 1st Western Conference 2nd Western Nebraska 3rd Big Ten 9th District 2nd State 1st 77GOLF The Alliance High Golf team under coach Phil Schweitzer had a very successful year. They took first at the Valentine Invitational and the Alliance Triangular. The lowest that the team finished was seventh at the Big Ten meet. Top golfers this year included John Dietrich ’75, Dan Simpson ’76, Jim Olson ’78, Scott Dietrich ’76, and Jim Peltz ’76. Coach Schweitzer felt that the team’s best meet was the first at the Valentine Invitational and the second best meet was the fourth at the Scottsbluff Invitational. Jim Olson sinks a put as teammates John Dietrich and Dan Simpson (background) watch. Sidney Invitational 3rd Gering Invitational 5th Valentine Invitational 1st Alliance Triangular 1st Scottsbluff Invitational 4th Western Conference 3rd Alliance Invitational 4th Big Ten 7th Alliance-Gering Dual won District 5th Dan Simpson tees off at the Alliance Invitational Golf meet where Alliance took fourth. Back row, left to right: John Dietrich, J. R. Akert, Coach Phil Schweitzer, Brett Dietrich, Jim Olson. Second row: Joe Neeley, Tim Olson, Dan Simpson, Paul Watson, Dan Olson. Front row: Tim Sherlock, Dave Gies, Dave McVicker. 78ATHLETES OF THE YEAR ATHLETES OF THE YEAR: Kim Kosmicki and Roy Rogers. Each year the Alliance High coaching staff selects one girl and one boy to honor as Athletes of the Year. This year they chose Kim Kosmicki and Roy Rogers. To qualify for this award the girl must have participated in two sports for three years. The boy must have participated in three sports for three years. Kim has participated in Volleyball and Track, and Roy has participated in Football, Wrestling, and Track. To earn a 3-D Letter a boy has to have participated in three sports for four years. Tony has participated in Cross Country, Basketball, and Track; Roy has participated in Football, Wrestling, and Track;and John has participated 3-D LETTER WINNERS: Left to right-Tony Chadwick, Roy Rogers, and John Way. in Football, Basketball, and Track. 79 «u totmnmwn. tUX» TVKW'WTVUT »P Dt-'T CA VI St TO Mf M WUN I0«.; limn it wFRESHMEN 78’ Ackerman, Debbie Adamson, Brenda Alvarado, Jerrie Ashley, Paula Benda, Randy Bilstcin, Janelle Blumanthal, Brad Blumanthal, Roxann Briggs, Bart Brungard, Becki Burney, Martin Burton, Dale Buskirk, Terry Castle, Randy Charles, Gene Chipperfield, Dwight Christensen, Kevin Clark, Rick Cole, Diane Collins, Randy Colson, Cindy Colwell, Kent Covalt, Ryan Crawford, Warren Crowder, Todd Cummings, Lori Dalbey, Lori Dempsey, Rhonda Left to right: Ann Lewis, Mary Weber, Karen Jantz, Deb Nansel, and Shari Simpson, Freshmen Cheerleaders. Back row, left to right: Kieser, Irish, Pebley, Vogel, Krejci, Fiebig, Leistritz, Todd, Vogel, Studt, Underwood, Ackerman, Lundy, Pan-witz, Watson, Guilliatt, Lewis, Jensen, Knaub, Koozer, Cummings, Langner, Everton. Fourth row: Alvarado, Blumanthal, Sheldon, Shet-ler, Gardner, Houser, Ettle, Charles, Dalbey, Macherman, Howell, Gilbert, Gonzales, Duryea, Sakata, Finky, Underwood. Third row: Means, Goff, DeFord, Smith, Toedtli, Cummings, Fillinger, Brunch, 82Dietrich, Brett Drummond, Kevin DuBray, Curt Duryea, Kathy Dye, Alan Edwards, Rock Edwards, Scott Estrada, Kirk Ettle, Diane Faber, Bruce Fiebig, Lee Ann Fillinger, Lynn Flint, Sally Fowler, Mary Fraedrich, Walter Fritzler, Gregory Gilbert, Laurie Goalcy, Gretchen Green, Cindy Greggs, Jo Dell Grieser, Keith Guilliatt, Jim Hartman, Pat Hartwig, Sonja Hawley, Gary Heckman, Tom Hessheimer, Mike Higgins, Mike Dugger, Kraft, Moss, Jines, Hansen, Dalbcy, Rapp, Appleyard, Reynolds, Bilstcin. Second row: Peterson, Rceh, Hashman, Cassados, Wagner, Kirchner, Keene, Gonzales, Hoff, Magdeleno, Fawcett, Bowen, Lloyd, Swanson, Girard, Richmeier, Lam-pert. First row: Flint, Liakos, McNeal, Lawerence, Odell, Tittle, Vejraska, Sucs-tugu, Essex, Hart, Golden, Snyder, Bilstein, Adamson, Laucr, Freshmen Pep Club. Top row, left to right: Kim Shannon, Renee Jinks, Gretchen Goaley, Lorie Johnson, Laurie Gilbert. Bottom row: Miss Corman, Miss Schlenker, Freshmen Pep Club Officers and Sponsors. 83Hood, Carole Iossi, Ronnie Jantz, Karen Jensen, David Jinks, Renee Johnson, Eddie Johnson, Lorie Keenan, Tim Kistlcr, Kasey Knaub, Carmen Kohler, Virginia Koozer, Janet Kowalski, Dave Kozal, Scott Kramer, Jonathan Krejci, Cheryl Krohn, Kevin Krueger, Kim Kulas, Laurie Kuncl, Roy Lamb, Jim Langncr, Nancy Lawrence, Dave Leistritz, Jana Lewis, Ann Lewis, Kelly Lewis, Kerry Liakos, Theodora Lore, Greg Lore, Selina Lundy, Gaylene Lundy, Guy McCarthy, Shane McDonald, Tim McVickcr, Dave Mann, Richard Mehring, Scott Nagaki, Larry Nansel, Debbie Novotny, Rick O’Leary, Jim Olson, Jim Olson, Tim Panwitz, Angie Parker, Rod Patino, Robert Patrick, Marty Peblcy, Dawn Peters, Tammy Peterson, Mona Porter, Kim Potmesil, Reed Powers, Vylena Prelie, Denis Richards, Les Robbins, Bruce 84Roebuck, Pam Sanchez, Maria Schadwinkel, Sue Schafer, Jim Schaffert, Sherri Schoeneman, Deb Schroeder, Jason Seidlcr, Becky Seidler, Dan Shannon, Kim Sherlock, Tom Shctlcr, James Simpson, Dirk Simpson, Shari Todd, Marla Toedtli, Chris Ullrich, Alan Underwood, Lori Vallejo, Mark ♦ Simpson, Stuart Snyder, Rose Stavropoulos, Marc Studt, Lori Thompson, Dcbby Thomsen, Sonja Tittle, Brad The Freshmen this year will prove to be a great asset in Alliance High next year in all activities. With their help next year will be a success. Vogel, Lori Vogel, Valerie Walker, Bob Walker, Dennis Watson, Janet Weber, Lori Weber, Mary Weisgerber, Blake West, Brenda Whitlock, Gene Willey, Kenny Williams, Robert Wills, Janet Wilson, Jan Zimmerman, Chuck Zobel, Alan 85Sophomores 77' Becker, Donna Behm, Howard Benzel, Trent Best, Debbie Best, Dennie Bixby, Bret Blumanthal, Rick Brandt, Sally Burton, Carolyn Butcher, Rita But .inc, Kurt Chipperfield, Breck Coleman, Kathy Cordell, Deb Cox, Michael Cox, Tami Cremin, Moira Dafney, John DeVeny, DeeDee DcWitt. Victor DcWitt, Vivian Ditsch, Tom Doyle, Earl Dugger, Lynda Duryea, Vicki Dye, Bart Essex, Cheryl Ewing, Ronnie Fawcett, Tom Fester, Ed Fiebig, Glen Fillinger, Glenn Fitzgerald, Pam Flores, Gloria Flores, Grace Frohman, Rhonda Fur ley, Doug Gardiner, Keith Garett, Stanley Garrett, Robyn Carton, Jack Gics, David 86Girard, Andy Gonzalez, Rick Green,Jane Groom, Bob Hain, Daryl Hardy, Richard Hartwig, Debbie Hernandez, David Hinton, Bob Hoffmann, Mary Hoppens, Linda Houser, Joy Howell, Patty Irish, Beth Iron Rope, Christal Jensen, Ed Jesse, Ann Johnson, Anita Johnson, Kelly Johnson, Mike Jones, Andy Kistlcr, Tracy Koozer, Cindy Krause, Willow Krebs, Monte Kulas, Bruce Lamm, Mitch Landgren, Richard Lawrence, Desirae Lewis, Jim Lore, Sherry McCall, Howard McDonald, David McKinney, Susan Marsh, Denise Matula, Sharon Back row, left to right: Jan Spencer, Tracy Kistlcr, Kelly Johnson. Front row: Mr. Rockey and Ms. Leever. 87Maxson, Bill Meade, Jeff Meter, Tana Munger, David Mundt, Deb Nansel, Vickie Neeley, Joe Nepper, Les Nielsen, Dianne Olson, Susan Patino, Carlos Payne, Clif Perkins, Dan Petersen, Lori Pokorski, June Prelie, Delina Rapp, Vickie Reeh, Deb Reitz, Tammy Roebuck, Sherrie Rogers, Rodney Rose, Nancy Sakata, Tami Schaffert, Kerry Schommer, David Scott, Connie Sherlock, Tim Shrewsbury, Ted Simpson, Tacy Smith, Robyn Snyder, Larry 88Spencer, Jan Spencer, Joyce Strieker, Keith Strieker, Linda Sullivan, Pat Sulzbach, Daryl Sward, Norman Swesey, Lynn Taylor, Aaron Taylor, Ron Thompson, Jerry Todd, Jonie Toedtli, Jody Tolstedt, Kim Underwood, Terry Verjraska, Mark Vogel, Tammy Vogel, Vicke Walker, Alan Walkingstick, Cheryl Weston, Kim Willey, Nancy Williams, Kathy Wollin, Gary Woods, Brad Wounded Arrow, Rose Worth, Sherry Young man, Amy Zellaha, Jodi Zlomkc, Fred 89JUNIORS 76 Left to right, Officers Daryl Colwell Becki Panwitz Mr. Bandel Paula Belden Phil Medina Abbott, Mike Ackerman, Betty Lou Adams, Nancy Anderson, Sue Ashley, Steve Belden, Paula Benzel, Steve Bishop, Brad Boness, Greg Bowen, Jan Bowman, Doug Brown, Nancy Brown, Ron Buresh, Debbie Campbell, Steve Chinnock,Tom Cole, Alice Collins, Bryan Colwell, Daryl Cover, Tim 90Crawford, Wayne Cummings, Tom Cunningham, Gary Curtiss, David Debus, Brian Decker, Rick Dietrich, Scott Drumhcllcr, Merlin DuBray, George Dunham, Jean Duryea, DceAnn Dye, Lance Ellis, Shan Foster, Charlie Fraedrich, Ernie Frank, Garry Freiberger, Don Fritzler, Allan Fritzler, Steve Frohman, Peg Overall prom chairman, Kathy Saylor Junior class sponsor, Mr. Fricke 91Gonzales, Tim Green, Joyce Green, Mary Hack, Ronda Main, Pam Haller, Robyn Hampton, Fred Hand,Joni Hare, Mark Hatch, Debi Hcffron, Rhonda Hernandez, Kevin Heimbuch, Paul Henderson, Ann Henderson, Bryan Hielscher, Nancy Higgins, Berta Howell, Alvie Jantz, Tammy Jensen, Terry 92Jines, Allen Johnson, DeAnn Johnson, Greg Johnson, Shirley Keene, Teresa Kollars, Tim Krajewski, Jim Krebs, Tim Krohn, Mark Kuncl, Laura Lancey, Melvin Langmacher, Tom Lawrence, Mike Liggett, Scott Lore, Terry Lundy, Dixie 93PROM HIGHLIGHTS Lyster, Mitch M c A nd re w, To mila y ne McCarthy, Cionne McCracken, Peg McDonald, Ed McLaughlin, Mike McLean, Marci Medina, Phil Monroe, Patricia Mosser, Kathy Nagaki, Bill Nagaki, Lori Nason, Roger Nickens, John O’Brien. Kevin Odell, Vicki Palmer, Bobbi Panwitz, Becki Parker, Terri Paulsen, Mike Peltz, Jim Petersen, DecDcc Phillip, Paul Potmesil.Clil' 94JUNIOR ACTIVITIES The Junior Class faced many difficulties in preparing for the 1975 Junior-Senior Prom. The theme for the prom was “Moonlight and Roses.” The band, Shells of Time, performed for over 95 couples, one of the largest attendances ever. Projects organized to finance the prom included selling AMWAY products, selling Christmas cards, painting the Alliance Floral’s green house, selling concessions, producing the Junior Class Play, “The Lillies of the Field” and collecting class dues. Reigning over this year’s prom were Queen Julie Petersen, King Mark See-bohm, First Attendants Nancy Marlatt and Terry Curtiss, and Second Attendants Mary Stavropoulos and Dan Olson. Potthoff, Mark Rachetts, Mike Rask, Cindy Reeh, Doug Ringleman, Darrell Robbins, Terry Roebuck, Vicki Rohrbouck, Pam 95Sanchez, Yvonne Saylor, Kathy Schadwinkel, Craig Schaffert, Debbi Scebohm, Kent Seidler, Roger Shetler, Herman Shrewsbury, Tom Simpson, Dan Smith, Bill Smith, Debbie Snyder, Helen Stone, Brad Stone, David Taylor, Corky Tittel, Colleen 96JUNIORS PREPARE TO TAKE COMMAND AS SENIORS PLAN GRADUATION Todd, Jim Tschacher, Deb Tschacher, Don Ullrich, Steve Watson, Paul Weston, Rod Wickham, Becky Wilkins, Craig Willey, Kim Wills, Mike Wolvington, Paul Woods, Bob 971975 PROM, ‘‘MOONLIGHT AND ROSES” Back row, left to right: Queen Julie Petersen, King Mark Seebohm. Second row: Second Attendants Dan Olson, Mary Stavropoulos, First Attendants Nancy Marlatt, Terry Curtiss. 98SENIORS 75 Officers and Sponsors Left to right: John Way Julie Petersen Lari Henderson Mary Stavropoulos Mr. Hartman Mr. Hawk J. R. AKFRT Band. Choir, Swing Choir, Pep Band, Stage Band, A-Club, Basketball, Football Student Manager, Golf, Orpheum, All School Musical PATTY ALVARADO Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleader, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. Public Relations, Children’s Theater, Top 8 Finalist in Display Construction at D.E.C.A. Convention SCOTT ALAN ASHLEY Wrestling, Spud Staff, Spud Business Manager, Spud Photographer, D.E.C.A., Library Assistant, Chess Club JAMES R. BALDERSON Band, Choir, Choir Vice-President, Swing Choir, Pep Band, Orpheum, Experimental One Acts, State Music Clinic, National Honor Society, All School Musical, Chess Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Annual Mathematics Examination, Regents Scholarship, National Merit Finalist, Presidential Scholars Program Semi-Finalist, District Music Contest DEBORAH SUE BECKER Choir, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Drill Team, All School Musical STEPHANIE BECKER Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Sophomore Class Secretary, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleader, District Speech Contest, District Music Contest, County Government Day RHONDA BLUMANTHAL JULIE CAPPS Choir, Swing Choir MARK CARTER A-Club, Track, Cross Country, Orpheum, District One Acts, Student Government, National Honor Society, German Club, National Guardsman for a Day 99TONY CHADWICK Band Vice-President, Stage Band, A-CIub, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Annual Staff, Orpheum, Junior Class Play, Experimental One Acts, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Junior Class President, Student Government Senator, Boy’s State Candidate, 3-D Letter, District Speech Contest, National Honor Society, Thespians, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, State Speech Contest, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Nebraska Western Invitational Speech Contest, Gudmundsen Scholarship, Latin Club ERNEST A.CHARLES Football, D.E.C.A. CAROLYN CHEATLE MABEL COLE Choir, D.E.C.A. MARY COLE Choir, Pep Club, Pep Club Treasurer, Wrestling Statistician, Annual Staff, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Experimental One Acts, National Honor Society, All School Musical, Chess Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Girl’s State Candidate BILL COLEMAN MARY LOU COLWELL Choir, Swing Choir, Pep Club, Pep Club Point Secretary, Spud Staff, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens President, Y-Teens Cabinet, Orpheum, Student Government Senator, Girl’s State, National Honor Society, Thespians, All School Musical, German Club President and Treasurer. Chadron Scholastic Contest, Children’s Theater, Nebraska Western Invitational Speech Contest, Who’s Who Among American High Students DEBBIE COTES D.E.C.A. CINDY CUMMINGS Y-Tcens, D.E.C.A., Chadron Scholastic Contest TERRY CURTISS Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, A-Club, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Orpheum, Junior Class Play, District and State One Acts, Experimental One Acts, Student Government President, Boy’s State Alternate, District and State Speech Contest, National Honor Society,German Club,Chadron Scholastic Contest, Regents Scholarship, Elks Scholarship, Nebraska Western Invitational Speech Contest JUDITH E. DAFNEY Choir, Pep Club, Track, Drill Team, D.E.C.A. JON DEBUSK Annual Staff, Spud Staff, D.E.C.A. 100DEBBIE DEFORD Choir, Pep Club, Pep Club Secretary, Y-Teens, Orpheum, All School Musical KENNETH DEISCH National Honor Society, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Elks Scholarship KAREN DEMPSEY D.E.C.A. CHRISTY A. DEWITT CINDY DEVENY Pep Club, Y-Tcens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Orpheum JOHN D. DIETRICH A-Club, Golf, German Club, Key Club President TAMI DIETRICH Band, Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Drill Team, All School Musical, D.E.C.A. MARCELLA DOBRY Choir, All School Musical PAM DOREMUS Choir, Y-Teens TIM DUNHAM MINATARE: Basketball, Football, Track CHESTER DYE FFA, Rodeo Club DEBRA DIANE EMBREE Band, Pep Band, Pep Club 101STEVEN A. ENGEL Basketball, Football, Track, Orpheum, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Western Conference Football, Big Ten Football, All Regional Football BARBARA ELAINE FABER Band, Choir, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Tccns, Chadron Scholastic Contest MARVIN L. FABER County Government Day MELVIN L. FABER JAYNE A. FA I LOR Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Tcens, Drill Team, D.E.C.A. Secretary KIM FERGUSON Pep Club, Rodeo Club. Rodeo Club Publicity Director. Treasurer, and Secretary RHONDA FINCH Pep Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest MICHAEL FITZGERALD Annual Staff, Spud Staff, County Government Day, Chess Club CARMEN A. FLORES Choir, Pep Club, Drill Team, D.E.C.A. KENT A. FRITZLER Spud Staff, Orpheum RYAN FURMAN D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. President, Parachute Club TIM L. GEARHART Band, Pep Band, Stage Band 102EARL GILLIAM Wrestling, FFA, D.E.C.A., Fellowship of Christian Athletes ROBERT R. GRANT Choir, Football, All School Musical BRAD GREEN A-Club, Football, Big Ten Football Honorable Mention, Western Conference Football JULIE A. GREEN Pep Club LYNETTE KAY GREEN Band, Choir, Orchestra, Swing Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Vice-President, Y-Teens Secretary, District One Acts, Outstanding Actress, Experimental One Acts, Student Government Cabinet, Girl's State Alternate, District Speech Contest, National Honor Society, All School Musical, German Club, German Club President, State Speech Contest, State One Act Contest, Nebraska Western Invitational Speech Contest, Homecoming Queen Attendant PATI GRIFFIS Band, Pep Band. Pep Club, District Speech Contest, Chadron Scholastic Contest BRUCEB.GROTHEN Wrestling, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. Treasurer, D.E.C.A. State Winner, D.E.C.A. National Winner, Chess Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Parachute Club CHERIE HALL Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Spud Staff. Spud Assistant Editor, County Government Day, Rodeo Club, Rodeo Club Secretary DOUG HAMMOND A-Club, Football, Golf DOUG HASHMAN FFA, FFA Star Chapter Farmer, FFA Reporter, FFA Treasurer, FFA State Convention, Rodeo Club CARLA HASLOW Band, Choir, Pep Band, Pep Club, Volleyball, Volleyball Tri-Captain, Alliance Invitational All-Tourney Team, Western Conference Volleyball Team, Track, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Drill Team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes LARI HENDERSON Choir, Pep Club, Track, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Orpheum, Senior Class Vice-President, Varsity Cheerleader, Drill Team, All School Musical, German Club, Children’s Theater 103WESLEY HETH JAY HOLMES Choir, Basketball, D.E.C.A. JUDITH ANN HOLUB Pep Club, Pep Club Point Secretary, Annual Staff, Quill Scroll, Drill Team, National Honor Society, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Girls State Candidate, Who’s Who Among American High School Students GENEICE ADELL HOMRIGHAUSEN Pep Club, Y-Teens, Drill Team NANCY HOOPER Band, Pep Club, Reserve Cheerleader, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Student Government, Orpheum, County Government Day, German Club, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. Publicity Chairman, Rodeo Club, Rodeo Club Publicity Chairman BRAD HOPPENS A-Club, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, National Honor Society, German Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Elks Scholarship, National Guardsman for a Day KATHRYN JENSEN Pep Club, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. Public Relations, State D.E.C.A. Leadership Conference ROBERT JENSEN Spud Staff RICK JESSE Choir, Wrestling, F.F.A., All School Musical, Rodeo Club JERRY LEE JOHNSON A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Most Improved Basketball Player, Basketball All Western Conference, Basketball All Regional Team, Basketball Second Team Big Ten, Basketball All State Honorable Mention JIM JOHNSTON Choir, A-Club, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, F.F.A. HAROLD L. JONES Football, Wrestling, F.F.A., County Government Day ’04BOB JORDAN BILL KEMPER Choir, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Cross Country, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Photographer, Spud Staff, Spud Staff Editor, Spud Staff Photographer, Quill Scroll, Orphcum, Senior Class Play, District One Acts, Experimental One Acts, Student Government, Student Government Senator, Boy’s State Candidate, County Government Day, National Honor Society, German Club, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Board of Trustees’ Scholarship-Chadron, Hastings Academic Scholarship KIM KOSMICKI Band, Pep Club, Volleyball, Volleyball Tri-Captain, Track, Y-Tecns, Orpheum, Varsity and Reserve Cheerleader, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Alliance Invitational All-Tourney Team, Western Conference Volleyball Team ARLENE M. KULAS Pep Club, Spud Staff, D.E.C.A. DENNIS E. LEE Football, Wrestling, FFA, Chess Club LISA LEISTRITZ Pep Club, D.E.C.A., Chadron Scholastic Contest LOUIS LEISY MARY LEWIS Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Volleyball GEORGIA LIAKOS Pep Club, Annual Staff, Spud Staff, Spud Staff Feature Editor, Quill Scroll, District One Acts, National Honor Society SARAH ROBYN LONGACRE Pep Club, D.E.C.A. GARY LOVELL MULLEN: FootbaU, D.E.C.A. LARRY MANDELBERG Orpheum, Junior Class Play, District One Acts, Experimental One Acts, District Speech Contest, German Club, Chess Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest, State Speech Contest, State One Acts, Western Nebraska Invitational Speech Contest 105NANCY MARLATT Pep Club, Vice-President, Y-Teens Cabinet, Class Treasurer, National Honor Society, Chadron Scholastic Contest, D.A.R. Citizenship Award KEVIN R. McANDREW Band, Orchestra. Pep Band, Spud Staff, Quill Scroll, Orpheum, Junior and Senior Class Plays, District and State one Acts, Experimental One Acts, District Speech Contest,Thespian President, German Club Historian, Library Assistant, Children’s Theater, Nebraska Western Speech Invitational Patrick McDonald Choir, D.E.C.A. JANELLE MEADE Choir, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Orpheum, District One Acts, Experimental One Acts, District Speech Contest, All School Musical, Children's Theater JOLENE MERRIHF.W ROX1 ANN METER Band. Choir, Pep Band, Stage Band. Pep Club, Track, Y-Teens Cabinet, Orpheum, Junior Class Play, District One Acts, Junior Class Vice-President, Varsity Cheerleader, Drill Team, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic, County Government Day, Thespian Secretary-Treasurer, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Children’s Theater, Hastings Honor Band, Nebraska Western Invitational Speech Contest, Forensics Team, Homecoming Queen JODI MOCKERMAN SOUTH DAKOTA: Pep Club, D.E.C.A. MARGARET MONROE Pep Club MARK W. MUNGER F.F.A., F.F.A. Reporter, F.F.A. Sentinel CYNTHIA NAGAKI Pep Club, Annual Staff, Quill Scroll, Y-Tecns, Orpheum, National Honor Society, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Board of Trustees’ Scholarship, Who’s Who Among American High School Students LINDA NAGAKI Pep Club Point Secretary, Wrestling Statistician, Annual Staff, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens Cabinet, Orpheum, Experimental One Acts, Drill Team Captain, District Speech Contest, National Honor Society, Thespians, D.E.C.A., Chess Club, Children's Theater, Who’s Who Among American High School Students COLLEEN KAREN NEELEY Pep Club, Choir, Drill Team, HEMING-FORD: Pep Club, Choir, Reserve Cheerleader, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Honorary Member of National Honor Society 106DAVE NIELSEN A-Club, Football, Track, Orpheum CHRISTAL ODELL Choir, Swing Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Or-phcum, Drill Team, County Government Day, All School Musical, D.E.C.A., Library Assistant DAN OLSON Band President, Choir, Swing Choir, Pep Band, Stage Band, Football, Golf, Orpheum, Junior Class Play, District One Acts, Student Government Senator, Boy’s State, District Speech Contest, National Honor Society, Thespians, All School Musical, German Club Treasurer, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Pep Club Formal 2nd Attendant, Prom 2nd Attendant, Best Actor KRIS OLSON Band Librarian, Pep Band, Stage Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, National Honor Society, D.E.C.A., Chadron Scholastic Contest, A.E.A. Scholarship, All School Musical BILL PAYNE Chadron Scholastic Contest NED PERCIVAL A-Club, Football, West Big 10 Football Honorable Mention, Wrestling, Spud Staff, Orpheum, Student Government, Vice-President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Chess Club, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Latin Club JULIE PETERSEN Band Treasurer and Secretary, Pep Band, Pep Club President, Volleyball Tri-Captain, Volleyball Senior Award, Alliance Invitational All Tourney Team, Western Conference Volleyball Team, Volleyball All State Honorable Mention, Track, Annual Staff, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens Treasurer and Cab-inet,Orpheum, Senior Class Treasurer, Student Government Senator, Drill Team, Girl’s State Candidate, County Government Day, National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Prom Queen, Scholastic Athlete, Student Government Scholarship, Y-Tcens Scholarship, All Around Girl ALLENE POWERS Track GLORIA ROEBUCK Choir SHELIA ROEBUCK ROY “TRIGGER” ROGERS A-Club Sergeant-At-Arms, Football, West Big Ten Football, Western Conference Football Team, All State Football Little Man Team, Wrestling, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Pep Club Boyfriend, Athlete of the Year EDUARDO RUCH Exchange Student from Argentina, Track Student Manager 107JULIE RUST Pep Club, Track, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. Public Relations, Rodeo Club RODNEY SANCHEZ National Honor Society, Football MARTY SCHEFCIK PAULSCHNELL Track SHELLIE SCHROEDER Band. Pep Band, Y-Teens, District One Acts, Junior Class Play, Thespians, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Children's Theater, State One Acts, National Honor Society. IOWA: Choir, Pep Club, Annual Staff MARK P. SEEBOHM Band, Choir, Choir Secretary-Treasurcr, Choir President, Swing Choir, Swing Choir President, Stage Band, A-Club, A-Club Secretary-Treasurer, Football, Big Ten Football Honorable Mention, Track, Orphcum, Student Government, Student Government Treasurer, Thespians, All School Musical DEB SEIDLER Pep Club, D.E.C.A. SUSAN L. SEIDLER Pep Club, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. State Conference PATRICK JAMES SHERLOCK JAY SHREWSBURY Football, Wrestling, F.F.A., F.F.A. Treasurer, F.F.A. Secretary, F.F.A. Vice-President, Rodeo Club GERI SIMPSON F.H.A. CATHEY SMITH Band, Choir, Pep Band, Pep Club, Varsity Cheerleader, Y-Teens, Orpheum, All School Musical 108NANCY M. SMITH Choir, Pep Club, Pep Club Chant Leader, Drill Team, All School Musical, D.E.C.A. LaDONNA SPENCER Band, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band, Stage Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Drill Team, All School Musical MARY STAVROPOULOS Y-Tcens, Orpheum, Prom 2nd Attendant, Senior Class Secretary. ST. AGNES: Pep Club, Annual Staff, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Reserve Cheerleader, Chadron Scholastic Contest DONNA SULZBACH Volleyball Student Manager, Track, Rodeo Club DALLAS THIES Football MARK ALAN THOMPSON A-Club, Football, National Honor Society, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. Vice President RANDY TURECHEK A-Club, Football, Wrestling, All West Big Ten Football, All Western Conference Football, All-State Football Honorable Mention, Rodeo Club, Rodeo Club Treasurer BOBBI JO TYNDALL Choir, Pep Club, D.E.C.A. KIMBERLY SUE WEIMER UNDERWOOD Band, Choir, Pep Club, Track, All School Musical, Rodeo Club SCOTT D. VEJRASKA Band, Pep Band, Football, F.F.A., F.F.A. State Convention, F.F.A. Vice-President, F.F.A. President, F.F.A. State Band, Rodeo Club, Rodeo Club Vice-President KEITH VOGEL Wrestling MICK VON TOUR Student Government, D.E.C.A., Rodeo Club, Rodeo Club Vice-President, Scholarship from Sterling Northeastern Junior College 109D.E.C.A. MIKE VOSS R.D. WALL German Club, Chess Club. Chadron Scholastic Contest JOHN LAURENCE WAY Choir, A-Club President, Basketball, E.C.A., Football, All West Big Ten Football, Western Conference Football Honorable Mention, All Regional Team, Football Team Cocaptain, Track, District One Acts, Experimental One Acts, Class Secretary and Class President, District Speech Contest, National Honor Society, All School Musical, Pep Club Formal 1st Attendant JEFF WEBER STEVE WEGENAST Golf,Spud, Spud Photographer, Photo Club DAVID K. WEGNER A-Club, Basketball, Football, Orpheum, County Government Day, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Children’s Theater, Stu. Gov. V.-Pres. MARCIA WEST Band Library Assistant, Pep Band, Stage Band, Pep Club, Y-Tcens Cabinet, Orpheum, District and State One Acts, Experimental One Acts, Student Government, Majorette, District and State Speech Contest, National Honor Society. Chadron Scholastic Contest, Children’s Theater, Elk’s Scholarship, Board of Trustees’ Scholarship, Forensic Team, Nebraska Western Invitational Speech Contest VALERIE WHITE Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Experimental One Acts, Student Government Secretary, Drill Team, District Speech Contest, Thespians, Exchange Student from England ROBIN WICKHAM Band, Choir, Swing Choir, Pep Band, Stage Band, Football, Orpheum, State Music Clinic, All School Musical JIM WILCOX Football, Wrestling KEVIN WILKINSON Band Vice-President, Pep Band, Stage Band, A-Club Vice-President, Basketball, Football, Track, Junior Class Play, Stage Crew, District One Acts, Sophomore Class President, Student Government Cabinet, Boy’s State Candidate, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic, County Government Day, National Honor Society, F.C.A., Children’s Theater, Big Ten Football, Western Conference Football, German Band SUE A. WILLIAMS noJEAN WILSON Band, Choir, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, District Music Contest, County Government Day, All School Musical, D.E.C.A. LYLE EDWARD WOOD Choir, Football, F.F.A., F.F.A. Sentinel, County Government Day, Rodeo Club DOUG WORTH Football, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Regents Alternate, Board of Trustees Scholarship GLORIA YERDON DAVID ZURN Choir, Basketball, Track, Orpheum, F.F.A., All School Musical, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. State Leadership Contest, Chess ClubGRADUATION 1975 Left to right: Patty Alvarado, Dave Wegner, and Steph Becker. Senior speaker Marcia West addresses the Senior Gass. 112Principal Don Crowder gives last minute instructions. CLASS FLOWER: Powder blue carnation with a dark blue tip. CLASS COLORS: Powder blue and dark blue. CLASS SONG: “When Will 1 See You Again” CLASS MOTTO: 1 shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that 1 can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being let me do it now. Let me not defer. For I shall not pass this way again. Senior speaker Terry Curtiss talks to graduates. Senior President John Way is first to receive his diploma. 113Tough graduates Lyle Wood (left) and Harold Jones (right). Seniors look forward to getting diplomas. 114Seniors awaiting the graduation ceremony. Junior officers lead the graduation procession. Seniors waiting during last minutes. Even cowboys graduate at Alliance High School. 115MC CARTHY ORDER BUYING ENTERPRISES BERGER PLATE COMPANY OF NEBRASKA SLAGLE CLINIC CONTRIBUTOR T BONE RUTH A. COLE AND DAUGHTERS ED BIGNELL JACK RESSEGIEU DOUG CROUSE EUGENE’S HITCHING POST NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY DON'S LIQUOR SWEETBRIAR SHOP BATES-LANDA FUNERAL HOME STATE FARM INSURANCE, ARNIE ENGEL, AGENT AMERICAN LEGION CRAFT CUPBOARD HOBBY SHOP HOUSE OF BEAUTY CLARK'S READY MIX NEAL FROST INC. ALLIANCE MOTORS UNLIMITED INC. WESTERN AUTO—THE FAMILY STORE PATRICK'S LIQUOR ALLIANCE MOBILE HOMES J. C. PENNEY RETAIL AND CATALOG STORE TERRY’S SERVICE GOOD SAMARITAN RETIREMENT VILLAGE PETE’S CLOTHING STORE SMITTY HALLER DR. ROBERT W. BOWEN AND DR. KEITH P. BOWEN LANGMACHER FEED COMPANY LEN-ART SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 75 WALLY’S APPLIANCE REPAIR TOM HERMAN BEDIENT LITHO ENGELHAUPT MOTORS SLOAN IRRIGATIONALLIANCE TRANSMISSION STAHLA MOBILE HOMES MODE O’ DAY THIELE CRYSTAL SHOP DEAVER GRAIN, INC. RHOADS’ DEE AND GUY ELDER FURMAN’S—FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES TRI-STATE SUPPLY McCARROLL’S MOTEL DAISY QUEEN MORRILL’S DRIVE-IN LIQUOR M • F • A INSURANCE, BOB HUNTER, AGENT STOCKMAN’S CAFE KATHRYN HOOD NEIL’S TRUCK SERVICE INC. DUANE’S DERBY OLSON’S MOVING AND STORAGE POLLOCK'S TEXACO AND DAVE COTES REPAIR O’BRIEN’S TEXACO THE SUNSET MOTEL GRANDVIEW GROCERY THE SANDBOX—CLOTHES FOR KIDS MAGIC MIRROR BOB RUTH SIMMONS WEST WAY MOTEL U.S. 2 385 WEST ALLIANCE PAINT CONTRACTING COMPANY HAMILTON SERVICE CENTER Mr. MRS. ARDELL HOMRIGHAUSEN WOODY’S PLUMBING, HEATING APPLIANCES JACK’S EAST 3RD TEXACO NEW YORK LIFE, R. WERNKE K. SMITH CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE KANE ELECTRIC, SHORTY SHETLER, OWNER HUDSON AVE. HOBBIES 615 HUDSON AVE. CRUM, MELICK McANDREW GAINES STEEL SUPPLY BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES FOR A HAPPY FUTURE FROM MR. MRS. MIKE KOSMICKI FINCH CAMPER SALES KID-NAPPER MANUFACTURING—HIWAY 385-SOUTHPAULSEN CONSTRUCTION LARRY AND SIGNA HOLUB CONGRATULATIONS 75 GRADUATES MR. AND MRS. MARVIN DIETRICH SALUTE THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1975 DELUXE RADIATOR SERVICE ALLIANCE "66” EHRHART BEAN COMPANY FERTILIZERS CHEMICALS SUPPLIES SEEDS feeds For farm and ranch needs stop at CROWE’S SALES AGENCY (WARDS) Peltz Construction NEUSWANGERS, INC. “For help with any farm or ranch problem.” Mandelberg’s And Automotive Parts Supplies Steel Buildings Western Nebraska’s Largest Precision Machine Shop 120 1016 Flack Alliance, Nebraska Modern Stran-Steel Buildings Best Wishes to the Class of ’75 - I ■  First Federal Lincoln The people who help people save WEGNER CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILAC Congratulations Class Of “1975” We welcome student savings accounts 223 Box Butte Alliance, Nebraska 762-2160 HOLSTEN’SDAIRY QUEEN 719 FLACK AVE. PHONE 762-3387 WESTERN BEAUTY SHOP Phone 762-2541 116 W. 4th Alliance, Nebraska THE PLACE TO GO” 'Your Hairdresser Does It Better” ALLIANCE RAILROAD employees credit union Post Office Box 697 Phone 762-5702 Alliance, Nebraska814 East Third Don’t Get Wrapped Up in Self-Service COVER JONES MOTOR CO. “At the sign of the cat.” MARTIN’S TACOS AND BBQ West 3rdBERNIE’S SUPPLY ACE HARDWARE 315Vj LARAMIE ALLIANCE JOHNSON PELTZ INC. REAL ESTATE—LOANS 762-5321 ALLIANCE, NEBR. “Serving the area since 1930" PAUL PHILLIP WILL HELP YOU at CARPETS INTERIOR DESIGN DRAPERIES CERAMIC TILE LINOLEUM —1 GENE’S PHARMACY 914 W. 10th Alliance 24 hour prescription service “A Complete Service of the Sick”EASTSIDE CONOCO • Official Motor Vehicle Inspection Station • Tire Repair Minor Tune Ups • Conoco TBA Products • Block And Cube Ice 762-2567 304 MISSOURI ALLIANCE FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE Men And Boys Clothing QUALITY—SINCE 1903 PRAIRIE STATES PARTNERSHIPS LIMITED CUSTOM CATTLE FEEDING GOTHENBURG DIVISION AND ALLIANCE DIVISION A A '«401 emerson avenue alliance, nebraska 69301 K.C.O.W. Alliance’s only daily medium « iv PANHANDLE RURAL ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATION HEADQUARTERS: 319 Blackhills—P.O. Box 677 Alliance, Ne 69301 126 ‘O i ■ • Brittan’s complete real estate and insurance service AUTO FIRE HOME BUSINESS Insurance for all needs Farms—homes—ranches commercial property CREDIT BUREAU OF ALLIANCE Congratulations to the Class of 75! Where Your Credit is Kept Quality products and service clothe the entire family L. B. MURPHY CO. Life health pensions annuities C. H. BRITTAN ASSOCIATES OHIO NATIONAL LIFE INS. CO. 304 NIOBRARA PH. 762-2244 ✓ycn fcXi -WEST 4TH BODY SHOP 823 W. 4th ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA PHONE 762-4682 GLASS AND WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT FAST • DEPENDABLE W. F. CHRISTIE SONS BERT BULLOCK JERRY WOODS 4245 PLATTE ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA LIVESTOCK GRAIN HAULING 8 TRUCKS TO SERVE YOU LOCAL LONG DISTANCE ASK ABOUT OUR INSURANCE PLAN ANYTIME ANYWHERE SIMPSON’S CONSTRUCTION (762-4085) and GREEN’S FLOOR COVERING COLD STORAGE (762-4463) CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’75 1st and Laramie ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 315 LARAMIE us ONE STOP DECORATING CENTER "HEAP WARM WITH NEW LUXAIRE FURNACE" Doctor, lawyer, indian chief all enjoy the comfort of a LUXAIRE heated home. If you're not satisfied with your present furnace, cal today. We've got a unit just right for you. nano HOWMET PATIOS, AWNINGS CARPETS Z S SHEET METAL 1243 Big Horn DRAKE HOTEL AND CAFE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ‘75’ ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK WALK IN DRIVE IN FLY IN “THE PIONEER BANK” MEMBER F.D.I.C.ALLIANCE CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION MODERN SERVICE STATION GAS-OIL-GREASES-PAINTS-SPARK PLUGS-TIRE SERVICE A COMPLETE FERTILIZER PROGRAM CREDIT UNION SERVICE CO-OP SERVES YOU BEST You Own It—You Run It—You PROFIT From It DIAL 762-4743 CORNER OF WEST 3RD AND BLACK HILLS 130 SAFEWAY . . . Discount With A Difference • Everyday Low Prices • Open Dating • Unit Pricing STEAMLINER CARPET CARE MR. MRS. ROBERT CHADWICK AND FAMILY Congratulations To The Class Of 75 LAMPERT BUILDING CENTER • STEAMED CLEANED WITH POWER BRUSH HEAD • CARPET TREATED WITH FABRI COAT • SOIL IS EXTRACT-NOT SCRUBBED IN DEEPER BUILDING THE GREAT NORTHWEST FOR OVER 80 YEARS 762-2827 224 WEST 2ND ALSO • CARPET SALES INSTALLATION HOWARD EARL JENSEN PHONE 762-2156 or 3266 JENSEN fURN1TURE OF ALLIANCE DIAL762-139 FREE DELIVC Si ” v finer I ir;x Lor fir |J offWiL LARRY YEAGER, MGRIt Pays to Belong 762-1288 GEORGE VOROVKA Sales Supervisor ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK AUCTION COMPANY JACK MANION DEAN L. SIMPSON BILL IODENCE JACK RESSEGIEU JOHN SIBBITT CORNHUSKER MOTORS CLUB MEMBERSHIP AND AUTO-INSURANCE PERRIN REFRIGERATION LTD CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF “75” DON’S CAFE 218 W. Third St. Alliance, Nebraska 762-9928 Elwin and Billie Todd TO SUIT YOUR 132Join the Pepsi People feelin’free! Bottled by Pepsi Cola Btlg. Co. of Alliance, under appointment of Pepsi Co., New York, N.Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 75 GIBSON’S WHERE YOU BUY THE BEST FOR LESSKURL-N-SWIRL 119 EAST 4TH PH.762-2771 A WIDE VARIETY OF SINGER SEWING MACHINES AUTHORIZED DEALER F M BOOTERY 305 BOX BUTTE ALLIANCE PH.762-1132DEVENY’S FOOD CENTER Home Owned, Home Operated CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF “75” R. L. (BOB) WILLIAMS 317 BOX BUTTE ALLIANCE, NB. 69301 FARMERS IMPLEMENT CO. CASE-MASSEY-FERGUSON MACHINERY FARM EQUIPMENT SALES AND PARTS WEST 3RD Ph. 762-5000 135“CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS ALWAYS FIRST” RON GUNIA GOLF SHOP 3rd and Black Hills Congratulations Class of ’75 Handy Location: Near the Golf Course BILL ZIEG’S SIGNS AND AGATE MUSEUM "ONE OF THE BEST” 608 Flack ALLIANCE Ph. 762-1881 GREGORY’S INSURANCEBUCHFINCK, INC. Box 340 ALLIANCE Ph. 762-4715 Small loans, real estate, registered abstractor, insurance THIELE DRUG CO. HOME OF RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES HOWARD’S SHOE STORE 420 Box Butte LENLA’S STYLE SHOP 422 Box Butte Ph. 762-5824 Ph. 762-3303ALLIANCE .UMBING £ HTG. ALLIANCE PLUMBING AND BEST WISHES GRADUATING CLASS OF 75 ALLIANCE COUNTRY CLUB HEATING CO. KOHLER FIXTURE BETTY LYLE HARE INSINKERATOR DISPOSAL LARRY DEBUS 504 FLACK • ALLIANCE ALLIANCE DEMOLAY CHAPTER YOUNG MEN ON THE MOVE CHAPTER “1" IN NEBRASKAPLAINS IMPLEMENT AND MOTORS • JOHN DEERE • FARM HAND • FARM IMPLEMENT • EVERSMAN 206 CHEYENNE ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 762-5870 PIZZA HUT 707 FLACK Alliance, Nebraska Phone 762-2920 138ONE THE ALLIANCE DIVISION OF ELECTRIC HOSE AND RUBBER COMPANY SALUTES THE ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL PARACHUTISTS ONE--- RYAN FURMAN TWO--- DENNIS LEE THREE— BRUCE GROTHEN ELECTRIC HOSE AND RUBBER COMPANY ALLIANCE DIVISION THREE 140 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1975CONGRATULATIONS SPUD STAFF ON AN OUTSTANDING YEAR Keith D. Kemper Times-Herald Publisher Bill Kemper Spud Editor Miss Leever Spud Sponsor WE ARE HAPPY TO PRINT THE SPUD THE ALLIANCE TIMES-HERALD •'YOUR DAILY NEWSPAPER " MlTHE GUARDIAN STATE BANK AND TRUST CO. YOU CAN BANK ON US Commercial Loans • Night Depository • Safety Deposit Box Main Bank Time and Temperature Corner Member F.D.I.C. We Welcome Your Checking and Savings Accounts Trust Departments See Us First for Instalment Loans Ph. 762-4400 M2HAYWARD’S OPEN RANGE WESTERN WEAR AND TACK “go git’em, Roy!” CONGRATULATIONS TO 75! Box Butte 762-4670 143Congratulations to the 1975 Alliance High School Graduates THE 1974-75 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS PRESENTED BY WORLEY’S STUDIO FOR THE FINEST IN QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY 508 Box Butte 144 762-3333 BACK ROW: STEPHANIE BECKER, ROXI METER, KIM KOSMICKI FRONT ROW: PATTY ALVARADO, LARI HENDERSON, CATHEY SMITHGo Gambles CURT AND ALICE HAIN, OWNERS, PAM HAIN AND FRIENDS 319 BOX BUTTE ALLIANCE “THE FRIENDLY STORE” 145THE 1975 YEARBOOK STAFF Wishes To Thank The Advertisers Who Have Supported This Publication. We Would Also Like To Extend Our Congratulations To The Graduates of 1975, And We Hope This Book Will Help You Remember BETTY’S FASHIONS BEST WISHES CLASS OF 75! THE WAY WE WERE THE DOCTOR’S CENTER CONGRATULATES The Class of 75IN MEMORIAM: JERALDINE DAVIS A.H.S. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 1966-1975 “As we walked homeward across the fields, the sun dropped and lay like a great golden globe in the low west. While it hung there, the moon rose in the east, as big as a cartwheel, pale silver and streaked with rose color, thin as a bubble or a ghost-moon. For five, perhaps ten minutes, the two luminaries confronted each other across the level land, resting on opposite edges of the world.” Willa Cather, MY ANTONIA 147Once again we stand here in an ending, Looking back at all we’ve done— Remembering the places we’ve been. Those times we’ve returned home in triumph, And those times tears have traced a poem of sorrow on our faces. Lord, we’ve given so much. We have thought we could give no more, And yet, we’ve found we have received so much more in return. And standing here We realize that the true meaning of all we’ve done Lies not in the winning or losing, But in the learning and growing. We realize that endings are really beginnings seen through shadows of longing. CLISTA PRELLE 148149SENIORS Akert. J.R. 34,35.36.37,39,78.99.1 12.115 Alvarado. Patty, 144 Ashley. Scott 54,55.99 Balderson, James 34,35.36.39,55.99,114 Becker. Deborah 99,136 Becker. Stephanie 34,48,49.99,112,144 Blumanthal, Rhonda 99 Bright. Allen Butcher, Jim Capps, Julie 34,35.36.99 Carter. Mark 5, Chadwick, Tony,73. Charles, Ernie 62,100 Cheatlc, Carolyn 100 Cole Mabel 100,112 Cole. Mary 34.48,53,55.100 Coleman, Bill 100 Colwell. Mary Lou 6,40.44,48,52,57,58. 100 Cotes, Deb 6,100 Cummings. Cindy 100 Curtiss. Terry 37.39, 111,113 Dafney. Judy 6.100,130 DcBusk, Jon 53,100 DcFord, Deb Dcisch. Ken 101 Dempsey. Karen 6,101.132 DcVcny.Cindy 52,101,135 DeWitt, Christy 101.122 Dietrich. John 50.78,101,136 Deitrich, Tami 34,36,101 Dobry. Marcella 101 Dorcmus. Pam 101 Dunham. Tim 101 Dye, Chester 56,101 F.mbrcc, Debra 101 Ernbrcc, Dave Engel, Steve 62.65,73,102 Erickson, Mary Faber, Barb 39,102,134.142 Taber, Marvin 102 Faber, Melvin 102 Tailor, Jayne 102 Ferguson, Kim 57,102 Finch, Rhonda 102 Fitzgerald, Mike Flores, Carmen 102 Fritzler, Kent 54.102.120 Furman, Ryan 51,102,140 Gearhart, Tim 37.38,39,102 Gilliam, Earl 55,103 Grant, Bob 5.72,103.125 Green, Brad 103,131.139 Green, Julie 103,129 Green, Jim Green, Lynette 36,37.39,,103 Griffis, Pati 103,129 Grothcn, Bruce 51,103,140 Hall. CTierie 54.103 Hammond. Doug 62,63.103.115,136 Hashman, Doug 56,103 Haslow, Carla,103,122,137 Henderson, Lari 5,34.44.49,52,99,103,115. 131,144 Heth, Wesley 104.124 Holmes, Jay 104,126 Holub, Judy Homrighausen. Geneice 48.59,104 Hooper. Nancy Hoppens. Brad 112 Hostetler, Rick Iron Rope, Edwin 55 Jensen, Kathryn 51,104,131 Jensen. Robert 54,104 Jesse, Rick 34,56,57,104,115 Johnson. Jeny 62,73,104,136,111 Johnson, Lynne 6,34 Johnston, Jim 66.67.76,104 Jones, Harold 56,104,114 Jordan. Bob 105 Kemper. Bill Kosmicki. Kim Kulas, Arlene 54,105,122 Lee, Dennis 62.98,105,140 Leistritz, Lisa 105 Leisy, Louis 105 Lewis, Mary 5,105 Lewis, Patty Liakos, Georgia Longacre. Sarah 105 Lovell. Gary 105 McAndrew. Kevin,52.57.106, 115 McDonald. Pat 105 Mandclberg, Larry 41.42,43,62,105 Marlett, Nancy 48.52.98,106 Meade. Janelle 34,42.44,45,54,106 Mcrrihcw, Jolene 38,39,106,136 Meter, Roxi 38,40.43.44,48,49,52,55.75, 106,136,144,174 Mockerman, Jodi 106 Monroe, Margaret 106 Munger, Mark 56,106.112 Nagaki, Cynthia 53,53,106 Nagaki. Linda,55,59.106 Neeley. Colleen 4 8.106 Nielsen. Dave 50,62.76,107 Odell. Christal Olson. Can,43, 107 Olson, Kris 37, Payne, BUI 107,120 Pcrcival, Ned 50.52.62,63,107,112.136 Petersen. Julie 38, 98.99.107,111 Powers. Allcne 107 Roebuck. Gloria 34,107 Roebuck. Sheila 107 Rogers. Roy 50,62,70,79,107.143 Ruch, Eduardo 76,107.115 Rust, Julie 6,51,108 Sanchez, Rodney 62,108 Schcfcik, Marty 108.114 Schncll, Paul 76,108 Schroedcr. Shcllie 40,41,42,108 Secbohm. Mark 34, Seidlcr. Deb 108,122 Seidler, Susan 108 Sherlock, Pat 108 Shrewsbury, Jay 56,57,108 Simpson, Gcri 108 Smith, Cathey 34,48,49.108.144 Smith. Nancy Spencer, La Donna 34.38,109 Stavropoulas. Mary 98.99.109 Sullivan. Kim Sulzbach, Donna 57.75,109 Thies, Dallas 109 Thompson, Mark 51.109 Turechck, Randy 57,62.64,65,109 Tyndall. Bobbi 109 Underwood. Kim 109 Vejraska, Scott 39,56,57,62.109 Vogel, Keith 109 Von Tour. Mick 98.109 Voss, Mike 110 Wall, R.D. 55,110 Way. John 5,34.45, • 115 Weber. Jeff 110,112 Wegcnast. Steve 110 Wegner. Dave 58,62,63,73,110,112,121 West. Marcia 37,39,,1 10.1 12 White. Valeric 48,58,59,110,137 Wickham. Robin 34,35,37,39,1 10 WUcox, Jim 110 WUkinson. Kevin 37,38.39,42, 62, WUliams, Sue 110 WUson. Jean Wood. Lyle 56,57.62.11 1,114 Worth, Doug 111 Ycrdon, Gloria 111 Zurn, David 34,111,1 24 JUNIORS Abbott. Mike Ackerman. Betty Lou 59,90 Adams. Nancy 37,39.48.57,90.97 Anderson, Sue 39,48.90 Ashley, Steve 6,38,62,90 Bclden, Paula 6.39.48,52,57,58.90 Bcnzel, Steve 53,90 Bishop. Brad 90 Boness, Greg 6,34,39,73,90 Bowen. Jan 48,59,90 Bowman, Doug 90 Bordeaux, Kenny 72,73 Brown, Nancy 34,48.49,90,97,137 Brown, Ron 90 Buresh, Debbie 34,51,90 Campbell, Steve 62,90 Chinnock, Tom 50,55,62.64,90,92 Cole, Alice 90 Collins, Bryan 56,90,123 Colwell. Daryl,65.70,71.90,115 Cover. Tim 90.123 Crawford. Wayne 56,91 Cummings, Tom 50,64,73,74,91 Cunningham, Gary 34,91 Curtiss, David 39,55,91 Debus. Brian 62,91,138 Decker. Rick 91 Dietrich. Scott 62,65,73,91 Drumhcllcr, Merlin 6,91 Du Bray. George 91 Dunham, Jean 34,91 Duryca, DecAnn 48,68,75,91 Dye, Lance 91 Ellis, Shan 48,91,130 Fisher, Patty Foster, Charlie 91 Fraedrich, Ernie 91 Frank, Garry 91 Freiberger, Don 91 Fritzler. Allan 56,91 Fritzler, Steve 56,91 Frohman, Peg 91 Gonzales, Tim 92 Green, Joyce 92 Green. Mary 38,48.92 Grimes. Larry 56 Hack. Ronda 6,57,92 Hain, Pam Haller, James Haller, Robyn 92 Hampton, Fred 92 Hand, Jom 49,92.95.% Hare. Mark 6,39,92 Haskell, Vivian Hatch. Debi 39.48.92 Heffron, Rhonda 92 Hernandez. Kevin 92 Hcimbuch, Paul 58.73.92 Henderson, Ann 56,57,92 Henderson, Bryan 56,57,92 Hiclscher, Nancy 51,53,92,97,127 Higgins, Berta 41,92 Halloway, Joe — Howell. AI vie 92 Jantz, Tammy 48,49.75,92.% Jensen, Sherri Jensen, Terry 34,35,92 Jincs, Allen 70,93 Johnson, DeAnn 93 Johnson. Greg 93 Johnson, Shirley 34,48,52,68,75,93 Keene. Teresa 37,39,93 Kollars, Tim 93,132 Krajewski, Jim 93 Krebs. Tim 93 Krohn. Mark 93 Kuncl. Laura 39.48.93 Lancey, Melvin 54.70.93 Langmacher, Tom 93 l ngner, Karen 37,39 Ijwcrcncc. Mike 73,93 Liggett, Scott 93 Lore, Terry 93 Lundy. Dixie 6,93 Lystcr. Mitch,65.72,73,76,77, 94 McAndrew, Tomilayne 39,94 McCarthy, Cionne 94 McCracken. Peg 94 McDonald. Ed 56.94 McLaughlin, Mike 5,62,94 McLean, Marci 34, Medina. Phil Monroe, Patty 51.94 Mosser, Kathy 94 Nagaki, BUI 6,52,58,76,92,94 Nagaki, Lori 48,53,94 Nason. Roger 50,62,63,65,73,74,76.92,94 Nickens, John 73.76.94 O’Brien. Kevin 5.94 Odell. Vicki 38,39,48,59.93.94.% Palmer. Bobbi 48.94,134 Panwitz, Bccki 34,35.40,41.48,52.57.58. 90.94.115 Parker, Terri 94 Paulsen, Mike 34.36,40.45,55.62,71,94 Pcltz, Jim 73,94 Petersen, Deedce 34.41.48,59,94 Phillip, Paul Potmesil, Clif 56.94.123 Potthoff, Mark 95 Prelle, Clista Prettyman. Jodi Rachetts. Mike 95 Rask. Cindy 38,39.48,95 Reeh, Doug 5,72,73,95 Ringlcman, Darrell 95 Robbins. Terry 56,62,70,95 Roebuck, Vickie 95 Rohrbouck. Pam 38,39,95 Sanchez. Yvonne % Saylor. Kathy 34.35,36.48,91.96 Schadwinkel. Craig 39.54,62,73.76,93.96 Schaffert. Debbi 48.96 Schommer, Richard Seebohm. Kent 34,62.96 Seidler. Roger 56,96 Shetlcr, Herman 62,96 Shrewsbury, Tom 96 Simpson, Dan 50,62,64,73,74,78.96 Smith, Bill 96 Smith, Debbie 34,,55,96 Snyder. Helen 34.48,52,% Stone, Brad 96 Stone, David 96 Schefcik. Mitch Taylor. Corky 56,57,%.123 Timbers, Tom Tittel, Colleen 48.% Todd, Jim Tschacher. Deb 97 Tschachcr, Don 6,34,62,97 Ullrich. Steve 97 Watson. Paul 50,55.62, Weston, Rod 97 Wickham, Becky 38,97 Wflkens, Craig 56,97 Willey, Kim 39,48,%,97 WUls. Mike 56.57,97 Wolvington, Paul 97 Woods. Bob 6,34,39,55,62,97 Worley. John 76,97 Worth. Cindy 39,48,49,97 Yates, Terri 48.59,68,69,95.96.97 150SOPHOMORES Ackerman, Sue 53,57,133 Augustine, Jackie Becker, Donna 86 Behm, Howard 73,86 Benzcl. Trent 86 Best, Deb48,86 Best, Dennic 6,86 Bixby, Bret 62,86,124 Blumanthal, Norman Blumanthal, Rick 86 Brandt. Sally 48,59.86 Burton. Carolyn 34,38,39.48,59.86,113 Butcher. Rita Butzinc. Kurt 6.86 Chippcrficld. Breck 34.37.38,39.86 Coleman, Kathy 34.48,86 Cordell, Debra 34.86 Cox. Mike 86 Cox, Tami 59,86 Crcmin, Moira 59,86 Dafncy, John 6.86 DeVeny, Dcde 48.86.135 DcWitt. Victor 86 DcWitt. Vivian 86 Ditsch, Thomas 86 Doyle, Earl 86 Dugger, Lynda 86 Duryea. Vicki 34.48.69,75.86.88 Dye, Bart 57,86 Embree, Terry Essex. Cheryl 38,39,48.86.135 Ewing. Ronnie 38,86 Fawcett. Tom 38,39,66,76.86 Fester, Edward 86 Ficbig, Glen 39,66,67.86 Fillinger, Glenn 86 Fitzgerald. Pam 34,59.86 Flores. Gloria 48,86 Flores. Grace 38.39,48.52.86 Frohman, Rhonda 86 Furley, Doug 62.64,86,124 Gardiner, Keith 86 Garett, Stan 86 Garrett. Robyn 34, Garton, Jack 86 Gies, David 62,73,78.86 Girard, Andy 70,87,1 24 Gonzales, Rick 6,34,37,55,62,76,87 Green. Jane 34,35,36,39,48,87 Green, Teresa Grieser, Kevin Groom, Bob 87 Main, Daryl 87 Hardy. Richard 87 Hartwig, Deb 87 Hernandez, David 87 Hinton, Bob 87 Hoffmann. Mary 6,34,35,37,, 69,87 Hoppcns. Linda 48.69,75,87 Houser, Joy 87 Houston, Glenda Howell. Patty 87 Irish, Beth 34.48,87 Iron Rope. Christal 59,87 Jensen, Ed 87 Jesse. Ann,87 Johnson. Anita,87 Johnson. Kelly,69.87.134 Johnson, Mike Jones, Andy 87 Kistler. Tracy 34,35,36,50.55,70.76,87 Koozer, Cindy 87 Krause, Willow 38,87 Krebs, Monte 87 Kulas, Bruce 56,57,70.87 Lamm, Mitch 34,87 Landgren, Richard 87 Laver, Stephen Lawrence, Desirae 38,39,57,69,75,87 Lentz. Robyn Lewis, Jim 87 Lore, Sherry 59,87 McCall. Howard 34,35,39,64,73,87,134 McDonald, David 54,87 McKinney. Susan,59,87.128 Marsh, Denise 53,57,87 Matula, Sharon 86,87 Maxson, Bill 88 Meade, Jeff 55,88 Meter. Tana 34,48.88 Monroe. Candy Munger, David 88 Mundt. Dbe 34,48.88 Nansel, Vickie,68.69.88. 121,131.134 Neeley. Joe 78,88,125 Necper, Les 66,67,76,88 Nielsen, Dianne e, Terry on, Donna 54 Olson, Susan 48,58,88,135 Patino, Carlos 88 Payne, Clif 88 Perkins. Dan 88 Petersen. Lori 48,69.88,89 Petsch, Fred Pokorski. June Porter. Bruce Porter. Donna Prelle. Dclina 88,98 Rapp. Vickie 34.88 Reeh. Deb 75.88 Reitz, Tammy Roebuck, Sherrie 34,88 Rogers, Rodney 88 Rose. Nancy 34.59,88.137 Sakata, Tami 88 Schaffert, Kerry 88 Schommer, David 88 Scott. Connie 44.48.88,89.145 Sherlock, Tim 78,88 Shrewsbury. Ted 88 Simpson. Tacy 38.39.48,59,75,88 Smith. Robyn 48.88 Snyder. Larry 34,88 Spencer. Jan 34,35,45.48, Spencer. Joyce 34,38.48,59,89 Stark, Mitzi 54.133 Strieker, Keith 89 Strieker, Linda 48.59.89 Sullivan. Pat 89 Sulzbach, Daryl 62,89 Sward. Norman 89 Sward, Margie Swescy, Lynn 39,89 Taylor. Aaron 89 Taylor, Ron 89 Thompson. Jerry 6,62,73,89 Thorne, Wayne 66.67,73 Todd, Jonic 89 Toedtli, Jody 34.48.89 Tolstcdt. Kim 57,89 Underwood, Terry 89 Vejraska. Mark 37,38,39.89 Vogel. Tammy 89 Vogel. Vicke 48, Walker, Alan 89 Walker, Susan Walkingstick, Cheryl 6,89 Watson, Larry Wcisgcrbcr, Jay 54 West, Richard Weston, Kim 6,57,59,89 Wiley. Nancy Williams. Kathy 130,135 Wollin, Gary 89 Woods, Brad 89 Wounded Arrow, Rose 89 Worth, Sherry 48.89 Youngman, Amy 34.48,89 Zellaha, Jodi 34,89 Zlomkc. Fred 89 FRESHMEN Ackerman, Debbie 75.82 Adamson, Brenda 75,82,83 Alvarado, Jerrie 82 Ashley, Paula 82 Benda, Randall 82 Bilstein. Junellc 36,82,83 Blumanthal, Brad 82 Blumanthal, Roxan 82 Briggs. Bart 82 Brungard. Becky 82 Burney. Martin 56,82 Burton. Dale 82 Buskirk, Terry 82 Castle, Randy 82 Charles, Gene 55,82 Chippcrficld. Dwight 82 Christensen, Kevin 82 Gark. Rick 82 Cole. Diane 82 Collins. Randy 82 Colson, Cindy 82 Colwell. Kent 36,57.82 Covalt, Ryan 82 Crawford. Wayne 82 Crowder. Todd 82 Cummings. Lori 75,82 Dalbcy, Lori 36,75,82 Dawn, Jerry Dempsey, Rhonda 82 Dietrich, Brett 57,78,83 Drummond, Kevin 83 DuBray, Curt 83 Duryea. Kathy 75,82,83,85 Dye, Alan 83 Edwards. Rock 55,83 Edwards, Scott 83 Estrada, Kirk 83 Ettlc, Diane 75.82.83 Evertson, Michael Faber, Bruce 70,83 Ficbig, LecAnn 82,83 Fillinger, Lynn 82,83 Flint, Sally 83 Fowler, Mary 83 Fraedrich, Walter 83 Fritzler, Gregory 83 Galyen, Max Gilbert. Laurie 82,83 Goaly, Gretchen 83 Green, Cindy 83 Greggs. JoDcll 83 Grieser. Keith 83 Guilliatt, Jim 83 Hartman, Pat 83 Hartwig. Sonja 83 Hawley, Gary 70,83 Heckman. Tom 83 Hernandez. Jonathan Hessheimer, Mike 83 Higgins. Mike 83 Hood, Carole 84 lossi, Ronnie 84 Jantz. Karen 75,82.84 Jensen, David 84 Jinks, Renee 36,83,84 Johnson. Eddie 84 Johnson, Loric 83,84 Keenan, Tim 84 Kistler. Kasey 55.70,71.84 Knaub. Carmen 75.82,84 Kohler, Virginia 84 Koozer, Janet 75,82.84 Kowalski, Dave 84 Kozal, Scott 84 Kramer, Jonathan 84 Krcjci, Cheryl 36,82,84 Korhn, Kevin 84 Krueger, Kim 84 Kulas, Laurie 75,84 Kuncl, Roy 84 Lamb, Donald 84 Langner, Nancy 82.84 Lawrence, Dave 84 Leistritz, Jana 82.84 Lewis, Ann 75,82,84 Lewis. Kelly 84 Lewis, Kerry 82,84 Liakos, Theodora 83,84 Lore, Gregory 84 Lore, Selina 75.84 Lundy. Gaylcne 82,84 Lundy. Guy 84 McCarthy, Shane 84 McDonald, Tim 84 McVicker, Dave 78.84 Mann, Richard 84 Mehring, Scott 84 Morgan. Vonna Nagaki. Larry 84 Nansel. Deb 37.75,82.84 Novotny. Rick 84 O’Leary, Jim 84 Olson, Jim 78.84 Olson, Tim 78,84 Panowicz, Pat Panwitz. Angie 82,84 Parker, Rod 84 Patino. Robert 84 Patrick. Marty 84 Pebley, Dawn 82,84 Peters, Tammy 84 Peterson, Mona 84,89 Porter, Kim 84 Porter, Zane Potmcsil, Reed 84 Powers. Vylcna 84 Prelle, Denis 84 Richards, Lee 84 Richey. Liz Ringleman, Dennis Robbins. Bruce 84 Roebuck. Pam 85 Sanchez. Maria 85 Schadwinkel. Sue 75.85 Schafer, Jim 85 Schaffert, Sherri 85 Shocneman, Debra 85 Schrocder, Jason 85 Seidler. Becky 85 Seidler, Dan 85 Shannon. Kim 83.85 Sherlock, Thomas 85 Shetler. James 56,85 Simpson. Dirk 85 Simpson, Shari 82,85 Simpson, Stuart 85 Snyder, Rosemarie 83,85 Stavropoulos, Marc 50,55,70,71,85 Studt, Lori 82,85 Thompson, Deb 85 Thomsen, Sonja 85 Tittcl, Brad 85 Todd. Marla 82,85 Toedtli, Chris 85 Ullrich. Alan 85 Underwood. Lori 82,85 Vallejo, Mark 85 Vogel. Lori 82,85 Vogel. Valerie 82.85 Walker, Bob 85 Walker, Dennis 85 Watson. Janet 36,82,85 Weber, Cari 85 Weber, Mary 82.85 Wcisgerber, Blake 85 West. Brenda 85 Whitlock. Gene 56,85 Willey. Kenny 85 Williams. Robert 85 Wills, Janet 85 Wilson, Jan 75,85 Zimmerman, Chuck 85 Zobel, Alan 85THE 1975 BULLDOG STAFF DEDICATES THIS EDITION TO THESE RETIRING EDUCATORS: RIGHT: Mrs. Marie Sutter after 12 years is retiring from Alliance High School. She has been the Home Economics teacher. Mrs. Sutter has taught Home Economics I, Bachelor Survival, Adult Living, and Interior Decorating. She has also been the sponsor of F.H.A. We at Alliance High School want to extend our thanks to Mrs. Sutter for a job well done and wish her all the success in the future. LEFT: Mrs. Vivian Andrews is retiring as the librarian coordinator of all Alliance City Schools. She has filled this position for many years. We appreciate all the work she has done during her stay here. We at Alliance High School wish her the best of luck in the future. 152

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