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 THEBUltpOG |v,;i f | ‘xix| f M| MyM »§ PMM01 1 lie‘Mot i valors 7$e revolted . - ;T„h«j , 5 0FB6:jrt4 ivii tf U’, Jh JFoundatioti WmmTime Will Make Most Things Harmonize;We Are Active And Involved,Striving to Move Forward; 5Pride Runs Deep,As We Find Ourselves.Bulldog ProfileSnowflakes fell as the homecoming royalty arrived. Homecoming— 1973 Rhonda Smith. Wayne Jensen. Queen Sandy Kirchner, Kyle Hand. Heather Heath, John Kooper. Pep Club Formal — ’73As Individuals 10Doing Our Own Thing,We Are U nitedWe Are . . . the Motivators 15Administration ProfilesDr. Raymond Olson, President Sherrie Curtiss, Vice-Pres. Keith Sorum, Member School Board Activates A.H.S. Objectives Archie Lawrence, Secretary The Board of Education has the responsibility of planning immediate, and long range objectives for educational programs and facilities in the Alliance Public Schools; working with the administrators, the board attempts to coordinate school policy and long range planning for facilities and educational programs with the needs, and growth patterns of the developing Alliance Community. School board members are often faced with controversial decisions, and long, tiring hours of constant planning; their dedication as public, and educationally-minded citizens is to be commended. John Cover; Member Dr. Richard Jaggers, MemberSchool Nurse Cafeteria Cooks- Mrs. Ferbaache, Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. Nullinger. Cafeteria Manager-Mrs. 'Grace Brungard. Thelma Merritt School Nurse Where's your ticket, honeybunch? How often has that sound been heard echoing through the lunchroom? But where would we be without Grace and her staff of dependable cooks? Also composing the sturdy backbone of the school system are the school nurse, office girls, school secretary, and janitorial staff. 18 School Secretary- Mrs. Barbara Dietrich, Office girls- Mrs. Janice Harris, Mrs. Dixie Bloom, and Ethel Olson. Janitorial Staff- George Peters, Sam Turman, Gary Roebuck, Merle Smith, Rose Marie Dobry. 19 — M TUMBLESON GERALDINE DAVIS —DON CLA BERNARD BECKER Department Head An intensive study of American English, and World Literature coupled with an emphasis on vocabulary and composition forms the framework of the Communications Department of AHS. Each year sees the introduction of new mini-courses, revised classes, and enlarged speech and journalism offerings. The department aids the student in the exploration of various literary genre and critical analysis; however, the importance of each individual is constantly stressed and the student is afforded the opportunity to form bases for his own personal future.Social Studies ELLEN CHRISTENSEN Social Studies BILL FURMAN Social Studies Department Head The American public school is the principal training ground for informed American citizenship; what is taught in the classroom today shapes the sort of country we shall have decades hence. 11 Dwight D. Eisenhower PHIL SCHWEITZER Social StudiesLanguages Das Verstandnis Zwischen den meuschen hang davon ab wie gut mau die Sprache versteht Toda la Comunicasion esta basado en la abilidad de uno para entender Toda enlendimento esta basado en la abilidad de uno para comunicarse The Languages are different, but speaking a common message— human understanding is proportional to communicative skills ability. IVAN POLYAKOV German German and Spanish emphasize the oral-ural method in which the student learns to form correct speech patterns and intonations by using the complete phrasing and sentences. Essentials of grammar are presented with an introduction to simple writing techniques. The student tests his ability to learn a language as well as his patience in acquiring a skill. 73Science ■ — .... FRED PETERSEN Department Head BILL MARCHANT Science is a creative activity, a continuous search for truth as students learn more about themselves and the universe in which they live. Students are challenged to understand the basic principles of science so that they can prepare to live in a time of rapid scientific advancement. JERRY GARDNER, BILL STOUT LARRY YOST V — Math Department james McDermott Department Head LEONARD HARTMAN Individualized Math lets the student work at his own speed. It introduces a responsibility and a new challenge for each individual. A person can work better and learn more if he can organize himself in his own way. Traditional math is still here for students who feel that they cannot hold the responsibility or do not want a challenge in the world of math. J.P. McDermott 25Home Economics Tailoring a fashionable outfit.. .preparing a nutritious as well as delicious meal. . .bachelor's survival. . . these are just some of the skills that are offered by the Home Economics Department. Well-equipped classrooms prepare students, boys and girls alike, with the environmental skills needed for future commitments and responsibilities. 26 JOHN BANDEL TERRY SANDBERG 7BRUCE ROCKEY Department Head The clicking of typewriters and the clanging of gasoline engines are just two of the various sounds echoing from the doors of the Vocational Building. In Vocational Ed, students gain knowledge of various techniques through actual participation in their projects. The Vocational courses provide practical training for all students, whether it is repairing an old jalopy, or knowing which side to debit and credit. 28SHERLOCK LONNIE ANNETTE POOL Art Driver’s Education BOYD BL OMEN KAM? Driver's Education JULIET ROWBOTHAM Art LARRY MANNLEIN Art Students should find that art is a subject that emphasizes expression of self. Art works toward the development of both freedom and discipline, with the realization that you cannot have one without the other. J. Rowbothom Safety procedures, driving skills, and knowledge of a car's anatomy are integral parts of the AHS Drivers Education taught by Mr. Boyd Blomenkamp.Music Department Offering both vocal and instrumental classesy..the music department helps students sharpen musical talents. Long hours of practice pay when music students receive superior ratings in competition and present their fine concerts. In preparing for these activities, many students develop a lifetime appreciation of the fine arts and a desire for further understanding. 31Physical Education GEORGE SCHAMBER Athletic Director Groans and moans are heard intermingled with shrill voices as P.E. students participate in the never ending routine of exercises, which de-velope precision, coordination and agility. Basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and badminton provide the competition which contributes to the good health, and fun of boys and girls. Along with the fun, P.E. keeps the instructors, as well as the students on their toes. Visual Aid Library Guidance Richard McCall, Audiovisual specialist A new addition to the AHS faculty staff this year is the audiovisual specialist, Mr. Richard McCall. Mr. McCall oversees distribution of all audio and visual materials throughout the Junior and Senior High Schools. Taking a hand in student supervision are this year's librarians, Mrs. Vivian Andrews and Mrs. Ruth Simmons. Guiding students through college decisions, acting as Title III director, and teaching psychology are only a few of the roles played by Dr. Bill Podraza, Guidance counselor.taw ’ % | “INTO ■THE prwWi by T(ic iViwrClajj WEARE. . . THECREATORSBack Row-Director Mr. Bibbey, V. Odell, C. Smith, K. McAndrew, N. Hielscher, K. Kosmicki, M. Lewis, S. Ashley, J. Todd, S. Bowhay. Second Row-V. Rask, B. Wickham, M. Green, T. Shrewsbury, P. Hain, B. Faber, K. Langer, C. Schadwinkel, M. West, J. Minnick. Third Row-Kris Olson, M. McLean, C. Haslow, J. Wilson, G. Boness, J. Turcheck. Fourth Row-R. Meter, D. Hain, S. Schadwinkel, and P. Griffis. Without Music, When spirit starts to die, the band keeps on going. Through rain, sleet, blistering heat, or freezing cold, the band played on. Led by director Tom Bibbey, the marching band practiced summer nights getting ready for the Shrine Bowl game which is held every August. The marching didn't stop there, but kept going, getting ready for half-time shows during football season. When football season ended, pep band was beginning, getting ready to provide half-time music for the drill team and tumblers during basketball and wrestling season. The pep band even followed the basketball team down to Lincoln for State Tournament. Just as soon as pep music was handed in, the band got busy preparing for District Music Contest, which Alliance hosted. Alliance received a unanimous I rating. Individual honors went to Roxi Meter and Deb Hain who each received a I rating in Clarinet solos. Other highlights of the year is that of the majorette tappings. Majorette for next year is Vicki Nansel. New officers are Pres. -Dan Olson, Vice-Pres.-Kevin Wilkinson, Sec.-Julie Petersen, Treas.-Paula Bel-den, and Librarians-Kris Olson and Jane Green. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and that's exactly what the band did. Band Director Tom Bibbey shows a smile after a hard day's work.Back Row-J. Balderson, K. Wilkinson, B. Woods, ]. Akert, M. Hare, D. Curtiss, G. Todd, J. Wacker. Second Row-L. Green, D. Hatch, D. Olson, T. Chadwick, S. Vejraska, M. McDonald, P. Phillip, T. Gerhart, J. Merrihew, V. Roebuck, M. Bennet. Front Row-S. Kirchner, R. Smith, R. Ogle, J. Petersen, K. Reed, L. Kuncl. Life Would Be a Mistake — Nietzsche A one, and a two!! Band Officers: President, Scott Bowhay, Vice-President, Tony Chadwick, Secretary, Sally Schadwinkel, Treasurer, Julie Petersen, and Librarian, Kris Olson.As Give 'Em Hell was played by the pep band, spirit spread like fire throughout the crowd. Pep band not only kept the spirit going, but kept the crowd moving. The pep band provided half time music for drill team, as well as the tumblers. Pep music ranged from Sweet Georgia Brown , to The Horse , which featured soloist Scott Bowhay on drums. Spirit never died out, as long as pep band kept it going. Pep Band Promotes Spirit 38Majorettes A shrill whistle is the signal to straighten up and to be ready for the next half time show. With the tempo of the drum cadence, and kaleidoscope of floating diamonds, the majorettes led the band. Poise and leadership are qualities held by the majorettes. Senior Sandy Kirchner with junior Marcia West and sophomore Nancy Adams were this year's majorettes. Marcia West Sandy Kirchner 39 Nancy AdamsChoir-First Row-Nancy Smith, Denise Scott, Terry Jensen, Bobbi Tyndall, Tami Dietrich, Rick Jesse, Yvonne Sanchez, Second Row-Roberta Higgins, Dan Olson, Vicki Langmacher, Robin Wickham, Peg McCrackin, Jean Wilson, Third Row-Pam Doremus, Teresa Keene, Marla Spencer, Herman Shetler, Lynette Green, DeeDee Petersen, Fourth Row-Patty Monroe, Randy Jensen, LaDonna Spencer, Dave Zum, Debbie Mink, Elisabeth Lainer, Gary Cunningham, Jill Marlatt. Choir Stresses Performance Quality Choir Director Mr. Ken Dilling 40 Accidentals practice for another performanceFront Row-Judy Dafney, Victor Sanchez, Jean Dunham, Betty Moores, Phil Medina, Deb DeFord, Carmen Flores, Second Row-Barb Faber, Gloria Roebuck, Don Freiberger, Cathy Mosser, Coleen Neeley, Chris Odell, Third Row-Jon Wacker, Nancy Brown, J. R. Akert, Cathy Paulsen, Linda Nielson, Mark Seebolim, Stephanie Becker, Fourth Row-Gregg Boness, Deb Turcheck, Becky Panwitz, Kent Seebohm, Paula Belden, Mary Lou Colwell, James Bald-erson, Bob Grant, Kathy Saylor. Front Row-C. Odell, M. Spencer, B. Panwitz, M. Colwell, D. Turcheck, C. Paulsen, L. Nielson, B. Moores, Second Row-V. Sanchez, J. Wacker, D. Olson, J. Balderson, R. Jensen, M. Seebohm, R. Wickham, T. Jensen, Third Row-director Ken Dilling. Accidentals Are Sharp There's no end to music, for music is a universal language. This year's choir directed by Ken Dilling was a considerable improvement over last year's choir. Choir received an excellent rating at District music contest which Alliance hosted. From pop to classical music the choir sang on. Outstanding choir member was awarded to Jon Wacker. This year's choir officers were: Marla Spencer President, Mark Seebohm V. President, and Jill Marlatt Sec.-Tres.The Princess And the Pea. This year Alliance High School presented as its All School Musical The Princess and the Pea or Once Upon a Mattress, which was under the direction of choir director Mr. Ken Dil-ling. It takes each actor about 180 hours of hard work to put this together. The musical satire entertained young and old alike.The Thespians Present the Childrens Theater The Golden Grotto, or Bracko, the Frog Prince was the Children's Play. A classic legend is turned upside-down in this delightful comedy for all ages. A glittering magic-grotto under a castle provides the setting for the fun. It is a happy play. It made everyone laugh and have a good time. The Princess loses the golden ball which keeps the castle going. Everyone is upset including the king. The Princess was played by Helen Abbott; the king was Kevin Me Andrew; the wizard was Jon Wacker; the dragon was played by Dave Wegner; the rest of the cast included: Deb Smith, Deb Hain, Sue Morgan, Shelly Schroeder, Mary Lou Colwell, and Dan Olson.Thespians Have Productive Year Thespians, sponsored by Mr. Don Clarke, handle drama at AHS. Troop 3146 is dedicated to promoting all aspects of the theater. Although the Thespians are active in many productions, The Children's Theater was their major effort this year. The Golden Grotto was presented to a large audience of bright faced children. 44The Other Side of the Wall The Other Side of the Wall was Alliance High School’s one act play at the District Speech Contest, from which Jayne Minnick was awarded Best Actress. The play involved two postwar worlds in the distant future separated by a wall. In the wall was an opening in the shape of a letter D that one world interpreted as standing for Devotion and the other world as Defense . The arising conflict is the central plot of The Other Side of the Wall . Characters included Kevin Wilkinson, June Ettle, John Way, Roxi Meter, and Dan Olson.The Lost Horizon Jr. Class Play The Junior Class presented the play Lost Horizon, an impressive image of human values. The play is set in an Himalayan valley called Shangri La —a place of eternal peace, beauty and happiness unknown to the world. Into this setting three western men involved in a plane crash escape a world war and are forced to question the very esscence of their lives. James Hilton's classic has proved to be one of Alliance High School's most thought provoking dramatic productions. 46Glass Menagerie Successful The Glass Menagerie presented May 10th and 11th was, by critical response, one of the finest plays presented on the stage of Alliance High School. The play by Tennessee Williams is set in St. Louis during the early 1930's when, as Tom Wingfield (the central character and narrator) stated The huge middle class of America was matriculating from a school for the blind, and the world was lit by lightning . The character Tom Wingfield is trapped in an environment dominated by an emotionally unstable and domineering mother, Amanda. Sharing his plight is his crippled sister Laura who has withdrawn into her fantasy world of glass animals--her glass menagerie. An acquaintance of Tom's enters the scene and attempts to bring Laura into the real world. Jim O'Connor fails in his attempt and leaves Laura with her shattered dreams and a hopeless future. In the end Tom abandons his family to preserve his own sanity and wanders aimlessly, guilt ridden and withdrawn. The actors of the play were Jayne Minnick as the mother, Amanda; Rick Adams as her son, Tom; Cathy Paulsen as her daughter, Laura; and Gerry Brew as the gentleman caller, Jim O'Connor.Music And Drama Highlights 1974 Choir Officers: Marla Spencer, Jill Marlatt, Mark Seebohm, Choir Director Ken DillingWF A R F THE ACHIEVERSPep Club There is a group that never gives up when the going gets tuff-that's the A.H.S. pep club. They show great spirit and pride through all sports and through all their activities. They do various fund raising projects so they can hold their annual Pep Club Formal, which was a big success this year. Row 1; J. Minnick, K. Lawson, L. Henderson, C. Haslow, R. Meter, L. Nielsen, S. Schadwinkel, D. Turchek, G. Tolstedt, P. Alvarado. Row 2; N. Hooper, M. West, K. Olson, N. Marlatt, M. Colwell, L. Green, K. Jensen, K. Smith, J. Failor, N. Smith. Row 3; J. Petersen, J. Wilson, C. Cummings, D. Deford, C. Neely, M. Cole, J. Holub, C. Nagaki, G. Homrighausen, G. liakos. Row 4; K. Saylor, C. Tittel, L. Kuncl, D. Petersen, D. Schaffert, S. Johnson, M. McLean, H. Snyder, D. Tyndall, B. Wickham. Row 5; S. Anderson, K. Willey, S. Ellis, T. Yates, D. Hatch, M. Green, T. Parker, C. Rask, L. Nagaki, J. Bowen. Row 6; D. Duryea, T. Jantz, R. Palmer, V. O'dell, N. Brown, C. DeVeny, P. Belden, Becky Panwitz. 52 President Mina Drumheller; Vice-President Kim Reed; Yell-Leader Robyn Iossi; Secretary Deb Hain; Treasurer Sally Schadwinkel.Cheerleaders '74 Jayne Minnick Rhonda Smith Heather Heath Marla Spencer Jill Marlatt Varsity I IimiIi nli i B l'i i i ve CheerleadersA-Club Supports Athletics A-Club members are made of lettering runners, football players, basketball players, matmen, tracksters; they strive to be able to wear the big A . Their big activity is crowning the Homecoming Queen, which is always an exciting event. They also help with the All Sports Banquet and work hard selling refreshments at home games of winter sports. Many members also help support the team with the famous Rowdy Section. DECA Gets Involved With Business Management Ambitious DECA students, filled with zest, sold candy bars to enable them to attend the State Leadership conference in Lincoln. The students participated in many contests, such as Sales Demonstrations, New Products Information, Television Commercials, Radio Commercials, and many others. First place winners also got to attend the National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Distributive Clubs of America is an on the job learning program for all interested students who like to work. President; Wayne Jensen, Treas; Ray Hielscher, Public Relations; Rhonda Ogle, V.-Pres.; Jayne Minnick, Public Relations; Cathy Paulsen, Kathy Jensen, Sect; Donna Zum, Sponsor; Lonnie Sherlock.Y-Teens Promote Harmony President Gretchen Todd, Vice-President Lynette Green, Secretary Deb Turcheck, and Treasurer Julie Petersen lead the Y-Teens through many exciting events this year. Working hard as always, they came up with a wonderful World Fellowship fair. Y-Teen's also sponsor: Pizza parties, Patteran, Indian children's Christmas Party, Mother Daughter banquet, Senior dinner, and Orpheum. They make their money as a non-profit organization. With the money made this year, some were able to attend a concert in Denver. This year they also supported the Muscular Dystrophy drive. Harmony was chosen as the 1973-74 Y-Teen Year Theme. Y-Teen Cabinet Back Row-Helen Abbott, Mary Lou Colwell, Heather Heath, Kathy Lawson, Marla Spencer. Front Row-Becky Panwitz, Roxi Meter, Cathy Paulsen, Kim Reed, Linda Nielsen. 55Back Row-Mr. Fricke; advisor, Linda Nagaki, Jayne Minnick, Julie Petersen, Tony Chadwick, Jane Johnson, Anne Ruebeck, JudyHolub. Front Row-Heather Heath, Stan Schoeneman, Rick Adams, Deb Hain, Jeff Peltz, Georgia Liakos. Linda Nagaki, Deb Hain, and Judy Holub set-up outlines, in order to meet deadlines. It takes many long hard hours to put a distinctive yearbook in to print, but these determined creators keep Bull-dogging away to make it the best book ever. The Annual is a book, a class, a business, and most of all, a learning experience in journalism that lasts a lifetime. The effort and time seems lost until the books arrive and enter into our lives as one of our most prized possessions. Nothing can replace the feeling of looking through our book years later and realizing each separate future began here as one. Time is the only dividing element, but through this book we can reduce it to a common quality. 56 Annual ’74FHA, Future Homemakers of America, learned the art of homemaking. The girls in this organization learned economical ways to live, and how to prepare for the future. Activities such as cooking, sewing, and family planning were stressed in this organization. The girls in FHA were guided by Mrs. Marie Sutter and Mrs. Betty Stewart. Cooperation was the key word for the organization this year. Advisors Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Sutter, Susan Tepley, Linda Strieker, and Ann Jesse. FHA “Cooks-Up” New Ideas The Future Farmers of America was a very successful club this year. Besides the addition of many trophies, the club had the addition of four girls in their organization. Wherever these FFA members were seen, they were always cultivating new ideas. Advisor Mr. Sandburg, Bill McDonald, Rick Jesse, Jim Johnston, Rod Underwood, Lyle Wood, and Jay Shrewsbury. FFA Harvests Experience, Trophies b7Back Row-Jon Wacker, Jess Mullanix, Scott Ashley. Front Row-Sandy Vogel, Denise Scott, Sue Morgan, Advisor Mr. Tumble son, and Carol Kulas. Spud Keeps Communications Rolling What would we do without our school paper? Well, as a result, we probably wouldn't know what was going on in the individual activities. SPUD is a biweekly paper that emphasizes new ideas. The Staff is kept busy writing stories, and selling advertisements so they can keep up their production. Inspiration and Pride are two key factors that add to the great success of the paper. REPORTERS: Back Row-Debbie Becker, Georgia Liakos, Mary Lou Colwell, Kevin O'Brian, Cheri Hall, and Ned Percival. Front Row-Kevin McAndrew. 58Rodeo Club German Club President Lynette Green; Vice-President Kathy Saylor; Secretary Vicki O'Dell; Treasurer Mary Lou Colwell. President Rod Underwood; Vice-President Mike Wills; Secretary Cheri Hall; Points Lynelle Collins; Publicity Chairman Sandy Vogel; Treasurer Kim Ferguson; Advisor Mr. Burgess. First Row-Becky Pan-witz, Vicki Duryea, Beth Irish, Nancy Hooper, Kathy Saylor, Lynette Green. Second Row-Advisor Mr. Pol-yokof, Debbie Shaffert, Vicki O'Dell, John Dietrich, Mary Lou Colwell, Terry Curtis. Third Row-Brad Hop-pins, Mark Carter, Larry Mandleburg, Dan Olson, Kevin McAndrew.A Journey Begins With a Single Step SENATORS. Front Row: Bill Naga-ki, Dan Olson, Julie Petersen, Marla Spencer. Back Row: Tony Chadwick, Paul Heimbuch, Tim Garwood, Allen Goff. Student Council comes alive again! Student Council operations varied from running the student lounge to assisting with the coordination of homecoming activities. Representatives for the student council executive council are chosen from the sophomore, junior, and senior class. OFFICERS: Secretary, Deb Hatch; Treasurer, Mark Seebohm; V.-President, Ned Percival; President, Walt 60 Metz. Advisor Dr. Bill PodrazaWE ARE. . . THE INVOLVEDDisappointment Overshadows Bulldog Efforts Coach Boyd Blomenkamp's team suffered a non-winning season this year. The Bulldogs went 0-8-1. According to the game statistics, Alliance should have won several ball games, but the scoreboard showed different. A.H.S. showed great potential in both offense and defense, but not at the same time. The scoring unit was one of the few teams to score on Chadron, the mumber one defense in the state. The defensive unit kept the Bulldogs in the Kimball game, by holding one of the most powerful offensive teams around. The A.H.S. gridders did not give up as they showed in their last game, a 20-21 loss to McCook. For having a disappointing season, Alliance did well in placing on the honorable conference teams. Receiving Western Conference honors were Kyle Hand, Bruce Watson, Kevin Wilkinson, and Jim Weber. Hand, Watson, John Way, and John Kooper gained Big Ten recognition. 1st Row-T. Weisgerber, E. Jensen, W. Jensen. G. Brew, J. Kooper, B. Watson, J. Weber, K. Hand, L. Bordeaux, R. Herman. 2nd Row-M. Seebohm, S. Engel, B. Green, D. Nielsen, D. Hammond, K. Wilkinson, J. Way, J. Mullanix, N. Percival, J. Johnson. 3rd Row-M. Paulsen, B. Woods, D. Colwell, R. Turechek, D. Wegner, M. Lyster, P. Watson, M. Abbott, R. Nason, R. Rogers. 4th Row-B. Nagaki, J. Nickens, M. McLaughlin, D. Tschacher, M. Lancey, S. Campbell, A. Howell, T. Chinnock. 5th Row-S. Dietrich, K. Bordeaux, T. Cummings, K. Seebohm, H. Shetler, S. Ashley. 6th Row-L. Newman, J. Hawk, B. Podraza. 7th Row-B. Blomenkamp. 6465Cross-Country 66 A. Ballain, G. Cunningham, J. Johnston, T. Fawcett, M. Carter, B. Kemper, T. Chadwick, T. Curtiss, B. Hoppens, T. Garwood.Cross-Country Harriers Survive Harried Season For the first time in Bulldog history of Cross Country, Alliance failed to qualify for the state meet. Alliance finished fourth, just out of the money, behind Kimball, Sidney, and Gering in the District meet. Only the first three teams qualified for state. Alliance, under Coach George Schamber, had a disappointing season, with a few bright spots. The Harriers finished in a tie with Sidney for first in the Alliance Invitational and probably the Bulldogs best effort was the Big Ten in which they finished third. The Harriers had six lettermen this year. Seniors-Jim Brandt and Tim (Muzzy) Garwood. Juniors-Mark Carter, Tony Chadwick, Bill Kemper, and BJ Hoppens. The Bulldogs should be strong in the future, with freshman Andy Ballain showing promise for the upcoming year. 67Volley-Ball Spikers-Big Ten Champs With a successful 13-3 season, the spikers could consider themselves one of the top teams in the state! The talented Volleyball girls won the Big Ten title by defeating Fremont, the team which went on to win the state title. The Spikers also earned runners-up in the Alliance Invitational and in the District tournament. Led by senior co-captains Sandy Kirchner and Heather Heath, the volleyball team lost only one game in regular season, and two battling matches which were for championship titles. Individual honors went to Heather Heath and Kim Kosmicki, chosen for All-Tourney Team at the Alliance Invitational, and the Gretchen Todd, winner of the Senior Volleyball Award. Varsity letter winners-Gretchen Todd, Heather Heath, Rhonda Smith, Kim Kosmicki, Mary Lewis, Carla Haslow, Julie Petersen. The reserves also had an impressive season, ending with a record of 8-3. The J.V. spikers lost their first two matches, then came on strong to win seven straight. In finishing the season they lost to Scottsbluff, but put it together again to beat Fremont. ;r SEASON won won won 770 1 won won won won won won won won won lost 2nd 1st 2nd North Platte McCook Gering Kearney Scottsbluff Alliance Invit Big Ten ' District 68. Spikers Varsity 69P. Stavropolous, A. Jines, T. Robbins, T. Ushio, D. Brown, W. Jensen, J. Simpson, D. Colwell, M. Mocker man, D. Lee, Coach B. Blomenkamp. Seniors Paul Stavropolous and Dan Brown led the Bulldog grapplers with fine performances all season, and finished as State Champs. Tom Ushio also qualified for state, but lost in the first found in Lincoln. The Bulldogs, led by Coach Blomenkamp, had a tough time this year in duals, ending with a 2-6 season. However, they showed their pride by good individual efforts in tournaments. The grapplers1 highest finish was in the Ogallala Invit., in which they placed 4th, and with only three men in the state tourney, Alliance took 6th place. Winning wrestlers include, P. Stavropolous, D. Brown, T. Ushio, J. Brandt and D. Colwell. 70Wrestling 71Cagers Take District One of the main goals of Coach Schamber and the Alliance High Basketball team was fulfilled this year. After a nine game losing streak, the AHS Cagers won the District Championship. The Bulldogs battled with Ord, the top seeded team in the state, until the final buzzer went off. It was the first game Ord had trouble winning. The Bulldogs came on strong for the first three games of the season, then the Roundballers had team problems. It was eleven games before the Cagers put everything together again. Alliance attained two other goals, beating Sidney for the first time in two years, and beating Chadron, the Western Conference champion, in a district win. The Bulldogs had only two players receiving honors, seniors-Kyle Hand and Stan Schoenemann. Hand was selected for Western Conference, West Big Ten, and All-State. Schoenemann received Western Conference and Honorable Mention West Big Ten. Seniors Hand, Schoenemann, Allen Goff, and Dave Essay were letter-men. Junior letter winners were Tony Chadwick, Steve Engel, and Jerry Johnson. RESERVE-Back Row-S. Summers, S. Dietrich, J. Todd. Second Row-G. Boness, T. Curtiss. Third Row-J. Nickens, R. Nason, D. Simpson. Fourth Row-P. Heimbuck, J. Peltz, P. Watson. Front Row-T. Cummings, and Coach Newman. a a Bn ■s a.h.sA OPP Gordon 58 45 Gering 68 62 Kearney 71 62 Holiday Toum. 7th No. Platte 68 103 McCook 78 80 Sidney 61 72 Valentine 71 72 Scottsbluff 53 73 Gering 86 93 Kearney M9WSBI 71 78 Scottsbluff 53 83 Chadron 38 49 McCook 73 58 No. Platte 43 77 Sidney 63 53 Kimball 70 64 District 1st State (Ord) 58 73 VARSITY-M. Lawrence, K. Bordeaux, K. Wilkinson, S. Engel, J. Johnson, K. Hand, Coach-Ceorge Schamber, S. Schoenemann, D. Essay, J. Way, T. Chadwick, M. Lyster, and A. Goff.73First Row-J. Toedtli, R. Butcher, K. Johnson, A. Youngman, G. Todd; Second Row-Coach Schlenker, V. Duryea, J. Spencer, L. Hoppens, B. Johnson, S. Brandt, J. Pokorski, C. Haslow, R. Met-ter, Coach Pilfold; Third Row-D. Lawerence, S. Johnson, D. Duryea, R. Smith, M. Hoffman, K. Kosmicki, J. Hand, D. Zum; Fourth Row-C. Scott, B. Irish, C. Essex, G. Flores, C. Mosser, S. Teply, L. Petersen, V. Nansel, R. Smith, S. Matula. Cindergals Build Experience Coach Sandy Pilfold's track team had a disappointing season. This year, they had only one qualifier for State. The girls' track team had only one senior, a handful of juniors and sophomores, and 22 freshmen. Bayard Dual Kimball Inv. Sidney Inv. Alliance Inv Western Conf. Bridgeport Tri. District 2nd 7th 8th 6th 4th 2nd Q+U Individual accomplishments for the season start with Sophomore Shirley Johnson. Breaking a school record she set this year, Shirley ran the 880 in 2:29.4 to qualify for State. Roxi Meter, running the 80-yard hurdles in 11.6, broke the school record. Roxi also broke the school broad jump record with a 15' 1 4 jump. Kim Kosmicki broke the 440 record in 63.4. Joni Hand tied the school record with a 4'9 jump in the high jump.Tracksters 3rd At State In Front K. Kyser; First Row-Coach J. Bandel, M. Seebohm, M. Carter, J. Way, B. Hoppens, Coach L. Yost; Second Row-B. Nagaki, R. Nason, B. Debus, H. Shet-ler, R. Rogers, T. Garwood, J. Johnson; Third Row-R. Herman, T. Chadwick, M. lister, K. Wilkinson, W. Jenson, A. Goff, D. Nielson, J. Nickens, S. Summers. ■ Scottsbluff Relays Kimball Inv. Sidney Inv. Chadron Inv. Western Conf. Alliance Triangular 4th 3rd 2nd 1st 4th 1st ■ 1 ■ Gordon Dual 1st Big Ten 8th District 1st State 3rd AHS CINDERMEN CAPTURE DISTRICT CROWN The Alliance High School track team ran away from the field in the District Meet to capture the first District Crown in a long time. The Bulldogs then finished third at State. The Alliance track team sent eight individuals to State where everyone who went placed. Kevin Wilkinson lead the team performances with a second place in the 220, a fifth place in the 100, and anchored the 880-yard relay team to a third place finish. Others who placed were: Mike Mockerman, second place in the long jump; Mitch Lyster, fifth in the triple jump; Mark Seebohm, third in the 180-yard low hurdles; Roger Nason, fifth in the 440 (disqualified); and John Nickens, Rob Herman, Seebohm, and Wilkinson, third in the 880-yard relay.77mM GolfTeam Drives Through Rough Season With no returning lettermen this year, AHS Golf Coach Lyle Newman had qualms about the 1974 golf season. Surprising everyone, themselves included, the Bulldogs qualified for State! They took third at the District Golf Meet and tied for tenth place at State. The Bulldog lettermen were John Dietrich, Kyle Hand, Scott Dietrich, Don Simpson, Paul Watson, and Jim Peltz. State 10th1974 Athletes c Kyle Hand and Rhonda honored as 1974 Athlet Year. The awards marked the years of participation s achievement in Allian School Athletics. 80 )f the Year Smith were es of the ir three ind high ce High81WE ARE THE INDIVIDUALSDonna Becker Deb Best Howard Behm Bret Bixby Rick Blumanthal Sally Brandt Carolyn Burton Rita Butcher Kurt Butzine Breck Chipperfield Kathy Coleman Tami Cox Moira Cremin John Dafney DeeDee DeVeny Tom Ditsch Earl Doyle Vicki E)uryea Bart Dye Cheryl Essex Ron Ewing Tom Fawcett Pam Fitzgerald Gloria Flores Grace Flores Rhonda Frohman Jackie Furgason Doug Furley Keith Gardiner Stan Garett Robyn Garrett Jack Garton Gabby Gerdeau David Gies Rick Gonzales Jane Green Deb Hartwig Bob Hinton Mary Hoffman Linda Hoppens Joy Houser Patty Howell Beth Irish Christal Iron Rope Ann Jesse Anita Johnson Becky Johnson Kelly Johnson Glen FillingerTracy Kistler Cindy Koozer Willow Krause Richard Landgren Desirae Lawrence Robyn Lentz Jim Lewis Sherrie Lore Howard McCall David Me Donald Susan McKinney Sharon Matula Jeff Meade Tana Meter Margie Moss Vicki Nansel Diane Nielsen Susan Olson Lori Petersen June Pokorski Delina Prelle Deborah Reeh Tammy Reitz Rodney Rogers Nancy Rose Paul Reynolds Tammy Sakata Connie Scott Tim Sherlock Ted Shewsbury Tacy Simpson Robyn Smith Jan Spencer Joyce Spencer Keith Strieker Linda Strieker Daryl Sulzback Jeff Summers Lynn Swesey Ron Taylor Susan Teply Wayne Thome Jodi Toedtli Kim Tolstedt Vickie Vogel Margot Wacker Phyllis WarBonnet Larry Watson Tammi WeimerJay Weisgerber Kim Weston Dan Wheeler Don Wheeler Cindy Wilkins Nancy Willey Kathy Williams Gary Wollin Sherrie Worth Rose Wounded Arrow Amy Youngman Jodi Zellaha Fred Zlomke Tammy Vogel Cliff Payne Bruce Kulas Susie Ackerman Joe Neeley Debra Mundt Vivian DeWitt This year's Freshmen Class Officers were Andy Girard, Larry Snyder and Kelly Johnson. Left: Freshmen Pep Club Officers Lori Petersen, Yell Leader, Kathy Williams, V. President, Grace Flores, Secretary, Desirae Lawience, Treasurer, Margot Wacker, President. Right: Junior High Cheerleaders Jan Spencer, Gloria Flores, Debbie Best, Connie Scott, Kelly Johnson.Sophomores ’76 Mike Abbott Betty Lou Ackerman Nancy Adams Sue Anderson Steve Ashley Paula Beldon Steve Benzel Greg Boness Janet Bowen Doug Bowman Nancy Brown Ron Brown Deb Buresh Steve Campbell Tom Chinnock Alice Cole Daryl Colwell Tim Cover Tom Cummings Brian Debus Merlin Drumheller Jean Dunham DeeAnn Duryea Lance Dye Shan Ellis Charlie Foster Don Freiberger Sherrie Furrow Tammie Galyen Tim Gonzales Joyce Green Mary Green Ronda Hack Pam Hain Robyn Haller Fred Hampton Joni Hand Mark Hare Deb Hatch Paul Heimbuch Ann Henderson Bryan Henderson Nancy Hielscher Alberta Higgins Mark Holthus Alvie Howell Tammy Jantz Sherrie Jensen Terry JensenAllen Jines DeAnna Johnson Greg Johnson Shirley Johnson Teresa Keene Mark Krohn Laura Kuncl Melvin Lancey Tom Langmacher Karen Langner Mike Lawrence Scott Liggett Dixie Lundy Mitch Lyster Tomilayne McAndrew Peggy McCracken Mike McLaughlin Marci McLean Phil Medina Patricia Monroe Betty Jo Moores Kathy Mosser Lori Nagaki Bill Nagaki Vicki O'dell Roberta Palmer Becki Panwitz Terry Parker Mike Paulsen Jim Peltz Deanna Petersen Paul Phillip Cliff Potmesil Jody Prettyman Mike.Rachetts Cindy Rask Darrell Ringleman Terry Robbins Vicki Roebuck Pam Rohrbouck Yvonne Sanchez Kathy Saylor Craig Schadwinkle Debbie Schaffert Mitch Schefcik Vicki Rask Schwaderer Kent Seebohm Roger Seidler Herman Shetler Tom Shrewsbury Dan Simpson Billy Smith Debra Smith Helen Snyder Corky Taylor Tom Timbers Craig Wilkins Becky Wickham Rod Weston Deb Tyndall Don Tschacher Jim Todd Colleen Tittel Kim Willey Mike Wills Paul Wolvington Bob Woods John Worley Cindy Worth Terri Yates90Carolyn Cheatle Mary Cole Bill Coleman MaryLou Colwell Debbie Cotes Cindy Cummings Terry Curtiss Judy Dafney Lela Dawn Jon DeBusk Debbie Deford Kenneth Deisch Karen Dempsey Cindy DeVeny Christine DeWitt John Dietrich Tami Dietrich Marcella Dobry Chester Dye Steve Engel Judy Essay Barbara Faber Kim Ferguson Ronda Finch 91 Mike Fitzgerald Carmen Flores Kent Fritzler Tim Gearhart Brad Green Deb Green Julie Green Pati Griffis Bruce Grothen Valerie Grubbs Cheri Hall Doug Hammond Doug Hashman Carla H a slow Lari Hendersen Jay Holmes Judy Holub Geneice Homrighausen Nancy Hooper Brad Hoppens Edwin Iron Rope Kathryn Jensen Robert Jensen Rick Jesse 92Georgia Liakos Gary Lovell Kevin McAndrew Bill McDonald Pat McDonald Larry Mandelberg Nancy Marlatt Janelle Meade Jolene Merrihew Roxi Meter Jodi Mockerman Margaret Monroe Cindy Nagaki Linda Nagaki Colleen Neeley Dave Nielsen — Chris O'dell Dan Olson Kris Olson William Payne Ned Percival Julie Petersen Allene Powers Gloria Roebuck Roy Rogers Rodney Sanchez Marty Schefcik Paul Schnell Shellie Schroeder Mark Seebohm Susan Seidler Deb SeidlerRyan Furman Bob Jordan Mick VonTour Kevin Wilkinson Sue Williams Jeanne Wilson Lyle Wood Lynette Green Julie Rust Dave Wegner Marcia West Robin Wickham Jim Wilcox Doug Worth David ZurnJunior-Senior Prom “April Showers Prom Royalty (From Left): John Cooper, Nancy Marlatt, Dave Essay, Lynette Green, Roxi Meter, Steve Summers (King)» Helen Abbott (Queen), John Way, Rhonda Smith, Steve Engel, Sandy Kirchner, and Dave Wegner. Two years of fund-raising activities, thoughtful planning, and just plain, hard work culminated in that annual magical moment known as prom”. This year's Junior-Senior Prom theme was April Showers . 98 1974 Bulldog Dedicated to “Grace The 1974 Alliance High Yearbook Staff proudly dedicates this publication to an individual who has given nineteen years of faithful service to the Alliance Public Schools-Mrs. Grace Brungard. Grace has served over one million, three hundred thousand meals to an estimated 8300 students in her career; with that impressive track record behind her, we wish Grace success in the future. 99Seniors ’74 HELEN ABBOTT Children's Theater, Band, Choir, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Sophomore Class President, Orpheum, Prom Queen. RICK ADAMS A-Club, Basketball Student Manager. Football, Boy's Track, Annual Business Manager, Senior Class Play. Student Council. Quill G Scroll. Y-Teen Orpheum, Latin Club. MARLENE ADAMSON MARILYN ALBRIGHT Y-Teens. MARJORIE ANDRICK Pep Club. Cbadron Scholastic Contest, Y-Teens. Y-Teen Cabinet MARK BENNETT Band, Choir, Pep Band, Football, Boy's Track, Boy's State Alternate, Latin Club. MINDI BIGNELL Band, Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens. LEONARD BORDEAUX, JR. Basketball. SCOTT BOWHAY Band President, Stage Band, Pep Band, Musical Pit Orchestra, Swing Choir, All-State Band, National Honor Society, Student Council. JAMES LEE BRANDT Band. German Club. Pep Band. A-Club, Cross-Country, Boy's Track, Wrestling, Senior Class Secretary. GERRY BREW A-Club, Football. St. Agnes Class Officer. Senior Class Play. County Government. St. Agnes Student Council. DAN BROWN A-Club. A-Club Secretary. Football. Wrestling. State Champion. • 100GINA FURLEY BROWN Reserve Cheerleader. Pep Club. Y-Teens. SHARON CAMPBELL Pep Club, Y-Teens. Stu. Council. DEBRA WITT CARPENTER Choir, Y-Teens. LIZ COLE LYNELLE COLLINS Rodeo Club, Choir. Girl's Track, Y-Teens, Junior Class V-President, Student Council, F.F.A., County Government, All School Musical. DANNY COTES 101DIANA DECKER Pep Club. MICHELE DILLON MINA DRUMHELLER German Club. Pep Club. Pep Club President, Girl's Volleyball. Sophomore Class Treasurer, Chadron Scholastic Contest. DAVID F. ESSAY A-Club, Basketball. Football. County Government. JUNE ETTLE Children's Theater Student Director, Thespians, Choir, Pep Club. Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, One Acts, Orpheum, District Speech Contest. RICK FARRITOR St. Agnes-Basketball. Football. JACK FESTER SCOTT FINCH D.E.C.A.. Cross-Country. Boy's Track. Latin Club. RUSSELL J. FINKEY Band, Pep Band. THOMAS FLETCHER Wrestling. GLEN A. FLINT Regents Scholarship Winner. ROBERT DOUGLAS FOSTER 102RAMONA FROHMAN Band, DECA Treasurer, Pep Club. LORI SCHOENEMAN FURROW Choir, Musical. RANDY W. FURROW TIM GARWOOD A-Club, Cross-Country, Track, Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant, Senior Class Treasurer, Student Council, County Government. JACK GIRARD Band, Pep Band, A-Club, Cross-Country, Boy's Track, Wrestling--State Champion, Junior Class Pres. ALLEN L. GOFF A-Club—V. Pres., Football, Track, Senior Class President, Student Council, County Government, Pep Club Formal Boyfriend, Latin Club. LINDA DIANNE GONZALEZ All School Musical, Girl's Glee. SALLY GRANT Pep Club. PATTY GREEN Choir, Musical, Girls Glee. DEBRA ANNETTE HAIN Band, Choir, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Triple Trio, District Music Contest, Pit Orchestra, Pep Club--Secretary, Musical Cast, Thespians--Secretary-Treasurer, Annual—Co-editor, Y-Teens, One Acts, Or-pheum, Jr. and Sr. Class Play crews, County Government, Quill G Scroll. KYLE HAND A-Club—President, Basketball, Football, Track, Golf, Orpheum Emcee, National Honor Society, Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant, Who's Who Among American High Schools, West Big 10 Football, Western Conference Football, West Big 10 Basketball, Western Conference Basketball, All-State Basketball Team, Coaches All-Star Basketball Game, Who's Who in National High School Athletics, Scholastic Contest, Latin Club. HEATHER HEATH Pep Club, Varsity G Reserve Cheerleader, Volleyball, Annual, Y-Teens G Cabinet, Girl's State alternate, County Government, Homecoming Attendant, Orpheum, Musical, Elks Scholarship Runner-up. Alliance Invitational All-tourney team. 103ROBBIE HERMAN A-Club, Football, Track, 440 Yard Relay record, Champ Goose Hunter. RAY HIELSCHER DECA Treasurer, Football, Track. CHER I HOOD Rodeo Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, F.H.A., F.F.A. SUSAN CARR HOWARD DECA, Choir, All School Musical. ROBYN IOSSI Band, DECA, Pep Band, Pep Club, Pep Club Chantleader, Track, Y-Teens, County Government. CRAIG IRISH Band, A-Club, Track Student Mgr., Wrestling Student Manager. I I I VICKIE JACOBS Pep Club, Choir, Rodeo Club, Girls' Track. EDDIE JENSEN Basketball, Football, Track, Wrestling, F.F.A. RANDY DALE JENSEN Choir, Chamber Singers, Swing Choir. WAYNE EDWARD JENSEN DECA, DECA President, DECA State Parliamentarian, A-Club, Track, Basketball, Football, Wrestling, County Government, Western Conference All-conference Football team, 3D Letter. DIANA JOHNSON Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, DECA, Track, Y-Teens, Musical. DOUGLAS H. JOHNSON DECA.o JANE JOHNSON DECA, Pep Club, Point Secretary, Annual--Co-editor, Y-Teens, Y-Teen cabinet. Junior Class Play Crew, County Government, One Acts, Orpheum, All School Musical, Quill Scroll. LINDA JOHNSON Rodeo Club, Choir, Pep Club, Track, Junior Class Play, Musical. LISA M. JOHNSON BRAD JORDAN DECA, Spud Staff-Sports Editor. PATRICIA KAY JUZENAS German Club, Choir, 1st Place in Chadron State College Scholastic Contest. ROBERT M. KIRCHNER A-Club. Cross-Country, Track, Wrestling, Sophomore Class Pres. , Student Council, County Government. SANDY KIRCHNER Band, Majorette, Pit Orchestra. Pep Band, Pep Club, Volleyball, Alliance Inv. Tourney Team, Melbeta Tourney team, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Treasurer, County Government, Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen Attendant, Orpheum, Musical. JOHN W. KOOPER A-Club, Football, Wrestling, Prom King Attendant, West Big 10 All Conference Team, Spanish Club. ALAN KOOZER Football, Wrestling. RANDY L. KREBS Track, State Track Meet. CAROL KULAS Pep Club, Spud Staff-News Editor. ELIZABETH LAINER Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Exchange Student from Austria. 106VICKI LANGMACHER DECA, Choir—Secretary-Treasurer, Pep Club, Y-Teens—V. President, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Vice President, Student Council, District Music Contest, Musical. KATHY LAWSON DECA, Pep Club, Y-Teens-Trea- surer, Y-Teen Cabinet, Gymnastics team, Orpheum, Musical, Point Secretary. DELBERT G. LEISY Choir, A-Club, Football, Weight- Lifting. DEBBIE LEWIS BRIAN LUNDY German Club, Golf. mike McDonald Band, Stage Band, DECA, Pep Band. 107JILL MARLATT Thespians, Choir, Chamber Singer, Pep Club, Varsity Cheerleader, Track, Junior Class Play, Orpheum, National Honor Society, District Music Contest, Musical. MATT MARTIN DECA, Spud Staff, Chadron: Spanish I. II, French I. II. WALTER METZ Basketball, Football, Track, Spud Co-editor. Student Council President. Boy's State, National Honor Society, Quill Scroll, Spanish Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Elk's Leadership Winner, Elk's Most Valuable Student Winner, Western Nebraska Elk's Leadership Contest Winner. DEBBIE MINK Choir, District Speech Contest. JAYNE MINNICK Band, DECA-V.-President, Choir, Thespians-V. President, Pep Band, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Jr. and Sr. Class Plays, Varsity Cheerleader, District Speech Contest, County Government, District Speech Contest Best Actress, One Acts, Musical, State DECA Convention Honorable Mention. MICHAEL WADE MOCKERMAN DECA, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Gordon: Football, Cross-Country, Track.BILL MONROE DARYL R. MONROE A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, County Government, Weightlifting. SUSAN MARIE MORGAN DECA, Children's Theater, Spud Feature Editor. Thespians--President and Secretary-Treasurer, Pep Club, Student Council. County Government, Orpheum. MAX MOSCRIP JACK MOSS Wrestling, A-Club. JESSMULLANIX Band, Pep Band. German Club. Football. Wrestling. Golf. Spud Staff. Quill and Scroll. SANDI NASON Y-Teens, Student Council. Outstanding Teen Citizenship Award. GARY B. NICHOLSON Wrestling. LINDA NIELSEN Choir, Madrigal, Chamber Singers Swing Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, All-State Choir, Musical. RHONDA OGLE Band, Pep Band, DECA-Public Relations Officer, Pep Club, Y-Teens. Musical. MYRTLE EMMALINE OSTRANDER II Choir, Girls Glee. Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Jr. and Sr. Class Plays, F.H.A., Art Achievement Award, Chadron Scholastic Contest. CATHERINE PAULSEN DECA, Choir, Triple Trio, Chamber Singers, Swing Choir, Y-Teens—Cabinet, Senior Class Play, Musical. County Government.KERRY PETERSEN Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Student Council. ARTHER L. PRELLE A-Club, Football, Track. Wrestling, Weightlifting. KIM REED Band. Pep Band. German Club. Pep Club,-V. President. Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Reserve Cheerleader, Orpheum, Musical. STEVE RINGLEMAN DORIS ROSE Choir. Pep Club. Annual Staff. Musical. YVONNE E. ROSS ANNE MARIE RUBECK DECA. German Club. Pep Club, Annual-Co-editor. Y-Teens. Y-Teen Cabinet, Orpheum. Quill Scroll. VICTOR SANCHEZ Choir. Track. Spud Staff. Swing Choir. SALLY SCHADWINKEL Band-Secretary. Pep Band. Pit Orchestra, Pep Club-Treasurer, German Club, Track, Volleyball, Y-Teens, County Government. Orpheum, District Music Contest. STAN SCHOENEMANN A-Club. Basketball. Football. Track, Annual Staff-Sports Edit. . All Western Conference Basketball, West Big 10 Basketball Honorable Mention. DENISE A. SCOTT Choir Spud-Advertising Manager. LETA RAE KRUEGER SERL St. Agnes: Pep Club, Monsignor McDonald Award. 110LINDA SERI. PEPPER LEWIS SHREWSBURY Band, DECA, Rodeo Club, Pep Band, Pep Club, State DECA Conference, 2nd place Manual and Honorable Mention Manual. EDWARD J. SIMPSON Wrestling, F.L. A. RHONDA SMITH Band, Pit Orchestra, Pep Band. Pep Club, Varsity and Reserve Cheerleader, Track, Volleyball, Y-Tee ns, Student Council, County Government, National Honor Society, Homecoming Queen Attnd., Prom Queen Attendant, Musical, Orpheum, Chadron Scholastic Contest. TIMOTHY D. SMITH MARLA SPENCER Choir-President, Swing Choir, Madrigal, Pep Club, Varsity Cheerleader, Y-Teens, Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Girl's State. District Speech Contest, National Honor Society, Orpheum, District Music Contest, Musical, Elks Scholarship. RICHARD SPENCER Football Student Manager, Basketball Student Manager. ARTHUR STANTON PAUL STAVROPOLOS Wrestling, 2 year State Champion. JILL MOSS STEINMAN Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens. ELAINE STONE Y-Teens, Scholastic Contest. STEVE M. STONE Choir.STEVE W. SUMMERS A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, '74 Prom King. ELOISE KAY THOMAS German Club, Pep Club, Spud Staff-Business Manager, Y-Teens. National Honor Society. GRETCHEN TODD Band, Stage Band, Pep Band. Pit Orchestra, Pep Club, Point Secy. . Track, Volleyball, Senior Volleyball Award, Sophomore Class Secy. , National Honor Society, Y-Teen President, Orpheum. GINA MARIE TOLSTEDT Choir, Pep Club, Track, Y-Teens, District Speech Contest. DEBI JEAN TURECHEK Band, Stage Band, Pep Band, DECA, German Club, Rodeo Club, Thespian, Choir, Swing Choir, Musical, Pep Club, Track, Y-Teens, Cabinet, Y-Teen Secretary, One Acts, Orpheum. JAMES A. TYNDALL ROD UNDERWOOD Rodeo Club, F. F.A. TOM USHIO Band, Pep Band, A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Century Club, Western Conference. DARREL E. VOGEL Scholastic Contest. SANDY VOGEL DECA-V. President, Rodeo Club-Publicity Director, Pep Club, Track, Spud Staff-News Editor, County Government. VICKI LEE VOGEL Pep Club, Y-Teens. JON WACKER Band, Stage Band, Pep Band, Choir, Chamber Singers, Swing Choir, Hastings Honor Choir, District Music Contest, Musical, Thespian Children's Theater, Junior Class Play, Annual and Spud Staffs, German Club, Student Council, All-State Choir, National Honor Society. District Speech Contest, Regents Alternate. • 112TOM WAGNER JOYCE WARD Y-Teens, Scholastic Contest. BRUCE WATSON A-Club. Football. All West BiR 10. Western Conference. STEVE WATSON JAMES WEBER Football, Track. TIMOTHY J. WEGENASTTERRY WEISGERBER A-Club, Football, Track. Wrestling LINDA L. WEST Choir, Y-Teens, Audio-Visual Aide . BRAD WILLIAMS Band. Pep Band. JANIE WILSON Rodeo Club, Pep Club, Track. Y-Teens, County Government. RICK WICKHAM CRAIG WOODS Wrestling KATHY S. WORLEY Pep Club. Y-Teens, Spanish Club. DONNA W. ZURN DECA-Secretary, Senior Class Vice-President • 114Graduation Activities Cap Senior recognition day. May 22. 1974. began the final sequence of of activities for graduating seniors; following the traditional joking between the junior and senior classes, and the transference of senior responsibility by Senior Class President Allen Goff to Junior Class President Tony Chadwick, Superintendent Martin Petersen as guest speaker outlined performance goals necessary for personal growth and development. 116 Thirteen Years of Preparation Sponsors: Class Colors: Royal Blue and Powder Blue Class Flower: Blue-tipped Rose Motto In the solitude of our minds we can look to the future for we know what we are, but not what we may b Song: We May Never Pass This Way gain r . • Teardrops, Photo Flashes, And Laughter Senior Class Speakers Scon Bovvhay and Rhond Smith.Hiahlisht Graduation Exercises t Baccalaureate exercises May 26, increased the tension and excitement for seniors realizing that final commencement was that much nearer. Stormy weather skuttled plans to use Bulldog Stadium for commencement May 28; the Civic Auditorium was used as an alternate site, with a capacity' crowd jamming the aisles and balcony. Rev. Orval Spencer gave the opening prayer, followed by Jon YVacker's solo of The Impossible Dream ; the Accidental Choir, led by Mr. Dilling, sang the class song, We WILL Never Pass THIS Way Again following the comments of Senior Speaker Rhonda Smith. Scott Bowhay was featured as the senior classes' second speaker, after whose comments the commencement exercises were begun, with Rev. Spencer's Benediction bringing the evening's activities to a close. Those graduation night experiences-- the clicking oi cameras, the flashing of strobes and camera cubes, the tears, the laughter, the sweaty palms, the snagging robes, and those inevitable hassles with tassels--are now memories for the graduates of 1974. ■ 119r-iI We Are . .. the FoundationTHE FOLLOWING ’ BULLDOGS SUPPORTERS” SALUTE THE DR. ROBERT W. BOWEN DR. KEITH P. BOWEN SMITTY AND HALLER ALLIANCE PAINT CONTRACTING COMPANY MR. AND MRS. ROBERT SIMMONS ALLIANCE COMMUNITY T V. ALLIANCE “66 JIM S MOBILE HOMES JACK AND JILL ALLIANCE MOTORS UNLIMITED. INC. CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE J.C. PENNEY RETAIL AND CATALOG STORE STATE FARM INSURANCE, ARNIE ENGEL, AGENT NEIL FROST. INC. 1 MAGIC MIRROR NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER EQUIPMENT CO. Till SUNSET MOTEL RHOADS' McCAR ROLL'S MOTEL DEE AND GUY ELDER AMERIC AN LEGION , CORNER SERVICE AND DAVE COTES REPAIR I PATRICK'S LIQUOR BERGER PLATE CO. OK NEBRASKA BATES-I ANDA FUNERAL HOME DON'S AIR SERVICE. INC. GRAVES SALES AGENCY (WARDS) DELUXE RADIATOR SERVICE. INC. NEIL'S TRUCK SERVICE RED JACK'S BODY SHOP MARTIN’S TACOS AND BBQ ENGELHAUPT MOTORS SLAGLE CLINIC NEW YORK LIFE R. WERNKE K. SMITH PETE'S CLOTHING STORE KANSAS-NEBRASKA GAS COMPANY. INC. SWEETBRIAR STYLESHOP SCHAFER AUTO SUPPLY THIELE CRYSTAL SHOP DON'S LIQUOR A GRANDVIEW GROCERYGRADUATES OF 74! LANGMACHER FEED COMPANY EHRHART BEAN COMPANY HOME TV SALES SERVICE HALL CATTLE COMPANY JACK S EAST THIRD TEXACO CLARK S READY MIX ERMA CLYDESDALE RANCHO CAFE MR. AND MRS. E. G. BRENNAN FINCH CAMPER SALES I | SKEETS AND JANE. SIG AND LARRY I « m V i i . O BRIENS TEXACO RAMZAN ALLY ALLIANCE CLEANERS FRUIT OF THE LOOM, BULLDOG SUPPORTERS REXY'S HAMBURGER SHOP C K ELECTRONICS DRAKE HOTEL AND CAFE PAULSEN CONSTRUCTION DEAVER GRAIN. INC. BRITTAN’S COMPLETE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE SERVICE AUTO FIRE HOME BUSINESS INSURANCE FOR ALL NEEDS FARMS HOMES RANCHES COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES Congratulations to the Class ol 74‘! LIFE HEALTH PENSIONS ANNUITIES C. H. BRITTAN ASSOCIATES OHIO NATIONAL LIFE INS. CO. 304 NIOBRARA Ph 762-2244MULE SHOE BAR RANCHES, INC ( . I I ONARI) l l I I RSON V K. PKTL RSONALLIANCE CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION MODERN SERVICE STATION GAS OIL GREASES PAINTS SPARKPLUGS TIRE SERVICE A COMPLETE FERTILIZER PROGRAM CREDIT UNION SERVICE CO-OP SERVES YOU BEST You Own It You Run It Your Profit From It DIAL 762-4743 Corner of West 3rd and Black Hills RAL ELECTRIC PANHANDLE R SdCTATION MEMBERS; Sheridan Sipuv.PINE CREEK RANCH RUSHVILLE. NEBRASKA 69360 Phone 327-2560 THE ORVILLE OSTRANDER’S OWNER'S AND OPERATORS QUALITY HEREFORDS . —BRANDS — P ORVILLE. and C.ELIA Oy 126ELECTRIC HOSE AND RUBBER COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 74GUARDIAN STATE BANK AND TRUST CO. YOU CAN BANK ON US Commercial Loans • Night Depository • Safety Deposit Box Main Bank Time and Temp. Corner Member F.D.I.C. We Welcome Your Checking and Savings Accounts TRUST DEPARTMENTS Ph. 762-4400 See Us First for Installment LoansSTICKNEY’S INC. 217 West 3rd 762-1857 HOME OF UNIROYAL ZETA 40M The Steel Radial Tire Complete Automotive Supplies Monroe Shocks Walker Mufflers Pestolite Batteries Many More Famous Lines RCA Entertainment and Whirlpool and Philco Appliances It Pays to Belong 762-1288 GEORGEVOROVKA Sales Supervisor CORNHUSKER MOTOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP AND AUTO-INSURANCE HAYWARD’S OPEN RANGE 210 Box Butte CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 74! WESTERN WEAR AND TACK 762-4680 130ALLIANCE FLORAL GORDON AND ROSALEE HOFF “Flowers say it best” ARRANTS ELECTRIC Box 37 Alliance, N F. DIAL 762-2725 CONGRATULATIONS TO THL CLASS OF 1974 DON’S CAFE SCHAD’S BAKERY 218 W. Third St. Alliance, Nebraska 762-9928 Elwin and Billie Todd 314 Box Butte Alliance, NE. TO SUIT YOUR TASTEL. B. MURPHY CO PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS THIELE DRUG CO. • COSMETICS • RUSSELL STOVER CANDIES • FRANKLIN VET SUPPLY • PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT 762-4033 304 Box Butte Alliance Quality Products and Service We Clothe the Entire Family DEVENY’S FOOD CENTER Home owned Home operated PH. 762-2451 116 W. 4th ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA ‘Your Hairdresser does it better” 132 WESTERN BEAUTY SHOPTODD’S BODY AND FRAME SHOP 620 FLACK AVE. ph. 308-762-5528 ALLIANCE. NEBRASKA Ted Flamm And Friends Enjoy The Comforts Of A Modern Mobile Flome Unit. ALLIANCE MOBILE HOMES 762-1222 815 Flack Alliance % PLAINS IMPLEMENT AND MOTOR CO. Ted Flamm, Owner Glen Griffith, Craig Fricke, Sales SAFEWAY • JOHN DEERE 524 E. Third Alliance • FARM IMPLEMENTS • FARM HAND - NOT THE ONLY DISCOUNT STORE JUST THE BEST!!! • EVERSMAN 762-5870 “Since we’re neighbors Let’s be friends!” 133 206 Cheyenne AllianceBUCHFINCK, INC. Box 340 ALLIANCE Phone 762-4715 Small loans, real estate, registered abstracter, insurancePi mm NTR 5tOR| si ’ . i Come in and browse roundjv FERTILIZERS CHEMICALS SUPPLIES SEEDS FEEDS For farm and ranch needs stop at NEUSWANGERS, INC. “For help with any farm or ranch problem. VERING ONE STOP DECORATPELTZ CONSTRUCTION AND STEEL BUILDINGS 1016 Flack Alliance, Nebr. MODERN STRAN-STEEL BUILDINGS GREGORY’S INSURANCE Insurance Alone Is Our Business ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK AUCTION COMPANY pat McCarthy DEAN L. SIMPSON BILL IODENCE JACK RESSEGIEU JOHN SIBBITT JOHNSON PELTZ INC CARPET CLEANING CARPETS DRAPERIES INTERIOR DESIGN CERAMIC TILE LINOLEUMALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK THE PIONEER BANK MEMBER F.D.I.C.f OK TH1 FINEST IN QUAUTV PHOTOGRAPHYHBCTIC CIRCLE BSTf' rr j of off ..„i jam of off fVMIfiAfTft UM ir turn. gAffti T09SCDSHAO 13 fWi 'PS SAHOWI'U 64 T COS HOT 00G , ... UOHtO tint ft es .CL 5 CO DOC 3 16 0 -Uff jg 5 MtU — .s a 0r 0C0urr[ ;S LENLA’SBest Wishes Graduating Class of'74 ALLIANCE COUNTRY CLUB Betty Lyle Hare WEGNER CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILAC CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF “1974'' Your Alliance Sportscar CenterCREDIT BUREAU OF ALLIANCE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1974 The place where you credit is kept Sally, Clay and FranEasy Access Baskets included Gambles Curt and Alice Hain, Owners 319 Box Butte Alliance “The Friendly Store Bottled by Pepsi Cola Btlg. Co. of Alliance, under appointment of Pepsi Co., New York, N.Y. Goodgrief! exclaims Bruce Johnson. Has Women's LIB invaded Hemple's? FOR QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICE. STOP BY HEMPLE’S 814 EAST THIRD and see Bruce and the boys (girls).PRAIRIE STATES PARTNERSHIPS LIMITED CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF “74” ALLIANCE LUMBER COMPANY YOUR FRIENDLY YARD Phone 762-3274 1020 West 3rd Alliance FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE MEN AND BOYS CLOTHING QUALITY— SINCE 1903KURL-N-SWIRL 119 EAST 4th Phone 762-2771 PODAISKY INSURANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS 762-5321 ALLIANCE. NEBR. Serving the area since 1930 ALLIANCE RAILROAD EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION POST OFFICE BOX 697 TELEPHONE 762-5702 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 147 In these pages we have spanned our involvement s motivators. achievers, and creators in that kaliedoscopic. roller coaster experience known as the senior year Some will laugh and call this book nostalgia: others will cr} inside themselves or in private, as tliev look back, pause, and remember: the special places, the special friendships, the failures and successes, the painful, uul blissful remembrance of first love, the feeling of growing responsibility, tnd intellectual tw akening. By these experiences, we were shaped, vott and I. in out beginning, in our vouth 148

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