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 V V REACH OUT... 1973 Prom Royalty- First Attendents Dan Dietrich and Deb Chadwick; King Clint Schafer and Queen Carol Peltz; Second Attendents Kathy Wegner and Steve Mracek. The theme of the '73 Prom was "Evening in Paris". '72 Royalty- King Mitch Herman, Queen Marianne Andrin.Reach Out... School is not merely an institution for book learning; it teaches us to reach out for our dreams and goals. Not only is high school a short period of time, but so is life; it rushes past, leaving us bewildered, and wanting for what we could have had. For what is life, but a reaching out, a desperate grasping for achievement, friendship, and fullfilment? And each of us hopes it will leave us with a sense that someday we will be remembered.1972 Homecoming Royalty-First Attendent Deb Chadwick, escort Ron Best; Queen Carol Peltz, escort Daryl Krejci; Second Attendent Deb Griffis, escort Tim Borg.Months of planning, hours of selling candy, and careful last minute touches went toward a successful 1972 Pep Club Formal. A huge skier, giant snowman and shimmering lake all helped to bring "Winter Fantasy" to life. Pep Club Royalty-Secretary Kay Drabbels, First Attendent Chris Thompson; President Brenda Garrett, Boyfriend Daryl Krejci; Treasurer Dorothy Shires, Second Attendent Tim Borg.For Beginnings Another school year begins. Old friendships are united, new ones are created. Concentration, excitement, and endurance fill the air as each student strives to assimilate himself into his new school life- a life that requires reaching out for involvement and self satisfaction. As each day goes by, we explore and achieve, but only touch the surface of what life has to offer.For Meaning Time rushes on, and we find ourselves deeper involved in activities both in, and out of school, each of us searching for a meaning in our own separate ways. The chill and quietness of a snow covered world fails to inhibit a sense of competition and achievement. Pride in ourselves grows as "belonging" becomes a vital part of our lives.For Life At last the school year comes to an end, and we ask ourselves, "Where could it have gone?" Now is the time for reflection and memories. The short year has slipped by, and left each of us to our separate futures. We have tried to reach out, whether it be in moments of quiet solitude, or surrounded by our peers. Now we must face the world, accept its challenges, and reach out for life’s experiences.REACH OUT...FOR KNOWLEDGE tMr. Peterson Superintendent Mr. Duryea Bus. Manager Administration Philosophy The Alliance Public School ystem recognizes that the edu-ational needs of the students are ased on social needs, individual eeds, and the need for self-evelopment. Superintendent Martin PetersenSchool Board, Left To Right: Dr. Olson, Mr. Cover, Mr. Sorum, Mrs. Curtiss, Mr. Lawrence Nova, Top Left: Ken Gray, Top $ Rildit: Laura Gray, B. Left Barb Klfcia, B. Right: Marsha Fangmyer mi Mr. Podraza GuidanceMrs. Merritt School Nurse • • o 1 1 M i • • 7VThe Needed Ones The school secretary, office girls and custodial staff are the "needed ones" of A. H. S; they are the backbone of the school working force. Office girls - Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Kosmicki Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Bredenkamp Janitors - Mrs. Griffith, Mr. Roebuck, Mr. Bright Mrs. Reinmuth, Mrs. Rachetts, Mr. Turman, Mr. SmithStudents Realize Intuitive Values The basic purpose of a student in the study of any genre' of literature is to realize life values as presented by different authors of different literary periods. It is the student's responsibility logically to weigh the viewpoints, and to either accept or reject these principles for his own life value. Coupled with this must be a sound use of written, and oral communication. Bernard Becker Becker Head Jr. English 20m0%C»04r f 7A1 XA- Mrs. Davis English Miss Greves English Mr. Clark English  Pounding and Thinking Help Students Realize Importance of History Pound, pound, pound, is a common sound heard emitting from Mr. Furman s American class as he urges students to "think, think, think" in the hope that they will eventually realize that "while we read history we make history". George William Curtis Miss Christensen Social StudiesA Chance to Travel Learning a language is to learn its origin, besides learning to speak the language. Languages offer a chance to travel into the world of man's different development, to speak, and create his different cultures, and to obtain knowledge through experience. LatinThe World Through Science "Science is a creative activity, a continuous search for truth as students learn more about themselves and the universe in which they live. Students are challenged to understand the basic principles of science so that they can prepare to live in a time of rapid scientific advancement. " Fred PetersenMath Stresses Individual Responsibility This was the year of letting the students work at their own rate, starting from the seventh through the twelfth grades. No longer will such remarks as; "we are going too fast or too slow, " be heard, but rather, remarks such as, "I really like working individually, " "I have proven to myself I can dig out problems I don't understand, yet if I need it, I can turn to my teacher for help. " "I am still keeping up with the smarter students and I think by working individually, 1 have proven 1 can take responsibility if I really want Jim McDermott Home-Ec More Than Cooking Home Economics is the springboard to growth and the future. Marie Sutter "Marriage and family is one role chosen by a great majority of women, just as it is oneorole chosen by a majority of men, but fulfilling it does not permit evading all other developments as a person. " Jacqueline GrennanVocational Ed Develops Ability Through Experience The clicking of typewriters and the clanging of gasoline engines are just two of the various sounds echoing from the doors of the Vocational building. In Vocational Ed students gain knowledge of various techniques through actual participation in their projects. Taking dictation accurately and quickly, typing with sureness and ability, and becoming familiar with correct office procedures play an important part in the Vocational Business Course. The Vocational courses provide practical training for all students, whether it is repairing an old jalopy, or knowing which side to debit and credit. 28TUBEJUU v h. 3rd. 2nd. I Mr. Kennedy Auto Mech. Elec.“Music Art Emphasize the Creative Self’ Students should find that art is a subject that emphasizes expression of self. Creativity is developed in the art, or music, room, an spreads to all areas of living. "Art works toward the development of both freedom and discipline with the realization that you cannot have one without the other. " J. Rowbothom Mr. Bibbey Music BandP.E. Shapes up Bulldogers Physical Education is "The sum total of mans physical activity, selected as to kind, and conducted as to outcome. " The definition may sound complicated, but Physical Education of Alliance High strives to keep its students in tip top shape. Volleyball, basketball, tumbling, soccer, and the warm up exercises keep the instructors, as well as the students on their toes.i$p Mr. Morris Driver's Education rivers Ed. Developes Driving Skills Safety procedures, driving skills, and knowledge of a car's "anatomy" are integral parts of the AHS Drivers Ed. course taught by Mr. Bob Morris, and Mr. Boyd Blomencamp; the course's maxim is: "Highway deaths are lowered by Defensive Drivers. " Intersection models are used by Mr. Morris to outline situations that might occur around town, or on the "butte" as pictured below. The "butte" - the domain of AHS Driver's Education classes. —lyn Albright Library assistantsi Bell Lgi Elaine Stone, Seatt P- Shcjtt Mrs. McLean Librarlaii Mrs. Andrews Librarian The Library Is a Learning Enviroment Providing attractive surroundings is only part of the jobs performed by librarians Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. McLean. The library not only furnishes a place to study, but is overflowing with a wealth of knowledge designed to aid students in their individual studies. Assistants not only gain experience in the library workings, but help keep it an orderly center in which to work.REACH OUT... FOR CREATIVITYCONCERT BAND-Front Row-Deb Olsen, Deb Hain, Roxi Meter, Patty Griffis, Deb Lee, Second Row-Lana Peterson, Sally Schadwinkle, Chris Olsen, Sherri Jinks, Diane Smith, Deb Turechek, Jeanette Watkins, Third Row-Ladonna Spencer, Carla Haslow, Jean Wilson, Russel Finkey, Barb Faber, Deb Chadwick, Bill Wemke, Mark Bennett, Marcia West, Fourth Row-Clint Schafer, Susi Timbers, Kim Weimer, Sherri Emerson, Cathy Smith, Mary Chinnock, Kim Kosmicki, Mary Lewis, Scott Bowhay, Mark Bowman. The Alliance High Marching Band is shown during one of the performances which were presented at the halftime of all home football games.Front Row-Rhonda Ogle, Carol Peltz, Debbie Curtiss, Sandy Kirchner, Rhonda Smith, Jean Curtiss, Second Row-Cheryl Moores, Brenda Garrett, Deb Green, Pepper Shrewsbury, Cheri Hall, Kim Reed, Julie Petersen, Third Row-Lynette Green, Kay Drabbles, Tom Ushio, Jolene Merrihew, Tim Gearhart, Mike McDonald, Scott Vejraska, Tony Chadwick, Dan Olsen, Bev Solberg, Fourth Row-Director Tom Bibbey, Tim Garwood, Jim Balderson, Kevin Wilkenson, Scott Seebohm, J. R. Akert, Terry Bolinger, Rob Wickham, Terry Curtiss, Gretch Todd, Jon Wacker. Band Director Mr. Thomas Bibbey is shown .. . And the Band Played on. adding his touch to the tuba. Dedication and unity led to a successful year for the Alliance High School Band. Even though the half-time shows of the marching band were not of perfection, the "sticktoit-iveness" of the members was appreciated throughout the entire marching season. The hard work paid off when the band received a "I" rating at the 1972 Colorado State Band Day at Fort Collins. Numerous activities which the band participated in were the Box Butte County Fair parade, Fort Collins Band Day, Winter and Pre-contest Concerts, and District Music Contest. Alliance High's own German Band is shown below practicing diligently for one of their performances.“Pep Band” Whether it be for failure or success, They were always there to support the Bulldogs. Many times they went without a simple "Thank you", But they were always there to support the Bulldogs. What would it have been like at the games without them? They were always there... to do their best. Members include-1st Row- Diane Smith, Kay Drabbels, Jeanette Watkins, Kris Olson, Marcia West, Jean Turechek, Deb Olson, Deb Curtiss, Cheryl Moores, Brenda Garrett, BillWernke, 2nd Row- Scott Bowhey, Clint Schafer, Jon Wacker, Tim Gearhart, Dan Olson, Tony Chadwick, Scott Seebohm, Bev Solberg, Gretchen Todd, Mark Seebohm, Terry Curtiss, Director Tom Bibbey. “Stage Band” Stars of Tomorrow, Y-Teen Orpheum, Chadron State College Stage Band Clinic, various banquets, and two concerts were just a few of the events which were provided with entertainment by the '73 Stage Band. At music contest the stage band received a well-deserved "I" rating. A few of the numbers performed by the stage band were "If", "Black and White", "It's Going to Take Some Time", and "The New Generation".Thespians Troupe 3146 Thespian Troupe 3146 is the Alliance High Division of the National Thespian Society. Thespians are a group of young, ambitious actors and actresses. Membership is acquired by earning 15 points through active participation on stage and behind-the-scenes of all high school theatre productions. This year's Thespian Troupe acted under the leadership of sponsor Don Clarke, President Rayleen Hammond, Vice-President Mark Watson, and Secretary-Treasurer Sue Morgan. Officers for the Thespian Troupe 3146 of AHS were: President Rayleen Hammond, V. President Mark Watson, and Seer.-Tres. Sue Morgan. Members of this year's Thespian Troupe were: 1st. Row- Leo Fowler, Dick Brown, Mart Jones, Mark Watson, Travis Grubbs, 2nd Row- Kathy Schrimpf, Rayleen Hammond, Deb Hain, June Ettle, Jayne Minnick, and Sue Morgan. opCHOIR-First Row-Sherry Emerson, Chrystal Odell, Kim Weimer, Denise Scott, Deb Deford, Patty Alvarado, Nancy Smith. Second Row-Gloria Roebuck, Deb Olson, Janet Behm, Lynelle Collins, Jody Galyen, Patty Green, Bev Solberg, Third Row- Margaret Monroe, Cathy Smith, Roxi Meter, Linda West, Deb Hain, Kay Drabbles, Marla Spencer, Fourth Row-Jon Wacker, Randy Jensen, Jay Holmes, Gary Rask, Darrell Leisy, Ron Ward, Clint Schafer. CHAMBER SINGERS-Bev Solberg, Marla Spencer, Deb Hain, Kay Drabbles, Jeanette Watkins, Jill Marlatt, Cathy Paulson, Linda Nielson, Marcia Miller, Jon Wacker, Gary Rask, Darrell Leisy, Clint Schafer, T. J. McAndrew, J. R. Akert, Mark Seebohm and Randy Baugh.Front Row- Linda Nielson, Cheryl Moores, Tami Dietrich, Marcia Miller, Cyndia Dill, Valerie Grubbs, Diane Thorne, Second Row-Jayne Minnick Cathy Paulson, Mable Cole, Mary Lou Colwell. Cathy Paulson, Mable Cole, Mary Lou Colwell, Vicki Langmacker, Vicki Jacobs, Judy Dafney. THIRD ROW- Randy Baugh, Mike Voss, Jill Marlatt, Helen Abbott, Julie Bignell, Jeanette Watkins, Jean Turechek, Fourth Row- Mike Lawrenze, Pat McDonald, Mark Seebohn, T. J. McAndrews, Jim Johnston, Rick Jessee, J. R. Akert. A.H.S. Choir Has Active Year This year the AHS Choir, under the direction of Mr. Harvey Durrett, had a busy and successful year. Hard work and determination earned the choir a 2, or excellent rating at the District Music Contest held this year at Sidney, Nebraska. Honors for the year were awarded at the Music Banquet. Participation in the Annual Pop Concert capped an active year for the choir.Deb Olsen and Clint Schafer portray sophomore and junior characters in the Senior Skit which received first place in the skit division. Linda Nielson is shown during a fine vocal solo performance. Darrell Colwell represents a teenage idol of the 50's in the "Rick Record Show" which was presented by the Freshman Class. Y-Teen Orpheum A typical day in the life of an AHS student, a 1950 teen scene and a German Band were just a few of the acts which were presented at the 1973 Y-Teen Orpheum. Overall theme for the event was "World of Disney. " Dick Brown and Ken Kirchoff served as Masters of Ceremonies. Practice paid off for this vocal quartet as they received first place in the music division. Members of the quartet are Scott Seebohm, Kay Drabbels, Jon Wacker, and Marcia Miller.Dr. and Mrs. Montague, played by Dick Brown and Anna Maria Alves Del Santos, meet in the discussion of the supernatural phenomena at Hill House. Eleanor reveals her fears to Theodora and Mrs. Dudley. Dr. Montague and Luke take time out for a game of chess. Juniors Present “The Haunting of Hill House” Dramatic intrigue and suspense were offered by the dedicated actors and actresses of "The Haunting of Hill House. " After several weeks of intense practice under the direction of drama instructor Mr. Donald Clarke, the production went to the stage. This unique production was a new style to the stage at Alliance High. The audience was not as responsive as had been desired, but media critics analyzed the performance as excellent and intriguing. The suspense drama was adapted for stage from the novel by Shirley Jackson. A small group of "psychically receptive" people gather at Hill House to study the mysterious powers which it seemed to possess. Led by the learned Dr. Montague, who is conducting the inquiry in supernatural phenomena, they encounter numerous strange and eerie occurances which bring on a crisis, and cause fatal unjury for one of the members of the research party. Dick Brown, Vance Thompson, Jane Minnick, Anna Maria Alves Del Santos, June Ehle, and Marla Spencer made up the play's cast.1972-73 majorettes are shown raising the flag at an AHS football game, which was part of their football season duties. CHOIR OFFICERS for the 1972-73 school year were Kay Drabbels, President, Vicki Langmacher, Secr-Tres. and Scott Seebohm, Vice-President, Leading the band through a full year were Jean Curtiss, Treasurer, Mary Chinnock and Diane Smith, Librarians, Clint Schafer, President, Scott Bowhey, Vice President, 44 and Debbie Curtiss, Secretary. Poise, beauty and responsibility are only a few of the qualities held by the majorettes of the AHS Marching Band. This year's majorettes were, from Left To Right, Sophomore Marcia West, Senior Debbie Chadwick, and Junior Sandy Kirchner.Outgoing Majorette Deb Chadwick presents the new Majorette, Nancy Adams to those dining at the annual Music Parents Banquet. 1973 Majorette The old and the new strike a pose as one ends, and another begins, her line of duty as AHS Majorette. Tapping Freshman Nancy Adams is tapped by Debbie Chadwick as the new 1973-74 Majorette. She will serve with Sandy Kirchner and Marcia West. V 7 -i-fi Sophomore and Junior Majorettes Marcia West and Sandy Kirchner honor Senior Majorette Debbie Chadwick with a token of gratitude for a job well done. xno HDVH FOR INVOLVEMENT Pep Club officers and sponsors: Yell leader; Deb Olson, Vice-President; Jean Curtiss, President; Brenda Garrett, Treasurer; Dorothy Shires, Miss Pilfold, Mrs. Pool, Secretary; Kay Drabbels “Pep Club Pumps Pride and Spirit!” Infinite spirit and enduring pride, coupled with dedicated sponsors and officers personified the successful 1972-73 Pep Club. Lockers, bulletin boards, and halls were adequately decorated before each event, creating an atmosphere of pride and involvement. SeUing sports programs and a variety of candy supplied the funds for a successful Pep Club Formal. "Winter Fantasy" was the theme selected by the Pep Club Members. The evening was brought to a climax with the crowning of the Pep Club Boyfriend and his attendants. Daryl Krejci was chosen Boyfriend, Chris Thompson, First Attendant, and Tim Borg, Second Attendant. Happiness and tears ended the year with the tapping of the new cheerleaders and officers.Left to Right- Treasurer Tim Borg, Vice-president Daryl Krejei, Sergeant-ol-Arms Ken Kirchoff, President Mark Watson “A-Club Sponsors Big Red All Stars” A-Club is an honorary club made up of boys who have won a major letter in one of the school sports. Its membership is also based upon loyality, sportsmanship, scholastic ability, and performance in actual competition. Crowning the Homecoming Queen during the half of the Homecoming game is an exciting moment for the A-Club. They also enjoy other special events such as the All Sports Banquet, for all athletes. The main activity sponsored by the Club was selling refreshments at all home basketball games and wrestling matches. Funds obtained from this were used in sponsoring a Big Red All Stars basketball game, and helped to pay for the Athlete-of-the-Year award.Jeanette Watkins-Secretary, Deb Olson-President, Vicki Langmacher-Vice President, and Kathy Lawson-Treasurer take time out with Y-Teen sponsors for a laugh. Y-Teens Reach Out and Help This year Y-Teens chose "It Only Takes A Spark" as their theme. With a little work and care, they soon had a "fire" going. The Y-Teens major project of the year was supporting Siu Choi Yee, an orphan from Hong Kong. Other events sponsored by the Y-Teens included: The Pizza Party, Patteran, Indian Children's Christmas Party, Mother-Daughter Banquet, and Senior Dinner. The Y-Teens major money making projects in 1972-1973 were the World Fellowship Fair and the Orpheum; Profits from Orpheum-"The Wonderful World of Disney" provide for two scholarships awarded to out standing Y-Teens. Mrs. Eunice Petersen served as sponsor and was aided by Mrs. Juanita Glarum and Mrs. Jody Mischnick. Seated: Bev Solberg, Diane Smith, Cheryl Thompson, Jean Curtiss. Standing: Jaylene Fortune, Chris Lawson, Debbie Nason, Mary Chinnock, Sherry Jinks, Marjorie Andrick, Debbie Lee. Top Row: Jill Moss, Jane Johnson, Kay Drabbels, Jean Turcheck, Cheri Vorovka, Julie Bignell.DECA Officers and Sponsor Mr. Lonnie Sherlock DECA Member Anne Rubeck Candy Bars Take DECA to State DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of A-merica, strives to develop future leaders in distribution and marketing. Managing the first school store in Alliance High School history, attending state leadership conferences, and helping the Alliance Jaycees with their annual Christmas shopping tour for underprivileged children were top priorities for DECA members in the 1972-73 school year. To earn money for the state leadership conference, DECA sold candy bars. To keep the interest up, the class with the most sales received free pizza while in Omaha. AHS DECA objectives are centered around the practical vocational approach to sales, business and personal responsibility. President.................. Vice-President............. Secretary.................. Treasurer.................. Historian Reporter .... Wayne Jensen Sandy Vogel Carolyn Taylor Ramona Frohman (not pictured) Deb Schnell 53FHA Sponsor: Mrs. Marie Sutter FHA Sponsor: Mrs. Betty Stewart FHA Cooks up Activities In 1972, AHS girls with mutual homemaking interests organized a club, FHA. The FHA stands for Future Homemakers of Alliance. FHA helps to teach girls economical ways to live, and how to prepare for family life. This year the club really "blossomed" ; with the guidance of sponsors Mrs. Sutter and Mrs. Stewart, the girls had a "really fine time." The meetings were held the second monday of each month, at posted times. Cooperation was imperative and the girls really pitched in for the bakesale, pancake feed, and the pizza sale; all of which were money making projects. When it came time to enjoy the earnings, all came through "in flying colors." The FFA boys were asked to join for a skating party that they planned. The pot luck supper and picnic given for the girls and their families highlighted FHA's yearly activities. President..................................... Cyndia Dill Vice-President................................ Phyllis Taylor Seer. -Treas.................................. Nancy Simpson FHA Officers take time out from their busy schedule to enjoy a quiet moment.FFA Speech winners: Dennis Lee, Jerry Leistritz, and Cash Ostrander Dennis Powell smiles with pride after winning the Sugar Beet Producer Championship. FFA Continues Winning Tradition The 1972-73 FFA Chapter continued the winning streak which has become an AHS tradition. This year the FFA boys earned first places in District Stubble Mulching Judging, District Land Judging, and in District Range Judging. One of the top awards was having the state champion Sugar Beet Producer named from the Alliance Chapter, Dennis Powell. Other achievements included The Blue Ribbon Wheat sample at the State Wheat Show, and fifth place in the State Range Judging. President.....................................Marvin Dickinson Vice-President................................Jim McDonald Secretary.....................................Dwain Sulzbach Treasurer.....................................Norman O'Dell Sentinel......................................Rod Underwood Reporter......................................Cash Ostrander FFA Officers and Advisor Mr. Kenneth WareStaff members hustle to meet the deadline. Annual Photographer: Rick Adams It’s an Annual Affair An ambitious and enlarged BULLDOG staff seemed to make "change" the key word for the 1973 BULLDOG. For the first time in the twenty-seven year history of the BULLDOG, the distribution date of the yearbook was changed from April to August. This enabled the staff to include graduation, prom, and Senior Class Play photos in the book; before, with the early deadline, this had not been possible. New layout concepts, cover designs, and an increase of twenty-four pages in the size of the book were only a few of the many features innovated by the staff. During the year the Annual members participated in several local journalism seminars and sent several students to Lincoln to attend the State Journalism Conference held in late October. As the deadline approached, layout, copy, cropping, and captions became key factors as the staff members scurried to complete their assigned pages on time.Line-up of Spud staff include Denise Scott, Sue Morgan, Carol Kulas, Carolyn Taylor, Dorothy Shires, Lynn Kirkpatrick, Sandy Vogel, Debbie Griffis, and Mark Watson. Spud Keeps Its Eyes Open Producing a bi-monthly periodical of school events, the Spud emphasizes old-fashioned hard work and the proper use of talent. Editing of this publication does not conclude the activities of the staff. Journalism students sell advertisements to cover the cost of printing. In October the Spud staff traveled to Lincoln to attend the State Press Convention. While attending the convention, they added to their knowledge of journalism. Inspiration and creativity add to the success of the paper. The new technique of offset press brings clarity to pictures and easier reading. Editors Walt Metz and Merry Rachetts discuss new topics with sponsor Mrs. ReisigRodeo Club Rides Again! This year the addition of a high school Rodeo Club to the activity roster added a new dimension to AHS. In the hope of holding their own high school rodeo, these enthusiastic buffs, led by advisor Mr. Jack Kennedy, were engaged in several money making projects, which included selling "Go Big Red" check books and sponsoring a western dance. Like many other clubs, the Rodeo Club operates on a point system. An accumulation of 150 points by a member results in his receiving a rodeo pin. These points are achieved by club attendance and-or, participation in rodeos, participation on various committees, and personal success on money making drives. President Vice-President Seer. -Treas. Publicity Chairman Point Director Jim McDonald Mick VonTour Phyllis Taylor Kim Ferguson Peggy Walker Rod Underwood and Jay Shrewsbury team up to rope a steer.if'H " .r.s? • • v ’ wv;REACH OUT...FOR ACHIEVEMENTHope Returns for Bulldogs Football is back at AHS. Coach Boyd Blomenkamp led his gridders to a 3-6 season. Although this does not sound too impressing, it is a giant step forward compared to the years before. Working along with Coach Blomenkamp were Coach Lyle Newman, who ran the defensive unit, Coach Jim Hawk who was in charge of the offensive linemen, and Bill Podraza, who assisted Coach Blomenkamp with the backs. Alliance started off their season by completely blowing Chadron off the field. Two weeks later the gridders defeated Sidney, who was then considered to be the powerhouse of the Western Conference. With the win over Gordon, Alliance compiled a 3-2 record in Western Conference. Being one of the smallest teams in overall size and weight, Alliance had its problems against the West Big Ten schools. Good showings were made against McCook and North Platte. Tim Borg and Daryl Krejci were selected to the All-Western Conference and All West Big Ten teams. Along with the two seniors was Wayne Jensen, a junior, who also made the All-Western Conference team. AHS Varsity OPP. 40 Chadron 14 0 Kimball 16 12 Sidney 6 27 Gordon 6 7 North Platte 34 20 Gering 43 8 Kearney 47 8 Scottsbluff 21 20 McCook 23 1st Row: Jim Weber, Rick Adamson, Rick Guernsey, John Kooper, Daryl Krejci, Ron Best, Allen Goff, Wayne Jensen, Terry Weisgerber, 2nd Row: Dan Brown, Delbert Leisy, Steve Engelhaupt, Art Prelle, Bill Bright, Mike Vallejo, Tim Borg, Dave Essay, Tom Ushio, 3rd Row: Steve Engel, Bruce Watson, Rob Herman, Ron Jones, Tim Tyler, Stan Schoenemann, Gary Rask, Brad Green, Kevin Wilkinson, Kyle Hand, 4th Row: Mark Seebohm, Mark Thompson, John Way, Dan Olson, Roy Rogers, Jim Wilcox, Brian Plank, Dave Nielsen, Dave Wegner 5th Row: Jay Shrewsbury, Randy Turechek, Lyle Wood, Harold Jones, Scott Vejraska, Robin Wickham, Dennis Lee 62Young Gridders Return As Winners The AHS reserves, like the varsity, proved that they wanted to, and could play football. The young gridders wrapped their season up with a 3-1-2 record. Leading the running attack was Art Prelle, a full back, who did an excellent job powering his way up the middle. Mark Seebohm, with his speed and quickness, picked up yards around the ends. Delbert Leisy and Daryl Monroe held their own on the defensive line while Dan Brown stopped any running backs that made it through. AHS Reserve OPP 19 Bridgeport 6 8 Sidney 8 20 Kimball 6 14 C hadron 14 16 Scottsbluff 23 12 Gordon 8 Left Up: Coach Hawk, Mark Seebohm, Rick Adams, Terry Weisgerber, John Way, Jim Wilcox, Art Prelle, Dave Nielsen, Dave Essay, Ned Percival, Brian Plank, Jerry Johnson, Jay Shrewsbury, Scott Vejraska, Harold Jones, Randy Turechek, Allen Goff, Mark Thompson, Tom Ushio, Dennis Lee, Dan OlsonHarriers Finish Season With Success 1st Row: Scott Finch, Jack Moss, Tim Garwood, Brad Hoppe ns, Terry Curtiss, Jim Johnston. Second Row: Jack Bob Morris, who has always coached one of the best cross-country teams in the state, maintained his winning tradition this year. Jack Girard, Mark Carter, Jim Brandt, Jack Watson and Bill Kemper did the running at the State meet, and came home with a third place finish. Coach Morris will be looking forward to next season with the return of all his harriers, except Jack Watson; Jack was a first year man, but he came on strong for the team. Varsity Novice Gering 3rd 5th Sidney 3rd 2nd Alliance 3rd 2nd Scottsbluff 2nd 4th Western Conf. 1st Big Ten 1st District 2nd State 3rd Girard, Rob Kirchner, Bill Kemper, Jack Watson, Tony Chadwick, Mark Carter 66Front Row-Rhonda Smith, Sandy Kirchner, Bev Solberg, Jean Curtiss, Second Row-Heather Heath, Gretchen Todd, Brenda Garrett, Lana Peterson. Volleyball Team Serves up Victories Starting off the season with five straight wins, the varsity Spikers fell only to North Platte and Gordon in dual matches. The reserves had an impressive season, with a 8-1 record, being undefeated until the last match against Scottsbluff. Although Miss Pilfold will be losing the leadership of four seniors, Brenda Garrett, Lana Peterson, Bev Solberg, and Jean Curtiss-She has much to look forward to next year; Brenda Garett was given the Senior Volleyball Award. 67Front Row- Jaylene Fortune, Kim Kosmicki, Mina Drumheller,Terri Yates Second Row- Julie Petersen, Sally Schadwinkel, Ann Smith, Mary Lewis, Carla Haslow. Volley Ball Gals Have Great Year OPP. Varsity Reserve C hadron Won Won Kimball Won Won St. Agnes Won Won Sidney Won Won Gordon Won Won North Platte lost Won Melbeta Tournament no place C hadron Won Won Western Conference 2nd Gordon lost Won Scott sbluff Won lost 68Cagers Have Successful Year AHS VARSITY OPP AHS RESERVE OPP 77 37 Gordon 52 25 53 51 Gering 46 59 51 71 Kearney 46 58 45 53 North Platte 46 47 70 58 McCook 53 51 32 54 Sidney 33 32 74 40 Valentine 60 38 57 47 Scottsbluff 32 51 64 49 Gering 41 75 53 64 Scottsbluff 34 48 57 48 C hadron 54 47 84 70 McCook 60 58 51 63 North Platte 49 73 49 59 Sidney 46 42 56 54 Kimball 37 51 52 72 Kearney 30 49 WESTERN CONFERENCE TOURNEY 58 Gering 79 66 Gordon 48 66 Valentine 51 DISTRICT TOURNEY 74 Gordon 47 52 Kimball 48 34 Sidney 43 V Tim Borg concentrates on a crucial free throw. 69 Kyle Hand shoots over SidneyChris Thompson, Tony Chadwick, Kevin Wilkinson, Dan Walker, Kyle Hand, Stan Schoenemann, Tim Borg, Dave Wegner, John Becker, Allen Goff, Dave Essay, Tim Tyler Alliance Cagers Complete Season With Success The up and down Bulldogs finished a winning season with a 13-9 record under Coach Morris. The round bailers won the consolation championship in the Holiday Tournament, and were runner-up in the District Tourney. Alliance also was runner-up in the Western Conference division. In Big Ten competition the Bulldogs placed third. Kyle Hand led the Bulldogs in total points, rebounding, free throw percentage and recoveries. Dan Walker and Stan Schoenemann led in field goal percentage. Tim Borg was the playmaker, averaging six assists a game. John Becker was the most improved player this year. Dave Wegner proved to be a strong sixth man. Walker and Hand received individual honors for the Bulldogs. Hand made second team Big Ten, first team Western Conference, and was nominated for the state team. Walker was named honorable mention at Western Conference. Dan Walker plows through Scottsbluff for a bucket. John Becker“Reserve Cagers Have Up Down Season” The Reserve basketball team ended up with a 7-9 record under Coach Lyle Newman. The cagers showed poise by winning many close games and pride by playing hard until the final buzzer sounded. Alliance Reserves without a big man, shot well from the outside, and worked inside with quickness. This year's roundballers were young, and gained valuable experience which will be helpful for the upcoming year. lim Johnston, Wayne Jensen, Steve Summers, Jerry Johnson, Bill Kemper, Steve Engel, Coach: Lyle Newman. Front Row: J.R. Akert, Terry Curtiss, John Way, Dave Zurn, Brad HoppinsThe varsity wrestlers, under the new leadership of Coach Boyd Blomenkamp, ended the dual season undefeated. The grapplers came on strong to sweep the District Tourney and qualified three matmen for the State meet. At State, Alliance placed third, and had two champions and a second place. Paul Stavropoulos was a state champ, and ended the season undefeated. Jack Girard won the state champion title and went undefeated also. Dan Brown was a second place winner at State, and he was only defeated twice during the season. Alliance should be a powerhouse next year as they will have several strong and experiencedwrestlers returning. up. Ron Jones attempts to keep his man on the mat. 72 Alliance warmsis tied up. Bruce Leisy takes control. “Reserve Wrestlers Gain Experience” Ending the 1972-73 season with a 4-4 record, the reserve grapplers gained experience and success. Showing strength for the team were Bill McDonald, Roy Rogers, and Joe Simpson. The matmen proved themselves by hard work and dedication. They should provide good varsity material for next years team. Dan Brown lifts his opponent off the mat. 73 Rob Kirchner goes for a pin.Jack Moss, Steve Benzel, Bill McDonald, Joe Simpson, Marvin Faber, Roy Rodgers, Jim Wilcox, Darrell Colwell, Randy Turechek, Dennis Lee, Scott Ashley, Coach Blomenkamp, Coach Kyser. Varsity AHS OPP. 25 CHADRON 24 42 KIMBALL 13 36 BRIDGEPORT 15 3rd Valentine Invitational 36 GORDON 22 38 GERING 12 2nd place Ogallala Invitational 39 SC OTTSBLUFF 12 2nd place Western Conference 39 SIDNEY 12 5th place Big Ten 1st place District 3rd place State Paul Stravopoulos, Allen Jines, Tom Ushio, Dan Brown, Jack Girard, Jim Brandt, Bruce Leisy, Ron Jones, Brian Plank, Gary Rask. Reserves AHS OPP. 45 CHADRON 45 45 KIMBALL 12 72 MINATARE 0 32 BRIDGEPORT 28 18 GORDON 32 15 GERING 50 12 SCOTTSBLUFF 39 39 SIDNEY 21Talent and Potential Shown by Young Cindergals Coach Sandy Pilfold's girls' track team, although not showing great strength in meets, did have many young runners which showed much potential. Kim Kosmicki and Judy Dafney displayed talent in the 100 yard and 220 yard dashes. Julie Petersen led the way in the 880 and Carla Haslow in the 440. Donna Sulzbach did a good job in the shotput and discus. All these girls will return for the '74 season. Sidney 5th Grant 10th Alliance 4th District 3rd State lpt, Back-Lana Peterson, Gretchen Todd, Donna Sulzbach, Lynelle Collins, Deb Turechek, Linda Johnson, Donna Zurn, Sally Schadwinkel, Jill Marlatt, Middle-Terri Yates, Judy Dafney, Shirley Johnson, Julie Rust, DeAnn Duryea, Rhonda Smith, Roxi Meter, Kim Kosmicki, Julie Peterson, Front-Coaches Shirley Schlenker and Sandy Pilfold(oung Cindermen Gain Valuable Experience Alliance tracksters lost much of their talent this year due to injuries, but next year should prove to be successful through experience gained this year. AHS qualified four cindermen for state; Jim Brandt, Randy Krebs, Stan Schoenemann and Kevin Wilkinson. Brandt was the only one to place, he tied for sixth in the 880 yard run. s Ogallala Sidney hadron estern Conference Gering Big Ten District State 6th 5th 2nd 5th 6th 10th 5th ipt. Bottom Row: Terry Curtiss, Mark Seebohm, Jim Brandt, Art Prelle, Kevin Wilkinson, John Way, Tony Chadwick 2nd Row: Allan Goff, Mark Carter, Roy Rogers, Wayne Jensen, Bob Grant, Steve Summers, Dave Nielson, Jim Johnston. Top Row: Randy Krebs, Jack Watson, Terry Bolinger, Stan Schoenemann, Jerry Johnson, Kyle Hand, Brian Plank, Cash Ostrander, Tim Garwood.AHS Linksters Bag State Title From tee to green, the AHS Varsity Golfers displayed the desire and determination that enabled them to capture a successful season, and the State Class B Title. Tim Borg, Mark Watson, John Becker, Dan Dietrich and Scott Seebohm set the winning pace for the Bulldog Linksters, who won the school's first State Golf Title at Lincoln. Pride and practice are qualities personified by the efforts of the Reserves; winning potential is indicated for the '74 season. Tim Tyler, Paul Watson, J. D. Dietrich, Billy Coleman, Brad Tyler, Jim Todd, Dan Simpson Dan Dietrich, Mark Watson, Tim Borg, John Becker, Scott Seebohm, Chris Thompson 771973 Athlete of the Year 1 Tim Borg 1973 Girl Athlete of the Year 2 Lana Peterson 1972 Athlete of the Year 3 Art Ullrich 78Peg Spencer, Carol Peltz, Deb Griffis, Lana Peterson, Susie Timbers, Front-Sherry Hartwig. 79REACH OUT...FOR UNITYSOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President... Kevin Wilkinson Vice-President... Tony Chadwick Secretary... Stephanie Becker Treasurer... Nancy Marlatt Kathy Ackerman J.R. Akert Patty Alvarado Scott Ashley Jim Balderson Debi Becker Stephanie Becker Terry Bolinger Diane Brungard Jim Butcher Mark Carter Tony Chadwick Ernest Charles Mabel Cole Mary Cole Bill Coleman Mary Lou Colwell Debbie Cotes Bob Crouse Cindy Cummings Terry Curtiss Judy Dafney Jon DeBusk Debbie DeFord Cindy DeVerry Ken Deisch Karen Dempsey Christine DeWittJohn Dietrich Tami Dietrich Marcella Dobry Chester Dye Steve Engel Barbara Faber Marvin Faber Melvin Faber Jayne Failor Kim Ferguson Rhonda Finch Mike Fitzgerald Carmen Flores Kent Fritzler Jodi Galyn Timothy Gearhart Detlef Gerdau Earl Gilliam Robert Grant Brad Green Debra Green Julie Green Lynette Green Pati Griffis Bruce Grothen Valarie Grubbs Doug Hashman Carla Haslow Sheri Fitzgerald Lari Henderson Jay Holmes Judith Holub Geneice Homrighausen Nancy Brad I Rick Hostetler Kathryn Jensen Robert Jensen Rick Jesse Jerry Johnson Jim Johnston Harold Jones Robert Jordan Lynne Kirkpatrick Kim Kosmicki Arlene Kulas Dennis Lee Lisa Leistritz Louis LeisyMary Lewis Patti Lewis Georgia Liakos Sarah Longacre Larry Mandelberg Nancy Marlatt Kevin McAndrew Bill McDonald Patrick McDonald Janelle Meade Jolene Merrihew Roxi Meter Lucinda Miller Edwin Iron Rope Margaret Monroe Linda Nagaki Dave Nielsen Christal Odell Dan Olson Kris Olson William Payne Everett Percival Julie Petersen Brian Plank Connie Retke Donna Roebuck Roy Rogers Julie Rust Rodney Sanchez Marty Schefcik Paul Schnell Mark Seebohm Deb Seidler Susan Seidler Patrick Sherlock Jay Shrewsbury Geri Simpson Cathey Smith Nancy Smith LaDonna Spencer Donna Sulibach Dallas Thies Mark Thompson Cindy Thorne Judy Todd Randy Thurchek Brad Tyler Bobbi Tyndall Michele ValandraScott Vejraska Keith Vogel Mick VonTour Mike Voss John Way Jeff Weber Steven Wegenast Kim Weimer Marcia West Robin Wickham Jim Wilcox Kevin Wilkinson Jean Wilson Lyle Wood Doug Worth Dave Zurn Reaching out for a future means taking one's childish dreams and turning them into reality. Rhonda Finch 85SOPHOMORES Sophomore Sponsors: Mr. Jim JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President... Jack Girard Vice-President Lynelle Collins Secretary... Vicki Langmacher Sherry Allen Marjorie Andrick Mark Bennett Mindi Bignell Scott Bowhay Jim Brandt Randy Callan Sharon Campbell Treasurer... Sandy Kirchner Helen Abbott Rick Adams Marlene Adamson Marilyn Albright .1 Debbie Carpenter Susan Carr Liz Cole Lynelle Collins Dan Cotes Mina Drumheller June Ettle Jack Fester Scott Finch Russell Finkey Jaylene Fortune Ramona Frohman Gina Furley Randy Furrow Wyatt Gardner Tim Garwood Jack Girard Allen Goff Linda Gonzalez Sally Grant Patty Green Debbie Hain Kyle Hand Scott HaswellHeather Heath Robbie Herman Ray Hielscher Cheri Hood Robyn Iossi Craig Irish Vickie Jacobs Ed Jensen Randy Jensen Wayne Jensen Diana Johnson Jane Johnson Linda Johnson Lisa Johnson Robert Kirchner Sandy Kirchner John Kooper Alan Koozer Carol Kulas Vicki Langmacher Ellen Langner Kathy Lawson Delbert Leisy Lorrie Libsack 90Jill Marlatt Mike McDonald Walt Metz Debra Mink Jayne Minnick Bill Monroe Sue Morgan Jill Moss Jess Mullanix Sandi Nason Linda Nielson Rhonda Ogle Myrtle Ostrander Cathy Paulsen Kerry Petersen Art Prelle Kim Reed Steve Ringleman Doris Rose Yvonne Ross Anne Rubeck Victor Sanchez Sally Shadwinkel Lori SchoenemanStan Schoeneman Dave Schwindt Denise Scott Linda Seri Pepper Shrewsbury Rhonda Smith Marla Spencer Richard Spencer Paul Stravopoulos Steve Summers Connie Thayer Gretchen Todd Gina Toldstedt Debi Jean Turchek Jim Tyndall Rod Underwood Tom Ushio Darrel Vogel Sandy Vogel Vicki Vogel Jon Wacker Tom Wagner Joyce Ward Jim Weber Being a Junior is pausing to look behind and wondering what's ahead. Terry Weisgerber Linda West Rick Wickham Brad Williams Janie Wilson Craig Woods Kathy Worley Donna Zurn Marjorie Andricki BILL ACKERMAN Rodeo Club DIANA ACKERMAN Choir RICK ADAMSON Football ANA MARIA DOS SANTOS Pep Club, Junior Class Play, Y-Teens, Exchange Student from Brazil RANDY BAUGH Choir, Chamber Singers, Junior Class Play, All School Musical, One-Act Play, Library Asst. JOHN BECKER Choir, All School Musical, 3-D Letter Golf, Basketball, Football JANET BEHM Choir, Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, D.E. C.A. , County Government, Spanish Club, Senior Class Secretary VIOLET BEHM Choir, Girls Glee, Y-Teen, Pep Club RANDY BEST German Club, Boys Track, Football, Wrestling President... Dave Vogel Vice-President... Janet Behm Secretary... Julie Bignell Treasurer. .. Scott Seebohm SENIOR CLASS OFFICERSRON BEST All School Musical, German Club, Football, Basketball, Weightlifting, A-Club JULIE BIGNELL Choir, Band, Pep Band, All School Musical, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Y-Teen Cabinet, Annual, Annual Co-Editor, Pep Club, Quill G Scroll, Senior Class Secretary ROBERT BLUMENTHAL Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play TIM BORG All School Musical, Pep Club Boy friend 2nd Attendant, Speech Contest, National Honor Society, Football, Western Conference, West Big Ten, Shrine Bowl, Basketball, Western Conference Honorable Mention, A-Club, A-Club Treasurer, 3-D Letter, Regents Scholarship, Elks Scholarship, Scholastic Contest MARK BOWMAN Band, Pep Band, Junior Class Play, All School Musical, German Club, Football, Wrestling, Rodeo Club, A-Club BILL BRIGHT Y-Teen Orpheum, Student Council, Sophomore Class President, Football, Boy's Track, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Scholastic Contest DICK BROWN Choir, Chamber Singers, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, All School Musical, Orpheum, Thespians, One Act Play, Spud, Speech Contest, Spanish Club, German Club, Boy's Track, A-Club, Football, Weightlifting, Wrestling LARRY BROWN Rodeo Club BRUCE CARTER DEBBIE CHADWICK Band, Pep Band, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Orpheum, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Pep Club, Majorette, German Club, Volleyball MARY CHINNOCK Band, Band Librarian, Pep Band, All School Musical, Orchestra, Pep Club, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Orpheum, Spanish Club, Scholastic Contest RAY CHIPPERFIELD Orchestra 97SHARON COLONS DAVE CORBETT Band, Pep Band, Annual, Spud MICHELE CULWELL D.E. C. A. JIM CUNNINGHAM Band DEBBIE CURTISS Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Student Council, Pep Club, County Government, National Honor Society, German Club, Girls State Alternate, District Music Contest, Band Secretary, Scholastic Contest JEAN CURTISS All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, One Act Play, Pep Club, Speech Contest, County Government, National Honor Society, Sophomore Class Secretary, Volleyball, Volleyball Co-captain, Music Contest, Band treasurer, Pep Club Vice-President MARVIN DICKINSON FFA President, FFA Vice-President, Rodeo Club DAN DIETRICH All School Musical, Student Council, Golf, Football, Basketball, A-Club CYNDIA DILL Choir, Girls Gleen, All School Musical, Y-Teen, FHA, FHA President. PETE DITSCH FFA, FFA Land Judging KAY DRABBELS Choir, Chamber Singers, Mixed Ensemble, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, All-State Music, Choir President, Pep Club Secretary, Scholastic Contest LYNN DYKES Choir, Girls GleeSUSAN ELLIOT Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teen, Y- Teen Cabinent, Orpheum STEVE ENGELHAUPT Y-Teen Orpheum, County Government, Boy's Track, Football, Weightlifting, A-Club, Key Club, Key Club Vice- President. DENNIS FESTER Key Club JOHN FOLTZ Junior Class Play, Boy's Track, Girl's Track, Wrestling DAVID FONDER LEO FOWLER Y-Teen Orpheum, Thespians, Speech Contest, Football ROBERT FRANCIS D. E. C. A. , Football, Wrestling KATHY FRITZLER Y-Teen, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Choir LARRY FROHMAN FFA COLLEEN FU LUTON Choir ED FULTON Band, Pep Band, One Act Play, Football, Wrestling, Track DAVE FURMAN Track, Football, Wrestling 99DEB GARNER BRENDA GARRETT Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, National Honor Society, German Club, Track, Alliance Invitational All-tourney member, Outstanding Senior Volleyball player, Pep Club President, Choir FRANCIS GONZALAS DEBBIE GRIFFIS Y-Teen, Y-Teen Orpheum, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Varsity Cheerleader, Spud, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll Spanish Club, Tumbling Club TRAVIS GRUBBS Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, All School Musical, Thespians, One Act Play, County Government, Scholastic Contest RICK GUERNSEY Choir, D. E. C.A. , Football, Weightlifting. RAYLEEN HAMMOND Choir, Girls Glee, Y-Teen Orpheum, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Thespians, Thespian President, One Act Play, Pep Club, Speech Contest, Spanish Club DEAN HARRIS Football SHERRY HARTWIG Y-Teen, Y-Teen Orpheum, Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Scholastic Contest BARB HASHMAN Y-Teen, Pep Club, D. E. C. A. , Spanish Club PHYLLIS HASHMAN Y-Teen, Pep Club LINDA HERNANDEZ D.E.C. A.PATTY HOOD Y-Teen, Pep Club, FHA HORACE HOWARD SHERRI JINKS Band, Pep Band, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Woman's Club Scholarship DEBRA JOHNSON Choir, Girls Glee, Junior Class Play, One Act Play, Pep Club, Library Assistant, Girl's Track, Rodeo Club MIKE JOHNSON Choir, D. E. C. A. , Football TED JOHNSON FFA, Football, Scholastic Contest RITA JOHNSON Spud MARTIN JONES Senior Class Play, Y-Teen Orpheum, Thespians, One-Act Play, Spud RON JONES Football, Weightlifting, Wrestling, A-Club KEN KIRCHHOFF Y-Teen Orpheum, Track, Football, Wrestling, Weightlifting, A-Club, A-Club Sgt. at Arms DARYL KREJCI Pep Club Boyfriend, Annual, Boy's Track, Football, Wrestling, Weightlifting, A-Club, A-Club Vice President, Scholastic Contest, All Western Conference Football, All West Big Ten Football ANITA KROHN All-School Musical, Y-Teen Orpheum, Student Council, Student Council Secretary, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, German Club, Girls State, Scholastic Contest 101Quote: Now is not the End it is not even the Beginning of the End But it is perhaps. The end of the Beginning Winston Churchill CHRIS LAWSON All-School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, German Club DEBRA LEE Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, County Government, German Club, Scholastic Contest JERRY LEISTRITZ FFA, FFA Vice-President BRUCE LEISY Spanish Club, FFA. , Football, Key Club, Wrestling, A-Club DARREL D. LEISY Choir, Chamber Singers, All School Musical, Library Assistant, Football, Key Club, Key Club Treasurer VICKI LEWIS Choir, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club 2T. J. McANDREW Choir, Chamber Singers, Double Quartet, Junior Class Play, All School Musical, D. E. C. A. , Spanish Club, Mixed Ensemble KAREN McCOY GENEVA: Girls Glee, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, All School Musical, One Act Play, Newspaper, Pep Club, G.Y.C., G. A. A., Girl’s Track, Volleyball JERRY McCRACKEN jim McDonald FFA, Wrestling, Rodeo Club, Rodeo Class President jerre McLaughlin Choir, Girls Glee, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Pep Club, Spanish Club, FHA, FHA Public Relations Officer, Library Asst. JERAL MERRIHEW Choir, Girls Glee, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Orpheum, Spud, FHA MARCIA MILLER Choir, Chamber Singers, Mixed Ensemble, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, All School Musical, Pep Club, Vocal Quartet, Madrigals CHERYL MOORES Choir, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, All School Musical, Pep Club STEVE MRACEK All-School Musical, Orpheum, Spanish Club, A-Club VIVIAN MUNDT Choir, Pep Club, D. E. C. A. , FHA DEBBIE NASON Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Library Asst. , Scholastic Contest, Elks Scholarship, Woman's Club Scholarship Alternate MARYANN NOVICKI 103DEBBIE OLSON Choir, Mixed Ensemble, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, German Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, German Club, Girl's Track, All-State Clinic, Hastings Honor Band, Band Officer, Y-Teen President, Pep Club Chantleader, Scholastic Contest NORMAN ODELL FFA, FFA Treasurer CASH OSTRANDER Choir, FFA, FFA President, Boys State Alternate, Track, Scholastic Contest, President Key Club, FFA Speech Contest RON PALMER FFA, Basketball Student Manager REX PERRIN Choir, Track, Wrestling, Football LANA PETERSON Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Orpheum, Varsity and Reserve Cheerleader, Student Council, Pep Club, German Club, Track, Volleyball, Scholastic Contest JIM PHILLIP National Honor Society, Junior Class Secretary, Scholastic Contest CAROL PELTZ Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Orpheum, Homecoming Queen, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleader, Student Council, Student Council Treasurer, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Music Contest, Prom Queen STUART POTMESIL FFA, Rodeo Club DENNIS POWELL FFA KENNY PREISS NANCY PRELLE Choir, German Club, Library AssistantRICK PRETTYMAN FFA, Choir GARY RASK Choir, Chamber Singer, All School Musical, D. E. C. A. , Football, A-Club, Weightlifting, Wrestling CLINT SCHAFER Choir, Chamber Singer, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Orpheum, County Government, Boy's Track, Band President, A-Club, Key Club DEB SCHNELL Y-Teen, Pep Club, D. E. C. A. , D. E. C. A Public Relations Officer, Spanish Club, Library Asst. KATHY SCHRIMPF Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Orhpeum, Thespians, One Act Play, Annual, Pep Club, Speech Contest, German Club SCOTT SEEBOHM Choir, Chamber Singers, Double Quartet, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Golf, Basketball, Football, German Club, A-Club, Choir Vice-President, Mixed Ensemble, Senior Treasurer MIKE SHANNON ELLARAE SHAW Y-Teen, Pep Club DOROTHY SHIRES Y-Teen, Annual, Annual Business Manager, Spud, Spud Advertising Manager, Pep Club, Pep Club Treasurer, County Government, Quill G Scroll, FHA, FHA President, Elks Scholarship, Alliance Business G Professional Woman's Scholarship, Jaycee Jills Outstanding Teen Citizenship, Scholastic Contest, Legion Scholarship BILL SHORES PENNY SHREWSBURY NANCY SIMPSON FHA, FHA Secretary 105DELMAR SMITH Choir, D. E. C. A. DIANE SMITH Band, Band Officer, Pep Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, All State Band, Hastings Honor Band, District Music Contest, Scholastic Contest BEV SOLVERG Choir, Chamber Singers, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, German Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, Volleyball, District Music Contest HAE JA SONG Y-Teen, Y-Teen Orpheum, Exchange Student from Korea, Pep Club PEGGY SPENCER All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Orpheum, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, German Club, German Club Treasurer DWAIN SULZBACH FFA, FFA Secretary, County Government, Key Club BARB TAYLOR Orchestra, All School Musical CAROLYN TAYLOR Choir, Spud, D. E. C. A. , D. E. C. A. Secretary, Girl's Track, Rodeo Club, Rodeo Club Secretary GARY TAYLOR Rodeo Club, D. E. C. A. , FFA, Boy's Track, Basketball, Weightlifting PHYLLIS TAYLOR FHA, FHA Vice-President, Rodeo Club, Scholastic Contest, Rodeo Club, Secretary-Treasurer CHERYL THOMPSON Choir, All-School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, German, Scholastic Contest CHRIS THOMPSON Pep Club, Boyfriend Attendant, Track, Golf, Football, Basketball, A-Club 106DIANE THORNE Choir, Girls Glee, All School Musical, Pep Club, D. E. C. A. SUSIE TIMBERS Band, Orchestra, Y-Teen, Orpheum, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, German Club LINDA TURMAN Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club TRACY TURMAN Football, Wrestling, A-Club MIKE VALLEJO Band, Pep Band, Orpheum, Spanish Club, Spanish Club President, Boy's Track, Football, Western Conference and West Big Ten Honorable Mention, Basketball, Weightlifting, A-Club DAVE VOGEL Orpheum, County Government, National Honor Society, Senior Class President, Basketball, Scholastic Contest ’’Being a Senior is like climbing the last of the twelve steps, only to be confronted by a numerous amount of doors-doors that unlock the future. " Dick Brown 107STEVE VOGEL Student Council, County Government, VICA CHERI VOROVKA Senior Class Play, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, Annual, Annual Co-Editor, Pep Club, District Speech Contest, Quill and Scroll, Junior Class President, Y-Teen Vice-President TIM WACKER Band, Pep Band, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, County Government, Track, Wrestling DAN WALKER Basketball, Honorable Mention Western Conference, A-Club PEGGY WALKER Rodeo Club FLOYD WAR BONNETT RONALD WARD Choir, Chamber Singers, Band, All School Musical, Scholastic Contest JEANETTE WATKINS Choir, Chamber Singers, Triple Trio, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, Pep Club, County Government, Y-Teen Secretary, Scholastic Contest JACK WATSON National Honor Society, Boy's State, Cross Country, Weightlifting, A-Club, Scholastic Contest, Track MARK WATSON Junior Class Play, Student Director, One Act Play, Spud, Speech Contest, Quill and Scroll, Golf, A-Club, A-Club President KATHY WEGNER Millard: Choir, Student Council, Annual, AHS: Y-Teen, Pep Club ROBYN WEISGERBER Choir, Girls Glee, Y-Teen Orpehum, One Act Play, Thespians, Pep Club, All School Musical 108BILL WERNKE Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Boy's Track, Orpheum, County Government, Cross Country ROSS WILLS Choir, Orchestra, All School Musical, D. E. C. A. , Key Club PAUL YATES Rodeo Club STEVE YEKEL Junior Class Play, One Act Play, A-Club, Boy's Track, Football, Basketball LINDA ZILUNGER Y-Teen, Spud, Pep Club, 1st in five state art show 109Seniors Elks Winners: Dorothy Shires and Tim Borg. Senior Sponsors: Mr. Jim McDermott Honor Society: Back Row-Jack Watson, Tim Borg, Dave Vogel, and Debbie Curtiss. Front Row-Brenda Garrett, Anita Krohn, and Jean Curtiss. 110Quill G Scroll: Back Row-Wait Metz, Rick Adams, Mark Watson, Jon Wacker. Front Row-Julie Bignell, Dorothy Shires, Cheri Vorovka, and Debbie Griffis I REACH OUT...FOR LIFEFlower: Red Rose Colors: Royal Blue and Powder Blue Song: "Friends" Motto: "If a man cannot keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer; let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. " Thoreau 114Senior Class President, Dave Vogel, hands down the traditional cap and gown to Junior Class President, Jack Girard. This transaction symbolizes the responsibility of leadership given to the future senior class of 1974. 115Graduation I 116there be anyvk 118Being a senior is more than I can ever say. It is the end of twelve long, hard years, but it is much more than that. It is seeing your future begin to take form. It is companionship, building memories that will last a lifetime. It is a time for reflection, confusion, and perhaps uncertainity. The thought that I will never again be a student in these halls is reality. It means the end of friendships, and saying goodbye to those that I knew so well. The only life I knew is over, and I must learn to reach out in an entirely different way. It's sad to think that no more happy times will be spent in these halls. My high school days have ended, because I am a senior. But more than just being the end of high school, with graduation, I can reach out for the beginning of the rest of my life. Dorothy ShiresFOR SUPPORT • ' ' , ITHE FOLLOWING “BULLDOG SUPPORTERS” SALUTE THE GRADUATES OF ’73! NEIL'S TRUCK SERVICE MODE O' DAY M.B.Z. REPAIR PETE'S CLOTHING STORE ALLIANCE PAINT CONTRACT COMPANY GRAVES -SALES -AGENCY-(WARDS) JIM'S GIFT SHOP ALLIANCE COMMUNITY T.V. TODD'S BODY AND FRAME SHOP REX'S HAMBURGER SHOP BOB MORRISON KANSAN-NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS COMPANY, INC. RAMZAN ALLY AMERICAN LEGION MR. AND MRS. ROBERT SIMMONS ROBERT J. MORGAN, M.D. ALLIANCE MOTORS UNLIMITED HALL CATTLE COMPANY DEE AND GUY ELDER ORVILLE AND CELIA OSTRANDER A.H. JONES COMPANY LEROY WATKINS FAMILY ENGELHAUPT MOTORS ALLIANCE RAMBLER AND JEEP AN ANONYMOUS FRIEND OF '73 THE SEWING CENTER SLAGLE CLINIC THE SUNSET HOTEL MR. AND MRS. LEONARD BEHM COAST TO COAST REV. AND MRS. JAMES L. MOORES RHOADS MR. AND MRS. STANLEY H. ADAMSON SCHAFER AUTO SUPPLY BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS SWEETBRIAR STYLE SHOP MR. AND MRS. ED BIGNELL ALLIANCE CLEANERS 122 MR. AND MRS. JOIN SHIRES ALLIANCE THEATRE MR. AND MRS. GEORGE VOROVKAHOWARD’S SHOE SHOP LENLA’S STYLE SHOP Alliance's Newest Dining Room...Come as you are! FOR ALL BUILDING NEEDS DON’S CAFE 218 West Third Street Alliance, Nebraska Elwin and Billie Todd Dial 762-9928 Congratulations Class of ’73 1123 LAMPERT LUMBER CO.A W DRIVE - INN Root Beer, Pizza, and Other Good Eats 323 Flack Alliance PHONE IN YOUR ORDER AND IT WILL BE READY WHEN YOU ARRIVE 762-2764 ¥ some a ■STICKNEYS INC. HATCH DRUG 217 West 3rd 762-1857 424 Box Butte 762-5463 Pharmacy - Gift Shop - Card Shop HOME OF UNIROYAL ZETA 40M The Steel Radial Tire TIGER PAW RAIN TIRES COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES Monroe Shocks Walker Mufflers Prestolite Batteries Many More Famous Lines RCA ENTERTAINMENT and WHIRLPOOL HOME APPLIANCES F M BOOTE ■rf ' 305 Box Butte 762-1132 P? rr7 AllianceFor Farm and Ranch Needs THIELE DRUG CO stop at NEUSWANGERS FERTILIZERS CHEMICALS SUPPLIES SEEDS FEEDS "For help with any farm or ranch problem" 304 Box Butte Phone 762-4033 ALLIANCE LUMBER COMPANY Your Friendly Yard GREEN’S FLOOR COVERING 315 Laramie 762-2945 Phone 762-3274 Congratulations Class of '73 1020 West 3rd Alliance ONE STOP Decorating CenterGUARDIAN STATE BANK You Can Bank on Us .COMMERCIAL LOANS .NIGHT DEPOSITORY .SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX Main Bank Time and Temperature Comer Member F.D.I.C. We Welcome Your Checking G Savings Accounts . Trust Departments SEE US FIRST FOR INSTALLMENT LOANS 127 PERSONALIZED TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE SCHAD’S BAKERY 314 Box Butte Snackbar - Pastry Shop 704 Toluca 762-5110 Marjorie S. Hewitt 402 Box Butte 762-2210 1 Where You Buy the Best For Less"R. L. (Bob) Williams 317 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, Nebr. 69301 DRAKE HOTEL AND CAFE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF “1973” stern Nebraska Wi and Leather Gool 130 ' ART AND JERRY’S BOOT SHOPJENSEN FURNITURE 219 Box Butte Ave. Alliance Nebr. Carpet Sales and Installation New Used Furniture Home Ow. ed - Home Operated STEAMLINER CARPET CARE Howard Earl Jensen Steam Cleaned With Power Brush Head Carpets Treated With Fabri-Coat Soil is Extract - Not Scrubbed in Deeper For the Cleanest Number in Town Dial-762-3390CHIP’S CONOCO 712 W. 3rd 762-1620 BERNIE’S SUPPLY 762-3488 NORTHERN PLAINS LAND AND CATTLE AGENCY Alliance? Nebr. 762-3155 PELTZ CONSTRUCTION AND STEEL BUILDINGS 1016 Flack Alliance, Nebr. Modem Stran-Steel BuildingsBRITTAN’S COMPLETE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE SERVICE AUTO FIRE HOME BUSINESS LIFE L.B. MURPHY INSURANCE FOR ALL NEEDS WE CLOTHE THE ENTIRE FAMILY FARMS -HOMES -RANCHES COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES S04 Niobrara Phone 762-2244 Alliance, Nebraska TRI-STATE SUPPLY West 3rd 762-5300 Alliance, Nebraska Congratulations to the Class of '73!RON GUNIA GOLF SHOP ALLIANCE STANDARD SERVICE 3rd and Mississippi Alliance, Nebraska 762-4065 Marc Snow................First Officer Cecil Smith...............Chief Pilot Dona Christoffeison. . . . Station Agent Linda Holmes . . . . . .Bookkeeper TRANS-NEBRASKA AIRLINES 135 ALLIANCE CHAPTER ORDER OF DeMOLAY Number ONE Chapter in the State Best Wishes Graduating Class of ’73 ALLIANCE COUNTRY CLUB Betty and Lyle Hare ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK Walk In JFL uj Hal Fly In HERE COMES WILLY WIREHAND! PANHANDLE RURAL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION © NtICA 319 Black Hills Dial 308-762-1311 Alliance, Nebraska PROVIDING ELECTRIC SERVICE IN THE FOLLOWS COUNTIES: Arthur Box Butte Cherry Garden Grant Hooker McPherson Morrill Sheridan Sioux 137HAYWARD’S OPEN RANGE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’73 210 Box Butte 762-4670 WESTERN WEAR K.C.O.W.—1400 ON YOUR DIALHOLSTEN’S FOR ALL YOUR COSMETIC AND PHARMACY NEEDS DAFFY DILLS THE PLACE TO GO FOR ALL AROUND FUN 140HEITZ CONOCO GENE’S PHARMACY Official Motor Vehicle Inspection Station 24 hour prescription service Drive-In Pharmacy )4 "A complete service of the sick" 914 10th Alliance FRONTIER AIRLINES Congratulations Class of '73CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1973 COMPLIMENTS OF WORLEY’S STUDIO FOR THE FINEST IN QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHYELECTRIC HOSE AND RUBBER COMPANY ALLIANCE DIVISION CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’73 143NORTHWESTERN BELL It Pays to Belong 762-1288 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '73 George Vorovka Sales Supervisor TEEN LINES ARE EXCELLENT FOR THOSE CORNHUSKER MOTOR PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS CALL 762-2700 FOR DETAILS CLUB MOTOR CLUB INSURANCE ASSOC. CARPET CLEANING CARPETS DRAPERIES CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '73 INTERIOR DESIGN CERAMIC TILE LINOLEUM WEGNER’S CHEVROLET 144 JOHNSON PELTZ INC.THE ANNUAL STAFF WOULD LIKE TO THANK DOUG THOMAS FOR HIS PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC HELP, HIS DEDICATION, AND HIS CONSTANT FRIENDSHIP. 145General Index Abbott, Helen 88,41 Ackerman, Diana 96 Ackerman, Kathy 82 Ackerman, William 96 Adams, Rick 88,64,62,56, 111 Adamson, Leonard Adamson, Marlene 88 Adamson, Ricky 96 Akert, J. R. 82,37,40,41 Albright, Marilyn 88 Allen, Sherry 88 Alvarado, Patty 82,12,40 Alves dos Santos, Ana Maria 43,96 Andrick, Marjorie 88,52 Ashley, Scott 82, 74 Balderson, James 82, 37 Baugh, Randy 96,40,41 Becker, Debi 82 Becker, John 96 Becker, Stephanie 82,87,12 Behm, Janet 96,40 Bchm, Violet 96 Bennett, Mark 88,36 Best, Randy 96 Best, Ron 62,6,97 Bignell, Julie 55,52,96,97,111,41 Bignell, Mindi 88 Bixby, Shannon Blumenthal, Robert 97 Bolek, Rick Bolek, Vickie Bolinger, Terry 37,76 Bordeaux, Leonard Borg, Tim 62,6,7,97,13,110,111, 69,78,117 Bowhay, Scott 88, 36,44,38 Bowman, Mark 36,97 Brandt, Jim 88,66,4,74,76 Bright, Allen Bright, Bill 62,97 Brown, Dan 62,13,74 Brown, Dick 97,43,114, 39 Brown, Larry 97 Brown, Mike Brungard, Diane 82 Burton, Rhonda Burton, James Callan, Randy 88 Camden, Vicki Campbell, Sharon 88 Carpenter, Debbie 89 Carr, Susan 89 Carter, Bruce 97 Carter, Mark 82,66, 76 Chadwick, Debbie 6,36,97,4,44, 45,38 Chadwick, Tony 82,66,37, 38,76 Cheatle, Carolyn Chinnock, Mary 36,52,97,44 Chipperfield, Ray 97 Cole, Elizabeth 86 Cole, Mabel 82,41 Cole, Mary 82 Coleman, William 82 Collins, Lynelle 88,87,40, 75 Collins, Sharon 98 Colwell, Mary Lou 82,41 Corbett, Dave 98 Cotes, Dan 89 Cotes, Debbie 82 Crouse, Robert 82 Culwell, Michele 98 Cummings, Cindy 82 Cunningham, Jim 98 Curtiss, Debbie 37,98,110,44,38 Curtiss, Jean 52, 37,98, 111 ,44 Curtiss, Terry 82,37,38,66,76 Dafney, Judy 82,41,75 Dawn, Lela Dawn, Schuyler DeBusk, Jon 82 Decker, Diana DeFord, Debbie 82,40 Deisch, Ken 82 Dempsey, Karen 82 DeWitt, Christine 82 Dickinson, Marvin 55,98 Dietrich, Dan 98,4,9 Dietrich, John 83 Dietrich, Tami 88,83,41 Dill, Cyndia 54,98,41 Ditsch, Peter 98 Dobry, Marcella 88,83 Dodge, Cheryl Doremus, Pamela Drabbels, Kay 7,52, 37,98,40,44, 38,42 Drumheller, Mina 89,68 Duran, John Dye, Chester 83 Dykes, Lynn 98 Elliot, Susan 99 Embree, Dave Embree, Guy 100 Emerson, Sherri 36,40 Engel, Steve 83,62 Engelhaupt, Steve 62,47,99,10 Essay, Dave 64,62 Ettle, June 89,46,39 Faber, Barbara 83,36 Faber, Marvin 83, 74 Faber, Melvin 83 Failor, Jayne 83 Ferguson, Kim 83,58 Fester, Dennis 99 Fester, Jack 87 Finch, Rhonda 83 Finch, Scott 89,66 Finkey, Russell 89,36 Fitzgerald, Mike 83 Fitzgerald, Sherri 83 Fletcher, Tom Flint, Glen Flood, Steve Flores, Carmen 83 Flotz, John 99 Fonder, Dave 99 Fortune, Jaylene 89,52,68 Foster, Doug Fowler, Leo 99,39 Francis, Rob 99 Fritzler, Kathy 99 Fritzler, Kent 83 Frohman, Larry 99 Frohman, Ramona 89,53 Fulliton, Collen 99 Fulton, Ed 99 Furley, Gina 89,4,79 Furman, Dave 99 Furman, Ryan Furrow, Randy 89 Galyn, Jodi 83,40 Gardiner, Carol Gardner, Wyatt 89 Gamer, Debbie 100 Garrett, Brenda 7,47,37,100,110, 38 Garwood, Tim 89, 37,66,76 Gearhart, Timothy 83, 37,38 Gerdau, Detlef 83 Gilliam, Earl 83 Girard, Jack 86,89,66,9,69,115, 74 Goff, Allen 89,64,62,4,76 Gonzales, Francis 100 Gonzales, Linda 89 Grant, Robert 83,76 Grant, Sally 89 Green, Brad 83,62 Green, Debbie 83,37 Green, James Green, Julie 83 Green, Lynette 83,37 Green, Patricia 89,40 Griffis, Debbie 6,100,111,57,79, 117 Griffis, Pati 83, 36 Grothen, Bruce 83 Grubbs, Travis 39 Grubbs, Valerie 83,100,41 Guernsey, Rick 62,100 Hain, Debbie 89, 36,94,40, 39 Hall, Cherie 37 Hammond, Doug Hammond, Rayleen 100,39 Hand, Kyle 89,62,69,76 Harris, Dean 100 Hartwig, Sherri 100, 79 Hashman, Barb 100 Hashman, Doug 83 Hashman, Phyllis 100 Haslow, Carla 83,36,86,68,75 Haswell, Steve 87 Heath, Heather 90,94,12,79 Henderson, Lari 83 Herman, Robbie 90,62 Hernandez, Linda 100 Hernandez, Mike Hielscher, Ray 90 Holmes, Jerry 83 Holub, Judy 83 Homrighausen, Geneice 83 Hood, Cheri 90 Hood, Patricia 101 Hooper, Nancy 83,12 Hoppens, Brad 83,66 Hostetler, Gail Hostetler, Rick 83 Howard, Horace 101 Iossi, Robyn 90,95,94,4 Irish, Craig 90 Iron Rope, Edwin 84 Jacobs, Vickie 90,41 Jensen, Charles 90 Jensen, Alan Jensen, Kathryn 93 Jensen, Randy 90,40 Jensen, Robert 83 Jensen, Wayne 90,53,62, 76 Jesse, Rick 83,41 Jinks, Sherri 36,52,10,1,101 Johnson, Debra 101 Johnson, Diana 88 Johnson, Douglas Johnson, Jane 90,35,52,94 Johnson, Jerry 83,64,86,76 Johnson, Lerick Johnson, Linda 90 Johnson, Lisa 90 Johnson, Michael 101 Johnson, Ted 101 Johnston, Jim 83,66,41,76 Johnston, Rita 101 Jones, Harold 83,64,62 Jones, Martin 46,101,39 Jones, Ronald 62, 72,101,74 Jordan, Brad Jordan, Robert 83 Juzenas, Pat Kemper, Bill 66 Kinser, Diana Kirchoff, Kenny 101,114 Kirchner, Robert 90,66,4,5 Kirchner, Sandy 88,90,93,94,37, 44,45 Kirkpatrick, Lynne 83,57 Kooper, John 90,62 Koozer, Deb Kosmicki, Kim 83,36,68,12, 75 Krebs, Randy 76 Krejci, Daryl 62,56,6, 7,101,114 Krohn, Anita 110,111,101 Kruger, Leta Rae Kulas, Arlene 83 Kulas, Carol 90,57 Langmacher, Vicki 86,90,52,44, 41 Langner, Ellen 90 Lawrenz, Mike 41 Lawson, Chris 52,102 Lawson, Kathy 90,52 Lee, Debra 64,36,52,111,102 Lee, Dennis 83,62, 74 Leistritz, Gerald 102 Leistritz, Lisa 83 146General Index Leisy, Bruce 102,74 Leisy, Darrel 40,102 Leisy, Delbert 90,62 Leisy, Louis 84 Lewis, Debbie Lewis, Mary 81,36,68 Lewis, Patricia Lewis, Patti 84 Lewis, Vicki 102 Liakos, Georgia 84 Libsack, Lorrie 90 Little, Gus Long acre, Irene Longacre, Sarah 84 Lundy, Brian Mandelberg, Larry 84 Marlatt, Jill 91,12,40,41,75 Marlatt, Nancy 84 Marsh, Brad Marsh, David Me Andrew, Kevin 84 Me Andrew, T. J. 40,103, 41 Me Coy, Karen 103 Me Cracken, Jerrv 103 Me Donald, Bill 84,75 Me Donald, Jerry Me Donald, Jim 55,58,103 Me Donald, Mike 91,37 Me Donald, Pat 84,41 Me Laughlin, Jerre 103 Meade, Janelle 84 Medina, Laura Mehring, Douglas Meng, Clarence Merrihew, Jeral 103 Merrihew, Jolene 84,37 Merrihew, Rita Meter, Roxi 84,36,46,40 Metz, Walt 91, 111, 57 Miller, Lucinda 84 Miller, Marcia 40,42,103,41 Mink, Debra 91 Minnick, Jayne 91,12,41,39 Monroe, Bill 91 Monroe, Daryl Monroe, Margaret 84,40 Monroe, Terry Moores, Cheryl 37, 38,103,41 Morgan, Phyllis Morgan, Rusty Morgan, Susan 91,57, 39 Moscrip, Max Moss, Jack 66, 74 Moss, Jill 91,52 Mracek, Steve 4,103 Mullanix, Jess 91 Mundt, Vivian 103 Munger, Mark Nagaki, Linda 84 Nason, Debbie 52,103 Nason, Sandi 91 Nicholson, Gary Nickens, Dan Nielsen, Dave 64,84,62,76 Nielsen, Linda 91,40,42,41 Norick, Maryann 103 Odell, Christal 84,40 Odell, Norman 55,104 Ogle, Rhonda 91,37 Olson, Dan 64,84,62, 37, 38 Olson, Debbie 36,52,40,38,42, 104 Olson, Kris 84, 36,46 Ostrander, Cash 55,47,104,76 Ostrander, Myrtle 91 Palmer, Ron 104 Paulsen, Cathy 91,95,12,41 Payne, William 84 Pcltz, Carol 6,37,118,4,104, 79 Peltz, Jeff Percival, Ned 64,84 Perrin, Rex 104 Petersen, Julie 84,68,37,75 Petersen, Kerry 91,95 Peterson, Lana 36,12,104, 78, 7 75 Phillip, Jim 104,114 Plank, Brian 64,84,62, 74, 76 Poor Bear, Eugene Potmesil, Stuart 104 Powell, Dennis 55,104 Powers, Allene Preiss, Kenny 104 Prelle, Art 91,64,62 Prelie, Nancey 104 Prettyman, Rick 105 Rachetts, Merry 57 Rask, Cary 62,40,105,74 Reed, Kim 91,37,12,79 Requejo, Rudy Retke, Connie 84 Ringleman, Steve 91 Roebuck, Donna 84 Roebuck, Gloria 40 Roebuck, Shelia Rogers, Roy 84,62, 74, 76 Rose, Doris 91 Ross, Yvonne 91 Rubeck, Anne 91,53 Rust, Julie 84,75 Sanchez, Joe Sanchez, Rodney 84 Sanchez, Victor 91 Schadwinkel, Sally 91,36,68, 75 Schafer, Clint 36,47,4,40,44,38, 42.105 Schefcik, Marty 84 Schnell, Debbie 53,105 Schnell, Paul 84 Schoeneman, Lori 91 Schoeneman, Stan 92,62, 76 Schrimpf, Kathy 49,105,39 Schwindt, Dave 92 Scott, Denise 92,40,57 Seebohm, Mark 64,84,62,40, 38, 76 Seebohm, Scott 37,96,44, 38,42, 105,41 Seidler, Deb 84 Seidler, Susan 84 Seri, Linda 92 Shannon, Don Shannon, Mike 105 Shaw, Ellarae 105 Sherlock, Pat 84 Shires, Dorothy 56,7,49,13,110, 111.57.105 Shoop, Marvin Shores, Bill 105 Shrewsbury, Jay 64,84,62,58 Shrewsbury, Penny 105 Shrewsbury, Pepper 92, 37 Simpson, Geri 84 Simpson, Joe 74 Simpson, Nancy 54,105 Smith, Ann 68 Smith, Cathey 84,36,40 Smith, Dave Smith, Delmar 106 Smith, Diane 36,47,52,44,38,106 Smith, Nancy 84,40 Smith, Rhonda 92,94,37,12,79,75 Smith, Tim Solberg, Bev 47, 37,40, 38,106 Song, Jae Ha 13,106 Spencer, Ladonna 84,36 Spencer, Marla 92,46,43,12,40 Spencer, Peggy 106,79 Spencer, Richard 92 Stanton, Art Stone, Elaine Stone, Steve Stravopoulos, Paul 92,74 Sulzbach, Donna 84, 75 Sulzbach, Dwain 55,106 Summers, Steve 92, 76 Taylor, Barbara 106 Taylor, Carolyn 53, 57,106 Taylor, Gary 106 Taylor, Phyllis 54,58,106 Thayer, Connie 92 Thies, Dallas 84 Thompson, Chris 7,9,106 Thompson, Mark 64,84,62 Thompson, Vance 43 Thomsen, Karen Thome, Cindy 84 Thome, Dianne 107,41 Timbers, Susie 36,107,12, 79 Todd, Gretchen 92,37, 38 Todd, Judy 84 Tolstedt, Gina 92 Turechek, Jean 92,64, 36,52,8, 38,41, 75 Turechek, Randy 84,62,74 Turman, Linda 107 Turman, Tracy 107 Tyler, Brad 84 Tyler, Tim 62 Tyndall, Bobbi 84 Tyndall, Jim 92 Underwood, Rodney 92,55,58 Ushio, Tom 92,64,62, 37, 72,74 Vallejo, Mike 62,107 Vejraska, Scott 64,62, 37 Vogel, Darrel 92,107 Vogel, Dave 47,96,110,114,115 Vogel, Keith Vogel, Sandy 92,53,57 Vogel, Steve 108 Vogel, Vicki 92 Von Tour, Mick 58 Voss, Mike 41 Vorovka, Cheri 56,52,108,11, 111, 116 Wacker, Jon 92,46,37,40, 111, 38, 42 Wacker, Tim 108 Wagner, Tom 92 Walker, Dan 108 Walker, Peggy 58,108 Walker, Vickie Wall, Randy War Bonnett, Floyd 108 Ward, Joyce 92 Ward, Ronald 108,40 Watkins, Jeanette 36,52,108,40, 38,41 Watson, Bruce 62 Watson, Jack 66,108,110, 76 Watson, Mark 108,111,56,39 Way, John 64,62,76 Weber, Jeff Weber, Jim 92, 72 Wegcnast, Steve Wegenast, Tim Wegner, Dave 62 Wegner, Kathy 47,108,4 Weimer, Kim 36,40 Weisgerber, Robyn 108 Weisgerber, Terri 93,64,62 Wemke, Bill 36,47,109,38 West, Linda 93,40 West, Marcia 36,46, 44,38,45 White Crane, Wilma Wickham, Rick 93,62 Wickham, Robin 37 Wilcox, Jim 64,62,74 Wilkinson, Kevin 82,62, 37, 76 Williams, Brad 93 Wills, Ross 109 Wilson, Janie 93,95 Wilson, Jean 36 Wood, Lyle 63 Woods, Craig 93 Worley, Kathy 93 Worth, Doug Worth, Jeff Yates, Paul 109 Yates, Paula 68, 75 Yekel, Steve 109 Young, Terry Zillinger, Linda 109 Zimmerman, Roy Zum, David Zum, Donna 75 147

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