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THE BULLDOG '72 ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA VOLUME XXVIILife's a pretty precious and wonderful thing. You can't sit down and let it lap around you ... you have to plunge into it, you have to dive through it. And you can't save it, you can't horde it in a vault. You've got to taste it; you've got to use it. The more you use the more you have .. . that's the miracle of it. Kyle Samuel Crichton6ft I » august 30 The bell sings its warning and it is time to begin another day, another week, another year. Students bustle from brick building to brick building as the day is measured out in 45 minute intervals; to some this is education. But others are aware that education is more than books and bells, more than brick buildings. Education is the individual's ability to explore, to challenge, and achieve; to become involved, to live. 78innuendo Activities urge involvement, involvement stimulates enthusiasm, enthusiasm leads to more activity. A never-relenting whirlwind spiral of autumn events swept many with it in ecstasy and disappointment, revolution and tradition. Although this spontaneous activity constantly utilized the youthful energy of AHS students, it was only an innuendo to the hectic pace of winter months. 9 sevnprestissimo Time slips by unnoticed when the days are packed with action and fun. Ushered in by an exciting season of basketball and wrestling, the winter months maintained a presstissimo tempo. Pep Club Formal ignited Christmas spirit, and gaily decorated halls saw concentration wane and impatience grow as the Christmas vacation nudged closer. A new year and a new semester, accompanied by scarves, mittens, and snowball fights, brightly contrasted the slower pace of holiday vacation. Semester tests, Y-Teen Orpheum, One-Act Plays, and a demanding schedule of athletic events kept students on their toes throughout the winter months. And suddenly, winter was . . . 11spring Spring is a time for revolution; a time of restlessness, excitement, and desire for change. Spring is a time for sentiment; a time for looking back on years of learning and growing together. Spring is a time for tears. Spring is new life. Spring is ... spring. 12will study and get ready and perhaps my chance will come abe lincolnAdministration Tries New Approach Challenged with the problem of designing a flexible, yet soundly structured program of education, the administration of AHS implemented a new approach for the 1971-1972 school year. After evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of the system of modular scheduling that had been used for the past four years, the school board endorsed a new type of scheduling. The system is structured with ten 45 minute periods; two of the periods "float" daily, meeting a different period each day. Open campus privileges were given during certain periods, providing a challenge of responsibility to students. Various "mini-courses" were added to the curriculum. These courses, nine weeks in length and sometimes offered on a pass-fail basis, provided inquisitive students with an opportunity to obtain a broader background of knowledge. Mr. Bill Podraza filled the demanding position of guidance counselor, and tackled his job with an abundance of new ideas. Mr. Reginald Cedarface was hired as a special guidance counselor to the American Indian students. Superintendent Martin Petersen relaxes, finding satisfaction in completing his work. Reviewing agenda for a meeting are school board members Dr. Richard Jaggers, Treasurer; Mr. Keith Sorum, President; Mr. John Cover, Vice-President; Mr. Howard Wiseman, Dr. Raymond Olson, Secretary; Mr. Lyle Stephens, Superintendent Petersen. 14 Mr. Don Crowder takes five from the hectic schedule of principal. Mr. Reginald Cedarface advises and encourages American Indian students to help themselves. 15"Where's your lunch ticket, honeybunch?" inquires Mrs. Grace Brungard, Cafeteria Manager Mr. John Reitz, Mrs. Alyce Hullinger, and Mrs. Elsa Smith toil to prepare delicious meals for AHS students. Mrs. Mavis MacLean adds a touch of gaity to the Resource Center. 16Messrs. Guadalupe Garza, Bob Roebuck, A1 Bright, and Bud Reinmuth maintain a pleasant atmosphere. Personnel: Behind the Scenes at AHS A theatrical production cannot be successful without an efficient and dependable production crew; a school cannot adequately function without efficient and dependable personnel. AHS is grateful to its "behind the scenes" crew for maintaining a pleasant and organized atmosphere. The custodial staff maintains that neatness and cleanliness are essential, and perform their duties accordingly. A dedicated cafeterial staff provides a balanced and nourishing hot lunch to almost all students daily. The school nurse annually undertakes the thankless job of examining eyes, ears, and teeth, and checking on growth and weight gain. School secretaries, although constantly burdened with office work, are never too busy to offer a cheerful greeting and assistance to students. Mrs. Mavis McLean keeps the Resource Center a quiet and attractive study area. Office girls Mrs. Janice Harris, Mrs. Dixie Bloom, Mrs. Judy School Nurse Mrs. Thelma Merritt Bredenkamp, and Mrs. Barb Dietrich pause to give a pretty snatches John Becker for a check-up. smile.Mr. Craig Fricke expresses a cheerful philosophy. He teaches English 12 and is the Annual advisor. Mr. Bernard Becker finds challenge in the time-consuming duties of English Department Chairman. He also teaches English 11 and a mini course in Traditional Grammar. 18Mrs. Eunice Petersen explains Machiavellian concepts to her Sophomore English class. Mr. Robert Ashley, English II instructor and Spud sponsor, is wary of an impending dead line. Mr. Don Clarke gives an example of dynamic speaking to his speech class. He also instructs English and is Thespian sponsor. English Department Stresses Philosophy, Creativity Development of one's own philosophy is an important step in becoming a mature individual. A well-designed English program at AHS encourages such development, and offers self-enrichment through various units of study. Sophomore study centers around the concepts of "Man and Nature", "Sin and Lonliness," and "The Leader and the Group." Students are challenged to express their philosophy and creativity by writing a paper answering the question, "Who Am I?" Juniors undertake difficult, but rewarding, areas of study such as Transcendentalism, Calvinism, and Materialism. Compiling of a Thoreau-type journal of one's observations on nature and a classroom trial of Melville's Billy Budd provide outlets for youthful imagination. The senior year implements an in-depth examination of "Revenge-Tragedy," "The Christian Epic," "The English Novel Form," "English Satire," and "Contemporary English Drama. " Weekly entries of creative writing and lively class discussions concerning philosophy stimulate explorative minds. Speech I and II stress the importance of oral communication for the individual to function in society. A new mini-course, Traditional Grammar, provided a laboratory method for enrichment of knowledge of the English language. 19"Think'." exclaims Mr. Willis Furman. Mr. Furman is Social Studies Department Chairman, and teaches Project American History, Sociology, and mini-courses in politics and current affairs. Mr. Phillip Schweitzer and Mr. Lyle Neuman plan something different for their American History students. pi ' 19 Social Studies Urge Participation An understanding of the events of the past is essential to cope with the situation of today, and to prepare for the challenge of the future. A comprehensive social studies curriculum provides students with this opportunity. Traditional courses of World History, Economics, American History, American Government, and Sociology form a basic foundation of social and cultural knowledge. Project classes and mini-courses provide more intensified study, urge individual and group participation, and pose though-provoking questions to concerned students. Mr. Thomas Horvorka, instructor of American Government and Economics, explains the price of gold to his class. Miss Ellen Christensen contemplates her lesson plan. She teaches Western World, World History, and cultural history mini-courses. 20Mrs. Vera Briggs explains that Latin is not a dead language and that it is useful in many professions. Miss Jan Kullbom makes use of the overhead projector to intruct her Spanish classes. Mr. Ivan Polyakov stresses not only vocabulary and grammar, but hope for peace and understanding among nations. Foreign Languages Foster Awareness, Appreciation The world we live in is becoming increasingly international, and yet many high school students feel that there is no need to study a foreign language. Language students at AHS exhibit none of this apathy. Students may pursue studies in Spanish, German, and Latin, and will be accompanied and encouraged in their undertaking by patient instructors. Plagued by strange -sounding words and tedious memorization, they are ultimately rewarded by a sense of awareness and appreciation for a foreign culture. 21Numbers-the Game; Math Is the Name The Math Department, with Mr. McDermott as chairman, stresses one of the sciences dealing with numbers and measurements, properties, and relationship of quantities. It includes arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry; it also demonstrates the science of geometrical measurement. Each day involves mathematics in some form. Basic fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equations, number to a power, extraction of a root of a number, integers, and interrelationship between space and number-all are terms designed to teach and acquaint a pupil-with the subject. Today to learn, tomorrow to teach. "Two heads are better than one, " quip math instructors Len Hartman and Jim Hawk. Pensive Jim McDermott, Math Department Head, prepares his lesson plans. 22Science Encourages Organized Study Mr. Fred Petersen, Science Department Chairman, brings together an organized field of study investigated by a scienfific method; students are encouraged to broaden their scope of knowledge and facts relating to observation, analysis, and theory. Science today is divided into a number of fields, each of which is known as a "science. M One such field, Mathematics, shows the scientific relationship between quantities, magnitudes, and properties. The field of biological science relates to living organisms. Physical science pertains to chemistry and physics. Students are offered these courses to familiarize themselves with a specialized field of scientific knowledge, essential to the progress of science. The major objective is to prepare the college bound or vocationally minded student for the future. An owl specimen is displayed by Biology instructors LarryYost and Jerry Gardner. 23Mrs. Betty Stewart gives her students instructions on making candied apples. This young seamstress finds that concentration and perfection are essential to her skill. Home Ec. Trains Future Homemakers Home Economics, a course under the direction of Mrs. Marie Sutter, is designed to give practical experience to future homemakers as well as the knowledge needed for those planning to major in this field in college. A total of four years in Home Economics is offered with emphasis placed on the study of food and nutrition, construction of clothing, housing and home furnishings, as well as child development. A special course, Family Living, is offered to seniors. A Home Economics course is also offered to seventh and eighth graders. This course is instructed by Mrs. Betty Stewart. Seventh graders may participate in a vocational individualized program; eighth grade students may enjoy a course in career education. Mrs. Marie Sutter admires a student's handiwork in dress design. Industrial Arts Provides Variety Industrial Arts, instructed by Mr. Byron Nelson, includes a variety of useful skills in its program. Students in Mr. Nelson's classes, whether they are enrolled in arts and crafts or the more advanced drafting courses, learn how to use various tools skillfully. These tools range from those used to work leather to the advanced precision instrument used in drafting and engineering. Skills learned in these classes become useful in the everyday lives of all students, especially those who will need this knowledge if they pursue a drafting or engineering career. Mr. Nelson has the opportunity, as few instructors do, to teach students in nearly all the Junior High grades, as well as high school students. The separate shop he has access to enables him to handle a large number of students and provides the equipment materials necessary to encourage creativity. Junior high shop students apply their energy to assigned work. Jim Peltz spies on busy Byron Nelson, instructor of Industrial Arts. 25Mr. Bruce Rockey, Vocational Education Department head, prepares equipment for use in his carpentry class, Voc. Ed. Students Plan for Future Mr. Lonnie Sherlock takes "time out" from his lesson-planning to joke with students. Preparing for the future is the main goal of the Vocational Department. Students who are planning to enter the business world develop their skills in diverse fields such as typing, shorthand, bookkeeping and business office practice. Students enrolled in Distributive Education get "on the job" training and experience in a variety of fields. Future farm and ranch operators gain experience through courses in Vocational Agriculture and farm mechanics. Courses in Mechanics, Electricity, and Graphic Arts provide the knowledge required for job skills which will be in great demand in the future. Students enrolled in Vocational Department courses find these skills invaluable whether they pursue them as careers or make use of them in their everyday lives. 26Mrs. Juanita Glarum and Mrs. Annette Pool give their approval to a completed Shorthand assignment . Rich Haslow and Monte Garner are fascinated by their carpentry project. Mr. Kenneth Ware instructs Metals and Electricity, and sponsors FFA. Mr. Jack Kennedy examines the car that his Mechanics class is about to "dissect. " 27Artistic Students "Get It Together" Determines members of the band, choir, and orchestra find challenge in various musical expressions-andante, allegro, pianissimo, forte, classical, modern. At the same time, they enjoy themselves as they "get it together" for the final performance. Sensitive and creative student of art are encouraged to express their individual talents in many ways. Some students experiment in acrylics, oil, and water color while others try their hand at the potter's wheel. Mrs. Julie Rowbotham gets involved in ceramics. Mr. Ashley Neergaard stresses the basic fundamentals of vocal music. 28Mr. Bob Morris gives a wry smile to a class of "green" Driver's Ed Students. Mr. Boyd Blomenkamp and Miss Sandy Pilfold take a breather from the supervision of their P.E. classes. P.E., Driver's Ed. Develop Sk;lls "P.E. is the sum total of man's physical activity, selected as to kind, and conducted as to outcome, " stressed Miss Sandra Pilfold. An interesting P.E. program designed to develop physical endurance and mental competence en‘-sures enjoyment for all students. Such sports as basketball, flag football, volleyball, judo, tumbling, and gymnastics maintain and strengthen the health of all participants. Safety procedures are an integral part of the Driver Education course designed for young drivers, and safer drivers make safer highways. New skills are acquired as students practice to meet the six hours of required driving time. 29Above, Mary Jo Phaneuf checks out the latest issue of SEVENTEEN. Below, Deb Schnell assists Scott Lyman in checking out a book. Library Provides Reference, Relaxation The school library provides an abundance of materials needed by students for study. Thirteen sets of encyclopedias and reference books, and a large collection of magazines provide knowledge for those working on a research paper or report. An amazing array of fiction and other non-fiction books are ideal for the attainment of relaxation and enjoyment. Nine library assistants give valuable aid to the librarian and develop skills of filing cards and arranging books according to the Dewey Decimal system. 30imagination is the beginning of creation, you imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. george bernard shawCONCERT BAND-Front Row-Jean Curtiss, Mary Jo Phaneuf, Deb Curtiss, Carol Peltz, Georgia Bates, Rhonda Smith. Second Row-Deb Olsen, Lana Peterson, Marina Dafney, Jane Trank, Deb Lee, Diane Smith, Bill Wemke. Third Row-Deb Hain Sherri Jinks, Sally Schadwinkel, Laura Medina, Ramona Frohman, Ronda Peterson, Deb Chadwick, Nancy West, Bev Solberg, Scott Seebohm. Fourth Row-Mary Chinnock, Janet Behm, Maureen Green, Susie Timbers, Jack Ginard, Clint Schafer, Scott Bowhay, Jane Minnick, Mark Bowman, Tim Garwood. BAND DIRECTOR-Mr. Thomas Bibbey MAJORETTES-Sandy Kirchner, Marina Dafney, and Deb Chadwick. 32Front Row-Sandy Kirchner, Kim Reed, Julie Bignell, Rhonda Ogle, Pepper Shrewsbury, Diane Johnson, Robyn Iossi. Second Row-Mark Bennett, Mike Vallejo, Deb Turchek, Paula Peterson, Cheryl Moores, Dennis Ridgley, Brenda Garrett. Third Row- Jerry Fester, Sharon Sonnenburg, Mike McDonald, Paul Stravopoulos, Dennis Girard, Peggy Schnell, Kay Drabbels, Susan Todd. Fourth Row-Ron Tutt, Kyle Hand, Craig Irish, Jess Mullanix, Gretchen Todd, Jon Wacker, Linda Thomas, Dan Smaha. Band Officers-Front Row: Deb Olson, Mary Jo Phaneuf, Nancy West. Second Row: Diane Smith, Jane Trank, Mary Chinnock. Cold Hands, Sore Feet-a Sense of Unity Moans and groans were the distinctive sounds heard coming from the Alliance High Band Room as its members prepared for another early morning marching practice. Hard work and persever-ence paid off in the end as the band performed some highly successful and imaginative half-time performances. Under the direction of Mr. Thomas Bibby, the band participated in such varied activities as pep and stage band, the Chadron Band Day, and the District Music Contest. Additional leadership for the band was provided by the dedicated majorettes and band officers. A concert season composed of such popular songs as "Joy to the World," "The Day in the Life of a Fool," and "The Horse" completed a busy and successful year for the band. 33ORCHESTRA-Front Row-Barbara Wilkins, Ray Chipperfield, Wendy Wickham, Dick Montgomery, Ronny Taylor, Sharon Whitney, Deedee Petersen. Second Row-Kevin McAndrew, Sherrie Furrow, Sue McCauley, Vickie Roebuck, Robyn Haller, Sherrie Roebuck, Tom Langmacher, Janice Whitney, Andy Girard. Third Row-Mary Jo Phaneuf, Carol Peltz, Marina Dafney, Lana Peterson, Jane Trank, Deb Lee, Diane Smith. Orchestra practices for their next concert. 34Fourth Row-Bev Solberg, Jerry Fester, Sharon Sonnenburg, Susan Todd, Kay Drabbels, Susan Schommer, Linda Thomas, Gretchen Todd, Dan Smaha, Ron Tutt. , i ORCHESTRA DIRECTOR-Mr. Edward Deepe. New Conductor ORCHESTRA OFFICERS-Barb Taylor, Ray Brings New Ideas Chipperfield, and Wendy Wickham. This year, change seemed to be the key word for the AHS orchestra. Not only was there a change in conductors but also in the structure of the group. Where once there was just one orchestra consisting of students in the 7th through 12th grade, there is now two. One group consists of string members in Jr. High who still need to learn more of the basic fundamentals of music. The other group is made up of high school students who are more experienced at playing and require more challenging music than they have been playing in previous years. Another change taking place in the orchestra this year was the selection of new music. As usual there were the customary orchestra pieces such as "March in G", and "Theme and Finale," but as a change of pace, a few contemporary tunes such as "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, " and "What the World Needs Now," were also included in concert material. 35TRIPLE TRIO-Front Row-Ava Lambert, Wendy Wickham, Cathy Paulsen. Second Row-Jill Marlatt, Janet Pokorski, Debbie Hain, Linda Freiberger. Third Row-Sharon Sonnenberg, Jeanette Watkins, Terri Collins. MADRIGAL-Front Row-Deb Olson, Marcia Miller, Linda Nielson, Marla Spencer. Second Row-Jon Wacker, Scott Seebohm, Jim Reddish, Jim Colwell. NOT SHOWN-Kay Drabbels. BOYS DOUBLE QUARTET-Front Row-Pianist Becky DeFord, Tim Tyler, Scott Lyman, T.J. McAndrews. Second Row-Pete Johannes, Scott Plank, Art Ullrich, Rich Haslow. NOT SHOWN-Tom Dill. CHOIR-Front Row-Gary Rask, Ronald Ward, Dale Lawrenz, Becky DeFord, Second Row-Milo Rust, John Kemper, Scott Lyman, Bob Leisy. Third Row-Rich Haslow, Delbert Leisy, Mitch Herman, Karen Todd. Fourth Row-Scott Seebohm, Clint Schafer, Chris Abbott, Jim Colwell, Jerene Johnston. CHOIR DIRECTOR Mr. William Neergaard. 36Front Row-Jackie Wyckoff, Jeral Merrihew, Vicki Robbins, Jill Marlatt, Sherry Clapp, Jane Minnick, T.J. McAndrew, Randy Baugh, Second Row-Kathy Roe, Deb Olsen, Shirlie Hippi, Cathy Paulsen, Linda Nielson, Tim Tyler, Randy Jensen, Steve Stone. Third Row-Maria Spencer, Lynelle Collins, Ava Lambert, Wendy Wickam, Debra Mink, Vicki Langmacher, Terri Collins, Steve Lorenz, Darrel Leisy, Jon Wacker. Fourth Row-Deb Hain, Sharon Sonnenburg, Marcia Miller, Julie Engle, Linda Freiberger, Jeanette Watkins, Jim Reddish, Peter Johannes, Art Ullrich. CHOIR OFFICERS-Jerene Johnston and Janet Pokorski. Choirs New Look Provides Something for Everyone This year the AHS choir took on a new look as it divided its number into four groups instead of the usual two. These groups, specially designed to help the individual singer, have proved to be popular among the choir members. Vocal music director, Mr. William Neergaard, has also acquired student assistants this year known as section leaders. These leaders aid Mr. Neergaard in grading the rest of the group, in disciplining, and in helping individual choir members. Another change in AHS choir this year was the replacement of the annual Christmas concert with a religious rock concert called "Tell It Like It Is". Excellent group and individual singing helped to make this production one of the highlights of the school year. Other activities participated in by the choir were the spring concert, All School Musical, Tri-State Choral Clinic, and the district music contest. The choir proved its versatility during the concert season by singing such varied songs as Randell Thomsen's "Alleuiah" and John Phillip's "California Dreamin". 37The Boys Double Quartet and the Girls Triple Trio team up to sing a song. Choir Presents Tell It Like It Is The quality and originality of the Religious Rock Concert "Tell It Like It Is" added immeasurably to the success of the AHS concert season. This production performed by the mixed choir and various select groups combined effective lighting and musical arrangements to make the concert both unique and eye-appealing. The presence of a stained glass church window served as an effective setting for the singers. Another popular addition to this concert was the accompaniment of the singers by not only the traditional piano, but also several guitars, an electric piano, and drums. The production, composed by Ralph Carmichael, effectively gave the audience a sampling of modem musical lyrics, wording, and beat, coupled with a basic religious message. Excellent singing and interpretation of such songs as "Conform," "Master Designer," and "Consider Now the Lily" proved the talent and ability of not only singers but also that of director William Neergaard. 38Anne Frank Produces Drama Realism The lights dimmed, the curtain opened, and this year's Junior Class Play, "The Diary of Anne Frank," came to life. Eleven dedicated actors and actresses, along with twenty-four adept crew members, worked for six intensive weeks under the guidance of drama instructor Mr. Donald Clarke and student director Janet Pokorski to make this play a success. An innovation for AHS drama audiences this year was the effective use of the P.A. system to relate to the audience certain diary entries needed to move the plot. The play, based upon the book ANNE FRANK: DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL, tells the true story of two Jewish Families who are forced to go into hiding when the Nazi regime takes over Holland in 1942. Miep tries to comfort Mr. Frank by showing him Anne's diary. Sharing the security of the annex along with the Franks are Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, their son Peter, and Dr. Jan Dussel. 39Thespians Produce Theater Magic Thespians is the backbone of AHS drama; Troop No, 3146 is dedicated to promoting all aspects of the theater and is headed by sponsor Mr. Donald Clark and President Hester Howard. Although the Thespians are active in many productions, the One-Acts are their major dramatic contribution to the school year. This year, the One-Acts included: "Crucifixtion in Moderne, " a re-enactment of the crucifixtion of Christ as seen through the eyes of a 20th century news reporter. "Where have all the Lightning Bugs Gone?" presented the tragic attempt of two human beings to merge their two worlds. "Son You Look Confused, " an original drama written by Hester Howard, Janet Pokorski, Rusty Morgan, and Tom Brandt depicted a young man's search for truth. "Sorry Wrong Number, " a solo performance by Hester Howard, offered dramatic intrigue and suspense. THESPIAN OFFICERS: Hester Howard, Rusty Morgan, and Janet Pokorski. A solo performance by Hester Howard served as a Good contrasts evil in "Crucifixtion in Moderne" highlite of the One-Acts. 40we are here to add what we can to, not get what we can from, life. sir william osierPinanatas, wooden shoes, sarapis and kimonos were common sights at the Y-Teens World Fellowship Fair. Many countries were represented, with each girl selling food and novelty gifts from each represented country. "Color My World" was the theme for the 71-72 school year. The Y-Teen girls are backed by the Y-Teen mothers Council. The Orpheum, a highlight of the year, provides money for two scholarships to be given each year to outstanding Y-Teen girls. Profits from the Orpheum also go to the Nebraska Childrens Home. Other highlights of Y-Teens this year were: Patteran, the Annual pizza party, and remembering the adopted orphan, Siu Cho Yee from Hong Kong; The Y-Teens receive progress reports on the well-being of the orphan who is now seven years old. Mrs. Esther Meyers, the previous sponsor, has retired, so Mrs. Eunice Petersen has taken over the responsibility of being sponsor, with Miss Jody Wolff and Mrs. Juanita Glarum helping her. President...............Ava Lambert V. Pres.................Cheri Vorovka Secretary...............Terri Collins Treasurer...............Chris Lawson Sponsors................Mrs. Eunice Petersen Mrs. Juanita Glarum Top: Debbie Olson, Jean Curtiss, Susan Todd, Mary Wacker, Jerene Johnston, Nancy Lorenzini. Middle: Karen Todd, Mary Jo Phaneuf, Susan Schommer, Jeanette Watkins, Debbie Johnson, Jean Potmesil. Bottom: Diane Johnson, Diane Smith, Carla Sorum, Julie Bignell, Debbie Lee, Peggy Schnell. 42Student Council advisors Bill Podraza, Ellen Christensen, and Willis Furman encourage creative thinking and enthusiastic involvement for both Student Council members and the student body. Weighted grades, foreign exchange program, student surveys, homecoming plans, and public relations are only a few of the activities for A.H.S. Student Council members. The Council has as its main objective representation of each student in all phases of his high school activities. This years foreign exchange student, Marianne Andrin from Belgium, is partially sponsored by Stu-Co. funds. She is a member of the Council and provided an interesting all-school convocation. Weekly Stu-Co. open discussions are held with officers and sponsors. President.......... Dan Sanchez V. Pres............Tom Brandt Secretary .........Anita Krohn Treasurer .........Carol Peltz Student Council members Rhonda Smith, Steve Wilkinson, Belguim Foreign Exchange student Marianne Andrin and Carol Peltz take time out from everyday business to discuss the contrasts and comparisons of foreign cultures. 43A.H.S. Journalists Hustle to Meet Deadlines Clicking cameras, drawing layouts, composing copies and meeting unbelievable deadlines are a few of the duties of the A.H.S. Journalist. The final result is a finished product which was obtained through experience, time and hard work. In October, the Journalists of the Spud and Bulldog journeyed to Lincoln to attend the State Press Convention. Here they learned information on the various aspects of journalism, such as writing copy, producing appealing material, and mastering all-important communication. Inspiration is the key word to A.H.S. journalists as they try to capture exciting moments with the tools of their trade: camera, paper, and pen. -t. Jill Moss and Dave Corbett plan for another Spud lay-out. SPUD STAFF MEMBERS AND SPONSOR-SEATED-Terri Collins, Sally Metz, Rusty Morgan, and Scott Lyman. STANDING-Karen Todd, Mr. Ashley, and Sue Ellis. 44Business Manager Chris Neuswanger, Editor of Annual, Carla Sorum, and sponsor Mr. Fricke examine the final copy. Jon Wacker, photographer for Annual prepares his camera for a days work. Julie Bignell, Cheri Vorovka, Kathy Schrimpf, Dorothy Shires, Daryl Krejci, Mary Wacker, Debi Johnson and David Vorovka get down to business as the deadline for Annual comes near. 45Business Management Mastered ByDECA Members Circulating DEC A students, filled with enthusiasm, sold light bulbs and candy bars in order to make a well-earned journey to Lincoln. In Lincoln the members chose to participate in such contests as sales demonstration, new product information, television commercial writing, interior display, public speaking, advertising and many other topics. The DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) students that win in Lincoln will then be eligible to attend the National Leadership Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah. President........Marina Dafney V. Pres..........Georgia Bates Secretary........Connie Schnell Tresurer.........Pam Corbell Pub. Relations. . Milo Rust and Deb LaBarge Michele Dunbar contemplates on the DECA trip to Lincoln. DECA officers: Pam, Georgia, Marina, and Connie. Not pictured are Milo and Deb. Sponsor is Mr. Sherlock 46F.F.A. members learn the basics of spot welding. F.F. A. involves the agri-business oriented student in many agricultural contests and projects. The Alliance F.F.A. Chapter has done very well in these contests coming in first, second, third and fourth place in the Area Stubble Mulch Contest, and first, second, third and fifth place in the Area Land Judging Contest. Also, the Alliance F.F.A. Chapter won the State Championship in Wheat Growing. The Alliance F.F.A. Chapter hosts the District contest in February; State Range Judging, Area Land, and Stubble Mulch Contests have been hosted by the Alliance F.F.A. Chapter as well. President..................George Smith V. Pres....................Marvin Dickinson Secretary..................Scott Whitney Treasurer..................Jim McDonald Reporter...................Doug Henderson Sentinel...................Dave Henderson F.F.A. officers and sponsor Mr. Ware hold a meeting for discussion of future plans. F.F.A. Cultivates Honors 47Little does Kyle Hand know what lurks behind him as Jim Colwell keeps things in line'. A-CLUB OFFICERS AND SPONSORS-Coach Blomenkamp, Steve Gardiner, Dick Tolstedt, Mitch Herman, Dennis Girard, Coach Kastens, and Coach Morris. "Try it, you'll like it", says Ron Tutt. A-Club Activates A.H.S. Supporting all aspects of athletics, fostering a close comradery, and managing a very popular concession stand at all home basketball and wrestling matches are among the various activities sponsored by A-Club. The A-Club membership consists of athletes in Alliance High who have earned a letter in any of the varsity sports during their high school careers. The 1971-1972 A Club members expanded their activities beyond the halls of A.H.S. this year by selling raffle tickets under the sponsorship of Nebraska Coach Bob Devaney for the benefit of crippled children. Excitement built up and the crowd quieted down during half-time of the annual AHS Homecoming game as the Homecoming queen was chosen by the A-Club. With the title came a crown, red carpet and roses, signed, sealed and delivered by the lettermem of AHS. President. . Vice-Pres . Sec-Treas . Sgt. at arms Steve Gardiner Dick Tolstedt Mitch Herman Dennis Girard 48Pep Club Promotes School Spirit A group charged with enthusiasm, generated spirit to boost AHS effort and pride. Lockers, bulletin boards and halls were appropriately decorated to create a victorious atmosphere before each event. Selling football programs and a variety of candy were two projects that helped finance a successful Pep Club Formal. The theme of the Formal this year was "Color My World," which differed from traditional themes of previous years. Excitement and anticipation mounted as the 1971-'72 Pep Club Boyfriend and his attendants were presented by Pep Club Officers. New uniforms for Pep Club members added sparkle. The members voted on royal blue short sleeved sweaters trimed in white with powder blue as an accent; royal blue pleated skirts completed the new outfits. Chant Leader Janice Wilson and sponsors Miss Pilford and Mrs. Pool smile with zest. President Diana Kotschwar, Vice-President Paula Peterson, Secretary Pam Corbell, and Treasurer Dixie Wood take time out to pose for the cameraman. 49A sponsor of F.H. A. , Mrs. Roe, demonstrates on how to sew with the new winter fabrics. F.H.A. OFFICERS-Kathy Roe, Jean Monroe, and Dorthy Shires. F.H.A. Strengthens Bonds A newly organized club in Alliance High this year is FHA (Future Homemakers of Alliance). The main objective of the club is "To strengthen bonds within the family and between the family and the community". In order to qualify for membership in the new club, a girl mush have at least one semester of home economics. A few promising purposes of FHA are: to promote international good will, to foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life, to emphasize the importance of worthy home membership and to further interest in Home-Economics and related occupations. President..........Dorothy Shires Vice-Pres..........Kathy Roe Sec. -Treas .... Jean Monroe 50he conquers who endures. persiusSteve Wilkinson is tackled by a Gering Bulldog. 1971 VARSITY TEAM - FRONT ROW - Charlie Dingman, Chris Abbott, Walt Metz, Scott Plank, Steve Wilkinson, Kyle Hand, Scott Lyman, Jim Colwell, SECOND ROW - Wayne Jensen, Dave Duval, Alvin Erhart, Mitch Herman, John Becker, The Bulldog ball carrier is swarmed by his Cardinal opponents. Schuyler Dawn, Mike Vallejo, Mark Watson, THIRD-Coach Yost, Rob Herman, Bruce Watson, Greg Cover, Dick Tolstedt, Steve Gardiner, Ron Best, Daryl Krejci, Gary Rask, Allen Goff, Bill Bright, Dick Brown 52Hope Fades.. . The 1971 Football Season was truly a test of endurance. The Bulldogs practiced with purpose and desire but wins were few. With a new coach and lack of experience and depth in underclassmen, the Bulldogs had difficulty from the start. Effective defensive plays brought the gridders their only victory when seniors Charlie Dingman and Mitch Herman picked up two Gering fumbles and ran them back 80 yards for two of the three touchdowns that beat Gering 20-19. Although the season was disappointing, valuable experience was gained by many underclassmen. Prospects for next years team look good with the return of 13 lettermen. Steve Zum made the Western Conference first team with Jim Colwell, Steve Gardiner, and Steve Wilkinson receiving honorable mention. Mark Watson, Steve Gardiner, Mike Vallejo, and Steve Wilkinson captured Big 10 honorable mention. FRONT ROW-Steve Zum, Rich Haslow, Tracy Turman, Steve Summers, Brad Jordan, Rich Spencer. SECOND ROW-Tim Borg, John Kooper, Roy Zimmerman, Pete Johannes, Ray Hielscher, Tim Squibb. THIRD ROW -Dave Essay, Ron Jones, Tom Ushio, Mark Bennett, Ken Kirchoff, Coach Newman, Coach Blomenkamp Ron Best stops North Platte for a loss. Scoreboard OPP. AHS 34.......CHADRON............20 30.......KIMBALL.............0 26.......SIDNEY..............7 26.......GORDON..............0 62.......NORTH PLATTE . . . 0 19.......GERING.............20 59.......McCOOK..............0 32.......KEARNEY.............0 67.......SCOTTSBLUFF .... 7 53Young Gridders Gain Experience The Alliance High Reserves encountered a disappointing season, but garnered needed experience for next year's varsity team. The young gridders, though losing all of their games, showed impressive effort against Sidney and Bridgeport. SCOREBOARD Opp. 8 . . . . . . . . BRIDGEPORT AHS . . . 8 16 ... . . . . . SIDNEY ... 13 34 ... . . . . . NORTH PLATTE . . . ... 10 25 ... . . . . .CHADRON ... 0 52 ... . . . . . SCOTTSBLUFF .... ... 7 91 ... . . . . . CERING . . . 0 Tim Borg catches a pass for an Alliance gain 1971 RESERVE FOOTBALL-Front Row-Walt Metz, Bill Bright, John Becker, Kyle Hand, Allen Goff, Ron Best, John Kooper, Tracy Turman, Steve Summers, Ray Hielscher, Second Row-Wayne Jensen, Rob Herman, Bruce Watson, Daryl Krejci, Schuyler Dawn, Mike Vallejo, Mark Watson, Tim Borg, Tom Ushio, Roy Zimmerman, Pete Johannes. Third Row-Rick Spencer, Brad Jordan, Tim Squibb, Coach Yost, Coach Newman, Gary Rask, Dave Essay, Dick Brown, Ron Jones, Mark Bennett, Ken Kirchoff 54Cross Country- Front Row- Leonard Bordeaux, Terry Coach Morris, Tom Peterson, Dennis Girard, Jim Curtiss, Tim Garwood, Ron Tutt, Roger Garwood, Brandt Jack Moss Second Row- Jack Girard, Art Ullrich, State Cross Country Trophy. Harriers Win State Meet Dedication, pride, spirit, and ability all paid off for the AHS harriers as they captured the State Class "B" Cross-Country Championship. Paced by the strong running of Jim Brandt, Tom Peterson, Art Ullrich, Dennis Girard, and Jack Girard, the crosscountry team made an excellent show in the 1971 season. Coach Morris guided the team to a very successful season with seven first places and one second place finish. 55Mr, Crowder congratulates Steve Wilkinson after Holiday Tourney win. Kyle Hand goes in for a quick lay up. Charlie Dingman shoots for two. Tub Zurn takes an outside shot. 56Bulldogs Upset Kimball for Holiday Tourney Crown After winning the Holiday Tourney trophy, the varsity cagers completed their regular season play with a 12-7 record. In Big Ten competition the team finished with a 4-4 record and in Western Conference an impressive 4-2 record. Although the cagers didn't have one of their better seasons, Coach Morris was satisfied with the outcome. Considering the lack of depth and the big man in the middle, the team put forth many excellencperformances. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES AHS OPP Gordon 78 51 Gering 71 51 Kearney 65 66 Chadron 60 49 Kimball 72 66 North Platte 46 49 McCook 60 55 Sidney 47 48 Valentine 83 51 Scottsbluff 76 59 Gering 77 56 Kearney 53 70 McCook 81 59 North Platte 62 73 Sidney 57 60 Kimball 73 82 VARSITY BASKETBALL-Standing-Leonard Bordeaux, Dan Walker, Tim Borg, Charlie Dingman, Steve Wilkinson, Steve Zum, Stan Schoenemann, Ron Tutt, Kyle Hand, Scott Seebohm, Chris Thompson, Dan Sanchez, Kneeling-Scott Becker, Coach Bob Morris, Jim Reddish. 57Dave Vogel out jumps his opponent. RESERVE BASKETBALL-Standing-Wayne Jensen, John Becker, Allen Goff, Dave Vogel, Scott Bowhy, Walt Metz, Steve Summers, Dave Essay, Dan Dietrich, Tim Reserve Cagers Complete Season Successfully Mr, Boyd Blomenkamp took over this year's reserve basketball team and demonstrated coaching skills in spurring the reserves to a 10-6 record. The team displayed excellent scoring ability as they defeated several opponents by a large margin. The varsity team will depend upon the experience and playing ability of the underclassmen for future winning teams. RESERVE SCOREBOARD AHS OPP. 62 GORDON 34 55 CERINC 45 50 KEARNEY 44 38 NORTH PLATTE 66 78 McCOOK 53 56 SIDNEY 46 83 VALENTINE 51 72 SCOTTSBLUFF 41 47 CERINC 52 64 KEARNEY 43 49 SCOTTSBLUFF 88 66 CHADRON 49 55 McCOOK 63 49 NORTH PLATTE 65 57 SIDNEY 52 74 KIMBALL 57 Tyle r. Kneeling-Rick Adams, Caoch Blomenkamp, Pete Johannes, Rich Spencer, 58FRONT ROW - Rhonda Smith, Heather Heath, Bev Solberg, Jean Curtis, Brenda Garrett, Sandy Kirchner, SECOND ROW - Sally Schadwinkel, Jayleen Fortune, Ann Smith, Julie Petersen, Gretchen Todd THIRD ROW - Karen Todd, Mary Lewis, Lana Peterson, Rhonda Peterson, Dianna Kotschwar, Coach Pilford. Spikers Produce Two Winning Teams The varsity spikers, spurred by Coach Sandy Pilfold, proved their worthiness by posting a thirteen and one record. The spikers failed only once with a disappointing second place at the Melbeta Tournament. The reserves came through with an impressive eight and three record. Standouts in scoring and defense were seniors Ronda Peterson, and Dianna Kotschwar, and juniors Jean Curtiss, and Brenda Garrett. Showing reserve strength were Sandy Kirchner and Heather Heath. SCOREBOARD AHS CHADRON won KIMBALL won SCOTTSBLUFF won SIDNEY won ST. AGNES won GORDON won NORTH PLATTE won CHADRON won GORDON won MELBETA TOURNAMENT 2nd SCOTTSBLUFF won ST. AGNES won 59VARSITY WRESTLING - Paul Stravopoulos, Jack Rust, Willy Smith, Tom Dill, Launy Ringleman, Girard, Dan Brown, Dennis Girard, Dick Tolstedt, Rob Jim Colwell. Francis, John Green, Bob Liesy, Jim McDonald, Milo Dick Brown shows his tough riding ability. Varsity Matmen Win State Tourney Achieving Class B State Championship honors, the AHS grapplers climaxed a glowing season. They finished their dual competition with only one loss and eight wins. Competing in one of the toughest districts in the state, the grapplers placed first. At Western Conference Jim Colwell pinned his opponent for the 1 2 point needed to take home the trophy. Jim Colwell, Paul Stavropoulos, Dan Brown, Dennis Girard, and Jack Girard all qualified for the state meet. At State the quintet ran away with the State Class B crown. Dennis Girard kept his number one title, Jim Colwell placed second, Jack Girard Second, Dan Brown third, and Paul Stavropoulos fourth. SCOREBOARD AHS OPP 27 CHADRON 20 29 KIMBALL 20 37 BRIDGEPORT 16 1st place Valentine Invitational 1st place Western Conference 2nd place Ogallala Invitational 33 CERINC 21 36 SCOTT SBLUFF 18 38 NORTH PLATTE 23 36 VALENTINE 21 37 SIDNEY 15 2nd Place BIG TEN TOURNEY Jim Colwell pins his opponent and Alliance wins Western Conference. 60Craig Woods, Dan Montgomery, Dennis Lee, Tim Wacker, Doug Whitlock, Tom Ushio, Ron Jones, Brian Plank, Bruce Leisy, John Kooper, Ned Percival, Gary Nicholson, Randy Turchek, Roy Zimmerman, Gary Rask Reserve Wrestlers Produce Winning Record Ending their season with a 6-1-2 record, the reserve matmen achieved a winnng season. The reserves showed hard work and endurance for 1971-1972 and offer promise for varsity strength in 1972-73. Putting forth his effort in time of need, Roy Zimmerman came through in final stretches to insure reserve victories. AHS RESERVE SCOREBOARD OPP. 24 CHADRON 24 27 KIMBALL 21 50 BRIDGEPORT 9 21 SCOTTSBLUFF 18 30 SIDNEY 15 Keith Vogel, Dennis Ridgley, Jack Moss, Roy Rodgers, Dave Smith, Bill McDonald, Joe Simpson, Leroy Ewing, John Wilcox, Tom Fletcher, Scott Ashley, Harold Jones, Rod Underwood, Dale Sherlock, Marty Schefcik, Jay Shrewsbury, Kenny Miller 61Distance men- Front Row- Bill Wemke, Rob Kirchner, Jack Girard, Jim Brandt, Steve Yekel, Second Row-Tom Peterson, Don Dryer, Art Ullrich, Tim Spencer, Four Cinderman Earn Way to State Meet The AHS tracksters, although not finishing an impressing season in meets, had outstanding individual cindermen. Art Ullrich broke the school record in the mile, and Don Sherlock in the triple jump. Against tough opposition, the state qualifiers Mike Tolstedt, Jerry Seiler, Art Ullrich, and Don Sherlock placed 16th in the state meet with Seiler 3rd in the pole vault, Ullrich 4th in the mile run, and Sherlock 5th in the triple jump. Joe Peterson- Third Row- Coach Kyser, Ron Tutt, Jerry Seiler, Kyle Hand, Coach Zuspan VARSITY TRACK RESULTS Scottsbluff Relays Alliance Invitational Chadron Invitational Western Conference Gering Invitational Big 10 District State 5th 7th 3rd 3rd 3rd 8th 6th 16th Sprinters and Weightmen- Front Row-Mike Tolstedt, Brad Barrows, Don Sherlock, Bob Furrow, Vic Colvalt, Tom Dill Second Row- Dan Nickens, Dave Duval, Steve Wickham, Clint Schafer, Gary Taylor, Leroy Ewing-Standing- Ken Kirchoff, Steve Wilkinson, Jim Colwell, Bob Wigert, Art Prelle 62Golf-Front Row- Brian Lundy, Dave Swindt, Jess Mullanex, Roger Garwood, Chris Thompson, John Becker, Lerick Johnson, Tim Garwood, Tim Tyler, Chairs and Standing-Mike Hare, Charlie Dingman, Dan Dietrich, Scott Seebohm, Mike Dietrich, Tim Borg, Mark Watson Golfers Win Five Trophies The Alliance Linksters, with Coach Dale Kastens as mentor, drove their way to a successful season with leading scorers Mike Dietrich, Tim Borg, Scott Seebohm, Dan Dietrich, and Mark Watson. The Bulldog's strength proved itself with four straight first place trophies. In the coming season, with the return of four lettermen, the team promises to display much aggressiveness and has a good chance to win a state meet title. Western Nebraska Inv. I North Platte INV. Ilth Sidney Inv. I Gering Inv. I Western Conference I Scottsbluff Inv. I Alliance Inv. 4th Big 10 5th District 2nd State 4th Girls Finish Fifth at First State Meet The girls track team, under Coach Sandy Pilfold, showed a markedly improved season and landed three spots for State competition. Senior Ronda Peterson garnered the state gold metal for the discus. In local meets the girls earned two 4th places and a 5th. Ronda Peterson, Pauline Yeager, and Karen Todd all qualified for the first state girls track meet. The AHS girls finished the state meet with a 5th place. GIRLS TRACK RESULTS Banner County-Alliance High - 5th C. S. College-Alliance High - 4th District- Alliance High - 4th State-Class A Alliance High - 5th Girls Track-Lana Peterson, Robyn Iossi, Rhonda Smith, Jan Wilson, Janice Wilson, Linda Johnson, Standing-Karen Todd, Ronda Peterson, Pauline Yeager, Vickie Jacobs, Lynelle Collins, Coach Pilfold 63Varsity Cheerleaders Carla Sorum, Sally Metz, Becky DeFord, Mary Wacker, Nancy West, Debi Johnson Rah Rah Squads Cheer Faithfully "Let's hear it - Spirit'." That's the way to describe the attitude of these vivacious Varsity and Reserve cheerleaders. Travelling a total of some 3,000 miles throughout the year, these girls followed the AHS athletic teams faithfully, providing inspiring cheers and peppy pom-pom routines to help build and maintain school spirit at AHS. The cheerleaders were rewarded for their efforts by having a good following of pep club members and townspeople to aid in boosing the Bulldogs. Reserve Cheerleaders Carol Peltz, Peg Spencer, Susie Timbers, Lana Peterson 64a human life is like a single letter in the alphabet, it can be meaningless, or it can be part of a great meaning. national planning committee jewish theological seminary of americaSOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President. .. Helen Abbott Vice-President... Rob Kirchner Secretary... Cretchen Todd Treasurer... Mina Drumheller Helen Abbott Rick Adams Marlene Adamson Marilyn Albright Marjorie Andrick Dan Aronson Mark Bennett Mindi Bignell Leonard Bordeaux Scott Bowhay Jim Brandt Dan Brown Sharon Campbell Susie Carr Liz Cole Lynelle Collins Diana Decker Mina Drumheller Dave Essay June Ettle Jack Fester Russell Finkey Scott Finch Glen Flint Jayleen Fortune Doug Foster Ramona Frohman Gina Furley 66Randy Furrow Wyatt Gardner Tim Garwood Jack Girard Allen Goff Linda Gonzales Sally Grant Patty Green Debbie Hain Kyle Hand Heather Heath Rob Herman Ray Hielscher Cheri Hood Robyn Iossi Craig Irish Rita Iron Rope Vicki Jacobs Mark Janicke Eddie Jensen Wayne Jensen Pete Johannes Diane Johnson Doug Johnson Jane Johnson Lerick Johnson Linda Johnson Brad Jordan Pat Juzenas Rob Kirchner John Kooper Carol Kulas Vicki Langmacher Ellen Langner Kathy Lawson Debbie Lewis Lorri Libsack Irene Longacre Brian Lundy Jill Marlatt Mike McDonald Doug Mehring Valinda Mehring Walt Metz Debra Mink Jayne Minnick Daryl Monroe Sue Morgan Max Moscript 67Cathy Paulsen Kerry Petersen Kim Reed Doris Rose Yvonne Ross Jill Moss Jess Mullanix Sandi Nason Gary Nicholson Linda Nielson Rhonda Ogle Myrtle Ostrander Anne Rubeck Sally Schadwinkel Stan Schoenemann Dave Schwindt Linda Seri Tim Smith Marla Spencer Rick Spencer Tim Squibb Marvin Shoop Pepper Shrewsbury Joe Simpson Rhonda Smith SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS-Mr. Neuman and Mrs. Davis 68Elosie Thomas Gretchen Todd Gina Tolstedt Joe Trumble Deb Turchek Tim Tyler Jim Tyndall Rod Underwood Tom Ushio Darrel Vogel Sandy Vogel Vicki Vogel Jo T Jo Bruce Watson Sophomores busy themselves with pre-registration. Linda West Wilma White Crane Linda Whitney Barbara Wilkins Brad Williams Janie Wilson Craig Woods Kathy Worley Jeff Worth Donna Zum 69JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President.. . Cheri Vorovka Vice-President... Pix Vallejo Secretary... Jim Philip Treasurer... Debbie Griffis Junior Class Officers plan another money making project. Bill Ackerman Rick Adamson Randy Baugh John Becker Janet Behm Violet Behm Randy Best Ron Best Julie Bignell Shannon Bixby Tim Borg Mark Bowman Bill Bright Dick Brown Larry Brown 70Bruce Carter Debbie Chadwick Marry Chinnock Ray Chipperfield Sharon Collins Dave Corbett Debbie Curtiss Jean Curtiss Jan Dafney Schuyler Dawn Marvin Dickenson Dan Dietrich C indy Dill Frances Dobry Kay Drabbels John Duran Lynn Dykes Steve Engelhaupt Dennis Fester John Foltz Leo Fowler Anita Fraedrick Robert Francis Linda Freiberger Kathie Fritzler Colleen Fulliton Ed Fulton Dave Furman Deb Gamer Brenda Garrett 71Debbie Griffis Travis Grubbs Rick Guernsey Rayleen Hamond Sherry Hartwig Barb Hashman Phyllis Hashman Linda Hernandez Patty Hood Sherri Jinks Debbie Johnson Mike Johnson Rita Johnston Martin Jones Ron Jones Ken Kirchoff Daryl Krejci Anita Krohn Chris Lawson Debra Lee Gerald Leistritz Bruce Leisy Darrel Leisy Pat Lewis Carol Peltz, Suzie Timbers, and Sherry Hartwig prepare to sell soap for Prom funds. 72Vicki Lewis Sandy Nelson Maser Suzie Mathews T.J. McAndrews Jerre McLaughlin Jeral Merrihew Marcia Miller Steve Mracek Vivian Mundt Deb Nason Dan Nickens Norman Odel Debbie Olson Cash Ostrander Carol Peltz Juniors take oath for County Government Day. 73Rex Perrin Lana Peterson Jim Philip Dennis Powell Prelie W Rick Prettyman Merry Rachetts Gary Rask Clint Schafer Deb Schnell Penny Shrewsbury Delmar Smith Jean Schnell Susan Schommer Kathy Schrimpf Junior Class Sponsors-Mr. McDermott and Mrs. Case. 74Diane Smith Bev Solberg Peggy Spencer Mary Ann Steinman Dwain Sulzback Barb Taylor Carolyn Taylor Gary Taylor Phyllis Taylor Cheryl Thompson Chris Thompson Karen Thomsen Dianne Thome Susie Timbers Tracy Turman David Vogel Steve Vogel Chen Vorovka Tim Wacker Dan Walker Jeanette Watkins Jack Watson Mark Watson Robyn Weisgerber Bill Wemke Scott Whitney Ross Wills Paul Yates Steve Yekel Linda Zillinger 75SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Greg Cover Vice-President . . . Nancy West Secretary . . . Renee Zobel Treasurer . . Nancy Lawrence Senior Class Officers. CHRIS ABBOTT Choir, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, All School Musical, Y-Teen, Orpheum MARIANNE ANDRIN Pep Club, Y-Teens, One-Act Plays, Student Council, Exchange Student from Belgium, Scholastic Contest. JOHN BACON Wrestling, Spud Staff, FFA GEORGIA BATES Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, All School Musical, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. Vice President, Y-Teen Orpheum SCOTT BECKER Basketball, Track, Spud Staff, Hi-Y CHERYL BILLINGS Choir, Pep Club, Girls Track, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, T-Teen Orpheum, D.E.C.A. BILL BOLINGER Wrestling ANITA BORDEAUX Pep Club, Y-Teens, Library Assistant STEVE BOWEN Spud StaffGINGER BOWMAN Choir, Orchestra, Pep Club, Girls Track, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Y-Teen Orpheum, All School Musical, Scholastic Contest. TOM BRANDT Cross Country, Track, Wrestling, Golf, Hi-Y Vice-President, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior and Senior Class Play, One-Acts, Student Council Vice-President, Speech Contest, County Government, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, All School Musical, Orpheum KATHERINE BULLOCK Pep Club, Girl's Track, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Orpheum, D.E.C.A. JESSE CHADWICK Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Cross Country, Golf, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Secretary, Junior Class Play, Y-Teen Orpheum SHERRY CLAPP Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior and Senior Class Play, All School Musical, Y-Teen Orpheum BOB COLE Wrestling TERRI COLLINS Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Spud Staff Co-Editor, Y-Teen Secretary, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Class Play, State Music Clinic, County Government, Y-Teen Orpheum, All School Musical, Thespians JIM COLWELL Choir, Chamber Singers, A-Club, Football, Honorable Mention Western Conference, Track, Wrestling, One-Acts, State Music Clinic, All School Musical, National Honor Society, Scholastic Contest, Y-Teen Orpheum, 3-D Letter CATHIE CONKLIN Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum PAM CORBELL Pep Club, Pep Club Secretary, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A. Treasurer GREG COVER A-Club, Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Senior Class Play, Junior and Senior Class President, Boy's State, Reagents Alternate, National Honor Society, All School Musical, Y-Teen Orpheum MARINA DAFNEY Band, Majorette, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Girl's Track, Y-Teens 77 KAY DECKER Pep Club, Volleyball, Y-Teens BECKY DEFORD Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Varsity Cheerleader, Scholastic Contest Orpheum, Musical TED DEWITT F.F.A. TOM DILL Track, Wrestling, Musical, Choir, Chamber Singers, Double Quartet, A-Club CHARLIE DINCMAN Football, Basketball, Track, golf, A-Club, 3-D Letter, Musical, Orpheum, Hi-Y, Country Government Day DALE DOYLE VICA, Spanish Club MICHELE DUNBAR Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Orchestra, Choir, DECA, Spanish Club ALVIN ERHART Football, Wrestling, Track, A-Club, Musical, Junior Class Play, Spud Staff, Orpheum, German Club, Officer County Government Day SUE ELLIS Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Atchison, Kansas: Junior Class Play, Sophomore and Junior Officer, Queen Attendant, Speech and Debate JULIE ENGEL Pep Club, Choir CHADRON: Choir Pep Club, FBLA, Annual Staff, Musical, Girl's Track LEROY EWING Track, Wrestling DAVID FABER Track, Wrestling, Football, Student Council, German Club 78Mr. Don Crowder congratulates Mary Wacker on her regents scholarship. JULIA FABER German Club, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Junior Class Play, One-Acts, Library Assistant JERRY FESTER Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, V.I.C.A. GEORGE FOSKET REN1TA FRITZLER Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, All School Musical, Girls Track, Girls Glee DEBRA FURLEY Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical, Girls Track, Y-Teen Orpheum, Band, Pep Band, D.E.C.A. JAY GAL YEN 79STEVE GARDINER Football, Honorable Mention West Big Ten, Wrestling, Track, A-Club, A-Club, President, Y-Teen Orpheum, All School Musical, Honorable Mention Western Conference, Pep Club Boyfriend, Weightlifting MONTE GARNER GREG GARRETT V.I.C.A. ROGER GARWOOD A-Club, Cross Country, Track, Golf, Hi-Y, County Government JOYCE GERBER DENNIS GIRARD Band, A-Club, A-Club Sergeant -at- Arms, Crosscountry, Track, Wrestling, Wrestling State Champion MARIO GONZALES Wrestling, Spanish Club, V.I.C.A. JOHN GREEN Football, Wrestling MAURENE GREEN Pep Club, Band, Pep Band, D.E.C.A. JOHN GUERNSEY HAIG HAGIHARA JR. 80MIKE HARE Choir, Golf, Hi-Y, All School Musical TED HARRIS TOM HASMAN F.F.A., Regents Alternate RICH HA SLOW Football, Track, Weightlifting, A-Club, Hi-Y, Y-Teen Orpheum, All School Musical, One Acts, County Government Day, Choir, Double Quartet, Mixed Ensemble MARY HELLYER Choir, Pep Club, State Music Clinic, Y-Teen Orpheum, D.E.C.A., Girls Glee, Junior Class Play DAVID HENDERSON F.F.A., F.F.A. Sentinel, F.F.A. Reporter, Wrestling, Football DOUG HENDERSON Wrestling, F.F.A. Reporter MITCH HERMAN Choir, A-Club, A-Club Secretary-Treasurer, Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, All School Musical SHIRLIE HIPPE Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical SID HOPPER Football, Track, Wrestling, Spud Staff, F.F.A. HESTER HOWARD Choir, Pep Club, Junior and Senior Class Plays, One-Acts, Co-Director of Plays, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic, Thespians, Thespians President, Girls Glee, All School Musical, Y-Teen Orpheum 81HONOR SOCIETY- Front Row- Jim Reddish, Nancy Lorenzini, Nancy Wilcox, Carla Sorum, Mary Tom Brandt, Jim Colwell. Second Row - Wacker, Nancy Lawerence, Janet Pokorski. RICHARD HULQUIST V.I.C.A., DEBRA HULSEBUSCH Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Orpheum JAMES JAQUA Junior Class Play, One-Acts STEVEN JENSEN Spud Staff, Track SHARYL JESSE Girls Glee, Mixed Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical DEBI JOHNSON Orchestra, String Quintet, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, One Acts, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleading, All School Musical, Scholastic Contest 82DIANNE JOHNSON Pep Culb, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, District Speech Contest, Orpheum All-School Muscial LINDA JOHNSON JERENE JOHNSTON Girls Glee, Choir, Choir-Sec. Trea. Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Thespians, Junior Class Play, Musical, Orpheum M.C., Scholastic Contest JOHN KEMPER Spud Staff, Football, Basketball, Musical, German Club DIANNA KOTSCHWAR Volleyball, Volleyball co-captain, track, choir, German Club, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Reserve Cheerleader, Pep Club President, Orpheum, DEC A RICHARD KREBS •i DEBRA LA BARGE DECA, DECA Public Relations, Pep Club, Girls Track, Spud Staff AVA LAMBERT Choir, Chamber Singers, Triple Trio, All-School Musical, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen President, Orpheum, Pep Club BILL LAUGHUN Wrestling NANCY LAWRENCE Band, Pep Band, Girls Glee, Girls Glee Vice-President, Musical, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Soph. Vice President, Student Council, Girls State Alternate, National Honor Society, Senior Class Treasurer BOB LEISY Choir, Football, Track, Wrestling, A-Club, Hi-Y Secretary, FFA, German Club JOYCE LONGACRENANCY LORENZ1NI Thespians, Junior and Senior Class Play, One-Acts, All School Musical, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Y-Teen Orpheum, County Government Day, Chadron Scholastic Contest, National Honor Society, Regents Alternate, German Club, Pep Club SCOTT LYMAN A-Club, Football, All School Musical, Spud Staff, Wrestling, Track, Sophomore Class Treasurer, County Government, Choir, Chamber Singers, Double Quartet, One-Acts, Y-Teen Orpheum, German Club, Weightlifting JANE MATEJKA Pep Club, D.E.C.A., D.E.C.A., Public Relations Director JOHN MATEJKA Choir, All School Musical CINDY McCARROLL JUDY McKINNEY Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Thespians, One-Acts, All School Musical, Junior and Senior Class Play, District Speech Contest, Radio Program Coordinator SALLY METZ Spud Staff, Spud Staff Co-editor, Varsity Cheerleading, County Government, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Pep Club, Y-Teen Orpheum, Scholastic Contest KEN MILLER Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Wrestling MYRON MIX German Club, All School Musical, Hi-Y, Choir, Chamber Singers JEAN MONROE Home Ec Club, D.E.C.A., Y-Teens, All School Musical CHARLES MULLOY F.F.A., Stublemulch Judging, German ClubCHRIS NEUSWANGER Annual Staff, German Club, Junior Class Play, Musical, HI-Y, Orpheum NORMAN NUSS FFA, Stubble Mulch Judging, V1CA German Club BRENT O'BRIEN Choir, German Club, Musical, One-Acts, Spud Staff RICHARD OGLE Football, Wrestling, V1CA TOM PETERSEN Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Orpheum, Junior Class Secretray, A-Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest PAULA PETERSON Band, Pep Club, Pep Club Vice-President, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Junior Class Play, Dance Band RONDA PETERSON Volleyball, Volleyball Captain, Outstanding Senior Volleyball Award, Girls Track, State Discus Champion, Pep Club, Pep Band, German Club, County Government, Orpheum MARY JO PHANEUF Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, Musical, Jr. Class Play, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Vice-President, Y-Teen Cabinet, Orpheum, Band President SCOTT PLANK Football, A-Club, Orpheum, One-Acts, Musical, Track, Choir, Spanish Club, Double Quartet JANET POKORSKI Pep Club, District Speech Contest, Choir President, Choir, Thespians, Thespian Sec. Treas. County Government, German Club, Chamber Singers, Triple Trio, Musical, Jr. Class Play, One-Acts, Orpheum, Senior Class Play, Student Director, National Honor Society. JEAN POTMESIL Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Scholastic Contest, Spud Staff, Art Show (Honorable Mention) 85ANEITA PRENTICE Pep Club, D.E.C.A. TRENT PYLE FFA RONDA RASK Pep Club, Y-Teens, D.E.C.A JIM REDDISH Choir, Chamber Singers, Basketball, Football, National Honor Society, All School Musical, Y-Teen Orpheum, Scholastic Contest DENNIS RIDCLEY Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Wrestling, Regents Alternate, Y-Teen Orpheum LAUNY RINCLEMAN Choir, Wrestling VICKI ROBBINS KATHRYN ROE Choir, Chamber Singers, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Home Ec Vice President, All School Musical DUSTY ROEBUCK Orchestra, F.F.A. LUCILLE ROSE Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, All Sr bool Musical, D.E.C.A., Home Ec Club MILO RUST Choir, Football, Wrestling DAN SANCHEZ Basketball, Football, Junior Class Vice President, Student Council President 86RHONDA SANCHEZ Choir, Pep Club, Girls Track, Y-Teens, DECA, Musical DIANA SANFORD Home Ec Club CONNIE SCHNELL Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, DECA, DECA Secretary PEGGY SCHNELL Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Musical LEROY SERL LLOYD SERL QUILL AND SCROLL-FRONT ROW - Debie Johnson, Mary Wacker, Carla Sorum. SECOND ROW - Terri Collins, Scott Lyman, and Sally Metz, 87JOAN SHANNON Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Girl's Volleyball, Y-Teens, Majorette DALE SHERLOCK Wrestling, F.F.A. DAN SMAHA Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, All School Musical, Junior Class Play, One Acts, Y-Teen Orpheum, Football, Wrestling, Thespians, Weightlifting GEORGE SMITH F.F.A., F.F.A. President GAYLORD SOLBERG Football, Wrestling CARLA SORUM Pep Club, Annual Staff, Annual Editor, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Varsity and Reserve Cheerleading, County Government, Day, Homecoming Queen Attendant, All School Musical, Y-Teen Orpheum, National Honor Society SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS - Miss Fuchs and Mr. Schwetzer. 88Greg Cover and Mary Wacker exchange memories of Girl's State and Boy's State. SANDRA SOTO Pep Club, Y-Teens, Orpheum, Junior Class Play, Girls Glee, Choir, Musical EARL SOWDERS KEN STEINMAN Choir, State Music Clinic, Football JAY STEWART HI-Y, HI-Y State Legislature, Model Legislature Senator, Junior Class Play, One-Acts, District Speech, County Government DEBBIE STRICKER Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, DEC A Home Ec Club, Betty Crocker Homemaker Award JOLENE STAVROPOULOS Choir, Pep Club, Girls Track, Y-Teens 89JAN SUITER Choir, Pep Club, Girls Track, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Orpheum, German Club, DECA LINDA THAYER Choir, Pep Club, Home-Ec Club LINDA THOMAS Band, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, German Club, Musical, Scholastic Contest, District Music Contest MIKE THOMPSON Wrestling, Track, A-Club, Football, Weight Lifting VANCE THOMPSON Annual Staff, One-Act Plays, Bellingham, Wash.: Track, Student Council, Beacon Staff KAREN TODD Choir, Pep Club, Girls Track, Girls Volleyball, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Orpheum, German Club, State Girls Track Meet SUSAN TODD Band, Band Treasurer, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, Pep Club, Orpheum, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Play, State Music Clinic, Hastings Honor Band, Musical DICK TOLSTEDT A-Club, A-Club Vice-President, Football, Track, Wrestling, HI-Y, Student Council, Pep Club Attendant, Musical, Orpheum JANE TRANK Band, Band Vice-President, Orchestra, Dance Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Orpheum, German Club, Musical KONI TSCHACHER Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, German Club RON TUTT Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, A-Club, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Orpheum, Musical ART ULLRICH Choir, Chamber Singers, A-Club, Basketball, Cross Country, HI-Y, Junior Class Play, State Music Clinic, Musical 90GREG UNDERWOOD F.F.A., F.F.A. Vice-President, Land and Stubble Mulch Judging DAVID VOROVKA Annual Staff, Quill G Scorll, Boy's State Alternate, Regents Alternate, Musical, Orpheum, Scholastic Contest MARY WACKER Choir, Orchestra, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleading, Girl's State, (alternate Girls Nation), State Music Clinic, Regents Winner, National Honor Society, German Club, German Club Vice-Pres, Scholastic Contest CHERYL WACKERLE Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Musical GLENDA WARD Pep Club, Y-Teens, Home-Ec Club DON WERNKE Basketball, Hl-Y, One-Acts NANCY WEST Band, Band Officer, Orchestra, Pep Club, Dance Band, Pep Club, Spud, Junior Class Treas., Senior Class Vice-Pres,, Student Council, Varsity Cheerleader, State Music Clinic, Regents Alternate, Musical, Orpheum WENDY WICKHAM Choir, Orchestra, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Home-Ec Club, Musical NANCY WILCOX Pep Club, Orpheum, Thespians, Y-Teens, Homecoming Queen, SAA: Choir, Shield Staff, All-School Plays, Student Council, Class Officer, Reserve Cheerleader, National Honor Society, French Club, Girls State Alt. STEVE WILKINSON Band, Orchestra, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Honorable Mention Big Ten, Honorable Mention Western Conf., Track, Student Council, Pep Club Boyfriend Attendant, Musical, 3-D Letter, Scholastic Contest TIM WILLS FFA, Sentinel JANICE WILSON Pep Club, Chantleader, Girls Track, Junior Class Play, One- Acts, Musical Orpheum 91Debbie Strieker shows the skill that won her the Betty Crocker HomeMaker award. BRIAN WITT DIXIE WOOD Girls Track, Girls Glee, Pep Club, Pep Club Treasurer, Y-Teens, Oipheum, Scholastic Contest, Choir JACQUELINE WYCKOFF Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, One-Acts, Musical, Thespians, Orpheum c —- MONTE ZILLINCER One-Act Plays RENEE ZOBEL Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Senior Class Secretary, Orpheum, German Club STEVE ZURN Choir, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Western Conference Honorable Mention, Honorable Mention West Big Ten, Track, Spud Staff, County Government 92some men see things as they are and say, why. i dream things that never were and say, why not. robert f. kennedy1971 Pep Club Formal Royalty Dick Tolstedt Pam Corbell Dianna Kotschwar Boyfriend Steve Gardiner Paula Peterson Steve WilkinsonWhere has time flown? It's funny, I can still remember my first day of kindergarten. I really thought I was a privileged character, walking to school alone, armed with new saddle oxfords and crayons. And now my senior year is over. I can't believe it! All year I've had "senioritis", counting the weeks, days, and finally hours until the last day. But now that it's here, I have an empty feeling to think that so many happy-sad experiences are behind me. It has really made me think, and I've realized that all through these growing years, I've had to be an individual. If I wanted to achieve, I had to explore and challenge and be willing to become involved. And isn't this what life's all about? Maybe that's why I'm excited even though I'm sentimental. Sure, it awes me to think that from now on I'm on my own, but I'm not afraid to plunge into life! Maybe it's because I've learned how to live...INDEX ADMINISTRATION Cedarface, Reginald 15 Crowder, Don 15. S6 Duryea, Bob IS Peterson, Martin 14 Podraza, Bill IS. 43 BOARD OF EDUCATION Cover, J.W. Jr. 14 Jiggers, Dp Richard 14 Olson, Dr. Raymond 14 Sorum, Keith 14 Stephens, Lyle 14 Wiseman, Howard 14 CUSTODIANS Bright, A1 17 Cana, Cuadalup 17 Rcinmuth, Bud 17 Roebuck, Robert 17 PERSONNEL Bloom, Dixie 17 Brendenkamp, Judy 17 Dietrich, Barbara 17 Harris, Janice 17 McLean, Mavis 16 Merritt, Thelma 17 FACULTY Ashley, Robert 19,28,44,96 Becker, Bernard 18 Bibbey, Thomas 28, 52 Blomenkamp, Boyd 29, 48, 55, 58 Briggs, Vera 21 Case, Linda 18, 74 Christensen, Ellen 20,45 Clark, Donald 19 Davis, Jeraldine 18,68 Decpe, Lamar 28 Fricke, Craig 18, 45 Fuchs, Christine 50,88 Furman, Willis 20, 45 Gardner, Jerry 25 Glarum, Juanita 27,42 Hartman, Leonard 22 Hawk, James 22 Fiovorka, Thomas 20 Hastens, Dale 48 Kennedy, Jack 27 Kullbohm, Jan 21 Marchant, Bill 25 McDermott, James 22, 74 Morris, Bob 29, 48, 57 Neergard, William 28,56 Nelson, Byron 25 Neuman, Lyle 20, 55, 68 Petersen, Eunice 19,42 Petersen, Fred 25 Pilfold, Sandra 29,59,65 Polyakov, Ivan 21 Pool, Annette 27 Roc key, Bruce 26 Rowbotham, Juliet 28 Schweitzer, Phillip 20,88 Sherlock, Lonie 26,46 Stewart, Betty 24 Sutter, Marie 24 Yost, Larry 25, 52 Ware, Kenneth 47 STUiatNTS Abbott, Chris 56,52,76 Abbott, Helen 66 Ackerman, Bill 70 Adams, Rick 58,66 Adamson, Leonard Adamson, Marlene 66 Adamson, Rick 70 Albright, Marilyn 66 Allen, Sherry Andrick, Marjorie 66 Andrin, Marianne 66 Aronson, Dan 66 Bacon, John 76 Barnett, Michael Barnett, Steve Bates, Georgia 52,46,76,120 Baugh, Randy 57,70 Becker, John 52 , 58,65,7 Becker, Scott 57, 76 Behm, Janet 52, 70 Behm, Violet 70 Bennett, Mark 55, 55,66 Best, Randy 70 Best, Ron 52, 55, 70 Bignell, Julie 55,42,4S, 70 Bignell, Mindi 66 Billings, Cheryl 76,102, 110 Bixby, Shannon 70 Blumanthal, Robert Bolek, Rick Bolinger, Bill 76 Bordeaux, Anita 76, 102 Borg, Tim 55,57,65 Bowhay, Scott 52,58,66 Bowen, Steve 76 Bowman, Ginger 77 Bowman, Mark 52, 70, 77 Brandt, Jim 45, 55,66 Brandt, Tom 59, 77,82,107,110 Bright, Bill 45, 52, 70 Brown, Dan 60,66 Brown, Dick 52,60,70 Brown, Larry 70 Bullock, Kathy 77 Callan, Randy Campbell, Sharon 66 Carr, Susie 66 Carter, Bruce 71 Chadwick, Debbie 52,71 Chadwick, Jessie 77 Chceny, Myra Chinnock, Mary 52,55,71 Chipperfield, Raymond 54, 55, 71 Clapp, Sherry 57,77 Cole, Bob 77 Cole, Ed Cole, Elizabeth 66 Collins, Lynelle 57,65,66,95 Collins, Sharon 71 Collins, Terri 56,57,42,44,77,87 Colwell, Jim 56,48,52,60,77,82,121 Conklin, Cathie 77 Corbell, Pam 77,46,96 Corbett, Dave 71,44 Cotes, Danny Cover, Greg 52,76,77,82,89,122 Cullwcll, Michele Cunningham, Jim Curtiss, Debbie 52,71 Curtiss, Jean 52,42,59,71 Dafney, Jan 71 Dafney, Marina 52,54,77,46,118 Dawn, Schuyler 52, 71 Decker, Diana 66 Decker, Kay 78, 126 DcFord, Becky 56,64 , 78 DeWitt, Led 78 Dickenson, Marvin 47,71 Dietrich, Dan 58,65, 71 Dill, Cindy 71 Dill, Tom 60,78 Dingman, Charlie 52, 56,57,65, 78, 111 Ditsch, Bob Ditsh, Peter Dobry, Frances 71 Doyle, Dale 78 Drabbcls, Kay 55, 55, 71 Drumheller, Mina 66 Dunbar, Michele 46,78 Duran, John 71 Duran, Manuel Duval, Dave 52 Dykes, Lynn 71 Erhart, Alvin 52, 78, 104 Ellis, Sue 78 Engel, Julie 57, 78 Engelhaupt, Steve 71 Essay, Dave 55,58,66 Ettle, June 40,66 Ewing, Leroy 61,78,106 Faber, Dave 78,118 Faber, Julia 79 Fester, Dennis 71 Fester, Jack 66 Fester, Jerry 55, 55, 79 Finch, Scott 66 Finkey, Russell 66 Fletcher, Tom 61 Flint, Clcn 66 Flood, Steve Foltz, John 71 Fonder, David Fortune, Jaylene 59,66 Fosket, George 79 Foster, Robert 66 Fowler, Leo 71 Fraedrick, Anita 71 Francis, Robert 60, 71 Freiberger, Linda 56,57,71 Fritzler, Kathie 71 Fritzler, Renita 79 Frohman, Larry Frohman, Ramona 52,66 Fulliton, Colleen 71 Fulliton, Russell Fulton, Ed 71 Furlcy, Debbie 66, 79 Furley, Gina Furman, Dave 71 Furrow, Randy 67 Gaylen, Norman 79 Gardiner, Steve 48,52,80,96 Gardner, Wyatt 67,80 Gamier, Ann Garner, Deb 71 Garner, Monte Garrett, Brenda 55, 59, 71 Garrett, Greg 80 Garwood, Roger 55,65,80 Garwood, Tim 52,55,65,67 Gerber, Joyce 80 Girard, Dennis 4, 55, 48, 55,60, 80 Girard, Jack 52,55,60,67 Coff, Allen 52, 58,67 Gonzales, Linda 67 Gonzales, Maria 80 Grant, Sally 67 Green, John 60,80 Green, Maurene 52, 80, 110 Green, Pat 67 Criffis, Debbie 70, 72 Grubbs, Travis 72 Guernsey, John 80 Guernsey, Rick 72 Fiagahara, Haig 80 Hain, Debbie 52, 56,57,67 Hamond, Rayleen 72 Hand, Kyle 55,48, 52,56, 57,67 Hare, Mike 65, 81, 124 Harris, Dean 81 Harris, Ted 81 Hartwig, Sherry 72, 75 Hashman, Barb 72 Hashman, Phyllis Hashman, Tom 81 Haslow, Rich 56 , 55,81 Haswell, Steve Heath, Heather 59,67 Hcllycr, Mary 81 Henderson, Dave 47, 81 Flenderson, Doug 47, 81 Herman, Mitch 56 , 48 , 52,81 Herman, Rob 55,67 Hernandez, Linda 72 Hernandez, Mike Hclscher, Ray 55,67 Hippe, Shirlie 57,81 Hood, Cheri 67 Hood, Patty 72 Hooper, Sid 81 Howard, Hester 59, 40,81 Fioward, Horace Hulquist, Richard 82 Hulsebusch, Deb 82 Iossi, Robyn 55,65,67 Irish, Craig 55,67 Iron Rope, Rita 67 Jacobs, Vickie 67,65 Janicke, Mark 67 Jaqua, Jim 82 Jensen, Eddie 67 Jensen, Randy 57 Jensen, Steve 82 Jensen, Wayne 52 , 58,67 Jesse, Sharyl 82 Jinks, Sherri 52, 72 Johannes, Pete 36, 37, 53, 58,67 Johnson, Debi 40, 42, 45, 64, 82, 87 Johnson, Debbie 72 Johnson, Diana 33,67 Johnson, Dianne 42,83 Johnson Doug 67 Johnson, Jane 67 Johnson, Ierick63,67 Johnson, Linda 63,67 Johnson, Linda 83 Johnson, lisa Johnson, Marie Johnson, Mike 72 Johnson, Ted Johnston, Jerene 10,56,37,42,83 Johnston, Rita 72 Jones, Martin 72 Jones, Ron 53,61,72 Jordan, Brad 53,67 Juzcnas, Patty 67 Kemper, John 56,83, 121 King, Janet Kirchoff, Ken 53, 72 Kirchner, Rob 55,67 Kirchner, Sandy 32, 33, 59 100INDEX Kooper, John S3,61,67 Koozer, Alan Kotschwar, Dianna 59,83,96 Krebs, Randy Krebs, Richard 83 Krcjci, Daryl 45,52, 72 Krohn, Anita 43,72 Kulas, Carol 67 I.aBarge, Deb 46,83 Lambert, Ava 36,37,42,83 Langmacher, Vicki 37,67 Langner, Ellen 67 Laughlin, Bill 83 Lawrence, Nancy 76,82, 83 Lawrenz, Dale 36 Lawrenz, Mike Lawrenz, Steve 37 Lawson, Claris 72 Lawson, Cathy 42,67 Lee, Deb 32,34,42,72 Leistritz, Gerald 72 IjCisy, Bob 36,60,83, 107 Leisy, Bruce 61,72 Leisy, Darrel 37,72 Leisy, Delbert 36 Lewis, Debbie 67 Lewis, Pat 72 Lewis, Vicki 73 Libsack, Lorrie 67 Little, Gus Longacre, Irene 67 Longacre, Joyce 83 Lorenzini, Nancy 42, 82, 84 Lulow, Bob Lundy, Brian 63,67 Lyman, Scott 30,36 , 52,84,87 Marlatt, Jill 36 , 37, 38,67 Marsh, David Maser, Sandy Nelson 73 Maser, Mark Matcjka, Jane 84 Matejka, John 84 Mathews, Susi 73 McAndrews, T.J 36 , 37, 73 Me Carroll, Cindy 84 McCarcken, Jerry McCune, Pat McDonald, Jim 60 McDonald, Mike 33,67 McKinney, Judy 40, 84 McLaughlin, Jerre 73 Medina, Laura 32 Mehring, Doug 67 Mehring, Va Linda 67 Meng, Clarence Merrihew, Jeral 37,73 Metz, Sally 44,64,84,87,94 Metz, Walter 52, 58,67 Miller, Ken 61,84 Miller Libby Miller, Marcia 36 , 37,73 Mink, Debra 37,67 Minnlck, Jayne 32,37,67 Mix, Myron 84 Monroe, Bill Monroe, Daryl 67 Monroe, Jean J 0, 84, 123,126 Moores, Cheryl 33 Morgan, Rusty 39, 40 Morgan, Sue 67 Moscrip, Jerry Moscrip, Max 67 Moss, Jack 5S,61 Moss, Jill 44,68 Mracck, Steve 73 Mullanix, Jess 33,63,68 Mulloy, Charles 84 Mundt, Vivian 73 Nason, Deb 73 Nason, Lee Nason, Sandi 68 Nelson, Sandy 45, 85 Neuswanger, Chris 68 Nicholson, Gary' 68 Nickens, Dan 73 Nielson, Linda 36 , 37,68 Nuss, Norman 85 O'Brien, Brent 85 Odell, Norman 73 Ogle, Rhonda 33,68, 114 Ogle, Richard 8S Olson, Deb 32,33,36,37,42,73 Orr, Cindy Ostrander, Cash 73 Ostrander, Myrtle 68 Palmer, Ron Patomauphong, Sanu Paulsen, Cathy 36 , 37,68 Peltz, Carol 32, 34,53,64,73 Perrin, Rex 74, 114 Peters, Lavem Petersen, Kerry 68 Petersen, Tom 55,85 Peterson, Lana 32, 34,63,64,59,74 Peterson, Paula 33,85,96, 110 Peterson, Ronda 32,59,63, SS Phaneuf, Mary- Jo 32, 33, 34, 30, 42, 85 Philip, Jim 70, 74 Picket Pin, Isaac Plank, Scott 36, 52,85 Pokorski, Janet 36, 37,40,82,85 Potmesil, Jean 18,42,85 Powell, Dennis 74 Prentice, Anita 86 Peiss, Kenny Prelle, Art Prelle, Nancy 74 Prettyman, Rick 74 Pyle, Kevin Pyle, Trent 86 Rachetts, Merry 74 Rask, Gary 36,52,61,74 Rask, Rhonda 86 Reddish, Jim 36 , 37, 57,82 , 86 Reed, Kim 33,68 Reno, Greg Requejo, Rudy Ridgley, Dennis 33,61,86 Ringleman, I auny 60, S6 Ringleman, Steve Rivera, Myla Robbins, Vicki 37, 86 Roe, Kathy 37, 50,86 Roebuck, Dusty 86 Roebuck, Melody Rose, Doris 68 Rose, Lucille 86 Ross, Yvonne 68 Rubeck, Anne 68 Rust, Milo 36,60,86 Sanchez, Dan 57,86 Sanchez, Manuel Sanchez, Mario Sanchez, Rhonda 87 Sanchez, Victor Sanford, Diana 87 Schadwinkel, Sally 32,59,68 Schafer, Clint 32,36,38, 74 Schimdt, Leon Schnell, Connie 46,87 Schnell, Deb 30, 74 Schnell, Jean 74 Schnell, Peggy 33,42,87 Schocncmann, Stan 57,68 Schommer, Susan 35,42,74 Schrimpf, Kathy 45, 74 Schwindt, David 63,68 Seeboh, Scott 32 , 36 , 57,63,74 Seri, LeRoy 87 Seri, Linda 68 Seri, Lloyd 87 Shannon, Don Shannon, Joan 88 Shannon, Mike 74, 107 Shaw, Ellarae 74 Sherlock, Dale 61,88 Shires, Dorothy 45, 50, 74 Shoop, Marvin 68 Shores, Bill Shresbury, Penny 33,68 Shrewsbury, Pepper 33,68 Simpson, Joe 68 Simpson, Nancy Smaha, Dan 33,35,39,88,108 Smith, Delmar 74 Smith, Diane 32, 33, 34,42,75 Smith, Don 60 Smith, George 47,88 Smith, Rhonda 32,43,49,63,68 Smith, Timothy 68 Solberg, Bev 32, 35, 59, 75 Solberg, Gaylord 88 Sonncnburg, Sharon 33, 35, 36, 37 Sorum, Carla 8,42,45,64,82,88,94 Soto, Sandra 89 Sowders, Earl 89 Spencer, Marla 36 , 37,68 Spencer, Peg 64, 75 Spencer, Richard 53,58,68 Squibb, Tim 53,68 Stanton, Arthur Steinman, Ken 89 Stcinman, Mary Ann 75 Stewart, Jay 89 Stone, Elaine 68 Stone, Steve 37,68 Stravopoulos, Jolenc 89 Stravopoulos, Paul 33,60,68 Strieker, Deb 89,92 Sutier, Jan 90 Sulzaback, Dwain 75 Summers, Steve 53,58 Taylor, Barb 35, 75 Taylor, Carolyn 75 Taylor, Gary 75 Taylor, Phyllis 75 Thayer, Connie 68 Thayer, Linda 90 Thomas, Eloise 69 Thomas, Linda 33, 35,90 Thompson, Cheryl 75 Thompson, Chris 57,63,75 Thompson, Mike 90 Thompson, Vance 90 Thomsen, Karen 75 Thome, Dianne 75 Timbers, Suzie 32,64,73,75 Todd, Gretchen 33,35,59,66,69 Todd, Karen 36,42,44,63,90 Todd, Susan 33, 35,42,90 Tolstedt, Dick 4,43,48, 52,60,90,96 Tolstedt, Gina 69 Trank, Jane 32, 33,34,90 Trumblc, Joe 79 Tschacher, Koni 90,108 Turchek, Debra 33,40,69 Turman, Tracy 53, 75 Tutt, Ron 33, 35, 48, 55, 57, 90 Tyler, Tim 36, 37, 58,63,69 Tyndall, Jim 69 Ullrich, Art 36, 37,55,90 Underwood, Greg 91,97 Underwood, Rod 69 Ushio, Tom 53,69,161 Vallejo, Mike 33, 52 Vallejo, Pix 43,70 Vogel, Darrel 61,69 Vogel, Dave 58, 75 Vogel, Sandy 69 Vogel, Steve 75 Vogel, Vicki 69 Vorovka, Cheri 42,45, 70, 75 Worovka, David 45,91 Wacker, Jon 33, 36 , 37,45,69,97 Wacker, Mary 42, 45, 64, 79, 82, 87, 89 91 Wacker, Tim 61,75 Wackerlc, Cheryl 91 Wagner, Tom 69 Walker, Dan 57, 75 Walker, Judy Walker, Peggy Walker, Vickie War Bonnet, Floyd Ward, Glenda 91 Ward, Joyce 69 Ward, Ron 36 Watkins, Jeanette 36, 37,42,75 Watson, Bruce 52,69 Watson, Jack 75 Watson, Mark 52,63, 75 Wcmke, Bill 32, 75 Wemke, Don 71 Weisgert er, Robyn 75 Weisgerber, Terry West, Linda 69 West, Nancy 32, 33, 43,64, 76, 91 Whitccrane, Wilma 69 Whitney, Linda 69 Whitney, Scott 47, 75 Wickham, Rick Wickham, Wendy 34 , 35, 36 , 37,91 Wilcox, Nancy 82, 91,84,118 Wilkins, Barbara 34,69 Wilkinson, Steve 43, 52, 56, 57, 91,96 Williwams, Bradley 69 Wills, Dennis 97,121 Wills, Ross 75 Wills, Tim 91 Wilson, Janice 63 Wilson, Janie 63,69, 91 Wirth, Duane Witt, Brian 92 Witt, Debbie Wood, Bill 39 Wood, Dixie 92,96 Woods, Craig 69,61 Worley, Kathy 69 Worth, Jeff 69 Wyckoff, Jackie 37, 39,91 Yates, Paul 75 Yokel, Steve 75 Zillinger, I inda 75 Ziltinger, Monte 92 Zimmerman, Roy 53,61 Zobel, Renee 76,92 Zurn, Donna 69 Zurn, Steve 53, 56, 57,92 101BULLDOG BOOSTERS ALLIANCE CLEANERS ALLIANCE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSN. 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Drive Up Window GENE'S PHARMACY Bob Leisy Mr. Vejraska Tom Brandt KIRT SMITH AND REUBEN WERNKE Sales Representative Personal and Business Insurance SMITTY HALLER SERVICE wheel alignment tire balance brake repair tune -ups Alliance, Nebr. phone 762-1355vuiu;' Koni Tschacher Psychedelic Fun DAFFY DILLS For the Best In Entertainment ALLIANCE THEATRE Kay Decker Kathy Schrimpf For the finest in Home Furnishings JENSEN'S FURNITURE Dan Smaha Mr. Jensen Leroy Ewing 108V S) SAFEWAY NOT THE ONLY DISCOUNT STORE........ JUST THE BEST! ALLIANCE TELEPHONE FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO. ANSWERING SERVICE Case Massey-Ferguson Brillion-Barnes 704 Toluca 762-5110 Crust Buster MARJORIE S. HEWITT . Flex -King Calkins A Schafer (4) West 3rd Street 762-5000 i Alliance, Nebraska KANSAS-NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS CO. CARPET CLEANING INTERIOR DECORATING CERAMIC TILE DRAPERIES LINOLEUM CARPETS PAINT 723 Flack Avenue 762-4488 JOHNSON PELTZ INC. 109Maurene Green Paula Peterson L.B. MURPHY WE CLOTHE THE FAMILY ALLIANCE READY-MIX COMPANY Concrete at its Best! 762-3236 East 3rd IRON MAN INDUSTRIES Quality Printing Reasonable Prices ASK US ABOUT YOUR NEXT JOB 512 Black Hills Ave. Alliance Everything from A to Z BILL NORMA'S HOBBY SHOP Cheryl Billings Mr. Bill Prall Mrs. Norma Prall Western Ranch Sales G Management Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota SEE - CALL - OR WRITE NORTHERN PLAINS LAND CATTLE AGENCY P. O. Drawer 760 Dial 762-3155 Alliance, Nebraska Congratulations to the Class of '72 ALLIANCE RAMBLER JEEP CO. Engelhaupt Bros. 324 E. 3rd Street 762-1300 110KURL N' SWIRL P SWEETBRIAR " Junior Petite Beauty Shop Misses' Fashions 119 E. 4th 762-2771 313 Box Butte 763-2383 y T TRI-STATE SUPPLY RHOADS EXCLUSIVE APPAREL for WOMEN, JUNIORS and MISSES Alliance, Nebraska FOR ALL YOUR FARM AND RANCH NEEDS West Third 762-5300 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA FURMAN'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Lane Cedar Chests 203 W. 3rd Alliance, Nebr. 1 1 1MODE O'DAY We Feature -California Fashions 312 Box Butte Alliance, Nebr. PARK HILL BEAUTY SHOP Good Luck to the Class of '72 1012 Yellowstone ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY "Gifts and flowers for Every Occasion" 322 Box Butte 762-8910 CLASS RINGS WILLIAMS JEWELERS R. L. (Bob) Williams 762-4525 317 Box Butte Ave Alliance, Nebraska Jolene Stravopulos Mrs. Furley Now is the time to shop at HOLSTEN'S REXALL DRUG 316 Box Butte Avenue 762-1150 112WESTERN BEAUTY SHOP congratulations to the class of 72 116 West 4th 762-2451 PANHANDLE RURAL ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATION Mr. Chipperfield CHIPS CONOCO 113STOP AND SEE US AT THE Dairy Queen Highway 385 North Featuring lb. Hamburger Fresh Pizza GRANDVIEW STORE "To Serve You Is Our Pleasure" « COY AND WINIFRED RICE, Owners 636 East 7th NORTHWESTERN BELL Chicken Shrimp A cold drink or a TEEN LINES ARE EXCELLENT FOR THOSE PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS Complete Meal Call 762-2700 For Details PERRIN REFRIGERATION Rhonda Ogle Nancy Hielscher Rex Perrin 114 fry X " SeWice,a€rnplet A| 5 TES-LANDA 0 FUNERAL HOME GREEN S FLOOR COVERING Floor Covering Draperies Linoleum Carpet Cleaning Wallpaper 315 Laramie 762-2945 SANFORD MOVING Local and Long Distance Wayne Sanford 1020 West Tenth Owner 762-1755 762-3564 123 Platte TODD'S BODY AND FRAME SHOP- 620 Flack Avenue 115Root Beer, Pizzas, and other Good Eats A W DRIVE-IN 116PODHAISKY JACK'S INSURANCE AGENCY EAST THIRD "Your Protection is TEXACO Our Best Policy" 904 East Third 762-5321 Alliance Alliance Alliance's Newest Dining Room . . . Come as you are! DELUXE RADIATOR SERVICE DON'S CAFE Repairing 218 West Third Street Recording Alliance, Nebraska Cleaning Elwyn and Billie Todd JERRY HOOD Dial 762-9928 504 Flack Alliance PELTZ CONSTRUCTION AND STEEL BUILDING Modern Stran-Steel Buildings Custom Home Builders 1016 Flack Alliance, Nebraska 762-1768 MBZ REPAIR BUCHFINCK LOANS 1st and Howard Loans, Real Estate, Abstracting G Insurance Alliance, Nebraska 214 W. 3rd Alliance, Nebr. ATT Dave zininger d— — y 117IT PAYS TO BELONG Woolworflv GEORGE VOROVKA Sales Supervisor CORNHUSKER MOTOR CLUB MOTOR CLUB INSURANCE ASSOC. 1604 Emerson Alliance, Nebr. Phone: 762-1288 "Best of Luck to the Class of '72' SHAD'S BAKERY 314 Box Butte GREGORY S INC. "Insurance Alone Is Our Business" A.H. JONES HATCH DRUG 118ARTIC CIRCLE- "Good Food in a Hurry" 301 EAST 3rd 119ALLIANCE BEAUTY COLLEGE Highest Quality Done for Less NEIL'S TRUCKING SERVICE AND NEIL'S AUTO AND TRUCK WASH 224? Box Butte 762-5240 414 Black Hills 762-3310 Mrs. Wiseman Georgia Bates HOWARD'S LENLA'S JACK W. SONNENBERG 619 Box Butte Alliance, Nebraska BANKERS LIFE NEBRASKA Office 762-3558 Residence 762-3620 CENTuRIAN auf 120John Kemper Jim Colwell Dennis Wills WORLEY STUDIO 121 aitacMA FOODS, INC. MANDELBERG'S Mandelberg's Balanced Engines 311 West 3rd Street 762-1516 Kawasaki-Amphicat-Ski. Doo-BMW SALES - SERVICE Automotive tune-up Repair ALLIANCE MOTORS UNLIMITED We Have "A Better Idea" COVER-JONES MOTOR CO. 1024 Flack Ave. 762-3480 Alliance, Nebr. Greg Cover Harland O. Johnson Manager ft enneuf iA AVC FIRQT nilil ITV ™ ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY 122Alliance Railroad Employees Credit Union Mr. Wingstad Jean Monroe Delicious Treats in a Friendly Atmosphere DENNON'S ZESTO 123ALLIANCE LUMBER CO. YOUR FRIENDLY YARD 762-3274 1020 W. 3rd Alliance HOFMANN ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL WIRING ROE A. FABER 523 Black Hills Alliance 762-3456 ALLIANCE COUNTRY CLUB Mike Hare Mr. Hare ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK AUCTION COMPANY 124PRAIRIE STATES RANCH CUSTOM CATTLE FEEDER Alliance, Nebraska STICKNEY'S Auto Equipment and Supplies Uniroyal Tires RCA Color TV Home Entertainment Products Whirlpool Appliances 217 West 3rd 762-1857 125 THE FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE Alliance, Nebraska 307 Box Butte 762-2061Kay Decker DECKER'S FOOD CENTER Mr. Monroe DELITE BAKERY Jean Monroe 126YOU'VE got a lot to live FRY BROTHERS SHOP Blacksmith and Welding PEQCOLA 91 1 Willampt+p PEPSI'S got a lot to j 762-2946 Alliance give cll vvHlaiiiciic CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 72 F M BOOTERY BOS Box Butte 762-1132 127

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