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 . Dialogue — The All Important Key From Ideas Dialogue is the spar| which ignites the campus life of any institution of learning. Modular Scheduling individualizes the dialogue of A.H.S. There are sparkling “Chitchats" and lively "bull-sessions.” Students sound off "loud and clear" in meaningful and informative class discussions. This interaction triggers the free-flowing spirit of learning and thought from books to faculty and student. Stimulating materials are presented to the students in small groups. These materials prompt the students’ individual application of ideas for reception or rejection. Thay’re sounding off in a lively gab test. v 2to Self-Expression Some say it with pictures. Nature influences self-expression. Wind Handicaps friendly chats. TABLE OF CONTENTS Campus Highlights.....................6 Faculty and Curriculum...............16 Sports...............................34 Music and Drama......................50 Organizations........................56 Seniors..............................69 Juniors..............................84 Sophomores...........................90 Freshmen.............................94 Index................................98 Ads.................................101 3“Get your finger off my final copy!" “Anything you say, coach!" 4Putting heads together paves the way. Now and then those books talk back. Student Life Is Styled by Printed and Oral Words "The printed word” of student publication plays an important role in the AHS scene. “Lively discussions" give students an opportunity to speak out on matters concerning them. "Pep talks and decisions" cement action on the athletic field or court. "A persuasive smile" doesn't hinder popularity and a social life. ‘‘Who ’ new!”Co-Curricular Events Spur High-Spirited Dialogue During the first day of school there was a rush and grab for schedules and hurried greetings between friends. Changing schedules became the next order of the day and a long line formed in front of the principal's office. After settling down to a slow rumble and busy schedules became routine, one found the spotlight often focused on extracurricular events. Fall brought the Homecoming game with North Platte. The gayly decorated halls gave an extra boost to the high spirits of the student body. Climaxing the fanfare of events was the election of Barb Metz as Homecoming Queen. Adding to all the excitement of the year was the selection of class rings by the juniors. ‘Where have you been all summer?" “Oh, brother! look at this schedule." “You’ve got to be kidding — size 10!" 6mm I 1 969 Homecoming Royalty: Barb Powell, First Attendant; Barb Metz, Homecoming Queen; Andrea Abbott, Second Attendant. Homecoming decorations are given the 'once-over.’ 7She’s unbelievably idiotic! Drama Introduces Students to New World The junior class opened the AHS dramatic season with the presentation of Mary Chase's “Harvey.” The comedy was an audience pleaser and drew a large crowd. “Brigadoon,” the all school musical, was a delightful experience for both audience and students. Students displayed their talents in singing and acting. Thespian one acts were selected and directed by its members. The final production found the Thespians presenting "The Stolen Prince," "Was It Heaven or Hell?” and "Impromptu." The “Harvey” cast beams about its play. It pays to sweet-talk the boss. 8“The Stolen Prince’1 was a barrel of laughs. “Impromptu” was chosen as best of the one-act plays.Pep Club Formal royalty includes Dave Best, Attendant; Janet Garwood, Secretary; Marilyn King, President; Jon Schommer, Pep Club Boyfriend; Karen Christensen, Vice-President; Pat Edwards, Attendant. Couples merrily dance about huge Christmas tree centerpiece at Pep Club Formal. 10Sandy Homrighausen and John Ullrich look at Pep Club Formal gifts. Francie Bright and Bruce Toline rehearse for Orpheum as Marilyn Dill looks on. Holiday Spirit Lingers Into New Decade Although the snow fell in October, but was missing in December, the holiday spirit still drifted into the corridors of AHS. The two magic months, December and January, contained many hours in days of fun and entertainment. Sports events, concerts, the Y-Teen Orpheum, and the annual Pep Club Formal highlighted the activities. “An Old-Fashioned Christmas” was the theme of the Pep Club Formal. Eminent was the huge Christmas tree centerpiece and the freshman elf servants. Decked out in formal attire, the many students and faculty members enjoyed an evening of entertainment. A new decade was ushered in with 1 970 and along came the snow. The Y-Teen Orpheum centered around “Doing Our Own Thing” was presented and the A-Club sponsored the comical Harlem Travelers basketball team to round out the two wintry months. Deb Kramer warms up for radio program. IICampus Scene Includes ‘Off Guard’ Moments School just wouldn't be school without an occasional spurt of “goofing off” or periods of real contemplation. Commotion in the halls at each mod break offers a chance to exchange greetings amid that rush to the next class. Weather often presents a change in student activity. There is always ample opportunity for pushing cars out of drifts or for taking advantage of the slick snow as a legitimate excuse for being late. Here are captured some of those "off guard,” impromptu moments so typical of the AHS scene. It’s time out for a "funny.” There’s always time for talk. Dialogue in the halls involves many subjects. 13Graduation Terminates Hectic Schedule Recollecting — their first days in high school . . . those many, many nights of study . . . the agony of defeat . . . the ecstasy of triumph . . . the final realization of a close in the high school career comes for the AHS class of '70. Spring is filled with numerous activities centered about senior students. The annual Y-Teen Senior dinner and Junior-Senior Prom round out the busy schedule. It is at Honors Convocation when students expect certain honors and appreciate them, but often the unexpected ones bring on an added measure of happiness. A variety of awards are offered for excellence in diverse fields. That final march down the aisle with "pomp and circumstance” signals the finale of graduation ceremonies. Commencement marks the beginning of a new life in a world of challenges, colleges, and careers. Administrators ore pleased to present those coveted diplomas. 1970 Seniors face new horizons. 14ACADEMICS Encourage Dialogue Via the Printed WordAdministration Enriches Curriculum Content Behind every school system is a School Board and Superintendent attempting to provide the best available education for the entire student body. This year the administration has concentrated on offering a comprehensive education which is both academically and vocationally sound. The administration provides a broad curriculum so that individuals can find their own particular interests. The school has succeeded in maintaining AA academic standards; now their goal is to attain the same vocational recognition. This innovative, yet practical, approach at all levels of AHS administration has provided success. This same future-oriented spirit should prove even more gratifying in years to come. Superintendent: Dr. Stanley Wilcox Board of Education: Mr. Richard Jaggers; Secretary Mr. Keith Sorum; Vice-President Mr. John Cover, Jr.; President Mr. Howard Wiseman; Mr. Lyle Stephens and Mr. Jack Mowder. 16Guidance Counselors Mrs. Phyllis Neuswarger and Mr. William Dreyer. Principal: Mr. Leslie T. Chamberlin. Assistant Principals: Mr. Larry Grosshans and Mr. Don Crowder. Grosshans Assumes New Principal Post Secondary school administrators faced new problems and situations this year when they shortened the mods from 20 minutes to 1 3 minutes. All classes were structured for at least two mods. The student center became a study hall and a supervisor, Mr. Kosmicki, was hired. Solved among the situations and problems was the adoption of the new dress code brought about by suggestions of the student council and other students. Mr. Don Crowder was moved from assistant principal in the North Building to that position in the South Building. Coach Grosshans left his post as biology teacher to become the assistant principal in the North Building. 17School Personnel Keeps AHS Coordinated A big part of our school involves several people with the job of “holding down the fort.1' These active people are the variant personnel who, with their specialized jobs, help maintain a co-ordinated school system. In the offices of the north and south buildings the secretaries are always available to meet any problem or know where to send one to get the answer. Para-professionals in the three resource centers help students find materials and assist teachers in many ways. Thanks to the cafeteria staff a nourishing hot lunch is provided at noon. The school nurse makes sure all people in school are healthy with her annual check of weight, eyes, and teeth. The custodians keep the school clean and maintain the facilities. Para-professionals: Mrs. Linnien Messersmith, Mrs. Sandra Brungard, Mrs. Mavis McLean. School Secretaries: Mrs. Rosie Wacker, Mrs. Dixie Bloom, Mrs. Kay Morris, Mrs. Janice Harris. 18Cafeteria Staff: Mmes. Grace Brungard, Amelia Nuss, Katherine Reitz Pearl Ferbrache, Elsa Smith, Margaret Garrett, Alyce Hullinger. School Nurse: Mrs. Thelma Merritt checks Francis Prelle's ' height. School Custodians: Red Wilmott, Bob Roebuck, Lupe Garza. 19MRS. EUNICE PETERSEN English MR. BERNARD BECKER Dept. Chairman English Communication Courses Stress Importance of Individual “Just as well enjoy it," thinks Carol Lawrence. Thought-inspiring works of transcendental-ists Emerson and Thoreau . . . the relationship of sin and retribution . . . Shakespeare's revenge tragedies ... all are building blocks in the growth of the student. The English Department is concerned with growth of the individual through the development of his personal philosophy. The Department aids the student in the exploration of written works, allowing him to “fall into” the studied material. The student accepts some new ideas and rejects others, receiving bases for his own life concept. The importance of the individual is constantly stressed. MRS. JERALDINE DAVIS English MRS. JANE HUNTER English 20MRS. VERA BRIGGS MRS. SHERRIE CURTISS Lotin, English English MISS Dl ANN HAMMOND MRS. SEMELINA McPEEK German Spanish, English MR. DALE CLARKE MISS LORRAINE FORD Journalism English English Resource Center Encourages Study and Research Listening to tapes . . . viewing filmstrips . . . using reference materials . . . each in some way makes use of the valuable assets of the Communications Resource Center. This study area provides numerous opportunities for students to use materials not available elsewhere. Many reference materials are on hand for students to use for assignments. Reseachers find abundant resources of needed information in the books, films, and records found in the Resource Center. Each student is encouraged to use his own resources while delving into his area of communication interest. Those records fascinate Debbie Fulton. Concentration becomes Mike Lewis. 21Prisms puzzle Lynne Thompson. Math Is Essential for Many Vocations Larger than, equal to, or less than . . . solution set of the equation . . . empty set . . . congruent triangles . . . discovery method . . . proofs by mathematical deduction; this is the familiar jargon of the math department. Students adapt the vocabulary and use it to an advantage. Two years of math are required and four years are offered to those who wish it. Modern math textbooks help students meet the demand for a better understanding of the math used in a growing number of scientific and technical fields. “X” marks the spot for Ken Holloway. MRS. EVELYN WARE Alegbra MRS. ALICE NELSON Dept. Chairman Algebra, Yearbook MR. JAMES HAWK Geometry, Algebra Trigonometry mr. james mcdermott General Math, Algebra Geometry 22Students Explore Their Environment Suspense grows as Toby Helgesen and Wynette Becker watch Carol Stone. Dissecting animals . . . combining chemicals . . . exploring the earth . . . each gives the student a broader outlook of the world surrounding him. Through science classes, the student makes explorations into the unknown, discovering worlds within a world. Utilizing lab privileges, students are able to work by themselves, proceeding at their own speed. The more advanced students, interested in science as a career, are allowed to take a second-year Biology or Chemistry course to further their science education. Experimenting is serious business for Bob Peltz. MR. JERRY GARDNER MRS. WINIFRED KNOFLICEK Biology, Aviation Biology MR. FRED PETERSEN Dept. Chairman General Science MR. WILLIAM MARCHANT Chemistry, Physics 23Libraries Supply Valuable Reading Materials Using various encyclopedias and magazines for research . . . studying in a quiet area . . . these are common scenes in the high school libraries. The two libraries work together in encouraging students to expand their knowledge by investing in the reading materials provided. Some of the greatest recorded thoughts of man are available to the students in the libraries. Through reading, one can examine the thoughts of others and compare them to his own ideas. Students are able to be all they can be by reading. “She’s watching us, ' whispers Carrolle Liebers to Carol Wernke and Deb Ravert. “Two weeks,” Levon Juzenas and Jo Anne Smith remind Catherine Peterson. MRS. VIVIAN ANDREWS Dept. Chairman South High Librarian MRS. ESTHER MYERS North High Librarian 24“I know that note’s on here,” sighs De Ann Collins. Fine Arts Enhance Curriculum Offerings Long hours of practice . . . memorizing music and lines for a performance . . . "polishing up" that one rough spot . . . each is an important role in the educational maturity of future musicians and drama students. Under the fine arts program, many students are given the opportunity to expand their horizons of knowledge in the fields of interpretative music and drama. Students are taught to strive for perfection in what they do and to appreciate the efforts of others. The fine arts division not only gives the students the feeling of achievement; it also enriches their cultural background. THOMAS BI8BEY Band JOHN CUNDY WILLIAM NEERGAARD Orchestra Vocal Music JAMES WAECHTER English Speech Dramatics 25MR. WILLIS FURMAN MR. THOMAS HOVORKA MR. BILL ZUSPAN Dept. Chairman Modern Problems American History World History American Government Sociology Economics MISS ELLEN CHRISTENSEN Cultural Geography World History Social Sciences Span Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Learning of yesterday's historical events and dreaming of tomorrow's ideal society . . . pondering upon past achievements and tomorrow's problems . . . these are the challenges posed by the social studies curriculum. Through stress placed on history, students learn of the achievements and defeats that have changed the course of human events. Special emphasis is placed on the world of today. Aided by books, films and instructors, students gain enlightenment regarding the world around them. They develop empathy for understanding foreign cultures and civilizations as well as a better understanding of history’s impact on today’s world. MR. PHIL SCHWEITZER American History Which article interests Diane Leever? 26To display his art work is a privilege for John Aguiniga. MRS. JULIET ROWBOTHAM Art Art Dep’t. Inspires Creative Projects Painting a garden from a bird's eye view . . . weaving without a loom . . . sculpting with paper . . . each making use of one’s own creative talent and the various skills taught by the Art Department. Students are encouraged to use their own minds and individual talent while working with the various art media. Aspiring students become acquainted with new ways of expressing themselves through imaginative production. Some strive for realism while others create works with a touch of abstraction. Many student efforts are displayed in the art room itself, with the best entered in various contests throughout the year. There is an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation in the art room. 27“Just give me time,” laughs Debbie Fulton to her spotters Andrea Abbott and Rhonda Rask. Physical Education Proves Stimulating Tumbling on a mat . . . balancing on a beam . . . enjoying competitive games . . . improves the physical fitness of a student. In physical education classes the student is encouraged to improve himself through perfection of physical skills. Muscles never used before might ache at first, but hard work and effort soon pay off. Each individual learns the importance of becoming physically fit and staying that way. This knowledge is instilled in him and he will continue to use it for years to come. MISS SANDRA PILFOLD MR. PAUL CHANEY Physical Education Physical Education It looks easy for long-legged Roger Kotschwar. 28It’s another practice run for Warren Schmidt. Team members enjoy active participation in volleyball. MR. ROBERT MORRIS Drivers' Education Drivers’ Ed Stresses Safety at Wheel Steering a wheel . . . using the proper signal . . . making a correct left turn . . . all are a part of driving, yes; but merely these skills do not make a good and safe driver. Drivers' Education teaches more than just the fundamentals of operating a motor vehicle. The student driver is shown how he can make the streets and highways safe for everyone. Consideration for others and defensive driving are impressed upon the student. After taking the Drivers' Education course, each student feels the responsibility that is his when he takes the wheel. 29“Any questions?” asks Jules Ostrander. Vocational Ed Provides Practical Experience Installing a souped-up engine in an old car . . . remodeling an old jalopy . . . inspecting the grades of meats . . . these are points that attract a boy’s attention. In vocational mechanics and agriculture courses, boys are able to pursue these points of interest while they are enrolled in school. The vocational courses provide practical training for all students. Trainees gain a practical knowledge that will be very useful in later years whether they pursue the fields as a career or in everyday life. It looks complicated to all but Marvin Ackerman. MR. BRUCE ROCKEY MR. KENNETH WARE Dept. Chairman Vocational Agriculture Vocational Education 30Business Ed Produces Stenographic Expertise It's all business for Sharon Hagihara. Taking dictation accurately and quickly . . . typing with sureness and ability . . . becoming familiar with correct office procedures . . . each plays an important part in the Vocational Business Course. Through the use of standard and electric typewriters, students learn various techniques employed in composing themes, reports, and business work. Dictation tapes enable future stenographers to develop their skills in shorthand. Adding machines aid potential business personnel. The Vocational Business Course stresses adequate and efficient business procedures for students, preparing them for a life in the office world. There are no shortcuts in shorthand for Sandy Homrighausen. MRS. JUANITA GLARUM MRS. MARY LUE HUNTSMAN Shorthand, Typing Typing MR. LARRY HUNTSMAN Diversified Occupations, Mechanics MR. JOHN ABBOTT General Business Bookkeeping 31Practical Arts Prepare for Everyday Life Tailoring a fashionable spring outfit . . . preparing a nutritious as well as delicious meal . . . tooling and designing leather . . . these are some of the skills taught by the practical arts department. Students enrolled in home economics or arts and crafts discover how various utensils and materials can be used efficiently and effectively in creating a finished product. Well-equipped classrooms give students a preview of their future vocational interests and the opportunity to develop their skills in their chosen fields. Two points stressed in the practical arts department are an interest in the vital aspects of living and the improving of one's living conditions. “Do they look good enough to eat?” Lee Ann Mathews asks Carol Jensen. MR. BYRON NELSON Industrial Arts 32Meaningful DialogueBulldogs Endure Gruelling Season Coach Mike Kennedy's second year at AHS saw the gridiron Bulldogs enduring a punishing three win and six loss season. The Bulldog offensive and defensive machines just could not mesh in all games and produced only three victories. Even though the offense and defense sputtered at times, many stars sparkled in the ranks. Senior quarterback Cody Davis broke passing records and end Randy Borg toppled reception records. Seniors Dave Best, Gregg Seebohm, Mark Hungerford, and Greg Novicki led the defensive efforts. Offensively, stars were backs Don Brown, Bob Lehl, and Jon Schommer and end Tim Nagaki. Prospects for future years shone with efforts from Juniors Tim Spencer, Jerry Seiler, Mike Tolstedt, Steve Wickham, Dick Best, Steve Brown, Don Failor, Chuck Ushio, and Don Zurn. Jim Colwell, Steve Zurn, Al Heidingsfelder, Charlie Dingman, and Rich Haslow showed sophomore potential. Alliance broke the 1 3-game Big Ten losing streak by beating Kearney, one of the bright spots of the year. Cha-dron and Gering will be seeking revenge next year for setbacks at the hands of the fighting Bulldogs. 1969 Varsity Football Team — front Row: Chris Abbott, Charlie Dingman, Dan Sanchez, Alan Heidingsfelder, Dean Forney, Jon Schommer. Second Row: Steve Wickham, Dick Best, Tim Nagaki, Tim Spencer, Dave Graham, Don Zurn. Cody Davis, Bob Lehl gets outside. Don Brown. Third Row: Coach Chaney, Coach Grosshans, Greg Novicki, Chip Smith, Steve Brown, Don Sherlock, Mike Tolstedt. Fourth Row: Bill Shannon, Rich Haslow, Bob Cole, Bill Bolinger, Dave Barth, John Kemper, Steve Zurn. 34Spencer and Brown zero in for the tackle. First Row: Bob lehl, Jerry Seiler, Gregg Seebohm. Second Row: Mark Hungerford, Chuck Ushio, Don Failor. Third Row: Dennis Johnson, Coach Kennedy, Coach Zuspan, Student Manager, Bob Peltz. Fourth Row: Jim Colwell, Randy Borg,-Rich Nolda, Dave Best. Tense moments arouse the sideliners. VARSITY FOOTBALL AHS OPP 23 . Chadron . 20 6 . . 14 0 . Sidney . . 26 34 . . . 6 29 . • ■ • • North Platte .... . 44 0 . .21 6 . 22 33 . Kearney . . 16 15 . 32 35Bullpups Produce 3-1 Record A proud AHS freshman football team won its first three games and then was upset by Gering in a final contest to produce an impressive three win and one loss season. The frosh charges under coaches Kyser and Kastens exemplified pride and spirit any team would welcome. Leading the charge for the Bullpups were Tim Borg, Mike Vallejo, Tracy Turman, Mike Shannon, and Schuyler Dawn, offensive standouts and Mark Watson and Cory Manewal on defense. Yet the many unmentioned team members also added to the success by supporting their teammates on the field and the sidelines. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL AHS OPP 22 Chadron .... 8 20 Sidney 8 6 Scottsbluff . . . 0 6 Gering 20 Alliance gains six yards. FRESHMAN TEAM - Front Row: S. M., C. Irish, T. Borg, C. Thompson, T. Turman, J. Becker, M. Vallejo, M. Shannon, S. Seebohm, M. Watson, J. Foltz, K. Kirchoff, D. Monroe, C. Manewal, B. Bright, A. Leisy. Second Row: D. Sulzbaugh, K. Forney, D. Shannon, D. Leisy, D. Leisy, N. Wilcox, S. Dawn, R. Francis, R. Best, D. Dietrich, E. Fulton, R. Morgan, E. Jensen, S. Mracek, R. Perrin, S. Wilson, G. Rask. Third Row: Coach Kyser, R. Blumenthal, D. Krejci, D. Harris, M. Bennett, A. Goff, J. Kooper, D. Brown, M. Bowman, D. Furman, D. Vogel, M. Johnson, K. Bordeaux, A. Prelie, M. Shoop, Coach Kastens. Fourth Row: J. Brandt, D. Nick-ens, J. Watson, T. Weisgerber, R. Wickham, D. Schwindt, S. Yekel, T. Wacker, S. Bowhay, K. Sibbitt, R. Best, T. J. McAn-drew, T. Ushio, J. Phillip, T. Tyler, B. Watson, W. Jensen, R. Herman, C. Woods 36Reserve Team — Front Row: Bob leisy, Dave Henderson, Dave Duval, Sid Hooper, Milo Rust, Monte Garner, Gaylord Solberg, Mike Thompson, Scott Lyman, John Ullrich. Second Row: Coach Zuspan, Gene Kooper, Bruce Cordell, Steve Wilkin- son, Dick Tolstedt, Allen Rask, Mitch Herman, Robin Rust, Howard Jensen, Coach Grosshans. Third Row: Student Manager, Dan Smaha; Jim Reddish, Don Smith, Warner Schulze, Mike Marvin, Randy Hitchcock, Scott Plank, Greg Cover, Terry Monroe. Reserves Sport Winning Season A stubborn defense and potent offense helped the reserve football squad produce a winning season. Made up entirely of underclassmen, the Bulldog " B'' team earned a three win and two loss record. Junior leadership and sophomore talent contributed to a worthwhile cause which may prove fruitful for varsity years. Starting the season off right, the Bulldogs whipped Bridgeport and toppled Sidney then lost a heart-breaker to North Platte. The last two games were split decisions; the Reserves outscored Cha-dron and then suffered a setback at Gering in the season's finale. RESERVE FOOTBALL AHS 26 . . . . Bridgeport OPP 12 14 Sidney 0 2 North Platte 26 22 Chadron .... 18 14 Gering 24 37Varsity Basketball: Jerry Seiler, Mike Dietrich, Tim Spencer, Pat Randy Borg, Don Failor, Charlie Dingman, Steve Wilkinson. Edwards, Lonnie Cowher, Brad Barrows, Rick Walker, Rich Nolda, It’s now time for the tip off. Coaches: Dick Lehr, Bob Morris, Larry Grosshans. 38Bulldog Cagers Capture Western Conference Crown Coach Bob Morris’ Bulldogs finished with five wins and three losses in Big 1 0 play to grab second place honors in the West Big 1 0. This earned the Bulldogs the right to call themselves the number one challenger to league winners Scottsbluff in the district tournament. Alliance also faced McCook, who dropped two regular season games to the Bulldogs, and North Platte, who split two games with Alliance. The Bulldogs fared well in Western Conference action by cinching the title with the defeat of a sinking Kimball team. Alliance was led by sharpshooting seniors Randy Borg and Pat Edwards and rebounding Rich Nolda; next year's team will sport many veterans. Regulars Tim Spencer, Rick Walker, Lonnie Cowher, and Brad Bar-rows will bolster hopes of an even brighter season. Reserve players Don Failor, Mike Dietrich, Jerry Seiler, Steve Zurn, Don Zurn, Steve Wilkinson, and Charlie Dingman will round out the Bulldog team with potential ability and bench strength. Randy Borg sets for a shot. Pat Edwards moves toward the boll on on in-bounds play. VARSITY BASKETBALL AHS OPP 53 41 79 . . . Gering 56 82 . . .Kearney 50 CSC Tournament . 4th 53 . North Platte 65 63 49 63 56 50 68 59 62 91 66 70 56 70 77 63 62 82 . North Platte 60 71 59 73 61 76 66 39Reserve Basketball Team — Front Row: Student Managers: Ron Palmer, Roger Garwood, Tom Petersen. Second Row: Art Ullrich, Jim Reddish, Joe Petersen, Scott Becker, Steve Zurn, Don Reserve Squad Wins 10 Losses 6 Wernke, Roger Thompson, Don Zurn, Chris Abbott, Mitch Herman, Dan Sanchez. Rich Nolda gets an easy lay-up. Coach Larry Grosshans' reserve basketball unit showed great bench strength but ended up with an average season. The hustling and determined Bulldog "B" unit gave experience to many players for possible varsity positions next year. After the semester break Grosshans was assisted by coach Dick Lehr. RESERVE BASKETBALL AHS OPP 56 Chadron 45 66 Gering 47 67 Kearney 53 45 North Platte 59 66 McCook 75 53 Sidney 63 51 Scottsbluff 64 55 Gering 53 50 ... . Ogallala 39 60 ... . Kearney 57 55 .... Scottsbluff 71 51 53 64 ... . North Platte 46 60 ... . Sidney 57 67 . . . Kimball 46 81 .... Chadron 55 40Rick Walker attempts to block a shot. Frosh Cagers Cop First in Tourney After a successful five win and three loss season, the freshman basketball team placed first in the annual Alliance freshman invitational tournament. Among the teams entered were Scottsbluff, Gering, Sidney, and the Bullpups from Alliance. Alliance showed an impressive shooting club in defeating the Scottsbluff team in the opening round, 57-45. In the finals. Alliance outpowered the Gering quintet, 45-34, with a hustling defense and last quarter surge to grab first place tournament honors. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL AJHS OPP 41 . Chadron 37 41 . . Sidney 38 45 . Scottsbluff 52 62 . . Gering 68 49 . Chadron 35 48 . . Gordon 45 32 . Scottsbluff 41 57 . . Gering 54 Frosh Tournament . 1 St 1969-1970 Freshman Basketball Team — Front Row: Student Manager Steve Mracek, Coach Bill Zuspan, Student Manager John Duran. Second Row: Steve Yekel, John Becker, Don Shannon, Mark Watson, Scott Seebohm, Tim Borg, Mike Shannon, Dave Vogel, Dan Dietrich, Schuyler Dawn, Chris Thompson, Gary Taylor, Ron Best. 41Spikers Build for Next Season Combining all the records, the girls’ volleyball teams won more matches than they lost. Although the reserves and freshmen won more than they lost, the varsity came out on the short end. The spikers were hampered by the fact they sported only two veteran seniors on the team. The freshman team, introduced for the first time into the program, did quite well, winning all their matches. Next season should be a productive year, since the spikers will lose only their two seniors and will have four varsity starters returning plus a nucleus of many talented reserves. VOLLEYBALL OPP. Varsity Reserve Freshman St. Agnes Won Won Crawford Lost Won Won Chadron High Lost Won Chadron Assumption Lost Won St. Agnes Lost Won Chadron Assumption Lost Lost Gordon Won Won Won Chadron High Lost Lost Hay Springs Won Won Volleyball Co-Captains: Debi Reitz, Joan Sibbitt. Volleyball Team — Front Row: Mary O'Connor, Kolinda Kirchner, Diane Kotschwar, Rhonda Peterson, Debbie Ogle, Pauline Smith, Linda Jones, Nancy Podhaisky, Brenda Garrett, Deb Fulton, Yeager, Karen Todd, Miss Pilfold. T-—■' Nunes. Kay Decker, Connie 42Weight Lifting Team — Front Row: Bob Peltz, Cody Davis, stedt. Second Row: Howard Jensen, Steve Wickham, Gene Koo- Tim Nagaki, Rich Haslow, Jon Schommer, Chip Smith, Mike Tol per, Dan Smaha, Scott Lyman, Scott Plank. Jon Schommer concentrates on a curl. Weightlifting Program Starts Into Second Season Weight lifting at AHS went into its second season with lifting beginning the first of February. Last year the program was introduced into the system by football coach Mike Kennedy as a body building function for footballers. It became a competitive sport with matches held at home as well as away. This year’s team was headed by veteran lifters Jon Schommer, Chip Smith, and Mike Tolstedt who showed promise last year as underclassmen. Among the different kinds of lifts are the curl, bench press, military press, and squats to name a few. The “leg machine" is also used to build up leg muscles vital to football players. Weightlifting proficiency carries over effectively into all phases of the sports program. 43Five Grapplers Earn State Meet Berth Led by junior Chuck Ushio, five Bulldog matmen earned the right to wrestle in the state wrestling meet by finishing in the top three divisions in their weight class at district. Along with Ushio, who was the only Alliance individual winner, Dennis Girard, Tom Novotny, Greg Novicki, and Jim Colwell went to state. VARSITY WRESTLING AHS OPP 34 .... 18 28 . . Kimball 12 16 Sidney 29 15 Gordon 32 Valentine Inv 8th 17 . . . . Gering 28 6 33 19 Gordon 27 Western Conference 5th 25 Chadron .... 19 Chadron Inv 28 Ogallala .... 20 14 Gering 30 Big Ten . 6th District . Don Brown executes a "double-trouble" on Davo Bast. Mark Hungerford applies pressure, but is that a grimace of pain, Toby Hal-gesen? Varsity Wrestling Team: Coach Dale Kastens, Dick Brown, Chris Wilkinson, Dennis Girard, Dick Tolstedt, Chuck Ushio, Tom Novotny, Greg Cover, Don Brown, Mark Hungerford, Dave Best, Milo Rust, Tracy Turman, Jim Colwell. 44Reserves — First Row: Coach Keith Kyser, Roger Bauer, Bill Henderson, Daryl Krejci, Toby Helgesen, Alvin Ehrhart, Robin Rust, Jim McDonald, Bill Bright, Kenny Bright, Launy Ringleman, Kent Forney, Mike Thompson, Alan Heidingsfelder. Second Row: Dan I Hall, Robert Francis, John Foltz, Ed Fulton, Clayton Young, Mike Lewis, Bill Phillip, Robert Leisy, Dave Furman, Tim Wacker, Randy Best, Doug Henderson, Steve Wilson, John Green, Dave Hender-i son, Tom Dill. Coach Kastens officiates for Dan Hall and Mike Lewis. RESERVE WRESTLING AHS OPP 20 . . . Chadron .... 33 16 . . . Kimball 14 8 . . . .Sidney 46 6 . . . Gordon 26 8 . . . .Gering 30 3 . . Scottsbluff. . . . 41 16 . . . Gordon 22 24 . . . Chadron .... 26 Scottsbluff Inv 5 45 Reserve Wrestlers Gain Valuable Experience Coach Kyser’s reserve wrestling team, though it didn't sport an impressive record, gained valuable experience for next year's varsity team. The Bulldog's pride and dedication were evidenced by the team's “sticking with it.” 45Special Athletic Functions Round Out Athletic Calendar A team of proud and dedicated girls made up the girls’ track team under the direction of Miss Pilfold. The squad headed by high jumping junior Joan Sibbitt entered two invitationals with spirit and confidence. They finished 13th out of 1 7 teams at Bayard and garnered fourth at Chadron. Under the direction of coaches Chaney and Morris 1 2 AHS boys took their own coaching jobs at the grade schools coaching basketball. Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders were put on teams with each team coached by a student. Stressing fundamentals more than winning, they coached for five weeks. Jerry Nunes was designated the AHS athlete of the year for 1968-1969. Jerry competed in cross country, wrestling and track from his freshman year to his senior year. He ran the two-mile at the state track meet and ran with the harriers at state in his senior year. Girls’ Track Lettermen — Front Row: Miss Pilfold, Coach; Jan Suiter, Deb Fulton, Linda Jones, Rhonda Sanchez. Second Row: Joan Sibbitt, Dianna Kotschwar, Ginger Bowman, Dixie Wood, Karen Todd. Grade School Basketball Coaches — Front Row: Larry Hulett, Dave Barth, Tom Andrews, Jesse Chadwick, Mike Marvin, Randy Smith. Second Row: Jon Schommer, Steve Wickham, Chip Smith, Gregg Seebohm, Steve Brown. Not Pictured: Lee Wig-ert.Spring Sports Log Good Showings % i I ii 1 969 GOLF TEAM: Mike Dietrich, Jim Seiler, Coach Grosshans, Randy Borg, Mike Green, Doug Dietrich. AHS golfers had another fine year in 1 969 repeating from the previous year by qualifying for the state meet. Finishing second in the district match, the linksters then finished ninth at state. The Freshman Track Team also glistened garnering one meet title and finishing a strong second in its other four encounters. GOLF North Platte Inv......................7th Alliance Inv..........................2nd Sidney Inv............................3rd Gering Inv............................2nd Scottsbluff Inv.......................5th Western Conference....................2nd Big Ten.......................... . 3rd District..............................2nd State.................................9th FROSH TRACK Sidney Inv.........................2nd Gering Inv.........................2nd Chadron Inv........................2nd Western Conference..................1 st Scottsbluff Inv....................2nd Freshman Track — Front Row: Coach McDermott, Bob Leisy, Dennis Wills, Scott Lyman, Tom Peterson, Steve Wilkinson, Scott Becker, Rom Palmer. Second Row: Jim Colwell, Charlie Ding- man, Alvin Ehrhart, Steve Zurn, Chris Abbott, Dave Faber, Tom Dill. Third Row: Art Ullrich, Greg Cover, Dennis Girard, Allen Heidingsfelder, Milo Rust, Jim Reddish, Dan Sanchez. 47Harriers Journey to State Again Since Alliance High has started cross country competition, AHS harriers have never failed to earn a berth in the State meet. This year looked like the unlucky year, but again the Bulldog runners, under the leadership of Coach Morris, made the journey and finished sixth in Class A competition. The team led by sophomore Dennis Girard on varsity and his brother Jack, an eighth grader, on the novice squad again this year produced a fine cross country record. Alliance in the following years will be looking forward to more bright showings as only two team members are graduating. CROSS COUNTRY Gering Invitational..................................4th Sidney Invitational...................................2nd Alliance Invitational................................3rd Scottsbluff Invitational..............................2nd Western Conference....................................2nd Big Ten..............................................4th District.............................................3rd State................................................6 th Girard brothers warm-up before practice. Cross Country Team — Front Row: Tom Brandt, Ryan Fur- ris, Dennis Girard, Art Ullrich, Mike Lewis, Bing Decker, Don man, Chris Wilkinson, Roger Garwood, Tom Petersen, Jack Gi- Dreyer, Joe Petersen, Bob Furrow, rard, Jesse Chadwick, Tom Novotny. Second Row: Coach Mor- 48Cheerleaders Spur Bulldogs to Victory Vivacious Varsity Cheerleaders generated a much welcomed and spirited support to AHS athletic teams this year. Packed full of charm and poise, these girls undertook a tedious, but worthwhile, job of boosting the Bulldogs. Backed by an inspired Pep Club, the cheerleaders exemplified support any team would welcome. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Anita Foster Barb Metz Joan Sibbitt Deb Kimmel Kathie Green Cheerleaders Thrill in Early Victory Proudly brandishing the "Spirit Stick”, AHS Reserve Cheerleaders came home with an early victory. Placing in the top seven of 1 50 groups at Chadron State College Cheerleader Clinic last June 8th, hard work by the reserve cheerleaders paid off. Their pep throughout the year added spark to cheerleading success. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Karen Shannon Connie Kirchner Debi Reitz Debbie Ogle 49Concert Bond — Front Row: Nancy Bennett, Chris Wilkinson, Debbie Overturf, Kathy Edwards, Rita Hawley, Danita Bowman. Second Row: Carol Stone, Coleen Gillispie, Janice Rohrbouck, Marina Dafney, Jill Bignell, Jane Chipperfield, Jane Trank, Roberta Vallentine. Third Row: Gay Corbett, Becky Francis, Joan Nunes, Rhonda Case, Renee Zobel, Jolene Akert, Debbie Furley, Rhonda Peterson, Janet Garwood, Jacki Hirst, Nancy West. Fourth Row: Maurene Green, Sara Cheney, De Ann Collins, Susi Keebaugh, Ka-thee Vallejo. Not Shown: Kathleen Hutchinson, Don Dreyer, Chuck Ushio, Vic Covalt, Mike Lewis, Randy Hitchcock, Mike Marvin. Outstanding Musician and Band Captain Band Officers — Front Row: Joan Sibbitt, Nancy West, Susan Todd, Danita Bow- Nancy Reddish; Band Director, Mr. Thomas Bib- man. Second Row: Chris Wilkinson, Marilyn King, Susi Keebaugh, Tom Novotny, bey.Front Row: Rhonda Chadwick, Linda Jones, Mary Phaneuf, Georgia Bates, Cheri Reed, Marilyn King. Second Row: John Aguiniga, Debbie Colerick, Brenda Jinks, Don Failor, Larry Hulett, Paula Peterson, Linda Johnson, Dennis Ridgley, Joan Sibbitt, Nancy Reddish. Third Row: Jesse Chadwick, Steve Chleborad, Jerry Fester, Jann Nelson, Nancy Lawrence, Dana Furman, Dennis Girard, Peggy Schnell, Susan Todd. Fourth Row: Tom Novotny, George Farr, Randy McMasters, Ken Miller, Brad Barrows, Steve Wilkinson, Linda Thomas, Andrea Abbott, Diane Leever, Carol Lawrence, Dan Smaha. AHS Band Active Throughout Year "Is my uniform on right?" "Did you bring the music?" "Alliance is proud to present the AHS marching band under the direction of Mr. Thomas Bibbey!" Marching season began for the band after several weeks of rehearsing in all types of weather for Band Day in Fort Collins and the half-time performances. The uncertainty metamorphized into music on the concert stage as the band presented many different styles of music from the familiar "Washington Post March" by Sousa, the Korean folk song "Variations" by J. B. Chance to the religious tones of "Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring" by J. S. Bach. Commencement, District Band Contest and pep rallies kept the band busily "on key." 1970 Majorettes: Joan Nunes, Jill Bignell, and Jacki Hirst. 51Choir — Front Row: Sandra Soto, Shirley Hippe, Jane Grothen, Becky DeFord, Susan Mathews, Jerene Johnston, Wayne Zobel, Thomas Dill, Launy Ringleman. Second Row: Cheryl Wackerle, Kathy Roe, Debbie Strieker, Nancy Podhaisky, Ava Lambert, Nancy Powell, Mary Wacker, John Murillo, George Farr, Cody Davis. Third Row: Karen Christensen, Marcia Zimmerman, Torild Sko- vald, Dixie Wood, Kathy Nuss, Jane Trumble, Karen Todd, Gregg Seebohm, Don Brown, Jerry Seiler, Arthur Ullrich. Fourth Row: Abbie Turman, Terry Jardine, Janet Pokorski, Carol Hindman, Mary O'Connor, Barbara Powell, Roberta Vallentine, Steve Zurn, Jim Reddish, James Colwell. Chamber Singers — Front Row: Ava Lambert, Janet Pokorski, Torild Skovald, Catherine Peterson, Vicki Cunningham, Marcia Zimmerman, De Ann Collins, Connie Kirchner, Karen Johnson. Second Row: Wayne Zobel, Allen Rask, Myron Mix, Toby Hel-gesen, Jim Reddish, George Farr, John Murillo. 52Front Row: Myron Mix, Allen Rosk, Marilyn King, Carol Carter, Terri Collins, Debi Reitz, Kay Hefti, Jacki Hirst (at piano). Second Row: John Matejka, Bruce Cordell, Rhonda Sanchez, Brenda Lewis, Jann Nelson, Karen Johnson, Connie Kirchner, De Ann Collins, Bonnie Gerber. Third Row: Kenny Steinman, Judy Weisger- ber, Vicki Robbins, Andrea Abbott, Lana Bright, Debra Ravert, Carol Stone, Janalee Hirst. Fourth Row: Julian Dill, Rusty Reno, Roby Helgesen, Catherine Peterson, Vicki Cunningham, Linda Schnell, Sharyl Jesse, Marjorie King, Deborah Perkins, Sara Sandberg. Choir Officers: Vice-President Connie Kirchner, Secretary-Treasurer Cindy Reitz, President Barb Powell, and Conductor Mr. Bill Neergaard. Choir Serves as Nucleus of Vocal Program Music is an integral part of AHS school life. Choir and Chamber Singers form two of the cornerstones for the music program. Choir kept busy through the year with the District Music Contest, the all school musical, ‘‘Brigadoon,” Sidney Music Contest, and the Christmas and Spring Concerts. The choir presented for a small, but appreciative audience at some of these performances ' The Last Words of David," "Farewell My Love" and “Marne." Membership in Chamber Singers is given to select singers from mixed choir. This talented group performed for service groups such as the Panhandle Area Chamber of Commerce. Several changes have taken place this year. Time was allowed for the Chamber Singers to rehearse during school instead of 7:30 in the morning, and mixed choir membership has increased from 42 to 74. 53Orchestra — Front Row: Jerry Shoop, Brian Grant, Vivian Roebuck, Kevin McAndrew. Second Row: Frances Dobry, Raymond Chipper-field, David Smith, Jane Trank, Marilyn King. Third Row: Roberta Val-lentine. Deb Overturf, Coleen Gillispie, Carol Stone. Fourth Row: Susan Todd, Peggy Schnell, Dennis Girard, Dana Furman, Jerry Fester, Nancy West, Jacki Hirst. Fifth Row: Kathee Vallejo, Susi Keebaugh, De Ann Collins, Sara Cheney, Deb Colerick. Orchestra Director: Mr. John Cundy. Versatility is Trademark of Orchestra With the approach of the yuletide season, the orchestra presented its yearly Christmas Concert. Great versatility was shown by the orchestra with the changing rhythms of “West Side Story,” “Syncopated Clock" and “Christmas Overture." Second semester thoughts and rehearsals turned to the District Music Contest hosted by AHS. Presented at the District Music Contest were "Great Gate of Kiev" by Moussougski and the “March of the Meister Singers." Bringing to a close the series of public performances were the presentations of the Spring Concert and Baccalaureate. The AHS orchestra, aside from being the only orchestra in the Panhandle, received a superior rating at the Sidney District Music Contest. 54Front Row: Debbie Grothen, Janelle Todd, Jane Grothen. Second Row: Linda Thomas, Andrea Abbott, Dan Smaha, Mike Lewis, Dusty Roebuck, Barbara Taylor, Ross Wills. Concert Masters: Jerry Shoop and Brian Grant. Orchestra Officers: Brian Grant, Debbie Grothen, Janelle Todd, and Jane Grothen. 55Journalists Journey to State Press Clinic Amid the confusion of hectic deadlines and informal work sessions, the publications staffs labor to produce appealing, yet accurate, copy. Drawing layouts, planning pictures, writing copy, and proofreading are all time consuming. Journalism principles are learned in class and in “on the job" training. Students can be found scurrying through the halls gathering information and catching the latest news as it makes its way into headlines. To gain new ideas the young journalists attended the State Press Association in Lincoln. All who participated deemed it a very valuable experience. A friendly rivalry between Bulldog editor, Kathee Vallejo, and Spud editor. Rusty Reno, helps to liven up dull moments. Planning never stops for Spud Staff: Francie Bright, Paula Yekel, Mike Lincoln, Rex Peterson, Terry Jardine, Rusty Reno, and Susan Andrick. 56r-i Bulldog Staff Members: Connie Kirchner, Stephanie Greggs, Susi Keebaugh, Steve Wickham, Nancy Rubeck, and Carol Becker take time out for a good laugh. Yearbook sponsor Mrs. Alice Nelson confers with Dave Eskam, Cheryl Vogel, and Cathy Behm. Newspaper sponsor Mr. Dale Clarke discusses problems with Barbara Metz, Cody Davis and Janelle Todd. 57Pep Club Officers: Janet Garwood, Secretary; Marilyn King, president; Andrea Abbott, treasurer. “Boy, did we win that game!" yelled Chant Leader Cindy Reitz to Sponsor Sandy Pilfold. Spirit runs high at half-time! Pep Club Girls Don New Uniforms "Big Blue’s out to win!" is a familiar chant of the Alliance High Pep Club. Impressive new culottes and vests added zest to the school spirit of AHS. Selling candy was the main money making project of the year. These funds aided in the whirlwind of activities which were sponsored by the club. Pep Club formal proved a success as it portrayed an elaborate old-fashioned Christmas. The dance represented hours of planning and work by untiring Pep Club members. Other activities included sending cheerleaders to clinic, organizing enthusiastic pep rallies, and designing colorful bulletin boards before games. The annual Pep Club banquet led the way into a new year. Emotions rose and tears flowed as the outgoing cheerleaders tapped their 1970-1971 successors. 58A-Club Sponsors Harlem Clowns Blue sweaters accented by a large white "A” signify the lettermen of Alliance High. To be in A-Club a member must have earned a letter in varsity sports in the previous year. Comradery was stimulated among the athletes of the different sports through the various activities. The main activity sponsored by the club included selling refreshments at all home basketball games and wrestling matches. Funds obtained from this were used in sponsoring a Harlem Clowns basketball game and helped in paying for the Athlete-of-the-year award. Excitement touched many during the Homecoming halftime activities as the A-Club crowned the Homecoming queen and royalty. A-Club members Greg Novicki and Mark Hungerford practice up for initiation. A-Club Officers and Sponsor — 1st Row Seated: Coach Bill Zuspan, Coach Paul Chaney, Principal Lerry Grosshans. 2nd Row Standing: Sec.-Treas. Jon Schommer; Sgt.-at-arms Gregg Seebohm; Pres. Rich Nolda; and Vice-Pres. Dave Best. 59Junior High Pep Club Officers: President Debbie Chodwick, Vice-President Anita Krohn, Treasurer Diane Smith, Chantleoder Julie Bignell, Secretary Jean Curtiss. Pep Club Displays Spirited Attitude Snowmen and a giant ski lift highlighted the scene for the winter party hosted by the Junior High Pep Club. The theme "Ski Land" proved very effective, not only for Pep Club members but for the entire seventh through ninth grade student body. Pep Club members displayed the spirited attitude required to back their Bullpups both in victory and defeat. To support the team, the girls sponsored enthusiastic pep rallies, engineered colorfully decorated halls before games, and promoted enthusiasm and spirit. Junior High Cheerleaders — Back: Peg Spencer, Susie Timbers. Front: Carol Peltz, Dorothy Shires, Janice Dafney. 60German Club Entertains at Christmas Banquet German Club Officers and Sponsor: Treasurer Diane Leever, Historian Carol Lawrence, Vice-President Mike Lincoln, President Rex Peterson, Sponsor Miss Hammond. Not Shown: Secretary Torild Skovald. Schweinekotelette and Kartofelbrei mit Sossee would just have to be two foods served at the German Club Christmas Banquet! Members entertained their parents at the fun-fest by limiting the conversation to German, and later by presenting a German Skit. Other activities included Family Night, a Snow Party, a Hayride, and Barbecue. They presented an interesting skit at the annual Y-Teen Orpheum. Although the members have found that German can be fun, they also have gained a greater interest in the German language and culture. Membership is open to all who have taken German or who are taking it now. Spanish Club Officers and Sponsor — Seated: Vice-President Sharon Hogihara, Sponsor Mrs. McPeek. Standing: Secretory Diane Abbott, Treasurer Mike Shannon, President Mike Vallejo. Spanish Club Is Open to Spanish Classes El Circulo Espanol! The Spanish Club of Alliance High, sponsored by Mrs. Semilina McPeek, has once again tried to make Spanish both a challenging and fun language. The club is open to all students enrolled in Spanish classes or who have taken at least one year of the language. One of the primary interests of the club this year was the organization of officers and members to provide a social-side to the study of the language. A Spanish Club party headed the agenda of activities. 61Y-Teens Sponsor Hong Kong Orphan A word of thanks from a homeless child in Hong Kong — a smile from an Indian child at Christmas time — are only two of the heartwarming experiences of the Y-Teen membership. Y-Teens sponsor an orphan in Hong Kong with funds from the annual Y-Teen Orpheum. Service projects included a Christmas program for the Alliance Indian children, contributions to the Senior Citizens Center, and cosponsoring the Easter Sunrise Service. Other activities included the traditional Pat-teran, the Mother-Daughter banquet, Cairo installation, and the Senior dinner. Each year the club presents a $1 00 scholarship to a deserving senior Y-Teen. Belonging to Y-Teens helps to deepen a girl's understanding of herself and broadens her sometimes-narrow vision as an American. President Terri Jardine and Vice-President Linda Jones prepare to take gifts to the Telawitha Hall. Y-Teen Cabinet Sponsors — Front Row: DeAnn Collins, Mracek, Janelle Todd, Nancy Pedersen, Mrs. Curtiss, Mrs. Glar-Shorren Foltz, Linda Holmes, Karen Johnson, Paula Yekel, Becky um. Back Row: Linda Nuss, Nancy Rubeck, Jann Nelson, Jan- Francis. Second Row: Mrs. Myers, Kathie Hutchinson, Peggy alee Hirst, Janet Garwood, Karen Christensen.The ever popular Snack Shack always draws a crowd. Hi-Y Officers — Back Row: secretary, Jon Schommer; chaplain, Toby Helgesen. Middle Row: Snack Shack chairman, Tom Novotny; Sergeant-at-arms, Eustolio Duran; Treasurer, Mike Brunkow. Front Row: president, Dave Best. Not shown Gregg Seebohm, vice-president. Hi-Y Sponsors: Mr. Bryon Nelson and Mr. Thomas Hovorka.' Hi-Y Is Honored at Model Legislature Aromas of steaming coffee and popcorn filled the stadium as Hi-Y members manned the Snack Shack during football games. During Thanksgiving vacation, five boys participated in the Hi-Y Model Legislature in Lincoln. Senior Ken Holloway was honored by being a committee chairman at the legislature. Fun projects of the club included a skating party, tobogganing, and swimming. Listening to guest speakers and viewing various films proved very beneficial as well as entertaining. In the spring the Hi-Y joined the Y-Teens in sponsoring the annual Easter Sunrise Service. 63FFA Officers and Sponsor: Reporter Roger Bauer, Sentinel Randy Wilkins, Treasurer Bill Henderson, Sponsor Mr. Ken Ware, President Ron Neafus, Vice-President Dan Morrison, and Secretary Jules Ostrander. Snow doesn’t handicap Mr. Ken Ware or Ron Neafus. FFA Receives First Place Awards Blue corduroy jackets signify the FFA members of Alliance High School. Honors were merited by the club as Jules Ostrander won first place in the annual Public Speaking Contest. Dan Morrison was awarded first place in the Area Land Judging Contest. Other activities included a Dad-Lad Pheasant Feed with a special wildlife show, and the Parent-Son banquet. The club also attended the Western Stock show in Denver. FFA is open to all who have enrolled in vocational agriculture and have been selected by club members. The club has helped to develop competent rural and agricultural leadership. 64DEC A ‘Sells' Business Leadership Entering into its second year of existence is DECA, otherwise known as Distributive Education Clubs of America. It is a national organization designed to develop future leaders in marketing and distribution, to provide incentive and recognition for the Distributive Education student, and to build status in careers for marketing and distribution. Selling cloth calendars headed the moneymaking projects this year. Later the club sold candy. The group entertained at a party for the sponsor, Mr. Abbott, who left for National Guard duty during the year. Through club efforts, a skit, “Another Cinderella” was presented at the annual Y-Teen Orpheum. A scholarship was also presented to a deserving senior club member. “Shall wo hide it or sell it?” soys Sponsor Mr. Abbott to President Shar-ren Foltz. DECA Club Officers and Sponsor: Secretary Peggy Mracek, Public Relations Director Sandie Schommer, Sponsor Mr. Bruce Rockey, Treasurer Sandi Callan, Vice-President Connie Rinehart. 65Student Council Hosts Foreign Exchange Student "Oh darn, no apple turnovers left!" is a common cry heard during the first six mods of each day in the Study Center. To support its activities, the Alliance High Student Council sells rolls and milk each morning. Along with the support of the American Field Service, these funds help in sponsoring a foreign exchange student. This year's A.F.S. student, Toby Helgesen from Norway, has made a very worthwhile contribution to the student life. Better understanding between the administration and students was important to the Student Council. President Lee Wigert spent considerable time counseling with advisors and administration discussing the students' welfare. The Council-sponsored Homecoming dance climaxed a week of festivities with music provided by the "Dynamics." “Goofing off” is no different to foreign exchange student, Toby Helgesen, than to Lee Wigert, president of Student Council. 1969-1 970 Student Council - front Row Seated: Vice-President Dave Best, Dan Sanchez, Karen Shannon, Second Row Seated: Don Zum, Nancy Lawrence, Susi Keebough, Tom Andrews, Treasurer Chris Wilkinson. Standing! Sponsor Mrs. Jane Hunter, President Lee Wigert, Nancy West. 66 ’70 Seniors Win Recognition DON BROWN Choir, A-Club, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Wrestling, Junior Play Cast, Junior and Senior Class President, District Speech Contest, All School Musical, Chadron Art Festival and Scholastic Contest, Senior Play. JOAN SIBBITT Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Girls' Track, Girls' Volleyball Team Co-Captain, Y-Teens, Sophomore Vice-President, Junior and Senior Vice-President, Student Council Secretary, Varsity Cheerleading, Spanish Club Treasurer. DEBBIE COLERICK Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Secretary, County Government, All School Musical, Vice-President German Club, District Music Contest, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Artist Award — 1969. JANELLE TODD Orchestra, Pep Club, Spud Staff Associate Editor, Quill Scroll President, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Secretary, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class Treasurer, Girls’ State Candidate, State Music Clinic, County Government, All School Musical, DAR School Citizenship Award, Orpheum, District Music Contest. 68 National Honor Society: Members of the NHS during their junior year are: Deb Fulton, Randy Borg, Deb Grothen, Jan-alee Hirst, Lee Wigert, Stephanie Greggs and Karen Johnson.Seniors Complete Graduation Requirements Seniors started off their last year pleased with themselves and confident in their ability to do well. Second semester rolled around and seniors were not so sure that it was so easy to fulfill all requirements for graduation. Despite endless exams and those special senior activities, that final day did arrive. Diplomas were issued and many were given recognition for special accomplishments. VO PEGGY ADAM Y-Teens, DECA. JOHN AGUINIGA Band, Orchestpa, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Rotary Contest. JOEL T. ANDREWS Basketball, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Student Council, Junior Play Cast, Orpheum, Grade School Basketball Coach. Trading senior pictures is traditional and Dave Nagaki, Malvin Sherlock, and Bob Hinn continue this pastime. ANDREA ABBOTT Band, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club Treasurer, Girls’ Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, Sophomore Class President, County Government, National Honor Society, All School Musical, German Club, One Acts, District Music Contest, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Orpheum. DAVE ABEGG MARVIN ACKERMAN Junior Play Cast. KATHY BAMRICK Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens. WYNETTE BECKER Pep Club, Y-Teens, German Club. CATHY BEHM Choir, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Business Manager.’70 SAT’s Are Taken by Seniors in Hopes of DAVE BEST Pep Club Boyfriend 2nd Attendant, A-Club, A-Club Vice-President, Track, Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y President, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Vice-Pres. Stu. Council, County Government, German Club, Weight Lifting, All Western Conference, All West Big Ten, Tri-Captain, Chadron Art Festival. BECCI BIGNELL Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Contest. JILL BIGNELL Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical, Senior High Majorette. RANDY BORG Band, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Golf, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic, National Honor Society, All School Musical. MIKE BRUNKOW Wrestling, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Treasurer, Hi-Y Model Legislature, National Honor Society, German Club, Chadron Art Festival and Scholastic Contest, District and State Industrial Arts Fair, Orpheum. JULIE BUSHNELL Pep Club, Girls’ Track, Y-Teens, Rapid City High School, Rapid City, South Dakota: Girls’ Volleyball Team. SANDI CALLAN Choir, Pep Club, DECA, DECA Treasurer. MARY CARR Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, DECA OSCAR CARR Wrestling. CAROL CARTER Y-Teens. KAREN CHRISTENSEN Choir, Pep Club, Pep Club Vice-President, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, County Government. CHERI COLEMAN DECA, Pep Club, German Club. 70Qualifying for Regents’ Scholarship DE ANN COLLINS Band, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Chamber Singers, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Play Cast, State Music Clinic, All School Musical, German Club, Library Assistant, District Music Contest. RICK CUMMINGS Band, Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y. VICKI CUNNINGHAM Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, State Music Clinic, All School Musical, One Acts, Orpheum, Spud Staff. CODY DAVIS Choir, A-Club, Football, Track, Spud Staff, Library Assistant, All Western Conference, All West Big Ten. RODNEY (BING) DECKER Cross Country. JULIAN DILL Choir, Chamber Singers, Wrestling, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic, All School Musical, Library Assistant, Golf. MARILYN DILL Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens. BRUCE DOBRY Hi-Y, DECA, Library Assistant, Orpheum, Gering Industrial Art Show, Kearney Industrial Art Show. DEANNA DOVE Pep Club. PAT EDWARDS Basketball, Golf, Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast, Chadron Art Festival, Weight Lifting, Pep Club Boyfriend 1 st Attendant. DAVID ESKAM Annual Staff, DECA. 71'70 With Graduation in Sight SHARREN FOLTZ Band, Choir, Choir Vice-President, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, State Music Clinic, All School Musical, Spanish Club, DECA, DECA President, Orpheum, Chadron Scholastic Contest. DEBBIE FULTON Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Girls’ Track, Girls’ Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, Co-Director of Plays, Reserve Cheerleading, District Speech Contest, County Government, All School Musical, National Honor Society, Thespian Society, German Club, VFW Voice of Democracy Contest, Orpheum, One Acts, Chadron Scholastic Contest. JANET GARWOOD Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Pep Club Secretary, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Play Cast, German Club, Orpheum. JEFF GIRARD St. Agnes Academy: Football, Track, Basketball, Cross Country. AHS: Track DAVE GRAHAM A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, FFA, Hi-Y, Student Council Alternate, Weight Lifting. BRIAN GRANT Orchestra, Orchestra Secretary, German Club, Concert Master, DECA. KATHIE GREEN Pep Club, Y-Teens, Reserve and Varsity Cheerleading, DECA. JODY GREEN Pep Club, Y-Teens. STEPHANIE GREGGS Annual Staff, Student Council, National Honor Society, Alpha Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest, State Journalism Clinic. DEBORAH GROTHEN Choir, Orchestra, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic, All School Musical, National Honor Society, German Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Orpheum, District Music Contest, Thespian Society. SHARON HAGIHARA Pep Club, Y-Teens, Student Council, Spanish Club Secretary and Vice-President. DAN HALL Wrestling. 72Seniors Cram for College Entrance Exams DENNIS HARRIS Football, Track, FFA. RON HASHMAN Hi-Y, FFA. RITA HAWLEY Band, Choir, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens. THORBJRN (TOBY) HELGESEN Foreign Exchange Student from Os, Norway. Choir, Chamber Singers, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Chaplain, All School Musical, Orpheum, Honor Choir. ALEX HERNANDEZ Senior Play, All School Musical. CAROL HINDMAN Y-Teens, All School Musical. BOB HINN Rushville High School, Rushville, Nebraska: R-Club, Football, Wrestling, Junior Play Cast, FFA, County Government, Alliance High School: FFA. JANALEE HIRST Band, Choir, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Play Cast, Alternate Girls' State, National Honor Society, All School Musical, German Club, Orpheum, District Music Clinic, Alpha Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest. KENNETH HOLLOWAY Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Orpheum. CASANDRA (SANDY) HOMRIGHAUSEN Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Spanish Club, Spanish Club Vice-President. MIKE HULQUIST MARK HUNGERFORD A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast, thespian Society, All School Musical, All Western Conference, Big Ten Football, One-Act Play, Senior Play. 731969 Junior-S«nior Prom Royalty are Joan Sibbitt, Scott Bates, Debbie Duencsen, Julie Ushio, Mark Cover, and Don Brown. KATHLEEN HUTCHINSON Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Play Cast, Co-Director of Plays, Thespian Society, Thespian Secretary, German Club, German Club Secretary, One Acts, District Music Contest, Senior Play. JANET JACKSON Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, DECA. TERRI JARDINE Choir, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen President, Y-Teen Cabinet, German Club, Library Assistant, Mixed Choir, Orpheum. CAROL JENSEN BRENDA JINKS Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Play Cast, District Speech Contest, Voice of Democracy, Library Assistant. DENNIS JOHNSON Band, Pep Band, A-Club, Football, FFA, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y. KAREN JOHNSON Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, All School Musical, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Girls State, District Speech Contest, National Honor Society, German Club, District Music Clinic, Voice of Democracy. LEVON JUZENAS Pep Club, Y-Teens, German Club.’70 Prom, Once a Dream — Is Now a Reality DEBBIE KIMMEL Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Varsity Cheerleading, County Government, Chadron Scholastic Contest. MARILYN KING Band, Band Officer, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Pep Club President, Girls' Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, All School Musical, Junior Play Cast, Jr. Varsity Cheerleading, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic, County Government, One Acts, Orpheum, Student Council. ROGER KOTSCHWAR Basketball. DEB KRAMER Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical, DECA, DECA President, Speech II Radio Program. DIXIE KREBS Girls' Volleyball Team. CAROL LAWRENCE Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, German Club, German Club Reporter. DIANE LEEVER Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, German Club, German Club Treasurer, Orpheum. BOB LEHL A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Student Council, FFA, FFA Treasurer, County Government, Weight Lifting, Western Conference, State FFA Judging Team, Hi-Y. SHIRLENE LEU MIKE LEWIS Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, A-Club, Cross Country, Wrestling, Golf, Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast, Co-Director of Plays, State Music Clinic, Thespian Society, Thespian Treasurer, All School Musical, One Acts, Orpheum, Hastings Honor Band. JIM LIGGETT FFA. LYNDA LONGACRE Pep Club, Y-Teens. 75Senior Sponsors: Miss Di Ann Hammond and Mr. William Merchant. Members of the Quill and Scroll include Janelle Todd, and Kathee Vallejo. MIKE MASER Student Manager Basketball, Football, FFA, Land Judging Contest. MICHAEL MATHEWS FFA. JIM MATTICKS Band, A-Club, Football, Basketball, Hi-Y, County Government. BARB METZ Choir, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Varsity Cheerleading, Homecoming Queen, Orpheum. ALLEN MORRIS Band. DAN MORRISON FFA, FFA Vice-President, Land and Stubble Mulch Judging First Place. PEGGY MRACEK Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, All School Musical, DECA, DECA Secretary, Library Assistant, Office Assistant. JOHN MURILLO Choir, Chamber Singers, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, All School Musical, Spanish Club. DAVID NAGAKI Basketball, Track, Student Council.1970 Nebraska University Regents: Alternates Deb Grothen, Bob Peltz, Elks Youth Leadership winners: Deb Grothen and winner Deb Fulton. and Lee Wigert. TIMOTHY NAGAKI Basketball, Football, Track, Orpheum, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast, All School Musical, Library Assistant, Weight Lifting, Senior Play Cast. CAROLYN NELSON Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens. JANN NELSON Band, Choir, Chamber Singers, pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, All School Musical, Junior Play Cast, Orpheum, Library Assistant, Senior Play Cast. KURT NELSON Golf, Hi-Y, County Government, Orpheum, Cha-dron Art Festival, Senior Play Cast. PAT NEUMANN Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens. RICH NOLDA A-Club, A-Club President, Basketball, Football, Track, County Government, Hi-Y. GREG NOVICKI A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Golf, Hi-Y, Chadron Art Festival, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Orpheum. LINDA NUSS Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Library Assistant. MICHELLE O BRIEN Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical, Orpheum, Library Assistant.’70 Seniors Stampede Guidance Office JULES OSTRANDER FFA, FFA Secretary, District Speech Contest in FFA. TERRY PELTZ County Government, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Hi-Y. ROBERT PELTZ A-Club, Football, Track, Cross Country, Golf, Student Council, Boys’ State Alternate, National Honor Society, Chadron Scholastic Contest and Art Festival, Regents Alternate, Senior Play. DICK PEPLER FFA. CATHERINE PETERSON Choir, Orchestra, Chamber Singers, All School Musical, Pep Club, Y-Teens, DECA, State Music Clinic. GLEN PHILLIPS Band, Pep Band. JOE POKORSKI BARB POWELL Choir, Choir President, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Chamber Singers, All School Musical, Homecoming Attendant, Voice of Democracy Contest, Orpheum. FRANCIS PRELLE Y-Teens. DEBRA RAVERT Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical, Spanish Club. DAN RAZO NANCY REDDISH Band, Band Captain, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, State Music Clinic, All School Musical, German Club, District Music Clinic, International Peace Gardens European Tour Band, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Hastings Honor Band. 78Seeking Information About College CHERI REED Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Reserve Cheerleading, All School Musical, District Music Clinic, Orpheum. CYNTHIA REITZ Choir, Choir Secretary and Treasurer, Pep Club, Pep Club Chantleader, Girls' Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, All School Musical, District Music Clinic and Music Contest, Orpheum, Office Assistant. RUSTY RENO Choir, Chamber Singers, Spud Staff Editor-in-Chief, Junior Play Cast, Co-Director of Plays, Student Council, District Speech Contest, Thespian Society, All School Musical, One Acts, Orpheum, Thespian Play. CONNIE RINEHART Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical, DECA, DECA Vice-President, Teacher’s Aid, Orpheum, Senior Play. DENNIS ROBINS Track, Wrestling, FFA. SARA SANDBERG Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, German Club. DECA. MARK SAUM SCOn SCHAFFER Track, Golf, Hi-Y, German Club, Orpheum. LINDA SCHNELL Choir, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, All School Musical, Office Assistant, Orpheum, Thespian Play. JON SCHOMMER A-Club, A-Club Secretary and Treasurer, Football Tri-Captain, Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Secretary, Student Council, County Government, Weight Lifting, Orpheum, Pep Club Boyfriend. TOM SCHOMMER GREGG SEEBOHM Choir, Chamber Singers, A-Club, A-Club Sergeant, Football, Track, Golf, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Play Cast, All School Musical, German Club, Weight Lifting, Orpheum, Senior Play Cast.Upperclassmen Are Plagued With Senioritis BILL SHANNON Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y. MALVIN SHERLOCK Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast, FFA. JERRY SHOOP Orchestra, All School Musical, Concert Master. TORILD SKOVALD Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, All School Musical, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, German Club Secretary, Orpheum. JO ANNE SMITH Pep Club, Y-Teens, German Club, Library Assistant. CHIP SMITH A-Club, Football Tri-Captain, Track, Wrestling, Golf, Hi-Y, Junior Play Cost, All School Musical, Orpheum, Weight Lifting, West Big Ten Honorable Mention. DOUG STINNETTE CAROL STONE Fullerton High School, Fullerton, Nebr.: Band, Choir, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, Co-Director of Plays, Student Council, District Speech Contest, Drama Club, Fine Arts, FHA, World Affairs Club. Alliance High School: Band, Pep Band, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest. KEVA TAYLOR SHERYL TAYLOR Ogallala High School, Ogallala, Nebr. Alliance High School. LYNNE THOMPSON Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Co-Director of Plays, District Speech Contest, County Government, Thespian Society, All School Musical, One Acts, Orpheum, District Music and Scholastic Contest, Sidney Band Clinic, Senior Play. BRUCE TOLINE Huntsville, Missouri: W-Club, Basketball, Track, FFA, Baseball. Alliance High School: Hi-Y. 80Co-Ed Correspondent, Carol Jensen chants with McCall’s Correspondent Voice of Democracy winner, Brenda Jinks poses Pe9gy Adam. Not shown is Deb Grothen, Betty Crocker winner. with DAR Citizenship winner, Janelle Todd. DEAN TUCKER ABBIE TURMAN Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens. JOHN ULLRICH Choir, Football, Wrestling, Golf, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, All School Musical, Library Assistant, District Music Clinic. KATHEE VALLEJO Bond, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Editor-in-Chief, All School Musical, Quill Scroll, Quill Scroll Vice-President, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, Thespian Society, Spanish Club, Spanish Club Treasurer, Library Assistant, One Acts, Teacher's Aid, Orpheum, Co-Director of Plays, State Journalism Clinic, Senior Play. CHERYL VOGEL Choir, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Advertising Manager, Y-Teens, Sophomore Class Secretary, Orpheum, State Journalism Clinic. KATHY VOGEL Pep Club, Spud Staff. CLIFF WADE Central High School, South Dakota: Golf, Football. Alliance High School. LINDA WAGNER Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical, DECA, DECA Vice-President, Office Assistant. DAVE WALKERf Seniors Cope With Final Exams CAROL WERNKE Pep Club, Y-Teens, German Club. JUDY ANN WEISGERBER Choir, Y-Teens. JIM WHARTMAN Football, Tennis, Student Council, All School Musical, Chadron Art and Scholastic Contest, Senior Play. LEE ROY WIGERT Mitchell High School, Mitchell, Nebr.: M-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Cross Country, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Key Club, Student Council, Boys' State, District Speech Contest. Alliance High School: Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast, Co-Director of Plays, All School Musical, National Honor Society, Thespian Society, A-Club, Track, One Acts, Student Council President, Orpheum, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Voice of Democracy, Elk’s Leadership Contest, Alpha Club. RANDY WILKINS FFA, FFA Sentinel, i CHARLES WILSON Spud Staff, Junior Play Cast. JANET WILSON THOMAS WILSON Lusk, Wyoming: Basketball, District Speech Contest. Alliance High School: Spanish Club. CHUCK WOODS JENNIFER WORTH Choir, Pep Club, Office Assistant. MARCIA ZIMMERMAN Choir, Choir Treasurer, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, All School Musical, Y-Teens. WAYNE ZOBEL Choir, Chamber Singers, Wrestling, hi-Y, All School Musical. 82Each year, the senior class honors two of its members for their qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and personality. These attributes are all present in the MOST REPRESENTATIVE girl and boy of 1 970, Andrea Abbott and Dave Best. Since school is foremost an educational experience, it is only proper for THE BULLDOG to honor seniors Deb Fulton and Bob Peltz for achieving HIGH SCHOLARSHIP in this graduating class. 83Juniors Conquer Challenging Year Concentration on American Literature and American History coupled with chemistry, advanced algebra and foreign languages constitute, perhaps, one of the most brain-provoking high school years. Although they are tough courses, they are very rewarding. A variety of elective courses also enrich the junior curriculum. The Junior class presented one of the most successful plays in AHS’s history. This year the class of '71 presented the comedy "Harvey." The financial problems were eased greatly because of the success of the play. Another of the numerous money making projects was the 3-day invasion of Gambles. This was a first for any class. Junior Class Officers: Diane Schnell, treasurer; Tom Novotny, president; Rhonda Chadwick, secretary; Don Failor, vice-president. Diane Abbott Jolene Akert Susan Andrick Brad Barrows Dave Barth Roger Bauer Carol Becker Carolyn Behm Julie Behm Kenny Behm Nancy Bennett Dick Best Susi Bignell Stephanie Bixby Dennis Blue 84Danita Bowman Jim Brennan Francie Bright Lana Bright Dick Broderick Roger Brown Sheila Bullock Rhonda Case Rhonda Chadwick Mary Cheatle Myra Cheeney Sara Cheney Jane Chipperfield Steve Chleborad Kathryne Colerick Gay Corbett Bruce Cordell Victor Covalt Lonnie Cowher Mike Cox Larry Dempsey Mike Dietrich Don Dreyer Myron Drumheller Kathy Edwards Bill Elliot Don Failor George Farr Roy Fester Dean Forney 85Lynda Foster Becky Francis Joy Franklin Terry Frohman Dana Furman Bob Furrow Cindy Girard Linda Gonzales Gayle Grabher Lonnie Grant VI Jane Grothen Kay Hefti Susan Henderson Junior Class Sponsors: Miss Ellen Christensen and Mr. Bernard Becker. 86Chris Hunter Phyllis Irvine Linda Jaqua Howard Jensen Susan Jensen Dave Johannes Linda Jones Susan Keebaugh Marjorie King Connie Kirchner Gene Kooper Sandra Lawson Brenda Lewis Debbie Lewis Mike Lincoln Bonny Lulow Shirley Marin Mike Marvin Susan Matejka Sally McCauley Mike McGuire Betty McMann Randy McMasters Mary Mundt Mary Murillo Pat Nakatsu Ron Neafus Kathleen Newlin Diana Nikont Tom Novotny 87Kathy Nuss Mary O’Connor Connie Ogle Debbie Ogle Mary Ostrander Debbie Overturf Nancy Pedersen Deborah Perkins George Peters Joe Petersen Rex Peterson Bill Phillip Nancy Podhaisky Allen Rask Karen Rask Debi Reitz Vickie Reno Janice Rohrbouck Joyce Ross Nancy Rubeck Robin Rust Terry Rust Warren Schmidt Diana Schnell Sandie Schommer Warner Schulze Jerry Seiler Karen Shannon Don Sherlock Tom Simmons 88Clayton Young Sharon Zillinger Don Zurn Kolinda Smith Tim Spencer Steve Steinman Betty Suiter Steve Sward Connie Sydow Erwin Sydow Peggy Thomas Roger Thompson Mike Tolstedt Joyce Trabert Jane Trumble Chuck Ushio Roberta Vallentine Cindy Vogel Chris Wilkinson Pauline Yeager Paula Yekel Gamble’s Manager Curt Hain presents a check for $272.98 to Mike Dietrich. Steve Vogel Rick Walker John Weisgerbe Steve WickhamSophomores Bridge Transition Gap Timid sophomores entered the North Building imagining difficult subjects and strict teachers . . . wanting to be accepted, but afraid of not belonging. Before the end of their first year in senior high, they became familiar with classroom procedures and felt more comfortable with the upper-classmen. Working with their new friends in clubs, sports, music, and special events, the sophomores gained that all important sense of self-confidence. This largest AHS class, 1 80 strong, carried out money making projects to “Fatten" their treasury for next year. Sponsors were Mrs. Evelyn Ware and Mr. Keith Kyser. Sophomore Class Officers: Pom Hogenson, president; Nancy Lawrence, vice president; Willie Smith, secretary; Scott Lyman, treasurer. Chris Abbott John Bacon Georgia Bates Scott Becker Cheryl Billings Bill Bolinger Anita Bordeaux Tom Brandt Jesse Chadwick Sherry Clapp Terri Collins James Colwell Cathie Conklin Pamela Corbell Greg Cover Marina Dofney Kay Decker Becky DeFord Ted DeWitt Tom Dill Charlie Dingman Dale Doyle Michele Dunbar Manuel Duran David Duval Alvin Ehrhart Leroy Ewing David FaberJulia Faber Jerry Fester Tom Flower George Fosket Renita Fritzler Russel Fulliton Debbie Furley Jay Galyen Monte Garner Roger Garwood Joyce Gerber Coleen Gillispie Dennis Girard Mario Gonzales Kathy Grandy John Green Maurene Green John Guernsey Haig Hagihara Lynn Hall Michael Hare Sondra Harris Ted Harris Tom Hashman Rich Haslow Alan Heidingsfelder Mary Hellyer David Henderson Doug Henderson Mitch Herman Shirly Hippe Pam Hogensen Sid Hooper Hester Howard Richard Hulquist James Jaqua Sharyl Jesse Debi Johnson Edna Johnson (Dianne) Jerene Johnston John Kemper Dianne Kotschwar Richard Krebs Debra LaBarge Ava Lambert Bill Laughlin Nancy Lawrence Dale Lawrenz Robert Leisy 91Nancy Lorenzini Scott Lyman Mark Maser Jane Matejka John Matejka Susan Mathews Judy McKinney Bernadette Meng Ken Miller Myron Mix Jean Monroe Terry Monroe Gerald Moscrip Charles Mulloy Suzanne Neeley Chris Neuswanger Joan Nunes Norm Nuss Brent O’Brien Richard Ogle Ron Palmer Tom Peterson Paula Petersen Rhonda Petersen Mary Jo Phaneuf Cindy Piihl Scott Plank Janet Pokorski Jean Potmesil Nancy Powell Anita Prentice Trent Pyle Rhonda Rask Dennis Ridgley Launy Ringleman Vicki Robbins Kathryn Roe Dusty Roebuck Lucille Rose Milo Rust Dan Sanchez Manuel Sanchez Rhonda Sanchez Diana Sanford Connie Schnell Peggy Schnell Dale Schwaderer LeRoy Seri Lloyd Dean Seri 92Dale Sherlock George K. Smith George W. Smith Gaylord Solberg Carla Sorum Sandra Soto Terri Stanton Jolene Stavropoulos Kenny Steinman Debbie Strieker Jan Suiter Linda Thayer Linda Thomas Michael Thompson Karen Todd Susan Todd Dick Tolstedt Jane Trank Koni Tschacher Art Ullrich Greg Underwood Sophomore Class Sponsors: Mrs. Evelyn Ware and Mr. Keith Kyser David Vorovka Mary Wacker Glenda Ward Nancy West Janice Wilson Dixie Wood Monte Zillinger Renee Zobel Steve Zurn David Williamson Dennis Wills Tim Wills 93Freshmen Enjoy Successful Party King Rusty Morgan and Queen Lana Peterson, along with their attendants, Scott Seebohm and Phyllis Vallejo, presided over the Frosh party. The theme of this gaily decorated festival was “Mod, Mod World.” This lively class is sponsored by Mrs. Vera Briggs and Mr. Jerry Gardener. The class of 73 also has a more serious side. They tasted such first high school courses as algebra, biology, English and cultural geography. As the year went on, these Freshmen became more and more adapted to the future challenge of senior high years. Freshman Class Officers: Don Shannon, vice-president; Mark Watson, secretary; Tim Borg, president; Carol Peltz, treasurer; Mike Shannon, vice-president. Billy Ackerman Diana Ackerman Randy Baugh John Becker Janet Behm Violet Behm Randy Best Ron Best Julie Bignell Shannon Bixby Robert Blumanthal Bill Bright Larry Brown Richard Brown Tim Borg Mark Bowman Bruce Carter Debbie Chadwick Mary Chinnock Raymond Chipperfield Sharon Collins David Corbett Debbie Curtiss Phyllis Curtiss Janice Dafney Schuyler Dawn Marvin Dickinson Dan Dietrich 94Cyndia Dill Frances Dobry Kay Drabbels Lynn Dykes John Foltz Kent Forney Leo Fowler Anita Fraedrich Robbie Francis Kathy Fritzler Linda Freiberger Colleen Fulliton Eddie Fulton Dave Furman Debbie Gamer Brenda Garrett Bob Greggs Travis Grubbs Rick Guernsey Charles Haas Rayleen Hammond Dean Harris Barbara Hashman Phyllis Hashman Linda Hernandez Patricia Hood Horace Howard Sherri Jinks Debbie Johnson Michael Johnson Rita Johnston Martin Jones Ronald Jones Kenny Kirchhoff Robin Kostra Daryl Krejci Laura Kreycik Anita Krohn Christy Lawson Debra Lee Alvin Leisy Darrel Leisy Patricia Lewis Vicki Lewis Cory Manewal Tom McAndrew Donna McCormick Jerry McCracken Jerre McLaughlin 95Clarence Meng Jerael Merrihew Marcia Miller Rusty Morgan Steve Mracek Vivian Mundt Debbie Nason Sandy Nelson Dan Nickens Norman Odell Nancy Ogle Deborah Olson Cash Ostrander Carol Peltz Lana Peterson Jim Phillip Issac Picket Pin James Potmesil Dennis Powell Kenny Preiss Rick Prettyman Merry Rachetts Gary Rask Greg Reno Melody Roebuck Clint Schafer Wayne Schledewitz Debra Schnell Jean Schnell Susan Schommer Mary Schrimpf Scott Seedbohm Don Shannon Mike Shannon Ellarae Shaw Dorothy Shires William Shores Penny Shrewsbury Judy Simmons Nancy Simpson Peggy Skoglund Diane Smith Bev Solberg Peg Spencer Mike Stanton Mary Ann Steinman Dwain Sulzbach Barbara Taylor Carolyn Taylor 96Gary Taylor Phyllis Taylor Susie Timbers Karen Thomsen Cheryl Thompson Chris Thompson Tracy Turman Mike Vallejo Phyllis Vallejo Gloria Vasquez David Vogel Randy Vogel Steve Vogel Cheri Vorovka Tim Wacker Dan Walker Ronald Ward Jeanette Watkins Jack Watson Mark Watson Robyn Weisgerber Bill Wernke Paula Whitlock Ross Wills Steve Wilson Freshman Class Sponsors: Mrs. Vera Briggs and Mr. Jerry Gardner. i I 97ADMINISTRATION Chamberlin, Leslie T. 4, 17 Crowder, Don 1 7 Dreyer, William 1 7 Grosshans, Larry 1 7, 34, 37, 38 Neuswanger, Phyllis 1 7 Wilcox, Dr. Stanley 16 BOARD OF EDUCATION Cover, J. W. Jr. 16 Jaggers, Dr. Richard 1 6 Mowder, Jack 16 Sorum, Keith 16 Stephens, Lyle 1 6 Wiseman, Howard 1 6 CUSTODIANS Bright, Alfred Garza, Guadalupe 1 9 Palmer, Robert Reinmuth, E. H. Roebuck, Robert 1 9 Wilkins, Ervin Wilmott, Red 1 9 PERSONNEL Bloom, Dixie 18 Brungard, Sandra 1 8 Harris, Janice 1 8 Kosmicki, Mike McLean, Mavis 1 8 Merritt, Thelma 1 9 Messersmith, Linnien 1 8 Morris, Kay 1 8 Wocker, Rosie 1 8 FACULTY Abbott, John 31,65 Andrews, Vivian 24 Becker, Bernard 86, 20 Bibbey, Thomas 25, 50 Briggs, Vera 21 Chaney, Paul 4, 28, 34 Christensen, Ellen 26, 86 Clarke, Dale 21,57 Cundy, John 25, 54 Curtiss, Sherrie 21,62 Davis, Jeraldine 20 Ford, Lorraine 21 Furman, Willis 26 Gardner, Jerry 23 Glarum, Juanita 31,62 Hammond, Di Ann 21,61,76 Hawk, James 22 Hovorka, Thomas 26, 63 Hunter, Jone 5, 20, 66 Huntsman, Larry 31 Huntsman, Mary Lue 31 Kastens, Dale 36, 45 General Kennedy, Mike 35 Knoflicek, Winifred 23 Kyser, Keith 36, 45, 93 Merchant, William 23, 76 McDermott, James 22, 47 McPeek, Semelina 21,61 Morris, Robert 29, 38 Myers, Es ther 4, 62 Neergaard, A. William 25, 5i Nelson, Alice 22, 57 Nelson, Byron 32, 63 Petersen, Eunice 20 Petersen, Fred 23 Pilfold, Sandra 28, 42, 46 Rockey, Bruce 30, 65 Rowbotham, Juliet 27 Schweitzer, Philip 26 Sutter, Marie 32 Woechter, James 25 Ware, Evelyn 22, 93 Ware, Kenneth 30, 64 Zuspan, Bill 26, 35, 37,41 STUDENTS Abbott, Andrea 7, 8, 28, 51,53, 55, 69,83, 102 Abbott, Chris 34, 40, 47, 90 Abbott, Diane 61,84 Abegg, Dave 32, 69 Ackerman, Billy 94 Ackerman, Diana 94 Ackerman, Marvin 30, 69 Adam, Peggy 69, 81,110 Aguiniga, John 27, 51,69 Akert, Jolene 50, 84 Andrews, Joel 5, 46, 66, 69 Andrick, Susan 56, 84 Bacon, John 90 Bamrick, Kathy 69 Barrows, Brad 8, 38, 51,84 Barth, Dave 34, 46, 84 Bates, Georgia 51,90 Bauer, Roger 45, 64, 84 Baugh, Randy 94 Becker, Carol 57, 84 Becker, Donald 40, 47, 90 Becker, John 36, 41,94 Becker, Wynette 23, 69 Behm, Carolyn 84 Behm, Cathy 14, 57, 69 Behm, Janet 94 Behm, Julie 84 Behm, Kenny 84 Behm, Violet 94 Bennett, Nancy 50, 84 Best, David 4, 10, 35,44,63, 66, 70, 83 Best, Dick 34, 84 Best, Randy 36, 45, 94 Best, Ron 36, 41,94 Bignell, Becci 70, 109 Bignell, Jill 12, 50,51,70 Bignell, Julie 60, 94 Index Bignell, Susi 84 Billings, Cheryl 90 Bixby, Stephanie 84 Bixby, Shannon 94 Blue, Dennis 84 Blumanthal, Robert 36, 94 Bolinger, Bill 34, 90 Bordeaux, Anita 90 Borg, Randy 4, 35, 38, 39, 68, 70 Borg, Tim 36, 41,94, 70 Bowman, Danita 50, 85 Bowman, Ginger 46 Bowman, Mark 36, 94 Brandt, Tom 48, 90 Brennan, Jim 85 Bright, Bill 36, 45, 94 Bright, Francie 8,11,56, 85 Bright, Lana 53, 85 Broderick, Dick 85 Brown, Don 1 2, 34, 44, 52, 68, 74 Brown, Larry 94 Brown, Richard 44, 94 Brown, Roger 85 Brown, Steve 34, 46 Brunkow, Mike 63, 70 Bullock, Sheila 85 Bushnell, Julie 70, 1 21 Callan, Sandi 65, 70 Carr, Mary 2, 70 Carr, Oscar 70 Carter, Bruce 94 Carter, Carol 53, 70 Case, Rhonda 50, 85 Chadwick, Debbie 60, 74 Chadwick, Jesse 1 2, 46, 48, 51, 90 Chadwick, Rhonda 51, 84, 85, 109 Cheatle, Mary 8, 85 Cheeney, Myra 85 Cheney, Sara 8, 50, 54, 85 Chinnock, Mary 94 Chipperfield, Luella(Jane) 50, 85 Chipperfield, Raymond 54, 94 Chieborad, Steve 51,85 Christensen, Karen 10, 52, 62, 70 Clapp, Sherry 90 Cole, Bob 34 Coleman, Cheri 70, 106 Colerick, Debbie 9, 51,54, 68, 109 Colerick, Kathy 68, 85 Collins, De Ann 9, 25, 50, 52, 53, 54,62,71 Collins, Sharon 94 Collins, Terri 53, 90 Colwell, James 35, 44, 47, 52, 90 Conklin, Cathie 90 Corbell, Pam 90 Corbett, David 50, 94 Corbett, Gay 85 Cordell, Bruce 37, 53, 85 Covalt, Victor 8, 9, 12, 50,85 Cover, Gregory 37, 44, 47, 90, 108 Cowher, Lonnie 38, 85 Cox, Mike 85 Cummings, Rick 71 Cunningham, Vicki 52, 53, 71, 108 Curtiss, Debbie 94 Curtiss, Phyllis (Jean) 60, 94 Dafney, Janice 60, 94 Dafney, Marina 50, 90 Davis, Cody 34, 43, 51,52, 71 Dawn, Schuyler 36, 41,94 Decker, Kay 42, 90 Decker, Rod 48, 71 DeFord, Becky 52, 90 Dempsey, Larry 85 DeWitt, Ted 90 Dickinson, Marvin 94 Dietrich, Dan 36, 4 1,94 Dietrich, Mike 38, 47, 85 Dill, Cyndia 95 Dill, Julian 53, 71, 104 Dill, Marilyn 11,71 Dill, Thomas 45, 47, 52, 90 Dingman, Charlie 34, 38, 47, 90 Dobry, Bruce 71, 105 Dobry, Frances 54, 95 Dove, Deanna 7, 71 Doyle, Dale 90 Drabbels, Kay 95 Dreyer, Don 9, 48, 50, 85 Drumheller, Myron 85 Dunbar, Michele 90 Duran, Eustolio 63 Duran, John 41 Duran, Manuel 90 Duval, David 37, 90 Dykes, Lynn 95 Edwards, Kathy 85, 50 Edwards, Pat 3, 10,38, 39,71, 123 Ehrhart, Alvin 41,45, 90 Elliot, Bill 85 Eskam, David 4, 57, 71 Ewing, Leroy 90 Faber, David 47, 90 Faber, Julia 91 Failor, Don 35, 38, 51,84, 85 Farr, George 8, 9, 1 2, 51,52, 85 Fester, Jerry 51,54, 91 Fester, Roy 85 Flower, Tom 91 Foltz, John 36, 45, 95 Foltz, Sharren 3, 62, 65, 72 Forney, Dean 1 2, 34, 85 Forney, Kent 36, 42, 45, 95 Fosket, George 91 Foster, Anita 49, 1 1 9 Foster, Lynda 86 Fowler, Leo 95 98Fraedrich, Anita 95 Francis, Becky 50, 62, 86 Francis, Robbie 36, 45, 95 Franklin, Joy 86 Freiberger, Linda 95 Fritzler, Kathy 95 Fritzler, Renita 91 Frohman, Terry 86 Fulliton, Colleen 95 Fulliton, Russell 91 Fulton, Debra 12, 21, 28, 42, 46, 68, 72, 77, 83 Fulton, Eddie 36, 45, 95 Furley, Debbie 50, 91 Furman, Dana 51,54, 86 Furman, Dave 36, 45, 95 Furrow, Bob 48, 86 Galyen, Norman 91 Garner, Debbie 95 Garner, Monte 37, 91 Garrett, Brenda 42, 95 Garwood, Janet 10, 50, 62, 72 Garwood, Roger 40, 48, 91 Gerber, Bonnie 53, 91 Gillispie, Coleen 50, 54, 91 Girard, Cindy 86 Girard, Dennis 44, 47, 48, 51, 54,91 Girard, Jeff 72 Gonzales, Linda 86 Gonzales, Mario 91 Grabher, Gayle 86 Graham, Dave 34, 72 Grandy, Kathy 91 Grant, Brian 54, 55, 72, 1 21 Grant, Lonnie 86 Green, John 45, 91 Green, Kathie 49, 72 Green, Maurene 50, 91 Green, Sally 72, 1 1 1 Greggs, Bob 95 Greggs, Stephanie 14, 57, 68, 72 Grothen, Debbie 5, 55, 68, 72, 77, 81 Grothen, Jane 8, 52, 55, 86 Grubbs, Travis 95 Guernsey, John 91 Guernsey, Rick 95 Haas, Charles 95 Hagihara, Haig 91 Hagihara, Sharon 31,61,72 Hall, Dan 45, 72 Hall, Lynn 91 Hammond, Rayleen 95 Hare, Mike 91 Harris, Dean 36, 95 Harris, Dennis 73 Harris, Sondra 91 Harris, Ted 91 Hashman, Barbara 95 Hashman, Phyllis 95 Hashman, Ron 73 Hashman, Tom 91 Haslow, John 34, 43, 91 Hawley, Rita 50, 73, 106 Hefti, Kay 53, 86 Heidingsfelder, Alan 34, 45, 47, 91 Helgesen, Thorbjrn (Toby) 23, 44, 45,52,53, 63, 66, 73 Hellyer, Mary 91 Henderson, David 37, 45, 91 Henderson, Earl 45, 91 Henderson, Susan 86 Henderson, William 45, 64, 86 Henkel, Debbie 7 Herman, Mitch 37, 40, 91 Hernandez, Alex 73 Hernandez, Linda 95 Hielscher, Guy 86 Hindman, Carol 52, 73 Hinn, Bob 69, 73 Hippe, Shirley 52, 91 Hirst, Jacki 50, 51,53, 54, 86 Hirst, Janalee 62, 68, 73, 1 23 Hitchcock, Randy 37, 50, 86 Hogensen, Pamela 91 Holloway, Kenneth 22, 73 Holmes, Linda 62, 86 Homrighausen, Sandy 1 1,31,73 Hood, Patrica 95 Hooper, Sid 37, 91 Howard, Horace 95 Howard, Hester 91 Hulett, Larry 46, 51,86 Hulquist, Mike 73 Hulquist, Richard 91 Hunter, Chris 87 Hungerford, Mark 35, 44, 73 Hutchinson, Kathleen 1 4, 50, 62, 74 Irvine, Phyllis 87 Jackson, Janet 74, 1 15 Jardine, Terry 52, 56, 74 Jaqua, James 91 Jaqua, Linda 87 Jensen, Carol 32, 74, 81 Jensen, Howard 1 2, 37, 43, 87 Jensen, Susan 87 Jesse, Sharyl 53, 91 Jinks, Brenda 25, 51,74, 81 Jinks, Sherri 95 Johannes, David 87, 106 Johnson, Debi 91 Johnson, Debbie 95 Johnson, Dennis 35, 74 Johnson, Edna 91 Johnson, Karen 14, 52, 53, 62, 68, 74 Johnson, Linda 51 Johnson, Michael 36, 95 Johnston, Jerene 52, 91 Johnston, Rita 95 Jones, Linda 42, 46, 51,87 Jones, Martin 95 Jones, Ronald 95 Juzenas, Levon 24, 74 Keebough, Susi 6, 50, 54, 57, 66,87 Kemper, John 34, 91 Kimmel, Debbie 1 2, 49, 75 King, Marilyn 10, 50, 51,53, 54, 75 King, Marjorie 7, 53, 87 Kirchhoff, Kenny 36, 95 Kirchner, Connie 42, 49, 52, 53, 57,87 Kooper, Gene 37, 43, 87 Kostra, Robin 95 Kotschwar, Dianna 42, 46, 91 Kotschwar, Roger 28, 75 Kramer, Deb I 1,75 Krebs, Dixie 75 Krebs, Richard 91 Krejci, Daryl 36, 45, 95 Kreycik, Laura 95 Krohn, Anita 60, 95 LaBarge, Debra 91 Lambert, Ava 52, 91 Laughlin, Bill 91 Lawrence, Carol 20, 51,61,75 Lawrence, Nancy 51,66, 91 Lawrenz, Dale 91 Lawson, Chris 95 Lawson, Sandie 6, 87 Lee, Debra 95 Leever, Diane 9, 26, 51,61,75 Lehl, Robert 34, 35, 75 Leisy, Alvin 36, 95 Leisy, Darrel 36, 95 Leisy, Robert 37, 45, 47, 91 Leu, Shirlene 75 Lewis, Brenda 53, 87 Lewis, Debra 8, 87 Lewis, Mike 9, 21,45, 48, 50, 55, 75 Lewis, Patricia 95 Lewis, Vicki 95 Liebers, Carrolle 24 Liggett, James 75 Lincoln, Mike 8, 9, 56, 61,87 Longacre, Lynda 75 Lorenzini, Nancy 92 Lulow, Bonny 87 Lyman, Gregory 37, 43, 47, 92 Manewal, Cory 36, 95 Marin, Shirley 87 Marvin, Mike 37, 46, 50, 87 Maser, Mark 92 Maser, Mike 76 Matejka, Jane 92 Matejka, John 53, 92 Matejka, Susan 87 Mathews, Lee Ann 32 Mathews, Michael 76 Mathews, Susan 52, 92 Matticks, Jim 76 McAndrew, Thomas 36, 95 McCauley, Sally 87 McCracken, Jerry 95 McCormick, Donna 95 McDonald, Jim 45 McGuire, Mike 87 McKinney, Judy 92 McLaughlin, Jerre 95 McMann, Betty 87 McMasters, John (Randy) 51,87 Meng, Bernadette 92 Meng, Clarence 96 Metz, Barbara 4, 7, 49, 57, 76 Merrihew, Jereal 96 Miller, Ken 51,92 Miller, Marcia 96 Mix, Myron 12,52,53,92 Monroe, Jean 92 Monroe, Terry 37, 92 Morgan, Rusty 36, 96 Morris, Allen 76 Morrison, Dan 64, 76 Moscrip, Gerald 92 Mracek, Peggy 62, 65, 76, 1 1 2 Mracek, Steve 36, 41,96 Mulloy, Charles 92 Mundt, Mary 87 Mundt, Vivian 96 Murillo, John 3, 52, 76 Murillo, Mary 87 Nagaki, David 69, 76 Nagaki, Tim 2, 34, 43, 77 Nakatsu, Pat 87 Nason, Debbie 96 Neafus, Ron 64, 87 Neeley, Suzanne 92 Nelson, Carolyn 1 2, 77, 106 Nelson, Jann 51,53, 62, 77 Nelson, Kurt 3, 77 Nelson, Sandra 96 Neumann, Pat 77, 1 1 1 Neuswanger, Chris 92 Newlin, Kathleen 87, 1 10 Nickens, Dan 36, 96 Nikont, Diana 87 Nolda, Richard 4, 35, 38, 40, 77 Novicki, Greg 34, 77 Novotny, Tom 1 3, 44, 48, 50, 51,63,84,87 Nunes, Joan 42, 50, 51,92 Nuss, Kathy 52, 88 Nuss, Linda 62, 77, 121 Nuss, Norman 92 O’Brien, Brent 92 O’Brien, Michelle 77, 121 O'Connor, Mary 42, 52, 88 Odell, Norman 96 Ogle, Connie 88 Ogle, Debbie 42, 49, 88 Ogle, Nancy 96 Ogle, Richard 92 Olson, Debbie 96 Ostrander, Cash 96 Ostrander, Jules 1 2, 30, 64, 78 Ostrander, Mary 88 Overturf, Debbie 8, 50, 54, 88 Palmer, Ron 40, 47, 92 Pedersen, Nancy 62, 88 Peltz, Carol 60, 96 Peltz, Robert 35, 43, 77, 78, 83 Peltz, Terry 78 Pepler, Dick 78 Perkins, Deborah 53, 88 Perrin, Rex 36 Peters, George 88 Petersen, Joe 40, 48, 88 99Petersen, Tom 40, 47, 48, 92 Peterson, Catherine 24, 52, 53, 78 Peterson, Lana 96 Peterson, Paulo 51,92 Peterson, Rex 8, 1 2, 56, 61,88 Peterson, Rhonda 42, 50, 92 Phaneuf, Mary 51,92 Phillip, Bill 45, 88 Phillip, Jim 36, 96 Phillips, Glen 78 Picket Pin, Issac 96 Piihl, Cindy 92 Plank, James 37, 43, 92 Podhaisky, Nancy 42, 52, 88 Pokorski, Janet 52, 92 Pokorski, Joe 7, 78 Potmesil, James 96 Potmesil, Jean 92 Powell, Barbara 7, 52, 53, 78 Powell, Dennis 96 Powell, Nancy 52, 92 Preiss, Kenny 96 Prelle, Francis 1 9, 78 Prentice, Anita 92 Prettyman, Rick 96 Pyle, Trent 92 Quarles, Brenda 1 2 Rachetts, Merry 96 Rask, Allen 9, 37, 52, 53 88 Rask, Gary 36, 96 Rask, Karen 88 Rask, Rhonda 28, 92 Ravert, Debra 24, 53, 78 Razo, Dan 78 Reddish, Jim 37, 40,47,52 Reddish, Nancy 3, 50, 51,78 Reed, Cheri 7, 12, 51,79 Reitz, Cynthia 53, 79 Reitz, Deborah 42, 49, 53, 88 Reno, Greg 96 Reno, Rusty 4, 53, 56, 79 Reno, Vickie 88 Ridgley, Dennis 51,92 Rinehart, Connie 65, 79, 1 1 2 Ringleman, Launy 45, 52, 92 Robbins, Dennis 79 Robbins, Vicki 53, 92 Roe, Kathy 52, 92 Roebuck, Dusty 55, 92 Roebuck, Melody 96 Roebuck, Vivian 54 Rohrbouck, Janice 50, 88 Rose, Lucille 92 Ross, Joyce 88 Rubeck, Nancy 6, 57, 62, 88, 105 Rust, Milo 37, 44,47, 92 Rust, Robin 37, 45, 88 Rust, Terry 42, 88 Sanchez, Dan 34, 40, 47, 66, 92 Sanchez, Manuel 92 Sanchez, Rhonda 46, 53, 92 Sandberg, Sara 53, 79, I 1 2 Sandford, Diana 92 Saum, Mark 79 Schaffer, Clint 96 Schaffer, Scott 79 Schmidt, Warren 29, 88 Schledewitz, Wayne 96 Schnell, Connie 92 Schnell, Debra 96 Schnell, Diana 84, 88 Schnell, Jean 96 Schnell, Linda 53, 79, 1 1 9 Schnell, Peggy 51,54, 92 Schommer, Jon 10, 14, 34, 43, 46,63, 79 Schommer, Sandie 65, 88 Schommer, Susan 96 Schommer, Tom 1 4, 79 Schulze, Warner 37, 88 Schwaderer, Dale 92 Schrimpf, Mary 96 Seebohm, Gregg 35, 46, 52, 63, 79 Seebohm, Scott 36, 41,96 Seiler, Jerry 35, 38, 52, 88 Seri, LeRoy 92 Seri, (Dean) Lloyd 92 Shannon, Bill 34, 80 Shannon, Don 36, 41,96 Shannon, Karen 36, 66, 88 Shannon, Mike 41,49, 61,96 Shaw, Ellarae 96 Sherlock, Dale 93 Sherlock, Don 34, 88 Sherlock, Malvin 69, 80 Shires, Dorothy 60, 96 Shoop, Jerry 54, 55, 80 Shores, William 96 Sibbitt, Joan 42, 46, 49, 50, 51, 68, 74 Simmons, Judy 96 Simmons, Tom 88 Simpson, Nancy 96 Skoglund, Peggy 96 Skovald, Torild 52, 61,80 Smaha, Dan 37, 43, 51,55 Smith, Diane 60, 96 Smith, Donald 37 Smith, George 93 Smith, George W. 93 Smith, Jo Anne 6, 24, 80 Smith, Kolinda 42, 89 Smith, Chip 2, 34, 43, 46, 80 Smith, Randy 96 Solberg, Bev 96 Solberg, Gaylord 37, 93 Sorum, Carla 93 Soto, Sandra 52, 93 Spencer, Peg 60, 96 Spencer, Tim 34, 38, 89 Stanton, Mike 96 Stanton, Terry 93 Stavropoulos, Jolene 93 Steinman, Kenny 53, 93 Steinman, Mary Ann 96 Steinman, Steve 89 Stinnette, Doug 80 Stone, Carol 1 2, 23, 50, 53, 54, 80 Strieker, Debbie 52, 93 Suiter, Betty 89 Suiter, Jan 46, 93 Sulzbach, Dwain 36, 96 Sward, Stephen 89 Sydow, Connie 89 Sydow, Erwin 89 Taylor, Barbara 55, 96 Taylor, Carolyn 96 Taylor, Dennis Taylor, Gary 4 1,97 Taylor, Keva 6, 80 Taylor, Phyllis 97 Taylor, Sheryl 80 Thayer, Linda 93 Thomas, Linda 51,55, 93 Thomas, Peggy 89 Thompson, Cheryl 97 Thompson, Chris 36, 41,97 Thompson, Mike 37, 45, 93 Thompson, Lynne 22, 80 Thompson, Roger 40, 89 Timbers, Susie 60, 97 Todd, Janelle 55, 57, 62, 68, 76, 81 Todd, Karen 42, 46, 52, 93 Todd, Susan 50, 51,54, 93 Tolstedt, Dick 37, 44, 93 Tolstedt, Mike 34, 43, 89 Toline, Bruce 1 1,80 Trabert, Joyce 89 Trank, Jane 50, 54, 93 Trumble, Jane 9, 52, 89 Tschacher, Koni 93 Tucker, Donald (Dean) 81 Turman, Abbie 52, 81 Turman, Tracy 37, 44, 97 Ullrich, Arthur 40, 47, 48, 52, 93 Ullrich, John 6, 1 1, 13, 37, 81 Underwood, Greg 93 Ushio, Chuck 35, 44, 50, 84 Vallejo, Kathee 4, 50, 54, 56, 76,81 Vallejo, Mike 36, 61,97 Vallejo, Phyllis 97 Vallentine, Roberta 9, 50, 52, 54, 89 Vasquez, Gloria 97 Vogel, Cheryl 5, 57, 81 Vogel, Cindy 89 Vogel, David 36, 41,97 Vogel, Kathy 6, 8 1 Vogel, Randall 87 Vogel, Steve 89, 97 Vorovka, Cheri 97 Vorovka, David 93 Wacker, Mary 93, 52 Wacker, Timothy 36, 45, 97 Wackerle, Cheryl 52 Wade, Cliff 81 Wagner, Linda 6, 1 3, 81 Walker, Dan 97 Walker, Dave 8 1 Walker, Rick 88, 41,89 Ward, Glenda 93 Ward, Ronald 97 Watkins, Jeanette 97 Watson, Jack 97 Watson, Mark 36, 41,97 Weisgerber, John 89 Weisgerber, Judy 53, 82, 1 1 2 Weisgerber, Robyn 97 Wernke, Bill 97 Wernke, Carol 24, 82 Wernke, Don 40 West, Nancy 50, 54, 66, 93 Whartman, Jim 82 Whitlock, Paula 97 Wickham, Steve 6, 1 2, 34, 43, 46, 57, 89 Wigert, Lee 4, 5, 66, 68, 77, 82 Wilkins, Randy 64, 82 Wilkinson, Chris 44, 48, 50, 66, 89 Wilkinson, Steve 37, 38, 47, 5 1 Williamson, David 93 Wills, Dennis 47, 93 Wills, Ross 55, 97 Wills, Tim 93 Wilson, Charles 3, 82 Wilson, Janet 82 Wilson, Janice 93 Wilson, Steven 36, 45, 97 Wilson, Thomas 82, 1 1 9 Wood, Bill 97 Wood, Dixie 46, 52, 93 Wood, Paul 8 Woods, Chuck 82 Worth, Jennifer 82, 1 22 Yeager, Pauline 42, 89 Yekel, Paula 9, 56, 62, 89 Yekel, Steve 41,97 Young, Clayton 45, 89 Zillinger, Linda 97 Zillinger, Monte 93 Zillinger, Sharon 89 Zimmerman, Marcia 6, 52, 82 Zobel, Renee 50, 93 Zobel, Wayne 52, 82 Zurn, Don 34, 40, 66, 89 Zurn, Steve 34, 40, 47, 52, 93 100BULLDOG SUPPORTERS The following patrons support the BULLDOG through donations: ALLIANCE CLEANERS ALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY AND KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS ART JERRY’S BOOT SHOP BEAUTY BAR BOWEN, ROBERT W., OPTOMETRIST BOWL-MOR LANES BRENNAN CLEANERS COAST TO COAST CULLIGAN SOFT WATER DAISY QUEEN DEE-LITE BAKERY EHRHART BEAN COMPANY HARRIS CROWN BRIDGE LAB LANGMACHER FEED COMPANY L. B. MURPHY MILLS, HARRY T., DDS MISSOURI MARKET MOSS CONOCO O’BRIEN TEXACO PANHANDLE PACKING PARK HILL BEAUTY SHOP PAUL’S SERVICE PETE’S CLOTHING RENO’S TEXACO REX HAMBURGER SHOP SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY STARLITE DRIVE IN TASTEE LUNCH THIELE CRYSTAL SHOP TODD’S BODY AND FRAME SHOP V.F.W........................ WILDT INSURANCE .... 203 Box Butte Third and Niobrara ---- 406 Box Butte .....603 Niobrara .... 823 East Third .....210 Niobrara ...... 409 Laramie .... 324 Box Butte .....215 Big Horn ... 422 West Third ... 117 West Third .........East Third 420’ 2 Box Butte .. .116 Black Hills ... 416 Box Butte .4201 Box Butte .....223 Missouri .1100 West Third .....10th Flack .........East Third 1012 Yellowstone .......West Third .1011 West Third . 421 West Third ... 112 Box Butte ... 223 Box Butte .........715 Flack . 416’ 2 Box Butte ... 306 Box Butte ..........620 Flack .........424 Flack .116 East Fourth 101ANDREA ABBOTT MR. KEITH KREYCIK Mortgage Loan Department “Your Money Is Always Safe” 102 THE GUARDIAN STATE BANKJULIAN DILL WILLIAM DILL “A Family Affair’1 TENTH STREET GROCERY 214 W. 10th 762-9949 EXQUISITE JEWELRY WILLIAMS JEWELERS R. L. (BOB) WILLIAMS 317 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, Nebraska "A Service Complete" BATES-LANDA FUNERAL HOME 1020 West Tenth 762 1755 "Best of Luck to the Class of ’70’ SCHAD’S BAKERY 314 Box Butte 762-5891 104NANCY RUBECK KATHY GRIFFIS Search No More — Find It At THE FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE HOLSTEN’S REXALL DRUG 31 6 Box Butte Avenue 762-1150 307 Box Butte 762-2061 Alliance, Nebraska MR. RICH EDWARDS BRUCE DOBRY Personalized Cosmetics atFashions for Girls at MODE O’DAY MRS. IRENE COLEMAN CHERI COLEMAN Troubles Cease With Drugs From MOWDER’S PHARMACY DAVE JOHANNES For Every Hobby Need BILL NORMA’S HOBBY SHOP CAROLYN NELSON MR. BILL PRALL Repairs While You Wait RED JACK’S BODY SHOP RITA HAWLEY JACK GERICKE RED HAWLEY ,Jii Ma • 'ir i. 106BEDIENT LITHO Distinctive Printing 321 W. Third 762-5037 Alliance, Nebraska TRI-STATE SUPPLY INC. West Third 762-5300 Alliance, Nebraska DON AIR SERVICE Brantly Helicopter Distributors Instruction — Charter Ambulance A E Mechanics Don Brown, Operator Alliance, Nebraska 762-3139 PELTZ CONSTRUCTION AND STEEL BUILDING Modern Stran-Steel Buildings Custom Home Builders 1016 Flack Alliance, Nebraska 762-1768 107We Have “a Better Idea” COVER-JONES MOTOR CO. ALLIANCE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE MR. J. W. COVER, JR. RHOADS GREG COVER Exclusive Apparel for Women and Misses 704 Toluca 762-5110 MARJORIE S. HEWITT Alliance, NebraskaALLIANCE TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY 1 Oth and Flack Avenue 726-5010 Gifts for Every Occasion at HATCH’S DRUG RHONDA CHADWICK BOBIE ESSAY HOFMANN ELECTRIC Electrical Wiring 762-3456 523 Black Hills “Biggest Little Art Shop in Town” CIRCUS ART SHOP DEB COLERICK BECCI BIGNELL KANSAS-NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS CO. DE LUXE RADIATOR SERVICE Repairing Recoring Cleaning JERRY HOOD 504 Flack Alliance 109402 Box Butte 762-2210 Malts Shakes Sundaes Where Good Friends Meet To Have a Treat Let’s Live a Little at 2,ccee t 719 Flack ’Alb. All-Beef Hamburgers French Fries and Onion Rings Fish — Hot Dogs Weekdays 11 a.m. — 11 p.m. Sundays 11:30 p.m. — 10:30 p.m. Welcome! noDrive in and “Sea” our Fish and Shrimp A W DRIVE-INN PAT NEUMANN JODY GREEN IIIYour Patronage Is Appreciated at JUDY WEISGERBER C B Q CREDIT UNION PEGGY MRACEK BETTY BURTON CHARLA GIES MRS. FRANK KNIGHT Ponchos are “In" this year. BLACK’S OPEN RANGE SARA SANDBERG CONNIE RINEHART 112GREGORY'S INC. "Insurance Alone Is Our Business" Congratulations to the Class of “ 70! ALLIANCE RAMBLER JEEP CO. teAco 1 JACK'S east third I TEXACO 904 East Third Alliance 324 E. 3rd Street 762-1300 wrirn RAMBLER NORGE LAUNDRY NEIL'S TRUCKING SERVICE AND NEIL'S AUTO AND TRUCK WASH AND CLEANING 414 Black Hills 762-3310 “The Best Costs No More" Complete Self-Service Laundry FRED GREEN Expert Pressing Floor Covering 807 East 3rd Draperies Linoleum Carpet Cleaning Service Master 315 Laramie 762-2945 113BOX BUTTE PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT F.C.U. Save and Borrow at Your Credit Union (Young People Welcome) 219 W. 4th KIRT SMITH AND RUBEN WERNKE Sales Representative Personal and Business Insurance 762-3764 119 W. 3rd Alliance, Neb. BUD'S SADDLE SEAT REPAIR 712 West Third Phone 762-2595 Original Fabric For Car Seats Car Carpet — Naugahyde — Springs Portable Welding — Olson Brand Saw Dealer Heiser-Keyston Saddles — Used Saddles A. H. JONES CO. 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ALLIANCE Your Friendly Yard FLORAL COMPANY "Gifts and Flowers 762-3274 for Every Occasion" 322 Box Butte 762-1910 1020 W. 3rd Alliance 116HEMPEL'S SERVICE Petroleum Products LP Gas Heating Equipment Appliances BERT’S WELDING SHOP Custom Welding Complete Line of Constructual Steel 814 East 3rd 762-4072 762-4890 PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY THE FARMERS AND RANCHERS SUPPLY STORE "Your Protection is Our Best Policy" 762-5321 Alliance Congratulations to the Class of '70 Congratulations to the Class of '69 COMMUNITY T.V. Better Viewing Over the Cable" 210 West 3rd Street 762-4830 117You Don’t Have to Juggle Your Budget to Shop! DECKER’S FOOD CENTER BERRY IRON METAL BAMRICK TRUCKING Main Office: Scottsbluff Oxygen and Acetylene W. Junction 2 — 385 762-2996 ALLIANCE SAND GRAVEL “We Rock Everything but Your Baby.” Also Custom Hauling W. Junction 2 - 385 762-2996 118For the Best in Entertainment ALLIANCE FOX THEATER LINDA SCHNELL JACK JILL "We give S H Green Stamps! " 304 Black Hills 762-1781 TASTE THAT BEATS THE OTHERS COLD PEPSI POURS IT ON 762-2646 Alliance Keep your "Cool" at PERRIN REFRIGERATION ANITA FOSTER TOM WILSON NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER We Feature Service 206 Box Butte Alliance 762-3675 119Congratulations to the Class of ’70. STICKNEY’S Auto Equipment n 0L n a c r ft) ‘■'V ELKS CLUB 217 West 3rd 762-1857 SYMBOL OF FARM LEADERSHIP Remember Co-op Serves You Best You Own It You Run It You Profit From It PETROLEUM PRODUCTS FERTILIZER PRODUCTS CREDIT UNION SERVICE 724 West Third Street Alliance, Nebraska 120LINDA NUSS JULIE BUSHNELL Protect Your Hard-Earned Money ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK MICHELLE O BRIEN BRIAN GRANT Service You Can Trust ARRANTS ELECTRIC Organization of Dedicated Men AMERICAN WAR DADS 121FRY BROTHERS SHOP Blacksmith and Welding 21 I Willamette ALLIANCE READY-MIX COMPANY Concrete at its Best! 762-3236 East 3rd Farmer's Implement Co. Case ★ Massey-Ferguson ★ Brillion-Barnes ★ Crust Buster ★ Flex-King ★ Calkins ★ Schafer West 3rd Street 762-5000 Alliance, Nebraska ALLIANCE STANDARD SERVICE 3rd and Mississippi Alliance, Nebraska Phone 762-4065 ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK AUCTION COMPANY JENNI WORTH MRS. ERMIDEAN HAAS AND OPERATORS Finest in High Styling WESTERN BEAUTY 122JANALEE HIRST PAT EDWARDS “portrait by Worley’s” 123 WORLEY STUDIO"Best Workmanship Is Our Specialty." WESTON CONTRACTING LEARN, LIVE, AND SERVE Through 4-H BOX BUTTE 4-H COUNCIL Acknowledgments The yearbook staff, in an attempt to make this book one of Alliance High’s better yearbooks, has worked for this accomplishment in both scheduled and unscheduled mods. During these mods, continuous dialogue has been used to make the 1 970 Bulldog something more than a mere picture book. Now this dialogue has ceased for the staff and is presented to the reader. This book, in focus, has become a reality. Although we are unable to acknowledge all the people who have helped on annual, we do thank them for their assistance. We would like to mention the following: — Mrs. Alice Nelson for her time, suggestions and devotion to the 1 970 Bulldog. — Mr. Bernard Becker for giving of his valuable time to act as critic. — The administration and faculty for being patient throughout our many interruptions. — The businessmen who have shown their support by taking an interest in one of AHS's many activities. — The Taylor Publishing Company for its many personal services. Yearbook Staff Editor 124TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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