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THE BULLDOG ’69 ALLIANCE HIGH SCHOOL ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA VOLUME XXVBronco Lake Area—Alliance, Nebraska 2LOVE SONG TO THE PLAINS Sincere and heartfelt emotions are expressed in all love songs. The plains of Western Nebraska provide the inspiration necessary for such emotional expression. The sky frames the rolling plains and the clouds cast intermittent shadows upon the shifting landscape. Golden sunsets accent the boundless horizons. This is the scene that stimulated writers, such as Mari Sandoz and John Niehardt, to recreate the wild immeasureable power of the plains and the sense of the universal in man. Each Nebraskan possesses his own love song to the plains, whether it be in the form of individual feelings or as a tribute to the hardy pioneers who molded the land. Memories of the pioneers’ struggle remain and results of their efforts are treasured. They cultivated the barren land and they embedded ideas of government and individualism into the hearts and minds of all. Love is never a one-sided relationship. Despite the hardships inflicted by the unpredictable weather and forces of nature, the plains still return the love of their admirers. The staff acknowledges the title. I-ove Song to the Plains, used so effectively by Mari Sandoz in her book published by Harper Brothers. 3North Building Vocational BuildingTABLE OF CONTENTS Campus Highlights ... Faculty and Curriculum Clubs................ Music and Drama .... Sports .............. Seniors.............. Juniors.............. Sophomores .......... Freshmen ............ Index ............... Ads.................. 4 16 36 45 53 69 84 90 94 98 101 South BuildingOUR HERITAGE Adventurous pioneers explored the great plain region of Nebraska and were often faced with hardships and disappointments. In order to survive, these inhabitants found it necessary to develop a type of rugged individualism that still exists in this region. Freedom flourished and these determined pioneers founded an empire of self-sufficient, hospitable individuals. These all-important and enduring qualities still prosper on the Plains of Western Nebraska and are evident in the students of AHS. Creativity Determination 6Exploration DisappointmentStudent Council Committee Members—SEATED: Susan Keebaugh, Joan Sibbitt, Marilyn Mason, Debbie Overturf, Sharon Hagihara, Karen Shannon, Stephanie Greggs, Andrea Abbott. STANDING: Mr. Crowder, Chris Wilkinson, Bob Vallejo, Gary Christensen, David Knoflicek, Rusty Reno, Mrs. Hunter. Fall Calendar Features A Whirl Of Exciting Events With the first day of school came the inevitable confusion as schedules were compared and greetings between “long-lost friends" were exchanged. Participating in this bewildering maze was Carlos Franzino, our exchange student from Argentina. A temporary Student Council Committee was soon organized and members appointed. Aiming for the betterment of the school, they worked jointly with faculty members in drawing up a school constitution and planning numerous activities. Homecoming festivities provided an exciting climax to fall activities. Spirit reigned high through the traditional burning of the ‘A’, pep rally, parade, and game. Anticipation and suspense mounted to half-time ceremonies, when Rhonda Groskopf was crowned Homecoming Queen. A radiant Rhonda reigned over the dance following 8 the game. Y-Teen member, Billie Jo Jardine, begins the school year by presenting an apple to Mr. Zuspan.Homecoming royalty Jerri Allen. Rhonda Groskopf. and Marsha Trank received the “red carpel” treatment. Exchange student, Carlos Franzino. finds American schools a change from schools in Argentina. Mrs. Neuswanger provides motherly advice. The Senior Class once again won first place for their Homecoming float entitled “Eat ’Em Up." 9Winter Brings Carnival of Festive Activities As the Yuletide season approached, A.H.S. donned a holiday air. A gaily decorated tree, provided by the Student Council, added cheer and color to its hall surroundings. To the delight of the student body, a Christmas program was presented by the high school band, Chamber Singers, and Speech class. Shimmering stars and shades of blue dominated as “The Littlest Angel" descended upon Pep Club Formal. Inspired by the delightful children's story, the dance’s theme was highly successful, adding a treasured memory to many. School resumed all too soon as warmly-clad students settled down for a "long, hard winter" of studying. “Laugh-In," the Y-Teen Orpheum, provided a welcome break to school routine. The annual Christmas tree receives final trim from Max Dcntler and Lee Whitlock. Pep Club Formal royalty includes Pal Brunkow, Chant Leader, Mike Green. First Attendant. Pat Way. Vice-President, Jerry Tolstedt, Pep Club Boyfriend, Shari Minnick, President, Larry Graham, Second Attendant. Sharon Edwards, Secretary, and Penny Yekel, Treasurer. 10Wild stocking patterns prevailed and the plain leg look disappeared as students kept up with the modern trends. Speech II students Shari Minnick and Penny Yekcl experience the Sharon Potmesil vents all her furies on Rusty Reno during practice for the actor’s dilemma of stage fright. annual Y-Teen Orpheum. IIHonorees include: Student Council Secretary Joan Sibbitt. Elks Leadership Winners Vicki Miller and Dave Kirchner. Student Council President Lee Wigert. Alternate Appointee to the Air Force Academy Doug Dietrich. Student Council Treasurer Chris Wilkinson, and Student Council Vice-President Larry Graham. Voice of Democracy contest winner Jim Lorenzini poses with DAR Citizenship award winner Julie Ushio. Students Are Awarded Special Recognition Though students range in their interests as well as their capabilities, there are always those that excel in their particular fields. Whether it be in student government, service, popularity, or scholarship, certain individuals always exert a supreme effort. To those deserving students go recognition. The accompanying rewards, praise, and congratulations serve as inspiration for the honorees to continue their work and to promote an atmosphere of friendly competition as others are spurred to work to the best of their ability. 12Nebraska University Regents Winner Debbie Duerksen discusses Sociology with Alternate Della Rubeck. FFA members placing first in the stubble mulch judging contest are Jim Collins, Dennis Harris, Dan Morrison, and Max Dentler. 13Graduation Hovers As Seniors Face Spring Events With the appearance of the first robin signaling the approach of spring, restlessness invades the classroom. Daydreaming, preoccupation, and window gazing offer a constant challenge to final exams and studies as “spring fever” returns to plague AHS. The arrival of yearbooks soon finds them being circulated throughout the school for signatures. While some students find yearbooks a unique collection of memories, others discover "remembrances” as a year’s accumulation is removed from lockers. For seniors, the end of a high school career is nearing. Focus is centered on the soon-to-be graduates as numerous banquets, Senior Recognition, and Baccalaureate dominate. Graduation looms near, and, though their school year is drawing to a close, “the spirit of ‘69” continues. Graduation has special significance for twins Sherry and Garry Carpenter. Concentration is essential in final exams for Pat Way. Daydreaming provides an escape from school drudgery for Pat Brunkow. 14Arrival of yearbooks is an exciting and much anticipated moment for the student body. Spring cleaning brings surprising results for Linda Rosane. 15Bronco Lake Area, Alliance, NebraskaFACULTY AND CURRICULUM Sturdy wheels carried the covered wagons across rugged, unknown territory. Rolling along winding trails, the pioneers came nearer to realizing their final destination and ultimate goal. The wheels of progress are present today even in our school, for they have turned the administration to the concept of Modular Scheduling. This relatively new type of system serves as a tool to produce a more effective program. With our second year of this system in full progress, there has been a significant increase in the number of teaching teams organized and in teacher involvement in cooperative planning. The aims and objectives of courses have become more evident with this increase in involvement of planning. Students are given more opportunity for individual work and personal initiative. They have become increasingly conscious of themselves as learners rather than “attenders.” Accompanied by continual improvements and adjustments, the wheels of “curriculum progress' will eventually lead Alliance Secondary School closer to its ever-changing goals. 17Administration Promotes Individual Achievement Coordinated action of many individuals and groups is a requisite for Alliance High School’s smooth and efficient operation. Responsibility for this smooth operation is the duty of administrators, teachers, and student body. However, this year, more than ever before, more individuals determine the degree of success of their personal achievements. In conjunction with this philosophy, the faculty is encouraged to allow students more freedom in their actions in order that the student body may realize greater academic and personal maturity while still in high school. Coinciding with the individual approach, all departments recognize the effectiveness of small group presentations. With student function more clearly defined, the students are given more of an opportunity to exchange ideas, increase participation, and discuss their ideas to a logical conclusion. “There is no doubt,” stresses Superintendent Dr. Stanley Wilcox, “that our 1968-69 school system is superior to that of former years.” Assistant Principals—Mr. Don Crowder and Mr. E. J. Brown. Superintendent—Dr. Stanley Wilcox. Guidance Counselors—Mrs. Phyllis Neuswanger and Mr. William Dreyer.Board of Education—Mr. Keith Sorum, Mr. John Cover, Jr., Dr. Raymond Olson, Dr. Robert Morgan, Mr. Howard Wiseman, and Mr. Lyle Stevens. Principal—Mr. Leslie T. Chamberlin. Improvements Unify Secondary System Addition of the most recent textbooks strengthens and enhances the curriculum of each A.H.A. department. A marked increase of audio-visual aids and materials in the resource centers was made possible by government grants. Installation of a new intercom system has helped solve many of the complexities of operating a three building modularly scheduled school system. The intercom ties the buildings together in a vocal link minimizing the traffic between buildings. Also reducing this traffic is the centralization of the ninth grade classes in the South building where all freshman homerooms and lockers are located. In the North building, the centralizing of departments for grades ten through twelve has helped both students and faculty. Under the new system of assigning rooms, a student can find a teacher easier than before and teachers’ offices are located nearer the rooms in which they teach. 19School Personnel Aid in Smooth Operation Working behind the scenes to keep Alliance High running smoothly and efficiently is a group of hardworking and highly qualified personnel. Assisting the teachers in their tasks is a group of paraprofessionals and teachers’ aides. In the office, the secretaries are always on hand to cope with a student’s problems, whether it be a lunch ticket or a transcript of grades. While the janitors keep the building in proper order, the nurse keeps the students in proper health by giving an annual check-up of eyes, ears, throat, height, and weight, as well as being on hand for any emergency that may arise. The cooks also play an important part in keeping the students healthy by supplying them daily with a hot lunch that is both well balanced and palatable. Teachers’ aides Mrs. Rita Smith. Mrs. Sandra Brungard. and Mrs. Linnien Messersmith look on as Mr. Ervin Wilkins repairs a typewriter. School secretaries Mrs. Donna Leach, Miss Dixie Rader. Mrs. Janice Harris, Mrs. Kay Morris, Mrs. Diana Parker, and Mrs. Betty Dietrich are always willing to help students. 20Cafeteria staff includes Mms. Amelia Nnss; Margaret Garrett, Grace Brungard. Alyce liuinnger, hlsa Smith, Pearl Ferbrache. Custodians Red Wilmott, George Janicke, Ray Snell, and Bob Roebuck keep A.H.S. tidy. Nurse Mrs. Thelma Merritt makes her annual check of Bob Vallejo’s throat. 21Curriculum Changes Necessitate Varied Instructional Materials Mr John Abbott B.S. Distributive Education, Business Education Mrs. Vivian Andrews B.S. Dept. Chairman. Librarian Mr. Bernard Becker MS. Dept. Chairman, English Miss Barbara Bobbitt BA Speech. Journalism Mrs. Vera Birggs B.S. Latin. English Mr Paul Chaney MS. Physical Education Miss Ellen Christensen M A Social Science Mr Dale Clarke B.S. English Mr. John Cundy B M E. Orchestra Mrs. Sherrie Curtiss BA English Mrs. Jeraldine Davis BA English Mr. Willis Furman B.A. Dept. Chairman, Social ScienceMr. Jerry Gardner B.S. Science Mrs. Juanita Glarum M.A. Business Education Mr. Larry Grosshans MS. Science Miss DiAnn Hammond B.A. German, Social Stud, ijjrs c Mr. James b.s. y . A .,S Mathematics Mr. Thomas Hovork MS. Social Science Mrs. Hunter, Mr. Becker, and Mrs. Curtiss preview English packets. iL Mrs. Jane Hunter B.S. Speech, English Mr. Larry Huntsman MS. Diversified Occupations Mrs. Mary Luc Huntsman B.S. Business Education 24 Buzz sessions are frequent in Social Science-Math office William Marchant :iencc Mr. Dean Maxwell M.A. Band Mr. Robert Morris M.A. Drivers Education 1 Mrs. Esther M.A. Librarian Mr. James Mcl ermoti B.S. Mathematics Mrs. Semilina McPeek BA. Spanish, English Mr. William Neergaard B.M.E. Choir Mrs. Alice Nelson B.A. Dept. Chairman. Mathematics, YearbookInstructors Utilize Central Offices for Team and Department Planning Mr. Byron Nelson M.A. Industrial Arts Mrs. Eunice Petersen B.A. English Mr. Fred Petersen B.A. Dept. Chairman, Science Miss Sandra Pilfold B.S. Physical Education Mr. Bruce Rockey MS. Dept. Chairman, Vocational Education Mrs. Juliet Rowbotham B.S. Art Mr. Philip Schweitzer B.S Social Science Mrs. Marie Sutter MS. Home Economics Mrs. Evelyn Ware M.A. Mathematics Mr. Kenneth Ware M.A. Vocational Agriculture Mrs. Margaret Williams MS. English Mr. Bill Zuspan B.A. Social Science 25An everyday scene in the social science resource center. Social Science Students Acquire Understanding Knowledge and understanding of national and world affairs are becoming more and more essential as international problems become increasingly intense. Aiding students in this area, teachers seek to relate world happenings to the history of the past. Modular scheduling permits the student to participate more completely. Variety in approach is afforded through team teaching and grouping according to interests. An intense study of past presidential elections was conducted by one group. Similar groups concentrated their study on other aspects. An expanded resource center furnishes more interesting materials for student research. Background material ranging from geography and history to economics and sociology provides the desired information about important world affairs for seeking minds of young high school citizens. "Campaign posters often elect the President " Wilcox. agree Jim Lorenzini and Patti AMERICAN ELECTION POST .3 p c 26Enjoyment of Macbeth is obvious for Dave Fry and Beth Andrews. Communications Utilizes Innovative Approach Innovation seems to be the key for the Communications department for 1968-1969. This year. Project English or Accelerated Project English is encouraged for all who are college bound. In Accelerated Project English, the students study works of more authors and delve even more deeply into the works they study. Nebraska Curriculum materials are used in both of these classes. Practical English is a course devised primarily for those who are vocationally oriented. This year, through government grants, the English Resource Center is enlarged by the addition of many books, records, tapes, and filmstrips. The Communications Department was enriched by a grant of $5,000 to buy books and $1,500 to buy visual aids. The innovative approach is also evident this year in the speech, journalism and foreign language sections. Speech II team teaching stresses individualized forensics. Conversational Spanish and German is presented with the student’s individual need constantly in the foreground. 27 It’s a mad maze of exams for Karen Albright.Geometric models capture the interest of Toni Henkel, Craig Dietrich and Jean Powell. “Math Lab” Provides Additional Services Consumer’s math, a new course offered this year to juniors and seniors in the math field, is a terminal course for the vocationally oriented. The course deals basically with math used in business and everyday life. Although the math lab itself is not new, the equipment is. This year many new books and visual aids were added along with a series of games. The games do not provide a magic formula for learning a difficult subject, but they do provide stimulation in subjects for which a student might have little interest, or even a block, that makes him think he lacks aptitude. The lab is run by instructors again this year. In this way a teacher is readily available to the student who needs individual help. Instruction is enjoyable for Denny Perkins and Mr. Hawk. 28“Ouch, that hurts! (toners cneryl Vogel after a too close inspection of a cactus plant. “Is the big rule pounds or ounces?" wonders Larry Graham as he studies the scale. "What do you mean, it’ll roll up hill?” query Jim Seiler and Cheryl Sutton of Mr. Bill Marchant. Science Unfolds Mysteries of Nature Ever since Aristotle applied the scientific method to the phenomena of his environment, men have had an unquenchable desire to understand the mysteries of nature. Today, science at AHS furthers the pursuit of knowledge by providing incentive and a firm background in modern scientific concepts. In the physics department, students are learning through graphing. The new system is initialed P.S.S.C. and is centered around the graphing of physics problems. Those students interested in biology, the living science, find a full program at Alliance with both biology and advanced biology offered. Chemistry students are also finding a complete course with the addition of many new materials necessary to complete experiments in chemical reactions. 29 “How many more do I have to do. Coach?” worries Rusty Reno. Drivers9 Ed and Physical Ed courses Require Homework Driver’s education students are surprised to find that their course involves more than just getting behind the wheel of one of the driver’s education cars. They are finding that certain techniques of signaling, turning, and the basic operations of the cars must be mastered if all students are to become safe, responsible drivers in the world of today. Physical education students are also finding more homework in their course this year. In addition to regular assignments, each student is assigned a semester report on some sport. This program is designed to give the individual student a spectator knowledge of each sport with some carry-over value for adult life. Physical fitness is stressed as it is essential in this complex civilization. Do you have your insurance paid up?” quips Chcri Reed to Robert Morris.Libraries Develop Diversified Services Working together with the resource centers, the libraries benefit the students more this year than ever before. The card catalogues in both the North and South Libraries contain all books and visual aids in the five resource centers. The cards are color coded, which automatically refers the student to a certain resource center. Under modular scheduling, the student benefits by being able to choose whether he studies in the library or in a resource center which specializes in a certain field. Research captures the interest of David Knoflicek. "Card catalogues provide a treasure chest of information,” says Mrs. Myers to Dick Phillip. Books fascinate Marilyn Mason. 31Playing the saxophone is serious business for Denny Coleman. Fine Arts Stimulate Creativity and Performance Budding young artists and gifted singing prospects are recruited by the art and music departments in order to enhance these skills and to increase the pleasure which can be derived from them. Unscheduled time enables art students to spend more time in areas of special interest. Ceramics, color, and design are studied in the classroom. Band, orchestra, and choir spice the music curriculum. Regular routine class work and unusual outside activities such as concerts and contests make participation enjoyable. Through the speech classes, study is made of the interpretation of poetry, prose, and drama. Performances on special occasions make this phase of drama popular. 32 “There’s no room for mine," protests Jerry Nunes.Vocational Department Expands Its Program Providing a broad base for meeting the demands of earning a living, the Vocational Department meets its major challenge. All courses develop a competence in the students’ chosen area. Secretarial training, vocational agriculture, diversified occupations, and auto mechanics are a few of the courses offered. Rounding out the program this year, distributive education was offered to students interested in learning necessary skills on the job. Other new courses added this year are Woodworking, Metals, Electricity, and Graphic Arts. Developing useful skills, practical arts courses serve their purpose. Students acquire basic skills toward becoming competent homemakers. Working with leather, engineer drawing, hand and power tools and ceramics intrigues those who are involved in industrial arts. ‘What will the teacher say?" quips Carol Pedersen to Karyn Foster. “School courses have never been this exciting before," thinks Roger Bunnell. Speed typing requires the total concentration of Alice Co- valt. 33Pipeline Staff Members Carol Arrants and Mike Dafney discuss a script change. Spud Editorial Staff Members—Sharon Potmesil, Penny Vekel, Jim Lorenzini, and Udona Jones. Journalism Students Tim Nagaki, Carlos Franzino, Rusty Reno, Pat Way, Janelle Todd. Peggy Ward, and Georgia Rinehart prepare another edition of The SpudBulldog Members Della Rubeck. Adviser Mrs. Alice Nelson. Kathee Vallejo. Kathy Shimp. Kathy Smith, and Julie Ushio strain to meet the deadline. Two year members of the annual staff include Gary Christensen, Doug Rusk, Debbie Duerksen, and Jeff Wacker. Publication Staffs Meet High Standards Much time and mental energy is expelled as the Bulldog and Spud staffs strain to meet those final deadlines. For the Spud staff, advised by Barbara Bobbitt, it is a bi-weekly experience as members from the journalism class push to publish another edition of the high school’s only newspaper. Long hours are spent, but all feel the reward as the newspapers are distributed to the student body. Work, work, work is also typical of Bulldog staff members as they strive to meet the goals set down by adviser Alice Nelson. Such goals are necessary if the staff is to maintain the high ratings accredited the book. Another deadline is met in publications as the announcer says “This is the AHS Pipeline." The pipeline is the radio program used to convey school activities to the Alliance community. 35Bronco Lake Area, Alliance, Nebraska 36CAMPUS LIFE Just as our pioneer ancestors viewed the Nebraska prairie horizon with a vision of success, we, too, glimpse demanding and distant horizons. Through active participation in school activities, we gain valuable characteristics. Club work promotes fellowship and service, stimulating an interest in others. Members learn to be leaders as well as followers. Athletics encourage friendly competition, sportsmanship and physical fitness while music and drama develop a greater appreciation and understanding of man’s cultural and material heritage. Armed with these assets and a pioneer spirit, we, too, face with confidence the potential of the future. 37Loyal Pep Club Backs Athletics Pep Club Officers President Shari Minnick; Vice-President Pat Way; Secretary Sharon Edwards; Treasurer Penny Yekel. Homecoming carnations build enthusiasm in Hclga Zobel, Pat Guernsey, and Don Hannah. “Watch my hands; they tell a story, Mr. Maxwell!” admonishes Pat Brunkow. Pep Club is an organization composed of girls who wish to promote spirit and enthusiasm among the student body and throughout the entire school. Aiding in the promotion of spirit are the blue-and-white pom-poms used at the games which are new to the Pep Club this year. Money-making projects included the selling of the blue-and-white pom-poms and two quite successful pop bottle drives. Money collected from these projects were used in making this year’s Pep Club formal a success. A mixture of anticipation and anxiety accompanied the annual “Spring Banquet". An emotional climax was reached when the cheerleaders were announced for the following year. Tears of joy and sorrow flowed freely then.A-Club Membership Is Earned Privilege Being a member of A-Club is not only an honor but also a privilege. Boys who are members must have earned a letter in one sport in the past year. Initiation into A-Club involves many woes. First an oath is taken by all new members, but they are not fully recognized until the A-Club banquet. Eating sour cream and ketchup or measuring the length of Box Butte in wieners are just a few of the woes encountered during the probationary period. Participating in the money projects and selling at the concession stand help boys feel that they are part of the club. However, the greatest satisfaction to each individual is the feeling of achievement when he becomes a member of this honor club. A-Club concession stand is popular with the children. A-Club Officers and Sponsors—FRONT ROW: Coach Mike Kennedy: Larry Graham, sergeant-at-arms: Coach Paul Chaney: Jerry Tolstedt. secretary-treasurer; SECOND ROW: Coach Keith Kyser; Don Roberts, president; Coach Larry Grosshans: Mike Green, vice-president. 39Y-Teens Stress Service Projects Service well described Y-Teen activities this year. Believing it is “better to give than to receive." Y-Teens offered various services to the school and community. Annual service projects included an Indian Childrens' Christmas party and the World Brotherhood Service. The club also voted to continue sponsorship of Yue Yan Che, a Chinese orphan whose education and health is supplemented by a yearly donation from the club. Fun, fellowship, and fulfillment were provided in diversified seasonal programs. Activities began with the traditional Pat-teran followed by the Pizza Party where the girls got acquainted. This year the theme of the Orpheum was “Laugh-In." The Or-pheum provided the club with its major money-making project. Spring programs included a Mother-Daughter Banquet, the presentation of a $100 Scholarship to an outstanding senior member, and Senior Dinner honoring the graduating members. Climaxing an effective and constructive year of service and activities was the Easter Sunrise Service. Y-Teen Officers—President. Vicki Miller; Vice-President. Karen Johnson; Secretary. Barb Chandler; Treasurer. Janet Garwood. Folt7 R M bt t IR cIvR ,vn Dcb Duerksen’ Sherr-V Carpenter, Linda Nuss. Jann Nelson. Sharren ! ‘ B M U Jaw'ne St'COM) R(m : Sponsor-Esther Myers. Brenda Jmks, Kathie Hutchinson. Terry Jardme. Marilyn Mason, Sponsor-Juamta Glarum. THIRD ROW: Shan Minnick. Peggy Freiberaer Pat Wilcox. Tom Henkel. Pat Wav. B.y,-i Rkm„.|I 8 ' rd‘ 40Hi-Y Officers standing, jjm Spurgin, secretary-treasurer; John Sibbitt, chaplain; Ken Carter; sergeant-at-arms; kneeling, Jim Barth, vice-president; Co-sponsors, Mr. Byron Nelson and Mr. Thomas Jody Leach, president. Hovorka. Hi-Y Gains ‘Know-How’ Through Activities Many a chilled football fan appreciated a streaming cup of coffee during the course of a crisp autumn game, as Hi-Y members continued their operation of the Snack Shack. From the sale of popcorn, pop, coffee and candy, the club obtained funds which added to their treasury. Ten members represented Alliance at the annual Mock Model Legislature held in Lincoln during Thanksgiving vacation. Through active participation in mock legislative work, Hi-Y members gained a deeper understanding and knowledge of the functioning of the state government. Navy Lieutenant-Commander Ron Evans, a member of the recent manned Apollo space flight, addressed the boys. Group activities also included fun projects because "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Members and their dates held a weiner roast at Box Butte Dam. They also co-sponsored a Valentine’s Dance with the Y-Teens. 41FFA OFFICERS—Secretary Gary Dickinson. Treasurer Bob Leltl, Sentinel DaveSchwaderer, Reporter Don Neafus, Vice-President Max Dentler. Future Farmers of America Serve Their Community Since Alliance is the center of a strong agricultural community, many boys are oriented to future farming. The aim of FFA is to develop competent, aggressive rural and agricultural leadership, which the boys do accomplish during the year. Activities bring out the spirit of the club. This year, the FFA members entered the Area Stubble Mulch Judging Contest, placing first in land judging and second in stubble mulch judging. The members also participated in the Soil and Water Speech Contest, placing third. As part of their community service program, the FFA members collected trash along our highways, and took part in serving at the annual Co-op Banquet Dinner. F'FA Sponsor, Mr. Kenneth Ware, pauses in his discussion of conservation with President Blaine Wilson. 42A persuasive saleslady, Debbie Kramer, shows off the calendar the DECA is selling as a l%9 project. DECA Club Program Organized at AHS This year DECA has been added to our list of many fine organizations for the students of AHS. DECA or Distributive Education Clubs of America is a national organization of Distributive Education students with a local chapter in each state. It is a vital part of the Distributive Education program. The DECA club program is designed to develop future leaders for marketing and distribution, to provide incentive and recognition for the Distributive Education student, and to build status in public-schools for careers in marketing and distribution. One of the main goals that DECA hoped to achieve this year was to attend the State Leadership Conference in Lincoln. A money-making project was needed in order to raise appropriate funds to attend this conference. Therefore DECA club members joined together and sold cloth calendars which proved to be quite a successful project. DECA Officers and Sponsor—Standing —Mr. John Abbott, sponsor: Vicki Miller, treasurer; Della Rubeck, secretary; Seated—Janet Jackson, parliamentarian; and Deb Kramer, president. Not present was Linda Wasner. 43Language Clubs Gain Membership German Club Officers Treasurer Nancy Reddish, Sponsor Miss Hammond. Reporler Jo Anne Smith, President Della Rubcck, Secretary Doug Rusk, Vice-President Debbie Colerick, Only two years old and already growing at a steady pace are the two language clubs. The German Club, headed by Miss DiAnn Hammond, is on its way to becoming a very influential club in AHS. Not to be forgotten is the Spanish Club, headed by Mrs. Semilina McPeek. Through these clubs the student develops a better understanding of the people of far-away countries. The outstanding club project produced by the two clubs was a Christmas-caroling and supper party. The carols were sung in German and Spanish. After the caroling, the group went to a supper consisting of traditional German and Spanish foods. Spanish Club Officers—Treasurer Kathee Vallejo, Secretary Sharon Hagihara. President Chris Wilkinson. Vice-President Sandy Homrighausen. Sponsor Mrs. Semilina McPeek. 44MUSIC AND DRAMA Blaring trumpets, voices blending in harmony, and a moving tear all characterize involvement in the co-curricular activities of music and drama. Each student exercises his prerogative to pursue his own interests. Modular scheduling provides students an opportunity to indulge in music and drama with less restriction, especially during unstructured time. By working together toward a mutual goal, through inspiration and dedication, music and drama can be recognized as a unique discipline necessary in the education of the well-rounded student. 45Taking a break after practice are senior play cast members, STANDING: Mike Dafney. Kathy Shimp, Jim Spurgin. Ken Carter. Dave Kirchner, Dave Fry. Debbie Duerksen, Jody Leach, Marla Quick. Doug Rusk. SEATED: Don Neafus. Peggy Ward. Tim Wacker. Pat Way, Mike Johnson. Jeff Wacker. Cheryl Sutton! Shari Minnick. Sharon Potmesil. “All The Way Home” Directing all major dramatics at AHS is Thespian sponsor. Miss Barbara Bobbitt. 46 Proves Senior Drama Challenge A striking change from the comedies preceding it, “All the Way Home" by Tad Mosel presented a challenge to the senior class. Based on the book, DEATH IN THE FAMILY by James Agee, the play presented a director’s problem in casting as the play required several young boys to play supporting roles as well as one major role. Music added depth to the performance and a unique effect was introduced by the use of several Negro spirituals. Elaborate setting and lighting added reality to the play, and a complicated set consisting of an up-stairs room as well as a down-stairs on stage at the same time presented the basic construction problem. Presented on April 10 and 11, the play was directed by Miss Barbara Bobbitt and co-directed by seniors Jody Leach and Kathy Shimp. AisHj yeu ‘j'iotj (fj oio'rj 'ZjQjLi’cU . 1 « ■ ' 4 % cca K i i £ foThespian "Odd Couple ’ Cast—Jeff Wacker, Fat Way, Jim Spurgin, Jody Leach. Sharon Potmesil, Peggy Ward, Doug Rusk. Thespians Form Nucleus for School Productions Formation of an actors’ organization has sparked interest in the growing field of drama at Alliance High. Troupe 3146 of the National Thespian Society was formed in the spring by several students interested in drama and has since done much to further the dramatic arts program. Along with their production of the Neil Simon comedy, THE ODD COUPLE, the Alliance Thespians have performed before various organizations throughout the year. THE MOUSE THAT ROARED became a reality after only three weeks of practice as the junior class sponsored play was presented to the public on November 14 and 15. The production turned out well and the audience, as well as the crew, were pleased with the performance. Junior Play Cast—STANDING: Malvin Sherlock, Don Brown, Rusty Reno. Charles Wilson. Mike Lewis. Lee Wiser!. Rex Peterson. SEATED: Torild Skovald, Andrea Abbott, Mike Lincoln. 47Mixed Choir Members—FRONT ROW: Peggy Freiberger, Marcia Zimmerman, Torild Skovald, Linda Loose. Kenny Stein-man. Myron Mix, Brent O'Brien, Janet Pokorski. SECOND ROW: Carol Pedersen, Barbara Powell. Sharren Foltz, Abigail Turman, Julian Dill, John Murillo, Wayne Zobel, Jerry Seiler, Art Ullrich. Ann Pennington. THIRD ROW: Tom Dill. Allen Rask, Jim Reddish, Jim Colwell, Gregg Seebohm. Paul Mischnick, Dennis Perkins, Doug Rusk. Choir Members Sing Their Way Through a Successful Season “With a Voice of Singing,” Mixed Choir and Chamber Singers made their debut for the season at the annual Winter Concert. While selections from Handel's “Messiah” were of challenging interest, the appearance of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" was also heartily applauded. Being a part of the choral groups required much devotion and time, as evidenced by early morning practices for Chamber Singers. Though not appreciated at the moment, the group received numerous compliments which proved their value. Participating in numerous school and community programs, AHS singers often presented novel musical additions. Proceeding from contemporary selections to Negro Spirituals, they sang their way from Winter and Spring Concerts, District Music Contest, to Baccalaureate and Commencement. In spring, a successful "Music Man” paraded, displaying the full co-operation and participation needed for an all school musical. Deserving recognition for her outstanding performance with the choir is accompanist Ann Pennington.Mixed Choir—FRONT ROW: Connie Kirchner, Karen Johnson. Jann Nelson. Deb Ravert. SECOND ROW: Catherine Peterson. Linda Schnell, Cindy Reitz. DeAnn Collins. THIRD ROW: Dave Kirchner. Deb Grothen. Janalec Hirst. Director Mr. Bill Neergaard poses with choir president Peggy Freiberger. Chamber Singers—FRONT ROW: Peggy Freiberger. Carol Pederson. Linda Loose. Wayne Zobel, Julian Dill. John Murillo, Jane Pokorski. Connie Kirchner. Karen Johnson, and Ann Pennington. BACK ROW: DeAnn Collins, Barb Powell. Marcia Zimmerman. Torild Skovald, Jim Reddish. Jim Colwell, Doug Rusk, Gregg Seebohm, Jann Nelson, Catherine Peterson, and Janalee Hirst. 49Concert Band—FRONT ROW: Linda Jones, Kathy Edwards. Barb Barrows. Danila Bowman, Rita Hawley. SECOND ROW: Ann Pennington, ‘Julie Ushio, Peggy Freiberger. ‘Chris Wilkinson, Nancy Bennett, ‘Alice Govalt. THIRD ROW: ‘Debbie Overturf, Carol Stone. Patti Wilcox, Jill Bigncll, Becky Francis, Jolene Akert, Larry Graham. FOURTH ROW: Rhonda Case, Luella Chippcrfield. Janice Rohrbouck, Chris Hunter, Gay Corbett, Janet Garwood, Sharon Edwards. Lynn Thompson. David Fry, Steve Lyster, James Barth, ‘Jackie Hirst. FIFTH ROW : Cathy Liggett, Kathy Shimp, Susi Haas, ‘Susan Keebaugh. Kathce Vallejo, ‘Sara Cheney, DeAnn Collins, ‘Doug Dietrich. Mike Marvin, Randy Hitchcock, Glen Phillips, Allen Morris. ‘George Farr. AHS Band Presents Superior Performances The shrill whistle commanded AHS marching musicians to “strike up the band” as another half-time show began with a flourishing fan-fare. Then to the sharp tempo of the drum cadence, a kaleidoscope of floating diamonds and geometric patterns was executed. With the appearance of winter, band members exchanged their marching shoes for a bow tie signalling the entrance of concert season. While preparation for Winter and Spring Concerts consumed much rehearsal time, concentration centered on District Music Contest as musicians labored to maintain their Superior rating. Also on the agenda were numerous parades and an exciting, but tiring, trip to University of Nebraska's Band Day. Displaying the energetic versatility of this group was its wide range of activities, including a spirited Pep Band for rallies and games and an impressive concert band which displayed its talent at graduation. 50 Majorettes — Jill Bignell, Peg Ward, and Jackie Hirst.FRONT ROW: Rhonda Chadwick. Peggy Ward, Cheri Reed. • Kathy Hutchinson. ‘Marilyn King. SECOND ROW: ‘Nancy Fortner, ‘Roberta Vallentine. Don Failor, Brenda Jinks. Jim Spurgin, Dennis Coleman. THIRD ROW: Barbara Bennett, Larry Hulett. Janalee Hirst, Linda Johnson, Joan Sibbitt. Bob Vallejo, Nancy Reddish. FOURTH ROW: Roger Bunnell. ‘Karen Smith, Chuck Ushio, Don Drcycr, Steve Chlcborad. Gwen Green, ‘Dana Furman, Carolyn Marlatt, Joe Petersen, Marla Quick. Marsha Trank. FIFTH ROW: Tom Novotny, Mike Dietrich, Mike Lewis, Vic Covalt. Randy McMasters, Sharon EIcnbergcr, Randy Borg, Janies Seiler, Brad Barrows. Diane Leevcr, Carol Lawrence, Ronald Schneider, Andrea Abbott, Dennis Lyman. NOT SHOWN: ‘Debbie Colerick, Debbie Fulton, Debbie Kimmcl. Outstanding Musician—Dave Fry Band Director—Mr. Dean Maxwell 5 ORCHESTRA STRING SECTION—FRONT ROW: Erwin Sydow, Raymond Chipperfield. Jerry Shoop. Bryan Grant, Barb Wilkins, Vivian Roebuck, Mary Wacker, Anita Krohn. Cheryl Stafford. SECOND ROW; Cathy Peterson, Debbie Grothen, Jane Grothen, Debbie Johnson, Dusty Roebuck, Barbara Taylor, Ross Wills. Janelle Todd, Michelle Dunbar. Orchestra Presents Seasonal Concerts An ear-piercing shriek characterizes the beginning of each orchestra class. This sound is emitted from the “tuner,” which each music student learns to operate in order to tune his instrument. Rhythm, as well as intonation, is taught and stressed as a basic fundamental. Varied types of classes are conducted by the orchestra’s new director, Mr. John Cundy. Sectionals, consisting of just one instrument section, the whole orchestra, or full orchestra with the accompaniment of select band members, constitute a full practice schedule. Enriching concerts resulted from the variety in each planned program. Christmas festivities were graced with the presentation of a combined concert of the choir and orchestra. The calendar of activities include a Spring Concert, District Music Contest, and Baccalaureate. Concert Mistress, Debbie Ducrksen and Orchestra Conductor, Mr. John Cundy. 52ATHLETICS Straining muscles and pouring sweat reflect the genuine effort exerted in athletics. Long hours of vigorous practice and strategy briefing are spent in preparation for inter-scholastic competition. Discipline and dedication comprise the fundamental basis of athletic activities and enhance the development of the character of each individual.1969 Varsity Football Team—FIRST ROW: Dennis Johnson. Don Bob Lehl. Jon Schommer. Jerry Tolstedt. Don Roberts. Leon Leish- Zurn, Steve Brown. Dave Best. Dennis Lyman. Bob Vallejo. Steve man. THIRD ROW: Chip Smith. Don Failor. Mike Green. Rich Barrett. SECOND ROW. Howard Jensen. Jerry Seiler. Tim Spencer. Nolda. Randy Borg, Don Sherlock. Dick Hewitt. Mike Tolstedt. Bison defense stops Senior halfback Mike Green inches short of the goal line. Varsity coaches Paul Chaney, Mike Kennedy. Larry Gros-shans. and Bill Zuspan. 54FIRST ROW: Jim DeBusk. Cody Davis, Don Brown. Gregg Seebohm. SECOND ROW: Mike Johnson, Mark Sanders, Lee Whitlock, Charles Koozer. THIRD ROW: John Sibbitt, Dennis Perkins, Greg Novicki. Mark Hungerford, John Weisgerber. Bulldogs set the charge against the McCook Bisons in the homecoming game. Varsity Gridmen Endure Punishing Season Lack of experience and crucial injuries marked the fighting Bulldogs with a 1-7 season. Starting early with hard practices under the new leadership of Coach Mike Kennedy, the Bulldogs faced some of the strongest football powers in the state. Spirit remained high on the team and among the school and community supporters. Practices and games never saw a resting player. Terrific defensive play brought home the Bulldog’s only victory when Senior Don Roberts blocked a Ger-ing punt and smothered it in the Gering end zone for the only six points of the game. Injuries throughout the season put inexperienced substitutes into first-string action. The game experience received by the substitutes will prove valuable in coming years. Courage and the desire for victory ran ardently through the minds of the team on the practice field and in the games. Recognition was received by the outstanding players of the '68 football squad. Jerry Tolstedt and Randy Borg were honored as members of the All-Western Conference team and the All-West Big Ten Conference team. Dave Best was honored as a member of the All-West Big Ten Conference team. AHS VARSITY FOOTBALL OPP 0 . . . . .... Chadron . . .19 9 .... Kimball . . .19 0 . . . . .... Sidney . . .63 6 . . . 0 6 .... North Platte . . .20 13 ... . .... McCook . . .36 0 . . . . .... Kearney . . .48 12 ... . .... Scottsbluff . . .53 55Freshman Football FIRST ROW: Steve Wilkinson. Chris Thompson, Mark Watson. John Haslow, Greg Cover, Dick Tol-stedt. David West, Dan Smaha SECOND ROW : Robert Leisy, Scott Plank. John Becker. Tim Borg. Mike Shannon, Mike Val- lejo, Kenny Kirchoff, Tracy Turman. THIRD ROW: Coach Keith Kyser, Coach Dale Kastens, Chris Neuswanger, Jesse Chadwick. Mitch Herman. Chris Abbott. James Colwell. 56 Talented Young Gridmen lead B-Squad To Success A large overpour of sophomores from last year's undefeated freshman team gave the reserve team potential afid depth. The reserve squad gave great prospects for varsity squads of the future. The B-gridmen pounded out a 3-2-1 season with decisive victories. Bright prospects from the reserve squad are headed by Don Brown, Cody Davis, Dick Hewitt, and Chip Smith. A.H.S. football fans should be well rewarded for several seasons by this continuing reserve team's spirit and drive. RESERVE FOOTBALL AHS 58 . . . . Bridgeport OPP. 12 6 . . . . Sidney 7 6 . . . . North Platte . 33 20 0 13 . . . . Chadron 13 14 . . . . Scottsbluff 7 Head coach Mike Kennedy and quarterback Randy Borg converse on a crucial third down play.Bullpup Squad Faces Disappointing Season The Bullpups met tough competition in their first taste of interscholastic football. The record books do not tell the true story of the 0-4 season. The Frosh gridmen gained valuable experience which increased throughout the season. Bad breaks including crucial penalties and called back touchdowns prevented this young team from landing in the winning column. Outstanding play was led by Steve Zurn, Dan Sanchez, and Charlie Dingman. AHS FROSH FOOTBALL OPP 0 . . . . .... Chadron 13 6 . . . . Sidney 13 0 . . . . . . . . Scottsbluff 33 0 . . . . . . . . Gering 6 Bulldog pursuit upends this unwary Bison. FIRST ROW: Dan Sanchez, Gaylord Solbcrg. Ronnie Best, Kenny Stein-man. SECOND ROW: Sid Hooper. John Kemper. Steve Zurn. Mike Thompson. THIRD ROW: Dave Faber. Alvin Ehrhart, Charlie Dingman, Scott Lyman. The coaches and the bench watch intently as the Bulldogs near the goal line.Swift-footed Athletes Make State Trip Again The plains surrounding Alliance produce some of the best distance runners in the state. It is an annual occurrence for Bulldog harriers to compete in the state meet. This year the harriers were not denied; they have made the trip for seven years in a row since state competition was begun. This year’s young team was the largest ever assembled at A.H.S. The younger members gained valuable experience in area meets as well as the state meet. Earlier in the season, the harriers won the Western Conference for the third straight year. Past records predict a bright future for A.H.S. harriers. Cross County AHS Gering Invitational ................................ 3rd Sidney Invitational..................................3rd Alliance Invitational ...............................2nd Scottsbluff Invitational ............................2nd Western Conference...................................1st Big Ten..............................................3rd District ............................................3rd State ...............................................5th Seniors, Jerry Nunes. Larry Graham, and Steve Lystcr, lead team to state competition. CROSS COUNTRY—FIRST ROW: Tom Petersen, Tom No- Terry Weisgerber, Roger Brown, Roger Holmes, Mike Marvin, votny, Don Dryer, Larry Graham, Bob Furrow, Steve Lyster, Den- Robert Peltz, Ron Schneider, Joe Petersen, Roy Fester, Chris Wil- nis Girard, Jerry Nunes, SECOND ROW: Coach Bob Morris, kinson. Jack Girard. 58Diana Kotschwar, Paula Yekel. Linda Jones. THIRD RO1 Allen, Penny Yekel. Mary Mix, Joan Sibbitt, Karen Tod Krebs. Kolinda Smith. 1969 Volleyball Squad FRONT ROW: Rhonda Petersen. Pauline Yeager. Debbie Fulton. Cindy Reitz. Judy Hippe. SECOND ROW: Karen Shannon. Debbie Ogle. Debbie Reitz, Terry Rust. The proper way to serve is shown to Sharon Callan by Coach Sandy Pilfold. G r s, Volleyball This year's volleyball season was a cohiplete success from the standpoint that the 68- 69 squad was the first winning squad for AHS. In the previous years volleyball took a back seat in attendarice but this year the school and community gave helpful support. Hopes for a similar season next year ride on the younger team members. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Lost.........St. Agnes Won..........Gordon . Lost.........Mitchell . Won..........Chadron . Won..........Chadron . Lost.........Morrill . . Won..........Gordon . Won..........St. Agnes RESERVE ....Won ....Won ....Won ....Won ....Lost ....Won ....Won ....Won 59Varsity Cagers Wins 9 Loses 7 Head coach Bob Morris, in his sixth year at the helm, guided the Bulldog basketball squad to another successful campaign. After a dismal start, the Bulldogs caught fire and wound up second in the West Big Ten Conference. Through the latter part of the season, rebounding and fast-breaking seemed to prove most vital to the Bulldog victories. Game after game, fans realized that the Bulldog team work brought home victories. A strong asset to the team’s potential was the depth on the bench. Seniors Don Roberts, Mike Green, Doug Dietrich, Scott Bates, and Jim Seiler showed skill and determined desire in their last year of high school competition. Juniors Randy Borg, Pat Edwards, and Rich Nolda and Sophomore Lonnie Cowher carry the hopes of an even better season next year. Stretching for Ihc offensive rebound and possible fip-m are Don Roberfs, Mike Green, and Lonnie Cowher. I he perfect fast break is completed by Mike Green and Doug Dietrich. 601968 1969 Varsity Basketball—KNEELING: Student Manager Jim Lorenzini, Doug Dietrich. Randy Borg. Coach Bob Morris. Tim Spencer. Don Faiior. Student Manager Roger Holmes. STANDING: Mike Green, Scott Bates. Rich Nolda. Don Roberts. Lonnie Cowher, Rick Walker. Pat Edwards, and Jim Seller. Doug Dietrich and Randy Borg try for a tip-in and two points. VARSITY BASKETBALL AHS OPP 50 . . . Chadron 58 50 . . . Gering 60 74 . . . Kearney 59 58 . . . North Platte ... . 51 64 . . . McCook 59 69 . . . Sidney 57 50 . . . Scottsbluff 62 60 . . . Gering 62 68 . . . Ogallala 66 44 . . . Kearney 43 59 . . . Scottsbluff 82 59 . . . McCook 51 69 . . . North Platte . ... 57 46 . . . Sidney 62 67 . . . Kimball 51 56 • ■ • Chadron 54 61Reserve Squad Wins 12 Loses 4 In his first year of coaching the reserve basketball team, Coach Larry Grosshans directed the B-squad to a successful season. The Bulldog Reserve squad proved to be a strong foe against both Western Conference and West Big Ten opponents. The junior varsity quintet used its height and muscle in rebounding and scoring. Rick Walker, Brad Barrows, Tim Spencer, Don Failor, and Jerry Seiler represented a strong nucleus for future Bulldog Campaigns. Opposition defense proves futile as Randy Borg adds another field goal. 1968 1969 Reserve Basketball Team—KNEELING: Larry Hulett. Coach Larry Grosshans. Dick Best. STANDING: Mike Dietrich. Tom Andrews, Don Dreyer. Jerry Seiler. Don Zurn, Brad Barrows, Roger Thompson, Don Sherlock. Steve Wickham, Joe Petersen, Bob Furrow. AHS RESERVE BASKETBALL OPP 58 . . . Chadron . . .46 59 . . . . . .62 71 . . . Kearney . . .66 58 . . . North Platte . . .43 64 . . . . . .59 53 . . . Sidney . . .51 44 . . . . . .38 53 . . . . . .43 49 . . . . . .48 49 . . . . . .55 31 . . . . . .32 53 . . . . . .49 58 . . . . . .59 55 . . . . . .45 66 . . . . . .32 46 • Chadron • -39Frosh Cagers Win Second in Tourney Coach Bill Zuspan at his new post as Frosh coach, groomed a squad that produced results for the school. The success of the season can be found in the team’s improvement and their drive and desire. The Frosh cagers ended with a 5-4 season and a second place in the Frosh Tournament. Alliance Opponent 48 ... . Chadron . . .30 38 ... . Sidney .... .37 41 .... Scottsbluff. .42 53 ... . Gering ... .47 57 ... . Chadron . . .55 38 ... . Scottsbluff. .43 54 ... . Gering ... .70 Pal Edwards and Lonnie Cowher fight the opposition for an important rebound. Reserve Cheerleaders are jubilant over another reserve score. 1968-1969 Frosh Basketball—FRONT ROW: Dan Sanchez, Steve Wilkinson, Mitch Herman, Jesse Chadwick, Tom Petersen, Roger Garwood, George Smith, Haig Hagihara, Kenny Steinman. SECOND ROW: Coach Bill Zuspan, John Kemper, Steve Zurn, John Haslow, Jim Reddish, Mike Hare, Scott Becker, Art Ullrich, Chris Abbott, Charles Dingman. 63Four Matmen Wrestle At State Both Marvin Hefti and Roger Bunnell try for a takedown as Coach Dale Kastcns looks on. The grapplers met strong opposition throughout their schedule, but they still ground out a 5-4-2 season. In his first year as Head Coach, Dale Kastens had the task of shaping the matmen into a winning team. This was accomplished by a squad of veterans and younger team members. Transfer student Marvin Hefti was Big Ten Champion in the 103 pound class. Accompanying him to the state wrestling matches were Mike Johnson, Garry Carpenter, and Dave Best. V RESTLING—FRONT ROW: Jim Colwell, Scott Lyman, Bob Cole, Don Smith. Mark Hungerford, Oscar Carr. Dave Faber, Tom Novotny, Dick Tolstedt, Dennis Girard, Tom Brandt. SECOND ROW: Mike Johnson. Leon Leishman, Gregg Novicki. Dave Best. Dennis Lyman, Lee Whitlock, Don Brown, Roger Bunnell, Dave Kirchner. Chuck Ushio, Marvin Hefti, Chris Wilkinson. 64S- 1968 1969 Wrestling- FRONT ROW: Jack Ledbetter, Dave Barth, Steve Vogel, George Smith, Alvin Ehrhart, Gaylord Solberg, Bill Henderson, Sid Hooper, Dan Smaha, Bill Phillip, John Green, Doug Henderson. SECOND ROW: Craig Nicholson, Mike Brun- kow. Bill Bolinger, Milo Rust, Lanny Ringleman, Greg Cover. Robin Rust. Mike Marvin. Roger Bauer, Dave Henderson. Student Manager George Farr. Starting in standard position are Leon Leishman and Dennis Lyman as Coach Keith Kyser starts the second round. VARSITY WRESTLING AHS OPP 33 . . Chadron . . . .11 20 . . Kimball .. . .20 23 . . Sidney . . . .23 22 . . Gordon . . . .20 3rd . . Valentine Tourney 4th . . Sidney Tourney 14 . . Gering . . . .26 0 . . Scottsbluff . . . .38 26 . . Chadron .. . .20 4th . . Western Conference 26 , . . Gordon 16 16 . . . Ogallala . . . .29 34 . . Bayard . . . .14 9 . . . Gering ... .27 651968 Varsity Track Coaches—Terry Gilliland, Paul Chaney, Bob Morris, and Myron Jasnoch. TRACK RESULTS Scottsbluff Relays.....................................4th Sidney Invitational....................................4th Western Conference.....................................4th Big Ten................................................6th District ..............................................7th 1968 State Track Participants—FROM ROW: Larry Graham, Dennis Coleman. SECOND ROW: Bruce Blume, Jim Petersen. Bruce Blume highlighted the '68 track season when he placed first in the two-mile run at the state track meet. 1968 Varsity Track Team—FRONT ROW : Dennis Coleman, Jon Schommer, Mark Hungerford, Larry Graham. Jerry Nunes, Steve Lyster. SECOND ROW: Student Manager Oscar Carr, Rich Nolda, Bruce Blume, Ron Peltz, and Jim Petersen. 66 1968 Freshman Track Team—FRONT ROW: Chuck Ushio, Chris Wilkinson, Dick Best, Jerry Seiler. Joe Petersen, Tom Novotny, Roy Fester. SECOND ROW: Randy Smith, Dave Barth, Don Sherlock. Don Dreyer, Mike Marvin, Steve Vogel, Roger Brown, Bob Furrow. Mark Timmerman. THIRD ROW : Coach Dale Kastens, Mike Tolstedt. Bill Elliot. Myron Drumheller, Lonnie Cowher. Don Zurn. Steve Wickham. Roger Thompson, Tim Spencer. Don Failor. 1968 Golf Team—FRONT ROW: Mike Dietrich. Mike Lewis, Gregg See boh m, SECOND ROW : Doug Dietrich. Mike Green. Jim Seiler. Randy Borg, and Coach Larry Grosshans. Bullpups Capture Western Conference Crown A young Bullpup track squad set many new records and gained valuable skill that may prove to be a big asset to the '69 varsity squad. Out of the many Frosh cindermen Lonnie Cowher, Don Sherlock, and Jerry Seiler showed promise as the leading future prospects. Bulldogs Are Runner-up in Western Conference Practicing every night after school on one of the finest golf courses in the state, the Bulldog team acquired playing skill and experience. The Alliance High Golf Team, led by Mike Green, Doug Deitrich, and Randy Borg qualified for the trip to state tournament. The 1969 prospects could not look brighter with this identical group joined by a new crop of younger team mem- bers.Varsity Cheerleaders Marsha Trank Sharon Callan Julie Ushio Jerri Allen Rhonda Groskopf Marla Quick Reserve Cheerleaders Carolyn Marian Kathie Green Marilyn King Anita Foster Freshman Cheerleaders Joan Nunes Renee Zobel Carla Sorum Marina Dafney Coleen Gillispic 68Since school is an educational experience, it is only proper for THE BULLDOG to honor seniors Gary Christensen and Debbie Duerksen for achieving HIGH SCHOLARSHIP in this graduating class. Each year, the senior class honors two of its members for their qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and personality. These attributes are all present in the MOST REPRESENTATIVE girl and boy of 1969, Julie Ushio and Bob Vallejo. 69Honor Society Recognizes Outstanding Students DAVE KIRCHNER Choir. Choir Secretary. A-Club, Wrestling. Hi-Y, Junior Class President. Senior Class President. Student Council. Student Council Historian. All School Musical. Y-Teen Or-pheum MC BOB VALLEJO Band. Band Officer. Pep Band. Dance Band. A-Club. Football. Track, Junior Class Treasurer. Senior Class Vice-President. Student Council, National Honor Society. Boys State Alternate. Y-Teen Orpheum, Chadron Scholastic Contest. Voice of Democracy Contest DON ROBERTS Choir. Chamber Singers. A-Club. A-Club President. Basketball. Football, Track, Senior Class Secretary. County Government. All School Musical. One Act Plays DAVE FRY Band. Band Officer. Orchestra. Pep Band. Dance Band. Senior Class Treasurer, State Music Clinic, All School Musical, Hastings Honor Band. Trumpet Trio, Senior Play Cast Members of the National Honor Society in their junior year are: Ann Pennington. David Knoflicek, Vicki Miller. Gary Christensen. Julie Ushio, Craig Dietrich. Debbie Duerksen. and Della Rubeck 70Students Take Pride in The Title, “Seniors” ’69 WAYNE AKERT Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Play Cast, Y-Teen Orpheum KAREN ALBRIGHT Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Student Council. County Government, Y-Teen Orpheum BETTE JO ALLEN Pep Club, Junior Play Cast. Office Assistant JERRI ALLEN Pep Club. Girls' Volleyball Team. Spud Staff. Varsity-Cheerleader. Homecoming Attendant DANA ANDREASEN Band. Pep Band. Chamber Singers. Tennis BETH ANDREWS Choir. Pep Club. Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, County Government. One Acts CAROL ARRANTS German Club, AHS Pipeline STEVEN BARRETT A-Club. Basketball. Football. Track BARBARA BARROWS Band. Pep Band, Pep Club, Girl’s Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Girl's Track JAMES BARTH Band, Band Officer, Orchestra. Pep Band. Dance Band. Wrestling, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President, Hi-Y Model Legislature, All School Musical, All-State Band SCOTT BATES Band. Orchestra. Pep Band. Dance Band. A-Club. Basketball. Football. Track, Cross Country. Hi-Y, Co-Director of Plays. Sophomore Class Officer. All School Musical BARBARA BENNETT Custer High School, Custer, South Dakota: Choir. Pep Club. Annual Staff. Junior Play Cast. Girl’s State Alternate. District Speech Contest. National Honor Society, Thespian Society. Alliance High School: Band, Pep Band. Y-Teens 71Members of the Quill and Scroll Honor Society include Gary Christensen, Jim Lorenzini. Debbie Duerksen, Doug Rusk, Udona Jones, and Jeff Wacker. DIANNA BOUNCER Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens WILLIAM BOYER Football, Track GARY BREMER DONA BROWN Pep Club. Spud Staff. Junior Play Cast PATRICIA BRUNKOW Pep Club, Chantleader, Y- Teens, County Government VIRGIL BLJNCE Basketball ROGER BUNNELL Band, Pep Band, A-Club, Cross Country, Tennis, Wrestling, Hi-Y CAROL BUSKIRK Band, Choir, Track SHARON CALLAN Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Varsity CheerleadingGARRY CARPENTER A-Club. Football, Track, Wrestling SHERRY CARPENTER Choir. Pep Club. Y-Teens. Y-Teen Cabinet KEN CARTER Tennis, Hi-Y. Hi-Y Model Legislature. Junior Play Cast. Senior Play Cast. Thespian Society. All School Musical. Y-Teen Orpheum MC. One Acts BARBARA CHANDLER Pep Club, Spud Staff. Y-Tcens, Y-Teen Secretary, Y-Teen Orpheum. Office Assistant GARY CHRISTENSEN Basketball. Annual Staff. Annual Co-Editor. Quill Scroll. Quill Scroll Vice-President, Student Council, Boy's State. County Government. National Honor Society. Alpha Club, Chadron Scholastic Contest. One Acts. Laboratory Assistant. Hi-Y, All School Musical JOHN CHRISTOFFERSON Choir, Chamber Singers. A-Club. Basketball, Football. Track, Sophomore Class Secretary DENNIS COLEMAN Band. Pep Band. Dance Band. A-CIub. Football, Track, State Music Clinic, Track Western Conference Champion JAMES COLLINS F F. A TERRY CORDELL ALICE COVALT Band. Orchestra, Pep Band. Pep Club. German Club, German Club Vice-President. District Music Contest MARK COVER Football, Golf, Hi-Y. Student Council, County Government. All School Musical. Weight lifting MIKE DAFNEY Basketball. Track. Cross Country, Hi-Y, Senior Play Cast, Student Council, County Government. All School Musical 73Life For A Senior Is Never Dull JAMES DEBUSK A-Club, Basketball. Football, Track WILLIAM DEMPSEY MAX DENTLER F. F. A.. F. F. A. Vice-President GAREY DICKINSON ■ . F. A.. F. F. A. Secretary ROBERT (CRAIG) DIETRICH }olf. Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Alpha Club, 'hadron Scholastic Contest, Laboratory Assistant DOUG DIETRICH and. Pep Band. A-Club. Basketball. Football. Golf, tudent Council JAMES DITSCH F. A. MARY DITSCH rPs Glee DEBBIE DUERKSEN md. Orchestra. Orchestra President. Pep Club. Anal Staff. Annual Staff Co-editor, Quill Scroll, Y-rens, Y-Teen Cabinet. Girl's State. State Music inic. County Government. National Honor Society, II School Musical. District Music Contest. Y-Teen pheum. Chadron Scholastic Contest, One Acts. Re-- nts Winner. Senior Play Cast SHARON EDWARDS Band, Pep Band. Pep Club. Pep Club Secretary. Y-Teens. Y-Teen Orpheum NANCY FORTNER Eand, Orchestra. Pep Band. Pep Club. Y-Teens. All School Musical CAROLYN FOSKET Y-Teens, German Club, Pep Club 74Seniors Exhibit Talent In School Productions 7 69 KARYN FOSTER Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Tcens CARLOS LUIS FRANZINO Spud Staff, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Exchange Student from Argentina PEGGY FREIBERGER Band. Choir. Choir President, Orchestra, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Y-Tcens, Y-Teen Cabinet. Junior Play Cast, State Music Clinic, AH School Musical, Hastings Honor Choir, Senior Play Cast ESTELLE (MARIE) GERBER BRUCE GRAHAM Wrestling, Hi-Y, F. F. A.. All School Musical. One Acts LARRY GRAHAM Band, Pep Band. Dance Band. A-Club. A-Club Vice-President. Basketball, Track, Track Western Conference Champion. Cross Country, Cross Country Western Conference Champion. MIKE GREEN A-Club, A-Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Basketball. Football. Golf, Student Council, Pep Club Boyfriend RHONDA GROSKOPF Band, Pep Band. Pep Club. Y-Teens, Varsity Cheer-leading. District Speech Contest. One Acts, Homecoming Queen. Y-Teen Orpheum PATRICIA GUERNSEY Pep Club. Y-Teens SUSAN HAAS Band. Pep Band. Pep Club, Girls’ Volleyball Team. Spud Staff. Y-Teens, German Club DORRENE HANNAH Rushville High School, Rushville. Nebraska: Girls’ Volleyball Team. Library Assistant, Chadron Scholastic Contest. Alliance High School: Pep Club. Spud Staff LYLE HARE Hi-Y 751 Junior-Senior Prom Becomes A Reality BETH HARRIS MARVIN HEFTI Chadron High School. Alliance High School: Wrestling. Hi-Y TONI HENKEL Choir. Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, Library Assistant JUDIE HIPPE Pep Club. Girls’ Volleyball Team PEGGY HOOD Pep Club. Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Library Assistant. Y-Teen Orpheum HARVEY HOWARD Football, All-School Musical BECKY JACOBS BILLIE JO JARDINE Pep Club. Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet. Student Council. County Government, Library Assistant MIKE JOHNSON A-Club. Football. Track. Wrestling. Junior Play Cast. Senior Play Cast UDONA JONES Pep Club. Spud Staff. Spud Editorial Staff, Quill Scroll. Quill Scroll President. Y-Teens, Journalism Convention, Y-Teen Orpheum DAVID KNOFLICEK Basketball. Cross Country. Sophomore Class Vice-President. National Honor Society, Library Assistant. Chadron Scholastic Contest, Y-Teen Orpheum JOE KOESTER 76Junior-Senior Prom Royalty of 1%8 arc Bruce Blumc, Jim Abbott, King Steve Messersmith, Queen Nancy King, Sheila Wood, and Sue Tolstedt. JODY LEACH Basketball, Track. Cross Country, Hi-Y, Hi-Y President, Hi-Y Vice-President, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Play Cast. Co-Director of Plays, District Speech Contest, County Government, Thespian Society, Thespian Vice-President, Best Actor Jr. Class Play LEON LEISHMAN A-Club. Basketball, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast, F.F.A., County Government RON LEISY Football, Track, Hi-Y LINDA LEWIS Y-Teens, Spanish Club CATHY LIGGETT Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band. Pep Club. Spud Staff, Y-Teens. State Music Clinic, All School Musical DONNA LOCKRIDGE Pep Club LINDA LOOSE Choir, Chamber Singers. Pep Club. Y-Teens. All School Musical JAMES LORENZINI Band. A-Club. Basketball, Football. Track. Spud Staff, Spud Editorial Staff. Quill Scroll. District Speech Contest STEVEN LULOWClass Standing Assumes Importance to Graduates DENNY LYMAN Band, Pep Band. Dance Band. A-Club, Football. Wrestling STEVE LYSTER Band. Orchestra. Pep Band, Dance Band. A-Club, Football, Track, Cross Country, Junior Play Cast, State Music Clinic, All School Musical ELLEN MANEWAL Canoga Park High School, Canoga Park, California: Girls' Gymnastic Team, Girls' League. Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens MICHAEL MANEWAL Canoga Park High School, Canoga Park, California: F. F. A.. Boys' League. Alliance High School: DECA Club ANGIE MARIN MARILYN MASON Pep Club. Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet. Student Council, County Government JOHN MATULA Band. Pep Band. Basketball VICKI MILLER Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teen President. Y-Teen Cabinet. Student Council. Student Council Secretary, Girl’s State Alternate. County Government. National Honor Society, Library Assistant. Chadron Scholastic Contest. DECA Treasurer. McCall's Representative SHARI MINNICK Pep Club. Pep Club President. Y-Teens, Y-Teen Treasurer. Y-Teen Cabinet, Junior Play Cast. County Government. Senior Play Cast PAUL MISCHNI€K Choir, Chamber Singers. Hi-Y Model Legislature. Junior Play Cast, All School Musical MARY MIX Pep Club. Girls' Volleyball Team. Y-Teens. County Government. Co-ed Correspondent REX MOSCRIP Hi-Y 78Senior Class Sponsors Mrs. Eunice Petersen and Mr. James McDermott discuss plans for a class meeting. SAM MUNDT F. F. A. DON NEAFUS A-Club, Wrestling. Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast, F. F. A., F. F. A. Reporter, All School Musical, Y-Teen Or-pheum. Senior Play Cast CRAIG NICHOLSON A-Club. Wrestling JERRY NUNES A-Club, Track. Cross Country, Wrestling. Hi-Y MAR JEAN OSBORN Pep Club, Y-Tcens JUNE PARKER Minatare High School, Minatare. Nebraska: Band. Choir. Pep Club. Girls’ Volleyball Team, Spanish Club, Spanish Club Secretary, Badminton Team. Alliance High School: Pep Club CAROL PEDERSEN Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club. Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast, German Club, Y-Teen Orpheum, Teacher’s Aid ANN PENNINGTON Band. Choir. Pep Band. Chamber Singers. Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, National Honor Society. All School Musical. District Music Contest DENNIS PERKINS Choir, Chamber Singers. A-Club, Football. Hi-Y. All School MusicalJ Graduation Draws Near Seniors Exchange Pictures DICK PHILLIP SHARON POTMESIL Pop Club. Spud Staff, Spud Editorial Staff. Junior Play Cast, Co-Director of Plays, District Speech Contest. Thespian Society, All School Musical. Y-Teen Or-pheum, A.H.S. Pipeling, Senior Play Cast JEAN POWELL Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical, Cha-dron Scholastic Contest ROBERT PRENTICE MARLA QUICK Band. Orchestra. Pep Club. Pep Band. Y-Teens, Varsity Cheerleading, State Music Clinic. All School Musical. Spanish Club. Spanish Club Vice-President, Senior Play Cast CONNIE RENTERIA Library Assistant GEORGIA RINEHART Pep Club, Spud Staff, German Club WESLEY ROE Golf, Spud Staff. Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast LINDA ROSANE Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Library Assistant CLARA ROY Pep Club, Y-Teens, German Club DELLA RUBECK Pep Club. Annual Staff, Y-Teens, National Honor Society, All School Musical, German Club, German Club Treasurer, German Club President, DECA Club. DECA Secretary, Regents Alternate DOUG RUSK Choir. Chamber Singers, Annual Staff. Annual Staff Business Manager. Spud Staff, Quill Scroll, Quill Scroll Secretary-Treasurer, Hi-Y, Junior Play Cast. Co-Director of Plays, District Speech Contest, Thespian Society, All School Musical, German Club, German Club President, German Club Secretary, Y-Teen Orpheum, Chadron Scholastic Contest, One Acts 80 N Trading pictures is one of the more enjoyable steps toward graduation for seniors. TOM RUST F.F.A RONALD SCHNEIDER Band. Orchestra. Pep Band. Dance Band. Basketball. Cross Country, Tennis DAVE SCHWADERER F.F.A., F.F.A. Sentinel JIM SEILER Band, Choir. Chamber Singers. A-Club. Basketball, Track. Golf. Hi-Y. All School Musical LINDA SHERLOCK KATHY SHIMP Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Orpheum, Junior Play Cast, Co-Director of Plays, District Speech Contest, All School Musical, German Club, Library Assistant. One-Act Plays, District Music Contest JOHN SIBBITT A-Club. Football. Basketball, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Chaplain JERRY SMITH Basketball. Spud Staff. Hi-Y, Track KAREN SMITH Band. Orchestra. Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, All School Musical Commencement Climaxes A Challenging Year KATHY SMITH Pep Club. Annual Staff. Y-Teens, Spanish Club. Spanish Club President, Library Assistant ROCKIE SMITH Football, Track, Wrestling ALBERT SOTO Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature JIM SPURGIN Band. Band Captain. Pep Band. Dance Band. Chamber Singers. Football, Tennis, Hi-Y. Hi-Y Secretary-Treasurer. Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Play Cast. Senior Play Cast. Co-Director of Plays, Junior Class Vice-President, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic, County Government. Thespian Society, Thespian President. All-School Musical. One Acts, Cha-dron Scholastic Contest. District Music Clinic. Thespian Play PAULA STEINMAN TERRY STEWART Basketball Student Manager, Football, Track. Hi-Y CHERYL SUTTON Pep Club. Senior Play Cast. German Club. Chadron Scholastic Contest LARRY SYDOW Library Assistant BETTY THOMAS Pep Club DAVID TIM MENS Hyannis High School. Hyannis, Nebraska: Basketball. Football, Track. Alliance High School: Football ROBERT TODD JERRY TOLSTEDI A-Club. Basketball. Football, Track, County Government, All School Musical, All Western Conference. All Big Ten, A-CIub Secretary-Treasurer, Pep Club Boyfriend, Weight Lifting 82MARSHA TRANK Band, Choir. Orchestra, Pep Band. Chamber Singers. Pep Club. Y-Teens, Reserve Cheerleading, Varsity Cheerleading, All School Musical, Homecoming Queen Attendant, District Music Contest JULIE USHIO Band. Orchestra, Pep Band. Pep Club, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Varsity Cheer-County Government, National Honor Society, All School Musical, District Music Contest, DAR Citizenship Award STEVE VALLEJO Spanish Club JEFFREY WACKER Wrestling, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Co-Editor, Quill Scroll, Hi-Y, Junior and Senior Play Cast, Co-Director of Plays, District Speech Contest, Thespian Society. Thespian Treasurer, All School Musical, One Acts. Y-Tcen Orpheum, AHS Pipeline, Thespian Play PEGGY WARD Band, Band Officer, Orchestra. Pep Band. Pep Club, Spud Staff, Spud Business Manager, Y-Teens, Co-Director of Plays, District Speech Contest, Thespian Society, All School Musical. Majorette, Thespian Play, State Music Clinic, Senior Play Cast PATRICIA WAY Pep Club, Pep Club Vice-President, Spud Staff, Y-Tecns, Y-Teen Vice-President, Y-Teen Cabinet, Co-Director of Plays, Thespian Society. Thespian Secretary. All School Musical, Girls Volleyball Team. One Acts, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Library Assistant. AHS Pipeline. Y-Teen Orpheum LEE WHITLOCK A-Club. Football. Wrestling PATTI WILCOX Gretna High School. Gretna. Nebraska: Band. Choir, Pep Band, Pep Club. Spanish Club Treasurer. Library Assistant. Alliance High School: Band. Pep Band, Pep Club. Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet. Science Institute in Chemistry and Math BLAINE WILSON F.F.A.. F.F.A. President JOHN YEAGER PENNY YEKEL Pep Club. Pep Club Treasurer, Girls Volleyball Team, Spud Staff. Spud Editor, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, District Speech Contest, German Club, Library Assistant, Girls’ Track Team HELGA ZOBEL Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Play Cast. German Club Seniors Are Ready To Face New World ’69 83Junior Class Officers Vice-President, Joan Sibbitt; Secretary, Janelle Todd; President, Don Brown, and Treasurer, Deb Colerick. Andrea Abbott Dave Abegg Peggy Adam Joel Andrews Kathy Bamrick Wynette Becker Cathy Behm David Best Becci Bignell Jill Bignell Randy Borg Pamela Brehm Don Brown Mike Brunkow Sandra Callan 84 Mary Carr Oscar Carr Carol Carter Karen Christensen Cheri Coleman Debbie Colerick DeAnn Collins Pamela Crouse Rick Cummings Cody Davis Julian Dill Marilyn Dill Bruce Dobry Debi Donovan Deanna Dove Patrick Edwards Sharon Elenberger David Eskam John Florez Sharren Foltz Anita Foster Tracy Fricke Alvin Fritzler Debra Fulton Janet Garwood Dave Graham Brian Grant Gwen Green Kathie Green Sally Green (Jody) Juniors Prepare to Assume Roles of Leadership and ResponsibilityStephanie Greggs Deborah Grot hen Sharon Hagihara Dan Hall Dennis Harris Ron Hashman Rita Hawley Alex Hernandez Carol Hindman Janalee Hirst Roger Holmes Sandy Homrighausen Mike Hulquist Mark Hungerford Kathleen Hutchinson Janet Jackson Terri Jardine Carol Jensen Brenda Jinks Dennis Johnson Karen Johnson Levon Juzenas Debbie Kimmel Marilyn King Patricia Knaub Roger Kotschwar Deb Kramer Carol Lawrence Jack Ledbetter Diane LeeverVO Robert Lchl Randall Leishman Kimberly Leu Shirlene Leu Mike Lewis James Liggett Lynda Longacre Carolyn Marian Mike Maser Lee Ann Mathews Michael Mathews Jim Matticks Steve Meece Barb Metz Lynn Monroe Allen Morris Dan Morris Peggy Mracek Bruce Muhm John Murillo David Nagaki Timothy Nagaki Carolyn Nelson Jann Nelson Kurt Nelson Pat Neuman Richard Nolda Greg Novicki Linda Nuss Michelle O’Brien Early Arrival of Class Rings Is Anticipated by Class MembersScott Schafer Linda Schncll Jon Schommer Tom Schommer Gregg Seebohm Bill Shannon Malvin Sherlock Jules Ostrander Robert Peltz Terry Peltz Richard Pepler Catherine Peterson Glenn Phillips Joe Pokorski Barbara Powell Colleen Prettyman Linda Rachetts Debra Ravert Dan Razo Nancy Reddish Cheri Reed Cynthia Reitz Rusty Reno Connie Rinehart Dennis Robbins Sara Sandberg Mark Saum Junior Class Sponsors—Miss DiAnn Hammond and Mr. William Marchant. IJerry Shoop Joan Sibbitt Torild Skovald Jo Anne Smith Chip Smith Tim Snyder Shirley Sowders Doug Stinnette Lynne Thompson Janelic Todd Donald Tucker Abigail Turman John Ullrich Kathee Vallejo Cheryl Vogel Kathy Vogel Cliff Wade Linda Wagner David Walker Janet Ward Carol Wernke Judy Weisgerber Jim Whartman Lee Wigert Randy Wilkins Janet Wilson Chuck Woods Jennifer Worth Marcia Zimmerman Wayne Zobel Successful Play Brings Memorable Prom CloserSophomores Display Enthusiasm and Spirit vi Sophomore Class Officers—Treasurer Deb Ogle, Vice-president Karen Shannon, Secretary Rhonda Chadwick, President Tom Novotny. Diane Abbott Joleen Ackerman Jolene Akert Susan And rick Joe Aquallo Brad Barrows Dave Barth Roger Bauer Carol Becker Carolyn Behm Julie Behm Kenny Behm Nancy Bennett Dick Best Dennis Blue Danita Bowman Jim Brennan Lana Bright Dick Broderick Roger Brown Sheila Bullock Rhonda Case Rhonda Chadwick Sara Cheney 90Luella Chippcrfield Sieve Chleborad Kathy Colerick Gay Corbett Bruce Cordell Victor Covalt Lonnie Cowher Larry Dempsey Mike Dietrich Don Dreyer Myron Drum heller Kathy Edwards Bill Elliot Don Failor George Farr Roy Fester Dean Forney Lynda Foster Becky Francis Joy Franklin Terry Frohman Dana Furman Bob Furrow Dan Gerber Linda Gonzales Gayle Grabher Lonnie Grant Jane Grothen Kay Hefti Susan Henderson William Henderson Rick Hewitt Jacki Hirst Randall Hitchcock Thelma Hodges Linda Holmes Larry Hulett Phyllis Irvine Linda Jaqua Bruce Jensen Howard Jensen David JohannesLinda Jones Susi Keebaugh Marjorie King Connie Kirchner Gene Kooper Charles Koozer Sandra Lawson Brenda Lewis Debra Lewis Michael Lincoln Bonny Lulow Shirley Marin Mike Marvin Susan Matejka Sally McCauley Mike McGuire Kay McKinney Betty McMann Randy McMasters Mary Murillo Pat Nakatsu Ron Neafus Kathleen Newlin Diana Nikont Tom Novotny Kathy Nuss Connie Ogle Deborah Ogle Mary Ostrander Debbie Overturf Nancy Pedersen Deborah Perkins Joe Petersen Rex Peterson Bill Phillip Allen Rask Karen Rask Deborah Reitz Vickie Reno Vivian Roebuck Janice Rohrbouck Joyce RossNancy Rubeck Robin Rust Terry Rust Diana Schnell Sandie Schommer Jerry Seiler Karen Shannon Don Sherlock Tom Simmons Kolinda Smith Tim Spencer Connie Sydow Erwin Sydow Peggy Thomas Roger Thompson Mark Timmerman Joyce Trabert Chuck Ushio Roberta Vallentine Cindy Vogel Steve Vogel Sophomore Class Sponsors—Miss Ellen Christensen and Mr. Larry Grosshans. Rick Walker John Weisgerber Steve Wickham Chris Wilkinson Paula Yekel Clayton YoungFreshmen Become Involved in New Activities I'reshman C lass Officers—Vice-President Mary Jo Phoncuf. President Steve Wilkinson, Secretary David Henderson, (not shown) Treasurer Tom Petersen Christopher Abbott John Bacon Georgia Bates Donald Becker (Scott) Cheryl Billings Bill Bolinger Anita Bordeaux Virginia Bowman (Ginger) Tom Brandt Cathy Bussinger Jesse Chadwick Bob Cole Terri Collins James Colwell Cathie Conklin Pamela Corbel 1 Gregory Cover Marina Dafney Becky Jo DeFord Ted DeWitt Thomas Dill Charlie Dingman Dale Doyle Michele Dunbar Manuel Duran Alvin Ehrhart Leroy Ewing David Faber 94 Julia Faber Jerry Fesler George Fosket Renita Fritzler Russell Fulliton Debbie Furley Monte Garner Greg Garrett Roger Garwood Bonnie Gerber (Joyce) Coleen Gillispie Dennis Girard Mario Gonzales Kathy Grandy John Green Maurene Green John Guernsey Haig Hagihara Jr. Lynn Hall Mike Hare Sondra Harris Ted Harris John Haslow Mary Hellyer David Henderson Earl Henderson (Doug) Mitch Herman Shirlie Hippe Pamela Hogenson Sid Hooper Hester Howard Richard Hulquist James Jaqua Steven Jensen Sharyl Jessee Debi Johnson Dianne Johnson Jerene Johnston John Kempei Dwight Knaub Dianna Kotschwar Debra La Barge Ava Lambert Bill Laughhn Nancy Lawrence Dale Lawrenz Robert Leisy Joyce Longacre Nancy Lorenzini 95Gregory Lyman (Scott) Jan Lyman Mark Maser Jane Matejka John Matejka Susan Mathews Cindy McCarroll Judy McKinney Myron Mix Terry Monroe Gerald Moscrip Charles Mulioy Suzanne Neeley Chris Neuswanger Joan Nunes Norm Nuss Brent O’Brien Richard Ogle Ron Palmer Lavern Peters Tom Petersen Ronda Peterson Jamie Pierce Cindy Piihl James Plank (Scott) Janet Pokorski Jean Potmesil Nancy Powell Anita Prentice Trent Pyle Ronda Rask Dennis Ridgley Lanny Ringleman Vicki Robbins Kathy Roe Dusty Roebuck Ronald Rosane Lucille Rose Milo Rust Dan Sanchez Manuel Sanchez Rhonda Sanchez Rose Sanchez Diana Sanford Connie Schnell Peggy Schnell Jerry Schwaderer Dale Sherlock Dan SmahaDonald Smith George Smith George W. Smith Gaylord Solberg Carla Sorum Terri Stanton Jolene Stavropoulos Kenny Steinman Debra Strieker Jan Suiter Linda Thomas Michael Thompson Karen Todd Susan Todd Jacky Wyckoff Glenda Younkin Monte Zillingcr Renee Zobel Steven Zurn Dick Tolstedt Jane Trank Koni Tschacher Ronald Tutt Arthur Ullrich Gregory Underwood David Vorovka Mary Wacker Glenda Ward Nancy West Steve Wilkinson Dennis Wills Freshman Sponsors Mrs. Evelyn Ware and Mr. Keith Ky-ser discuss the agenda for a class meeting. Tim Wills Janice Wilson Brian Witt Dixie WoodGeneral Index ADMINISTRATION Brown. E. J. 18 Chamberlin, Leslie T. 19 Crowder, Don 8, 18 Drcycr, William 18 Neuswanger. Phyllis 9. 18 Wilcox, Dr. Stanley 18 BOARD OF EDUCATION Cover, John Jr. 19 Morgan, Dr Robert 19 Olson, Dr. Raymond 19 Sorum, Keith 19 Stephens, Lyle 19 Wiseman, Howard 19 CUSTODIANS Janicke, George 21 Roebuck, Robert 21 Snell. Ray 21 Wilmott. Robert 21 PERSONNEL Brungard. Sandra 20 Dietrich. Betty 20 Harris, Janice 20 Leach. Donna 20 Merritt, Thelma 21 Messersmith. Linnien 20 Morris, Kay 20 Parker, Diana 20 Rader. Dixie 20 Smith. Rita 20 Wilkins. Ervin 20 FACULTY % Abbott, John 22, 43 Andrews, Vivian 22 Becker. Bernard 22 Bobbitt. Barbara 22, 46 Briggs, Vera 22 Chaney. Paul 22. 39, 66 Christensen. Ellen 22, 93 Clarke, Dale 22 Cundy, John 22, 52 Curtiss, Sherrie 22 Davis, Jeraldine 22 Furman. Willis 22 Gardner. Jerry 23 Glarum, Juanita 23. 40 Grosshans. Larry 23, 39, 62, 69, 93 Hammond. DiAnn 23, 44, 88 FJawk, James 23, 28 Hovorka, Thomas 23, 41 Hunter, Jane 8, 23 Huntsman. Larry 23 Huntsman. Mary Lue 23 Kastcns. Dale 56, 64, 67 Kennedy, Mike 39, 56 Kyser, Keith 29, 56. 65 Marchant, William 24, 29, 88 Maxwell, Dean 24, 51 Morris, Robert 24, 30, 61, 66 Myers, Esther 24. 31. 40 McDermott, James 24 McPeek. Semelina 24. 44 Neergaard. William 24. 49 Nelson, Alice 24, 35 Nelson, Byron 25, 41 Petersen, Eunice 25 Petersen. Fred 25 Pilfold, Sandra 25, 59 Rockey, Bruce 25 Rowbotham. Juliet 25 Schweitzer, Philip 25 Sutter, Marie 25 Ware, Evelyn 25 Ware. Kenneth 25, 42 Williams. Margaret 25 Zuspan. Bill 25, 63 STUDENTS Abbott, Andrea 8. 47, 87 Abbott, Christopher 56, 63, 94 Abbott, Diane 90 Abbegg. Dave 84 Ackerman. Joleen 90 98 Ackerman. Marvin Adam, Peggy 84 Adamson, Jerry Aguiniga, John Akert. Jolene 50. 90 Akert. Wayne 71. 123 Albright, Karen 27. 71 Allen. Bette Jo 71 Allen. Jerri 9. 59. 68, 71 Andreasen. Dana 71 Andrews. Beth 27. 71 Andrews. Joel 62. 84 Andrick. Susan 90 Arrants. Carol 34, 71 Aquallo, Joe 90 Bacon. John 94 Bamrick. Kathy 84 Barrett. Steven 71 Barrows. Barbara 50, 71 Barrows. Brad 62. 90 Barth. Dave 65, 67, 90 Barth. Jim 41. 50, 71. 112 Bates, Georgia 94 Bates, Scott 61. 63, 71, 120 Bauer, Roger 65. 90 Becker, Carol 90 Becker. Donald 94 Becker. Wynette 84 Behm, Carolyn 90 Behm, Cathy 84 Behm, Julie 90 Behm, Kenny 90 Bennett, Barbara 71 Bennett, Nancy 30. 90 Best. David 64. 84 Best. Dick 62. 69, 90 Billings, Cheryl 94 Bignell, Becci 40, 84 Bignell, Jill 50, 84 Bignell, Susi Black. Butch Black feat her, Eddie Blue, Dennis 90 Bolinger. Bill 65. 94 Bolinger, Diana 13. 72 Bordeaux, Anita 94 Borg, Randy 56, 60, 61, 62, 67, 84 Bowman, Danita 50, 90 Bowman. Virginia 94 Boyer. William Jr. 72, 122 Brandt. Tom 64, 94 Brehm. Pam 84 Bremer, Gary 72, 105 Brennan. Jim 90 Bright. Lana 90 Broderick, Dick 90 Brown. Don 47, 55, 64. 84 Brown. Dona Ruth 72. 119 Brown. Roger 67, 90 Brown. Steven Brunkow, Mike 65, 84 Brunkow, Pat 10, 14, 72 Bullock, Sheila 90 Bunce. Virgil 72, 118 Bunnell, Roger 33, 64. 72 Buskirk, Carol 72 Bussinger. Cathy 94 Callan. Sandra 84 Callan, Sharon 59, 68, 72 Carpenter, Garry 14, 73 Carpenter, Sherry 14. 40, 73 Carr, Mary 85 Carr. Oscar 64, 66. 85 Case, Rhonda 50, 90 Carter, Carol 85 Carter, Ken 41. 46, 73 Carter, Sally Chadwick, Jesse 56, 63, 94 Chadwick, Rhonda 90 Chandler. Barbara 40. 73, 119 Cheeney, Myra Cheney, Sara 50, 90 Chipperfield, Lue)la 50. 91 Chleborad, Steve 91 Christensen, Gary 8, 35, 69, 70, 73 Chirstensen, Karen 85 Christ otterson. John 73 Cole. Bob 64. 94 Coleman, Cheri 85 Coleman. Denny 32. 66. 73 Colerick. Debbie 44. 84. 85 Colerick, Kathy 91 Collins. De Ann 49. 50. 85 Collins, James 13, 73 Collins, Terri 94 Colwell, James 48, 49, 56, 64. 94 Conklin. Cathie 94 Corbell, Pamela 94 Corbett, Gay 50, 91 Cordell. Bruce 91 Cordell, Terry 73, 110 Covalt. Alice 33, 50, 73 Covalt, Victor 91 Cover. Gregory 56. 65. 94 Cover, Mark 73. 117 Cow her. Lonnie 61, 63, 67. 91 Cox. Mike Crouse. Pamela 85 Cummings, Rick 85 Dafney, Marina 67. 94 Dafney. Michael 34, 46, 73 Davis. Cody 55, 85 DeBusk. James 55, 74 DeFord, Becky Jo 94 Dempsey. Larry 91 Dempsey. William 74 Den tier. Max 10. 13, 42, 74 DeWitt, Ted 94 Dickinson, Gary 42, 74 Dietrich. Doug 12. 50, 60, 61, 67, 70 Dietrich. Mike 62, 67, 91 Dietrich. Robert Craig 28. 70. 74 Dill. Julian 48. 49, 85. 103 Dill, Marilyn 85 Dill, Thomas 48. 94 Dingman, Charlie 57, 63, 94 Ditsch, James 74 Ditsch, Mary 74 Dobry. Bruce 85 Donovan. Debi 85 Dove. Deanna 85 Doyle, Dale 94 Dreyer, Don 62, 67, 91 Drumheller, Myron 67, 91 Duering, Rick Duerksen, Debbie 13, 35, 40, 46, 52, 69. 70. 74. 114 Dunbar, Michele 52, 94 Duran, Eustolio Duran. Manuel 94 Edwards, Kathy 50. 91 Edwards, Patrick 61, 63, 85 Edwards, Sharon 10, 50, 74 Ehrhart, Alvin 57, 65, 97 Elenberger, Sharon 85 Elliot. Bill 67. 91 Eskam, David 85 Eversull, Denny Ewing, Leroy 94 Faber, David 57. 64, 94 Faber, Julia 95 Failor, Don 61, 67. 91 Farr. George 50, 65, 91 Festor, Jerry 95 Festor, Roy 67, 91 E'lood, Marilyn Florez, John 85 Foltz, Sharren 40. 48, 85 Forney. Dean 91 Fortner, Nancy 74, 121 Fosket. Carolyn 74. 118 Fosket, George 95 Foster, Anita 68, 85 Foster, Karyn 33, 75 Foster, Lynda 91 Francis. Becky 50. 91 Franklin. Joy 91 Franzino, Carlos 9, 39. 75 Freiberger. Peggy 40. 48. 49, 50. 75 Friche, Tracy 85 Fritzler, Alvin 85 Fritzler, Renita 95Frohman, Terry 91 Fry. Dave 27, 46. 50. 76 Fulliton. Russell 95 Fulton, Debra 59. 85 Furley. Debbie 95 Furman. Dana 91 Furrow. Bob 62. 67, 91 Galyen, Norman Galusha. Edward Garner. Monte 95 Garrett. Greg 95 Garwood. Janet 40. 50. 85 Garwood. Roger 63, 95 Gerber. Bonnie 95 Gerber. Dan 91 Gerber, Estelle Marie 75, 106 Gillispie, Coleen 67. 95 Girard. Dennis 64. 95 Girard. Jeff Gonzales, Linda 91 Gonzales. Mario 95 Grabher. Gayle 91 Graham. Bruce 75, 102 Graham. Dave 85 Graham. Larry 10. 12. 29, 39, 50. 66. 75 Grandy. Kathy 95 Grant. Brian 52. 85 Grant. Lonnie 91 Green. Gwen 85 Green, John 65, 95 Green. Kathie 68, 85 Green. Maurene 95, 117 Green. Mike 10. 39, 60, 61, 67, 75 Green Sally (Jody) 85 Greggs, Stephanie 8, 86 Groskopf. Rhonda 9. 68. 75 Grothan, Deborah 49, 52, 86 Grothan, Jane 52, 91 Guernsey, John 95 Guernsey, Patricia 75. 102, 116 Haas. Susan 50, 75. 114 Hagihara. Haig 63. 95 Hagihara. Sharon 8. 44, 86 Hall. Dan 86 Hall. Lynn 95 Hannah. Dorrene 75 Hare, Lyle 75 Hare, Mike 63, 95 Harris, Beth 76 Harris. Dennis 13, 86 Harris. Sandra 95 Harris. Ted 95 Hashman. Ron 86 Hashman. Tom Haslow, John 56. 63. 95 Hawley, Rita 50, 86 Hefti, Kay 91 Hefti, P. Marvin 64. 76 Hellyer, Mary 95 Henderson, Debbie Henderson, Earl 65, 95 Henderson, David 65, 94, 95 Henderson, Susan 91 Henderson, William 65, 91 Henkel, Toni 28. 40, 76 Herman. Milch 56. 63. 95 Hernandez, Alex 86 Hewitt, Richard (Rich) 91 Hielscher, Guy Hindman, Carol 86 Hippe, Judie 59. 76. 110 Hippe, Shirlie 95 Hirst. Jackie 50. 86, 91 Hirst, Janalee 49. 50 Hitchcock, Randall 50. 91 Hodges, Thelma 91 Hogenson, Pamela 95 Hollen. Gary Holmes, Linda 91 Holmes, Roger 61. 86 Homrighausen. Sandy 44. 86 Hood, Peggy 76 Hooper, Sid 57. 65. 95 Howard, Harvey 76 Howard, Hester 95 Hulett, Larry 62. 91 Hulquist, Mike 86 Hulquist, Richard 95 Hungerford. Mark 55, 64. 66. 86 Hunter, Christina 50 Hutchinson. Kathleen 40. 86 Irvine. Phyllis 91 Jackson. Janet 43. 86 Jacobs, Becky 76 Jardine, Billie Jo 40. 76 Jardine. Terry 40. 86 Jaqua, James 95 Jaqua. Linda 91 Jensen. Bruce 91 Jensen, Carol 86 Jensen, Howard 91 Jensen, Steven 95 Jensen, Susan Jessec, Sharyl 95 Jinks. Brenda 40. 86 Johannes. David 91 Johns, Bonnie Johnson, Debi 52, 95 Johnson, Dennis 86 Johnson, Dianne 95 Johnson, Edna Johnston. Jerene 95 Johnson. Karen 40. 49, 86 Johnson, Linda Johnson, Mike R 46, 55, 64, 76 Jones, Linda 50, 59, 92 Jones, Udona 34, 76 Juzenas, Levon 86 Keebaugh. Susi 8, 50, 92 Kemper. John 57, 63, 95 Kimmel, Debbie 86 King, Marilyn 68, 86 King, Marjorie 92 Kirchner, Connie 49, 92 Kirchner, David 12. 15, 46. 49, 64. 70 Koester, Joe 76 Knaub, Dwight 95 Knaub, Patricia 86 Knoflicek. David 8. 31, 70. 76 Kooper. Gene 92 Koozer, Charles 55, 92 Kotschwar, Dianna 59, 95 Kotschwar, Roger 86 Kramer, Deb 43,86,117 Krebs, Dixie 59 Krebs, Richard La Barge, Debra 95 Lambert, Ava 95 Laughlin. Bill 95 Lawrence. Carol 86 Lawrence, Nancy 95 Lawrenz. Dale 95 Lawson. Sandra 92 Leach. Joel 41. 46, 47, 77 Ledbetter, Jack 65, 86 Leever, Diane 86 Lehl, Robert 42. 87 Leishman. Leon 64. 65, 77 Leishman. Randy 87 Leisy, Robert 56. 95 Leisy, Ronald 77 Leu. Kimberly 87 Leu. Ritch Leu, Shirlene 87 Lewis, Brenda 92 Lewis. Debra 92 Lewis, Linda 77 Lewis, Mike 47. 67. 87 Liggett. Cathy 50. 77 Liggett. James 87 Lincoln, Michael 47, 92 Lock ridge, Donna 77 Longacre. Joyce 95 Longacre. Linda 87 Loose, Linda 48. 49, 77, 104 Lorenzini. James 12. 26. 34, 61, 77 Lorenzini. Nancy 95 Lulow, Bob Lulow, Bonny 92 Lulow. Steven 77 Lyman, Denny 64, 65, 78 Lyman, Gregory 57, 64, 96 Lyman. Jan 96 Lyster, Steve 46. 78 Manewal, Ellen 78 Manewal, Michael 78 Marlatt, Carolyn 68. 87 Marin, Angie 78 Marin, Shirley 92 Marvin. Mike 50. 64. 67. 92 Maser, Mark 96 Maser. Mike 87 Mason. Marilyn 8. 31. 40. 78 Matejka. Jane 96 Matejka. John 78, 96 Matejka. Susan 92 Mathews, Lee Ann 87 Mathews, Susan 96 Mathews, Michael 87 Matticks. Jim 87 Matula, Darwin (John) 123 McCarroll. Cindy 96 McCauley. Sally 92 McGuire, Mike 92 McKinney, Judy 96 McKinney, Kay 92 Me Mann, Betty 92 McMasters, Randy 92 Meece, Steve 87 Meng, Bernadette Meng, Richard Metz, Barb 87 Miller, Victoria 12, 13, 40. 43 70. 78. Ill Minnick, Shari 10, 11. 40. 46. 78 Mischnick, Paul 48. 78 Mix. Mary 13. 59, 78 Mix, Myron 48, 96 Monroe, Jean Monroe, Lynn 87 Monroe, Terry 96 Moreno, Phyllis Morris, Allen 50, 87 Morrison, Dan 13, 87 Moscrip, Gerald 96 Moscrip, Rex 78 Mracek. Peggy 87 Muhm. Bruce 87 Mulloy, Charles 96 Mundt, Dan Mundt, Mary Mundt, Sam 79 Murillo, John 48. 49, 87 Murrillo, Mary 92 Nagaki. David 87 Nagaki, Timothy 34, 87 Nakatsu, Pat 92 Neafus, Don 42. 46. 79 Neafus. Ron 92 Neeley, Suzanne 96 Nelson. Carolyn 87 Nelson. Jan 40. 49, 87 Nelson, Kurt 87 Neumann. Pat 87 Neuswanger. Chris 56. 96 Newlin. Kathleen 92. 110 Nicholson, Craig 65, 79 Nikont, Diana 92 Nolda, Richard 61, 66. 87 Novicki, Greg 55, 64, 87 Novotny, Tom 67, 64. 90, 92 Nunes, Jerry 32, 66, 79 Nunes. Joan 68, 96, 117 Nuss, Kathy 92 Nuss, Linda 40, 87 Nuss, Norm 96 O'Brien. Brent 48, 96 O'Brien. Michelle 87 Ogle. Connie 92 Ogle. Deborah 59. 90. 92 Ogle. Richard 96 Osborn, Marjean 79 Ostrander, Jules 88 Ostrander. Mary 92 Overturf. Debbie 8. 50, 92 Palmer. Ron 96 rParker, June 79. 122 Paulsen, Steve Pedersen, Carol 33, 48. 49. 79 Pedersen, Nancy 92 Peltz, Robert 88 Peltz. Terry 88 Pennington. Ann 48. 49, 50, 70, 79 Pepler. Dick 88 Perkins. Deborah 92 Perkins. Dennis 28. 48. 55. 79 Peters. George Peters. Lavern 96 Petersen. Joseph 62. 67, 92 Petersen, Tom 63. 94, 96 Peterson, Catherine 49. 52. 88 Peterson. Rex 41. 92 Peterson. Rhonda 59. 96 Phaneuf. Mary 94 Phillip. Bill 65. 92 Phillip, Dick 31. 80 Phillips, Glen 50, 88 Picket Pin, Georgianna Pierce. Jamie 96 Piihl. Cindy 96 Plank. James 56. 96 Pokorski, Janet 48. 49. 96 Pokorski. Joe 88 Potmesil. Jean 96 Potmesil. Sharon 11. 34. 46. 47. 80 Powell. Barbara 48, 49. 88 Powell, Jean 28. 80 Powell, Nancy 96 Prelle, Frances Prelle. Douglas Prelle. Larry Prentice. Anita 96 Prentice. Robert 80 Pretty man, Colleen 88 Pyle. Trent 96 Quick. Marla 46. 68. 80 Rachetts. Linda 88 Rask. Allen 48. 92 Rask. Karen 92 Rask. Ronda 96 Ravcrt. Debra 49, 88 Razo. Dan 88 Reddish. James 48. 49, 63 Reddish. Nancy 44. 88 Reed, Cheri 30, 88 Reitz, Cynthia 49, 59. 88 Reitz, Deborah 59, 92 Reno, Rusty 8, II, 30, 34. 47 88. 121 Reno, Vickie 92 Renteria. Connie 80. 116 Ridgley, Dennis 96 Rinehart, Connie 88 Rinehart. Georgia 32, 34. 80 Ringleman, Lanny 65, 96 Robbins. Dennis 88 Robbins. Vicki 96 Roberts. Don 39. 61. 70 Roc. Kathy 96 Roe. Wesley 80 Roebuck, Dusty 52, 96 Roebuck, Vivian 52, 92 Rohrbouck, Janice 50, 92 Rosane, Linda 15, 80 Rosane, Ronald 96 Rose, Lucille 96 Ross, Joyce 92 Roy. Clara 80. 102 Roy. Richard Rubeck, Della 2. 13, 35, 43. 44 70, 80. 112 Rubcck, Nancy 93 Rusk. Douglas 35, 44. 46. 47 48. 49, 80 Rust, Milo 65. 96 Rust, Robin 65. 93 Rust, Terry 59, 93 Rust, Thomas 8,1 Sanchez, Dan 57, 63, 96 Sanchez, Gloria Sanchez, Manuel 96 Sanchez. Rhonda 96 100 Sanchez. Rose 96 Sanders. Mark 55 Sandberg. Sara 88 Sanford. Diana 96 Saum, Mark 88 Schafer, Scott 88 Schefcek, Stephen Schmidt. Warren Schneider. Ronald 81, 106 Schncll. Connie 96 Schnell, Diana 93 Schnell, Linda 49. 88 Schnell, Linda Schnell, Peggy 96 Schommer. Jon 66. 88 Schommer. Sandic 93 Schommer. Tom 88 Schulze, Warner Schwaderer. Dave 42, 81 Schwaderer, Jerry 96 Scebohm. Gregg 48, 49, 55, 67. 88 Seiler, James 29, 61, 67, 81 Seiler. Jerry 48. 62, 67. 93 Seri. Leroy Seri, Lloyd Shannon, Bill 88 Shannon. Karen 8, 59. 90, 93 Sherlock. Dale 96 Sherlock. Don 62, 67. 93 Sherlock, Linda 81 Sherlock. Malvin 47. 88 Shimp, Kathy 35, 46. 50. 81 Shoop, Jerry 52. 89 Sibbitt. Joan 8, 12. 59, 84. 89 Sibbitt. John 41, 55, 81 Simmons. Tom 93 Simpson, Brenda Skovald, Torild 47, 48. 49. 89, 111 Smaha. Dan 56. 65, 96 Smith, Donald 64, 97 Smith, George 63, 65. 97 Smith, George W. 97 Smith, Jerry 81 Smith, JoAnne 44. 89 Smith, Karen 81 Smith, Kathy 35. 82 Smith, Kolinda 59, 93 Smith. Morace (Chip) 89 Smith, Randy 67 Smith, Rockie 82 Snyder, Tim 89 Sol berg, Gaylord 57, 65. 97 Sorum, Carla 68, 97, Soto. Albert 82 Soto, Sandra Sowders, Earl Sowders. Shirley 89 Spencer. Tim 61. 67, 93 Spurgin, Jim 41, 46, 47, 82, 105 Stanton, Lynda Stanton, Nancy Stanton, Terry 97 Stavropoulos, Jolcne 97 Steinman. Kenny 48. 57. 63. 97 Steinman. Paula 82 Steinman. Steve Stewart, Terry 89, 112 Stinnette, Doug 89 Stone Carol 50 Strieker, Debra 97 Suiter, Betty Suiter, Jan 97 Sutton. Alfred 104 Sutton, Cheryl 29, 46. 82 Sward, Stephen Sydow, Connie 93 Sydow, Erwin 32, 93 Sydow, Larry 82. 121 Taylor. Kerry Taylor, Keva Thayer. Linda Thomas, Betty 82 Thomas, Linda 97 Thomas, Peggy 93 Thompson, Lynne 50, 89 Thompson, Michael 57, 97 Thompson, Roger 62, 67, 93 Timmerman. Mark 67. 93 Timmerman. Dave 82 Todd. Janelle 34. 52. 84. 89 Todd. Karen 59, 97 Todd, Robert 82 Todd, Susan 97 Tolstedt, Dick 56. 64. 97 Tolstedt. Jerry 10. 39. 82, 83 Tolstedt. Mike 67 Trabert. Joyce 93 Trank. Jane 97 Trank. Marsha 9, 68. 83 Tschacher, Koni 97 Tucker, Donald 89 Tutt, Ronald 97 Turman, Abigail 48, 89 Ullrich, Arthur 48, 63, 97 Ullrich, John 89 Underwood. Gregory 97 Ushio. Chuck 64. 67. 93 Ushio, Julie 12. 35, 50. 68. 69 70. 83, 116 Vallejo, Bob 8, 69, 70 Vallejo, Kathee 35, 44. 50, 89 Vallejo, Steve 21, 83 Vallentine. Roberta 93 Vasqucz. Dan Vasquez. Joe Vasquez. John Vogel, Cheryl 29, 89 Vogel, Cindy 93 Vogel. Kathy 89, 111 Vogel, Steve 65, 67, 93 Vorovka. David 97 Wacker. Jeffrey 2, 35. 46. 47, 83 Wacker, Marv 52, 97 Wade. Cliff 89 Wagner. Linda 43. 89 Walker. Dave 89 Walker, Rick 61, 93 Ward, Glenda 97 Ward. Janet 89 Ward. Peggy 34, 46. 47. 50, 83 Way. Patricia 10. 14. 34. 40 46. 47. 83 Weisgerber. John 55, 93 Weisgerber, Judy 89 Wernke, Carol 89 Wernke, Ronald West, Nancy 97 Whartman, Jim 89 Whitlock. Lee 10, 55. 64. 83 Wickham. Steve 62, 67, 93 Wigert. Lee 12, 47, 89 Wilcox. Patti 26, 46, 50. 83 Wilkins, Randy 89 Wilkinson, Chris 8, 12, 44. 50 64. 67, 93 Wilkinson. Steve 56. 63. 94. 97 Wills. Dennis 97 Wills, Tim 97 Wilson. Blaine 42, 83 Wilson, Charles 47 Wilson, Janet 89 Wilson, Janice 97 W'ilson, Thomas Witt. Brian 97 Wood. Dixie 97 Woods. Chuck 89 Worth. Jennifer 89 Wyckoff, Jacky 97 Yeager. John 83 Yeager. Pauline 59 Yekcl. Paula 59. 93 Yckel. Penny 10. II, 34. 59. 83 Younkin, Glenda 97 Younkin, Jim 93 Young, Clayton 93 Zillinger, Monte 97 Zillinger, Sharon Zimmerman, Marcia 48, 49, 89 Zobcl, Hclga 63 Zobel. Renee 68, 97 Zobel. Wayne 48. 49, 89 Zurn. Donald 62, 67, 93 Zurn, Steven 57, 63, 97BULLDOG SUPPORTERS The following patrons support the BULLDOG through donation: ALLIANCE PRODUCTipN Cl ASSOCIATION . . .612 West Third ALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY ANUy KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS . . .Third and Niobrara ALLIANCE TRACTOR IMP EME T . j wyTenth and Flack BEAUTY BAR .V CWest Third BOWEN, ROBERT W„ OPTOMETRIST v y. 823 East Third BRENNAN BET-R-WAY CLEANERS d.... 409 Laramie COAST TO COAST STORES A.... 324 Box Butte CULLIGAN SOFT WATER . .. 215 Big Horn CURTIS, HOWARD CPA -e c.■... -.Ah .C.....124 West Fourth DEE-LITE BAKERY-JJ. J A7 ?-S . .C..117 West Third EHRHART BEAN COMPANY A .. 6Lo.. . East Third Street HARRIS CROWN BRIDGE LAB 420' 2 Box Butte MILLS, HARRY T„ DDSykc . .CK-lZjQ. . .. 420' 2 Box Butte MONTGOMERY WARD a L . 301 Box Butte MOSS CONOCO JU.L .. . SLC'Z- .... f 1100 West Third MURPHY, L. B. COMPANY 6666 . 416 Box Butte NEBR. CERTIFIED POTATO GROWERS . 202 Laramie O’BRIEN TEXACO . . . . . Y‘rU.Tenth and Flack PANHANDLE PACKING .C(Z n ...........East Third PAUL’S SERVICE .. . 6k ?West Third PETE’S CLOTHING A. . 4. hy.S—1 1011 West Third RANCHO CAFE . . Q . . . 215 Box Butte RENO’S BEAUTY SHOP . .pJU . . . . 711 Big Horn REX’S HAMBURGER SHOP y. .J.. 112 Box Butte ROE, MARY, CON-STAN PRODUCTS 1204 Box Butte SELLECK ABSTRACT COMPANY ... 308 Laramie SMITH, KIRT, INSURANCE...East Fourth STARLITE DRIVE-IN.........'. . . .jJ kX. . . . Flack Avenue TASTEE LUNCH........................... }6. L B ?x Butte THIELE CRYSTAL SHOP............jK..Jj. (6(.UJ. 3C 6 Box Butte TODD’S BODY FRAME SHOP ... ft:: ..... 620 Flack WILDT INSURANCE............ . 116 East Fourth WOODY'S HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING.....Route 1 ALLIANCE CLEANERS 203 Box Butte totADVERTISING Look back and widen your view to include all of Alliance! Those who have their names on the following pages are a few of those who have pledged their confidence that we, as members of tomorrow's community, will carry on in fine tradition—being as proud of Alliance as adults as we are proud of AHS as students. LEARN, LIVE, AND SERVE Through 4-H BOX BUTTE 4-H COUNCIL ALLIANCE FOX THEATRE "Are you ready for intermission?" Pat Guernsey Clara Roy 410 Box Butte 762-4100 RHOADS 3rd and Sweetwater 762-3404 Exclusive Apparel for Women and Misses Alliance, NebraskaTENTH STREET GROCERY NORGE LAUNDRY AND CLEANING ‘‘The Best Costs No More” Complete Self-Service Laundry Expert Pressing 807 East 3rd "A family affair!" Julian Dill Mr. Bill Dill 214 W. 10th 762-9949 NEAL FROST, INC. A. H. JONES CO. Pontiac - Buick - GMC Imperial - Chrysler Plymouth - Valiant 302 West 3rd Street Alliance Magnavox Tape Recorders Popular Records TV - Stereo - Radio East 3rd Flack Alliance, Nebraska Auctioneer 1020 Mississippi 762-2006 HOWARD E. CHRISTENSEN NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 103723 Flack Avenue 762-4488 JOHNSON PELTZ INC. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '69 HOWARD'S AND LENLA'S "Don't laugh Alfred; you are next!’’ Alfred Sutton Lenla Wiseman Linda Loose Interior Decorating Ceramic Tile Draperies Linoleum Carpets Paint OAuM. QjDuvL JJl a fir (LMOWDER'S PHARMACY THIELE DRUG 313 "Thank you, come again!" Jim Spurgin “Instructions with every bottle, huh?" Gary Bremer Mr. Swede Lierk 914 West 10th SWEETBRIAR Junior Petite Junior Misses' Fashions Box Butte 762-2988 762-4475 304 Box Butte 762-4033 EXQUISITE JEWELRY WILLIAMS JEWELERS R. L. (BOB) WILLIAMS 317 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, Nebraska 105"Where do we sign?" Marie Gerber Mr. Donald M. Lichty Ron Schneider Mr. Lee Abbott 106 224 Box Butte 762-4400LTX Livestock Transportation Express 30 Units Alliance, Nebraska 762-4781 Scottsbluff, Nebraska 632-2101 ART JERRY'S Congratulations Boot Shop to the at Reynolds Shoe Shop Class of '69 Your ACME COWTOWN Dealer HOFMANN ELECTRIC Electrical Wiring FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES 762-3456 Area 136 523 Black Hills Alliance, Nebraska FRY BROTHERS HEMPEL’S SERVICE SHOP Petroleum Products LP Gas Blacksmith and Welding Heating Equipment Appliances 21 1 Willamette 814 East 3rd 762-2268 107—-:-—-- f r HARRIS SALES . jDistributors■ of Old Home Bread Red .Seal Potato Chips y. y r f — — KURL N' SWIRL Beauty Shop 119 E. 4th 762-2771 V , r f A Congratulations to the Class of '69! ALLIANCE RAMBLER JEEP CO. 324 E. 3rd Street 762-1300 H1WH BLACK'S OPEN RANGE "Run by Ranchers, for Ranchers" Levis for Girls and Boys Gifts Moccasins 210 Box Butte 762-4670 Shop Where You Buy The Best For Less ALLIANCE’S NEWEST . . . GIBSON’S DISCOUNT CENTER- 402 Box Butte 762-2210 108DON AIR SERVICE Brantly Helicopter Distributors Mooney Dealers Instruction — Charter Ambulance A E Mechanics Don Brown, Operator Alliance, Nebraska 762-3139 DARI ISLE Congratulations, Class of '69 214 ' 2 West 10th 762-3787 Alliance, Nebraska California Fashions Farmer's Implement Co. Case ★ Massey-Ferguson ★ Brillion-Barnes ★ Crust Buster ★ Flex-King ★ Calkins ★ Schafer West 3rd Street 762-5000 Alliance, Nebraska TASTE THAT BEATS THE OTHERS COLD: MODE O’DAY Mrs. Irene Coleman owner 312 Box Butte 762-4677 Alliance, Nebraska PEPSI POURS IT ON 762-2646 Alliance 109(u 1 Z. ' o ) g znL jack's - ST THIRD jv ,lc Ve aco vj? 7 j- ” ? Thir0 J O 6 C A!)fe c all 'A. SerWpe Complete'' B FUt ■A •A10 iTeri 1 ?( 2P7} 55 y uclxjS ) 0 0 li-fe DE t XE R A I TOR SERVICE 7 C (T ER£I SREEN ■fr I 3 Ac oja.c x epa ring c Repa ring (7 jfc i»9 y Cleaning cC-S ( a. r ( JERRY HOOD Floor Covering Hra A o 7 d frterK ,e ) ) . ( Jf 7 'j- 504 Flack Alliance 7 3 t3w )AX3. ' ) Lf QQ ) CaJ2' - CAC , Distinctive Printing BFDIFNT 1ITMO C C BEDIENT LITHO C .Third c "Room for one, please!” Terry Cordell Kathy Newlin Judie Hippe 'East on Highway 2 762-3550 — -o,. ljLiah igiz ?jtv ,7 oft7 co ecCsc o no LlLL L : i Sl£' ( A' 3a.vV''3e3LEGION SUPPER CLUB AND LOUNGE 72 • • ■ ■ ■ j' ■ j jA ZULJl d A. ■ J ■«i . IU, J —S y—y zft—Jl i C 2 26!C - - PELTZ CONSTRUCTION AND STEEL BUILDING Modern Stran-Steel Buildings Custom Home Builders 1016 Flack Alliance 762-1768 “This one's on you, dad!" Kathy Vogel Gene Vogel 113 East 3rd Street 762-1837 HATCH DRUG THE FARMERS AND RANCHERS SUPPLY STORE Congratulations to the Class of ’69 "I'm sorry, but you have to be 21 Torild Skovald Vicki Miller Mr. Virgil Hatch 424 Box Butte 762-5463 III ■Ustt ss { L-C XL V £ jfat- 'y1- u yu r i - ' '? tx. £ '7'LX'?ri L e { }'YL l . }0 'Lc cJL HOLSTEN'S atf REXALL DRUG ' ■ ... . . J16 Box Butte Avenue 762-1150 ( K r) J LJLy, ’ yui-tui- (LiSVYL (ZsT' tct c£ LcXjJ-hi LC FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE “Great for cold mornings." Mr. Tony Nunes Jim Barth 307 Box Butte 762-2061 Alliance, Nebraska “What? Ten dollars an ounce!" Della Rubeck Helen Percival 112tt ennetff lA AVQ FIRST oiiai itv ™ ALWAYS FIRST QUAUTY ZESTO WILLARD WORLEY, Proprietor SANDWICHES, SUNDAES Alliance 711 West Third SYMBOL OF FARM LEADERSHIP — • 'X.r -C -aJ' COOP J. Remember Co-op Serves You Best L You Own It. You Run It + - 1 V,'V You Profit From It y , ' - V4 •' sy ; PETROLEUM PRODUCTS FERTILIZER PRODUCTS CREDIT UNION SERVICE 724 West Third Street Alliance, Nebraska , 4 PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY "Your Protection is Our Best Policy" 762-5321 Alliance '-y U-J ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY "Gitts and Flower; tor Every Occasion 322 Box Butte 762-1910 Qnh 113ALLIANCE LUMBER CO. Your Friendly Yard 762-3274 1020 W. 3rd Alliance JACK JILL "We give S H Green Stamps " 304 Black Hills 762-1781 PERRIN REFRIGERATION "Understand how it works now?" Mr. John Perrin Debbie Duerksen 508 Flack 762-2975 WESTERN BEAUTY "Not bad. Mom!" Mrs. Ermidean Haas Susie Haas 118 West 4th 762-2451 BERRY IRON AND METAL “Professional Welding" W. Junction 2-385 762-2996 ALLIANCE READY-MIX COMPANY Concrete at its Best! 762-3236 East 3rd 14DECKER'S FOOD CENTER 762-2412 I 14 East 3rd Street WM O' — MANDELBERS SONS v v 7" Mandelberg’s V Balanced 762-1516 115A W DRIVE-IN ts s r ,u"f r Situ COU-Scu . »sn STK%K"Mr0Kr«:'■ - V.7-' • ,w «W;$) tacos m Lm hhmich . pizzas ;3s HAMBmce 80 150 ch,u „„ fww so vS n L “ COMBINATION 95 7«£ “tftf 70 OPlNKS OOT S Fp 82J««si ORANGE fl0 T rncJtV ?"‘«S COFFEE-MILK CONES : Lu ixflig a » 7® Gallons V2 Gallons Quarts "fine food p us quick service.’’ Connie Renteria Pat Guernsey Julie Ushio Lunches Refreshments Pizzas 323 Flack Alliance FOR ORDERS TO GO CALL 762-2764BUD'S SADDLE SEAT REPAIR 712 West Third Phone 762-2595 Original Fabric For Car Seats Car Carpet — Naugahyde — Springs Portable Welding — Olson Brand Saw Dealer Heiser-Keyston Saddles — Used Saddles COVER-JONES MOTOR COMPANY ELEANOR'S "But Dad I don't want bucket seats!" Mark Cover Mr. J. W. Cover, Jr. "Charge it to my Dad!" Joan Nunes Maurene Green Deb Kramer 311 Box Butte 762-5439 ALLIANCE HOTEL CAFE Alliance, Nebraska "The Food is Just Plain Good" Specializing In Chicken Steaks Sea Foods Located across from depot 117DON’S CAFE open 6 A.M. to 8 P.M. Monday thru Saturday GREGORY'S INC. TRI-STATE SUPPLY INC. "Insurance Alone Is Our Business" West Third 762-5300 Alliance, Nebraska ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK "You know. I'll have my car paid for in another 15 yearsI" Mr. Robert Akert Mrs. Peggy Bilstein Mr. Frank Knight Carolyn Fosket Virgil Bunce West 3rd and Laramie 762-2300 118"Best of Luck to the Class of '69” SCHAD’S BAKERY 314 Box Butte 762-5891 KANSAS-NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS CO. Congratulations to the Class of '69 COMMUNITY T.V. "Better Viewing Over the Cable" BILL NORMA’S HOBBY AND COIN SHOP 210 West 3rd Street 762-4830 "Does it come in colors?" Mrs. Norma Prall Barb Chandler Dona Brown 415 West 7th Alliance NEIL’S TRUCKING SERVICE AND NEIL'S AUTO AND TRUCK WASH 414 Black Hills 762-3310 119BILL CAMPBELL CHEVROLET "What I wouldn't give for this one!" Bruce Graham Mr. Bill Campbell Scott Bates "Putting you first keeps us first" CHEVROLET — OLDSMOBILE — CADILLACReno's West Third Texaco ALLIANCE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE "We are here to serve you." Rusty Reno Mr. Norval Reno Allan Hammar 421 W. 3rd 762-5067 ALLIANCE LIVESTOCK AUCTION COMPANY 704 Toluca 762-5110 MARJORIE S. HEWITT ALLIANCE ROLLER RINK “For the Best in Family Entertainment!" owner Anthony Yeager West Third Street 762-5692 Bill Zieg Hobby Sign Shop ALLIANCE STANDARD SERVICE 3rd and Mississippi Alliance, Nebraska Phone 762-4065 "This one dates back to 1888!" Larry Sydow Mr. Bill Zieg Nancy Fortner 311 Hudson 762-4874 121Red and Jack's Body Shop JU c£ Xjj a cym cc(omI UyAc, ' cQJ -xZUAJ jaIL .Jb-f UJICCA (Ajl AJLat Cr tuJ cJLt . .jfrrne.r HA qJSrU. X ™ tlrruAj Acxd - U i£x, ffiw ALLIANCE COUNTRY CLUB 5 “ Best of Luck to the '69 Graduates managers Lyle and Betty Hare ALLIANCE BEAUTY SCHOOL "The latest hair styles for less' 224V2 Box Butte 762-5240 "May we have the next dents?" Mr. Red Hawley Bill Boyer Mr. Jack Gericke Terry Stewart 600 West 2nd 762-3028 ELKS CLUB Gee Dad, do I get a special rate?" June Parker Ed Parker 122ALLIANCE C. B. Q. EMPLOYEE’S CREDIT UNION " don't think they are open yet!" Wayne Akert John Matula 103 East First Street 762-5702 NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER Congratulations Class of '69 fj | Portable, Standard, Electric F M 206 Box Butte Alliance BOOTERY 762-3675 305 Box Butte 762-1132 123BOX BUTTE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION BOWL-MOR LANES Bowling, Billiards Snack Bar ALLIANCE OIL COMPANY Standard Oil Products Country Tank Wagon Service 210 Niobrara 762-5570 Alliance, Nebraska 602 E. 3rd 762-4065 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We, the staff, are now going to take a look back over our shoulders and remember those who have made our task an easier one. To the following persons go our thanks: To our adviser, Mrs. Alice Nelson, for her untiring willingness to help us and her understanding of our individual problems; to Mr. Bernard Becker and Mr. Stan Bedient for their special services; to the staff of Worley Studio for the professional photography; to the faculty and administration for their cooperation; and to the Taylor Publishing Company, the printers of this book. Without all these people working together as one unit, this book would not have been made possible. 124 WORLEY STUDIO"" Solemn moments accompany graduation as students look fondly on the past and hopefully to the future. New horizons will open for many of the graduates and many will leave this area, but all have colored their understanding of mankind by their early years in the plains of Nebraska. 7 i TJ’ J 125TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" . Vi v;. ■ ;V ■ g w'-V' ' pK}

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