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Alliance High is people rushing through doors, packing the stairs, halls and classrooms. It is students eager to chat with classmates, but equal to the challenge of classroom discipline. It is teachers and counselors devoting their time to encouraging and guiding the enrichment of inquisitive minds. Yes, Alliance High is more than a building.THE bulldog Volume XXIII Alliance High School Alliance, Nebraska i'J g We Learn With Inquisitive Minds . . .34Each With An Interest Of His Own . . . That enigma of youth is complicated by those who express their aliveness with their diverse interests. Some students live in a world of facts, figures and equations, while others are intrigued by literary masterpieces or classical music. To some it is sports and a world dominated by football pads, basketballs and track shoes. Whether downing a Pepsi or trying to create an ornate gadget each student attempts to establish his own identity. 5. . . But With A Common Goal7Homecoming Highlights Fall Activities A mock trial, based on a real case, was the highlight of County Government Day. For the first time in eight years, the band went to the University of Nebraska to participate in Band Day. County Government Day, an American Legion project, was among the other fall activities. Elected and appointed officers from Alliance High, Heming-ford High, and St. Agnes spent a day at the county court house viewing the workings of county government. Homecoming festivities, although late in getting started, highlighted fall activities. A premature snowstorm made postponement of all Homecoming activities until the following Friday a necessity. High winds destroyed all hopes of displaying the floats the following week. However, all other festivities were carried out as planned. Tapping of the Queen candidates began formal Homecoming ceremonies. Crowning of the queen during halftime of the football game followed. Victory over the Bison of McCook made the evening a complete success. Concluding the festivities was the traditional dance. 8 Purchasing A-cards early in order to be prepared for the numerous activities are Randy York and Ron Dughman. Two Bulldogs are better than one Indian, remark Elaine Adkins and Linda Neuswanger. Mums add an extra thrill at Homecoming for Linda Colling. 9 Many kleenexes later, the senior class Homecoming float wins first place.Holiday Festivities Characterized by Decorations PEP CLUB ROYALTY—Linda Laing, ATTENDANT Steve Crouse, Jean Phaneuf, Becki Ehrhart, Mike McClary, BOYFRIEND Steve Tolstedt, Maureen McClary, Joyce Petersen, Sally Hooper, ATTENDANT Ri Edwards. Decorating'' is the key word during the Christmas season. The jobs seem to get bigger as the long-awaited holiday approaches. First signs appear with the Student Council Christmas tree in the main hall. Next, holly, snowflakes, and an occasional mistletoe appear in classrooms and on bulletin boards throughout the building. The final and biggest job of decorating goes to the Pep Club. Pep Club Formal, highlight of the Christmas festivities, requires weeks of preparation. This year's formal, Our Winter Love, was exceptionally well planned and decorated. A record crowd attended and tickets were sold out well ahead of time. Last contact with school before vacation is the Christmas program. Under the direction of Miss Barbara Bobbitt, speech instructor, Dicken's Christmas Carol was presented by an all-school cast. Nervously awaiting their cues in the Christmas program are Mike Mittlestadt and Becki Ehrhart. Giant snow figures depict Our Winter Love. I I Australian exchange student, June Ohlson.REGENTS ALTERNATES—Ronnie Sanchez. Joe Kirchner. Virginia Koester. John Marker. Coni Wacker. Outstanding home economics students are Co-ed Correspondent, Linda Gaipl, and Betty Crocker Homemaker, Coni Wacker. Whether one excels in scholastics, vocational skills or leadership, it is always gratifying to receive recognition. Special awards serve a double purpose. The recipient of such an award is inspired to continue with his work. At the same time, others are spurred on to receive similar praise. Anticipation runs especially high among seniors. Countless scholarships and awards are received by outstanding seniors each year. These students deserve both praise and congratulations for their well-deserved honors. 12Winner of the county DAR Citizenship Award is Francie Austen. Recognition Comes to Alliance High Displaying well-deserved FFA trophies are Richard Strieker. Ron Nagaki. Steve Schnell and Gary Trenkle. 13A well-earned congratulatory kiss pleases both graduate. Sally Hooper, and her younger sister, Nancy. Graduation Arrives With Spring Choosing announcements appears to be fun for Bev Mayes and Jeff Menuey. Spring arrives, bringing with it bright, sunny mornings and warm, drowsy afternoons. Even the most attentive student finds it difficult to continue studying as the annual spring fever invades AHS. Senioritis is another common malady as upperclassmen prepare for prom and graduation activities. Seniors look forward to graduation with mixed emotions. The parties and special recognition lend a blissful air to this season. Despite the enchantment, there is an underlying feeling of sorrow. The thought of leaving this carefree life and the many people associated with it behind brings tears to the eyes of many a senior. Nevertheless, graduation is anticipated eagerly and recalled fondly by all.Trading name cards are seniors Ellen Barth and Barb Carter. I really should be studying. thinks Mike Garwood. Spring cleaning presents quite a chore for Yvonne Mundt.Teaching is More Than Standing in Frontof a Classroom Teaching is Knowing each student and Respecting his individuality. Stimulating eager minds while Guiding their development. Encouraging open-mindedness but Warning against gullibility. Teaching is Cooperating with administrators and Having respect for other teachers. Conferring with parents, while Giving counsel and guidance. Keeping abreast with new ideas and Utilizing educational research. Teaching is Keeping up with routine tasks but Striving to maintain efficiency. Challenging oneself to improve by Engaging in advance study. Rewarding to those who succeed, Heart-warming to the devoted teacher. 17Administration Sees Vocational Building a Reality Under the supervision of Superintendent Marven Rosen and the Board of Education, is new vocational building is a reality. Work on the building continues as administration and faculty plan for curriculum revisions. Stanford University and Alliance Public Schools are cooperating in a study of Modular Scheduling. Principals, curriculum directors, counselors and faculty are formulating a schedule for a program which gives more attention to individual differences. New courses were added this year while traditional courses were re-evaluated. Title I ESEA funds made it possible for research which resulted in curriculum changes. Additional equipment was also made available under this plan. Awareness of the value of summer school is growing in the Alliance community. As a result of the increased offering in last summer's program, attendance doubled. Students were able to elect courses which their crowded winter schedule prevented. Superintendent Mr. Marven M. Rosen Board of Education: Mr. Howard Wiseman: Vice-President Dr. Raymond Olson; Mr. Lyle Stephens; Mr. Glen Fiebig; Secretary Dr. Robert Morgan; President Mr. John Cover. Jr. 18Guidance Directors Mrs. Genevieve Merdinger and Mr. William Dreyer consult with Curriculum Director Mr. Shelby Winningham. Principal Mr. Leslie T. ChamberlinPersonnel Aid Office secretary, Mrs. Margaret Copple, renders vital service. Custodians Red Wilmott and Corley Cordell, exhibit the new floor buffer. School personnel play an Important role In the smooth operation of an educational plant. Whether answering the phone, keeping books, or selling lunch tickets the secretary is always available to help students and faculty. All college transcripts must be obtained through the office secretary. Being sick is never any fun, but knowing the school nurse is on duty is comforting. Her services and skills are used by the entire school system. Far from least among the school personnel are the custodians, who help keep the building spic and span. They seem always to be on the job when students need a helping hand. Regular maintenance and odd jobs demand the daily attention of these men. School nurse, Mrs. Thelma Merritt, adjusts the scales for her annual examination of students.School Operation An everyday occurrence at the Junior High cafeteria. OFFICE ASSISTANTS—Barb Suiter, Sharon Nuss, Betty Tyndall. Vikki Vogel. Vicky Mracek, Linda Underwood, and Linda Stephens. Feeding nearly 320 students a day is quite an accomplishment for the cafeteria staff. Nourishing and well-balanced meals must be efficiently planned in limited time. Turkey, pizza, or chicken on the menu attracts a large crowd of students to the lunch room. Festive holiday meals always draw a record crowd. Under the supervision of the office secretary, the office assistants perform certain clerical duties. They remain on call for one hour daily and render their services for any errand which needs attention. 21This model Shakespearean theater intrigues Joyce Petersen, Mike Knoflicek, and Laura Smith. Communications Employ ‘New Approach’ Project English which is based on Nebraska Curriculum is being offered to interested students. This year a full K through 12 program was implemented. This course enrichs the literature background while stressing meaningful composition. Recognizing that individuals have varying needs, the communication department provides a wide range of English and speech courses. Those preferring a general English course find benefits in classes designed primarily for the non-college bound. MRS. GENEVIEVE MRS. EUNICE MRS. PHYLLIS MR. LAWRENCE MERDINGER, M.A. PETERSEN, A.B. NEUSWANGER, B.S. MILBOURN, B.A. English, Guidance English English English 22MRS. JERALDINE DAVIS. B. A. English MISS BARBARA BOBBITT, B.A. Speech, Journelism Catching all inflections is important to Pat Sizemore. Accents are improved and perfected by using laboratory equipment provided for the language department. A conversational learning approach is used by the teachers of German and Spanish. Unique but melodic sounds penetrate the hall as students of German enjoy their song fests. Latin is taught by more traditional methods, but scholars appreciate the cultural values of this course. Knowledge gained in the language department is vital to those who will travel or live abroad. MRS. MAE HASSMAN, B. A. Spanish, English MRS. VERA BRIGGS, B. S. Latin Mrs. Merdinger—Chairman of Communications Department. 23Mathematics Takes On A ‘New Look’ That new look at mathematics has resulted in valuable changes. Our modern textbooks employ methods which deepen the students' understanding. Also more emphasis is being placed on a program which will better serve individual interests. Experiments with courses in Algebra II and math analysis proved that students welcome change. Many were challenged to master more skills in a given period of time. Realistic goals gave more satisfaction to most of those students who participated. MR. WILLIAM MARCHANT, B.S. Chemistry, Math MRS. ALICE NELSON, B.A. Algebra, Yearbook MRS. NANCY BROWN, B.S. Geometry, Trigonometry 24MR. FRED PETERSEN. B. A. Chemistry. Physics MR. DONALD FARRELL, B. A. Biology MR. LARRY GROSSHANS. B. S. Biology Science Students Learn By ‘Doing’ Exploration and discovery are encouraged by the science department. Laboratory courses have been set up to make this possible. Here students may pursue special interests by doing. Chemistry, physics, and biology are offered to all. Advanced biology has been added for those who have special interest in living science. Physical science is provided for students who wish a terminal course in high school. Laboratory projects are tailored to meet individual needs. Demonstrating deep concentration, Bob Cram uses his slide rule to solve a physics problem. Doing is not for the faint of heart, according to Jean Phaneuf. 25MR. THOMAS MR. TERRY MR. MYRON JASNOCH, MR. WILLIS FURMAN, HOVORKA, M.S. GILLILAND. B.A. B.A. B.A. Social Science Social Science Social Science Social Science Problem areas of Asia are of concern to Darrell Mason, Ruth Perez, and Mary Pokorski. Creating an awareness and understanding of history, modern society and modern problems is the primary function of the social sciences. Added to the curriculum this year are economics and sociology. Seniors have their choice of any two subjects out of the four offered. Students are required to take American history their junior year while world history is an elective. The variety of courses offered help to make the goals of social science a reality. 26 Exchange student, June Ohlson, reflects on her experiences in Alliance.MRS. ESTHER MYERS, M.A. Librarian MRS. JEANETTE LIERK. B.S. Study Hall Valuable library materials are prominent in the school library. A total of 4,657 books can be found on the shelves along with 7 sets of encyclopedias. Whether for enjoyment or a lesson assignment, the 45 magazines and 7 daily papers benefit all who avail themselves of their use. The librarian and study hall teacher work closely together in helping students utilize their time. The library provides a quiet place for Bev Mayes to do some serious studying. Library Provides Reading, Research and Reference Library assistants, Judy Schwindt, Merle Young, Steve Bullock. Linda Neuswanger. Linda Tutt, and Francie Austen, prepare books for the shelves. 27Mechanical drawing class seems to present a challenge to Randy Zimmerman, Harold Colericlc and Cliff Robinson. Practical Arts Are Exploratory Exploratory courses slanted toward interest areas and vocational choices are developed in the industrial arts and vocational agriculture departments. Working with leather, engineering drawing, hand and power tools and ceramics intrigues those who are involved in industrial arts. Practical experience with farm and ranch projects, crops and livestock, welding and carpentry is offered to those who study vocational agriculture. MR. BYRON NELSON. MR. KENNETH WARE. M.A. M.A. Industrial Arts Vocational Agriculture Welding techniques are of great concern to Gary Peterson. 28First procedures of sewing require the strict attention of Merle Young. Home Economics Develops Skills Acquaintance with the skills needed in working with food, clothing and the care of children is taught in Home Economics I. Skills and techniques involved in food preparation, clothing construction and interior decoration are further developed in the second course. Senior girls who have completed the first two years are offered a third course. This year's work covers family and social relationships related to art, science and home management. MRS. MARIE SUTTER. B.A. Home Economics MRS. DRUSILLA SCHOLL, B.S. Home Economics Guidance in clothes construction is given to Juanita Preiss and Ruth Liggett by home economics teacher, Mrs. Walter Scholl. 29Odd-shaped lines are discernable to Vikki Vogel and Mary Vallejo. Business Education is Practical Skill is not the only quality instilled in business students. Accuracy and speed are also emphasized in typing, bookkeeping and shorthand courses. Students also gain experience as they work problems and projects in the new Secretary Office Practice Course. This new course combines with the others to produce students who are able to compete in the business world. MRS. JUANITA GLARUM, MR. DARRELL SCHILZ, B.S. M.A. Typing, Bookkeeping Typing, Shorthand Typing is serious business for Gary Schneider. 30Long legs are no advantage in this twist business for Carol Prelie. Groans and moans are heard intermingled with shrill voices as the girls participate in the never ending routine of exercises. However, intense concentration on these exercises does develop poise, precision, and grace. Vigorous physical activity is essential to good health. Basketball, speedball, volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, and other team games provide the competition which contributes to the good health and fun of both boys and girls. While girls enjoy rhythms, the boys are sparked on by gymnastics which involve big muscle coordination. MR. PAUL CHANEY M.S. Physical Education Physical Education Offers Fun and Fitness 250! Are you kidding me? thinks Mike Green. 31Driver's Education Promotes Safety MR. ROBERT MORRIS, B.S. Drivers Education MR. WALTER SCHOLL M.M.E. Vocal Music, German MR. BLAINE McCLARY B. M. E. Instrumental Music Knowing traffic laws is vital to Bob Monroe and teacher Bob Morris. Students are surprised to learn that Driver's Education is more than just getting behind a wheel. Certain techniques must be learned if the majority of drivers on the highways are to be safe drivers. Students benefit greatly from the six hours of actual driving time that is required. Today's Driver Education students are tomorrow's safest drivers. According to Nancy Neuswanger and Carolyn Foslcet the point is drive carefully. 32Senior bandsmen, Don Graham, Tibb Reddish and Greg Nelson, make the school song resound for their last time. Talented Students Display Musical Ability Music is an ethereal experience for Kathy Schurr. Music, whether instrumental or vocal, brings great delight to numerous students who participate in the music program. Talented students are given a chance to display their ability. Those who wish to further their music careers are given invaluable experience. Students also learn the values of working together as a group. Long hours of practice are spent preparing for programs given by large and small groups. Audience response rewards these students at each performance. 33SPUD STAFF—Gene Stark. Ron Dughman, Lynda HerJan, Elaine Adkins and Randy York. Publications Are More Than Pictures And Newsprint BULLDOG editor, Susan Sheldon, and SPUD editor, Francie Austen, welcome the final copy. Budding journalists learn not only writing and production techniques but also some practical business principles. While keeping their hands on the pulse of the student life, the staff spends considerable time on in-depth reporting. Staff members learn the meaning of exactness and accuracy, but find the experience- a rewarding one when the yearbook and newspaper appear in print. Juniors and seniors ranking in the top third of their class and excelling in some phase of journalism are initiated into Quill and Scroll, an international honor society. 34QUILL AND SCROLL—FRONT ROW: Francie Austen, Susan Sheldon, Elaine Adkins. Coni Wacker. SECOND ROW: Ron Dughman, Randy York, Mike Knoflicek. SPUD advisor, Miss Barbara Bobbitt, and BULLDOG advisor. Mrs. Alice Nelson. BULLDOG STAFF Barb Schommer, Becki Ehrhart, Merrily Matejka, Linda Gaipl and Joanne Vogel. Not pictured are Coni Wacker and Sharon Wagner who assisted the staff.A Good Member of an Organization A good member Becomes acquainted with the Goals of an organization.. Knows what is expected Of each individual. Pays membership dues At the beginning of the season. A good member Keeps informed on major issues By attending regular meetings. Expresses personal opinions But accepts the group's decision. Volunteers for special projects When the occasion arises. A good member Is informed about qualifications Of candidates before voting. Is willing to cooperate with Others in committee work. Assumes a full share of the Functioning of an organization.Does More Than Pay DuesNo scenery, few props and simple costumes add up to making James Thurbers Thurber Carnival” a very difficult play to stage. Increasing this difficulty is the fact that each actor plays several characters. Nevertheless, junior performers found it rewarding to accomplish the art of quick changes in both costuming and scenery. The play, which is made up of numerous short scenes, deals with man's idiotic actions. Tying the scenes together is Thurber’s Walter Mitty, a poor brow-beaten husband who takes frequent trips into the world of fantasy. The hilarious actions of Mitty and Thurber’s other characters are combined into a play which delights all. All right, you guys, get to work! orders speech and drama instructor. Miss Barbara Bobbitt. ‘Thurber Carnival9 Provides Challenge JUNIOR PLAY CAST—FRONT ROW: Kenny Wood. Bob Brehm. Marlys Mathews. NOT SHOWN: Jeff Davis. Bruce Brown. Gary Trenkle. SECOND ROW: Judie Biles, Barb Messersmith. Dave Minnick, Steve Stalos, Ron Sutton. Schommer. Christy Thies, Bob Shannon. Nancy King. Linda 38Senior play cast members meet for the first time. Senior Play Delights Audience SENIOR PLAY CAST Directed by Miss Barbara Bobbitt Penny ............................. Francie Austen Essie ............................. Joyce Petersen Rheba .............................. Florence Nickens Paul .............................. Bruce Hickman Mr. DePinna ........................... Jim Culton Ed .............................................. Joe Kirchner Donald .............................. Martin Rehder Grandpa .............................. John Marker Alice ............................... Elaine Adkins Henderson ............................ Greg Nelson Tony ................................. Randy York Boris Kolenkhov ...................... Steve Neff Gay Wellington ....................... Linda Gaipl Mr. Kirby.......................... Kent Campbell Mrs. Kirby .......................... Merle Young Olga ................................. Pam Novicki FBI Agents..........Jack Broderick, Matt Whitlock, Marty Christofferson Student Directors .... Jean Phaneuf, Ron Dughman You Can't Take It With You is a charming comedy. Most of the characters are anything but sane in comparison to the social standards of normal people. The underlying theme seems to be, Why die young trying to keep up with the Jonses? You can't take it with you! As the play progresses, one feels that perhaps this attitude toward life is much healthier. Centering around the antics of the delightful Sycamore family, the play keeps the audience in stitches. Grandpa, the head of the family, encourages the curious activities of the others. Although numerous awkward situations stem from Grandpa's philosophy, everyone concludes that his ideas are nevertheless sensible. 39CONCERT BAND—FRONT ROW: Linda Rask, Ann Pennington. Mari Vallejo. Shirley Glarum. Alice Covalt. Rhonda Groskopf. Barbara Barrows. SECOND ROW: Sheila Johnson, Lynda Johnson. Peggy Freiberger. Marcella Stephens. Margie Wait. Linda Tutt. Kathy Schnurr. Dianna Elenberger. Claud Dawes. THIRD ROW: Julie Ushio, Jim Keebaugh. John Matula. Dianna Bolin- ger, Sharon Edwards. Jenny Haas. Tammi Romig, Linda Colling. Don Graham. Marla Quick. Marsha Trank. Debra Lurvey. FOURTH ROW: Jane Timbers. Cathy Liggett, Tarri Corp, Susie Haas, Bev Johnson. Doug Dietrich, Kathy Shimp. Barb Edwards. Bonnie Briley. Mike Nuss, Joe Briley. Bill Ireland. Pat Nicholson. Larry Duerksen, Pam Novicki. New Uniforms WOODWIND QUINTET—Nancy Fortner. Linda Rask. Alice Covalt. Jane Wiseman. Debbie Lurvey. Chaos and pandemonium reign in the band room as marching band students prepare for early morning practice sessions. That early trek to the practice field continues through the fall months. All this results in excellent halftime entertainment at home football games. This year, band members were smartly dressed in their brand new navy blue uniforms. By removing the overlay they were provided with a concert uniform. Participating in summer and winter concerts, Teachers Convention, the annual Christmas concert, and graduation keeps band students busy at all times throughout the school year. f 40■Ml CONCERT BAND—FRONT ROW: Susan Loveless, Peggy Ward, Sandra Loveless, Sue Fuller, Joyce Petersen, Jane Wiseman. SECOND ROW: Nancy Fortner, Larry Peterson, Larry Graham, Dennis Coleman, Jim Spurgin, Bob Vallejo, Mary Grant. THIRD ROW: Jim Culton. Cindy Nicholson. Scott Bates, Gene Stark, Ron Schneider, Jim Lorenzini, Dennis Lyman Tibb Reddish. FOURTH ROW: Frank Bowling. Mr. McClary, Instructor, David Fry, Jeff Rehder, Roger Bunnell, Francis Hall, Kenny Ushio, Nancy Neuswanger, Rich Roy. Karen Smith, Steve Lyster, Jim Barth. Janet Nunes, Greg Nelson, Carolyn Freiberger. Prove Popular Band director—Mr. Blaine McClary. SAX QUARTET—Mary Grant, Jim Spurgin, Bob Vallejo, Larry Peterson. 41ORCHESTRA—FRONT ROW: Nancy Dreyer. Merrily Matejka, Wiseman. THIRD ROW: Linda Colling. Don Graham. Debbie Ellen Barth, Cindy Donovan, Orelia Duran, Debbie Duerksen, Lurvey, Mary Grant, Frank Bowling. Dave Fry, Jim Barth, Cindy Nicholson. SECOND ROW: Lynda Johnson. Linda Dennis Lyman. Tibb Reddish. FOURTH ROW: Cathy Liggett, Rask, Kathy Schnurr, Shirley Glarum, Alice Covalt, Nancy Jane Timbers. Tarri Corp. Pam Novicki. Pat Nicholson, Larry Fortner, Sue Fuller. Sandie Loveless. Joyce Petersen, Jane Duerksen. CONCERT MISTRESS—Nancy Dreyer. Orchestra Initiates 4Buddy System’ This year the orchestra made good use of the Buddy System. Older and more experienced students helped the younger and less experienced musicians. Extra training proved beneficial to all members. Concerts were well received by the Alliance Community. Excellent performances were enjoyed at the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, State Clinic, and Baccalaureate. 42DANCE BAND—FRONT ROW: Mary Grant, Jim Spurgin. Larry Peterson, Bob Vallejo. Dennis Coleman. SECOND ROW: Jeff Rehder, Steve Lyster. David Fry, Jim Barth, Frank Bowling, Dennis Lyman. Gene Stark. Tibb Reddish. THIRD ROW: Cathy Liggett, Bonnie Briley. Shirley Glarum, Pam Novicki. Larry Duerksen. 431966-1967 A CAPPELLA CHOIR—FRONT ROW: Marsha Zimmerman. Beverly Iversen, Joni Taylor, Sharon Foltz. Debbie Hunter, Dinah Fitch. Jane Wiseman. Lois Andrick, Linda Laing, Carolyn Freiberger, Peggy Freiberger. Merle Young. SECOND ROW: Barbara Lambert, Betty Hofmann. Jenny Haas, Cindy Nicholson, Sally Hooper, Margaret Henderson, Debbie Grothen, CHOIR DIRECTOR—Mr. Walter Scholl. Patti Sizemore. Barbara Edwards. Mello De Menuey. THIRD ROW: Julian Dill. Larry Mundt, Gary Weston, Don Graham, Ronald Hindman, Jim Seiler, Randy York, Gene Stark, Larry Duerksen, Lonnie Irvine, Jim Culton, Mike Knoflicek, Larry Peterson. Greg Nelson. Choir Members Live Busy Life Choir members lead a busy musical life. Programs for Teachers Convention, Christmas and Spring Concerts, Baccalaureate and Graduation Exercises cause many early morning rehearsals. Although a lot of hard work is put into their programs, the students enjoy the fun and excitement of belonging to choir. Forty-eight students traveled to State Music Clinic this year. Participants were enthusiastic about the benefits derived from the instruction given by the Clinic Director. These instructions prepared students for a concert given by all choir members.1966-1967 A CAPPELLA CHOIR—FRONT ROW: Linda Stephens, Becki Ehrhart, Debbie Lurvey, Orelia Duran. SECOND ROW: Jean Phaneuf, Nancy King, Kathy Schnurr, Marsha Trank. Debbie Woods. THIRD ROW: Jeff Menuey, Charles Leach, Gary Pennington. Cliff Brown. CHOIR ACCOMPANISTS—Cindy Nicholson. Marsha Trank. Nancy King. Carolyn Freiberger. CHAMBER SINGERS—FRONT ROW: Cindy Nicholson. Marsha Trank, Joni Taylor, Jenny Haas. Sally Hooper, Dinah Fitch, Carolyn Freiberger, Jane Wiseman, Lois Andrick, Debbie Hunter, Nancy King, Linda Stephens, Kathy Schnurr, Jean Phaneuf, Patti Sizemore. SECOND ROW: Gary Weston, Don Graham. Ronald Hindman. Gene Stark. Randy York, Larry Duerksen, Lonnie Irvine, Jim Culton, Larry Peterson, Greg, Nelson, Jeff Menuey, Gary Pennington, Cliff Brown. 45AHS VARSITY FOOTBALL OPP 25... ... 0 18... ...20 7.... ...12 12... ... 6 40.... ...32 19.... ... 7 0.... . . .41 6.... ...31 12.... ... 7 1966 Varsity Football Team-—FRONT ROW: Doug Dietrich. Dave Minnick, Jerry Worth, Jerry Tolstedt. John Marker. SECOND ROW: Richard Lyman, Ray Mc-Cart, Steve Crouse. Bob Shannon. Bob Cram. THIRD ROW: Leon Leishman, Dale Coykendall, Steve Sorum, Claud Dawes, Charles Leach. Bulldogs Are Runners-up in Jeff Menuey runs the option play.  FRONT ROW: Ronnie Peltz, Cliff Brown, Jeff Menuey. Steve Neff, Gary Pennington, Jack Wilson, Max Williams, Mike Johnson, Rick Albright. SECOND ROW: Gary Blue, Mike Nagaki, Jack Broderick, Rich Dobson, Larry Hatch, Martin Rehder, Dennis Hall, Matt Whitlock. Ronnie Sanchez, Mark Cover. THIRD ROW: Steve Tolstedt, Dave Kamerzell, Dan Spencer, Kent Campbell, Joe Briley. Bonnie Briley, Martin Christoffersen, Mike Green, Cal Christoffersen, Bob Brown (not pictured). Western Conference Considering the fact the Bulldogs had only one returning starter, the final record of 5-4 indicates a very successful season. After fumbling away the games with Columbus and Sidney, the Bulldogs came to life in the next three. During the building year, the team displayed the proper attitude when meeting great odds of superior size. Special honors go to Bulldogs for their outstanding work and ability in football. Steve Tolstedt, Bulldog co-captain, was named to the all-conference Western Conference team. He also received honorable mention in the West Big 10 and All-State teams. Senior Bonnie Briley earned recognition on the Western Conference and West Big 10 teams, as did junior Dave Kamerzell. Other Bulldogs included on the Western Conference team are Martin Rehder, Dave Minnick, Dan Spencer and cocaptain Steve Crouse. Speedy Ronnie Peltz intercepts e pass. 47Lose 4 Reserves Win 2, While winning only two games and losing four, the reserve football team learned the fundamentals of football. Good sportsmanship required in all athletic contests was exhibited by the future varsity Bulldogs. AHS RESERVE FOOTBALL OPP 26 6 19 Sidney 33 6 26 12 0 6 13 6 12 Coaches—Paul Chaney, Bud Jasnoch, and Terry Gilliland 1966 Reserve Football Team—FRONT ROW: Lee Whitlock. Steve Barrett. Bill Boyer, Jim DeBusk, Bob Vallejo. SECOND ROW: Gene Sheldon. Rick Herian, Rocky Smith, Jim Lorenzini. Steve Lyster. THIRD ROW: Coach Terry Gilliland. Dennis Coleman, Kenny Wood, Bob Reynolds, Jim Spurgin, Dennis Lyman. 481966 HOMECOMING ROYALTY—Gary Pennington, Sally Hooper, Vicky Mracek, Steve Tolstedt, Linda Colling and Cliff Brown. Anticipation mounted during the McCook game as the crowd awaited the halftime presentation of Homecoming royalty. A-Club President Steve Tolstedt revealed Vicky Mracek as Homecoming Queen. End Gary Pennington presented Attendant Sally Hooper and halfback Cliff Brown presented Attendant Linda Colling. Background music was provided by the Chessmen as the Queen and her court reigned over the annual Homecoming Dance. Being majorette for the AHS marching band is an honor for one girl from each class. In the spring, tryouts are held for all interested girls who will be sophomores in the fall. One girl is selected by the band directors and officers to serve as majorette during her three years in AHS. Among the duties of the majorettes are raising the flag at football games and leading the marching band. As the lights are dimmed at home basketball games, the majorettes present the colors for the national anthem. 1966-1967 MAJORETTES—Junior Barb Edwards. Senior Jane Wiseman and Sophomore Peggy Ward. 491966 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM FRONT ROW: Larry Graham Danny Flores Jerry Nunes David Knoflicek SECOND ROW: Bruce Blume Mike Knoflicek Jim Petersen Scott Bates Harriers Win Western Conference Coach Bob Morris and Student Manager Terry Dillon. Injuries reduced the squad of thirteen runners to seven by the end of the season. In spite of this handicap, the Bulldogs completed a successful season. Dan Flores placed first in all meets except State, where he and the team both finished in sixth place. CROSS COUNTRY AHS Chadron Gering Invitational .. Alliance Invitational . Scottsbluff Invitational Western Conference . Big 10 ................... District ................. State1966-1967 VOLLEYBALL TEAM—FRONT ROW: Sue Fuller. Mary Pokorski, Jerri Allen. Pat Way. Becki Ehrhart, Linda Stephens, Penny Yekel. Sharon Callan, Debbie Pillow. SECOND ROW: Mary Mix, Linda Kotschwar, Sue Tolstedt. Ellen Mills, Joy Beagle. Terri Timmerman, Mello De Menuey. Merle Young. Brenda Brennan. Nancy King. Volleyball Under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy High, the Girls' Volleyball Team was organized. Miss Gena Grandstaff took over the second semester. Composed of a varsity and a reserve squad, the team competed with other Western Nebraska towns. They completed a schedule of fourteen games and ended the season by competing in a tournament. Reserve VOLLEYBALL Varsity won won won won won won won lost won won . . . . Hay Springs won Coach Dorothy High demonstrates effective serving techniques to Brenda Brennan. 511966-1967 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM—Jim Petersen. Bruce Blume, Dave Kamerzell. Randy York, Ri Edwards. Lonnie Irvine. Mike Knoflicek. Chas Lierk. Scott Bates. Steve Sorum, Ronnie Peltz, Jerry Tolstedt. Student Managers—Ron Dughman, Jim Daugherty, Jim Lorenzini. Watch that elbow, Ri! 52Bulldog Cagers Capture District Tournament Crown Speed, agressive play, and accuracy from both the floor and the charity line led the AHS Bulldogs through a successful season. Led by the scoring abilities of Ri Edwards, who scored 329 points, the close-knit team put forth excellent team effort. For 5 consecutive weeks, the Bulldogs were placed among the top ten teams in Nebraska. Individual talent was well distributed among the varsity b-ballers. The accurate shooting of Ri Edwards, Lonnie Irvine, Dave Kamerzell, and Mike Knoflicek contributed necessary points to the aggressive offense. Controlling the backboards for AHS were Dave Kamerzell and Lonnie Irvine. Bulldog hopes for a chance in the Big 10 playoff were doused by McCook when no Bulldog could convert points. This resulted in a second place in the West Big 10 with a 6-2 record. With one game remaining, the Bulldogs were assured of their second straight Western Conference championship with a record of 6-1. All help is appreciated by Lonnie Irvine. AHS VARSITY BASKETBALL OPP. 68 42 61 43 62 61 72 44 65 48 71 60 71 53 66 60 56 Sering 50 55 53 65 77 89 73 48 63 69 58 49 60 75 56 531966-1967 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM—FRONT ROW: Mike Dafney, Doug Dietrich, Ron Callan, Larry Graham, John Matula. SECOND ROW: Dave Knoflicek, Jim Seiler. Mike Green, Joe Briley, Don Roberts, Steve Barrett, Dale Coykendall, Dan Spencer. Larry Watkins. Ron Schneider. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS—Jane Timbers, Sue Fuller, Linda Underwood. Reserve Basketball AHS RESERVE BASKETBALL OPP. 48 Chadron .... 42 41 .... 53 47 Kearney .... 63 72 North Platte 50 45 .... 46 43 Sidney 46 31 Scottsbluff .... 65 52 .... 42 56 Ogallala r... .... 42 50 .... 52 52 Scottsbluff 53 53 65 49 .... 63 43 Sidney 58 57 Ogallala 49 54Saluting the flag is a colorful ceremony at the beginning of each varsity basketball game. The majorettes display the flag while the band plays the national anthem. School spirit is kept alive under the leadership of the varsity cheerleaders. Whether planning pep rallies, practicing cheers, or attending out-of-town games, these girls are always on the go. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS— Linda Stephens Linda Zobel Vicky Mracek Joni Taylor 55Steve Tolstedt and Joe Kirchner Lead Matmen Team spirit and an increased interest in wrestling enabled the grapplers to end the season with a 7-5 record. The closely contested matches marking the varsity season were accompanied by many thrills and, as always, some frustrations. Leading the matmen as they grappled for gains were Sieve Tolstedt, 165 pounds, and Joe Kirchner, 120 pounds. Taking first and second places, respectively, in the District Meet enabled these boys to compete in the State wrestling meet. Darrell Mason demonstrates a half nelson on Steve Crouse. 1966-1967 WRESTLING TEAM—FRONT ROW: Mike Nagaki. Bruce Hickman. Don Brown, Rick Herian, Dave Kirchner. John Flores. Don Naefus, Larry Mundt, Bruce Messersmith, Garry Carpenter, Jerry Nunes. SECOND ROW: Perry Johnston, Lee Whitlock. Dave Minnick. Rocky Smith. Jeff Wacker, Ron West, Matt Whitlock, Dennis Lyman. Joe Kirchner. Steve Messersmith. THIRD ROW: Ray McCart. Mike Johnson, Steve Crouse, Larry Hatch, Claud Dawes. Gary Peterson. Steve Tolstedt, Dale Sward, Craig Nicholson. Rich Dobson. Darrell Mason. 56AHS VARSITY WRESTLING OPP. 37 13 34 Kimball 16 27 17 14 36 17 27 5th 33 Gerinq 13 10 31 3rd .... Western Conference 38 14 27 17 5 41 8 38 28 13 6th 6th 15th... . Steve Tolstedt—State Champion, 165 pounds. Coach Donald Farrell demonstrates a take-down to Joe Kirchner. What do I do with Claud Dawes now, Coach?'' asks Steve Tolstedt. 57TRACK AHS Scottsbluff Relays..........................1st Alliance Invitational ......................1st Sidney Invitational ........................1st Western Nebraska ...........................2nd Western Conference .........................1st Big Ten ................................... 3rd Class A District ...........................1st Taking first in five out of seven meets makes an impressive record for the 1966 Track Team. By winning the District Meet eleven Bulldogs earned berths in the State Meet. Bee Bullock won the 180-low hurdles with a time of :2! flat and the 120-highs in : 15.4. Junior Tritle took third in the 220 at :23 flat. Dan Flores, Cal Christoffersen, Lonnie Irvine and Mike Knoflicek teamed up to win the 2-mile relay in 8:17.6. Paul Joseph, Steve Neff, Junior Tritle and Denny Coleman, the 880-relay team, came in second with 1:32.9. Tracksters District Coaches Bud Jasnoch, Paul Chaney and Daryl Carroll (not shown). 1966 Track Team—FRONT ROW: Dan Hunter, Seve Neff, Mike Nagaki, Larry Mundt, Ronnie Peltz, Bob Brown, Cal Christoffersen. SECOND ROW: Junior Tritle, Tom Hesse, Steve Sorum, Cliff Brown, Mike Knoflicek, Dan Flores, Jeff Menuey, Don Graham. Gary Pennington. THIRD ROW: Richard Lyman, Bob Sundburg, Bee Bullock, Paul Joseph, LeRoy Nickens, Lonnie Irvine, Marty Christoffersen, Bonnie Briley. Mike Garwood, Charles Lierk. 581966 GOLF TEAM—FRONT ROW: Gary Schneider, Jim Coach W. B. Furman, Dennis Hall, Rick DeBusk, Craig Fricke. Petersen, Doug Dietrich, Dale Coykendall. SECOND ROW: GOLF AHS Sidney Invitational ......................IOth Scottsbluff Invitational ..................14th Alliance Invitational ......................6th Western Conference .........................3rd Big Ten ..................................I Oth District IV Qualifying .....................7th TENNIS AHS Scottsbluff .............................2nd Scottsbluff ............................ 2nd Big Ten Meet ............................9th 1966 TENNIS TEAM—FRONT ROW: Jerry Worth. Charles Leach, John Marker. SECOND ROW: Richard Bentley. Harold Howard, Dan Hutchinson, David Kamerzell.1966 Student Council—David Kirchner, Jim Petersen, Bob Shannon, Sue Tolstedt, Sponsors Mrs. Nancy Brown and Mr. Don Crowder, Charles Lierlt, Bruce Hickman, June Ohlson, Mike Dafney, Joe Briley, Mike Green. In sharp contrast to last year's 26 members, this year's Student Council was reduced to 14. Along with the cut in size came a revision of the constitution. Changes in the make-up of the Council were accompanied by new projects. Sending the officers to the State Student Council convention and the Car Smash were included in the new activities. Among the more traditional projects were sponsorship of the Homecoming parade and dance and the Safety Week Program. Preparation and sales of Student Directories and the Honey Sale for retarded children were also continued. President ... Vice-President Secretary ... Treasurer ... OFFICERS . Jim Culton Barb Edwards . Joni Taylor Don Graham Student Council Revises Constitution 60Future Farmers Win Top Honors Staging an outstanding performance at judging contests, F.F.A. boys were rewarded with an impressive record. In the individual placings of the District Range Judging Contest, Alliance took the first four places. Top honors were also received by the Stubble Mulch Teams and the Range Judging Teams. Serving the community, F.F.A. boys help the J.C.'s sell Halloween candy and honey. Money earned from the Snack Shack is used for such projects as the Dad-Lad Pheasant Feed and the Parent-Son Banquet. A'l'QNC Promoting Alliance 'Cattle Capital of Nebraska' are Sponsor Mr. K. R. Ware and President Gary Peterson. OFFICERS President ....................................... Gary Peterson Secretary Vice-President ..................................... Kenny Woods Treasurer Reporter ...................................... Richard Fritjler Sentinel Gary Trenkle Ray McCart . Lynn Berry 61A-Club Honors Lettermen Mighty athletes carrying books, waxing cars and shining shoes remind us that it is time for A-Club initiation. Being chosen for A-Club is an honor despite the absurdity of initiation. To qualify for membership a boy must earn one of the coveted letters awarded for outstanding performance in varsity sports. Tension mounts as the A-Club prepares to elect and crown the Homecoming Queen. Red carpet and roses provide a suitable background for presentation of royalty during halftime ceremonies. Pep Club girls also eagerly await the coronation of the Court Queen later in the year. Cries of Popcorn—pickles—apples rise above the noises of basketball games and wrestling matches. A-Club boys work diligently to finance their projects. Selling Beat Scottsbluff buttons also proved profitable this year. OFFICERS President ......................... Vice-President ................... Sec.-Treas......................... Sergeant-at-arms ................. . Steve Tolstedt ... Cliff Brown Gary Pennington . Mike Knoflicek A-Club—FRONT ROW: Chas Lierk, Dick Lyman, Dan Flores, Dave Kamerzell, Bonnie Briley, Ray McCart, Steve Crouse, Claud Dawes. SECOND ROW: Coach Jasnoch, Bruce Messer-smith, Roger Bunnell, Charles Leach. Randy York, Jim Culton, Bruce Blume, Mike Darveau, Steve Neff. Dave Minnick, Coach Chaney. THIRD ROW: Doug Dietrich, Dennis Coleman. Mike Nagaki, Richard Dobson, Lonnie Irvine, Jeff Menuey. Steve Sorum, Ronnie Peltz, Martin Rehder, Darrell Mason.Discarding the traditional pleated skirt, the Pep CJub chose uniforms of A-Line skirts and white sweaters. Besides being more comfortable, the new uniforms stand out in crowds, making it easy, to distinguish club members. Highlighting Pep Club activities is the Winter Formal. Money to sponsor this project is earned by selling candy and baked goods. Weekly hall decorations, pep rallies, and the annual Senior Rally demonstrate the Pep Club's pride in ath-leteV Chaos reigns as members anticipate the spring banquet. Five lucky juniors and three sophomores are rewarded for weeks of strenuous early-morning work-outs. Amid squeals and tears of joy, the outgoing cheerleaders tap their successors. Modeling her new Pep Club uniform for club sponsor, Mrs. Dorothy High, is Mary Polcorslci. Pep Club Buys New Uniforms OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Chant Leader Joyce Petersen Jean Phaneuf . Sally Hooper . Becki Ehrhart .. Linda Laing 63President .... Vice-President OFFICERS Gary Weston Sec.-Trees. Larry Peterson Chaplain ... Greg Nelson Mike Mittlestadt Anticipating Mock Legislature, Hi-Y sponsors Mr. Byron Nelson and Mr. Tom Hovorka discuss the Hi-Y's bill. Aromas of steaming hot coffee and fresh popcorn fill the stadium as Hi-Y boys man the Snack Shack. Increasing the club treasury, they sell refreshments at all home football games. Gaining knowledge of state and local government, Hi-Y boys participate in the State Model Legislature. Locally, the Mock Legislature stirs interest in government among the entire student body. Each school organization is encouraged to attend and present a bill. Along with the students, the entire community enthusiastically awaits the outcome of the Mock Legislature. Promoting Christian fellowship, the Hi-Y joins the Y-Teens in presenting the Easter Sunrise Service. Hi-Y Boys Man Snack Shack 64Y-Teens Help Others Enjoy Christmas A gratifying smile—a tear of joy—a shy Thank you —and other heart-warming experiences reward the Y-Teen girl. Y-Teens observe Christmas by taking cookies to the Samaritan Village and sponsoring a party for Indian children. Other service projects include presentation of a $100 scholarship to an outstanding senior and support of a Chinese orphan. Well-planned monthly programs develop the three sides of a girl’s nature. Among other popular club sponsored activities are the Pizza Party, Mother-Daughter Banquet, and the traditional Patteran. OFFICERS President—Francie Austen Secretary—Sharon Wagner Vice-President—Nancy Dreyer Treasurer—Sheila Wood 1966 Y-TEEN CABINET—FRONT ROW: Kathy Schnurr. Sharon Nuss, Joni Taylor, Jeanette Danielson, Suzi Saum. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Glarum, Jane Wiseman, Jean Phaneuf, Joyce Petersen, Sally Hooper, Mrs. Myers. THIRD ROW: Nancy King, Betty Tyndall, Cindy Hawley, Janet Nunes, Judy Schwindt, Laura Smith, Elaine Adkins. 65A Portrait Is More Than ACaptured Reflection A portrait is— A vivid word picture Of a sophomore who is Filled with doubts And fears as he looks Ahead to high school Academic and social life. A portrait is— A vivid word picture Of a junior who is Overwhelmed with homework But learning to accept Responsibility for leadership And the production of a prom. A portrait is— A vivid word picture Of a senior who is Excited about graduation While making plans for College, military service, Marriage or a vocation.Patty Brunicow Roger Bunnell Sharon Callan Sherry Carpenter Kenneth Carter Barbara Chandler Wayne Akert Karen Albright Betty Jo Allen Jerri Allen Cindy Anderson Dana Andreason Beth Andrews Steven Barrett Barbara Barrows James Barth Scott Bates Susan Bliss Dianna Bolinger Bill Boyer Joe Briley Dona Ruth Brown son. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS—Vice-President. Dave Knoflicek. President. Joe Briley. Treasurer Scott Bates. Secretary Cal Christoffer- Gary Christensen Calvin Christofferson Dennis Coleman Jim Collins Judy Colling Alice CovaltMark Cover Mike Dafney Ginqer Davis James DeBusk William Dempsey Max Dentler Gary Dickinson Douq Dietrich Robert (Craiq) Dietrich Jim Ditsch Mary Ditsch Debra Duerksen Sharon Edwards Nancy Fortner Carolyn Fosket Karyn Foster Peqqy Freiberger Gerald Fritzler David Fry Christine Garett Estelle Marie Gerber Bruce Graham Larry Graham Mike Green Rhonda Groskopf Patti Guernsey Susan Haas Steve Hauqht Toni Henkel Judy Hiner Judy Hippe Peqqy Hood Harvey Howard Glenda Irvine Becky Jacobs Billy Jo Jardine Beverly Johnson Mike R. Johnson Udona Jones David Kirchner David Knoflicek Joe Koester 69Jody Loach Leon Leishmar. Linda Lewis Cathy Liggett Donna Loclcridge Linda Loose Dennis Lyman Stephen Lyster Donna McCart Ellen Manewal Angela Marin Marilyn Mason John Matula Mello De Menuey Vicki Miller Ellen Mills Shari Minnick Paul Mischnick Mary Mix Rex Moscrip Don Neafus Nancy Neuswanger Craig Nicholson Jerry Nunes Bernice Osborne Mariean Osborn Carol Pedersen Ann Pennington Sharon Potmesil Jean Powell Dick Phillip Marla Quick Connie Renteria Georgia Rinehart Wesley Roe Linda Rosane Clara Roy Della Rubeck Doug Rusk Ronald Schneider Becky Schwaderer James Seiler 70Kathy Shimp Jerry Smith Katherine Smith Karen Smith Rockie Smith Jesse Albert Soto Jim Spurgin Paula Steinman Terry Stewart Alfred Sutton Cheryl Sutton Larry Sydow Betty Thomas Bob Todd Jerry Tolstedt Julie Ushio Robert Vallejo Jeff Wacker Peggy Ward Larry Watkins Patricia Way Ronald West Lee Whitlock 71JUNIOR CLASS OFFCERS—Vice-President Brenda Brennan, Treasurer Jerry Me Andrew. Secretary Nancy King and President Sue Tolstedt. Rick Albright Lois Andrick Joy Beagle Judie Biles Gary Blue Bruce Blume Linda Brehm Brenda Brennan Robert Brown Ronald Callan Christine Cardona 72Junior Officers Carry Heavy Responsibilities Robert Cardona Bill Carpenter Leora Carr Tarri Corp Dale Coykendall Jeanette Danielson Mike Darveau Jim Daugherty Cindy Donovan Virginia Doty Nancy Dreyer Larry Duerksen Barbara Edwards Vickie Ellard Susan Foster Carolyn Freiberger Susan Fuller Lynda Garner Kathie Gillispie Shirley GlarumImpatient Juniors Await Class Rings 968 Mary Grant Jennifer Haas Dennis Hall Francis Hall Beth Harris Joan Hashman Judy Hashman Larry Hatch Dale Hawley Margaret Henderson Rick W. Herian George Hernandez Linda Holmes Tom Hood Deborah Hunter William Ireland Beverly Iversen Ronald Jacobs Jim Johnson Sheila Johnson Perry Johnston David Kamerzell Jim Keebaugh Nancy King ftLinda Kotschwar Judy LaBarge Barbara Lambert Don Laughlin Linda Leistritz Sandra Loveless Susan Loveless Gloria Lulow Debra Lurvey Mike Manewal Linda Mann Merrily Matejka Maryls Mathews Bruce Messersmith Steven Messersmith David Minnick Donna Morgan Cheryl Mundt Jerry Mundt Patricia Nicholson Janet Nunes John Orndorff Ronnie Peltz Jim Petersen Debbie Pillow Connie Potmesil-Terry Preiss Kathleen Rachetts Robert Shores Ginger Shrewsbury Steve Sorum Daniel Spencer Undo Rozo Robert Reynolds John Richards Colleen Ritter Bob Rohrbouck Lillian Ross John Sampson Roger Schnell Steve Schnell Barbara Schommer Bill Schommer John Seim Bob Shannon Eugene Sheldon Sally Shelmadine Shelly Shelmadine Junior Class Sponsors—Mr. Willis Furman and Miss Barbara BobbittProm Highlights Junior Activities Larry Stengel Barbara Suiter Kathy Taylor Christy Thies Jane Timbers Linda Todd Susan Tolstedt Gary Trenkle Joanne Tutt Roxanna Ullrich Linda Underwood Kenneth Ushio Carlos Vasquez Joanne Vogel Patty Vogel Raymond Weisgerber Sharon Weisgerber Karen West Janet Wilkins Jack Wilson Kenneth Wood Sheila Wood Debra Woods Jerry WorthMost Representative Each year the members of the senior class select a boy and a girl who they think are most representative of their class. The two are chosen on a basis of the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service and personality. STEVE TOLSTEDT and FRANCIE AUSTEN have been chosen as most representative for 1967. 78Seniors Assume Leadership Roles CHARLES LIERK A-Club, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Co-Director of One-Act Play, Senior Class President, Student Council, Boy's State Alternate, District Voice of Democracy Speech Winner JOHN MARKER Basketball, Football, Track, Tennis, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Vice-President, Student Council, Boy’s State, District Speech Contest, Regents Alternate, One-Act Play, Co-Director of One, Act Play, Elk's Leadership Winner, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Senior Class Play VIKKI VOGEL Pep Club, Y-Teens, Senior Class Secretary, Chadron Scholastic Contest JANE WISEMAN Band, Band Officer, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Flute Trio, Flute Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, Pep Club. Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Senior Class Treasurer, Student Council, Student Council Treasurer, State Music Clinic, County Government, National Honor Society, Majorette Principal Mr. L. T. Chamberlin presents University of Nebraska Regents Award to Ri Edwards. 79To Be A Senior is Something Special ’67 ELAINE ADKINS Pep Club, Spud Staff, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Student Council, Senior Class Play BRUCE ANDREWS Hi-Y, Hi-Y Treasurer, County Government, National Honor Society FRANCES AUSTEN Band, Band Officer, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Pep Band, Spud Staff Editor, Quill Scroll, Quill Scroll President, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Y-Teens president, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Student Council, County Government, National Honor Society, DAR County Citizenship, Senior Class Play, Y-Teen Treasurer ELLEN BARTH Orchestra, Orchestra President, Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic RICHARD BEHM LINDA BENJAMIN Y-Teens LYNN BERRY F.F.A., F.F.A. Sentinel, F.F.A. Treasurer, Stubble Mulch Judging, Land Judging FRANK BOWLING Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, State Music Clinic SUSAN BOWMAN Pep Club, Y-Teens DAVID BREWER BONNIE BRILEY Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic, Hastings Honor Band, Big Ten Honorable Mention, All-Western Conference DALE BROCK Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Kearney Industrial Fair, Gering Industrial Fair 80JACK BRODERICK Football, Golf, Senior Class Play CLIFFORD BROWN Choir, Choir President, Chamber Singers, A-Club, A-Club Vice-President, Basketball, Football, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic, One-Act Plays STEVEN BULLOCK KENT CAMPBELL Football, Senior Class Play BARBARA GIBSON CARTER Hay Springs High School, Hay Springs: Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team. Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens SHIRLEY CHRISTENSEN Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens MARTIN CHRISTOFFERSON Choir, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Senior Class Play LINDA COLLING Band, Orchestra, Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, Homecominq Queen Attendant, Brass Choir, Senior Band Officer ROBERT A. CRAM Football STEVE CROUSE A-Club, Football, Wrestling, Western Conference All-Star JIM CULTON Band, Choir, Orchestra, Chamber Singers, A-Club, Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play Co-Director, Student Council, Student Council President, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic, Senior Class Play CLAUD DAWES Band, Orchestra, A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling 81DAVID DICKINSON Wrestling, F.F.A. RICHARD DOBSON A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Wrestling Student Manager RONALD DUSHMAN Basketball Student Manager, Spud Staff, Quill Scroll, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play Co-Director, Studetn Council, One-Act Plays LARRY EDWARDS F.F.A. RICHARD EDWARDS Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Regents Winner, Boy Friend Attendant, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Weightlifting, All-Western Conference, All Big Ten, C-Club All Tournament Team STEPHEN EHLERS Football, Hi-Y REBECCA EHRHART Choir, Pep Club, Pep Club Treasurer, Girls Volleyball Team, Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, One-Act Play Co-Director, District Speech Contest, G.A.A., Radio Program DIANNA ELENBERGER Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, All State Band, Hastings Honor Band, District Music Contest DINAH FITCH Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, All State Choir, District Music ContestCounsellors Help Seniors Make Decisions DAN FLORES A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Track Big Ten Champion, Track Western Conference Champion, Track District Champion, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, County Government, Weightlifting REBECCA FOWLER Pep Club, Y-Teens BARBARA FRANCIS Pep Club, Y-Teens RICHARD FRITZLER Wrestling, F.F.A., F.F.A. Reporter, Stubble Mulch Judging, Land Judging, Range Judging LEROY FRY LINDA GAIPL Pep Club, Y-Teens, Annual Staff, Co-Ed Correspondent, Senior Class Play MIKE GARWOOD Basketball, Track, Hi-Y DONALD GRAHAM Band, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, Chamber Singers, Basketball Student Manager, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Student Council Treasurer, County Government LARRY GRANT Hi-Y CYNTHIA HAWLEY Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet RICHARD HENDERSON Football, Tennis. One-Act Plays, Weightlifting MELVIN HERBERT Track, Hi-Y, F.F.A., District F.F.A. Speech Contest 83Shared Responsibilities Bring Togetherness ’67 LYNDA HERIAN Pep Club, Spud Staff, Spud Staff Secretary, Y-Teens, Girls Volleyball Team MARY ELLEN HERNANDEZ Pep Club, Y-Teens BRUCE HICKMAN Cross Country Student Manager, Wrestling, Junior Class Play, One-Act Play Co-Director, Student Council, National Honor Society, One-Act Play, Senior Class Play BETTY HOFMANN Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, District Speech Contest SUSAN HOFMANN Y-Teens NANCY HOLLINGSWORTH Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens SALLY HOOPER Choir, Choir Treasurer, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Pep Club Secretary, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Secretary, County Government, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Choir Council DALE HOUSEHOLDER Track, Hi-Y LONNIE IRVINE Choir, Chamber Singers, A-Club, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y LYNDA JOHNSON Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, District Speech Contest, One-Act Play, Clarinet Choir RONALD JUZENAS CAROL KINSER Pep ClubJOSEPH KIRCHNER Choir, A-Club, Wrestling, Spud Staff, Junior Class President, Student Council, Student Council Vice-President, Regents Alternate, Chadron Scholastic Contest, Senior Class Play, One-Act Play SAM KIRKPATRICK F.F.A., Stubble Mulch Judging, Land Judging MIKE KNOFLICEK Choir, A-Club, A-Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Annual Staff, Quill Scroll, Quill Scroll Secretary, Hi-Y, County Government, National Honor Society VIRGINIA KOESTER Orchestra, Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Regents Alternate LINDA LAING Choir, Pep Club, Pep Club Chant Leader, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, One-Act Play, Radio Program CHARLES LEACH Choir, A-Club, Football, Tennis, Wrestling, Golf, Hi-Y RUTH LIGGETT Pep Club, Y-Teens RICHARD LYMAN A-Club, Football Student Manager, Track Student Manager, Wrestling, Hi-Y, One-Act Play RAY McCART A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, F.F.A., F.F.A. Treasurer, Land, Stubble Mulch, Livestock JudgingMemories of Close Friends Linger Always '67 DAVE McCUNE Football, Hi-Y RAYMOND MARIN DARRELL MASON Band, Pep Band, A-Club, Wrestling BEVERLY MAYES Band, Orchestra, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens JEFFREY MENUEY Choir, Chamber Singers, A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, One-Act Plays, Omaha World Herald Honor Track Team JOHN MILLER F.F.A. MICHAEL MITTLESTADT Hi-Y, Hi-Y Chaplain, Hi-Y Model Legislature BRADLEY MOOMEY Band VICKY MRACEK Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Varsity Cheerleading, Reserve Cheerleading, County Government, Homecoming Queen, Office Assistant LARRY MUNDT Choir, Basketball, Track, Wrestling, Junior Class, Play, F.F.A. YVONNE MUNDT MICHAEL NAGAKI A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model LegislatureRONALD NAGAKI Track Student Manager, F.F.A., F.F.A. Vice-President, County Government, One-Act Play, F.F.A. Speech Contest, F.F.A. Judging STEVEN NEFF A-Club, Football, Track, Junior Class Play, One-Act Play Co-Director, One-Act Play, Student Council, County Government, World Herald Honor Track Team, Senior Class Play CATHY NELSON Pep Club, Y-Teens, One-Act Play GREG NELSON Band, Choir, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Secretary-Treasurer, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, One-Act Play, State Music Clinic, State Industrial Arts Convention LINDA NEUSWANGER Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Chad-ron Scholastic Contest DAVID NEWLIN CYNTHIA NICHOLSON Band, Choir, Orchestra, Orchestra Secretary, Dance Band, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, String Quartet, String Sextet FLORENCE NICKENS Choir, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Senior Class Play PAMELA NOVICKI Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, Hastings Honor Band, String Sextet, Senior Class Play MIKE NUSS Band, Pep Band, Hi-Y SHARON NUSS Pep Club, Spud Staff, Spud Staff Photographer, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Office Assistant GARY PENNINGTON Band, Band Officer, Pep Band, Dance Band, Chamber Singers, A-Club, A-Club Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class Play, Football, Track, Cross Country, Wrestling Student Manager, Junior Class Vice-President, Junior Class President, Student Council, County Government, National Honor Society, Choir, One-Act Play 87Seniors Merit Praise for Academic Achievement '67 RUTH PEREZ Pep Club, Y-Teens, Chadron Scholastic Contest JOYCE PETERSEN Band, Senior Band Officer, Choir, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Pep Club President, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play Co-Director, Girl's State Alternate, District Speech Contest, One-Act Play Co-Director, Flute Trio, Radio Program GARY PETERSON Football, Wrestling, F.F.A., F.F.A. Presi-lent, County Government, Stubble Mulch Judging, Land Judging, Range Judging, Livestock Judging LARRY PETERSON Band, Choir, Pep Band, Dance Band, Chamber Singers, Tennis, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President, Hi-Y Model Legislature, State Music Clinic, One-Act Play, District Music Contest JEAN PHANEUF Choir, Choir Secretary, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Pep Club Vice-President, Girls Volleyball Team, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play Co-Director, Student Council, District Speech Contest, County Government, One-Act Play, Radio Program, Girls Quartet MARY ANN POKORSKI Pep Club, Y-Teens, Girls Volleyball Team JUANITA PREISS Pep Club, Y-Teens CAROL PRELLE Baldwin Park High School, Baldwin Park, California: Latin Club, Nurses Club West Covina High, West Covina, California: Girls League. Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens LANA PRETTYMAN Pep Club, Y-Teens LINDA RASK Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, Hastings Honor Band TIBB REDDISH Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, Wrestling, Hi-Y, State Music Clinic, Brass Choir, District Band Choir JEFF REHDER Band, Pep Band, Dance Band 88Members elected to the Honor Society in their Junior year are: Ronnie Sanchez. Bruce Hickmap, Mike Knoflicek. Jane Wiseman Francie Austen. Joni Taylor. MARTIN REHDER A-Club, Football, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, All-Western Conference, Big Ten Honorable Mention, North Platte Big Ten Team CHERYL RENO KENNETH ROBBINS Wrestling, F.F.A. CLIFFORD ROBINSON Golf, Junior Class Play TAMARA ROMIG Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team Student Manager, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, District Music Contest RONNIE SANCHEZ Basketball, Football, Cross Country, Wrestling, Sophomore Class Treasurer, County Government, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, Chadron Scholastic Contest LINDA SANFORD Pep Club SUSAN SAUM Band, Band Librarian, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Treasurer GARY SCHNEIDER Basketball, Wrestling, Golf, Hi-Y’67 1966 PROM ROYALTY—Prince Bee BuIIoqIc, Princess Sigrun Gardarsdottir, King Tom Hesse, Queen Carolyn Underwood, Duke Mike Brown, Duchess Terry Sizemore. KATHY SCHNURR Band, Choir, Choir Vice-President, Orchestra, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Student Council, State Music Clinic, National Honor Society, Chadron Scholastic Contest, District Music Contest, G.A.A., International European Tour Band JUDY SCHWINDT Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cobinet, Drum Ensemble SUSAN SHELDON Pep Club, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Editor, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play MICHAEL SHERLOCK F.F.A. PAT SIZEMORE Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Y-Teens, District Speech Contest, One-Act Play, County Government LAURA SMITH Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Chadron Scholastic Contest GENE STARK Band, Choir, Pep Band, Dance Band, Spud Staff, Spud Staff Business Manager, Hi-Y, One-Act Play Director, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic, One-Act Play, Brass Choir LINDA STEPHENS Band, Clarinet Choir, Choir, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Sophomore Class Secretary, Reserve Cheerleading, Varsity Cheerleading, County Government, G.A.A. MARCELLA STEPHENS Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Clarinet ChoirCinderella Ball Delights Prom Crowd RICHARD STRICKER F.F.A., Stubble Mulch Judging, Land Judging CHARLENE SUTTON Pep Club, Y-Teens JONI TAYLOR Band, Choir, Orchestra, Chamber Singers. Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Vice-President, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Student Council Secretary, Varsity Cheerleading, Girl's State, County Government, National Honor Society, One-Act Play, Elk's leadership Winner DON THOMAS Football, F.F.A., Stubble Mulch Judging, Land Judging LINDA THOMAS Pep Club, Y-Teens RANDY THOMPSON TERRI TIMMERMAN San Ramon High School, Danville, California: Business Club, Spanish Club, South Pacific Play. Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens, Girls Volleyball Team STEVE TOLSTEDT A-Club, A-Club President, Football, Track, Wrestling, Sophomore Class President, County Government, Pep Club Boy Friend GEORGE TURECHEK Choir, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y LINDA TUTT Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Library Assistant, Woodwind Ensemble, Clarinet Choir BETTY TYNDALL Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Office Assistant MARY VALLEJO Band, Clarinet Choir, Clarinet Quartet, Woodwind Choir, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-TeensClass of ’67 Bids AHS Farewell CONSTANCE WACKER Orchestra, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Y-Teens, Regents Alternate, One-Act Plays, Betty Crocker Homemaker Award, Chadron Scholastic Contest SHARON WAGNER Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Y-Teens Secretary, Junior Class Play, One-Act Play MARGIE WAIT Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, State Music Clinic, Hastings Honor Band, Clarinet Choir, Clarinet Quintet GARY WESTON Choir, Chamber Singers, Golf, Hi-Y, HI-Y President, Hi-Y Model Legislature MATT WHITLOCK Football, Track, Wrestling, Senior Class Play, F.F.A. LEE WILKINS Football, F.F.A. MAX WILLIAMS Football, Golf, Hi-Y DAVID WRIGHT RANDY YORK Band, Choir, Chamber Singers, A-Club, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Spud Staff, Quill Scroll, Hi-Y, Senior Class Play, Student Council MERLE YOUNG Choir, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, One-Act Play RANDY ZIMMERMAN Choir, Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y LINDA ZOBEL Pep Club, Y-Teens, Varsity Cheerleading 92High Scholarship It is a pleasure to present Senior Rl EDWARDS, who has the highest scholarship rating for boys, and Senior FRANCIE AUSTEN, who has the highest scholarship rating for girls. 93General ADMINISTRATION Chamberlin. Leslie T. 19. 79 Crowder. Don 19. 60 Dreyer. William 19 Rosen. Marven 13 Winningham. Shelby 19 BOARD OF EDUCATION Cover. John Jr. 18 Fiebig. Glen 18 Morgan. Dr. Robert 18 Olson, Dr. Raymond 13 Stephens. Lyle 18 Wiseman. Howard 18 CUSTODIANS Cordell. Clayton 20 Wilmott, Robert 20 FACULTY Bobbitt. Barbara 23. 35. 38. 76 Briggs. Vera 23 Brown. Nancy 24, 60 Chaney. Paul 21. 48. 58. 62 Davis. Jeraldine 23 Farrell. Donald 25. 57 Furman. Willis 26. 59, 76 Gilliland. Terry 26, 48. 52 Glarum. Juanita 30. 65 Grosshans, Larry 25 Hassman. Mae 23 High. Dorothy 31. 51. 63 Hovorlta. Tom 26. 64 Jasnoch, Myron 26. 48. 58. 62 Lierk. Jeanette 27 McClary. Blaine 32. 41 Merchant. William 24 Merdinger, Genevieve 19, 22. 23 Milbourn. Lawrence 22. 71 Morris. Robert 32. 50. 52 Myers. Esther 27. 65 Nelson. Alice 24. 35. 82 Nelson. Byron 28. 64 Neuswanger. Phyllis 22 Petersen. Eunice 22. 71 Petersen. Fred 25 Schilz, Darrell 30. 82 Scholl. Drusilla 29 Scholl, Walter 32. 44 Sutter. Marie 29 Ware, Kenneth 28. 61 PERSONNEL Copple, Margaret 20 Merritt. Thelma 20 —A— Abbott, Jim 72 Adkins. Elaine 9. 34. 35. 39. 65. 80 Akert. Wayne 68 Albright. Karen 68 Albright. Rick 47. 72 Allen. Betty Jo 68 Allen. Jerri 51. 68 Anderson. Cindy 68 Andreason. Dana 68 Andrews. Beth 68 Andrews. Bruce 2. 80 Andrick. Lois. 44, 45. 72 Aquallo. Angelina 72 Austen. Francie 13, 27, 34. 35. 39. 65. 78, 80. 93 —B— Barrett. Steven 48. 54. 68 Barrows, Barbara 40. 68 Barth. Ellen 15. 42, 43. 80 Barth, James 41, 42. 43. 68 Bates. Scott 41. 50. 52. 68 Beagle. Jim 72 Beagle. Joy 51. 72 Behm, Richard 80 Benjamin. Linda 80 Berry. Lynn 61. 80 Biles. Judie 38. 72 Bliss. Susan 68 Blue. Gary 47. 72 Blume. Bruce 50. 52. 62. 72 Bolinger. Dianna 40. 68 Bowling, Frank W. 41. 42. 43. 80 Bowman. Susan 80 Boyer. Bill 48. 68 Brehm. Linda 38. 72 Brennan. Brenda 51. 72 Brewer. David 80 Briley. Bonnie 40. 43. 47, 58. 62. 80 Briley. Joe 40. 47. 54. 60. 68 Brock. Dale K. 3. 80 Broderick. Jack 39. 47. 81 Brown. Clifford 45. 47. 49. 58. 62. 81 Brown. Dona Ruth 68 Brown. Robert 38. 58. 72 Brunkow. Patty 68 Bullock. Steven 27. 81 Bunnell, Roger 41. 62. 68 —C— Callan, Ronald 54. 72 Callan, Sharon. 51. 68 Campbell. Kent 47. 81. 85. 113 Cardona, Christine 72 Cardona. Robert 72. 73 Carpenter. Bill 73 Carpenter. Garry 56 Carpenter. Sherry 68 Carr. Leora 73 Carter. Barbara Gibson 15. 81 Carter. Kenneth 68 Chandler. Barbara 68 Christensen. Gary 68 Christensen. Shirley 81. 106 Christofferson, Calvin 47. 58. 68 Christofferson. Martin 39. 47. 58. 81 Coleman. Dennis 41. 43. 48, 62. 68 Colerick. Harold 28 Colling. Judy 68 Colling. Linda 9. 40. 42. 49. 81 Collins. Jim 68 Corp. Terri 40. 42. 73 Covalt, Alice 40. 42. 68 Cover. Mark 47. 69 Coykendall. Dale 46. 54. 59. 73 Cram. Robert A 25. 46. 81. 115 Crouse. Steve 6, 10. 46. 56. 62. 81 Culton. Jim 41. 43. 44. 45. 60. 62. 81 —D— Dafney. Mike 54. 60. 69 Danielson. Jeanette 65. 73. 102 Darveau. Mike 62. 73 Daugherty. Jim 52. 73 Davis. Ginger 69 Dawes. Claud 40. 46. 56, 57. 62, 81 DeBusk. James 48. 69 Dempsey, Kathy 73 Dempsey. William 69 Dentler, Max 69 Dickinson. David 82 Dickinson. Gary 69 Dietrich. Doug 40. 46. 54, 59. 62, 69 Dietrich. Robert 69 Dillon. Terry 50. 73 Dingman. Cindy 73 Ditsch. Jim 69 Ditsch. Mary 69 Dobry, Kristina 73 Dobson. Richard P. 47. 56, 62 82 Donovan. Cinde 42, 73 Doty. Virginia 73 Dreyer. Nancy 42. 65. 73 Duerksen Debra 42. 69 Duerksen. Lorry 40. 42, 43. 44 45. 73 Duqhman. Ronald G. 8. 34. 35, 52. 82 Duran. Orelia 42. 45 —E— Edwards. Barbara 7. 40. 44. 49. 60. 73 Edwards. Larry 82 Edwards. Richard 4. 10. 52. 79, 82. 93 Edwards, Sharon 40. 69 Ehlers. Stephen 82 Ehrhart. Rebecca 10. II. 35. 37. 45. 51. 63. 82. 85. 100 Elenberger. Dianna 40. 82 Ellard, Vickie 73 94Index —F— Fitch, Dinah 44, 45, 82 Flores. Dan 50. 58. 62. 83 Fortner, Nancy 40. 41. 42. 69 Fosket. Carolyn 32, 69 Foster, Karyn 69 Foster. Susan 73 Fowler. Rebecca A. 83 Francis, Barbara 83 Freiberger, Carolyn 41. 44. 45. 73 Freiberger. Peggy 40. 69 44 Fritzler. Gerald 69 Fritzler, Richard 61, 83 Fry. David. 42, 43. 69 Fry. Leroy 41. 102 Fuller. Susan 41. 42. 51. 54. 73 —s— Gaipl. Linda 12, 16. 35. 39. 83. 108 Garett, Christine 69 Garner. Lynda 73 Garwood. Mike 15. 58. 83 Gerber. Estelle Marie 69 Gillispie, Kathie 73 Glarum, Shirley 40. 42. 43, 73 Graham. Bruce 69 Graham. Donald 33. 40, 42. 44, 45, 58 60 83 Graham. Larry 41. 50. 54. 69 Gr nt. Larry 83. 106 Grant. Mary 41, 42. 43. 74 Green. Mike 31, 47. 54. 60. 69 Groskopf. Rhonda 40, 69 Guernsey. Patti 69 —H— Haas, Jennifer 40. 44, 45. 74 Haas, Susan 40. 69 Hall. Dennis 47. 59. 74 Hall. Francis 41. 74 Harris. Beth 74 Hashman. Joan 74 Hashman, Judy 74 Hatch. Larry 47, 56. 74 Haught, Steve 69 Hawley, Cynthia 7. 65. 83 Hawley, Dale 74. 112 Henderson. Margaret 44, 74 Henderson. Richard 83 Henkel. Toni 69 Herbert. Melvin 83. 105 Herian. Lynda 34. 84 Herian. Rick W. 48. 56. 74 Hernandez. George 74 Hernandez. Mary 84, 105 Hickman. Bruce 10. 39, 56. 60. 84 Hindman. Ronald 44. 45 Hiner. Judy 69 Hippe. Judy 69 Hofmann, Betty 44. 84, 102 Hofmann, Susan 84, 101 Hollingsworth, Nancy 84. 101 Holmes. Linda 74 Hood. Peggy 69 Hood. Tom 74 Hooper, Sally 10. 14, 44. 45, 49. 63. 65. 84 Householder. Dale 84. 107 Howard. Harvey 69 Hunter, Deborah 44, 45. 74 Ireland. William 40, 74 Irvine. Glenda 69 Irvine, Lonnie 44. 45, 52, 53. 58. 62, 84 Iverson, Beverly 44. 74 —J— Jacobs, Becky 69 Jacobs, Ronald 74 Jardine. Billy Jo 69 Johnson. Beverly 40, 69 Johnson, Jim 74 Johnson. Lynda 40, 42. 84 Johnson, Mike R. 47, 56. 69 Johnson, Sheila 40, 74 Johnston. Perry 56, 74 Jones. Udona 69 Juzenas, Ronald 84 —K— Kamerzell, David 47. 52, 59. 62. 74 Keebaugh, Jim 40, 74 King. Nancy 38. 45. 51, 65, 74 Kinser, Carol 84 Kirchner, David 56. 60, 69 Kirchner. Joseph 12. 24. 39. 56. 57. 85 Kirkpatrick. Sam 85 Knoflicek. David 50. 54, 68. 69 Knoflicek. Mike 22. 35. 44. 50. 52. 58. 62, 85 Koester, Joe 69 Koester, Virginia 3, 12, 85 Kotschwar. Linda 51, 75 —L— LaBarge. Judy 75 Laing, Linda 10, 44. 63, 85, 114 Lambert, Barbara 44, 75 Laughlin. Don 75 Leach, Charles J. 45. 46. 59, 62, 85 Leach. Jody 70 Leishman. Leon 46, 70 Leistritz. Linda 75 Lewis, Linda 70 Lierk, Charles 52. 58, 60. 62. 79. Ill Liggett, Cathy 40. 42. 43, 70 Liggett. Ruth 29. 85 Lockridge. Donna 70 Loose, Linda 70 Lorenzini, James 41, 48. 52 Loveless, Sandra 41, 42. 75 Loveless. Susan 41, 75 Lulow, Gloria 75 Lurvey, Debra 40, 42. 45. 75. 115 Lyman. Dennis 42. 43. 48. 56, 70 Lyman. Richard 24. 41. 46. 58. 62. 85 Lyster. Stephen 41, 43. 48, 70 —M— McAndrew. Gerald 72 McCart, Donna 70 McCart, Ray 46, 56. 61. 62. 85 McCune, Dave 86 Manewal, Ellen 70 Manewal, Mike 75 Mann, Linda 75 Marin, Angela 70 Marin. Raymond 86 Marker. John 2. 12. 13. 39, 46. 59. 79 Mason. Darrell 26, 56. 62, 86, 108 Mason. Marilyn 70 Matejka, Merrily 35, 42, 75 Mathews, Marlys 38, 75 Matula, John 40, 54, 70 Mayes, Beverly 14, 27. 86 Menuey. Jeffrey 14, 45. 46, 47, 58, 62, 86 Menuey, Mello De 44. 51. 70 Messersmith, Bruce 56, 62. 75 Messersmith. Steven 56. 75 Miller, John 86 Miller, Vicki 70 Mills, Ellen 51. 70 Minnick, David 46, 56. 62, 75 Minnick, Shari 70 Mischnick. Paul 70 Mittlestadt, Mike I I, 64, 86 Mix. Mary 51, 70 Monroe. Robert 32 Moomey, Bradley 86, I 17 Morgan, Donna 75 Moscrip. Rex 70 Mracek, Vicki 21. 49. 55. 86 Mundt. Cheryl 75 Mundt, Jerry 75 Mundt. Larry 4. 44. 56, 58. 86 Mundt, Yvonne 15, 86 —N— Nagaki, Michael 47. 56. 58, 62. 86 Nagaki. Ronald 13, 87 Neafus. Don 56. 70 Neff. Steven 5. 39. 47. 58. 62. 87 Nelson. Cathy 7. 87 Nelson. Greg 33. 39. 41. 44. 45. 64. 87 Neuswanger, Linda 9. 27, 87 Neuswanger. Nancy 32. 41. 70 Newlin, David 87 Nicholson. Craig 56. 70 Nicholson. Cynthia 2. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45 95Nicholson. Patti 40, 42. 75 Nickens, Florence 87 Novicki. Pamela 5. 39. 40. 42. 43. 87, 99 Nunes, Janet 41, 65. 75 Nunes. Jerry 50. 56. 70 Nuss, Mike 40. 87 Nuss. Sharon. 2, 21, 65, 87 —O— Ohlson. June 11, 26. 60 Orndorff, John 75 Osborn. Marjean 70 Osborne, Bernice 70 —P— Pedersen, Carol 70 Peltz, Ronnie 47. 52. 58. 62. 75 Pennington. Ann 40, 70 Pennington. Gary I. 45, 47, 49. 58. 62. 87 Perez, Ruth 26, 88 Petersen, Jim 50, 52, 54, 59, 60, 75 Petersen. Joyce 10, 22, 39, 41. 42, 63. 65, Peterson, Gary 28, 56, 61, 88 Peterson, Larry 41. 43. 44, 45, 64, 88 Phaneuf, Jean 10. 25, 45, 63, 65, 85, 88 Phillip. Dick 70 Pillow, Debbie 51, 75 Pokorski, Mary Ann 26. 51. 63, 88 Potmesil, Connie 75 Potmesil, Sharon 70 Powell, Jean 70 Preiss, Juanita 29. 88 Preiss, Terry 75 Prelle. Carol 31, 88 Prettyman, Lana 88, 98 Quick, Marla 40, 70 —R— Rachetts, Kathleen 75 Rask, Linda 6. 40. 42, 88 Razo, Linda 76. 115 Reddish. Tibb 33. 41. 42, 43, 88 Rehder, Jeff 41, 43, 88 Rehder, Martin 47, 62, 89 Renteria. Connie 70 Reno, Cheryl 89 Reynolds. Robert 48, 76 Richards, John 76 Rinehart, Georgia 70 Ritter, Colleem 76 Robbins, Kenneth 89 Roberts, Don 54 Robinson, Clifford 28. 89 Roe. Wesley 70 Rohrbouck Bob 76 Romig. Tamara 5. 40. 89 Rosane, Linda 70 Ross. Lillian 76 Roy. Clara 70 Roy, Richard 41 Rubeck. Della 70 Rusk. Doug 70 —s— Sampson, John 76 Sanchez, Ronnie 3, 12, 47, 89 Sanford, Linda 89 Saum, Susan 24, 65, 89 Schneider. Gary 30, 59, 89 Schneider. Ronald 41, 54. 70 Schnell, Roger 76 Schnell. Steve 13, 76 Schnurr. Kathy 33, 40, 42, 45. 65, 90 Schommer, Barb 35, 38. 76 Schommer, Bill 76 Schwaderer, Becky 70 Schwindt, Judith 27, 65, 90, 98 Seiler, James 54. 70 Seim, John 76 Shannon. Bob 38. 46, 60, 76 Sheldon. Eugene 48, 76 Sheldon. Susan I. 34, 35, 90 88 Shelmadine. Sally 76 Shelmadine, Shelly 76 Sherlock. Michael 90 Shimp, Kathy 41,71 Shores, Robert 76 Shrewsbury, Ginger 76 Sizemore, Patti 23, 44, 45. 90 Smith, Jerry 71 Smith. Katherine 71 Smith, Karen 41, 71 Smith, Laura 22, 65, 90 Smith, Rockie 48, 56, 71 Sorum, Steve 46, 52, 58, 62, 76 Soto. Jesse Albert 71 Spencer, Daniel 47, 54. 76 Spurgin. Jim 41. 43, 48, 71 Stark. Gene 34. 41. 43. 44, 45. 90 Steinman, Paula 71 Stengel, Larry 77 Stephens. Linda 21, 24, 45. 51, 55. 90. 109 Stephens. Marcella 40. 90 Stewart, Terry 71 Strieker, Richard 13, 91 Suiter. Barbara 21, 77 Sutton, Alfred 71 Sutton, Charlene 91 Sutton. Cheryl 71 Sward. Dale 56 Sydow, Larry 71 —T— Taylor. Joni 13, 44. 45. 55. 60, 65. 91 Taylor, Kathy 77 Thies, Christy 38, 77 Thomas. Betty 71 Thomas, Don 91 Thomas, Linda 91 Thompson. Randy 91, 99 Timbers. Jane 40, 42, 54, 77 Timmerman, Terri 3, 5. 91 Todd. Bob 71 Todd, Linda 77 Tolstedt, Jerry 46. 52. 71 Tolstedt. Steve 10. 47. 49. 56. 57. 62, 78, 91 Tolstedt, Susan 51, 60, 77 Trank, Marsha 40, 45, 71 Trenkle, Gary 13, 38, 61, 77 Turechek. George 91 Tutt, Joanne 77 Tutt. Linda 27. 40. 91 Tyndall. Betty 21. 65, 91 —u— Ullrich. Roxanna 77 Underwood, Linda 21, 54, 77 Ushio. Julie 40. 71 Ushio, Kenneth 41, 77 —V— Vallejo, Mary 30, 40. 91 Vallejo, Robert 41. 43, 48. 71 Vasquez, Carlos 77 Vogel, Joanne 35. 77 Vogel, Patty 77 Vogel. Vikki 21. 30. 79 —w— Wacker, Constance 4. 12, 35, 92 Wacker, Jeff 56, 71 Wagner. Sharon 6, 65, 92 Wait, Margie 40, 92 Ward, Peggy 7, 41,49, 71 Watkins. Larry 54, 71 Way, Patricia 51, 71 Weisgerber, Raymond 77 Weisgerber. Sharon 77 West, Karin 77 West, Ronald 56, 71 Weston, Gary 44. 45. 64, 92 Whitlock, Lee 48. 56. 71 Whitlock. Matt 47, 56, 92. 85 Wilkins, Janet 77 Wilkins, Lee 92 Williams. Max 47, 92 Wilson. Blaine 71 Wilson, Jack 47, 77 Wiseman. Jane 7, 40, 41, 42. 44, 45. 49. 65. 79. 104 Wood, Kenneth 38. 48. 61. 77 Wood, Sheila 65, 77 Woods, Debra 45, 77 Worth, Jerry 46, 59, 77 Wright, David O. 92, 107 —Y— Yekel, Penny 51, 71 York. Randy 8, 34, 35. 39, 44. 45, 52, 62. 92 Young, Merle D. 27, 29. 39, 44, 51, 92 —z— Zimmerman, Randy 28, 92 Zobel, Helga 71 Zobel, Linda 55, 92 96BULLDOG SUPPORTERS ALLIANCE CLEANERS ALLIANCE RAMBLER AND JEEP COMPANY 324 East Third ALLIANCE STEAM LAUNDRY AND KEEP-U-NEAT CLEANERS .... Third and Niobrara BATES-LANDA FUNERAL HOME 618 Box Butte BEAUTY BAR 220 West Third BOWEN, ROBERT W., OPTOMETRIST 823 East Third BRENNAN BET-R-WAY CLEANERS 409 Laramie COAST TO COAST STORES 324 Box Butte CULLIGAN SOFT WATER 215 Big Horn CURTISS, H. J„ ACCOUNTANT 124 West Fourth DEE-LITE BAKERY ELM GRILL 1015 East Third FRONTIER MOTEL HEIN, WILLIAM H 119 West Third HESTED'S STORE 308 Box Butte JESS'S WEST THIRD TEXACO 421 West Third LANGMACHER FEED COMPANY 1001 West Third MODE O'DAY 315 Box Butte MOSS CONOCO 1100 West Third MURPHY, L. B. CO 416 Box Butte NUSS, A. G., DENTIST 619 Box Butte O'BRIEN TEXACO Tenth and Flaclc PETE'S CLOTHING STORE 1011 West Third RENO SINCLAIR SERVICE . .Third and Yellowstone REX'S HAMBURGER SHOP 112 Box Butte SELLECK ABSTRACT COMPANY 308 Laramie SMITH, KIRT, INSURANCE 118 East Fourth THIELE CRYSTAL SHOP 306 Box Butte TODD'S BODY SHOP 620 Flack 424 Flack WESTERN BEAUTY SHOP 118 West Fourth 97A W DRIVE-IN Gallons Two years and you still don't know the prices! Lana Prettyman Judy Schwindt Lunches 1 2 Gallons Refreshments Quarts Pizza 323 Flack Alliance FOR ORDERS TO GO CALL 762-2764 98NEUSWANGERS Petroleum Products Grain—Seeds Fertilizers Custom Pelleted Feeds for Your Specific Needs 762-3941 Alliance, Nebraska HATCH DRUG Can you really read that? Pam Novicki Mr. Virgil Hatch 424 Box Butte 762-5463 SUNSET MOTEL Sure I have money! Randy Thompson Mr. Mrs. Cliff Newlin East on Highway 2 762-3550 Congratulations to the Class of '67 PANHANDLE WAREHOUSING 99ALLIANCE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE 704 Toluca 762-5110 Marjorie S. Hewitt Congratulations to the Class of 1967 J. L. OLEY SAYLOR TEXACO BULK PLANT Congratulations, Class of '67 F M BOOTERY 305 Box Butte 762-1132 EHRHART BEAN COMPANY JACK SAMPSON SON Artist Supplies Picture Framing Martin-Senour Paints Meadow-Lark Paints and Paintings 1024 Hack 762-4028 M. A. LON0ACRE Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1316 Toluca 762-2732 Alliance, Nebraska Let's just call them all No. I's! Beclci Ehrhart Mr. Harold Ehrhart 762-1866 East 3rd Street 100ALLIANCE READY-MIX COMPANY Concrete at Its Best! 762-3236 East 3rd ALLIANCE TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY Tenth and Hack 762-5010 Did you say this was on the house? Nancy Hollingsworth Susan Hofmann 4l6 2 Box Butte 762-3581 TASTEE LUNCH COVER-JONES MOTOR COMPANY You Can Do Better at Cover-Jones NORGE LAUNDRY AND CLEANING ALLIANCE LUMBER CO. The best costs no more Your Friendly Yard Complete Self-Service Laundry 762-3274 Expert Pressing 1020 W. 3rd Alliance 807 East 3rd 101Will it get me a date to the prom? Jeanette Danielson Betty Hofmann 'What do you mean? A size larger! Mr. Tony Nunes Leroy Fry FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE 307 Box Butte 762-2061 Alliance, Nebraska REXALL'S DRUG 316 Box Butte Avenue 762-1150KANSAS-NEBRASKA NATURAL GAS COMPANY INC. 220 Box Butte 762-5777 NEIL’S TRUCKING SERVICE AND NEIL'S AUTO AND TRUCK WASH 414 Black Hills 762-3310 DOBSON-DODGE Interior Decorating • Draperies • Linoleum Join the Dodge Rebellion • See the Dodge Boys 502 Box Butte 762-2950 Carpets • Paint 723 Flack Avenue 762-4488 JOHNSON PELTZ INC. The Court House Is Across From Us MIKE'S BARBER SHOP DE LUXE RADIATOR SERVICE We Welcome You to Repairing MIKE'S ALL-NEW BARBER SHOP Recoring Best Clip Joint in Town Cleaning MIKE—HAROLD—JOE JERRY HOOD Alliance, Nebr. 504 Flack Alliance 103HOWARD'S AND LENLA'S Oh. just one more pair. Please. Mom! Mrs. Lenla Wiseman Jane Wiseman FARMERS IMPLEMENT SWEETBRIAR Junior Petite Junior and Misses Fashions J. 1. CASE 313 Box Butte MASSEY-FERGUSON 762-2988 CALKINS-BARNES BEETTOPPERS NEW IDEA FARM MACHINERY Congratulations to the Class of ’67 HOFMANN ELECTRIC Electrical Wiring 762-3456 523 Black Hills 104ALLIANCE HOTEL CAFE NORTHWESTERN The place to eat in Western Nebraska! METAL CO. 102 Box Butte 762-3460 Structural Steel Pipe Stock Tanks Fencing' Supplies Custom Welding Windmill Towers Auto Gates NEWBERRY'S ACE HARDWARE 402 Box Butte 762-3874 East on Highway 2 762-2738 THE GUARDIAN STATE BANK How about thirty years with no interest? Melvin Herbert Mary Hernandez Mr. Dale Borg 224 Box Butte 762-4400 105SYMBOL OF FARM LEADERSHIP £SS5 Petroleum Products and Fertilizer Products Credit Union Service 724 West Third Street Alliance, Nebraska ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK Mr. Knight has a good reason to be proud of the new bank. Shirley Christensen Larry Grant West 3rd and Laramie 762-2300 106DON'S CAFE open 6 A.M. to 8 P.M. GREGORY'S INC. Monday thru Saturday 218 West 3rd Street Owners ELWYN AND BILLIE TODD Insurance alone is our business GRANDVIEW STORE ALLIANCE To serve you is our pleasure LIVESTOCK COY AND WINIFRED RICE. Owners AUCTION 636 East 7th COMPANY ALLIANCE C. B. Q. EMPLOYEE'S CREDIT UNION Two million should cover it! Mrs. Charla Gies Mr. Harold Wingstad Dale Householder Dave Wright 103 East First Street 762-5702 107JACK JILL We Give S H Green Stamps Me? Eet ell thet? Linda Gaipl Darrell Mason 304 Black Hills 762-1781 ALLIANCE FLORAL ||iP COMPANY SCHAFER Gifts and Flowers AUTO SUPPLY for Every Occasion 322 Box Butte 762-1910 114 East 3rd Street F. W. Alliance WOOLWORTH 762-2610 CO. Alliance 108RHOADS Exclusive Apparel for Women and Misses Alliance, Nebraska With my diet?!'1 Linda Stephens Mr. Lyle Stephens 214 W. 10th 762-9949 Congratulations to the Class of '67 LEGION SUPPER CLUB and LOUNGE American Legion HEMPEL'S SERVICE Petroleum Products—LP Gas Appliances—Heating Equipment TV—Radio—Record Players Tape Recorders—Tape and Records 917 East 3rd 762-2268 TENTH STREET GROCERY STICKNEY'S INC. U.S. Royal Tires RCA Victor Television RCA Whirlpool Appliances Auto and Tractor Parts 762-1857 217 West Third PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY Your Protection is Our Best Policy 762-5321 Alliance 109BOX BUTTE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JACK’S East 3rd TEXACO 904 E. 3rd Alliance HOLIDAY HOUSE Make Furnishing Your Home a Holiday! West 3rd on Highway 2 Alliance PEPSI-COLA v Congratulations, Class of '67 BOTTLING CO. KCOW ABC MBS IMN PEPSI-COLA ft 1400 on your dial 762-2646 Alliance Mia Ultraphonic Radio You're in the Pepsi Generation 16 Hours Daily noTHIELE DRUG ZESTO WILLARD WORLEY, Proprietor Sandwiches, Sundaes Alliance 711 West Third ART JERRY'S New Boots at Reynolds Shoe Shop Your ACME Cowtown Dealer Do the girls really like this? Charles Lierk Mr. V. E. Lierk 304 Box Butte 762-4033 S zCe Distributors ot Old rtyo tte xead Red Seal ‘Petal NEAL FROST, INC. FRY BROTHERS Pontiac—Buick—GMC SHOP Sales and Service Conoco Gas Blacksmith Welding 211 Willamette 3rd and Cheyenne 111 A lennetff ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY m Distinctive Printing BEDIENT LITHO 321 W. Third 762-5037 RED AND JACK'S BODY SHOP You wreck ’em: we’ll fix 'em. Mr. Jack Gericke Mr. Red Hawley Dale Hawley 600 West Second 762-3028 STAR-LITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8th and Flack 762-5429 M ONTGOMERY WARD 112BILL CAMPBELL CHEVROLET These super sports are great, remarks Kent Cambell to his dad, Bill Campbell. SAVE WITH SAFETY WHERE THE ACTION IS' Chevrolets • Oldsmobiles • CadillacsELEANOR'S PELTZ CONSTRUCTION and STEEL BUILDING MODERN STRAN-STEEL BUILDINGS Custom Home Builders 1016 Flaclc Alliance 762-1768 New sweaters always please Linda Laing. 311 Box Butte 762-5439 SCHAD'S BAKERY After all, it takes a baker! 314 Box Butte 762-5891 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '67 114DECKER'S FOOD CENTER Alliance's Newest Super Market The new store is nice, but I still hate all the walking! Bob Cram West 3rd Street Phone 762-2412 ALLIANCE FOX THEATRE DARI ISLE Congratulations, Class of '67 We'll be late getting home tonight! Debbie Lurvey Linda Razo 2141 2 West I Oth 762-3787 Alliance, Nebraska 410 Box Butte 762-4100 115Brantly Helicopter Distributors Instruction—Charter Ambulance Mooney Dealers , A E Mechanics Alliance, Nebraska 762-3139 AIR SERVICE DON BROWN, Operator NEBRASKA CERTIFIED POTATO GROWERS vp Seed and Table Potatoes £ Insecticides and Fertilizers LEARN. LIVE, AND SERVE 202 Laramie 762-2440 Through 4-H BOX BUTTE 4-H COUNCIL COMPLETE CARPET TRI-STATE SERVICE SUPPLY INC. FRED GREEN Service Master 762-2945 204 West Third West Third 762-5300 CONGRATULATIONS. CLASS OF '67 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 116Sx udcte petiteCiy WILLIAMS JEWELERS R. L. (BOB) WILLIAMS 317 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, Nebraska MISSOURI MARKET Buy at a Home-Owned Store. 223 Missouri 762-4683 MOWDER'S PHARMACY Of course I'm a safe driver! Brad Moomey 914 West 10th 762-4475 NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER PANHANDLE PACKING COMPANY Rgm Portable, Standard, Electric 206 Box Butte Alliance 762-3675 762-4992 East Alliance KENNETH O- WILDT Representing INSURANCE THE CAREFUL DRIVER INSURANCE CO. 762-2164 116 E. 4th Alliance 117Worley Studio Bulldog staff members join all Nebraskans in paying tribute to the early pioneers and founders of our state. We salute this wheat and cattle empire which is ours to share with future generations. As we approach graduation and the end of our high school life, let us remind ourselves of our priceless heritage. Let us remember that Nebraska is more than a state in the union; it is our home. Editor 118TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made Alliance High School Is M Than A Building . . . Alliance High is people rushing through doors, packing the stairs, halls and classrooms. It is students eager to chat with classmates, but equal to the challenge of classroom discipline. It is teachers and counselors devoting their time to encouraging and guiding the enrichment of inquisitive minds. Yes, Alliance High is more than a building. 

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