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BULLDOG Alliance High School Alliance, Nebraska Volume XXII iLong May They Wave.' Adventurous Changes . . One's youth is the time for building effective learning habits. It is a time to understand and accept changes which confront this space age world. Perplexing problems of this present age have complicated the teenage realms, but have produced many fascinating, worthwhile challenges. When given the opportunity, students prove willing and able to accept individual and group responsibility for their actions. The Alliance Community does not lag behind in providing classrooms, instruction and guidance which will meet this fast changing universe. AALLIANCE JUNIOR HIGH AUDITORIUM Campus Highlights ............. 2 Faculty and Curriculum ................... 14 Sports ....................... 36 Clubs ........................ 50 Music ........................ 56 Drama ........................ 62 Sophomores ................... 66 Juniors .................. 70 Seniors .................. 76 Index ........................ 90 Ads .......................... 93 Leadership Responsibilities fall heavily on the shoulders of these students.All join in sharing the glory of the coveted Chadron Tournament trophy. Sharing the Little Things . . . It is the little, common happenings that make school life more enjoyable. During the day, echoes of laughter fill the hall as friends exchange confidences and small talk. The evening brings a variety of activities and many opportunities for sharing informal moments. A basketball game won in the last few seconds brings shrieks of joy, tears of happiness and unforgettable memories. Time spent decorating and planning school parties is filled with little incidents that linger through the years. Little, everyday commonplace happenings—and yet how much they add to the contentment of school life. Getting acquainted with Y-Teens.It Happens Every September. .. Manuals are read very conscientiously on that first day of school by sophomores Linda Underwood, Mike Frerichs, Kathy Taylor and Bob Brown. Foreign exchange student, Sigrun Gardersdottir, models her native Icelandic costume. Tdning their instruments for the march down Box Butte are Ralph Watt, Carol Culton, and Tom Hesse. 6School doors are unlocked in September and an onslaught of old and new students enter the halls and classrooms of Senior High. Puzzled faces of sophomores and transfer students add to the hub-bub of that inevitable first day. Preparing lessons and cramming for exams demand students' attention at the beginning of the year. Soon- they push these items aside momentarily for Homecoming festivities. Following the parade down Box Butte Avenue, planning for the dance, cheering at the Burning of the A , and quarreling over grass for floats all sharpen anticipation for the big event. Lessons must be mastered by Carol Hooper before working on the Homecoming float. Junior Class displays its winning Homecoming float. 7Speech class presents Cinnamon Bear, Jean Phaneuf; Santa Claus, Bob Schrimpf; and Snow Queen, Linda Laing. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! Christmas Dominates The Scene .. , 8 The rendezvous of Gemini 6 and 7 shared honors with the Christmas season for Bob Lorenzini and Terry Christensen.As soon as the Student Council provides, decorates and displays the traditional Christmas tree, Christmas spirit overflows into the halls of AHS. Soon after the appearance of the tree, boys and girls daydream about the festive Pep Club Formal. This year, red, green and white crepe paper were skillfully blended in the stage decorations. A sleigh of toys, artistic centerpieces and two tin soldiers provided the setting for the theme, Santa's Workshop”. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the Pep Club Boyfriend and his attendants elected by popular vote of the Pep Club. Soft carols played in the halls as students assembled for the last time in 1965 and a clever Christmas program presented by the speech classes announced the long awaited holiday season. I could Have danced all night! Pep Club Boyfriend Clyde Gillispie and his attendants Jim McAndrew and Chris Marlatt. 9Recognition Comes to AHS Winning homemaking honors are Rosemary King, McCall’s Award; Sigrun Garda rsdottir, Co-ed Reporter; and Marilyn Fosket, Betty Crocker Award. Linda Houchin wins both AHS and county DAR Citizenship Awards. Taking 1st in the District Stubble Mulch and Range Judging contest are Larry Mundt, John Vogel, Gary Peterson, Jerry Mundt Gary Trenkle and Perry Johnston.Rusty Johnson receives the Elk's Leedership Award, Mike Brown is appointed a Competitive Alternate to the Merchant Marine Academy and John Potmesil is the 1965 Boys' Stater. Recognition is sought by all students. Each individual finds satisfaction when he attains his own personal goal. It is immaterial whether he achieves the goal through a popularity contest, his scholastic ability or his success with a vocational project. The important point is that he has done his work well and has been commended for it. Alliance Rotary Club has recognized that it is valuable for our school to participate in the Foreign Exchange Program. Because of its efforts, the club has made it possible for Miss June Ohlson from Melbourne, Australia, to attend Alliance High School. Australian exchange student, June Ohlson, is welcomed to AHS by Susan Nakatsu. Student Council President.It Happens Every Spring . . . Choosing announcements proves to be a difficult task for Donna Shores. Spring fever has already infected Mary Phillip and Paul Joseph. College or university? perplexes not only Sharon Loveless but also all college-bound seniors. 12Sharing high school days is almost at an end for Patti and Terry Sizemore. Is it okay if I use my left hand? quips Glen Bright to Theresa Reyes. Winter yields to spring and the annual epidemic of ''senioritis” invades the halls of AHS. As the days grow warmer, class time grows longer and that contagious disease, spring fever , infects many of the students. College-bound seniors spend many anguished hours dreading College Boards and trying to select the proper school. Completing forms for college entrance and applying for scholarships consume many precious minutes. Meanwhile, business-bound students are seeking information about additional training for a chosen vocation. All too soon, seniors are caught up in the whirl of prom and graduation activities. As commencement nears, they wait eagerly for that treasured diploma, a passport into the world of adult responsibility. 13Senior High School Library 14Over the years, the public school system has been improved by the local community. School Board members, administrators and faculty have worked steadily to provide a well-rounded curriculum. Education is our faculty's business—in fact, their very life. They attempt to direct, to guide and to inspire learning for all individuals. However, the decision to learn must be made by the student. Once the decision is made, it is very rewarding to the teacher to see that look of enlightenment on the face of a pupil. In early fall, it takes self discipline for students to leave the BIG SKY and to congregate in the classrooms to read, to write and to learn. Soon the joy of learning encourages most individuals to follow the printed word, the confident lecture and the necessary exam. 15Administrators Make Untiring in his efforts to improve the Alliance City School System, Superintendent Marven Rosen has introduced many curriculum and faculty innovations. Six elected members of the Board of Education, working closely with the administration, also have been responsible for general policy making and supervision of the educational system. Much effort and time has been spent in the laying of the initial plans for a new Vocational Building. By concentrated study and monthly reports by the teachers to the Board of Education, work is being done for the final review for AA Accreditation forthcoming in the spring of 1966. SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Marven M. Rosen SCHOOL BOARD: Mr. Howard Wiseman; Secretary Dr. Raymond Olson; Mr. Lyle Stephens; President Mr. Glen Fiebiq; Dr. Robert Morgan; Vice President Mr. John Cover. Jr. 16Changes A whale of a big year at A.H.S. was started off by the distribution of a Student-Parent Handbook. These handbooks were prepared by the Principal L. T. Chamberlin, to serve as a guide to the students and afford information for parents concerning the organization of the school system. Renovation of the main office provided needed space and an office for Assistant Principal, Don Crowder. The guidance headquarters were moved to a new area which had been remodeled to accommodate the display of guidance materials. GUIDANCE DIRECTORS Mr. William Dreyer and Mrs. Genevieve Merdinger PRINCIPAL Mr. Leslie T. Chamberlin ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Don L. Crowder 17Macbeth still sparks interest for Sherry Nelson, Henry Tourney and Susan Hippe. I still say that the English Queen is okay, points out Linda Houchin to Doug Thomas. MRS. GENEVIEVE MERDINGER, M.A. English, Counseling MRS. PHYLLIS NEUSWANGER. B.S. English MR. BERNARD BECKER, B.S. English, Journalism MR. DARYL CARROLL. B.S. English MISS BARBARA BOBBITT. B.A. English, Speech MRS. EUNICE PETERSEN. A.B. English 20Departments Stress Usable Techniques Changes in communication throughout the world have necessitated a change in our approach to English and foreign languages. As a result of Telstar, Youth Exchange Programs and T.V. students can more fully comprehend the cultures and problems of our own country as well as others. These scientific and cultural advances prove the need for a detailed study of the literature and language development of both English and foreign languages to insure effective communication. Through Project English, sophomores are studying world literature. Juniors learn specificity in writing essays on diversified authors such as Emerson and Twain. They also consider the philosophical and psychological aspects of literature. Development of the English language is studied by seniors as they gather valuable experience needed for college and adult life. Notebooks can be an eternal nuisance, sighs Barbara Gibson. MISS JENNIE COMER, B.A. English, Spanish MRS. VERA BRIGGS. B.S. Latin Poise and confidence are exhibited by Sandra Dill as she gives a speech before the class. 21Posing the question is a routine task for history teacher, Mr. W. B. Furman. MR. THOMAS HOVORKA. M.S. American Government MR. MIKE CRONK, B.A. American Government, Biology MR. WILLIS FURMAN. B.A. American History MR. MYRON JASNOCH, B.A. American History, World History 24Associate Past With Future Man reflects on the past, contemplates the present, and armed with knowledge, penetrates the mist of the future. World history students deal with the histories of important nations of the world. Unlike the elective world history, juniors are required to study American History. Each student discovers his American heritage and the American way of life. Because a citizen’s educational attainment is the basis for the strength of a free nation, American Government is a required subject for seniors. Students learn the statutes of our government and the qualities necessary for a free nation. Current events is an important part of the social science program. It's the Navy for me, Jim McAndrew says as Yoyc e Jordan and Beverly Hashman approve his choice. 25BUSINESS anc Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, is a timely quip by Mrs. Glarum to John Hansen. The click of a typewriter, the scratch of a stenoqrapher's pen on a pad. and piles of ledqers are typical of the business department. Typinq I offers personal typinq while students of Typinq II qain speed, accuracy and business, techniques. Two years of Shorthand and one year of Book-keepinq is offered to students who major in the commercial courses. MR. DARRELL SCHILZ. B.S. Typing, Bookkeeping MRS. JUANITA GLARUM. M.A. Typing, Shorthand Tut, tut, smirks Mr. Schilz, you mean to say that you thought I wouldn't see those strike-overs? KIPHYSICAL EDUCATION Provide Variation One, two, three, counts Kathy Dempsey as she prepares for the speed ball kick. Up and over the top sails John Seim. Providing a variation from daily school routine, Physical Education's ulterior purpose is to develop the student physically, mentally and morally. Through various activities such as gymnastics, rhythms and team and individual sports, students strengthen muscle tone and increase their agility. In order to check individual progress, students take physical fitness tests. MRS. DOROTHY HIGH. B.S. Physical Education MR. PAUL CHANEY, M.S. Physical Education 29Producing a bi-monthly periodical of school events, the Spud emphasizes old-fashioned hard work and the proper use of talent. Editing of this publication does not conclude the activities of the staff. Journalism students sell advertisements to help cover the cost of printing. Beginning in the spring of the previous year, Bulldog staff members begin to develop a theme and prepare layout. Canvassing the town for advertisements is a necessary job for the yearbook too, and it is done during the late summer months. Deadlines must be met by both staffs and in order to gather publication secrets and techniques, staff members attend the State Press Association Convention in Lincoln. Determining the sequence of pages in the yearbook is the initial task of Co-editors Sandie Green and Stephanie Schwindt working with Adviser Mrs. Alice Nelson. Forming an assembly line, Coni Wacker, Marion Fegler, Mike Knoflicek. Pam McMasters, Pat Suiter and Susan Sheldon, take a final check of yearbook copy. 32Initiation is a proud, but solemn, moment for Quill and Scroll members President Sandie Green, Pat Suiter, Secretary-Treasurer Terry Christensen, Carol Culton and Vice-President Stephanie Schwindt; not pictured, Pam McMasters. Deadlines are forever staring Spud staff members, Glen Bright, Terry Christensen, Lois Eckhoff and Bernard Allen in the face. Award winning papers even have their problems, points out Adviser Mr, Bernard Becker to Editor Carol Culton.Alliance City ParkDuring the fleeting nine months of formal learning, students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities. Individuals find companionship, self-expression and relaxation in pursuits which are best suited to their individual talents. With the students' best interests in mind, the school sponsors athletic events, a well rounded music program, class plays, radio broadcasts, Y-Teens, Hi-Y, Pep Club, A-Club, FFA and Student Council. This year a debate team has been added to this slate of activities. Adequate indoor and outdoor facilities are provided by the school district. That BIS SKY hovers over a series of stadium and recreational developments that are an asset to the City of Alliance. 35Coach Jasnoch sends in a play. Bulldogs Finish 5-4 Openinq the season with a convincinq win over the Chadron Cardinals 34-14, the Bulldogs tasted their first victory. With spirit, power and desire, the Bulldogs took to the road. A battle in the rain produced a victory over the Columbus Discoverers 26-13. The Bulldogs completely pulverized the Sidney Maroons 20-0 when their bark and bite proved too much. Gering was added to the growing list of Bulldog victims when they were defeated 6-0. Before a spirited Homecoming crowd the North Platte Bulldogs burst the Bulldogs' bubble 21-6. At Ogallala the AHS gridsters battled out a contest leaving the Ogallala Indians on the short end of a 27-19 game. The following week the McCook Bison had little trouble in downing the Bulldogs 31-0. On the home field the Bulldogs bowed in defeat to the Kearney Bearcats 33-12. The season finale with arch-rival Scotts-bluff dampened the Bulldogs' spirits with a 25-6 loss to put the Bulldog record at 5-4.1965 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD- FRONT ROW: Jim Ward, Sieve Sorum, Rusty Johnson, John Hansen, Ronnie Sanchez, Ron Burback, Mike Brown, Jim McAndrew, Dan Hunter, Steve Neff and Jeff Menuey. SECOND ROW: Bob Perrin, Rich Dobson, Ray McCart, Steve Tolstedt, Bob Schrimpf, Junior Tritle, Martin Rehder, Bill Stewart, Walt Misch-nick. Tom Hesse, Clyde Gillispie, Mike Spurgin and Larry Mundt. THIRD ROW: Harold Howard. Jim Culton, Dave Kam-erzell, LeRoy Nickens, Glen Lore. Marty Christofferson, Jim Kamerzell, Chris Mar-latt, Paul Joseph, Bee Bullock and Bob Sundberg. VARSITY SCOREBOARD AHS Opp. AHS Opp. 34 Chadron . . 14 27 ... Ogallala .... 19 26 . . . Columbus . . . 13 0 . . . . McCook ... 31 20 Sidney 0 12 ... Kearney .... 33 6 . Gering . ... 0 6 ... Scottsbluff . . . 25 6 . . . North Platte . 21 Nickens goes over the top. Bullock finds an opening. 371965 RESERVE FOOTBALL SQUAD—FRONT ROW: Richard Henderson, Bill Carpenter, Steve Messersmith, Perry Johnston, Matt Whitlock, Greg Jordan and John Marker. SECOND ROW: Jack Broderick, Dave Minnick, Gary Blue, Gary Peterson, Ronnie Pelti, Dale Sward and Dale Coykendall. THIRD ROW: Lee Wilkins, Rick Albright, Bob Shannon, Claude Dawes. Dennis Hall and Dan Spencer. Reserves Gain Experience AHS RESERVE SCOREBOARD Opp. 20 .... Sidney . . . . 14 0 . . North Platte .... 20 26 . .. Chadron .. . . 14 14 . . Scottsbluff .... 32 12 . Gering .... 19 1965 FOOTBALL COACHES—Don Farrell, Bud Jasnoch, Paul Chaney and Bob Morris. 38 iLeading the student body in spurring the Bulldogs on to victory, the vivacious varsity cheerleaders perfected new and old cheers throughout the year. They attended the Chad-ron State Cheerleading Clinic last summer and placed third in final competition. 1965-66 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS— Linda Houchin, Pam McMasters, Pat Suiter and Carolyn Underwood. Performing during football season, the pert Alliance High majorettes dazzled many an onlooker with dance routines and intricate drills. Standing in a parade-poise-up, the girls slowly raised the flag at each game. As the drums rolled, the crowd rose to attention and respectfully saluted the flag. 1965 MAJORETTES—Jane Wiseman, Joyce Jordan and Barb Edwards. 39Flores Takes 1st in District 1965 CROSS-COUNTRY SQUAD: Gary Pennington, Don Laughlin, Roger Leisy, Cliff Brown, Bruce Blume, Jerry Worth and Steve Dykes. SECOND ROW: Mike Knoflicek, John Richards, Randy York, Lonnie Irvine, Chas Lierk, Dan Flores and Mike Frerichs. CROSS-COUNTRY RESULTS MEET ALLIANCE Gering Invitational .............................. 2nd Alliance Invitational ............................ 2nd Scottsbluff Invitational ......................... 4th Western Conference................................ 2nd Sidney Invitational .............................. 3rd Big Ten Meet ..................................... 2nd District Meet .................................... 2nd State Meet.........................................6th Coach Daryl Carroll compares timings with Student Manager Bruce Hickman. Varsity Receives Letters Volleyball is the only regularly scheduled, after school sport which is available for high school girls. While wins recorded were not impressive, the experience gained was valuable. Fourteen games played with seven schools gave the girls a taste of competitive sports and an opportunity to play before spectators. New uniforms increased enthusiasm for their favorite sport. Letters will be awarded to the varsity players on Senior Recognition Day. Volleyball coach Mrs. Dorothy High and Team Captain Jean Phaneuf. 1966 VOLLEYBALL SQUAD—FRONT ROW: Susan Fuller, Vina Sears, Debra Lurvey, Linda Neuswanger, Viclti Mracek, Linda Stephens, Kathy Schnurr, Bev Mayes and Becki Ehrhart, SECOND ROW: Merle Young, Brenda Brennan, Sandra Crouse, Linda Fischer, Joyce Petersen, Jane Wiseman, Jean Phaneuf, Susan Tolstedt, and Barbara Schommer. 41Hot and Cold Streaks Starting off on the wrong foot by losing their first three games, the Bulldogs bounced back into a tournament championship which proved to be the boost needed for an 8-8 season. Mid-February statistics showed Ri Edwards leading the point-getters with 222 tallies and Lonnie Irvine second with 156 points. The top rebounders were Bee Bullock with 168 retrieves and Lonnie Irvine with 146 grabs. Alliance was in first place in the Western Conference and fourth place in the West Big Ten. Two points more! 1966 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD—FRONT ROW: Jim Kamerzell and Bee Bullock. SECOND ROW: Danny Flores, Steve Sorum, Randy York. David Kamerzell. Bob Sundberg, Lonnie Irvine, Chris Marlatt, Mike Knoflicek, Ri Edwards and Chas Lierk. 42Influence Cage Records Alliance VARSITY SCOREBOARD Opponent 44 Chadron 46 39 Gering 40 53 Kearney 95 49 Christmas Tournament . 39 63 North Platte 53 56 McCook 66 61 Sidney 59 52 Scottsbluff 58 63 Gering 61 57 Ogallala 56 40 Kearney 54 56 Scottsbluff 58 42 Chadron 35 46 McCook 50 51 North Platte 35 59 Ogallala 50 88 Sidney 59 Tip it to a Bulldog!Reserves Back Varsity Alliance RESERVE SCOREBOARD Opponent 42 29 23 Gering 33 56 Kearney 57 43 North Platte 59 41 McCook 69 34 Sidney 32 42 Scottsbluff 41 37 Gering 35 43 Ogallala 44 50 Kearney 80 43 Scottsbluff 53 52 Chadron 36 48 McCook 57 50 North Platte 59 53 Ogallala 57 69 Sidney 44 1965-66 RESERVE CHEERLEADERS—Vicky Mracek, Brenda Moomey and Linda Stephens. 1966 RESERVE BASKETBALL SQUAD—FRONT ROW: Richard Stinnette, Terry Dillon, Jerry Worth, Bob Brown, Cliff Brown and LarryMundt. SECOND ROW: Marty Christofferson, Dan Spencer, Dennis Hall. Bob Shannon, Dale Coykendall, Mike Garwood, Ronnie Peltz, Bruce Blume and Jim Petersen. 44Between halves of the Alliance-North Platte game, A-Club President Clyde Gillispie crowned Carolyn Underwood Homecoming queen. She and her attendants, Pat Suiter and Carol Hooper, were chosen by the popular vote of the A-Club members. The marching band honored the court by forming a large heart while playing Let Me Call You Sweetheart. After the game the three girls reigned over the traditional Homecoming Dance. 1965 HOMECOMING ROYALTY—Pat Suiter, Carolyn Underwood and Carol Hooper. 1966 COURT ROYALTY—Carolyn Laursen, Pam McMasters and Sandie Green. Tension mounted as the lights were dimmed and a spotlight was placed on the Pep Club during the half time of the Alliance-North Platte game. From this group, A-Club members chose Pam McMasters, Carolyn Laursen and Sandie Green. A-Club President Clyde Gillispie crowned Pam McMasters Court Queen. After the game the queen and her attendants reigned over the A-Club dance while couples danced to the music of the Sounds Unlimited + I. 451966 WRESTLING SQUAD—FRONT ROW: Riclc Herian, Bruce Messersmith, Ron Burback, Roger Leisy, Steve Messersmith, Don Laughlin, Joe Kirchner, Ronnie Sanchez, Gary Schneider, Gene Sheldon, Matt Whitlock, Perry Johnston, Dave Minnick and Richard Dobson. SECOND ROW: Mike Nagaki, Ken Robbins, Dale Sward, Russell Johnson, Darrell Mason, Jeff Menuey, John Potmesil, Steve Crouse, David Longacre, Charles Leach, Claude Dawes, Steve Tolstedt and Bonnie Briley. Wrestling coaches Don Farrell and Paul Chaney. WRESTLING RESULTS Opp. ...... Chadron ....... . . . . Sidney Inv. ...... Kimball ....... ...... Gordon ........ ...... Sidney ........ ...... Gering ........ .... Scottsbluff ..... Western Conference ...... Chadron ....... ......Gordon.......... .. . . Scottsbluff ... ...... Ogallala ...... ...... Kearney ....... ...... Gering ........ ..... Big Ten ...... District ...... State Opp. .. 15 . 17 . 26 .. 30 . 16 . 30 . II . 31 . 32 . 14 . 28 . 15 Pin'em Bulldogs, pin'em was a familiar chant heard at Alliance High wrestling meets this season. The wrestlers finished with a 6-6 record. In the first meet the grapplers defeated the Chadron Cardinals 35-15. A 5th place was received at the Sidney Invitational. They nipped Kimball 25-17, but lost to Gordon 26-18. Alliance fell short of the Sidney Maroons 30-14, but came back with a 32-16 decision over Gering. Scottsbluff bopped the Bulldogs 30-13. At Western Conference the grapplers placed 3rd. Alliance surged past Chadron 35-11 and Scottsbluff tamed Alliance 32-12. AHS wrestlers defeathered the Ogallala Indians 27-14. At Kearney the grapplers gave way 28-12, but at Gering they won 29-15. Alliance placed 5th in the Big Ten Meet and the District Meet. Ron Burback and Steve Tolstedt earned berths in the State Meet. Recognition of an outstanding wrestler will be made on Senior Recognition Day. He will be given the Steve Novotny Award. X IN MEMORIAM STEVE NOVOTNY Wrestlers Show Promise Roger Leisy just thinks he has me,' states Ron Burback. 47Thinclads Capture Western Conference Hard work, sweat, bruises and strained muscles led the Alliance cindermen to a first place standing in the Western Conference. TRACK RESULTS MEET ALLIANCE Scottsbluff Relay . 7th Alliance Invitational . 1st Sidney Invitational 3rd Western Nebraska 3rd Western Conference 1st Big Ten Meet 6th District Meet 5th 1965 TRACK SQUAD—rRONT ROW: Bob Sundberg. Randy York, Gary Pennington, Steve Novotny, Larry Mundt, Ron Burback, Charles Lierk. Ronnie Sanchez, Bee Bullock and Tom Fuller. SECOND ROW: Ron Nagaki, Steve Tolstedt, Ray DeBock, LeRoy Nickens. Junior Tritle, Larry Studt, Cliff Brown, Ri Edwards, John Hansen, Don Graham, Merle Taylor, John Marker, Jeff Menuey and Bob Schrimpf. THIRD ROW: Richard Lyman, Matt Whitlock. Mike Garwood, Mike Nagaki, Dan Hunter, Mike Knoflicek, Lonnis Irvine. Jim Reno. Marty Christofferson. Claude Dawes, Melvin H erbert, Bonnie Briley, Danny Flores, Tom Flores, Steve Neff and Bob Perrin. TRACK COACHES: Daryl Carroll. Bud Jasnoch. Don Farrell and Dale Kastens.TENNIS RESULTS 0 i'.j 1965 TENNIS SQUAD—FRONT ROW: Jim McAndrew, Denny McCullah and Larry Nelson. SECOND ROW: Dave Bunnell, Jim Kamerzell, Richard Bentley and Coach Don Crowder. MEET Scottsbluff Scottsbluff Big Ten ALLIANCE won won 9th GOLF RESULTS MEET ALLIANCE North Platte Inv. 6th Sidney Inv. Gering Inv. Scottsbluff Inv. Western Conference Alliance Inv. Big Ten Meet 3rd 1st 2nd 1st 1st 6th 1965 GOLF SQUAD—Rick DeBusk. John Hanna. Roy Wiseman. Don French, Don Mittlestadt and Coach W. B. Furman. 49STUDENT COUNCIL—FRONT ROW: Gary Pennington, Joe Kirchner, vice-president: Steve Neff, Bruce Messersmith, Bruce Hickman, Donald Graham, John Potmesil, Tom Hesse. SECOND ROW: Frances Austen, Stephanie Schwindt, Linda Underwood, Susan Nakatsu. president; Joni Taylor, secretary: Jane Wiseman, treasurer: Joan Von Tour. Sigrun Gardarsdotter. Third Row': Barbara Lambert. Susan Fuller, Jean Phaneuf. Tracy Leach. Ralph Watt, Terry Christensen, Jim Daugherty, historian; John Hanna. Michael Brown. Mr. Dreyer. sponsor. Promoting harmonious relationships throughout the school is not difficult when the subject concerns the exchange student from the Far North. However, many projects are carried to completion by the united efforts of the members of the Student Council. Homecoming was successfully engineered by the council. Safety Week was again conducted by the group. Special assembly programs sparked the interest of the student body. The honey sale, which was conducted for the first time this year, netted the Retarded Children's Fund a marked gain. Sponsor Mrs. Merdinger and President Susan Nakatsu. 50Winning ribbons at contests is no novelty to members of the Future Farmers of America. Range judging and land and stubble mulch judging bring them many satisfying experiences. Throughout the year the club sponsors many other activities including the Dad-Lad Pheasant Feed, Parent-Son Banquet and the District Creed Speaking Contest. Keeping in mind that farmers are the backbone of the nation, these boys are well on their way to becoming competent and aggressive agricultural leaders. To cut the boat tongue, President Rick Henderson seeks the help of Sponsor Mr. Kenneth Ware. Farmers Are Backbone of Nation F. F. A. officers working at the forge are Jerry Bauer, sentinel: Rodger Berry, reporter: Ron Nagaki, vice-president: John Vogel, treasurer; and John Magnuson, secretary. It looks as good as it feels, remarks President Clyde Gillispie to Sponsors Mr. Jasnoch and Mr. Chaney. While A-Club exists primarily to honor athletes who have met certain requirements, the members boost school morale with numerous projects. New A-Club shirts worn by the members this year brightened the halls and the spirit of the student body. A-Club commands the attention of the entire school when it presents the Homecoming Queen in the fall and the Court Queen later in the year. A-Club Salutes Honor Athletes A-CLUB FRONT ROW: Chas Llerlc, Mike Spurgin, Ron Burback, Roger Leisy, Bill Stewart, Randy York, Chris Marlatt, secretary-treasurer. SECOND ROW: Tom Hesse, vice-president; Clyde Gillispie, president; Jim McAndrew, Bob Schrimpf, Dan Hunter, Dan Flores, Rusty Johnson, Mike Knoflicek. THIRD ROW: Bob Perrin, Steve Tolstedt, Lonnie Irvine, Jim Ward, Bee Bullock, Junior Tritle, sergeant-at-arms; Paul Joseph, Bonnie Briley, Cliff Brown. 52PEP CLUB Promotes Spirit Enthusiastically cheering the Bulldog team on to victory, the Alliance High Pep Club promotes school spirit and good sportsmanship. Among the activities sponsored by the Pep Club are the Powder Puff Football Game, the Pep Club Formal, the Senior Rally, and weekly hall decorations. PEP CLUB OFFICERS: Tracy Leach, vice-president; Carol Hooper, treasurer; Sherry Nelson, chant leader; Susan Munson, president; and Sandra Green, secretary. PEP CLUB SPONSORS: Mrs. High and Mrs. Basehore. 53Hi-Y members learn much about the legislature of Nebraska. This year Ralph Watt, who was selected as candidate for governor from the Western District, was elected Chief Justice at the Model Legislature in Lincoln during the Thanksgiving vacation. Each year the members of the Hi-Y work together to present a local mock model legislature, to which each organization in school sends a bill. This event attracts the attention and approval of the community. Annual activities include selling refreshments at football games, sponsoring trips and dances, and cooperating with the Y-Teens in sponsoring a community Easter Sunrise Service. Congratulating Ralph Wolt on his election are Sponsor Mr. Nelson and Campaign Managor Craig Fricto. Model Legislature Dominates the Scene Planning for thoir tnp to Lincoln are Sponsor Mr. Hovorka and Hi-Y officers Bob Loronzini, chaplain; Bob Schrimpf, pro sit font; Bruce Androws, socrotarytroasuror; and Stovo Mollingor, vico prosidont.Y-Teens kicked off to an early start by sending two delegates to summer camp at Baldwin, Kansas, and 15 girls to day camp at Chadron, Nebraska. Work was not avoided as Y-Teen members carried out a versatile program highlighted by the Patteran, Indian Children's Christmas Party, Mother-Daughter Banquet, and the Orpheum. Support of the Chinese orphan in Hong Kong was continued again this year. This group of enthusiastic young women has made noteworthy contributions to the school. A $100 scholarship was given to a deserving senior Y-Teen, and, together with the Student Council, Y-Teens purchased a lectern for the auditorium. Checking up on last minute details is tedious work for President Stephanie Schwindt and Sponsors Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Glarum. Y-TEENS Serve Others Y-TEEN CABINET—FRONT ROW: Sandra Green. Jonl Taylor, vice-president; Rosemary King. Phyllis Nunes, Judy Schwindt, Cheryl Robinson. SECOND ROW: Joyce Jordan, Tracy Leach, Cheryl Meter, Judy Biles, Lois Eckhoff. Susan Nakatsu. THIRD ROW: Sandra Dill, secretary; Susan Saum, Elaine Adkins, Francis Austen, treasurer; Cindy Hawley. Kathy Schnurr, Joyce Petersen.Early September brings the clashing of cymbals and the beating of drums to those who live near the football field. This is an indication that Alliance's blue and gray clad band members are rehearsing precision drills. Cold weather finds the Marching Band inside the practice room preparing to perform as a Concert Band. Perfection of timely selections is stressed as the group becomes ready for an exciting December production. Participation in a spring concert, music clinic, music contest, graduation, and Baccalaureate keeps the students in continuous action. Band Director Mr. Blaine McClary is assisted by Mr. Dean Maxwell. Shiny Instruments With Reeds CONCERT BAND—FRONT ROW: Susan Loveless. Susan Fuller, Sandra Loveless and Jeanne Hashman. SECOND ROW: Linda Kask, Sandra Dill, Linda Houchin, Pat Ray, Shirley Glarum, Claude Dawes, Margie Wait and Linda Tutt. THIRD ROW: Lois Eckhoff, roURTH ROWSSBdr» ' Sa TSt lJTec k ’ • !?; ?'an™ E,enber9eTr' StacV K'rtlei-. Lynda Johnson, Sheila Johnson and Glenda Rosane. FOURTH ROW Bonnie Briley Judy Schwmdt, France Austen, Tarri Corp, Jane Timbers, Beverly Mayes, Joyce Jordan, Barb fcdwards, busan baum and Mike Nuss. 56Kathy Schnurr is selected for the International Peace Garden's European Tour. Clarinet quartet—Linda Houchin, Linda Rask, Sandra Dill and Pat Ray. and Mouthpieces Create Harmony CONCERT BAND—FRONT ROW: Joyce Petersen, Brenda Moomey. Jane Wiseman and Carol Culton. SECOND ROW: Kathy Schnurr, Linda Stephens, Larry Peterson, Ralph Watt, Dan Hutchinson, Mary Grant and Mike Spurgin. THIRD ROW: Marcella Stephens, Jim Kee-baugh, Greg Nelson, Tom Hesse, Carolyn Freiberger, Carol Brennan, Jennifer Haas, Tamara Romig, Linda Colling and Debra Lurvey. FOURTH ROW: Jim Petersen, Gene Stark, Douglas Thomas, Tibb Reddish, Steve Stalos, Kenneth Ushio, Bruce Messersmith, Jeff Rehder, Donald Graham, Gary Pennington and Bradley Moomey. 57Both instrumental and vocal skills are developed in the versatile music program. Music selections vary from Beethoven's Ein Musikal-ischer Spass in the orchestra to Goldfinger in the Dance Band. Morning, noon and night, small groups can be heard practicing for community performances. Alliance has the distinction of having the only orchestra in Western Nebraska. Training begins in the fifth grade and continues throughout the high school years. The yearly agenda includes a joint concert with the choir, a spring concert, music contest and Baccalaureate. Concert Mistress Pam McMasters assists Director Mr. Blaine McClary. Instrumental and Vocal Skills ORCHESTRA—FIRST ROW: Nancy Dreyer, Janet Wilkins. Ellen Barth, Merrily Matejka and Kathie Gillispie. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Nicholson, Joni Taylor, Claude Dawes, Joyce Petersen, Brenda Moomey, Jane Wiseman and Carol Culton. THIRD ROW: Mary Grant, Shirley Glarum, Linda Rask, Sandra Dill, Kathy Schnurr, Tamara Romig, Linda Colling, Debra Lurvey and Tibb Reddish. FOURTH ROW: Larry Duerksen, Patricia Nicholson, Pamela Novicki, Susan Saum, Judy Schwindt and Beverly Mayes.DANCE BAND—Fj ONT ROW: Ralph Watt. Michael Spurgin. Dennis Coleman. Wayne Ward. Mary Grant. Larry Peterson and Dan Hutchinson. SECOND ROW: Tibb Reddish. James Barth. David Fry. Steve Lyster. Cynthia Nicholson and Pamela Novicki. Are Perfected Original Western attire. as displayed by Clifford Brown, Clifford Quick and Brenda Brennan, sparked the Chamber singers' production of How the West Was Won. GIRL'S TRIO Kathy Schnurr Carol Culton Carol Brennan 59CHOIR Establishes Rapport 1965-1966 A CAPPELLA CHOIR—FRONT ROW: Becky Morris, Cheryl Robinson, Brenda Brennan, Carolyn Freiberger, Carol Culton, Lois Andrick, Lenore Baker, Susan Grant, Joyce Petersen and Linda Laing. SECOND ROW: Lillie Schnell, Betty Hofmann, Beverly Iversen, Sally Hooper, Carol Hooper, Leah Jesse, Merle Young, Sandy Crouse, Carol Brennan and Patti Sizemore. THIRD ROW: Ronald Hindman, Stacy Kistler, Gene Stark, Larry Duerksen, Dave Dietz. Larry Peterson, Harold Howard and Charles Leach. Chanting the Kyrie by Paul Christensen a solemn-faced A Cappella Choir slowly made its way to the stage for the opening concert. Dimmed lights and a receptive audience created the mood for an effective presentation of Hassler's Mass III . Tempo changed in the second part of the concert as the Chamber Singers gave a delightful, stage presentation of How the West Was Won . Later concerts proved as effective as the first and the Christmas Caroling Concert, with the Junior High Choirs, was well received by the local community. The International Peace Garden's European Tour will include Carol Culton. Stacy Kistler and Carol Brennan, 60With Community 1965-1966 A CAPPELLA CHOIR—FRONT ROW: Glenda Rosane, Kathy Schnurr. Susan Nalcatsu and Stephanie Schwindt. SECOND ROW: Jean Phaneuf, Debra Wood and Theresa Reyes. BACK ROW: Cliff Quick and Cliff Brown. Student director Carol Culton and Choir Director Mr. Walter Scholl review the music which she will direct for the Spring Concert. CHAMBER SINGERS—FIRST ROW: Carol Hooper, Leah Jesse. Brenda Brennan. Carolyn Freiberger, Carol Culton, Carol Brennan, Patti Sizemore, Jean Phaneuf, Kathy Schnurr, Susan Nakatsu and Stephanie Schwindt. SECOND ROW: Stacy Kistler, Gene Stark, Larry Duerksen, Dave Dietz, Larry Peterson, Cliff Quick and Cliff Brown. 61“Our Town” Proves Great Theatrical Success Discussing life as it really is, captivates Merle Young, Linda Neuswanger, Steve Neff and John Marker. Thornton Wilder's Our Town is the best-loved play of the modern American stage. It moves freely in time and space, unbound by rigid chronology or fixed scenery. The unusually realistic performance of this play causes each person to recognize how much he has in common with all that happens. To the Alliance audience this seemed new and refreshing when actually it is a return to the oldest practices of the theater. JUNIOR PLAY CAST Directed by Miss Barbara Bobbitt Stage Manager John Marker Dr. Gibbs Gene Stark Joe Crowell Ron Dughman Howie Newsome Steve Neff Mrs. Gibbs Jean Phaneuf Mrs. Webb Joni Taylor George Gibbs ... Gary Pennington Rebecca Gibbs Becki Ehrhart Wally Webb . Larry Mundt Emily Webb Sharon Nuss Professor Willard . . Greg Nelson Mr. Webb Bruce Hickman Woman in Balcony Linda Neuswanger Man in Audience . . Don Graham Simon Stimson Charles Lierk Mrs. Soames Sharon Wagner Constable Warren Dan Flores Si Crowell Mike Mittlestadt Sam Craig Dale Brock Joe Stoddard Cliff Robinson Townspeople Linda Laing Betty Tyndall, Merle Young Betty Hofmann, Susan Sheldon Student Directors Jim Culton Joyce Petersen 62Comedy, “My Three Angels”, Delights Audience The Senior Play Cast relaxes between practice sessions. Drama and Speech Instructor Miss Barbara Bobbitt SENIOR PLAY CAST Directed by Miss Barbara Bobbitt Felix Ducotel .................... Walter Mischnick Emilie Ducotel ....................... Sandra Dill Marie Louise Ducotel ............. Cheryl Robinson Mme. Parole...........................Connie Rask Joseph .......................... Russell Johnson Jules ................................ Ralph Watt Alfred ....................................... Mike Spurgin Henri Tochard ....................... Bob Lorenzini Paul ................................ Bob Schrimpf Lieutenant....................... Steve MellingerWestern Nebraska Sandhills 64Wearing proper clothes tor the occasion is still important to most teenagers. Alliance High School students are conscious of this fact and do dress appropriately for their formal class portraits. In painting a true picture of western Nebraska, it is necessary to include a glimpse of ten-gallon hats and decorative boots worn on occasion by both city and country students. Clothing must protect persons from the scorching sun and the howling wind of THE BIG SKY and meet the needs of a high, dry climate. Students find western attire practical for sports wear or work clothes. It is not necessary to wait for a special holiday to don the well known attire. Western hospitality and western clothes are a way of life inherited from another generation.Sophomores Choose Sophomore class officers Dave Minnick. secretary; Bob Shannon, president; Janet Nunes, treasurer: Larry Hatch, vice president hold gab session. Jim Abbott Rick Albright Lois Andrick Angelina Aquallo Jim Beagle Joy Beagle Judy Biles Gary Blue Bruce Blume Linda Brehm Brenda Brennan Bob Brown Ronald Callan Christine Cardona Robert Cardona Bill Carpenter Leora Carr Harold Colerick Tarri Corp Dale Coykendall Jeanette Danielson Mike Darveau Jim Daugherty Jeffery Davis Kathy Dempsey Terry Dillion Cindy Dingman Kristina Dobry 66Capable Leaders Cindy Donovan Virginia Doty Nancy Dreyer Larry Duerksen Orelia Duran Steven Dykes Barbara Edwards Sally Flores Susan Foster Carolyn Freiberger Mike Frerichs Susan Fuller Lynda Garner Kathie Gillispie Shirley Glarum Mary Grant Linda Gresens Jennifer Haas Dennis Hall Francis Hall Beth Harris Joan Hashman Judy Hashman Larry Hatch Dale Hawley Margaret Henderson Rick Herian George Hernandez Ronald Hindman Linda Holmes Tom Hood Deborah Hunter Beverly Iversen Ronald Jacobs Jim Johnson Sheila Johnson Perry Johnston Greg Jordan David Kamerzell Jim Keebaugh Nancy King Kent Kirkpatrick Linda Kotschwar Linda Kowalski Judy LaBarge Barbara Lambert Donald Laughlin Gary Lawrenz Linda Leistritz'68 Sophomore Sponsors Review Billy Longacre Sandra Loveless Susan Loveless Gloria Lulow Debra Lurvey Gerald McAndrew Judy Malcolm Mike Manewal Linda Mann Merrily Matejka Marlys Mathews Kenny Meng Bruce Messersmith Steven Messersmith David Minnick Donna Morgan Cheryl Mundt Diana Mundt Jerry Mundt Patricia Nicholson Janet Nunes John Orndorff Ronnie Peltz Russell Peltz Jim Petersen Connie Potmesil Terry Preiss Kathleen Rachetts Linda Razo Robert Reynolds John Richards Colleen Ritter Beverly Robbins Bob Rohrbouck Lillian Ross John Sampson Alex Sanchez Lillie Schnell Roger Schnell Steve Schnell Barbara Schommer Bill Schommer John Seim Bob Shannon Eugene Sheldon Sally Shelmadine Shelly Shelmadine Robert Shores Ginger Shrewsbury 68Moneymaking Projects Steve Sorum Daniel Spencer Steve Stalos Larry Stengel Barbara Suiter Ronald Sutton Dale Sward Kathy Taylor Christy Theis Jane Timbers Linda Todd Susan Tolstedr Gary Trenkle Joanne Tucker JoAnne Tutt Roxanna Ullrich Linda Underwood Kenneth Ushio Carlos Vasquez Mike Vertrees Joanne Vogel Patty Vogel Raymond Weisgerber Sharon Weisgerber Karen West Janet Wilkins Jack Wilson Kenneth Wood Sheila Wood Debra Wood Sophomore Sponsors, Miss Barbara Bobbitt Mr. Willis Furman Jerry Worth 69Class Rings Will Be a Reminder of High School Days Elaine Adkins Bruce Andrews Ricky Arran+s Mike Aspden Frances Austen Ellen Barth Richard Behm Linda Benjamin Lynn Berry Susan Bowman Bonnie Briley Dale Brock C'ifford Brown Kent Campbell Shirley Christensen Jim Culton Linda Colling Alan Cram Joe Crosser Steve Crouse Martin Christofferson Claude Dawes David Dickinson Barbara DelaBarre Richard Dobson Ronald Dughman Richard Edwards Stephen Ehlers Rebecca Ehrhart Dianna Elenberger67 Dinah Fitch Danny Flores Rebecca Fowler Barbara Francis Richard Fritzler Leroy Fry Dan Fulliton Linda Gaipl Mike Garwood Barbara Gibson Donald Graham Larry Grant Cynthia Hawley Melvin Herbert Lynda Herian Mary Ellen Hernandez Bruce Hickman Betty Hofmann Susan Hofmann Nancy Hollingsworth Sally Hooper Dale Householder Lonnie Irvine Lynda Johnson 71Officers Begin Early Preparations for Prom President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Joe Kirchner Gary Pennington . . . Sally Hooper .... Susan Saum 67 Ronald Juzenas Linda Laing Dave McCune Carol Kinser Charles Leach Vernon McIntosh Joe Kirchner Charles Lierk Connie Manion Sam Kirkpatrick Ruth Liggett John Marker Mike Knoflicek Richard Lyman Darrell Mason Virginia Koester Ray McCart Beverly Mayes 72John Miller Larry Mundt David Newlin Jeffry Menuey Vicki Mracek Greg Nelson Sharon Nuss Gary Pennington Mike Mittlestadt Michael Nagaki Linda Neuswanger Bradley Moomey Ronald Nagaki Cynthia Nicholson Brenda Moomey Steve Neff Pamela Novicki Rebecca Morris Cathy Nelson Mike Nuss Junior Class Sponsors Mr. Darrell Schilz and Mrs. Alice Nelson. 73Juniors Eagerly Participate in Clubs and Organizations Ruth Perez Juanita Preiss Jeff Rehder Ronnie Sanchez Susan Sheldon Joyce Petersen Carol Prelle Martin Rehder Susan Saum Patti Sizemore Gary Peterson Lana Prettyman Cheryl Reno Gary Schneider Laura Smith Larry Peterson Linda Rask Kenneth Robbins Kathy Schnurr Gene Stark Jean Phaneuf Patricia Ray Clifford Robinson Judith Schwindt Linda Stephens Mary Ann Pokorski Tibb Reddish Tamara Romig Marqie Schwindt Marcella StephensRichard Stinnette Richard Strieker Charlene Sutton Joni Taylor Don Thomas Linda Thomas Randy Thompson Steven Tolstedt Charlene Tucker George Turechek Linda Tutt Betty Tyndall Mary Ann Vallejo Vikki Vogel Constance Wacker Sharon Wagner Margie Wait Gary Weston Max Williams Jane Wiseman Randy York Merle Young Randy Zimmerman Linda ZobelMost Representative Each year the members of the senior class select a boy and a girl who they think are most representative of their class. The two are chosen on a basis of the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and personality. CLYDE GILLISPIE and CAROLYN UNDERWOOD have been chosen as most representative for 1966. 76Seniors Choose Capable Leaders MICHAEL BROWN Football, Track, Hi-Y, Sophomore Class Secretary, Senior Class President, Student Council JAMES KAMERZELL Basketball, Football, Track, Tennis, Golf, Hi-Y, Senior Class Vice-President Winners of Regents Scholarships Four-year Scholarship—Larry Peltz Alternate Scholarships— Linda Fischer Linda Houchin Susan Nakatsu 77’66 Seniors Start Last Year Together THOMAS R. ACKERMAN F.F.A. CINDY ADAM Pep Club BERNARD ALLEN Spud Staff, Circulation Manager LENORE BAKER Band, Choir, Choir Council, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Chamber Singers, Pep Band JERRY BAUER F.F.A. Sentinel RICHARD BENTLEY Band, Tennis RODGER BERRY Wrestling Student Manager, Hi-Y, F.F.A., Reporter, Jr. Secretary, Secretary, F.F.A. Stubble Mulch Judging, Land Judging DONALD BOLINGER MARJORY BOYER Pep Club, Y-Teens SHARON BRAMMER Pep Club, Y-Teens, G.A.A. Girls Volleyball Team CAROL BRENNAN Band Junior Officer, Choir Senior Lieutenant, President Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Student Council, State Music Clinic, National Honor Society, European Choir Tour GLEN BRIGHT Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, One-Act Play Director 78BEE BULLOCK A-Club. Basketball, Football, Track, All West-ern Conference Football, Honorable Big Ten RON BURBACK A-Club. Football, Track, Hi-Y, Wrestling, State Wrestling Meet TERRY CHRISTENSEN Spud Staff, Ad and Business Manager, Quill Scroll Secretary-Treasurer, Student Council, Library Assistant WILLIAM (BILL) CODY F.F.A. RAY COKER Choir, Wrestling, F.F.A. SANDRA CROUSE Volleyball Team, Pep Club, Choir CAROL CULTON Band, Choir Vice President, Student Director, Orchestra, Pep Club, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, Spud Staff Editor, Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Y-Teen Cabinet, State Music Clinic Girls Trio, Girls Quartet, Flute Trio, Flute Quartet, Woodwind Trio, District Music Contest, Hastings Honor Band, European Choir Tour JOHN DAVIS Wrestling, F.F.A. RAYMOND F. DEBOCK DENNIS DEBUSK Football, Golf RICK A. DEBUSK Football, Golf, Hi-Y EDDIE DENTLER F.F.A. Junior Treasurer KENTON DIETRICH DALE DIETZ Band, Choir, Choir Council, Pep Band, Chamber Singers, F.F.A., State Music Clinic DAVID DIETZ Band, Choir, Pep Band, Chamber Singecs, Basketball, Hi-Y. F.F.A., State Music ClinicSANDRA DILL Bond, Orchestra, Pep Bond, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Y-Teens Secretory, Girls Volleyball Teom, State Music Clinic, Hostinqs Honor Bond, One-Act Play, Senior Class Play KATHERINE DITSCH Pep Club, Y-Teens LOIS ECKHOFF Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cobinet, Spud Staff Feature Editor JOANNE ELLIOTT Pep Club, Y-Teens JOAN FARLEY Pep Club, Y-Teens MARION FEGLER Band, Pep Club, Student Council, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Typist, Y-Teens, Office Assistant, Chodron Scholastic Contest, National Honor Society LINDA FISCHER Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, A Regents Alternate. Office Assistant, Chadron Scholastic Contest BRUCE FORTNER Football, Wrestling MARILYN FOSKET Pep Club, Y-Teens, Betty Crocker Award MICHAEL FOWLER Tennis, F.F.A. SANDRA FRAEDRICH Y-Teens CRAIG FRICKE Golf, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature Senator, Boy's State Alternate, National Honor Society RONALD FRY Tennis, Spud Staff Photographer, District Speech Contest, One-Act Play JAMES FULLITON SIGRUN GARDARSDOTTIR Choir, Pep Club. Y-Teens, Student Council’66 1965 Prom King and Queen, Carolyn Eldred and Jon Laughlin were presented by Junior Class Officers, Bill Stewart and Stephanie Schwindt. Seniors Remember Their Prom CLYDE GILLISPIE A-Club, A-Club President, Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, pop Club Boy Friend, All Western Conference, All-State Honorable Mention SUSAN GRANT Choir, Y-Teens SANDRA GREEN Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Pep Club Secretary, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Co-Editor, Quill Scroll President, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Treasurer, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Girl's State, G.A.A., Debate Club, One-Act Play Director, Court Queen Attendant JOHN HANNA A-Club. Football, Track, Golf, Hi-Y, Student Council, Golf-Second Western Conference JOHN HANSEN Football, Track, Hi-Y BEVERLY HASHMAN Pep Club, G.A.A., Chadron Scholastic Contest JEANNE HASHMAN Band, Pep Band, Pep Club MILES HASHMAN Football, Track, Hi-Y GALE HAWTHORNE Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model LegislatureRICHARD HENDERSON Football, Hi-Y, F.F.A., F.F.A. President, County Government TOM HESSE Band, A-Club, A-Club Vice-President, Basketball. Football, Track, Hi-Y, Student Council, Senior Band Sergeant HARLOW HILL F.F.A. SUSAN HIPPE Choir, Pep Club. Y-Teens CAROL HOOPER Choir, Choir Secretary, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Pep Club Treasurer, Y-Teens, Homecoming Queen Attendant LINDA HOUCHIN Palisade High School, Palisade, Nebraska Band, Choir, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Sophomore Vice-President, Student Council, Student Council Secretary. Alliance High School: Band, Pep Band, Pep Club, Cheerleading, Y-Teens, County Government, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society, DAR Winner, National Merit Letter of Commendation HAROLD HOWARD Choir, Football, Tennis, Spud Staff ROBERT HUDSON Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y DANIEL HUNTER A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Western Conference Football DAN HUTCHINSON Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Tennis WAYNE JENSEN F.F.A. LEAH JESSE Choir, Choir Treasurer, Choir Council, Charp-ber Singers. Pep Club, Y-Teens RUSSELL JOHNSON A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Student Council, County Government, Senior Play JOYCE JORDAN Band, Band Council, Head Majorette, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play. One-Act Play Director PAUL JOSEPH Cambridge High School, Cambridge, Nebraska: Basketball, Sophomore Class President, Student Council, All-State Honorable Mention, All-Area McCook Gazette. Alliance High School: A-Club, Football, Track, All-Western ConferenceROSEMARY KING Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, National Honor Society, McCalls Teen Fashion Board STACY KISTLER Band. Band Senior Sergeant, Choir, Pep Band. Chamber Singers, Hi-Y, District Speech Contest, State Music Clinic. All-State Band. Hastings Honor Band. All-State Choir, European Tour Choir, Mixed Quartet JERRY KNAPP DENNIS LAUGHLIN CAROLYN LAURSEN Pep Club. Y-Teens, Court Queen Attendant TRACY LEACH Pep Club. Pep Club Vice-President. Girls Volleyball Team, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Student Council. District Speech Contest, County Government, One-Act Play Director ROGER LEISY A-Club, Cross Country, Tennis, Wrestling. Hi-Y, Junior Class Play DELILAH LLOYD Pep Club. Y-Teens, Girls Volleyball Team LOREN LOOSE Wrestling DAVID LONGACRE Wrestling GLEN LORE Football. Hi-Y, F.F.A. ROBERT LORENZINI Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Chaplain, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Hi-Y Model Legislature Senator. Senior Class Play SHARON LOVELESS Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, G.A.A., G.A.A. Secretary NANCY LYSTER Pep Club, Y-Teens JAMES McANDREW A-Club, football, Track, Tennis, Wrestling, Hi-Y, Boy Friend AttendantMilitary Service Affects Career Plans LARRY McCRACKEN PAMELA McMASTERS Orchestra, Concert Mistress, Orchestra President, Strinq Quartet, Pep Club. Annual Staff, Annual Staff Business Manager. Quill Scroll, Y-Teens, Junior Class Secretary, Student Council, Cheerleading, State Music Clinic, Court Queen JOHN MAGNUSON Football, Wrestling, F.F.A., F.F.A. Treasurer, F.F.A. Secretary. Stubble Mulch, Land Judging, State Livestock Judging, State Dairy Judging GRANT MANEWAL CHRIS MARLATT A-Club, A-Club Secretary-Treasurer, Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y. County Government, Boy Friend Attendant. All Western Football Conference JERYL MARVIN Pep Club, Y-Teens 84 STEVE MELLINGER Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Class Play, Student Council, F.F.A., F.F.A. Vice-President, County Government Senior Class Play ’66 Senior Class Sponsors Mr. Fred Petersen Mrs. Nancy BrownJAMES T. MENG St. Agnes Academy: Choir. State Music Clinic. County Government CHERYL METER Choir. Pep Club, Y-Teens. Y-Teens Cabinet DAN MILLER F.F.A. WALTER W. MISCHNICK Choir. Football. Track. Hi-Y, Senior Play SANDRA MONTAGUE B£nd, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Library Assistant JOYCE MORGAN Pep Club. Girl's Volleyball Team SANDRA MUNDT Pep Club, Y-Teens SUSANNA MUNSON Pep Club, Pep Club President, Y-Teens Junior Play Cast, Sophomore Class Treasurer SUSAN NAKATSU Choir, Choir Accompanist, Chamber Singers. Pep Club, Y-Teens. Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Student Council President, Girl's State Alternate, County Government, Regents Alternate, National Honor Society. Chadron Scholastic Contest, Office Assistant SHARON NELSON Pep Club. Pep Club Chantleader, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play. County Government, Library Assistant, Office Assistant LEROY NICKENS A-Club. Basketball, Football, Track, Wrestling, Honorable Mention Big Ten Western Conference PHYLLIS NUNES Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Y-Teens Cabinet, County Government EDWARD O'BRIEN Choir LARRY PELTZ Regents Winner, National Honor Society, Chadron Scholastic Contest DAVID PERKINS JAMES (BOB) PERRIN A-Club, Football Student Manager, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Junior Class Vice-President, Track BETTY PEW Pep Club MARY PHILLIP Pep Club, Y-Teens DAVID PHILLIPS JOHN POTMESIL Wrestling, Student Council, Boys State, National Honor Society CLIFFORD QUICK Choir, Choir Council, Chamber Singers, Tennis, Wrestling, County Government CONNIE RASK Pep Club, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, Senior Play THERESA REYES Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens CHERYL ROBINSON Band, Choir, Pep Club, Y-Teens Y-Teens Cabinet, Senior Class Play SANDRA SALLQUIST Band, Clarinet Choir, Pep Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Library Assistant JUDY SCHNELL Pep Club, Y-Teens ROSEMARY SCHNELL Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens ROBERT SCHRIMPF A-Club, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Hi-Y President, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Football, All Conference, Western Conference, Hi Y Council, Senior Play STEPHANIE SCHWINDT Band, Pep Band, Clarinet Choir, Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Co-editor, Quill Scroll, Quill Scroll Vice-President, Y-Teens, Y-Teens President, Y-Teens Cabinet, Junior Class Play, Junior Class Co-Vice-President, Student Council, Student Council Co-Historian, Student Council Executive Board, District Speech Contest,. County Government, National Honpr Society, Polio Queen VINA L. SEARS Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-TeensMembers elected to the Honor Society in their Junior year are: Craig Fricke, Stephanie Schwindt, Linda Houchin, Marion Fegler, Susan Nakatsu, Carol Brennan, Rosemary King, Larry Pelta and John Potmesil. RICK L. SHIMP Football, Cross Country, Junior Class Play, District Speech Contest MIKE SPURGIN Band, Band President, Saxophone Quartet, Saxophone Sextet, Select Band Scottsbluff Clinic, Pep Band. Dance Band, A-Club, Basketball Student Manager, Football, Track Student Manager, Hi-Y, Junior Play Director, Co-Director of One-Act Plays, County Government, Debate Club, Debate Club President, Senior Class Play BILL STEWART A-Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Junior Class President JERRY STUDT Basketball, Football, Track, Tennis, Hi-Y PATRICIA SUITER Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Annual Staff, Annual Staff Sports Editor, Spud Staff, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Quill Scroll, Junior Class Play, Sophomore Vice-President, Junior Class Treasurer, Cheerleading, County Government, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Office Assistant ROBERT SUNDBERG Basketball, Football, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y ROGER SUNDBERG FRANCES TAYLOR Pep Club, Y-Teens DOUGLAS G. THOMAS Band. Orchestra, Pep Band, Spud Staff’66 Graduation Comes All Too Soon HENRY TOURNEY Wrestling JUNIOR TRITLE A-Club. A-Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Basketball, Football, Track, Cross Country, County Government CAROLYN UNDERWOOD Band, Pep Club, Girls Volleyball Team, Y-Teens, Junior Class Play Co-Director, Sophomore Class President, Student Council, Student Council Vice-President, Cheerleading, Homecoming Queen, G.A.A., Office Assistant, County Government JOHN VOGEL Basketball Student Manager, Football. Track, F.F.A., F.F.A. Treasurer JEAN VON TOUR Band, Pep Club, Y-Teens JOAN VON TOUR Band, Pep Club. Y-Teens, Student Council JIM WARD Broken Bow High School, Broken Bow: Choir, Football, Track, Wrestling Alliance High School: A-Club, Football KATHRYN WARD Pep Club RALPH J. WATT Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Dance Band, Dance Band Business Manager, Spud Staff, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Youth in Government Officer, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Hi-Y Model Legislature Governor Candidate, Junior Class Play, Student Council, District Speech Contest, One-Act Play Director Senior Class Play KATHRYN E. WEETH Y-Teens JOYCE WOLCOTT Edgemont High School, Edgomont, South Dakota: Cheerleading Alliance High School: Pep Club, Y-Teens JERRY WOOD Football, Track, F.A.A. 88High Scholarship Those who attain scholastic achievement are admired by the student body. The senior class recognizes LARRY PELTZ and SUSAN NAKATSU for their high scholarship.Here’s Who’s Who ADMINISTRATION Chamberlin, Leslie 17 Crowder, Don 17, 49 Dreyer, William 17, 50 Rosen, Marven 16 BOARD OF EDUCATION Cover, John Jr. 16 Fiebig, Glen 16 Morgan, Dr. Robert 16 Olson, Dr. Raymond 16 Stephens, Lyle 16 Wiseman, Howard 16 CUSTODIANS Blumanthal, Norman 18 Wilmott, Robert 18 FACULTY Becker, Bernard 20, 35 Bobbitt, Barbara 20, 69, 63 Briggs, Vera 21 Brown, Nancy 23, 84 Carroll, Daryl 20. 40, 48, 43 Chaney, Paul 29, 38, 52, 46 Comer, Mae 21 Cronk, Michael 24 Farrell, Donald 22. 38, 48, 46 Furman, Willis 24, 49, 69 Glarum, Juanita 28. 55 High, Dorothy 29, 53, 41 Hovorka, Tom 24, 54 Jasnoch, Myron 24, 36, 38, 48, 52 Marchant, William 22 Maxwell, Dean 56 McClary, Blaine 30, 56 Merdinger, Genevieve 17, 20, 50 Morris, Robert 38, 31, 43 Myers, Esther 55, 31 Nelson, Alice 23. 32. 73 Nelson, Bryon 26. 54 Neuswanger, Phyllis 20 Petersen, Eunice 20 Petersen, Fred 22, 84 Rowbotham, Juliet 30 Schilz, Darrell 28. 73 Scholl, Drusilla 27 Scholl. Walter 30, 61 Sutter, Marie 27 Ware, Kenneth 26, 51 PERSONNEL Copple, Margaret 18 Merritt, Thelma 18 STUDENTS A Abbott, Jim 66 Ackerman, Tom 78 Adam, Cindy 53, 78 Adkins, Elaine 70, 55 Albright, Rick 38, 66 Allen, Bernard 33, 78 Andrews. Bruce 54. 70 Andrick, Lois 66, 60 Aquallo, Angelina 66 Arrants, Ricky 70 Aspden. Mike 70 Austen, Francis 55. 50. 70, 56 B Baker, Lenore 60, 78 Barth. Ellen 70, 58 Bauer, Jerry 26, 51, 78 Beagle, Jim 66 Beagle, Joy 66 Behm, Richard L. 70 Benjamin, Linda 27. 70 Bentley, Richard 49, 94, 115, 78 Berry, Lynn 70 Berry, Rodger 26, 78, 51 Biles, Judy 55. 66 Blue, Gary 38, 66 Blume, Bruce 40, 66, 44 Bolinger, Donald 78 Bowman, Susan 70 Boyer. Marjory 78 Brammer, Sharon 78, 14 Brehm, Linda 66 Brennan, Brenda 66, 60, 61, 41, 59 Brennan. Carol I. 60, 57, 61, 87, 78, 59 Bright, Glen 33. 78. 13 Briley, Bonnie 48, 52, 70, 56. 46 Brock, Dale 70 Broderick. Jack 38 Brown. Bob 66, 6, 44 Brown, Clifford 40, 48, 52, 61, 70, 44, 59 Brown, Michael 35, 50, 3, 6, 77. II, 36 Bullock. Bee 37. 48. 52. 5, 79. 42 Burback, Ron 36. 48, 101, 52. 47, 46, 79 c Callan, Ronald 66 Campbell, Kent 70 Cardona, Christine 66 Cardona, Robert 66 Carpenter, Bill 38, 66 Carr, Leora 66 Christensen. Shirley 70 Christensen, Terry 33, 31, 50, 8, 79 Christofferson, Martin 36, 48, 70, 44 Cody, William 79 Coker, Ray 79 Colerick, Harold 66 Colling, Linda 57, 70, 58 Corp, Tarri 66, 56 Coykendall. Dale 38, 66, 44 Cram, Alan (Bob) 70 Crosser, Joe 70 Crouse, Sandra 60, 41, 79 Crouse. Steve 70. 46 Culton, Carol 33, 60, 61, 6, 58, 79, 59, 57 Culton, Jim 36, 70 D Danielson, Jeanette 66 Darveau, Mike 66, 43 Daugherty, Jim 66, 50 Davis, Jeffery 66 Davis, John 79 Daw»s, Claude 38, 48, 70, 56, 58, 46 DeBock, Ray 48, 79 DeBusk, Dennis 110, 79 DeBusk, Rick 49. 79 DelaBarre, Barbara 70 Dempsey. Kathy 29, 66 Dentler, Eddie 79 Dickinson, David 70 Dietrich. Kenton 79 Dietz, Dale 79 Dietz, David 60, 61, 79, 14 Dill. Sandra 21. 55, 57. 56, 58, 80. 63 Dillon, Terry 66, 44 Dingman, Cindy 66 Ditsch, Katherine 80 Dobry, Kristina 66 Dobson, Richard 36, 70, 46 Donovan, Cindy 67 Doty. Virginia 67 Dreyer, Nancy 67, 58 Duerksen, Larry 67, 60, 61, 58 Dughman, Ronald 70 Duran, Orelia 67 Dykes, Steve 40, 67 E Eckhoff, Lois 33, 55. 56, 80 Edwards, Barbara 67, 4, 39, 56 Edwards, Richard 48, 70, 42 Edwards. Richard 48, 70, 42 Ehlers, Stephen 70 Ehrhart, Rebecca 70, 41 Elenberger, Dianna 70, 56 Elliott, Joanne 80 F Farley, Joan 80 Fegler, Marion I, 32, 87, 80 Fischer, Linda 22, 19, 41, 80, 77 Fitch, Dinah 71 Flores, Danny 40, 48, 52, 71, 42 Flores, Sally 67 Fortner. Bruce 80 Fosket, Marilyn 106, 80, 14, 10 Foster, Susan 67 Fowler, Michael 80 Fowler, Rebecca 71 Fraedrich, Sandra 80 Francis, Barbara 71 Freiberger, Carolyn 67, 60, 57, 61 Frerichs, Mike 40, 67, 6 Fricke, Craig I, 54, 87, 80 90t Alliance High Fritzler. Richard 71 Fry, Leroy 71 Fry, Ron 80, 14 Fuller, Susan 67, 50, 56, 41 Fulliton, Dan 71 Fulliton. James 80 G Gaipl, Linda 71 Gardarsdottir, Siqrun 50, 6, 80, 10 Garner, Lynda 67 Garwood, Mike 48, 71,44 Gibson, Barbara 21, 71 Gillispie, Clyde 35, 37, 52, 3, 9, 76, 81 Gillispie, Kathie 67, 58 Glarum, Shirley 67, 56, 58 Graham, Donald 48, 57, 50, 71 Grant, Larry 71 Grant, Mary 67, 57. 58, 59 Grant, Susan 30, 60, 81 Green, Sandra 33, 32, 34, 53, 55, 81, 45, 97 Gresens, Linda 67 H Haas, Jennifer 67, 57 Hall, Dennis 38, 67, 44 Hall, Francis 67 Hanna, John 36, 49, III, 50, 81 Hansen, John 28, 48. 81, 36 Harris, Beth 67 Hashman, Beverly 25, 81, 15 Hashman, Jeanne 64. £6, 81 Hashman, Joan 27, 67 Hashman, Judy 67 Hashman, Miles 81 Hatch, Larry 67 Hawley, Cynthia 55, 71 Hawley, Dale 67 Hawthorne, Gale 81 Henderson, Margaret 67 Henderson, Richard Jr. 38 Henderson, Richard 51, 82 Herbert. Melvin 48, 71 Herian, Lynda 71 Herian, Rick 67, 46 Hernandez, Georga 67 Hernandez, Mary Ellen 71 Hesse, Tom 107, 57, 50, 52, 82, 6, 37 Hickman, Bruce 40, 50, 71 Hill, Harlow 82 Hindman, Ronald 67, 60 Hippe, Susan 20, 82 Hofmann, Betty 53, 60, 71 Hofmann, Susan 71 Hollingsworth, Nancy 71 Holmes, Linda 67 Hood, Tom 67 Hooper, Carol 7, 53, 60, 61, 82, 45 Hooper, Sally 60, 71. 72 Houchin, Linda 20, 57, 4, 39, 56, 87, 82. 77. 10 Householder, Dale 71 Howard, Harold 36, 60, 82 Hudson, Robert 82 Hunter, Dan 37, 48. 52, 82 Hunter, Deborah 67 Hutchinson, Dan 57, 82, 59 I Irvine, Lonnie 40, 48, 52, 71, 42 Iversen, Beverly 67, 60 J Jacobs, Ronald 67 Jensen, Wayne 82 Jesse, Leah 60, 5, 61, 82 Johnson, Jim 67 Johnson, Lynda 71, 56 Johnson, Russell 36. 106, 52, 46, 82, II, 15, 63 Johnson, Sheila 67, 56, 114 Johnston, Perry 38, 67, 46, 10 Jordan, Greg 38, 67, 43 Jordan, Joyce 25. 55. 94, 5, 39, 56, 82 Joseph, Paul 37. 52, 82, 12 Juzenas, Ronald 72 K Kamerzell, David 36, 67, 42 Kamerzell, James 36. 49, 4, 77, 42 Keebaugh, Jim 67, 57 King, Nancy 67 King, Rosemary 53, 55, 87, 83, 10 Kinser, Carol 72 Kirchner, Joe 50, 72, 46 Kirkpatrick, Kent 67 Kirkpatrick, Sam 72 Kistler, Stacy 60, 61, 56, 83 Knapp, Jerry 83 Knoflicek. Mike 32, 40. 48, 52, 72, 42 Koester, Virginia 72 Kotschwar, Linda 67 Kowalski, Linda 67 L La Barge, Judy 67 Laing, Lir.da 60, 8, 72 Lambert, Barbara 22, 67, 50 Laughlin, Dennis 83 Laughlin, Donald 40, 67, 48, 46 Laursen, Carolyn 98, 31, 83, 45 Lawrenz, Gary 67 Leach, Charles 60, 72, 46 Leach, Tracy 53. 55, 109, 50. 83 Leistritz, Linda 22, 67 Leisy, Roger 40, 52, 96, 47, 46, 83 Lierk, Charles 40, 48, 52, 72, 42 Liggett, Ruth 72 Lloyd. Delilah 107, 83 Longacre, Billy 68 Longacre. David 46. 83 Loose, Loren 83 Lore, Glen 64, 83, 14 36 Lorenzini. Robert 54, 8, 83, 63 Loveless, Sandra 56. 68 Loveless, Sharon 83, 12 Loveless, Susan 68, 56 Lulow, Gloria 68 Lurvey, Debra 68, 58, 41, 57 Lyman, Richard 48, 72 Lyster, Nancy 19, 83 M Magnuson, John 51, 84 Malcolm, Judy 68 Manewal, Grant 84 Mann, Linda 68 Manion, Connie 72 Mann, Linda 68 Marker. John 24, 38, 48. 62, 72 Marlatt, Chris 37. 52. 5, 9, 84, 42 Marvin, Jeryl 84 Mason, Darrell 72, 46 Matejka, Merrily 68, 58 Mathews. Marlys 68 Mayes. Beverly 72, 56, 58, 41 McAndrew, Gerald 68 McAndrew, Jim 25, 49, 52, 9, 83, 37 McCart, Ray 36, 72 McCracken, Larry 84 McCune, Dave 72 McIntosh, Vernon 72 McMasters, Pamela 32, 34, 4, 39, 58, 84, 45 Mellinger, Steve 26, 54, 84, 63 Meng, James 26, 85 Meng, Kenny 68 Menuey, Jeff 37, 48, 73, 46 Messersmith, Bruce 68. 57, 50, 46 Messersmith, Steven 38, 68, 46 Meter. Cheryl 55. 5, 85 Miller, Dan 85 Miller, John 73 Minnick, David 38, 68, 46 Mischnick. Walter 104. 85, 15, 63. 36 Mittlestadt, Mike 73 Montague, Sandra 31, 85 Moomey, Bradley 57, 73 Moomey, Brenda 57, 4, 73, 58, 44 Morgan, Donna 68 Morgan, Joyce 85 Morris. Rebecca 60, 73 Mracek, Vicki 4, 19, 73, 41, 44 Mundt, Cheryl 68 Mundt, Diana 68 Mundt. Larry 37. 48, 73, 44, 10 Munson, Susan na 53, 99, 3, 85 Mundt, Sandra 85 N Nagaki, Michael 48, 73, 46 Nagaki, Ronald 48. 51, 73 Nakatsu, Susan 55. 50, 3, 61, 19, 89, 87, 85, 77. 11 Neff. Steve 37. 48, 50. 62. 73 Nelson, Cathy 73 Nelson, Greg 57, 73 91Nelson, Sharon 20, 53, 31, 19, 85 Neuswanger, Linda 19, 62, 73, 41 Nicholson, Cynthia 58, 59, 73 Nicholson. Patricia 68, 48 Nickens, LeRoy 37, 36. 48, 85 Novicki, Pamela 58. 59, 73 Nunes. Janet 68. 56 Nunes, Phyllis 55, 85. 14 Nuss, Mike 56, 73 Nuss. Sharon 73 o O’Brien, Edward 85 Orndorff. John 68 Ohlson, June 11 P Peltz, Larry 22, 89. 87. 85, 77 Peltz, Ronnie 38, 68, 44 Peltz. Russell 68 Pennington. Gary 40. 48. 57. 50. 73. 72 Perez. Ruth 74 Perkins, David 85 Perrin, James (Bob) I, 37, 48, 52, 86 Petersen, Jim 68. 57, 44 Petersen. Joyce 55. 60. 57. 74. 58. 41 Peterson, Gary 38, 74, 10 Peterson, Larry 60. 57, 61, 74, 59 Pew, Betty 86 Phaneuf. Jean 50. 61. 8. 74. 41 Phillip, Mary 86, 12 Phillips. David I 14, 86 Pokorski, Mary Ann 74 Potmesil, Connie 68 Potmesil. John 23. 50. 46. 87, 86. I I Preiss, Juanita 74 Preiss, Terry 68 Prelle, Carol 74 Prettyman. Lana 74 9 Quick, Clifford 103, 61, 86, 59 R Rachetts, Kathleen 68 Rask, Connie 110, 86, 63 Rask, Linda 57, 74, 56, 58 Ray, Patricia 57, 74, 56 Razo, Linda 68 Reddish, Tibb 57. 74, 58. 59 Rehder, Jeff 57, 74 Rehdor, Martin 36. 74 Reno, Cheryl 74 Reno, James 48 Reyes. Theresa 61, 86, 13 Reynolds, Robert 68 Richards, John 40. 68 Ritter. Colleen 68 Robbins, Beverly 68 Robbins, Kenneth 4. 46 Robinson. Cheryl 55, 60. 86, 63 Robinson. Clifford 74 Rohrbouck, Bob 68 Romig. Tamara 74, 58, 57 Rosane. Glenda 56. 61. 74 Ross. I illian 68 s Sallquist, Sandra 31. 56. 86 Sampson, John 68 Sanchez. Alex 68 Sanchez. Ronnie 36. 48, 74. 46 Saum, Susan 55. 72. 74. 56. 58 Schneider, Gary 74, 46 Schnell, Judy 86 Schnell. Lillie 68. 60 Schnell. Roger 68 Schnell, Rosemary 100, 86 Schnell, Steve 68 Schnurr, Kathy 55. 57, 61. 74, 58. 41, 59 Schommer. Barbara 68. 41 Schommer, Bill 68 Schrimpf, Robert 36. 48, 54. 52, 3. 8, 86. 63 Schwindt, Judy 55, 74, 56, 58 Schwindt, Marqie 74 Schwindt. Stephanie 3. 32, 33. 34, 55. 50, 61, 81. 86. 87 Sears. Vina 41, 86 Seim, John 29, 68 Shannon, Bob 38, 68, 44 Sheldon, Eugene 68, 46 Sheldon, Susan 32, 74 Shelmadine. Sally 68 Shelmadine, Shelly 68 Shimp, Rick 22, 87 Shores. Dcnna 98. 77, 12 Shores. Robert 68 Shrewsbury, Ginger 68 Sizemore. Patti 60, 61, 74, 13 Sizemore, Terry 77, I 3 Smith, Laura 74 Sorum, Steve 36. 69, 42 Spencer, Daniel 38. 69, 44 Spurqin, Mike 35. 37, 57. 52. 87, 59. 63 Stalos, Steve 69, 57 Stark, Gene 31. 60. 57. 61. 74 Stengel, Larry 69 Stephens, Linda 57, 5, 74. 41. 44 Stephens, Marcella 57, 74 Stewart. Bill 52, 81. 87, 36 Stinnette. Richard 75. 44 Strieker, Richard 75 Studt, Jerry 104, 87 Suiter, Barbara 69 Suiter. Pat 33. 32, 34. 4, 39, 87. 45 Sundberq. Robert 35. 37. 48. 87, 42 Sutton, Charlene 75 Sutton. Ronald 69 Sward, Dale 38. 69, 46 Sundberg. Roger 87 Tolstedt, Steven 36, 48, 52, 75, 46 Tolstedt, Susan 69, 41 Tourney, Henry 20, 88 Trenkle, Gary 69, 10 Tritle. Junior 36, 48, 52, 88 Tucker, Joanne 69 Tucker, Scharlene 75 Turechek, George 75 Tutt, JoAnne 69 Tutt. Linda 75. 56 Tyndall. Betty 75 u Ullrich, Roxanna 69 Underwood, Carolyn 108, 4, 39, 76, 88, 45 Underwood, Linda 69, 50, 6 Ushio, Kenneth 69, 57 V Vallejo, Mary 75, 56 Vasquez. Carlos 69 Vertrees, Mike 69 Vogel, Joanne 69 Vogel, John 51, 88. 10 Vogel, Patty 69 Vogel, Vikki 75 VonTour, Jean 101, 88 VonTour, Jean 101, 88 w Wacker. Constance 32, 75 Wagner. Sharon 75 Wait. Margie 75. 56 Ward. Jim 36. 52. 88 Ward. Kathryn 88 Watt. Ralph 54, 57, 50. 6, 88. 59. 63 Wetth, Kathryn 95, 88 Weisgerber, Raymond 69 Weisgerber, Sharon 69 West, Karen 69 Weston. Gary 75 Whitlock, Matt 38, 48. 46 Wilkins. Janet 69. 58 Wilkins. Lee 38 Williams, Max 75 Wilson, Jack 69 Wiseman. Jane 109. 57, 5. 39. 75, 58. 41 Wolcott. Joyce 88, 14 Wood. Debra 69. 61 Wood. Jerry 88 Wood. Kenneth 69 Wood, Sheila 69 Worth, Jerry 40, 69. 44 T Taylor, Frances 87 Taylor. Joni 55, 50. 75. 58 Taylor, Kathy 69, 6 Taylor, Merle 48 Theis, Christy 69 Thomas, Don 75 Thomas, Douqlas 57, 87, 20 Thomas, Linda 75 Thompson, Randy 75 Timbers. Jane 69, 56 Todd, Linda 69 Y York. Randy 40, 48. 52, 75, 42 Young, Merle 60, 62, 75, 41 z Zimmerman, Randy 75 Zobel, Linda 75 92BULLDOG SUPPORTERS ALLIANCE COUNTRY CLUB Route 2 ALLIANCE RAMBLER ................................. 324 East Third ALLIANCE TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT .................. Tenth and Flack ASSOCIATES, THE 202 West Third BATES-LANDA FUNERAL HOME 618 Box Butte BEAUTY BAR .......................................... 220 West Third BOWEN, ROBERT W„ OPTOMETRIST 823 East Third BRENNAN BET-R-WAY CLEANERS .......................... 409 Laramie BUCKMINSTER. BILL, INSUARNCE .......................... 614 Flack COAST TO COAST 324 Box Butte CULLIGAN 215 Big Horn CURTISS, H. J., ACCOUNTANT........................ 124 West Fourth EHRHART BEAN COMPANY .................................... East Third ELM GRILL ........................................ 1015 East Third FAIRACRES DAIRY FARMS................................ 719 West Third FRONTIER MOTEL ..................................... 1100 West Third GANTZ, HEIN AND MORAN ............................... 119 West Third GREEN, FRED, SERVICEMASTER 702 East Eighth HESTEDS ...................................................... 308 Box Butte JESSE'S TEXACO ...................................... 421 West Third KANE ELECTRIC ....................................... 212 Laramie KELLOGG, O. M„ GRAIN COMPANY ...................... First and Emerson MISCHNICK, WALTER, CARPENTER 504 West Fifteenth MOSS CONOCO ........................................ 1100 West Third MURPHY, L. B„ COMPANY 416 Box Butte NORMA’S LUNCH 416« 2 Box Butte O'BRIEN TEXACO SERVICE Tenth and Flack PANHANDLE PACKING COMPANY East of City PETE'S CLOTHING STORE .............................. 1011 West Third RED AND JACK'S BODY SHOP ......................... 600 West Second REX'S HAMBURGER SHOP 112 Box Butte SANDERSON, J. W„ MONUMENTS ............................... 812 Dakota SELLECK ABSTRACT COMPANY ................................. 308 Laramie SIDLES COMPANY ...................................... 324 West Third SINCLAIR SERVICE .............................. Third and Yellowstone SMITH, KIRT, INSURANCE .............................. 118 East Fourth THIELE CRYSTAL SHOP ................................. 306 Box Butte TODD'S BODY AND FRAME SHOP ............................... 620 Flack V. F. W................................................... 424 Flack WEST FEED AND SUPPLY ............................... 1200 West Third WEST WAY MOTEL ..................................... 1208 West Third WESTERN BEAUTY SHOP ................................. 118 West Fourth 93MOWDER'S PHARMACY DARI ISLE Are you kidding? Joyce Jordan Mrs. Dill 214l 2 West 10th 762-3787 ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA 914 West 10th ART MISCHNICK SON Cabinet Shop 816 West 5th NEIL'S TRUCKING SERVICE AND NEIL'S AUTO AND TRUCK WASH 414 Black Hills 762-3310 94DOBSON-DODGE Join the Dodge Rebellion See the Dodge Boys 502 Box Butte 762-2950 The Court House Is Across From Us PICTURE FRAMING Meadow-Larlc Paint and Paintings JACK SAMPSON, OWNER 1024 Flack 762-4028 KENNETH O. WILDT Representing ST AT I FARM THE CAREFUL DRIVER INSURANCE CO. 762-2164 116 E. 4th Alliance ALLIANCE BUILDING AND LOAN Your payments will start January I. Kathyrn Weeth Mr. Albert Seebohm 312 Box Butte Alliance, Nebraska 95BILL CAMPBELL CHEVROLET Don't tell me you don't know what the SS means? Roger Leisy Bill Campbell 96 SAVE WITH SAFETY WHERE THE ACTION IS' Chevrolets • Oldsmobiles • CadillacsA W DRIVE-INN fike J some (fk honie'WEk Kh{ steak DlMMKll, 05: ORANGE RCO°URio SWO cHr0 = G£R 1 Gallons 1 2 Gallons Quarts All this good food and me with only a dime! Sandie Green Sandy Murray Lunches Refreshments Pizza 323 Flack 97 FOR ORDERS TO GO CALL 762-2764 AllianceDistinctive Printing BEDIENT LITHO 321 W. Third 762-5037 Interior Decorating Draperies Linoleum Carpets Paint I wish I could get that close to him. Carolyn Laursen Donna Shores 723 Flack Avenue 762-4488 ALLIANCE FOX THEATRE JOHNSON PELTZ INC SWEETBRIAR F M BOOTERY Junior and Misses Fashions 313 Box Butte 762-2988 305 Box Butte 762-1132 98THIELE DRUG M. A. LONGACRE Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1316 Toluca 762-2732 Alliance, Nebraska MISSOURI MARKET Buy at a Home-Owned Store A dollar a pill? Mr. V. E. Lierk Susan Munson Brantly Helicopter Distributors Instruction—Charter Ambulance ALLIANCE HOTEL CAFE ALLIANCE FLORAL COMPANY The place to eat in Sifts and Flowers Western Nebraska 102 Box Butte 762-3460 for Every Occasion 322 Box Butte 762-1910 99REXALL'S DRUG I just love this new counter. Rosemary Schnell Mrs. Wilma Gregory FARM AND TRACTOR SUPPLY It is a pleasure to serve you. West 3rd 762-2812 NEWBERRY'S ACE HARDWARE 402 Box Butte 762-2738 316 Box Butte Avenue 762-1 150 enneui ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY 100GREGORY'S INC. Insurance alone is our business THAT MAN ZIEG Bill Zieg Shop and Agate Museum 311 Hudson Where you buy your signs and choice Agate Jewelry FAMOUS CLOTHING HOUSE Why the bunny? Ronnie Burback Tony, Nunes 307 Box Butte 762-2061 Alliance, Nebraska The final touch. Jean Von Tour Bonnie Fiesterman 119 East 4th Street 762-2771 KURL-N-SWIRL 101BOX BUTTE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION MIKE'S BARBER SHOP We Welcome You to MIKE'S ALL-NEW BARBER SHOP Best Clip Joint in Town MIKE—HAROLD—JOE Alliance, Nebr. LEARN, LIVE, AND SERVE Through 4-H BOX BUTTE 4-H COUNCIL KANSAS-NEBRASKA ALLIANCE NATURAL GAS LIVESTOCK COMPANY, INC. AUCTION 220 Box Butte 762-5777 COMPANY 102HEMPEL'S SERVICE Petroleum Products—LP Gas Appliances—Heating Equipment TV—Radio—Record Players Tape Recorders—Tape and Records 917 East 3rd. 762-2268 RHOADS Exclusive Apparel for Women and Misses 'Are they as good as homemade? Cliff Quick Mr. Lyle Stephens Alliance, Nebraska TENTH STREET GROCERY Congratulations to the Class of '66 LEGION SUPPER CLUB American Legion STICKNEY'S INC. U.S. Royal Tires RCA Victor Television RCA Whirlpool Appliances Auto and Tractor Parts 762-1857 217 West Third PODHAISKY INSURANCE AGENCY Your Protection Is Our Best Policy 762-5321 Alliance 103SYMBOL OF FARM LEADERSHIP COOP Petroleum Products and Fertilizer Products Credit Union Service 724 West Third Street Alliance, Nebraska I sure hate to part with this. Walt Mischnick Mrs. Wyletta Mounts Jerry Studt THE GUARDIAN STATE BANK DRIVE-IN DEPARTMENT 2nd and Laramie 104GUARDIAN BEAUTY SALON AND ACADEMY —Professional or Student Operators— Manicures Permanents Waves Bleaches Facials Tints We guard your hair with expert care 762-2929 224f 2 Box Butte Alliance Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '66 WILLARD F. ANDERSON Congratulations, Class of '66 Stocks—Bonds KCOW Investments Ultraphonic Radio Trusts 1400 on your dial Representing 16 Hours Daily E. E. HENKLE INVESTMENT COMPANY C. A. SIMPSON NEAL FROST, INC. Alliance Cold Storage Pontiac—Tempest—GMC Lockers and Meat Processing Sales and Service 1st and Laramie—762-4463 Conoco Gas Ditching and Excavating 732 East 8th—762-4224 On the corner 3rd and Cheyenne 762-1210 TERRIBLE TERRY’S I 105ALLIANCE NATIONAL BANK Remember, the vault will be right over there. Marilyn Fosket Russell Johnson Mr. Edward Knight NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER HOFMANN ELECTRIC Electrical Wiring 762-3456 523 Black Hills Rgm Portable, Standard, Electric 206 Box Butte Alliance BRITTAN INSURANCE Complete Insurance Protection Real Estate 762-2244 304 Niobrara 106ZESTO WILLARD WORLEY, Proprietor Sandwiches, Sundaes Alliance 711 West Third NEUSWANGERS Petroleum Products Grain—Seeds Fertilizers Congratulations Custom Pelleted Feeds to the Class of '66 for Your Specific Needs CRUM MILLER 762-3941 MELICK Alliance, Nebraska ALLIANCE C. B. Q. EMPLOYEE'S CREDIT UNION College is |ust around the corner. Marda-Gale Worden Delilah Lloyd Tom Hesse Harold Wingsted 103 East First Street 762-5702 107ELEANOR'S PELTZ CONSTRUCTION AND STEEL BUILDING MODERN STRAN-STEEL BUILDINGS Custom Home Builders Talk about clothes with spirit! Carolyn Underwood 311 Box Butte 762-5439 1016 Flack Alliance 762-1768 SCHAD'S BAKERY Come Alive! You're in the Pepsi Generation After all, it takes a baker! 314 Box Butte 762-5891 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Alliance, Nebraska 762-2646 108L T X Livestock ALLIANCE Transportation Express, Inc. STEAM Scottsbluff, Nebraska 632-2101 LAUNDRY Alliance, Nebraska 762-4781 HOWARD'S AND LENIA'S But, what’ll my dad say?” Jana Wiseman Tracy Leach 711 RENO'S BEAUTY SHOP Big Horn 762-5716 ALLIANCE READY-MIX COMPANY Concrete at Its Best! 762-3236 East 3rd 109R: L. (BOB) WILLIAMS 317 Box Butte Ave. Alliance, Nebraska DE LUXE RADIATOR SERVICE Repairing Recoring Cleaning JERRY HOOD 504 Flack Alliance Consider the many years of service.” Connie Rask 417 Box Butte 762-3704 HATCH DRUG NORSE LAUNDRY AND CLEANING The best costs no more Complete Self-Service Laundry 807 East 3rd STAR-LITE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8th and Flack 762-5429 These are guaranteed to keep you awake at night.” Rick DeBusk Mr. Hatch 424 Box Butte 762-5463 110 PERRIN COVER-JONES REFRIGERATION Congratulations and Best Ford Authorized Sales and Service Falcon Fairlane Ford Wishes to the Class of '66 Thunderbird 3rd and Big Horn 508 Flack 762-2975 SCHAFER AUTO SUPPLY Won't be long until they're worn again. 114 East 3rd John Hanna 762-2610 IIIBest in Good Eating DON'S CAFE ALLIANCE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE 704 Toluca 762-5110 Congratulations Compliments to the Class of '66 of PANHANDLE LANGMACHER FEED WAREHOUSING AND BASKETERIA ALLIANCE LUMBER CO. GRANDVIEW STORE Your Friendly Yard To serve you is our pleasure 762-3274 COY AND WINIFRED RICE, Owners 1020 W. 3rd Alliance 112FOOD MARKET We Give S H Green Stamps COMPLETE CARPET SERVICE NORTHWESTERN METAL CO. FRED GREEN Servicemaster 762-2945 702 East 8th Steel Pipe Stock Tanks Steel Fabricators Custom Welding NEBRASKA CERTIFIED Highest Prices Paid POTATO GROWERS for Junk Seed and Table Potatoes Insecticides and Fertilizers 202 Laramie 762-2440 762-3874 East on Highway 2 EARL'S AIRPORT CAFE JS. 5} SEAFOOD SMORGASBORD every Friday evening L 3 Spaghetti and Meat Balls every Tuesday evening '» potatoes ihc. 4 JOHNSON AERIAL AG SERVICE m Be a gentleman and catch me! Sheila Johnson David Phillips 762-3667 904 Niobrara The yearbook staff gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the following individuals in the production of the 1966 BULLDOG. —Administration and faculty for their invaluable co-operation. —Mrs. Alice Nelson, our advisor, for her untiring efforts and her understanding of our individual problems. —Mr. Bernard Becker and Mr. Stan Bedient for their services. —Members of the Worley Studio Staff for their expert photographic effects. —Advertisers and Patrons for their confidence which inspired us to produce the best possible yearbook. 114WORLEY STUDIO 115 Graduation is both a beginning and a completion. It marks the time when students leave the familiar BIG SKY of the Nebraska sandhills to meet challenging new horizons.TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made   UNDER THE BIG SKY Under the big sky of western Nebraska, lies a thriving, rural community called Alliance. From anywhere within the city, individuals enjoy the rare privilege of being able to view the blending of the landscape and sky. Surrounding the city of Alliance, are vast fields of waving grain and endless range for sleek, fat cattle. In the background, lie the productive sandhills which bear the title, “God's Own Cow Country . Teenagers from these picturesque spots join the city students to make up the student body of Alliance High » vV

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